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Q3 A W E I 0 M . W V ' , . L Y I ,ff:Mf1n " - fw , g,y,: .,., , , , I A ,. fi ,,,, xy V 1 , 5 -,wi V. - 1 0 1 P K ! V7 ' 5' wiffdf 'Sf , QQ. K A , D N' X? W W QW? MX W'yfiI,, , WW 22 Sag wp A 0 I uw if My ' 1 ' L kxkks' Pk fra p L-UGA' 'i ,mul ' 1' F95 GW A 5 who HELP M5 I - N 4 xx' 'NS 'Xl ' 74' -'M'AFr,,y6, 7 Q DM 2 Nw jx ' F54 V fx '57 .K V3 iq K X 'X ii ' N KMA Qjjv ff V fy jp at ' 50 MM W WMM WV ,MW ffff+ni?,31f',?f',f,i,f!f,ffff'VM 261: ig Q ' xi - 0 KJ 14 Zuffszifffw , EEE? li? M .V'Zfwff G3 MYER Yffjjld , 79' - J MM? MMM Wvfflw W fifiifi ffff J G MJO5lf"3jLhQ5f5rZ-Moda wwnxVQW wfieeffjwfaf My M ,ff My , 5' 1,0 A up Q ' vicv My W K joy! T2 Jyo A Kyiv if ' M73 -44 . ff M., " . , ' mx' M- 9 7 W A Y ,A. A M7 ,J Wa yu is 42A-P dv V ' AVb E Jw-f fail' 'LL !A'MNL ' JYADD '-3,14-1, J ff I-frf--fx.QW Zjq ZM4ZZ'1H'W ' f I f m7 ff 'fftlf I ff - J ,. fl , lj bg! ,X ,M f ' igllldf 470 , ff If L ' f iff , , , b X if f 'Z ZCL an 40,90 V qqvh in-iffflf L JJC9' 4 ttz' ,VLQ M avi' Dfw - 1 A A , if V 4 TQ f , 2 Q pw-ff , 1QwW qw X f fm f f jdwgiblx, 3 , f . F M f , pk mf' LL N, ,W Q . 7 ,N l W' v a C Q xl J . 'J2 I f Q V r - ' L, fitf '1 V' , ' E A' LBYQ L a W1 ' - W " v, ' +1 K' L ,-, V, , , frxrfr, LN' , ff jx lfwgfpvi ,A7 1 1, V ' ff 2 J,,f if! i,,f,f:,ji - J fl V 'J ! f N ,L K W XM - 'nj' V 1 ' If ,4VY ft? ,, ' ' UR vmnvm ,,1" W fy f HZ,f5 'M XX GJ ly iw I m L yfffb A W M f" Wu SW gfffvf 'X 1 ,f . P' f, I f WW :wi 'WM :sn ll Mmm, th 5 ,mmqw W. Q M fffi YfM" g ,M A 1. Mi f , V , , . 4. ' M5347 Xa 40 Qi 'Q .,f W X 3 , 1 M ,J 14144 Y ' f. , 6 M' ' ,N , "f G at 4515, fx 1, M My 3 f may Wig' 5 ,Z 2, , f" ig 'E' wk X My fam 4' iv. 1.4 ,,, ff W , 'CU '-1 Qi... MW 'W'h4Y'.vy.- 1 A' " 1 4.49 LW , ,L,f,, 72 " '., ,U f..,NM,,,,,,, ' ,N ,Wy fi M, .I f. nf 4s'x,,, R "imp, ' ' ' wwf f ff, f ,, , ,W , ,, ,,L, ,, 7 ,W f f ' Www, I ww W' A WG, wr L44 fy-N0,,,,f f W 1 . I 1 ff -A 1 if I fvf' ,Q ,X ' f Nap '51, 1 ' f ' ,Lf 1 , ," H! W 'A , 1' Y people 18 S! .C S jg 24 :IE ca is 58 F1 V ' spofdz 1 I8 4- A 1 Q, A 1 1, A , L6 H 'fx' 5 fa U 4? if 1 V7 1 ,ef If W w We swf is It can be said that every school year starts off at a busy pace when autumn arrives and the smell of burning leaves is strong in the air, This pace will not allow itself to be interrupted until the weather becomes very warm, the trees green, and the last day of school in June arrives, This year was certainly no exception. New classes, faces and friends, club initiations, and the start of the football season all demanded attention at the same time. The freshmen, lost in th irxnew environment, made friends with other members of their class who had the same feeling of bewilderment, Thes X wly-formed frixendships would last through all their high school days, The seniors, also in a state of bewilderrnent at mr t would followxCommencement, became closer to and fond of the friends with whom they had associated fort C l 1 four rs. ,W X LX L-Q CW, xx No sooner had everyone settlecljri X the rplufine of school life, after a hex tic Xsyrrglreff 'man that busyypace began, taking with it the firkgandfsec ad' eriods and the end of the Blue Raiders' football season. , Two of the Tollesttxids nxrain s 'al s could also be seen flying by, the Honbraryi Cciionels Dance 3.Qd,Ih,6 L is 0-- Starlight Fantas '-ndw plegsant nxjemori for those who attended them. Class parties, the o cqsionsfwhen thgiclass QL QM members were ab efto mgiet in a body nd better acquaint themselves with one another, were held duringtlle"-firstfsemeste too, Thefhi h s ool gyfrn, where UE parties were held, became unrecognizable asfft teokl nlgthesfestivei-air that y I accompa . decorjof the parties, Again that busy pace took hold lwlien tlreiecorataon comb -itteesogcigried t'oi,fih'11sh Q, decorating ore tliivefstudents arrived. c' , jk t, Q19 i m ln whatjiow .seems like a matter of a few short days, the fir ser esterkhad-nded and the baslgJetballf.seaQdn'W1s'fvell under way, 'l5heLfreshmen had earned their first high school cre imlalnd had begurf to un?rs1and the meaning of high school life a little more clearly, The sophomores, having been nnhighschoole-forfonegfyear, were seasoned veterans-- feeling they knew all there was to know, and they took their firstfsltotfah becominig upper classnieniby orderihg their class rings, The juniors found themselves planning for their first prom, to be held almost four,r4nlo,rnh,s,,.4l:ateivg' 'they began to take on the responsibilities and prestige of real upper classmen. They now held many important club offices and had a large representation on the different sports teams. if V' With the end of the basketball season, the fever of tournament time affected Tolleston even though the Blue Raiders' hopes were quelled quickly, That busy pace again began to move more quickly and the months seemed to pass like hours. The seniors nervously awaited the announcement of their senior rankings and hoped they would be proud to display their rankings, They silently reminisced and marveled at how terribly fast that busy pace had gone. They wondered where these last four years had gone and why they had gone so quickly, especially this last year, 1957 .... The prom was here, and then swiftly swept up in the arms of that busy pace and carried away, with only the wilted flower and limp ribbon of a week old corsage to bring glimmering memories to the mind of its owner. As that busy pace sped on its way toward the warm summer days, it brought in its wake Commencement Day--the day all high school students await, To some, it is the end of their formal education, to others, it is merely a stepping stone to more learning, In a few small hours, these seniors would become alumni. While being carried forward by that ever busy pace, the alumni looked back with mixed emotions through eyes already eager to seek out the future, and visualized the fall of 1957, when again autumn would arrive and the burning leaves would again send their aroma through the air. Next year will again start off at the busy pace that has flown this year's senior class through the last four years, To take the place of the Class of '57 will be another freshman class who cannot yet comprehend what lies ahead of them--four of the happiest, most eventful years of their lives--their high school years. Each year they will be able to look back and say as we say now, "We've had a busy year. " f 2,'WWfWh B ls? ' "In spring, a young man's fancy. . . " ' Wm J "Marching along together ff f Z TZ-ewA "Swimming, swimming M.. I. ' .1' rf? - - Q-fir: e s.. --s m , X Mix Students begin to arrive as the start of another school day begins. On cold, wintery mornings automobiles are a convenient way to school. 'f ,H MW, if Q'?gf"3,1'fffiQ 1 ii K 1142 475 '-i'fiEf,.i,' , in ifffy, fjciffiy vm, , - ., f wa f ' ,Q 92" xa : - 1 '-" 1 , ' ' if ,if 7 , 44mg-V Nj, ,, V-W, 1 A VWf1,-1ma4AQ,Mm ff x Many students walk through the park to reach their des- tination --l 7th and Marshall Street--Tol leston School. .Wu-n. 1 CANDY CQ' Em 1 Noun, verb, or adverb? owmadefoly A student's main purpose in school is to gain an education and eventually, secure a diploma--the proof of his ability to under- stand and to learn. A student, with the help of his guidance counselors, his parents and teachers, has the opportunity to choose either a college or a commercial course to follow throughout high school-which ever course will prepare him for his Iife's work. rf" ...1 If , A .. ws .., 4', D ,ii 'z,, ff Quiet! Biologists at work. Freshmen learn to use protractors. 8 s xl' ,ww "Who else knows the answer?" "How do you get the paper in? e Tl-I "What's that, coach?" g "Up and down, up and down , , . , , , , wr, f ff , , X ' ' 4 ,V fxfzf S? ,. , With all these cooks, that turkey oughta' taste good! Long practice helps make our chorus perfect. i wwda .. r ' E l l 1 Q1 Nimble young fingers make experienced seamstresses Future artists develop their talents. "Exac1'ing measurements . " I i. wf'lv',,ff' 1 Q .E Q H V, . i . if Q g 5 sw Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz . . Q best 1 if g sag The bulletin is read daily in all homerooms. Cheer up, dads! 'll Dad's Night was Cl joyous and memorable occasion for the Tolleston Blue Raiders this year. The Tolleston Dads' Night was held on September 2l against the Emerson Golden Tornado. This game was the high light of the entire football season for Tolleston, for it was the first time in history that Tolleston defeated Emerson . Following the game, which took the place of the homecoming game,lTolleston's dads were honored at a banquet in the Tolleston School cafeteria. The Dari-Maid was the center of excitement for most of the fans after the victory. A bonfire was started in the middle of Fifteenth Avenue and there was dancing and singing until the wee hours of the morning . ' bmah spew: Players seem to be playing follow the leader while block- ing the ball carrier. Co-captains with their fathers pictured from left to right are Mr. Louis Callaway, Sr., Louis Callaway, Jr., Mr. Edward Brennan, and Tom Brennan . , -7 , , I., l xl These cheering fans give their team moral support. "The Raiders must be winning," iudging from the cheerleaders' bright smiles. ' as ,J Y 1 J Proud dads line up on the football field with our victorious Raiders. I3 'Q-mv Five-minute class break sends students scurrying to their lockers. ' , ,spofvts Hollguord, JoAnn Ronlc, okays Joan Pisaeski's pass. L we Q , - YW 'iw fl , l , V f , , , ,,W,w,,4,,f,,,ww , Typical hall scene: Doc walking 14 Cynthia to Cliff V , E 2 1 Ethel Patton, winner of the Rotary Club's Candy is a welcome treat during a district oratorical Scholarship contest. hectic school day. wwnkwupsclwo-M5601 Bea enhances Spring concert with her solo performance-. 1 .,,, Pictured is Mardi Gras King, S. Blaney fcenterj being crowned by cheerleader, J. Tiernan. At far left is W. Swerdon, runner-up. To right ofthe king are S. Ell, cheer- leader captain, and runners-up J. Fontana and R. Atchison. ,,, .....uuua1 is f- , ' ,f 4' Refreshments are served between dances of the Junior c ass party. pwrtieswwf Senior class ring sets decor for 1955-1956 Prom, the theme of which was "So Dear To My Heart". gm, .s1,.,f E ,JN-f We like her foo, Bill! Judy ond Sieve ore o good exomple of the good time lwod by all of The Senior Class Porfy. Maiwocinlb Here's your coke, Mickey. X . ..,1 . 5 W T 'T-N .1. 1 x ,f-XX . K X' 1, it fl .14 I! 'K I 1- Ag ., N gf , f ,WW WWW! f 121,31-3:51ffg':w:aq. qu '- thy' :A-.--ez X 22251- ' --' ' Y 4- 'M .,.. ff ...,.. .,.,,.- ...,,. ,, ,.,,. ,w :V.4, .,l? I -V Q f png, M Q ffff fi! Gel Q6 0 ffff gf 1,5 - " ' , ff ...,,,ig',,J ,721 ff, f f 14 X X f f 2 ff yn, ,fq ,'f,.a.:f,:ih f ' I ' ' Tiflflfff ,Y WffZ70,77 ' ' .,f4'15M,v 4,Q,,efwAff,-Aff ,f , J ,ayaf .. ' I iaflif 1 7'f"f'2'f 'Aw -'22 ,,.,, .,,., 4 X .W '1-iw 1372, , ff' ww, Uff, ,fy www. WA f Q ? f ' nf!! UH ,VJ m f f,i', ,V ,,,, f in Yljifjwgg 134214 f vii 'f C7 47 XM f ,V 5 nf Henry A. Rowland, Principal 20 Mildred M. Gilpin, Assistant Principal 21 1 THE HIGH SCHOOL OFFICE STAFF PICTURED ABOVE, FROM LEFT TO RIGHT ARE: D, Gaski, P, Simko, and L. Hulse, X , 0 0 0 0 Much appreciation should be expressed also deserve a certain amount of appreciation to the efficient girls in our office for the for their many services are Mrs. MOQi0UdIS many services they perform for us. Two and Mrs. McCrosky. other members ofour school personnel who PICTURED BELOW IS: I. Magioudis, of the welfare PICTURED BELOW IS: L. McCrosky, school nurse. department. 1 x 22 PICTURED ABOVE ARE: Dr, Alden H. Blankenship, Superintendent, and his Assistant, Dr, Harold Kaiser. blamkewslizpfswws ' Dr, Alden H, Blankenship was named the new Pictured above, hard at work, are the members of our office staff. superintendent of the Gary Public School System in July of 1956. MEMBERS OF THE GARY SCHOOL BOARD ARE: Mr, Chris N, Retson, President, Mr. Joseph A, Luckey, Vice-President, Mr, Charles E. Daugherty, Treasurer, Mrs, R, Morris Standley, Secretary and the Rev, Robert E, Penn. It was not possible to take a picture of the board at the time our book was sent to press, PICTURED ABOVE WITH MRS, GILPIN, ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL ARE OFFICE STAFF MEMBERS, FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: L. Barausky, Y, Macchia, D, Snemis, and Mrs, Gilpin, 23 A. ACHESON Physical Education P, BOHNEY Homeroom R. CARRABINE Science 45,0 I. BARAN English A, ': ,g . ,.-,, , -M, ,.?, ,',,VV V W , ,f is VXQIV, 1, Ly 'sf ' X V, nn n R. BUNTON i Library A, CARTER Band P, BECK E. BIELSKI Foods Band As our busy year comes to an end, we, the students of Tolleston High School, would like to express our appreciation for the many things our teachers have done for us this year. They have taught more than the regular academic subjects by helping ff us with problems which did not pertain to school. E i W Often they went without thanks or any show of gratitude, but without them there ' would be no sponsors for our many clubs. V. COMEFORD L. CHUCKNEY Mathematics Social Studies , X Jbfvkf mm DR. CRANE Social StudieS 3 LJ E. FLICK Crafts .,kX E. L DEVITT C, DOMROESE F, ELKINS Xi Safety and Health Music Physical Education 0 i P, ELLIOT- e c i Y 5 nl .'?' ,i 7 M. ww 9 . 5 Englislliand Latin 1 Guidance C ,all S, GAFFIN E, GOFORTH Arr Mathematics Q i Q i Guidance N, N isis, fi 1 A ' D. 'GRAY W, HAYES J. JOHNSON E, JONES V, KAY Wood Shop Safety and Health Audio-Visual Physical Education f, .X ' M. KRISKO English A, LYNCH Auditorium gy ,,., f O . LES KOW Shutter Snappers A. MARSH Social Studies ,if fig'-' 'L-'ffl H f4-235.4 X 'I X , f x, , :'ii'f'fL?Z 1 'lcf 'Q 5 ,, y l, f ' , M f I flff, "What's the joke, Mr, Bohney?" V. MILES V. MOFFATT Clothing English , X Haifa' '53, M 4 M 1,74 f if 2 L f ,fy , I f 1 ,i if 5 I ix ,', J 'Jx4A,,y.f, E, W, MOORE 4' G. NOVAK A. PRADO C. RESETAR Science ' Metal Shop English and Spanish Commerce l By setting a good example, the teachers have shown us how to develop good working habits and the importance of a well-balance education. After sac- rificing their time for us, they go out of their way to help us. Our busy year has been enioyable, thanks to our faculty. E. WALLACE SGT. WINTERS Science D. M. 5. T. 1 C, SAPONE English C. WISE Social Studies g K V fi' 'wi ' I- V, ,f'v? f .' "ff"3fZ4' 2 f f' .-1 ' fa' -f ,,VV,, , , , -'fra 4 9' f Q. ,L :,4.,..Q. ,mms f V ,V V , ,, , 1 W., : H ww .f ,V ,f -- f W. STEVENS Commerce J. VANCE Safety and Health 2 X f Q' ' ' 4 if X yi 9 65, if X ff X N.. 1, ff ff f-I ' V S' , f,g?4,,'?-f. 4 f ., f f . ,,,...4w,f wx f - Q 4 HALLGUARD SPONSORS, PICTURED ABOVE, FROM LEFT TO RIGHT ARE: Mr. Sapone, Mr. Kay, Dr, Crane, Mrs, Lynch, Miss Gaffin, Mrs. Simpson, and Miss Leskow, LOMJQIAOJLJS wgulata HALLGUARDS, PICTURED BELOW, FROM LEFT TO RIGHT ARE, BOTTOM ROW: P. Swigon. I. Klifft, P. Sedan, L, Oldgi, and G, Czyazasty, TOP ROWgJ. Corbeille, N, Muzek, R, Kainrath, E. Persin, W. Finney, T. Boynak, and R. Williams. HALLGUARDS ARE PIC- TURED FROM LEFT TO RIGHT, BOTTOM ROW: B. Wallace, I, Rhodes, D. Flournoy, F, Byrd, B. Malcom, and F, Towns. TOP ROW: T. David, I,Be11, M. Nelson, D. Kadelek, V, Flack, and M. Henry. MMMIWHOUS HALLGUARDS ARE PIC- TURED FROM LEFT TO RIGHT, BOTTOM ROW: B, Smith, D. Dean, R, Miller, S, Guenther, and C, Zeithammel, TOP ROW D. Lowe, I, Pisarski, B, Hopkins, B. Taylor, and J, Ronic, ww. '14, nf M .M ., f C , Nw, A MK, W , ,, nn .f .ff V- am ,, p P. T. A. OFFICERS PICTURED ABOVE FROM LEFT TO RIGHT ARE: Mr. Bohney, P.T.A. Recording Secetaryg Mrs. Popescue, Vice-Presidentg Mrs. Patzert, ADMIRING BICYCLE RACKS THAT THE P- T- A- Presidentg Mrs. Daronatsy, City Wide Council PURCHASED FOR TOLLESTON STUDENTS AR-E2 Representativeg Mrs. Behnke, Treasurerg and Mrs. Lehocky, MI. Gray, Mrs. Koldus, MIS. LaIT1fa1l1Si, and MI. Hospitality Chairman, Mrs. Alex Koldus TOUCSIOH, Dfif1CiP31- Recording Secetary, was not pictured. fl' .Bu3sA ' The Tolleston P. -T.A. constantly studies and is concerned about the needs of Tolles- ton School. Through membership dues and ci stand at the Dad's Carnival, the P.-T.A. was able to purchase an audiometer. Pro-A ceeds from a bunco, held in November, bought a bicycle rack. Many guests such as Dr. Alden H. Blankenship, Superintendent of Schools, and Josephine Wolfe, General Super- visor of Elementary Education, have been present at meetings. On this year's list of activities for the P.-T.A. were a discussion of National Edu- cation Week, a program of Christmas carols, a crafts and art exhibit, and a style show. P.-T.A. is entertained at Christmastime by Mixed Chorus program. www W ,,., PICTURED AT THE RIGHT ARE BAND BOOSTER MEMBERS. 43' WS booswus support baud Our band is supported by an able group of band members' parents, the Band Boosters. Their function is to provide uniforms and extra equipment for the Concert Band. Each year the Band Boosters sponsor a trip and a banquet for the band, as rewards for out- standing performances in concerts, parades, and at Commencement. PICTURED BELOW ARE BAND BOOSTER OFFICERS, FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: MI. Molder, Mrs, Nelson, The Band Boosters build the morale of the band and encourage the band members to do their best by providing them with the better equipment that gives Tolleston a better band. The members ofthe band and Tol leston School in general are greatly indebted to this organ- ization for all of its help. PICTURED BELOW IS the clarinet trio that won first place in the N,I, S,B,O,V,A, contest, Mrs, Collins, Mr, Ioros, and Mr, Zavada, DADS' CLUB OFFICERS PICTURED ABOVE, FROM LEFT TO RIGHT ARE: Mr. Bennett, Mr, Kvachkoff, Mr. Lehocky, and Mr, Callaway, Our baseball, basketball , and football teams are supported by an able group of the fathers of the players. This group, the Tolleston Dads' Club, helps support our sports teams by hold- ing beneficial activities. This year, Dads' Club held a carnival, which proved very successful in 4 PICTURED ABOVE, FROM LEFT TO RIGHT ARE: Coach Vic Kay, Dad's Club President George Lehocky, and Coach Fred Elkins. as mdebtewbm A good eye and steady hand will win him that statue. raising funds. The teams and stu- dents of Tolleston are indeed grateful for the help of this or- ganization. A spin on the ferris wheel gives Bea and Ray ag view of Colieston from the air. A little cowboy takes a whirl on the merry-go-round. 32 Dads' Club dons aprons to serve P.T.A. daLL'so0ub6ofuits DADS' CLUB MEMBERS ARE, AT FAR RIGHT: Mr, Lehocky, President. AND FROM LEFT TO RIGHT ARE: Mr, Miller, Mr, Callaway, Mr. Spisak, Mr, Snyder, Mr. Bennett, and Mr, Kvochkoff. 33 ,, . 93-12356 .. --'-- : M5 f f Y 1 ,M s:. 1 f , f 1 , X 1 QM .-MW,-v.Q,N,wx-N f ,g -. ,W of' A -K ,, 2.yW4,gf:,wf-W- 003661149 .1 Z W x. N 'f-'sag x I xwwxf' :1l vu V. pun. wh.-mv O - 'U D LJ' S k- jg . Ai FN X Q , , . 1 'xg 1 W I i f 1 .W,,.1 A MARY ALMA PAGE SYLVIA ANN KACHUR O O S f sal ""TW'-p CHRISTY, JOSEPH Sr, Class President Football Basketball Baseball s f xx GREGOR, ANDREW J. Sr, Class Secretary Student Council President Sophomore Class President Basketball KELNER, IO ANN Sr, Class Vice- President Girls' Rifle Team G. A. A. T.A.G. 1 SWERDON, WILLIAM wiv Sr. Class Treasurer Basketball X-Country Social Club "mn ALEXANDER, ROSIE Library Club Social Club G.A.A. T,A,G. ATCHISON, REX Football Freshman Basketball Social Club BARDOS, GORDON Pioneer Staff Camera Club President Spatin Club Student Council BEHNKE, GEORGE Football R,O,T,C, Concert Band Social Club BELLA, LAWRENCE W, Social Club Booster Club Concert Band f Z Z i ,f f f' ... my :FUS5 " ' 4,. ',.42:v V ' f E91-2 ,V A,,. ..,.,A. A I ..,.,. .I :. "Wi-':.:..:f2. f.' in 9 ., '45 2 7 Maw BENNETT, JOHN .TACK BIIVIS, MARGIE Spatirl Club Library Club FOOIbH11 Mixed Chorus Baseball G. A. A. Social Club T, A.G. 'WEN BIRD, WYNONA Majorette Social Club G, A, A, Concert Band BLANEY, STEVEN Junior Class Treasurer Basketball Football Track BODE, HERMAN Social Club Pioneer Staff Tolly Times Basketball W A BRENNAN, TERRY Student Council Football Mixed Chorus Social Club BRENNAN, THOMAS BROGNO, JOHN BROWN, WILLIAM Football Co-Captain Industrial Arts Club Social Club Mixed Chorus Football X-Country Spatin Club Safe Teens Basketball Social Club Social Club Freshman Football F it ,,,, BRYJA, ROSE HELEN Spatin Club Biology Club Girls' State Social Club BUBIK, RICHARD Industrial Arts Club Camera Club Safe Teens Social Club BYCYNSKI, JOHN Industrial Arts Club Social Club X-Country CALHOUN , IRVIN X-Country Basketball CALLAWAY, LOUIS M, CHAPMAN, KAREN GAYLE Baseball G, A,A, Football Co-Captain Art Club R,O,T ,C , Crafts Pioneer Staff CHESTOVIC H, NICK Social Club Football COSTIDAKIS, MARIAN- G. A. A. Social Club Biology Club Mixed Chorus 1 'quad ff X! V jc?" f ' rf 'f iz '0 f- . ' , ' , mm COTTON, BONNIE G. A. A. Library Club Mixed Chorus CIONI, ROSALYN MARIE G, A, A, Council Spatin Club Vice-President Girls' Rifle Team Social Club COGLEY, RUTH ANN Spatin Club Glee Club Social Club COMER, ZEKE Track X-Country Pioneer Staff R, O. T. C. CORBEILLE, JAMES Concert Band Social Club CUNNINGHAM, NONA G. A. A. Mixed Chorus Social Club 5121. A, ,..f.: flavafff ...Aw ' hu f wlW""f 'W .vkivd CURCIO, JERRIE G, A, A, President Cheerleader Mixed Chorus CZARNECKI, MARIE Girls' Rifle Team Social Club DAVID, THOMAS Student Council Industrial Arts Club Social Club DE MEYER, VICTOR i ,J Spatin Club ffw+f.,,, Industrial Arts Club X-Country Social Club DERDOWSKI, WAYEQE DI FATTA, IOSEPHINE DIVIJAK, JOSEPH R, O, T, C, G. A. A. Student Council Football Spatin Club Camera Club Social Club Social Club Social Club Wire , 4 ' , GELEOTT, JANET G, A, A, Spatin Club Biology Club Pioneer Staff Mx GERUSKA, FRANK R, O, T, C. .ff 4:m,, 'La u , DROP, JOYCE MARIE G, A, A, Social Club ELL, SHIRLEE ANN G. A. A. Cheerleader Captain Pioneer Staff Mixed Chorus EZELL, SILVER LEE Mixed Chorus FONTANA, JOHN B, Junior Class President Safe Teens President Art Club Vice President Football GLADYS, ELAINE Mixed Chorus Library Club Social Club GoLsToN, HAZEL G. A. A. Mixed Chorus .an Club GUENTHER, SHARON G, A, A, Library Club Mixed Chorus Social Club Wir'-W '? Y HAGGARD, PATRICIA if Q -f G. A. A. s F VAZA. A' gg, l Camera Club In . Social Club V, f' HARDAWAY, CHARLENE Q G, A, fm C ' T Q G X Social Club Concert Band HARGAN, IOANNA HORTON, EMMIE I. T. A. G. T- A- G- G, A, A, G. A. A. Concern Band MiXCd Chorus Social Club HAYMON, JAMES Social Club f QW 4 A nom,-df' if 'L HULSE, GERALD Industrial A .Safe Teens Social Club Football rts Club HYDO, CHARLOTTE Cheerleader G, A, A. Council Junior Class Secretary Student Concil JOHNSON, LEROY Football i JOHNSON, SHIRLEY I G, A, A, 1 Social Club KACHUR, SYLVIA KAMZA, DOLORES E. G, A, A, Secetary Mixed Chorus KAPICA WALTER Spatin Club Library Club Industrial Arts Club Student Council Biology Club Safe Teens Pioneer Staff Social Club Social Club KELLNER, MA RGA RET KENDRON, CHRISTINE Library Club Mixed Chorus KINARD,INEZ G, A, A, Library Club Mixed Chorus KISH, JOSEPH Student Concil Industrial Arts Club Safe Teens Social Club KLoTz,JoHN giwame www? 1-wa Industrial Arts Club KOSAC, JUDITH ELLEN Spatin Club Spatin Club Vice-President X-Country G, A, A, Treasurer Social Club Social Club KOVACH, KEN , n' , 47, ' Q 1 'MG f, ' maya ff f if L , ff 2' f 2 lwjqf' fn!! 'Huw X s"1mii11"f"' WM LOWE, DOROTHY G. A. A. T, A, G Mixed Chorus Social Club ww? MABIN, DOLORYS G. A. A. T, A, G. Pioneer Staff Social Club KOWALSKI, WALTER Football Basketball Baseball Social Club LENOIR, LOUISE G, A, A, LEWANDOWSKI, DONALD Industrial Arts Club X-Country LICHENIAK, LILL Library Club Mixed Chorus MacDONALD, ESTHER F. T, A, G Library Club Social Club IAN I MAC KULAK, EDWARD Football Social Club MARTIN, RUTH ANN Girls' Slate Sophomore Vi Concert Band G, A, A, MATTIE, PATRICIA G, A, A, Social Club MQCORD, CA Social Club Camera Club G, A, E., Safe Teens MC DOWELL, PATRICIA T. A. G. G. A. A. Mixed Chorus Camera Club ce- President ROLINE NUR Xa 4 LJ, MCKAY, Lois Social Club G. A. A. Concert Band V 'Ab .11 Viz , QA , , A , . X :U MEDVED, KATHLEEN G. A. A. T. A. G. Dramatics Library V 1,-.4 Wwvwv .f-MJ 941 .Z ,,,,, ,, Not Pictured NELSON, MELV Audio-Visual Mixed Chorus Social Club IN wamavl, f NICHOLSON, ANITA G, A, A, Mixed Chorus S ocial Club """' MILLER, DOROTHY G, A, A, Mixed Chorus Social Club Library Club MILLER, ROSE ANN G. A. A. Mixed Chorus Library Club Social Club MILLS, THOMAS Safe Teens MORALES, RONALD R. O. T. C. Social Club NORWINE, PAULETTE MARY G. A. A. T, A, G, Student Council Mixed Chorus fix- I +'i2z11,am.,.-Qzv' ' OBERLANDER, RAY Industrial Arts Club R. O. T. C. Social Club Football ONDER, IOANNE T, A, G, Social Club ORLOWSKI, CAROL G, A, A, T, A, G, Social Club OSIKA, SAM Industrial Arts Club Football Mixed Chorus Social Club OTTOSON, BONNIE DORRALNE G. A. A. Mixed Chorus Social Club J 'film 'iff 1 ri-'Muay' ,Wu 1,-d l """'4wvwOW ,NWMW PAGE, MARY ALMA PAIGE, RICHARD G, A, A, Spatin Club Spatin Club Treasurer Freshman Club Vice-President Freshman Club Secretary Student Council Pioneer Staff R, O, T, C. S, in ff km .f X . Not Pictured f.', I ,I ,ffi ,' lf 1 . I ff ' Q PARKES, DOUGLAS Art Club Football PASCEVICH, KENNETH Spatin Club Art Club PATTON, ETHYL G, A, A, Biology Club Pioneer Staff Senior Class Representative PERSIN, EDWARD Industrial Arts Club Camera Club Social Club PISARSKI, JOAN PLUTO, DONNA PETRITES, JOSEPH J. G, A, A, G, A, A, R. O. T. C. T. A. G. Camera Club Mixed Chorus Freshman Club Treasurer Mixed Chorus Social Club Social Club Social Club Q' POLATOWICZ, JULIA G, A, A, T. A. G. Social Club Girls' Rifle Team PULLINS, CARMEN G, A, A, Safe Teens Social Club Mixed Chorus RAGON, MARGARET JEAN Biology Club Camera Club G, A, A, Concert Band My-J REBERG, RAY Nga! Industrial Arts Club Ma' Audio-Visual Social Club Football REGANS, MARY G. A. A. T, A, G, RODRIGUEZ, MARIE Library Club Library Club ROGOLA, ROBERT Social Club Mixed Chorus R, O, T, C, .ky 1 34911 H lifwhmovaswu ff! 'MQ' ,o fa ff. Q if y lg ! '2f',"f -1 .' yf 3' 97 A fliie, Qfydk A ,4 f :. V .ff , ,.,,.4 gw',', , SEDAN, JOYCE HELENE Pioneer Editor SCI-IRAMM, MARY ANN Girls' State G, A, A, Spatin Club Publishing Chairman Pioneer Staff Sophomore Class Treasurer Qqgwffww' RONCSAK, NANCY JO G, A, A, T, A, G. Social Club Pioneer Staff RONIC, .TO ANN G, A. A, Pioneer staff Girls' State Social Club ROSKO, FRANK Cross-Country Social Club Basketball Booster Club RUFFINS, EUGENE Mixed Chorus R. O. T. C. Football Basketball SHAKES, BEATRICE Freshman Class President G. A. A. Vice-President Concert Band Student Council SHUKITIS, MARLENE G, A, A, Mixed Chorus Library Club SIMMONS, PA TRIC IA Nb' iw G. A, A, 4 T, A, G. Mixed Chorus SIMOLA, BARBARA G, 1, A, Mixed Chorus Social Club SMITH, DOROTHY G, A, E., SMITH, ETTA Biology Club Library Club Mixed Chorus -M. My wif' W SNEIDERWINE, WILLIAM Booster Club Social Club S afe Teens Not Pictured X9-3 -If SNEIDERWINE, JAMES Safe Teens Camera Club Not Pictured SZCZERBIK, LORETTA G. A. A. Social Club Mixed Chorus Girls' Rifle Team kg ig 7 TAYLOR, BARBARA G. A. A. T, A, G, Dramatics Social Club W, - 1,5551 SPERKA, EDWARD Industrial Arts Vice-President X-Country Pioneer Staff ST EININGER, JOHN Football Track Social Club SURBER, JOSEPH PAUL X-Country Track SVATOS, CAROL G. A. A. Camera Club Safe Teens Social Club THOMAS, PATRICIA G. A. A. Spatin Club Social Club Booster Club " .,pu.f WM' , 'MW ?Zfi'fgi?1f1 'Wap ff TIERNAN, IUDITH MARIE Spatin Club President Cheerleader junior Class Vice-President Honorary Cadet Colonel TONEY, ALBERT Track TOWNS, GLA DYS G, .-X, A, T, A, G. Social Club Mixed Chorus TRIGGS, BOBBY Social Club Trac l-1 VASILY, SHIPLEY G, A, A, Mixed Chorus Spatin Club Library Club N N E Not Pictured WN VA SQUEZ, ISA BEL G, A, A, VILARDO, THOMAS T, A, G, Social Club Girls' Rifle Team Glee Club Mixed Chorus Safe Teens WSW off ff-wand ai l WALLACE, DONALD Industrial Arts Club i b Safe Teens p fave QLZZ5 , I" ' 4 .I , A, pwfifi, E, WIRTES, GEORGE WILSON, AUDREY R, o. T, c, Social Club WARGO, AGNES Social Club Art Club Mixed Chorus WILD, THOMAS Safe Teens Football Social Club WILLIAMS, ROBERT Social Club X-Country R. O. T. C. Concert Band WIRTES, HELEN G, A, A, Spatin Club Student Council Biology Club " QWWW YAGELSKI, JOHN X-Counnry Football Basketball Social Club YUDT, CAROL LYNN G, A, A, T, A, G, Mixed Chorus Social Club ZAKUTANSKY, IO ANN G, A, A, Mixed Chorus Social Club Hall Guard Ubi' ZEITHAMMEL, CHARLENE Mixed Chorus Social Club LY-pi ,f WM" ir' , V4 '51, I, ,QJ4 f ix! fjCf'l'f LZ f 1' If VL. j . ,ff If f ,, 'Z,.4fL.,4 L1 Cf all L ff' 5 ' ff Ui- WH! V ,i A7 KW ' 1 if , if iff! If yfg, Lf", X Y I, fi, 4, if K 4' Z I4 JK I V ,, H, ,Xl j 16 X, 48 ' , xxf 4 xx , M f V, ,dr af 'JK ' , ' V 5 W MU W JM W fw M Qfmif Cf 7 'guff wwf 4 fi X r- g 4 ' r' , .7 V, , fi i 6 Jil!! 0-fdif ,, V! ff J A fi F , ,. f' , f f?L,z,,iQ 147 Lf ,,7'7V't wc I f 1' ff f Q. ' fzffl' fiff f l 9 r K' if ff Mui I af , 1 ,C 0 H ,g i 1, , Lf Q,g,,f U 0 v A A i 4 jr Xjgxgdzj LA. 4-fy C121 Mijfia2,6f C wwf ff! A 5' f " , ,f f 1 7 4:1 of 'A 4, Lf' ' uf 4 f f J f 1 f 2 X J f If pf i5XCVxMEiL1'xb, CW mwiwwlassmew Q Ewan Q1 Witt R 5 Y, W pf PM Gr M fi f been j l f i?SQN'i i X f MW M. xl if , QQ 5, . MCf X Juniors take cz little time out from dancing at their class party. 58 in? Alexander, James Alvarez, Dan Aragon, Christine Aragon, Joanne Archer, Judy Arthur, Ernest Atchison, Amy Aznar, Joe Baran, Henry Becker, Kathy Biarnonta, Mary Bikoff, Bob Blackman, Shelena Blankenship, Royce Bode, Letitia Bolton, Geraldine 58 PICTURED HERE ARE THE JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Ernest Arthur . . Vice-President Paula Cogley .... Secretary Emery Spisak .... President Larry Mangold .... ,,.,-v ""f"i Q ' it '2 """ .. .1 I ' 1 ff 1 CZ? 'A " A "Wi" v 3 .r xx 5 'N W 4 "" 'A Qs H 4 V gal!! A 1' Q, sr E A f,,,,., 41" Treasurer wif , frsr -fm-f 53 M"""' 4 f J Lf, " fg'f , had I 'ra' Zig: dips WR ,X ff' T ,wk 4' I 6 mwpgn, ,.-H 1 1,4 .tvs , ' fn ,l X Z me 1 4 ' fffqwf f I . sw . 19, f ff" ,Yves 'fx vw .. -1 ff K., x Q f x 4 N, f m ad" 'PK 4 ,-M, " V' gf Q. A f 42 , , , W W 2 f 42 . 'Q W I . fi MW X' ' Vfff ' f,,, 1 'V ,f 1... Ev , .. .' A w 'Nm ,,.,.,,., fy, X i f 5 an 1' ,X 2 Y 2 f 22 .. W1 I 14 X ff? 1 w 9 ,fp in ' 1 A , S. 9 4,, X ' ,Q J l 2 , , Ia, , .7 H , .. f"" I7 Cm f , 'I ff""w jg I I:-, ga, wr? v f if ' 21 ., . 1 3 ,,.f ,, 2 ' ' ' - , ' , 1- I hh , K . , ,fl 'WM ' ,,. it " , f f , f f faiffgz, ,ff I f 7 fwmwff' , M4119 ,ff . l,, Ang!" I I ' ,av MN K fa- 4495, 7. 'M ' ' ' 6, .L ,wa ,..,,., , c- , - Al .ff--.. V if3"??V Q . If 4 ' ' x r I, .1 -,-iff , 1. 'ff 1 " M, WW, f. ' I ' ,, f px 4 1 , 1 'I ly ' lan rv- I, ,V " if .11 ,, -1 1 ff -. . :ti 3 7 '. f ,W,,,, , " -MQW" ,, M, A k,k I . ,, '55, Q f . Aa- ' ., Q 'A uv' X. f 4, 1, I ' X' X , A 'n 'ff f, " l' H , ft 4 , .1 um , 46 .. 4 'K I ,, i1 , fvff' V, "V , aw..-. I, V' qu,-A44 rf, ' - V l f . ffff X I 45 f, r l, . 4 ,W ff 1 f jf! f 'wr' ' n W vw, f f Q' X ,Q X 1 off 'sa Bondor, Luba Braatz, Patricia Byczynski, Mary Ann Cidylo, Sandra Cogley, Paula Collins, Charles Coppess, Charles Czernoch, Elaine Czubik, Joyce Davis, Minnie Demo, Mitzi Didelot, David Dobogai, Frances Dobrowolsky, Kathy Douglass, Fred Drop, Dolores Dudas, Harriet Erler, Mary Ann Feczko, Lois Ferda, Jerry Fernandez, Joe Gawrysiak, Eugene Gibson, Myrtle Gilbert, Mary Off Gregory, Charles Green, Shirley Griffin, Joseph Guzek, Lorene Guinee, Lee Hallo, George Hecker, Barbara Hill, Charles Horton, Hazel Hoskins, Ronald Inrrieri, Sarah Jaksa, Gerry Jackson, Carol Jelesky, Richard Johnson, Dolores Johnson, William Johanson, Bruce Joros, Dave Joseforsky, Alan Kachur, Marilyn Kadelak, David Kainrath, Robert Keeney, James Kelner, Margie 8 wa I Q A 55 hycfyg :f Q2 q 3 J . X ' -: 'Q ,, ' J J A- . an ' if A Q - i J- A, Yigf' G I 'A X fifr: . fi V Q,,sN-gush-'LL G, u-1 H ,Q 1 X QQ X ,.,-. vw- ew. , ten rr KD Q- v ff, L i ,v4"H0vwg5Q,,,,:Q " , - ,' ff' -JE F fi A ,f ' ' 'N sp . 1 -5 ff J ffif? 1 , Q R' J fs- ,,-. 5 -' We .fi 1 L 5 .fad W ' 1 ,A G' J V rr Q I f 6 I 0' 1' , D - A g -4 1 ! ,J I V ' JN, ' , Q -.,,, , f 3 X 5- r X. 5 gk X! Ti' N'r X 5 Q 1 ma we V V ' N, 35? 4-1 X '4 ,WA ly! -f""'TV .WJ I gy cox, ,, ,,- Q A an 491 N, 4, N xf km 'Pr Jsavi N , gf- MM V s ,it M S A Z gfmgvaq. B., .. H Q M , Q 1 :serv " , ' -.fy """"' Igw E. 3 V ,, xi 'H 413:13 as any t ,, .. ni iwthvaq '04 , if . 'W-Q-...A I I ,L W, at B, r ,,..,l f K A Q ' ' I f I ' , me 7 " my W Y A-Q4 6 M: J I l .,.. , E r . I A - " ' ' , , H 'Q , M 1 ' 161 wt ' fm W , fl 7 Z , I 'H main' , ,f .rf 'A x i M if I .MW , X W . .E If 'V f' , is I 'A I ' !"l'r"""" Q .f-12,44 1 , 1- ' c " 'f5Y1. . ' ' dff f " J A L .. ..., . . J ,. A .M ,Lf 'V 1 491 I ,i lv I A " - -f ' rw., f 1 , f ' ,, , ' ., ,wr 9 ! ' qw 2 - 7- L' . yo- 0-, W A 1 ,W ' """" mf' Q if 'ga 'Iv' lftiffr 'M N v " . A N- P' , 7 y ' W2 A xx - '- K m 4 Q D Q14 Ah wal, - ' 9 , , , ' ' ,' , 4 V fy X . ., 4 F 5 Y I, ' . ' Q "E , - rf 1 X 01, 'ss Kellner, Mary Keneson, Ronald Kidd, Annie Knipp, Harriet Kopko, Judy Kostka, Loretta Kovczun, Carole Krecik, Dorothy Kruk, Betty Langbehn, Karen Lazar, Sue Lemon, Robert Lockett, Vivian Long, Russell Luckiewicz, Robert Lupeika, Stanley MacDonald, Bonnie Magdaleno, Robert Mangold, Larry Manoski, Spencer Marando, Fred Marrs, Bonnie Martis, Kenneth Mattox, james oQ'8 A McCrovirz, Sammi McLaurin, Helen Milenkoff, Kathy Mineer, Richard Moon, Gene Morales, Patricia Muzek, William Nemtuda, Rosemary Pajor, Jerry Palmareer, James Pavlovich, ,laner Pavelka, Elaine Phillips, Fred Piggee, Loretta Povlinski, Patricia Pruzin, Frances Race, Frank Reed, Eugene Richey, Jack Rogers, Thomas Roszowski, Loretta Simola, Anthony Skifano, Anthony Skolak, John ,,,,,.....- X., X! I K 1 -R I r ' -29 L x, .,, I, ., J " if r 53+ X .. if-J, ,YNY fm-N xr ' .hz 'Qs an , I, .avi I ' . L. : pn ii' 7' 4-. ---v 4 . W lf , I 0' 2 5, 5 fx V, ,l, -, 1 A, ik, , -lo a.s , 2 if if T'-,fi W'-'F sfo "Iii K- ee'- :W rrmrsm, ,. is - Q31 T' If :Y s A Q, Q it Q , , .X ,., is xl Q I I ?l 1 .j:,,Q, ,A . ' I F - 'ii ' , 4 ' , me 'Q A Q, av s. A 0' 6 we ' B V V V A V? L .q ' 7' V i-ugh:-,K ' ,F , if ., x F Q W., .r X My as ,gg ' 1 ir Q . - Q If g. I If 9 if F , -1- Q-fe f en l F- r a , V, L lla? 7 , 'Z' Q W. ,, 5-9, as y if I ,v w H Q ! 4 ffm, ,2 g i ' rj Q 'f fig ' Q . 'wr 1 -' 4 ,,, fy , I be , Q A 4 V I :uf Q , if . , Glr we--af V 14' X I , XV ,V fffwffff I ,,,,' if f 1 , 'W'-awH,,. w.,,.,,m' X SEX J S, ' .X 21 A. .-1 9, in 1 ,. K. "M'f"1AAWn A. H: QNX ' A ' y a fi fr' X ""'1-M414 16 ,V A M we -aw ' ffflfifw hw f 'L ff A A fl ,hiv lEfi'?9?33f.'4iPf' Wfw MA, -.Arm y A 7? 1 ,QQ Wm fff ff , Z! f,,,lW,, X H 1 44 f f , f f Wwp if f FN 'inf' 1"M'Hv 2 lfff ' V 'JA 1 A ' If A l , A vw , A ,, Iv 4 Q . ' ' Q . I as A- 4 2 W4 f-vw 9 . my . L-1 I af' I A ' Z- Af ' 1 A 'ig ""' I J A Af A, vig 7 t i f i x 4, .V 72 ,'ff'2'Qlf"' J A .Mix A if Q arg- A . A AA ,MA , 1- AA WN AA A 0 gy.. ' -bv' I 7 wrvzmr A- .E H, I E AA . AA AA rg! AAA A i A I Y ,AZ.AA.A. L f ' V2 A Af A ' " is S as , . - 42 A W AA ir" t i Tm.. A nv WA N ' A mf ' X ,f ' A 'K 455' 12 we .A ' , 5 F 'Q .Aw ,-'A A' 'ffm Al Az wif' A EE' A fA,Af Q f-A WWW 211, wa 4' .. 'ass 40 f f uv-M. A A "4 an y N-'UP' 1 -w ' fi. f f I a A- .Aj ' f Map gf W1 lg 5' ff ' -,Amr A ,V fr ff' ff' V f fa: If ' Ei Ahh, M S Q ' " - J girl' C-'14 f I7 W! A J' -' Ai: WWI, 1 K 75, .A Qx -is 'J' M If I ' s A .44 -. 5 A .N 1 1 A 1A ' "1 J 1 JW A 5 J N' - 017 'se Slavo, Dan Smith, Dorothy Sonati, Carol Sonaty, Jerry Sparrow, Joyce Spisak, Emery Stefankiewicz, Sigismund Steininger, Thomas Sulich, Raymond Sum, Evelyn Trigg, Bobby Talley, Bea Templer, Joan Tolman, Karen Tomko, Patricia Vargas, Margaret Voris, Shirley Wall, Jerry Walters, James Wasil, Roberta Williams, Jerry Winkowski, Leona Wright, James Wright, James 06 Wirtes, Patricia Wonsowicz, Linda Yaczko, Steve Zackey, Robert Zakutansky, Don Zavada, Ervin Y J J xv X5 X Y tm XJ V v X, U " N 1 'Ja t t X U k N J ,x 5 . A 3 'X fy N J X XJ Adamus, Mary Ann Albach, Karen Baumgart, Phyllis Bektesh, Violet Beres, Carol Binkley, Carol Bires, Terry Blakely, Emma Bode, Judy Borausky, Linda Brennan, Philip Brown, Cynthia Brudzinski, Loretta Bruno, Joseph Bucheck, Patricia Budgin, Carolyn Uhwaew 4: -A if. "f1fe.W.I f A ' 'aff-:.a,. "1 -f Q 22 , , K' V of ,Wy X- , ff- 2' Q' 7. ,f V. 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M if 9... fr' ' vi Qi' -.,,,-,cf Z , is ' 1 'gg' lil, 451 -f "Qs qu.- A ? f"" .. 4' -23 See. 3 , -li M or A f 1 ""' 1 -uf 2 'W' ,Z Q-My Vi I A y 4,28 ji, 017 '59 Buse, Dennis Carroll, Robert Carter, Ann Cave, Shirley Choka, Audrey Chestovich, Joseph Claxton, Sylvia Clifft, Judy Clifft, Kent Coates, Thomas Collins, Beverly Cook, Joseph Coulter, Joyce Czazasty, Geraldine Dean, Dorothy Duffy, Robert Dujrnovich, John Edwards, Charlene Edwards, Harry Fabian, Joseph Fabrici, Susan Foreman, Josephine Fort, Gary M Fox, Dale ' 06 Gastevich, Marianne George, Christine Grady, Lou Ella Gretzinger, Linda Groth, Neil Hansen, Sandra Henry, Marshall Hirchak, Robert Holcombe, James Huycke, Terry Irwin, William Jamrok, Kenneth Johnston, Gwen Karch, George Katunich, George King, Lois Kokinda, Robert Koruschak, Raymond Kostelnik, Gary Krebes, Sharon Leight, Sharon Lemp, Wayne Lepp, Raymond Leto, Sam 9 J'-s iv-f Sfxgy '-.4, ,. " M17 A ,f L f W Q n r Ni ...y. 5 . .sf, ' rrr.. 5 ro- if I 'jlj ' " SEP " KRW Q QI' . g- " ,U M i n Q v 3 - i R' X 4 ,fi A L., s R" D., , ., . A ,am V - . .mm - Q 4 gym, Eg. ,, f We" if Wm' Z V . 123 'vw "H X fr My 131.51 l A W f.'f'5ef42-I ' A-"' I ,.,. 4 X f 6 I I 4- K M 4 sr 7 ,D Im- " M15 f fn ' 'un ' N- g Aw H. iq' "mn , Y ' .V 'W-'--ff V ' I1 fr i Hz, f- ky, , , L X' in 1 f 'Q so fo 2 ff ,i , , f "V1,', Q , ' , ', rw 'Hx g dv! ,big .V A A 4 - .Yr by 4- K -::L"" 4 An X .G n A ,, 'avr ff . .J ,, - ' .,. V3 lx Ht. . 2 I I Q W ,, JV Y .143 lgwvh , ,-9- -.,l-Xia' , fi af' 2 in K X Q,., x 4 -VX 2 ie- X fa- Q we x .N,X ,.., R ' ID, X, N ,,.. vtft as ' 'N Uv ,NN ,ff af Q 'H A -fh- N P x ,fe r 4'-4? lx y-v 3 V, 1. NX ,."' . PT r lx N ! 'I' . 1 il i A P f -A f 'Q - V' fb x' N ' .fx V E ef ' 'P 1 Q 6 L 'pb 179' A gn Rf' . 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VM Uzelac, Elliot Vaughn, Betty Wallace, Barbara Wallace, Shirley Washington, Lawrence Williams, Ralph Wirtes, Evelyn Wirtes, Irene Wszolek, Donald Wszolek, Jerome Yocius, Kathy Yovanovich, Allan Zavada, Emeric Cunegin, Irvin Gross, Mildred Koldus, Michael off '59 Lockout, Lavelle Looney, Viola Matrox, Roy Muzek, Nada Scott, Georgia Skager, Dorothy fi ,. ,af , A ,f . . f 5' , .ff , W 'il 'Q 'af' 4 U.. 5 'Q ga., 1 v ww 43 fig fc ,, AG , f QZ091' ' ,Q 47"" 'Ms- MW' 5. .. 4 ,, X, 'Q '54 55 512 - mv V 712' ' away ' "Wa1tzing and laughing" 7 X 06 '60 PERHAPS LOOKING FOR THAT NEEDLE IN THE HAYSTACK ARE THE FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Z Mickey Chestovich , . President Bill Dulla .... Vice-President Mary Wallace , , .Secretary Bob Joros . . . .Treasurer MF. Acevedo, Joseph I I . - IU 'f f ' 5" I 4 Adamub, INIICIIHCI x l - Y' ' A ,QW . ,. Albach, Evelyn 4u4fH,,m ,X -gf, Qt' i 1 Andrews, Arthur 'A ff .,"" 9 V-, Q I N L -" I, AI ? Hp' I It 'y71'lKffff,, Av Arthur, Phyllis . 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J sf f ' .- 2, " J, ' L' X , , ' ' ' V , 'Vw A ' , J ' , ,M 1 X , f 7 J V 1 ' ' X 1'X' 017 'eo Michelson, Marsha Miller, George Mokol, James Mokol, Laura Molder, Norbert Muzek, Karen Napolowski, John Nugnis, Allan Onder, Andrew O'Neal, Sarah Osborne, Leonard Padol, Sharon U Pannozzo, Vincent Pajor, Randy Patton, Marie Patton, Thomas Pawlicki, Patricia Pcrko, Joseph Petkovich, Yandre Petrukitis, John Phillips, Julia Popa, Barbara Popiela, Sandra Powell, Jerrie 06 Rayburn, Maggie Reed, Toni Ellen Reynolds, Earlene Reynolds, Gracie Rogers, Anna Ross, Ronald Salinas, Theresa Sayles, Nathaniel Sebben, Carol Sedan, Peter Shaw, Sharon Shirvinski, Carol Skager, Carolyn Skolak, Anita Sledge, Mattie Smith, Shelley Smith, Willie Sorneson, Myra Spletzen, Carl Staysak, Richard Stewart, Leroy Stewart, Evelyn Stolz, Joyce Story, Barbara 60 nfl' ff 5 4 . Y if 1 qx 4? V . .- GB' Z M. V - A, Q ' . 5' -W if ,. s Q! W. 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'mv ,f WW, , , f f ' ' gf Wm, . .xx., .MM X...x X....xw-X - 5 e who sfmuld ' 5 p EN xg mmf GOWEN' H ' wx 5m C T. k 1, ...-...........,..MM,w STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS PICTURED FROM LEFT TO RIGHT ARE:A. Greoge,Presidentg F. Walker Treasurer, and Mr. Goforth, Sponsor. NOT PRESENT WHEN PICTURE WAS TAKEN WERE: I. Kish, Vice-President, and C. Hydo, Secretary, 'ls X STUDENT COUNCIL MEMBERS PICTURED FROM LEFT TO RIGHT ARE: BOTTOM ROW:S, Kachur, K. Langbehn, D, Uzelac, J, Templer, J, Aragon, and M, Someson. MIDDLE ROW: T. Patton, H. Dudas, N. Muzek, C. George S. Cidylo, R. Luckewicz, TOP ROW: J. Napalowski, E. Barber, H, Wirtes, A. Gregor, F, Walker, I. Kish, B. Trzeciak, and Mr. Goforth, Sponsor. 84 The Student Council , the student- governing body of Tolleston, is com- posed of one representative from each high school homeroom class . The group, sponsored by Mr. E. Gotorth, met every Tuesday at 2:30. During the past year Student Council sponsored the Social Club dances, which were held every Tuesday evening from 7 to 9 P. M. Membership cards were sold by Mr. Goforth and the Student Council mem- bers. The Council also decorated the annual Christmas tree which brightened T the Christmas spirit of the students and the faculty. Every new club, initiation, or advertisement was approved by the CSC council. The Student Council has proved to be a very important part ofour school One important member of the Student Council who was absent when pictures were taken is Vice-President Joe Kish. student govwnwg' 50415 Everyone has the Christmas spirit. 1 I l 85 President Andy Gregor presides over a Student ' Council discussion. One function of the Council is the okaying of all posters put up in school halls as is being demonstrated below. ' M1159 lam mmccmso T l In I 4, WW' fp 4,-. , K, ' X. JUNIOR STUDENT COUNCIL SPONSORS, FROM LEFT TO RIGHT ARE: Mr. Rowland, Mrs, Gilpin, and Mr, Sapone. PICTURED ABOVE FROM LEFT TO RIGHT ARE JUNIOR STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS: C. Bucheck, Treasurer C. Tiernan, Secretaryg S. Bruno, Vice-President, and B, Swerdon, President, jfu. student ' ' PICTURED BELOW ARE THE JUNIOR STUDENT COUNCIL MEMBERS FROM LEFT TO RIGHT, BOTTOM ROW: R. Patterson, C, Bucheck, S, Ozug, G, North, M, Collins, R. Ross, L, Gant. TOP ROW: E, Brown, B. Curtis, C, Tiernan, S, Bruno, W. Silcott, P, Kinard, and B. Swerdon. 86 Mr. Rowland, Mrs. Gilpin, and Mr. Carmelo Sapone undertook the sponsorship of the newly reorganized Junior Student Council. Meeting time for the Junior Council was Friday, at 3:l5. A meeting was held every week. The new group found their year exceptionally lousy as they spon- sored such proiects as Good Manners Week, Clean-up Week, and Citizenship Week. Be side the two dances held in the Tolleston gym, the Junior Council also sponsored six monthly dances, starting in January, at the American Legion Post 270. MSW "No wallflowers here! "Betsy Presides, " JUNIOR STUDENT COUNCIL ALTERNATES ARE PICTURED BELOW FROM LEFT TO RIGHT BOTTOM ROW E, Santmary, P, Lashenak, O. Boyd, B. January, L. Bell, I. Blankenship, and F. Romanskl TOP ROW: I. Childress, S. Powell, R. Murdock, J. Moss, S. Hudson, L. Bires. . . .and they danced beneath clouds of angel hair. tw new spcmsofus SPATIN CLUB OFFICERS PICTURED FROM LEFT TO RIGHT ARE, BOTTOM ROW: M, Page, Treasurerg R, Cioni, Vice-Presidentg S, Cidylo, Secretary and K. Langbehn, Pub. Chair, TOP ROW: Miss Prado, Sponsorg J. Czubik, Presidentg and Mr, Elliot, Sponsor. 1 Mk' fm I+ JA? 1. if X ig t as N , 5 . r lx 5' . Q s 5 .lif- ,A - S XS R Ss Q XX S st X Y X 2 NXx 'RNA We R N tis, -X xx, l I I . K il FOURTH-YEAR SPATIN CLUB MEMBERS PICTURED FROM LEFT TO RIGHT AREg BOTTOM ROW: M. Page, J. Gerleott, and I, Sedan. TOP ROW: R. Bryja, G Bardos, and R. Paige. "Another Initiate recievesu the certificate that makes her a full-fledged Sparin Club member. uidaspafiwoiub Spatin Club members had a busy and successful year under the guid- ance of their two new sponsors, Miss Prado, a Spanish and English teacher, and Mr. Elliot, a Latin and English teacher. The club held their annual Christmas party, which has Spanish theme. Fun and candy were had by all when the pinata was broken after a few successful tries. The club also held the annual Starlight Fantasy on January ll. The music at this semi- formal affair was provided by the John Baker Trio. THIRD-YEAR SPATIN CLUB MEMBERS PICTURED FROM LEFT TO RIGHT ARE: H. Wirtes, J. Czubik, R, Cioni, and J, Kosac, 89 , I .rw ,,W Xf ffl! X -,,.v J U! 'B W A E If X I . 1dl""' f FIRST YEAR SPATIN CLUB MEMBERS PICTURED FROM LEFT TO RIGHT ARE: BOTTOM ROW: B. Hightower, L Brudzinski, K, Milenkoff, K, Dobrowolsky, and J, Acevedo. TOP ROW: S. Belcher, I. Palmateer, J. Walters, S, Manowski, and M. Davis. 6omfaA5 FA wsucoess SECOND-YEAR SPATIN CLUB MEMBERS PICTURED FROM LEFT TO RIGHT ARE: BOTTOM ROW: S, MoCrovitz, J, Jaksa, C, Aragon, L, Piggee, L. Kostka, F, Pruzin, and V, Bektesh. MIDDLE ROW: K. Langbehn, K. Becker, L Feczko, H. Dudas, M. Kelner, C. Brown, S, Kachur, and L, Guzik, TOP ROW: C. Kovczun, M. Gastevich, S Cidylo, R, Cogley, J, Alexander, C, Page and D. Slavo. Social Club sponsors pictured above are Miss A. Acheson and Mr. E. Goforth. A little manly chiva ry is displayed above. Above is a typical Tuesday night scene when Tolleston students assemble to enioy a few hours of dancing. 91 5 A if Z l iii 3 fi ' X" 1 V ins: 'BIZ 1 z PICTURED ABOVE ARE: Mrs. Lynch, Dramatics Instructor, and Miss Jones, Audio Visual Instructor. Dramatics class, sponsored by Mrs. Lynch, Practice, as being demonstrated by dramatics students hgg presented 1-hi-ee one-qgf performqnceg this above, makes Peffeet- past year. The class is composed of high school students who are taught to speak and act cor- rectly before an audience. Dramatics students also gave a radio skit over the Lew Wallace radio station during National Education Week. , i1'!lla,,fM K , l MEMBERS OF THE 10:20 DRAMATICS CLASS, BTCTURED FROM LEFT TO RIGHT ARE, TOP ROW: E. Blakely, D, Krecik K, Milenkoff, M, Gross, I, Ferda, D, Koriapavgiii, M, Gibson, M, Williams, K. Krecik, and K. Muzek,'MIDDLE ROW: C, McC1inton, M, Carter, P, Pawlicki, iii Sirarrow, T, Brennan, R, Keneson, L. Grady, D, Daronatsy, J, Bode, and P. Patton. BOTTOM ROW: G. McGhee, D.'rConner, P, Arthur, B. Gaczkowski, M. Someson, R. McC1inton, S, Cave, J, Rhodes, D. Eler, I, Mullinix, y 92 MEMBERS OF THE 12120 DRAMATICS CLASS PICTURED FROM LEFT TO RIGHT ARE, BOTTOM ROW: G Bryant, M. Bims, T. Salinas, G. Reynolds, M. Patton, G. Johnston, V. Bektesh, J, Curcio, J. Cotton, and A. Short, MIDDLE ROW: I, Vician, M. Thompson, L. Langeehn, I. Aragon, S. Stack, D Uzelac, S. Claxton, J, Zarich, B. Hill, and S, Smith, NEXT ROW: M. Demo, K, Clifft, A, Skolak, C, Rivera, S. Popiela, M. Kelner, I. Borom, M. Bilyak, D. Frank, and A, Rogers. TOP ROW: C. Svatos, W, Spencer, R. Oberlander, D, Fox, N. Groth, D, Hodges, J, Fernandez, I, Wirtes, and K. Becker. gfuew bg class MEMBERS OF THE AUDIO-VISUAL PICTURED FROM LEFT TO RIGHT ARE: BOTTOM ROW: T. Brennan, D. Edwards, M Kelner,fR. Reberg, E. Hill, K. Medved, R. Mattox, J, Perko, and R. Hern, MIDDLE ROW: L, Glab, E, Arthur, R, Blankenship, P. Mattie, H, Wirtes, J, Fernandez, S, Leto, and W, Lampkin, TOP ROW: I. McLaurin, C. Flournoy, E. Barber, R. Ielesky, C, Collins, G. Bardos, D. Fox, R. Duffy, and T. Coates. X. . QA, V' cflggwn? Mw,,,7 M4 , 1 , X- A 1 Q , , LIBRARY CLUB OFFICERS PICTURED FROM LEFT TO RIGHT ARE: S. Intrieri, Secetaryg Mrs. Bistransky, Sponsor: I. Pruzin, Publishing Chairmang S. Cidylo, Presiclentg A, Atchison, Vice-Presidentg B, Engle, Treasurerg and D. Uzelac, Social Chairman. A growing club at Tolleston, the Library Club this year had a member- ship of some 40 girls. They held their meetings weekly after school in the SeniorlLibrary under the guidance of their sponsor, Mrs. Bistransky, who was replaced during the first semes- ter by Miss Prado. They made up baskets for needy families at Easter time as has been the practice since the Library Club was organized in l95l . y 1 , f ,C fl ,, it 1 l -L LIBRARY CLUB MEMBERS PICTURED FROM LEFT TO RIGHT AREg BOTTOM ROW: J. zakuransky, M, shukms, D, Harmon, L, Guzik, S. Intrieri, A. Atchison,D. Uzelac, F. Pruzin, G. Jaksa, and J, Pruzin. MIDDLE ROW: M, Wilson, B, Hecker, C. Bebeen, T, Boynak, N, Scecina, L. Mokol, S. Ciclylo, B. Engle, L. Brudzinski, H. Gulp, P, Morales, S, williams, S. Padol, and S, Krebes. TOP ROW: R. Arnold, I. Arnold,M. Someson, C. Ioseforsky, l-l. Dudas, E, Pavelka, R. Wasil, L. Bondor, K. Milenkoff, M. Gastevich, S, Vasily, T. Reed, S. Wisneski, G, Engle, B. Turnbull, and D. Iankovich, ,----XX Y. i i X X . ,!, E if , ,ff I -Q is 1 Three Library Club members An interesting display is put up on the look for some good reading Senior Library display board by Library matter in the Senior Library. Club members. S ' i8 ' Surrounded by many willing helpers is Miss Prado, who is replacing Mrs. Bistransky as the Library Club sponsor. 95 My f -can-., .V , I ,,, - 1 - LOOKING OVER THE BUDGET FROM LEFT TO RIGHT ARE D Mabm, Business Managerg M, Krisko, Sponsor: and I Sedan Editor. 0 For the second year, the Tolly Times and the Pioneer have been put out by a combined staff. Staffmembers were kept busy doing two jobs at once. Under Mrs. Krisko's guidance there have been many improvements in the Publications Class. The Toi ley Times has added a sports fea- PICTURED BELOW IS THE LAYOUT STAFF FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: H. Bode, N. Scecina, S, E11, and I, lusi. i 1 1 i 1 i ADDITIONAL MEMBERS OF THE LAYOUT STAFF FROM LEFT TO RIGHT PICTURED ABOVE ARE THE PHOTO- ARE: N, Sceciria, M. Davis and Z, Comer. busg wiflv papwv, ture page and a school life page to its contents. The paper comes out regu- larly every second week, The addition of a copy-writing and a copy reading staff has been a boon to bath the paper and the year-book. The copy writers have writtenmostof the material in both our book and paper, and the copy-read- ing staff is composed ofa number of good English students who are efficient in cor- recting grammical mistakes. One of the staff members who was absent when staff pictures were being taken is Judy Archer, without whom many, many things would have been left undone. She is the Tolly Times managing editor, Pioneer photographer's assistant, and copy editor. b GRAPI-IER'S ASSISTANTS: R. Martin and G, Bardos, ooh PICTURED BELOW FROM LEFT TO RIGHT ARE COPYWRITERS: S Krebes, I, Lamfaiusi, L, King, R, Williams, and M, Davis. 97 PICTURED ABOVE WITH MISS PHOTOGENIC, D, UZELAC, ARE THE MEMBERS OF HER COURT: B. Shakes, M. Gastevich, winning photographer, D, Uzelac, L, Guzik, and C, Sebben, Miss Photogenic, D. Uzelac 0.0. P . :A2 A11,, 4 Every year the Shutter-Snappers if in 5 :'. iE,. in vqun . take pictures of the girls at Tolleston W llil k WM .S nhfh gif ZW GEIAI fr they consider most photogenic and mg 'ff hold a contest to pick a Miss Photo- xi y r - 'ii'l' Q genic. This year Donna Uzelac, Kr' sophomore, was chosen. The Shutter-Snappers are spon- sored by Miss Olive Leskow. It is a small club with 20 members, but it B. Shakes L. Guzik C. Sebben is a very active club. MEMBERS OF THE CAMERA CLUB PICTURED BELOW FROM LEFT TO RIGHT ARE, BOTTOM ROW: P. McDowell, E. Zavada, C, Kovczum, O. Leskow, sponsor, D, Krecik, R, Bubik, and R. Matrox, TOP ROW: D. Fox, M, Gastevich, D, Romansky, J, Sedan, D. Uzelac, D. Dobrowolsky, B, Kruk, I. Pisarski, D. Pluto, and G. Bardos. NOT PRESENT WHEN PICTURE WAS TAKEN WEREe N. Scecina, P. Swigon, and K. Krecik. l, 98 MEMBERS OF THE INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB PICTURED FROM LEFT TO RIGHT, ARE: BOTTOM ROW: G. Miller, G. Reed, M. Roberts, G, Kostelnik, Mr, Hayes, Sponsor, D. Wszolek, I. Fabian, and E, Persin. NEXT ROW: I, Olsezewski, T. Serbin, S. Yaczko, T. Mills, L. Osbourne, G. Karch, C. Page, R, Kainrath, MIDDLE ROW: S, Srefankiewicz, K, Iarnrok, G, Hallo T. Steininger, S, Osika, R, Reburg, D, Wallace and D, Zakaransky, NEXT ROME. R. Bubik, T. Coppess, I, Klotz, I, Richy, J, Serletic, W, Kapica, D, Lewandowski, andl Kish, TOP ROW: D, Nawfogki, G,Wirtes, G. Hulse, I, Brogno, C. Collins, I, Bycznski, B. Zacky, E, Sperka, and G. Pascevich. outa show wr. Industrial Arts Club, sponsored by Mr. The organization, consiting of high school Hayes, gives all boys interested in industry boys, held their meetings every Thursday. Dur- and new developments in that field the oppor- ing the last year the members visited the Cooper tunity to visit various companies and to learn Corporation and saw how the Cooper homes are more about how they operate. built. They also attended the Chicago Auto Show. OFFICERS OF THE INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB ARE PICTURED FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: I. Brogno, Treasurer, E. Sperka, Vice-President, Mr, Hayes, Sponsor, D. Nawrocki, President, and J. Kish Secetary, fp I 1 4 X f 71 1 3 ff OFFICERS OF THE R. O. T. C. PICTURED FROM LEFT TO RIGHT AREg BOTTOM ROW: Captain R. Paige, Major W, Derdowski, Lieutenant Colonel L. Callaway, Major E. Zavada, Captain R. Morales, Captain G. Moon, TOP ROW: First Lieutenant R, Oberlander, Second Lieutenant G. Behnke, Second Lieutenant C, Robertson, Second Lieutenant E, Ruffins, Second Lieutenant D. Zakutansky, and First Lieutenant T, Brennan, df.vw.S.6. FIRST PLATOON "A" COMPANY: BOTTOM ROW: J. Dujmovich, W, Lupeika, T. Dujmovich, W. Smith, T, Patton, J, Petrukitas, T. Turner, F. Libician, J. Cook. MIDDLE ROW: E. Ruffins, C, Marcyjanik, E, Nowakowski, T. Kendron, J, Guinee, R. Ursery, W. Waddell, R, Morton. TOP ROW: H. Richards, B, Bikoff, H. Riley, W. Irby, L. Washington, M. Knudson, O. Reedus. SECOND PLATOON, "A" COMPANY: BOTTOM ROW: D. Slavo, E. Zavada, R. Scott, R. Black, P. Brennan, E. Wainwright, F. Towns, R. Hern, MIDDLE ROW: R. Triggs, R. Kokinda, A, Martin, B. Bryant, I. Kennedy, M. Nelson, D. Labash, and B. Moon. NEXT ROW: B. Naumoff, A, Gladys, J, Fabian, B, Williams, I, Napolowski, I. Jimenez, J. Serletic, and R. Jelesky. TOP ROW: G, Moon, R. Koruschak, D, Didelot, W. Upshaw, C. Bell, R. Kinard, W. Hatten, I, Hardaway, R. Jackson, A. Tucker, and E. Ruffins. mewfeadfp FIRST PLATOON, "B" COMPANY: BOTTOM ROW: T. Hill, J. Johnson, J. Holcombe, S. Gunn, D, Edwards, B, Johnson, J, Haymon, H, Malott, MIDDLE ROW: R. Ross, F, Marando, J. Harris, I, Smith, L, Stewart, M. Finney L, Vargas, and B. Zackey. TOP ROW: G, Gawrysiak, L. Lovely, A, Odie, C. Hill, R, Swelnis, I, Pullin, C. Wilson, W. Lovely. f 7192 f Mo J f , Q 4,0 ,W X, , ,,.r' 1470! ff, fl' I SECOND PLATOON, "B" COMPANY: BOTTOM ROW: A. Nedoff, I, Carabin, X. Carrizales, N. Flynn, G. Jager, A, Andrews, C. Spletzer, W, Mosley, and M. Henry. MIDDLE ROW: G. Behnke, G. Wirtes, B. McCollum, J, Guzik R. Morales, W, Washington, E. Hardin, L. Osborne, and F. Kennedy. TOP ROW: B. Carroll, H. Edwards, F. Muzek, F. McNally, M. Koldus, E.Barbet, D. Zakutansky, B. Irwin, S. Lupeika. :life MEMBERS OF THE RIFLE TEAM PICTURED FROM LEFT TO RIGHT ARE: BOTTOM ROW: H. Richards, W. Mosley, E. Zavada, A, Martin, R. Paige, W. Derdowski, and E, Zavada. MIDDLE ROW: B. Moon, R. Kinard, J, Fabian, R, Koruschak, D, Slavo, L. Callaway. TOP ROW: J. Holcombe, I, Serletic, C. Robertson, G, Moon, J, Cook, G, Wirtes, and F. Libician. 1 A .A A ...L. .... i l i V ruff T MEMBERS OE THE DRILL TEAM PICTURED FROM LEFT TO RIGHT ARE: BOTTOM ROW: E. Zavada, R. Oberlander. T, Brennan, L, Callaway, R, Paige, W, Derdowski, D, Zakutansky. MIDDLE ROW: E. Ruffins, G. Behnke, C. Robertson, G. Moon, B. Zackey, R. Jelesky, G, Gawrysiak, and S. Lupeika. TOP ROW: R. Morales, G. Wirtes, W. Muzek, J, Book, D, Didelot, D. Slavo, and H. Malott. E O MEMBERS OE THE GIRLS' RIFLE TEAM PICTURED FROM LEFT TO RIGHT ARE: BOTTOM ROW: C. Kovczun, D. Krecik, B. Hacker, P. Morales, R, Cioni, H. Dudas, M . Kelner, TOP ROW: J, Hargan, M. Kachur, L, Szczerbik, I, Vasquez I. Ke1ner,I. Tierrman, M. Czarnecki, and L. Guzik, 3 f Nfnf' I Pictured to the left is Beatrice Shakes, Senior student, who was named Honorary Colonel at the annual Honorary Colonel Dance held at the Tolleston American Legion Post 270. She was picked on the basis of her scholastic ability as well as popularity . The Tolleston Rifle Team took top honors in city-wide R. O. T.C. rifle matches. The team continued in the pace set for them by last year's team. In addition to these honors, the size of the Tolleston D. M. S. T.C. was increased and a 3rd pla- toon had to be added. ' slwlwsis R,O,T,C, OFFICERS PICTURED ABOVE FROM LEFT TO RIGHT PICTURED BELOW ARE: Two members of To1leston's R,O,T,C, unit checking the date of the next uniform inspection, 5 , i ARE: Major E, Zavada, Lt, Col, W, Derdowski, Hon, Col, B, Shakes, Capt, R, Paige, and Lt, Col, L, Callaway. 104 X .A wx ws , r - s ' L - X pigs. s .,- X 5 - . X. . s n u se gaps .sgQi:gg45:sxwlsxwxggig-g TULLE 95515 surf- is Z l Pictured above are Sergeant Winter Tolleston's outstanding rifle team and Maior Davis. gets ready to fire at targets. YK., .-1':- F 4-1-V Y -if i ' Ein , Y e WNW Cleaning a rifle properly is an important part ot R. O.T.C. To pass inspection all those buttons training. have to be spic and span. e.Z.ll.1'e:A Messe 105 1 OFFICERS OF THE 9 20 12 20 AND 1 20 MIXED CHORUS CLASSES FROM LEFT TO RIGHT ARE: BOTTOM ROW: P. McDowell K Langbehn J Pruzrn F Pruzrn SEATED AT THE PIANO IS Miss Domroese, Sponsor. TOP ROW: L. Wonsowrcz D Kaboff N Cunnlngham H Dudas I Curcro, L, Cuzek, S. McCrovitz, C. Hardaway, and B. Taylor wfwb ' Besides the Christmas program for the P. -T A., they also serenacled the students in the hall with Christmas carols. ln December, they sponsored an informal dance. Spring activities were made up of the Concert, the Music Fes- tival, Baccalaureate, and Commencement. MEMBERS OF THE 9 20 MIXED CHORUS MQASS PICTURED FROM LEFT TO RIGHT ARE: ,BOTTOM ROW: B. Story, S. ONea1 I Sparrow S Lazar I Archer I Zakutansky M Windon, G. Zeithammel, and E, Smith. NEXT ROW: J Orlowskr M Demo I Aragon B Marrs J Pavlovrch M. Costidakis, D, Dobrowolsky, P, Pawlicki, K. Dobrowolsky and C Shrrvrnskr NEXT ROW L Var os S Jaksne B Smith, S, Green, P, Povlinski, J, Iaksa, J, Templer, N, d S Wrsneskr TOP ROW: E. Barber, I, Zakutansky, B, Newson, K. Milenkoff E Gladys S Moss, and M. Gibbs, MEMBERS OF THE l2:2O MIXED CHORUS CLASS PICTURED FROM LEFT TO RIGHT ARE: BOTTOM ROW: D. Mabrn D, Johnson, H, Golston, B, Cotton, P, Skager, N, Muzek, B, Turnbull, G. l-lydo, P, McDowell, L, Wonsowicz MIDDLE ROW: C, Aragon, K, Langbehn, D, Kaboff, A Wargo, S, Cave, P, Buchek, J, Satanek, B. Vaughn and 9, Geller, NEXT ROW: M. Rayburn, E, Blakely, B, Malcom, S, Wallace, C. Yudt, M. Rodriguez, C, Kendron I, Ylclan, and P, Drago, TOP ROW: G, Scott, V, Lockett, H, McLaurin, A, Carter, B, Talley, S, Shurchay B McDonald, M. Bakas, and S, Yoves. p.t.w. at ' OF THE 1:29 MIXED CHORUS CLASS PICTURED FROM LEFT TO RIGHT ARE: BOTTOM ROW: P. Durr, M E M BERS Langbehn, J, Baurngart, S. Gastevtcn Rornansky, L. B. Pruzin, L, Brudzinslal, I, Curcio, S, Hansen, ll, Dudas, and F. Pruzin. MIDDLE ROW: P, Nelson Stack, D, Skiager, C, Czasty, B, Wallace, L Green, J, Coulter, And S, McCrovitz, NEXT ROW Martis, S, Belcher, E, Wlrteg, S. McCollum, F. Love, and L. Lockett. TOP ROW: C, Metchell Ronesak, M. Gross, S, Fabrici, R. Cogley, L. Borausky, C. Budgin and C. Binkley, w 1 The clash of cymbals and the beat of a bass drum is heard in the distance. The Tolleston High School Band is entering the football field in their blue and white un- iforms. The fanfare rings out into the cool September air, and the band is off again to start another season of gala band shows which do much to boost the school's spirit. At the end of the season when the band members march off the field, there is much that lies ahead of them. The tone of a rather flat clarinet is heard coming from one of the PICT URED AT THE FAR LEFT IS: Mr. Bielski, band director, and at the immediate left is Mr. Carter, assistant band director. bomb gives practice rooms in the pavilion. Practice is the key secret of a good band and plenty of it is done in preparation for the Mid-West Band Clinic, which is held in February. Quartets, ensembles, solos, and miscellaneous groups enter the I contest every year and always manage to win more than their share of the honors. The reward for an excellent performance in the State Music Contest held at Butler University. BAND OFFICERS PICTURED BELOW FROM LEFT TO RIGHT ARE: I. Hargall, Vice- President: D. Harmon Librariang J. Leech, Librarian, L. Bella, Treasurer, G. Hydo, Librariang B. Shakes, Presidentg K, Albach Librarian, and W. Bird, Secretary, PICTURED AT THE RIGHT FROM LEFT TO RIGHT ARE: W. Bird, Majorerteg D. Uzelac, Majoretteg B, Shakes, Drum Major, C, Brown, Majorette, andj, Suciroff, Majorette, FLAG-BEARERS PICTURED ABOVE FROM LEFT TO RIGHT ARE: L, Benito, K, Albach, H, Manor, R. Popa. THE COLOR GUARD PICTURED BELOW FROM LEFT TO RIGHT IS: E. Zavada, W. Washington, S, Leight, and D. Bikoff. First chair members also partic- ipate in the City Music Festival, held in May. Overtures, symphonies, novelty numbers, and snappy marches are loved by all, and each year the Tolleston Band manages to provide the type and quality of music that makes the Annual Spring Concert a thrilling success. Also, in the spring, the snare drum beats a snappy cadence and the band gets in step to follow the course of community affairs. Among the many are the Community Chest Parade and the most exciting and colorful ofall, the Memorial Day Parade. The bass drum takes on a symbol ic beat as rather pompous music is played by the band for their last public performance, Commencement. This is, indeed, a sad moment for the members who remain, it marks the completion ofa year of fine musician- ship. me LJ TROMBONE PLAYERS PICTURED ABOVE FROM LEFT TO RIGHT ARE: R. Watson, R, Joros, R, Oresik and L, Bella, 38 CLARINET PLAYERS PICTURED BELOW FROM LEFT TO RIGHT ARE, BOTTOM ROW: N. Molder, J. Hargan, L. McKay, S, Voris, G. Hutson, E, Zavada, and S. Johanson, MIDDLE ROW: E, Gonsiorowski, S. Sebben, R. Bikoff, D. Jankovich, W, Washington, D, Bikoff, and C, Joseforsky, TOP ROW: I. Corbeille, E, Albach, G. Hydo, K, Albach, C. Brown, A, Czubik, H, Mallott, and L, Benko. 110 . my fl YI W xfl MEMBERS OF THE MIXED REEDS SECTION PICTURED ABOVE FROM LEFT TO RIGHT ARE, BOTTOM ROW: I. Hargan and Alex Bondor, TOP ROW: D, Romansky, M, Wallace, R. Martin, and I, Leech, bowdfs goal, good wsulfs MEMBERS OF THE BASS AND BARITONE SECTION PICTURED BELOW FROM LEFT TO RIGHT ARE, BOTTOM ROW: W. Irwin, R. Watson, R. Oresik, L, Vorkapick, TOP ROW: M, Nelson, and M. Ragon. Ill as-SJ' LL CORNET PLAYERS PICTURED ABOVE FROM LEFT TO RIGHT ARE, BOTTOM ROW: E, Zavada, L, Vorkapich, B. Kruk, and B. Popa, TOP ROW: R. Saunders, J. Blankenship, B. Hydo, M. Ottoson, N. Kish, and V. Panozzo. miawsbwmg SAXOPI-IONE PLAYERS PICTURED BELOW FROM LEFT TO RIGHT ARE, BOTTOM ROW: C. Sebben, B. Shakes, and V, McCu11om, TOP ROW: P, Pachapa, R, Flournoy, L, Sayles, J. James, and S, Leight, 'I12 -P 00.53 A DRUM SECTION PICTURED ABOVE FROM LEFT TO RIGHT ARE, BOTTOM ROW: C, Hardaway, S. Liedtke, and M. Chestovich, TOP ROW: S. Bruno, A, Haymon, S, William, and R. Martin. , f,,v..fv1 J ,Gain 6 FLUTE PLAYERS PICTURED ABOVE FROM LEFT TO RIGHT ARE: D. Harmon, w, Bird, D Uzelac, L, Tiernan, I. Sudroff, and B, Collins, H3 ,XZ 5' PICTURED ABOVE IS Mrs. Fissinger, one of our two Guidance Counselors. This is Mrs, Fissinger 's first year at Tolleston, PICTURED ABOVE IS Mr. Gray, Guidance Counselor, who has become a very familiar person to students around Tolleston. fwag' HOMEROOM CHAIRMEN PICTURED BELOW FROM LEFT TO RIGHT ARE: BOTTOM ROW: C. George, and C, Skager, MIDDLE ROW: M. Kachur, M, Page, G. Engle, P. McDowell, D, Uzelac, A, Skolak. TOP ROW: F, Race, W. Swerdon, S, Manoski, S. Fabrici, A, Knezevich, and K, Badylak. I , V L! .KJ HOMEROOM CO-CI-IAIRMEN PICTURED ABOVE FROM LEFT TO RIGHT ARE, BOTTOM ROW: C. Pullins, C. Kovczum, P, Cogley, and I, Lynch, MIDDLE ROW: G, Jaksa, B, Turnbull, T, Malenshak, P, Arthur, B. Gaczkowski, TOP ROW: E, Mackulak, T, Vilardo, J. Walters, I. Wright, D, Slavo, uidaTol!Qe5tow Q wfiffi M All WA 43 igflllwi D33 , R53 A FAMILIAR SCENE IN THE TOLLESTOI-L GUIDANCE OFFICE IS SHOWN BELOW: Mr, Swing, of Franklin College, advises Mary Alma, Helping every Tolleston student plan his further education and decide on his vocation is the job of our very able and helpful guid- ance counselors, Mrs. Fissinger and Mr. Gray. Personal problems as well may be taken to them for advice. Tolleston students are greatly in- debted to them. Mrs, Fissinger helps Shirley decide on a vocation Q 115 PICTURED ABOVE ARE: T. Thiros, Production Editor. L, Kostka, Editor, and M. Krisko, Sponsor. PICTURED ABOVE FROM LEFT TO RIGHT ARE SPORTSWRITERS: R, Magdaleno, Z. Corner, and H, Bode. 6eatwwf pages big tt. goal PICTURED ABOVE FROM LEFT TO RIGHT, ARE TYPISTS: D. Mabin, J. Geleott, L, Fezcko, and R, Martin. TOLLY TIMES REPORTERS PICTURED BELOW FROM LEFT TO RIGHT ARE: G. Bardos, S, Fabrici, N. Scecina, and C. Budgin. PICTURED AT THE LEFT, FROM LEFT TO RIGHT, ARE COPYREADERS: S. Fabrici, S. Krebes, L. Kostka, C, Budgin, L. King, and J, Geleott, px ab.. fi MEMBERS OF TOLLESTON SAFE-TEENS PICTURED ABOVE, FROM LEFT TO RIGHT ARE, BOTTOM ROW: C. Svatos, K. McCord, I, l-largan, C, Pullins. SECOND ROW: S. Blaney, R. Reberg, T. Brennan, T. Vilardo, J. Fontana, J, Christy and F, Race, THIRD ROW: I, Kish, I. Steininger, W. Swerdon, T. Brennan, I. Bennett, E. Spisak, J. Brogno, and R. Pajor, FOURTH ROW: G, Hulse, R. Bubik, T. Mills, W, Kapika, J. Walters and D. Parkes. TOP ROW: I. Sneiderwine, W. Sneiderwine, S, Osika, I, Petrites, S, Leto, D, Wallace, J. Trojan, and I. Haymon. Newly formed at Tolleston this year was the Safe- Teen Club, sponsored by Coach Joe Vance. The main objective of the Safe-Teens is to encourage safe driving among the Tolleston teen-agers who have driver's li- censes. The thirty odd members meet weekly to learn about and discuss safe driving methods. The club members each display Safe-Teen emblems on their cars to show their membership. lt is hoped that this club will help our teen- agers to become better and safer drivers. . PICTURED ABOVE WITH THE SAFE-TEEN Q CHARTER ARE OFFICERS: J. Fontana and T, " Vilardo. John instructs Carmen in use of the clutch, Safe-Teen members proudly display this emblem on W cc ga f their cars. ,,..,L, , ,..,,, M. .,. ..L, ,. ,,., . . , ,. .Q - ,::g.-:4?w' - -Q : A-wif? -fffffvwffifi-1f.':A ,ff y Q f A' ' ffff"i?Gi2f a- ff if -A , 3 " -1 2 fig, 44344. .5 'ff-ff , V f ,, xi wwf 1, .. J 4 2 5 2 mr- 9, f Q WV, ff y wif gh hm ,X X 7? ffl AWQQW my ,yn 9422 W f spods 44 J f . I .I . n x 5, 'l v X I' - X 1 " i 2 c 5 is - iff wits.: amz , s sf-yr' .- me 'C I5 wx 2 Y .3 PICTURED ABOVE ARE: G. Curcio, President, and S. Kachur, Secretary. PICTURED BELOW IS: Miss A. ACHCSOTI. G,A,A, Sponsor. W-file'- is PICTURED ABOVE ARE: B. Shakes, Vice- President and I. Kosak, Treasurer. his Under the sponsorship of the new sponsor, Miss Acheson, the G. A.A. is again one of the largest and best organized clubs at Tolleston. The annual activities of the members are: the hike to Miller the Freshman Tea, the Christmas Spread, and the G.A.A. Banquet. This year approximately one hundred girls were initiated into the G.A.A. One day was set aside for the initiation. The girls came to school clressed as early T900 bathing beauties. During the day they were to get the sig- natures of the officers, council members, and the initiation committee. The formal ceremony, which was held in the evening, was conducted by the officers, Miss Acheson, and the big sisters of the initiates, all of whom were upperclassmen. I X N x x i FH X 'XVII 1 ""' K. Medved Gif C . Hydo X. . .. X X X , .,X. 1 ,w.,s4.....s 5 ,, - - V x .,, an , 1 13 fi-fefmmm xi3m B Yr W N. Roncsak I. Hargafl On October 6, the girls met at school and began their hike to Miller. Each member who par- ticipated received lOO points to- ward their G.A.A, letter. The Freshman Tea was held to better acquaint the new members with the officers. At the annual Christ- mas Spread, each class decorated a corner of the Boys' Gym where they presented skits. The girls brought their lunches, a gift for the grab-bag and a can of food for the needy families in Gary. The WS! school welfare department dis- R, Ciom tributes these goods to needy families. QW MM' lm PM I.. 'i Mamas p . W L, Guzik P. Cogley Za I " 'f " m ,W . ff'-H ' 'ff ' :ff fn, .97 , Z4 4 f fl KWQ Qbifvimy PICTURED ABOVE FROM LEFT TO THE RIGHT ARE SENIOR G, A, A, MEMBERS: BOTTOM ROW: I. Zakutansky, M Regans, N. Roncsak, and I. Vasquez, MIDDLE ROW: G. Towns, D. Smith, C. Orlowski, C. Pullins, M. Page, M. Schramm, I. Sedan, B. Simola, and B. Ottoson. TOP ROW: I. Kosak, I. Polatowicz, I, Pisarski, D. Pluto, P. Simmons, C. Yudt, B. Taylor, and J, Ronic. ' g.w.w. PICTURED BELOW FROM LEFT TO THE RIGHT ARE SENIOR G, A, A, MEMBERS, BOTTOM ROW: 1. Cufcio, 1, Geieon B, Cotton, H, Golston, P, McDowell, D. Miller. MIDDLE ROW: K. Medved, M. Costidakis, C. McCord, W, Bird, P. Mattie, R. Martin, S. E11, I. Kelner, and S, Kachur. TOP ROW: D, Lowe, M. Czarnecki, C. Hydo, R, Cioni, K. Chapman, E. Horton, C. Hardaway and R. Alexander. 1 MEMBERS OF THE JUNIOR G. A, A, ARE PICTURED FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: BOTTOM ROW: H. Horton, D, Johnson, B. Hightower, D. Drop, and M. Biarnonta. MIDDLE ROW: B. Hecker, I, Iaksa, S. Intrieri, A. Atchison., L. Bode, J, Archer, H. Dudas, L, Feczko, M. Erler, P. Braatz, and I. Czubik. TOP ROW: M, Demo, L. Guzik, D. Kaboff, B. Engel, S. Cidvlo, P. Cogley, M. Gibson, M. Kelner, K. Becker, M. Byczynski, E. Czernoch, F. Dobogai. J ' g.of.w. MEMDERSOF THE IUNIOR G, A, PICTURED FROM LEFT TO RIGHT ARE: BOTTOM ROW: A. Kidd, I. Templer, P. Orlowski, P. PO'.'1iV1Sl4i. F. Pruzin, and S, McCrovitz, MIDDLE ROW: E. Pavelka, S. Lazar, P. Tomko, D. Krecik, B, Talley, L, Piggee, B, Marrs, and B, Kruk, TOP ROW: C. Sonati, L, Winkowski, E, Sum, C. Kovczum K. Milenkoff, S. Wisneski, R. Nerntuda, L. Roszkowski, K. Langbehn, and M. Kachur. PICTURED FROM LEFT TO RIGHT ARE SOPHOMORE G, A, A, MEMBERS: BOTTOM ROW: K. Albach, P. Bucheck, V. Bektesh, S. Krobes, S. Claxton, S. Hansen, L. King, and G. Johnston. MIDDLE ROW: I. Coulter, L. Lockett, D, Dean, C, Brown, C. George, L. Brudzinski, G. Czazasty, P. Baumgart, and C. Beres. TOP ROW: S. Leight, C. Budgin, L, Borausky, M. Gastevich, S. Fabrici, B. Hopkins, M. Gross, C. Binkley, S. Belcher, and L. Gretzinger sap 9.01.04 PICTURED FROM LEFT TO RIGHT ARE SOPHOMORE G. A, A. MEMBERS: BOTTOM ROW: P, Skager, D, Uzelac, I. Pruzin, B. Turnbull, R. Overberg, J, Mullinix, D. Towle, L. Oldgi. MIDDLE ROW: A, Miller, D, Skager, S, Wallace, S, Stack, I, Satanek, I. Orlowski, P. Nelson, K. Yocius, and E. Wirtes. TOP ROW, M, Wilson, C, Mitchell, B, Newsom, D. Patterson, T. Shurchay, D. Romansky, B. Roncsak, N. Muzek, D, Minick, and N, Scecina L... PIGTURED FROM LEFT TO RIGHT ARE FRESHMEN G. A. A. MEMBERS: BOTTOM ROW: D. Bulza, G. Guzik, D. Luptak, K, Knudson, G. llydo, E, Albach, R. Kellner, S, Dye, B, Gaczkowski, E, Gonsiorowski, MIDDLE ROW: C. Ioseforsky, L, Green, L. Langbehn, D. Daronatsy, S. Johanson, I, Graham, B. Knudson, S, Liedtke, D, Iankovich, D, Erler, and A, Czubik, TOP ROW: P, Arthur, L, Benko, G, Engle, T, Boynak, V, Calwhite, D, Konopacki, J. Leech, K, Kreeik, P, Drago, P, Geller, E. Cieslak, P, Durr, D, Harmon, 611115 PICTURED BELOW FROM LEFT TO RIGHT ARE FRESHMEN G. A. A. MEMBERS: BOTTOM ROW: V. Vaughn, M. Rayburn, J, Vereb, S, Padol, V, McCullum, M, Someson, S. Williams, M. Wallace, S, Templer, S. Shaw, MIDDLE ROW: S, Smith, M. Williams, M, Sledge, A, Miller, J. Vician, P. Malis, C, Sebben, B, Popa, I. Vician, C, Skager, and S. Thornton, TOP ROW, S. O'IZea1, K, Muzek, M, Michaelson, L, Mokol, T, Reed, A, Skolak, S, Popiela, J, Powell, B, Zak, G, Shirvinaki, l 4 i 1 as -,, ,,,,,,f ff ',,a,.,aM -.wma ff UMW f ., MM J ,W ,ff -. , n,f,M.0.,,.vMw-...fain mag Two free throws are awarded for this foul. 'wk PM Players wait for chance to volley the ball. Won't you come and play doubles with us? The forward looks for chance to throw ba l to, the captain . initiates surround a Council member and sing for her signature. Members of senior skit cast at the Christmas spread pose For the photographer. Their play won first prize. If l ,..5f?5:lfl'!l: ' . -' G,A,A, COUNCIL MEMBERS PICTUR- ED AT THE LEFT, FROM LEFT TO RIGHT ARE, BOTTOM ROW: I. Hargan J, Curcio, P. Harris, past sponsorg B. Shakes, and S. Kachur. TOP ROW: K. Medved, C. Hydo, R. Cionj, Dudas, L, Bode, and L. K K -' , PJ!!! If ' ard! lt 'l Sock that ball across the net, Sandra. G.A.A. members are all here and ready to start their hike to Miller. The catcher returns the ball to the pitcher and the batter has one strike against her. It looks like this jump-ball is a pretty even match. I27 Llp 'T 'fi A fl VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM PICTURED ABOVE, FROM LEFT TO RIGHT ARE: E. Nowakowski, T. Brennan, R. Lemon, H, Richards, T, Brennan, S. Leto, T. Rogers, W. Kowalski, F. Walker, and F. Marino. MIDDLE ROW: T. Simola, J, Christy, L, Callaway, E. Zavada, R. Keneson, E. Spisak, M. Koldus, L, Shrader, S. Blaney, J. Wright, and R. Oresik, TOP ROW: W. Shivers, J, Brogno, I. Olszewski, D, Zakutansky, K, Jamrok, R, Atchison, E. Uzelac, E. Miller, W, Naumoff, J. Steininger, L. Mangold, E. Mackulak, I, Cook, and L. Lovely. PICTURED ABOVE FROM LEFT TO RIGHT ARE: L. Callaway, Co-Captain, V. Kay, Head Coach, F. Elkins, Assistant Coach, and T. Brennan, Co-Captain. 6ootbaM scones Wirt Gary Roosevelt Emerson Horace Mann Hammond Tech Valparaiso Lew Wallace Froebel Calumet Township They 6 27 6 I9 33 6 2l 7 6 Surrounded by opponents, Richards makes a run for it. Tolleston' football team is losing a lot of senior lettermen. This will mean a big rebuilding iob for Coach Vic Kay. The graduating lettermen are: Steve Blaney, Walter Kowalski, Joe Christy, Tom Brennan, John Steininger, John Brogno, Terry Brennan, Ed Mackulak, George Behnke, Louis Callaway, William Shivers, and Rex Atchison. The lettermen returning to the roster will be LOfI'y Mangold, Harrison Richards, James Wright, and Tony Simola. Tolleston had two players that made the all-conference select group. They were halfback Harrison Richards, who is returning next year, and Louis Callaway, a guard and co-captain who is graduating. George Behnke, a tackle and senior letterman, was absent when the varsity pictures were taken. George was out most of the season because of illness. Tolleston students are looking forward to a successful season for Coach Kay and his i957 roster. That's one that didn't get away! The boys on the bench watch the play intently Pictured below are the members of the Freshmen Football team. ff I 1 O Q PICTURED AT THE LEFT PROM LEFT TO RIGHT ARE THE GRAD- UATING LETTERMEN, BOTTOM ROW: L, Callaway, J. Steininger, E, Mackulak, T, Brennan, and W Kowalski, TOP ROW: W. Shivers, S, Blaney, G. Behnke, J. Brogno, and J, Christy, If Richc1rd's ball-carrying repufafion holds true, this er run might very well be 0 touch-down. N Q, ,Ar L, w -O, , r, r There is cr real pile-up cls the runner is tackled. Tom Brennan John Steininger 'ill' c nv l 3- -"- F.. M-.....-. pw-...."""9: N. 4. 4, 4 T4,.x.m,. , , . , , ,, sg , f:5'Ifl5f':ff- PS". . r, -. .... , . ,, , " ' W' X' . Z ll aigfwwwg :fr SM Louis Callaway 'John Brogno The Tolleston Blue Raiders started their sea- son this year in the Football-0-Rama against Froebel . It was a game consisting of two eight- minute halts. Tolleston lost 13-0. Their regu- lar schedule started September 7, against the Troopers of Wirt. The final score was 7-0. On September 14, Tolleston met the Roosevelt Panthers in a head-on collision with the Raiders coming out battered. Score: 27-O. The thrid game of the season marked history. Tolly de- feated Emerson 13-12. This was a first. Tolles- ton ended up on the short end of a 19-O score when they met Horace Mann. Another loss came as Tech tromped the Raiders 33-0. Val- paraiso proved no match for Tolly as we owned them 19-6, a great moral victory. Tolly finished the "56" season with a record of three wins and six losses. Harrison Richards Joe Christy Rex Atchison Terry Brennan Q .- vwmmgwwr Q ' 1 ,r ...,..,,, 'N' "" VK?I:"7K'I?"'? " 7' if X - 'Y T s ' f ' , 'f - -"A'- ' W - .V ,4 'nf ' ' , . 1s'I 0l"'axmg I " p ygmy . . ' " ' . " : " , . K - it ,I M y Q .. Q. .. 53, A. , .2 V . Y ., . N4 .5525 ' 'Q " " 5 , Q., ff- 2 -4-f., QI'Y' ' ,f ., ? Sf ,J f" , ,9' "-Mt 2 my-: .... ,, S1 , 4 J gy 1 3' ?9i.'5v't,6 fr-r-W -f - .Bw-A f N 42 wr: ' 'S Aisiblgvz ,,M3.Q.m ., . ,gf 549, M, 1 ,., .k,, ,,,,.uv , T Hg? . ,R ' .Q -z . ,,.-ag Y. 5 ' if 'F ., , ' s f f V ' tif.:-Qlt f.. 1' "fi ,-.prff-45158 7 n I ll I 1 I i": Steve Blaney Ed Mac kulak Ji. I .......zL..,..M,,zlW.a.,.,A,L . 'S' M..,1L.v.,N.... M, warning an , ,W ' - "K N 'li-ww'-wi-M-Q-.M..",' K -my-1 --ff-. -f---el ll.m.......s.a -'f 5 59- 'I 2' L, . -.Y W . Z 1 b Q , , ,. ,w, ,f jg .- .ew v h w. Vl. V Kd ' '-mi, HKMW-H-vip W f W -sf, r, 'ft ws, ff ' " ,.-'Via "- ' M U' V ' .awp ...LA-...wa i... ' Q ,- yoj 44 ., .,w,,'5f,.3' 1: K ' 55 J Qi' If Q" '-uf ' V ' fi., ,f 4 1,."f1w A ' 1 ' A, ,W,,b,,. mf- ,' ,f51g,5vif,1a"',f-3, :iAf:f31'...gXg3Qf39 4,.: . , A ".,, M ag 4 f:.'fw+"1 f. '6:-42 ,. ,gffzfagfw ef, , We 1 -a,,..w,i,,,.r-, .wie -M,?f'e,L:L21Zr 35 Walter Kowalski I I E 3 -L , f QN .if A PICTURED ABOVE IS: ff , Coach E, Devitt, TRACK TEAM PICTURED ABOVE FROM LEFT TO RIGHT ARE, BOTTOM ROW: W. Smith, V, Flack, and W. Patzert. MIDDLE ROW: R. Ross, T. Patton, A, Tucker, J, Alexander, J. Johnson, and T, Wild. TOP ROW: S. Gunn, Z, Comer, J. Cook, G, Moon, E, Uzelac, and T. Huycke. X-COUNTRY TEAM PICTURED BELOW, FROM LEFT TO RIGHT ARE, BOTTOM ROW: E. Hubanks, D. Slavo, R, Bikoff, I. Griffin, A, Martin, L, Washington, C, Gregory, and R. Jackson. TOP ROW: A. Joseforsky, J, Pahnateer, F, Douglas, Z, Comer, A. Spears, W. Swerdon, J, Surber, W, Upshaw, A, Toth, I, Calhoun, F, Phillips, I. Yagelski, T, Huyckelfrl, Keeney, R, Duffy, I, Cunegin, W. Smith, and W. Lemp. ' E ,J V 1 r 132 PICTURED ABOVE ARE COACHES: V. Kay, E. Devitt, F, Elkins and J. Vance, baslwfbaw The Blue Raiders, primarily a young team this year, ended the season with 2 wins and l7 losses. These losses were very disheartening for the Raiders, but one consolation is that many of the losses were only by a few points. There are many underclassmen on the team who have gained much experience this year and Coach Joe Vance should have a fairly good team next year. The Raiders lack no spirit and the student body backs them all the way. lx PICTURED ABOVE, FROM LEFT TO RIGHT, ARE VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM MEMBERS, ROW ONE: H, Richards, A. Spears, W. Swerdon, F, Phillips, L, Mangold, and S, Leto. TOP ROW: I. Bennett, Student Managerg I. Keeney, J. Yagelski, J. Wright, S. Gunn, E, Spisak, C, Cook, and Coach J, Vance. W, Swerdon 5 A - 5Pea1'3 I . Yagelski 111. I bbw ' 1956 57 BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Edison Wirt Lew Wallace Froebel Hammond High Horace Mann Hammond Clark Whiting Valparaiso Horace Mann Emerson E.C. Roosevelt Gary Roosevelt Franklin E.C. Washington S. B. Washington Hammond Tech Bishop Noll Edison They 92 45 52 64 55 56 51 47 75 70 51 67 83 67 57 54 68 90 59 PICTURED ABOVE ARE MEMBERS OF THE RESERVE TEAM FROM LEFT TO RIGHT, BOTTOM ROW: R. Blankenship, S. Manoski, W, Upshaw, J Griffin, W, Lemp, J, Palmateer. TOP ROW: F, Walker, E. Uzelac, E, Miller, J, Cook, G. Fort, and R, Duffy. To leston scrambles for the ball ..... and, gets itll J Wright 7 S. Gunn 3. Legg ,4w..?..v.a.,-r,..,.A , 3 7 ,., MTM.. . MXN I .m..0z,W :TEL ,...,,, ?.-,,.i. irjiiiii 1 -,., ....r. E, t..t LW svc, QQTQQ ' l,.,,,J. ,.., V- f 1 L ' . .N ,i.....,,,..4,, 5 l iwwloswg Plenty of action as seen in this game is achieved by long and frequent practice sessions. fff 'wx 2 4 if PICTURED AT LEFT, FROM LEFT TO RIGHT, ARE FRESHMAN TEAM MEM- BERS, BOTTOM ROW: 1. Jiminez, M. Malinish, I. Johnson, T. Patton, W. Smith, I, McLaurin, TOP ROW: L, Sayles, K, Badylak, R, Pajor, R. Tresiak, and E, Harris, ..,.s.s. ..-., N., R u...W.-X.. .,, - 1 l,..,,....- Vct,,. ., im, ttc., ,,ic . 5 .M - s Pictured above are students, managers, J. Bennett and G. Hallo. The team huddles for Coach's instructions. Solemn-faced bench takes in play on floor. 2? .if at Tolleston can well be proud of its cheerleaders, who make it a practice to be perfectly timed when they do their routines. Of the five varsity members, four are seniors and will be graduating, leaving four vacancies to be filled. Judging from their performances, any reserves trying for varsity positions should not have much trouble. The cheerleaders have a new sponsor this O - year, Miss A. Acheson. Cheerleader spons r pictured above is Miss Acheson . 1 A Tolleston does a little yelling for its team Reserve cheerleaders ask, "ls everybody happy?" and get a rousing "Yes" for an answer. Cheerleader captain pictured below is Senior cheerleader pictured below is Shirlee Ell, senior. Judy Tiernan. 6 wwf Sponsofv a , All 4 I L, J.cUrc:0 Reserve Cheerleaders pictured above, clockwise, ore V. Bektesh, D. Uzeloc, L. Tiernon, K. Longbehn, ond L. Bode We wont cu basket right now! Pictured below is C. Hvdo ond at right bottom is J. Templer. 7 ' Wwe Looks like a homerun for Louie! ll ooo! The Blue Raider Baseball team ended up the 1956 season with a tiefor first place with the Ham- mond High Wildcats, and they shared the honor of co-champions. The team's many victories were due largely to the very effective f pitching of the now graduated John Jurasevich. The Raiders endedup the season with a con- ference record of eight wins and three losses! This year's team has not played its first game and it is hard to predict the outcome. In the last two years, Tolleston has either won or tied for the W. N. l. H. S. C. championship. We are hoping and trusting that this year will be much the same as previous years. Pictured above are the members of the 1955-56 W, N, I, H. S, C, co-champion baseball team. the Tolleston Blue Raiders. I 138 ments The Pioneer staff wishes to thank the following people for their wonderful help and cooperation Our sponsor, Mrs. Krisko, Our photographer, Mr. Bartz, Our publisher's representative, Mr. Cranny, Our indispensable help, Mr. Carmony, and, Our understanding administration, teachers, and student body Editor-in-Chief. . . Co-Business Managers. . Art Editor ..... Photographer's Assistants . . Senior Page Editor . . Junior Page Editor . . Sophomore Page Editor . Freshman Page Editor . . . Joyce Sedan . . Minnie Davis Ralph Williams . Robert Magdalena . Ruth Ann Martin Gordon Bardos Judi Archer . Herman Bode . Judi Archer . Nancy Scecina . John Lamfalusi "He that publishes a book runs a very great hazard, since nothing can be more Impossible than to compose one that may secure the approbation of every reader." I3 9 --Cervantes 'Dx , K, X if 'al NP fl if W Acevedo, Joe, 2736901 Q. Adamus, Mary Ann,j 66 Adamus, Michael, 73 Albach, Evell , 73,125, 1 Albachf, Kar , 66,,l Alexander, Rosie, 37, 122 V' ll 9 o ,591 ,Rx Bookless, Melvin, 73 Borausky, Linda, 66, 107, 124 Borom, Juanita, 73 Boyd, O., 87 Bxllynak, Theresa, 73,94,l25 'raatz, Patricia, 60,123 Brennan, Phillip, 66,101 Alexlanifier ames, , 0,1331 J F Alva ,J Eianielly Aragon, Aragon ,' Archer AndnLwfIs,AArth A CJIHSIQEQ , 59 107 J J 106 Xa, , fi. . 9.849 lu, L! 59, 06,123 . if Arnold Jeanette, 4,106 Amore, RACK 4 of Arthur, Ernes 9,f93r, Arthur, Phylliys, '1fs,92,ig ly Atchison, Amy, 59,123 lv Atchison, Rex, 37,9 13 Aznar, Joe, 59 JJ Badylak, Kenneth, 73, 14,135 Bakas, Mary, 107 Baran, Henry, 59 Barber, Ezekiel, 73,84,93,102, 106 Bardos, Gordon, 37,89,93,98 Baumgart, Phyllis, 66,107,124 Beai, Joseph, 73 Becker, Kathleen, 59,9O,93, 123 Behnke, George, 37,100,102,103 Bektesh, Violet, 66,90,93,124 Belcher, Sandra, 90,107,124 Bell, Charles, 101 Bella, Lawrence, 37 Benko, Lorraine, 73,125 Bennett, John, 37,117,133 Beres, Carol, 66,124 Berthold, William, 73 Biamonta, Mary, 59,123 Bikoff, Robert, 59,100,132 Bill, L., 87 Bilyak, Milan, 73 Bims, Jackie, 73 Bims, Margie, 37,93,73 Binkley, Carol, 66,107,124 Bires, L., 87 Bires, Terry, 66 Bird, Wynona, 38,122 Black, Ronald, 101 Blackman, Shelina, 59 Blakley, Emma, 66,92,107 Blaney, Steve, 38,117,131 Blankenship, Jack, 87 Blankenship, Royce, 59, 93, 134 Bode, Herman, 38 Bode, Judy, 66,92 Bode, Letitia, 59,123 Bolton, Geraldine, 59 Bonder, Alex, 73 Bonder, Luba, 60,94 Brennan, Terry, 38, 92 , 93,117 , 131 Brennan, Thomas, 38,100,102,117, 131 Brogno, John, 38,99,117,131 Broome, Beverly, 74 Brown, Curtis, 74 Brown, Cynthia, 66,90,124 Brown, William, 38 Brown, Bobbie, 74 Brown, E,, 86 Brown, Nanette, 74 Brudzinski, Loretta, 66, 90, 94, 107, 124 Bruno, Joseph, 66 Bruno, Steve, 86 Bryant, Brady, 101 Bryant, George, 93 Bryja, Rose, 39,89 Bubik, Richard, 39,98,99,117 Bucheck, Carol, 86 Bucheck, Patricia, 66,107,124 Budgin, Carolyn, 66,107,124 Bulza, Diane, 74,125 Buse, Dean, 74 Buse, Dennis, 67 Bycynski, John, 39,99 Bycynski, Mary Ann, 60,123 Calhoun, lrvin, 39,132 Calloway, Louis, 39,100,102,103, 104,131,138 Calwhite, Veronica, 74,125 Carrabin, Joe, 102 Carrizales, Xavier, 74 Carroll, Robert, 67,102 Carter, Ann, 67,107 Carter, Melodie, 74,92 Cave, Shirley, 67,92,107 Chapman, Karen, 39,122 Chestovich, Milan, 74 Chestovich, Nick, 39 Childress, J. , 87 Choka, Audrey, 67 Christy, Joe, 36,117,131,1-38 Cidylo, Sandra, 60,84,88,90,94, 123 Cieslak, Eloise, 74,125 Cioni, Rosalyn, 40,88,89,103,122 Claxton, Sylvia, 67, 93, 124 Clifft, Clyde, 67,93 Clifft, Judith, 67 Coates, Tom, 67,93 'I 40 Cogley, Paula, 60,123 Cogley, Ruth Ann, 40,90,107 Collins, Beverly, 67 Collins, Charles, 60, 93,99 Collins, M., 86 Comer Zeke 40 132 cook, ciyaef 133' Cook, Joseph, 67,1'02,106, 132,134 Conner, David, 92 Coppess, Charles, 60,99 Corbeille, Jim, 40 Costidakis, Marian, 40, 106, 122 Cotton, Bonnie, 40,107,122 Cotton, Joyce, 93 Coulter, Joyce, 67,107,123 Cunegin, Irvin, 132 Cunningham, Eloise, 74 Cunningham, Nona, 40,106 Curcio, Jerrie, 41,93,106,107,122, 137 Curtis, B., 86 Czarnecki, Marie, 41,103,122 Czarnecki, Walter, 74 Czazasty, Geraldine, 67,107,124 Czernoch, Elaine, 60,123 Czubik, Alberta, 74,125 Czubik, Joyce, 88,89,123 Daronatsy, Donna, 74,92,125 David, Thomas, 41 Davis, Maurice, 74 Davis, Minnie, 60,90 Dean, Dorothy, 67,123 De Meyer, Victor 41 Demo, Mildred, 60,93,106,123 Derdowski, Wayne, 41,100,102, 103,104 Didelot, David, 60,101 DiFatta, Josephine, 41 Divijak, Joe, 41 Dobogai, Frances, 60,123 Dobrowolsky, Cathy, 60,90, 106 Dobrowolsky, Donna, 74,98,106 Douglas, Frederick, 60,132 Drago, Patricia, 74,107,125 Drop, Dolores, 123 Drop, Joyce, 42,60 Dudas, Harriet, 84,90,94,103, 106,107,123 Duffy, Robert, 93,132,134 Dujrnovich, John, 100 Dujmovich, Tony, 100 Dula, William, 74 Durr, Pamela, 107,125 Dye, Shirlee, 125 Edwards , Charlene, 67 Edwards, David, 93, 101 Edwards, Evergene, 74 Edwards, Harry, 67,102 Edwards, Nelda, 74 Ell, Shirlee, 42,122,136 Engle, Bierna, 94,106,123 Engle, Gnaceg 75,94, 114,125 Erler, Doris, 75,92,125 X Erler, Mary Annf 60,123 JN , Ezell,'Silver Lee, 412 X A Fabian, Joe, 6'1,99:101, 102 "f Fabrici, jSusan, 67, 107, 114, 124' Feczko,fLois, 60, 90, 123 Felton, David, 75,1 Ferda, Jerry, 60,92 Fernandez, Joe, 60,93 Finny, Marvin, 75,101 A rinny, William, is Flack, Vernon, 75,1321 ' Floumoy, Curtis, 93 Flournoy, Elma, 75 Flynn, Norman, 75,102' Fontana, John, 42,117 ' Foreman, Josephine, 67 Fort, Gary, 67,134 Fox, Dale. 67,93,98 Frank, Douglas, 75 Fulton, Joy, 75 , Gaczkowski, Bonnie, 75,92,125 Galston, Hazel, 107 Gant, L., 86 -. Gastovich, Mariane, 68,90,94,98, 107,124 Gawrysiak, Eugene, 101 Geleott, Janet, 42,893,122 Geller, Patricia, 75,107,125 Gehesky, Richard, 93 George, Christine, 84,124 Geruska, Frank, 42 Gibson, Myrtle, 60,92,123 Gilbert, Mary, 60 , Giotia, Hector, 75 Glab, Louis, 75,93 Gladys, Alfred, 75,101 Gladys, Elaine, 42,106 Golston, Hazel, 43,122 Gonsiorowski, Elaine, 75,125 Grady, Lou Ella, 68,92 Graham. Judith, 125 Green, Lynette, 107,125 ,C Green, Shirley, 61,106 Gregor, Andy, 43,84 Gregory, Charles, 61,132 Gretzinger, Linda, 68,124 ,f f 14 , 1 , If X, 67 f Gunn, Sidney, 75,101,132,133,134 Guzik, Gloria, 75,125 Guzik, Jerome, 75,102 Guzik, Lorene, 61,90,94,103,106, 123 Haggard, Patricia, 43 Hallo, George, 61,99 Hansen, Sandra, 68,107,124 Harbison, Karen, 75 Hardaway, Charlene, 43,106,122 Hardaway, James, 101 Hardin, Ernest, 102 Hargan, Jonah, 43,103,117 Hargan, Priscilla, 75 Harmon, Donna, 75,94,125 Harris, Ellis, 75,135 Harrison, Sylvia, 76 Hatten, Wallace, 101 Haymon, James, 43,101 Hecker, Barbara, 61,94, 103,123 Henry, Marshall, 68,102 Hern, Robert, 93,101 Hightower, Barbara, 90,123 Hill, Brenda, 93 Johnson, Dorothy, 123 Johnson, LeRoy, 44 Johnson, William, 61,132,135 Johnston, Gwen, 68,93,124 Joros, Dave, 61 Joros, Robert, 76 'Joseforsky, Alan, 61,132 Joseforsky, Carol, 76,94,125 Joseforsky, Delores, 76 Kaboff, Doris, 106,107,123 Kachur, Marilyn, 61,103,123 Kachur, Sylvia, 36,44,84,90,122 Kadelak, David, 61 Kainrath, Robert, 61,99 Kamza, Delores, 44 Kapica, Walter, 44,99,117 Karch, George, 68 Katunich, George, 68 Keeney, James, 61,132,133 Kellner, Margaret, 45 Kellner, Mary, 2 Kellner, Ruth, 7 ,125 Kelner, Jo Ann, 36,103,122 Kelner, Mar et, 6 , 93,103 123 Hill, CharleS, 61,101 Hill, Eugene, 93 K memYlC 3f1CY. 76 Hill, Thomas, 76,101 X ndron hrist' , 5,107 Hinton, Harold, 76 ' if, Vffkendfo v Ted- 6 00 Hiienak Robert 68 if nfl KSHSSUH. Rfmal 62.92 Hodges,'Dennis,, 76,93 fl I f if K 'IkdY- Fr df' - 102 Holcpmbe, James, 63,101,102 9 K edy- 10 H. 101 Ho kins ara 12 J D 1 ' fd- 9 ef 45-106 Horto fEmme 4 1 Hon , Hazel' 61 123 I 1 mar oscoe, 101,102 HO ng RO ald 61 id, Ilrlie, 62,123 uycke, T , 68,13 o Ki gf' Ioan- 76 Hydo, Ch te, A4 Hydo, Ge a di e, 7,125 lntrieri arahf 6 ,9 , 23 'i P " Kin: , 86 nmgxe H9911v f I an- 76 H e 1 if , , f p ,137 , H - . - lr f 6 J y 15500 D Lf X Hb 1 - 1 ,wii i-Zi, 6810? J son, I. 0. 61 ,e Ja kson, e, 76 55 Jacks n, osevel, 01, vw Jam, iaidin JJ61,90, 4,1o6, 123 ankovic Doro , 76,94 12 Mmrok, K n 68, 99 1 anuar , B.. N g Lois 68 124 rsh Joseph 5,84,99,117 Klimek, Lawr nce, 76 Klotz, John, 5,99 Kneudson, rbara, 76,125 1 Knezevic Albert, 76,114 I, Knipp, H niet, 62 f yi! Knudson aren, 76, 1 1 , Knuds Myron, 77, 00 1 y' Koes , Karen, 77 J 4 Kok' a bert, 68,101 Av ol s, ich el 68, 2b n pac De hine ,92, o Jud Ko uschak aymon 8 1 10 o ac Judith 45 8 122 Kostelnik, Gar J Kovach, K , 4 , O3 Kovczum, Car 1, ,90,98 23 Kowalski Wal e 46,13 ,1 8 , Mi J Griffin, Josephine, 134 ea GGOI S 02 . Griffin, Ronald, 132 Y- RaY nd Griffin, Joe, 61 J 3 - g i Groth, Neil, 68 V , ,f Jmenez, seph, 7 ,101 Gross, Mildred, 68,92,93,107,,1 4. Oban H BIUCC. Guenther, Sharon, 43 + 10 3 f , Guinee, Jeri, 100 . a 0 e. 76.125 Guinea, nspnr rest Guip, Hannalore, 75.94 V Johns , irlee, 44 W , V 141 Krebe,x aron 8,94, 41 ,il W, , M ii il! if W XXX f, . N X ix X 6 X'-3. Krecik, Dorothy, 62,92,98,i03, , BLXQIXUI, W th, ' 22 Krecik, Kathleen, 77,92,125 , 2 Martis enne W 62 Kruk, Betty, 62,98,123 1 . art orett , 6 X, 7 Labash, Donald, 77,101 Y R.,A1 0 N. Lamfalusi, John, 77 ' X ,AQ UIHAXII-1 nite, Lampkin, W., 93 ' E . 4 J, I-aflgbehnl Karen- 6 .iig1.8Qb90.J1 . -1 ui rieie, ,93,122 107,123 ' 4 atto , ames, Langbehn, Linda, 7, O 5 A arm Roy 93,9 Lashenak, P., 87 E I CC1' ton, ie, 92 Lazar, Sue, 62,106 2 ' 1 cQlinton, R , 92 Lazer, Walter, 77, N1 M ceuum, guna, 77,125 Leech, Nyla, 125kU ' Qgllum, 1 ia 10 Leight, Sharo 68,124 4' c lyi len, Lemon Robe t, 2f McCo aro1ine,4 ,117,x112 Wayne, Lemp 8,132, , 1' Mc o 'tz, Samantha 63, 0,10 Lenoir, Louise 46 f ' 1 ,1 Lepp, 8 A 5 A cGu o , Shirle , 9,1,07 Leto, Sal r ,68, 11'7, 66 0 1 1, Par, 4 , 8,1 , 07. Lewando s ' Dona e e. 'J ' is 14,122 Libicianfkx d, 6 0, R' P 2 A1 G ee, Glo' 2 X Licheniak, 'Qll'a , 4 , Lois, xr Liedtke, s., 1 7 r , Helen, 3,107 lockett, Lavel , 72-1 jc. 9 Laur 1 lame, 93 Lockett, Vivian, 62, 71123 CN-ally. FISH f 102 Londeeu' Robert' edved, Kat y, 47,93,122 Long' Russel' X2 X Cltofl, Sylqdfa, Logney, Viola, '72 esarchg Daniel, 77 Love, Frances, 69,107 Lovely, Livingston, 101 lovely, Willard, 101 Lowe, Dorothy, 46,122 Lucchino, Guy, 77 Luckiewicz, Robert, 62,84 1. Lupieke, Stanley, 62,1 2,1013-,D Lupieka, Walter, 77,100 Luptak, Dorothy, 77,12 Lynch, i , Marcia, 125 ' enkoff, Katherine, 63,90,9 106,123 Miller, Annester, 125 Miller, Arla, 69,124 Mill Dorothy, 48,12 Mi , Ed ard, 134 e , G e, 78 M' 1er,' se, 48,99 Jarnes' M ls, Tom, Eefgi, ar1,59,9o,99 D ai 128 Napalowski, John, 78,84,101 Naumoff, Bill, 69,101 Nawrocki, Daniel, 99 Nedoff, Albert, 102 Nelson, Melvin, 48,101 Nelson, Patricia, 69,107,124 Nemtuda, Rose Marie, 63,123 Newson, Barbara, 69,106,124 Nicholson, Anita, 48 North, G., 86 Norwine, Paulette, 48 Nowakowski, Edward, 69,100 Nugnis, Alan, 78 Oberlander, Ray, 49,93,100,102 Odie, Arthmus, 52,101 Oldgi, Loretta, 69,124 Olynik, Robert, 69 Olszewski, Jerry, 99 Onder, Andy, 8 Onder, oa , I 'I O' a , S ah, 06,125 OrQj 1 Caro 49 122 ' re, e ayd,7, ,O 0 '. , 1 i, J d ,,69,124 sbo ' 1 2 Osika, Sa , 49,99, 17 t's, emus, tos, , Bqnndg, 122 O ef rg, 'ta, 69 24 Oz , I., 6 ladol, ' ron, 8,94,125 , ary Alma, 36,49,88.89, ' ., Richard, 49,89,100,102,103 104 J Pajor, Jer 63,117 Pajor dol, 78,135 Lynch, walter, 69 eer, Richard, 63 Pal teer, J s, 90 32,13 Mabin, Dolores inick, Dorothy, 69,124 Q, n zo, Vi t, I M inw,,fDanya' 7 4- Mitchell, C3.l'O1yI'l, 107,124 I 0 arkeg, U as ,117 M?ZlQonald6,Bon ie, 62l,1' Mokol, James, 78 Lcfdf ace ' , 99 Makoygyorild, Este , U., Mokol, Laura, 78,94,125 X P ich, enneth, Mackuvl, 1, E 47 1 Molder, Norbert, 78 M j Pfrt ny iane, ,124 Magdiileno, sport, 62 Moon, Bejay, 101,102 i patt Ih ,15 Malcom' Bal- ara' 6 ,1 f oon, Gene, 100, 1,102, Patt , M 78,93 Malensha ,Th as, f 103,132! 2 A L Pfltton, P cia, 69 Mali ' , ic 1, 77,135 ' MOFHICS, Pat, 10'3 0!Patton, errence, ,100, 35 M 1, Pe y, ,125 , !Mora1es,Rona ,48',4 , oo, 02 Patt ho S 5 13 lj! Mal' zo, ge, 77 x! MOYIOU- ROV!-31 1 6611 M P rt, W'l , 7 Ma tt, 7 tie, e6 K ' M051eY, W her ,102 X' velka, E e, ,123 Ma tt, Henry, ,101 Y' MOSS' Shir 6 106 7 A vlovich., anet, 3, 06 old, fe , 62,133 MOSH-1110.5 min re 8,1 ewueki, Patricia, 78,92,106 Manoski ' encer, 62,90 114,134 MOSIGIIOQJH C3 67 , Perko, Joseph, 78,93 Mafaod I Fred' 62,101 Mullinix, Jos e, 6 ,92 4 Persin, Edward, 50,99 Marcyjanik, Charles, 77,100 Murdock, RJ, 87 ' Petkovich, Andrew, 78 Marrs, Bonnie, 62,106,123 Muzek, Karen, ,125 Petrites, Joseph, 50,117 Martin, Arthel, 101,102,132 Martin, Frank, 77 Muzek, Nada, 6 ,85,107,124 Muzek, William, 102 142 Petrukitas, John, 78,100 Phillips, Freddie, 63,132,133 ,pl 1 , , iiefufdl ay - 7 JU we r ,,i,,,,ye If 'L Llyj-,f tl.. Y v,, cw-f .134 f x f ' 1 5 1 ri M ,fr L ri 7! I 7 lx ,I FQ v I, J 4,1 1 J I, UJLL p y , , ly: pa XJ? MJLJQ- Philips. I ar 578 if 5 r Zi,-f Sc rr, ,Rerre1d, 101 1 M, ii, Sum, cl?,"8U7 wif aewwweey' ,, Pig i . a 6B1.90,1,23'j it melee, Gereiriihe, 101 Q Surb r Joseph, 54,132 9, ,eff :isa J, Jian. v .asggia 0 J fsehheh, Carol, 79g94,98q'1 5 pf 1 Tfvzgsl , Carol, 541,117 35753,- IZR 0. Vose, UIC, Sedan, Joyce, 52, 9,98' 22 K t Sw is, Roy, 10 Pltitof na,i53,J5lgii98. 2 lf . Sedan, Peter, 79 Y rdon, Bill, 114,117,132,133 P01aie3f'cz, Elia. 1 5747222 if Y serbin. Themes. 7259 if y Sxwirdon, Betsy, 86 Popa fBarba,r 78+ 25' ,r 'XV' 3 Serletic, John, 70, 10k,l'0 W igon, Phyllis, 71 Popie a, Sandra. ,93,1,06Jf25 V Serynek, Carolyn, 52 r H Povliiskpif Pqtrieie, 63,106,123 Powe . I ', 78,125 Powell.J' Q, 87 Piiiiihrhitermerr, 41,51,117,122 Pl.llll.I'lS, Julius, 70,101 Pruzin, Frances, 63,90,94,106, 107,123 Pruzin, Joyce, 70 94, 106,107, 124 Race, Frank, 114, 117 Ragon, Margaret, Ramirez, Phyllis, 51 70 Shaw, Sharon, 87 r shivers, William, 7 -106,125 Short, Albert, 93 ' Shukitis, Marlene, ,94 Shurchay, Sonia, 70, 7 I Shurchay, Tanya, 70,12I-13' we Silcott, William, 86 If Simola, Anthony, 63 ' Simola, Barbara, 53,63,122 Simmons, Patricia, 53l, 1221-X N Lv Shakes, Beatrice, 52964104 5 :F Q ' czerbik, Loretta, 54,103 Talle Beulah, 64,107,123 Taylflr arbara, 54, 70, 106,122 Te ple, Joan, 64,84,l06,123,137 ezgple, Sharon, 70,125 iros, Anthony, 71 omas, Patricia, 54 Thomas, Peter, 80 Thompson, Martha, 80 Thornton, Sandra, 80,125 Tiernan, Cynthia, 86 Tiernan, Judith, 54,103,136 Rayburn, Maggie, 78,107,125 Skager, Carolyn, 79,125 Tiernan, Lorrarm, '71 Reberg, Raymond, 51,93,99,117 Ska r, Dorothy, 72,124 Tolman, Karen, 64 Reed, Ellgefle, 63 69 Sk , P2lU'lCla, 70,107,124 Tgmko, Patricia, 123 Reed, Toniellea, 79,941,125 ilffano Tony, 63 , Toney' Alben' 71,132 Reedus, Otis, 100 olakYAnitlr79,93,114,f25 Toth, Albert' 71,132 Regans, Mar ', 51 122 olakk Johnak3 1 V Towle' Doroth I 71,124 REYDOICIS, Eallene, 79 1' lav -5 D3l1,Jv,64,90,101,1l 25132 Towns, Fredefizjk, 101 Reynolds, Gracie, 79,93 ,, SleQe, M tie, 7 mi25!V 1-9, Towns, Gladys, 55,122 Rhoades, Betty, 70 Smi , B rly, PM is Trigg, Bobby, 64,101,55 Rhoades, June, 70,92 F S th, Dorothy, 83,122 XS Trojan, James, 71,117 Richards, Harrison, 100,102,131 Sxwt gDorothy?,Mae,lf64 Trzeciak, Robert, 80,234,135 Richy, Jack, 63,99 I? 3fl1iI.l'Jxf'EII3, 5,,1Qx6l Tucker, Arthur, 101,132 Riley, Habert, 100 rhirii, Jer X101 Turnbull, Betty, 71,94, 107,124 Riviera, Carlos, 93 U, lSmilfh, Shdk, 93,125 Turner, Tommie, 80,100 Roberts, Michael, 99 C' WS Jfh, Will, , 79,100,132,135 Upshaw, Willie, 132,134 Robertson, Claude, 100,102,103 Robinson, Earline, 70 Rodriguaz, Marie, 51,107 Rogala, Robert, 51 Rogers, Anna, 79 Rogers, Patricia, 70 Rogers, Thomas, 63 Romanski, F. 8 7 Romansky, Diane, 70,98,107,l24 Roncsak, Barbara, 70,107,124 Roncsak, Nancy, 52,122 Ronic, JoAnn, 52,122 Rosko, Frank, 52 Ross, R., 86 Ross, Ronald, 79,101,132 Roszkowski, boretta, 63,123 Roffins, Eugene, 52.100,101.103 , S ed, Bertha, 79 S eiderwine, James, 117,53 Sneiderw'ne, William, 53,117 Somesonxgdlyra, 92 94,125,84 'ati, rol, 79,85 So 4 erry, 645,11 , Soji , rfirrgeiiirjgrsei ,lee ,Asp ow, oy ,64,9 ,Xl-06 fpears, h ', 1 333331138 , pencer, illig, 9 Sperk , war Q, 53,99 spira , Errier ,5B4'f117,133,138 spe Mer, C , 102 St , Shar , 70,107,124 sr reir, ata ard, 79 1 efanki wicxg yS1g1smuntdb 64,99 ihirigir, 1eirri,'5l1,'1s1,7,x131 Urbanks, U,, 132 Ursery, Robert, 80,100,101 Uzelac, Donna, 71,84,94,98,114, 124 Uzelac, Elliot, 71,132,134 Vargos, Leonard, 101,106 Vargos, Margarita, 101 Vasily, Shirley, 55,94 Vasquez, Isabelle, 55,103,122 Vaughn, Betty, 107 Vaughn, Vessie, 80,125 Vereb, Janice, 80,125 Vician, Joan, 80,125 Vician, Joyce, 80,125 Vilardo, Tom, 55,117 Voris, Shirley, 64 Waddell, William, 80,100 Salinas, Theresa, 79,93 Sf, ringer' Tlgmr '94-991' Wainwright, Arthur, 101 Satanek, Jeanette, 70,107,124 ard J rwfol Walker, Floyd, 84,134 Sa les, Nathaniel, 70 , ew ef - dy Wall, Jerr , 64 Sceycina, Nancy, 79,94,124,l35 4 Stal 1 OYC - 1 - 'JL Wallace, Barbara, 71,107 Schiralli, Antoinette, 70 St - Bafbaf if Wallace' Don' 55,99'117 Schiralli, Rosalie, 70 S d ff' JOAHXKQW3' Wallace, Mary, 80,125 Schramm, Mary Ann, 52,122 SUUC 1 Rabfmondf 64170 Wallace, Shirley, 71,107,124 Scott, Geopola, 72,107 Sum' Eveltnr 541123 Walters, Joseph, 64,90,11'7 143 Wargo, Agnes, 56,107 I Wi son, t ' , 94,3 24 Yarbrough, Evelyn, 71,124 Wargo, Lawrence, 80,1 X fmble e 8 Yocius, Kathleen, 71 Washington, Annette, L'Win , M r , 1 6 Yovanovich, Allen, 71 Washington, Lawrenc , 80, 00 W' ws i a,5 ,123 X over, Sharon, 81,107 washington Wil' , 80,102, es, e , 71,' 7,124 uar, Carol, 57,99,1o7,122 Wasil, Ro e a, ,9 irtesf G rge, 5 ,9 122 Zag ey. ROIDSFI. 65.99.101,103 watson, e , wir el , ',84, 9 93 Zak enda. 81.125 white, an'e1,'80 , in Iren 3 galcbransky. Don. 65.99,l00,102 Wick, Danie , 80 W'rte atr' ia, 65 I ' 103 wud, Thomas, se, 132 is a Hel , 1 , L ak tapsky, Jo Ann, 57,94,106,122 wuirams, Jerry, 64,138 jo wma , Sa ,10,6 23 1 z k ransky, Joe, 81 Williams Mary, 12 9 L, Wo sbwic , da, , 06,107 ych, lean, 81 Williams Ralph, s ight, J s, ,134 X avada, Emeric, 71,98,101,102 Williams Robert 6,101 ' X , szol k,! 'n ld, My Zavada, Er in, 65,98,100,102, Williams, Sharon, 80,9 Wsz k, Iero e, 71 ,lQ4' Wilson, Audrey, 56 Q X N- Y ki, , 56 ' 2,1 1 ei ammel, Charlene, 57,106 Wilson, Charles, 81,101 f ' y 0 f,IY,,2 g I if ' ff- , i 'A If I A f JW 6? 76 ' W 4 1. My 6 0 5 3 a A V N ' D 1 4 rv - K iz 1 I , N 1 is vi ' ' 1 N . Xi 4 ,. 00 , f VD . 3 . , W 0 1531213 j 'Ix'4r ffwffw ' J" . if 164 WW M!! A fgofrecffiqftigfvli ,WWMW ,M J 'W Q v'bf0LM"i' 'IU ob - , , Q- 9 1 . 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Tolleston High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Gary, IN) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


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