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-,. . A . mp' -f ,---- v-- v-rf, -.- - ...-g.--,., mapf-:,,,,,,,,.m ,W -f M25 www! ik,.,?, Q 'g,,f'.igx X em", :-5 'A . 'F' L A ' f - A A, ,,,, L -1-1, , ' 7' T1 '??r f 4301 xv . ,aff lggnk ' , . x ' f- .W 1 Q gg' 1 n .,f 'I , fx f -,Aifk 'CtJ'.'-'l V W , ' , . V , - He. +V-:H -1 ' . , , x:1.'.1i - '. K ,X-if-61,11 145' f'-'W "J 11.3 Wai Ll' 2 s v- - Vw ' 'gm' . .- , ' 3352. -JAM If K V 3 my ff' - gg-F3'P:W ,?7-195' ' ff, f 'gif . . Q 2 A ' 43 - l . -Ll'1':'1f "f.H1:.u . 'c ', L f" , 34' ' fm A . A ff.l5"w.J,,. ,,- ': . pil,-4,'f 'yr '1f"2,,Cff'f' K T f . " - A 1 ,. .VW-vw V . ., , Y K., f pxwv-.f., A-'fr ' ,, fm' 5 my, , ,E Q , ' n ga: ,f SNMQ, K -J .,. - - ""ym,'.."-iifvf, , ,-svgfg, a'f5pf ff' wfsjgff , ww, pf 'k1".jg,i ,, V fi, ' . ,Q -1' Q - in Q, f . up M ,',:.'4'Yf,Km rv 1 'a 1 - - a ' ,. ,, 4.".'-rv 4 f .v.w',5 , . rv- , .. in X 'N' " 7 E Aw " , . ., . ,, N , . ,Q-,f 2,13 4 it pf, 2' f-ww , 1-1,141 f ' Q 'illajxl 'ffQ5I,:.qg.f"1Q,,- 0 , - , , , N- g.',,. vg,-2 - 4 ,A 1 gm Y ' X .,.1f':.fs'f1-1: V ,Q 223. X W . -"W,-'rfrxgx .fw.4iHsSF?'-"+'f'- - A ,, Q ' Q, .- ,MA 5-1' 7 K ' ' A fffwbf 'ag 1 .. i', .1 gi 9, .:-,:' - f I ,qw 1E'.:,,vL.'f. 5 -, K .1 , , ,qw ,.:. ,4 ,I wk , . pQ1i.,5-155,1.:gij-'f4.,4 , , A. Y. . - .vw-. - -,Mg , , K ' wh, ,.!z 5 --hr Q, 1- -M4 V My W X f H . .1 1 'TWD ' ay-'v'i:.Ji .int Q25 fha Ig :. 5 -vw ...J -'v' ' "fm S-.fi 'v 5 f A527 1 Yrs-E 115 'iff -- ' ,f Vis? - ' K, -w g: 'HQ :f-Q,y,55Q5A,y ifwggzx J. . ' 1 if-75'-I 'im , N. ,' f , , Afr- x., Ffgs ,WW f'5.1Xf,w:' -1? 'zfyvvflfy e sa- . ,H,3.,.,5j Q ," 'MF'3X1"' ' 2 N 1,11 Sw 4 I 5 K - . Viv, VM . -Le " W. - -. S ,,vgM,. w M - g12,",a-A mflzilw n fxyh LA, ..-. ,l -R::?,x.l ' . re pk KW.. 3. ' 45+ ' an x , pm . M: L.. f q , Q- 113 fi? 1331 ,fvfivl ' A -L! , ' ' 'U-1-., ' Q .. .rx , v . Z 1.34 -,W M., QW ' if Wi. rdf 2 ff! . if The Dptimist 1950 Presented by the Optimist Staff Nancy Carlson and Patti Fleury Co-Editors x Qptimist Staff Cn-Ifrlitnrs ,,,,,,t,, ,,,,,A,,........... .... l 'atti Fleury ancl Nancy CZll'lSUIl .Xssistant licliturs w,w........ - ,,.,W,,,... .Xnne Sallaway anfl l'atsy Sanlwrcl . . - f 1 .Xmlxisur ,,,vY,,,.w.,....5,,,,.....A..,,.A,A.A,,., lXliss lairi 21.1110 lmnasek Sift-ial Staff: rXnn Dellialt. ecliturg janet l,arsun, lXlary .Xreher, Gloria King rXetiyities Staff: Nancy Swanson. erlitnrg julie .Xn4lersun, Shirley liyers. llelnres Davis. ,lane 'llzcle ,lanet Persson, Salah Morris, Nancy Gilsnn. Spnrts Staff: Hillie Mnrrieal, erliturg Yirginia Clark, 'l'uni rXnmlersnn, Cynthia Raclaelc, Isabel Kerr. l'l1ntng'rapl1y: Hruee Duttun, eclitorg lavuanne llarris, Lillie Yan Cluilcler, 'llwila Crawfurcl, llunna Reagle, hlarilyn johnson. .Xrt Staff: Sue llnlialaas. eclitor' Qallv Kunz jane Bunn lliel' 'lrumlffen l . v I . . X 5 . Shirley Strnnp, l at -Innes. lfrnia Holmes. 'l'ypists: 'llarilyn Crawfnrrl, .Xnne Gray, Dnris lrwin, Hetty XYhite, Marilyn Klcklurmly. Business Staff: Nancy Morris, ,Xlice Smith, Beverly liuteher, lllyrta Lind- 1Il1ll'li, Margery Rasznian, Marilyn N. hloluisun, Norma XYeaver, lflora Smith, llerniee Kupp. liarhara Matthews, lrranees RZLSZIIIZLII, Hetty Xelsnn, .Inhn llannigan. .Xt last! ,Xfter all nur wnrries you hnlcl our 1950 Optimist in your hand. lt is a smaller hunk than those nf past years, hut we are just as pruurl of our small lmnk as if it were a volume that far surpassed those of former years. XVe have chosen for our theme the "C Jil Discovery." XXX- hacl to euiiforin tu a very stiff lmuclget, hut, hy trying a new aflver- tising scheme, we have manage to inclufle all the important itenis in our lmuk. NYe hafl nnly a few experienced wurlccrs on our staff ancl a new aflvisor, hut we ux'ei'caine all nur rlilficalties one hy one anal stuck it out to the hitter entl. lt is with great pricle that we present the l95O Optimist. Dedication To Miss Mabel Clark, Head of the History Department and Senior Class Advisor, we are proud and pleased to dedicate our 1950 OPTIMIST. Miss Clark graduated from Titusville High Schooland attended Edinboro State Teachers' College and Allegheny College. She received her Masters Degree at Penn State. As Head of the History Department she has many duties which keep her busy but she is not too busy to advise and direct the activi- ties of the Senior Class. VVithout her help many of the Senior Class functions would not be a success. The more one knows her, the better one likes her-nothing truer can be said of our Miss Clark! 0 Patrons This vear the 'fOJti1uist', Hives 'ou a llatrous List, a new tvme of 1 ZH . advertising which is becoming popular in year books all over the country. The editors and staff wish to thzmlc all of the patrons who so generuusly gave their support to our new idea. 'l'l'I'LFSYII,I,lC TRUST COIXIPANY SECOND NATIONAI4 BANK STRCTI I ERS XYlCI.I,S CORPORA'I'IC JN b CNIVICRSAI, CYCLOVS I BONNS MENS STQRI2 11. la. COBCRN BAKE SHUI' CURRY DRY e1,E,xN1cRs IJIXRDIES PHO'l'O'S UPNN S'I',AX'IlIUNIiRY sl SUI"I'I,Y co. ITISIIICR all YOUNG llIil.l'lN c:cwRnoN SHUI' jcmlcs ISRCYIIIIICRS BUICK c:lxR,xc11i MURDOCIVS IC. IX. I'lC'IlIfRSON If'UNIiR,XL HUIXII QLf,XI.l'l'Y CASH STORES, INC IQCJBINSCJN3 NVALI4 l'Al'I'1R STORI SXYIXNSCJNS YI'I,,XN'IllC 85 IKXCIFIC 'IfIi.VX CCJMI LEE COATICS Sz SON DON,Xl4IDSON FARM SUIIPLY N.X'l'IONAL IXlARKIC'I' ul. Ill. PENNICLL General Insurance aml Real Estate I'RINGI,lC'S NICNN'SS'Il.XND QUICK SIRIOIC RICIUXIR SHUI' 5. H. RADACK Patrons REAGLE BROTHERS SEARS, ROEBUCK 81 COMPANY NVESTERN .IXUTO SUPPLY COMPANY Y. VV. C. A. l1L'RNISON'S SHOE STORE RALPH COHEN CRYSTAL ICE COMPANY XY. Miller, Prop. COLONEL DRAKE BARBER SHOP Gcorge XY. Shorts, Prop. Il. Sz. M. MOTORS, INC. olcxs' PLUMBING mms R. mv IKXUL 1Qoc:,x1e, JIQWELER G. Sz H. SHOP GULLAND'S MARKET JESSE F. BARKER IWIARDXVARE ISALYIS DAIRY PRODUCTS M 81 M STORE MCKLYEEN FURNITURE MQCANDRENN' DRUG STORES METZ GULF SERVICE STATION OIL CITY BLOCK 81 SUPPLY PRINGLE'S SUNOCO STATION SMITH 81 VVORDEN Chrysler 81 Plymouth STAN'S TAILOR SHOP STROUSE 81 BENSON Ll. SHUI! I I I I Tis I I I, 3, Patrons I'I'I'LISYII.I,E DAIRY PRODUCTS CO. D.'XIRYI..'XND ICE CREAIXI BAR 'I'IIOMI'SON'S DRUG STORE DICK'S RES'I'.'XLfR.XN'II ISIXRNHI-'XR'I' GROCERY GOULIIS SHOE STORE lo L' LUQKE GOIjGH'S INSURANCE QE. C, MURIIHY FRANK .XI.HERTI'S SERVICE S'l'.X'I lgllgljg SHU5 g'1'0R1.j .X. B, EI.I.SNYOR'I'H .XND LOOMIS IFIIRNISIIINGS I3OD.XNER'S IEROCERY ENGI.ISH'S SERVICE S'I'.X'IxION ISROXYNELI. SHOE CO. DR. C. N. IIXZEN C.'XN.'XD.'X'S YOUTH SHUI' HARRY M.'XGIJOYI'I'Z CEN'lIR.'XI. CIGAI-I STORE NND v 4, iviv ICE CRIKCAM HAR K. .X RUXYES I,LMl3IzR X .XRD CHIC Bl4:ALf,l,Y SAVXLON .X. I'. NELSON, jEWEl.I'ZR FUCAX CUIWX HO,I.,I.l'ING CUMIIAXNY I',I,I',L'I'RIQ.iXI, .XI'I'I.I.XNfES C., E. Slzlttc-ry, Prnp. .XRClIER'S C.XIXlER.X SIIOI' BQQB AXND 1g1.j'1'TYI5 x Q l'Y9'I'UNli Ul"l"lClf SL'I'l'l,Y CYD. I'XIQli Hli.Xl"l'Y SHUI' XlUlQRiC,Xl.'S KZRUCICRY l.Xl,.XCli l,.XL'NlJRY I I,I,lil.lC'S SICRYICIC S'lfX'l'lfJN N, .Xl,I.lCN IADYIC NIUNIIQRNICY MUSIC 'Vllli li, I,ICX'Y ICS'lfX'lxIi Patrons l'RAX'l"l"S Sl'OR'lQlNG GOODS ,lf,,,,,lAm.S lQfJX'X'li'S ISAXHY x 11lI+"lx sum 1wwli's 1fl,mx'1Ql: sum' sl-Zlelezlvs Axvm l'AXR'l'S SIIIQICYH INTICRIIJRS sNAx14Ax1m's mzllfl' slim' cvs l3li.Xl"l'Y slim' SVNSIW S'mN"3 Y. M. C. A. XYl'fHlfR'S RliS'I'.XUR,XN'l' XX'Il,l,l.X1XlS N AlCl'A,'X,lXl': ,mm 81 Cmlmxy xx'l1,1.lAxms .Q l1o1x1AxN l"11fHi111f0 Y- Jvwvlfy z1J,x1e1w'S w1is'r ICNIJ Mxlelil 'lxl'l'L'SX'll.l.li ILXRGAIN STORE cowl.-1.3K-S Faculiy Pictured left to right: First row-Miss Carson, Miss Thompson, Miss McKinney, Miss Clark, Mrs. Colbert, Miss Lehm, Mrs. Fife, Miss Tomasek. Second row-Mr. Helfrich, Mr. Powers, Mr. Brady, Mr. Wertz, Mr. Van Horn, Mr. Bitters, Mr. VVester, Mr. Errett, Mr. Kohut, Mr. VVindoft, Mr. Kingsley. Pictured above is our faculty, each of whom has helped us sometime during our high school career. lt will be impossible for us to pay the debt owed to them, for they have assisted us, guided us and taught us many things that we don't even realize. However, we will never forget them and as the years pass and we gradually realize how much they have given us, we will wish even more that we had taken advantage of the opportunity placed before us. VVe hope you will remember us, dear teachers, with the same kind interest in our future that you have given us in our Colestock days. Mclrshall Fish er Superintendent of Schools Erwin F Biiters Principal of Colestock f ' -.-. M. ,.. A. H ,,:..- ,,?., .- 1 . ,-, X X f ' X -M X 5 . X , -.fr -, ... x x 1 'Sf' sf Y XIX X ff' -f , 5 N V MH sa ':, 1' Iijkkfw We fr Wg 5+ ,fzvgwax "' ef 'H 5 ff , "" v 7 752 ff' :fr ' X30 , 1 W, W?41' M H' ' - ' 'f ' . V , U Kw y f W ,, Mi fx fx RQ, q my ,Q ,!7qfZ4K d'fQX '41 - M -- ,M .: ' V 1. QSM Nami" lu X .W an lf' 7 X. N , ,A GM L, ! vig, f wg , lg J wilkvyi I' Hi LJ :' F HJ C3 yf, f' 1, I fl? Q 'f X J .S15".n,Q-X X?-1:-EM H' ' Qx gif A ' NG f' ff l W HH wiw x, f ixWN Q 60 EM . 'W W 'n F 5 Q 49 ' 'Q ' 7'QQ5' 7v1 M 'X ' is H NM Class Ofhcers BILLIE FAYE MORRICAL "Billie" Lots of fun . . . always working and on the go. Commercial Course. Senior Class President: Student Council Presi- dent 4g Junior Class Secretary, Junior Play: Senior Play: F. T. A. Vice-President 3: Varsity Club 3, 4, G. A. A. 2, 3, Cheerleader 2, 3, 4g Head Cheerleader 43 Junior Prom Committee 3: Optimist Staff 3, 4. Interest: "Jim," Ambition: Private Secretary. WILLIAM MAXWELL CHICK Hsin" Besides brawn he really has brains. Academic Course. Football 3, 4, Varsity Club 3, Secretary-Treasur- er 45 Student Council 3, Vice-Pres- ident 43 Senior Class Vice-Presi- dent: Junior Class Vice-President: Hi-Y, Secretary 2, Vice-President 3: President 4: Wrestling 23 Inter- mural Basketball 2, 3, 4, Bowling 21 Optimist Staff 35 Sportsman Club 2, 3, 4, Secretary 43 Band 2, 3: Dance Band 2, 3, 4: Pep Band 2, 3: Orchestra 2, 3: Junior Prom Committee, Class Ring Committee: Senior Play Committee. Interest: Sports, Music. Ambition: Business Administra- tion. NANCY H. SWANSON "Nance" This blonde d'oesn't run true to form . . . she has brains inside that golden head. Academic Course. Librarian 3: Assembly Club 3, G. A. A. 2, 3: Pep Squad 2, 3, 43 Senior Class Secretary: Student Council Secre- tary 43 Orchestra 2, 3, 4: Junior Prom Committee: Senior Play Committee: Junior Play Commit- tee, Optimist Staff 4, Trotty Veck 2, 3, 4. Interest: People, music, sports. Ambition: Elementary teacher. EDWARD CAMPASINO HEd!! A hard worker . . . how will the stage crew get along without him. General Course. Sportsman Club 2, 3, 43 Visual Education 3, 4: Stage Crew 2, 3, 4, Band 2, 3, 4: Class Treasurer 4: Choir 2, 3, 45 Student Council 2, 3, 4. Interest: Gloria S. Ambition: Unknown. SAMUEL R. ALDERMAN MARY LOU AVERY EDWARD L. BEAUCHAT, JR. HEd7l Sam's everyone's friend. A regular gal with a personality Quiet , i l however, he enjoys a ry ' p ' General Course. Dancing Club tee, Sportsman Club 2, 3, 4. Interest: Sports, music. "Sami" "Mary Louy' General Course. Hi-Y 2, 3, secre- all her own. good timoi ta 4 vice- residentg Junior Play General Course. Assembly Club 3 C Commfcteeg Senior Play Commit- 45 Dancing Club 3, Choir 2, 3, 4. Band Interest: Music. Ambition: To be successful in 1HtefeSt2"B10HdeS-I' Ambition: A good job, whatever I do. Ambition: Unknown. JULIET ANDERSON LORETTA BARKER "Julie" A good student who takes her work seriously. Academic Course-. Trotty Veck 2, 3, Pres. 45 Assembly Club 33 Sr. Playg Jr. Play Com.: Choir 2, 3, 45 Prom decoration 3, School Paper 4, Jr. Play usher 3. Interest: Music, reading, people. Ambition: To be a nurse. "Louie," "Penny" Always ready for a good time . . . and does she ever like to talk! General Course. Dramatics Club 2, 33 Junior Play prompterg Band 2, 3, 4. Interest: Pontiacs, dancing, Mead- ville. Ambition: To become a beautician. There are three kinds of Seniors Those who loaf and skip a lot HOWARD BLOOM BARBARA BRADY RICHARD M. BROWN "Howie" UB bS,, "Mc1r'f," "B1'ow11ic" Muscle man . . .easy going sort a Has quite a sense of humor. with a friendly personality. Often seen, often heard . . . Barb Academic Course. Farm Club General Course. Student Council 2, is active in Dramatics! Photography Clubg Dancing Club 3, Varsity Club 3, 43 Sportsman Goiioi-ai Course. Dramatics Club 3, Sportsman Clubg Junior Play Club 2, 3, 4, Wrestling 2, 3, 4: 43 Librarian 2, 3, 43 Junior play. Footballg School Paper, Track. Band 2, 3, 45 Pep Squad 3, 4. , Interest: Aviation, girls, R. M. B Interest: Wild life with Henc. Interest: CheVY 39- Ambition: To farm and own a Ambition: Mechanic, to enjoy life. Ambition: Walter's wife. Cadillac. JANE PHYLLIS BONN ROSE MARIE BRIGHAM "Janie" --Rosiev Has a smile to be proud of. Academic Course. Assembly Club 35 Trotty Veck 2, 3, 43 Band 2, 3, 4, Pep Band 2, 3, 4g Orchestra 2, 3, 43 F. T. A. 4: Jr. Play usher: Sr. Play Com.g Student Council 35 Optimist Staff: Prom Committee. Interest: Art, people, music. Ambition: To have happiness. A quiet, shy, but friendly girl. General Course. Dramatics Club 3, 4: Pep Squad 3, 4, Commencement usheretteg Senior Play Committee. Interest : Clothes. Ambition: Beautician. R. RICHARD BROWN 'tlliclff' "Brownie" A rough and tough lineman. Academic Course. Assembly Club ti, 4, President 4: Jr. Play: Foot- ball 33, 4, Varsity Club 4: Hi-Y 3, 4, Sergeant-at-arms: Dancing Club Ji, 4: School Paper 4, Managing editor 4: Sportsman Club 2, 3, 4. Interest: Girls, preferably blondes. Ambition: To own a new Buick. ROBERT R. BUSER Klgobly The crowd really goes wild when this guy comes on the basketball floor. General Course. Basketball: Foot- ball manager: Sportsman Club. Interest: Janie. Ambition: Unknown. SHIRLEY BYERS "Shirley" A vivacious little blonde, with pep. Academic Course. Jr. Prom invita- tion com.: Jr. Play Com.: Dancing Club Il: School paper 4: Sr. Play: Camera Club 45 Optimist Staff 4. Inte1'est: Sports, gymnastics. Ambition: R. N., Airline hostess. FREDERICKA H. BURNS BEVERLY BUTCHER "Freddie" "Bev" Wou1dn't it be nice if everyone Industrious, always a sport. was as cheerful as UFreddie?" General Course. Trotty Veck 2, 3, General Course. History Club 3, 4, 4: Jr. Play Com.: Sr. Play Com.: Dancing Club 3: Pep Squad 3, 45 History Club, Sec. 4, Optimist Senior Play Committee. Staff 4: Dancing Club 3. Interest: Traveling. Interest: Bowling, dancing. Ambition: To be a success in life. Ambition: To be a nurse. Those who date and stay out late NANCY E. CARLSON "Nrm11-e" This gal has got what it takes . . . Academic Course. F. T. A. 3, 4: Pep Band 2, 3, 45 Band 2, 3, 4: Leaders Club 4: Optimist Staff 3, 4: Co-editor 4: Sr. Play Com.: Jr. Play Com.: Prom Decoration Com.: Pep Squad 2, 3. Interest: Sports, driving, reading. Ambition: Elementary teacher. Those who work and study hard VIRGINIA CLARK ucginnyu Our strutting majorette. Academic Course. Band 2, 3, 4: Head majorette 4: Jr. Play, Sr. Play, Dramatics Club 3, 4, Pres., 4: Optimist Staff 4: Prom Com., Trotty Veck 2, 3, 4, Pres., 3: Pep Squad 2, 3, 4. Interest: Music, sports, dancing. Ambition: To be a good nurse. GERALD P. COME Kl'Ie7,,,y!! Jerry has got a personality that really counts. General Course. F. T. A. 39 Cam- era Club 4: Sportsman Club 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, treasurer 4: Wrestling 2: Football 3. Interest: Red heads. Ambition: To be a draftsman ESTHER CLARK MESH Her big brown eyes are her pride and joy . . . at least they should be. Academic Course. Assembly Club 25, 4, Choir 3, 4. Interest: Music, sports. Ambition: Nurse. ROBERT COCHRAN ucorkyn Masculine and masterful, that's our Bob. General Course. Visual Education Club: Sportsman Club 2, 3, 4: Junior Play. Interest: Aviation. Ambition: To be a tail gunner. ROBERT EUGENE CONNERS ugobu Pistons, fly wheels, screws, and bolts are in all of Bob's dreams of the future. General Course. Football 2, 35 Varsity Club 3. Interest: Betty. Ambition: Automobile dealer. TWILA JEAN CRAWFORD "Twila." A regular gal with personality. General Course. Junior Play Com- mittee: Senior Play Committee, F. T. A. 35 Optimist Staff 45 Trotty Veck 2, 3, 4. Interest: Bowling. Ambition: To be a teacher. JOANNE DeFORCE HJ0!! Long dark hair, dancing feet . . . General Course. Assembly Club 2, 3, 4: Varsity Club 2, 4: Cheerlead- er 2, 3, 4g Choir 2, 3, 43 Junior Play Committee, Senior Commit- tee: Dance Club 35 Interest: Sun tan, dancing. Ambition: To live in New York. MARILYN L. CRAWFORD DONALD DALEY 'xrMa7,yrr axDonv: EUFG Pe1'S0Ua11t3' - lJI'9ttY'b101'1d9 He is going to sail the seven seas. air . . . swee smi e. , - b. gorrIr1ngrciAal?Course. Optimist Staff gsgjssllalgfgiliii- Dalwlng Clu , Interest: Books, music. Intefefti Sports' Ambition: Secretary. Ambition: Navy But all with a single hope-to graduate Ambition: A missionary. ANN DeWALT ulqndyu A pretty brunnette who never has to worry about straight hair. General Course. F. T. A. 43 Opti- mist Staff 3, 4, Jr. Play, Sr. Playg Choir 2, 3, 4, Assembly Club 3, 4: School Paper 4. Interest: Jack. Ambition: To travel. Take a look at our record BRUCE EUGENE DUTTON "Bruce" Works hard and with results. Academic Course. Assembly Club 2, 35 Visual Education Club 3: F. T. A. 4: Optimist Staff 43 School paper 4, editor-in-chief: Sportsman Club 2, 3, 4g Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Jr. Playg Senior Play. Interest: Expensive cars, fish. Ambition: To be successful. MAXINE LEONA FENSTERMAKER AsMaxvv Sltudious . . . quiet . . . and well liked. General Course. History Club 3, 4. Interest: Church activities, sing- ing French. SUSANA MARIE DULIAKAS "Sue" Another shy miss, a real artist. Academic Course. G. A. A.g Opti- mist Staff, Junior Prom Commit- tee, Trotty Veckg Senior Play Committee. Interest: Tennis, horseback riding. Ambition: Interior decorator. LILA EDDY KKL,l:la'37 Gets along with everyone . . . General Course. Librarians Club 2: Dramatics Club 29 Junior Play Committeeg Prom Committee. Interest: Dancing. Ambition: To work in a children's home. ROBERT FERGUSON ' "Fe1'gie" Friendly, easy going . . . often seen but not heard. General Course. Sportsman Club 2, 3, 4g Home room basketball 2, 3, 4. Interest: Basketball. Ambition: To work for the rail- road. HARRY FREY "Harry" LEROY GILSON "Muscles" A good worker . . . likes a good time. General Course. A1't Club 3, 45 Dance Club 3, 4, Chess and Check- er Club 3g Football 3, 45 Interest: Good looking girls. Ambition: Art Director. Blonde, quiet, and bound to go places. Academic Course. Assembly Club: Sportsman Clubg Hi-Y. Interest: Science. Ambition: Research Chemist. PATRICIA JEAN FLEURY "Patti" RICHARD GIFFORD llDick,! A sincere worker . . . poised and confident. Has an air of charm. Commercial Course. Choir 2, 3, 4, Jr. Play: Prom Com., Assembly Club 2, 39 Student Council 4: Optimist Staff, Co-editor 4. Interest: A man, music, money. Ambition: To be successful. Entertaining fellow . . .adds spice to life. General Course. Sportsman Club. Interest: Hunting and fishing. Ambition: To retire young. Artists, athletes, actors and musicians Mechanics, journalists and an occasional scholar HAROLD EUGENE GOODWILL ANDREW L. GRANDIN NANCY GULLAND KlG67L6,, xfAndyrx aaNansv B ! ' ' . . . toilgiriollxjlfelgglgef a rough and Goodniokes and lots of fun are the Studious, ambitious, and friendly. Industrial COUYSS- Farm Club 3, 43 hlghhghts of his life' Commercial Course. History Club: F00tb'a1l 3, 42 Tl'2Ck 3, 45 SPONS- General Course. Commercial Club. man Club 3, 4. Interest: Sports' Interest: Sports, Interest: Travel. Ambition: Farmer. Ambition: Engineering. Ambition: Engineering. MARIAN GRAFF ANNE GRAY "Ma1'ian" "Anne" Dfmendable and eood natufed - - - A girl everyone should know . . . fvllli triY?1 far On her broad Out Has a very friendly manner. oo on ie. , , , Commercial Course. Bandi 1, 2, 3, General Course' Qptlmlst Staff? 45 Pep Band 3, 45 Trotty Veck. ' Semin Play qommlttee' Interest: Jones Bros. Garage. Interest? TYPU193- Ambition: Typist. Ambition: Typist. MARK HARVEY lKHulb!7 What a flirt . . . His main inter- est is girls, and, how they love it. General Course. Varsity Club, Sportsman Club, Football ,2, 3, 4, Wrestling 2, 3, Boxing 2, 3, 4. Interest: Sports. Ambition: To own a harem. MURRAY HIPWELL iiH,i2J,!! lKMae,3Y llMe1,k77 Laugh and the world laughs with you, Murray. General Course. Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Foot- ball 2, 3, Basketball 2, 4, F. T. A. 3, Leaders Club 4, Prom Com., Sportsman Club 2, 3, 4, Dance Club 2, 3, 4. Interest: A certain cheerleader. Ambition: To be an adman. JOHN WALTER HOWE utlackn Shy . . . nice personality . . . blushes like madl. Academic Course. Football 2, 3, 4, Varsity Club 3, 4, Wrestling 2, 3, 4, Sportsman Club 2, 3, 4, Dancing Club 3. Interest: Sports, girls. ROBERT HENC ll4Bob,H KKHenk!7 Mr. Bitter's right hand man! Academic Course. Sportsman Club 2, 3, 4, Dance Band 3, 4, Basket- ball 2, 3, Varsity Club 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. Interest: Psychology, science, and "wild-life." Ambition: To teach English. RUSSELL WARD HOLDER "Rabbit" Good natured and friendly . . . Academic Course. Sportsman Club 2, 3, 4, F. T. A. 3, 4, Hi-Y 3, 4, Visual Education 4, Junior Prom Committee 3. Interest: Hunting, fishing. Ambition: To be a Math and Science teacher. And a variety ot personalities from A to Z DORIS MAXINE IRWIN "Darien A terrific girl with a terrific build. General Course. Trotty Veck 2, 3, 4, Assembly Club 3, Camera Club 4, Optimist staff 4, Sr. Play Com. 4, Prom Com. 3, Dancing Club 2, 3. Interest: Tomorrow. Ambition: To acquire money. We "did" the school and the town MARILYN MAE JOHNSON "Johnnie" Silent and shy . . . she'll make a perfect secretary. General Course. Optimist Club, Trotty Veck 2, 3. Interest: Pleasantville, dancing. Ambition: Secretary. PATRICIA JEAN JONES Upati! A good worker . . . Always willing to lend a helping hand. Commercial Course. Student Coun- cil 3, Dance Club 2, Prom Com., Optimist Staff 4, Jr. Play Com., Sr. Play Com. Interest: One curly haired fellow. Ambition: To go around the world. RICHARD L. JENNINGS MARILYN RUTH JOHNSON KKD,ick!Y . l Ambitious and energetic . . . here's Lady-like and qulet ' ' ' Cute too' hoping he makes good. General Course. G. A. A., Optimist General Course. Sportsman Club, Staff, Senior Banquet. Farm Club, Dance Club. Interest: Bm' Interest: Hunting, fishing. Ambition: Mechanic. Ambition: Typist. FORREST KENNEDY "Bounty" Friendly to everyone . . . a willing worker. General Course. Farm Club: Dance Club. Inte1'est: Hunting, fishing, girls. Ambition: Any job available. GLORIA ANN KING llGae!! Something new this year . . . time never drags when she's in the gang. Academic Course. Choir 4: Student Council 45 F. T. A. 4: Senior Play Committee 43 Optimist Staff 4. Interest: Men, music, money. Ambition: To be as big a flirt as Mark. BERNICE KOPP "Bernie" Has little to say . . . easy to get along with. General Course. Commercial Club 3, Optimist Staff 4: Senior Play Committee. Interest: Music. Ambition: To work in Arizona. JOHN H.kKERR VALERIA KITCHEN "Jac " "VaIeria," This boy is quite shy and very , . .h . reserved . . . but a friend to all. Short 'md Shy Wlth a nice Smile' General Course. Noon-hour basket- General Course. History Club: ball 2: Basketball 35 Sportsman Dance Club. Club 2, 3, 4: Dancing Club 4. , , I . Interest: Sports, girls. Intelest' Tlavelmg' Ambition: To be a success. Ambition: To care for children. We slaved over nightly assignments HAROLD L. KREPP "Harold" This guy yearns for the great out- of-doors. General Course. Sportsman Club: Farm Club. Interest: Farming, hunting, fish- ing. Ambition: To be a fa1'mer. We have read our las! "Lamppost" BEVERLY LAKE lKBevYl Pleasing girl . . . hard worker . . . a smile for all. Academic Course. Trotty Veck 2, 3, 4: Optimist Staff. Interest: Traveling. Ambition: To be a nurse MYRTA LINDMARK rcMy7.tnvs A cute blonde who has ambition . . . she'll go places too. Academic Course. Trotty Veckg Jr. Play Com., Sr. banquet Com., Optimist Staff: Sr. Play Com. Interest: Franklin, traveling. Ambition: To be a nurse. JOHN LABOW JOSEPIII LEIBER nRafvr H oc" ft real sportsman . . . a swell fel- 32253 0? ,fgfflfijf 4HeH0 'Hwhat OW' Academic Course. Band 1, 2, 3, 4: General Course. Sportsman Club. Junior Prom Committee, Sports- man Club 2, 3, 4, Track 3. Interest: Hunting' Interest: Science. Ambition: To get rich quick. Ambition: Veterinarian. RONALD B. LOCKE "Scottie" When there's Ronnie, there's Rose- mary. General Course. Sportsman Club 3, 4: Visual Education 3, 4. Interest: Airplanes. Ambition: Aircraft mechanic. JAMES RICHARD MAGINNIS llJim!l! If you don't know him you should, he's a swell fellow. General Course. Sportsman Club 2, 3 4 Interest: Baseball. Ambition: To play baseball. BARBARA ANN MATTHEWS "Barbie," "Barb" An all around worker . . . Academic Course. Jr. Play: Jr. Prom: Sr. Play: Trotty Veck 2, 3: Optimist Staff 43 Bowling 2. Interest: Laughing and talking. Ambition: Nurse. DOLORES JOAN LUCAS uDelv Full of fun and fancy free. General Course. Dramatics Club 3, 4: Junior Play usheretteg Senior Play promptorg Commencement usherette. Interest: Fred and sports. Ambition: Housewife. WILLIAM ANDREW MASEMAN, JR. llBiTd!Y You canft read his mind by the look on his face. Academic Course. Sportsman Club 2, 3, 4, F. T. A. 3: Visual Ed. 4: Jr. Play, Sr. Play Com.: Prom Com.: Football 2, 3: Basketball 2, Track 3, 4. Interest: Outdoor life. Ambition: Forester. We have held our last class meeiing MARILYN CLAUDETTE MCCURDY r4Lyn1L1r Watch out for this gal . . . she's going to go places. General Course. Optimist Staff 4: Dance Club 3, Junior Play Com- mittee: Senior Play Committee. Interest: A certain army fellow. Ambition: To play the piano. We have played our last game LARRY KEANIE MCINTYRE KlMaC!7 Larry is a nice fellow and really dependable. General Course. Wrestling 2: Foot- ball 2g Sportsman Club 2, 3, 4: Visual Education 2, 3, 4. Interest: Cars, mechanical things. Ambition: Operate service station. ROBERT IRA MORRIS "Chimp," "Bob" A rough and tough athlete. General Course. Football 2, 3, 4: Wrestling 2, 3, 45 Varsity Club 3, 45 Sportsman Club 2, 3, President 4, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Jr. Prom: Leaders Club 4, Track 3, 4: All Sports 3. Interest: Sports. Ambition: Coach at Notre Dame. 2 S ! GARY McFATE liogiew Nice personality . . . a nice smile that is really worth having. General Course. Sportsman Club 2, 3, 4, Visual Education 2, 3, 4, Camera Club 4. Interest: Mechanics. Ambition: To make a million dol- lars. NANCY ELEANOR MORRIS lKNwnY7 A cute little'blonde. General Course. G. A. A. 2, 35 Camera Club 4, Optimist staff 4: Dancing Club 3: Trotty Veck 2, 3, 4: Junior Play usheretteg Senior Play Committee. Interest: "Rip." Ambition: Beautician or housewife. ROBERTA IRENE MORRIS ulgettyu A friendly miss . . . bright and neat . . . Bob's twin. General Course. G. A. A. 2: Pep Squal 4: Trotty Veck 3: Dancing Club 3. Interest: Talking. Ambition: Beautician. DONALD LAWRENCE MURRAY "Ulrich" Always clowning. General Course. Prom: Jr. Play Com.: Sr. Play Com.: Camera Club 4: Visual Ed. 4: Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Sportsnan Club 2, 3, 4: Bowling 2, 3, 4: Choir 4: Boxing 2, 3, 4. Interest: Sports-all kinds. RICHARD NILS NILSON "IJif:k" Serious minded . . . a friendly guy Academic Course. Assembly Club 2, 3: Leaders Club 4: Sportsman Club 2, 3, 4: Band 2, 3, 4: Dance Band 4: Junior Play: Senior Play: Wrestling 2, 3, 4: Bowling 2, 3. Interest: Fishing, coin collecting. Ambition: Music, science. BILLY MITCHELL MORRISON KKBUIY7 Bill is named after a famous flyer, believe it or not. Academic Course. Track 3, 4: Band 2. 3, 4: Sports Club 3: Sportsman Club 2, 3, 4: F. T. A. 4. Interest: Sports. Ambition: To go to Alaska with "Klondike Quigglef' DONALD FREDERICK NICOLS 'tNiclc" Nick is an all around good fellow. General Course. Leaders Club 4: Varsity Club 2: Vice-Pres. 3: Pres. 4: Track 3, 4: Football 1, 2, 3, Capt. 4: Student Council 2: Jr. Class Treas.: Basketball 2, 3: Wrestling 4: Sportsman Club 2, 3: Vice-Pres. 4: Prom Committee. Interest: Sports. Ambition: Coach. Ii's been along road from the lollipop days BEATRICE BERYL PRODY HBCU A hard working girl . . . always ready to lend a helping hand. General Course. Librarian: Dra- matics Club 3, 4: Dancing Club. Interest: Drawing. Ambition: To travel around the To the Senior Banquet. MARJORIE ILENE RASZMAN "Ma'1'g'ie" A gal we couldn't do without. General Course. Bowling 2: Opti- mist staff 4: Assembly Club 4: Prom Committee: Choir 2: Senior Play Committee: Dancing Club 3. Interest: Pittsburgh. ZOA E. REIB xanollglvr Dependable . . . a friendly smile . . . she's a swell person to know. General Course. Dramatics Club 3, Secretary 4: Senior Play 4: Band 2, 3, 4: Pep Band 2, 3, 4: Choir 4. Interest: "Louie." world. Ambition: Have a good time. THOMAS LANG QUIGGLE "Big Tom," "Tom" This fellow has a yen for acting. Academic Course. Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Wrestling 2: Bowling 2: Track 3: Choir 3, 4: Jr. Play: Sr. Play: Sportsman Club 2, 3, 4: Varsity Club 2, 3, 4: Student Council 3: Interest: Wine, women, and song. Ambition: To go to Alaska with "Sourdough Morrison." Ambition: To own a farm. SHIRLEY JEAN REAGLE "ShiraI" Always a friendly smile. General Course. Dramatics 2, 3: Commercial Club 3: F. T. A.: Band 2, 3: Choir 3: Volleyball 3: Bowl- ing 3: Senior Play Committee: Junior Play Committee. Interest: Sports. Ambition: Housewife. JEAN LOUISE RICE "Jeannie" Quiet, reserved and a well liked gal. Interest: Books. Ambition: To get a job. RICHARD ROYDES "Dick," "Curly" Always around, friendly manner. General Course. Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Sportsman Club 2, 3, 45 History Club 4: Dancing Club 3, 45 Noon hour basketball. Interest: Motorcycles. Ambition: To see the world. BEVERLY JEAN SKELLY "Bev" This gal wants to travel . . . Let's wish her luck! General Course. Interest: Books. Ambition: To travel. DOROTHY IRENE RICKE uDOtu Pleasant . . . Happy-go-lucky. General Course. Pep Squad 3, 45 Dramatics Club 3, 4. Interest: Detroit. Ambition: Interior Decorator. JAMES M. RUESCH ll'Iim!7 Handsome, quiet, friendly. Academic Course. Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 2, 3, 45 Volleyball 2, 3, 45 Baseball 1, 25 Track 3, 45 Varsity Club 45 Sportsman Club, F. T. A. 35 Visual Ed. 45 Sr. Play. Interest: Sports, hunting, movies. Ambition: Athletic Director. We'll always cherish the friendships, We'll always treasure the good times in the past, ALICE ANN SMITH uqvinyv Good things come in small packages Academic Course. Band 2, 3, 4, Pep Band 2, 3, 45 Choir 45 Assem- bly Club 35 Optimist Staff 45 Trotty Veck 1, 2, 3, 4, Sec. 35 Senior Play Committee. Interest: Blair. Ambition : Nurse. SHIRLEY JEAN STROUP "Shi1'l" Interested in art . . . gay and carefree . . . what a gall General Course. Art Club 35 Opti- mist Staff 45 Junior Prom Com- mittee: Senior Play Committee. Interest: Art. Ambition: To get a job. LILLIE VAN GUILDER lKL,iZ!! Always ready for a good time . . . pleasant and friendly. General Course. Dramatics Club 3. 45 Optimist Staff 3, 45 Volleyball 2, 35 Sr. Play Committee. Interest: To have a good time. Ambition: Children's nurse. MARIAN LOUISE SNYDER DONALD C. TAYLOR "Melt," "Slim" "Satchel" A real artist, she's a whiz of a kid. Playboy at heart . . . just look at General Course. Dancing Club 3, those interests- 45 Art Club 35 Assembly Club 25 General Course. History Club 3, Junior Play usherette. Treasurer 4. Interest: Art. Interest: Sports 8: women. Ambition: Housewife. Ambition: To work. RONALD VAN VOSBURGH "Vosie" A friendly lad with a big "hello." General Course. Choir 3, 43 Sports- man Club 2, 3, 43 Junior Prom Committee 33 Farm Club 43 Visual Education 4. Interest: New York Yankees. Ambition: Farmer. MELVIN F. WESCOAT uMel77 If you want to know anything about mechanics, just ask Melvin. General Course. Sportsman Club. Interest: Mechanics. FAY LATRELLE WARD "Rebel" A newcomer in our midst . . . a peppy blonde full of fun and good ideas. Academic Course. Dramatics Club 43 Senior Play3 Trotty Veck. Interest: People. Ambition: To move back South. NORMA WEAVER "Norma," A cute lass with what it takes. General Course. Student Council 33 Dancing Club 33 Dramatics Club, Treas. 43 F. T. A. 23 Sr. Math Sec.g Jr. Play Com., Sr. Play Com. Trotty Veck 33 Optimist Staff 4. Interest: Rocky. Ambition: Air Line Hostess. We'll always remember our 1950 class WARD WHEATALL "Wheaties" Ambition: To succeed. A mighty swell guy, popular with everyone. Academic Course. Camera Club 4, Visual Education 43 Chess Club 3g F. T. A. 33 Wrestling Manager 23 Sportsman Club 2, 3, 43 Stage Crew 2, 3, 4. Interest: Sports. Ambition: Mathematician. DOLYNE E. WILSON "DoIyma" Never a dull moment when she's around. General Course. G. A. A. 2, 33 Qssembly Club 3, 4, Trotty Veck , 3. Interest: Having fun and sleeping. BETTY L. WHITE ugettyn Capable and competent, shelll be some lucky person's secretary. Commercial Course. Optimist staff. Interest: Ice Skating. Ambition: Secretary. MARIAN ELAINE DAVIDSON "Tootie," "Dave" This gal is as carefree as a breeze. General Course. Dramatics Club 2, 33 Junior Play. helping hand. Interest: Dancing, 49 Chevrolet Convertible. Academic Course . , , , Interest: Bowling. Ambition: To live in Greensburg, Pa. RICHARD A. KNAPP "Dick" Has a broad outlook on life. General Course. Sportsman Club 3 Noon-Hour basketball. Interest: Farming, sports. Ambition: To take in all the fairs. WALTER L'HUILLIER "Walt" General Course. HELEN M. DONOVAN "Helen," A swell girl with a pleasing per- sonality. Always willing to lend a Ambition: To be a nurse. CHARLES R. GARIEPY "Chuck" This guy has a yen to work with a hoe. General Course. Sportsman Club: Farm Club. Interest: Farming. Ambition: Farmer. DAVID JOHNSON "Swede" Everybodys budd'y, takes life as it comes. General Course. Sportsman Club 3 Farm. Club. Interest: Hunting, Wildlife. Ambition: To get rich quick. ELMER WEBER "Elmer" General Course. Commencement Program Processional-Verdi ................................ Orchestra Invocation .......... --- Rev. L. l-lerdman Harris, III St. James Memorial Church Musical selection by the Girls' Sextette Class Orator ........................... William Maxwell Chick Music by the Mixed Quartette Address "Fences and Horizons" --- ........... Oro M. Brees N. Y. State Legislator Announcements Tuesday Morning Musical Club Prize Drake Street Teachers' Citizenship Prize Helen Edwards Evans' Academic Prize Rotary Club Commercial Prize Science Prize Mathematics Prize Awarding of Diplomas ........................... C, F, Kindred President of the Board of Education Benediction -- ...... Rev. L. Herclnian Harris, Ill Honor Roll HIGH -HONOR William Chick ............ LaTrelle VVard Qone yearj-- Elmer Weber fone yearj -- Bruce Dutton ............. Maxine Fenstermaker ...... Nancy Gulland ............ Gloria King fone yearj .... Harry Frey .... Patricia Jones -- Zoa Reib ..... Shirley Stroup .... ...- Ward Wheatall - Julie Anderson -- Richard R. Brown Shirley Byers --- 'lane Bonn ........ Edward Campasino Nancy Swanson --- Virginia Clark -- Patti Fleury --- HONOR Nancy Carlson --- Russell Holder --- Myrta Lindmark - Billie Morrical --- Richard M. Brown Marian Graff .... Class Poem UPARTING THOUGHTS" Our high school days have passed away A new life now unfolds. We cannot knowg we cannot tell What plans the future holds. The friends we've made in high school days We now must leave behind, But distance cannot break the threads Of blessed ties that bind. The ties of love and friendship true Weave memiries in our mind, That linger though we're far from home, Or severed from mankind. We'll walk no more these high school halls, Or hear this passing bell. What ways we'll walkg what paths we'll tread. Our God alone can tell. Maxine Fenstermaker. Class Song Tune: "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" They'll ask us how we knew What we say is true, We'll to them reply Dear old Colestock High's always been inside And now that we have gone And have sung our song, We would like to say Pleasures here each day are all here to stay. And we know that Time has said "you go" And we've had to leave these hallsg But we're content to know that we have spent Twelve wondrous years, in all. So we have answered them When we tell them thisg High School's been a dream and has made life Like a haunting theme. jane Bonn US. SCCITI K Class History FIRST QUARTER: FIRST TO THIRD GRADE. What are we here for? To give you the class history. Pip! Pip! Let's go. 1938-39 We entered first grade in the fall of 1938 with a scared feeling of what was ahead of us. Our big problem this year was learning the A,B,C's and spelling such hard words as cat, rat, and dog. There were other first grades too. They were at the Southside, Union, and Elm. Many of the kids who are our friends today were unknown to us then, because of attending these other schools. 1939-40 After Squeezing through first grade by the skin of our necks. we entered second grade. Second grade started with the horrible task of learning to write, which we continued up to the Sixth grade, We also had to learn that two plus two did not add up to five, although for some of us, it was hard to get this into our heads. One of our new pleasures this year was the little bottle of ink inserted in our desks. You'll never know how hard it was to get that ink off our fingers and out of little girl's pig-tails. 1940-41 We entered third grade in the fall of 1940 with the feeling that we were really climbing up in the world. By now most of us knew how to spell our names. We were beginning to study such difficult subjects as conduct, writing, arithmetic, reading, and the difference between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. This was our first year for surplus fruit juices and dried fruits. SECOND QUARTER: FOURTH T0 FIFTH GRADE 1941-42 We began to feel a little carefree and reckless this year and consequently the teacher would have to lay the ruler down, but we certainly had a lot of fun in fourth grade. Between learning our fractions and dividing four into nine, and getting an answer of three, we gave our beloved teachers a merry whirl. 1942-43 After we got into fifth grade we found out pretty quickly that we had to buckle down, harder than we did in the lower grades. This was the year we started to read about how Columbus discovered this great country. 1943-44 From the North, South, East and the West, we all came together to meet in one great class called the Sixth Grade at Union Street. This was the first year we passed to classes. By the end of this year, we were masters in the art of penmanship, and most of us received a certificate. THIRD QUARTER: SEVENTH TO NINTH GRADE' 1944-45 Seventh grade brought with it the excitement of beginner's band, election of Student Council, and our first dances. The patrol boys were the only ones who could show authority. The rest of us felt insignificant among the big eighth and ninth graders. 1945-46 In eighth grade we had our first stage production, an operetta, "The White Gypsy." A few of the eighth grade girls were even brave enough to try out for cheerleader this year but as usual the upperclassmen won. 1946-47 From Plum, Cherrytree, Southwest, Rome and many other surrounding Town- ships boys and girls came to meet, and join in one great Freshman Class. It didn't take us long to get acquainted and we have had a lot of fun together ever since. Lots of excitement this year with class officers, the formal, and the operretta, "Band Wagon," along with home-room plays! FOURTH QUARTER: TENTH T0 TWELFTH GRADE 1947-48 At last we were in Colestock! For the first couple of weeks we wandered through the halls in a daze. How well we remember the upperclassmen trying to sell us seats in assembly, but after the first semester exams we decided that Colestock wasn't so bad after all. 1948-49 This was our first year to elect class officers at Colestock, and have class meetings. We had many wonderful events including the Junior Play, which was a big hit to us, and the Junior Prom. 1949-50 Our last year at dear old Colestock. The Senior Play "Shiny Nose," was a great success, as was the Senior Banquet. This was our first year to enter the Forensic League, an organization for the promotion and encouragement of musical and speech activities. Although we will be glad to go into the world and find what it has in store for us, we shall never forget the fond memories and happy times we had in Colestock High School. Chairmen: Marjorie Raszman, Murray Hipwell, Joanne DeForce, Sam Alderman, Dolores Lucas, Bill Maseman. Roberta Morris, Dick Nilson, Class TIWII We, the Class of 1950 of Colestock High School, being in the highest state of mental and physical deficiency do hereby make and publish this last will and testament. We feel that the teachers who come to us with tears in their eyes, and felgn grief in seeing us leave, have conspired to hasten rather than prolong the end. I, Anne Gray, go out into this big wide World to find Bill. . I, Mark Harvey, leave my outstanding ability to flirt to Dick Trudgen, knowing that 1 he will make good use of it. I, Murray Hipwell, leave my ability to get on Miss Clark's nerves in Economics Class to Harold Jones knowing he is qualified for the job. I, Jack Howe, leave my quick smiles and blushes to Byron Ray. I, Dick Jennings, leave and take my incessant questions with me. I, Marilyn M. Johnson, leave and take with me my pleasing personality. I, Forrest Kennedy, leave my happy-o-lucky manner to some unhappy sophomore. I, Gloria King, leave my ability to flirt with all the boys to Janet Smith feeling sure she will come up to my standards. I, Harold Krepp, bequeath some of my shortness to Paul Linder. I, Alice Smith, will my unassuming manner to Davine Childs in the hope that she will be less noisy in her senior year. I, Shirley Stroup, leave my artistic ability to Helen Snyder. I. Jack Kerr, leave- my smile to Mike McCombs. I, Jim Ruesch, leave and take with me my title as best looking boy. I, Jim Maginnis, leave my blonde curly hair to Don Bishop knowing that he can use it. I, Billie Morrical, leave my leadership ability to any one who thinks he can fulfill it. I, Bill Morrison, leave my rosy red cheeks to Clarence Kinnear. I, Don Nichols, leave my football ability to Don Lesko knowing he can use some. I, Melvin Wescoat, leave my quietness to Barbara Worden. I, Gary McFate, leave, but will come back in two years for Patty. I, Lillie Van Guilder, leave my job at Weber's to my sister Adah. I, Walter L'Huillier, leave my job as Mr. Windoft's assistant to Elwin Kerr. I, Robert Morris, leave my wrestling ability to Delbert Goodwill. I, Betty White, leave my job in the office to Nancy Hutchinson. I, Norma Weaver, leave my title of the peppiest girl of T. H. S. to Barbara Cleland. I, Barbara Matthews, leave my title as "Class Cut-up" to Sarah Morris. I, Beverly Lake, leave my seat in Room 10 to any junior who wants it. I, Jean Rice, leave my shyness to Doris Emert. I, Mary Lou Avery, will my long black hair to Chris Linde. I, Howard Bloom, leave but take my pipe with me. I, Barbara Brady, leave my noise-making ability to Joyce Johnson. I, Mert Brown, will my ability to solve algebra problems to Mr. Wertz. I, Frederick Burns, leave but will never forget Journalism Class. I, Beverly Butcher, leave to hunt the right man. I, Shirley Byers, will my witty sayings in Journalism and Speech class to any deserving junior. I, Bill Chick, leave my place on the honor roll to Ken Worden. I, Virginia Clark, will my baton twirling ability to Cynthia Radack. I, Robert Conners, leave my tardy record as a goal for Bud Yashinski to reach. I, Beatrice Prody, leave to try my luck in the world. I, Tom Quiggle, leave some of my height to Chris Hannigan in the hope that he will get to the top of things. I, Harold Goodwill, leave my way with girls to Jack Buser. I, Dick Gifford, leave but take my car with me. I, Lila Eddy, leave and take Barbara Matthews with me. I, Joanne DeForce, leave my dancing ability to Carol Rowe. I, Harry Frey, leave my title as the most courteous boy to Glen Dillon. I, Bob Ferguson, leave my basketball playing ability to Dan Farley. I, Bruce Dutton, leave for Upsala but leave my sophistication here for the sophomores. I, Twila Crawford, leave my seat in Room 6 to Jerry Cotton. I, Marilyn Crawford, leave my long hair to Nancy Gilson. I, Shirley Reagle, leave my place in the band to mly sister Donna. I, Helen Donovan, leave to become a. Nurse. In witness whereof, we have affixed our hand and seal, this day of May, in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and fifty. Attorney at Law-Patty Jones. Assistants, LaTrelle Ward, Russell Holder, Julie Anderson, Ward Wheatall Bernice Kopp, Robert Buser, Marian Snyder, Gerald Come Class Prophecy Time: Drake Day, 1959. Place: Drake Well Museum. The haggard, white-bearded Spirit of the Class of 1930 is settling down for an evening of peace in his museum home after the invasion of 1 ,000 Drake Day tourists. fFinally, he speaks.l "Gee, I'm sure glad someone left this 'Centennial Gusher' even if it is a day old. They've been raving about the scoops in it all day. I've Just gotta' read about that scientist's being trapped! on Mars. Ah! Here it is! What?!! Joe Lieber and Dick Nilson! lScans article and whistles.J 'Proclaimed greater than Einstein! . . . 'In line for Nobel prize'-'Joe the guy who once said he would stay on terra firma-the more firma, the less terra- promises to dash together another of their Rickety Rocketships to rescue Dick, who is unable to read the directions back to earth which Joe copied in Frenchl' I may as well glance through the rest of the 'Gusher'. 'Titusville Faces Water Shortage-Head of the city Water Works, Robert Buser, announced today that'-Bob Buser--no wonder there's a water shortage! I'll bet even Janie insists that washing dishes under the faucet is the most sanitary procedure. District Attorney LaTrelle Ward is investigating the shooting of W. A. Helfrich by William Maseman.-'In an argument over the standards of deer riflesl' Sam Alderman is preparing the defense while 'Mr. Bill' rests under the capable care of Myrta Lindmark, Registered Nurse. I'd better light a candle, it's getting rather dark. Here we are again. 'Nancy Morris Voted Best Dressed Woman of 1959' Qpausej 'Nancy Swanson has Just released her latest volume on etiquette, 'Do It As I Do.' A copy may be obtained through Bernice Kopp at the library.' Oh! I forgot all about that spirit convention up at Cemetery Hollow. Well, Pm going to find out what's happened to these kids first. 'The first woman Secretary of State, Nancy Gulland, arrived this morning on a special. train procured through the courtesy of Robert Cochran, president of Penn- sylvania Railroads. She was met by Senator Marian Graff, Mayor Edward Beauchat, Councilman John Labow and David Johnson, who presented the keys to the city.' 'Reigning Beauty to Collect Prizes from Local Merchants-Chamber of Commerce representative Delores Lucas will guide Oil Queen Doris Irwin and her first attendant, Miss Marilyn R. Johnson, on their gift tour of the city today. Their first stop will be at Leroy Gilson's Pontiac Garage, where Queen Doris will be awarded an 8-cylinder yellow convertible, which she will drive to Marge Raszman's suburban real estate office. There, Architect Patricia Jones and Interior Decorator Susan Duliakas will acquaint her with the designs to be used in the con- struction of her new home. "At the A Kr P, manager Donald Daley plans to present a ten-cubic foot deep freeze, containing a sample of every frozen product he handles! - 'Complete wardrobes by Don, the T-A-Y-L-O-R CTailorJ, Gariepy Home Perman- ents, and an afternoon at Brigham's Beauty Shoppe will be gifts to both Miss Irwin and Miss Johnson.' 'Richard Knapp, Penn State Agriculture Department head, will resume teaching after a summer study of Ronald Vosburgh's Dairy Farms? 'Captain Dolyne Wilson, on leave from Camp 'No Male' will lead the Junior W. A. C. S. in the Centennial parade. Ronnie Locke will be unable to participate in the Cv. A. P. exhibition because of injury received in his most recent plane crash! 'Missionaries Maxine Fenstermaker and Valeria Kitchen are to lecture at the Colestock auditorium Friday evening on their experiences in Africa. The public is cordially invited? Here are a couple of interesting items: 'Be sure to turn on Ann DeWalt's television premier tonight. StarsNLoretta Barker and Marian Davidson will present a sketch of their recent Broadway hit, 'North Atlantic,' colorful sequence of the old time favorite, 'South P8C1f1C.' 'Get your back-to-school supplies at Gerald Come's Stationery Supply! CLASS PROPHECY qcominuedy This is a strange article to be appearing under Julie Anderson's column. Listen to this: 'Local nimirods Marian Snyder, Dorothy Ricke, and Marilyn McCurdy recently returned from a successful hunt through Canada, each bringing home her limit of d-e-a-r. They could have saved themselves the trouble for, as State Game Protector Roberta Morris will verify, this particular species is quite common in the Titusville vicinity.' 'Edward Campasino, manager of the new Orpheum, will act as Master of Cere- monies at the Festival Ball. Music by Bonn's Be-Boppers, features the famed Klassical Klarinet of Esther Clark. Also, Jane has talented Zoa Reib at the drums, with Patti Fleury rendering the vocals.' I didn't know this city had a new weather station, but look what it says here: 'Beverly Skelly, from her weather station atop the knoll directly south of Don Murray's Drive-In-Theatre and west of Bob Henc's hot-dog stand, forcasts a mild Drake Day.' Oh! Oh! Here's the masthead I've overlooked. Now I'll see who published this paper. R. Richard Brown, Editor-in-'Grief'. Great guns! And it says here that Russell Holder is 'managing editorl' Hal Ha! What a jobl that must be-to manage an editor. 'Chief linotypist-Larry McIntyre.' 'Photography editor-Ward Wheatallf That swell shot of States Golf Champ Nance Carlson back here on the sports page must be some of his work. I would say this was quite an edition. What am I thinking of-? I still have time to get to that spirit conven-tion if I hurry! Now where did I put my hat? Chairman, Shirley Byers, Twila Crawford, Virginia Clark, Gloria King, Beverly Butcher, Shirley Stroup, Bill Morrison, Jim Ruesch, Barbara Brady. Athletics ii -'35 QAA E- QB! THS ROCKET 94 Plfafif- 'iSam Oberman :kGlen Dillon :l4Durwood Meyer 5Robert Morris :FTom Quiggle Uerry Cotton XBill Chick tMark Harvey i'eJack Howe 'tMerle Dibble Uack Buser 11Don Nicols :5:Robert Gustafson 7'1Cecil Harrison iDon Bird Tom Morrical 1tDick R. Brown No. 45 57 65 44 58 67 51 47 50 40 43 59 48 55 41 71 63 Pos. WU. L. E. 5-7 145 L. E. 6 165 L. T. 6-2 180 L. G. 5-5 140 C. 6 205 C. 5-10 158 R. G. 5-8 152 R. T. 5-9 168 R. E. 6 151 Q. B. 5-9 138 Q. B. 5-10 146 F. B. 5-8 152 R.H.B. 5-8 148 R.H.B. 5-6 140 L.H.B. 5-6 133 End 5-10 142 Guard 5-10 161 iiAwarded Letters. Football Year Yea on on Class Sqzmct Illayevrsq fha: Ili. Jr. 2 Ronnie McIntyre 62 Guard 5-4 131 So. 1 Jr. 3 Dale Goodman 66 Guard 5-11 161 So. 1 Jr. 2 Bob Waychoff 72 Tackle 6 164 Jr. 1 Sr. 3 Glenn Elder 42 End 5-10 159 So. 1 Sr. 3 i1Jim Ruesch 54 F. B. 5-10 148 Sr. 2 Jr. 2 Joe Bodamer 46 H. B. 5-8 140 Fr. 1 Sr. 2 Don Lesko 52 Q. B. 5-8 132 So. 2 Sr. 3 Edward Meyer 69 F. B. 5-7 129 Fr. 1 Sr. 3 Russ Biers 61 H. B. 5-5 119 Fr. 1 Jr. 2 Roger Sterling 53 Tackle 5-9 143 Fr. 1 Jr. 2 Russel Hummer 56 Gluard 5-6 139 Fr. 1 Sr. 3 Ronald Harvey 88 Tackle 5-8 136 So. 1 Jr. 3 Dick M. Brown 86 Tackle 6-1 171 Sr. 1 Jr. 3 Ronald Kerr 89 H. B. 5-5 122 Fr. 1 So. 2 Bud Springer 70 F. B. 5-7 149 Jr. 2 Jr. 1 :f:Harold Goodwill 60 Center 5-10 143 Sr. 2 Sr. 2 :5iMike McC0mbs 87 Tackle 6-3 176 J1'. 2 Head Coach: "Red" Lytle. Assistant Coaches: Roy Van Horn, William Blood, Donald Bishop. Senior Manager: 1:Bob Buser. Assistant Managers: Albert Ingham, Jack Dietrick. A .nv . wx 1 x nf f w 44 Q ,Q . ix. ,W , 'W A, ' mfs' wgffg W M, lg:-4, is 4 .5 V f 4 4 44 fm g if K4 ' V W QW? Fix? M v 4 , 4gg,44 . ..: 41 6 4 ,, 4 44 44 5 i A+ - ' 1 i is. at X L ' ,ju 4 .Em 4 cn 4 k 4 E Qon 4 owe h Ofvermarr A 4, 71 " ' 755' " :J IK '4 W M 4 . fi ' ffm 7 M 4 4 1 ,fwwi Rh 4 ' W gi -9 Q l 4 X 'I rt, K 4 A . :EH W 4 X .,'2' El! C'lu2:Af 72m Qwggle ,PQ kv k Qi wg, ,N Jem, 3 f 'ix ftmwood C Af' 017011 Mark Harvey yffr - 4. 4 4' Ur E M 1-' -- QQ 45:40 4 4 K 44 I., ,.: i5 4,5 -, f A f ' -,.' i it " if ., 4 ' 4 44 , 4 tux 5 f A g Bas 'W ' E . Q, .- , . E - Cecil i Maj, Harris E A ' W fa, Harrffon WIP! Dfule fafsou ip 1 W I l 5 Football The Titusville lfigh School Golden Rockets under the training of our new coach "Red" Lytle, started off a very successful season by taking Oil City Z0-7 at Carter Field. Titusville then journeyed to Millcreek where we played a hard battle but came home defeated 7-0. ' Next on the list was Warren. Here we tied up a wet, muddy battle, 13-13. The Rockets then took the Greenville Trojans 7-0. The Grove City Eagles drove a hard game and left Titusville defeated 33-6. The Corry Beavers came to Titusville. Here they were defeated lZ-6. Kane was next but we took the Wolves 13-7. Then came our big game, with Franklin Nursery. The Golden Rockets took Franklin off their feet with a score of 38-O. Titusville for the first time since l936 captured the Oil City Blizzard- Derrick District Trophy. If the Rockets can earn this trophy for the next two seasons, it will be ours permanently. I-lere's hoping!! . The seniors leaving us this year are: Don Nichols, honorary captain, Tom Quiggle, Bob Morris, Bill Chick, Mark Harvey, jack Howe, Harold Goodwill, jim Ruesch, Richard R. Brown, Bill Maseman and Richard M. Brown. Football Scores for l 949 Titusville Z0 1 Oil City Titusville O Millcreek Titusville 13 Warren Titusville 7 Greenville Titusville 6 Grove City Titusville lZ Corry Titusville 13 Kane Titusville 38 Franklin 301111. 15 1 POCKET5 1950 Basketball Squad fiiR'I1 lJill1111 Merle Dibblu Hub Kl11stz1f.a611 j 1LCii HIISLT Miko Blcfuiiibs Murrziy llipwcll Cu-il iiZL1'l'iSLXll Hob Huscr jim Rucscb 16111 Ruwc 1,1111 liisliup D611 l.csk11 'I411111 RllbI'1'iCZll rillllll liiiiclrcd Dick Sl:-wzirt iiitxll lficlci' Chris D11li:1k:1s llcm St'i1jHSSt'I' l.c11vr111:111. I ivzui Xsswtz I lczul Yrs. Class Age Exp. jr. 16 2 jr. - 16 2 jr. 16 Z jr. 16 2 jr. 17 2 Sr. I7 I jr. 16 2 Si. 17 3 Sr. I6 3 jf. 16 1 Sopb. 15 i jr. 16 Z Sopb. I4 I 561111. 14 1 561111. 16 1 SUI111. 16 1 801511. 15 1 L'11z1cl1: .X1'111z111cl "Bus" Si1ZlllCl'. 1111 Cozwb: illlllilifl Hisbup. Mz111:1g'cr: I 'uul l,i11clc1'. Basketball Scores Date T. H. S. Opponent Dec lirie 'll-ch 49 Dec .Xspiilwall 33 Dec Curry 33 Dec Greenville 36 DDC Grove City 25 jzm. Erie Tech 55 jam. Oil City 62 j 2111. Frzmkiin 54 jam. Greenville 46 j 2111. Mezulville 37 j 2111. Cranberry 68 jzm. Strung Vincent 44 jam. XvH.l'TCll 68 Feb Oil City 68 Feb Cranberry 49 Feb Frzmkliii 40 Feb Mcrccr 62 Feb Blczulvillc 43 Feb Grove City 49 Feb Curry 38 Feb XVz11'1'c11 44 Basketball Colestock's small but scrappy Rockets round up the 1949-50 basketball season with a record of 10 wins and 11 losses. Shaner's men displayed good team work and a fighting spirit, providing the crowds with spine-tingling thrills throughout the season. The Rockets opened the season with a red-hot contest at Erie Tech but lost in an overtime tilt. The second game, with Aspinwall, brought the first victory of the season. This was followed by the loss of a rough contest at Corry, The next two games with Greenville and Grove City were Won on our own floor. The Rockets then had a losing streak of three games, two of which were league games, with Oil City and Franklin but followed this up with another victory over Greenville. The two following games were lost to Cranberry and to Meadville, a league game, but they came through with a victory over Strong Vincent on the home floor. Again the Rockets went into a slump and lost two league games to Warren and Oil City. They then gained revenge over Cranberry on the home floor and backed this up with their first league triumph over favored Franklin 43-40. The next two games were lost to Mercer and Meadville but the Rockets again came through and won three consecutive games, Grove City, Corry, and ended the season in a blaze of glory with a 48-44 victory over Warren. The first and last baskets made in the Corry-Titusville game made history and were baskets that will long be remembered by two Rocket players, Dibble and J. Buser. When Merle Dibble scored the opening field goal he became the third highest scorer in the history of Titusville High School breaking a 231 point tie he held with Art Lowrie of the 1948 Rocket team. Dibble's season's total is 263 points. The last field goal was credited to jack Buser, Colestock's high scoring guard, and it was enough to give him 208 points for the season and make him the sixth player in Titusville history to crack the select 200 points per season group. This season is also the first time in history that the Rockets had two men over the 200 figure, and both will return next year. The Rockets will lose three fine basketball players through graduation: Bob Buser, jim Ruesch and Murray Hipwell. Pep Band '4Now speed it np, kids-it doesn't sound right. Aw, jane let's drop this and play Shortnin' Bread." That is how the conversation goes at the T. H. S. basketball games. The result is good peppy music at all our games. jane Bonn. student director of the l'ep Band. is doing a good job and is a great help to Mr. Powers. Pep Squad During intermission between the halves at the basketball games, the noise you hear comes from a group of enthusiastic students better known as the "pep squad." The group also helps decorate Carter Field before football games and maintains a high pitch throughout the game. Cheerleaders Our cheerleaders started off the 1949 season with a Snake Dance preceding the first football game against Oil City. Their peppiness and loyalty to the team, along with the Rockets' ability on the playing field, combined to make this football season a mighty successful one. In the basketball season which followed, they worked equally hard. One of I e-ef e the finest cheerleading groups in Cole- stock history, they have developed under T the leadership of Miss Carson, into a highly perfected squad. Among the cheerleaders are the Seniors, Billie Morrical and Joanne De- Force. They have served on the squad for three years and this year Billie served as head cheerleader. Patsy Sanford and Donna Guild compose the Junior Section of the squad. Last but not least come the Sophomores, Susie Vinopal and jackie Hartman. Nice going, girls! s 1950 Wrestling For two years in succession wrestling' has been a varsity sport in Colestock High School. Although the Titusyille grapplers won only three out of nine matches there was much individual technique demonstrated. Two casualties of the season were Holm Morris and Don Nicols, however they returned to wrestle the last two matches with Oil City and Grove City. This year for the first time, the District l0 Semi-Finals and liinals were held in Titusyille. Bob Norris was the only wrestler to represent Titusyille in the Finals. Holi, a senior. hecame the first boy to enter the l'ennsylyania State Finals as District lO Champion of the l27 pound class. .Xnother member of this year's team we are proud of is Durwood Myers, a junior. who wrestled lieavyweiglit. Durwood won eight out of nine matches -losing only to Grove City. The memlmers of the squad who will graduate this year are Harry Frey, who wrestled at l27 pounds: Mark Harvey the Rockets l65 pounderg jack Howe, ofthe l-l5 pound elassp liolm Morris. a l27 pound grapplerg Don Nicols. wrestling at l-l5 pounds and Dick Nilson who wrestled at l33 pounds. The juniors on the squad were lidgar Daye, Duane Knowles, Durwood Myers. The sophomores were lion Hird, Ronald Blclntyre, Norman Nilson, and lfdward XYheeling'. Coaching the hoys were Roy Yan Horn and Xliilliam lilood. Ray lirick- son was their inanagfer. WRESTLING MATCHES Home Team l'is1'fors Home Tcwm V1'sif0i's Titusville no XYarren itusyille Z5 XYarren Titusville ll? Greenville itusville l6 Greenville Titusvillc l7 Grove Citx 20 Titusyille Z5 Oil City Titusyille l-l lfrie Tech Titusyille ll Grove City Titusyille 17 Oil City i 1949 Golf Team Who is that group of boys fighting their way through a rainstorm across a half-submerged patch of grass? One might have the impression it was a swimming team, but no, it is our golf team. The boys on the team are VValt L'Huillier, Ike Reynolds, Bob Gustafson, Bruce Carpenter, and Tom Morrical. Mr. Lloyd Kingsley is the coach. The following meets were held: Lawrence Park XNon Lawrence Park Lost Grove City Lost Grove City Lost Erie Academy Lost Erie Academy Lost Franklin Lost Franklin Lost At the triangular meet between Franklin, Grove City and Titusville, Franklin came in first place and Titusville was in second place. The District 10 meet was at Franklin at the Wanango Country Club. Our home course is at the Titusville Country Club. 1949 Track Team Colestock High School track was begun in 1949 on an informal basis and this year becomes a varsity sport. The team participated in four dual meets resulting in a victory over Corry, the loss of two meets to Oil City, and the loss of one meet to Warren. They also took part in a triangular meet in which they were placed third. The records made by the team in 1949 are listed below: Event 100 yd. dash 220 yd. dash 440 yards S80 yards 1 mile mile relay shot put discus javelin high jump pole vault broad jump Set By Don Bird Gerald Southwick Willard Oakes Max Clark Ken Davidson Oakes, Bird Davidson, Bittenbender Gerald Southwick Durwood Myers Merle Dibble Ed Bittenbender Durwood Myers Cecil Harrison Bob Gustafson Time 11.0 25.9 56.2 18.0 4 :58.0 SCC. SCC. SCC. SCC. SCC. Distance 38'6" 98' 139' 4'10" 8161! 171911 The following members of the team also took part in the District 10 meet at Erie: Ken Davidson, Merle Dibble, Cecil Harrison, Ed Bittenbender, Willard Oakes, Durwood Myers, Don Bird and Max Clark. ESX .D 0' 1 K4 noir An.. va Anderson, Richard Anderson, Thomas Barker, Willo Behr, Willis Bidwell, Florence Bishop, Preston Bishop, Donald Booth, Bob Brady, Shirley Buckley, Helen Burgeson, Martha Buser, Jack Campbell, Donald Childs, Davine Christy, James Clark, Maxwell Cleland, Barbara Conner, Josephine Cotton, Jerry Crawford, Donald Crawford, Madeline Curty, Russel Daly, Frances Davidson, John Davis, Dolores Daye, Edgar Dibble, Merle Dillon, Glen Dolby, Charlotte Donovan, Phillip Downey, Duane Edwards, Robert Ehrhart, William Erickson, Raymond Findlay, Harley Ford, Donald Gilson, Betty Grubb, Richard Guild, Donna Guichard, Jean Junior Class Gustafson, Robert Hannigan, John Harris, Louanne Harrison, Cecil Hartman, Mary Hull, Elaine Jackson, Marlene Johnson, Dick Jones, Harold Kelly, Rose Mary Kerr, Isabel Keys, Bruce Keys, Richard Kightlinger, Harold Kightlinger, Margaret Kinnear, Clarence Knowles, Duane Kunz, Sally Larson, Janet Linder, Paul Locke, Helen Lundberg, Florence Manross, Larry Mattison, Blaine McCombs, Michael Mclver, Claire Morris, Sarah Mullen, Bert Myer, Durwood Myers, Harold Nelson, Betty Oberman, Samuel O'Neil, Barton Peebles, Harold Persson, Janet Prather, Betty Pringle, Elsie Proper, Robert Randolph, Bill Ray, Byron Raszman, Francis Rittenhouse, Virginia Rogers, Bruce Rowe, Carol Royd-es, Richard Sallaway, Anne Sanford, Patsy Shadle, James Sjoden, James Slagle, Donald Slagter, Rosalia Smith, Flora Smith, Janet Snavely, Esther Snyder, Helen Snyder, Carl Southwick, Gordon Spinks, Frank Springer, Ronald Stewart, Donald Stewart, Robert Stover, Mary Sutton, Arthur Timmis, Harold Trudgen, Richard Tuck, Mary Jane Unger, Bernard Van Guilder, Adah Wagner, Beverly Wagner, Grace Waychoff, Robert Wayland, Harlan Weatherby, Dorothy White, Shirley Williams, Janet Wisniewski, Alice Wood, Jeanette Woodcock, Waneta Worden, Barbara Worden, Kenneth Yashinski, Duane Alderman, Bertha Anderson, George Anderson, Lois Anderson, Margery Anderson, Nancy Antill, Barbara Antill, George Archer, M-ary Barker, Richard Barker, Ruby Billig, David Bines, Robert Bird, Donald Bloomster, Dorothy Boughner, Ronald Briggs, Roy Brown, James Brown, Jayne Buser, Herbert Caldwell, Harry Callen, William Cancilla, Joseph Carlson, Gary Cauvel, Joyce Claflin, Florence Clark, Shirley Colwell, William Cooper, Mildred Davidson, William Decker, Janice Deitrick, Jack Dibble, Dale Donovan, Joan Duliakas, Cris Duncan, Mary Eddy, Regis Elder, Glen Edwards, Gerald Ekbloom, Jane Ellis, James Emert, Doris Erickson, Claudette Farley, Daniel Fay, Joan Fay, John Fleury, Frederick Flick, Margret Foster, Jo Ann Frank, Violet Frey, Lu Etta Gettinger, Barbara Gigone, Henry Gilewski, Joe Gilson, Nancy Goodman, Dale Sophomore Class Goodwill, Delbert Goodwill, Madelyn Gustafson, Harry Hamilton, Glen Hannigan, Chris Harrington, June Hartman, Jacquelyn Harvey, Ronald Hawk, Sally Heisterman, Ronald Henc, Jack Henry, Irene Hipple, June Holmes, Erma Hoover, Sharon Hutchinson, Nancy Irwin, Naomi Johnson, Joseph Johnson, Joyce Johnson, Richard Jones, Barbara Kantor, Evelyn Kerr, Pauline Kertcher, David Kindred, Thomas Kinney, Rachel Koonse, Joyce Leithead, Sandra Lesko, Donald! Linde, Christine Linnon, Patricia Lindquist, Mary Ann Locke, Paul Lowros, Albert Lucas, Joseph MacMilfen, Mary Ellen Malstrom, Leonard Manross, Jean Manross, Paul Marsh, Gary McBride, James McClellan, Robert McElhaney, Helen McGarvie, Joan McIntyre, Elizabeth McIntyre, Ronald Mclver, Audrey McQuarrie, Donna Millar, Robert Nash, T'homas Nellis, Rosalie Nilson, Norman Olson, Evelyn Olson, Gran't Ongley, Helen Patterson, Kenneth Patterson, Helen Pettit, Milton Proper, Joan Radack, Cynthia Ralston, Evelyn Ray, Alvin Reagle, Donna Reynolds, Warren Rice, Maurice Rigby, Audrey Ripper, Joyce Robertson, Carol Roeder, Richard Rogers, Barbara Rodgers, Marilyn Rodgers, Warren Roggenkamp, Richard Rosequist, Elizabeth Rowe, Thomas Ruttan, Willard Sampson, Ronald Schlosser, Gene Schneider, Kenneth Servey, Jack Shadle, David" Shank, Shirley Skelly, Shirley Slater, Carol Smith, Philip Snyder, Mary Sopher, Everett Sorrell, Shirley Southwick, Ruth Spencer, Richard Sterling, Joanne Stewart, Richard Stover, Donald Thomas, Donald Thompson, Martha Timmis, Janet Vinopal, Sarah Wagner, John Waldrop, Harry Wallace, Janiet Walters, Judson Warren, Donna Waychoff, Richard Weagraff, Duane Webber, Kenneth Wheeling, Edward Wheeling, Richard Williams, Delores Wright, Viola Wright, Wilbert 11 A 3 1 ..,. ,. qw Q -1,-.. ,., ,r ,913 - 1 . ,,,f, .xr .X .- f. , 'J ' 1. 'xfggpe 5. VL.. 'W 'J' C V 1:44 ,- Q ..., U nv: uw. R-'l,, ,1- gu., N .WL x . ... ,,1, , . A, . ,. , . , K .,. . g,,f H, ,W . U t., ., .,.w.V.. .Aig,k:.C'ir K. 4 V .uf-3. k 5- f ' ' u ff 'V .. fgj., - . ' vw. " w, , 1- -.K w,., '. ef. , . gflwl, Q' , rw.. M. -,wg -,: X ,1,, - 43 N.-. A U Q ..,,,, :-. ,,..f! 4 1 ,, ,u um-, i ., . . 1... . . 1. .A V ix 4 " t ..w,afv-,F L f vga-ng 4. 61 A V .. .!. .,,, .1 , , fx: 1' . A .. .gn - 5 L. ' , , .Kr 5 .v ' A . I-QQ.. . ,N . .fvii . ' W v, 5,53 f. - . ,A .3 .M ,I . if- .V ,252 .Q . A.. ,kg U-3 'zdfg 'fr . . TT., 5, f X 9,53 x mf? nx'qj,4 IW" SMH' 5 43? M.. ,Mi ' ' X 'f Wwe 4 2. . Q- am 'ill xm wt' -vb' 1' "J ,vm 1 UQ. -.4 iw V59 'ff Q MJ N A 'X 3 Y fa Y' QR :abil K ' as Lf " - ' 1. '- I 8 X , . A Ya E ..3fEj3,., 1 .Af - - ,. , .1- 5:fT .1-1 ew Y ... fr.-Q W J.. If L. :fi fl av'-22933 K AL . A :gy .M , z. ' I T' ' 4 "i:f,4EffI-frfbvf , ' .g 2 1,gigf,.3?f.f':g..X ., w M' , ,g.':.' , ' .' ', A ff 4.2 ,,Q'If, 4 w ' V "f u gi .rig -.1.4,, 'Iv ' my ff ' . T ' 4 ' 'V 'f W- , 5' 'f.'ii1Q':. '?J"f- . f5:.1f1ff1?'.'- ai , f Q .'f,4S:.f,f.g-'L x f:"f:-55 1'5. ' 5371 "1 ,N Qj:1"f'Q"2.43l,gli ,Q-- .1 351m " ' 1 fire' 4 af. -- " " wh. ' M.,-I' R g y - U if L54-K. 11 .,-',L.4"-,,.-pf- 1 .74 g."1'3,' ' W ' .. '-'fzvi'-x'f',. f 4 Q .M ki an ..p q?aw,.x.a uw xg ' 1 gd 535 f- ffi""' 1 "LQ,W'-'1':F'2Q 31.5 A . fl ff xii-,l-Q5 jf' A- f u -z y,55,.1 , ., U.. --xv. -5, h, M... ' X 'N i':ffl.f22'. " 3-P113 r " .W -WHA 1. 7'a-P 'xr 3 . fm , - V., .fm V- V ' , 'fu " 1, 4 .. f':,'i'f-If"-Q' Gif - ., I , U, 1.. W. A ,, , , tx, 1 f,-1... , . .14 .. ., ,. 1 , lwrlvfl f' ' , . . W A- Q, . V Q 1 gr, , . . .,, : W -?5,:g,w fy: .. A ' " .. .1 H ' ' 9 , t .- 'F ,re . y Alix. v A . 'E 7, ' 4 Q. f ,. . w Ak - , 'lf V' , v 7 -,N . , "Q, . f - ., N - K . ,N r "' JL' 1' ' ' Q-,KJ-. ..J?,V4 A ,J .F x bf - , 41.2, i 1. .Q if " 5 .2 -, V. 'X A' , .1 -V ' . E-Q-. Activities ii ii H in g ive Student Council Have you any problems? If so, come to Room 5 on Monday during Activities Period and the Student Council will try to help you solve them. The Council is the student government of Colestock. Two representatives from each home room meet weekly to discuss and try to work out the school problems. They also perform special duties in their home rooms. Two of the many projects which the Council takes charge of are the American junior Red Cross Drive and the selection of assemblies. The officers for this year are: President ............... --- Billie Morrical Vice President --- ........ Bill Chick Secretary ..... .... N ancy Swanson Treasurer -- --- Sam Gberman Future Teachers of America One of the largest clubs at Colestock this year is Future Teachers of America under the supervision of Mr. Lloyd M. Kingsley, our Guidance Director. Because of the large number of student members, the club is divided into two sections, the juniors and Seniors meeting one week, and the Sopho- mores meeting the next. The main objective of the club is to give the students an idea of what the teaching profession has to offer. The members are given practical experience in teaching by substituting for any teacher who may be absent from school. Besides substituting for these teachers, the students assisted in the Halloween Parade for the grade school children and also gave these children their hearing tests. Mr. Kingsley has given many interesting talks throughout the year and all the members feel that they have been greatly benefited by their participa- tion in F. T. A. 1 Farm Club The Farm Club is a new club for young prospective farmers. During the year they have had various speakers among whom were Amy Harkness, David Eirum, 0. C. Vosburgh, and Mr. Fisher. Every Thursday during February the members went to the Farmers' Institute. They also took several field trips to a tannery at West Hickory, the Carnation Milk plant at Cambridge Springs, and the Fisher Sz Young Lumber Yard. The officers are as follows: President ........... ..... D ick Knapp Vice President -- --- Dick M. Brown Secretary ....... --- Harold Goodwill Faculty Advisor --- ....... Mr. Brady Assembly Club This club meets in the math room on Monday afternoons. Its score of members is bent on entertaining. Whether their programs be of the vaudeville or educational type, they are interested in getting students to take part. Under the supervision of Mr. VVertz, this year's club sponsored a spell- down, assembly which, it is generally agreed, should become an annual school affair. An assembly song-fest and a variety show were additional features. The officers of the club are: President ............... --- R. Richard Brown Vice-President -- --- Marge Raszman Secretary .... ,, Frances Daly Orchestra For the first time in a number of years at Colestock we have had an orchestra which has met regularly. Under the able direction of Mr. Powers this group has practiced every Monday and Friday after School. Besides playing at Baccalaureate and Commencement, as has been the custom, the orchestra played for various other functions such as the Senior and junior plays. Drczmasquers of Colestoclc High School Une of the first activities of the Dramasquers was to draw up a constitu- tion by which they officially adopted the title, "The Dramasquers of Cole- stock High School." This year the Dramasquers worked with puppets, learning how to make and use them. On December 21, 1949, they put on the Christmas play, "Too Much Mistletoe" for the student body. They presented another assembly program in the spring. The club sponsored dances after football and basketball games to raise money for material. The officers of the club are: President ............. ..... W 'irginia Clark Vice-President --- --- Rebecca McCombs Secretary .... ........ Z oa Reib Treasurer -- .... Norma Weaver Advisor -- .... Miss Lehin Wsuai Education Superiority comes only with experience in Visual Education. Officers? There are none. In this group instruction, "Mr. Bill," helped the fifteen experienced operators of slide machine, silent movie, sound movie, strip film, wire recorder, and sound tracts teach the year's crop of novices how to set up and run these numerous machines which make class room visual education possible. Our student body as a whole got a chance to appreciate their efforts when assemblies were presented which required the use of these numerous machines. Keeping the machines in slick working order, free of dust, washing slides, and splicing films were also part of their well-done job. 59ers - - Drake History Club The 59ers-Drake History Club was organized in 1949. It is affiliated with the Pennsylvania Federation of junior Historians. Its purpose is to obtain a more complete and exact knowledge of local and state history. In carrying out its purpose the club has visited Pioneer Park and the Drake Museum this year. They also finished compiling booklets on the churches of Titusville, copies of which were presented to the ministers. The highlight of the year was the Northwestern Regional Conference of the Junior Historians, which was held at Colestock on April 25. Dr. Paul H. Giddens, curator of Drake Museum, Attorney Charles B. Stegner of Titusville, and Miss Avis Cauley, state advisor of history clubs, from Harris- burg were guest speakers. Officers of the club are: President ........ .... S arah Morris Vice-President --- .... john Hannigan Secretary ...... --- Beverly Butcher Treasurer ........... .... T om Anderson Secretary of Supplies .... .... F redericka Burns Advisor ............. --- Miss Mabel Clark Librarians C1 ub With the new librarian, Miss Carson, as advisor the Librarians Club was started out with a bang this year. The sixteen members met every Thursday during activities period. At this time the young librarians had drills on such things as shelving books, alphabetizing, and working on displays and decora- tions for the library. During the day different members of the club were at the desk to check books in and out for the students and to help them with reference work. They also helped Miss Carson select the books which they thought the students would like. Varsity Club The members of this organization did a lot of work before they were entitled to join. The boys earned a "T" in a varsity sport and the girls in cheerleading. It means something to say that you're a member of the Varsity Club! When entering this organization, the new member is given a gold sweater upon which some proud mother will sew the hard earned "T," The club meets once a week at which time current business is discussed and often sport movies are shown. The members raise the money for the varsity sweaters by selling refreshments at basketball games and wrestling meets. Officers for this year are: President .......... -- Don Nicols Vice-President ....... --- Glenn Dillon Secretary-Treasurer .... .... B ill Chick Leaders Club The Leaders Club is a newly organized group for those who plan to become Physical Education teachers or are generally interested in sports. For the Girls' Leaders Club the constitution provides there never shall be more than twenty or less than sixteen members, all of whom must maintain a UB" average. They meet every VVednesday during Activities Period with their advisor, Miss Thompson. Last fall Mr. Van Horn selected twenty-one athletically inclined boys to belong to the Boys' Leaders Club. The boys work together in teaching gynrclasses in the city schools, refereeing noon hour basketball and making themselves generally useful to our athletic director. This club meets on Monday during Activities Period. Sportsman Club The Colestock High Sportsman Club, which was organized in the fall of 1935 for the young student fishermen and hunters, met again this school term with Mr. Helfrich and Mr. Brady as advisors. With any boy in Cole- stock eligible for membership, more than 200 sportsmen turned out. They studied the care, value, protection, and restocking of wild life. The slogan of the club is: "Help Wild Life." The following members were elected for office: President ..................... ....... - - Bob Morris Vice-President --- --- Don Nicols Secretary .......... .................. B ill Chick Sergeants-at-arms .... ....... J im Ruesch, Mark Harvey Bill Maseman and jack Howe iff' 54, Band Hear the racket downstairs? It's seventh period and the Band is wading through "Chezh Raphsodyf' Under the able direction of Mr. Powers, the Band played for the Snake Dance, at the football games, in assembly, at the pep meetings, and gave their an- nual concert. The brown and gold uni- forms also added much color to many of Titu'sville's parades. For the first time in many years our Band entered the Forensic Music Contest at Meadville. Head majorette, Virginia Clark, leads this organization. Virginia did a'fine job this year of controlling the Band on the street and directing it on the field. She is a senior and has been a majorette in the school band since she attended third grade. Q Choir . The door of room No. 12 opened. "Some Enchanted Evening," sang the voices, and in the hall a visitor stopped to listen. Then he walked to the open door and looked in. VVhat did he find? You guessed it,-Johnny Powers directing the Colestock Choir and doing a wonderful job! One look at the faces of the 47 singers showed the pleasure they are enjoying. As the years pass, the Alumni of Colestock High will no doubt forget many of the things learned here-the valence of carbon, a theorem in geom- etry, the date of the Treaty of Ghent, a rule in English, but once they have learned a melody in Mr. Powers' a cappella chorus, they usually remember it. May the music of Colestock High School continue to be excellent! Stage Crew The stage cicxv is one of the hardest working organizations in Colestockg but it is among the least recognized because most of the work is done behlnd stage. These boys set up scenery for the junior and senior playsg kept the stage clean 3 and worked behind stage for the variety show. Members of the Stage Crew: Dick johnson, Ronnie Boughner, Regis Eddy, VV2l1'Cl Wl1eatall, Ed Canipasino, Mr. Brady, advisor. .XI11111 1:1111111111s1s, 17llS1lt'S, trees 111111 11c11c11cs, with 1111- S1i5'11Ill' 111. Nmx 11'1Q 111 1111- 11z11'14g1'11111111. guests 111 1111- -ll1l11l1T Class 11111101-11 111 "LX-11t1'z11 1,1l1'1i 111 1111- 11111s11' 111 11L'I'1JIl' I111111s1111. 11111 1111111111111 1'11111't 111 11111 s1'1111111 1111 w1111'11 l:1111cs 211111 1'11z11rs 1x'1'1'1- 1111111-11 11111 1.K'14l'Lx511111C111S W1-1'c scrxx-11 11121110 l11c s1't1111g scc111 1111116 1'L'Zl1. If cw- 1 1, I '54 Q qs, f '1 P I Q 1-f JV y N1 1 NM I, X tl, M ! gh, 'ff 'K m 1 1!f!"' Urt' X'W f' " , L ff 4 wx! ,fl 5 f A X X V X K ty 4' -1 X f 5553 , - ,- N ' lffhfly F Y. ,f"' Z X ,V ,X X H, Q, oc xx! Q X Zaire N ff' 127' 'wf New A ia?!: ff , f f ez? if A i, L11 K1 X A nl -V1 -: Ll I ,I , l',4Ivg?fH,rV'ff' f' ' ,xf xv? , JI: if M" lly. 'PEN i., a g, 1 -4'f'y?vv1a"p:af'.+WV" ati? --,-.-ga-Q .'Aau1!1'T'f9"T1 sage 521. I Wim 'K' I' 3-ff1,u. w .mf i A igf ,- 'iJfiL,wgi,r'1f, "xii I ' ll !w l ,X J 'I' l X-fx' f lv-p f W up Q I 551' X v ff" - 1 nf -sativ- ' gd -xr mwvv W- , 11at"AsiKx' 56 Hall of Fame 1, Peppiegtg 2. Most likely 'to succeed: 3. Best Dancers: Bill Chick Nancy Gulland 5. Best Sport: Joe Leib-er Anne Gray Bill Morrison Shirley Byers 4. Most Musical: Ed Carnpasino Jane Bonn 6. Best Looking: 8. Most Studious: Jim Ruesch Bill Chick Billie Morrical Maxine Fenstermakel' 9. Most Sophisticated: 11 Sh tu Bruce Dutton ' 51125 '. Patti Fleury elvin Wescoat . Jean Rice 12. Most Athletic: Don Nicols Nancy Carlson Murray Hipwull Joanne DcForcc 7. Best Artists: Leroy Gilson Pat Jon-es 10. Class Cut-up: Don Murray Barbara Matthews 13. Best Dressed: Bill Maseman Nancy Morris l. Nicest Smile: Jack Kerr Valeria Kitchen -1. Best Build: Bob Morris Doris Irwin 7. Best Personalities: Jerry Come IiaTre1le Ward 10. Happy-go-lucky: Don Taylor Norma Weaver Hall of Fame 2. Most Dependable: Ward Wheatall Julie Anderson 5. Best All-Round: Don Nicols Billie Morrical 8. Most Courteous: Harry Frey Nancy Swanson 11. Prettiest Eyes: Bob Cochran Beverly Butcher 3. Biggest Flirt: Mark Harvey Gloria King 6. Best Actors: Tom Quigrgle Virginia Clark 9. Biggest Tease: Don Daily Marian Graff 12. Prettiest Hair: Jim Maginnis Marilyn Crawf ord Recess for juniors. One sunny day. Wllf3,l'i' you talking to, Nick! Buddies. ls your name Jim '? ltls better than nothingx Not a care in the Wo1'ld. Sandy. Grinnin'. Get a horse. Struttin' their stuff. Competition, girls. He's our man. Team, team, team! Waiting for the bell. Give us a bite. What a day. Smile, pretty, fellows Hi-Y. lJon't they look green, though? 15 Rahsl lnseparalmlo. Patsy likes potato chips. Dow n-the-hatch l Love that man! Ili, Miss Ilehm! A couple o' gals. Twols company. Well, what are you staring' at? See ya later. I.oafin'. The lineup. Camera shy. Patrons Joanne. Sarah. Posinl. of Geo1'ge's. Delegates of the West End Just sophsl . .lu11io1's' presiflcnt. A junior gal. llow'1l he get in here? . Ain'tl1Io graml, Cyn? llolyne. Oops, dropped l1Ulll2ll'llllffl Soul mates. Song Shop You Call Everybody Darlin' .............. The Farmer in the Dell ..... Hair of Gold ........... jim ..................... Some Enchanted Evening --- I'm in Love ............. Sophisticated Lady ,.-,... Homework .................. I can Dream, Can't I? .............. Give my Regards to Broadway ......... That's What I Like About the South .... Time After Time .................... -- .... Mark Harvey Louanne Harris ----- Ann DeVValt ---- Billie Morrical ------ The Prom -- Patty Jones - Pattie Fleury ----- Betty Nelson Dolyne Wilson ---- Dick Nilson --- Bob Cochran ---- Nance Carlson T111 Then .............. -- --- Harold Jones Don't Cry joe ............ ................ J oe Lieber A Fellow Needs a Girl ............................. jim Ruesch Only Forever ,..................... When Ilm not Near the Girl I Nancy Swanson, Bill Chick Love ............ Murray I-Iipwell Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue ....... - A Wonderful Guy ................. Dark Eyes .................. Anchors Aweigh ......... Laughing On the Outside --- Now is the Hour ....... Till We Meet Again --- -- .... Patsy Sanford ----- Mr. Powers ---- Jane Bonn ---- Sally Kunz Marian Snyder Commencement ----------------- Colestock Stop the Music ....... ..... J ack Buser, Don Bishop Glen Dillon, Bill Morrison fRemember Room 22?j A T een 's Prayer of Thanks For records on the phonograph, For shows, and jokes to make us laugh, For school books and football cheers, For times remembered through the years, For autographs, and senior plays, Annuals, picnics and sunny days. For gayety and friends and joys, For letters from our favorite boys, For fresh-up cokes, after a hike, For pictures we trade, sports we like, For all these things that go unsung, VVe thank thee Lord, For being young! WouIdn'f It Be Funny If-- Don were Dimes instead of Nicols? Gloria were a Queen insead of a King? Zoa were a Bone instead of a Reib? Valeria were a Living Room instead of a Kitchen? Ronnie were a Key instead of a Locke? Jerry would Go instead of Come? Bill were a Duck instead of a Chick? LaTrelle were a Room instead of a Ward? Harry would Boil instead of Frey? Don were a Shoemaker instead of a Taylor? Virginia were a Mound instead of a Clark? Qbarj Bernice were a Fireman instead of a Kopp? Beverly were a Pond instead of a Lake? Anne were Green instead of Gray? Beverly were a Baker instead of a Butcher? Norma were a Seamstress instead of a Weaver? Sam were an Offender instead of an Alderman? Look at the birdie. Il' looks could kill. Grand Girl-Grand Canyon You're being' shadowed, Bob. Don and taxi. Huh? 'l'hat's Bev. Niclis backfield. liook who I am! Patti and pup. Resting. Madam president. llo a good job, Fred. 'il Christmas caroling. Cafeteria line. Ronnie and Madeline. What's so funny? We two. Mark's younger brother. Seniors! Rose. Buddies. Who are you waitin' fc Why therels Bev. Soaking the sun. Julie. mr' 27. Jack plus school. 28. Marge alias Miss Vlarkl 289. Miss Tomasek goes to the ball. 330. Old l'aithl'uls. Jil. Vacation. 232. Geeflhe sun is bright! 2353. Finally. 254 She looks mysterious. 255 Bill and Coo in A'Shiny Nose." :SG Yea, Brown! 537 Evelyn. 358 lflxtra points! Sill. .lust getting our picture taken ,fx 1' 'I 1' ,.f, 1 1. " I-.w.' , ,Af ,QM , J ... L .N ,,,J.., . ,T is 1-, -W4 . ,"1 fr S: 5,0 ' W, . Kissi- E S c 1 1 I E 5 I 5 5 l 1 E 5 I f , , E E E I I E 1 I i Junior Play One of the most unusual plays ever presented in Colestock High School was "The Torchbearersf' a satirical comedy written by George Kelly. It showed the great acting ability of our class and also the superb direction of Mrs. Charles Gum. Will you ever forget Nelly Fell and the high-strung Mrs. Pampanelli? CAST Mr. Frederick Ritter ........... .... T om Quiggle Mr. Huxley Hossefrosse --- .... Bill Maseman Mr. Ralph Twiller ..... -- Dick Nilson Teddy Spearing .... Dick R. Brown Mr. Stage Manager .... - Bob Cochran Mrs Paula Ritter ....... Virginia Clark Mrs. Duro Pampinelli --- .... Patti Fleury Mrs Nelly Fell ........... Billie Morrical Mrs. Florence McCrickett --- .... Marian Davidson Mrs Clara Sheppard ........... .... A nn DeWalt Jenny, a housemaid at Ritter's .... --- Barbara Brady Senior Play The play "Shiny Nose" was a senior triumph as to ticket sales and dramatic ability. This comedy in three acts was written by Christopher Sergel and was ably directed by Miss Margaret Lehm. With help from an understanding mother and father, and "advice" from her teen age sister, Zip, janey's love problem with her star football player boy friend was finally solved. CAST Janey Marble QShiny Nosej ...... --- Zip Marble ................ Helen Marble .... George Anderson --- Mrs. Marble ..... Mr. Marble ...... Peggy Simmons .... Madge Grant - -- Allen Rodgers - Coach Brown .... Billie Morrical Shirley Byers - Ann DeWalt Tom Quiggle ----- Zoa Reib ---- Dick Nilson Julie Anderson LaTrelle Ward -- - Harry Frey Bruce Dutton

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