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1 Eff! W D Lpbu-GM-l'U,,,N gmj3l53f f W jg? Clgww WML f WNW! Q9 QLQJM QQWJA 'T' fff' QW yy 'L fm mf M ww M M W ,M ff M M VK 9 if if V22 LKVM 70 Aj' ,fLL'ieMf47 R L54 My G I9 RQ V Q k n a, f Q ' M r X V x . ' of ' 1, . ' M yi M M To . W f ' , ' W fi 5 N 0, ' as A is j ' 1. ,-ff "F Xia, 7lI!WoM1 ' ,fy X A 1 iffy - 1 . . , WA, . A . It if '4 ! , 5 v W M jim f' ' ' W If f 2 if ' 'fx J' A 'V " fn 1 M' .ff 7' J" ' , ' .W .'pfV' 14 ,f JI' ff' ff ' ' Vi ,ff ., fl ' " 1, 0 A' 014' ' , ' 'M . J - 'Z' ,M " 1 . D 'fs b. n NW XX., W LQ nf j J 9 J ,, 'YL xv?Jr 3QV Q9 I H WC? 'M Mr ! . I, V Q 15 ' , R W W ,ygw M X n"14r.J7T I ff 7 ,iffy ,fu fqlff " W JV I J ll M Af ,KWJLMJ MMM My 5? M mwpgwfw W L, 1 , . X of , x ! 3 fy: , C , l ix ix I t In I - jf X I I I 3 I V 14' s l E I I J 1 X 1 - 1 , K' ff P 7? . ' X ' I W I J ,f 4 ' fem' ' ' f Ay! ' MV! bf! hx! , ix? ' , U' I f "" tsl lfu' ' V ry ' f .ZA 1 X 5 .1 f iff I I 2 J ffl s J' "AJ J.. ,. ' If f 4 U ,Q f Inf!! wr 'L fn - I , 'Z ff, X, J V J, ,117 L, ,gif , A- , A Q, V, ff P fl ,. ff ' f Z if ff! ' f' -fif"'1y ,X E 4' Lf ' lf' . fl' 1 5 ,A If . Vj 4 'gf ll J, A 1" ,fc ' ff ,1,' I 5, V! J 'IV W' lf F .45 fl 710 41, J If ' if iff ' M W ' I f 114 YJ .1 4 ' rig" AW! NV 1, yy ,ff L! C f J xx I 'Yi Q9 Z, ,JI 1 .N 'I 1, tk- .fy .QT -1V 'f ' .:,v,-1 V V 1 , 'Y -2 1 ' T?-A - - , . , K 77, 15. di.. J T? '.,f L,-1 V V , V AVVVf"l It ,- . - 'F 07-2" JU '.' 'f if "'- .WU eb" wp., 1121 '4 ff, I A - 1 V' ' W- N- .32 ' , H f Q1 A , ,- . --,., 1 L ,Jill VV .V V . V-- ,Va T: V Q L- if J wif' l Q p .-0 !A,.f7 V.-'V' V Q, ff' V A I -Q 1 - V, Vin' Lx fglg. ' ff XL Z' gk 'gf U 'S . 1 XV, lub- 'L ,L f ,qw 'L tk f ,VX , V V 1 .f v gk U QQ , V x-cc K X60 X V .Q ' V M VYM VN ' fix, V f A K 'ff K ' it , A - K-,,, 42 V 1' X VF ff., 4 p Q -F ' H F3 .. L ic. 15"'1 ,Yr X . 1 V RQ Vai V V V A F K -A f 't f V" A ' . , V . -.QV I Q 0. dwg- RK 1 W , ' A V, 4 " ' i N 9 X N, ' 5 i Q ' 9 , ' ist! J X 1 Q: Q f . A W- . X .. --x 2 Qx jf h A .4 S' W , 1 - V VV N V, 'N Ek Ax Qthy Y xx ? if 5 , ' X X C , X 'J J 'f . . -3 V X K xg' " 4 V x N A n J 7 , Sh .Va , 'S g V V 4 V . N .4 f fy X 1 -.43 ' , 1 ' A , X Y . F " l o Vn,V , , , A , ,V VV 7 N 5? Qw ,nf ., f , 4, L 1 , ' If Q MX ,' 'J 'W f , C k 3 . I MVA lv aft' 1 M!! 546541 JOAN SAXWIN Affifmzzl Edimr 7 ., v...... R uth Higgins Bzzmzeiy Mumzger .,......,.. Jeanette Rakoz P11010 Editor ,,ee,e .,,,.... G wynetha XY'allace Sporly Edilor ,......,..... .,...A XX 'illiam Anderson Adzeertifing Manager .. ,.....,...... Velda Seward Adl'IJ07' ........,..,..,....... .....,.. M 1ss Allce Costello 0 I Ex Lvams 'T .v fi., NIL x i "5 BOARD OF DIRECTORS: ALBERT KLETSCH E.c.MANwELL,cHunnAn S 'NTENDENT FRANK AUSTIN HAROLD ATZ E F BOONE Q I hi' 5 I H S or. Pn nclvu. HENRY HOP? nr E U 11 K 5 G D TURNER G S OOL PRI I AL HENRY "' WSG coNsoLmATED n1sTRlcT No. 237 LEWIS COUNTY TOLEDO. WASHINGTON February 2 , 1951 Congratulations to the Class of 1951 for having achieved one of life's goals--that of High School graduation. In achieving your High School Diploma you have been urged on by your Class Motto. WOnward to Success.H The completion of the High School course is one of the steps on the way to ultimate success. Do not stop now--keep striving and be constantly motivated by your class motto to attain the greatest success--the highest goal--it is possible for you to attain. Good luck to you as you strive nOnward to Success.H lrff 7 QPU , 5 "QV ,-f Sincerely, pk 11 N af by I fkvvziji jz ,, - ,-Q, Albert Kletsch !g:'fg,X', Superintendent YJ f ,JV 1 1.11 We, the Senior Class of 1951, wish to I thank Mr. Kletsch for his fine message to us. During our four years at Toledo High School, we have had your guiding hand to helo us. We appreciate all the hard work you have put forth for us and the rest of the school.. Senior Class of 1951 ' Qe4Z'477Z ki W j :ibn--s MEMORANDUM From the desk of HAROLD ATZ Pr1nc1pa1 of the I-hgh School Toledo Washxngton The end result of all CClULdf1OD should be to better serve mankrnd The rendernng of servree beglns wlth the ClOS1I1g of an edueatlonal eareer Do not thlnlt ot any future CClL1L3.f1OFl as preparatron for .1 l1fe of ease or wealth Remember souety .gave you .1 hlqh sehool educatlon and It wlll g1V6 you a eollege edueatlon provlded you are XVllllI1g to expend the effort In whatever community that you may fmd yourself rn the future look about 1t study lt worthwhile and needed Ofg3.I'1lL3.tl0I1S ,om them take an actlve part therern and buxld . vw' 52 , . f 1 1 -' Y f V , ' 1 ' 4 L L 7 r ' ' ' a W 1 v v , . emu! VALEDIC TORIAN Ben Turner Ben has worked pcrsust 1ntly and perseyerlngly at the most LllfllLLllf subjects given here 1t Iolcdo Hrrh 1lw1ys gorng, beyond the regulxr 1ss1r,nmcnt to satlsfy hrs own LL1I'l0Slfy Ihrs rs 1 SIIII'lL1llIlOI'l that wlll 11d Ben on hrs ro 1d to sutress SAI U'I ATORIAN Polly Nolan As 1 student le1dLr lI'l both sthol1st1r Sfllllllflg md sthool 1rt1x1t1Ls Polly IS well klLSLfXllIyL, ot tht Slllll 1tor11n 1w1rd She possesses the Lntrg,y lllltl 1l'l1l3lllOll to 3,0 11111 on 1er own untl 1 prolut or lesson rs 11111r1tLly 101111 etu IVIIY om SIXNIII t tOI1g,f'llLll1lL you o Il our lfltl 1 IOII Ill 1tt111 s KLIFIIIKL the 11st our urs Xour nn rrests hut ten xmed 111 Illllly under our ludrrshlp thrs yezrs mnurl was produred X ou h ut been IU rsset to the srhool b1nd Glrls C lub 1nd other tlubs or or31n1z1t1ons Xou ham marntuned 1 hxgsh stholrrly r tmrs III 1LltlIflOl1 your LXU'1tLlI'fILLllII' worls CONIINIERCIAL Ruth HILLIIIS Ior her sLllOllsIlL retord III busmess subjuts Ruth has errned the rommertral IVR 1rd Nlr Albtrt Ixletsth lflil cletted by the students to seryc 1s student body tre1surer for two semesters These amounts haw been ILLLIFIIL md up to d rte 1ll year I'I I7I NSHIP Gerald Buley I'1th yur thc tuulty scletts 1 student who they teel h IS been the outstrndrnr rntlzen durmr h1s or her tour 1c1rs Ill hgh srhool Berause ot hrs desire Iflll lbrhty to stryt hrs fellow students srhool and faculty Gcrlld l11s been rhosen tor thxs lward ATHLLI IC C 1rl M w C 1rl w 1s thostn by the latulty for the athletle lW1I'kl bcuuse lu h 1d the fOllOVl.lIlg th1r1ttLr1st11s Hr w 1s 1 rt1l leader and raptaln of the footb1ll team Hrs rondurt was It 1ll tunes supreme Cul was an lnsprratlon to his fC..lITlIlIltLS 1s he was rlwrys re 1d to lend 1 llLlI7lI1yL, 1 nd game cada Those who haxc a 90 000 axerage and abou: tor tour yerrs work wear honor cords at 3,r1duat1on The students lrsted here are lI'l ateordanre wlth thclr rank rn glass Ben Turner Polly Nolan Barbara Dans Roger Lewis Ruth I-Inggrns 0.111 Sawrn CLASS COLORS Blue lI'lLl Srlxtr CLASS ADVISOR Harold E Atz anctte Cifly Beserly I 1rmcr Gwyneth1 W1lllLL W1ll11111 Anderson Kty Templeton CI ASS MOI IO fjflllrllzf In Smrerr DATL ot GRADUAIION May Bl WWI 0 . , .. R95-L . f A L Y ' A R- ' h' 4f'x' I ' ' 1 H t " , 4 '1 ' n Y ' ' ' L ' A " '- , I 7 ' , L.. 1 'L A ,L A ' . .Les .k- . - - v 2 1 I - 1 glul l' ' 'l. 7 yl-Al. ACQT " fl . 'A W" 'i - ' ' , ,l a . on y' yn t' Slkf, ' . 'tick l ' ' - yah l Y '. 1. ' ' t' J . 'A lw -' 4 7 4 d . '- 7 ' y' 'L 'i h 4' 'Q ' ' 1. A. ' ra A' Q- . W x . '.1' 1' 1 " ro I 1 Q f W 1' ' w . k. . . . As proof of her ability' as a bookkeeper, Ruth was recommended by' Superintendent, 1 . ' '1".L 'A' ' R " 3 I ' ' 1' C ' .2 ' -A ' A 1' 1' ji ..L . . , 1,'.. L. .. . . ',-U. ' - I I B. . L . , I L tw. . K' 1 ' - rf. I A ' h' A K" X' ' 1 ' , 1 Q Lb' A A ' K' 4 A " L f . 7 ' if- 1 Ll ' 'V yf . . -, 1 . If - ' 1 A - f I 1 -f 1 . . , . ' ,A '. y' - 4 ' ' 1 la . .A . , v , , I , V , V, ' ' , 1 . , 3 ,1 . -I, ' i . , A 1, :K . , f f v-k v 7 , 1 . I endow XVILLIAM ANDERSON FFA l, 2, 33 Class Play 33 Vice Presi- dent Class 53 Quill and Scroll 3, 43 Editor Paper 43 Annual Sports Editor 43 Redskin 31 Class Play 33 Class President l3 Parliamentary Team 33 Football 3. GERALD BAILEY Class President l, Football I, 1, 5, 43 FFA l. 2, 5, 43 Constable ,733 Board of Control, l, 23 Redslcin 2, 5, 43 FFA -' President 43 Class Representative 23 l5alSlu.'Kl'1glll l, 2. HAROLID CONRAD! '. 'Z Paper Staff 43 Football 1, 2. 5, 4, FFA i. 2, 3, 4. BARBARA DAVIS GAA 2. 5, 43 FHA l. 2, 3, 43 Class Treasurer 33 FHA Sec- retary 53 ASB Secretary 33 Talent Slum' l, Z1 Class President 43 GAA Secretary 43 Indian Club 3g Paper Staff I, 2, B3 Office Force 4. d E N ANY' DARW'IN Esicisu BEVERLY FARMER 5 .L Q A 5,4 6 xc 1-: ':,,. A X ' Ig, . ' 4:21, l "iffy" ' -rr Q i, A joined the United States Air Quill and Scroll 3, 43 Class Force, Treasurer 23 Operetta 1, 2, 5, 43 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 Paper Staff 3, 43 Annual Staff 43 Honor Roll 1, 3, 43 FHA 1, 2, 3, 4. GENE FLATT 'Transferred from Tigard High School, Tigard, Oregon. JANETTE GRAY Quill and Scroll 3, 43 Class Treasurer I3 Indian Club 33 Class Play 5, 43 Annual Staff 43 Stage Crew 1, 23 Torch Honor l, 33 FHA 1, 2, 3. 43 GAA 2, 5. 43 Constable 1, junior-Senior Prom Princess 3. JAMES MARILYN GRIES Paper Staff 1, 2, 33 Talent Show 1, 23 Annual Staff 3, 43 GAA 2, 3, 43 Class Representative 33 Operetta 1, 33 Class Play 3. RUTH HIGGINS DAR Candidate 43 FHA I, 2, 3, 43 FHA President 43 GAA 2, 3, 43 Stu- dent Body Treasurer 43 Class Play 43 Quill 8: Scroll 3, 43 Annual Staff, Assistant Editor 43 Office Force l, 43 Indian Club 3, 43 Librarian 13 Toma- hawk l3 Operetta 3. jAcoBx' ROGIQR LEwIs f 'S' Q lf . 'n is X ,,,,.q'If,?f?. ' 3. .YS . Fife! 5 'S' f " ' 'lr Q '-'K -7 l I . Y A -I I 'Y ' P 1,2 37 . Football 1, 1. 3, 43 Basketball Class President ' Class Secre- I, Z, 3, 43 Piper Staff 43 In- spiration Award Winner froorbaiiy 4. 3, tary 2, 33 FFA 1, 2, 33 FFA Secretary 33 Class Play 33 Quill 84 Scroll, 3, 43 Parlia- mentary Team 33 Paper Staff 2, 3, 43 Talent Show 3. fn . 1 .IIS - v, XVILMIZR f- 1 Nl 1 . 4'- , 43 Talent Show 1 7 brarian 2, 33 Paper Staff 4 Annual Staff 4 Class Treas I an U i 1. FFA Treasurer 43 FFA 1, 2, FHA 1, 2, 3, 4 Indian Club 3, 4. 1 urer, 4. CARL MAW Football 2, 3, 43 Basketball 1, 2, 3. 43 Class Secretary 23 FFA President 43 Redskin 2, 3, 43 FFA 1, 2, 3, 43 Trans- ferred from Nyssa High School, Nyssa, Oregon in Freshman year. HAROLD MOLILTON Class President 33 Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Class Play 43 ASB President 43 Redskins 3, 43 FFA 1, 2, 33 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 43 Operetta 2, 3. Riff LYON FAYE MASSEX 0 of FIU If-1 , iff W il!!! W H45 V Q ' KELLY NOLAN Stage Crew 43 FFA 1, 2, 3, 4. POLLY NOLAN Class President 13 FHA 1, 2, 3, 43 GAA 2, 3, 43 Indian Club 23 ASB General Manager 23 ASB Section 23 Office Staff 33 Board of Control 1, 2, 3, 43 Spelling Team 23 Class Play 3, 43 Carnival Queen Candidate 43 Talent Show 1. 2, 3, 4. 'IOYCE PERRY GAA 1, 2, 33 FHA 1, 2, 3, 42 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Indian Club 1, 23 Operetta 13 Class Play 33 Paper Staff 33 Annual Staff 43 Stage Crew 1, 2. C3-'QAAJ JEANETTE RAKOZ GAA 2, 3, 43 FHA 1, Z, 3, 43 FHA Secretary 43 Class Play 4, Board of Control 43 ASB General Manager 43 Librarian 43 Constable 23 Indian Club 4. JAMES RAKOZ 1.9.1 Nfl f IKM!! Y I 5 g Stage Crew 2, 43 Operetta 3: Paper Staff 4. sentative 3. JOAN SAXWIN Annual Editor 4, Annual Staff 3, 43 Tomahawk 13 FHA 1, 2, 3, 43 FHA Treasurer 33 Quill 8: Scroll 3, 43 Class Secretary 23 Operetta 33 Debate 13 Band 1, 2, 33 Pep Band 43 Paper Staff 1, 2, 3: Office Force 43 Indian Club 2, 3, 43 Assistant School Camera Projectionist, 3, 4. VELDA SEXVARD FHA 1, 2, 3, 43 Class Play 33 GAA, 3, 43 Class Representative 43 Ana nual Ad Staff 43 Paper Staff 2, 3, 43 Talent Show 1. EDWARD ROWLING 'Z FFA 1, 2, 3, 4 Class Repre Lois SMITH GAA, 2, 3, 43 FHA 1, 2, 3, 43 Carnival Queen Candidate 23 Constable 23 Paper Staff 2, 3, 43 Annual Staff 43 Operetta 23 Song Queen 2, 33 Class Represen- tative 3. KAY TEMPLETON FHA 1, 2, 3, 43 Song Queen 33 Talent Show 13 Band 13 GAA 2, 3, 43 Oper- etta 13 Paper Staff 33 Quill 8: Scroll 3, 43 Class Secretary 43 Class Treas- 7:3 354: T urer 4. BEN TURNER 6' 5 A Alia., lil 'J 3 J U-7-Q. i , ., 3 3 . Class President 23 FFA 1, 2, 33 Class Treasurer 13 Debate 33 Quill 8: Scroll 3, 4g Quill 8: Scroll President 43 Paper Staff 2, Constable 1, 23 Class Play 4. GWYNETHA WALLACE Band 1, 2, 33 Swing Band 23 Indian Club 13 Class Play 3, 43 Annual Staff 43 Photo Editor Annual 43 Class Sec- retary 13 Librarian 43 Con- stable 13 FHA Secretary 23 Debate Team 3. ,.....,.f.. MILFORD WORLEY LEONARD GRIZZLF , 1 l 3 -0 l --1 ll '1 n Q E Q .v l l lp A nl . ' X I fl! if N 3' af. s Q 1 ll , .K joined the Paper Staff 2 3 4 Annual United States Air Staff 43 Footballl 2 3 4 Force. CHARLES PETERS Paper Staff 4. Lia 155152 ,L KENNETH THAYER ,a, T CAP-3: ' 3 , I t r .fgg I! Called to serve in the United States E -1 Army. VV 5 mo X , PHGYO Xi AVAILABLE 0 EDITH BAILIQY NIARILYN BIIIINIQ 'I'r.Insfcr'I'cIi In Pc Ifll XX'.Isl1Ington, Pc Ell High Salwul. MARY Lm' CQONRAIII MARIDH' ERKIQLI TfL1DSfCl'fCd tu Chclmlis High SIIIIIIII, Chchulis, XX'.IshingtIxn. SALLX Glusox X . nv ,L I ,Q ,Y . , " .wvs'5 f vi ns ' 9 . I A-R A 4 R , N W -Z I k f . .5 40- If M4 BEVERLY BAYNE CILYIIIC CALVIN AIIRIISNNIQ DAVIS MARILYN FISHER CLAIII mIa'I"I'I5 HAR Ms Daniel Higgins Arthur jones Mildred Mardock Richard Moen Earl Omeg Cv- gf 5 Beverly Horton Gerald jones Naomi Martin Carol Lee Netter Bob Rakoz Maxine Riedl ai, X I 5 4 Marilyn Steele Nancy Stuber Lois Wiren f Sv 21 0 nv Maur' A va.-Mc, fo L? A RI Q ggw. ,f Q 3... , ww' 'LPI 1" Pat Sherman Sam Steele Lee Zeigler Wayne Apling ie:-:J x'fQs"'l .lf , 1 ' 355- if Kenneth Parrish fx Dale Lee Wallace "awry: y Q y ,V T- Y. 1 " nhl fl L 2, f 6555! new L ' QL, -,Zac .cZf5.wt2'.wfw 2 ymsmeu lv!! embfz 7754? First row: E. Bailey, jones. Second row: C. Harms, M. Riedl, S. Gibson, N. Stuber, C. Netter. Third row: P. Omeg, D. Higgins. A. jones. Fourth row: B. Rakoz, L. Zeigler, R. Moen. The Junior play was a comedy with the title of "Crazy Home." Seated: H. Moulton, R. Higgins, Gray, Rakoz, F. Massey, B. Davis. Standing: R. Lewis, D. Eskeli, G. Wallace, B. Turner, P. Nolan. "Pi.r1ol Pele" was the play chosen by the Seniors. It was a mystery-comedy 'F-'Dfw Seated.left to right: DI. Rakoz, Tren.i1n'er P. Nolan, Prefidenl B. Horton, Vire-Pre.fidenf M. Riedl, Serrelrzry Standing: M. L. Conradi, Sgl.-al-Army Miss Craig, Adiimr S. Gibson, Sgf.-ill-.AP'NI.Y Y.,.,f Q13 Q., 4' 'J Q 4 Q Auf O First row: K. Templeton B. Turner, President J. Gray, Sefreffzry B. Farmer, Treamrer J. Sawin Miss Costello, Adzimr R. Lewis R. Higgins, Vire-Preriderzt B. Anderson dak' Za! Uggacm . ,, ,M An Is. Q "in-15 YLOFS. IC gqrgl , rlvcxs I IS 5'- I8 9 ll 12 -'V 27 2829 30 wifi,-iam! N I if Q An international society for newspaper journalists I.. CARLSON-English, Librarian, Play' Advisor. R. COPPOCK-Music, Operetta Ad- visor. A. COSTELLO-Commercial, Annual Advisor. Paper Advisor, Freshman Ad- visor. F. CRAIG-Home Economics, Future Homemakers of America Advisor, Girls' Club Advisor. M. SCOTT-Agriculture Shop, FFA Advisor. R. SEELEY-Band, Pep Band Advisor. H. ATZsPrincipal, Algebra, Biology, Boys' General Science. Physics, Senior Advisor. B. BOOTH-Girls' General Science, Girls' P. E., English. American History, Sophomore Advisor. lf. BRUSCOiBoys' P. E., Coach, Drivers Education and Health, junior Advisor, American Democracy. World History. E. APLING-Grade 8. O. COLBERT- Grade 7, junior High Coach. R. DAVIS+-Grades 6 and 7. 42:15 df 0464 . ' ,, 7' 6 Hail x x . x v f 74 First row: I. L. Boone, M. Allan, S. Walls, D. Grizzle, S. Stinger, P. Lowe, Nixon, A. Massey. Second row: M. Wallace, S. Seaman, L. Blair, P. McQuigg, E. Nolan, Massey, C. Bayne, R. Killian. Third row: V. Goldenpenny, A. Cox, B. Kalich, B. Fisher, B. McQuigg, R. Sinclair, C. Rakoz. Fourth row: Miss Booth-Adviser, D. Gunderson, j. Watson, B. Johnston, L. Bock, T. Bowen, V. Waterman, B. Herren, R. Oberg, R. Lyon, M. Barnes, G. Wehtje. First row: -I. Stone, Massey, E. Arvik, MCQuigg, Edwards, C. Beal, B. Chandler M. Holland, K. Reed. Second row. F Herren S. Lewis C Reuther F. A lin Conradi G. He 'es , Forman ' . , , . , p g, J. . y .J , B. Mackey, L. Aronhalt. Third row: S. Seward, D. jones, Sheehan, F. Johnston, D. Massey, G. Ritzman. D. XY!iren, D. Hansen. Fourth row: I. Perrish, B. Sands, M. Glenn, L. Lampit, Miss Costello, D. Olsen, E. Grauman, D. Wells, Moulton. Fifth row: H. Ruland, D. Williams, S. Woody, J. Oppelt, S. Cox. y fa cz ci e i First row: R. Sinclair, M. Berlin, D. Rooks, M. Worley, C. Steele, B. Ray, M. Bonham B. Steele. Second row: R. Rooks, F. Gordon, Seward, Eckles, D. Wade, A. Trafton, D. Moen F. Sherman. Third row: C. Pratt, H. Boone, L. Sheehan, C. Blair, M. Rakoz, Breidenstein j. Clark, L. McConnell. Fourth row: Kalista, D. Martin, G. Sison, D. Martinsen, D. Flint, R. Pratt, B. Byrd G, Parkhurst. Fifth row: E. Schillinger, McEwen, Schillenger, M. Mirrow, Sisson, G. Ramsey B. Selfridge. X v4'y First row: G. Klinger, J. Byrd, j. McKeun, C. Daniels, S. Eskeli, S. Paul, M. Potter, B. Blair, A. Richardson, B. Walls, H. Richardson. Second row: B. Davis, C. Caren, L. Bowen, R. Wallace, B. Stinger, R. Kletsch, S. Melton. L. Durham, D. Basteyns. Third row: B. Brewer, Gray, R. Basteyns, R. Heyes, B. Wehtje, G. Massey. Gs NR89 'Nl sx lb Q 1 'KET 1 A First row: D. Worley, F. Higgins, D. Wooley, C. Strout, C. Schoonover, D. Turner, C. McConnell, S. Herren, Kalista, B. Hendricks. Second row: V. Fowler, S. Martinsen, R. Ray, M. Young, J. Inman, B. Boone, L. Perry, M. Schmidt, F. Berlin. Third row: L. Shepardson, A. Lyon, M. Mackey, G. Ballard, B. Hayrynen. Fourth row: Barnes, R. Rice, M. Gordon, T. Hanken, j. Higgins, B. Thayer, R. Linwood. V 1 .1 R659 n"w l Q 3 f ' . ' v- x i5 Seated: Rakoz, G. Heyes, F. Massey, N. Wallace, V. Seward, R. Higgins, B. Anderson Standing: Sawin, Miss Alice Costello. ?cz,eez Staff Seated: B. Anderson, R. Lewis, jacoby, H. Conradi. Standing: Miss Alice Costello, N. Stuber, M. Steele, Rakoz, C. Peters. Mr. Kletsch R. Higgins B. Davis J. Sawin B. Armstrong We Sd!! i if Swzmf aw? agpzm if . i tall Seated: R. Higgins, N. Martin, L. Wiren, A. Davis, P. Nolan. Standing: C. Maw, B. Farmer, A. jones. .. I M. Steele, Treaflxrer' R. Higgins, Preiidezzt J. Rakoz, Secretary Miss Craig, Adrifor 7.71.1-if. B. Herren, Reporter Q 7' ' P. McQuigg, Sevr'emry ... Mr. Scott, Advimr G, Bailey, Prefidezzl C. Maw, Vive Preiideul W. Lyons, Treafzzrer 'I 41 X Zaye' Za! Bottom to top: R. Lyon, Preridenl J. Jacoby, Vice-Prefident D. Eskeli, Secretary H. Moulton, Treafurer Mr. Brusco. Adzfiyor , f Q Nr ff , 5,1 ii QW i Va EJ when dacaftcha First row: Mr. Brusco- Advisor, L. Grizzle, C. Maw, E. Rowling, LI. Worley V Seward R Higgins, L. Smith, Perry, K. Templeton. Second row: H. Conracli, H. Moulton, D. Eskeli, J. Jacoby. Www Za!! 7ofze4 Www: Torch Honor is the honor bestowed on Seniors who will wear Honor Cords at Commencement exercises. In the Class of 1951, eleven are entitled to wear these cords. They have maintained an average of 90.000 or above. 91 First row: B. Farmer, B. Davis, K. Templeton, P. Nolan, G. Wallace, R. Higgins Sawin, J. Gray. Second row: B. Turner, R. Lewis, B. Anderson. First row: R. Higgins, S. Lewis, McQuigg, C. Reuther, F. Herren, M. Allen, J. Edwards, E. Arvik, S. Stinger, M. Glenn. Second row: L. Wiren, B. Davis, M. Riedl, B. Baync, I. Williams, F. Johnston, D. Olson, L. Lam itt p . Third row: A. Massey, M. Mardock, K. Templeton, P. Nolan, R. Lewis, B. Turner, C. Bayne, D. Wells, B. Anderson. Missing are: B. Farmer, G. Wallace, Gray. 2664 Da ' First row: Mrs. Bowen, Mrs. Bones, Mrs. Nixon, Mrs. Parkhurst, Rev. Hendricks Warren Ritzman. Second row: Mrs. Ballard, Mr. Scott, Mr. Ritzman, Dean Thayer. 53. 'N First row: Mr. McQuigg, Mr. Manwell, chairmang Mr. Boone, Mr. Austin, Mr. Gries. 7 Zend First row. left to right: J. Clark, R. Ray, S. Herren, L. Clark, B. Steele, B. Stinger, B. Aho, D. Worley, D. Merley, R. Rice, D. Wade. Second row: D. Olson, A. Trafton, Eckles, B. Bones, B. Ray, F. Herren, I.. Lampitt, I. L. Boone, C. Blair, C. Reuther, A. jones, B. Gunderson. Third row: C. Steele, Seward, M. Young, S. Gibson, B. Kalich, B. Mackey, N. Martin, H. Moulton, V. Waterman, G. Ramsey, j. Sawin, M. Mardock, I. Parish, R. Seeley, Dir. 1 Bottom row, left to right: M. Boone, B. Farmer, Stone, Sheehan, C. Reuther, I McQuigg, I. Parish, P. Sherman, Nixon, S. Walls, M. Steele, E. Arvik, S. Stinger Standing: M. Wallace, B. Kalich, M. Glenn, V. Goldenpenny, I.. Lampitt, D. Olson F. Johnston, M. Fisher, S. Gibson, N. Stuber, Sawin, B. McQuigg, S. Seward. B. Turner P. Nolan N. Martin M. l-liedl Miss Carlson ,eelld emu On December 13, 1950 at Winlock, Washington, a Lewis County Spelling Contest was held. Maxine Riedl, Naomi Martin, Polly Nolan and Ben Turner with Miss Leila Carlson, advisor, entered. A former Toledo student, Laurie Spry, won first place, Maxine Riedl won second and Winlock's Pat Ronde placed third. The winning word was afidzzlom. HMM X.. Sw? Zaeemz Left: S. Stinger Right: D. Grizzle Our two song queens who were elected to serve for the semester of 1951. They have done 11 very capable job for us at all games. A Zell Zaeeaa Left to right: B. McQuigg, J. McQuigg, C. Boone, Mascotg Si Lewis, D. jones. Our Yell Queens put forth a lot of energy for the team urging them on to win Zmuiwiatee Candidates for Carnival Queen were Adrienne Davis, juniorg JoAnn Nixon, sophomoreg Delores jones, freshmang Polly Nolan, senior. Each class supported its choice for queen. Tickets were sold in Lewis County and each ticket was a vote for one girl. 31 T I x ! l A i l 2 U 5 i Delores Jones was elected Carnival Queen in a race for the title. The freshmen went all out in their effort to put Delores in number one spot. She was crowned the night Toledo held its All-Community Carnival, November 17, 1950. M46 N1--0 First row: M. Conradi, N. Stuber, D. Wallace. Second row: S. Gibson, B. Rakoz, E. Bailey, P. Omeg. Third row: M. Fisher, C. Calvin, Miss Alice Costello, M. Steele, D. Higgins. Fourth row: W. Apling, L. Zeigler, M. Boone. awe ' Left to right: Sawin, F. Massey, G. Wallace, B. Davis. Right to left: Miss Frances Craig, j. Rakoz, V. Seward, P. Nolan, L. Smith I :I 1 'nd nfx - f ring f 'NM 65. . . , ,, Q-45,11 Mrs. Dorcas Trafton and Mrs. Louise Smith, our two able cooks. land mx .fv- ar .2 0-Q Q s .sf it when eh! ln "U Fnrst Row F Massey L Nash R I-hggms Second row Mr Atz Rakoz Sawxn M Conradl ep gmac! Inst rovn R Rue C Reuther I Boone D Olson A Trafton Suomi row D XV.1de G Rammy L Lampltt N Martin V XV.1tcrm.1n B Mackey UI. S.m1n, 6-. if' 6 15143. ll LQ I 'si 3 ' ll I YI! ' Q I , .JG ' j ,Y First row, left to right: B. Rakoz. S. Cox, L. Grizzle, L. Bock, Second row: C. Maw P.4Omeg, T. Bowen, R. Lyons, D. Higgins. Third row: Mr. Brusco, jacoby, L Zeigler, D. Wallat-e. Missing: A. jones, jones, H, Conradi, G. Bailey, W, Anderson Waapd dana! .1-an cawmf JAMES JACOBY and COACH BRUSCO Inspirational Award winner for 1950 is james japoby. He was chosen by the football boys as the most outstanding football player of the year. "jim" has played in every game, fought hard. played a clean game, and is a good sport. jim's name is engraved on the Inspirational Award Cup in the trophy ease in our hallowed halls. 2 fa -.J xx M . SA? 'W X in 77czz'zal N '1 First row: E. Sherman, R. Sinclair, C. Steele, M. Young, B. Bones, B. Brewer, D. Bowen J. Ballard. Second row: R. Heyes, B. Byrd, D. Hayrynen, B. Wchtje, G. Sisson, D. Martin, Sisson L. McConnell, B. Davis. Third row: S. Melton, E. Schlinger, R. Kletsch, D. Crase, T. I-lanken, B. Bowen. Ze: Um cuzitafz W.ilt Xxfaterman has been janitor at Toledo High School for 19 years. He has a friendly smile for everyone, is courteous, helpful and is a hard, steady worker. During the cold spell last winter, W.1lt tried to keep the school warm for us. We appreciate him very much. nr Q F dy Zieeae Mr. Francis Brusco was chosen the Big Cheese last summer at the annual Toledo Cheese Day celebration. He was elected lvy the townspeople and was crowned at the High School Athletic lrield. iaicztcne Ze!! aeea Seated: H. Atz A. Kletsch Standing: M. Wallat'e The tiny yell queen pictured at the right is Carol Boone. She is the miniature of the larger girls. At every basketball game this season, Carol has been out on the floor performing to the delight of Toledo people and visitors. Cfarol's aunt, Delores jones, is one of the Yell Queens. Carol is only five years old and is a very sweet child. Zag Zum ' me egfgglio, 9-5 1 claw! tie Team in action F. Massey, D. Eskeli, P. Nolan "Wk Jusf fr girl A her Jog, Two sfencfms Sn U-uc snow. Frosh gfrfs nf 'hl'1iflfiOfl, NRS background. Cfffcfz Any fish ? Two IJLHQ duxrs. Yoo-hoo Cloeeeeee.. Smilg prkeffyl Lois, A fffflc Qlosu, puhlensel Fro sh if-u"liATes -Gays. Lfaff y6'f9f'3 QYHCIS. Cmvcf yuu gf-f ow? Fa'gl1TZ,TeAm, Flglff. NICQ, kldy, kifty. Daniel Higgins Carl Maw X Dick Williams Jim Jacoby 1950 FOOTBALL SUMMARY We, here at Toledo high school, had, what I thought, a very good season in football. There was a lack of reserves in one line, but our backfield was rounded out exceedingly well. It looks as though next year we should have the reserve power in one line as we have Stanley Woody, Jay Massey, Bernard Johnston and many others to fill in for the seniors whom we shall lose through graduation. These senior linemen are Jim Jacoby, Harold Conradi, Harold Moulton and Gerald Bailey. In the backfield we have Art Jones, Punky Omeg, Dale Lee Wallace, Ted Bowen, and Ray Lyon to fill Lee Zeigler Gerald Bailey Punky Omeg SEASON SCORES Toledo, ., H30 Toledo, 0 Toledo 44 Toledo , , .20 Toledo 26 Toledo, 7 Toledo ., , 6 LEAGUE STANDING Mossyrock Morton State School Toledo ,, , , Winlock Pe Ell , Onalaska . Tenino , ., Rochester .,,.. H H5 Randle .. Mossyrock Tenino Pe Ell Rochester Morton . Wir1lOt'k XV. L. 8 U 6 l 6 l 5 5 ,HS 5 -4 .2 4 ,, ,Nl 5 6 Randle ...................... O 8 Ric 0 6 23 l2 6 l2 7 T. 0 l l 0 0 l 2 2 l O ,f N A' L, i til hard Moen Arthur Jones Dale Wallace the shoes of the graduating seniors, Carl Maw, Mil- ford Worley and Leonard Grizzle. It is with deep regret that we lose the seniors as each and everyone of the boys has been a credit to the high school as well as to the community itself, and it has given me a great deal of pleasure to work with the boys the past year. Francis Brusco Coarb Sammy Cox Stanley Woody Harold Conradi Harold Moulton Milford Worley jay Massey Teddy Bowen Larry Bock Dick Gunderson Ray Lyon 1951 Eoofball Captain Irzrpiratiomzl Award Wfimzer ,Z I' www. N1 K ' Tl M 9 I ' 9' . S I r 'L U33 r su , . in -We , 1 i - N i f L wav' I t Z' 'J awww! RRY I-Yon Dale Lee Wallace 41 M: Daniel Higgins Ted Bowen Punky Omeg x '45 . ,f"" , f 9 X -ms.. ' ' 3 1 2 Arthur jones Carl Maw Lee Zeigler J' SsiWL"Jif 5 fu .,'05s.'5"C. MW .fe Jim Jacoby Clyde Calvin Jerry Jones Sammy Cox TOLEDO'S SHOOTING STARS Toledo's 1950-51 basketball squad is composed of six returning letter- men, who last year helped the team into a third place tie with Mossy- rock. The teams of the East Lewis County were sized up by hundreds of spec- tators as they met for brief en- counters at the jamboree held at Winlock, December 15. Toledo's quintet showed itself especially well by trouncing over Randle by a 17 to 8 lead. At the end of this season Toledo will lose two senior lettermen, jim Jacoby and Carl Maw. This will leave a remainder of fourg with sev- pral promising players to step into me. Dick Williams Jimmy Conradi rf' f Francis Brusco Coach BASKETBALL SCHEDULE December .,.....,..---------- Adm' December ..... Kalama' December ..................--..-. OPCH December .. Winlock Jamboree December .......1...............- OPEN December December December january january january January January january january january january February February February February February Mossyrock Castle Rock Kalama Rainier Morton Winlock Onalaska' Castle Rock' Mossyrock "' Adna Randle Open Morton' Winlock' .. Onalaska' Randle' Rainier' "' Indicates home games. Winlock at Toledo .......... ....Friday, April 6 Toutle Lake at Toledo ..... ......... F riday, April 13 Toledo at Ryderwood ,.......... ....,........ T uesday, April 17 Napavine at Toledo .,,,,.,.... ............ F riday, April 20 Toledo at Winlock .,........... ...,,..... F riday, April 27 Toledo at Rainier Oregon ..v.,.rv,... Tuesday, May 1 Toledo at Toutle Lake ...,.. ..r..........,.. F riday, May 4 Toledo at Napavine .,..,......... ...,.,.,.... T uesday, May 8 R d d t T ld .... Friday, May ll y erwoo a oe o .............,. .,,,,... Winner of South vs. East Winner of North vs. West Frida Ma 18 WL fha Jim Jacoby Championship ,.........o....... D Yi Y ......,..,.Friday, May 25 6401 'gcwefafl Funky Omeg Coafbed by Francis Brusco Arthur Jones 9-E04 X oLEa l ai W-50129 GL E00 Teddy Bowen jerry jones Carl Maw Ray Lyons x. ED s DF 0 C ,GL E005 J Km, tad f Daniel Higgins Gary Kirkendoll john Oppelt Lee Zeigler if-7 Km. E UQ ,I QOL F00 L 40- Wm il QL E D0 Larry Bock Glen Rlflmdrl Leonard Grizzle Dale Lee Wallace CONGRATULATIONS 'ro 'rhe Class of I95I FROM jyfifamffff LO C KEI2 5 Phone 24 L 20 Toledo Congralulahons +o I'he CLASS OF I95I FOITI GESLEIQ G NI NIVEN Fu rn I tu re Co CENTRALIA WASHINGTON CONGRATULATIONS B BEST WISHES +o I'he FIQED I-IESS TRACTOR IMPLEMENT COMPANY Chehalns Washlngfon CONGRATULATIONS an BEST WISH ES +o fhe III!!! Nahonally Known Sfore Chehalns Washmglon YOUR DEPENDABLE DRUGGIST 7065410 DRUG STORE To Toledo Hugh School BEST WISHES FOR YOUR SUCCESS IN ALL THINGS PERTAINING TO EDUCATION AND ATHLETICS LEROY COX TOLEDO PHARMACY g I ' 9 nd cl CLASS OF "msn" CLASS OF "WSI" I 8 ll o H SEARS DRL: e CO M PANY We fall your prescrlphons accura+eIy CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS OF I95I Chehalls WasI1mg+on TOW N QE ND STATIONERY PHONE 64087 LOUIS N TOWNSEND Typewrlfer Sales and Services II4I 2 SouI'I1 Tower Avenue CENTRALIA WASHINGTON J C IDENNEYS CONGRATULATIONS +o +he CLASS OF I95I NATIONALLY KNOWN STORE Cenfralla Washlngfon 5442522 ualufy Home Furmshmgs PHONE 64I88 EIQLJNSVVIGS Self Service Shoe Store CONGRATULATIONS +o The CLASS OF I95I ,OE 7a?f?4zf,f O pI'ome1'rlsI' CONGRATULATIONS I' The CLASS 5 l95I CHEHALIS WASHINGTON Cenfralla Washmgfon TO'-EDO TOLEDO TEXACO H ARD VV-AT? E CONGRATULATIONS Under New Managemeni' COME IN AND +0 'Phe TRY OUR SERVICE CLASS of I95I CONGRATULATIONS TOLEDO WASHINGTON SENIORS OF I95I Toledo Washmgfon 2 " " f I I I Z .' IIQ 9 U ' ll Cenfralia, Washingfon 1 0 . n. " " WWW? 5666! SALON Chehahs Washnngfon CompIe+e BeauI'y Service STEAM BATH MASSAGE REDUCING Phone 8 723I Burne'H Buuldmg TELJIXIEDYS Cut Glass AND Gift Shop PHONE Toledo 83 R I2 S+ar Rouie S BUNDY W nIocIr Wash ngfon EPX555' CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES +o +he CLASS OF I95I Varlery Merchandise and Grocerles Vader Washmgfon ZZEQW44 Your Wmlock Ford Dealer CONGRATULATES THE WmIocIc Washlngfon UOYI FR Chehalls Pharmacy DRUGS TOILETRIES PRESCRIPTIONS Chehalls Washlngfon CENTI?-ALIA KNITTING MILLS CONGRATULATIONS and BEST WISHES fo fhe CLASS OF I95I 223 SouI'h Tower Cenfraha Gail fgewfffgfe fo rhe CLASS OF ms: Noveltues Notlons Toledo Washlngron I - ' ' H. . 5 I 5 1 . CLASS OF "I95I" I CONGRATULATIONS to the CLASS OF I95l DR H I N ES Optometrist 54 ff Qwie l1C YOUR PONTIAC DEALER Sales and Service CHEHALIS PHONE 8 3303 GABELQ GAI3 L TYPEWRITERS Sold Rented Repalred CHEHALIS WASHINGTON AQZQQQZ IVIOTOT2 CO Your Lewis County STUDEBAKER Dealer CHEHALIS WASHINGTON 46664 Latest in Ladies and Children s READY TO WEAR ESTABLISHED I 89 Chehalls Washington 54265144144 GET YOUR CAMERAS an PHOTO SUPPLIES ZI3 North Pearl Centralla ln Wmloclz Its TED BITARS Complete Clothing FOR MEN AND WOMEN Winloclr, Washington CI-IEVTQ' ON GAS STATION LET US SERVE YOU IN THE FUTURE Standard Products Toledo, Washington I I from . Chehalis, Washington - T O 1 f d I at TO LEDO N1 OT ORS Toledo Mofors for Transporfafion and Confinenfal Trailways for TraveI" TOLEDO INSURANCE AGENCY Securu 'for all Toledo. Washlngfon ffeiiyizwfl Come see us a+ our new Ioca'rion Chelxalis, Waslwingfon CONGRATULATIONS d BEST WISHES fo Ihe CLASS AND FACULTY OF I95I Chehalls MUSIC STORE YOUR MOST COMPLETE MUSIC STORE Chehalls Wasl'nng+on CONGRATULATIONS +o +he Class of I95I Qafmr GT? OCETQY Vader Washmgion 9244.465 Hardware Hardware for Everywhere I-TUE CITY CLEANERS Phone 6 6206 505 NORTH TOWER CONGRATULATIONS d BEST W ISHES PHONE 96 W'nl0Ck Wa5h'n9+0n Class and Faculfy of I95I TON II 1oLEDo QENERA CONGRATULATIONS and BEST WISHES fo fhe 95 I I- Class and Faculfy of I TAI- HOSPI TOLEDO gwffwfwzgf W fu fw., TOLEDO WASHINGTON an I an . i Io 1'I1e CENTRALIA, WASHING K Y ll ll .f- K: O CONGRATULATIONS Io +I'1e Class of I 95 I FROM CQYQQQE YOUR PAINT CENTER IN CHEHALIS CI1eI1aIls WasI1mgI'on Wakcfw LUMEEQ If We Haven? Gof Whai' You Wan+ We WIII Gei' II' TOLEDO WASHINGTON W I N LOC K CLEANERS Puck Up and Delivery Service AGENT ToIedo Depi' SI'ore Phone 40M WINLOCK WASHINGTON CONGRATULATIONS fo fhe Class of I95I SIEP G I-IANSEN CenI'raIla Washlngfon 22vef?4ecQ4e4 Porfraui' and Commerual PHOTOGRAPHY Congrafulahons Sensors of I95I 2I3 NORTH PEARL CENTRALIA VVEIQDEN 5 GROCERIES and CONFECTIONERY DRUGS SUNDRIES SCHOOL SUPPLIES Vader Washnngfon 539005654 Dry Goods Mens and Womens Apparel SPORTING GOODS WIFIIOCR Washlngfon NETTLANDS "76 Gasolme CONGRATULATIONS +o fhe Class of l95I Toledo WasI1lngI'on NEW LOCATION ' I I - I I ll - I I ll ll Men s Store HART SCHAFFNER MARX CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF I95I IVI OOTQE 5 Chehalus Washmgion BAIQTE I. S Men s Store Congra+ula+lons +o ihe Class of I95I 88I PACIFIC AVENUE CHEHALIS 554,26 fiafa W W GOOD FOOD I Peilfy I ,Il --.,....3' Toledo Wasl1mg+on LINCOLN MERCURY FORD Three Greai' Cars See 1'I1em and buy Ilnem LH-ILMANS MOTOQS CHEHALIS WASHINGTON For Your Flowers REMEMBER Eedyaf F LOWER SI-IOT3 Chehalls Washlngfon E 6' E DONUT SHOP CONGRATULATIONS +o fhe CLASS OF I95I I03 SOUTH TOWER CENTRALIA Chehalls Auto Electric ROBINSON S Mofor Tune Up Chehalls Waslungfon ' I ' ' 1 ' I I I I I 0 7 af lf I F ' fig! in I . I I I I I I I Congratulations TO THE CLASS OF 95 5 I ORE: TOLEDO HO ,,, Ill ZWg655f 'SSE' X! Wfa an BROTH ER S5 No job too tough WRECKER SERVICE Day 6' N ght PHONE TOLEDO ma x x V xvf OAXQAGE N f To Look Well Go To MAN WE LES BARBER SHOP CONGRATULATIONS +o +he SENIOR CLASS OF l95l Toledo Washmgfon Do you wani' +o be s+rong? Do you wanf +o be healfhy? Drink our milk and make us weal+hy. S G lvl agaifkyf Sensor Class of l95l Phone 26Ll Todedo FOR GOOD HOME COOKING Come To The 7060 KZ' 6 And Try SWEDE S AND ELEANOR S COOKING Toledo Washmgfon For a good breakfasf lunch or dmner COME SEE AMY AT THE TOLEDO WAT-4-Ll: bl-lCJ'FJ Phone 67L I Toledo Raybuck Elecfrnc Company Duck ScoH's Sporl' Shop Fechfner s Jewelry Hea'rh Hardware Ben Franklin I0c Sfore BurneH's Jewelr Brlck 8: Tlle Company En+erprnse Elecfrrc Hugh s Shoe Sfore Doanes Drug Sfore Wmlock Cenfra Cheha Cheha Cheha Cheha Cheha Cheha Cheha Cheha Cheha as ll ll . ' ll ll I l l ' .. . .. ,. r...., . .T I6 I I . , ,, . , ,,,. is Llllegard Hardware , .,,r, , ., .. .,,.r .. .T lis ' ' .. .r.,. ., A .,,, , ., is ' ' .,..,.rrrrr, ., ,,r,,. is I I E l Q F W x Swtw Vx' V V 224 Zwrqwuw housands ot students throughout 7 601-,uma Hundreds ot t the nation wiii treasure their dlf Yearbooks tor many years to come. ' istra- t teachers and schooi admin de Anriuais as Thousands o ' 74401 and Pubtic their t and tors weicome rt ot their Paren 0 HCC 4 ns progra essary pa N. reiatio ' eserving We are proud to have had a part in pr 'cs traditions and achievements ot the rnemori , t America. th e schoots o 'V' TA-5--'Cc , C- Q A ,V fgijif RQ x Q C2 --4-5 ,gm 3 .E E522 wit ,fv W5 qi- Q K xsfg xf Y vX, K -15:12 E- 6 W?-J Y! N X U A, f q .1 5 K K s V V KV 1 C FT ' Yi U . ,ff -:S 7 qi tc" , 'L fy Y ' C 91 wr . H' K' X v Y " , ' . ' - " x A 2 'xy' K' 33 TQ' . . A C. , , X ., K A K 9 X six Qt' ' K1 L fr' Y fx 'VL L 'x , Fw 5 C 'CJ v S, V, K xy X X . X U , jr ? Q Y 3' W - x xii? H", gm: in ' , er 41' V? ly", xr-' S-F fa I G Cv ' 5 , Q lr Q - v x - , ' " , Y 'I J f fy ,H Y Ty f' X J 5 U 'VV . 3 JV A U I "Y AV f l ' f F X t U I li- . Q vf ' X K jr Y, s x ',, R . . f t 5 . , ,X J YL R ,, . 1 N v . , ,T 4 ,Q 1 F .J , , . ' f' ,f 1 I f Y X , 1 jr I bl C x mt. :S , .X 'If ga X ,Ax I x A ' V". xy gel. 7 IN?-V l I ,,- Q ' I ' X. I , r gf. f any r T K in V . J -if Y , u I kay., I I, , A f L J I -' P Y... Q . x K - V x f. ' X R F' Tx . 1' mf - Qc- , - 12 jf Jn . I th xg xx F, , Q2 , Q- ' xr f 1 ' , 1. , J X W fri. 9 sts , r . W r , r A v ? 'l f. X nfiz ,M 2f'f'f2?j,ffffW,fff,,i,ffff My WM? W fdff ,ffffiflf WW WM ,gf jlmyfgjdff fmf f f 324593 f vfifaf fir, H! Wifi 94' 97' ff TZIM 200' ., ' l 49 0 ' J . x I fy, !f9' , xx' I , JV. C-QLJMQ UJ1' I yo 3 I l, P0 A QLIILXQJ , Y . I MJ 'AV It -M, f . ' ,A I f v ' J m 1 I A rm: .- .1 M? fa 4' "ITV .-Y-1, ,?!4'9 ak 'ff 4'i'2A""" f M . fj, 11 gr? :Q4ffy7f 4' n 7,.,.7-fffpqf ' 37 1 A.-a " f . ffmv 22 55' 7 Vghv flfffyf Aff? A K 4 y Ei! .' 7 7' .13 t rf" "7 Tsvfw-Z! . I F -2'-yi v '17 7 Z

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