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V -1 aid fi 'Hlfljfflqz KQQD QIDU dordt wi Umbodq 9123. Dwi if u13mQs" Sfmt 3fU'p'd Jw 99 CfQvmQ1iQ L QU- if , ' CL! 1 W KQQP m MPM and mam f I6: Q5 acof G5 QOUEQUQ dreamw- ' Imp WUI we' LW :I-Pm QOHUQ - on mdwh' ma' a 'mliwp Cbum is pg' QCDLJE Hoff' C!7,,vC?37f'7gZX3 IMD CMMS ' 56783 . M of 09" mum J, Q Mw7nH+g5,f70?m MW? L0iiLJ J MQ? will dw MEWMUQA wdfjljq 'ff' MM A C' Wmwf'liwJ0LUjf1"1 Mmwmfifwdfiw DWP MDW? W W - WHL M31 'WHLJD if 35557 WW foiyfjka pfmd W jm,Zm Uwvffww Mm Aim? MU CW' Qgjqgifb GQ jl jlg A . . . Gnqgkxm KF! i5Xs-'Erw 1 L Q LfQLD fYxkqYN+ WONQ X 63910 Cm GQ ,- 61 Q' XLCAK-Kxgm pfykf pUX'sQSQp fp QQ , X 1 1 51 'OD 5 'Sak xg you CWC, I' O, z,?704fD'J7G, Q f fi A 3 I Qfflafwfd Mig? 'qw Og MPX 90 Gfbqqf 'I QM Xb' X? ig Q X'2QfD X-IG ff 'QV 'lj X O wwf Smws 129 Eff f9Wf'f I' fq f 50311 YNODQ Q A50 79 xfcw CLEC! Dbmid sg! xp fblbgx CPL dm QW' fy 'GGG w 0 L QQ 44- Q' no X if Q fb? -'Y' S ' fs A O Sl' DQ o 4 G Q 'L "" lle's!DU 2 ' Q92 OQf2 2 Jr 'Q ' N100 QL K V and nc? ++ if rig ATF X'1:VfCQ'Wgw NS W5 'S Oxgofj- ffropeuj 02355 X' Q Lf A ffdf agfkfwjg' 'D ,Q CS .hi b Qpmfl bg , K ' 3 CB KB 6 CD KNQML qegw 1 Uv Saw Zigi M wg QKiQn New . 5 3 ww Ligm, TOLLESON UNION VOLUME 37 1980-81 TABLE OF CCNTENTS INTRODUCTION 4 CLASSES 17 ADMINISTRATICN 53 SENIORS 64 JUNIORS ' 86 SOPHOMORES 104 FRESHMEN 123 CLUBS 145 K f XX 'jx WV SPORTS N' ADS SENIUR INDEX GENERAL INDEX 172 200 210 213 BEI G U ITED AS 0 Well another school year has begun and for some it is their last year, and for others it is a beginning. The beginning of a whole new life. In this new life they will experience many changes such as clothes styles, language and some attitudes vvill change too. By the time they are Seniors they will realize that these four years of high school will have hopefully prepared them for the outside World. One change that everyone has felt this year is that feeling of closeness. With both schools being united as one everyone must try and get along. It must have worked because instead of having a lot of different gangs, we have mainly one -The Wolverines! So with the selling of de Anza, Tolleson Union High School has become reunited once more! J Y- 3224 4 Introduction 1 3 N V fswfasvssiikfff . B ILDI G UP WITH PRIDE Since both schools were united as one, a lot of changes had to be made. The school had to be made larger. There were several new buildings added plus portables to help hold all the new students. l l BEGINN Registration is always a day to look forward to. It is not only a day in which you come and register for school, but a day to see most of your old friends and to make new ones. 1. Passing the time by chatting with friends. 2. Paying your fees is all part of the game. 3. M. Mendoza helps by taking i.d. pictures. 4. The nurse makes sure everyone is vaccinized. 5. Old friends get together once again. NGA UTHERYE R 2 'if i A" 5 ir ! s U.. Wi 6 Registration KICKI G OFF A GTHERYEAR Once again the FFA sponsored the annual Kick-Off Barbeque. It was held in the cafeteria this year because of the construction. The barbeque usually kicks off school spirit as well as the football team, season! 1. 1980-81 football team. 2. Even little Jr. gets involved in the action 3. Eating all that good food. 4. 1980-81 Pom Pon line 5. Some football players take a time out from eating to pose. iv 1 2 3 L1 mv Q 1: to Q 1. -L 1 Kick'Off Barbeque 7 1 9, 'ff 1 ai if 5 4' I ef 4 E wi 6 .W 1, .. f iwffrzyy 1 in- .'.,4., . ,, 1.1 G it I is 5 Q 'E 4' w in 5 Q xi uw liewhmdmmmm gi , ,J ,. V fl, i .fc M 'f' P' 9 --.rsxhfi "QQ ' i.g..,,,M-ff -1--A Ai WOL ERI E ROYALTY 2 This year as all others, the student body voted for Homecoming King and Queen. Also, the individual grades voted for their Prince and Princess. 1. Jr. Class Prince and Princess Sal Perez 8: Carolyn Pendergast, 2. Soph. Class Prince Ka Princess Jim Casteel 8: Dawn Caudle 3. Frosh Prince 8z Princess-Inez Salas 8: Jim o'Reilly. Opposite page-King 8: Queen Candidates-Back Row-Top to Bottom Frank Ortiz, Fabian Fierro, 8: Kenny Barnes. Front Row-Top to Bottom Melissa Juarez, Donna Sandoval, 8a Jodi Waters. 10 Homecoming Royalty 1 4. WWE E 2 Homecoming Ro yalty 11 This year our annual Spirit Week was very successful. A lot of students really showed spirit by participating. The days were Hat Sz Glasses Day, Dress-Up Day, Wild Sz Crazy Day, Toga Day, and the traditional Maroon Sz Gold Day. 1. See what prize this guy got for dressing up! 2. Some people really got Hslicked up to the maxlv 3. R. Thurlow and S. Green show off their hats and glasses. 12 Spirit Week D THE WOL ERI SPIRIT LIVES CN!!! . 5 Kr FRIE DS TH T HELP 1. Standing in a long lunch line can be very annoying, but friends always make the waiting seem shorter. 2. Mr. Salazar's million dollar smile really makes your day. 3. J. Fleek, J. Pacheco, P. Sorenson 8: Y. Vigil really love to take pictures. KEEP YUU WAR D CLOSE 2 3 L Y A Q-,,:.' 2.5! Student Life 13 F , W 3, 5 E MW K , M ll I 'xl 6 7 WE WILL. . fd A f fb -vw .M fl - A ' wifi? V F ,., fu: f .,' - A M, PW" - - ,J i 5 gx fy- 4 -: an . , 1 9 A f ,ng L Wikia . 1. Lgwf . ww f- f f ' ' T 'wwe V ' '9, , I 11: x TUE' .F . X 71 f ' .-"' ' f if ? Yi M 1 X 'J U ' X . 1. is 7,, 'J' M Fw im? Q i 1 A 61' T 6' F I W 4 f 'Q E f V, 4 -,, 2 e.Q ' ,4,N ' ' 1 . f A fY :Q A, ' . if ,, 7 Iggwg 5 . 1 .A , 45, , is ' Tx M , , . 9-7' V, ' , I Q , ,, A 13 - ww 9 Jw WA.: :. 'f ' ' .0 -. M H ' , . 1 , ' 7 5 KN I , I A A 4 A 1 ' W ' . Y N ' Mfg , A AP 9331 f ' ,-or '- tix AE M I4 8 CHERISH FORE ER Student Life 15 16 Student Life ,fu :gu- -Af' I 5. 5 1 WOL ERI ES f"' l Q' SY, . 2 This year the homecoming parade was very good. It ranged from horses, which were used by F.F.A., to lowriders, used by the M.E.Ch.A. Club. Then it had the traditional floats made by anyone or any club who entered one. There always has to be a clean-up committee! 2. The N.H.S. had the second place float. 3. F.F,A. really used some nice looking horses in the parade. , -s-, -5--4 .- 61. ilk , sub if g j'H6 .1 1 'f ' f ' ' 'Q - - . u 1 ' ' x if uvllvcmk I . .za , 7 U ' DQT1 J fb s Q :Z b P: .m .. 4 ,R D P - .x..- A- ,QA . f ' Qlltzf' 1 'iff' . CLASSES WH ' HAPPENING I GLISH The English departments had a guest speaker for one week. Carolin Marsden, a professional poet sponsered by the Arizona Community for the Arts and Humanities. She was here for one week, from Oct. 27 thru the 3lst. She spoke to the four levels of English and did one teachers workshop. 2 She worked with the students and gave them and experience in creative writing and short stories. . C. Walters . M. Schireman . L. Fritz . L. Bruckner . W. Salazar . Mr. Nugents class . J. Pfau 6 jtsffi 7' 9' N 20 English Department Q M-Zia' K 3,52 N 1 I MI? nd! is 2 .. G. Blossom E. Cooper C. Lucero What in the "Sif"'S are we doing!!! M. Candia I don't believe I forgot what comes after 7 bunnies. 6 English Department 21 fi' X X 1. W. Angeline 2. S. Salem 3. C. Rudrud 4. "You mean I have to do this'?l!?" says Sherri Parker. 5. Mr. Zecca looks really into his work. 6. R. McElroy 7. C. McElroy 22 English Department 4 5 wee! ...- M75 P' .. s 1. ' 7 i"':'ff'li1 M ...J 3 H 4 :ffm fyffvzm pl N, 33' EXPLURI w w If . in A P 1 2 N-:xx A 8 G SCIE CE 3 5 .B 1 5 'xv M453- K W, . Q 'W 1 , s 1. Mrs. Tuesink teaches Biology, General Science and Geology. 2. Steve Ramos and Norma Orona take time out from their work to pose for a picture while others look on. 3. Mr. Ducharme teaches General Science, Science for Living and Experiment Physical Science. 4. Dianna Nunez and Andy Sanchez make Michelle Martinez laugh while Steve Ramos smiles for the picture, 5. Mr. Wolfe teaches Physics besides Photo Lab. 6. Mr. Espinoza, Experimental Physical Science, Science for Life and Biology. Science 23 JROTC T ITS BEST. This Year ls The Best Yet. "The enthusiasm and spirit displayed by this class of ROTC Cadets marks them among the best I have seen in my eleven years as an ROTS Instructor." said Gunnery Sgt. Cambell. They achieved outstanding results in their annual District inspection on Nov. 17, 1980. The inspecting officer was very impressed with the attitude and conduct of all the 139 cadets as well as their over all appearence during the inspection. 'I Color Guards 1. Cadets left to right marching in the A 5, 5 Veterans Parade. Cadet seargeant-Mike Flores, Cadet Captain Frank Flores, Cadet 2nd Lieut. Michael Plante, Cadet Seargeant, Billy Martinez. 2. Alton, English tmgst.J lst year cadets retired.3. Tolleson U.S.M.C. J.R.O.T.C. Battalion for l98Ol98l. See opposite page: 1. Left to Right-Terry Pershonk tU.S. M.C. - Sgt! and Private Patrick Alvarez. 2. Clockwise Master Sgt. David C. Schierhold, U.S.M.C. and Cadet Private Debbie Moran. 3. Patrick A. Cambell KG-Sgt-2nd year.J 2 3 nn mes A , T l JROTC PASSES INSPECTION. 2 3 .-L I .- f THE WOL ERI BE T The Tolleson Wolverene Band has been very involved in band competition. In October they went to A.S.U. band day. they are planning to go to a few more through out the up comming year. However there is one competition that every one is looking forward to. It will be held at Magic Mountain, in the sping. This year there are 83 people in band. 14 of which are Flag line members and 1 twirler. Mr. Jeager "says thanks to all the band that represented T.U.H.S." 2 Sharmain Gilchrest the twirler for the 1980-81 school year. Sharmain did a great job performing at each of the games. FLAGLI AN TWIRLER The flag line members were, Michell Bastin Jessica Johnson, Anita Nelson, Denise Wolfe, Wendy McMarley, Sandy Prokay, Valerie Wheatly Gina Nelson, Tammy Zocco Penny McCray, Lisa Goodwin, Jolene McMorris, Jamie Moorhead, and Beth Bunch. The Tolleson Flag line has been in existance for 3 years. "In the past our flag line has been good but this years flag line was the best of them alll' says Jessica Johnson flagline Co-Captain. There were 14 flag line members. They were very devoted to the work of the flag line, that was very obvious to any one who saw them practice. Every time they went out on the field they did their best. Flag line was very happy with themselves this year, because they attended U.S.U. Band days and received a 2 plus on their performance. Flagline 27 BUSINESS WILL BOOM 1. Mr. Greg Medrano, instructor for accounting and data processing. Figuring what to do next. 2. Mrs. Jackie Roberts, chairman of the Business Department and instructor for Office Simulation. 3. Angie Henderson busily at work while, Julie M. and Co. discuss the days happenings. 4. Mr. Ron Harnish, instructor for Typing and Business Law Classes. 5. Beginning student happily typing while looking at the keys. lthat's a no no.J 6. Mrs. Nancey Sharpe typing instructor. 4 6 28 Business Ed wi it C0 RSES ESL, CHICANO HISTORY fabovel English as a second language KESLJ is a new coarse this year headed by Mr. Stan Jackson. This coarse is for students newly arrived from Mexico. It helps them develop various skills in English. Mr. Jackson feels they are highly motivated and are there because they want to be, as far as heis concerned, "That makes a difference!" The group also sings and dances songs from Mexico. fbelowj Chicano history is another new course. This year it is headed by Mr. Gustavo McGrew. It is to give Chicano students a better insight on who they are and where they come from. It also makes it easier for students to retain their own language and culture. Comparing cultures, "ham and eggs are not the same as chorizo con huevos" says Mr. McGrew. THE BEGINN N . ll The heginng yearbook class this year, was headed by Sherri lngledue, Copy Editor, and Becky Romines, Layout Editor. 23 Julie Sanchez, Face Editor, "Doing her best at organizing faces, " 31 Sheila Soto, Assistant Index Editor, finds the pages everybody is one. 41 Back Row-Simon Sanchez, Julie Sanchez Paula Esquer,fJohn Bggblesf Rosie Hernandez, Andrea Rojas, Ruth Olague, Sherri lngledue, Cindy ff sf: QV X, S. Hepner, Rebecca, Romines, Sheila Soto, Nunez. Front Row-Mr. Jackson, Johnny Donald Exe. Barbara Felix. Michelle 3 MW CR IS RIVERS ED l. Mr. Roberson is one of this years Driver's Ed. teachers. 2. Veronica Ramirez and Chris Arellanes are on their Way to drive Mr. Daugherty crazy! wi? 1 gi 2 X4 f P.E. EPS YOU I TIP- V M H PE ' .l6jYAv.71 ,A A 2 9 X 5' My X V! 1. Mrs. Clark 2. Mr. Kelly and some students summer fun at the pool. 3. Terri Carrillo aims for the target. See opposite page: 4. Ready! Aiml Firel 5. Mr. Turkovish 6. Mr. Kelly poses for his picture. ' 7. Alma Hernandez poses For her picture 8. Students struggle to throw Mr. Kelly in the pool. 9. I can hit the target 3 -que B nn- ,ff ash 32 P.E. ,..... i , Z 'V if Life' xy f 692491 L E yf if' X! F 1 W ff WLC! x-'cw 9 8 Q, f +5 X 51 ,I 4' 4 E PE. '33 A MW THE LIBR RYS GOT IT! The Library all the answers. Librarians are always a great help when you need that extra information. Mr. Voran is always happy to assist anyone. Mrs. Lester with her understanding self, is close to help us make it. 1 The new Library will be ready for the 1981-82 year. It will be bigger and have more facilities. 1. James Netson, Candy Hume, and Joey Smith like that answer! 2. Mr. Bruce Voran 3. Mrs. Lester 4. Mrs. Rodriquez 34 Library THE S0 D OF MUSIC Top row- Patricia Neely, Kim Fougtman, Karen Graham, Patty Calderone, Kim Blanden, Lisa Mayshovan. Second row- Andy Lazerin, Shalom Muller, Julie Rivera, Gene Finelli, Marietta Albert, Denise Herron, Mary Ann Williford, Becky Romines, Karen Windahl, Renee Collins. third row- April Brandon, Terri Smith, Sylvia Cardosa, Rhonda Beaupre, Connie Buttick Bottom- Mrs. VanDusan. Not shown - Linda Watkins, Jody Collins, and Amy Mills. 4 ' Q is 1 3 f X X 1 5 .,,i 4 f 3 5 he 4 2 Choir 35 S . fame fx FOREIG LA GUAGE I UN 1. Mrs. Layton just being herself. 2. Harold Fish- Spanish teacher. 3. George Gutierrez- Spanish teacher. 4. John McMurdie- Spanish teacher. 5. Students of Mrs. Layton's French class enjoy studying about other peoples culture and language. QS sq i I Q .5 g . , I M 5 ' lf. T. Q ef . -M, 5 36 Foreign Language "'t:?""" gif' Q., f'x 11 -as-5, Us EW SHOP FUR INDUSTRIAL ARTS This year Tolleson acquired a brand new Industrial Arts Building, the cost of this building was S573,000. With this new building, Industrial Arts should really go places, and change for the best. Mr. Lucero is really excited about the way the program is going to be run next year, he wants the students to basically operate and manage their own learning. To the students it will be more like a job for them. 3' Industrial Arts 37 PHOTO LAB GETS BIGGER 1 1. Linda Green 2. Jim Weidman 3. Mr. Wolf gives students a lesson in photography. Photo lab this past year has had eight advanced students to Work on the yearbook and only one dark room. As a result of only one dark room the students had cramped and limited working space. They were planning to move into larger accomodations but there plans were delayed. fl 38 Photo Lab SPECI L PEGPLE, DESER SPECIAL THINGS . 4 This year Special Ed. is trying out new ideas. For starters they have a new P.E. class which is a first for Tolleson. Through this program the students will develop all kinds of helpful abilities. Next there is going to be a new shop class. The students will be able to learn the same things that are taught in regular shop classes. Also this summer Special Ed. will be participating in the special olympics. Last year there were 12 students involved but they are hoping for more this year. Best of luck to you all. Special Ed 39 40 Ag AGRIC LTURE IS EXCITI G This year Agriculture is doing something really exciting. They are building a Greenhouse. The size will be 48' X 252 So far, the class is doing good as far as getting the area ready to start building and they are really looking forward to building the Greenhouse, but as Mr. Bennett said, "It will take us alot of hard workn. :ii 'Mr its Bum we Kg. pew-gg,-1',, .lf f- ffgasgf 3 A 'aj Ssikif? Nuff if VMS? Ii-gt 5 it ,nm rw ' a 09's ' s ' n 4 Q -it X. m ,K , n 0 as Y gy an ,, as " v " 1- ., rs , Q u gy HK. ', n U '- s Q -'x ' Xqgxxtw. 'M fn n WW 4 . . Vs Y n 1 U .Xi my lu lg. 5 l xi X' V W if ff' ,f If J ,ff if my I 1 a R , si'v ,,4n,,i.i gg... im' ' -as Q 5. . 1 Xi 2 .X x. 5 Q K 'S s Q .xxx .R 1 .Q 5 S5 H Qty' ,, .ve ' ' n s, 1. Wyatt Schultz adjusting a torch and preparing to work. 2. Mr. Wellman 3. Mr. Bennett 4. Mr. Bennett helping out a student. 5. Mr. Bennett telling a student about electricity. 6. R. Hanson, 'Sparking Up"l. Ag 41 1 SEWI G- FE ER A Bruce Mays ls aron S. showing the class what they can do with a little constratio x, VJ- ,W ' il .9 wwf iw if QLL W W - CU W 2 , 42 Home Ee Mrs. Segond helping Liz Rodriguez with a diffcult pattern. ff'-1 ... 1. Gina Urquiza fixing her afternoon meal. 2. Look its sizzling," 3. Mrs. J. Bean instructing Mercy Orona how to make a burrito. T00 HUT.. 4,,,1,V ie . ,wi ,Z 1 SOCIAL ST DIES mai.. 2 3 4 5 44 Social Studies 1."Hey don't fall asleep" says Sylvia Acosta to Jackie Ortiz while they're doing their work. 2.Mr. Bently-Chairman of Social Studies. 3.Mr. Lamartino-teacher 4.Mrs. Tunis-teacher 5.Wayne Rogg is posing for a picture. Check out that cute smile. AGRE TAD EN URE 2 39' , .1 'go . g m",Z M . . J 4 1. "Ah come on kids give me a break" says Mr. Smith to his students. 2. Mr. Cummings-teacher 3. Mr. Odle-teacher 4. Mr. Smith-teacher 5. John Yonbrough is being a good boy and doing his work. 6. David Lopez isn't having fun. Cheer up kid things will brighten up. 5 6 .Axv X 3' i F x ,f Social Studies 45 AUTO SHOP I "IS A R. Anderson, Power Mechanics 1' ' D. Brosius, Auto M,2 G. Muir, Voc. Auto Mechanics Dan Woodhead, "I like the class i 111 really Well, its Very educational Half Frank Rivera and Chris McCrea, replace intake manifold. of the students or the guys wish they had some of the knowledge Mr. Muir " replied Dan Woodhead. 46 Auto Shop HA Dso EXPERIE CE." "The best thing about Auto 1 8: 2 at Tolleson is the fact that it is a hands on type of class and not one where a student just sits in a class and stares at a blackboard stated Mr. Brosious, Auto Mechanics teacher. There are 90 students in Auto shop and they are classified in two groups. The first one is for those who want to make a lifetime job out of it. The second one is for them to just work on there own car. .-vs'-lk There are about 500 cars they fix every year. During this the student also learns how to work with tools as well as other people. Ernest Moreno said auto shop is a good class to take. Mr. Muir is checking a distributor, while Dan Boudrean and Louie Fimbres decide to look in the camera. Auto Shop 47 ARTS 8z CRAFTS if 48 Art The art program offers a wide variety of media and activities. Technical training in the use of materials, tools, and basic techniquie is provided for the students in order that they may explore the various elements and principles of art in problems which can be broadly and very individually interpreted. X BEGINING JOURNALISM l 1 4th Hour Class Left to Right-Front Simon Sanchez, Sergio Garcia, Ochoa, Ray Keeling, Top-Mr. Cooper Row-Tom Inman, Ella Miller, James Barbara Felix, Elaine Felix, Eddie Garcia, Mark Woody, Howard Manner, Laurie King, Harry Price, Larry Boroughs, Keller, Luella Barker Pam Andrews, 6th Hour Class Left to Right-front David Griego, Dan Graves, Josie Karen Cloyd Sec Row: Mary Ann row-Charmaine Gilchrest, Tammy Navarro Galaviz, Tony Casteel, Susan Smith Zocco, Diana Rodriguez, Dawn Kelly Madden, Ronda Engel, Elvia Caudle, Delfina Espinosa, Kelly Sanchez, Vicki Van Dreel, 3rd Row: Sharp, Middle-Stephanie Horn, Anna Campos, Mr. Cooper, CArl Cheryl Bumstead, Frank Rivera, Cowens, Roy Glver, Mark Manos, Michelle Everitt, Troy Leon, Andy 2 l QU LIFIED M TH TEACHERS PREP RE STUDENTS FOR COLLEGE The most advanced math class is the one in Analysis, taught this year by Mr. Martiny. Two of his best students, Kelley Bosch and Mile Plante, are excited about their class, and how they'll use it in college. "Graphs of Polar Equations are very interesting," was Kelleyls remark. The math teachers are Mrs. Burkhardt, Algebra I and II, Mr. Evans, Intro to Algebra and General O Math, Mrs. Folley, Intro to Algebra, and Consumer Business, Mrs. Fleming, Plane Geometry and Algebra Ig Mr. Inman, Plane Geometry and General Math, Mrs. Loeffler, General Math and Basic Math Skills, Mr. Martiny, Algebra I, Arithmetic Review and Analysis, Mr Miller Consumer Business Math, Algebra II and Computer Math, Mrs Elder, Algebra I and General Math, and Mr. Sullivan, General Math and Algebra I. D 50 Math BOARD OF EDUCATION JOHN A. CANERO - CLERK ARMANDO MORADO - MEMBER JOHN EVANS JR. - MEMBER ISABELL ROUSSEAU - R A MEMBER O LARRY R LARSON - ADMINISTR TIO tiff' 2 Administrators 1.Dr. Jack Devine, As. Principal. 2.Mr. Robert Kilker, Prin. 3.Mr. Wilfredo Pena, D. of Students, 4.Dr, Charles Landis, Super, Q K ,xr X X 1 it .'f:-Ne. 'S '-','i.i' e i tatt A 4 ik 1 4 155 ,f i , , :,. ?"!'!lw- W., 'Q Administration 55 BUSINESS OFFICE 1 3 f Business Office workers are: 1. Mrs. Mary Soto-PayRoll Clerk. 2. Al Brown-Receiving Clerk. 3. Josie Luna, 5 Terminal Operator. 4. Mrs. Rosemary Borrego-Switch Board Operator. 5. Mrs. Englebright is the Superintendent's Secretary. 6. Jackie Branham is the Invoice Clerk. 56 Business Office as ?!9!!?L'!5G1'PY""' GUIDANCE .,!W,..u,,,.,kS,. W., ,..., . i 15. X For the 1980-81 school year Tolleson Counselors Worked very hard. A computer was used to schedule student classes but, it failed to do so correctly. So they managed to satisfy the students whose classes were not correct. 1. Mrs. Helm-Counselor. 2. Mr. Miyashiro gets all shook up when looking at a students grade. 3. Mrs. Medrano-Career Specialist. 4. Mrs. Heredia Sanders-Counselor. 5, Mrs. Stobert-Secretary. 6. Mr. Dan Garcia -Counselor. 4 3 '12 s. fi '2 wma-M. 5 i Guidance 57 i TTE vig! .., ' ui - I f . M Z.. -faxes ff, M ' ' f -'f,,-,a-Sewer s' t, 1 DANCE Q. i . .az .5 ,I S ai? 3. " - f'L'h f" 'A - 2 3 1. Mrs. Waltman works in the Attendance Office. 2. Ms. Rivera- Attendance Office. 3. Wait! Let me powder my nose, says Margaret Angulo. 4. Mrs. Johnston is the Principals Secretary. 5. Mrs. Manos, Bookstore. 6. Mrs. Dora Arellanes is the Bookstore Manager. 58 Bookstore - Attendance 5 A fi BOUKSTURE AUDIO VISUALS -PF F if f.frrf7f' CHOOL NURSES 1. Mrs. Jansen is the Audio Visual Coordinator at Tolleson. 2. Mrs. Angie Soto also works in the Audio Visual Office at Tolleson. 3. Mrs. Graeher and Mrs. McGovern are the School Nurses for Tolleson. i i 'Witt fi' a Q. . L Q . -ki Q ee, - l ERYO ESB DDY. Jose Torres Q? .V P? Security Guards are the nice people who keep students in class making sure they keep in line, and get a chance for a proper education. Unfortunatly a picture was not available for Mr. Walter Sheets. 60 Security Guards Evelyn Footman Sue Turpin SECURITY GUARDS EXTRA HELP SPECIAL ED MI Frances Martinez Ramiro Quezada Special education, or resource, is a "Migrant" applies to those who need program for Assisting those who need that extra help also. Tutors help help. Small classes facilitate students with the extra time and individual helpl attention. 5 2 D. Perz GRAN s iz 'if Richard Camacho Migrant!Special Ed. 61 BUS DRI ERSXMAINTENANCE Bus drivers for Tolleson: Sandra Martinez, Loralee Runnels, Jeanne Ogden, Clara Barnes, Norma Sullivan, Brenda Zachek, Sylvia Mortensen, Anna Guerrero, Pete Martinez, George Gonzales, Manuel Macias, A'Slim'l Hood, Ed Dellbringge, Gary Lister. NOT PICTURED: Lovinna Reddin, Valerie Underwood, Juan Quintero, Phillip Nunez. Maintenance crew are: Ed Dellbringe, Donny Marquez, Frank Fernandez, Hank Espinoza, Telly Estupian, Phillip Nunez, Shelvery Lackey, Juan Quintero, Goalie Baca. NOT PICTURED: Telesforo Estupinan, Pedro Martinez, Daniel Marquez, Ernesto Ledesma, Thomas Pineda, Armando Salgado. 62 Ma1ntenancefBus Drivers -p,.-,- 'Y , , y., A -1 . sl wx., xx 3? ii R ,W 3 xg Y QI: L S 'R 2 Fx CAFETERIA-WORKERS This years new breakfast program was a success. Teachers and students came in for a warm early breakfast. The cafeteria staff is: Anita Trini- dad, Patricia Mc Carley, Dee, Mattie Stout, Dorothy Williams, Hope Ayala, Tina Zaragoza, June Holder- ith, Margaret Davis, Mitzi Na- kazawa. - ,,,-nm. ...lark WD" 'fHey Give Me that napkin back." Cafeteria Workers 63 4 SENIORS SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS MARIA HERRERA-V.P. DARY SOM-SEC. DONNA SANDOVAL- MICHELLE BASTIN- TREAS. PRES. ALMA HERNANDEZ-ACTIVITIES Alvarez, Paul Becerra, Ruben Bellinis, Ted Bonnell, Paula l i-.. Barnes, Adela Bastin, Michelle Bouck, Donna 66 Seniors Twp? , IFR 'Bhimo Kimi L' K 33 i ."BIDgEQ Nick, H Ciwalliere, Lawton ' Camachu, Lisa Casteel Anthony V Bronson, Tonja 1 Burroughs, Larry Briggs, Chavorme Bumstead, Cheryl Bustamante, Ricky Cardostg Carlos ' C3iIiari1lcQ,RoseAnn T S' ?i' A Camacho, Diane Carroll, Cindy Sefii-urs G7 Chelini, Donna Cordova, Jesse Cravens, Angel Diza, Enrique ,QQ Cioto, Evelyn ffx Cruz, Myra Cochran, James Collins, Renee ap-,-qv' Diaz, Gerry if Q- F!! U If 5. nw Duran, Claudia 'md 68 Seniors fi Colbert, Rosa Cooley, James Craig, William Echeverria, Sylvia 126 FE 5 Q g Escobedo, Danny Flores, Frank Galaviz, Monica Giebel, Georgann A W Q W4 A1 A A ,,.11,- .f,, gg, I Q V ,, My A I ' A"' Evemtt, Mlchelle Flores Patricia Gilbert, Gail Garcxa, Ahce Gonzales, Paul Robert il! rw Seniors 69 Gorrias, Helen Grossarth, Jerry Hakos, Jacki Hendrickson, Dana Gouer, Laura Creen Susan Grxego Davld 49- Q '70 Seniors 'qw Hartley, James Henson, Jeff M. Hernandez, Alma 'vm . , V4 ,Q A. xi, S. Greer, James Griffin, Sheliy Guzman, Susie h Hernandez, MaryLnu , ,,,.,, 'Www , . HffrQGE?? TY?4f???'1 5H61Pfe ragfJGsus?'5 f1 fHoffmng Jerry 1d1wi ng, BruQe ' J ackscm, Gordon Herrera Maria Hibhs, Curtis Hiity, Toby Hopper, Shepi H111, Cindy , , ' Jqhnsomianges J - . Ingledue, Shelley Jenson, Scott Jones, Joseph 5 xy? "fr-"ar 'QF Kuhn, Darlene J uarez, Freddie ne e Landrum, Randy Lazarin, Andy . M., ""--u.. Juarez MGIISSB Kmg, Mark Lara, Betty Leon, Troy Q2 r Peii Keeling, Raymond Kremer, James 72 Seniors '95 Laborin, Dorothy Leonor, Sophia New WX Levario, Rosa I' x Lindsay, Scott Lopez, Manuel Lugo, Dora Martenson, Scott Lewis Scott Lunsford, Juhe Martin, Cindy Manos, Mark Martinez, Jesse Af... W' Limberg, Steve 'Qi' Lopez, David Madden, Kelly Marshall, Richard Martinez, Kathy r 5 jg' ,,,w, ,g W fffvx feffq :W ... ff' X, ff M-1115 H, , Q 2 Y M Mr Seniors 73 fir W McBride, Eric Mendez, Vera Miller, Kathy Montoya, Debbie 74 Seniors McCloskey, Robyn Moma, Paul Moore, Patricia Tv.. McCrea, Christine McOwen, Rhonda Moore, Patrick M Q I 'PQ' ...- H-wiser K i up-4 fm' McGinty, Michael Mendez, Mary Miller, Ella A Moreno, Julie Navarro, Lydia Olague, Pete Olivas, Carmen Ordaz, Minnie - Nelson, Janice Olivarez, Reynaldo Ortiz, Anna is 'r Q. wi. ,iii Q", Newman, Ai-ville Q Olivas, Suzette Parker, Mauriann Newman, William Olivas, Pablo Olvey, Jim Parker, Jim 'GY' - E xi' l 1 . i A. S "A: l Seniors 75 Roger gif Ramsey, Shannon Reinhold, David wi Peoples, Kim Porter, Anita .1 Rayner, Tim Perez, Tina Pryor, Verna Quintero, Mary Reyes, Joe 76 Seniors 2'1" -Resn- Riley, Dana Robinson, Steve Rodriguez, Lisa Ross, Shandie 1798 Rios, Rudisaile, Debra Rivera, Frank Rush, Rachel EF? C CD '1 E' '-cs D, Ei 'U Rodriguez, Oralia 5 Rodriguez, Sammy g Salas, Maria W A Seniors 77 Salgado, Armando Scoggins, Mike Scott, Gina Sehnert, Mike 78 Seniors Sanchez, Irene Scott, Simona Shumway, Bucky L Sanchez, Simon Sandoval, Jamie Simmons, Kay S -.x X v Sandoval, Donna Schulz, Wyatt Scott, David Sisk, Mylene 'sf-1 as-,.,..,,, 595- Skeivik, Stella Sokolis, Theresa Som, Dary Soto, Sandra- ...?.,. hw Taylor, Larry Urquidez, Barbara Vasquez, Antonio Venegas, Brian Thuriow, Rhonda fi Townsiey, Tami Turnage, Chris Veen, Mitch fYV11ia, Andy -if Eva f Watkins, Lisa Wolfe, Denise West, Tracy Wright, Johnny Young, Pamela Wilson, Marla .Ji Wooten, Cheryl Wright, Wally Zeigler, Donna Waters, Jodie Windahl, Karen Woody, James Yamamoto, Lori Yaroch, Pamela . 5 114' " T , .J sv-. w Seniors 81 Dent, Shelley, Graham, Cynthia Ramey, Verla , an ,,. A '43 .ww-'Q-van-asi ,Anmf-N fzsiws.. mm ' 4 SENIOR A - .. I w K LIFE Q nw 'QA l I ZAQ: 1 . W Popular Senioig .STL mx VXSAQ QP:- 3 e 'x . ',- , iii 3-.-f K -fa A - , 5 5,39 X - 0 JSA N KW 1 "Mg fx , 4 x . A 1 L - - if ffbcs ' 'esta' gf f. -x ' xi ii ui 4' , Q -.. Q 5 ws. fi 3, ,5. 1. .1g, ,K 1 .ff-5 ,,,-sv ' ii in . ,,.f f VWHWM APN FAVORITE SENIORS Martinez and Dodie Laborin. 10. Most Likely To Succeed: Eric McBride. 11. Most School Service: Cathy Tarango and Chris Turnage. 12. Most Talented: Mitch Walker and Stephanie Sullinger. 13. Most Likely To Succeed: Susan Green. 14. Most School Spirit: Tony Vasquez. 15. Most Athletic: Tina Perez. 16. Most Athletic: Ricky Bustamante. 1. Girl Buddies: Patricia Flores and Irene Sanchez. 2. Most Comical: Susan Green and James Netson. 3. Best Dressed: Donna Sandoval. 4. Best Dressed: Jesse Martinez. 5. Most School Spirit: Jodi Waters. 6. Friendliest: Fabian Fierro. 7. Friendliest: Stella Skeviek. 8. Boy Buddies: Jesse Cordova and Freddie Juarez. 9. Class Sweethearts: Jesse 34 J UNIORS .-"""""""-' ' f Q DD-PRES RAY OROZCO-V. PRES S. AGUILAR-SEC. N. JIMENEZ-TREAS C. ORTIZ-ACTIVITIES -'ZCJL1 WO UJUIUPFO U25Cl1Of-1"1j"11C 88 Juniors Aguilar, Sandra Aguilar, Tony Albert, Marietta Alcocer, Mary Almanza, Ramona Andrews, Pam Andrus, John Angel, Fred Arce, Jimmy Arellanes, Chris L, Arrieta, Peter Avila, Refugio Avila, Ricky Bain, Patrick Ban Joseph Barker, Luella Barrett, Kenneth Barton, Bill Beckelheimer, Fred Bejarano, Gabriel Berrelez, Luis Berrelez, Mark Berumen, Brigette Black, Julia Bodien, Vicki Brogden, Lynette Brown, Darla Brown, Melinda Brown, Rose Buffington, Kathy Burch, Robin Bustamante, Manuel Caldara, Eugene Camarillo, Martha Card, Jeffrey Carrillo, Rosane Castaneda, Jaime Juniors 89 90 Juniors Castillo, Gordian Castillo, Linda Chapa, Esmeralda Chapdelaine, Elizabeth Charney, Steven Chavez, Monica Chavez, Richard Chayrez, Carol Clark, Mollie Cloyd, Karen Coker, Steven Cooper, Teresa Cordova, Maria Cowan, Lynn Csatlos, Susan Cullum, Teresa Curiel, Paul David, Lee Dawson, Gena Dechaine, Philip Denton, Tammy DeSantiago, Billy Dominguez, Lucy Dominguez, Maria Dossey, Mark Duncan, Marilyn Edwardsen, Kathy Elias, Bradley Elwood, Tim Engel, Ronda Escobar, Margaret Espinosa, Delfina Estupinan, Sergio Everson, Stephanie Exe, Paula Fierro, Antonio Fierro, Lita Fleek, Janet 92 Juniors Flores, Esther Flores, Michael Flynn, Rebecca Fogtman, Kimberly Forris, Kevin Fox, Nick Franklin, Sam Frederick, Allen Galaviz, Mary Ann Galo, Georgina Garcia, Diane Garcia, Norma Giannattasio, Michael Giddings, Gary Gilchriest, Charmaine Ginn, Janet Goad, Trela Goodwin, Andy Goodwin, Steve ,sql ev W., - , - I Graves, Robert Green, Linda Guzman, Ernest Hall, Deana Hampton, Jimmy Hanson, Randy Hartley, Tim Harpmen, Rachel Hasenauer, Tammy Hatfield, Cliff Haymaker, Bonnie Hensler, William Hernandez, Catalina Hernandez Lilia Hernandez Marcelino Hernandez, Oralia Hihbs, Clinton Hughes, Judy Hume, Candy Juniors 93 Hunt, Leroy Idlewine, Darrell Inman, Tom Jackson, David Jacobsen, Lars James, Ronald Jarrett, Tammy Jimenez, Norma Johnson, Jessica Johnson, Randy Jones, Jessica Jones, Robert Jordon, Tim Joseph, Richard Keeling, Cheryl Keller, Laurie Lane, Andrew Lara, Rosie Larson, Larry Larson, Larry Lazarin, Jerry Ledford, Jeff Leon, Nona Leyva, Johnny Looper, Mark Lopez, Ruben Loyd, Bonnie Loyola, Greg Lunsford, Jim Macias, Susana Madsen, Michael Marruffo, Deborah Martinez, Abelardo Martinez, Clara Martinez, Guillermo Martinez, Gustavo Martinez, Johnny Martinez, Joseph 95 Juniors luniors Martinez, Mario Martinez, Robert Martinez, Rosemarie Maxwell, Robert Maxwell, Tami Mays, George McCarley, Wendy McElroy, George McKaskill, Susie McMasters, Paul Medrano, Elizabeth Mendoza, David Mendoza, Dolores Mendoza, Martha Mesquita, Priscilla Miller, Ledeen Mollord, Richard Munlgornery. Tim Moore. Kenna-th , 2 YV Morales, Hector Moreno, Elizabeth Moreno. Rosie Morgan, William Mottin, Kathy Muniz. Liz Murrillo, Joseph Nakazawa, Debbie Navarro, Josie Nelson, Anita Nelson, Vicky Niblett, Steven Norman, Mark Norris, Joe Northern, Deayne Nunez, Nancy Nunez, Monica Olague, Ruth Olivarez, David Juniors 97 98 Juniors Olsen, Brian Olson, Jon Oquendo, Luis Orozco, Raymond Ortiz, Claudia Ortiz, Jacqueline Ortiz, Richard Oviedo, Richard Owens, Kristy ' Oxford, Helen Pacheco, Jackie Padilla, Vincent Parker, Johnny Parkerson, Randy Pender, Karen Pendergast, Carolyn Peoples, Tammy Perez, Elizabeth Perez, Lupe H4555 ii- Perez, Sal Persinger, Sonya Peters, Kim Petty, Troy Phalen, Lisa Pina, Martha Plante, Michael Pogue, Kirk Porter, Elaine Preciado, Moses Pritchard, Jaymie Pr'okay, Sandra Parra, Oscar Ramirez, Anita Ramirez, Yolanda Ramos, Eddie Ramsey, Susanne Recio, Carol Redbird, Isabel Juniors 99 100 Juniors Reeves, Kevin Reinbold, Randy Rivera, Vincent Rodriguez, Amelia Rodriguez Rodriguez, Rodriguez, Rodriguez, Eddie Margie Olga Thelma Rojas, Andrea Rojas, Buddy Rojas, Ralph Roll, Joe Rusconi, Julie Ryan, Cathy Salas, Anna Salas, Maria Salas, Tony Samaniego, David Sanchez, Elvira Sanda, Tammy Sarles, Bobbi Sausedo, Patti Serrato, Tony Singh, Brian Slocum, Otis Smith, Scott Soto, Sheila Spence, Clairen Spiller, Mike Spradling, Mike Starkey, Jody Stewart, Randy Strickler, Jeff Strzelecki, Kim Surber, Tina Temple, Joe Thrower, Julie Todd, Anthony Juniors 101 Trejo, Enrique Trinidad, John Trujillo, Jose Urquidez, Yvette Valenzuela, Ricky Vandreel, Vicki Vavages, Nora Vick, Cheryl Walden, Kathy Wallace, Michael Watkins, Luther Watkins, Sharon Watson, Pam Weeden, Shelley Weidman, Jerry Weidman, Jim White, George White, Mike Williams, Kristen Willie, Daisy Wood, William Yarborough, Joseph Yarborough, John Zanez, Karen Zepeda, Michael Juniors 103 i I .. R. LOMELI - PRES. 3 C. DIVINE - TREAS. B. QUEZADA - V.PRES. Q P M GALINDO - SEC. H emo! FG tan'-4'-11'11O mm? F1175 Abbot, Richard Acnsta, Angela Adams, Dana Adams. Linda Aguilar, Diane Aguilar. Mike Alcocer. David Alvarez, Angelica Anderson, Dana Arc-e, Anthony Arredundo, Angel Arthur, Fherlyn Ayala. Sandra Bain, Renee Bain, Runna Haiz, Jesse Baker. Lee Barnes. She-lly Barton, Maria Bauer, Thomas H1-ltran, Norma Bernal, Randy Bersufa, Yvonne Hittick. Connie Blaindin. Kim IOS Suphomure Borjorquez, Vincent Bordner, June Brady, Debbie Briggs, Scott Brown, Lora Brown, Rebecca Brown, Shelly Bruno, 'l'onja Bunch, Beth Bruch, Jeff Burke, Barbara Burroughs, Steven Burton, Jennifer Bustmante, Ramon Bustos, Lisa Butler, .Ioey Butler, Penny Cadena, lrma Card, Pauline Cardona, Virginia Carrillo, Teresa Casteel, James Caudle, Dawn K, Sophomores 107 Cavalliere, Connie CL-lmllos, Rafael Cevalles, Frances Chance, Jeannette Vhapman, Kathy Chziviru, Samuel Chayrez, Johnny Cliclini, Lisa Cliristvnsun, Jackie f'hristensen, Sean Vism-rms, Alma Vnllins, Judy Vmnlis, ,lellrey Vmnlns, Jun Fumle, Surah funk, Brian ook, Kim Furduva, Veronica Cum, Paul Vnrtina, Nellie ii tfuln, Henry l'rave'ns, Juzmim Vruw, Rennie Cullum, Jonathan l'urt,is, .lemulette IDB Suphumures Daily, Lesliv lhillglic-rty, Holly Davila. Rvynalrln llealejanclro, Shirley lleguirf-, Ke-ith Ilelgnrlu, Dimmu Ilelpvy. William Dent, Mary Devine, Cliristim' Dial. Viprizinn ljlblhlllglllxl. 'l'4-rosa Duwns, Lorrie Duran, Danny Eclwvc-rria, Rosa Edgar, 'l'im Eclwarcls, Rayimmd Edwarrl:-1, Rlmnrlai Edwards, Shzinmm Elder, Keith lii1'hurii,fTarl Ellett, Sue Ellis, Frank Elwood, Bryon Escnlmr, Arlclilzi Escohedo, Ernio Sophomfires 109 Esparza, Lupe Espinoza, Doralisa Esquer, Paula Exe, Donald Fagan, Richard Farris, Sharon Felix, Elaine Fink, James Flores, Frank Flores, Santiago Foster, Suhrena French, Danny Galindo, Maryann Gallardo, Luis Gallo, Dennis Gamez, Garcia, Garcia, Garcia, Mario Aurora Connie Elisa Garcia, Sergio Garcia, Teresa Gardea, Sackie Gendron, Maureen Ginn, Christina Gleason, Carol O ' 4, 110 Sophomores Golf, Hutch Gomez, Francisco Gonzales, Frank Gonzales. Lupe Goodwin. Lisa Grant. Leslie Green, Raymond Green, Scotty Gregory, Hon Griffin. Robby Griffin, Robert Griffith, Cindy Grose, Kathy Gutierrez. Salvador Guzman, Becky Haag, Steven Hall, Patrivia Hartley, Marcia Hartman, Nomra Hassett. Marty Hayrnaker, Bonnie Head. David Hernandez, Alma Hernandez, James Hernandez, Juan Sophomores Ill Hernandez, Rosie Herrera, lre-ne Hession. Edward Hicks, Mike Hill, liandee Hockenherry, Paula Hodge, 'l'risha Houglund. Christopher Howard, Randy Hunniforrl, Hrandcli Hurtado, liisa lngleguo, Sherri Ivey. 'l'h0r0sa -lackson. Martin -lam-tl. Ric-hard flime-nw, Margo Jones, Bucky .lose-ph. Vicki Kay. l-lohhy King. Arthur Kinion, Marcus Koory. Sharon Kuhm, Patricia Kumhlvr. Michelle KllI1ll8l"l.ff'l", Eric' 112 Sophomore Lahorin, Anita Landis, Kimberly Landrum, Phillip Leon, Ismael Leon, Lupe Leyva, Joey Leyva, Richard Limherg, Ronald Loherger, Tim Lomeli, Ramona Lopez, Angelina Lopez, Fernando Loyd, Deanna Loyd, Joann Ludwig, Kevin Luhmann, Chris McBride, Dana McCarley, Charles McClary, Victoria McGinty, Stanley McMorris, Jolene Maddux, Donny Maddux, Rhonda Maier, Vonda Manuel, Lisa Sophomore 113 Marks. lbmmivllv Murruffn. Sandra Marlin, Hupv Murlim-1, Alvuisvli Martine-Z. Angell N11 M: iriilwl. Hnlrlmm rn nrlim-1. llvniw Mnrlim-I. lilnriu Martine-2, lmrmwn Murlim-1. Lupv Marlins-Z. Marlin Marlin:-z, Sa-rgiu Mnrlinu-1, xvibliilldil M.lrx'm. fVln'Iu-lv M-ny. lbnvicl M4 Mc M1 M1 M4 -dinu, Angm-lim -mlinu. Ifrznxm-ex -flrnml, Iiddiv -drmlo. Hirlmrd 'IIIIUZZL l'ynthi:1 Nlvndnzu, Ile-lla Mom. lim-ilin Milvs. Hvzl Milla-r, Emily Milli-r. John IH Sanphmnnrvs Miller, Kenneth Minesaki, Uhrislina MUITQI1, Rzichel Montoya, Vurlns Montoya, Rupertu Moreno, Hubert Murilln, liichnrd Nc-vly, Pnlricizi Nclsun, Ruger Nicosia, 'l'rinn Nolan. Pznnuln Num-1, Ili-nisv Num-1, l.nis Num-1, Mary Nln1n:iHy,f'nriv Ugdvn, Kulhc-rino Ulsnn, Fluid Olson, Smvy Orunn. Mc-rvy Ornnn, Nurnm Urtm-gn, Sylvia Uzunn, Vynlhiu Palilo, Roger Pacheco, Vincent Padilla, Consuelo Patterson, David Pena, Luz Pennington, Colleen Percy, Linda Perez, Hilda Perez, John Perez, Mingo Peters, Seth Pina, Edward Plante, Dennis Plante, Lisa Postgate, Brenda Powell, .lolenda Poyner, Suzanne Pritchard, Shea Prokay, Mickey Pruett, 'l'roy Quintero, Juan Ramirez, Joaquin Ramirez, Paul Ramos, Tony Ramos, Steve llb Sophumores Ransom, Glory Ransom, James Redman, Marie Redondo, Rene Reece, Mike Renyer, Daniel Riojas, David Rodriguez, Arnulfo Rodriguez, Diana Rodriguez, Marie Rodriguez, Mary Ellen Rodriguez, Raul Rodriguez Richard Rodriguez, Teri Rogers, Floyd Rojas, Mary Helen Rojas, Olga Romines, Rebeccar Ross, Scott Ross, Sherri Rudisaile, Sandy Ruiz, Ruben Ruiz, Ruben Russel, Pat Sophurnorf 5lil1l.f'il1lly Silill, 'Vina Snlgzuiu, Arnullb 5llllK'hl'I. Audra-w S2llN'h1'l. Rivhurrl Qilllllvl. FQ-rnzmrlo SZIIIIIIDVEII, Linda 91111:-mln, Nunry Sznvnga-. IM-niso 'Wl"'lll"2l. Paul F S4-H1-rw, Hourgl- Sm-rnu. Sandra Shipp. Vhrislim- Shillll. Yi:-Iur Sillllhlli, llc-Mfr Smith. IN-nu Suu-ml. Wann- SIY'4lI'ill,c:ll1lf'Zlll Sum, Arthur Bulu, RAY Spulwv, Dmmld Y". Spill:-r, Kathy Slunisvi. Joy Starling, David SH-vlv, Lisa HH Hnph11xnorQ-s Stevenson, Nanette Stultz, Charles ' Sullinger, Suzanne Swift, James Tapia, Angela Tate, George Thrower, 'Ferry Thurston, Linda Tucker, Don llrquiza, Gina Valdez, Eduardo Valenzuela, Valoria Vandreel, Steve Van Meter, Natalie Vasquez, Rosa Vaughan, Bonnie Vega, Bobby Vick, 'l'oni Vigil, Steve Viss, Karen Vlastnik, Lisa Wallen. lliana Waters. Vhristopher West, West. rillltllllilfi Wheatley. Valerie White. Vliff White. -lim Whyman. Lucy Williamson. Daniel Willow. -lenifer Wilson, James Wilson. Laurie Wilson. Leslie VVooCl. George Vvoofl. Kathy Vvoody, Tami Yanez. Joseph Yaroeh. Patricia Yazzie. -loey Yost. Larry Young, Aaron Zane:-z, Cathy Zanes, Scott Zocco, Tammy Zuniga, Zulema 120 Sophomores SOPHUMORE SPIRIT 122 Sophornores Amparan, Paula Blount, Elaine Camacho, Irene Conde, Sarah Miller, Dale Montanyo, Cecella Nicosa. Joanna Patscheck, Carl Rubio, Ruben Sanford. Dawn Silverman. Joe Sotelo. Lilia f ,.. FRESHM N FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS A. LOPEZ-PRES. S. MUELLER-V.PRES. I. SALAS-SEC. M. SALAS-TREAS. ng, . l Q .QQ F Q if W Adams, Ivan Adams, Kristy Adams, Robert Adams, Toni Aguilar, Norma Albano, Greg Allen, Derrick Allen. Ronnie Anderson, Brad Anderson, Carla Anderson, Kelly Anderson, Tina Andrea, Tony Andrea, Steve Aragon, Teresa Argumedo, Julio Arellanes, Patty Arenas, Antonio Avila, Emma Ayala, Rosie Ayers, George Baggione. Sheila Barnes, lioyve Barone, John, Bass, llarralglf' 126 Fresh man Becerra, Michael Belflower, Kandy Bennett, Cathy Berumen, Krista Billington, Randy Black, Eileen Black, Molly Blushkofski, Risa Bolsford, Dan Boydston, Anthony Brandon, April Brandon, Mike Brinkley, 'l'im Brandt, 'l'arnmy Brown, Francois Brown, Lessa Brown, 'Fran-i Brown, Trish Sheila Ken Brown, Bujan, Burton, Jan Burualo, ,lane Bushcv, 'l'im Busse, Robert, Bylar, 'l'ammy Cahrales, Tony Calclara, Barbara Camacho Albert, , Card Melinda , Cardosa, Sylvia Carmona, Cecilia Carmona, Tony Carpvnior, Teri Varrillo, Debbie ffarivr, Paula Casey, Michelle Caslmwcla, Cynthia llastvm-da, Robert, Castillo, Hvnjy Favi-llv, Greg Vazaros, Letivia Uhavoya, Walter Violo, Belly Fisnvros, Alma Vlarkson, Brian i'l4-rnonio, Julie Would, Hana i'ocahran, Anna Uokvr, Pam Vollwrl, Alan Collins David , fltllllllfi, Jody Collins, .loc Contreras, Ronnie Uordova, Jose Coronado, Jeff Coral, David Costello, Lisa Cola, Inez Courtney, Carlene Freshman 127 128 Freshman Cowens, Christy Coyne, Toby Cunning, Dawn Dalmason, Steve Davis, John Davis, Todd Davis, Vernor Daugherty, Sherry Defoor, Rodney Delgado, Teresa Delsol, Ramon Demoultrie, Phillip Dilley, Wendell Domingez, Rosalio Domingues, Teri Dorn, Dewey Douglas, l.a'l'onya Drew, Chris Earlay, Julius Edwards, Lisa Farmer, Jody Farry, Wendy Feige, Tracy F elix, Mark' Fernadez, Frank Fierro, Teresa Filkins, Ron Flores, Frank Fong, Lucy Fox, Jody Galindo, Anna Galo, Maria Garcia, Pablo Gardea, Pilar Gildon, Paul Gomez, Eddie Gonzalez, Frances Gonzalez, Lupe Gonzalez, Mary Lou Gonzalez, Orales Gonzalez, Yvonne Goodison, Christy Goodwin, Rhanda Goodwin, Ricky Govea, Maria Graham, Karen Graves, Pam Gregory, Frank Green, Jamie Greenlee, Johnnie Griffin, Kevin Gutierriz, Brian Gutierriz, Gus Gutierriz, Robert Guzman, John Hall, Mike Hamhy, Brian Hanson, Shelly Hanstedt, Steve Freshman 129 130 Freshman Hasenaur, Sam Hasenaur, Steve Hatfeild, John Hawley, James Hibbs, Charlotte Head, Kenneth Hedges, Lenay Heetler, Scott Helgert, Steve Heller, Kimberly Hepner, Cindy Hertz, Cevin Herrera, Elvita Hernandez, Steve Hernandez, Irene Hernandez, Miguel Hernandez, Oralia Hoekstra, Tim Honeycutt, Becky Hoyle, Robyn Hudgins, Joel Huffman, John Hulsey, Terry Humphery, Danny Hutcherson, Becky Idler, Mary Donna Iglesias, Becky Inman, Kevin Ivey, Bill Jackson, Steve Jacobs, Raunda Jarret, Mary Jeffries, Patricia Jiminez, Ray Johns, Julia Johnson, Aurea Johnson, Greg Johnson, Trent Jones, Alice Jones, Jesse Jones, William Jose, Carlton Jurado, Margaret Keeney, Jodi Keesler, Brian Keesler, Debra Keeslers, Robert Keller, Bob Keller, Teri Kemptin, Kevin Kimbrough, Chris King, Shirly Labash, Mark Lamar, Kenny Lancaster, Michelle Lane, Susan Lasalvia, Mike Leon, Teresa Leopoldo, Moren Levario, 'Tomas Freshman 131 132 Fresh man Lewis, Dan Lewis, Herb Lewis, Patricia Leyva, Sherri Liebler, Ross Liley, John Limb, Lisa Litke, Lorri Lazarraga, Jimmy Lopez, Anthony Lopes, April Lopez, Lupe Lopez, Petra Low, Shawn Lowder, Bill Lundquist, Lisa Machado, Ana Macias, Alex Mack, Derrick Mack, Michael Madrid, Cathy Mahan, Dee Dee Mahan, Jody Mahurin, Shelly Marafioti, Sang Marquez, Fran Marshall, Debbie Martin, Robert Martinez, Adria Martinez, Cynthia Martinez Martinez Martinez v 1 V Del Gerald Jeanette Martinez, Joseph Martinez, Jose Martinez, Martinez Martinez Martinez Martinaz 2 Lily Maggie Patricia Sylvia Te resa Matheisen, Julie Mays, Bruce May, Lisa Mc Anulty, Lisa Mc Crea, Penny Mc Daniel, Tamie Mc Grath, Jodi Medina, Augustine Medina, Ray Medrano, Linda Melendez, Rita Mendez, Gloria Mendoza, Alex Meza, Augustine Meza, Martin Miller, John Miner, Lonnie Mirando, Angie Martinez, Gina Mofford, Jimmy Freshman 133 134 Freshman Molina, Joe Moncada, Joe Moncada, Dana Moore, Keith Moore, Martha Moorehead, Jamie Mora, Gilbert Morales, Peter Morales, William Moran, Deborah Moreno, Joe Moreno, Steve Mott, Jay Moya, Mary Mueller, Shannon Murillo, David Murphy, Troy Murrieta, David Navarro, Frank Nelson, Gina Nelson, Steve Niblett, Mark Nolan, Lisa Norlih, Rick Norman, Don Norman, Terry Noriega, A nthony Noriega, Steve Nunez, Guy Ogdon, Goger Olivas, Gustavo O'rielly, Jim Orozco, Sonia Ortga, Lisa Ortega, Lori Ortega, Sal Ortiz, Monica Oxford, Terry Ozuna, Stella Padilla, John Painer, Greg Parisi, Joe Parker, Dawn Parker, Dejon Parkerson, Holly Pena, Gray Pena, Laurie Pena, Martin Pennington, Lisa Penrod, Ruth Perez, Alex Perez, Paul Perez, Ricky Peters, Carol Petty, Mike Phalen, Make Pitkin, Clint Porras, Denita Pridgen, Gintana Prieto, Diane Freshman 135 136 Freshman Prokay, Sharon Quezada, Frank Quinonez, Lorraine Rabjohn, Mria Rada, David Radcliff, Cynthia Rainey, JoAnn Ramirez, Mary Ramiriz, Norma Ramirez, Rebecca Ramos, George Ramos, Johnny Ransom, JoAnna Reeves, Dwayne Reilly, Mike Remhof, Mike Rendon, Angela Rexroat, John Riley, Kevin Riojas, Alfie Rivera, Julie Rivera, Lupe Rodney, Pittley Rodriguez, Cecilia Rodriquez, Joel Rodriguez Rodriguez Rodriguez Rodriguez, Rodriguez, 1 Liz Luis Martha Mari Teresa Rogg, Wayne Homo, John Rosenfield, Thomas Ruiz, Kathy Sahala, Maria Shauagui, Santos Sainz, Randi Salas, Eric Salas, Inez Salas, Mieaela Salazar. Karen Salazar, Suzie Sanchez, Mary Sanchez, Tricia Sandage, Kenora Sandoval. Cesar Sandoval. Juanita Santana. Rhonda Schafer. Rhonda Sedillo, Martin Segura. Rosie Seisinger, Corey Setter, Marcy Settler, Stacy Sharp, Lori Sheridan, Sherry Shipp, Scott Silva, Gilbert Silvas, Leticia Simonsen, Joe Freshman 137 138 Freshman Singh, Shawn Sinohui, Joe Sisk, Kristie Smith, Eddie Smith, Terry Snodgrass, David Soltero, Arturo Som, Pinna Sorenson, Patty Sotelo, Rember Soto, Michele Soto, Steve Sparks, Robert Sparks, Sandra Spaugy, Mike Spencer, Jery Spiller, Dawn Spillar, Linda Spralding, Mark Starmour, Georgette St. Armour, Paulette Starr, Jeff Sundust, Tim Sunn, Reggie Sutherland, Dicie Swan, Donnie Swetman, Ted Swift, Jeanne Syckes, Debi Tarango, Gloria Theisman, Wendy Thompson, Ricky Toner, Lorraine Toon, Truman Trejo, Sophie Trevino, Yvonne Trinidad, Martin Tucker, Debbie Tucker, Lori Turnage, Dawne Turpen, John Valdivia, Andy Valenzuela, Pancho Valenzuela, Tina VanderMolen, Kate Vanmeter, Brad Varela, Olivia Vargas, Jesse Varner, Paul Vasquez, Robert Veazey, Michelle Villanueva, Debra Villanueva, Eddie Voeltz, Alan Washington, Peggy Watkins, Linda Wible, Michelle Williford, Mary Wilson, Valerie Wilson, Helen Freshman 139 140 Freshman Wipprecht, Smeve Wood, David Wuod, Jerry Yarbrough, Karen Yonker, 'Fudd Yurgensen. Williann Zachek. Adam Zepeda, Jesse Olivarez. Ruben SIGN ME AGAIN' WM K5 MQ MQW iifgglacwb QM CQ? Wm? J, flfwl-9 gjfgw Q25 gfrcmg lj' WQCUUUVLQJ W C D Qgwwggwwyubgeng MQLQ My ljQlvQUjff NLG TURBO Mmm Q1 X pwgfw Mypfmc 09 Jfgq LLJC K u IH f QMD Jw mf M WJMT Wwe W fwfr ffiw ww 2 NCL Nfkkfwiy Jimi ,Cp QLITWQ Q ? jlufl OU! TLLJLQLQDU iQ VUWXWJ H+ xfhclmdxjbd iywww QUQWMD LLDQ,i1Q Cgmmd LP Cljwygw q MJCJPUDWQ gjfvbm CC CMAQ JUMQQL fwixhufiubfw LQ dimer C fi Qjfowu WJ' UWUW Jf 0 KID AQWU 1 HMQ Q XJLJPJJLJ J CA WLGLJQ QQ C Qi' I 5 Vtkl x . 5 'N ' v fv fir f a,,. X I K If! ixw v 'I f , X! Z I . f f , 2 4 - ' s --Y 1 1 fx Q 1 N1 ' V 7 Y Y! f " L, X K I ' I, W L' . .M if 5 K N 5 Q K 1 ' , z J I x , x' , Q Y , A A X f f ,, v U in X B -K!! - V I LJ? Q 'X 'N A I I RX I 2 D Lf, K I N V I A VX X X ma 1- V! A IA I R XX 1 ,. Q- I L I Z- ' ,X A h fx X , ,H ff f ' A P f 4 , , ,fx x f , , ,N "' L! L! w L: .N I L. . RT if bf 35 5 , ' A Y f 1, Q "'-N " X , ,-. . C 'If-f 'X fun f X fn ff ., f, g X.. I . ' Nl- J , , ' J f 1 J , , J- I Q X If -7 xx W H 5 A wi, my ff! , if M .,,, f , L IQN- ,J ix X- ,JE f . ,..' 2 avi, 4, kr ij if N. xl. ' fx U N 1 jw A E , H I F Q x ,X fw 44 V J f Q f ww - Q14 j 'HE "' ,xl gk I W ' . ' px Ax ' iw, 5' A KMA. K K M j Ki 1, 'Q I y A fr ' ft 'J -7.11 A' W ' I, ,,..,, ' gf , ,,,, Q71 "X "" fl! - I " A "3 ?+--- - W K J N' f D f? I ! WX I -- K f wx I 1 . J ,J X! - I .y , ,IW ffl , I-I fx A A 1 I N A .... , XJ L1 I W I fi , J! kx Y .' 1 -uf, . , K, ' 1 I, L' mn- , Cfw , QJUN lil OL mn - , .4 fu 5 W, A 3 A , . , ' A Ku I g' I xy 0 1' Y- 1 ,J A I rw N I 95 , " , J fl 1 7 A x K L i ,1' ff' 'lf gf YQ ,ff . Q L fl g 3 I L6 L X if h ' , XP , A , n 4X A h I' f X 7 ' Q - ,f Q 2 y , Y' f ll 's x ,Lf f u , N - ff X 1 J cd QW I Af. 7 ' A 'Y ' N U, 'f r,. I v - X 1 I X . X J , I X K 7 it X f I iQV?lLMj,5iM1Q X XJQQQUQQXP dw ww f U Jwvnsuvm umm CLQAQCQQQ. Anzar, Martina Hepner, Cindy Moncada. Nancy Noga. Mike Ochoa, Gloria Orozco. Sonia Sotelo, Remberto Van, Kim Vasquez, Yvnn FROSH LIFE THEY LO E TO E T 5 147 P reshmen Bustamante, Hector Chapa, Esmeralda Cota. Rick Decuireirlfldwina l' pk 3, ., .,"' x,, V Felton. Nikki Garcia, Barbara Garcia. Frank Greenough. Lonnie Hatfield, Clifford Jacobs, Rita Johnson. Tracy Marquez, lrene Martinez, Ramon Moreno, Rosie Mottin, Kathy Ogden, Tom Schmanski, 'l'im Swift, Dean Underwood, Eileen Yehl. Carol 'K il fx J, 'Q' afilmigfg, ,o- I ii Q4 ,f'N 6 N Q4 x J f X753 531 ai X5 X K 431 iK'N'vf Y -'f?lS'.J4-,nf hi l 'Of Q--4: M2 V i i 4:52 ,,.4-4 vu' Juniors 143 , 4 N 0 I Y 4 f J I 2 I 1 4 x 1 4 x 1 1 w uhhh.. 'SI' 'Y M v .4 in ..fvf:"31n NX ED 9 CTIVITIE DRILL TEAM TTE TIO 146 Drill Team This year drill team has been quite active. They have performed in parades such as the Veterans Day Parade, the Phoenix Arizona Fiesta Bowl, and numerous amounts of others. Drill team has also appeared in three major competitions. The teams most outstanding achievement is to win the coveted first place sweepstakes trophy, at the Annual Governors of Arizona drill meet as the over all best drill unit. In the 1978 competition Tolleson ran away with all the honors. This team also won for three years in a row the coveted first place sweepstakes trophy at the Arizona State University "Black Jack Drill Meet". These awards are all won in competition with arms. STUDE TCOU CIL TITS BEST 'N -QQ . W, X x . , 5 w X l yi, gt X, fe Our student council has been very busy working for us this past year. They have been doing everything they can to improve the school spirit. They organized spirit week, and the home coming and worked on floats. If you don't know who our student council representatives are, you should get to know them because they are there for you. The officers are Chis Turnage President, Tom Ogden- Vice President, Jody Waters- Recording secretary, Maurianne Parker- Corresponding-Secretary, Eric McBride- Treasure, Rhonda Thurlow- Activities Chairman Tim Renyer- Publicity Chairman, Ms. Elder- Advisor. Student Councll 14 11.5 1980-81's Pom Line - M. Juarez, G. Giebel, S. Watkins, K. Landis, C. Devine, L. Barker, C. Pendergast, B. Berumen, M. Alcocer, C. Duran, 13.5 1980-81's Varsity Squad Line S. Sullinger, K. Simmons, J. Waters, C. Hume, J. Pritchard, S. Pritchard, A. Hernandez, K. Strzelecki, T. Maxwell 16.5 1980-81's Jr. Varsity Squad T. Garcia, J. Willow, J. Black, J. Christensen, A. Martinez 12.5 Mrs. "O-Ya" in action! 14.5 Tolleson Poms take pride in their work! 15.5 Melissa shows great effort in her work! 17.5 Team work in action! 18.5 Pom Line spirit! HCT STUFF O-YA! Pr ,,,,,.,"'?V FIRED . AND READY! 7 Pon Poms 149 SCHOOL I PROVEMENT COMMITTEE EETS .4 i ? E , .. '... - ,A ' hw fl jg....l """' we t if el 1 ' 1 3 . 1- j W v - fx..1,.9f. 150 S.I.C. S.I.C. is made up of students from each class, freshman thru Seniors. Mrs. McElroy said,: "I choose the students for this committee and right now there are about 16 students in it." This Committee meets first hour on the first Tuesday of every month in Dr. Landis' office. These students bring in concerns on problems the school or students are having, for example: lockers, bell- systems, clocks, parking lot or attendence policies. sqf School Improvement Committee is seated- Top Rowg Art Soto, Ralph Buruato, Tim Reyner, Mrs. McElroy, Norma Orona, Carolyn Pendergast, Chris Divine, Maria Herrera, Lori Yamamoto. x FBL GOES ALL THE W Y UNA 1 . :mlm 'V - , ,Nig,sH1f Rosemary Martinez is secretary. Jesica Jones is Parlimentary, Robert Berrelez is President. Carman Palacio F.B.L.A. sponsor. Members F.B.L.A. seated top row. Jack Ramirez, Dary Som, Jesica Jones, James Hawely, Chris Turnage, Rosemary Martinez, Debbie Montoya Robert Berrelez X SAC! 1.55 'IU t . ..,,,,13,kVL I I 1512 if . Q L kn',k: ,..'. g if N 'R NATIO AL HO CR SOCIETY X " v"e K: 5 1 1 1 5 I F' 1st row Tim R., Joe J., Dean S., Randy R., Bobby J., Tom O. 2nd row Torn I., Dave R., Jesus H., Eric M., John W., Ella M. 3rd row Larry L., Troy P., Dary S., Mitch W., Maria H., Lori Y. 4th row Robert B., Candy H., Jody W., Kay S., Georgann G., Carolyn P. 5th row Mike P., Robert M., Mark B., Martha P., Janet F., Jackie P. 6th row Vera M., Cathy T., Tony V., Rosemary M., Clara M., back Mr. Salazar. WGRKI G FOR THE LETTER 0-df? dw-f""""L"' J fm wr. ,.-ff in X i ' . - '-K. - f ,,,,,,,a agp THE LETTER,S CLUB This years lettermans club was sponsored by Mr. Roberson. Even though they had a poor turn out they all worked very hard. This year their goals were to have burrito sales, jacket sales, and the concession stand at Tollesons basketball games. They used the money to buy athletic banners for league champions, Divisional, and state champs. Also at the end of the year they have a steak fry for coaches and club members. Mr. Robinson said, "With all the help of the club members we have made more money this year. From left to right Fabian Fierro, Dan Groves, Jim Swift, Fred Angel, Maria Salas, Tony Todd, Sal Perez, Ray Green. Sw 4- .Q aft Letter's Club 153 READ BO T IT I WOL ER The Wolver News went through one of the biggest changes in 80-81 They expanded the number of issues from 9 to 12. They also added advertising so they could increase the number of pages from 6 to 8. Chris Turnage stated, "It was fun putting the newspaper together. Apropos, Tolleson Union High School's creative magazine won a first place rating for their 1980 edition in a National Press Association of Columbia University in New York. The magazine was rated against other school magazine whose enrollment is in the same category as T.U.H.S. This is not the first time Apropos has received this outstanding honor. The 1976 Bicentennial edition, the 1977 10th anniversary edition, and the 1979 edition also Won first Top Row Martha Pina Debbie Nakazawa Mike Plante Jennifer Burton Terry Keller Mitzi Shireman. Bottom Row Tom Ogden, Wendy McCarley, Mitch Walker, APROPOS WINS AWARD place. 'iw' X, 38. 4.5 'ia 4 .fa dp. an- :NG new-my Www, I wr-vt 1 ...., ,ff Wil WNV m....,ms...M.A- 9. , . 'R WH T'S NEW IN I TERACT? This year Interact club was given a picnic by the Rotary. It was held with the Agua Fria Interact club at Estrella park. At the picnic Tolleson won the annual volleyball tournament and the official volleyball. Interact also went to Wickenburg to pick mistletoe. The money was used to help our school and community. ,- ,- ,36- 2 row Angie Tapia, Suzy McKaskill, Colleen Rush, Joey Reyes, Monica Nunez, Jim Greer, Mr. Ken Cummings, row 2. Sharon Watkins, Tammie Hasenauer, Lori Yamanoto, Tammy Smith, Mauriann Parker, Denise Wolfe, row 3. Jerry Grossarth, Carolyn Pendergast, Chris Devine, Kim Johnston, Theresa Sokolis, Kay Simmons, Rhonda Thurlow, and Shelly Ingledue. 156 Interact Club "'wm.aW'!i' 1. Bottom row Donna Zeigler, Tammie Hasenauer, Colleen Rush, Theresa Sokolis, Lori Yamanoto, Kim Johnston, row 2 Denise Wolfe, Paul Alvarez, Kay Simmons, Jim Greer, Mitch Walker, Jason Shaw, Suzy McKaskill, Andrew Cook, Lisa Khrenousky, and Ken Colburn. 2. Pres. Tammie Hasenauer, front row Tres. Colleen Rush, V. Pres. Joey Reyes, Sec. Lori Yamanoto. 3. Bottom AVE YOU SEE THIS YE R'S tibia 'E The Health Occupation club Where the members are interested in the medical field. The club members are eligible for a college scholarship. The H.O.P.E. club are also float builders. H.O.P.E. H.O.P.E.? entered a float in Tolleson's Homecoming parade. So don't be surprised if one day you go to the hospital and see one of your old class mates who was in the H.O.P.E. club. Group shot of the H.O.P.E. club. Top row Miss Edwards, Lisa Chelini Donna Chelini, Joey Leyva, Cindy Martin, Shelley Ingledue, Monica Galaviz, Roseann Camarillo, Bottom row. Norma Beltran, Cathy Spiller, Monica Nunez, Diana Wallen, Linda Adams. ff 5 -mlm.-are-1 sim- Q - 5, I- 6 ,, H, f' . p . E Q' i f-ig. f ' , ,s ' l' x t V! ,V V , ' j Mft , , wi w 4.54 . Y, are ' A -f' 'V A' 'X' " . X .4 1 . -. 5' '.. s e Y .. 'W' r N! u- f' www Ja 5 1 N Y X. if 2 rl 5 5 ,,.. ,, 2 wi WM ., www Wm ,,,, , N' 'rm WW' nfwfnfwwwww , fr ff FW2? ' " l . ,,,, ' f fl Q' hw 1 - 4,,,, -' V .. ,,,, . , ' ,,,, ,, , ,,,, ,, , .,,,,, - nz.: f, -1 SSHEVHUEPCSWENWQV O :r' O g:: :Swag Sewsbgcmim Q-I .... r-ies..-1 my--mn-I .., .... "":'5"5D'wfv 'QS'-'D 5 -'3,0ooUqE"0,,2cn'-r':SUJgm iZ?'PSSOEf21"f-82225. 027- .. Eg'o39'ggE8V:3 :W :Ein 22970-no-8557 5515. QQ Dawg ward- ...g :sm f-1w5mN mm 55,1 1-+,., Bmge-rg H51 WWE- S-F' so ff DEREK Eg CD3 nog S CHD' S mom Do. -"'D"'5",- 3'-1 SCL -'3' -fo gm 'Ubo 9.519 2359 Oo. 355' Q-"5 mmm... -I co msg QQ. Em Q 'oem :1 no m Bw 46 mm N D" gg-an o ,D LTZZQO 5 cm O 5: 25. as cz. 5 5 QT as This years dance club did extremely Well. It was entitled Kaleidscope of dance. This years performers worked very hard on their routines. They exercised M hour before they started any dance technique, but once they did start dancing there was no stopping them. This years dance club consisted of eight handsome men, and fourteen beautiful ladies. But the most beautiful of all, our own dance queen, Betty Sipe. Here's 1980-81 dance club in costume. Front Row-Virginia R., Esther F., Denise H., Richard M., Michael M., Debbie B., Susan G. second row-Ray D., Ricky P., Michael Z., Stephon T., Donna S., Tom I. Third row-Susan R., Wendy M., Kristi A., David J. fourth row-Julie R., Gina H., Ana M., Lisa T., Betty S., Susan F,, Mary Ann G. WE' E GOT Q 4 E 2 E l ! S i WOL ERI i FEER 1 a x MN B fee WE'RE BR Well, were bragging again Ma! This year the yearbook staff put together another fine yearbook, even though we had trouble getting started and also because most of the class had never even seen how a yearbook was done. But that never slowed us down! We 1 II Ze 6 ,4- sf" 'Q' XXX - X If 4- 5 3 , 160 Yearbook Staff GGI GA AIN A worked together as a team when we were younger Who and produced this book out of ever thought that they would own minds, which is very become great yearbook hard to do even though no makers' one ever realizes it. This year the class was taught by Mr. Jackson and the Yearbook editor was Cathy Tarango. Here is some of the staff lifxxqr W1 Q I , 'S so li I 4 Q Q K' . ' Q 0 if h - qs. ' ig Q -P it 5' f W,- K J -Ei f ffre me lr- 1. Colleen Rush 2. Cathy Tarango 3. Irene Sanchez 4. Rosemary Vasquez 5 Jack Ramirez 6. Jaymie Pritchard 7. Tammy Sands 8. Rosie Moreno 9. YEARBOOK STAFF-TOP to BOTTOM-J. Hellebrandt, C. Tarango L. Fierro, I. Sanchez, S. Ortega, M. Galindo, J. Ramirez, R. Vasquez, K. Mottin, G. Martinez, T. Sands, S. Barnes, J. Pritchard, T. Salaz, R. Moreno, S. Vigil, T. Woody, P. Sausedo, N. Garcia, J. Weidman, Mr. Jackson, 10. Patty Sausedo, 11. Steve Vigil, 12. Sylvia Ortega 13. Tami Woody, 14. Tina Salaz 15. Shelly Barnes 16. Mary Ann Galingo NP- Robert Maxwell, Arville Newman. 2 Us S 'ff 11 1 1. was C3 Yearbook Staff 161 r, , F.F.A. WINS "B.O.A.C." A ARD F.F.A. wins B.O.A.C. award. F.F.A. CFuture Farmers Of Americal is sending seven students to Kansas City to attend the National F.F.A. Convention. Mr. Bennett said "we are proud that we won the B.O.A.C. Award." CBuilding Our Agriculture Communityl. F.F.A. has been active at Tolleson for 45 years. Out of all those years of the hard work the club is finally going to be rewarded. Mr. Bennett also stated, The thing that keeps F.F.A. going is the students. They really care about what they do. f. g. -,,. .-Yq,...---- 53 rd NATIONAL FFA CONVENTION ima MM Fw 162 FFA 1 1. F.F.A. takes time off to pose for picture above. Top rowg Charmaine Gilchriest, Mark Norma and Nick Fox. Middle rowg David Head, Kenny Rogers, Tracy Johnson, and Marla Wilson. Bottom rowg Randy Hanson and Mollie Clark. 2. Kenny Rogers and advisor Paul Wellman receive B.O.A.C. Award. F.H.A. DOES IT AGAIN . . . WITH MRS. BEAN, JACKIE PACHECO, JANET FLEEK, CAROLYN PENDERGAST, BRIGETTE BERUMEN, ANGIE LOPEZ, CHRIS DEVINE, DENISE NUNEZ, ALVA MARTINEZ THE 1981 FINE ARTS FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS ART, BAND, SINGING AND DANCING I NG G I GGGG I ' NIH I 1 NNNGIGG 1 IiG, Q ZQG1 , I AIINN 1 I Q s-Us xi J la f This years Mat Maids have a varsity and a Jr. varsity squad. Being a Mat Maid involves hours of hard work, practice, workshops, and also fundraising activities. Mat Maids must be very dedicated to put in all the time required. They must also keep a grade point average of 3 or better, attend Mat Maid function regularly and also have a good record of school attendance. Mat Maids major goals this year is to get students and community involved in wrestling by coming to the matches and supporting the fine wrestling team that we have here at our high school this year! 1. Top rowg Sandra Aguilar, Virginia Hernandez, Micaela Salas, Mrs. Rutherford, Hope Martin, Inez Salas, Doralisa Espinoza, Hilda Perez, Angie Lopez, Knot picturedl Terri C., Lisa S., Esmeralda S., Sylvia A. ' MA ID ANNA WRESTLE rf 9 fx. K Su, ,wav Mat Maids 165 1 THE FEW THE PRO D THE This years M.E.CH.A. club was sponsored by Mr. Candia. Mr. McGrew, Mr. Martinez, and Ms. Gutierrez. When the sponsors were asked what their money making projects were they responded that they had bake sales and car washes. The money they .E.CH. raised is used to go for scholarships, financial aid, field trips, and to our communities. When asked what kind of students who truly want to help promote Chicano culture and political awareness. 1. STANDING: Richard Rodriguez, Mr. Candia, Ms. Gutierrez, Mr. Martinez, Irene Camacho, April Lopez, Julie Moreno, Frank Rivera, Cathy Tarango, Margret Hernandez, Gina Urquiza. KNEELING: Robert Vasquez, Virginia Hernandez, Sandra Aguilar, Tony Vasquez, Mr. McGrew, Virginia Rodriguez, Juan Hernandez. 2. This years officers for MECHA are Publicity Chairman-Julie Moreno, President-Frank Rivera, Treasure- Gina Urquiza, Vice President-Cathy Tarango, and Secretary-Margret Hernandez. This year MECHA included some Low Riders in the Home Coming Parade to represent their club. This Low Rider driven by Louie Fimbres escorted President Frank Rivera and Vice-President Cathy Tarango. 1 FRE CH CLUB ' 1. FIRST ROW: Marty Jackson, Dean Swift, Kandy Hume, Gordan Castillo, 2nd ROW: John Davis, Tom Ogden, Kim Johnston, Lori Yamamoto, Debbie Nakazawa, Ms. Anne Layton. 3rd ROW: Shawna Sample, Dary Som, Maria Herrera. BOTTOM: Mike Plante. 2. Officers of French Club are: Dean Swift, Mike Plante, Gordan Castillo, Dary Som, and Maria Herrera. 2 This years French Club was very active in their money making projects. Their major sale was Wolverine pennants. When Ms. Layton was asked what kind of students were accepted in the club she answered, "students who have had a year or more of french or who are currently taking it. Ms. Layton has been sponser for the french club for 2 years and it enjoys it very much. French Club 167 5, fs 1 2 GETS A The Karate Club this year was again sponsored by Mr. Fish. The members this year learned the basic karate movements as they trained hard. Front Row: N. Orona, L. Ortega, W. Rogg, D.J. Parker. In back: D. Cloud, 168 Karate Club D. Turnage, N. Vanmeter, Mr. Fish, D. Brown, D. Born, S. Ortega. W2 Mr Fish teaches a movement. 43 Students learn to kick. 1 2 QP, l. 3 Tiibs 'We-wks Bw IT'S COLD I THEM THERE HILLS 1. istandingl S. Gutierrez, J. fkneelingl S. Ramos, S. McGinty, S. Silverman, K. Decuire, R. Limberg, C. Green, S. Sullinger, sponsers - T. Lulman, S. Vigil, R. Parkerson, J. Kirsch, M. Tuesink. Weidman, R. Norland, T. Garcia, The hiking club is an fy extremely exciting and rewarding experience. The members are active in their outdoor experience through such activities as hiking, back packing, and by just plain having fun. This years hiking club is experiencing a building year. They have all facets of operation for the most rewarding experiences and adventures ahead. Fund raising projects were to aid them in purchasing equipment and materials for the outings and for a worthwhile conservation project around school. The great outdoors have taken them to such places as Oak- creek, the San Francisco Peaks, the Mogollon Rim, and the Superstition Mts. This years hiking club would like you to come and be a part of one of the best clubs on campus. Hiking Club 169 ,. ,, TULLESO DO NSLOPE This year ski club got off to a slow start. The weather was lousy. Mother nature would not provide snow. Although a little bit of the white snow fell on the sunrise ski resort. So the ski club went there. Hopefully next year there will be more snow. 1. Top row: Left to right: Mr. Garcia, E. McBraides, S. Barnes, J. Willow, K. Johnson, T. Vasquez, Middle row: S. Prokay, L. George, D. Smith, L. Yamamoto, J. Swift, Bottom Row: V. Wheatly, J. Giebel, C. Rush, J. Walters, M. Parker. 170 Ski Club -4 Rw- "My leaving had nothing to do with Tolleson or the way it was run," Kilker remarked, "I have wanted to live in a small community for a long time, away from the large city." -lg X Kilker is now the only administrator at Wickenburg High School. He is much happier because he can get more involved with everyone. EW PRI CIPAL "There is no other school I would rather be principal of than Tollesonf' quoted Dr. Devine. Dr. Devine has tried new rules this year, so our school will have a better reputation in the future. When asked if he likes his job, Dr. Devine's response was, yes! He said, he likes kids and would like to guide them in the right direction and to help them be more responsible. New Principals 171 2 3 This years volleyball team was improved by the addition of a frosh team. The first frosh team in the history of Tolleson. Rali Rodriguez was given the most outstanding player and best server varsity award. Susan Green was given the excellence award. 1. Players varsity top row Rali Rodriguez, Virginia Cardona, Mona Lomeli, bottom row Susan Green, MaryAnn Galindo, 2. J.V. top row Renee Bain, Terri Aragon, Tammy Hasenauer, Ronna Bain, Bottom row Debbie Marruffo, Elaine Felix. not shown is Sylvia Martinez. 3. Frosh top row Becky Hutcherson, Julie Clemente, Tresha Brown, April Lopez, bottom row Wendy Farry, Nancy Moncada, Dawn Anderson, Lenay Hedges. not pictured is Dana Anderson, Laura Fritz, and Debbie Bjorna. LET'S PL Y B LL . OLLEYB LL WOL ERI ES MOVIN' UP 1 i 4 3 1 43?- E1 12 524'-'1 51. 40-.- El 71 705'?l .L Bottom row: Head Coach T. Simmons, F. Fierro, T. Hilty, D. Lopez, T. Hudgins, R. Burrato, M. King, J. Diaz, J. Parker, R. Landrum, D. Medrano, J. Jones, Middle row: Ass. Head Coach H. Espinosa, F. Angel, R. Green, F. Ellis, T. Leon, J. Smith, F. Ortiz, R. Maxwell, J. .Ju Padilla, T. Montgomery, P. Bain, A. Soto, Top row: Ass. coaches R. Moreno, M. Anderson, N. Bruge, K. Barnes, D. Woodhead, R. Bustamante, B. Graves - Rubio, I. Dossey, D. Williamson, A. Sanchez, S. Sanchez, J. Roll SCOREBOARD Opponent - VS - Tolleson Sunnyslope Horizon Glendale Casa Grande Scottsdale Arcadia North Agua Fria East Phx. Union 174 Football 21-14 Home 6-36 Away 24- 7 Home 12-14 Away 30- 3 Home 8-27 Away 0-29 Away 17-14 Home 0-42 Away 20-35 Home This was Tolleson's first year in the AAA Metro Division. With a 6 win 3 loss record in the division, head coach, Mr. Simmons, did a tremendous job with the team. Mr. Simmons stated, "The 1980 football team was a team with great character, and they overcame all sorts of adversity, they also produced a winning season. Roy Moreno, Henry Espinosa, and Monty Anderson were a very able group of assistant coaches." This goes to prove that Tolleson can play winning AAA football. as TOLLESO A D0 IT ALL 2 3 1 1 4 bv Q ' F l AN 'W .. 1. Tolleson trying to recover a fumble. 2.-6. Nick Bruge, Ralph Burrato, Fabian Fierro, Mark King, and Frank Ortiz. These players were nominated outstanding players by Head coach Mr. Simmons. Each player deserved this promotion. 7. Fabian Fierro run's for a first down. 8. Tolleson Football players watching as we defeat Phoenix Union. 35 to 20 Varsity Football 175 TRYI G HARD i V, . x., . s , , 1 W , , , .a, V , , 3 . .n , -g, .. ,. .f .Q 4. Af . - N, ,,,..ew... .- Q., . - ,V . vw- ,, 1 . , K , , . V V 3 , xg Ml ,,,,,, . . . J r N. 11 ' 1 1. TOP: G. Gutierrez, G. Martinez, L. Orozco. 2. "Ok what should we try Larson, C. Waters, A. Salgado, K. nowl' says if 76. 3. if 32 gets ready to Pogue, J. Murillo, L. Redbird, P. score. Arrieta, W. Nelson, 3rd Row: R. Sinohui, R. Chavez, J. Hernandez, J. Escobedo, T. Serrato, S. Vandreel, R. Ruiz, B. Martinez, R. Fagan, R. Soto, D. Murietta, J. Miller, E. Valdez, Mr. 3 Nugent, S. Goodwin. 2nd Row: G. Cellars, R. Ortiz, R. Valenzuela, R. l Jarrett, R. Howard, R. Rubio, R. Tidwell, S. Vigil, J. Quintero, S. 1 Garcia, M. Aguilar. BOTTOM: C. Diaz, E. Garcia, J. Brias, P. Villa, J. Flores, D. Fernandez, B. Fink, R. , 2 L, . Q., , .... , x Y Z .. W ' . 5. A. T . . 5 L. .1 "' is x 5-, , . , , ,,.,, 6' gg , 9 1 I , f 1' ' E -if V ' l r I 11.5, F, I . igggg53,:1sm2 . . .,, . uf, . M, ,. . A ' 'isa-i s--Q2 . ' it I N ' ' f 'u':'i:1f:.1 3 X s S , V 5 .. Q, V ff- - ,,,, Q if-,Q , gf .f - Q ifzg is-'W . ,,, f . .. iigf is 12... f f i 553 Viz?-:s:"Y'5Zf1i "3 -I : 'Nu T0 BE fn 'f 1w 4 ef 1 1 5 t ,ma lm 8' .fl ww- L-- .H f" 533 !'m- 3 f' 5 milf W1 'QUIQ 'Q 'ibn The J.V. Football Team came out with a 6-2 record this year. The team tried very hard and did well. Their toughest game was against Glendale. When coach Nugent was asked who was the most valuable player on the team he answered, "the whole J.V. team was very valuable this year". Coach Nugent thinks that this year was a great challenge since they went into a new division. 1. Get out of my way, says one of Tollesons Wolverines. 2. The Wolverines get up and try again for another touchdown. 3. The Wolverines line up and try again. 4. OK lets run them over now. ..,....N.....1,...... FROSH FOOTB LL GGES AA The 1980-81 Freshman Football Team went winless in their first season in "AAA" competition. Their one win was forfeited due to an ineligible transfer student. The most valuable player for the season was Ron Filkens. His leadership and determination were his most valuable assets, which he demonstrated consistently throughout the season. nv Coach Quezada and Marin were pleased with the number of participants on the Freshman team. Forty players remained on the team at the season's end. The team displayed fine sportsmanship and school spirit all season. These young men all had an opportunity to play regularly and gain important game experience. 2 Q 5 . rre . ,Q FH, , fs 'K 4 ,s ral- - fa., ig, ,I A , Q- " , 3, " , M, , F, 1 A fn nib fi f 'W " l' an xgxkt 1 . -at 1 f " e,'g,,gA t if A 'rr fa. , N 178 Frosh Football mmm V, -"B-1- gf., A i lst row: Guy Nunez, Steve Soto, John Miller, Michael Reilly, Joel Hudgins, Todd Davis, John Padilla, Gary Pena, 2nd row: Jerry Spencer, Gus Gutierrez, Reggie Sunn, Michael Becera, Billy Jones, Mike Phalen, Brad Anderson, Andy Miranda, Joel Rodriguez, Steve Hanstedt, 3rd row: Mark Labash, David Rada, Jeff Coronado, Saul Ortega, Frank Quesada, Andy Valdivia, Jim O'Reilley, Coach Marin, David Murrillo, David Wood, Ricky Goodwin, Jesse Zepeda, Eric Rivera, Jesse Jones, Derrick Allen 4th row: Mike Brandon, Robert Martin, Scott Heeter, Ricky Thompson, Coach Quesada, Ron Filkens, Steve Palmason, Turman Toons, Kenneth Head. THEIR RO 1-2 . . - GH D TOUGH 3 ' I VGHZ 5 1, i N 1 'Q C: 4 5- 'N ' Q. b A "" HF 1' ,3 " , Q N A 4, 3 NA, it V VW Lt MM " A 'f ' ' .- I A 2 AM H 5? A 'F . A W-, 85 "' ' V 7 1, H' 8 M-U I H 1 F h , , 4 My W , a yN-"""" Q 'Z' hV1', . 1 f:x:. .,.:akA. M kk M ,K I K y i ,Q , .L dw 2 S. " ky -My Ayyy N 'A O is A ,L WMM V il 'W ings-w-...K-ww, ,, Q V fs- A ,, K .ft JA -M44 HHAW .. Q, , gf 1 Y: X 0 V '+ j 5 :Fl ,Sy "'.xN," ' . I L :Six 'VO K 1 -ar- Mfr..- -'fuw 3 2 31 Freshman Football 179 1- Q 55 Q Y? . s 14 S Q V 1 180 Cross C untry TRYI G HARDER ALL THE TI According to the freshman tennis coach Mr. Aultman one player in particular did very well and that is Mike Caudle. Mike Worked harder then everybody else, and because of his desire to improve made the most gains. Mr. Aultman is really hoping that our future freshman will be more successful. The freshman record was Mike Caudle, Mr. Aultman, John Turpin. 1i......mn11 GIRLS FRosH TENN S "1980" Girls frosh tennis learned a lot during this of 1981. They practiced many hours after school to help make T.U.H.S. proud. 1. Risa Blushklofski gets ready to return the ball. 2. Left to right Terry Keller, Kim Heller, Coach Mrs. Dempsey, and Risa Blushkofshi 1 xiii? xx if-,Xa w-.N + BOYS VARSITY TENN S AD When the coach was interviewed about his toughest opponent he replied . . . Scottsdale! Because they are very good! We have already played them once and lost to them. They are consistent and a very powerful team. When the team was interviewed about their standings they replied . . . "Our team is a good one because we are disciplined, consistent, and hardworking. We also have a pretty good coach! TOP ROW: Tony Boydston, James Netson, John Wright, Mike Adams, Mr. Gutierrez. BOTTOM ROW: Chris Turnage, David Jackson, Steven Jackson - NOT PICTURED Paul Valkingburg, Raymond Orozco, Jesse Martinez, Jesus Herrera, Tom Inman. J.V.fVarsity Tennis 183 This year the Girls Tennis Teams are looking for a very good season. Their coach Mr. Odle is very excited for this year's team. 1. Girls Varsity Team-Kim Johnston, Kim Bruno, Diane Rodriguez, Alva Martinez, Jodie Waters. 2. Girls J.V. Tennis Team. 2 9, I s 19" fr. . a VX Ricky Bustamante Jesse Codova Gary Giddings Bobby Jones 'W Freddy Juarez Mario Martinez Steve Niblett Frank Ortiz Ricky Rios Sammy Rodriguez Ottis Slocum Jim White This year Varsity was in Triple A Metro Division. They had very tough competitors, such as East and Phoenix Union which ended their season in an 0 and 21 record. Mr. Roberson says, "I am proud of these twelve individuals. They Love Basketball of they wouldn't have stayed with it under the circumstances." Ricky Bustamante led in scoring. Otis Slocum was second in scoring, Ricky Rios led in the rebounds, and Jesse Cordova was the playmaking guard who led in assists. We didn't win a game all season but we sure learned a lot of basketball. I would like to thank all these players for giving me and TUHS 103911 throughout the year." Mr. Roberson proudly said. Varsity Basketball 185 VARSITY TRIES HARD I WEVQ -I-SE 3 1. Pablo Olivas attempts for two points. 2. Ricky Bustamante putting a move on North. 3. Bobby Jones Shoots off a set play. 4. Sammy puts up a baseline shot. 5. Freddie Juarez waiting for a clear pass. JE i sg. w-van,-,, 'WW . , XM P Q A XQQ,XQ,xjyyX 1 . 4-Mol KBXJEJNNX, x X-4 MW L 'wb e X-NX' i 1 x x'WNQNM X 1 5 " HITS ' HARD I I 1. Team Members-Steve Vigil, Seth Coach-Marine. rPeters, Joe Twple, Tony Ramos, 2. Fine offensive moves by Bobby XkKeith Dgcuire, Joe Cordona, Sal Vega as he sets up a play. Gutierrez, Jim fTruckJ Hernandez, 3. Keith puts it up on a fastbreak, as Danny Renyer, Pat Bain, Scotty the crowd waits impatiently for the Greene, Ruben Ruiz, Bobby Vega, ball to go in . . . IHQ -nun-., - W XmbM..,..i. 3 2 ,,.,..,...--A i' xi-VX u...vf FRUSH BASKETB LL UPPORTUNITY TO PLAY 1 This year's Frosh team had a trying season with a 1 win and 15 losses. The teams were rough and the toughest two were East and Phx. Union. Mr. Smith, coach of the team stated, "It's an excellent opportunity to play against a good team every night." The most valuable players 188 Boys Frosh Basketball were Steve Soto and Scot, Heeter. 'K Top row Mr. Smith, Ramon Del Sol, Scot Heeter, Ricky Thompson, Jesse Zepda, Ted Swetman, Billy Jones, Mr. Roberson. Bottom: Brian Gutierrez, Steve Soto, Eric Campos, Tony Andrea, Tod Davis, Gustano Olivas. Q 1. Mona Lomeli shoot for two points 2. STANDING: Mona Lomeli, Irma Zuniga, Linda Green, Susan Green, Irene Sanchez, Subrena Foster, and Nancy Moncada. SITTING: Coach Lyle Kelly, April Lopez, and Kristen Williams. ,J jX:,,'Q G W'5If"l ,gvflft gffff fry X! I f wg x W fl 1 W f 2 f ' ,f,f7"' 177 df' fl X7 f j mfpljiyf ,X QQLJM? 9,-,f fyywy Wx ffl? A., fl 7, J Q TWQW ZW! ,ffffffy 9 A M Wf L Job ,VM JU M 7 I X dl 5 I F0151 ZNII WGRE T YEAIU, ,ff 'x My Y 3 Si W? 1 lllllvrn, . .LOOKI G PTO METRO The girls J .V. basketball team has also moved up to AAA. As far as the toughest teams they were Horizon, Casa Grande, Arcadia, and Scottsdale. Miss Edwards coach of the team had this to say: "Girls basketball in this league of the Metro Division is fairly weak, so in that respect the competition may not be so good as last year and that may hurt our overall play. Some of the schools should improve each year though." 1. Team shot top row: Terri Arragon, Anita Laborin, Valerie Wheatley, Natalie Vanmeter, Miss Edwards. Row 2: Anna Galindo, Lisa McAnulty, Ronda Beaupre, Lori Sharp.2. Natalie Vanmeter shoots for two. 3. Tolleson fights to shot for two. 4. Both teams watch as the ball falls through the hoop to score for Tolleson. X 'Was W 1 wi I . if 4 xl " it I, a-A N, if. , ' is A "" 4 Q ., ' Y? H . 4 p .. S sf, 2 3 'mug if GULFERS D0 IT WITH Grossarth, trying to set the worlds longest drive. 3. Chris Turnage, planning to hit the ball over the water hole. 4. Robert Berrelez "Dr Bob" is trying for a hole-in-one. I R TO GHEST ME Wrestling is a great and exciting sport. It's a sport that consists of skill, coordination and speed. Our wrestlers at Tolleson have all these skills. The students at Tolleson would like to congratulate the toughest men here. 1. The Boys Varsity Team that stuck it out the whole season. 2. Coach Espinosa cheering on a team member. 192 Varsity Wrestling S M5507 BOYS A D GIRLS TRACK RE RUNNING FOR THEIR Bottom Row: Jessica Johnson Audrea Johnson, Hope Martin, Letica Silvas, Inez Salas, Micaela Salas. Second Row: Pam Watson, Maria Salas, Janet Dena Smith, Anita Nelson, Wendy Farry, Gina Nelson. Third Row: Bob Jones, Wayne Rogg, Devin 7 LIVES Crandle, Scott Smith, Jess Madrid, John Miller, Joe Jones, Sandra Marruffo, Jim Wiedmen. Last Row: Pat Bain, Randy Landrum, James Netson, Tim Edgar, Seith Peters, Andrew Sanchez, Randy Reinhold, Joe Jones, Tony Todd. BoysfGir1s Tracks 193 Top Row: Coach Rios, A. Arenas, Murillo, M. Becerra, B. Anderson, Phalen, G. Martinez, G. Gutierrez, Allen. fBottomJ S. Soto, J. Hernandez, S. Moreno, J. Cordova Miller, J. Turpen, T. Davis. D. Action shots below and on the Green, fieldersg Tony Ramos as M. opposite page are of: Frank Flores at catcher with Gerry Diaz. Pitchers are D. 1st, Mario Martinez at 2nd, Michael Fabian Fierro and Peter Arrieta The Flores at shortstop,Tony Serrato at coaches are Roy Moreno and Dan , J. 3rd. Ricky Bustamante and Ray Roberson. FROSH GET L TE SWI 2' . A J. 3 X ,,,, V 6 Air,-lfl-., ' 'SWMLM' Eg . ,fm F. , A- Q4 3,-'iairgfkg Q . F W 4 fn ,-525+ 1 H 'f - K . J W me - .. ' gf. f,..- a qljf, 5,ygygVf3 i,L ,v r .. :2',wg2: H, g'f'W-ff V " ,,.' V . M f ,...,,.,,, , .....,.,. . ..,,,,,.l,,k . , X :azz.::wzm+f sf.. ' 1 .,,, 'a?1f,1W1:ef+fvaH . eec , if - ..e.t: 'M 'A 'W 1 , Q gay 3 T , gf 'sh L-5" ,fiiuy A3 1 Vrw , . 'fel QQ 5' 6' ,I If Q 15" J l .., fs i 4 an nf' 'W M fe1ffE",. Lf r. gg , T qvpy K1 A if 'mf f 4 f 'N ' , ' ' x I-1,5-,gl f " f-N 1-M A. md' M ,ry 05" ' .1 1, 114 ,Q M '21 gif? -r if f .1 i '- , ' if ww' 411 A A ix . Q Q. - M1 3 if Zhl ffti ' ' t A We at i..g:..,...-...1.,, is P , Lil f -R e Top Row: F. Fierro, T. Leon, M. Manos, M. Flores, F. Flores, R. Bustamante, D. Williamson, P. Arrieta, Coach R. Moreno. Kneeling: D. Lakey, S. Perez, R. Green, M. Martinez, T. Serrato, T. Ramos, G.G. Diaz, and R. Bur- rato. This year's varsity baseball team has been practicing hard this season as they take a step forward to AAA. When asked about competition, head coach Roy Moreno said that every game will be tough and has to be taken serious. As far as new strategy is concerned, Coach Moreno would like to try some bunting and as much scoring as possible. Assistant coach, Dan Roberson says, "The new fence enclosing the baseball field has imporved the look of the field. Wind screens have been put around the center field and the industrial arts crew put a new back to the dugoutsf, FROM A TO TRIPLE AAA SOFTBALL CAN HIT AN RU Tolleson Varsity Softball Team, Top: Mylene Sisk, Rali Rodriguez, Susan Ramay, Mary Ann Galindo, Middle: Mona Lomeli, Tina Perez, Irma Zuniga, Linda Green, Chris McCrea, Mr. Anderson. Bottom: Irma Gutierrez, Verla Ramay, Gail Gilbert, Susan Green, Tammy Hasenauer. J.V. Softball Team, Virginia Cardona, Dawn Caudle, Marcy Setter, Sylvia Martinez, Tricia Sanchez, Jamie Green. Bottom: Lenay Hedges, Kris Berumen, Gloria Tarango, Wendy Farry, Lisa Costillo, Jody Farmer. MAYBE Alhambra Hotizon Glendale Casa Grande - Scottsdale Arcadia North Aqua Fria East South Maryvale T.U.H.S. T.U.H.S. T.U.H.S. T.U.H.S T.U.H.S T.U.H.S T.U.H.S T.U.H.S 'I'.U.H.S T.U.H.S T.U.H.S. 6-10 10-O 3-13 1-12 13-5 4-9 2-14 10-3 4-12 18-2 Varsity Softball Scores VS VS VS VS VS t . VS 7 8 NEXT YEAR J .V. Q' Til PARKHWELOT ROCKS .ui-si Q , Parking Lot 197 IX IX IK 0...-ummm ADVERTISING PETES LAWN SERVICE TRIMMING EDGING 8612 W TAYLOR TOLLESON 936-3060 YARD MAINTENANCE GUTIERREZ'S AUTO ALTERNATIVE 9409 W. VANBUREN TOLLESON 936- 6160 PETE'S FISH Sz CHIPS 9309 W. VAN BUREN TOLLESON, ARIZONA PHONE 936-3 1 1 1 AUTOMOTIVE 9123 W VAN BUREN TOLLESON 936-3784 RED CHAIR BARBER SHOP MEN'S AND WOMEN'S PRECISION HAIRCUTTING ' TOLLESON, Az. 85353 936-6776 I LOGAN'S I TREE FARM 8z NURSERY - 8500 W. THOMAS I RD. PHOENIX AZ. 85353 I PHONE: 247-1545 OWNER-MANAGER CHARLES ALEXANDER CLARK'S 9 1 DAVES KEITITS TOLLESON BODY LIQUORS SHOP 2 3 24 HOUR TOWINO. E 9045 W. INDIAN SCHOOL ROAD 'O PHOENIX ARIZONA 850037 PHONE: 849-1691 24 Hr. PH: 936-2111 W? 35 K! 9312 W VAN BUREN fs I ' 2 Q9 Wg m"'1-:w l' - . if ,ge gr B gm K an- 'N , A . A .u A - Q4 5 'f 1 4 I gl EN OONQ' JOJQ 'f.44 4- we -ff ' .. f. ' , R 1 SX' ,ut r ' O 93646489 WEST END DAERS MUTORS MARKET T C C b 1 Tolleson Ariz. BODYWORK AND PAINT 508 N. 91st Ave. Tolleson, AZ 9310 W. Van Buren Z . . 3. fa 936 1298 S Pallet Racks Plumbln Supply 9256 W Van g LE WEBSTER Buren 0 Cut 5 Hooks, Boxes, Crates I I 1312 S. 27th Ave ' Phoenix Ariz 85009 Phone: 269-3241 93648170 Managei: Eob Joseph 936-8272 TOLLESON STEEL CUSTOM BUILDING FARM EQUIPMENT Tolleson, Arizona 936-3325 MCJROTC GOES TO WASHI GTO HONOR GUARD FOR PRES. REAGAN FEB 17 1981 On February 17 1981 Pres Ronald Reagan slgned a decree maklng the th1rd week of Feb ruary Natlonal Patr1ot1sm Week The Tolleson cadets were one of two youth groups invited to attend the signing in the Rose Garden, as the youth of Arizona were the instigators of the decree. Col. Fridrich de- clared "This was another first for the MCJROTCY' The school is very proud of them. 3 2 -x gr ' AVONDALE WEST SCHOOL OF BEAUTY 306 N Central Ave Avondale Ar1z Themla Rlnert Owner Mang 932 2570 -ii I E! 830 AM to 500 PM EVENINGS BY APPOINTMENT Q 9353 W VAN BUREN TOLLESON ARIZONA Rod S Televlslon 30 Years In Buslness 9354 W Van Buren Tolleson Arlzona Phone 936 3715 TOLLESON PHARMACY Sz HEALTH STORE Your Total Health Store Prescrlptlons Health Sundrles Health Foods ltamms Veterlnarlan Health Supplles 9165 W VAN BUREN 936 3363 Nobody Can Do t Llke Can 83rd Indlan School Advertisements 203 Dr Mr Mr Mr CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1980-1981 . 8: Mrs. Charles A. Landis 8z Family . and Mrs. Paul E. Schmanski and Family . and Mrs. Larry R. Larson 8z Son . and Mrs. Caudle and Family Mr. and Mrs. John A. Carnero Dr. Jack Devine and Family Morad0's Tow-In Tolleson-Aztlan William Salazar Maeario Herrera Candia Y-Que Miss Christie Elder William K. Bentley Mr. Charles Cummings J' VXZFLA y - .Q LJ rg To Class Of 81 Congratulatlons Mr and Mrs Donald Adams Mrs Luellle Johnson and famlly Mr and Mrs Stan Jackson and famlly Mrs Evonne Young and famlly Rlehard L Bonney Perry Ashby famlly Mona Slnohul Angle Razzo and famlly Corporate Aocountlng and Tax Serv1ce Saguaro Campers Inc Sunshlne Market Tolleson Battelle and Battelle Inc. Avondale Tastee Freez Food Valley Market . Bothof Family CLASS OF 1980-81 xv? 2 3 -22 WJJSQD xii? xg dab Viifw gf If EWU' N Mfffltf my M555 cuff jwmgif QQ WNV W 'Q wafwwigig QiiEgffy?i'O2zfm QYfflMf Eff DQ JMOM UK 4 may 6 M JMWK op,-, Q39 423,07 HN zoe seniorslgn out up My Kula Ot V6 ,MA Wvwqe 0 3'E'5EQC.p.iAouf'x g Va LRQW DJJ Y S SQXCQ E gps ff 5 559 22335 Q 90,1 l Q gf A Q XZ gf ?ENLgi.gQ5w? Saw 'EQ Qgasff 5 2 VJ FKi T GLM W 1 Ei iifwffk W 2 if c E vx V AUTOGRAPH ' , dw gfffff' J Q J Jef Th M, Mmn f W W M fyffdff mf Ma! Q Cfffuwf , . b 7'Q:f , , L C7?3ff'i wwf If ---N- Pa fL?fj?Qj 5 'Mfg TQ- farm Con MQKQ MA 4303195 QUVIFOUMSH 3 g j Wh wg ' PHOTOGR PHY STUDE TS HELP KEEP SCHOOL'S DREAM'S This year the advanced photo lab students helped the yearbook staff out alot. They had to put up with our demands but they were considered experts so they loved our demands. Mr. Jack Wolfe was the instructor and he was really a very excellent teacher. We, the yearbook staff would like to give our sincere thanks to Mr. Wolfe and his excellent students for putting up with us the whole year. Advanced Photo Lab-Top-Yolanda Vigil, Stephanie Sullinger, Donna Ziegler, Front Row- Minnie Ordaz, Peggy Sorrenson, James Cooley. 210 Adv. Photo Lab 9 9 1 PGN: Q W R TRIBUTE T0 R. FRED T. MIYASHIRO This year Tolleson Union High School has experienced many changes. Some were good and some were bad. Even though we, the yearbook staff would like to write you about the good, we feel it our duty, out of respect, to let you know about the bad. This year on December 18, 1980, Mr. Fred T. Miyashiro passed away. He was with us for four years, one year as a math teacher and three years as a counselor. Mr. Miyashiro was Hawaiian born and a retired Lt. Col. from the Air Force. He went to the University of Hawaii and received his masters in counseling at A.S.U. He also had a wife, two children, and two grandchildren. When interviewing teachers and students about their feelings about Mr. Miyashiro, the feelings were unanimously mutual. They all felt that he was very friendly and easy to get along with. Also, everyone who knew him held him high regard and he was very dedicated. But what really impressed his fellow workers was how he dealt with the feeling of death. He wasn't afraid of it but wanted to face it and he wanted other people to face it with him. This is really courage in our eyes. So with these last words we close our tribute. I i l Tribute 211 F HERO 'air ? The Hero program is a club that allows students a chance to go to school, work, get paid and earn school credit in the process, Students are taught how to be respectful, aggressive and prepared for the outside world. Top Left - Robert Levario, Curtis Hibbs. 2nd row - Mrs. Keller, Adela Barnes, Georgann Giebel, Jackie Hakos, Cheryl Wooten, Lisa Watkins, Bottom row - Paula Thompson, Durene Griffen 2 A53 at W' asm o. Sf was X 212 HERO A Abbott, Richard 106 Acosta, Angela 106 Acosta, Dahlia Acosta, Irene Acosta, Sylvia 44 Adams, Dana 106 Adams, Eric Adams, Ivan 125 Adams, Kristi 125, 159 Adams, Linda 106, 157 Adams, Patricia Adams, Robert 125 Baggione, Sheila 125 Baeza, Lisa Bailey, David , Bain, Patrick 88, 174, 187 Bain, Renee 173, 106 Bain, Ronna 173, 106 Baiza, Jesse 106 Baker, Lee 106 Ban, Joseph 88 Bandin, Richard Barker, Karl 66 Barker, Luella 88, 49, 188 Brant, Tammy 126 Breshears, Edmon 66 Brias, Joseph 176 Briggs, Chavonne 67 Briggs, Scott 107 Brinkley, Timothy 126 Brogdon, Lynnette 89 Bronson, Ricky Bronson, Tonja 67 Brosius, Tracy Brown, Darla 89, 168 Brown, Donn Brown, Joyce Brown, Francois 126 Brown, Lessa 126 Adams, Toni 125 Aguayo, Efrain Aguilar, Tony 88 Aguilar, Michael 106 Aguilar, Norma 125 Aguilar, Sandra 88, 164 Aguilar, Sylvia Aguilar, Diana 106 Ainsa, Sandra Albano, Greg 125 Albert, Marietta 88 Alcocer, David 106 Alcocer, Mary 88, 188 Allen, Derrick 125, 194, 178 Allen, Ronnie 125 Almanza, Ramona 88 Alvardo, Nellie Barnes, Adela 66, 212 Barnes, Kenneth 10, 66, 174 Barnes, Royce 125 Barnes, Shelly 106, 161 Barnett, Jesse Barone, John 125 Barreras, Victor Barrett, Kenneth 88, 191 Brown, Lora 107 Brown, Melinda 89 Brown, Rebecca 107 Brown, Stephen Brown, Tracie 126 Brown, Trisha 126, 173 Bruge, Bruno, Nick 67, 174 Kimberly 67 Alvarez , Angelica 106 Alvarez, Anna Alvarez, Gerard Alvarez, Mark Alvarez, Patrick 24 Alvarez, Paul 66, 156 Amparan, Georgia Alvert, Marietta 35 Amparan, Paula 122 Anderson Brad 125, 194, 178 Anderson, Carla 125 Anderson, Dana 106, 173 Anderson, Dawn 173 Anderson, John Barron, Juan Barton, Maria 106 Barton, William 88 Bass, Darrell 125 Bastian, Brett 125 Bastin, Lucky 125 Bastin, Michelle 27, 66 Bauer, Thomas 106 Beacham, Jackie 125 Beals, Bobby Beaumont, Jeannine Beaupre, Ronda 125, 35, 190 Becerra, Jesse Becerra, Michael 126, 194, 178 Becerra, Ruben 66 Becerra, Sammy Beckelheimer, Fred 88, 66 Beidler, Kimberly 66 Bejarano, Gabriel 89 Belflower, Kandy 126 Bellinis, Theodore 66 Beltran, Norma 106, 157 Bennett, Cathy 126 Bennett, Sam Bernal, Randy 106 Bruno, Tonja 107 Buffington, Kathy 89 Bufan, Kenny 126 Bumstead, Cheryl 49, 67 Bunch, Beth 107, 27 Burch, Jeff 107 Burch, Robin 89 Burke, Barbara 1073 Burroughs, Lawrence 67 Burroughs, Steven 107 Burton, Janette 126 Burton, Jennifer 107, 155 Burton, Richard Buruato, Jane 126 , Buruato, Ralph 150, 174, 194 Bushee, James Busse, Robert 126 C Anderson, Kelly 125 Anderson, Michael 174 Anderson, Tina 125 Andrea, Tony 125 Andrews, Clinton Andrews, Pamela 88, 49 Andrus, John 88 Andrus, Steven 125 Angel, Fred 88, 153, 174 Anzar, Martina 142 Aragon, Teresa 125, 173, 190 Arce, Anthony 106 Arce, Jimmy 88 Arellanes, Christine 31, 88 Arellanes, Patricia 125 Arenas, Antonio 125 Argumedo, Julio 125 Arizmendez, Martin Armas, Martin Armas, Martin Armas, Sarah Arredondo, Angel 106 Arrieta, Jr. 88, 176, 194 Arthur, Cherylyn 106 Ashbough, Robert Berning, Roxie Berrelez, Luis 89 Berrelez, Mark 89 Berrelez Bersoza, , Robert 66, 151, 191 Yvonne 106 Berumen, Brigette 89, 188 Berumen, Krista 126 Bersoza, Joe Billington, Randall 126 Bittick, Connie 106 Bjorna, Debbie 173 Bustamante, Carmen Bustamante, Hector 104 Bustamante, Jose 107 Bustamante, Lupe Bustamante, Manuel 89 Bustamante, Ricky 67, 185, 1 186 Bustos, George Bustos, Mary 107 Bustos, Selina Bustos, Suzanne Butler, Joey 107 Butler, Penny 107 Bylar, Tammy 126 Byrne, Sabrina Avila, Emma 125 Avila, Refugio 88 Avila, Ricky 88 Ayala, Rosie 125 Ayala, Sandra 106 Ayers, George 125 Black, Eileen 126 Black, Julia 89, 188 Black, Molly 126 Blandin, Kim 106, 35 Blout, Elaine 122 Blushkofski, Risa 126 Bodien, Vicki 89 Bojorguez, Vincent 107 Bonnell, Davia Bonnell, Paula 66 Bordner, June 107 Borunda, Isabel 66 Bosch, Kelley 50 Bothof, James Botsford, Daniel 126 Bouck, Donna 66 Boudle, Howard Boudreau, Daniel 47 Boudston, Anthony 126 Brady, Debbie 107, 159 Brandon, April 126, 35 Brandon, John 126 Cabrales, Tony 126 Cacheux, Gustavo Cadena, Irma 107 Caldara, Barbara 126 Caldara, Eugene 89 Calderone, Patricia 35 Camacho, Diane 67 Camacho, Elizabeth 67 Camacho, Henry Camacho, Irene 122, 166 Camacho, Mary Camarillo, Martha 89 Camarillo, Rose 67, 157 Campo, Janet Campo, Pamela Campbell, Mari Card, Gerald Card, Jeffrey 89 Card, Melinda 126 Card, Pauline 107 Cardona, Joe Cardona, Virginia 173, 107 74, 194, Index 213 Cardoso, Carlos 67 Cardoso, Sylvia 126, 35 Carmona, Anthony 127 Carmona, Cecilia 127 Carpenter, Teri 127 Carrillo, Deborah 127 Carrillo, Rosane 89 Carrillo, Theresa 32, 107 Carrillo, Valerie Carroll, Cindy 67 Carson, Matt Carter, Paula 127 Casey, Michele 127 Castaneda, Cynthia 127 Castaneda, Jaime 89 Castenada, Roberto 127 Casteel, Anthony 49, 67 Castillo, Benjamin 127 Castillo, Gordan 90 Castillo, Linda 90 Castillo, Steve Castro, Sandra Caudle, Dawn 10, 107, 49 Caudle, Gregory 127 Caudle, Michael Cavalliere, Connie 108 Cavalliere, Lawton 67 Cavender, Randy Cazares, Leticia 127 Caballos, Rafael 108 Ceballos, Reina Cevalles, Frances 108 Chance, Jeannette 108 Chapa, Carlos Chapa, Esmeralsa 90, 104 Chapdelaine, Elizabeth 90 Chapdelaine, Michelle Chapman, Rosemarie 108 Charney, Steven 90 Chavez, Manuel Chavez, Monica 90 Chavez, Richard 90, 176 Chavira, Samuel 108 1 Chavis, Elaine Chavoya, Walter 127 Chayrez, Carol 90 Chayrez, Johnny 30, 108 Chelini, Donna 68, 157 Chelini, Lisa 108, 157 Christenson, Jackie 108, 188 Christenson, Sean 108 Cioto, Elizabeth Cioto, Evelyn 68 Cisneros, Alma 127, 108 Clark, Gregory Clark, Mollie 90, 162 Clarkson, Brian 127 Clemente, Julie 127, 173 Clifton, Stephanie Cloud, Dana 127, 168 Cloyd, Karen 90, 49 Cochran, Anna 127 Cochran, James 68 Coker, Mary 127 Coker, Steven 90 Coker, Tim Colbert, Alan 127 Colbert, Audrey Colbert, Rosa 68 Colburn, Ken Coles, John Collier, Chris Collins, David 127 Collins, Judy 127, 108, 35 Collins, Joseph 127 Collins, Renee 68, 35 Combs, Jeffrey 108 Combs, Jon 108 Conde, Sarah 108, 122 Condi, Sophia Contreras, Ronnie 127 Cook, Andrew Cook, Brian David 108 Cook, Kimberly 108 Cooley, James 68, 210 Coombes, Joel Cooper, Cordova Theresa 90 , Angie Cordova, Jesse 68, 185 Cordova, Jose 187, 194 Cordova, Maria 90 Cordova, Robert Desantiago, Billy 91 Desantiago, Rachel Devine, Christine 109, 105, Dewey, Dorn 128 Diaz, Cipriano 109, 176 Diaz, Enrique 68 Diaz, Ricky Diaz, Rodolfo 68 Dilley, Wendall 128 Dolley, Greg Dolley, James Cordova, Veronica 108 Corn, Paul 108 Cornwell, Chris Coronado, Jeffrey 127, 178 Corral, David 127 Cortina, Nellie 108 Corum, Stacey Costello, Lisa 127 Cota, Henry 108 Cota, Inez 127 Cota, Richard 104 Coutney. Carlene 127 Cowan, Kim Cowan, Lynn 90 Cowens, Carl 49 Cowens, Christine 128 Coyle, Lesley Coyne, Toby 128 Craig, William 68 Crandell, Devin Cravens, Angelo 68 Cravens, Juanita 108 Cravens, Tim Crompton, Sherri Crow, Kathleen 108 Cruz, Myra 68 Csatlos, Susan 90 Cullu, Jonathan 108 Cullum, Teresa 108 Cullum, Teresa 90 Cunning, Dawn 128 Curiel, Paul 90 Curtis, Jeannette 108 D Daly, Leslie 109 Dalmason, Steve 128 Daugherty, Betty 109 Daugherty, Sherry 128 David, Lee 90 Davila, Reynaldo 109, 159 Dominguez, Lucy 91 Dominguez, Maria 91 Dominguez, Rosalio 128 Dominguez, Teresa 109 Dominguez, Teri 128 Dossey, Issa Dossey, Jim c 174 my Dossey, Mark 91 Douglas, To nya 128 Downs, Lorrie 109 Doyle, Benny Drake, Cath Y Drake, Connie Drake, Jerry Drew, Chris topher 128 Duncan, Gerald Duncan, Marilyn 91 Dunnigan, John Duran, Claudia 68, 188 Duran, Danny 109 Earley, Julius 128 Echeverria, Rosa 109 Echevarria, Sylvia 68 Edgar, Tim Edwards, Li 109 sa 128 Edwards, Raymond 109 Edwards, Rhonda 109 Edwards, Shannon 109 Edwards, Kathy 91 Elder, Keith 109 Eichorn, Carl 109 Elias, Bradley 91 Ellett, Laurie 109 Ellis, Frank 109, 174 Elwood, Bryon 109 Elwood, Tim 91 Engle, Ronda 91, 49 Escobar, Ad elita 109 Escobar, Margaret 91 Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Charlie John 128 Rosie Thelma Todd 128, 194, 178 Vernon 128 Dawson, Gena 90 Day, Rodney Dealejandro, Shirley 109 Dechai ne, Phil 91 Decuire, Byron 109, 169 Decuire, Edwina 104 Defoor, Rodney 128 Defoor, Sheila Deleon, Christie Deleon , Steve Delery, Stacy Delgad Delgad Delgad o, Dora o, Diana 109 0, Teresa 128 Delpey, William 109 Del Sol, Ramon 128 Demou Demou ltrie, Gwen ltrie, Phillip 128 Dent, Mary 109 Dent, Shelley 82 Denton, Tammy 91 Escobedo, Danny 69 Escobedo, Ernie 109 Escobedo, Jerry 176 Esparza, Lupe 110 Espinoza, Delfina 91, 49 Espinoza, Doralisa 110, 115 Esquer, Paula 30, 110 Estupinan, Sergio 91 Esway, Rene Everitt, Rudi 49, 69 Everitt, Steve 69 Everson, Stephanie 91 Exe, Donald 30, 110 Exe, Paula 91 F Fagan, Richard 110, 176 Farmer, Jody 128 Farris, Kevin 92 Farris, Sharon 110 Farrow, Dusty Farry, Wendy 173, 128 Feige, Tracy 128 Feige, Troy Felix, Barbara 30, 49 150, 188 Felix, Elaine 173, 110, 49 Felix, Mark 128 Felix, Socorro Fleton, Nikki 104 Fernandez, Frank 128, 176 Fierro, Antonio 91 Fierro, Fabian 10, 69, 153, 17 Fierro, Lita 91, 161 Fierro, Teresa 128 Filkins, Ron 128, 178 Fimbres, Louie 47, 164 Fimbres, Tom Finelli, Jeanne 35 Fink, James 110, 176 Fishman, Carl Fleek, Janet 13, 91 Flores, Eleazar Flores, Ester 92, 158, 159 Flores, Frank 128, 110, 195 "ores, Michael 92, 24 ores, ylores, Patricia 69 Santiago 110 Flynn, Rebecca 92 Fogtman, Kimberly 92, 35 Fong, Lucy 128 Foster, Foster, Kenneth Subrena 110 Fought, Susan 159 Foughtman, Kim 35 Fox, Corinna Fox, Jody 129 Fox, Nick 92, 163 France, Carol Franklin, Sam 92 French, Glenndon 110 Frederick, Allen 92 Fritz, Laurd 173 Fry, Ron Fry, Tim Fuhrman, Fane G Galaviz, Mary Ann 92, 49 Galaviz, Merlinda Galaviz, Monica 69, 157 Galindo, Anna 129, 190 Galindo, Galipo, Raymond Gallardo, Jose Gallardo, Luis 110 Gallardo, Manuela Gallegos, Lisa Mary Ann 173, 105, Gallo, Dennis 110 Galo, Bonnie 69 Galo, Georgina 92 Galo, Maria 129 Galvan, Frank Gamez, Eddie 129 Gamez, Mario 110 Garcia, Alice 69 Garcia, Barbara 104 Garcia, Bobby Garcia, Connie 110 Garcia, Danny Garcia, Diane 92 Garcia, Eddie 49, 176 Garcia, Elisa 110 Garcia, Evira 69 Garcia, Frank 104 Garcia, Freddie Garcia, Irene 110 Garcia, Norma 92, 161 Garcia, Pablo 129 Garcia, Sergio 110, 49, 176 4, 195 158, 161 Garza, Arthur Garza, Cass Gaspar, Socorro Gaytan, Stella Gendron, Maureen 110 George, Linda Giannatasio, Michael 92 Giddings, Gary 92, 185 Giebel, Georgann 69, 188, 212 Gilbert, Gail 69 Gilchrist, Charmaine 92, 27, 4 Gildon, Paul 129 Gildon, Traci Ginn, Christina 110 Ginn, Janet 92 Girolamo, Michael Gleason, Carol 110 9, 10 Glover, Roy 49 Goad, Trela 92 Goff, Butch 111 Gojer, Ogdon 134 Gomez, Francisco 111, 180 Gonzalez, Dahlia Gonzales, Elizabeth Gonzales, Frances 129 Gonzales, Frank 111 Gonzales, Guadalupe Gonzales, Joshua Gonzales, Lupe 129, 111 Gonzales, Mary Lou 129 Gonzales, Oralia 129 Gonzales, Paul 69 Gonzales, Robert 69 Gonzales, Rosemary Gonzalez, Yvonne 129 Goodison, Christina 129 Goodwin, Andy 92 Goodwin, Lisa 111, 27 Goodwin, Rhonda 129 Goodwin, Ricky 129, 178 Goodwin, Steve 92, 176 Gorraiz, Helen 70 Gouer, Govea, Gracia, Gracia, Laura 70 Maria 129 Chino Chico Graham, Cynthia 82 Graham, Karen 129, 35 Granados, Nellie Grant, Graves, Graves, Graves, Graves, Green, Leslie 111 Pamela 129 Robert 93, 174 Robert Robert Jamie 129 Green, Raymond 111, 153, 174, 195 Green, Linda 93, 38 Gutierrez, Salvador 111, 169, 187 Guzman, Ernest 93 Guzman, John 129 Guzman, Rebecca 111 Guzman, Susie 70 H Haag, Steven 111 Hakos, Jacqueline 70, 212 Hall, Deena 93 Hall, Matt Hall, Michael 129 Hall, Patricia 111 Hamby, Brian 129 Hampton, Jimmy 93 Hanson, Randy 41, 93, 162 Hanson, Shelley 129 Hanstedt, Steven 129, 178 Harrel, Richard Hart, Stephanie Hartley, James 70 Hartley, Marcia 111 Hartley, Timothy 93 Hartman, Norma 111 Hartman, Rachel 93 Harty, Tonya Hasenauer, Samatha 130 Hasenauer, Steve 130 Hasenauer, Tammy 93, 173, 156 Hassett, Hilda ' Hassett, Kieran 11 Hatfield, Clifford 93, 104 Hatfield, John 130 Hawley, James 130, 151 Haymaker, Donnie 93, 11,1 Head, David 111, 162 Head, Kenneth 130, 178 Hedges, Lenay 173, 130 Hedgpeth, Gary Heeter, Scott 130, 178 Helgert, Steven 130 Hellebrandt, Janice 161 Heller, Kimberly 130 Henderson, Angela 28, 159 Hendrickson, Dana 70 Hensler, William 93 Hensley, Deanna Henson, Jeff 70 Hepner, Cindy 130, 30, 142 Heredia, Martin 71 Heredia, Pete Hernandez, Alma 111 Green, Scotty 111, 187 Green, Susan 173, 12, 70, 159 Greenlee, Johnnie 129 Greenough, Lonnie 104 Greer, James 70, 150 Gregory, Clyde 111 Gregory, Frank 129 Griego, David 49, 70 Griffin, Kevin 129 Griffin, Robert 111 Griffin, Shelly 70 Griffith, Cindy 111 Groff, Shelia Grose, Kathy 111 Hernandez, Alma 32, 40, 188 Hernandez, Cataline 93 Hernandez, Danny Hernandez, David- Hernandez, Delores Hernandez, Gilbert Hernandez, Irene 130 Hernandez, James 111, 187 Hernandez, Javier 194 Hernandez, Jose Hernandez, Juan 111, 164, 176 Hernandez, Hernandez, Lilia 93 Marcelino 93 Hernandez, Maria Hernandez, Margaret 164, 166 Hernandez, Marilu 70 Hernandez Miguel 130 Grossarth, Jerald 70, 191, 156 Groves, Dan 153 Groves, Jeffrey Guerra, Rudy Gullett, Fred Hernandez, Oralia 130, 93 115555-rmjfiffifa' Hernandez, Robert Hernandez, Rosie 30, 112 Hernandez, Virginia 165, 166 Garcia, Teresa 110, 188, 169 Gutierrez, Brian 129 Herrera, Elvira 130 Garcia, T0l'lY Gutierrez, Gustavo 129, 176, 194, 178 Herrera, Irene 112 Gardea, Pilar 129 Gutierrez, Grace Herrera, Jesus 71 Gardea, Sackie 110 Gutierrez, Irma Herrera, Mafia 71, 150 Index 215 Garrison, James Gutierrez, Robert 129 Herron, Denise 35 Hertz, Cevin 130 Hession, Edward 112 Hibbs, Charlotte 130 Hibbs, Clinton 93 Hibbs, Curtis 71, 212 Ricks, Mike 112 Hill, Cynthia 71 Hill, Randee 112 Hilty, Toby 71, 174 Hoag, Allen Hockenberry, Paula 112 Hockenberry, Ray Hodge, Trisha 112 Hoekstra, Tim 130 Hoffman, Jerry 71 Hoffpauir, Tracy Honeycutt, Rebecca 130 Hopper, Sheri 71 Horn, Stephanie 49 Houglund, Christopher 112 Houle, Robyn 130 Howard, Ann Howard, Perry Howard, Randy 112, 167 Howard, Virginia Howell, Dale Hudgins, Joel 130, 178 Hudgins, Terry 174 Huffman, John 130 Hughes, Judy 93 Hulsey, Kenneth Hulsey, Teresa 130 Hume, Candy 93, 94, 188 Humphrey, Danny 130 Hunniford, Branddi 112 Hunt, Leroy 94 Herles, Steve Hurtado, Lisa 112 Hutcherson, Rebecca 173, 130 Idler, Mary 130 Idlewine, Bruce 71 Idlewine, Darrell 94 Iglesias, Rebecca 130 Inabitt, Bryan Indelcato, Larry Ingledue, Shelley 71, 156, 157 Ingledue, Sherri 30, 112 Inman, Kevin 130 Inman, Thomas 94, 49, 159 Ivey, Theresa 112 Ivey, William J Jimenez, Reynaldo 131 Johns, Julia 131 Johnson, Audrea 131 Johnson, Greg 131 Johnson, James 71 Johnson, Jessica 94, 27 Johnson, Randy 94 Johnson , Tracy 104, 162 Johnson, Trent 131 Johnston, Kimberly 71, 156 Jones, Alice 131 Jones, Becky 112 Jones, Chris Jones, Jesse 131, 178 Jones, Jessica 94, 151 Jones, Joseph 72, 174 Jones, Jones, Jones, Jordan Landis, Kimberly 113, 188 Landrum, Phillip 113 Landrum, Randy 72, 174 Lane, Andrew 94 Lande, Susan 131 Lapaglia, Donna Lara, Rosie Lara, Betty Lara, Rudy Larson, Betty Larson, Larry 94 Larson, Larry 95, 176 Lasilvia, Mike 131 Lauricella, Domenico Lazarin, Andy 72, 35 Lazarin, Jerry 95 Kathy Robert 94, 185, 186 William 131, 178 , Elijah 94 Jordan, Fred Jose, Carlton 131 Jose, Connie Jose, Phillip Joseph, Richard 94 Joseph, Vicki 112 Joyner Juarez, , Dorothy Freddie 72, 185, 186 Juarez, Melissa 10, 72, 188 Jurado, Margaret 131 Jurado, Michael K Kay, Bobby 112 Keeler, Theresa Keeling, Cheryl 94 Keeling, Raymond 49, 72 Leon, Ismael 113 Leon, Lupe 113 Leon, Miguel Leon, Mona 95 Leon, Teresa 131 Leon, Tony Leon, Troy 49, 72, 174, 194 Leonor, Sophia 72 Lerma, Lupe Lerma, Rosie Levario, Robert 212 Levario, Rosa 72 Levario, Tomas 131 Lewis, Daniel 132 Lewis, Harriet Lewis, Herb 132 Lewis, Jerry Lewis, Patricia 132 Lewis, Scott 73 Leyva, Joey 113, 157 Leyva, Johnny 95 Leyva, Richard 113 Leyva, Sherri 132 Keeney, Jodi 131 Keesler, Brian 131 Keesler, Debra 131 Keesler, Robert 131 Jackson, David 94, 159 Jackson, Gordon 71 Jackson, Martin 112 Jackson, Steve 130 Jacobs, Raunda 131 Jacobs, Rita 104 Jacobsen, Lars 94 James, Dawn James, Ronald 94 James, Russell Jarrett, Mary Ann 131 Jarrett, Richard 112, 176 Jarrett, Tammy 94 Jaskolski, Larry Jasso, Tammy Jefferson, Michael Jeffries, Patricia 131 Jeffries, Susan' Jensen, David Jensen, Scott 71 Jimenez, Margo 112 Jimenez, Norma 94, 87 Keith, Lewis Keller, Bob 131 Keller, Laurie 94, 49 Keller, Terry 155 Kempton, Kevin 131 Kenson, Robert Kettner, Robert Keyes, Damon Keyes, Jennifer Khrenousky, Lisa Kimbrough, Chris 131 King, Arthur 112 King, David King, Mark 49, 72, 174 King, Michael King, Shirley 131 Kindon, Marcus 112 Koontz, Billy Koory, Sharon 112 Kovalak, John Kreie, Charlene Kremer, James 72 Kuhn, Darlene 72 Kuhn, Patricia 112 Kumler, Michelle 112 Kunberger, Eric 112 Kunberger, Lee L Labash, Mark 131, 178 Laborin, Anita 113, 190 Laborin, Dorothy 72 Laborin, Phillip Lakey, Donald 194 Lamar, Kenny 131 Lancaster, Michele 131 Leibler, Ross 132 Liley, Johnny 132 Limb, Lisa 132 Limberg, Ronald 113, 169 Limberg, Steve 73 Lindsey, Bebbeca Lindsay, Scott 73 Litke, Lorri 132 Lizarraga, Jimmy 132 Loberger, Tim Alan 113 Logan, Bill Logan, Robert Lomeli, Ramona 173, 113, 105 Looper, John 95 Lopez, Angelina 113 Lopez, Anthony 132 Lopez, April 132, 173, 166 Lopez, David 45, 73, 174 Lopez, David Lopez, Fernando 113 Lopez, Lupe 132 Lopez, Manuel 73 Lopez, Petra 132 Lopez, Ruben 95 Lopez, Victor Lopez, Virginia Lowder, Bill 132 Lowe, Shawn 132 Lowry, Mark Loyd, Bonnie 95 Loyd, Deanna 113 Loyd, Joann 113 Loyola, Greg 95 Lucas, Ronald Lucas, Thomas Lucero, Donald Ludwig, Kevin 113, 191 Lugo, Dora 73 Lucmann, Chris 113 Luquist, Lisa 132 Lunsford, Jim 95 Lunsford, Jim 95 Lunsford, Julie 73 McBee, Mae Ann McBride, Dana 113 McBride, Eric 147, 74 McCarley, Charles 113 McCarley, Windy 96, 159, 155 McClary, Victoria 113 McMloskey, Robyn 74 McCrea, Christine 46, 74 McCrea, Mary McCrea. Penny 133, 27 McDaniel, Tammie 133 McElroy, George 96 McGinty, Michael 74 McGinty, Stanley 113, 169 McGrath, Jodi 133 Mcgtyre, Mary Mc 'askill, Suzy 96, 156 McLeod, Kim McMasters, Paul 96 McMorris, Jolene 113, 27 McNeal, Kelvin McAnulty, Lisa 133, 190 McOwen, Rhonda 74 Machado, Ana 132 Macias, Alex 132 Macias, Jerry Macias, Susana 95 Mack, Derrick 132 Mack, Michael 132 Madina, Raymond Madden, Kelly 49, 73 Madux, Danny Maddux, Donny 113 Maddux, Rhonda 113 Madrid, Jesse Madrid, Kathy 132 Madsen, Michael 95 Mahan, Djuana 132 Mahan, Jody 132 Mahurin, Helen Maier, Vonda 113 Mancada, Nancy 142 Maner, Howard 49 Manos, Mark 49, 73, 194 Manuel, Lisa 113 Marafioti, Sandra Marks, Danielle 114 Marquez, Francella 132 Marquez, Irene 104 Marruffo, Deborah 173, 95 Marruffo, Sandra 114 Marshall, Debbie 132 Marshall, Richard 73 Martenson, Del 73 Martin, Cynthia 73, 157 Martin, Hope 114, 180, 165 Martin, Robert 132, 178 Miller Martinez, Abelardo 95 Martinez, Adrenan 132 Martinez, Alvaisela 114, 188 Martinez, Angel 114 Martinez, Arturo Martinez, Baldomero 114, 176 Martinez, Bobby Martinez, Charlie 24 Martinez, Clara 95 Martinez, Cynthia 132 Martinez, Cynthia Martinez, Del 133 Martinez, Denise 114 Martinez, Gabriel Martinez, Gerardo 133, 176, 194 Martinez, Gina 133 Martinez, Gloria 114 Martinez, Gloria 23, 151 Martinez, Guillermo 95 ,Q Martinez, Gustavo 95 Martinez, Irma Martinez, Jeanette 133 Martinez, Jesse Martinez, Jesse 73 Martinez, Johnny 95 Martinez, Jose 133 Martinez, Joseph '.gQMartinez, Kathyhl . "1iZ'2ii'tif1iZ:E','i1liISz"133 Martinez, Lorenzo 114 Martinez, Lupe 114 Martinez, Maggie 133 Martinez, Mario 96, 185, 175 Martinez, Martin 114 Martinez, Michael Martinez, Noah Martinez, Patricia 133 Martinez, Paul Martinez, Ramon 104 Martinez, Robert 96 Martinez, Rosemarie 96, 151 Martinez, Sergio 144 Martinez, Sylvia 133, 173 Martinez, Teresa 133 Martinez, Yolanda 114 Mofford, Richard 96 Molina, Joe 134 Moma, Paul 74 Moncada, Bart Moncada, Joe 134 Moncada, Nancy 173 Montano, Cec-lia 122 Montano, Celia Montgomery, Tim 96, 174 Montijo, Rosemary Montaya, Carlos 115 Montoya, Debbie 74, 151 Montoya, Ruperto 11t Moore, Keith 134 Moore, Ken 96 Moore, Martha 134 Moore, Ken 96 Moore, Martha 134 Moore, Patricia 74 Moore, Patrick 74 Moorhead, Jamie 134, 27 Moorhead, Laurie Mora, Gilbert 134 Marvin, Michele 118 Matheisen, Julie 133 Mavis, Anna Marie Mawby, Christine May, Lisa Maxwell, Robert 96, 161, 174 Maxwell, Tamera 96, 188 May, David 114 Mays, Anthony 133, 42 Mays, George 96 Medina, Angelita 114 Medina, Augustine 133 Medina, Frances 114 Medina, Isabel Medina, Patricia Medrano, David 174 Medrano, Eddie 114 Medrano, Elizabeth 96 Medrano, Linda Medrano, Richard 114 Melendez, Melendez, Louis Rita 133 Mendez, Gloria 133 Mendez, Maria 74 Mendez, Vera 74 Mendoza, Alex 133 Mendoza, Cynthia 114 Mendoza, David 96 Mendoza, Della 114 Mendoza, Dolores 96 Mendoza, Margarita Mendoza, Martha 6, 96 Mora, Norma Morales Morales , Fernando , Hector 97 Morales, Peter 134 Morales, Ruben Morales, Willy 134 Moran, Debbie 134, 24 Moreno, Moreno Elizabeth 97 Ernest 47 Moreno: Jose 134 Moreno, Juliann 74, 164, 166 Moreno, Lepaoldo Moreno, Priscilla Moreno, Raymond 134, 194 Moreno, Robert 115, 174 Moreno, Rosie 97, 104, 161 Morgan, Grey Morgan, William 97 Morrison, Robert Mortensen, Cassandra Mott, Lorn 134 Mottin, Kathy 97, 104, 161 Moya, Mary 134 Moya, Michael Mueller, Shalom 35 Muers, Charles Muniz, Liz 97 Murietta, Ruben Murillo, David 134, 178 Murillo, Joseph 97, 176 Murillo, Liz Murillo, Richard 115, 158, 159 Murphy, Troy 134 Murrieta, David 134, 176 Murrieta, Jesus Mesa, Martin 133 Mesquita, Priscilla 96 Meyer, Edward Meza, Agustin 133 Meza, Bacilio 114 Miles, Eva 114 Miles, Eva 114 Miller, David 122 Miller, Ella 49, 74 Miller, Emily 114 Miller, John Miller, John 114, 176, 194, 1 Miller, Katherine 74 Miller, Kenneth 115 , Ledeen 96 Nabors, Crystal Nakazawa, Debra 97, 155 Navarro, Frank 134 Navarro, Rosie 97, 49 Navarro, Lydia 75 Mills, Amy 35 Miner, Lonnie 133 Minesaki, Christina 115 Minder, Dawn Miranda, Andy 178 Miranda, Angelita 133 Moffett, Rachel 115 Mofford, James 133 Neely, Jeff Neely, Patricia 115, 35 Nelson, Anita 97, 27 Nelson, Gina 134, 27 Nelson, Janice 75 Nelson, Roger 115 Nelson, Steven 134 Nelson, Vicki 97 Nelson, Wayne 176 Netson, James 34 Newman, Arville 75, 161 Newman, William 75 Niblett, Ronald 134 Niblett, Steven 97, 185 Index 217 Nicosia, Joanna 122 Nicosia, Trina 115 Nino, Cressanta Noga, Michael 142 Nolan, Lisa 134 Nolan, Pamela 115 Noriega, Joe 134 Noriega, Steve 134 Norlin, Rick 134 Norman, Dawn 134 Norman, Mark 97, 162 P Pablo, Roger 116 Pacheco, Jackie 13, 98 Pacheco, Vicente 115 Padilla, Consuelo 116 Padilla, Joe Padilla, John 135, 174, 178 Padilla, Vincent 98 Painter, Greg 135 Norman, Roxanne Norman, Terri 134 Palmason, Steve 178 Parisi, Joe 135 Norris, Joe 97 Novoa, Patricia Nunez, Candy Nunez, Connie Nunez, Denise 115 Nunez, Dianna 23 Nunez, Guy 134, 178 Nunez, Henry 134 Nunez, Luis 115 Nunez, Mary 115 Nunez, Monica 97, 156, 157 Nunez, Nancy 97 Nunez, Nancy 30 Nunez, Ralph Nunnally, Carie 115 O'Brien, Chris Parker, Dawn 135 Parker, Frank Parker , Johnny 98, 174 Parker, Lewis 75 Parker, Mauriann 147, 75, 156 Parker, Robert 135 Parker, Sherry 22 Parkerson, Hollie 135 Parkerson, Randall 98, 169 Parra, Oscar 99 Patrick, Jeff Patscheck, Carl 122 Patterson, David 116 Patton, Delaine Pearson, Pamela 76 Pena, Gray 135, 178 Pena, John Pena, Laurie 135 Pena, Luz 115 Pena, Martin 135 Preciado, Jessie Preciado, Mary Preciado, Moses 99 Price, Harry 49 Pridgen, Gintana 135 Prieto, Diana 135 Pritchard, Jaymie 99, 18 Pritchard, Shea 116, 188 Prokay, Mickey 116 Prokay, Sandra 99, 27 Prokay, Sharon 136 Pruett, Troy 116 Pryer, Verna 76 Q Quezada, Belinda 105 Quezada, Frank 136, 178 Quinonez, Lorraine 136 Quintero, Juan 116, 176 Quintero, Mary 76 Quintero, Rosalinda 76 R Rabjohn, Maria 136 Rada, David 136, 178 Radcliff, Cynthia 136 Rainey, Jo Ann 136 Ramay, Susan 159 Ramay, Verla 82 Thomas Ochoa, Andres 49 Ochoa, Gloria 142 Ogden, Katherine 115 Ogden, Roger 134 Ogden, Thomas 62, 147, 104, 155 Okuly, Pender, Karen 98 Pendergast, Carolyn 10, 98, 150, 188 Pendley, Sherry 76 Penney, Matt Pennington, Colleen 116 Pennington, Julie Pennington, Lisa 135 Olague, Peter 75 Olague, Ruth 30, 97 Olivarez, David 97 Olivarez, Reynaldo 75 Olivarez, Ruben Olivas, Carmen 75 Olivas, Gustavo 135 Olivas, Pablo 75, 178 Olivas, Suzette 75 Olson, Brian 98 Olson, Chad 115 Olson, Jon 98 Olson, Stacy 115 Olvey, James 75 Oquendo, Luis 98 Ordaz, Minerva 75, 210 Orielly, Jim 135, 10, 178 Orona, Mercy 43, 115 Orona, Norma 23, 115, 150, 168 Orozco, Raymond 98, 87, 176 Orozco, Sonia 135, 142 Ortega, Lisa 135 Ortega, Lorraine 135 Ortega, Saul 135, 168, 178 Ortega, Sylvia 115, 161 Ortiz, Oritz, Ortiz, Anna 75 Claudia 98, 87 Frank 10, 185, 174 Ortiz, Jacqueline 44, 98 Ortiz, Ortiz, Monica 135 Richard 98, 176 Osborne, Ronald Ostrov, Robert Oviedo, Richard 98 Owens, Kristina 98 Owens, Tracy Oxford, Helen 98 Oxford, Terry 135 Ozuna , Cynthia 1 15 Ozuna, Stella 135 Penrod, Ruth 135 Peoples, Kim 76 Peoples, Tammy 98 Percy, Linda 116 Percy, Lucina Perea, Alex 135 Perez, Alfred Perez, Elizabeth 98 Perez, Hilda 116, 165 Perez, John 116 Perez, Lupe 98 Perez, Mingo 116 Perez, Paul 135 Perez, Ricky 135, 159 Perez, Robert Perez, Sal 10, 99, 153, 194 Perez, Tina 76 Persinger, Sonya 99 Peters, Carole 135 Peters, Kim 99 Peters, Seth 116, 187 Petty, Petty, Michael 135 Troy 99 Phalen, Lisa 99 Phalen, Michael 135, 194, 178 Phillips, Diana Pina, Edward 116 Pina, Martha 99, 155 Pitkin, Clint 135 Pittsley, Clarissa Pittsley, Rodney 136 Plante, Dennis 116 Plante, Lisa 116 Plante, Michael 99, 24, 155, 50 Pogue, Porras Kirk 99, 176 Denita 135 Porter, Anita 76 Porter, Elaine 99 Postgate, Brenda 116 Powell, Jolenda 116 Poyner, Suzanne 116 8,1 Ramirez, Anita 99 Ramirez Corina Ramirez, David 76 Ramirez, Joaquin 116, 151, 1 1 Ramirez, Johnny Ramirez Mary 136 Ramirez Norma 136 Ramirez Paul 116 Ramirez Rebecca 136 Ramirez, Rudy Ramirez, Velvet Ramirez, Veronica 31 Ramirez, Yolanda 99 Ramos, Eddie 99 Ramos, Johnny 136 Ramos, George 136 Ramos, Jose 116 Ramos, Steve 23, 116 Ramsey, Shannon 76 Ramsey, Susanne 99 Ransom, Glory 117 Ransom, James 117 Ransom, Joanna 136 Recio, Carol 99 Redbird, Isabelle 99, 176 Redman, Marie 117 Redondo, Rene 117 Reece, Roy 117 Reese, Roger 76 Reeves, Dwayne 136 Reeves, Kevin 100 Reilly, Mike 136, 178 Reinbold, David 76 Reinbold, Randy 100, 180 Remhof, Mike 136 Remhof, Tami Rena, Gary Rendon, Angela 136 Renyer, Daniel 117, 187 Renyer, Timothy 147, 150, 76 Rexroat, Johnny 136 Reyes, Joe 76, 156 Reyna, Lee Riley, Dana 77 Riley, Kevin 136 Riojas, Alfie 136 Riojas, Danny Riojas, David 117 Riojas, Nancy Rios, Ricky 77, 185 Rivera, Eric 178 Rivera, Frank 46, 49, 77, 164 Rivera, Lori Rivera, Phillip 77 Rivera, Guadalupe 136 Rivera Julianna 136, 35 Rivera, , Vincent 100 Roan, Dianna Roberts, Suzanne Robinson, Steven 77 Salas, Anna 100, 180 Salas, Eric 137 Salas, Inez 137, 10, 180, 165 Salas, Maria 72, 153 Salas, Maria 100 Salas, Michaela 137, 180, 165 Salas, Tony 100 Salas, Kristina 118, 161 Salazar, Edward Salazar, Karen 137 Salazar, Susana 137 Saldana, Brenda Silverman, Russell Simmons, Kay 78, 188, Simonsen, Joe 137 Singh, Bryan 101 Singh, Shawn 138 Sinohui, Joe 138 Sinohui, Reyes 118 Sisk, Kristie 138 Sitton, Will Skeivik, Stella 79 Slocum, Otis 101, 185 Smith, Dena 118 Richard 118 Robles, Felipe Rocha, Andrew Rocha, Noel Rodriguez Rodriguez Rodriguez, Rodriguez, Rodriguez, Rodriguez, Rodriguez Rodriguez Rodriguez, Rodriguez, Rodriguez, Rodriguez, Rodriguez, Rodriguez Rodriguez Rodriguez, Rodriguez, Rodriguez, Rodriguez, Rodriguez, Rodriguez, Rodriguez Rodriguez, Rodriguez, Rodriguez, Rodriguez, Rodriguez, , Amelia 100 Arnulfo 117 Cecelia 136 Diana 117, 49 Eddie 100 Elizabeth 136 Elizabeth 42, 77 Fidel Joell 136, 178 Luis 136 Margaret 100 Mariela 136 Martha 136 Mary 117 Marie 117 Mike Olga 100 Oriaia 77, 173 Rachel 77 Paul 173, 117 Richard 117, 166 Roccio Sammy 77, 185, 186 Theresa 136 Teri 117 Thelma 100 Virginia 159, 164 Rogers, Floyd 117 Rogers, Kenneth 162 Rogg, Wayne 137, 44, 168 Rojas, Andrea 30, 100 Rojas, Aurelio 100 Rojas, Mary 117 Rojas, Olga 117 Rojas, Ralph 100 Roll, Joe 100, 174 Romero, Joe Romines, Rebecca 30, 117, 35 Romo, Johnny 137 Rosenfeld, Tenaya Rosenfeld, Thomas 137 Ross, Scott 117 Ross, Shandie 77 Ross, Sherri 117 Rouyer, Susan Royal, Tracie Rubio, Ruben 122, 176 Rudisaile, Debra 77 Rudisaile, Sandy 117 Ruiz, Kathy 137 Ruiz, Ruben 177, 187 Ruiz, Ruben 117, 176 Rusconi, Julie 100, 159 Rush, Colleen 77, 156, 161 Russell, Pat 117 Russell, Rosalinda Ryan, Kathleen 100 S Sabala, Euriemia 137 Sahuaqui, Santos 137 Sainz, Cindy 118 Sainz, Randy 137 Salgado, Armando 78, 176 Salgado, Arnulfo 118 Samaniego, David 100 Samaniego, Gilbert Sample, Shawna Sanchez 1 Andrew 23, 118, 174 Sanchez, Elvia 100, 49 Sanchez, Irene 78, 161 Sanchez, Julie 30 Sanchez, Mary 137 Sanchez, Patricia 137 Sanchez, Sanchez, Simon 30, 49, 78, 174 Sandage, Kendra 137 Sandez, Fernando 118 Sandoval, Cesar 137 Sandoval, Donna 10, 78, 159 Sandoval, Jamie 78 Sandoval, Juanita 137 Sandoval, Linda 118 Sands, Tammy 101, 161 Sanford, David Sanford, Dawn 122 Santana, Rhonda 137 Sapien, Tommy Sarles, Roberta 101 Sausedo, Nancy 118 Sausedo, Patricia 101, 161 Savage, Denise 118 Scarbrough, Johnny Schafer, Rhonda 137 Smith, Grady 138 Smith, Joseph 79, 34, 174 Smith, Robert Smith, Ronald Smith, Scott 101 Smith Susan 49, 79 Smith, Tammy 79, 156 Smith, Terry 138, 35 Sneed, Wayne 118 Snodgrass, David 138 Sokolis, Theresa 79, 156 Solly, Darla Solorio, Guadalupe 118 Soltero, Arturo 138 Som, Dary 79, 151 Som, Pinna 138, 79 Sorenson, Patricia 138 Sorensen, Peggy 13, 79, 210 Sotelo, Lilia 122 L Sotelo, Remberto 142 Soto Albert Soto Arthur 118, 150, 174 Soto, Christine Soto, Cynthia 79 Soto, Gina 79 Soto Michelle 138 Soto, Ray 118, 176 Soto Sandra 79 Soto Sheila 30, 101 Soto Steven 138 194 178 Sparks, Robert 138 Y Schmanski, Timothy 104 Schulz, Wyatt 41, 78 Scoggins, Michael 78 Scott, David 78 Scott, Gina 78 Scott, Michelle 30 Scott, Mike Scott, Simona 78 Sedillo, Martin 137 Segura, Paul 118 Segura, Rosa 137 Sehnert, Jacqueline Sehnert, Michael 78 Seisinger, Corey 137 Sellers, Dennis Sellers, George 118 Seringer, Brian Serna, Daniel Serna, Sandra 118 Serrato, Gregory 101, 176 Serrato, Rosemarie Settle, Stacey 137 Setter, Maecella Sharp, Kelli 49 Sharp, Lori 137 Shaw, Jason Sheridan, Sherry 137 Shipp, Christine 118 Shipp, Greg 137 Shireman, Mitzi 155 Short, Alexander Shout, Victor 118 Shovan, Lisa 35 Shumway, Bucky 78 Silva, Gilbert 137 Silvas, Jose Silvas, Leticia 137 Silverman, Joseph 169, 122 Squagy, Donald 118 Spaugy, Mike 138 Spence, Clairen 101 Spencer, Danny Spencer, Jerry 138, 178 Spiller, Dawn 138 Spiller, Kathy 118, 157 Spiller, Linda 138 Spiller, Mike 101 Spradling, Mark 138 Spradling, Mike 101 Staggs, Alan St Amour, Georgette 138 St Amour, Paulette 138 Stanisci, Joy 118 Starkey, Jody 101 Starling, David 118 Starr, Jeff 138 Stasinos, Lori Steele, Lisa 118 Stevenson, Nanette 119 Stewart, Layton Stewart, Randall 101 Stockton, Scott Strauch, Jeanne Strickler, Jeffrey 101 Strom, Lonnie Strom, Mark Strzelecki, Kimberly 101, 188 Stultz, Charles 119 Stultz, Tracy 79 Sullinger, Stephanie 79, 188, 210 Sullinger, Suzanne 119 Summers, Mary Sundust, Lorna Sundust, Timothy 138 Sunn, Dorreen Sunn, Reggie 138, 178 Index 219 Surber, Scott Surber, Tina 101 Sutherland, Dicie 138 Sutherland, Tracy Swan, Donald 138 Sweed, Shirley Swetman, Ted 138 Swift, Dean 104 Swift, James 119, 191, 104, 153 Swift, Jeanne 138, 104 Swift, Jonathan Sycker, Deborah 138 Snyder, Les T Tapia, Mary 119, 156 Tarango, Catherine 79, 160, 164, Tarango, Gloria 138 Tate, Everett Tate, George 119 Taylor, Lawrence 80 Temple, Joe 101, 187 Theisman, Wendy 139 Thompson, Paula 212 Thompson, Richard 139, 178 Thompson, Valencia Thrower, Julie 101 Thrower, Terry 119 Thurlow, Rhonda 12, 147, 81, 156 Thurston, Linda 119 Tidwell, Robbie 176 Todd, Anthony 101, 87, 153 Toner, Lorraine 139 Toon, Truman 139, 178 Townsley, Tamara 80 Townsley, Timothy Vandreel, Steve 119, 176 Vandreel, Vicki 102 Van, Kim 142 Van Meter, Bradley 139 Van Meter, Natalie 119, 168, 190 Varela, Francisca 139 Vargas, Dave Vargas, Jesse 139 Varner, Paul 139 Vasbinder, Bonnie Vasques, Antonio 80, 166 Vasques, Masio Vasques, Pete Vasques, Robert 139, 166 Vasques, Rosa 119, 161 Vasques, Yvonne 142 Vaughan, Chuck Wilson, Helen 139 Wilson, James 120 Wilson, Laurie 120 Wilson Wilson Wilson , Leslie 120 , Marla 81, 162 , Valerie 139 Windahl, Karen 81, 35 Wipprecht, Stephen 140 Wolfe, Alan Wolfe, Denise 27, 81, 156 Wood, Craig Wood David 140 178 Wood? George 103, 120 Wood, Gerald 140 Wood, Kathy 120 Trejo, Enrique 102 Trejo, Evangelina 80 Trejo, Salvador Trejo, Sophie 139 Trevino, Yvonne 139 Teinidad, John 102 Trinidad, Martin 139 Trujillo, Jose 102 Tucker, Debbie 139 Tucker, Don 119 Tucker, Lori 139 Turley, David Turnage, Chris 147, 80, 151, 191 Turnage, Dawn 139, 168 Turpen, John 139, 194 U Underwood, Eileen 104 Underwood, Robert 80 Urquidez, Barbara 80 Vaughan, Dora 119 Vavages, Nora 102 Veazey, Michelle 139 Veen, Mitch 80 Vega, Salvador 119 Venard, Christopher Venard, Scott Venegas, David 80 Vick, Antonnette 119 Vick, Cheryl 102 Vigil, Steve 119, 169, 161, 176, 187 q ua. llla Jose h 80 9 7 1 la, Paul 176 Villanueva, Debra 139 Villanueva, Eddie 139 Villanueva, Frank 80 Villareal, Paul Viss, Karen 119 Vlastnik, Lisa 119 Voeltz, Allen 139 W Walden, Kathy 102 Walker, Jaime Walker, Mitchell 80, 155, 156 Wallace, Michael 102 Wallace, Tammie Wallen, Diana 120, 157 Waltman, Joe Walton, Paul Washington, Peggy 139 Waters, Christopher 120, 176 Waters, Joanne 10, 147, 81, 188 Watkins, Christina Watkins, Linda 139, 35 Watkins , Lisa 81, 212 Watkins, Luther 102 Watkins, Sharon 102, 188, 156 Woodhead, Daniel 46, 174 Woody, James 49, 81 Woody, Tami 120, 161 Wooten, Cheryl 81, 212 Wright, Johnny 81 Wright, Ronica Wright, Wally 81 Y Yamamoto, Lori 81, 150, 15 Yanez, Joseph 120 Yarbrough, Joe 103 Yarbrough, John 103 Yarbrought, Karen 140 Yaroch, Pamela 81 Yaroch, Patricia 120 Yazzie, Joey 120 Ybarra, Emilio Yehl, Carol 104 Yonker, Timothy Yonker, Todd 140 Yorgensen, Kimberly Yorgensen, William 140 Yost, Larry 120 Young, Aaron 120 Young, Pamela 81 Young, Sullivan Z Zachek, Adam 140 Zanes, Cathy 120 Zanes, Karen 103 Zanes, Scott 120 Zeigler, Donna 81, 156, 210 Zepeda, Jesse 140, 178 Zepeda, Michael 103, 158 Zocco, Tammy 27, 49, 120 Zuniga, Irma Zuniga, Zulema 120 Urquidez, Yvette 102 Urquidez, Georgina 43, 119, 164 Uyleman V , Rudy Watson, Pamela 102 Weeden, Shelley 102 Weidman, Jerry 102 Weidman, Jim 102, 38, 161 West, Lee 120 West, Thomas 120 West, Tracy 81 Wheatley, Valerie 27, 120, 190 Valdez, Eddie 119, 176 Valdez, Herman Valdivia, Andy 139, 178 Valencia, Arthur White, Cliff 120 White, George 102 White, Jill White, Jim 120, 185 White, Mike 102 Valenzuela Valencia, Michael Valencia, Steve Valenzuela Valenzuela Arthur Valenzuela, , Pete ,Rfeky 102, 176 Valenzuela, , 'Valerie 119 Tina 139 Valkingburg, Paul 80 Vandermolen, Katie 139 Vandenburg, Marinus Whyman, Lucy 120 Wible, Michele 139 Wilhelm, Tammy illiams risten Williamson, Daniel 120, 174, 194 Willie, Daisy 103 Williford, Mary Ann 139, 35 Willow, Jenifer 120, 188 Wills, Terry Wills, Theodore n K YV QA xf 6 QJGQL w v9J MN WW ww lv gfkfik Qydfffxf O XX s U ip KQQXXLQBRSB XXX? 9JQD1J Xen! xy A4 fm! xx? 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Suggestions in the Tolleson Union High School - Wolverine Yearbook (Tolleson, AZ) collection:

Tolleson Union High School - Wolverine Yearbook (Tolleson, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Tolleson Union High School - Wolverine Yearbook (Tolleson, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


Tolleson Union High School - Wolverine Yearbook (Tolleson, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1982 Edition, Page 1


Tolleson Union High School - Wolverine Yearbook (Tolleson, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1983 Edition, Page 1


Tolleson Union High School - Wolverine Yearbook (Tolleson, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1981 Edition, Page 62

1981, pg 62

Tolleson Union High School - Wolverine Yearbook (Tolleson, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1981 Edition, Page 178

1981, pg 178

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