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Q 'N Sf' W9 . W I HD ij 95 vI.,,,, I , Jig J IQ, ,I 2 Y' I-J I QI , Q I ELL! I A Y -f - In ,Rb I I I 5 N T ,N I I I I I I I I I Inlf I I IL. I I I I I I J I I I I I I I I I , I I I I. I I I I i , I I I I I I I I YIR, , I+ 4xI I I I P 5 Q, 'P 5 '7'1'7ZDL.l 'DJ llll I II I 2 ID M are S ED 2 E3 0 9' D 9- , E Q' O T' O7 FN Ill.. -Q TUKHY High SCIIUUI 1111 W. Century Boulevard l0di, CA 95240 VOI me 11 fCOI'ltel'l'C r'1""1 4wwwpw illlll i Mkxxxxxxx L! nqan Auto 3 mm STAR TIME NEXT lVl0dEI'lliZ3fi0Il IIIZKES Clllllllllllliiafillll COIIIIIIEK 'COmmLll'liC8tiOf1 is the air WBVGS h3S also of in- -m menselv. and EIWK- COmDO- the SXCHEYIQG fOI'm3ti0I'1. lVlOdel"l"l sim COYTI COIT1 fS3t. A llllCl'0- SWIG. 2. IISII of I l ,wwf lv if 'Qui , 3 I 5 C0mmUTIiC3tiOI'I 1 i ElECfl'0lIiCS WIRES Iliff ill fl'8llSll0I'f3fi0ll IIIOIIE 0 Place the key in the many cars are equip- ignition, turn it ped With devices to slightlv, Dut pressure warn of DOSSible on the accelerator DFODIGYYIS. Engines and off you gg, A are 3l'l3lVZed by COlT1- light flashes reading DUteI'S. Mass TI'3l'lSilI is "Low Fuel". Turn into SVSU affefffed- a gas station, open We lfYl3V travel at the door, and a soft 300 miles per hour voice informs you from California to that "your keys are in New York in seven the ignition". hours. A freeway of C0mDuters have speed, an expressway improved all facets of technology: this is of transportation. a world of the future. IH the air, a Radar A mass transit sys- Data Pl'OCGSSiHQ tfaf- tem l"UI"l by COITIDUIC- fiC COHUOI system is SFS ITIGV be the an- widely used to aid Di- SWGI' to OUI' transpor- lots. OH the QFOUHC1, tation DFODIGYTIS. 1. lil CMS ll! IIUI Gllllllllllll llfll UIECUOIIIC UGVICBS to alll IIIIUEIS. 2. T0 lllll! OIQIIBS IIIOIQ fll8l Bffltllllf, IIIBCIIIIIICS IIS! QIECUOIIIC IIIGIIIGIS. 5. llllllilll UIUC' is Ill! BISIBI' lld Slfil' fll3llS to C0lllllllfGlS. 4. .llIlll0I' RDIIIIII llllllll' IIIIIES ISO of til llllltll llsllllll llllll It I IDCII Stltlbl. .... Y F E Z Sis ,Q ef. , A EQSZQEQ 1,cm.VQfZ'.14fzz fNf73G??7Q? 3 Q E ii . S5532 3?-Z w wa 5 Q 5 QQ . if-.fp V Qi QA , -VX 2 1 P0lllllati0Il EXPEHEIICES alllllSElllEllt allt0lllati0II With the aid of computers and in- creased aUtOmatiOrl, we are experiencing the mOdel'l'1iZatiOr1 of aITlUSemerit. We can eI1jOV OUr- selves outside of OUr rIOmeS in VideO ar- rrient. We need mere- lv to push a DUttOrl Ol' two, and the fun begins. We Carl See current films on OUr video recorder or Challenge OUr rr1ir1CiS with rlOrrIe COrT1DUter systems such as Atari cades. Here, we Cari or lr1telliViSiOri. Dit OUr skills aQairlSt If mari persists and ViCieO games in a mari increases his talents versus computer he may someday showdown. conquer rliS brilliant EleCtrOrliC improve- oponents and Q0 on rrler1tS have also to greater challenges made our homes Vir- in other fOrrl'1S of tual havens of aiT'lUSe- arrIUSerT1erit. 1. TllIQSf llfflli Il llfllasflly IISIII IISIIIII. 2. I lillflllly Ill lllalfllll Ol fl! lull! lafllf, fli Bl! SCN!! NIEIISIOI If wllllSf0Cl'S, CIIINIIQS tlle 3tf8Ilfi0ll of I IISSQI'-Ill. 5. la! UBISIIS COIIIIIINIS Call ll! I IIBUBI' Glllllllg Cllallillli. 4. .llllll0I' Tllll IIIIQS IHS hls SIIIIS IS tl! Difllllil' llalllit IIIS GIECUOIIIC Olllillllllt, IS fill Ul- IIIIIIOIS NM f0l' fl! lllll tllll. , RU. , 3 , . ,W , f . S " K' ' -'fwm 'A .:,:. 1 X Vuiii - ASAQQQ. x Q ffiiffl ,V -X. my . -,133 1 ,Q nys 6504.245 I I 'vin .42 :sw 1' ., W ffwffff , F' 'wx A fig Q . 'f ' v -ls., NN , wif LQKIIW - , 25 4.11 4' N531 ' .V N EI Fi Q 3 r 3 5 S 2 2 F i li E 5 2 2 E S 3 3 I Qi Q 3 3 output ft QU fn: .175 l g- fl: :nz zu-li-1: -K :ur :nazi-4: :z :uni I-4: 1-1: -1: :bug 1-1: ig il fi ini lui ii il 'ii 1: ll 1-1: ig ig 1: g ig- Q: i ig li 4 31 ,Pf- 3.1 Xi 1: 11 :iii Q Inner COnfIiCtS be- tWeeh the aClmihiS- tl'atiOh ahd StUdehtS seemed to hamper the SDiI'iTI of TOKaV early ih the school Veal' While a cloak of aDathV SIT1OtheI'ed its Vitality. ADDl'ehehSiVe of Chahge, some SUJ- dents rebelled aQaihSt Ceftaih Varia- tiOhS ih Victory Week. 1" GMES CZIIIDIIS life Othersjust didn't par- tiCiDate. HOWeVeI', the Veal' diClh't keep Sl,ICh a DeSSiIT1iStiC tOhe thI'OUQhOUt its eh- tiI'etV. A PeD Club WaS fOl'I'hed to I'eViVe OUI' schooI's eheI'QV ahd I'hahV StUdehtS de- voted long hOUI'S of workin order to eh- nance TOKaV'S pride. There aI'e always two sides to a COih. AC11iVitieS DiViSiOn F l I si 2 9 5 5 3 in S l 1. lldvlser Steve von Berg revlews mlnutes from the last meetlng with assemhlvperson Ellzalretlr wang and President Tlna Fanucclrl. 2. Jo Frey, actlvlty secretary, goes over a new budget plan with Tina Fanucchi. Q i 2 5 li H f 0 0 0 0 ,. e,,. - ' -- -- 1 ., ' ' 1 Q W W ,L f f .-xi -EE-'5' 522:91 51' " --'.-".w-- ff -- f f"f"f i " -'fgifivf 5f" "Y ,e - - - all-21 - st ' ' t cl t TOK3V - , ,, l ' WWW I , f A has sf F 2:93 ' . .. V: ,W V . ic.-: 'f i l'lVll'lQ OWEI' S S U . , , - Y ,Q . 1- 2 . . . - - Y Q- 5, '55,-fezgpiig 5' -s-s-'q,- 5? ,S - ' .. 4 , I-'-W.-Q " -if'fp ,'e v 8 4 dent bodv unification, Fanucchl proposed to t - ., Q -e5:,i-'Ie -if . his 41:-'i e N i Tina F3YlUCChl, DI'6SidSntQ Susan Ffiedbergef, ViCe Df'GSiClSI'ltQ and Nl3l'j0l'i9 NiSl'llZ2lKl, SSCI'Gt3l'Vj Dlafmed V8I'iOUS activi- USS to promote SCTIOOI iI"lVOlV6mel'It. PI'9SiClSl'1t F3l"IUCChl af- teflded Admil"liStI"3tiVG Council I'T1eGtiI'lQS With the faculty and Eld- miI'llStl'3tiOl'l to discuss SCTIOOI problems and changes. The executive OffiCeI'S also attended LOCIi Unified SCI'l0OI BOZFC1 meGtlI'1QS to D6 in- fOFITlSd about decisions WI'liCI'l would affect have more assemblies, dress up davs and a competition day during Spring Week. She and her officers also planned for the annual Victory Week, Christmas Bazaar, Spring Week, and YARY fund- raiser. "We hoped that bv Dl'O- viding more different and special activities such as pre-game rallies, Pepsi- Cola Challenge assem- bIieS, and bands perfor- ming at lunch would make StUdel'ltS unified and interested in our school." stated Fanucchi. 2 Q se .. -it iz -i 2 , ? 52 ,. , ee K , I, .V -, 4 5 ,a ---- -- - ' M gif l if ' -- ,LJ .-I' 12,151--"i fi '.2L"Ew - ,4- l -- ..,. ,,.. W V , ,Sf i - 1' . , , Q W + S , g-, 'B 3 ' , 'E 2, It 5 iss? ' 3 . ' , , . 1 c- tj it 2 ' -, -eii,-eg,- on 1, . if 4' fi, 2? 5 er Se- i 'W f is 1 li??gWi ,X ? We ffifjgfaffxig it Q rig? fi 2 , W ,ge , ,, 5 l -ea ee -. , gg S -145,252 5g 2 Q if W 'gsm 5 if R' --is 2 e f , f if - 4 if i E 'lf if me 5' if A E 4 , i 6 sv ,ig 1 4- 3 SEI? L Z 5: if s se 53? f W l X E 2 -12 f- fel- 25 , , ,,,, V,,,..,,. ,. , . 'lf f- - is Sk ,l ' 2 2 9 E5 45 nb Q Q Ei 3 K 2 if ik , f gg i, rr 4 i gif fp ? ,, 2 , sggaw, e tg Wi W Wwqe ' , ' - -W ei ., ' - , ' i' ' W L -, -Z pg , so iiirs " 'iw , giiiiifls-sl551755-5?-JfffffilifiKfiifeilc -, K' , ,..,, H ,- L .,,. 3 s2ZfYlfs?s?'t ,D is -,,,,,.W,., K I ' ,... M ,,...,r-M -et: x 1 -- '- My , fff' M , " 5. SIISIII FIIEIIIIBIQEI, VICE Ill'BSldBllf, GKDIGSSBS dlsap- lllllllflllillf dllllllg III ISSEIIIIIW SBSSIOII. 5. lllfllllfy ld- UISEI Still! WI! BSI' lllllifi UOWII IIIS Sflldillf QDIIGIII- llllllf CIISS. 5. ASSBIIIIIIY IIIBIIIIIBIS ROIJBIT Wadi, AIIISSZ Wllll3lllS,1BIlIllf9l' RIVER, illd Tllll Mlllel' UEUMG WUI' 3 IIIOIIUSBU lllll. 6. Plllllllllg f0I' UIQ CllI'lSfIlllS Ballll' IIE CIISS I'EDl'GSBIlflflUES CIIIOS l0Il'lEll, Albert MIBII, llld l.0llll CIIICIO. C EXSCUUVG Bl"8l1Ch 1. Hilllillg Wifll flle food and toy UIWG, SEIIIOI' ROI! MIIES IOIUS I box fllll of QODIHES illf0 I Walfillg Velliile. 2. SBIIIOI' Jeff Sf0CKSfill WINS to IOM 2ll0fllEl' MK of CllI'ISf- IIIIS f00dSfllffS f0l' flli lleedy. 5. l.00KiIl! WSI' flle 0llEl'3fi0ll ls SEIIIOI' Tllll FIIIIICCIII Blld Galllll Ml. 4. JIIIIIOI' Gllllll Ali dil'ECfS two Sfllllellf ASSEIIIIIIY IIIEIIIUGIS to HIE IUZIIIIIQ Brel. 5. Pfilltlllll lEI'0y CIIIIGY ls all SIIIIIES IS food f0I flli IIEEUY IWZHS diSfl'ilIllfi0ll 3I'0llllll th! l.0di-St0CKf0ll C0lllIlllIlliflES. is .Q Q X. We Q ASSEIIIIIIY keeps Zttllle tlll0lIQll SCIIOOI Yell' Full of nard-WOrking and encnusiastic DeODle, the Student ASSernDlV started tne Vear Off right. THE Student ASSernDlV formed various 3SSen'l- blies, conducted inter- views for vacant assem- DIV seats, and nelDeCl Or- ganize Victory Week. lVlemDerS John H3rrlS, Tina Miller, Jennifer Ri- Vera, Anissa Wllll3n'lS, Car- lOS LOrnell, lVllCn8el DUf- fV, and Willard FieldS have all contributed to ,aww i ff ""Ai 5V ' Mi QQ ' M5811 wx i"' V,ii X I ffh gr - ep 5 W 47 1 f ff af tneSe efforts. EllZ3lOetn Wong, SDe3K- er, and D3rCV Snider, 3S- SlSt8nt speaker, were tne only returning rnernDerS 3CCOrCllnQ to LOrn2 Can- ClO, commissioner of publicity. Other OfflCerS included CVntnl3 LeW, SeCret3rVj D3Wn FOrK3S, Clerkj DOn Fr3Ser, Darllrnentarlanj Albert Allen, rally COrn- missionerg and ROn3lCl KUDOt3, COn'ln'llSSlOner of elections. i 5. All ISSEIIIIIIY DEISOII SEEIIIS to EIIIOY llllllSBlf Wlfll file Clllilflllle CllI'iSflll3S WOI'll. 7. SEIll0l'S SIISZII Fflelllllllgel' lllll Mltllael Slloppel have their IIIIIIIIS fllll it the mllmellt llllfll fllll!! of the millly f00d boxes Wlllllllell tllI'0llQll file CBIIIIEII f00Cl allll toy dfllle. Student ASSernblV 1. SRC IIIGIIIIIGIS .lllll COOK, ROIIIIII Kllll0f3, CIIIDS l.0IllEll, llld DIWII FOIKIS IISUII Iffillflilly llllillf Sllllllg WEGK IIIIIIS. 2. Sillllllflll RZSIIGIIY, DMI FII- SGI, Illd SIISIII FIIGUDGIIGI IIIIKB UBCISIOIIS lleillllg Wm! fl!! CllI'lSflll3S BIIIII. an ' 1 ,. , 'Nuwf :W K wi 51 :V.qff1g:,,i f 'k ,, 537 za , .7 11 . 515- 5 . 'fa ,wi f ' xl :q,fQb1.f . ff i ff, . , A K fg:QfQ ' H :v iw' ., k, .,,, Q r K A 4 QL if M' '1 f , ze L 4 , , SP? fff ? W .4 ,M ' , f -. J ' A quw, , lf.wimm,M. . , V. .. ,. mv' , A ,, ,. , ,jw,,5:yfLf5,f ,yq1fg,,W,,,,Qgf..A ,4- 0ffiCel'S W0l'k WEIIQ llarfitillafibll dlIlIilIdIeS LOW participation tax- ed the efforts of the Stu- dent ASSernDlV Council as they dealt With a trVinQ Year. Getting Off to 3 good start, Susan Friedberger, SAC president, eXC aimed that the COUnCi officers worked "rea Iv Well tO- gether and Were very ef- fiCierlt." PrODlen'1S arose dUrinQ ViCtOrV Week when anO- ther QFOUD of StUdeI'ltS decided to plan a sepa- rate Victory Week sche- dule from that designed bv SAC l'nernDerS. "l didI1't understand WhV they fthe Other QrOUDl didn't voice their opinions at the meet- inQS," ClUeStiOned Fried- berger. PrOVinQ an opposite re- SUlt, the ChriStI'naS Ba- Zaar WaS "exceIIent, and had a lot of participa- tIOn," aCCOrdinQ to Fried- berger. Spring Week, another of SAC'S projects, WaS in the planning stages for aDDrOXil'natelV two n'lOntnS. The activity WaS CUt from its nOrn'1a one Week SCnedUe to two daVS. 5. RBCGIUIIII fllfllle lll'0SIl8CfS f0l' SIC ls Sllllalltlll RISDEIIY alld Sfeil VOII Bell, Clllll IUVISEI. 4. RSKIIIQ f0l' all ODIIIIOII Is SIISIII Fllellllefgel' IS BEVEIIY HCV, UIC! llfllliillal, IEMIS 3SSlStallC8. 5. Rmllfll Cook allll Mlilllel Dllffy DOIIIIEI WET I WCf0l'Y sf-xc Clll B0al'll EllIlallClSj C'iC ilIItlatES llellll lll'0iECtS COl'Tll'hLlhlCatlOhS lm- Dl'OVel'heht ASSOClatlOh initiated new COl'hITlUhi- tv aid Dl'0jeCtS as well as eXDahdlhQ and ll'hDl"OV- ihg school Sel"VlCe DFO- Ql"alT'lS. DeCelTlDel' WaS ah ih- VOlVed ahd activity DaCK- ed mOnth for the CIA. Phillip RltChie, SehlOl' l"eD- reSentatiVe, stated that "because the FOOd Dl'lVe COh'1I'T'llttee had the SUD- port of the board and S0 lTlahV V0lUhteel'S, lt WaS reallV organized." At the same time, the CIA SDOh- sored a toy drive. "l think it WaS a hlCe idea because We'Ve heVel" had one De- fOl"e ahd we helped DeO- pIe," said PhilliS Lee, CIA SeCl'etal'V. Aftel' amehdlhg the COhStltUtlOh, the DOal'd selected COUhClll'Tleh to lead the COmlTIltteeS ih- stead of a chairman. lt lhCl'eaSed the l"eDl'eSeh- tatiOn of student body ihtel'eStS, ahd produced a lTlOl"e dVl"lalTllC and dl- verse bOal'd. "The lTlelTlDel'S chose excellent officers, and theV Ol'QahlZed theil' aC- tlVltleS Vel'V weII," stated Stephen Bel'KOWltZ, CIA adVlSel'. The Tehth annual COl- lege Night, visits to hOS- DltalS ahd SehlOl' citizens' hOl"heS, the tUtOl'lhQ DFO- Ql'al'h and Othel' Sel'VlCe Dl'0jeCtS were planned fOl'the Veal' alSO. . E T1 6 - 'X K N KX X N E y t 5 A Avlj V .Q mhh. I g gif - -,. L 5 ek , V :xv A , , ff if A T 4. Ulllll Dlilllllf, Slilfll Sflllllfi COI- lltfil Cllllll fillll IMI fb IMI ll MUNI Sflllfll, lblll Ill IUIIII f0I' fll Illlll F005 WWE. 5. SBIIIDIS TIM BEEIIIBII HMI IIIIIB HIITIEY lllll BICII Ofllll' 3lI0llf HIE Clll'lSflll3S Bilill' Pl'0lECf. 6. Sfillllill BEI- kowltz, CIA IIWISEI, addresses fl!! DOIN Zlld Wlllllllffii COIIIICIIS lllllllf activities Ill DI'9Vi0llS WMS. 7. M 3 gellifll IIIBEUIIQ lffel' SCIIDDI, fE3CllEl'S Illd SfllllElIfS alll!! IHSCIISS fl!! 3SSOCllfi0IIS'S DIZIIS fill' HIE f0ll0WlIl9 IIIDMHS. CIA Nlllllllty IIIIES Tllllay, HZIISEII llEIllCfS lllleell 1982's VlCt0r'V Week Queen and King WON an Ul'lUSU3l VlCtOl'Vj they Welfe DOtl"l l"lOlTlll'l3teCl by the SD3l'llSl'l Club. "Despite the con- troversy that arose, we had a IOt of fuh," stated King Alcaraz. "l was sur- prised ahd thrilled when l heard my name an- nounced." Queen Hansen agreed Wh0Ie-heartedly. "lt was really a memorable experience for me. The most ex- citing moment was when they announced 5. C0lll'f IIIBIIIIIBIS Sflllllell Tll0IllllS0ll lllll MOIIICI ROIIII- llilll GIIIW fllell' l'ltl0 Ill the parade. 4. Mllll llll and Mltllelle Plllllifeel' Illlllll llllllllll flle lylll llllllllg flle lllgllf rally. 5. UIIGBII UGIIISB Illll llllll Jesse I'8l3l IS they Waftll tlll Ialli SKIIS. ' , , , my name." Other nominees who particitpated in the royal festivities were Susan Friedberger, Jodi Hieb, Marena McMurry, Michelle Palmateer, Monica Rolandelli, Jill SCl'll'l3lJ6l, Cl'I3l"lSS DOI'- man, Murray Joseph, Mark Llll, Steven Nor- dwick,' John Pimentel, and Stephen Thompson. Although victory Week Ul'lClGl"WGl"lt many Othel' changes, the tl'aditi0haI FOV3 ty still reigned. 5 ,fcc S ff f ' WW A 1 me ,f as T' 5 . , f f W ff' W 2 4 E 1. Cllmlllltllll fl! C0lIl'f tlrtll Ill J0dI Illlll, Mil Pllllelltll, MICIGIIB Pllllllfill, alll Hill llll. 2. COIN llllllllllli SMI flill' Slllflf llllfllll flli VlCfIIl'Y will Illlll. 1 Mmm 3 mama W . ff Y Victory QUEEN W M as ,,m,...WW, WWv'Y . '5l5f ,Q , 5tlIllElltS lllSaIlll0ilItEll by IIEW agelllla CIIZIIQES Victory Week proved to be full of many new activities although some students were disap- pointed by changes. Festivites began Tues- day with "Tacky Tourist" dress-up day. In a com- petition held during ear- ly lunch, senior Maureen Mahoney and freshman Michael Ryan were named "most tacky tourists." Sophomore Tonja Pet- erson was awarded the title during late lUnCn. Wednesday was Girls' Hush Day. Freshman John Johnson won this competition by getting the most girls to talk to him and by acquiring the most ribbons. Wednes- day was also country Western dress-up day. Girls gOt their Cl1al'ICe to win l'lDDOl'1S on Boys' HUSl'l DaV Tl'lUl'SClaV. Con- test Day WaS also Ol'l Tl'IUf'SdaV. DUl'll'1Q DOtl"l lUl'1Cl'1eS, StUdel'1tS Dal"tlCl- Dated in jello-sucking, Dle-eatlng, DUlDDle QUIT1 StUffll'lQ and a Ql'aDe-ll'1- a-tlfl C0mDetltlOl'1 in the cafeteria. Due to COl"lfllCtS that l"laVe al'lSel'1 in the past COUDle of Veal'S, the COmDetltlOl'1 l'allV WaS l'lOt on tl'llS Veal"S agenda. "The l"lValf'V became too ll1tel1Se," Stated Pl'll1ClDal Lel'OV Cal"l'leV at a Stu- dent ACtiVitV COunCil meeting. ACCOl'Clll"lQ to Steve VOH Berg, SAC ad- VlSeI", the COmDetltlOl'1 l"allV WOUlCl l'lOt take DlaCe aQall'l fOl' at least a year. W I' , PJ JR X 5' ff' W Q R, , ,-.- 4. SBIIOI llldlll PGIICI shows IIIS SCIIOOI SIIIIIII III IIIESSIIIQ III! Dll CUIIIIIIIIIIIO DIQSS-IIII DIY. 5. Tlle SOIIIIOIIIUIE CllSS'S fIl'Sf place flvat DIIIIIOS IIDII Hall lilli. ViCtOI'V Week gi'f Jlmff5 5 Ea? bi' 8, lllCf0l'y WEEK llaralle fl'allelS different l'0llfe vineyard Shopping Cen- ter's parking lot and the surrounding neighbor- hood became the Victo- ry Parade route for the first time in Tokay's his- tory. The Sophomore class continued its winning streak again this year taking first place in the flOat competltllon. They received S100 for their efforts. A newly estab- lished club of Gifted and Talented Ed ucation SCU- der1tS DlaCed second and the FreSl1mar1 ClaSS plac- ed third. The new route was protested by OUtraQed students frOm all classes. A poll was COrlClUCteCl later QlVlrlQ students a choice between the old TOKaV arid Vlr1eVarCl Shop- Dlrlg Center routes, and as a result, the parade Wlll return to Cl0WrltOWrl LO- dl next year. 1. Fllfllfe flllllilf of HIIIEIICI DIEDIIE to blow fl!! Sfllfflllg Ollf ofthe BIIIIUDQS. 2. TIIE Ylllllllllg float of fl!! SOIIIIOIIIOIE Class ls ready to ISSUE f0l' the DIIIUE l'0IlfE. 5. Illlelf MIEII llld IIIBIIIIIEIS of flle PEP Clllll walts to CIIIISE Ill fl!! VlCf0l'Y Parade Ill Mercedes style llld COIllf0I'f. fer, 3 kr? Nl New M me be X, WNW be 2 r W ., . Y ex 1 . . x w , 'ey .. 1: Q 'ft 5 we . . e.. X ' N .fwf , fe. 1 -. V sf - se-fugigf ' K Aa. ,, Y' 'R TN.. Q H 5 , . ,m ,.1,A WA. . Lmm,A.,.W, , A. """ redeem . ...A-Q... .- 4. Future llpmemalrers of America enter their lllllll-float llllclr len llrst place llenors In lts rllvlslen. SQ Splrlt leaders and Tiger mascut lnlclrelle Todare ralse splrlts for the 'lelray-Tracy game. 6. llmerlcan Fleld Service members "muzzle the Bullrlogs" In a variety of languages. . ., VV.. A ,V ' Z , I 'V' n , . ' L V e e , l A -A I rr,r , " ' ' .1 3 W 'TV' " ' WW? 23331112 W Z '55, ' 1 ' 1.1"-M , 'egg , A .Q W, 4,1-, W W ,, W , A , ,,,, -W v,..:ua7Wi2wfAWw w V ,,.,.,,,W. W. ... 'A ww' :iii.Tif'sleTfFl3..g fi :V .f-As: Js.Q we e.e. vw -'W' M.. Je, t--. ,wr M 1,-effyw .. MM. , ,ern Q V .Q : . f ST' S n. V.,-gffxf, r 'X W . - lf es R .. . H eres 'Q 1-vga . , . - ViCtOl"V Parade 1. As Dill SIMON llllllllllli U50 Mill SIIINI HOU!! lm! CUIW, chill! V86 alll lllllifdlfillllll' Rllllllll IMIIIIUS seek lllfbfllllflbll fl'0lll ill! 1982 TDKIY. 2. MIIIIBY UQIIQ, Gllfbl'-Ill-Cllllf, UISCIPIIIIGS Ill! GEMM TIIIIIIW RIIIIIIGK IS MICIIIQI SIIODIIII, llllllllllll NIU! DIISBNBS. 5. HIM HENRY, IIIIUIDUIIDIIY ISSIQIIIIIQM OIIINI, INIIUGIS I fiqllif il Tllll Ulllli, Ill! IIHOI. Mi ,bww Wff' WLLW ,,,, Lf H vm' W f:3f":Y?7'L:E "'--- A V f , , Hy, VV,V, ,.,2:,,f,45yw ,,,f ,Wg,,xf,,Vf,,, f A , f, ' , 'NEW lll00ll,' 9l3lllllCS BIIIIZIICE Zlfelell IDUK Takihg Oh 3 VIEW IOOK in 1983 WGS the TOKBY. ,Ehhahdhg this Flew look WBS the USE of 8 DFOUUCUOD of Dl"SViOUS TOKBYS. AClViSEf' ROQSI' WOO, ih his SSCOFIC1 VSBI' with TOkaV High PubIiC2Iti0hS, commented ' tvpestvle which had NEVER' Seen publication at T before that 1ZhlhgS organized 4. Kill Fbflil, .IIMGS Miller, MII lll0l0gl3lllI!l, Bob KUIDCK, llld Tilly llllllllllll COIII DSG llll TOKI llllf I ll fff. 5. WMI R - ll Y ll Ugl ll Y S I 8 0!Bl WW, 3lWlS!l, IllEll3l'GS to all Sill I IIIIBSUDII f0l Yll YBB, MIB BUlf0l, IWC! NISIIIDKI Gllll Mil NQIIYBII lBS88lCll I SUIT. 6. Hellllllg MICIIEIIB ldblfb, IMI!! edlftir Is MIMO! OMNI, Glllfbl'-Ill-Clli8f. N01 lllillllid IS HMI!! Hlllilil, Ili!! Elllfbl. ,..l' X: .z- S kkk it ,- . ' YP Q? 16- i A XR L as fm K. ,. X.N-NM Ni kgw X , ww Y bqqb kg X 'Q' EMS , W ii X gy 3 4. llllill GIICIZ I0llfS Ulf SWIG SIIDIS to Wllllllif ts IS staff MEIIIMIS DIIIGII NUGCCIIU Ill Cllll POIBII SOIIICBS. 5. UUBISQBIIQ the Dlliflflil ls RIIIISUI IOIBI' WW. BBBIIIIII, ODIIIIDI Ill!! BUHOI, YA 1 'PIBSS' staff IIIBIIZQBS to Keep Weekly St8tllS Altl'1OUQl'I blessed with 8 bateh of new staff members, the small TO- Kay PI'eSS staff strug- gled to remain 8 Weekly DUDliC3tiOl'1. NeW 0I'Q8i'1iZ8tiOI'I3l teCl'iniClUeS went iI'itO ef- fect to Dl'Om0te effiCiel'1- CV for the IT1emDeI"S, WHO strove to meet D0ti"l Ye3I'DOOK and l'1eWSD8- per de3dlif'IeS. Ti1eSe in- cluded Weekly "beats" Oi' sources fOf' St0l"ieS, StU- cient fiieS, staff COm- mefitS, and diStf'iDUtiOI'1 SCi"ledUieS. Wednesday night dead- lines, however, continu- ed tO pose difficulty fOl' editors, computer break- downs added Vet ano- ther dimension to the pressure. Staff positions changed each quarter, but page editors were generally the same. They were Tam- my Adamek, Tara Beeman, Jay Fry, Matthew Cerney, June Hartley, Valerie Her- nandez, Christine Miller, and Craig Powell. Angela Garcia senled as editor-in- chief. Tokay PI'eSS xml' 1--ff . -if in-1. i'l0lI0i' Ballli illlDi'0ilES Siiiii, DEi'f0I'IIlalICE TOKaV Honor Band showed their effort as members displayed their talent in many engage- ments during the year. Band members brought home many trophies, iheludihg 3 third place trophy for a Class A per- formance at Cupertino Bahd Review. At the FOOt- hill Bahd Review, Stephen Nordwick, drum major, won a second place award fOr hiS leadership. The band placed first fOl' ClaSS One field COlTlDetltlOl'1 at LaS Plumas Festival. FlaQS alSO Sl'lOWGd a great D6l'fOi'mal'iCG-the ldGl'liIlfiCatlOl'l unit WOl'l a fll'St place trophy and tall flags WOl'1 a SSCOl'1d DlaCG l'1Ol'iOl' at the LaS Plumas FeStiVal. "ThiS Was the best bahd l'VG SVSI' dll'GCted and closest falTlllV band WG'Ve 6Vei' had," said ROVCG T6ViS, band dil'eCtOF. if if so v--f .,,.,. N,u, , .c.,c,a,.,.. w,,,Qw,,,Mw l M Y - iii 11,,,,,. if 5 ..V H2 2 Qbbs .. .. .,. , .,:, . , ,. ,,. c,. ',.. ..,, f, ,. R . ' fi-'f2i1':iQz3 ' -ff "',- f :'1 f :.:: ---i fi- f iii .-'Z"ff K 1 is . if '1,. ,.", - 5f:2'5'ffij :f1,a1 S ,.,, , S wg ,.,,, , :QQ , b , . , K l"' I 1 ':,. ' X 'zllc A '..' , it . "l',: Ti' ' A ,. .i A. ,.,,,, "i' , it S X .. .45 -- - ,,, .,,.. Q -i" ' -"' l N --- A " '-":1 ? 'ff-fiEQ5'i -"' , .-s -L ' A' . it 'i" H ' ' 1 1 , " if' Eff if X ..1- 'NR' I and si itri f P i . 1 is Y . . YZ ,,,, ff. , . i - - --M- .,,. 'R ii . .tpi ,,.,,,, ,,,, 'ul ,,ii i,Ai 5 ey ' if ji ,, is k . . 'M it i 'W-nn.. rl W f- TT Q-f ,.-,A, ' .--.iI ,Q Q b Q . 5.5, W N ,',,. , :::g ,:,.. - Q :.:':, ,-,.,., 3 I S 'Q 1 fl ' ., V ---' f l"'l zffi ,.-.-- , ' z 'S t to , tats S Q Q -f-7--M: lq sfieffwsislflga. sv.: . . 22-"sniff .sd-..iz::-.xg I: - ,l f-.-Mfrs.-.i.m:.i.o. -f , . we :i-..l-..f-s.1-f-.,- . , 5 ,,. 15?5kig?EkS:Q.,.. K , , -f , ,-Nsg.,,..,, ., i A y 5. lifting tllelr IIIICINIS lllgll, the lllelltifltltibll lllllf dlsllllys the TOIKZY lllgll IIIIIIB. 4. St8Ilil6lI NOIIIWICK, liflllll lll3I0l', leades tile ilalld ill fill l0di-TOKBY Balld RGUIBW. 5. Kell Plttllll, Tfellt RIIIIEISDII, allii Rilillili Kelli! UISIIIIY flleil' lllllSlC3i talent Willie Illaltilillg ii0WIl 3 l.0lii Sflief. ff, f1a5,w.,f.,,,3, , 1 , f ' 'IW G'ii5,!i?,:. 'Lif74 ilZQQ7 Milf '.,' ' to f 1. DIESSGU Ill Its SIIIBIIIIOI, Tokay HOIIOI Balld Il8ff0I'IllS If fl!! IIIIIIIBI llldl-TOKIY Bllld REVIEW. 2. Ill UIQ Slllifllgllf of 3 llllfflllli SIIOW, MIIOIBUB TIIBIESI WINS WIIIIS IIB! lllfllll. HOHOI' BSDCUFIHQ .lall Ballll ZCCEllfllafES lllllllfy llllIll'0lllS8fl0ll Quality music was on the minds and mouth- pieces of Jazz Band mem- bers. "Jazz can't be locked into one particular cate- gory. It can be played and interpreted in so many ways," stated Royce Tevis, band direct- or. "lt's not like classical music where you just play the notes exactly how they're printed. ln jazz music the key word is improvisation." To prepare for this dif- ferent type of music, the students spent a lot of time studying theory and DI'aCtlClhQl. ThlS aD- DaI'ehtlV paid Off, as Jazz Bahd WOh "pest SaXO- DhOhe section" at the LOS IVleClahOS Jazz Festival, which features l'TlUSlClahS Oh a high school level. The Jazz BahCl also Del'- fOI'I'T1eCl at l'eSt hOI'TleS, lO- cal fUhCtlOhS, and Othel' high school jazz festivals. SOITIG thOUQht Jazz Band to pe SVhOhOfTlOUS with Pep Band. The PeD Band WGS the HOl'lOl' Band Cli- vided into two separate DahClS that alternated Def'fOl'I'T1ahCeS at basket- ball QaI'heS. 1. lllfellfly Clllliillfllflllg Oll ll!! lllllSlC lS l.lSl M0l'f0ll. 2. llllllald Harper Illll Kyle l8l'llGl' lll'3CflCE fllell' SCZIES. 5. Sffllllllllillg Oll flle D355 IIE Cflig SCIIIIIIEIEI' IMI MIUIIEW lllffii. 4. "OM llI0l'E flIllE," S315 ROYCE TEVIS, llalld dIl'8Cf0I'. 5. Dllflllg I IIIEZK, .IZIIIES FOIZIIU SIIIIIES If 3 fellow llllld IIIBIIIIIEI. Xi .,,'4' J' "7g5Z5f:,,.- TQ Jazz Band fP8D E M .1 , ,If 2 N 1 ' it 'Q' ,.+,. 5- ,M .,,: z ix S X R A i S1 5 3 S 5 Q ' 5. TIIB POIIS COIICBIT IIS ICCOMGII by 3 ll8I'f0I'Ill3IlC8 by fl!! Cll0ll'. 4. PIICHCGS Illlflllg CIISS UIIIB IBIS Ill llllll0I'flllf Iliff of UIQ Cll0ll"S I'0llflllB. 5. TIIG CIIOII SGIQ IIIOIIGIII IIIIISICII IIIIIIIIIBIS Ill fllB FGIIIIIBIY POIIS CUIICGN. l ,.,,,, L., an all K f,,f, , W 1 e K' f , K 5 Z . ,.. ,Z ' 3 f 35- 99 , H Q .w,,,,,,, WA ,M lf? ,,,,W,,, fi-,xml mmf! V151 ll: nk 5325522 few Amy, fl fgmgy . wff ': :ff.:l',::-:51'f"11" if V A, vm 5if71QlI.wff?nx K? 4? eff W f fe , ,W wg , ,.. , 9 , , ,,, 1:5 W ,, ,'. f 1 Z K 3 lf? in 5 Q if I wwgymmgm, 2, My W2 " ali W? 2 1 if 2 gm Wx 'Q' 3 ,Q SSRXXWSEQ wmv 32 if E Q gm ,,,A: m wmwanffh ,-fwiz:m1w1.,w,, Lilbi-::11:4?fL"7g5 11' 1. Highlighting file Ylllefllle SEISOII, flli TOKIY ll Cappella CIIOII' DOI'f0I'lllS ill fllill' CllI'iSfllllS CUIICEIT. 2. Dilelltlll CZSSIE Rillfilllgil' COIlCEIlfI'3f!S lllfellfly Oll ll!! lil- l'8Cfllg. ll Cappella IIEITUYIIIS ZS Rellflillgel' !lil'ECfS SOh'le people whistle while they WOl'k. The T0- KaV A Cappella ChOil' h'1eI'hDel'S, hOWeVel'Q Sihg While thev WOl'k. "A CaDDella is a lot of hal"Cl work," aCCOl'dlhQ to DiI'eCtOl' CaSSle ReUtlih- Qel', "ahCl it takes both energy and effOl't." The ChOll"'S WOl"K paid Off lh their three malh COhCel'tS. DeCeh'1Del' housed the Chl'lStl'haS COhCel"lI. The PODS COh- Cel't WaS held lh FeDl'Ual'V With the SDl'lhQ COhCel't following lh lVlaV. Jeihihg forces with the TOKaV HOhOl' Bahd, the 65-member ChOil' also emlJal'KeCl Oh a musical tOUl' ClUl'lhQ lVlaV. Othel' ChOil' Del'fOl'mahCeS thl'OUQhOUlI the Veal' lh- cluded Dl'eSehtatlOhS for the Fl'lehClS of the Llbfa- l"V, fOl' the Grupe lTlOClel hOh'le Opeh house, ahCl fOl" a WOmeh'S profes- SlOhal Ol'QahlZatiOh. lhCllVldUal hOhOl'S Weht to David D'AiutO, Edward Litflh, and GFeQOl'V Dal- DOITO as theV traveled to Sah .lOSe as lTlemDeTS of the All-State HOhOr ChOir. lVll'S. Reutllhgel' said that the ChOiI' "had a good, solid ChOl'al SOUhCl" this Veal' and "with a lOt of effort we would be the top Ch0ir' ih CalifOI'- hla." A Cappella 5. . M- f .. -' .L A -3 ': , 2-LE'-A 551.242 5 2 ,S ? Nami M' -X 1. P!l'f0l'llllll! fllill' I'8lllllfl0ll of SOIIIB Beatles CIISSICS, flle TOKIY CIIIIISOIIGUGS voacallze If th! Wlllllllllll of DIIGCNI' CISSN RBIIYIIIIQBI. 2. Mt!! IISNIIIIIQ tothe Ill- SfIlICfl0llS of MIS. R9lIfllIlQ8l', flli CIIIIISOIIBUGS IIIIDIWQ fll8ll' f0ll8 Ill DIICUCG fur fllBll' Sllflllg COIICGIT. 5. lllfillfly Sfllllylllg fllell IIIIISIC lf! CIIIIISOIIGUB IIIGIIIIIBIS. S Chansonettes introduce young,energetic group Capping off what C35- sie Reutlinger, TO,KeVAChO- ral director, called a very active year, the Chan- SOhetteS ehded with the annual Spring Concert before heading off to the Bay Area for a con- certtour. "l was very pleased with the process this year," said Mrs. Reutlin- ger, who was in her first year of choral direction. The ChElhSOhetteS be- gan the year with a per- formance at B3CK-tO- SChO0I Night ih OCtODelf, Other h0t3Die Del'- fOI"ITieI'1CeS included the Winter COl'lCel't, the SOIO EhSemDie, and the Cali- fOi'hi3 Music ECiUC3tOI'S ASSOCi3tiOI'l concert ih TUFIOCK. "The Chel'lSOI'ietteS im- proved every time ti'leV Def'fOI'med," said lVlf'S. ReUtiil"lQel". Club officers included: David D'Aiuto, president, Jodi Hieb, vice president, Monica Rolandelli, sec- retary, and Sandra Walk- er, treasurer. lien? ig F I. BOHIIIQ to til! llldllllie If til! Bllll uf fllelf ll8ff0fIll2IlCG, file CIIIIISDIIGIIGS IIC lllet Vlltll I l'8S0llIldlll9 0VIfi0ll. 5. Stlldylllg the IIIIISIC that Illll lllitlllglllsll them Ill IIIICOIIIIIII lI8lf0l'lll3llC8S, til! CIIIIISOIIBHBS IIB I lllttllle of Cillltelltfltlllll. Ch3hSOl'1etteS 1. l.lSf!IIlllg fl! I IBIIOIT 0lI flli llllilllllllll "lllf8llllfl0Illl DIY" If TOKIY ls all UISII' Flllyd NOIIIWICK. 2. Elllllylllg flll "llIilBI'lC3ll DIlllK," llllll ls SBIIIOI Bl Chilli Sfllllillf, Flllllfll GI'0lll6I. in lIlfEI'll8fl0lIZl Clllll aids IIEW Ellillallge IllElIlllEl'S Hal"bOl'irlQ 3 Small mem- Del"Sl'IlD and SOITIE Grief'- getic leaders, the ll'1teI"l'13- tional Club managed to get quite a bit done. Designed as a type of base station for all for- eign exchange students, the club retained its branch-type relation- ships with American Field Service lAFSl and the ln- ternational Christian Youth Exchange pro- gram lICYEl. Chairman Michael Craw- ford, whom Adviser Floyd Nordwick calls a "fine, energetic leader who kept his club informed," was the main force pe- hind the group along with Mr. Nordwick. Various activities in- cluded a decorated car in the Victory Week parade which featured exchange students with signs pro- claiming "Beat the Bull- dogs" in their native lan- guage. The group also had a Japanese dinner at a loc- al restaurant as another reminder of their wel- come to America. my ,f2wfe2,Aff2gs121 5132 f 2 wa, ,H if 2 24:57 5zI5QSf5?7,f2LQ,, ,, ww mf2:22ef2Afw ff Y pS,1s2,1z2 W 2, 15 5 ,U Q if 2 L,A. 1 f'5Lf5s7f','52'f 7 2 A K ,,. f,, -,,f- 2 is 2 , QS Ei 5 if .g,, F Mil? 2 2,251-A f A' 24 ' f ff, , f '52, f ff if 5ZfIi1f'f'W' y , ,,,, , , , fm in 'Wyse Awfiffkil W 2 RW TM? f 2213297 1525553 235235272 ' 2 1? gy QQ gf? if J Ugg H5233 1 ff W 5 5 mgefig I f X Z "'Vi A f f LMA lg as 1 egg' 2 ff 5 ? 52 e 2 2 2 s i S 2 s 2 i 5 1 a Q, E, X fee e as if sn. " ,f,f2gfff,,, 2 ,. f , 5. lllf8I'll3fl0llll Clllll Clllllllllll, MICIIIBI Cl'3Wf0l'd UISCIISSGS the IIOSSIIIIIIUGS uf IIIVIIIQ I UID to SIMS Cllll 4 EIIIDYIIIQ UIQ WOIIII ING IIISUIIIG of IDOU C0llll8I'S3fl0ll IIE Gefllllll BXIIIIIQGBS, Beffllll ROIIIIISUII Illd HIIGUIG Gasda 5 FIIIIKE SCIIIIIEI, all BXCIIIIIQG Sflldillf gets IMO Tllllly ltflvltles by SGIIIIIQ candy fOr the Gerlllall CIIIII 1. Making 3ll0fll8I' llalllllll-fl0WEI' may llalle ll3lISEZf6ll fllelll, llllf Qllill 84 Stroll IIIEIII- llEl'S SIIOWEU fllaf Tigel' Slllflt WGS alll!! and well llllflllg flle VlCf0I'y WEEK ll3l'3llE. 2. SIIIZY-llalllfillg Daft of the llll3SSElIllllEll float IIE Selllbl' Phillip Riftllli, illlllllfi Mitllelle lllbatll and U58 CIIOV. 5. Illlddlillg lllldel' all Umbrella al! Ollill 84 SCl'0Il Of- flC6l'S llllllley Ogawa, Tara BEEIIIZII, allll AIIQEIEI Gafllla. ff 'O 5 - f ..,. i fm 5521, 'w'2m::s: ii ffl? 5 3 5 5 12's LEWQTEH Y 2: 'ffi':f..5ifi,f'T5 ' nga, xii' 10llI'll8llSIIl Clllll IZCKS lIlEIllllEl'S, ll0t Cfeatillify Although there are more letters in the name than there were active members in the clulo, To- kav's Quill 8i Scroll chap- ter Etaoinshrdlu, had a fairly successful vear. Il'l their effOl't to be original and attract more members, club officers went to great lengths. One rather Lll1OffiCiElI meeting took place at night in a graveyard. Oth- er activlties included the annual Christmas party. The organization en- countered no major fi- rlar'lCiaI diffiCUItieS dui'- lfig the Ve3I'. "Dough- DOVS" were sold at the Cl'1l'lStl'T13S BBZZBF, but DI'OfltS were low. Adviser ROQGI' WOO cited "the DOOI' state of the eCOl'lO- mV" 35 3 m3jOI" factor. NeW SWe3tSl1lf'tS Were purchased and Dald for bv il'ldiVidUaIS. SChOI3l'- Sl'llDS Wel"e also 3W3l"CleCl to top Ql'3ClU3tlI'lQ mem- bers of publications. GUlClll'lQ the club were Angela G3I'Cl3, DI'eSldeI'1tj AUClY'eV OQEIWEI, vice DI'eS- lClel'1tj and Tata Beeman, SeCI'et3I"V tI'e3SUI'ef'. ' ,EA 'ZLL 'A'A, . ' 4. POIldEl'iIlg WE! lll3llS f0l' 3 flIfllI'E Illllllillfilill is .lay FW. 5. Pfellallllg to 90I'9E HIEIIISEIUES at fl!! Zllllllal CllI'lSfIll8S DENY IIE Phillip Rlfillle, Valerie l'lEfII8llllEZ, lllll Jay FW. 6. lllllllev UQZWB C0llfEI'S llllfll .llllle Hartley 3lI0l!f 3 CllIlSflll8S DENY f0l' Ulllll 81 SCIOII IIIEIIIDEIS. , Wm Quill ascrou + 'EIICEIIIIOIIHI' leadership keeps llll CSF Ellitillify "We've had some really hard-WOFKIHQ OffiCel'S this year," said Don Vog- ler, California Scholarship Federation adviser, com- menting on what he con- sidered to be good lead- Sl'ShiD of the Ol'Qal'liZatiOl'l. Membership increased from 81 students in the fall semester to a near- record of 109 in the spring. Only 4.5 percent of Tokay's 2,400 students were enrolled in CSF by spring, even with the rel- BIIIVSIV IEFQG ITUYTIDSI' Of ITIGITIDGFS. EIGVSFI seniors met CIUEIIIfIC3IIIOI'1S fOI" Sealbearer by the end of the fall semester. Fundraisers organized by CSF included a carna- tion sale and a caramel apple sale for the Christ- mas Bazaar. The funds were raised to pay for scholarships and the an- nual Honor Day in IVIHV, when the club went to San Francisco. FIII semester Rose G86 Tammy Arlamell I15I Felecll IIGIIIIICK IIGIGIIV Ball Alberto IIGIIIIB I15I Gerald Bates nancy Mettler Snerrl llotts I15I lisa lllles VISIIII Demltroff lllllbert llg llngela Garcia HICIIIGI Paul DBIISI IIIIISOI Brenda Rudolph June llartlel Richard Sayre l15l Gordon llusetl Melissa Scbuler Cllllllla Kallllll Bllall T0 lorl IIIUKSIIIIIII Ed T0 PIIIIIIS ld! RICIIIIII Tlllllllll rllarena HCHIIITY Yvonne lllereclil HICIIBIIG Palmateer I15I lorllee wade is 52 Pblllb Patel I15I John wbltesldes E e W IIBII Patton tlrrls Young gy Randy Reeves Sopllomores G P at Pllllllp mane Cbrlstlan mean - lnlcllael Slloppel I15I NNY Blllllfll 1 j Rex rreece lllllll llronn F ygccggg P Robert vaccarella Gear!! Cll3l'l0sI15I lzn Yu he llllll Dllllflbff P , iff iiis Dianne lleldhulzen BGSSIIII El SIVGII road WIIIIS Amr F0107 Junlors Jil FW 4151 James Balasb Dennis Fulgenclo Cllldy Carson Steplallle llelr l15l llsa CIIOV I15I CVIIIIII Ill Klfl Fiflll' Tlmdtlll ldllle I15I .INDI IMIIIGI' VIIIBSSI IIIQIIUIIIIO IIIIIIOIII HIIIGI' IIBIIII MOIIIS PGN! III I15I MII FIIII IIQIIYGI .IIIYCB IIISIIIIII I P II CII Q Ol! GOIIHIO IIOIIIIQIIUI GIIIJBR UIIIIIIS I1 SI IIIUIIIG VIBIOCKI FIOSIIIIBII ISSOCIIIQ IIIGIIIIIBIS lar! Flrfll TOMB IIEIIUGISOII IIYIII Jill Scott IIISGII IIICIIBIIB IOIIIIS SIIIIIII HCCIIIIBY EIIC IIIQIIGIIIID SIIVII PIII lllllllfll' IIIVOII CIIIIBIIIIB SIQIIUSGII I VIIIII I. 53 8 IIZIEII YIIIIBSIIIII SIIIIII SQIIIGSIUI' SIIIOIS ROCIIIII Alfred Glllll Blfii KIIIIIIQIIY BOGIIY v r ' 4 Tara Beeman Al ela carrie' Danny IIIIIOISOI June llartley' Glhlll Kllllfl HSI" CIIIIIII Kllllll PIIIIIIS Ill' lnarlr love Michelle Palmateer l1Sl PIIIIID Patil MBI" llell Patton PIIIIIIII Rlftlll " Linda RGIJIRSGR llmy Sandoval michael Sboppel I1 SI' Stuart Tomlin ROUGH vaccarella Dianne lleldbulzen TOIIII WIIIIS' Elizabeth Wong' Yll YM' " Sealbearers Juniors James Balasl llsa CIIOY I15I Jose lleanda James Fedran IIIIK Fetzer Tara Fllirat R058 GIG I15I RIDING HGIIIIII HSI Nancy Hlfflll .IDSQIII llllffllllllff RICIIINI SHI! 115, El To Rlllllm Tlllllllll IOIIII WIIIWSIUIS CIIIIS YOIIIII SODIIOIIIOIQS Cllllsfllll llltala Mff Blllll GOO!!! Cllllll 4151 Sfltl Dllaffl HSD VIIICG ESUIII MII! Fifllf HSD III FH C151 DGIIII Glffllll l15l Ulllll IIGIH ROIIIII ll0If0ll Dill! .IIIIIQIII DUIIIS .IDIBS Gllfi Kill' sfilllllll Kllf KIYIQ LIISII C151 Cllflll lil Tllll lll Klllll III l15l I.0l llfl JOIII llfflll VIIISSI HIIIIOIIIU Clrlstlne llllller llarnona lnlller Gall ltllllll, I Plfll Ill l15l Paul Oshurn llleu Pham cralg Polell llerl Shlrll Tllll Tral l15l Gllllert Unlnas I1 51 Pamela llasques lladlle llllrltll Jerry llllllett Freshmen Chrlstollller Miller Dlstln BIIIICII I1 Sl lnarne Brlrlges Fellclllad cahaccano Davlll Ilallls l15l Cralo Duck llsa Ferguson lan Fertlo wlllllll Flellls DIGIG Flores Guenllolyn Fryer Gran Galnes lark Garcla llonlque Goyette lennlfer Gray Plflllll llong UNION llllllilllll' RGII Ifll Rlall Jill l15l TIIDIIIIS JOIIIISOII l.3VQllIl8 Killlllllgfllll TIIIIOI Kllll-FINIIII SIGN l3l'S0ll Clllifllllllll' BROS! Slllll ICCIIIOY EIIC lllllllllb IOIIII ROCllf0Ill PIIIII ROUIIIIIGI Clflifllli RYIII IIIIIGY SOIIIUS Cflll Sfillll C1 Sl TIICI Tilllllll TIICY TIYIDI 11 Sl ROUGH T0 I1 51 llthall Will! H 51 1. At fl!! C3llf0fIll3 SCIIOIIISIIIII F8dGl'3fl0Il CllI'lSfIl'l3S Pllfy, several IIIGIIIIIGIS NBII SHIV fflllll IIGCUIICIIII UI! U88 to BIIIOY SUIIIG IIUIIIG- lllllli IIIIIICII. 2. FlI'Sf SEIIIESWI' 0fflC8I'S IIB PIIIIIIS l68, VICE IIIGSIUBMQ VISIIKI DBlIllfl'0ff, Siifeflfy fl'83SlIfGl'j MICIIIGI SIIOIIDGI, Ill'8SldBllf2 TIIIIIIIY MIIIIIGK, SOCIII services lllI'BCf0I'1 Illd IIIQGII GIICII, lllSf0- lllll. 5. NWISEI' DUI! VOIIEI dlf8CfS I IIIGGUIIQ. 4. SGCOIIU SEIl'l8Sf8I' 0fflC6I'S IIE MICIIIBI SIIOIIIIGI, soclal SBWICBS UIIGCWIQ Elllalletll WOIIQ, lllSf0l'l3Ilj PIIIIIIS UG, VICE llI'8SlllGllf2 Yll YES, S8Cl'8f3l'Y UOISIIIGIQ lllll Pllllllll Rlflllli, IIIBSIIIGIIT. iw vs CSF 1. Cafllelllle Westfall, REX TIEGCE, llllllllelly Bieleleslll, allll ll0IlSf3IlflIla llal'ellS Sell CIBDGS f0l' flle Flellill Clllll at flle Clll'lSfIllaS Balaaf. 2. Cal'0lll'lQ at Clll'lSlCIllaS are TUIIY YOIIIIQ, Geflllall Clllll allUlSeI, Tlffally 'l'allI0f, llllCllaEl llyall, allll Pafllila RYIII. 5. Sallllfa Fll'llSWOI'fll allll lille Slgll lllalle llll flle Geflllall Clllll flllaf. l.lIlQlllSfS lleell aiflllej RDQBIS alllllSeS Fl'ellCll Skllng and San FranClS- CO were among many planned aCtlVitleS for the German and FrenCn Clubs. JUClV ROQerS replaced Jeffrey DlX0n as FrenCrl Club adviser. ln her flrSlC year, line club ralSed funds thr'0Ugn the sale of carnations, CreDeS, and 'l'0blerOne CnOC0late bars. At an eVenlnQ DreSenta- tion, CIUD members VleW- ed a closed CaDtlOn fllm "La BOnne Annee." Wlth Dlentlful Involve- ment, tne German Club DarlZlClDateCl In a CnrllSlI- maS DanQUet anCl CarOl- lng Wltn a group frOm TUFIOCK High. other aClIlVltleS were a VlSlt to a German reSlIal.l- Eaint and an lCe Skatlng r D. Fllllng tOD DOSltlOnS for the FrenCn Club were ReX TreeCe, DreSldenlZp Ron MlleS, VlCe DreSldenlIg Catrlerlne Westfall, secre- lZarV treaSUrerj and Kon- Stanlilna KarellS, SAC rep- resentative. Leadlng line German Club were Marena MC- Murrv, DreSlClentj GeOrQe Kamlta, VlCe DreSlClentj Stepnanle Kelr, secretaryg Tlna Tn0rnlZOn, treasurerg and Anellte Gasda, CUI- tural adviser. was S. 'i V, ' ff QW ff .Z5,,,,V Z. , , . , M W ,, ' 2 ,jg . , , 5- ff 142.3-fii 11 fzv z feimii 'vi'Wiefff,: M VH QWUZ' T 529 W. ,, ,.., ,, ,,.., H-"" sw 4. .llllly ROQGIS, FIGIICII Clllll IIWISBI, C0llCElIfl'3f!S Oll flll CI'8lfl0ll of 3Il0fll8I' IIGYS IBSSOII Illlll. 5. JIIIIIOIS MICIIBIIE Ullllllll Illd NIIICY MUNI!! IIIBIIIIB to UGVOIII Geflllall Clllll IIIQEIS If flle CllI'lSfll'llS Blllll. 6. FIGIICII Clllll IIIBIIIIIGIS lllfliililfl IIIEWIIIQ the flllil "ll BOIIIIE MIME." FFGHCH fGSI'm2n Spanish, Asian groups commit to fundraisers Fundraisers were the most abundant type of activity fOr the Spanish and Asian clubs. Under Andrea Cotta, Spanish Club adviser, the group sold pumpkin pies at Thanksgiving, cinna- mon crispas for Christ- mas, and ice cream for Spring Two Days. The Asian Club, advised by Amelia Ernst, sold can- dy twice during the year. The club was also re- sponsible for selling car- nations, peddling lum- pia, and vending cotton candy. Other activities in- Cluded 3 SD3l'liSI'1 ViCtOl'V Week car-decorating and an ASi3n Club ski ti'iD. Both clubs hoped to take SED3l"EitE tl'iDS to San Fi'3nCiSCO in the SDl'inQ. OffiCEf'S for tnE Span- ish Club WEFE ViCf0l"V WEEK King and QUEEn JESSE AICEIFEIZ, Di'ESiCiEntj and DEniSE H3nSEn, ViCE Df'ESiCiEnt. C3tnEI'inE WEStf8ii SEi'VECi 35 SECTE- t3i'V-tl"E3SUl'EI", and Gail iVlCL3i'En WEIS tnE SAC I'EDf'ESEnt3tiVE. PniiiiS LEE tOOK on the Di'ESidEnt'S jOD for the Asian Club. SUDDOf'tinQ nEl' WEFE KEITV lt0, ViCE Dl'ESidEntj Edward TO, SECl"Et3i'V-U'E3SUi'EI"j and Cynthia LEW, SAC FEDFE- SEnt3tiVE. 4. SIIIIIISII Cillil IIIEIIIUEIS MBIISSI CDDB, MICIIIEI Willard, DEIIISE HGIISEII, JOIIII GIEIIIGS, lllli Till! BIIIIIICK SIIWEY illf0I'Ill3fi0ll for Diifa COIIEQE. 5. PiliiiiS lee DEU- dles llllllliia If file Cilfiiflllai Balall. 5. UEIIISE IIZIISEII, Sllalliiil Cillil DI'eSidEIlf, waits IS Alllifea Cbffl, Cillb 3lilliSEI', SEZICIIES IIEI' DIIISE f0I' ll0fES. D fi dx. , 1. Amelia El'llSf, HSIBII Clllh 8dViSEl', CHECKS WSI' all SIC Ilfillifv I'EllllGSf fllrm. 2. Spallisll Clllh membeIS sell lllllllllllill lliES with I Wllillllell CI'E3lll fbllllillg IS 3 flllldI'8iSEI'. 5. Difeifillg 3 llleefillg is PIlilIiS lee, Asian Clllh lll'BSillEllf, IS IIIEIIIDEIS llllll I Clll'iSf- IIIZS Daffy. S spanisnmsian Clubs l 1. BSU Clllb 0fflCEI'S PBIIIEIB W00fEIl, CIINIS WIIKEI, and Sallllll- flla RISIIEITY Offldife all illllllllflllf llBCiSi0lI by flle IIIEIIIIIEIS. 2. LSU Pl'eSidellt Adriana l0meli t0llSllIfS Wifll Artlllll' CaI'llEll- fel, Clllll 3lllliS8I'. 5. Plyillg close lffillfilill, IIIEIIIIIEIS of the LSU IHSCIISS C8l'Il2fi0I! SZIES. r aa A essex are em rites 4'f.f55Lg5. , K . ig L. 3: A f ii 1 , X iieeewfsaslossos A W '. Swiss 5gg5 ge7- s A se.. :L :, . -. - .Mg-fs-ew., mf --j axes.QSi15ggg'QQg?fi'ESi51eE4es?i1f245S:iieiiT2if5i?55f2555i5Sif'35f"?7T?ii15S ss- t'w5,-':s5"- -.X 4, :gig -fg1s,ggssQ'zs2:wiv-fgsfgsssgsss-fwsssg ,1,.1.5,ssigsg ..e:-.fs ,, .,,, ,,,., . ,. .l . LLV,A..,.. IQAI , ,iLl5.y,. 2 .5 l. . .7 T xi as iii. .,.. as . 5 5-M1 ' .1 F . ' sl' essex I i5ls:e':LXrexrlsx1'f1J - --s f.:'f1. ?vfs11ssw".le321g:. ,5.,g,5.,.s . ,Qafsms :emo . - ,,f.e-451.21-.gwgs -3,.. .. ,.sl,.,..,.. H ff ' -re-'fi .ere .5591sseelieiazesies-lm-.fzgflzsea 15-S..m5:-asm ,, .-f,A . f -: fa. .. .,.-1.s.l,.s,..s A..,. .D . f f . sl. QS we it an x 2 .. ,,. .X qsxeew Q 3 X Sgfggffei, ljsgfge so .5 . E Sa, Q , Ls S, 3 N W f Sie? wg' we XX X sl ei X is QS as me f me Q af, S fg U QQ se, tw 2 r F X Q2 N X EQ Xsxeksfak 3 QR, f 'Se X Q www. S55 ob Sw. . .. e. . . ,M .. 2:1 em is-1e.i21ee.1f.saaf:i,,elgifpsesissigz iflags!11535232fi.s1s5s5les??Ls2NlPii1s55i2 ,S -.mis l. -. - -' faQSsegisflsaiifsegsszilaafz:MaszQsw11gf-vi!211sesssz.'si:Mfvffesf teak N,,..f,..2,-.ffm-f:se,,.sL.e.ls1w,.sz,55,.,,.,,2gq,,,.gs1Egfggfig,1f,,.,..S-f som, ., .l D ...,. ,,,,.,..ta . A . - '11 efviaif Tisa-.ewws:f:::S,:1eis22i1s fewer ffifersssfifflfvfsfwisiisesilfsiisi-.semi--1 . ss gr- ' "5 11' ' ' .ft J'P9i:97f.f5i'ifif1'121fT-STV'"11.1:9tg1a1is1ii193?T9Si'.! :MFL xl, ,ge - - -I .-....f,,c,.gQs,.l,..l,.Q-glf:,z,,f:,.s,fe.f few t ' 2 when . gg, lf' , W., ras- . .. Tfggl,,..,,ee more 1-eg- ..1- ..Q-1 s,.. ,,.. we Si-S kim, We of 9 H K ss we , we Q S' is N its ii ,sm L seems Risk A-eei+ meow, to PM H .,s,,,.x.o ..,.fAesrsw5if-fwm ,mmm '. " '- . K ,Mc,,, em , .. , . .b E ls new 'il' S em meg? get my .,...-. 5 M- B U, LSU gain rookie counselors for year EVeh though the BlaCK Student Union and the Latin Student UniOn ad- visers were rOOKleS at their positions, bOtl'l ClubS ran SrrIOOthlY. Kaethe lVlCDahlel, BSU adviser, attributed this to the faCt that the BSU StUClehtS OrQahlZeCl ahd COhduCteCl their OWh rneetingsg little needed to be done by Mrs. lVlC- Daniel or Bill Baumgart- her, CO-aClVlSer. The Club Sold CahdV, ehtered a ViC- tory Week flOat, ahCl sold sweet potatoe pies. PreSlCllhQ over the rheetihQS were Sarharl- tha Rasberrv, DreSldehtj RObert LeWiS, first vice DreSlClehtj ROderiCK SteVehS, second vice DreSldehtj Pamela WOO- teh, secretary treasurer, ahd Curtis Walker, pro- Qrarrlmlhg. Averaging about 55 members per meeting, the LSU also needed little assistance from Arthur Carpenter, adviser. AlOhQ with' their victory Week car entry, LSU held candv sales and planned partici- pation in Cinco de Mayo CelelJratlOhS. Adrlaha Lemeli led the club as DreSlClehtj Aha SO- to, vice president, lris So- sa, secretarvg and veroni- ca Ah'laVa, treasurer. 4. llffel' Cllllllllttlllg 3 Wte, LSU 0fflCGl'S Il'lS 5053, Alla S0t0, lleI'0lllCa Alllaya, allll llllrlalla l.0Ill8ll Cllllllt llallllS. 5. Kaetlle Mtlialllel, a BSU alllllSEI', llStEllS ill ZS a meeting DIOCEELIS. 6. Ellell tllllllgll the BSU flllat did ll0t plate ill Cllmlletitillll, it WIS filled tl! tile llrllll Wltll elltlllISlaSlll. Lsufssu , 1. PI'eSlllellf BIIICE TIl0mllS0ll lll3IlS elilflllg ellelllZS 'lOl flle Tlgel' Clllll. 2. lllgilllllllg Pell Clllll llleIlIliel'S f0l' the llellf feefllilll game is Pl'eSillellf lllberf llllell. 5. The Tiger CllIll'S IIEW llllle0 SYSfellI lS llelll0llSfl'3fell to WleSfl8I El'lC GllllJS by Blll Bllllllgaff IIGI, head ll3l'SlfY ll3SllEflllll C03Cll. 5Cll00l Sllllll0l'f CllllJS C0lIfl'3Sf Il8l'flClll8tl0II DeCllI'lil'lQ D3l'tlClD3tlOI'1 by I'T1emDeI'S ITISV have mOl'tellV WOUI'1ded the TOKEIV High Pep Club. AC- COl'CliI'1Q to DI'eSlClel'lt Al- bert Allen the club start- ed out fine with 60-70 people Sl'lOWil'1Q fOI" the fil'St few meeiZil"lQS. "EFI- thuSiaSlTl died after the fil'St five I'Tleetil'lQS." AIti'lOUQh spirit but- tons WeI'e sold during football season, the Pep Club made FIO DI'OfllI OD them. lVleetll'1QS at the el'lCl of the Veal' were planned to elect OfflCeI"S for l'IeXiI year. Allen, dis- satisfied with the Club, said, "Maybe next year tney'll do something." ln contrast to the Pep Club, the Tiger Club nad a very good year. They raised over S1200 from the Christmas Dance and an M 8l M sale. Part of the money was used to buy a new television set for tne club's'video system and to defray the costs of going to an Oakland A'SfNeW York Yankee's game in Ivlay. According to Tiger Club President Bruce Thompson the turnout was good for both fund raisers. f f 0 A Y if LLWV W W- :mam 511355: f27f527f5E5El2fkfu 3 ' '17 WWE fasz,g5v3e,,!, 3 f ,X X71 X f, gf , 5 ! z ie f 'L L9 ,4 ,, 7 A Q 91 S A . sims WM s ! , if gsii 2' is 5 45 2 3 552 Q53 ' e ll. PGI! Clllll Pliildlllf Albert Alllll illll Cyllfllli Mllfllli, S8CI8f3I'Y fl'83SllI'8f, lllllllfl to "lily 0lIf" If fl!! COIICBSSIDII Sflllll. 5. PIWIIIIIIQ I gllldlllg f0l'C! f0I fl!! PUD Clllll, MWISGI' Killllifll ISIIBI tells IIIGIIIIIBIS fl!! "PI'0Il8I" III to lII'0lll0f! SCIIOOI Sllillf. Tiger CIUDIPGD Club 1. llBCOI'atl0llS fllf FllA'S Clll'lSfIl'l3S fl!! OCCIIIW flle llaIlllS of S0llll0lll0I'E IllGIlllI8fS llllgala BIOWII allll SllEI'Yl lWlll9. 2. Ellell ltllfllllle IIIIKBS Slll'E fllaf flli llBCOI'atl0llS all Ill'0IlBI'lY set 0Il fl!! UGG. 5. DIIIBIIB llllllll lllll Kay llllllGl'QBl', Fllll alllllS6l'S get fllgifllel' In 0I'llBl to Dllll fllf flli Ililf WCM. Clllll llIElIllJEl'S KEEP llllSY With Sthellllle ACtlVltV and competi- tion OCCUDled tne FUtUre HOn'lernaKerS of An'lerlCa. Attendlng an FHA leader- ship deVelODrnent meet- ihg, heldlhg fUhCll'aiSeI'S, and entering a Cart dUr- ing VlCtOrV Week, were all Dart of FHA'S activities. Fundraisers SUCn as CneCKlJOOK and CrVStal jewelry Sales were held in order to obtain money for Out-Of-tOWh events. Tnere WaS a 'IO percent increase in n'lel'nberSnlD and this year, according to CIUD advisers Darlene LUDel and Kay Llnberger, "seemed to be n'1Ore aC- tlVe." AS for Healtn CalfeerS, a Weekly jOb at 2 hospital as a candv striper or dO- ing other l'nedlCal re- lated jobs Were their SCnedUle. lVleetlnQS were held with LOCll l-llQh'S club. Selling Candy WaS one of tne fundraisers held. Brenda BarSal"nlan, Health Careers adviser stated, "Healtn Careers exists SO those that are ihteI'eSteCl have an ODDOrtUnltV to decide What they really want to dO." if W. Egg 5-E5 . yfxg 5-7.53 S 4. BIGIIUI BIISIIIIIZII, ll83lfll CIIIGIS IIIVISGI, IIGIDS Dllf If all lff8l'SClI00l IIIBGUIIQ. 5. lf- fil' I llealtll CIIBBIS CIIIUY sale, U13 BIIIMIC, CIIIIIGIIE l.0ll8Z, llld Ullll FOIKIS C0lIIlf fl!! IIIOIIBY BIIIIGU. Health C3f'9el"SfFHA FFA, FRDGS atllielle CilaIlllIi0lISiliIlS, Sildllll Productivity and com- petition flourished in the Future Farmers of Amer- ica Club While the Future Realization of Goals Club prepared for their fash- ion history show. "We were first place champions in the market hog, sow and boar com- petitions at the San Joa- quin County Fair," said Grant Jones, FFA adviser. They were participants in the Stockton Sectional Leadership Conference as well as five other con- ferences involving FFA chapters throughout Cal- ifornia. Included among the clubs fUl'iCll'alSel'S WaS the annual DOl'1KeV Basketball game l'lelCl in COl"ijUl'iC- tion With the Drill Team, an aImOhd Sale, and the Steak and Oyster Feed ih April. The FROCS Club Dl"e- Dal"eCl a large-SCale fash- ion show entitled "FaSh- iOh FlaShbaCkS" held ih ADl'll at the Sl'Iel'WOOCl Mall. The DFeSel'ltatlOl'l in- ClUCleCl OVel' 100 mOClelS ahd 50 Cehtributihg StOf'eS. "We CleSlQl'1ed styles fl"OITl the '2O'S, '5O'S, '60'S al'lCl '80's," said Kaferi BeCKI"eSt, FROGS adviser. 4. FFA 0ffiC8l'S WSIB Hllfildlly TBIBSI, l'Gll0l'f8I'2 lidalll COIIIIIS, lllce llj'8Sid8llf1 Kltiliidll Cdllllltdll, Cilallfdl' Sfliifildalfj Ddllll Slllgldfdll, IJf8SidBIlf1 Stelllldll Ni9tSCilKE, fl'B3Slll'El, 100 Uiagafv, Sdllfillil. 5. Sfdllildll NIHSCIIKE IIIEIIIIES-tiCKEfS fd! til! lilllil FFA Still Bild 0YSf8I' Feed. 6. Tild FFWS llddlllillg Calllldll Sdllllddd filldlllildllf fill lliifdly Parade ldlifd. 7. iialld- all ll0I'f0ll dESi!lIBd llld C0llSfI'lICfEd tile "firing tigEl'." 1. JUSEDII RGMIIIBII, CBMEI, lid fl!! FRUG'S CIIIMGI' llld IIIDUEIEU fllllllllllllllf flli YEII' also. 2. FFA ld- UISGI' Gllllf IOIIBS alds 108 UIIIIIIY llld Rdllll COI- IIIIS lm! I Weldlllg DI'0I8Cf. 5. Tl!! FROG's "lilly float" lffI3CfBd I l0f of 3ff6Ilfl0ll If fl!! VlCf0l'Y Week Plfldl. A FFAIFROGS W www . ..,. M.,-" 1. Dllflllg 3 COIlfllCf Mllllgelllellf ffallllllg SESSl0ll, Jeff BNISQ, Felita Fllllel, MBI'- IOI'lE NlSlllZllll, and l0ll3fll2ll l'l0lIllES work OII 3 l'0lE-llllylllg EllEl'ClS8. 2. Sfelle ll0lI Befg, C0lIfllCf Nlallgelllellf 3SSlSt2llf, is helped by Sfelle Rllllft, IIIUQIZIII C00l'lllllZf0f, llfll all tl!! IIBIIEIWOIK that COI1fllCfS llfillg. 5. Ffeilllllall Elaine MEIIUOZZ llldS 3l'0llllll Wlfll Stew R0llff lll 3 C0llfllCf flee lll0ll'lEllf. Conflict Management solves vear's problems Conflict Management, a new svstem to help fel- low students with prop- lems, was introduced to the school. "Based upon other high SChOOl SUC- cesses, the students all agreed that it wuld be a good program to get ln- volved in and help the school's spirlt," said Steve Routt, Conflict lvlanagementadvlser. ASSiSted by Beverly La- cv, vice principal, Steve von Berg, Steve Routt and Stephen Hansen, the 40 StLlderltS-Called facili- tators-lead and control- led the peer-originated program. TheSe students Weht thl"OUQh 8 work- ShOp deSigl'led to help COhfllCt lVl3h3Qeh'leht them work With Stu- ClehtS' Dl'ODlel'T'lS 3hCl how to hegetlete with average StUClehlI UD-l"lSlhQS. The Dl'OQl'3l'h hE'lS beeh Vel"V SLlCCeSSfUl 8CCOl'CllhQ to lVll'S. L3CV. FOI' Elh llll,lStl'3tlOh, lVll'S. LaCV said that the Stu- Cleht SUSDehSlOh rate Weht fl'Ol'h 16 to one. The new Dl'OQl'3lT1 hOt OhlV helped the students in 3 COrlfliCt, but it also helped the facilitators thel'T'ISelVeS. "BV helplhg others settle their dif- fel"ehCeS, lt helped me UhClel'St3hCl mlhe 3hCl gave 3 l'he 8 S3tlSfVlhQ feellhQ," said lVllCh3el DLlffV, El COhfllClI facilita- tor. Dllt-Of-debt GallaliEl'S tlllll iIlf0 big SUCCESS Gavaliers Club turned itSelf around 180 degrees Wlth new leadeI"SbiD and additibnal ITIeITIbeI"S. "Thanks to the admin- iStI"atiOl'1 and Stddent COVeI'TlIT1eI'1t, the Gav- alleI'S were able to get out of debt and save S0l'T1e mOI'1eV," said Pl'eSldeI'It Lori RObil'ISOn. A hadrlted l"lOUSe at the local Web- ef'StOWl'l Mall and an aftef- game dance enabled the GaValieI"S to Q0 to three iI1VltatiOI'ialS in BaKeI'S- field, ChiCO, and Universi- tY of PaClfiC. Also, an H1- crease in mel'TlbeI'Sl'1iD strengthened the Gav- allers' morale according to Robinson. Adding to their success was new adviser Vaughn Ramsey. "AIthOUgh this was Ramsev's first time at advising a speech CIaSS, he was a great coach," stated Linda Robinson, club treasurer. Ramsey al- so expressed positive statements. "lt'S a great honor and prlvllege be- ing a part of TOKaV'S Gav- allers," said Ramsey, "and I find it quite rewarding and a challenging expe- rience to which l look fOr- ward to more of in the future." 1. .llldifll RWE!! llld Vallgllll RIIIISGY, SIIBGCII feallllel' llSf8Il to I Pl'9S8Ilf3fl0Il. 2. PIGSGMIIIQ IIIS Oflglllal 0I'3f0l'Y Is fl'QSlllII3ll Gregory IIIIIIBIIIIGI. 5. FOIII' TOKIY GIIIIIIBI' IIIGIII- IIEIS WDIK fllgifllel IS 3 fiilll III Vallgllll RZIIISBYS speech CIISS. 4. GIIIIIIOI' 0fflCEI'S BIG Fl'0IIf l'0W llllda ROIIIIISOII, l0rl ROIIIIISOII. ROW UID TIIBIESI Mlllllgill, Sllifly WYIIIIEI, Kllll- IIGIIY BBBIIY, .IIIIIE DBIUIIQ. 5. GIUZIIEIS pllf to I'ESf fllell' dead Slllllf If fllell IIIIIDIGEII flllld I'3iSEl'. 6. SOIIIIOIIIOIE DIIIIEI HEIIW D0l'fl'3YS 3 fllllelal lffelldlllf at fl!! lllg IIIIIOWEEII flllld IBISBI. 7. DEUEIOIIIIIQ IIEW IIIIIKIIOWH Sfl'El'lgfllS Ill Mllafl BIO Rllgell G3I'Cl3 llld Rbtlllda Alfred. C3V3liGI"S aw 5 Sm ' 1. l.00llllIg f0l' I CII!! to SDIVG ill! IllYSf6l'Y Ill "The BIIUOI' Dlll lf" IIB RIIIIIGW W3fSOIl, Sflllllill TIIUIIIDSOII, HIISOII IWIIIB Slllfl Felllllll Dallld lJ'HllIt0 llld All ll Sll ff I' , , G 38 B.. 2. RBUIGWIIIQ IIIIISIC f0I' "The BOYfI'l8llll" IIE DlI'8Cf0l' NIIICY Kallll llld TOIII l8WlS, 3SSlSf3llf llll'eCf0I. ffm lVlemllEl'Ship EIIIIZIICES TllESIllalI lll'0lllICfl0IlS HOStll'lQ a SCOttlSl'l Dal"ICG TFOUDG and Shake- SD9al"Gal'l AClIOl'S, the Tl'leSDlal'lS COmDllGCl l'Tlal'lV highlights. Eal'lV in tl'lG VGal', U16 Scottish Dal1C6 TTOUD9, a QFOUD of VOUYIQ DEF- fOl'mGl'S, ll'llIel'Dl"9t6Cl the Sl'laKeSD6al'Gal'l play "lVlaC- Detl'l" lCl'1l"OUQl'l dal'lCS. Tl'leSDlal'lS alSO CO-l'lOStGCl the Sl'laK9SDGal'Sal"I aClIOl'S fl'Ol'Tl AShlahd, OR. "The Butler Did It," the fall play lTlVSt9l'V al'lCl 'l920'S COITlGClV "The BOY- fl'l9l"ld," Came CGl'ltGl' stage also to highlight the Vear. "lt WaS an ll1tGl'SSlfll'lQ and el'ljOVaDl8 Veal' DG- cause we had l'TlOl"G mem- bers participating in this vear's activities," stated Pl'SSiCleht NliChelle Wil- son. Thespians who wished to join the lhtSl'hEltiOl'lal Thespians Society must accumulate at least 'IO points and pav a mem- bership fee. Points are earned bv participating in any phase of drama productions, from build- ing sets and props to taking part in perform- ances. Other Thespian officers were Andrew Watson, vice president, and Michael Bennett, secretary treas- urer. Nancy Kahn was the adviser. 5 Tlll TIIQSIIIIIIS' fldlf lllfi fl! Gllter till llltfbly Pllllll IIIIG llll. 4. RBI!!!- Sllll flli IIIIISICII Illllllllil, "PBlf8Cf YOIIIII l.3dl8S", IIB Tallllflll Sfllll, D0l'0flIY RUSBIIUIII alll' Glylllll llllll. 5. DISCIISSIIIQ fllflII'8 fllllll IIISIIIQ events IIC Mltlllel BBIIIIGN, MICIIGIIB WIISOII, Illll HIIUIBW W3fS0lI. - Tl'lGSDlal"lS Fall lll'0llllCfl0ll l'llllS Slll00fllly, SllCCeSSfllll The Blltlel' Dld It, Un- der the dlreCtlOrl of Nari- CV Kahn, drama lrlStrUC- tor, rarl SmOOtl'IlV arid SUCCeSSfUllV tl'larlKS to a hard-WOrKlrlQ cast and CreW. Arl open aUdltlOr1 WaS called fOr arlYOrIe lrlter- ested. StUder1tS were re- dUlred to read fOr Mrs. Kahn. The cast lr1ClUded DaVld D'alUtO, Srlarl Fer- dun, GlYI1da Hull, and AI- llSOrl lrVlrle. AISO appear- lng were RObeI't Markillie, Alan Shaeffer, Carrle Ste- venson, Stephen Tl1OrrlD- SOrl, ArldreW WatSOl'1, arld MlCheIle WIISOI1. TOQetheI' with the crew, tl'IeV had slx WeeKS of Dreparatldn and re- hearsals. AITIOHQ the crew l'T'lemberS were Elleen BrOWr1, Stal1leV Chernlss, Rebert Daniel, Greg Dart, JUlle De JODQ, and Dawn Forkas. AISO helplrlg were Monte For KaS, Rdbert Lee, Edward Lltfln, and Tama- tha Stu I, who COITID eted the staff. 1. Baffllllg It Ollf 0ll stage all Sllall Felllllll allll llllSOIl ll'Ullle Wlllle Sfellllell 'l'll0lllllS0ll fl'leS to llleall It llll. 2. lllall Sllleffel' leCflIleS ll0ll8l'f Malllllle, flle S00ll-t0-ll! Ullifllll 5 David ll'lllIlf0 aSllS lllltllelle wllSOIl S0llle fllgllfelllllg lIlI6Sfl0IlS. We 1 Q 5, 'N , 54... 4. Sf8Illl8Il TIIUHIIISOII UISCOVEIS flle COIDSG of RICK Carlyle DIIYGII by Rbllelt MIIKIIIIE. 5. Elamllllllg MI- CIIEIIE WIISOII af! AIIUIEW Wafillll Illd CZIIIE SUUGII- SOIIE 5. Glylldl llllll SIIIIIS llel' Pl'0lllEIl'IS to AIIUIEW W3 SOIL 'Ybv ,ii, ZA. A 1 Fall PIBV 4. C0llf!IIlDl3flllQ'lWBl' "TIN B01 Fl'l8IIll" SCI'lIIf ls dlI'8Cf0I' NBII- CY Killll. 5. Ulllllllllfed ll0lII'S of IUIIBIISII llllll Off f0l' fl!! lllllltlfill CISL 5. Tlllllflll Sfllll Cll3l'l8Sf0IlS to UIQ fllllBS of fl!! ROIIIIIQ 20'S. 5 Q5 'Boy Friend' springs to life as song, dance Tokay's bi-annual spring musical has become somewhat of a traditiOh with a reputa- tion of light ehtertaih- ment.- This year's produc- tion was no exception. Set in the Roaring 20's, the musical revolved around a private girls' school in Nice, France. Finding a boyfriend seemed to be the pre- dieameht of mOSt of the gil'IS. The lead roles were portrayed by senior Ann Cook, juniors Michael Bennett, Edward Litfin, RObel't Nlarkillie, DOl'OthV Rosenthal, and Frauke Schuler. Other performers in- cluded Tajinder Blsla, Chris conway, Gregory DalPorto, Dawn Forkas, Monte Forkas, Angela Garcia, Lynnea Hausler, and Felecia Headrick. Al- so in the cast were Kelli Murphy, Debfa Novelli, Amy sandoval, Todd Sa- rantopulos, Tamatha Stull, Ginger Thomas, and Scott Thomas. Director Nancy Kahn noted that the Dit band was especially helpful. "We l'ealIV COuICIh't have done it without them," said Mrs. Kahn. "They've beenjustwonderfuI." Spring Musical 1. .IIIMOI WEIIUY COIIIIEI' SEWES 2 CllSf0lllEf If DEI WEIIIEISCIIIIIUEI. 2. Making if CUII- IIEIIIEM f0I' 3 llllllgfy ClISf0IllEl, DEM COIIIIEI IIIIKES It EISY to gif SEIUICE. 5. Cififlllly Sflikillg IIIEICIIGIIIHSE, CIIIIS Wllifallel' WUIKS IS 3 D39 IlEI'S0ll If I llllli SlIDEI'llI3l'K8f. 4. ROIIEIT DRIISOII, W0l'll EXIDEIIGIICE ZIIIIISEI, IIEIIIS l8lll'2 Y3I'hl'0lIglI Wifll IIE! IIOIIIS. 5. Delia CZIIIDOS IIEIPS ill! TOKIY affelldillli office Wifll IECOIUS. E i...... . 2 Kg g 5 3 , ' ,gifs A-gifs sf . fl S - A - - -f. '+w..c...,MdS 1 5 k 5 . af K .K K . K. X ., M. - New fa. .L ss My - S Q. --JN, . .ly - i... f .- 5 L ffw -. My a i f T im ,k if- K' .- fr' 5 .K fs---a.1.1.... f ,fp . - A ,V iii 'H XE R. ii K. i . .. .... WH gi 1. TDKZY SflldElIfS W0l'K to Slllllllilllellf SIIEIIIHIIQ Supplementjng weekend spending and gas money seemed to loe a necessity for many students. WOFK Experience offered help to those who had the jobs. According to Adviser Robert Dickson, approx- imately 15O students en- rolled in the class. Classes were held five days a week but students were to attend class one day consistently throughout the rest.of his or her en- rollment. The amount of credits awarded depended on how frequently the stu- dent showed up and hours worked per week. "ln the class, students learn how to get a job, keep a job, and leave a job," said Nlr. Dickson. In order to be eligible, students were to be em- ployed upon enrollment and be at least 16 years of age. AIQO, students had to receive minimum wage, work in a safe environ- ment, and have regular work hours in order to receive credits. l WOFK EXD9l'iSI"ICS v ' W PI'0Ql'alllS lll'0llIllE trallllllg f0l' StllClGlItS Offering opportunities to Qalh IOD skills ahd tralh- lhg, the Regional OCCUDa- tion PrOQram lROPl at- traCteCl over 200 StU- dents' participation. Thlrteeh job entry-lev- el courses, ranging from automotive services to hUrSlrlQ assistance were offered to StUderltS Over 16 years of age. NOt Or1lV were students Qalhlrlg eXDerlehCe but alSO credits. Students were credited flVe units per semester for each SUCCeSSfUllY COmDleteCl course. Job DlaCerhehtS and reCOrhl'T1ehClatlOh to IOCaI lJUSlrleSSeS were rhaCle lh many areas. TheSe DlaCerT1eht pro- QrarhS gave StUClehtS the chance to put the Skills they learrleCl to use. VOCatiOr1al lhClUStrlal Clubs of AmerlCa lVlCAl Offered rherTllJerShlD fOr StUClehtS lh trade, indus- trial, or health ClaSSeS. VICA provided StUderltS ODDOrtUhltV to lrT1DrOVe their jOD skills and to COI'TlDete irl the Skills OlVrhDlCS. lVlemDerS COh- sistedepf both LOdi and TOKaV students. kiwi V - say K.: xg , eggs? In R ,..,.3-v f is we 3 Q 1. ISSISYIIII IIGIIIB Stall!! Is EIIIIIB HDSS, llllltll lSSlSf3lf V N lllSfflICf0l'. 2. Clltfllll llllfllll llil' llllal Is Vlllalllllll BIOOIS, Rlilllllll UCCIIIIIUUIIS PIOIIIIII llfllltlllll. ' fa 5 Nr'- N5 kxtf K f . ,twel- X Kg , esp . :Ji If ,- X. . f, 1. -Q A- RS l v we my 4 Q M Q., , N 'K 5 eg. . P ""f 'L 5. "SBI Ml," lIlSfI'llCfS Glllgif HIII 35 SIIG IIIIKES I fB8fll IIIIIIIQSSIOII of IIBI' dlllllllly Dlfhllf. 4. COIICBII- fflflllg lllfillfll, SGIIIOI' VBSIIKI Demltroff types away. 5. "wIlere's IIIY CIISS? wll3f'S 3 IIIIMOQIIIIIIBI' IIOIIIQ HSN?" BKCIIIIIIS .llllll BDQQS, IIIBIIICII 0fflCG lllSfl'llCf0I'. ROP!VlCA 1. CIIIII III Illll DIISY TIIIICO BIIIDY lllllill flllifllil' IS III! of fl!! Ill'0llIlll. 2. Glfflllg fi KIIOI GICII 0fllIl' IIB "Ul'0fllII'S" HIFI UWB Ild KID VIIIQ. 5. XII YIIII Illll VISIIII Dlllllflllff IIIIIII If flllll' Olll IOIGS. I. CIIITIIII 0Il I Ilgllt COIIVIISIUOII III SIIOIII I.0l Illl IICIIBI Dlffy. 5. IIHIII CIIIII Slllli IS ll ISIS CII VII lllSfl0lS IlIOIf llSllf. aww' ,Q r W ff' 7 WA? I I 1 Z if Q if-fe A as if -M., . 4-irq fa ff V, WW f ' gk f, ,. 7 ff' 5. 511--S ,V ' , f f ' 'ff ,, 'Z M53 L , ' Sf-ff:1,,,,,,,,,w, AV Sig, f , fei'??'wi 1 Q! 'Vik f A 5 - "' ' .1 " ' W M ' f mv" I , - ' , V: ,,-,giiw i ss f Q , " V f 'V . . ' " f WLU?,, fm , M , ' -W Q R :fl jay- gif? S5 me-3 1 M. 4 R 5 . k I f CIA DRUGS Ilatilllilay to l'8Ci8i illtEl'8Cti0lI Al'nef'iC3n StUCientS were matched Witn EngiiSn 35 3 Second L3ngU8ge StU- dents in 3 new Big Bf'Otn- ef'fBig SiSteI" Df'Ogl'3I'n laUr'lCI'Ied by the COYTI- I'nLIniC3tiOnS Il'nDI'OVe- ment ASSOCi3tiOn. Witn planning under- W3V in January and Feb- l"U3I'V, lnteI'3CtiOn COl'n- mittee chairmen matched students in f'niCi-Nl3l"Cn. Nl3tCning WBS done BC- COl'Ciing to sex and lunch Del'iOCiS, and approxi- mately 40 SOUtne8St ASi3n I'efUgee students D3f'tiCi- Dated in the Dr'OgI'am. Goals fOI" tne Big Bl'Otn- ef'fBig SiStel" DI"OgI'8m were: 0 infOl"I'n3i n'leetingS between "Df'OtneI'S" and "sisters" at least twice 3 week O gl'OUD get-tOgetneI'S O OI'g3niZed activities fOI' 3ii Df'Ogf'8n'1 VOlUn- teeI'S tMicke Grove picnic, SOftD8ii game, etc.J O introductions to Fai- iieS and SDOFtS events intel'3CtiOn COn'1I'nittee chairmen were Ron IVliieS, Guadalupe Al'n8V3, R3ndV ReeVeS, DOnn Singleton, and Brian TnOI'nDSOn. Big BI'OtheI'!Big SiSteI' lllellll tEaClli atielltllate Team teaching ahd heW teChhidUeS Summa- l'iZed TOKaV'S new dl"iVel' education ahd' Cafeel' Cehtef. The ihStl'UCtOl"S, who believed their jOD WaS to help students ih their fLltUl'e, WaS success- ful. Aftel' 11 Veal'S of teach- ihg dl'iVel'S tfaihihg ih small l'OOl'T'lS, Paul Pl'eSS WaS Dl'OUd of hiS heW tWO-l'OOm COmDihed ClaSS which held OVel' 50 StUdehtS. "We tried to teach the most imDOI"- taht thihg Oh campus: the life and death ih- volved with automo- biIes," stated Pl"eSS, "ahd with the heW CUl'I'iCUlUh'1, IIQ llIEtll0!lS lll'0Ql'alIlS we Wel'e able to relate ahd give students the newest ihfOI'l'TlatiOh." AlSO, Cafihg about the future of the students WaS the maih idea of the Career Cehter. Headed bv Jo Wvllie, the Career Cehtel' Ql'eW With DOOKS, films, and students. Guided tO be a library for students ihVeStiQa- tihg Cal'eel"S, lVlf'S. WVllle, alOhg with the faCUItV, ehCOUl'aQed students, Ql'adLlateS, ahd Dal'ehtS to visit. "We tried tO Keep the Cafeel' Cehtel' as UD-tO-date and ihter- eStihQ as DOS'SiDle, said Mrs. Wvllie. J S 2:5 . - 'X an Q' ,- gf Sgierell l .. ,. fi .A -w- WWW 1 Q 3 ffM.t.R,,, ,i f. :Qi X ft ,.... W S1 as lf- A- in -K n fs .i . .. -4 W- - , .-w.-1 -ng: .Q '-'sg:gi1::: '- .I :s5., 1:, Tie assi QM f' ,,., f,:-may lm I. M- ax., - ' 'a?E551,wf , Q:.,,. f ,. ,.:::5:. , . S t l:L WN W,::. sl ,:.k. k,:L Q Qq , , ,,.:., L 1 I ' 1 x Y Q 'K All -51551: T' ,. t -.M ww i Q is xt Q X MQW Q SQ Xgxsgfm QR xx x is X XX vi Vkifisf LV . 45. j 'V-A 4 1. Ju Wyllle 3SSlSfS GIGSCIIBII HICKS lltll IIB! CBI!!! CHOICES. 2. SBIIIOI' Blylll Cllll Ill IIIS SBIICII fill fl!! rlgllt CONC! ls 3SSlSfEd III SGIIIOI IIIIIIC IICISOII. 5. MMIII! IISG of ul! Ilelly IITIVGU lllf0IIlllfl0Il, FIIIIKIG SIIIIIQII lllll Rllilllld lllllllllll, SOI'f flll'0II9ll le- S0lll'C8 flles. VE 4 A A Rniiff f' ...wwix A Swwfw , S A K K 1, Lf- K. ....... , xii. i , . 1N..w-'J W ' n .S S. . 1 ,iii Sf 4 KBIIIIGHI ISIIBI lllll MDM! llllllllllel film YBZCII UI! COIIBCS U31 f0 lllllli I lift llallll flllll. 5. TIIB IIWS of fl!! NIU, lllalllll llll all lIIlIIOI'f3l'lf lllif of Dl'lUGI"S EIIIICIUDII, all IIISCIISSGII by Pllll Press. 6. Ml. Israel IIWISES fI'8SllIll3Il SIIBIW KOIIIGQY llfll flle IIGW dll!- lllg laws. 7. "BI'lQllflllllQ Illl flle IIIIS helps IIIIDIOUG Sflld8IlfS' lfflflldi fllllfd lB3I'Ilillg" SIYS MI. PIBSS. DFIVSFS Training fcareel' Center' NEW WZUE, CMZIDQS DDDIIIHI' UII CHIIIDIIS New Wave music man- aged to survive the many music style changes by becoming more advanced with the help of SVl'l- tnesizers. Bands such as Soft Cell, The FiXX, and FIOCK of Sea- gulls are a few of the DahdS with SVl'ltheSiZeCl percussion instruments. The "British IhVaSiOh" hit the,U.S. years ago but Australia has invaded American shores with mu- sic by lvlen at Work and INXS. Struttihg into the music scene were the Stray Cats who bl'OUght more popularity to the tunes of rockabilly. Although mahy CIOthihg stores existed ifl C3iifOI'- Hia, many Drefeffed Ol'- CiSY'iI'lQ fI"OITl OLlt-Of-State ti'1I'OUQi"I IT'l3ii-OI"CieI' cata- logs. C3t3iOQS such EIS L.L. Bean 8I'1Ci C3i'l"Oii Reed TIGIDGCI bring clothes from the e3St coast to the west coast. COiOi'fLIi D3I'1Ci3l13S Were WOIT1 loosely 3I'OUl'1Ci the necks of SOITIG StUCiSI'1tS 35 3 diffefent, yet SOmS- what DSW SIIVIS. Getting LlSe to the male gender WS3I"iI"lQ earrings took 3 while, but the jewelry Cablght OH VSFV quickly. 5. NSW Wall! Clllfllillg IIGCZIIIE IS falllllial' 35 file IIIIISIC, BS several TOKBY SflIdEIlfS UISPIBY flleil' flII'E8dS. 4. SYIIUIESIZEU ll8l'CllSSi0lIS WSIB 0I'CllESfI'3fed Ill NEW Wall! BIIIUS. 5. BIIIUIIIIS UEC0l'3f8d file IIECKS of IIIIIIY Sfllllellfi SIICII ZS S0llll0ll'l0l'G 1. lllall order catalogs brouglrt out-of-state wardrobe to local homes. 2. Dlsplay- Illg the oarrlng fad among mall members of tlll campus ls senlor Rllllafll lnerlelros Q' I zo 1 do A Wow sk N .: H , M H F3dS 1. F0l'lll3l llltl illf0l'lll3l 3l'8 .IOSGIIII Rellllllill, C3tll8llIlB Weitflll, llllilllil UKOIIG- llGQll8, llllgellta NOCIIE, Glltl llltllarll lIlCl8l'. 2. Slltlwllll Off Cl0tlIBS f0I' C00l Wiitllll IIB IOSBIIII ROIIIIIIEII, llll3lI3Sl UKOIIGIIGQIIB, ltlllitlllll IIOIIIIES, Illtl Citllilllll wBSt- fall. 5. Sweatshirts Gllllllltitl Gall Mtllfell Willie Ilttllllfli-tl8Slgll8tl SWB3t6l'S Sllltltl liltllllti l.llCl!I'. mmvwmyf , m W IllIilliSliirtS, ballet fIatS Elllillell tEBll lIlI2ll'tll'0llES lVllhlSKil'tS WeI"e DODLIIEI' in the 60'S and although they Wel"e hidden lh ClOS- ets for l'h3hV Ve3l'S, they have made theil' COl'he- back. Sl'IOI't skirts COrTIbiI1eCl with ballet flats and fa- ShlOh3Dle tlQhtS gave ah eX3l'TlDle of wardrobe COOl'dlh8tlOh at TOKZV. FOrmalitV W8S ahOtIhel' Way of defining the tUXe- do look which COhSlSted Of the basic blaCK and white COlOl'S 8CCehted by 3 bow tie ahd Dleated shirts. UhifOf'mltV deSCl'llDed the casual vet dl"eSSV StVle Oh CBITIDUS. It COhSlSiIed Of eSD3dl'llleS ahd V3l'lOUS l0aferS, elthel' WeejUhS OF SDel'l'V IIOD-Sldel'S. POlO Shll'tS ahd ShOl'tS were SOUQl1t for during the Wefm days ahd latel' Were er1l'larICed with laVeY'iI'1QS of SWe3tel'S, lOUlItOh- downs and lOhQel' pants dUl"lhQ the colder Wea- ther. Red h8i'l'hOhlZed Bhd ehllVehed Certalh muted COlOl'S that one wore. NeVel'theleSS, d3l'K COlOl'S such 35 DlUlTl added 3 hlCe COhtl'3St to SOme of the rather ehlIhUSl3StlC COl- Ol'S. Q' N. N 4. loafefi. Dumps, oxfords, and tednls shoes were the soles for feet. 5. The Ilbrlry was a qulet place to lounge around for Ferlina Slador, Teddy Bacanl, and Gall MCllI'8Il. Fashions f , f M, ga 1" 55 1 M fn is Mi 12 J 3 was 1 RDIIIBIICE WIS ll0f Oll file lllilld of flliS Silfil glade! IS il! accepts 3 di!! ily iiiSSill9 OIIG of flli f0I'BSf illllailifallfl 2. Clilllilillg iIlf0 3 U88 flllllii WBSIUIIE of file lllally IISIISIIZI 3CfiilifiES ElDEI'iEIlCEli by til! SfllliEllfS. 5. COIIIISEIOI' BMW RICIIINIS EXDi8iIlS I lll'0C6dlIl'E to iliS wards. 5CiElICB Camp assists ill iB3liBl'SiIill EiiBI'CiSES EXDEI'iEi1Cil'iQ SCiEi'lCE CRITID 35 3 COUi'lSEiOI' ih- StE3Ci of 3 sixth Qi"3CiEI' Di'OViCiECi ah ODDOl'tUYlitV for 54 TOKZV StlJCiEl'ItS to EXEi'CiSE ti'lEiI" iE3CiEI'Si'liD 3biIitieS. Taking C3I'E Of about 'IO-'I2 sixth QI'3CiEI'S fOi' 22 i'1Ol,II'S 3 dav put 3 lot of i'ESDOi1SiDiiitV Oh 3 COUN- SEiOI"S Si'lOLliCiEi'S. NOt OH- lv did they have to get ti'1EiI' QFOUD to 3CtiVitiES OFI timE, ti'lEV SEI'VECi ES ti'1E iE8CiEi', tE3Ci'lEI' and DFODIEYTN-SOiVEI'. For SOITIE TOKEIV StU- dents, theil' one week tI'iD to Camp JONES Gulch in L3HOhCia told them that they COUICI not hah- CiiE i'i3ViI'1Q l'T1Oi'E ti'13i'l ODE child of their own. For others, a period with na- ture provided an excel- lent preak from the hus- Fife and bustle of school l e. According to Charles Schiffman, assistant prin- cipal, choosing the coun- selors was difficult pe- cause over 150 students signed up. Since stu- dents were allowed only for a nine week session, a prioritv list was made. Seniors who attended a special camp training were selected first. After came juniors who attend- ed the meeting and then juniors and seniors with good attendance re- cords. SCIENCE Camp 4. walfllly Illflillflv fOr IIIS 0IlII0lllllf'S Il8lf IIIWE, fl'ESllIll3ll Sllllff l3l'S6lI IIIZIIS IIIS Sfl'3f89Y. 5. HIIUISEI' CIW Haas IIIIKES lllll0lIl'lCElllGIlfS 3ll0lIf COIIECUIIQ IIIEIIIIIEISIIIII fEES. 6. Ill all llllllflilllllfll Qlflleflllg IIE Al'EOD39EflC3 0fflCEl'S lllgeli GZICIZ, lll'GSldEIlf1 TIIIIIIIY Allalllell, VICE llI'GSlll8lIfj T3l'3 BEEIIIBII, SEC- lifaly UERSIIIEII and SIISZII CIIID, SAC IEDIESEIIf8fWE. 1 GZIIIBS Clllll lllElllllEI'S Wlfill lllfellfly 35 SEIll0l' Bally RlCll3l'dS fI'lES fll SCOIE lll0l'E ll0lIlfS lll 8 Clllllllllfel' glllle. 2. Talllllly Allalllill digs llllllllll f0I' Cllallge Wlllle Allgela Glllila fl'lES fll IISE ll!! f3l6IlfS to ll!!! 8 Cllllllli ClISf0IllGl' lll hay. 5. Offiters llllgeli Gilda, Tllllllly MIIIIIEK, allll NWISEI Sllllllel lllfllll SEIICIIBS fl!! Clll'lSfIll3S Balall' CIOWII f0I' CIlSf0lllEI'S. Sfllllellf Ilalflilllaflllll ill fllll0 CllIllS C0llfl'ZSf DeSDlte lOW Dal"tlClDa- ance was higher than pre- tion of the student bodv in Areopagetica, several activities were planned bv its officers and few members. Samuel Hatch, English teacher, replaced Julia Gillespie as Club adviser. A bake sale was held during the Christmas Ba- zaar and meetings were conducted to discuss plans for a literary maga- zine, a trip to San Francis- co, and a campaign to re- cruit new members. , Having more video games to attract more students, the Games Club average meeting attend- vious Veal"Sh. P OnCe again, Gal"V HaaS, math il"lStrUCtOl', filled tne DOSltlOn of aClVlSel'. OfflCeS were held bv TnOl'naS DUttOn, Dl"eSl- dent, GeOl'Qe Kafnlta, vice Dl'eSlClentj lVllCnael Selling, SeCl'elIaFV tl"eaSUl'- Grp and Wilbert Ng, SAC l'eDl"eSentatlVe. Meetings were neld to make plans fOl" various fUnCll'alSel'S, lnClUdlnQ a lOaCKQaI'nl'nOn tOUl'na- ment to l'alSe fLIndS to DUl"CnaSe an lntelllVlSlOn COl'nDUtel" SVStel'n and l'nOl'e video Qal'neS. Games fAl'eODaQetICa 2 iv WW fmswxz R2lIliGS Stllp flllltfillllillg dlle to Stllllellf Cnllflitf Student conflicts caused rallies to COrne to a ternDOrarV nalt tniS year. "We have been naVinQ less rallles tniS year because the klds are too rowdy and take the rallieS for granted," stated Anne Braden, ad- vlser for the SDlrlt groups. "Also, we are l0OKInQ for more ldeas." AnOthel' COrltl'Ibutlirlg factor is the reSlQnatlOn of rally commlssioner Albert Allen, who resigned in December due to Dl'0bIerTlS which could not be resolved, leaving the position em- D . In order to aVOld future problems, Mrs. Braden SUQQeSted that tne rally commissioner De eleCted by tne Stlldent DOdY lnStead of a club. 4. A-VIII, I-SOII, alll I-Ylll Wllllll fllll' IIIIIIIS f0l' I II'0lIII lff0lf. 5. GIIMOIS Ill f0l' fll llllllllll Slat! ll I lllllf-lllffld Illlll of IIIIISICII CIIIIS. RaIIi6S W 1. lffel' 3 fllle tellll SIIDWIIIQ, Dllll tealll l'llEI'llllEl'S dlSCllSS tllell' llldllllllllll llEl'f0l'lll3llC8SL 2. Jllllllll' Katllleell lllllllljllll SOI- Blllllly lW3ltS til! IIIUQBS UECISIDII it the state t0lIl'l'lllllEIIt. 5. P8l'f0fIIlll'lQ It llllftlllle llllllllg IIOIIIE football QIIIIBS ls UIIE of til! Drill tG3llI'S CIIOIBS. if . M as WW ,.,.W,,W..A..,,f In Mrmw,,,,,.,, Mvilhf f 'Tr lsr f .I ,arf I ,M .- . .,1u ?, 4 , an sg is Drill team 'style' keeps .. ii IIIEIIIDBYS fl'0lII C0lltESt Having a "stlye of their own" could be what kept the TOkaV Drill from the state championship. g "Most of our girls didn't want to make the trip," stated Anne Braden, drill team adviser. "Our style WaS different frOrh their grading style also." "l think our style was neat because we put more dance and added more steps into the rou- tine," stated Trina Coch- ran, drill team member. This style could pos- sibly carried on through the years due to the fact that drill held a clinic for StLlderltS in fifth thru 10th grade. ThiS camp taught fUtUl'G drill members dif- ferent steps and TOU- tll'lSS. "The girls make up their own routines and decide pretty l'TlLlCh what theV do and don't want to at- tend," noted Braden of the state championship contest. "We were plan- ning to go to Anaheim to perform, but they girls deCided the trip WaS too rhuCh." They did, hOW- GVGF, Dei'fOl"lTl at tl'1E Unl- V6l'SltV of P3ClflC-San JOSe State University baS- ketball QBITISS. Monica ROlarldelli WaS captain with Corita Halligarl, CO-Captain. 5 2 vzzl., S U V'V" f - -i VV- , 1 V gn' , , ,. n" 'K , 2 K, fr M fr ,, I , ' ,f I If ,f ?'V f VM' V A ,Mm W V . Q fn M I T W W Z 5 f' W N ' 1 ,w""" a . 1 to f fd f 1? K fs Q: in 3 5 ,,,e r 5 '1,...w Qilmiha ,,,,,A i in .2 f A I t fy ,, 7 VVSI A YW , ,vv,, A an 1 ji, VVZA 1,1 ,,:. 1, ' "'0 V .A "1 7 1 g l vjlg lf' v " V ' , 6 Q ' wdL H zlg' in 'Q V ai 2, I ,, i ,,A 1,:,,, S 5 M , "'vv -1f'1-, n ff fL'Y 2 " ' ' ,Mwy raw WWW' ' " ' 2 QQ, 1 II, A 5 , W xt -15553: V 4. Rldlng on the hack of the victory week float are hlgh splrlted Drlll members. 5. Drill team members are Front Rpw hlary lou lldo, Klm Hancock, Heldl Kin- neyreuy, vanessa valencia, Shawnee Munoz, Jane Patterson, Kerry Ito, llld Melis- sa Antonlnl. gg tvro Melissa ylllle, Chrlstlne fields, Gretchen hlclrs, ,Janet Evans, Stacey Smlth, veheha foster, Sandy vaca, and Corlta llalllgan. Row three Illonlca Rolandelll, Parnl Broun, llS3 Pelletler, Illlchelle Palmateer, Shanda Brlen, Klmm Nayer, Sandy walker, and Kathleen lauchland. Row four Trlna Cochran, Ronlyn Schmidt, Tammy Dunclrhorst, lorl lllxon, Sandy verstl, Becky Neva, hlarena hlclnurry, and lorl Dean. 6. Showing hlgh Intensity at halftlme ls senlor Stacey Sllllfll. ' Drill Team gi 'ii ll il xx K Zi Ti 43 ll 'K it ii in: ll ll xg 31 2-Z il it 5: :hz ' li it it ' ll ji fi. S il 0 X anges ' f tamong faculty COUl'1SelOl'S, teaCl1- el'S,aI'1Cl aCllTlll'lIStl'a- t0f'S all were l'eSDOI'1Sl- ble fOl' eClUCatlnQ the rT1il1dS of Over 2,000 of AmeI'lCa'S youth at TOKaV. The Year l'1aS lJI'OUQl'lt SOme Cl'1aI'1QeS to the tOWeI' we know as "the FaC- uItV." A I1eW vice Dfln- ClDal, legal Dl'ODlemS, and mal"lV l'leW teaCl'l- ers were all Daft of this Veaf. FOI' the most Daft, long l1OUl'S of prepa- f'atlOl'l and gallons Of Fed ink were a great DOf'tlOI'I ofthe school year. Seeing many faCeS come and QO, we mUSt SaV that faCUltV and staff ITIeI'TlDeI'S have made an ImDI'eSSlOI'l UDOD OUl'llVeS. F3CUltV DiViSiOn 2-1?-2 :-1-:rl it ji Q 1. Glliflll Dlllll Sllifll ls Plllllllll llI'01 Call!! It IIS lll0l'llll SDM, llllflll fll SCIDOI IIISIS. 2. DISCISSIII llffl-Cll'I'lCllII' lttlvltlis NI II' llllSfl'If0fS IS DIIIII Kllff, llll COIISIIUI' all .llalll Hlllly, llrIlCIllII'S SICIUIH. 5. POIUOIIII WUI' SCIWI IICONIS ls UIIIIUO SIIIN, ISSlSfllf llrlltllll lld SOIIIOION Glllfll CIIIIO. NEW Il0l'falllBS IIBIIIS DIIBICIDWIIBII COIIIIIUDIIS "POl'taDleS were tne Dig WOI'd on TOKaV'S campus this Year," stated PI'inCi- pal LeI'OV CaFneY. Tney added UD to six neW buildings and served Driv- ers' Education, EngliSn as a Second Language, and fnatn and EngliSn ClaSSeS. TneV allowed the SCnOOl tO open UD its new COIT1- DUteI" DI'Ogl'al'n fOr all StU- dents to participate. Tne participants included StU- dents fl"0m nomemaking to science and to fnatn classes. Also new on Cal'nDUS WaS BeVeI'lV LaCV, TOKaV'S neW vice principal. Being Df'0l'nOted fI'OI'n assistant DrihCipal at Lodi High, Mrs. LaCV did a Vel'V gOOd IOD aCCOI'ding to MF. Caf- neV. Sne proved to be an asset by helping with SCnedUle changing and a new COnfliCt Manage- ment Dl'OgI'an'1. "With COhfliCt Manage- ment, tne SCnOOl had leSS SUSDenSiOnS and tne Veal' tUl'ned out to be tne best Veal' SO far," stated Carney. 2 A if 3 4, Eg- f 'M gbiglv if M Q if 4 Q? ,121 df' an WX VLWW 4. Cllldy l.lIClll0 EIQEIIY ICCEIHS IIEI' IIEWIY DESNYIEU llllflES 35 I SEIIIOI' QWEII to IIBI' hy CIIIIIGS Silllffllllll, 3SSiSflllf Dllllllllal. 5. Ciflllllllg Gary Haas, Illlfll lIlSfI'llCf0I', 0Il IIIS Way Ollf to IIIIICII IS BGVEIIY lilly, VICE PIIIICIDII. 5. Sfbllllillg fb fill! to flllee TOKIY Sfllllillfi IS IIE fI'ElllIEllflY does is DI. l.80Il3I'd PIIKEI, 3SSlSf3Ilf lll'll'IClll3l. A Administration Pl'0Il0Siti0Il IIIOVIUBS flIlldS f0I' C0llSfI'llCti0Il With the passage of Proposition 1, S500 mil- lion was to be allocated to California Public School svstems for construction and expansion. The Board of Trustees in the Lodi Unified School District asked for S40 mil- lion to build five gram- mar and middle schools plus a third high school WGS Dl3l'll'led. Ann JOl'll1StOl1, Dl'eSl- dent of the board, stated that they "have 3dODteCl an interim hOUSll'lQ plan that will decrease the l'lLllTIDel' of ll'ICOmlI'lQ fl'eSi'lmel'l attending TO- K8V." Ti'leSe StLlClel'ltS lived in the P8l"K Land attend- 3l'lCe area and the OttO Dl"lVe area Wl'1lCl"l il'lClUd- ed COlOl'1l3l ESt3teS NOl'ti'l and StOl'leW0Od. It WHS CieSlQl1ed to KeeD the StU- dents to these 8l'e3S tO- gether, and they would be Shifted to LOdi High which had 3 declihihg eh- l'Olll'T'lel'lt. The BOBFU also studied raising Ql'adU2tlOl'1 Fe- ClUll'emel'ltS, Wi'llCl'1 DFO- posed that StUdel'ltS have l'T1Ol"e meth, El'1QllSh, and SClel'lCe COUl'SeS. as M, we-wwf W" i Marv-WWW an. tx 'N was-was 5 GOI'll0ll Klllg, Ifilllfellf of flli SUIIEWOOU Elelllellflly SCIIOOI IIESCIIIIES the KIESIQII of 3 DIODDSEU lllllldle SCIIOUI llll WIQIIEI' Heights RMU. 4. Ufllef lllllfd IIIEIIIDEIS CIIOSGII by flle fl'lIStEE 0fflCEI'S llld Sflldellt l'EIII'ES8llf3flllES dis- CIISS DIOIIIEIIIS flilllg flle lllSfflCf. qw 1. BUINI of Tfllifee 0fflCEI'S HIE ROUGH Ball, WCG llI'ESld8IIfQ .IOIIII VMSIIII, CIEIKQ Allll l0llIlSf0Il, lII'ESldEllfj BOIIIIIE MBYBI, b03l'd IIIEIIIIIGI. 2. JOIIII VMSIIII, Allll IOIIIISUII, llld BDIIIIIE MEYEI IISUII to all 3l'ClllfECf Gllllllll HIE IIEW SCll00l'S UESIQII. 5 5 f f 2 Q ,LW, f f J I if-ww ? LL M ? WMV? , , . Y ,,1, 2 V A x Q if gl',, ,Q 'f ,qw ,,,' W , ?" ,i Mffff. K qg: Q gl Y .' -59" . 2 'F Z A ,,,, ,,,,,M , ,, - I ,,,,, Q ,,,., .. .W I f A M 5. Gaylord NEISOII, C0llllfY Sllllillllfellllillf of Dlllllll SCIIOOIS, Cell- fEl', IIEIDS WSU BORN! IIIEIIIIIEIS Bialllafe the SCIEIICE Calllll DIO- Qfalll. 6. DOII JEIISEII, 2 IIIEIIIIIGI' of I local Zflllifelf fll'I1l, EKDIZHIS fl!! MMIII Middle SCIIOOI EKDIIISIOII. Wh BOBFC of TFUStGES 'TSX x ""' K birf.. Qb. X 5? Z 4. Wilflllg f0I' IIIS llelf CUIIIISBIBG ls DIUIII HIICII. 5. NDI that fl!! llECflC U31 Is 3lIll0Sf OVEI, 10 WYIIIB llld DGIIIIHI' PEf20ld loke WET 3 Sllllff IIIEIK. 5. llSfGlllllJ to 3 Sflld8Ilf'S CIIOICGS f0l classes lS Dl'. SUV! HIIISEII. XSWQN' www' ,Nw www my ww f9i?s Fig , Q X X - - Qs. ng- Wt N ww X Vx 1. DI. DIIIBI Kraft D085 WSI' til! defllli f0I' til! Glllltll ll'ad8'0Il8Iltafl0ll day. 2. Tlllllg I IIIQIK fIOIIl Stllldllllllg StlId9IltS f0l' till 198544 IGI! ll! COIIIISBIOIS CZIOI MIIIIIS allll l3llGI'I GIIBS. 5. MIDI! Clitllllg I Stllllilfs CIISS CIIUICBS ls EIIGBIIWIII. CDIIIISEHIIQ department fEIl0llatES fl'alllEllll0l'lK Strengthening the link between SChOOl ahd hOme WaS OhlV Dart of the COUrlSellhQ deDart- meht'S rehOVatlOr'l. EStaDllShlhQ a Parerlt GLlldahCe DrOQrarh, Darrel Kraft, head coun- SelOr, eXDlalhed, "We heeded to have that COrhrhUhlCatlOh Det- ween students ahd DarehtS. The DarehtS gOt iI'1VOlVed in the curriculum, ahd were able to get feedback fI'Om the COmmur1itV." Other DrOjeCtS ranging frOrh aClditiOr1aI DOr- taDleS to a revised Hart Bill outline filled the hours Of TOKaV'S COUh- SelOrS. SDeClal SChlOr- ShlDS were offered and two heW calendars, a SChOlaStiC Aptitude teStlhQ SChedUle arid a senior harldblll, were Cfeated to aid UDDer- ClaSSrTleh. SeVeral new COUrlSellr'lQ DOStS were set UD to SUDDOrt Special DrOQrarhS. Carol AdarrlS WaS the Gifted arid Talen- ted COUhSelOr. SteDheh HahSeh aided COr1fliCt Mahagemeht, ahd Rublh Castenada WaS the mlgraht counselor. Overall Dr. Kraft COm- rhehted,"ThlS haS been the best year since l've Deeh here." COUrlSelOrS 1. Rltllard NBWIIII, I CIGIICII HOIKEI, WGIIUOKS lttelllllllie 0fflC8 III'0C8lllIl'8S, WIIIIB .llllil ROSBIIBS ISSiSfS I Stllllellt. 2. lillllllll PIIKBI' lllli 0l'l3Illl0 SIIGIO, lSSlSflllf PIIIICIPIIS, :lille I fflillllly COIlll8I'S3fl0Il llllillf I Sfllllallfi IIBIIIVIOI. 5. Silllllll I IIISS ls IIIIGI Rosel- BS. -1,5 . E ,g9l3?'izsSi'f'1'Q-:li 1 - M sf mx N QWQY ' X ii X ex Q JP 5 N X X X X .4 . X Q N N F .. AftEllllZllCE ilIllll'0llES IIIZIIZQBIIIEM Ill'0CEllllfES As one of the most populated schools in the valley, one change made in the Attendance Office was the purchase of a new Vector computer which improved the man- agement of office work- ers. The computer helped bv compiling and listing absences. AISO, the aid of two SIZU- dent l"lElD6l'S Del' period allowed the office to WOFK ITIOFS 6fflClGl'itlV. BUt 3CCOl'Clll'1Q to Ol'lal'1ClO SDSFO, aSSlSt3l'1t princi- pal, the biQQeSt help had been the COODGl"3tlOl'l of the students. Nil". Spero believed the behaviOl' of the student bOdV WaS greatly improved over previous vears. "Hall sweeps" were es- tablished bv Beverly La- cy, vice principal, to al- leviate the Dl'ObIeh'i of tardv students. Each pe- riod, several teachers and administrators were required to scout the campus for any students who should have been in class. Shawn Ducote and Mike Haas, were hired as cam- pus supervisors to look for students breaking school regulations, and to help reduce class cuts. .Wil 5' I. I" , F K 3 ,, ,. f V ' ' ' "" V, , I V 4. Clllffllll IIB l.8lIlIl JOIIIISDII, CIGIICII l0l'lBI', llld fl!! Sfllllillf IIIIGS. 5. CIIIIIGS Sllllffllllll, 3SSlSflllf IIIIIICIIIII, SIQIIS I Sflldlllfi IIISS Iffil' I fill. AUIGIWGEYICG NEW Wllllllltel' ElSSlSfS SECl'Bf8l'i3l Typing and organiz- ing are just part of the responsibilities given to the secretarial staff. The Administration Of- fice added a new IBM COITIDUIIGF Wl1iCl1 helped all the secretaries through out the year. This computer stored all of the StUClel'ltS' iri- formation, made pro- gram changes, prepared grade cards, and stored the master schedules of Dffite staff StUClSl'1t classes fOl' all the teachers. And lt also han- dled 3 SVSIIGITI of SSl'1Clll'lQ OUt StLldGl"lt l"9COl'ClS to Othel' SGCl'9lI3l"l6S and to Othel' 3l'G3S of the school. "The COmDUt9l' elim- ll'13teS mOSt of the DHDSF- WOFK. Tl1lS COITIDUTZST' l'l3S l1Othil'Ig to do with at- itSl'lCl3l'lC6, lLlSt Cl3SS sched- Ul6S," GXDl3ll"lECl Ann DO- rlatl, VlC6 Dl'll'1ClD3l'S SSC- l'Gt3l'V. 5. GFI!! BGICII, l'lllSfI'3l', IUUIGIS lllflllllllflllll IIGCGSSIIY f0I' 3 SCIIOIIISIIIII fI'3llSCl'llIf. 4. TIKIIIQ I IIIGIK fI'0lll Wlllllg ls lllll D0ll3fl. 5. Cifllilllli CINISU, fllllllilll S8Cl'8f3l'1, fIllS Ollf I IBCGIM f0l' I Illl0f0 Ill! fE8. :Ummm 1. NIIICY BECKGI, C0lIllSEl0l"S S9CI'Ef3I'Y, SCIEEIIS 2 filelllllllli Call. 2. l.00llIllg IIII I SflldEllf'S SCIIEUIIIE Is Klllllflw HISSGI, COIIIISEHIIQ Office SECl'Ef3l'Y. WXMWWW -MU MMV H S6CI"Gt3 ries TI'8lISIl0ff8ti0lI illlligef CZIISES 0ilEI'Cl'0iIlIliillg with an approximate population of 2,500, and only 24 diStl'iCt buses to bring more than half of these students to school, TOKZV buses have been OVel'fIOWing this year. "It really gets uncomfort- able Sitting three to El Seat," complained fresh- man Tracy Cummings. "This year's low budget has affected the number of buses available," stated Donna Costa, of the Lodi Unified School District Transportation Office. "lf one happens togbreak down, we have a hardtime gettingfa re- placement." Gas prices, which are Still quite high, didn't seem to restrict the students from driving. "It costs me about S75 a year to drive to school," stated junior Conrad Matsumoto. The activity bus ran a- gain this year bringing Tokay athletes home af- ter practice. Athletes were required to obtain passes to take the buses home. Students who also stayed after school for work on other activities were ab e to use the bus with an issued bass. 5. SGIIIOIS MIKE GOIIZIIBS illll filly Klllg get ready to IBIIIB 0Il their IIIMUICYCIGS. 4. SflldOllfS IIOIIU IIIIS 45 3ff0l'SCll00l Illll IIBIII f0l' IIOIIIG. 5. TOKIY UIIVGIS Wall to fllElI' CMS fill tile fide IIOIIIB. f I 4 Y 1. .IOIIIIIB Klfllllli, lflllBflC dlI'UCf0f, CIIQCKS SOIlll0lll0I'8 JOIIIIIIY CovuleII's fI'3IlSIl0I'- f3fl0Il IIIIS IIISS. 2. JIIIIIOI' BGIIIIY BUIIGIII IIIIIDCIS 'IIS blk! lllll Sf3I'fS f0f IIOIIIB If flli IIIYS Bild. - TI'3f'lSDOI't3tiOI'1 r,s Y ,rl , ,,,,, Xl ff v Mggfiesy-9,a,,iw gym? ,lyy t jwglxx, FV K , 1 ii iff' o f , mt J , llliliffoottall fl 1' tiara game against Est Union the t 'F' I .9 4- ' , , ,,, , V ' , 1 ,. J- an ,H a i 27 21 F445 fr W1 " i f uf , Q , , ff" ff ,. ' ' ' 1 , fr ,,,.fff2' A .wif "'f' L r . 4 ClISf0diaIIS allllfeiiafi decreased VallllaliSIIl EVGI1 thOUQh faCUlCV, admihiStI'atiOh, and Stl!- d6htS had the SUITIITISI' Off, the SeI'ViC6 DSI'SOh- hel Cdhtihued to work hard 'FOI' TOKaV. CUStOdiahS had to rear- range ClaSSf'OOl'hS for the T9aCheI'S lh-SGI'ViCe Afea Dl'OQFam which lasted for two daVS With OVEI' 500 teachers attehdihg. Classrooms had to be DI"GDaI'Gd fOI" the 90-100 tGaChSI'S attehdihg each SSSSiOh. This year, unlike past years, vandalism hasn't been a major problem. Ffed Winters, head cus- todian, Wished to express his thanks to the stu- dents for keeping the amount of vandalism down. According to Mr. Winters, "lt gave us time to get needed work fin- ished. Although we are here to keep the campus clean, the students can help also," said lvlr. Win- ters. 2. FIB!! Wllltlrs, Iliad CllSf0dl3lI, Iff8llll'lfS to IIIOI UI! CIIIIPIIS hy IIOIIQIIIQ USGS. 5. CIISNIIIIII IIIIIBS Gal'- Ill GIGS 3 IBICOIIIB NBII fIOIII IIIS dally INK. L av' Mm V " 'la 1' . H, ""'Qf"" --an QQ e W rm, 4. TWIIIQ to IUCN! llllf to do llilf, SIIIQQICIII Tlllill OIQIIIIZBS IIIS Calf ll8f0fl fllllll CIN of flli lIllIllSfI'l3l ANS Bllllllllll. 5. CllSf0Ill3l Sfaffl ff'OI'1t FOW SIMOKII SIIIQIIUII, SIIIQGICIII TIIIIKI, MICIIIBI PBIW, RICIIIII BOW, NDN PGIIIIIIIO, Bfllll PIIIIGS. Row two Malllvll CIIGKOIIIIS, wllllllll Fl8fCll8I', Dllll NBWIIIII, lil WIISOII, Afflllll' HEMI, lilly SCIIIIIOI, .IIIIIBS Gilda, DGIIIIIS NICIIOIS. Service Personnel 4. C00llS 3l'E fI'0llf I'llW DEIOIGS llllffllllll, l.3ll0llE NIGS, MII- flli lllllff, Cllllllll Clgli, DZIIEIIE llllyllellllall, lllllllla Hell- Ilil. ROW two IOZII MIIISII, Jlllli SIIHIIGY, BESSl0 Mllll, Clell- ll0l3 Mllllllllell, Malllfli Pllflllall, lllllla MCCUHIIZCK, Pafflllll SCIIEIEI, lllll D0l0l'ES Klipfel. 5. Flllllg I llllll COIlllI0 f0l' I Sfllllellf is C00ll lllllli MCC0l'l'll3CK. 5. Reiellllllg IIIOIIEY f0l' flli IIIIICIIES lll llel' C021 COIIIEI' lS BESSIE MIIII. ! 1. Sflfflllg 317250 l.lIl., Mllflla lWlft QMS IIIBDIIBII f0I' fl!! llll Wllllllg day. 2. Pillllll Ollf of flla SIIICK SIIICK, CODK Dallilll KIIYKGIIIIIII SBWGS I lllfllll Sfllllillf IIIS llalllllllflil' COIIIIIO. 5. Bafllell IIIIICIIBS, flll'86 CODIS til! 3 llflaf SNP fI'0Il'I fllill' IIIISY Sm Elllleflelliell C00ll team Stl'lllES to please IIIZSSES Starting at 5:45 in the morning, l'leaCl cook lVlaf'- tna Avitt gets Dl'eDareCl for the upcoming ClaV. At 7 a.m. she is joined by 14 Otnel' companions who work tOgetnel' diligently as the "TOKaV Cook Team." One might WOnClel" l'IOW a single gl'OUp of women could assemble all the things needed tO feed 1,900 hungry nigh SCl'lOOI students. One l"eaSOn COUId be that MFS. Avitt l"laS l"laCl sanitation, work simplifications, and menu planning COUI"SeS at Delta Community COllege. BUt tl'le most lmDOl"tant l"eaSOn lVll'S. Avitt stated, "l have a great bunch of girls," and they all work tOgetneI' Well to obtain the same gOalS. "lt's hectic," said MVS. Avitt. "BUt after the ClaV'S OVel', We'Ve aC- complished Wnat we set OLlt to OO-make tne StU- dents naDDV." COOKS Despite tightened belt, Writing skills improve DeSpite financial CUt- backs which pUt a tre- mendous strain on the EnQliSn Department, it attempted to improve writing SkiIlS for both in- structors and students. "Tnere WaS no mOneV for really needed text- books and updated ma-C terialS. NlOSt of our mOn- ev went to replace lOSt teXtbOOkS," .said Lvnda Nanigian, who replaced James LVnCn as depart- ment chairperson tniS year. ,Tne year WaS good in termS Of change, claimed NlrS. Nanigian. "Tne teachers were enthusias- tic and Were trVinQ to make tne department Str0nQer." One attempt at im- prOVinQ tne department WaS a Bay Area Writing PrOjeCt course. "We were trying to improve our writing skins, and make OUrSelVeS better WriterS to fit the needs of our students mOre effi- CientlV." ' 4. llllll GIIIBSIIIG DOHIIYS IIIOUIBI SMG of IIBI' IIGISOIIIINY If the lllllllll CIIIISUIIIS Ballll. 5. Shelli EUIIIS IISQS UISIIII aids dllllllg I IBCUIIG. 5. Wfmllg Ull flli Chall- ll03l'd ls llll Sllll. 7. ROIIIBYIIB CIIGIIIQ IS vlslted hy Mltllael GOIIIIBII alll TOIII NIIS 1. TIIOIIIIS CUNY llld SUV! Rllllff llllllllll UIIE of flllll' filfi. 2. COIIIIIB BIIKGI' lllll WVIIG H0fflff UISCIISS lflfllll NCIIIIIIIIIGS lllllllll 3 llflif Iff8I'SCll00l IIIBGUIIQ. 5. C3l'0l GIGIIKO HIKS lllllllf lll1flISf0 IIBI' fI'8Slllll3lI SflId8llfS Illlllllg 3 IGCYIIIB. WWW W f f f ' , , .wwgw 4 X ' ,s J EHQHSH is 1. Sllll Hlfill GKIIIIIIIS UI! IIIIIIOHIIICE Of COIIIIIIQ to CIISS Oll flllle. 2. POIIIIIIQ WSI' I SfllllEllf'S IIOIIIBWOIK ZSSIQIIIIIEMS IS Sillff SWIIEIISOII. 5. Willlfled Hlldle IODKS flifllllgll 3 Sflldellfi f0ldEl'. 4. Hilda Nallllilll UISCIISSES 3 IIOGUY PI'8S8llf3flUll Wlfll IIBI' l'l0ll0l'S Glff8d lllll Tilellfld 5 CIBSS. Minn :L,,, J 5 isa, ,-"'f"15:5P- QL"ff'r'ZLEf'.I'fl' f' lllellll faces i0lll l'alIliS of EngliSh Department UnCel'taintVf hung like tne SWOI'Cl of DaI'naCleS OVel' the neaClS of new EnQllSn teachers. "The EngliSh Depart- ment l'eCelVeCl many new teaCnel'S, but Un- fOIftLlnatlV, l dOn't know if they will all be back next Veal' due to, CUt- DaCkS," said Lynda Nahi- Qian, department Cnalf- Del'SOn. Ameng these new ln- Stl'UCtOl'S were Connie Bal'Kel", who taught Eng- liSh SkillS and English 2 AB. R0l'naVne Cnel"f'le ln- Stl'UCted EngliSh 1 ABC, College PI"eDal'atOl'V Llt- el"atUl"e, and Writing Laboratory. Steve Routt was also a newcomer to the English Department. He lead stu- dents in English Skills 2 and English SkiIIS 3 classes. Scott Stevenson taught Reading Skills, and English 'I ABC. Kathy Frisk, another new face on the English staff, taught Writing Lab classes. She replaced Evelyn Mcomber, who departed after getting married over the Christ- mas vacation. Also leav- ing the department was James LVnCh, who taught English for three dec- ades. 5 Cllell Nllllleyll' 9085 WSI all aSSlQlllllEIlt lltll S0lllIOIll0I'l Aft Sllllllllf. 6. Dale Blllll flips tlllllllgll I INDI lll lllellafltlllll f0I' 3 CIISS. 7. CBIOIYII l3l'S8Il Illll fBaCll8l"S 3SSlSlllt Kllll MGXIIIUBI lllllll It IIUIIIEWOIK IIIDGIS. EngliSh ll8l'Sify 8fillEfES lIlll'lI f0W2l'Cl StlllliES, ll00llS Val'Sity athletes with academic schedules were able to adept a study hall instead of physical education. Although it was only offered to juniors and seniors, a few exceptions were made. Dana Whi- taker was one of these exceptions. As a soph- omore, Whitaker had Spanish 5 and World HiS- tory. "My dad called and requested that l get it," stated Whitaker. "lt was reallya big help." Points of view were different though. "I thihk study hall WaS a big joke," stated Anne Bra- den, department chair- person. "If it were moni- tOl'ed better ahd the kids who really needed it had it, everything might have worked out better." Ardis SChhabel, athletic secretary, didn't feel she had much trouble super- vising the jocks. "They were responsible enough to hahdle the SitUatiOh," stated Schnabel. "The class diClh't ihterfere with my work too much." 1. HBIGII BBIIIBIU SIIOWS IIS! fl'8SllIlllll fGlllllS CIISS th! C0l'l'BCf llllllllllllll stroke. 2. UIISGWIIIQ IIIS fI'BSllllI3lI DIIYSICII Blllllliflllll class IS Bob ROSE. 5. Sllllllflllg Ollf "NO, 2" ls illSfI'llCf0f Pit MllI'I'3Y. 4 ? 2 Q5 M 4. IWKIIIQ Sfllfllll by fl!! CIIIIBIB, llllll BIIUBII UIGS go lllllll I Sllllll. 5. EIIIUYIIIQ I fllllldlf llllllllllll llllll llfll IIBI' Stlld8IlfS ls Patty Bllg. 6. DMI! FIIIQII Ill- SfI'lICfS IIIIIIOI' UIIIIBCB TICIIBII 0Il fl!! llfllllll' NIIIIIS I ll 15 . fe. A If ' , 4amw,1. , ,,,,,,,,,ag5' ,W M 55: 5' ' ' 7' ,k,, 'W?'W'iL,, i g i iifiglifg ' 1' Q' , ,..,. V ,, , 'K ' fi, 'M ' 'Wi ,. , ,,., , , by ., 4 f . I :qQ q kib.q::b q h: .qbqq P hvsical Education 5 .. ,.: . . . , . had M it Mm 1. Sfllllillfi Slllll fb have llff fll0ll' flllllgi llilllllll ll0flCGS JOIIIIIB Klfllllt. 2. RBUIQUIIIQ l0Sf f8lllllS IIIIIS ls Sfillllall Slllff. 5. RDII Bla- lllll CIIBCKS I Sflllllllfs lllllllf Sllp llllllllg IIIGCIISS BKBICISGS. ,km new A72 M NEW IIIEIIIIIEYS, fI'iSllEES add to ILE. Cllffiillllllll Added lOCkel' FOOIT1 mlI'TOf'S, fl"lSDeeS, and two l'1eW instructors all DlaVed a majOI' I'Ole in the TOkaV Pl'lVSlCal EdUCa- tlOI1 DeDaf'tmel'1t'S quest fOl' a stern but eI'1jOVaDle program. "I think OUI' Dl'OQl'aI'T'I WaS Vel'V interesting fOr OUI' StUdeI'ltS," said Dena NlaSOI"l, D.e. lI'1Stl'LlCt0f'. COUl"SeS like fl'lSDee had maf'lV variations of QafT'IeS SUCl'1 as "ultimate fI'lSDee" and "frisbee QOlf." "Water SDOl'tS like kaV- aking, CaI"lOell'IQ, and Sall- ing were brought into the pooI," noted Miss Ma- son. Furthermore, Miss Mason said that fishing was also adopted from last vear's progam. To prevent thefts, lock- er room monitors were brought back with mir- rors. The mirrors were installed high on the Walls for an easier view of the whole locker room. Also a part of the P.E. Department's staff as new instructors were BOD Rose, former typing teacher and Geraurd Woznick. - im sg. .. .K.. 7s-. if W: l-.fssgfsnsfm ester . - - l.,1 ii,. t ,. .t.. .tf. Q Q fn- - -Nw. Xt , t -L fEif5Qg5?f152155i33fg1g2 9ifli5'i5i.f?- Wi V, is we s f 5' sm? 1555 if 11 11 iss 13 :fi ,ful-i fs S W .iw A -5,521 .. -A I X X i f , ' 'N g m V 1 If Q ar WL r -Ad am-n 41,i2 kM J H 7 1, -lg .8 x, .ff-"M :1 1- . W,.. .. K A S' . . S sg . . X. X Q .:f.s:. Q . . .'s:. " K. , .. X .N My . ww -. Nm ... .. ,N A P Q f,:. V is St X ig f ' n ' .X ..... -. ..--, : , :5. Y pw -any WW , ' W, " " asf: : , , , A """"+w Aw 4. Sfillll WGSMMB CIIIIGS lily Ill lllllllly Sflllhllf. 5. BGUGIIY Sflllll, 3I'Cll8I'Y lllSfl'lICf0I', CUIIGHS ll'l'0lS llllll IIIIIIOI' KIII1 IIIISIIIIII DIISBWGS. 5. Dllll MISOII llllllfi IIDISY Sflldillfi. PhVSiC3l EdUC3tiOl"l - Sflllell b0UliS defeat DIIYIIDSE Df Ilellll UIIES Students SaW rleW books on the SrlelVeS and new faces on the staff. DeSDite - fir1arlClal cut- backs, the librarV had reCelVeCl aDDrOXirrIatelV 750 new books. JOl'lr1A PrObeS, who r1elDeCl in the library, WaS hired under a special feClerallV funded senior CitlZer1 program. AlSO working with the staff were StUClel'1t aides. UrIOffiCiaIIV "CheCk- OUt" books were a problem, aCCOrCllr1Q to GaVle EVar1S, rlead llbrarlarl. BeCaUSe Of trleSe iIl"IefiIS, SCl'100l Of- ficials investigated the purchase of a bOOK security SVSteI'Ti for possible use in the library. lVlrS. EVarlS said, "Arl- other problem we face is the USe of the ibrarv as a place to sociaize." Be- cause of this the library WaS COl'1Star1t V over- CrOWCleCl. 2 2 3 5 f., , , 3 , 2 1. SEZICIIIIIQ f0l' llISf HIE llgllf Ill!!- llllli Is Vlsillla Dellllfrtlff. 2. lllty MCMISNI' IIIS IIIIIIY l'BSIl0IlSlblllfl8S I textbook l'00Ill Ill3Il3l8l'. Flllll IOCIBI' cards ls lllif Olll of fllilll. 5. MIS. Wllllll Clfallllllfi IBCBIVBS SOIIIO ISSISHIICB fl'0lll ROI Bllllll! Ill Illllll' S0l'fll'l9. 4. Selllflfllll INDI cards IIIUUIUBS llllllfy of work f0I' CIINIS YOIIIIQ. 5. MOIIIKI Slllgll, llllellfl NOCIIG, MIS. EUZIIS llld YVOIIIIE GUIIBN 0ffBI' to MID I Sfllllillf IIIIKIIIQ IISG of IIIIIZIY flilllflii. Library CIZSS IIEIIIS Stll!lEIItSj allt0 lllECllalIiCS Cleall llll TO assist students in English as a Second Language classes, a new course in Basic Auto Mechanics was originated. Instructor Michael Drouin taught the class and "it seemed to be working out fairly Well," said RObel't Dirlkel, head of the ll'lduStl'ial Al'- ts Department. Also, the department was cited by the city of LOCli fOr D012 having a proper drainage system for the Auto Shop class. ln order to fix the drainage problem, sand pits had to l'laVe been iri- Stalled and Ql'eaSe and Slbldge was to be cleaned up. After 12 years of teaching Auto classes, William Dunbar' Will be retiring this year. After retirement, Dunbar is considering some travel and relaxation, DFUQ Dal"aDl'lel"l'lalla became 3 DFODlel'T1 to the ll'1dUStl'ial Al"tS DeDal'- tment when StUdel'ltS fl'Om metal WOl'KSl'IOD and il'1dUStl"lal arts ClaSSeS started g a Dl'OdUtlOl'1 of opium. es. 5. Willie StllllGllfS YIOIK Dtllel' lll'0IGCfS, teiillel' Bell SEIOIIEI' keeps IIIISY Ull I lathe. 4. lllStl'lICt0l' Wllllllll Dllllllal' 3SSlSfS MIN MBCIIIIIICS Stlldellfi William EIIIOSOI! alld NBII Klllg. 5. ROUGH PIIBIIIS, llltl'0lllICtl0II fl! lIlllllSfl3l Mti tellllel' IIEIPS Jeff Cllall- lel' . ll lllll .lllll HOIIIIBS , ,lf , all ,.-, li, ., an . ,aww . ' Jfif5:p3il?flY5if?f ff7,f,'f5E:E:-' ., fQ71f?n www ff W v? 5f:fz,f.f w5?.a,fi:fSg , A - A ' ' :aff51'Y55:i'5f?f1ifiVi i Q H K , f i f V ..,, - K ' -' " ff ffe,ae,.,.ffff,, ,gn M44 ,,,, ' f - ,. , , 5, WWF' 'eff mf f . may fs fa., 1, w ,al , . 3 f P' ,wp ,rel ff 1 , H ma ,. ff, -rem 1, ma ' ' l ,, f ,i'. ' ,.,, Va -sl as .. .S , . as :,, ' H 'iff f,,,,, H ' W, Q, V, 5 5 rflrl . 1-- ",' , ,, ,Vi 433' , , ,V , . , ,jf- -fv ,, . f n ' " f 1, f' '1"z , A52 ",' iff l' nw , ,' flliffkfi ' K ffl ,,,' ",' ' I , rr 1,53 ,'ff f,, ' "i ""- " i , H: K --,,e2q2iff1,,gl , wgrgg? ' 1, V " ,'v5f'i" , . ' ax E 2 lf? . F -5 2 M, P245 5? , , 75 " ' ' ,K X, ,A,, ' f 35 A , f, "-" 1y'w',p7W JL ff W' ,"':' fa"Yi'57 W7f9j,!,'A k , f ,Z ,,'3, 5 vi mins qw, fewwww, ff rf, W I ,2 4 , Q " "ff , I V ' ,, I , Hi' A Vit ,Z V , ' Way W , . V , VW, ,, 3 9 " ,A , W ,AW , , A 1. WOIKIIIQ Wifll Rnhert Dlllllel, IIIUIISUIZI HHS Cllalflllall alld fE3CllEI', 3I'E Bradley M8311 lllll Mltllael Hyllell. 2. UIISEIIIIIIQ GEIIEIII Metals Sfllllellf Sell! Stewart's WOIK ls NICIIEI' RW GIIIIES. If1dUStI'i3l AITS ,N 1. Gllllf IOIIGS, 3QI'lClIlflII'B lllllllfllllllf Cllallllllll, UIIIIIIIIGS IOIIS ll! IIIS llllf Ill flli DICK of 3 l'Bllllllf flif-IIBII IS Illllllll' Sfllllif CIIBUGS lallfi to ask IIIOUICI' lllliiflllll. 2. Rohan l0llIlSf0llB, iff llllllfflllillf Clllllllllll, IIOIMS Ullf 3 C0l'l'8Cfl0ll Ill I llllllfil' IIBIIIQ Illldl by Kllllllllly l.llC3S. 5. SOIIIIOIIIOIGS Tilly Blldllll, David llllldll, lllll MOIIIIIIIB SlllUll0ff0lll IIQID l.0lllS BINIQBU IGCOIII lllllllll SCIBIICB class IIIUGS. lnillllllllllll 'IGI IHUIIIIIIICB hook f0I' QIZUES ls HIIIIIB MII IS CIIICII IIOUCE IIIIIG IIIS IIIWGU. WWW-Wwwwmmf 4 fi AQ Department ilii'ES IIEIIII staff lllelllilel' Like Otner areas on campus, budget CUtS af- fected b0th the AgriCUI- tUre and Art Depart- ments. HOWeVer, pOtn groups managed to get through the difficulty. In the AQriCUitUre De- partment, cuts caused the cancellation of all field trips. But on a brighter I'lOte, the de- partment hired LOUiS BiOdgett to replace Linda Stiehr, who transferred across campus to tne BUSineSS Department. ACCOrdinQ to Grant JOneS, Agriculture De- partment chairman, at- tendance increased SiiQntiV over iaSt vear's. Tne Art Department nad to trim leather, met- als, and other expensive materials. "To make up for the iaCK of tnOSe ma- teriaiS, we had to USe ieSS expensive OneS," said ROpert Johnstone, Art Department Cnairman. ACCOI'CliI'lg to Floyd NOrdWiCK, art instructor, the Art Department par- ticipated in many differ- ent projects. These in- Ciuded designing pOSterS for tne PnVSiCai Educa- tion Department, paint- ing a mural in tne teach- er's rOOm, and art work for the COLIHIZV child abuse program. AQIAHZS 5. Ill all lllf6l'lll9IIllf8 EIIQIISII 35 I SBCDIIU llllglllge CIBSS, several Sflldillfi SIIGIIII flli IIEIIOII feldlllg ll- IIIIIY IIOOKS fl! IIIIIIIOUB fllill' EIIQIISII. 6. 5126116 Hllll- llald and Bill Bllllllglffllil' UISCIISS fllill' Sflldellfi' lallgllage HHS PIDQIS DEWJEEII classes. 7. lllllll la TOIII' d8lll0llSfI'3fES IIIS skill Wlfll I llllllflllliiiflbll llI'0- QIBIII IIE IISEU Ill IIIS Illafll CIZSS. SSA? L V- , . M -f ' v1.W.WwNmk,Ag ,,,..L A , Q kkf' W S it W P W W , X, 'Qf', mlwfffzi S4Wz?w A lv Q L W 5' ii W ?' Q ff ,w.,Mw Liga ,, 'M . . C0lIIIllltEl'S, ClltilaCiiS EIIIIZIICE, slow IIYDCESS COh'lDUtel'S ahd CUt- backs ehhahCed ahd hih- del'ed the Dl'OQi'eSS of the Special EdUCatiOh ahd EhQliSh as a SeCOhd LahQUaQe DeDal'tmehtS. POSSiDie teacher lOSSeS ahd a 50 Def'Ceht funding Cut did not DI'OVide the ESL Department With a DI'OmiSihQ fUtUI"e. The 120 students ih the DFO- gram SDeht at least 2-5 Veal'S ih ESL CiaSSeS ahd devote I'T1OSt of their time to leaI"hihQ EhQiiSh. "It's the mOSt diffiCuI1I adjUSth1eht they have to h'laKe," said SUSah Peek, ESL ihStI'UCtOT. Thefe WaS hO great ihf UX of l"efU- QeeS dLIl'ihQ the school Veaf, althOUQh SOme StU- dents OCaSSiOhaiiV came as tf'ahSfei'S from StOCK- tOh ahd out of state aC- COl'dihQ to AiiCe Castel- IHYIOS, head of the ESL Dregfam. Ah ADDie II PIUS COm- Dutel' added new teaCh- ihg dih1ehSiOhS to the Special Ed Depaftmeht. "The students used math ahd Feadihg SOftWaI'e, and had access to the COmDUtel' at least twice a Week," said Joe Kihkade, SDeCiai Ed ihStI"UCtOr. A vocational aide was also hired to assist StUdehtS ih theil' SeaFCh for WOFK EIS an additiOh to thejObS DI'OQI'am. Rx Q it H in L i H L kb - Esuspecial Ed CllfbaCIiS cast shadow 0lI ilaif of department Cutbacks played their role casting an ominous shadow on sections of the PerforminglGraphic Arts department. Royce Tevis, depart- ment chairperson, ex- Dlaihed that hiS depart- ment had to earn money to exist. "We dOh't have textbooks that we can refer to and use year after year." Each new work used by the band, drama or choral groups cost money, Mr. Tevis com- mented. "For instance," he said. "The band spent S500 on the music for the fOOtD8ii season 3lOne." On the other Side Of the darkness, the jour- nalism and speech side, cutbacks hardly scor- Cned their present struc- tures. "TninQS Went very Weii, there Were SOme very DrOrniSinQ talents in the speech cIasses," noted Vallgnn R3I'nSeV, speech instructor. Ih the gl'aDhiCS end, ROQer WOO, journalism instructor remarked, "We didh't have the bluechippers BS i8St year." COnCentratiOn WHS Di3CeCi on writing and 3C3CierniCS. Mr. TeViS eXCIaiI'hed that the entire department neid UD well and tnat all its facets bloomed. Z Q? 9 . ff 'Z Q W f wg, .ww f .1 2427, 5 5 .. xv ' f , M235 1. C0llfBllllll3flllQ flle IOCIHDII of IIIS CII' KBYS ls Vlllgllll RIIIISGY. 2. CISSIE REIHIIIIQGI' IBIUS flll Cll0I'llS Ull I IIGW IIIIISICZI 3Il'lllgEIl'I8lIf. 5. ROYCB Tevls CIIIIS IIIS IIIIIUS to flli belt ofthe IIIIISIC. L+., X ,wi I. lllf0l'll'Ill19 IIGI' SflldBllfS Ill0lIf WIIEIG to Sfllld ls NIIICY Killll, llflllli fGlClI8I'. 5. REBUIIIQ IIEI' Iliff Ill flli Play ls AIISOII IIUIIIE. 5. Hellllllg .lelllllfil GRY llfll ll!! fI0llf Ill!! llyllllf ls ROQGI' WOO, ICIUGIIIIC IOIIIIIIIISIII lllSfI'lICf0f IS IIE flgllf8S Ollf 3 III to BIIIIIIIIIN llllllllllllg IIEIUIIIIES. 7. PI'2SSlIl'8S of IIBIUIIIIG Iflflllg Ile IIBIIIQ felt hy Gilbert Ulll- IIIS 35 ll! SCIIIIIIIIGS to make the llgllf Cllllllf. PGl'fOI'miI'1Q fGI'3DhiC AITS 1. IDBI Ellalli ll0llltS Ullt l0Call0llS of OII Wells lll 0Klall0llla 0I'l tlle lllall Wlllle lally Blallflelll I00llS Dll. 2. Tlle SOClal Stlellie tellll lllBll'IlIelS ale fl0lIt l0W DOI! llllglel, .leff Tlaty, J0el EIIZIIS, TOIII K3S18l, allll llelllletll lSlaEl. SGCOIIII NW llallgllll ll3lllSBy, Stellllell Belllblyltl, lllll Petll, lllllllte llllllllllel, Stella y0ll Belg, ll0llll3Il Wallel, lilly Gllllfley, lilly Blall- fleIdQ and Richard Anaforian. Sllllal Stlellte ClaSSeS llIlDl0lle llllltll ellDallSl0II AS one of trle largest departments, SOClal SClenCe expanded Wltn a new ClaSS called "WOrld HlStOrV AdVentUreS." Al- SO, two new teaCnerS, VaUQnn Ramsey and Ken- neth Israel were added to the Staff. SOClaI Scwence Depart- ment CnalrDerSOn JOel EVanS nODed to Improve and expand the classes. He Dlanned to naVe a re- quired U.S. HlStOI'V Cl8SS for SODnOlnOre StUdentS. For seniors, IVIr. EVanS DrOVlded ClaSSeS for DOtn students WnO planned fOr COlleQe and for those whose edUCatlOn would terrnlnate at TOKaV. Fed- eral Sl..IrVeV, WOrld POll- tlCS, and Callf0rnla HlS- t0rV were ClaSSeS fOr the college bound Senl0rS. CaIlf0l'nla Llfe and Gov- ernment was aVallable fOr StUd6f1tS who dldI1't have college plans. Unllke DreVl0US years, rnOre freshmen were en- l'Olled In WOI"ld GeOQI'a- phy rather' than Famlly LlVlnQ. Tl'llS change caused a shortage In WOrld Ce- OQraDnV teaCnerS and bdtnered lnanV Family LlVlnQ teachers. mm .gif x K NX -gf' - 3 YQ-if! 5. lllfy G0dfI'EY EKIIIHIIIS IIIS Slgll to DOI! VOQIEI. 4. SWIIIIEII BBIKOWIU flllllllhllll flllllllgll I dlCfi0ll3l'Y Wlfll SEIIIOI' Sfille KIIISBIY. 5. .liff TIICY fllli SflId8IlfS' Il0f6ll00llS Wm! IIIEIIU of Il0fES llllllllg CIISS 3ll0lIf MIICI. 5. N0l'lll3ll WIIKEI' and Vallgllll RIIIISEY Clllf iff!! school ll0lIl'S 3h0llf 6llEIlfS dllflllg flle day. Social Science 1. lllllella El'llSf Indicates file Ielleat keys Of I tYllEWl'ltGl' fb Billy Clalll. 2. COMBIII- plating 3 fell estate deal li lee BIISSGY. 5. Joyce CINS lllSClISSBS I fGCEIlt,GKlllI'Sl0ll to Tll0l'f0Il to SIISIII 'FGI'l'BI'0, llellllflllellf Cll3ll'IlEl'S0ll. SSE il ISSUE Dellaftlllellt EllIJ0lllIllS 'lI0llll' llllSlllESS lllellllS Pl'eDal'lnQ students fOl' tne "nOW" business WOl'ld WaS tne Business DeDal't- l'nent'S business. OfflCe-I"elated OCCUDa- tlOnS, SUCn as accounting, nOOKKeeDlnQ, and WOl'd Dl'OCeSSlnQ al'e "Cl'VlnQ OUt" to be filled with COITI- DetentlV tl"alned people, according yo Susan Fef- l'el'0, deDal'tl'nent Cnall'- Del'SOn. BV taking busi- ness ClaSSeS, lVllSS Fel'l'el'O explained a student is nOt OnlV lntl'OdUCed to concepts of business but was also enCOLll'aQed to attend a fOUl" Veal' COl- lege and fan'llllal"lZed With what bUSiheSS-rT13- lOl' college ClaSSeS would belike. ReCOQnlZlnQ the ln- Cl'eaSlnQ ln1DOl'tanCe of COn"lDl.ltel'S in tne busi- ness WOl"ld, tne deDal"t- ment planned to add keV- l9Oal'CllnQ ClaSSeS. Pending federal funds fl'On'l tne VOCatlOnal Ed- UCatlOnal ASSOClatlOn, a COn'lDLltel' SVSten'l DUF- chase lOOl'ned on tne nOl'lZOn. This SVSten1 WOUld be used to teach business concepts sucn as accounting. Tne VldeO SVSteI'n WOUld be used to tape tne StOCK l'nal'Ket Ol' students at business jobs to l"eDlaCe field trips. W, 5, ,V fy Z 5 H I an I my ,W , I BUSil'1GSS WZW 1. DMI!!! llllll COINIS llfl DGIIDIIII IRIS Ol SDIIIB lllllli fb! tid! CIISSOS. 2. Spill!!! to IGI Stldilis ll Sllllis llilll is llfllll IIIIIGS. 5. Nlll RGIIS NDIS III ffbl ll! ION to fill I Illtll. ,QMWQ XX , 31 f fy 2 i - 3 , h t ,big 4. llllla USIIOIII UNIKS Ull SIIIIIISII IIDIIIEWOIK IIIIIIEI' flli Wlfllllflll EYE of Alldlil Cllffi. 5. CUIIIIIIIIIIQ lllllllagi fE8Clllll9 IllEfll0llS ali FIEIICII f83CllGl'S.llld1 ROQGIS alld SIISIII Peel. MMM ,,,, f "" f,. aww M: www 1' I ilwlvf V W, f,,,,, Z W, , V sSfzwtiLsfk'??W4:"?'7537 ..... . Q-9Li21v,1'1'f Sf Sf P2 3 'Y Q 3 W 5 lallgllage department SllffEl'S IID ClltilaCiiS ACCOrding to EUgene Simas, department head, the foreign iangUage department suffered no cutbacks in funding this vear. HOWeVer, he WaS uncertain about the fU- tUre SaVing, "NOW what's going to happen next vear, that is 3 different StOrV." TOKaV WaS ennanced thiS Vear bv Brenda Bar- Samian'S promotion from part time to full-time Spanish instruc- tor. TrVing to broaden their own perspectives SpaniSn students viewed the Ballet FOIkIOI'iCO N3Ci- onal de Mexico and plan- ned tO see a piaV in San FranCiSCO. TO finance these forays the StU- dents sold eVerVthing from ice cream to pump- kin pie to Cinnamon CriS- Das. German students, Under the guidance of ih- structor Tony YOUng, sold bagels at the CnI"iSt- maS BaZaar and German pastrigs iOCaiiV. The prof- it from tneSe fund raisers WaS used to finance an ice skating partV, a trip to San FranCiSCO and a ski trip to Bear Valley in COn- iunction With the ASian Club. LangUageS Illlilth Dellt. EllllalIllS its lII0llEl'lI ll0l'lZ0llS FrOrn Algebra to Calculus, Tokay's lVlatn Debartrnent has rnain- tained a goal for the fLItUre. With the aClClitiOh of 8 computer lab designed to help remedial Stu- dents better understand the basic fundamentals of math, TOKSV has 3 concept n0t familiar to many high SChOOI ih this area. "The math lab is really great," Said lnStrUCt0r Gary HaaS, one of the main COhOl'tS behind the lab. "The kids seem to really enjoy it and tneV are learning rn0re, too." Besides working with the remedial students, Haas was also the leader of a new program gear- ed toward gifted stu- dents. The Geometry Gifted Talented class fea- tured accelerated les- sons in geometry along with computer program- ming. "'The GT program was a big success," said Mr. Haas. "Our only problem was a IaCk of computers at the beginning of the year." 1. lllSfI'IICflIlQ I Sflllllllf lll tile Ilelly-f0I'lllBll Illafll lall ls Sllldy ROSE. 2. Sfallliv JZCDDS alill Rltllalll Chaffee fake 3 bleak lffil' SCIIOOI. 5. Tile I-lllellfa 1 class of CIW H335 QIOIIIS affil' l'8CBlVlll! their ll0Il'I8WOI'K ISSIQIIIIIEM. ,N if 4 ,. ,,.X Lf' 5 f . 3 ,.A,,,j,f A Y, .QI -"fe -A f H 'fizff "" .':'1: I , ".'1 ',,, , A Wifi! 0,, , :-A 1' Vwzlfy Q .,,1 ,:,l,v, if ' if 4. Caught between classes are math lllSfflICf0l'S Pall' l0'0ttI, 4 Mgllif Sllllfll, llld Jail Clllll. 5. llilllllll 3 Sflldellf lltll I fllllgll IIQEIIIZ IIIUIIIBIII ls George MBUGIIDS, Iliad of UIQ llllfll llillafflllellf. 5. GOIIIQ WSI' fll6 GETS IIOIIIGWOIK af! Hlflllll' CII'- lIOIlfEl' llld IIIS Sfllllellf ilu! llll l0. M8theI'T18tICS 5ClEllCE Department 0llEl'fl0llllS lI0llllllal'lBS lnCreaSed enrOlln1ent in SClenCe Department ClaSSeS posed greater OVerCrOWdlnQ. FOr tne first time, there were more ClaSSeS tnan rO0rn available in the Smith Building. ACCOrdlnQ to Cll- bert Burrows, deDart- ment CnalrDerS0n, two teachers dldn't have a "home base" eVen with tne expansion into tne Mettler Building. Geraurd WOZnlCK, who taUQnt General SClenCe ClaSSeS, WaS tne new ad- dition to tne department. ReaDDearlnQ on the scene WaS the AdVaI'1Ced Chem- istrv course, which WaS tallgnt by Barry MarSOn. For tne DreVlOUS two YearS, tne COUrSe WaS nOt scheduled dUe to lOW en- rollment. . New equipment for class use included two video cassette recorders and a video camera. Funds for these were obtained through the District Cur- riculum Council which appropriated 52,400 for the Learnlng Improve- ment Project which was turned in bv the depart- ment in 1981. The Science Depart- ment hopes to offer com- puter ClaSSeS and to intro- duce a Glfted and Talent- ed EdUCatl0n DrOQran'1 which would combine biological and DhVSlCal sciences lntO one COUrSe for gifted students. ,,,,, ,, , it ....'--mis 2' 1. Galalllll WOZIIICK llElPS Cllallella l.0llE! allll Bafllala llayl00ll lltll tllelr lall VIOIK. ' .2. Ratillt Blalll SCUIBS aIllllS8 Stillell w00lf alld lIlS alll6S Calllllla Kallllll allll Stacy -fi Mlllaf. 5. Daw MBIIIIE allll Daniel Rl0l'llall Wattll lalllES CGIIIEY do Il'laKG-IID WOIK. Ml mM'm"' is rf 4. Gllllilf HUIICIG GH" B0ll0WS DNWES 3 Ill of DIIYSICS to SIISIII lleberle. 5. DISCIISSIIIQ the C0l'lfBllfS of Ill IIIIIIIQIIDIIS llll0f0gl3DlI ll! .lim PECK llld Pllll TlIlll8l. 5. C0lllfllEY P0lfBl SIIDIS off UIIE of IIIS f3ll0llf9 VIS- llll feadllllg alds to Milk C00lIBl. 1. Billy M3lSOIl IIIUISGS CIIBIIIISUY Sfllllillf NIIICY 0'NelII to HQOQQIG llll f0l Slfifyf' a 'x .- nil I . ,L I gig. . K i N' J' E' 4 W' I , 5 NZ, 'QQ f, ff W' 2 MMM i 'X f A X 3 Ei? ' 'uf k S k 'W 2 6 -0 f "' Am M-"N .ZX SCiel'lC6 DeD3l'tmBnt W Nm Ns my as - -f-. . K L- nigga :Nh Ki: ,.,i:4:1 M ' 'f--. my .:...QQ, wx,-. '- -- . mi -- wx ' L- A ff? xx wr is wk X my . X NN Sim ww MQ W 5 wg f 2 f V 1 gf Y We N hw W we , X X sm as wx B X A SN X K, X Hx A N We N K tx mm was as am K N.. in - -1: " 1.1 iq: 'tix ,T X : x Z1 X X if x:t it 3: 3 - l , , P- - 11llEIS,1,,4-ij . 'nJ' l!, " ' i1 'LL" Q i' WT'II i .lair if - " W mg V --I h interleagu 1 survive with a lack compe ' ' plus a of money. Most IaCk of mone : 1 A to . teams had to "go f dget cu w Ti- without" because of : 4 -- overcoming severe budget cuts. ' dVe"5me55U5t Players themselves ' Qclua' then' Com' also had lessons to Demon- face as interleague T0 0V3"C0m9 these competition was far adVerSltleS Were the from being easy. Most Cha"e"'9e5 C0aC"'e5 athletes learned the Qgfgagecmfiir tgags "thrill of victory" and n 3 9 es 3 the "agony of defeat" to face' Not Omv were throu hout their var- these athletes pre- wus S gorts paring for their sports p ' but for life's up and No matter what downs. outcome, the true Ti- Unfortunately, ger spirit always coaches had to learn seemed to shine. sports Division TE E ,,. g S F! ,sig '1f, fs, 5. VIISIU flllll IIIIIIIIIGIS Il! Ffllllf Nl Kllff llllillllll, EIIC GIIIUS, Pill! VII, Dill Sllllllflill, Sflllllll Kllllll, RICIIIIII HIIIIBIIIOIGI, IOIIII Klllllll, Rllllllld Klllllllllll, lllll CIIIISNDIIGI Plllll. ROI W0 Blllll Glllllllll, llff BIIISI, Sfilllllll PINIS, CIIIIS wllflllf, D3I'I'Yl Tlllllll, llllllv NEWS, Cllll Sblllllllflllll, CIIIISNDIIOI POUBSN, UIIIII HIIIIIOCK, Illl GIIIDW Vllllll. ROI fl!!! HICIIIGI ROCIII, Blllll SMU, BIIICB TIOIIIPSOII, IOIIII GIIINIIIIO, Mlflllllly UNICU, Klllf Tll0l'llf0ll, ROUGH lilli, RIIIIIY IUIIIITS, EIIC Nlllillf, Illll BIIIII WIISDII, ROI f0llf MIK! GOIIIIIUS, Mlffllli CGIIIOY, lllfllilly PUNISBII, BIII lllllllll, Killlllfll Hlfllllill, lllyllll PIICB, llllllflllll IIUIIIIQS, Gllll KOCH, Sfllllllll EISDII, HICIIIOI lllllllf, HICIIIOI IIIISCIIOI, Kllllllfll UIIIBI, Illll IIIIIIE NIIIIGZ. 4. Ill Ill lffllllllf fl! SCOIG, IIIIIIUI' MICIIIEI ROCIII SWGEPS 3I'0lIIlll lllllf llld. 5. IIIIIIOI' Will! IBCBWGI' R0llBl'f l.8WlS ll0ldS Oll to 3 f0lIClld0Wll MSS. - "'fff:5 .. Q Gi'i!lllEl'S f0i'lIl llllity, Stfellgtll, DIIYIIOSG Playing solid football and finishing tne season strong were not tne gI'eateSt aCCOI'nDliSn- n1entS of tne TOKaV foot- ball team. Alti'lOUQI'1 the Tigers hit nai'd all season and SUI'- DaSSed their winning i'eCOI'd fI'On"I tne previous Veal", tne DlaVei'S leal"ned n"lOl'e about tnen1SelVeS. "AS coaches and DlaVei'S, we work tOgetneI' and learn a lot about OUi'SelVeS and OLII' abiIitieS," said Steve HUDDai'd, head COaCn. Tne TigeI'S began tne SeaSOn on a bad nOte, Winning just one of fOUI' contests. Tnev dUg them- selves into 'a nOle. in their next game, TOKaV beat St. Mary's 'IO-8 as tne result Of a 38-VaI"d Brain WilSOn field goal with just under a minute I"en'Iaining. Tne rest of the season, tne Ti- gers managed to iI"On out their WinS and lOSSeS. Tne end WaS capped by a 15-5 beating of LOdi in tne Big Game. AWaFdS for tOD DlaVeI'S were given to Gregory Vanni, OUtStanding line- mang Andfe FOl'd, OUt- Standing backg and Brian Gafnmill, n1OSt valuable player. V8l'SitV FOOtbaIl W am .f.f.Q: :,fJmwwafMmv1-A -f,Wf-wWmWQwwQmvfnm,awiM,ffmwvMM1 1 gww,fwmwm.wfm f 2 mg to Hubbard. QLWOTKSCI COO Gnd. Pell Ql'0llIlS ily llll0l'llilI9 TOKaY cheerleaders WOrKed hard to aid ah ailing school spirit. "TheV'Ve d0he a l0t to promote spirit hOt Only for students, Dllt ih the teams alSO," said AClViSer Ahhe Bradeh. A-SOng, A-Yell, and B- Yell COl'hDeted at a United Spirit ASSOCiatiOn Carnp held at the Univer- sity of CalifOrhia-Sahta Cruz. The SOhQleaClerS WOh a first DlaCe plaque for their routine ahd a WVYMF boost spirit Dilertime superior trODhV for lhdi vidual ribbons. S0nQIead ers Ahha OSlDOrh and Sah dra Shore were alSO ask- ed to trY OUt for posi- tions as USA instructors next year. The cheerlead- ers WOh two eXCelleht ahCl Ohe superior riDbOh at Camp. All costs were paid Wlth fUhdS earhed at the all-SCn0Ol -fundraiser, Can- ClV, ballOOrI, and spirit Dih sales, ahCl the BaCK-tO- SChOOl DahCe. vb , if ,sk I K 5 un-aalliuf if A . A vi i "W ' 1. A-Yell Illelllllef Tlllll BOCClIlal0 WUIKS llald 0Il flfllll llll tile Cl'0Wll. 2. llflaltlllg Glltlallte of tile f00fllall team are TOIll JOIIBS, Kllll llllllelllllllll, Sallllfa SIIOIE, allll V llillllallgll. 5. Gettlllg tile alllllellte illt0 tile Slllflf of tile galil! are Sallllla SIIOIE, l ll0llEIllIOI'll, lllllla USIIOIII, T0lll BOCClllaI'0, Mltllelle GI'ESllaIll, TOIll .l0IleS, allll llaifell Ill rith. EW W fm ff f Ak ' I. A-Yell IIIBIIIDGIS IIC Fl'0llf IW! TOIII .l0IlGS. ROW fill CIIIIY CIISOII, DBIIBUG Mlfillill, llltlll ISIIIIIIIQII. ROW fllI'E8 Kllll KOIIGIIIIDIII, TOIII BOCCIIIIIO. 5. B-Yell IIIGIIIIIEIS IIB FI'0llf Nl MICIIBIB DIGIIUB. ROI two Clll'lSflIl8 POUCH, ROIIIII HONOII, DBIIIIII POUCH. RID flll'G8 'MSU MIIIIOI. ROI f0lIl' Rllfll FIIIICIS. 6. I-SOI!! lllEIl!lIEI'S IIB Sllldll SIIOIG, MICIIEIIE GIG- Sllllll, ILIIIIZ 0Sll0l'Il, llll HOIIGYIIIIII, KIIBII HGIIIIICII, llld Gl- Ill SUD . SDIFIIC LGBGSFS W Tigers achieve best record ever at Tokay TOK3V'S sophomore football team pounced on its best record ever. The sophomore grid- ders ended their season with 3 5-2 l'eCOl'd, the best overall record in the Sari Joaquin AthIetiC AS- sociation in Tokay history. The Tigers two losses were in its games agalnst Tracy and Lodi. They fell to league champion Bull- dogs 19-15. In the final game of the season, the Flames doused the Tigers 7 2. Coaches for the team were Rod Gaines, head coachg and steve West- gate, assistant coach. Oth- er coaches were Dan Lambdin and Ron Hittle, who played for Tokay two years ago. Todd Freeman led the team in interceptions wlth six. shane Langone had the most yards gained with 620 while fellow running mate Ron Hittle followed with 500. 1. Christopher long l'l2l scrambles to avoid oncoming linemen. 2. Two Tokay players stop a l.odi opponent. 5. Scott Thompson l15l loolls for an open receiver. 4. Ill th! Ill, BIIII ZIIIIIIIQI' 150, QIIIIS I f0llClld0lll MSS. 5. SOIIIIDIIIOIG f00fll3ll fialll IIIGIIIDBIS lf! Fl'0llf IDU Pllll Tilly, Sill! Hill, CIIIISNIIIIGI IIIYGS, Thdll FNGIIIZI1, RICIIINI RBIIIGIIZ, Bllll ZIIIIIIIBI, DQIIIIIS Clllllill, RDIIGIT UIUC. ROI N0 ClllSf0IIlllI' IIIIIIIS. SIIIIIE l3llg0IlG, DGIIIIIS TIIIOI, Mel RIIIIBIII, BI'Y0ll IOIIGS, Ill! Slllllll, DIUIU llllldle, HICIIBI l0IlQC0l, Mlllllll Bllllll, CIIIOS l0Ill8ll, HI- CIIIBI llfflifllll. RDI th!!! Dilllll Sllllll, GIG! NIISUI, MIK! Gllldl, Rllll lldlll, Jeff BIIIIK, CHI! DWI, will EICIIGIIIG, KOIIII PBIICB, CIIIIIGS llllllll, Hill CWIIII. ROI flllll Jeff Milllll, Scott TIIOIIIIISOII, SBI! JICKSDII, ClI'lSf0lIllI' l0Ill, lllrlllt DOSIIIIII, Blllll .l0lIBS, Brad Mlld, .IDIIII COIIIGII, llllldy MIIIGI, Pit CWI, .Ill HMI. SODHOYUOFB FOOtD3lI Z Q E Q E we 5 iii : -KX XX gms iz:-Q 1 :M X- '-1 X?- M-Xvf X - X X QXQXQX - . 'Q QSQQ X gmw ,is . si ' W ga X .X .. , , V 'Sgr -2-X32 s XX., X ' E K K 2 i S w i- Q X m.wX XXX X XXX 5 I iiig Q." X, -X , X 2 X X 5 X S Q X X X 3 X Q J XX,-. - 1 ff:,'f-:aes wwf.-f:." f. rm- :' -X XXX.w,,X.X, X: ,XXXL X 52f115I5f.fE5s" i f . 3. S X Q S T N-V1 ,sy X XX 4 Q? Qi L -Qx ggjsijy X X Q gi? fe S X-X ? 51 2 Kmhh if-,W H W 9, Q , F Q5mXgX5,.XX..2, 3. me X Rs FSS -s -'f' rf: ,-:: X , -- K .. L EQ W .3 asf, X 1-:f,,M,5.f,1. :Sg:Pv,.m,.,,f, if Qmfaw-we . - Q 'Qi535325525152515,-SfE"'1s"' b ' V .6 I 'I I ': 7:1 'fjg V' 111. I' 'i i f . -'k-' Q -- V f2f5?fS'f11,elm - -fief K 2.z:sz's?fx. ai: mt . .f-2-sQw,,1:.m, N 1'iS3iffiF1w-' - s S- fzf-2-ffizwzy wig? ,. X- M, gf :IRES 55' ' W?-ffi., i fa- V-Q , I . ,, 5 :1"LE:is.a3L:::,a::'Q--mg ,..,,. V .. Q R- X wim- 'Rhia- L . A 3 -f: 1-:-:I1"'EE-",E:",,-E. .I,.,::.-1 'NLE - iiiiianfdi Am. 'K :,:g-135:52-if-fr: pgs:jQ.j'-3.-I-we:-12. : - -W may Nei am. S -3 S Ki wfe vi mai 1 3 i 2 -1 s. vw w N l wh mswfixi- - fy: ,I x vm QQ Q U X SQ , , 1, A--v-.f1,-1Q f --'f- 7- .- ..fg ,..f , 1: ,1--1: .wa Fr0Sll gridclers Sll0W elltllllSiaSlll, spirit l.aCK of experience and CleDtl'l-all were key faC- tors in a lOSil'lQ season for the freSrlmarl football team. D6SDite their 1-6-1 record, the team show- ed erltl'lUSlaSm al'lCl Spirit. ACCOrdirlQ to KVle ROl'lCle, first Year COaCl'l, "The DlaVerS tried trleir hard- est game after Qamej even Wherl we were losing, we still had fun." ASSlStil'lQ were Riel! Valerl- tine and Cliff Dochteri man. Leading the WaV Orl Of- fense was quarterback JOl'lrl ElSOrl. Orl defense, TOClCl Sleemah led the team irl CIUarterlJaCK sacks with 15. At the ef1Cl-Of-tl'le-Sea- SOrl football DarlC1Uet, the DlaVerS voted team- mates Joe BallOrl and JOe GarrliCa as mOSt valuable players. 4. lllStrlICtl0IlS are gillell tll tile players lly llead C0aCll Kyle Rlllllle. 5. Witll great ability, Brllte C0llillS lllllltS tlle llall. 6. Freelllllell f00tllall tealll lllelll- llerS are Frllllt rllyl Jeffrey Nayer, Selltt lee, william RaSllerry, .lllllll ElS0ll, Jllllll Barbieri, l0Sel'lll llleerll, Joe Garllita, .l0llll Wllliallli, l'llly Trall, lyllll Slllitll. ROW tlyll C0aCll Kyle Rlllllle, Jeffrey Bleyl, lllrell Rll0lleS, Tllll rllatSlIlll0- te, Talillder BiSla, DOI!! Ezell, craig latllllei, Jlle Ballllll, Dallld llayW00ll, llllllrew PeterSell, Dallill R0yCe, Selltt Kalgllll, llllllert rlllrtll, Relllly BefllS, Cllatll Ritll llalelltllle. ROW three Derell Wlllttell, Edward llilli, Palll SlIllllS0ll, Dllarlllillder Sallllta, Brllte C0lllllS, T0llll Sleelllall, Sllawll Flowers, llalllli Kalll- lllerer, Sllawll W00lf, Jllllll rllattllett, Craig Dlltll, ErlleSt Calllllllra, 10llll Wllrll- laly, Craig Strallll, llrtllllr llllillellllllllrlle, Palll Urtega, allll Cllaell Cliff DOCllt0r- FrOSrl FOOtDall WatEl'll0l0 team ElIllS Veal' ill third place tie Aftel' CaDtUl'lhQ the Sah Jeaquih AthletiC ASSOClatlOh league title four Veal'S lh a l'OW, Tokav's Val'SltV Watel'DOlO team dl'ODDed to a third Dl3Ce tie. Ih the fiI'St half of the season the DOlOlStS were ranked fll"St lh league. HOWeVel', mishaps befell the team during the second Dart of the year. The team lOSt two Stal'- ters lh Dal"lh C-ll'Sh and lVlUl'l"aV .lOSeDh and a bl'OKeh heatel' made the COl'dlhQ to COUl"theV POI'- tel', head coach, the team dldh't have a SOlld Dl'aCtlCe fOl' two WeeKS. EVeh though Dl'aCtlCeS were feWel' than normal, the TigerS finished With 3 'IO-4 leaQUe f'eCOl'd ahd ah OVel'all slate of 17-11. The Watel'DOlO team tied fOr third place With Tl"aCV. "Overall, I felt that ,it WaS a good season," Sald COaCh POl'tel". "We Wel'eh't picked to win cleague title! and we beat WW' -M wg! 2 S' V6 M ,wr ,, ,Z ,T ,, L WMV-ww . K M- . A rvfiz pool . Uhavallable for teams we WeI'eh't SUD- M ttii DI'aCtICe OI' games. AC-A posed tO." 1 H 5 TDKIYS 1982 UIl'SlfI llt8l'll0l0 Sllllall Collslstod of Flbllf Nil! Stliill Krrrilrara, llarl Hartzoll, Alan Klafflre, Rlclrar Tomrllrr, Sean Incoorrald, Scott C C 4 Salyer, and Christopher Metz. Row tlo Coaclr Courtney Porter, Murray rrrof Joeseomerrett rllcGary,Alan Sterrrlemolm Kautz, Rudy AI,and Darln Glrslr. , oqrtg or 'l'- it iz' , VVV rr',i f ' Q ttrl C " .r, 'A W ff 63? C or rm sv''vBZ4l?'ff'f"Vl,'fl'sz-w, ,, - f 'L+ M, ,,,. V, A f,-ff 1, ,, A f M J I V i 1. Dlsllltl I l0lIll'S lff0I'fS to IIIOCK th! SIM, I Tlllr fII'lS tl! IIIII IMD fl! CII! NI I SCU!! UIIIII TUIIYS Illlll llllllif Sf. IIITS lllll SCIOOI. 2. TIG lllfllilil IIIIIOIS Ifflllf to SNP fll IIIII ffl!! Cllllllll llf0 fll IMI Ill Clllllll III Iltfllr llllllt f0l' ill IIISICI l0l0lStS. 11.4 ' ,1- TUKAY 5 5 W I V,., 10 15 SMU!" 5 1 11hst.1Mary's" 0 T W ' s 9 'I'l'3CY" 10 13,,A,iVA1, 1 .A,1 ,14:,1 . A 5111 A ,,:f1 ,,.1i1 ,,,. I 3 1 AVVg-1 A 2 15 ElIiS0ll"' 6 6 lbdi' 11 8 lillCOIIl"' 1 14 H f'VCOI'lf9f'ef7QQQQmE ,V . my , W I W 'f K "L A 1 ',,' pig. , iw - f vw, W -1 ,V-fy. 5 f,g,1:u.JuQ ,Q X f -121 was ' f' A, G A K 1 . , , - -'fi"e-"PW 'f'.. 2 .?,..X 4. llll Sfllllll, I SOIIIUIIIIII ll0 Sfiffll Ol fll H5111 fill, IDIS ll NI I SIM. 5. Sfliill Klllllllfl SCIIIIIIIIS f0I fl! Illll aft!! lllllll flllllll. V3l"SitV WBCSFDOIO 4 ' 1 fi-3 -0 - 4m:.'1v- ' ,- .1 FFDSII-SUDII ll0l0iStS tie f0l' SU-Ui IEZQIIE title LOSihQ only one game in league play, the Tokav frosh-soph WaterDOIO team tied for first place in the San Joaquin Ath- letic Association. The starting line-up consisted of Brian var- gem, goalieg Steven Kuri- hara, No. 1 hole setp Jeff Chandler, Craig Berlham, Sean Biggs, Jay Fry, and ThomasJohnson. Tokav was short-lived in tournament play, as the team was eliminated after two games of their onlv tournament com- DetitiOrl. Theil' first Di3Ce I'eCOI'Ci didl1't COrTle without practice. The t8hKeI'S worked OUt fl'OI'h 5-7 3.h'1. 3hCi Uhtil 5 D.h'l. after school, rairl or shine. Late ih the Se2SOh when the DOOi'S heatihg SVStel'h DI"OKe dOWh, the team had to Df'3CtiCe at LihCOih Bhd once at Lodi. Wihhihg DOSt-Se3SOh hOhOi"S were JZV Fry, coach's 3W3l'Cij Bhd Ste- Veh KUI"ih3f'3, I'hOSt valu- ab e. 1. Wltll IIIS lflll lllllld t0l3I'll fl!! QDII, KBVIII TIIISUB IIIGIIIIBS to fll'8 Ill I SCWO. 2. l00lllIlQ IIOIIIIII f0l' Ill ODGII Illlll, GOIIIB Blllll VBIQBIII IGIIIIBS all Olltlif P355 f0l' 3 tillllllllfl. lae Q 4 I -WMT1: -xwlfhxqlwgqiff ,.....:...w- ,V . ix ' 1 -. 2 W, M Mu, I M ' . VVVL jj ..1. , STK Ai 1 2' , J K ,f ,,,, H. .,,k, '74 4 L-,EW ,Q , , , 3 ,f . ...... ..... L 52 3 f if W w QA! 1771 ff 1 19 ff if W f, ll. M 1 , 7 ,f ff Z .- W W ,, - W , 5 I f, H ff 1 'QM 17 4 1 , fif X V I ' N , ,f 14 12 10 10 12 15 mfen. 5 4 forfen 5 1 Sf. hairs" 5 DZUIS 0 EUISUII' 0 l.lllC0lll" 14 " denotes league QEITIG 5. Fl'0Sll'SOIIll flilll IIIBIIIUGIS flock lfllllllll COICII Clllffllly POIfGl' f0l' DI!-QIIIIB Sflifllv. 4. llIll0Sf Dllf of flle Yllfil, TIIOIIIIS JOIIIISOII fllllgS I IUIIQ IIISS 0Il I IIIBIKIIIY. 5. lffll IIIIKIIIQ I Slllillllld UGNIISWB SIIG, Goalle Bllill VIIQBIII IOOKS f0I 3 Sllllllilil' to llllil SHIV fl'0Il1 ll8f8llSlV8 CWBIIQB. FFOSH fSODh W3tSFDOlO , K T Q-X Q 3 f iix Yf Kb , Q A X + A , as 9 . TOKl-lY l Z , S1399 Sf. llllarV'S lincoln rrr e ll Tracy Ffallillill , Edison i ww . smug 0 5 ll 5 o 4 if - -we--X ,. M.,...,,c..,s.,. 2 1 ,, ,airs 5 i i li lll 5 tracy 5 Franklin 0 edison o A ,. , ,4 if 4 Q f , - , , , A,,,, Q ,..,, W W ' it ., . V ll aiu L, W2 " 3 aal ,....?x l m.aWM?f,wa,wm,WmmyM.:f www ff"- VW. ,A ,, fc., ,,,, V .4,,,agg,., 2 , W ,WWW Q- fi ,ts BFS fillli 0llll0SillQ SIIIIHCIS f0llQii to Deaf Finding lIe3l'nS like St. Marv's and LinCOin defi- nite obstacles, TOKBV Val'- sitv Qif'iS'S tennis ended 3 5-9 season. It WES 3 bit of 3 let- dOWn f0l" CO3Cn SUe Webber and tne Di3Vel'S, Wl'lO had l'lODSd fOl' bet- iIel". Experienced iIe2n"l n'1en'ibel'S didn't bring tne anticipated success. Tne SClU3d nO3Sted three l'etUl'ninQ SeniOl"S2 DeniSe H3nSen, NieiiSS3 Cobb, and Jill SCI'll'l8beI. H3nSen occupied line NO. 'I singles SIOIZ with jLll'liOl' Melissa Schuler at No. 2 singles. Cobb was also named as a key singles player. Top doubles slots were occupied bv juniors Nlav Orlando and Kimerlv Hennefer as well as Schnabel and junior Lisa IVlileS. "Our best match was against LOdi," said Han- sen. "We won for the first time." But otherwise, the netters thought they shoulcl have clone better. GiI'lS' TenniS KiCIlel'S filliSh SECDIICI Uilefaii ill ieaglle play With great im- Dl'OVeITlel'lt OVeI" iaSt year, the varsity SOCCel' team took SeCOl'lCi place in the San Joaquin Ati"IietiC ASSOCiatiOI'l. The KiCKeI'S started OUt well With 3 fil'St place ViC- tOI'V in the ECiiSOI"l TOUF- n3VTJ.Ql'iQ. .. A . Aftel' losing theil' first game to Stagg, the KiCKeI'S Came back to Win their next five OUt of six games and tied Lii'1COil1. The SeCOl'lCi half of the SeaSOI'1, 'ifigefSyi Q5t to Stagg, the eVeI'itUai ieagUe Wiflhei' and to LOdi for the first time ih six years. The team did manage to qualify for Sections ahd battled DiXOh, only to lose Zi-'I and have their season end. Honored at the soccer banquet were Darren Loveccnio, most valuable offensive playerg Tnomas Riess, most valuable mid- fielderg Robert Riess and Kirk Fetzer, most im- proved players. Players William Van Oss and Gregory Platt pre- sented Ron Braden and Eric Wallace, assistant coacn with gifts fl'OlTl the team at the banquet. 1. SGIIIOI' Jeffrey DWI! Sfl'll8S I Sll0f Oll flli IDBI. 2. Gifflllg III IIOIIIG, SEIIIOI' flIlllI3Cl ROUGH RIBSS Sf0lIS Ill IIWIIICB Oll TOKIYS IDBI. 5. Pllffllll fl!! IIIOUBS Oll all OIIIDIIGM ls SGIIIDI wllllalll VIII USS dllllllg I llllll lQ3lISf l.0ll. f Q -.vw wi- 1 M rr. saw' we,smvm: xww I ,. 1 - " V- ' ' mL.kL wif I- mm .S -1: ' . - ,, 1 ' , '- 1- ' ' - V , ,.L, .E,,. :,: ,. ,- .. .,:. .:,,+:: Z ..,:: . ? ' -- Q - .. - .... 5 , - sm ,, qf ff... 4. IOIIII WIIHBSIUES lllf8I'CEllfS 3 IIISS fl'0lll flli Cllallillglllg film. 5. SQIIIOI' goalle IDIIII Pllllillfil strides iIlf0 Olle of IIIS lllgll flylllg glial KICKS. 5. VIISIW fBlIl'l IIIGIII- bEI'S IIE FI'0llf IOW TIIOIIIIS Rless, Dllfell l0ll8CClll0, MBIIIIIIIU C0lIfI'El'3S, M0l'l0 MOIIIII, FIIIICISCU DEQIIZIIIIII, KIIK Fiflef. SBCOIIII l'0W Mltllael ESCIIEVBIIY, SWIIIIGII MIIKIIIIIS, BOIIUIIIII PIIQIWUIIUSI, ROUGH RIGSS, .lefflly Doyle, JOIIII WIIHESIUBS, MICIIIBI Pllll. Tlllfd IDI EPIC WZIIICE, 3SSlSf2Ilf CUICII, GIEQOIY Plaff, CIIIIIES DOI'- IIIZII, Wllllam Vall oss, JOIIII Pllllellfel, Kllllllllliv PIIIYSOII, CIIIIS Wallate, Mlttllell Platt, ROI! Bladell, llelll COICII. V3I'SitV Soccer 4 FI'0Sll-SOIIII SOCCEI filliSll llllitll llESt Ellel' l'BC0l'll TOK3V'S frOSh-SODh SOC- cer tearrl h3S earned ltS best record Wlth 8 11-2-1 showing in the Sah Joa- quin AthletlC ASSOCl8tlOh. DOUQ Frueh, frOSh-SODh soccer COaCh, thought his team would finlsn in the top three lh the lea- gue. He DelleVed that Lih- coln WHS their toughest competition and ms QUeSS proved to be cor- rect 35 the TrO.l3rlS beat rokav twice. on a orignt- er note, the KlCKerS dld KlCKerS' DahCIUet included MlCh3el CrUlCKSh8hK Bhd EltOI'l Alfred, best Offeri- sive players, Jef-Frey JOhh- SOh, best rhld-fleld play- ery RlChard Cook, best de- fenslve Dl8Ver, Bryson Cobb, l'hOSt lrT1DrOVed Dl3Ver. Coach FrUeh belleVed hlS team should be strong next Year ZS elght freSh- rrleh will return. He also thinks the Val'SitV team will do well next Veal' be- beat Lodi High twice this gauge of the sophomores Vear- . DerfOrm3hCe Oh thIS Awards given at the year's team, J te ,fot, D Nxyjhif-kg"'-lg F Qlgigg ' G 1' h of 'ff' qi is G Mt. W - , ,159 ,, t ,,,, ggt' A' , ,V M Tel il,lt, J oe 43 FW it l lfiill l f 1'l:' l i 1 ttt L -tii " ' ' 'A L . ' ' "i' J ',,s J .if -" Q: ,il Q " I ,, l "7 'B' i,il H' lf: etl ol tl J "1, 'A L A letf e oee lll ltll J tle do , .J ,V . , ,,ltt: ttftt t't2 4. Frosh-Soph soccer team members Front rovr Tonla Peterson, wlllard Flelds, Brlan Gallego, Brad Braden, lvls Garcla, Michael Dutra, Khamhhay Phayson. Rovv two Ker lo, Scott Grady, James Gavln, Jeffrey Johnson, Michael Crulhshanh, Elton lllfred, Douglas Dstler. Row three Ron Moffet, Richard Cook, Frank luduha, Davld Garret, Coach Doug Frueh. 5. Drlhbllng downfleld, sophomore Jeffrey Johnson attempts to evade two Franlllln opponents. 6. Sophomore James Gavln passes the hall. 1. KCI' lo COIICBIIUMGS Oll KICKIIIQ the lllll. 2. SOIlll0Ill0l'G YMCIIIGI Dllfll SlICCESSfIlllY COIIIIIIEUS I IIICKIIIU KICK lgilllif IIIS Fllllllill Olllllllllllfs. 5. SUDIIOIIIOIE Elfllll llflld IIIIKOS Ill lffllllllf If C8Ilf8l'lIlQ UIQ hall to set llll I Sllllf. We WW FFOSH fSODh Soccer ,,,,,,,,,,"' 1. CIIII ISIIIIGIIIIIIII SGUIUS IIIDS llll IIIS 0llIl0ll!llf S0 IIB Call IIN! flllli fb CIIGCK flli CIOCK. 2. POWBIIIIQ IIIS 0llll0ll8llf'S HC! Ill fl!! Illif Illd GIIIUYIIIQ It SBGIIIS to be fIl8 SDGCIIIW of IIIIIIOI' BI'I3ll GIIIIIIIIII. 5. TI!! Illlll UIID flllgllf GIIIIIIIIII IIIS SWIG ls COICII IIOII GBIIIGS. 4. WIIIIB BI'I3Il GIIIIIIIIII IISGS IIIS ll'lllS IMI Clllg SERIES IISBS IIIS IBQS, SBIIIOI' Patrlcll KIIIIG IISBS Il0fIl WBIDOIIS to PIII IIISI 0Dll0ll8llf. 5. lllttlng 3 U40-Il0Illf SWIRII ls IIIIIIOI EIIC GIIIIIS. Tuliay Wl'BStlEl'S lll'0!llICE llllf0l'QBttalllE SEZSDII Aftel' OVel'COn1lnQ l'nanV obstacles, TOKaV'S Val'SltV Ql'aDDlel'S managed to pin down a fine 5-1 season and take second in the San Joaquin Athletic ASSOCla- tion. Such Dal'l'lel'S the Fnat- men had to face Wel"e not having enough experi- ence in the lOWel' weights and too lT'lUCh experience in the UDDel" WelQhtS. While eXDel'lenCed Wl'eStlel'S El'lC GlDbS and Kenneth Mitchell battled for varsity spots all Veal' lOnQ, fl'eSnn'len Jeff Chandler and Shawn Stewart filled the 98 and 105 pound ClaSSeS with Vll'tUallV no experience at all. The thl'ee strongest weights Wel'e filled bv 157 pound jUnlOl' Bl'lan Ganifnlll, 145 DOUndel' Cl'alQ Settles and 202 pound SenlOl' Bl'UCe ThOl'nDSOn. Gamrnill and ThOlTlDSOn went to l"e- gionals and finished with 54-4 and 17-6 l'eCOl'dS Fe- SDeCtlVelV. Settles, a Sen- lOl', went to sections and ended hlS season with a 24-8-1 l'eCOI'd. The most COlOl"fUl Wl'eStlel" Of the season had to be SenlOl' Patl"lCK Kline. He pulled Off such antics as doing a DaCKfllD aftel' opening eXel'ClSeS and speaking Japanese to a fOl'elQn exchange StU- dent. 6. Pafllil Klllle displays lllS IIIIICKIIQSS IS llG gets I OIIE lllllllf GSCIPE. 7. ll3l'SltY fellll IIIGIIIIIGIS affif Cllllitflllg SGCOIIU If DIUIS IIB FNIlf Nl Terri 'l'0IllllllS0ll lSU0l'GKOGlI- Bll, Erlt GlllllS, lllll SQIII Sfwlllt. Row WN George L80- llilllllll, BI'lll Bfallill, Jeff Cllllllllil, Tllllll Fflilllall, allll Clll'lS Hayes. RW! tlll'8B Nell lllllg lSfltlSflCSl, Cllll Set- flGS, ROQGI' KBGIIEI, Plfllik Klllle, allll Bllall Galllllllll. NM llltflllill are .IIIIIES RICE, Kellllefll Mlttllell, lllllllifll Oll- UEI, Rllllly REEIIES, allll BIIICG TIIDIIIIISOII. Val'SltV Wl'eStllnQ Jll Ql'allIllEl'S filIiSll SECOIICI ill league play TOKaV'S iLlnlOl' Val"SltV Ql'aDDlel'S had anOtnel" winning season Cal"l"VlnQ on the tl'aditlOn that naS taken place fOl" tne past 'lOVeal'S. Tne squad SUffel'ed its onlv defeat to Tl"aCV, who ended UD winning the title. COaCh ROd Gaines Said tne l0SS was because Tracv's team had n'lOl'e experience than the TiQel'S because they Wl'eStled Dl'ettV n'lUCn all Veal'al'OUnd. All 13 Weight divisions were filled With the ex- ception of tne heavy- weight diViSiOh. lVliChael Gardner, Daniel Kanelos, Neil King, Shane Lan- gone, Christopher LOnQ, Joseph Lucero, Mark Vil- laDOndO, and Roger Vin- celet were the heart of the team. Sophomore Brad Bfaden was selected most valuable grappler. ACCOl'dlnQ to COaCn Gaines, tne squad neXt Veal' has a QOOd chance of Cal'l'VlnQ on tnell' ta- lentS and Wl"eStle on Val'- SitV. He wished that l'hOSt of the Wr'eStlel'S WOUld wrestle fl'eeStVle SO tnat they WOUld l'etUl'n with more experience. 5. SOIlll0llI0l'8 Shall! l8llQOIlE CIOSS-flCES lllS Fflllllllll 0Illl0llGlIf. 4. ll TOKZY Wl'eSfl6l tit i tl lll fll.5J I MlllIGadll lll lll t I' BS 0 T993 ll COII I'0 0lI S llll C . llll Ol' C 38 I' El' l' IIQS S UIIIIOIIGII ll0lHll 0llf0 file lllaf f0l' I t8llEll0Wll. 6. Ulle of T0ll3Y'S Wi0SflEl'S ls l0CllEll ill I lleltell lllaftll Wifll lllS 0llll0llellf. 1. Freshman Joseph Lucero struggles with an opponent during one of his league matches. 2. Team members are Front row Raul Mora, David Lekola, David Ball, Neil King, Joseph Lucero, Brad Braden. Row two Coach Rod Gaines, Doug Ezell, Christopher Long, Shane Langone, Michael Gardner, Daniel Kanelos, and Mark Villapondo. Y 1 ,las , J M E ,fr 'M A is ii' ' it FI'OSh !Soph WI'eStIir1g ,. ..-HW rn, an ff waWf2254rz:.21,:fw- H, , .4 A Z A U s W f .,,. 5. fgiig' FIZIIKIIII' EUISUII' 0 I' S1899 Sf Mary S lllIC0lIl Tl'8CY"' Fllllklill' EdiS0lI" lbdi' DiSaIlIl0iIItIlIelIt I'EiQlIS f0l' ilal'SitY lIaSliEtlJall Aftel' a respected start, tne TOKaV Vai'SitV basket- ball team Slid dOWnhiII. In its fiI'St nine games, tne team maintained a 5- 3 l'eCOI'd and gained much needed confi- dence. The Veal dOWnfall Came before the start of the San JOaqUil'l AthIetiC ASSOCiatiOn l'aCe when tne TiQei'S lOSt four straight. Tne TiQei'S lOSt two mOl'e games until tneV Peat LinCOln and Ffank- In However, after posting tnOSe two wins, tne Ti- gers tripped, stumbled, and lOSt itS nine remain- InQ QameSj fInISninQ lea- gue with a 2-10 Y'eCOl'd. gVeI'all, tne CaQeY'S Wel'e -17. "it WaS a disappointing season," said Bill Baum- gartner, head coach. "We didl'i't make the playoffs, which WaS OUI' main goal." Wnen tne team was in a 6-5 standing, free- tnrow shooting was 80 percent according to the Tokav coach. But in lea- gue, tne overall average slipped to below 50 per- cent. ll8l'SlfV, illllllll' llZl'SlfV IIIEICE f0lll'lll lll IBEIQIIE "New and improved' applied to TOK3V'S fe- male basketball team. With new faces in addi- tion to familiar ones, both teams managed to place fourth in the lea- gue in contrast to varsi- ty's seventh place and frosh-soph's last place endings IaSt year. According to Sue Web- ber, varsity coach, unity and a close-knit team helped improve this year's standing. individual efforts also helped the varsity team. Coach Webber mention- ed Genetta Adams for her rebounding and shooting skills, Pamela Wooten fOl" hef D3SSlI'lQ skills, and Kari Lambdiri fOr Hel" ClGfSl"IS,lVG expertise. Wooten C3DtUI'GCl most valuable DIEIVGI' l"lOl1Ol"Sj ACl3mS W3S named best Offel'1SlVG DIEVGFQ and Lambdln, DGSYI defensive Dl3VGI". Ori the fl'OSI'l-SODh Ie- vel, Coach Ron Braden l'1OtGCl good OffSl'1SlV6 ef- fOl'tS fl'Om Renee Line- l'13l'1, P3tl'lCl3 H3l"lSOI'l, Jan- I13 FFSV, and lVllCl'1GllS YOUHQEI' HGIDGCI the team. "The girls worked hard and l'm proud of them in what they have ac- -Complished this year," said Coach Ron Braden. 4. Sll00flllg 3 Sll0I'f illlllllel' is SElll0f Pilllela W00fEll. 5. lllllSS3 Wllli3lllS IEZCIIES flll fl!! ll3SllEfll3ll. 5. llIlC0lII Zlld TOKIY IIIZYEIS SCIZIIIIIIES f0l' I l'Ell0lIllll. XQSEQZ mmf 1. DDIIQIIIQ IIE! OIIIIOIIEM ls fl'ESlIIl'I3l'l NIIICY OIIISCIIIIICK BS she dI'lV8S f0I' 2 IIYIID. 2. JIIIIIOI' Il3l'SlfY fealll IIIEIIIIIEIS IIE Fl'0llf l'0W TIICI Slllifll, VEIOIIICG Wlllffflllgfllll, lESliE WIIIIB, NIIICY UIIISCIIIIICK, MICIIEIIE YOIIIIQGI, Blld Sallfllll MIIICIIISOII. Row WN VBI'0IliCZ RIIIIYZ, l.0I'fl IEIIIIIIIQS, TIICIZ IIGIISOII, RBIIEE lillellall, Zllll R0llEI'f3 SCIIII- IIIQK. ROW flllee Tl'3Cl Sllllfll, lalllll HEY, Cheryl WZSIIIIIMOII, SHCI! RIDIOII, llld llllSS3 WIIIIIIIIS. 5. VIISIW team IIIEIIIIIEIS IIE EUGIYII MISIIUB, Gilllffl MIIIIIS. U53 HIIBS, PIIIIEII W00fEll, llD0llIl3 YOIIIIQEI, TIICI Slllifll, Mary 0I'l3lld0, Illd Karl lllllll- lllll. NM llltflllid ls Sally MIIIGI. Girls' B3Sketb3II 1. Scott TIIOIIIIISOII Illll Mild Elth filld UIGIIISGIVBS Ill til! lllldSf of file UIIDOSIIIQ fealll llld Sfllllglillg fl! Ollfllll C0llfI0l Df fl!! hall. 2. Sffifdllllg to Clllfllll file hall ,U is Sfelllll Yagi. 5. Gilbert UIIIIIIS IQIDS 10 fl!! I Sll0f to llllf file TIQBIS IIIGIII. " , it MM. -... , S.. :iw " l W 'iv 'WW m?e5l5,a25 M - fs .:,wz, -1 .ll ffm, ,. 1 5 , 1 ff ,, 'Eli my Q: , ,wgffw - 'Mm ' sm..sw Q., Q ----, -ynrfwim-fn -M.. i l 'f"" 9' Ev il . ii - ifi a - sl,-m al il 1, i ihigi i l ,gil Q V-2 5 .4 X rl X fl 0 iii? 2 - A 1 - '.... in A, l - t ,gl lf., Despite leaving the court with an 8-17 overall record, the sophomore cagers had, according to Coach Doug Frueh, noth- ing to be ashamed of. i'We played fairly well. But we lost so many games by just a few points," said Coach Frueh. "There were too many al- mosts." But in basketball, as in any other SDOIT, "3iI'T'l0SiI", doesn't count. The il'1GX- D6l"i6I'1C6Ci CBQGFS strug- gled to Obtain 3 sixth DIZCG standing iI'l U16 Sari Joaquin Ati'liGtiC ASSOCi8- 1ZiOI'i. COaCi'l Frueh rl0ted that the tougher the oppo- nent, the better the team performed. "We played well under pressure. The motivation was there." Second year veteran of the sophomore team, Brian Jones was the team's leading scorer. Starting line-up for most of the season included David Eich, Jeffrey Rel1Ch, Andrew Clyde, Gilbert Umnas and Jones. "It'S 1200 bad we couldn't have wrapped up the season with a big victory over LOdi," con- cluded Coach Frueh. Z ,. A , ow. ,C , ,.,,, -fs -3 -ff-' f Qi uw , 4. lfflllljlflllg fl! MOCK I Sllllf D1 ill! DIIIIOSIIII fiilll, Plffltl CODII IIWBIS WSI Ill! lllll. 5. So ll0 eteam IIIGIIIIIBIS C0lSlSf 0fC03CIl no Fl' ell Gllll It ll ll Jeff R I ll IIIOI' Ill ll , 8 Ill IS, IB! GIIC , Blllll SIIIISOI, DIYII EICI, SWR TIIOIIIDSDII, IMI!!! CINE, Blllll IOIIIS, Plfllll COOII, Illark Steele, vlnce Estrada, Steven Yagi, and Elton Alfred. Sophomore BESKGUJBII FYESIIIIIEII CZQBYS leafll tllI'0llQll tllllgil SBZSUII Despite losing more games than they won, the freshmen basketball team showed an im- provement at the end of the season. , I At the beginning of tne season, the team went on a three game losing streak. After winning two games, the fresh- men team improved to win five of tneil' next 10 games. "There was a lot of tal- ent in the team," said Coach Jack Crain. "The boys just needed to play with each other more and practice a IOt. They also need to work with the ball mOI'e, aCCOl'CiiI"IQ to COaCn Crain. Placing third in the league with aa and 8 rec- OI'Ci, the fI"OSi'1 team beat out TI"aCV and LOCii. Leading the team in SCOf'iY1Q was iVliCi'laei Ryan. AVef'aQil'lQ 13.5 points Del' game, Ryan, aiOI'lQ with Jimmy John- SOYI, who aVeI"aQed 12.4 points, were the team'S strength this year. Receiving awards at the teams banquet were RVan, most valuable, Johnson, most inspira- tional, and El'neSt Cam- pora, most improved. 1. l00Klllg f0f all OPEII lllall ll0WllC0llff ls 108 GIIIIICI. 2. DESIIHB IIEIIIQ IIGIIIIIY Qlllfllid, .lllllllly .IOIIIISOII UIWES to the IIOOII. 5. FIESIIIIIZII team IIIEIIIDEIS IIE Fl'0Ilf IW! Cfllg Sflallll, TIIIIIS DlD0ll3f0, Pet!! l80ll3IUlIll, .llllllllv JUIIIISOII, 100 GGIIIICZ, El'IlESf CIIIIPOII, Bllli IDIIII Dllllll. ROW TWO lyllll Sllllfll, JOIIII B6f0lll0, SIIIWII W00lf, MICIIIQI RYIII, BIYSDII CDIID, EUWIIII IIIIIS, TIICY CIIIIIIIIIIIQS, alll' COBCII .IICK Cfilll. -- -- - .. 0 K W. .A.., U Q 3 1 K , 8 1?-.'.:::iE:z A I E .. A 11 es - M Q - .i-: -ALA 7 L vkii --L7 .- X A i-- A K Q A fs A - , . ff w , L . .... -, .M A wi - - i.W3,,.-. X5EQT5fi:ffii?i ' -':s 1 I ' 5 'X M L J wg X. S Ex 'F , fm . 35 . XL sk A Y ' S ' :f A--fiff gk k ' 'Zi ' if w:-S' ia' -. .:. ' - . ,. . A Aw- . 1 Y 0 A A"h ' 5 2 K .. xy, f In S kk Q, Q Q. W A k 'R I 4. Sflifilllllg f0I' fllI'88 IIIOIE IIICIIES ls MICIIIEI RYIII. 5. Joe GMMC3 NISIIGS 8I'0lllId 3 loose ball. 5. JOKHIQ 3ll0llf fllelf C0lII'f DOSifi0Il IS TIZCY CllIllIllillgS alld BIYSOII CODU. FI'eShmeI'l BaSkGtbaII , i ,IVV fi v,f1A 2-L-www, Y--L Q-'fniegli N at . t , ' A--,gif llii 1-sf"SfgM -- Na, --sf3'- Sllllllll C0aCll lll'Ellal'ES team f0l' SEC'lIl0II Ellffy Known to be self- motivated sport, Tokav's swim team had what it took, according to two- year veteran Coach Cour- tney Porter. "The hardest job we had was lack of experien- ce," said Coach Porter. "With 3 lOt of ICWO-Veal' men, this was the deciding vear for them and us." The team had 30 swim- mers consisting of nine freshmen, 10 sopho- mores, eight juniors and three seniors. At the sev- en scheduled meets, Alah Stender, Richard Townlin, and Steven Kuri- hara were a few of the lead SWllTll'hel'S with Ste- ven Galglahl and Darlh Gll"Sh adding SUDDOl't. ACCOl'dlhQ to COaCh P0l"tel", thlS WaS the pest Veal' lh SWll'hl'hlhQ for spirit ahd talent ahd he looked fOl'WaFd to a Sta- ble fUtUl"e fOl' TOKaV'S swim Dl'OQl'alTl. ACCOlTlDal'lVlhQ ah OD- timistic look, the swim team had a good chance fOl' SeCtlOhalS. COl'hlhQ lh SeCOl"ld lh the Sah Joa- ClUll'l AthletlC ASSOClatlOh laSt Veal' and with fl'OSh- SODh haVll'IQ a Del'feCt l'eCOl'd, COaCh POl'tel' had Dl'edlCted a place lh the SeCtlOhalS. 1. FIIIISIIIIIQ the SIIIESUOKE lllll IHWIIIQ fll'Sf If fl!! deck ls SUIIIIIIIIEI' .IOIIII SDQIO. 2. FIBSIIIIIIII MICIIIEI SCIIIUEUQI fI'EESfYlES IIIS l3Sf lil Ill IIl'3CflC8. 5. TID f0Il SIIIIIIIIGIS Slllll IIIIEII' lllmfv fb COICII COIIHIIIBY Pllffil. .,., . 4. Dlflll GIISII C0llCEllfI'3fES 35 IIE IIEQIIIS his IOIIQ llllffilfll IOI'K0lIf. 5. SWIIII f93lll IIIEIIIIIEIS IIE Fl'0Ilf IDU! Mall Sfillllif, Sfeiell Gilglalll, SUVEII Kllfllllll, Jeff CIIIIIIIIEI, RICIIIIU Halligall, 131 FW, Jeffrey UECKEI, Miilllel SCIIIOEUEI, TIIUIIIIS JOIIII- SOII, CHI! BOIIIIIIII, IOIIII Spero. ROW WN SCDU SIWYEI, D3I'lIl GIISII, SEIII MCDUIIIIU, Rllllald TOWIIIIII, REX TIBECE, COIIIIU M3fSlllll0f0, Kelllll TlllSflE, SEBI! BIQQS, BIYSDII COIIII, BDU KDIOCK, llld CDICII COIIHIIEY Plllfef. Swimming Fellllel' Telley Stllllellt lleCellleS Ceeell fel' 9ll'lS Tokav's girls' swimming team had a new head coach for the fourth vear in a row. Assuming the reins of the team was former Tokav graduate SandV Drake. Coach Drake hoped to improve last vear's fifth place finish in the San Joaquin Athletic Associa- tion. With 20 of 52 gil'IS returning from last vear's team, Coach Drake thOLlQht the team lacked the necessary experi- ence to have a contend- er. Top swimmers on the team according to Coach Drake were freshman Melodve Morris, individual medley, Lori Dean, preaststroke, Julie Han- kinS, fl'eeStVIeg and Cath- erine Cobb, packstroke. Diving coach Ty KelIV believed the diving team would finish high in the SJAA standings. The team's strength belong- ed to senior Patrick Kline. Also, Jeffrev Johnson com- Deted with Kl'iStin Veer'- kamp, and Therese John- son. 1 5. Gll'lS' Slllllll teelll lllelllllel'S 3I'e FI'ellt fell! Clll'lS Yellllg, Cetllelllle Cellll, Grete Kegel, .llllle ll3lllllllS. Row tylle TI'3Cy JellllSell, Kl'lStlll lleelllelllll, Sllellly Deall, Tl'lSll llyall, Welllly Dlllley, llllly Fetlef. ll. Sellllelllefe Tlffally Telllet lll'eCtlCeS llel' freestyle tlllllllg tlllle trials 35 Welllly Dlltley lIlIel'llS ell llel' lletllitfelle lll tlle llellt lille. 5. llllllel' Welllly Dildey SWllllS llellt to Meleylle llleI'l'lS. 6. Dlllef Patfltll Klllle waits ell lleefll while lle I'eCellleS lllStl'llCtlell flelll Ty Kelly, llllllllg Celell. aw, , ,.,, .c,,,,, .. -. ffff W , .s,yg5gq.- 7 W C 5 A V , H . .. 1 .-fi'w '11f" 'ff if ,,,,1HE.1f-iwflvw ' 7 -we sv vfaqgsi-w-saw ff.-l -,,,,.1,g,gg,Q,.s l, ,pigs ?ffwgZw:?:?s3,ssm we l,,giw, ,,,-154.1 Q.. fa 1 .i 1 T ,tci J ,,d,,d Q i,,t ,ici 113 ,,,,, ,C 7 Z A ff? - -4- ' , V' , . -. - , jrj, iff W , , .,W,,,,,, y, , .,,.,, V V i ,.-. ,--, V if K ,ww r if 1 i . - L -' hi... . - , s,iitii ,WW M 1-.z.,a...M s a - ,, 6 I , M . 'U' A , in me iii " it "i--' is if gig 1- 5 I . ,.,'- l L ..,-' Q , ,V 4 . V I .hh.ii,,E , , A A Ji, K k,.f V. ,fp , , .if 1 sa 'sf 2 ff kai ini I f. , . .1 .2 " U 2' is 4' Q i ' . L 3 ii is 32 as 5 . E S Q sf as si 5 E 2 K2 is A 6 +5 P B1 4- T' f,,Qmil' .W-My My " M M , . N Q A WE? . 1 u a M 1 as Girls' Swimming !Diving Q Respect from league llighIi9llfS track SEZSDII TOkaV'S track and field team rocketed to a good start. Andre Williams, discus and shot put thrower, has been in the top three in the league for that category. According to Steven Westgate, head coach, Williams and other field players brought respect to TOkaV from the op- posing schools. Lincoln Q Y and CTOSS-tOWl'l rival LOdl WaS the main COm- DGtltlOl'l the TlQel'S dealt With. DOl1ald EVal'lS,tl'lDlGjLll'T1- DGF, WaS OUtStal'lCIlf1Q dUl'll'lQ the early Daft of the SGaSOl'l. "As I S66 lt, if we had the Same tUl'l'lOUt of people each year, we WOUIG be just as good as Lll1COll1 and Lodi," said Coach Westgate. X N 'X s . X X 1 ,X Q N K N X is -1 J X A S .. X 51 5 ga 1 is x 3 I ' .. i e ' ,. ,fi . i'Ti's..a. L . 5 Q . Qsf .. twig S - ' . si. I i' , 5... 1 L. ,gf:5gr':s:'QNg -L X , 5 - '55 f-.. 5 1 -1' gs P ' L . 3,1 1 "Ni,, ty Wy.. F M x 4 .,, I NF? ,L A K . K L+ . ,.:, 1 ,..: 3 .Q gm., ..:t.. . , , s LX 5 'E K 'K 532 . -., i i is . a. .,.,..,,,. ..,,,.,,-,s.,,,.., 5, W jf .L . :gg . Ai r . Q 1. . ,W .. 4 -,f --A, . ' "-si M iiii . 2 .f i 'iei NSW.. assi' i '- P Nffim .kLg Mg. 5 3 2 1 fig W a 5 . . Q. , . , . do 4 ss.s sssr - X f do ' so J .f Ffigif 5 K K Q - in 1 3' A f - s V- X - sg ff- .Q i , ,X : N:-:s13E.aM,x Sr . . - N. R Q 'N as 2, I K K... 5.3 . ,. SM Fei? N X X N W ff: .ss -- Mem S R Q Qvgk l,.. k X I xg W NHL ..,, , 32 RQ.: i yin-.3 Cf' nw . - , . WW A f-+vza1a,XQfN '+ 5 , f K Swim-F Sr :gf 2, 1. WNJ . . LV E L . 'Silk w M . . 9,5 spar s 5 5 1 1. RIIIIIE WIIHZIIIS DIICUCES his f0l'llI ill flle UISCIISS. 2. David RDYCB IIEBUES flli UISCIIS llllflllg IIIICUCE. 5. RO!!! KEEIIEI' 9085 f0I' IOIIQ footage Ill fll! UISCIIS. ll. Tllllllllg Ill if E the IIDIE Vllllf Is SOIIIIUIIIOIE Riilllld CUOK. 5. CIIIISNIIIIEI FIIIICO PEI'fECfS 'IIS f0fIl1 ill the DOI! Vllllf. J' 532 A 1 4- , 1982 V -' ' fm -?:gf:..,:r5"-,Q-2 alf- .. f. L- 5 ,w J xp k 3' if ft HW 3 nik .1 Y yfhgbx N Qlgiiwy' iffjl 'ff' W X gg- 'L A , .. ' -X X X K. ,:Xfw'Xiiil3"gg - fig, k dk y- f A Q g wwf jg jj:-,ii 'r.,f'T Aff' gr, is , 1 .Q gg , J E I ,f Q - ilvgi'if ill fkxfy, f V -iv .sfgl 5,5 L A -sf A.. if Iwi?-mg, ,:wi5Ws,..wi5s'?m' ' Q L N K 1 gig , L, - glgiki ' ' V, ,g,'u..2, 7 N4 ' " QL V :X MW Q N- A , A - Ui ffm , " QI' ,fwffw ff ff- - m' ? 'W' ' MMT' ..nfM rnosu-som Q M -Q-' - L Q2 "7 ,r ,,. - A 52 Sf. M8I'Y'S" If ' ' A ' -k i ff y .. , .,, " 55 llllcq ll I : 1-'ww 4 " ' H .k XV ,H , -- 4 av .. 68 Franklin ,. .LW.. .,wx ,N .N ...,x WA- W! i ,f J -nf-WM-f:':WM' 'W 55 I 'k - g ' ' ETTTQQ . -W My if-I n 'gy ' - 'ir . I T3.,,,,,,, k,... W, .WT H., F V 4 A " " fan lnx , ,67 , .L , 76 Trac ' Qi 58 k ,Q 74 EUISOII 51 M t K K ,ix .f yi 95 fa!! i Q 65 L dl? k . "k' ,, , S 5' 0 L , L m ' , M.-,W-1' 'X mv-W-W ' W itsi.iiim-1,g.wMgf:::f'i gi' A ,g,3',QQ.liMQ -'fLk- g-giggwv i".S,x45M52xr3'f's::fS:iasSQi?ew4L'-'.iis3iifmsiiiwi-vii.-f2YQ3,,, QLZQWMLMV J- ,,. k " '- fy N' V W f V ' Awww W . mf M M ,fx ,- ,- -- 4 K --'HQf,,,L -M , ,,W,, lv' A A1:x32'f1a X f ,Wx A K' A A - - , 5' TFEICK-Field 1. Track team members are Front row Robert Burkett, Andre Williams, Michael williams, Donald Evans, Thomas Dutton, Michael llingco, Stephen Bannowsky, Ed- ward To. Row two Eric Trevena, Richard Cook, Tony Rocca, latanya Moore, Robert lewis, lawrence Hunter, Milton Mclaurin, Darrius Davison, Andre Ford, Andric Jackson, Naseem Rehman. Row three Brett Kirkpatrick, Craig Gorbet, Christopher Franco, Francis Chua, Edward Gray, Paul Campion, Bruce Collins, Jennifer Gray, lisa Cline, Roy Woodford, lanonna Younger. Row four Jami Feiock,1lIichael Powell, George Kamita, Jim Dorville, Darrell Johnson, Darren lovecchio, Peter Carniglia, lnlabasi Okepedeghe, Michelle Younger. Row five Kimberly Fowler, Sandra wrbicky, Angelina Demitroff, Keri Shirk, Ryan Jara, Robert Dutton, Traci Smith. Row six Richard Newsom, Jerome Blake, Antonio Ford, Greg Kalthof, Kenneth Valentine, Jeff Walters, James Gavin, Michael Garrett, Monica Meath, Robin Horton. Row seven Christopher Pagala, Michael Paul, Roger Keener, Don Fraser, Timothy Byrnes, Mat- thew cerney, Joseph Northcott, Christopher Fisher. 2. Jogging around the track are Joseph Northcott and Jim Dorvllle. i Tl'allSfEl' IIIEIIIDEIS IIEID tEaIll'S llEl'f0l'lllaIlCE "The StI"OhQeSt team members were new tI'ahSfef'S fI"Om Othel' schools," deClaf'ed SteVe Westgate, head coach. AmOhQ these new I'Uh- ners were Daf'I'iUS DaViSOh ahd' LaWI"ehCe HUhtef', f'etUf'hihQ 440 memDeFS, vyere JOhathah Holmes ahd RODel"t LeWiS. A RetAUl'hihQ sophomore Jami4 FeiQCK WaS,-,the QiI'lS' team membel' with the most potential, aC- corcling-W to Coach Westgate. "ThiS SaVS a lot MASQ - EV' -Q:--?::: f, N-.h - f , .: 6 it s fQT - iFCi0CK 5109.9 0 , PUQIG exists no divisions in the women's team. She ran against seniors and juniors with more ex- perience," explained Coach Westgate. Westgate WaS ih Charge of the 100, 220, and 440 vard I"elaV. AlfOl"lZO Gomez trained the diStahCe l"UhheI'S ahd SteVe HUDDal'Cl worked with the mile f'elaV and 440 SDI'ihteI'S. Kenneth lSI'ael dif'eCted the hUI'd- leI'S Oh the team. 5. MICIIIBI Wlllard, Nllaflllll HOIIIIES, llld D3I'l'lllS DIYISOII gif 0Il fllell' IIIIIKS QI 3 llI'3CflC8 Sllflllf. 4. JUQQIIIQ IIOIIIIU fl!! track IS RICIIZNI MBUGIIOS. 5. Erlt TIGVGIII faK6S I flllllllllg IGIII Ollll' I llllldli. 5. llllfdle COICII Killllifll lSI'aEl looks Oll IS IIIS CIIIIQES IIIICUCB. TI"aCK-Ruhhihg 1. WIIICKIIIQ 3 IOIIQ UIIVE off fl!! fl! WIIIIE MS fellllllllfei llfdl ls SUIIIIOIIIOIG g0lfEI', Pllll USIIIIIII. 2. FIOSIIIIIIII Ralllll KIIIIIIIEIEI' sets IIIS EYES 0l'l I blrdle Dllff. 5. FUIIDUIIIQ flll0lIQlI Wlfll IIIS IIIIIUS I llllll' of Il'l0fl0ll ls llllliel KIIIEIDS. 4. Tracy cummlngs, Danlel Kanelos, and Paul oslrurn lattll as llandl llammerer sends a drlue bounding into the fairway. 5. Golf team members are Front row Steven Yagl and Daniel Kanelos. Row two Peter Carnlglia, Michael Ryan, Jeffrey Flrdzell, and Coach Bill Baumgartner, Row three Tracy Cummings, MICIIZEI Et- clrevery, Randi Kammerer, Paul ushurn, and Gregory Dal Porto. E v -- - ' V H . - , l. 5 vm' rf -w:g2::,,g-,M , ,f sf -1 3 ,W , , .f . i- 1 'MW .Hi ,L L. W v Mfr! , , ,Q- ,zeaggwig fl ' gfff , s t , as , -V it .f,,l , - W A ,, V- w w .wz,a.,,.,w. ,,-,:-,-- 12, 3 zen ith ,A - f-f it 7 in -f 1 W 4' , 2, W fe Q f W V fi 2 W , 6 ,495 - 1 "" , M 4 Q E QQ new 2 ff 'V ,M 4 ,V ,g -1, f fx il 7 gf 4 iff' 1' , f ' f a1",6?g5v'r i ni 4 f ft gg, i si S f iii? Q 5 g f fy 5 Q3 y H 195 A S 4 if 5 fr, M 4 get - i f, Q if : 55 , l' wif' . 5- 2 sag .M M f: , f ,,,, H , vw ff ,W ,Ar , oweaw, . f W4, , 5 ,isp Agnew, ,, W , ,, ,,M,,,,, ,L Hx, .Ml , at M f ' ' " .offf ifwii, 1 vi , "ff :'7:45H Zi, CC K :: 'V , . , ' H f arm ,, , My i ff AMA? X94 YDIIIIQ lillllSfEl'S Play despite illEllllEl'iElICE Beginning the season With what SeCOnd year Coach Bill Baumgaftnel' called a very young squad, the TOkaV link- Stel'S looked fOI"Wal'd to a good season. Five of tne six starters were UndeI"ClaSSmen, and COaCn Baumgaftnel' looked forward to the season With mUCn opti- mism. "DeSDite tnell' lack of eXDel'lenCe, the team showed a lot of Dl'Om- iSe," said COaCn Baum- gal'lIneI'. "l tnlnk the fU- ture Will hold a lot in StOl"e for lfl'1iS team." ...s L 4... , ,, it W 2 f Q '- iwazwzfef t A515 ig, . . ,,.l,, , if f " . . E , 1 1 V I W gf W rr, fi 'T"'w-fi' ifIJifffffi'7ifHJ','fQTM" ' saw S K .,,. ,. W ,,h, Wzfaf141,tm,,fuf , f , Q " fp-ggi, , in ' " ,,,, 4, ,, x ae pw, wtf: , hz I M, v,4a,w:2,f vf fl , 'awww Q f, Senior Gregory DaIPor- to will lead the squad fill- ing the no.'I position. Other tentative starters include: no.2 Peter Car- niglia, no.3, Jeff Birdzell, and no.4, Steven Yagi, all sophomores. Tne no.5 man Will be a fi'eSl'imaI'i, Michael Ryan,-and no.6 wasto be aufreshman, Randy Kammerer. ACCOl"dlng to COaCn Baumgartner, the Tigel'S' tOUgl'leSiI COmDetltiOn came fl'Qm defending champion St. Mai'V'S. Golf me ,,,ow,.l, f , 13, 257' I 2L a aa A LE Q :k-.Q: zg-' L g-" .K :Qg El., V g".g fg, we A ,g'i..- T -kgg W f 'P -Qii i -'Z.h .--' L fi -:T 2.: f JY I ii Q 'S 'ALA I i :gg A W er temuve e ee l l Craig! straw., Dove? Strauliwln the next tennis teamlexoerlengedi yeargflwill develop a 5reE2O2UDerailtiFlg Qne,QlgQf Tokay's bet- a ig fperceiwte aegater L f ffl Q 1C3l?V H825 oeooool eoe eoeo fVe2lF eelee l oelll el i ee o 1 l 1 oooal ECQYSOH. e eeoe 7 l ' l eeeel Franklin . E a High Sc olsfforltier, and were ltolgavs o EmiE+! MiCf18Glr V8rE1AQl'OUW. targetsh ewliile Lincoln gwe eQidoTi!1Q7hQV6 some eneassf proved to of the quality berltair toughest adver- players as some of the sariesf? ' As for TOkaV'S No. 1 player, Coach Haas com- ,A ,,a..mM,aW.,,,,, ',f, - .W 1, other teams um, but we did have 3 QOOC1 QFOUD of QUVS," noted COBCH H33S. NZ lf 'W' . k ' :',, ,V' 'f " Ma ,z .M we ,,MMaWMWl,.,,,,M 4 . , a ,A , H ,, ,Wg e,, llrl K awww a 1 7, 5 f 4 Mm. ......-ur X so -vffwaf w ,. 5 Q X . . ' 'ff' in X l 1 I - V. . , - A 7' " A ' ' m AL' 1 Edfllld Bllllllllf IIIIISIIGS llll Ull IIIS fellllllllllli 2 Clllg -. :s v wr sm., , Ep, -Z -J' 'Ks f - 4,11 JI - .-f: .1 if , ' ' if 73 J S R NYS 4 3 of is ,X E Qs A 3525- gl X is if S r .. in is 5- .K ,Q 'xi S W Q A in fo :-1 -A . 3 9 i Q sw Q s lf, Q Q ss is sa K W5 K 3 g 5 2 af 4' 5 E V53 f- -Q ig., 3 'iss -'.,s2-1r21fS5 w i M . ,... 1 3 lk., 2 s MMWM., ,, , A7 xt K ark. g. 2 -T gi 11 -K Q -- . . 5 .K 5 ,M T is-.M A s sr r i g V, ,. .,. 5 m y 1 A 1 13 A 'X'-:HL f-af, . f-ff-22142,55212-?2?f5f:SrTfss5f1S2f 151 48641 -11i'is1hff2:i:Ss?ei?2g1-if--S 'Y' fy 'fbwwf-imi'-:s1gQ:,,s,:r5-H so s 1 l , M Sirauh slams tlle hall across the court. 5. Battling 'agolnst a ssiiss l s hi r s sss 1 g strong wlnd, Stephen llallrmus vrorlrs on lrls form. - , 3 - :.- .. . .. , . . . -so 1 - - .4 .1 A A -f of A s . x . - ' 1 . V I I H ,,,,.f.L-gynrillw--V ' .. r X .. ,N:,, . M M M-ml-W . I mn :V .MM W, . L. .. .. E I . iii, hiya 65 -H-. v::-- f -:gf ' , , 5. 'isa -, s or ssso r if ..,. H E , Q l.lllC0lll" 0 A f 2 TIBCY' 5 4 Flllllllill' -sw so r 39 ,s . -' if ii. 535 ' of - isiisg jg r s o l so s-s's , V' G41-if 1 I N if-1I1Qf!:n'kkigivflyk 4. Jeffrey UWIB C0llCEllfI3f8S 0Il IIIS SGW! dllllllg I FBIIIIIIH III'3CflCl. 5. Hill!! lllIlISf- lllellfi OII I lOl hill, GIIUBH UIIIIIIS IIGDZIGS 'IIS l'lflII'Il. 5. TBIIIHS IIIIIBIS IGI! Fl0llf ROI GIIIIOI1 UIIIIIIS, UlISflll BIIIICII, CIIIQ Sfllllll, SWR l3l'S8ll, Mill CO0IIEI', and Scott KBIIIIIIBIQ. ROW TWO lBfff8Y DOYIB, Sfillllill MIIIIIIIIIS, Sfiiell PelI8fl8I'. Elllllll Blflllliff, Val TOIIIIIII. Mltllael VIII GIOIIU, llld COICII GIIY IIIIS. I BOVS' TGf1l'1iS 1. Sfilfllll Clfillel BIIKIIEY Sf0CKf0ll Ill'8ll3I'ES fll Glillllfe I llllllf lll ill Efflllf to SWIG I TOKIY fllllllll' fl'0lll fllllll MSE. 2. Mllllll 3 lllllCK flllwl lS Sll0lfSf0ll FIEUIICK llEllllE. 5. Sfellllell PENIS DIISEWES IS Ffelllllll llelllle tags I Slllllll! flIllllEl'. 2 4 llltilaftlly Elk Gl'0llG 7 Still' E " denotes league game s 261452 , Q l M 1 mul' 5 W af l 1 l l , 421 X, Z -,kf M, , ,, ,, 6 f ' K 51' N 4 2 ' ' y "JT - te A i, , iii'flf me 52 '? gi if , 1' :ri '.aeiif5l:ei " VIL 1 M,1ffewf1li'Q:ift in lfii i it W 1 f .V i,,,,g , I V V, ,,,,,,W,,,,,, V' if HW, K ' M 4! .V 'ik M VY km.: Pittllillg lIElIlS SlIZI'lI hlllleflll Varsity Sqllatl "When the season be- gan we were picked to finish in the middle of the pack, but we hoped to do better," said Paul Lovotti, varsity baseball coach. Beginning With three wins and only one loss in their first four games, the squad was off to a good start. Six returning S3CKel'S 3l'lCl three l'leW DltCl1el'S gave the team an addi- tlOl'I3l spark. AYTIOFIQ the eXDel"lel'lCeCl Dl3Vel'S Were Sl'lOl'tStOD Fl'eClel"lCK Hen- ne in hiS third year With the varsity team. other senior stars in- cluded Bradley Stockton, starting catcher, and Stephen Elson, pitcher and first' baseman. Sen- iors David Murdock and John Guardino, and Jeff- rey Jones also retuned. According to Coach Lovotti, juniors Anthony Petersen, Tim Schell, and MiCh3el Rocha contrib- uted to El SOlid pitching staff during their first varsity year. The SaCkerS believed that Lincoln and St. lVl3rV'S were their toughest OD- DOl'Iel'ltS. f ,, at up Wm is-5 4. Cllllfelllllllflllg flI8 lII'0!I'BSS of flll QHIIIE ls IIIIIIIII' .l0lIII WlIlfESlIlBS. 5. lI3I'SlfY SICKEIS IIB FI'0IIf I'0Yl RIYIIIOIIII Delllllf, MICIIBEI HIII, JOIIII KIIIEQQI, .l0llIl llIfI'lS, Ritllarll Clow, VIII!! lllll3l0S, lllll lIlClI3I'Il Slifer. RW! UID MIIIIQEI' Scott SOIIIQI, Mltllael lIOClI3, TIIII Schell, lIIflIOIIY PEfEI'S6II, Sfillllell PENIS, IIIII .l0llII WlIlfESlIlES. ROW tlII'EE COICII GIIY NGISOII, Bradley Sf0CKf0II, Malik llll, IDIIII GlI3I'IllIIO, FI'EdI'lCK IIEIIIIE, Jeffrey JOIIES, SIGIIIIEII EISIIII, Dallld MIIIIIOCK, IIIII COICII PIIII l0Il0ffl. V3l'SltV B3Sel33ll Coach lillagyetti IiIlES lliS SDDII tE2llII'S hitting Sti'eSSii"lQ basic fun- damei'ltaiS and skills, the TOKaV SODhOmOi'e base- ball team looked for- WaI"d to a good season under Coach DaVe Niag- Qetti. ACCOi'dil'lQ to COaCi'l Maggetti, the SODi'10- mOI'eS' hitting i'eCOi'd was better than aVel"aQe. "This is the best hitting team I have eVel' had," said COaCi'l Nlaggetti. He cited Othel' strong DOiI'1tS as the defel'1SiVe effOl"tS of second base- man Scott GI'addV and shortstop Daniel CI"OWI'1- over, the OFIIV fi'eSi1maI'1 OH the team. ACCOl'Ciil'lg to COaCl'l Maggetti, the team'S i'eai weakness WaS DitCi'Iii1Q Wi1ei'e CI'OWl'1OVei' and sophomores Scott Thompl SOD, Brad Zimmer, and Joel Sherman all SaW action. The Tigers' toiighest competition came from St. lvlary's and Lincoln, Iooth perennial league powers known for their good baseball teams. 1. Billy FIOGIIIBII Sf8llS lllf0 3 fIStlI3ll. 2. Blau ZIIIIIIIGI IIIIIS IIDIIIE QS the IIIIIDIIG SIQIIBIS 3 SCOIE. 5. Rllllllillg IIUIIIG f0I' alllltllel' SCOI'8 ls DIIIIEI, CIOWIIUIIGI. aw hff J f 7 -" l ' 3 53 W f 4 , LEA 'ff M ., 'f -,F , , 5'-1 ,W ,f A f, W 4 A W Vf l :,-A ,V L23 f fx Cy 3 V' 'J 1' P ef' , uf V' 4 K. f Qi M ' 4. KEEIIIIIQ lliS EIIIOW llll, llifillel Dilliel CIOWIIOIIBI' fil'8S 3 CIIWE hall. 5. SOIIIIUIIIDIE IIZSEIIZII team IIIEIIIIIEIS HIE Fl'0llf l'0W .IOEI Sllelllllll, BIZU Zlllllllef, Milllael Billlli, SCOff GIZUIIY, Mlffill Gfiilef, and Cflig DYEI. ROW U10 Dilliel Cl'0WlIOU6I', SEBI! IZCKSOII, Dlllid G3l'I'0ff, Jeffrey REIICII, Hlld GIG! NEISOII. ROW fllfee Bl'i8ll SWZIISUII, Scott TIIOIIIDSOII, Alf Sllillglef, Miillael lifflifllll, alll' COICII Dall! Mlggeffi. SODHOITIOFS Baseball R3ilI Sl0llllS SZCKBFSQ time illlIlf0llES QZIIIES Gettihg Off to 3 SIOW St3I't, the fl'eSl'llT'lel'l D3Se- ball team picked itself up to 3 strong competitive level With other Sah JO3- quin Atl'1letiC ASSOCi3tlOl1 te3mS. , COl'1St3l'lt l'3ll'1 Seemed to be 3 m3iOl' f3CtOl' fOl' the fl"eSl"IlTlei'1 S3CKeI'S SlOW St3l"t, 3CCOl'Clll'lQ to CO3Cl'I Kyle ROl'ICle.p The l"3il1 delayed Q3meS 3Y1Cl Dl'eVenteCl Dl'3CtiCeS tl'Il'OUQl'l0Ut the fil"St D3l't of the Se3SOl'l. Tough Q3meS C3me fl'OlTl St. lVl3l'V'S 3nd Lih- COll"l 35 the S3CKel"S fOUQl'It tl'll"OUQl1 the tOUQl'l fl'eSl'lmel'l le3QUe. "The team nad it phys- iCallV," said CO3Cl'l ROl'Ide. "Otl'lel" Stl'Ol'lQ DOli1tS C3me fl'Ol'T1 the OUtflelCl and pitching staff." TOD Del'fOl"lTl3l'lCeS C3lTle from Dl3Vel'S Cl'3iQ .l3CC1UeS, Joe B3llOh, TF3- vis Di DOl"I3tO, 3l'lCl An- drew Petel'SeI'l, 3S they helped the sackers throughout their fil'St Se3SOl'l of Dl3V. Es 'si 55, ily! iii' in l Fi- ' f 5 ef , ll' .. 'A fw11f W Q ,EQ WL, -. 'fi.fz?w- K 2" 5 , ' 3 is . Q1 , .f Wk M .g gals, Q gk SF . , M55 ' ' M . gf- - L -S Y, " 2, , f Q.. A ish 'leg 4 f .L ' . Sq lg- 4, , gl :EQ A K Q ,igsuk , Y it S Aww. , - 1219? A f Q,-If , ,, , N .. if , 1. Sfifflllg DHCIIEI f0I' HIE feilll, RIIIIIGW PEfEl'SEIl, WZIIIIS-llll IIIS Ilifllllllg Illll dllllllg DIICUCE. 2. Ullfflelllef Pllll SIIIIDSOII QMS IIIDOIIIG to Sllig I fly ball. N6 5. FlISf IIISEIIIIII TIBUIS Di D0ll3f0 WOIIIS Oll DICK-Off IIIWBS aglillif I base Sfiilil. 4. Tllllllg 3 bl! Cllf If HIE hall IS Joe BIHOII ZS ll! IIIICHCES f0I' 3 fllfllle game. 5. TEBIII IIIEIIIUEIS IIE FI'0l'If WW JOE BZIIOII, TWU Gilda, TIIUIS DI D0lI3f0, llld .IOSEIIII C3I'l'llESCO. ROW fill R0llEI'f RHCIIEY, GEIIE TIEECE, leffley Navel, Clll'lSf0DllEf AICIIEI, .lefffev Panel'- SOII, lllll Joey FIBIIKS. ROW fllfee CUZCII Kyle RDIIIIE, Erlc Bllflef, Craig IICKIIIBS, TIIOIIIZS Pfeifer, HIIUYBII PEUISEII, BUDDY CISZIGQIIO, lllll PZIII SIIIIDSUII. FFGSYIYTIGH BSSGDGII Girls' Sbfthall StaftS with 0lltihliStiC iliEllllS With an ODtilTliStiC Out- look, Coach Carolyn Welt- Zil'l Dl'ediCted QOOd fOr- tune for Tokay's varsity softball team. "We have the potential to go all the way," Welt- zin stated. "We have a lot of talent his year." Weltzin specified a few players such as Kari Nloore on defense and Tonya Wagner at center- field as key DlaVel'S. Stephanie Welch was a top contender for short- stop but injured hel'SeIf early in the season. Coach WeItZil'1 said the team as a whole was very strong in pitching and in their unifying attitude. IVIiCl'leIIe NlOl'ltiOl'l and TUeSdaV SeXtOl'l led the pitching corp. Coach WeitZiI'1 also DOiI'1teCi out LiI'1COiI'l and Lodi as the VaI"SitV team's greatest opponents. LaSt year's VaI'SitV team placed third in the league. TOKaV'S previous softball teams captured fOUI' San JOaCIUiI'l Ati'lietiC ASSOCiatiOI'l titIeS arid two SaC JOaCIUiI'1 section titles. 1. Ill 3 CIOSE Play at fil'St IIZSE, Mary 0I'laIlli0 attelllllti to heel! her ilaiallte aftel' liiggillg Ollt a NW thI'0W. 2. As Oli! of T0ii3Y'S tbl! llitCh9l'S, TIIESIIZY SEKt0Il sets hel' sights at the plate. 5. S0ftb3II team members are fI'0llt IOW Kathy FMIEV, Mithelle Mtllltihll, DZICY Sllitief, TOIIYZ Wagllef, T0l'll3 PEtEI'SOIl, iieI'0IliCa Pllllia. ROW two Coach C3I'0lYll Weltlill, Stellhallie Welch, TIIESUZY SEKt0ll, Kali MODIS, Kali lalllhtiill, Cilltiy EISOII, MQW 0l'i8llli0. N0t lliitllfett Patfitia HZIISOII. AY MSW S' TIZIY' S1899 l.0 " ' 4. lllmllg I HITCH ff0IIl flllld base ls Mary 0l'l3llll0 IS 3 l'lIIlIlEI' lllliillw ZIIIIIOICIIES. 5 TOIIII PBfEfS0ll IOOKS to ZIWZIICE 3 I'lllIllEl' ilIf0 SCOIIIIQ Il0Sifi0ll. Varsity Softball 1. Sll0I'fSf0II Plflllili HZIISOII IIISIIBS to IIIIKE fl!! C3fCll, MCIIIIQ flllld IIISGIIIIII SWIIIIIIIIG Kell. 2. PlfCll8I' llsa FBIQIISUII QIIIIIICGS Ill IIIEIIZIIUDII llEf0l'B flllllg 3 Sllllf If all Amit!! lllffil. 2 1 E L E a 3 5 1 E 2 E Q S Y 3 i 523 ' , Q ' wa, 535 I 1 " fp1E.'2m, ,wffgf , ,ll .1 " 5. FI'0Sil-SOIJII Sllffilaii IIIEIIIIIEIS IIE Fl'0Ilt WW Mitileile Kiiily, P3fI'iC3 HZIISOII, l.iS3 FEIQIISUII, CiIl'iSf0Il MZIIIGY, VEl'0IiiC3 Wlliftillgflill, Sileiiey SEITZIIO, Mafilll' Bates, Nilli GRY, iilllilea Tl'iES. ROW two C03Cil JUGIIIIE Kifallil, l0I'fi JEIIIIIIIQS, Tilla Til0l'- Ilt0ll, NIIICY Ull3SCillliCii, Sfellilallie iiiCil2l'liS0ll, iilIiSSl wiiii3lllS, Katily Cillllel, Cltilelille Riley. 4. Plffitia ll3IlSOIl liiSIli3YS llelfelf eye-to-ball C0llf3Cf il8f0l'E Slllltiiillg file iligil llitllil. 5. lllllliile lil! PEUISOII IEIIIEWS til! I'lli8S Wifi! file fellll C3Df3illS Illli CUICII IOZIIIIE Klflllit. Girls' S0ftllall Stal'tS llllitll optimistic iliElIllS Ralh ahd SOaKlhQ fields could not ClamDeh the ehthUSlaSm ahd playing spirit of the fI'OSh-SODl'1 softball team eal"lV lh the SeaSOh. "The girls Wel"e eXClteCl ahd l'eaClV to play," said Coach JOahhe KatahlC, "eVeh thOUQh the ECllSOh tOUl'hameht ahd Othel' games Wel'e Falhed out." COmDI'iSeCl entirely of fI'eShmeh except fOI' two SODhOmOl'eS, the squad as a WhOle sometimes suffered fI'OITi the laCk of team eXDel'lehCe. AhlSSa Williams stated that "We heeded to Dl'aCtlCe tO- Qethel' mOl'e." The team'S Stfehgth WaS eXDeCteCl to lie in itS DitCl'1irIg and defense, aC- COl'CllhQ to Coach Katah- lC. PltChel' LlSa Fel"QUSOh WaS Dl'eCllCteCl to be ah OUtStahCllhQ membel' of the team deSDlte hel' diminutive size. OhlV a fI'eShmah, Fel'Ql,lSOh Dl'OVeCl to be Ohe of the flheSt DltChel"S Oh the SOftl3all SClUaCl. As in its previous sea- son, Lincoln and Lodi provided Tokav witn some stiff competition, i and were expected to be the TlQel'S toughest OD- ponents. FrOSh !Sopn Softball Plltelltial, iIIllll'0llElIlElIf I'0fatE dllfillg SEZSUII Finishing UD the season with a 5-9 leaQUe record, the Val'SitV volleyball team showed a good Der- 'fOrmahCe of DlaVlhQ. The varsity team WaS a ,skilled group and enjoy- fed DlaVihQ, aCCOrdihQ to PattV Berg, varsity C0aCh. The team had a lot of DO- tehtial and worked hard to reaCh it DUt had trou- ble at times, commented Coach Berg. "The QirlS WOrKed hard durihg the games, ahd imDrOVed by the end of the year." The OUtStahdihQ play- ers noted by COaCh Berg Were Gehetta AdamS, SU- Sah Friedberger, and YVOrlhe Gobert. with a lot of good play- ers accoruing to Coach Betty Locke, the junior varsity team finished the year with a 7-7 record. "The purpose of volley- ball is to learn and im- prove skills, and the junior varsity team play- ed good volleyball," said Coach Locke. "We had hoped for a better sea- son but enjoyed it. I think l'm sending the var- sity team some talented players for next year." Coach Locke said out- standing players were Tif- fany TalDOt, Corrine Wil- liams, Patrica Hanson, IVliCheIIe kilby, and Dal'CV Tyler. . 1 4. , b , , -I , ,MW EC , In , K. 1 3 tl J, L eg 1. SIISIII FIIEUIIGIQEI DODS I l'Eflll'Il of SGW! 35 Karl MODIS Sfalldi by to IGIIII 3SSlSf3l'ICE. 2. Gelleffa RIIZIIIS Illflllllllfei to l'EfllI'Il fl!! ball. ' -C f .ess Z ,S ,,.. ,. ,cc t S S ,st TOKRY 1 0 Ripon Christian 2 2 Amador 1 0 Elk Grove 2 2 Stagg' 0 2 St. Mary's' 1 2 lincoln' 1 0 'I'l'aCy' 2 2 Frallklill' 1 1 Edison' 2 0 Lodi' 2 1 Stagg' 2 2 St. Mal'y'S' 0 1 liIlCOIll' 2 1 Tfaty' 2 0 Frallklill' 2 2 EdiSOIl' 1 0 llldi' 2 "COI'lf6f6I7C6 C3m6S 5. VaISIfy lIlayEl'S al'E Ffllllf ROW Cafllelllla WESffall, Jallef BllI'I', MICIIBIIE MOIISIOII, fyllfllla H8l'l'IllaIl, alld YUOIIIIE Gllllalf. SBCOIIU I'0W C0aCll Patty Befg, Gallaffa I-lllalllS, Ragllla NaSClIl'lElIf0, SllSaIl FIIEIIDEIQEI, Kal'l MODIS, alld Karl lallllldill. 4. Kari MODIS sets llll flla hall f0l' a SPIKE as Cyllfllia llEl'I'Il'Iall WafCllES. 5. .IIIIIIOI yal'Slfy IIIEIIIDEIS aI'8 Fl'0lIf ROW Kllllllelly Kraft, Paflillia FI'lEllllEI'gEI', l0I'l'i JEIIIIIIIQS, alld Paflllla llaIlS0ll. SECOIIU l'0W lllgla Dallllffaff, C0l'I'iIla Wllllallli, DaI'Cy Tyl6I', Glefa Kegel, alld Nalliy 0llaSClllIlCl1. Tlllfd NW Tiffally Talllbf, MICIIEIIE Killly, C0aCll Daffy l0CKE, Kaflly Cllallel, alld Salldy WI'lllCKy. VOIISVDEIII 1. Badlllillmll IIIGIIIIIEIS ale Fl'0llf l'0W l0l'l lllllfi, WCIIEIIE Sallee, KIIIIIIEIIY DIIUEY, YIIE KIIG. ROW UN TIIEIBSZ WINE, P3fI'lCl3 FIIEUIIGIQEI, lelllllfef MYEIS, YUOIIIIG Fllgg, TRCEY AIIIBS, lllll Sally MIIIEI. ROW flII'!6 GOIIEUZ HUIIIIS, SIISZII FIIEUIIEIQQI, Shelly llllll, lvllll lilllllllll, lllllllee Klllg, BIBIIUI RIIUOIDII, Illd Karl BIOCK. 2. VII! KI!! QMS Willy to l'8flIl'll 3 IDD. Badmilltbll team IaCIlS Ellllefiellie, Stfellgtll lnexperience handi- capped Tokay's varsity and jLlhiOl' varsity bad- minton team. The jUhiOl' varsity di- vision mainly consisted of freshmen while the varsity, according to three-year veteran Genet- ta AdarhS, IaCked the strength BS they had IaSt year. Coach Patty Berg deemed the team's best singles players were Susan Ffiedberger, Genet- ta Adams, Brenda RU- dOIDh, Shelly Jahh, and YVOnne FIZQQ. DOUbleS Dl3Vef'S were YUe Kue, Sally lVlilleI", and L3Ul'elee King. DeSDite tne competi- tiVe nature of tne Sen Joaquin AtnletiC ASSOCi3- tion, the emphasis WGS Dl3Ced on becoming 8 Stf'OnQeI" and I'nOl'e skill- ful team. W ,,,A 5 ,f Hs 5. DIVIIIQ 120 l'8tlll'Il 3 SIIIIIIIY lllgllll Sllllf IS SIISIII FIIGUIIGIQBI. 4. l0l'l lllratl QMS IBEW to l'8fllI'll I IIIUII Sll0f. 5. with .lelllllfel MYGIS Stilllllllg by to IIGID Ullf, llllla- IEG Kill! SIZIIIS I fefllfll t0 IIS! 0Dll0ll8llt. Badh'lil'ltOh 1. varsity cross country members are Front row Grelkalthof, Thomas Riess Jim Doryllle, Michael Garrett, Robert Chuck. Row two Stephen Banwrslry, Timothy Grange, Richard lledeiros, Joseph Northcott, Edward Gray, and AI- hert Medina. 2. Sensing the end of hls run ls freshman competitor Joseph Franco. 5. Junior Thomas Riess finds himself ahead of the pack. 4. Giving II his all at the end issophomore Kenneth valentine. 5. FIESIIIIIIII EIIWZIU GIIY SUIIQQIGS Wlfll fl!! C0lllllEflfl0Il lllll the Ilalll IS IIE IlE3I'S flle Ellll of IIIS f0llf Illlle I'llIl. 6. "GO" lllll the WIC-Illlle lillllf flIl'0Ilgll 03K GTG!!! Pall! IIEQIIIS f0l' all 8SS0l'flllEllf of fl'0Sll-SOIIII l'lIll- IIBIS. f 1? 1,1 sz .-H e, , , ,. W,,v,, ,,,,u:f,s,,se,,ew We ,,,... ew ' WA V . H ' ., "" 'I ' is ll' V7 ' Y ' ,1fL'ffl,3ifZQ s::AfQf'LQg?i.i2ZQ7 M ' , . 1. M i ef X4 ! ,W A. ? ffm , 'i',' 14 .m He , . ' ' H .V K gif? if -If ,, -1' .9 Y ' H sf: , h ,zftffzzv M, "W ' -I ff ,f f' , ' 7 'V i ii E. W W W . 1 ra , e , ,,,L,AW, , , f gwaagg .Q Jw Qsfm., .Q 5 46 ,ff W - :Wm:"',.:E'3' Silk ' M 5' Gm' A112'l2Vf3Vie,4M715ff,s Nl Fl'-5 ',,4ifefZ2.f,a':T4Li,',, 1 H ,,,,,'.-M, - f f wmv sgslfegfrleifaw , ri , .. --Q ww . sf e.ww'wgirf :'Q,, ,- 'li n H gre.,fam,:.w,::rfwr53w1.fe,4z,Hg:w, 1 vw if- a ,,.,,,,sk,,,7 ,L,2,g X -,Q ayyg X . l H ' 5 f se ' ,, - V' ' if K ls- Tukay harriers enioy quickest members ever "This was the strongest, quickest cross country team in historv," said Al- fonso Gomes, harrier coach. "We got the best possible performance we could from our run- ners." THe team ran its wav to a fourth place finish in this vear's standings and a sixth place finish in the San Joaquin AtHletiC As- sociation Invitational. IH addition, seven run- ners qualified for the sectional competitions, however, this was down from the 17 who quali- fied last season. According to Coach Gomes, one reason for this was the lack of a girls' team. "At the beginning of season we started with eight Qii'iS. FOUI' ClUit. That left four aHO it taKeS five to make UD a team." SeCtiOHai i"UHHel'S iH- cluded fi'eSHmeH John SDei"O aHO EdWai'Ci GI"aV, and seniors RODel't Chuck, Mike Garret, aHCi Gfeg Kalthof. Girls WHO COH1- Deted at individuals throughout tHe season WeI'e Stephanie li'WiH aHO SODHOmOI"e StaHd- OUt Dana WHitaKeI'. AHOtHei' faCet of tHe team this Veal' included a new tvpe Of tl"aiHiHQ. "We cut OOWH OH tHe i'TiiieaQe this Veal' aHCi went with the 'rest theo- I'V,"' said Coach GOl'HeZ. cross country g local modernization helps TOIlaV cope through change by TaITllT'lYAdaIT7ek Like the world it was a part of, Tokay was touched by modernization in its simplest form, Change. Tne changes it faced came in many forms. Good changes were known as progress. Bad changes were called failures. In most cases, though, change was left unlabeled. The biggest change that To- kay had to face dealt with money or, rather, the lack of money. It was realized that even if L0di Unified School District re- ceived a six percent increase in funds from the state of Cali- fornia, it could still have a S2 million deficit next year. To- kay's 1985-84 budget would feel the tightening of the money belt through curricu- lum and equipment reduc- tions, Two basic remedies to heal LUSD's wounded budget were presented during the year. Five Northern California coun- ties and the California Teach- ers Association endorsed a state lottery to raise educa- tion funds. Ron Alsup, assis- tant superintendent, on the other hand, favored the tra- ditional methods of raising in- come through taxes. Despite these possible re- ductions, tnere was still room for expansion. Tokay wel- comed many newcomers to its population. Tne teaching staff was increased by 12 members, and the administra- tion received a new face. Beverly Lacy replaced Dr. War- ren Toney as vice principal. In early November elec- tions, voters passed Proposi- tion One, which allowed for tne COnStl'UCtiOn of a third LO- di unified SChOOl District high school WniCn WaS another at- tempt at alleviating tne DYOD- lem of OVel'Cf'OWdinQ. "The neW school will redistribute aDDl'OXimateiV 400 Tokay StU- dents and another 300 from LOdi High," said Nlr. Carney. "A change like this will bring the school population dOWn to its intended level and I'emOVe a lot of headaches in tne DI"O- cess." Tne COmDletiOn date for the third nigh school was pegged at1986. In an effort to reduce SUS- pension and nelp eliminate Fa- cial Di'eiUdiCeS and negative attitudes among TOKaV'S abundant student body, the Conflict Management Df'OQi'am WaS introduced. Tne Di'OQI"am consisted of aDDI"OX- ilTiateIV 50 student facilitators i'eDi'eSentinQ many different students before they were escalated into violence. The 3dl'niniStl'3tiOn tried its hand at improvement with the campus supervision poli- cy. For 30 minutes during each period, four teachers and one administrator kept the campus Clear of dawdling students and helped fresh- men and new students find A tnelf' ClaSSf'OOmS. . ff' .. . " i". V , ' gg + sf 5 V' i i , ' QFOUDS. ltS main objective WaS to resolve problems among is-avg, i This DBrt of the DrOgrBm WBS Bgreed to be COmmehd- able, but students fOUhd room for OD,ieCtiOh. ThOSe StUdehtS With one or mOre free periods were hOt SDBred. They, tOO, were cleared from the CBmDUS. TihB FBhUCChi, StUdeht body DreSldeht, discussed the DrODlem With Nlr. CBrheV Bhd Mrs. LBCV. Theh, Brmed With the signatures of 'IOO StU- dehtS, she Bttehded Bh Ad- mlhlStrBtiVe COuhCil meetihg Bhd presented her CBSe. AS B result, UDDerClBSS StUdehtS With free first Bhd sixth Deri- OdS were issued idehtlfiCBtiOh DBSSeS Bhd BllOWed to USe the SehiOr CirCle Bhd the StUdeht lOUhge. Upperclassmeh, hBmelV Seh- iOrS, were further BffeCted dUrihg the VeBr. 0OVerhmeht Bhd history ClBSSeS which Bre grBdUBtiOh reCIUiremehtS, Were hO lOhgerBDle to De sub- Stltllted by COUrSeS Bt SBh JOB- dUih DeltB College. It WBS BlSO decided thBt SehlOrS would be giVeh four ChBhCeS to DBSS the is HBrt Bill test SehlOrS Were Bl- SO required to be enrolled ih Bt leBSt fOUr classes dUrlhg the lBSt semester. ThOSe students WhO wished to DBrtiCiDBte ih extracurricu- lar' activities faced ah addi- tiOhBl reduiremeht. AhV StU- deht tBkihg part lh Bh eXtrB- CUrriCUlBr BCtiVitV would, De- gihhihg ih SeDtemDer, be re- quired to mBlhtBih Bt leBSt B 2.0 grade DOiht BVerBge. "EX- trBCUrriCUlBr activities ShOUld be regBrded BS DriVilegeS, hOt BS thihgS tBkeh for grBhted," Said NBhCV KBhh, drBmB lh- structor. 0he mBjOr set of eXtrBCUr- riCUlBr activities WhlCh WBS Bf- fected bv ChBhge this VeBr WBS Victorv Week. While this trBditiOhBl set of activities re- mBihed Oh the vear's BgehdB, it WBS Slightly altered. The BC- tivities of ViCtOrV Week lBSted OhlV three dBVS BS opposed to the usual fiVe. The COmDeti- tion RallV WBS hOt lhClUded ih the festivites "DeCBUSe of the poor DehBViOr by the SehlOrS Bfter DBSt VeBr'S rBllieS," SBid Steve VOh Berg, BCtlVltleS di- rector. PerhBDS the most COhtrO- versial VBriBtiOh of victory Week WBS the ChBhgihg of the DBrBde route. It WBS moved from downtown Lodi to the FrV'S DBrklhg lOt Oh WeSt Ket- tlemBh LBhe. 0he COmmOh Complaiht OVer the ChBhged route WBS thBt TOKBV WBS De- ihg DUShed BrOUhd. ACCOrdihg to lVlr. VOh Berg, TOkBV WBS trVlhg this new route DeCBUSe it saved mOheV, it WBS leSS hBS- Sle, Bhd it WBS something new. Though ChahQeS like thiS might have seemed deter- rehtS from Bfter SChOOl BCtiVi- ties, TOkBV WBS still provided with ah activity bus to chauf- fer its StUdehtS. TO alleviate the DrODlem of overcrowding Oh these vehicles, DBSSeS were issued BS the OhlV ticket hOme for StUdehtS who StBVed Bfter school. AhOther reBSOh for these DBSSeS WBS explained bv Mrs. LBCV. "There have Deeh DrODlemS With students lihgerlhg BrOUhd lOCBl shopping Ceh- ters Bhd SOme VBhdBllSm 'Bhd theft has occured ih both lOCker rOOmS. The SBme DeO- ple who committed these crimes would CBtCh B free ride home Oh the BCtiVitV DUS," she said. Students who did hOt want to relV UDOh LUSD for B ride home still had to fOIlOW its rules when leBrhihg how to provide their OWh trBhSDOrtB- tion. The driver's trBihihg DrO- grBm ChBhged its StBhdBrdS for SeleCtihg DBrtiCiDBhtS. At- tehdBhCe reCOrdS, diSCiDlihe reCOrdS, Bhd grBde DOlht BVer- BgeS were all COhSidered. TOkBV fBCed mBhV ChBhgeS durihg the Year. With the help Of itS StUdeht body Bhd Bd- mihiStrBtiOh, it mBde the best of these ChBhgeS. 1. lil lBfE Maftll, 3 fllllllel Clllllll lllel DUE! file TOKBY CBIIIIIIIS. 2. SElll0I' lllt- f0I'Y Week Clillff Ill9ll'Ill8I'S lllllle lllell Bild I0lllI Pllllelltel, ride flll'0ll9ll file FITS lllfklllg l0f. 5. WOIKEIS l'llSll f0WBI'll file COIllPlGfl0ll of IIOH DUI'- t3lllES llefweell l'3lll SIIDWGIS. 4. Bellelly lilly UISCIISSES til! lliSfI'lCf'S ailing budget. Studeht Life ESSBV X Components AH 4-I 1 4 fp 5-2 :z :pull 1, J: ci up g 5-4: 3 1 1 1 2-l ii 1: 2: 3-2 ll 3-2 . ig :z 1: 1: ig : Bl X it 1-1 3-5 32 il 31 :Z 31 h l -i iii -7 X? - f , lllelll0l'leS ,3 gllf flllll' yEal'S High SCl'lOOl--f0Ul" Veal'S of tI'al'lSltlOl"l fl'0m childhood to the world of adult- hO0d. 'l'l'1eSe years Wel'e filled with fl'ieI'ldS, l'lOlTleWOl"K,al'1Gl llfe' lOf'lQ lTlel'T'IOl'leS. FOI' lTlal1V SlILlClel'ltS this Veal' might alSO l'laVe been a tl'al'lSl- tl0l"l fl'OI'Tl a WOl"ld of l'eaClll'lQ about COm- DUtel"S to using them thI'0UQh video games, DOCKet Cal- CUlat0l'S, and l'lOme COl'TlDUtel"S. Tl'llS Veal' WaS alSO a time to aCljUSt to l1eW SltUatlOl'lS. TOKaV Ql'eatlV eXDal'lCleCl its StUClel'1t bodv popula- tlOl'l CaUSll'lQ an OVel'- crowded situation. Students and Staff l'TlemDel'S learned to adapt, 3 skill Wl'1iCh will be l'1eCeSSal'V tl'1l'OUQl'lOUt Ol"le'S life. ClaSSeS DlVlSlOI'l Pllllilltil lB8!lS ClaSS S through spring lethargy Headed bv PI"eSldel'lt JOl"ll'l PllTlel'ltel, the Sel'llOl' Class SUffel"ed fl'Ol'T1 DOtl'l laCK of Dal"tlClDatlOl'l and l'leW admll'llStl'atlVe l"eStI"lCtlOl'lS. "We started Off the Veal' Wltl'l good showings at class I'l'leetll'lQS, Dljt tl1el'e Wel"e SlQl'llflCal'ltlV leSS DeO- ple COI'l'lll'lQ by SDl'll'lQ," said PllTlel'ltel. "Without class Dal'tlClDatlOl'l, activities Cal'll'lOt succeed." LaSt fall, class l'T'lel'Tlbel'S took a SatUl'daV tl'lD to lVlal'l'lOtt'S Gl"eat Al'T'Iel'lCa and l'alSed mOl'leV tl'll'OUQl'l a Candy sale. PlI'Tlel'ltel COlTll'Tlel'lted, "We l'laVe been dOll'lQ Vel'V Well fll'lal'lClallV." SUSal'l Fel"l'el'O acted as ClaSS adVlSel". A tl"lD to the Cal"lDDeal'l available fOl" Sel'llOl"S at the end of the Veal' WaS Dlal"ll'led. Elizabeth WOl'lQ WaS vice Dl'eSldel'ltj and LOl'l'la Cal'lClO WaS SeCl'etal'V tl'eaSUl'el'. BeCaUSe ofthe l'eDOl'ted laCK of Dal'tlClDatlOl"l, the Sel'llOl" Class dld l'lOt Dal"tlClDate ll'l the VlCtOl'V Week Dal'ade Ol' ll'l the Cl'll'lStI'l'laS BaZaal'. Part of the aDatl'lV l'TlaV have been due to new adl'Tlll'llStl'atlVe l'eStl"lC- tlOI'lS such as Sl'lOl"tel' VlCtOI'V Weeli, Cleal' Cal'YlDUS DO:lCV, and the SeCOl'ld semester l'TllI'llI'TlUl'Tl COUl'Se DO ICV. SeVel"al Sel'llOl'S protested the Cl'lal'lQeSj dUl'll'lQ VlC- torv Week, a l'leW SCl'ledUle WaS fOl'l'T1Ulated bv a COl'TllTlIttee of StUdel'ltS to COl'T'lDat the Cl'lal'lQe. 1. Elllallefll WOIIQ, SBlll0I' ClaSS VICE llI'!Sl- dEllf, llld l0I'll3 C3llCl0, SEIIIOI CIZSS SECTO- tafy UEISIIIEI lllSClISS DIBIIS f0I' Ill llll- COIIIIIIQ Illeeflllg. 2. S8lIl0I' Class PI'BSlllEllt .lllllll Pllllillfel C0llCEllfl'3fQS 0Il 3 llI'0lBCf. 5. SIISIII FEIIEIO, Class 3lllIlSEl', IIIIKES all 3llll0lIllCEIllEllf. Sel'llOl" OfflCel'S SGI'iiOI'S Beth Acosta Tammy Adamek Robin Adamson Rudy Ai Kimberly AIDSFS Jesse AiC3I"3Z Kim AIGXBFIGEI' Rochida Alfred Albert Allen Cynthia Allen Miriam AIVSFGZ John Alvmar Lupe AITTSVZ Thel'eS3 Arlgeli Curtis Archuleta J8ZmiI'l Argafin Sean ASi'lCI"3ft TI"iCi3 AVGI' Liene AZSVGGO LOi'i BSCB ' -' M171 Randall ll0rt0ll Ellllhlfs IIIS lCClIllllIIatl0ll of fr0llllleS. Rifle ill'ilIQS l'l0l'f0ll llatillllal I'ECOglIiti0lI One peek at tne FOWS of tI'ODnieS revealed SOme- trying' tnat SeniOf' Randall HOI'tOn naS DFaCtiCed- Wlnnlng. ACC1UiI'ing niS aWaI'dS did not involve batting a Dail, tnl"OWing a pass, Ol' dribbling a basketball a- CFOSS a court. FOI' HOFtOn it meant shooting at tai'- gets With 3 16-pOurId rifle. HOl'tOn naS been SnOOting his rifle since the fifth grade when his father suggested it to nim. "I WaS tOO small to DiaV football SO this seemed the best bet," he said. Tne tI'ODnieS he naS WOn are proof themselves tnat he made tne right decision. LOCated at niS nOme are awards such as glasses, plaques, tI"ODnieS, and a dl'aWeI' full of medals he often gives to Fei- atiVeS. HOf'tOn explained that the glasses were probably tne naI'deSt to win DeCaUSe they meant competing with older men. AmOng Otnei' titles, HOl'tOn naS served as a Junior California State CnamDiOn and JUniOI' National Champion. At tne state CnamDiOnSniD ages 21 and under, he I"eCeiVed a score of 790 out of 800. He . shot 193 out of 200 taI'getS standing and 200 out of 200 kneeling at the nationals in San FI'anCiSCO. This included DaI'tiCiDantS fI'Om ages 14 to 18. HOI'tOn DI'aCtiCed two nOUI'S eVei'V lViOndaV and TUeSdaV Undel' niS coach Hap Al'nOid. Z Ji 2 . SGl'llOl'S Teddy Bacani Cathy Backues Robert Bagley Gregory Baker Liza Balantac Mel0dV Ball Stephen BBDFIOWSKV Tina B8f'3l1lCK EClW3l'Cl B3l'I'Il'13l't Silvio Barretta D3VlCl BZUITIDECK Jeffrey BeCl'itl'1Old Kimberly Beeby Tara Beemane Dennis Bertroch Kimberly Bielejeski Jeffrey Black Shawn BIBCK SiIeVel'1 Bl3Ck Julie BOClfield Rex BOllI'1Q DOl'1V8 B0lVard John BODFZV Sherri Botts Terri BOSS6l'm3I"l Al'ltl'lOl'lV BOVCG Eva Bl'3ClbUl'Y William Braun AITIDSY' BFGWGF Sl'l3l'lCl3 Brien A Q S we 5 ' wx Q Q 5 is XX IIZIIIIIQ 8 Iltfle C0llf8I'ElICE Wlfll WIO of IIIS YOIIIIQEI' CIIESNI' WIIINS ls SEIIIOI' Sfellell NIETSCIIIIE BIISIIIESS SIZZIES f0I' TOIIZV f3I'IIlBI' What do CheSteI' WhIteS YOI'KShII'eS Bhd DUTOCS have Ih COmmOh7 They Fe all DIQS I'3ISed by SehIOI' SteVeI"l NIetSChKe Ahd they help hlm Dflhg home the D3COh NIetSChKe keeps about 50 DIQS DI.It the number V3I'IeS Ih f3Ct he St3I'teCI Wlth only one DIQ Ih 1978 the SehIOI' DOLIQht 3 bI"eCI SOW WhICh COSt hlm S400 It latel' Q3Ve DII'th to fIVe DIQIetS NOW NIetSChKe has fIVe SOWS He also has SIX QIltS luhbred SOWSI ahd four DO8I'S He keeps the SOWS SS lOhQ BS they DI'OCIUCe good SIZeCI IItteI'S Ah 8VeI' age Ilttel' SIZe IS about hlhe AS fOI' the boars NIetSChKe sells them Ih OI'CleI' to Keep them from Dfeedlhg Wlth thell' OffSDI'IhQ For the I'eSt of NIetSChKeS DIQS I'e8ChIhQ 100 DOUhdS IS the Deglhhlhg of the ehd Wheh they attalh thIS Welght he t3KeS them to FI'ehCh Camp Bhd sells them ADOUt the money IhVOIVeCI the SeI'IIOI' Sald Nly dad buys the feed for the DIQS ahd then we Spllt the DI'OfItS 50 50 Wlth the money he e3I'hS he hopes to fIh3hCe hIS college eCIUC3tIOh I Waht to be 8 Veteflhaflah he SBICI I II DI'OO3DIy SDeCI3IIZe Ih DIQS . C C I I . . . . I ' - I . ' I , . , . ' I . I . . I I . . . H I I . H . ' 1 . . . U ' ' ll ' ll I ' ' , . . . H K3thI'yh BI'OWh P8I"hI BI'OWh TiI'TlOthV Buhrkuhl Jeffrey BUIT MIChael BUSI1 David Byrhe JOh ByI'Oh DBVICI Cabral Greg Caith LOITI3 C3hCIO SteVeI'I C3I'I' Edwin Carroll Scott Casseclav Matthew Cernev Julie Ciprlano Bryan Clark Judy Clark Melissa Cobb TI"Ih8 COChI'8h IVIICh3el COIe JOhl'll'lV COITIDS Chris COFIWSV Ahh Cook Jim Cook JF. D3Wh COI'helI lVIICh3el COITBI K3I'mIh COl.II"teF T3m3I'3 Cox BI'I3h CI'3WfOI'Cl RIChal'd Cl'iSD SeI'IIOI"S l Q ,W W' S, , A ui , . N11 ' Q Q72 . : ost J -E565 Q 3- . 7 rj - -. Q or ,ki ,lk-:Q Marg. , frog . Y T7 X S .. 3 i Stellllell Tll0mllS0ll Chetll the Straw D095 set list. TIIDIIIPSOII EIIIDVS llIllSiC, IlEl'f0I'lllilIQ Whether' he'S Oh the set of "The Butler Did It," bringing the part of Chandler Marlowe to life or on a stage playing bass or guitar, senior Stephen Thompson enjoys performing. Thompson played bass fora Stockton band called Young Pioneers. As a member of this ensemble, he performed with San Francisco's Dead Kennedys ahd DOA, the Canada-D3Sed QFOUD. Shortly after the demise of this group, Thomp- son joined junior Stephen lvlalkmus and two other friends in forming Straw Dogs. Not only did he change bands, but he also changed instruments- from bass to guitar. HEVGFVOHS in the band writes songs. l'm responsible for about a quarter of them," said Thompson. "l don't plan on a career in the music business, drama, maybe," he commented. Thompson has portrayed a mystery writer, a but- ler and a "yes man" in three of the TOKZV Thespian productions. "lt's challenging to put yourself into someone eISe'S life," he commented. Challenging is an appropriate way to deSCibe Thompson's other interests. "l used to be heavily il'ltO Sk3teDO3l'dihg," he said. ThOh'lDSOh haS also raced motorcycles, and he played piano for eight years. "l like the Ventures, Little Richard, and Jerry Lee Lewis," he said of his other musical tastes. SE l QS .ev ll! ROSef'naI'le Cruz David D'Aiuto Glenn Daniel PatFiCla DaWSOn LOI'l Dean ROI"V DeatOn Gf'eQOI"V Dal POITO Randy Dement VaSiIka DerT1itI'Off NllCnelle DODFOW cnarles DOITnan Melvin Doughty Jeffl'eV DOVle Lynne DUC DennlS DUffV TaI"nI'nV DUnCKnOI'St Candice DUtt0n TnOl'naS DLIttOn CnI"lStlne EaStn1an Ellen ECKef'tV LOI"ie EdWaI'dS BaSim EI Saved Stephen Elson Eddie ESCODedO IVllCnael Etcneverry Donald EVanS Janet EVanS Vicki Eymann Tina Fanucchi Anthony Fal"leV SenlOI'S via.,,,k .,,.f mf-Q . . S53 Qsliysalg i ,. 2-. ifv, :,. Nzrsfsf., Q, -, .Nik Q at aw. X 5' R N 'W mf X X W xx N xv. Q N, ,K ifwg A Qin Se W 2+ X' 4 1' -2A , .K x is ---2 X N is X W 5 Q W + SQ A K x wi xx 3 Y x 1? x X fx was S 'N ww 'T' SIl8I'I FOIIIIIII Ifal' l'I9IlfI IIlI'fICIll3fES Ill II Cappella CIISS Ferdun anticipates Ilfelll sho IJIZ For as long as she Cah Femembel' TOKaV SehIOI' Shafl Ferdun has ehjOVeCI DeI'fOI'I'T'IIhQ "It CIl'aWS attehtIOh to me," Sald Fefduh, "and I really IOVe It " ACCOl'CIIhQ to FeI'dUh, she haS talieh part Ih nearly eVeI"V TOKaV CII'aITIa Dl'OCIUCtIOh SIhCe her fI'eShITIah year, tOtaIIhQ six. She also wrote the 1982-1985 TO- kav VaI'IetY show ahCI COhSICIeI'eCI the position "a Challenge" that she I'eaIIV ehjOVeCI. But TOKaV'S campus Ih hO WaV poses ahV bound- aI'IeS aI'OUhCI FeI'CIUI"I'S talent. The "VaIIeV GII'IS" movie launched hel' into her first mOtIOh picture roie. "NIV familv is DFOUCI of me," said FeI'CIUh, "but at the same time theV'I'e worried DeCaUSe theatel' is SUCh a FISKV hUSIheSS." The VOUhQ actress has talieh that IhtO COhSICI- eI'atIOh ahCI haS fOrmuIated a"DIah B"'-SIhQIhQ. She ahd SOITle fI'IehCIS have formed a Dahd ahd Dlah to DeI'fOI'I'h Oh the LOCII-StOCKtOh CII"CUIt. After QI"aOUatIOh FeI'CIUh DIahS to move to the LOS AhQeIeSfHOIIVWOOCI area where she hopes to "make it big." "IdOr1't expect It to be ah eaSV task," said FeI'CIUI'l, "but It'S SOI'hethIhQ I'Ve Wahted all ITIV life." W Wi -f'57-Ai . 4, Zgg. ,Z,,. , .. W E as f I , A. f 4 K f 4 , - .I Han 9 . , . " f ng I RIChaI'CI Fal'hSWOf'th Susan Farl' Jehhlfel' Felix Shelli Felkins Shari FeI'CIUh CheI'I FeI'QLlSOh CI'II'iStIrIe Fields Dawn FISheI' Ahdfe Ford IVIaI"V Ford DOI1 FI'aSeI' DehISe FI'eCIehDUI'Q Mark FI'eCIef'IKSeh Dianna Ffeemah SUSah FI'IeCIbeI'QeI" .IUah FUehteS .IOhh CaIIUD Angela GaI'CIa Luis GaI'CIa Michael CaI'I'et Anette GaSCIa Cord Gifford Gary GIIGS Stacy GODaI' YVOhhe Gobert IVIaI'tV Gonsman IVIIKe COhZaIeS RIChaI'CI GOI'IZaIeS DeI'aICI Govette LISa Govette Seniors . gi . LQ M gl 5 xml gm S xi E ' i lf. ::' 1 llllllli PBIICK 3llllIStS IIIS "St3l'5" fill' lllS SCEIIQ. Peiaill EllIlEl'iIIlElltS itll lll0lliE camera At tne age of15, senior AndreW PejaCK began ex perimenting Witn tne famiIv's home movie Cam era. PejaCK did not specialize in home movies. ln stead, he specialized in short animated movies with special effects. He made everyday objects such as G.l. Joe dOllS, magazine pictures, and ClaV figures "magically" COme to life. ln order to animate these objects, PejaCK DnOtO grapneo the object with a movie camera, moved it two millimeters, and eXDOSed another picture then moved it again. EaCn separate shot is called a frame and 1,200 frames constitute one mirlute of firiiSl'Ied film Wl'liCl'l takes 2DprOXimatelV 4-5 hours to SnOOt. PejaCK preferred to work with inanimate objects because it was much easier and leSS time consuming than drawing them. In Pej3Ck'S first full-length feature film, G.l. JOe and his cronies star in the "lnVaSlOn of tne Arte siansl' Trle film is an armV adventure complete Witn authentic lOOKinQ laSer beams and gun fire Tne "soldiers" climb rODeS, ride nOrSeS, dirve land cruisers, and Kill each other. "ArteSianS" laSted six minutes and took one vear to complete. HOWeVer PejaCK planned to expand niS horizons and nope fully DrOdLlCe cartoons and "nOrmal" movies in the future. QQ N f' me if x SO' -all y MQ, Ml 'Q""'1'l4 4+-,af l new HW H f X ia 2, filib- SeI'1lOl'S John Greaves Michelle Gresham Mark Guady John Guardino Laura Guardino Julie Gumm Elvira Gutierrez Juan Gutierrez Lawrence Hagan Michael Haines Corita Halligan Danny HalvOrSOn DeTllSe Hal'lSen Robert HaI"el'l Shirley HaITll'lQlIOI'1 June Hartley DOf1I'la l'laUSaUef' lVllCl1ael HayS Karen Helf1l"lCl'1 Kathy HeI'1Clel'SOI'1 Matt Hel'lClel"SOI'1 FI"eClI"lCK Heflfle Kelly Hel"lSley LlSa Hel'bSt Randy HlCKey Jodi Hieb lVllCl'lael Hll"lQCO Bill HODll'l Jel'll'llCe HOff Jill HOlleylTlal'1 'War 'S-.W x fag, -af -cd? awww 1 L 5 DISDIZYIIIQ IIEI' IIEW title IS Tfilla COCllI'3ll COClll'alI IIIS flfle selected MISS l.0lll Gaining tne tltie of MISS LOG! WaS a nlgnllgnt of SenlOf'TI'Ina Cochran S Veal' A DeI'SOnai lnteI"VIeW and a tnI"ee n'lInLIte speech Wel'e DaI"tS of the MISS LOCiI pageant the speech being tne n"Ialn COI'nDetItIOn and how one Df'eSent ed tne speech WaS DaSlCaiiV tne key to Wlnnlng Besides tne title Cochran also f'eCeIVed jeWelI'V S100 gifts and rode Ori 3 float during the LOdI Grape FeStIVai The DUI'DOSe of MISS LOG! WaS to l'eD resent tne LOdI Cnafnbei' of COn'1i'nef'Ce at grand ODenInQS and DanClUetS BV Wlnnlng the crown COCnI"an WaS eilglbie for tne MISS San JOaC1UIn Coun tv event COCnl'an who WaS aCtIVe on Cal'nDUS wav lnVOiVeCl Wltn Drill team and SDeeCn Sne naS also Dal'tICl DateCl In ballet fOl' nlne years Aftel' Qf'aClUatIOn COCni'an plans to n'1ajOl' In faSn ion merchandising and I'ninOI' in economics. Sne i'lODeS to attend either CalifOI'ni3 POIVteCl'lI'iiC Uni- versity at San LLIiS Obispo Oi' the UniVeI'SitV of PaCi- fiC in StOCktOn. "UZ"-v 'fa . we 3' X ,, Randall HOI'tOn RODel"t Hudson Gregory HUQQinS David HLiQneS DOnna HUfnDnf'eVS Gorclen HUSetn IVliCh3eiHVIiei'1 Sonny IDUS Alison lI'Vine Kef'f'V ltO AndI'iC Jackson SUe Jackson TnOI'naS Jacobs DOf'een Janes CnI'iStine Jil'neneZ Edward Jiminez Allen Johnston Ti'iStan JOI"C1et Wafd JOl"V MUI'I"aVJOSeDn Greg Kalthof CeOf'Qe Kamita RiCnaf'd Kal'nn'leI'eI' KOnStantina KaI'eliS TiI'T1OthV KatZaki3r1 Satindel' KaUI' John KaUtZ Camilla K3ZiI'T'li Jim Keiehel' LaUI"a KelieV SeniOI'S 'U aff MW ix? 'H?f1?f'?W Y I 2 XZ f if 1 f 41 mW R0llEI't llattalella displays OIIE of lliS I'alli0-C0llfl'0ll8Il DlaIlES. llattarella Qlli!lES planes with 'waves' PUnCtUatinQ the invisible radio airwaves With COl'nl'nandS of "left l'Llddel"' and "l"igl'lt l'Uddel"' WaS SeniOl' RODel't VaCCareIla and his l"adiO-COntl'Olled l'nOdel airplanes. VaCCafella naS been "flying" fOl" aDDl'OXil'natelV SiX VeaI'S. A friend in SOUtheI'n California gOt hirn in- terested in tne nODl3V. "l nOW have four planes. EaCl"l plane costs about S400," said VaCCal'ella. "l Dl'ettV n'lUCl'l build them l'nVSelf." Building is tne n'lOSt fl'UStl'ating Daft of his hOl3bV aCCOl'ding to VaCCal'ella. TO him, the planes are just "neVel" Del"feCt." While talking to aCtUal pilots, VaCCal"ella found out tnat flying l'adiO-COntl'Olled airplanes WaS lnLICl"l r'nOl'e diffiCUlt than being in the COCKDlt. While fly- ing, one l'laS to l'elV on deptn Del'CeDtiOn. FlVing is VaCCal"ella'S main interest nOW and fOl" the future. "NIV hobby allOWS me to create SitUatiOnS that l wish l COUld be in. FOI' inStanCe, things in tne past, like WOr'ld Wal' ll," he explained, "it lets VOU kind of eXDel'ienCe What it might have been like." ,,,.,A,, 1? ,V ..., , me FW -' -M ,, ., , Y 'fy -4 -: --if " vw' , 1 vi ' ' A f 7 S, 4 ,if ' ,kj ' ,. we W M 6 fm W4 1 fb f 4 2 Ai Ali 1 ny, M iWikfl'lff ,Q7'f' 1: ' W' v V, V ' . - A , .,,,, ,f,1 I 3 L 51 HQ if 1 S ,. ,,,,, ,L X W '10 I Stephen Kienn G3I'V King Angela Kinvon L0l'l KI'OKStI'OI'n Patrick Kline Bl'3nClOn KI'UeQef' ROn3lCl KUDOt2 James Kves Kari Lafnbdin ROS3f'iO LBFOZB BFOOKS L3I"Sen BFUC,e L3f'SOn J3CQUeline LaWSOn Laffy LSZBFO Dane LedfOl'Cl PniIIiS Lee Randall Lem3S GeOI'Qe LeOnaI'Cllnl Keith LeWiS Tiff3nV Lewis Mark Lill Karen Littleton Kenny LittIetOn Pnil Loduca Annette LODeZ Sheri Lornson Kll'nDel'leV LUCBS CinClV LUCid0 Nlaufeen Mahoney Catnleen Nl3lCOm SenlOI'S FY Q 5 is X .MXN Xp X Q Ow- xx yw xx KA x SM ' 3 is ,fn-. sn., CIUWIIIIIQ BIOIIIIU Ylifll Ofllel' cooks ls Dlllid Clilfll ifal' leffi Cabfal fIIIdS CZSIK lllCI'3tIiiE EIIIDVZIJIE IS it possible to nOid three jobs WOI"K 50-60 nours 3 week 3nd 3ttend nign SCnOOi 3t tne S3n'1e time? It W3S for SeniOI" D3Vid C3Dl'3i 3 cook 3t tne LOdi C3SK n Cle3VeI' 3 cook 3nd C3Sn l"eQiStei' ODei'3tOi' 3t C3i'i S Junior and 3 D3i't-time I'neCn3niC for the f3n'l- ily business. After eight I'nOntnS 35 3 cooks 3SSiSt3nt 3t tne C3SK n Cle3VeI' C3DI"3l tI'3ined for two weeks ie3i'n- ing tne neCeSS3f'V skills needed to advance to 3 cook. He n3S neid this position since tne SUn'II'nel' of 1982. A four Ve3I" dI'3ftinQ veteran he n3S di'3Wn 3I'CniteCtUi'3i Dl3nS for 3dditiOn3l inCOI'ne one DFO- ject e3I'ninQ nim 5400. C3DI'3l has been on tne Pf'inCiD3l S HOnOl' Roll tni'OUQnOUt nigh school, 3nd he continued with 3 nign 'B' 3VeI'3Qe since he DeQ3n WOl'KinQ. He n3d five Ci3SSeS tne fiI"St Sen'IeStel' of his SeniOl" Ve3i' 3nd four the second including WOFK experience. His expected inCOI'ne in 1983 W3S S1li,000. He DUI'- Cn3Sed 3 C3n13i'O Z-28, niS third C3i', in tne fall of his senior Ve3i', and "3 good D3Ft of Wn3t I e3i'ned Went tOW3i'd tne n'l3inten3nCe and insurance of tn3t C3I'," said C3DI'3i. Wnen nOt WOI'KinQ, C3Di'3i added tn3t he enjOVed skiing and biCVCIing. Cynthia Maltbie MiChaeI Mal'til'1eS Steven IVl3l'tineZ J3nine lVl3ttiCe El3in3 Ni3XOn Lois IVIC C3nCe Sean Mc Clure Karen Mc Creadv Heather Mc Farland Jerrett Mc Gary Janice Mc Gill Danny Mc Leod Ivlarena Mc Murry Richard Mc Pherson Richard Medeiros PatI'iCia Mellingei' Darenda MEIIO Bvron Merritt ROD MiIeS Michael Miller' Michelle Miller Rhonda Miller Tammy Miller Lisa NlinO Nl3i'V NlOitOSO Adeii3 NiOnC3d3 C3i'3 NlOntQOn'lei'V lVl3i'iO lVlOi'ill3 K3i'en NiOl'f'iS Jennifel' NiOiTOne SeniOI'S I Mililail SIIOIIDEI C0l'l'ECtS 3 Page Bdit0l"S illllllf. CiliCaQ0 tl'alISfBf EKiliilitS iEa!iEl'Silill AI'l'iVing at TOKaV as an 'i'itn grade ti'anSfeI' from Ci"IiCagO, SeniOI' lViiCnaei Si"IODDei wasted no time in exhibiting l'liS leadership ability. In his fiI"St Veal' at TOKaV he WaS Ci"lOSen for Califor- nia BOVS State and DeCaI'ne a Pi'eiil'ninaI"V Scholastic Aptitude TeSt n'IeI'it Semi-finaiiSt. FOI' BOVS State, Shoppe! spent a week in Sacramento CaI'i"Ving out a mOCK state gOVei"nn'1ent SVSten"lj he WaS elected senator. AISO in the SUI'nn'1ei' of 1982 SnODDei prepared for i'liS IOD as managing eCiitOI" of the Tokav Veai'DOOK bv attending a journalism COnfel'enCe at StanfOI'd UniVei'SitV. Bbit supervising VeaI"DOOK Dl'OCiUCtiOn WOUiCi OniV prove a Daft of i"liS DUSV senior year. SnODDei began the Veal' by being elected Califor- nia SCnOiaI'Si'liD Fedei'atiOn Di'eSidentj and SOOn af- teY'Wai'CiS he WaS chosen for the office of TOKaV COI'ni'nUniCatiOnS in'lDi'OVei'nent ASSOCiatiOn chair- man. "NIV SeniOI' Veai' naS been n'iV busiest Veal", but it naS also been the fastest one because of the acti- VitieS," SHODDEI said. SCOtt Nl0rtOn Llhda lVlOUhCe Rafael Munoz ShaWhee Munoz David lVlUl'ClOCK Stephen Nagal Klmberll NaVel' El'lC NeUVel't BeCKV NeVa LOhQ Nguyen Steven NietSCl'lKe IVlaI'jOrie Nishizakie Steven Nordwick Jamie Norton Marv Novinger David Oliver' Jessica Omduff AhthOhV orozco Ahha OSl9Ol'h Miehelle Palmateel' Jill Pal'SOhS Philip Patel ThOlTlaS Patla Kl'lSiZle PatteI'SOh Keli PattOI'l SteVeh Pelletlel' Sahdfa Pel'l'V Valel"le Pel'l'V Chel"Vl PeiIel'Seh LaUl'le PeiIel'SOh SehlOl'S .IEIIIEUO IIOIIIIQIIEI IIISDIIYS IIEI' llalllflllg fl! BEIIEIIY lilly IIICE IIIIIICIDII BMI Tllll FIIIIICCIII SfIIlIOIIf IIOIIY IIIESIIIEM RDIIIIQIIEZ CI'E2ItES TIQEI' IEIIIIIIIIDII BI'USheS canvas and DaIntS are all II'nDlen'IentS used bv SenIOI" Jeanette ROdl'IQUeZ to help DI'InQ alIVe hel' aI"tIStIC talents She created a Dalntlng fOr the Student LOLlnQe WnICh represents the different VIeWS of school life on CaI'nDUS A football DlaVeI', a cheerleader, a fal'n'I er, a student, and a I'nUSICIan adOI'n the canvas Flovd NOl'dWICK, art InStl'LICtOI', Came LID with the COnCeDt of a Dalntlng fOr the SCnOOl, aCCOl'dlnQ to ROdl'IQUeZ The Dalntlng took aDDI'OXIn'IatelV all of the se COnd Cluartel' lnlne WeeKSI tO COI'nDlete l'lOWeVel', the content of the DlCtUI'e WaS COnCeIVed In a few days "I WaS just dOOdlInQ when l came upon the Idea of the tlQel'S reDI'eSentInQ the different aspects of SChOOl life," She eXDlaIned ROdI'IQUeZ WaS enI'Olled In Art StUdIO "ThIS WaS n"lV fIl'St Veal' at TOKaV talilng an al"t Class It COn'IeS natUl'allV," She Sald "Il1ODe to Q0 IntO the COn'In'Iel' Clal art field Irl the future " Y Robert Pettit Cuong Pham John Plmentel Jeffrey Pirikriam GI'eQOrV Platt Christopher POdeStO .lOSeDh Powell Tel'eSa POWell Heather Pl'eSt0n Hayden Pl'lCe Katy Pl'lCe Joan QUaSChnICK Randy ReeVeS Stanlev RieCK RODeI't RleSS RhOnda RlQatO Phillip RitChie Jr. Judith Rivera Michele RODerdS Anthony Robinson David Robinson Kim Robinson Linda Robinson Lori Robinson Shel'Vl Robinson MOrliCa ROldan Linda ROn'IaS Glenn ROn'IaSanta .lOnn ROSe Jovon ROSen SenlOl'S Piliiiill Rifililie ll. IHSCIISSES iliS ll0SSiiliE MIT ICCEIHBIICG Wifi! all- Otllel' pllbIiCati0IlS Stlldellf. Ritchie gets IVlel'if SemifilIaIiSt Sf8tllS "I thihk i'Ve beeh to BhOUt seven diffefeht SChOOiS. iViBVDe more. it'S hard to i'eh'1eh'lDei'," Fe- flected Phillip RitChie, Jr., 3 SerT1ifiI'1aIiSt in the NEI- tiOhBi iVieI'it SChOiBI'ShiD COi'DOI"BtiOh INNISCJ scho- iBi'ShiD COh'lDetitiOh. The NNISC WBS Bh ihdeDehdeht, hOh-DI'Ofit Oi'- gBhiZBtiOh thBt BWBI'ded SChOiBi'ShiDS to SOl"he of those gi'BdUBtihg SehiOl'S COh'lDetihg fOI' the fi- hBiiSt CBtegOI'V. SemifihBiiStS SCOI'ed With the tOD Ohe-hBif of one DeI'Ceht Oh the PSATXNNISQT lPre- limiI'13I'V SCi'1OIaStiC Aptitude TeSt!NatiOf1aI Nlerit Scholarship Qualifiying Testi. Ritchie SCOI'ed 67 Oh the Vel'DBi section Bhd 65 Oh the mBtheh'lBtiCS SeCtiOh of the test for B COh'l- bined tOtal of 152 Out of 3 possible 160 points. Fi- hBiiStS h'1USt fulfill BdditiOhBi I'edUil"efT1ehtS, SUCh BS Deihg ehdOf'Sed by the high school Bhd del'hOh- StI'Btihg high BCBdeI'T1iC DeI'fOf'h'1BhCe. Ritchie BD- plied to the iVlBSSBChUSettS ihStitUte of TeChhOiOgV, NeW iVleXiCO lhStitUte of iVIihihg Bhd TeChhOiOgV, COi'heii UhiVel"SitV, Bhd CBI POIV, SBh Luis Obispo. He DiBhS to study to DeCOfT1e B SUD-hUCieBi' DBi'tiCie physicist. A hBtiVe StOCKtOhiBh, he h'1OVed to TOKBV two VeBi'S BgO Bftel' living ih AI'KBhSBS for six VeBI"S. He hBS also lived ih NeVBdB Bhd OKiBhOh"lB. HiS hobbies Bre Skiihg, l'eBdihg, Bhd video gBh'1eS. He WBS B member of the DUDiiCBtiOhS StBff Bhd DiBhS to do the SBI'he ih COilege. He.- Shelia RUGBY LiS3 S3l'lCheZ AITIV S3I"lClOV3l TOITI Schmidt Jill Schnabel FI'3nK Schoch Deahette SCl'lUm3Cl'lel' Brian Scott Cindy Scott DOhha Seitz Michael Selling Jeffl'eV Sena Craig Settles TUeSCl3V SeXtOh lVllCh3el Sl"IODDel Sandra Shore Lynette Silva IVIOnika Singh Donn Singleton St3CeV Smith Jennifer Solari Craig Sommerville LetiCia Soto Betty Souza RODel't Souza Stephanie SteW3I't Bradley StOCKtOh Gina StI'Oh D3lSV TEDBCO AndV Talluto Sel'liOl'S in x, fwd 11':f,,V nh, Ki, , V ..x, 5' nf A ' ' .M if fi J 1 ,,. 1. W ff1"?, mg, W. gw ,MW Mn W isvwwa www :WN 1 DDIIII Sll'l!lEf0ll relaxes 0Il IIIS f0lII' of w3Slllllgf0Il D C Slllglefllll affElIllS FFA C0lIllElIfI0ll WaShIngtOn D C and KanSaS CItV WeI"e the des tInafIOnS of SenlOI' DOnn SInglet0n when he tI'aVel ed to the Fl,ItUf'e FaI'l'nef'S of Amef'lCa S NatIOnal COnVentIOn The TOkaV I'eDf'eSentatIVe spent three daVS In the natIOn S CaDItOl fOUI"Ing the CIIIV Monuments n'len1Of'IalS and n'lUSeUmS were all on the agenda Then off to KanSaS Cnty NIO where the actual con VentIOn took place OVeI" 25 O00 StUdentS fl'0n'1 all over the Unlted States and the world were there lnClUdIng John BIOCK SeCl'etaI'V of agI'ICUltUl"e Whlle at the COnVentIOn SIngletOn and the Other delegates WeI'e InfOI'l'ned as to the aCtIVItIeS of the NatIOnal 0I'ganIZatIOn of the FFA and neW OffICef'S were selected lm glad that I went Sald SInglet0n It WaS an eXDel'IenCe The SenIOF WaS the Df'eSIdent of TOKaV S FFA Chap tel' He also attended the State C0nVentlOn held at San LUIS ODISDO at CalIfOf'nIa P0lVteChnIC UnIVel"SI tv DGDOFZI1 T3I'VirI AnthOnV TeI"eSi BI'UCe ThOfnDSOn SteDhen ThOl'nDSOn Michael TlOngCO NliChelle TOdaI'O Stuart TOI'nlln Gina TOfTeS TeI'eSa TOSte ReX TI"eeCe Sandra VaCa RODeI't VaCCaTella Brian Vandenburgh Melvingvannermyden ChaO Varig Gregory vanni l Valerie vannov William Van Oss CI"egOl"V vargem PeI'I'V Vaz Fl'anClSCa Villapudua Olga VillaDUdUa Diane veldhuizen Gina Vitale TeI'I'V ViOIett Grant Wegner Laura Wagner Susan WaICOtt Kafen Waldo Sandra Walkef Seniors Ahdl'eW WatSOh Patl'ICK Werhel' MiChael Willard Shelly Willial'hSOh MeliOSSa Willie TOdd WilliS Briah WilSOl"I lVliChelle WilSOh Karl WiSe Elizabeth WOhg Pamela W0Oteh David Wright RODel't Yada0 Sahjay Yadav DOuglaS Yagi Yu Yee Curtis YOUhg La DOhha YOUhgel' Karliha Zea With llIS leg llll high Bflall WIISUII lallllCll0S 3 till!! Dllllltel' WIISDII S liltlilllg ability YECEIVES Cullege ll0tICE SChOlal"ShIDS ahd a I'hajOl' COIlege are future gOalS for Brlah WIlSOh The last two Veal"S Oh the Val'SIty football squad have Deeh eXCeDtIOhallV good fOr WIlSOh Lettel'S of Ihtel'eSt fl'OITl the UhlVeI"SIty of the PaCIflC WaShIhgtOh Brigham YOUhg and lVllSSOUl'I are just a few of the Offel'S he haS l'eCeIVed BefOl'e the season WIlSOh S family I'T1OVed to KahSaS City Dblt he l"e fused to gO because of hIS KICKIhg and the UhIVerSItIeS and C0llegeS who Wel"e tryihg to DUl'SUe his talents. If l Stay close to the area the COlIegeS Oh the WeSt Coast know Where I am DIUS if l gO to KahSaS City I thihk their ih- terest ih l'TTe Will dih'lihiSh said WilSOh. His statistics SDeaK fOl' thel'TlSelVeS. WilSOh beat St. lVlal"VS with a laSt h'lihUte field gOal ahd hit a 48-Varder agaihSt Galt. SihCe there aI"eh t that mahy Kickers ih high SChOOl SDOl'tS who have WilSOh'S DOtehtial, he has a good ChahCe of going Oh to ah eXeDtiOhal college aCCOl'dihg to Steve HUbDal'd, T0- Kay Val'SitV football C0aCh. '73 s .4 94 1 Q , I 'YU Www 'KL JW m Seniors Weatllel' affects local HIGHS itll llllellllllllylllellt, llall0C byJune Hartley "l know the rain WaS mOre than we needed," refleCted tne preSiClent of a local winery in September. But the deluge had barely pegun. And before it WaS fin- iShed, it would Wreak havoc in the L0di!StOCktOn area, ruin- ing crops, breaking Delta lev- ees, and affecting StOCKtOn'S already nigh UnemplOYment rate. NleanWnlle, peOple talk- ed of outward expansion and of attempts to reVitaIiZe troubled dOWntOWn StOCktOn areas. ironically, mid-July SaW the distribution of Water conser- vation kitS bv the Stockton Area Water SUpplierS lSAWSl. The group deSignated the Week Of July 12 as Water Con- servation AWareneSS Week. Litte did SAWS knOW that the area would soon be aware Of water. Much of the SOggV trouble began in August, when tne levee SUrrOUndlng the MC- DOnald tract, 12 miles west of StOCktOn, burSt and allowed the man-made lSland to be fIOOded. The extent of the damage WaS sufficient to necessitate federal financial aid for re- pairs. FOllOWing the MCDOrlaId IS- land flooding were the win- ter-tlme inundations of ven- ice lSland, Herman and Helen'S Marina on Empire lSland, and PrOSpeCt lSland. And in March, Deuel VOCa- tional InStituti0n near Tracv found itself swimming for land. BeSideS broken levees, Wa- ter also caused Other prob- lemS. Rain, often nearly dOLl- bling normal levels, put a damper on fall narVeStS. Suf- fering most were grape and tomato crops, as well as cher- rleS, walnuts, almOndS, aspar- agus, and corn. Also, because of the wea- ther, hundreds of farrn labor- erS and cannerv WOrKerS faced the threat of IOSt ern- ployment. I And unemployment was a key problem lOCaIIy. In fact, stockton's jobless rate of 18. 6 percent ranked 10th higheSt nationally among major met- ropolitan areas. Even more depressing was stockton's other ranking. Only one other City in the United States had a higher per capita of residents on welfare. The department of public welfare accounted for a staggering 51 percent of San Joaquin Coun- ty'S entire budget. Financial problems made it necessary for StOCktOn to make cuts which left 85 city positions vacant. Tnelr reduc- tions also left tne police de- partment operating at almost '16 percent below its budg- eted level. LaVOffS were necessary in the StOCktOn and L0di Unified SCnOOl Districts dUe to money troubles. But while SUSD IOSt only 'IO teachers and counse- lors, LUSD faced pOSSlply los- W 'Bifwmx-ww ing 43. TO help COn'lDat Llnel'nDlOy- ment, a San Joaquin COUntV "J0b-a-thOn" WaS slated for lVlal'Ch. lt WaS to be bl"OadCaSt by Channel 10, CaDleVlSlOn and KFMR Stockton as a way fOl" D0tentlal eI"nDlOYeeS to make contact with one anOthel'. lVleanWhile, Lodi and Stock- ton had more work CUt OUt for them. Attempts at dOWn- town ll'nDl"OVel'nent were contrasted with deDateS OVel' the expansion of city limits. The Centfal Lodi ll'nDl'OVe- ment COl'nl'nlttee, a QFOUD l'eDl'eSentlnQ many down- town Dl'ODel'tV OWnel"S, had noble plans f0l' beautifica- tion. Theil' plans were in Fe- SDOnSe to a SlOWlnQ of busi- ness in LOdi'S core. The Sl0WdOWn had been caused by faCtOl'S ranging fl'OlT'I the depressed economy to the recent aDDeal'anCe of neW ShODDlnQ al'eaS in other Dal'tS of town. lt WaS hODed that il'nDl'OVel'nentS in the O- riginal Shopping diStl'iCt would give business a bit of a pick-up. Public meetings occured to discuss plans, and most in at- tendance seemed to favor beautification. It was only the financing of the project that was still in question. At the Same time, St0CktOn was working towards down- town improvement on a larg- er, more long-term scale. The City Planning Commission had made recommendations for that improvements in the original shopping district hoping for project comple- tion by the yeal' 2000. Com- missioners hoped to take their 75-page revitalization report to public hearings in February. But improvements had al- ready been happening. Five downtown hotels were total- ly Ol' Daftlally Closed down be- cause they failed to meet min- lmUl'n hOUSlnQ, health, and flfe safety standards. The Standal'dS had been the Dl'Od- uct Of a new city inspection Dl'OQl'al'n. AISO, two five-story OffiCe tOWel'S Wel"e l'lSinQ rapidly De- Side the StOCKtOn Channel. These office buildings not on- ly helped improve the face of Stockton's innards, but they also provided jobs. Two more identical towers were sche- duled to begin Construction in February 1984. ln addition, more workers labored on nearby apartments and con- dominiums. The housing complexes were part of a S100 million, 70-acre Waterfront Re-development project. Although stockton was nav- ing enough trouble just tak- ing care of its center, out- spoken proponents of out- ward expansion were numer- ous. But expansion opponents had restricted growth with the 1978 passage of Measure A. Many who had opposed ex- pansion wanted to first en- courage infill. That is, they wanted to force the develop- ment of vacant land that was already within the City limits. Besides that, they Said that growth would threaten the area's rich agricultural land. Fortunately, only the voters could alter or remove expan- sionlimits. All in all, it seemed that nothing could put a damper on the spirits of Lodians and Stocktonians who always con- tinued to rebuild, revitalize, and re-examine the problems that fortune had dealt them. some residents even felt that they Wouldn't wish to live anywhere else. 1. SINOIIIIQ lllS Cllllltei ls Ill lllllll' IIIOIQII Illtal. 2. Delta ISV!! breaks Cfelfe I Illl allllltlt llf8StYlQ. 3. Rall! falls to llllllllell tile SlllI'lfS of Dllvflll YOIIIIQ llllllalls. LOCal ESSaV latll of llarfitillilfibll Cl'iIllllBS JlIlIi0l' CIZSS This year has not been kind to the Junior Class. They have been plagued by a chronic lack of partici- pation. According to Donna Remus, class of1981l ad- viser, only three people showed up at the meetings an'd those aren't even the officers. She said that even though there were few class members who showed up, "those that did worked really hard." SOl'T1e of the ElCtiVltleS that the jUl'llOl' Cl3SS mem- bers were involved in this year included an M 81 lVl sale, the Victory Week dance, and a helium balloon sale at the school bazaar. When asked about the bal- loon sale Mrs. Remus said, "lt wasn't a big money maker but it was fun to be involved in." During the summer the juniors had planned to have a car wash, a swim party, and a camping trip. But according to junior class adviser Gary Haas, "Not enough people showed up so everything fell through." HG suggested that the juniors were just involved in too many other activities. The juniors had planned to form committees to prepare for the Junior-Senior prom. Theme and de- corating committees were developed to divide the DlEll'll'lll'lQ 3l'lCl llTlDlGl'Tlel'ltEltlOl'1 of Dl'OlTl Dl8l"lS. How- GVGF, 3CCOl'Clll"lQ to lVll'. H335 this Veal' W3S "3 llttle dis- appointing." 1 .. as , , r V ...3 G AW y 1. Pl'8SlllEIlf GZYIEII JOIIIISOII, vice DIES- ldillf MQW UIIIIIUO, lllll S8CI'Gf3I'y UQBSIIIQI SIIEIIEY Jallll Elillllllifv fl!! IEZUEISIIHI Qlllell to flle .llIIll0f CIHSS. 2. Hellllllg gllllle 3CfilliflES is .llllll0I' CIISS adllliel' Gary HMS. 5. Aldlllg MI. H335 flllS Veal' WBS the Class of 1984 8lllllSEl' DUIIIIZ REIIIIIS. .lUl'llOl'0fflCGl'S A,A, , B , 1-24 ,ff A 1 W ,,,, M .A iii 'pf ,n 'Z ' ,Mg Q! 1 A? 4 1? A mm- , 6 M sf W , X! 9 . 5 'ff' , wuwh , . .1 , ff j ,if f , X 2 f 'W in 2 i g? N. "- I l Y V VV I ' M 1 F f if if ' A 2 '-.X N ff' A, 'gf' -,:.: iw 5 f W ,X gi N 'ff qu f v.,,,,.,f4vMf-1-wf'-'f'M'P Rlchard Abdallah Tracey Ables l.aUf'a ACeVed0 Ada Adams Genetta Adams Douglas Adamson Rebekah Adan1S0n VlnCe AIbal0S Gamal All RlCnaI'd AnQlel'nOyeI' MellSSa AntOnlnl RODeI'C Afdelean Melinda AfTnSiIf'0nQ Vicki AShbaUgh Diana ASiS TOdd Austin CaFlOS Ayala Cnl'iStine BaCani James Bakef' James BalaSn Stephanie BafTOn , Daniel BenfOn Jacqueline Befg Steyen Berg Keith BIIIIHQS Karl Block Kelly B0bl'0W T0nl BOCCl'Ilal'O MlChael BOda DennlS BOUlne Kelly B0OfeS Jovce BOOth Benny Bozzelli Emily BI'anSCUn'1 De Anne Bf'aUn Jeffrey Bfifilain Andre Brown Dennlce Brown Sandra Brown Terry Brumage Jeff Brusa John Buchanan Juniors y SW NY s W WWW ldllllll l0lllEll IIIEIIIIES 3 SIIBBCII fill I fllfllle flllllllalllellf l0lllElI ZIIIS ZWZYEIIBSS IIZITICIIIMES III speech Junior Adriana LOmelI combined alcohol awareness and speech tournaments to keep active LOh'1elI was a member of students in prevention of alcohol abuse She and 16 other San Joaquin County high school stu dents went to secondary schools throughout the area and talk ed to students about alcohol awareness We don t tell them hOt to drlhk we just tl'V to help them make a responsible decision about alcohol said LOmeli. She first thought about informing the students as a job but as she learned more about the disease she became more in- terested. Lomeli was also an active member of Tokays speech team. After her second tournament she was promoted to the A divi- sion which is the highest degree of competition. Thefe she competed in original prose and poetry. ln her first time com- peting she tied teammate Rochida Alfred for first place. Her speech was about a schizophrenic. l wrote it because it s so trippy she explained. l love doing the wicked part. For the future LOmeIi hopes to attend the University of Cali fornia Berkeley to major in law. i, FA' I -mg KX X' s- .ww K, wx . mam ani... i L1 LA-'L A E K 3355653 . - sax X i 3:5 3,9 R i x gf N x 'Ss M - . , fp: . ,. X Q, Q X gil s ' ' Q I 8 S I ' X 1 3 N .5 i""f-15,-f.r." S- 3 I Q. ,mfr f' Zlzi, . ..,,, , i W 4 A , I -KU W i . . lt :I 1- 1: , Q- -W . 5 K is ? if Q fi f X M 'Y' N as ix 1' y -. 1 -J K, . Q ii fi .82 . . as - F W 4 M, Q ginsgm f , Q .mx sal., i X m:Ah Ig 1"' T ' .. -E A y ii, J i' ' Q -frs " i - ' ' ii Q ., N- if Z.,. ffi - D. mga is 'S 'QS is X 5' Q , -- x.. K J X X, l 45? s FE J? li Janet Burr DaVld Busarow Mark BUSH Kimberly Byrne DlOnlSl0 CabaCCanQ Ruthie Cabatlt Bflan Carpenter Cindy Carson Cal'0llne CaSSldY Randy CaStl'O Trudv CaWBltl Stanley ChaVeS Mark CnaV6Z Constance Cheek Kl'lStlna CnlSl'n LISa Ch0y RObeI'IZ CHUCK Guillermo ClSn6I"0S Mafk Clark RlChal'd CIOW Catherine CODD Adam C0lllnS Kathleen C0n'lDlZ0l'n Dana COnnel' Bradley Coons Kafen Cfee ClndY CUn'll'nlnQS R0beI'lZ Daniel Gerv Dawson Kirk Dawson Julie Dean Jose De Anda Rav Delgado Kim D8 Lorenzi Melissa De Marco Rodney Dement RaVn'1Ond Denllit Wendy Dildey Jim D0r'VilIe Jill Dfennan DeaUn Duncan Bfadley EatOn Kenneth Eldridge Paul ElliS Cindy ElS0n Janine EVanS Tef'6Sa EVanS Kathy Farley Sandra Farnsworth JUnlOl'S Q 5555 ,, V, M, Zi YY ' xg,, , 6i,, 8 A A Q,3 W ,,,:2i , L , 3.2 'if 5435, iz, 2 72' ' I ' 2, f , ,V A' -ff 1 www A ,V - ,,..,k, , K, V Q2 W, ,, , M Ffp:4fv,AwS,,- Y mia. .Q . y 1 1 Q N T 5' 3 3: 12' 2 if za ,f 4 ,f 3825. i ,, 4 F ff ,JY qw fvf7"?Y H. ML' . 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Maw V .wa-' nf ggi W, 52.03 'fu ,: Af: uf , Q f f ww X Q ,ix L , 4, , ,. ta -, ie! f 5+ +V 1 A W-WK 1, ,ass ess . - - l LQ - I I ogg! 1 - I l - ' Il-ss? . ii ei s i .WG , Sfellllell MZIKIIIIIS IUSDIIYS SUIIIE of lliS lZCf0SSE QCII' llthIefICS llllllli band UCCIIIW WIZIKIIIIIS tlllle Lacrosse soccer In Great Britain and performIng In a punk band all have something In common Iunlor Stephen lvlalk mus While attending Cate School In Santa Barbara the Iunlor became Interested In Lacrosse a sport sImIlar to hockey It was the only really good contact sport there he ex plalned Lacrosse IS a great sport Its better than football because there IS more skIll Involved Another sport that Interests Malkmus IS soccer H8 and 15 other students from Southern California traveled throughout England and Scotland on a summer soccer tour The team the Callfornla Condors visited London Edlnburgh and Stratford among other places It was great said Malkmus We got killed though lVlalKmUS participated on Tokay s varsity soccer team He was a member of the varsity tennls team for the past two years last year ranking third on the team The Iunlors other Interest music has occupied his time through the Straw Dogs a local punk rock band Playing the bass Nlalkmus commented that he enloyed seelng the people at the concerts getting their aggresslons out to the music After high school Malkmus plans to attend a four year college. Brenda FaVelO James F6dl'aW Kirk FetZer Tara Fikrat VlCtOrla FlUfTllaI'1l JafTleS FOlaDd Dawn FOI'KaS Joseph Franco FellCia Fuller Annette Gail Eugene GallardO Stephen Gancarz Antonio Garcia Karen Garcia Sl1aI"Ol'l Gal'Cla L0l'l Gardiner MlCl'laEl Gardner Rose G66 EriC GibbS Darin GlI'Sl'l Jared Glow CarOlVn GOdWln DaWn GOeSCl'lel Elodia GOITTEZ Julie Gonzales Michelle Gonzales NOl'mal'1 GOl"l8V GFEQOFV Graham Timothy Grange Ivlichael Grenfield Clayton Greening Jill Greenlee Kelly Greenstreet Kelly GrillO Gary Grunwald Andrew GLIGYTGFO Annette Guillen Michelle Gunter JOl1f1I'll6 HaI'l"lS0l'1 RODGIT Hal'l'lSOl1 Tal'TlmV Hal'TlSOl'l Mark Haf'tZ6ll Pamela Hauck Lynnea Hausler Chris Havener Sean Hayes Felicia Headrick Paul Hedge Elaine Helphingstine J U l'l lOI'S " f 'kk. i I . ES if S FA N g 'I IJ: Q X t t ss.-wig QQ ,.,, NK 5 3 is 2, . . 1 1 X, f . i f K I "Haw QQ if GHYIEII IOIIIISOII Sll00fS 3 goal llllllllg 3 DIZCUCE BIUDIII Ball 8ftI'ZCfS JDIIIISDII 110 ICE EIIEIIH Just about anythlng goes sald Gaylen Johnson as she de scrlbed the unusual sport of Broom Ball Broom Ball IS slmllar to lce hockey It IS played on an lce rlnk wlth mlnlature brooms and a rubber ball All the players wear tennls shoes whlle play n Johnson a lunlor has been playlng Broom Ball for about a year THIS year she played fullback on a coed team She took that posltlon because I don t have to run and the guys take It easy on us glrls Johnson started playlng Broom Ball when some frlends dragged her to Oak Park ICG Arena and forced her to play She learned the game qulckly though because as she now says You have to play dlrty or you don t survlve Johnson has be come so adept at the game that she has played on a team wlth Older people for KWGF, a Tracy area FM radlo statlon Broom Ball season started ln lvlarch and lasted flve to sux months Each game lasted about an hour and conslsted of three 20 mlnute perlods However, players were alternated every flve mlnutes because the game was so tlrlng The game also lacked a referee ' 'fl 52' l lf if ff I Y gl M ,l 1 ' J ,J , , fsefazwm., , I I I f'-'jim 5 - 1, , ' 1: , v Il: 13, 'Z Y . 0 ll ' II ' I I I ' ' I I I ' ' Il I I I I ' I ' I I ,, ,, J. 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" "" if , ,QA , , V ' 3 " , ' 1 . f if , k fiii A ,mf 9 W W T x in DIGSSGU Ill llfliflie gear, .IUIIII WIIIUSIUES QMS Ielliy f0l' I W0lK0llf Whltesnles stays busy but mamtams ll 0 gpa Gettlng InVOiVeCi In SDOI'tS and malntalnlng a 4 0 QI"aCie DOInt aVeI"aQe IS VeI'V hard to COme by these days but fOI'jUnIOI' John WhIteSIdeS It S nOt too much of a DI'ODiem WhIteSICieS haS Deen InVOiVeCi In SOCCeI' at TOKaV 'FOI' three VeaI"S and haS been DiaVInQ the game fOI' SIX He mOVeCi UD to the VaI"SItV team hIS SODnOmOI"e year as a fullback ThIS season he I'eCeIVeCi hOnOI'abie mentIOn fOI' the San JOaC1UIn AthietIC ASSOCIatIOn AIICOr1fel'enCe DICKS WhICh WeI'e chosen by the COaCheS In the SJAA league It S not haI'Ci to keep the QI'aCieS UD eXDiaIneCi WhIteSICieS Being InVOiVeCi In school SDOI'tS IS ,lUSt SOmethInQ to do be SIdeS hOmeWOI'K WhIteSICieS also DaTtICIDated on TOKaV S baseball team He started DiaVInQ baseball When he WaS eight VeaI'S old PI'eVIOUS IV, he WaS a startlng DItCheF fOI' the VaI"SItV team in the Off Sea son he plays In LOdI'S Babe Ruth baseball league in between the hOmeWOI"K and the sports, WhIteSICieS found time to be the jUnIOI' I'eDI"eSentatIVe In the COmmUnICatIOnS lmDI'OVement ASSOCIatIOn Aftel' hlgh school he hopes to study medICIne at eltnei' StanfOI'd UnIVeI'SItV OI' UnIVeI'SItV of CailfOI' nla at DaVlS If-ff ' . 1. .a-all L l i? 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' ll ' ' ' ' I ze Lees Gregory Leno Kyle Lefnef RODeI't LeWiS David LiiienStein Peter Lilienstein chad ull EdWaI'd Litfin May L0 Tong L0 Yua LO NiiCheiie Lobato William LOhman Adriana LOmeii Chia Lor Shoua Lor Darren LOveCChiO Balenda Luoma Ronda Lute Thomas Lutge TrentonT.yons AaI'0n Machado Stephen MalKmUS Bfian Mallory RODeI't Markillie Keith Martin KeVih MaI'tin ROSalVa MaI'tineZ Evelyn Masuda Audrey MatChetIZ Conrad Matsumoto Kathryn Mayes Renee Mayes Debra Mcclary Suzette McClure Sean McDonald Jeffrey MCLatChV Molly McSorIey Helen Medeiros Alberto Medina Tana Mee Tamara Melnik David MeI'tZ Nancy Mettler Christopher Metz Ronald Metzger Sharon Meyers Kurt Milana LiSa MiIeS JUniOI'S lVl0lIfIOII llISItS Talllllall 3 0 alllllg Itll Tl'BlIllIl0l'S JUnlOI' lVllChelle lVlOntIOn along Wlth the NOI' Cal TI'emmOl'S a softball team l'eDI'eSented the Unlted StateS Whlle they tOUl'ed TaIWan RInIShIng Wltn a 5 21 f'eCOI"d they VISlted VaI'IOUS CItIeS Dlaylng In eXhlDltlOn games agaInSt TaIWaneSe TeamS InClUdlng a men S team Wln OI' lOSe they Wefe very h0SDItaDle C0m mented lVlOntIOn There were parades for US eVeFyWhel'e we went We ate alot of fISh llke OCtODLIS and Sduld The one thlng that I dldn t care fOI' WaS OX One of the maln DI"ODlemS the AmeI"ICanS faced WaS the language baffle!" DUt through lnteI"DI'eteFS both QFOLIDS managed NlOntIOn haS been Dlaylng SOftDall for SIX yeaf'S and haS malnly been COnCentI'atIng on DItCnIng The TI"emmOfS have really helped my DItChlng BefOl'e l used to street DItCh DUt nOW lm CUltlVatIng my teChnlCIUe Sald NlOntIOn ThejUnlOI' haS also been Dlaylng on Tokav SjUnIOf' Vaf'Slty and Val'SIty softball teams She WaS on the jUnIOf' varsstv volleyball team thlS vear and had the most DOIntS served and also I'eCeIVed a coache S aWaI"d H 0' E 0 0 Q AS lEOl' eVel"yday aptivities, ult Was different, thats -'FOI' Sure. , .1 f sf X an 4 ki' ,aw WM , .W I. A 45245 f X, - , 3 ,.., . elf- fl, A.,q3,szmgg 5, F, V W f ' .. e e Qi .. ,V l ,,. ,4:V, .,1,, , 5' V fc., ' f ,, 32 25 m e 1 f aff? 3- X if 5 g .E '1 gs V K 5 , ,r ..-:iz 5 W, f if I Z -v ' 7' ,M , , . A W3 2' g lif " . he . 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'P F' v , K' 1 1 2 n4znff:f1f f ' -I V if-iv. .1 . , 1 M ,i ,,..V, A if , " 1 5 . f 'S+- in l ff K is -M2 My g a, , .J J 1 JaI"neS Millel' Lea Miller LOri Miller Sally Miller Stacy Miller Susan Miller Daniel lVlil'nS Kenneth MitChell RODel't M0bleY RlCnal'd MOndl"ag0n Michelle Montion Kari Moore LiSa Morton TheI"eSa Mulligan MeliSSa MUllinS Vel'nOn Nagel Regina NaSCin'lent0 Wilbert Ng Pn0ng Nguyen Chri5t0Dher NOl'th ROD N0rlZh JOSeDn N0l'iCnCOiI Debra Novelli Jaime NUneZ cvnrnia Nunn Erin O'Bl'ien Jennifer O'BrIen AUdl"eV OgaWa NdUKe OKODedegne JOe Olagaray Kenneth 0liVel' Maria Oln'lOS NanCy 0'Nelll Mary Orlando Andrea Ortega JOSeDn OStlel' Manuel Padilla Christopher Pagala BaI'tn0lOl'neW Panela Jane PaiCtel'S0n Helen Paul Michael Paul DeD0f'an Paulin Tn0n'laS PeaSe LiSa Pelletier G0l'eti PeI'iCaO Kurt Perkins AnthOny PeteI"Sen TirnOthV Petel'Sen JLlnlOl'S . 5, , ffm. W U, -me f, wk, . 'gtfff lik' ,3 ff, 1 3 2 , Q K L 2 4 wwwfi 3 5 A w W' 3, 1- ,,-,n 1 w3S:fm?iw,f-f : iw wwf 1- f. 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'N Q Juniors BFENCI3 PECEFSON SIZEDNEN PEUIIS Kim Pham TNBNQ PNBITI Boravanh PNSNVONQSB KNBPNKNQV PNSVSON MitCI1eII Platt CIIffOI'CI POWEII PBCFICK POWETS CBFITIEN PFEUSS Christine PI'iCe KEVIN PFICE BEFNICE PFIICNEU DENICE PI'IfCNEfiI TOdd PI'OCt0I' VEFONIC3 PUNI3 Frank Quijalvo SIIEDNGNIE RESFNES C3I'mEN REISWIQ Joseph REYTIITIEII RBVITIONO REYNOS0 JZITIES RICE TNOINSS Riess LOITI RIIICNIE RONSICI RODEFICSON Lloyd RODINSON VZIEFIE RODIES CFEQQ ROCN3 Michael ROCN3 LOUFGES ROGFIQUEZ MIICNI Rosales DOFOIZNV ROSENtI'IaI Billy Ross Rachelle RUdIOff Edgaf' RUQNBO P3tI'iCi3 RVHN Frankie S3II'NEI"i DOFOIINV SBNDOFN Mark SBNCNEZ SNZFON SSFBIE SCOUZ Sawyer DOUBNE Savasit Richard SZVFE MiCheIIE Scalf RODIVI1 Schmidt FFSUKE SCNUIEI' NIEIISSZ SCNUIEI' Mike SeiCa .IEfff'EV SEFVBNCIO 5' DQ Y 'X TIIOIIISS RlESS IEIIIIS lllllllt .IIIIIIIESE Clllfllfe .lallilll IIEIIIS StlI!lElltS learn SUCCEI' SIKIIIS, llfe ThOmaS RleSS alOhQ Wlth has frIehdS Seah Kelley Jeffrey .lOhrlSOrl Gregory Platt his brother RODert and 20 others took a jOUrheV of high prestige last AUQUSt. Thelr deStlhatlOrl WaS JaDah arld their mission WaS to tOUr as the StOCktOI'1 FOOtb3ll Club SOCCGI' team. They DIZVGCI nine .laDaheSe all star teams ahd finished with a ll-4-'I reCOrd. The team WaS coached by LaUrle CallOWaV from Ehglarld ahd Nlathies Michael frOm EthlODla. The team S flrlal record WaS hOt as they DrOjeCted before the trip. The .laDaheSe teams we DlaVed were much better than we expected, commented Riess DUt lt WaS a great ex- perience. While lmDrOVlhQ mV soccer skill l had a great time arld learrled alot about CUltUre." Throughout the trip the F.C. team VlSlted Shimizu, Shizouka, and TOKYO. They StaVed in hotels for a short part of the trip ahd spent the reSt StaVlhQ with Japanese DeODle. "TheV were VerV good to US ahd showed US a great time," said Riess. Altogether, each member of the team paid S250 for the 'lil-daV eXCUrSlOrl. Money WaS raised prior to the trip through fund raisers. M iv ,M ' """'S 2 'my' ,yt 92. he ' .- K if , ' f.- :ii 1 " 5 , 4 v V 1 ,' n 5 't Ei 1' 2 Kam I 5 it 'Z ar K ff xx Q S T V iii K fit E H2 A Q I 'gl' lv .. i a T A ' 'rr ' 7 f T Q. Zli T vgz' . I 1 . A 5 Q , 'W f 4.5 ' Q? alt"..cQe A 'Q IAS ? w Ay' i ,1- Q .Jil Lawrence Shaffer MiChaeI ShateS Damon Shaw Shervl Sheehan MariAnn Sheridan Feriinat Siador SODhia Siliverdis St3CeV Silva Paulette Simms Gurdab Singh Kaushii Singh Terri Singleton RiChard Slater Tonv Slover LOUiSe Smith Renee Smith Scott Smith Steven Smith Susan Smith K6Vin Sflidel' Ana Soto iVliCi'13el SD3iI'1 Jennifer SDE3I'm3I"i Heidi Stangel' GFGQ Stark ROGEHCK St9Vef'iS Shawn Stewart J6ffI'eV StUQGimeVeI' LUZVimind3 Subido JeffI'eY Sugimoto EIiZ3beth Swimley Arlene TBQUDB SUShiI Takhar' TOf1i T3f'Vif'l DOFOU183 Thayer Heather Thompson Kurt Thornton Brian To Ed To Val Tolman Jennifer TOWIe Richard Townlin Thuv Tran Thuv Tran Jack Treadwell Larry Tremaine De Vonne Trent Eric Trevena Mark Tschirkv JUl'iiOi'S 2 'F ' We ' , -"Q , f51., '- ,-,:. r-fv, aw? 9? I- - fn? ff' 3 "" I 1. ' 9 '35 4 'V if , K f- L25 W ,, , ,Jr SQ ik SV 'Aff , 2, 4.-,, wi ,1 my. ff.-4af',:VF?,. -Yf . 5 . 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In , f 3 W ' V ,Vg , , ,HI ,E . 'Mfg .:, 5353 ..f,. : 1 ' .' 22231525531 32362 V gay.. .:- '. 'fwbg "X , 'V-1221155 2.1 U . . V 'V,g'Qgy1vg,r ' , .gg-V - A V 735:-Hsziiif' 4 fs 5 2 f 3 , 3 , 54 ,Q WF? wx , , -' 1 f, 'Pete Waswzffwfgyig-3 mi--' Zj:V W Q, V .,.,, SS ,gs ,M , . ,Q Q S I mf 'Kay gf f 11 7 "" 'Q ' .:em:,:,mf.: xmas? . ,,e::::,,f ,VAgi 1- V:' V,-Vjzr' 1Qg,1:z, , -,Vg f " an if V, ..,, 3.1 naw .:: ,i, I ,, 5212 ,,1 ".fHj. ' .ff wg? wi? ' gs4w2g4g:,5,, ii MWMWWMWW WW' DBSCIIIIIIIQ IIIS DIIIIS Oll 3 Slllll' IIOIIIE ls TOIII KBS!!! I'IISf0l'y fE2CIlEI' flllll trlle Sblal' S0llltI0lI SOITIEIIHIHQ thats QOIHQ to COHIIIHUE to QFOW IS how TOITI K3SZEl" CIESCFIDES SOIZI' EHEFQV lVlr KBSZEI' WHO IIEECHES SOCIBI SCIEHCE IS also CO OWHEI' of The SOIBI' Solution 3 SOISI' EHEFQV StOl'E HE DECZITIE lHtEl'EStECI IH solar EHEFQV about SIX VE3l'S EQO WHEH IJUIICIIHQ HIS HOUSE I WZHIIECI ICO DE BS EHEFQV COH SCIOUS HS I could SZICI IVII' KSSZEI' TO ZCHIEVE tHIS EHCI HE IHSIIEIII Ed 3 HICICIEH fan to Cll'CUI3tE all' 3 WOOCIDUYHIHQ StOVE EHCI SIX fOUl' by tEH foot SOISI' DEIHEIS OH HIS roof The SOIZI' DZHEIS 3l'E USECI to HE3t HIS HOUSE ZHCI all HIS HOYI W3tEl' lVlr KESZEI' EHCI HIS D3I'tI'lEl' IVIICHBEI HOCIQSOH 3 Dl'OfESSOl' at SGH .IOZCIUIH Delta COIIEQE St3l'tECI The SOIBI' SOIUUOH about two ZHCI 3 half VE3l'S 390 THEY act BS EHEFQV COHSUIt3HfS BHG lHSt3IIEl'S of 8ItEl'H3tlVE EHEFQV SVSICEITIS lVlr KZSZEI' QOES to HOITIES, lHSDECtS tHEH'l, EIHCI COHSUIIIS WIIIH HOITlEOWl'lEI'S OH tHE DESt DFOCECIUFE for "SOI3l'lZIHQ" tHEll' HOITIES OHE of CHE UHICIUE ItElTlS the SIIOFE OffEl'S IS 3l'l EHEFQV EfflClEHt HOII CUD lVlr KBSZEI' also stops at DUIICIIHQ SltES Of HEW HOUSES to IH fOl'l'Tl tHE OWI'lEl'S of tHE DOSSIDIIIUES of SOIZI' EHEFQV WHEH 35K ECI about HIS DUSIHESS IH solar EHEFQV lVlr KBSZEI' SHICI, "It'S SOFHE IIHIHQ I EHIOV CIOIHQ " JUHIOFS REV TUFHEI' Mary LOU Udo Kimberly UECKEI' Carlos Ul'lt3I HEHFIQUE V3I3d3O IFEHE V3IE'HtIl'lE Sharon Van DEITTWCIEH CHUE VBHQ DOU3 VSHQ LEU VSHQ V3 VSHQ YOU3 V3l'lQ NIICHBEI VBH Grouw Julio VZSQUEZ Kl'IStIH VEEl'K3l'TlD C0l'lCEDtIOH VEFCIUZCO Sandv Verstl YVOHHE VIEFECKI Raymond villalpando LOFIIEE Wade CHZFIES WBIKEI' Chris Wallace MICHBEI WaIIaCE KBFEI1 Walter JEffl'EV WaItEl'S Brian WaItOl'l TOCICI WalTlDOIdt CUl'tIS WEDD Kenneth Welle Catherine Westfall ChriS Whitaker John WhiteSideS Camille WilkihS Andre WilliarT1S Daniel WilliamS MICI'laeI WiIIialTlS NICI'1OIaS WiIIiaITlS DEBH Wodkins SIIEDHEH Wolford MICHEIIE W0OdaII LEH YBFHZSHIIS ZOHQ YBHQ David Ybarra Chris YOUHQ I.0l"EI"l3 Zabala lvlother Nature fills skies, ground ith ater supply by lVliCl'l3el SHODDGI Powerful storms, raging winds and crushing waves battered California in a year of record-breaking weather. state politics and the econo- my were equally as turbulent and unpredictable, and even the Queen of England was not spared from the blustery tempests. ln January, the first storm siege caused S71 million worth of damage to homes and businesses along the coast. The surf pounded the shoreline while 60 mph winds ripped through san Francisco and scattered parts of the state. A tornado ravaged part of Los Angeles, and electrical power outages brought sev- eral southern counties to a halt. The Southern California shoreline from san Diego to santa Barbara was hardest hit causing a piece of Highway 1 to slip into the ocean. About 2,000 residents had to be evacuated. Locally, crews worked day and night on the san Joaquin Delta levees, by filling sand- bags in attempts to stop more farming tracts from be- ing flooded. But still the rain continued. February storms caused more than S4 million damage to state beaches and parks, and President Reagan de- clared San Joaquin County as well as 25 other counties, dis- asterareas. Floods, Wihds and high waves slashed the coast in lvlarch, causing S160 million worth of damage, and the forced evacuation of 10,000 residents. Los Angeles re- I, CelVGCl six ll'lCl'l6S of fain in 12 hours. Mud slides paralyzed highways and Cl9mOllSl'l6Cl homes, and OVSI' 16 DSODIG were killed. 400 feet of the l'1lStOI"lC Santa lVlOl"llC3 pier WHS Cl'lGWed Off by WSVGS. Coastal l'lOlTleS in Malibu, Santa Bal'- Dara 3l'lCl Stll'lSOl1 BeaCl'l WSFS pulverized OVel'l1lQl'lt. Queen Elizabeth, the first BI"itlSh mOh3l'Ch eVel' to visit Barbara, visited san Francisco, and spent her final weekend in Yosemite valley where three secret service agents were tragically killed in a car accident. Ex-Governor Edmund Bl'OWh Jr. went out like light- ing-a 15-hour work day that included the appointment of 52 judges and the signing of six bills into law. A midnight California, arrived just in time for March's worst Pacific squalls. It rained virtually her entire stay. Her Majesty sailed to America on the Brittania and began her tour in San Diego. She ahd PrihCe Phillip were given a ride in a space shuttle simulator, and enter- tained in the recently vacated 20th Cehtul'V-FOX NI"A"S"H studio by Perry Como, Frank Sinatra, George Burns and 500 other celebrities. She four- Wheeled it through the h'lUCl to Reagan's Ranch in Santa Celebration with rOCk singer Linda ROl'1Stadt COl'1CiUded the daV. "it'S been a good eight Veal'S, and I feel good about it," said BFOWFI. He WaS defeat- ed by Pete WiiSOl'l, San DieQO mayor in the race fOl' the U.S. Senate. ReDUDiiCal'1 George DeUKme- jian defeated DemOCf'at TOITI Bl'adieV in the tightest race for QOVel'l'lOl' in CaiifOl'nia his- tOl'V. "Duke" Deblkmejiah WaS in- aUQUl'ated June 5, and De- Came the 35th QOVel"f10l' of CaiifOl'l'iia. He set fOUl' Dl'iOl'i- tleS in his il'1aUQUl'ai SDeeCh as well as his state Of the state addl'eSSZ CI'eatll'lQ mOl'e jobs by DeCOmil'1Q a Daftflef with DUSil'1eSS and l'edUCil'1Q regula- tion, fighting crime by beef- ihg UD police fOl'CeSj il'T'lDI'OV- ing edUCatiOhj and l'eSOiVil'1Q the budget Cl'iSiS. DeUkmejian'S 525.7 billion budget Dl'ODOSai was only S500 million greater than the 1982 budget, and excluded taX il'lCFeaSeS. it el'lCOUhteI"ed Dittel' ODDOSitiOl'1 in the Sen- ate, and the outlook WaS -5-,W--,. - 11,. T J ' i K 'Wi if 5 3 -. ., xiii-. ' Eg W if .T JFJQQ C-f,-...r- ' . Jae- ll i . .. 1 . is Af' L H My New ll 2 ' - 'f ' ,MQ fea , ae 2 f1Y31ff-,--,,- -1 .-3 cloudy for several weeks. It was intended to cut the state's 51.5 billion budget in half and carry the remaining deficit over into the 1985-84 fiscal year. He stated that "We won't spend what we don't have." The budget included a hefty fee increase for 500,000 stu- dents in California'S 110 com- munity colleges, state univer- sities and the University of California system. over 1,400 UC Berkeley students march- ed in protest, and Tokay grad- uates planning to attend Del- ta Community College faced tuition expenses for the first time. After officially going bank- rupt, the California govern- ment was forced to mail over 100,000 IOU'S to people ex- pecting tax refunds. The war- rants, representing a total of S21 million, were immediately Cashable as regular state checks due to a S428 million loan arranged by Jesse Unruh, state treasurer. Fierce campaign competi- tion was prevalent for the November propositions. Near- ly S8 million poured in for Prop. 15, the handgun control measure. opponents spent nearly S6 million of the total. Prop. 11, the bottle bill, which would have required a 5 cent deposit on most beverage containers, was soundly de- feated. Advocates hoped it would eliminate six million tons of litter annually. Prop. 12, the nuclear freeze initia- tive, ordered Gov. Brown to urge President Reagan and other federal officials to ne- gotiate an immediate nuclear weapons freeze with the So- viet union, and the halt of all nuclear weapons manufactur- ing and deployment. Also, the Peripheral Canal Referendum, or Prop. 9 as it was known, was rejected by a vote of 3-2 after 20 years of debate over the waterway that would carry Northern California water south. Despite hard economic times and high unemploy- ment, all five bond issues passed, providing 51.5 billion for schools, veterans, environ- mental planning, newjails and first time home purchases. Bill Honig, newly elected state school superintendent, campaigned on a "back-to-ba- sics" platform, and began to initiate changes as soon as he took office. He stated that fewer than two-thirds of the 7,000 teachers Who took the first of the new state Teacher Proficiency Exams passed, and commented, "These people simplyshouldn'tteach." A measure to lengthen the California school day, one of the shortest in the nation, was killed in the Senate amid fears that it would cost the state an extra 51.2 billion in teachers' salaries and related costs. lt was ironic that Cali- fornia ranked fifth in personal income, but 50th in the per- centage of per capita income allocated to public schools. 1. PIBSIUBM RGBQIII SIGNS I IIZIIIW, Wt lillllll UIIGBII Eiillllitil If lliS Sallfl B3I'll3I'2 IIIICII. 2. WINS Iliff!! file Mlilllll SIIOIBIIIIE lllll f0I'CE IIOIIIES WSI' flli Edge. 5. Rilllllallti of til! Seal BIICII Ili!! Sfalld after til! lllllllly St0lIllS. 4. Aff!! 3 fiBI'CE Cllllllligll hal- tlB, GEDIQE UEIIKIIIEIIIII H35 elected C3lif0Illi3'S 55fil QWEIIIOI. , State ESSaV SDIIIIDIIIUYE Class SIIDWS Iaell of paftitipafiell Low participation was prevalent in the class of '85 during their freshmen year. But through the help of President Art Shingler, the year ran smoothly. Shingler explained that there were few financial difficulties during the year. "We were trying to focus on promoting class spirit rather than raising money." Perhaps funds earned at the Christmas Bazaar con- tributed to the financial balance. The class sold gingerbread cookies and hot chocolate and planned to have a candy sale late in the year. Class advisers were Rebecca Bolt and Susan Heber- le, home economics and science teachers, respec- tively. James Cerney served as vice president. The seatfof secretary treasurer stood vacant as no one was elected. Sophomore Officers 1. EIIUIBSS ll0lll'S Df fedi0llS dBCOI'8fill9 ellell- fllally Mid Off f0I' SODIIOIIIOIES Wllell flleif creative float placed ill the Vietery Week llafade. 2. SIISZII Hellefle Seflled ES SOIlll0lll0I'e class llllliief. if 19' ' an Wwzf ,...,, M ,f ' ' 'V W ,fs U M, , 2 .. 7 1 'FH ' 1 nr li' , W, f lk. iw , M f ,f. ,Q , ox xg- fu. XMI, ,. W me 'ali ' -: l yi, i , , ,. W . . .225' f '4Yei4JkZ,i V . ,f 417 - ' ' , 5 , ,lg f 'V ff X an f ii? 4' X,-W Q mlm 9 91 Z' fe e, mi 1 Q fl 1 ,Z WJ ee -7 Z f Z1 ff 4' i Jie ff? g ? reg ima, ff? , M. .WN , ff .ff ii' ggi 3 ff f Xygwr " ' -M 1: , ,,,, W, 'f "' will X, W A Ali' 1zlZZi:E'1 :E ,, A ,'H9'-f5La,'E5'l:-'E'f'f"iLf,'i5x:5u' Y 'HT ' A Q fi A if .- , MSA 4 l jx ,W Q.. wife ,, 1 Hia W we ,wffw,.e1. . fgggw, K: ,1- iyyvgz -, ., -. ,H 1 v 2 ,iz is fi? 3 ,Q 1 we ' on ells , A ,,, l .A, A gn ,,xI I, ui E . E W? 'Gs lm A i ,, , WH H' f' " " ' " fi?fs1w,1:,,J' ' ' " I 'fsin flifi '1ggQZggZu':z:'f s , V rrorr , ' 'V+ f' ' Aff v' , 1 V ' g Z A , , ,Vw ,,,, -- I rf, , -V,. M f " 'zmfmz 1 5 , V : ' :, -Y i 7 H A wil? ,. I ,Q i i .2 W, , J3SW3I"lt ADFGSCV Chl'iSIna Acevedo Marv ACOSt8 RODEFI Ad3l'TIS RObln Ad3mS AlV3I'O AQUll3l' Revnalda Aguilar Guadalupe Aguirre Hilario AQUil'I"e Tina Al1FenS Marv Albalos Christian AICBIB Tina AlCOI'lZ2 Melanie Alcoy Elton Alfred Patti Allred Jaime AIOU Jeff Alton veronica Amava Matthew Anderson Trent Anderson Clifford Andresen. Gina Andrews Chris AnQelO TOHYZ Al'mSte3d DeS8 Attlva ROI'13ld B3QleV Vicki Bahm Jamie Balnafd Andy B8laI'1t3C Tel'I'V Baldwin LeSlle Ball Cl'l8lOt B3l'3,i3S Daljit Basi KimDeflY B3SSett Ginger B3CeS Marife B3teS Stephen Be3Cl"l Steven Belling Mettllew BeI'le5Cl'I JOl'ln BeI'1inC3S3 Cl'1f'lStine BenSOn SODl1OI'TlOl'SS 4131 if . S. ., E Sf I-. .. ,- . . , . iiii . N 'xgag .1 l- . Q. A X 5 iw X Myfgqsy 'MM .: f B - .. . K, gee. .. :N f Q' Z , N s . . ff Q- i f. h.m ..- , 5. N , 1 , " ,:::, ::,- CIIEIIQ YQ! ICCOIIYS I CIIECK for IIIS Hlllllillg SKERII. 0 I Yee'S 3hlIItieS IECEWE IIUUCE Doodling and experimenting with various ideas led sophomore Cheng Yee to create winning art work in the 1982 Northern California sections, Catholic Charity Appeal Art contest. The competition was designed by the Catholic Charities to inform the com- munity the service they offered. This interpretation of the theme, Yee cre- ated a layout showing the various ser- vices the Charity Offered. He was awarded S200 at an awards luncheon. "l was surprised to hear that l won. The competition was open to any pro- fessional or amateur individual or group. I didn't think I had a chance," said Yee. Since the age of eight, Yee has been drawing anything from animals, to comic characters, to famous personali- ties either for his own enjoyment or for non-profit organizations. Earlier this year Yee placed second in Women's Club Annual Art Contest and first in the 51st Annual Robert T. MCK66 Student Art contest with his poster of a shogun robot. He also did documentary slide transparencies for a church organiza- tion and awareness flyers for Stockton Child Abuse Council. kwin My 57 ' ' 1m " P 2 A 5' - 4 . W. J . .1 r f . i if -1 f f, D 2: . , ..,,. .:, 345.11 , Q rd, , ,J " . -l.-J '. milf' Af. V ' , Q rf' V V 'fra , 1, ,C ' 'WA L, if 3 Q " A ' , ' C ' ' ' K .. , , . as ' 2 ,- fr? are 5' I ll? 7 f V l ,, L,,A g af ,, ' ,Q .N V, wt M3 ,W - M M A is 'fs ' L 3 3 V in A AMM A Z1 g I Q ,Qs me , , af .fazj ,, v W V , -- , LmV ,,, if ll C ' C ' ','L' 'V ' ,f,a:w,- " ' ' 'K ' 1aa4a5:m,-,'.- 5? .VI l ,T V " L I ' L ' 1 .5 -- ,., "' V '75, , W f fr jf 2 1 W 'K i i Q A lp: ra 56 f Www ,V F 'QW QW? tw 2 Q , mf f 3 f WK fa M :aaa gf if 'WWW 4 mf 'Wy' 52 QM fix 3 1, 4 RObVn BentleV Coreen Berry Dale Bertrocn Tlna Bletn Kelly BlIllngS MlChaeI Blndl Marci Bird Jeffrey BlrdZeIl Chrlstlne Black David Blair Jerome Blake Davld BlanChard Mark BODFOW Mlchelle B0leS N3nCY BOlY3rd LaWrenCe BOrQenS Stephen BOrr3 Brian BOWe P3trlCl3 Bozzle Brad Braden Scott sraucner Fr3nClne Braun Debbie Bre3ZZe8l Jeff Brink Angela Br0Wn R0dneY Brown Joey BI'YSOn LOrl Bugela Chris BUn3Ql3r Lallra Bblnrkunl DOann Bui Hann Bui .lerrV BUrQe Tanya Burke Robert Burkett .leffreV BVrOn P3Ul C3rnDlOn Catherine Caplin David Carawav lVllCnelle C3rlnO Suzi Carll YVOnne Carlln Peter Carnlglla ChrlS Carter NiCOle Chal'lt0n SCOttl Cn3VeS John Chen Stanlev ChernlSS Tlna CnildreSS Jerry ChrlSt0Dner DennlS Church Jason Clark Stephen Clark Qulntrell Cl3YtOn J0e Cleer e Andrew Clyde Tarnara COlbeI't L8Ur3 Cole Dlana C0lernan LlSa C0ntl RIChard Cook PatrlCk Coon Mark Cooper Bruce Cosby Stacey costa Johnny COWdelI EIlSa Crablll Angela Craig Stephen Cranford ChrIStlne Crawford SODl'lOn'lOreS ff jmv as , "MEZZ ' l V M grmzz 2 L ' V u f 3 11 V ,xKs44fVN kick mg' If 3 2 , in W' S wma"'r 4, f," h""Z"?57' A"A I' ,l 'if 2' y ,, 11 fa " J ' 273, Z fy L W? 1 ' ' A 7 s Q fi 2 Q4 , Q s K ' L . , ,, 5,5 Wa M f f I K fi " ' y X V ,,,, ,W , , Q14 in MS, Q I f 415 wi J?" 5, if , .. y - fi - - e 5 fr ,W R - A K 7' an "Jil H.. . , in V 4 f f 'fm Vw H 41 if A 1' f 1 5 m , 456 ez , ,K , I ,W 5 v. f " 'Q M. ,. Q f... X Aahr ., ,,..,, .4 '??f':'gug-,,Q,-ff 15 'ff , f lil L. 1,1 11 if k i 'I ir 5 'sf-wa A H 1 ,"' ' , A V,k., ,W . ,- Q. 29-,ff ' -,121 ' , . ' ,f Y ' ig X -Q a if 1' I G fy " ff X N r . 41 5 rig! Q ' v 1- H5 fa v aw: 1 if , , 'V ,,V. . ,,,, ., .. , ' J., f:'1,1,e2f23,f::Zi2415552-' W ' 3: aa, ' - -. L, . L' 2 asf Q '-Iv: , TQ" ,, -:v..2,., V WH L. ,W x 29 1 L' ' 2 X , ' . , 4, vw- va " t -, - 'M 1 ' A1 ' f 'Lx ,f 'N Lf- "Q gy 'flax ,qw f- f , '-L X X X 1 fa, wa , f ' . .,.ge?'Q1z2Z 1 ,,.. . . 5 H12 ' li ff! fi, A M. jf? Pl'EP3I'lIlQ f0l' 3 D355 is TUIIIB PEfEI'S0l'I. Glfl SDCCEI' Illayel' DIIEIIS 0llDOI'tllIllfIES "How do you have the guts?" This question was posed to sophomore Tonja Peter- son by many of her friends. She has been the only girl on the Froshlsoph soccer team for the Dast two years. "When I first tried out I was really nervous. A lot of guys got cut but when l didn't l was so excited." Peterson has been playing soccer for six years, it was in the past four years that she got serious about the SDOHZ. The challenge appeals to the full back and she hopes that more girls will try out. "The guys are pretty nice. At first during the games they would be careful around me, but later on they treated me like all the players. On some of the teams, like St. Mary's, girls are already involved in the sport." Peterson hopes to go to the University of California LOS Angeles and join either their soccer or softball team. As for an occupation the sophomore wants to become a pilot or a coach. rf N. A. ,ar fi NG' s x x Lf X X D E Q - Y 5 if f X K, . .M Q tx M QE il 5 it E Rik? l f X 3 1 Stacey Crawford A "q,:QQ 1 Michael cruicksnank , I Ernest Crusos 5 . George Cuario sgg y I Michele Curran Michele Daorade . 1 Michelle oai Porto D H20 D30 ' Douglas Darois . A- . ., Diane Davenport i f E Kelly Davis A. Michael De Anda 5 Ruby Deaton fo' 11 'N Nicholas DeBell3 -T A- Julie DeJ0ng Angie Demitroff Danette Devlin Larry Dibble Andrea Dominguez Harjeet Dosanjh :iv-XM , .. 1 :-E5 aw Sig! 5 :isis t is W.. W X . 2 L l. D X N X X .,.- VMS Ni N X9 NJN Ya .Q .-1-'fs as an . Staci Duarte Kraig Duley RGDBCCB DUU3 Michael Dutra ClI'ldV DUttOl'l RObel't DUttOr'l Julie DVCUS Craig DYSF David Dyke Tf'3Cl ECKBIT David Eich DSDFB ElCl1l"l0l"St wade Eldfedge BGSSITIH El Sayed Tia EITTDGFIISOFI LlS3 Engleflt Wllllam EDFOSOY1 Tamafa Effbe Sheryl Ervine . . . A Kimberly ESCObedO . Josie Espitia . Vince Estrada ef Mary Everett 'i l Mark Everhard Y 5 vf'Y" 'ff Barbara Fair Eldwwarld Faith , ic e le Farley l Kim Farnsworth Jennifer Farris b si.s :Zi Melissa Fasano A Jami FeiOCK ':'i Kevin Felkins Q3 .,,Np3L A Richard Felkins y Theresa Ferguson Ezabel Ferreira AITIV FEIZGF AFIIIOD Fleck Af'ItOI'1l0 FOFCI J3SOf'l FOUQUEUIG Kll'T'lDeI'l6V FOWl6I' Rllth Fl'3f1ClS Klmbefly Fransen John Ff'6del'lKS6n Sophomores , Am., ' 'IE W aggzw 'diffs .. , We S ,E ,Q 2 wwf A531 if! N 1 ,. IA I wwf 5.5 ' ,WH Mkf n f' 5,,f':v , "" ' ' ' j . ,I if ff ffm? 7 f f tg Q2 fig 4 Q, W ,. J . 1 ,511 il, 5 '," Q A 1 f f V V, Z, A 3 4 Wim f Y , 5 -'Mmzipf Sim' .' a fm . 2 A , f K f , A i 77 as f J X1 .vi . LHN V 1 V 3 X ' ,- , .. ' y 1 l?W+7'5,,X I 3913 y4,,,M,,vf,z 1 . f" 'V ifwkf. -5 1 ' 3 fl f , , . . , 2 ' -5 f 4 2 - I ' ' 9' 4, P -' :F Q :Z 2 ' Q , , W' 1' " f ' f -ff W ,, fi ,fi , 5 ff f x X ,V W Wffulfi' " f 5 , I ,ww , ,nw 4 Wy 4 if W Q, , K f ,MM gy? .,, , Q H 2 gk H ,ff f' gi 'T' 'BWV , . 1 1 f ff Q wir ,,,,, .. ,, , ,ww , 4' f f' Q , W 3 5 , ,,,ff'J6- iaiw- .3 1' E1 H, nu Af Q f , J, , , , v ' ' V Aix! , J 6 ., 3532 ' 2 2 5, ff,3,V ,, if L xx ,Z ,Q ag Q ' i ff- FE ,f 'A gf Sf 'V 7' U 2, 'aww f W Flying tlllllllgll the all is B0ll ll0l'0tll. ll0l'0Cll IllallS l'aClllQ fllfllre Three years ago, a friend influenced sophomore Bob Korock to get involved in moto-cross. Now, Korock ls the defending champion of the Region of the National Moto-cross Association lNMAl. HIS tltleS in the NMA Include the modifiedlstock in the 100 and 125 categories. Korock has four cycles, all of them Suzu- kis. Two of them are 100's, imeaning they have 100cc enginesl, which he got from factory sponsorship. His other cycles in- clude a 125 and a 250. These two, Korock determined, cost about 51,600 each. , MOt0-Cr0SS isn't one of the safer sports. ,Korock nad suffered a broken jaw and ltorn ligaments in separate accidents, iwhlch put him off the track for a year. T However he plans to make a professional T career ln "dirt blking." He explained that if ne becomes good enough, he can get full factory sponsorship, including a car, N paid entrles, free transportation, and , complimentary cycles. "There's a guy I know right now who does this for a living. He makes about 550,000 a year. And you know how old he is? Eighteen." l Q .Q K 'X t ft 52515, e 2' 'Q , .Q ., sf fplfag an f -- 1 , X 'sl Q is x ss, if G. 5 X -fe 4 X P' , as .- "7....1" X e X 22 lit n W X i i- 4.256 as G I SODl10mOreS Bllly Freeman DaVld Freeman TOdd Freeman EdWard FrOnllnQ WendY Fr0Sl1aUQ .laY Fry DennlS FUlQenClO Sabrina GallardO Brlan GalleQO CeCllla GarCla Yolette Garcia Gregory Garma Davld Garrett James Garrett Steven Gass James Gavin RODerC George Debra Gifford Phllllp C065 Klmberly GOff Danlel GOnZaIeS AUdra G0nZaleS Cr alg Gorbet Klm Gore Scott Graddy DenlSe Graham LaUra GraVO Edward Gray TOnY Gl'aY TraCV Green Martln Grlsler Klm GUardlnO LlSa Gumm MlCnael Gunn Sally Gwlnn MlCl1ael Hagen LVnn HaleV Br lan Halkett PatrlCK Hall Sean Hall TaWnVa Hallack Carmella Halllgan Davld Handel Taml HanSen PalCrlCla HanS0n Denlse Hargett Andrea HarDer Dlana HarrlS JOnn HarrlSOn Del1r1lS HartWlCk Valerle HarVeV SnarOl Halller Ralston HaVneS Cl'lrlS HaVS TraCle HaVS Barbara HaVW00d RUSSell Helnle Paul HenderSOn Kimerly Hennefer Jacqueline HeOn Kla Her Angella Hlgh Kimberly Hodge Hans H0fSteflCer RlCnard H0lland John HOltOrl Robln HOrlZ0n Regina Hougnon Charles Huber Phlllp Huber It - ,E S NN Nw i F D xx t 5,-:lv r WL X K wi NN. X fggikn J I if X X X RW S7 . W E gf 5 fi . . ,., ar, . , H ' mn 'N - If A 4 ' A .,-1. ,,.,. . 4 , Af, , ff IE 4. 5 ' KE Y ff , F94 tx ,M 'fi S X Q W xx my J. Pulling ahead ofthe DICK is Kathy Smith. Smith IEICES to Will itil 'Killy COIli'aS' "Going and winning, tnat'S what I think about when l'm l'aCing," commented SODnOmOi'e Kathy Smith about SDeed skating. Tne SODI'iOmOl'e has been skating fOf' one and a naif years and f'eaIIV enjoys it. AS tO how she gOt interested in tne activity, she ex- plained, "I started artistic skating with 8 friend, but mY teacher kept on teiiing me that I Skated too fast. She suggested that I should tl'V speed skating." The SODnOmOI'e DI"aCtiCeS three times a week and and annually SDenCIS approximately S500 on ner DaS- time. Sne is Daft of a 'I2-membel' team called tne 'Hammei' King Cobras." Pl3Cihg SeC0hd and third in competitions, Smith and tne team travel tni'OUgnOUt NOI"tnei"n California. Hei' opinion of tne Oangel' of tne sport is tnat, "It'S not I'eaIIV dangerous Wniie vou're racing. YOU Can't touch, DUSI1, OI' ti'iD YOUI' opponent." TniS just being a nODDY, tne skater wishes in tne fU- ture to OWn nel' OWn fIOi'aI SI'IOD. sl f fm ,llfl , if 'ff' Zi' f 1 , f 4113, fn f p I w, ff P s 7 X ,W Q2 2 V wr M ra if X X 5? , , X 2, fl y ' , , K . 3 rw A lllll V J L 211 an f il Q WW AW,, ' ' J' ,, V.., , . 1 1 L 44,9 W f ,f an ' ' A A' U ,S W r y 4 5 3 Q. I I A - Er , 2 I -. , , ,, L Y I f .l. K. 515.1 Q: ' - Hal li: . -1 In -V, - 4, L ,V 5. A 7 - E . .5 r L Q L fi ll ig ,' 5111942 4 A Q Q W f 5 gf 1 Z A M f 36 , H fa I :L H .6 Qu ffwf:Z"f ""' 777' J' ' . sf? 'fi ,, vi 'sz " f, iq 5, ' ' X , L' . 1 ll , , ,JR Klm HUQNES Chrlstopher HUll'3S Brian Hull M3ttNEW HUSt0N Chau HUYNN Tl"8NQ HUYNN DEDOFBN IDUS HOFNE INCNBSBCK V3Nl1 lNtN8S3CK VlCtOl'l8 ISSel Ellen Iturbide Fl'3NClSCO lZ3QUllTE GFEQOFV JZCKSON SEEN JECKSON Steven JBCKSON LOl'l'l JENNlNQS El'lC JENSEN R3YN'l0Nd JEUNQ DONN3 Jll'NENEZ JONN JlN'lENEZ ErlC JONNSON JEffl'EY JONNSON Kl'lStlN JONNSON RENEE JONNSON Bl'l3N JONES BFYON JONES LlNd8 JONES Brad Jordet Danlel KaNEl0S Manlketkeo Kannallkham Kevln Kaufman Sukhwlrldel' Kaul' RODeI't Keeler Grete Kegel Stepharlle Kell' Nancy KENNEUV CNI"lStlNa KEVlllE ZLllflQ3l' KNBN Belinda Klghtllngel' KENNEtN Kll'T'll'T'lEl Pamela Klmmel Nell Klrlg Brett KIl'kD3tl'ICk SNEITY Kllpfel Mlke Kluendel' DON3ld KNEDl'lOff Cl1l'lStle Knlght Bob KOFOCK TFEVOI' KI'EtZI'N8N Julle Kl'EUtZ MlCN3El Kl'0KStl'0N'1 StEVEN KUl'll'13l'3 TaI'NN'lV Kves Gallyrl L8CkeV Jeffrey Lancaster Terry Landrum Shane Langone Cha L30 Moh Lao Dlvlna Laroza Dana Larsen Kayle Larsen Mellssa Lauderdale SODNONWOFES 5- ml E N :Qi fi N J Rf - ew. Q .1 . 1. . .,.-, .. - .',,f,.. --:s:-In L Nw' ' 0' .. if 5 is Z s ' S M 2 5 4 wa , Ki - vi SX' -1. 35 A ' I . , w I 'q,'i2, , . Q1 5-:q,'.S-1, I S 'N A' if cgi: an . I was 3, ,gw"' , ".s1,, ,,,'f3'5g, . ' um "H 'Sm ' if ' ,- -a .. I xx- iv 4, Sag S, 4 I 5 x XXX QN ,, .Q ,,.,,. ., Six x X x Q N X 'L -- 1' he Q x I jf Qu, R g N X N 3 Kg S, w . FN ayimwgii Ea N ww SQ SNES :Pr :--: ",-- 215561 Y '--- 122113 T NW Ai. .ky Q A K W 2 Sy 1 5 22153 . " S 'M -W Q,..,5 2 '-A ,-H - . ,.: I ,L E, ,I . . . .,.., K msg -QQ ff? pug Kalill Betllrest IIISDIBYS SVIMCIIES SIIE IISEII III IIGI' Illfefllif IIESIQIIIIIQ BECIIl'GSt SIIO S IH tHe career of faSHlOHS what type of a person would be apprdprlate? PeODle who have a l0t of eHergV Sald Karen BeCKreSt BeSldeS Delng a teaCHer tHere WaS more tO tHe schedule of Mrs BeCKreSt SHe taught FaSHl0H MerCHaHdISlHQ WHICH WaS Dart of tHe ReQlOHal OCCUDa tl0H Prdgrarrl KROPD BeCKreSt also taUQHt two adult edUCatlOH programs WHICH COHSISted of a personal appear aHCe ClaSS and a reSldeHtlal deSlQH ClaSS MI"S BeCKreSt WaS alSO an adVlSer t0 Future ReaIlZatlOH of Goals a SUDSldlarV to faSHlOH career SHe had her OWH DUSlHeSS Off CarHDUS as aH lrlterlOr deSlQHer WHICH she Had DeeH fOr 12 YearS SHe and fdrmer grad uates Started a DOHIfled bUSlHeSS called EVeHt PrOdLICtlOrl WHICH Helped at grand ODGHIHQS produce faSHl0H shows and promote DaHdS BUSlrleSS and busy SCHedLlleS dldHt mean tHat there WaSH t time fOr Her famllV. Mrs. BeCKreSt, a reSIdeHt of StOCKt0H, HaS three CHIldreH. Her rf1aIH IHtereStS are horseback rldlrlg and rol lei' skating with her familv. WF ' ' 5 I , 5 if H - R' is I, N' 1, if if 35 Sli ka' ' xg I ,sf S 5,5255 SS SS S-s W SSSSS wwe ' K xv- .5 gi ff 5 S M,M...W ..., i K . Q5t,sSSf- ff Ng SM I , wiff S mf R Q . X K ESS? Shrew I I 'U' rf'E5EiwwQS - ' llhl VIIS ' " :5:. '1Z":.: 5':5 V Ii l ll-S ' I ., I I-zzz: .--, 'k.- W, f 'f 111. --.. 1 I - . Ilah. 3 ' If , Y. T Lh 5 l.V3 ii .ggiys ,xx S ll rl - :sf if Y was S 1 I - ' I :S .-.. ' R . . i ni. r H .- W W l . . ., ' 111 I . . . . L'-L. n u .2 iff . f A T!! f, 5 digg ' . . . .zai -AL..L I , Q , E ' xv . Q, w .. R 3 A Sn vw ,Sw -as v I is XX age M L 3 M i . 3 , Vi, 'Q .A,,,,, A L ,L or n L , L V ganna! WW, Z Wi si wi W Q55 f 1 af' i 'f ' Y 'Zi iiii M 1:1 K ,I 5-,fin ff 3, ' 1 fy' i L rri Q. W K -Q Q L '52 7 fi 'fl ii' mK" W Ph . ff is Z,A ix ' , 1 rf 1, J we if 2, f i mf Ex 5 -.M Z 6 W WW Andrew Lee Chou Lee Fong Lee Mao Lee Neng Lee Pheng Lee Sao Lee Sao Lee Zhue Lee David Lelgh Dawn L6KOia TOUCI L6nO Frank LertOra CYnthia LEW Dee Ann Light Renee Llnenan Kari Liner Angla Littiet0n Mlchael LIttlet0f'l Delores l.lamaS Khou L0 Lee LO Long L0 Erlc LOChe Carlos Lomell chrlstopher Long Rlchard L0nQ Mlchael LOnQCOr Charlene Lopez Jorge LODEZ vlrglnla Lopez Kandle Lorenz Tlmothv Loule Sharon Lovell Yvette Lucero Rlcard LUCIBF Trang Luu James Lynch Louls Macedo Anlta Magana Ileana Maggi Jav MaQnESS Kendra Mah Tan'1fTlV Mahan Edward MaldOnad0 Kristina Maltbie CnriStin6 Mann Li5a MarC6llinO LOi Mark BODDV Martin Brlan Martln Kim Martln T6reSa Martin TOnlann Martin VerOnlCa Martlnel Alien Mason Kevln MaUr6r Alan MaWdSleY Krls MaYb6rrV Cralg Mayes Mark MCCaII LlSa Mccance RODBIT MCCarrY Bruce MCCl6nd0n LYnett8 MCClUr6 PatriCK MCDOnald MIKE McGee Gall MCLarBn Jeffery MCL8an EDDIE MCNealeY SODnOn'10l"GS , 1' ., fm f- , ,eff- A ' ' ' uf ,pe K fi C . . f if iff , I fi", 1. 5: I ma 0 ' ' V ,' t' .W ,, 2 , , 1 NWN ' ':1'2i"" 5 , A-, u 5 Q, f f me "-" Iii" 'wr' - ,wnzzhzf +4 f ' xii? , ' '75 5 f 6, fy f X NV f A 7 X ff X aa? ggi 2, y f 5 if ' I if If ,M 7 ,hwk lr, V ,fn , WW wwf, f ,tu ,Wg ., nw J' T 'uf wxyf, fa 1 if uw , ws wa . 2 ff " va W W, , X 4 ,Q ' wi Z 2 , .. "', 1 1 f W I ,u,, mn w A , , 5 4, ,, fi f? , ,Ma 'Www f S5 y x 63. X hh. ' X F I A , Us " V , ,.N,25PZ,, f'3,' " " M ' 'S 2 fav mm ' f L1 ,,fn 1 . WM 4 14 JL f f ,4 f 3 W f 9 va 4 M 'ST 59155 We f x A- M 25" ,212 2.3. 3' i 4 + 1 V ,L 4 i? Q 1 ' f 7 2 ff W X , ia f Z' 5 2 if '7 f ff' W! , X 4 '7 ' 1 V V ' - V, A A f -W ' I 2, J, , I 2' W 5 A y, ,, ' :Inf , I ' 5, 'gulf gif: NIA!!! .,,.. ,,,VV: E f , om., Z" , I , V' wi ,,..-4"'- ! ff V J-gs , I ffm - f 'w3z,'1Q:, . , "" 5 + f f fi A ' ' ,J'Q::, 1 Y q . 'ia' Y 171 L 1 4 Wi 'TMNT ill? Nitll0laS Uellella reflects allllllf IlaSt I'ateS. Dellella SEiZES fifth ill Ch2lmlli0IlSllip "Concentration is What it takeS," eXDlaihS sopho- rnOre NiChOlaS Debella. Debella, who is a Vear-and-a- half veteran of motocross racing believes it's the next best thing to life, and plans to turn DrOfeSSiOnal With- in the next year. Debella, who started because of a neighDOr'S in- fluence, runs in the intermediate rm 125 races. He travels from HangtOWn to Lake Madera. He rides a SU- ZUKi rm 125 and is sponsored by Butler HOnda in LOdi. Debella started OUt in the intermediate 80's bracket and rode a HOnda 80. He changed frOI'n bike tO bike and quickly worked his way UD through the ranks. ThiS year he rnade it to the State Chan'1DiOnShiD race and brought home fifth out of 40 ehtI'ieS in his divi- sion. "An aVerage race will contain two 'l'nOtOS'," said Debella, "and one 'moto' will usually COnSiSt of eight laDS around the track." ACCOrding to Debella, a COn- testant is allowed to walk the track before a race, DUt is allowed only a SDeCifiC amount of time to practice before the aCtUai raCe. "The one Dig thing to expect at the race, though, is lOtS of COn1DetitiOn," said Debella, "and be in a good healthy condition for the rough ride ahead. l USUallV gO thrOUgh three symptoms before a race: nervous, turning of my StOrnaCh, and scared, DUt when l'l'n on that bike all is secure and at the end, all I feel is relief." , t f , ij 4 1 iii' ,ZS12 ? iw V fi 4 , W I7'Y"vL , y -, 1 V. ! -fx, f ,ef My f I SODhOn'10reS D0rOthY MCPherSOn Bradley Mead Rand Medina MlCl'lelle Menke Jorja Mettler LlSa Meyers Lynn Mlddlet0n SandV Mldgley Marc Mlglln VaneSSa MlQUellnO Chf'IStIne Miller' Deanna Miller RamOna Miller Randall Miller Troy Miller FaWnClne MlnOr R0n MOffett LISa Moffett RObeI't M0hOff MICheIIe Moltoso Maurlllo Moncanez Krlstl Moore Raul MOI' a ThOrnaS Moratto Stephanie MOrOneS Kevln MOrrlS KlmberlY Morrls RVan MOrrlS R0bert MOrrlSOn Phlllp Mosqueda Mlsty MUnOZ Debra Myers KrlShha Nambiar Danielle NaDOlean Veena Nath Shawn Neel Greg Nelson MlChelle NeUVert Peter Ng Can Nguyen Dong Nguyen Jackle Nguyen LU Nguyen Anth0f'lY Nlebank Angellta Noche MICheIIe Odland InlabaSl 0KODedeghe Kl'IStIh Ollver Karin Olsen Pamela Ornduff PaLIl Osburn Cvnthla Outlaw KennV Owens RODeI't PaClllaS James Padgett Rll'nanDreet PannU Elllabeth PanZarln0 L0rna ParrlS RObel"t Parsons Steven ParSOnS SteDhanle Patton J0e PattY Paul Pelletier JAV A WW 4 21' mf 2 ff ,, :ef if X 2 , , is W X , 5 1 5, 151, .,: x wwf 9 Y rp.. 4.,,.4 'iiif N LL,, .W H ,, ...,,., ,A 4, , , Nam: E zzz: Q, VA H :fam 4 , ,,,, ,, .. V ,,,,44'fsl , Mi, if Q . M '52 tw 5. H4 1 , 7 I up ' - , 4i"3":7 1- 5 7: 3 ' - is ' 1' , W ' if ,,,, .hz ,1 x. f' K x ww ,F M Ni 4 Q? ia, A W rw' an M , . .,, f ,, 1 5 ,,,,,, 4 ., , I f MSW, , . J f ' A331133 .135 we 'fifv .V ,wg V , , f ali? Q ggi 4. 5 K. mf 'Q hy 1 fy Sify .1 f gif ? , ,W 5 X, if' .,. y 1 mfr Vi QM n , ' 46 'V z if 'Q"fFs ' 'X I .w'f1j,,'R'f' Q ,, lv A, !, ,..,,, nf 6 . Q JA N , 1 , of 5- , QR HW - mn l , ,Q , ,iff F 2 1 A J K .8 V1, . , ,, jig, ,, n '1 N 1 3 3 A, if X, ,mf aw ,gf gf'szgnz'zz4a: -:, f Vg f V m f Q' A V ygw I ,MA A Eu 5 ' -1 E9 f,,,vf' f 5'Xa11"1:f'f " "'f"f"" ,, Q k , hw in ' ' ' s fb K' 1 'i W W, ai 5 , i ff 5,2 2 Q ' ' f , Sa,.xwi5u if W? Mr- 5 it David Ulltll I'earl'allQES a StlIllEllt'S tfallilflllf. l.ylICll CaIltlll'eS his family llaSt From lowa to England, through frlendShiDS With the likeS of PreSldent Abraham LlnCOIn and battleS with COn- federate soldiers, the famlly of Tokay counselor David Lynch has forged. Mr. Lynch was one of many Ameri- cans fasclnated with the science of geneology, or the tracing of one's fami- ly background. ACCOrdlnQ to Mr. Lynch, he has been Wbrking at hiS hobby SlnCe 1964 when ne began research on the two family surnames wlth which he is associated, LynCh, the family rlarne of hiS father, and Snell, his mother's family name. Since that time, Mr. Lynch has en- countered many successes ln his re- search. ln one case, he has managed to trace his great, great, great, great, grandfather as one John Curtis, a ser- vant who was granted freedom after seven years service to his American master. Mr. Lynch has temporarily discon- tinued hls study of his famlly back- ground Until ne has more time. According to Mr. Lynch, geneology is a rewarding hobby that entails a lot of fulfillment and a lot of persistence if one happens to get stuck. "lt gets tough sometimes but once you find something, lt's a great feeling. lt's like capturing history," said Mr. Lynch. RX, ,. ts., K X, 3 -if f-if it -my -,.., .-,A 4. .X W xx 5 Y 4 X We an lic me-.S . -. , A 1 .wteffw X - , l-iisy Q its .X if N x 1 Q. as 2 5 5 3 3 ik 1 ll ' ' wi' ' Qi L sz-53i'5 l f 3,5 fi. - - iQ t,, . CnrlStlne Pena Kevin PenCe CnrlStle PeniX Sherrie Pennell Shelly Pepper Tammy Perdue James Perman TOnja PeterSOn Dat Pnam Hieu Pham Oulay Phayson Bernadlne PlerCe Mike Plnkey TnOrnaS Pinknam Steven POttratZ Christine Powell Craig POWell Deanna POWell Collette PreSZler Tina PrleSt David Qulnones Naneern Rafiq AleXlS RaI'T'llreZ RlCnard RaI'nlreZ D0rtnV RarnOS Michelle Raymer Mary Redmond Audra RelSWlQ Jeffrey RenCn Elizabeth Reynolds Stefanie Rhoades Nlarie RiCrlardS LanCe Rifenburg Susan RltCnle Brett R0bertS Danny RODertSOn Bettina RODlnS0n KrlSten RODlnS0n TOnV Rocca Tina Rocci lVlanLlel ROCna BlanCa ROdrlQUeZ COnZal0 Rodriguez Shawna ROQerS Steven ROWe Leann Rl.ltnerfOrd Michelle Ryan AdalDertO San'lDSOn CnrlS Sanchez Nlireya Sanchez Amarjit Sandnu DerniCe SanClleS Gurprett Sangnera Rajinder Sangrlera ElT'ln'lanUel SantOS Todd Sarantopulos VinCent SaUSeCla Susan Sawyer Gina SCelZi Kenneth SChn'liClKe Roberta SCnrameK Darren Scott Margaret Scott YOlanCla SeQUra Kimberlie Seifert Debbie Seitz Christine Selby Marc Selling Randy Sergent MlCnael Shanahan SODl'lOnflOreS www 1 A9223 1 , if V ag? ig f MQ' +- 1: f ,N . 71 l 1:- ! 4 . nr ry V'7'if, , 4 -- ,M 5 Q F Q If -f'ffE22a:Zfsa:w:: '-- f :mff ,uymfgw 7' 'Ea 3 5714, W - S . .,,, ,fi Y X W' -uw a. 3 f V I X " I .,,, H ks: ? L ' ,, .fi 'B' i f '44ffff: 7Y". kv L "" t ,, fl., 'fffl,WJ ,g,. ..,, , ,,,.,,,,.,. ,TWA-f , f 3 I ? , ,Qz E, , nj 5 3 1 J af . Plfflliiilg ill file belllfy of file Alps is TOIIY YUIIIIQ. StllliElItS take holiday trip HOW would lt feel to spend Cl1l'lStn'laS Skiing on the other side of the WOI'ld? FOV a nUl'T1Del' of TOlCaV students, Cnl'lStn1aS WaS eXaCtlV that: five days of skiing in the town of Wengen, Switzer- land and three days in Pal'lS, Fl"anCe. "lt WaS the l"nOSt WOndel'fUl Cnl'lStn'laS l have eVel' eXDeI"lenCed," deClal'ed Gel'- man and SDanlSl'l lnStf'UCtOl' TOnV YOUng, who served as tl"le trip's Cnap- erone. ACCOI'dlng to lVll'. YOUng, they had no major Dl'ODlel'nS. ln Wengen, the peo- Dle spoke Gefman. Tne OnlV OCCUl'l'enCe tnat had neVel" happened on anV tl'lD lVll'. YOUng naS Df'eVlOUSlV CnaDel'Oned WaS that one StLldent had to l'laVe a tooth pulled. Wnlle in Wengen, the Weatnel' WaS l'eDOl'tedlV perfect fOl' skiing. "lt SnOW- ed everv night and the SUn shone eVel'V daV," said lVlf'. YOl,lng. CnI'lStl'naS EVe and CnI'lStI'naS Day Wel'e spent in Utne CltV Of Llgl'ItS," Pal'lS. ACCOf'dlng to lVlI'. YOUng, PaI'lS lived UD to nel' nickname. "On tOD of all tne n'lOnUl'nentS being lit UD, there were Cnl'lStn1aS lights eVef'V- Wnel"e." As Junior Cl"ll'lS YOUng said, "lt WaS fabulous." Completing the list of those fl'On1 TOkaV were Peter' Carniglia and Cnl"lStODnel' LOng. A few students fl'On1 Delta College also participated. if -FZ I fs N f. 'U V 2 '33 LQ . YQ + 1 , .. ,fl . ,, ... , - llw, -l,,1,,, K V, , K VW ,, Q 451 f T f ff 1 f ff 3 W 5 f W af l 1 f fw 5 fm dig i , 5 swf QQ, QL i fill f M f Y M 1 M M '34 W ,. ,A ,,,. V ,Q f ffl if ' if-1 'fic p -, : x M., rrr, - A , ,M , My 0 J, lf L as T' ff 1 .. . ef? ,. . W gf , , f 4, 2 V H isi if have S M, ., My Y . Qxiiii, A in A if I t K fri as i -Wi ,, V .K in f "', T at , ,l,.,,, ,. . .1 M, ,.,, ,Q , 57' I i ' V' l ' 5 ww, 'V I if f' 2 r V ' l 1 ' 1 ' 1 , I ,QI 'l i Z7,.i A U V 2 l l AL" , of ' I X A ' I g V r ll .lf , ev " ff w 'rgllrirlzigl 26 2 ' 'si , 1 , ',7' li' . , ,, V W U ' A-" ' 'iffilf . , , , , , , , ,, K Aa , 5 . 3,5 . vii' ' s ,W x A X W I Y. 4 , 3 Jeffrey Shandl'eW Cynthia Shates Dude Shepard Joel Sherman Art Shingler Keri Shirk Darren Shull Monique sideborrom Lonny Simard Jeanine Simms Baljeet Singh Kashmir Singh RaCheIle SinOl' SOmChit SiSOUDhanh Brenda Smidt Alan Smith Buddy Smith Helen Smith LiSa Smith Kathleen Smith Lara Smith Terri Smith Ti'aCi Smith TFOV Smith DaI'CV Snider' C3I'l SHOW R3Vi'nOf'Id SnOWClel"I Scott SOmel' Daniel SOml'nef'S ll"iS Sosa EllOdOI'3 Soto Sandi? Soto Renee Souser TOdd Souza Petei' SDalett3 LeSiZel"St3l'1dley Kyle Starks lVl3l'K Steele Alan Stendel' JOSeDl'l SteV3hO Roger Stock Kelle StOIIei' Brian Swanson Greg sweecen Daniece Tachera Manuel Tafoya Tiffany TalbOt Stacy Tankersley Dennis Taylor Kevin Taylor Thea Tef'lOl,lW Paul TeI'I'V FUE Tl1aO Kevin ThiStle Ginger Tl'10m3S Zane Tl'1OI'T13S Petei' Tl'10l'nDSOn Scott Thompson TOl'Tl ThOnaCK Chia Thor Mylene Tiongco Terri Tomlinson David Tonetti Dong Tfan Thiep Tran Tien Tfan MiChael Tl'UjilIO Frank Tucker Ursula Turner Darcy Tyler SODl'lOmOl'eS was Y I ,Y , Q -Q, 9 'ei' an if X L of-if , , , ,- na " A - ii-if-fff.f, 1, .- ,Q Y-W , f 2 -1 A , 1 .- ,, i an z 'Q -V ,t a W .V i2 l, 5 gggw-L-7 -, li 2 5 3 l :gl 4- 1 W' F -4 v fi: L9 9' swears-ff ' - ---fu ,,::f 4 ! ii: ' -fy. ' 9 ' 3 'Z 1 if-fa sy, , .rw vh- ,-B f Hx , ,M f1,'ff:,5z fe,- ,lf-miie 8-M6 -, ,i Q vu 2 Sy 1 J fi, , , -ty- Q f Q A 1' 1 K fl B V K " is , 2 i ' ,V . fgy. ii r r K -6' 18 w. we 1 , i -u h4a 3 A N ' Stew WII Bef! Qlld Sfillllell BEI'll0Wif2 IIIEIIIEW 3 IIEW fElflI00ll. ll0ll BEM enters QYHIIE llI!lllSfl'y After three years of-pruning, tilling and spraying, Steve von Berg, activities director, harvested his first commer- cial yield of grapes from his 10 acre vineyard. Three years ago, IVlr von Berg leveled an old cherry orchard on his property in preparation for the grapes. H9 plot- ted 5,000 vines in three weeks, and sin- ce ther! it haS been both a full arid part time project. The yields have grown annually from 3-4 tons per acre to 8-9 tons per acre, ahd he expected 40 tOl'1S this fall. The zinfandel grapes will be sold to either the Gallo wineries or the lOCal Liberty winery. Mr VOr'l Berg added that he "would like to buy more larld if possible. lt's fun and interesting, and I'd really like it if my KidS became ih- terested in it also." The vineyard has basically been a solo project since its inception. lvlr. von Berg stated that he "spent 8-10 hours a day in the fields over the summer," arid it required 15 more hours a week during the winter and spring. Much of his ChriStl'haS VaCatiOh was devoted to pruning the vines, but he said, "l definitely had to hire help in early OC- tober when the grapes were picked." x w ie mf -sf " X S X ev . , ig "W" Q , X- i af sr ' f 1. X se-1155553 i as 'Q- Q ...,i l QIQI -t A .. , l 4 A A ' i ,sf,.-......,,, , ff l w m is 3 5 - Y I Q " it 6, I- W as A i K H Q , M.- 3 5 lk 'gfg fffli vim it Q x Q Q X mis ni fi! Q K 'i - l i f . 5 , :i....' ff ' i - 'Q-+P" . QW Ni l ' 414537 3 S 5.2 sms..-+?E fn S i s li Zig- ,- :. .:..:, iii : 'ul .fox ir'- X ig I g s, . "::- '-:: X A N ,g s 1 iw ,V Q 3 - wg we , ,Z fi' .. l If all x E lik 1,4 ll E l lizxx l !'S5H -:S,. Y ,1 , -' it ii N Q, tssi tg , 'iw gg . 'X if art X ii o fi is Q 0 '- . 'si .V 3 V S . so s s , ' X g s, if .2 Scott Tyrrell Annabelle Udo Snel'l'l Ulmer' Adriel Urnbav Gilbert UmnaS Cnf'lStlna Valente Kennetn Valentine GUV Van AVeI"V LaO vang lVlal vang Seng vang Seu vang XaO vang Ying vang You vang Christopher Vargas Bryan vargem Pamela Vasquez Antonio verduzco Diana VeleZ LiSa Vef'nOn Ef'lC Vidales Nadine VleI'eCKl Joseph VlllaQOfT'IeZ ROQEI' Vincelet Jerry ViOlett DaI'Ten Vitale RODel't Wade KlfnDel'lV WadlOW Shawn Wagnel' TOnVa Wagner LOl'le Wald0 Curtis Walkel' RlCnal'd Walters David Warden Neal Wegner David Welch Stephanie Welch RODef't WellS Varida WenSel Joann West Dana Whitaker Mandi White Annette Wilkinson Corrine WllliamS Marie Willian'1S Tad Wisenor BODin Witt DOI'OtnV Wolfinjei' Mamie Wong Melinda woods Steven Woods Bonni WOOlnel' Sandra Wrbickv Def' Xiong La0 Cheng Xiong Ya Xiong ZOUa Xiong SteVen Yagi Cha Yang TSS Yang Xia Yang Vel'OnlCa Ybarra Gabriel YClanO Cheng Yee Tl'aCie Yeflan BOnnle YOUnQ Danielle YOUnQ CatnV Zamora Bfad Zlfnfnel' SODl'lOn1OI"eS Nation sho st oprofilesg preservation, destruction DVAUdI'eV Ogawa We live in a world where one can see two sides at once. on one side life being pre- served through medicine and on the other life being threatened by it. With a push of a button or a few more, if l may say, we can destroy our- selves but yet we go on, prov- ing that we have more depth than that which is given to our credit. ThiS year has been like twine, interlaced with com- ings, goings and compromises. cyanide laced Extra-strength Tylenol capsules terrorized Americans as the deadly drug claimed victims throughout the nation. Building its reputation on being a safe aspirin substitute that would not cause upset stomachs, Johnson and John- son recalled over 200,000 bot- tles of the suspected tam- pered drug. People can kill but they can also preserve life. Dr. Robert K. Jarvick, from the University of Utah, invented the artificial heart. He and a troop of 'la surgeons, cardiologists, nurses, and technicians im- planted the world's first man- made heart into Barney Clark, a 61-year-old retired dentist from Seattle. While these people were getting a new hope for life, the elderly were trying to get a longer lease on theirs. social Security, representing the united States government's single biggest commitment to its citizens, found that it was losing 520,000 every min- ute of the day. lh order to prevent a total Wipe-Out of this system, many reCOmmehdatiOrIS were put before COhQreSS for debate. Many of them based Oh ah ih- crease of taxes. This obviously could hOt sustain the system forever. The SehiOI' citizens were provided fOrj however, the Dig C1UeStiOrl remains is Whether the country Cah DI"O- vide for them ih the future. SehiOrS citizens united to have SOme hold Oh their fU- tUreS, the AmeriCah ASSOCia- tion of Retired PerSOhS, the NatiOhai Council of Senior Citi- ZehS, SaVe OUr SeCUritV and the Gray Panthers all jOihed forces to keep a watchful eye Oh COhQreSS. That may not have created ah ahSWer, Dtlt it did C1UiCKeh the pace. Like a machine, the QOVerrP meht heeded all its parts ih- taCt ih order to rUh effiCieht- ly. Therefore, ih order to get SOCial Security back Oh its legs, LlhemDiOVmeht had to Q0 down. RiSirlQ to 10.1 DerCeht ih September, itS hiQhteSt level ih 42 years, over 11 million AmeriCahS were SearChihQ the classifieds. TeChhOlOQY Seem- ed to be the culprit. Compu- ters Were' slowly taking the IODS of the laborers. Uhtil we Cah re-edUCate the old WOrK force, UhemDiOVmeht COUld flOUriSh aCCOrdihQ to SOme economists. AiOhg with ChahgeS ih ih- dUStrV, Chahge WaS also ex- DeriehCed ih the White HOUSe Wheh AieXahder Haig, SeCre- tarV of State reSighed. After three threats of reSighati'Oh from Haig, PreSideht Reagah fihallV let him gO. GeOrge Shultz, a former SeCretarV of LabOr ahd TreaSUrV, replaced the volatile Haig. A Sad moment ih the ehter- taihmeht world 0CCUred when two of itS classic aC- tresses, ihgrid Bermah ahd Grace Kelly died. Bergmah, the SWediSh-DOrh actress immortalized ih her rOle ih "CaSSaDlahCa," died of CahCer at the age of 67. PrihCeSS GraCe of NlOhaCO, WaS tragiCallV Killed ih a Car aC- cident at the age of 52. She WaS KhOWh for her rOleS ih "High NOOh," "Dial IVI for IViUr- der," ahd mahV others. She WaS the epitomv of a ladV ahd WaS hOted for her fire De- heath the icv image. Yet ahOther gOOdDVe WaS said to Ohe of teleViSi0h'S fi- heSt-lVi"A"S"'H, the first ahd OhlV black COmedV Sit-COm WhiCh Created ah ihtelligeht as well as amUSihg look at peo- Dle Uhder extreme tehSiOh. Though Hawkeye PierCe ahd B.J. HUhhiCUt have hOt left fOreVer as re-rUhS still aDOUhd. FOOtDail ehthUSiaStS had a iOhg wait for the season to Degih because of a f0OtDali strike. FOr SOme, college foot- ball sufficed but for the die- hards, r1Othir1g could take the place of their faVOrite teams. Draggihg Oh fOr mOhthS, the strike WaS fihally settled amOhg Cahadiah football games ahd re-rUhS of previous Super Bowl games. With the strike settled, COh- SUmerS were DleaSahtlV SUr- prized as gaSOlihe prices dip- Ded to below S1 a gallon. AISO dippihg were ihtereSt rateS. ih earlV September, the sud- deh drop of the ihtereSt rates fueled Wall Street'S biggest surge ahd raised hopes that recovery of the eCOhOmV WaS Oh the WaV. The previous prime rate dropped from 20.5 DerCeht ih July 1981 to 13.5 DerCeht ih AUgUSt 1982. While refleCtihg UDOh the Year, Ohe could see the flexi- DiltV of the AmeriCah people. AS we mOVe Oh, there will of course, be heW obstacles ahd rewards. The maih thihg is that the AmeriCah people will mOVe Oh. Ahd who KhOWS...a push of a DUttOh could solve eVerVOhe'S problems. 1. Gill! IIDSIIII, f00fil2ii DIIIGIS' IlIli0ll leader, QIIIES I SPEGCII If I IIIIYEI' ll'lBEfillg. 2. Elffa-Sfl'GllQfil TYIGIIOI CIDSIIIES UEEIIIGU to il! safe allli Gffiilfiili It llliiilillg llaill. 5. RBCOIVIIIQ Social SECIIIIW illf0IIll3fi0Il ,ls I SEIIIOI' Citilill COIIIIIE ill Milllli. 4. H"ii'S"li SQIIGS' Uligillal cast UIQ I llllfillaif ll8f0I'E file llit SHOW. 5. GIICG Kelly Wifi! Gary cooper af! ll0I'fI'3Y8il ill file ClaSSiC "High N00ll." National Essay Class Df '85 adillStS, SllffEl'S Cllltlll'E SIIDCK lVIeetiHQ people aHCi aCijLlStiHQ to high school life WeI'e two of tHe DI'imaI'V goals of tHe Class of 1986. Scott SteVeHSOH, new fl'eSHmaH adviser, stated tHat tHe tf'aHSitiOH fI'Om "junior high school to TOKaV is somewhat of a CUltUf'e shock," aHCi he aHd tHe ff'eSH- men OffiCel'S attempted to make tHe CHaHQe a little eaSieI' by KeeDiHQ tHe first SemeStef"S activities to a I'elatiVe minimum. OVel' a CiOZeH HaI'Ci WOFKeI'S eal'Hed their ClaSS a third place aWaI'Ci iH tHe ViCtOl'V Week float competi- tion, aHCi "eVeH though tHe fI"eSHmeH have a lot of SDiI'it," stated Jeff UeCKel', ClaSS DI'eSiCieHt, "Vel'V few Came to tHe meetings." About12 Stl.ICIel'1tS attended their bi-weekly meet- iHQS, aHCi those held fOI' fUHCif'aiSel'S such as CaHdV SaleS aHCi tHe CHI"iStmaS BaZaaI' were diSaDDOiHtiHQ. Some StLICieHtS WHO were active eafiiel' iH tHe Veal' fOUHCi tHat tHe COmDiHatiOH of homework aHCi StaV- iHQ aftel' school fOI' class activities I'eCIUiI"ed tOO much time. GI'aCieS CiFODDed, aHCi they Heeded time to I'eCOVel' aCaCiemiCallV, aCCOFdiHQ to IVlI'. SteVeH- SOH. THe money raised fI"Om tHeil' first semester WaS ex- DeCteCi to fiHaHCe SOme of their SDI'iHQ projects. V, ,, ,3 A 3 1. FIESIIIIIEII 0ffiCEI'S af! Jeffrey UECKEI, Dl'ESidEIlfQ Jodi BWSUII S8Cl'Ef3fy' and P3- l I I fI'iCi2 FIiEllbEI9EI', WCB DfESidEllt, l'EVi8W f0I' 8 meeting. 2. The FIESIIIIIZII float lla- IZUES UUWII CEMIIW BOIIIEVZIII. 5. Scott SWIIEIISOII, fI'EShI'lI2Il 3dlliS6l', grades lliS W0l'K before 3 class Illeefillg. FI'eSHmeH OffiCeI'S S 1 if wie! N X X. s ik if if 3 . L, K 6 X E313-411 5 ,Y e K ...k:. , . , .... Xi .B :wc ww X ff' 'Q B J S 3:5 s , . as ,. - E S . 35 . .5 K., b K wx , 2 . .. ., fs- QQ si Y .- fy.. .. A 1 B . N . .. I. 55:1 l x x- ek ff s ll , . ,. . t Vkk .13 . we , Hi. - i fr ' ll '- ' Bi . f .L ,Q 5 ,J Y k 'P 1 A as P J i ' I ' I ,Fr . ,- Y 2 .M , , . gig, Q ,, . L ? Q S, TQ 'S Q. A am If . 9 A S .0 eww N we N iw Q miie S 'QS F I ,, .viv fs QSS?gPiesg g fy, -ff:gkg,3w file-15823535 1 -b fm 'i i i 1 lfzsfvzxrf ' ,J-,E A , , ,l 5 . - ,N X . ,K . -, .. F , . . ,K kt-W' Q m , 3 gs? 55191352 ' E4 ' i -1: 'if ' FI'9Si'll'T1GI'1 Julie ADFGSBV lVi3l'Q3f'it3 ACOSKZ DGDOFBH AGZFTISOD STIEDTISH AGZFTISOH Tabitha AQUSFO JENSEN AQUi3I' Tina Allen Naveeda Amin Charles Anderson Janine Anderson Eric Angle Waleska Araya Christopher Archer Michelle Armstrong Elaine Asis Carmen Atilano Rose Ayala .IOS B3ilOl1 Christopher Baker ROGVIGV Baker Alan Balderston Beverly Bamburg Jessica Bame Johannes Banis Julie Banyard John Barbieri Lorrea Jean Barrette Jeff Bartel Nlaricar Bates Joseph Bataglia TGITV BZUIEFIIOIW Si'lEi"i'iB3UI'T13i'1I'1 RiCi'l3f'Ci Beck IVi3f'Vii'1 BECki6F KimDGf'iV Beckwith Robert BefUS Andrea Begon David Bell Jimmy Benson Richard Berry John Betonio Michael Bettencourt :us X wi X X K X XX A X 1 X it Y Q.. 'iw A Um r X. x?hL A-1- H f Q: 1 1 ff K f::- . 123 X E nrw 5: 5 ,W X, 'S 3 X -Q., N1 N X 35 X 5' . X X , 1 ij : J 'M 15" in ,.- ' f' .JH ' ip .X sz A Q if i 0' ' A 4 , 1+ N f' .. X RN. X R92 - X Y I X -,EX W -xi if . Q ' 1 Ye X .fr fig . N I WW . Mfg ff " k.--' i K ', EQl .:5:g, 5 iiflij. X' K V D S 1. ,R is.. N ...g if -,, X X., If ,Q f ,Y ., .1 A i K . .si I --I " 231512555 i ff" 'Vi ew , X :tx VF . X X il X fir wa f f .s .. 5i::'55?s:: XX ' gg, , X X -:X f5iif'.lli1" N -ff-in ' , , - ,. A A Q 'QXXQXQX A X 1 - 'N F R . X X ' Sif- ' . if - -, ,, . Xi, uv A K X--nfs? . , -- ---' W --1 -F 1 ' h,.. Y ,E EZ .." r 1, ':. X ,X : ' X - xx f f , X. --,w A - ,X ff 5 - 5 XM -M N. issigaiigsifig "" Q X X 5 Q . Xs 'ifz S.' -1:i.:'f: I' X' ' ' v i:x1.sJVSS .. Q: ,.... L, nl ..,, b 3 wx Y SX we' Y XX: 3 X X X Q X X- we- :X,XX,:'m.g L -.E XXX. -wx, 5. ,555 B A 5 , Rf . X s ieaar-ai '- 33 7? gauge: ing? M' H2657 waive ll with IIIS B18 Oll IIISSIIIQ Off, Craig DIICI IOOKS f0I' all Ollell IIIIYBI' Ice kockeyattlacts veteran skater Duck lCe nOCKeV. lt'S been the favorite sport of freshman Craig Duck for the DaSt eight VearS. "I began to skate when l WaS three VearS Old," said Duck. BV the time he reached the age of six, he WaS playing hockey with the NOr-Cal HOCKeV League in wnicn he still participates. But WnV did Duck opt to play ice nockey OVer the standards SUCn as football, baseball, and naSKetDall? "lVlV dad and nlS brothers played when tneV were VOUnger," said Duck. "When l became old enougn, itjUSt seemed like the thing to dO." "FaSt action" SeemS to be the main attraction that Duck finds in ice nockey. "There are a IOt of Skills that have to be devel- oped in order to pass and control the DUCK well," said DUCK. The season runs between September and lVlarCn. He prac- tices for 90 minutes OnCe a week. BeSideS the nOme games, tournaments have taKen Duck as far as Reno. Planning to continue DlaVing the game until he outgrows the league, Duck naS mixed feelings about gOing pro. "l guess I would like tO," DUCK said. "BUt if I COUld make it, it would be hard." fm 1 ir M, X if f ,tw e .Q we I I V, ,, I,,A 14 Q M? Freshmen Lle5a Bietn Sean Biggs lvllcnele BillingSleY NiCKie Bidner rajinder Bisla Jeffrey Bleyl Craig Bonham Jill Borges Lisa Bosserman WendY Bouma Susan Bowen Cara Brackett Elizabeth Bradlev Wendy Bradshaw Dustin Branch Marne Bridges Miguel Britt Karen BrOOKS Renee BFOOKS DenniS BrOWn DOnnV BrOWning Jodi Bryson MiCnael Buell lVliCnael BUrr Natalie Burroughs Jan Burton EfiC Butler Ronnie Byrd Felicidad CaDaCCang PatriCla CamDaS ErneSt CamDOra Kenneth Cappalla Patrick Carlson LOri Carmichael Jerry Carroll Joseph Carruesco Darrell CartWrignt Bobby Casalengo Jack casey Lia Rose Castaneda conrad celesrlne Karen Celestine canal Chadwick Hun cnan Jeff Chandler Il'iS cnao RODert CnarDeneaU Katny cnayez KOU Crlierlg Tina Chil1ChiOlO LOri Christensen Francis cnua PatriCia CiSnerOS Jerri Clark Ken Clark P3tI'iCK Clark ,, ' aa ., .X fl ,QR w, 2 .. I gtg? . I 1' - I Se S 55 Y! gb l x 1 H fi if im' I? 4 "M I- iii .I - I Q 25 'S' ' i n L. 4 - 4:21. " 5,. if .- -X ,, - I i W j I If . ,I .-L.L. i ' "- ,K 3 + Q ',' I QB Q5 -' -:I :,,.,:s:.1- ' ffm . - ' -fs Y. .5 1. "fb?,l?if1.-' -Q.-'Rigas i' 'I T312 . 'lxf wx 3 3 I S -.: I i - I 1:-gg I I -. x K . x Qi IISSEIIIIIIIIIQ fIl8Il' IIGYI glider IIE Il3I'fIlEl'S CIIllf0ll DIWIIII IIIII IIIS fafllil' DBSIQIIIIIQ ZIYDIZIIES malIeS Dal' Ill S Ilfe EHjOYI'HeHt Said CIlHtOH Dal"WlH WaS tHe l'eaSOH he SDeHt hours SOI'HetIH1eS days aHCI eVeH l'HOHtHS DUIIOIHQ I'HOCIeI all' DIaHeS It QIVeS YOU a feeIIHQ of Qfeat SUCCESS sand Daf'WIH WHeH YOU See WHat YOU ve DeeH WOFKIHQ OH for SO IOHQ tHeH tHe CIaY COl'HeS WHeH all tHe work DaYS Off aHCI tHe DIaHe fIIeS just IIKe YOU CII"eal'HeCI It would DaI'WIH, who IS IH DaI'tHel"SHID WltH HIS fathel' HaS DeeH DUIICI IHQ l'aCIIO aHd eHQIHe DOWel"eCI DIaHeS fOl' about a Yeal' aHCI a half BY WatCHIHQ OtHel' people fIY tHeII' all'CI'aft, DaI'WlH aHCI HIS fatHeI' have COHC1UeI'eCI tHe aft of fIYlHQ aHCI DUIICIIHQ HaVIHQ DUIIt fOUI' all'DIaHeS aIl'eaCIY, tHell' HeWeSt Cl'eatIOH IS Called aH "eaQIet " WHeH COI'HDIeteCI, tHIS flftH H'laStel"DIeCe WIII be eH QiHe-DOWel"eCI aHCI have a 54-IHCH WIHQ SDaH. Ail'DIaHe DUIICIIHQ CaH also be a verv COI'HDetItIVe HODDY, aC- COI'diI'1Q to Darwin. In the COITlDat COYIIZSSIZS, which are held at tHe OUtel' LOCII city IIITlitS, two people get tHeII' best aIl'DIaHeS aHd they tie a 100-foot Stl'eaH'Iel' to tHe tail of their OWH DIaHe. Aftel' this tHeY put tHeil' DIaHeS IHtO aCtIOH aHCI tl'Y to CUt Off their ODDOHeHt'S StI'eaI'HeI', like a Hal"H'IIeSS aerial CIOQ fIQHt. WHOeVeI' cuts his ODDOHeHt'S streamer Off first is tHeH Cie- CIal'ed WiHHel". AIOHQ with DeiHQ aH aII'DIaHe builder, Dal'WIH is a Vel'Y iHteHSe l"OCKet DUiICIel' too. WHeH HOt WOFKIHQ OH ail"DIaHeS aHCI teSt- IHQ, DaFWiH eHiOYS SeHCIIHQ UD his I"OCKetS. "I aH'l quite iHVOIVeCI IH air vehicles, DUt I I'eaIIY eHjOY It aHd it helps me by just KHOWIHQ a little about tHe world I live IH, " said Dal'WIH. 'NRIIIQNH ,I 32, ,Ss ,Y pg, ,W jg, A :C D li ,,.. A .,, C fi ,,n,,..,,.. li A .,., m- 1 L if 1 i- C, ,v- H Q'-.. ,QL ., 1 f 3 .4 x 95 xl C 2 I 'iv W V fm ! V :mx , , L, i ,W , fix Jf, f g.h ,. :fi QQ, 3 , 3 ag I I . , il Yin - 'V f , x iw ,E 1 ,ff , e i H ww Qm V .AV,,, K -We Z, V , 1 ,,AA ,.,- . :-,1 , f 1 li 2 w 7 f fix Q 5 V. f ji f' +211 x F ' X 51 i 4 'Xxx MQW? wfsiizfiz -, ' Af f, if 1 d is C I C Ki' D K ,. ,W ff i . ..,,. ,, ,, :V new Wvyffiz, :, :Q:Wf?ds:" 'kwzisim , Paul Clark TOdd Clark LiSa Cline Brvson Cobb Kimberly Cole Shelly C0llier BrUC6 COlllnS Robert Collins Kimberlie Conner Pedr0 COntreraS Tammie Cooper Carmen COrteZ Herman Crabb MiCnael CraWfOrCl Stephanie Crawford Daniel CrOWn0Ver Tracv Cummings Fave Cunningham James Curda Clinton Darwin David Davis Shelby Dean Candace DeCiCCO Gerald DeCiCCO David DeQrammOnt CarlOS DelaO David DeIBarDa Jason DeROllO Nlarfln DiaZ TraVlS Di DOnatO Kimberly DiIdeV Robin Dillard Michelle Dilley Daren DOerr LOrralne DOVIe JUUV Drennan Craig Duck GeOrQe DUenaS MiCl'iael Duffy Arfnur DUiVenVOOrdE ir-ww, i nys f, 2 Q ix l lVlarC Dumlao David DUnCan John DUnn Jodi DutCher Cheryl Dvmond Sharon Ehler Kim EiSner JOl'ln Elson +1 TnereSa ElStOn Robert Englent Joe ESfraCla Dianne Evans ErlC Everhard Doug Ezell Amie Farinella .Frank Farran FreSl'lmen 1 13. -Q 2 X Q. 'WX 1 W Q X -5- Ng- Y R X N1 Q gf Q1 X A Nt ww K H--.. 4.11-: -12i'?s. , X---11.1.11 f W - -an 9 is X 5 ilk . N 1 - sei Y ' ss-- X- S 5. . ,gf 35 ::, .,Q, X ..x,..:,, x -ef.-:.':i s--,. , , X S 1 E m.,1 tv S E 13 X SQ --gy . - --fm- .iii , K, + M SM? ggi-4. wxiw gf 9 s S Y X i Y Q X E -55 , 25 . 55, :..,,E L S s f Z E N y f 2 vp. : :- Hx -, wif- if--fiiifife ' 2 f 'Y -Q X x -x ...,s .. ,' .-:ii 5 'W ss? he fix S 55 65 i Q S s fs S Q S ,-fiifli'--fi .: X :S ., if 'N '- S . .. If X , - ' - . ':I:f55':r.."E5:,-,L ' 'b - A - A :... ..:-.x,... K , ,:. A -' ' --L, ggh. L ,V::,,.:: as ,L,. . it . -Ts' . A - -, A -- ---- -' ---- - -1 5 ' 2 ' -fi r . Q 11135513 i?5"f.5f:5' :7f:IZ1"b.:Q5Ifuf fb - -55,3 Q--L.: 2 Q sv X1 ' N ifimf. - .7 f'i--"'f'i- 'M 1' Q g il A - W' ' , Q X Es Rf 5 X --S? - X N 1, 'Y if ii L2 -3 i zlsm i- 1 F Q L 5 k-.. A N Q an X Q 1 S S315 YZ 3' 3 -- L-6 an A -E w -N 4- -- ' 'wflhfi l .. ,.-- Sas- X nk W.-Ei .f . --- . X- 1 SS-I .- -wg-. S X 1 M. -X xi QQ S f S x ww S X X Q Xf six 5 f is X, -it S K Psi f As- ' 4, 45 -- 'fb - 'fig-z R X K S X x KE A -LF 2 3 i ..-k pggxis ff Q . .5336 X wr am X X 5 YY Q Q, N X 3 .QI 24 K: . 5 35 5 'Y' Q + N Q 'RS' r J X S Nllll Glly IIGIIIS KIIIIIIGIIY Dlllley lltll I I0lll'IlallSIll 3SSlgllll'lEllf Fl'BSlllIlall ll0lllllteEl'S llelll 85 ll0Sllltal allle When mV Qfandfathel' WaS In the hOSDItal l checked IntO candy Stl'IDInQ lm planning to entel' lntO the medICal field and l want to galn eXDef'IenCe WOI'KInQ In a medlCal faCIlltV stated freshman Nlna Gray SlnCe IaSt DeCemDel' Gl'aV has been a VOlUntaI"V candy Stl'IDeI' at St JOSeDl'l S HOSDltal lrl StOCktOl'l Hel' dUtleS ll'lCludeCl talking to DatIentS delIVeI'lnQ neWSDaDeI'S and maQaZIneS to DatIentS and dOlnQ some hOSDItal DOOK work Gl"aV worked about two hours eVel'V Othel' SatUl"daV fl"Om 9 11 a m ACCOl"dInQ to Gl'aV a candv Stflpel' makes the Datlent S StaV at the hOSDltal a little more Dearable She added that In Ofdel' tO be a CandV StI'IDeI', one haS to be DetWeen the ages of 14 and 18 Veal'S old, and have a l'eCOl'd of good grades, at tendance and Chal'aCtel' PlaVInQ CatChel' and thlfd base With the POl't CItV lVlajOl' LeaQUe softball team and aCtInQ al"e SOme of nel' Othel' In tel'eStS She hODeS to study DSYChOlOQV at PeDDeI"dlne UnIVel'SI tV, and COntInUe her career In aCtInQ ' ' ,g I. J' ",, "k- f f- ,figs 'u 115 71 :3 11 455 4, 'Z W 'f y V W1't 1 Q " 2 ff ' l 'Q :Q . I A , y aff 7, I u X W 7 Q C N' .N 5 ? Y, . UE .. - . . 2 . . , ' . . ' . . MLM' f ' , , I ff - ., . . . . . ,, Y 1 - I I g A . , I I I J 12 'Z , 1 Q Z I ' ' ' ' ' f ' . . . ' . . al . ' . ' 1 g 7 f 4 j , - . . . , 1 . . , I . . 'Bare .MVK I My WN l g N ,1.1 1 3 ff-N.. Natalie Fal'I'OW Tel'eSa Faulknel' CaI"la Feffel' Mal'V Fertig Willard FieldS William Finch Patl'lCK FinleV David FiSChel' LVnette FlSCnef' Kal'l'ie FlSheF RObeI't FlShel' TOnYa FlStOlel'a Stephen Fleming DieQO Flores Elias FlOf'eS SnaWn FlOWel'S lVlOnte FOl'KaS Chl"iStODnel' Ff'anCO Amy Ffeeman RlChal'd Ffeeman RObel't Fl'eitaS Shawn FI"eV Susan FI"eV Patl'lCia Friedbefgel' Javmes Fl'0St Vicki GailOl' Gl'eQQ GaineS H0neV Cale D0l'a Gallnd0 Jeffrey Gallagher Frank Gallego Kathleen Gallup Angela Garcia Dafln GaI'Cia LOUle Gal'Cla Mark Gal'Cia T0dd Garcia ROnald Cardnel' JOe GaI'niCa Gal'V Gatlirlg Gina Gatti Mark Geal'V Michelle GeiSel't GFGQOFV Genereux DOUQlaS GeSSell Jason GiDDS Ronald C-ibb5 Kanwaljit Gill Brian Girsh Joseph GiLlSti WendV Glover Hel'Del't COehl'lnQ Katherine Gonzales TOdd GOre Deborah COtSChall Monique GOVette Freshmen . ,,.: L S -gs , 3 sh, K SAG sg sf ' -SPE ii- Eiifsxhs. il-5, ' " 'WE' ' 335 fu f: fs :- nr I .Sw , QW S if I M35 X s .K DIBSSEII Ill IIE! 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Tanyeer Khan-FarOUqI Michelle Kiiby Young Kim Terry King John Kiflter Duane Kirkland RiCrlard Kiipfel Jana Knight Stacie Kl1iSelV S Frankie KOStiQ Kimberly Kraft Grace Labatad S. PatriCia Lambiy . Georgina Land 'QTY ,A if tffg My Qu t i Manolito LarOZa ,Q Scott Larsen Chris LarSOn Gordon LaSiter Jennifer LaU John LaWrenCe KaO Lee iViaO Lee SCOtt Lee Yee Lee David LeKOia MiCheIie LeI'rIaS Jana Len'lerOnd Josefina LerTiUS LaUra Len'1US Julie Leno riie it eiea Peter Leona rdini Paula Light V Trina Lillard j Kristvn Ling nl Scott Litzenberg eer Kerio V :QV Xia Lo Xiong L0 Freshmen Shelly Kornegev l VV Christopher LarOSa RiCK LaUber1StEirl MiCnaei LaLlderdaie iii? W 'iw 1919 fri ', f i N Ei' s ' S' 1 Stlllllllg il ballet D086 IS Tamaflla Stllll Ballet Clalliel' VBZYIIS f0l' aitlllg lll'0fESSl0lI Ballet lazz ahd aCtlhQ are thI'ee hODDIeS that 'lllVeal' old Tamatha Stull ehjOVS ClUl'll'lQ hel' SDal'e tII'he StUll Degah hel' fII"St ballet lesson three Veal'S ago at the Sah JO3ClUIr1 COl'1CeI't Ballet School located at the old StOCktOl'l High School She had el'fOl'l'heCl Ih the annual NLltCl'aCKel' lh all of ner three Ve8l'S f ballet ThIS Veal' she ClahCeCl the Dal"tS of QOVeFl'leSS flOWel" ahd ShOWflaKe Stllll took UD jaZZ ClahCIhQ laSt AUgUSt at the Same ballet school Ehtel'IhQ Tokav Stull DeCal'he lhtel'eSteCl Ih aCtIhQ She took UD Cll"al'ha ClaSS and WaS I"eWal'deCl a Dal"t Ih the SChOOl DlaV The BOVfl'IehCl Hel' malh Ihtel'eSt hOW IS Ih aCtIhQ DUt Stull COh tIhUeS to take ballet Ballet helps KeeD h'lV DOClV Ql'aCefUl and Dl'eDal'e me fOl' aCtlhQ stated Stull The fI"eShlTlah fOl'eSeeS a Dl'lQht fLltUl'e lh fl'Oht of hel' Hel' alTlDltlOh is to be able to Del'fOl'l'h Dl'OfeSSlOl'lallV Oh Bl'OadWaV Ol' teleViSiOl'l. lll D t ,L -if W 'R . ,H Pt -,L l i Mag.. ,, ' A QQ? 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YOU l'laVe to be in tne Flgnt place at tne l'lgnt time aCCOl'dlng to NIV. Kinkade. Ze? Mm f ff! Tim Patel 1, V "2. 1 f,, Fl'eSnn1en Tammy Nannizzi Donald Naugle Jeffrey Naver Eric Nelson David NeUStadt HOllV Nevares Richard Newson Suv Nguon PnUOng NgUVen Thai NgUVen Thai NgUVen TI"aC NgUVen RObeI't NOl'tI'l Dian NOVelIl DaVid NUnnel'V KeI'l"V 0'Bl'lOn Steve Odowcl DOl'0tnV Ohearn CnI'iStlne OldS NanCV Olmos LlSa Oregon Paul Ortega Gerald OStel'lOh DOUglaS OStlel" Christine Owen Anna Padilla Nlelanv Pagala Vincent Panzarino Svlvia Park Maritza Passano Stephen Passev DOl'nlnlC1Ue Patt Jeffrey Pattel'SOn TI"aCV PaUl lVlattneW PaUlIn Vel'OniCa Pena Patl'lCia Penclergrass Louis PennOW PaUla Pel'eZ AnClI'eW Petel'SOn Renee Petel"SOn RnOnda Pnal'eS lVlanitOng Pl'IaVannnaVOng Pl'lltSan'laV Phavson Shelly PhilllDS Stephanie PnIllIDS Befnadlne Plel'Ce Amv Plrlkllam John Pock Debbie Polhernus Douglas Poole Anita Porter Angie Potkav Michael POWell Serbrina Price Flllllg IIBIIGIS If flli l0dl MGIIIUIIII ll0Slllfll ls MINI! BIIIIQES BYICIQES IOIIIS fllgefllel' ballet Calilly Sffllllllg Ballet and CahdV Strlplhg take a large Chljhk of tlme out of freshman Nlafhe Bl"IdQeS WeeKlV schedule BI"IdQeS haS been IhVOlVed Ih ballet for about thI"ee years ahd she hasjust fIhIShed hel' fIl'St Veal' Of CahdV Stl'lDlhQ at LOdI lVlemOI'lal HOSDItal Ballet WaS Vel'V tlme COhSUI'T1lhQ fOI' Bl'IdQeS because of the humbel' of classes she belOhQed to She took classes three tIIT1eS a week ff'Oh'l JeSSelVh PeaI'SOh ballet IhStl'UCtOf' EaCh ClaSS WaS 90 mIhUteS lOhQ BI'IdQeS haS been tWII"lIhQ Oh her tOe shoes fOI" aD Dl'OXlmatelV 18 h'lOhthS NUmef'OUS ballet I'eCItalS as Well as a Del'fOFmahCe of SHOW white COmDI'ISed SOh'1e of the Dl"0QI'amS she has danced Ih AS for candy StI"IDIhQ BI'IdQeS Sald It sounded lIKe fUh S0 I Slghed UD She beCaI'Tle a full fledged Stflbel' after a fOUI" hOUl' tralhlhg SeSSIOh Df'OVlded by the hOSDItal Bf'IdQeS eXDlaIhed that she had not COhSIdef'ed ballet Of' hOSDItal WOFK as fUtUI'e CaI"eef'S ,, gf 5i: V ,,,. 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's-8 lilly Bfallfiilll WINES lllS fl'3VBlS to Gayllll 10llllSOIl Bfallflelll fBSEal'CllBS lIlSf2ll1IIlV S lIISf0W Geneologv naS kept LafTV Bradfield HiSt0I'V inStf'UCtOl' busy for OVel" five years. ACCOI'dinQ to NIT. Bfadfield it WaS the T.V. show ROOtS that 9012 him tninKinQ about where hls Qfeat-Qfandfatnef Came fl"Of'n. He started his research at liDl'af'ieS around LOdi. He has been tO Salt Lake City fOUI' times and to Ohio and PennSVlVania once eaCn. He eStiI'nateS that he naS spent tnOUSandS of dollars in his f'eSeaI'Cn SO far. Nil" Bfadfield has investigated all tne WaV back to 1712 in this COUntI'V and he would like to Q0 to ireland England and SCOiC- land, where he tninKS tne Bradfield line originated. Wnen asked nOW fal' he DlanS to continue his SeaI'Cn, he said "YOU neVel" stop. Tnere is alWaVS anOtnef' QeneI'atiOn ahead of anOtnel' generation." He also plans to write what he naS learn- ed i1nUS far fOI' his family. NIV. Bradfield says that he I"eallV enjoys his nobnv and naS leafned much fI'OI'n it. He nignly I"eCOI'nn'1endS it for anyone intel'eSted in niStOI'V. i W ww , V. .,-21 I 1'Zfi'f1L3 M2572 f.. 1 zum, K 1 ,LiLL,,LL,, ,,. ,A 1 ,,.V,,, H W .. fl 1 1' A .,, f 2:4 K 1 - 1 ' . H - if: 1, 1 H 1 M1 111,-f, 1 1 lm, fam at A II fl mg ff , 1 Q W W 2 15' f ma f1A111m.f, .15 1 .1 ,.v ,2 .,,.,1r -,W ' 2 9 . .. ef . . 6 J 111 L- 11 gy , 1 E l V "" , 15, , ,Q ' LW? ,gi-5 . 1 QQ ' f A "'-- W' f 1 1 ,,,, 11 1 e l l 1 1 fu'."Ei ,cm A f 1 ' 3"'2 , f s . 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T: X -QM mwvxw C0l'lCBIlfI'3flll9 Oil llel' Sllllef QUIZ lllIESfI0ll IS SQIIIOI' Tallllfi Cox I-lCa!lElIlIC !lECaflllBtBS fIllISll f0lll'tll III Cllllllty team took fOl.lrtn In NOVemDel' S ACaClemIC DeCatl'llOn DUl'Ing the contest Wl"IICn took place at Stagg Hlgn SCnOOl 'IO local nlgn SCl"lOOl teams competed In 'IO different aCaClemlC CategOl'IeS matnematICS SCIenCe eCOnOmICS fine arts EnglISn lItel'atUI'e essay speech Intel'VIeW United States nIStOl'V and SLlDel' QUIZ HOUSIng WaS the theme of the Sllpel' QUIZ WnlCn WaS the laSt tle DI"eaKIng challenge TOKaV students Dl"eDal'eCl OVeI' a month In advance for tnIS ClaV by meeting eVenIngS and weekends Pal"tIClDatIng Wel'e LInCla RODInSOn and Fl'eCll'IK Gl'Omel' VaI'SItV and Catnerlne Westfall and KImDel'lV BeeDV SCnOlal' and Tamara Cox and Angela Gal'CIa honor EnglISn teaCneI' Samuel HatCn coached the team lVlemDel'S CleSCl'lDeCl the ACademIC Decathlon as tense and COmDetItIVe SeVel'al members WOn InClIVIdUal awards at tne end of tne day Wltn RODInSOn and Beebv Wlnnlng fIl"St place OVel'all In tnell' l'eSDeCtIVe CategOI'IeS I 5 O l O C C Making tnell' sepond SnOWlng in tne Qountv event, TolZav's Kneang Vorng lVllCnael Wade KeVln WaICOtt NanCV WalCUtt lan WalKeI" John Walker Jeffrey Walter John WalterS Cheryl Washington Brian Watkins MiCnael Wayte Diane Webb She-rrV Wells John WeSt Stepnanle Wneelel' Lisa Wnite Geraldine WnltneV Derek Wnitten VeI'OnlCa WnlttlngtOn Anissa WilKinS Anissa Williams Esther Willian'15 John Willian1S Melinda WilliarnS MiCnael Williams LeSlie Willie Al'leV Willingham Mark WllS0n Paul WllS0n Caf'OlVn Wimberlv Shawn Woolf Alan Wooten John Wordlaw DaVe WOlTell Roesanna WVICK Karen YamaSnlta HUe Yang Celestino YDaf'l"a ROClneV YOUng Cathy Zamora Fl'eSnmen Grllll REZIIEI' malles tl'8llElS thl'0llyll0llt Dlltl ill 1985 DYAI7Qela CaI'Cfa Death rahg throughout the world lh four major events which shook the hatiOhS dur- lhg the year. The fil'St was the death of people trapped lh what Seem- ed to be a vacuum of never- ending conflict ih the Middle East. AlthOugh SOme advances toward peace were made with the evacuation Of the PaleStlrllah LlDeratlOh Orgahl- ZatiOh lPLOl from West Beirut, LeDarlOh, lh September. lt WaS eStlmated that mOre thah 17,000 LebaheSe ahd PaleSti- hiahS had been killed ih the country since the lhVaSlOh De- Qah. By the time the eXOdUS WaS completed, more than 'l'l,000 PaleStlhlahS had Deeh evacuated from LeDahOh arld 3,625 Syrian SOldiel'S had Deerl moved by COhVOV from WeSt Beirut to the Bekaa Valley ih LeDaDOh. Yet the crisis WaS far from over. Just when LeDahOh had ap- peared to be emerglrlg at laSt from War ahd the dOmlhatiOh Of the PLO, a bomb killed Ba- Shlr Gemayel, Lel3ahOh'S presi- deht-eleCtj a massacre of as mahV as -400 PaleStlhlarlS fol- lOWed, not OhlV killing people DUt alSO deStrOVlhQ the hope of SOlVihQ the war-torn ha- tion's DrODlemS. The refugee massacre by Lebabese ChrlS- tlah forces prompted the lS- raeli government to send armed forces into Muslim- dominated West Beirut in mid- September after the assas- sination ofoemavel. l Fihally, ih what Time maga- zine called "A pinch of pro- gress," lSrael and Lebanon agreed on an agenda. This modest advance revived a small hope when diplomatic progress lh the Middle East WaS practically hOh-eXlSteht. The SeCOhd WaS the death Of over two years of SOlidarltV in POlahd. LaStlhQ from AU- gust 1980 to OCtObel' 1982, SOI- idarity WaS the nine million member lhdeperlderlt UhlOh federation that for nine mOl'lthS had shaken the ehtire SOVlet bloc with ltS CrV for freedom. After SeVeral VlOleht demOrlStratlOhS of deflahCer ahd Dl'O-SOlidal'itV l'i0tS involv- ing tear gas and bullets, an overwhelming vote by Depu- ties decreed the death of SOI- idarity. The vote, approving a sweeping new trade-union law, finished thejob that Gen- eral Wojcuch Jaruzelski had begun when he imposed mar- tial law and suspended Soli- darity in December 1981. Parli- ament outlawed not only SOI- idarity but all other existing labor organizations as well, Clearlhg the way for a new set of factory-based unions that the government clearly ih- tends to control. lh short, this was one of the 20th century's most extra- Ordlharv political experi- ments, ah attempt to wed democracy ahd COmmUhlSm. The attempt Degah to die when QOVerhmeht resistance to reforms fOrCed SOlldarltV'S leaders into an increasingly l'adiCal position. Finally with unions in effect challenging the exclusive rule of the par- ty, General Jaruzelski seized military control of the gov- ernment, swept away short- lived freedoms, suspended unions, and detained several thOUSal'1d Solidarity leadel'S and supporters. , The third major event was the death of a coalition gov- ernment in West Germany when the battle over the de- teriorating West German economy forced Chancellor Helmut SCl1rTlidt to Call new elections in September. A member of the Social Demo- cratic Party, SChlTlidt hoped that through this, he COUld use his power of incumbency and personal popularity to obstruct the opposing Chris- tian Democratic party's rise to power. But the plan failed, in OCtO- ber, Opposition leader Helmut Kohl became West Germany's first Christian Democratic Chancellor in 15 vears. All over the world, nations antici- pated the country's future and possible changes in DOli- cy. After only one week in of- fice, the American media pro- vided the public with an il'O- nic description of the man. Kohl was compared to Presi- dent Reagan: folksy and con- servative. When the new chancellor took office, he said he wanted to head a "govern- ment ofthe middle ground." By March, the West German government was back to busi- ness as usual. Chancellor Kohl intended to re-establish the coalition government created six months before when the Free Democrats fled their partnership with Social Demo- cratic Chancellor Schmidt. Kohl also emphasized strong support for the North Atlantic Treaty organization lNATOl and the deplOVlTlel'lt of addi- tional miSSleS in Western Europe if necessary. Perhaps the most impor- tant event of the year, how- ever, was the death of Soviet Union Communist Party lead- er Leonid Brezhnev in No- vember after 'l8 years of rule over the superpower. Time magazine reported, "Half of the world lies open. Brezhnev leaves a vacuum greater than the man who filled it." The Soviet Ul"llOl'1 under- went a seemingly smooth transition as former Russian lf1t6lllQeI"lC6 chief YUl'l Af'lCll'O- DOV succeeded Bl'eZl"ll'l6V to face 8 l"lOSf of economic, poli- tical, and fOl'elQl'1 p0liCV DFO- blems. As Brezhnev was buried, Andropov moved quickly and confidently to show he was in charge. At the funeral, the new leader met 32 heads of state, 'l5 prime ministers, and four princes. vice president George Bush and Secretary of State George Sl'lUltZ . attended the ceremonies. Although Kremlinologists were still undecided about the new regime, no major changes in policy were ex- pected from Andropov by December. Yet, even as 1983 began, it was too soon to know how much had changed in Moscow. Hope and appre- hension were reflected as the world paused in anticipation. Where one thing ends, ano- ther must begin. And so death can bring the birth of new hope for the future. ln the Mid-East, Poland, West Ger- many, and the soviet Union,- peODleS of the world have ex- perienced this natural process of change in different terms: deaths of people, organiza- tions, governments, and lead- ers. But the future brings fur- ther change, more sudden and often more frightening than ever before. For one of the greatest fears of the people of the world today is death through nuclear war, which could oc- cur at any time...with the push ofa button. 1. F0l'llllll9 3 Dllllllll Ill Gdlllill ls 3 Illflllllllflly IIOIICG f0fCE. 2. Piylllg fllill' l3Sf l'ESP8CfS to BISIIII' Gallllyel IIB the DEOIIIQ Df Bllflya. 5. l60Illll Blelllllell addresses I QI'0lIll of YOIIIIQ COIlIl1lIllllSf Plffy IIIGIIIIIEIS. 4. Hellllllf KUIII ls Wllgfafllllfed by IllllIlI'8l'S. 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See VOU SOOn l'nV friends! Until tOlTiOl'l'OW. WWW Audrey Ogawa TOKZV '83 EClil2Ol'-in-Chief TOKBY staff EClltOf'-ln-Chief ......... AUOTGV OQaWa Managing EdltOl' ..... Michael SnODD6l Sports EdltOl' ............... El"lC Gibbs Copy EOltOf' ........,........... Jay Fry Head PnOtOQf'aDl1El' ....... BOD Korock PhOt0 ASSlQnI'n6nf 6dlfOf'.lUn9 Hartley Pl'1OtOQl'aDl'ief'S ............ Kirk FELZGF Taf'V Landrum, James Nllllef' ll"ld6X ECllt0l'S ......... lVllCnell6 LODatO Lynnea HaUSlEl' Page EdltOl'S ......... Tal'nfT1V Adameli, Tafa Beeman, Nlatfnew C6l'n6V, LiSa CnOV, Angela Gal'Cla, Snal'Ol Hatlef, Valerie Hel'nanClSZ, Dal'l'6n LOV6CCl'ilO, Cl'Il'iStil'ie Miller, Craig Powell, Phillip RitCl'lie, Brett RODEITS, ROQEF SIIOCK, Todo vvmis, Annabelle uclo, Yu Yee Pflntef' .............. RlCl'ial'd lVl6del'lOS cn n Yee Paste-up ................... e 9 Adviser .................... Roger Woo SPECIAL THANKS The Tokay '83 staff would like to thank the following: Christopher L. watson for the cover design and graphics, Randy Lee and David Louie for special background photos and front cover photo, the AG spanos Jet Center for the air- plane photo in the opening theme section, Les Peterson for his patience and under- standing, Stephen K. Thom- pson for the use of his language on the Editor's Note, and to Nlr. Roger Woo for a good year of his life. Editor's Note 1111 1 111111111111 11111: Q11 1111 111111111111111111111 111111111111111111 1111111111111 111111111 1111 111 1111111 " ,.,. W 111113 Www... X811 1 1 1111 1111111 ' QWNQ1 111V'tK1111 111111 ADFBHGITISOT1 Pfmting 15-A W. Pine St. 569-4591 AVENUE DFUQ StOI'E 512 S.F3iI'rT1Ol'1lZ 568-2688 Bingham of StOCk'COl'1 7556 Pacific Ave. 477-2654 BFUCE BEl'1I'1il'lQEI' D.D.S. 4554 Pl'ECiSS1 Ln. 478 5167 BUI'tOl'1 S SHOES 17 W Pine St 9 554 6822 og Sammi E52 s 3 957 9500 t I - FamuIyPIahhung dustrlal Wav s"d 9 'lf' GW 0' Kurt PHIIIIDS S W fu f s Q Q9 O JQPHV t JEITV Cook Pl"lOtOQl'3Dl'lV 224 W. Pine St. 568-4655 John Swingle Photography. 704 W. Swain 478-1278 KiiI'lO'S FIOWEI' Shop 527 W. Lodi Ave. 369-1071 The Music Box 145 L3keWOOd Nlall 569-8441 lVlVStEI'V StOf'ES 729 N. WilSOl1 WBV 948-2000 7555 P3CifiC Ave. 951-5100 Specialized Clutch 84 BFZKE CO. 2455 E. IVIiI1eI' 945-7475 Standerd HODDieS 1521 W. LOCKefOI'd St., LOCIi H3ITlI'T1EI' RHHCH CEI'1tEf' StOCk1ZOI'1 SWee1I Delite YOQUIT SHODDE 7616 Pacific Ave. 478-6586 Valley DiSU'ibUtiI'1g 2455 E. IVliI'leI' 945-2515 VHIEIQE Pl'1OtOQl'3Dl"lV 110 S. 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Sfellllell 22, 25, 126, 127, 272 Belllifll, MISS Millll 116 Belly, COIBEII 257 Belly, Rlilllfd 277 B6l'fl'0Cll, Dil! 257 B8ffl'0Cll, l7eIlIllS 207 Beffelltellrf, Mltllael 277 Bldller, lllckle 279 BleleIeSlll, Kllllllerly 48, 207 Blefll, lleSa 279 Blefll, Tllla 257 Blggs, Seall 152, 175, 279 BllllIlgS, Keltll 255 BllllllgS, Kelly 257 BllllllgSley, Mltllele 279 Bllldl, Mltllael 187, 257 Blrd, Martl 257 Blrdlell, Jeffrey 181, 257 BlSla, Tallllder 71, 149, 279 Black, CllrlStllle 257 Bl3CK, Jeffrey 207 BlaCK, Sllalll 207 BlatK, 5felleII 207 Blalr, D3Klll 257 Blalle, Jer0lrle 178, 257 Bllllilllfll, llldld 257 Bleyl, Jeffrey 149, 279 Bl0CK, Karl 255 B0llr0yI, Kelly 255 B0lJr0Vl, Marll 257 Bocchlaro, T0lll 144, 145, 255 Bona, Michael 255 B0dfleId, Jlllle 207 Bddllle, DelllllS 255 Boggs, Julle 75 B0leS, Mltllelle 257 Bellllg, Rex 115, 207 Bolt, Mrs. Rebecca 150, 254 Bdlyard, Ddllya 207 Belyard, llallty 257 Bdllllalll, Cralg 152, 175, 279 B00teS, Kelly 255 Booth, Joyce 255 Bdllray, J0llIl 207 Borgens, lawrence 257 Borges, Jlll 279 Borra, Stephen 257 Bosserman, Llsa 279 Bosserman, rerrl 207 Botts, Sllerrl 46, 207 B0lIma, Welldy 279 Bdlrle, Brlall 257 Bowen, Susan 279 Boyce, Anthony 207 Boyd, Rlchard 105 Bozzelll, Belllly 255 Bellle, Pafrltla 257 Bralillett, Cara 279 Bradllllry, Ella 207 Braden, Mrs. Anne 88, 116, 117, 144 Bradell, Brad 158, 161, 162, 257 8l'allSCllIll, Ellllly 255 B 5 e e. 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Larry 126, 296 Bradley, Elllalletll 279 Bl'3llSll8W, wEllllY 279 Branch, Dustin 47, 185, 279 8l'allClIEl, Scott 257 Blallll, DEIIIIIE 255 Blallll, Fl'allClIlE 257 Brallll, Wllllalll 207 Blalll, Ml. l7alE 111 Bl'Ea1lEal, l7Elll!lE 257 BIEWEI, lllllllel' 207 Bl'IdgeS, Maflle 47, 279, 292 Bllell, Sllallda 25, 89, 207 Bflllll, Jeff 47, 257 Blltt, Mlgllel 279 Bflttalll, Jeffrey 255 8l'00lS, ll8I'Ell 279 8I'00KS, llEllEE 279 810055, ll8ll3llE8IlE 72 8l'0lll, lllllll'E 255 8l0lll, AIIQEII 46, 56, 257 8I'0Ill, 8l'0lIl, 8l'0lIl, , Kathryn 209 BI'0HIl, , Redlley 257 DElllllCE 255 0elllllS 279 Elleell 66 ' Pallll 189, 209 Bl'0lNIl, Salldla 255 Brownlng, Donny 279 srumage, Terry 255 Bfllia, Jeff 140, 164, 165 255 BWSOII, J0dI 276, 279 Bryson, Joey 257 Buchanan, John 255 Bllell, MICIlael 279 Bllgela LMI 257 Buhaglar, Chrls 257 Buhrlluhl, Laura 257 Bllllllllllll, Tlllldtlly 209 Blll Deallll 257 Blll llallll 257 Burge, Jerry 257 Burke, Tanya 257 Bllrllett, Robert 178, 257 Bllll, .lallet 195, 257 Burr, Jeffrey 209 Burr, llllchael 279 Burroughs, llatalle 279 BIIIIOVJS, MI. Gllbert 156, 157 Blll'f0Il,1alt 279 Busarow, David 257 Bllill, Malll 257 BIISII, lllICllaeI 209 Bussey, lllr. lee 128 Blltlel, Erlc 189, 279 Byrd, Rdllllle 279 Byllle, D3Vlll 209 Byrne, Kimberly 257 ByI'lleS, Tlllldtlly 178 BVIOII, Jeffrey 257 Byron, Jon 209 Callatllallg, lll0lIlSl0 237 CalJaCCalll, FellCldad 47,- 279 Callatlt, Rlltll 257 Calllal, Dallld 209, 221 Caglle, Clalldla 106 CaIllDa5, Patrlcla 279 Calllplbll, Palll 178, 257 CalllP0l'3, El'llESt 149, 170, 279 Canclo, Lorna 17, 19, 129, 204, 209 Cano, Susan 84 Cantanzarlte, Wilma 115 Carey, Mr. Thomas 109 Carll, Suzl 257 Callley, Ml. leldy 18, 22, 26, 201 Cll'lISO, C8tllElllIE 100 Callllll, Catllelllle 257 Clllllalll, llEllIlEtll 279 Caraway, DaUld 257 Callllll, Mltllelle 257 Cifllll, YU0lIIlE 257 C8I'lSOIl, Patllll 279 C3l'll'llClIlEl, l.0l'l 279 Caflllllll, PEt8l 178, 181, 257, 270 Cll'IlEIltEl', Ml. llfflllll' 155 C8llI8llfEl', Blllll 257 Call, Stellell 209 Calldll, EdIllIl 209 Calroll, JEITY 279 Cll'I'llESCO, l0SElll 189, 279 Carson, Clndy 46, 145, 257 C8l'tEf, Clllli 257 Caltwflgllt, Darrell 279 C35llElIl0, 80lIlW 189, 279 CISEY, Jill 279 CISSEUIY, Scott 209 C3SSldY, C8l'0llllE 257 Cl5f3llEd8, lla 279 C8SfEllalIOS, llllss AIICe 122, 125 1. With a lift of the t0iIet Seat, Matthew Cerlley gEtS tllE Cl'0lllId l'Eady f0l' I T0llaY CllEEf. 2. lost fl'ESlIIllElI 0l'lElltatE themselves to tllE CaIlllllIS llllltll tllE llElD of tllE IIEWIY C0llSfflICtEd Path- fllldEI'S. 5. DESDltE llEaW C0llEI'8gE, ll0llEl't lEWlS lllallES 8 SEllSatl0llal Catlll a9allISt DOWIIEY. , Caitellada, glllllll 97 Clall, MI. Barry 128 Castro, Ran y 257 Clarlr, Bryan 77, 209 Cates, Mrs. Joyce 128 Clarlr, Jason 257 CIWGITI. Tflldl 257 Clark, Jerri 279 celestine, Conrad 219 clark, Judy zos Celestine, Karen 279 crm, yen 219 CEIIIEY, 1aIllES 156, 254 Clark. Mark 231 Sglbllefiallggllii 55. 74. Clark, PatlICl 279 I I Cl I, P I 281 E'I:g:"m 320' 279 Clglk, S::phen 251 ' Clark, Tddd 281 glanllleyr, 118, 152, clayton, Qulntrell 257 una mg 279 Cleere, Joe 257 Chaftee, lllr. lllchartl 154 g""':i:s:1?agg1237 Charbeneau, Robert 279 clog' lf 3' 168 69 Charlton, Nlcole 257 2:7 " " 'el' ' 1 Charres, Scottl 257 Charres, Stanley 257 fggbgngwfgg 158' 170' g'g""- "ml 195' 194' cobn, catherine 174, 257 Chavez Mark 257 Cellll, Mellsia 154, 155, ' 209 cheek, C0llStaIlCE Cochran' Trina 38' Cllelldlllas, lllafllyll 105 209' 217 CMU- JW' 257 Colbert, Tamara 257 CllEl'Ill55, 518lllEY 65, 257 cglg' Klmhgfly 231 Cherrle, Mrs. Romayne gm, nm 251 11m 279 cole, michael 209 - Coleman, Dlana 257 ClIlIdl'eSS, 'lllla 257 mum, gully 281 CIIIIICIIIOIO. Tllll 279 Colllns, Adam 58, 59, 257 32211255557 cnmns, Bruce 149, 116, cnrrstensen, lnn'219 ggmlns Robert 28, Chrlstooher, Jerry 257 mms' Mlm, 209 Chua, Francls 178, 279 Comptia Kathleen 58 CllllCll llllbert 198 199 ' ' F ' ' 257 257 Church, Dennls 257 c"""" 'ma 257 Clllllalla, Illlle 209 Clsneros, Gulllermo 257 Cl5llel0S, Patl'ICla 279 Index COI11181, 1111I1b81118 281 COI111, 1158 257 C011118185, 11181811010 157 CO11118185, P8010 281 CO111181, C11115 71, 209 Cook, 111111 71, 209 Cook, 11111 20, 25, 209 C0O11, 111111810 21, 158, 177, 178, 257 COOII, P8111C11 169, 257 COO115, 8180181 257 C00l181, 1118111 157, 182, 185, 257 C00081, 1811111118 281 C0111811, 0811111 209 CO118I, 1MC11881 209 Cortez, C81111811 281 605111, 811108 257 COS18, 0011118 102 COS18, 518181 257 CO118, 101111110188 152 C0ll1181, K81111lI1 209 CO110811, 101111111 257 Cox, T8I11818 209, 299 C18bb, 1181111811 281 C18b111, 81158 257 C181g, 11119818 257 C18II1, 11I1.18C11155, 170 C18111010, 5181111811 257 C18I110111, C1111511118 257 C18111010, 101111881 42, 45, 281 1 C18I11010, 518181 259 C181l10111, 518111181118 281 C188, 1181811 257 C115l1, RICII810 209 C101100181, 0811181 186, 187, 281 C1111CK5118I1K, 101811881 158, 259 Crusos, Ernest 259 Cruz, Rosemarle 211 Cuarlo, George 46, 117, 259 C11111mI11g5, C11101 257 Cummings, Tracy 102, 170, 171, 180, 281 Cunnlnglram, Faye 281 Cunningham, Susie 82 Curda, James 281 curran, mlcnele 259 0891808, 101C11818 145, 259 081010, 081110 59, 41, 64, 66, 211 081l10110, 6189011 59, 71, 180, 211 081l10110, 11111118118 259 0811181, 6181111 211 0811181, R0b811 66, 257 080, 1180 259 081015, 00119185 259 0811, 0189 18, 66 081l111, CI1I11011 280, 281 0818110011, 018118 259 08115, 081111 47, 281 081115, K8111 259 081115011, 08111115 164, 178, 179 08115011, 6811 257 Dawson, 111111 251 uawson, Patrlcla 211 nean, June 251 uean, um ss, 114, 211 nean, snelhy 174, 281 0881108, 1058 46, 257 oeanua, rmcnael zss neaton, non 211 neaton, Ruby 259 08b8118, 111C110185 259, 267 08C1CCO, C81108128 281 08C1CCO, 681810 281 08918I11I110111, 08110 281 08911lI11811, 8181101510 157 081009, 111118 66, 259 08180, 881105 281 0811181118, 08110 281 0819800, 1181 257 0810181111, 111111 257 0811181110, 10811558 257 081118I11, 118110811 211 081118111, R001181 257 0811111101f, 1111918 46, 178, 194, 195, 259 08111111011, 118511118 46, 47, 75, 74, 211 08I11111, 11811110110 185, 257 0810110, 185011 281 0811111l, 08118118 259 0181, 10811111 281 01, 0011810, T181115 170, 188, 189, 281 01bb18, 18111 259 011081, 11ll11b8111 196, 281, 285 011081, 111811111 174, 257 011I810, ROb11l 281 011181, 1l1IC118118 281 01I11181, 101. R0b811 118, 119 011011, 1811181 48 00b1Ol, 10112118118 211 0OC111811118I1, C1111 149 00811, 081811 281 00I111119l181, 11110188 259 0011811, 111111 100 001I11811, C1181185 24, 157, 211 001111118, Jlm 178, 198, 257 0O5811l11, 11811881259 001I91111, 1118111111 211 00118, 1811181 157, 185, 211 00118, 101181118281 018118, 581101 174, 175 018I111811,1111257 0181111811, 11101 281 010111I1, 101. 101111881 118 008118, 51811 47, 259 0llC, 1.111118 211 011111, C1819 47, 149, 279, 281 01IC018, 51181111 98 01181185, 080198 281 011111, 08111115 211 011111, 101111881 19, 21, 61, 74, 281 01111811100108, 111111111 149, 281 011181, 111819 259 0l1I11180, 10811 281 01111b81, 1111. 11111118111 118 01111C811, 081111 281 01111C811, 0881111 257 01I11CK110151, 181111111 89, 211 0l1I111,101111 170, 281 0111C1181, 1001 281 011118, 1111111881 158, 159, 259 011118, 118118CC8 259 01111011, C8I101C8 211 01111OI1, C11101 259 0l1110I1, 11Ob811 178, 259 01111011, 111011185 85 178, 211 011115, 111118 259 0181, C1819 187, 259 0108, 081110 259 01I110110, C118111 281 8851111811, C1I11511I18 211 881011, 0180181 257 8C11811, T18C1 259 812118111, 811811 211 80118105, 1.0118 211 811181, 51181011 281 81111, 08110 168, 169, 259 8IC11110151, 08b18 259 815081, 111111 281 811118098, 1118118 259 81011098, K8l1I18111 257 81115, P8111 257 8158180, 8851111 211 8158180, 08551118 46, 259 815011, C11101 257 815011, 101111 148, 149, 281 815011, 5181111811 140, 185, 211 815100, 11181858 281 81111181150I1, T18 259 8I1918110, 1100811 811918I11, 1158 259 811918111, 11011811 281 8010501l, 1111118111 118, 259 81b8, 18111818 259 811151, 1015. 111118118 128 81111118, 5118111 259 85C811898, 08110 211 85C011800, 80018 211 850C11800, 111111118111 259 85l11118, 10518 259 8511808, 108 281 8511808, 111I1C8 47, 169, 259 Etcheverry, Michael 157, 180, 211 Evans, manne,zs1 818115. 0011810 176, 178, 211 evans, mrs. 68118 114, 115 818I15,18118189, 211 8118115, 18111118 257 818115, 1111. 1081 126 818115, 11115. 5118118 108 8118115, 181858 257 81181811, 111811 259 818111810, 811C 281 8118111810, M811 259 81m81111, 111CK1 211 81811, 00119 149, 162, 281 F811, 881b818 259 F81111, 811118111 259 8811l1CC111, 11118 16, 18, 201, 211, 225 F811118118, 1111118 281 F81181, 11111110111 211 F81181, 1181111 154, 257 881181, 1011118118 259 F81115I10111l, 111111 259 F811151101111, R1Ch8111 215 F81115l01111, 5811018 48, 257 F811, Susan 215 rarran, Frank 281 F81115, 1811111181 259 F811011, 11818118 285 Fasano, Melissa 259 Faulkner, Teresa 285 F811810, 8181108 259, 285 Fedraw, James 46, 259 F81OC11, 181111 178, 179, 259 Felll, 1811111181 215 FEIKIIIS, KEUIII 259 FEIKIIIS, 1111113111 259 FEIKIIIS, 5118111 215 F8l'111IIl, 511311 64, 66, 215 F819I15011, 611811 215 F8191150l1, 1153 47, 192, 195 F81911S011, 11181853 259 F8118113, H3081 259 F81181, C3113 265 F811810, 10155 5115311 128, 204 F8l'1l9, M311 46, 47, 285 Fetzer, llnry 49, 41, 114, 259 F8118f, Klrl 51, 46, 156 157, 259 118106, 61111511118 89, 215 F18Id5, 111113111 19, 47 158, 285 FIIIII1, T313 46, 259 FIIICI1, 11111113111 285 Flllliy, 11311111 285 FISCIIEI, 0311111 285 F15C1181, 11118118 285 F151181, 8111151001181 176 F1S1l8l', DIWII 215 FISIIEI, 1131118 285 FISIIGI, 11011811 285 F15101813, 101113 285 Fllgg, 111011118 196 FIECK, 11111011 259 Flemlllg, 518011811 285 FIe1C1lEl', Wllliam 105 F10185, 111890 47, 285 F10185, 81135 285 FIUYIEIS, 51IlI1l 149, 285 Flllllllllll, 111618113 259 F013110,1311185 57, 259 F011185, 1015. 51158 150 FM11, 11111118 141, 178, 179, 215 FM11, 1111101110 178, 259 I I F010, M311 215 rorlras, nalrn 19, 20, 51, 99, 71, 259 F01l35, monte 66, 71, 295 roster, Vlllella 89 F0110118118. .135011 259 rerrler, 1111111181181 178, 259 Fi'3IIC15, 1111111 145, 259 rranco, Christopher 177, 178, 285 Franco, Joseph 190, 239 F1311K5, Joey 189 rransen, Kimberly 259 FIISEI, 0011 19, 20, 164, 178, 215 Fredenllurg, Denlse 213 F1811811l581l,101111 259 Fl'El1eI11lS8lI, M8111 215 Freeman, Amy 283 Freellllll, Bllly 186, 261 Freeman, Dayld 261 Freeman, Dlanna 213 Freeman, Richard 283 FI'88lllIll, T000 161, 261 Fl'8l18S, 11011811 285 HEY, 1311113 166, 167 Frey, J0 16 Frey, Shallrn 283 Frey, Susan 283 Frledbefglr, P31I'1t18 195 276, 285 Frledberger, Susan 16, 19 20, 21, 24, 194, 195, 197: 215, FIISII, Kathy 111 FI01I11I19, El1lll'0 261 Froshallg, wendy 261 Frost, Jaymes 283 Fl'lle1l, MI. 00119 117, 158, 168, 169, 174, 175 Fry, 131 55, 45, 46, 47 152, 175, 261 F1Y81, 0l81l001I11 47 F1I811185,11131l 215 FIIIQEIICIO, 08111115 46, 261 Flllllf, FEIICII 259 0311, llnnette 259 Gallor, 111101 285 031085, 01899 47, 285 Galnes, rar. neu 119, 190, 162 0318, 1101181 285 Galglanr, steven 172, 115 63111100 oera 295 Gallagher, Jeffrey 295 Gallarrle, Eugene 259 Gallarue, salrrlna 261 G311890, srlan 159, 261 6311890, 513110 285 Gallup, John 215 Gallup, llatnleen 295 Ganrrnlll, Brlan 140, 141, 142, 190, 161 Ganearz, stephen 259 Garcla, llngela 285 Gartla, llngela nl. 52, 55, 44, 49, 41, 84, 95, 215, 299. 501 Garela, llntonlo 259 Garcla, ceellla 291 631613, 1131111 285 031813, .1311185 105 Gartla, llaren 259 Garela, leule 295 Gartla, luls 159, 215 Garela, 10310 41, 285 Garcla, slraren 259 Garcla, 101111 189, 295 631813, 1018118 261 Gartlrner, lerl 259 Gardner, 141811381 178, 198, 199, 215 G31111181, 11011310 285 031013, 6189011 261 G311113, 1811181 Garnlca, Joe 149, 170, 111, 285 Garrett, 031111 159, 187, 261 G311811, 1311185 261 G211811, 141611381 178, 198, 199. 215 03503, 11118118 45, 48, 215 0355, 5181811 261 Glillllg, Gary 285 68111, 61113 285 681111, 1811185 158, 261 08311, 1113111 158, 285 688, Rose 46, 259 GEISEI1, Mltllelle 285 68Il8181Il, 6189011 285 680198, 11011811 261 6855811, 00119135 285 610175, Erlt 54, 140, 145, 160, 161, 259 610115, 135811 285 GIIIDS, 118118111 285 G1ff0Il1, C010 215 6Iff0111, 081112 47, 261 61186, Gary 215 6111, KBIIVIZIII1 285 GIIIESIIE, MIS. 111118 85, 108 GIISII, Brllll 285 Grrslr, oarrn 150, 172, 175, 259 GI1IS11, 10581111 285 618181, Wendy 285 G10H,13180 259 001131, 513CY 215 000811, 11011118 195, 215 601081, C1319 261, 178 G011I1ll, 82101111 259 600118Y, 101. 13111 126, 127 6081lI'IlI9, 118111811 285 6085, Plllllll 261 G085C1I81, 03l1l 259 6011, KIIIIIIGIII 261 000181, 111101150 179, 199 G0lll81, EI0111l 259 GOI1SI1I8I1, 1113111 215 GOI1l3185, 1111013 261 GOI1l3185, 11311181 261 GOIIIIIES, 111118 259 G011l3185, 113111811118 285 GDIIIIIGS, 1416118118 259 Gonzales, rllllre 140, 215 0011l3185, 111811310 215 Gorlret, Craig 261 Gore, Kllll 291 Gore, rorlu 285 Gerley, norman 259 Gorman, M1.M11I1l381 109 Gotsthall, oelroralr 285 Goyette, Derald 215 GW8118, 1.153 215 GOY8118, 1001119118 47, 285, 284 Grarlrly, scott 159, 186, 187, 261 0131131lI, 0811158 261 0131I3I11, 0189011 259 Grange, rlrnntlry 199, 259 01380, 1.31113 261 Gray, Edward 178, 198, 199, 261 Gray, rennlfer 47, 125, 178. 285 0131, nlna 195, 285, 285 Gray, rony 261 Greaves, John 215 018811, 11381 261 Greenrlelo, rllltnael 259 Greenlng, clayton 259 Greenlee, 1111 259 618811511881, Kelly 259 618000, rrlrs. Carol 109 Greslranr, 1011118118 144, 215 1. 171111118 3110 9010 1131100115 318 C111 10058 111 Drill 183111 111811111815 01111119 3 11311-111118 101111118. 2. 11011811 111855 181181185 018551118 off 1118 08181158 by 110011119 1118 11311 0111 of 1118 9031 3183. 5. 51183111119 of 90315, '10113y'5 Drill 183111 111811111815 11110 50018 393111511118 13110180 111111118 F31111815 of 1111181183 111 3 1101181111181 111110 131581. Index GreIlH0, ldrS. 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J0e 122, 125, 291 Klllllellrel, lleldl 89 Klllybll, llllgell 219 Klrlllarlll, Dllalle 287 Klrlllliirltll, Bret! 178, 265 Klafflle, lllilll 150 Klllle, Pafrltll 160, 161, 114, 219 Kllpfel, names 106 unpfel, mcnam za1 nnpfel, snerry zss xluenuer, Mile zss unepnoff, nonalu zss nmgm, cmisue ze: unlgm, Jlana zs1 umsely, Stacie zsv K0l5ely, 81eye 127 xouenuom, mm 144, ms K0l0eQey, Shelly 77, 287 K0r0Cll, BOD 51, 175, 261, 265 KOS1lC, Frllllle 287 Kraft, Darrel 97 Kraft, Kllllllerly 185, 287 Kle110l80, Tlell0l 285 KrelI11, llllle 265 Kl0K51l0I0, l0ll 48, 218 Kl0K51l'0I0, l0lC08el 285 Klllegel, Brandon 219 Krlleger, l0l'lII 140, 185 Kllbefl, Rellald 19, 20, 219 Klle, Yell 196, 197 Klll'l08l8, Steven 150, 151,172,175, 265 KlIyKe0ll8ll, 08lle0e 106, 107 KVe5, James 219 Kye5, 'l'8I001y 285 1. 88I0e5 Clllll I0eI0llel'5 ll811le 00 10e chess ll08lll 81 80 8f1el 5Cll00l get 10ge1lIel. 2. 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Deborah 151 rrlarson, Mr. Barry 136, 157 Marfln, 80lI0y 265 Marlln, Brlan 265 llalflll, laIlleS 289 Marfln, Kelfll 245 Marfln, Keyln 245 Martln, Klnl 265 Marfln, TereSa 265 ldafflll, 'l'0lllallll 265 MarflneS, Mltllael 221 Marflnel, Glna 289 Marflnel, Mltllael 221 ldalflllal, K05alUa 245 Marflnel, Sfellen 221 Marflllel, Vel'0llICa 265 ldaSOIl, llllen 265 MaS0ll MISS Della 118, 119 MaSlIda, Eyelyn 167, 245 Maftlleff, lllldrey 245 Maftlleff, .lelln 149, 289 lKafSIllll0f0, C0llrad 102, 175, 245 MafSllnl0f0, Tlnlnflly 149, 289 Mafflte, Janine 221 ldalllil, KGKIII 265 MaIdSley, lllan 265 Malnn, Elalna 221 Mayllerry, KrlS 265 Mayes, Cralg 265 IKIYES, Kafllfyll 245 Mayes, Kellie 245 MCCall, Marl 265 llllfalllle, LlSa 265 ldCCallC8, LUIS 221 MCCarfy, llellerf 265 lllcallley, Sllallla 46, 47, 289 McCIary, llellra 245 MCClelld0lI, 8l'lICe 265 MCClllre, Lynette 265 MtClllre, Sean 221 MCClllre, Slllelfe 245 MCCOrlllaCK, lllllla 106 Micleady, Karen 221 Mffleady, Pamela 289 MCCIIIIQ, Beverly 289 Millalllel, MIS. Kaeflle 122 McDonald, Pafrltll 265 McDonald, Sean 150, 175, 245 Mlfallalld, Il8afllel' 221 MCGary, Jerrett 150, 221 McGee, Mlle 265 MCGIII, Ianlce 221 Mtlaren, Gall 47, 80, 81, 265 Mtlaftlly, Jeffrey 245 Mtlallrln, Mlltnn 178 IKCLQIII, l8ffl'8y 265 ldllleall, Dalllly 221 IMILEOII, Salldla 289 ldCldaSf8l, LIICY 295 MCMlllen, Glenddla 106 ldlllllllly, llalella 24, 46 48, 89, 221 Mtllealey, Ellllle 265 MCPllerS0n, Dnrnflly 267 ldCPll8lS0ll, lllllllald 221 MtS0rley, M0lly 245 Mead, Bradley 119, 267 Mead, Brenda 289 Meafll, Mnnlta 178, 289 lK8ll8Il0S, Ml. Galllge 155 lK8ll8Il0S, Helen 245 Medelr0S, Rltllard 50, 179, 198, 221 Medllla, Alberto 46, 47, 198, 245 Medlna, Rand 267 Mae, 'lalla 245 Melllllaff, Stacey 289 Melllnger, Pafrltla 221 Mello, Darenda 221 Melnll, 'lalllala 245 Mentllaea, lllylan 289 Mende, Mr. Daye 156 M8lld0la, Elallle 289 MEIIKE, IIICIIEIIG 267 ldefiallll, l2aVld 245 Merrltt, Byron 221 2 ,. , IIer!1, 0!llIlI 245 Me!!ler, Jerl! 46, 47, 267 Ileffler, IIIIICI 46, 47, 49, 245 Ilefl, CIlIIS!0DIleI 150, 245 Ile!lger, Rell!IlI 245 Meyer, 80IIrlIe 95 MEYEIS, LIS! 267 Meyeri, SIl8r0II 245 Illtllel, SlI1!IlIIe 289 IRIlIlIIe!eIl, Lyllll 267 Nlldgley, 5lIIOY 267 Illgllelllle, Erlt 46, 47, 289 Illgllelllle, Il!rle558 46, 47, 267 rnlglln, Nlarc 267 Nlllana. Kurt 245 Miles, LIS! 46, 154, 155, 161, 245 Nllles, Ren 18, 48, 75, 221 Illlller, CIlrIS!IIle 55, 47, 267 Nllller, 0e8lIII! 267 lllllIer,1ames 51, 245 Mlller, lea 245 Mlller, Lerl 245 Illller, IlItIl!eI 221 Illller, Mltllelle 221 Hlller, IIBIIIIIIII 46, 47, 267 Idlller, R!lllI!II 267 Illller, Rllelld! 221 lllller, Reber! 289 llller, S!IIy 167, 196, 245 Mlller, S!!Cy 156, 245 llller, 5uS!n 245 Hlller, TBIIIIIIY 221 Mlller, TIII! 19, 289 Illller, Trey 267 MIIIIS, 0!IIIeI 245 Illlle, LIS! 221 Hlllbr, FZUIICIIIE 267 Illrelei, GlIS!!lle 289 lII!CIlelI, 0!Ile!!e 145 Mlfllllell, IIerIIl!II 289 lI!tIlelI, IleIIlle!l 140, 161, 245 Mllen, Reber! 289 Ilebley, Reber! 245 Meff!!!, IM. Wylle 108 Ileffef, Rell 158, 267 Mefflf, LIS! 267 Nlelleff, Reber! 267 MeI!eSe, Il!ry 221 l0If050, MICIIEIIE 267 l0IlC808, IIOelI2 221 leIldr!geIl, RItIl!rd 245 lelleS, LIS! 289 HOIl!8II8l, IMLIIIIIO 267 MOIIfg0IIleI'Y, CII! 221 IleIl!lell, Mltllelle 195, 244, 245 Meere, 0!NI1I 289 Meere, Il!rI194, 195, 245 Moore. IlrIS!I 267 Moore, L!!!lly! 178, 289 Mer! R!lIl 162, 167, 267 M0r8IeS, 0rI!lee 289 MOI!IeS, TI!!! 289 MOI8!!0, 'I'Il0III8S 267 MerIII!, M!rIe 157, 221 I40I'0IIeS, Sfelllllllle 267 Il0l'rIS, Illrell 221 Merrli, Kelllll 46, 267 I40I'I'I5, IlIIIlIIf:rIeY 267 MerrIS, Meletlye 174, 289 IHerrIS, Ry!ll 267 I40rII50Il, ROIleI'! 267 Il0l'I'0Ile, Ielllllfer 221 Mer!erl, KeI!Il 289 Mer!eIl, LIS! 56, 245 Il0I'!0II, Scott 225 MeSlllIelI!, PIIIIID 267 MOSS, Elalne 72 Illellllee, Llrld! 225 Illllllell, Mlellelle 289 Illllllgill, Theres! 245 MIIIIIIIS, MEIISSI 245 Mlllllblei, Jellll 289 Illllrlblel, Ilelllld! 289 Mllllel, IlIS!y 145, 267 IllIII0l, Rafael 225 IMIIIIIZ, 5II8IIIee 89, 225 I4III'CIlI50II, 58III'III8 167, 289 Illllrdetl, 0!yId 140, 185, 225 Illlrelly, Kelll 71, 289 IMIrr!y, Mr. P!! 116 IHEIS, Deb!! 267 IlIyerS, 1eIIIIIfeI' 196, 197, 289 Ilyeri, II!!! 289 II!g!I, S!egIlen 225 Illgel, lIerIIOIl 245 IIIIIIQIIII, IMS. Lyllll 108, 110, 111 Il8lIIIlI!I', IIIISIIIII 267 rl8IIIII11I, TBIIIIIIY 291 II8lIOIe0II, Danielle 267 II!SCIIIIeIl!0, Re!III! 195 , 245 II!!Il, Ileell! 267 IIIIIQIE, 00Il8llI 291 Navel, Jeffrey 149, 189, 291 II!YeI', Klmberll 89, 225 Neel, SIl!Irrl 267 Ileliell, Ellc 291 IleISOII, 68YIOrII 95 IIeI50n, Greg 185, 187, 267 IIellS!!lI!, Dellld 291 IIeuyer!, Erlt 140, 225 Neullert, Nllcllelle 267 Neya, Becky 89, 225 Nellales, Nolly 291 Nelllall, Dean 105 Nellllln, ldcnard 98 Nelsem, Rltllard 178, 291 Nlcllols, Dennis 105 Nles, lavone 106 Ng, Peter 46, 47, 267 Ng, Wllhert 46, 85, 245 Nguon, Suy 291 Nguyen, Can 267 Nguyen, Dong 267 Nguyen, Jacquellne 267 Nguyen, long 225 Nguyen, Lu 261 Nguyen, NI!l 51, 46 Nguyen, Pnong 245 Nguyen, Plluong 291 Nguyen, Tllal M. 291 Nguyen, Tllal e. 291 Nguyen, Trac 291 Nlehanll, Anthony 267 Nletsclllle, Stellen 58 209. 225 Nllmeyel, NIIS. Cheri 111 Nlslllella, Joyce 51, 46 Nlslllzalll, Nlarlorle 16 225 IIOCIIe, Angell!! 80, 267 Ilerllylltll, IM. Fleyll 42, 225 Nerrlllltll, Steven 24, 54 55, 225 IIOr!Il, CIIrIS!0DIler 245 Ner!Il, Reber! 149, 291 rlerfll, Reb 245 IIer!IICe!!, Ieieell 47, 178, 198, 245 IIOI'!0II, 68r0I 122 IIOI'!0II, Illllle 225 Ilellelll, Debr! 71, 245 Ileyelll, 0I!ll 291 Ilelllllger, II!ry 225 Illlllel, I!IrIle 140, 245 Illlnll, CyN!IlI! 245 IIlIIIlleI'Y, 08lIlI 291 0'BrIeIl, Erllr 245 0'9I'IOII, Kerry 291 0'8ryen, Iennlfer 245 e'0eWlI Steve 291 0lIl!l1lI, Illtllelle 49, 267 0g!II!, Illlllery 50, 51, 44, 45, 245, 274, 504. 505 0'Ile!rll, 0ere!Ily 195, 291 URODEIIEQIIE, IIIIIIIISI 80, 178, 267 0KeDelIegIle, Illlllle 245 0I!g!r!y, Jee 58, 59, 245 0llIS, CIIrIS!IIle 291 0lIlIer, 0!llIlI 225 ollver, llennetll 110, 145, 161, zas ollver, llrlsfen 261 0llII05, Mill! 245 elmos, Nancy 291 Olson, llalln 26,7 o'llell, Nancy 157,245 0I'eg0Il, LI53 291 Orlando, mary 154, 155, 167, 254, 245 ornuuff, lesslca 225 ornuul1, Pamela 261 owne, llncllony 1ao, 225 onega, llnurea 245 ortega, PlIIl149,291 05IIOrII, IIIIII8 152, 144, 145,225 osllurn, Paul 11, 261 oslerloll, Gerald 291 osfler, nouglas 158, 291 osfler, losenll 245 outlaw, cynfllla 261 0leII, CIIrIS!IIIe 291 0YIeIl5, ILEIIIIY 267 1. III! IIIZSS eff0l'! to fII'II'l LID flllllllly IIIIISCIES, IIIIYSICZI ellIIC!IIIOII S!IIIlelIIIS do SI!-IIIIS Illlrlllg gl'0lIlI C!IISIIIIeIIICS. 2. POIIIICIIIIQ flle II08I'lIS III flle baffle of L0lII IS Jeff Bl'lI5! WIIO III'IeS to flll III flle II8lI. 5. lIIC!0I'V Weell C0lII'f IIIeIIIIIerS Sfallll III IIIIISOII KIIIIIIIQ flle IIIIYIIIQ of tlle 8IIII8 III8!eI'. Index 295 RIll8rl,1lldItlI 225 1. lllll0llg flle SIISIIECTS ill T0lllY'S fall llr0l1lICfl0ll 0f "THE Bllflel' Did lf," IIE Dallld D'8lllf0 Zllll Sllill Firllllll. 2. Pllfellflal T0ll8Y Sflll1EllfS 18118 part ill flle Hllllle EC0ll0llllCS DEll8l'flllElIf'S Clllld div C318 lll'09l'8lll. i 2 ,ff 3 1 '1""'--11" V Plfflrillll, Krlifll 225 Paffllrl, Kill 55, 46, 225 Piffbrl, Sfillllallll 267 Patty, Joe 267 Paul, Helen 245 pacmasl Ruben 267 Pill., MICIIZEI 46, 157, Padgett, James 267 175- 245 Padllla, Jlnna 291 PW- TWV 291 Padma, Manuel 245 Pillllll, Dlllllrlll 245 Pagala, ChrIstopher140 mm" Matthew 291 164' 178' 245 Pease, Thomas 245 Pagan' ,mam 291 Pealry, MICIIIEI 105 Palrnateer, Mltllelle 24, """- 111- 11" 125' 157 25.1 46' 89' 225 lagllhyrs. Susan 122, Fm?-'51"'F-'l2'f1"5"5 :'::'n:'.1::'::'1::' Panzarlno, ellzalaefll 267 Pellet, ' P I 267 Panzarlno, vlncent 291 1 1 1" au Palk, sywla 46' Pelletlef, Steven Parller, Leonard 98 192' 185' 225 Parris' Lorna Pena, 0171921119 Parsons' jlll 223 Pell, v8l'0IllC8 291 Parsons, ROUGH 267 PWC. KWH' 259 pay-guns' gfeqen 261 Pehdergrass, Patrltla 291 Passano, lharitza 291 Pellll. Cllllifll 269 Pagggyl Sfepllgn 291 Pellllill, Sllefrle 269 Patel, Plrlllp 46, 225 PPPPIPP. Nvff 105 PIfEl, Tllll 291 Phila, Tll0rlllS 225 PMT, Dlllllllllqlli 291 Patterson, Jane 89, 245 PlffEl'S0ll, Jeffrey 291 Pelllllll, l0lIlS 291 Pellller, Sllelly 269 PENIIIE, Tllllllly 269 PEIEI, Plllll 291 POIICZU, GUIEU 245 P8rlllIlS, Kllrf 245 PEIIIIIII, 1311185 269 PGIIY, Sllldll 225 Perry, valerle 225 PEf!l'SEll, l1ll1ll'EW 149, 188, 189, 291 PEYEISEII, Allfllllllv 27, 140, 145, 185, 245 P6f8rSlll, Cheryl 225 P8fErSEll, Tlllldllly 245 PEfEf50Il, Brilllfl 247 P8f9fSOIl, llllfll 225 P8fCrSOIl, Renee 291 PEf9I'50ll, T0llIl '26, 158, 259, 269 PENIS, Sf8Dll8Il 140, 154, 184, 185, 247 P8fflf, Rllllerf 225 Pfelfil, Tll0lll8S 189 Pllilll, CIIOIIQ 225 Pllalll, Ulf 269 Pllllll, IIIEII 47, 269 Plldlll, Kllll 247 Pllllll, Tllllll 247 PIIBIWUIIQSI, B0l'8U8llll 157, 247 PIIIIGS, R1l0Ill18 291 PIIIUZIIIIIIIVOIIQ, llrllfllllllg 122, 291 PIIIYSOII, Kllllllllllf 157, 158, 247 Pll3ySOIl, 0llI3Y 269, 287 PIIZYSOII, Plllfilllllv 287, 291 Plllllli, Mr. lldllerf 118 PIIIIIIDS, Kllrl 142 PIIIIIIDS, Sll8IIy 291 PIIIIIIDS, Sfillllallle 291 PHIDDS, IMS. lelllly 122 PIEICE, Blrllllfllli 269, 291 Pllrlellfil, J0llll 24, 25, 157, 204, 225 PlllK8Y, Mill! 269 Pllllllllrll, Illlly 291 Plrllllalll, Jeffrey 225 Pllllllalrl, TIIOIIIIS 269 Pllff, Gregory 156, 157, 225, 248 Platt, Mlttllell 157, 247 PIIIIES, Brllrl 104, 105 POCl,10llrl 291 Podesto, Chrlstopher 27, 140, 225 P8Ill8IrIlIS, Dellllle 291 110018, UUIIQIIS 291 Porter, lllllfl 291 Porter, rar. courtney 157, 150, 155,172, 175 Pllfkly, MIDI! 291 Pottratz, steven 269 Powell, clrrlstlne 145, 269 Powell cllfforrl 241 Powell, craig 52, ss, 46, 41, 269 PUWEII, DEIIIIIZ 145, 269 PUWEII, IUSODII 225 Powell, Michael 178, 291 PUWEII, reresa 225 POUIEIS, Plffllll 247 Press, rar. Paul 76, 77 PI'E5f0ll, Hilfllel' 225 Preszler, Collette 269 PIEIISS, Clllllell 247 Prlce, clrrlstlne 241 Prlce, llayden 14o, 225 Prlce, llaty 225 PIICB, KGUIII 247 Price, sernrlna 291 Prlest, rlna 269 Prltcnett, oernlce 241 Pllfilliff, 080108 247 Proctor, road 241 Pugh, llnda 295 Pllllli, VEIOIIICI 247 Pllfllllll, HIIOIIE 106 Duaschnlcll, Joan 225 Ouaschnlcll, Nancy 167, 193, 293 Qllenzer, Jeffrey 295 Oullalyo, Frank 247 Olllnones, Dayld 269 Rllllllll, JllIl8 295 Rlflll, N3ll88IIl 269 Rlllllril, lll8llS 269 Rarlllrll, llSlIl8y 295 Rlrlllrel, Rltlllrll 269 RIIIIOS, D0rfllY 269 R3l'll05, ll9Il8 RIIIISEY, Ml. lllllgllll 124, 125, 126, 127 RZIIQGII, Bradley 295 Rlllllll, 513018 167, 295 RISIIEIW, Slllllllflll 20, 21 lllSl78rry, Wllllllrl 149, 295 Raymer, Michelle 269 Reames, Stephanle 247 Redmond, Mary 269 Redmond, Samantha 295 Reeves, Randy 46, 75, 140, 161, 225 Rahman, Naseem 178 Relslllg, Audra 269 REISIIQ, Clflllill 247 REIIIIIIEII, JOSEDII 59, 69, 247 Rillllli, MIS. DOIlIl3 151, 254 REIICII, Jeffrey 168, 187, 269 Resz, Andy 295 Reutllnger, lllrs. Cassie 59, 40, 41,125 REIIES, JOI1 295 Reyes, rranll 295 R8yIl0ld5, Elllallefll 269 Reynoso, Raymond 247 Rh03ll8S, Sf8f3Ill8 269 Rhodes, Loren 149,295 RICCI, Klflly 295 RICE, JIIIIES 181, 247, 295 Rite, llallgllll 295 Rlchards, Barry 85, 85 llltlllrlli, K8l8l9ll 295 Rlchards, lllarle 269 Richardson, Stephanie 195, 295 llletl, Sflllley 225 RIESS, R0ll8l'f 156, 157, 198, 225, 248 ,- Rless, Thomas 156, 157, 247, 248 lllfellllllrg, llllte 269 Rlgato, Raylene 293 Rlgato, Rhonda 225 Rlglliffl, lalll 295 llllly, CIfIl8rIll8 195, 295 Rlordan, lllr. Danlel 156 Rl0S, l0rI 295 lllftllle, ldrrl 247 RIfCllI8, Pllllllll 22, 44, 45, 46, 47, 225, 226 lllftllle, SIISIII 269 RIVIIU, laura 295 lllvlera, J8IIllIf8r 19, 46, R0llQr11S, MICIIUIE 225 Rllllerfi, Brett 52, 269 R0ll8rfS, Rllldy 140 R0llGrfS0lI, Dllllly 269 R0ll8l'fS0ll, .IIIIIBS 295 R0ll8l'fS0ll, K8fll9rlIl8 295 RODENSOII, ROIIIIII 247 R0lllIl50ll, lllf1l0llY 164, 225 R0llIllSOIl, B8ftIIl3 45, 269 ROIIIIISOII, Dllllll 225 R0lllll50Il, Kllll 225 R00lll50Il, Kl'l5fEII 269 R0lllIlS0ll, lllllll 225, 299 R0lllIlS0ll, H0111 247 1101111150I1, 1011 225 R011111S011, 5118111 225 11011185, 11811118111 295 11011185, 101181111 295 1100185, 1818118 247 ROCCI, Tony 178, 269 ROCCI, llelllll 295 ROCCI, Tlna 269 ROC118, 01800 140, 145, 247 110C118, R18111181 269 ROC1la, lhltllael 140, 185, 247 R0t1If0rl1, John 47, 295 llellllen, Dayld 295 Rellrlgllel, Blanta 269 Rodriguez, Gonzalo 46, 269 110011g1I82,18ff 164 110l111g1Ie2, 10111085 247 1101111llI8Z, 1481818 295 Rellrlgllel, Mltllelle 295 110l111g1I81, 110118118 295 l10l111llI81, P81118 47, 295 R0l11101I81, 188118118 225 Rogers, rhlss Judy 48, 49, 1 52 110Q815, 51I8Wl18 269 Rohde, rar. 11118 122, 149, 188, 189 R018l1118111, 14011188 24, 41 88, 89 110111811, 14011188 225 R01ler, Pafrltla 295 R0nlaS, llnlla 225 R01118S81118, 018015 295 110I118S81118, 0181111 225 11058185, F1111 295 l10Sa1eS, 14116111 247 ROS8,l11. 8017 116,118 Rose, l01In 225 ROSS. MISS Sllldy 154 Sampson, Jldalherto 269 ROSe, verdann 295 Sanborn, Dorothy 247 Roselles, Janel 98 Sanchez, Chrls 269 Rosen, Joyon 225 Sanchez, l.lsa 295 ROSenthal, Dnrethy 65, Santhel, llSa R 227 71, 247 Santhel, Mark 247 Ross, Bllly 164, 247 Sanchez, 1411818 269 R01I11, lllr. Stelle 61, 109, Sanl1hll,llmarIIt269 111 Sandles, Bernlce 269 Rowe, steven 269 Sandoval, Jlmy 71, 221 Rowley, Dlane 295 Sanghera, Gurgreet 269 Royce, Davld 149, 177, 50911813.1311 11111295 295 Sanghera, Rallnder 269 gnnmger, nga 295 Sanghera, Santollh 105 Rucllman, rllarlr 295 Sanschagrln, rnarcl 295 Rudey, Shella 227 530105. 54931295 Rudolf, Rachelle 247 524105. Elllllllllllel 259 Rudolph, Brenda 46, 196 Saralq Sharon 241 Rugnao, Edgar 247 Sarantopulos, Todd 71, Ruper, Brlan 295 269 Rlltherferll, Leann 269 Salltella, Illlthelle 295 Ryan, ChrlS1lna 47, 295 SalISel1a, lllnee 269 Rylll. MICIIIGI 25. 43. 170. sanyer, llllen 295 295 Sawyer, Scott 150, 175, Ryan, lhlthelle 269 211 Ryan, Patrlcla 48, 174, 247 Sawyer, Susan 269 Sayaslt, llouane 247 Sayre, Rltllard 46, 47, 247 Stalf, llllthelle 247 Stantlen, 1lSa 295 588111, Glna 269 , Schallherger, Jeanne 295 Sahota, Dharmlnder 295 Schell, Tlm 185 58181C85, Rose 295 Scheppmann, Jennie 295 Salazar, Jesus 295 Scher, Kenneth 295 Sallee, lllthelle 196, 295 Scherer, Patrltla Salmerl, F18l1l18 77, 247 Sthlth, Stacy 295 Schlffman, Mr. charles 85, 99 5C1lIl110K8, Kenneth 269 SC1lln1l11, Ronlyn 89, 247 Stllnlldf, Tom 227 Stllllllerer, Cralg 57 5811I1111, lallra 295 Sthnallel, llrl1lS 116 Stllllabel, 1111 24, 154, 155, 227 5C110C11, F18IlK 227 Sthralllell, l101ler1a 167, 269 5C11108081, llllthael 175 58111I181, 18111 105 5C11IQQS, E811 Selllllef, Fralllle 45, 71, 247 Stlllllel, Me11SSa 46, 154, 155, 247 5C11111118C1181, 088118118 227 51I11Yl8g811, 101111 295 5C111l81111811l81l, 88118111 295 Scott, Brlan 140, 227 512011, Clndy 227 SC011, Darren 269 56011, llrlS11 295 58011, M81Q8181269 56011, Mr. Sfepllen 118 Stieff, Tanllny 295 588181, P8111 295 588181, 58111 295 58Q1118, 101811118 269 58188, 14118 247 Selferf, lllnlberlle 269 Seltz, Debllle 269 58111, Donna 227 Selby, C1lflS11ne 269 Selllng, Marc 269 Selllng, 1hIChael85, 227 5810181, 141. B811 118 Sena, Jeffrey 227 581Q8111, R811111 259 58118110, 51181181 295 58118I1l10, 1811181 247 5811185, C1818 160, 161, 227 Sexton, Tuesday 227 Shaeffer, Alan 64, 66 Shaffer, Lawrence 249 Shanahan, lhlthael 269 Shandrew, Jeffrey 271 Shates, Cynthla 271 Shates, rhlchael 249 Shaw, Damon 249 Sheehan, Sheryl 249 snepard, oude 211 Sherllondy, rharcle 295 Sherman, Joel 186, 187, 271 51181111811, M8118I1I18 249 51181l0011, 1111118-M8118 295 slllelds, Jeffrey 295 Shlgelthl, ranalra 105 slllngler, llrt 111, 187, 254, 211ql 5111l1181, 111118 106 snlrll, 11811 41, 178, 211 shlrley, Ernest 295 5110I1D81, M1C11881 19, 22, so, 46, 41, 222, 227 5110DI181, 111011185 295 shore, sandra 144, 145, 227 Shllll, 11811811 271 Sllllll, Tlm 295 Slaller, Cllarlfllll 295 5181101, F8111I18 81, 249 51l18110110I11, M0111lI118 170, 271 Sl1lyel'11lS, Sepllla 249 Sllya, rlndl 295 Slllla, Kelly 295 51118, 11118118 227 Sllya, Stacey 249 51111810, 1.011111 271 5111185, 141. E11g8118 152, 155 511111115, 188111118 271 slnrnrs, Paulette 249 slrnonclc, cllrlstlne 295 slnrpson, Paul 149, 188, 189,295 Slngh, Balleet 211 slngn, ouldeep 295 slngn, Gurdab 249 5111l11, 11851111111 271 slngn, llausnll 249 slngn, rhonllra 221 slngleton, Donn 56, 75, 14o, 227, 229 slngleton, rerrl 249 slnor, Rachelle 211 slnz, mrs. lln 108 5150l1l11181111, 5011181111 271 51S0l1l11181111, 18158118 295 1l'1C1GX Slater, Rltllard 185, 249 Sleeman, T0dd 149, 295 5l0ll01, T0lly 249 5mId1, Brenda 271 5ml1ll, Alan 271 5lnl1ll, Mr.ArglIS1155 5nll1ll, Bllddy 271 5nll1h, Davld 295 5nll1h, Helen 271 5lnI11l, Ka1llleen 271 5ml1ll, lara 271 5ml1ll , ll5a 271 5ml1h, l0lllSe 249 5lnI1h, lynn 149, 170, 295 5lnI1ll, Renee 249 Smltll 5nlI1h , 5C011 249, 295 , Stacey 89, 227 5nll1h, 51ellen 249 Snll1h, 5llSan 249 5nll1ll, Terrl 271 5nlI1ll, T13Cl167, 178, 271 5lnl1ll , Tr0y K 271 Slnllda, Allen 295 Snlder, Darcy 19, 271 Snlder, Kevln 249 511001, Carl 271 Snovrden, Raymond 271 Sohle, Gre90ry 295 501311 ,Jennlfer 227 501I101, S1011 185, 271 50111I11015, 11311101 271 50111111 ervllle, Craig 140, 145, 227 5010115011, l11I1ll101ly 295 Sosa, IrlS 271 Soto, Ana 249 5010, Ellodoro 271 Soto, le1lCla 227 5010, Sandra 271 50l1S01, 1101100 271 50llla, Be11y 227 501113 , R0ller1 227 501113, T000 227 Sowards, Alldrey 47, 295 Soaln, Mllillael 249 5llale113, Pefer 271 Sliearman, Jennlfer 249 Spears, MICllelle 295 Spero, J0lln 175, 199, 295 50er0, Mr. Orlando 98 Spradllng, Darln 295 51ahl, oeeann 295 513ln0er, Klm 295 5131l11l0y, 1.05101 51anger, lleldl 72, 249 51angl, Edward 295 51arll, Greg 249 5131K0y, K11311 295 Starks, Kyle 271 Steele, Mall 271 Steele, T13C0y 295 51elllr, llnda 129 Stender, Alan 150, 151, 172, 175, 271 51el1llenS, Davld 295 5100l10IlS, llSa 295 510V3110, JOS0011 271 Stevens, MlCllelle 295 510V0115, l101101lCK 249 510VOIl5, WOI111y 295 510U01150I1, 031110 66, 67, 295 510V0115011, M1. Scott 110, 111, 276 Stewart, Sean 119, 295 51evlar1, Shawn 119, 161, 249 510W311, 51001131110 227 51lellr, MTS. llnda 129 510CK, 110001 271 S10CllS1l1I, Jeff 18 S10Cll10n, Bradley 184, 185,227 S10IIer, Kelle 271 510ne, Jeffrey 295 Stout, Denlce 295 Straub, Cralg 47, 1119, 170, 182,185, 295 Stroh, Mrs. Beverly 119 Stroh, Glna 145, 227 Stugelmeyer, Jeffrey 249 51ll1I, Tama1lla 65, 66, 70, 71, 258, 295 5llllld0, Conrado 295 SlllIld0, llllvlnllnda 249 5llglm010, Jeffrey 249 5llglm010, Marll 295 Slly, llay 295 Svaldl, Shelly 295 Svlan, Carrle 297 Swanson, Brlan 187, 271 Swanson, Gina 297 5vlee1en, Dannall 297 Svveeten, Greg 271 Svreeten, Malissa 297 Svlendsen, Catherine 46, 297 Svllmley, Elizabeth 249 5yreS, Tlm01lly 297 TallaC0, Dalsy 74, 227 Taehera, Danlete 117, 271 Tadena, Thaddeus 297 T3f0y3, Manuel 271 Taglllla, llI1ler1 297 Tagupa, Arlene 249 Tallllar, Sllillll 249 Talbot, Tlffany 48, 174, 194, 195, 271 Tallll10, Andy 227 Tanlllra, T13Cl47, 297 Tanlrersley, Saybrlna 297 Tanllersley, Stacy 271 Tarllln, Del10rall 229 Tarvln, T0ni 249 Tassano, K0lll 297 T3yl01, Dennls 271 Taylor, Gerald 297 Taylor, Kevln 271 Taylor, KrlS1lne 297 Taylor, Tracy 47, 297 TereSl, An1ll0ny 58, 229 Terlouvv, Thea 271 Terry, Palll 271 T0lllS, Mr. l10yC0 56, 57, 124, 125 Tlla0, Blong 297 Tlla0, Chue 297 Tlla0, Flle 271 Tha0, K3y0113 297 Tll30, K3y0ll 297 Thayer, Dorothea 249 TlllS1le, Kevln 152,175, 271 Tll0maS, 6111901 71, 271 T11011135, 13110 271 Tl10l110S011, 811311 75 Tll0nl0S0n, Brllte 54, 157 140, 145, 161, 229 Tll0I1l05011, 110311101 249 Tl10I1105011, 170101271 Tll0In0S0n, Scott 68, 169 186, 187, 271 T1l01ll05011, 5100l10n 24, 64, 66, 67, 210, 229 Thompson, M1S. T0nl 122 Thompson, Trevor 297 Tll0n3Cll, T0ln 271 Tll0r, Cllla 271 Tll0rn10n, Kllr1 157, 140, 249 Tll0rn10n, Tlna 48, 154, 195, 297 Tlcer, Brian 297 Tl0ngC0, Mlthael 229 Tlongco, lllylene 271 TlllllS, MlCllele 297 T0, Brlan 46. 249 T0, Ed 46, 47, 178, 249 T0, l10ller1 47, 297 T0dar0, Mltllelle 29, 229 T0dd, Angela 297 Toledo, Demetra 297 T0lman, CllrlS 297 T0llnan,ll3l185,249 Tdmlln, 5111311 46, 229 T0mllnS0n, Terrl 161, 271 T0ne11l, Davld 271 T0rrell, Darty 297 Torres, Andrea 297 Torres, Gina 229 TOS1e, Teresa 229 T0vlle, lennlfer 249 Tdvlnlln, Rltllard 46, 47, 115, 150,172, 249 Traty, Mr. Jeff 126, 127 Tran, Dong 271 Tran, 1103 297 rran, lluy1ll9, 297 Tran, Tlllell 271 Tran, Tllll 297 Tran, Thuy 249 Tran, Tlllly 11 249 Tran, Tlen 47,271 Traver, Kathleen 297 Traverso, Jeffrey 297 Traverso, Michael 297 Treadlllell, JaCll 249 Treece, Gene 189, 297 TreeCe, Rell 46, 48, 175, 229 T1el1l3lI10, l311y 249 T10n1, Devonne 249 T101l0na, E116 178, 179, 249 TrllIIll0, MlCllael 271 Trllll, Fred 297 T5Clllrlly, Mark 249 TSlll, Mason 297 Tucker, Frank 271 Tlltlfer, MlCllelle 297 Tlltller, 5Clla1ieSe 297 Turner, Cary 297 Tllrner, Darryl 157, 140 Tllrner, Mr. Palll157 Turner, Aay 251 Turner, Ursula 271 Tyler, Darcy 194, 195, 271 Tyrrell, 5C011 275 l10CK01, Kl111l101lY 251 Ulnler, Sllerrl 275 Unlllay, Adrlel 275 11111l00g, 111009 297 Un1naS, Gllller1 46, 47, 124, 168, 182, 185, 275 Untal, Carlos 251 Ud0, Annabelle 50, 275 Ud0, Maryl0II 89, 251 UeCller, Jeffrey 175, 276, 297 vaca, Sandra 99, 229 llaCCarella, Robert 46, 218, 229 Valn, Brlan 297 llalada0, Henrique 251 valencia, vanesa 89 lla1en1e, CllrI51lna 275 valentlne, Irene 251 llalen1lne, Kenne1ll 178, 198, 275 llalen1lne, RICK 149 Van, Clla 74 van Avery, Guy 275 vandenburgh, Brian 229 vanbermyden, lllelven 229 vanllermyden, Sharon 251 llang, Kleng 229 vang, Cller 297 vang, Chue 251 llang, 00lla 251 vang, ller 297 vang, Jay 297 vang, Lao 251 vang, Mal 275 vang, may 297 llang, My 297 vang, Seng 275 vang, Sell 275 vang, va 251 vang, Ka0 74, 275 vang, vlng 275 vang, You A 251 vang, you 275 , van Grouvv, llllrhael 182, 185, 251 vannl, Gregory 140, 141, 145, 229 vannoy, Davlll 297 Vann0y, valerle 229 velasquez, Armando 297 llanbss, Wllllanl 156, 157, 229 Vargas, Christopher 275 Vargas. John 297 vargem, Bryan 152, 155, 275 Vllgelll, Gl'EQOry 229 vaslsllt, lzaleev 297 V3SlIIIE1,lllll0 251 vasquez, Pamela 41, 275 vatsula, John 95 vaz, Perry 140, 229 lleerllamp, Kristin 174, 251 lleldhulzen, plane 45, 229 velez, olana 215 llerdlI1C0, llIlt0Ill0 275 llel'llIl1C0, C0llCElltl0II 251 llerIl0ll, llil 275 verstl, Sandy 89, 251 vlan, Brlan 291 vloales, Erlt 215 vlereclll, llaolne 45, 41, 275 vlereclll, yvonne 45, 251 lllllag0Ille1,.l0sellll 275 vlllalpanllo, llaymono 251 lllllalrbnlle, lllarll 162, 297 lllllalllllllla, Estella 297 lllllpllrllla, Frantlsta 229 lllllalllllllla, Olga 229 lllllarreal. Kerllnda 297 lllntelent, llbger 162, 275 lllblet, Jerry 47, 275 vloleft, rerry 275 llltale, Dllrell 275 vltale, clna 229 vo, Tho 297 vogler, lllr. non 41, 126, 121 von Berg, lllr. steve 16, 21, 26, 61, 126, 272 von Ravensberg, Sabrina 297 llbrng, Kheang 299 wade, lbrllee 46, 251 Wade, Mlthael 47, 299 wade, Rebert 275 wadlow, Kimberly 275 Wagner, laura 229 Wagner, Sllayln 275 wagner, Tonya 275 Walebtt, Keyln 229 Waltbtt, Sllsan 229 Waltlltt, Nancy 229 Waldo, Karen 229 Walllb, l0rle 275 Waller, Charles 251 Wllher, Cllrtls 275 Walller, lan 299 Walller, John 299 Wllher, lllr. norman 126, 127 Walller, Sandra 41, 89, 229 Wallate, Chrls 157, 251 Wallate, Erlt 156, 157 Wallace, hllCll3El 251 Walter, Jeffrey 299 Walter, Karen 251 Walters, Jeffrey 178, 251 Walters, Iblln 299 Walters, Rltllarll 275 Walton, Brlan 251 Walnbnlllt, Tbrlll 251 Warlle, Theresa 54, 196 warden, Dalllll 275 washington, Cheryl 167, 299 Watlllns, Brlan 299 watson, Andrew 64, 65 66, 67, 250 Watsbn, rllr. Bert 129 wayte, Michael 299 Webb, Catherine 174 Webb, Cllrtls 251 Webb, Diane 299 Webber, sue 154, 155, 156 wegner, Grant 229 Wegner, Neal 275 welch, oavlll 215 Weltll, Stephanie 275 Wells, Kenneth 251 Wells, llbbert 275 Wells, Sherry 299 wensel, varida 275 Werner, Patritll 250 West, Joann 275 West, John 299 Westfall, Catllerlne 48, 00, 195,251,299 westgate, mr. Steven 119, 176, 179 wlleeler, stephanie 299 wllltaller, chris 140, 251 whlcaller, oana 116,275 wllltaller, Dana 116, 199, 275 Whlte, Llsa 46, 299 White, Mandi 275 Wllltesllles, Jblln 46, 47, 157, 245, 251 Whltney, Geraldine 299 Whltten, Derell 149, 299 wlttington, veronica 167 195, 299 wllllins, Anlssa 299 Wlllllns, Camille 251 Wlllllnsbrl, llnnette 275 Wlllarll, Mlthael 178, 179, 250 Wllllanls, Andre 176, 251 Wllllanls, llnlssa 19, 166, 151, 195, 299 wllllams, corrlne 194, 195, 275 wllllams, oanlel 251 wllllams, estner 299 ::',':e1:33 299 wilson, michelle 55, 55 wllllams, lllellnoa 299 57 I 250 wllllams, michael 299 WW", PW' 299 wllllams, llllcnael l 251 Wlmhfrllf CUNY" 299 wllllams, rnlClIaeI178, 299 W"""5- FN" 104' '05 wllllams, rllcnolas 251 WISG. Kill 250 wllllamson, Shelly 250 wisenor. Tad 275 wlllle, Leslie 167,299 Wifi. BUUIII 275 wlllie, Melissa 89, 250 W00hlIl5l Deal' 251 wllllngham, Arley 299 W0lf, Mr- SYNC 155 Wlllls, rand 50, 45, 250 wolfinler, Dorothy 215 wilson, Brian 140, 250 W0lf0l'll. Sfellllell 251 Wilson, Leg 105 Wong, Elllabeth 16, 19 wilson, lllarll 299 46, 47. 204. 250 1. Getting into the spirit of the yuletide season are ToKay's top administrators Principal Leroy Carney and Beverly lacy, vice principal. 2. Firing up the crowd with a predicted outcome of a rokay frosh-soph football game is Coach Rod Gaines. 5. Members of Big Br0therslBig Sis- ters program listen to various activities which they may participate. .W-.1 5 3 n ',,, f ,,.c, 1 ' eyy' Index Wong, Malllle 275 woo, Mr. Roger 51, 52, 44, 124 woouall, michelle 251 woodfom, Roy 164, 178 woous, Melinda 275 W000S, Steven 275 W00lf, SIIIWII 149, 170 zss W00lllEl', BOIIII1275 W00fEl'l, Mall 299 w00fEll, PIIIIEII 166, 167, 250 WONIIIW, .l01lI1 149, 299 WUIIEI, Dall! 299 W0lIIlCl1, MI. 68l'8lII'0 118, 156 WIDICKV, Salldfa 178, 195, 275 Wflgllf, David 250 WYIIIE, MIS. Jo 76, 77 WYIICK, ROS08llII3 299 XIOIIQ, DOI 275 xlong, Lao Cheng 275 Xlullg, Va 275 xlong, loua 275 Yallatl, ROIIGI1 250 Yadall, Salllay 250 Yagl, D0lIgIaS 250 Yagi, Stella!! 168, 169, 275 Ylllliilllfa, KBIEII 146, 299 Index Y3Il18S1'l1fl, lGll 251 Yallg, Cha 275 Yallg, Hue 299 VZIIQ, Tse 275 Yallg, Xla 74, 275 Yallg, l0Ilg 251 Yharra, CEIESHIIO 299 Yllalfa, Dallld 251 Yhilll, VEIOIIICB 275 Ytlallb, Gabflel 275 VEB, Cllellg 50, 256, 275 Yee, Yll 51, 46, 47, 250 YEIIIII, TIICIE 275 YOIIIIQ, BOIIIIIE 275 YOIIIIU, CllI'lS 46, 47, 174, 251, 270 YOIIIIQ, CIIITIS 115, 250 Wllllg, Dalllella 275 YUIIIIQ, R0l1IlEY 299 Vllllllg, IM. TDIW 48, 152, 155, 270 YUIIIIQEI, l3l70IlIll 167, 178, 250 YOIIIIQEI, MICIIEIIG 166, 167, 178 labala, l0IEIla 251 lea, Karlllla 250 Zambia, Cathy 275, 279, 299 Zilllmll, Brad 186, 187, 275 ll'IfI'0dlICilIg C0llf6Sf3IlfS ill the TZCKY T0llI'iSf MESS-UD 031 15 Alheft HIIEII, rally C0lllIlliSSi0IlEf. W

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