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'Emi F -. 'x TITUNKA lllhll SCIHHIL TITIDNKA IIN! A A .HWH2 '!",. A :L I ,-W -1 . Q 4 ' f T A 11 .iw Y ' Y- 3, ri?" , ' , . R 4 - 3 T X rl, ' fx nf 'za x Yr-1' . N A ,mu ' L 9 M, W B ' 1 DEDICATIU 'E' It 15 wrth prlde that we the semor class of 1953 do hereby dedr cate thrs INDIAN to Mr H G Mehlan He w11l long be remem bered for hrs frrendly manner and vrbrant personahty Through hrs four years of leadershrp the Semors have developed both mentally through hrs classes and physrcally through hrs athletrc groups 'AH ' 1 K, as 1 9 ' . - . . " , . School Board STANDING FROM LEFT TO RIGHT H I Orthel Ernest Peterson T I Rerth Supeuntendent J R Schutjer Ernest Hofmann Presrdent SITTING LEFT TO RIGHT Mrs Homer Downs Treasurer Harold Gartner Secretary Mrs Wx1burSchram i""d'.....a 1 1 . - y , . . , , . f I , I - , , , , . . - Rx, x Q! Y . xxx , K ,X I . X m'Q D , - I ..,' sv' 1 ' ,J K' rx ' Q 5 'jim .v. mx? in 'Uv ,ni-' ve ' vw R ANNUAL STAFF Mary Tjaden Edrtor Mr Barlow Sponsor Gene Rmgsdorf Assrstant Edrtor Betty DeWa11 Drama Norma Norland Musrc Guy Carlson W111 Wanda Folkerts Prophecy Darrell Hammond Hrstory IN' ., Yu, SZ Sl 'Y' Y-Y A 1 X O X Ig- I Q Hb , 'Que 'kv 5i if 3-sk fit lk, .R Cf Merlrn Bartelt Busrness Manager Mrke McDonald Adverusrng Mary Bartlett Busmess Manager Ronald Nelson Photography Harrtet Beenken Ptctures Prrsctlla Stockwell Grrls Sports Harrret Radamaker Socral Harry Boyken Boys Sports 1,1 fx 'C' 16' f' 5-.58 '58 'fig' ik 'iff "' My ,,,a-v Rexth, Superintendent Mrs A J Budlong Prmczpal 55 Q-W? AD I Mx H. G Mehlan Coach Mrs R. Schutjer Eng Drama O ., 4, ips? if Mr. Nicholson Mr. Theisse 'ET Mr. Barlow Mr. Dockst ader STUDENT COUNCIL SEATED left to right Norma Gerdxs Betty Carlson Manlyn Peterson I-lamet Radmaker V1ce Presxdent. STANDING Rlchard Doughan Gene Rrngsdorf Presxdent Gresham Roskamp Kenneth boats Mr Rerth Supervisor The student council consrsts of 8 members whxch act as a govermng body for the hrgh school. There are Doughan from the sophomore class Betty arlson and Kenneth Loats from the Jumor class Manlyn Peterson and Gresham Roskamp from the semor class Harrret Radmaker and Gene Peterson OOOUOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Mr Barlow fWh.tle golfingy Confound it Thersse you almost hit my wife Mr Thxesse Did I? Well, take a shot at rrune! Confratulations Dr M Woods two representatives from each class. The r?resentat1ves from the freshmen class are Norma Gerdis and Richard . : . . ' I as Z'-4"'f"'-A 'ol-'Fi Edward Har IS Our jamtor 13 ,3- 1 if Rose Cordes, School Secretary i i A .4 V I , f rig: - , - JW. , ' s 7"' H t Y K 'N ,..uf , 'V . Q , . , Wi. 1. , ' ' . 'I I, dint SCHOOL COOKS LEFT TO RIGHT Mrs Baade Mrs Stockwell Mrs Tjarks It s not how mucn you eat but what you eat that counts' We ve come a long way smce our frrst hot lunch was served rn our school Thrs lunch consrsted of a bowl of soup and a sandwrch throught from homey The soup was prepared rn one of the homes and brought rn at noon The hot lunch of today 18 prepared rn a new modern kttchen here rn the school and must meet the standard requrrements of a type A lunch 2 oz of hrgh protren food Cmeat eggs cheese etc J 3X4 C vegetable andfor frurt l servrng of bread and butter 112 pmt mrlk Our new school drnrng room wrll seat approxrmately 275 students and an average of 230 meals are served here each day The three cooks Mrs Tjarks Baade Stockwell prepare and serve all the food and clean up after the meal New equrpment rs berng added from trme to trme we are very fortunate to have an electrrc potato peeler rn our krtchen Thrs makes the peeling of a 1004 sack of potatoes more of a pleasure than a chore The drsh washxng unrt consrsts of a three compartment srnk used to wash scald and sterrlrze the plates The plates are then stacked rn racks to dry Srlver rs washed rn the same way and allowed to arr dry The work schedule rs planned so that each day each person has a drfferent chore, thrs IS especrally true rn the cleanrng and drsh washrng J d X ' h f H- A , .Q-r' rf' 7 "1 ' f.:: X t 1 W s ,c , - I 2. .Q WL' 5 U .-v-1 5 4 an HW xt 531-I fm-H M, ,., ight K f 1 Y VL N U ga. - A fl, 4 ' am ..,. - f ' r 'JYZE -- fr I . . 1: 323: ,CAE 5' X ' 47 JG! QQ, .. X' FET? g I K 3,1 M inlay"- ' f, 1 ffg::2'gg'E. I Nt VV I .ki I V , , .1 ..., N I " I Ref, ' . , . , . . , , . . , . Y . , , . 1 ' . . I I I ' ' I ' 4 I 9 I , . . . . . . 1 - I , . . . il 's se SENIORS lf, Ill ur ,I Q 1 J: 45194 5 AGNES IO ANN IANSSEN Men may go men may come cause for me there s only one Cheerleader 3 4 Basketball 1 2 Reporter 2 3 Glee Club 2 Jumor Class Play Dramaucs 1 Dull Team 1 GUY CARLSON He looks quret Do change thrngs Presrdent 4 Baseball 1 2 Basketball 2 3 4 Glee Club 2 Clannet Trro Marchrn Band 2 3 Concert nd 1 Pep Band 2 Mrxed Chorus 4 Dramatrcs 1 Junior Class Play Annual Staff 4 Football 3 4 1 act play 3 n t pictures 'Ds 7 'Ir WANDA FOLKERTS Insrde or out she s a peach of a scout Basketball 1 2 3 4 Presrdent 1 GENE RINGSDORF He loves lugh school but he loves another better Baseball 1 2 3 4 Basketball 2 3 4 Football 3 4 Jumor Class Play Presldent 2 Treasurer 3 Student Councll Pres 4 Annual Staff 4 Boys Glee Club 2 C1t1zensh1p Award 2 3 Pep Band2 Y i fi Marclun Band 1 2 3 4 Concert and 1 2 3 4 M1xed Chorus 4 Glee Club 1 2 4 Iumor Class Play Sextette 1 Class Sextette 1 2 Clarmet Quartet 3 Annual Staff F -9 Y ' r f l I ' , ' Qs 4 59 .E ' 1 ' 'i s 'Y . I ' I ss, ' ' ,4 Y' X 4-Fifa.. NI' M' MARY TJADEN You tlunk an elephant has a memory! Marchm Band 1 2 3 4 Pep Ban 2 3 4 Concert Band 1 2 3 4 Annual Staff 4 M1xed Chorus 4 Class Sextette l 2 Declam 1 Student Councxl 3 Guls Glee Club 1 2 3 4 Clannet Trxo 3 4 HARRY BOYKEN Good thrngs strll packa es Baseball 1 2 3 4 Basketball 1 2 3 Football 3 4 Class reporter 1 Vice Presldent 2 Class play 3 One Act Play 3 Glee Club 2 Annual Staff 4 come tn l1tt1e ...Sk if ' , . n A W ,' fi -1 HARRIET BEEKEN her talk go on forever Dramaucs 1 2 3 4 Jumor Class Play Glee Club 1 2 3 4 Mixed Chorus 4 Student Council 2 Drill Team 1 NEAL BOYKEN 'Flashl I own a car with 4 good tiles " Basketball 1 2 3 4 Baseball 1 2 3 4 Football 3 4 Concert Band 1 2 3 4 Marching Band 1 2 3 4 Junior Class Play Glee Club 1 .1 'Q 'Q 1 1 1 x I I I A D I I 9 I I l I .1 X N ruin , J "Like a circle never ending, does i . I I I fb . I I I 'H 55 1 - f 3 NORMA NORLAND Joy of youth her eyes display Glee Club 1 2 3 4 Mixed Chorus 4 Marchmg Band 1 2 3 4 Concert Band 1 2 3 4 Pep Band 2 3 4 Class Treasurer 2 High School Sextette 3 Trlo 4 Class Sextette 1 2 Cheerleadmg 3 4 Clannet Quartette 4 Annual Staff 4 TERRY SCHUTIER Shy but a gentlem standlng Baseball 1 2 3 4 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Boys Chorus 1 2 Class Play 3 an of good 'tr-,M T' 4 R3 gi 'Q' WL. MARY ANN BARTLETT It takes her a whrle to get a start but some day a man wlll get her heart Glee Club 1 2 3 4 Mrxed Chorus 4 Freshman Sextette Sophomore Sextette Sextette 2 3 4 Jumor Class Play Sohst 2 3 4 Dramatrcs 4 Annual Staff 4 MERLE GIESKING Worth rs never measured rnsrze Baseball 1 2 3 4 Football 3 Iuruor Class Play Boys Chorus 1 Secretary 4 xx 90 'Q' wi ?. . DAVID HON KEN "I may do someunng sensible YSL " Football 3, 4 Baseball 1, 2 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Marchin Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Junior Cgass Play ,,f""'l-. ..-. Glee Club 1, 2 aP"'F" dum W HARRIET JO ANN RADMAKER I swear I m touched by Cupxd s dart Basketball 1 2 3 4 Glee Club 2 Student Councll 4 Jumor Class Play Dr1ll Team 1 QPR 'Us QS. X Q, ' 'V I, F BEVERLY STECKER Quiet in appearance with .no tives unknown Drill Team 1 Glee Club 1 2 3 4 Basketball 3 Mixed Chorus 4 ARDEN NELSON Somewhat livelier than his moth- er thinks him. Student Council 2 Class Play 3 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Glee Club 2 Boys Chorus 4 Mixed Chorus 4 Pep Band 3, 4 Marching Band 2, 3, 4 Concert Band 2, 3, 4 Football 3, 4 Cornet Trio 4 Dramatics 1 Political Campaign Dem. 4 'ff' 'i ir'-A Ei ! 1 Q x 3 1' K , I I 0 A - V 'fs . I "'Uf',K 'NSS--Q MALCOLM MC DONALD After man came woman and she has been after hrm ever 511106 Transfer Student Baseball 2 3 Basketball 4 Football 4 Glee Club 2 Mrxed Chorus 4 One Act Play 3 Vrce Presldent 3 Annual Staff 3. DELORIS HARRINGA Qu1et unnl you know her Glee Club 1 2 3 4 Dramaucs Drrll Team 1 Iunror Class Play Mrxed Chorus 4 Basketball 1 2 3 'Es ,,r MARLENE DeBOER Not too serious not t she has her way Concert Band 1 2 3 4 Pep Band 3 4 Marclun Band 1 Mixed C orus 4 Glee Club 1 2 3 Junior Class Play ooay 4 RONALD NELSON "Give him music and he shall be at ease. " Football 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 4 Glee Club 2, 4 Baritone Vocal Solo 3 Drum Ensemble 3 Junior Class Play One Act Play 3 Dramatics 1 4 Basketball 1 Baseball 1 2 Pep Band 2 3 4 Concert Band 1 2 3 4 Marching Band 1 2 3 4 Rep Political Campaign 4 'lr-Q' Sn? I wil, " I .. "' ', '. Q .. .. . g ' ' ,2,3, it - it , , ,4 , Q'?r xl 4 gl N..- LEONA KAY WILSON Bubblmg over w1th pep vrm and vxtalrty Basketball 1 2 Dr1ll Team 1 Dramaucs 2 3 4 Glee Club 2 3 M1xed Chorus 4 PAUL KROMINGA Never w1thout a remark Baseball 1 2 3 4 Basketball 1 2 3 Football 3 4 Jumor Class Play Glee Club 2 Reporter 1 1. W 19 1""1 -.gf 1 1 1 - - ma ,,,4 Y A 2 1 2 A 2 . ' ,3 I I I4 I 'L flak' fi ' -. ., p ig? p V if K A 'gr A f 'A il 43 fl ' 4-dx 'Q "" CAROLINE VAN HOVE The only way to have a fnend xs to be one Concert Band 1 Marchm Band 1 Glee Clu 1 2 3 Mxxed Chorus 4 MERLIN BART ELT Sxlence and common make the man Football 3 4 Dramatlcs 1 2 Iumor Class Play One Act Play 3 Boys Chorus 1 2 sense do ay' 1' 'P- flu, 911 K W CAROL CALLIES Bemg a woman 15 a very d1ffr cult task as It consrsts of dealrng wrth men. Basketball 1 2 3 4 Glee Club 1 2 Mxxed Chorus 4 Sextette 3 Trro 4 Freshman Sextette Sophomore Sextette Jumor Class Play One Act Play 3 Concert Band 1 2 3 4 Marchrng Band 1 2 3 4 Dramatrcs 1 Presrdent 3 Treasure 1 LLOYD GRAY An all around swell guy Baseball 1 2 3 4 Vrce Presrdent 4 Student Council 3 S 'FSO q""'.i GALE GERARD The best he s kept the worst he s glven Baseball 1 2 3 Pep Band 2 3 4 Marclnng Band 1 2 3 4 Concert Band 1 2 3 4 Comet Tr1o 4 Boys Glee Club 1 Jun1or Class Play 3 ROBERT JOHNSON I hke candy but no more chocolate Baseball 1 2 Class Play 3 118785 X. ALFONS KNAUTH He IS capable of hrs hrghest am bmons Exchange student from Germany Basketball 4 Mrxed Chorus 4 Marchxng Band 4 Dramancs 4 Baseball 4 PRISCILLA STOCKWELL She seems qulte drgmfxed but walt unul you know her Freshman Sextette Glee Club 1 2 3 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Vrce Presldent 1 Concert Band 1 2 3 4 Marchmg Band 1 2 3 4 Cornet Solo 1 Brass Sextette 3 4 Annual Staff 4 'Wm :yew 45" fy 2, ,Z ' 5 EDWARD LARSON 'He was short changed when they passed out the brains. " Baseball 1 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4 Fire Monitor 2, 3 v 'M-nuff MERLE PETERSON Those women are drivmg me mad espec1a11y the teachers Wai:- K DARRELL HAMMOND Small but dynamlte comes rn small packages Baseball 2 3 Basketball 2 3 Football 3 4 Assxstant drrector Class Play 3 Annual Staff 4 Pohtrcal Campalgn Rep 4 'W' One Act Play 3 Boys Glee Club 2 Concert Band 1 2 3 4 Marchm Band 1 2 3 4 " Pep Ban 4 ,,,f B ET TY DEW ALL Her Smxle belongs to everyone but her heart belongs to someone else Dramatxcs 1 Basketball 1 2 3 4 """ Marclung Band 1 2 3 4 Concert Band 1 2 3 4 Glee Club 1 2 3 4 Mlxed Chorus 4 Sax 8010131 2 3 Secuonal Free Throw Champ 2 Class Play 3 One Act Play 3 Sextette 2 3 Fue Momtor 4 ...Q Tno 4 Class Sextette 1 2 Sax Trxo 4 Annual Staff 4 J' is ,,,, b ' ' ' . , . 5 ' I' Y' I , -W'-fav' ' " Woodwind Quartette 4 x ' 'vii . U ' 'xjwmv ss. 4 4 as 'gk 4 f"'v X RONALD GARRETT He ll frnd a way Transfer student 4 Football tnanatzer 4 Senior Class Colors: Navy Blue and wl ite Class Flower: Yellow Rose. SWAN'S Extends the greatest of Success to the Seniors of '53 Furniture, Funeral Home Titonka, Iowa Phone 91 C ASS WILL Merlrn Bartlet wlll my abrlrty to drsagree wtth everytlung sard to Ketth rf he can keep up wrth me Mary Ann Bartlett w1ll my soprano solos to Marrlyn Callres when she rs feelrng mrghty low Harrret Beenken w1ll my ladylrke grggle to Phyllxs Swyter she could use a change Harry Boyken wrll my tongue whrch rs always hangrng out to anybody that wants rt we don t want tt Neal Boyken w1ll my abrlity to look tnnocent when rn mrschref to Larry Peterson he s never even gutlty Carol Callres w1ll my two trmrng ways to Evelyn Wrllemssen poor Lloyd Guy Carlson w1ll my graceful walk to Mrs Budlong Marlene DeBoer w1ll my rolled up blue Jeans to Dean Boyken they re hrs srze Betty DeWall w1ll my so called abrlrty to rce skate to Dons Hrpp when she graduates from usrng a ptllow Wanda Folkerts wrll my twelve cent dramond rrng to Donme Gerdrs Ronald Garret w1ll my unused comb to Donald Radmaker he won t have a butch all of lus lrfe Gale Gerard wrll my abtltty to keep rn step rn band to LuVerne Hanson he wtll never learn Merle Gerskmg wrll my calmness to Wrllram Smrdt then maybe that Ford w1ll slow down Lloyd Gray w1ll my abrhtywrth Jumor girls to Dean Boyken Dean sgot a Plymouth what else do they want? Darrell Hammond w1ll my nrght wrth the Schutjer grrl to whoever rs goxng wrth her that goes under lost and found Delorrs Harrlnga w1ll my long harr to the Trlly twrns two heads should be better than one Davrd l-lonken w1ll my abrhty to keep a sentor grrlto anyone that can keep one tlus 15 for those who are ing to keep two Agnes Janssen w1ll my red Ford to Nobody I haven t got rt yet Robert Johnson will my horse to Dons Kuchenreuther poor lrttle horse Alfanse Knouth w1ll my plaid shun to Carol Dunmtre Al rsn t fussy Paul Kromtnga w1ll my athletrc letters to be dtstrrbuted among all boys who drdn t go out for athlettcs he s your man grrls Edward Larson w1ll my shop abxlrty to the underclassmen he w1ll have erght frngers come vacatron. Malcolm McDonald will my berng teacher s pet rn Government class to Kent Hoover when he rsn t krcked out. Arden Nelson w1ll my tnps to Lakota to Davrd Buffrngton all you need IS a convertrble Ronald Nelson will my manly rmagrnary muscles to Herbert Harms he could use them Norma Norland w1ll my cheerleadrng abrlrty to Marlene Stecker Merle Peterson wrll my noothprcks to Donald Frttz for hrs front tooth. Hamet Radmaker w1ll my abrlrty to keep football boys out after trauung hours to Thelma Ullmann we never thought rt of you Harrret Gene Rlngsdorf will my quarterback posrtron to Srd Buffington. Beverly Stecker w1ll my abrhty to blush over anytlung anytime anyplace to my srster Marlys she never blushes . I . .. . . . . ... . . . . . . . . . . . , . . . . , . . .. . . , . I I ' I Y ' .I . -.. . . . , . . . . , . . a ' v - ' - .. . . . ' . . ' ' - . . . .' . , . . I I ' . . .. . . ' . . .. ' . .. .' . . . ., . , nh , v 1 - I Y . . . . . ., I . ' . .. . . D .. try- . , . , . I I ' . . . ., I l ' . . . . . . , .-- , l , . ' . ., , . . . . . , . . , . I I I I 9 I . , I ' , . , . . .' . I I , . I I I .I .9 I I I I I Terry Scnutjer w1ll my wrecked ford to anybody that can hx rt that can happen to the best of us Pnscxlla Stockwell w1ll my lucky basketball ab1l1ty to Jeraldme Ullmann. Mary Tjaden w1ll My mrghty brarn to Carol Rerth for her chemlstry Leona Wllson w1ll my f1gure to Gary Zwlefel they would make a mce pau' wouldn t they? Carolme VanHove w1ll my real flrst name Bena to anyone who wants II In closmg the semors wxsh to w1ll all gum stuck under desks spxtballs on the Celllllg paper wads rubber bands remarks wrxtten on the walls eraser throwmg and anythmg else you may happen to fmd rn old T H S belongmg to the semors to the underclassmen ,uh Pl ,-r" 'V In if: Dr H. L Torgersen Denust Truonka Iowa 1. ' . ' ' ' . ' '. ' . as s 5 ' Ap I 5 Iwi? J 1 .4 'Q a F f .4 is 'QP ' fx , up MH xii 4 QE - I ly 5 ' . fc 3 C ASS III TURY On September 1 1941 we started out on our 12 year Journey by a very slow movrng caravan of camels A the rerns on our frrst phase of the trrp we had M1ss Groome She had 21 followers Kanet Blanchard Carol Callres Betty DeWa1l Wanda Folkerts Karon Hansen Alv1na Harms Norma Norland Prrscrlla Stockwell James Blanchard Russell Blerck Elvm Boeckholt Harry Boyken Neal Boyken Merle Gerskrng Leroy Huff Davrd Honken Sterlrng Hursman Ronald Nelson Paul Kromrnga Phrlrp Orthel and Franklrn Prursman We now had a short pause for our gallant steeds to refrll on water Then we went back on our way to a new oasrs On our lead steed we had Mrss Mrller We garned a few rtders and lost a few too They were Janet and James Blanchard Alv1na Harms Russell Blerck and Karon Harms To sughtly offset our loss we recerved Bonme Carr and John Abbas On our thrrd lap of our Journe we had M1ss Johnson for our gurde We garned two more followers whrle losrng none They were Patty Hansen and Gale Gerard We resumed our Journey on the fourth consecutrve year We had M1ss Bean to lead us along on our Journey At the last oasrs we lost Patty Hansen and John Abbas They ate too many dates and we had to leave them bu we prcked up Robert Harrrson and Marlene DeBoer On our frfth phase of our Journey the followers remarned the same whrle our gurde was changed to Mrss Berr M1ss Lady took control of our caravan on the srxth year Phrhp Orthel was the only one we lost when we began our lap But because the pressure became too great calf and Jacquahne Mrchel Mrs Oesterrercher was rn charge of our caravan on the seventh part of our scenrc Journey Durlng thrs part of the Journey we recerved three new drrvers Robert Johnson Mary Tjaden and Leona Wrlson Meanwhrle our caravan caught up wrth stragglers of the caravan before us The drrvers were Merle Peterson and Kenzy Korte On the last lap of our frrst erght years we had Mrs Torgeson as our gurde We added qurte a few to our mov mg caravan They were Guy Carlson Darrell Hammond Bernrce Goetz Agnes Janssen Edward Larsen Duane Smrth and Beverly Stecker After we had traveled halfway through the year we prcked up another drrver Donald Klocke We had fr rshed most of the tr1p but we frnally got rnto the hrgh part of the trrp known as Hrgh School Thrs year we had Mr Castor as our drrector We also recerved several new camel drrvers Lloyd Gray Arden Nelson Ge e Rrngsdorf and Terry Schutjer We had a few grrls prcked up too They were Carohne VanHove Harrret Beenken Mary Ann Bartlett Delorrs Harrrnga and Harrret Radmaker We lost just one drrver tlus ,ear rranklrn Prursman Akkerman Lrvestock Co Trtonka Iowa Phone 211 1 1 ' . ' . - t t ' ' . Leroy Hoff and Robert Harrison dropped off, We also got a few new camel driversg Merlin Bartelt, Richard Met- History, continued: On the tenth lap we recerved a new head drrver he was Mr Mehlan We lost 2 people thrs year They were Rrchard Metcalf and Kenzy Korte Those that Jorned us were Malcolm McDonald Ronald Garrett and Anna Boesen W1th just two laps to go we had Mrs Budlong as the head drrver wrth an addrtronal loss of three drrvers They were Anna Boesen Duane Smrth and Donald Klocke We are on our last journey s lap wlth Mr Mehlan and Mr Rerth as our head men We were all very happy to recerve a new duvet all the way from Germany known as Alfonse Knouth We are at our graduatton day at long last We are happy to wave goodbye to old T H S and the faculty We also want at thrs trme to turn our cara an over to Mrs Budlong and Mr Rerth to do what they see best flt Those that are on the ptvotpornt of therr lr e Harry Boyken Neal Boyken Carol Calhes Marlene DeBoer Betty DeWall Wanda Folkerts Ronald Garrett Gale Gerard Merle Gerskrng Davrd Honken Agnes Janssen Alfonse Knouth Paul Kromlnga Malcolm McDonald Ronald Nelson Norma Norland Merle Peterson Prrscrlla Stockwell Leona W1l son Merlrn Bartelt Mary Ann Bartlett Harrtet Beenken Guy Carlson Lloyd Gray Darrell Hammond Delorrs Harrrnga Robert Johnson Edward Larsen Arden Nelson Harrret Radmaker Gene Rrngsdorf Terry Schutjer Beverly Stecker Mary Tjaden and Carohne VanHove lil Pg A qs Q -f si Eg: -' Y 'f are: 'Q V TT ' , xv it -Q 344 1 Vg ,M ' it 7,520 4 r I , 5 xii 4- i. b .7 'Al Y 1, Sv -8 I-In ' Sl. fn X . Nm all x76 A X: gf K VTR' 5 Q 4 ,,f0, Q 1 v 'Q f 1 .f r. X F 'VN big Q02 :dm azsgw igagm awwbm 55300 NAOESOU HOUSES 5533 RO :EUSU Q3 HULUABH BQQNUUM ECA EWEEEM: 52: M2-33 2:3 EVREUED H2 UEU 3502 SEGA 520:25 aww 593:00 32:6 5396 EW: so-QOE EOE H2-32 Uedu my 33 30255 ESOC! OES CEUEOBMH 8:52-O: 5535 wr-E5EOw SERS SLUSF Um UEOTH Exam 5395 H00-um 352 E32 5 EE ME 4:3 ggvgw ENE N 0:3 Es gm Q EEK U-am CUE EOE amz SERHM Uwmw:OU OH Om SEQ E fog HOO-tw Emi swam 2:5 m H3252 5523 2023 33 ESE :UOCOU MESUSU OH :GEOS QE 5:-Nadu OU WCG 32 MO Edo 22- ggw :Sag : m gm ini gsm HBEGL UUENE so Qian! 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HA 5553 E053 8 wgoo BHG :N :SEQ 2-EE Q L m - H- : H: ' h M F n . W . U -I u 1 N . . O U N K- . t n U .i 1 U . I . 1 N - D I n b l N a I . 1 . - 1 - F I g . l . ' Z. PROPIIE Y Dear Mr Rerth Last week we held a class reunron at Call Park We are sure you wrll be rnterested as to what each member of the class of 53 rs dorng lt seems that EDWARD LARSON has opened up a beauty saloon rn German Valley and has employed BEVERLY STECKER as hrs harr stylrst Busrness prospered for a few years untrl Beverly came up wrth what she thought was a sensauon rn harr styles The new creatron was a sequel to the poodle cut The lucky lady choos rng the new style went through tlus process The harr was shampooed rn sea water to produce waves cut w1th a potato slrcer to grve the effect of curls and then rolled up on frre crackers to produce bangs MARY ANN BARTLETT one of the more talented members of the class wrll be long remembered for her hxgh soprano vorce Mary Ann suffered a slrght mrsfortune rn her last year rn lugh school when she scalded her tonsrls at a chrlr supper but she d1d not let that stop her from becomrng a success She got a job at the Metropol rtan smgrng bass as astand rn for PHILLIP NICHOLSON GUY CARLSON the senror class presrdent really made headlrnes when he startled the world by sarlmg to England and sweeprng Prrncess Margret off her feet wrth a proposal of marrrage Of course she accepted not every woman can be the wrfe of a garbage collector RONALD NELSON became a much sought after man about town after he took over the Job of Charles Atlas rn hrs muscle burldmg cl1n1c Ronald had such a well developed physique that he almost became Mr Amerrca rn 1983 Just as the Judge was about to award the trophy Ronald s wife the former MARY TJADEN came rush rng up to the platform lut Ronald over the head with her purse and camed h1m down the arsle and out the back door It seems that Ronald forgot to wash the drshes before he left the house that mornrng MERLE PETERSON who was always lookrng for an easv wav to make a lrvrng frnally found the solutron to hrs problem He marrred a lxttle lndran squaw daughter of a chref Merle soon found a way to send papa off no the happy huntrng grounds and took over the trrbe After that Merle could sleep rn peace and no one would bother him except to roll hmm over every two weeks so he wouldn t krll the grass ARKY NELSON made over a mwllron dollars after his graduatron you see he xnvented a krss proof lrpsnck made from hickorv nut Jurce and Shrnola shoe polrsh. That s why the grrls are just wild about Arky . . - , . . . O . . ' I , . I 1 . - , Q 0 n ' I . n u - l - 5 . . , ' s 1 U r r ' ' C 0 n . . . . . ,, ,, . , . . , . . n u - - - - . . . , , - , . . . . . . . ,, I, . Prophecy contrnued NEAL BOYKEN after recervrng lus drploma from T H S went as a mrssronary to Afrrca Whrle there met and marrred a black skrnned damsal and at the last count was the father of 19 chrldren HARRY BOYKEN who seemed to have the most enormous appetlle ln Semor class after graduatron gave up stuffrng hrmself and became a taxrdermrst. He clarmed II was more fun to stuff dead anrmals NORMA NORLAND, the lovely Algona Band Queen went on to strll more fame and success At the annual Hobo Day rn Ash Can Mrssourr Norma was crowned the Queen of the Hobos Bet on Norma to look cute rn any srtuatron even wrth a tomato can for her crown LEONA WILSON became a professor at Iowa Stare College untrl she felt her brarn was needed elsewhere At the request of I Edger Hoover Leona went to Washrngton to work on an rnternatronal problem At the last re port the world was strll wartrng breathlessly for an answer to Whlch comes frrst the egg or the chrcken CAROL CALLIES the neat slrck chrck rn the senror class d1d an amaztng thrng rrght after graduatron nrght MERLIN BARTELT actually used some of the knowledge he garned rn hrghschool when he chose hrs vocatron Merlrn became a Judge at the Atlantrc Crty bathrng beauty contests Of course he was qurte experrenced rn thrs lrne of work he always had an eye for prckrng cattle whrle on the farm at home MIKE MC DONALD PAUL KROMINGA DAVID HONKEN LLOYD GRAY and TERRY SCHUTJER pool ed therr resources after completrng therr educatron and bought a Burlesque show The boys always d1d apprecrate the f1ner tlungs of lrfe Whrle tourrng the country they spent a we ' vn Mexrco Crty and there met an old frrend of therrs They reported that PRISCILLA STOCKWELL was the most ravrshrng bullfrghter south of the border Prrscrlla was so glad to see the boys that she presented them all wrth a portron of the anatomy of her latest vrctxm Ears to you boys A few members of the class mamed rmmedrately after graduatron and settled down. WANDA FOLKERTS lrved on a lrttle chrcken farm on the outskuts of Tyke but when the prrce of feed went up and the prrce of poul try dropped she gave up rarsrng chrckens and started rarsrng small frres HARRIET RADMAKER Jorned the Waves rn hopes of berng statroned near her husband GENE RINGSDORF After she was grven an rntellrgence test Harrret ' . . . . . . . . . . u . ' he She is now producing a show called, "The Marilyn Monroe Ir. Show" in a city called Plum Creek. Prophecy conunued was put rn complete command of the shrp her husband was aboard. The last report was that Gene was getting tued of salutmg Admrral Hamer as she passed by wh1le he was scrubbmg decks MARLENE DE BOER, one of the quleter members of the class fooled everybody by rrsmg to a hrgh offlce 1n the govemment She became secretary to the Presrdent of the Umted States Marlene sarm was to get a bachelor presldent rn offrce but after wartmg ten years for thrs to oome to pass she frnally gave up and eloped w1th the ambassador from Slberra MERLE GIESKING CAROLINE VAN HOVE I learned had fallen rn love wxth a c1rcus attendant when the Brg Show stopped rn Tltonka They were secretly marrred when she was a sophomore and after graduatron she Jolned her husband and became Madame Flfl the famous lady wrestler Travelmg rn the same show wrth Carolme was DARRELL HAMMOND In hrgh school Darrell had lugh hopes of followrng rn the footsteps of Mr Mehlan and becommg a football coach But after three days of teachrng Darrell gave up and became a monkey tramer for the cucus RONALD GARRETT was the owner of a gamblrng casrno 1n Las Vegas Nevada untxl one day he was un rortunate enough to have one of hrs old classmates v1s1t hrs establxshment and lose a scant m1ll1on dollars HARRIET BEENKEN was so angry at losrng her lnherxtance from her erghth husband that she flew 1nto a rage and left the place rn shambles Wh1le Hamet was cool1ng off rn Alcatraz she was surprxsed one mormng to see a famrlrar face peerrng at her through the bars It was BETTY DE WALL Alcatraz fxrst woman prlson guard Inqurrmg 1f any other of her classmates were around Harrlet found out that Gale Gerard and Alphonse were Just two cell blocks down They were servlng t1me for stealtng water melons w1thout a hcense Several members were very modest rn tellmg therr accomplrshments rn lrfe so Agnes Janssen was chosen to enltghten us on a few deta1ls She began tellrng us that she had spent several years at the North Pole nursmg the Eskxmos before she decrded there was an easrer way to make a hvmg and returned to the U S On the boat gorng home from Alaska Agnes met DELORES HARRINGA and she encouraged Agnes to go 1nto busmess w1th her Delores was a lady plrate and qurte a darmg one at that Just the summer before she looted Fort Knox and rf she hadn t developed such a guilty conscrence and returned half of the money the U S would have gone bankrupt ROBERT JOHNSON seems to have a very very lnteresttng occupatrou, He has developed a formula for mak Prophecy contmued mg red ha1r dye and IS now sellmg OVCI 1000 packages eacn month. We certarmy dxdn t know your red hau would go to your head. Now I believe we had lnformed you of all our classmates and we can Uuthfully say that each rs happy 1n the1r work We are lookmg forward to havmg you wlth us next year at our reumon Respectfully yours The Class of 53 in 41? 4? I an BL.. J Gerrnan Valley Store General Merchandise Phone 3 56 Tltonka Route 2 Tltonka Iowa I I K au x' ' Y A' ' f' .A ,., W 1 5' y'f.,,5 '. , Q pgs! ,, V , gp f.f"dlig!"w7k, uf J' 'R - 7 W' . ' D A fy ,., , , a I T-fl J' f 0 Q A . , I LASS NIGHT 'vlay 15 1953 Etghth Grade Commencement Boys Football Awards Boys Basketball Awards Boys Baseball Awards Grrls Basketball Awards Cheerleader Awards Spectal Musrc Class Hrstory Cttrzenshrp Award Garlene Gray Cltrzenshrp Award Guy Carlson Am Legron Award Harrret Beenken Class Poem Class W1ll CLASS HYMN LIVING FOR JESUS Ltvtng for Jesus a lrfe that rs true Strrvmg to please Hrm rn all that I do Yreldtn allegtance glad hearted and free T rs rs the pathway of blesslng for me Ltvtng for Jesus thro earth s lrttle whrle My dearest treasure the lrght of Hrs smrle Seekrng the lost ones He dled to redeem Brrngrng the weary to frnd rest rn Hrm Chorus O Jesus Lord and Savror I give myself to Thee For Thou ln Thy atonement, Drdst grve Thyself for me I own no other Master My heart shall be Thy throne School Audltorrun T I Re th Mehlan Mehlan Mehlan T I Re th Mrs Brandt Boys Group Ronnte Nelson Martrn Norland Neal Boyken Davld Dreesman Gresham Roskam Kenny Loats Leroy Bruns Merlrn Bartelt Mrs Budlong Mr Barlow Mrs DaleG l-lrggrns Betty DeWall Agnes Janssen My llve I grve henceforth to lrve O Chrrst for Thee alone A 1 I ' I ' '-'-'----------------------------- -------- M r. .. i """""'--"'-''--"'---'-----------H------- Mr. """"""'"''"'---''"'--------------------U Mr. ' "'-"""'--"'-- -'--'---------------------- - -- Mr. .. i P Band Mothers Awards ----------------- ------------------- --------..... M 1- 5. Wm. Boyken ASS POEM Great memorres wrll forever lrnger The memorres we hold so dear Many are the thrngs we ll cherrsh Of the frrends that we ve found here We ll frrst begrn wrth our pal Guy A second Ernstern that s no Ire' Alfonse rs the German lad Always happy never sad Gale Gerard plays rn the band At cornet playrng he s really grand' Carolrne rs qurte a gal Always talkrng she s a pal Merle Peterson always sleeps through classes Erther that or flrrts wrth lasses We also have another Merle Krd Harrret bout berng hrs grrl Ed Larson rsn t a quret lad But a better frrend could never be had Norma Norland stands only frve foot two If you lrke the popular type she s the grrl for you For causrng laughs Neal Boyken holds hrgh place Cause when rt comes to crackrng Jokes Neal rs a ce Harrret and Gene make qurte a parr When there s fun to be had they re always there Next rn lrne comes Betty DeWal1 In musrc and sports she s on the ball Delorrs Harrrnga rs very neat In clothes and manners she can t be beat Mary Mary qurte contrary She rs our walkrng drctronary A cheerleader comes next on our lrst It s Agnes Janssen who can t be mrssed Then there s Arky and hrs tan convert Leona Wrlson lrkes lots of fun When there s foolrng around she s there on t e run Then there s a guy called Harry the Bull He eats and eats and never gets full Ronnre Nelson plays the drums When rt comes to hrs Ford he makes rt hum Merlrn Bartelt rs the next guy we ll mentron A farmer to be rs hrs rntentron Prrscrlla shortened a boy s class rrng Davrd thrnks rt s qurte the thrng Next we come to a fellow named Mrke Carol rs the grrl whom he really lrkes Beverly Stecker rs often called Strcks When she starts talkrng she really clrcks Mary Bartlett has a beautrful vorce For srngrng soprano she s our frrst chorce Robert Johnson adores eatrng candy, He also thrnks hrs car rs a dandy Then there s a gal named Marlene DeBoer She used to go wrth a sophomore Paul s the athlete of the bunch He ll turn out frne we have a hunch Terry Schutjer srmply can t be mrssed So now we ll add htm to our lrst Ackley rs Lloyd s favorrte spot He lrkes a grrl there qurte a lot Whenever there rs news rn the arr You ll always know Ronald Garret rs there Hammond rs our lrttle man Wrth Algona grrls he s a true fan ' l '. . 1 . I . n a With all the girls, he's quite a flirt, I ' ' , I h ' I I Clam pour LOl'lIll'lll6 la lda lollwrth ts qurtt a mal net ,ou re rn trouhle me A rea a ht: n our oem aoout t e olabs o L tl ln Iliw re fra t ree FLASS 5OlNG IL Halls o What I9 tu thc hearts ofSot11ors That surround you here ronrgr 'P What challenge wrll confront us Wlll we all follow rttjhtf Whcrt mll all our pathb uow lead ub W1 wc now all low our n 135 Xl d uso If wtth good ply hurt Courrtm and formrght as w nr lx 5 r Our n ruex far a art A part of men ueart w.ll lrugtr tem lor up wtll uc cr forget Ihu utunorlcs tm told doar -Xud uratrtude thats found ru tvtrv hyatt WC now have reacued our goal Graduatlou 1: tt 5 peak Lac 1 war nab hrtught us cloxtr To the future drean Q wt wt 4 ug ' ' fd, VW I " ' f .' ' N W. :L u ' , sl 'P 'lljr pal T, ' Q as p . L , '31 - f '53, W'- n' I-1 l -4" 53 hd, don' you ag 7 Tuf ': ' flvy. K ' ' lt. 'u at 1' flirt' ' I ' , . If A But 3 Q 1 ,l 1' ata t it I5 P . . -, ., 1, ' 3 rg ' , 1 ,' I vp ' ' I : 2 ,al 1 4 ,A V x., 'I Q "1 , SKIP DAY The Seniors left April 10 on Friday morning for Minneapolis We started out about 9 OO after the seniors were all packed into the bus ready to go We took the biggest and newest school bus but still everybody was crowded Mr Rcith sat on a folding chair while some of the seniors had to sit in the aisle on top of suitcases Some lrought pillows to make it ride easier Others brought blankets sponge rubber mats eats and of course their own suitcases which were a necessity Mr and Mrs Reith were our chaperons and Richard Isebrand drove We started from the school house and headed down the road until we reached Lakota By this time most of us were eating cookies, sandwiches and candy or fruits From Lakota we took 169 north until we reached Mankato There we stopped for 20 minutes to rest and get a mid morning lunch Most of us had hamburgers and the catsup was furnished on the bus After everyone was settled down we journeyed on for the rest of our trip to Minneapolis Soon we began seeing bigger buildings, as we neared the city and then we could see the Foshay tower, the tallest building in the northwest After we arrlved tn Minneapolis our first stop was the Andrews Hotel where we had reservations to stay over night Richard drove the bus tn front of the main entrance and we quickly unloaded all of our belongings We then regtstered and went to our rooms the girls being on the second floor and the boys on the third floor We were on our own to do as we pleased for the afternoon At 4 o clock the whole group met to see if any That night we were all very tired from rrdin and wa king but this was the night some of the Seniors decided to celebrate Some Seniors looked pretty tired t e next day wonder why'? Saturday afternoon we went to the hotel and checked out We then checked our bagtgage and went to the Ice Follies which started at 2 30 They were very interesting to watch and a beautiful sight or each of us After the Ice Follies were over we journeyed back to the hotel collected our belongings and climbed into the bus By this time it was nearing 6 p m Everyone was happy but very tired It was about 11 p m when we arrtv ed back rn Titonka and all of us were ready to go home .TR SR BANQUET The annual Junior Senior banquet was held May 5 1953 rn the band room It was beautifully decorated by the Juniors following the Mardi Gras theme It was decorated in the class colors navy blue and white, and using the yellow rose class flower At one end was the platform and the class motto Not Evening, but Dawn The ceiling walls and tables were also decorated with the theme Following dinner, there was dancing in the school cafeteria This was also decorated in the Mardi Gras theme with stars covering the ceiling It was an outdoor scene with flowers and rose trellrses decorating the corner where the band was playing The very enjoyable evemng will long be remembered by the Seniors . H . ' . . ' . D . . 1 E . ' I 3 ' . . . - n I n . . . - , ' . . . , . . l I . . . I ' . A . . . . ' ' . . 1 l , . . ' i . . . . one was missing, Then we each went our own way again, Some went to the Sports Show, others shopping, etc. . . E r - . ' . . ' ' ' - I I l . . . . . , . . . , . . . . - I . , ' ,I . 1 . . I ' I . . . - ' . . ' ' I D ' . U I . . . BACCALAUREATE May 17, 1953 Processional --- ---- Largo -- Invocation --- -------------- ---- Special Music Scripture ----- Hymn -- Sermon - - - Class Hymn--- --- Benediction --- Recessional -- ---- ----My God ancll Now God Makes an Urgest Appeal to you, to Youth, who are tender of heart, ------ Senior Class ----- -Largo -- - School Auditorium Evelyn Willenzssen Rev, Albertson Mixed Chorus John 3: 16-21 Come Thou Almighty Rev, Diers "Living for Jesus" Rev, Albertson Evelyn Willemssen King May 20, 1953 Processional ---- Invocation --- Welcome --- Class Hymn ----- Presidents Address ---- Vocal Solo --------- - - "Light One Small Candle" -- Class Song ------------- OMMENCEME T Pomp and Circ umstance --"I Walked Today Where Broad Vision" ----------------- ------- Jesus Walked" Presentation of Salutatorian --- ------------- ---- Salutatorians Address ----- Presentation of Valedictorian Valedictorian Address ------ --- Presentation of Class ---- Presentation of Diplomas --- Benediction ------------ Recessional - -- "Youth's Decision" --- "The Harvest of Hope" -- Pomp and Circ umstance School Gym Evelyn Willemssen Rev, Roskamp Mr. Reith Living for Jesus Guy Carlson Ronald Nelson Carol Callies Senior Class Mr. Reith Gene Ringsdorf Mr. Reith Mary Tjaden Mr, Reith Mr, Ernest Hofmann Rev. Schwerin Evelyn Willemssen , ., . ., K-w 44" M--n-N ...- 8 .. ......L.L- Mwy. .,, ,. ...dl 1 I "' 1 1 ,A 1, it I' 1. .. . 555, A , Q , 7 , -,nr "' ,1 Q, , ,xv K 1 eg ,Q in 5 fo ,P .W QM, . - Q Q Y 4: ,, 5 sw fgffx-YP' - ' wg, ,, Q Qs: in 5-. A-Af! 3 -4. r . -1" 4 -fu -1 'se A46 'W' fn f Box ken 'xelwn Beenken McDonald T Jaden llarrlng Stockwell DLBOU Carlson kna Il Garrett a Han rrond Larson Barxlert wllson Barrel: km 1 mba Nel on VM! Bukcl Pptcr on Houkum Rmgsdorf Sd tjer Grax Guard Johmum GlCStll1g Janssen De.Wa11 Sneaker Norland Radu aku Vanfiove Calhes Folkprrs Afggf' Q72 1 ay, 353 QP" ' Q ful Z' Yu 3 f. F' , 4 If ,I .Q A 'ls 3,1 s. 'f""".Io bl -l 0? f 'F 9 X x xi SENIOR CLASS PL Y THE SIXTH KEY Imagrne recervrng a letter from a lawyer tellrng you that you were one of the herrs to a large estate and to gather at the home of the deceased hrmself' It was hrs rdea of a huge Joke on lus lrvrng relatrves for he wanted to see them gather hke brrds of prey Whrle he rs enjoyrng hrs werrd joke the lxghts go out and when they come on a few mrnutes later he rs found behrnd a sofa wrth a kmfe rn lus heart No one has strrred from hrs or her spot so rt IS not plausrble that anyone rn the room has commrtted the murder But when the lrghts go out a few mrnutes later and when they are turned on agarn the body has drsappeared rnto tlun arr tlungs are even more mystrfyrng Who could have moved the body and where has rt been taken Whrle rn the mrdst of tlus strange speculatron the deceased appears through the door apparently hale and hearty But who has commrtted the murder and what rs the motrve behrnd the dead? These are only a few of the terrrfyrng and mystrfyrng srtuatrons found rn the mystery play These quesuons are rngenrously answered wrth the frndrng of the srxth key along wrth the betrayrng personalrty of an rmposter who clarmed to be one of the herrs Thisimposter supposedly Allan Dale turns out to be the murderer The play ends happrly when Marcelle the adopted daughter of her Uncle John s dead srster and the real Allen Dale decrde to marry They rnherrt the house rn whrch the search for the mysterrous key takes place There are laughs aplenty furnrshed by the characters of Mrnnre a scary housemard and Hattre the cook who trres to be brave but frnds rt almost rmpossrble Mr Hodge Ella Hodge Marcella Burgess Dehght Vrvran Darhng Hattre Mrnme So Hang Ralph Lane Danny O Brran Malcolm Marvrn Allen Dale CAST INCLUDES from out of the past hrs old mard srster hrs nerce a movre prcture actress The same the cook a mard a Chrnese servant a motron prcture author a motron prcture cameraman a man of mystery a fortune hunter Harry Boyken Wanda Folkerts Carol Callres Harrret Radamaker Norma Norland Leona Wrlson Betty DeWall Ronald Nelson Mrke McDonald Arky Nelson Guy Carlson Gene Rrngsdorf - 1 - 9 , . , . v I s 1 - . . , . ' u , . . . . . . , . . . . . ,, ,, . . I 1 9 a , . ..... .... ...- . . ....... -. .. ...- . .... ....... ... -....... .... ... .- ....... . ...- ... . -...... .. ... .... . .. ..... .- ... . .-..... I . . . .. . ...- . . ' . ... ... .. ... . .-....- .-. JUNIOR CLASS BACK ROW Nlarcene Hanna Robert Hoffman Kent Hoover Donald Frrtz Russell Frsher Davrd Boeckholt Gary Zmeful Marlys Stecker Greshman Roskamo Wrlham Smrdt Donald Rlppentron Ronald Krause Dean Boynen XIIDDLE ROW Mrs Budlong Sponsor Glen Welp Herbert Harms Robert Eden Larry Peterson Donald Gerdts Colleen Rmpentrop Rrta Mrller Kathleen Young Phyll1sSwyter Shrrley Eden Thelma Ullmann Nlr Barlow Sponsor FRONIT ROXN Jane Amesbury Sharon Schutjer Carol Rerth Marrlyn Peterson Dorrs Kuchenreuther Gu trude Harms Rose Boever Elarne Sonnenberg 'xlarrlyn Callres Verla Janes Vrolet Baade Betty Nhller 5 a f. xi ,S-Q 1:9 9 qt. 9' 2 H Glorrianne Tljarks, Marcella Boecklmann, Myrtb Akkermann. ' ' . A ' I K 'Y 4, Q . , H 3. ' s.o, - 'rv-f f -' A ' . I . ' I L: l Q Q '- n 5- " ,, . JP ' X g if I . Jumor Class Play FATHER WAS A HOUSEWIFE 3 comedy act An Apple a day may keep a doctor away well rn thrs play rt was drfferent Ann s practrcal practrce rs what kept her away from housework and who got rt done of course, her husband After 17 years of rt he was well exper1enced Wrth therr 3 chrldren and the1r fnends they were happy anyway Julre Butler Doug Butler Dr Ann Butler Tom Butler Mrs Hanson Hank Sterncke Warren Mrs Cranfxeld Mrs Ames Pat Flanagann Mrs Norrrs Mxss Osborne Calvrn Pepper Cynthra Lewrs Place The Bu Act One Act Two Act Three Characters a srxteen year old sparkler her twm a motorcycle frend theu mother and M D therr father a motherly nerghbor a salesman Doug s frrena a local polrce offrcer a trmrd patrent the effrcrent nurse the hrgh school prrncrpal s W1 e a busmess woman a drsc Jockey a srnger tler lrvrng room 1n any mrddle sxzed town Trme The present Sprmg Mormng and later that evenrng Late afternoon Two weeks late The next mormng Saturday I' Carol Rerth Kent Hoover Manlyn Peterson Donald Rlppentrop Jane Amesbury Robert Hofman Donald Gerdrs James VanHove Colleen Rrppentrop Evelyn Wrllemssen Marrlyn Peterson Marcme Hanna Wrllram Smrdt Betty Mrller 343441 X of 1,9 JUNIOR CLASS PLAY 'T' -r-'-'l ia rf 1 1 ,X Z K, '4 Q, K 5 . - F x A ,5 i15.,?P,,,4 , ,WWW M a Q, ff , L f7 W f"Qf' 1z?fT?' 1 , .140 N, 1 ' " Sv . s -1- an Q f A J: 1' ' f Q A j? K? X T A L M x F. ' 1' ,. , 49 f - f: : , - i A k ' Q4 ' x - I QP Z Viz gf: I J , . A . M I ' i ' - .nr , m f 4 . K g . I.. V SOPHOMORES TOP ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Grace Hetfner Gladys Harms Darlene Bentele Darlene Franzen Patr1c1a Daughn Ardxth Schutter Carol Dnnmtre Marlyn Mavland Lynn Struthers Paul Tjaden Rhonda Hammond SECOND ROW Nl: Thetsse sponsor Duane Hanna James Honken Mart1nNorland Merle Grddtngs Luverne Davrd Bufftngzton Walter Smrth Leroy Bruns Donald Trllte Kenneth Loats Donald Zwrefel Kerthliartelr Daxld Dreesman Frank Folkerts Edward Wtbben Ronald Hutsman liilililll luor ttol from Marttn Norland Ktsstnq a grrl IS lrke opemng a bottle of olrves 1f you get one the rest come easy Olilllilll Mr Barlow luggage laden started mrserablx down the platform at the departxng tra1n If xou hadnt taken so Iona gzettlnd readx 1 admomsned h1s nrfe we would have caught ll Yes Xlrs 'larlow replred and rf you hadn t hurrred me so we wouldn t have so long to watt for the next one lilllliili Quotatton from Patsy lxorte Women can keep a secret just as well as men but tt takes more of them to do II l I l 3 U O 3 l D Q Quotatron from Donald Zwtefel Farmmcz looks mce from a car wtndow 4 A f . A I tl 1 ' N is 1 t "4 . Ls' 1'. ' K ? A 'ns Q P 2 ,I ' r - f N . .Q Hansen, David Secaberg, Patsy Korte, Shirley Harrlnga, Garlene Glay, Mr. Nicholson, sponsor. FIRST ROW- 5 V .K lyynle ., . 'i ' .. I ' ' FRESHMENI TOP ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Joyce McQu1re Verlene Mayland Gerald Welhousen Roger Rmnentroo Davrd Rrppentrop Dor1s Hxpp Lee Stockwell Darryl Sparks Parlan Harms Jerry McQurre SECOND ROXN Mrs Schutjer sponsor Carrol Asche Donald Radmaker Norma Gerdrs Lorna Tjaden Geraldlne Ullmann Shrrley Tlarks Marlene Stecker Luverne Meyer Sharon Smrtlr Noretta Trunllull Donna Akkerman FIRST ROW Sydney Buffrnvton Kerth Vanllove Harold Boekelman Gary Snudt Robert Seefeld Merlrn Vanl-love Dale Trlly Robert Roskarrm Davrd Boekleman Merlrn Bartlett Rrchard Douahan r' I "V'1,1 wir 1' N1 1 'ii l I Y V ' Y Y Y ' A 5 ' ' ' ' ' 1 1 ' ' ,'- 1 1 1 1 A 1 1 - . , , , . 1 r 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 I 1 - - 4 .7 I 1 Y Y I I . Y . . . 1 P I I I 1. Q E x I' 4 5 n e U ' X9 '. 1r""v,7' ' 1. h 1 5- 1' ,I 1. . 14" Q 6: J" 4 V , t U s . E 4 ' 41 K - A" f if , ii J Q ,rv 'V , 6 H A f, k , K Q K ' ' W V iff 1 , .- r I if h '14 if if Ag:-' . A6 m S 7' Q iw .1 1, +1 Z1 ' V, ,il K 1, , .- H 1,..,w4 FRESIIMAN INITI 'l'l0 What you saw runmng around here October 25 wasn t an opucal rllusron or s ace men from Mars Th1s day happened to be Freshman Inmanon Probably the frrst thmg you saw was Dav1 Boeckleman as the Box Man Freshmen were dressed all the way from baseball layers to floor moppers Freshmen served as host and hostesses to the Sophomores at noon by servrng them the1r xnners In the afternoon at 3 o clock the Freshmen gave a floor show for the rest of the lu h school Donald Zwreful acted as master of ceremomes Some of the events that happened were as follows bert Seefeld Jug glrng eggs whrch he had to clean up afterwards Geraldrne Ullman proposrng to Sldney Buffrngton who was srttmg on a ste ladder Most of us can stxll remember her last rmmortal words Shall we get hrtched S1d'P How many o you strll remember Donald Radmaker rollrng an egg across the floor vnth hrs nose? Do you remember Merlrn Bartlett tryrn to krss Doris H1 p blrnd folded? Another mterestrng event was the expressron on Davrd Boeckleman s face w en he tasted hrs rrst spoon of baby food Summtn rt all up the Freshmen proved to be very good sports The Sophomores should be grven credrt for puttmg on suc a frne rmtratron Green Freshmen Box Man What a Parr! Professronal The Clrnch W1l1 You Many Iniggler Me? Trtonka Implement Company Ir1c Tractors Trucks Refngerauon Parts Servrce Tltonka Phone 139 Iowa ' -5 . ' - 5, -F ' . X b Akbb F t SOCIAL ACTI ITIES SENIOR PHEASANT SUPPER The senror class put on the annual pheasant feed Saturday nrght Dec 6 We rnvrted the Hrgh School Facul ty The boys were requrred to brrng one pheasant 81 the grrls wrth Carol Callres charrman prepared the food It was a lot of fun and work together After drshes were done the Semor class went to Algona bowlrng 81 some went to the show afterward BOARD DINNER The nrne Senror l-lomec grrls prepared the Annual Faculty 81 Board Drnner It was served rn the Hot Lunch room at 6 30 P M Dec 10 There were 41 attendrng The tables were decorated wrth evergreen and red can dles It was a Chrrstrnas scene wrth bell place cards and srlver nut cups Wartresses were l-larrret Radmaker Agnes Janssen Beverly Stecker and Carol Calhes ASSEMBLY PROGRAMS February 26 1953 agarn Al Bell was here to tell of hrs very mterestrng adventure trrps as he does every year Last summer Al Bell and hrs farnxly went to Canada through Nova Scotra He showed us boats and satls that were carved out by young boys and even older men and women He also had a large St Bernard dog here from Cana da whrch only could understand French and not Enghsh A1 showed us some tucks he could do He also showed us how they caught lobsters rn the ocean and the krnd of trap they use A movre was shown of hrs trrp whlch proved very rnterestmg Everyone IS lookrng forward to seerng hrm agarn next year March 4 1953 Carl and Helen Josephs from Mrlwaukee Wrsconsrn were here for a frne excrtrng program They showed drfferent krnds of arrows and how and what for they are used They demonstrated a few lrke the bows they use for tournaments rn Natronal and State contests They also showed how you can use them for play mg golf FRESHMAN PARTY The freshmen had a return party for the sophomores Frrday March 13 The commrttees rncluded Geraldrne Ullman Joyce McGurre Robert Roskamp Merhn Van Hove entertarnment Lorna Tjaden Norma Gerdrs Srd ney Bufftngton Gerald McGu1re refreshment Sharon Smrth Dons Hrpp Dale Trlly Lee Stockwell Davrd Rrppentrop decoratrons Rrchard Doughan Carol Asche sound effects Queen candrdates from the varlous classes were Freshmen Geraldrne Ullmann Sophomore Pat Doughan Junror Thelma Ullmann Senror De1or1sHarr1nga Krngs were Freshman D1ckDoughan Sophomore Mart1nNorland Junror Robert Hoffmann Semor Gene Rlngsdorf Dancrng games and refreshments were en1oyed by all , . . ' . , , . . . ' . . . I 1 1 1 1 . ' . . : , I I ' 1 ' 1 - , . , . . ' I 1 1 - - - 11 11 - , . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - : I , l 1 Y I 1 - Z 1 1 1 1 1 I ' I I ' DE LAMATURY Our representatrves to the Speech Contest at Buffalo Center on February 12 made a showrng of whrch we can all be justly proud Hamer Beenken a semor was entered In the oratorrcal d1v1s1on She dehvered Wh1le Rome Burns by deM111e Jane Amesbury a Junror and Geraldrne Ullmann a freshman were entered rn humorous declamatron Jane did Ma at the Basketball game by Black whrle Geraldme rendered At the Lace Counter Ronald Nelson a semor entered the rnterpreuve readrng drvrsron I-hs poetry selectton was Elegy Wrrtten rn a Country Churchyard by Gray Hrs prose was a selectron from the Brble In mterpretrve readrng the student selects hrs own poeuy selectton rn advance but does not know what the prose selectlon w1ll be untrl a few mm utes pnor to readrng II The followrng shows how the three Judges voted and the frnal ratmg Student Judge 1 Judge 2 Judge 3 ratrng l-Iamet Beenken Jane Amesbury Geraldme Ullmann Ronald Nelson III Geraldrne Ul1ma.nn was elrgrble to represent the school at the Drstnct Speech Contest at Hartley She re cerved a II Declam Students Ronald Nelson, Jeraldme Ullmann, Mrs Schutjer, drrec tor, Hamet Beenken, and Jane Amesbury OLSON PIANO CO, INC. Forest Crty, Iowa ' I II II II II II II II ' II I I I II II II MIXED CHORUS TOP ROW Merlrn VanHove Harold Boekleman Kerth VanHove Kenneth Loats Mrke McDonald Greshman Roskamp Ronald Nelson Alfonse Knauth Guy Carlson Leroy Bruns Edward Wrbben Davrd Buffrngton Martrn Norland Arden Nelson Walter Smrth Bob Seefeld 4TH ROW Leona W1lson Carol Callres Beverly Stecker Jane Amesbury Thelma Ullmann Betty Carlson Marcrne Hanna Manlyn Callres Darlene Franzen Lee Stockwell Gerald Welhousen Harlan Harms Jerry McGu1re Davrd R1ppentrop 3RD ROW Nrcholsen leader Carolrne VanHove Shrrley Eden Betty Mxller Carol Rerth Gertrude Harms Myrth Akkerman R1taM1ller Mary Ellen Tjaden Wanda Folkerts Delorrs Harrrnga Shrrley Harrlnga Pat Doughan Coleen Rrppentrop Ardrth Shutter Marlene DeBoer Lorna Tjaden Marlys Stecker Geraldrne Ullmann Mary Ann Bartlett Norma Norland Noretta Trunkhrll Norma Gerdls Donna Akkerman Dons Hlpp 1ST ROW Glorxann Tjarks Verlme Maryland Harrret Beenken Elarne Sonnenberg Carol Dunmrre Gladys Harms Rhonda Hammond Joyce McGu1re Darlene Bentle Sharon Smrth When Better Cars Are Butlt BUICK Will Burld Them Sorensen Burck Algona, Iowa 2ND ROW-Doris Kuchenreuthyer, Phyllis Swyter, Rose Boever, lfathleen Young: Marylin Peterson, Patsy Korte, TOP ROW Betty DeWal1 Carol Callres Beverly Stecker Jane Amesbury Thelma Ullmann Betty Carlson Rrta Mrller Carol Rerth Betty Mrller Sharon Smrth IRD ROW Leona Wrlson Carol Dunmrre Elarne Sonnenberg Phyll1s Swyter Myrth Akkerman Harrlet Beenken Carolrne VanHove Mary Tjaden Gladys Harms Darlene Bentle Marcrne Hanna Joyce McCu1re Lorna Tjaden 'ZND ROW Verlene Mayland Shrrley Eden Marrlyn Calhes Darlene Franzen Dorrs Kuchenreuther Gertrude Harms Wanda Folkerts Delons Harrmga Shrrley Harrrnga Patty Doughan Colleen Rlppentrop Ardrth Schutter Marlene DeBoer Mr Nrcholsen Drrector 1ST ROW Glorrann Tjarks Rose Boever Kathleen Young Marrlyn Peterson Patsy Korte Marlys Stecker Geraldrne Ullmann Mary Ann Bartlett Norma Norland Noretta Trunkhrll Norma Gerdrs Donna Akker mann Dons Hrpo Rhonda Hammond The Grrls Glee Club thrs year was made up of about 50 gxrls These grrls along wrth the Boys Glee Club gave the Chnstmas Operetta The Chrrstmas Carol Thrs Sprmg the grrls attended the contest We all went to consrderable work on the musrc preces we took Everythrng rn musrc for the home school and church FAIRMONT MUSIC SHOP 107 WEST FIRST STREET FAIRMONT MINNESOTA MR SCHOENFELDER Representauve - I I I Y I I I I I ' ' - I I f I I Y 1 1 1 1 1 1 7 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 - ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 I I I - I , I ' ' 1 . 1. . ,, . . . , . . I I ' 1 - 1 BOYS CHORUS BACK ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Harlan Harms Gerald Welhousen Bob Seafeld Lee Stockwell Davrd Rrppen trop Jerry McGu1re ZND ROW Harold Boekelman Merhn VanHove Kenny Loats Walter Smlth Davrd Buffrngton Kerth Van Hove Mr Nrcholsen Drrector FIRST ROW Alfons Knauth Ronald Nelson Greshman Roskamp Arden Nelson Martm Norland Edward Wrbben Leroy Bruns Ml in gum? 0 H mx Q fj J Si or O QA fl 5 ,jx 1 fm J J Je In ' I X L I V iqls vf AA I K ' Q' A P' td" SEXTETTE Darlene Franzen Manlyn Callres Dons Kuchenreuther Mary Ann Bartlet Thelma Ullmann Betty Mrller TRIO: Norma Norland, Carol Callies, Betty DeWa1L 5- df mp! efh S' x ' we 1. ...S FIRST ROW lefttoright Carol Callxes Mary Tjaden Guy Carlson Arlen Bxlsborough Darlene Callres Dons I-hpp Colleen Rxppentrop Lmda Nelson Pnscilla Stockwell Gale Guard Arden Nelson Gresham Roskamp SECOND ROW Norma Norland Mar1lynCall1es WandaFolkerts CarolRe1th Betty Hatten Dor1sKuchenreuther Jane Amesbury Evelyn Wlllemssen Myrna Norland Betty DeWa11 Paul Tjaden Neal Boyken Ha.roldW1bben Dav1d Dreesman Luverne Hanson Marlene DeBoer THIRD ROW Martln Norland Darrell Hammond Trudy Bess Donna Ackkerman JAHICE lntermrll Mxchael Nelson Allen Boyken Betty Miller Phylls Swyter Myrth Ackkerman Ronald Nelson Dav1d Rrppentrop Merhn Van Hove Crai Sathoff Mr Nicholson Alfome Knauth Belle Tjaden Dawn Beenken Kenneth Loats Edward Wlbben Donnaieenken Nancy Tjaden Evaythmg in Muuc for the Home, School and Church Fatrmont Musrc Slnp 107 West lst Street Faurnont, Mrnnesota Phone 145 M , Yvzasf 1 . , ofa' A A f-:Fwy-m 1' , 1 I , W 'Dirk , , 'A A - Key' ,AL .HQ - -- X .. ' , . ai: QQ, ' , : . I . I I , I ' I . , I I I I I I ' I I I ' I ' I I I 'I I I l O I I I I D y . 1 ' . c n n : I I I I . I I I l I I , I I I I I I ' I I I I 1 I I I ' ' 1-1 'T Tiff 't I 4 1 ,af 4.4 'H 5 ' ft ?'1i.u, .5 J., .4-0"--' .f-0"vxg Marchmg Band iv.:-,T Qiiilai mf imwiiia 1 X ff' 9 .fn wi Football Marchmg Band N 4 "4 " ' Q' ' - ,J J v , - '. 14' 5 -1 fi. " ,fs 'I fy - 1 , f f 10 ' ,g l 1, I ' ' '-.46 45 Y 53- rg, ', 'Q' '9 ix' .Q ' J V - A511 ' in - '-"4 " 1 ',,,g ,551 ,,:'xf Q , - v 7,1 0 v - .KL .. N ., 'Q' Q b fn 1 F g ' L W xl ! Y ! I N '. :,N5q . ,,, .L . A A t ,, is 1" 4 - ---, . If--sl-fl-su v,Y,W U ..- , i f . 'W .J ' W "Q f 'I 4 3 2 q 'P' J Q ' M f 9 4 -' f, , ,f-,L.-.. 1--l-'-"' L . H Y, , V.-in . -,f fp ., - A . va 5 'T ,Q I Y , .' ,. ,P-- ' ' 1 " 5 A-4--' 0.4! , -- A " . U A- 1 ' ' -M H 5, 715.- rw.-1-' 9 'N 5 I Nix 4 bt N WOODWIND QUARTETT 'D Dons Kuchenreuther Dorls I-hpp Darrell Hammond Colleen Rxppentrop CLARINET QUARTETT Carol Rexth Wanda Folkerts Norma Norhnd Manlyn Calhes Dr J K H111 Veterinanan Tnonka Iowa Saxophone Trro FROM IEFT TO RIGHT Jane Amesbury Evelyn Wrllemssen Betty Dewall SOLOISTS Ronald Nelson Walter Smrth Nlary Ann Bartlett Norma Norland Gale Gerard Arden Nelson Kenneth Loats Evelyn Wrllemsson solo solo solo solo Vocal Vocal Vocal Vocal Cornet solo Cornet solo Bantone solo Prano solo More for less Quahty foods to please you HUTCHINIS STORE HUTCHINS IOM A OPEIN EV ENIINGS . : . ' A 1 n n Gresham Roskamp . . . . Cornet solo 1 V -1 I , . Brass Sextette LEFT TO RIGHT Edward Wrbben Kenneth Loats Merlrn Van Hove Davld Dreesman Luverne Hanson Prrscrlla Stockwell Coronet Tr1o LEFT TO RIGHT Gresham Roskamp Arden Nelson Gale Gerrard r 'R ' Q y ' - 'W' w Mx ' Y 'in , xx X : , , . xfh PEP BAND BACK ROW Ronald Nelson Myrth Akkermann Mr Nrcholson Drrector 'ZND ROW Edward Wrbben Arden Nelson Gale Gerard Laverne Hansen Davrd Dreesman Marlene DeBoer Merhn VanHove 1ST ROW Norma Norland Mary Tjaden Donna Akkermann Jane Amesburv MISSING Darrell Hammond Evelyn Wrllemssen The Pep Band adds a great deal to the games by keeprng the pep up and the players movrng Mr Nrcholson had a hard trme gettrng a pep band started but has done a great Job ID brrngrng them long rn our pep rallys g , 4 CHRISTMAS OPERETTA On December 23 1952 the Hrgh School put on the Chrrstmas operetta lt was entrtled The Chnstmas Carol by Charles Drckens It was dtrected by Mr N1cholson and Mrs Schutjer Mrs Budlong and the homec classes had charge of costumes A large crowd attended The Cast was as follows Ebeneezer Scrooge Bob Cratchrt Mrs Cratchrt OY Gu Trm Cratchrt Belmda Cratclut Master Peter Cratclut Fred Jacob Marley Warfs Ftrst Sprrte Memory Scrooge as a boy All Baba Robrnson Crusoe Fan The Fezzrwrgs Elderly lady and chtldren Four men Old Joe Two Old Hags Ghosts CONGRATULATIONS Dr J M Woods Harry Boyken Ronald Nelson Jane Amesbury Lee Stockwell Carol Dunmrre Jerry McGu1re Marlys Stecker Harlan Harms Gresham Roskamp Donald Rtppentrop Arden Nelson Martrn Norland Walt Smrth Davrd Rxppentrop Kenneth Loats Robert Johnson Colleen Rrppentrop Mary Ann Bartlett Betty DeWal1 Davrd Rrppentrop Kerth Vanl-love Merhn VanHove Gladys Harms Martrn Norland Patsy Korte Pat Doughan Alfanse Knauth Sharon Snuth Harold Boekleman Sharon Schutjer Daryl Sparks Guy Carlson Edward Wrbben Bob Seefeld Leroy Bruns Davrd Bufftngton Verla Janes Vrolet Baade Delorrs Harrrnga Mary Tjaden Marlene DeBoer Myrth Akkermann Carolrne Vanl-love Ardrth Schutter Leona Wrlson Betty Carlson Jeraldrne Ullmann Marctne Hanna B' .... '.IIffffIfff'f '1 ..... . . . .... . . . ' "Two portly gentlemen" ........ Gene Ringsdorf Chrrstmas Opererta fcontrnnedj Grrls rn the sprrte chorus were Phvllrs Swxter Carol Callxes Thelma Ullmann Bewerlx Stecker Nlarw Ann Bartlett Merlene Nlayland Joyce McGurre Bettv DeWall Colleen Rlppentrop and Kathleen Young Bells Hlpp Carol Rerth and Darlene Franaen Persran Nlardens were Harrret Beenken Shrrleg. Eden Darlene Benetle Blame Sonnenberg, and Glorrann Tjarks Servants were Rose Boever Noretta Trnnlxhrll Rhonda Hammond were: Norma Norland, Marilyn Callies, Betty Miller, Rita Miller, Norma Gerdis, Donna Akkermann, Doris DA Ga :Ch I ,Q J Af: an r r 53 FOOTBALL TEAM FIRST ROW Ronald Garrett manager Keith VanHove S1d Buffrngton Donald Txlly Donald Gerdrs Lynn Struthers Duane Hanna Dale Tilly Darrell Hammond Dav1d Buffrngton manager SECOND ROW Dav1d Seaburg Arden Nelson Gene Ringsdorf Ke1thBartelt Marun Norland Davxd Dreesman Donald Zwleful Russell Fxsher Guy Carlson Neal Boyken Walter Smrth THIRD ROW Kenneth Loats manager Dav1d Honken Ronald Nelson Gary Zwreful Gresham Roskamp Harry Boyken Mrke McDonald Paul Krommga Merlm Bartelt Donald Rrppentrop Coach Mehlan Coach Thresse COOOOUOOUO Ward Hey Daddy What s that bu1ld1ng'P Mehlan I don t know Ward Hey Daddy what s that brg srgn for? Mehlan I don t know Ward Daddy does xt make you mad for me to ask you quesuons'P Mehlan Oh no Son that s the only way you ll learn tlungs 1 U . 4- I 5 ' A. ' I ' ' I A L I . 'Emilia ' A , K 4 iii' it f' " ' ', , , " '-+1-I ff, I f f, v , "' X 'Q 'I 'tg I ,. ' ', fr ,fi ' ' V-'I X ' ,J or 31 1, ,1 I : I I I D' ., I . I I I I I I I I ' - : . . I I I D O I ' I ' I I I I I : , I I U ' .I I . ' I I . I I I I I I . Il I ' ' If . . II I , If I , L ' p - - .. . , . : If I .W x II I' , ' . ' l N .Il : I I I ' T1IOIlk3'S ftrst football season tn hlstory proved very successful for the lndlans The season ended wtth a record of 3 wms 3 losses and 1 ue for a percentage of 500 Much of the cred1t should go to Mr Tluesse and Mr Mehlan for thelr excellent Job 1n coachtng our f1ne football team to such a flne record Below are very bnef summanes of all the football games played by the lndrans Tttonka 26 Thompson 12 Txtonka was very successful tn wtnrung xts f1rst football game wrth Thompson by a score of 26 12 The whole team d1d excepuonally well rn thls game but much of the cred1t should go to the fullback Gresham Roskamp for hrs frne Job of runnmg and passxng Tttonka 25 Ruthven 13 Tttonka won tts second football game by defeaung the strong Ruthven team 25 13 Tttonka was penaltzed very heavtly tn the game but desptte thls they sull came on to wtn Gresham Roskamp and Neal Boyken were tnjured dunng the game and the team played wtthout thetr help for the rematnder of the game Tltonka 6 Swea Clty 21 Tttonka lost ns fust football game to Swea Cxty at the Trojans Homecomrng T1tonka's nght end Paul Krommga was 1n1ured tn the third quarter and was unable to play the rematnder of the game 'I'1tonka led at the half 6 O The TroJans proved to be too much for the Indlans tn the flllal half Tttonka played wtthout the help of three of then ftrst stung players These players were Gresham Roskamp our fullback Neal Boyken and Paul Kromtnga, our left and nght ends respecttvely Trtonka 12 West Bend 21 Tltonka lost tts second stra1ght football game to the eleven from West Bend T1tonka's hne was our charg ed all evemng West Bend scored 7 1n every quarter except the second whlle the Indrans scored 6 tn the 1st and 3rd quarters The Indrans played wrthout the servrces of Gresham Roskamp Arden Nelson and Paul Kromxnga Thxs was the last home game for the lndtans Tttonka '7 Graettrnger 7 Tttonka fought hard to a '7 'I ue wtth Graettmger at Graett1nger's Homecommg Graetunger scored rn the ftrst quarter wh1le the lndrans scored rn the second quarter Graetunger was held on the 2 yard hne tn the 2nd quarter and 2 plays later the lndlans recovered a fumble whxch stopped then sconng threat No serxous sconng threats were made by etther team rn the second half Tttonka played a f1ne game and was well sattsfted w1th the outcome Trtonka '7 Terul 35 The Tttonka lndrans went down to theur th1rd defeat of the season by losmg to Terr1l35 '7 The score at the half was 13 '7 1n Terr1l's favor Duung the second half Ternl recetved a few breaks and thus developed a brgger lead over the Lndtans Tttonka was penahzed very heavlly durxng the game The lndtans were also handtcapped wlthout the servlces of halfback Mlke McDonald Trtonka 13 Renwtck 6 The Tttonka Htgh School lndrans ended thetr season by a 13 6 tnumph over Renwrck The lndtans got off to a slow start 1n the fmt half whtch ended 6 0 1n favor of the eleven from Renwrck Durtng the second half the Indrans roared back to net a touchdown 1n each quarter The game was played very well Thls vtctory ended the Indtans season w1th a 500 record Below are the stausucs for the lndtans 1952 Football season Ruslung yards from scnmmage hne Passtng yardage Passes attempted Passes completed Passes lntercepted by Punts Punung yardage Fumbles lost by Yards penahzed Potnts Below are the average yardage of the backfxeld men Ttmes camed ball from scnmmage Roskamp Gerdts McDonald Rmgsdorf Nelson A Boeckholt Hammond Tllly 1 Tttonka Opponents 1201 4 9 Yards gatned 4 1097 Average yards Del' UY Those recetvtng football letters are the followrng boys: Guy Carlson, Davtd Boeckholt, Ronrne Nelson, Davrd Honken, Gene Rtngsdorf, Gresham Roskamp, Darrell Hammond, Arden Nelson, Merlxn Bartelt, Donald Gerdts, Russell Fisher, Harry Boyken, Neal Boyken, Mlke McDonald, Davtd Dreesman, Gary Zwreful, Donald Rrppentrop, and Paul Kromtnga. Managers: Davxd Buftlngton, Kenneth loam, and Ronald Garrett. 'I'he team captatns were Gene Rtngsdorf and Mrke McDonald. Lumber 82 Coal - F, S. Norton 8t Son Algona, Iowa Firstdowns .............. 71 66 ' 12 117 . . . . . . . . 57 41 . . 26 11 ' . . 5 6 . . . . . . . 18 13 ' . . . 16 135 . . . . . . . . . 3 8 ' 225 120 ' . . . . . . . . ..... . . 90 115 . . . . . . 74 484 5,19 ' . . . , 84 11 4,89 . , 24 108 4,50 ' . . . 18 95 4.15 1 . . . 14 52 3,70 . . . 15 42 2.80 . . . 3 8 2.66 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 1.00 -.Q in .1119- FOOTBALL SQUAD IN T FORMATION On 4 Q43 N STOP FHM GUY' ,W fxwg 79' Bk X53 V., S ri! 0,13 J"!:1i'nqv,r 1,4 +1 "rf Wir- ff ug fry.. A u-"K xx 'N -XM' 4 Y Ss.. 'VTX HOW MANY MORE WILL FILE ON? WS.. 4, .49' YEA TEAM' More for less Hutchms store Open evenmgs CIIEERLE DER 444671 KX 'L ks, mit Norma Norland Manlyn Peterson Sharon Schutjer Agnes Janssen Patsv Korte Joyce McGurre Marlene Stecker Carol Dunmrre The Cheerleaders of the 19:12 53 season and therr sponsor Mrs Schutjer have done a lot towards makrng the basketball games more colorful and keeprng up the pen They ve led us rn pep meetrngs afternoons before games and helped the school sprrrt GIRLS SPORTS BOTTOM ROW Mar11ynC WandaF BettyM Betty D Garlene G Thelma U J. 1 ' . Y S. 4 ' ' TOP ROW: Carol R. , Harriet R. , Doris H. , Carol C. , Priscilla S. , Rita M. tfi Grrls Sports Con't Nov 11 Gruver 'I'1tonka Here 3 The grrls started off on the rrght foot the frrst game of the season They defeated the powerful Gruver team 7 48 The grrls were leadrng all the way wrth a fast movmg forward court Two of the old startmg hneup were back and frghtrng hard They were Betty Dewall and Thelma Ullman To the hneup of forwards we added a scrapper Betty Mrller ln the guard court we started two new g1rls Manlyn Calhes and Rrta Mrller Nerther of these grrls had seen acnon 1n the games of last season Both made marvelous appearances and drd a wonderful Job We also had our old veteran Carol Callles back ln the hneup and rougher than ever All 12 glrls saw actxon 1n the game Thelma Ullman was lugh poxnt for Tyke w1th 19 pomts Joan Rouse for Gruver also wxth 19 pomts Nov 17 2nd Annual State Ltne Conference Jamboree At Lakota ledyard vs Armstrong 'I'hompson vs Trtonka Bart vs lakota The srx teams of grrls met at Lakota for the 2nd State Ltne Conference Jamboree Tyke overpowered then opponent 11 to 21 The other two teams on her s1de also overpowered therr opponents We could tell by tlns meetrng that the teams in the conference are getting stronger The squad wasn't workrng with the C11Ck as rt usually does Hrgh pornter for the game was Betty Dewall w1th 14 pornts Thompson's hrgh pornter was Ahce Johnson wrth '7 pornts Nov 21 Burt Trtonka There We won our first game rn the conference 33 36 There were a lot of mrstakes made in thls game However, we think they will be corrected in the next game The game was really excmng at the last few mrnutes Most of us were glad when the buzzer finally went off It really was a close game Hrgh pomters for the games were Ullmann wxth 18 pornts and Mrtchell and Peters from Burt wxth 12 pornts each There were a lot of home town people at Burt watching the game Thank you for supportmg your team Dec 2 Luverne Titonka There 2 Guls Games A group of about 30 guls left the school house at 5 30 to go to Luverne It was a double gtrls game The fmt pme was the second team game Cllr team was off on the wrong foot the first half of tlm game But they were right in there pxtching in the last half of the game The guls didn't quite catch up The final score was 44 36 The fust team guls game was a thnller Ou.r gtrls were 5 pornts behmd at the half The tlurd quarter was one that none of us wrll ever forget The guls played wxth that old famrlrar chck Hrgh pornter was Betty Dewall with 26 pomts Stnpply of Luverne with 17 pornts The final score was 42 48 u - - 0 Q 0 o ' o 9 o u 0 o I I 0 o 1 0 o o o o o . . 4 . o 9 1 . . . . U . s Q c u 0 0 u s a n I u 0 u s Q o . . - Q Q o Q o o o Q s . s . . . . . . . - . c . . . . - , a Q Jump, Tony' Betty Mlller wuh the ball Grrls Sports Con't Dec 5 Armstrong Tltonka Here The girls team defeated Armstrong 61 24 m a conference game At the end of the fxrst quarter the girls were behmd They soon caught up in the 3rd and 4th quarters All guls saw actton ln the game I-hgh pointers were Ullmann wnh 31 points Cheever of Armstrong wtth 9 poxnts Dec 12 Lakota Titonka Here The grrls went flytng to another vtctory rn theu conference 'I'he f1nal score was 42 38 lt was a thnllmg game all the way through Ou glrls were behlnd at the end of the fmt quarter There were two outstandrng players rn the game On the guard end was Harnet R. 01 the forward end was Thelma The rest of the team also played an ourstandtng game High pomters for the game was Ullmann wtth 25 points for 'lyke Lakota's high pouxter was D Farrow wrth 29 pomts Dec 16 Ledyard Tltonka There We met lledyard 1n another State lane Conference game we over powered them 58 53 percentage Four of the grrls fouled out rn the game Ten members of the team saw acuon 1n the game I-hgh pomters were Dewall for Tyke wrth 25 pomts Mllle for lledyard with 19 pomts Dec 19 Burt Tltonka Here The gxrls met with thexr first defeat rn the game agarnst Burt It was an excmng game all the way through The guls had a lead but lost tt as then players fouled out tn the thrrd and fourth quarters It was the fust game the girls have lost 1n the conference srnce they entered II a year ago The guls won the trophy of the conference last year without any losses at all The score was 40 41 I-hgh pornters were Dewall for 'I'yke with 23 pomts Mitchell for Burt, w1th 18 pomts Ian 6 'I'hompson Titonka There The guls are back on then feet after there defeat agamst Burt All glrls saw acuon rn the game High polnter for the game was Ullmann for Tyke w1th 41 Thompson or Thompson wlth 6 points Jan 9 Corwith Titonka Here 'Ivo glrls games There was a lot of fouling done in the game. Our forwards saved the day with their wonderful free-throw Grrls Sports Con't The second team lost wrth the score bemg 25 40 Hrgh pornter for Tyke was I-hpp wlth 16 POIDIS Kraft for Corwrth w1t.h 21 pornts The frrst team glrls met wrth thelr second defeat of the season The score was 43 63 Corwxth had a hard frghtrng team Our grrls were working hard but Just cou1dn't meet the compeuuon Hxgh pornters of the game was Ullman wrth 20 pornts COIWIIII htgh pornter was Spangler wtth 22 pornts Jan 13 County Tournaments Whrttemore Wesley Tltonka Q1 st roundj The grrls got off on the right foot 1n the county tournaments The score was 55 33 The opponent was Wesley High pornters for the game was DeWa11 wrth 32 pornts Studer for Wesley wtth 18 pornts Ledyard Trtonka Q2nd round, The guls lost the second game of the tournaments to Ledyard The score was 56 64 High pornters for the game was Ullmann w1th 44 potnts LeBrun, of Ledyard w1th 30 pornts fourth Whxttemore won the county tournaments Burt was second 1n the county Lakota was third ledyard was Ian 26 Secnonal Tournaments Here Tyke lost 1t'sf1rst game ln the tournament, 55 45 The b1g drfference was Betty Mrtchell, playmg Darts post forward She scored 33 pornts Our hlgh scorer was Betty DeWa11, scorrng 19 pornts Results of the toumament Crystal lake 58 Hayfreld 51 Lakota 56 Scravrlle 43 Woden 54 Thompson 44 Burt 45 Crystal lake 37 Lakota 61 Woden 50 Burt 45 Lakota 41 Jan 30 Thompson Trtonka Here The gxrls won a conference game agamst Thompson, the score bemg 47-30, DeWal1 wxth 26 poxnts, and Johnson of Thompson wlth 19, GBIMAN VALLEY STORE Hrgh scores for the game were Girls Sports Con 't. Feb. 5 Armstrong - Tyke There The girls were again in the victory, beating Armstrong 51-42, Dewall was again high point with 22 points. Cheever for Armstrong with 13 points, Feb. 10 Lakota - Titonka There Tyke lost a conference game to Lakota, The final score was 33-42, Feb. 12 Ledyard - Titonka Here Tyke won this conference game, 44-42. As you can tell by the score, it was an exciting game. IeBurn of hedyard, and Uilmann, of Titonka, were high scorers for the two teams, both having 27 points. After this game, Titonka was tied for the conference trophy with Lakota. Both teams received trophys. l' VL Q i .JB Hang unto that ball Betty' Tony gtvmg a Lakota forward a rough mme Xt' ,D A Gresham Roskamp Kenneth Loats BOYS BASKETBALL Harry Boyken Gene Rmgsdorf Frank Folkerts Lv Mike McDonald 4' 'Vx gi N FT 724 Paul Ixrou 119,21 hun Hoour D1ck Doughan Robert Hoffman " 'W I Q I 1 'Q .' sq , wp' f Q Guy Carlson Neal Boyl-Len a K I ' ' , A A x - Xl , BOYS BASKETBALL The Trtonka Indrans basketball season proved to be quite successful wrth the Indrans wlnnrng 13 wlule losmg 7 Thrs made a per centage mark of 650 The Indrans scored a total of 976 points durmg the season whtle holdrng theu opponents to 896 pomts The scorrng was drvrded among the players as follows Paul Krommgs 423 Gresham Roskamp 226 Mlke McDonald 141 Gene Rxngsdorf 49 Kent Hoover 42 Harry Boyken 38 Robert Hoffman 31 Frank Folkerts 15 Kenny Loats 6 Neal Boyken 3 and Guy Carlson 3 The team consists of the followmg seniors Paul Kronunga Mxke McDonald Gene Rrngsdorf Harry Boyken Neal Boyken and Guy Carl son We wrsh to congratulate Mr Mehlan and Mr Thiesse for thetr frne work wrth the boys during the season Below rs a brref summary of each game played Trtonka 66 Gruver 48 The Trtonka Indxans won the1r first game of the season by defeaung Gruver by a score of 66 48 The Indrans scorrng was paced by Krominga wrth 28 pomts and McDonald w1th 26 Txtonka 42 Burt 40 Titonka won ltS frrst conference game by defeatmg Burt rn a very close game 42 40 T1 tonka led all of the way but the lead was narrowed rn the fmal seconds of the game Kromrnga Tltonka 47 Armstrong 43 Trtonka won tts thrrd strarght game of the season by dowmng Armstrong 47 43 1n the sec ond conference vrctory of the season Kromrnga led the lndrans scorlng wxth 13 followed close ly by Roskamp wrth 12 Tltonka 47 Swea Cxty 48 Trtonka lost rts ftrst game of the season at the hands of Swea Crty The Indrans led all the way untrl t me frnal 16 seconds of the game when the TroJans dropped rn the wtnnmg f1e1d goal Kromrnga was agaln hrgh scorer wrth 22 potnts Trtonka 44 Lakota 35 Titonka won another conference vrctory by defeatlng Lakota 44 35 on the Indlans home court Thls made our conference record stand at 3 WIHS and 1 loss Kromrnga led the scorers wxth 16 pornts Trtonka 38 Ledyard 47 Trtonka lost tts second conference game to the powerful team from Ledyard The frnal score bemg 47 38 Krotmnga agam led wrth 17 pomts Tttonka 69 Burt 47 Trtonka defeated Burt by a score of 69 47 on the Indtans home floor Tlns was the second trme the Indrans had defeated Burt rn the conference Kromtnga led the scoung wrth 30 pomts led all scorers with 18 points. Q Q xl! Q S Ixhke McDonald Shootmg Tyke vs Lakota Boys at pracuce 2 pomt bv kenny LoatQ' DR J K I. XETERINARIAIN TITONKA IOWA Trtonka 38 Thompson 30 Trtonka traveled to Thompson only to suffer tts tlurd conference defeat by a score of 38 30 Kronunga was htgh pomt man wrth 11 pomts Trtonka 42 Bancroft 55 Trtonka was defeated by Bancroft by a score of 55 42 Thrs was Trtonka s first non confer ence defeat Kromrnga was Iugh scorer wrth 22 points Tttonka 58 Armstrong 32 Trtonka defeated Armstron at Armstron by a score of 58 32 Kromrnga agatn was high point man wrth 25 BOY S COUNTY TOURNAMENT Trtonka 56 Lakota 38 Trtonka traveled to Swea Crty for rts frrst game rn the County Tournament and defeated Lakota 56 38 Kromrnga was hrgh pornt man wrth 31 pornts Trtonka 61 Whrttemore 55 Trtonka won 1ts second game rn the County Tournament by defeatmg Wfuttemore rn an overtrme by a score of 61 55 Kromrnga agarn led the Indrans scormg wrth 24 pornts Trtonka 47 Ledyard 56 Trtonka was defeated by Ledyard rn the semrfrnal round of the County Tournament by a score of 56 47 Kromrnga was tugh scorer Wlth 25 pornts Trtonka 41 Wesley 37 Trtonka defeated Wesley by a score of 41 37 to wrn the consolauon round rn the Boy s County Tournament Kromtnga was hrgh pornt man wrth 22 pornts Trtonka 61 Thompson 44 Txtonka defeated Thompson rn another conference game by a score of 61 44 Kromrnga topped all scormg wrth 32 pornts Trtonka 41 Swea Crty 34 Trtonka defeated Swea Crty in a conference game by a score of 41 34 Thrs was the frrst trme Trtonka had defeated Swea Crty rn '7 years Krommga was hrgh pornter agam wrth 21 pornts Trtonka 44 Lakota 34 Trtonka defeated Lakota rn another conference game by a score of 44 34 Kromrnga was lugh pornt wrth 19 pomts Trtonka 58 Ledyard 59 Txtonka lost to Ledyard rn its last home game of the season by a score of 59 58 Thrs was the lndrans fust loss on the home floor Kromrnga was hrgh scorer wrth 24 pornts Compliments of DR PIERRE SARTOR, Physicran and Surgeon Titonka 39 Bancroft 36 Titonka traveled to Algona to compete in the Sectional Tournament. In this game the Indians defeated Bancroft by a score of 39-36. Krominga was high point with 13, Roskamp next with 12, and McDonald with 9. Titonka 45 Algona 71 Titonlqa lost its last game of the season to the oowerful team from Algona by a score of T1-45. In this game all of the seniors saw some action. Krominga led the Indians scoring again with 14 points. K and H OIL CO Titonka Iowa Ed Sathoff, Mgr Your friendly cooh. CLASS TOURNAMENTS The class Tournaments of Trtonka Hrgh School proved to be very successful When the last whlstle blew the Junror guls and the Semor boys had proven therr strength to becomrng the champrons of 1953 The hrghhghts of the Tournaments proved to be the ftnal games The Jumor grrls overpowerrng the Semor grrls wh11e the Semor boys overpowered the Sophomores We wrsh to thank at thrs trme Mr Mehlan a.nd Mr Thxesse for therr frne Job rn offrcraung for each game We also want to thank each player for then frne sportsmanslup whrch helped make the Tournaments a success These were the pamngs for the Grrls Class Tournaments The Fust game the Jr Hrgh lost to the Freshmen The next game the Freshmen lost to the Jumors The Sophomores played the Semors the Semors wmnrng 27 to 14 The champronshrp game was played by the Jun1ors and Semors The Junrors w1nn1ng 24 to 21 The boys games were as follows The Junror l-hgh won over the Freshmen 30 to 27 Then the Junror l-hgh lost to the Sophomores 34 to 18 The Jumors played the Semors rn a very close game the Semors wrnmng 36 to 34 The fmals were played by the Sophomores and Semors The Semors wrnnlng 37 to 25 305 KX. 'zip Nu 'if-5 fs- Sli' ann? AfN'c' N-Q-iss!-, I V NXq,', I V sa, :, T if ,fr "Y l x 8 gl' MQ,- ' 5 F , Q- 1' 'T A ' 'X , .gg Q V in Y "" , i 1 ,Il ' X . , C . Q' , . vp' 5 h ' N r N g. - 2 xr 5 X, , I ff. V ' .14 f X GR DES KINDEQGARTEN BACK ROW, left to right: Alfred Rode, Roger Akkerman, Sharon Eden, Audrey Boelks, Gregory Miller, Joan Cosgrove, Mrs. Harvey, Linda Krantz, Mark Schroeder, Leroy Bruns, Bruce Kitzinger, Keith Brandt, David Isenbrand. 2ND ROW: Catherine Stecker, Ward Mehlan, Sharon Willrett, Wayne Cordes, Lanita Gingrich, Jimmy Rode, Linda Fritz, Judy Rippentrop, Roger Tjarks, Verlus Burkhart, Doran Dockstader, Ardith Harms. FRONT ROW: David Spear, Thelma Miller, Dorothy Brandt, Gary Smith, Stephen Canady, Sharon Harms, Joyce Gies- king, Leanne Larsen, Sharon Peterson, Michael Isebrand, Kean Harr, Jeriann Bess. W 5 zz-Q, N X cc? J I jj PE 1' ,ESQ C J J FIRST GRADE BACK ROW Beth Albertson Ketth Hamrlton Myrna Rrke Sherry Boyken Roy Hutchxson Jaruce Ostermann Ronald Muller Sheryll Gray MIDDLE ROW Pau1M111er Dorrs Mrller Jolene H111 Peggy Mmhaelson Cellne Mlller JaneyCunn1ngham Karen Bruns Sharon Glesktng Dorothy Srmpson FRONT ROW Loren Pannkuk James Stecker Barry Nelson john Brandt Cynthra Rakow Vernon Burkhart Lmda Smrdt Monte Hammond ABSENT Russell Canaday Kmg and Queen of Hearts Chnstmas Party Joan Beenken Rodney Hench Noel Krantz MIDDLE ROW Janet Welhousen Vtvtan Pnmmer Mark Boyken Judy De Boer Judy Fxtch Iamce Alke Ruth Wubben FIRST ROW Jane Zwtefel Eddte Amg Jtmmy Rtppentrop Jaruce McGuxre Bobby Srruth Rachael Carlson Wayne Senne Kathleen Eden D1ckBuff1ngton Jud1thW111rett Dxane Gartner I' att! 7' TOP ROW Mtss Faust Elatne Folkerts, Jean Isebrandt Kenneth Hutsman Lmda Hanson Carol De Camp Fctrcst Rode ' 1. 1 f' we THIRD GRADE BACK ROW Sandra Kromrnga Juamta Cordes Janet Bahhng Carol Swan Darrell Isebrand Lewrs Greskrng Robert Peterson MIDDLE ROW Mrss Stenzel Cara Doughan Sue Calhes Bruce Akkerman Denms Fntz Beth Neeland Sarabeth Brandt Ardrth Eden FRONT ROW Krrk Struthers Harlen De Wall Mxrna Rrppentrop Betty Grgler Kathleen Mrller Betty Krley Phylhs D1mond Glorra Gerdrs D -ma m' D .A-..-. .and : . I . ' . l , y . . . , ' : . I I , I I ' . I I , - . . . . . . . Z' ' I I ay I I I I .Z A ' l- 1 I ' 1 . . y . "- Q ' ' t .AL J A H, A.. . ,. ' ' Li z , 5 Q? S A V. i f' -t . 4 Q, , . .,. O FOURTH GRADE BACK ROW Karry H111 Rtchard McGu1re Larry H111 Arthur Graham Kenneth Smrth Ronald Folkerts Rrchard Frrtz Jeffrey Boy ken Gary Beed MIDDLE ROW Nlrs Re1th George Boekleman Glen Meyer Donald Grgler Kermrt Zwrefel John Cordes Maurrce Sathoff Dverg Krantz George Rea Cunnrngham Davld Wrllemssen Dennrs Rrke FRONT ROW Delorrs Janes Lorrame Stecker Lots Harms Kathy Wrllrs Judy Ostermann Lrnda Rrcks Vrctorra Rakow ABSENT Claude Brlsborough Margaret Brandt After the frrst semester Mrs Mallory took Mrs Rerth s place teachrng the fourth grade Mrs Rerth transferred to krndergarten l U U Karry Wanda what s a volcano? Wanda A mountaln wrth hrccups .UU C Q Dverg lf ar elephant werghs a ton how much does a monkey werghv Delores I don t know Dverg Here s a penny go wergh yourself Akkermann Lrvestock Co Trtonka Iowa Phone 211 Marie Gigler, Carolyn Interymill, Pamela Keil, Wanda Alhertson, Francis Bruns. , ' I O I U I 8 U O U 0 8 l U U O l 8 FIFTH GRADE BACK ROW Leland Pearson Kenneth Hansen Brent Ke1l Verna Gray Lenora Hursman Beverly Haack Jerry Peter son and Wendal Werland MIDDLE ROW Mrs Oesterrexcher Douglas Swan Robert Schram Sandra Gartner Margaret McDonald Judy Mehlan Korene Frtch Kenneth Carlson and Davrd Smrdt FRONT ROW Bruce Kexl Clarence Harms Ardrth Brandt Gertrude Gerdrs Sylvra Eden Sharon Barlow Jerry Buffrng ton and Gary Mrchaelsen ABSENT Leshe Pearson Junror Red Cross Club Vrce Presrdent Judy Mehlan Secretary Brent Kell Treasure Douglas Swan Members Frfth grade puprls and Mrs Oesterrercher Honorary Member Mr T I Rerth Club Flower Gladrolus Bud Robm Colors Scarlet and Black Meenng Place Frfth Grade Room Trme 145 Fr1dayP M Actxvrues March of Drmes Campargn Packrng Junror Red Cross school supply boxes Valentrne Easter and Aprrl Fools Partres and Mothers Da Program Dr H I Torgeson Trtonka Iowa President- -Verna Gray SIXTH GRADE BACK ROW Harlan Hanna Jrmmy Thacker Lloyd Pommer Georg,1aGodfredsen Ju11aWubben Lerla Larsen JoAnn Baade Ronald Hanna Pat McGu1re M1ssWh1tney MIDDLE ROW Sharon Rrppentrop Manly Welhousen Roger Re1bsamen James Meyer Rodney Hansen Patty Wrlhs Mary Lou Dramond LaVaughn Akkerman Lalome Hrll FIRST ROW Marranne Rrppentrop Cora Belle Stecker Frances Bahlrng Orla Jane Andersen Betty Doughan Rrchard Hench Brlly Abbas Manly Akkerman Judy Ann Buffrngton ABSENT Drcky Hatten Lowell Brlsborough Mrss Wlutney How old are you Drcky? Drcky I m s1x but my aunt says that 1fI m good and eat lots of sprnch and wash my hands I ll be seven next year jrmmy Mother do those wlute cows rn that freld grve mrlk? Mother Yes dear Jrmmy And do the black ones grve coffee? W1llemssen Hardware Admual Monarch and Tappan Range Plumbrng and Heaung Sheet metal and Green Colorual Furnaces 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - I 1 1 1 1 1 1 I I ' 2 1 1 1 1 1 l I I ' : , . UUUIUUIIOUUU 1 1 . ' 1 - -1 - , 1 . , . l'...lU. . I 1 : , . " 1 1 - , . SEVENTH GRADE BACK ROW Sandra Gerdrs Jerald Harms Chnton Asche Marvln Stroebel Julrus Stecker Mary Janrce Trunnelle Prrscrlla Rerth Trudy Bess MIDDLE ROW Mrss Hansen Phylhs Smrth Lora Wrllemseen Corrnne Zwrefel Ernest Carlson Dawn Beenken Vrr grnra Swan Vrrgrma Frrtz Janrce Intermrll FRONT ROW Allan Boyken Wendal Schutjer Mrke Nelson Clrnton Eden Belle TJaden Donna Beenken Lloyd Bar telt Drane Kromrnga Vrrgrnra Mrller Beverly Rrchter ABSENT Arlen Brlsborough Ronald Boyken Darrel Wubben u1.,,t 'fue z 1 i I I I . I . I l 1 , : 1 1 ' 1 ,Q 1 I , 1 . , I , - ' ' , - 1 . I l ' : , , . .ny P r ' 3: f 'L+ Pffgi' Hg -'-5 ' fy., ' 1 if 6 , 1 ' 'wf l fy 1 E ' , .. fl 1 ?,- , , 1 B 5 I I A i ,ka - -A 1 Q.. V '- : 4 ka 'i 1 I. if . H 8TH GRADE BACK ROW Harold De Wall hrnmy Mrller Darlene Calltes Myrna Norland L1nda Nelson Betty Hatten Marlon Meyer Jacquehne Gerdts Bobby Frttz MIDDLE ROW Mrs Torgersen Kent Rlppentrop Neal Loeschen Harold Wtbben Loutse Boyken Harrtet DeCamp Betty Peterson Mane Welp Nancy TJaden Gerald Wrbben FIRST ROW Rose Ann Peterson Phylhs Wetland Wayne Bartelt Cratg Sathoff Denms Kromlnga Joyce Isebrand Melba DeCamp 41 Q. Myrna We passed your house yesterday Darlene Thanks we apprecrate lt' Neal I manage to keep my head above water Kent Of course' Wood floats' Cralg I m nobody s fool hmmy Maybe you can get someone to adopt you' Dennls K I ve got an ldea . QW' Denms W Begmner s luck' Ik : I I I I I I I I ' : ' I b I I I I I I I I ' : I I I I I , . A a -' be 1 , - . , . I'i . 2 - I . ' : - f S s- . i , . . .u ' ' .X JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL The Junlor hrgh boys basketball team beat lt s f1rst two games playlng Thompson on therr own home court and on our own floor The boys beat Thompson 28 13 on therr own court after gettrng off to a qurck 6 0 lead The boys beat Thompson 25 5 on our own floor after leadrng 12 0 The members of the squad are Jrmmy M11 ler Neal Loeschen Harold DeWal1 Chnton Asche Dennts Wubben Guards Denms Kromrnga Kent Rlppen trop, Allan Boyken Ronald Boyken Bobby Frrtz Forwards Wendall Schutjer Crarg Satoff Center The Jumor Htgh boys won a f1rst place trophy rn the conference tournament at Burt The frrst round game that we played rn we beat Ledyard 39 22 to advance to the second round ln the second round we beat Swea C1ty 37 25 tn one of our best performances We then had a chance to play Burt rn the frnals Burt had prevrous ly beaten Armstrong and Lakota by ten pornts margrns The one game that we needed to w1n rn order to get the fust place trophy was won falrly easy 40 26 We led 19 11 at the half and rncreased our lead after a brref rally by Burt tn the openmg mrnutes of the th1rd quarter Our only defeat rn the 1952 1953 season was a 34 18 loss to the sophomores rn the rnner class tournaments The chance to play the sophomores came to us after we had a 30 27 vtctory over the freshmen Our season record was 6 wms and one loss Our coach was Mr Thresse Through our frrst games we scored an average of 27 pomts and held our opponents at 9 pornts Leadtng scorers were Cratg Satoff wtth a 15 pornt average and Dennrs Kromrnga wrth a 8 pomt average The Jumor hrgh guls basketball team lost one game and won one game playlng Thompson both here and there The f1rst game was played at Thompson December 17 The grrls led the fust quarter 4 0 At the half we were ahead 2 6 but after a few quick baskets Thompson won the game Specral recognrtron should be grv en to our guards for holdmg Thompson s forward to no freld goals ID the ftrst half Trudy Bess and Dawn Beenken were lugh pomt each hav1ng 8 potnts Pr1sc1lla Rerth made 4 out of 7 free throws rn the last quarter Those on the squad were Forwards 'Trudy Bess Dawn Beenken Pnscxlla Rerth Cornne Zwrefel Jacquelrne Gerdxs Drane Krorrunga Betty Hatten Guards Darlene Calhes Donna Beenken Rose Peterson Nancy Tjaden Phylhs Wet land Myrna Norland Our g1r1s drew a bye rn the frrst round of the Kossuth County Guls Basketball Tournament at Burt so we drd not play unttl Thursday rught We played Lakota because they had won over Burt Tuesday nrght The gtrls put up a good battle rn the f1rst quarter The quarter ended wrth our grrls trarhng by one pornt the score betng 9 8 Ar the half the score was Lakota 16 Trtonka 11 After the half Lakota really played well and left our guls belund The frnal score was 22 37 The team managers were Betty Ann Hatten and Beverly R1ckter We w1sh to thank the cheerleaders who were Phylhs Wetland Betty Petterson and Lrnda Nelson Mr Rerth drd a frne Job of coaclung our team U U I U l O Dawn My dad Just bought a new cow Allan Is xt a Jersey cow? Dawn Gee I don t know It doesn t have any hcense plate I - - 0 - - . : - 1 1 1 1 1 - a ' I I 1 ' 1 0 - - , . - . I - . - 1 l l t . . . . , . Q - , . ' . , - Y I ' - . , . . . 1 1 1 1 1 s 1 r 1 1 1 s 1 1 ' , . I . . . . . , . . . I . 1 1 - C U 0 U O U n I I ' . , . . M V I' JL NIOR HIGH GIRLS BASKETBALL TEAM 3 0 I 33 U '31 IUNIOR HIGH BOYS BASKETBALL TEAM x if .,- x l f w. 4 ,f .lfwhgx " gf! 'Q mp A P 1 A ' 51. 1 ags- wN""K . J' " 39 ,, lf: I FARMERS ELEVATRR CRMPANY SEER SERVICE PHRNE 30 JRHN STRTT MANAGER COAL GRAIN SALT FEED HOME 'POW FRIE D Denton Drug Store J R Schutger St Son John Deere Quahty Farm Implements Genume John Deere Parts Stan Ho1st Loaders F1restone Tlres Phone 11 T1tonka Iowa T1tonka Telephone Company Th1s Company s success depends upon operatmg along l1nes that meet wlth publlc approval We endeavor to furn1sh dependable telephone serv1ce at the lowest rate at whlch such serv1ce can be furmshed L W Nath manager T1tonka Cafe Propr1etors Clarence Dorothy and Marle T1tonka Co Operatlve Creamery Co Iowa State Brand Butter can t beat T1tonka Butter Andy Kromlnga manager Phone No 22 T1tonka Iowa Beed Hardware Fr1g1da1re 8t Maytag Appl1ances Your I R H A Store Plumb1ng 81 Heat1ng Come 1n and see us for your Plumb1ng Heat1ng W1r1ng and Cablnet Work Glen Mlller Tyke Electrlc T1tonka Iowa I need your face and head 111 my bus1 ness Agent for Marshall and Swlft Sm1th Barber Shop De Wall s Cafe T1tonka Iowa Hospltal and Surglcal Beneflts Insure your earmngs and protect all Woodmen Acc1dent Acc1dent health llfe and Group Insur ance W H and Pearl Rlcklefs Pur1naChowS for poultry and llvestock See the dlfference Purlna makes Bartlett Bros Turkey Hatchery T1tonka Phllco Telev1s1on Phllco Freezers New Home Sewlng Machlnes Honken Electrlc T1tonka Iowa The T1tonka Top1c Frank Clark Pubhsher T1tonka Iowa Isebrand Produce Poultry eggs seeds serv1ce T1tonka Iowa Hamllton Hatcher1es Blg Type Leghorn ch1cks Blood testmg Cozy brooder Jamesway Poultry equlpment T1tonka Wesley and Bancroft Phone 38 T1tonka house Farland s Barber Shop It pays to look well Lynn s Recreat1on Your Patronage w1ll be appreclated Lynn Kuchenreuther Prop Gamble Store Phone 112 Hardware Pa1nt auto Qphes Cloth1ng and footwear Interm1ll's Self Servlce Grocer1es Meats Fru1t Vegetables 1n season Phone 6 T1tonka . . J 1 . s ' , . . I , ' ' J . 1 1 - . J 3 J I ' You can whip Titonka cream--but you Phone 2 on 80 I ' . , ' I , . J , . . ,4 . . , . 1 . I ' , . J 0UR 0 'I'0F TOW FRIE D Kent Motor Company Ford Sales 8: Servlce Algona Iowa Congratulat1ons Semors Schultz Bros Studebaker Sales 81 Serv1ce Wrecker Servlce Gas Stat1on Algona Iowa Zender s Clothes for men and boys Where qual1ty 15 1nexpens1ve Algona Iowa Algona Produce On Hlghway 18 Algona Iowa John Dreesman Mgr M1ller Steel Bu1ld1ng Company Earl B M111er Contractor Quonsets for Farm and Commerclal 1001 Maln Street Algona Iowa Carrnean Rexall Drug Bancroft Iowa A H Fuchs Bancroft Iowa Smoke Shop Algona Iowa Perclval Motors Dodge Plymouth and Trucks Complete Bear Adgustments Algona Iowa Andersen Construct1on Co General Contractors Emmetsburg Iowa Hamllton School of Cormnerce A course of tralmng at the Ham1lton School of Commerce qua11f1es hlgh school gra duates for far better than ordmary pos1t1ons Wrlte for a beaut1fu1 plctorlal Mason C1ty Iowa Goecke Lockers Congratualtlons to e Senlors Class Algona Iowa Barry s Recreat1on Center Pool Tables 81 B11l1ard Algona Iowa The Chr1sch11les Store Algona Iowa The store of brand names Penney s Always f1rst qual1ty Most modern dep t store Everythmg for the famlly Algona Iowa Central Motors DeSoto Plymouth 104 No Jones Algona Iowa J H Menke Ph1l11ps Products Bancroft Iowa Thompson D1StF1bUt1Hg Co Add years of 11fe to your present car at low cost by mstallmg a Remanufact ured Toledo b11t engme Dr Dewel Der1t1st Congratulatlons to the Semor Class Algona Iowa Josten s smce 1897 Rep B111 Bates Box 553 Storm Lake Iowa Vance Muslc Co smce 1900 Everythlng 1n Muslc Mason C1ty Iowa - 2 I ' ' th , . -' .v I . , . , , I J I n . I ll ' ' ' ' ,Y , I ' n a . . .v ' , s ' , - ' I 1 9 . . , . General Trucking KHVNIP5 . . , , I I . I ' J I I . D . I 0 R 0U'l' 0F 'l'0W FRIE DS WESLEY K 8: H Co op O1l Company Your own O11 Company Dr L O Snook Wesley Wesley Auto Company Wesley L1vestock Market Sales every Wednesday R1ch Re1l1ng owner Hog buyer and general auct1on Phone Wesley 2941 R C Bauer Implement Company Wesley Corw1th Remmder Wesley V1k1ng Stat1on Rob1nson Produce Wesley and Algona Free p1ck up and cull1ng Wayne and Welp feeds J amesway Equlpment Wesley Co op Farmer s elevator Dealers 1n gra1n seed feed coal fenc1ng t1le and lumber SEXTON Kelley Lumber Co Bu1ld1ng materlals woven w1re Posts bu1lder s hardware Sherwln W11l1ams palnt Mack s Market Grocerles meats fru1ts vegetables Clgarettes tobacco 1ce cream Phone 40R3 Algona Come as you are BRITT Slgler Stud1o Br1tt Pantorlum Larson Hardware R H H1gdon Insurance Gamble Store Hub Cloth1ers McEntaffer Jewelry Novak Shoe Store Brltt News Tr1bune Horace Lee, Jeweler BRITT Dr C O Brewster M D H C Armstrong Brltt BUFFALO CENTER John 81 Jerry Hardware Hardware plumbmg heatlng Telephone No 14 Wlnter Clothmg Store Men s and boys clothlng Buffalo Center Iowa Kramer Style 81. Jewelry Shop Where qual1ty tells He1tland Ice Cream Shop Perma Wave Beauty Salon Costlgan Motor Company J ordal Farm Equlpment Jensvold Inc Buffalo Center W1lson Store General Merchand1se Honken L1V6StOCk Buffalo Center Phone 211 BURT Peter s Corner store Burt Open even1ngs and Sundays Grocerles fru1ts and meat Burt Co operat1ve Elevator J L M1ller manager Gra1n coal salt t1le Seed twme mall feeds Burt Iowa Elm Grove cheese factory Garman s dress shop and varlety Dr R H Thompson Burt Iowa McMullen Clover Farm Store Elmore Nursery Company Elmore Mmnesota I I ' . Q n n , Q a c 0 3 . . . , J , . I 'Q , . . ' I 1 J . I ! 3 ' . Your Decker l1vestock buyer . . . , . -- ' , g , A .v . 1 - - D . . ' , I I I I I I . . , a a ' 5 D D Tyke Tyke Tyke Tyke Tyke Tyke Tyke BASEBALL Lakota Algona Bancroft Wesley LuVerne Woden LuVerne K8 rnnlngsj The Indrans baseball team had a good season We won 5 and lost 2 We lost to Bancroft rn the sectronal tournament 2 to 1 and they ot to the frnals of the dtstrtct toumament We lost to Algona Hrgh School 6 to 1 and they got to the frnals oft e sub state tournament The boys took care of all the rest of the teams Gresham Lefty Roskamp was the pttcher and rn 33 rnnrngs he struck out 62 batters Paul Kromrnga was the catcher Kenneth Loats played frrst base and Terry Schutjer played 2nd base Harry Boyken was at thrrd base whrle Lloyd Gray took care of the short stop spot Our out freld consrsted of Neal Boyken rn left Gene Rrngsdorf tn rtght Arden Nelson Kent Goover and Donald Rrppentrop arded the team rn the substrtute roll The season was very rarny but the skres cleared enough to get seven games played We had a nrne game schedule but was rarned out of several games 1? 3 1 1 6 1 2 ' ' 1 1 3 1 O 7 5 3 5 0 X QQQ, 1 L . ik. ', Q , XX x 5 Q ALGONA L W N1tchals Lawyer Algona Iowa Tigges Self Serve Drug Coast to Coast Store Kohlhaas Hardware S SL L Store Jean s Lyle s Shoe Store Grotto Cafe Clayton 81 Rusk Hall Strahorn Hardware Upper Des Moines Plublishing Co Brandt Lanes H W Becker s Sporting Goods Store Vivian s Floral and G1ft Shop Arnold Motor Supply Cook s Radiator Repair Service Linnan 81 Lynch Lawyers L A Winkel Lawyer McMahon 81 Cossel Lawyers Algona Laundry 81 Dry Cleaners Shumway Kelly 81 Fristedt Law Dr C C Shierk Foot Specialist Dr M G Bourne M D JohnM Schutter M D Dr A W Amunson Optometrist Dr N F Chapman Veterinarian Phone 288W Algona Chrome Service Station U S 18 St U S Algona Iowa Godden Monument Co Since 1878 The best for less Grahams Quality Clothing Algona Iowa Kent Motor Company Ford Sales 81 Service Algona Iowa Congratulations Seniors Schultz Bros Studebaker Sales and Service Wrecker Service Gas Station Algona Iowa Algona Laundry 8: Dry Cleaners Algona Hotel Coffee Shop Algona Iowa THE KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE The newspaper with the interests o young people at heart Livingston Tool Co Manufacturers of Speed tools Algona Iowa W1ltgenJewelry Watches diamonds silverware Watch repairing Algona Iowa Deans Watches St Repairs Algona Iowa Cowan Building Supply Co Paint wallpaper glass Congratulations Seniors Hutzell s Sporting goods shoes World Book Encyclopedia Fowler s Inc QKresensky sy Women s and Childrens wear Algona Iowa Hoods Super Value Groceries 81 meats Algona Iowa Central Motors Desoto Plymouth 104 North Jones Algona Iowa Barry s Recreation Center Pool Tables 8: B1ll1ard Algona Iowa Congratulations to the Senior Class from Goecke Lockers Algona Iowa ALGONA PRODUCE On Highway 18 Algona Iowa John Dreesman Manager s n ' 3 ! J ll ' ' il , . . ! I , . .. , . J n u 3 ' D . 3 . . . , . . . , Genrich Radio and Television Office and school supplies o Q o 3 o n . - . . . , 7 D . . . , ! I . . , Jct. . . . . 169 ' I J J 2 J J J ' I . , . 1 J TITO KA Denton Drug Store The frlendly store where quahty 1S no expens1ve You w1l1 l1ke our serv1ce T1tonka Cafe Good food at moderate prlces Meet your fr1ends here Clarence and Dorothy Bruns prop Tyke Electr1c For the best 1n appllances w1r1ng plumblng heat1ng and cabmet work Glen M1l1er propr1etor Smlth Barber Shop I need your head ln my bus1ness It pays to look your best Agent for Marshall and Sw1ft Beed Hardware Your frlendly I R H A store Fr1g1da1re and Maytag for qual1ty appllances Plumbmg and heat1ng J R Schutjer and Son John Deere your buy word for the very best 1n farm 1mplements and serv1ce Stan Holst loaders F1restone t1res T1tonka Telephone Company Our success depends on your approval of our serv1ce We furn1sh dependable serv1ce at the lowest rate cons1stent w1th that serv1ce L W Nath Manager T1tonka Cooperat1ve Creamery Co Iowa State Brand Butter You can whlp T1tonka cream but you can t beat T1tonka butter Andy Kromlnga Manager phone 22 Bartlett Brothers Hatchery The home of PURINA CHOWS for poultry and 11VeStOCk See the dlffer ence Purma makes There IS money 1n turkeys get them here Gamble Store Your frlendly home owned headquarters for hardware pa1nt auto supplles cloth1ng and footwear Art Hench owner phone 112 The T1tonka Toplc Your hometown news w1ll be found here along w1th news of the world Frank Clark publlsher Isebrand Produce Poultry eggs and a full 11ne of feeds We are at your serv1ce Senus Isebrand owner phone 2 on 80 Intermlll s Self Servlce meats and frults 1n season Come 1n and see our stock of f1ne foods Lynn s Recreat1on Youll l1ke the atmosphere and the congenlal surroundlngs Lynn Kuchenreuther propr1etor Honken Electr1c Ph1lco home freezers and te1ev1s1on New Home sewmg mach1nes and many other appllances Hamllton Hatcherles B1g type leghorn Ch1CkS Cozy brooder house Jamesway poultry equ1pment Come 1n for a v1s1t T1tonka Wesley and Bancroft phone 38 T1tonka R1cklefs Insurance Agency Hosp1tal and group msurance men acc1dent health and l1fe W. H and PEARL RICKLEFS Wood D J . D . J . . , . . I - - .P D ' I 3 I ' . . . . , . Your GMC store for groceries, and 9 I . ' . . . . , . , . 9 ' . . . . , . . .i I . I ! D ' P 01 nanny J' 9 01 og,,A?H J'

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