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K .5 if Tie F55 . .fin f cg Lv- ' iii? lxiiif Sf , 'e- ,wa as 1.4 '1 w v YJ. N. iv' 5 1 IS EI J 4 L 1 4 4 4 4 Y 'VHA-mNhl,1y MV!!! -4, , Q Q ' I N . J 1 . ai v -111 3 ' I rx . 4 EL i 5 A? f , 1 iss 13,7 ' ta I z. J t"e'f r N w . Q - 2 if V 4 Q F ,-P. 1 nf - 4 I L 5 4 Q -. : W as G X X. ,. ,Bs 1. J 1 V' .. r" F L cmller staff Z Q Af: I PPESQ campu ology What rnoreis the Tivy"Ant1er" thana mernorybook of the past year's campus life? The 1955 staff has s ele c ted just that for its theme this year--Tivy's Campusology. New faces appeared in 1955, Tivy's phys- ical appearance was altered and changed, but still the Tivy spirit may be found permeating the entir e campus. As We see the past year in a modern perspective, certain evidence reveals to us that the outlook of the schoolis broadening and improving, but we still see the old Tivy and the special meaning its "Campusology" has to each of us. 3 I inf memorq of Each evening, as the lights grow dim, I lay my hand on the Book of God, And naturally my thoughts turn to Him, The one who made me from a clod. As I open up the Book, I find Will I, a, new Tomorrow That a new Day I He gave to me, The pages are tattered and torn, Scarred, from use, age, and time, But the beauty of Truth is unworn. As the pages unfold one by one, Many thoughts caress my mind, Will I live to see the rising sun? find? No--He didn't guarantee would findg But the Book is a consolation Something to ease my mind. Yes, I know someday He'l1 call me. Then I'1l tread the lanes He trodg But my soul will be able to look back and see, Evening--and the Book of God. BY JOHN SIDNEY HARRIS who will always be remembered and loved by Tivy and his many friends., These words, which have been the basis of Tivy spirit, were given to us by one who has generously given of her time and tal- ent with the desire to deepen and strengthen the loyalty of each individual who has pass- ed through Tivy. Each day her students leave school with a song in their hearts and a real appreciation of the b e auty of music. For the many years of inspiration both in song and story, we dedicate this book to you, Mrs. Lavene Bennett. 3-, "Tivy fight to win this game, Let's put our shoulders to the wheel For we're behind you man to man Each with that Tivy spirit real. We will fight for every yard, And to Tivy we'll be true. Fight and fight them hard, And cheer again for the Gold and Blue." dedic ON si? l- Y 1 P 'X V "X I x ,mow Ez? ww-A 'ff .- , x r ,f 'ax ,1 :X fu 0 0 w W 0 superintendent principal and counselor fcicultq ,ri Q '- 5 5, 1 w o our ti . i ,, .K ,l .... Q -151,55 5 5 pi g 5 'if ' a s sf , 7 Wife I .,iQi1w,giQ,- its 'W . 1 5 .Q g- ,mgs g sift - if siting ' W 'ff ' ' 'iw-nl To the Students of Tivy: I take great pride in you, the Students of Tivy, and in knowing that you are my friends and fellow workers. It is through your cooperative efforts as a fine student body that our Tivy has grown into one of the leading schools of the State. Your sincerity and trustworthiness are deeply appreciated by the administration and faculty, making it possible for us to live and work together in an informal atmosphere, and experience a closeness of students and faculty that is the envy of many of my colleagues. I feel very humble in the position that I hold, knowing that the hopes and aspirations of our generation are soon to be your responsibilities. I am confident that you are' much better prepared to cope with the complexities of an uncertain future than those of us who have preceded you. I wish you success and vigor in tg, your assignment. Sincerely yours, E.L, Wildman, Superintendent leaders QQX Tivy High School is very for tunate inhaving Mr. John Sandidge as its pr inc i pal. During his administration, ' Tivy has grown both physically and mentally. Under his - fine leadership and with his extreme interest in the school, Tivy will continue to live and row. ll m Mrs. Florence We i s s is an influ- ential factor to the students in Tivy both as a faculty member and a friend. As guidance counselor, Mrs. Weiss instructs and guides students daily in their decisions of selecting colleges and professions. In her is found an earnest desire to encourage Tivy students, and she is well qual- ified to help them with their prob- lems. IS THIS A QUlLTlNGABEE?...Mrs. Mary Hirth, Mr. E-.L. Wildman's sec- retary, spends her leisure hours after s chool quilting., She has spent about three months quilting this particular one and is quite proud of it.i THE BIG FISHERMAN. . .School is out and Mr. Bill Oliver, agriculture instructor, pre- pares for one of his favorite pastimes, a week-end fishing trip. Under Mr. Oliver's instruction, Tivy's agriculture department has won top honors. cmd our friends SHAKESPEAREK, U Q Enjoying a book on the lawn of her home is Mrs. Zelma Hardy, English teacher. Mrs. Hardy teaches jun- ior and senior English and is s pon s o r of Tivy's chapter of Future Teachers of Amer- ica, which is named in her honor. THE TWELFTH "MAN". . . Mrs. Mary Will- son has been known for years to both teachers and students as the football team's pet Coach. Besides being awonderful English teacher, she alway s has a kind word, along with a pat on the ba.ck,for the team. on the focultq MUSIC IN THE MAKING. . Perhaps Mr . John Armstrong's favorite subject besides band is his little son, Johnny. If the musical instruction is continued, "Little John" will grow up to be another "Big John." Mr. Anmstrong is Tivy's band director. TIME OUT. . . . What is more relaxing than if as f 2 532. Qi GLORIES OF A NEW HOME. . .Mrs. Gloria Richards a r r a n g e s some new pictures which help decorate her home in which she did mo s t of the interior decorating. Mrs. Richards t e a c he s English and Spanish in Tivy. FATHER LIKE SON. . . . Could that be a bas- an evening of T'V" PT oviqing that it is ketball that little Joe is holding? If it is, music ? This is agood question to ask Mrs. Lavene Bennett, director of the junior and senior chorus. Her answer might be ----- "That sounds great!" Mr. Preston Charnbli s s is working over time! He is the basketball c oach at Tivy and also teaches bookkeeping and typing. OBTECT ol P :mm Tmcszis A: awe To mov--:Orr me were-Q of in if ae, school church, sz: T9 S the standards of Sas quide cmd THINK. . . Mr. John Wagner who te a c h e s algebra, trigonornetry, and physics gets a great deal of relaxation in r e ading. His students are particularly interested in his remarkable ability to make difficult cours es so easily understood and interesting. T53 RE adsqwme Laws is SN :fiom ca! chiidremt and MADAME PRESIDENT. . . Mrs. Lorene Swayze who teaches sociology is also president of Tivy's P a r e n t Teachers Association. Being president of such an organization not onlyrequires a person who can promote its objects, but one who lives up to them. Mrsu Swayze is undoubtedly that person! BIG PLANS. . . Mr. Earl Cochrane s e e m s very proud of the small construction which some of his mechanical dr aw in g students made. He is responsible for encouraging his students to build for a better tomorrow and has done well in doing so. CARE FOR A TOBY JUG?, . ,If you are in- terested in unusual hobbies, visit Mrs. Jessie Wilson, Tivy's his to ry and Civics teacher. Her hobby is collecting toby jugs and she can probably tell you an interesting story of each one! , X: E: , . 'fxgily . 1 A fl ,, is ,......,,...........------, Instruct us A STITCH IN TIME. . .Whata marvelous pastime--sewing! Mrs. Pat Burton, sec- retary, certainly is fortunate when it comes to stitching up something, especially when that something is upholstery! WORKING WORK? . . . Mr. Clifton Ma.ckey's hobby is probably not pulling weeds, but he does enjoy working in his yard. Perhaps he could derive some devic e in his shop classes to helphim when it comes to a back- bending task! SWEET AS A KITTEN,,.,Mrs., Lloyd Luna., speech teacher and director of the junior and s enior plays, simply loves pets! Her favoriteisher pet kit- ten to which she loves t teach tricks. THE PAUSE THAT REFRESHES. . . Between classes Mrs. Elizabeth Furman who teaches English finds time for a short refreshment in the lounge. Englishand cokes are really a necessity for her! i in our classes WHAT APROBLEM. . . Mr., Calvin Hibler is Tivy's b i olog y and chemistry instructor. One of the mostvaluable things available to his chemistry students is learning the con- venience of the slide rule. He gets a lot done with the "large econorny" size slide rule in his classroom! CATCHING UP. . . Miss J une Hender- son, who is sponsor of the Antler and Tatler Staffs, enjoys her favorite pas- time, reading, while she rests on a couch in her apartment. She is also a junior high English teacher. GOING FOR A RIDE? . . . Practically every- one enjoys going riding in the evening, especially Mr. Foster Miller, Tivy's head coach. Kerrville is such a pretty town that those evening rides are quite welcomed and particularly liked by him. A MAN'S BEST FRIEND. . .Mr. Louis Burton had been holding out on everyone until this picture was taken. The "birdie" finds that besides teaching algebra and coaching tennis, he likes pets! cmd activities SWISI-1!. . .Did someone see a golfball go by? Mrs. Nell Swayze, dietitian at Tivy, enjoys her spare time by taking a few holes of golf. If she does as well on the g r een as in the cafeteria, she's sure to win! ART ENTHUSIAST. . . Tivy's art te ac he r and ex-student, Miss Gretchen Kuhlmann, examines proudly some masterpieces from her own c ollec tion. Art is her greatest interest from every standpoint. A HUNTING I DID GO...Perhaps if someone isinterested, Mr. D.A. Mills, distributive education instructor , would like to tell his story of "the one that did not get away! " He has proof, too, as revealed in the pictur NIMBLE FINGERS. . . Miss Virginia Surber has a talent that many people would like to have--piano playing! As s p on s o r of the Future Homemakers and also t e a. c h e r of home e c on orni c s, she used her valuable talent many 'times . BULL'S EYE! . . . Among the many sports which Miss Georgia Grif- fith is inter- ested in and alsoinstructs is a r c h e r y. She gotabull's eye with that last shot, no doubt! Mis s Griffith has several phys- ical education classes anclis sponsor ofthe Antlerettes. in accordance HAVING TROUBLE'?. , . "Mr, Always Smil- ing" could express Mr.Alfred Peters' very amiable personality, even when he is having car troubles! He teaches biology in Tivy and is well liked by all his students, MAKE MINE MUSIC.. . Miss L ellah Nix, speech corrcctionist, always has time for a few minutes of pl e a s ur e. Her favorite pastime is listening to records. T E A TIME. . Miss Dorothy Bohoc's hobby is collecting demi - ta s s e cups and sau- cers. The cup an d s a u c e 1' she is holding is her favor- ite ofthe col- lection. This hobby reflects her interest in home eco- nomics! 18 TIME FOR A "TlME". . . Mr. W.C. Akin spends many of his conference hours in the lounge catching up on his c ur r ent events. He teaches algebra and plane geometry in Tivy. cmd illinqlq Mi? 4' K SOMEONE SAY EARRINGS? . . .Earrings are Mrs. Margaret Franke's favorite subject. Sometimes she has a hard time deciding just which pair she likes the best! Mrs. Franke is the school nurse and is known throughout Tivy for her friendliness. REMEMBER WHEN . . . Reminiscing abouthis for- mer football d a y s . M r . Gene Agleton l o 0 k s over posters and p i c t ur es in his collect- ion. Mr. Ag- leton teaches drivers edu- c a tio n and coaches the "B" team in football. HIKE-1-2-3! . . . Mr. Tom Daniels' little son may not realize it, but his father is in the process of training him for the future Tivy Antler team! Mr. Daniels is the line coach of the football team and also teaches social studies in junior high. ME AND MINE. . . Posing with a picture of her namesake is Tivy's librarian, Mrs. Florence Mills. As head of one of the most important departments in school, Mrs. Mills fulfills her duty in a thorough manner. THE P ER F E C T T Y P E. . . Getting ready for a shop- ping spree is Miss Mildred Willman. She is the new typ- ing and shorthand teacher at Tivy. M i s s Willman is also in charge of the production room. 19 student government who's who classes class nominees school favorites Z f. a 1 1 0 0 U MR. PRESIDENT. . . Joe Fitc h, president of the Student Council, is well-known throughout s chool. He has shown his en- thusiastic Tivy spirit by his interest in all school endeavors. OPERATION PEP -RALLY. . . Mrs. Flor- ence Weiss, Student Council sponsor, and Kinnan Golemon, vice-president, plan the seating arrangement for pep-rallies in the new gym. student BUSINESS BEFORE PLEASURE. . .The Student Council officers fleft to rightl, Mary Ann Stovall, s e c 1' e tar yg Sandy Floyd, reporterg Alta Hargreaves, parliamentariang John McDaniel, fire marshall, Mr. John Wagner, spon- sorg Joe Fitch, pre sidentg and Mrs. Florence Weiss, sponsor, meet during lunch in the libraryto discuss bus- iness of the next meeting. PLOTTING? . . . To alleviate the parking problem, the Student Coun- cil members planned and marked off sections of the parking lot. Helping on this project were fleft to rightj JohnMcDaniels, Gary Ebensberger, Carolyn Klein, Harriet Holton, and ' Kathryn Baker . P government HANDBOOKS ..Qno A n e e d e d contribution to the s c ho ol s activities was the handbook which first appearediithis year. Arnong the many who gave willingly of their time and efforts in order that this handbook might be a success were Sandy Floyd, George Hardy, Laverne Jones, and Lois Simler, Cleft to rightj . COURTESY FIRST. . . Working on one of the many tudentCouncil's projects are Cleft to right! Berlene 'letcher, Janine Kaiser, Gwen Parker and Byron Vatts. A bulletin board was put up in the cafeteria o post courtesy rules and announcements. FINAL DECISION ..... Each Wednesday the Student Coun- cil meets to discuss school problems and projects. The twenty one me mb e r s each I represent a home room in high school. They are Cleft I to rightj B obby Blackburn, Bubba Barlow, Berlene Fle tc he r, Rachel Butler, Katherine Baker, Gary Eb- ensberger, Carolyn K1 e in, Karen Harden, Alta Har- greaves, Gwen Parker, Har- riet Holton, Joe Fitch, John McDaniel, Janine Kaiser, Kinnan Goleman, Mary Ann Stovall, Lois Simler and La- verne Jones. George Hardy, Byron Watt s, and Sandra Floyd are not pictured. sy i it l 1 ii S C 1 '33 UP GOES OLD GLORY... Each rn o rning stu- dents pay tribute to our nation with a moment of silence while the flag is being raised. Cleft to rightl Bubba Barlow, Karen Hardin, and Bobby Blackburn were in charge of raising the flag that morning. tivL4's outstanding k I nnan golemon Tivy's number one student this year is a junior. Kinnan's participation in school activities, along with his personality, leadership and character make up and facilitate the accomplishments that have accredited him this high position. Kinnan is active in all sports, having lettered in football and bas- ketball. He serves his school as vice-president of the Student Council and is also vice-president of his class. He is a staunch member of the National Honor Societyand the Antler Staff. He was chosen as Most Versatile Boy of the junior class. Among his other honors are 2nd place in District and 3rd place in Regional in slide rule. Kinnan also enjoys swimming and other outdoor sports. He plans to attend Rice Institute and major in geology. Our congratulations to Tivy's top man! 2.4 X ating this May, Clyde plans to attend college and X very successful frommanystandpoints. His X Councilgpresident of the senior classg Choral students Clyde barlow What girl wouldn't be excited to have a date with this outstanding Tivy Student. Besides dating, Clyde enjoys singing, swimming, and watching television. He spends his summers working for the Coca-Cola Bottling Company. After gradu- study to be a dentist. His senior year has been accomplishments are: treasurer of the Student Clubg Most Handsome Boyg B a s k e t b a ll Teamg and member of the All-State Chorus. Nix S jane dyer X Popular, cute, and talente d are traits belonging to Jane. Though she is usually busy with school activi- ties, Jane finds time for an occasional "chit-chat" on the phone. She sews marvelously and always keeps up with the latest song hits. These accomplishments have kept her busy this yearg business manager of the Tatlerg reporter of the Choral Clubg secretary of the Senior Classg Antlerettesg and Senior Play Cast. gary ebensberger X In Gary's restful moments you mayfindhim leisurly playing his horn., This tall guy has a well famed ' ll title around Tivy, "The Young Man With The Horn.. One of Gary's main inter e sts is his dance band which he di r e c t s himself. The accomplishments putting him in Who's Who are: Student Councilg f h Drum Major of the Bandg Best All Ar ound Boyo t e sophomore classy treasurer of the sophomore classg ' ' l B nds. and a member of the District and Regiona a who have joe fitch .Toe is a senior who puts plenty of drive behind the class of '55. His liveliness and wonderfulsense of hu ' ' ' mor make him an addition to any hi l a r io u s gathering. Abornleader, Joe has contributed much to Tiv d y an should be an asset to anycollege that he attends. He likes to c olle c t guns and ft Q o en goes hunting with his antiques. J'oe's accomplishments for this year are: president of the Student Councilg Choral Clubg and Tennis Team. sandy floyd A winning personality and the ability to write h ave made Sandy an outstanding pe r s on in Tivy But writing is only one of her interests. Sandyalso en- Joys car ing for her pets. The accomplishments which have placed her in Who's Who are: Tatler Staffg reporter of the Student Councilg N.H.S.3 Choral C . . . . lub, and third place in Regional Interscholastic League Journalism. A soft voic e plus a personality ' that is full of fun have won Betty N many friends and honor s. Be- i sides her school activities, she is an active member in the com- munity as a secretary in the Chamber of Commerce. During the evenings at home, Betty en- joys keeping a scrapbook. Her accomplishments at Tivy are: editor of the Tatlerg vice-pres- ident of the Antlerettesg Choral Clubg recording secretary of F. T. A. g and Most Popular Girl. N be.. gm. X alta hargreaves Alta is a p e r fe c t blending of intelligence, poise, and beauty. As a hard and dependable worker, she excells in whatever she undertakes. Being gifted in many fields, Alta divides her interests and ta- lents among music, sports, studies, and just being a fine and sincere friend. Her accomplishments include: Antle r Staffg parliamentarian of Student C ouncilg N.H.S. 5 F. T.A. 3 and Volleyball Team. excelled 4 5 if arlene hargreaves One of the most conscientious members of the senior class this year is a girl whose abilities shine in every activity which she enters. This is Arlene! By teach- ing little childr e n in a Sunday school class, she is gaining early experience in teaching. She enjoys be- ing around children which is essential in planning to major in elementary education. Among her activities this ye ar are: president of the F. T.A.3 vice-pres- ident of the N. H.S. gAntlerettesg Volleyball Teamg and nancy helmann "Make yourself comfortable and listen to soft, sweet music" is Nancy's motto for leisure pastime! Be- sides that, she likes to write letters. Nancy, who always has a smile for everyone is better known a- round the halls of Tivy as "I-leinz". She really en- joys music and is a talented member of the Choral Club. Amongherother accomplishments are: Antlerettesg N.I-l.S.5 parliamentarian of the F.H. A. Junior Play Cast: F. T. A. 9 and Volleyball Team . merit CI place lucy ann nance With a sweet s inc e r e smile and a personality to match Lucy is a picture of pep and sparkle Along with being a very busy pe r s on in school and her community she cooks wonderfully and has really mastered the 'Jitterbug " Lucy takes an ac tive part in her church Work and plans to attend Aus tin College next year where she will major in Chris tian education During 1955 these many accomplish ments have made her an outstanding me mber of Who s Who editor of the Antler secretary of the N H S Senior Play Cast twirler of the Band State in ensemble twirling Stage band and member of th e District and Regional Bands elma real Cute clothes and a personality that's hard to beat, identify Elma. Her blond curly hair and immaculate grooming add to making her a good-looking senior. Elma exhibits her enthusiastic spirit as head twir- ler of the Band. Her other activities include: sec- retary of the Bandg president of F. H.A.: co-busi- ness manager of the Senior Playg social chairman of the Library Clubg N, H.S.g F. T.A.3 member of the District Bandg and State in ensemble twirling. buddy snow Buddy notedfor his sly, humorous remarks, has an engaging grin that goes Well with his friendly char- acter. An enthusiastic athlete, he spends most of his time at the gym or on the golf course. His accomplishments this year were: Tatler Staffg vice- president of the senior classg Most Versatile Boyg and captain of the Football Team. XXX X flo weiss A cheerful smile and a glimpse of soft red hair bring in Flo. You will always find her in the midst of act- ivity. On nice summer afternoons she enjoys a cool dip in the Water. Afte r graduation, Flo plans to prepare herselffor acareer in social work. Some of the many thing s credited to her are: business manager of the Antlerg point system secretary of the Bandg vice-president of the F.H.A.9 N.H.S.3 Senior Play Castg and member of the District Band. in who's who mary ann stovall "Carefree, vivacious, and always laughing," des- cribe Mary Ann. This cute little senior enjoys the summertime by Water skiing on the Guadalupe Riv- er. Besides water skiing, Mary Ann is an ardent te nni s enthusiast and represents the school at all meets. Her accomplishments include: secretary of the Student Councilg Antler Staffg F.H.A.g Ant- lerettesg and Most Beautiful Girl. Z X By an accumulation of points for various activities, these students have e ar ne d their positions in the Who's Who section this year. Each one has proved to both Tivy and the community that he is a Willing leader of tremendous ability. It is a privilege for the Antler Staff to present these top fifteen students . 29 senior Class ALLEY CATS. . . The band created quite an excitement for the Tivy Students when they opened and ran the bowling alley one Saturday afternoon. Clyde Barlow, president, Buddy Snow, vice-president, Betty Gates, reporter, and Jane Dyer, secretary-treasurer, s enior officers, were certainly in on the fun! ff, ,f"""'4-',."r.','4-,nd CHECKING OUT TIME. . . That 3:45 bell every s chool day means a quick glance for mail and checking out time for the senior sponsors: Mr. Bill Oliver, Mr. Preston Chambliss, Mr. John Wagner, Mrs. Zelma Hardy, Miss June Henderson, and Mr. Louis Burton fleft to rightl. MAXINE ADAMS "Pleasant. . Patient. . Polite. . " Volleyball '52-'53g F.H.A. '53g D.E. '54-'55, ' "TlE TIER" IN DEMAND. . . Larry Hester was the answer to this plea! NORMA ALLBRIGHT 1 "Saucy. . Stylish. . Sensible. . " F.H.A. '52-'54g Antlerettes '52-'55g G.S.A. '52-'55g Stu- dent Council '53g Chorus '54, JUDY ALEXANDER "Energetic, . Enlivening. . Enjoy- able. . " Antlerettes '53-'54g G.S.A, '53- '549 F.T.A. '559 F.H.A. '53-'55. VELOCITY, VECTOR, AND VOLUME. . . Physics GLENEVA ALLEN "Likeable. . Lighthearted . Loquacious. . " G. S. A. '52-'53g Volley- ball '51 -'53g Antlerettes '52-'543 D.E. '54. class doesn't seem to be a task for these intel- ligent Einsteins! IRENE ALLISON mirable. ." '55, "Agreeable. . Appealing. . Ad Band '51-'553 F.H.A. '51-'53g Chorus '52-'55g Sextette '53- 1 4 1 Y ' RAYMOND AYALA "Good-natured. . . Genial. .Gregari- ous. . " "T" Assn. '52-'54g Rep. '54: Antlerette Sweet- heart '54g Foot- ball Mgr. '55g D. E. '55, CLYDE BARLOW "Very Versatile. . Vivacious. . " '52 Class Vice-Pres.: '53 Class Sec.: '54 Class Vice- Pres,: '55 Class Pres.: Handsome Soph.g Student Council '52-'55g Treas. '55g Fire Marshall '54g Chorus '53-'55g Pres. '53g Bas- ketball '52-'55. WINFIELD BETTY "Magnetic ....... Mischievous ..... Merry. . "3 Band '50-'52, SQYNIOPS KATH.RYN BAKER ROGER BAKER "Serene. . Serious. . Sincere . " "Witty, . Warm-hearted, , Win F.H.A. '51-'533 Chorus '5Z- some... " Tennis '52-'55. '54g Student Council '53-'55g D.E. '54-'55. BETTY BLACKWELL "Efficient, . Eager . . Earnest. . " Tatler '52-'55. JAMES BRADSHAW "Silent, . . Shy. . Steadfast." ARLAN JOE BERGMANN "Lively. . Likable. . Liberal. Library Club '55g Visual Ed '55, JAMES BULL. TA "Clever. . Conscientious. , "Dependable. . Delectable. . Cheerful. . " Deliberate. . " Band '52-'543 Tatler Staff F.H.A. '50-'54g Hist. '549 '54-'555 Sports Ed. '54S D.E. Club '54-'55g SSC. '54- Choral Club '55. JUANITA CHENAULT "Sweet. . Sophisticated. . " '52 D E '54 F.H.A.'51- , , , '55. ROSS CADDEL "Friendly. . Facetious.. " F. F. A. '51-'55g Jud. Team '53- '54g Rep, '54-'55. PAT BURRIER '55, JO GAYLE CHAMBERLAIN "Reticent. . Refreshing. . Reliant. . " F.H.A. '51-'52g Ant- lerettes '52-'545 3rd BOBBY CHESSER Dist, Spelling '54. "Entertaining... Easy- going. . Equitable. . " Visual Ed.. ',53g Foot- ball '5Z-'55g"T" Assn. '54-'55. I JERRY CHILES "Jovial. . Jolly. . Just. . " Tatler '53-'55g Asst. News Ed. '53-'55g Cir. Mag. '54-'55g Track '52-'55g Band '50-'55gAsst. Q,M. '53-'54g Head Q.M. '54- '55g Vice-Pres. '54-'55g All-Dist. Band '53-'54g Stage Band '53- '55. GET A HORSE. . .Master me- chanics under the hood tinkering with old Bessie, VERNA LOU CLABORN "Dignified. . Delight- ful. . Domestic. . " Volleyball '51-'5Zg Letter '5Zg F.H.A. '52-'5-'lg Antlerettes '52-'55g G.S.A. '52- '55, 33 BOBBY COUCH tent. . Cooperative . . " Chorus '54- '55: Jr. Play '53, GLENN CLEMENTS SHAS1-A CQOK "C3-1'e'f1'ee- - ChiPPe1'- - "Competent, . Conducible. . Content." Band '51-'55g Capable- 0 " FJ-LA, '52-'553 ViSua1Ed- '55- Hist. '533 Sec. '54g Dist. Parl. '54. CURTIS COVERT "Animated. .Audacious . .Agreeable. ." F.F.A. '52 '555 Vis. Ed. '53- '55. BILL DAVIS "Fun-loving. . Felicitous . .Fascinating. ." F.F. A. '52-'55g Parl. '54 Jud. Team '52g Football Mgr. '55g Student Council '5Z. JANE DYER "Golden-haired. . Graceful.. Glee- fu.l.." Ant. '53- JIMMY CURL '55s G.S.A. '53- "Thoughtful. .Tactful. ." 1555 Tatler 153- '55g Rep. '53g Ass. Ed. '54g Bus. Mgr. '55g Jr. Play '54g Who's Who '54g T.H.S.P.A. '5'4? Sec. '54g Choral '54-'55gRep. '54g Sec. '55. SCOTT EVANS "Modest. . Merry. . " F.,F.A. '52-'55. THERE THEY GO. . .It has always been a cus- tom for the seniors to leave assembly first, 34 "Courteous. . Con- JOE FITCH "Distinguished. . Determined. . Delightful. . " Declam. '52-'55g Chorus '53-'55g Tennis '53-'553 dent Council '54- '55g Pres. '55g "T" Assn.g Rep. '55. NORMAN FOREHAND "Western..Win- some. . Whole- hearted..." F.F.A. '53-'55g V.P. '54g Sec. '55. JACK FURMAN "Intel1ectual. . Interested. . Industrious. . " Slide Rule, lst .- Dist. '53g 2nd Reg. '53g 3rd Dist. '54g Znd .W , State '54g Jr. 5 P'aY '539 "T" J 'T 1 As S n ' 54 - ' 5 5 , ' ' erxiors Jr. Play '54g Stu- Football Mgr. '53g BERLENE FLETCHER "Glowing..Gay. . " Ants. '52-'55g lst Sarg. '55g Student Council '52-'55g F. H.A. '53-'55g Hostess '54g G.S.A. '52-'55g Chorus '53- '55. THOMAS FURMAN "Willing. . Wise. . Welcome. . " F.F.A,, '52-'55QR.ep. '53-'54g Pres. '54-'55g Jud. Team '52- '54g D,E. '54-'55g V. P. Z Tat- ler '54-'55. BETTY GATES "GenerouS. . Crenteel. . Gleam- ing.. " Fresh. Presg Ants. '53-'55g G.S.A. '53-'55g Jr. Sec.3 Jr. Playg Versatile Jr.g Tatler '54-'55g Editor '55g Class Rep. '55g F. T.A., 3 Sec. '55g Chorus '55. 35 ELLENE FLETCHER "Lustrous, . Lively. . " Ants. '52-'55g Student Council '52g Cr.S.A. '53-'55g F.H.A. '53-'55g Hostessg Chorus '54. KAY FRANKLIN Petite. . Peppy. . Practical. . " Band '52-'55g Dist. '54g Ma- jorette '52-'55g Sweetheart '53g Lib. '53-'55g F.H.A. '54-'55. H NANCY GARY "Populi-xr. .Pret- ty. . Peaceful. . " Flagbearer '53- '55g Chorus '54- '553 F.H.A. '52- '54g Historian '5Zg Songleader '53g Western Nom. '52-'53: Queen '54g Pop- ular Soph.g Pop- ular Juniorg F, F.A. Sweetheart '55: Lib. Pres. '55. PAT GRONA JOE GUERRERO "Confident. . Cor- dial. . Content. . " Football '52, seniors "Spirited. .Sport- ive. . . " D.E. '54- '55. CHARLES GERLOFF JERRY GIRARD "Pleasant . Purposeful. . " "SineWy. .Studious. . Sure " Chorus '53-'55gAl1-State '54g Football '52-'55g "T" As n F.F.A. '51-'553 Jud. Team '53-'54g Track '52-'55 '54, DIANA HAMPSON "Gent1e. . Gracious. . Gay. . " Antlerettes '53-'553 Reporter '55g Tatler Staff '55g Assistant Editor '553 G.S.A. '54-'55g Chorus. SANDRA HARDEN "Adorable . . Audacious . . Ambi- tious. . " Antlerettes '53-'55g Cheerleader '54-'55g F.H,A. '52-'54g Football Sweetheart '54g Choral '52-'55g Trio '53g All-State Chorus '54g Sextette '54-'55g Junior Playg G.S.A, '53-'55g Vice-Pres. '53, 36 HAZEL GRONA "Grateful, . Gleeful . mm ARL ENE I-IARC: RE AV ES Talented. . Trim. . " '51-'55gP1-esidentg Vice-Pres. '54-'553 Pres. 'ESQ Antleretts Tennis '52-'553 Volley- ball team '51-'53. 'iff LOUIS HELMKE "Ass1stfu1. . Affable. . Attentive. . " Sr Chorus '52-'54g D.E. '54- RINCvS!... September 2 seniors! JERRY N. HARRIS "Refreshing. . Reassuring. . Reasonable. . " LARRY HESTER "Athletic. . Artistic. . Active.. " "T" Assn. '54-'552 Football team '52-'55g Sr. Chorus '54g Jr. Play '53g Track team '53g Declam. '535 3rd place in Dist. MIKE HOPPING Alert. .Animative Amazing. . " Antlerettes '53-'555 Treasurer '55g'Stu- dent Council '54g Rep, '54s G.S.A, '53-'555 Dist. Declam. '53, H was the day of days for 37 JERRY W HARRIS ll Jocular Jubulant. Jaunty. . IRENE HEINEN "Agile. . Assistful. . Athletic. . " Antlerettes '53-'543 Volleyball '52-'54g F.H. A. '52-'55g D.E '54-'55. HERMAN HEYLAND "Amiable. . Adventurous. . Amusing. . " Football '52-'55 "T" Assn. '53- '54g Vis. Ed. '52 '55, :?L....e...1, . ll. SANDY I-IUBER B OBB Y INGRAM "Sm:-ill. . Sunny. . Smiling. . " "Humorous. . Hearty. . Happy. . " Band '53-'55: Stage Band Class President '53g Popular '54-'55, Boy '53-'54g Football Mgr. '5Z3 Football '553 Basketball '53- '55g Visual Ed. '52-'53g Vice- President "T" Assn. '55. BILLY JONAS "G:-xllant. . Glad- some. .Genuine. " "T" Assn. '53- '55g Sr. Chorus '54-'55g Jr. Play '545 Social Chair - many Sr. Chorus '54-'55. LaVERNE JONES "Fair. . Faithful. . Foremost. . " G.S. RAYMOND KIRSCH "Careful, . Confident. . Courteous . . . " Tennis '53-'553 Lettered W '54. BARBARA N. KUHLMANN "Beaming. . Blistful. . Benign. . " Ant. '51-'553 Maj. '52-'54g Dr. Mjr, '553 Jr. Play '545 G.S.A. '51-'55g Tennis Team '52-'54g F.T.A. '553 Chorus '53-'55g Sextette '53-'55. A. '51-'55g Ant. '5l-'553 Pres. '54 '553 Chorus '54- '55. Jr. Play '54g Lib. Club '54-'55g Sec. '54g Student Council '54-'55. MARIAN KUNZ "Unwa.vering. . Under standing, , Upright. . " F.H. A. '52-'55g Chorus '54. JOHN LAINHAR T "Lanky. . Liberal. . " Lib. Club '55g Vis. Ed. '55. it-1' "T f TIMES HAVE CHANGED? Look one boy to seven girls. It's not fair' , ,A W-we BILLY JOE LEA "Winning, . Witty. . Willing. . " Manager '52g Footballg Trackg Basketball g Foot- ball '53-'55g Bas ketball '53-'54g Track '53-'54g Chorus '54g "T" Assn. '52-'55, WESLEY LOTT "Industrious. . Intelligent.. " State D.E. Rep. '553 Jr. Play '54g D. E. '55. BILLY W. MCDANIEL "Good-Natured. . Genial. . " Football '52-'55g "T" Assn. '53- '55, seniors 5,1 Q iQ? RANDALL LEATHERMAN NORA LOHMAN "Observerant. . Obedient. . "Diffident. . DGCOTOUS. . Obliging- - " Library Club '55. Band '52-'55g Stage Band '54- '55g V.P. '54g Pres. '55. JOHN MCDANIEL "Dashing. . Dynamic. . Discreet.. " Jr. Play '54g Who's Who '545 Chorus '54-'555 "T" Assn. '54g Football '52-'54g Student Council '53-'55g Parl. '54g Fire M, '55g N.H. S. '53-'545 Pres. '55, JOYCE MCKNIGHT "Peppy. . Polite. . Perspicacious. . " Band '52.. 39 BEVERLY LUTHER "Charming, . Constructive Contributive. . " Band '51-'55g Lib. Dist, '53-'54g Reg. State '53-'54. '53-'55 '53 ' 4 CAROL R. Mc- MAHAN "Capricious. .Cute . . Concerned. . " Chorus '54-'553 Antlerettes '54- '55, WAYNE MERRITT "Sporty. .Sturdy. . Sensible. . " Foot- ball '53-'55g Track '54g "T" Assn. '53-'55g Sec.- Treas. '54-'55g Vis. Ed. '54-'55, ALLENE MORRIS "Timid. . Truthful. Tolerant. . " D,E, '52-'55. seniors BETTY MAGOON "Sweet, . Sociable. . Sprightly. . . . " Band '553 F,H.A, '55. FRANCES TAYLOR MOSTY "Militant, . Modish. . Meticulous . . " F.H.A. '51-'52g Chorus '53-'545 D.E. '54-'55, NAN LAMBERT MOS TY "Nonchalant. .Neat. .Nice. . " F.H.A, '51-'52g Chorus '52- '54g D,E. '54-'55. 40 4-- ' M JOE MARINES "Loquacious. . Lighthearted. . " Football '53 . CAROLYN MIDKIFF "Under standing. . Upright, , Urbane. ."Ant1erettes '53-'55 G.S.A. '53-'55g N.H.S, '53- '55gT1-eas. '54-'55g F.T,A, '54-'55g Junior Play '54g Chorus '52-'55g Sec. '54- '55. W s DORIS NANCE "Eager, . Efficient. . Enthusi- astic. . " Band '51-'55g Dist. '54g Chorus '52,-'53g Tatler '53-'54g Rep. '53. BARBARA NORQUIST "Fashinable. . Fun. . Friendly. . " D, E, '54-'55g F. H. A, '51-'52, HUQFMQ wane LUCY NANCE "Sedulous. . Spiritual. . Scentill- ate. . " Band '5l-'55g Twirler '52-'55g Stage Band '53-'55g Dist. '533 Antler Staff '5l-'55g Class Ed. '51-'54g Editor '553 F.H. A. '53-'55g Sec. '55g Parl. '54g N.H.S, '53-'55g Sec. '55g Jr. Play '54. 1-:LMER OATMAN "Friendly. . Fair. . Fun.. " JIMMY NEW Optomistic. Operative. . Obliging. . " Vis . Ed. '55. VA--Q-1 RUTH NIXON "I..enient. . Like - able. . Liberal. . " F.H.A. '5l3 D. E. '53-'55. CORINNE ORR "Reliable. . Ready. . Radiant. . " Ants. '53-'55g Choral '53-'55g G.S.A. '53-'552 F.H.A. '53-'54g F. T.A. '535 Cor. Sec. '55g Jr. Play '54, GAB FEAST. . . Time out for snacks and listening to records is a favorite pastime of seniors. LUCY oR'r1-:GA 2 "Competent, . Calm. . J Companionable. . " Q Ants. '52-'55g F. H. A. ,W YE fi F if '51-'542 G- 5- A- '51- Q 5 '55g1.'b. C1 b '54- C leil" M' .- Q , . . f . I u z 5 v 'QP' 55' . s iei "' 12 ','. ' , A ' ':'1i , 'L W e , e'i'." -,fi V - -i M 1" ' I 'W ff ff '.,' 3 ' .2 A W v ' ' f: -I HARRY RITTIMANN "Carefree,.Com- ical. . Clever. . " Band '51-'523 D,E, '53-'55g Visual Ed. '55. RENE PINGENOT ELMA REAL "Sa.gacious. . Scholarly. .Scru- "Angelic, .Accomplished. . i pulous. . " Vis. Ed. '54-'55g Aplomb. . " Student Council Antler Staff '54-'55. '52-'53g N,H.S. '53-'55g Band '52-'55g Twirler '53- '55g Sec.-Rep. '54-'55g Library Club '54-'55g Soc. Officers '54-'55g F.H.A. '52-'553 Hist. Q-'54g Pres. '54-'55. L' ELLA MAE ROBERTS "Placid. . Palpable . . Poised. . " D.E. , Treas. '55. LAVINA RODRIQUEZ "Da.inty. . Demure. . Dear . . " JIMMY ROBINSON LINN ROE "Accomodating. . Affable. . "Thorough. . Tact- Advantageous . . " ful. . T1-uthful. . " F.H.A. '52-'53g G.S.A. '52-'54: Band '53-'55g Stu- dent Council '53- '54. KAY RUSSELL "Litt1e. . Loyal. . Lovable. . " Band '53-'555 Chorus '53-'559 F.H.A. '52-'54g Junior Play '54. NOW HERE THIS. . . The seniors Sadie Hawkins Dance was the topic of this class meeting. GEGRGE SCHEIRTON "Considerate. . Collected. . Comical. . " F. F. A. '53-'55. BUDDY SNOW '55g '54g '545 '54g '53g '55. '55 '55 '55 '55 '55 '55 '54 "Eminent. . Emulous. . Expressive. . " Football '52-'55g Basketball '53- '55g Track '53- "T" Assn. '53-'553 Pres. '54g Soph. Rep. '53g Tatler '52- '55g Sport Ed. '52-'54g Sport Column '55g Stu- dent Council '52- Vice-Pres. Jr. Pres. Most Ver. Who's Who '54g Sr. Pres. MARY ANN STOVALL "Beautiful. . Buoyant. . Benefi- cent. . " Beautiful Sophg School Favorite Ants. '52- G.S.A. '52- Tennis '52- F.H.A. '54- Western Nom. Antler Staff -'55. seniors BEVERLY SCHMIDT "Sparkling . Salubrious. . Slender. . " AUDREY SUBLETT "Frolicsome. . Freespoken. . Felicitous. ." Ants. '53-'55g Sg. at arms '555 Tatler '53-'55gTat1er bus.mgr. '54s G. S.A. '52- '553 N.H. S. '53-'55g Most Ver. '53g Jr. Rep. '54: Who's Who '54. 43 GLORIA SUBLETT "Tiny, . Twinkling. . Tho ughtful. . " BILLY SHELLEY "Energetic, . Enlivening. . Easy-going. . " F. F. A. '51-'55gPar1. '54g Jud. Team '52g ZOE STEWART "Musical, . Modest. . Mirthful. . " Ants, '53-'55g Cheerleader '54- '55g Chorus '53-'55g Class Treas. '53g N.H.S. '53-'552 F. T. A. Q G. S.A. '53g Sextette '54- '55. JANIE SUBLETT "Ag1ow. .Active. . Appealing. . " F. H.A. '51-'52 memberg G.A.A. '51-'54 memberg G.A.A. letter '51-'52, JOHN TAYLOR "Patient..Peace- ful. .P1ea.sa.nt. . " D.E. '54-'55g F. F.A. '55. ARLEN THACKER "Eager. .Exertives Established. . " Football '52-'55g "T"Assn. '52- '54g Track '52- '54: F.F.A. '52- '54. IRQ- .wf f ww. JLMMY SWAYZE "Intelligent . Interesting. . Indi- vidual. . " Band '52-'533 Visual Ed. '52-'545 Student Council '529 N.H.S. '53-'55g Chorus '54-'55. MARY DELL TOLER "Delecta.b1e, . Dependable. . . . Dutiful. ." Ant. '52-'55g G. S.A. '52-'55g Chorus '55g D. E. '54g Vice-Pres. B. RAY TRAWEEK "Proficient. . P1-obitive. . Per- spicacious. . " Basketball Mgr. '53-'545 Football Mgr. '545 "T" Assn. '54-'553 Tatler '54-'55g N.H.S. '54- , '55s Rep. '55s F.T.A. '54- QYWIOPS '553 Chorus '54-'55. FRANCES SWEATMAN "Coy. . Confident. . Competent. . F.H.A. '54-'55g D,E. '54-'55g Sweetheart '55. JOYCE TAYLOR "Resourceful. . Reserved. . Re- fined. . "Tennis '52-'53g F, T,A. Vice-Pres. '55g Fresh. Treasurer '51g F.I-I. A, Member '54-'55g Band '51-'555 N.H.S. '54-'55g G.S.A. '52- '53l Antler Staff '54-'55g Stage Band '54-'55.. 'Y' KITTY VANN "Pr-ecise. . Peppy. . Piquant. . " Antlerettes '53-'55g Cheer- leader '54-'55g Head Cheer- leader '555 G. S. A. '53-'55g N.H.S. '54-'553 Jr. Play '54, ROBERTA WELLS "Faithful. . Friendly. . Fair. . " Antlerettes '52-'55g G. S. A. '5z-'55, F.H..A. '52-'55: Volleyball '51-'52g Reg. '53. JOAN WAGNER "Chipper. . Capable. . Cheer - ful. . " '55g '535 Antlerettes '53-'55g Class Sec. '52g Class Treas, '54g F.I-I. A. '54-'55g Songleader '55' G.S, A. '54-'55g Sec. '55g Chorus '54-'55. CARROLL WILLIAMS "Bubbling. . Brisk. . Bold. . " F. F. A, '52-'553 Jud. Team '52s D.E. '53-'55. '54-'55g N FLO WEISS "Busy. . Bright. . Blithe. . " Band '51-'55g Pt. Sys. Sec. '54- Stage Band .H.S. '53-'553 F. H. A. '51-'55g Treas. Vice -Pres . '54-'55g Antler Staff '53-'55g B LIS Mgr. '553 Decl. Dis. '5Zg Reg. '53g Who's Who '54. FRANCES WHELAN "Qualified, , '54g '54g IVAN WOODARD Hlndustrious. . Intent. . Informal. . " Basketball '5ZgF. F. A. '53-'54g D. E. '54-'55g Student Council '55, Quiet.." Antlerettes '52- G.S.A. '51 F.H. A. '51- '53: D. E. '54-' 55 RAY WOERNER "Handsome . . Help ful. .I-Ionest. . " Chorus '54-'553 Vice-Pres. '55g School Favorite '54g Vis.Ed. '54- MARY ZANDER "Dedicated. . Delightful. . Dis criminating. . " Chorus '52 -'55g Lib. Club '54-'553 F. H. A. '51-'53g 45 senior movq ann stovoll beczutq ncmcq qorq best all-around bettq gates popular favorites clqde bczrlow good-looking budclq snow best call 'arou nd bobbq inqrcam popular junior class COKES, HERE WE COME! . . ,Here the junior class officers get ready toleave for a nice cool coke. They are Ileft to rightl: Kinnan Golemon, ViCe-pI'eSide11t2 Gerry Michael, secretaryg Judy Ryan, reporterg Jim Simmonds, treasurer: 3-ndGe1'3-ld Robison, president. TAKING A GOOD LOOK. . . Everyone is so proud of the new gym, in- cluding the junior sponsors, Mrs. Gloria Richards, Mr. Calvin Hibler, Mrs. Lavene Bennett, Mr. D.A, Mills, Mrs. Jessie Wilson, Mr, Earl Cochrane, and Miss Mildred Willrnan, who are pictured left to right. W WAYNE ROSE MARIE BUNCH BURNETT ,ii mi jf? A Vk,- i Q n i if 5 'KL mi A " gggfigf we L 4915 C ' fsaf MARY NANCY CARY CARRIER MUSIC, MUSIC, MUSIC. . . Just a few of the Juniors ' having a little fun. After all, we have to do some- thing besides study all the time. 15: ffguif-' V if ' 'lik' A - lf""'+7WiL7 ', A l ' 'E ,-,, A -M' Ls- Q L' fy' .. fmk' .+Lffg2' 36' 5,2132-Sgef. ff , .f:e15!'ff5+3Y5 7 .iii A CH ARL E S CARSWELL DEDE CHIDSEY fv- ,I . ,,, JO ANN KAREL KAY LAVERNE CHIPMAN COOK COX CROW Wsffgqfzgeaqzgsqz if ., www-L,,fW,W,- ' r, f 1 , ,MRM BEVERLY SHIRLEY ALLBRIGHT ARNECKE These k1dS are makmg hay wh11e the ..,m,, f,-f ww fsf H. x - f . ?7'ffl'i :r-"UK f , 1 'I , KK, A ,,. ,. wszaf ,.-,, fm ww M, -f-f f A , - x, ,wa . V , ,.,. W ,W , , K .. M , wezfez " ,. -.,-AM,,,g: ff,, 5,-Q,-I 3535 in CHARLES BROWN L3 M 'Gm '.? .A J,Q:..g-,k,::f'-if 1 31::.:,3,5 .1s?FEs.?aiwa"1 : : W-I ine., ::5'-Nw", 'lf' G . . ffffll R SYLVIA MARIAN JOE DENNIS JAMES DALE DANIEL DICKEY DOHERTY DURST IDA EAKIN HURRAH FOR TIVY HIGH. . . It's the day ofthe big game and every - one gets in on the act. BOBBY SANDRA GAYE JIMMY OLEN FARENTHOLD FLOYD FOREHAND FRANKLIN GILLELAND KINNAN DOROTHY GEORGE AL TA NANCY GOLEMON GRAYSON HARDY HARGRAVES HEIMANN ketball games. HARRIET HOL 'I' ON H fzi:1 fv -'A' , 'E fy "A A 7 2 A A E A My 1 A A A U A. ZPIJJ-N J , Engl, ' Dfw A IDA MAE PEGGY EARLINE HOLLIMAN HOPF HYDE WORKING HARD GIRLS? . . . It's more fun than work for the Ant- lerettes to sell concessions at bas - MARY JANE ALOHA JENSCHKE JETER Y, 44 I ' V . . gif! -gl 6 2. W 'fe ...,,e M K. I JERRY JANINE CLARK KATHY SHIRLEY JOHNSON KAISER KLEIN KOEHLER KRAMER If ,-X A . ,QW FUTURE COOKS OF AMERICA? . . . Just a few ofthe junior girls cooking. And what are they cooking? Ummm! VERA LYNNE JOHN LOUIS BETTY KUNZ LECLERE LARA LEISMAN LITTLE A. J. SHIRLEY DAN JANICE PAUL LOHMANN MCDANIEL McKAY MEDLIN MEDINA SERIOUS WORK? . . . Everyone is Yall excited about tryouts for the Junior Play. A1'en't they dramatic? GERRY MICHAE L SONJA MITCHAMORE , ' M fm umm. 3 M ,Wife M,.:l:3f11. My nf, fa,-, ,Q am ,, , -," Qi' .V Mvsgywk , , -,Z P4 fi 4 t E EQQW U? QM 1 ,L A ww fg.5i'?ZjiQ 'EMR' hw ,Q-,Q A Q1 : ,sv R, was ,Ri ww Mfw 2 av R3 W .awe gaglsigewapk WSE Q , E Mfwnxsrtnf Q -4 ,xjxffvw Q we R4 fi I M ve fn 5? fr 1 W W 2 Eff? Mg, A 'ARK-rifwaw Q Q X 2 M, ,w,A:,,--A H - ' A , 1:73457 .mfi'w, f 9? ,Q ,5,. ,f1Q,.1w5, i f 4 f JOHN CARL LORENE WALTER MURR AY NIXON OATMAN PARKER B ILL Y L 015 SHAFER SIM 1-,ER JANICE LIZ SMITH SMITH TOUGH MEN! . . .Some of the junior FootbalI players talk over the plays of the last game. ,f Vf H WV 3 m A' gag v 5' if d, , .,,...,..,, , ffLi?ii559V . .'VFff' ' "Ti I W grffzii. , q 1 I X ' H A 929755 Q- fs :gf,a"12a'1f2Q:5'1f ' , . , ,1,5EiGf'i 4 f mme W E, WM page gl kwa 63 in Y Sm? Y 'ily J -4 , Nga 9, . " 2 New gg? H N Q? I 1 ,'lff1fiQ ., -':fi':fQi1 CHAR LES SWITZER JUNIOR SPARKS I IRR: SIRIS I'V' Z Z.. SRII VIOLA ELLA MAE PATSY ANN ARDIS SPRINGER SPROTT STEVENS TAI-BERT TAYLOR LARRY DANIEL PETERS PFEUFFER RUBY JEANNIE POPE RASOR MAY REMSCHEL CURTAIN GOING UP. 0 . The birdie catches junior dramatist at their high point of climax. g f ' ' 'V "" V. i hii"i A V i"V'i P i." P -e'. 1"rff"r- Sfsffww f ' wmmw f .g Q- ww Af gg' -if -, , if --w-Wiizzfswslii . ,,-,. v,,.: x Q--nf. 0.295 Q an , W M .,,.:, A. in A:,, .,,.,,i., , ., f am.. i.,, 1, wf-: U -'-'-- wv?l2Q Q rgjf 'lezwffi K A X"' A HL' eeeh P Pie P GERALD JUDY J OE RONNIE CHARLES ROBISON RYAN SCHMERBER SCHOENEWQLFE SCHUPP V S 2 I I f M I , N 4 V fum 3 , QR , N RAL PH VEGA BEVERLY WICKSON 'F' f WR "' www t A ..,,.. - 353121 . ,,-- y ' 5' CHARLES MELODY VIRGINIA DENNIS WAGNER WALKER WAY BACK WHEN. . .Believe it or not left to right are Kinnan Golemon and Howard Fletcher. WALTERS WATSON BYRON WATTS BILL KYLE LORENE TRUMAN GAY WOMAGK WRIGHT WRIGHT WRIGHT ZANDER junior mclrion clcmiel beoutq lois simler best all-around kothq koehler popular +-0151? HARRIETTE JOE RUDY VIVIAN fvdv .qw PAT ik' I ' -- A M I IEIS C ei A BALDWIN BENNET ALLEN AVILA AYAI.-A BUD IRENE DORIS BENSON BIRD BLACK EMMA LOU BET TY CAROLE FAYE BLEVINS BRADFORD BURRIER 4 MARIETTA LELAND THENA MEREDITH E-YERLY CARMICHAEL CARSON CHIDSEY A- 61 X BOBBY CREED BLACKBURN BLEVINS JACK RACHEL BUSHONG BUTLER BARBARA RACHEL TONY GLORIA DONNIE CLAUSSEN COE COLLAZO CORY COUCH I-IAZEL RUTH LESLIE JOAN C OV ERT C OX CUNNINGHAM DAVIS KAY STEPHEN BELINDA GARY SHARON DISMUKES DRANE DOWD EBENSBERGER ECKHART 62 X R WAYNE ANNA CAROL FRANKLIN PAT TY ENGLEMAN ESPINOZA FERGUSON FERGUSON FERTSCH ww IRENE TED BUSTER LOIS RONALD FISHER FOSTER FUTCH GERLOFF GIRARD FRANCES BILL ED PE TE KAREN CHRISTINE GRANT GOSS GUERERRO HARDEN HENLEY THAT OLD GANG OF OURS. . . What fun we had at those Sunday afternoon shows. egg Q25 A39 7 ,. R em, K seg? my My iw . ' Q 1 A ,,.... - ..,. - Q L M Q QW as Q af 4 3 , We 11? Aa QW-x W J JM 2 4, Y Q NU, Q A LL., A ,, , e 1 SHERRY HUBER A BERYL HUTCHINGS T I M E OUT FOR REFRESHMENTS. . . A groU.P of s 0 P h o rn o r e s and juniors pause a few minutes for time -out and re - freshments at the Dairy Queen between hours of study QU. Md' 'EYE' 3 u uliee ,EW X 'UW MARTHA ARLENE CAROL YN JOHNSON JONES KLEIN , Vvzy f. , as HT 1 ., . ' '53, 5 ic, 1 , ,: iw-ffug' . -, iv swg :W 'E :Q , , pP"W - ., - L I f . , ' ,Q ,s,,lu N5 A 5 M.. lV.u me V fuA J 1 ' , if-7' WLM . . PHYLL15 MARTIN BEULAH JODY KLEIN KNOT TS LEE LINN 46.5, DORIS JUDY LANCE CLAUDETTE BET TY MATTER MAXWELL MEYNERS MITCHELL MORGAN 'ei ALYS DOERING GLENETTE DOLEZAL JUDY DUNKS CECILIA DUPRE JANICE COWAN DEANNA DAVEE FELICIA DAVILA RODNEY DUDERSTADT ., W... EARL FERGUSON , V,.Lk LKV: FOWLER X iig A mL'x1" L,,'l L . V' r,,' ' A, 1 ,AWL ,ALM , ,'iL ' M' 1 GL ORIA ' L Q E H GARY 72 3 'D' is-. nv .,, if J -QQ? I .,:YA i f DELORES EARNHART SHERREL ECKSTIEN JEANIE EGGERS SUE FAIRCHILD ROBERT GATES SALLY GOURLEY TYLA KAY HAWKINS CAROL SUE HILL HENRIETTA AGUERRO C. W. AKIN BILL ARCHER SARAH JANE ARNOLD DON BERNHARD BETTY BLACK GEORGE BL OTT CYNTHIA BREHMER JANET CATON JOPPY CAVINESS CAROL CHESSER WENDELL CLARK ff' yn!"- W sw Maia I 4 T S-my TB S I BILLIE ANN BAKER VIVIAN BALDWIN BELVA BATES CHARLES BEAT TY SANDRA BROWN SPENCER BROWN VAN CALCOTT ROBERT CARRIER BILLY PADGETT CHARLOTTE PALMER JOHN PERL OWSKI JUDY PARKER ISABEL RAMOS BARNEY RANKHORN KARL RANSLEBEN GRACE RUSS BILLIE SCHUMACHER DONALD SHELTON SUE DALE SIMMONDS MARJORIE SMITH JEANNE KAU FH OLD BARBARA KLEIN BETTY KNOX SALLY KOENIG SHIRLEY HOOVER LU CILLE HYDE JEANETTE JENSCHKE LINDA JONES COY LeMEIULLER D ONNA ' ',A1LA CHARLES EAS ALLE MARES MARY E. MASSEY F 3 ya V w Z ,L is . W A ,os nag' if 5 S 5 km uf 5 Y Qi P as N fi: W 2 ,BS W 2 Q ws gf 1 X qgW.f fi ,bf 2 vfflgflr A 1.61 3 ' H CAROLYN KUNZ. PATSY LAMBERT STANLEY LANCASTER WAYNE LEE BARBARA MATTHEWS DEL ORES MERRITT EVEL YN MORRIS KATHLEEN ODEM VIRGINIA RAY DONALD NORMA JIMMY SPARKS STEVENS SWOPE TAYLOR TOLER DON SANDRA K SHARRON GLYNN LYNN TOWNSEND VOARSHIES WERNER WHITE WHITE JOHN MARGARET RAY JANICE JIMMY WHITEHOUSI-3 WILSON WILSON LOWRANCE HENLEY 1 1 BILLY WALKER YEA SPIKES!. . . Yelling vigorously are the Tivy Spikettes, who support the Tivy "B" team through the year. The cheerleaders are Qleft to rightj Judy Dunks,Shar- ron Werner, Linda Jones, Barbara Matthews, Virginia Sparks, and Gay Wiggins. school 7 YYEY I ll ISI Dll l I most popular personalities betty gates most popular I personalities nancy gary most versatile personalities 5 E E X S WX-urq umm DLUVLIII most beautiful 81 I national honor societu tatler staff antler staff band chorus antlerettes future teachers of america future homemakers of america future farmers of america libraru club visual education distributive education 'ta X 1 M 1 0 i o u honor societq BIG DEAL. , . The National Honor S o C i e t y officers are busily chatting about some pro- jects for the club to undertake for the new year. Left to right are Arlene Hargreaves, vice-presidentg Carolyn Midkiff,treasurerg Lucy Nance, secretaryg Mrs, Gloria Rich- ards, sponsorg John McDaniel, presidentg and B. Ray Traweek, reporter. With the holidays near at hand, they have called a meeting before school in the H,E, Cot- tage. S OME THING NEW TO BE ADDED. . .Mrs. Gloria Richards, sponsor, and John McDan- iel, president, are discussing plans for a- wardinga scholarship to some deserving stu- dent. The lucky student is to be chosen for his outstanding qualities of leadership, de- pendability, scholastic average, and his need of a scholar ship. LET ME CALL YOU SWEETHEART. . . Melodious strains of music were heard in the halls of Tivy ar ound Valentines Day. Some of the mem- bers Who took part in this annual N.H.S. project were Cleft to rightj Elma Real, Kitty Vann, Zoe Ste- wart, Jimmy Swayze, and Sylvia Dale. holds ideals IS THAT OK? . . .Debating on where to hang the N.H.S. sign on the car are Qleftto ri We sley Lott,George Hardy, Nancy Heimann, Audrey Sublett, and Jo Gayle ch amberl These members are busily decorating entry car for the Homecoming parade.This parade was the first of its kind in Tivy resulted in a big success. ghtl ain. the and COOKIE ANYONE? . . .These eager members of the National Honor Society were respon sible for the s elling concessions at the junior play. They are fleft to rightj Joyce Taylor, Irene Allison, Rene Pingenot, Shasta Cook, and Flo Weiss. Could it be that they are testing the punch and cookies '? WHAT'S COOKING'?. . .Some delicious pan- cakes were prepared at the National Honor Society's panc ake breakfast in November. Right there on the job were fleft to rightj S andr a Floyd, May Remschel, and A rdis Taylor. DUNCES ON THE MARCH. . . The s t r a n g e people wandering around Tivy in November with piles of books and tall dance hats were the N. H.S. initiates. Rushing down the steps are Qleft to rightlAlta Har- greaves, Kinnan Golemon, Gay Zander, and Verna Lou Claborn. 85 PEPPY PROGRAMERS. . . The F. T. A A. offi c e r s , Qleft to rightj Betty Gates, recording secretaryg Mrs. Zelma Hardy, sponsor, Arlene Har- greaves, president, Joyce Taylor, vice-presidentg Corinne Orr, cor- responding secretaryg and Carolyn Midkiff,treasurer, gathered before a meeting at Mrs. Hardy's house to plan and discuss programs for the coming meetings. Everyone seems quite interested! LOOKS LIKE FUN. . . The members of the Future Teachers Association had a g r e at time when they had a meeting and social at Mrs. Zelma Hardy's house. P i c tu tr e d left to right are Barbara Kuhlmann, Bev- erly Luther, Doris Nance, Jo Gayle Chamberlain, Joyce McKnight, Jim- my Robinson, Bobby Couch and Zoe Stewart. future teachers CHARTER MEMBERS...,I-low proud these students were to be the firs members of Tivy's Future Teachers Association! The charter member are Cleft to rightj Carolyn Midkiff, Arlene Hargreaves, Patsy Ridgeway Joyce Taylor, B., Ray Traweek, Betty Gates, Linda Wilson, Meredit Chidsey, Harriet Allen, Patty Fertsch, Zoe Stewart, Corinne Orr, Nanc Heimann and Doris Nance. This organization helps Tivy students realiz the opportunities in the field of teaching. A meeting would not be on plete without something to eat! Fix- ing refreshments are lleft to right! Harriet Allen Patty Fertch Jimmy R ob in s o n, Carol Rae McMahan Barbara Kuhlmann if if if H fl I-i PROUDLY WE HAIL. . .It was a big mo ment for Tivy's future teachers when Mrs Zelma Hardy, s pons o r, and Arlene Har proud since the club was named for her. organize club SIGHT -SEEING. . . Th be perfect hosts for the open house of Tivy's new buildings. Refreshments were served by Corinne Orr, Linda Wilson, and Harriet Allen Qleft picture, left to rightj. Other members U0 Gayle Chamber- lain and Joyce McKnight pictured left to right herel displayed hospitality and friendliness to the visitors in the new gyni. e F.T.A. members proved to wwsiiaifilfsrrsz S51 greaves, president, hung the F. T.A. certif- icate of membership in Mrs. Hardy's class room. Mrs. Hardymust have felt especially il YQ totler records SURE, I'LL ADVERTISE. . .Mr. Nor- man Hines, manager of the Arcadia and Rialto Theaters, is very willing to buy an advertisement in the T atle r from Mike Hopping, Jane Dyer, bu sine s s manager, and Audrey Sublett, lleft to rightj. These girls go to many busi- ness establishments to get advertise- ments. Without the aid of advertising the publication of the paper would be an impossibility. LET 'EM ROLL. . . C orinne Orr, Ida Eakin, B. Ray Traweek, and James Builta, Cleft to rightj, all members of the Tatler Staff, xwork at the press office on the Tivy Tatler. CHECKING OVER THE CONTRACTS. . .Betty Black- well, office managerg Miss June Henderson, Tatler sponsorg and Janine Kaiser, advertising manager, lleft to rightj, look over the advertising contracts. TOM GETS HIS STORY. . .Thorria s Furman, liaison editor, gets his weekly story from Mr.. Bill Oliver, agriculture teacher. Thomas is a very enthusiastic worker anda great help to the staff. 88 LAST CHECK. . . Correcting errors and making the last minute changes are jobs that take time and patience. Editor-in-chief, Betty Gates, and assistant editor, Diana Hampson, Qleft to rightj, are very busy doing just that. ti Ll news HERE WE COME. . . Jer- ry Chiles, circulation manager, and Larry Pet- ers, Qleft to rightj, de- liver the eagerly awaited Tatlers to the Tivy stu- dents at fourth period on Monday morning. LET'S LET GEORGE DO IT. . . Phyl- lis Klein Qleftj, society editor, and Janice Medlin Qrightj, assistant so- ciety editor, watch as George Hardy, assistant make-up editor, draws a lay-out for the next edition of the pa- per. The lay - out is an important part of getting the Tatler ready for production. 89 staff plans TAKE YOUR CHOICE. .Since pictures are the most important thing in a year- book, the choice of the best ones is very essential. Lucy Nance, editor, Joyce Taylor, art editor , and Miss June H en de r s on , sponsor, Cleft to rightj choose from a selection to ap- pear in the Antler. manager, Irene Fisher, sophomore assistant and Kay Mosty, sophomore editor, Cleft to rightl make sure the Antler Staff will have plenty of football programs to'sell at the next game. Mrs. Salter at the Kerrville Mountain Sun helps them, THANK YOU, MA'AM...Lois Simler, office N for this project brings remarkable results. 90 OFF WE GO! . . . Packing all the suitcases into one car was really fun for the Antler Staff's dele- gates to the Texas High School Press Association Convention in Denton. The delegates were Cleft to rightl Alta Hargreaves, sports editorg Miss June Henderson, s pon s o r g Lois Simler, office managerg Rene Pingenot, senior as sistantg Kinnan Golemon, junior assistant, and Judy Ryan, junior editor. CHECKING THE F UNDS. . .Flo Weiss, bus iness manager, Rene Pingenot, senior assist ant, and Kinnan Golemon, junior a s sis t ant Cleft to rightl get the Antler Fund s in order Sometimes the money goes pretty fast. ITWAS THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS. All the gym was stirring the night before the Chr i s tma. s formal. Flo Weiss, Karen Harden, Miss Henderson, Sonny Mares, Irene F i s he r, Lois Simler, and Rene Pingenot were really kept busy getting the prop ready to pre- sent the favorites. PLEDGE NOW.. . Pledge week meant taking pledges in the hall before school and at noon. Caught at work are Cleft to rightj Sonny Mares, freshman editor, Mary Ann Stovall, senior editorg Karen Harden, copy editorg Kay Mosty, sopho- more editorg and Lucy Nance, editor. modern cmtler OH, THOSE DEADLINES! . . . Although it is some- times along hard job meeting d e ad lin e s , the staff always has fun in doing it. Usually the day before is spent typing, c h e c kin g, and eating! Judy Ryan, junior editorg Alta H a r g r e a V e s, sports e d i t o rg Joyce Taylor, art e di to r: and Mary Ann Stovall, senior editor, look as if they are really working diligently! bond gains SHINE, SCRUB, AND SHAMOIS. . .Before the band jour- neys to a marching or concert contest each member pol- ishes and shines his instruments and gets his uniform in top shape. Much time is spent in practicing to get pre- pared for the events. The officers, fsitting left to rightj Jerry Chiles, quarter-masterg Flo Weiss, point system secretaryg Lynn Wildman, quarter-master, Qstanding left to rightj Kay Franklin, librarian, Beverly Luther,libr- iang Randall Leatherman, pr e s identg and Elma Real, secretary, make last minute pr e pa r a t i on s before the Uvalde marching event. All the hard work resulted in a first division for the band. SWEET SANDY. . .Blonde hair, hazel eyes, and a sparkling smile paint a picture of Sandy Huber, this year's band sweetheart. She is the head drummer and through her countless e ffor t and willingness to work, she has become a very outstanding band member. TWIRLING TALENT. . . These six majorettes, fleft to rightj i Elma Real, head tw i rle r: Lucy Nance, Irene Fisher, Kay Franklin, Virginia Wagner, and Cathy Ramsay, lead the band every time it makes a public appearance. They have worked exceptionally hard this year, winning first place in ensemble twirling in the state contest. By undertakinga project of run- ning the bowling alley for one day, they raised moneythat went towards buying themselves new uniforms. TOP BRASS. . .Mr. John Arm- strong, band director, helps Gary Ebensberger, drum major, straighten his hatbefore a parade. Gary is a sophomore and plays a cornet. For five years Mr. Arm- strong has done a marvelous job in producing a winning band! , iw, top honors g HE 1955 CONCERT BAND. . .fseated left to right: first rowzl I.Fisher, L. Nance, E. Real, G. Ebens- erger, K. Franklin, and C. Ramsay. fseconclrowzj J. Armstrong, J. Taylor, J. Kaiser, S. Huber, K. gram, B. Neihaus, and F. Weiss. Qthird row:l M. Chidsey, E. Holclsworth, S. Norris, N. Allison, B. brahams, and G. Clements. lfourth rowcl I. Allison, D. Bernhard, D. Compton, M. Gregg, J. Ahrens, nd D. Black. Qfifth row:l B. Dowd, J. Bushong, R. Schweining, B. Peterson, P. Bushong, andB. Bates. ixth row:l S. Huber, K. Russell, R. Wilson, C. Brehmer, M. Vanlioozer, and B. Magoon. Qseventh owzl W. Council, T. Atkinson, D. Wenzel, H. Holton, A. Taylor and L. Simler. Qeighth row:J B. ickson, J. Davis, D. Arnecke, A. Reimer, J. Heiman, and J. Maxwell. Qninth row:l R. Leather- an, T. Daniels, P. Allen, B. McKnight, H. Allen and J. Caton. Itenth rowzl J. Chiles, D. Lichty, . Pollard, K. Bennett, C. Beaty, and G. Hardy. leleventh rowzj T. Boring, W. Rogers, K. Ransle- en, R. Schoenwolf, R. Nance, and B. Blackburn. Qtwelfth rowzl J. Rasor, P. Bennet,L. Wildman, B. laussen, V. Baldwin, and H. Covert. Qthirteenth row:J C. Smith, L. Roe, J. Wait, S. Eckstein, B. uther, and M. Dyer. 93 chorus claims A CAROLING WE WILL GO! .... Each year the chorus goes on a caroling party around Christmas time. S ome time s it is hard to find enough transportation. P i c t ur e d are chorus officers Cleft to right in bus, Billy Jo- nas, social chairman, John Murray, librar- ian, Nancy Gary, social chair man, Qleft to right, outside bus, Martin Knotts, librarian, Carolyn Midkiff, secretary-treasurer,Bubba Barlow, president, Jane Dyer, reporter, Ray Woerner, vice-president,andmember, Ber- lene Fletcher. THERE'S A SONG IN THE AIR. . . Tivy's sextette, which is m ade up of fleft to rightj Zoe Stewart, Bar- bara Kuhlmann, Irene Allison, Bev- erly S c hm id t, Sandra Harden and Nancy Heimann, have become quite well -known throughout Tivy and the entire city. During the ye ar, they were kept very busy singing for ci- vic clubs, assemblies, and special occasions. MUSIC MAESTROS. . .Billy Jonas, Jimmy Swayze, Car roll Wolfrum, Martin Knotts, Joe Fitch Qback row, l to rightj, Bubba Barlow, Harry Wisehart Qsecond row, left to rightj, and Charles Gerloff are the boys which make up the chorus' boys' ensemble. They have a great deal of fun singing for various events. STATE CHORUS BOUND. . . T h e s e six girls andboys are the ones which qualified to participate in the All- State Chorus. Here they are pic- tured discussing their coming trip with Mrs. Bennett, their director. They are Kleft to rightl Bubba Bar- low, Sandra Harden, Billy J ona s , Charles Gerloff, Zoe Stewart, and Carol Rae McMaha.n. curtain calls Membe r s of the Senior Chorus are ftop to bottom, left to rightl,B. Couch, M. Knotts, J Fitch, I... Hester, J. Swayze, B.R. Traweek, R. Woerner, J. Builta, C. Wolfrum, D. Couch H. Wisehart, C. Gerloff, J. Wilson, R. Butler, W. McDaniels, P. Bennett, N., Heirnannl C Reimer, B. Barlow, M. Johnson, C. Orr, M.D. Toler, S. Harden, C. Schupp, J. McDaniel B. Schmidt, L. Jones, M. Richeson, M. Watson, B. Gates, R. Pope, L. Wilson, S. Kramer C. Midkiff, I. Allison, J. Murray, M. Hopping, D. Black, B. Kuhlrnann, B. Wickson, N Sanders, E. Hyde, D. Hampson, M. Chidsey, S. Floyd, E. Sprott, V. Kunz, J. Smith, D Grayson, J. Dyer, E. Bode, B. Allbright, G. Forehand, J. Wagner, N. Gary, M.B. Wright S. Arnecke, Z.. Stewart, M.J. Jenschke, R. Turner, K. Russell, L. Gerloff, C.R. McMahon 95 cmtlerettes stress T Z ON TI-IE 50 YARD LINE.. .Preparing the half time entertainment for the next football game are Mis s Georgia Griffith, Antlerette sponsor, and Laverne Jones, president., SI SI SENOR. . . During the foot- ball season the Antlerettes spon- sored several Mexican suppers . They are Qleft to rightj Laverne Jones, presidentg Diana Hamp- son, reporterg Berlene Fletcher, lst sergeantg Audrey Sublett, 2nd sergeantg Mike Hopping, treas- urerg B e tty Gate s, vice-pres- identgCarolyn Midkiff, secretary. ALL TOGETHER NOW. . . Th e majorettes of the Antlerettes practice for one of their many perform- ances. They are Cleft to right, Gaye Forehand, Znd lieutenantg Barbara Nan Kuhlmann, Ist lieutenantg Gwen Parker, Zndllieutenant. THEIR SWEETHEART. ., . The An tl e r e tt e s chose for their sweetheart, Billy Joe Leac His outstanding ability and spirit have won him this honor. 1 N home training DE TAILS. . . With a full year of F.H.A. activities ahead, Elma Real gets final in- struction as to what her duties are as presi- dent. The sponsors, Miss Virginia Surb- er Qmiddlel and Miss Dorothy Bohaclrightj , give her a little help on this subject. HANDYMEN. . .Even though it is sometimes a big task cleaning up after socials, the officers Qleft to rightj MarianKunz, treasurerg Pat Burrier, historiang NancyHeimann, parliamentariang Judy Dunks, pai- nistg Corinne Orr, reporterg Elma Real, presidentg Flo Weiss, vice- presidentg and LucyNance, secre- tary, turn it into fun! DADDY DATES. . .All the Future Hornemakers had a great time the night they asked their dads for a date. The food they prepared was really delicious too! learned bq f.h.cu F. H. A. SWEETHEART. .. The Future Homemakers could not have made a better choice for their 1955 sweet- heart. Bill Davis is very outstanding in F. F. A. and was manager of the football team. NEWCOMERS. . . What fun the old members had initiating the newcomers into F.H.A. ! CHICKS SERVING CHICKEN. . . The Chick- en Spaghetti Supper has become an annual F.H,A. affair to make money. Helping that night were lleft to rightl Judy Alex- ander, Sue Dale Simmonds, Vera Kunz, Shasta Cook, Henrietta Aquero, and Lydia Lara. ALMOST THROUGH.. .The midnight oil was really burned while fleft to right, Pat Burrier, Marian Kunz, and Joyce Taylor compiled the year's activities into a book. They are putting on the finishing touc he s so the bo ok will be ready for use. READY FOR MARKET. . Thomas Fur- man, F.F.A. president, and Mr. Bill Oliver, chapter sponsor, look at some cattle at the stock yard. OFFICERS CONFAB. . . The officers of the Kerrville Future Farmer s of America, ileft to right! Charles Schupp, historian, Lendon Parke r, member, Kyle Wright, first vice-presi- dentg Billy S hell e y, parliamentariang Jimmy Simmonds, treasurer, Norman Forehand, secretary3Bud Benson, sen- tinel, and Junior Sparks, second-vice- president, have a meeting to plan the chapter's future events. f.f.c1. numbers PRETTY HUI-I?. . Pictured he r e in her we stern cloth- es is thisyea.r's F. F. A. sweet- heart,Nancy Gary. Nancy's sincere friendliness and enthusiastic spirit has won her not only this honor but many others as well. iw?" 100 x RIBBON WINNERS. . .Allan M o r r o W, James Durst fkneelingj, Bobby Faren- thold, George Scheirton, Junior Sparks, Lendon Parker, Carroll Williams, Cur- tis Covert, Delton Sweatman, Kyle Wright, Naman Butler, and Bill Bran- don fstanding left to rightj proudly sho" off the ribbons they won at the distric stock show held in Kerrville in Febru- ary. fiftq in19SS iZ.'S.L'zA:4,w-Q.. , FANC Y GRASS, EH?. . . The grass judging team, c ompo s e d of ,left to rightj Charles Schupp, Delton Sweatman, Junior Sparks, Bud Benson, and Lendon Parker, prepare for fu- ture contests with other competitorsin their district. These boys learn about diffe r ent grasses and judge them on the bases of their grade . . ON THE HOOF. . . In s pe cting the cattle at the local livestock auction are the third and fourth year mem- bers of the F uture Farmers of America. They are fleft to rightj T.' Furman, G. Scheirton, N. Fore- hand Ckneelingj, J. Johnson, C. Williams, A. Taylor, J. Dickey, B, Shelley, and Jimmy Sirnrn0ndS.. FUTURE FARMERS. . . Taking time out from one of their meetings to pose for this picture are the members ofthe F.F.A. They arefleft to right: first rowzj T. Furman, A. Taylor, B. Davis, K. Wright, B. Shelley, G. Scheirton, J. Dickey, J.Simmonds,.T. John- son, S. Evans, and N. Forehand. fsecond rows, Mr. Bill Oliver, J. Sparks, A. Lohman, L. Meyners, C. Wolfrum, C. Williams, B. Brandon, D. Council, C. Covert, D. Sweatman, and A. Morrow. fthird rowzl O. Keese, D. I-lillger, B. Archer, E. Scott, R. Roberson, G. Davis, W. Engleman, J. Wait, L. Parker, J. Kinsel, R. Duderstadt, H. Purvis, D. Swope, W. Caddel, D. Townsend, and C. Schupp. ffourth roW:l R. Rhodes, B. Goss, J. Parks, C. Akin, B. Benson, C. Talbert, C. Lelvieiuller, V. Calcott, B. Farentholcl. WHA'I"S NEW? . . . The Library officers fleft to rightj Gay Zander, vice-presidentg Elma Real, social chairman, Laverne Jones, s e c r e tar y-treasurer, Nancy Gary, pre sidentg and Vir- ginia Wagner, publicity chair- man,glance over current events. Newspapers are kept in the li- brary for the students' conven- ience. AH HA! SAN'TONE!... Fifteen members of the Library Club and three chaperones spent one afternoon in San Antonio inspecting about 1,, 500 new books. Left to 1-ight, front to backare L. Crow, L. Jones, N.Gary., N. Lohman, E. Real, V. Wagner, M. Zander, R. Turner,Mrs. Mills, Mrs. E.E. Wagner, L. Ortega, J. Smith, J. Robinson, A. Bergmann, J. Lainhart. is lv- 102 A PL AC E FOR EVERYTHING. . . One duty of the library workers is to help s t u d e n t s find information concerning authors. Mrs. D,A, Mills, sponsor, is explaining to Qlcft to rightj John Lainhart, Rosa Turner, and Jimmie Robinson the material available in the filing cabinet. Q librarians make INTERESTINGINF ORMA T I ON... The c e nt e r of interest in the library is us- ually the eye -catching designs on the bull- etin board. Not only are they attractive, but always informative. PENNY FOR YOUR THOUGHTS. . . These library members are deep in thought as they work on their first handbook. Left to right are Gerry Michael, Laverne Crow, Yolanda Pruneda, and Janice Smith. BOOKS EVERYWHERE. . . With the library's system it is never hard to find the right book. Helping with this job are Cleft to rightjPhyllis Babbit, Herman Heyland, Arlen Bergman, and Lucy Ortega. work fun 1T's A PLEASURE. . . These ubrafy workers find their job of checking out books to students not at all dull. Left to right are Gay Zander, Lois Wengenroth, and Ivan Woodward. " ' i Si?-mf fail, Siwkiatleii projectlonists THE FINAL CHECK. . .Harry W i s ehar t, Qleftj, the Visual Education president,under- takes numerous duties. One very important one is making sure all the film is properly packed and sealed for shipping. James Bradshaw helps him with this job. W. AT YOUR SERVICE. . .The boys of the Visual Education Club perform a great service to the teacher s and students by showing movies. Qleft to right: front to backjare C. Cov- ert, J. New, G. Robison, R. Pin- genot, H. Wisehart, D. Wilson, H. Heyland, J. Lainhart, W. Bunch, D, Council, W. Merritt, J. Bradshaw, G. Clements, E. Gattis, J. Robin- son, R. Stevens, and Mr. Herman Billnitzer. QUITE A JOB...Mr. Her- man Billnitzer, s pon s or, gives a few special techniques on operating the projector. fleft to right:l Gerald Robi- son, Herman Heyland, Cur- tis Covert, andErnestGattis seem quite interested in learning to thr ead the ma- chine. present pictoriculs PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. . . Jimmie New fleft of table, and Delton Wilson Qstandingj prac- tice operating the movie projector. The Visual Education Club makes a very good audience! A LIGHT JOB. . .Occasionally a pro- jector bulb burns out so that means re- placing it with a new one. Jimmy Robinson, Curtis C ove r t, and Wayne Merritt Cleft to rightl have been assigned to this little job. TAKE IT EASY. . . John Lain- hart and Rene Pingenotfleft ' to right, replace a used tape on the tape recorder. Since it is a delicate instrument, it requires competent han- dling. ti qites practice D, E, 'S CHOICE. . . The Distributive Educa- ftion class chose Frances Sweatman as their sweetheart for this year. She takes a very active part in this class. IN ANTICIPATION. .. Howard Fletcher, p r e s i- dent, directs fleft to r i g h tj, Pat Burrier, sec- retary: F r an c e s Sweat- man, sweetheartg Kath- ryn Baker, publicity chairmang Ella Mae Rob- erts, treasurerg Thomas Furman, vice-presidentg Mr. Mills, sponsorg Ray- mond Ayala, Sgt. -At- Armsg and Wesley L ott, reporter, in arranging the tables for the coming ban- quet. Everytl-1ing's ready now. COFFEE, ANYONE?. . . Serving their customers at the football gameswith cheerful grins are these Distributive Education stu- dents. Kleft to rightj a re Carroll Williams, Yoland Pruneda, John Taylor, Juae-I nita Chenault, and Mr., Mills. methods of business 5? 5 WELL UNDER WAY..,.,Happy smiles from all E sides provided a perfect atmosphere for that night at the D. E. Banquet., Plasco G. Moore, State Director of Distributive Education, honored the students by his presence and gave an ins piring speech, In shorter words, the D. E., Banquet was a success! TWO DEVOTED D.E. MEN. . .Mr. D.A. Mills, sponsor, and Howard Fletcher, president, are in deep discussion deciding what the program will be or the coming season 107 .,,.,.i..swzaam Q ,gg--f LEAVING. . . lleft to rightl C. T. Collins, Car- roll Williams, Frances Sweatman, and Maxine Adams, are the four delegates who journeyed to Fort Worth for the Ninth Annual D. E.Conference. football basketball track tennis i 'T" association girls' sports association cheerleaders 108 1 Q X football Discussing some plays are Coach Foster Miller and Coach Tom Daniels. These coaches have the will to win and the characteristics of excellent coaches. They spent many hours working and helping the 1954 Football Team. Work, work and more work is the slogan for these managers. Although a managers job is mo s tly work, this trio does each of their tasks with a smile. Left to right, are Delton Wilson, Rayrnond Ayala, and Bill Davis. Team are Larry Hester and Buddy Snow. These boys were chosen by the team for their ability and leadership in football. Chosen as co-captains for the 1954 queen czudreq Because of her unfailing loyalty and Tivy Spirit, the 1955 Football team chose AUDREY SUBLETT to reign as their queen. 111 tivq's numbern.. No. 31 No. 58 No. 54 4 40 ........ .. .BOBBY CHESSER, SENIOR, CENTER,19O WL i B 33 .... ...JERRY GIRARD, SENIOR, OB, 151 ' 49. . . . . ...LARRY I-IESTER, SENIOR, HB, 167 63 .... . . .HERMAN HEYLAND, SENIOR, T, 190 48 ..... . . . . . .BOBBY INGRAM, SENIOR, END, 153 AqhQ1Q 6,, -. 60 .... ...BILLY JONAS, SENIOR, TACKLE, zoo ' 9 59 ......... . . .BILLY JOE LEA, SENIOR, GUARD, 186 55 .... ...BILLY MCDANIEL, SENIOR, GUARD,17z No. 40 45 ......... ...WAYNE MERRITT, SENIOR, END, 190 50 .... . . .BUDDY SNOW, SENIOR, QB, 155 58 ......... ...ARLEN THACKER, SENIOR, HB, 154 31 .... ...JACKIE BOWLIN, JUNIOR, GUARD, 168 54 ........ ...JOE DICKEY, JUNIOR, CENTER, 155 No. 33 No. 50 Viv'-. WMW . ,,,,gg6f,: 4, ,,,, I 5755... 'MW ,, 7-I' I,,+ww-ffEi11,f PL I NO. 63 NO. 48 NO- 60 No. 59 NO. 49 No. 45 jUmPQjOUSt WILL HE MAKE IT '? . Gerald Robison clears the bar, while fleft to right, Bobby Couch, Paul Medina, and Scott Williams are inter- ested by-standers. TO YOUR HOLES! . . .Tivy's distance men Qleft to rightl Carlos Z amor a, Jerry John- son, and Joe Schmerber, line-up for a trial run in preparation for a forthcoming track meet. 127 O 1- I U tennis team THIS ONE'S JUST FINE...Mr. Louis Burton, tennis coach, explains to Joe Fitch some of the basic things to lo ok for when buyingatennis racket. A good racketis an essential part of a player's equipment. GONE WITH THE WIND.,,.A necessary task before the players can start practice is to see that the c o ur t s are .clean. Mary Arm Stovall, Arlene Hargreaves, and RogerBa- ker, lleft to righti geta taste of dust as they sweep the tennis court. READY ----- -SERVE. . Q Q A ITIHTCY1 at Schreiner Institute p r ove s to be a i tough game. Esther Bode and Patsy Ridgeway, Qleft to rightj senior double players look very promising as a top team. Raymond Kir s ch, Qfar leftj calls the game as the match is played. i. enthusiastic in 'SS BOTTOM LEFT: COOL, CLEAR WATER. . .It's time out for a drink ofwater after a. hard work-out! Es- ,her Bode and Patsy Ridgeway fleft o right, pause at the water foun- ain for a big gulp. BOTTOM CENTER: ACERACKET- JIAN. . . Perfecting his serve is Rog- 'r Baker, an expert with a racket. OTTOM RIGHT: ALL READY? . . . ayrnond Kirsch Qleftj and Joe Fitch rightj suit out before they combine heir tennis talents in ap re-season GRAND SLAM. . . Arlene Hargreaves lrightj lays the string to a lob shot which g o e s ov- er the net while in a pr a ctic e game with Mary Ann Stovall fleftj. Both are seniors and have played tennis for four years. THE 1955 TENNIS SQUAD M.A. Stovall, A. Hargreaves, J. Fitch, R. Baker, M. Knotts, R. Kirsh, P. Ridgeway. S, Arnold, J. Caton, D. Lichty, Mr. Louis Burton. fstanding, left to rightj S. Mares and E. Bode, lkneelingl. -up. As returning lettermen, re agreat support to the squad. lm -f f power men LE AD IN G THE LETTERMEN. . . The s pon s or s of the "T" Association are Qleft to rightj, Foster Miller, Preston Chambliss, Tom Daniels, and Gene Agleton. All are members of the coach- ing staff. fNot picturedis Louis Burton.j MAKING PLANS. . .The "T" Associa- tion officers Qleft to rightj Bobby Ing- ram, vice-presidentg J'oeFitch, re- porterg Wayne Merritt, s e c r e tar y- treasurerg and Buddy Snow, president, discuss plans for a future meeting PRIDE AND JOY. . . The senior members of the Tivy High School football team Qleft to rightl Bob- by Chesser, Larry Hester, Billy Jonas, Arlen Thacker, Billy Joe Lea, Billy Wayne McDaniel, Bill Davis, Jerry Girard, and Herman Heyland, receive their jackets for the 1954 football season. Each boy receives ajacketif he has played in 16 quarters or more. 130 form club JUNIOR ATHELETES. . . The junior mem- bers of the football team, Qfront to back, left to rightl Jackie Bowlin, Joe Dickey, Joe Schmerber, Jerry Johns on, Jimmy Simmonds, James Durst, Bill Wom ac k, Kinnan Golemon, and Kyle Wright, pose for the birdie while theyare at the Louise Hays Park planning for their annual bar- beque that is given in the spring. THANKS BOYS. . .Audrey Sublett proudly a c c e pt e d the honor of being elected as sweetheart of the 1954 football team. Her big moment was giving a speech at a pep rally. LETTERMEN. . .Members of the 1954-'55 "T" Associationwere ffront row, left to rightj Jerry Gir- ard, Billy McDaniel, Bobby Chesser, Arlen Thacker, Larry Hester, Billy Jonas, Bill Davis, Billy Joe Lea., Delton Wilson, Bobby Ingram, Gerald Robinson, fback row, left to rightj Joe Schmerber, James Durst, Herman Heyland, Jackie B owlin, Wayne Merritt, Kyle Wright, Joe Dickey, Jimmy Simmonds, Jerry Johnson, Bill Womack, Bubba Barlow, Kinnan Golemon, and Qstanding, frontl Buddy Snow. 1. 0. 'Q is-U JUST CHECKINH . .Miss Georgia Grif- fith and Arlene Har gr e ave s Qleft to rightj, sponsor and pr e sident of the Girls' Sports Association, check bas- kets after a busy day of Gym activities. mcmq activities TOP LEFT: PIN UP GIRLS. . .Hanging up the Girls' Sports Association bannerand decoratingthe trophy case are Qleftto right! Joan Wagner, secretaryg Ida Eakin, repor- ter: and Mary Ann Stovall, vice-president. BOTTOM LEFT: CHAMPIONS'?.. .The junior girls won the intramural volleyball tournament sponsored by the Association. Here they play the seniors in the play-off. BOTTOM RIGHT: HIT THE BIRDIE. . . Hav- ing a hot time are these fifth period girls as they indulge in a game of aerial darts. occupq q. s. cu. JUST PINGING AROUND. . . A game of table tennis is good for everyone. BettyGates and Diana Hampson match Verna Lou Claborn and Roberta Wells. Tivy's first unvitational volleyball tournament to be held in the new gym was on February 26. The Tivy "B" team won Znd in consolation. THIS IS HOW YOU DO IT. . . The newest PLAY BALL.. .Spring is a time for things such as baseball. Claudette Mitchell get s ready to hit a home run. sport to be added to the activities is archery. Miss Griffith explains how to string a bow. SPINACH EATERS. . . Basketball is one of those popular sports in which G.S.A. gals partici- pate. Aloha Jeter and Lynne LeC1ere stretch in a toss-up. SANDRA HARDEN Senior ALOHA JETER Junior gn- KIT T Y VANN Senior Head Cheerleader ESTHER BODE Junior tivq fight ll Rip the Matador s Behold our Queen! I 134 Z OE STEWART Senior MELODY WATSON Junior 41- 1 kboys! Good uc Yea Blue, Yea Gold 'F , A11 out for the big parade! DeC0l'ating'p never dies We're behind you man to man. . . . . . . . The big fire . 5 135 Q funoloqq Registration--back to the , , , , "o1e grind!" Oh, my achin' feet! New gym, here we come! Strenuous bowling requires "one big orange!" Wild West invades Antler Stadium! State Champs in review! Who played hookie yesterday? october .... Sound off! Guide right! Hut 1-2-3-4! C11ck1ty- We clac king along! Pass the salt, please! 137 Stern fl of and Queen f Ondsi rO1T1 , . the hous e november Turke y Day Danc e Sadie Hawkins finally got 'er man! Hail, hail, the gang's all here! It's Homecoming at Tivy! 138 Off for another contest ! december ,... Junior class presents "A Dance With Our Miss Brooks." At last. . . senior sweaters! 'Twas the night before Christmas! jcmuczrq ,,,. Time for a date to a basketball game! "Hark, the Herald Angels sing!" "Mid-Term. february. . . o cozy! 's valentine! X11 cgaxxdy ior march . . . , Patrick get Look at the trophies! t gt. LOOK war thanx flush io Which college are you going to? Just a friendly little get-to- gether. apri WO11 It Io O O 0 April Showers '7 Why of course' :le be di' , pleased tho -ff sk, ugh, Just a fashion parade of pajamas ? M easure it Now for some fun and rest! At long last! ! just ri gh: n y.... Adair, Mary Adams, Maxine Aguerro, Henrietta Akin, C.W. Alcorta, Kina Alexander, Jerone Alexander, Judy Allbright, Beverly Allbright, Norma Allen, Gleniva Allen, Harriette Allison, Irene Archer, Bill Arnecke, Shirley Arnold, Sarah Jane Avila, Jne Ayala, Adam Ayala, Raymond Ayala, Rudy Baker, Billie Ann Baker, Kathryne Baker, Roger Baldwin, Vivian Baldwin, Vivian Barlow, Clyde Bates. Beatty. Belva Charles Bennet, Pat Benson, Bud Bergman, Arlan Bernha Betty, Bird, I Black, Black, rd, Don Winfield rene Betty Doris Blackburn, Bobby Blackw ell, Betty Blevins, Creed Blevins, Emma Lou Blott, George Bode, Esther Bowlin, Jackie Bradford, Babs Bradford, Betty Bradshaw, James Brandon, Bill Brehmer, Cynthia Brown, Charles Brown, Sandra B1-nwn, Spencer Builta, James Builta, Kenneth Bunch, Wayne Burnett, Rose Maria Burrier, Carole Burrier, Pat Burris, Mary Jo Bn5n6ng, Jack Butler, Butler, Rachel Nam an Byerly, Marietta Caddel, Ross Calcott, Van Carey, Mary Carmichael, Leland Carrier, Nancy Carrier, Robert Carson, Thena Carswell, Charles Cavness, Josephine Chamberlain, Jo Gayle Caton, Janet Chenault, Nita Chesser, Bobby Chessex-, Carol Chidsey, Dede Chidsey, Merdith Chiles, Jerry Chipman, Jo Ann Claborn, Verna Lou Clark, Windell Claussen, Barbara Clements, Glenn Coe, Rachel Collazo, Tony Cook, Karel Cook, Shasta Cory, Gloria Couch, Bobby Couch, Donnie Council, DeWayne Covert, Curtis Covert, Hazel Cowan, Janice Cox, Kay Cox, Ruth Crow, Laverne Cunningham, Leslie Curl, Jimmy Dale, Sylvia Daniels, Marian Davee, Deanna Davis, Bill Davis, Joan Davila, Felicia Diaz, Tina Dickey, Joe Dismukes, Kay Doering, Alys Doherty, Dennis Dolezal. Glenette 23, 25, 30, 32, 47, 80, 49 31,107 71,99 11,101 49,91 49,125 31. 97, 99 49, 95, 97 31,97 31 61,s6,s1,93 31,e5,93,94.95 11,101 49,95,91 11,129 61 49 32,106,110 6l 7l 23,32,106 Z,1Z0,l2l,l2B,l29 7l 61,93 94,95,120,121,131 11,93 11,93 61,93,95 61,100,101 32,102,103 7l,93 32 61,91 7l 6L9L95 23,61,93 32,08 61 61 71 49,95,12s,129,134 49,112,116,131 49 6l 32,104 49,100,101 11,93 49 71 70,71 33,08 49.95 50,104 50 61 33,9a.99,106 50 61,93,125 61,95 100 61 33 7l,l0l 50 61 50 7l 61 50 71 33,s5,s6,s1 11,93,129 33,106 33,llZ,ll4,l31 11,130 50,97 61,s6,93,95 33,s9,92.93 50 .33,a5,91,133 71 62,93 34,93,104 62 62 50 34,85,99 62 3LBi9il2ilN 62,93,95,91 101,104 34,l00,104,l05 62,6s,93 72 50 62,97 50,102,103 62,97 34 51,04 5l,5B,97 72 34,99.101,110,13o,131 6193 72 62 51,101,112,116,131 62,97 72 51,120,123 72 Dowd, Belinda Drane, Stephen Ducierstadt, Rodney Dunks, Judy onpre, ceeina Durst, James Dyer, Jane Eakin, Ida Earnhart, Delores Ebensberger. Gary Eckhart, Sharon Eckstein, Sherrel Eggers, Jeanie Engleman, Wayne Espinoza, Anna Evans, Scott Exum, James Fairchild, Sue Farenthold, Bobby Ferguson, Carol Ferguson, Earl Ferguson, Franklin Fench Pany Fisher, Irene Fitch, Joe Fletcher, Berlene Fletcher, Ellene Fletcher, Howard Floyd, Sandra Forehand, Gaye Forehand, Norman Foster, Ted Fowler, Sally FrankHn, Kay rrnnmin, Jirnniy Furman, Jack Furman, Thomas Futch, Buster Galloway, Alice Gary, Gloria Gary, Nancy Gates, Betty Gates, Robert Game, Ernest Gerloff, Charles Gerlcff, Lois Gilleland, Olen Girard, Jerry Girard, Ronald Goleman, Kinnon Goss, Bill Ed Gourley, Sally Grant, Frances Grayson, Dorthy Grona, Hazel Grona, Pat Guerrero, Joe Guerrero, Pete Hampson, Diana Harden, Karen Harden, Sandra Hardy, George Hargreaves, Alta Hargreaves, Arlene Harris, Jerry N. Harris, Jerry W. Hawkins, Tyla Kay Heiman, Irene Heimann, Nancy Helmeke, Louise Henley, Christine Henley, Jimmy Hester, Larry Heyland, Herman Hill, Carlo Sue Hillger, Duane Holliman, Ida Holto n, Harritt Hwver, Shirley Hoph, Peggy Hopping, Mike Houck, Don Huber, Sandy Huber, Sherry Hutchings, Beryl Hyde, Hyde, Earline Lucille Ingram, Bobby Jenschke, Jeanette Jenschke, Mary Jane Jeter, Aloha Johnson, Jerry Johnson, Martha Jonas, Billy Jones, Arlene Jones, Llinda Jones, Laverne Kaise r, Janine Kaufhold, Jeanne Keese, Orville Kinsel, Jim Kirsch, Ramond Klein, Barbara Klein. Carolyn Klein, Clark Klein, Phyllis Knotts, Martin Knox, Betty Koehler, Kathy Koening, Sally Kramer, Shirley 22,21 62,93 62 72, l0l 72, 75, 98 72 5l,l00,ll3,ll6,l26,l3l 25,30,34,94,95,91,ss 51,ss,132 72 ZLZLZi6l6L619L93 62 1293 72 63,101 63,91 34,101 126 72 51,100,101 63,126 72 63,126 63,s6,s1 63,90.91.9Z,93 22,23,Z6,35,94,95,l28,129,130 23,35,94,96,91 35,91 106,101 ZZ,23,26,51,B5,95 51,95,96 35,100,101 63 7Q72 35,92,93 51,133 35 35,aa,100,101,106 60, 63 72 72 36, 46, 79, 94, 95, 97, 100, 102 26, 30, 35, 46, 77, 86, 89, 95, 96, 97, 133 72 104 36,94,95 63,95 51 36,ll2,ll4,l20,l2l,l30,l3l 63 24,48,52,59,85,90,ll3,ll6,l20,l24 63 72 63 52,95 36 36 36 63 36,89,95,96,97,133 23,63,9l,97 36,94,95,134 23,52,a5,a9,93 22,23,21,52,s5,90 21,31,a4,a6,s1,91.91,123,129,132 37 37 72 37 52,85,86,B7,94,95,97,9B,27 37 63 75 31,95,110,112,114,130,131 31,103,104,105,112,114,130,131 7Z 101 52 22,23,52,93 73 52,91 31,s1,ss,95,96,91 94 3s,9z,93 64,93 64,91 52,95 73 33,41,16,112,114,120,122,130,131 73 52,95 52,133,134 53,lOl,ll3,ll7,l2O,124,127,131 63,95 38,94,11Z,115,l30,l3l 63 73,75 23.38,95,96,97,102 23,53,ea,93 73 l0l 101 38,128,129 73 22,23,60,64,91 53 64,s9,91 64,94,95,129 73 53,5s,91 73 53, 95 Quhlmann, Kunz, Car Barbara olyn Kunz, Marian Kunz, Vera Lainhart1 Lambert, Landcaste Lara, Joh John Patsy r, Stanley n Lara, Lydia Lea, Billy Joe Leatherman, Randal Le Clere, Lee, Beul Lynn ah Lee, Wayne Leismann, Louis Le Meilluer, Coy Lichty, Donna Linn, Jody Little, Be Lohmann, Lohmann, Lott, Wes tty A. J. Nora ley Lowrance, Janice Luther, B McDaniel, McDaniel, everly John Shirley McDaniel, Billy wayne McDaniel, Wilbur McKay, Dan McKnight, Joyce McMahan, Carol Rae Magoon, Betty Mares, Charles Marines, Joe Massey, Mary E. Matter, Doris Matthews, Barbara Maxwell, Judy Medlin, Janice Medlin, Paul Merritt, Delores Merritt, Wayne Meyners, Lance Michael, Gerry Midkiif, Carolyn Mitchamore, Sonja Mitchell, Claudette Morgan, Betty Morris, Alene Morris, Evelyn Morrow, Allan Mosty, Kay Mosty, Frances Mosty, Mary Mosty, Nan Murray, John Nance, Doris Nance, Lucy New, Jimmy Nixon, Carl Nixon, Ruth Norquist, Barbara Oatman, Elmer Oatman, Lorene O'Bryant, Wayne Odem, Kathleen Orr, Corinne Ortega, Linda Ortega, Lucy Padgett, Billy Palmer, Charlotte Parker, Gwen Parker, Walter Parker, Lendon Parker, Judy Peel, Sue Perlowski, John Peters, Larry Peterson, Beverly Pfeuffer, Daniel Pingenot, Rene Pitts, Adrin Plant, Maxine Pollard, Tommy Pooley, Annelle Poppe, Hans Pope, Ruby Pruneda, Yolanda Pruneda, Jane Purvis, Hardey Raiiord, Margie Ramos, Isabel Ramsay, Cathy Rankhorn, Barney Ranslaben, Karl Rasor, Jeannie Real, Elma Regnier, Claire Reimer, Carol Remsei-161, May Rhoden, Alan Richeson, Mary Beth Ridgeway, Patsey Rittiman, Harry Roberson, Roger Roberts, Ella Mae Robison, Gerald Robinson, Jimmy Rodgers, Wayne Rodrigueze, Lavina Roe, Linn Ruiz, Lupe 39. 96, HZ, 40, 104, 105, 112 4s,55,59.104 33, 86, 87, 94, 95, 96 Russ, Grace Russel, Kay Ryan, Judy Sabins, Barbara Salyers, Sue Sanders, Nancy Sandfer, Dean Schoenewolf, Ronnie Scheirton, Charlotte Scheirton, George Schmerber, Joe Schmidt, Beverly Schuh, Donna Schuh, Margaret Schumaker, Billie Schumacher, Frances Schupp, Billy Schupp, Charles Schwiening, Rita Scott, Edward Shafer, Billy Shelly, Billy Shelton, Donald Simler, Lois Simmonds, Jim Simmonds, Sue Smith, Carol Ann Smith, Janice Smith, Liz Smith, Marjorie Snow, B udcly Spahr, Karilee Spar ks, Sparks , Junior Virginia Springer, Viola spmtt, Ella Mae Stephen, Stevens, Stevens, Stewart, Stovall, Sublett, Sublett, Sublett, Bill Patsy Ray Zoe Mary Ann Audrey Gloria Janie Swayze, Don Swazye, Jimmy Sweatman, Delton Sweatman, Frances Switzer, Charles Switzer, Elmer Swope, Donald Talbert, Ann Talbert, Charles Taylor, Ardis Taylor, Aubrey Taylor, John Taylor, Joyce Taylor, Norma Thacker, Arlen Thacker, Marlene Thurman, Bobbie Nell Toler, Mary Dell T61er, Jimmy Townsend, Don Traweek, B. Ray Turner, Rosie Van, Kitty Van Hoozer, Mary Duane Vega, Ralph Voarshies, Sandra Wagner, Joan wagner, vii-gmia Wait, Joe Walker, Billy Walker, Dennis 73 3s,9a,99 53,95,99 3a,10z,104,105 73 73 53,113,117 99 115,l20,l22,127,130,13l 39.92.93 53,97,133 64 73 53 13,101 13,93,129 63,97 53 54,101,102 39 39,s5,106 75 39.a6,92,93 22,23,39.s4,95 54 39,112,l15,130,131 64,95,125 54,126 39,s6,s1 40,87,94,95,97 40,93 13,91,1z9 40 73 64,97 73,75 64,93 54,S9,97 54,127 73 ,1l5,12O,123,127,l3O,13l 64,101 48,54,103 40,s4,s6,94.95,96.91 54 64,133 64 40 73 100,101 65,90,91,91 4C 65 40 54,94,95 41,s6,93 41,s4,90,91,92.93,9s,2s 41,104,105 54 41 41 41 54 65 73 4L8i8L8L9i9L98 64,97 41,97,103 74 74 23,65,6s,96 54 65,100,101 74 74 74 55,69 7L93 55 42.90,85,104,105 55,113,117 65 65,93 65 125,127 55,95 103,106 65 74,101 74 74 65,9Z,93 74 74,93 5193 2s,42,s4,92.93,9s,102 65,66 65,95 55,05 6O,65,69,113,118,125,126 65,95 66,86,97,128,l29 42 66,101 42,106 ,120,121,124,125,127,131 42,86,87,102,104,105,l24 66,93 42 42 66.112 Walters, Charles Watson, Melody Watts, Byron Weinheimer. Calvin Weiss, Flo Wells, Roberta Wenzel, Delores Werner, Sherron Whelan, Frances White, Glynn White, Lynn Whitehouse, John Wickson, Beverly Wiggins, Gay Wildman, Lynn Wilke, Robert Williams, Carroll Williams, Scott Wils on, Wils on, Wils on. Wilson, Wilson. Delton James Linda Margaret Ray Wisehart, Harry Witt, He Woe rner rbert , Rav Wolfrum. Carroll Womack, Bill Woodard, Ivan Wright, Wright, Wright, wright, Youree . 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X ,.. 1.

Suggestions in the Tivy High School - Antler Yearbook (Kerrville, TX) collection:

Tivy High School - Antler Yearbook (Kerrville, TX) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Tivy High School - Antler Yearbook (Kerrville, TX) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Tivy High School - Antler Yearbook (Kerrville, TX) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Tivy High School - Antler Yearbook (Kerrville, TX) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


Tivy High School - Antler Yearbook (Kerrville, TX) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


Tivy High School - Antler Yearbook (Kerrville, TX) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


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