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FQ!! 51 1 .L Ee 'x ' an x I e xp F2 'I Ji L i X-' Wg' :FT EE is 45' if 'S "UQ fl V J LM' this gander E962 in M623 Tivy's Band and Antlerettes schedule included six downtown pep- rallies. Sixth period Biology class. . . 1 , ff f. ., W1 ,XX .1 ., .L 1 f' QW 'T 151115 MUQLCHMQ 1 x N 1 Burbank, September 15, 1961 FX N 4 Bird's- eye view W Xl U .ge Ka LAL 1. if U ef A 1 , age, s 5 VL 'E 1 'S .1 S Q1 5 We've got the winning 1 L' min. M. spirit, , . Homecoming game is victorous for all. I saw a handsome player. 4 OH.. 'fs ey 1 V gr, A perfect ending for a perfect game ived... Wouldja look? ?? Who used the super Blue Blades? Bubble gum? What bubble gum? Really Mother, I'm all right! 6 Omamd VIYHQSQ Twmmgs Memwmes Y h1y hpk Memories are made of this. ' X h ' ,KX Tx P Q me ww pe Uk Q ll M .ni Um wr U fi ,J TV x , .Vg nuff fQx DQ ,fex We qv N, X ,ffl-. ,fx X, Q "A l lb'l'1wm W xy in ,e xl .. L. e. Lf "Merry Twistmas SIHCCIIFY admlrabls.. onahty plus.. . Take one broad shouldered male, a crew cut, blue eyes, knowing grin, and strong hands. Add determination, personality, and sincerity. Garnish with letter jacket and football. The result is one of Tivy's favor- ites. His creedis simple. A man who respects the dignity of the student yet demands the utmost of his ability. One whose task is to build bodies and charac- ter into a pattern of good sportsmanship. A man who when recognizing potential is willing to wait and patiently strive to develop a polished athelete. A man who is affec- tionally known to fellow-tea- chers and students as "Jody" or "Coach. " To you Coach Jody Johnson, we dedicate this yearbook. F I I 10 administration Z0 sports 42 organizations 80 Classes 124 personalities ADMINISTRATION o Q 12 administration 14 faculty Combining the proper ratio of humility, dedication, and authoritarianism, Alfred Bell, is respected and admired by the many students in his charge. This completes his second year of superintending the Tivy schools. Mrs. Ruth Ann Davenport, high school counselor, is completing her third year at Tivy. She attended Schreiner Institute and received her M. A. degree from Southwest Texas College. Mrs. Davenport's bright, cheerful smile, and will to help are great assets to Tivy students. Miss Kathleen Akin English III, IV Mrs. Alice Baker Homemaking I, II, IV Herman Billnitzer General Science Biology Dwayne Bliss Algebra I, II 14 Mrs. Ethel Baker Latin I Spanish II, III Paul Barr Civics Preston Cham bliss Bookkeeping Typing I Joe Dozier Mechanical Woodwork General Woodwork Fred Johnson General Science Biology PE III Jody Johnson Driver's Education P E III Miss Ann Dye Homemaking I, III Miss Georgia Griffith P. E. I, II, III Bill Jonas Physics Plane Geometry Trigonometry Solid Geometry Mrs. Yvonne Gadeke English I, II Antler- Tatler Charles McLaran English I, II Clifton Mackey General Woodwork General Drafting General and Architectural Drafting Driver's Education 18 Mrs. Rachael Luna Speech I English III, IV Advanced Speech Everett McAuley Chorus Band ""M. fb fin I fr ,Y iii 4 I . 35 1 53133- aiifi? r if in V Mrs. Anne Olson World History American History Sociology Bob Pacharzina General Math Business Math PE III 3543 Mrs. Robbie Moses English III World History Jack Murray PE L II, III l Rai? Q " VY' Sh s,gQNfkgiV'gj.k .irk K rf, "Summa Alfred Peters Biology Frank Preizner Band 17 James Ray Chemistry General Science Elias Rodriquez English II Spanish I Howard Slataper D. E. I. II Mrs. Lorrine Swayze World History 18 Ross Rowlert Algebra I General Math Miss Marvel Skaggs Typing I, II Stenography I, II I, ,F ,. Q I , gf , A ,M : , M ' yr ,,L. ,gif . k,.h Z 1 lq I P1 is ,... I - 1 -Q 1 - - My yitc -fn ' Vri' Kg' . . I s M M I : A- , ssit x Mrs. Peggy Wahrmund Advanced Art Art I Mrs. Jessie Wilson American History Mrs. Margaret Syers English I Jimmy Thornton Vocational Agri- culture I, II, III, IV Melvin Woolbright ICT I. II 19 Q Q ZZ football 33 Cheerleaders 34 basketball 40 tennis K .- M Head Coach - Jody Johnson they convert V.,,i.,A . . JM raw material 1I1tO polished athletes These three men played an important part in the lives of forty football players. In the summer they trained, coached, and seasoned the Tivy Antlers for a victorious year. Dur- ing the playing season they worked long hours keeping them in shape and perfecting plays. The coaches' hardest task, however, seemed to be building back up the teams spirit and morale after a defeat. With their endless patience and drive they have molded the '61 Tivy Antlers into an en- during and fighting group of football players. End Coach - Fred Johnson Back Coach - I ack Murray 23 The 1961 Antlers are Cfront rowj Morgan, Wolfmueller, Beakley, Daves, Graham, Menchaca, Trevino, Sprott Keicle1,Medrano, White, Klein. Cseconcl rowl Young, Goleman, Ahrens, Lenard, Cade, Seydler, Schweining Stieler, Pollard, Mosty, Bobbitt, Renfro, Findlay, Hurt, Murray. Cthird rowj Peterson, Billeiter, McCoy Keese, Bird, Trapp, Fletcher, Welch, Turner, Rathke, Crenshaw, McCormick, F. Johnson, J. Johnson Cfourth rowj Pipes, Riddle, Wilson, Bates, Sieker, Rees, Elliott, Osborne, Johnston, Harris, Borchers. Tony Crenshaw - Tackle Tuffy Fletcher - Back Co-Captain Co-Captain Senior - 2 letters Senior - 3 Letters Honorable Mention Honorable Mention All District All District 1 1 1 I all brain Eddie Welch-Back Senior-2 Letters Honorable Mention All District Dash Peterson Head Manager Senior-2 Letters Steve Goleman Manager Junior-1 Letter and lot of brawn .... Bob Elliott-Back Senior-2 Letters Craig McCoy-End Senior-2 Letters Honorable Mention A11 District Harriet Garrett Award 25 A11en Stieler-Back Senior-3 Letters Honorable Mention All District Fletcher breaks victory sign. Jim Tumer-Center Bobby Sprott-End Senior-2 Letters Junior-1 Letter Richard Keese-Tac kle Senior-1 Letter blue prints Kenny Ahrens-End Junior-1 Letter David Rees-Guard Wayne Rathke-Back Bain Beakley-Back Senior-2 Letters Junior-2 Letters Junior-1 Letter ofagameu.. cl 101111 Roy Wi1S0l1'BaCk Erwin Seydler-Tackle Wayne Johnston-End Junior-1 Letter Sophomore-1 Letter Sophomore-1 Letter Ant1er's offensive team warms up before a game. tiv ties new braunfelg r Carl Borchers-Center Mike Bobbitt-Guard Junior-1 Letter Junior-1 Letter Z STV! ' Q 4' K' 'LAA A 5' 1 . rw in trr, my 2 rsh? 5, A I .jg js ,V VL my-4 if t ,r,.. in 1' .1 A gf:-1 In F!!- Ti 1wMW""'ff"'T'iEi13""f -X 1 L rret 1 rtt 3' i ' VF H i ,It g,L, i V 5. K , i e L we ,. ..,, V V, V 'ARR t, . ., 1-,ef : MV? . ,graft my ,ft,, , K . .W ' L L L rrr. f- .'L'kw. , tt trrr rrt -- 1 ""' r- . I , . :V ,T 5 M, ,Hg ,,,wA57nLMI.id4 vt' ,, f L rxrffvsf. " at-1 ,I 3, H V V , ' '-gk 351 4,,' K ai :ff,,5.gg+:sw4iii ' 'iii .5 K ,EW . X . 4 ,, . , p L , '- r A M -.. ',,A- . f r 1 fifsig, f'., ' -5 ff. V215 ' ,,: F . QQ: 55 51711 Q 1 , eff ' vim, f fr: -fmffi-Em arms. -- f . Filomeno Trevino-Back Junior-1 Letter 5 - , ,ef 1 Leroy Menchaca-End Bobby Sieker-Tackle Q Senior-1 Letter Junior-1 Letter ,micoms Z0-Z0 M, , A I Jon Wolfmueller-Back Fred Schweining-Guard Ray Bird-End Junior-1 Letter Junior-1 Letter Sophomore K 5 9- Converted tackle runs fullback. Roy Trapp-End Sophomore ' 8-Z3 tiv triumphs over Charlie Pollard-Back Russell Daves-Center Henry Medrano-Back Sophomore Sophomore Sophomore Gordon Findley-Back Jack Klein-Guard Freddie Cade-Tackle Sophomore Junior Sophomore marshall for homecoming Lowell Renfro-End Lewis Hurt-Back Phillip Graham-Tackle Sophomore Sophomore Sophomore Weldon Osborne-Tackle Robert Riddle-Guard Garon Bates-End Sophomore Junior Junior san marcos - last for 11 seniors Johnny Pipes-Guard Junior 32 Howard Morgan-Back Scotty McCormick-Back Sophomore Senior Sandra Talbert Head Cheerleader Jean Woodland Sophomore Karen Kinsel Junior Senior Ni .Vk. , t fu . 7, X 0. kkk, fn K 77, YV", 91" Ziff ,J -1'i--17-,V "g5mife5'fff?'27'3fi' 3U'i5iTV5Qi.. YK, - ' Qi ...ff . , 'I 'M."1Wiu-'.L1:,:, -'wr ' . X ' - Symbolizing their vivacious spirit and determination are Tivy's '61-'62 cheerleaders. yea...team. .. fight. .. Sally Fawcett Vicki Mosty Virginia Plumly Junior Senior Junior Members of the 1961-62 basketball team are Daniel Byerly, Eddie Welch, Tuffy Fletcher, Bobby Schmidtke, Ray Bird, Sandy Sandusky, John Roy Wilson, Elvin House, Larry Kemper, Craig McCoy, Deryl Knox, Roy Gonzales . tivy,s cagers display Coach Fred Johnson 34 Coach Dee Moses Manager Pat Young Stacy Sutherland, Leroy Menchaca, Gordon Findley, Henry Medrano, Bain Beakley, Roland Michel, Rusty Duderstadt, Billy Syers, Ray Crooks, Filameno Trevino, J im Mangum, Billy Nesbitt. coordination Craig McCoy Tuffy Fletcher Eddie Welch Bobby Schmidtke Tuffy Fletcher, evidently pleased with himself, recovers a rebound at Tivy's annual invitational basket- ball tournament. i Saw Rusty Duderstadt Cecil Morris John Wilson Leroy Menchaca 36 - Bain Beakley Bascom Lenard Henry Medrano Billy Syers 21 handsome player... Filomeno Trevino Billy Nesbitt Gordon Findley Stacy Sutherland Edward Secor Ray Bird Roy Trapp third place tournament ranking Sandy Sandusky Larry Kemper Deryl Knox for tiVy...... Schmidtke fights for possession of the ball in the game against Humble during Tivy's Invitational Tourna- ment. Elvin House Daniel Byerly Roland Michel Roy Gonzales Members of the 1962 tennis team are Archer, Schmerbeck, Reading, Iohns, Gathings, Taylor, Jones, Decker, Wren, Clif 9 , Q Freshman tennis players relax in the boy's dressing room after hard matches. They are Decker, Jones, Stoudt, Taylor,Swayze, Cass. Captain Tim Johns and Coach Don Fuller talkover net strategy before an upcoming match. 40 S 4 Wiggins, Van Hoozer, Caton, Fulbright, McBryde, Bruns, Cass, Stoudt, Swayze, action .... . Posing in front of Coach Fuller's car be- fore leaving for a tournament Cfront rowb Fulbright, Csecond rowy McBryde, Van Hoozer, Cthird rowj Gathings, Johns, Reading. Senior members of the tennis team run track to stay in condi- tion for the sport. Running are Bruns, Wiggins, Caton, Clift,Archer Schmerbeck. 41 ORGANIZATIGNS 44 honoraw 54 fine arts 62 Vocational 76 publications Karen Caton, leader and instigator of the many ben- eficial endeavors is Student Council Presi- dent. She presides over Council meetings, and stu- ll ' d' dent representation. In Charge of a lmpen mg chapels and assemblies is Junior, Tina Plummer, Vice- President of Student Council. Mrs. Ruth Ann Davenport has shown her ability as a leader this year. Added to her many duties is that of being sponsor of the Student Council. Elected to represent the student body of Tivy, are the members of the Student Council. Cfront rowj PlLu'r1mer, Cole, Rasmus, Wright, Powell, Castillo, Walker. Csecond rowj Caton, Kinsel, RothroCk,Gatl'1ings,,Tones, Scoggins. Cthird rowb Schmerbeck, McCoy, Dempsey, Wilson, Ayala, Ross. 44 5,1 - QQ W Once more the flag is r nn . L M, g e 3 iii' ' ' A- tiff". 2 ,Q 'Mp r M' lowered. This a duty per- ., , ., A ' formed every dayby Student . Councilmembers.. Here Bobfi' l Ffl Schmerbeck, Karen Caron, '- nd P , l ZW " n am Ross are on the MEN M ii T W job. ' ' is A ,ey , 531' ., JE .f A, V tudent council urges service it 4.5-1' Q lrrational judgement and endeavors to promote relationships between students and faculty are familia actiyities to the Student Council officers. Cfront rowj McCoy, firemarshalg Plummer, vice-presidentg Caron, presrdentg Ross, treasurer. Csecond rowj Schmerbeck, reporter: Walker, secretary: Kinsel, chaplain. r 45 'Ga diller a Senior National Honor Society members are ffront rowj Weaver, Packard, S. McCormick, Padgett, Revely, Archer, Hancock. Csecond rowj Peckham, Hanchey, Bruns, Kinsel, Parks, Koch, Carpenter. Cthird rowj Gholson, Walker, L. McCormick, Durbon. national honor society Officers of National Honor Society for 1961-'62 are Karen Bruns, treasurer: Scotty McCormick, vice-presi- dentg Girvice Archer, president: Mary Florence Koch, secretary. Mrs. Jessie Wilson's combination of wit, intelligence, and winning personality makes her a favorite with the student body. As sponsor of National Honor Society she embodies the goals which students strive for: leadership, scholarship, and service. Beatrice Walker and Mary Florence Koch prepare their "secret brew" of punch to sell at the Junior Play. Money from this and other projects helps to present a one hundred dollar scholarship to a senior member at the end of the year. a dollar, 9 99 ien o clock scholar ewly elected members undergo a rigorous nitiation at the home of Barbara Packard. itiates try to keep straight faces to avoid unishment, as Tina Plummer rolls a pecan ith her nose to the feet of the almighty enrors. Members of National Society from the Junior Class are Cfront rowj Carden, Mosty, Childs. Csecond rowj Crate, Spurgin. Leatherman. fthird rowj Plummer, Stehling, McBryde. Cfourth rowjwoodland, Oster, Johns. oh to Wear his letterjacket I! Mc Coy Crenshaw Rees Wilson Sprott Ahrens 48 "tn association Bobbin Schweining Archer Coach Johnson Borchers Peterson Schmerbeck Coach Murray Fletcher Stieler Welch Elliott President Vice- Secretary Treasurer President if Mm'- Keese Turner Rathke Sieker Beakley Clifr ' gig- K 1: ."-- I y Coach Johnson Head - Coach girls, sports associatio n xgli-BU5'4Y,p cams swf Members of the Girls Sports Association for 1961-62 are Cfront rowj Brewton, Wiggins, Williamson, Hamilton, Bruns. Csecond rowj Whelan, Hartung, Meares, Smith, Harlow, Packard, Wehmeyer.Cthird rowj Tucker, Howe, Scharnberg, Jenske, Powell, Kenedy, V. Mosty, Fuege, Carson. Cfourth rowj Koch, Medlin, McNair, LeMeilleur, Malecleb, Batley, C, Goodall, Doyen, Durren, Hurst, S. Goodall. Cfifth rowj Woodland, Pecham, Soto, Matheson, Skeen, Plummer, Ortega, Reyes, Gowan, Clark, Lopez. Qsixth rowj S. Talbert, Revelry, Smith, Steiler, Baker, Fossler, E. Mosty, Jones, Wilson, K1ein, Knox, Goss.Hanchy. Cseventh rowb L. Talbert, Malo, Wehmeyer, Trejo, Lenard, Carden, Thurman, Jorden, Tucker, Wright, Gunter. Ceight row! Liljidahl, Crider, Wise, Hoover, York, Dempsey, Fawcett, Arnecke, Gathings, Osborne, Michon, Katon. fninth rowj Wright, Johnston, Plumbly, Blount, McBryde, B. Mosty, Childs, Secor, Wendel, Kensel, Martin, Ross, Ramsey. 1961-62 Girls Sports Association officers are Jean Woodland, vice-president, Laverne Talbert, secretary-treasurer. girls participate in sport tool 49 band Brofwn Cantwell Cass Caulkins Chipman Allan Bates Bernhard Biehler Craig Crate Dickey Durbon Eckstein Clark Cloudt Council Covert Fambro Forster Gardner Hanson band maintains high standing Band twirlers have worked diligently this year gaining first division ratings on their ensembles at the ln- terscholastic league Contest. They are Ioan Dell Weaver, head twir1er,,Tan Weaver, Cheryl Fertch, Mary Virginia Mason, ,lane Dismukes, Dianne Meeker, Mary Evelyn Rothrock. 50 4 kai Hill Hurst Hunt Iennings Jeunke Klingeman Kuyken- Leatherman Lenard Little Lockaby Magil Martinez Metting Miller, F. dall Miears Monroe Niehaus Oster Padgent Pagel Parrot Penney Miller. J. Poole, W. Powell Poole, N. Priour, D., Priour, G., PUFVIS i m,VV ,I L L ' Ranne' Real, Rector ai ,K N In f . ,Y tix .4 , V, ,,,. ,xx ygfg , ' , N . . H fi l 7 "', , , A .l ,H we L' -'fAr gif i' Vi. in If -ff' - S K ,ia .i M in-25. 5: ,x,.ffi.J ff- L Q: 9 n: at 5 L S L P. X 'K . ff DI I ,fi 'SZ ai., I .'m,g,tf3-il J if Rrpps, Rittimann, Sanchez, B. , - L 1 , af' M NB' htyit L, , , L Sanchez, L, , Sanders, Sandidge ' X X- lg ' S-tx -t by 5' if 1-.1XXl,,.a W,-if we A t ' 'nl IF' " X' 9 -W", 'L " Schmerbeck, Schoenewolf l"' g Aw' f e Z I I i Schweining, F. , Schweining, J, "li A .X wa, f A V, SPLU'-gin' Stone HMw?S ' K T . x L -ff 'S , ,,, i'lhii ff L 57 LII 3 e'let 3' f fa Sumner, Sutherland, Swayze t,e,l rx, ,, ,- , L F3225 . Vargas, Vollmar, Wade W yy - " ., ' f ,Q C h :f..,W" t I J gif, V' J. - ul Fw. , 4 dl H wan. J., wan, s., white Sw- , at ,Q R , Williams. J.. wunams, 1., S, . any .Lf Young Q -gf '-xii, sri, x K , H xi ,qi ig W 4 S t,,, ,J S , ,nf D M 5 jl , M ee , 51 BA ND OFFICER J ,, -'f 3 4giW,,.i.t,,.,,, .xyi Strornbeck President . , ,. warn, Iris fhfwi lmffsse- if-if I 2 ' 2 9 .: ,L ,- ': . fvx,'Yg'f,,g , FW! 'fiff -5 7 ' 4 lfflesnj 135 .Weis f -4 r' E 'fini' . . . at viva.. N 9 ..,,-. ,, .1-wa, wine S 4, 1 . .. - e W f 4 - ' r , ' .. - 1 or : fr WPA' , ff it .. it . Ht.. .Q-.ts.,, . , ..,,. Q, M , si - Hp. ws, te. .gQ.'zg,,rrf,, ,W -, ,,aif.ag5gg guyz sf- :, ft 'C M r it New L2 we wiwrsitrlf T- ' 2.1 - -- . ' '- 'wif' I i to l L f -f .' F f gs ! 'Mgxf-me t . wi., r M,,t,,Z5,. Q57-. A , .V g , . .. ' -,,..r.t,tg, - My '21 'f 'L Q in .au-Nil U - . ..t.ztta,,.:-ttyl . - .wssaw f ,t gag. Archer Vice- President Mc Cormick Secretary- Treas urer . X fr tx' "' ,.., . rrer Duderstaudt Hill, D. Quarter- Quarter- Mos ty Quarter- ITIESICI' ITIHSIEF l'IlEiSIBl' Hanson Librarian Parks Reporter Kelsey Librarian iffy " y ,Sf 1 tr as K V M ,rt vw 9 'Y sv' 'i rf mt,-.pr A . .1 t we Wenzel Quarter- master ? , f.-,,f. 1, M -,,, 1- ,,,f,, tl. 5 Q 'S -' ' ,Yli??fii3Ea?z 4 Q r . L' we " S 4 L, S Q I F- 'ini L- 1 . - .. fi S "x':g15f-77- :15v"L2Lx',' ', 'Y f' ,baxH5i1fLI?,'lit?ai2L.i.' Q uf ' ' . ' 2-'Elem . i . ' t 1 -. , . , W f 9 . W x in ' ' . V E ' fi Z f 1 -gg. , r ' fx: e fjF"'ez.isf5i1ffzmugitizz fw,i.wr,f, i 6, , I .- . ,fgy f 2.154 '-mp, gtg ., , fa, , l t ? -L H , X 5' .1 cw Q :fy ,+KQ5gf.',.r. I - r . . H , 1 1 ., ml ' as? ,mf f writ: gs ' W , t .Jw i ga, ., gig f. z re i , g ,cu f yr. wi-f, wmwec' . - W , K -, -. wfw'tuf.a,s7:3,5fl4E Gorman Hill, I. Librarian Librarian band on Junior, Dick Frazier, is completing his first year as drtum major. During the year he has assumed the du- ties of student director, and leading the band during marching drills. Leading an organization to the top in its field is an undertaking which requires skill and devotion. The band under the guidance and direction of Frank Preizner is a three- time sweepstakes winner. Preizner holds a masters degree in music from the University of Texas and is completing his sixth year at Tivy. 52 9 U ,yN,,r.,,..,f-fr-' ANTLERETTE OFFICERS ' , .r ' - 'fa' J if 'ii' 'Q 6 H- is i'V., ggi, . cv ' . LL A5 R L! I .vV, in f Q M y r 2 W"-59 Qb" F' I -gr fx y X I Wiggins Bruns Scharnberg Childs Williamson Whelan President Vice- Secretary- Reporter Senior Junior President Treasurer Sergeant Sergeant an tlerettes parade A35 , ., ,,. --wtf -mimi t "X ""' S Q if r t s f rr,, r t ir -- wr ' W f A 1 s q., I rl. ,I w.,k .nl f frf. 3122: Y ' , -f Adcock Arnecke Baker Batley Blount Butler Caton Carson . gy , ,..-,.. W fm eu ag r I l V v , ' W , , -.,,.4 , .FF ML Talbert Sophomore Sergeant Pressler Freshman Sergeant P Foremost in supporting the athletic activities at Tivy are the Antlerettes. Due to their supe rior leadership and devoted sponsor, Miss Georgia Griffith, the Antlerettes have a busy year. Miss "G", as she is affectionately called by students devotes many endless hours preparing half time shows, planning floats, and coaching the Volley ball team. 53 W ik a n tl e re t t e s r .lh '- . -J-f' -f,- r :qw ,,V,Q-z.r.f,:p,:1fq.S,- G, . m.',' ,"Q u ' : H 1 2 u V i G l ' -V . , V We QM H A 'Q 2 Q W rsrr, G rrrriV G ---2 Y rVr V H ,.,. :,V, . H rrrr 1 ,ZLA uuu 5 r ,L , ,AEA,: G rrur , rnrr ,. U l or . .. . , . - .. ,, , , .-,., Va- -- ,- H ., 7- ,:-,-. a .V r -, . ,-fg'- 1 5 f.f. ,,. , -f,, 1 , . , ,L V- . ,... . Uff:.,, , ar, ,- . - , .VL V--1.--, -vias' In V- ' 2 ,-,, V I :1 - wi:-V " 'V V:-.V' 1 -1:42 ' J :,,',1i:im:: . mv- Vzaff.-at , 1.m:7y,: - , V ,S L 1.55 v. , lsfewwffz rv Ji 1 . -:-a':'f-la. . - - ze-rw: r ' ' , . my V, r V.r,,-,fzggqttw-, .I ,-fg:eg1,r+,-:vgg 3751.15--S V:,-VV . JV ayzazaiiw- - - " f 'W ' 'Vfw-'1fff -'ani-s Q .1 K K Q , S r.V ' , K 3 -, ,WV F 7-W, - .,k. tw, ,. ,. r. ,, , Q TL- . ,I or H isp g,L', V -rrp, , ,f,.r,,lg, .IN ,, isg W so 1, . K E '-'Z . , K, ,MM A ,. .,. , . ., .. ,.k,Vk, ' gf,-ff S541 Ei 5 ,W ,- .V :V , if ,V Unix, V:,i1i.k: lr K . 9 1 2-111 ' :eff-V'1Vf'r:f-'veg 1.25.5- " 'i'f3J?51f --f-air r sii, , ,,V r 'V " K V if 1 . T71 3 i - , , g K . K K J n am.,-:ifZf'Q:VrV5r3fsiQVV', ,fi'Qf' ffi K V' PM . .V ' 5 " 1 1 'ffl Vifiiff f , , , X, I In he 4 LQ i - in H' LV V ai - V B . - V V i V 1 E ' 2 . "lf V B' i he f' 2 V- -V 1 a . . " V 1 - 4 Doyen Durrin Fergnson Feuge Clark Cole Gathings Hartung Gowan Gunter Hamilton Hanchey Fossler Harlow Crider C. Goodall S. Goodall Goss Hoover Howe Hunter Cummings Dempsey uwegre for the antlers .... Antlerette twirlers are Cathy Carden, Elizabeth Martin, Barbra Jenschke, Head twirler Julia Wendel, Donna 54 Brewton, Bobbie Ramsey ,Tudy Kniep. Q, I, 7 ., ,, -1 r L L Q ,r , 1 f F I I A ' -w,.m,f3 -' N . V, X 1 P ., , E, , a , f H in-1. as . A LLL V -sv y . A .,,,.- 3 N A .. ' I K 1:... ' Q -A A aw F4 , sl, , KX A , ,fkb , ff VN pu :I L b K ,, .. ,bw 'Mx N I-, X c. r s L s N , .i - 1 ' ' .is in D W ' gn b , fl as rr . L L kk 'ef 3: 5 I -hi A A , K ' .. ,, Nxx h x ,,. I Q f, Z5 V, W ? , rw... .ik ,V' 1 ji, i ,K M W. V ff'i.T?7?.: ' Hunnicutt, Hurst, Johns-ton, Jones, Jordan, Kennedy, I. Klein, Y. Klein, Knoxutt, Koch, I.eMei11eur, Lenard, Lichty, Liljedahl. Lopez, McBryde, McNair, Malo, Maloch, Mathison, Meares, Med1in,Michon, B. Mosty. B. Mosty, Ortega, Osborne, leb. Packard, Pancoast, Peckham,Pennington, V+. rc., ?'4 Ii'T"31?5w " ':iW'334'7'f ,, ,s 1- 3 Q , I W. ,G , Q :L .am if is Xml? -ml' "' 1, ,,, fr va w Q sp ff' Z gf! ff .ffiw , W rk I 1 2 Plummer' Powell' H' , Z 3 ,r',, 1, - - Tx- ,W .-Mk L I i vyr. W M, . A ,. ,.,. Q rhhgk E, Priess, Radeleff, Revely, Reyes, Ross, u H .- ' V Z , - Schmerbeck. m A, 5 - - ,,, r ,r r' secor, C. Smith, J. Smith, S. Smith, L rf, ' . Soto, Steile . ,--- T' 'A 'f3?' 'Fi ffil' L 3 if , I L . av L F .. k M VVIY s,.,,,,-L ,A . Qs in J ,"l Ii ' K A fx' Wu " " N fV,, ,K aw 5' -X. ,f A ' f r ki A .M ? f, ,. fi r,rrf f Swan, Thunnan, G. Tucker, I. Tucker, 3 L , L. Wehmeyer, S. Wehrneyer. L f If ,Sf , Q . ,lai r ,, alll' i- I :ss h g gi! f r L QQ . 'ss 'X 265 L M r 9 L , ff., 1 if 4 'A L vr-r an L 'Q L L I . af r L me Whnmore, W11son, Wlse, C. Wrlght, L. V V J. L J ' ,A V... , h Wfigllty York. I 'L 1 'lgk ' In V , r L L ' A miyJ' .V .,,, N M., krkh ww Q, I V I... K A y S --NX te - 1 .vu ' ' u -- 'frl 'rl 55 fr- -,zz art Club 56 K , u .,., , A' A 8 W VM K 'A T h ,,h Q ' t.,A1 ,. T .,,' ' ' Rita Harmon President ' 9 picass Sponsor, Mrs. Peggywahr- mund, instills her interest and love of art in the stu- dents of Tivy. She not only confines her talents to Tivy but she is also known in the community for her con- tributions in art work. I-larlon Hill Vice- Pres "x ? f..-. ' ., Q P V, k r: - If kkkkk ilkg 1, ,V V iq , .kry 2 1, K - 's . ' V rf. as is a "' sf Q fr xii, 'fi , ' , r..e. r Sue MacNair .T an Beary Steve Silvag idem Secretar Re orter Treasurer Y proteges Members o Consil, Hill f Art Club for 1961-62 are Cfrom rowj Lopez, Beary, Adams, MacNair, Smith, Harmon, Silvas. 57 Chorus officers are Cfront rowj Marsha Hoover, officers council, Carol Rode, officers council, Beatrice Walker,secre- tary, Sharon Scoggins, officers council: Lynn Hancock, reporter. Ctop rowj John Wilson, officers council, Bob Schmerbeck, president, Jim Turner, Vice-presidentg In his third year of directing the Tivy Chorus is Mr Everett McAulay. Not only does "Mr, Mac" Bill Durbon, officers council. direct the choir but is instrumental in many civic presentations as well. Members of the Tivy Chorus are ifront rowjKelsey,Nichols, Bartel, Crider, Roberts, Guill, Carpenter, Hancock, Cheek, White, Johnson. Csecond rowj Houck, Smith, Kaufhold, Poetter, Arhelger, Gray, Davis, Baldwin, Gholson, Rawls, Castillo, Massey, Brooks, Moore. Cthird rowj Castillo, C. Grimmett, Danz, Mays, Jung, Range, Walker, Storms, Rittiman, D. Grimmett, Massey, Bill, Ayala, Boyd, Woolbright. Cfourth rowjHazelett, Sewell, McCurry, Scoggins, Hurst, Hoover, Rhode, Hoover, Harrison, Lay, Lenard, lara, Crider, Schwelthem, Payne, Fraziar, Massey. Cfifth rowj Nixon, North, Nibling, White, Ernst, Wilson, West, Davis, Turner, Scho- field, White, Eckstein, Smith, Schmerbeck, Martin, Morgan, leMeilleur, Pipes, lrenard, Harris,Gillespie. the sound of music Chorus Carolyn Moore, a member of the Tivy Trio, looks over ber music before a Members of the Tivy Choir who received -honors in state performance. choir this year were Tony Ernst, I..aVerne Frazier, Pattyrlouck, Alice Guill, Bob Schmerbeck. Pianist for the Tivy Chorus is Suzie Carpenter. 59 universit Members of the UIL Club are Cfront rowj Bonnie LeMei11eur, Tina Pltunmer, Stephenie Lochte, Carolyn Moore, Shane Ann Younts, Sheryl Hanson, Carlie Sue Hunter. Csecond rowj Bob Schrnerbeck, Girvice Archer, John Mosty, Arthur Arterman, Scott Stehling, Richard Swan, Larry Kemper. W r I Sponsor of the Literary part of the UIL is one of Tivy's most outstanding and versatile teachers,Miss Kathleen Akin. 532 1 Wi Q2 P y , .' .. . Bob Schrnerbeck President 60 Bob Schmerbeck and Francie Schrnerbeck go over plans for a UIL trip to Sonora. debate . . .dcclamationn - r ,I , .:', A r t John Mosty Vice President Girvice Archer Secretary interscholastic league John Mosty and Scott Stehling compose one of the top debate teams in the state. As sophomores these two boys won second in the state finals of debate: they also won first place in several tournaments during the past year. irvice Archer, one of Tivy's top math students, takes a Lunber sense test in preparing for coming UIL competi- ion. X2 Sponsor of the mathematics branch of the UIL Club is Bill Jonas, one of Tivy's most popular teachers. +yZ+2+y -Tfrz S . A br gidigi izll NY A' ' .fr i t E Scott Stehling Francie Schmerceck Stephenie Lochte Treasurer Reporter Librarian 61 Geraldine Wright, President, works hard at her job at the Vogue. Here she is shown putting away some dresses. distributive education ...Witha Distributive Education members are Cfront rowj Montes de Oca, Turley, Neuman, Lott, C. Lott, Lambert. Csecond rowj Hartung, Weinheimer, Seymour, Ketchem, Adams, Wright, Kramer. Cthird rowj Ahrens, Walker, Beaver, Brown, Geisen, Vradenburg, Guana, Flick, Maurer. B2 pztreer in mind Serving as officers for the 1961-62 year are Cfront rowj Montes de Oca, reporter: Kramer, secretary: Wrrht, president: Ketchem, sergeant-at-arrnsg Csecond rowj Seymore, treasurerg Lott, vice-presidentg Flick, parliamentariang Maurer, sergeant- at-arms. Chester Lott, vice-president, works daily at his job at H.E.B. Grocery. Sponsor Howard Slataper, instills within his students his mind for business, and serves as a medium between them and the businessmen of the community. 63 training Bobby Rotge has mastered the technique of manipulating complicated mattress- making machines at Kerrville Mattress Co. vocational industrial club Gene Fuller, senior, is just completing his second year working at Schreiner's hardware store. Through his vocational training he has proved himself a prodigious apprentice. 64 "I wield a mean meat cleaver." Donnie Kennedy works at the meat market at H.E.B. Food Store. for the future Vocational Industrial Club members are Milly Pruneda, Jeanie Horton, Carlos Ayala, fsecond rowj Sue Hill, Gloria Dale, Doris Grimmett, Cthird rowj Betty McCurry, Mary Lou Woods, Cfourtli rowj Johnny Olivarez, Corky Caldwell, Cfifth rowj Bobby Rotge, Wayne Loesberg, Doug Grona, Larry Warren. Csixth rowb Don Wilke, Gene Fuller, Lewis Berthe. Vocational Industrial Club officers are Mary Lou Woods, reporter: and Gene Fuller, sergeant-at-arms: Cnot picturedj Donnie Kennedy, president: Carlos Ayala, vice-presidentg Kathie McCarty, secretary. Winning.. .Welding . Working. .. Jeff Thornton, son of Mr. Thornton, and FFA mascot, enjoys working in the new shop. ATypical classroom scene in vocational agricul- ture. Shown in picture are Lance LeMeilleur, Lynn Stone, Bobby Sieker, Terry Mitchamore, and Kenny Ahrens. James Thornton, Vocational agriculture instructor, and FFA sponsor, is completing his second year at Tivy. Under his leadership the chapter boys placed in dis- trict, area, and state con- tests. Mr. Thornton, a ver- satile instructor, teaches welding in the new Agricul- ture shop. FFA boys watch closely as- Mr. Thornton demonstrates one of the new arc welders. Members of the Future Farmers of America are Cfront rowj Cox, Morgan, R. Trapp, Karger, Morris, McPherson, Hartung, Evertson, Baker, Wright, Blevins, McBroom, Goodrich. Csecond rowj Jones, C. Ahrens, Lee, J. Trapp, Speakmon, Wells, Wagner, Ernst, Lenard, Mills, Secor, Green, Wachter, Chipman. Cthird rowj Graham Schwausch, Flores, Brewton, Gamel, Crider, Sewell, Davis, Real, McMurtrey, Stone, Sprott, Hernandes Vlasek, Klein, Cade. Cfourth rowj Martin, Fisher, Borchers, Lackey, LeMeilleur, Reading, Sieker, Hayes Stephens, Stieler, Mitchamore, Rathke, Powell, Harris, K. Ahrens. 1 v 1 future farmers Lance LeMeilleur t,,, Q , ,V 2 Chad Powell Treasurer t ' VL ilg i Reporter ,,, ,, W K f ., 7,,,,g, 3? ,L VV g i" F R. .-.. ,W .3 ,,. -,. lag, ssit fli ,rtsl lts. ' c raig' , g R ' ',tirrr , ,t,, 5, , Eddie Hayes Wayne Rathke Kenny Ahrens Sentinal Secretary Vice President Allen Steiler, president of FFA, is completing his second yearin office. future homemakers Suzanne Scharnburg Patricia Whelan LaVerne Talbert Sandra Talbert Vice- President Treasurer Secretary Parliamentarian Marilyn Vollmar Elizabeth Feuge Nancy Williamson Historian Reporter Sgng-leader Karen Bruns ' Mrs. Baker and Miss Dye not only teach five classes a day but also are in charge of FHA. 68 President P 9 p 0 Formal Initiation of new members of FHA took place in the new LCRA building. Cfirst rowj Bruns, I. Albrecht, Carson, Feuge, A. Albrecht, Merritt. fsecond rowj Wait, Trlicek, Vollmar, Goss, Kroner, Mitchmore, Evertson. Cthird rowj Fossler, Durbon, Baker, Lara, Castillo, Daves, Lenard, Vlasek. Cfourth rowj Woolbright, Wilson, Morris, Mays, McKinney, Danz, Scoggins, Butler, Faifer, Cole, Hunnicutt, Turner. Cfifth rowj Whitmore, Whelan, Blevins, Scharnburg, Howe, L. Talbert, Wright, L. Skeen, A. Skeen, Pancoast, Boyd, Arhelger. Csixth rowj Clark, Gowan, Stieler, Smith, Russel, Devala, Alford, Williams, Holmes, Gray. Cseventh rowj Dworaczyk, Wiggins, Martin, Williamson, Norwood, Sewell, Evans, S. Talbert. Cantwell, Baker, Csponsorj. and pans 1 A dream come true? Here Miss Dye, home- economics teacher, checks to see if all of her children are present and under control as the FFA and FHA start on a long trip to the Texas State Fair. The Tivy Chapter of FHA chose as their sweetheart for '62 Allen Stieler. Future Teachers of America are Qfront rowj Bruns, Williamson, Wiggins, Martin, Kennedy, V, Mosty. Csecond rowj Koch, Preiss,, York, Woodland, Peckham, Hunter, McNair, Gunter. Qthird rowb Fossler, Jones, E.Mosty, Wilson, J. Weaver, Schmerbeck, Medlin, LeMeilleur, Parrott, Caton. Cfourth rowj Arnecke, Ross, Fawcett, Plumly, Blount, Dempsey, Gowan, B. Mosty, Harlow, I. D. Weaver, Hanchey, Packard. ffifth rowj McBryde, Gathings, Secor, Carden, Plummer, Hartung, Meares, Crate, Dickey, Oster, Dismukes, Niehaus. Csixth rowj Carpenter, McCormick, Doyen, Goodall, Spurgin, Leatherman, Hoover, Smith, Powell, Gardner, Parks. Cseventh rowj Ardoin, Wenzel, Archer. University of Texas graduate, Miss Marvel Skaggs, Future Teachers of Amer- ica Sponsor, is completing her second year at Tivy. Susan Wiggins and Mary Florence Koch discuss ma- terial for the Future Teachers of America scrap- book which will be entered in the state meet in Austin. toda ' students future teachers Future Teachers of America excitedly discuss plans at the first meeting of the year. tomorrow' teachers Future Teachers of America officers take a break while preparing for a student assembly. Making preparations are Cathy Carden, president: Karen Bruns, vice-president: Mary Florence Koch, reporter: Virginia Peckham, treas- urerg Suzie Carpenter, historian: Melinda Gunter, sec- retary. In the spring, senior Future Teachers instruct for a day in elementary classes. Shown here is Karen Bruns explain- ing a simple problem in mathematics. 71 triving for Officers of Future Nurses Club are Alta Hurst, Vice- President: Shirley Ranne, Treasurer: Mary Mason, Reporter: Cecelia Michon, Social Chairman: Lynn Hancock, Presidentg Coyleen Little Secretary. A registered nurse herself is Mrs. Margaret Franke, Sponsor of Future Nurses Club. She also serves Tivy as School Nurse. future nurses Qfront rowj B. Castillo. S. Hurst. fsecond rowj M. Castillo, Belvins, Hancock. A. Hurst. Cthird rowy Michon, Moore, Little, Turner. ffourth rowj Sanders, Miller, Dworaczk. Cfifth rowj Gorman, Clawson, Lochte, Malocleb, Lenard. Csixth rowj Ranne, Mason, Hazelett. a White cap Exchanging gifts at the Fu- ture Nurses annual Christ- mas party are: Lynn Han- cock, Peggy Gorman, Alta Hurst. One of the most active chapters in the state is Tivy's Future Nurses Club. Aside from working at Sid Peterson Me- morial Hospital aiding the fulltime staff, Future Nurses also help the Bloodmobile unit in it's monthly visit to Kerrville. Candy Stripe girls entering the hospital after school are Darlene Nichols, Coyleen Little, and Cecelia Jung. 73 One of the jobs of the Li- brary Club members is to keep the books straight and in order. Doing a nice job of this is Lynn Stone, Betty Preiss, Sherry Leatherman, Portia Smart, Roy Gonzales, Danny Hazelett. library Keeping the Thanksgiving spirit high are Lucille Carson, Bobby Jenschke, Warrenetta Gowen, Jan Beaty as they decorate the Library window. Mrs. Mary Carden is new this year at Tivy. She has many jobs other than being sponsor of the Library Club. One of these is checking in books and checking them out to students. Members of the Library Club are ffront rowj Lynn Hancock, Warrenetta Gowan, Portia Smart, Lucille Carson, Charles Johnson, Syritta Crider, Sherry Leatherman, Jan Beaty, Betty Preiss, Sandra Goodall, Judy Lopez. Csecond rowb Kaye Dempsey, Scott Stehling, Pam Ross, Lynn Stone, Bobby J enschke, Pat Young, Roy Gonzales, Danny Hazelett. read, read, and read some more! J .YK L., - W f-- It Officers of the Library Club for the 1961-62 school year are ffront rowy Judy Lopez, Secretary. Csecond rowj Lynn Hancock, Treasurer, Scott Stehling, President, Sandra Goodall, Vice President. "The things they make me do!" Billy Nesbitt Antler-Tatler Photographer "So what's it to you?" Beatrice Walker Co-editor tatler staff "I-Ialitosis is better than no breath at all. " Cathy Carden late hours deadline Photographer catches Tatler Staff members in a lull between Friday deadlines. "I was a teenage werewolf! " "The satisfactions of being Mary Florence Koch a superior person. . . . " Co-editor Kathie Childs Business Manager rinter's ink. .. "Tub O Chicken?" Yvonne Lehman Sponsor "I don't like you either! " Sharon Arnecke "Our most beautiful?" V X' , , F K iii. : " Q I ' Cl- a ' am i Q 'W' .Li L 1,, .fA1l', .f,Zs. s i 1 2 i "Does it bite?" "Smoke Kool!" "Hey gang--I'm your lead- Sally Fawcett Karen Caton er!" Vicki Mosty Editor antler staff at 'Was the "Madame Don Quixote?" Pam Ross G G " I'm the representative for "OCCL1PaIi0H-'11 DiS6aSe?" the Artificial Limbs Co." Karen Bruns Francie Schmerbeck "Man--Love that twist!" " And then I'11 take on Patterson!" " Where'd She go? Nancy Williamson Bob Elliott John Mosty Business Manager o " I'm a teal Antler!" H t Bob Schmerbeck C H IH C . . . :l dl' ', ..1 "I IOVC I0 POSCV' "Yea Many Antler Staff!" l ' Bobbielee Ramsey Chad Powell G N it , .,.,,.i1...1 - .-ll . !-1.-W --f- J- 1 l. . ,X ..i.,1..........v....- I SZ seniors 98 juniors 10 8 sophomores 116 freshmen 1962-A IE ROFF ,WORK Senior class officers relax on the Guadalupe and discuss plans for the coming year. Enjoying the after- noon spree are Allen Stieler, vice-presidentg Mary Florence Koch, reporterg Karen Kinsel, treasurerg Bob Elliott, presidentg and Carol Hanchey, secretary. 82 EXCITM NT ROUTI the seniors devoted their time and energy to make '62 a "year to remem- ber". Long, hard football workouts and 7:30 A. M. Band and Antlerettes rehearsals composed the fall sched- ule for many seniors. In October, the class sponsored the Sadie Hawkins Dance to raise money for the senior trip, and the senior girls triumphed 16-8 over the underclassmen in the powder puff game. The rush and excitement of fall yielded to a cold, blustery winter, the festive season of Tivy. Seniors will never forget the Swish of light, airy formals, the sweet smell of orchids and carnations as they attended the Christmas and New Year's Dances. As the wonderful year 1961 rolled to 1962 seniors with eyes turned to- ward graduation, began taking en- trance exams and making college room reservations. After twelve years of school, seniors looked with mixed emotions toward graduation. It was the end of one era of their lives and the beginning of a new one. ADCOCK, IANETTE Antlerettes 3,4g Library Club 3g VIC 3, GSA letter 1 ALBRECHT, ALMA FHA 1-4, treasurer 35 NHS 3,4g GSA letter 25 1961 Cris- co Award BAKER, JAMES Band 2, Chorus 3 BOOTH, DAVID ALBRECHT, IRENE FHA 1-4: GSA 2 BREWTON, DONNA Antlerettes 1-4, majorette 3,45 FHA lg FTA 25 GSA 1' 4, letter 3g UIL district 1, 2nd best actress award 1 ALVARADO, JESUS BRUNS, KAREN Antlerettes 3, 4, vice-presi- dent4g ANTLER staff 4g FHA 1-4, historian 2, vice-pres- ident 3, president 4g FTA 2- 4, historian 3, vice-presi- ARCHER, GIRVICE ANTLER Staff 4, Band 1-4, vice-president 45 FTA 43 NHS 3, 4, president 4g Student Council parliamentarian 3g "T" Association4g UIL Club secretary 4g junior play castg tennis 1-4, letter 1, 3, 4g UIL number sense lst district 13 wHo's wHo 3gMary B. Will- son Award 2 dent 45 NHS 3, 4, treasurer 4g UlL Club 35 class vice- president 2g junior play bus- iness managerg GSA 2-4, let- ter 3, 4g tennis letter 1-4, district 2,3, regional 2,35 WHO'S WHO 3 BURKETT, JOE Spanish Club 43 basketball lg football manager 1 We Are The Mighty Seniors, 1962 CARPENTER, SUZIE Chorus Accompanist 2 -4, sextet 3, Concert Choir 4, FTA 3,4, historian 4, NHS 3, 4, GSA 2g Tivy Salutes 3 CARSON, LUCILLE Ant1erettes3,4g FI-IA 2-43 Li- brary Club 4, GSA 3, 4 CASTILLO, BEATRICE Chorus lg FNC 4 CA TON, KAREN Antlerettes 3,4, ANTLER Staff 1-4, FTA 2-4g Student Coun- c.i12-4, chaplain 3, president 4: UIL Club 3, class treasurer 2, class secretary 3, Most Ver- satile Sophomore Girlg Most Popular Junior Girl, junior play castg GSA 2-4, tennis letter 2-4, district 3, 4, re- gional 3g Who's Who 2, 3 CLIFT, BILL Tennis letter 3,4 COLLAZO, ALBERT Band 1-3g track 2,3 CRENSHAW, TONY FFA 1-4, secretary 2, "T Association 3,-4g football 1, 3 4, letter 3, 4, track 2, 3 QAVIS, DWIGHT Chorus 4, VIC 3 n DAVIS, IULIE Chorus 4, VIC reporter 3 DISMUKES, IANE Band 1-4, twirler 3, 4, twirl- ing solo 2nd regional 2, en- semble lst regional DURBON, BILL Chorus 2g NHS 3,45 "T" Asso- ciation 1,2g basketball mana- ger 1,2g football 23 track 1, 2 ECKSTEIN, LARRY Band 1-4g Chorus 4 EDSON, JANET DE 3: FHA 4 We Leave To You ELLIOTT, BOB ANTLER Staff3, 45 "T" Asso- ciation 3, 4s treasurer 4g C1355 president 3,45 Most Handsome Junior Boy, junior play cast basketball lg football 1-4 letter 3,4g track 1-4, letter 3, 4g WHO'S WHO 3 FEUGE, ELIZABETH Antlerettes 3.4, FHA 2-4, re- porter 4g GSA, letter 1,2 FLETCHER, TUFFY "T" Association 2-4, presi- dent 4g Most Popular Sopho- more Boyg Most Versatile Jun- ior Boyg basketball letter 2, 3g footballlerter 2-43 track let- ter 3. 4 FLICK, EUGENE DE 2-4, parliamentarian 45 FFA 1-3 The Gold nd Blue GOODALL, SANDRA Antlerettes 2-4g Library Club 3, 4, vice president 4g GSA 2-4 i FULLER, GENE GARDNER, CARMIN FTA 4 GAUNA, MARY Chorus lg DE 3, 4 GHOLSON, DONNA trict 3 GSA 3g UIL spelling 3rd dis- GRONA, DOUGLA S l VIC 3,4, sergeant-at-arms FFA 2g VIC 4 4 GUILL, ALICE Band 1-43 FHA 3, FNC 2, 35 Band 1,2, ensemble 1st re- gional 1,2g Chorus 3, 4, sex- tet 3, Regional Choir 3, All- State Chorus 3g junior play stage manager GUNTER, MELINDA Antlerettes 1-4g FTA 2-4, secretary 45 UIL Club 33 Jun- ior play castg GSA letter 1-4 HAMILTON, LINDA Chorus 4g NHS 3, 4g Spanish Antlerettes 3, 4g GSA letter Club secretary-treasurer 4, 23 UIL typing lst district 2 HANCHEY, CAROL Antlerettes 2-4g Chorus lg FHA 33 FTA 2-4g NHS 3,43 UIL Club 35 class secretary 1, 43 GSA 2-4 nd The Halls Of Trvy Hlgh HANCOCK, LYNN Chorus 1-4, social chairman 2, secretary 3, 4, sextet 2, Regional Choir 3, Concert Choir 4g FNC 2-4, president 4, Library Club treasurer 4g NHS 4g UIL Club 2, 35 junior play castg UIL One- Act play 1 HANSON, BONNIE Band librarian 1-4, Regional Band 3 HARLOW, NEDRA Antlerettes 3, 43 FNC 23 FTA 4g GSA letter 2-4 HARMON, RITA Art Club 3, 4, parliamentar- ian 3, president 4 HARTUNG, ELAINE Antlerettes 2-4g FTA 4g GSA 2-4 HAZELETT, DANNY Library Club 4 HAZELETT, SHIRLEY Chorus 1, 3, 4g FNC 3,4 HILL, HARLAN Art Club 3,4, secretary-treas- urer 4 She,ll Take Your Time And Service HOOVER, DONALD junior play cast HURS T, A LTA FHA 3, 4g FNC 2-4, vice- president 45 GSA 1-4, letter 1, 33 volleyball 3, 4, letter 3 HURST, SHARIE DE 33 FHA 4, FNC 2-45 GSA letter 2 JENSCHKE, BARBARA Antlerettes 1-4, majorette 3, 45 GSA 1-4 Antlerettes 3,43 Chorus 45 KEESE, RICHARD "T" Association 4, football 3,4, letter KENNEDY, DONNY VIC 3,4, president 4g basket- ball 3 KENNEDY, JACKIE Antlerettes 4g FTA 4 KETCHUM, WAYNE Chorus 2, 3g DE sergeant-at- arms 4 KINSEL, KAREN Antlerettes 2-4, cheerleader 3,4, head cheerleader 4, NHS 4g Student Council chaplain 4gUIL Club 1, 3g class treas- urer 4g GSA president 4, let- ter 4g volleyball letter 2-45 football sweetheart 4, FFA sweetheart KNEIP, JUDY Antlerettes 3, 4, majorette 4, FHA 43 junior play make- up, GSA 3, 4 KOCH, MARY FLORENCE Antlerettes2-43 FTA 2-4, re- porter 3, 45 NHS 3, 4, secre- tary 4, Student Council re- porter 2g ANTLER Staff 2-4, Co-editor 4, class reporter 1, 2, 4g Most Beautiful Sopho- more and Junior Girl, GSA 2-4g UIL spelling 3rd district 1 KRAMER, VERNELL DE 3, 4, secretary 4g GSA 2 LOESBERG, WAYNE VIC 4 But Y0u,ll Love LOPEZ, IUDY Antlerettes 4g Art Club 3g Chorus 2, Concert Choir 2g Library Club 3, 4, secretary 4g Spanish Club 4g UIL Club 2,35 tennis lg GSA 3g UIL declaration 2nd district 1 LOVE, ELIZABETH Art Club 4g Chorus 43 Spanish Club 4. McCORMICK, LINDA Band 1-4, secretary 4, lst di- vision ensembles 1-3, Dis- trict Band 3, Regional Band 3, NHS 4g FTA 3, 4: GSA let- ter 3 MCCORMICK, SCOTTY NHS 3,4, vice president 4g basketball 1 - 3, letter 1, manager 2, football 1,2, 4, letter lg track 1, 3, letter lg Boy's State 3 Her Too You Can Bet Your Boots MCCOY, CRAIG Student Council Ere marshal 4, "T" Association 3, 4g bas- ketball 3, 45 football letter 3, 43 ll'3.Ck 3. 4 MARTIN, ELIZABETH Antlerettes 3, 4, majorette 4, Band 2g FHA 4g FTA 3, 45 Student Council 3g GSA 4 MASON, MARY VIRGINIA Band 1-4, District Band 3, twirler 4g FNC 2-4, reporter 4g junior play cast MAURER, DAVID DE sergeant-at-arms 4 MEARES, PATRICIA Antlerettes 3, 4g FTA 4g GSA 3, 4 MERRITT, LOISE FHA 3, 4g GSA 1-4, letter 1-3g volleyball 3, 4 MIDKIFF, RICHARD Spanish Club 45 basketball letter lg football letter 1, manager 1 MILLS, MIKE FFA 4 MITCHAMORE, TERRY Chorus 3,4g FFA 1-4, parlia- mentarian 3 That There'll Be Roots MOSELEY, BILLY Chorus 1, track 2 NIEHAUS, DOROTHY Band 1-4, twirling 3rd re- gional 2, 2nd regional 35 FHA 1-33 FTA 3,4g Student Council 2, 3, junior play an- nouncer MOSTY, ROBERT Band 2-4, quartermaster 4 NORTON, DELLA Chorus 2g DE 4: FHA 3, Stu- dent Council 4 MOSTY, VICKI Antlerettes 1-4, freshman sergeant, sophomore ser- geant, cheerleader 3, 45 ANTLER Staff 2-4, Editor 43 FHA 1, FTA 2-4, Student Council 2.3, alternate 4, UIL Club 4, Most Popular Sophomore Girlg Class Pres, 23 junior play cast, GSA let- ter 1-4,,vice-president 45 volleyball letter 1-4g WHO'S WHO2 NEUMAN, JACK DE 4 PACKARD, BARBARA Antlerettes l-4g FTA 2-43 NHS 3, 4g UIL Club 3g junior play castg GSA 1-4, letter 1, UIL extem poraneous speaking 2nd district 3 PADGETT, GENE Band 1-4, District Band 2, 3 NHS 3, 4 From The Hearts Cf All Of You PARKS, MARY JO Band 1-4, reporter 4, District Band 3, Regional Band 3, FHA 2, 33 FTA 3, 4, NHS 4, Student Council 34 TA TLER sraff 4 PECKHAM, VIRGINIA Antlerettes 1-43 FHA 3, FTA 2-4, treasurer 4, NHS 4, junior play prompter PETERSON, DASH "T" Association 3, 4g football manager 2-4, letter 3, 4 PFEUFFER, CAROLE VIC 3, 4g GSA letter 1 POWELL, CHAD ANTLER Staff4g Chorus lg FFA 1 -4, reporter 4g Student Coun- cil 3 POWELL, CHARLOTTE Antlerettes 3,4g Chorus 43 FHA 3, 45 FTA 4: Student Council 4 PURVIS, TUFFY Band 1-4g Chorus 3g FFA 2, 3, "T" Association 3g Spanish Club parliamentarian 4, foot- ball lg Interscholastic League 2 RAMOS, SAMMY VIC 3g basketball letter 15 football letter lg track 1 RANNE, SHIRLEY Band 1-4, 1st place ensem- bles 1-3, District Bandg FHA 3g FNC 2-4, treasurer 4g GSA letter 2 For We Are The SCHIOIS REES, DAVID Student Council lg " T" Asso- ciation 3,4g class treasurer 3g Most Handsome Sophomore Boy, basketball 1, 2g football letter 3, 4g track 1, 2 REVELEY, MIKE NHS 43 Spanish Club reporter 4, UIL Club 4 RITTIMAN, JANYCE DE 35 FHA 1,2g FNC 25 DE sweetheart 3g GSA letter 1 RODE, CAROL Chorus 3, 4, ofi'icer's coun- cil 4, Concert Choir 43 FHA 3 ROTGE, BOBBY FFA 1, 2, VIC 3, 4, treasurer 4 SCHMERBECK, BOB ANTLER Staff 43 Chorus 3, 4, publicity chairman 3, presi- dent 4, Concert Choir 3, 4g Student Council reporter 4g "T" Association 43 UIL Club president 4g class president lg Chorus sweetheart 43 basket- ball lg football 1-3, tennis letter 3, 4 SCHOFIELD, MIKE Chorus social chairman 45 UIL Club 4, basketball 1 SCHULTZ, LEWIS FFA 1-4, Star District Green- hand 1, Star District Chapter Farmer 2, Chapter Lone Star Farmer 3, 20th place in state dairy cattle and land judging teams 2, 12th in state live- stock judging team 3 Great And Mighty Seniors SMITH, DEWAYNE ketball 3, 4g track 2 SMITH, DOUGLAS SMITH, IANE Antlerettes 4g Art Club 4 SOTO, MARY ALICE Antlerettes 4g Chorus 3g FHA 35 Spanish Club Dutchess 45 Student Council 4g GSA 4 Chorus 43 UIL Club 4g bas- STIELER, ALLEN FFA 1-4, president 3,43 Stu- dent Council Bg "T" Associa- tion 2-4, vice-president 45 class vice - president 3, 45 Most Versatile Sophomore Boyg Most Popular Junior Boyg FHA sweetheart 45 football letter 2-4, All-District foot- ball Honorable Memion 3g track 2, 3, letter 3 STROHACKER, LOUIS UIL Club 4 STROMBECK, JOHN Band 1-4, president 4, Dis- trict Band 1 -4, Regional Band 2, 3, Area Band 33 Library Club 3 SUMMERS, GORDON junior play castg UIL one- act play, 1st district 1 THOMAS, PA ULINE We Are From Tlvy TONNESSON, CLARA VRADENBURG, DOREEN Antlerettes 2, 35 DE 45 FHA 1-35 DE sweetheart 45 GSA letter 1 TURLEY, LARRY Chorus 2, 35 DE 4 WALKER, BEATRICE Chorus 3, 4, reporter 45 FNC vice-president 35 NHS 3,45 Student Council secretary 45 TATLER Staff 3.4. Co-editor 4 TURNER, IRIS WALKER, CHARLEY Chorus 35 DE 4 TURNER, JIM Chorus 3, 4, social chairman 3, vice-president 45 golf 2, 35 "T" Association 3,45 junior play cast5 basketball 1, 25 football 2-4, letter 3,4-5 track 3,4 . WEAVER, JOAN DELL Band 1-4, twirler 2-4, head twirler 3, 4, 1st regional solo 1, 2nd solo, 1st ensemble 2, 1st solo, 1st ensemble 35 FHA 35 FTA 2-45 NHS 3,45 UIL Club 35 junior play cast5 WHO'S WHO 3 School We Love. WEHMEYER, LINDA letter 1-33 volleyball 2-4 letter 2, 3 WELCH, EDDIE "T" Association 3, 4, secre- football letter 3, 4g track 4 WENZEL, WALTON FTA 4, football 3 WHITE, LAWRENCE Chorus 3, 4g VIC 3, 4 Antlerettes 2-45 GSA 1-4, tary 43 basketball letter 2-43 Band 1-4, quartermaster 43 WHITE, PEGGY Chorus 3g VIC 3,4, treasurer 4g GSA letter 1 WIGGINS, SUSAN Antlerettes 3, 4, president 4g Chorus 1, FHA 1-4, song- leader 3, FTA 2-4g UIL Club 3, 4, class treasurer 1, junior play cast, tennis 1-4, lst district 3, 2nd regional 35 GSA letter 3, 4 WILLIAMSON, NANCY Antlerettes2-4, sergeant 3, 4, alternate cheerleader 3, 4g ANTLER Staff 3, 4, business manager 45 FHA 3, 4, reporter 3, songleader 4, FTA 43 Stu- dent Council 2, 3, vice pres- ident 3: class secretary 2g volleyball letter 3 WOODS, ROBERT WRIGHT, GERALDINE DE 3, 4, vice-president 3, president 4, outstanding stu- dent 3g GSA 1,2 PEGPLE ITH THI TC Always ready to go are the junior ofiicersg Scott Stehling, vice-presidentg Jean Woodland, president 98 Kaye Dempsey, secretaryg Julia Wendel, treasurer. DO PL CES TO GO, AN PEQPLE TO EE typify the Junior class' busy school life. Junior girls joined in voguish fashion parade, being some of the first on campus to be seen with frostedhair and the "above the knee" hemline. The boys weren't to be out done as they showed-off their western vests, boots, cowboy hats, andbelts. Always on the go, they watched proudly the powder puff football game. On Saturdays in November, juniors worked tirelessly and diligently washing cars to earn money for the Junior-Senior Banquet which was a highlight of senior festivities. Junior thespians presented Thorn- ton Wilder's "Our Town" in Decem- ber which was widely acclaimed for its dramatic interpretation. A continuous round of activity and motion kept juniors in a whirl this year, leaving them looking with anticipation toward 1963. 99 Adams, Kathy Adams, Kaylon Adamek, Charles What's on these boys' minds? Most likely the reply from each junior member of the Antler squad will be football, Ahrens, Charles Ahrens, Kenny Arnecke, Sharon Bill, Tony Billeiter, David Blevins, Mildred Blount, Karrelyn Bobbit, Mike 100 y Brooks, Diane Butler, Charlene Cantwell, Darrell Cantwell, Shirley Carden, Cathy Cagtjllgy Mary Childs, Kathie Clark, Carolyn Craig, William Crate, Jenny Lou Crider, Syretta Dempsey, Kaye Dickey, Cynthia Doran, Bobby Doyen, Shirley Duterstadt, Rusty The Junior Class submitted their float in the homecoming parade with the theme, "Roast the Rams, " 101 I wg ,X g Nun my - Mc Curry, Betty McDaneil, Rick Michon, Cecilia The Junior Class had an over abundant amount of talent to choose from for the annual Junior play. Here a group of juniors try out for "Our Town. " Moore, Carolyn Mosty, Belinda Mosty, John Ortega. Irma OSTJOIHC. F1031 Oster, Joy Pennington, Kay Ptiester, Carlos Pipes, John Plumly, Virginia Plummer, Tina Poole, Wanda Preiss, Betty 104 Pruneda, Milly Ramsey, Bobbie Rasberry, Barbara Rathke, Wayne Reading, Ben Real, Casper Reyes, Christine Riddle, Robert Ross, Pam Schmidtke, Bo Schwiening, Fred Scoggins, Sharon Secor, Shirley Seymour, Randy Sieker, Bobby Silvas, Steve W 6 A,,, Y, rw Q, A I "The morning after the night before. Sleepy headed junior girls awaken af- ter a slumber party. 105 Skeen, Lydia Smart, Portia Smith, Sherrie At school, at play, or at work, every member of the Junior Class looks up. They look up to greater expectations and something better to come, Sprott, Bobby Spurgin, Beverly Stehling, Scott Stephens, Steve Stone, Lynn Sublett, R, C. Swan, Richard Thurman, Nancy Trevino, Filomeno Tucker, Janet Vlasek, Mildred Wait, Jack A Watson, Joyce 106 Q we if V ,-LEL, 51" .xx xy in K V, W g 'Q 1 4556 zz :ii We WSG sm 'S ' i , - BEGINNINGTHEIR ECO D Sophomores elected Sandra Talbert, presidentg Don Berry, vice-presidentg Suzanne Scharnberg, secretaryg Carlton White, treasurer, and Ray Bird, reporter, as the 1962 officers. 108 E R OF HIGH SCHUOL the sophomores of '62 came onto campus with new hopes and ideas for the full schedule of classes and ex- tra-curricular activities. The usual hustle and bustle of elections took a major portion of the fall season. Sophomores were a part ofthe out-maneuvered under- classmen power puff team. They again showed their spirit when they laboriously created an "almost" prize-winning float during homecoming week. Sophomore girls climaxed the fall season with the Thanksgiving "Golden Harvestudance in the Terrace Room of the Blue- bonnet Hotel. '62 found a sophomore in every crowd as they worked their way into becoming an essential part of Tivy. With a generous sprinkling, they showed up in nearly every organiza- tion and event. They are one step ahead of the apprentice freshman and one step nearer the juantiness of a junior. 109 Paul, Alexander Allan, Darleen Ardrion, Arthur Baker, Judy Barley, Glenna Beach, Martha Bernhard, John Berry, Don Best, Don Bird, Ray Bgcock, Bobby Brady, Linda Brown, Michael Byerly, Daniel Cade, Freddie Carr, Zack Caulkins, Glenda Cheek, Kay Sophomore girls plan for the fall semi formal. The dance was held at the Bluebonnet Hotel 1n the Terrace Room, Chipman, Barbara Chipman, Charles Cox, Larry 110 Clawson, Paula Craft, Tommy Craig, Jimmy Sophomore boys and girls plan for the Crooks. Ray Daves, Russell DeRosier, Karen Construction of their float. Dooley, Bill Dworaczyk, Suzanne Evans, Belva Evertson, Mary Fertsch, Cheryl Fikes, Robert Findlay, Gordon Fisher, Johnny Frazier, Laverne Fulbright, Kirby Gathings, Johnny Gerloff, Delton Gorman, Peggy Goss, Barbara Graham, Philip Gunter, Dana Gutierrez, Linda Hanson, Sheryl Harrison, Barbara Hill, Jeane House, Elvin Howe, Doris Hunter, Carlie Sue Hurst, James Hurt, Lewis Iuenke, Shirley Karger, Wallace Kemper, Larry Klein, jack Klingemam-1, Mary Knox, Cheryl Knox, Deryl Kroner, Carol Kunz, Tony Le Meilleur, Bonnie Lochte, Stephanie Liljedahl, Ann Malo, Marie Teresa Malochleb, Caroline Mangum, Jim 112 4 Marrs, Edward Mathison, Dorothy Medlin, Ann Meeker, Dianne Merritt, Bobby ll Miears, Gary Michel, Roland Miller, Joyce Mitchamore, Dianne Morgan, Howard Morrison, Pat Muse, Richard Musick, Margaret McDaniel, Sheri McNair, Sue 'dba Nesbitt, Billy Nichols, Barbara .. d i ,., ' 2 K -1 .,,. 4 LLV: r' It Osborne, Weld on Pa gel, Nancy Norwood, Loretta Pat Morrison, Suzanne Scharnberg, Billy Syers, and Yolanda Klein ride on the sophomore 1962 homecoming Float. 113 Parrish, Harold Parrott, Linda Pettit, Shirley Tivy I-ligh's combo, The Tempest, play at a benefit assembly. Three of the boys are sophomores, They are David Snodgrass, Stacy Suther- land, and Bobby Sanchez. Pollard- Charles P1'i0U1'. D011 Mdelefi Sandra R-iif1S. Diane R2i1'1S, Myra Reading, David Richeson, Joe Ripps, Nancy Robinett, Melinda Rothrock, Mary Sanders, Rachel Sandusky, Sandy Scharnberg, Suzanne Schmerbeck, Schmidtke, Secor, Edward Sewell, Lillie Seydler, Erwin 1 14 Elizabeth Delbert Simpson, Judy Snodgrass, David Stephens, Jerry Suther1and,Stacy Syers, Billy Talbert, LaVerne Talbert, Sandra Thomas, Jimmie Tomlinson, Mike TrappTRoy Tucker, Gay Vance, Jo Ann Van Hoozer, David Vollmar, Marilyn Wendel, Karen Williford, Bessie Wilson, Mack Windsor, Jo Ruth White, Carlton Wren, Mike Wright, Cheryl Wachter, Nolan Young, Donna Ray Younts. Shane UH. TO BE vnu-n...,W Given the honor of serving as freshman officers are: James McCoy, president: David Schofield, secretary- Lreasurerp and Javier Vela, vice- president. FR ESHMA New faces, new adjustments, new experi- ences--almost everything about the first year of high school is new. Nothing equals the experi- ences of a freshman's first pep rally, first high school dance, and first mid-term exam. The freshman football team covered itself with glory by winning all but one of its games. The freshman year with its continuous excite- ment and perplexities is the beginning of a never-to-be forgotten adventure. The 'Western Dance given annually by the freshmen proved to be one of the very best ever. This year saw more freshmen in Band and Antlerettes than' ever before in Tivy's history. A freshman can always be identified by a bewil- dered look and an eager and expectant attitude. How hard it is to smile when the upper-classmen practice their new superiority on them. These are a few of the memories that linger. Yes, the experience of being a freshman is hard to equal. 117 Alford, Arhelger, Ayala, Nancy Sherrall Celia Bald ' , B , Freshman girls, Diane Swan, Laurie Jones, Linda Real, Carovfm 1322356 Iigrlginhover Francie Sclimerbeck, Marilyn Revely, Jan Weaver, Beth Mosty, Betty Fossler, Carlynn Pressler, and Jane Williams are found gorging and gossiping at a slumber party. Benedict, Bi ehl er, Boyd , Brew ton, Chipm an, Chipm a 11, Brad Lee Jean David Ronnie Sandra Chipman, Cloudt, Cole, Council, Covert, Covert, Shirley Walter June Don Carol Joe Wayne ll8 X if t. J in Cowden, Crider, Danz . Daves, Davidson, Davila, Mike Lois Sheila Lynette Robert Martha Decker, Durbon, Edington, Evertson, Ferguson, Flores, Danny Diana David James Shirley Margo FOFSIQI. FOSS1613 FU-Fr. Freshmen industriously redecorate their homecoming float Robbie Betty Dale which was previously ruined by rain. G111esp1 e, Gray , Harm on, Hart, Hart ung, Mike Clara Judy Jim Al 119 Hill, Hunnicutt, Hunt, Jackie Cheri David Freshmen huddle together cheering their football team on to victory. Hurst, HYdef JCHHiHgS. Gary Mary Mike Jones, Jones, Jones, Kaufhold, Klein, Kuykendall Laurie Melvin Roy Don Tansy Danny Kay Larson, Lay, Leinweber, Lenard, Lohman, McCoy, Craig Kathie Ralph Molly Ann James 120 . K if I' N ella.-vi f 'ph' Q kv- , nga at x Y . 21 , R LS ,G . i,,.-.qv , M ' 4 McDaniel, McMurtrey, Monroe, Monroe, Morris, Mosty, Betty Charles Andy Rick Gloria Beth Quint -'FSL Pancoast, Penney. Sharon Terry A . ,.V ' .. if 1 A r?,LE'5': 'fl Y 3 f fit, ' , Q,,. MVN, ' f ja Mi t it rr r rr M 1 ,'i',i f ,irr M 1 i Priour, Real, Gary Linda 96 1 Nr Peschel, Pfiester, POPE, PT 6551611 Jimmie Robert Vera Caflyfln mf Ji K iff' if 'K xg' X ff a M af-ie A , 7- , Q V 35 X Revely, Marilyn Reynier, Rittimann, Rittimann, Odette Janice Kathy Victorious Freshman team in action. 121 'W' Roberts, Ruff, Russell, Lydell William Linda Alert Freshmen voice suggestions for their homecoming Sandidge, Schmerbeck, Schoenewolf Goat' Mike Francie Danny y Schofield, Schw ethelm , Schwiening, Sherwood, Skeen, Smith, David Phyllis Jim Pat April Cynthia Stieler, Stone, Sto ut, Sumner , Swan, Sway ZS, Diann ReDonr1a Johnny Jo Ann Diane Jack 122 Taylor, Thurman, Turner, Valencia, Vargas, Vela, Jim Rusty Karen Linda Susie Javier 41- wade, Wagner, Wagner, Wea ver, Wehm eyer, Wells, Kathy Al Rex Jan Sharon Buddy In a jovial mood, James McCoy, David Edington, Danny Schoenewolf, Rex Wagner, and David Schofield cut up at the teen tavern after a football game. West, Williams, Williams, Bill Jane Louis A ' f ns I 7, Williams, Wilson, Wilson, A Woolbright, Wright, Young, Thelma Delia Diana Barbara La Verne Allen 123 ET H E 126 tivy salutes 128 tivy Sweethearts 131 best citizen 132 sehool favorites 138 Class favorites 144 Whcfs who 151 student of the year TI ...TIM JOHNS, SCHOLAR AND TENNIS PLAYER. . .A junior, Tim won recognition for himself by winning the l3-AAA singles crown as asoph- omore. This year Tim is captain of the Tennis team, a member of Stu- dent Cotuicil, National Honor Soci- ety, "T" Association, and a semes- ter honor roll student. . . .JOHN MOSTY, TIVY DEBA TOR. . . A junior, this marks Iohn's fourth year as an outstanding debator. As a sophomore he won second in State AAA Debate competition. Art Editor of the ANTLER Staff, a member of the National Honor Society, he is also vice-president of the Univer- sity lnterscholastic League Club. 126 . . .KATHIE CHILDS, TATLER STAFF BUSINESS MANAGER AND HONOR STUDENT...Kathie has been a member of the TATLER Staff for two years. She is also a member of Antlerettes, Future Teachers of America, and her ability to achieve academically won her membership in National Honor Societyas a sopho- more. LUTES... LINDA MCCORMICK, HONOR AND OUTSTANDING MEMBER...Linda has won a in the District and Regional for two consecutive years. is a member of the National Society and was selected by class as a best citizen nominee. . . .LEWIS SCHULTZ, OUTSTANDING VOCATIONAL AGRICULTURE STU- DENT...Lewis and his Columbia Breeding Sheep won Champion Ram and Ewe honors at the Dalla s, Houston, El Paso, and Kerr County Livestock Shows. He received the DeKalb Ag- ricultural Award for both high grades and superior farming projects for 1961-62. He was a member of the Livestock Judging Team as a senior. I! ...CATHY CARDEN, ANTLERETTE TWIRLER AND HONOR STUDENT. . . Cathy has not only excelled academ- ically, but is also one of the Antlerette twirlers. President of Future Teachers of America, she is a member of the National Honor Society anda semes- ter honor roll student. Cathy also serves on the TATLER Staff. 127 CHQSE THE E TO Karen Kinsel Football Future Farmers of America Kathie McCarty Vocational Industrial Club Allen Stieler Future Homemakers of America REPRE E T US... MEN Tony Crenshaw Antlerettes Tina Plummer University Interscholastic League Joan Dell Weaver Band LET EC LLYGU EETHE RT 1 1 La Verne Frazier Bob Schmerbeck Chorus Warenetta Gowan Bobby Jenschke Library Club 4 35:2 bww 4. N, '32, ""'Na. Hx -J Q , ,L fy , ,1-b W 'SN' was . Q i ,gf 'S QQ ff gb, X K QQ w ,Y HSQV' gf 1- .E,'. . ..,.,wf . y 4 Nm ' 5 most handsome TONY CRENSHAW 132 most beautiful NANCY THURMAN 133 most popular boy BOB SCHMERBECK most versatile boy TUFFY FLETCHER 136 most versatile girl KAREN CAT ON 137 ANDSO MINEE Jam es Mc Coy Freshman Stacy Sutherland Sophomore Bobby Doran Junior BE UTIF M NEES V 1 Melinda Gunter Senior Cheryl Fertch Sophomore Beth Mosry Freshman PQPULAR BUY NQMINEES Ray Bird Sophomore. Javier Vela Freshman 140 POPUL R GIRL MIN JE Jean Woodland Junior K Q -1 of? ff' 'I if Sandra Talbert Sophomore ,-w""" Q V? Linda Valencia Freshman VERSATILE BOY NOMINEES Bill West Freshman Don Berry Sophomore Kenny Ahrens Junior 142 'fl ER TILE GIRL MINEES Julia Wendal Junior Suzanne Scharnberg Sophom ore Carlynn Pressler Freshman 143 girvice archer As a winner of the National Council of Teachers English Award, Girvice Archer not only brought recognition to Tivy but also to himself. President of the National Honor Society, Girvice, who is a six year band member, also serves thatorganization as vice-president. A previous member of Who's Who, he is secretary of University lnterscholastic League club, and a member of the ANTLER Staff and Future Teachers of America. Participating in tennis for the sixth year, Girvice has earned a tennis letter and is a member of "T" Association. karen bruns Holding offices as president of Future Home- makers of America, vice-president of Future Teachers of America, vice- president ofAnt1erettes, and treasurer of National Honor Society is Karen Bruns. Karen, who has lettered three years in tennis and Girls' Sports Association, is assistant sports editor of the ANTLER and a second year member of Who's Who. HO' 144 mary florence koch Completing her third year on the TATLER Staff, Mary Florence Koch has the position of co-editor. Her participation in other organizations is not limited, however, for she is reporter of the senior class and Future Teachers of America, secretary of the National Honor Society, a member of Ant- lerettes and Girls' Sports Association. HO 'F' 'Xpr- wt . ,, , ., - 1 ,G 5, , 54 if: J Q 3 lf Rm -. 4 if 3 , , W tuffy fletcher A four year scholarship to Texas Agricultural and Mecha nical College was earned by Tuffy Fletcher for his athletic ability. He has earned letters in football and basketball and was selected as co- captain of the 1962 Antler team. Tuffy who was selected Most Versatile Boy, is president of the "T" Association. 145 ' f f'- r -f.,,.,. , bcmb eHiott Cake sales, senior day, commencement, senior rings, and invitations are among the responsibili- ties of Senior class President Bob Elliott. Very active in sports, Bob has earned two letters in football and track. A second year member of Who's Who, he is sports editor of the Antler Staff and holds the office of treasurer of the "T" Association. 146 karen kinsel Being head cheerleader, chaplain of Student Comi- Cil, and president of Girls' Sports Association, Karen Kinsel leads a busy school life. Chosen sweetheart of the football team and Future Farmers of America, Karen is also senior class treasurer and a member of National Honor Society. She has lettered in volleyball three years. HO' l 1 'ffE'f1?tf K aevy 'VY sandra talbert Sandra Talbert's accomplishments include two that are rarely achieved by a sophomore student: Who's Who and cheerleader. President of the soph- omores, she represents her class as Most Popular sophomore girl and sophomore editor of the ANTLER. Sandra, who is parliamentarian for Future Home- makers of America, lettered in volleyball and Girls' Sports Association. HO if HQ 47 tw, it t cu an R? '51 time ' ,1kwff?,,j,zf - . gf as , 1 we lv eww, , . fm Q.. M Q si 4 Q, 1 7 r --4 P Viv b ob schmerbeck Most Popular Boy, Bob Schmerbeck is an active student at Tivy. President of the chorus, Bob was also named to the regional chorus and selected as a chorus sweetheart. He is president of the University Interscholastic League club, reporter of Student Council, and a member of the Antler Staff. A second year letterman in tennis, Bob is G W r N rf a member of the "T" Association. ,V it arm ,D N, Q, 'fix 'Q 3 '52, 'am Neff , ,.- A 'P f :Zi 147 K 'php J , - ig f 1 . K v s, craig mc Coy Winner of the Harriet Garrett Award, for High Scholastic Standing, and a member of' the Honorable Mention All-District football team are amongthe honors received by Craig McCoy. He lettered in basketball and football and is a member of the track team. A "T" Association member, he is also fire marshall of the Student Council. 148 Vicki mosty "Hectic" describes Vicki Mosty's busy sche- dule for cheerleader and editor of the ANTLER are two jobs which require time and responsib- ility. Nevertheless, she finds time to participate in Future Homemakers of America, Future Teachers of America and serves as an alternate member of Student Council. Vicki has lettered in volleyball and Girls' Sports Association and was voted Most Popular Girl. HO' V, . f mi-,r-,..ffr,.,,.,. , .. y , , ,,., - f , W ,. . nancy Williamson Keeping the yearbook staff operating efficiently is the main job of Nancy Williamson as ANTLER business manager. Nancy's scope of activities is not limited, however, for she also serves as Antlerette lieutenant, alternate cheerleader, music director of Future Hornemakers of America, and member of Future Teachers of America. She, as a Girls' Sports Association member, earned a let- ter in volleyball. HO , , ff IL. QV, ,. I 'I + , V1 A j 4 ' V L r 'i lt-P ' V ' ' , : 1 i amp, 2 if t , ' " if L t K :X - . ff 1 tr ' " . , r Il ! N "H ,F - , tg .-, r- aim, , . in 'Q M A' V r I Q W , E x . r 4. V V V f , W, , -at ' 1 ,V tu ' " V' ' F ' nun-audi! i , li V V A , f it ,li ff """"""""' -""' X' ' , Q W. K H wwf A 'paw +1 ! 1 if ,, I :gf ' l 'V' J' S ,. , , ,, 1 ' 1" M! -L ' , ' I r, r2f,:a'.:-pw., 'f..t.,.fV.4 , 1- l F . . ff.-a - - i V. 'L K ,V I , V V . V ' it ' Tiff' V ' . ., 5 "' ,, , , t 1 - - .,,, --2 ' . - A aww f,LX ,gT, , H J 'I V 4: A f ' 4 ' ,, 1 ' -- " ,, , V. ' ' i ' ' X A 1 :VZ '3 ' L' ' V, ,Q 1'-ef S' 7 V' ,, W, " ' Yfv W ' ' f -,.. l sh! r an ,I 5 . Sf"--Y K 3. in is U if ,A -4 jo, L Igsab: 5 li 9 air 11, allen stieler Entering in stock shows, competing in meat judging contests and shearing lambs are impor- tant phases in the life of the Future Farmers of America President Allen Stieler. He is also active in sports, having lettered in football and track for three years. He was selected to the Honorable Mention All-District football team and holds the office of vice-president of the "T' Association. Allen was chosen by the Future Home- makers of America as their sweetheart and is vice-president of the senior class. 149 v beatrice Walker scott stehling President of the Library Club, treasurer of Uni- versity lnterscholastic League Club, and sergeant- at-arms of the Student Council are among the of- fices held by Scott Stehling. This year he served the junior class as vice-president and was a cast member of the junior play, "Our Town." Scott who won second in state competition for debate as a sophomore, lettered this year in University interscholastic League and is a member of the National Honor Society. 150 Many hours spent working after school is the price paid by co-editor of the TATLER, Beatrice Walker. Her remaining time is divided among Student Council for which she is secretary, Na- tional Honor Society, and reporting for the chorus. HO' HO ,a.,,, Mfg- -cc, ,, ,. f ., , ,,,,,,f, 1 N '- A 'Y ULA: 9 gg ' r . .c L cn c vs L 3 -fmmifn Q fr 2- Karen's activities are as numerous as the spots on the dalma- tians. Throughout her high school days Karen has stood out as a leader in numerous scholastic and extracurricular activities. As class editor she ends four years of work on the ANTLER Staff, Elected by the student body to serve as president of the Student Council exemplifies her versality and popularity. The Daughters ofthe AmericanRevolution selected her on the basis of leadership, scholarship, and character for the honor of Best Citizen. A mem- ber of Antlerettes, Future Teachers of America and Girls' Sports Association, Karen also has earned three tennis letters. A three year member of Who's Who, Karen was selected by the student body as the Most Versatile Girl. As a deserving final for her high school days we salute Karen Caton as Student of the Year. 5 l 'stu Alu N10 "K I 1 as X., 1 4 di A-Ja. I K A ,ig gt in K, , Q' Q cyiipp :asf El 1? ,en . . .. For you, the students of Tivy High School, this volume was created. May it evoke your high school days of 1961 and 1962. l . . .the days of classes and quizzes, of studying and learningg of weekend dates and partiesg the days of football games. . .bus tripsg ' the days of elections and meetings, of committees and honors. . . Those special days when you studied fought, won, lived, loved, and formed l ...A PATTERN OE' LIFE 7 . , 1 i 1 is 1 'IFE' a Jifl .V . I l gs 51? 5, E , if I., iv U V, , L wa i E L, rf' hw x r ,f f .. a ix, 'L ' N ' 4 X !! f , 'f . jf ! U. iii N I o ab fi ' , 1, , If 'y,v.:" .ff 4..- - f w x 1 I 1 1 1 .v - -Rf. , ,M- E L y l. f 'N 1 2 X 4 i I +5 1 . 'E ,lg ,-f ,I 3. J. 5 2 'w 5 . ., -,.,.., f zI'BC"': ' ' 4

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