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 - Class of 1957

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EE 'S T k Hgh Shol The Home of THE 1957 "INDIAN" E v Q ff' ff i Q1 i f NEG ' Q 3 11 ha y? ! Q! W QQ' E xv Q vi 'fl , 4 ' I Wifi QV N Admini tration PRINCIPAL SYLVAN H. THIESSE 3 H. E. Rood School: Wartburg College Degree: B.S. Subjects taught here: Commercial, Boys Basketball Ass't. Football Coach, Boys Phy. W. P. Truesdell, Supt. School: Iowa State Teachers State University of Iowa. 1 Sylvan Thiesse, Principal School: Mankato State Teach- ers, Iowa State College, Uni- year Graduate work SUI. De- versity of Minnesota. De- gree: B.A. and M.A. Sub- jects taught here: 12th Soc- gree: B.S. and M.A. Sub- jects taught here: Industrial Ed-, JUHi0I' SPOIISOT. Base- ial Studies. Years at Titonka: Arts, Adv. Algebra, Chem- ball. Years in Titonka: 4 years. 4 years High School Facult Russell E. Schaub School: Iowa Wesleyan. De- gree: B.A. Subjects taught here: 8th and 9th Mathe- matics and Science, Fresh- man Sponsor, Jr. High Bas- ketball and Physical Train- ing. ,., , Q w hat ff yyas iiosaf . .l. I.. P A , A . if-5P'355if.'f5E' 2 '?ii,, ff? ' -iQiiif'?' -.L -- ' ,af I -"W 1 , igezill q f if 'i-. 'fi xfiiifiifil gil' 2 H A Lyle Opheim School: Luther College. De- gree: B.A. Subjects taught here: Biology, History, Football Coach, Girls Basket- ball Coach, Girls Phy. Ed. Years in Titonka, 4. Titonka Topic Phil Jarens Titonka, Iowa 4 istry, Senior Sponsor. Years at Titonka, 7. Harley R. Lehman, Jr. School: Iowa State College Degree: B.S. Subjects taught here: Vocational Agriculture Years in Titonka: 3 .. 'ff Mrs. Edward Brandt Mr. Philip Faaborg Mrs. Harry Mehlan School: Morningside College, School: Iowa State Teachers School: Iowa State Teachers Northwestern University. Subjects: Band Director Iowa State College. Taught Degree: B.A. Subjects taught Years in Titonka: 1 8th and 9th classes while Mr here: 11th and 12th English: Schaub was in the service. School Paper: Years in Ti- Sept. to Dec. tonka: 5 High Sch I F It iss Gladys Sleichter zhoolz Iowa Wesleyan, rake, Iowa State Teachers, II, Iowa State College, U. of aulder. Degree: B.S. Sub- cts taught here: Home Ec- Lomics, Shorthand. Years in Ltonka, Z Veryl Schmidt Recreation Parlor f fm. .- ., iff tif.. if ' f ,I ,. my f-ivrrf . rx: 11, pp: f 4 1-:xi J - .'5f1j'i'1g,fll. f'Li l jjf, .. miliffbfiii' "'::"5 U J SIN 5,4- xiggzysfif L , 'fi 5 ,Q3,,q,-eff? ,gg J. B. Easton School: Iowa State Teachers: Degree: B.A. Subjects taught here: 9th and 10th English: Driver Training: Declama- tion, Class Plays: Librarian, Soph Sponsor. Years in Ti- tonka: 4. J. R. Schutjer John Deere Dealer Mrs. Lawrence Govern School: St. Ambrose, De Paul University. Degree: B.A. Subjects taught here: Vocal Music Years in Titon ka: 1 Farmers Co-Op Oil Co. George Doocy Titonka, Iowa Titonka, Iowa Titonka, Iowa 5 Betty Hatten "Bet" Dennis Wubben "Denny" Jacqueline Gerdis "Jacki' 'She knows them all from out "His mind is in Titonka, his "The will to do and the soul of town, she's one senior heart is in Burt." Baseball to dare," Vgcal 1,3,4: pa- who gets around." Annual 1,Z,3,4g Basketball 1,25 Pa- per 4. Staff 1,45 Vocal 1,45 Band 1, per 3,43 Plays 3. 2,3,4g Student Council 2,33 Dramatics 3,45 Class Treas- Seniors ' fri' . . zrer 4. I K. A rf 'Vi xi 4 Myrna Norland "Mortimer" "Just who'd be next was hard to tell, she seemed to like them all quite we1l." Band l,Z,3,4g Vocal 1,Z,3,4g Vo- Iarlan Stecker 'Studies are an "Stecker " awful me s s 5 If you don't work you flunk I guess." Baseball l,2,3,4g focal 3,4. cal Solo 1,Z,3,4g Declam 3, 45 Cheerleader 3,45 Annual Staff 3,4: Dance Band 45 Gerald Wibben "Jerry" Band President 45 Paper "No more noise than neces staff 3,4. sary." 6 Marion Meyer "Marv" Duane Beenken "Beenkie" Phyllis Weiland "Phil" "I have two M's in my life - "Somewhat livelier than his "I don't like poetry or walk- men and marriage." Paper mother thinks him." Vocal ing, but how could I live 43 Vocal 4. 1,2.,3,4g Plays 35 Basket- without talking." Class Play ball 4g Annual Staff 43 Stu- 3: Paper Staff 45 Vocal 4. dent Council 4g Vice Presi- dent 4. .X -if ,N S A enlors ' Nancy Tjaden "Nan" "I can't think of two things at the same time so I think of Lussel Sonnenberg "Buddy" boys and let my work go." Eldon Krause "Satch" Those women are driving Band 1,2,3,4g Vocal l,2,3,4g "A young man who blushes is me crazy especially the Student Council 1,45 Declam better than one who turns Sophomore girls." Zg Secretary Treasurer 2,3. pale." 7 Wayne Bartelt "Bart" Darlene Callies "Petesy" Warren Truesdell "Ti-usie' "A wise old bird often seen "She bubbles over with vim, "Studying is a pastime don't but never heard." Football vigor and vitality." Basket- overdo it." Class President Manager 1,Z. ball 1,Z,3,45 Softball l,Z,3,45 15 Vocal l,Z,3,45 Band l,Z, Vocal l,Z,3,45 Band 1,Z,3,45 3,45 Student Council 1,25 Declamation 1,Z,3,45 Student Football Manager 1,25 Bas- Council 3,45 Annual Staff 3, ketball Manager 1. 45 Paper Staff 3,45 Debate 45 Play 3. 'X 4 1? C ' I ,I fl Wi? f ' 1 Seniors ' " 1 ' N Robert Fritz "Bobby" "From the farm he'll never Janice Harms "Jan" stray." Football l,Z,3,45 "Sugar and spice and every- Baseball 1,Z,3,45 Basketball thing nice and one of these Audrey Iarsen "Art" 1,25 Vocal 1,3,45 Play 35 days she'11 be sprinkled with "The newest member of our Student Council 45 Annual rice." Class Treasurer 15 class, she's a quiet lass." Staff 4. Vocal 3,4. Paper 4. s f ' Louise Boyken "Lou" Dennis Krominga "Krom" Joyce Isebrand "Jo" "Next to my head I like my "He may not be a Ford, but "An innocent face but you can red hair best." Vocal 1,Z,4g he can sure rattle on." never tell." Vocal l,2,3,4g Class Play 3, Newspaper 4. Football 1,Z,3,4g Basketball Declam 3,43 Plays 3, News- l,Z,3,4g Baseball l,Z,3,4, paper 3,4g Vocal Z,3,4g Class Play 3, Student Council 3,45 Annual Staff 4. rj! 'f Seniors LaVonne Beenken "Vonnie" Neal Loeschen "Loesch" Harold Wibben "Wib" "It takes a while to get a "The basketball court isn't "I'm a smart guy, but I have start but someday a man will the only place I can have trouble convincing anyone." get her heart." Vocal 45 fun." Vocal 1,45 Baseball Baseball 1,Z,3,4. Paper 4. 1,25 Basketball 1,Z,3,4. 9 F P "S 4.1" Craig Sathoff "Craig" "I don't like girls, I love 'em.'.' Band lg Basketball 1,Z,3,4g Editor 3,4g Vocal 3,4-g Declam 3,43 Annual Editor 43 Class Plays 3,4g Class President 2,4-. 1 Sharon Carroll "Sharon" "If there's fun I'll take it in Vocal l,Z,3,4g Class Play 3g Declam Z,3,4g Annual Staff 2,43 Paper 4, President 4g Glee Club Librarian 3. Seniors ll ll is a riot." Baseball 3,4 Vocal 3,4g Play 3. Judy Stecker "Steck" Kent Rippentrop "Rip" "A merry tongue and lots of "The harder I try, the gooder Linda Nelson "Linn fun." Basketball lg Declam to be, the worser I am, as "PaI'd0r1 me While I laugh." l,Z,3,4g Band Z,3,4g Class you can see." Basketball 1, Vocal 1,Z,3,4g Band l,Z,3,4 Play 39 Paper Staff 4g An- Z,3g Baseball 1,Z,3g Football H0111 Solo 2,33 Declam 2,3 nual Staff 4: Vocal 3,4-g Vice Z,3,4g Paper Staff 3,45 An- Class Play 35 Annual Staff President Zg Fire Monitor 4. nual Staff 4. Paper Staff 4. 10 Larry Gray "Larry Nice and quiet, but then so Marie Welp "Mat" "She has a quiet look but so does dynamite." Class Play 33 Newspaper 4g Declama- tion 4. - o,,, X M ,o V, , 1 W A ff 1, if ' - - ff 3' . fr X ,- 1 S 'ns b , if 8 .za Ak ,Jag ' ,E ggi ,, aa - l Yi l. , Roger A. Studer "Studious" "Among my favorite bever- ages are milk and water." Basketball 1,Z,3,4g Baseball 1,2,3,4. Seniors '5 1"' Seated N Tjaden L Nelson S Carroll J Stecker D Callies Rippentrop C Sathoff D Krormnga B a Ha tten Mr Thie s se . . 3 , l . I i , . , . Standing: M.. Norlandg R. Fritzg D. Beenkevng K. A S - h I - S ' P J, wif Janice Interrnill Micheal Nelson :Vw , i U-fy, .saw , VV' """' ,. " ' VA, . -'.,,,,,f . , Q . M .,, :,.V:5,f.q ,V in A . .fn - i p 1:2 Wfgwf , Dwight Seabe rg Wendal Schutjer 3 ,mean ' 'A ,. ,5 afg gffi 1 ,,H,,, , Sw , f R W5 MM I, Q58 , Y 'A lim Q .BU lg :W k 1 .V 3 W f722figu7': L V ,J . ' iifigszl' ,,, X Tmsgx 'V if ig M 52, -am., f VL Wf?"s'F ss V' W3 Pill V 15' C V - ,....... , ..,. . N ,..,,.. , Q.:-Eff-1 L - UW 23,22 if bu ,-X ., ,M V i N, r Harold Harms Donna Beenken , .. ,- ii ,: gil X W 2' W in: l av Darrel Clinton A sche Wubben ' . : u5iVs5'fif' ' -. V Q55 ,- , V- V szswhfi N , "fs 25552 , V ' V' Belle Julius Tjaden Stecker Shirley Mary Parcel Trunnelle ' maria, :.5.: - - V :jeg ,V V. aff. 2' ' V 1 - ,,.., Lf, V Phyllis Bruce Smith Stecker Diane Clinton Krominga. Eden Sandra Gerdis Merle Phelps ::.,lQ5lE. ma Vg , A 'fi g wr A 'H 5 I , . iw 'mv in Faye Ann Smidt Ronald Boyken VV V in Wi? , ,z,,. ., VVV 2' - 5 , Allan Boyken V , 5 V L V. if, Sherri Stecker 1 Lloyd Bartelt i iiii-.i.19ii,l,fT5fflff,2iEikfl," E,,,.,,. ..L F , F i.,. .A,. I V :ss Milli W ,V ,wa r m V. , my P1 4 fi 4 . 5 , 2 ,nhl 6 s as N 5 22? , K v if A Corrine Zwiefel 1 ""1 + V-, is -VV A3110 ,. 2 1 -as F ,. 53255 lifllwl-520 V- x KV , I.. Q rri Mm ., .. .. Vw V My-wl x , ...gi Arlen Bilsborough 1:3555-,g':5:,4 '. . Q :gfafggza :- I ' ifslgl. M ' ,EH gig , . :kk 5 k Q ii, gf: .:,-. , .'4'- V . 1455 5 -Q" ' S xg ,., V X if . W- Floyd Ullmann E L L ., ., i Z :VH F ,H iir 1-VV: Q ii giisgyggi Q r iz ' ,. , 11 , V Z Q- I ' 1 -A Q ' 1: V L - ' .':5xf5 12,45 L, 1 ., rf V , V ,Vffefa -. ,X , 'ifbzwl ., , . ff' I 19, V-Vixi..W59mr V V 1- Viflfff +?'Qai22'Sj 2 .. 'W VV "Xl Trudy Bess Marvin Stroebel - ,, , ,.,. W , . M. ,C WM M -' ' ' A V- .,,...... V .ww ww. ,, mf x, ,V "' :V A' '21 ,1,:p4.: 381.45539 gQf4g',,'1FV,fVV.. aww " 7i,1i'ix5!V1i V, Q V V gg,2,6i WW . N-,fV,aV1'fik'Vi.-,'V V -aw, ,gf iw ,.. 1 lx 1' ' V VVf-Vwwi' - , -. --Vlzaw . .Vai '7 VeV -:E wi - .-V ,::V .U . ,, , 1 '- ., , , ' - M125-:':' ' ' V V .. "-:: im' 'if - - Dawn Beenken my Q ff - M4 "Wy p 2 .iw 'Q V my lk l Gary Sleper Richard Mayland Beverly Richter Juniors 12 Gary Pearson Virginia Miller Virginia Swan 3 E55 I V - iff 1 v i 23-'i,Ii:':55:i:5ss.f'. . Lora Lea Willemssen . VV A4V.,,,. . Ernest Car ls on Virginia Fritz Al's Repair S hop Furniture Repair and Upholstery Titonka , Iowa Ellen Nelson Marilyn Akkermann E, ' ' 4' I "'lViQIl'A'fl M , W 4-Y' 33,19 Q 'ill if f ag ' ' ' .Q .1 .,,QT, J am e s Meyer John Cosgrove Joann Baade Jimmy Thacker R i cha rd H e nch :'l if fi . ' 'Q ' ., I ,Q .5 ' Y .3 . , It R ichar d Ha tten Orla Anderson Mary Lou Dimond Lowell Sharon Rippentr op Francis Bahling Bill Abbas Marianne Rippentrop N La Lonnie Y' i f L ' -:: S ' M'-,.. . M-1 If sw i fi g ,," A i.,e ' ?Y15H"fi'l.'? 'f 4332 , , ,I .,., Richard Judy Ronald Trunkhill Buffington Hanna Lloyd Barbara Julia Pommer Ringsdorf Wubben Patty Harlan Marilyn Willis Hanna Welhousen AAAV .'Al' g ... ---:f':i1 ' :'- " -. , I wx l 'L:If1ff::'f":"' eg 5 J n J Jack Cora Phillip Trunkhill Stecker Asa, LaVaughn Rodney Georgia Bilsborough Hill Akkermann Alexander Godfredson Sophomores Eb .25 E "IIS llillfl WSI' Hamilton Hatchery John Hamilton Titonkar ,Iowa luuuo conroumofi ur AMERICA 1 3 I' G :, C l l '- f T K ', L G X Q ? 'i7,Ih f ' G , I 5 ' E, G David Leslie Clarence Smidt Pearson Harms GG g 3 T . G ,G Douglas Margaret Gary Swan McDonald Michealson nae ' -- X I A an.. ' or .1 ' wr. Gayle Edgar Verna Sleper Meyer Gray ,, 'K I r H1937 I' ' "fad E ' , - f 4,fQQQlGizfi-I G ff m ' -r QQ my ,.,:. K G A, , , X Roger Judy Beverly Buffington Mehlan Haack ' V " G , f i , "'1Q N - A "' G E -1 -i 2 .r,, I G rfrn ,V ' G y 5 ' V "f, 2 GG I V , I. , Sandra Ruby Edith Gartner Alexander HUSIHE-5 Raymond R. Weiland Custom Corn Shelling Phone 2.238-Wesley, Iowa Mack' s Market Sexton, Iowa ,4 wa- ,.-: , :.: -v G 4 I 5 ' S: ag if I uerard 42724, 1d" I u e " Sylvia Wendal Sharon Eden Weiland Schmidt ' Q . A- rvri G 'A .fa f . '53 Ga Y I ,G fiyji VILG " I " fi W E: at G11 :.. ' .FQ fl, I g Ardith Mildred Eugene Brandt Ullmann Hildman 'A ..-gf M . " E t e-r if XG ' Y W, Q" ' x5 ALIA Xi' " Ai K Aj Claire Gertrude Mary Beth Hovey Gerdis SYSCCRCI' ' 5 w 1 M I , fmi 2 ' ff ' i , EH C Kenneth Sandra Larry Carlson Smidt Pearson T304- ,f Freshman Roger Arndorfer Alvin Honken Honker Electric Titonka, Iowa Titonka Locker Russell Krominga Titonka, Iowa xm..,, Q, J ,g ne r, in X A M l ww f . eu 4 ' 1 ,A 1 Jeffrey Victoria Dgyle Boyken RakOW Trgnary f . I 5. 'V I fi is I ,L llriil La A ' 1 L J ,N A J H x F 55 James Carolyn Claude Sparks Intermill Billsborough Y J. ,A 95, -Q r -my H 'L 'Q-"Sf Q v ' A " , Kathy Leland pamela Willis Pearson Beals C :" ' L A gr g, H 3,1 1- , M V if J ""' ri, F, V :lf 1 ggll "!' 'l2fY Lois Mary Margie Harms Beenken Gigler A :ml Q . m5 f ,f .,,.. +51 f Hggii lffi ii??? W fn Y' YA 'R .Y Qs. W al. , 'i a Maurice Sherfy Sathoff Wenger Lawerence Heyer Portable Milling Ph. 130RZ 81 85 Titonka, Iowa K 8: H Oil Co. Ed. Sathoff Gas, Grease, Titonka, Iowa and Oil 35:19 ' M :fzS,,,a:g.: Q4 f Q 4 as 4' J? sf? xr w , ,224 1 ., iff 1 TN' -I ai ., :" 2 4... if wlw? .wav .. , . Q, . Q , 'lf 4 l all X N. Pg -' 54 .au at ur wwf? , John Cordes ii ii, 99 'mn "'m mn-I Hn. 5 1 .a,,.:., ,E 0 v 9 Karen Van Hove - A wf Ni 1 Deloris Kermit J ane S Z wie fel a ff 1 M 1 V --'- -V Q 1- 'W J ' ' ww L- H W L 'fi it niiigilif if Dverg Korene Kran tz Fltch 1 5 'lr K 55n.,i, ,E gg ggjlgg lj Eia A afiij it A ai F rrrra L -if C1 '77 ., Q J V J al g ,Q ' ff,m':'f7 L' ,' . K I rig. iyiiiag George Richard Cunningham Fritz - W'Wi W W '4 1i'5g'?jfgP WE? ZMQQYQQQ WW Tw? N 'e Q' vm ,I X' Gary Beed Janet Plaisier Eighth Grade 15 Q tg . k r X : fa Harry Hill Larry Hill V x 'WI' . I VZ ! Dennis Rike Frances Bruns . ,aa,Ln ,,r. M ccn'. i ' , rw, M Q-fLl' e-.wa iii 'H L Kermit Brandt 5 K' mdk, ,gpm :ww - n lil Dx, we , f, in 4 si 1 it 2 Ronald Folkerts , 4' 5 1 , Nancy Boeckholt Q' r HT. -of if Q Yan? H QQ? , 1 ,K Linda Ricks l J a,,aar Q. ciri Lorraine Stecker 2 , . B 'C 5 ., Y fig , , E Margaret Brandt :'3EiL-:f i ' L :rw , - 12f , 1 V. ',.f I -2 .,,- VW .Fggf .,. Mrs . Sathoff Darrell Phyllis Isebrand Diamond its ,,,, Hu ' 5-111.-Anim Nfg--' N 1' ut.:- f' fQ',,.zg?L' SM-ff! 5 my-gig xg gifs rs 5 in l ' mv! KL Wi! , Q sig "".fv Qg1qM ' R299 ' -1 -ff .Q Gloria Kenneth Gerdis Smith Sandra Krominga Henry Ullmann 5 . , s ,. , 35? I ",,, M ,ITE-17 :fl I ll In ' lj Beth Neeland Glen Meyer Bruce Myrna Akkerman Rippentrop Kathy Lonnie Miller Gray Dennis Fritz Si if 1, V w-Y V X , A 0' 4376 f Betty Kiley I I 'mas f Kit 'LE G, - 'X 152913 ' ' " 4? 4,1 ' 'Y ,Q 1 Qs ww 1 5 2 X lg ' SK? A v , , ful' , V' vi rf M l 9, S wal pl K S ,iw M s w , E2 A J, lg Z6 .. f 5 Robert Harms 7.15 " " 55 'Q . - Q ' - A fstgiw ffl , Ardith Eden Snf A rthur Graham Harriet Ullmann M, r,.,, , , ,,-. .. ,,, A ,,igf.,-fi,-1t,., ' Q--'N 21 F W ' N1 :mim i fr' U : :,: . ,, , ::'2.:5,. ' dill. Pisa . Teddy Stecker Virginia Gray F. .ggjfijfl jj, .x 'S 41? is if jx 5w J , Q , hrs it ml ll Rosanne Alexander Phillip Seaberg K l Lb .- lik 3 , .rt 1. ' : 1 , , V eil. , -- 59 W n5fi?3 s 'K : le' i 53511 Z'ifiwiEZ'l M iii ,L W, Z, H. ,Nw i x v . kj . X ,, ,, 3 sf Q .- 5 any , Geraldine Parcel David Willemssen Biuy f "1:'.: 325 15,35 Y YQQF ' X Y , giffxe , Sue DeWayne ' N Janet Bahling Kirk Struther s -' ' Q vw f ' 5413. 9427.1 X' I. .t qty-f-7 I I A ,Q Juanita Cordes Lewis Giesking Sarabeth Carroll Callies Hovey Brandt Seventh Grade Dr. John Lesiak, M.D. Titonka, Iowa Be tty Mr s . Gigler Budlong 16 1 Suv 5 H if I A FV '- I 'L' ' J' . ei' VQ,-: - ,. , if , fum 'gi fx J , gan., , ig nf rug , :fi , Q 1 q b Q' 14 Joan Schmidt Roger Gerdis Jean Isebrand Herman Harms Wayne Senne Janice McGuire 92? i :Q 1 2 'l J L11 sz Lili? a Y? 531- I T' E' 2 ffl' im 3 E " '- . ai, fi, W A :iq ,5sPfsu?"' Q, K , A, A i?irsE?gi'i',1y's, f mmf K-is if .E Noel Krantz Racheal Carlson Jimmy Parcel i I ' ' 5 I W., -.,. , s ' :ik lv .ga ar 1 ig' if J: V X it 3 . ggi 7 7 y. 521:-.gffiglf 5 f' f -vi.. , If T ' Judy DeBoer , V it 2 ' M sffiiii "' My '7?iQsff?: 'Y a Janet Welhousen Janice Alke 'z zz 5 T i ,555 '- 1 , Q ' 2 ' , 1 3 4 ,4 ., '- - " '22 ai.. 'RW 'N ' " "F , :5 William Mayland W i fi, , 5 " A 7 fi' 'df b! 199' R .ll fa' . 5 ' wi A yal - w ar 1 Q Janet Buffing ton Reginald Schutjer JSM iv -n f- 1, " ,,. ,L qi: . - " J WL e - . .. .2 mia-aQf:gf2frfn:1f - 7 4' Q l?1.'7'i 321 U51 ro ru 5 A , gg L -1 --i i5:Si7fifi" iii f'f W 'iii ' f- X eff 1 -. gg : fn f V J . -:nn ,af f Roger Husinga alfa- .. . 952' ,Y -' . Q or .. Y . 2 ' 22 ,2 1 jf: X 'W Jane Zwiefel ,Simi "HW We- i 'V " ,., .g ' lf, W ., - Wm. ff . 1: .1 U... half Terry Nelson Ruth Wubben Y ,,, M, A ,- ,A+ 13 .. r E-sn. ri Vivian Pommer Sixth Grade Titonka Implement Walker McDonald 'uzzzcvaz-L Tironka, Iowa TE LEVI S I 0 N 0 17 Elai ne Folkerts Mark Boy ken Joan Beenken 4. :ia gmgffi -.li 7 15 by , s ,258 1 ' ,' V -Q! wh? :mil . ,. .. . . .. A - ., , K if 144, V' ,r 1. .J v 5 6 'fa 4 ' if '- M 1 Y . 1 f uf gm J r I J 4, W 4 s My J r f2v'g'? 'T t P 9 ff , .Ah X -..gi L. Victor Gra x ,Ea Y 71125 Ti ikili fie ' " H l fiffffliz l i x 1 . ..,: . if if r ,Fi r ff ii w Y, If qiffrfiqif? 2 A 52 we 4. Q 5 ' LM-Em: . .. . ,. I , 1' Jane Schmidt Jimmy Rippentr op SQ EV N' 5253 We X ,gm w Q, A - ,1 ,wx 2 if ve 'U' , . KW ,H i f , L. .f U L WM , ff " 5 "mga Diane Gartner if Q,-my mmf-s1f.vff limi--f-'f - -G S1:1aw"1 U5 -1.4':.1.2ifiiiii2s QQQSQEISSE' . ' V 7' Forrest Rode , Jr . Linda Hanson ' VUm.i5Iii.l J 5 wif ' fss me . ' .,,L,,1 ing 4 5 5315 5 ' .i A i " ,F ' L- . , ,,, - V-W A: ,rznavfwn Rodney Hench Mr . Bjustrom Magdalena Peter Gnedko Gnedko i w M M Paul Catherine Miller Trunkhill Sharon Dennis Giesking Wickwire Vernon Burkhardt Judy Fitch Callies Brothers General Merchandise Titonka, Iowa Beed Hardware Chuck and Jean Beed Titonka, Iowa Janet Cunningham Harley Lynda Robert Jolene Beenken Krause Smith Hill Loren Pannkuk Linda Smidt Dennis Peggy Schmidt Michealson ' . v Myrna John Malore Eddie Rike Brandt Beals Attig ,. y , qyz l " .5-ws ,:-: Keith Monte Roy Barry Hamilton Hammond Hutchinson Wenger Fifth Grade 18 Ricklef's Insurance Agency Bill and Pearl Ricklef Titonka, Iowa Kenneth Swan Dick Buffington Diana Boekelman Mrs. Oesterreiche Furniture Store and Funeral Home Titonka , Iowa 1 . - - . "1 Y 9- W . ' X lR:fa"4i A Q it S' it EM gifs , ,Y 45- x 5 at W2 " Sb -my tx Q . 55 55 S D 1 x 'E A "',f??'::f'1fi.5ss ,, . - ' -,iiffzg . , ,. :hill V ,WL K S v,,....,....i-U-' Dorothy Roger Ardith Mark Charlene Gary Brandt Akkerman Harms Schroeder Asa Smith !" I "L" V,,. 3' is , " f L1 QS Qtj., :-' , K "" I LeRoy Joan James Sharon Barry Lennice Bruns Cosgrove Stecker Eden Nelson Bilsborough .N .W - I ig QA 'lf -T. ' -.. 'iv 1.. , f Linda David Celine Ward Diane Carolyn Krantz Gray Miller Mehlan Moore Engelbarts Sherry Cynthia Lanita Sheryll Rachel Linda Boyken Rakow Gingrich Gray Kinse th Rode Karen Judy Bruns Buffington German Valley Store General Merchandise Q German Valley, Iowa Hank's Repair Shop Henry Plaisier-Prop. General Repair Work German Valley, Iowa A Fourth And Fifth Grade Miss Helland Boyken's D-X Service Gas, Oil and Tires Titonka, Iowa Herbert H. Klasse Aerial Sprayer 2-4 D, DDT and other Chemicals Phone, 128, Titonka, Iowa 19 Sharon Harms Darrel Parcel Ellen James Smidt No thwehr Jeriann Russell Canaday Be s s Doran Dockstader Joyce Giesking David Stephen Canaday Isebrand VCIIUS Janice Keith Linda Burkhart Larsen Brandt Fritz Judy James Jacqueline Gregory Seaberg Rode Rood Miller Nicholas Catherine Michael Glenice Alexander Stecker Isebrand Godfredson Roger Bruce Alfred Audrey Tjarks Kitzinger Rode Boelkes MiSS Wayne Lemont TaY101' Cordes Stecker Fourth And Fifth Grade R. L. and Cliff Krantz Livestock Dealers Titonka, Iowa Titonka Creamery Co. Butter, Milk, 8: Cream Titonka, Iowa Jerry Wubben Painting and Decorating Titonka , Iowa Decker Athletic Supply Letter Sweaters and Jackets 5-Fourth, N.E. Mason City, Iowa zo y 14 Bonita Isebrand Michael Hatten A ryls Michael Pannkuk McGuire Donna Godfred son Douglas Schutjer George Pommer Brenda Brandt Larry Ites Darlene David Post Spear Donna Rafdal Dennis Rafdal Darrell Penning Nola Rae Boekleman Virginia Stecker Darrell Penning Brenda Eden Vicky Lou Roger Cythnia Philip Maxine David Harms Gigler Meyer Jaren Husinga Godfredson V Third zzei' Grade Linda Marlene Charlotte Miss Budlong Hovey Seebeck Meyer lm Isebrand HARVEY HEYER Builder Ez Contractor Local and Long Distant Hauling Titonka, Iowa Res. Phone 114--Station Phone 50 Titonka, Iowa "You Call--We Haul" Donald Intermill Iris Michealson QUE?" Dale Ruth Bar te lt Beed Roger LeAnn Harms Gingrich 5 ' ,'L l ..: YY' ., " f' 'fu Cynthia Harlan Thelma James Jeanne Robert Easton Krominga Miller Isebrand Gingrich Boleneus Ei s2-v 2 -,'n . f j W I 17-7 John Diana Charles Joyce Ronald Donna Boeckholt Isebrand Trunkhill Beenken Weiland Hutchison In ,.,. 'F V' 29 I Jane Kevin Carol Robert Phyllis Carole Ann Buffington Hoover Haack Thacker Sachau Smidt Ther e s e Hamilton Interrnil1's Self Service Quality Foods Titonka, Iowa Third Grade Mehlan's Sundries Harry Mehlan Titonka, Iowa Frank Fisher Chevrolet Dealer Titonka, Iowa ZZ Mrs . Gartner Louise's Beauty Shop Louise Sachow Titonka, Iowa Schutjer 11 i i I K rf' 5 z 4 . fi, 7 Qty : 4 Fi r 3, " f if 2 'ii'5"'f " " : i"':'?2 -5?..'4 " 1 V' 1 -,Q .' :1 , , '.-fxgfgg,.f:fi, Lir'-flml'-J'-' :A pf X -,--s ' S v:f" ' - H ' ' , Q: ., 1 , ' ff 3 I x Gray Ricklefs Giesking Sandra Douglas Karen Daryl Carmen Dennis Beenken Franzen Russel Sleper Rose Stecker Miss Gorman nm, ig Kristin Keith Elaine Rakow Janes Mayland ti'oo T ,.i2 ,', KI...v ' .,- if I 5 MS: ,,':f Q Dudley Judy Jimmy Dockstader Hamilton Mayland aw await'-gf' . is 3 5381 4 V' Jim Thomas Staur t Blain Higgins Goldman Second Grade W 5 Interstate Power Co. 3 Winnebago, Minnesota 4, . we 8 v -'11, Z3 ,. Gigm- Donald Michal Van Hove Higgins Judy Allan Isebrand Redeniug Steven Hodson N 0 : I9 Q. - -1 . - 4 nw Q -'L-"Zn , u bil David Meyer Second Grade Marilyn Edwin Jo Ann Boekelman Parcel Smidt Q Gre or Mar Ro er u Y . g Michae lson Bahling Wubben no M. ,, :': 1 i A is ' i Doris David Roberta Ricks Dimond Hutchinson Micheal Anita Richard Pearson Moore Spear Charlene David Valerie Miller Kitzinger Miller Kevin Cheryll Stephen Heyer Hill Cosgrove Alan Eldon Miss Robert Paul Asa Rike StI'Obe1 C3-I'1'Ol1 Larson . Board of Ed ucatiq L. to R.: Mr. Lester Eden, Mr. George Seaberg, Mr. Walker Mc- Donald, Mr. Evert Sleper, Mrs. Homer Downs, Mr. H. W. Kitzinger, Mr. Harold Gartner, Superintendent W. P. Truesdell. David Sandra Schwerin Carlson Jula ine Ronald Thiesse Gra Paul Rebecca Gray Truedell David Bruce Glenn Bartelt Violet y Jaren Cecil Welhousen Paula Iris Rippentrop Darrel Harms Nancy Larsen Sydelle Isebrand Hanson Easton Harms Kuchenreuther's Lunch 8: Recreation Titonka, Iowa Gamble Store Art Hench Titonka, Iowa Miss Olson 25 Dana Kathy Dockstader Jandl Sandra Arvin Hoover Burkhart Virgil Linda Meyer Gingrich Russell Lawerence Harms Be enken First Grade Clover Farm Store Telko Stecker Titonka, Iowa Beavers' Barber Shop Darrel Beavers Titonka, Iowa Gar Karen y Sweer s Eden Mavis Walter Cynthia David Harms Ga tton Budlong Smith yd, J if i Darwin Linda Lynn Judith Gary Anne Hovey Higgins Beenken Akkerman Rippentrop Hatten W M95 Barbara Ronald Dorothy Dean Gary William Post Boekelman Seebeck Stecker Huber Rood Russell Wubben Michael Schmidt Le on Ronald Donald Robert Pannkuk Penning Ite s Brandt First Grade A llen Mrs . Hatten Nelson Wubben's D-X Tank Wagon Service Phone 100 Dan Wubben Titonka, Iowa Dr. J. K. Hill Veterinarian Titonka, Iowa Titonk 26 Akkerman Livestock A kkerman Live stock Titonka , Iowa 8' Amos Krominga ' Custom Corn Shelling Titonka , Iowa Tommy Stecker Karen Brandt Rosemary Hutchison ' 1 will , Lg fa 1 ff W tsl :ng-,. e A A C 7 Egfr iii 2 43 it at HK A is r f fr 1 t 12:22:22 R Terry Haines J Robert Fisher .ai Barbara Zwiefel ' - is if cw f -1 ---- E ,gi-vgaaa, if Q " . V 5 it t, . g as .. V . zgz , BMG Q fy. gdb Q sr' J I ' wc Jocelyn Stecker Q!" ' i , mf F -Q ., V, 2 fw- 'E fi 'gui SFA 1,3 ,FE William Parcel r f -we c,.,.. ., A. Aww filiiz : " ,liiiifs 53:1 " :f55Uf,,fYb5-K -1 1 ffl? ' f ft if m 'M Eli sw lwkk I 4 1 in 7 L at I Paul Tapper Darwin Rafdal ,Z 1 ff., . s ye. fr.: Kristy Weydert Calvin Boekelman ,I M Q., In i -4,1 fiqlfd v .-:- ,.,, ,. ,iv 'E W'4"'M I . iw -: . 1 A 0 J ,:,.-N: 1 J , 515 . Q K V 9 , df' , 4 tr Siege if Patty Gigler Donald Cana day !,ii53!,s:..'f':fI.:"ai5? 7554? I TW 2f':i g13sgsf?g,fg, .,a-:1f5g:f.f .. . ,af-ww lg .. XM, -rw. '-,J ,. ,. I xx 55 x J L4 am, ? ' Z F F' was A Q f 03 Ann Sexton ..,,,. , .,. Hw wrff ' Donald Candace Hilbert Goldman M r s Saw ' am. 1:25, Donavon Giesking QEZQWW , Cheryl Tommy Cunningham Opheim yew , ,if 3 a f 354 Q5 a E . 9 2 313' "4 Rodney Charlotte Isebrand Bonavia A' I W . -. ., e- ,,,, -...Q 1 P, . 'W Joann Englebart 3 , age: L 1, ,Raef Y 4.7 Q ,Qtr is 'EF . Azigl rj: Sf it 4 , A53131 1 ' .Y ga, , ,. . gk RF :M - H' Henry Mayland , .. Stuart Pannkuk M I -. 4, i f ' ,45 1 ff1i.f-HW Tommy Trunkhill Richard Harms Joyce Boekelman 2 ,s,g...1:w.. .3. 1-1539 5 P'-f Q "' ' - Ibm .' r-W Egg- mga K . . Y X 'i 2 if qw 4 Jame S Randy Bahling Nelson ,vga Joleen Sleper , J gqz ' ' .: :- stgfiffiiii .5 as i f-eww u f 5g47: 'fi Y fgi . ,wi E Terry Cheryll Arnold Kathy Gatten ' Walrod Gray Rood Kindergarten 27 9 iii? . J My 7 . 34 Darwin Darrel Michaelson Beenken Steven Jean Heyer Haverly 2 m ilf f ff ff 2 Vg Barbara Boeckholt 1 Q Q , Q ws mi N t,. ,, ..,. gk if t amff r s Keith Rode Miss Bruns lst: Znd: 3rd: 4-th: Q00 sw Q.. ,g r I 5 J .25 is Sponsor- Mrs . Brandt Newspaper Staff J. Isebrand, R. I-Iatten, K. Rippentrop, C. Sathoff, R. Trunkhill, D. Wubben, B. Richter S. Gerdis, J. Gerdis, S. Parcel, B. Hatten, L. Nelson, J. Stecker, S. Carroll, J. Harms T. Bess, D. Callies, C. Stecker, J. Wubben, V. Miller, P. Weiland, M. Welp, M. Meyer, J Baade B. Ringsdorf, S. Rippentrop, C. Zwiefel, M. Trunnelle, S. Eden, P. Smith, V. Swan, L. Boy ken, L. Beenken S. Gartner, M. Stecker, M. McDonald, J. Mehlan, D. Krominga, F. Bahling, D. Beenken, P Willis, J. Buffington. W 055 lst: Mr. Thiesse, B. Richter, A. Boyken, D. Krominga, N. Tjaden Znd: R. Fritz, D. Beenken, C. Sathoff, D. Krantz, D. Smidt, B. Carroll 3rd: T. Bess, D. Callies, C. Stecker, S. Rippentrop, A. Eden, S. Sch- midt, V. Rakow. 28 Office Secretary Miss ELAINE SONNENBERG Cafeteria L to R: Mrs. Eilert Boykenp Mrs Reinder Krominga, Mrs. Alfred Boelkes, Mrs. Lem Stockwell. .. , , Mmm . , Bus Drivers L to R: Earl Stott, Tom Loats, Dick Gif- ford, Will Girard, Wilbur Sexton, Ted Dunmire, Richard Isebrand, Bob Lang. Custodian Mr. EDWARD "Timer" HARMS Mr. R. E. Liljedahl Veterans Instructor Z9 DEC LAM STUDENTS J. Buffington, G. Michaelsen, H. Hanna, R. Alexander, W. Bartelt, D. Be- eken, B. Fritz, C. Sathoff, Mr. Easton, J. Wubben, M. Trunnelle, F. Bahl ing, E. Nelson, T. Bess, S. Eden, J. Baade, M. Welhousen, V. Miller, J. Buffington, L. Nelson, S. Carroll, B. Hatten, D. Callies, J. Mehlan and J. Stecker who was absent. Orla Anderson, Betty Hatten, Myrna Norland, Mary Beth Stecker 30 gf. - ' 1 . ' Q .un Junior Class Pla V Doorbells and Telephones Who mentioned POLICE? ? THE PER FEC T IDIOT Puff. . .......... Clinton Asche Policeman. . . . .Lloyd Bartelt Rhodora. . . .... Donna Beenken Linda ..... ....... T rudy Bess Latherby. . . . .Arlen Bilsborough Roger. . . ..... Allan Boyken Barnard. . . . . .Ronald Boyken Carla. ..... .... V irginia Fritz Miss Baker .... . .Virginia Miller Dan .... . . . .Michael Nelson Margaret. . . . . .Beverly Richter Jackie. .... ..... G ary Sleper Jeannie. . . ..... .Virginia Swan Miss Booth. . .... Mary Trunnelle what an ACT Von Barf. . . . . .Darrel Wubben The Junior Class presented their play Friday, November 9, in the school gymnasium. The high-school gang just hated the boy-wonder, Dan. They'd heard about his high I.Q. and they despised his Smart-Me! Dumb-You! attitude. But they HAD to turn to him when Puff got disqualified from all athletic events. Somebody had to coach him and Dan was elected. Dan had problems of his own and hoped to turn the situation to his own advantage. He offers a trade. He'll coach Puff if all the gang will rally round him long enough to satisfy his parents. They are unwilling to let Dan take the college entrance exams as long as he is so unpopular in high school. Reluctantly the gang agrees. Linda likes the deal the least of all for she is to "go steady" with Dan during the period. Dan is really fascinated by Linda, but on his one and only try for a date she said "No" and he had been rude and stand-offish to her ever since. Dan promptly gets busy with his hypnotic suggestion invention and shortly he has Puff a veritable scholar. Latherby, the big soap manufacturer, who threw Dan off his radio program for some tactless remarks, gets interested in the hypnotic boy. Then the pompous Latherby picks up a suggestion that he is a rabbit and promptly starts acting like one and demanding his parsnips! Just as Dan gets everything rolling smoothly, some wild mishaps upset the whole applecart. In the end, Dan decides against going to college as he and Linda get to be pretty chummy! Latherby stops acting like a rabbit and the gang decides that they were wrong about Dan and they begin to treat him as a member of their gang. 31 A ssembly Line Fill- 'er-up Overloadl 1 Contentment Get it clean Boys doing dishes ? It's the live ones Cast Murderer takes the stand I look out for I object your honor! Senior Class Play The State vs Maxine Lowe Barber Shop? CAST OF CHARACTERS Lucky Lips Ed Bushett, Evening Tab reporter. . . . . .Gerald Wibben ' Frank Marston, Daily Log reporter. . . . . .Harold Wibben Will Bond, Court clerk. ........... . . John Weston, Judge of Superior Court. . . . Jessalyn Meredith, Assistant to State's Atto Warren Cass, State's Attorney ......... James Hathaway, attorney for the defense. . Maxine Lowe, the defendant ........... Alice Jackson, prison matron. ....... . Carl Leslie, court reporter ........... Dr. Frederick Millgrim, medical examiner. Thomas Quinn, police matron .......... Bincent Bardlay, a hotel proprietor. . . Minnie Strausson, a maid. ........ . Eve Vijonne, a night club entertainer. . Irene Holt, a policewoman. ..... . . Rose Malone, from the south. . . . . . rney. . . . . . .Bobby Fritz . . .Craig Sathoff . . . .Judy Stecker . .Duane Beenken .Dennis Krominga . . . .Myrna Norland .Lavonne Beenken . . .Warren Truesdell . . .Wayne Bartelt . . .Neal Loeschen . . .Dennis Wubben . . . . .Linda Nelson . .Darlene Callies . .Phyllis Weiland . . . .Nancy Tjaden Sarah Lorrison, a surprise witness.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Sharon Carroll Jury Louise Boyken, Jakie Gerdis, Larry Gray, Janice Harms, Joyce Isebrand, Eldon Krause ,Audrey Larson, Marion Meyer , Russell Sonnenberg, Harlan Stecker , Roger Studer, Marie Welp. Prompters .... ........................ B etty Hatten and Eldon Krause Tickets .... ....................... J anice Harms and Sharon Carroll Scenery. . . . .Larry Gray, Russell Sonnenberg, Harlan Stecker, Roger Studer Make-up. . . ........................ Joyce Isebrand and Marie Welp Programs. . . ...... Louise Boyken and Audrey Larson Publicity. . . . . .Joyce Isebrand and Russell Sonnenberg Ushers. . . ............. . ..... Marion Meyer All aboard for Minneapolis Minnehaha Falls fstill frozen, Smile real pretty Legislative Trip to Des Moines Seniors Going to Minneapolis For Skip Day The senior class visited the legislature in our capitol, Des Moines on April 3rd. SKIP DAY The seniors were accompanied by Supt. and Mrs. Truesdell and Bus Driver Mr. Sexton. The first stop for food etc. was at Mankato for breakfast. This meal ranged from pancakes to malts. After breakfast the last lap of our journey to Minne- apolis was begun. Our first stop was at Minnehaha Falls. Due to cold weather there was not a great deal of water falling. Our first tour at the Ford Plant was begun at 9:00. The long walk through the assembly lines of the plant lasted till 10:00. This was a won- derful opportunity to see cars being manufactured. Following the tour of the Ford Plant we went to North- western Airlines to begin our tour of this establish- ment at 11:30. We were allowed to go through a Z1 passenger jet plane here. We enjoyed watching the jets take off. Our last tour was through the Minneso- ta State Capitol. There were an estimated 1600 stu- dents taking tours that day. Our guide left little doubt in our minds that Minnesota was "the" state. The capitols of Utah and Minnesota are two of the finest buildings in the United States. We paid a brief visit to the Minnesota House of Repre- sentatives. The largest house in the United States, it has 132 members. At about 4:00 we checked into Hotel Andrews and were on our own until 12:00 noon on Saturday. The even- ing's activities consisted of shows, birthday parties, and various other things. In the morning almost all of us went shopping. Eight boys managed to buy shirts alike, they are blue and black striped. The last activity of our trip was the Ice Follies. 34 51 1 V. Y X , Junior mothers preparing the food. Cross over the bridge Waiters and Waitresses James Meyer, Patty Willis, Dick Hatten, Ellen Nelson fhiddenj, Fran-' cis Bahling, Lowell Bilsborough, Lloyd Pommer, Sharon Rippentrop, Marianne Rippentrop, Pat McG1iire, Marilyn Welhousen. 35 3' W4 qi 'la sW'W?'TWN , 9 gyvwfw X u ff ".W'ff' i A ansygflkgif X Ji .gf yi Wi! f'X-MH .MN Q 'i 24- kg ia-lxf5t,"?r1?iz5Sowggi, BANQUET - PROM The Jr.-Sr. banquet-prom with the theme "Oriental Gardens", was held Saturday evening, April 27, in the high school gymnasium. The meal was prepared by the Junior mothers and was served by the "coolies" of the sophomore class. Faye Ann Smidt acted as toast mistress. We again this year had "Bobby Griggs Band". Miss Sleichter should receive a lot of credit for ar- ranging an excellent banquet and prom. was gy i " ,MAY Junior escorting the seniors in, lead by Miss Bess. 36 ' Everybody eating food and more food. Jr.-Sr. Banquet Q- -'my may 1 U, ' 1 ll' -' r2.E1Zfff- ' ,:' , r.-5, 1, ,- 1 ' . .N Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we graduate. 37 EIGHTH GRADE GRADUATION PRESENTATION OF AWARDS SENIOR CLASS NIGHT TITONKA CONSOLIDATED scHooL May 24, 1957 EIGHTH GRADE GRADUATION Certificates for perfect attendance and honor roll-grades 7-8 Awards for honor student and best citizen-Supt. W. P. Truesdell Transfer of class symbol to 7th grade- Dverg Krantz Presentation of eighth grade diplomas- Supt. W. P. Truesdell C LASS RO L L Pamela Beals Gary Beed Mary Beenken Claude Bilsborough Nancy Boeckholt Jeffrey Boyken Kermit Brandt Margaret Brandt Frances Bruns John Cordes George Cunningham Korene Fitch Ronald Folkerts Richard Fritz Donald Gigler Marie Gigler Lois Harms Karry Hill Larry Hill Carolyn Intermill Deloris Janes Dverg Krantz Richard McGuire Leland Pearson Motto - "We have just crossed the bay, the ocean lies ahead." Janet Plaiser Victoria Rackow Linda Ricks Dennis Rike Maurice Sathoff James Sparks Lorraine Stecker Doyle Trenary Karen Van Hove Sherry Wenger Kathy Willis Kermit Zweifel Colors - Charcoal and pink Flower - Carnation PRESENTATION OF MEDALS AND LETTER AWARDS Athletics - Mr. Opheim Sz Mr. Rood Dramatics - Mr. Easton Music - Mrs. Govern and Mr. Faaborg Paper Staff - Mrs. Brandt Band mothers - Mrs. J. L. Intermill, Pres. Attendance and honor roll - Mr. Thiesse, Prin. For Outstanding Achievement - Athletics, Music, Drarnatics, and Citizenship - Mr. Thiesse and Mr. Truesdell SENIOR CLASS DAY EXERCISES Class Will . . . . . .Darlene Callies Class Poem ...... Linda Nelson Class Prophecy. . ..Dennis Krominga Class Song ....... Sung by the Class of 1957 Motto - "Tonight we launch, where shall we'anchor?" Colors - Silver and Rose Flower - Deep Pink Carnation 38 Baccalaureate Program BACCALAUREATE SERVICE Sunday,May 26, 1957, 8:00 P.M. School Auditorium Hyrnn,one verse ...... By the Congregation "What A Friend We Have In Jesus" Sermon. . . . . . . . . . . . . .Rev. Wm. Kroon Processional. ......... Lora Willemssen "Make Your Days Count" "War March". . .Mendelssohn Special Music ..... Jr. Class Girls' Sextette Invocation. .......... Rev. Max Goldman "Green Cathedrals". . .Hahn "I Passed By Your Window". . .Brahs Special Music. . . .High School Mixed Chorus "My Task". . .Ashford Class Hymn ........ Sung by Class of 1957 "I Believe". . .Waring "Jesus, Savior, Pilot Me" Scripture. ............ Rev. Wm. Kroon Benediction. . . . .Rev. Max Goldman Ephesians 5:6-17 Recessional. ......... . .Lora Willemssen "War March". . .Mendelssohn Commencement Of Tuesday, May Z8, 1957, 8:00 P.M. School Auditorium Theme. . ."Tonight We Launch, Where Shall We Anchor" Processional. ....... High School Band "Pomp and Circurnstance". . .Elger Invocation. ....... Rev. B. A. Schwerin TONIGHT-Welcome-Class President Craig Sathoff WE -History of the Class. .Judy Stecker LAUNCH -Salutatory. . .... Duane Beenken Special Music ........ High School Band "Deep River Rhapsody". . .Arr. Walters WHERE - .... ......... S haron Carroll Special Music ........ Sr. Girls' Sextette "The Prayer Perfect. . .Stenson SHALL -Recognize Special Merit Mr. S. H. Thiesse Presentation of Special Awards WE -the faculty-presents the class Mr. W. P. Truesdell, Supt. -the Board of Education - Awards Diplomas Mr. H. W. Kitzinger, Pres. ANCHOR -Valedictory ...... Wayne Bartelt Class Song ........ Sung by the Class "Jesus, Saviour, Pilot Me" Benediction ........ Rev. H. A. Diers Recessional. . ..... High School Band "Pomp and Circumstance". , .Alger Class Colors. .......... Silver and Rose Class Flower. ....... Deep Pink Carnation Motto. ."Tonight We Launch, Where Shall ,We Anchor Class of I957 CLASS OFFICERS President. ..... Craig Sathoff Vice-President. Duane Beenken Secretary. . . . .Wayne Bartelt Treasurer. . . . .Betty Hatten Valedictorian. . . .... Wayne Bartelt Salutatorian. . . . .Duane Beenken CLASS ROLL Linda J. Nelson Myrna A. Norland Wayne H. Bartelt Duane D. Beenken Lavonne F. Beenken Kent M. Rippentrop Louise B. Boyken Darlene F. Callies Sharon K. Carroll Robert E. Fritz Larry L. Gray Janice H. Harms Craig E.. Sathoff Russell H. Sonnenberg Harlen L. Stecker Judith I. Stecker Roger A. Studer Nancy J. Tjaden Elizabeth A. Hatten Warren P. Truesdell Phyllis A. Weiland Marie J. Welp Joyce I. Isebrand Eldon G. Krause Dennis D. Krominga Gerald G. Wibben Harold J. Wibben Dennis L. Wubben Audrey A. Larson Neal R. Loeschen Marion E. Meyer Graduation Senior Sextette MYRNA NORLAND, JOYCE ISEBRAND, NANCY TJADEN LINDA NELSON, DARLENE CALLIES BETTY HATTEN 40 S R WAYNE BARTELT AND DUANE BEENKEN RE- CEIVE AWARDS FROM PRINCIPAL SYLVAN THIESSE Graduation Exercises BETTY HATTEN RECEIVES HER DI PLOMA FROM THE PRESIDENT OF THE SCHOOL BOARD, Mr. H. W. KITZINGER. THE SENIORS ENTER THE AUDITORIUM BETWEEN THE CANDLES HELD BY TI-IE JUNIOR GIRLS 41 4.-Q -M Football First Row: L. to R. C. Asche, D. Krorninga, B. Abbas, K. Rippentrop, R. Hench, A. Bilsborough, R. Fritz Second Row: R. Trunkhill, E. Carlson, A. Boyken, R. Alexander, W. Schutjer , P. Asa, B. Stecker. Third Row: Coach, Lyle Ophiem, E. Mayland, L. Pearson, L. Pommer, D. Swan, J. Trunkhill, J. Buffington, Assistant Coach, Harold Rood. F our th Row: RECORD Titonka 14 Renwick Titonka Z1 Thompson Titonka Z1 Ruthven Titonka Z5 Armstrong Titonka 40 West Bend Titonka Z7 Graettinger Titonka 46 Terril Titonka 54 Swea City INDIVIDUAL RECORDS Managers, H. Hanna and J. Thacker. CORN BELT CONFERENCE STANDINGS 1956 Z0 Ruthven 18 TITONKA 41 Sioux Rapids 19 Graettinger 12 swea City 0 Terril Z0 West Bend 7 Mallard Thompson Armstrong Marathon WON LOST PERCENTAGE 8 0 1.000 6 1 .856 4 Z .667 5 3 .625 4 3 .571 4 4 .500 Z 5 .286 2 6 .250 1 4 .200 1 5 .167 1 5 .167 Dennis Krominga - 687 yards total yardage, 6.4 yards per carry. Kent Rippentrop - 15 touchdowns, 1 extra point, total of 91 points. Bill Abbas --- 60 passes attempted, Z5 passes completed, 434 yards passing. Bill Abbas --- 7 punts, 256 total vards, punting average of 36.6 yards. CORNBELT ALI. CONFERENCE TEAMS Dennis Krominga - First Team Kent Rippentrop - Second Team Bill Abbas - Honorable Mention Allan Boyken -Honorable Mention Bring on the opposition, we are ready. Football AIM , ,' Kick that BALL Hello Picking flowers? ? ? 43 lst Row? Znd Row: 3rd Row: Titonka Titonka Titonka Titonka Titonka Titonka Titonka Titonka Titonka T itonka Titonka Titonka Titonka Wendal Schutjerg Dennis Kromingag Kent Rippentropg Craig Sathoffg Bill Abbasg Neal Loescheng Richard Hench Mr. Rood-Coachg Richard Maylandg Richard Trunkhillg Phillip Asag Duane Beenken Jack Trunkhillg Richard Hatten-Manager Douglas Swang Gary Michealsong Micheal Nelsong David Smidtg Roger Arnsdorfer SEASONS RECORD 35 West Bend 35 Lu Verne 50 Thompson 57 Lakota 48 Armstrong 30 Burt 57 Ledyard 66 Thompson 67 Lakota 64 Crystal Lake 60 Armstrong 43 Burt 59 Ledyard COUNTY TOURNAMENTS 'ic Titonka 47 Swea City 44354 Titonka 63 Ledyard 54'-'K Titonka 50 Grant 472: Titonka 44 Burt 464' Titonka 45 Swea City 65 Titonka 52 Renwick 50 Titonka 38 Woden 57 Titonka 47 Bancroft 51 Titonka 60 Renwick 61 SECTIONAL TOURNAMENTSQFOP Titonka 55 Buffalo Center 60441 1. Y Count Tournament Runner U s Y ' P W. Schutjer, N. Loeschen, K. Rippen- trop, C. Sathoff, D. Krominga, B. Ab- bas. Znd: R. Mayland, R. Trunkhill, D. Beenken, R. Hench, J. Trunkhill, P. Asa, Mr. Rood. .5 3' fx erybody wonders, "Wi11 it?" '.. 6 3? Off duty! I 1 Flying Saucers? ? ? Look, it floats. '45 GIRLS' BASKETBA LL Front Row: D. Beenken, M. Welhousen, D. Callies, K. Ophiemg Mascot, D. Kr-ominga, D Been ken, T. Bess. Second Row: Coach L. Ophiem, M. Ullman, S. Rippentrop, E. Nelson, V. Gray, F. Smidt, G Slep er B. Tjaden, Manager. Third Row: B. Ringsdorf, V. Swan, S. Smidt, E. Huisinga, J. Mehlan and S. Gartner. Titonka 58 Armstrong Titonka 44 Burt Titonka 45 Ledyard SEASON RECORD COUNTY TOURNAMENT Titonka 48 West Bend 38 Titonka 66 Grant Titonka 42 Luverne Titonka 39 Lakota Titonka 53 Thompson Titonka 35 Whittemore Titonka 39 Lakota COUNTY CHAMPIONS Titonka 57 Armstrong Titonka 55 Renwick Titopka 36 Burt Titonka 46 Woden Titonka 46 Ledyard SECTIONAL TOURNAMENTS Titonka 42 Thompson Titonka 60 Hayfield Titonka 51 Lakota Titonka 52 Lakota Titonka 63 Crystal Lake 3 County Tournament Champions Front Center: Kathy Opheirn, Mascot lst: Faye, Trudy, Diane D. Beenken, M. Welhousen, D. Callies, D. Krominga, D. Beenken, T. Bess. Warming Up Before the Big Game Znd: Coach Opheim, G. Sleper, E. Nelson, V. Gray, F. Smidt, M. Y11mann,S. Rippen- trop, B. Tjaden-Manager, Mrs. Opheim- Chaperone X Mr. Truesdell at Pep Rally Flying High s 4 POW-WOW POW-POW PRINCESS CANDIDATES Attendant .... Darlene Callies Princess. . . . . .Nancy Tjaden Attendant. . . . .Betty Hatten 47 I ,Q N .M z If ,X .ff -..f r , . ? 53. ,Sw 'E X 5 ik Q E Q E 6 2 is Z fif L' BW nf' ' .K H Y' 31' Q Q i AfW Q. , Q l" 2 RQ! 45 a Y ,. , A S, L ,. W ,gm K im, kk W g QW., 9 Fairmont Music Co. Instruments and Music Carl Shoberg, Rep. Fairmont, Minnesota 17:55:95 'fr sm ,W A I , F LUT E TRIO Darlene Edith Marianne Callies Husinga Rippentrop BAND COUNCIL st Row: Betty Darlene Trudy - I Hatten cauies Bess ' fi 1, "y nd Row: Myrna Virginia Barbara Sandra . 5 Norland Swan Ringsdorf Gartner fwsl rd Row: Judy Beverly Kathy " , Mehlan Richter Willis ,' Mr. Phillip Faaborg - Director 7 K 2 BRASS QUARTET Sharon Rippentrop Lowell Bilsborough Nancy Tjaden Donna Beenken CORNET QUARTET Barbara Ringsdorf Sharon Rippentrop Lloyd Pommer Lowell Bilsborough lst Row: Znd Row 3rd Row: 4th Row: JUNIOR-SENIOR GLEE CLUB S. Gerdisg J. Gerdisg V. Fritzg P. Smithg L. Nelsong B. Hatteng M. Trunnelleg T Bessg S. Carroll. L. Boykeng P. Weilandg L. Beenkeng M. Meyerg V. Swang M. Norland. C. Zwiefelg D. Beenkeng D. Beenkeng J. Intermillg B. Tjadeng J. Harmsg N. Tjaden. L. Willemsseng S. Steckerg D. Kromingag V. Millerg F. Smidtg J. Isebrandg J. Steckerg D. Calliesg Mrs. L. Govern - Director. FRESHMAN -SOPHOMORE GLEE C LUB lst Row: S. Gartnerg S. Schmidtg B. Ringsdorfg L. Pearsong G. Gerdisg J. Baadeg R. Alex- ander . Znd Row: A. Brandtg L. Akkermang J. Mehlang M. McDona1dg M. Diamondg S. Edeng M. Steckerg J. Buffington. 3rd Row: G. Sleperg M. Welhouseng C. Steckerg J. Wubbeng S. Smidtg M. Rippentropg M. Ullmann. 4th Row: S. Rippentropg F. Bahlingg E. Husingag L. Hillg V. Grayg B. Haackg O. Anderson- E. Nelsong Mrs. L. Govern - Director. 50 MIXED CHORUS lst Row: T. Bessg F. Smidtg S. Steckerg V. Millerg D. Beenkeng H. Steckerg D. Krominga C. Sathoffg R. I-Ienchg W. Weilandg P. Weilandg J. Isebrandg M. Trunnelleg S. Carroll. A Znd Row: M. Norlandg D. Calliesg J. Steckerg N. Nelsong N. Tjadeng R. Trunkhillg H. Harmsg N. Loescheng C. Ascheg R. Fritzg A. Bilsboroughg O. Andersong E. Hus ingag B. Hatteng P. Smithg S. Schmidt. 3rd Row: Mrs. L. Govern - Directory J. Mehlang L. Boykeng C. Zwiefelg D. Beenkeng R. Arndorferg L. Pearson: D. Swang L. Pommerg H. Hannag E. Maylandg W. Trues dellg J. Buffington: D. Beenkeng M. Meyerg L. Beenkeng V. Fritz. 4th Row: S. Gartnerg B. Ringsdorfg B. Tjadeng V. Swang S. Rippentropg C. Harmsg G. Michealsong A. Boykeng R. Reibsameng L. Grayg L. Bilsboroughg D. Smidtg L. Willemsseng D. Kromingag M. Rippentropg J. Intermillg J. Harms. SOLOISTS lst Row: S. Schmidtg M. Norlandg L. Nelsong V. Fritzg G. Gartner. Znd Row: D. Beenkeng J. Steckerg N. Tjadeng L. Willemsseng D. Beenken. 3rd Row: E. Husingag L. Bilsboroughg R. Henchg A. Boykeng L. Pommerg O. Anderson. 51 BOYS GLEE CLUB 1stRow: M. Nelsong A. Boykeng D. Beenkeng H.Steckerg D. Kromingag C. Sathoffg R. Henchg W. Weilandg L. Grayg R. Reibsamen. Znd Row: Mrs. L. Govern - Directorg G. Michelsong H. I-Iarmsg J. Trunkhillg G. Harmsg N Loescheng C. Ascheg B. Fritzg A. Bilsboroughg L. Bilsborough. 3rd Row: C. Harmsg R. Arndorferg L. Pearsong D. Swang R. Trunkhillg D. Smidtg H. Han- nag E. Maylandg W. Truesdellg J. Buffington. Vocal G rou ps C 7,77 n Y all Y' ' ' ' SOPHOMORE SEXTET J. Buffington J' . Wubben F. Bahling O. Anderson M. Rippentrop J. Baade lst Row: M. Norlandg V. F1-itzg D. Cal- liesg D. Beenken. Znd Row: L. Pommerg A. Boykeng D. Kromingag L. Bilsborough. 52 Accompanists L. to R. L. Wi11emssen,S. Gartner, N. Tjaden Freshman Quartet L. to R. J. Mehlan, S. Schmidt, S. Gartner, M. McDonald Small Vocal Groups L. to R. D. Ca11ies,N. Tjaden, D. Beenken, M. Norland l Junior Sextet L. to R. V. Fritz, T. Bess, V. Swan, C. Zwiefel, M. Trune11e,D. Beenken. Senior Sextet L. to R. J. Stecker, L. Nelson, S. Carroll, J. Harms, B. Hatten, J. Isebrand 6th Grade Band lst Row: Jimmy Rippentrop, Mark Boyken, Elaine Folkerts Linda Hansen, Jane Zwie- fel, Wayne Senne, Diane Gartner. Znd Row: Janet Welhousen, Jane Schmidt, Vivian Pommer, Joan Beenken, Rachael Carl- son. 3rd Row: Janice Alke, Rodney Hench, Noel Krantz, Judy DeBoer, Joan Schmidt, Director, Phil Faaborg . 5th Grade Band lst Row: Lynda Krause, Diana Boekelman, Celine Miller, Janet Cunningham Cynthia Rakow Sherry Boyken. 2nd Row: Linda Lou Rode, Karen Bruns, Racheal Kinseth, Sheryl Gray, Myrna Rike, Ma Lora Beal, Peggy Michaelson, John Brandt. 3rd Row: Eddie Attig, Peter Gnedko, Roy Hutchinson, Keith Hamilton, Cathy Trunkhill, Dennis Wickwire, Director Phil Faaborg. 54 lst Row: Znd Row: lst Row: Znd Row: 3rd Row: 4th Row: if! B ii?" 7th and 8th Basketball Kermit Zwiefel, John Cordes, Dverg Krantz, George Cunningham, Maur- ice Sathoff. Leland Pearson, Manager, Billy Carroll, Henry Ullmann, Bruce Akker- man, Ronald Folkerts, Darrell Isebrand, Phillip Seaberg, Jeffrey Boy- ken, Coach Russell Schaub. 7th and 8th Basketball Cheerleaders - Virginia Gray, Kathy Miller, Francis Bruns, Sherry Wenger. Linda Ricks, Kathy Willis, Pamela Beal, Deloris Janes, Lorraine Steck- er. Myrna Rippentrop, Ardith Eden, Karen Van Hove, Nancy Boekholt, Caro- lyn Intermill. Victoria Rakow-Manager-Harriet Ullman, Juanita Cordes, Marie Gigler, Coach Schaub. 55 J.: . ',g ' 10:0 . -K AFAl,.n v ,fs . 55 .J . Future Farmers America Back Row: J. Harms, F. U11mann,W. Weiland, C. Eden, K. Rippentrop fDroppedj R. Son- nenberg, D. Wubben fDroppedQ R. Trunkhill, G. Sleper, M. Phelps, H. Harms, G. Pearson. Znd Row: C. Harms, E. Mayland, L. Pearson, R. Alexander. J. Trunkhill, D. Smidt, D. Swan, R. Reibsamen, K. Carlson, C. Hovey, P. McGuire. Front Row: Mr. Lehman, Mayland, B. Fritz, A. Bilsborough, D. Seaberg, M. Stroebel, L. Bilsborough. Bob Fritz-Iowa Farmer Everybody Worked The Titonka FFA Chapter is in its third year with Z9 members. Among the activities of the Chapter were land- scaping around the new school addition, host to the Northwest Sub-District of the North Central District, attending state convention at Cedar Rapids, and attending Veishea at Iowa State College at Ames. Officers for the year were Presi- dent, Bob Fritzg Vice-Pres., Arlen Bilsboroughg Sec., Dwight Seabergg Treas., Richard Maylandg Sentinel, Marvin Stroebelg Reporter, Lowell Bilsboroughg Advisor, Mr. Harley Lehman. Bob Fritz was named as the Chapt- ers first Iowa Farmer. 9 3? f 1 gn if a p.. ll Baseball Back row. .J. Buffington, G. Michealson, D. Smidt, W. Schutjer, D. Krom- inga, L. Gray, N. Loeschen, M. Nelson, Mr. Rood. Front row. .R. Hench, J. Trunkhill, R. Studer, Wubben, B. Fritz, H.Steck- er, H. Wibben. pf we f. . 15 as ew 'Q - as L' 'B . 0 9 M 'A gl 1, ',. ssr Glrls I Softball Back row. .Mr. Ophiem, J. Baade, M. Trunelle, S. Smidt, E. Nelson, V. Miller, L. Akkerman, B. Tjaden, V. Swan, B. Ringsdorf. Front row. .M. Welhousen, S. Rippentrop, G. Sleper, D. Beenken, D. Been- ken, T. Bess, D. Callies, D. Krominga. 57 Mainstreet-Titonka, Iowa ,ws .2 This is Mainstreet, Titonka. This is the heart of the friendliest little town in Iowa. This is the home to many and the shopping center for many more. This street is familiar to Kindergarten pupil as well as a High School Senior. This is the community that has built the fine new Elementary building shown below. This Elementary Building was dedicated on Sun- day, May 5, 1957. The building was designed by the firm of Thorson, Thorson and Madsen of Forest City and constructed by Home Improve- ment Co. of Forest City, Iowa. SHE As Alsflgl ff af 1 " -k fx ' 1- -nf -1 -'br sg 0 gk 58 ' JT SAYINSI KINDERGARTEN ROOM FIRST GRADE ROOM FIFTH GRADE ROOM Classrooms in the New Building FIRST FLOOR CORRIDOR GOD'S HOUSE REV. B. H. SCHWERIN PASTOR GOOD HOPE LUTHERAN CHURCH TITONKA REV. MAX GOLDMAN PASTOR TITONKA and DOAN METHODIST Q FATHER KLEIN CATHOLIC CHURCH WESLEY, IOWA REV. H. A. DIERS PASTOR IMMANUEL LUTHERAN CHURCH REV. WILLIAM KROON PASTOR RAMSEY REFORMED CHURCH TITONKA, IOWA TITON KA , IO WA REV. HARLAN KRUSE PRESBYTERIAN PASTOR LAKOTA, IOWA THE STUDENTS OF TITONKA HIGH SCHOOL ARE ACTIVE IN CHURCH WORK. MOST OF THE CHURCHES AND THE PASTORS OF THESE CHURCHES ARE PRESENTED HERE. THE ANNUAL STAFF HAS USED THE FOUR IMPORTANT PHASES OF LIFE. THE FIRST PAGE WAS DEVOTED TO OUR PARENTS WHO HAVE MADE THIS EDUCA- TION POSSIBLE. OTHER PAGES WERE DEVOTED TO THE COMMUNITY WHO HAS MADE THE SCHOOL FACILITIES AVAILABLE. THE SCHOOL OCCUPIES THE BULK OF OUR ANNUAL. THE CHURCH WHICH FURNISHES SPIRITUAL GUIDANCE HAS PLAYED A MOST IMPORTANT PART IN OUR OVERALL EDUCATION. HOMEW' SCHOOL---CHURCH--COMMUNITY. 61 ILLESQSQIZQIB' I I G ge Helmers Art Bartlett August Meyer BOTSFCRD LUMBER CO CO. George Helmers Manager QUALITY BUILDING MATERIALS , Titonka, Iowa 421 I AV . X , G C, ,F WILLEMSSEN HARDWARE Ash' 'APP' PLUMBING 8 HEATING-SHEET METAL g R 9 LORENS L. WILLEMSSEN At Your Service 62 Telephone I-Titonka, Iowa - MELVIN RICKS Reg-35gggen'foP JOHN sToTT DRIVER MANAGER EARMER'S ELEVATOR COMPANY SERVICE FEED SEED GRAIN COAL SALT PHONE 30 TITON KA SAVINGS BANK TITONKA, ICJWA FRIENDLY BANKING SERVICE , ' Y W ---:Y - - ' . 3,1 ozrosrrs INSURED f Thi hdlnlvPE!?3E!ilLff2F1.c0fWn'WH l0, 00i'63."E'1'6fI'32335'48E Sl o,ooo 6 "' ', 1: ' 1 THEM - Pfiliifir 21361, J . . '5 5 . r , 4' ,af ,Mimi 'X l'1Av 1 r .,1. , , ':'sA':f veg,--A521-'s-ALI.. , 4. ' , .. " ifu ag' ' ' .. .Mx 'x .fk ,J ' Env, 5 Z .Q K , . u 'JH Svfiizf ya , 5524-' -A-f. .rv .ff . f t J.. , .., cg, D W., . tl . ri ' 1 ' nf 1 . . . 1752 ' ' 19' Q '- Au... L, M - ,213-.55 'Pg-7 K' 4 1, W4 2311.3 , .. .,:'., ffm ,, L, ..-1-'54 1,01 T. . N... sings? '- .iff 'ag'-1 .H ' 'T" V 342' 1 4. , K . . we-'.1 if t- rf,-4 L ' g.,+ ,vfg ' 7 1-A ' -""f2.5 f vi.. . . V' ' ' "iL'1af"TE f 1 I L J.: 11. lm ' N Y." ' ff YV! QNJJQ3! g. ,. W L ,,,:.1-.1-QQ, 'f' 'fy' 'N , 'QW' ' K1 n--'ax-164 .ig-1' 1 -A f N- ,v ,. - fn N. mfr'-. ,'--ggr. Qs." f' Q ,w 'TE kf""EC.r F'-51? " w Y.. , .- va . -, :r:.r ' .ff .lt f' 'ffl V . " "Fab " ' -- t, Q- Y, ,if .42 , 46" - . ,- 1.1--rf vga J vt Q-11 Q . uf 'M 2 , ' 5' 'E X. f,ff41,L 1 5 , :--wg f ,Q . I' .-iv If - ' ez if x 1, jifdv -racing' 522- fx X ,W .I . U LN. if Q Q 1' 9' f. 1 3, 1 VP A Q Q 1 ,f g A vm 11' -1 - u ,ln .W"! '-QI php "f ,- ' ' A . 1 Sch' 19 ,- 4 za 1 v W, 1 .r ifii, 47 " I v 1 1 1 E505 ' . ,1.-1 a."9-2-xA -. .1 :L 4 u .. Q ' ' "E ff. ' --in. fi. 7' . :fp - V ' -:A .1--.A -4 f.1.l.'?' - Q- ,Y-65 '.'E:',"'f .I W, 1 . :..',. .N .,t 14. . '31-. . Z Q. I1 I-H' " ' 1 . N-', fi . "4 '.4'- . -4 1 N ' 1 SH! Q r V 4, ,Fw -1 S ' ' -5 1- m' .

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