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aw.. -A fg,, ? W p 6C E LIBRIS QE fx M533-'ZA We the Sen1ors ofToledo H1gh School Class of 1954 do hereby dechcate our annual to you Our Parents It 15 W1Ih deepest re specr and appremauon Lhat we do so Wlth out your Constantguldance and understandmg ll would have been lmposslble for us to at tam our goal Our yearbook IS one of the most lrnporrant achlevements ln our school hfe and we would hke to share xt wxth you Please accept the dedlcauon of our annual as an express1on of the love and appreclauon wh1ch we have for you DEDICATIO T0-0 P RE Q -29996 9 f Q xo Ci 99' ALDRICH MARKET NORMAN MOCREARY "Percy" Secretary-Treasurer With a load of educated lum- ber in his head. RAYMOND YERKES "Raymo" Salutatorian Variety is the spice of life. IOANNE VESELY NIO.. Vice-President Her smile maketh her a host of friends. GEORGE NOVAK "Georgeous George" President All great men are dead and I'm feeling pretty sick myself. CAROLYN HEAD "Pete" Personality plus and intellectual mind, a nicer girl you cannot find. LEWIS MCCREARY "Sport" If there isn't anything, to do, let me do it. M. I. SAFOREK JANET ALDRIC H ..Jan.. A merry heart maketh a cheer- ful countenance. IOANNE ALDRICH NIO., Her ways are pleasantness itself. JEAN MASON "RiLch" She's a happy country girl. JOHN MASON "Stud" And the farmer hauled another load away, DONALD UPAH "Don" And the Toreador made many a feminine heart turn over. RONALD UPAH "Ron" All that I've learned I've for- gotteng and all that I know, l've guessed, 515' fx IN ..s,,:,,45ft fi IO ANN I-IULSEBUS ulody., "She would rather talk with a man than an angel. " JAMES ANDERSON "Cupie" "His heart is like a trolley al- ways room for one more. " VIVIAN ARP "Viv" "Quiet and reserved?" DAVID MCCORD "Bro" "Mingle a little folly with your wisdom. " JUDY I-IUYCK "Judd" "I want what I want, when I want it. " JAMES BENEDIK "Jim" "He hath a studious look, but looks are sometimes deceiv- ing. " BARBARA IRISH "BabS" "And she's a jolly good fellow and no one will deny." ALBERT BORTON ..A1., "I love the cows and chickens the farm's the place for me. " BONNIE A TC HISON "Atch" "Always seen and always heard. " DANIEL BRANDT "Buck" "Never wastes words, just goes ahead and does. " ALLENE KAISAND "Kaiz" "I can't think of twothings, so I think of him and let my les- sons go. " DONALD BRUENE "Charlie" "What's the use of all this strife and worry, hurrying pell mell through life?" 'Q 19 .yi QS COLLEEN BAGENSTOS "A maiden ever quiet. " LARRY MCDOWELL "Legs" "A man who blushes is better than one who turns pale." FRANCES LEWERS "Grandma" "She sings and all the world shall listen." RICHARD CHAMRA "Dick" "When there is mischief brew- ing-he is doing the stirring. " BARBARA BECK "Becky" "Liked here, liked there, liked everywhere. " DON YANDA "Yandy" "Nobody would have supposed it, but I'm naturally bashfu1." DIANE SE LLS .. Di .. "Those winkable, blinkable merrily twinkable, simply un- thinkable eyes." MELVIN CRAWFORD "Crow" "Why should life all labor be. PHYLLIS BURNS "Felix" "Saucy, clever, neat and mighty sweet. " TOM PYLE "Not a word spoken more than was needed. " CAROL SIEVERS "Like the wise old bird, often seen but never heard. " DALE DE FRANCE "Frenchie" "He who deliberates is lost. " i ,gf i 'U' PHYLLIS COLLINS "Phil" "Rightly loved by all, but by one above all others. " ROBERT SKALA "Bob" "No sinner, no saint perhaps, but then the very best of chaps. " EARLENE SMITH "Smitty" "Has she not treasures, who has friends. " BERNARD DOSTAL "Bernie" "Because a man doesn't talk is no sign he hasn't something to say. " MARY LYNNE COOPER "Hemp" "Quiet in appearance with mo- tives unknown. " BENTON STONG "Bengy" "Behold the child by natures kindly law, pleased with a rattle andtickled witha straw.' v KARNELLA SMITH "Smitty" "She can laugh at a good joke even on herself. " JOHN R. DOYLE "Dick" "Speech is silver, but silence is golden. " MARLENE DAVIS "Davey" "I may be late, but I'l1 get there." DONALD EBERSOLE "Ebb" "What he wants to get out of school most is himself. " BARBARA STRILEY "Barb" "Always noisy and always nat- ural. " FLOYD FLYNN "Moose" "I'm a smart guy but I have a hard time convincing anyone. " xl? -at 31. 1 MARY ANN DVORAK "An innocent face but you never can tell." LESTER WYCOFF "Bones" "Quiet and quick as a mouse." RHONDA TURBETT "Turb" "She knows them all from out of town, she's one senior who gets around." MILO HALA "Mike" "Each mind had its own meth- mtv JOHN ZODY llJ'd1nnylO "I don't know anything about anything, but I'l1 soon find out." PETER HUSAK llpetell "Often seen. but seldom heard." MARLENE FERRISS " Mert" She is gentle she is shy, but there is mischief in her mind. RICHARD HOSKEY "Rich" Full many a friendship has this lad begun, many of men, but of maidens, one. N H 4 I, I' '. 1 f - B rf., 5' 1 db W is :WN ax' 1'si""'? , I iz x ns 4 -' ' I L, P. BOLL, D.v C ASS Ill TORY In the fall of 1941 fifteen of the class of 1954 started to kxndergarten together They were Danny Brandt Drck Chamra, Melvm Crawford Donn1e Ebersole Norman McCreary Ray Mo Creary Raymond Yerkes, Bourne Atchtson Mary Lynne Cooper Marlene Ferrtss Barbara Ir1sh Frances Lewers, Earlene Smtth Barbara Strxley and Rhonda Turbett Oar teacher was Mxss Lyle. Norman ltked school so well the f1rst day that he crxed when Earlene told h1m rt was t1me to go home. Rhonda caught scarlet fever and the whole class was d1srrussed for two weeks Already romance had started someone saw Ray ktssmg Rhonda belund the p1ano Mrs Smtth was our ftrst grade teacher We set up the play house and made new curtatns for tt We made board pxgs for Chrtstmas presents for our mothers Rhonda moved back from Nebraska and taught us the poem Fuzzy Wuzzy Wuz A Bear" Miss Swenson taught us tn second grade Barbara Beck was a new student from country school. Our class vrstted the post offtce down town and then bullt our own post office m our room We all enjoyed lllllllllg our valentines M1ss Ktrtpatrich was our thrrd grade teacher Janet and Joamte Aldr1ch Jomed our class this year We were all tn the operetta The Lost Clown We set up a grocery store tn our room and all took our turns at playmg clerk Mass Hladky was our fourth grade teacher Rhonda had an operatton near Chrtsmaas ttme, so the class bought her a doll Judy Huyck was a new member of our class We all hked our teacher so well that we wanted her to teach us next year That is everyone except Danny He preferred a change in scenery He wouldn t even kxss her good bye In ftfth grade we had the home room system Qtr teachers were M1ss Cooper M1ss Elhot, M1ss Ware M1ss Kmg, and Mrs Whahn Barbara Strtley was embarrassed when M1ss Ware read a note to the class from Jean Petersen asktng her 1f she was gomg to wear blue Jeans and 11DSIlCk that afternoon ln sutth grade we were back to the one teacher system wtth M1ss Chnstensen as our teacher VlV13l'l Arp and Davtd Mc Cord were new pup1ls M1ss Drrcks was our seventh grade teacher Marlene Davxs Jomed our class and Barb Beck left us for country school We all remember the day that Norman blew h1s nose when the teacher told fum to get that snottness out of hrs head It cost htm anhour after school We were all 1n the phystcal trammg exh1b1t EhlS year In etghth grade we really worked hard w1th Mrs Keyser as our teacher We ll never for get all the memortztng we had to do Mary Ann Dvorak, Larry McDowell Dale Del'-'rance, and Don and Ron Upah were new members of our class Orr Halloween Masquerade party was a success There were 55 tn our freshman class Several paructpated tn sports Allene Katsand and Judy Huyck were chosen as cheerleaders For mtttanon the g1rls wore panhandler and shorts wxth four buckle overshoes, whtle the boys wore housecoats and turbans Several part1es were enyoyed that year The leap year dance The Frog Leg Hop ' was durmg our sophomore year The girls asked the boys for dates Our Jumor play Father was A Housewtfe was the nrst to DB presented tn our new gym and was very successful. Our ntght club dance Blue Notes turned out very welL The b1g event of the year was our ,Tumor Sernor Banquet held at the Montrose Hotel tn Cedar Raplds Our theme was the Coronatton In our seruor year our homecomtng queen was Joanne Vesley and Don Yanda was Kmg The attendents were Phyllrs Colltns Earlene Smtth Don Upah and George Novak Both the semors and the freshmen enjoyed uuttatlon day and the dance honormg the fresh men Our skip day was spent touring Des Motnes We toured the capxtol the htstortcal butldtng, the Colomal Bakery, and the axrport We had a ptctuc m the evetung at the Waterworks Park We ended up tn the evemng by gomg back to Marshalltown to see a movxe Our play We Were Young That Year was presented on May 11 m the gym auditortum The Jumor and Semor Banquet was held at Montrose Hotel tn Cedar Raptds wtth the theme Moonhght and Roses' The semors appreciated all the hard work the Jumors d1d to make the banquet a btg success IOWA ELECTRIC LIGHT and POWER Q I I 9 I ' I U I O 0 0 1 0 o l 0 a n n 1 In Q n o q 1 . . . . H n ,, . . n Q 4 a Q a 4 1 - - n u o I p n s Q Q u u l o o a a . . , - Q o I l n 4 u u 0 I u n u I ' c a . . ,. . ,, . . - u n - ' 0 at ' ln - n 9 I U 0 . - 1 U I Q Q Q u n ' ' . u . , . . . . o u C ASS WILL I DANIEL BRANDT w1ll to Doc Anderson my pocket kmfe. tHe can use It to scrape off the floor w1th 1f h1s wears outj I CAROLYN HEAD w1ll my loud strong vo1ce to Bobby Downer I BONNIE ATCHISON w1ll the ab1l1ty of gomg to sleep tn Mr Carmlchael s classes to the freshman who has the opportumty to be III hrs classes I MARLENE DAVIS w1ll my calorle sheet to Carole Wtebold Eat everytlung except what xs on this sheet and you are guaranteed to gam welght I BARBARA IRISH w1ll my bottle of ASPIFIIIS to next years NEWSREEL edltor I MARY LYNNE COOPER w1ll my nickname Hemp to Tom Hoffer I MARLENE FERRISS w1ll my abthty to stay small to J1m Moffett I BARBARA STRILEY w1ll my ablhty to always be the shy stlent type and my ablhty to always agree w1th Mr Glll to Carole Wtebold I RHONDA TURBETT w1ll my seat m the sen1or rows to my srster 1f she ever gets that far I JUDD HUYCK w1ll my bottle of L1ght and Bright to D1mps Hennessy hopmg shell use II to the best ad vantage I MARY ANN DVORAK w1ll my helght to Betty Husak I PHYLLIS COLLINS w1ll my Job of takmg hot lunch count every morn by entermg a class already In SCSSIOD I PETE HUSAK w1ll my herght to Eddie Vesely I BARBARA BECK w1ll my half of the Stde hghts column to my COUSIII Lorna Beck Then she can put someone elses name tn bes1des hers I DIANE SELLS w1ll to Mr Car m1chea1 my green eraser III hopes that he has fun burntng It up I NORMAN PURSE McCREARY w1ll my brtght fzre engme red algebra book to any brrght eyed short haxred young gemus I FLOYD FLYNN w1ll to M D Anderson a genulne Canadtan moose DON UPAH w1ll my seat III the back corner of the assembly to anyone who IS too t1m1d to ra1se heck and too smart to have to study I DON EBERSOLE w1ll my good behavlor III mlxed chorus and boy s glee club to Jerry Yanda I ALLENE KAISAND w1ll my off1ce Job to any glrl who can stand the beatings I KARNELLA SMITH w1ll my band umform to Betty Husak I JEAN MASON will my seat m the assembly whrch I dont have to Mary Hurt I FRANCES LEWERS w1ll my abrlity to tell Sport he IS handsome charmlng and rrreslsttble to any g1rl who can make him beheve xt I JOANN HULSEBUS w1ll my staytng after school at ntght to Bernad1neSykora I JIM ANDERSON will my duck s tall to Larry Smutt I CAROL SIEVERS w1ll my gym su1t to Betty Kubalek In hopes she can make better use of tt than I have I GEORGE NOVAK do hereby w1ll my ath1et1c powerness to all the future football teams of THS God help them I JOHN MASON w1ll my mck name Stud to J1m Moffett I TOM PYLE w1ll my helght to Don Raxrdan I LARRY McDOWELL w1ll my mckname Legs to a more deservmg md1v1dual Sharon Vesely I PHYLLIS BURNS w1ll my smxles to Patty Yanda I BEN STONG w1ll my abxhty to chew gum wrthout bemg caught to Ronme Mc Coy I MILO HALA w1ll my football stut to Bob Downer I RICHARD HOSKEY w1ll my posmon as captam of the basketball team to Demus Dunham. I COLLEEN BAGENSTOS w1ll my Sociology book to Sharon Y11ek I ALBERT BORTON w1ll my abthty to work to Don Hofer I EARLENE SMITH gladly w1ll my books to any underclassman lucky enough to get them I JOANNE VESELY w1ll Joyce Clzek my half of the school bus seat I DON BRUENE w1ll my ab1l1ty to run to J 1m Moffett I JAMES BENEDIK w1ll my front seat to of the assembly I BOB SKALA w1ll to Monte Nachazel my 1953 Ford V 8 I RON UPAH w1ll my professronal ab1l1ty on the tuba to John I BERNARD DOSTAL Wlu my 1950 p1ckup to Larry Matungly I MELVIN CRAW FORD do hereby w1ll all my school books to J1m Schwake I DALE DEFRANCE hereby w1ll my 37 Ford to anyone tn THS who owns an o1l well I RAY McCREARY w1ll my speed to J1m Moffett to exp1d1te hls chances of mak1ng tlme w1th Betty Kubalek I JOHN ZODY w1ll my thoughts of Jane Russell and Mar1lyn Monroe to Marvtn Stochl. I LES WYCOFF w1ll my abxhty to play basketball and rtmnmg III track to Albert Ingalls I RAY MOND YERKES w1ll my tymps to Roger Ltberace Randall We JANET and JOANNE ALDRICH wtll our duel personahtles to Conme and Monte Nachazel. I DON YANDA w1ll my tttle as football capta1n to Larry Arp I JOHN RICHARD DOY LE w1ll my 1mag1nat1on of a very good basketball player to Alfred Kajer ln hopes that he IS next year I DICK CHAMRA hereby w1ll my hot rod to any unfortunate tmder classman who doesnt care lf he gets where he IS gomg I DAVID Mc CORD 1nsane and profane w1ll my watstline to D1x1e Bolt HAYES and YERKES Real Estate 1 u n 9 ' Q p I I . . . . . . . . . . . . ' . . . ' ll Il ' ' I I I I I I I . I - I . . . . . . I o u s h ' ' ' ' ll II ' I I I 0 I I . . . . . .. ,. I . . . . . . . . . , . . . . D . . . . , D . , . . . . . ., ,, . . . - I I . . . . . , D . . . I I I 0 I I ' . . . . . . . I I I I I . I 0 I . . . . ' ' . . . . I I I I I I . ., . . ., . . . , . - . I I I I 0 I I . . I I . f p n I I . ' . . . - U D . ing to anyone who likes to endanger their lives anyone who isn't fortunate to get one in the back . I . 0 I I I I . g . ' u 9 - 0 0 0 , ,, , - . . . . I I ., Q I I D0 I I . , . . . . - , I I . g 9 . n ' 1 I - I I 9 I I ' ' ll II ' Il II ' I I D . . . . . . ' . . . - ' - . I . I . . . - n g . ' - o I 0 . . . L ' . . . . . . I I . . I n n ' I I - I I . . . , u - n C I 1 g g . , n ' . . 0 I I l I I . ' U ' I I I . . , . - I I I 0 l l ' . I I I ' - 1 1 1 1 I ' . . . l , . . . . I , . I I I I C ASS PROPIIE Y Yerkes Buildmg May 21 1969 TO The 05106 of the Custodlan U S Mint WashxngtonD C SUBJECT Status of members of Class of 54 FROM Pyle Detecttve Agency Yerkes Burldmg Toledo Iowa Dear Mr Novak When you engaged me to locate and tntervrew the members of the class of f1fty four ftfteen years after graduauon I had no Idea what a gruehng Job ll would be. The search has taken me from the wllds of the Canadran wildernessto a smoky dive tn Tijuana Mexxco But th1s fmal report rs complete and you should fmd ll satisfactory DANIEL BRANDT Head football coach at Notre Dame Untversity DICK DOYLE Captam of last year s record breakmg Olymprc Team BERNARD DOSTAL Owner of Kentucky Derby wlnner the Glarging Czech RICHARD HOSKEY Tlurty second vice president ofC11rys1er Corp orauon LARRY McDOWELL Tourmg the country wrth hrs automobxle d1r11I drrvtng show MELVIN CRAWFORD Drivmg wtth McDowell s thrtll show also famous as f1rst man to break some barrler III Studebaker DICK CHAMRA Teachmg speed shrftmg xn a drivtng school. DONALD UPAH Lecturmg htgh school students on the per1ls of one armed drrvmg. JOANNE VESELY Square dance mstructor at Vlmng Bohemran at Vmmg Umversrty DON YANDA and MILO HALA Partners in a world famous brewery RONALD UPAH Producuon chtef of Yanda Hala brewery also famous as destgner of kmg stze beer can DAVID McCORD Cab aret operator tn TiJuana Mexico FRANCES LEWERS Torch Singer ln McCord s night club JIM BENEDIK His Band the BLASTING BOSHEVIKS has been voted most popular h1l1 bxlly band MARLENE FERRIS CAROL SIEVERS and VIVIAN ARP Stngers With Benedlk S band bllled as the THREE MERRY MILKMAIDS ALLENE KAISAND The voice for Murtal Cigars on TV PHYLLIS BURNS and ,TOANNE HUSELBUS Dancers on the Jackre Gleason show JIM ANDERSON Soon to be seen tn the Technicolor 4D thrtller The return of Baby Face BARBARA IRISH Models for Mojud HOSIBTY JOHN MASON and ALBERT BORTON Produce more fertthzer than all other compantes comb1ned BENTON STONG Astounds agrlcultural world wlth revoluuonary new breed of cattle, Stongfords BONNIE ATCHI SON and MARYANN DVORAK Co owners of combmauon restaurant and fllllng station thetr motto Eat and get gas JOANNE and JANET ALDRICH Modelmg for the Tom company RAYMOND YERKES HHDQIISII and nosebleed spec1alist for the Mayo brothers CAROLYN HEAD world s champron typxst MARLENE DAVIS A1rl1ne hostess for FHA A1rl1nes RAY MCCREARY Co edxtor and author of sound effects for Mad Comlcs MARY LYNN COOPER Puhtzer pr1ze wlnner for book on ettquette KARNELLA SMITH and RHONDA TURBETT Woman s tag team champrons of the world professtonal basketball on the Yanda Hala brewery team. EARLENE SMITH Drum majorette wlth Band of Amerrca JOHN ZODY World s champron flag pole smer JEAN MASON Necker ll'l a bottle factory PETER HUSAK Wrttes m the style of Mickey Sprllane his latest book My Gun IS the Jury LESTER WYCOFF F1rst man to wtn title of Mr Amerxca f1ve years tn a row JUDY HUYCK Ftrst woman to swlm the channel backwards BARBARA STRILEY Ftrst woman Secretary of State DONNIE EBER SOLE Barrtone player wxth Phrl Sprtalny PHYLLIS COLLINS Mrs Donme Ebersole COLEEN BAGENSTOS Proprieter of a nursery school. NORMAN Mc CREARY Presrdent of BCE truck lines DALE DeFRANCE Inter national three cushron btllard champton, DONALD BRUENE Corn huskmg champion of Amerxca FLOYD FLYNN Lrving a hfe of ease tn the w1lds of Canada w1th a squaw and stx papooses to do the work Tlus IS the end of the report and I hope you have found II satrsfactory TOM PYLE Prtvate Investxgator W. T WRIGHT D D University. ROBERT SKALA: Professor of BARBARA BECK and DIANE SELLS: Play C ASS POEM Once agarn we are here to pass rn rev1ew The 56 Senrors all brave and all true We hope these short Jrngles w1l1 a few secrets unfold Though I m sure that most news has already been told The frrst 54 that wrll pass rn revrew Is Vrvran Arp, our lrbrarran, farthful and ture Albert B and Bernard D seldom make any norse But at that I rn sure they are typrcal boys The tall young man has a pedagogrcal look Pete Husak, the teacher we can t overlook Jrm Anderson so I hear IS searchrng for beaches to comb I presume rn the same duck tarl as hrs dome Next year perhaps Jean wrll get lost every day Wrthout Rrchard Hoskey to show her the way Tom Pyle IS the boy wrth the huge asprratlons Perhaps he wrll help brrng peace to the natrons You can go for awhrle, but you can t go for long Wrthout hearrng about the only Ben Stong Phyllrs and Joanne plan to be Angels rn Whrte To hold pauents hands wrll be therr delrght Wltn a rmg on her frnger and a song rn therr heart It s Phyllrs and Donnre trll death do them part That w1ll be Judy teachmg lst grade the score We ll prove by thrs class that good thrngs come double To tell Joanne from Janet we st1ll have much trouble On the matter of twrns the class has more than a share For Jean and John Mason make up another parr Whenever you look these quads can be seen It s Ron and Don Upah and Joanne and Maxrne The streets of Toledo w1l1 ne er be the same Cause Karnella frnds rt hard her old chevre to tame Would he? Would she? They would and they drd Barbara now, soon from Beck shall be r1d Thrs fact lS qurte true or at least so I ve heard Bob Skala has an rnterest rn one specre of brrd Once a young gul by the sea shore sold shells But I m not qurte so sure that s what our Drane Sells Carolyn Head rs a head m more ways than one Wrth her grades at the top that s not a bad pun Drck Doyle has an xnterest rn Chrcks you ll agree I hear hrs favorrte expressron rs Ah, that s a Hen ah see Her brown eyes are snappy and she s always serene Trs no wonder Chuck calls Hempy hrs very own queen Thrs Novak and Novak rs an rnterestrng parr Of the two here rs George so suave and debonarr MODERN CLEANERS This gal will say often "Boys and girls, both feet on the floor" Mrss Muffet had her sprder and so does thrs class Guess Sparrow legs Strrley you ll have the rrght lass I m truthful and honest so thrs rs no lre I swear on My honor that John Zody s gun shy Here s a bnsk lrttle lass who wrll answer to Karz The srgn says hands off cause she s Loren Rebrks prrze Where Legs got hrs name I m sure I don t know It must be a part that doesn t qurte show Bonnre Atchrson rs the gal wrth a real share of luck There s a rumor that she s frnally roped someone named Chuck Don t run for your guns! There s no anrmal on the loose Floyd Flynn s berng paged when someone yells Moose The halls are now quret, there s a vorce that rs strll Rhonda Turbett s left a place that no one can frll Way to the north east from the hrlls of Dupanda Come these bashful gay blades Mrlo Hala and Don Yanda Earlene and Marlene say they re bound for careers If you know who stays away rt wrll be mrghty queer The 3 musketeers are as chummy as can be Dale DeFrance, Melvrn Crawford and hot rod Drck C Marlene Ferrrs rs most helpful rn her own quret way We hope that her future rs f1lled wrth many thrngs gay Don Bruene we can guess wrll lrve on Dad s farm Do you thrnk Jean, wrll be there to keep hrm from harm? There s Dutch and Boemaan and Scotch, even an Irrsh Joanne Vesely surely knows two can lrve cheaper than one I wonder should I warn her that she ll mrss lots of fun Coleen, Mary Ann, and Carol Servers deserve credrt galore for therr part rn the fame of the class of 54 Call hrm Lours Call hrm Ray He 11 even answer to Sport He s a slrck chrck, A smoothre w1th a qurck ready retort Granny Lewers rs the gal who rs really youthful and gay We ll mrss her swell srngrng each hour of the day Here s a mean lrttle krd who toots around on a horn And rt s Jrm fLornaj Benedrk, sure as you re born We can hardly rgnore nor can we forget Lester Wycoff who can run w1th the speed of a Jet Our lrst rs most done We ve just a few left These unholy four stand out from the rest Perce Doc McCreary w1th hrs qurps and hrs Jests Sword McCord who w1ll soon be headrng out west Ray Yerkes who srngs as he rrdes lrke the two gun Lone Ranger Bear Claws Brandt who declares that all women are danger Thrs rounds out the lrst ofCarmrchael s angels They are cherubs rt s true, tho their halos are tarnrshed But the future we know, has frne thrngs rn store For 56 Senrors wrth ambrtron galore By Mrss Bernr ce Schrerber READ PLUMBING AND HEATING . , . , . . . I I ' ' ' II ' ll . . . . lv II ' I l , . I I ' I I ' l ' ll ll , , . . . . . I , . . . . . . . . . . . , , . We know Barbara Ann has much to accomplish. , . . . . . . . ' . l I , . . . . . . , . . . , . . . , . . , . . . . I . . , . . . . . . , , , . x..-- - M, .,,,-..,- Z' .,-X ,,. - -.,- ,- P 'I I' vii ' '5 'l.I'? v 'I .I 3 JQ 95 9 iq! i Q il"t'y ,,.,,.,........----- 'Q 1 D Lx ., -M 4 JVEUF1 , W? was warrant W VV lx., I 41911 , 1 f 1 V Hg Q! 5-5 May 11 the Senior Class pre- sented the play "we Were 99'-' Young That Year." The cast included Frances Lewers, David McCord, Bonnie Atchison, Al- lene Kaisand, B a r b a r a Beck, Larry McDowell, George Novak, Ben Stong, Joanne A 1 dr i ch, Barbara Striley, Phyllis Collins, Marlene Davis, Phyllis Burns, Barbara Irish, Mary Lynne Coop- er, Peter Husak, Danny Brandt, Norman McCreary. Miss Schrieber directed her 50th play which went over nice- ly. i? , , V YS' f fra: 1, W ,,,.,. ,. iv' 5 Bur ' . ' F ,:..,,.. ,. 3 W,-mf, ". nav x 64,5 ' 1 . ' ,,v. X , W . g I ,A lx , ,. M' I? sifffl' 'A gg 1 ' f1' V , 1, -149415.-'M VV,, Xml K5 ng Mas? - M4+2a?4i39if - 'wfiasssy Q vm lf? ,, ',, - Hflxwmlib wif Xvlfuinflfifif? vizwb 'ui W L-1 'uni ,Qs . haf! 'SEI 1' 5. f Q 5 54 I! 1' Q 1. Q' 'Q 'E 1 'wa K L-1 'ul is '--v M- 3. :nf O xs ,e iw'-1,4 Ri I I nfl v--f 45 uf ,494 "" ,,,, 485-"7?. A. A. PACE Junior-Senior Prom was held May 14, 1954 at the Montrose Hotel in Cedar Rapids. The theme was Moonligu and Roses and Ronnie Adams Or- chesua played for the dance. UNIOR CLASS UFFI ERS Presldent Larry Arp Secretary Treasurer Roger Campbell Vrce Presrdent Carolee Heunesy 16 CRONAN S VARIETY STORE -Ag xr is 45 . Y . v ROW FOUR: C. Wiebold, D. Baker, R. Sells, J. Schwake, B. Reardon, I. Zmolek, D. Rife, M. Loweg ROW THREE: L. Beck, D. Bolt, H. Merril, S. Bauer, J. Hayden, R. Randall, H. Gray, A. Arp, M. Reardon, ROW TWO: S. Cole, P. Atchison, J. Chizek, C. Novak, F. Wheeler, R. Irons, M. Osborne, S. Yilek. ROW ONE: P. Nation, S. Doyle, B. Seidel, S. Vesely, K. Sunken, A. Irish, J. Kopecky, B. Sykora, B. Burlingham. UNIUR ROW THREE: D. Conrad, D. Dunham, D. Hennessey, D. Zhorne, L. DeFrance, D. Hofer, W. Edberg, A. Ingalls. ROW TWO: M. Blake, G. Faber, I. Peek, I. Thompson, L. Smith, I. Yanda, W. Cooper, I. Doyle, ROW ONE: S. Zeman, I. Hladky. I. Bakker, M. Hurt, J. Dixon, N. Zeman, K. Wilkerson, M. Scheid. fun-e ll. HUGO'S SUNDRIES 5 iv l 4 53" Q UNIOR C ASS Pl. Y ""'Y'1unug:p OT ln a THOUSAND YE ll The members of the Juruor Class of Toledo Highpresented their class play Not in a Thousand Years November 13 1953 under the direction of M1ss Bernice Schreiber inthe school gymnasium. Not in a Thousand Years a three act comedy written by E Clayton McCarty centered around Jumor Conroy getting ready for lus first date. Juruor wanted everything to go off per fect but found himself with out his wallet and his kid sister tagging along. In lus futile efforts to find a double date ' for Marjorie, he unearthed a couple of prize adolescent specimens And dien there were those nosy neighbor ladies and Grandma who had to have everything Just So So and Cousin Alicia who continually created merry interludes of confusion How everything un tangled itself and Junior and J eanie finally go off on a coveted date provided hilarious entertain ment for the attentive aud1ence CAST Bert Arden the neighborhood flower grower Martha Conroy the efficient mother George Conroy, city editor on the Herald Marjorie Conroy just barely teen age Jumor Conroy a serious high school seruor Dilly Dalton Marjorie s best friend Mrs Gnsgsby fifty sour and suspicious Jeannie Matthews a dreamy semor Mrs Matthews, Jeannie s worrying mother Paul Matthews Jeanme s fun loving father Hap, socially unconscious . ........... . Mrs. Babbleton, sixty and sentimental . . . . . Morrison Vanderpool, a psuedo-intellectual . . . . Buzz Flugle, a "Throw back to Darwin" ........ . Great-Aunt Alice, 89, vigorous and strong minded . . Cousin Alicia, twitterpated cousin . .......... . MAC'S CITY SERVICE J im Thompson Carolee Hennesy James Schwake Alicia Irish Harris Gray Carole Wiebold ..,,'.. Lorna Beck Ay, , Dixie Boldt Joyce Cizek L., .3 John Zmolek . . .aff Donald Hermessy , . . . . Jackie Dixon . , . Roger Campbell . . . Roger Randall . . , Joanne Bakker . . . Marlene Lowe UPHOMURE CLASS 0FFl ERS Presrdent Sharon Head Vrce Presrdent Rex Hoskey Secretary Treasurer Sandra McDowell MR. GILL , Sponsor v 7' wx!!! t .13 ,. 5' MISS LAPITZ Sponsor I i I DUPRE's PRODUCE ! g A ' I E 2 Af, S q N E 1 5 f 5 i 5 ., I S i Y S f.- ,,,,. 5' f 9 S ," jo ...s Q ' We SS H? r in . l '2 S 'K . . K 1 ff, ' F3 Wi "1 T' S L. .L ' ' X X I E , i ,3 4 J V 1 S if U , X4 N X , i ,iam xy ROW ONE: D. Nation, D. Rush, W. Sturtz, K. Benedik, P. Fredericks, B. Curphy, K. Smith, B. Husak. ROW TWO: K. Seidel, M. Basham, E. Cecak, D. Dolash, D. Buresh, R. Cosner, R. Kasal, C. Nachazel, M. Cartwright. ROW THREE: R. Hill, A. Frederickson, K. Cooper, C. Ferneau, T. Kucera. .T. Ebersole, B. Svoboda, D. Zeman. ROW FOUR: L. Sevcik, M. Nachazel, G. Benda, L. Boerm, A. Kajer, T. Hofer, E. Balloun, D. Rairdin. OPIIOMORES ROW ONE: L. Prusha, C. Konicek, M. Goodhart, L. Mattingly, D. Striley. J. Freese, P. Mohler. ROW TWO: S. McDowell, J. V1asak,M.Bryan, K. Eernisse, M. Cibula, J. Valenta. ROW THREE: D. Zmolek, G. Ramsdell, M. Becker, H. Wroughton, M. Kacer, M. Kucera, L. Taylor. ROW FOUR: M. Uchytil, T. Wilkerson, B. Groves, D. Johnston, E. Kucera, D. Kovarik, M. Kvidera, R, Hoskey. Sv 'Ww- SIME'S CLOTHING FRESIIMA OFFI ERS Z if f - 3 'g 55 , i ff 25 1 ?k ', 4 if vs ' O. of io , 5 9 -V Q , 3 Lf? ' Q X 5 5 5 gg , r . 1 o -, . 5 ? , O , o of ff I Seated . . . . .La Moine Hatton . . . . . . . , President Left . . . . . . Patty Yanda . . . . . . .Vice-President Right . . . . . Bob Downer . . . . Secretary-Treasurer X K X ,Ll f! ol A!r .,.. a , . . . ' -2' . 9 . W-,, 1 u 1, ' ' 7 V, . f 1 1' . ' , of I 2 " , I ' ' . x , TWIN CITY MOTOR COMPANY IRM ROW ONE: B. McAteer, B. Buresh, L. Fabian, R. Sievers, E. Vesely, K. Campbell, ROW TWO: O. Turbett, I. Chizek, P. Yanda, D. Upah, R. Sevcik, D. Vore, ROW THREE: C. Hladky, D. Vore, C. Suchy, D. Zhorne, E. Taylor, P. Stocklg ROW FOUR: R. Moore, L. Walker, M. Plum, V. Simmons, 1. Wacha, R. McCoy. FRESIIME ROW ONE: J. Breen, D. Hanson, E. Thoms, B. Hofer, D. Fletcher, C. Karkosh, D. Smith, ROW TWO: B. Downer, L. Hatton, R. Chamra, S. Sebetka, L. Christensong ROW THREE: L . Rebik, C. Balfour, I. Ebersole, B. Kubalek, G. Smith, I. Vore, ROW FOUR: I. Moffett, M. Stockl. 0- 1 iw ,A 5. L? , 5, DALE'S SHOE STORE FRESIIMAN I ITI TIO Passmg Revlew Tlght Squeeze -fx at Grandma s Helper Slave Driver Egg walker Style Revxew 1847 RANK S HATCHERY V J . X ' 1 A 4 3. T 'gl V I UNIUR HIGH 'E' 'Ka-. .Ll i X 0 ROW ONE: Nancy Bidwell, Sharla Christenson, Fred Raymon, Nancy Bogue, Betty Siedel, Leonard Starits, Dale Edberg, Larry Eckhartg ROW TWO: Larry Arp, Paul Mason, Brian Rams- dell, Sidney Moore, Buddy Whalen, Scot Smith, Merrill Masong ROW THREE: Joyce Zenor, Phyllis Stevens, Shirley Walton, Sheila Schafer, Linda Reed, Jean Sevik, Sharon Loehndorf, ROW FOUR: Miss McDonough, Denny Kaisand, Richard Skala, Frances Dolash, Steve Lowe, Wayne Halupnik, Phyllis Bolt. ,A , 3 03 W: , - rv: Ji i 3 9-A ROW ONE: Leonard Pugh, Wayne Edberg, Larry Konicek, Carolyn Rebik, Judy Hennesy, Patty Morgan, Gene Ribby, David Dolashg ROW TOW: Mrs. Smith, Karlene Emerson, Carolyn Mi- nard, Kenneth Kansen, Louie Walton, La Verne Arp, Thomas Lyon, Robert Bolt, ROW THREE: Kay Rhodes, John Basham, Myron I-loskey, lla Jean l-lead, Sylvia Wroughton, Irene Kacer, Carla Walkerg ROW FOUR: Larry Young, Andre Smith, Gary Fink, Larry Applegate, Sandra Dupre, Joan Becker, Dorothy Podhajsky, TOLEDO FURNITURE COMPANY DMINISTR TID J 6 BOARD OF EDUCA TION LEFT TO RIGHT Herb Feuow Presuient, D1ck McComas, Kenneth Irlsh Idaha Kxverda Walter Dahl Secretary ABSENT Lowell Downer MELVIN D ANDERSON Supeuntenclent Sohd Geometry, Tugonomeuy, Algebra IV MCGUIRES' GARAGE MR. EARL E. GILL Commercial MR. NATHAN I. BOND B, B, Coach, Asst. Foorball, Track and World Geo, MISS MARGARET LAPITZ Speech, English Il English Lit. and World History MISS CAROLE FRONING Vocal Music MISS GWENDOLYN MAYER Home Economics MR. JAMES JONES Mamh and Chemistry COAST TO COAST STORE 'EF'--. Q aa- , 'Nl os ibn' M, S -A E . n,-,L L. A 5 Laws , ,+, .171 , .US XI MR. EDWARD CARMICHAEL Principal Social Studies MISS BERNICE SCHREIBER Assistant Principal Literature Journalism English MR. EDWIN MELICHAR Instrumental Music General Science MR. RODNEY RUST Biology American History Football Girls' Basketball MR. STANLY ALDINGER Vocational Agricliltnre MISS GAIL SELLS Office Secretary BEAM IMPL EMEN T and HARDWARE g, -v-"" 'i ty X FLOSSIE CAMPBELL, CYNTHIA SCHMIDT, 41' RUBY MARTIN School Lum ch Sta ff DANNY BRANDT Student Assistant PAUL WULFF Head Custodian R. L. MORGAN, PAINT and WALLPAPER .ZS IOE VESELY Assistant Custodian Bus Driver Q31 THE NATIONAL BANK OF TOLEDO STUDE T C UNCH. T? ROW THREE: Bob Downer, Raymond Yerkes, Norman McCreary, Peter Husak, La Moine Hat- ton, ROW TWO: Judy Chizek, Carolee Hennesy, Roger Campbell, Dennis Zmolek, Lester Taylor, James Thompson, ROW ONE: President, Carolyn Head, Vice President, Joanne Vese- ly, Secretary, Sharon Head, Collette Novak. TEACHERS CADET DRP L, ROW THREE: D. Upah, D. McCord, N. MoCreary, D. Brandt, R. Upah, R. McCreary, L. Ar C. Hennesy. ROW TWO: Sponsor. Mr. Anderson, P. Atchison, B. Striley, C. Wie- P. bold, M. Davis, B. Beck, M. Cooper, I. Vesely. ROW ONE: M. Ferris, F. Lewers, C. Head, Jan. Aldrich, Io Aldrich, I. Huyck, I. Cizek. F. J. KREMENAK F.ll.A. ROW FOUR: J. Freese, C. Hladky, M. Kacer, M. Becker, M. Lowe, M. Kucera, K. Eemis- see, M. Davis, C. Novak, ROW THREE: J. Vlasak, I. Hladky, Janet Aldrich, Joanne Aldrich, L. Beck, B. Beck, A. Kaisand, P. Collins, ROW TWO: B. Striley, M. Cooper, S. l-lead, B. Irish, I. Valenta, D. Sells, E. Smith, I. Huyck, B. Curphyg ROW ONE: M. Scheid, F. Lew- ers, N. Zeman, D. Nation, P. Fredricks, P. Nation, K. Smith, B. Husak. 79 '5-r 5 -1 hog ROW FOUR: Miss Mayer, C. l-lennesy, C. Nachazel, D. Fletcher, I. Ebersole, B. Kubalek, C. Karnosh, M. Dvorakg ROW THREE: K. Sucky, D. Conrad, J. Bakker, C. Seivers, C. Kon- icek, E. Thoms, B. Hoffer, R. Irons, D. Zhorne, L. Prushag ROW TWO: M. Basham, S. Vesely, D. Bolt, K. Seidel, S. McDowell, F. Wheeler, D. Vore, D. Rush, ROW ONE: B. Seidel, B. McAteer, P. Yanda, J. Chizek, S. Doyle, R. Seivers, P. Turbett, E. Taylor, L . Pabian. DR. KNIGHT E. FEE FUTURE F RMERS of MERICA ROW ONE: R. Hoskey, L. Boerm, R. Hoskey, D. Yanda, J. Benedik, R. Sells, Mr. Aldinger, Sponsor. ROW TWO: K, Campbell, E. Vesely, K. Cooper, M. Goodhart, A. Frederickson, E. Cecak, D. Zeman, W, Cooper, L. Matting1y,L. Sevcik. ROW THREE: E. Balloun, L. Christenson, L. Rebik, L. Hatton, S. Sebetka, R. Campbell, D. Ebersole, T. Wilkerson, D. Dunham. ROW FOUR: J. Zody, D. Kovarik, C. Balfor, G. Smith, M. Stockl, B. Dostal, S. Bauer, M. Nachazel, R. Kasal, J. P. Doyle. ROW FIVE: Charles Bruene, J. Moffett, B. Skala, M, Hala, A. Kajer, R. Stevenson, D. Hofer, G. Benda, J. Ebersole, H. Gray. L x og, l .I . J , J W, Q, r 1 . 1 2. CARTER'S JEWELRY X Linda R Memes I hll C N wah kv dcrd L Imxtuqly B Groves V Sxmn ms B X FC Q 'X , ,.4 Q- 1+-. , ...4 ...I ,. ,- M .-4 ,-4 -4 -4 -4 V .,:l.k.,6L ..9M-'22 .' E ,yu . - f:'W ..:'F'Al 'THA .44 - 't?gM.fE":' x..i-1 :Z H K 5 ' .E . U. 4,2 ' 2 . f-53.1. ' gf ELI. V,-4.V.,,,V ,-f"'3 A-2.. 5- :tg .af - u ur-T. --P1 'l+: fgp . . "' gg if ' m 'VPS .Q ' .VC " E- BCL ,dm vfrf ,1.Q I-.V .-. V CD' 'x'. 3-F Q ff 'tvs . . 5."'lm .9 L!-4 an O00 ,-J -5,1212 .. VJ' 1,535 ,U 'PH- . 3.Lf. .. 3' -"-'.. ,-EQS ' Yi N35 2 -5 ' ':. 'A J: ,BH ,.e,:..., . .LQ- ,fU.l,....U-,ff . -5 lux' 93,3 "L."':.4 "" "Z,-4"Ig.C ..44'w,g3d: ...vJ.., if 1 Q .3.ff,'f.2 f-'zilrfrgg 51E::T: i-5' .-- f-v-ff.-'. fi-1-.".M. .. , H.- ..'.'f,':: ...ff-ff:-Q L,-i .".iL ,- 1...., C. L1-:L ": 'Z',"f4,1 -2141 .., f ij .: ,,...H1. SPRINGER LUMBER COMPANY P Yan F ed: cks P I H adky Lewe F Bur ngham M Sched N Zeman B Deco Fron ng ROW ONE Ms v-s JoA C I-Iadky M Bryan Io Bakker C Nachaze Y J Vese M Basham I Czek B Curphy C Suchy Puha K H W ough on S Head M Dvo ak M Davs M Lowe D Con ad Karkoh M Kace Ch ROW FOUR. C d DRIGAL M5 ' N1 ,A f. ROW ONE: B. Curphy, F. Lewers, A. Irish, K. Eernisse, C. Weibold, L. Beck, ROW TWO: M, Uchytil, T, Hoffer, R, Campbell, R. Yerkes, G, Hayden, J, Thompson, BUYS GLEE CLUB 96 if ROW ONE: U, Vore, IJ, Zmoleck, M. Uchytil, J. Thompson, IJ,Su-iley, R. Hoskey, J. Benedict, K, Campbell, A. Irish, Pianist, Miss Froning, Direcwr, ROW TWO: I., Hanlon, T. Hoffer, D, Ehersole, R. Hill, G. Hayden, R. Groves, L. Mattimlly, R. Campbell. ROW THREE: C-. Novak, R, Yerkes, R. Upah, lb, Iohntson, L, Boerm, R. McCreary, IJ. Mcflwrd, H, Graj.',I., Taylor, STEVENSON DEPAR YMENT STORE A?- GIRLS' 'IRIO B. Irish, K. Ecruisse, L. Beck ' , GIRLS' SEXI El P Bxrm J Xl axis, J. lllxyck, A, Kaligaml. ', . .f dr1ct1,ll, Wrougixtou, XV' f I r TXHX ED QLT.-XR'I'E'I' R. Campbell, F. Lcwurs K. Ecmissc, R. Ycrkcs 3 Q Ro W mu, UNITED FOOD MARKET BUYS' QUARTET Om: K. Campbell, 'l'. lloffur R Mn-clruary, R. Ycrlws, Row 'Iwo . limo I. scllwakc, 1 5931 Wk. .sk ? 1 4 4 S3 jiif NSTR TAL R0 FLUTE TRIO Alicia Irish, Harriet Wroughten, Peggy Mohler CLARINET QUARTET Frances Lowers, Barbara Irish, Bar- bara Srriley, Mary Lynne Cooper. I TRUMPET TRIO George Novak, Michael Uchytil, James Benedik TOLEDO CLEANERS BRASS SEXTET George Novak, Judy Huyck, John Zrnolek, Donnie Ebersole, Karen Eernisse, Danny Johnson. bfi li w wxtmw.. ,- 5 'A 5 .. ..., ,-4 .-4 rv ,- rv ..1 ,- N., ,. 5 ro II 7 ,- ,-. , ,., ,-4 ,-4 .., --4 .- A 7 CJ .-1 'Z .1- ,-. 1- ,.. ,- ..... ... V U ..f V A ff VJ I2 O Z U .-4 1-4 .-4 '-1 ... .- ,-4 -w .... .. ,., ,-4 .., .A an U 5-E I.. , 1-4 .-. .-4 ..., ,-. -, .., M .., ..- .-4 ., ... P3 --4 U --4 ,.. Z , 1.1 ,-4 ..1 ,-. .-4 ..- f-s ..- ,- -Q .4 ..- AERN ICI. OU Q X M- kr, X by V 1 1, 1- or 1. 1 ' S l'.-XM IN Q1 Rayrnond Yerkes, Carolyn Head, Rayrnond Steyeson, Roger R.1111lal . FO fl 'I' I ION: Rona 11 Upah, Dona d Upah, ohn 11110 ek, IJ l.es1er 'I':1x'lor, I onnie llherso e. 'VII RD ROW: Bet 3,1 Hnsaia, I11.1xine Cibn 41, Robert Downer, Betty Knba ek, erry Vacha, De111 y Kaisand, 'I'o1n INo11R411r11o11, I an I ahns o11, Norman Me ireary, 'I'mn11nx lloffer, E' oy11 f 1:n1, oyee Cizek, Kenrelh ianson, Vernon Sin1n1o11s, Max Goodharr, Bauer, Karen Izemnsse. SECOND ROW: oanne .-X drich, ane A drieh, oanne Bakker, Karne a S1111 h, oanne Vese Qs, Jonna lf ereher, Georg Niiehae lchyt' , 1111 Ienedik, Kathryn oens, Richard Moore, ear ice Kopeehey, aniee V asah, Col ette Novak, Kathryn Benedik. If RST RO V: Lewers, Barbara r'sI , Barbara Sui ey, Mary Lynne Cooper, ndy Inyck, Caro e Weibo d, Mary .1X1111Cartwrigh , Peggy kloh er, Harrie Vro11gh1o1 rish. LMOLEKS " R- ' T CIIEERLE DERS and T IRLERS 'Sty' 1 'Q 15 4.3 .FE X. 51' 6-'F :en-Qu TWIRLERS--Judy Huyck, Kama Smith, Ear- ,, -' T in h-li gang? Cf 5 ' ...-g,,, Q r X 5 S lene Smith, Sandra Doyle, Marlene Davis. l l 1ST STRING CHEERLEADERS -- Mary Scheid, Jean Brene, Allene Kaisand, Judy Huyck, Kama Smith. BA RRON MOTOR SUPPLY 2ND STRING CHEERLEADERS -- Sharon I-lead, Judy Huyck, Carole Wiebold, Judy Chizek. 35' M V -L N IE HOMECOMING A-U L. I-I-'l'l Y I 1 k DR. LIM ANNI October 16 was a very eventful day with Joanne Vesesly and Don Yanda raking highest honors of Queen and King. Their attendants were Earlene Smith, Phyllis Col- lins, George Novak, and Don Upah. Band float took first place with the "Show Boat". Junior Class float took second place with the "Liberty Bell". T-Club took third place with "Paddling to Victory. " The football game was played that night between Toledo and Tama with Toledo losing by a touchdown. The big dance was held in the Community Building. In all it was one big day ending quite happily. FDOTB LL rx , 6, xl., E V A -of ? Donald Bruene D1ck Doyle '27 if Dav1d McCord Don Yanda Danny Brandt arI'NQ"ig, 'ET-9' vu 5'- fr- ! I , , M110 Hala John Zody ' 'W ' ' , I L J Q , n I? ' , ka-3 lf V 1'-gan' KA- . X 2 Q, -A A- ' 1 E d 'K A o s f ' o 5 Q-f f . dzoo d d 9' 3 4, d , Q G: ,- , 2 , 'V 5 'Q . ' 1? ,d 1 ,4 : -A fx m K Q S Ward Edberg 49? Larry Smlth 459 Ray Sells Larry Arp 5 Q f 7? Y Dennrs Zmolek Lonme Boerm Kameron Trunnell Dems Dunham 1 Q 57 61 " M" , P , 'r'r g 1 1 A ' :rrr Alf 'if H Y Q 2 f f1'- 2 I , 4 I 4 Y 1 . rg 4" xnfff 4 kfiffw, I F 4. I W I . i , , - IRL BASKET!! LL Left to Right: Sharon Head, Earlene Smith, Judy I-Iuyck, Marlene Davis, Barb Beck, Carolee Hennesy, Allene Kaisand, Connie Nachazel, Betty Hofer, Barb Seidel, Marlene Lowe, Diane Sells. pe, ' .Q up . ., f ..- -f1?x""!j r 3 K 5 all S Sm Touzoo PRINTING co. Left Barbara Beck Rrghr Marlene Davrs Left Carolee Hennesy Rrghr Drane Sells Left Allene Karsand Rlghr Sharon Head Left Below Earlene Smxth Rlgnt Below Judy Huyck B0 Y S BASKETBALL gf sr if QQ 'Q 'N' .gy sw -au-ww-4 FRONT ROW Left Lester Taylor Mrke Kvldera Dems Dunham Rrchard Hoskey hm Peek Don Hennessy BACK ROW Left Larry Arp Larry DeFrance Alfred Kajer Donald Bruene Rex Hoskey Denms Zmolek QU? L. if au. l 5 i DICK'S FINE FOODS W I ,,s, R 4' A 3 i ' -Q -.. - if 1 R 4 ' M' X, 9 L L 1 0? WX'- 4 x f in 4 as 1 s Y v d-47' g as is V L. auf' f 3 .tr ' I Q J 'K if 5 ff' X S K 1 5 2 Q L ' , 2 l 6 K X 0 0 ,y 7 , i I 5 ,I ' N X y Q is ' Q 1 Y f J '. - f f , nl r y ,, W ' 1 sf-viii Rschard Hoskey Alfred Kajer 'ff its-Q 'iv' i ml " ff 5 Denms Zmolek Dems Dunham hm Peek ! AL 2219 Donald Bruene Don Hennessy 7 X " " . 0 X E A , f Q :W A I ,,, "' Emi. - D ,D f fs -P , ' M: D ff A 2: ' 4 ' ,warm HN fy I A 'J , "1 'LTV A ' j ' VV Z " 1 eff 6 Q xx V V1 ' V' ' i 3 "' 1 fi D , 1: ,Q ' 7 N' L 1' , !,, A :M Z X IRL CLUB .cg 3 E' Yr?" 1 1-uv 9 FRONT ROW, Left Earlene Smlth Judy Huyck SECOND ROW Sharon Head Drane Sells Allene Kamsand Carolee Hennesy, Joanne Aldnch Manager THIRD ROW Marlene Davrs Barbara Beck, Marlene Lowe XX ,, -aww 54' ul ff, P K., X f 'ff fb eff A-ex fr 5 1 MISS Arnold Chaperone BOY'S -C 3 5' Q-1 FRONT ROW: Left: Don Yanda, Rich Hoskey, David McCord, Larry Arp. SECOND ROW: Joe Doyle, Ray Sells, Milo Hala, Lonnie Boerm, Larry Smith, Ward Edberg. THIRD ROW: Donnie Ebersole, Dennis Zmolek, John Zody, Dan J ohnston, Donald Bruene, Raymond Yerkes, Jim Peek. FOURTH ROW: Danny Brandt, Don Hennessy, Albert Ingalls, Lester Taylor. BACK ROW: Rex Hoskey, Jerry Hayden, Alfred Kajer, Denis Dunham, Lester Wycoff. 904 hr-vt , , . 9 5 I "W" """ ' f J- '?.,v'5 L! if L . ' I ' f E ' Q Aa t , .I TRAC SQUAD Mx DOWNER DRUG i TOIIISCAN S FF Ano- , l en Q 0 Qc K6 BACK ROW: R. Hoskey, B. Beck, M. Lowe, G. Novak, N. McCreary, R. Upah, D. Mc Cord, R Mc Creary, M, Dvorak, L. Wycoff. THIRD ROW: Jan Aldrich, D. Sells, C. HenneSy. J. Bakker M. Cooper, M, Davis, J, Huyck, J. Vesely, Jo Aldrich, SECOND ROW: E. Smith, C. Bagenstos B. Irish, M. Ferriss, D. Bolt, C. Seivers, J. Hladky, N. Zemen. FIRST ROW: P. Collins, Editor M. Blake, Ass't. Editor, P. Husak, Business Manager, I, Cizek, Ass't. Business Mang,g C. Head Artist, Mr. Jones, Advisor. Nts X R A DRS MAPLETHORPE St MAPLETHORPE PEE II ACTIVITIES ROW THREE Mary Blake, Marlene Lowe, Dan Johnston Peter Husak Don Upah Floyd Fhnn ROW TWO Joanne Freese, Joanne Vesely Sandra McDowell Sharon Head Tom Hoffer DIXIC Bolt ROW ONE Mrss Laprtz, Sponsor Karna Sm1th Betty Curphy Darlene Vore Don Rarrdon Betty Husak cerveda I raung at thePre11rn1nary Contest RIGHT Tom Hoffer, Tom rece1v ed a I ratmg at the Prehrnmary and Sub Dlstnct Contest for hrs Rad1o speakmg selectron Behrnd the Fly Ing Saucers RIGHT Sharon Head Sharon recerved I raungs at the Prehmrnary Sub D1stI1ct, Drstnct and State contest for her Dramauc selecnon Doll Face Betty Curphy and Don Ratdrn each recexved a I ratmg on the1r selec uons at the Prehrmnary Contest STEINS MOTOR CO : u u v ' 0 : ' I I I I l I is LEFT: The Play, "The Dear Departed" re- e S 'lf' I I VW. X ,, i 'CI . . . J If .,. ROW FOUR: B. Downer, M. Cibula, B. Beck, M. Bryan, D. Johnston, M. Lowe, K. Eernisse, M. Dvorak, D. Brandt, L. Wycoff. ROW THREE: J. Valenta, D. Vore, K. Seidel, P. Col- lins, C. Hennesy, B. Irish, J. Hulsebus, I. Vesely, D. Sells. ROW TWO: M. Cartwright, S, McDowell, C. Seivers, D. Bolt, J. Bakker, M. Blake, J. Aldrich, J. Aldrich, C. Head, C. Bagenstos. ROW ONE: R. Turbutt, M. Ferris, J. Chizek, N. Zeman, P. Burns, I. Hladky, K. Benedik, I. Dixon, D. Vore. EWS REEL ROW THREE: J. Anderson, I. Schwake, W. Edberg, L. Smith, T. Pyle, M. Hala, D. Bruene, R. McCreary, H. Gray. ROW TWO: Teacher Miss Schreiber, I. Peek, R. Campbell, D. Yan- da, H. Merrill, I. Yanda, D. Hennessy, L. wycoff. ROW ONE: C. Bagenstos, J. Hulsebus, B. Atchison, B. Beck, D. Sells, F. Wheeler, P. Burns. 314 E ii 1 QQ i' -J V 1 4.- 1..- L T - RAIDER FLASHES w.. -Q w.. - W, Amt :AZ 1' , M fi, 'Q 'ffffif ' ml, 441, 3 , mg, I gk 'R is 194 '55 , - , , " MINARD OIL C O. "H 3 xy INTER COLLEGIATE P S Kansas C ty ? li - RES it abr. Cue' MC'.'G!'J"" EL- 3'5" FAVUW' HUM? UNK? i . ' wfw,Q1,'mgyf1 Z4 ,L..,,,L.Q I .,,, VL A . 33,511+ X 1 4 9 N : ,. my

Suggestions in the Toledo High School - Tohiscan Yearbook (Toledo, IA) collection:

Toledo High School - Tohiscan Yearbook (Toledo, IA) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


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Toledo High School - Tohiscan Yearbook (Toledo, IA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


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