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{Introduction On the wall in every room in our beloved Tolleston High School, there hangs a clock. Its hands have slowly ticked away the minutes of four years of high school life for one hundred twenty-six graduating seniors. These years, however, have been full ones, filled to the brim with studies, R O.T.C., athletics, clubs, cokes at the Dari, dates, and dances. How often in the past four years have the seniors looked at the clock and watched its hands move toward four o'clock when after-school activities began! Now it is really “four o'clock for our seniors, and the long awaited time has come for them to leave high school for good. At this time, many of them wish the hands on the clock could be turned back so they could be freshmen again. Although this cannot be done in reality; in memory, through the camera's eye and an album, it is possible to relive those four years of high school life. Turning back the clock to the beginning of the school year on a Tuesday morning in September, we hear the ringing of the 8:40 bell heralding the beginning of the new school year. The vacation-silenced halls re-echo the familiar sounds and voices for a few short minutes, and then all settles down to the familiar pattern of school.These loyal helpers, like the second hand ol a clock, move silently and un- obtrusively to make possible our school needs and wantp. BOARD OF SCHOOL TRUSTEE Standing: Charles Lutz, Rev. Newton Fowler. Seating: Dan Krietzman, Mrs. Uno T. Hill, Clarence Bowers, Michael Lobo. ADVISORY COUNCIL 1st row: Mrs. Whitlow, Mrs. Hult, Miss Marsh, Mrs. Newcome, Mrs. Stasco, Mrs. Hostetler, Mrs. Price, Sirs. Dawson, Mrs. Daniels. 2nd row: Mrs. Gullic, Mrs. Hantann, Mrs. Comely, Mrs. Henke, Mrs. Gregor, Mrs. Cook, Mrs. Kritlow, Mrs. Bean, Mrs. Dziadosz, Mrs. Scheub, Mrs. Kelly. 3rd row: Mrs. Kendt, Mrs. Frank, Mrs. Harder. Mrs. Kendrs, Mrs. Bielski, Mrs. Klkins, Mrs. Krueger, Mrs. Kurth. 4th row: Mrs. Zyskiewicz. Mrs. Gerarage. Mrs. Schutl, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Lynn, Mrs. Saager, Mrs. Swan- son, Mrs. Malings, Mr. Standley.OUR PRINCIPAL AND HIS OFFICE STAFF For thirteen years Mr. James W Standley has been the principal of Tolleston High School He has watched and guided twelve graduating classes. Like the other classes, this graduating class of 1946 leaves Tolleston with happy hearts and gratefulness to have had such a kind and sympathetic leader. Like the mechanism of a clock, this small crew of workers keeps the many details of school life running smoothly and efficiently. MISS KRATKOCZKI MRS. CASK ISTUDENT COUNCIL Seated: Mary Verba, Lillian Pojani, Clara Modolo, Joan Reilly, Edwin Starzewski, Walter Baran, Betty Stefanko. Standing: Jean Lach, Donald Bodnar, Mr. Goforth, Steve Hayduk, Walter Maciejewski, Bruce Roberts. OFFICERS President .................. Steve Hayduk Vice-Pesident ............ Edwin Starzewski Secretary-Treasurer ........... Mary Verba A candid shot of the Student Council reveals the members hard at work. The members of the Student Council are representatives from the freshmen, sophomore, junior, and senior classes. Two of the three members from each class are elected by their respective classes. The third member is chosen by the class sponsors. Before a student sponsored activity can be given, the student organization must obtain the permission of the Student Council. The Council also conducts the annual class and club elec- tions. which are held in the spring. For some time now the Council has felt the need for more school activities sponsored by all the school organizations and the faculty. During the past year, the main project of the Student Council was maintaining and keep- ing up to date the Servicemen's Honor Roll, a plaque which contains the names of Tolleston students who are serving, or have served, in the armed forces.THERSA WEHR English and Latin As the 8:40 bell ceases ringing on a Tuesday morning in Sep- tember. we see, seated at their ANN SHIRLEY GRAY English and Pioneer desks, the teachers who watch and guide the students through their high school years. OPAL FRENCH English VIRGINIA BROWN EnglishThe guidance classes teach the students to plan their entire high school course. If a college preparatory course is chosen. VIRGINIA COMEFORD Mathematics and C A P. the students are provided with a basis oi English, mathemat- ics. and history. ANNA MARSH Social Studies CHARLES WISE Social StudiesELSIE COOPER Senior Library WANDA STEFANSKY Commercial The Commercial, industrial, and homemaking courses offer the boys and girls practical knowledge and experience which they can use without col- lege training. CORRINE MEHALSO Commercial BLANCHE E JANECEK Junior LibraryJUANITA CUSMANO Mathematics and Science MARIAN BUTKOVICH Home Economics C. A BUNKER Mechanical Drawing OPAL CATHERYN COBLE ArtMARCIA OWINGS Physical Education SGT. BAXTER R. O. T. C. No curriculum would be com- plete or well-rounded with courses for only the mind and hands. To help in a healthy and sound body there are courses in physical education and R O T. C. ESTHER KEDROVSKY Physical Education EDWARD HERBERT Physical Education JOSEPH VANCE Physical EducationEDWIN L. SCHROEDER Instrumental Music EVELYN ALLAN JONES IVALEE MOONEY Dramatics and Auditorium Dramatics and Speech Dramatics, debating, public speaking, and music serve as training in poise, self-confi- dence. and voice. CHERRY HEALY Dramatics ELIZABETH GINN Vocal MusicFRESHMEN OFFICERS President ARMAND LOPEZ Vice-President JIM ROACH Secretary DOROTHY AARON Treasurer GENE WALLACE FRESHMEN SPONSORS Chairman MRS. GILPIN Mrs. Beck Mrs. Cusmano Miss Wallace Mrs. Kedrovsky Mr. Hayes Dorothy Mae Aaron Dorothy Alley Darlene Arthur Arlene Babacz Jimmy Ballogg Casimir Baltrushaitis Mable Barneko Fordyce Batcheller Millie Beckwith Ester Beddome Don Belich Patricia Bennett Betty Lou Binge Don Blankinship Don Bobillo Don Bodnar Domenic Bonta Joe Botish Richard Breeze Hurbert Brooks w - Joe Bryja Betty Cenko Ed Charbonneau 1 Bob Charochak 'S up yLewis Chizer Emil Cioni Walter Cisowsld David Clark Dorothy Clark Martha Cornell Winifred Curley Dolores Daniels Thomas DeLaughter Cora Ellen Denning Dolores Dill man Theresa Dravet Ed Drop Katherine Ell Darrell Elser Elizabeth Emery Norma Estes George Fiebelkom Donna Foddrill Bill Frank Eugene Frisinger Eleanor Gal Lydia Garbus John Graden George Haburjak Katherine W. Gross Nadia Haggard Lor Kaine Guba Gertie Hopkins Barbara Hrischuk Dwaine Hubbell Phyllis Hult Joann Hurta Patti Hybarger Irene Kalina Betty Kallok Betty Karabin Lillian Kaufman Norman Kendt Joanne Kish Marlene Koebemick Mary Komisarcik Robert Koritko Rose Kostka Pauline Kovach Phyllis Koziatek Katherine Kozol Pearl Krntkoczki Mary Ksenak Helen Kuzma Jean I ach Celia I,azo Betty Lecik Pat Lepu Nick Libician Viola Liedtke William Lopeka Armand Lopez Frank Ix pez Joseph John Lubash Gertrude Maas Valerie MacLeod Laurence Manoski Eugene Marker Arthur Marshall David Martin Joseph A. Mayfield Joe McAdams Alvin Miller David Milligan Pat Mitchell Jeanette Mirkovich Andy Mlachik Don Mohrs Cf,J C Evelyn Mo moto ( Walter Monchllovich Dorothy Montorsi Clara Mounce Phyllis Nixon Carroll Noll Doris Novak Louise Organ George Oros Mike Pacha pa Edward Pavel Mary Pavloff Maxine Perzo Dorothy Piper Harold Porter Bob Primer Nancy Primer John Pupillo Burgois Quillin Raymond R. Radivan 0 Helen Ray son Josephine Remenius Casimir Remkus J Jimmy Roach Bruce Roberta Margaret Rosa Sue Rosa Jimmy Rudolph Joan Sapino Fred Sattler Betty Schaeffer Georgia Scheid Harold Scheub Ralph Schroeder Raymond Schroeder David Scott Arthur Sebben Henry Serynek Roaemarie Shenuk Darlene Silbernagel Paul J. Sinchuk Marie Skifano Margaret Slota Florence Smeltzer Ruth V. Smenyak Bob Smith Kdith Smith Frances Suchovaky Helen Surber Hana Taub Norma Theodore Tracy Trottier Mary Ann Valenaa Bob Varnelia Alex Varr Dorothy Vernaraky Johnny Vialoaky Gene Wallace Jack Wallace John Webdell Paul Weinand David Sokit Michael Stolarz Barbara Wilson Lee Nelson Woods Steve Yelich Louis Yuraitia Danny Zenak Gene Zielinski Stanley Zielinski Evelyn Ziemanski IN MEMORIAM Mary KochesMary Baran Richard Hartal Betty Lee Bean Shirley Bennett Margaret BowenDorothy Braun Marlene Brayack Robert Brown Inez Bryant Kenneth Bryant Louise Buczkowski John Bukur Irene Cenko Doreen Clapp Allan Claric Barbara Clark Helen Conway Willie Conway Dorothy Correll Janice Cummings Kmily Daniels Nick Danko Ralph Dillman Loretta Dobis Lorraine Doud Betty Dunn Ed Dymanowski Maynard Kdson Mildred Elencik Vincent Elias Joe Francis Joan Firme Rica Fulea Robert Gaydos Walter Gogola Jack Gregor Margery Guba Charles Gullic George Halkias James Hagen Jerry Barrington Delores Herma Eugene Higgenbotham Jean Hilton Harry Hoskins Robert Hult Delores Jacoby Norma Lee Jaeger Eugene Jasiak Rosemary Jasiak Donald Jenkins James Jensen Howard JonesMichael Kacmar Hazel Kaletta Ted Kaminski William Kazlauskia Eugene Kezy Jewel Kile Helen Kleban Mary Ann Kolic Connie Komomwski Pat Konopacki Kay Korwek Mary Kravicz Ann Oslizlo Veronica Oalizlo LeNea Ottoson John Paczolt Joan Padol Patricia Perry Mary Puci Emma Quillan Richard Radis Richard Radozinski Edward Rogola Gabriel Reba Mona Kritlow Richard Kurth Margaret Laakody Alfred Lazar Martha I,azo LeVeda Love Delores Lynn Jerry Macchia Salvadore Macchia Adeline Marker Robert Medved Paul Milosevich Clara Modolo Edward Moffatt Henrietta Manoaki Virgil Moalander Leonelda Montorsi Vivian Mriacin Donald N’edberg Marie Nenioa Steve Ne8trovich Judith Newcome Rose Nozrik Agnes OresikJoan Reilly Evert Reimer Barbara Richmond Ernest Remenius Joe Romano Bonnie Ruff Paul Schramm Barbara Scott Vivian Sebben Mary Shaw Shirley Silbernagel George Smar Betty Sager Phyllis Sapone Bernadine Satanek Genevieve Satanek Jerome Sattler Fred Scheub Shirley Smeltzer Virginia Smeltzer David Smock James Snyder Elizabeth Sohovich Maenon So meson Eleanor Stolarz Edward Suech Nick Thiros Juanita Thomas Loretta Tobolski Eleanor Tomaszewski Irene Toth Louis Tribuzio Mary Valentine Edith Vaughn Robert Vician Barbara Vigil Josephine Virgo Ruth Volk James Vrabec Shirley Wallace Delores Wanores Robert Ward Evelyn Whittaker Delores Wanores Barbara Woods Dorothy Yedinak Pete Zakutansky Katherine ZdamkusRich Boer Don Bono Leon Bowen Paul Brownell SPONSORS Chairman MRS. BROWN Mrs. Wendt Mm. Stefansky Mr. Goforth Coach Herbert OFFICERS President HARR'i MOI.CHW Vice-President RICHARD DENT Secretary ROMOX ! - RKKR Treasurer .KUNOX KOESTER ee Anderson Joyce Babuska Elaine Bartkowski Bernard Beckham Dominic Brugioni Robert L. itubik Alfred Burnell Peg Burns Jeanne Carevich Andrew A. Chuch William Chuch JoAnne Cornell Louise Defenser Betty Lou DeNicola Jim Dimitri Don Dipert Robert Dobis Kddie Dranchak Irene Drotar Helen Dubroja Richard Dudenski Henry Dziadosz Joan Ehrenfeld Anita Favretto Richard Frank Lorraine Frechette Lorraine Fronczek Dorothy Galster Lorraine Gastel •Thill” Gateson Elsie Gavura Robert Geddes Bernice Gerarge Dave Gregor Irma Grennes Virgil Gonan Margaret Haack Robert Hamann Betty Jeanne Hardy Bill Halaschak Steve J. Hayduk Eleanor Helwig Don Henricks Don Hewlett Agnes Marie Hill Holly” Holodick David Homiak Joe Hostetler June Hunter Alice Mae HurtaKdward Hurysz Frank Husek Bill Jackomis Henry Jacobsen LaRaine Jaeger Don Karp Leonard Karr J e Kendra Mary Klich Helen Kokotovich Daniel Kopack Don S. Kopack Geneva Kosanovich George M. Kravicz Jr. Marilyn Krueger Joan I irgura Nick Lawrosky Margaret Lentner Mary Lepp Alice Levy Charles Liedtke Delores Liedtke Violet Mabius Lauretta MacKeigan Richard Magdos “Kitty Martin Mary Martis Wilma Mebert Russel Milligan Chuck Mitchell Dorothy Mizerak Katie Moffatt Irene Molchan Gerald Nay Cornell Oresik Shirley Ottoson Marilouise Parmley Paul Patterson Anna Mae Pavelka Stanley Pete Ruthanne Petit Joan Petrovich Michael John Petyo Cornelia Piechocki Betty Piecka Theodore PiemikowskiElizabeth Pishkur Josephine Pizzuto Marian Pizzuto Joseph Paul Popescu Dolores Prescott Doris Price Richard Price Frances Quillin Sam Kadivan Andrew Rebar Arlene Reigert Bob Reno Bill Richardson Dorothy Rogala Dave Rolf Bill Salka Jim Sarbenoff Don Sawochka Elsie M. Schaser Ross Schmidt Bob Seeley Lois Short Pauline Shudick Anne Mae Simko Irene Slota Martin Sohovich Don Somers Mary Sparks Edwin Starzewski Shirley Steele Betty Stefanko Barbara Suckey Ralph Suter Eleanore Svatos Betty Swedenhjelm Roberta Tombers Ray Trottier Helen Vemarsky John Wanat Betty Jeanne Webster “Tesaie” Wenski Richard Whitlock Hubert Yankusky Bernice Zaborowski Frank Zaloudek Mary ZelinkaGEORGE KOKOTOV1CH Jr. Secretary R.O.T.C. Lt. Pioneer Staff Social Club Rifle Team LEORA LIND Treasurer T. A. G. Booster Club Girls’ Club Social ClubJEROME BALLOGG Dramatics Spanish Club Booster Club Social Club Pioneer Staff Tolleston Dramateers WALTER BARAN Student Council Football Track Basketball - 1 RAYMOND BOBILLO RUDY HAYDUK Valedictorian Dramatics Debate R.O.T.C. Captain Spanish Club Tolly Times Tolleston Dramateers N. F. L. Social Club Saiutatorian MARYLOU BEAN ANNA RENA BERNARDI Girls’ Club Booster Club G. A. A. Council Health Club Tolly Times Social Club Dramatics Tolleston Dramateers RICHARD BIANCHI R.O.T.C. VERA BIELENBERG Pioneer Staff G. A. A. Secretary Booster Club Concert Band Girls’ Club Health Club Social ClubIRENE BRYJA JEROME CALDWELL Football Captain Spanish Club Booster Club Social ClubEDWARD J. CHONTOS RUTH CLARK Football Baseball Track Booster Club T. A. G. Social Club Spanish Club Girls’ Club DOLORES CHARLESWORTH LEONA I. CHLOPEK Latin Club Secretary Glee Club Social Club Booster Club Girls’ Club Social Club DOROTHYANN CROSSK Booster Club Girls’ Club T. A. G. Social Club ADELINE DANKO G. A. A. Honorary Pres. Social Club Health Club Spanish Club T. A. G. Booster Club RUBY CLEMENT Cheerleader Booster Club T. A. G. Girls’ Club Social Club DOROTHY COX Concert Band Spanish ClubALICE FAY DKMKO Dramatics Spanish Club Social Club Tolleston Dramatoers T. A. G. ROBERT DETERT Football R.O.T.C. Lt. Social Club BERNICE ANN DANES MAXINE DAUGHERTY Health Club Girls' Club Booster Club Latin Club Social ClubJACK GARZKLLI Spanish Club R.O.T.C. Captain Track Football Social Club DOROTHY GASTEL Girls’ Club Spanish Club T. A. G. Booster Club Social Club Tolleston Dramateers Dramatics Mixed Choir SHIRLEY FIGGE Dramatics Pioneer Staff Girls’ Club Booster Club T. A. G. Social Club Tolleston Dramateers DOROTHY FRAME DramaticsLUCILLE GEM KIN HART G. A. A. Council Health Club Girls' Club Booster Club T. A. G. Social Club Dramatics GENE GOAD R.O.T.C. Lt. I atin Club Social Club Booster Club Rifle Team MARY GAYDOS T. A. G. Social Club Cu IRENE GEMKINHART G. A. A. Council Booster Club Concert Band Health Band Girls’ Club Social Club T. A. G. Dramatics HAROLD HARDY R.O.T.C.ALFRED JANKOWSKI JEANNINE JONES Social Club Latin Club Social Club U MARGARET JACKOMFS Concert Hand Spanish Club Social Club Debate IRENE JANKOVICH T. A. G. President Concert Hand Glee Club G. A. A. Health Club Booster Club Social ClubJOHANNA KAMINSKI Concert Hand Spanish Club Dramatics Mixed Choir Social Club ROBERT KARRIMAN Football Social Club STEVE JOVANOVICH BERNARD P. KAMINSKI Football U. S. Marine Corp. Track K.O.T.C. Lt. Social Club Booster Club A !’ IRENE KAZLAUSKIS T. A. G. Social Club Booster Club Girls’ Club Spanish Club Dramatics VIRGIL KELLEMAN EMILY KENDRA Booster Club Spanish Club BERTHA KLOCHAK G. A. A. Social Club FRED KORWEK K.O.T.C. Lt. Track Social Club Dramatics Tolleston Dramateers Rooster Club JOETT KOVACH JOHN KMKTZ Jr. HELEN KNAPP Dramatics Girls Club Tolleston Dramateers Social Club R.O.T.C. Social Club GENEVIEVE KUJAWSKI MARY KULANKO Booster Club Girls Club Booster Club Mixed Choir Social Club STEVE KRATKOCZK! R.O.T.C. JOAN KUHN Tolleston Dramateers Concert Band Latin Club Booster Club Social Club Girls' Club Health Club G. A. A. T. A. G.OLGA LOI'EKA Social Club GREGOR LUPTAK R.O.T.C. Lt. Colonel SALLY LEMLEY HELEN LIBAUSKAS Mixed Choir Dramatics Booster Club Social ClubBERNICE MIKOS Rooster Club NORMA MODOLE Concert Hand G. A. A. T. A. G. Pioneer Staff Girls' Club Social Club Booster Club Health Club DORIS PATTERSON JOSEPH PETRUCH R.O.T.C. DORIS PARMLEY Tolly Times Spanish Club Social Club DOLORES PATTERSON LUCILLE PLISOUSKY Social Club Girls’ Club DOROTHY ROMANO Pioneer Staff Concert Band G. A. A. Spanish Club Health Club HELEN GLADYS RUMFORD Social Club LILLIAN POJAN1 Student Council Booster Club President G. A. A. Council Health Club Chairman Social Club MARGIE MAY ROSSER Dramatics VIVIAN RUM FORD Concert Band Health Club Social Club ELEANORE PUPILLO G. A. A. Council Health Club Girls’ Club Booster Club Spanish Club EUGENE RUFF l atin Club R.O.T.C. Lt. Social Club Booster Club Rifle Team ELEANOR E. SATANEK Concert Band Social ClubJEAN SCHULTZ G. A. A. Council Health Club PAULINE SCOTT Concert Hand Latin Club BILL SMOOT R.O.T.C. Lt. Social Club Spanish Club Pioneer Staff RUTH SPLETZER Concert Hand Latin Club Tolies ton Oramateers G. A. A. EILEEN STANTON Tolly Times G. A. A. Dramatics Booster Club 0» YVONNE ST A SCO Concert Hand Spanish Club Pioneer Staff Booster Club t LUCILLE VAUGHN G. A. A. Council Concert Band Health Club MARY VERBA G. A. A. President Pioneer Staff Spanish Club CASMIR TOKARZ R.O.T.C. CaptainJOHN WILLIAMS R.O.T.C. ! AT WHITLOW Dramatics Concert Band G. A. A. Council Booster Club Girls' Club Health Club T. A. G. Spanish Club Latin Club Social Club Tolleston Dramateers JANE ELLEN WILEY Dramatics Girls' Club Booster Club Latin Club T. A. G. Social Club DKLOKIS WILSON Social Club VIRGINIA ZAPINSKl Booster Club G. A. A. Council T. A. G. Cheerleader Captain Tolly Times Health Club Social Club HELEN ZELENICK G. A. A. Treasurer Pioneer Staff Girls’ Club T. A. G. Health Club DOROTHY ZABOROWSKI T. A. G. Girls' Club Booster Club Social Club ANNA ZAKUTANSKY G. A. A. Council Health Club Booster Club Mixed Choir Girls’ Club Spanish Club Social Club PIONEER STAFF First Row: Harry Molchan, Lorraine Fronczek, Yvonne Stasco, Norma Modolo, Dorothy Romano. Sec- ond Row: Shirley Figge, Miss Gray, Cora Denning, Helen Kokotovich, Geneva Kosanovich, Bill Jack- omis, George Kokotovich. Third Row: Vera Bielenberg, Donald Ned berg, Donald Bodnar, Bill Smoot, Mary Verba.MISS ANN SHIRLEY GRAYTOLLY TIMES First row: Joan Firme, Virginia Zapinski, Valerie MacLeod. Mary Lou Bean, Lileen Stanton, Joan Reilly. Second row: Sidney Hoskins, Steve Hayduk, Donald Bobillo. Third row: Lorraine Cuba, Dons I arinely, Ramona Marker, Rudy Hayduk, Miss Marsh, Ethel Chizer, David Homiak, Robert Hoffman, Jack Gar- zelli.In the safety class boys and gi taught the essentials of safe livi; how to meet emergencies. In the metal shop under the supervision of Mr. Flick many useful home articles aro made. 6' . This student in mechanical drawing is dreamily making plans for future modern houses. '• MRS. MOONEYS DRAMATIC CLASS MISS HEALY'S DRAMATIC CLASS MISS IONES’ DRAMATIC CLASSJANE EYRE STAGE DOOR MAKE-UP HEROE'S LIMITED PRIDE AND PREJUDICE PUBLIC SPEAKINGOFFICERS President .......... Ronald Downey Vice-President...........Andy ChuchTreasurer ......... George GregorashThe Tolleston Concert Band found the year 1946 one of great success. With concentration on perfection in marching at parades and football games, they won the compliments of a noted band director. For the band, the highlight of the year was the annual spring concert held in the Memorial Auditor- ium on April 5. The wide variety of selections was enjoyed by a capacity audience Another major event occurred when the band, under Mr. Schroeder's able direction, gave two concerts in DeKalb, Illinois. This year some of the members of the band went to Valparaiso, where they participated in a state-wide contest, entering into the ensemble and solo groups.OFFICERS Katherine Ell, Secretary-Treasurer, Girls’ Glee Club; Angeline Mono to ro, Secretary-Treasurer. Mixed Choir; Joe Tokash, Vice-President, Mixed Choir; Bob Ward. President, Mixed Choir; Barbara Vigil, President, Girls’ Glee Club; Shirley Silbernagel, Vice-President, Girls’ Glee Club. MIXED CHORUS First Row: Bernice Gerarge, Loretta Dobis. Marlene Bra yack, Eugene Zielinski. Dorothy Correll, Mary Kulanko, Esther Hittle. Second Row: Frances Suchovsky, Ethel Petro, Katherine Halaschak, David Clark, Bob Ward. William Karriman, Eleanor Pupillo, Kitty Martin, Judy Newcome. Third Row; Josephine Remenius, Josephine Pixzutto, Dorothy Frame, Betty Dunn, Marilyn Krueger, Hertha Hall- man. Ann Zakutansky, Violet Mabius.GIRLS' INTERMEDIATE CLUB GIRLS GLEE CLUB INTERMEDIATE GLEE CLUBCOM MISSIONED-OFFICERSRIFLE TEAM FIRST PLATOON CANNON CO. SECOND PLATOON CANNON CO.FIRST PLATOON SECOND PLATOON FIRST PLATOON Head Anti HeavyQuarters Co. Tank Co. Weapons Co. SECOND PLATOONSODALITAS LATINA The year 1946 was a socially active year lor the Latin Club. The able planning of sec- ond year students and Miss Wehr made their initiation and Christ- mas party very suc- cessful. FIRST AND SECOND YEAR LATIN CLASSES For the first time in sev- eral years, the Latin Club was able to spend a few days at the Shades Park in south- ern Indiana. The eight- een members from the first and second year groups spent a very enjoyable week-end in dancing, hiking, horse- back, and bicycle riding.OFFICERS President ............. Ross Schmidt Vice-President ...... Louis Giacomin Sec.-Treas........... D. Charlesworth Social Chairman.................Elsie Schaser Sponsor .................. Miss Wehr At the beginning of the year the Latin Club in- itiates dressed them- selves in sheets, which represented the Roman toga, and prepared themselves for a trip through Hades. The Latin Club social committee made excit- ing preparations for the trip to the Shades near Turkey Run. Indi- ana. on April 6.FIRST AND SECOND YEAR SPANISH CLASSES The highlight of the year for the first year Spanish group was their initiation into the club. Each first year student had to go through the school day dressed in bath towel. T-shirt, bobbysox, bright sash, and gym shoes. For the enjoyment of the Spanish Club the second year group planned such activities as the initiation - Hallo- ween party. Christmas party, outings at the Dunes State Park, and a day at Mrs. Wendt's cottage at Flint Lake. Michigan.OFFICERS President ........... Angelo Canales Vice-President ........... Ray Trottier Secretary-Treasurer........ Peg Burns Sponsor .................. Mrs Wendt Besides learning the Spanish language, the first year students also learned to be good citizens by supporting their country through the purchase of war stamps. Having learned the basic principal of the Spanish language, the second year students found the reading of Spanish magazines en- joyable.E SE Sn?tiEflad!T5C Cheerleaders Left to right: Lizabeth Pishkur. Adeline Marker. Virginia Zapinski, Lorraine Fronczek. In past years the Booster Club has been a booster primarily of sports Now the Booster Club's motto, like its name, is to boost all school activitiesFirst Row: Hernice Zaborowski. secretary: Clara Modolo. Dorothy Zaborowski, Ruby Clement. Dorothy Cmssk, Doreen Clapp. Second Row: Doris Novak. Adeline Marker. Kleanor Stolarz. Henrietta Manoski. irginia Zapinski, Helen Libauskas, Lucille Gem- ejnhart. Third Row: Ramona Marker, Kleanor Pupillo, Hetty Dunn, Joan Reilly, Norma Kates, Cora Denning. Peggy Hums. Fourth Row: Hernice Danks, Katie Halaschak, Irma Greases, treasurer: Mary Kulanko, Margaret Bowen, Jean Hilton, Rica Fulea. Cheerleaders Throughout the football and basketball sea- sons. the cheerleaders have raised our spirits when the score was low. Left to right: Ruby Clement, Dorothy Zaborowski, Bob Ward. Mary Martis, Marjorie Guba.T. A. G's Under the auspices of the Y.W C.A both the T A G 's. senior group, and the Otyokwa s. junior group, have flourished at Tolleston for several years. OTYOKWAS Through the guidance of the Y W C A the girls had lectures, dances, hikes, and parties, which have brought them into con- tact with Girl Reserve organizations through- out the city.At the beginning of the year a group of junior- senior girls felt a need for a girls' club where they could discuss problems common to all girls. The Girls' Club was therefore duly organized. One of the major events of the year in which the Girls' Club has participated was the Girls' Conference. The girls have also had dances, parties, and lectures by professional people on manners, fashions, glamour, and hygiene.T-SQUARE (Camera Club) First Row: Betty Bobik, Leonelda Montorsi. Helei Conway, Dorothy Aaron, Vice-President; Marlene Brayack, Jean Lach, Marjorie Cuba, Secretary: Mirlene Kobernick. Second How: Miss Leskow, Spon- sor; Dorothy Correll, Betty Homiak, Cora Denning Doris Novak, Veronica Oslizlo, Ann Oslizlo, Mary Puci, Joan Hurta, Leona Urbanek. Third Row: Jack Gregor, President; Larry Monoski. Dorothy Yed- mak, Nick Thiros, Lewis Chizer, Walter Cisowski, Donald Bodnar. Robert Varnelis. Vivian Mriscin, Fred Scheub, Treasurer. First Row: Dorothy Kaplan. Donna Dillman. Kthel Chizer. Delores Hulse, Anna Mae Koplomon, Joan Hult, Martha Kylsa, Vice-President; Arlene Millard. Second Row: Miss Leskow. Pat Downey, Shirley Jefferson, Secretary; Donna Mae Massay, Rosemary Oslizlo, Treasurer; Mildred Bowen. Dorothy Peter- son, Evelyn Ehrefeld. Third Row: Eugene Kalina. Paul Alvarez, Ed Radivan, Mike Kokinda, President; Edward Swell, Steve Gregor.OFFICERSCAPTAINBALL This is a favorite leadup game to basketball. SPEEDBALL This popular sport is a combination of basketball and soccer. TENNIS A co-recreational game which can be played from the age of ten to sixty. BIKING This is an ex- ercise good for the waistline. HANDBALL This is an ever popular sport.BASKETBALL Who can help but know the fundamentals of The Hooster Sport ? PING PONG A game in which girls as well as boys excell. BASEBALL “Play ball” is a familiar cry among the girls as well as the boys. ICE SKATING Sharp blades cut the fig ure eight.HIKING A sport which affords pleasure all year round. ROLLER SKATING Indoors or out — tis fun. VOLLEYBALL A net. a ball, and eight players on a team equal fun. BADMINTON A game which offers ex- ercise. agility, and fun.Seated: Lillian Pojani, pin pong; Ann Buchko, biking; Eleanor Pupillo, badminton; Mr . Kedrovsky, sponsor; Virginia Zapinski, volleyball; Marylou Bean, captainball; Lucille Vaughn, basketball. Standing: Bat Whitlow, speedball Helen Dubroja, ’hiking; Jean Schultz, swimming; Ann Zakutansky, handball and tennis. £a JU First How: Florence Smeltzer, Dorothy .Montorsi. Lillian Kaufman, Margie Slota, Edith Smith, Betty Lecik, Elizabeth Emery, Joan Kish. Kathryn Kozol, Mary Ksenak, Marger - Guba. Maenon Someson, Mary Valentine, Mary Puci, Adeline Marker, Clara Modolo, Mona Kritlow, Henrietta Manoski. Second Row: Phyllis Hult, Ethel Petro, Mary Valenas, Joan Sapino, Mary Komasarcik, Clara Mounce, Dor- othy Aaron, Joan Hurta, Marlene Koebernick, Irene Toth. Barbara Scott, Vivian Sebben, Josephine Kemunus, Delores Herma, Betty Saager. Genevieve Satanek, Betty Bobik, Leonelda Montorsi. Third Row: Mary Pavloff, Rose Shenuk, Pearl Kratkoczki, Dorothy Piper. Pat Lepp. Norma Estes, Helen Kuzma. Nadia Haggard, Ruth Smenyak, Lydia Garbus, Delores Daniels. Theresa Dravet, Nancy Primer, Evelyn Monot, Doris Novak, Vera Oslizlo, Mildred Elencik, Bernadine Satanek, Barbara Woods. Dor- othy Correll, Marlene Brayack, Betty Dunn, Helen Kleban, Jean Hilton, Rica Fulea, Agnes Oresik, Betty Lee Bean. C isuuuuilLFirst Row: Mary Zelinka, Lorraine Fronczek, Mary Klich, Pegs}’ Burns, Lizabeth Pishkur, Elsie Schaser, Kls:e Gavura, Bernice Zaborowski, Lauretta MacKeigan, Mary Martis, Joan Largura, Vera Bielenberg. Second Row: Shirley Steele, Irene Molchan. Betty Stefanko, Joan Petrovich, Dorothy Miz- erak, Irma Grennes, Mary I,epp, Kleanor Helwig, Helen Dubroja, Jeanne Carevich, Violet Mabius, Vir- ginia Zapinski, Marylou Bean. Norma Modolo, Dorothy Romano, Mary Verba. Third Row: Marilouise Parniley, Bertha Klochak. Ann Buchko, Lillian Pojani, Adeline Danko, Katie Halaschak, Lucille Vaughn, Pat Whitlow, Jean Schultz, Johanna Kaminski, Irene Jankovich, Jane W'iley, Irene Kazlauskis, Yvonne Stasco. CjLir- First Row: Vivian Rumford, Lucille Gemeinhart, Katie Halaschak. Joan Kuhn, Jane Wiley, Lillian Pojani, chairman, Ruth Spletzer, Jean Schultz, Eileen Stanton, Vera Bielenberg. Second Row: Irene Gemeinhart, Irene Jankovich, Mary Verba, Norma Modolo, Marylou Bean, Virginia Zapinski, Helen Zelenick.The hands of the clock have moved in an amazingly short time and show us that our freshmen are once more seniors and ready to face the future. The future, unlike the past, is still to be lived. Some of our seniors will enter the business world; others will pursue profes- sions, and still others will make marriage a career. Whatever the choice may be, we extend our hands and wish all kinds of success to these, our seniors. If, perhaps, in that unknown future, you think of us at Tolleston, open again this book and let us take you back through memory with a camera and an album to freshmen days and a Tuesday morning in September, when we hear the ring- ing of the —

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