Toledo High School - Twalmica Yearbook (Toledo, WA)

 - Class of 1949

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I 0 Mm fmzca I' OUIZZJEHZD my 64' Q og 5-90 cfm mf in cfm f Uocfg D7 X f fl 0 f f 2110570 f2fQ, ff ,SCZYOO 7013.530 wQg fff mgfQN k 1949 d rl ne wallace-edit I' V1 1 t 5' d sistant ed. harles ruland--bu ' ,mgr d H t m ry-snap ed, g rl nd doswev + c -r 'g -advisor gl-4. 3 0 0 d 1' h G t J tor ws ,il - Q V' X L I afcjfc a New In recognition of their efforts twenty-five years ago which resulted in the first THS annual, The Twalmica, we the rembers of the class of H499 dedicate this edition to the graduating class of UZLN. We have tried to make this silver anniversary edition the book we know you, the founders would have liked, We reversed your color scheme of silver and green and have clothed our book in green and white. We hope you, wherever you may be,will enjoy this annual which you in perhaps a larger measure than we, are responsible. To you as a class and to you individually: Daniel Boone L Ernest Boone Richard Grainger OCCUPATION Forestry Plywood Mill Principal RESIDENCE Aberdeen, Washington Longview, Washington Centralia, Washington Josephine Klien Wight Housewife Toledo, Washington Ray Knowles Logger Portland, Oregon Elsie Lahti Peel Housewife Portland, Oregon Bertha Lary Teacher Pendleton, Oregon Verna Layton Ryckman Housewife Centralie, Washington Marion Leach Greenman Housewife Kelso, Washington Mary Martinson Williams Housewife Toledo, Washington Lena Mc Kune Farmer Housewife Winlock, Washington Beatrice Paxton Fletcher Housewife Morton, Washington Dora Ellen Smith Lee Housewife Eugene, Oregon Warren Smith Ruby Tomlimson Farmer Can not be located Adna, Washington Ruth Uhri Rinta Housewife Winlock, Washington Beth Williaws Lojala Housewife Seattle, Washington Kenneth Williams Farmer Castle Rock, Washington Ralph Williams Farmer Toledo, Washington Erma Wing Hill Housewife Tacoma, Washington and in memoriam to Karlo Ritari we dedicate the lQ49 Annual. The Staff B 634753 WIT! We, the senior class of 1949, being of sound mind, do will and bequeath these few tokens of remembrance to posterity. Harriet Apling, leave my easy speech habits to Joyce Perry. Dixie Jones Alvord, leave my quiet ways to Janette Rakoz. Pat Buchholz, leave some of my sense of humor to Kelly Nolan. Paul Raubuch, leave my shaoely physique to Wilbur Murphy. CI eat Wheaties for breakfasts. Dorothy Dennett, leave Thelma ?ratt, leave my Darlene Wallace, leave fGod knows he reeds it my graceful ways to Jimmy Jacoby. freckles to Joe Majors. some of my hair to Nr. Stockbridge. Elsie Calvin, leave my ambition to become a psychiatrist to Mn Atz. CHe says that Ha Dorothy Montgomery, le Charles Ruland, leave Dyche Kalista, Glenn Jonas, Leave my to Milford Worley. Pat Forward leave my Verna Hart, leave my ll psychiatrists are crazynl. ave my tactful ways to Velda Seward. my ability to keep an argument going to' ability to get along with Miss Carlson small feet to Harold Moulton. oft voice to Hatha Wallace. y l ity o U t r to Naril Gries. Donna Hansen, leave R ab 1' Q t ge. a ma. . 1 yn Annabelle Clark, leave all of my gum to Mrs. Donegian. Edward Packard, leave my polite manners to Arthur Jones. Marie Kirkendoll, leave my athletic abilities to Maxine Perry. Violet Grande, leave my curly hair to Bobby Lasiter. Rosalie Matlick, leave my slenderness to Naomi Martin. Walter Lyon, leave my tremendous height to Wallace Comptom. Garland Deaver leave one of my front teeth to Lee Thompson. Dean Martin, leave my wit to Della Durham. Leon Grizale, leave my Chattanooga accent to Dale Lee Wallace. Ernest Conradi, leave my football skill to Addy Stinger. Wayne Massey, leave my numerous activities to Ray Turner. Fermsn Killian, loave my long eye lashes to Joe Gray. fThey add So much to a girl's appearancel. Mr. Kletscn we leave a master switch to turn off aU.the lights in the building. Mr. Atz we leave a twenty-eight hour day so he won't have to work all night. Mr. Blake we leave a pump to keqothe water out of his basement Miss Coppock we leave Miss Carlson we leave closing please.U CTo Miss Hale we leave an study hall. HCindy.U Please make her go home. a phonograph record of Hthe library is save her tonsilsl. aspirin for those last five minutes in Mrs. Donegian we leave a bottle of finger-nail polish. fTo paint the heads of her straight pinsl. Mr. Seeley we leave an overflowing band room of kids, instruf ments, and uniforms--w ---- new that is. Mr. Stockbridge we leave a driver's manual which explains how to stop at red lights. We also leave some correction fluid. Mr. Hipoi wc leave our brownie buttons in return for his shat- tered nerves frcm driving class. CAlso a dollar for gasl. Mr. Waterman we leave Toledo High School we our horseshoe cleats and lipstick marks. leave ----- period. when . They Dear Vickey How is terested in ago. When I saw so many QZCOQ QCQ May 27, 1969 Alvord, - everything at T.H.S.? Thought you would be in- the class of HLQH, since we graduated 20 years flew to California last week for a few days, I I knew from the class of HAQH. The pilot on the airplaine and co-pilot were Wayne Massey and Ernest Conradi Marie Kirkendoll was a nurseg Walter Lyon was the radio operator. Leon Grizzle is the head hookkeeper at the Los Angeles Airport. Sure was suprised to see him. While I was there I had the chance to see Paul Raubuch and his dance band at the Rondivoo, Elsie Calvin was at the piano, and Dorothy Montgomery sang with the band. Thecther day I talked to Pat Forward on the street here in Longview. She is working as a secretary in the Medical Arts Building in Portland where Garland Deaver is a pharmac- ist, and Pat Buchholz is one of the nurses. Have you noticed the advertising in the Oregonim? Dorothy Dennett is oing all the designing of the ads and Annabelle Clark is her secretary. It seems there are three bachelors out of the class of are Charles Ruland, Lt. Commander USN5 Edward Packard, a mechanicg Ferman Killian, a farmer in California. Five girls are married and have no other occupation but to keep house. Their names while in school were Verna Hart, Harriet Apling, Dixie Alvord, Rosalie Matlick and myself. Verna and Dixie are still in Toledo. Harriet lives in Port- land. Rosalie and I live here in Longview. We hear Glenn Jones over KTZ, from the Yankee Stadium sponsored by the Martin Logging Co., of which Dean Martin is manager. Violet Grande is an accountant and Thelma Pratt secretary in the logging company. I know you don't know all these people but your mother or your journalism teacher, Darlene Wallace can help you. We were all in the same class. Sincerqly yours, 2 -J' 1,,4r.,' as-va ,-yan, Donna Hansen .vefzfof acffaf, 5 VALEDICTORIAN 3 1 Congratulations, Qgrlege Wallgge, for your scholesticechievement, that of being veledictorian of the cless of 1949. This honor has been earned by your diligent study during your four years in high school. In add- ition to being a faithful scholar you have co-operated in many school ec- tivities. You have been nominated as the D.A.R. candidate to represent Toledo. Also you have worked as Editor of nTwalmicaN. May your achieve- ment continue throughout life. SALUTLTORIAN To Pat Buchhglg goes the honor of being salutetorian of her class. Pat has proved to be a conscientious student and active school citizen. As well as being a co-operative student, she has found time to participate in many school activities among which are: Publications, Music, Student Government, Quill and Scroll, Tore' Honor, and Drematics. Best wishes, Pat, for a successful future. MUSIC This year the music department is being represented by Elsie Calyig who has won achievenent in thrt field for her interest in musical activities She has competed in music for seven years end hrs achieved the highest rat- ing in her class. Elsie has been an active member of both band and glee club. She has been in nany musical programs. This yerr she has found time to edit the school paper and has promoted school spirit by her work in dif- ferent activities. Nay success crown your efforts through out your life. ACTIVITIES The activities award has been bestowed upon WCVHSQMQEQQX by the fec- ulty, for his work in the Stage Crew and F.F.L. Wayne has displayed qual- ities demanded of an active citizen--untiring effort, co-operation, and de- pendability. Good luck, Wayne, from your fellow clfssmztes. ' CITIZENSHIP , Mgrie Kirkendgll has demonstrated her trait of good citizenship by her work es Treasurer of the Student Body. Also as president of her class in her Senior yerr she has shown her school citizenship. Marie is a willing worker, and e courteous, polite member of the student body. May your citi- zenship record continue throughout life. X7 '? Q Z' 7 Q X 1 ' TALENT To Qgrothv Montgggggy goes the honor of being thc first person to re- ceive the Special Talent Award. She receives thisewerd because of her slr round excellence in all phases of school life. She is talented in music and has demonstrated qualities of citizenship. Best of luck, Dorothy. LTH ETICS Qlenn Qgnes won the athletic award for his interest in football, basketball and baseball. Glenn, is a four-year letterman and was Captainof the football and basketball term. He was also voted president of hisziass and of the Student Body. Glen is courteous, honest and fair. May you con- tinue to enjoy life es fully as you have thus far. euro ga eww f 1 ,lv 1 1 I , f ffm f m ff 1 lrg7Z 5' Q I -ef-We ff- W . 17, .',fv " 223179 ' ,U f IW W- ff f , 'X , ff l'1'Q7 . ' , ,QEWX , ,M f 'f A2, ,1ac3K I -f I f 1, "'-' Q i f-f A - .- f 2 , f ,fy ,f -5 ! X A ' ni 4 egagfmxiu. sig , f fmszwnqwgzzf-':iafZuwmxxxmw 21. f, W!.4q41!f'7,!l,Hll!,: ,.., ' JV .mv-l' '13 Y X 1" f MM! N 'W Ki , X K- ' 4 "X s ww 7 I 5 7 1 f w I I QL! ,f fl x, , X an le ,Q-MQ. Y'-nf, 4-Y-SS .. ,i, V 3 M I 'Q 5 Elsie Calvin Class Pres. l,2,35 Sgt. at Arms 45 Band 1,,2,3,45 Glee Club l,3,45 Class Play 3,45 Librarian 15 Twalamica Staff 45 Operetta 4: Talent Show 3,45 Viewpoint Staff 3,45 Editor 45 Indian Club 45 Quill and Scroll 45 Office Force 35 Mixed Chorus 45 Carn. Comm. 3,45 Sextette 3,45 Music Contest 3,45 Squaw Club Pres. 35 Girls Club Pres. 45 Band Prefz. 4 Dvan Martin Clause Sec. 45 Class Play 3,45 Operetta 35 View- point Staff 3, Redskins 45 Indian Club 33 l".F.A. l,2,3,45 l-'oolballl 45 Baseball 3,-lg Stage Crew 35 Nlixcfl Choruss 35 Boys Quartette Harris-1 Aplingg Class Pres. 3QSCC.'lQTFffc1S.lQCOUS. 45 Glee Club 2,35 Opr.-retta 35 'I'alm'xl Show 35 Play Prod. 3,43 G.A.A. 2,3,+l5 Pres. 45 lndiun Club 35 lf.H.A. 3,45 lvlasjorc-tie 35 Office Force -lg Caro. Queen 45 Srfxicftte 25 Girls Club Trolls. 35 l".H.A. Vice Pres. 45 Transferred lrom Union High School Ivlill Plain, 'vVussli. in-lr. yr-ar Rosalie lvlatlick Glee Club 1,25 Class Play 3,45 Opera-Lia 25 Talent Show 31 Viewpoint Stall 2,3,45 G.A.A. 2,3,45 l'4.l'i.A. 2,3,45 'fomalleiwk 35 Carnival Committee 3 Edward Packard Play Production 3,45 F.F'.A. l,2,3,45 Team Manager 35 Stage Crew 45 Boys Club l,Z,3,4 Wayne NlElSSf'f,' Play Production 3,45 Redskins 45 l-'.F.A. l,2,3,Llg Football lg lwiixcd Chorus 2,4 Dorothy lvlonlgouiei-2-y SongQue0r1 3,45 Swing Band 35 Glfge Club 3,45 Class Play 3,-15 Operf-tim 35 Talent Show 35 View. S1ail3,45 Quill and Srroll 3,45 l".Il.A. 3,-l5 Torch Honor 3,43 lvlixecl Chorus 3,43 Corn. Cozrxrrz. 3,45 Sexlette 3,45 Girls Quar. 'lg Twfil. Stall' 45 Trarieslf-r'1'Qrl from Chr-halis High School Cliellalis, Waslxinggton in-lr. year Tluelma Pram Band l,2,3,-lg Vlf,'Xkl3OlYll Stall -lg l".ll.A. l,2,3,45 Soxletie 45 Plug, Pvocluclion Staff 3 Donna Seward Hansen Yell Queen 35 Cwlefl Club l,2,35 Librarifln lg Twalamic-a S1all45 Operetta 25 Play Prod. 3,45 Viewpoint Staff 35 Cr.A.A. l,2,3,45 lf.H.A. 2,3,-lg lvlotlier Sr. Tea 3 Pam Forward Class Vice Pres. 45 Sec. 35 Trees. 25 Sgt. at Arms 25 Talent Show 35 Co-chairman 4, Yell Queen 2,35 Glee Club 2,3,45 Class Plav 3,45 Twalarnica Staff 35 Operetta 2,35 Viewpoint Staff 35 Cr.A.A. 3,43 Nlajorelte- 35 Stage Crew 45 Tvlixed Chorus 45 Sextetle 35 Miisic. Con.3,-15 S.B. Vice Pres. -I X Q X Patsy Buchholz Class Treas. 43 Asst. Stu. Body Treas. 33 Band l,2,33 Glee Club l,Z,,43 Class Play Walter Lyons Clnszs Vice- Pres. 35 Representative 'lg Sggl. al Arms 3gS1uclrfm Body Pres. 43 Vicf--Pros. 43 Constable 1,23 L.ibral-ian Z5 Talr-nt Slaow 33 Play Prod. 33 Redskins Z,33 Indian Club 1,33 l".l'l.A. l,Z,3,flg Belskelball 1,Z,f5,4g 'loam Managgcrr lg l Caron. CCJITIIYT. Z 4 as 3,43 Twalamica Staff 43 Operetta 2,3,43 Talent Show 3,43 Viewpoint Staff 3,43 Quill and Scroll 45 Office Force 3g Torch Honor l,2,3,43 Mixed Chorus 4g Carn. Comm. 3,4g Sextette 3,43 Music Contest 3,43 Girls Club Vice Pres. 43 Co-Chairman Talent Show Dixie Jone s Alvord Class Treas. 33 Sgt. at Arms 13Glee Club l,Z5 Class Play 43 Operetta 23 Viewpoint Stall Z,3,43 G.A.A. l,Z,3,4g FJ-l.A. 2,3,43 Glen jones St. Vice Pres. 43 Class play 3,43 'I'walamica Staff 4g Operelta 35 Tale-nt Show 3,43 Redskins Z,3,4g Quill and Srroll 43 F.l".A. l,2,3,4g Football Z,3,43 Basket- ball Z,3,flg Torrh Honor 1,3,4g lvlixerl Chorus 3,43 Carn. Comm. 3,43 Boys Quartelte 3,43 Class Rep. 1,2 W Treas. Tomahawk 33 Carn. Comm 3g Typing Team 3 Marie Kirk endoll Ernest Conradi 55, Class Pres. 43 Student Body Treas. 45 Band 23 Glee Club 1,3,4g Opereifta 2,35 Play Prod. 3,43 G.A.A. l,Z,3,4g F.H.A. 1,Z,3,4g Student Body Cons. lg Girls Club Vice Pres. 3j Secretary 43 F.H.A. Conf. 3 ., ,,,.,.., Play Prod. 3,43 Redskins 3,43 F.F.A. l,2,3,43 Football 3,43 Baseball 43 Carn. Comm 3,43 Boys Club l,2,3,4g F.F.A.judging Team 2,43 Sentinel 45 Cons. 4 Paul Raubuch Class Treas. lg Swing Band 3,43 Band 3: Class Play 43 Operetta 23 Talent Show 3,43 Play Prod. 3g Viewpoint staff 43 Indian Club 33 F.F.A. 1,23 Stage Crew 33 Mixed Chorus Z,3,4g Boys Quariette 4 Darlene Wallace Class Pres. 43 Sec. Z5 Student Body Sec.23 Cons. 1 Swing Band 43 Band l,23 Glee Club l,Z,3,4g Class Play 3,43 Librarian 23 Twalamica Staff l,2,3,43 Editor 43 Operetta 23 View Staff 3,43 Quill and Scroll 43 D.A.R. 43 Torch Honor 1,-53,43 Typing Team 3 111 uw' li' ,,g'1:la 4,C1,f-ff Cx.ll1 l,2,5,-l, C.usa Play 4. 32551. ,zfa Stal: 4, C,Jy.r'rffx.t.fl 2,35 Play Prod. 45 lvylf' E,f,lT.I Sail '25-25 Quill and Scroll 3,45 .l".H.A. 2,5 fflzffrl Cllffrut fl Jr-z no llart, jgpioz' Prong CQrml:1littf:ff5junior Play Comrnitteeg Girls Club 2,3,4 Cllarlfw Rillarlcl Claes Pres. 25 Sgt. at Arms 35 Prose, Att, 35 Cong, 25 Claw, Play 3,-35 Twal. Stall 3,45 Oper-etta 2,35 Talent show 3,45 l2,f2cliskin?s 3,45 Quill and Scroll 45 l".l".A. l,Z,35 Football 3,-3 3Ccglt:r5:1 45 Basffball-15 Team Ewianager 15 Torch Honor l,3,45 Stage: Crew 35 lvlixed Choir 2,35 Carn. Comm 3,45 Clas 5 Rflprrfx rfntative 4 Verman Killian Play Prod. 3,45 Rf-dskirls 3.-ls F.F.A. l,2,3,4: Football 2,3,4 Violet Grando Class Vice Pres. 15 Mother Sr. Tea Comm. 25 Student Body Treas. 35 Librarian 15 Class Play 45 Twalarnica Staff 45 Asst. Ed. 45 View. Staff 3,45 Office Force 35 Play Prod. 35 Tomahawk 35 Typing Team 35 Girls Club Treas. 35 Quill and Scroll 45 Carn. Comm. 35 Torch Honor 4 Dorothy Dennett Girlfi Cl'-lb Sec. 31 C1685 Rep. 1,25 Secretary 2,35 Glee Club l,3,45 Twalamica Staff 45 Play Prod, 45 View, Staff 3,45 Office Force 35 Mixed Chorus 45 Carn. Princess 25 Mother Sr. Tea Z5 jr. Prom Comm. 2 Leon Grizzle Student-judge 45 Class Play-15 Operetta 45 Talent Show 45 Play Prod. 45 View. Staff 45 Redskins 45 Football 4: Base- ball 45 Stage Crew 45 Mixed Chorus 45 Inspirational Award 45 Stage Manager 45 Transferred from Central High School Chatanoga, Tenn. in Sr. Year Garland Deaver Class Vice Pres. 35 Cons. 4: Pep Sta-ff 3:Ye1l King 45 Class Play 3,45 Twal. Staif 45 Operetta 35 Talent Show 3: View. Staff 45 Redskins 45 Spelling Team 35 Carn. Comm. 45 Transferred from Astoria High School Astoria, Oregon in jr. year I Fall Scrrmstffr Officcsrs Prcsiclcnlf- Gerald Hendricks Vice: Presidenb- Donald Ice Treasurer-U George Hack ScC1'ctary-- Ray Turner 5511. at Armen- Don jones Gerald Ilvndrifkg Rrrpresentatives-- Maralcvc Schroder Donald Ice and Lester Maw Spring Srcrncmter Offimrrffs Prrrsidenb- Melzmdy Wallace Vice Presidcnt-- Paul Massey Trez1surer-- Gfroryge Hack Snm'etary-- Frarxctes Linwood Sggi. al Arm5-- Don Maxsafaey RO1JFC5CxDl,8iiVl.TS-' Nadine Cox and Thomas Howard Ivlelocly Wallace Paul Ma55ffY Gordon Dieringer Nadine Cox Duane Gunderson Kenneth Crane Thomas Howard D onuld Mafzseif' Ruth Himka Donald jones RfJfJQI'T, Dunivan Leste " Kiev: Boss ie Sherman Ra Txlrner jean fwioore ans ES Linwood Roland London Ruth Iwlcmz-e RObl,'TT ISUCJTIFI Athericfrz Siingyfr Lllzora NEC Ewen Robert Randall Larry lrlcimunson Barbara Batchelo Lee Thompson Maralee Schroder George Hack CAMERA SHY Vern Wehtje joe Gray Ruth Harris '56 r .v r.'i.fxiff-,, .w.5SiuL,1or, 11.51-rrv, F1.i!f1r1o-r, Lfngxry, filnauzfr, ',1.?Sf1f,:w, j.'iz1jfw"w, A.!1.w'is, C.'i+'ft- 1 v vi, if-40110 raw: 'f,fff:nr:sfi1, F'.f'hK'1":1r1, X5.P'ff'i'fl, '5,'3fn','13Q, A.7if1'm!:aIQ, 1.5"-ra-wrfi, V4S,u9fey, fi. rr'-Qi:-r, Qi,f,, fi Hfsrlfzng Vik2z1f'f2 ff.'Q.:'?xn, fiifurfzf, 53 ru'-:',V, ',.f 'sf'.Hr1, Wdkpling, U. xx u'w'L,, Idiflffrfl, Y.N:-rf'r:r:x:,: inf. fix rfvf, l.i11r1,Ex, . ','b':r', Quin' -, R.P.xr'y1sh, j.'4cAs':r:-,' w f , w mxzff-f-, A,1,,n,- , x,.lfff,,z'Af- , .- IW, brunt row: ilffempletun, 1,.,-Lnzth, j.P'c-rrv, 1:43, f'.i1z1I'rz1r., ff Q, PM-slime, j.Ffs1kfJ1, 1..Jsav1s, S. l,1mr!nng Second row? N5.Cr1es:, L.5tdr.f1fp1i, 11:22-v, ",4Q',f,g'ffr, 'v,:ffw::r!, 4fL.ha1la:'Q, ifhllzugiris, j.Sawgn ujzurham, G.Coopc'rg Third row: L'xU,,qmg, j.:i.-file-vp, xyvjgzcoby, Ii.Cm1raU. J.H!fCQi1ea:ur, rivf-Warmer, KHQS Carlsong Fourth row: U.i"Urwar4i, I,.E'.cn-lxrwg, n.9xx1flersL.:rt, I-?.I.f:wis, l5.Ts,, 5l.Nf7l8n, Pliehtje, L.GrLz- zivg Fifth row: H.'-iouiton, 53.1-lacbzfbv, raisalli, Lhiorle-y, C,?.1aw, 4,,HeY.ers, 5-X,Lj.'on. DB5 FO Massey nes, E Ruland y, u,w , v S I A.. , ix K . ,L A Q vt f H 11 5 1 . f n A 1 1 , f X f f xx W X I, ff T ff 4 ! 'l y ' f X W3 ,f VW- - sf was 'XX -1 , X - X U 2 Z M X X f K ff! ' Z 1 W ff X L 'pw Seated. LSR! G. jones, L. Grizzle, Mrs. Mortensen, Director, C. Ruland, D. Martin. Kneeling. L:R: P. Forward, A. Clark, V. Grando. Sianding. LZR: G. Deaver, P. Buchholz, D. Alvord, R. Matlick, D. Wallace, M. Kirkendoll, IC. Calvin, P. Raubuch, D. Montggomery. First Row. LSR: C. Peters, L. Staniield, J. Perry, B. Young. Second Row. LAR: L. Grizzle, P. Gilman, P. Forward, B. Batchelor, Mr. Stockbridge, Advisor Third Row. L:R: E.. Packard, W. Lyons, L. Edmunson, J. Rokoz. ,nr X rl, 5 1, xxifu,-mi- Mm A., New M, 1 x1."f'ixE. nik' i1,,-I f., .1 "' " Vlf""X I 'vw T i'i31"iY1'x'7f"41Y .- , 1 1, nv. ..,L,,i L, , pu,-4 , i,. 4 . , .K 'MfH,- K, . 2 1.4, If , 2 .E X f , . , FW 14225 . JV 1 uf-wvixzxu. lv!! 14, 10132111 areal: R,Puxum-:', l3JEuCfd xL4,rxf1,i.1115, 1521 row: QEAGIW1 ' zinc! i fm , gm! www: if . 13411 gmac", Ui,rf'ciur. v rwxs, 1, t'17,LX1f15 .14 xii' YL lun fy, LMA ada wigzmixul ll. :ma-tml! efafma .3 pq WX 1-ii' v , u w., 4,4-11-'s,.dn, :E..-Qfyzxm-ix, l.fKf:vr'f: N'-Vu" N x"wf1'i"'x E' "1z'fEl11M17, V C'1"17k Y 1.,v.-9111111161131 Utnm, if-. izxwfgfijv, EJ 51"au'mL's, yikmw- 'L ' 1 21, z., vgcurwva, jwjo Left to rightj. Rokoz, P. Raubuch, W. Mackey, G. Wallace, D. Wallace -J FiI'S'C Row. L.:R: W. Mackey, T. Bowen, D. Durham, B. Herren, E. Calvin, I. Boone D. Williams, I. Blair, C. Reuther, A.-Iones, D. Ice. Second Row. LAR: R. Durham, D. Wade, A. Trafton, E. Spry, D. Clark, N. Martin, D. jones, S. Seward, J. Clark, Third Row. LAR: F. Apling, D. Olson, J. Seward, R. Ice, M. Wallace, V. Waterman, B. Ray, T. Pratt, B. Mackey, B. Kalich, G. Wallace, S. Gibson. Standing I..:R: H. Ruland. J. Sawin, Mr. Seely, Director. 0 0 7011 ' IifH'f41lY1V llqfi in v'i2g,?SY: I,.'2Y,:w, C,L,.242aif'x1 5-25mf4Qf:f2, fQ,f,1xxf-K, ffirx?St:i4ifi,rifig,S fkffvifgqgy "'1f1Vf'fiUH' I-1 ww- sg P-ffmrmzfs 11 Ssfxwff-11, IIJNE? f,siz,, szmwnsmiy, w,f.-mmf-, ff 25- ,fav Zituxsffizw, ,mf xww: 31. 354,123 ,fxygqvy-V, rms, 2Q,i almdcd 'View ' Eirxeulisxgg, Zwft in 1'i,,fxf: Lifsaw, i3.?1usxzQr, V.ijm::zvifX, I3.53zitv1wlu:-, j.i3r:w L, Pmrzfxfiulfi, ,3.f3iwrvr,mA, 25.512 :m1r11 , iJ.?luraiwwmvi'ff iitamiinaz i6.Qxgz2t!,if-ia, iphlyvurfi, Illialimrcf, f'k.f,T2w'P., U.Uem1v1t, Lulisxciliumls, ihfixlzmm, 32.5231-2K:wu3e.L!,? jkiswfxv, Ehliigggirxfs, imiiovg, Third Eczwl G.E5e?fs2v:'1', EJ.h':4ui1xxv?-, 33" Qif.wi'klr:'if'ivf:, hdvifamr, f2.jonf:ss, jlffculwzifz, Ef.Cs:3x'i:1, SPE-1I,I.ING TIGAIXA Firm How. N555 Carlson, L. Spry, P. Nolan Sc-Cfmfi Row. R. Turner, V. W01ltjf' Carncfra Shv, V. T,irwwmmrl ' 1-?3f-314113 .-,1is:E?i?3if1 A- Q ,, Q ' K F25 -.. x LEBRARY STAFF Front Row. B. Davis, R. Higgins, I. Williams, S. London Second Row. J. Sawin, Miss Carlson irsa Ro-f.. L-:Rt P. B'1cEg2:f,lz, '2 . Grarzdcz, 5.5. Kirkfihcicil, '-V. Lv 'rCC1ifl Roux. LIR: Mrs. DCTZlW'fiiQf'., Girls Club Adzfisur, fwfr. E-iigagsi, Bay Club rlviisor, FQ. Cizlfqirz, Turns-r, G. E'I1f.i1'iCk:S . ' 5 gm l'em!e.w Kneeflinfg. LIR: D. IN.faf.sf:Q.', P. 5.If1:ace1.', j. b.ic.4.:1+f:zj:, A.. Stinger, B. Turner. Standiztgg Firm Roxy. LIR: Ii. Cox, Perry, R. Harrie, R. F. Lirgvocgd, XI. Shrceciffr, B. Sherman. Second Raw. LZRI RGROZ, A. Ranciall, B. Bajxne. Third . L:RZ L. Ecimunsozt, R. Turner, Cf. Hack, R. Lewis, R. Dunifxazf R. 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Rokoz, B. Turnrfr, I.. Ivluw, 1. M21jr11'fa, j. Rnkoz.. Standing Sf-cond Row. L:R: J. MCAnffny, M. Sl1rm:c,1rer, H. Aplingg, B. Bf11'Lchf'1mr, D. Mc1Ci1Imani,, C.. Maw, J, Majcgrfg Standing Second Row. LAR: G. D1-avvr, E". Linwuod, I.. Smith, N. Mf1ri.ir1, D. Iviontgomcry. Qdvtdft ' Kneeling. LSR: Cf..Ionf:5, Cv. Deaver, B. Turner, R. Lewis, A. Stinger, P. Massey, D. Micer. Seated . LSR: N. Wallace, P. Nolan, B. Boyne, F. Linwood, N. Stuber, D. Iviontgomefry, D. Wallace, N. Martin. Standing. L2Rt A. Clark, H. Apling, D. McCalmen'c, A. Davis, S. London C. Ruland, V. Wohtje, T. Howard, R. Turner, HZ. Calvin, V. Grando, P. Buchholz. 4.566 Front Row. D. Xxionigomery, F. Linwood, V. Grande, P. Buchholz, A. Clark, Mr. Stockbridge, Advisor. Second Row. D. Wallace, C. Ruland, G. Deaver, El. Calvin, Cfnjonoa .k,.. 5 ...V 1 E ---,W S i E E K 'Q Www S Q M f .-'ALL SCH' -Ci' QHARX -, 1 , , N xv in.. , '. -Q Vw "WW f 4 1, ffm ff' 1 if, 1 V v ' 1 X f 1f+wT.Hfvwf :Lf f , H. .fE .w.1i , . ,,s, , Am '. Ya. ILM , SJ, ,t 11, ,vqzf M, , , 3,1 V A Xiu ,. YV-,V ' 'f ',L,, alight' ,l1f,,.., ,f3ll,1,,g , .A LIRZ D. Nlontgornefry, Song Qurff-n, M. Boone, G. Dr-avffr, I. Forward, Yell Lrfacler L. Smi'ch, Song Queen. widow - First Row. LSR: R. Matlick, S. London, M. Cooper, P. Nolan, MI. Perry. Second Row. LIR: Mr. Atz, Advisor, B. Young, J. Sawin, EZ. Calvin, D. Alvord, B. Sherman, B. Batchelor. 7? Ray Turner wchalaeew Queen Harriet I .'7DfGff Seated L:R: T. Howard, M. Wallace, A. Stinger, M. Shroeder, F. Linwood, D. Massey. Standing LAR: R. Moore, E. McEwen, J. Gray, R. Dunivan, K. Crane, Miss Carlson, Director, B. Sherman, R. Hanks, G. Hendricks, B. Batchelor. 7,?.fi', ' M lf I-W. lil. A. Ol"lflCl'1RS A. Slinggvr, L. l'1dnum.acm, G. Hack, R. 'l'u?rm-r, Mr. Blake, P. lv'laf.svy, ld. Conradi. W. Massey L 1' , Ami W R09 G9 FFA I". F. A. JUDGING TFTANI l?l'01TlR,UW. LZR: D. Mafasm-y, P. lwlassfy, B. Turner, A. Siinygr-r, W. IxAass,c-y Second Row. LZRI K, Crime, B. Randall, li. Conradi, R. Turner, G. liack, lxlr. Blake, Advisor k F. F. A. MEMBILRS First Row. LSR: D. Forward, K. Crane, J. Gray, W. Lyons, G. Hendricks, H. Conradi, P. Omeg, D. Higgins, D. lxdeier, j. Majors, Mr. Blake, Advisor. Second Row. L:R: W. Apling, li. Rowling, W. Massey, E. Com-adi, 1. Jacoby, B. Turner, P. Massey, B. Randall, C. Calvin. Third Row. LZR: R. London, R. Turner, G. Bailey, B. Anderson, R. Lewis, G. jones, C. Maw, J. jones, 1. lx4cAneuy, F. Waterman. Fourth Row. LIRI F. Wehtje, H. Moulton, W. Mackey, R. Walls, C. Peters, W. Lyons, M. Worley, A. Stinger, G. Hack. Fifth Row. L:R: L. Thompson, T. Howard, D.joncs, D. Dieringer, F. Killian, E. Packard, D. Massey, R. Boone, L. Edmunson, D. Wallace, A. jones, L. Ziegler. .- 1 jf IV L .1 A J The Toledo FFA Chapter met the requirments for .Master Chapter again for the second consecutive year. It is only through much continued effort and personal endeavor of men- bers that a Chapter can receive this state recognition. r v . Judging contests entered were the Auburn Fat Southwest Washington Fair,Cowlitz County Fair, Western Wash- ington Fair, Janalu Judging Contest, Pacific International Livestock Exposition, and the Washington Junior Poultry Ex- position. The judgini teau cane hone with four banners. In all they had a very fruitful year. Team nenbers were Raylhr- ner, Paul Massey, LddyStinger, Wayne Massey, and Ernest Con- radi with Kenneth Crane, BaiTurner, George Hack,Bob Randall, and Don Massey as alternates. Community services rendered by the Chapter included pruning fruit trees, tractor and equipment custom work and cattle clipping. As the delegate of the Toledo Chapter, Ray Turner was sent at the Chapters expense, to attend the National FFA Convention held at Kansas City, Missouri. The big social event of the year was the third annual father-son banquet held March 9 at the Hich School. At this banquet Paul Massey received the trophy award for having the outstanding supervised farming program for the year l9hB. Three honorary members were introduced. They were Mr. Atz, High School Principal, Mr. Fred Hess,Fbd.tractor dealer, Mr. John Blake, advisor. and Ray Turner won the FFA Union Pacific Scholarship forthe year l9h8. It was based on his supervised farming program and school scholarship. , ln connection with the Parliamentary Procedure Contest and Toledo Chapter played host to Chehalis, Elma, Battle- ground and ridgefield on Feb. 26. In the contest Toledo placed third. Ray Turner and Paul Massey were the chapter nenbers who attended the State FFA Convention held at Pullman. Two applicants filed for the degree of State Farier, namely, Paul Massey and Ray Turner, Turner was accepted Q Z7 Last year the Chapter purchased a new Ford Tractor a provision is being made for replacing it again next year W 7 YQ ., , A 1222222222: F NX an ZLOQFQQAS K X f' ff 4351 X J X f K ff X I f X riffs-'T -qw 5 6 -ix XJ 4525 'LL Y. 'wjgllm QQ-ffuamw ' ' .f s : Jai X kg- , . f X f f gig! iii. '- "S K :Six .,. fn X ,4 .f f Q , is-A' " 17 .J 1 1-i?,-f , 'g 2+ .fff f ff? ' 5 . , X I N xx ix f 1 X X X J I I New prff' 1 r KAIYZUTW ie x 1 153 5. f 5 i at-. I-If-.1 .S 1 .s v , 1, , 1 rf .fx an M is vu :fa :H H ITIYFI' Uv 1sf1VI2f'Hix'4- I N117 vffIl'i'l vlxx II: Yew .vsnsfig 111: ,snk ai .1 I! last 1v,,'-.uw nf lm- lux Il 5,gf!s,11. fmsx ml. fs-V "'v'f."'f 21 nr , 5,1 fis.,uYf'!' f 1 H141 il"- Hg www HAI . .sk ,, MVN , x 5 ixlwr. 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Mr. Austin and Mr. McQuigg were appointed by the County Superintendent of Schools to represent Drews Prairie, Cowlitz Bend, Upper Cowlitz, and Cowlitz Prairie. This addition of trustees was made in 1948 when these four districts consolidated with the Toledo Schools. In 1949, Mr. Austin and Mr. McQuigg were elected by popular vote to serve on the Board of Education for a term of three years. ' wwe Sitting L:R: H. Apiing, E.. Higgins, B. Batchelor. Standing LZR: R. Hanks, j. Moore, Mr. Kletch, T. Pratt, M. Kirkendoll. BUS DRIVERS Boys Patrol Front Row. M. Holland, R. Durham, J. Watson, G. Kirkendoll, R. Lyons Second Row. M. Barnes, B. Herren, D. Gunderson, B. johnson, H. Kennon Elf .HU ,M I I . iv. +1 - -1- -nmm.'H 466 l : r - , F., 1. A f ig? 5 be W pg? 3 I 77 14 I O Mrrlz, Simclabrirlggff, MII' ,. fifw-vm 1-ri, Ev'I1",. faHir3r,n, ?VT?'Tl. 3Ni1lje,1rr,'1, Mira. CQ! HY ?,.2Mm L .ea " ' Xi? -2 1V if? ' k is X Eff? 'HQ . img 'is . 4 4' zz oiriwwii f X 5 , I f if ff I , 7 ,ff V , ' X W ' ""?ET5rvlzrrf1,Qvul'dL ' " qw 'X V fl W NS? fa , A ' al! n f ir, fi fx f y X 4 ,ff X im .. , x -" ' NEW 7 NNW -5, QQ Awzuau ZZ X Y . K N 1 9611 f 1 1 ff lN 4! f j f y L fyf V f f, 1 X f f f f f , I . ff W 1, ff X 'Umm We Our To The.. ALL Cj'AM6A"H I ff 16. W., fdg M K, 42 X F' 52, 3 1' F6 fl' 'mf K B 64-HVQS ANDH MASTER as V , iifp, 1 week D. MMMV ,E CONRHOI 45 L. Maw F ffw-MN Q49 if G. UAONC6 - Co- CJRPT D. Tones L,. CJ'Rszz.L,g - INSR if - X 5 M fn? Wmmww x if H' i 5' 5 . K" ,E mm JEL? f 1.5 fb S1 'S 'R JW' 'uve as M Q' 1 A' aku Z ,TURNQR V . R., L N Gr, BAILEY He.moRncKS 7? Boone Cfowexs G. MQW VJ. Mnssev T. HOL-MRD .gy 3 7mm ack. N KIlOf4T1iI'IfZ, LIRZ 1. Ivlajorza, D. Siicvwson, ii. Owing, M. Worley Siumiing. LSR! Cr. Baillie-y, V. Wlflljljfi, D. ICO, K. Nolan, Mir. Hippi, Ccbarzh IUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL in Q QL E0 kv' E00 kg L E00 silk' E00 Q 0 -'SL E00 53 Kneeling. LIR2 G. Kirkendoll, T. Bowen, R. Lyons, R. Chandler, Ivi. Holland, F. Apling, C. Worley, Manager. Standing. LIR2 P. IvIcQuigg, -I. Oppelt, B. Johnston, G. Wilson, j. Watson, Mr. Lahti, Coach Q-X maxi ,W 1? gmefaff A I K W VVVV, 4 f ,ili - z,1f"fs:?g1's1' 1,52 If L. ' .ffj , 1 W ftfqfkf wig. . 2,ig2'?2?g g1Qs:ff:T 5 2512? l1' . " -V .,:. 2, I ' .xii wi an f Q, wwf 'I UU' m, ,Q fog, QU dy X .9 'A 5 w QL- K3 ,P gig ff. afoma - Ou+f,b.1,1 J, Mmm: X- jnfiplg W mifagcri 5 X v I h Vm,f E 1 :bi 1 "'f 1 f N 5 X f N f I I 1:6 ' h X X 5 , , y r s 1 . 5 ,J XX ig 3 X N ff, 1- E! . P! ,i if 'E .... ""' I - ,V .ff S2 W 1 19300 ' I aff- . 2 f S L Af. Hara' f fkxvxajcff D-NLALPSHK1 K Ftinnlfjtk - Vi K.Q'4vw CDUXYVIYQIQ! N Wu! ff 'w m M ,4,, " " mPx 'ky ., w 3 5 i if 0, UUGJYQCQ? -N Pffdlev- 01497 ffnfvkld l,,gs,4ev .W QQ-fqkcfy LAL M4 Q lx X L' H X K ut 4' :Iowa f, K: ffiol. v ftf :5,d First Row. LAR: Mr. Hippi, Coach, E.. Conradi, D. Martin, R. Boone, W. Lyons, G. Hendricks, L. Edmunson, G. Dierenger, C. Ruland, Mr. Atz, Advisor. Second Row. LAR: F. Killian, W. Massey, K. Crane, L. Ziegler, G. jones, G. Deaver, G. Hack, Mr. Kletsch, Advisor. Third Row. LAR: j. Jacoby, C. Maw, G. Bailey, R. Turner, A. jones, D. jones, T. Howard. Iii! I First Row. LSR: B. Batchelor, D. Seward, H. Apling, M. Kirl-cendoll, Miss. Hale, Advisor. Second Row. LAR: D. Alvorcl, P. Forward, R. Iviatlick, M. Wallace f' ffiiy ' X' Q I! ! X f' f V wg X W ' C! f f f ,Sf f J QT. . ff ffffy ff ,,Qfp.,f2', - W ff' f f ff f wx Cx is , f If X ,- f QQ, 'sltbdwiw N nf fy' I if fi K' f 1 ' vffis 1 'w'Fi ,f-'f ww Off ' LJ if X " X A5 f x, ?! ll Q' l 1 g fe: L Q01 ,ff ff f f' X I Lf , f J, if fl? f X A Cafefzcfnr September 1, l9hB- School began September lb' Special election September 15- High School pictures September 2h- Special assembly presenting Tommy Tucker October l- Freshmen initiation Cctober 9- 5 Home Ec. girls to Reg- ional Convention at Battle Ground October ll- Junior Pictures October ll-l5- Tolo week October 13- F.F.A. initiation October l3- Sadie Hawkins Day race October lh- National assembly October 16- 5 attended SJW. Washington Girls' League October 20- Teacher's institute November lO- Parents night November 19- Carnival November 22- Town sponsored football banquet November 23- Football banquet November 2h- Miss Willard's shower November 2S-26- Thanksgiving ' vacation December l- Miss Willard resigned December l- Miss Carlson entered December 2- Dress rehearsal December December December December December December December January January S- Senior Play 7- National Assembly S- Faculty Christmas party lS- Spelling contest at Onalaska 22- Movie given as a gift by faculty to students 22- All school Christmas program 2h- Christmas vacation 3, l9lL9- Vacation ended 3-lO- School closed because of bad weather January lO- Returned to school January lO- P.T.A. started hot lunch program January 18- National Assembly February 7- National Assembly February 2h- Shower for Dixie Alvord February 26- F.F.A. Parliamentary contest March lx- Junior-Senior Prom March 9- F.F.A. Banquet March ll- Talent Show March 13- Band Concert March lb- LCJC Choir sang here March 15- 6 gave P.T.A. program over K.E,L.A. March March March March April April April lAxpI'il April May 2'- initi 2h- l2 Seniors visited LCJC and Mr, Atz April 2l- Redskins initiation at Lewis and Clark State Park 25- Junior Play April 25- Home Ec. girls fieldtrip 9 to Portland 25- Statc F.F.1. Convention O April 30- Music festival 26- Solo contest at Kelso at Woodland l-2- Pacific Slope May M- Congert Press Conference E I ' May 2l- All high school l- Rebecca Play 1 U picnic 8- Opwetta 5 CQNC RATUL-ATIONS may 22- Baccaiaureat lb- Senior old t, TO May 25- Grade gchool Clothes day 9 THE CLASS OF 1949" p graduation 18- Nt' 1 M 27- 'H'hShl 1-.2SZ3i3?.y 5 H5 WAN ay Qiadugtign Quill and Scroll May 27- School closed a'0iOH at BOiStfO1'J0 COLD STORAGE LOCKERS 2 1 2 22 2 - 2- 2 mls all Us as ,2 2 229 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Leso FURNITURE 2 MAVIS . Mo oem of-xs NUCEIS- CHEHAUS 2MA6TER ENCRAVERS 2 BARTELS MENS srogep 2 Tw-EONGRATUl.ATlOONOS AND BOEOSTHWISI-EES TO THE HCLASS OF 19490 FRED HESS TRACTOR AND KMPLEMENT CO. PHONE CHEHALIS 150 DUNLAP ELECTRIC CO. WWLOEK JEWELRY 'WIRING' - REERICERATTON JeWe"'- D'Q"'OndS'WC"fhSf PHONEO99 DAY OR NIGHT 'WDA' R5 .CONER STATE I, EOLSOM 904301 61' CEIDERS AUT? COURT BILL SPIKE, INC. Ca ms-Gas-OI -Gmcenes n LEWIS AND CLARK STATE PARK PACIFIC AT CENTER CHEHALIS, WASH. BOONES GARAGE A . C DE SOTO AND PLYMOUTH CGNCRATULNHONS SALES, SERVICE TO CLASS OF 1949 oss MARKET STREET L-A'ME'ER5 CHEVRON GAS STATION , A H. CHEHAUS W TOLEDO, WASH. FLOES INC. 1339 CHEHALIS AVENUE CHEIIALI S , WA SH. INTERNATIO NAL TRUCKS PARTS - SERVICE PHONE 'IOIO WIBRA 6 CLOUD E. LAWRENCE BIRLEY, 0Wf'I9f AND THE FLOWER SHOP 'IST-4 MARKET STREET 6 909 MARKET STREET CHEHALIS, WASH, GOOD LUCK ,, TO CLASS OMR THAY ERS STORE CONGRATULATIONS FOR BEST 'N NEWS ENTERTAINMENT I0 THE CLASS OF mm I AND STUDENT OPINION I PROM TOLEDOMOTORS Rf I READ UNDER THE ELOODLIQHTS I IIJIJALMIIUA 3 TOLEDO, WELSHTHQTON W EW pg I N115 DENNIS DOYl.E'S I WWE HAVE TTI' I BUILDING MATERIALS i CI-IEI-IALIS PHARMACY TOLEDO LUMBER COA ' 9 DEPENDABLE PHONE 79-30 , DRUG STORE TOLEDO WASH f I I E ABEI. CTABEL III SIIIUIQE SHUI3 U HWMWHRS COME TQ EQVSQQESIEOP I SOLD. RENTED, REPATRED CENTRALIA, WASHQ CHEHAI-IS ZEIGLERS GOOD FURNITURE AT GA RAGE LOW PRICES I I THE I COM ELETE AUTOMOTIVE GESEER MCNIVEN SERVICE-6 ACCESSORIES CO-E PHONE 46"-I CENTRALIA, WASH. TOLEDO, WASH. TOLEDO VVAFFLE SHORE I HOME OE CHICKEN IN THE ROUGH PHONE E7-ET TOLED Q, WASHINGEQNI AMY SMITH 4 LILLEGARO STEWCWS H MARKET ARDVVARE PHONE 23 CHEHALIS, WASHINGTON WIN'-GCK, WASHINGTON CONGRATULATIONS TO T X- DJIA I THE CLASS OF1949' MASH 5' ffffxsj ff ALBERT IEWELERS UA-JSJII CI-IEHALIS, WASHINGTON I TOLEDO, WASHINGTON 1 CorIcratulctions To Class Of 49 FINE FOOTWEAR BRUNSWIGS SELF-SERVICE I SHOE CO. CI-IEHALIS, WASHINGTON CHEHAUS FORD TOLEDO LINCOLN .-.MERCIJ RY I HA Kgxlxjfxxffj HU WIQUIQT AND r ISI - I L COMPLETE AUTOMUTIVE DAVEPQRTS- QHAIR5 SERVICE AND I I I , xx Ln- FV f' ELECTRIC STOVES JrlLIfL-XI III JILJ YCJISO PHONE 103 CH EH AU S TOLEO O, WASHINGTON RAY R WILSON OM.1 OWIL SON ,mafmqef TOLEDO DEPARTMENT STORE "OIIALITY MERCHANDISEXN PHON.E:5oI OR 323 TOLEDO, WASHINGTON QAOQ W 5 CONGRA Tm ATTONS VVINLOCK PHONE 7ORg A TQ THE QLAgg QF QQ O HANSENS CORNER SPORTTNO OOODS T PHONE gfmzo "W SQHQEE CC5fQgQgQSE"E'ES"' 'EEETH SWQQQQJI E225 fEf12SE7E?f2?T SERVWE 5WVH0N 1 CENTRAHA KNTTTTNO MQLL QrocefieS-Tv'fOs-Batteries 5 PHQNE 3.3994 BQQAWAQ- 5, gon Drinks ' 217 SOUTH TOWER PHUNE 75 ' CENTRAHA, WASHTNOTON STAR- RTE- Y5OF?Of1ROOWOE5Hf T O OO-- OO O-OOOOO O OO O 6,AfgfQf5QN5 3 PIPPTNS BOOK SHOP T Books-Office Supplies-Stationary REXALL DRUG T O PHONE 6-3982 O T0 CHEHALIS CENT RALIAO 107 SO WER CENTRAUA, WASHINGTON E ,Oz ,OOO O- , OOOOO ,O OOO, O O,OOO-O,,OO,OOO,O OOOOOO OOOOO OO.,.,.O..O OOO, O OO O--.,O,,O--,..--...AI O CONO RATULATIONS ' SALES SERVICE E AND BEST WISHES E O WH! TED TO THE CLASS I O AND FACULTY A OF 19---49 502 NOO TOWER V WW CENTRATOTA, WASH. WINLOCN CCJVFLL ng fx F T NIUE O PHONE O-41964 WINLCDCK PHARM AC Y WE HAL ANY PRESCRIPWUN WSTTOUR OTET CUPBGARD PH ONE 91 O O VW 'YOLOCK OOOOOOYVf5O5f7ZNQfQfY CONGRATULATIONS "TO CLASS OF Iwo" JUAII ES BFI ITBEIT SHOP TO LE DO, WASHINGTON YCONGRATU LATION S I ' TO THIS CLASS 49" DAVIS SIIAIZE SHOP CI-IEI-IALIS BRICK AND TILE CLAY PRODUCTS CEMENT 6 LIME CHEI-IALIS,WASI-I PI-I. 69 PITIQIIIIQS' EIIIIIIJIIILIIT, IIIIQ. IIIEI II. IUIIJEII ph. O-3241 CENTRALIA WN. MC LENNENS GROCERY "STO P-SI-IOP AND SAVE" 119 NO. TOWER CENTRALIA, WASHINGTON GEORGE SEARS DRUG CO. MPILESCIIIVIIOAI DILUCICISTS " CI-IEHALIS, WASHINGTON CO NG RA TULATIONS TO CLASS OF "I949" EUIIILITZ ELECTRIC SIIUI3 NORGE SALES 6 SERVICE SMALL ELECTRIC REC TONS CA FE FUI? GOOD FUUU 1..- APPLIANCES MIDWAY BETWEEN PHONE SDLI I CENTRALIA AND CHEI-IALIS TOLEDO WASHINGTON A 0 TO TOLEDO I-IIGII-I SCHOOL 'IIIEST WISHES FOR YOUR SUCCIQS IN ALLTI-IINGS PERTAINING TO EDUCATION AND ATHLETICS" IMD. BALDWIN REG. PH. TOL EDO PI-IA R IX!IfXQV .,.- ...,.....v A-. .,..., ,..,.......-..............,.................,..........,......- , .-....,. .... ... .,...-.............,.... -0 ...-,,.., -..........-......,.,..........--.. ,........ F!!! A THAT YO U is UW! L15 125 N MAY RIDE DN SAFETY MACK BUSES AND TRUCKS KAXSER- FRAZER AUTGMO BILES ROTQTXL MRS AND FARM ECZUXPMENT Q4 HOUR? HEAVY DUTY WRECKER SERWCE MMH45 M010 RS ROUTE 3 CHEHALISAIVASH. u PHONE CHEHALIS 286J3 6077195 WYE W5 OZ Of QOX7 BROS GMIMGZ D I5 TN fi Q K 5 OF M051 L GA S AND MQBJLQIL TULEUU LUQSHI IAIETUU L HLBEHT JELUSYSB L U Umm A L ELPPHHJH3 4 A ALL WORK GUARANTEED CONCRATULATKO NS "TO CLASS OF AQ" 1 KCDQDKS E no TOWER LLEELNTRLALLALQ Q TQFEDQA L WMU' A Wm!-QCK HARDWAE CG. ENTERPRISE ELECTRlC CG. L HARDWARE-PLLINTS-FARM and DAIRY ARTHUR E- COOK I ELECTRICAL 2ggPEi53BING SUPPLIES 3 DISTRIBUTORS Of AUTOMOTIVE SUPPLIES E TELEPHONE 69 SALES-SERVICE L Wim-OCK WASUIULGTON A LFHLBHALISL LLCENFRMA if TO LOOK WELL U EC, MANVV ELL TO LEDO, WASHINGTON NGLANS SIORE A GOOD LUCK DALES TO VADER, GROCERY - WASH. IHE CLASS CDF 1949 BEST WISHES TO TO THE CLASS OF 49 GENERAL WINLOCK COMPLETE MERCUAND'5E HOME EURNLSHLNG PHONE 204 JOHN H. MILLMAN EURNLTURE CO. U VA DER, WASHINGTON 2 WWLQCK, WASH. O CONGRATULATIONS E, BEST wfswfs SEARS RQEBUCK SATLSFACTQON GUARANTEED CHEHAUS, OR YOUR MONEY -RACK WASHINGTON J 60 fwfffiffmfisp QF ENG Fl K5 .STQKE FJJOUE-A W5-L3 IOWDO ,, A BEACON' 54 TO 1004 STORES AQ. QULAND 1 WHERE A VARTETY OF PHOTOCRAPHER NEEDS ARE SATISFIED BROADWAY 9559 2901 SO. 10 TH. 203 205 NO, TOWER 4 TACGMA, WASH! QENTRAL1A A WASH.. 1 BEN FRANKLIN STORE CQQURNS APPLIANCE NATTONALLY KNOWN STORE LOCALLY OWNED 11119 RARR ST. PHONE 415 ECHEHAUS. WASH. 1 CHEHALISI, WAS H. EECHTNERS JEWELRY CHEHALOS MUSIC CO. YOUR MOST COMPLETE 901 cHEHAL1S AVENUE 1 MUSC STQRE , CHEHA LIS, WASH., D-HANSEN PROP s cHEHAL1S, WASH c3ONORATL1LAT1ONS W LTO CLASS OF 1949y 1 J.C.?.'ENNEY CQ. 1 1 WEIHEPS BROS. NIC. TEXACO THE HOME OF ' SERVICE STATION VALUES T TOLEDO WA SH, CHEHALIS, WASH. I F' G ' FOSTEIQ CQMPA N Y INCORPQRATED WHOLESALE HfXKDWfXfif. 1 1 iron and s1eel,p5pes and fittings 1 sporring goods CHEHALIS , WA5H?NGffi?N Q V lOO7GlOQ CHHIAUS AVE, an fogmpky X7 ' E Q4 """"' W - au fogfapkf

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