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7 Q r YD Q 0 o iq G od 0 0 200 3 I E oa -3 - 3 , Lu Q . Q HONG KONG ' AOS!-KUNG ! 5 ag 2 V4 0 fs? M gf: 511316 BA oo Q ' me 0 5 L 5 E 4 , V B505 8 4 9 X ,Ar 1 -I 33 CQ,-vp Agra,-,Q il i Y? Q aff? X J' f W J , , 'V 4? Q Q3 K B1 U Lg? 5 SPD 0 Q 452 f , ? ?m q j ,,ALwewmH MLN' Xffkf , HONOLULU QP 0 ,f 1 , ,, . 1 ' , " 4 ' 1 x- .2 .. ., .L , .. .- L 411 L7 ""' .fgfl if ," f in S wt! .ww gum LYTY1. Y wif 1' X x x 5 Ngves 1969 f ? Q XV' 'Z f C' ' fr' ff" W., -A -vw Z, - .KMA-' S-f' h ' ' nazi ""' , f ,W f 151 I f I Y J' 57,41 if, , , V f af V X 'L ', f H W. W A 2, K X ,O ,, f -J -' K , , , 1 'V " Z ,0,.W..,,W-Mu...w..,,,, ff I Q f , , t 0 , f hu-swf' f ff , ,W Z2 f 1 M Q -MW fa Q-.W jk, 2 M -. 'V m,,,,f,, ,af Wf..,,,, WWWQU 'wwf' ' V ,WV 1 , MM X f If ff., , ,dw , ,, f f my MW. M W , , , f,-4-,M 4 , Jw WW, wif Q5 if , ff 24 1 1 Q . W V' W-my, WW, If f f - f, 4 v , ' V 4' f 4, f Wm M Vasu , uf ,WMM Q WWW ff ,, WW W 0815 Liberty coll expires on bodrd tor dll honds h 0830 Quarters tor muster dnd inspection. o C 0915 Set Speciol Seo ond Anchor Detoil 1000 Undervvoy tor VVESTPAC. ,fm XO tells it like it is: "UNDERWAY" ? 4 f , ,f W.-ff , K ix XlR""Tf On November 6, 1968, triends ond relotives of TOLOVANAS crew come to Pier E, Long Bedch Novol Stotion to see Us ott. Even the girls joined in for morning qudrters. Lost time together for eight long months. IGN XMB' -Lf. Voss, cmd children. SA Foley and family. Ji 'NX WJ i f y i fee 'xl ,, td '-- e ' A- -ff' . 11' 1 .- -i -'L' fs.. - 1 kj ' ms,-,-,.. PM yr. --".5-nl' , 5- N ma- new ff' - -,, . il-..,7 ' 1453 -' - ,, Wk. 'W BM3 Bailey, BM3 Wochenheim and wives. Ens Wudzki and wife. 3 hawaii TOLOVANA arrived ar Pearl Harbor on November 13 for a Two clay visii, before continuing The Trip To Wesi- Pac. TOLOVANA was Tied up across from The USS ARIZONA Memorial. A Tour was arranged-scenic high- Iighis of The island-Diamond Head, Dole Pineapple PIanT. "IT RAINED BOTH DAYS." Q ,mx M f Q J X , 'ZR yr CTN WW i jfxij Tv QEQK A'-x DWEB - L if A--of A X53 4 supply department f ' 1' X If ' as V lu, '-5 ,..k f I ef .s, iyywae ' I WhaT do you have There boys? ,MW 1, , ,MX ef 'Q Smile Sir! if f f 'On LTJG MasTers, CSCM Freeman, SKC Bongcaras, SKC Papa, LTJG Mason. mess cooks The Mess Cooks ore supplied from oll The deporT- menTs Tor o monTh To .Three monThs disbursing clerks ' ' Ni SN Lundberg 81 DK2 Epps The DK's of Tolovono ore kepT busy compuTing ond poying our crew. The DK's noT only Toke chorge of our regulor poy, buT olso moke sure ThoT The dependenTs oT home geT Their olIoTmenTs. 6 Look Mom, no hands! SN Henderson 81 SN Gough Take Their Turn mess cooking SH2 NovorreTTe visiTs The disbursing office to fqlk Qbouf . , . Commissary men S 1, , 1 if Vx . , f X. ' 4 S4 f . J f SZ 3, r I Q 4 wa! ,J Q . E l Front Row: C52 Granata, CSi Ceehorne, CSCM Freeman, CSI Johnson. Back Row: CS2 Tant, CS3 Bennett, SN Rueb, CS2 Gilbert. The Commissarymen prepare and serve enlisted meals. Sen- ior Commissaryman, also the sl1ip's clietician, selects menus. How is the cake coming chief? iOOi Ways to serve- lt doubles as a cement mixer. ship's servicemen ' 1 v , ,, af' ,, , ,, ' .' 1 ' QM? , ' , . ' , 'Z 7 ff , ,. 7, , in hp, , .0 W, r Nm , .1 x "f- - . f , 4 ' '- 5, fag ' X 4711 Q , , 13 T, 45 5 T v, 4 W, f ,fe K- ,yay 1 , X4 f f V , .... ,S 3, 45 A 5 2 J 'SZ X xx E43 Fi 921 'Ti Y 1 FronT Row: SN Ives, SH3 Ray, SH3 Knudson, SH2 NavarreTTe. Back Rovv: SN Leger, SH3 Byrd, SH3 Bird, SN Heckman. The Ship Servicemen run The Barber Shop, Laundry, Ships STore, and The Small STore. 1' I hope The CapTain doesn'T noTice The rusT. X 4,4 Z, f we ilm 8 IT musT be in here somewhere. V Monday again so soon! SH3 Bird U yy if ig, Blue Chips Stamps? W W 4 A-WAV ,M M.-,fWff,...W W , ,MMM W Q., ' ' f W f ' fy mf rff W W 0 A f X W W fff-lam-'uw y K 1 ,,, Easy on The sides please. 2' , ff ,, M Ray and Bird have a pressing engagement l VS 'ff -a-ea--a-I ha Jar' af-.f WL' 'S-"' A451 I 2 -Hi Marv! X 9 1 'W stewards Whar are we having fonighf? The Sfevvards of our Supply Deparfmeni were ar all Times during our cruise kepf busy serving our Captain and Officers, keeping Them well fed and comforiable. , MM 'V 'lima-1 l Front Row: TN Pangilinan, TN Quirilen, TA Enriquez, TN Garcia, TA Delapena. Back Row: TN Imson, TN Mercurio, SD2 Yulaiic, TN Domingo, SD3 Benneff. IO storekeepers K f E' ig 0 NM., Y 'Qui E S? 2 S53 5 il F 1 gr 4? How long con- I treod water? Left: SKC Bongcoros, SN Gumm, SN Hewett, SN Beols, SK3 Robinson, SK2 Gotti, TN up Domingo, SKC Popo. ' , , - 5 's f' - f f . sf 1 f Z5 'sy .S WT. Q? 1 K7 s f. M, Yes chief, l'm listening. Storekeepers of the Mighty "T" ore olwoys lousy with stock control, issues, cornmissory recorols, ond Optor. The SK's olso keep track ot our liquid czorgo. From GSK: Where progress is our most important product! The dirty 30, minus 27' DOMINGO, our OPTAR Record Keeper. I -I sasebo 81 nagasaki, japan The norThern ciimaTe oT Japan was a Tar cry Trom The lush Tropical cli- rnaTe oT Subic Bay and VieT Nam. We were soon moored and The MighTy "T" Sailors were oTT eiTher shopping or sighTseeing. A Tour To Nagasaki was The high-IighT of our sTay in Sasebo. :ff i ., .Y y SyyJy'.f A.-- 'fy .fI' ky? 5 f , 'XX 7! ,,," k,..k li V X WA ff ffffwf fffff WfWfff, f f Wy M' f'-, f ffffffffffffff X f .44 f7ffffy'Z , . f . f. I .f -Xxx!-fffffffw ,M- X X fffy fgw . V bln! ff if ,, ,W f fMfWff,1f!ffff7, mf f Y ff ff' ' Z1 'WWXXV 277 fff .f f I X 1 ff f fff!ff ffgffwffz- J I 4 'I ' f H ffff f ' af ,f I, i M yi, , ,V Z ff if , ' 'J X X f X 'V-fy 4 47-' ff Qf,'7vf,W - Z im! 2 W ! lin, ,, 1 A 4 'f 'W f JW-f ' ' ' ' f -f f W, f, ,fy ,, , ,. xg gy ,iff e'1f,qh If Q, 2 f . f f - H Mryyyff ,J ,W ,f K, 4 f f W X f Mffww-'M'q 2 74 J Z , , ' ' ' M' - ,f7'ffzf- if ,,.,, W -Jw-f 'ff .f ,-hwy, V 3 Z! X f . ' 7'f.iX.if4f V 'ff MVA A . " 44:2 1 4 fy My A ,Eff f 'X f f f V A ' Q ffw gg f m , I, , ,jg ,fn f fjffk .Wy Z yn f f . 44 59 -fn AA'-A A W9 fff' 1 S'-Z , K -K y , f -Y fa xfvsff' X I K 5, -,M-7, ,W , .QA ffm 4 ,f wwf X YW f f ,f , S if M W ' UMW? Z- , Qzffmy R V rf 4 V, .W jk f I -- , , ' g f" MW Z 7 X ,, , officers is 'lbs S Front Row: LTJG Sanders, LT Healy, LCDR Jordan, CAPT Kulik, LT Clayton, LT Green, WOT Gilley. Second Row: ENS Drake, ENS Wudzki, LTJG Sherry, LTJG Sorenson, LTJG Mason, LTJG Masfers. T4 ff, Q1 U , i l , mf , 'Z i , 43231 ' ,. Y 26,32 f ' 3. ff! 2 ' ,Q f ll executive officer LCDR Douglas S. Jordan has been The XO since July 1967. Soon affer arrival in Long Beach, he will be Transferred To a new clufy assignrnenf in Paraguay as Head of Navy Secfion U. S. Milifary Group. V When Two ships refuel simulfaneously, XO super- vises operafions from one wing of The bridge and Capfain fakes The ofher. l XO and Capfain Gorsline in Pilof House. L WKW wa rd room TN Mercurio learns from ICQ Sfeinhoff-Burning Hills? MusT have had The Mid-Wafch. The Wardroom was remodeled mid-deploymenT. The greaTesT alTerdTion, The reposiTioning of dining Table required some Tloor Tiles To be reploced. The Officers did some of The Tiling. LTJG Sorenson did noT sleep during The wdrdroom Toce-liTT-in-beTween unreps. DeparTrnenT Heads making policy decisions. ,fx T fn . f ,zzfwifz f r 4 , f-meyrfrvffa-' ENS Drake 81 LTJG Sanders puT Their heads TogeTher. on the bridge . I 1 F LT Donofrio assumes deck and conn vi' llwifscsf "" - .f Sea and Anchor defail Subic Bay conning from signal bridge. 1 LTJG Sanders ready for foul weather. OPS Boss LT Healy Looks like a close Contact for LTJG Sorenson. Fourfeen Officers are assigned 'ro Tolovana. Underway vvafches, replenishmenfs and sea and anchor defail cause our officers fo be on The bridge frequenfly. wig, L R LTJG RIETZKE Unrep OOD. 4 ,Wy X f ,,', 25571 1 12 I Il X ,ZW W1 X f f we 5. , VI Z H 4, x Nw. . aww 9-" I X' . M-Q. ,...m ""'w-wh.. f' ' ,zfgfvzl Q: ,,, 1 -141zfggf,,fg, ' ,,,,,,f 4 4 W . Q 'CW "ff 22 C , QQ 4 ",ffy,, 19572 PM 4Wf,fWOKV , WM X, ,, ,, ,,, Vnwf M. if ,f,, W, f-f' X AW.. 0 Z i ,f P' 2: I .. f 4 V - , . , f i 3 . ,fff.1f9f5f4:wm f 774' -v, ,f V 2. f AM, ., ,f V711 ,, ,x,,zlW,A W Hg-Q21 X 3,521 15, A Wwmww, ,, W , , .,,, ff fm ,Luk 'A Q3-I W, 09' ya Af ff I ,f 1 Q17 1 - ,- ,, 'fWMQcff 1 f '43, ' X fl f Q . k 'f I arrivals-departures Almost every tame we pulled unto a port someone got duscharged transferred or reported aboard tor duty CSCM James Dalton retrred from the Navy ,Af W fy W 9 f f! J' Qs R . XX.-x sf-'U' NNN 7 Boots report aboard to replace Salts heading home sm XX 'ww X ss Q3 w. hs-NY' engineering department f I S' W W! wmv MQW K0 7 ,,,, 49 ff' ff ff f W0 'ww fl f MAY' ff 0,1 f M f X 6 ,WM I fy ' " "division 2 .f -z Z The "Auxiliary" Division is responsible Tor The mainTenance and repair of all winches, air condiiioners, reTrigeraTion and heaTing, small boaT engines, and mosT imporTanT, The sTeer- ing engines. Also included in "A" Division are The Log room Yeomen. These men mainTain The logs and adminisTraTive maTTers for The Engineering DeparTmenT. Back Row: MM3 Almos, FN Kimmel, FA Rankin, FN Thompson. Middle Row: MM3 Taylor, FA Howell, FN Smith, MM3 Sanden. Fronr Row: MM2 Fowler MMC Girley. I Right: MM2 BurneTTe and YNE Sanden confemplafe the cxcTiviTies of ci cus- tomer ship Our enginemen. FN OShields, Sholles, Aylwqrd Wi Jones The log room crew, YNB Sanden YN3 T ,Wfff jf ,f WWW , , - W f a CPO Girley enjoys a fleeting moment of solitude af The di- visional parfy. FA Rankin and FN SmiTh , ,,,, , 3 W f.'f E 2 Y. J MM3 Sanden and MM3 Almos The Dixiisionol ParTy was "A Gangs" Hi-LighT of The cruise, WiTh The help of The RecreaTion CommiTTee and The ship's cooks, food and reTreshmenTs were on- hand. Would you believe preTzels and Pepsi-Cola? 'Vi Mimi .Wi Z P , M..-Qi "The Brothers FOUR," no iusT "steaming" parfners in Sasebo, Japan. P 2 l "b" division The boilermen are responsible Tor The boilers and The associaTed machinery Tor making our sTeam W1ThOUT This producT The Tolovana would noT leave porT The sTeam is noT only used To run our engines buT also The Winches gen eraTors and laundry The boilers and These men are The hearT oT The ship Ab f 7' vu 9 . - 9' as ' . P VVT. A 5,5 I MQ 1 V, K T ' I - 1 ,sv V ' A 57 ' Q 1' I f 'T N To rw f , ..., T i I ' ' .- T ,i 'T A - I 4 C ' T "' A Ti' -1 ,, ' 3' T - T ,ef l' 4, 6 jd ,K ,fin X I I A , ,J g f,,- , f , , an . :J 4, f 1 I auf viii Back Row: WO-T Gilley, BT3 Tigner, BT3 Chalmers, FN l.anuTh, Middle Row BT3 LemasTer, FA Hill, BTC Dowdy, FronT Row: FA Lordahl, FA Ryan, BTT Diggs. Right FA Kordahl and FA Ryan- Before The day aT'Ter The nighf before LefT: Cleaning The insides of a boiler is no Tun. Ask FA Hill, FN KapiTan and BT3 Munroe. Right The monsTer of num- ber four boiler. " "division i f V , , my Wm . fqwwfym 4 , , 'WW T - ,qfnffa 1 jr W, 1 , V' ,ffffff iff .4 1 , V Y , 'I . ,if 'ff ""' f, , ' , L M f , ff n A , ,, fi f, ,i , 47 , IQQ Sfeinhoffl FA Kif'1g5fOfd,lCQ Angljnl FN Bufke Standing: EM3 Posey, EM2 Gunn, EM3 Remus, EM3 Rubis, EM3 Kunchick, FN Hershberger, FA Hutchinson. Kneeling: EMC Hammock, EMI Pommer Resume: Interior Communications men keep our sound powered working, While the Electricians keep our lights on and all other electrical gear running. Far Left: FA Kingsford is hav- ing a difficult time learning to operate the projector. Left: EM3 Rubis Left EM3 Sanders and his favorite magazine V Right: Just a minor disagreement Q" f f M 'ig N-V Q7 - -if 'jf ' , ' x T yf. . J fr , f 7 I 3 ,,... T 4 T X ' 4 gif X . Y, WAT W f f , My xf my , .41 iy f fgyi., ff ,. ,f if if 1 , , 144 fi ., Qin ,, ff .1 Ulf . J fy, 24 ef-,f 7.13 :fi ,V ff: ,, ffyyg i- -, S V, -fs! 1-: L 4 ' f :ff l 1 Q 1 K If , ,7- , fa ll ' ll, Y ' 5 , ,Jw , 'ff-Zyl, ,,. ,W,s.., f L ff ' f iff ' - . 4 gf' f ff ' ' sq WA x X ,L 2 ,sf 'M 15 fl I V, .fi ' 'Y 'l W, jfg:,f.-,yn an W f 'Y ssss f for ,V ,, gl., -f ,yy X' Lf T , - ll "'-" X ' fy X 'M .VA, fV'A G 2 f f . ,7 ZMIL f ,. js, Y HC 8 rl! I I I , K I , , fe, ,Maw Jw, ff f I' ,f 4 f ,,p 5 . . . . - 'wg W,,.,,L.,,,,,,,..,.W,.fW 3-27.41 , HC 84 R.. Dlvlslon IS responsible I , f,,.,,,.,,,,M,i, I h HTH f , fgi Q41 ,r" , ' if ,,,.f5, ,, . ffff f Tor keeping The Mi g Ty - , ' iz Q ' ffff' jvw' 1. f , gg! ,fi I vvaTer TighT, aT all Times. These duTies are divided beTween The ShipTiTTers and Damage ConTrol- men. All of "C 84 R" loin Torces To handle Tuel. Right DC3 BrunT, DCl Campbell, FN Dofy, DC3 Tedcler, DCCS Rollerson Left SFP3 Schroder, FA Sullivan, FN Leighfon, SFP2 Powell, FA Connelly, SFP2 McCuTcheon, SFP3 Roy af 1 f 1 ", I f DC3 BrunT repairs one of our Three porfable fire pumps. ,Z fi , , . , WW ww M W fy -1 f w T 5 , ga, ' ,fly if Z W,.,,N,, f Left: The hard labor of loading fuel involves many hours. Below: DC3 Magorno repairs a wafer Tighl door. f . . , ff 5? ,F , . fw ,WT , ff M M4 , T. Y P - T 2 fl, ' ,K 1 l 57 V . fl J Q . 4Z.a " Qf 9 W f ,M , ,A , MMM .1 NX, u .WW V, f 1 X f , fi X Af? aff 2 ' ' V "" f Often as not, after a hard clay's work labovel you will find the men of CSQR doing their JFK'S. 77 SF2 McCutcheon, with the moral support of FN Sullivan repair a fueling hose in prepara- tion for the next customer. SP3 Shroder f '. l DC3 Tedcler and FN Sullivan test fuel or maybe ship-made wine 'P ? ? UAH- 'f My f Shdkn ww, i i I r i i 1 " "division Above: These men are stationed aboard Tolovana tor training before being sent to nuclear power Training center. Back: MM3 Wilner, MM3 Ludlow, MM3 King, MM3 Winwill, Front FN Hershberger, MM3 Elrocl, MM3 Kobayashi, MM3 Setterbo. The Machinist Mates run the main engines, distill our tresh water, and run the oil cargo pumps. The Machinery Repairmen repair or rebuild any parts that require the use ot the lathe or associated machinery. 'E Simi? MM3 Nelson standing a squared away throttle watch. Would you believe listening to his tape recorder and writing a letter ? '? ? Right: What's your bag ? ? ? 26 O Zvi MACHINERY REPAIRMAN-MR3 Evers, FN Waiting, MR2 Chadez. Below: MM3 Richeson gets some slack. X. ,phi U 91 ,f,,,1. 4 2 Even omidsT The long hours oT UNREPS, The everyday "housekeeping," ond The cosuol hours oT reloxoTion, oT Times every mon finds himsehc olone. He con be Tound sToring vviTh unseeing eyes. These ore The momenTs we oil use To Think of home, Time Tor remembering oll ThoT ovvoiTs our reTurn. yu X, SEX OOM s' ,ssssis X 2 X X lv' f ' . W f ik-fish 7 f -WWW X, 41 . . n 1 2 , j L f r Mk , , ,-7 M., H fi Q ' A, J 5 i fs or ,. ' f , y 1 x f K , .Q fray ,V U, , Z . ,V yy , A 5 Z ' ff V, 1 X WW f W 7 X If , A X W, . ,, V , L V My ,K V, ffm ,I . X f, ,Aw X Rick Show Richerf cmd Charlie Tuna bottle iT ou? on The mats during ci smoker enroute To WesTPoc. TronsiT time is spenf in severoil differenf woys on boorol Tolovcmo. During off hours, The crew hos nighiiy movies, cords, oriol The olwoys leifer writing. M M53 ,ag Q . 4 X ww w. ..' 5 '.v+pvf?'f N 4. ' 'fimfff if ' " S ea Xin. f Nfsssgvm U Www f f f Z , 4x If 2. ff ff ' 4,, 4 2 , if Nw Z, Z 1 V 'Z Z f 1 1 MW wr 'f O christmas K The MighTy "T" spenT ChrisTmas anchored ouT in Subic Bay. All hands wiTh The excep- Tion of The dUTy secTiorT wehT ashore To ceIebraTe The holidays. 7 V fy? 14 ff ff We af f fff ff f 1 2 Z, My fl f' ,VZ gf ff fW f fwf 1 i. -Z Q' 'wvvggly Qura- , 1 ,. ' T .I J '- v M " 2. 2 5 X j ,lg . "ia bf, J rf . I ' -, I -' ' CS2 Tcznt and CS2 Gilbert 'f,,fjA,::,f 0 ffr Q 7 M, , ,,g 1 27 ,iff Apr v 9 if jx? f , , , cf 1 J., ,,4,,fg! Qe s' rr - I f , yd., ,wx X W1 f W ' w' t Zi , it X SD3 Bennett X W" f, f ,fi ff ff ,f SF3 Angelopoulos 2- 4' if 1 73 EM3 Remus and SKS Gotti Magnificent Christmas dinners were pre- pared by the Supply Department. l-loliday routine provided a good time for letter writ- ing, sunbathing, and card games, but still there were watches to be stood and TOLO- VANA turns to. The ship was underway for New Year's Day. SFC Chaltry and BMCS Tindell Elwg 4, I W YE, ,, my C Wa . P. :wfi A , -A lx ig 31 ' f 1 inspection and awards A. 7 7 J we ,, y V- ,' 'Q Y f if QTL . ssss , mean, Mig! I Copfoin GORSLINE inspecTed The Troops while in porf Subic Boy on December 26Th. Eoch division of its besf. "READY FOR INSPECTION, SIR." fs II- 2'W4f4.?kfs' l Q, ,Ig Q?" Us 1, II W VS' I ' f ,Q-,M . ,, I E . , I so I I I 'Q af I XS P? I .. I-3' I I . . I V X if f M ' ,f ijilpf al ,."-, I 3' Kp , 0 3, 11 5 if Lf? I 1: Wl1'Jf"fs f". f.f1fs,Ysfff i I6 b Y 5 fijngkf .:'x I 1" " .Q .,'s s.s,sA,:f A,',.. oo.4,.ss, We Qin U . N4 32MIi':i' K 4 W s I , EY S QWFP ' W , f 4 pf Q Q1 1 W f , I X f Q 4 W W 4' f Y 1 ff-WW Y Z V! 'HW " I ,iw Nr- V V-.. ETN 5l.wAM .ff 2,4-SQ ' f l 7 t X2 7 'Tis ' T X. ,,x. 'V x ,, 3? ew sr X - 4, Q f ' 'Th L W V an-. f AfTer The CopToin's inspecTior1 come The owords ceremony. Besides The usuol soilor of The monfh ond odvoncemenTs in rofe The Copfcin personolly pinned The medols on. 4 N , Q , .- T 1 We nw- ffl wk l Officers, enlisTed, one by one, oll received on individual hondshoke ond o medol. N-M. 4 3 ,fly 5 xxfg Xxx, ' Ei l To X .N jx. X .J Kg ' N . .ll Q' 1 ,.....s.A...-,.w if: 7 ship's picnic Y , ,MW-W Manny. "And The ploy is on-SN HEWETT Tries To sTop The sweep." JANUARY 23, 1969 A ship's pdrfy vvds held QT Dungdree Bedch. Among The dcTiviTies enioyed were fooTbdIl, sofi- bcill, beer drinking, swimming, edTing, beer drinking, sun bdThing ond wciTer skiing. iii, 'ah 5 ' i. "A-noTher cold beer MR. DRAKE?" "I wouldn'T argue wiTh him Chief!" 34 Nw' x we fwomfwf if "WWishfuI Thinking ! ! ! v X MXN! f f ' ,ff X ,W ff M vw Y' 'V 1 b Zyl ' f' RQ ,.,, 'f-4. H 'ar ,, ' Q .mn Wwe A Nfl' , 7 'K V1 xii' '1 if ly HREALLY! ! ! !" ,,.,,,w V ""' ff" fl' ,VWZZ , fe ,J -M, , , 3 "HI THERE!" "You mean To iell me if drops off 20 fee? right there?" f ' Z Z Wg' If ,f "' - f f , my f ,W "You Think your belly hurts?" "Oh, those dufy days." Vince, we're on the "A" Team." Mh""""M-mn... mfqklsl --a-.Qu -ff-Q-....,..,,, E9 'S-N vm ' wwf, , y ADI' J V' M, , f , N wr, ' ,, A ' 'QA X U f if f' A successful PICNIC is defined: "By The size of The mess, degree of sunbums, dmoum of food consumed and Type of beverages served." We Q I hong kon HONG KONG, our best liberty port, otters shopping bargains, sight-seeing and exciting night time entertainment. We visited in February and again in April. IBM.. TIGER BALM GARDENS attractions. Z , ?'?zf?i,' 2 M ' Y, ,M .W Mary-soo, her workers painted our ship. iust one of the tourist li' x change of command i if f f J, f 4 captainisamuel g. gorsline, jr. CopToin SAMUEL G. GORSLINE, JR, hos commonded TOLOVANA since ii December 1967. On Februory 20, 1969, while The ship wos moored in Subic Boy Novo! Bose, CAPT. GORSLINE wos relieved by CAPT. ADAM P. KULIK. Full dress whiTes vviTh medols fond swords for The officers! wos uniform of The doy. Reor Admirol R.L.J, LONG, USN, Commonder Service Group Three, Wols our guesT speoker, CAPT. GORS- LINE oddressed his Torevvell remorks To The crew ond reod his orders. i 38 'wr I U7 1 U X Y Q 1 ' . f f S 3 yin . Captain GorsIine's next assignment is CO of Attack Aircraft Carrier Coral Sea. Captain Kulik reported from service with the Director of Strategic Command and Control Division in the Office of the Chief of Naval Personnel. Two days later Tolovana headed for the Viet Nam UNREP circuit with her new Com- manding Officer. Actual Moment of Relief , Q f Q cf, + - t , in captain adam p. kulik xv' :KN tiff ft,a if i subic bay Our mosf freauenfly visifed porT overseas, Subic Bay, Philippines, offers many recreafional ac:TiviTies on The loase. Among These are, miniaTure golf, go carfing, horseback riding, a gymnasium, swimming, skeef shooTing, and all around sighT seeing. Wifh The famous Tolovana one day Turnarounds, we didn'T have much Time To parTicipaTe in The facilifies, buf when we did, we enjoyed . . . We have To gel' refueled someTime and This is The place . , , The Naval fuel pier. New York Times, no such luck, STars 84 Stripes. A , ll , l l , l , f , -ll ,iliiii , T ff ..-I f- f!'i'.I:1 ,,i l his i l i M, W , I A ll, 4 'fi-4.1 l l i T T i' .T n v ii, l T Wm W l ily-si ,es,i,'l1s ,g l , 5 5 Q l llillll llllllil is N 1-ujixg X Tv R g T X Win X x Forza i X X X X Q ? Q J -gf Qi, Beware Women! W, V W 7 A' f A ww Kr' f A 1 M4 ff We I deck department The big squeeze. GeTTing all oT deck deparTmenT on The porT Wing of The bridge was quiTe oi Trick. Being IargesT deparTmenT on The ship, Deck performs many varied duTies, Man power is The key, 4 , Ware never geTs more Than a degree off course Squared away Harkness de-monsTraTes proper salufe. Beranek hecnvung around on a 5" 33 7, fewer cavi1ies wiTh Crest Rand painfs Hong Kong style 42 "bm ang" i ' L X, , 5 " f s f , W , 0 W X w . 5 li v M' if 9' f X, - Wg-' I ' ' m ,,fk . X If 3 l i J k f W. f ,fix K f 'X ii X f fu Q If 2 M V., . Z ig, Xf, I f A Q 45' f 37? K X Standing: BM3 Norrnond, BM3 Wochenheim, BM3 Richert, BM3 Collins, BM3 Molszycki, BM3 Kone, BM3 Lohrer Kneeling: BM2 Wolters, BMCS Tindell, BM2 Moore, BM3 Thompson You've got To be kidding, Liberfy coll 21 Toke if eosy, l'll be There in o minute Bos'n moles ore The supervisors of The fueling sfo- fions, moinienonce of ship, mooring defoils ond Underway bridge vvoTches. , f Now heor this my-1 f ' , I hi , 1, ' 4 Somelhing only C1 molher could love 'fi if K 4 K"S One of our fearless leaders. Check out that coffee Sea and anchor detail--Line l CUP- Fronf row: BM3 Kane, BMCS Tindell, BM2 Moore Second row: SN Winkleman, SN Marlow, SN Lockler, SN Wiedenback, SN Jenness, BMSN Anderson SN Wieolenvach, reading one of the IO besf- sellers. l l Bos'n Smith and Chief Tinolell have The sea and anchor detail under 1 control. l l l 44 5 O'Clock shadow? if !.,,- f f ' 'ax .mn 'fu-f if Fisk? QQEEIFF : M' 'WJQ Q x 9 ,T A S T- , il S li ll l , hgill 3 .E f Seo ond Anchor defoil-Line 2 FronT row: SA I-lungote, SA ForresT, SA Giles, SN Hill, SN Fuller Second row: BM3 Collins, SA CTT, SN Glenn, SA Gornicc Y f f ff, gg, guug,,Q egeeeee 4 if Mfwwfff Cubi poinTs rnoy be seen in The lsockground os The men on lines l ond 2 vvc1iTTor The ship To gef alongside The pier. , N.. J. A. Glenn "CoTfish" sending The deck on The gig Whw Wsmwc J x in in if ,lil I 'F SA Fuller, SN Gough SA Hornmers, SA OTT, SN Hill ii Deck at sea and anchor derail-Line 3 Back row: SN Gouch, SN McCarTer, SN Rand-, SN Willford, SA J. C. Cruz, SA Japp, SA Hamilton, BM3 Thompson Front row: SN Fry, SA Paffon, SN Hoffman, SN Croke, SA Snelgrove SN Hoffman Bur you guys can'T go on strike. SN Patron and BMS Kane prepare CapT's gig for Hong Kong Now pu? your other leg over The rail ond iump I'H hang on To ya with This line You wash down bulkheads your way, I'Il do if my way -fZ,'7 T A X lf 'l fff -s ,yy , W? T' A X , 4 ,X If .-,.. Xl Q Z ,T f f i 6 as -ws.. yi 'EJ f 7 T, is f Sea and anchor cleTail-Line 4 SA Huff, SN Lyon, SA Lanman, SA Flynn, SA GraTTon, SA Johnston, SA AlioTTi, SA Hammers, BM3 Normancl, SA Srnalling, SA Caimacho """""'vu1 1 Flynn a'la mode' WOW ! ! Those clarn seagulls WhiTe leading The shrouds Do you Think he saspecfs anyThing? No, I'm siTTing an The CGVClS and chips lT's The Bos'n! Sea and anchor clefail-Line 5 ' V L,x' SN Chandler, SA Burlingame, SA Villagomez, SN Blake, SN Ufechf, SA Helfon, SA Weimer. Front row. SA Sheffield, BM3 Lohrer, SN Loehler, BM3 Richerf, SA Wright ., X Welcome To my vvelldeqk if J .xa...,,'M f Mooring fuel pier, Subic Bay PI Do you have my glasses? mVM!W'!w 4 MM K X, Rescue boa? for man overboard X S Qin SNS ' , ,, A.,.ff,., I ,M yd? I f 'L n 'lfflwmf Sea and anchor detail-Line 6 Fronf row: SN Acosfa, SN She-Trier, SN Trosclair, SN Blake, SA Davis, SN Foley Back row: SA Mccoy, SN Echarf, BMS vvuchenheim, SN Vaughn, SN Beranek, SN cruz Are YOU Sure Johnny Cvsh Sfvffed fhis Wav? 7 ww J ,f ,ff V wW W rw . Oh no, here we go again S H Beranek SA ,Ni 3 S 0 f KW M f , if I wonder if Freddie The freeioader drank Akadama, Hacker? 49 3rd division ,341 la-7 ' GMG, SN Iverson, GMG3 Ludwig, GMG2 Wood, GMG3 Benson. va, ' GM2 Wood ond GM3 Benson prepare shoTline. Tolovana-S 'ood of ammo Be coreful ThoTs no Toy Bozo. How c1bouT ci Transmission check? i 50 Third division is responsible Tor The ships 3 inch gun mounTs ond cill srnoill cirrns. The men wiTh The red hel- rneTs ore ecisily recognized on replenishmenT sToiTions cis They shooT The shoT line over. 3'RD division personnel cilso puT in rnciny long hours rncinning The sTcirboord high- line cis Their pc1rT in provid- ing services To The fleeT. x i c Q x cfs . - X ?JXqfNfN, ss V X, c six , . if N' '- fwfffl A x MXWw6,,,,,Msi:,,yW.XN . Iverson QT his besf. ,,,, W Www f aww X ' ' y M wwf wf M ff Y' f WW ff" M wr W wM , ,f , fm f WW wwf ww V. my , , ,W WW WW I WW Www , my MW Fu re confrol f technicians SN Vugul FTG2 Reaxd FTG3 Perknns Tu, a Vietnamese sailor on board for Training wifh sea daddy Reard Hurry up I'm busy ,Z ,V B W, , W , 2 X 2 ' f " f , Seo and Anchor on The Bridge. BM3 Molszycki, SN Brown J 4- y WZ , jfjjw 1 ff f X X 7 AQ, ,, f rf! W ff? .7 X f ff!! X., J W ff- f WWW f f f fx fvfyy? ff f,fjXjff, ,f 77 f fm,,,,fZf 'ww ffffzv f f fx Wffffffffffff ff yfffffffff f ff ,f ,f,,, ,MN ff? fZ . f' ff ---- r'1' f .W,. r r ff , ,W , I y 0 f , ', - ' f ff fr ,J We ffwfl " ,ff 1 O " 7 fgwfvkf-'ffwWf,J ' Y' if W y H f 4 ,yy 7.5 A I, ,, I mf ! jf , fjfff W gf!!! fffiff W? 6,1472 r I, M07 "' ' 'rr ' .:,f,,'7Zv',g,,' M., ., W - , fy fw f ffff f f X., My 5, ' ff , ,ff-fffWf'f ','1f ' X 5 f ff? WWWVX7 ,fry Wyyffff l X f M f ff C!! f I X fit' rf W s f 1 3 V40 f 'X' V L: V' Mofes. ffffffi ' X Nfl ' if ff , Mol, Confidenf, EornesT, Hordwork. ing, the backbone of The Bos'n Eogle eye Brown You wont me To do whof? These sure ore Sometimes I reolly get psyched on The fonfoil. bug oors! Putting owoy the 5 inch. 52 - WH"-x 'H ' 3rd Division prepares for a surface shoot. general quarters for gun shoot X. LTHQI Masters observes safety precautions in MT 32. X A break between tiring runs. 6... WW I l if gi nh, lk A ' - I X .f . I JM A A 53 liberty call CapTain's Gig awailing his deparlure for Hong Kong if Z by cfm, W - M A number of liberiy porls were visiled deploymenl. Of course, for each liberly chny sechon on board. VVhen anchored 4 :W X I ,fu X 1 during our There is a our liberty ff? boals made runs from pier To ship. Tell him boalsl 3 'Bi 5 1 h .ff-"i v fi l, cwgour D l oh u WU il - A g I' v ll 1 I ,I nf Q 'H " 2' M Q 3 f 5. q u U 4 E P 4 3 :Mid It L ' lx 1 --+5 f Q " si, col 54 mi f " ll is l V' r"X'i " ,fa ,flii l 23' 4nJ!'1' . 1 i i It 2 5 Along with The liberty party go shore patrol to supervise "The boys" fe m,,.-f' Working parties sometimes interfere with Iibertylcoll Nazi. CUStOITl9l'S f f H4 if WS f . ,Q I 8 1 TaIovana's cusfomers are of all shapes, sizes and colors. Desfroyers, Minesvveepers, Coast Guard Cutters, and Hospital Ships. underway replenishment As The firsf shoT line goes over The Tolovana Tigers go inTo acTion. Our main cargo fuel, is Transferred Through one of Tolovana's six fueling rigs. Whaf seems nnass confusion in The picfure below is The highline crew in acfion, Transferring such cargos as mail, arnnnunifion, groceries, personnel, fleeT freighf, lube oil, and baffled gas. The Tolovana successfully complefed 346 underway replenishmenfs accidenT free. A record of which we are all proud. 'Ns phone talkers Wi 10' i 4 f A 'WW k if Vi! if ki f x 1 mu, , U61 if is V4 Phone communicofions during re- plenishnnenfs ore ci vifol focfor for speed, efficiency ond sofefy between coirgo, deck, bridge, fuel control cmd ship To ship. 52 W cargo deck On The cargo deck during UNREPS, fuel, am- munition and supplies are Transferred. Every- one works long, hard hours but We always ger The iob alone. r , ,grlgflf ' 'life 1 A 'f 3 X f l fs Z ' f K , W. J 7+ Awqkny ,wi . s Q-, .V X Z wvqgw NTWN, 49. W ww, MQ:-X f 5 X V 7? WWWW X, ZZ, My if ww WQKTEQ I 1, n ammunition transfer 4 2 2 4 A 1 ll X 1 Q M,! 7 ff 1 ,W f 1 Z V 4 ' , , , J 2,2 4 ff f ' ' Lg? V ,ZW " 4 M ' V, zz w X Ma. f 14 X 51 5 N Q ,,:,,,,T ' d. FL-fwpf fn ,N:'iif'Qs25Y,n , 2 25 23 H fi 5, in 4?'fT" 5 X. 4 V1 0 W Z f ff, . T - , 2 4 Q 1 2 My an 'Wm R rf, . X AlThough ammuniTion ships Travel a similar circuiT, we provide ammu- nifion on a small scale. PalleTs of ammo are maneuvered around The cargo deck on hydraulic palleT lacks. EmpTy rounds are Transferred back To The Tolovana-Tun Tor a working parfy because brass is carried man- ually. ,Z iz- W, V ff if ff f' 4 1 X f Av' NNN ,AN myww 4. ,,,c 3 f gf f if A zl 5 fwfr ParT of our ouTdoor movie screen shows in The righT corner, noT exacTly a drive in, buT cool 63 personnel transfer The Trcinsfer of personnel is onorber tedious service pro- vided by The Tolovono. Personnel ore Troinsferred from ship To ship by mecins of o 5" nwdnilci line rncinned by 25 Tolovond Tigers. 4 iWf,!M ws, ,V X I fsywgmhmjfi .V , Wy! fs' 2 YW' f 4,6 wwfxywfw 3 Mfg 07. ng.,-W-., wj N. am' Wmfi .xx vhqquqmrw. x . , . WW, r.:,,.W, 4, I J 1 MQ 'f 64 'K in ,f f my, .,w15Qfg,4ff ,yi ' i ' f 'W9'ifw0h6,.mJ1,.. in 1 W ff in fig 519-as Qizgg. in 550 X595 iii! S'a9k A few days ouT of each UNREP swings geT hecTic -a 24 hour shiTT calls Tor some slack. The Time iT Takes Tor The nexT ship To corne alongside siT clown, ill gf is X lay down Talk. Cokes and candy bars are sold To give a quick energy looosT. "V'v MQIUQ H34 l I T l vung tau , , J 32 l l ll il ' l l Vung Tau is an "in rep"-because Tolovana anchors off The coasT of Vief Nam, and locally sTaTioned ships come alongside, This Time we had Three way acfion -porT sTbd and a helicopTer on The Torecasfle. Z 5 1 T ll l A PBR keeps up on its guard le i 5. 1 1 i l 1 4 e l l l l T us. -1- ARMY? 66 is T A vertical replenishment l Casting off The army yard oiler i f l 1 f A sompcm posses They'II guard cnybody's coast .-.,.- ,,, , , gm r 2 4 'f- Q, ZX 7' " i ,ii if o 'sd 1 I' Aqwggaooowr ff ffff , ,,,, , 7 ,f 1 1 rr r -A f f v mf ,QQ VyfW,,4w7,w:zn,,h W , W Lwfevfff' f-'H ' :I Q Z,,,Z"",, f " X 672 ,W ff , . f 0 ,. , ,, 'YI f,,, mt , ,, , J ' , ' S 'Q 5, MM., I viii? W' j " ,aff if , f ,,,f 27 r 5 if , ffii-f f 4 , ,, Mgpudw 5 , 4 . ,Mm , in ' 2 ,ylgi .--2. ' 4 f 'A Q 4 Friends meet-Fido and Fritz 'Q-4... Brofhers meet. Corp. Bolz, US Army DC2 Bolz, US Navy r A stbd hiline gl station seven W, W swvwwv sw. xxx MW. SWQM N ? s X .ss.,swrwwMeNsmW'W N xx K l Below: An unusual occuronce is cz boo? , replenishment, here personnel ore being Transferred via motor whole boar 1 W7 1 ff X l, 1 L Z f Z 2 4 2 f ' Z 4 W! BM3 Molszycki oversees sfofion 7 3rd Division mons sflod high- line 4 chief petty officers X K nip 'ln Front Row-SFC Chalfry, DCCS Rollerson, BMCS Tindell, CSCM Freeman, SKC Popa, Standing--MMC Girley, MMCS Reynolds, HMC Marin, EMC Hammock, SKC Bongcaras, RMC Nance, BTC Dowdy softball team ff' V K ,. 4 M, IV Y, f gf 'TAI , jg t- .1 . 2 4 A . f 1 Z if K 1 ' I 4' , LH C. ' ' J fo, f Q 14' ww, T , - v f X f M1 4 f .ui SH3 Ray, SM3 Moran, DK2 Epps, FN Dofy, QM3 Kofrous, SFM2 Powell, SN Croke, YN3 Mierzwa, SK3 Robinson, LTHQJ Sanders, player coach 4 lst class - lf .r -, s.- , 'ie 1 " '42 t , W, Y, C if 25 W. -QL! Kneeling-SMT Rendelman, DCI Campbell Second Row BTI Goraum, CST Johnson, EMl Pommer, ETT Johnson Third Row RMT Patterson, QM Lifz, C51 Ceehorn, MMT Miles ROI Hanlon sailors of the month MM3 Taylor-March SD3 Bennett--February BM3 Thompson-Decemloer DK2 Epps-November SFN3 Roy--October SFM2 Powell-August ,if fs. +.. fs i 4 Q 3 easter Ec1sTer April 6, coughT Tolovonoi heoding Toword Subic Boy, iusT compleTing on UNREP swing oTT'VieT Norris coosT. Holidoy rouTine wos observed. Choiploin Mcl-lcile, o circuiT priesT, wos riding Tolovono inTo Suloic Boy. Choploin held divine services on The mess decks in The morning. A quier doy-excepT for The heovy seos-piTches ond rolls, E , Xl X I 1 ' I ' I '-4 If - , -, ,ff lll fr lil ' l I U T , T ll Q T l -" , L Q l I.l!!!. lil ' l l ln' th lllllllll i, lx I ,E X" . I ."'i1:: fs liilf!lQiEYQll ...- 'Y 1' ii f 0 is mary' x i i i rl - ff i""5g51 as Ly-QM I 511 V A it wx ,A E ' :L MKS. I ' fs-?'f'f "l lw - ' x T.. 'A '24, Qs ' 0. ni f -- " 4 -- .-""l.. ' '4' ' A '--. 4 ?:"I',Eu-45 e sp - 3-,E -Imaam ' '1, A iff '-2' i-: Nf- , i - .V , .s v '-:WNY eff Q62 - ' gf, :merger , D WF? , M 'P . 4' are , ,z se. ef-A ,Z J H- if if A sm ff J -I 4 ghfriifi T- f-sew - T 'Q X7 4 J f ,gl 'far' 3 iPQ. .-.4,'-tially. I' I' . " K -. -J 1 , . . - l -vl , I ll A T , T 1 s ff, Wff. Q, T wr if ' ew- -,H ' I, p - -.2f , g!'.,f-,Mi-'J 'ffl - 'M' Fi 3 5 A ' 'rr in 'W e , f A U I 4 K W Z' I ' 3 f , 'I if 1 f , ' x -4 f V '41 a f " QB, ' f ,V Q, ,, I , , ,i A if ff E25 fir ' , , 111, y "' J f ff' s 5 f i department M ,f H46 i Y T, W f?! W We WM Morning quarters disguised os Cl funeral. X I I OX i f , If f f ff if ff f f pw, , mf N , 5 Having Trouble deciding who has The bigger stomach? iii Schmit demonstrates horizontal replenishment-at-sea, Lets see if l have it right now, A is Operations Dept. keeps up their spaces in the best of deck force tradition. This cruise took a lot of work. The mighty "T" Pony express keeps the fleet's morale up dur- ing their periods at sea. Hey Art, is that all for us? ZX S Wk Take five, lminutes of work?l electronics technicians ETl Johnson, ETN2 Barrows, ETR3 Rupple, SN Reinsch. Shouldn't we look at the repair manual first. The ET's have the responsibility of keeping all electronic gear in opera- tion, anol periodic checks to guard against possible failure. M Z 2 NNN 3 XXX fi, 5 4 , fa. if 0,f Ver Termites! personnel men X fgyxx gl 411.4 5 iflli PN2 Silas, SN Mcingers. I don'1 need This. I was iusf on my way To take a shower! Wf Mongers, did you ec:'r my Louro Scudder's Pofofo sticks? quartermasters Standing: QM3 Kofrous, QM3 Culbertson, QM3 Schmidt. Kneeling: QM3 Rachow, QM1 LiTz f if aye "W l "What do you mean I'm 10 degrees off course! GV , Where ARE we? A ,WW Jffiff, i The radarmen exhibii vari- 'krx ... .., 4,4 ous Talents. Navigating, os, n Tracking radar conracfs, keeping voice radio com- ,hg W, municarions and posirions of po'renTial cusfomers, and keeping The bridge area A supplied wifh coffee. r vi xx X -. Y QS wwf' Blacky must be working in The clipping shack. Above. Fronf row. RD3 Eschefe, RDl Hanlon, RD2 Summers. Back row. RD3 Henderson, RD3 Blachowicz, RD2 Sage, RDS Slender. ,,,,, f,,' 0 HWVV' , 'Q f Q-aw W' f f5.Wf4Z.zf ,, Mfr A ,Wiz Zfffiv.-iff , ffwff if ZW!-QW f -WMM M Zi - 4 MZ iiiifiiiyy-S4 ffrfffff f ffm M. wx .ffffff.f, .J .1 M f, ff f, ,fam fffffffy f . M714 W W f fff fgyyw ff f M X f ff 7f Zyfffffffy. f M-ff MLW-Wrwfwff i fm, 2 i ffl, z,1zXW:!fy:M,1,Q , jf ,, Z i '- , ' 7 pw Ulu., in RM2 Sage ' Navigafing in To Subic. I don'f even want To look. Rlghl: Unreps Unreps Unreps ,L f f Unreps I Unreps ,V Z A X A ,vw iw M XX XXX ef' 1? ww 'Q Q f A if If X j fy X .377 -W fr if f , , .,,,, , g The Radiomen's Tasks included esTablishing and mainTaining 7. wi I ke P Q and CIC. Aside from Their normal duTies of communicaTion5 N-. "' f -A.. '-GHZ' " Y 1 communicaTions wiTh each ship scheduled Tor an unrep in order To expediTe The rdvu's, keeping a consTanT circuiT To The various Comm. STaTions in The WesTern Pacific. SeTTing up Gnd e ing in operaTion The various TacTicaI circuiTs To The brid e They kepT a broadcasT whenever possible on UPI, and AP, To provide sTaTeside and world news for The "Tolo Tales," Ship'5 newspaper. "Voice of Tolovana." Back row, Rm2 RuTelonis, Rml PaTTerson, SN Gere. FronT row: Rm2 Williamson, Rm2 Travia, Rm3 Reynolds. 5 so X s is 5 3 X 5 f T O-K-, l go? my haircut, will you look aT The message board now? 3. l F Aw gee, chief iT's about Time I sfarfed Taking some slack! 78 Alright who did af? signalmen , 7271-.M V, v V1 ,M X T S F if V Kneeling: SN Witt, SMI Rendelman. Standing: SM3 Moran, SN Pettit, SM2 Hamlin. ! You can't see with your eyes closed ! ! ! The SM's primary duties are visual communications. These are in forms of flashing light, semaphore, and flag hoist. Their secondary duties include render- ing honors and navigation. l E 2 Todays modern nuclear powered navy ? ? ? 7' .f yoemen "WW Y M YN2 Colder, YN3 Mierzwo, SN Clarke ,Z W Right Desk crashed wiTh cz THUD during cu night of heavy secs! postal clerk Leff: Well, l'm gonna rev her up to abou? 6,000 C1l'1Cl pgp The clutch. , ,W K ff' Y wmadwff V 4 f Y PC3 Breou 80 4 jf Z W ZW f W W W W W mn ww , ,W QW! W WW W MW W W W Wi Q V w I !W,,,. ,A X, W VCZW C ,MW 1 5 if W LeT's ploy POST OFFICE. 300th unrep Waiting in line for cu piece of coke. On Moy TQ, upon cornpIeTion of our 3OOTh UNREP, The crevv's of TOLOVANA cmd FIREDRAKE enioyed The UNREP coke. The cooks of The MIGHTY "T" prepared Two cakes Tor The 5Th celebrc1Tion, One was Transferred To The FIREDRAKE during The replenishment IT's nof that bod, Tonf! 00030 T UQ i hd 2 in it i 11 4 Ia orosse reservists , A lfgyw E f ff! if E WI' of X ,ff 1 McM,. I 42- ii T 1 i f 1 1 1477! T T X fffirik iv, 7 , lv ,vw g X 4 'f7Nf'f ,f ' ' 'f 202 :iff M - rm V , I , , fi J f ps " , fwfff' , " T f, ssrr rrrr ,f 2 W f fx ff 1 V ,T gi X , f 'X W ' 7, V! , I A V t ,if ,ff W, , T 'ff pf! , T 1, . ' I s i i W. ii ii T, T i i L 1 f 2 ii! T iii ' i EighT rnen from some Reserve CenTer Lol Crosse, Wisconsin-To TurTher The coincidence They were oll sepoirczTed from c1cTive cluTy when The ship or- riveol Long Beoch. i T I T 7 T ? 3 : Q? I f i ii Ascending: FN Aimos gQ SN Harkness T 1 FN Rhodenhizer ,V FN D. Sonden ji YN3 G, Sonden T EM3 Remus BM3 RicherT fi SN Molszycki 5 E 5 ! ' 5, I 1 T 5 f in T, i i T ? 1 , I ii T T i if? ii I 11 1 if ii .E Y gzsunrs., ,,,,. Y VVV- In iii 82 ,fi 3 My Z f 'WMQ X ,ifwff , f 'fK"Z,f V ,M C ,W K pf" W yff ,X 84 captain adam p. kulik, usn Qwyzwvg-PW f - my -5,1-1 men of the tolovana CAPT ADAM P. KULIK, Manchester, New Hampshire LCDR DOUGLAS S. JORDAN, Seal Beach, Calif. LT JACK H. GREEN, Long Beach, Calif. LT PATRICK R. HEALY, Lemon Grove, Calif. LT VINCENT J. CLAYTON, JR., Long Beach, Calif. ENS PETER D. SHERRY, Los Angeles, Calif. LTJG MERLYN M. MASTERS, Long Beach, Calif. LTJG ROBERT E. SANDERS, Paramount, Calif. LTJG RICHARD H. MASON, Long Beach, Calif. LTJG STEVEN E. SORENSON, San Antonio, Texas ENS JAMES J. WUDZKI, Rahway, New Jersey ENS ROBERT W. DRAKE, JR., Melrose, Mass. WOI DENNIS M. GILIEY, San Pedro, Calif. WOI WAYNE O. SMITH, Walnut Creek, Calif. SN ROBERT ACOSTA, Santa Ana, Calif. HN WILLIAM A. ALLEN, Fallriver, Mass. SA ROSS W. ALIOTTI, Pittslourg, Calif. MM3 ROGER J. ALMOS, La Crosse, Wis. SFPFN JAMES H. ANGELOPOULAS, Downey, Calif. IC2 TERRY H. ANGLIN, Santa Ana, Calif. MMI GEORGE P. AVILA, Bakersfield, Calif. FN WILLIAM M. AYLWARD, JR., LaGrangeville, N.Y. ETN2 DAVE H. BARROWS, Hayward, Calif. SN STEVEN E. BEALS, Riverside, Calif. CS3 RAYMOND BENNETT, Long Beach, Calif. GMG3 WALDEN O. BENSEN, South Sioux, Neb. SA RONALD L. BERANEK, Montclair, Calif. SH3 ROBERT C. BIRD, Gainesville, Fla. RD3 RICHARD J. BLACHOWICZ, N. Tonawanda, N.Y. SN ROBERT L. BLAKE, Porf Hueneme, Calif. SA ROBERT BLOCK, Brooklyn, N.Y. SKC FAUSTION F. BONGCARAS, Long Beach, Calif. MM3 ROBERT R. BRADLEY, Odessa, Mo. PC3 ARTHUR A. BREAU, San Pedro, Calif. SN MICHAEL P. BROWN, Texarkawa, Texas DC3 GARY M. BRUNT, Eddyville, Ia. FN RICHARD K. BURKE, Blasdell, N.Y. MM2 JON D. BURNETTE, Tampa, Florida SHB3 RANDALL L. BYRD, Excatawpa, Miss. YN2 ROBERT J. CALDER, Compton, Calif. SA FRANK C. CAMACHO, Agana, Guam DCI JOHN H. CAMPBELL, Whitewood, Va. CSI CHESTER A. CEEHORNE, Huntington Beach, Calif. BT3 MICHAEL D. CHALMERS, Manhattan, Kan. SFC JOHN D. CHALTRY, San Pedro, Calif. SN LARRY E. CHANDLER, Lexington, Ky. MR2 RICHARD B. CHAVEZ, Las Cruces, N.M. SN MICAHEL J. CHEEKS, St. Louis, Mo. FN GARY G. CHRISTIANSEN, Casper, Wyoming MM2 KENNETH R. CHRISTOPHER, Kansas City, Kansas SN CHESTER R. CLARKE, JR., Roseburg, Ore. BM3 ANDREW COLLINS, JR., Chicago, Ill. FA EDWARD C. CONNLEY, Copalis Beach, Wash. SFM2 LAWRENCE L. CREAMER, Baltimore, Md. SN JAMES R. CROKE, Livonia, Mich. SA JOHNNY C. CRUZ, Agana, Guam SN JUAN A. CRUZ, Agana, Guam OM3 DAVID E. CULBERTSON, Garden City, Kan. SA EUGENE D. DAVIS, Witchita Falls, Texas TA AGUSTIN D. DELAPENA, Cruz, Manial, R.P. SA DANNY L. DENNY, Burney, Calif. BTI CARLEY L. DIGGS, Olney, Texas TN LORETO C. DOMINGO, Laoag City, R.P. FN ARTHUR D. DOTY, Waubun, Minn. BTC DOUGLAS W. DOWDY,'Long Beach, Calif. SA ARTHUR E. ECKHART, JR., Post Falls, Idaho TN BENJAMIN L. ELENO, Los Angeles, Calif. DK2 DONALD R. EPPS, Denver, Colo. RD3 GARY J. ESCHETE, Borg, La. MR3 JOHN M. EVERS, Auburn, Calif. MM2 LEE B. FARRIS, Pasadena, Texas SR ROBERT E. FLYNN, Long Island, N.Y. SN LARRY M. FOLEY, Sepulvada, Calif. SA EDWARD J. FORREST, S. Seattle, Wash. MM2 JOHN B. FOWLER, Spokane, Wash. CSCM ALFRED M. FREEMAN, Boston, Ark. SN LARRY K. FRY, S.W. Wyoming, Mich. SA RICHARD L. FULLER, Desto, Texas TN ROGELIO E. GARCIA, Makati, R.P. SA JAMES,J. GARNCIA, Davenport, Iowa SK2 ROBERT G. GATTI, Rock Springs, Wyo. SN PHILIP W. GERE, Bellevue, Wash. CS2 RAYMOND W. GILBERT, Int'I Falls, Minn. SA JEWEL GILES, Chicago, Ill. MMC DAVID GIRLEY, Long Beach, Calif. SN J. A. GLENN, Houston, Texas ' BTI MANSOL L. GORAUM, Long Beach, Calif. SN JERRY W. GOUGH, Las Cruces, N.M. CS2 MICHAEL P. GRANATA, Sacramento, Calif. SA KELLY J. GRATTON, Long Beach, Calif. SN STEPHEN R. GUMM, Coos Bay, Ore. EM2 JAMES R. GUNN, Medford, Ore. FN BART L. HAMILTON, St. Petersburg, Fla. SN GERALD L. HAMILTON, Portland, Ore. SM2 DONALD D. HAMLIN, Bessie, Okla. SA JA-MES M. HAMMERS, Mesquite, Texas EMC JOHN M. HAMMOCK, Long Beach, Calif. RDI JAMES G. HANLON, Long Beach, Calif. SN DONALD T. HARKNESS, La Crosse, Wis. SN DANIEL L. HAZEL, Hawaii Kailua, Oahu SN MICHAEL HECKMAN, Lincoln, Neb. SA JERRY E. HELTON, Webster City, Iowa RD3 EDWARD L. HENDERSON,' Lacey, Wash. EMFN JAMES E. HERSHBERGER, Tiffon, Ohio SN DONALD R. HEWETT, Houston, Texas, BTFA DALE E. HILL, Fort Dodge, Iowa SA MICHAEL R. HILL, New York, N.Y. FA STANLEY G. HODGES, Tacoma, Wash. SN MICHAEL G. HOFFMAN, Roseburg, Ore. FA RANDALL R. HOWELL, Talent, Oregon SA BARRY O. HUFF, Ellston, Iowa SA RANDALL D. HUNGATE, Wendover,'Utah SA ALLEN R. HUTCHINSON, Winslow, Wash. TN ADOLFO F. IMSON, Makati, Rizal, R.P. SN ROBERT D. IVERSEN, Anacortes, Wash. SN GARY I. IVES, Council Bluffs, Iowa SA LARRY M. JAPP, Millbrae, Calif. SN DAVID A. JENNESS, Riverside, Calif. SN ARTHUR G. JOHNSTON, Auburn, Wash. CSI JOHN H. JOHNSON, San Antonio, Texas ETI RALPH D. JOHNSON, Imperial Beach, Calif. YN3 PHILIP V. JONES, Mtn. Home, Idaho BM3 THOMAS O. KANE, Centre, Minn. FN JOHN C. KAPITAN, JR., Glen Falls, N.Y. FN CLAIR K. KIMMEL, Valley View, Penn. FA ALAN M. KINGSFORD, Sun Valley, Calif. SH3 LARRY P. KNUDSON, Clinton, Iowa MM3 RICHARD S. KOBAYASHI, LaPuente, Calif. SA DAVID R. KOEHLER, Riverton, Wyo. FA JAMES R. KORDAHL, Hollywood, Calif. QM3 JA-MES W. KOTROUS, Verdigre, Neb. EM3 FREDERICK H. KUNCHICK, JR., Pennausken, N.J. BT2 JAMES A. LANE, Dade City, Fla. FN GARY L, LAMUTH, Algona, Ia. SA TED E. LANMAN, Spokane, Wash. SN MARVIN -L. LEGER, Midland, Ala. FN RONALD L. LIEGHTON, Manchester, Calif. BT3 DAVID A. LEMASTER, Circleville, Ohio QMI DONALD E. LITZ, San Pedro, Calif. SN STEVEN M. LOECHLER, Minneapolis, Minn. BM3 GARY F. LOHRER, Shellsburg, Ia. MMI GARY W. LOUISGIXONT, Long Beach, Calif. MM3 DAVID R. LUDLOW, Phoenix, Arizona GMG3 GERALD L. LUDWIG, Wisner, Neb. SN JOHN E. LUNDBERG, Eugene, Ore. SN FRANCIS E. LYON, Perry, Iowa DC3 MICHAEL J. MAGORNO, San Leandro, Calif. BM3 TIMOTHY J. MALSZYCKI, La Crosse, Wis. PNSN PAUL V. MANGERS, Roseland, Neb. HMC ALFRED F. MARIN, Huntington Beach, Calif. SN LAWRENCE E. MARLOW, Scottsbluff, Neb. SN KELLY W. MCCARTER, Ach, Calif. x SA WENDELL C. McCOY, San Jose, Calif. SFM2 ROBERT E. MCCUTCHEON, Concord, Calif. HM3 WILLIAM J. McDO'UGALL, Tacoma, Wash. -i TN FERNANDO D. MERCURIO, E. Tadinac, Olonga.po, R.P. MM3 DARYL E. MERHA, Long Beach, Calif. YN3 TONY B. MIERZWA, Corpus Christi, Texas MMI LAVOR J. MILES, Pendleton, Ore. BM2 JOSEPH W. MOORE, Seattle, Wash. SM3 CHARLES J. MORAN III, Glasgow, Ken. BT3 TERRY M. 'MUNROE, Sylacauga, Ala. RMC DONALD D. NANCE, Long Beach, Calif. SH2 DAVID NAVARRETTE, Mendota, Calif. MM3 JOHNNIE L. NELSON, Los Angeles, Calif. BM3 RICHARD H. NORMAND, Carson, Calif. FN RICHARD E. OSHIELDS, Agusfa, Ga, MM3 SAMMY P. O'SUNA, Sacramento, Calif. SA JERRY L. OTT, Greene, la. MM2 ANDRE PAILLE, Arabi, La. TN EARNESTO P. PANGILINAN, Humloac Naic, Cavite Philippines FA ELISEO PARTIDA, National City, Calif. RMI GERALD B. PATTERSON, San Pedro, Calif. BT3 SAMUEL L. PATTERSON, Muskogee, Okla. SA GEORGE W. PATTON, Pine Ridge, So. Dakota FTG3 JAMES R. PERKINS, JR., San Jose, Calif. MM2 DONALD J. PETRIN, San Bernardino, Calif. SN MICHAEL E. PETTIT, Waco, Texas EMI FRANCIS J. POMMER, Dawn Point, Calif. SKC JOHN S. POPA, Ventura, Calif. EM3 GARY E. POSEY, Enid, Okla. SFM2 MICHAEL A. POWELL, Hialeah, Fla. TN JOSE OUITLIEN, Santa Cruz, llocos Sur, Philippines QM3 PAUL R. RACHOW, Rochester, N.Y. BT3 STANLEY RAJCA, St. Joseph, Mo. SN CHARLES B. RAND, Cheyenne, Wyo. FA CHARLES M. RANKIN, Cody, Wyo. SH3 THOMAS E. RAY, Amarillo, Texas FTG2 RAY D. REAID, Canton, Ga. ETR3 STEPHEN J. REINSCH, Vista, Calif. EM3 ARNOLD R. RE-MUS, Onalaska, Wis. SMI ROBERT C. RENDELMAN, Garden Grove, Calif. RM3 JAMES L. REYNOLDS, Muscatine, Ia. MMCS WILLIAM E. REYNOLDS, San Pedro, Calif. MM3 DANNY A. RHODENHIZER, Sparta, Wis. BM3 THOMAS D. RICHERT, La Crosse, Wis. FA RUDOLPH J. RICO, Norco, Calif. SK3 GEORGE D. ROBINSON, Arlington, Calif. DCCS JOHNNY B. ROLLERSON, Long Beach, Calif. SFM3 EARL W. ROY, Baton Rouge, La. EM3 JAMES D. RUBIS, Bay City, Mich. SN ROBERT E. RUEB, Huntington Beach, Calif. MM2 GERALD W. RUPP, Long Beach, Calif. ETN3 DALE E. RUPPLE, Louisville, Ohio FA DANIEL K. RUSSELL, Bellingham, Wash. RM2 WILLIAM M. RUTELONIS, Seattle, Wash. FA EDWARD R. RYAN, Rivera, Calif. RD2 DARREL H. SAGE, Meridian, Idaho MM3 DENNIS J. SANDEN, Houston, Minn. YN3 GARY A. SANDEN, Houston, Minn. EN3 HARRY V. SANDERS, Taft, Calif. SN RONALD M. SAUNDERS, Torrance, Calif. QM3 ROBERT M. SCI-IMIT, Hopkins, Minn. SFM3 DARYL L. SCHRODER, Norwalk, Calif. SH3 STEVEN F. SEELY, Bakersfield, Calif. MM3 RICHARD M. SETTERBO, Yuma, Ariz. EN3 BRUCE D. SHALLES, St. Paul, Minn. SA JERRY W. SHEFFIELD, Durant, Okla. FA LEONARD R. SHENKEL, Santa Maria, Calif. SN PAUL J. SHETTLER, III, Newport Beach, Calif. PN2 HENRY B. SILAS, Riverside, Calif. BT3 JAMES E. SIMPSON, Grants Pass, Ore. FN JOSEPH C. SMITH, Richmond, Calif. SA BOBBY J. SMALLING, Golden, Okla. SA JERRY D. SNELGROVE, Mesquite, Texas RD3 CHARLES R. STENDER, Custer, S. Dak. IC2 THOMAS J. STEINHOFF, Sparta, Wis. SDI MARCIAL D. SUAREZ, Los Angeles, Calif. FA LEWIS D. SULLIVAN, Princeville, Oregon RD2 WILLIAM J. SUMMERS, Furnace, Pa. CS2 LARRY W. TANT, Henderson, N.C. MM3 ROBERT W. TAYLOR, Brantley, Ala. DC3 CLAUDE D. TEDDER, Zebulon, N.C. BT3 ROBERT L. THOMAS, Whittier, Calif. BM3 ANTHONY THOMPSON, Princeton, Ind. FA GARY E. THOMPSON, Madison, Ill. BT3 RONNIE L. TIGNER, Riverbank, Calif. BMCS DEWEY M. TINDELL, Newton, Ala. MM3 ARTHUR L. TOWNSEND, Caste Valley, Calif. RM2 GARY J. TRAVIS, Sacramento, Calif. SN TERRY J. TROSCLAIR, Redlands, Calif. B-M3 RODNEY L. TUCKER, Hiram, Ga. SA JACK H. TYLER, San Diego, Calif. SA ERICH F. UTECHT, St. Paul, Minn. BT2 JAMES A. VANZUILEN, Philadelphia, Penna. SN ROGER G. VAUGHN, Coquille, Ore. TA REMIGIO J. ENRIOUEZ, Zambles, R.P. SN RUPERT A. VIGIL, JR., Trinidad, Colo. SA JUAN M. VILLAGOMEZ, Agana, Guam SN PETER G. VROLYK, Fort Bragg, Calif. BM3 RICHARD J. WACHENHEIM, Los Angeles, Calif BM2 LORENZO D. WALTERS, Long Beach, Calif. SA WILLIAM C. WARE, Mirada, Calif. FN WILLIAM D. WATLING, Rochester, Mass. SA MARK M. WEIDENBACH, Harloor, Wash. SA ALLEN B. WESMER, Tacoma, Wash. RM2 JOHN W. WILLIAMSON, Fort Worth, Texas SN GARLAND W. WILLIFORD, San Pedro, Calif. MM3 TERRY L. WINMILL, Blackfoot, Iowa SN ROBERT F. WINKELMANN, Staplehurst, Neb. SN ROBERT E. WITT, Los Angeles, Calif. GMG2 LESTER K. WOOD, Ft. Collins, Colo. SN GREGORY L. WRIGHT, Moreland, Idaho 4 1 ,f V 'V yf' W K' f K ,WMZ , f f , , 0, ,A 'Vw 4 mW' ' my ff! . Kg 7 5: 5 X il ' rs 5 I I I 1 L. 5 , M Vs 5, . 1f,k ,, M! U- 1 ' D gag c:,Q5 Q 647 0 0 MQ ' UW P 0 00 1 if SASE 'il WL WI' hz 1 4, N ,. , Z , . - O -A 4? 3 WMM .UWM 1 iq NL DA gg HONGKQNG 10 NA AT RN O XNTE I '! I 1 nw SUSIE 1.1! . 0 A , 192 sq W3 Q00 8 B 6 9 'U K 7 V il' Tj Q V Obffbvgo ggi F Y . ' 0 ' xglfiif' W QQ '1 NN. l QQ, I za Zi 4 apo 0 We 5952 I 1 O f' R' 5 - L. -A 7.f ,gh A L B H jk! 4 no L ,,,Qf+'f'M' ft K 4 UT I

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