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N h,,, ogy? N gg 53335 QV Wvxgw ' M sgygfgfgf fy W Q ww 5 3566? JWJWQD fL?'4fp fi Sis M 3 N Q -2 QQ, 4' is ' C, -gi+liv 35 54 4 :ng 11 3-3 ffjjf -E x , , -, 96.5.71 SS 5 XF KX 45 ,pw 'iff 4.1.2 Nt R' Q' X ' 4 L XXX .QQ V, ' ' Ike! ' . 2 .51 if 5 'x ,Qin Qgdfi qNN-xQ?Lfg2k es df-J X gg fc' H- M -. FUJI! 2 ff, f My .1 M if , MW, ik V My jig Q my gg , 1' ff A ,: , 4,, Y ' ,Wim . 1 , ,,g ,,,. ' - I fy .,,, ,AV I! , E , 4 'Q ',AV:V ' I 3 45 4 DOJ' AA 5Z'41"C' MZ ' Q ,L' ., - 4 Y E 'l1, Vg, 3 L J of fly k WH ,M YM if J sf mls B 1. 4. --5 s A ' H V jf? il! , gg' -Q 41, 'V VV ' if Lk. A I ' xr f I T -S r 'Wf:- Vg.,'wE?,,g, Ljygww, f'i'v-M05 Hydgx' ZGV 4 . f?w::vm4,n- fT"'g?, .,yijgf 4, 4gf,fNj 4531, aw A vi Q Vfll ' 41 2 l I-"ff i"1""-vf' ,fe 1 f 'M' M pw" .f ,, fyyy yi 1 ' .440 ,,AV If , ,, V . QR fu X I f JZ-Lv1'L..iw., M x ,H mf, , ' gil VVV, A, VIIV 1 f., I, dw ' M fNe?f1,a,w " V f fpzzff Y f ' ' ,zgL,,,' n ' if 1 , y ,, ff, ff ' ,pf , r f J , l fr, 1 gnfn 5, f 5, fx If G V, 1, ff ,yf -173,5 , If f f, I I f + 1 ,' ,. Pff,yf,f,,, 1 ,, M f ' 2, ,iaffx z '54 W' ' X -' " 6-yy! Ili-"", v ,ff X7 X -4 f 1, QQ ,Q M f f ,v if f6ffff mf O f ff W' I f 1 v ig, f",, ,V g!,1f f 'V :xAm,:: . ,V ,R Qu 5 3 ? '5 5 Z ,se ,1 911 fn 'z 5 59 MGE! my MW WW x W Wwffffmf I .OWMW mWfWifw,5Mj,:2fW, fy if 1-4 .J Sf. MU' L "'M 'LFS iii fb ,JV M9 iw , jf W ,W W Q fLw " W" W' M PW JJ . ff' ef! GV I A -fy, J JW JU 1 . A2 W ffbfjf ,OJ X yy V XILWX ilrfi' A 5 3 XEJ iff ,L I Ji J if rw .1 L W Q x' ,Q Jfb 'y ' Wrrfg W jjj' ff f f , wifi" V' JJ A xX ,VP V 'rf' U 199 WN L' 'KN Ax . -,VU j ' Y 5-YJ sy I JF ' Pj' 75 ,ark h 35' Yi 5 ,A ,ff W pg' F, , M N 1 J yr' GQ! '-,'?4Jz5"F 'WS - swf My .iw ! ffm '57 3+ ,wwf ein ' Wye WJ L. TOLLESTON HIGH SCHOOL Gary, Indiana 10:3 qv-o-,,f"6f'u. THE PIRIT OF THE PIO EER From the first ring of the hell to the last. through English. through geometry, through gym, to lunch at the howling alley and hack, through chemistry-where I fear for my life-to typing and finally music, I. the Pioneer spirit. am with you. These are the things which make me live. Although I am never seen. I am always close at hand to give assistance in my own way. I give you courage when you want to throw up your hands on a hard problem and quit. I give you inspiration to support the team. I give the hoys on the team the will to win in spite of overwhelming diffi- culties. I am with you in Band. Science Cluli. Spatin Club. Camera Clulr. Dramatics Clulr and in all the other clulrs which are so much a part of Tolles- Q L I L. i ton's school life. I am especially proud to Ire with you when you attend your respective churches on Sundays all through the year. l live in the hearts of all of you from your first day ,Qs , of school when you are a small. terrified first- , . A . . -HX.. . T grader. through the glorious experience of your 'P f X first prom with your favorite girl or hoy friend. X I until You close Your locker for the last time. K Xl I and proudly, yet with a certain regret. say , X ' goodbye as you receive your diploma and ven- .Jr S K ture into another unsure world which ni-mls to -,Q Q he conquered. eg J I" - lNow come with rnc through tht-sc pages as A Q ,icq 5' ., x .N we re-live the past yea r. X 2636! as "'! -,.f, l Y L35-X. X' czggchm xx rlsqfyyw 1 I 0 i X . , TABLE OF CONTENTS ADMINISTRATION .... .... 2 6 SENIORS ........ .... 4 O UNDERCLASSIVIEN .... .... 6 ORGANIZATIONS ..... .... 8 4 SPORTS ........ 120 ARIOUS ACTI IT IES MAKE The many 'walks through the park on Cold winter days arr familiar mernc-ri-rf to many students. .. 5' ' -7. -1 Y' 41 I T., wx ' 4. . X, 4 . 4 1 W x L. John Larnfaiuei wall-is hi: fa'-onli girl, Carr,-I Brazil. hirm? :f'P 7'V'ff31 V55 ""' 'Li fdiwfl TI'-EZ 6'-'Rini If' kv-rk 1 th' P: 1 , a lon: flap' at Lfhflol. 5? , NX H..- 1 VA -1.1 S l 5 UP CHOOL Arms held high in the air. excited fans Cheer as another 2 points The Tolleston faculty vs, Horace Mann faculty game provided an for Tolleston appear on the scoreboard. unusual hit of entertainment for Tolleston students. Giving someone a push on a frosty morning was quite a Common task around Tolleston as HOld Man Winter" descended upon the Steel City. A hapless opponent is dragged down hy one of Tolleston's fast- moving eleven. EXTRACURRICULAR PROGR S PRO IDE fwmng IH praf,l1w' fur lhf' gum'-. ilu' -1-rmfr thruulhwul ihf- -fhff'-I mf-r ilu' -num! -x-lfm Mb- f'x:.1j-1.111 'jun'-llfvlus Jw' X11-wfflfl ulwrul unalfrivfuffl 41i'Ij'vIAdI'N. fffvlll IIII' hlfmrx. TERE T AND PLEASURE F OR LL are some of the varsity and reserve cheerleaders. During the three-minute breaks, the senior girls' locker room is one of the more lively places in school. 7 416 fl Taking a well-deserved rest during a tedious day of raising money for the "Peanuts for Polio Drive" are some of the volunteers. Tolleston Getting ready to SCH tickets for the Ice Cream Social received a third-place trophy after collecting 395555. .A f L iilli - E I li 5 , cc v in V Q f M f' i Q! -69 i fQP ff ' 45 rez' 5, "6-f Q X fl G' E3 ,I , .ii .:.A , N I I ila A'-:,'-':5 Y XX lcccfc L L X 6- ' A , 7 , ,, H W ' M. VV 'M l , ,, AM , fi , f,' ' , FA ILIAR CENES CRE TE MEMORIE X, , , f f- A, 1 f- f f! , f k b 4 f fw f , lgjl. iw ' 5 WA, ' , Q -- i 3 . L QQ- :fo 'A ,i f'- o 1 0. ff' .. F- H' 4 ,fa ' 5'-"1-l-121+-,f-' -I-'.1,f l X if if I .- 'Q 4 1 ... 1 Q , 1 ." rt-' V- 'QT' ' . M .-. ..- , A . Faculty and alumni. 84 well 34 -tudcm-. turncfl out lf, V'E1lf'll the lilue Raider- UH the gridiron. I1 I 1 of Ili' lifll llaf- f'lL1L-IIHIIII 4lHlIl'r -V'lIYlj1frjNlI :mil Ilnf' -tu1lf'nt- Wf'l'llIllI'fIlI1jl1llII'l111llNl1' , I all y 1 Um r,f thi- Imjnilar rin'-wtingg 3- wi-ll 3. 'lllv liuimi 1-i-uni-limi'-X Xllltlvlllx i'wi-in-il Illllfll 1-xlwrivlivv in aiding gurl ai- ll4Prll"H4" :il ilu' ll'il1'llI'l'Nl luv ilu-x Npuli--iivil. Q EE REIG S AT FE TIVITIE Homecoming Ceremonies were highlighted hy the crowning , 'l , 327' f o ff' 4, 'L of the Homecoming Queen. Violet Bektesh. Her Court, from left to right, are Mary Peterson. Pat Skager. Queen. Shirley fNlCCulloni. and Jriyce Coulter. ff' Football players strike a confident pose at the bonfire the night he- fore the game. E , , 'ff BPf0r+A perfwrm Q Q in! Ihf- half-lim' ff f ra f rp., , ticf- onfl mt rhqr l"1UYlf:'-. Hu-j. ure, 'nw lv NICCuHorn. Xnn Suflrfvff. Nmflm . vOH. Tn M x'j'f'j'Hl"I' fr-z mf W1 I H'fS'.'5f"I'fUlYx!. 'IPM' fffmfliff' YL' Milli! ff1f'Nf1'" 'V V'-n'?'1I Pwlwiw.. ,X " r quffrr. w'.'f3r1A ,, Jw! IL' If,f,.rlfm IV Tlx: flu-:xW '1 r- .1-fl 'i V f rf" uf 29 - 1- xl. PIRIT HIE AT rl V 1T1"'-' Ifrhgn- "Xml H f Af-re Mm- the TffIIeLtf'n Bluff Raider! The line up is , ' I' 1-' 1 'ur U! Ehinff' Thff. -.ilutrd Emerson. our opponentl. by playing 1 YM I 1 V1 "EmArff,,r1 Loyalty 5ong." The rnajorettes then perforrned a dmf in! mutirw tf' "Chapdnac'aQ.'A In 1- I'1'F"'1 1' ffl. TH- Band Imllfffl ul the crf-wd dr1xifg.usl5' waited IN Tier Z' rf '- 'Mfr EM-ite-h ,mnounced as Homecwming Qwwf'-ri. T' I'Nrf.wfw w,'.r1'r. 1,1 , V1 X1 WJ- ffl' I 11" Yfv 'YNHINQ TM". Hwif '1 1 ly -yu f-'- n .md Pwr ff,-url VUTTV driwn arlhund SH- field .3- :law ima ff ' -IJ-I if Hfmlrlg 'ff 111' 4 nl r- mf! ll I +I phyfffl. "Let NIP C411 You SwGf:tl1eart."in 11-ith-1n1'-r. ffliw-wfl. In Qpitw of 'I'f-H'--rfxrb fleffur. 13-5 in Ihr :JUN bmi fm Frlfljj nigh 1- A M1-xfwl 1-zf-mn: Hn -jun' W 'YV -'u"'Ar-!- Lgflpf rhflir spirit- high 34 tha rlnrrrgvlifglly mgdr- Ihr-ir uw If' '- 1' 'lfw 'if"f"' 'V 7' " to vhe danfiff JI Ihr- ,Xmerifan Lvgif-11. Tlii- rm-iwi .m-'IF r lfnfml fqffrpffi 'H' MJMIYIIVI' -H1-2 delightful Hr,fy'1rA1'1'rVI1iH1lwvpkrjnvjl X W1 A :gtk V .L 1 R H , K 'V ' 1 Qs N v--1 Ill' Illv' nfrws-1 xhf'4'fv'd. Ihr .-llwr xu--mlwrf of lhp le .mxv-uxlx n.nV-'hui .x 21.11110 full "f.lllll'I1, HUMECGMI G GAME A wave of Tolleston line-men swept Emerson from the field as the referee looked on. The band furnished musical memories in the half-time ceremonies on the field. Crowded bleachers' cheering fans added to the excitement of a A climax to the evenings festivities, the dance provided relaxation successful homecoming. for hoarse but happy fans. ' 4 ? mlm, X iq new H W' f . -1. ,Q an ' gi' mi .4 STUDENTS AST ER E CLI H Proper grammatical usage can he deielopefl only through practice perfected in daily exercises. English is more than just the study of nouns, pronouns. adjectives. and aclverhs. ln essence. Eng- lish is taught to enable us to communicate intelli- gently with our neighbors. through the use of the written and spoken word. Also. it acquaints us with the works of the worlds outstanding authors. Without English there would he no communication. no history. no sciences. English is the hasis of our worlfl. With the study of English. comes a Curiosity' as lu how our language clevelopecl. For that. we must turn to the languages of other countries-ALatin. and Spanish. ln our foreign lan- guage classes. much is learned about the Civilizations of the past anrl the flerivation of many of our words. Translation anrl vor-ahulary growtli is stressed in 11 the-1' Vourses. The stuflx' of lanuuaues stimulates our minds lw Quang us ai liroaflf-r outlook on Hlll' oisn lives. ophornore- begin their -lufly ol Engli-li wollorff lip lf-toning uliout the drama of ?"- limi-. l7oux nu-1nlwl's of tht- polle-gg ltIt'll.ll.tll'l'N hnglisli class act out llm-In-th during the study ol linulish lilvratixrv. AND FOREIG LANGU GE Mr. Mastey, in charge of the Audio- Visual Department, occasionally shows a movie himself. Delphine Konopacki points out the Span- ish verb Ndeseann to Bob Mayor, and ex- plains how to use the third person. Studying some of the common utilities of the Romans, these Latin students are getting a broader understanding of the people and country from which the language was derived. WWH'!Y'5z7cnmffw4aaaa..... MATH AN CIE CE PREPARE STUDE rf-"""'WM ,,,, ,, The students attentively listen to Ken ,larnrok as he demonstrates a problem in advanced algebra. V,.... Mr. Carrabine, geometry te ache r, shows Sharon Fuller the proper way to bisect an angle. vj .l ing ultra-lwru to lnf ambitious a t'ugvr4lu,l--urtt freshmen. , f yf , AK xx N. Nlr. tlotlwtll lun no problem teach EOR FUTURE CIE TIEIC CAREER Have you ever smelled the pleasing scent of chlo- rine or iodine freshly brewed? All chemistry and physics students who have say itls one of their more Hscentillatingll experiences. Between balancing equations that canlt possibly be balanced and find- ing the speed of sound, all the students can take full advantage of their mental capacities. All this is a step on the Way to becoming physicists and chem- ists who will perhaps unlock more of naturels secrets than already have been disclosed. ln biology and bio-physical science, students Whose interests run in a different vein study plant growth and the continuance of the life cycle. Struggling to master the mechanics of congruent triangles, percentages, algebraic expressions, quad- ratic equations and trigonometric functions, students gain a firm base for future work in science or mathematics. y The microscope unfolds many of nature's secrets to biology students. In physics Carolyn Budgin and Tony Thiros demonstrate the method used to find the mechanical advantage of machines. Young chemists experiment with acids and bases. N. ,Wx f Z' OCIAL TUDIES I CREASE C LT RE Senior Civics students try to absorb as much of the day's lesson as possible before the discussion period begins. United States History plays an important part in our lives today. Decisions made 100 years ago affect our lives today just as the decisions we make now will affect the people living: after us. History is the study of events and outcomes of ac- to the flag is a daily exercise in the Life Class. Pledging allegiance first-hour Community tions. but the question arises. why did people do what they did? For that answer we turn to psychology. People, their acts and reactions, are studied. imparting to us a better understanding of the people with whom we work and associate. ww 2 Exploring the unfamiliar coun- triv- on the gloln- in history often takes students to far- away plavt--. CO ERCE DE ELUP MA UAL SKILL to no l A . .-s I' 'li XKQV ' ,I , ,ui Interpreting the English language, Joan Vician writes short- Kathy Duffy and Elaine Brady demonstrate a ledger problem hand while Mrs. Leek watches closely for errors. Tfpewriters clicking and clacking, pens making dancing shorthand figures, erasers secretly erasing typewritten mistakes, pencils busily totaling up cash assets and money paid out. Tolleston commerce students work their way to jobs as secretaries and competent businessmen. mmm in bookkeeping. Mr. Martin, the commercial arithmetic teacher, illustrates ways of measuring. 9688899996 60900090000 00000000086 5P""' The typewriter keyboard chart is an asset to beginning typ- ists such as Ray Lepp. ARTS ARE I TERESTI G ln the fine arts department, which includes art, drama, chorus, and speech, students learn to develop their ideas and dreams. They also learn how to make the most of the talents and abilities that they have. Practical arts students learn skills which will be of use in future jobs or in homes of their own. In the shops, many useful objects of metal, Wood, and plastics are thought of, designed on paper, and made into reality. ln sewing girls design and sew clothes of different styles. They become accomplished seamstresses who will put their talents to use in future years. Our Tolleston HBetty Crockersi' learn everything from boiling water to the preparation of a filet mignon. If the way to a manls heart is through his stomach-these cooks will be prepared. Ray Thompson and Peter Thomas learn to use a saw while build- ing their proyscts in woodshop. " 1,5 i A. ff-r' . 'Wai ' 5 Q ',A'i f .U ' 'M ila T3 ir V' . i 3 "" Z, 'Ti JWL y at 'sa , i i T i 4 . " is Oil 35 Ti, ', 5 ' T l fi Xe, 1 '4 gg: 1 Av Q r L llllllll NIHNIVTITIQJ llif' lullif' 1- nf- of ilu' worliirig: with inwlal, -...-.n,,, 1 Arlfling finishing loiirliw- to a pairilingi, i',Y1l1'flf' fznzivlu pin-5 fi few lips In flf'V1'I'I' ni! film- fn I -lwp- to iw l-earned in In clothing class. future liomemakers learn Ivcliniquvs of sewing. 1f"0?'Y' 1 '-lll1ll'Hl-i 5 5 4 1 linffqfi' ,tiara y Q,.f5,,,,,, ' use AS WELL AS EDUCATIONA Public speaking and group discussions help drama students develop the necessary poise for acting. fy nm Menu-planning is an important phase of learning to prepare a well-balanced meal. 74 sb 2 "' T1 'Z It in Clyde Cook and Rochel Flournoy demonstrate the use of the lathe in turning out plastic products. i HQ A l Tolleston's hand eagerly waits for Mr. Bielski's downbeat. MTILL E MEET AGAI " BRI G l,,Xnn Suflmff and H55 Ilfgmii Iinnngi Hai- ljela. and Dill Naiiifi-lil. Vat Slxauer and Bfili Hirchak. and Joyce Pruzin and Al fluff talzf- time rf, gif.-1' fur Ll y-iiinif :ii ilw Ninifir film- Parry.. .luniffr- flame unflflr Ll 'filing 'il iiniiili anil 1'vllll"' lI"7f"' paper. 4 The realization of being seniors and dreams of grafluation began to mine true on Frirlay Devenilwi' .1 llio dai' ill' the Senwr Class Party. Till We Nlvel .-Xgiiin. thi, llw-mf-, was vlgil-1-intml llliwll l-x tho ilvui- raliniis 5ill1rvl1z'llPSi1l'g1l'mll1Llli'SillL'Ll1iS1N11'l gnuii- iinil niinigiluin' ilipl--ingix .ii'iigiiiii-iitul lln- iiallx. ln llii- ii-iilri' nl Ilic gym liiing Ll lniqgi- lilnv- lglxuliiqilii-ii Hip iiilli lliv glittering iiumi-iiil-. J". iinil gi filwi' Livvl. Xllvia :in 1-wniiig 1-li .lqini-ing :mil lun. llie fi-iiinrs li-lil Ilii- gxiii uilli livqiitf liillml isilli ivgrvlg kiiniinig llllN nm llu-ii liift flame iulrly, 1l.N- I-f. lviil init llii- Niiiiiv. uns lliv ul- iii.,alili.-iw.,l'll1f-.liiiiiiir lflaw l'41i'lif'-fllvep l'lIIl'll'. lliv lliviiir- iigis i'gli'i'in-il mul lui 11 l.ii:--- liiiiplf- mnliili-. lliut liung livin llie 1.-iliiip. lnugi- piiilx vligiiiipaigm- elusive also mi-I llii- llllllivlk I'f1'S LIN Ili:-3 Ulll1'l'1'll 1ll0 sun. lli-lnlvlilx ninen' l'l'Xl'l'lN'li11ll'll ull lliv lwaiiii- In ef-I llif' lwlixv inmirl ill lliw' lmily. 'lln' 4-.-iipl-N illmi-1-il ilu- mwviiiiig QINQIN uilli :in :ur nl 'xlil5lllSlli'1lllHll. fur Ilivx m-iw' now III!!ll'l'l'l1lNNl1N'l1. O T SE TIME T IN SE IORS As the clock struck nine-thirty on Feb- ruary 2O, the Sophomores realized that they had come to the end of one of the gayest class parties given by their class. Tiny silver and blue stars decorated the gym Walls and the entrance to the gym. Blue crepe paper hung from the ceiling to set off the centerpiece, a star mobile-all of which Carried out the theme "Stardust.', The Freshman Class chose blue and white to carry out their theme, HSilhouettes.,' Champagne glasses. top-hats. and canes festooned the gym walls. Blue and white crepe paper hung from the ceiling in a web-like form that was gathered in the center. Dancing and laughter filled the gym for the entire two hours that made up their first class party. Mixed emotions were shown paused at their class party. on the faces of these sophomores as they Freshmen danced and talked the night away at their biggest social affair of the year-their first class party. 1 I 1 X 5 SENIGR ARE KEPT BUS , 1 ' , Q-'gin , , 1 1 Z , Q , ., V I 5 Y Q- ' 2 i 9. " f, -' Q, w, 'JV f f , ' 1 , 1 2 l Z! Q :ly 73 n, 'uw ,,, ' V-mv nv , , n f , r 1 V ,fl l sa I l ,M Junior and Sf-ninr f,la-- ufliwr- lfall lhf- hranfl Marr-h as an f-waning: of enchantment comes to a close. Once the fcnrl uf high -fl'I1llll app'-ar-. svrmlr- lu-:in lfmlnirlg fl-r a goml rgnllffge "Wall remember always - Graduation to attend. lI'll'Ol'fI'1E1Il'vfl was gladly :lynn lly nur lnun-1-lin: nffifn: to all who wfrrf: interffstf-fl. Day' g the climax of four wonderful years in high school. Yes. the Class of '59 set its Qual the freshman year: it seenleml FH far away then. hut Father Time man-hefl un in haste. Xlffiifllllillf' sf the-y s l u cl i 1- fl. llwy lvarrwrl. they PlljHft'll thf-msn-lu'-s nl sullm gala affair- as thu- ljxmln. futurf- mul l'lIllllN1' il v--Ill-uv --1' pr-rlmps an elif slum' lf-r lln-ll llll-ll-xmas. llu-x mlm 1u.m'ln-1 lu Illlll null l'l.,NlN-I --us. sl-'ll slllclvllln -nm lngxxv the- mum- nl nhl lluuuulu lln- park. guul Iln' mn'-xxalx Nliilfs lln- sullllll sxslvm. amul lln- 'fluffy T1'111w,y. llul. 1-wnlunlly lllvsw- lm-nwl'ic-s will lad.- :nlxx ay s rm-rm-mln-1 lrflllllllllliill llm. Nunn ll was llllll' l-lr ilu-In In lmllx lu lhf- f.ff11pulwl1. llu-u l'lllllK'l' lum- lklllpllll up xxllll llll'llI, XXlll'll lln-x lIl.ll'4'lll'kl url'--ss flu' . . I llllw gn lullm- HllI4'll mln-y In.-pr-ll yxuulml llc Xs ill.-x Ivll. llu-x hulk :rum lllK'lllHl'lt'b mill ilu-m. lln- rm-1111111--s xsluvll lfulx lull:-A lllul- llll'l'lllIIlllt'-sl1llHllll'l' ul nulli- lln- mum-N nf umm vlusslmlzllvs aml lf-m'l11'ls null: yxlumu llwy lxuxu- 1-xl..-ru-nl-1-ll su mul-lr will no lmlua-r ln- xxllll the-ln. lvut llwy xxlll THEIR LAST YE R After receiving their caps and gowns, Joyce Pruzin and Al Toth, Jo-Ann Sudroff and Tony Thiros, and Cynthia Brown and Bob Duffy take time out to pose for our photographer. While spectators looked on, graduates-to-be proudly marched down Broadway during the con- vocation exercises of the Gary High Schools. , M ,yi With pounding hearts, the graduating seniors participated in the graduation exercises, and gratefully accepted the di- plomas which crowned their high school accomplishments. OUT ST DI G ST DE T RECEI E NWS Www XNNNWNZ X' V SYN .. NQQRS was f f X f ' 'i 4 Y Q f 2 1 2 Constance Millender won firstsplace honors Rita 0V'fTl991'3- l00ks Ht htif Hwafd afiel' Date Stuecher does some research hefore being Ch0S9I1 D-A-K Good CMZCH- writing his American Legion award- in an oratorical contest. "Education Is WWW . V, - 5. winning essay, "Land of the Free." the Answer," sponsored by the Rotary . , .aa.,,,gw t' Club- ., 2 4 During the pear. many Tollcston students distinguished themselves as good citizens f i f and scholars. These people were recognized indixidually by different organizations , throughout the year. " 4. ,Q ff Each iear the Dauuhtf-rs of the .Xmerican Rexolution present an outstanding citizen- Zfi' 'f " ship award to a :irl from each high sf-hool. Selected for outstanding citizenship and 'i , t I - ' also rharactcr. personality. and scholarship were the representatives who attended the ' 2 -"' tc ,t,,Vr sf 1958 Boys' and Vlirls' State. sponsored hy the American Legion and its Auxiliaries. ' f 5' This year six :irls and two l tt't ys represented Tolleston. h hi h """' ""' Q' M .X li or 3.0 uratlt- average entitled all students of high school to mem ers 'p on t e J Ay' 1 Q5 Honor Holl. wthi-h was pultlished each grading period. For those who were on the 6, W Tnllt Timm or the l't'ftnfo'r, lo'f'oming a member of the Quill and Scroll. an honor I . ' -fv1iI'lX for iitttirnglism -tutlcnls. also rewarded the time and effort of our students. K 'lt-.o lt-llfstf-rt aft students won I'nited States Faxings Bonds from a local department slort' for th'-tr art work used to adiertise merchandise in the local newspaper. Six , b sfif-:ttf stud-nts rs-teiwtl honorable mention and were namd Junior Scientists after A tompfttng in the YY'-tirtgltousts Fcienfe Talent Search Contest. Writing an essay that 1' , wort a trip to Washington. Il, L.. and New York was another achievement by a 'loll--st'-rt stutlt-nt. , l , , at-i.t' seniors. lute Nruetltf-r. Pat Patton. Linda Barousky. and Joyce Coulter re- An 'Mal' "U 'lui lm""l iX5",""" ,w""' 1-1.--fl ttrs'-gtliff in thf- Regional bolo Ensemhle contest. Louknn Tir-rnan and Ext-rgtfne Edwards a trip to Not... Horlc, jwtml x,J,t,,,ff Il,,. -,,,,i.,f. who r,,u.iWd fir-t-plan, mmjale in th.. X.,r-thorn and W ashingron. IJ. C, lwlldm Wm, 4,,m,.sI fn, lim, ,,m,lHn,lj,-,Q musptal r,,.rf,,rman,.,.,. -Nb, AU lv x -. H 1. .g. 11 .tlv Xl oil v ol Iltf Hunll :nfl Ntoll,, .tl llnfn Ill Illlllt mt win 1 tts l'ltlfm :nfl llolfl l-ill' lx 24 l I 1 l 'lltm Thiros, jo-Ann Sudrofl, Joyce HO OR FOR CHIE E E T Talking over the activitiezs of 1958 Girls, State are delegates Joyce Pruzin, Shirley McCullom, Loretta Martis. Rita Overberg, Dorothy Minick, and Pat Brown. l ,W f, Shec-king the entries that won them Qavinge bonds in a fashion art Delegates tn 1958 Boys' State were Carl Page and Mickey 'ontest are Al Toth and Pat Patton. lvvldue. Along with Mr. John Riedel. their instructor, arc tht- six Tttlleaton stud:-nts who received lmnorable mentityn in the Westinghouse Science Talent Search Contest. Left tu right: Ray Lt-pp, Ralph Williams, Dave Stuecher, Hr. Riedel. Nancy Scecina, Carrie Budgin, and Sh3fftI1Kl'6llf'Q. This past year living and working with our Board of Education, I, the Spirit. have seen the Spirit of the Pioneer. manifest as our educational leaders, under the direction of Dr. Alden H. Blankenship, plan our educational future. Plans have been formulated and schools have been and are being builtg I can see the future education of our young people will be of the best quality. In our own school. too. I can see the effects of our pioneering administration. Linder the competent leadership of Nlr. V. C. Uipasquale and our able teachers. our students are being given a sound education upon which to build their future lives. The painting of the school hallways and classrooms. making them bright and cheerful. has been one of the several pleasant progressive measures in our school. Wlith the aid of our sound system our sch fiff l has been closely knit together and has been provided with a better means of inter-communicatifin1 likewise. with the addition of several new courses. such as Trigonometry and Quantitative Analysis, our new administration has providf-rl Tollestoirs students with courses that will be of immeasurable value in f'ri llf-ue. 1, s Y in f fffg .f ' 'xr V vfui i ,T QI' L , 1,0 X X f N! Qs f, M 'ax 'AQ I x AVA f et F fu,-I 1117 ' 'H' iq D 3 e, I M' rf ,,,V , .f. wwf iZ"w7"f- r new im,,.Lmm,MlfMwwf-KN ,Wir-'.g::ift r 'ff ,. fg.,:",,g-Q, ' twig. v .....,.pp.. , ..,.. , ,t.W lpv, p p , iifguufhvbwwrwwwfffifrf' W ,WEN ,W J .t.. , 1 4, +sw.f.,-Nuuf l if, .5 ,,,! ,wwf . ,tr ' 11111111,111,,11. x 11,'1NW 1',1 11,1 , 1111111111111 111111111111 1 1 24-1 'o 111111 1 1,,,,,,,111111f'f' " ,1111,1111yj1111, I " "" 11.11 111111 M1111 ,,, ' - P ' . i-. ,.-1. 11 11 ' 11 ,11.,1,.1,.,.,,.,.1 1 11111.11-1111 '11f""'1"h' W In 151 " ' . 1 1 5' 111.,1,k1'111L 1111- I .. 4 , 111111'1'11, , 1 1 ,,,, " 11411-11 ,, 12 1",11111" 1 ,1 1 1!11111W1,,1fMW1111f, ,,1111'11' f 1 1 , 11, , 1 ' ,.1111Wf" -11111111 1 - 11,1 1,1111 .1 1,111 111111 11 f11 11 ' '1' "1 1 . , .11 1, H 11,1 1111w1n1m1w1011fW"'M"'W""""?f1" ,f ,,,,1,111,111111W11111111 11111175711 ,,,,',m I V M,-I 1 "'Vf'11111i'1 , 11 ,1111,1111111,,,1 11 11111111 M Q ,11w11,1!MjW11 ' f' V2111111'f'111 WI 11151111 1111111111 111111 , 1111 111 1 1 11,1111 1,111111,w1,, 11 ,1111111 ,V WWMWMWWKWNM1,1hv!W 1 11 , ,,,, W ,,,, 11,117 M111 1111 1,M11f1I11fL!f7T',11Q,2jlJj11.1 1 ,1111Wm' , f ,111 f , . 1 , 1,111'11'1111f11111,W11111f1111k11' 1111111111 ,I H 11 1""WW11 "1 111111-fMf""'f" A-,'1f1.111MW,1111 ,,,,,1111,.1111,, f- 11111111111 , WW!!! 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I - 11-111 111-..11, 11111 1111111 1'II11l111'- 11111-11-1. 11111111111-1 1- 111111.111-111'111'I111'.1'11.1I.11'11'1 IN Nl1'l'111ll11 111111 1'11111L1gC. 11111 1111 1 111'11'11'11-1 11'111'11-1-- 111 1111- 1111I1II' 1111 11 1- 41'11'-11111' :1111.11- 1-1 .1 111-1--1111111- 11111111-111 11 111111LlN 11111 11111 11 1111- 111-1-111 '1lIf1 1111- -11111-1111-- 11I'1I'1'11'l 1- 1111--111-111---- 111111 11111- 111.I1.l111'11 111111 IN ll 11-11111111- 111 11111 1 11111111111 to 1r1111- 11110's 11111-. -111111111 111111 1111111111111111, 1,11.11.1111-1, 1111 11-1111-111111-1. 11111 111111 111111-111- 1111- 1111-1 11111 111-11 111111x1-- Ll 1-111111'11111li1111 11111. 111- 11.1111 1111--1---1-- 111:11.1111-1 1.111 111-11 -11111-1-11 11111111111 .111 1-11111-.1l11111, 11111 111' 111111 1111- 1'11l11'11111111 11111111111 1111L11'11C1P1' 1 1- ' - ,' - 1 1111-1, 11111 II 1-11111 ,1111111 1- 1111111-11 1.1 111.11111l1-1. 1111-1-111111111111111111 1- 111x1'1l 91-111 111111-11 11111 1 111 1111111 111 11111111 11111 11?1,11i11' 11111111211 1111- .11-1'-. 111111 11'I11111'T- 111111 1111- 111 -.11111111-- 11111, 1111-11,1--111 111.111, 11I1I- 1- 1111- 1111111-111111 1-.11 11 111 11111 11111 111111 1-11-111111111 1.11111111 11-1 III 1111 1111-11-111-11111111111111115111'X1S111111'11. I S11l1'1'l'1'1N. ,ff ' , 71 ' 1 111111111-1-11111.1111'11-111111111 I. 1, 1 MAKES MANY CHANGE Using the motto, 'wlfolleston will con- tinue to point the way in good manners, good sportsmanship, and high scholarship." Mr. DiPasquale, the new principal. has worked hard in the interest of the school. lVlr. Dipasquale has brightened the school and given students more school spirit. He has constantly urged students to work for good scholarship. Molding Tolleston stu- dents into a group of people who are will- ing to work for an education has heen Mr. DiPasquale's main objective. Mr. DiPasquale has had a long career in education. Between the years of 1941 and 1955, he was a principal in the Dayton. Ohio. school system. During the years 1955 through 1957. he was in the Pupil Personnel Department of the Buffalo. New York. schools. At the invitation of Dr. 1Valter E. Wiley. Director of Research and Testing. Mr. DiPasquale came to Gary in the fall of 1957. He served as principal of Lincoln School for one year prior to coming to Tolleston. Serving as assistant principal this year is Nicholas A. McDonald. a former Tolleston Alumni. Last year Air. McDonald came to Tolleston from Pittman Square School to be an administrative assistant to the acting principal. As assistant principal Mr. McDonald has given friendly guidance and assistance to the students of Tolleston School. NICHOLAS A. MCDONALD The tal-dy line is a familiar scene in the morning. Mr. Mc- Asslsmnt Prmclpal Donald is seen here writing admits for those students who Mr. DiPasquale adjust controls before making announcements cou1dn't quite make the hell. T0 tht? SU1dCf1iS- CHOOL BOARD PPROPRI TES t i W ff, n , , ' zmff' ff fy f f f, , 4, Wai! ' 2 m t 1 ' 7,4 f , Q Ur. ,Xifif'fl H, iilarii-Qftrvhijt. It-fr. i- -t-en vii-1 Ii--in: prft-ful '1ii""i -5-IPHI prwlvlftrnl with hi- new assistant Mr. .iffi1riT.f,ririri1rig. Cwmpmf-ri nf uutgtanfiing f'iliZf'Il'- frftm all milk- uf Lax Var the board granted Toileston thelnecffssary' liff-. the Ffhfml Hfiaril ix lin- 1'-ml:-tiling I--.ily Hi lin- funris fur the Construction now going on. Toileston f-ntirf: Cari F1-iimtl Fi-lun. 'ilu' itlwilllihn grim ix tit ful- SlL1fif'I1l5 are gratvful for the recent improvements in fill thfl I'1f'1'fis nf all xfviltml-. anri thfl afifiition of favilities at our srhool. N ,W 1 nl i V I'pfMiif.I ,limit Ilttirl Iflt In llyill, ,ur mu-miwl. ul lin' kvilmui im.ll1i' 1iIIllIil'H iillllgjitlvli. Akni-ILIIII SP1'I'ClllfQ'Q Tit! Iii I:i,I,.tu I l'..,,, l,.,, .,,.,. 4l.,, N Ii.'l-nt., N.-.wt-luis: ,lim-lil: X. liiviwi. l,ll'Hilil'IIiQ :tml MIN. R. Nl-vri'iQ Flnmilvv i . . ii' iii ,fir rd w UN FOR I PRO EMENT 2 bi Those present at the ground breaking ceremony are: Mrs. Ed- win Anderson. P.-T.A. Corresponding Secretaryg Dorothy Skager, Student Council Presidentg Mr. Chris N. Retson, Secretary of School Boardg Mr. Vincent C. DiPasquale, Principalg Mrs. R. Morris Standley, Vice-President of School Boardg Dr. Alden H. Blankenship. Superintendent of Schoolsg and The Rev. Robert E. Penn. Treasurer of the School Board. This year Tolleston. one of the oldest schools in Gary, took on a new shape, new size. and new interior color. A gym. science rooms. and shops were built to the south of the present buildings. The adding of these new classrooms will supply Tolleston with badly-needed rooms. Painting the halls and classrooms with light pastel colors did much to brighten the school. The sound system. installed early in November, brought the students in distant classrooms much closer to the main build- ing. This was made possible by two-way arrangement of the sound system which enabled the teachers to call in as well as listen to the announcements and recordings from the office. 4y+'fW"3Pl 5 5 f 2 1 , ., ...,.,,, , " - 1- 'Wm 3 " 'n --W.. 94 X A painter in the hall was a typical sight early in the school year. Adding new colors to the old walls brightened the atmos- phere of the halls. Here Mr. DiPasquale demon- strates for Dave Steucher, senior, the procedure to be used while speaking over the new sound system. 1 E The long-awaited gym began to take shape in the early months of the school year. 1.i..,f -J, W-,.1e+f..',..t,., -- -.. 4 A' f H - - 'fi:S:.fy"4':,A5WM-"Vg fs. 1. gi, ,' , , V if ,. t.. ..,, ,.. H. . ., ,, ,,,gy,.,,4.A M -1. W A . tl.. f , 4.1 ,-V, ,,.., ,rw W- f W , -, " ,,,4-vs... f ff 'V ' - "M , - .3 4. ,.f ' , f.-.ny-. ' ' f Adm f' ,.,, ,, .5 M f.:f,,,4,...-1,8 , f f"ff2r,vf ., .M fd. f V -t M Y we CHANGE I CHOOL 5 Miss Mary Biamonta, Mrs. Yvonne Macchia. and Mrs. Dorothy lla-ki. high school office secretaries, are performing some of their regular dutiee. r .5 'HN ,X Q.. 'W-una - ff Q! ' X 5, 5 " ' ,G 3 , 51 W N4".v llll' 'Yun I Xll- lilIIII'IIl4 lin Illll-l' ixlw 1 -1 lull' I.lfl1ri" liuillli IH' lf: 'III ill' lllllli-llli lmlul '1'Il W. , in Rf-garille-Q of the time of day, the office is the busiest place in Tollf:-ton School. The girls in the office really have two jobs in onf-, The prolwleina of loitlocker keys, missing glasses, late hook rental. and program changes, are only a few of their innumerable ta-lv taken r-are of hy the secretaries. They also have the every- flay flutif-N of any office secretary-typing. filing. taking dictation. and anewering the telephonee. falling, nn :ulmil liom ixlll llc-llc ullci' lwingl illlhl'lll from wlioul 4-gm ln- llIilIl'llll ll Il'u:ilu'x' IN '-IlNlil'l'll'ii. I CREASE OFFICE RE PO SIBILITIE Pictured with Assistant Principal Nicholas H. McDonald art- the grade school secretaries, Miss Sarah lntrieri and Miss Elaine Pavelka. In the grade school office, Miss Sarah lntrieri can be found selling locker keys. while Miss Elaine Pavelka takes care of the grade school records. Much appreciation goes to Mrs. Dorothy C-aski. in charge of all the financial recordsg Mrs. Yvonne Hacchia. the high school registrarg and Miss Mary Bianionta. the attendance and transcript secretary. Mrs. Caski writes out a hook rental receipt for John Lamfalusi. The personnel department also plays an important role in school. Mr. Belle's concern is not only absentees and truantsg he also helps students who have social or financial problems. The nurse, too, is an important person at Tollestonf Using a variety of tests and examinations, Miss Burnside constantly checks the health of students. sf' .KL-AM .A Mr. Belle is head of the pupil personnel department. We, at Tolleston, are fortunate to have such excellent teachers. They teach those who are eager to learn as well as those who donit want to learn feven though these students are unaware of itr. They have accepted one of the biggest jobs available-teaching. Our teachers are more than instructors who teach the fundamentalsconnected with reading, writing, and arithmeticg they also work side-by-side with the stu- S X NEW TE CHER dents in planning class activities, putting out the paper, organizing clubs, and cheering at pep sessions and games. Although teachers come and go through the years, while they are here, they become vital members of the Tolleston family. Each teacher has done his own small part toward molding some of the housewives, business leaders, and politicians of tomorrow. MR. ARTHUR BABAGANIAN Sicial Studies MRS. PHILOXIEN.-X BECK Homemaking NIR. EDKIUND BIELSKI Band NIR. RONALD BUWDEN Foreign Language and English Nlli lill llilill 4 XRIXXIEIXH XIII. Xl lilflil tfilflilfli liaunl .IGI TE CHI MRS. VIRGINIA CORLEY Clothing DR. GEORGE CRANE Social Studies MES MARGARET CULKOSKY rt MR. EDMUND J. DEVITT Safety and Health Physical Education MISS CHARLOTTE DOMROESE Music MR. FRED ELKINS Physical Education, Business Education, Commercial Aritlunetic MR. PAUL EiL1oTT l X I Foreign Language and English V - MR. SHIPLEY FARROH Social Studies and English GTFF TEACHER DEVELOP BETTER MRS. HARRIET FULTON Guidance MR. EDMON GOFORTH Mathematics MR. LEE R. GOODMAN Speech MR. DEAN CRAY Guidance IIRS. JANET JOHNSON Phy-irai Erlucatinn MISS FXIXIA K,XPI,.XN Lillrury Nlii. N'l1'I'Uli XXX l'in-incl i'islm'nIioli XIISS Ill XNl'. Kifl'il.ifN l'ln-Muni i'.lillL'llilUIl ORK H BIT I ST DE TS MRS. MARY KRISKO English MRS. INEZ LEEK Commerce E MISS OLIVE LESKOW Mathematics MISS ANNA MARSH Social Studies MRS. VIRGINIA MOFFATT English MR. EDWARD W. MOORE Science and Mathematics MR. VIRGIL .NELSON Metalshop MR. GEORGE NOVAK Wrqodshop FACULTY TRESS S SCHOLARSHIP 54-M Wu C9147 26746 7' 4 ' MRS. CORINNE RESETAR Commerce MR. 'JOHN RIEDEL Science MISS ECCENIA SACOPULOS English NIR. REINHARDT TAUCK Crafts MR. JOSEPH VANCE Safety and Health Physical Education MISS EDITH W.-XI.l.:XCE Science HHS. NIHNX WIl,SUN llmm-mukxng NIH, lill'Xlll.E5 WISE Furlill Slllllltw P.-T. . MEMBER HIP RO TER WELL Officers of the P.-T.A., from left to right, are: Mrs. Edwin Moore, Re- cording Secretaryg Mrs, Edwin Anderson, Corre- sponding Secretaryg Mr, Edward Page, Treasurer: Mrs. Kenneth Washington Vice-Presidentg and Mrs. George Lamfalusi, Presi- dent. 9 Rabbi Miller was a speaker at one of the P.-T.A. meetings. His topic for the lecture was "Developing Skills for Social Relation- ships." The Tol-leston P.-T.A. is an association that studies and tries to meet the needs of our school. To raise money for the sound system, the organization spon- sored a basketball game between the teachers of Tolleston and the teachers of Horace lVlann at lVle- morial Auditorium on February 20. This was, by far, one of the most entertaining events presented during the school year. A membership drive at the beginning of the year, in which homerooms competed against one another, increased the P.-T.A. membership to an all-time high of 516. As Tolleston grows and improves. the Parent- Teachers, Association will continue to be one of the most helpful organizations at school. Panel discussions helped en- lighten many parents about the problems faced by teenagers today. As I. the Spirit. walk down that long aisle with this years Senior Class, I will see many different fat-esfthe face of a thinker. a physicist. a writer, or an orator: the face of a devoted mother or career woman. Yet all the faces will reflect hopes. dreams. and memories-ghopes of finding a place in a hig world where they can he happy. dreams of conquering the world and of succeeding in later years, and memories of high school. As we walk clown that aisle, l, like the graduates. may he thinking of that first date. of scoring the winning touchdown or hasket. We may he thinking of a teacher who helped us understand something we had nexer understood hefore. As we march down that long aisle. we will see ourselves as we hope others see us-as almost-mature adults who have come a long way from those first uncertain grades to the end of high school. Now we haxe rear-hed our goal. and we will make our way into the world. ,f NE Qfgafl 0 f-bad K 7 -i l 1 V t Haw warm E Ax E I Z . mmf M..1AwM,, ! fff 7 ,' fm .f .nm ALE LEAD SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS from left to right. are Sam Leto, Vice-Presidentg Al Nedoff. Prc'.51'f1enI: anrl Ken Jamrolc. Treasurer. SPQNIUH MASS HISTORY Now that NP arf' Uruiluutwl. it is ivrlniri that iw will go flifff-rf-nt nays. ll is l'f'IAlLtlIl. I f-1r. that uf- shall al- yyays rflrnflnilwr our four ytomlf-:ful high --ho-il yvzirs. Uur lrff?-l'tI'I1Zj!l yr-ar lhf- girl- got into tln- -wing uf things in a hurry yyhwn tht-y haul lu 4lrf-ss in "Cay WH.. outfits for thf' f1.'X,'X. Hlllldllfrll, Ilif- lvoys rllrl. too. yyhvn thvy got to partivipatv in frvshrnan alhlvtir-. YY'- ywfrf' all proufl In haw- thrw livslunan girls' fjo'Xrni Surlroff. Cynthia lirmyn. anvl llonna liL4'lLll" Lis mu- jfrffllfx with tht- liaml. Lftfl ln Xitfld Nluzvlt. lhll l'utza-rl. ll-,nina Izf-Im-, :mtl Sam ln-to. our soplnoriiorw' vlnss :lfliyilivs XU'Ii' lu-aflwl ln our two vlan-s partir-s Ullziryvsl xlmvll :intl L'l'z1rz1fli-f- in Pink." VM' yu-rv fill lionorf-tl ulnvn llolilizi lzf-lm' ua- fliosvri l,llfIl4IU4'lllf' llmfvii lyxilh :i virlun- , . l lalirri liy xlllflilfllll' fm-Ivxif hl :mil Yiolvl llvlxlvsll, lmll' Arm lif-rnun. :mil llormn lmilzu in-lv nimlw ilu-4-I lvaflvrs, illnrvlimisiinli' :mtl lrI1ll'IllIQ' 1vl1l.lss Illlf'NQ'JlX1' uw Ihf- lf-1-ling lhsit yu' Nl'll' -of-in lu ln- iippt-i1l.lsslm-li. 'Ihr' highlight ol Ihr- junio: xv-:il uns .ini lllwlll "Now :mrl lfoif-ya-ri' yylmli hull lu-vu plqmm-nl lux our olliff-rs ltlliot ln-luv. ,loyw lillllllln lwnlhin llloyyn. , . . . - . :mtl l-fr-mln' Sllllhllll. XM- -'low-tl Nllll NJllINlJll'lIlIII yylivn lvl Npfuiis noi: lhf- Im-li point nloxyll ill lHlNlX1'l lmll ull'-in Ioyff- l'irifin nit 4-ln-fl:-nl Sllnlt-nl liolllu-il Pre-siflf-nt. when JoAnn Suclroff hecame editor of the PIONEER. and when Nancy Sc,-ecina and Evelyn Wiirtes ywrf: f'l1USF'fl as varsity r-hevrlearlers. Thr- pinnarlf: of our high stghool years was finally rf:af:hecl-we: WPI? svniors. With the attainment of this pfsalc ramv many vhangt-s in our school lwcause of the nf-w aflministration. Wt- yu-rv slim-vssftilly lml through our sf-nior yt-ar lay 'XI Nmloll. Sam l,vto. :intl lien Jamrok.ouroflif-1-rs. llurinlu our Nvllllll' yt-nr lt.-snliv Scliimlli was chosen If iifv llvzill-ll-llniim Quin-ii ul lollvston. Sum Evto and Nanny Sw-viiin. as vligiirim-n for l'vnnuts for Polio tlriyv. guiwlwl tls In will lhilxl plum- in thc city. Vi ll'-ltlf-slr. wlil--1' all tht- 'llvlly ilililIlt'X. and Rita Oyerberg. IP Qllvwll 4'llill'll. illsu llmllt' Ilvhs lot' lllt' ClLlSS of '59, 'l'h1- qiiiiiomim-ling ol' llu- st-niox' rankings. the ordering nl' g-imlntiti--n inxilulions. tmtl tht- Scfnior Class meet- ing' l'LlIlX in the- sm-voml 5t'l1lt'5lt'I' I't'tnit1tl0tl us Of ifimlimlioii, 'l'In- flimux ol' our 'lays ul 'lkillcston took place on ,lunv 23 lliauluailion lluy, we' ywrv satl to he leaving tht- st-lnool thul was fillt-tl with the hopes and tlrcains ul- four yn-urs of our lin-s. llut. we ywrv happy. too. for this was ln ln- tht- lwgnnning of a nvw vm in our liys-s. ILASS OF 9 'ft 6" ' , f f, f- A Wzw . . I b 2 wz".. M- ., 1' fb - V '14 12 'QQ' V2 .f ,, ,, ff i of , .. -.4 "',':2.4 hi .rf fish "' . f .2V'jy,..,fg 'yn' ,Q I 'H Wai . fmifefftf . - 4 1 , W .W , -41 - ...W , Q., , 1 I V ff ,Xi n , 3. - fp ' 7 ff '.f',,v I f ' , 4 4' 4 gf ' - ff C: 'pf yqjuh , 5 .4 ,,6327WM ,L '. V W-1-I fy' V u 'V y V' ,-,pf . f4y,+,.-Q, t 4., , ,., lmfdilf, 7 .14 F rw W RALPH WILLIAMS Valedictorian Sala talorian DAVID STUECHER lood study habits proved to be Ralph Williams, great- Second in the Class of 759 is David Stuecher who was graduated with a 3.35 average. David went to Roosevelt Junior High, and East Rockford High in Rockford, Illinois. He came to Tolleston during his :st asset in becoming valedictorian of the Class of '59. Ralph, who has been at Tolleston since grade school, ook a college-preparatory course in high school. Math, English, and science were his majors and foreign lan- juIli0r year. guages and history were his minors. David's majors were English, science. and history. Ralph was graduated with a 4.09 average. Math and Laiifl WSH-2 hiS miHOrS. rranged according to rank is the upper ten per cent of the Class of '59-SEATEID: Ralph Williams, Dave Stuecher, Dorothy linick, Shirley McCuIlom, George Karch, Io-Ann Sudroff, and Tony Thiros. TOP ROW: Mr. Vincent C. Di Pasquale, Principal' ita Overberg, Pat Brown, Sharon Krebes, Carolyn Budgin, Nancy Sceeina, LouAnn Tiernan, Loretta Martis. and Mr. Nicholas lcDonald, Assistant Principal. BEKTESH. VIOLET f,l1w'rlvai1l+-r ll-ffmlrorriiriu f,PI,if'f-ri f, 'XR llfl'-lVlY'Ill Iolly l iriiv- bflilffr-in-Cllifrf llruriiutif-4.llil15vr rv-lury BEHHF, CAROL l'i'l',X fiirl-' ffl'-I' Klub MXN 5mi.ilf.llil1 liflliill Nlxli l,lNll,'l 5p.iIin fllili DKK lvlll- 1.If-4-fluli 'Nnml llllll lullisnl. XNNII lvlll Mlm-Llullf Nil: lvviu-v SENIOR CAA Social Club ALBACH, KAREN GAA Concert Band Girls, Glee Club Social Club BARNER. STELLA ffirl-' CIM' Club lJf'l1IY'lLillf'l Club UNK BAHMCART, PHYLLIS Girl-' Clee Club Cirl5Rifl1: Team FT.-X CAA Social Club E IOR BRENNAN, PHILIP Audio-Visual ROTC Social Club BROWN, CHARLCY Girls' Glee Club GAA BROWN, CYNTHIA Junior Class Treasurer Student Council Spatin Club Majorette GAA BROWN, PATRICIA Spatin Club FHA GAA Girls' State Delegate BRUDZINSKI, LORETTA GAA Council Library Club Treasurer Girls' Glee Club Secretary Science Club Secretary Pioneer Staff BRYANT, BRADY Band Basketball ROTC BUCHECK, PATRICIA GAA Social Club Girls' Glee Club BUDGIN, CAROLYN GAA Council FTA President Pioneer Staff Girls' Rifle Team Girls, Glee Club COLLINS. BEVERLY CAA Concert Band Social Club COOK. JOSEPH Football Baekfflball Track Rifle: TIQIITI Drill Team COTTON, VIOLA KA A 'l'Af, H ll I.'I'I'1ll. ,ll DW 'I' r,X.'X 'I'X4L SENIORS BURNS, DONALD ROTC CARABIN, JOSEPH Student Council Drill Team Social Club CLIFFT. CLYDE KENT Dramalics Club COHEN, CORNELIUS Football ROTC Audio-Visual Reserve Basketball 91- ",., gl. -l J1 IL. iizh' SENIORS Cross-Country CZAZASTY, GERALDINE Girls' Clee Club GAA Social Club DEAN, DOROTHY GAA TAG Social Club DOBROWOLSKY, DONNA Spatin Club Camera Club Girls' Glee Club DUFFY, ROBERT Football Basketball Cross-Country Dramatics Club Tolly Times Sports Editor EDWARDS, CHARLENE ELLIS, JOHNNIE MAE CAA Dramatics Club FABIAN, JOSEPH Industrial Arts Club Rifle Team Social Club GRETUNCKH.lJNDA fhX.X Em ral Klub f,lfI. l,lrAr1fl Cl lI'. K U LAlw CHU5S,NHLDRED 1, ,MX f,l,lHl"I'l1 Club llramalir- Klub lflf-X lfirl-' r,il"f'f,ll1lJ E IOR FLOURNOY,ROSCHEL Band Cross-Country Freshman Basketball FORT,GARY Football Baseball Reserve Basketball Social Club GASTEVHHL MABIANNE Camera Club Prffsirlenl Library Club President Spatin Club Social Chairman GAA Council l,UlJlll"dIlODN 5 tuff GRADY.LOLELLA CAA Sfmiul Club Girls' Clee Club 1,4 .4 61 'vlrgv 0 , , f ll NNFICN. SQXN 4, Ml Nw1rJl llldl l lux lla ' 4-ul 'lvbw'liblb ' fx . Af 'fait SENIORS HARDAWAY, JAMES ROTC HATTEN, WALLACE ROTC HAYMON, ALLEN Band Cross-Country HENRY, MARSHALL ROTC f -'Q HERN, ROBERT Cross-Country ROTC l Audio-Visua Dramatics Club Track HICKS, BEULAH FHA Spatin Club Social Club Girls' Glee Club HIRCHAK, ROBERT Social Club Safe-Teens Art Club Freshman Football Track HOPKINS, BARBARA GAA FHA Social Club KARCH. GEORGE lflf.l-U-lI'lr1l.xTl- Club KNIAIENICH. GEORGE Flu ull-nl flfrurmil Vice-Prrl-iflffnt 15.1-viral! N . f if-nw Club lrf'-lrmarr lla-lg'-tball Nwrul Club KING. UNE Llllfl' rm! fmurrr ll l'mnv-f-r rlrrll ffrrlf fflff Vlulr DNN S411 Ivll flllll lxNl lixflx. NH HHN l.1nl1 'f-- I ll W lull E IOR HUBANKS, EDWARD Reserve Basketball Cross-Country HUYCKE, TERRY Track Cross-Country Reserve Basketball JACKSON. JOYCE Spalin Club Cirl-' Clfce Club ETA JANTROK. KENNETH Svnifrr Claw Treasurer Industrial .-NHS Club Football Social Club E IOR KOKINDA, ROBERT ROTC Social Club Art Club KOLDUS, MICHAEL Football Science Club Boys' State Delegate ROTC Lt. Col. Drill Team KORUSCHAK, RAYMOND Science Club President ROTC Rifle Team KOSTELNIK, GARY Science Club Social Club lndustrial Arts Club 372617 ., -- Q KREBES, SHARON LYNN Library Club Secretary FTA Treasurer GAA Publications Staff Girls' Rifle Team LEMP, WAYNE Baseball Reserve Basketball Track Cross-Country Dramatics Club LEPP, RAYMOND Spatin Club Football Social Club Science Club LETO, SALVATORE Football Sophomore Class Treasurer Senior Class Vice-President Safe-Teens Social Club SENIUR LIBICH DOROTHY LYNN, WALTER Freshman Basketball Social Club ALCOM. BARBARA CAA TAC Social Club Girls' Glee Club SENIORS ROTC FTA Freshman Basketball Publications Staff' Drill Team MILLER, ARLA FTA GAA Science Club Library Club MESARCH, DANIEL Social Club MILLER, EDWARD Football Basketball Track Social Club -7077" -f 'A- MINICK, DOROTHY GAA Girls' State Delegate Girls' Rifle Team Girls' Glee Club Safe-Teens NAUMOFF, WIL Football Band ROTC Social Club MOORE, PEARLY MAE LIAM NEDOFF, ALBERT Senior Class President Football Social Club ROTC URESIK. HUNAI,Il flnnf 1-rl Ii l'l I IH: l' lI.JlI Nw iul flul UVIQIIIII-IH I IIA IMI! lv,,nr1I fr'-":P" URLOWSKI. lL'DY I , A A F A Iflrl- Iflvf- Clulr 5m'1.1I I Ill 'IIAIQ 4 rl Hu 1.-I1.I.4H1r. fl ' 7 , mix 3 nf fl ful 1 T - Nuff- Im: I':X4,I' I-XIII. NI1.1I1nI,IuII Ill1Ill-Ill.lI Xllx 4.IuIv SE IOR NEWSOM, BARBARA Girls' Glee Club Band GAA Science Club ODIE, ARTHEMUS Track ROTC Social Club Rifle Team OLDGI. LORETTA ANNE CAA Social Club Girls' Clee Club OLEJNIK, ROBERT Social Club E IOR PATTERSON, DIANE GAA Girls' Glee Club PATTON, PATRICIA GAA Girls' Glee Club PETERSON, MARY GAA Homecoming Court Girls' Glee Club Social Club TAG PRUZIN. JOYCE Student Council President Junior Class Vice-President Girls' State Delegate Pioneer Copy Editor Quill and Scroll PULLIN, JULIUS ROTC Industrial Arts Club Mixed Cliorus REGANS. IVILLIAIVI Track Cross-Country Ffmlllzlll RHOADES. J UNE GAA Drumutics Club Social Club ROBERTS. MICHAEL Industrial Arts Club Social Club sk 'JJ S XT XXIQK. .IE-XNIQTTE lJI'fJIII1lI'- Clllln Nufl,1ll,ll1lA ff,X.X l7'I,'x Clrl-' lflfw Clull S.'XIfN I JI-QRS. ill'--'If'f'I1 S.,f1.1I4,In llJTI'l 5f,I'.f.INfX. MXNLX I'j:,r.1-I-rI,.15f.l1l l'l4lll1rI' f,IIHrIf,1fIfr f,X.X I,-llllv'l.l l,lulv l"'lI I rx I'I 'X 'I YIHVIITII RIIQIIAXRIJ fd IIIIIXI,l.l XXIHIXII Il lllrl IIX l lull I XX l'l1l-lI- nlwll Nl all I.. Ill I llll' 'wwf' E IOR ROBINSON, EARLINE FTA Art Cluh GAA Social Club TAG ROGERS, PATRICIA 1 Social Club TAG CAA Dramatics Club ROHNIQXNSKY. DIANE CAA Concert Band Camera Clulv Nu-ml Clul: llirl-l fllvf' Clull RONCSAK. BARBARA fl,-XA Girl? Clfrfr Club FTA Secretary TAC 'OJ E IOR SCHIRALLI, ROSALIE GAA Photogenic Queen-1958 Football-O-Rama Queen Publications Staff Junior Class Secretary SCOTT, GEORGIA CAA Girls' Rifle Team Music Council SERBIN. THOMAS Football Industrial Arts Club Social Club Safe-Teens SERLETTC. JACK ROTC lndustrial Arts Club Safe-Teens Social Club Science Club f,'4!67?iliM!W -, f',"flif5 g SHRADER, LARRY Spatin Club Track Football Freshman Basketball Social Club SKAGER, DOROTHY CAA Social Club Student Council President Girls' Clee Club SKAGER, PATRICIA CAA Cirls' Clee Club Social Club Homecoming Queen Court Library Club SPEARS, ARTHUR Basketball Baseball Cross-Country Football Track MXN. UH XXX flu-f'rlf'.,1flt-r fmlllltllll ' 1 5 mn f,lulr l rv'-lvl'-nt lff1lIltIll'r f,ls1ll lr:-u l nfl lfl'-I-Hfl'l' f Xml. fx-unr ll Il Ullx, ,lxlxllf Nr! 'lull l'l"'l'l'Ill 'ml f lull lV lfflv TNI. JTVT H. ,VXLHPRT 4,rv---Vlnllirnlrx Nun 'III' 1' i.1If,luIl l I Hll XXV lfuwlrdl tw tftunlrx liltll, U 1 V Xl' n, E IOR GAA Social Club Dramatics Club Girls' Clee Club STEUCHER, DAVID Publications Staff Science Club Clffe Club SUJROFF. JO-ANN Pioneer Editor llajorfittf' Captain Quill and Scroll Cirl! Stull: Alternate Rewfrx 12 Clwf-rleurler THIROS. ANTHONY Quill und Srrfnll Tully Times Managing Editor Sm,-iul Club Safe-Ti:enS Camry-ra Club SENIOR Photogenic Queen-1957 Cheerleader Majorette Sophomore Class Secretary TAG President UZELAC, ELLIOT Football Captain Junior Class President Basketball Track WALLACE, SHIRLEY CAA Council Girls' Glee Club Safe-Teens Booster Club WASHINGTON, ROTC Cross-Country Biology Club Rifle Team Drill Team LAWRENCE 'ff WILLIAMS, RALPH Student Council Science Club Publications Staff WILSON, MATTIE GAA Library Club WIRTES, EVELYN MARIE Cheerleader Camera Club Dramatics Club CAA Social Club WSZOLEK, DONALD Science Club Social Club Industrial Arts Club il-.,m,,,, E IOR WSZOLEK, JEROME ZAVADA, EMERIC Band Drill Team Rifle Team Camera Club Tolly Times Art Editor FPQXIUR ill..-XSS SPONSORS 1 . XVIIIHI fI.1-- -gf--11111, .uf NI1. Nam'-ul 4. llul 1lNllllllil', N113 i'l'l'1i l'.iixl11N, Nlxs. N11'g1111:1 Nluffall, Mr. Emi111on bo- lvfllil, 'lil lil-llif' XX Xlm-I1 1--. .mil N11 I..-v iillthlilllllll, SIHIIINUIAN 1111! 1lim'I111'1-rl :11'1'1 Mr. Viv Kay ami Miss A111111 L. As I, the Spirit of the Pioneer. live in the underclass- men. I mean different things than I did to the Seniors. Living in the underclassmen, I experience the thrill of a first class party and a first prom. I experience the pride of choosing my class ring which holds a great significance to all Sophomores. As I progress from a shy freshman through the under- classman years, I grow as our school people grow, both in stature and in knowledge, as I apply myself to my sub- jects. I swell with pride as the sophomore and junior girls receive their G.A.A. letters. as the boys go out for sports and make the team. Watchmg and living in the underclassmen, I mature as they feel the assurance they feel as they advance to become that exalted person known as a Senior. 1 -Q .f 'f 1 1 It 1 JUNIORS ACf:veflr1. joseph Aflamus. Nlifghael Albach, Evelyn Arthur, Phyllis liarly lak. lXf'llIlCll'1 limlaf. llif'l1u1'Ll liarbmt lfzckivl Imrlvffr. Sllirlf,-5' liarrmw lf-1111ll1:r lival. ,lf1x4'l1l1 lif:11l4f1. l,w11'a11111- li1lyuk.NliI1111 llllllk. .l:1'11I11'l1111- llf1111lf11. ,Nlfrx I1f111111L. 'II11-11x11 lllll1lllI4'. ll1'Xl'IlX , an fn 1 rf , vm I PICTURED HERE ARE THE JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS. Ronald Ross Treasurer Ken Badylak President Myra Someson Secretary Dan Wlick Vice-President ...sw tl. .n- I , ,Q 1 1 L an Brown, Curtis Brown, Robert Bulza, Diana Buse, Dean Ghestovich, Milan Conner, David Czarnecki. Walter Czubik, Alberta 1 rf? 51 ,f i if Wfy 7 4 a -' A 97 W' l f 'f l f 4, Z4 4 if 5 W X I 54 . ' - f f, f ,A ., - 4,5 V 15 X A f, wi. 5 11 , 5 411 . T121 K., I I ,- ' , - 'cw ' 'f "A ' 1 , W, -. .:. - Z 4 ,,.,,', ., ,W 5 2 7 1256 " , f 1' 'Ziggy J ,' f f 3 1 f ' f I if ,gf Z 4 f ,gay V f X - f' 4 if if 5 X ff K 7 f , if 5 X 4' if 2 Q f f fi -. 5 ,,, ,-- d ,, , -if Wig " MW- ,, f ,I V f 4 , We 7 K ff: r E Ll V2 f w'. ,1" ,.f' '12 ff 1 f' fi ,, Q A ffg-V W, f fda ,IW a , , f ,,,, A -ff, f-54, " rr ' 211 i. ai A I iz- ,. . 5 x . w V- an In , .. wx X w X gi., x is ' zlfglxx X K wwf ,A ,pw- fff X I9 , Y W "'ff pg , f 2 7 f , ,ffm X! J ff ,, L U UW: 4 ,N ,, ,, , , 0,',,,.,,, qw, fs 4, , af fa, 1ff?aYuJ'wf:'2, ff J wf!a,5?vm.!1w,'"1" ff 9, z f 0 1 , 1 ' ififf if 4 ,wr ZWVVQ1, I r fy U '+ 7,15 , X X 4 1 2 ,, ,fy 'H' ig 11 Daronatsy, Donna Davis, Mavrice Dujmovich, Tony Dulla, William Edwards. David Edwards, Evergene Engel, Grace Erler, Doris Evans. Doris Felton, David Flournoy, Elma Jean Frank, Doug Gaezkowski. Bonnie Gladys, Alfred Green. Lynette Griffin. Ronald 1' .MY 1 ,I f V, W 41 1 Ycg' W f Q "QV , ff W 4, ,E li V E 0 'U-17' Az f 1 V ,jf V, 4, Ml My aj ,L , 4 92 Howell. lame-setta Hydo. Gerry lrby. William Jankovich. Dorothy Jeleeky. Raymond Johanson. Shirley lolineon. john Joroi. Rolwrt ,low'forsky. Carol ,lo-vfor-ky. I lI'lUl'f'9 Kc-llnf-r. Hull: KVIIIVYIB. Nunvy lXl'IlllllIII. Il'll lNlIIIlll'l lx. ,lwm lxlinn-lx. l,:ul'x l'xln'm'xlf'll, 'lllwll 4' JUNIORS if-V B gf 5' , 5 . if! A rf. 6 ,vi X H, A ,.' f' ll nhhni N My wi i Guip, Hanna Guzik, Gloria Guzik, Jerome Hardin, Ernest Hardin, Ronetta Harmon. Donna Harris. Ellis Hodges. Dennis Knudson, Barbara Konopacki, Delphine Koester, Karen Krecik. Kathy Kristensen. James Lamfalusi, John Langbehn. Linda Liecltke, Susan ' 7 if-'mg ff f , ' 9, f 1,75 1 4 W I , 1 f' 5,9 all -' V1 1 . ff UNIOR L15 6 if Ag a... Q? 'R xx X -I QL ' 5, J Q W' :zg:,:,z'1:' ff. WW H WWW ,, Z , an Z ,,N,,,, y X252 6 f Londeen, Robert Lupieka, Walter Luptak, Dorothy Lynch, James McCollum, Virginia Mahles, Margaret Malenshek, Thomas Malinich, Michael Malizzo, George Marcyjanik, Charles Melton, Sandra Michaelson, Marcia Miller, Charlene Miller, George Nelson, Melvin Nugnis, Alan vga, Perko, Joseph Petkovich. Andrew Phillips. Julia Popa. Barhara Popiwla. Sandra Pow-ll. lflrrirl Recd. Toniellen Hohin-on. Emma How-. Honalfi Fala-. Louix Salinas lhrrr-sa Faxlf--. infuia 51':ll-.fn-l:iieilxu' N-lliu-ln. fliroi 51-1i:llu.l'1'lr' Nimxx. 5iu.nl1m if 1551. 1 J U IORS , A ,A- Q . -am' Vi' nf ' ' 1 f X U. Q ' ,V 46' 1, M W J JZ f 1' 4 1 Q' ?V ,, M ' 4' , 14 M Q 5 X L, Q Onder, Andrew O,Neal, Sarah Osborne, Leonard Padol, Sharon Pajor, Randy Panozzo, Vincent Patton, Marie Pawlicki, Patricia 'W-If vi S 'va Q V. N. . , ,A mf , 'U' 'X 'fzzfff 'ik 2315 'Q P Y Q 3 . -, ,V 4' lx 2 J I -N if A X Shirvinski, Carol Skager, Carolyn Skolak, Anita Sledge, Mattie Smith, Shelly Smith, Willyf Someson, Myra Spletzer. Carl A X ,J e ., We va- H , JU IUR 1' 1: .iiirvi .- df' g f 1.-3 3121- A I 1 V 44 I ws! y f , 47, ' , f , , 1 f W , , , , A M 1 1 ,A v4f,,fz4,f:.+--'f-Mug. .., W 1 H MM , f , A! W WW ZZ WW! ' M f , , ,X , I M 4 fx f ff! f! O if :aff .H Q: 'QW If 2? ,Q if '-"' 1 az., , -4 .:,,.:-. Jr- if ., 4 'W ,r N fifi gf - f' ' g:r"1.q1 f ,,gLg3f:,7lf,,3 . , ,, 5 ffilf' 4 X I , , g if? ff ,Q X 47 if fff ,dia X I f f f f X 7 , f f if f M2 , , -b w,,4efg V9 Q5- 2 ,fy my 1 ' , ,V if f A , H152 Z! Q K J If , 5 , f I X f 9 1 f A Stewart, Leroy Stolz, Joyce Story, Barbara Sum, J ack Taylor, Barbara Thompson, Martha Trzeciak, Robert Vargas, Leonard Vereb, Janice Vician, Joan Vician, Joyce Wallace, Mary Wargo, Larry Washington, .Anne White, Daniel Wick, Daniel UC Williams, Sharon Wilson, Helen Wimbley, Syncla Yover, Sharon Zak. Brenrla Zakutaniky. Joseph Zaryfgh. jean ll: un 1 I In lnnnm Ill ll lu u ulx 4 llllllllk ln mul! I lnllu' ll ll lug -Llvcfw OPHO ORE Abad, Maudiah Archinard, Pat Battle. Menzo Bendt, Jim Bikoff, David Bilicki, Diane Blakely, Madine Blankenship, I ack Bolton, Shirley Bowen, Alice Gwen Bowen, Andrew Boynak, Ann Braatz, Carol Brady, Elaine Brown, J oe Brown, Richard y " I, 9 451' MW f Z , Z 2 1 ff f 'fa i ,1 W Y' ' ff! ,O ,X af Z, , I , f ' f. . .i,, , fy 2 W5 '4 :Q .i,,., ' ' 2' f 1 704 ,,,f, ,, ,N 41 ori, - 1 tg' 1 1,23 3 1 If ff ' M, , f I X 0 f ff 1' WW " 'f-L. 7, , 4- '44 .L It ,,,, ff M! X My fffl WZ HTC! ,MM 0 - 1 A f Q1"41:j' .,2 Z V 1 .1 r fy 15151:-5.3 j:1: i,1,-ffl 1 Q Q 4 ZW 5 57 1 56 0 1 1 f 1 ig 1 21 13 ff 74 1 A. if ' f 1 11 ff A 1 ' W4 Y 4 ' 11 15 1 xx ' fx 4 fi f .2i.1z'g5f1 6'1" 1, - f 1 1 6 . 1 , 2 1 4, y Q ,401 4 125, 1 M5111 Eg, 1, f 'gg i 4 .rf 59 , 1 1 SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Pictured from left to right Mary Collins T reasurer Charlotte Yudt Secretary Fred Tandy Vice-President Lola Hardaway President f ., ' f fff g 1 h ' Z 1 1, J 7 If 1 ' '1 11 Q Q la' 9 ,rp-., , -. W1 ay, - X 4 5? i 9 W' X Q19 ff f 1 4 W N 1, N1 -:Q L fin Bucheclc, Carol Budgin, Bob Carrizales, Xavier Carter, Alvin Clark. Linda Collins, Carol Collins, Mary Corpus, Bernice . , -N., .. fx.-,"' if 5 V if .....-. V Q.. r 'Q' ,, UPI-IOMORES I7 'T' 4' is v 2 1 , V V !,,.,,,9 A. ff ,, 4 4 1 . ., X f ? ZW? f 7 'ZP- Curtis. Beverly Curtis, William Czubik, Pat Dads, Maxine Deboard. James Dennis. Paulette Dixon. Carol Dobogai. Frank llllllfusld . lilll lluffx.Ka1ll1y l'iX4lll'.,l1N' l' lI'llll'. ,Im-l lflxmx. illlilfllklllk lfush-r. lfunnie lfullvr. Slmmn liillvspiv. lfclwarcl , ' GPHO ORE Hallo, Mike Harbison, Karen Hardaway, Lola Harris, lanalene Hirchak, Torn Howell, Maxine Howell, Myrtle Hubanks, Moses Hydo, Betty Jaeger, Merry January, Ben Jennings, Ethel Johnson, Ardell Jonaitis, Bill Jonaitis, Kenneth Joros, J im :gg ,. ' as :aj V' t I fe f, 9 ,yffg ,- ' 07 e alrilal 2 t '2':3Egl:f , . '. f , wi ff-,Ag f lffyfugeyx ' 4 f 6 , , A 1 Golston, Alexander Gordon, Grace Green, Thomas Grube, Frank Grubl, Tom Gunn, Ken Guzik, Ross Hall, Tonda OPHOMORE Kadelalc, jean Kienzynski, Walter Koepke. J im Kotulock, Mary Kruk. Ruth Kvachkoff. Cynthia Lane, Charlotte Lashenik, Pat ,wi f"'s. 17" 40 'H Q' U , fy K' 'bi QCN -ff FXL f 1 'X 1 ff f 1 1 W f fi lf f , .lf 4 W , 1 f if ' f , f f ! 4 40 1 4 9 27 4 1 f, Nxm, X N w Qt N EFF et X X if XV: ' . ' V 3 8 X 14 7 3 ,A , . -.I I Q ell! gn 2 " ff 3 r 1 L? H if l ' Vx " ui 'Q'-7 4 +1 , t fs: f 5 .,,... 'Z ' 9 I -41 L ' J V xl 'V' .A I 5 If '- . ' tx ,' l f 1 2 , " AX ' V , f I w V' ,, , . . VIZ? . fl? 4: f lf' ' .?' ' .L 1' , A f -L 'f ,,, . ig, J .A ff Lehman. Carole Lernp, Beverly Lorence. Judy Lynn. Darlene Maier. Robert Mayes. Pat Millender. Constance Montgomery. Lawrence Nlllrmluwlx. ll0l1n'I'I Nmlulrki. l.uvillc Nt'llllllllLl. lrvm' Uhr.:-xwki. llalul llfluwslil. llill Ull-Nun. Nlarxin l'zn'lu1pa. Paul Paige, Bill WU! KX XL 79' 4:- Rhoacles. Susan Roberts. Carl Salinas. J oe Sassnian. Leland Sebben, Sharon Seydel. Sandra Sharpe, Bill Skager. Sharon Smith, Conchita Soloman. Frank Sotiroff, Barbara Starzynski, Lucille Stasak, Barbara Stefanovich, Andy Stewart, Eileen Swerdon, Betsy Z9 OPHOMORE if 49 , Z, y I M , 4 Nr I ,WJ Q f wp, if fflix, Q 5' H 5 rv V X F. .1 V., MQ' 1 , 54? 1 -2-f -.MV y ,.r., ,V l 17 , 1, X am M' 'fs f f , ,A , fu: 4 fl f I I f 6 94 A Palmateer, Terry Parrnley, Carol Pastoret, Georgialice Persin, Pat Petkovich, Pam Piggee, Alice Pisarski, Joyce Powell, Rose Lee mein '11 ' 4 L M J . 0:34195 ,I ' A A ,. 1 H ff ' 2 al .1 - fma I J gcgjiqj ,gf L , 6 - 11' f f- " ' H fr' 5 ZW: ""'- - 4 2 fm, 1 aw Vis ' at iff. 4' , 1 M X f VV.,rr , 47 2 ', 2, , 14 . . ,, W FI , I zu' , , " V .- I f ,f K gi fi, I " , A-ff! ' by ff A y 4 of f f f 1 f 3 ' ffl, f if '- ,A ,je ry V V . 11: -"W, .,.,,v at wt? Aw Q aa, f f 1, 1 lug I 22412 f 9' M - 7 f f if 4 A ? Mow, 4 wwf 'rev X .M rf' 'fr fi 4 77 +-H i ,jx ?-,f ,xl X L5 f I-Y., 6 4 ,W Y rr M SOPHOMGRES Talley. Kay Tandy. Fred Thompson, Ray Tiernan, Cynthia Tillery, John "fm-,..-L , Tobolski, Mickey ,L " "T, Wi ' Toby, Mary Lou T . , it I I Topps, Beverly , , f .V X A X l a I 5 fo I .gr . I an 1: I aa, in X 4 'E If ,, ' . , 1 1 ZZ Mick X, J ff , I uv: 'i V a I F I nf., iii!! ,J '4 , qi W , V I H--sv' V A R 14 -T A -X Jv- aiew ls. QANN Ax f ' Ursery, Gladys Velez. Dolores Vespo. Bill Vespo, Janice Vorkapich. Larry Voft. Judy Walker. Ann Walker. Arlene Wallin-v, john Wnrzvvlla. livrnive XX lllmlns, ,lvwsic NTLK' Willizuns. l.ucille Williams. Mary Wonsowicz. Ronnie Woldt, Walter Wood. James ,-...D 1355 lv-4.4 vi nn 9- u .QW ff, VD i, OPHO ORE Wszolek, Albert Yuclt. Charlotte Zuk. Barbara i i 1 jx Trl ' x X ' A ' 'N 1 'lx Ilxlf' x i N, , ., . x iw' if' i U 'MPN lf MV! . l kv, 1 il ' ri gif ,K If ' LL" X M i View V12 g WLL wx , i , . X, MX V U ll K lx Xi X ix' 1 Y Lf' , lx lilnw D ffl' P' l ff' 'Klfx' . L' l yi 5 A. nv' ,V N L5 5J .1 if 0 f.,., 2 i 5 5 H P? 1 I iiiiv V! ff Qff J WN f I fx x A fin? Ordering their class rings early in March, the sophomores grit the feeling of soon becoming upperclassmen. FRE HME .. ., YY ,-,,,, gr, . My f V. 2 h ., ir I - ' ' "M ' V 4 , im ' 3' , , ' zvzfgLMwwM,.,,, " ?, , QW' I ,Mweu I W W X , , I A A 7 V 'f 1 Lzffigizff WIWWW " f' . V WW? 7 i 41 I 0l9Z,,,uw-.f X lv K 2, I - 'Maw' A r 14, f 'K i Q VM,-G - , i 4 J X. Albach. Eileen Alexander. Joe Anderson. Bertha Anderson. Maxine Anderson. Ron Balcunac. jane Batchelor. john Battle. Loretta Bearrl. Maynard Benrll. llavifl Bororn. fflarvnee Boyrl. Nam-y llrown. l','Nlll4'f lll'llVNll.,l1Illll llrown. Nlurx lluklmm. Warn-n ' I' -f... 1 - ,,-gl, NX ,. X .x X ah an 1' F RESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Left to right, are: Jackie Cox Vice-President Lorraine Thomas Treasurer NOT PICTURED: Merce Irby President Phil King Secretary rv , , , , L 15" 'LH Qt f n 4 G 2 . 4.. hug N: Q. Bulza, Floyd Buzanowski, Jayne Cave, Patrick Centeno, Eva Chapman, Randy Clark, Patricia Clark, Ruthie Clifft, Michael '71, A " wa Z f W FRE HME X -QQ. .K Q KU c aj xiii 1 .-wg! - .,.,,,0f ff f V 'ff f ,f 1 ,f 4-' 4 .A ,f- WW W f V, ,- : ,ph We Q., I . U an ,P . , - A9 4 Z5 uhm, 49 , I gzaflw V, w, A 1, f , .- ,Lf W, . .Www 4 Collins, Betty Collins, Lester Cook, Donald Corralez, David Coulter, Victor Cox, Jacqueline Czarnecki, Lillian Davis, Bernice Davis, Mardell Dixon, Betty Dobrosky, Janice Dujmovich, Richa Duran, Ramon Elliott, Cheryl Equia, Gloria Fialkowski, Rober 1' I 'Ffa ,X f 1 x f Z 1 gf f f f f 1 4, , f f f X 4 Z 9 Z ,, ,, if 1 .4 , , ff in ' .. W1 Guzman, Luis Harper, Theresita Harrison, Jacqueline Hibschman, Larry Hill. James Holcomb. Joanne Huorl. Charles Hutson. Sandra lntrieri, Margaret lrliy. Nlfjffffj jafgkson. Barbara larnruk. .lolm ,lmlflfr livllx 4l1'lIlKlll".AlJlIIll"a 4 lulllnsfrln. li1'l'lliI4llIH' ,lvm:1llf'-. llfllv fi W My K FRESHMEN vpn 1. 'if ' by is if , Xl-"J A as Eu. V11 'U' ...jr ,qv 5' "fr 7 X1 :U 9' 1 35 Q , '55 if , , ,,,. ,Q I I f 4 7" ' w. 1' ' 'vu ,, an Q. . , X aiu J .X ,K Flournoy, Gloria Frierson, Ella Galindo, Casimiro Gay, Claudia Golston, Charles Golston, Maxine Grady, Woodie Gutierrez, Susan O 'Sf-v 2 . A l Jordon, Eugene Kapica, Betty Kelley, Nancy Kemeny, Elaine X -1 2 " " f 2+ '7' 4 f 32255 FREH E '- 4-1, Kinard, Patricia f , ..V,,. 1 , E . . . N Z.. K1ng,.Ph1ll1p A ,VM 'fl Kesylia, Joan if - 1 'ff V 'f. 'V Klemmski, James 3' K, I 'U . , ' "" J " f 1 L, Q I, 'A' ,gm Ny, fjrffE:f3Fn'a, f , ' u J 69 ,f A it f 'J at 1-eV A . . 4 W "4" f f l , Q-wqfyf I , E27 f ..,l:,,e. 4 ,VV, . ,.,, ,, ' "sw, ,f f f 1 I .-..,, X., 0 ff 74 ,fr V , , ,V X ,shy I , , 1- 1 t fi f A' ev ,Auf V X f f fa 3 f .Y 7' ,, , 7 f N ZH z w ' W4 1 5 Koester, Judith Koruschak, Norman Kovw, Steve Krebes, Jerome Krill, William Labash, Richard Langbehn, Roger Lewis, June Linton, Pamela Lynch, Robert Marando, James Mayes, Albert Mayes, Janice McDaniel, Charlotte McGhee, Lillian Meeks, Jack ff , .,,f I'-3 X , ,177 W, , X j f ' f 4 W 4 " I ' f 1' ff X I X Z Q ev? 1' A, 4 Nawrocki, William Naylor, Alma Nedoff, Jerome Nelson. Floyd Nirxillf-. Willie ,lean l,-. Noruine. Paul Nunn. Roy Osika. Lynn Uttoeon. Arvirl Ozuy. Fliaron Pattffrsorl. Hirzharrl Plolzzij. Carol l'ol:nI"u11l.llnrlulrl l'Xl1vl,XlJIIN J' .. . I f 4 , 1 1 lilvpfl - lllllill Meeks, Nancy Mesarch, Georgia Millender, James Mitchell, Alice Montorsi, Marilyn- Moses, Joanna Mosley, Vardaman Mroz, Ronald c-- fa 'sv wx ff . I X ,ill "3 r X Rosko, Tom Ross, Carolyn Rush, Carol Arm Sargent, Carol Satmary, Esther Sebben, Dan Sheridan, Theresa Shrader, Kathleen FRE HME V f 1 ,, L, 5 Q ,,?k,. V I A T, ,,,, V 'ff- gff if f k fffj, V, , A 1, x QV, " .,f "SQA f 2- i :v i xt f 'V V"a" H 'L' -f ' 4 " if ' ' M QIV, 7 V V :Wi ,f J ,mf ,f,ff 1. 0 54 ,uf , 1 ! x4 f Z ,,l, V ivid V , w ,af .pf V--W ,, 4, ,N---I ,dwg fx. z V H ,xxgw - f , .1 ,L V Q Q f lr? 4g .., 2.- 4, if ,L " 1 'A , , ,y W4 'laff 4 fi 7 , 3 Zi fy ' Shukitis, Lee Skolak, Mike Smith, Henry Sotiroff, Mary Spearman, Kenneth Swigon, Tom Taylor, Glendor Thomas, Carol Ann Thomas, Lorraine Thurston, Robert Tiefnan, Janie Towns, Alma Troutman, Nancy Tucker, Shirley Vasquez, Lorenzo Vereb, Richard FRESHMEN V. f , f Z X 'W ffm I I Z 2 , V . , X . a I Q -Q dx, 1,2 ff C , ff , 4V f . n 5 X , , , X 1 Q K , X ,f f, ff-. X .7 V, ' ' 5 z Vespo, Alice Villarruel, Catalina Washington, Bertina Whitaker, Raymond Wilson. Barbara Wilson. Frances Wlolfe. Sandra Wulter, Thomas 'K X- ln- lIIIIvIl1'IllIlX ll'lI4"llIIll4Illn all llI1'Il lllKl1l.lN-lulllx. SPGNSORS SUPERVISE ACTIVITIES JUNIOR Junior sponsors are: Mr. John Riedel Miss Eugenia Sacopulous, and Mr. Ed- mund Bielski. Not pictured are: Mr. C. A. Bunker, Miss Edith Wallace, Mrs. Mona Wilson, and Mr. Richard Carra- bine. 7 SOPHOMORE Sophomore sponsors are, standing: Dr. George Crane. Mr. Joseph Martin, and Mr. Shipley Farroh. Seated: Mrs. Inez Leek, Mr. Virgil Nelson, Mrs. Mary Krisko, Mrs. Virginia Corley, Mr. Joseph Vance, and Mr. Arthur Babaganian. F RESHMAN Freshman sponsors are: Miss Diane Keeley, Mr. Paul Elliott, Miss Sylvia Kaplan, and Mr. R. Tauck. Not pictured are: Mr. Edmund Devitt, and Mr. Ronald Bowden. You students make it hard for a spirit to keep up with all school activities. The rush of organizing the cluhs left me hreathless. Then you kept me after schoolhwillingly-to attend cluh meetings all through the year. Going on the GAA. hike. which left me af-hing feet and a red face. attending the Starlight Fantasy during Christmas vacation. chasing after the Student Council members. and marching all over creation to the tune of HL'P-TVVO-THREE FOUR with the R.O.T.C. hoys. all gave me satisfaction. Guarding those active publications' staff memhers would he a full-time job for any spirit, hut I enjoyed it even though they caused me many nervous moments while trying to meet deadlines and production dates. Though my voice was rather feehle. I enjoyed caroling with the choir over the sound system and will continue to look forward to each Christmas season as the years go on. I always feel pride as I travel with all musically-minded students to the respective contests which are held each year. My pride grows as Tolleston students win first awards in the district contests and go on to competition in the state contests. Going on various trips with the science cluhs and sweating' it out with the selected few who take scholarship tests hrings me into close contact with you people and increases my knowledge greatly. Each year the clubs hecome more numerous and more lfusy with their work. This is what makes me grow in stature and knowledge. lwecause I grow only as our fine organizations grow. W . 'x. xX N ggps N NNN . l . xi-I'-"fl f 11 0102. 9 s ., 6 - 'Q X gg-ff" 'ffl . i a f Q m ln X I - i if .. !,,',W, H, I ,,',, , I f , V , I , ,V , I, I - f r P 'f f yyiyy ,, ,f 'f'ZZ',f" f f'f , fi f , f ,ffaa C X PIO EER TELLS STORY OF PA JU-,XXX SYURUFF Editnr-infChivff - -' 1 Q 3? . 'fit' if d " Q ii -2 d Q-,MB A ii-- , T Members of the Layout Staff are, from left to right. ' i Lflrvtta Brudzinski. Dnnna Tfzelac, Jo-Ann Sudroff. Shairnn Krffim-. Nancy SCH-Jina. Editor: Carrie Bud gin, and jerrie P-iiwll. XXVI Nf,I'Q4.iN,X KIHNLE VHIYIN Layflut Efiilfir 4,.,I.5 I-iiliinr Wfirk I-n the Pi-meer started late last spring when the staff chu-w th-' tht-mc and cms-r idea for the 1959 book. After re- turning frffm thw Jwurnalism Institute. the editors met with 'vb Mr-. Kri-kr: tw furthe-r plan the year-lung project. 3 ie- Spirit of the Pit-near." was -Urn'-thin: nvw thi- if-ar. Thi- Qtaff spent much time uonferring with thr- pulnli hf-r' ri-prf Pntatii- ln-t' re decidinr upon the tmp:-h ihltfi ax .1 fartfmii churactvrizatiun 1-t the Fpirit. inf' meet tht' llUiliiNilP'I'iN thrw tfeatflitiva thf' -taff wnrkvd fill ntlx ffmiwin: laynut-. tul-ting pivturex. .anti nritinu v-tpw. N XNIPHX i'4tl'lEl.X KIHH VPQHKU iSu-ini--- Xiunugi-r i'i1ture- Hffitwr Vinh- it ifiilvii iii fri in i-. nl' ,i mth Xin lxii-Ln, .nltixt-i l'iuiu-4-i' typisls tm' Nanny Svvviiia. lfartiv iillkiglill. Sharon Krvbvs. :tml 'Nl:tl'ituili1- tl11Nlt'x'i4'ii. YE R THRU GH PIO EER PIRIT Members of the Copy Staff working with Editor Joyce Pruzin are Shirley McCullom, Judy Lorence, Douglas Frank, Beverly Broome, and David Steucher. They met eyenings and weekends to do all they could to make this yearbook surpass all others in content. quality. make-up. and originality. Finally, in April. the book had gone to press. But, all was not done for the staff had to begin planning next year's book. A dance was given in June at which the books were distributed. The staff anxiously awaited the reaction of the student body as they busily signed autographs. Pictured above are Gloria Hutson, Assistant Business Managerg Mari- anne Gastevich, Assistant Picture Editorg Sharon Krebes, Assistant Copy Editorg and Carrie Budgin, Assistant Layout Editor. Jam The Pioneer Spirit stops in to have some fun with the- yc'L1l'lrmmli stuff before continuing on his way through the book. EW EQ IPME 1.t..,L 1' 5 A "- 4: -A-'abs-qua-ulkw si: 'I it ir ,ff , I 1 'A+ , 1 M.. tgaglf, Y 'rg-M A ,rr :A f t w infi x It x f i X ' YIOLET BEKTESH NHIRLEH NIrf,I,vLLOhI SHARON KREBES Editnr-in-Cliif-I Managing Editor Crafty Editnr - ' ..A, ,1.A 4 ..1.a'....g,... , I' I I .. if I " 'f""'f""'iz. 'VII- - 5,,,QTM,IW ' I ' , wh, I, F, . . f 2 , A f 4' Y' -4 I HUB HI Ffh NIJXHVI IIX iI'IIII'XII'F4lN Lt XVIII FIIIQI IIHEH NIJHYI- Iftiitf-r IIti-inw-- 'Xhngrgtfr Vrntlti-tinn Edittir T AIDS t DOUQ FRANK Cnpy Editor fu IN tN,XI.D LABASH fxrt Editftr Writing Llf'4HI'I,IIHH lvl thfr rigid ruIP- nf jtiurnali-in can Iii' rittti uit ttr Ntudi-ritx writing nn the high Qchn--I I+,-Nei. Itut thft Tully Tiniv-' -taff -f-I itx gnall high and ltuck tn them. , -ttitt wnrkwfi hard In puhliih an inffirmatiie palivr that I tl ti ti tid-nt . faf'uIty. and tnmiiiunity. Thfr pri'-1-fIt,irw uf puttin: .nit th-'I patwr -tartv-I with th-1 +1 x. ' -tin: aII nw-r the Iiuihhngs. the ry rt r II- tml. XXTHII' tip. anti Itaritiwi in tht' tinixli-'-I tri Ih trt txt thvn lint--It-'.t-I ,intl txiw-ti --ti ,Ititiiiinf Xftfer huxiti: lim-n txinwl nn -twn-'il tht' xt--rink iw-rw run 1-II nit thfr tiittiit-ngriipIi tii.trI1tni'. the vntttw- rI.lII anti tniinttiig 1-.irt nt tht- pinot--X ini fr in Ii t th Itiit It I 11.11---1' um iii-hi-I In tht- tv.iiIt-i'- Itttnnti Ifvlrii. hxflmrigf- Iithtftr. tIII'fI-v tltt- IIIJIIIIILL It-t, ww-rx ttIIl"l I'rttI,ix in tht-ti' lit-tiii't...ttiiN T, ,jqm ,gt-im.-,I twin It-It tt, tight, :uv lfaiiiii- Ihtthrin, Hung Prank. Vlartlm lliunipsnn. .Indy I I Iniviivi-, Nliiitwti Kit-In-Q, 'Wttiitttitit' 1.:tSli'x't1'Il. :intl jt'rt'ie' I'0w1' ll. PROD CTIO UF TOLLY TIME MRS. MARY KRISKO Tolly Times reporters-ROW 1: Sharon Fuller, Sandra Popiela, and Joe Perko. ROW 2: Advisor Bernice Corpus, Loretta Brudzinski, and Nancy Scecina are busily writing their stories for the coming issue of the paper. With the purchase of a new mimeograph machine and electric typewriter. it was possible to make the paper neater and more attractive. Color was used very success- fully in several issues. adding variety and style to the paper. The staff's reward was one more paper to add to the "morgue" and the satisfaction of a job well-done. Circulation Manager, Judy Lorence and her assistant Beverly Broome, put up signs to advertise the Tolly Times. ..... K 1 xi, as Staff members work hard to get Toll-v Times out on time. Pictured above is last yr-ar! Publications Staff at their annual banquet -the last event of th.: stllmml year, SENIOR T UDE T COU CIL CO TINU S ,-1 fa 1: 1 f 1 K Q-r ? H1-lping 11111 11111111n1 1111113 an1I 11111 liifllllf 111 NKl'fl'l t11:1-th11r more clnlf-13 wa- 11n111 again 11111 1111111111111 111 11111 F11ni11r 51111111nt C1'1un1i1. Nlecting wwry 151111.13 during 11111 lunrh II1'Tl1'Hl, the C1'1unf'i1 di-fulaf-11 n1'w way 111 111111roi1ng and k1'1-pina 1111 11111 f 11 n 1 .1 1 1 charactfer 11 1 11 -lllllt' t 111111 '1 :1 11 11-11 T1111 l'111r1'1111'11rnin: ua- 11111 111gg1-1 11111.11 1.1 111111 c111'1n411r1-11 11v thfl f,11unCi1. They Xwfvfl-U11 111111111111 111 1111' 11111rt ti1111' 11114 11311 to Fll3l'lf' 1111- war- 11111111-111111111u L1 -1111112 X1-llin: I11ll11lN and 111-01121111151 1111- 11f-111 and I111' 11111111 111111 111111 11 1111 111 1111' 1.1-lv 111-r111r1111'11 111 111n1i1- llllr 11 11-et111- il1l.J11'. 1111 1111111111 nu- .11-11 in fhargf' 111 llll' 1111111-I 111 -111'1I 1111 H111111111111111gJ 11111-1-11. T11 11:f111Q1- 1111- -11111111 4111111111 111111111111 .1 -11 --, 11111 411t1n11l 1'111-111111-r- -1.11111-11 111 11r1-111111 1111 1111 1111- N11111111t 1111111111 11111-11111111111 f1r1--11111111 111 11111 x1Il'l'1ll 121.111, LOOK ALI. ' IIYS .M 111 1111111 1.1111 1111' tr:1111t111ne11 1111- 1111111 1.1 1'1 11111.11 1l'11IIl lllf' 1.'1 The officers of the Student Council, from left to right. are George Katunich. vice-president: Skagen president: Myra Some- son. Qecretary: and Mr. Baha- :L 5 ganian. Sponeor. 1' 1115111-.. 0 -' 1 Il1t'H1v' 11f St. Valcntinvl Day was carried out in the decorations with heartf. cupids. and flowers. The dance was held at the Anierican Legion P1111 210 on February 13. T111- elec-ti11n 11f claw officers and Student Council representa- tiw- 111:11 1'1n1- 111 the major projects of the Council in the Qpring. 41'111ng: the date. and 11roce1,1ures. and making and Counting the 1131111111 wen- 1aQk4 well-handled by the Council for the election. ,NN Ll reward for 111 hard work. the Council t111i1l-1 time off from -Vllfilll 111 Q11 11n a 1lt'lfl trip ll'I Chi11'ag11. bringing a year 1'1f work und fun to a happy 1-l11Se. T11 wt the yuletide n111111l. the Student lfnun- un1'1l l11'111r11 111-ing 1-il wa- kept llll-F 1le1T11ra1ing1 t111' halls l11'f11r11 11111 Clirietmax r1-1-1--' 5111, ""l ,f FO PROMOTE GOOD WILL Student Council members attentively listen to the president as she conducts a weekly meetin ffff' X" l Ross Guzik, Student Council treasurer, puts his B financial report on the board before Student Coun- cil members vote acceptance of it. Members of the Student Council are-FRONT ROW, left to right: Mr. Bahaganian, sponsor, Floyd Bulza, Marie Patton, and Myra Someson. SECOND ROW: Shirley lVlcCullom, Sharon Padol. and Ross Guzik. THIRD ROW: Mardell Davis, Kathy Duffy, and Tonda Hall. FOURTH ROW: Cynthia Brown, Dorothy Skager, and Toni Reed. FIFTH ROW: George Katunich, and Bill Krill. F.T. . TAKES OVER CLASS S F.T.A. officers are-Left to right: Mrs. Harriet Fulton, Sponsorg Carolyn Saying the F,T,A, pledge with Candle in hand, the Blldginv PI6SiCl6I1T1 Balfllflfa ROIICS-ali, SGCTCMTYS DOIIHH Rae UZCJHCQ new members are formally inducted into the club. Vice-Presiclentg and Nancy Scecina, Treasurer. The Carl F1-anzen Chapter of the Future Teachers of The senior members of the F.T.A. were a great help to America was sponsored this year by our new guidance coun- the teachers this year. When the weather was bad, they as- selor, Mrs. Harriet Fulton. sisted the classes until the arrival of the teachers. They also The initiation of new members took place at a formal candle- assisted for grade school teachers when they attended meetings. light ceremony late in the first semester. Many guest F.T.A. A joint bake sale, also sponsored by the Library Club, was members from neighboring schools attended this all-important given in the spring as the clulfs grand finale. event. Members of the F.T.A. from left to right are-FRONT ROW: Joyce Jackson, Mary Collins, Earline Robinson, Mary Jo Moss, Maxine Davis. Sharon Fuller, Myrtle Smith, Beverly Collins, and Shirley Bolton. SECOND ROW: Lucille Williams, Jeanette Satanek. Shelley Smith. Geraldine Seats, Lynette Green, Martha Thompson, Jacqueline Bims, Anna Walker, Arla Miller, and Sharon Krebes. THIRD ROW: Beverly Broome, Betty Hydo, Sharon Skager, Donna Rae Uzelae, Carolyn Budgin, Nancy Scecina, Barbara Roncsak, Joyce Pisarski, Connie Millender, and Carol Braatz. TOP ROW: Sandra Seydel, JoAnn Sudroff, Arlene Walker, Charlotte Yudt, Marianne Gastevich, Grace Gordon, Suzanne Rhoades, Barbara Newsom, Jessie Mae Williams, Mary Peterson, and Dorothy Dean. CRAP DRI E IS S ATI CLUBS 'Q ,W 10 1, f, I ,,.N,..f YL Spatin Cluh officere: pictured from left to right. are John Lamfaluei, Publicity Chairmang Sharon Padol, Treaeurerg Dan Wick. Tice-President: Loufinn Ticrnan. Presidentg Myra Someeon, Secretaryg and Marianne Caetctich, Social Chairman, looking finer a tranelation po-ter are Spatin Club sponsors, Mr. iott and Hr. lim-.'di:ri. The Fpatin Club is Tolleeton'a only language club. It i- wriip-i-efl of all Qtudente who have or have had Spanish or Latin. The cluh'e chief objective is to learn rnore about the cu-toni- of the two land? from which the languages originate. This objective is carried out at the many eocial functions ofthe cluh. Thi- actixities of the year hegan with the induction of new rneniliere. The initiates were attired in hrightly'-colored garrnente of 5panieh origin complete with the accessories of hula hoop-, flower-filled haekets, jewelry. and a sign proclaiming the reason for all their foolishneie. After a fun-filled day of frantically trying to get the autographe of the rzlulfe officers and memheri. the initiates received their certificates of mernhcr-hip at the Solemn cereinoiiiee held that f-wning in the Auditorium. N,,,l,, NMI.-I ulml- tllmlll in In-r hula lump :luring Spalin1,Iiiliinili.iliuii. . 4 , . UND-RAISI G PROJECT Fourth-year members are. from left to right, LouAnn Tiernan, Marianne Gastevich, and Cynthia Brown. Breaking the pinata, a custom of Spanish origin, and scrambling for the fallen candy were high points of the club's annual Christmas party. Hanna Guip, George Miller, and Dennis Hodges inade this a short. but sweet event with batting .averages of .500. lWrHvf5q My . nti: itsi 1 if ffl Gffl ' lv, mu 1 MN, Violet BCkI6Sh, LORETTA BRUDZINSKI Third-Year Member To raise money, the club held a scrap drive on February 7. Each member was responsible for bringing in 50 pounds of scrap. After bringing the scrap to school, members went to various places collecting all they could to make the scrap pile and the reward bigger. Spatin Club second-year members are-FRONT ROW: Evergene Edwards, Lynette Green, Joyce Jackson, Joyce Vician, Janice Vereb, Donna Daronatsy, Linda Langbehn, Doris Erler, Sharon Skager, Myra Sorneson, Gloria Guzik, and Jackie Bims. MIDDLE ROW: Beulah Hicks, Carol Braatz, Kay Tally, Bernice Corpus, Beverly Broome, Carolyn Skager, Shirley Johanson, Carol Dixon, Grace Gordon, Jerrie Powell, Barbara Knudson, Toni Reed, and Sharon Padol. TOP ROW: Dorothy Luptak, Diane Bulza, John Lamfalusi, A1 Knezevich, Jim Lynch, Bob Budgin, Dennis Hodges, Doug Frank, Toni Malenshek, Dan Wick, Hanna Guip, and Sharon Williams. A 1 l l l l NUAL FANTASY HIGHLIGHT ' 41? f' , 53.11 ' fn' any K M4 , A iff, ff, gil if 'M 4 , 471 , f V 4 Alb! Fir-I-year rr'1f:mlJf,r- arf- FRUN'l' RUVK: I'1,IlI,,i Inu. I'-I"HIh'1f. Kfumf limi-. Lmvl ,Ui-w Pi::e+:. MIDDLE ROW: Tom Green. 3Ia1'5' J lo H01-. Harp' f,fvHff'l-, lwrmfinrw' ,hflpg-fm. Xlrirlw HMNI1. 4'ln,1v-Mr. Iqrw. Iuvlx KW-If-r. Cheryl Elliott. Sharon fuller. hand Jllliahpllillign-l TUI' HUWY: f,vf'1vl'g- XIIHM. lmul- Xi'-1'-. LI'--lf NI1' XX1lli,1r:z-A Nlllillflf' Rhfffib. Kathy Duffy. ATIEIIE Walkfr. Dam- dra 5'-Ulf-1, XMIM? Ii'-wi. NT:mlf'H .IHIIII-HH. 444.-I,1rw Nlnibnllfr. ,rm Wuthi 'flmlfrmy-fvrx. -kb 5 in W ' Q lg , 2 f 2 , 7 Q , Z , i nN'i ww -X M . " ' ' ' 1 ' Ni""" 'TNI' """'I"' X11xxIllwInn1lluI-- llf I--ulnlI1lx111-- 1-:wil Y LETIDE S AS ,f l 5 N f ' .'-" ,Q , sf p 1. 4 Eager to make the Fantasy a success. the Spatin Club members met M6I11l'J6fS, who S0 Cliligfilllly W01'kSd OD the ClCC0I3li0f1S, at Shirley Johanson's house to make decorations for their all-important f6lf1X dllfiflg if1fCfmi5Si0U at the F3UUiSY- affair. The Starlight Fantasy. sponsored by the Spatin Club, WHS held. was turned into a winter wonderland by the beautiful one of the highlights of Tollestorfs Yuletide season. Various net snowballs and glittering stars which decorated the Walls committees worked long and hard to make it a better dance and Ceiling, than those before it. The boys' gym, where the dance Was During the intermission, the couples were served refresh- ments in the Starlight Room. Couples danced the evening away in a winter wonderland. 98 MELODRAMA A D R Dramatice Club officers arf- Cram- Englrl. Social Chairman: Donna Rav Lie-lac, Vice- Presidentg Linda Langbehn, Preiidf-nt: Viola Bflktf'-li. Secretary: and Lf-ufknn Tiwrnan, Treasurer. L fliili rm min 1- lvl' in In nf x. lm-1 rn-.. Infffrrflnt up li' llif' gill 'Ill' Ill ff D10 PLAYS f QQ, k , ,K ff j f 1 we , 444113 722, +0 'MWA MR. LEE GOODMAN Sponsor Rmer defends Daisy in a lcene from that moving mclndrama. mlhf- Fr-fret l7f-rmulaf' prnwnlvcl lry Ilia- r-lull in the Spring. N HX X L , RE DRAMA CL B PRESENTATIO , ,, . -,,..,..,,.., Pictured above are members of the stage crew of "The Other crew members of 'LThe Secret Formulaf, are: Sharon Fuller and Secret Formula," Martha Thompson and Mary Collins, Connie Millender, student directors, Carol Dixon, makeupq Jerry Cork, Costumeg and Betty Hydo. Makeup. Emoting under hot lights or learning to apply make-up skillfully were only two of the activities undertaken by the Dramatics Club this year. The club had a new sponsor, Mr. Goodman. who led the would-be Thespians to new achievements in the school theatrical field. The dramateers' first big activity was a moving melodrama, "The Secret Formula." given on March 19 and 20. After the last performance. a dance was held in the gym. props-3 and Mr. Goodman. Two radio plays-'fAround the World in Eighty Daysi' and 4'Jane Eyre" were recorded and broadcasted over Lew Wallace's radio station. In the late spring a talent show in which every Tollestonian was invited to participate was sponsored by the club. It was surprising to see the talent that abounded at Tolleston. All told, the club members had a busy year, training to be future stars of the theater. Members of the Dramatics Club are+BOTTOM ROW: Joyce Vician, Linda Langbehn, Lucille Nadolski, Martha Thompson, Sharon Fuller. Carol Dixon. and Doris Erler. MIDDLE ROW: Dennis Hodges, Mary Collins, Connie Millender, Evelyn Wirtes, Marianne Gastevich. .lo-Ann Sudroff, Donna Rae Uzelac, Grace Engle, and Donna Harmon. TOP ROW: Casmiro Galindo, Mary Lou Toby. Louann Tiernan, ,Ioan Vician, Charlotte Yudt, Diane Bilicki. Arlene Walker, Judy Lorence, Doug Frank, Betty Hydo, and Joyce Stolz. l Z xi SHUTTER SNAPPER LEARN r- Camera Club officeri arc. lelt to right. llonna l'zf'lac. Pultlicity Chairman: Emeric Zavada. Trva-urerg Nancy N-wcina. F1'f'r1'tary: Kathy Kr:-Vik. Nice- bponfor Prewirlentg and Nlarianne Ha-tml-'h. l'r"-itlfrtt. Twenty ftrong. the Katttvra ftlult. in itQ fiftffnth year at Tollw-ton. na- kept ltu-3 Nttottaorirtg tnany actititie- thix year. Early in tht- yt-ar. tltt- Fhuttvr Ftutptwr' -tart---l to make rt-afly for tht-ir lirkt flgtnw. ".Xututnn lm-asf:-.N at ultifh canflivlutf-5 for th-A l'ltotogcnit' Contest w4rv'urtriottt1wfl tldtv lllf, 1-lttt t- Taking picture- ul the tnnfli ' --. rapher- wtrkt-fl ltgirtl to takf- tlt-f ln-at tmtur-:. for winning the trophy ix tht- ltiggwet honor tt lfutnffra Llult mffmlter can win. .Xnnouncing the winning models and photogra- pher- wa- the highlight of the "Mardi Gras." the cluli? second dance. Later in the year. the members heard a lecture hy Barbara Raye. P051 Tribune columnist. Practic- ing what they learned from this lecture, the mem- her- took and dexeloped pictures of each other. Thiw brought to an end a year of work and IJlf'ZlNUTC for the Shutter Snappers. flarmfra Lltil, mt'ntl,t:r- are FRHXI' HHXM Nlhtttlvll llatt-, llelore- Y-elm. Linda Clark. ,loyce Piearski. Joan Kadclak. ant L o Hut-on. NIIlJlJl.E ROW: Pat l'1-1'-in. lionna lrtflat. Kathy Krt-tik, Xlurianne lla-texit-li. Nancy Scccina. and Barbara N113 TOP HOW' Elaine lirady. Nlerrif- Jaeger. in-itttit' lkalintlo. litnt-rift Xanadu. lirentla Zak. and Irene Xemtuda. sa,-' .5 V. x QA ff '4 'I , W . 4 . V 1' '-g...,4Y, 'V VA MISS OLIVE LESKOW THRU GH EXPERIE CES Of'-'ff-an ANITA SKOLAK Miss Photogenic JACK BLANKENSHIP Hr. Pliotogvfnic' Finalists in the Photogenic Contest anxiously await. the announce- ment and crowming of the photogenic couple. The King and Queen happily admire the trophies of the winning photographers after the climax of the Shutter Snappers' dance. Dangling streamers and walter:-rl confetti set the mood fc dancing at the Mardi Gras. Xfil SIX DIVISIONS COMPRI E CIE CE CL B The Science Cluh, sponsored by Mr. .lohn Riedel and Mr. Edward Moore, is for those people who not only are in- tereeted in Science. hut who are interested in designing and making -omething of a Scientific nature with their re- sourr-1-s. Heading the six divisione in the cluli are: Ralph Wil- liam-. Chairman of the astronomy divisiong Sandra Melton, lllfllflgyl Alvin Carter, chemihtryg Tom Malenshek. geologyg Daw- Stufrcher. pliysicsg and Leonard Vargas, radio. Each mf-oilier of the different divi-ionfl ii responsible for mak- ing: a wrtain projf-r-t pertaining to the division in which he i- working. lf you haw walk:-fl pa-t Portable 3 you have heard some Qlrangv- garlilw- aliout "diod1'e. trioflo-. reeistance. ohms watts, coniluf.-tor-." lt ua-n't a foreign language class. merely the radio 4-lull learning Ihr- fuiivlaiiiorital- of radio on their way' to Io-tgomin: lit-en-1-d "limit" operators. lf you had been down at lfiftli and llroadyyay eoiiit- time ago. you would haw- found thi- im-inlwrt of tht: geology club taking radia- tion reading- with their gvigvr f-ountwr-. Fur-li yariod IlI'ltjl't'l' are varrivd on in all divisions as ittlvre-l it1 x1'itgr1n'i- inigrir-uw-N at Toll!-glrin, Officer and Hponeore of the Svivnfgf' f.lul+ arf'-l"HUNT ROW: ,lim Lynch. Secretary: and Ueorgre Niillf-r. Treaeuri-r. STQXNIJINH: Nlr. ohn Riedel. fQofSpon-or: Ray Korner-hak. Pre-id'-nt: John Lama faluel. 'Nifge-Pre-iflentz and Nlr. Edwin Nloori-. Lo-Fponlor. l. t x I. V . ,,. .- Nlveriilwr- of llif- xll"lll4' f.luli airs' 'li Xl ill ltirl y lii lloii ti.: 4 Nlillfr an llilyal.. Hay ,lim lxioh. loliri l ivvtldlti-i. .mil Ni-thi-ir. Fl XXII- lxff. lfrllt Nlgilvti-ll"l.. ,lolili l'v'Itltl.ll1Je, Karl Xl'tI'll'II. 'xluirt frirtfi. Xxriltvr lxlviiiiti- lii. lyorhirtl Xdrga-. Holi--il l.yiiflt. tin-l Noritidtt Kftlll-Yllftl.. HU. ,.h,.,,,i.lH. g,.,,t,,:L ami ,,.,,,,,,,,,,,y .liyi-tow ull' liuey working on llltilltlly ilixplayiitg tltt- .iiimlt-iii' rtiilio wt, which you altown tlif-ir re-peftiyo iiroiiwlf tit our of ilu' lllI"'flIfN init-vttiigge. iii thi- ntmloys ot ont- nl lllr' dountouii luutk-. Llfl' llll' mt-iitloiix nl' tht- l.ltliu tliyieiou ulio iimtlc' the wt. 1 I VDO Q 9 'F . ul ' 'I TllLl-E!'iTllN IXMATEIIH RAIIIII 4.4. ' IILIIH MUSIC COUNCIL PLANS tt was YEARS ACTI ITIE ,f ff, W.. .- uThe Big Boppers Bop" found many enjoying themselves during the dance presented by the club. Officers of the Music Council are Donna Rae Uzelac, Presidentg Lawrence Montgomery, Vice-Presidentg Miss Charlotte Domroese, Spon- sorg Darlene Lynn, Secretary, and Barbara Stasak, Treasurer. Sweet harmony provided by the Girls' Clee Club added color to rnany school events throughout the year. Along with the Christ- mas season came the annual caroling in the halls by the Mixed Chorus classes. Every note resounded throughout the building with an atmospheric mood of joyous, reverent holiday. Then came the preparation for their spring activities. Among :hese were the Music Festival, in which all schools were repre- sented in a musical program, and the Vocal and Piano Contests, 1 city-wide competition in which students competed for awards. Participation in the Band Concert is another annual project which is looked forward to-not only by the girls themselves- but by the spectators, who are often heard to remark what a splendid job the Glee Club has done. Bringing their song-filled year to a close, the Clee Club adds the perfect touch to Tolleston's Commencement exercises as they fill the auditorium with their harmonious voices. A newly-formed organization this year was the Music Council, composed of the members of the classes of the Mixed Chorus and the Cvirls' Clee Club. Several dances and programs were presented by this organization. 0 tepresentatives of the music classes, Barbara Stasak, Ceorgia Scott, Lawrence Montgomery, Darlene Lynn, Donna tae Uzelac, Linda Borausky, Sharon Yover, pose with Miss Charlotte Domroese, sponsor. GLEE CL B ADD FINISHI G tgg . X4 V V . ml , fir, 3 . Nlernlufbr- nf the 8:20 blew Clul. arf: -FRONT ROW. left tft right: Ruth Kruk. Durothy Liliich. Elma jean Flournoy, Linda Clark, Nlffrrif- .laf'gf:r. 5liarfin 5l-Lagvr. liw'-f'rly l.f'inp. Myra gftni---fin. Pat ln-liftnik. l,vf,lI'l3 Tillery, and Charlene Miller. MIDDLE ROW: Johnnie lfear-uri. .lafl-zif' lliiri-. lllvllflfl llrtltrftwftl-lay. Klaflinf- lllalvly. and l.infla Wright. THIRD ROW: Ed Hubanks. Cynthia Kuanhl-zfiff. Phylli- liaumgart. llarl-in-' Lynn. Vat Url-tw-ki. Vat Draw. Utnvliita Smith. Joyce Pisarski, Sue Liedtke, Frankie Byrd. Khffryl l'lft1irriffy.,lffari l'idYl4'l2il-C. Nl'-rrif' Nlfl,lIfIl'rfl. anfl Laurfnff' Nluritgtlriiwry. TOP HOW: Julius Pullina. Donald Moore, Diane liilifl-Qi. 'xrlf-nf: Wallzffr. Kathy llully. Kathi Km il-:. Ex'-lin bt--wart. hlafly- l'r-ery. llarhara Story, Gloria Gillespie. Annette Wash- lnfifffn. lfrnt'-I Nlunrr-. anfl Xin-rw lllllnunll-. ,Nlf-mln-r 'tl ill. 'r gli f,I.'. Lltilt .tri l'll4INl' NNW: llitu Hwrlwiy. .Imli 'Nl'-tt-ull, Slmiun Unug, Nlary lirmm, llelfy Swerdon, rllzilffii 'lvutl l',nl llll Iii ' lrufli.t ll.lII 'll' lllltl.t l'tIIltl.lI1, NIIIDIII li lilllyi llt'lilie'Il.l Nluxlvt, llt'l'I1ln't' llatis. lldllillt llit-ks, Cllful lwtiltf IC til, ti.. Nltlf Allin lm 1 Itil, ll. in mllftflfi--, lil:--r Xlilt lull. Imluit-X 4' l'1tin l'vtkm-ivli, Eloiw Cunninglmm. and l.lv1vv,m lhf llriitt llll' lfflll XI uint' lit-l In-in, Yrlintt 4 lmlnlnlv-, llQllll.lI.l lit:-nl. 1-wvlgllal Null, IYPHC Nl'l!lll1ll3, lifilfl' Cnfdnlt, Bill'- liirii Iii .il lltilmii It-,in tl, 4 uiillim lttiimli, l,11l:'IIit Nl.llIl'-, 1lII1l5illl4lliI N'YIlt'l. TOUCHE TO MANY ACTI ITIE Members of the 12:20 Glee Club are-FRONT ROW: Kathy Grunow. Eva Centeno, Rosalee Powell. Joyce Jackson, Pat Czubik, Karen Albach. Haydee Pagan. Margaret lntrieri. Theresa Salinas. and Pat Archinard. MIDDLE ROW: Carolyn Ross, Marilyn Montorsi. Arlene Mitchell. Anna Walker. Donna Lzelac. Judy Orlowski. Jeanette Satanek. Georgia Mesarch, Pearlene Jones. Ear- lene Reynolds. and Carol Ploszaj. TOP ROW: Brenda Austin. Charlotte Yudt. Pat Pawlicki. Brenda Zak. Linda Borausky. Marianne Cvastevich. Elaine Brady. Ann Boynak. .lune Lewis. and Ella Frierson. l -i Members of the 2:20 Clee Club are-FRONT ROW: .luanita Boroni. Loretta Oldgi. Hattie Malott, Evelyn Albacli Betty Hydo Emma Robinson. and Maudiah Abad. MIDDLE ROW: Patricia Patton, Geraldine- Kevg, Stella Barney, Gel-rig Czazaqly Kai' Talley, Carol Bucheck. Dorothy Skager, Shirley Wallace, Pat Skager. Sarah O'Neal. Terry Harper. Annie Boroni and .lean Kiinbeil. T055 ROW: Lou Ella Grady, Carolyn Mitchell. Connie Millender, Joyce Coulter. Diane Paterson, Sharon Yon-gr Thereaa Bovnak lfzv 1. Wirtes, Mildred Gross. Linda Cretzinger. and Charmaine Dominick. Q O ' ' ein llllml f 1, f' Q, 2 1 , 2, f LIBRARY CL B PO OB .5 qv if 4. ,V 522 5 V, M g' H341 L,l.u1'dD!A9' f fy .,,.......,..,M,-.-....f.f---W a, 1f,-1w"Wwwfaw'ew4mi' A fs , ifL'Q?2!'ii i Library Lluli riivnilwr- lf-ll to riglil uri- BOTTUNI HOW: Sliarnn Krf-lie-. .Xllif-rla Czuhik, Donna Harmon, Earline Robinson, Nvlary Cfillinl. anrl fmrry llyrlri. fNlllJlJl-E POW: f.:irHl ll f 1, L.. .- ll f -'. .' 3 i raat r lla rurlnn ki Nnnflra J,-vdffl, Donna Uzelac, Bertha Sneed hola Uitrfiri. anfl Berniw- flfvflvllr. TUV HOW: 'lliwr-'-gi B--inala. Xdllff' N1"'l'lllLl. Xlatrifl Wilwnn. Barbara Hopkins. Marianne Castel wich. anrl Exclyn Wirlf-. Tf.lIf--:Uri l,iI,i4,i. rliili i- il..,-'Will primririlx r., gm- liiblii 'lihf fluli, unfli-r lllfl -pfinforsliip of Mig? Sylvia Kaplan. rf, Ihr- lilirir' llii i ii Ili in nil i l Ilif- iliil. I..-llnil lm ,il-fi wriiliiriul riwiiurfte- with the FTA. tn Sponsor a halo? flfinarin: !,.fi llfrlll i im-lwr lf, livlll lil' Ill'-"lll'vl'-. Nil", ii, 1, l l llif ill in Illini-, lluli liilp Nl:--W hillllilll lxi-vp 5"'lIl" ffl Ills- l,IlPIJllN lllllll llll'lIllI!'l'N Nc-lvvl Iii-.ilv ful' Ilicil' v l p, I i l ilu. H I4 ullii 1IllXIl4l i i li' 1 l i 'A -1l'll 1-it. NNUAL TE CHER 9 TEA MISS SYLVIA KAPLAN Sponsor Library Club officers, left to right, are Sharon Krehes, Secretaryg Marianne Castevich Presidentg Nancy Scecina, Vice-Presidentg and Donna Uzelac, Treasurer. , 476 Marianne Gastevich and Donna Uzelac help Miss Kaplan arrange cards in the card catalogue in the library. Marianne Caslevich adds a touch of humor to the discussion at one of the Library Club meet- ings. RTISTS SUCCESSFULLY REORGANIZE O 9 Art Club officer-. discussing thi' decvirations fin tlii' bulletin Utlier :iii-iiilif-is 'if the Art Club ltiok fin while Emeric Zavada ward are. left tu right. Judy Yoyt. Yiee-President: Mary Iiairil-amural ziswiivfiflli-pr1vjf:f'I-. Voss. Secretary: lfarline Rubin-rin. Treasurer: Xliss fllargrarct Culkosky. Fpfinsfir: and .lim Trojan. Presiflrfni. Paint liru-lies. paint, Iii-neil-, paper, and very ambitious members. all ri-late tif Tull:--tum! nvuly rf-iirganized Art Club. Under the guidance of NIi-- Lulkiiw-ky. tlii' mf-mIi.-r- -f-t out In make this a busy, profitable year. PX Q 1 Tliiiir fir-I yirtti.-tt was making jewelry and other ornaments. After making fif and sf-llin: lliristiiia- wirsagf--. Nliss Culkowsky held a Christmas party in S lif-r li'-me f--r .ill llii- industrious member-. Q Miiiipetitiii- spirits till.-tl the air as the artists proudly entered their best irtiwrk in in-ril-iril Fasliiwn Cuntest. Members also visited the Art Institute. .mil thi- Xlillwr llutig-hins Adxertising Company. The Art Club members Q nfl'-fl th'-ir prii-iwr-iu- and happy year with a summer picnic. which will B li'-I ww- gin annual went in fulurf- years. Nlfiiilwi- iii IIi-- Xi! 4 lub ,iii l'IlHN I' llllll lurilli- XX'illi:iuis, liuliu-w Umlt-r, Ili-I-ii--s Yu-lvl. SECOND ROXVZ limit' lit-Il Xkillii. Nliiy Nlw- , lhiiliiif- li-iliin-1-ii, I'4il Ihilriiisky. :intl Nlaiiiiliaili xlluitl. 'l'lllRlJ ROW: Corals iliiii -i il Xliii I'i "" ii, Inu: Kali , lfim-ii-' f.:ii.i1l.i, lliiiiii- llllllil. :intl .Iuily Vinyl. lllll KUXV3 Otis live-dus- Ifiiii wliimlli, lim li1ii.iii, ll.iili.ui.i, .intl Iwlii-it lXHlxIIIilll. LE DER HIP TAUGHT I R.O.T .C A may SEC JOSEPH STEVENS Pictured above are the Battalion Staff: John Pawlicki, Bn. Spl. Sgt.g R.O.T.C. Instructor Willie Upshaw, Bn. Sl Adjutantg Mike Koldus, Bn. Comm.g and Ezekial Barber, Second Platoon Leader of Co. "BT The entire Tolleston Battalion is divided into two com- panies which are further divided into 5 smaller groups called Hplatoonsf, It is here that the officers are trained to work closely with the men directly under them. The cadets become acquainted with such army training and instruction as taking care of a rifle. learning to drill, and practicing to pass in- spection. Tolleston's Rifle Team participated in 6 rifle matches in which they won honors. The Tolleston Battalion also entered its Drill Team in the May competitions sponsored by the Sixth Army District. The cadets were trained in leadership by Sixth Army ad- visors. This year's new R.O.T.C. instructor was SEC Joseph R. Stevens. The complete battalion was directed by the Battalion Staff consisting of the Battalion Commander, Executive Officer, Ad- jutant, and Supply Officer. Tollestonls R.O.T.C. officers pictured from left to right are-BOTTOM ROW: Robert Hern, Emeric Zavada, Roy Mattox Michael Koldus, Willie Upshaw, Leonard Osborne, and John Pawlicki. TOP ROW: Peter Kotulock, Bill Waddell, Don Labash Otis Reedus, Ernest Hardin, Ezekial Barber, and Willie Smith. HO OR RY C DET COLO EL PARTICI- 4 M 5 ,,.y. CAROLE SEE-BEN Honorary Cadet Colonel Candidates for Honorary Caflf-t Colonel wi-rw: Dorothy Xlinirfk. Violet Bek- teih. Carole Ffflihen. anrl Shirley Nlrfftilloni. Being f-lm-.ln Honorary fjolorifl i- an lionor. for Iliit :irl Thia year a junior, Carole Sehhen. was chosen to he Honor- who i- who-en ha- In ln- an "all-around" girl. llirl- from thi- ary Colonel, She participated in the various function- spon- Senior and Junior Cla--1+ uri- rioiiiirizilwl lip ilu- luviilly on Ili-' Nor.-fl by the corpg, hafi- of xcholar-liip. -laura:-If-r. popiilurili. unfl v-illin:nv-- to lit-ing: honored at the Military Ball. Carole. along with the parlifipah- in R.U,'l'.f., aulixillv'-, 'lili+'1.1vlf'I- llifn wtf- for one Honorary flaclet Colonel? from the other ichooli. lr-d the of the final Vdlllllhllilffn. flrand Nlarch at the biggest sofial affair of the Corps. l,f-ng' lion: . nl liiiiniiig' iuipioxi- llii- IlIllIlxNIllilll'wllllP ol' Iliv Hiilf lliflv ll-l'llIll. Wai P TE I ANY R.O.T.C. CTI ITIE QM: J , X i--N - V1 Every officer is required to disassemble various weapons. Leiflffling 10 Clean The M1 i5 3' big Part Of the new Cadets training. Each Friday the cadets must pass a rigid inspection by his squad and platoon leaders. Officers instruct cadets in the art of map reading. RIFLE TE M BANKS HIGH Cadets in the 1:20 hour are pictured alum-. lf-lt tl- rigilrtf-FRONT ROW: Xliclwvl fllifft, Jim Jenkins, Richard Patterson, Bill Curtis, Wouflie Crady, Robert McDaniel. and lm- Laurel, XIIDIPLE HOW: Lf-unarfl Wanat. Frerl Schramm, John Pawlicki, Mike Kolrlue. Ezekial Barber. Peter Kntulrlr-k, Paul Criflin. anrl Jw- .Xl--x.1n1lf'r. Tut, ROW: Hill Krill. Leroy Stewart. Larry Hibchman, Winrlal Taylor. Hubert Hayek. ,lwlm Ramirvf. Felix Sftlfl, Leroy T11-ylfgantl ,Xmlrefw lluwrfn. i rift ml4'IlIlll'l- -.I ilu! liillr Iuutlvl .uv lHll"l'UNI IHIW: Ilulu-rl lla-un, Hui, lla-I-elm. llun I.uIm-lu. l'm-In-r Kutulwwk, Iinlvric Znxmla. Lcnnaml frfluuf.-, IMI, Xlultlwl.. ,mtl lf-lm I'.mlifLi, 'I'lll' IIUW: llivlnuul l.lIllil'fll. llivlmnl Simpwn, Frzmk Solomon. l.orny Slcxmrt. Iiftltfm Xlttlvl lllll X1 I,-1 .llnl H..n.lI.l Xllnl. 1 1 e 4 , ' 0 f I ' CI, o 'R " + , .9 f ' 4 5 ' 1 ' a ' 1 i -nm :.'?'H,.l gg hw' 'K ,, ,, I K Wi 3 f A ' ' 1 5 fd f - ,. 1 .4 is 4 ? , - I M g ' A A ' "' ' 95' ' , f x i Y 'V I ' I 4 Q I, B Jails , Ak 'ing n JV I X Aff' V X 0' A ' if, 4-R xx? ' mg '95 4, S' , ala y ' My V 'Q' f ' ' A f' Q Z 5' f In rw- , 22, , + ,ul ' x WW, fi? 1. Z fa ii ,,, 5 V , . .M f ,f I A, ,, J, I if 7 G . W in , of f'WZCT 'V' 1 1 0,' PRI G CO CERT I NIR. ALBERT CARTER and NIR. EDMKND BIELHKI. direct-Ir-. Seated above, from left to right. are the hand officers lo-Ann Suflroff. Safc- retaryg Shirley Johanson. Preeidentg Al Km-zevich. Businf--s Manager. Not pictured ie LouAnn Tiernan. Trealurer. The rolling of drume. the rilaehing nf rvmhale. and the blaring of trumpete could he heard ae the hand marfhi-fl onto the football field, So br-gan the wa-on for thi- Toll'-eton High Srihool Conriert Hand. xlljfli laid ahead for Ihr- lianfl HI"HIl'E'T4 as their were many aftivitiex planned. "PI'3CtlCf: malifi pI'1'f4'1'IN eIA"rI'I4'fl III lw Ilit' !Il'Ill'I 'fl the hand, for they epent many hniir- in the lian-l ri-oiii iiraftifinu. All were well-rewarded when th'-v voriiiwtfrfl in the Nate Nlu-it Conteet at Hutlf-r lnivf-r-itv. and in tht- Solo and EFI-"I!1lIl" Contelt at Pftrtage. Every 'lrolit-vtori -turlwnt vvli-I Iterlorriiv-Il vvttn -Inf or more 4, ,j 1, I--it NI In, . if medal-. Hui of a grand I tal f I l Il I n li l tul nt Eritrtf--. fi, vwrv' l'l'Il'l4ll""l with ltr-I-plate gt-lil Hlffldl-. and ol' eecorid-plane -ilver medals fur ftut-taritlirig iiiu-iful pfrforrn- HUC?-. xXo, , I Thr- fpring brought many activities for the hand members as thev participated in the All-City llueic Festival and the an- nual Spring Concert. ,-Xt the Concert. the members showed their ver-atility hv playing a variety of melodies ranging from rnagnifirf-nt overtures and lively marches to sprightly novelty' Iunrex Thi- Memorial Day Parade. a colorful and exciting event. saw nur hand Qtepping lightly while playing snappy marches. Ill'--ing the ef-aeon. the hand played for the Commencement Ext-rf-ieee. While graduates Qolemnlv marched out of the audi- ti-riurn. the hand played ite laet Song of the year. 'illarch of thi- lirawf' A wonderful year for the fine group of musicians who made up the Tolleeton High School Band came to an end. N11-Hilti-I 'Il Ili' Iiiiiiifl 'Ili-In .tif lltll HIM IIHWQ Niimliai lltllwull, l,IniI:I lliilwn, Sliirlvv Jtvlmnson, and Mt Wtiitlivii tllltlll lx IHIW Nliiioit St-lvlii-ii, limb Iliknll, William Wmliiiigtaiii, 'lliiiiilfllvii Rr-ml. :Intl Victor fftltltff ill" 'il' lint iii f.iv.itl.I, loiwttzi lluttlv-, Knit-II lXllIilt'll,1lIlll I'lYI'lYl1 Allinvli. 'S M JOR PERFORMANCE Drum Majorette LOUANN TIERNAN w 1 The Majorettes, from left to right, are .lo-Ann Sudroff, Captaing Shirley Johanson, and - Virginia McCullom. 3 Bass and Alto Clarinetists are Alex Bondor, David Bikoff, Diane Romansky, and Mary Wallace. Members of the Flute section are Mary Wfilliams, Donna Harmon. Standing are LouAnn Tieman, .lo-Ann Sudroff, and Theresa Sheridan. Mixer! iim'-L D ME BER COMPETE I S3XUfll'lUI'lf1 9'-r-tif-n m1'rniif-r- arl- ffhariw H--mi. Jim Jorm, Paul Pafilapa, Virginia NICCuilom. and Aiiiffrta Czuliik. km limi flIl'IlIill'If mv- iinnul1i Urr'-iii. Wiliirmi -ir' win, .lljfII1'- IKFI'-il'Il-VII. Jimi i',m mr!! Hunt. I 4 1 Trombone- Section members are R 0 n al d OreSik. Fred Tandy. lame-Q Kristemen. and Wiliialn Irwin. REGIGNA AN STATE CO TESTS Trumpet Section members are Norbert Green. Leonard Wiley, Barbara Zuk. Eugene Jordan, Steve Koves. .lack Blankenship, Ross Guzik. and Larry Vorka plCl1. Percussion Section members, standing from left to right, are Donna Harmon, Ernest Berry, Al Knezevich, Allen Haymon, Sharon Williams, and kneeling in front, William Wiley. lf,.5 5 . a , t V 5 Color Guard members are Ron Anderson. Ri C h a r d Vereb, Casimir Galindo, Tom Rosko. and John Batchelor. l M" Wle can look bark on this if-aris athletif' teams and proudly say that they represented our anhool, Possibly because I. as a spirit, don't weigh much, our football team didnit do t f',i o well by the record book. but we tried. I wish our team Captain hadnit worked us so much. My bones still affhe from all those calesthenies. Now our basketball team-that was a different story. Of Course. I play better basketball than football. for I am a spirit and from Indiana. I grave those opponents a hard time. too. Our team did a bang-up job. and no one Could be prouder of them than I was. Our baseball team worked well together and fought in eafgh game as though their lives depended on success. I sure wilh those other pitchers r-ould throw a strike. If I hadnit been a spirit. they would haw made me one with all their wild pitches. Playing tennis with our newly-formed tennis team was fun 'vause I would glide across the Court xery easily. With the city fhamp and runner-up on our team. we gate our opposition a hard time. All in all. Tolleston distinguished itiell ae a lair-playing at-lit if,i I and one that was hard to beat no matter w hat eport w ff play ed. Z Q f X , 8 Q21 '51 FI E RECEIVE RECOG ITIO .,. V.. .., , ,.A . ,., 6Ziiz1.A...........f. ,gLV..v, Uiuweuqhg. ,kg vw. . 1 - f -v . -.i..:VfV :" " -gl' 'I a 1 V , ..........,......,.--VV--...-, -fa ,.-- -"-"....,..7.:'.:4L,,: , 5 vs Q ,,,i,f," :'4','gt'x 'Hhs ,".. ff-A-agvsm-4' 5 X . . . 1 M .W.-,- ...- , A-1 ..,. ' " W' K! V ,' 11' "'Q.,' ,-,A" ", if " ' N I -PV-7 gli' 1',, P" V' ' VV V "' :iii-""' A-'1-Ti . W , I ,,9,3-3-I .....- V, ..,kJ?Vj,,6.,fV,V , I, 7 u 4 '- ,, 'WPAK 'f, if 'f "W W! N. V Q! L4,VMWwH7 fv ' Zwwwyfigwg walk? ,HA Q .Il af, V .f ,, 'Q QV ,f V Mmm' ,, LZVV V' 'f , fVVf2f"!9 fy , 42,1 Q ' v':'5 , V ' an 1 V If L VVV ,mg ,, ' I V ,A-g fm 11,14 'E Q 'x VW, V7 'TL fn if f fu ' f'..-171 V,,V, "'f-HV -QP, 1 W' . 1, ' ff QA V ., a g 4 I f M V . f 1 V :V fff ni' v V VV, 1 A 1 pf, , wg, f H ,W ' fQf'Q ,gV4 ,V 1, V'f4f2dw'fh Z., ,V,f2f,5LZ7 ,QW Ziff, HQ, V 5 " A 'fQ,4vga5,V4, -'Ky Mg, 24,,,,,,m f 'fl' 72, 51 F gay ' ,,.?,fmZfff.+gfLf3G'w,,y ,W f-W-ifyg, , 114,51 am' Ugg' , Pgg w ,,"' rf" V1 W 'fffm "M-,3 7f'vz4gg,1f,-V-541191, 'dj -V .- Zu ,wi , V. V 1 1V I 1 gf ,A , Vw, 'h,,,,,,,,c mg, 4' V ZWWWVK V , V41-4 Z4-V-A E'4fWfMa4 45" , V I f V ZLLIOT VZELXC and EZEKIAL BARBER XXYIFH fQ,XRIZXl.H4 CfrRNEI.Il's COHEN VLYIJE COOK 9?-XXI LETU Quarlfrrhack f,uurfl fiuurrl End fmfaptain- JOE COO Emi iii". .. '..2! " K ,.-.,:--.4- fg. V-,c num rv in LQ 1-4.5 --Q-.-.-Q.. 1... YC1iu Il7i li-.1-11. - -- .1 , 4 ,n n-f., n--- 'it'--IL VV VV1.,:,-W. . A, Cn! I' ,raw 1 Q .. U 1' ' VJ K f . -hs ,xfx I 4 1 ' H if ' -F .- W ,Lf'.t vm' , , J 4, 9 U. 0" l f ,Al Styli " v . ,,7,V f , '- fs, f, 1 p ff . .1 4 'nf 3 g rfb, A , . f 'L m ff 'f 4. 4 fm 'yy if . WHS Ill PIN Iwklf, lIuI'1fk1umk-111:11:Hughlmklmgmmf-n1Il1manning1-rl--sing .lgL.lIl1l WM, ,..h . A, - ...-.. --- .. .,.-Y - Vbr- --ww . , , - .,, Q u..wa-.pwf- HL- - Q. w v -W f suv p - -...,,,,.,,. .. ...:.'-jf" :QL ,, ,.. , . - -. . .ww - 1 11..- ts:-fr:-1W '17 ,T -VV . fs - .. - n -www, 4. V ,,,,V..a " ygnx, 'H - 1 vlv., '+- - nv 1 sv 0 nun.. 0 M , ,f Q 'W I - ,. . fV VV VV 1 --313, 4 ,......-.V V gg 4 L... - .4."".:L M ,V "wif G deff WH: V wif Vip 4 - , , V V7 ,, , V ' V" V ' ff I Wg, s 1 V . V I 3 ff ' ' ' f ' - Www Q ,2b,, LM V7 A A ,V I V , , ff 6 , ,mf V W ' 'j'3ff'lf TA.. Q -. G V V fi -rv ,g'e,,,,2',,V. .,' V 4 my ,, , I .1 I ,, HM ,ll 4,..,VV , ,,,,wVVV,A, 5 af fl, 3, , fviiw ,q ,, K, fl " f'W'Vg T My wV,f,?' zMff:'4 V . wV1"q- A- My ,V 2 , N,rV.mV, ,-P' f QVJMW M ,fy 3. X . W" fZa:i.NVsfk1oAv3:m lip, lvl INIHXHI1 4,41 ,lvl l22 4VXIIf Illlil IUIIN I1 I n- I IV H.llllw.l1L Hulflwzlrlx ISIVLIP nllxxux IIHIL ,IHHUS RU I liI'l' FOR OUTSTA DI G PLAYING 95 Z I z B 1 SAM LETO ED MILLER BILL NAUMOFF AL NEDOFF ED NOWAKOWSKI Quarterback Fullback History was made this year at Tolleston when the Raiders beat Wirt 42-0. This was the highest score ever tallied'by a Tolleston team, but four weeks later a less fortunate bit of history was made when Hammond beat Tolleston by a score of 56-0. The Blue Raiders had a little less than average season, winning 2 games, losing 6, and tying 1. For their outstanding sportsmanship, Bob Duffy, Elliot Uzelac, Gary Fort, and Bob Center Quarterback Trezciak received honorable mention on the all-city team. Bill Naumoff was also recog- nized for his playing. Bill received honorable mention on the all-state team. Fifteen of the 22 lettermen were gradu- ated, leaving many weak spots to be filled by the reserve and freshman teams. All three Tolleston teams had successful seasons under the able guidance of Coaches Kay, Elkins, and Keseley. SCORES , WE THEY 0 Football-o-rama ..... ,,,,,.,,., , .. 0 42 Wirt - ..,.....,.,........ ,,,....,, 0 6 Roosevelt ....... ....,..,. 1 12 O Emerson ..........,.. ..,....,. 1 3 0 Horace Mann .,..... .......,. 1 3 0 Hammond High ..... ........, 5 6 7 Valparaiso .,,.,,,,,,,.. ..... 7 6 Lew Wallace , ,,..,,,,, 25 12 Froebel ,.,.,., ..... 6 0 Hobart ....i ,,,... 3 3 Defensive Linebacker xfnwuxgfu-5. ....,,.,.,,4, , W, f whiff' 1.f,,..Q, ,, ' ., ' Y . 4 , 4 1 W 1, f 1 4 ,. f if 'f f ix l vfff I , y.,,., , ,nfwm hz: ' "' Wav, "i:je.Tg,'i ' Ll ' "" ? 5, RON ORESIK Tackle TOM SERBIN Guard ART SPEARS BOB TRZECIAK ART TUCKER BILL UPSHAW ELLIOTT UZELAC Halfback End Halfback Tackle Taclde I23 COURAAQRE, THE GTH, D PORT - Members of the 1958 Varsity Football Team, pictured from left to right, are-FRONT ROW: Ron Oresik, Ed Nowa- kowski, Rich Banas, Racine Pollard, Bob Joros, Xavier Carrizales, Davis Swope, Tom Crubl, Tony Dujmovich, and Cornelius Cohen. MIDDLE ROW: Dean Buse, Tom Serbin. Zeke Barber, Sam Leto, Bill Upshaw, Art Spears, .lohn Johnson, Ray Jelesky, and Menzo Battle. THIRD ROW: Charles Horton, Joe Cook, Bill Curtis, Bill Jonaitis, Clyde Cook, Elliot Uzelac, Bill Naumoff, Vincent Panozzo. Cary Fort, and John Wallace. TOP ROW: Albert llfedloff, Bob Trzeciak, Andy Bowen, Bob Duffy, Ed Miller. Ray Lepp, Art Tucker, Sidney Gunn, and Al Dam- ras as. t ,WLM gif , 4 G f 'ff' i ' '. " E759 V Lf.'S'7f the gy foomm 9557. 63325700 i , 662' swam 3 FUUTBN-l Student managers for the varsity football team are: Mickey Chestovich, ,lack Serbin, and Charles Horton. Varsity football coaches are Vic Kay and Fred Elkins. ' l UP-DOWN IIIKIJUWNJ H--If-, out Lmllmll lt-um is going llu-ougli mum- of tlu- sm-nuolis exercises drdcred by llu: 1-iiplunn. From llif- look- on fmt- f.u'a's, il must lu' Ilia- Iirsl prus'Iiu'm', , . I I I 4, ,bl V iff! DLE -LLl7,1Lo nj I PM ANSHIP MAKE GOOD TEA S 5 y iw: lf .W Qfwt-' Freshman football players from left to right are-FIRST ROW: Albert Mayes, Lee Shukitis, William Krill, Ray Duran, Richard Strong, Robert Holden, and Ken Rollins, Dean Stasak, Willie Samders, Judson Jones, Henry Smith, Eddie Irby, Roger Langbehn, Robert Marshall, Bill Nawrocki, and Richard Wachowskil Farrohg Student Manager, Richard Serbing Omar Rodgers, David Corralez, Ed Jones, Richard Dujmovich, Ken Spearman, Tom Rosco, and Coaches, Virgil Nelson Willie Floyd, Maynard Beard, Bill Linton. SECOND ROW: Mannie, Tom. Swigon, Merce THIRD ROW: Coach, Shipley Walker, Percy Flack, Melvin and Mehilo Keseley. The Tolleston Blue Raiders bring down one of the oppon- ents on the Emer- son team while try- ing to steal the ball. It's nobody's ball now, but the Raiders are quick to try to get it Coach Kay gives some last-minute advice to one of the football players before sending him back into the game while other members of the team watch the game. X . 1 RAIDER TIE EOR SECOND SCORES WE THEY 51 ' 33 W1rt ,,,77777,7,7, ..E,SE. 53 Edison ,,,,, , ,,,A,,,, ,,,, 4 0 81 E. C. Edison .Y,,., 7... 9 56 Froebel ,ESEEEEEESSSS ,,.. 4 7 36 Hammond ,,,,vSSSSS , ES,. 53 13 Roosevelt ,,,,,,,,,A,,,,,,,, 46 67 Hammond Clark .. 44 49 Whiting ESSEE , ,ESS 33 ! 44 Valparaiso .. ., s 41 65 Horace Mann 1 s.,, 49 58 Emerson . . Y,,, 40 T4 E. C. Roosevelt . . . 61 64 S. B. Washington 63 57 E. C. Yvashington .. .. 66 65 Lew Wallace .. ...... . 46 63 Hammond Tech . .. 55 TT S. B. St. Joseph ..... ....... 6 1 51 Bishop Xoll . ..... 50 Skillful Vanrvmen tap hall in to keep Tollf--ton on lop. U Nlemlner- of the xar-ity l1dSkf'll'l11ll I-:am arf- -1iO'l"I'l'PfNI ROW: Willif- llp-han. Willie Smith, Tom Patton, Bobby Vance, Mascot, rthur Spear-. Clyrlf- Cook. and Rolu-rl Wilson. 'IDI' HOW: Bull 'fmm-iak. Randy Pajor, Robert Duffy, Elliot Uzelac, Student Nlanager. Ernest Nloorv. Royal Wyatt. and Siflnf,-3 Munn. ,.. ' Nw ' X' flux X' U if . PL CE I .- .I.H. . . Fighting all the way, the Tolleston Blue Raiders. under the able handling of Coach Vance. finished the 1958-59 basketball season with an impressive record of 17 wins and 3 losses. Led by Art Spears. the Vancemen enjoyed the best season achieved by a Tolleston basketball team in a long time. The Blue Raiders were rated as one of the better teams in the state at the be- ginning of the season so they had to prove themselves. They did just that by knocking off highly-rated teams such as Cary Roosevelt, Froebel, Valparaise, and fell short of defeating the first ranked team in the state. E. C. Washington. by only nine points. Tolleston's 17 victories tied the Raiders for second place in the Northern Indiana High School Conference, and gave them the title of city champs. Coach Vance is looking to another prosperous year in the 1959-60 campaign, since he will lose only three seniors. Having a new gym and playing on their home court will also aid the Raiders in building a championship team. COACH JOE VANCE ' 1 ,, v I , . , x , um! gy 2 CLYDE COOK ROYAL WYATT - W ART SPEARS TOM DUFFY .ANDY PAIOR WILLIE SMITH ROBERT WILSON MOORE WILLIE UPSHAW l27 PRACTICE BUILD GOOD TE MS Members nf the reserve baSkf:Ll:all team, left to right. aw Mmm. Bgnlf-.J.,hnjf,hn-1,n, Ellis Harris, Louis Sayles, William Irby, Ed Tate, Joe Arffvedo. and Jim Jorma 1 , Q , ,,m.J,.,...-.Wm , w2,.,,f.W,,,,, , , , , , 5 . ? . ,,,...,.,,.....,. .Q .--, ..,.....L.f-f.-.- I, 5' 15 44 I4 40 3 '55 Nlvmlwr- of rlw frw-lnrnzm 11.1-lu-llwall lf-am arf: UUTTUNI HOW: 51+-rw Irby. Hill Krill. Frank Rnsko, Rodger l.ung1lu-lln. and Hi' harvl ljujrnmifrlr, NIIIJIDLI-I ROW: liwlwrl Nlar-hall. Kvnnvtlr Hnllina Williv Funders. Percy Flat ullllldlfl l5"ll.2.1flfl l.lLlfffl'lff' l.UflF7I'Vv4v'v1l. 'ITDP HOW: Cuavl1 Kay. Jud-un lwnvx. .Xllwrt Nlawa Rnlwrl Holden Jvrry Lewi-, William Lluyfl. Rifharrl Nlrnng. anfl l':4lWL17fl Walkvr. 'P ln, nnl plum, ' X, rfnw 'lx Y Iinl- llultx m.nlw- .IIlIIlllI'I ll I-mlw :mx Ilu-uplu Snlnvx llllllll I llPlkt'1'llIlHl'll nk I ll fr: ' V ,v. :lv .K 1 lwnru-ww -'um' ll1'llllXx l lllllplwllxtllll' x l' .xt S01 The track and x-country teams earned admiration this year for their running jumping, and hurdling activities. Under Coach Devittis expert handling, the teams upheld Tolleston's good name in all compe tition. The track and X-country teams won a high place in the Gary and W.-N.I.I-I.S. Conference meets and even set some new recordsl The track team placed third in the city meet and fourth in the W.-N.l.H.S. Conference meet both of which were held in Chicago. fha! WWW 444, TE MS UPHOLD TOLLY'S NA r r,Vgpg, 4 2 V, - , 1 f Z 'JYVLHZT' WTSQT' ' ' 4:1 V . . " Z 1 5 V ., . 2: 1 I , 5 f Y , ,,,,,, f ,, ,,,, f iw ,. l fi ' if - , ,.,,..,, f , , .,,,,,,.,,,,. X .f V etili , MM' r Ni fm 7 l , ...... COACH EDMUND DEVITT Members of the track team are- FIRST ROW: Kenneth Spearman, Maurice Davis, Andrew Bowen, Ros- coe Regans, Omar Rogers, David Conner, Terry Palmateer, William I-Iern, and Charles Wiley. SECOND ROW: Robert Marcus, Jessie Wil- liams, James Wright, Doris Swope, Menzo Battle, Eddie Mannie, Jerome Barnes, Harold Hinton, Edward Hu- banks, Leroy Doyle, and Merce Irby. THIRD ROW: Coach Devitt, student manager John Peterson, Kenneth Rollins, Jessie McNutt, Kermit How- ell, John Johnson, Ronald Ross, Leonard Osborne, Arthur Tucker, Edward Tate, Zeke Barber, George Miller, James Stewart, Edward Walk- er, Coach Farroh, and Coach White- side. FOURTH ROW: Ellis Harris, William Irby, Vernon Flack, Elliot Uzelac, Sidney Gunn, Louis' Sayles, Joe Cook, Robert Lloyd, and Edward COACH JOE VANCE Members of the x-country team are -BOTTOM ROW, left to right: Wil- lie Brown, Fred Tandy, Andy Stefan- ovich, Clarence Underwood, Varda- man Moseley, and Bill Paige. MID- DLE ROW: Alexander Colston, Wil- liam Irby, Leonard Osborne, Ronald Ross, George Miller, Royal Wyatt, and Vernon Flack. TOP ROW: Le- roy Doyle, Edward Hubanks, Ernest Hardin, Louis Sayles, John Tillery, Maurice Davis, and John Perkins. .i.....l.m Miller. LETTER E B ILD TRO- G TEAlN f 'Y Milf c"?"5 f ..,.,..r.,.,.,.. '-rixf-'-E ,,.r.,.,,, ,..1-, . COACH VANCE 4 -v, f 'VNV , f ,, , 4 , w ' "1" V ' f "Y," , r 'UW- -Y-. , 4.1 , ' . az ,V ,j r ., f E' 1, H" 1 ,M P L A 1" 1' f:u'yw'vV" 'M . Taking a healthy swing. Mike Malinich lakhei the hall to th? lPf as the rest of the team and hyctandf-rs look on. Though hampered by the ugual low of kvy mfln through graduation, Coach 'Vance hop:-fi to put Tfvlli'4l0Il on top in the 1959 YV,-N.I.H,S. Conff-rffncf-. Having many rvtuming: lf'ltPrmPn, Tolle5ton looked like a tough com'-ndf'r for thi1 honor. t fipld for a hit Beginning practice early in April, Tollestorfs rnittrnen looked forward to a hustling season of base hits' and home-rs! l 6 'H' gm 'lllf' l'I','l lla-1 Inrll 'I 1 .nm ml mlulv ,nn IlHl"l'HNl HUXY, lvl! In ligglllilllll llullu, lldll Xylvld. wiallvr llZ3Yl'll'CkT, Boll Nlaivr, Alvxamlvr foil von WMM Hallo ,nhl lzufl-. 'Num Nlllllll If IIHXY- Nlnulvul 'Nlmmggw-r llun Nuumvki, llurn llzlrris, jon Acvvcdo, Waync Lvmp, Willie 414+ 'xl ' lll I'l' Xllll In ll: hurl l'mn ml 1 llllll14lIlllxll'l11 lfilllllldl " ' ' ' ' ' ' ' Nlai f.l.: wwf, .ly if fl! 1,1 I. 1xgz,N-.Ng . 1 , , ' A ' , -- 4' v 'r. IUI ROW: fmorgv lxatunlch, Michael . - hull I-111-l llwif IMI- Imllx. Hu-. lofi, Xnmw-nl lmxolm, llnlu'l'r1v-1 iuk, und l'1'l1'r 'llhonlux 'U CHEERLE DERS BOO T CHOOL SPIRIT The cheerleaders with porn poms and megaphones in hand, take time out to pose for a picture during the homecoming festivities. N N-:nf MISS CHARLOTTE DOMROESE Bob Duffy gladly pays his admission to the cheerleaders at one of their dances. With the familiar cry "Let's go, you Raiders"-their pom poms and blue and white uniforms, megaphones, and everlasting energy, our varsity cheerleaders led the crowds who cheered our teams to victory. The varsity squad, consisting of five seniors and one sophomore, had a very busy year. Besides their regular duty of cheering at all games, they were oc- cupied with making signs, practicing, selling pins and pennants, and planning pep sessions and dances. With the assistance of Miss Charlotte Domroese and Mr. Nicholas H. McDonald, their new sponsors, the cheerleaders worked hard to earn their new basket- ball uniforms. The five graduating seniors left Tolleston with many happy memories of cheering for their "Blue Raiders" leaving five vacancies to be filled by the reserve cheer- leaders. ' 'W MR. NICHOLAS H. McDONALD The cheerleaders often spend many hours after school painting signs to display throughout school to boost spirit. FI E SENIOR LEAV ANCIES VL, LOU.-XNN TIERNAN VIOLET BEKTESH DONNA RAE IQZELAC Captain x 1: f ,7 1 1,. N- . ----.-.. Y - 1 afli,mf,1., ,,,aLg.A V.-ffP.r,rI11f xar-ply .Il.-4-yIvg11Iv-r-vnwl1-n-'nfIhf-rlwf'l- uilh .1 iump. N XXQH N1 I-4 INK Nl NIU IMI THIN I-Nl-1l.NN WIRTFS VARSITY S UAD S55 f.'.:'E5' aa The first squad of reserve cheerleaders are Pam Petkovich. Charlotte Varsity and reserve Cheerleaders Work hard to fiI1iSh Yudt. Sandra Seydel. Arlene Walker. Tina Wirtes, and Sarah O'Neal. Sign to Cheer Raiders on to another victory during basketball season. With the aim of becoming a varsity cheer- leader. the twelve reserve cheerleaders worked hard to learn all they could about being a good cheerleader. The reserve squad had to fulfill many obligations. They had to follow the constitution of the cheerleaders. cheer at all reserve games. and co-operate with the various activities they sponsored. ln September. the reserve squad sold tickets for an ice cream social to raise money for new uniforms. The social was held at the neighborhood Tasty Freeze at which street dancing followed. After attending training classes in the spring. the reserve cheerleaders tried out for the vacancies which were to be left by the graduating seniors. New reserve cheerleaders were chosen and five happy girls anxiously awaited their first games as varsity cheerleaders. The second squad of reserve cheerleaders are Elma ,lean Flournoy, Kathy Duffy, Cynthia Kvachkoff, ,ludy Lorence, Lucille Nadolski, and Marie Patton. M, l . V l N 1 x bmi Varsity cheerleaders are Violet Bektesh, Evelyn Wirtes, LouAnn Tiernan, The Varsity cheerleaders go through one of their rou- Nancy Scecina, Donna Uzelac, and Mary Lou Toby, tines as they lead a cheer at one of the basketball games. N W ACTIVITIE ARE Qt Uri? . Q 5 VIOLET BEKTESH BONNIE CACZKOWSKI JERRIE POWELL GLORIA CUZIK PrCSiClCI1I ViceAPresident Secretary Treasurer One hundred eighty girls make up the membership of the Girls' Athletic Association. This year many new activities were added by the largest club at Tolleston. Among them were a new team sport, speedball. the selection of a pin-up-boy, a Halloween party, a mother- daughter exening. and bingo parties. The usual events-Freshman Tea, hike. initiation, Christmas Spread. and team sports-filled the rest of the year for the girls. - The main and final event of the year was the G.A.A. Banquet, for which the Council members spent an entire semester making decora- tions and planning the evening's program. It was here that the Council members for the coming year were announced and installed. The relationships and friendships made throughout the year as the girls worked and played together will be remembered for many years. MISS DIAN E KEELEY Sponsor it T? 31 "Wt ," , x w i af " Ls ' I jffqlg fm X 3 y I ' v it If 1 . lf ' ' A x , 2 Y it ' lv l ll X ,lx ,xy .ti tt., , 'jfwfffaf Min ll . t wmv. , 4 X -.. 1 Q. f -. H' X5 ix X-. ff M. . . ' Q X .1 .1 I ,. -A Nlfiwl'-.1-I.-ftf-fl fl 'N X offiw-is lnki- limi' .ml fiom lln- 4-x--in-um-int of Iln- lmnqum-t lo post- for a picture. DDED TO G.A.A. RO TER ,QW Officers and sportheads constitute the positions of Council Members, the governing body of the G.A.A. All the year's events are planned and carried through success- fully by these twelve girls and the club's sponsor, Miss Keeley. Every Council Member, having a definite job to do, devoted many hours of her spare time working for G.A.A. The satisfaction gained from this work, and the fun the girls had with the council projects throughout the year made the time spent seem worthwhile. MARIANNE GASTEVICH CAROLYN BUDGIN Indoor Sporthead Outdoor Spofthead Q57 DORIS ERLER SHIRLEY WALLACE GRACE ENGEL CYNTHIA KVACHKOFF Captainball VolleYbflU Basketball Baseball yf,nAy,v, , i c.A.A. PLEDGE " l promise to uphold the ideals Of the G.A.A. , A, By promoting interest in fm! Athletics and out-of-doors, By living so that I may be Healthy and strong, By making good sportsmanship A constant factor in my conduct. LORETTA BRUDZINSKI LOUANN TIERNAN Social Chairman Publicity Chamnan E IOR WORK FUR RD 7' viz' " Senior C.A.A. Members are-FRONT ROW. left to right: Carol Berea. Jeanette Satanek, Judy Orlowski, Donna Rae Uzelac, Loretta Brudzinski, and Violet Bektesh. TOP ROW: Lou.-'tnn Tiernan. Nancy Scecina, Dorothy Minick, Carolyn Budgin, Barbara Ronscak. and Pat Skagen. Aflfliliftml Sf-mor 1,-N.'N. X1I'lIIlIl'I- ,uv IVIIHWI' HHXY- Slmron Ku-law, ,Iowv l'ru1in, Him lin-rln-rg, Sharon Stack. Shirley W'allau'c'. nm! I'lw,IIn l5,lumgf,l1I 'IHI' HUNX' 4'xnllu,1 llrown, limi.: llmannakv, liwlyn Wirls-Q, M:u'iannnv UilSll'ViCll, Linda Grvtzinpvr. Dorothy 'xlwxyll tllnfl fn Xllll 'Wally'-ll UNIOR COP DECOR TIO PRIZE 1 Junior G.A.A. Members are-FRONT ROW, left to right: Alberta Czubik, Gloria Guzik, Virginia McCullom, Carole Sebben, Grace Engle, and Charlene Miller. MIDDLE ROW: Diane Bulza, Joyce Vician, Joan Vician, Toniellen Reed, Dorothy Luptak, and Barbara Popa. TOP ROW: Lorraine Benko, Sandra Popiela, Delphine Konopacki, Jerrie Powell, Anita Skolak, and Barbara Knudson. J 'A :gfg.g:rs.r.1:Q1.-.11 , ,,.,,f5.gzg5m,g.',f. Mf2+1v: Additional Junior G.A.A. Members are-FRONT ROW: Gerry Hydo, Mary Wallace, Sharon Williams, Dorothy Jankovich, Janice Vereb, and Carolyn Skager. MIDDLE ROW: Hanna Guip, Sharon Padol, Myra Someson, Donna Daronatsy, and Bonnie Gaczkowski Lynette Green. TOP ROW: Brenda Zak, Marcia Michaelson, Shirley Johanson, Thresa Boynak, Albertine Mayes, and Jennifer Bames. 7 .J OPHOIVIORE SKIT WINS PIZIZE J l w',?,m-v ,., 1 ay-at-'A Sophomore C.A.A. Members are -FRONT ROW. left to right: Roielee Powell, Joan Kadelak, Sharon Fuller, Pat Pesson, Beverly Lemp, Merry Jaeger, and Mary Muse. NIIDIJLE ROW: Lucille Williama Rochelle Howell, Charlotte Lane, Carolyn Bueheek, Mary Lou Toby, Kay Tally, Elaine Brady, and ffurol Braalz. TOP ROW: Cervrgialice Patzeret, Sandra Seydel, Judy Lorence. Kathy Duffy, Irene Nemtuda, Barbara Staeak. Ilianf' Ililieki. Ivla Harclaway. and Barbara Zuk. 'X 2,1 0 ff Avlflilimml Hnplnvmum- Wal X NIl'IlIlIY'I'1 .uv IVIIHNT HOW: Marv Hollins, lla-lor:-H V1-lvl, l'ul Ljzuhik, Linmla Clark. Slmrnn S1-lvlwcn. Slmrfm Sl-,JL-fu. llfllx llxfl-I, rlllfl IlII4I.l Wlig-lxl, Xllllllllf HUNT: l,ll4'ill4' Naululklxl, lilllll Kllllli. .Tully Vuyl. l11llllCll4' ITUIIIIIF. lift'-K, rwnflflfm llvwf l'l .on Il, Iuflrln NIvw.uI, Xlrlkllll' lhvw, nml lllllXIlI1' llowvll. 'I'Ul' RUIVZ 'll0ll1lL'll'yal Hull. lTilllN'lQl Ilvlluuirll. 4.',vnlu.l Ll wlll -,Il 1 luv-.lfllf Nu-ll, Xlllrllllll' liluml.-S, Mum! Hlllim, Arlvm- Walk:-r, llurlw-nv Lynn. and l'nl Urlnwski. FRESHMAN CLOWNS N ME BER Freshman G.A.A. Members are-FRONT ROW, left to right: Joan Kisylia, Jacqueline Harrison, Sharon Ozug, Joan Felton, Nancy Troutman, Joanne Holcomb, and Nancy Kelly. MIDDLE ROW: Georgia Mesarch, Mary Brown, Carol Sargent, Marilyn Montorsi, Kathleen Shrader, Nancy Boyd, and Barbara Polatewicz. TOP ROW: Mary Pytel, Delores Clark, Lynn Osika, Janice Mayes, Maxine Anderson, Bertha Anderson, and June Lewis. nwwwwyf wMM.,M..,, -..-----.-..Ja-.w Additional Freshman G.A.A. Members are-FRONT ROW: Shirly Tucker, Ester Satmary, Judith Koester, Lillian Czarnecki, Betty Kapica, and Margaret Intrieri. MIDDLE ROW: Elaine Kemeny, Norma Randolph, Jayne Buzanowski, Cheryl Elliot, Susan Gutierrez, and Mary Brown. TOP ROW: Gloria Nunley, Margaret Brown, Mardell Davis, Bernadine Johnson, Gloria Equia, and Sandra Wolfe, ,i GAA. frfrehmen not only got initiated, but the sidewalke of Cary algo gmt a uoofi Kr-rubbing in the prove VARIED ACTI ITIE PRO IDE FUN After a hard week of initiation activities, the initiates receive certificates of membership from the G4A.A. officers. ff ww, ,, . aim., . wal f,III'IIlJiIlR --rmmlt 5.:fi.uI--il .nl lln 11 X X pmlx' wluw-lv lin' gulf 1'-wllllxnu-N llI'UXi!il'1.l laughs apicnty. PLE TY EUR CTIVE G.A.A. ME BER "-- " ' w li f ' 1 ,W , . Auf f Af M , 1, WW 1 ,, f , ,Aft .... gl: ,V , ,,,f ,-.,., 1 ygmyfgff f gidvn, I 7 l flif' f 3. , 3' , ' - if iff: 5"-, if 1 4 ' I ' 1 1 Z i,.t4r'fri'l5f'f'f+ .13gf,XQqf, ,y , V ., fp f: ,ff 2: 4 Y V 57 . - 4122 4 . f E 4 im - - . . . ,,,., 1 .,.,. . fff , W fsfff-' N + ' ,6 ,4 1- , '4 ' The Junior G.A.A. members entertained with a re- x riff! 3 g,1.451'.'-fi l1g1011S Play-"The Littlest Angel-i' ' lx up 4' ri it f ' we a'2ii'?3,if1 2 ' l My I ' ?7 '.1 ' 'VV ' 4s'43ff37f iaiififff ,S 1 ,f .f e . ,.,, , z fi, ff.w 1,5 f Zif f ? 7 1273 1 fit L " 4'-'iifxei' .2f',fif-47,15'lZt'f2,:t25""f'- A 4 . QMPFI' I A 1527- ,,,, .- if 1' g, Q L ttah,ffn.1,, f if f ' o f miie fe- as ,.,, 5 i t Qiiliggftir l M.. a '-E' V- 5-vafimfkv V' Y K, Nurs. . .Wav W To end their last year at the G.A.A. Christmas 1 1 spread, the senior girls put on a hillbilly skit to the tune of 'This Ole House." , WW' 14.-f" ,.,-4"" Although the skits kept the girls entertained at the Christmas spread, Santa Claus was the main attraction. -tr. ,- UET CLOSES YE 1. FH 'Tai The enthusiastic CAA. members assembled in from of rchoul to get some last-minute in- structions before starting on the long hike to Miller. Uni: of the higltlighle of the Halloween party was the volley- Ready to Him- wmv of the pour iniliatos lllc works. ilu' luall game whirh prow-fl to ln: 11- exciting as it was interesting. ei-terf Qtanfl w--ll-equippvcl. Af-kj, Q!fXkb K5 Q xf x, f -X z 'Z -- , Mn X l 1. . . - . g NL '1 L ln llllllllllIl'1' pin-SIN all Ilan' mum lulrlv, thi- l'ULll1Cll utvlttlwrs gan' a skit 111 mnltliznllml will! ilu- llu-mc. AOI4N?JE7LEdOMENTs f t. J, Weir dai Z ci UMJZM The 15711--E ftorial steff Wtehee to thank the lewtng 0 7 Ont ene " e I -ennteeteted Wdtknndgnigteee Our P otogreifigg, A -.iHa1'r'?m i 'gne J 40717 SQQS On? re eentetve, t-f'Rehet-t E. Lee, for his drawings the io er snint and for his interest and helpg si bc 1 f ff , Our administration, teachers, and student body, their eo-operatieng The Getty Penrttbttne for ntettn-ee en pages 21 end 1015 f 'WI 5J x , otn- etett ntennhete ret- their assistance and ennn hetn-e. 7X GQ? wftrf yfifatfi -e THE STAFF M325 . Edttet--tn-ehtet e,,rrr,rrr,rr,r,,,.r,rre.rrerrrrret t re,. 1 ee..r. I , .,...eer,ee,.....,,..,...,.,r.reree, I eee.,ee J 1 ,e....... JO-ANN SUDROFF Layout Edttet- er.ree ee.rr,,.. ,,r,r ,,ee,,r,r NANCY SCECINA Copy Editor ree.ree ..e....e. rer. , errrr. ....... -AJOYCE PRUZIN Picture Editor ...... ,...e.ere.e,e ..,, L- .re... ........ ,..r....,,,.,..... JOE PEHKO Business Manager .....,, e,ee... ....... S ANDRA POPIELA Senior Page Editor ..... ....... 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ILL,.,. ,LL,,,,,,,,...,L J EHRIE POWELL 'tif ,I ttf ' HHe thafptlblitshies a lodok runs aifery great hazard, since nothing can be mo 1' A I . compose one Jthet ma,'y'see1Ire the approbatlon of every readerf' i K.-' ' K" ff 1 if It l'l""!,Qf 'S S. ty, If M E it ' 1 re impossible than to CERVANTES if 21 -11 Ahad, Maudiah, 69, 105, 103 Acevedo, Joe. 6, 62, 123. 130 Adamus, Mary Ann. 44 Aclamus, Michael, 62 Albach, Evelyn. 62. 105 Conner Alhach, Karen. 44, 105, 116 Albach, Eileen, 76 Alexander, Joe, 76, 114 Anderson, Alfred, 113 Anderson Bertha, 76, 139 Anderson Bill, 130 Anderson Mrs. Edwin, 31 Anderson Maxine, 76, 139 Anderson, Ronald, 69, 76, 113, 11 Archinard, Patricia, 69, 105 Arthur, Phyllis, 62 Austin, Brenda, 105 Babaganian, iVlr. Arthur, 34, 33, 9 Badylak, Kenneth, 62 Bakunas, Jane, 76 Banas, Richard, 62, 124, 130 Banks, V17 illie, 113 5,119 0, 91 Barber, Ezekiel, 62, 109, 114, 115, 122, 124, 129 Barber, Shirley, 62 Barnes, Jennifer, 62, 137 Barnes, Jerome, 112, 129 Barner, Stella, 44. 105 Batchelor, John, 76, 113, 119 Battle. Loretta. 76. 116 Battle, Menzo, 69, 112, 121. 123, 129 Baumgart, Phyllis. 14. 1111. 136 Beai, Joseph. 62 Beard, Nlaynard. 76. 1.25 Beck. Nlrs. Philomena, 31 Beckham. Warren, 104 Behnke. Rohert. 115 Bektesh, Violet, 9, 10, 24. 41. 33. 95. 93, 110, 132. 133. 131. 136 Bell. William. 1.23 Belle, Nlr. Merlin, 32. 3.1 Benrlt. David, 76 Bendt, Jim, 69 Benko. Lorraine, 62, 1.11 Beres, Carol. 11, 136 Berry, Ernest, 119 Biarnonte. Nlary, 32 9 9,- Bielski, fVlr. Fxlrnunrl. 19. 34. 33. 116 1 12 Bikoff, Dave, 69, 117. ' Of 111 Bilieki, Diane, 69. 99. 1111. 115. 1. Bilyak, Milan, 62. 1112 Binns, .lacquelinrg 62. 93. 95. 1111 Dlakffly. Maflirifr. 69. 1111 Blankenship, Dr. Alrlrn 11.. 311. 31 Blankenship. Jack. 69. 1111. 1 19 Bolton. Shirley, 69 144 INDEX Bondor, Alex. 62, 117 Borausky, Linda, 44, 103, 105, 136 Borom, Annie, 44, 105 Borom, Clarence, 76, 113 Borom, Juanita, 105 Borom, Shirley, 93, 96, 102 Bortolini, Art, 116 Bowden, Mr. Ronald, 34, 44 Bowen, Andrew, 69, 124, 129 Boyd, Nancy, 76, 96, 139 Boynak, Ann. 69, 105 Bo 'nak Theresa 62 105 106 137 1 1 1 : ' 1 a ' Braatz, Carol, 4, 69, 93, 95, 106, 133 Brady, Elaine, 17, 69, 100, 105, 133 Brennan, Phil, 45 Clark, Linda, 70, 100, 104, 133 Clark, Patricia, 77, 104 Clark, Ruthie, 77 Clifft, Kent, 46 Clifft, Michael, 77, 114 Cohen, Cornelius, 46, 112, 122, 124 Collins, Betty, 77 Collins, Beverly, 46, 93 Collins, Carol, 70, 133 Collins, Lester, 77, 113 Collins, Mary, 69, 70, 93, 96, 99 106, 138 David, 63, 129 Broome. Beverlv. 62. 37. 39. 93. 95 Brown. iCharlcy.i4-5 1 A I 4 Brown Curtis. 63 Brown Cynthia. 4.5. 91. 136 Brown Esther. 76 Brown Joe. 69 Brown John. 76. 113 Brown Margaret. 139 Brown Mary. 76. 1114. 139 Brown Patricia. 25. 43 Brown Richard. 69 Brown Rohert. 63 Brown William. 112 Brudzinski. Loretta. 45. 36, 39, 95 1116133136 Bry ant. Brady. 45 Bucheck. Carolyn. 70. 105. 133 Buchecl-c. Patricia. 15 Budgin. Carolyn, 15. 25, 43, 45, 36 37. 33. 93. 115. 135, 136 Budgin. Rohert. 70. 95 Bukham. 1Varren. T6 Bulza. Diane. 63, 95, 103, 137 Bulza. Floyd. 77. 91, 113 Burns. Donald. 46 Burnside, Dean. 32 Buse. Dean. 121 Buse. Dennis. 63 Buzanowski. Jayne. 77. 139 Byrd, Frankie. 101- Carahin, Joe. 16 Carrahinc. 1111 Richarrl. 14. 31- Carrizales. Xavier. 711. 122. 121 Carter. 1112 Allvcrt. 31. 116 Carter. .11x'in. 711. 1112 Carr-. Patricia. 77 tfcntcnc. l'iYtl. 77. 1115 Clialnnmn. Ihmtti. 77 Llmplilf. Mlnm. 1111 1illf'S1m'il'1I. Nliltlll. 113. ILZI 1l11l1'1X. 11c1on's. 1111. 1311 9 Cook, Clyde, 19, 122, 124, 126, 127 Cook, Donald, 77 Cook, Jerry, 129 Cook, Joe, 46, 122, 124, 129 Cork, Jerry, 99 Corley, Mrs. Virginia, 35, 33 Corpus, Bernice, 70, 39, 95, 106 Corralez, David, 77, 113, 125 Cotton, Carl, 113 Cotton, Viola, 46, 106 Coulter, Joyce, 9, 46, 105 Coulter. Victor, 77, 116 Cox, J acqueljne, 76, 77 Crane, Dr. George, 35, 33 Culkowsky, Miss Margaret, 35, 103 Cunegin, lrvin, 47 Cunningham, Eloise, 104 Curtis, Beverly, 70 Curtis, Vvilliam, 70, 114. 124 Czarnecki, Lillian, 77, 139 Czarnecki, Walter, 63, 130 Czazasty, Geraldine, 47, 105 Czubik, Alberta, 63. 106. 137 Czubik, Patricia. 70. 105. 133 Dambrauskas. Algie. 124 Daronatsky, Donna. 63. 95. -137 Daugherty. Mr. Charles. 30 Davis. Bernice. 77. 1114 Davis. Mardell. 77. 91. 1110. 139 Davis. Nlauricc. 63. 129 Davis. Maxine. 70. 113. 110. 133 Dean. Dorothy. 17. '13 Dclmoard. James. 711. 112 Dennis. Paulcttc. 70. 138 Dvvill. Nlr. lftllnlrnd. 35. 129 1111jtlSt1lltllL'. Nlr. Vincent C.. 23. 29, 31. -121. 611 Dixon. Betty. 77 Dixon. Carol- 70. 95. 99 lhilvogai. Frank. 70 Dohrosky. Patricia. 70. 108 l1ohrowo1s1-ay. Donna. 1-7. 104 Dominick. Charmaine. 105 Domroese. Miss Charlotte, 35, 103, Doyle. Leroy, 114, 129 Drago, Patricia, 104 Dubrosky, Janice, 77 Duffy, Robert, 23, 47, 33, 122, 124, 126, 127, 123, 130. 131 Duffy, Kathy, 17, 70, 91, 96, 104, 115. 133. 133 Dujmovich. Richard. 77, 125, 123 Dujmovich, Tony, 63, 122, 121 Dulla, Williairi, 63, 129, 130 Duran, Ramon. 77, 113. 125 Edwards. Charlene, 47 Edwards, David. 63 Edwards. Evergene. 24. 63, 95 Elkins. Mr. Fred, 35. 60. 124 Engel. Grace. 63. 93. 99, 135. 137 Elliott. Cheryl. 77. 96. 139 Elliott. Mr. Paul. 35. 33. 94 Ellis. Johnnie Mae. 47 Equia. Gloria. 77. 139 Erler. Doris. 63. 95. 99. 135 Evans. Doris. 63 Evans. Joe. 70. 113. 115 Fabian. Joe, 47 Farroh. Mr. Shipley. 35. 33. 125. 129 Fearson. Johnnie, 104 Felton. David. 63 Felton, Joan. 139 Fialkowski. Robert, 77 Firme, Joel, 70 Flack, Percy, 125, 123 Flack, Vernon. 129 F lournoy, Cheryl, 104 Flournoy, Elma Jean. 63, 96, 104.133 Flournoy, Gloria, 73 Flournoy, Rochel. 19, 43 Floyd, Wilhe, 125 Flynn, Charmaine, 70 Forbes, Carol, 104 Fort. Gary, 43, 122. 124, 130 Frank, Douglas, 63, 37, 33, 95, 99 Frierson. Ella, 77, 105 Fuller, Sharon, 14, 70, 33, 93, 96, 99, 133 Fulton, Mrs. Harriet, 36, 93 Gaczkowski, Bonnie, 63, 134, 137 Galindo, Casimir, 73, 99, 100, 113, Gaski, Mrs. Dorothy, 32, 33 Gastevich, Mariarme, 43, 36, 37. 33, 93 94 95. 99. 100. 105 106 107, 13313644 I ' 7 Gay, Claudia, 76 Gillespie, Betty, 104 Gillespie, Edward, 70, 113 Gillespie, Gloria, 104 Gladys. Goforlh. INDEX Alfred. 63 Mr. Edmon. 14. 36. 60 Golston. Alexander. 71. 130 Golston. Charles. 73 Golston,MaXine.73,104 Goodman. Mr. Lee. 36. 60, 93 Gordon. Grace. 71. 93, 95, 104 Grady. Lou Ella. 43, 105 Grady, Wcmrmdie. 73. 11-ll Gray. Mr. Dean. 36 Green. Lynette. 63. 93, 95, 137 Green. Thomas. 71. 96 Gretzinger. Linda. 43. 105, 136 Griffin. Paul. 11-l Griffin. Honald. 63 Gross. Mildred. 413. 105 Grube. Frank. 71 Grubl. Thomas. 71. 124 Grunow. Kathleen. 105 Guinee. Jeri, 112 Guip, Hannelore. 64. 95. 137 Guip, Klaus. 43 Gunn. Kenneth, 71 Gunn. Norbert. 119 Gunn. Sidney, 124. 126, 127,1 Gunning, Mr. John. 30 Gutierrez, Susan, 73, 139 Guzik, Gloria, 64, 95. 134. 137 Guzik, Jerome, 64 Guzik, Boss, 71, 90. 91, 119 Guzman, Luis, 73 Hall. Tonda, 71, 91, 133 Hallo. Mike, 71, 130 Hansen, Sandra, 43, 104 Harbison, Karen, 71 Hardaway, James, 49, 112 Hardaway, Lola, 69, 71, 133 Hardin. Ernest, 64, 109, 112 Hardin, Ronetta, 64 Harmon, Donna, 64, 99, 106, Harper, Theresita, 73, 105 Harris, Burn, 130 Harris, Ellis. 64, 123, 129 Harris, J analene, 71 Harrison, Jacqueline, 73, 139 Hatten, Melvin, 113 Hatten, Wallace, 49 Haymon, Allen, 49, 119 Henry, Marshall, 49 Hern, Robert, 49, 109, 113, 139 Hern, Williani, 113, 129 Hibschamn, Larry, 73, 114 Hicks, Beulah, 49, 95, 104 Hill, James, 73, 113 Hill, Thomas, 112 Hinton, Harold, 129 , 99, 130 23,129 117, 119 -Hirchak, Bob, 20, 49 Hirchak. Tom. 71 Hodges. Dennis. 64. 95, 99 Holcomb. Joanne, 73, 139 Holden. Robert. 125, 123 Hood, Charles. 73. 113 Hopkins. Barbara. 719. 106 Horton, Charles. 124 Horton, Clyde. 113 Howell. Jamsetta. 64 Howell, Kermit, 129 Howell. Maxine. 71. 133 Howell, Myrtle, 71 Howell, Rochelle, 133 Hubanks, Edward, 50, 104, 129 Hubanks, Moses. 71. 104 Hunt. Ennnett. 113 Hutson. Gloria. 37, 100, 116 Hutson. Sandra, 73, 116 Huycke. Terry. 50 Hydo. Betty, 71. 93, 99, 105, 115, 133 Hydo. Gerrie. 64. 106, 137 lntrieri. Margaret, 73. 105, 139 lntrieri. Sarah. 33 lrby. Merce. 76.73, 113,125 123.129 lrby, William. 64, 112, 123, 129 lrwin, Bill. 113 Jackson, Barbara, 73 Jackson. Joyce, 50, 93. 95, 105 Jaeger, Merry, 71, 100, 104, 133 Jamrok. Kenneth. 14, 42, 50, 92 J amrok, John, 73 Janda, Betty, 73 Jankovich, Dorothy, 64, 137 January, Benjamin, 71, 112 J elesky, Jenkins, Ray, 64, 124 James, 73, 114 Jennings, Ethel. 71 Johanson. Shirley. 10, 64, 95, 97, 116, 117. 137 Johnson , Afdai, 71, 96 Johnson, Bernadine, 73, 139 , Mrs. Janet, 36 Johnson, Johnson John, 64, 122, 124, 123, 129 Jonaitis, Kenneth, 71 Jonaitis, Robert, 73 Jonaitis, Williani, 71, 112, 124 Jones, Judson, 113, 125, 123 Jones, Melvin, 125 Jones, Pearlene, 105 Jordon, Eugene, 79, 119 Joros, Jim, 71, 113, 124, 123 Joros, Robert, 64, 122 Joseforsky, Delores, 64 J oseforsky, Carol, 64 Kadelalc, Joan, 72, 100, 104, 133 l45 Kapica, Betty, 79,139 Q- Kaplan, Miss ylvia, 6, 36, 83, 106, 107 f E is x Karch, George, 43, 50 I , Katunich, George, .50 930, 91, 130 Kay, Mr. Victor, 36, 1 4, 125,128 Keeley, Miss Diane, 36, 83, 1.34" V Kelly, Nancy, 179, 139 1 Kellner, Ruth,'64 , ' , INDEX 1 2' yr , v' 1, ,Q 1, J , xl ,f 4 A JXX 1 . I 1 Langbehn, Linda, 65, 95, 98,1199 11, Langbehn, Rodger, 79, 1215, 128 ii Lashenik Pat' 72 104' t 1 , Laurel, 1241 ,114 ,V ,- .fri ' Leek, Mrs. lnez, 17, ,37, 83 Lehman, Carole, 72' - ' hemp, Beverly, 104,432 l V Lemp, Wayne, 51, 130 ,Q 1 Lapin Ray, 17, 20, 25, 51, 122, 124 Kemeny, Elaine, 79, 139 Leskow, 3: Olive, 37, 100 Kemeny, Nancy, 64 1 Leto, I fi 42, 51, 123, 124 Kendron, Ted, 64 7 ,ff -A Lew' ry, 113, 123 Kiseley, Mr. Meliilo, 125 - 1 J L ' une, 79, 105, 139 Keys, Ceraldirle, 105 I -. , Dorothy, 52, 104 Q Kienzynski, Walter, 72 1, ' ' tke, Suggn, 65, 104 Killlbeflyf, lean, 64, -105 7 1 1 ,ft , ton, Bill, 125 Killafd, P8.lC1'1C1a, 79' 1 K ' 11'1tO1'1, Pameiae 79 King, Lois, 50 -' ,f,f if loyd, Robert, 129 King, Phillip, 76, 79 ,51, ' ,' I Lloyd, Wfilly, 113, 128 Kisylia, Joan, 79, 139 ' 4 , ' Locky, Knell 'X ' Kleminski, James, 79 - ,-f Lorydeen. Robert. 65 X K1CIT1irlS14i, Walter, 102 .i "-Q, I Lorence, Judy, 72. 87, 88, 89, 99, Kilmek, Larry, 64 , 4 1 4115, 133. 1.38 A Knezevich, Albert, 64, 95, 116, 1 ' 'Y Luckey. Mr. Joseph A., 30 Knudson, Barbara, 651, 95, 135 Knudson, Myron, 112 Koepke, .lim, 72, 112 Koester, Judith, 79, 96, 139 Koester, Karen, 65 Kokinda, Robert, 51, 108 I Koldus, Michael. 25, 51, 109, 114. 115 Kolesar, Mike, 113 Konopacki, Delphine, 13, 65, 137 Koruschak. Norman, 79. 102 Koruschak, Raymond. 51. 102 Kostelnik, Gary, 51 Kotulock, Mary, 72 Kotulock, Pete, 109, 114, 115 Koves, Steve, 79, 119 Krebes, Jerome, 79 Krebas, Sharon, 25. 43, 51, 86, 87, 88, 93, 106, 107, 115, 136 Krecik, Kathy, 65, 100, 104 Krill, William, 79, 91, 114, 125. 128 Krisko, Mrs. Mary, 37, 83, 86, 89 Kristensen, James, 65, 118 Kruk, Ruth, 72, 104, 138 Kvachkoff, Cynthia, 72, 104, 115. 133, 135, 138 Labash, Donald, 88, 109, 113, 114, 115 Lahash, Richard, 79, 113, 114 Lamfalusi, John, 4, 33, 65, 94, 95. 102 Lane, Charlotte, 72, 96, 138 I46 Lupeika, Walter. 65. 113 Luptak. Dorothy, 65, 95, 137 I Lynch.. James. 65. 95. 102 1 Lynch, Robert. 79. 102 Lynn. Darlene. 72. 103, 10-1, 138 Mabin. Donya, 52 1 Mables, Margaret. 65 I " Macchia.iMrs. Yvonne, 32 i' Maier. Robert. 13. 72, 112, 114, Malcolm. Barbareh 52, 104 Malenshek. Tom. 65. 95, 102 Malinich. Mike. 65. 129, 130 Malizzo. -George. 65 Li' Malott, Hattie. 52, 105. Mannie, Eddie, 113, 125, 129 I . 4 2 1 McQ111lern, Shirley, 9, 25, 43, 52, 87 881491, 110 1 McDaniel, Charlotte, 79 V - 4 113150451511 ybbea, 114 J' cDonali,Mr. Nicholas 1'1.,0' 29, 33, r" 43, 13,11 . McGhee, Lillian, 79 f McNally, Frank, 531,112 Meeks, Jack, 79 iii' Meeks, Nancy, 80-1 Melton, Sandra, 65 Mesarch, Dan, 53 Mesarch, krgie, 80, 105, 139 Metcalf, Judy, 104 Michaelson, Marcia, 65, 137 Millender, Constance, 24, 72, 94, 96, 99,105 Millender, James, 80, 113 Miller, Arla. 53, 93 Miller, Charlene, 65, 104, 137 Miller, Miller, Miller, Edward, 53, 123, 124, 129 George, 65, 96, 102, 129 Vemon, 113 Minick, Dorothy, 25, 43, 53, 110, 115, 136 Mitchell, Alice, 80, 104 Mitchell, Arlene, 105 Mitchell, Carolyn, 105 Moffatt, Mrs. Virginia, 37, 60 Mohrherr, Carl, 102 Mohrherr, Jean, 102 Montgomery, Lawrence, 72, 103, 104 Montorsi, Marilyn, 80, 105, 139 Moore, Donald. 104 Moore, Emest. 104. 126, 127 Moore, Mr. Edward, 37, 102 Moore, Pearlie. 53 Moses, Joanna. 80 Mosley, Henrietta. 104 9 Marando. James, 791. Marcyjanik. Charles, '65 Marsh, Miss Anna. 37 Marshall, Robert. 125. 128 Martin. Mr. James. 17, 83 Martis. Vlasley. Loretta. 25. -13, 104 Mr. Joseph. 13 Mattox. Roy. 52. 109. 112 Mayes, Albert. 79. 125. 128 Mayes. Alhertine. 137 Mayes. Janice. 79. 139 Mayes. Patricia. 72 Mayes. l'lol1er1. ll-l- Mosley, Vardaman. 80 Moss. Mary, 93. 96. 108, 138 Mroz. Ronald. 80. 113. 114 Murdock. Robert. 72. 112. 11-1- Nadolski. Lucille. 72. 99. 115. 133. 138 Naylor. Alum Jenn. 80 Naumolf. Bill. 20. 53, 123. 124 Nawrocki. 111111. 130 Nuwroclci. Will1am. 80. 125 Mc-Clinton. Merrie. 1011- Mf-Colluni. Virginia. 10, 05, 111. 1111 lil McCollum. William. 52 Nr-doll. Albert. 20. 53. 123, 124, 130, 133 Nedoff Jerome, 80. 113 Nelson Floyd. 80 Nelson Melvin. 65 Nelson , Mr. Virgil, 37, 83, 125 Nemtuda. lrene, 72. 100, 104, 138 Newsome, Barbara, 54, 93 Norton, Edward, 112 Norwine, Paul, 80, 113 Norville, Wilhe Jean, 80 Novak, Mr. George, 37 Nowakowski, Edward, 112, 123, 124 Nugnis, Allan, 65 Nunley, Gloria, 139 Nunn, Roy, 80, 113 Odie, Arthumus, 54, 112 Oldgi, Loretta, 54, 105 Olejnik, Bob, 54, 92 Olszewski, Paul, 72 Onder, Andy, 66, 108 O'Neal, Sarah, 66, 105, 133 Oresik, Ronald, 54, 118, 123, 124 Orlowski, Judy, 56, 105, 136 Orlowski, Pat, 72, 104, 138 Osborne, Leonard, 66, 109, 114, 129 Osika, Lynn, 80, 139 Ottoson, Arvin, 80 Ottoson, Marvin, 72 Overberg, Rita, 24, 25, 43, 54, 104, 136 Ozug, Sharon, 80, 104, 139 Pachapa, Paul. 72. 118 Padol, Sharon, 66, 91, 94, 95, 137 Pagan. Haydee, 105 Page, Carl, 25. 54 Paige, Bill, 72 Pajor, Randy, 66. 126, 127, 130 Palmateer, Terry, 73, 129 Panozzo, Vincent, 66. 124, 130 Parmley, Carol, 73 Pastoret, Georgialice. 73, 138 Patterson, Diane, 55, 105 Patterson, Richard, 80, 114 Patton, Marie, 66, 133 Patton, Patricia, 25, 55, 91, 105 Patton, Thomas, 126, 127 Pavelka, Elaine, 33 Pawlicki, John, 109, 114, 115 Pawlicki, Pat, 66, 105 Penn, Rev. Robert E., 30 Perkins, John, 112 Perko, Joe, 66, 86, 89 Perry, Robert, 112, 115 Persin, Pat, 73, 100, 104, 138 Peterson, Johnny, 112, 129 Peterson, Mary, 9, 55, 93 Petkovich, Andy, 66 Petkovich, Pam, 73, 104, 115. 133, 138 Petrukitas, John, 102 Phillips, Julia, 66, 96 Phillips, Walter, 112 INDEX Pigee, Alice, 73, 96, 108 Pisarski, Joyce, 73, 93, 100, 104, 138 Pittman, Linda, 104 Ploszaj, Carol, 80, 105 Polatewicz, Barbara, 80, 139 Pollard, Racine, 112, 124 Ponce, Henry, 113 Popa, Barbara, 66, 137 Popiela, Sandra, 66, 86, 89, 137 Powell, Jerrie, 66, 86, 88, 95, 134, 138 Powell, Rosalee, 73, 105 Pruitt, Jim, 113 Pruzin, Joyce, 20, 23, 24, 25, 55, 86, 87, 136 Pullins, Julius, 55, 104 Pytel, Mary, 80, 139 Ramirez, John, 114 Randolph, Caroline, 139 Reed, Toniellen, 66, 91, 95, 116, 137 Reedus, Otis, 108, 109, 113, 114 Regans, Williani Roscoe, 55, 129 Resetar, Mrs. Corinne, 38 Retson, Mr. Chris, 30, 31 Reynolds, Earline, 105 Rhoades, June, 55 Rhoades, Suzanne, 73, 93, 96, 138 Riedel, Mr. John, 25, 38, 83, 102 Ritchey, Martha, 80 Roberts, Carl, 73 Roberts, Michael, 55 Robinson, Erline, 56, 93, 106, 108 Robinson, Emma, 66, 105 Rogers, Lorenzo, 113 Rogers, Omar, 80, 112, 125, 129 Rogers, Patricia, 56 Rollins, Kenneth, 113. 125, 128, 129 Romanski, Fred, 113 Romansky, Diane, 56, 117 Robertson, George, 112 Roncsak, Barbara, 56, 93, 104, 136 Rosco, Ron, 112 Rosko, Tom, 81, 117, 125, 128 Ross, Carolyn, 81, 105 Ross, Ronald, 62, 66, 129 Rush, Carol, 81 Sacopulous, Miss Eugenia, 38 Salas, Louis, 66, 108 Salinas, Joseph, 73, 112 Salinas, Theresa, 66, 105 Sanders, Willie, 125, 128 Sargent, Carol, 81, 139 Sassman, Leland, 73, 112 Satanek, Jeanette, 56, 93, 105, 136 Satmary, Esther, 81, 139 Saunders, Richard, 56 Sayles, Nathaniel, 66, 96, 128, 129 Scecina, Nancy, 25, 43, 56, 86, 89 100, 107, 132, 136 Schiralli, Antoinette, 56, 108 Schiralli, Rosalie, 57 Schramm, Fred, 114 Scott, Georgia, 57, 103, 104 Seats, Geraldine, 66, 93, 108 Sebben, Carole, 66, 110, 137 Sebben, Dan, 81 Sebben, Sharon, 73, 116, 138 Sedan, Pete, 66 Serbin, Jack, 124 Serbin, Richard, 125 Serbin, Tom, 57, 123, 124 Serletic, Jack, 57 Seydel, Sandra, 73, 93, 94, 96, 104, 106, 133, 138 Sharpe, Vifilliam, 73, 112 Shaw, Sharon, 66 Sheridan, Theresa, 81, 117 Shirvinski, Carol, 11, 67 Shrader, Kathleen, 81, 139 Shrader, Larry, 5, 57 Shukitis, Lee, 81, 113, 125 Simpson, Richard, 114 Skager, Carolyn, 67, 95, 137 Skager, Dorothy, 31, 57, 90, 91, 92, 105, 136 Skager, Pat, 9, 20, 57, 105 Skager, Sharon, 73, 93, 95, 104, 136, 138 Skolak, Anita, 67, 101, 137 Skolak, Mike, 81 Sledge, Mattie, 67 Smith, Conchita, 73, 104 Smith, Henry, 81, 113, 125 Smith, Myrtle, 93 Smith, Shelly, 67, 93 Smith, Wilhe, 67, 109, 112, 126, 127 Sneed, Bertha, 106 Solomon, Frank, 73, 113, 114, 115 Someson, Myra, 62, 67, 90, 91, 94, 95, 104, 137 Sotiroff, Barbara, 73 Sotiroff, Mary, 81 Soto, Felix, 114 Spearman, Kenneth, 81, 125. 129 Spears, 127 Aahuf, 57, 123, 124, 126, Spletzer, Carl, 67 Stack, Sharon, 58, 104, 136 Standley, Mrs. R. Morris, 30, 31 Starzynski, Lucille, 73 Stasak, 108, Barbara, 73, 100, 103, 104, 138 Stasak, Dean, 125 Stefanovich, Andy, 73 Steucher, Dave, 24, 25, 31, 43, 58, 87, 88 Stevens, Sfc. Joseph R., 109, 115 Stewart, Eileen, 73, 138 Stewart, Evelyn, 104 Stewart, Jamw, 129 Stewart, Leroy, 67, 114 Stolz, Joyce, 67, 99 Story, Barbara, 67, 104 Strong, Richard, 113, 125, 128 Strong, Jonathan, 113 Sudroff, JoAnn, 10, 20, 23, 24, 43, 86, 93, 99, 116, 117, 136 Sum, Jack, 67, 130 Swerdon, Betsy, 73, 104, 138 Swigon, Tom, 81, 113, 125 Swope, Edward, 113, 124, 129 Talley, Monica, 74, 95, 105, 138 Tandy, Fred, 69, 74, 118 Tate, Edward, 128, 129 Tauck, Mr. R., 38, 83 Taylor, Barbara, 67 Taylor, Glendor, 81 J Taylor, Windal, 114 ' Thiros, Tony, 15, 23, 24, 43 A Thomas, Carolyn, 81 ' 1 Thomas, Lorraine, 76, 81 2 Thomas, Peter, 18, 130 1. 1' ' Thompson, Martha, 67, 88, 93, 96, 99 Thompson, Ray, 18, 74 K 'J Thompson, William, 112 Thurston, Robert, 81, 112 Tieman, Cynthia, 74,104 Tieman, Jane, 81 Tieman, LouAnn, 43, 58, 94, 95, 96, 98, 99, 117, 132, 133, 135, 136 Tillery, 1.eona, 104 Toby, Ma lou, 74, 99, 115, 132, 133, 13 A 1 , Topps, Be rlyf A , Torres, Pau , 13 1 Toth, Al, 23, 25, 58' J x 1 INDEX Trojan, James, 58, 108 Troutman, Nancy, 81, 139 Trzeciak, Robert, 123, 124, 126, 127, 130 Tucker, Arthur, 123, 124, 129 Tucker, Shirley, 81, 139 Underwood, Clarence, 113, 128 Upshaw, Willie, 58, 109, 112, 115, 123, 124, 126, 127, 130 Ursery, Gladys, 74, 104 94, 99, 100, 103, 105, '106, 1 I 132, 133, 136 f 'A Uzelac, Elliott, 59, 122, 123f'124, Uzelac, Donna, 20, 59, 86, 88, 92,13 126, 129 LT, Vance, Bobby, 126, 127 Vance, Mr. Joe, 38, 83, 127, '130 Ai,!,.y:L Varga.s,1,1..eonard, 67, 102 ' ' V, V ez. Lorenzo. 81 agqu X ,'-uf' V61ez, Dplores, 74, 100, 108, 138 f 'L' Vereb Janice. 64. 131 Veriib, RichardL81,'113,.1.19' U Vespo, 'Janicel' 81 L Vespof 3183641161744 . Vespo. 11Vi11ia1n1!74. 112, 114 Vician. Joan.'17. 67. 99. 137 Villarruel. Catalina. 82 fr , Vorkapich. Larry. 74. 119 fvoyt. Judith. 74. 108, 138 Wlachowsski. Richard.Q113, 125 Waddell. Jerry, 113 Waddell. William, 109, 113 Walker. Ann, 43, 74, 105, 108 1X'a1ker. Arlene. 74. 93, 96. 99, 104, 133. 138 Walker. Ed, 113, 125, 128, 129 Wallace. Miss Hlith, 38 Wallace. John, 74, 124 Wallace, Mary, 67, 117, 134 Wallace, Shirley, 59, 105, 135, 136 Wanat. Leonard, 114 Wargo, Larry, 67 Warzecha, Bernice, 74 Washirigton, Annette, 67, 104 Washington, Lawrence, 59 Washington, Wil' ' lj Whitaker, Raymo y' J White, Dani 2 Whitesgle, ?'JaInes,U1j.9 A Wick. ani , 62, 4.95, 0 Wilfyy 1mnard, 'L ' y, Willi' , 9 'lj illiamsflgge,-7 , 3, 96, 129 'Willia I , ucille , 93, 108, 138 Willfarms, M , 14, 117 Williams! , 25, 43, 59 Willia j Sharon, 68, 95, 119, 137 W arbara, 82 h Wiiisonf anal, 112 , 'Wilson 'Fra.noes, 82 - , JW11,e45n,'Helen, 68 1 . 1 W'1'15fJI'l, 1 Wilwn. Mrs. M8na, . Wilson. rt, 112, 6, 121 Wimbley, S da, -68, 1, Wirtes. Eve yn, 99, 1105, 106, 1E 133. 136 Wirtes. Tina. 133 Wise, Mr. Charles, 38, 60 Woldt, W'alter, 74 V1'olfe, Sandra, 82, 136 W'olter, Thomas, 82 Wonsowicz, Ronnie, 74 Wok, James, 74, 113 Wlright, James, 112, 129 Wfright, Linda, 104, 138 Wszolek, Albert, 75 Vfszolek. Donald. 59 1XTszolek. Jerry. 60 Wfyatt, Royal. 126, 127 Yover. Sharon. 68. 103. 105 Yudt, Charlotte. 69. 75. 93. 94. E 105. 115. 133. 138 Zak. Brenda. 68. 100. 105. 137 Zakutansky. Joe. 68 Zarych. Jean. 68 Zavada. Emeric. 18. 60, 108. 1C 112.11-1-. 115. 116 Tow l Alma, ki-jx Wsthingtona-Bertha. 82 1 Zuk. 13 -hay.. '5. 111 .8 MY U3 21 V fb il gl-1 SLJYLJ L. 1 az-- ,f .1 1 - glN,149..,afXLj7'L, 3, f My L ,X Art ub ,,,,,, ,,,, 1 , , V V , 103 , Library Club Vrrr, ,,,,,,,,- 5 B d . ,,.. . , 7' ,fa SL I la, 1. N .1 V, V. ,Y Y W HHH--H .33 .. , MA- tw Wxffreftfe 3 Basketba, , ' 120, If .C 3"'llA7 RWIOC C , . . 1. 1 3, . . 1 A A e aeese A 1 a 31101418 111 "' 3-2 2 is "ee'ee H133 Eg333g,f1'1b jx M , , , ,538 , : Colman. 1 . ...... ......... .... 5 Liiff 90 FIT-.Al 1 ' Duff f L 19-V- ,3l,,vXfvfNf'X- A Tig-neg ,,,, ,-,,- ,,,,,,,, Q P 88 G.A'A. 134 X-Countr and Track ...... , ,,.,, 129 112.0413 film' TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY 'M www, .1 vwumu A., Ima--gn. I4 8 X ,,f A lfl ,4J5if..J A A .- VZ fy f "' Qi 'q f K Q , fifwfgjf' alliyfx' 5: V ' A ' U , if , MQ W 099 MWA My N? 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Suggestions in the Tolleston High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Gary, IN) collection:

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