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■V; ,- ;- ' - ' .; ' :,y. ' . ' h . ' 7 ' : r- . J , ■ ' I ' - -r J- : f - ' ' i? ' ;i- f 4 ' - i ' t ; ' . . ' ;■• ' J, ■■ • ■ -V ■ P.S ' VV. H. ' -y. ' vj:-. ' ' K ! ' ' ■! - ' .. ■■ W ' . ' . ' ' . " Hr- ' ' ' ' " ■ " -■:.- Bc ' ' (■ f ' ' . ' ■ ■v ' ■■ ■ ' ■. ' ■.■•■ . ' K V - 3 , -■ •■ K ' " ' Wf, - : -;i:- ' r - ■ ' - ' ., ■■■ ' : A ' . ' L tV -. ' nm |v■i ■V ■ l?- .: ' w " ' ; • ' ■ V- • K K r ' ■ ' ■ ■ ' , ' ■■ , ..- : v J --...v i :.- f-cv -• ■ " ;:■ ' ■ ' - : v. . 4- ■ TV;, .-%--vi :w i. ' ;;v .V-:- ' . ' ;, ' ■ ' ;! ■ -4 ' .-- ' ■■ :■,■« " jLcC AJJLA - O - J V - ,X ' . jjt " 1(J ila Jlcbc O - JLcLT A ::fcAvu2 ¥ yia,i- -«:— y- I ir , , 00 INII the Antler Tivy High School Kerrville, Texas We will never pass this way again our spirit, our purpose, ow loyalty ut our Alma Mater will always express . . for We Are From Tivy. r- J V%i »%-V • V -MP ' K ITb- M iM ' t ,,-T . -•? V-: « Dedication Her patience is unending through plays, poetry, and pantomimes; Her school spirit immeasurable; Her devotion unrelenting in spite of rehearsals and readings; Her task impossible; Her contribution, nothing short of great . . , Rachel Luna ■i i „ • K ' ' ' ' wm W M wKK my 3 H F H J ■H TH 1 r 1 M H B B wu L« ' ar Table of Contents Curriculum 6 Classes 24 Student Life 74 Organizations 84 Sports 132 Honors 164 Student Directory 188 1967 ANTLER, edited by the 1967 ANTLER staff. Published by Henington Pub- lishing Company, Wolfe City, Texas. Photography by Francis Swayze, Swayze Studio, Kerrville, Texas. Denny Cook, Sponsor; George Carr, Editor; Susan Sandidge, Business Manager; Staff: Candy Cross, Danelle Rees, Carolyn Swayze, Edith Jennings, Nancy Bernhard, Clinton Jones, Andree LeMeilleur, BrianSmith. r ' A Si- We are from Tivy; fO D Uf)_ CURRICULUM from Tivy are we . . . Jack Murray, Assistant Principal Paul E. Barr, Superintendent L. E. Blanton Jr. , Principal Administration School Board (first row) RH. Wied, Mrs. Margaret Watson, E.A. Cochrane, Dr. C.a Borchers, (second row) Dr. C.B. Matthews, D.P. Braden, Dr. D.W. Bacon. Counselors Audio-Visual Martin Hale, Curriculum Director Herman Billnitzer, Audio- Visual Director Librarians Miss Lou Ella Cheeks, Librarian Mrs. Mary Cardan, Librarian Business Managers Mrs. Lanita Munn, Secretary Mrs. Estelle Callcott, Secretary 10 Secretaries Mrs. Ann Franklin, Secretary to Superintendent Mrs. Marjorie Wise Guidance Secretary Mrs. Jane Kemp Attendance Secretary Mrs. Carol Woodard Principal ' s Secretary 11 Mrs. Elaine Notario English I English Mrs. Barbara Pate English n 12 Mrs. Margaret Syers English I Mrs. Maggie Joines English Ul, IV Mrs. Elizabeth Furman English II Virgil Joines English m Miss Kathleen Akin EngUsh IV Mrs. Sue Simon EngUsh ni Foreign Languages Mrs. Jean Dunham French William Smithson Spanish Mrs. Lucy Brim Spanish 13 Algebra Gene Ball Algebra I Geometry i Pat Sullivan Algebra II Edward Windbank Algebra 11 Trigonometry 14 Mrs. Iris Ball Geometry Stanley Foskett Trigonometry, Solid Geometry Business Math Warren Martin Related Math, Business Arithmetic Mrs. Colleen Guess Related Math Preston Chambliss Business Manager Commercial Skills Mrs. Rebecca McBryde Typing, Stenography Hillyer Ward Typing 15 Fine Arts Mrs. Rachel Luna Speech Billy Morris Choir Director Hb| " ' l M j t t ' u H B p Mrs. Peggy Wahrmund Art 16 Charles Doiron Band Director Drivers ' Education Raymond Palmour Drivers ' Education, P, E. Physical Education James Reid Physical Education Miss Georgia Griffith Antlerettes, Physical Education 17 Homemaking Miss Charlotte Dismukes Homemaking, Home and Family Living Miss- Joyce Brown Homemaking Mrs. Alice Baker Homemaking, Home and Family Living Distributive Education NIL lECI WEEK W " ' ' l l L le-dP NG WT I 1 MiRKETING j H si:-, H E H J 1 18 Melvin Woolbright Industrial Cooperative Training Bradley Gardner Distributive Education Barrie Ward Vocational Agriculture Vocational Agriculture ™ f H H Y l iBEB H l __ Alvln Tiemann Vocational Agriculture Clifton Mackey General Drafting, Pre-Engineering Joe Dozier Machine Metals, General Metals and Woodwork Industrial Arts 19 Biology Larry Kemp Biology, P.E. Obed Cory Biology 20 Physical Science Chemistry James Ray Chemistry, Physical Science 21 Civics and Texas History Denny Cook Civics, Texas History, Journalism Douglas Jung American and Texas History, Civics Bill Farrington American History, P. E. Mrs. Jessie Wilson American History, Bible, Economic s American History World History Curtis Monies World, American History, P.E, 4miimik Gerald Deckert World History and Geography Donald Hedgpeth World History, Civics, Texas History 23 ' ■ » ' ' . . . True to each other 24 CLASSES as students should be . 25 SENIOR CLASS Bill Bartels President Jim Stehling Vice-president Carol Wood Secretary Linda Cochrane Treasurer Diane Taylor Reporter 26 AD. MS, B. ' RBARA Library Club 4. ADAMS, DEBORAH Future Teachers of America 3,4; Girls ' Sports Associa- tion 1,2, Letter 1,2; National Honor Society 3 ,4; Spanish Club 3,4, Secretary 4, French Club 4. ADAMS, JAMES Distributive Education 3,4; Football 1,2. AGUERO, JANIE Future Homemakers of America 3,4; Spanish Club 4. AHRENS, CATHY Antlerenes 1,2; Future Homemakers of America 1-3; Girls ' Sports Associa- tion 1,2, Lener 1,2; Voca- tional Industrial Club 4; Volleyball 1,2, Letter 1,2. AVERY. JAMES THOMAS Future Teachers of America 4, Sergeant-at-Arms 4; " V Association 3,4; Foot- ball 1-3, Letter 3, AU- Dis- trict 3; Tennis 3. BARTELS, BILL Transfer Student 2; Art Club 2-4, Vice-president 4; Fu- ture Teachers of America 4; Interact Club 3,4, Treasurer 4, International Student Congress 3; National Honor Society 4; Student Council 3; Senior Class President; Boy ' s State. BAUMANN, MIKE Future Farmers of America 1-4, Treasurer 3; Key Club 2-4; Tennis 1-3; Letter 3. BEADLES, MARK Band 1-4, Quartermaster 2, Stage Band 2-4, Uni ersit) ' Interscholastic League Band, District 3; National Honor Society 4; Tennis 2; Track 2, Letter 2. BELL, ANN Distributive Education 3,4; Future Homemakers of America 1-4 27 BENNETT, KENNETH Future Farmers of America 1; Key Club 2-4; Track 2,4. BENSON, LUCINDA Chorus 3; Future Teachers of America 4; Girls ' Sports Association 2. BERGMANN, HARRIET Band 1-4, University Inter- scholastic League 1st Divi- sion Ensemble 2,3; Future Teachers of America 2-4; Girls ' Sports Association 1,2; National Honor Society 3,4, Vice-president 4; Spanish Club 3; University Interscholastic League 3; ON THE SPOT panel alter- nate 4. BIEHLER, MARILYN Band 1-4, Librarian 1-4, All-District Band 1-3, All- Region Band 1-3, All -State Band 3, University Inter- scholastic League Solo 1,3, Ensemble 1-3; Future Nurses Club 1; Girls ' Sports Association 2; Latin Club 1; Medical Care ers Club 1; Tivy Salutes 3. BLANTON. RONNY Future Teachers of America 4; Interact Club 3,4, Sergeant-at-Anns 3,4; Stu- dent Council 1-3; " V As- sociation 3,4, Treasurer 4; Freshman Class President; Baseball 4; Basketball 1-4; Football 1-4. Letter 3,4, Captain 4; Track 1-3, Letter 3; Boys ' State. 28 BOYD, BOBBY Distributive Education 3,4. BRADEN, BARBARA ANN Antlerettes 1-4, Senior Sergeant; Future Teachers of America 1,2,4; Medical Careers Club 2. BRADLEY, MICHELLE Antlerettes 1-4, Sophomore Sergeant; Drama Club 3; Future Homemakers of America 1,2, Treasurer 2; Future Teachers of America 3,4; Girls ' Sports Associa- tion 1-4; Freshman Class Treasurer; Future Business Leaders of America 4. BRADLEY, DARYL BRADY, ROBERT BRANDT, JERRY Distributive Education 3. BREHlV ' IER, KAREN DELENE Band 1; Choius 2-4, Libiar- ian 3, Sweetheart 4, Univer- sity Interscholastic League 1st Place Solo 3; Drama Club 3,4; Future Teachers of America 3,4; University Interscholastic League 3,4, French Club 4. BUNDICK, STANLEY Future Farmers of America 1-4; Vocational Industrial Club 3. BURRUS, TOMMY Future Farmers of America 1-4 BUSH, JOE ANN Chorus 1; Drama Club 4; Future Homemakers of America 1; Future Nurses Club 4; Future Teachers of America 4; Vocational Industrial Club 3,4. CADE, DUDLEY Future Farmers of America 1,2; Football 1,2. CALCOTE, BETTY JEAN Future Homemakers of America 1-3; Future Teach- ers of America 3,4; Girls ' Sports Association 1,2,4, Letter 1,2; National Honor Society 4; Spanish Club 4; Volleyball 1,2, Letter 1,2; Future Business Leaders of America 4. ft I i t CALLIHAN, KAY Antlerettes 2-4; Future Teachers of America 4; Girls ' Sports Association 2-4; National Honor Society 4. CARR, GEORGE ANTLER Staff 2-4, Editor 4; Drama Club 3,4; Future Teachers of America 3,4; Interact Club 3,4, Secretary 4, Director 3, International Student Congress 3; Latin Club 1,2, Secretary 2, Junior Classical League 1,2; Na- tional Honor Society 3,4, Reporter 4; University In- terscholastic League 3, Principal ' s Team 2; Future Business Leaders of America 4, Sweetheart 4, Quill and ScroU 4. CAULK, GARY Transfer Smdent 2; Dis- tributive Education 3, Sergeant-at-Arms 3. 29 CAULKINS, STANLEY Band 1-3, Reporter 3, All- Region Band 3; Key Club 2-4, President 4, Secretary 3; Latin Club 1; National Honor Society 4; Student Council 1,4, Fire Marshall 4; " V Association 3,4; University Interscholastic League 1-3; Baseball 2-4, Letter 3,4, Manager 2, French Club 4. CHAMBLISS, ELIZABETH ANN Band 1-4; Drama Club 4; Future Homemakers of America 1,2; Future Nurses Club 1,4; Future Teachers of America 3,4; Medical Careers Club 1; University Interscholastic League 3,4. CHISM, JANIS Antlerettes 2-4; Drama Club 4; Future Homemakers of America 1-4, President 3,4, Historian 2, State Best Dress Award 3; Girls ' Sports Association 2-4; Library Club 4. COCHRANE, LINDA Antlerenes 2-4; Chorus 1; Drama Club 4; Future Homemakers of America 1,2, Songleader 2; Future Teachers of America 4; Girls ' Sports Association 1-4, Letter 1; Spanish Club 4; Future Business Leaders of America 4, President 4. COKINES, GEORGE Latin Club 3. 30 CONDON, BARBARA Band 1-4, Librarian 1-3; Drama Club 4; Future Nurses Club 4, President 4, Sweetheart 4; Future Teach- ers of America 3,4; Medical Careers Club 1; Spanish Club 1-3; University Inter- scholastic League 4; Tennis 3, CRAFT, FRANCES Chorus 1. ANNALETTA CRAFT, JOAN CRAIG, LAURA Band 1-4; Girls ' Sports As- sociation 1-4, Letter 1,2; National Honor Society 4; VoUeyball 1, Letter 1, CRAIG, PAT Distributive Education French Club 4. 3. CRAWFORD. RICK Future Faimers of America 1-3; " T ' Association 3,4, Reporter 4; Football 2-4, Letter 3,4. CRIDER, DORIS Chorus 1,3,4; Future Home- makers of America 3; Vo- cational Industrial Club 4. CROSS, C. KDACE Transfer Smdent 3; Antler- ettes 3,4, President 4; ANTLER Staff 3,4; Future Nurses Club 3,4, President 3; Girls ' Sports Association 3,4; Spanish Club 3,4, President 4; Most Popular Junior; Future Business Leaders of America 4, Sweetheart 4; QuiU and Scroll 4, French Club 4. CUMMINGS, CAMILLE Antlerenes 1-3; Drama Club 3; Girls ' Sports Asso- ciation 1-3; Spanish Club 1; TATLER Staff 4, Business Manager 4; University In- terscholastic League 3. DAVILA, TINA Future Homemakers of America 1,2; Latin Club 1; Spanish Club 3,4. DAVIS, CAROLYN Transfer Student 2; Band 2-4; Future Homemakers of America 2; Girls ' Sports Association 2, Letter 2; Vo- cational Industrial Club 4; Future Business Leaders of America 4. DENNIS, DEBBY Future Homemakers of America 4; Girls ' Sports Association 2, Letter 2. DICKERSON, DUNE Transfer Student 4; Chorus 4; Future Homemakers of America 4 DIMERY. EDNA Future Homemakers America 1,4, of DIMERY, MELANIE Future Itomemakers America 1. of 31 DOMINGUES. LOUIS Chorus 1; Latin Club 1; Spanish Club 3; Golf 1-3. DORAN. JO ANN Antlerettes 1-4, Secretary- Treasurer 4, Junior Ser- geant; Future Homemakers of America 1-3; Girls ' Sports Association 1-4; Li- brary Club 3. DOSS, CHARLES BRUCE Art Club 4. DOYEN, ROBBIE " T " Association 3,4; Golf 1-4, Letter 3,4. DUFFY. BILLY WAYNE Vocati onal Industrial Club 3. 32 ECKSTEIN, ANGELA Band 1-4; Girls ' Sports As- sociation 1,2, Letter 2; Spanish Club 1-4; Future Business Leaders of America 4. FABRO. JUAN Spanish Club 3. FEUGE, BARBARA Antlerettes 2-4; Future Homemakers of America 1,2; Future Nurses Club 4; Future Teachers of America 1,4; Girls ' Sports Associa- tion 2-4. FICKER, JERRY Art Club 4; Drama Club 4; Latin Club 2,3, Vice-presi- dent 3; National Honor So- ciety 4; Spanish Club 3,4; University Interscholastic League 4; Tennis 2,3, FIFER, CHERYL Antlerettes 1-3; Future Homemakers of America 1-4; Future Teachers of America 1; Vocational In- dustrial Club 3. FITZGERALD, DONNIE Football 1-3; -nrack 2-4. FRAZAR, SANDRA (BARECKY) Chorus 1-3, Secretary- Treasurer - Reporter 3, 1st Place Spring Contest 3; Na- tional Honor Society 3,4; Freshman Class Secretary; Tennis 2,3. FREEMAN, TERRY W. Band 1-4; Basketball 1; Track 1. FULBRIGHT, PAUL Band 1-4, Stage Band 2-4. GAGE, TOMMY Transfer Student 3; Future Farmers of America 1-3. GAMBLE, THELMA Future Homemakers of America 1-4; Future Teach- ers of America 4; Girls ' Sports Association 2,4. GEBHARDT, BEN L. Art Club 1,3,4; Drama Club 4; Future Teachers of America 3; Interact Club 4; Key Club 2,3, Treasurer 3; Latin Club 1; TATLER Staff Cartoonist 2-4; University Interscholastic League 3,4; Track 1-3, Manager 1. GOODALL, BETTY Future Homemakers of America 4; Girls ' Sports Association 2; Library Club 3,4. GOODLOE, DELORES AUGUSTINE Antlerettes 2-4; Future Homemakers of America 1-4; Future Nurses Club 3,4; Future Teachers of Anerica 4; Girls ' Sports Association 2-4, Letter 3,4; Library Club 3,4; Volleyball 3, Letter 3. GOODRICH, ROBERT Football 3,4. 33 GUTIERREZ, NOE Spanish Club 3. HAMMIT, MAURICE ARLON Chorus 2. HANCHEY, JAMES MURRELL Band 1-4, Vice -president 4, Quartermaster 1,2, Stage Band 2-4, University Inter- scholastic League District and Regional Band 3; Future Teachers of America 3,4; Key Club 2; National Honor Society 3,4; Track 1,2. HARBISON, ANITA Chorus 1; Future Home- makers of America 1; Li- ' brary Club 3,4, Treasurer 4, French Club 4. HARRELL, GARY Football 3; Golf 2-4; Future Farmers of America 4. 34 HARRIS, CHERl Transfer Student 3; Drama Club 3,4; Future Teachers of America 3,4; National Honor Society 4; TATLER Staff 4; University Inter - scholastic League 4; Future Business Leaders of America 4, Quill and Scroll 4, French Club 4. HART, WILLIAM S. Band 1-4; Interact Club 3,4; Football 1-4; Coif 1-4. HAYES, DAN TVansfer Student 2; 2,3. Band HEIMANN, ANN Chorus 1-4; Distributive Education 3,4; Future Homemakers of America 1. HENDERSON, TOMMY Future Farmers of America 1-4, Historian 2, Parlia- mentarian 3, 2nd State Fu- ture Farmers of America Public Speaking 2, 1st State 4-H WUd Life Conservation 3, 1st State 4-H Conserva- tion of Natural Resources 4; National Honor Society 3,4; University Interscholastic League 3; Tivy Salutes 3; Principal ' s Team 1; ON THE SPOT panel 4. HERTEL, NORMA JO Chorus 1,2; Distributive Ed- ucation 4; Girls ' Sports As- sociation 1-3, Letter 1-3; Library Club 3,4. HOFFMAN, CHARLES Chorus 3,4, President 3,4; Medical Careers Club 1,2, French Club 4. HOO ' ER, M. RY HELEN Antlerettes 4; Chorus 1-3; Future Homemakers of America 1,4; Volleyball 1,2; Future Business Lead- ers of America 4. HOPKINS , NANCY Transfer Student 4; Antler- enes 4; Drama Club 4; Fu- ture Teachers of America 4; Girls ' Sports Association 4; Spanish Club 4, Quill and ScroU 4. HUTCHINSON, JIMMY HYDE, JOHNNY Distributive Education 4; Future Farmers of America 1-3. ICKE, VERNON Transfer Student 2; " T " Association 3,4; Baseball 3,4, Letter 3,4; Basketball 2; Football 3. (% x -j; fC ISSAC, CHARLIE LEE JR. Art Club 3,4, Reporter 4; Track 4, IVY, MELIN ' E Antlerettes 1-4, Cheer- leader 3,4; Drama Club 3,4; Future Homemakers of America 1,2, Reporter 2; Fu- ture Teachers of America 3,4, Treasurer 4; Girls ' Sports Association 1-4, Lener 1-3; National Honor Society 3,4, Secretary 4; University Interscholastic League 4; Volleyball 1-4, Lener 1-4 JENNINGS, EDITH Transfer Student 3; Antler- ettes 3,4; ANTLER Staff 4; Drama Club 3,4; Future Teachers of America 3,4; Reporter 4; Girls ' Sports Association 3,4; National Honor Society 4; University Interscholastic League 3,4; Tennis 3; ON THE SPOT Panel 4; National Merit Letter of Commendation 4; Quill and Scroll 4. JUNG, MACK W. Vocational Industrial Club 3.4. KARGER, BUCK Band 1-4, Stage Band 2-4; Future Teachers of America 3,4, Vice-president 4. KEENE, ROD Transfer Student 3, French Club 4. KENNEDY, ALBERT III KENNEDY, HAROLD Chorus 3,4, Vice-president 4; Key Club 2-4, Director 3,4; Most Handsome Fresh- man; Baseball 2; Football 1. 36 KESSLER, KAREN Antlerettes 1-4; Girls ' Sports Association 1-4, Letter 1,3; Volleyball 1,3, Letter 1,3. KLEIN, LARRY Distributive Education 4, Vice-president 4; National Honor Society 3,4; Prin- cipal ' s Team 1; Woodmen of the World Medal for America History 3. KOVAR, JUNE Band 2-4, Twirler 3,4, Head Twirler 4; Future Home- makers of America 2; Fu- ture Teachers of America 3,4; Girls ' Sports Associa- tion 2; National Honor Soci- ety 4; Student Council 4; Spanish Club 3,4, Treasurer 4; Most Versatile Junior. LeCOUR, SUZETTE Chorus 3; Future Home- makers of America 1; Girls ' Sports Association 1,2; Vo- cational Industrial Club 4. LeMEILLEUR, SARAH GWYNNE Antlerettes 2-4, Cheer- leader 4; Chorus 1; Future Homemakers of America 1,2; Future Teachers of America 2-4, Historian 4; Girls ' Sports Association 2-4; Future Business Lead- ers of America 4, Vice- president 4. LeSAOUT, LINDA Future Homemakers of America 4; Girls ' Sports Association 2. LIGHT, LELA Girls ' Sports Association 1,2; Vocational Industrial Club 3,4; Volleyball 1, Letter 1. LIGHT, LINDA Vocational Industtial Club 3,4. LITTLEFIELD, KAREN Antlerenes 1-4; Art Club 4; Drama Club 3,4; Future Homemakers of America 1,2; Future Teachers of America 3,4; Girls ' Sports Association 1-4, Letter 1; National Honor Society 3,4; Volleyball 1, Lener 1. LOCKE, JANICE ELAINE Antlerettes 2-4, Cheer- leader 4; Future Home- makers of America 1,2; Fu- ture Teacher of America 3,4; Girls ' Sports Associa- tion 2-4, Lener 3,4; Vol- leyball 3,4, Utter 3,4; Fu- ture Business Leaders of America 4, Treasurer 4. LUCKEMEYER, CHERYL Future Homemakers of America 1; Vocational In- dustrial Club4; Future Busi- ness Leaders of America 4. LYLE, NANCY Distributive Education 4; Future Homemakers of America 1-4, 1st Vice- president 4. McBROOM, CHARLOTTE (PHILLIPS) Chorus 1; Vocational In- dustrial Club 3. McDOUGALL, WARREN National Honor Society 3,4. MAIER, WAYNE EDDIE Transfer Smdent 3; Base- ball 3,4, Letter 3.4. 37 MAPLES, MIKE MAPLES. SHARON Future Homemakers of America 1,2; Future Teach- ers of America 4; Library Club 3; Vocational Indus- trial Club 4. MASTERS. KENNETH Future Farmers of America 1-4. MAURER, ANGELA Chorus 1-4; Drama Club 3,4, Secretary- Treasurer 4; Future Homemakers of America 1,2; Future Teach- ers of America 3,4; Girls ' Sports Association 1,2; Na- tional Honor Society 2-4; University Interschoiastic League 3,4; Principal ' s Team 1,2. MAYES, WAYNE GERRY Distributive Education 3,4; Future Teachers of America 4. 38 MICHEL, ARTHUR " T " Association 3,4; Bas- ketball 1-4, Letter 3,4, Cap- tain 4. MILLER, GARY Band 1-4; Interact Club 3,4; Student Council 1; Football 3,4; Golf 3,4 MONROE, STEVE National Honor Society 3,4, Treasurer 3,4; Basketball 2,3; Golf 3; Boys ' State; Future Nurses Club Sweet- heart 4. MONTHS DE OCA, ENCARNACION Football 2,4, Manager 4; Basketball 2, Manager 2, Letter 2. MOORE, SHIRLEY Future Homemakers of America 3,4; Future Teach- ers of America 4. MORALES, GILBERT NIELSEN, DALE Band 1,2; Future Teachers of America 2-4; Girls ' Sports Association 2; Latin Club 1; Spanish Club 3,4; Future Business Leaders of America 4. OTTNffiRS, LESTER Distributive Education 4; Basketball 2, Manager 2; Football 2, Manager 2. PAGE, JOHNNY Band 1-4, 1st Place Univer- sity Interscholastic League Ensemble 2,3; Distributive Education 3,4, Sargeant-at- Arms 4. PATE, LORY Transfer Student 2; Antler- ettes 2-4, Alternate Cheer- leader 4; Future Teachers of America 4. PATTON, HUGH Spanish Club 1; Baseball 3; Football 3. PERIL, MARY ANN Antlerertes 1-4; Drama Club 3; Future Homemakers of America 1; Future Teach- ers of America 3,4; Girls ' Sports Association 1-4; Na- tional Honor Society 4; Stu- dent Council 1-4, Treasurer 4; Spanish Club 1,2; Fresh- man Class Reporter; Most Beautiful Sophomore; Fumre Farmers of America Sweet- heart 4; Homecoming Queen. PHILLIPS, THOMAS Transfer Smdent 3. PORTER, DONOLA Transfer Student 4; Chorus 4; Future Homemakers of America 4. PRESSLER, JANET Antlerettes 1-4; Future Nurses Club 3,4, Treasurer 4; Girls ' Sports Association 1-4; Latin Club 1,2; Student Council 1-4, Secretary 4; Sophomore and Junior Class Secretary; Most Popular Freshman, Most Versatile Sophomore; Future Nurses Club Sweetheart 3; Home- coming Duchess. PRIOUR, LARY Future Teachers of America 3,4; Interact Club 2-4, President 4, Vice-president 3; Medical Careers Club 2; National Honor Society 2-4; Student Council 1-4, President 4, Vice-president 3; Spanish Club 2,3; " T " Association 3,4; University .Interscholastic League 2 3- Freshman and Sophomore Class President; Most Ver- satile Junior; Football 1,3,4, Letter 3,4; Golf 3; Who ' s Who 3; Principal ' s Team 2. PRYCHODKO, ANNA Art Club 2-4; Drama Club 3,4; Latin Club 1,3; Library Club 3,4; University Inter- scholastic League 4. RAMSEY, MELVIN Future Farmers of America 1-4; Vocational Industrial Club 4. REES, DANELLE ANTLER Staff 2-4; Art Club 1-4, 1st Place Art Exhibit 3, President 3, Treasurer 2; Drama Club 3,4; Future Teachers of America 1-4; Girls ' Sports Association 1; Latin Club 3; University Interscholastic League 3,4; Art Club Sweetheart 2,3. REESE, VAN Transfer Student 3. 40 ROBBINS, HARVEY Chorus 2,4; Key Club 2-4, Lieutenant Governor 4; Bas- ketball 1; Football 1,2. ROBINETT, WAYNE Future Farmers of America 1,2, Sentinel 2; Vocational Industrial Club 3,4. RODRIGUEZ. RICHARD Disn-ibutive Education 4; Basketball 1-3; Football 1. ROGERS. GRANT R. Vocational Industrial Club 4. SANCHEZ, LUPE Antlerettes 2-4; Future Homemakers of America 1.2; Future Teachers of America 3,4; Spanish Club 1-4, French Club 4. SANDIDGE, SUSAN ANTLER Staff 2-4, Business Manager 4; Art Club 2-4, 1st Place Art Exhibit 3, Secretary - Treasurer 3,4, Sweetheart 4; Band 1-4, 1st Place University Interscho- lastic League Ensemble 2,3, Treasurer 4, Point System Secretary 4; Drama Club 3; Future Homemakers of America 2,3; Future Teach- ers of America 2-4; Girls ' Sports Association 1, Letter 1; Student Council 1,4, Re- porter 4; University Inter- scholastic League 2-4; Jun- ior Class Reporter; Girls ' State alternate; QuUl and Scroll 4. SANER, BRYANT Future Farmers of America 1-4; Football 1-4. SCHUMACHER, JEANNE Band 1-3; Drama Club 4; Future Teachers of America 1,2; Girls ' Sports Associa- tion 1-3, Letter 1; Spanish Club 1-4, Vice-president 4; TATLER Staff 3, Business Manager 3; University In- terscholastic League 1-4, Reporter 4; Future Business Leaders of America 4. SCHWARZ, PAMELA Antlerettes 2-4, Reporter 4; Drama Club 4; Fumre Homemakers of America 1,2; Future Teachers of America 3,4; Girls ' Sports Association 2-4, Letter 3, Future Business Leaders of America 4. SCOTT, LINDA Band 1-4, Librarian 3,4; Girls ' Sports Association 1, Letter 1; Tennis 2-4. SEYDLER, JOYCE jirls ' Sports Association 1-4, Letter 1,2; Volleyball 1,2; Letter 1,2; Future Busi- ess Leaders of America 4 SHELTON, CAROLINE Distributive Education 3,4; Future Homemakers of America 2; Girls ' Sports Association 4. SHERMAN, SUZIE Chorus 1,2; Distributive Ed- ucation 3,4, Secretary 4, Sweetheart 3,4; Future Homemakers of America 1; Future Teachers of America 4, National Honor Society 3,4; Spanish Club 3; Most Beautiful Junior. SHORT, STEVE Art Club 3,4; Student Coun- cil, 3,4; Sophomore Class Reporter; Most Versatile Freshman, Most Handsome Sophomore and Junior; Bas- ketball 1; Football 1,2,4, Gol f 2,3. SIEKER, FREDDY Art Club 3,4; Future Farmers of America 1,2; Interact Club 4; Basketball 1,2; Football 1-4; Track 3; Golf 3. 41 SILVAS, JANE Spanish Club 3. SINKO, MATTIJUHA Exchange Student 4; Art Club 4; Drama Club 4; Stu- dent Council Honorary Member 4; Quill and Scroll Honorary Member 4. SMITH, BRIAN Interact Club 3,4; Latin Club 3; Spanish Club 1-3; " V Association 2; Freshman Class Vice-president; Golf 1,2, Letter 2; Antler Staff 4. SMITH, TREVA Library Club 4; Medical Careers Club 1; Vocational Industrial Club 3,4. STAHL, JOHN Transfer Student 3. 42 STEELMAN, JOHN Spanish Club 1,2; Voca- tional Industrial Club 4, ftesident 4. STEHLING, JIM Interact Club 3,4; Spanish Club 1; " V Association 3,4; Senior Class Vice- president; Golf 1-4, Letter 2-4, University Interscho- lastic League District Golf 3rd Place 1, 2nd Place 2, 1st Place 3. STEVENSON, FRANK Art Club 4; Future Teachers of America 3; Interact Club 2-4; National Honor Society 4; Student Council 1,2,4, Parliamentarian 4; Spanish Club 1,3; TATLER Staff 2-4, Editor 4; University Inter- scholastic League 1-4, President 4; Tennis 1,2; University Interscholastic League Journalism 1st Place State 3; National Merit Scholarship Semi- Finalist 4; ON THE SPOT Panel Captain 4; National CouncU of the Teachers of English Achievement Award Nominee 3, Quill and ScroU 4. STOVALL, PAT Chorus 2; Distributive Ed- ucation. 4, President 4; TATLER Staff 4; Football 2-4. SUMMERS, DAVID SUMNER, NORMA Band 1-4, All-District Band 2, University Interscho- lastic League 1st Division Ensemble 1-3; Drama Club 3,4; Future Nurses Club 1-4, Vice-president 4; Future Teachers of America 3; Girls ' Sports Associatio n 2, Letter 2; Latin Club 3; Medical Careers Club 1,2; National Honor Society 2-4; University Interscholastic League 3,4, French Club 4. SWAYZE, CAROLYN Antlerettes 1-4; ANTLER Staff 2-4; Future Teachers of America 3,4; Girls ' Sports Association 1-4, French Club 4; Quill and ScroU 4. TANKSELY, PAT Chorus 1; Distributive Ed- ucation 4, Future Home- makers of America 1. TAYLOR, DIANE Antlerettes 1-4, Cheer- leader 2-4, Head Cheer- leader 4; Drama Club 3, Librarian 3; Future Home- makers 6f America 1,2, Secretary 2; Future Teach- ers of America 3,4; Girls ' Sports Association 1-4; Na- tional Honor Society 4; Stu- dent Council 2-4; Soph- omore and Junior Class Treasurer, Senior Class Re- porter; Most Popular Soph- omore; Key Club Sweet- heart 4; Homecoming Duchess. THOMPSON, CAROL Transfer Student 4; Drama Club 4; Future Homemakers of America 4. THOMPSON, JULIE Antlerettes 2-4; Drama Club 3; Future Homemakers of America 2,3; Future Teachers of America 2-4, Secretary 4; Girls ' Sports Association 2-4, Spanish Club 1,2. THURMAN, MYRA Chorus 4; Future Home- makers of America 2; Girls ' Sports Association 2; Li- brary Club 4. TREJO, ROGER Future Farmers of America 1-3, District Quiz Team 2nd Place 1, State Poultry Judging Team 2; Spanish Club 3,4; Track 2-4. TURNER, LEE Interact Club 3,4; Student Council 2; Spanish Club 4, Sergeant-at-Arms 4; " T ' Association 3,4; Sophomore Class Vice-president; Most Popular Sophomore; Future Nurses Club Sweetheart 3; Basketball 2,3; Football 2,3; Track 2-4, Letter 3,4. UNDERWOOD, PAULETTE Chorus 1; Distributive Ed- ucation 3; Future Home- makers of America 1. 43 VALDEZ, CONNIE Library Club 3,4; National Honor Society 4. VALDEZ, RICHARD Basketball 2; Track 2. VELA, ELOY Library Club 4; National Honor Society 3,4; Track 1-4. VEST, LOU Transfer Student 2; Key Club 3,4; Student Council 3,4, Sergeant-at-Arms 3,4; Basketball 2-4; Football 2-4; Boys ' State. WARD, JAY Art Club 3,4, President 4, Grand Prize Art Exhibit 3; Band 1-4; Drama Club 3,4; President 4; Future Teach- ers of America 3,4; Univer- sity Interscholastic League 3,4. 44 WHITTON, ALAN Interact Club 3,4; National Honor Society 3,4, President 4; " T " Association 3,4; Junior Class Vice-pres- ident; Most Versatile Soph- omore, Most Popular Jun- ior; Basketball 1,2; Foot- ball 1-4, Letter 3,4, Cap- tain 4, AU -District 3; Track 3,4; Who ' s Who 3. WIDEMAN, LINDA Future Homemakers of America 1-4, Vice-pres- ident 2,3; Future Teachers of America 3; Library Club 3.4. WILLIAMS, DOROTHY JEAN Girls ' Sports Association 2,3. WILLIAMS, JOHN HENRY Vocational Industrial Club 3.4. WILLMANN. DAVID WOOD. CAROL Art Club 4: Drama Club 4; Future Teachers of America 3,4; Library Club 3,4, Pres- ident 4, Secretary 3, Sweet- heart 3; Senior Class Sec- retary; Future Business Leaders of America 4. • B WOODARD, KAREN Antlerettes 2-4, Cheer- leader 4; Choir 1; Future Homemakers of America 1; Future Teachers of America 3,4; Girls ' Sports Associa- tion 2-4. WYATT, BARBARA Transfer Student 2; Antler- ettes 3,4; Art Club 3,4; Drama Club 3,4, Vice-pres- ident 4; Future Teachers of America 4; Girls ' Sports Association 3,4; University Interscholastic League 3,4; Future Business Leaders of America 4. SENIORS NOT PICTURED Alexander, Robert Berry, Bonnie Clark, Raymond Cowen, Howard Eggers, Robert Hernandez, Joe Jones, Roy Lopez, Adolfo Miller, Mike Moreno, Isabel Flores Noah, Mary Ann Palmer, Lois Rosas, Frank Sanchez, Jesse Solomon, Bobby Terry, Glenn Wendel, Elva Jo SENIOR KEY 1 2 3 4 Freshman Year Sophomore Year Junior Year Senior Year 45 JUNIOR Clinton Jones President CLASS Vice -president Toni Smith Secretary Donnie Kalmbach Treasurer Nancy Bernhard Reporter 46 Ayala, Henry Ayala, Sylvia Santa, Cecilia Baskin, Ed Bayne, Mary Lee Beach, Anita Behrens, Barbara Bellair, Lee Benedict, Gary Benson, Lonnie Bernhard, Nancy Billeiter, Larry Bradfute, Cathy Brady, Ann Billings, Lynn Briggs, David Black, Floyd Borkowski, Franziska 47 Brooks, Brundrett, Bundick, Calderon, Carson, Iralee Chuck Patricia Robert Patricia Carson, Theron Castillo, Yolanda Cervantes, Silverio Chalk, Chris Chambliss, Jan Clark, Clawson, Compton, Cowden, Cowden Debby Janice Bobby Bill Tim Craft, Danny 48 Craig, Pam Crenshaw, Arlene Crenshaw, Linda Danz, Paulette Davis, Sylvia DeLaCruz, Rosario Delgadillo, Mary Jane DeLosSantos, Henry Dreiss, Kathy Dugosh, Kitty Durst, Roy Ellis, Dan Ellis, Johnny Evans, Donnie Evans, Ky Fabro, Susie Fifer, Ernest Franklin, Russell Frazar, Suzy 49 Gonzales, Dora Goss, James Greea, Sudie Griffin, Lynn Gunter, Lynn Guthrie, Billy Joe Haire, Vernadine Haney, Marie Hayes, Jim Hoblet, Mike Hogan, Jill Hollimon, Almeta Holmes, David Horsmann, Hughes, Robert Doris 50 Hughes, Zachlin Hulteen, Beverly Hunnicutt, Dianne Ingram, Tommy Ivy, Jerry Je nnings, Pat Jones, Clinton Jones, Wanda Joslin, Gayle Juenke, Patsy Kalmbach, Donnie Keiling, Sylvia King, Bill Kleck, Cathy Klein, Betty Kramer, Barbara Lane, Terry Langford, Susan Lara, Mary 51 LeMeilleur, Andree Lewis, Deborah Lott, Sandra Lovell, Jimmy Low, Betty Lynch, Alice McDougall, Marlin Magill, Mike Maier, Beverly Mason, Mary Matthews, Jim Matula, Henry Mauldin, Garwin Mayes, Stan Medlin, Mike Mendiola, Enedina 52 Menzies, Jim Meurer, Louise Miller, Jan Mills. Maxine Morgan, Morrow, Myers, Payne, Pearsall, Dolly Rose Janet Donna Kathy Pearson, Nicky Pickens, Tommy Polk, Kenny Pollard, Martha Price, Andy Rasmus, Jimmy Reasor, Dicky Redden, Mike Reed, Coylene Reed, Frances Reese, Brenda Reeves, J. M. Rhoads, Debbie Richerson, Linda Rittimann, Johnny 53 Roach, Pam Rogers, Linda Ross, Wayne Rumsey, Jan Ryan, Randy Sample, John Sanson, Don Schmidt, Russell Schwausch, Carolyn Sharp, Colleen Sheffield, John Short, Brenda Smith, Anthony Smith, Brenda Smith, Linda Smith, Smith, 34 Sherman Shirley Smith, Toni Stacy, Bill Stayton, Jeff i Ak Talbert, Brenda Taylor, Bruce Taylor, Carol Terry, Donnie Thomas, Trisha Thompson, Karen Turner, Edgar Tyson, Terry Valencia, Dianne Varner, Jo Ann Vickers, Robert Villanueva, Louis Voelkel, Vicki Voss, Kathy Ward, Wanda ikif k Whorton, Billy Willis, Wayne Yeargan, Steve 55 SOPHOMORE Richard Mosty President CLASS Karen Reader Vice-president Judy Jones Se cretary Kay Cole Treasurer Julie Nelson Reporter 56 Chalk, Danny Chipman, Monie Clark, Connie Clark. Jay Clawson, Wayne Adams, Duke Admire, Carl Aquero, Dominga Ahrens, Beverly Auld, Dan Ayala, Theresa Bacon, Georgia Alice Barton, Barry Bennett, Kay Benson, Albert Berthe, Betty Billnitzer, Cheryl Bowlin, Mike Bowman, Sharon Braden, David Bridges, Danny Brothers, Gary Brown, Jay Broyles, Frank Bundle k, Phillip " f - iMM4J ' -v mM 57 Clement, Marion Cole, Kay Cortez, Sabino Covert, Harlin Cowden, Kitty Craft, Bruce Craig, Peggy Crick, Jay C. Davila, Rosie Davis, Kathy Dechart, Jerry Dolezal, Wayne Dunks, John Dyess, Lyn Edens, Sherry Evans, Linda Flores, Bobby Fox, Johnny Frazier, Purvis FuUick, Jennifer Garret, Mack Garza, Irma Giles, Gary Glenn, Gayle Goutard, Chantal Graham, Morriss Gwyn, Pauicia Hall, Lee Hammond, George Hancock, Jo Ann Hanson, Be thy Hefferman, Gywn Heimann, Sharon Henderson, Aubrey Hertel, Nolan Hollimon, John Howard, Virginia Hutson, Sandra Jennings, Jones, Judy Kaufhold, Anita k W - nHr Keese, Jeff King, Joe Kinsel, Sandra Kleck, Wayne Knotts, Fay 59 Knox, Terry Kramer, Billy Kunz, Charles Land, Keith Lane, Susan Lawrence, Betty Lee, Debra Lehmann, Linda Lehne, Linda Leonard, Diane Locke, Jimmy McCarty, Craig McGeehee, Cathy Malochleb, Peggy Mann, Diane Mann, Joe March, Bearlline March, Delphane Massey, Harold Masters, Lisa Maurer, Stephen Meek, Carl Mendiola, Erasmo Miller, Donnie Miller, Ronnie ' ffmtmmm -- Monroy, Susie . Mooney, ■ ' ' Mardial Moore, ' Mae Motriss, Hal Morriss, Steven Mosel, Larry Mosty, Lee Mosty, Richard Muck, KeUy Nelson, Julie Nelson, Peggy Nichols, Dean Noble, Larry Oestreich, Cynthia Ontiveros, Alice Orr, Yvonne Paiz, Ascension Parker, Karen Perry, Elaine Pruneda, Armando Pruneda, Edna PulUn, Phyllis Raborn, Ann Ramsey, Dan Reader, Karen Reader, Kathy Rees, Debbie Rees, Lynn Reeves, Jan Reichenau, Gary Reichenau, Larry Reinbach, Max Reinholt, Peggy Reynier, Mary Ellen Rhoden, Jody Rittiman, Russell Rodriquez, Cindy Rosas, Van p ie ( usselij|._ Rarenj Sa ' ncnezT Delores Saunders, Richla Sayre, Patsy Schmidt, Pat Schwethelm, Sue Sellars, Sherry Shelton, Ruth Ann Simmons, Keith Smith, Judy Sprott, Ronnie Stoepel, Jackie Sykes, Ruthie Thomas, Suzanne Thompson, Kathy l3we " Sue " Trejo, Linda Tremper, Jane Trevino, Olivia Underwood, Robert Varner, Dean Virgin, Teddy Vlasek, Wanda Voss, Jimmy Webb, ibbie ■ Velch, Connie West, Susie Wideman, Wayne Wilson, David Wise, Bill ' oerner, Cynthia Wolfmueller, Jean Wolfmueller, Joan Zerbie, Melissa 63 FRESHMAN CLASS Jack Vest President Nancy Flenniken Vice-President Steve Knox Treasurer Jeanne Thurman Secretary-Reporter 64 Alford, Mark Baldwin, Linda Auld, Ken Bales, Janice Ayala, Anna Basse, Dennis Ayala, Carlos Baumann, Nancy Baylor, Raye Lynn Beasley, Charmaine Beaver, Tommy Bell, James Benson, Christine Benson, David Berry, Steve Bicknell, Joe Bird, Gary Boutin, Diane Callcott, Gail Cantwell, Bill 65 4ikmh Caulkins, Stuart Cooper, Mickey Chamberlain, Mike Cory, Ricky Chisum, Lorene Crawford, Nancy Clement, Paula Crider, James Crider, Judy Lynn Cruthirds, Candy Cummings, Claire Cummings, Joyce Currier, Lois Danz, Synthia Davis, Debbie Lee Davis, Deborah DeLa Rosa, Joe Delgadillo, Larry Dennis, Dale Dennis, Sandy 66 Dreiss, Dennis Fabro, Augustine Durrin, Charles Faifer, Joe Ehler, David Fawcett, Bud Ender, Carolyn Fifer, Linda Flenniken, Nancy Flores, Alton Frazier, Vicki Garces, Andrea Garcia, Ernest Garcia, Karen Garza, Mary Jane Geeslin, Johnny Glenn, Grady Glover, Howard Goff, Kathy Gonzales, Susie 67 Goodrich, Gram Hampton, fUchard Graham, Reanna Harrison, Jeff Guess, Pam Hartsfield, Carolyn Guthrie, Pam Hartsfield, Marilyn Henderson, Jan Heyland, Dorothy Hill, Doug Hill, Randy Honeycutt, Mike Humphries, Debbie Hurst, Joe Hutchinson, Gary Ingram, Jennie Jennings, Nancy Johnson, Suzie Jones, Nancy 68 Keidel, Coanie Knox, Steve Kessler, Ann Koenig, Tina Key. Dickie Kon, Etonna Klingemann, Bill Kramer, Betty Lane, Kandis Langley, Tommy Leas, Rick LeMeilleur, Jimmy LeMeilleur, Mark Littlefield, Sharon Lochte, Stephen Lopez, Raul Luckemeyer, Karen Lynch, Raymond Madrazo, Jose March, Vivian 69 Martin, Jeanette Mendiola, Elma Massey, Jackie Miller, Sharon Masters, Herbert Millsap, Peggy Mathison, Martha Mitchell, Richard Monroe, Scott Moore, Robin Moreau, Dale Mosty, Mark Mosty, Shayleen Murray, Blair McBroom, Donald McCollom, Barry Newman, Wayne Nielsen, Jon Norris, Gail Oliphant, Ruby 70 ■ x Hf B Lgi Oumers, Packer, Palmer, Pearsall, Gary Randy Scott Gordon Pendley, Peters, Pfiester, Ploch, Joyce David Gerald Marlene 1 Poorman, Vannette Powell, Russell Pressler, Susan Ramsey, Johnny Real, Louie Reed, John Richerson, Ronnie Roach, Robert Robb, Randy Rosas, Rudy Ross, Betsy Russ, Rudy 71 1 iikJA Sanchez, Paulette Schwausch, Gwen Sansom, Iris Scott, Terry Scharnberg, Ben Shackelford, Herbert Scheirton, Linda Sharp, Richard Smith, Carl Smith, David Soules, Jim Stacy, George Starkey, Curg Stephens, Linda Stevens, Jackie Straube, Susie Sutherland, Heather Tanksley, Eddie Tjerry, Bobby Thomas, Bobby 72 = -S f J JMk Thompson, Mayme Turner, Charles Thorn, Mary Sue Valdez, Gloria Thurman, Jeanne Valdez, Martha Trevino, Josie Van Gorder, Sharon Varner, Donald Vest, Jack vagner, Janice Warren, Kathy Watson, Gaynell Welch, Larry West, Brownie Whelan, Gary Wied, John Wilson, Mary Wright, Cathy Young, Flack 73 . . Our dear old high school, 74 ■:« . . •TV ■ " ■ MP " ? " ' STUDENT LIFE ' ir»ti, Nl-4 .- i ie g ' oorf and best . . . 75 Hectic rebuilding produces a successful bonfire. Preparation for half-time shows are major band events. Beauty for Antlerettes takes much preparation. Diversion is a major form of class room activities. Even artists are watched. ' i»1fl %£..ii«jr.. Copper creates colorful chemistry class. 9a " m. r ... . Marching requires co-ordination. Juniors prove industrious at football concession st-and. 77 ■ .;. Early morning work displays school i 0 Seniors plan Homecoming acti iries. Seniors anticipate graduation by ordering invitations. Basketball players seek physical control. Creation comes in many forms. II 1 I i 11 Sometimes we work alone. Debate develops speaking abilities. 79 Chickenman-he ' s everywhere! Grooming goes through many stages. Cooking is enjoyed by males. 80 Football encompasses all types of activities. Preferred Deferred A funny thing happened on the way to the field house. A little dab will do ya! 81 Try to remember the kind of November. Matti Sinko completes his senior year as a Finnish exchange student. Where ' s that White Knight when you need him? 82 Always put your best foot forward. Seniors enter a floating flop? flopping float? You ' ve got a good point, but your hat covers it nicely. Mg ' I ' . Students protest hands-off policy. 83 i . ' . . . Oi r dear old high 84 ORGANIZATIONS V school in the west . . . 85 Student Council Revises Point System Student Council revises point system and constitution .. .girls present mini-shirt assembly .. .officers at- tend state convention ... many as- semblies include safety films, talent show, organist, and Gert Bahana . . . members plan and decorate for Christmas Formal . . . book presenta- tion made every home football game. Student Council officers are Clinton Jones, vice president; Lary Priour, president; Janet Pressler, secretary; Mary Ann Peril, treasurer. Organist Bill Austin entertains student body. 86 Sue Sandidge announces mini-skirt assembly. Freshman and sophomore members dine at Torres. Members decorate for formal. Junior and senior members attend Torres meeting. Student Council officers include Stanley Caulkins, fire marshal; Lou Vest, sergeant- at- arms; Nancy Bemhard, chaplain; Frank Stevenson, parliamentarian; Sue Sandidge, reporter. 87 Tivy Antler Band Performs Witt Band members are (frontrow) Doiron, Condon, Henderson, Voelkel, Kovar, Bradfute, Smith, Jones, Clark, Saunders, A. CI, Roach, Heyland, K. Beadles, L. Richerson, L. Hughes, Craig, Myers, Guess, Cowden, Pullin, Rumsey, Reese, Cochrane, Ay L. Scott, Sumner, Morriss, Davis, Poorman, Wilson, M. Dechert, Pruneda, Watson, Mann, J. Chambliss. Beromann Bar dett, Whelan, Beadles M., Freeman, Koble, Reinbach, h ' y, Mauldin, Leas, Seidel, Lowe, Bowlin, McCollum, Reed, Dole ey, Fulbright, Durrin, Lynch, Maxon, Aldridge, Lochte, Kelch,Ottmers, Ward, Chipman, Craft, Monroe, Mosty, Richerson Clawson W., Dreiss, Ehler, Hart, Hogan, Martinez, Miller, Page, Sandidge, Wilson. The band council consists of: Charles Woods; assistant director, Marilyn Biehler, Linda-Scott; librarians, Charles Durrii., Gary Whelan, Larry Noble, Steven Morriss; quartermasters, Vickie Voelkel; reporter, Susan Sandidge; treasurer, Janet Myers; secretary, Murrell Hanchey; vice-president, Buck Karger; president. ' ew Director m , CoUazo, Heimann, Bro vTi, seconc row; iphries, (third row) Packer, Magill.Biehler, imond, Aguero, Glover, (fourth row) Brun- lings, Scott P., Sheffield, (fifthrow) Hanch- ton, Karger. Not pictured are Clawson J., Charles Doiron has come to Kerr ' ille as the new band director of the Tivy Antler band. Band students begin active year with summer band camp. ..football season brings half-time shows, pep rallies, downtown parades ... Uni- versity Interscholastic League marching, concert, and sight-reading con- tests require much work . . . magazine drive provides funds . . . band and choir present Christmas concert. . .students obtain individual awards from Solo-Ensemble contest ... " Pops " concert becomes new money- making project. . .band ends year with annual concert. One of the many activities of the band is playing for football pep rallies. Band Freshmen Suffer Senior Initiation Twirlers are Connie Clark, June Kovar, head twirler; Wanda Jones, Linda Smith, Cathy Bradfute, and Richla Saunders. 90 Among those making area band were Marilyn Biehler, Steven Morriss, Jan Chambliss, Norma Sumner, Max Reinbach, Jay Brown, and Sylvia Ayala with Jan, Steven, and Sylvia going on to Regional and Marilyn making the All-State band. 6 5 y k J an Henderson and Nancy Jennings are muddy but proud band freshmen. Jay Brown, a sophomore, was chosen drum-major last summer by a panel of judges. The stage band consists of a hard-working, but seldom recognized group of band students. They are (front row) Wayne Dolezal, George Hammond, Steven Morriss, Linda Smith, Jay Brown, Paul Scott, John Sheffield, (second row) Frank Broyles, Chuck Brundrett, Paul Fulbright, (third row) Linda Scott, Jeff Stayton, Terry Freeman, Max Reinbach, Mark Beadles, Garwin Mauldin. Not pictured are Tino Collazo and Murrell Hanchey. 91 Junior members are (first row) Voelkel, (second row) Valdez (senior), Haire, (third row) Jones, Beach, (fourth row) Frazar, Bernhard. Sandra Frazar Barecky taps her sister Suzie Frazar as a new member. National Honor Sponsors Denny Cook and Mrs. Wilson and President Alan Whitton discuss plans for spring picnic. 92 Officers of NHS are Meline Ivy, secretary; Steve Monroe, treasurer; George Carr, reporter; and Harriet Berginann, vice-president. Senior members are (first row) Craig, Calcote, Bergmann, (second row) Callihan, Adams, Priour, Whit ton.Jth ird rev.-) Ivy, Stevenson, Peril, Taylor, Henderson, Monroe, Bartels, (fourth row) Kovar, Harris, Sherman, Cair, Jitfiefieta, Hanchey. Society Assembly Earns Scholarship Funds The National Honor Society is comprised of students from top 10 of senior class and top 5 of junior class ... outstand- ing scholarship, leadership, and moral character are prerequisites ... old mem- bers tap new at Induction assembly . . . Old Schreiner mansion scene of informal initiation. .. annual Valentine ' s Assem- bly raises scholarship fund. New members are required to display several talents at the annual initiation. 93 Antlerettes Rally To ft-:, f ' Tj I; I ii mtt Antlerettes are; (first row) Bradley, Pate, Trevino, Lane, Langford, Jennings, Schwarz, Bemhard, (second row) Swayze, Goodloe, Davila, P. Nelson, Ahrens, Castillo, D. Sanchez, Callihan, (third row) Haney, Hopkins, Garcia, Onteveras, Joan Wolfmueller, Calcott, De la Cruz, C. teed, (fourth row) L. Crenshaw, Monroy, I. Garza, Mosty, M. Garza, FuUick, Meurer, L. Sanchez, (fifth row) Cross, Sutherland, S. Littlefield, Short, Lara, Thomas, Smith, Chism, (fifth row) Cochrane, Beach, Jean Wolfmueller, Berthe, Brady, F. Reed, Hughes, Lynch, (seventh row) Doran, Karen Thompson, Masters, Hoover, Leh- mann, Hunnicutt, Karen Reader, Billings, (eighth row) Feuge, Kathy Reader, A. Kessler, Pam Craig, Kath yjriiQ gipson, Malochleb, Pearsall, K. Kessler, (ninth row) Peril, Goff, Boutin, Leonard, Peggy Craig, Baumann, Danz . Littler (tenth row) Pressler, Bennett, P, Sanchez, Parker, Braden, Gwynne, Wyat t, Talbert, Julie Thompson. Not pictured are: Ayala, Gonzales, Pruneda. 94 Support Tivy Athletics Antlerettes perform precision drills at half-time . . . Members operate concession stand at basketball games, decorate for Christmas For- mal... Golden Girls are members of a new group who perform dance routines at half-time ... Candy sale is held for several weeks ., .Cheer- leaders and Antlerettes yell Antlers on to victory . . . Cheerleaders lead student body in the Alma Mater. Antlerettes voice their enthusiasm during a football game. Spirits are high during athletic competition. 95 Cheerleaders and Golden Girls Tivy cheerleaders are Julie Nelson, Karen Woodard, Melinelvy, Andree LeMeilleur, Diane Taylor, head cheerleader, Janice Locke, Gwynne LeMeilleur, Judy Jones, Cheerleaders and Antlerettes work on decorations for the Christmas Formal. Homecoming Court goes through re- hearsals with smiles. 96 Antlerette officers are Olivia Trevino, sophomore sergeant; Coylene Reed, junior sergeant; Joe Ann Doran, secretary- treasurer; BrendaTalbert, vice-president; Miss Georgia Griffith, sponsor; Candy Cross, president; Barbara Braden, senior ser- geant; Pam Schwartz, reporter. Attend Summer Camp in Dallas The newly-organized Golden Girls perform dance routines during football half-time. Michelle Bradley does well with her candy selling, an annual money making project. Antlerettes acquire a mascot during marching practice. Antlerettes march proudly in the Homecoming Parade. 97 Miss Kathleen Akin sponsors the debate division of U.LL. UIL members assist Drama Club on their plays. Tivy Sponsors Hard-working debaters represent Tivy in many area meets. 98 University Interscholastic League sponsors Ti ' y ' s first invitational UIL meet early in February. .. UIL categories include debate, prose, poetry interpretation, slide rule, duet acting, extemporaneous speaking... members travel to various meets throughout the year. UIL officers are Jean Schumacher, reporter; Mrs. Rachel Luna, sponsor; Frank Stevenson, president; Clinton Jones, vice-president; and Toni Smith, secretary- treasurer. University Interscholastic League Meet UIL members must meet to discuss club matters. 99 The Drama Club, recently organized at Tivy, produces all school plays . . . gives all students interested in drama a chance to show their skills... " Potboilers " was a highly suc- cessful one-act play presented in December . . . other plays are planned for the Spring semester. Mrs. Rachel Luna, sponsor of Drama Club, must devote long hours and assista nce as director of the plays. Drama Club Presents ' ' Potboilers yy The cast for the Drama Club production of " Potboilers " is George Can, Clinton Jones, Linda Lehmann, Roger Smith, George Hammond, Jay Ward, and Barbara Wyatt. 100 Backstage the " Potboilers " castpre- pares. Drama Club officers are Jay Ward, president; Angela Maurer, secretary-treasurer, and Barbara Wyatt, vice-president. Duiivul lib A large membership is needed for a select cast. 101 Art Association Tours Dallas Art Museum Ben Gebhardt, Jay Ward, Charlie Isaac, Freddy Sieker, and Bill Barrels decorare presenrarion hearr for class favorires. Spring Exhibition at Inn of the HUls compliments Banquet and Prom . . . horse and buggy float is ifi Homecoming pa- rade . . . club spends weekend in Sheraton Dallas. . . glassware sale raises funds. . . group decorates presentation heart for Christmas Formal. Officers are Susan Sandidge, secretary -treasurer; BUI Barrels, vice-president; and Charlie Isaac, reporter. 102 Mrs. Peggy Wahrmund, sponsor, and Jay Ward, president, discuss exhibits at the Dallas Art Museum. ITi Art Association Sweetheart Susan Sandidge tides with Piesident Jay Waid and Sponsoi Peggy Wahrmund in the Homecoming paiade. Catol Wood is chairman of the glass- ware committee. Members who attended the field trip to Dallas are Sponsor Peggy Wahrmund. Charlie Issac, Jerry Picker, Mren Little Freddy Sieker, Danelle Rees, Ben Gebhardt, Sue Sandidge, Jay Ward, Barbara Wyatt. V qj Library Club Helps Students Four representatives attend San Antonio State Convention in February . . . Mrs. Mary Garden hosts annual Christmas parry... sweethearts ride in Homecoming parade... members catalogue new books, bind mag- azines. Library Club attends annual Christmas party, Reshelving books is a major duty of library assistants. 104 Girls chat at Christmas party. Norma Hertel and Mrs. Mary Garden check out books. Mrs. Man- Garden oreoares for party. Library Glub officers are Carol Wood, presidenr, Anita Harbison, treasurer; Janis Ghism, ice president; and Rose Morrow, secretary. Library Club members converse at meeting in library. 105 El Nopal Strives To Further Spanish Culture Point system determines field trip parti- cipants... winter Spanish Day includes candy sale, pinatas, Mexican supper. . . student speakers stimulate interest in Spanish culture. . . members work on first club Homecoming float. Sponsors William Smithson and Mrs. Lucy Brim work with officers and members. Officers are: Candy Cross, president; Jeanne Schumacher, vice-president; Debbie Adams, secretary; June Kovar, treasurer; Diane Valencia, parliamentarian; Mary Jane Delgadillo, historian, reporter; Lee Turner, sergeant-at-arms. 106 Members watch as speaker displays Spanish articles. Pat Stovall is thoroughly initated by old members. Rigid though it may be, initation is fun for all. Plans are made for a festive Spanish Day. Initiates must learn the Spanish pledge in a short period of time. 107 V Mrs. Jean Dunham organized the club Mrs. Janice Furman became the sponsor during first semester. at mid -term. French offered for first time at Tivy... stu- dents organize club. . . hope to increase knowledge of language and country . . . about twenty -five members. Tivy Presents Organization de la Francaise officers of the French Club are Suzie Frazar, secretary; Cheri Harris and Carolyn Swayze, co-reporters; Stephen Lochte, parliamentarian; Stanley Caulkins, president; J.M. Reeves, vice-president and Debbie Adams, treasurer. 108 Above expressions reflect the enter- tainment found in meetings. Future Business Leaders Promote Training Future Business Leaders of America, the national organization for students enrolled in business courses, begins its first year at Ti y . . . club develops competent, aggressive business leaders . . . officers are installed in Fredericksburg . . . sell candy to raise money. reLA members enjoy spare moment during business class. M r- . y h (I Officers of FBLA are Janis Locke, treasurer: Gw -nne LeMeilleur, vice-president; Linda Cochrane, president; Nfrs. Rebecca McBryde, sponsor; Rose Morrow, reporter; and Kay Cole, secretary. Candy is sold to tovmsman to raise money, 109 Key Club practices for basketball game with Interact Club. The Key Club, a service organization, has for three of its goals, the pro- motion of higher standards in schol- arship, sportsmanship, and social contacts. .. Key Club members sponsor Little League basketball, hold a Parents Appreciation Banquet, have Vocational Week, and a Variety Show. Key Club Promotes Civic Service The officers of the Key Club are, from left to right, Stanley Caulkins, president; Harvey tobbins, Lieutenant Covernor of Division 5; Chuck Brundrett, treasurer; Russell Franklin, secretary; Jim Matthews, vice president. 110 Key Club is fortunate in having a large attendance at their weekly meetings on Thursday nights . ee Jennings and Ed Baskin help a Little Leaguer in his shooting form in basketball. Gene Ball is an attentive sponsor. Ill Interact Contributes Money to Orphanage Rotary sponsored Interact Club serves community and school . . . members assist with Homecoming bonfire. . . chal- lenge Key Club to basketball game . . . donate money to Medina Children ' s home. .. delegates attend _ Mexican- American Student Congress in Piedras Negras, Mexico. With the assistance of William Stafford, Obed Cory coaches several Interact members for the Interact- Key Club Basketball Game. 112 Members listen closely as Mr. E.J. Bartels, Rotary representative, explains the objectives of an Interact Club. Mr. Obed Cory, sponsor of Interact for two years, also teaches Biology. Officers of Interact for 1966-1967 are Lary Priour, president; Lee Turner, director; Frank Stevenson, reporter; George Carr, secretary; Ronald Kalmbach, vice-president; and Bill Barrels, treasurer. Not pictured are Bobby Compton, director; Ronny Blanton, sergeant-at-arms. Lary Priour presides as President of Interact. Steve Fikes sharpens his free-throw technique for the Interact basketball game. 113 FTA members become informed of TFTA State Convention in San Antonio. FTA ' s tutoring project, " Each One-Reach One, " successfully accomplishes its goal of assisting elementary students. Future Teachers Initiate Tutoring Project " Each One-Reach " One tutoring pro- ject proves successful. .. Andree LeMeilleur elected President of Dis- trict FTA. .. members give annual faculty tea... cake sale and paid assembly raised scholarship for sen- ior members . . . State Convention held in San Antonio. Sponsors are Donald Hedgpeth and Denny Cook. Officers are (first row) Edith Jennings, reporter; Julie Thompson, secretary; Vickie Voelkel, president; Meline Ivy, treasurer; (second row) Buck Karger, vice-president; Gwynne LeMeilleur, Nancy Bernhard, co- historians; Jim Avery, parliamentar- ian. Future teachers gather in Homemaking Cottage to discuss money making projects. 115 Future Farmers Win Honors FFA officers are (first row) Tommy Henderson, secretary; Mike Baumann, president; Aubrey Henderson, vice-president; (second row) Ky Evans, sentinel; Tommy Burrus, reporter; Alvin Tiemann, sponsor; Roger Trejo, treasurer; Barrie Ward, sponsor. FFA prepares for June Rodeo... in- itiation held for new members . . . boys win honors at several stock shows . . . Mary Ann Peril is FFA sweetheart. 116 Trejo speaks at FFA meeting. FFA members vote for officers. Sheep are prep ared for stock show. Stock animals demand constant grooming. Tommy Henderson cleans prize-winning black Angus. 117 Officers ape Janis Chism, president; Nancy Lyle, vice-president; Judy Jones, sec- retary; Jiiw Evans, treasurer; Jo Ann Varner, parliamentarian; Peggy Craig, histo- rian; aniStose Morrow, reporter. K Rose Morrow, Little Sister of the Young Homemakers, was elected by the local chapter. Girls must endure the initiation before becoming members. 118 Future Homemakers serve refreshments at the Freshman Orientation. Homemakers Give Time For Community Service Homemakers enjoy skits at first meet- ing. . . singing carols and making Christ- mas cards are a part of a festive pro- gram . . . guest speaker from another coun- try talks to members ... " Daddy Date Night ' ■ is a gala winter occasion . . . installation of new officers and formal initation are annual programs of the club. Sponsors of the Future Homemakers are Mrs. Charlotte Dismukes, Miss Joyce Brown, and Mrs. Alice Baker. Homemakers enjoy a wide variet) ' of activities including a party in the Home- making Cottage. Members make a trip to the State Hospital to carol. j Barbara Condon takes Mr. Woodard ' s temperature as Candy Stripers watch. Future Nurses Serve School, Community The Future Nurses of America devote their time to service in the community . . . junior and senior members work as Candy Stripers at Sid Peterson Hospital ... all members work in the " Fight Tuber - ciilosis " campaign, make cancer band- ages, and work for the blood mobile every two months. 120 Officers of F.N. A. are Norma Sumner, vice-president; Mrs. Franke, sponsor; Barbara Condon, president; Janet Pressler, treasurer; Vernadine Haire, report- er; and Susie West, secretary. Charter members of Quill Scroll areCarol TiSwayze.Cheri Harris, Nancy Hopkins, Frank Stevenson, Candy Cross, C-eorge Carr, Edith Jennings, Denny Cook, sponsor; Sue Sandidge, and Matti Sinko. Charter Quill Scroll Chapter Named Alpha-Tau Alpha -Tau signifies Antler - Tatler ... seven students selected as charier members of Quill Scroll . . . club honors students for outstanding contributions to high school journalism . . . initiation at Inn of the Hills . . . Finnish ex- change student is honor»;y member. Sponsor Denny Cook, President Frank Stevenson, and Secretary Cheri Harris select TATLERS for contest. Concert Choir Under New Direction Concert Choir spends weeks rehears- ing with Band for Chrisnnas pro- gram . . . group sings for civic organ- i zations . . . UIL contests brings solo and group honors . . . Spring Concert given in April. Officers are J.M. Reeves, treasurer; Charles Hoffman, president; Martha Pollard, secretary; Brownie West, librarian; Linda Rogers, reporter; and Harold Kennedy, vice-president. d r ii • , it 1 i r Altos are (first row) Mathison, Harbison, Hartsfield, Palmer, Cummings, Dennis, (second row) Smith, Crider, Dickerson, Mauer, Reinholt, Faifer, Hancock. Tenors are (first row) Pearsall, Smith, Real, Kennedy, Robbins, (second row) Shackelford, C. Chalk, T. Hammit, Reeves, Tyson, M. Hammit, D. Chalk. Billy Morris begins his first year as director Sopranos are (first row) Whitaker, Rogers, Reeves, Rees, Barecky, Mack, of Tivy Concert Choir. (second row) Thorn, Dimery, Zerbie, Medlin, Kinsel, Valliere, Pollard, (third row) West, Frazier, Brehmer, Stiefel, Heimann, Jordan, Porter. 122 T-Association Members Merit Letter Members of T-AssociatLon are (first row) Villanueva, Cravrford, Price, Montes de Oca, Turner, Blanton, Maier, HoUiman, (second row) Lopez, Resales, Michel, Moreno, Baldwin, Vest, Caulkins, Doyen, Avery, Medlin, Hernandez, Icke, Stehling, (third row) Ayala, UTiitton, Priour, Kalmbach, Palmer, Compton, Ellis, BUleiter. Lettermen of all sports comprise T-Asscx:iation . . . athletes must meet certain requirements before letter and membership are obtained. . . club functions for 39th year as honorary athletic organization. 123 Vocational Industrial Club Values Service Vocational Industrial Club of American members double as students of Industrial Cooperative Training. .. participate in regular studies and fulfill occupational duties . . . raise money by operating pop- corn and snowcone concessions at foot- ball games. . . officers attend State VICA Convention in April. VICA holds Holiday dinner at the Inn of the Hills. Sharon Maples fulfills duties at the Rose Shop. 124 Don Sansom is employed at the Eileen Wastel cares for patient at Mountain Sun. Town House. Mr. Mehin Woolbright serves as sponsor for VICA. f -I li Russell Schmidt prepares slices of meat at HEB grocery store. Officers for VICA are (first row) Debbie Clark, treasurer; CarolyTi Davis, secretary; Cheryl Luckemeyer, reporter; (second row) Frank Rosas, sergeant- at-arms; Stanley Bundick, vice-president; and John Steelman, president. Suzette LeCour prepares laboratory sam- ples at Sid Peterson Hospital. Johnny Page fulfills occupational duties as constructionist. Bradly Gardner, D.E. instructor, helps Suzie Sherman does desk work at the students in the business world. Goodyear Store. Distributive Education Randy Ryan working at Clark ' s Mobile Station performs a useful service. 126 Counting money after a successful football booster ribbon sale. Students Sell Ribbons Distributive Education officers are (first row) XancyLyle, treasurer; Suzie Sherman, secretary; (second row) Randy Ryan, reporter; Larry Klein, vice-president: Pat Stovall, president. D.E. student Joel Guerrero works at Model Cleaners, ■n " y Distributi e Education students are gaining experience working with people and are learning some of the hard facts of the business world . . . booster ribbons are sold as a fund raising project during football sea- son. . . during homecoming week D.E. students select a sweetheart and build a float. 127 Tatler Gleaners Gather Bi-weekly newspaper covers school and stu- dent activities. .. provides practical journal- istic experience for staff members ... ex- presses staffs opinions freely.. . has bi- weekly conferences with administration... member Interscholastic League Press Con- ference, attends State Convention. .. wins Award of Distinguished Merit for 1967... publicizes All- School Favorites Election. Staff Members are: Frank Stevenson, editor; Ben Gebhardt, contributing cartoonist; David Holmes, reporter; VickiVoelkel, sports editor; Rose Morrow, reporter; Denny Cook, sponsor; Cheri Harris, assistant-editor; Pat Stovall, photographer; and Camille Cummings, busi- ness manager. 129 • ' t. ANTLER Staff members produce yearbook . . . hold All-School Favorites election ... sell football programs ... distribute free basket- ball and baseball programs at district games . . . visit Henington Publishing Company in Wolfe City. ANTLER staff members are (first row) Candy Cross, senior class editor; Carolyn Swayze, photographer; Nancy Bernhard, freshman class editor; (second row) Denny Cook, sponsor; Danelle Rees, art editor; George Carr, editor; Clinton Jones, junior class editor; Edith Jennings, copy editor; Sue Sandidge, business m anager; and Andree LeMeilleur, sports editor. Antler 130 i 1 Climbs to New Heights . X, W ' ■ I . . . After we ' ve conquered 132 5% SPORTS 9 -« 1 ]U »M iiJ wJ| ) w ft« 4 all the rest . . . 153 Douglas Jung Line Coach m ' i V v ' ' BUI Farrir Head Coa igton ,ch Curtis Morries End Coach TIVY VARSITY SCHEDULE 1966 Tivy Tivy 23 - - - 7 San Marcos Wheatley 34 ±_l 8 1 1 Tivy Tivy 19 Del Rio Schertz-Cibolo 35 13 Tivy Uvalde 22 •r Tivy 19 Eagle Pass 6 Tivy South San 27 Tivy 7 East Central 7 Tivy 35 Crystal City Tivy Fredericksburg 40 Aiiticii practice for upcoming game. 134 Antlers score to break tie. 1 JS ds 7 Tivy blocks San Marcos drive. Gary Benedict gains seven yards or. Billies. Antlers Lose Heartbreaker to Wheatley 8-7 Anders discuss next play against Cr) ' Stal City. Antlers move to scoring position. u C% I Henry Ayala Louis Villanueva Buster Baldwin 44 Gary Benedict 85 Manager Manager Back 2 letters End 1 letter Quad-Captain All -District Second Team Defense 135 Fred Seiker stops Schertz - Cibolo player. Coleman Palmer carries ball for yardage Eagle Pass Falls to Kerrville 19-6 r Albert Benson 27 Back Squad sm an Bobby Compton 20 Back 1 letter Ronny Blanton 14 Back 2 letters Quad -Captain 136 Tim Cowden 50 Center 1 letter All -District Second Team Offense All -West Texas Honorable Mention Tommy Pickens strains for Antler gain. Adolto Lopez gains 37 yeards. Bobby Compton returns East Central punt. Rick Crawford 10 Back 2 letters Donnie Evans 80 End 1 letter All-District Honorable Mention Walter Goodloe 65 Guard 1 letter ' • ► • ' ?%1 J Dan Ellis 82 End 1 letter Steve Fikes 23 Back 1 letter Robert Goodrich 74 Tackle 1 letter Antlers block South San drive. 137 Antlers return for second half actioa Tivy exercises for game. Steve Fikes scores touchdown. Half time brings rest, water, and new plays. Tivy rallies in second half of San Marcos game. ' v.- , 138 James Goss 75 Tackle 1 letter Wayne GroU 64 Guard 1 lener Bill Hart 32 Back 1 lener Pat Jennings 76 Tackle 1 letter Dennis Johnson 60 Guard Squadsman Donnie Kalmbach 81 End Squadsman Ronnie Kalmbach 61 Guard 1 letter Adolf o Lopez 21 Back 2 letter Quad -Captain All-District Honorable Mention Wayne Groll stops Del Rio gain. Tivy tries for first down. Tivy Rolls Over Crystal City 35-0 Antlers move in on Fredericksburg ball carrier. 139 Dickey McCaleb 42 Back Squad sm an Jim Menzies 73 Tackle Squadsman Dean Nichlos 60 Guard Squadsman Tommy Pickens 12 Back 1 letter p-r ' Mike Medlin 52 Guard 1 letter Gary Miller 36 Back 1 letter i Coleman Palmer 34 Back 2 letters f!» s! r V I Lary Priour 70 Tackle 2 letters Ronny Blanton rolls up a first down. Buster Baldwin plunges forward for Tivy gain. 140 Antlers are ready to face oncoming opponents. n| 9 r l n m - IW Tivy fights VvTieatley to the end. Team members discuss previous plays. Dickie Reasor 25 Back Squadsman I. Bryant Saner 71 Tackle 1 letter Guard 1 letter Fred Seiker 66 AU-Dismct Honocable Mention Lou Vest 86 End 2 letters Johnny Sample 87 End 1 lener il Steve Short 84 End 1 lener Pat Stovall 63 Guard 1 letter Alan Wliinon 72 Tackle 2 letters Quad -Captain AU-Disrrict Second Team Offense, Defense All -West Texas 141 TT _ - L-l Mike Reddell makes first down for Antlers. Ky Evans gains yardage for Antlers. Members and coaches of the 1966 " B " Team are (first row) Calderon, Ficker, Cortez, Jennings, Montes de Oca, Rhoden, Henderson, Dunks, (second row) Hall, Nichols, Hollimon, A. Benson, Voss, Simmons, John Taylor, Adams, Ross, Smith, (third row) Coach Ward, Franklin, Leifeste, Garrett, Rechenou, Marines, Mendeola, Reddell, Varner, Joe Taylor, Coach Reid, (fourth row) Willson, Bowman, King, Broyles, Auid, Braden, Evans, Gonzalas, Cowden, Massey. Those not pictured are L. Benson, Delo Santos, Thompson, Rosoles. 142 Tivy Tivy 32 Ti y 22 Tivy 12 Tivy Tivy 13 Ti 7 Tivy 6 TI ' Y " B " TEAM SCHEDULE 1966 Fredericksburg Uvalde Del Rio Eagle Pass Uvalde Pleasanton Coach Jim Reid Coach HUlyer Ward Jim Thompson puts Antlers in scoring position. ' ' B ' ' Team Works Hard And Has Good Season. Antlers gain yardage. •B " Team holds Uvalde 32 - 22. 143 L Coach Jim Reid Coach Hillyer Ward doubles as team doctor. Coach Jim Reid instructs cagers on new play. 144 Reid and Ward go over last minute plays before the game. ReoCTie Linack " 32 " - " 33 ' Varsity Squadsman Gary McCormick moves to block Crystal City shot. Varsity Squad Breaks 14 of 16 Records k y Coach Jim Reid maps out game strategy. Gary McCormick " 30 " - " 31 ' Lener 1 ta. n iL.. iu Willie Bratcher and Ben Scharnberg move in on a loose ball. Ben Schamberg " 24 " - " 25 " Letter 1 145 Ernest Fifer " 20 " - " 21 " Letter 1 Second Team All District 9 Jim Hayes " 10 " - " 11 " Letter 1 H WM yoV m Ronny Blanton aims for another two points. Lou Vest meets rough competition from opponent. Opponents threaten Antler rebound. Varsity managers are Louis Villaneuva Cagers battle for possession of ball, and Emilio Resales. 146 ' K i .. %J ' Willie Bratcher " 12 " - " 13 " Arthur Michel " 14 " - " 15 " onny Blanton " 22 " Co-Captain letter 2 Co-Captain letter 2 Letter 1 Second Team All District Tivy All Tournament Team ' 23 " Lou Vest " 40 " - " 41 " Letter 2, All District Tivy All Tournament Team Antler Offense starts rolling. Tivy Cagers wait for rebound. TIVY BASKETBALL DISTRICT SCHEDULE Date Opponents Place Score (Tivy) (Opponents) January 9, 1967 Eagle Pass Here 68 - 27 January 13, 1967 Uvalde There 56 - 42 January 17, 1967 Del Rio Here 65 - 73 January 20, 1967 Crystal City There 92 - 40 January 27, 1967 Eagle Pass There 80 - 37 January 31, 1967 Uvalde Here 105 - 34 February 3, 1967 Del Rio There 52 - 69 February 7. 1967 Crystal City Here 115 - 63 Arthur Michel gains rebound for Antlers, Lou Vest out jumps Uvalde player. 147 ■= 3811 Albert Benson keeps Antlers in the lead with two more points. " h.: ' ;;iii Tivy ' s defense springs into action. " B " Cagers Boast 13-9 Season Antler " B " Team jumps for rebound. Antlers gain possession of the ball. 148 Jim Thompson shoots for Antler gain. Lee Jennings scores two points for the Antlers. David Braden gains rebound for cagers. " B " Team cagers are (first row) Jennings, Davis, Mosty, L. Benson, Welch, Cortez, (second row) Calderon, Thompson, Sprot, Braden, Locke, Hardy, A. Benson, Coach Ward. 149 Vernon Icke takes his turn at the plate. Warming up before stepping into the batters box, Steve Fikes selects a bat. Letterman John Holliman coaches Antler runners at first base. Bases Are Loaded With Anticipated Victory m j i ' , ' : LJ " Lhii . )v Ed Baskin Outfielder Willie Bratcher Pitcher Steve Bowman Third base Stanley Caulkins Second base i j ii ' - ' iV ' )MV 1 150 Bobby Compton Outfielder Dan Ellis Shortstop Ernest Fifer Outfielder Steve Fikes First base . - Tivy pitcher. Willie Bratcher, prepares for upcoming game with Central Catholic. Louis Villanueva, aids the school baseball team as the club ' s manager. Southpaw Eddie Maier warms up for Antler game. Isabel Moreno, third base coach, waves Stanley Caulkins into home. i iH ' ■• ' ' ; 1 ' i ii y John Holliman Catcher Vernon Icke Third base Jerry Jarre 11 Outfielder Bill King Outfielder .H ' l i.JVi Mark LeMeilleur Outfielder Jimmy Locke First base J ' ► UJ ' " 4 Eddie Maier Pitcher Mike Medlin Catcher 151 Antler squad practices for the approaching season. WK Ai - i Co-Captains, Dan Ellis and Bobby Compton, talk with baseball coach Larry Kemp. Mike Medlin puts on his equipment before moving in to catch for the Antlers. Isabel Moreno First base Coleman Palmer Outfielder Dickie Reasor First base iMI , J " ' After hitting a line drive into left field, Jerry Jarrell slides into second base. 152 Emilio Rosales Third base Ben Schamberg Outfielder Keith Simmons Catcher Antler bench looks on as Th-y comes up to bat. Y IVk ' ' Antlers Complete Third Season Bobby Thomas Pitcher 9 ' M . yij ik j ' y f Terry Tyson Shonstop m Richard Valdez Pitcher Robert Valdez Third base Dickie Reasor moves in on a hot grounder. J Vy n ' J VJ iM :h ' » . Dean Vamer Outfielder Jack Vest Outfielder Jerry Vickery Pitcher Steve Yeargan Second base 153 , TEhWIS TIVY , TENKiS - 4 ' % " - I Members of the girls ' tennis team are Sandra Kinsel, Linda Scott, Nancy Flenniken, Vicki Voelkel, Not pictured are Kay Merritt and Janice Wagner. Tivy " H s i B Freshman Jimmy LeMeilleur watches as Curg Starkey uses a new method to strengthen arm muscles. Bill Stacy and Andy Price prepare for practice. 154 Netters Vie for District Championship Vicki Voelkel smashes a return ball as Linda Scon waits for her chance to play. Coach Ed ' indebank instructs beginner David Smith. Boys playing tennis include: (first row) Maxwell, Young, Lackey, Peters, Starkey, Smith, (second row) Packer, LeMeilleur, Sprott, Price, B. Stacy, Faifer, G. Stacy, Jennings. 155 T H S Golfers Win District Robbie Doyen letter 1 Ky Evans Ray Harlow letter 1 Ky Evans cleans his ball to give it true flight and make it easier to find. Jim Stehling ties his fancy shoes while he and Gary Harrell wait to tee off. Gary Harrell Bill Hart Gerald Humphrey 156 Coach Curtis Morries helps Johnny Sample select the proper iron. Mike Reddell Gerald Humphrey, Johnny Sample, and Bill Wise look on as Ray Harlow prepares to tee off. b Golfers Bill Han, Steve Short, Robbie Doyen, and Mike Reddell develop skill on practice putting green. Jim Stehling, Ky Evans, Ray Harlow and Gerald Humphrey exert great energy in walking rounds daily. Johnny Sample Steve Short Jim Stehling letter 2 Bill Wise 157 s iifr " - f V • w -- a $ Lee Turner, Dean Nichols, and Roy Hernandez serve as Tivy ' s vaulters. 1 , M Broad jumpers are Jimmy Voss, Donnie Fitzgerald, Gary Whelan, Larry Delgadillo, and John Dunks. VI i -. W A Dennis Johnson, Alan Whitton, and Walter Goodloe are the discus men. 158 I- Vi- Gary Benedict, Tivy ' s 1966 contestant in the pole vault, practices for the new season. ■ Jo M ' ' X Roger Smith, Charlie Isaac, Bobby Terry, and Wchard Batley compete as 440 runners. ' Shot putters are Jim Menzies, Gary Giles, Pat Jennings, and Henry Ayala, " V,.; • • . iAV ' S-- " " ' lir 100-220 dasfi men are Dicky McCaleb, Dave Hopkins, Eloy Vela, Maurice Connell, Ron Kalmbach, John Dunks, Donnie Fitzgerald, Track-Field Teams Enter Statewide Meets Pnillip (Jzuna and Billy Wharton compete in the mile race. Hillyer Ward and Douglas Jung spend many hours as track coaches. m Cleo Friedrichs, Glen Lester, Encarnacion Monies de Oca, Roger Trejo are 880 men. Hurdlers are Don Kalmbach, Kenneth Bennett. 159 Irri Freshman football players are (firstrow) I ss.Ayala, Thomas, Auld, Reed, Rosas, Delgadillo, Weld, Hampton, Cantwell, (second row) M. LeMeilleur, Murray, Varner, Lopez, Klingeman, Scharnberg, Martinez, Key, Goodrich, Terry, McBroom, (third row) Coach Kemp, Sharp, Mills, Parker, Geeslin, Vest, Faifer, Palmer, Ehler, Whelan, J. LeMeilleur, Coach W indebank. FRESHMAN FOOTBALL 1966 Tivy 12 Fredericksburg 12 Tivy 44 Uvalde 12 Tivy 26 Del Rio 6 Tivy 19 Eagle Pass 12 Tivy 13 Uvalde 18 Tivy San Marcos 41 Tivy 41 Pleasonton 8 Tivy 24 Del Rio Tivy 7 Fredericksburg 6 Mark LeMeilleur gains a first down for the Antlers. 160 Larry Delgadillo pushes for a touchdown. Ben Scharnberg races for Antler gain. Georae Stacy ties for jump ball, Mickey Cooper scrambles to get the Jack Vest gains possession of ball, ball. Freshman Athletes Train for Varsity Goal Freshman Cagers Slate 15 Victories 6 losses Coach Ed Windebank goes over plays with Freshman Cagers. 4 J Members of the Tivy Freshman Team are (first row) Ehler, Maxon, Starkey, Grona, Goodrich, (second row) Stacy, Murray, Caulkins, Packer, Mills, (third row) Coach Winde- bank, LeMeilleur, Faifer, Cooper, Palmer. Weid. Not pictured is Jack Vest. 161 Girls Sports Association officers are Nancy Hopkins, Reporter; Georgia Griffith, Sponsor; Janice Locke, Secretary-Treasurer; Brenda Talbert, Vice-president; Meline Ivy, President. Girls SporU t ■ r) Volleyball provides a stimulating activity of speed and skill. L -j- ' s J By practicing six-tens, second period PE class achieves physical fitness. 162 , i 6 A|A|,( ;Aa« Members of the 1967 Girls Volley Ball team are: Garza, Trevino, Boutin, tobbins, Danz, Pressler, Golf, Littlefield, Monroy, Garcia, (second row) Sanchez, Lara, Persall, Bennet, Leonard, Thompson, Gwyne, LeMeilleur, Malochleb, (third row) Haney, Reed, Crenshaw, Hoover, Locke, Talbert, Danz, Gonzales, Ivy, Goodloe, Hopkins, O. Trevino. Association Includes Volleyball Vicky Frazier demonstrates the im- portance of agility in aerial tennis. Jackie Stoepel and Lynn Dyess find running the stands difficult exercise. Basketball requires practice to de- velop skill. 163 We will come and 164 HONORS yom i ie 6es . . . 165 £« Student of the Year Frank Stevenson National Honor Society Quill a nd Scroll President National Merit Semifinalist Stude nt Council Parliamentarian rATLER Editor Drama Club Interact Club University Interscholastic League President " On the Spot " Team Captain 166 Who ' s Who Bill Bartels National Honor Society Interact Club Treasurer Senior Class President All-School Handsome French Club Future Teachers of America 1 f Nancy Bernhard ANTLER Staff National Honor Society Student Council Chaplain Junior Class Versatile Junior Class Reporter Future Teachers of America Historian Antlerettes Golden Girls Girls ' Sports Association 167 Who ' s George Carr ANTLER Editor Quill and Scroll National Honor Society Reporter Interact Club Secretary Future Business Leaders of America Sweetheart Drama Club Play Cast University Interscholastic League Future Teachers of America Stanley Caulkins National Honor Society Student Council Fire Marshal Key Club President French Club President Baseball Letter " T " Association Kiv HOMF 1 lf..f-t Honi n .?si 168 Who Candy Cross ANTLER Staff Quill and Scroll All- School Versatile Antlerette President Spanish Club President Future Business Leaders of America Sweetheart French Club Future Nurses of America Girls ' Sports Association Cheri Harris TATLER Assistant Editor National Honor Society Ouill and Scroll Secretary French Club Reporter University Interscholastic League Drama Club Future Teachers of America Future Business Leaders of America - 169 Who ' s June Kovar National Honor Society Student Council Head Twirler Band Spanish Club Treasurer Future Teachers of America Clinton Jones ANTLER Staff National Honor Society Student Council Vice-President Junior Class President University Interscholastic League Vice-President Drama Club Play Cast State Poetry Finalist 170 % Who Andree LeMeilleur ANTLER Sports Editor Student Council Cheerleader Junior Class Popular Junior Class Vice-President Future Teachers of America District President Volleyball Letter Future Business Leaders of America Girls ' Sports Association . , Mary Ann Peril National Honor Society Student Council Treasurer All-School Beautiful Football Oueen Future Farmers of America Sweetheart Antlerettes Future Teachers of America Future Nurses of America 171 Who ' s Diane Taylor National Honor Society Head Cheerleader Student Council All- School Popular Football IXichess Key Club Sweetheart Senior Class Reporter Future Teachers of America Girls ' Sports Association Lary Priour National Honor Society Student Council President Interact Club President Football Letter 172 Who Vicki Voelkel TATLER Sports Editor National Honor Society Band Publicity Chairman Future Teachers of America President Tennis Team University Interscholastic League - Debate Alan Whitton National Honor Society President All-School Versatile " T " Association President Football Quad- Captain Football Letter Football All - District Second Team Offense-Defense Football All- West Texas Honorable Mention Interact Club 173 Selected by the yearbook staff or Harriet Bergmann Math and Science Ben Gebhardt Marilyn Biehler Band 174 Salutes he basis of individual achievement Tommy Henderson Vocational Agriculture Charles Hoffman University Interscholastic League Choir 175 Versatile Nominees Lee Jenni72gs and Julie Xelson Sophomores Steve Fikes and Xancy Bernhard Juniors Benny Scharnberg and Susan Pressler Freshmen 176 Most Versatile Candy Cross and Alan Whitton Seniors 177 Popular Nominees Richard Mosty and Judy Jones Sophomores Donnie Kalmbach and Andree LeMeilleur Juniors Mark LeMeilleur and Nancy Flenniken Freshmen 178 Most Popular Diane Taylor and Buster Baldwin Seniors 179 Handsome and Beautiful Nominees r " John Hollimon and Virginia Howard Sophomores Dickie Reasor and Suzie Frazar Juniors Jimmy LeMeilleur and Diane Boutin Freshmen 180 Most Beautiful and Most Handsome Mary Ann Peril and Bill Bartels Seniors 181 Sweethearts Freddy Sieker, Antlerettes Jimmy LeMeilleur, Future Homemakers Gwynne LeMeilleur, Interact Club Diane Taylor, Key Club Suzie Frazar, French Club Stanley Caulkins, French Club Suzie Sherman, Distributive Education Meline Ivy, Future Teachers of America Ronny Blanton, Future Teachers of America Karen Brehmer, Choir Charles Hoffman, Choir Eloy Vela, Library Club Linda Wideman, Library Club Steve Monroe, Future Nurses of America Barbara Condon, Future Nurses of America Mary Ann Peril, Future Farmers of America Homecoming Queen Sue Sandidge, Art Club Candy Cross, Future Business Leaders of America George Carr, Future Business Leaders of America 182 Not Pictured: Carolyn Davis, Vocation Industrial Club Lee Turner, Spanish Club Debbie Adams, Spanish Club 183 Best Ci tizens Meline Ivy Selected by the faculty and sponsored by the DAUGHTERS OF AMERICAN REVOLUTION. Alan Whitton Selected by the faculty and sponsored by the AMERICAN LEGION. Tribute Every so often a group feels a special affinity to certain people, not necessarily for any one thing, but for many things - patience, energy, enthusiasm, long hours spent planning with the staff, and taking many pictures. We, the Antler Staff pay tribute to Mr, Mrs. R H. Swayze The buildings will he different, the faces new, the ideas improved, the experiences varied, hut the spirit of Tivy will always he embodied in our song, our Alma Mater . . . For we are from Tivy, from Tivy are we. We ' re from the school where you should be. 186 x w q u k r " C. O- " .O t; XR ■o 1 187 Student Index Seniors Adams, Barbara Nell 27,93 Adams, Chamnielia Deborah 21, 93. 106. 108 Adams. James David 27 Aquero, Janle Guerrero 27 Ahrens. Catherine l,ois 27 Alexander, Robert James Avery, James Thomas 27,115 Baldwin, Buster 81.83, 135, 179 Barrels. Willian Michael 26,27,78.81,93,102,113,167,181 Baumann, Mike Maxie 27.116 Beadles, Mark Lee 27,88-89.91 Bell. Ann 27 Bennett. Kenneth Roy 28.111,159 Benson, Lucinda 28 Bergmann. Harriet Ann 28.88-89.92,93,174 Berry, Bonnie Ray Biehler, Marilyn Marie 28.88-89,90.174 Blanton. Ronald Gene Boyd. Bobby 28 Braden, Barbara Ann 28,94,96.97 Bradley, Daryl Lynn 28 Bradley, Michelle 28,94.97 Brady, Robert Joseph 28 Brandt, Gerald Wayne 29 Brehmer, Karen Delene 29.122 Bundick, Stanley Otho 29,125 Burnis. William Thomas 29.116 Bush, Joe Ann 29,120 Cade, Dudley W. 29 Calcote, Betty Jean 29,93,106 Callihan, Amanda Kay 29,80,93,94,97 Cart, George Robert 29,92,93,100,101.109,113.121,130.168 Caulk. Gary Bmce 29 Caulkins, Stanley Howard 30,78,,151,168 Chambliss. Elizabeth Ann 30.88-89.120 Chism, Janis Ruth 30,94,97,105.118 Clark, Raymond Eugene Cochrane, Linda Anita 26,30,94,96,106.109 Cokines, George Peter 30 Condon, Barbara Lee 30,88-89,102 Cowen, Howard Daniel Craft, Frances Annaletta 30 Craft, Joan Morriss 30 Craig, Laura Mae 30,88-89.93 Craig. Pat Fern 30 Crawford, Richard Karl Ctider. Doris Ilain 31,122 Cross, Candace Elaine 31, 94.X, 97, 106, 109.120.130. 169,170 Cummings. Camille Diane 31 Davila. Ernestina 31 Davis, Carolyn Ann 31,88-89,125 Dennis, Deborah Sue 31 Dickerson, Diane Grace 31 Dimery. Edna 1-ee 31 Dimery, Melanie 31 Domingues. Louis Dean 32 Dotan, Jo Ann 32,94.96,97,87 Doss. Charles Bruce 32,98 Doyen, Robert Glen 32,166.157 Duffy. Billy Wayne 32 Eckstein. Angela Geraldine 32.109 Eggers. Robert Fabro. Juan S. 32 Feuge. Barbara Dawn 32.94.97,120 Ficker, Jerry Don 32,93,103 Fifer, Cheryl Louise 32 Fitzgerald, Donnie Lee 33,168,169 Frazar, Sandra (Barecky) 33,92,122 Freeman. Terry Wayne 33,88-89.91 Fulbright. Paul Edward 33.88-89.91 Gage, Tommy Jerome 33 Gamble, Thelma Beatrice 33 Garza, Jesse Gebhaidt, Ben Lawrence 33,102,103,174 Goodall, Betty Sharon 33 Goodloe, Delores Ant etijie 33,94,163 Goodrich, ttobert Benjamin 33,137 Gutierrez, Noe Barron 34 Hammit, Maurice Arlon 34,122 Hanchey, James Murrell 34.88-89.93 Harbison. Anita Rae 34,105,122 Harrell, Gary Wayne 34,166,157 Harris, Cheryl Diane 34,93,108,121,169 Hart, William Spencer 34.78,81,138,166,167 Hayes. Daniel Dayton 34 Heimann. Ann 34.122 Henderson. Tommy 34,93,116.117,175 Hernandez, Joe Louis Hertel, Norma Jo 36. 105 Hoffman, Charles Robert 36,122.176 Hoover, Mary Helen 35,94,163 Hopkins. Nancy Pauicia 35, Hutchinson. James Wayne 35 Hyde, John Randy 35 Icke, Vernon Stephen 35,160,161 Isaac, Charlie Lee 36,102,103,158 Ivy, Dorothy Meline 35,81,90,93,95,96.115.162,163 Jennings. Edith Louise 35,82.94,97,116.121.131 Jones. Roy Don Jung. Mack Wayne 36 Karger. Buck 36.88-89.115 Keene. Rodney J. 36 Keesler, Karen Elizabeth 36.94 Kennedy. Albert Baker 36 Kennedy. Harold Jimmy 36.122 Klein, Larry 36 Kovar, June Lynn 36,88-89,90,93,106,170 LeCour, Louise Suzette 36,126 LeMeille;ir, Sarah Gwynne 36,95,96,109,114,115 LeSout, Linda Yvonne 37 Light. Lela Irene 37 Light, Linda Ilene 37 Littlefield, Karen Uah 37.93,94,97,103 Locke, Janice Elaine 37,78,81,95,96, Lopez, Adolfo Ramos 82,139 Luckemeyer, Cheryl Lynn 37.125 Lyle. Nancy Elizabeth 37.118 McBtoom, Charlotte (Phillips) 37 McDougall. Warren Stanford 37 Maier. Wayne Eddie 37.161 Maples. Michael David 38 Maples, Sharon Kay 38,124 Masters, Kenneth Dean 38 Maurer, Angela Rosalie 38,101.122 Mayes. Gerry Wayne 38 Michel, Arthur Clyde 38,145 Miller, Gary Lawrence 38.81,140 Miller. Mike Monroe, Steven Spakman 38,81,92,93 Monies de Oca, Encarnacion Moore, Shirley Ann 38 Morales. Gilbert Pmneda 39 Moreno, Isabel Flores 161, 152 Nielsen, Dale Ingrid 39,106.109 Noah, Mary Ann Ottmers, Lester Arvin 39 Page, John Ward 39 Palmer, Lois Kay 122 Pate, Janice Lorraine 39.94 Patron, Hugh Henry 39 Peril, Mary Ann,97,120,171.181 Phillips. Thomas Ray 39 Porter. Donola 39,122 Pressler, Janet Marie 39,82,86,94,97,120 Priour, H. Lary 40,86,93,113.140,172 Prychodko, Anna 40 Ramsey, Melvin Conrad 40 Rees, Loretta Danelle 40,103,130 Reese, William Van 40 Robbins, Harvey Howard 40,110.122 Robinett. Terrell Wayne 40 Rodriquez, Richard Moncayo 40 Rogers, Grant R, 40 Rosas, Frank Paiz 126 Sanchez, Jesse Reyne Sanchez, Lupe 40,94,163 Sandidge, Susan 41.86,87,90,102,103,121,131 Saner, William Bryant 41,141 Schumacher, Jeanne Clare 41,99,106 Schwarz, Pamela Sue 41,94,95,96,97 Scott, Linda Sue 41,88-,165 Seydler, Joy ce Marie 4l ' STie1TOTi7X-aroline 41 Sherman. Evelyn Suzanne 41.93 Short. Stephen Pearce 41.141.157 Sieker, Freddy Edward 41,102,103,141 Sinko, Matti Juha 42,82.121 Silvas, Jane Esperanza 42 Smith, Brian Thomas 42 Smith. Treva Doylene 42 Soloman. Bobby Stahl. John Fredric 42 Steelman, Johnny 42.125 Stehling. James Edward Stevenson, Frank T. 42,76,87,,166 Stoval. John Patric 42,107,141 Summers, David Frederic 42 Sumner. Norma Jane 43.88-89.90,120 Swayze. Carolyn Nell 43.94.108,121,131 Tanksley, Patricia Ann 43 Taylor, Carol Diane 26,43,81,82,92,96,96,172.179 Terry. Glenn Alien Thompson. Carol Lynn 43 Thompson, Julie Ann 43,94,97,115 Thurman, Myra Beth 43 Trejo, Roger Salvador 43,116,168 Turner, Lee Rufus 43,33,106,113,168 Underwood, Paulette Larraine 43 Valdez, Connie I. 44,92 Valdez. Richard 44.153 Vela. Joel Eloy 44,169 188 o Vest. Louis Carl 44,87,141,146 Ward, Jay Travis 44.79,88-89,100,101,102.103 Wendel. Elva Jo Whitton, Alan Layne 44,82,92,93,138,141.158,173,177 Wideman. Linda Dawn 44,104 Williams. Dorothy Williams. John Henry 44 Willmann. David Michael 44 Wood. Carolyn Ann 26, Woodard. Karen Louanne,109 VVyatt. Barbara Lynda 46,94, Juniors T ' Abbott, Carroll Texas 80 Aquirre, Elvira Reyes Andrade. Eloise M. Ayala, Henry Silva 47.135,158 Ayala. Sylvia Marie 47,88-89.90 Baldwin. Herbert Allen Bania, Cecilia Ann 47 Banta. Garland Wilson Barecky, Barbara Ann 122 Baskin. Ed Swann 47,111,150 Bayne. Mary Lee 47.77 Beach, Anita Lynn 47.94 Beadles. Karen Marie 38- Behrens. Barbara Ann 47,77 Bellair. Homer Lee 47 Benedict. Gary Zane 47,83,135,158 Benson, Lonnie Douglas 47.149 Bemhard, Nancy Carol 46,47.82,87,94.95.115, BUleiter, Larry Mark 47 Billings. Myra Lynn 47,94.97,109 Bishop. Charles Black. Jr., Floyd 47 Borkowski. Franziska Gerlinda 47 Bowman, Stephen Wayne 47,111.142,150 Bradfute, Kathetine Aileen 47,88-89,90 Brady, Elizabeth Ann 47,94 Bratcher. Willie Charles 145.150.151 B riggs, David Michael 47 Brooks. Burl Iralee 48 Brundrett. Charles Robert 43.88-89,91.110 Bundick, Patricia Marie 48.77 Calcoie. Robert Wayne Calderon. Robert Gary 48 Carson, Patricia Sue 48 Carson. Theron 48 Castillo. Yolanda Lara 48.94 Cervantes. Silverio 48 Chalk. Chris Paul 43.122 Chambliss. Jan Ruiil 48 Clark, Deborah Anne 48,125 Clawson. Janice Ethel 48 Callozo, Edward Compton. Robert Ernest 48.136,150.152 Cory. Katheryn Fern Cowden. Bill 48,142 Cowden. Tim Reagan 48.136 Cowen, David Robert Craft. Daniel Richard 48 Craig, Pamela Rose 48,94 Crenshaw. Ariene (Plant) 48 Crenshaw. Linda Sue 48.94, Dalrymple. Michael Christopher 49 Danz. Paulletts Jean 49.94.163 Hampden 49 Davis, Sylvia Gwen 49 DeLaCruz. Rosario Leal 49.94,95 Delgadillo, Mary Jane 49.106 DeLosSantos. Henry Lara 49 Dreiss, Kaihiyn Dianne 49 Dugosh. Mary Kathy 49 Durst. Roy Wayne 49 Eakin, Jr.. William Eugene 49 Ellis. Dan Thompson 49.137.150 Ellis. Johnny 49 Evans. Donnie Ray 49,137.152 Evans. Ky Lynn 49, Fabro, Susie 49 Fifer. Ernest Eugene 49.146.150 Fikes. Steve Raybum Franklin. Russell David 49,110.142 Frazar. Suzanne 49.108.180 Friedrichs, Cleo 159 Garcia, U uis Lopez Garms. Jr.. Melvin Randolph Garza, Jesse Godley, Dolores Ann Gonzales, Dora 50,94.163 Goss, James David 50.117.138 Goodloe. Walter Wallace 137.158 Green. Sudie Kathryn 50 Griffin, Henry Lynn 50 GroU. Wayne Allen 50.138 Guerrero. Joel DeLaCruz Gunter. Billie Lynn 50 Guthrie, Billy Joe 50 Gutierrez, Salvador Haire. Vernadine 50.120 Haney, Gayle Marie 50.94.97,106.109.163 Harrison, Dennis Ray Hayes. James William 50.146 Heimann. Mary Ann Hernandez. Roy Robert 158 Hoblet. Michael William 50 Hogan. Jill Colleen 50,107 Holmes. David Johnson 50 Hollimon. Almeta Lou 50 Hopkins, Donald David 50,159 Horsmann, Robert Everette 50 ughes. Doris 50.88-89 Hughes. Zachlin Nell 50.94 Hulteen, Beverly Joyce 50 Humphrey, Gerald Duana 51 Hunnicutt. Dianne Lynne 51,94 Ingram. Thomas Erwin 51 Ivy. Jerry Dale 51 Jarrell. Jerry 151. 152 Jennings, Patrick Lyn 51,138,158 Johnson. Dennis Frank 139,158 Jones. Charles Clinton 46.51.82,86.98,99,100.131.170 Jones, Wanda Faye 51,88-89,90 Jordan, Patsy Anne 122 Joslin. Gayle 51 Juenke. Patricia Kay 51 Kalmbach. Don Edward 46.51.83,139,159.178 Kalmbach. Ronald Brooks 51.83,113,138.139,159 Keiiing, Sylvia Carmen 51 King, William Howard 51.142.151 Kleck. Catherine Lynne 51 " lein. Betty Marie 51 amer. Barbara Marie 51 nz. Marcus Walter Lackey. William Harvey 155 Lane, Terry Lea 51 Langford. Susan 51,87,94,96.97,105 Lara, Mary Hernandez 51,94.163 UMeilleur, Andree PhUp 46,,171. 178 Lewis. Deborah Jean 52 Light. Margaret Ann Linack. Reginald James 147 Livingston. Judy Carroll Lott. Sandra Delaine 52,104 Lovall. James Roland 52 Low, Betty Lou 52.88-89 Lynch. M. Alice 52,94 McCaleb, Richard 140.159 McCormick, Gary Lynn 147 McDaniel, Caroline McDougall. Marlin Neal 52 Magill, Mike Thomas 52,88-89 Maier, Beverly 52 Mason, Mary 52 Martin, Joe Aaron Martinez, Paul Garza Matthews, Jim Henry 52,110,111 Matula. Henry 52 Mauldin. Garwin Wayne 52,38-89,91 Mayes. Stanley Allen 52 Mayor. Jerry Edward Medlin, Karen Marie 122 Medlin. Mike Hall 52.140.151,152 Mendiola, Enedina 52 Meneses, Connie Menzies, Jim Leonard 52.140,158 Merritt, Sammy Edward Meurer, Adela Louise 52.80,94 Miller. Jan Frances 52 Miller, Jon Latham Miller. Ftoy l-ee Mills. Maxine 52 Molina. Pete Centeno Morgan. Doily D. 53.120 Morrow. Rose Marie 53.105.109,118 Myers, Janet Louise 53.88-89 Nesby, Sharon Marie Palmer. Jack Coleman 111,140,152 Payne, Donna Lee 53 P.£arsall. Kathleen Leilani 53 , 76,9 4 . 163 Pearso n, imd a (NicHylGJiTBg ' Pickens. TTioma5T5are sSj sS Polk, Kenneth Lawrence 53 Pollard. Martha Helen 53,122 Poole, Jackie Marie Price, Andy 53.98.123,154,155 Pruneda, Consuelo Gonzales Ramirez, Simon Pruneda Ramus. James Wendell 53 Reasor. Richard Harold 53.141,152.153,180 Reddell. Michael Manning 53.142.157 Reed, Frances Carol 53.94 Reed. Rita Coylene 53, Reese, Brenda Louise 53 Reeves. John Miller 53,108.122 Rhoads, Debbie Ixjuise 53 Richerson. Linda Kay 53,88-89 RiCtimann, Johnny Wayne 53 Roach. Pamela Elaine 54 Kobinett, Junmy uaie Rogers. Linda J. 54. 122 Rosales. Emilliano Cortez 146. 152 Ross, Luther Wayne 54.142 189 v5i Rumsey. Jan Ellen 54,88-89 Ryan, Randy Ernest 54,83 Sample, John Ernest 54.110.111,141.156, Sansom, Don Wesley 54,124 Sauer. Keith Freeman Schilling, George Ernest Schmerber. Freddy Schmidt. Russell Louis 54,125 Schwausch. Carolyn Ann 54 Searcy. Janeen Ann Sharp. Colleen Elaine 54.104 Sheffield. John Murray 54.88-89.91 Short, Btenda Ann 54.94,97 Smith. Anthony Jay 54.142 Smith, Brenda Joyce 54.122 Smith, Linda Carol 54,88-89.90,91 Smith. Sherman Travis 54 Smith. Shirley Ann 54 Smith, Toni Lynne Stacy. WUliam Gillespie 54,77.154,155 Stayton. Jeff H. 54,88-89,91 Stiefel. Mary Karen 55.77.122 Talbert. Brenda Gale 55.94.96,162.163 Taylor, Bruce Allen 55 Taylor, Carol Ann 55 Taylor, John Austin 55 Taylor, Milton Wayne Taylor, Wanda Nelle Terry, Donald R. 55,158 Thomas. Patricia 55,77 Thompson. James William 149 Thompson. Kaien Beverly 65.94.97 Torres, Teresa Esparza Turner. Edgar 55 Tyson. Terry Lynn 55.77.122,153 Valdez. Robert 152 Valencia, Dianne 55,106 Vallier. Darla Jean 55.122 Vamer. Jo Ann 55,118,153 Vickers, Robert Terry 55 VUlanueva, Louis 55,123,135,146,151 Voelkel, Vicki Lynn 55.88-89, Voss, Kathryn Ann 55 Ward. Wanda Blanche 55 Wastel. Lois Eileen 124 Whorton. Billy Powell 55.159 Williams, Deloris Lil lie Jean Williams. Dorothy Jean Willis. William Wayne 55,111 Wilson, Mike Wayne Yeargan, Henry Stephen 55,153 Sophomores 190 Adams, Duke Laroy 57.142 Admire, Carl Edward 57 Aquero. Dominga Guerrero 57.88-89 Ahrens. Beverly Ann 57.94 Appleby. A. D. (Bud) Arredondo. Sylvia Sanchez Auld. Dan 67,142 Ayala, Theresa Ann 57,94 Bacon. Georgia Alice 57 Ballard, Don Wayne Barecky, Dennis Ray Barton. Berry Alan 57.88- Batley chard Lynn 158 Bennen. Kay 57.94,re?,163 Benson. Albert. 67.136.142,149 Berthe, Betty Ann 57.94 Billnitzer, Cheryl Suzanne 57 Blevins. Charlsie Kay Bowlin, Mike Roger 57.8 Bovmian, Sharon Kay 67 Braden, David Pat 67,142,149 Brandt. Carol Jean Bridges, Danny Lee 57 Brothers. Gary Henry 57 Brown. John (Jay) Edney 67.88-89,90,91 Broyles, George Franklin 57,91.142 Bumgardner. Dianna Catherine Bundick. Phillip Carl 57 Burkett. James Amo Bums, Michael John Calderon. Alex 142.149 Chalk, Daniel David 57.122 Chlpman. Monte Dean 57.88- Chipman. Raymond Roger Clark. Connie M. 67,88-89 Clark. Haiiy Jay 57.117 Clawson. Wayne Syldon 57 Clement. Marion Patricia " Cole, Linda Kay 56.68,109 Connell. John Morgan Connell. Maurice Whitney 159 Constante, Alex Lara Cortez. Sabino 58.142.149 Covert. Harlin Dodd 58 Cowden. Kitty Margaret 68.88-89 Craft. James Bruce 58.88-89 Craig. Margaret (Peggy) Jeanette 68,94.118 Crick. Jay C, 58 Davila, Rosie 58.94 Davis, Billy Kathleen 58 Davis. Gwendolyn Louise Davis, James Edward 149 Deckert. Jerald Wayne 58.88-89 Dimery. Ida Mae 122 Dolezal. Wayne Wright 58,88-89.91 Dominguez. Ruben Guzman Dunks. John Robert Dyess. Linda Rae 58.163 Edens, Sherry Jan e 6f ans. Linda Jane 58.118 Faifer, Kathie Gale 68 122 (I Pjrnbro. Karen Faye 58, Tarris. Linda Carol SS picker. Dan L. -I Ficker. Kent James 68.142 % jM ' lores. Gloria Aquero yt e-T - -W Flores. Robert D. 58.117 Fooc. Johnny Edward 58 Frausto, Arthur Frazier, Purvis Wendell 58 Friedrichs, Barbara Sue Fullick, Tommy Claude 111 FijUlck, Jennifer Ann 58,94 G ge, Karen Yvonne ,-■ TettT itliarn Mack 58,142 iGarza, Irma Marie 59,94 Garza Olg a - v- Glenn, Brenda JaneV Glenn, Edna GayTe59 Giles. Gary Wayne 59.158 Gonzales, Alex Ayala Gonzales. Tommy Vargas Gbutard. Chantal Nicole 59 Graham. Charles Wesley Graham, Morriss Reid 59 Guantes, Gloria Gwyn, Mary Patricia 59.94.163 Hall. Walter Lee 59,142 Hammond. Jr., George Alexander 59.88-89,91.100 Hancock. Jo Ann 59.122 Hanson, Mary Elizabeth 59 Hardee, Harold William 149 Harlow, Vernon Ray 156.157 Harrison. Robert Van Heffeman. Marjorie Gwyn 59 Heimann. Billy Wade Heimann. Sharon Kay 59,88-89.90 Henderson, Aubrey Lynn 59.116,142 Hensley. Jr., Charles Louis Hernandez, Arnold Hector Hertel, Nolan Elmer 59 Holeman. Richard Harold Hollimon, John Edgar 59, Howard. Virginia Ann 59,180 Hutson. Sandra Kay 59 Jennings. Jr., Henry Ue 59,110,111.117,142,149,154.176 Johnson, Mike Allan Jones. Judith Davidson 56,,118,178 Joyner Edward Vincent Kaufhold. Anita Faye 59 Keese. Jeff 59 Kelch. Kenneth Fredrick 88-89 Klmbrow, Cherry Jo King, Joe CuUen 59 Kinsel. Sandra Jane 59.122.154 Kleck. George Wayne 59 Knotts. Flora Fay 59 Knox, Mike Duane Knox, Terry Jo 60 Kramer. BiUy Joe 60 Kreuget, Gary Wayne Kunz. Charles Henry 60 Land, Keith Douglas 60 Lane, Susan Lynn 60,94 Lawrence. Elizabeth Grace 60 Lee, Debra Jean 60 Lehmann, Linda 60,94.100 Lehne. Linda Kay 60 Leifeste. Billy Gene 142 Leonard, Diane Elizabeth 60.94.163 Lester. Edward Glendale 159 Locke. Jimmy Roy Lozano, Danny Bill McCarty. Robert Craig 60 McGhee, Kathie Catheline 60 Mack. Raymond Maurice Malochleb. Peggy Jo 60.94.163 Mann. Frances Diane 60.88-89 Mann. Joe Arthur 60 March. Bearlline 60 March. Delphane 60 Marines. Arnulfo Madrid 142 Massey, Harold Dean 60.142 Masters. Lisa Marie 60,94 Maurer, Stephen Vincent 60 Meek. Carl D. 60 Mendiola, Jr.. Erasmo 60.142 Merritt, Celia Ann Miller. Donnie 60 MUler. Ronald 60 Mills. Martha Rose Monroy, Susan 61.94,163 Mooney. Marsha Kaye 61 Moore, Lester Lee Moore, Lucky Lee MoOTe. Wennia Mae 61.104 Moniss, Robert Hal 6i Morriss. Steven Lee 61.88-89,90.91 Mosel, Larry Wayne 61 Mosty. Lee Anthony 61.88-89 Mosty. Richard Charles 56.61.149,178 Muck. Kelly 51 Nanny. John Thomas Nelson. Julie Ann Nelson. Peggy Sue 61.94.97 Nicfwls, Alan Dem Noble. Larry Ray 61.88-89 Oestreich. Cynthia Faye 61 Ontiveros, Alice Theresa 61,94 On, Carolyn Yvonne 61 Ortega, Janie Ozuna. Phillip Garces 159 Paiz, Ascension Castillo 61 Parker. Karen Ann 61.94.114 Pawelek. Leonard Vincent Perry. Daine Ann 61 Peterson. Darmy Steve Phillips. Jerry Lynn Powell, William (BHly) G. Pruneda. Armando Bill 61.88-89 Pmneda, Edna Morin 61.94 Pucken, Jerry A, 61 Pullin, PhyUis Ann 61.88-89 Rabun. Anne Burgin 61 Ramirez. Joe U)pez Ramsey. Dan D. 61 Reader. Karen Sue 56.62,94 Reader. Kathy Lynn 62,94 Rees. Deborah Diane 62.88-89 Rees, Lynn 62.122 Reese. Linda Susan Reeves. Janell (Jan) 62.122 Reichenau. Gary Dwain 62.1- Reichenau. Larry Lynn 62 Reinholt. Peggy Janette 62.122 Reinbach, Max Ono 62.77.88- Reither. Bobbie Jane Reynier. Maiy Ellen 62.104 Reynolds. Gene (Bobby) Irvin Rhoden, James Don 142 Rhoden. Jody B. 62 Rirtimann. Russell Clarence 62 Rodriguez. Jr.. Bias G. Rodriquez. Cynthia Ann 62.107 Rodriguez. Rosemary Rosas, Evangelina Paiz 62 Russell. Karen Elaine 62 Sanchez, Maria Dolores 62,34 Saunders. Richla Kay 62.88-89.90 Sayre. Patsy Lee 62 Schmidt. Lynda Patricia 62 Schulak. Egon Walter Schwethelm. Sandra Sue 62 Scott. Leslie Dale Scott. Paul Edward 77.88-89,91.110,111 Sellers. Sherry Elaine 62 Shelton. RithAnn62 Shubert. Dennis Clay Silvas, Jesse Jesus Simmons. Keith Eugene 62.142,153 Smith. Judy Ann 62 Smith. Roger Alan 100.158 Sprott, Ronnie 63. UO.lll. 149,155 Stahl, Susan Lynn Stewart, William Kennedy Stoepel. Jacquelyn Judy Sykes, Rithie Mae 63 Taylor. Joe Davis 1 Thomas. Suzanne 63,94 Thompson, Katherine Reynolds 63,94.163 Thorp, Melvin Eugene TidweU. Sue EUen 63 Tomlinson, Dan Gordon Toonessen. Roger William Trejo, Linda Christine 63 Tremper. Jane Ellen 53 Trevino. Anna Marie Trevinc. Olivia 63,94.96,163 Underwood, Robert Lee 53 Valdez. Emilio Edward Valdez. Martin Varaer. ean 63.1 Vickeiy, Jerry 153 Virgen. Teddy 63 Vlasek, Wanda Louise 63 Voss. James Paul 63.142,158 Washburn. Laura Eve Webb. Deborah Jean 63,109 Welch. Connie Mae 63 Welch. William Walter 111,149 West, Barbara Sue 63.120 V C5 - Wheeler, Gwendolyn Yvonne Wideman. Wayne Scott Williams. Ronald Gene Wilson. David Lee 63 Wise, William (Billy) Odem 63,157 Woemer. Cynthia Ann 63 Wolfmueller, Jean Martha 63,94 Wolfmueller, Joan Grace 63,94 Wright, Gladys Marie Young, Pete C. Zamora. Alex Zerbe. Melissa Bradford 63,122 Freshmen C? -ty C .,-yc % e.AJ cx -booiL. Admire. Teny Lawrence Aquine. Juanita Reyes Aldridge. Darrell Lynn 65.88-89 Aiford. Robert Mark 65 Anderson. Patricia Ann Auid, Edward Kennedy 65,160 Ayala, Anna Marie 65 Ayala, Carlos 65 Ayala, Tommy Fernandez 160 Baldwin. Linda Renee 65 Bales, Janice Marie 65 Basse. Dennis Lee 65 Baumann. Nancy Jane 65.94 Baylor, Raye Lynn 65 Beasley, Charmaine 65 Beaver, Tommy Richard 65 Bell. James Carroll 65 Benson, Christine Tina 65 Benson. David Lee 65 Berry. Benny Steve 65 Bicluiell. Joseph Andrew 65 BUI. Gilbert Bird. Gary Wayne 65 Bishop. Mary Ann Boutin. Diane Marie Callcon. Maty Gail 65.94 Cantwell. William Stanton 65.160 Castillo, Teresa Caulkins, Stuart Wayne 66.161 Chacon. Raymond Trevino Chamberlain. Michael William 66 Cheek, Mike W, Chisum, Jewel Lorene 66 iChomout, Steve Anthony Clark. Barton Edward Clement. Paula Marie 66 Cochrane, Jane Ellen 66.88-89 Coleman, Lanny Roy Collazo. Jr.. Guana 88-89 ooper. Douglas Michael 66,161 Cortez. John Abel Cory, Richard Leslie 66 »Cowen. James Wayne Crawford. Nancy 66 Crider. James Robert 66 Crider, Judy Lynn 66 Sruthirds. Candace (Candy) Marie 66 Cummings. Claire Marjorie 66,122 Cummings, Joyce Marie 66 Currier. Lois Jean 66 Danz. Synthia Sue 66.163 Davila. Anionia Lopez Davis. Debbie Lee 66 Davis, Deborah Rith 66 Davis. Jay Charles DeLaCruz. Arturo Gusman DeLaRosa, Geraldo 66 DeLaRosa, Joe DeLeon. LeRoy Eugene DelgadUlc. Larry Matthew 66.160.158 Dominguez. Raymond Guzman Dennis, Diana Dale 66 Dennis. Sandra (Sandy) Jean 66.122 Dozier. Sarah Rebecca 67 Dreiss. Dennis 67 Dreiss, Sandra Jean Duran, Fernando Durrin, Charles Sterling 67.88-89 Ehler. David Edward 67,160.161 Ender. Carolyn Jean 67 Espinoza, Leo Arriola Everston. John Robert Fabro. Augustine Nodillo 67 Faifer IE. John Joe 67.155,160.161 Fawcett m. Willis Augustas Fifer. Linda Darnell 67 Flenniken, Nancy Gay 64.67.154,178 Flores. Charles Alton 67 Frazier. LeJoy Renee Frazier, Vicki 67,163 Garces, Andrea Ozuna 67 Garces, Jimmy Garcia. Emesi Phillip 67 Garcia, Karen Lynette 67.94.163 Garcia, Yolanda Garza. Mary Jane Pruneda 67,94,163 191 Sc T- 7¥V c S ' 192 Geesiin. Johnny Ray 67.160 Glenn, Grady Joe 67 Glover, Howard Gale 67,88-89 Goff, Kathryn Louise 67.94.163 Gonzales, Amador Ayala Gonzales, Daniel Torries Gonzales, Susie E 67 Goodrich. Grant Clay 68,160,161 Graham. Reanna 68 Grona, Dicky Merline 161 Guess. Pamela Elizabeth 68.88-89 Guthrie, Pamela Jean 68 t - Gutierrez. Josephine Diana j 4 lP Hammit. Tommy N. 68,122 Hampton, Richard Edward 68,160 — « ,— 7- - Harrison, Jeffery Charles C C O ' i Hartsfield, Carolyn 68 Hartsfield, Marilyn 68 Henderson. Emily Jan 68,88-89.91 Hensley, Patsy Elaine Heyland. Dorothy Irma 68.88- Hickson, Danny Aubrey Hill, Douglas John 68 Hill. Gary (Randy) Randale 68 HoUiman, Jean (John) Claude Honeycutt. Mike Eugene 68 Hooker. Jesse Daniel Hooker. Ray Edward Humphries. Deborah Lynn 68.88-89 Hurst. Leonard Joe 68 Hutchinson. Gary Charles 68 Hyatt. Billy Winston Ingram, Jennie Bell 68 Ivey, Carroll M. 88-89 Jackson. Lida Jewel Jennings, Nancy Ann 68.88-89.91 Johnson, Karen Sue 68 Jones, Nancy Lea 68 Jones, Stephen Franklin Kane, Paul 69 Keidel, Constance Louise 69 Kessler, Harriet Ann 60,94 Key, Richard Gene 69,160 Kimbrow, Carla Frances Klingemann, Bill James 69,160 Knox. Stephen Arnold 64.69 Koenig, Tena Lee 69,107 Kott, Donna Louise 69 Kramer, Elizabeth 69 Lane, Kandis Regine 69 Langley. Thomas Nelson 69 Leas, Rick Lynn 69,38-89 LeMeilleur. James Algood LeMeilleur. Mark Adrain 69,151.160.178 Littlefield. Sharon Ann 69.94.163 Lochte. Stephen Gray 69.88-89.108 Lopez, Raul Lemos 69,160 Luckemeyer, Karen Sue 69 Lynch. Jr.. Raymond 88-89 McBroom. Donald Ray 70.160 McCoUom, Barry Lee 70.88-89 Mack. Edna Marie 122 Madrazo. Jose Antonio 69 March, Vivian Ray 69 Martin. Jeannette Sue 70 Martinez, Raul Arreola 160 Massey, Rose Marie 70 Masters. John Herbert 70 Mathison, Martha Kaye 70,122 Maxson. Nathan Paul 88-89,155,161 Mendiola. Elma 70 Meneses. Esiela Merritt, Martha Kay Merrin, Robbie Milter. Harriet Elaine Miller, Sharon 70 Mills. Herman Lewis 160.161 Mlllsap, Peggy Sue 70 Mitchell, Richard Scott 70 Monroe n. Scott Warren 70.88-89 Mooney, Cheryl Joyce Moore, Robin Rejuan 70 Moreau, Leonard Dale 70 Mosty. Mark Scott 70 Mosty, Shayleen Marie 70,94 Muir. Elizabeth Ann Mutr. Randy Ian Mullins, Patricia Elizabeth Murray. Robert Blair 70.160.161 Newman. Wayne Ellis 70 Nielsen, Jon Karl 70 Norris. June Gail 70 Oliphant. Ruby Elaine 70 Onteveros, Paul Sanchez Ortega. Mary Lou Ottmers. Gary Lee 71,88-89 Packer, Randy Texas 71.160,161.88-89 Palmer. Linda Dian Palmer, Scon Brewer 71.160,161 Pearsall. Gordon Wesley 71,122 Pendley. Joyce Marie 71 Peschel. Barbara Ann £- 4 i ' . Peters, David Riley 71,155 Pfiester. Gerald Wayne 71 Ploch, Marlene Day 71 Pollard, Ronald Wayne Poorman, Vannette 71,88-89 Powell, Russell Allen 71 Piessler. Susan Kaye 71,163,176 Rainwater, Mary Alice , - - Ramsey, Johnny Thomsey 71 O Ct C ((gjj Louis Albert 71,122 n ) Reed. John Kenneth 71,88-89,160 i " Z ' Richerson, Ronnie Malcolm 71,88- y yRios, Isaac Longoria T i i ais, Jo Ann Ojeda ' Roach, Robert Earl 71,86,88-89 J Robb, Randy Lee 71 Robbins. Victoria Lee 119.163 Robertson, Walter ft briquez. Jose Rosales Rodriquez, Maria Nelda Rosas. Rudy Paiz 71,160 Ross, Betsy 71 Rotge, Ronny Ray Russ, Rudy Anthony 71,160 Sanchez, Pauiette 72,94 Sanson. Iris Dene 72 Scharnberg, George Ben 72.147,152,160,176 Scheirton. Linda Sue 72 Schooler, Bennie Lloyd Schulap. Ernest Schwausch. Gwendolyn Jane 72 Scott, Terry Lynn 72 Searcy. James Carl Seidel, Jonathan Max 88-89 Shackelford. Herbert Eugene 72,122 Sharp. Richard Avon 72,160 Sheriff. Randy Carabajal Silvas, ftjal Duane Smith, Carl Wayne 72 Smith, David 72,122.155 Smith. Linda Louise Soules. Jim 72 Spencer. Donald Stacy. George Broun 72,155,161 Starkey III. Alonzo Lycurgus (Curg) 72,154.155.161 Stevens, Jacqueline (Jackie) Winona 72.107 Stevens. Linda Joyce 72 Straube, Susan Diane 72 Sutherland. Heather Leilani 72.95 Tanksley, William Edward 72 Teer, Dorothy Marie Terrazas. Johnny Terry, Bobby Dale 72.160 Thomas, Robert (Bobby) Wayne 153,160 Thompson. Mayme Jean 73 Thompson, Riba Fay Thorn. Mary Sue 73 Thorp. Ava Darlene Thurman. Wanda Jean 73 Trevino, Alexandra Trevino. Josie Lemos 73 Turner, Charles Glenn 73 Turner, John William Valdez, Gloria 73 Valdez, Martha Ann 73 Valdez, Martha Dolores Van Gordor, Sharon Lynn 73 Vamer. Donald Lynn 73,160 Vest. Jacl Duane 64.73,160 Villaneai. Mike Wagner. Janice Elaine 73 Wahrmund. Warren Lloyd Walker. Susan Kay Warren, Kathy Fondell 73 Watson. Gaynell 73.88-89 Watts. Carolyn Frances Welch. Urry Walter 73 West. Brownie Lynn 73,122 Whelan. Gary Philip 73.88-89.158,160 Whitaker. Alicia Gail Whitaker, Carol Jean 122 Whitaker, Robert Michael Whitworth, Linda Sue Wied, John Martin 73.160.161 Williams, Terry Jeanne Williamson. Temple Trent Wilson. Mary Louise 73.88-89 Woodard, Travis Wright. Cathy Jeannette 73 Young, Thomas Flack 73,155 cKk JjiAXiXMiiT Q5.- - i uy(yc A QJCuj- u c_ ' I »;n i ' ' . ' ( J( V ' ' S f % tp ' l 4 ' ' , A , ' ,- V a. , ' vi 1 ' ' I ;1 :::.=; ' ;vV.v : vf; ' 5;o; ;] ■- ' ■■■■ V r- •■•.-- ' , ' ,iv " ■ rr " ' - 1 ' .. ' ;v;- ' .- ' »■ " ■•-: ■ ' I ' l , ■■ I.I .1 ' ' tL . i ri v Y ' srlv.. ' ' H .-■■X --K- ,- ' ■■■■ f 1 • ' .;- ' , ■■•.■- ,■• ' •■ -Vs Wf,. n ' , ' ;, ■ , ' ■ ' . .V % V V. , ' ■ ' .V ,..■1 jjS , ' .. :. fe: ' li ■• ' ■1: ' ' " • ' -lit ' . ■ " •jV ■• •■ k, -SI i ■■- ' .;vi ' ' ' - i " ' - ■■;r ' A ■v, ,■■. ' ?.■ ■ ■■■ ' t ■■ ■■ ' ■

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