Tobyhanna Township High School - Annual Yearbook (Pocono Pines, PA)

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Tobyhanna Township High School - Annual Yearbook (Pocono Pines, PA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Cover

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JM: The Tobyhonna Township Hugh School formerly known as the Pocono Lake Hugh School was founded In 1912 with cz two year course of study which was changed to a three currlculum In 1915 The faculty consisted of one teacher In 1929 the schools of the Townshnp were consolndated and the name changed to the Tobyhanna Township Hugh School At one time there were fourteen faculty members grades 1 to 12 and 350 students At the present there are 12 faculty members and 250 students Students are offered courses un Commercual Work Vocatlonol Home Economucs College Preparatory and General The following as the Inst of prnnclpols RALPH FELTHAM MARGARET CRABTREE ADAM ULSHAFER ROLLIN BUSH RUSSELL IMBT BENJAMIN RICKER ELMER MORRIS HUGH OAKWOOD WALTON DEITRICK IRA P HOFFMAN ADAM HIRSCH C WILLIS DUNLAP lo Tohyhanna Township School Annual Pblhdb Tohyhanna Township I-hgh School POCONO PINES PENNA CEL V1 1951 N fy CONT ENTS SCHOOL ASSE C UBS ASS W CLASS PRO PROGRAMS HECY CL S ACTIVITIES L CL ILL P EDICATION ,. Dedncated to the memory of James Martun a former class mem ber who was killed on February 10 1951 whlle flghtlng wlth the Unlted Nation s forces In Korea Jlm withdrew from school at the end of mnth grade when has parents moved from the communuty He worked for a road constructlon company approximately one year before enllstlng In the army Jlm was very popular with his classmates and wall always be remembered as a happy person Alfred Hayes a former member of the sensor class and the son of Mr Harry Hayes and the late Mrs Hayes He has been mlsslng IH actlon In Karea for over sux months and IS now declared dead by the War Department Alfred will always be remembered as a very quiet and cheerful person ,few r 1 JAMES MARTIN ALFRED HAYES D D an l in If l. li I School Directors E. RODGER MILLER DR. JAMES KITCHEN GLENMORE HAYES FRANKLIN SMITH President Vice-President Treasurer Member ADAM SMITH Member Monroe County Superinfendenfs of Schools County Sup? Asst Sup! JOHN C. LITTS WALTER H. SEBRING and Q Q QU QD U MR C WILLIS DUNLAP Supervrsmg Prln :pol Eost Stroudsburg State Teachers Columbra Unrverstty MR KENNETH BANZHOF Manual Arts Mrllersvrlle Teachers College MRS GRACE VL ILDRICK Home Economics P nn State MISS CORA MAE ARTHUR Musrc Englrsh Susquehanna Unrversrty MR ROBERT BURROWS Math Scrence East Stroudsburg State Teachers MR CARL MAJER Health 8 Physrcal Educatron East Stroudsburg State Teachers College MRS ANNABELLE KNORR Social Studtes ond Geography East Stroudsburg State Teachers College MR IGNATIUS LUTKOSKI Grades Ftve 8 Stx East Stroudsburg State Teachers College MR JOHN TIMKO Commercral and Science Muhlenburg College Bucknell Umversrty MISS ALICE FINNERTY Latrn Engltsh Bloomsburg State Teachers College MISS JEANETTE SCHOONOVER Grades Three 8 Fou East Stroudsburg State Teachers Colleg MR JOHN SMITH Health Physical Education East Stroudsburg State Teachers College MISS MARTHA BONSER Grades One 8 Two ost Stroudsburg ate Teachers College 'WIP "Hs-ned. is F c u I t y as I P- T-9 I . se Q L fs! , kt' A On leave ol absence, due to illness A , W J '-0 I ' Q 4 Q. as . . f MM T E S1 Yearbook Staff I I o r GEORGINE JUDGE RICHARD SHAFFER Bus: ess Manager JAMES LEWIS STEPHEN FREACH Class t-tistoru It was a brlght sunny day In September as the portals of Tobyhanna Township School opened to a group of children with excitement and anxiety on their faces We were met at the door by our hrst grade teacher Mrss Muller who IS now Mrs Harry Bonser Those who answered to the first roll call were as follows Viola Argot Clara Bush Jack Combs Evelyn Chrlstle Charles Costanzo Gall De Santo Richard Deubler Robert Hawk Alfred Hays Greta Hoffman Georgrne Judge Ronald Keenhold Gloria Kerper Mary Kerper Ruth Kerper Joseph Kerrrck Wrllram Kerrlck James Lewis John Lewis Percy Muller Wesley Mil ler Rrchard Shaffer Norma Sllfies Marshall Smith Mary Smith Edward Van Horn Floyd Van Horn Joan Werrrch Harriet Wilson Mary Knoll Mulligan and Harold Blnkley Due to Illness Clara Bush James Lewis and Edward Van Horn were mrssrng rn a few weeks After a pleasant year rn the first grade filled with basic arlthmetlc reading and wrrtlng we longrngly looked toward filling second grade seats Startrng the second year our class was drvrded Into two parts A few of us stayed rn the first grade room where Mrss Muller was our teacher again whale the others were advanced to Mass Bonsers room During this year we added to our class the following members Buddy Judge Jean Franks and Ursula Huber The most hazardous part of second year was the double seat whrch provided an ample oppor tunrty for talking and other mischief Surviving this threat we advanced to the third grade where we were once more one happy group Regina Berger Bruno Henning Jack Mater and Kenneth Werrrch were our new classmates In this year we were confronted with two new subrects namely Geography and Science Miss Watermans favorite punishment and our favorite pastime was standing IH the corner which afforded new thrrlls to the old drudgery of the school days ln spate of the dark clouds of war we enloyed a pleasant summer vacation and returned In the fall of T942 to the fourth grade room where Mlss Berger was awaiting as our new teacher Ancient History and the multrplrcatron tables provided plenty of work however the paddle had seen less strenuous days The new comers to our class rn fourth grade were Rachel Dunlap Charles Gardner Norman Kerper Vrrgrma Kresge and Dianne Smith By the time we reached fifth grade the boys were up and coming athletes and practiced their prtch mg form by throwing splt balls at the grrls with plgtalls and long curls At this time Vernon Kelper Ken neth Smith and Teddy Van Horn became members of our class Miss Berger and Mrs Meluccr were our teachers for this very successful year On to sixth grade where June Waltz entered our class as the only new student Here again we were united as one class with Mrs Meluccr as our class advisor Hard studres were agarn resumed and we worked towards a new goal being promoted to Junior Hugh School Having achieved the long awaited goal we entered 7th grade with many unfamrlrar faces about us namely Catherrne Gower Mary Guida Harold Altemose Ronald Kerper Norman Kuhenbeaker Dewey Meckes Alvin Smith Earl Smith Jacqueline Shotwell James Martln and Lawrence Staples We also be came acquarnted with the changing of classes each perrod losing our much craved recess periods and spare time Mrs Wrldrrck our home room teacher was also new a our school Our class IS proud to acclaim I . . : 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 , , 1 1 1 1 1 ', , 1 1 1 1 1 ' , , 1 1 1 1 1 , , 1 - 1 1 - 1 1 I ' . . 1 - - 1 , . I I I 1 1 1 - , . . . , . 1 1 - 1 1 1 I . . H . ,, . . . . , - . . , , . 1 1 : 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - ' 1 . . . A . . . . 1 I ' ' Class I-tistorq Continued that we were the hughest salesmen rn the magazine druve that year The new teachers who greeted us were Mass Stoner Mlss Flnnerty Mr Henning Mr Stlnner Miss Pease and Mrs Maler ln September 1946 we returned as erghth graders Joyce Young and Mlll1centWnllrams were the new students who lolned our class during thus year Georgune Judge won the American Legion Essay Award and the Eughth Grade American Legion Cltrzenshlp Award for the gurls whale Richard Shaffer won the American Legion Cntlzenshlp Award for the boys Mrs Wlldrlck remained as our home room teacher as she dld durung our entrre Junlor H S and Semor H S Career Erghth grade Increased In dlffnculty but everyone looked forward to nlnth grade and :ts varied curriculum ln mnth grade we again had a large unflux un the number of new students who lorned our class The malor portuon of them came from the Bear Creek regnon In Buck Townshnp These students were Leon Blakeslee John Van Yush Nancy Heiney Charles Heiney and Zoe Shafer Lucy Moyer from Polk Town shrp also 'owned our class durlng that year Shrrley Shades came from Fern Ridge ln nmth grade we came face to face with Latm and Algebra which nearly stumped us Weathering this storm we followed on to the tenth grade Our tenth year was fllled wrth thrllls and chills Geometry and Biology provtded ample quantities of both Mr Tlmkos Biology class became the center of learning and controversy whsle Mr Burrows Geometry class fast became the center of block heads Geometry that ISI Mrs Wlldrrck states that she never saw so many Es In one class at the same time Patrlcla Carroll was the only new student to lam our class rn thus year Several of our class members were actrve In the cast of the Gypsy Troubadour rn which we displayed our lack of vocal qUGlllI6S Shurley Shades placed In the County forensic Contest IH the Humorous Declamatuon Drvusnon Agarn we all anxiously looked forward to advancement ln the year 1949 the Junior class finally assembled and were placed with the sensors of that year rn the famous Junlor Senior homeroom Thus room IS most famous for Its closet where more than one act of Romeo and Juliet was portrayed under the Mrstletoe at Chrrstmas trme Albert Dally from Bangor and our former classmate Vlola Argot entered our class Geogtne Judge was most fortunate rn wlnmng the Best Made Garment Award at the Wyckoff Exhublt Our class also gained fame when rt produced the Jumor Play entitled Sllas Smudge from Turnrp Rldge Rrchard Shaffer placed In the County Forensic Contest In Radio Speaking After most of the gurls were at Harrrsburg attendlng the State Farm Show the class looked forward with hope towards the senior year Our Sennor year started off with a bang and has contunued IH hostile attempts durnng the enture year We presented our second play Maud to Order which was recerved with maxed feelings ln December Duck Shaffer was chosen as a Congressnonal Page Boy representlng Congressman Walters Later he won the acclaim of the Stroudsburg Rotary Club and the Pocono Lions Club when he related to them hrs experrences nn Washlngton D C For the second year we engoyed the honor of having two champlonshnp basketball teams In our school John Van Yush was elected Presrdent of the Northeastern Dlstrlct of the Jr Hlstorlcal Society lt would be worth notlng that If all the students who had been members of our class dur :ng the twelve years there would be sixty elght Of the 31 who started our flrst year there are flve students left Robert Hawk John Lewrs Bull Kerruck George Judge and Rnchard Shaffer 4 I , . , . , . . , . 1 1 1 1 ' ' . , . . . I , . . . . . . . . . . H H 1 . . I . H . . . . ,, . . , ' 1 N . H . H . . . , . 1 ' 1 - ' 1 . , . . 3 1 1 1 1 - Senior Class Staff Shirley has attended TTHS since ninth grade. Previous to this time she attended the Junior High School in Cranford, New Jersey. She has taken an active part in extra curriculum activities and has been a member of the cheerleading squad several years. Shirley is a non-resident student of Tunkhannock Township Georgine has attended the Tobyhanna Township School for twelve years She has taken an active part of all class activities She has been an editor of the Tohito for two years and has been captain of the cheerleading group for three years She is the saluta torian of her class She has a cheerful disposition and makes friends very easily SHIRLEY SHADES President GEORGINE JUDGE Vice President MILLICENT WILLIAMS 471 Secretary 'VS Treasurer Milllcent was a transfer from the Wilkes Barre Public Schools and enrolled in e TTHS durtng the eighth year She has been a member of the cheerleading group for several years and has taken interest in class activities She was also secretary of the class for three years Nancy is a non resident student from Kidder Township Carbon County Nancy has been the class treasurer for three years and has taken a keen interest in all class activities She has a very cheerful disposition and is well liked by the students of the school it . N ya NANcv Heinev " ' - ' ' th luv Senior VIOLA MAE ARGOT H A 4 ye Tohno Stall Uypnsll Sludenl Council l year Glee Club l year REGINA M BERGER Jeannie Shop Club 3 years A 7 ye Camera Club l year Tohilo Slafl fHome Ec Reporlerl Senvor Play Radio Program r Historical Club 7 year PATRICIA ELEANOR CARROLL Pony Cyl e Club 2 years lr Hislorical Club 2 years A l e Camera Club l year Junior Play Operella ALBERT A DALLY Frank Sec, of Hi-Y lub Camera Club lyear Foorball leam l year Gym Club 2 years lPres.l Basketball ream I year School Bay Palrol l year MARY M. GUIDA Glee Club 3 years F. H. A. 1 year Jr, Hisrprical 3 years Sporls Club l year Cheerleader 2 years Tohifo Slafl l year lTypisll Junior-Senior Play Opererro 3 years Cheerleading Club l year Radio Program l year GSS ROBERT JOHN HAWKS Bob Shop Club 2 years Camera Club l y ar Junior Play NANCY JANE HEINEY Nanc Jr Historical Club 3 years Glee Club 2 years Class Treasurer 3 years Cheerleading 2 years Cheerleading Club l year Tohnlo Slaff 2 years year lunrorSen1or Play Sports Club l year Operena 2 years CHARLES F HEINEY Cholly Basketball 4 years Baseball 4 years Gym Club 4 years School Boy Palrol l year Operella 2 years .Ir Hlsrorical Club l year .lunvor Senior Play Tohno Sfafl GEORGINE MAE JUDGE Dodo Tohrlo Slal? 2 years lEdlrorJ Cheerleader lCop1ain 3 yearsl Gym Club 2 years Cheerleading Club l year . H. A. 4 ye Radio Programs 3 years Operello l year Junior-Senior Play Junior Historical Club 3 years Vice Presidenl lSenior Classl Band 2 years Year Book lfditorl RONALD EUGENE KEIPER ..Keip., Shop Club 2 years Camera Club l year Baseball 2 years Junior-Senior Play ir -, U 43' as 'I L Senior Class WILLIAM RICHARD KERRICK nsiun Camera Club I year Shop Club I year School Boy Patrol Jr. Historical I year Gym Club I year Tohito Staff Junior Play Operetta NORMAN DAVID KUKENBEAKER "Cook" Gym Club 3 years School Boy Patrol I year JOHN LEWIS Humphrey Camera Club 3 years Shop Club I year Tohfto Stall Junior Senror Play JOHN A MAJER Jack Jr Hrstorlcal 3 years Camera Club I year Tohrto lArt Edrtorl 3 years SHIRLEY DELORES SHADES Shlrl Tohito Stall fTyp:stI Forensic 3 years Student Council I year Junior Senior Play A I Glee Club 2 years Jr Historical 3 years Cheerleader 3 years Cheerleading Club I year Operetta 2 years Sports Club I yar Coach olJ V Cheerleading RICHARD WAGNER SHAFFER I-Dickn Jr. Historical Club 4 years Camera Club 3 years Tohito Stall llfditarl 3 years Junior-Senior Play Operetta Basketball Mgr. 2 years Baseball I year Student Council 2 years Yearbook Editor V. Pres. N. E. Pa. Jr. Historical Society Forensic 3 years Radio Program 2 years JOHN VAN YUSH Barney Basketball 2 years Baseball 4 years Junior Senior Play .lr Hrstorrcal Club 4 years lohrto Stall 3 years lSports Editort Student Councrl 3 years School Boy Patrol 2 years Gym Club I year Shop Club I year Science Club I year Operetta I year s N E Pa Jr Histor: Society JUNE LA RUE WALTZ Junle A 4 ye .lr Historical Club I year Glee Club I year Shop Club I year Tohrto Stall 2 years Hake Edltorj JunrorSen1or Pay Operetta I year Gym Club I year Sports Club I year MILLICENT RUTH WILLIAMS Cheerleader 2 years Cheerleading Club I year Junior Senior Play Tohlto Staff I year lr Hrstorical 3 years Glee Club 2 years Sports Club I year A I Operetta 2 years We .I H x . . . I. tr yi Pre . . . . . ' 'cal P - ll U II W F. H. . ars I " ' ' , ,. . I. it I, A W - - F. H. . year i, K ll ' I F. H, . year 2 ea :VI 4 A 1:2 -, . , rf e J Umor Class There are srxteen gurls and seven boys rn the Junlor Class Four ot these students come from Buck Twp Luzerne Co and one student comes from Tunkhannock Townshrp Leona Credus and Betty Jane Dutter lolned the class In September atter attending school rn Connecticut and Calnfornua Nancy Frscher withdrew from the Junior Class last September The class has been very actnve rclsung money for the Washlngton trap They pre sented the annual Junror Play and also a magazrne drrve PRESIDENT Clara Bush VICE PRESIDENT Martha Freach TREASURER James Lewrs STUDENT COUNCIL REP Martha Freach and Delbert Heller ADVISOR Mrs Annabelle Knorr Back Row Delbert Heller James Lewis Donald Judge Harry Eberhart Wrllnam Elwlne Nelson Deubler Norman Lewls Second Row Mrs Knorr June Elwrne June Greenlaw Jean Franks Nancy Smith Florence Skordensky Rosalre Supple Norma Srlfles, Leona Credus First Row Martha Freach Elva Keuper, Phyllis Kemper, Mary Smuth Clara Bush Eltle Lourse Schadl r Betty Jane Dutter SECRETARY ,....,..,r.,4,,...,...........,.......,,,... ,...,,,..,,....,, ,......,...,,.......,,.,,....,,,.,,,, M a ry Smith Sophomore Class There are tweny one members rn the Sophomore Class with one student trom Buck lownshrp and four from Tunlchannock Township John Muller Prrscrlla Argot Gladys Jones and Gall De Santo wrthdrew from the class at the begrnntng ot this term Rrchard rchael who attended the New Port Townshrp School Luzerne Co loaned the cla s In October ot this school year PRESIDENT Fred Blakeslee VICE PRESIDENT Robert Mrller SECPETARV James Waltz STUDENT COUNCIL REP George Schultz and Charles Coleman ADVISOR Mr Burrows Back Row Merlyn May Fred Blakeslee John Fedln Thomas Carroll Jam s Vkrlson Charles Col man Second Row Mr Burrows Stephen Freach Robert Ftscher Wayne Franks Robert Muller Richard Mlchael James Waltz First Row Shirley Bernadr, Janet Hanna, Loutse Knecht Gretchen Mller, Norma Muller, Annette De Santo, Lllllan Moyer M. I , I .I . , 5 . TREASURER .,....,.......,.....,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,sr,,,,,,,, ,,r,,,,,,,. ,,,,,,,o,,.,..s,.,.,,,,,, ,,,,,, R o bert Fischer Freshman Class The Freshman Class us the largest class un the hugh school Marlene Blakeslee Anna Sapek Agnes Supple Jean Smuth Steve Huclock John Supple and Joe Sylvanuus are from Buck Townshup Larry Moyer us from Tunkhannock Townshup Durung the school year Jean Argot and Marlene Werruclc moved from the dustruct and Harruet Wulson wuthdrew from school PRESIDENT Janet Fuscher VICE PRESIDENT Marlene Blakeslee TREASURER Ethel Wulluams STUDENT COUNCIL REP Josephune Smuth 8. George Wulson Back Row Leslue Deubler Joseph Sylvanuus Georqe Wulson .lack Waltz Forrest Muller Steve Hudack John Supple Fred Shaffer Second Row Mr Tumko Wulluam Knobloch Agnes Supple Josephune Smuth Gaul Wulson Marlene Blakeslee, Anna Sapelm, larry Moyer, John Franks Furs! Row Margaret Smuth, Janet Fusher Shurley Carroll Marlyn Muller, Ethel Wulluams, Margaret Fescuna SECRETARY ......................................,,..,.......,.........,.................,,....,....,.. Margaret Fescuna ghth Gro .4 Af 47 V A " bm 'W 3' 4+ k fir 1 Bock Row Edward bmlvh James Judce Joseph Moyer Jame Moyer Sam Ewane Yhomos Chr: tic econd Row Mlss Artwu nn 'arte e lr Barbara C ry Bevery Kel er Mor esp r Eve rt Elwlne Mr Banzhol Frrst Row Homer Franks Mchael Araot Joseph M ll Wullard Coslanzo Kenneth Hennung Clarenc Kuhenbeok r venfh Grn Back Row Arlene Knecht Davld Argot Joseph De Santo Davnd Greenlaw Albert Warner Ruchord crner E rnest Slmes L, Fish Roger Allemose Ire Sm: Mss Flnner First Row-Marlene Meckes, Jean Berger, Judy Eberhcrl, Gloria Franks, Belly Pepperling, Esther Smith, Sally Dunlap, Lois Coleman. Fifth and Sixth Grades Bock Row Charles Hanna Junlor Moyer Wllls Ftsher Aluce Stout Dorothy Elwrne Arthur Grey James Keuper Rodney Waltz Second Row M Lutkoskn Ruchard Kelper George Shlmko Donna Flsher Patsy Knowles Betty Hanna Harry Costanzo Joseph Dunlap Robert Kelper Furst Row Larry Wllllams Walter Slutter Roger Moyer Geraldrne De Santo Prlscnlla Muller George Wrllrams Joseph Shrmko Ruchard Cory Back Row Franklln Altemose George Franks Cloyd Muller John Chrxstue James Kltchen George Sllfles Harvey Kemper Wnlson Bonser John Kerper Second Row Muss 5 hoonover Wrlllam Dunlap Gerald Keuper Gene Bonser Charles Chrlstne Betty Muller Glorua Slutter Ruth Slutter Tncmas Smlth Tery Altemose First Row John Berger Davwd Woehrle Mary Lounse Wilson Duane Judge Pamela Smith Glorla Flsher Norbert Kerper John Argot - y . fi.. 1 . I .I I -rt 3 . rl . l . I I 9 Third and Fourth Grades r Second Grad Back Row Patricia Bobby Ralph Dunlap Glenmore Hayes Edwaxd Luck James Franks Ania Hawk Diane Avery Donald Shumko Thomas Dunlap John Franks Larry Burger Larry Courl Miss Bonser Second Row Wanda Kemper Shirley Hawk Charles Sluller Ronald Waltz Robert Lulkoskl Mary Ann Manley Judy Bonser rlarrlel Klock Mary Kelper Mary Harrold Jean Kelper Susan olarner Patricia Kelper John Franks Bruce Franks Raymond Fisher L r b r a r y C I u Bark Row Shirley Smllh Lois Coleman Belly Jane Pepperllng Beverly Jean Keiper Miss Finnerly Gloria Franks Marlene Mcckes Arlene Knechl Sally Dunlap First Row Judy tberhorl Evelyn Elwlne E ther Smith Joan Berg F i s f a n d e s Firs! Row-Daniel Woehrle, Steve Dewilsky, Marlin Keiper, Brenda Franks, Gloria Jean Bobby, Gloria Student Council Buck 'low C Wullus Dunlap Charles Coleman George Wilson Rlchard Warner Lots Coleman George Shultz Edward Smlth Kenneth Banzhof First Row Barbara Cary Martha Freach Delbert Heller John Van Yush Vlola Argot Josephrne Smlth ool r Jack Waltz Samuel :lwnne Second Row C Wrllls Dunlap Norman Lewls Georqe Wilson Robert Muller Jomes Wulson VfllllOm Knobloch James Le-wus Stephen Freach Furst Row Wrllord Costanzo Edward S nth Joseph Muller Thomas Chrustre James Waltz Homer Franks Leslne Deublef James Ju e S c h B o y P a t o I Buck Row-Albert Dolly, Thomas Carroll, John Fedin, Fred Blokeslee, John Van Yush, Charles Heiney, , ' , dg . U Back Row Wrlltarn Knobloch George Wulson Jack Waltz John Fedtn Stephen Hudack John Supple John Franks Second Row Mr Ttmko Rtchard Michael Joseph Sylvanlus Fred ShaFfer James Moyer Joseph Moyer Samuel Elwlne Charles Coleman larry Moyer tanzo Joseph Muller a m e r a C I u ac Row M urrows ert arner ames Waltz retchen M er Earnest Stlfles Ro er Alternose Front Row Elva K :per hyllrs Ke er Patrncua Carrol Regtno Ber er S c i e n c e C I I9 Front Row-Leslie Deubler, Paul Heller, Kenneth Henning, James Judge, Homer Franks, Willard Cos- Bk -LB ,AIbW ,J ,G ill, ',g f - e , P ip , ' ' l, ' Q . Cheerleading Club Back Row Georgune Judge Nancy Herney Mnllncent Wnlllams Shirley Shades Mary Gulda Ethel Wllluams Mr Banzhof Front Row Janet Flscher Norma Muller Gaul Wilson Martha Freach Janet Hanna G m C l u b Back Row ert Dally Thomas Carroll Wayne Franks Harry Eberhart Forrest Muller Ne son Deubler Fred Blakeslee Charles Heaney Wnlluam Elwune an S nth Agnes Slpple Shirley Carroll Louxse Knecht Efhe Louise Sa er Front Row Norman Kuhenbeaker Norman Lewls Robert Fncher Donald .ludae Robert Muller James Wwlson Stephen Freach Delbert Heller -Alb , , f , ' , I Second Row-Mr. Smith, Josephlne Srnlth, Jean Franks, June Elwine, Norma Sllfles, Marilyn Miller, ,le m' , A, , ' f ' , ' dl . 96 U Back Row Gretchen Muller Phyllis Kenper Gayle Wulson Janet Fisher Alice Guida Beverly J on Kelper Florence Skordensky Nancy Smith Rosalie Supple Mary Guida Josephine Smith Miss Arthur Front Row Margaret Smalh Loss Coleman Joan Berger Judy Eberhart Mary Smlth Sally Dunlap Gloria Franks Esther Smuth Betty Jane Pepperllng Band Back Row Georglne Judge Beverly Jean Kelper James Judge Paul Fisher Richard Kelper Arthur Grey Josephine Smlth Roger Altemose Mass Arthur Flrst Row Prlscllla Muller Barbara Cary Richard Cary Janet Fisher Wnllard Costanzo Joseph De Santo Patrrcla Knowles Gretchen Muller Phyllrs Keuper T 1 1 1 1 1 V 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' T 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - T 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - Junior Historical Society Back Row James Lewis John Maier John Van Yush Ruchard Shaffer Rlchard Warner Second Row John De Santo Clara Bush Ann Marne Fednn Barbara Cary Betty Jane Dutter Paul Fischer Mrs Knorr Front Row Nancy Smlth Rosolue Supple Florence Skordensky Alice Gulda Anette De Santo Mary Smnth The Junior Hlstorlcal Club was organized ID 1945 to study IocaI history This year the club went to Hungry Hull during club per nod to make a study ot Sulluvan s March The meeting of the North Eastern Pennsylvama Junior HlstorlcaI Club was held at the East Stroudsburg State College John Van Yush was president and Rrchard Shatter was second vlce presldent at the North Eastern Dlstrlci for T951 Officers PRESIDENT Clara Bush VICE PRESIDENT Richard Shaffer TREASURER Rosalre Slpple ADVISOR Mrs Knorr SECRETARY ..,,... .,,,.,,...,,,.,,.....,... ..,.,.......,,,.,.., N a ncy Smith Tohito Staff Back Raw John Maier John lewrs Donald Judge Charles Hemey Wulluam Elwrne Albert Dally Jame Waltz Larry Moyer Second Row Mr Tlmko Mllllcent Wrlllams June Gre nlaw Vlola Argot Reglna Berger Phyllis Kenper Janet Flscher Annette De Santo Shirley Shades Mary Guida Mr Dunlap Georglne Judge Mary Smith Stephen Freach June Wall Not present when picture was taken The Tohno IS the oldest extra curricular achvlty IH the school lt was oraanlzed In l93l as a class protect Under the guidance or Mass Catherine Grlflhlh Al one time we had a circulation of 6 Issues wnh 225 cop es pe: Issue Thus year the circulation has been cut 'ro 5 IS ues clue to tne hugh cost ol produclxon Next year we have planned to have only 4 Issues 1 . I A . I I . ' . . ' , , S , . l - l 1 V Q 4 V f 9 f l 1 I l ' . I . I I , , . , Front Row-Nancy Heiney, James Lewis, Clara Bush, Richard Shaffer, 1 1 1 lf . . . I J . . A . . . , urs: Leade Janet Fnsher Mary Gundo Shurley Shades Martha French Georgune Judge Standing Mr Bonzhof Coach Gayle Wilson JoneIHcnnc1 Ethel Wullucms Stonoung Mr Bonzhof Coach V 'fy Cheer rs Jr. Varsity Cheer Leaders ars Tea ck Row N S th M ly ay o n n s t Blak see e Font Ro arles He ney Ja es Wlson ad e an e er A r Dally R chord Shaft Manage n p ctu e The Tobyhanna Townshup Hugh School Basektball Team won the Monroe County League Champzonshlp for the second time The team t1nushed the season wtth ten wnns and no defeats In the league The tollowlng as a complete record of the team for the 1950 51 season Mountanntop Newfoundland Stroudsburg JV Stroudsburg JV Pocono Jets Alumni Alumni Chestnuthlll Pocono o Coolbaugh Barrett Chestnuthrll Pocono o Coolbaugh Barrett Mountauntop All tars East Stroudsburg V ity Basketball Ba - tr. mi , er n M , I h Va Yu h, Forres Miller, Fred r w--Ch i , m i , Don I Judg , Norm Lews Rob , l i er, r, not i i r 1 T. T. H. S. 38 ' ff 40 " 39 , 26 , 51 67 ' 42 ' 44 ' 56 36 P lk 59 51 45 A 41 54 P Ik 63 49 57 ' 43 S nror Basketba Back Row Mr Smrth Wayne Franks Jack Waltz Wnllram Hawk Thomas Carroll Harry Eberhart Delbert Heller Second Row Paul Fischer Albert Warner Earnest Sllfles Joseph De Santo Joseph Miller Front Row James Waltz Stephen Freach Robert Fischer Edward Smith James Judge Wrllard Costanzo John Fedln The .lumor Varslty team won the Monroe County Jumor Varsity tltle ror he thlrd straight year The team had a record of ten wms and no defeats In the league competltron The followrng rs a record of the team tor the year Mountamtop Newfoundland Stroudsburg Stroudsburg Middle Smlthtlelal Chestnuthlll Pocono o Coolbaugh Barrett Chestnuthlll ocono o Coolbaugh Barrett Mountarntop All Stars East Stroudsburg 44 Stroudsburg J u ' I I T. T. H. S. 36 ' l7 " 28 35 " 29 Middle Smithfield l6 28 9 29 l7 3l ' ' l5 24 ' l7 28 23 23 P lk 20 35 l9 25 23 29 ' 9 43 P l8 ' 34 P lk l4 4l l3 52 22 38 ' 44 32 12 28 50 37 'E'?.""q"' aseba Tea "ws M 35. 79 X 7' Back Row Coach Mr Smith Robert Hawk Ronald Kelper Merlyn May Donald Judge John Van Yush Charles Helney James Lewls Second Row Albert Dally Stephen Freach James Judge Willard Costanzo Robert Flscher Norman lewis Thus IS the flrst tzme In the history ofthe Monroe County Baseball League that the league was dlvuded unto two sections The North ern section composed of Coolbaugh Townshlp Barrett Townshlp and Tobyhanna Township The Southern section IS comprised of Chestnuthlll Township Polk Township and Pocono Townshnp Barrett Township won the Northern section with three wlns and one loss The followmg IS the Northern Dlvlslon standing Barrett 3 l Tobyhanna 2 2 Coolbaugh l 3 Senior Play Furst Row John Van Yush Mull cent Wnlllams Nancy Helney Regina Berger Georglne Judge Shlrley Shades Rrchard Shaffer Back Row Robet Hawk Norman Kukenbeaker Albert Dally June Waltz Ronald Kelper Mary Guida Charles Heiney John Lewls Patrlcla Carroll Mrs Wlldrlck coach The Senior play which was scheduled for November 17 had to be postponed because Richard Shaffer was called to Washington to serve as a page boy for Congressman Walters The play was finally given on February 3 The play Maid to Order was a comedy In three acts and was well presented The play was a fvhnrlwnnd of fast action a cyclone of mirth and tornado of rapid fire d alogue The plot concerned a young husband who was fed up with the way his wifes tltlcd cousuns from England kept stayung IU has house wlthout paying any board He was certain that they are falxc and hired a detectlle to check on them H got has olleg frnend to act as has maid The characters are as follows Elarn Sa vyer wnfe of Jnmm aa fycr Str Cecll Tuppcr Elaln s trtled cous n Jlmmy Sawyer A harassed your-o u band Lady Costance Cecnl s wnfe Ronald Clark Jlmmys Colleg f Bunny Cole Ronald s fancee Jack Blakeslee A pruvate D ct Come on Kate A lady of the und r forld Gilbert Rawllns Ronald s rx al Mrs Jones A cleanung woman Bobby Rumbles-The grocery boy .,,,,,,,.,..,,.,............,, Mrllrcent Wrlhams Rrchard Shaffer John Van Yush Shrrley Shades Albert Dally Nancy Hevney John Lewrs Mary Gurda Charles Herney June Waltz Ronald Keiper Mrs. Smythe-A Social power ,,,4.,,,...,.,....,.........,...........,.,..,..,..,........ Regina Berger Lyrrce-Her daughter ,,,,..,, .,...,.....,.....,s.....,... ,,,.......,...s..,,,..,,.,...,s..... Georgine Judge Coach ............................,....................,.................,...................................... Mrs. Wildrick ,Y QA .--4 Junior Play J The Jumor Play The Funny Brats a three act comedy was presented on Apnl 6 The play was well recetved Duck and Harrtet hugh school youngsters are mturloted because thetr widowed mother Mrs Sylvta Gresham has allowed thexr older brother Tom to become the dictator of the tamtly They secretly send Tom s plc ture to a wealthy wudow Mrs Gwynette Gadwood hoping she wtll come and take Tom tar away so they can have some freedom and run hetr mother to sunt themselves Sylvia then decades to marry her brother ID law Loren Gresham These and many other sttuatlons created a rtotous com dy and a whtrlwtnd of laughs The characters are as follows Harriet Gresham lSylvtas Daughterl Phyllts Ketper Aurora Borealis Ptke lThe servantl Clara Bush Sylvia Gresham la beauttiul wtdowl Nancy Smyth Duck Gresham lher younger sonl Delbert Heller Tom Gresham lher elder sonl Louralee Lynde lTom s tlanceel Loren Gresham lSyl s brother tn lawl Gwynette Gadlwood lastrologerl Hettte Htggrnbotham lSyl s auntl Whaley McWhorter lSyl s tlanceel Harry Eberhart Mary Smyth Norman Lewis Florence Skordensky Rosalte Srpple James Lewts Boogertace Boggs lAurora s B-friendl .....s....,.....,,,..,,, William Elwine Advisor ..,...,,.,....,,,,,,.,,......,,..,...,,...,,......s.....,...,, Mrs. Annabelle Knorr nch Pro X' D" Yr' Mrs Edith Harrold Mrs Ray Fischer Mrs Wllllam Altemose Mrs Laura Deubler Mrs John Kelper The Hot Lunch program was sponsored by the Toby hanna Township Parent Teachers Association Mrs Wrllnam Altefno e Long PonJ was presldent of the association Mrs Ednth Harrold wa tue head cook of the project and wa a SI C by Mr Ray Fuscwcr M aJra D Lbler Mrs 0 n helper Mrs Ernest Muller Mrs Edward May and Mrs Roy Stewart Mrs Dora Field was ttc supervisor tor the prolect 3 1719! ,WW -e-1'-:pq A H o t L u i e c t - "f"r' a . .fu 43 T i ,., fr Qi' - ,, 4 9 '2 WZ - W I A vi .T Z 1 Mf s Mgidh I, V G X Q V v Q 1 1 7 :51 f M, , MW,-,-l' c I If It J, I V 3,n,,,,, f ' gy - 2 ,Qflw rrfl . P m . V3 , 1 JM "' , , M ,Mu ' 3 T ' ' 3 3 'st cl T s. A I , frs. ' o' , .J h , . . F. H. A. Club Georgtne Judge Vrola Argot Margaret Fescma .lune Green law Mrs Wrldrrck June Waltz Shirley Bernard: Lrllran Moyer Margaret Smyth At Christmas time the club made stockings and filled them wnth cookues candy and oranges for all the first and second grade students Held a surpruse Brudal Gutt Shower tor Vlola Argot at the hom ot Mrs Nuldrlck Each of the club members brought a gtt Refreshments at hamburgs potato chnps soda cake etc W re served Th club also mcde sprunklung bottles and bake boards Jurmng the year I I I - I ' I I I , , . . , ' I C . ' . ' ' I I I I ,- e . A f two 8th grad rs plcytng 1 n d Tea and grades Rel nn 5th and oth qua e bays buuldlng pyramlds Janttor sweepung room " ' ,WWA 4 1 i' LA f game Steve Freach fleldlng a baseball Chas Heaney gettung ready lo patch a baseball Dick Shaffer Gym Ex Mgr Robert Flscher Donald Ju e Fred Blakeslee Managers of Wrestlers ay scrable Buddy Judge gettung ready to shoot a Basket Ball Delbert Heller and John Lewns wrestl s dancnng Norman Lewts lakes a shot Donald Judge catcher for baseball team Juntor and Sensor Pat Carroll and Georglne Judge Gym Ex nald Kexper ready to hut n a game James Court Davld Argot watchtng -L Z ' 6 4 it i i A ' Y X x ag A L.: l l My , , a s . " ,H ,, r J Q ,,,t J, Q.,- ' 2 ' a . ' . . ' ' 4 . Mr. Fltllng, Healt E . Cher. ' , . , . ' , dg , , 7th Sth . ' . ' , 'g. d ' . ' , , . ' ' ' A ' ' . ' , . Ro ' A i . f Class Wall We the class of 1951 of Tobyhanna Townshup Huoh School Pocono Punes Pennsylvanuo beung of sound mund and body present our last wull and testament thus 25th day of May un the year of our Lord nuneteen hundred and fifty one as follows Furst to Jam s Mortun and Alfred Hayes who were kulled un Korea we bequeath the deducatuon of our year book Jum and Alfred were both former classmates Secondly we the Senuor Class of 1951 bequeath to our faculty members all our books and the lollowung Mr Tumko the senuor gurls abuluty to chew gum Mr Dunlap the eleventh grade typusts to do hus omce work Muss Arthur a quuet study hall Mr Burrows four more good gurls to room the halls Mr Banzhof a new cheerleadung squad Mrs Wuldruck a quuet seventh grade Muss Funnerty a tree year round troun tucket from Scranton to Pocono Summut Smuth another champuon basketball team Mrs Knorr a senuor class wuth o perfect attendance on test doy Thurdly we bequeath to the followung students os follows Nancy Heuneys perfect attendance record to Joan Berger June Waltz s typung abuluty to Betty Dutter Mullucent Wulluoms skatung abuluty to Beverly Jean Keuper Vuola Argots quuetness to Effie Shadler Shurley Shades blonde hour to Florence Skordensky Mary Guudo s cheerleadung outflt to Janet Fuscher Potruclo Carroll s heught to Martha Freach Reguna Bergers typung abuluty to Mr Tumko Ruchard Sholters report card to Jummy Judge John Van Yush s druvung abuluty to Mr Tumko Norman Kuhenbeaker s potatoes to Bonser s Store Bob Hawk s shyness to Steve Freach Albert Dallys trouble mokung to Bull Elwune Charles Heuney s horseback rudung abuluty to Joe Muller Jack Mouers curly hotr to Mr Banzhof Ronald Keupers Latun abuluty to Buddy Judge John Lewus weight to Wayne Franks Bull Kerruck s red curly hour to Delbert Heller the Junuor boys the Senuor boys puano movung uob Freddue Blakeslee John Von Yush s center posutuon the basketball team Harry Eberhort Jack Mauer s shop abuluty Charles Coleman Albert Dolly s algebra abuluty Mary Smuth John Lewus Bookkeepung abuluty Clara Bush Duck Shaffers hugh marks Jeon Franks Mary Guudas offlce lob Phyllus Keuper Mullucent Wulluams shorthand abuluty Noncy Smuth Nancy Heuney s abuluty to get un trouble Gretchen Muller Reguno Bergers sungung abuluty To Nancy Smuth we wull Georgune Judge s dotted swuss gown for future kutchen curtouns D .J - . 'rl , .F I .I , , ,A I' 9 . E . . f , , To '. I . ., .. U 'lo , , ' ' . To ' , ' . To . , ' . To . , ' . To . l ', ' . To ' ' , , ' ' , '. To Mr. ', ' . To . , ' ' . , . - 1 , . .. . , . . , . . , . . .. , . . , . .. . . , . , .. .. . , u , , . . . . , .. .. . ., , . , , .. ., . . ., . To . I . . . . i To ' , ' H on , To , "' " . To , ' To .I ., . To , ' ' ' . To , ' ' ' . To . . I .. .. , .. h To ', ' ' " ' , To . , . , . . .I . . , , . I. Class Prophecq l was suttung un my establushment one fine mornung enuoyung the Ieusure of beung able to afford fifteen operators for my beauty parlor l was readung a recent ussue of The Beauty Operators Monthly when un walked a former classmate of mune Patrucua Carroll who us now happuly marrued and has a fine famuly of sux chuldren Durung her appolnt ment we began talkung over our days un school and we decuded to pay a vusut to our former classmates Pat and I got unto my 16 cylunder convertuble and started out un the durectuon of Pocono Lake ln a few munutes a large farm came unto vuew belongung to a former classmate of ours Vuola Argot who us now Mrs Gerald Gangaware She has lust finushed a hard days work un the field and us headung toward the farm house to complete her home chores Further down the road a new buuldung was beung erected The sugn on the structure reads R Hawk and N Kuhenbeaker Constructor and Mason Can thus be the some Robert Hawk and Norman Kuhenbeaker that were our classmates? It us so' They are now part ners un the constructuan busuness and are doung very well Journeyung on we meet a tall red haured boy who has a flourushung undertakung busuness That us Bull Kerruck steppung unto the Cadullac Hearse Bull spends hus summers un the Poconos and hus wunters un sunny Calufornua Durung our vusut to Splut Rock where we knew Mullucent Wulluams had accepted a secretarual posutuan we found an office door marked Pruvate Dusregardung thus we entered and found her busuly takung ductatuon lt us saud an efficuent secretary often marrues her boss b t Mullue perhaps a tall blonde fellow may soon step un A tall dark haured gurl us suttung un the lounge readung a book on the care of horses Wonderung who was so untensely unterested un horses we found her to be the same good humored Nancy Heuney we knew un school She has attended an equestruan school un Vermont and us now teachung horseback rudung at Splut Rock as a partner wuth her brother Charles who was graduated wuth us He us now a prosperous veterunaruan wuth hus busuness at Splut Rock He us well luked by all As we drove along a narrow durt road we came to a field of acres and acres of potatoes They were beung cultuvated by a famuluar lookung young man As he neared us we dns covered that ut was Ronald Keuper who was always a fauthful member of hus class and now us a fauthful and prosperous potato farmer As we passed the school house un Pocono Punes we decuded to vusut awhule and refresh our memorues of the old schooldays When we entered the office we found none other than June Waltz workung as a Secretary but soon plans to be her husbands pruvate secretary' As we proceeded down the hall we heard the Glee Club sungung Peerung through the glass un the door we saw Mary Guuda who had lust receuved her Bachelor of Musuc degree fessuon because she us always wullung to help anyone who needs assustance A tall handsome man us also unterested un the pretty teacher and very soon he wull change h r name from Muss to Mrs Contunuung down the hall we came to the gymnasuum where we saw a short blonde haured gurl who us fluppung through the aur As we came to a stop we see ut us our former class mate Georgune Judge who us now a Physucal Educatuon teacher e also see she sports a duamond on her left hand Who could the lucky guy be? As the day passes on we see a large neon sugn whuch reads Bug John s Super Market Beung of the curuous type we stopped and entered to see uf ut could be our old pal and classmate John l.ewus After a pleasant surpruse of findung our notuon us correct we chat wuth John and find out that the local nught club us featurung the Mauer Munors whuch us o well known dance band Enterung the Poco Nught Club we were astounushed to find that Jack Maier the fellow who loved typung un our good old school days was leodung that famous band Of course Jack recognuzed us and we were soon shown to one of the best tables un the nughu club After we were sutuated and were lookung around we spotted some people close by who looked famuluar Later on that nught lby a muraclel we were Introduced to them and found that un that party were four of our former classmates Shurley Shades who has completed an art course and us now a very successful artust and us owner of the famous Shades Art Studuo She us wearung o duamond on her left hand whuch l suppose us from that tall well known athlete who went to our school and us now suttung besude her! Ruchard Shaher us one of the others that we were Introduced to He has finushed hus course un Chemical Enguneerung at lehugh Unuversuty and as he stepped out unto the wude world he was offered a 'ob un a large New York Company Due to hus abuluty to get along wuth other people he has achueved hus goal and us hughly respected by hus fellow workers John Van Yush was next on the l t He has been studyung at Unuversuty of Maryland and Temple Unuversuty to complete hus sux year course un dentustry He has now opened hus office un Wulkes Barre and has a tall pretty brunnette as a nurse who wull someday be hus wufe We can see John has been hughly successful un hus chosen professuon and us realuzung hus ambutuon After these three persons told us of theur lufe occupatuons the last person finally got a few words un edge wuse Albert Dolly told us he has completed hus course at lehugh Unuversuty un munung enguneerung and he has been offered a uob un the Hughland Coal Company We know uf he can stay out of trouble he wull advance to a hugher posutuon un the near future After an enuoyable evenung revuewung the past wuth the former students of the class of 1951 we saud our good byes and started back for our unduvudual destunatuons . - uu , ,, . . . . , , , . . . . . 1 , , . . xx 1.1 ' . . , . , , - . . ,, . ,, . . . , . U u - - H, . - . , - . I . I I I 1 . , - . . I , . , . I . I . . . from Marywood College. She is the music teacher with great success in the teaching pro- . . . . . . ' . . . I . 3 u. - H uc H , . ' ' . xl ' I ll , , . . - , , , . , V - . I I i ' I - - - .. - ,, . . . ' . I I . I - . . . I . . I , , - , . . I . . . I is . ' ' ' ' ' , . , Baccalaureate Program School Audutornum SUNDAY MAY 27 1951 PROCESSIONAL INVOCATION HYMN SCRIPTURE READING MESSAGE TO SENIORS HYMN BENEDICTION VALEDlCTORlAN SALUTATORIAN HONOR STUDENTS 8OPM AR ORDER or SERVICE School Bond ev Lane Weller O God Our Help In Ages Pas? ev Lane Weller ev Gcngcxwore God less Our Nohve Land Rev Gongoworc Richard Shaffer Georgme .ludge Polrlclc Carroll ond John Von Yush I I : 0 . . SONGS ,,,,, ,, ,,,,,,,,,,, , , ,,,,, ,, , , ,,,..E....., .,,,,,,,,E,, , Glee Club , , ,, , , ,, ,,,,, R . ,, ,,,, ,,,,, ,,,, A , , ,, , , ., B ' 381:11 Commencement Program School Audltorlum THURSDAY, MAY 31, 1951 8 O0 P M PROCESSIONAL INVOCATION GREETINGS Presrdent ol Class ORATION Atoms of Peace MUSIC ORATION Our Challenge AWARDS AND PRIZES AMERICAN LEGION MEDAL LADIES AUXILIARY MEDAL LADIES AUXILIARY KEYSTONE CAMP AWARD D A R HISTORY AWARD D A R CITIZENSHIP AWARD School Band Rev Gangaware Shlrley Shades Geo gnne Judge Glrls Glee Club Richard Shaffer Elghth Grade Boy Eighth Grade Glrl Eleventh Grade Glrl HONOR AWARD Presented by Mr Glenmore Hayes Pres of Flre Co HONOR AWARD Presented by Mrs Wllllam Altemose Pres of P T A READERS DIGEST AWARD Presented by Mr C Wlllls Dunlap DANFORTH FOUNDATION AWARDS Presented by Mr C Wlllls Dunlap FELICITATIONS Mr John C Lltts County Supt PRESENTATION OF DIPLOMAS Mr John C Lltts County Supt BENEDICTION Father Jordon MUSIC School Band CLASS HONORS Richard Shaffer Valedlctorlan Georglne Judge Salutatorran Students who have an average of 85 or above Patricia Carroll John Van Yush r ' ' V Arrirrld Yi V ' if ADDRESS ,,Y,,,,,A,,,,,,A,,,,,,,s,A,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..s.,,,.,,,,,,,,.,.....,,.r.,,s. Rev. George Creitz Cur Patrons ELFANOR DURLAND 945 JOE LEWIS JR 1947 RICHARD MILLER 950 THOMAS JOE LEWIS 1942 MRS ROBERT KEIPER 1934 CAROLYN JANE SMITH 819 EDGAR A KERRICK 1945 MRS ALBERT SMITH 1919 MRS ANN BERGER 1933 ALVIN DELJBLER 1950 HELEN BONSER SMITH 926 FLOYD J DE HAVEN 9 JAMES SMITH 946 MR AND MRS CLOYD MILLER 9 MR AND MRS RALPH DUNLAP 193 MISS ALICE FINNERTY MR JOHN SMITH MR AND MRS ROBERT BURROWS MR AND MRS JOHN TIMKO MR AND MRS IGNATIUS LUTKOSKI MR AND MRS KENNETH BANZHOF MR AND MRS C WILLIS DUNLAP MISS CORA MAE ARTHUR MR AND MRS WILLIAM WILDRICK MISS MARTHA BONSER MR AND MRS CARL MAJER MISS JEANETTE SCHOONOVER MR AND MRS ROBERT KNORR L 1 1 1. 1 . 118 1 . . 131 . . 1 PICTURES TAKEN FOR THE ANNUAL by LAWRENCE STUDIO 528 Main St. STROUDSBURG, PA. 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DERRICK INC Stroudsburg Penna ROBERT KEIPER Plumbvng 81 Heating Bottle Gas Blakeslee Pa Hayrldes Sleigh Rides SPLIT ROCK RIDING ACADEMY Charles Heiney Splut Rock Lake Harmony Rndnng Lessons Carriages HOFFMAN'S RESTAURANT and SODA FOUNTAIN A GOOD PLACE FOR GOOD FOOD Rooms for Tourists Phone Pocono Lake 9208 Compliments of A FRIEND WAGNER S FOREST PRODUCTS INC A Certified Pennsylvania Tree Farm Cosmetics Film Developing WILLIAMS Pocono Pmes Pc Fountam Luncheonefte . . - . . U H , . : ,. . , . , . I . - I . , . , . A D A M B O N S E R 45 YEARS or SERVICE Pocono PINEs, PA. P I WE DELIVER Phone: Pocono Lake 149-J-1 P , rosv PARK AMUSEMENTS - PICNICS Lunches Roller Skating Nicholas Fescina Prop Phone Pocono Lake 9032 R 13 THE COMPLETE STORE Groceries -- Fresh Meats - Fruits and Vegetables -- Bakery Products Housewares ef- Hardwares -- Paints Westinghouse Appliances Dry Goods - Shoes and Books Garden Supplies THE ECONOMY STORE LEWIS SHOPPING CENTER Phone 120 Pocono Pines Pa General Store Complrments of POCO N O GAS CO PYROFAX GAS DISTRIBUTOR KITCHEN APPLIANCES OF ALL KINDS Comphments of GLOBE FURNITURE CO Fenner Building EAST STROUDSBURG PA Cresco P Tel 5771 Paul W Lloyd W E Mqrghgll INSURANCE Every KInd and The Best C OWE lncorp rated 169 Washington Street EAST STROUDSBURG PENNA Phone 880 3182 4 'I I 1 ' ' 3 . I - X I ' .I ' . . 1 , . ,a.- .: . ,. 1 I P C. H. R , o 'I , . 1 . 4 - ' 1 WILLIAM H. CLARK - Funeral Director lSucceeding Glenn W. Kisorl 1003 MAIN STREET - STROUDSBURG, PA. Telephone: 623 FRISBIE LUMBER COMPANY Lumber 8. Building Material - Coal, Hardware, Millwork POCONO LAKE, PENNA. Phone: Pocono Lake 127 Diamonds Watches SYLVESTER'S JEWELRY AND MUSIC STORE 556 Main Street Stroudsburg P Radio Repairing a Specialty Phone 1258 POCONO HAVEN Health Center An Ideal Place for a Rest MT POCONO PA Compliments of MOUNT POCONO DINER MT Pocomo PA MILLETT and LYONS INC Restaurant and Institutional Foods Exclusive Distributors of Maxwell House Restaurant Coffee Phone 5546 Ridge Row Compliments of BLAKESLEE and FERN RIDGE TELEPHONE COMPANY Franklin Smith, Manager H. RAY SAUNDERS Filing Equipment Oftice Supplies 734 Main Street Stroudsburg P Phone 932 R C CRAMER LUMBER CO POCONO suMMiT PENNA d M a t e r Phone Mt Pocono 6831 Compliments of GEORGE S WAGNER Sales PONTIAC Service Mt Pocono Penna Compliments of Hot Lunch Prolect Cooks Mrs Edith Harrold Mrs Rita Fischer Mrs Gaila Altemose Mrs Laura Deubler I f ' G' A , , a. , . B U il in Q iq I 5 l . , , I - ' Scranton, Pa. I ' Compliments of Complimenfs of 1 DIXVID F. ICOIIN A FRIEND Mt. Pocono, Penna. Complimenfs of Thompson Travel Bureau Qomplgmenfs gf Chartered Buses, Air, Steamship Train 3 A SCRANTON, PENNA. Compliments of A FRIEND GREETINGS TO THE CLASS OF 51 POCONO MANOR INN John M Crandall Manager f

Suggestions in the Tobyhanna Township High School - Annual Yearbook (Pocono Pines, PA) collection:

Tobyhanna Township High School - Annual Yearbook (Pocono Pines, PA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Tobyhanna Township High School - Annual Yearbook (Pocono Pines, PA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 34

1951, pg 34

Tobyhanna Township High School - Annual Yearbook (Pocono Pines, PA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 54

1951, pg 54

Tobyhanna Township High School - Annual Yearbook (Pocono Pines, PA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 20

1951, pg 20

Tobyhanna Township High School - Annual Yearbook (Pocono Pines, PA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 42

1951, pg 42

Tobyhanna Township High School - Annual Yearbook (Pocono Pines, PA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 21

1951, pg 21

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