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.- ., J,,-ffF"'i--f-W 5- '--' bi- f-Am3X:fL-f1-WA-- -,YK V W f---" Ni... , .7-"' Lg"'-Q--,ALE ' 5'5""T:- -.-.H ifq Sai- R5-. -1-L- .. 123-XX xx xxif , ,,. -- ' T "' Y X ,xnxx x . " :rr-k:za.:,5633'5 1h,'w x ' Saglgx? Q TF-E55 - Ti 1 - ""' 'Sw X ,, ,--. -fi -fx .... P-, -5-,... AW, 27,,7M,f, XJ!! , Am. fin-W7 Nw gm MZ KLM f Wm X726 70004411 ,5 Vwivff A.g,4,z. 55Wf4hj79pg4JCT K2:5434L1,2 -125' ,,-,,..- Y f sf R ,, CN J X X iii i f - ig f X' .. , ,Qj57Cr ' J A h I y 7 -N-4" Y Y V - f "Mmu "h fvfilg. W w-.w. I ' If X A A CR, -M ,kiq V' W g' f "' ".T..g4,g4- ------ --Y .. Wy" ' x' ' tA5NM2f ' WM , LW 5 E mmf, 1 3 V A 111 , 1T." 'V'n', XSQIAML-- Kerrville, Texas ,UH .bi the familiarbellbeginning and ending our four precious years in or vw. S 1 - 1, 1-1 1 5 Q l Q ,K ,., 0 3, , u ' A a.,4 ','wff, 'Q ' if wg K tj' g 'f'Z.- - X9--. A t 1 ,, W ,- 4 1...-'gg-iv J.. l ,Q . V, - - . up., . . 1 sz , " .1 4-ff'-f'-ew - .. - ml "" Q ' 1 . v '. 7' qrJ.'?i,p- JV.: x -3 . 1-1.--1 L .5-Y' . H' ,.' "!vg.'f11 5 Q ll Weare From Tivy". . . and from Tivy we must soon go. . . .Never to forget, yet neverto return .... The fun, the friends, the many things mat make Tivywhatitis .... The famnliar bell beginning and ending every hours work ..... the halls we have known for such h tt' These th' swe leave and et we shall never leave them. They must remam along---yets or, xme. lng , y with us forever as a constant reminder that. . . . "We are From Tivy". K 2 5 ' V ' I ' I I' I Il W 2- ' IVKLUJ U U W X HDD 65 Eli J l N J J -5. 1 Q 9 D 1350 A 'ao QD 22 0 W 4 Q D m is 5090 0 1 v If JA X Q, . n f N THE LEAV RETURN ik I V I Classes come and c sses go, but onl the leaves re- y turn. We are Tivy. . . the sp 't, the activities, he mem- ries. . . They are ours, to hol in our hearts. e we fx N ha Qund friendships for a lifetim and foundations for L I f K the futbre. These things can never be orgotten. They I , are part us, and must remain with us fore r as won- , derful mem ies. P6 L And so each will, in his place, turn and bid our be- 0 loved Tiv Qodb after these fleetin years that we have n Q Y 8 Y B 41 been a part of Tivy have passed. We must leave these 5 1 w familiar halls for the last time. But we will take our Tivy. . . the Tivy of memories. . . with us and. . . Only the ? f R, N Leaves Return. I n 1 F 1 i H I i N xl 1 '7- 1 il x,1,x ix r i X X 3 ,QP 4, ?r", f, AWN!! A E a" LR O'Z-'fg'-BQXZJ LN 5 J 779 'YOQWJQ A D X KW -UCZONL Q35 My EQ Ov Www D TURN THE LEAVES Q Leaves of Logic Leaves of Learning Leaves of Leagues Leaves of Leadership J Leaves of Luster L xxx Q X H Q, 5 M Q9 Q-f ' t- kvqkyhfztv linux ' W: rx HP pwff' Thank you, Mrs. Willson. Thank you for vour twenty-three years of inspiring ' Englishcourses, for your unfailing support of our athletic program, for your sincere interest in each and every student, and especially for your words of en- couragement when we were so new in Tivy. You helped us when we needed a little push, you talked to us when we felt that we could not make the goal we were striving for, and you gave us a back- ground in English that we cannot forget. For all of thesethings we are grateful to you, and we would like to express our appreciation by dedicating the 1953 Antler to you: 6 CQ As Tivy's Most Versatile Girl, has many accomplishments to show for it. In the year and a half that Gail has been in Tivy, she has shown her ability as a leader as president of Ant- lerettes, and secretary of the Student Council. Besides being an active rnem- ber of many organizations, G. A. A., F. H. A. , and the Antler Staff, she won third place in the District interscho- lastic League Shorthand contest last year. has gained the highest honor bestowed by Tivy High School as its Student of the Year. She has always Work- ed with tireless energy, submitting fresh, new ideas in any project she has under- taken as Antler Staff Editor and a Cheer- leader. The student body elected her as the Most Popular Girl and the F.F.A. chose her as its Sweetheart. Her ac - complishments include being an active member in the G.A.A., N. H. S., and F. H. A. These give Becky more activity points than any other student in Tivyg thus earning for her this highest honor. all-around athletic abilities have en- titled him to a place in Who's Who this year. He is a member of the "T" Association and has earned letters in football, track, and basketball. As a member of the Junior Play, "Meet Corliss Archer", Donald displayed his talents in the dramatic field. Also the Junior Class elected him as its "Most Popular Boy." Donald is a member of the National Honor Society. As editor of the school paper, The Tatler, has done well in proving her journalistic ability. She was also Selected as a member of the National Honor Society. besides being one of Tivy's band twirlers, proved herself as an actress, too, when she portrayed "Cox-liss Archer" in the Junior Play. ln the field of athletics, she earnedatennis letter and is a member of the G.A.A. She also displayed high scholastic standards and so she was chosen as a N. H. S.. member this year. 8 with her many achievements, has gained her well-deserved place in Who's Who. She is a member of the Antler Staff, the Antlerettes, the G. A. A. , and the National Honor Society. She is also secretary-treasurer of the Junior class, and secretary of the F.H. A. Gail has shown her speaking ability by taking first place honors in declarnation at both the district and the regional meets. has worked diligently as the business manager of the Tatler Staff. She is an energetic member of the Antlerettes and G. A. A. , and has taken partin all the projects of the N. H. S. ,, Well-known around Tivy as the president of the F. H. A. , is who is a leading student in many other organizations. She is sec- retary of the Band, Student Council reporter, and treasurer of the N. I-I. S. In addition, Patty is the Senior Class treasurer. mn .Wy W Q 7 I Lb' N 'T , '- my .,, hifi .- . ffl: f'. V 5 4. Ifn' :NS CHARLOTTIC MARKS, a very active Jun- ior around Tivy's halls, has helped lead in many activities. She is a cheerleader and played an important role in the Junior play. She has contributed to the Antler by being its art editor. She shows athletic ability by lettering in tennis and being in e G. A. A. if ffep 4 We 4 . i w 'R GORDON MORGAN, one of Tivy's Out- standing seniors, holds the office of presi- dent of N.H. S. Besides being a member of the Student Council, Choral Club, and "T" Association, Gordon has shown outstanding athletic ability as a football letterman. i wHo's EDWARD LANGE, Tivy senior, has earned many awards and achieved recognition for his outstanding workin agri- culture and Future Farmers. Last spring, Edward won the individual high award in the State Meat Judging Contest. He is president of Tivy's F. A. Chapter. Q r" !.."1'.'Q 0 10 G-7 I a WHO We 4' . lui. la' li - -'li l An.: if 'O- Being business manager of the Antler Staff requires a lot of her valuable time, but BE'I"l'Y REINHARD still has time for other activities as well. She is a member of the N. H. S., and is Sergeant-at-Arms of the Antlerettes. Betty was chosen as a member of the girls' intramural volleyball team, and serves as president of G. A. A. , if' - i al"-1'3."'.." I i ,.,., 'L,!-I.. "-xl-.M 4 - . ' 31 211-f-w". I-Z1 Y A' "'7 ..-EZ' 4',',,g As Most Handsome boy of Tivy, RONNIE RUTHERFORD is a we ll - known figure around the school. I-Ie has lettered in football and is a member of the "T" Association. He was elected to serve as president of the Senior Class. He is also a member of the Visual Aid in--,,, -.,...-- ...L.. Club. As the Antlerettes head rnajorette, JOANN SCHREIBER has proved her capability and qualities of leadership.She was elected reporter of the Senior Class, and also as secretary of the Chorus. She was chosen as Tivy's Most Beautiful Girl. .IoAnn's accomplishments reached fur heights as a member of both N. H. S. and Tatler S She is a member of the intramural volleyball team a the G. A. A. 11 -3 4 An up-and-coming member of the Sophomore class is Tivy's "Most Versatile", Buddy has proven his athletic ability by learning letters in both football and basket- ball, and by his membership in the "T" Association. Buddy has done a fine job as the Sophomore class reporter, and he has worked diligently on the Student Council. He has been Sports Editor of the Tatler Staff for two years. As a proud senior of '53, has con- tributed much to Tivy High. Due to his excellent football playing he was one of Tivy's outstanding gridders, a foot- ball captain, and was elected president of the "T" Asso- ciation. He has earned many points as both vice-president of Visual Aid and the Most Versatile Boy of the Senior class which entitles Bobby to a place in Who's Who. An outstanding figure in Tivy's Athletic depart- ment is He is one of the few boys to have lettered in three sports, football, basketball, and track. He e x h i b i t e dsuch skill on the football field that he was chosen as a co- captain of the '52 squad. Among his many attri- butes in sports he advanced to regional in track. He was elected treasurer of the "T" Association a and is a member of the chorus and Visual Aid. WHO 7 7, . MAURICEL S'I'OVAL-L has shown her qualities of leadership not only as head cheerleader, but as an active memberin many school organizations. She is Senior Editor of the Antler Staff and a member of the F. H. A. As a capable and hard- working secretary of both the Senior Class and G. A. A. , she has assumed many responsitiblies. 'sv l 5 .1 ' - .w' JL 'x viii -wan C7 Among the outstanding students of Tivy High School, BE'I"I'Y NR ILDMAN has surely made her place. Betty was chosen Most Beautiful of the Junior class, and as a member of the play cast. f ff- A- '. - -' - 'A . ' -' --fs She is also an active member of her own F. H. A. club, and was elected area F.H.A. pianist, and also takes part in Antlerettes, N. I-LS. and G. A.A. As Junior class editor of the Antler Staff, Betty has worked tirelessly for Tivy's yearbook. , Junior class president, JOE BGB WILSON is one of J 13 the outstanding members of his class. He was chosen as Most Ve rsatile boy of his class. He holds t office of treasurer of the Student Council and is member of the N. H. S. Besides being a V. A. memb and Assistant Business Manager of the Antler Sta ,, he was Business Manager of the Juni r Play, " e Corliss Archer." X X2 X ,- JMA 5 1 Mlm LEAVES OF LOGIC "As the treeg so the fruit. " ,wqni ' 4 xx S. Q? V., 3-i Qi Mr. John Sandidge, p r i n c ip al of Tivy High Schoolfor the past three years, devotes his time to all problems of curriculum and guides the many activities of the student body. GUIDING CUR LEARNING Mr. Jerry Moore, who is serving his first year as principal of Tivy Jr. High School, busily be- gins another day as he talks to the parents of a Junior High student. Mrs. Florence Weiss, guidance counselor of Tivy High School, greets each student with a smile as they enter her office throughout the day to discuss school problems. 1' Mr. E. L. Wild- man, superintendent of Kerrville Public Schools. Tivyis as proud of him as he is ofit. He is busy constantlyiron- ing out schoolproblems, helping for- wardthe schoo1's standards, and always his first interest is the students. His goal is that Tivy should produce good men and women. Heis a shining example of fairness. Tivy owes many thanks and gratitude for all the work he has done on its behalf. Above he is shown leaving the School Tax Office. 17 Us LANGUAGE ARTS A,,,.f-",,1f,'i' The English teachers of Tivy are interested in all pupils, as they gather frequently in the library to discuss the workoftheirclasses. Seated are Mrs. Elizabeth Furman M , rs. Nan Kellam, ,Mrs. Mary Willson, and Mrs. Gloria Richards. Mrs. Zelma I-Ia d M ' ' ' r y, rs. Bess Canafax, and Miss Lila Barrett are standing. 18 SOCIAL STUDIES M w' S 'N-u Q-ff 32 15-I-' in Many mornings in the school the social studies teachers, Mrs. year Billie Manning,Mrs. Mamie Praytor, Mrs. Lorene Swayze, Mrs. Jessie Wilson, and Mr. Robert Holden gather to discuss the integration of the subjects in their departments. ' in American and World Tivy's Social Studies Department offers courses History, Civics, Sociology, and Geography. 19 celledxn each phase of S P ' :ble are the teachers above who are dlscussxng plans for the year They are Mr John Armstrong, band dlrector Mrs. Rachel Luna speech in- s ructor rs Hele Wagner art teacher and Mrs Lavene Bennett VOCATIONAL Q -as -at fl. itll -gr' in 'K SCIENCE Miss Bess Mitchell, Mr.W.C.Akin, an Mrs. Ellen Ham- mond receive some extra tutoring from Mr. Louis Burton in their spare time. In Tivy's Math Department, general math, algebra, g e o - metry, andtri- gonometry are the S ubj e cts taught by these teachers. Students who are en- rolledinTivy's science courses have an excellent opportunity to explore into the realm of the un- known, and to profit by laboratory experiments. The teachers are, left to right: Miss Mackie All- ood science, Mr. John 8 , Wagner, physics, Mr. Her- man Billnitzer, science. and Mr. Calvin Hibler, chem- MATHEMATICS '3i??1'+r: , Tivy's Com- mercial De- partment is perhaps the most helpful to t h e s t u - d e n t s , as it prepares them for jobs in the future. Heading this department are Mr. Preston Chambliss and Miss Virginia Henniger, who teach courses in typingbookkeeping, and stenography. They are shown here preparing the day's assignment. COMMERCIAL PRACTICAL SCIENCE 1 P1 Pausing foramoment of relaxation on the front porch of the Home Economics cottage are fl to rj Mrs. Nelwyn Moore, Miss Sylvia Peter- sen,Mr.Foy Page, and Mr.BillOliver. Miss Petersen and Mrs. Moore head Tivy's mo- i dern Home . , ,. up-"' Making Depart- ment,while Mr. Page and Mr. Oliverare do- in g a n e x - cellentjob in- structing the "Ag" boys. Jin' STAFF cAL EnuCAT'ON PHYS: Gat ln the U7 office b hered ' ain efore school, discussin t g plans I he da or y are fl t Mrs o rj . Margaret Franke, nurseg Mrs Nell S wayze, dietiti Mrs. Pat ang Burton, secreta FY: Mr Hirt etary' rs. H , and azel J libr ' ohnson, arzan. ge s. Mary h, secr NR The physical education instructors M' Ge X Xl , iss orgia Griffith, Mr. Fred Jacobs, and Mr, Foster Miller make plans for the coming intramural activities. LEAVES OF LEARNING hij- Q34 ahh. 4' .. J .mr B, 1 .fi fu-W YF' 'W .. 24 1 1 nl , Friendship is a sheltering tree X NX . ' S - W XX. 3 - ix I N September: X .,' 1 f' 'X ' W' -N 5--Registration for the school term XE' Q x - fo -4- of 1953 ,E NN' S X 8--Classes begin E ff N , X 12-First football game of the year in KX -K rx I gg Austin X X. N Z0-Antlerette Hobo Dance ,Q ,f 'Q ' X 30-Formal F. H. A. Initiation M N N X October' - Q ' w ' Nl X -. 10-F. H. A. Chicken and Spaghetti Supper AQ X 11 -Western Dance and the Crownin of I g A Q the Queen -5 gh u x -X 18-Band Day in Austin , to N 21-F. H. A. Open House it lm 5 sk November- will , 4:5 , . ... K. 'ff SQ, l--F. H. A. Dance and Box Supper 'Q Z 'ix X N--L 15-Antlerette Carnival Q' ' ff -X X X' 20-DE Ban ' Al . . quet X I KX S 21-Final football game with Edison X Q , N, 22-Seniors's Sadie Hawkins Dance Ns. I ' X .7 24-as Junior Play .Q X X- 27-Z9 Thanksgiving Holidays 2 ,T December: R' M' Y-. 6--Barbecue for the Football Boys X f-5 18-Christmas Program by Choral and C S Q' 1' A1-tDept's. -ii - 19-Antlerette and Band Christmas .. Q S' Formal ' X, -R 23-Christmas Holidays s' 3. , 31-New Year's Dance Q ' January: -N :ik i . i 5 14-17 Kerr Co. Livestock Show ,N X Z3-Student Council show and Dance R S ENN, 30- Tatler Dance R X 'N-S February: 2 - S 'ri Z0-Senior Square Dance N ri Zl -Junior Class Dance - 'Y 27-28 Band Clinic A - March: xx 1 Q 'X 6-7 Band Trip to Brady W' -Z 12-Twirp Dance 'lf C' 13-14 Border Olympics S - Z1-Intex-.scholastic Lea ue Meet 'X 3 -. 8 X, Z7-Z8-Texas Relays Q X April: e i., 2--Career Day QS 'N 10-Senior Boys and Faculty Basketball- S -5 Game 5 Z1 -Senior Party Q QL 24-Lime Fiesta -,.,Q5 May: X X x X 9--Junior and Senior Banquet 4, 15-Senior Day X .5 1 ZZ-Barbecue :or the Seniors N' 2' 24-Baccalaureate Exercises Q +. Z9-C t ' X 5' 1 ommencemen Exercises is 3 N -get ,gg -xx . . X g xg. X e -f - r' 5 +55 xx-X 1 26 ACTIVITIES M . K f X 1 rf il V is K XX X 1-LF' ,wi fa' 5 'L Aw Y? 'fligf . ",'. -i lsifrfzw ,',f'!iJv l A - K 45" bfi me "'lf:f,f?f:fJi 1 I ., The Senior class officers, Joann Schreiber, reporterg Maurice Stovall, secretaryg Phil Carroll, vice-presidentg Jane Ann McCall, treasurerg and Ronnie Rutherford, presidentg discuss class activities in the I-LE. Cottage. ip'--v pp'-1' W 3J,., ,vwN 1 pg '- ' ' The Senior Class sponsors, i QL-R, Mrs. Zelma Hardy, l"' e -,ss' fi? Mr. John Wagner, and Mr. -1Qq4r"' H A, Preston Chambliss, wait in , the Library for the students M A to begin a class meeting -.R " ' discussing a Senior Square 1" Dance. Senior sponsors Miss Virginia Henniger and Mr. Bill Oliver are not pictured. Oh, Happy Day! Alfred Wilson measures Herman Baldwin for his cap and gown for graduation exercises. The Melonnaires, organized by a group of Tivy boys this year, entertained at a Senior High Assembly. F N"",, x ,HIT -'UW QQN QU? KENTON AHRENS N.H.S. '52-'53 Band '50-'53 V.Pres. '53 Choral '53 F.F.A. '51-'53 Visual Aid '51-'53 "Friendships build fortunes." NANCEY AN AULD N.H.S. '51-'53 Anllerettes '51-'53 Cheerleader '55 G.A.A. '50-'53 Reporter '53 Jr. Play Cast "The very essence of good nature." fn... 'Yi ff? GAIL ANDERSON St. Council '53 Sec. '53 Antler Staff '53 Antlerettes '53 Pres. '53 G.A.A. '53 F.H.A. '53 "Though few her years, her accomplishments are many. " I-IERMAN BALDWIN "T" Ass'n. '51-'53 Football '51-'53 Basketball '51-'53 F'.H.A. '52 "Hex-e's to Herman, tried and true!" tri. 7' - :M n 35? MIKE ANTHONY Band '51-'53 Pres. '52-'53 Drum Major '53 "Where he succeeds, merit is all his own. " BILLY BARLOW St. Council '51-'53 V. Pres. '52 Pres. '53 Soph. Pres. '51 Jr. Pres. '52 Who's Who '52 Popular Jr. '52 Choral '53 Jr. Play Cast '52 the "Greatness threatens to overtake this young man." -49? YU LORNA BEACH Choral '52-'53 Antlerettes '51-'53 Flag Bearer '53 G.A.A. '51-'53 "Her recipe for making friends--be one. " JULES BENNETT Choral '53 F.H.A. '53 "Although a man of few words, he means what he says. " RUBY JEAN BERGIVIANN Antlerettes '51-'53 G.A.A. '51-'53 "Friendly and sin- cere, a joy to all who know her." GUAM BLACKERBY "lf eyes are windows to the soul, her soul must pretty be. " JOHN BOLLIVIAN "A silent tongue shows a wise head." MAX BRAEUTlGAlVl D.E. '53 Pres. '53 Choral '53 "Self-respect is the corner stone of vir- NT y ' Flin X f ff' vi ll?- Q if tue." . Y wa. J Y--MR " 'kr -:hal PINKY BROWN St. Council '52 Fire Marshall '52 Soph. Sec. '51 "T" Ass'n. '52-'53 V. Pres. '53 Football '51-'53 Track '51-'52 Basketball '52 Choral '53 "Laugh and the world laughs with you." CLARA BUILTA Choral '53 . "There's nothing ill can dwell in such a temple." BETTY JANE BURLESON D.E. '53 Treas. '53 "She's gentle, she's wise, yet there's laughter in her eyes." BOBBY BURRIER F. H. A. '53 "Fortune will call at the smiling gate. " BOBBY BUTLER "He'll make his way good wherever he goes." BETTY CAMPBELL Choral '52 F.I-I.A. '52 "A slow smile that has won her many friends, and kept them." Q9 if PHIL CARROLL N.H.S. '52-'53 Vice-Pres. '53 Sr. Vice Pres. '53 "T" Ass'n '52-'53 Football '52-'53 Jr. Play Cast '52 "Always ready with a laugh to quench the fire of any wrath." MARY ELIZABETH COMEAUX Antlerettes '50-'52 D.E. '52-'53 "Petite, but dynamic. " New IU! E f""'?ff MINNIE LEE COKE Band '50-'53 Majorette '52-'53 Point System Sec. '53 "Her wealth is not all in her hair, she's pure gold through and throug JESSIE ANN COOPER D.E. '51-'53 "A sweet face, and a sweet girl behind it." f-494 t Q36 www: . V twy 4, 1'.:.:I' ROBERT COLHOUR Taller '51-'53 F.H.A. '51 Football '52 "He's the sum total of wit and good h." humor. " .TOE SANCHEZ CORTEZ "Nothing but himself can be his parallel. " A ...Q- 1 -S l MARJORII-3 cox F.H.A. '51-'53 "Suggar and spice and everything nice. " BARBARA DAVIDSON Band '50-'52 ind Lt. '51 lst Lt. '58 Choral '51-'55 "A sweet example of sophistication. " KARYN CRENSHAVV Antlerettes '51 G.A.A. '51 Tatler '53 "A warm hearted and friendly girl." BILLY DENDY F.F.A. '50-'53 Treas. '53 Meat Judging Team '52 Znd in State Grass Judging Team '51 End in District 5th in State "As dependable as the Rock of Gibraltar, but far more sociable. " gd .5-' : RAY CROSS Tatler '53 V.A. '51-'53 "A little fire grows great with but a little wind." JIM DENTON "The craftsman is known by his work. " W' Nw 49-Q. HAROLD DICKEY Choral '51-'53 "I-Ie's in the game of life to win. " WORTH DUDERSTADT "A student a friend a worthy man. MAX DUNKS St. Council '52 Choral '51-'53 Pres. '52-'53 Football '52-'53 "T" Ass'n. '52-'53 Most Versatile Jr. '52 "l am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul. " LOIS EAKIN N. H.S. '53 Tatler '52-'53 Jr. Play Cast '52 G.A.A. '51 "A teacher's ideal student, a student's ideal friend. " CYNTHIA FOSTER D.E. '50-'52 "She's as sweet as they say." STEVE FOSTER F.F.A. '50-'53 "An angelic expression on his face, with a bit of the devil in his eye." -wad' 'X '23-.5 HERMAN GADEKE Band '50-'53 "T" Ass'n. '52-'53 Reporter '52-'53 Football '52-'53 "Look, he's winding the watch of his wit. By and by it will strike. " BILLY GARRETT F. F. A. '53 St. Council '53 "Ambitious, not only in studies, but in making friends. " al . JOHN GENTRY Choral '51-'53 "Good nature and good L1 sense must ever gain. " 'N . g RALPH GILSTRAP ll A little mischief now and then is relished by the best of men " CLEO GOFF Antlerettes '52-'53 Choral '52-'53 "Her presence is the finishing touch to any place." ELMER GRAY "A strong link in any- body's chain fo friend- ship." ?'fTff'i?lTZf MM? .Qi-as-ll? il' S... JIMMY GRA YSON FRANK HAGERT Y MARGARET HANNA Ch0I'3l '52-'53 F.F.A. '50-'53 N.H.S. '50 V-PM '50-'53 D.E. '53 Antlerettes '50-'53 "As welcome as the sun- F. H.A. 'SZ Seq, '53 shine after rain." "His eyes look toward the future, unafraid. " BETH HARDY N.H.S. '51-'53 Sec. '53 Band '50-'53 TYRUS HAWKINS Librarian '51-'53 "T" Tatler '53 Jr. Play Cast '52 words, her friends." and Ass'n. '51-'53 Football '53 Basketball '51-'53 "True to her works, her ", , , and tall, and swift, strong of heart is he.' G.A.A. '50-'53 "Modest, reserved, and always true." NANCY JANE HAYS Antlerettes '50-'51 G.A.A. '50-'51 Tatler '52-'53 Jr. Play Cast '52 "A ready wit, a ready smile, make her welcome all the while. " li PWS 'NF ,, --f, 1 ,... ' JEAN HENNIG JIMMY HILL TANNIE MARIE HILL G.A.A. '50-'52 D.E. '51-'52 Tatler '53 "To know her is to like "Just one big grin. " F. H.A. '50-'53 her. " "She's full of worth CAROLYN HOFFPAUIR D. E. '52-'53 Sec. '53 "A Certain sign of wis- dom is continued cheer- fulness. " LOUELLA I-IOUGI-I F.I-I.A. '50 D.E. '53 Antlerettes '52 G.A.A. '52 "Kindness has an irresist- able cha rm. " and goodness with kindness blent. " MARY SUE IICWYE Jr. Play Cast '52 Antlerettes '51-'52 G.A.A. '51-'52 "ThoughtfuIness comes to her as second nature." Q15 BEN HYDE V.A. '50-'53 "He can attain the unattainable. " SHIRLEY JAMES Choral '52-'53 Antlerettes '50-'53 G.A.A. '52-'53 "Quiet as a lambg sweet as sugar. " MARY LEE JOBES N.H.S. '52-'53 Titler '51-'53 Bus. Mgr. '52-'53 Choral '51-'53 Antlerettes '50-'53 G.A.A. '50-'53 Jr. Play Cast '52 "A permanent gen- erator of energy and good will." PATTY JOHNSON N.H.S. '52-'52-'53 Treas. '53 Band '51-'53 Sec. '53 St. Council '53 Reporter '53 Rep. Jr. Class '52 I-'.H.A. '51-'53 Pres. '53 District Pres. '53 "She's sane, seri- ous, sensible and sweet." ELAINE JOLLEY Antlerettes '50-'52 G.A.A. '50-'52 D.E. '53 Rep. '53 "As jolly as her name." EUGENE JORDAN F.F.A. '50-'53 F.H.A. '52 D.E. '52-'53 "Always leave them laughing." 38 ELDA MARIE JORDAN Antlerettes '51-'52 G.A.A. '50-'52 D.E. '52 F.H.A. '50 "A sweet smile from a pure heart." RAYMOND JUAREZ Chorus '52 "A guy who can't be beat. " WAYNE KENDALL D.E. '52 F, F.A. '50-'53 "A man of sterling qualities." J.B. KENNEDY Choral '52-'53 "T" Ass'n. '52-'53 Football '52 "A fine boy, J.B. " CUPPY KIRK St. Council '52 Choral '53 V.A. '50-'53 Jr. Play Cast '52 "He has an elevated mind." CHARLES KLEIN N.H.S. '51-'53 D.E. '52 Vice-Pres. '52 V.A. '50-'53 "T" Ass'n. '52-'53 Football '52-'53 Track '51 "With so much ambi- tion he's bound to succeed." 39 i"""'! EDWARD LANGE F.F.A. '50-'53 Treas. '51-'SZ Pres. '53 Meat Judging Team 'SZ Znd in State '52 High Individual '52 Grass Judging Tram '52 3rd in District 'SZ 5th in State '52 Star Cheaper Farmer '50 "His character is his destiny. " BILLIE CAROL LUXTON "A tiny bundle of sun- shine." PATSY LITTLE Antlerettes '50-'52 G.A.A. '50-'52 "A loveable bubble of sunshine and happiness." ROSE MARIE MATTER N.H.S. '53 Tatler Staff '53 "Sweet is the word for you. " 43 J LUANN LOVE Antlerettes '50-'53 G.A.A. '50-'53 F.H.A. '50-'53 "Love is in your heart." HAROLD MAYFIELD F.F'.A. '51-'53 "T" Ass'n. '52-'53 Football '52-'53 "May the years be long, for he's a friend to the end." ff? ,un 'fl . 'U'-Mtv 56. JANE ANN MCCALL, N. ILS. '53 Treas. Sr. Class '53 Jr. Play Cast '53 Choral '5t-'53 Vice-Pres. '53 Tatler '51-'53 Editor '53 "The envy of many, the glory of all." HARRIET ANNE OAKES Choral '52 "Small in stature, but big in heart. " l risk ww I . E. avwanilp , it 'it , xg Xt 'ti GORDON MORGAN N.H.S. '51-'53 Pres. '53 Vice-Pres. Jr. Class '52 St. Council '51, '53 Choral '53 "T" A5s'n, '51-'53 Football '51-'53 "Vl'ise,unselfish, well accomplishedg truly a gentleman." SARAH ODEM Choral '51-'53 Antlerettes '50-'52 G.A.A. '50-'52 "She has a smooth stead- fast mind, gentle thoughts, and calm desires. " C Pr'1.':-A ,Qs JAMES MURRAY SGC- FI't'Sh. Class '5u V.A. '50-'53 HT" Ass'n, 'Sl-'53 Football '51-'53 Basketball '51-'53 Track '51-'53 "Here is courage, the greatest of them all." JAMES PELTON F.F.A. '51-'53 Parl. '53 D.E. '53 V.A. '50-'52 F.H.A. '52 "A wealth of fun lurks behind serious eyes." I IVX 4? IN 1' . Q ,. .. FF' BETTY JEAN POPE Choral 'SZ D.E. '53 "Her ways are ways of pleasamness. " JOE PRUNEDA Choral '52-'53 F.H.A. '52 F.F.A. '50-'51 "A good Joe." GERALDINE REIMER Choral '52-'53 "Golden hair, golden smile---a golden friend. " BETTY REINHARD N.H.S. '5l-'53 St. Council '51-'52 Antler 'SZ-'53 Bus. Mgr. '53 Antlerettes '51-'53 Sgt. '53 G.A.A. '50-'53 Pres, '53 "Thorough and efficient in her undertakings." DIANE ROSSON Choral '51-'53 "Her treasures are her friends." RONNIE RUTHERFORD Vice4Pres. Soph. Class Pres. Sr. Class '53 St. Council '51 V.A. '50-'53 Pres. '52 Handsome Soph. '51 "T" Ass'n. '52-'53 Football '52-'53 "Now a boy of worth and character, soon a man of power and pro- rninenCe." 42 '51 e ,,.. iff? Q -asv.. jf ' N 'Bw 'XR I ii -P- f'- 15 ie A""F"' if if MYRA BETH SAENGER N.H.S. '53 Si. Council '50 Treas. Jr. Class '52 Antlerettes '56-"53 G.A.A. '50-'53 Jr. Play Cast '52 "A marvel of cheerful- ness and cha rm. " BEVERLY JEAN SAMPLE Choral '52 Taller '52-'53 Jr. Play Casi '52 "Nice and neat, quite a Yreat. " JODEL1., SAUER N.H.S. '53 Choral '51-'52 "A lady of noble characterf JOANN SCHREIBER N.H.S. '51-'53 Sr. Class Rep. '53 Choral '52-'53 Sec. Treas. '53 Antlerettes '50-'53 2nd Lt. '51 lst LA. '52 Drum Nlajorette '53 G.A.A. '50-'53 F'.H.A. '52-'53 Ser. '52 Jr. Play Cast '52 Tatler '53 Beautiful Soph. '51 "She looks like she just swallowed a twinkle. " Q7 JERRY SHELTON Chorla '52-'53 Antlerettes '50-'53 Vice-Pres. '53 L G.A.A. '50-'53 Taller '52-'53 "Pert and merry is our Jerry. " 'A-ff lf CATHERINE SKEEN Chorus '52-'53 F.H.A. '50 "She-'s Winsome, and wise, a wonderful prize." ik, 5 r 'T 'tr iii W WW lx If! Eff ve . S555 Q JOY SMITH Choral '53 F 1-LA. '50 "Her reserved manner makes her every task worthwhile. " VELMA SPARKS Antlerettes '50-'52 F.H.A. '50-'53 D.E. '53 "There is not a head with- out a star above it. " 218 BOBBY SNOW V.A. '50-'53 Football '53 "Slow and easyg Bobby'S a person time and tide will wait for." BOBBY STEVENS V.A. '50-'53 "T" Ass'n. '51-'53 Pres. '53 Football '51-'53 Basketball '51-'53 "He doth indeed show some sparks that are like wit." JO GAYLE SNYDER Band '50-'53 F.H.A. '50-'52 D.E. '53 Vice-Pres. '53 "She never hides the golden sunshine of her smile. " MARJI STEWART Antlerettes '51-'53 Rep. '53 G.A.A. '51-'53 Tatler '52-'53 Chorus '53 Rep. '53 Prompter Jr. Play '52 "This busy bee is a honey to know." BRYANT STONE Choral '52-'53 Treas. Fresh. Class '50 Treas. Soph. Class '51 "T" Ass'n. '51-'53 Sec. Treas. '53 Football '50-'53 Basketball '50-'53 Track '51-'53 State '51-'52 V.A. '50-'52 Jr. Play Cast '52 "He has made his mark 0 Tivy, and it cannot be erased by time." SELIVIA TURNER Choral '52-'53 "Her shyness does not discourage her host of friends. " MAURICE STOVALL Choral '51 Soph Class Rep. '51 Sr. Class Sec. '53 F.H.A. '53 Antlerettes '50-'53 Cheerleader '52-'53 Head Cheirleader '53 G.A.A. '50-'53 Sec. '53 Antler '52-'53 Western Queen '52 Popular Soph. '51 Beautiful Jr. '52 Who's Who '52 "She is, somehow the girl so many of us would like to be." MARGIE VANN N.H.S. '52-453 Cheerleader '51-'53 G.A.A. '51-'53 Tatler '52-'53 Jr. Play Cast '52 "Lively and changeable, like a flame in the wind." BECKY THOMAS N.H.S. '52-'53 Sec. Jr. Class '52 F.H.A. '53 F. F. A. Sweetheart '53 Antlerettes '52-'53 Cheerleader '53 G.A.A. '51-'53 Antler '52-'53 Editor '53 Most Popular '52 "All her ways are winning ways. " EDWARD WALKER F.F.A. '50-'53 Vice-Pres. '53 "Ever a friend to all those who offer friendship." 5111 wi, Q-'r t in am .Quai ll? SHIRLEY WILLIAMS Chorus '53 F.H.A. '51-'53 Dist. Hist. '51 Rep. '53 Antlerettes '51-'53 G.A.A. '50-'53 Tatler '53 "Her personality is as bright as her smile." STEWART WILLIFORD N.H.S. '50-'53 St. Council '50-'51 Football Mgr. '51-'52 "From a little spark may burst a mighty flame." ALFRED WILSON St. Council '53 V.A. '50-'53 Antler '51-'53 "Devout, yet cheer- ful, acti fe, yet resigned." BETTY WOERNER D.E. 'SZ-'53 G.A.A '5t,-'51 "Natural as the sun- light on the sea. " CONNIE WOERNER "A sweet attractive kind ot' grace. " IVIAURICE WOOD Band '50-'53 Quartermaster '53 " .... and some are sharpened keen and true, and carve their Way to fame. " 'US QQ, f v-v ' XSN-A 5' X fs ' i., ,Q N N,Lb , rv n M! I M 'W 1 Wi KWH xx X -15 f? rv, "1 40 -f-'W N . . CHARLXE WQSSTTO BARBARA WORTHEN .Ai 'FPO' - IBZ-'53 Ejfiou shalt g0 thy way un Cigioxlifiisrror oi all Sweet- troubled-" ness.-1 At the annual Christmas formal, sponsored by the Band and Antlerettes, the grand march was held. Leading the grand march were the school and class favorites of the 1953 school year. 'VI Q Y' Mrs. Jesse Wilson, Mrs. Gloria Richards, Mrs. Nellwyn Moore, and Mr. Calvin Hibler, Junior Class sponsors, are proud of the advertising com- mittee's fine work for the class's dance to raise funds for the Junior-Senior Banquet. Some weary but happy campers pause before de parting from Camp Idle- wild, where they en- joyed a vacation spon- sored by the F. H. A. M , V Mavoiraiau .' ' was-aunmasw . , -slr x M x X . by . i Q' PAUL DAVID ROSE LANE NIARLYN ADAMS BAKER BEAVER BEAZLEY DONALD BELL ,y?,+: ' GLENN r, BENSON In A . LM? , -:ja x FREDDIE BERNHARD 1' SOPHIE A V ' BERNHARDT 4 A! 'H-Q A ,gs HATE LAVANA PERRY BARBARA BOND BROWN BUSHONG CADE ALICE LEE ANN BILLY COLBATI-I DALE PHILIP FURMAN R ik 5 A 5 :D ' :.,: Q I : V-F Y e w NOEL GA IL SHIRLEY KENNITH GREGG HARDEN MAURICE JERRY JOHNSON J UARE Z HEIMANN HOGUE JANIS JERRY IRVIN JACKSON GEORGE CAROL MARGARET KEISER KILGORE KING CATHIE SIDNEY THOMAS DORIS KLEIN KUNZ LIESMANN LONG I U U - , .mms CAROLM Lows MAXWELL LEIF CHARLOTTE LUGLAN MAR:-:s Y CLAY JAY MARY wAnE MCBRYDE MCELROY MEDINA MEEK 53 LUCRETIA PAT JO ANN JULIA IVIICHON IVIICI-ION MIEARS MILLER C. W. IVIINTER MARSHALL MORROW ' gS:,'5.,5? Aga :L : Tp I LA VERNA RAY DON OTTINGER DON PARETI JO5,Z BETTY PEEL PETERSON we Wiwluv- E PUlCv X a ERNEST LINA BILLY SHIRLEY RADELEFF RANKHORN RANSOM REED SANDRA ROSS MARTHA LOU ROGERS JOE RODGERS VIRGINIA ' ' RILEY KAY FRANCES HAROLD RITA ROSSON SANDEFER SATT LER SAUER 5 5 K ff yr .B. DARROLL MARILYN KATHERINE SHELBURNE SHELTON SHORT SMITH LOUISE FRANCES SMITH STARK JANIE MILDRED STARK STEPHENS SHIRLEY EUGENE 4 ED HUGO VALLIER WAIT WALKER WERNER BOBBY WHELAN BARBARA WHITWORTH JOE ROGER WILSON WINES BEVERLY WIGGINS BETTY WILDIVIAN DIAMINTINA ZAMORA 'T if 57 -f Junior play cast members rehearse for "Meet Corliss Archer" presented in Tivy Auditorium on November 24, and 25. 'il Rf if The Sophomore sponsors QI..-RJ Miss Macky Allgood, Miss Silvia Petersen, Mrs. Lavene Bennett, and Mrs. Mary Willson, meet in Mr. Wildman's office to talk over plans for a sophomore project. In the Antlerette carnival, some sophomore girls were responsible for the G. A. A. booth . fy 5 e Va if V 4' L, W PROPERTY OF Even a highway sign will do for a posed pic- 7, ture by an amateur sophomore photographer. v' xiq AQ.. 9: Q.-4 13 1 sf - v- .Q N- 4 ' -' v ..' - .n N, 4, . , ggi! X ga. . - -4 N4 'iffy JA g Slay- , Q ,4 2 '.s:,A .,, gf 'fjfg-fr 841553 Q 5 ivan 'J' 0'-'P ' 4 A X " I lsuefxy ,- N. 9. we N Q v " Q I 4- 5 J 4 In - v -ti 45 - ,X J 6 Sl The Sophomore Class officers, Zoe Stewart, treasurerg Clyde Barlow, secretaryg Bobby Ingram, presidentg Sandra Harden, vice- presidentg and Buddy Snow, reporterg relax for a few minutes on the breezcway. I 1 4 f Y 1 K Q Z 4 I X JAMES CANTWELL I xx f .IO GAYLE CHAIVIBERLAIN if :M NY 'M ' 515: Z EQ' I- , 5 BOBBY COUCH I CURTIS COVERT , E fl JUANITA CI-IENAULT VERNA LOU CLABORN GLENN CLEIVIENTS JIIVIIVIIE CURL We ,fa ,K ,I bg: qi , MN 22 .145 ' - BOBBY JERRY CHESSER CHILES JO ANN CLOUSE SI-IASTA COOK RONALD CORDELL BILL MAE NELL DAVIS DEASON if -. Q 5. 45" , I I 1 42 1? 5 ig, 9 Qs, 23 ,gm fi? I i' ' zf K' . ' 'i ' :I . W ,! ,,L CTIA , w LAN , YJ A A f , -A iEf'fW? R 'WNX EEZ -" " iT H? W A H. ..,,. ' C . , 'fr ":. It ,.'. an-gage. f DARLENE JANE DANNY SCOTT BOBBY DOLE7AL DYER EREURT EVANS FARENTHOLD JOE , NTCH - ""' C BERLENE 1 N, E FLETCHER g'1'--'-0 ' 5 ! vJ ELLENE " FLETCHER I NORMAN FOREHAND 'S' :aw "" -4 KAY N M' ,iff FRANKLIN ' 5 ' Ex Q JACK THOMAS NANCY BETTY CHARLES FURMAN EURMAN GARY GATES CERLOEF 5- M' QQ ga A 'U' in I A A-5, ' ,.. 5' 5,549 1 A Y,:f+i - B S: A Cm 1 'Q 1 A ,QM .P gg , ig. A 'HIV '-A sf r - 'Y 251 . " LLL ,rf x , H I X JERRY BETTY HAZEI.. GERARD GRIFFIN GRONA SANDRA HARDEN K... 3 LYNN HARDIN S. i A .w e Nad' E, 1 ,.... CLYDE LARRY HERMAN H555 HESTER HEYLAND PAT DIANA GRONA HAMPSON ARLENE HARGREAVES IRENE HEINEN R. J. HENDERSON HARVEY MARY HOGUE HOHLEFELDER api ' .L M is 8? R MICHEL HOPPING BARBARA NAN KUIIIIIYIANN SANDRA HUBER LA VER NE JONES EDITH KELSEY JIM KINSEL MARION KU NZ K .fmggn-ev 1,514 8 I ff! BOBBY SUE BILLY INGRAIVI JOHNSON JONAS EARL KINSEY RAYIVIOND if +7 1' rf-1" KIRSH JOHN LAINHART . , 5' I Only f NAN LAIVIBERT -. '4Cl I 3 ,. 4 5 BII,I,Y JOE LEA A . -4' .. 5 . :.,: WW RANDALL LEATHERMAN- sf -vi X A u 9 M MARY LOU MONTANA MARY SUE LEE sw 3,5 'Wx "f N3 A ALL ENE MORRIS Q 1 1 .5 is Y, 0 ' S NORA WESLEY BEVERLY LOHMAN LOTT LUTHER BILLY WAYNE MCDANIELS JOHN MCDANIEL JOYCE MQKNIGHT WAYNE MERRITT CAROL YN MIDKIFF BETTY DORIS LUCY ANN MOSLEY NANCE NANCE 3 '-wwqp 5 -,S aww 'W W' ' sig? NF' k A 1? 1 Z sf zg-: in ELIVIER OATMAN ORR 1:19 ,Q .5 d qv Q t f JIIVIIVIIE LINN KAY GEORGE BEVERLY ROBINSON ROE RUSSELL SCHEIRTON SCHMIDT BETTY SMITH F , . ..e:. fm - 'W rg 5 in A fm ik EZZ BUDDY SNOW ni 4 x , ,,., 1 3' - f'-J n L 25 X va 5 . JOSE ZOE MARYANN SOTO STEWART STOVALL GLADYS STRJEGLER AUDREY SUBLETT GLORIA SUBLETT qi , J JA NIE A I - . SUBLETT --II5 JIMMIE '32 I s WQSJQ SWAYZE AUBREY FRANCES JOYCE ARLEN JOHN TAYLOR TAYLOR TAYLOR THACKER THRAVES 15? ww- . E, 'QP BIQH, 'A " fp. km ,, , F ge Sw gas w 'V ., A -if I . . : - 3 A Ne,1 ,ja V E Q ff? S W A xg' ' x K nf x W1 XI 5 ELHABETH B.RAY THURMAN TRAWEEK . f-1 V I w,Q , Q"J fav I 'H , in K ,V ,N 9' -- ix, E: . W.. l, .T .Q I - . , J , .x k I A . DONALD FLO W A TSON W E ISS 5: 'M 'I I J . ,.,A 3. g Q f?'wqx?fE 13? 2 WN Q ' 2 "" P, A?,.., ,HM CARROLL WILEY WILLIAMS 'W X KITTY VANN ROBERTA WELLS 1 Q fm , ., 2 . I. V: 1 O M f RAY WOERNER iii JOAN WAGNER lx , ' I I FRANCES WHELAN u I X X.. IVAN WOODARD G BERNICE WO OTEN JOHN WRIGHT MARY ZA NDER .Z X. ,, , if v P j' I.? s J A few members of the "Pear1 Divers Association", the boys who work in the cafeteria, wait at the counter for the students to bring their trays to be cleaned. Pictured are Herman Baldwin, Ronnie Rutherford, Herman Gadeke, Tyrus Hawkins, and Bate Bond. x ,J Roast turkey is on the dinner menu as Mrs. Biehler, Mrs. Heimann, Mrs. Hamrick, and Mrs. Arnecke prepare lunch for the students. HELPING BEHIND SCENES Mr. Meredith, who is completing his thirtieth year as Superintendent of Build- ings, locks up the equipment room as he completes another day's duties of keeping Tivy's buildings and equipment in ex- cellent condition. 4 i 1 1 1 Q.. sv 4- xgiiwv 1 A' ' -- ... ,- ,V , , wg. M .fv- Freshmen Class sponsors meet to plan ninth grade activities. Seated fleft to rightj are Mr. Foy Page, Mr. Fred Jacob, Mrs. Elizabeth Furman, Mr. Jerry Moore, and Mrs. Lorene Swayze. Followinga pre-game pep rally in the gym, the Band, Antlerettes and student body hold a parade in townwith the forming of the traditional friendship circle as a climax. iii 'i Maynard Miller, Gerald Robison, Bill Wo- mack, and Charles Schrupp stand near the flag pole during lunch hour discussing the outcome of a freshman basketball game. . ' 'V 'T ' rv 4. ' ' I , 5 it ix S . ' . 'A Q 5 n 1 V' Q 'affix' "'- A- . K i Q 4 5 x M. . , as - ' ' ' ' XA? , Xe u .5 fy. ' r 9 " - L 1 " ' . " 002 ..,. f , , 'tn' fQ'x"nQ A-' " avi ' 'Wv A-dhffc - . .av 4, N. .hs ' 4 .3 gmc. J I C 1 v -,s ' Q- 4 "Q J no 8 . i ,' , 'w f,-'iff' Q " we Nagy P. J' .5 N. 1. . J-gf 'vflxr 3' iff! ' 31 ' ff .. 'K . g vwffw-Rfwy ., , . 3 'QT' 1 - 1 Y N: '- - T' ' X .f M Q ? MQ. , fx'-3, K ' I K - .- fl Qyy. .5 'N M. pg , ' K1 A 'kip-'- 1. I Q' my 'L Q. v. BEVERLY IQNA ALBRIGHT CHARLES ROSE MARIE BROWN BURNETT BOBBY MARIAN CORDELL DANEL Q 5X""1 HOWARD SANDRA FLETCHER FLOYD HHRLEY ALCORTA ARNECKE MARY JO BURRUS JOE DICKEY ,B bs -'fv- A if N Y g . Q fx +4 E J Y 1 ww JOYCE AUSTIN , . '9' K .ge .A WAYNE CADDELL JAMES DURST JN w' W Eyn 'O an .' Q , fi V . 22 -"' 'V vinyl Q A LUCIE ANNE GASTON ESTER BODE KAREL COOK IDA EAKIN FRANK GEMAR A ELAINE GREEN I -'x , XI, NANC HEIIVIANN JERRY INCE ' l ar- ' ,Q L, I, Q W' W JER R Y JOHNSON , In , F' M 3 ' . if' -sig, 2 'R 4 . 1 f 1 JUNE HAIVION I- Q ,ss px IR VIN HENDERSON DE JUAN IR VIN I 'fuk' ,. is Q13 I5 fy I JANINE KAISER JUN , E ul. Q? Q .pf G --.4 5 T Qi ff A A 'Y .ff 1: 1 : ij V A - .. up ' - K is ig: .W ik 1 , . A 4 he f I , I ia. I 5 .L X 5 GEORGE HARDY I v,,,,..K HN j1sf"'Q'i4 ,.' . Iw f- xx TYR HARRIET HOLTON JACKIE JENSEN 5 nasmvw ., , vm CLARK KLEIN . T3 3 LX .L If I ALTA I-IARGREA VES X PEGGY HOPE ALOHA JETER ' "K 2 I -1 A Ni I '- Swim 4 A 1 'Qi Inj! JO NELI KNOX JOHN HARRIS ERLINE HYDE BILLY JOHNSON SHIRLEY ANN KRAMER VERA KUN7 GERRY MICHAEL RUBY POPE CHARLES SCHUPP me ., -Q E I ii 'r IH, ,. .I -.4 ..I..,.I ..,, , .... , I , I. ., .f Piimizevwkiin fx W1 P Q I al I if I nav , Wh I, p I ,t LI? A,J. LOHMAN MA YNARD MILLER GERALD ROBISON .A KR 1 un' '+ ' 1 I I :rf -sB":a.u S . Q4 LOIS SIMLER SHIRLEY MCDANIEL ax DAN MC KAY LORENE OAT MAN BETT Y ROGERS J I M M Y S I M IV1 O N D S 1..,, I S ,, LLL WALTER PARKER SHARON ROSSON I .IANICE MEDLIN - nf H. N., 4 1 n is me W H ?R 1 15' ADRIAN PITTS JUDY RYAN T. -nf C7 ! I GWENDOLYN JUNIOR 5 M IT H S PA R KS N' . as - ' Q 1 , ' A 2'Q' 5- I, , Ti? 2 A-I Tlfifw A I -F7 X Minidi- 'U' ELLA IVIAE SPROTT mn T? PATSY ANN STEVENS TALBERT 11 X ROSA MAE KAY BERTHA TURNER VAN HOOZER VANSCHAICK DENNIS IVIELODY BYRON WALKER WATSON WATTS . , W- I "ls .Q Q' , W' ' f , 5 R, .,., -. 1 F4 : ZR If BILL KY LORENE WOIVI-ACK WRIGHT WRIGHT - -A :'AV' E I -'A,, A ,. A W . 1 " I ANITA TAYLOR RALPH VEGA BEVER LY WICKSON I if TRUIVIAN WRIGHT ARDIS TA YLOR R - Us f VIRGINIA WAGNER BILL WILLIAMS 'A' 'Cl- , 'P' . K wwf-. GAYE ZANDER Z' LEAVES OF LEAGU ES Even trees break their proudest banners in allegiance to these." 77 FOOTBALL W, . 7' F M ,M ,vm , lb... .,.. .. , I , . v , w . , 4 Head Coach Foster Miller receives trophy at the New Braunfels game. Mr. Herman Billnitzer, Mr. Tom Daniels, and Mr. Preston Chambliss assist with coaching duties. Mr. Fred Jacob, who is also an assistant coach, is not pictured. Billy Joe Lea and Bobby Ingram served as managers of the football team. 1952 ANTLER FOOTBALL TEAM . , . .I w .- , 1 7' '- Gy x I V, ,five - .- , gn-i"" - - ' Q P ' M i l Y' lHEilLf3l'Y3l'5'siQ " X Q ,' I N'-5 ,Q TS..-Q., B ,Z -I .,f3 K . V -- ff' , i . . 'ff' - W .Vf ,.-J sf as u X E ' V 5 fl , ,A . X 1 JA, ,T v lf' an fl 'Pup I -XTJXQS X V , if N 6 - . N Q.. - ' 7 ' 5 1 i I fy Q N , Ls! lg , y. Q jg. ASX M ' ' v . xg- x - 1 '. NV--Q, 'L - -41.1 vi ". 'K 'M' " 'B' " x ., A A N .. CD A was Af' BRYANT STONE, SR. BOBBY STEVENS, SR. JAMES MURRAY, SR. Back, 5'10", 164 Back, 5'10", 160 Guard, 5'10",16z 3 letters 1 letter 3 letters CO-CAPTAINS N , gtk: .Aff , ark qw V .-, 'V Kay --.Te Y The game between Tivy and Austin was one ofthe most exciting games of the season, The Antlers outfought and outplayed the favored Austin Maroons for three periods, then gave way to a last quarter rally and came out on the short end of the 8-7 score. Bryant Stone scored Tivy's T.D. with Stevens kicking the extra point. Bobby Tobin scored for Austin and Dick Nelson blocked a Tivy kickfor a safety. Here the Tivy boys show some fine defensive work. y Y N N54-of e WN. p .g,t,g- Y. .3 I .1 ,,. .,.. W . . 'Qu ... l.'q'.' ' ' he-fa?-.4 'f ,f- ' Q L " '4 . ?,.,,, . 4, -. GORDON MCRGAN, SR Back, 5'l0", 145 3 letters .1.-2-..,.g.mn-4, mrlmq--:mul - will . ZS' hs.. ' this L-kv. '10 an ' -1 4 4 .. .l af 1-QQ.-., p"'?'15" 1 T. 3' HAROLD DICKEY, Sr. MAX DUNKS, Sr End Wt. 153 Center Wt 159 1 letter 2 letters FINAL DISTRICT 7-AAA-STANDINGS Pts Ops. Edison 313 33 Harlandale 167 95 Kerrville 126 54 New Braunfels 158 105 Alamo Heights 106 136 Victoria 157 182 Seguin 77 96 Burbank 39 177 Lanier 26 361 The Ant1er's toughest game of the season was with the Brownwood Lions. The Ant- lers fought hard, but failed to score against the Lions. The final score was 32-0. In the adjacent picture Tyrus Hawkins receives a pass from Bobby Stevens for a first down. -Q Q. -A p ,1-'Lg 1. .s E' gi-ie HERMAN BALDWIN. SR. End, ws", 177 CHARLES KLEIN, SR. 2 letters BURTON BROWN, SR. Back sw", 135 Back, 5'9", 151 1 letter 2 letters at -rw 1 4 gt' f . we at l I E, 1 Y an ' W V' 1 " M 2' 1. J +1 -Jr The first district game ofthe season forthe Tivy Antlers proved to be very disappointing. Despite numerous fumbles by I-larlandale, Tivy still could not score. Tivy recovered three of Harlandale's fumbles withinthe Indians ten yard line, all for no score. Gordon Morgan, Pinky Brown, Bryant Stone and Kenneth Hogue played an excellent game from their back field posi- tions. Here Tivy's Gordon Morgan has just recovered a fumble onthe lndian's Z5 yard line. Harlandale won this en- counter by a score of 33-0. -1:11-l r 'w 'K-Lg - affair.-49 . 1 1 P-sv.-me, 0 4 ' 'L YN RONNIE RUTHERFORD, SR. HERMAN GADEKE, SR- TYRU5 HA'Wf4IN5- SR Center, 5'l0", 167 Guard, 5'10", 180 End' 6 1 ' 164 2 letters 2 letters 1 letter I I ' f . 4 " , k. Li,:'ll Xi , if' , k y. , New Braunfels was the first win of the season for the Tivy Antlers as the Antlers scored 7-O. Pinky Brown scored in the third quarter for the only T.D. of the game. Tivy gained 15 first downs to the oppositions none. The Antlers out played New Braunfels, as they gained 206 yards to the Unicorns' 33. The closest penetration for New Braunfels was to the Tivy 25. Shown here is Tivy's Charles Klein being brought down after making an excellent end run against the Unicorns. 'r f I -ng -.1 fl R- f I r ,A 1. HAROLD IVIAYFIELD, SR. Tackle, 6'3", 185 I letter -Q ll 9 S v, -,QW '- V X35 ' ROB ERT COLHOUR, SR. DONALD BELL, JR. DARROLL SHELTON, JR. Tackle, 5'10", 169 Tackle, 6'0", 186 End, 5'10", 153 1 letter 1 letter v,,-Q X: hill, X Y R0 ' T af f ' 1 ' yi 5: 1192 1: 8 if' 'Q ,, ' !"'T5 0 ix , y t 2142315 5 ,Q "J 1 fff li X 1 xwl ffx, Tivy won its second game of the season, against the Seguin Matadors, to stay in the running for the 7-AAA crown 13-O. The Matadors out played Tivy during the first half of the game, but the Antlers came back in the third quarter. Seguin did not make a first down after the beginning ofthe third quarter. James Murray blockeda Seguin kickin the third period, which was recovered by Tyrus Hawkins for the initial T.D. The second score came in the last quarter when Fullback Kenneth Hogue scored ona 13 yard run. Here Pinky Brown picks up yard- age against the Seguin Matadors. ' f f 1 .4..,.-, .- f ., I , isa ' fri .L vw' fsf -2 Qu!! KENNETH HOGUE, JR. Back, 5'9", 162 1 letter J- sl, 'T'aiF4571Q-, ' '-' frfzf, l .,' PHILIP FURMAN, JR. Back, 5'1O", 154 2. letters BILL-Y MCDANIELS, SOPH. Back, 5'6", 146 'P " ' " ,, ,, , .L ,E -as ,- -- ,.- t' in A W., I we 1 N . is 'fn 'iff .. '--f fi 5- , ,- -6' r ' 1 g, I , .K . ss. nw ,Q ,Q f Lf 3 Qi .ff 21,3 .' vw .1 - ' 4 y .J L BILLY RANSOIVI, JR. Back, 5'10", 145 The Lanier Voks were the Tivy Antlers' third consecutive District 7-AAA opponent to be held scoreless as they went down in defeat 33-0. Pinky Brown was the leading scorer of the game with 12 points, followed by Bobby Stevens with 9. Others scores were Gordon Morgan and Ray- mond Ayala with one T. D. each. The Voks were held to a minus 19 yards in 7 attempts. I ffl:-'mv-Q'zv fimwwf. 'K , ' P 'u . ' www .V -1-if Y-H.: '- . ,Q-5 5 ,, ' 1 ' K 5 ' W' EARL KINSEY, soPH. Back, 5'8", 144 HERMAN HEYLAND, SOPH. 1 letter HARVEY HOGUE,SOPH. Tackle, 5'9" 166 Back, 5'9",16Z Q4 1 :E 555 1: ' i , l ' f 9 61 ., -" 6666 6 - ,Q .A ,. 3f1f?5' w" ' ' -7 35' f' li ' ' A 7 D . , . V - . . ' -' sd 4:1 The fourth win ofthe season came by defeating Alamo Heights 14-7. The first half of the game was very uneventful compared to the second half. Bobby Stevens took the kickoff the second half and ranit back 72 yards forthe inital T. D. Alamo Heights scored early in the fourth quarter to tie up the game. In the last 20 seconds of the game Bobby Stevens threw a pass to Herman B a ldw i n that Went 67 yards for the last T.D. of the game. Here Bryant Stone is shown during one of his 1 many long runs. In the left ' corner is the leg of the head linesman who has just been knoc ked down by the hard- running Stone. P w To M A., ,g.,.,v3 .J . , X , V? s. ' ' ' 4. W " ' 4, ,I 41, L 'i ' '4 r---. p -3. .J 5- -rm- x JIM WILEY, SOPH. BILLY JONAS, SOPH. ARLEN BERGMANN, SOPH End, 5'lO", 134 Guard, 6'0", 171 Tackle, 5'7", 162 1 letter , M 'KWSN The Tivy Antlers continued their winning streak by defeating Burbank 33-O. The first half of the game Tivy ran from the "T" formation and had very little success except for the touchdown pass from Bobby Stevens to Gordon Morgan. The Antlers used the single-wing formation during the second half which proved to be very effective. Tivy scorers were Morgan with two touchdowns and Stone, Ayala, and Hester with one each. The picture below is of Raymond Ayala, who, somewhere in the pile of players, has just made his touchdown. b 1. It , ,wk 1 , 'P I. Af, . ...i.r.-25, BOBBY CHESSER, SOPH. Center, 5'l0", 147 -,Q QQ Atv: or-' ' Q- - -Q, V N ' xl " L KMA!-lx Q , f I - A -1 .,, I We I , T , W j - 'g t , ' ' ,vt , il i' 3 fl' A HA -xl I. - 1 ya., ' .C ?I""t'r5 "', i. ,E-XE .., JERRY GIRARD, SOPH. RAYMOND AYALA, SOPH. JOHN MCDANIEL, SOPH. Back, 5'6", 126 Back, 5'4", 143 Back, 5'6", 131 1 letter 1 ' WV' Tivy ranintotrouble from the very beginning of the game with Victoria. Before the Antlers knew 1 what had happened, they were behind 7 points. One of the Stingarees grabbed the kick-off and 1 raced ac ross the Tivy goal line fora T. D. inthe first play of the game. Stone and Stevens teamed up to make the score 6-7. Then Stone scored again with Stevens kicking the extra point. From this point, Tivy had control of the game. Morgan finished the game right by catching a pass from Stevens to make the ,NW score read Z6-14. 3. , ..n,, il ill 93 .4 E LARRY HESTER, SOPH. Back, 5'10", 145 Dr', Tw 2 f , ff S 2 A " 4 ' V 1 'Egg R x L- I 6 "' r -- as 3 f ' J 'ff' ' -... ,M ,, . M K , ' Q I E K ARLEN THACKER, SOPH. BUDDY sNow, soPH. Back' 5'7"' 143 THOMAS LIESMANN, JR Back. 6'1", 150 Guard, 5'6", 135 can-... The Tivy Antlers gave a good account of themselves in the last game of the season with Thomas Edison. Although Tivy came out on the short end of the score, 15-0, they still finished third in the district standings. Tivy lost the game only because of a few unlucky breaks which Edison took full advantage of. Stone , Murry, Morgan, Denton, and Shelton played an excellent game as wellas the other members of the team. Gordon Morgan on the receiving end of a pass is seen here being tackled by a host of Edison Bears. JL ' CHEER MAURICE STOVALL, Sr. Head Cneerleader "T-T-T-I-V-Y" I.EADERS MARGIE VANN, Sr. Lower Center "Yea,Go1d" NANCEY AULD, Sr. "Yea,B1ue" SANDRA ROSS, Jr. "Drive 'Em, Antlers, Drive 'Em " NTD 59" At eachfootball game the cheerleaders yell for the individual Antlers while their name is being announced. BECKY THOMAS, Sr. "Yea, Ant1ers" CHARLOTTE MARE "Fight 'Err1, Antlers Fight 'Emu ' 0 n 'u' '. I 'Nga 5 W r.aV""" , HU ,,-if 'ir if 1 '1 gf n. '- - f I AJ lv SIDELINES The Cheerleaders, QR. to LJ, Nancy Auld, Sandra Ross, Margie Vann, Maurice Stovall, Becky Tho- mas, and Charlotte Mares lead a yell at the bonfire before the Edi- SOH gB.l'TlC. 1 During the pep rally before the Victoria game, head yell leader Maurice Stovall presented Coach Foster Miller with the traditional wreath forthe team from the school in appreciation and thanks for sucha fine football season. LW4' + Q . Q ann.-1 fb- 'ML' If I A ,i 'I'-Aiwa , ,,.,,fp1, , Q ., ,,.f,g, if -,L ,L On Dad's Night during the Vic toria game, a burst of enthus iasm shone forth from the fa thers as they rooted for their SOHS- BASKETBALL MR. TOM DANIELS, " Assistant Coach Coaches the "B" HX' .- Squad. K MR. PRESTON CHAMBLISS Coaches Tivy's "A" Squad, BRYANT STONE -Guard TYRUS HAWKINS-Forward If HERMAN BALDWIN breaks through for another two points. 24 HERMAN BALDWIN-Center ff 4 .nhl I lg 1 BRYANT STONE drives in for a Crip! i, All eyes follow the ball! 93 J. B. KENNEDY-Forward .. Wu-, DARROLL SHELTON-Guard 1 ' XX' f 4 JERRY JUAREZ-Guard 1 V c.3 I i TYRUS HAWKINS makes a lay-up shot! DONALD BELL.-Forward MHHKX 1 di Two teams Crouch for the rebound after JOE W1L50N-Gua1-d J. B. KENNEDY takes a shot! BUDDY SNOW -Forward F x ' X211 j . l TYRUS HAWKINS and DARROLL SI-IELTON fight for the ball! FREDDIE BERNHARD-Guard x,,i if BOBBY INGRAM-Guard HAWKINS scrambles for the ball! Q CLYDE BARLOW-Guard 3' '50-MN QQ f I ,Q 0 KENNEDY, I-IAWKINS, and BALDWIN trap an oppo nent! The Antlers and the Seguin Matadors jump for the rebound. BOBBY WHELAN-Forward -. -ug., ..,.. .1 1 Y A 1 14 RAY TRAWEEK-Manager W Sgr 96 . 5, A 5 TENNIS If Ri Mr. Lewis Burton demonstrates the cor- rect grip for the forehand to fl..-Rl Mary Ann Stovall, Barbara Kuhlmann, Joyce Taylor, and Raymond Kirsh. ' S.. W . 'JJ 3 .-Q is 1 .Ll me or - 135, ., , . , izrafm an-.. John Bollman and Bunny Gregg congratu late each other after a very close play off. MN. y t:r'?'1 Ralph Gilstrap volleys a ball while his partner, Roger Baker, waits E, the return. ','. Q 3 Charlotte Mares and Arlene Hargreaves, who play senior girls doubles, are in position to learn volleying. 97 1- . M 25 ' , T fiif . ' ' 9 X ' 'MI -41 ' Q 1 '-I I I fi , 1 y sg". 3.34 QJQ+fA 1, A - I 'D' ' if L , . K fs., ,K ,rx 4 11 by 7 ' ' 'Q it X' i'-1' is 1 ' tv' l Pi. x ,gli "" v i'-my i 1 I ks . Q F' Ugg . A sf I gi' F M., if kia -NS. ff. . .cr-. 1 ,s .: Bobby Stevens strains hard to clear the 5'6" mark. Mike Anthony strives to gain extra TRACIG distance. 0 -'f 1 - . 6 Coach Jacob shows Donald Bell the Bryant Stone practices to increase speed correct way to throw the discus. and hurdling form. 7' ' 4 . . -1 A may-' 1 Q-fix wr.-Q, L. '45, .. . +., , VENTS W., .U - 93' vf' '47 1- . 'I "R J Q 'iii .lffrwmr A 'I . . , we . ,Q ,. , .12 F-,rf-Q -ei' 50531, 'M ' -4- l ig.-f.T""' wx " mu. -Au-Q., .. V .,Q,,, . I-1'-slM!SP"'QHw U 1 , 4,-im.. ,,-f K '-Z' Pinky Brown measures off 9 or 10 feet in preparation for a vault. Charles Klein takes a warm up lap be- fore he runs the 880. The 1953 track team was composed of the following boys:First row QL.-Rj:J. Chiles, J. Girard, I... Hester, A. Thacker, B. Jonas, J. Johnson, R. Ayala. Second row KL-RJ: J. Gentry, P. Medina, D. Cowen,F. Bernhard, C. Klein, B. Snow, E. Walker. Third row CL-RQ: K. Hogue, D. Pareti, B. Stevens, P. Brown, M. Anthony, D. Bell, J. McElroy, B. Lee, Coach Jacob. Q 1 F ' .v.. J . V v 1 ii -1 I 1 t .S I ' ,K if ol G ,sl 7' eve LEAVES OF LEADERSHIP No matter where they stand, trees lend nobility to each. The Student Council Offi- cers assist with all pro- jects and business. Gail Anderson, secretary, Patty Johnson, reporter, Joe Bob Wilson, treasurer, and Perry Bushong, fire marshall, leave the cafe- teria following a council meeting. pv- 'T 2' el", . 5, 2 an ful I! .., it I H ' . ,,-' . . 1'f ,,-1:3 if f ,q' , Tung, 4 4 w i .. STUD Ncu. 1 N-asv wi'- 'V ff f-' l x 1 ,ff L-Q'--3,31 'Jig L 1 it-ul 3124 As Student Council President, Billy Barlow presides at chapel and assembly programs, conducts councilmeetings, and helps plan and organize those activities sponsored by the, council. N One of the council's projects for the year is the construction of a sidewalk to aid the stu dents and improve the appearance of the cam pus. Here Jimmy Swayze Perry Bushong, Gordon Morgan Norma Albright, Clyde Bar- low and Alfred Wilson decide on the exact location for the walk. Conscientious of his duties, David Baker, vice-president of the Student Council, dis cusses current council issues with Mrs Florence Weiss, Student Council sponsor before a meeting. Packing up for one of their long awaited Student Council Convention trips, are Q1 to rl Bate Bond, Perry Bushong, Gail Anderson, Berlene Fletcher, Elma Real, Joe Bob Wilson, and Philip Furman. '!, fr Q' 46355: 4 1 Found at a council meet- ing are: fseated l to rj Elma Real, Berlene Fletcher, Patty Johnson, Perry Bushong, Joe Bob Wilson, Clyde Barlow, Gordon Morgan, Phil Furman, Alfred Wilson, Gail Anderson, and Norma Albright, and fstanding 1 to rl David Baker, Jimmy Swayze, Buddy Snow, Bill Garrett, Bill Barlow, and Bate Bond. nw " I. ..- shiggpui ji"i'f':j"' ,iff -,,,v f"Z1--" a' is f Q:-Q., - -- 1-1'- wif , ' ' .Fin I 'I I 'II' ini... I, ll H '?.m:.:.:.Q. . f 1-7:55 -'-f :-1., a- 'xt f.--, -' x '. !,- fx '.'. .gg 'Q 5' x " Y 45- H . ig of-.24 'isa P5 B, Gordon Morgan, president, and Mrs. Gloria R i c h a r d s , sponsor of the National Honor Society pause in the doorway after discussing plans fora worthwhile civic project. Biff' ,rg " , ,. -A D' QQAJ., : , r- 25 - , '. - -- "4,f.Pf 2,3 ,?f'f::L""' in ,gf gf- .6 Practicing for the singing valentines before entering a c la s s ro o m are Becky Thomas, Harold Sattler, Ken- ton Ahrens, Mary Lee Jobes, and JoAnn Schreiber. A group of National Honor Society initiates study the constitution before their initiation. Shown Q1 to rl are Gail Harden, Jodell Sauer, Rose Marie Mat- ter, Myra Beth Saenger, Margaret Hanna, and Lois Eakin. 1'-I :V rf Checking the mem- bers grades are the N. H. S. officers. fl to rj Charlie Klein, vice- president, Beth Hardy, secretary, Margie Vann, reporter, and Patty Johnson, treasurer. Leaving high school to undertake another worthy N. H. S. project are fl to rl Betty Wildman, Noel Gregg, Donald Bell, Carol King, Betty R e i n h a r cl , and Philip Furman. l-lere they are on their way to sell poppies as a community service. A group of N. H.S. members work on one of their many projects. This particular projectis baby sitting for parents who are voting in the local election. Shown receiving a call are: fl to rj Jay McElroy, Joe Bob Wil- son, Nancey Auld, Marlyn Beazley, Martha Lou Rogers, and Alice Car - michael. .-0' The class editors of the 1953 Antler just received a book listing the criticisms of the 1952 yearbook. They hope these will aid them in making this year's book even better than last year'5, fl to rj are: Betty Wildman, Junior editor, Lucy Nance, Sophomore editor, Maynard Miller, Fresh- man editor, and Maurice Stovall, Senior editor. The Antler Staff, Maurice Stovall, Flo Weiss, Gail Harden, Charlotte Mares, Maynard Miller, Lucy Nance, Becky Thomas, Betty Wildman, Gail Ander- son, Alfred Wilson, Betty Reinhard, and Joe Bob Wilson discuss the location for the taking of the picture on page 1. The eager Antler Staff is always working hardto make extra money. Here you see one oftheirunusualprojects--taking funny photos atthe Antlerette Carnival. Posing for the birdie are "Pa and Ma", C.W. Minterand Nancy Cary, followedby "Tex", Harold Mayfield. The greatestthrillofthe AntlerStaff was the trip to the Yearbook Clinic in San Angelo in October. Many handicaps, such as this flat tire, overtook them while enroute, but they returned with the feeling that they had gained much from the ex- perience. .,,. an , Much ofthe Antler Staff's time is spent comparing their ideas with those from otherannuals. I-Ierethe specialeditors Flo Weiss, layout, Gail Ande rson, typistg Charlotte Mares, art, Alfred Wilson, photography Gail Harden, copyg are seen going through some 1952 annuals from Texas colleges. 'v One of the Antler Staff's annual money- making projects is selling programs at the home football games. Working hard are Betty Reinhard, Alfred Wilson, andFlo Weiss. .MW ' AW Q, N. A ,2 W ' , f "rr aj" , ' JW' rf' - -.L ' ' 49' 545, .- NM' " i ' ,,, .,3g'fff1l-342:-f1?,g 'i"lf5'e3'r"A ff- ' 1 ,A p ,fs-"' , ., V' - gf f M...nrf,,. . .Ulm E1 ff i X xx! f x I 41 'Q 'qi I :,ffv-aff ai.. '21 I Q q-Q ,......., The Tatler Staff Advisor, Miss Lila Barrett, gives Lois Eakin, editor, a few pointers on front page make- up for the next issue of the Tatler. Every other week during sixth period, the special editors, fl. to r.j Jerry Shelton, Beverly Sample, and Marji Stewart are found distributing the Tatlers to the students. The journalism class works with the regular Tatler staff to publish the paper. Here the first year stu- dents fold the papers before they are distributed to the students. ff? Sandra Ross was chosen by the stu- dent body as Queen of Western week which was sponsored by the Tatler. She was crowned at the dance, Oct. 9, which climaxed the week's festi- vities. Two busy people on the Tatler Staff who contribute a great deal to its publication are Mary Lee Jobes, bus. manager, and Buddy Snow, sports editor. -'z-fr:-V -' .. .--: ,:r'f' "if :' '.ir1"'f:',f"'3"i' .:f',"ff1?':'- 1 z .. R ..-.V ,D ff? 'ff 'f 'S -an Q", 1 1.4971 1 4 -- ' . . -.,, , b J fM:i,g.q:i'-q'C"r'-:5,"- e--My ' -9- 5. ,fig '-C . X. xi xii SK 'f3,,.x1g:s, ' N535 f "'M4'-I-'F-fs. Music is a source of enjoyment, after school as well as during the daily classes for the Choral Club officers. Max Dunks, seated at the piano, is president, JoAnn Schreiber is secre- tary, and Marji Stewart is reporter. B 'Mx -'ix The trio, fl to rj Sandra Harden, Bar- bara Davidson, and Beverly Sample, led by Mrs. Lavene Bennett, entertain for many civic organizations and school activities. :F Mrs. Lavene Bennett intently directs the senior chorus as they prepare for their annual Christmas Program. Nl lst row: fl ro rl l M Stewart, Montana, Tay or, . Rosson, Beach, Odem, Stewart, Sauer, Zander, and Nance. Znd row: Shelton, Schmidt, Worthen, Riley, Reed, Lambert, Schreiber, Williams, Smith, Reimer, and Turner. 3rd row: Wines, Ottinger, Kirk, Sattler, Morgan, Sample, Maxwell, Shelton, Stone, Kunz, Shelburne, and Powell. lst row: Q1 ro rl Garrett, Harden, Blackerby, Builta, King, Jones, Irvin, Beaver, and Orr. Znd row: C. Barlow, Bennett, Baker, Goff Dolezal, Davidson, Helmke, Midkiff, James, and Kaiser. 3rd row: Cordell, Cverloff, Grayson, B. Barlow, Brown, Ahrens, ' Dickey Gentry, and Dunks. X Fitch, Braeutigam, , 4 K A ,. fr. ,Q , :xi .- -, ,ai x -. - ,f I, - .fgz-194 , I 'Q' it ,E+ Two people who have contributed to making the Tivy Band well known and popular in our district, are Mr. John Armstrong, the director, and Mike Anthony, the drum major. The Tivy Band, seated fl to rj lst row:G1-egg, L. Nance, Ramsey, Allison, Taylor, Hol- ton, Wagner, Caton, Fisher, Van Hoozer, Real, Hardy. Znd row: Anderson, Coke, Bushong, De Masters, Snyder, Gray- son, Wildman, Clements, Leatherman, Antony, Builta, Maxwell, D. Nance, Upton, Wood, K. Franklin, Beazley. f 1 Q The band officers seated, are: fl to rl Maurice Wood, quartermaster, Sandy Franklin, librarian, and Patty Johnson, secretary-treasurer. Standing, are: fl to rj Mike Antony, president, Minnie Lee Coke, point system secretary, Kenton Ahrens, vice-president,JayMcE1roy, quartermaster, Clay McBryde, quartermaster, Beth Hardy, librarian, Randall Leatherman, quartermaster, and Leif Lu- glan, quartermaster. ' x 1,-A 3. i i?"..- The Tivy High Band is led in all their performances by these six twirlers, who spend many long hours practicing for perfection. QL-RJ Head twirler, Minnie Lee Coke, Bunny Gregg, Kathy Ramsey, Mike Anthony, drum major, Kay Franklin, Lucy Nance, Elma Real. For the first time this year, the band chose a sweet- heart, Kay Franklin. Kay, as an active member in the organization, has shown her musical talent in playing the French horn and her service to the band as a twirler. '-TD Third row fl-rj I... Lug- lan, K. Ahrens, G, Eb- bensburger, W. Betty, B. Blackburn, W. Roge I-I. Gadeke, M. Rogers, E. Radleff, T. Pollard, J. Clark, D. Litchy, J, Chiles, G. Hardy, K, Builta, J. McElroy, F. Weiss, J. Kaiser, G, Streigler, C. McBryde, D. Ottinger, J, Taylor, Fourth row fl-rj R, Wines, M. Van Hoozer, S. Huber, K. Russell, S. Franklin, J. Arm- strong, J. Girard, J, Swayze, B. Luther, A. Carmichael, I... Roe, P Johnson. TS Ebnliwfr: fm'-""r'r '. . , ' fl-rf" Sw ' 'ii -. --'X 4 W . sf-ff 13- Edward Lange, F. F. A. president, discusses chapter activities with Mr Bill Oliver and Mr. Foy Page, spon- sors and instructors. 'U Members of the Kerrville Chapter of the F. F.A. gather in the class- room ofthe Ag. building for ameetf ing. These members take part in many agricultural contests and shows in this area and in the state. af rounrn n F'-'NY JUUGV' Mr. Bill Oliver's second year ag- riculture class boards a school bus to take a field trip to the auction barn. I. .la- l.a'5" P H Q-.Ce F. F. A. member, Kenton Ahrens, displays the plaque he won with his prize hereford that won the Grand Champion Award at the Fat Stock Show. Mr. Bill Oliver and former Tivy stu- dent, Tommy Priour, look over Hugo Woe rnor's prize winning lamb along with his trophy. ,n . X., -xr, li .' . .A ' ' 3' The officers of the F.F.A. are CL-Rl R- J Henderson, James Sidney Kunz, Bill Gar- rett, Bill Knox, Paul Pelton, Harold Sattler, Dunks, and Bill Davis. fi., XX Y X Nw The F. H. A. officers, fl to rl are: Gail Har- den, secretaryg Patty Johnson, president: Shasta Cook, historiang Rose Lane Beaver,temp orary vice-president: Lina Rankhorn, parlia- mentariang Shirley Williams, reporter, Sue Johnson, pianist, Flo Weiss, treasurer. These girls make themselves confort- able in the cottage bedroom while plan- ning projects to be discussed at the next meeting. 1 -'." A194 ' 1 ffl- :aff 7 1 -Cv' it H Y" V i X f ff' "K , ii, ,ff 15545, ', 255- , .'5 Figgnl.-' -Qi' ..f 'Wh-nm '-Ne.. '-an , . ..----,, 5, xg? zx' fl A, , r 1 11 tt iw , ,X . X Tivy's I-lomemaking Department will always be proud of its beautiful and modern cottage. The students have taken greatpride in working with its fine equipment. Miss Sylvia Petersen and Mrs. Nelwyn Moore, the I-LE. teachers join in the Christmas spirit by decorating the tree for the H. E. cottage. F, Mrs. Nellwyn Moore explains the procedure for using the oven to the boys class in Home Economics. This class also studies nutrition and home nursing during the year. -1' i 1 ' ,gsm i. Q' 4 f---dumb -q T, ei.. , -3' 05,5 ,sl ix Qs L At an FHA meeting in the kitchen of the Home- making cottage, plans are made for a chapter party. The FHA has a large membership and is ve ry active organization in social activities and charity Work. Maurice Stovall, Becky Thomas, and Mary Jo Burrus fashion dresses from n e w s p ape r s during the informal initiation of new mem- bers inthe fall. The chapter also holds formal candlelight ceremonies as part of the ini- tiation. f Gail Anderson, president, and Miss Georgia Griffith, s p o n s o r of the Antlerettes, discuss the point sys- tem to be used for the oncoming year. "ltr" i 1 2 The flag-bearers, Lorna Beach, Nancy Gary, and Lucretia Michon proudly carry flags of the United States, organization, and state. S major, and Barbara Kuhlmann, majorette spend ,L-1-11-nz-5 . .rf ,qi ,f 1 ' -' 9 , ANT ff M ,ES , - . w ,, ' 'inf M,,,,,gx:n0' 'f..,5i.. f"3'3?- N ff? ' A ' P, L11 S ',l Ill' 1 IR 4 +R 'N -i ,I x' 1 ,V giihxv , Y. ni" 'ms rj . -Q, -.. Margaret Hanna, sec. -treas.g Jerry Shelton, vice- pres.g Betty Reinhard, sergeant, Marji Stewart, reporter, Carolyn Maxwell, s e r g e a ntg lead the Antlerettes in their school year activities. k 1 -11. .. s.-L- A-L A -- . . . . s- h p Cathie Klein, majoretteg Joan Schreiber, drum many hours practicing for their spirited half- time performances during the football season. fl' MA ol Q 9 3 if Y, AM -'ir' fk pg fl' .N .wi - n ' ,f 21 diff- 5? 'J kay -3 S l 51- ? ii , . X, M is 1- vi' STUNL' X' --it '13 ig' K fifkff ,, K . G4 ff- Q 3? if 9 NC N' ali' ,:v, 3 If 415' 'V' 'M iff-ytv -u v 1' V , ... Q " r Q5 fx ,M 'Pe-. 'C ' 'qpiw' .C kk: L5 .' ' Y ll. ll"?' 'l " iii -- ' "AF" -J'-. if A . A s .l,. ijf.. 1171-5 t. fqiq:fWff:fZfj,5jpm Ig. nigh-',:i':' I"'I'N4r60fXs - ?, Q! Nr, u 5? , , 5 vi 411-Y, L' r.-g,M,4vTmj11 tr ny-.3 Jaxx gyfjf. !,,,ln jg-.. 1 " 'KW' lv-X-ff Ive!!-7'f ' La' f',',, 5 - ,V Q, , The "T" A5s'n officers fl..-RQ, Pinky Brown, vice-pres. 3 Herman Gadeke, re- porterg Bryant Stone, treasurerg and Bobby Stevens, presidentproudly examine their new letter jackets. Tivy's "T" Ass'n, which is for boys who have lettered in any sport, meet in the nurse's clinic to discuss busi- ness. hx. e. A 4-'n A v X- ' ' ' Coaches, Foster Miller and Fred Jacob, pause in the hall before a "T" Ass'n meeting. As spon- sors of the organization, they spend many extra hours working with the boys. ....-"N-.f-. -N -if r-1-I. -. ' Q x, T ,-f -. , xc -Q., '- ,mxm D .gi .5 .X .X ,N . , Y Q- isis 'wi' 1- f, :An-n,g,, vi.-Y,1,',-ij' ,f fc ff 4, ,fl -S- S--."',f Qf'1f'f,4f!,'ZZ4 ,' -4- 1,-'d.f,f'v, 5.1.1 '-:..1..-gg," ' , The G. A.A. officers are ll to rj Nancey Auld, reporterg Betty Reinhard, president, Maurice Stovall, secretary-treasurer. Here they are seen taking time out from their tennis game for a refreshing drink of water. gust m Jane Dyer and Corinne Orr take their turns in tumbling as the rest of the class watches. Q Miss Griffith, G. A. A. sponsor, reads an announcement to the girls gym classes. The G. A. A. girls, Jones, Sublett, Hargreaves, Allen, and Clouse, line up for a free shot as they practice for a basketball tournament. x ' if ,,f ,, - Liikrx After their morning asses, t , , Students leave school and go to their vari s jobs. Pictured il-rj are the D. E. officers Bill Knox, Max Braeu- tigam, Betty Burleson, Kathryn Smith, Carolyn Hoffpauir, Elaine Jolley', Frank Ha ggerty, and Mr. D.A. Mills. Kathryn Smith and Frank , Hagerty were C ho s e n this year as the D. E. sweethearts. This is the first year that both a boy and a girl have held this honor. During football season the D. E. students sell d r i n k s one of th e i r m o n e y making projects for sending dele gateg on trips. Jessie Cooper, Martha Agan, Shir- ley Heiman, and Opal Willis find this work en- joyable as well as learn- ing the traits of a good sales- man. N ffeffgr The D. outside of school and make a fields of business. 5 E. Club consists of students who work study of specific -'1 fif- ff' ' 'W J 'ITN xf , f 5, ' 1 AF' g 4 X10-,sighs '.xj5s5i,,a-EAL Members ofX'thQxYBgF2lx,'Aid Club gather around a projectoi-'fo' have their pictures made. These boys show the many films that are available to aid Tivy's visual edlu- cation program for all classes. Alfred Wilson, Jimmy Gray- Bobby Snow, president, is seen oiling a projector, while Mr. Herman Billnitzer, sponsor, checks the films that are to be returned. son, Ben Hyde, and Jimmy Swayze prepare to show a film to an eighth grade class. LEAVES OF LUSTER 124 i ! : x-vmzkiv '11-by -my Q HI Not only trees have a magic of their own. RONNIE RUTHERFORD rn3QV'UZPI JOANN SCHREIBER 'un BILLY BARLOW FUIPFC101 fx N K am BECKY THOMAS O BUDDY SNOW 4 but l"' - -I GAIL ANDERSON V R A 15- D.. Q , wil X ' -,fa-f ":Tg-vga Af: hz." Tllgyyzr 1 , : If , . . ', . '--- Q .1250 A .3 ' 1 Q. yx ,f lg . -V 4,454- f ...-1 1 ' '14 --- V x. - A . ,: W' , '1 'K' VE., ,I . -A.. '4 he-SEQ i s N K ga ' 1:3 " 1" . . 9 J W 'M fn , Q, -'X p ' ' . M I' i XX' . u. ug 2 'mf LJe9,"'Px ,l',' .1 'f ' , Q, N. - W-1 yr " 'N' ".' - V I ' vin ,."q'9 . , f X- hx 1 - vf' S. . fly, 'gk y ,YM . I ' PJ ., 'J 1' I N, -.iilxxu x 'gi Vx 5 .!r,.-'- . ",",i' ,. ,Af-',5 n,Z.5. rr L! f' ff Y? -'y "1"--""!.Lt,A ll Kr.. ...gh L. 'npst .KW , . 'l Q" fe V' -1 f Q ,, .5 M1 '- N Knut- 4 W- OM V .. 'nn , 'C'--Ove I Y. mf" W , lg' -Q f' . . I . ' ws , U an .11-a kg... Nun Q -.,.: .Q 'Ts Wife vat J ,,,m1'w LX . . 'Z' . -' 444' ' ,41 17:51.-'I' 'Jw 5 2 , , 1 W '- '1-vnwziavf -' ' ..-9 ' .4 , . www- "ff 3..u,,,,v' , .1 , ,1 X I. A: .:i1',.l K ,L QV' lm. U " -- , LT" l,-4 's""'f:- ' A ' Y I GWL .. : " H 1' .N , . 1.5. K V in - ,J-.., M lp.. I rv M-.933 I Af!-1 '. 'A -- Mn- 4.LfL'- P' s 4 up . ' U "1" gy 'li " .Q -. H1 x , H I Q 1...Q- rar. , . -Q ' f 1 1 ff!! A. 'B 3. N' BEST CITIZEN Beth Hardy Senior D . -P . v n 1,. An' -2. ,gh . 'wx Q' ,- - N, fg'1"i'k 4 . AIU 's V XX ' ' 1 inlylw 49, if W A K 4 Aww 3. .Q Q. ' ' I 'Tv A. , . ff. w 1 1 Q w' , .2 f Wg ..5'.-., 1 x 'X' - ' Q fa xt-va 1 4 M' Rev" 1.4.9 ' .- 1' '40 LSI. " FW' 'ry 'fuf 'xc x . . 4 ' x . - Y - v , L! ,.... ,- s ff ' 1 Qi ,-4 ' F. F. A. SWEETHEART Becky Thomas Senior ' 1 X I , . I f 'WWQ .Q 1 ftp, f '51 'l ,T , Q we 4, Hs- Q ,il C53 - M uo,,.CQ!!Vs F1 ny, ie kjj ' x xl V, 5' WA. Q ,. :ig 'M N ' A l f I A. H X- I w ' he 1 f ff f .1 '44, I ll qs' 3 ss 'S 837 . ' v x . 5' ,M ' , ' A "W 'Wf' T ,-,y . ' 1 H. "TfT'fT"'557'15'T35"Z:"'1 ' 1 "Y Wifi ' ' 1. -1 11 1 ,.-.' L I 1' 51122- 2 . Student Index fc- M 104 In 50 Colbnth, B. 51 G.-im... B. Qs, ' ' 1 . . 112, 115 Colhour, R. 32, 83, 109 Grona, H. ,A ,Amd'M' B' 72 Comeaux, M. 32 G1-ang, P, ' all:::g:"KN' 60- 102. 103. 116. 119 Cook. K. 72 Haggerty, F. 36. 1 ' ' ' 72 Cook, S. 61 Hamon, J. 73 x:"'G5' so Cooper. J. sz 1-1.mp..... n. ss, 119 Anna. ' 60, ll9 Cordell, B. 72 Hgnng, M, 34' 104, U., ug 60- Ill Cordell. R- -- 61. 111 1-1...1.... c. 9. 49. sz. 104, .105 KIINOII. G. 7. 29, 47, 102, 103, 106 Cortey, J. 32 101. ll.. ll' - 107. 118. 119, 131 Couch. 11. 61 H..-ae... s. 59, 63 Ill 119 gl- 29. 112, 113 cove.-1, c. 61 H..d.,,, L, ' ' gg Jw H' ' 71- 72 CDI- M- 33. 109 Hardy, 11.36, 105, 100, 112. Ill.-835 - ' ' 29- 39. 105. 121 Crenshaw, K. 33, 108 Hu-4 G 13 Hymn., J. -,Z Y' ' 1 W CFOII1 R. 33 Hjyiyggygg' AL linux? 580 lg! Engl' 'Q Hargreaves, Ar. 63, 97, ll9. lil - - ' 9 I C, u ' Ml. K. 60, 111 Dgniell, M. 72 g:Ll:i:l:LT. 36, 3 L - R-H so 97 n.v1a.o... 11. sa, 111 mn, N. ,M ml , - - 29. 81 92 nm., B. 61,115 H,,,,,,,,,, N, 11 , 3.29. 41. 102, 103, 111, 128 nun, M, 51, 57, 119 Hamm 'S UIQ co 47. 59. 60, 96, 102 Degggn, M, 61 Heinensh' ' '-' 111. 132 DeMllierl, J. 51 , 112 Hendexmon. lo Q, L' 30' 109- ul' Us D"'dYv B- 33 Henderson R 63 115 ,1,.p r. I. so. Ill Denton, J. as Hem J' ' ' H In M. so, 57, 105, 113 mckey, 1-1. 34, so. 111, 119 H,,,,'Q:. ' 53 V, I no Bn 419 Dickey. J. He.tex. L' 6,1 1" , 13 D01 1, D. 62, 111 ' gflw.. . 1. 10. 111 n...11'l...1., w. ,f,'f,'1"2"' H' 3 .-11 . , 'VG' 50 ' -- N- 51. 119 mu: 13, 31, 108 5. , . um. A. 60 34, so, 111 Hoffpmh' G. 31 J . .. .ig-. so Dun I, . 51, 115 Bonne' H. 63 Q", I I Du lt, J. 72 ' ,A eds. s. so Dyzr, J. 62, 108, 119, 121 ggfraldfr M, sz' ':-' - . 1. G gg. 11:.1.1n. L. a. 34, 104, 108 Hom., nf ,,H.u '-'I W' - ye 0 0 Effuff. Da Hopf. P. 3 3. , I. 72 Espinoza, E. Sl, 119 Hoppin.. M. '54, ug 1 1-1 -- J. 30. 97 Evans, S. 62 n Q1 i"h-. - - B: 59. 103 Ferenthold, B. 62 Q7 Q, -1 igam, M. 30 Fitch, J. 62, Ill Huber, 3. 54. ng - n. 60 F1etcher,B. 62,103,119 HN, B. 35 J ,. 1 C. 72 Fletcher, E. 62, 119 Hyde: E. 13 Qliih. L. 50 Fletcher, H. 72 lace J. 1, V j P. 31. a1, 111. 120 Floyd, s, 72, 109 lnpgm B. 4-,' 59, 54. -,.. 95' 1,5 1' ' I t.cJ. 31 lei: Forehnnd. G. ZZ Irvin 6 13 ' h . . Fox-elund. N. Z ' ' . :L 60' m Fam' C. M 1.v1..g. 1. sz, 111 1. . Jackson, J. 52, 109 r i . ggnkl. 31 Easter. S. 62 'lg Jlmeh 5. 35, ng. ng . , , v - 72 rnnklin, K. J . J' 13 1 .- ar. B. 31 1-'f...1.11.1, s. sz, 112: 116 ,::':f",. , fa 31 """- P- 60 Fufmlh- -1- 62 Jo1...', M. 9. aa. 104, 1119. 119 u l. Mr: ... 12. H7 Furman, P. 52, 123, 105 Johnmn' B. -B A 'I - so 1oz, ma Fufmw T- 2-'109 .1 11 . J. 73 Butte? B. ' 31 Gndeke,.H. 35, sz, 1zo, 112 M. 5, chili R. 50 Garrett. B. 35, 103, 115 J h . p. 9' 33. wg lg, is :cfldg W. 72 Glrreit, G. 6 51, 111 o 'non nz: lla: ll' 11049. - so, 116, ll Glrv- N- 2. 47. 118 133 Jah . S. 64 111 fclllibell. B. 3? Guton, L. ' 72 JOUZTOE. ' g Bidwell. J. 61 Gates, B. 62, 119 J,-,M,, 5, Q Carmichael, A. 51, 51. IQS' lla Cvernar. F. 72 Jones, I... 64, Ill, 119 CMNII, P. z7 32 Gentry. J. 35, lll Jordon. M, 3, zdkunlm-1.1.1. J. ' Ge:-lofi, c. 62, 111 J,,,,,,, J, 51 A .. 61 119 - 94 .chnudh J. ' 61 Gilltnp, R. 35. 97 Jalan lg, 39 phillll. B. 61 Girlrd. -7- Q3. 112 Kaiser. J. TS, lvl! 121195, J, Goff, C. 35, Ill, 119 5.13,-. M. 51' Ill Clube.-11. v 61' m Guy E as x.1..y m 04 o I ' 9 o muuen. 1... H2 Grayson. J. 36, 111 5 Cldmgngg, G, 61' nz Greene, E. 71, 73 I MV Chuan, J, ' 61 Gregg, N. 8, 52, 57, 97, 105 1 ore. . H Unk. M. 31, 112, 113 112. 113 King. C. 52, 57, IOS, Nfl 1 Thravcl, J. R ' r I 1 Y Sfudunf Index 64 omg..-. n. 54. 111, 64 Paroti, D. 39. 111 Parker, W. 64. 97 P .1, 1.. 47, 49. 53, 118, 134 P:l1gn, J, , 39. 31. 105 Petenun, A. J 73 Pitta, A. Y,l1rau1n. s. 73 1- , hnian, B 64. 91. 118, 152 Pop., a. - P ll J. . glenn.. s. sa, 111, 11s r4:::.JQ. J. . '4 vo Prlmeda, Ya 11-lflllllff. J. 64 Pul , B. . '-L.'nbcftn Nl 64, Es . Lllllt, E. 10, 40, 114 Rankhorn, L. , LGI. B. 64, 78 Ransom, B. I.-eciherman. 11. 65. 112 Real. 15. 66. 103, LOC: D- 111 Reed. 3. 55. 109. ' lqla, M. 65 Reimer, G. '42, 'r. sa aeiuum. 11. 11, 4z, 105, 106, uf, X a 0 118, ll9, gigliqmn, A. 71, 74 Rlley, v. ss. Qilblmll, N. 65 Ritliman, H. --Llq, D. 53 Robinson, J. . Llzapwl. 53 119 Robison, G. it . 65 Rodgers B. g LL 40 119 sodgeiaz J. 66 llflll. . 53, 57 112 09. o 1 uuunf 3, Roger., M. ss. 57, 105, gum: 5, E 55- 13 no... s. 47, ss, 57, 119. Iu.f..a Co lop 53: 511 89, Ro..an D ' ' 106: Ro'.o D K. , , - 40, 104 103 n' ' ' A ll 53 ,ul H ' Roaaon, S. ' lrfh . 1-1. ' 421 pg' 1" nu...u, 14. ss, Iles.-yd., C, ' 53' 122 Rutherford, 11.11, 27, 42, 47, sz, UeCal1 J, ' Ryan, J. '.'NQDanl.el, J. 17' Saeuger. M. 43, 104, ?':lgDg,,1.1,,N 3. 65 Sample. B. 43, 108, fgfn u 51' I err 0 n o 1 UGKJY. D. ms' nz' lg: Sauer. J. . ackailht. J. 65 Sauer, R. 55, edloa M. helx-ton, G. 1pg..111,,,' 3, 53' 1:2 scumnaf, B. 66, 111, :gag Schxelber. J. 27h:3,1::: "...'.'--..'- G- ' 14 21.11" C' . .. f e urne. . . ,1g,,,,,,',:: ii: 54' ls' 39 sums... D. se, sa, 93, ilmluff' C, 65' U2 glI:egoaMJ. 43. nos, 111, ua. " 9 . . 1".S'.r:.11' si' it g'm"f-,L- 1:11157 'S' 14. 106 SkT:1?nCr' J' , ,. - 54 S ' lfidhna. ll. 55, ug 2' 57. ,:::,,,, A 103' 104- 12' smm. K 56' . A I o 5 ' ' u tm M. 54 La Hbdlay, B. 65 SIIOW. Bo. 44. 80, Ilan-av. J. 41 79 s""' Bu' 12' 47' 59. 61. 160- 2- 6 65. 109. ll1..113 S d J 1 103' '22- ' .. Flo - 5. 106, 107, 112 113 ny 'r' ' ' ' "Mr '13 . 22 2210.51.61 1-Ng,-gggfg, 66 Spun, V. 44, 1-1. 41 8P""' '- ' I, Stark. F. l .1 as . L . I' L. 4 7. sfflfk, J. , 194 , 1 421. llll "'P"""' M- I2 M 525 - YA ,gn - , M. lil. II, SQQVCIII. B. , n 1 Q , F1349 sb. 119- Q 'zo' PIA V '.amaf!:V1'-A! ,- I '11 .-"in . . 1-13" 113 54 74 54 115 54 74 119 42 74 111 lll 66 119 112 119 55 113 1ll 111 l07 121 lll 66 66 74 74 55 113 112 109 133 111 57 74 112 127 74 119 111 55 115 104 lll 66 119 100 126 74 1ll lll 119 56 74 74 43 112 74 111 112 S6 123 95 112 112 67 74 109 75 56 56 109 79 134 . Stewart. M. Stewart, Z. Stone, B. 12, 45, 79, Stovall, M. Stovall, Mau. Striegler, G. Sublett, A. Suhlett, G. Subletl, J. Swayzo, J. Talbert, A. Anl. Taylor, Taylor, Ar. Taylor, Au. Taylor, F. Taylor, J. Thacker, A. Thomas, B. Thurman, II. Toler, M. T1-aweek, B. Turner, R. Vallier, S. 44, 108, 11.1, 59. 67 47, 67, nos. I17, 47, 61. 67, xoz, 75 456 106, 1072 Van I-looser, IA. Vann, K. Vann, ll. 4 I 5 a :T E n F F' SI" Vega, R. Wagner, Wagner. Wait, I. Walker, FP!'!"P Walker, Watson, Watson, Watts, B. Welu, F. Wells, R. Werner, H. Bo Whelan, F. Whitworth, B. Wicklon, B., lnlgg, B, W man, B.' Wiley, J. Wllllamo, Wllllama, Wllllama, . Wlllltord. S. Wilson, A. Wilson, J. C. S 45, es. 105, Walker, U21 111, 47, 56, 57, 60, 106, 107, 13. 41' nos, 101, 46, 100. 111, 46, 100. Ill 13, 47, '51 103, 105, 106, Wluea, R. Woemer. B. Woerner, R. Womack, B. Woddard, l. Wood, M. Wooten, B. Wotthen, B. wlffm, Jo Wright. K. W.-1.1.1, L. Wright, T. Zamora, D. Zander, G. zlll40f, lj. 45. rof g 5 b i W' WWW! Vfiffflff P ffm if MMM JV? A , IJ JWJMW W M fviyvif I Aw JN Xi ,wwf my WWJHQZW A++ 2 v1'l"'u'V WM' M' 4' U xx. X' fff25lf?'iQ?? HGEJMWWWJW IM. F?"f"'MjJ7 f WWW xy 6,w2gj?,f W f ff fygjbf MW Q 5 1' 4 -W , V.- ' I , , f v -,. fs im' 'fx Q +A W gm52 i,e, . Q Rz+:g4j.4,'ff4z , .' ft" W , :f'N."ff' , xx -A ,, ,. D, 4? 5Qg-XN,L,Q'5q5'1-Qfybsefw .Away , -r2bZf5S1fsS'Wfw' We ' Que, MFA vseeaswa .af-ig., S+ ,ff ....., Pig? 1,4-ix 'J -ff A,','fWP1'f VV Y " - 'VG 'V '1"f fins-M-,Xqt5"fh'Wlr QfMW1!gv59 W wmv Ewffihabw Q .1 ,ff A-4-2, . 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Suggestions in the Tivy High School - Antler Yearbook (Kerrville, TX) collection:

Tivy High School - Antler Yearbook (Kerrville, TX) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


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