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Arrow Jfzjf Editor: Amy Hopper Assistant Editors: Jeanette Johnson S Joan Schindel Anna Willstead Laurie Thompson Sara Dana Paula Sissel Tammy Hopper Advisor: Mrs. B. J. Fredenhagen F' fagfe cf Confents Administration Llnderclassmen ""' 0000000000 13 00000000000000 00. Seniors S Homecoming ..... E5F,CJI,tf5 00000000000000000000000000000000 00000 Organizations .... Graduation .... 00000 0000 .. 7-I6 I6a-24 25-40 4I-56 72-74 Sponsored by CASEY'S GENERAL STORE, Tiskilwa, IL if? , ,rf if? ' 53323 Q i i :7f'Siw? ii i .. 125 gf, gf W W' ,3,. ,ff E -252, , f-gg 5 i tgjziu g'fi,'C89': gf" K, A- 'QQ 4421 .QW ,Aa-gf 'fr-.,,,,fjf" 3,573 f l,"P5gf Yxgl '34 qfzfn "U" I - -ff4,g13,,.f-- .iff ffao- Q. ,eau Adm, 15, .ew A ff? R fl rn.. 1-E K ,. '. 515144. 14,1 i W: MLA , iii-'fs up 543' 'Y f . ,M V . X 5 I ' 1 , O 3513, fig, x 'xiii 5 L ,,, .X K ' 14 H ?,..5.,-.fn Q W .a. V1 A ii X n ' f q - ix 'i I fy, . ' Q mi" ' ' , , X.: H f G I i B ,inlifgn "1 -Ti 'Biff V A Yr, .f -V' 5" A-,' -r f ,. . 4" ' X, sv 5 ,-' - -gfwnlx 5 ' ' ff 'L - PM ',,1-J! ff ff' N--1 5' A -VA f - 3, 7' ,W 'K ,M ' g -:T ,.gz,,F ri-,Q ,,,,,..f-sf" sl-5,1 Mazisi f I X- V ,ff if A -- -fx ,P Tiff. Y L f "uv A , A ,.- , a ff , X - . ,' i I 1' 4 V -4 J ,,- Q X ga ' , H . .1 In 5 E gg! if i - ' ' , ' , ' fr i ' , , 'P - ' Q. 1' V-4 , C'."'ivff'.vf 1 f i 'L' 'L , 4' Q3 25' ' 2 ,," M. vit' iw" ', 95 U , fi VM? 4 D i ,V "gi if I I r ' I ? I-5 gk. 1 f . . . , , , . 2 , .' . A ,' , , . v W E 5' ' ' , , , Q ' , ' f ,J Zim ' X' if ff 'X j, ' f f ff. ' ' V3 ' I. l I Aw I. I ', - If ' Tiskilwa High School Tiskilwa, lllinois Our Tribal Coun il ,W ' I X e Q I X Mr. Robert Prusator Superintendent Mr. James Whitmore Principal 'nxnnnuw The Tiskilwa Board of Education is shown above. First row: Rev. Joanne Cooke, Mrs. Sharon Covert, Mrs. Opal Schubert. Second row: Mr. George Kauffmann. Mr. Robert Kenney, Mr. Glenn Wright, and Mr. Dale Anderson. Sponsored By MILO, INDIANTOWN, 8 WHEATLAND TWP., Mr, Jghn Garvin MUTUAL FIRE INS. CO., DENNIS SHIVES, AGENT Dean of Students Tiskilwat IL 3 Wis hiefs Hand Down Wisdom Fayla Bodenhamer Mark Brown Marcia Burress Karen Carlson Ron Cordum David Doolittle B.J. Fredenhagen John Garvin Doris Hamilton James Jones Ralene Linneman Greg Sarver 41 542 Xe XV is S Nancy Schriver Marie Shull Jim Slater Jerry Thompson Charles Waca 4 Sponsored by FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS E, LOAN Princeton, Illinois X Peep in on the Personnel 1th srod M Gene GustaISOn' day Cu f. Mrs. Sharon Borg, Secretary Ian i GK? 'Oman Mrs. Sharon Anderson. district bookkeeper . Mrs. Irene Wooden' mght C Sponsored by MITCHELL L. KINGS Tiskilwa, IL LEY, Attorney-at-Law 5 Facult funnies found at TH English makes the world go 'round. Were the kids up all night. Garv?!! fiv-..,, i I l s i 3 :,,,l,V MW! 'wr ,, H2 T LAllXl,,l S, ,fZ,l, T F 1 4 ,kL, ff pw: ,f i wff ! i ffWW 9 lk W Wg K 7 W Z gag 7 e V f via , , ,, 5 w 93 4422 , f ,V V. A -J' f' UU "J f l-H mf ,ifnfiful 1-3:5 ' ,,,g:- Zinn, Hi F' H ,,,, . . .2'fv, g"0.ff I 901109 -89143 - - -4 ' ,f,fM.,,-,',u., ' 'fu..v,.m, , s. "fYi1wIu'Q'.2 ' vfuanfn um Q, V ' -,J:,:,: um. - y- 4,,n,,,,f,:ia,:5:3' , - - . , ,M f, iff .1 3 . 'y If gg, ' x 'lt lu, gn f lu' on my ' gi' 1 T 1 - time - 2: M 'M 2 f yi , My Z 'I-, . 4 .1 ...,. .. zu V 5 W y--,,, 73 T ig. ,.ll E, V ,S Would you believe THIS man? The eyes of the , .. Ag teachei B, Watch out Mexico here I come!! 3 H 1 , iii E H- Is it vacation time yet? Sponsored by i ,J- X H W I iiyyq - V i HOUSE S GARDEN SHOP, ' ' 4' FLORIST 6 Princeton. IL Oh yuck!! Not Beethovanll The "Big" Guy Hello, Western Union? If -ff i ' ' ...nn N M NNN vu ...Nun Qu Nunn ,N X .,....... .N N........ ua unuuw I-I 44 nun . X 0 v onnun.. f .Xu......... Zi nun nun ..' ... N N fun. 0 .un Q N nu xi. f......... iz s, z 6 In 'hen 6757. I S Ii nn 'Ca' P'I........ .. . I. l:!:5:2:2:2:5:5:x.:: .2:Q.-:-.j '.:3:3:5::: '.'.'. . . . ll. -1- ...D . .....-...--.Q 'P-'3'3:3:5:-:-:2-: -' ' 2 ,-2-bl-I-.-.:.:.J:.:.:. I- -.-.:...1.:.g.....g. fgflv.-.-.-.-.-0: -- . -.-1 :1:-:+,-:-.- ,I -1.-'.' .- .:.g.g.g.g.:.j.g.g. '.g.:.g.:.g.:.:.:. 'Z'Z'Z'Z'Z'Z-I-I-I I! Sponsored by TISKILWA STAT E BANK, Tiskilwa, IL J Follo th eaders ,Q N, qt ' .s wif' Xe 1 -J ,,.f Y ' ' A 1 Anfgh' , I Y r-Kgs V, ,FM . sf , 153' - 5' X 1 2 If . Z' if .Wav " Juniors: Mr. Sarver, Sponsors K. Cordum, Presi- dents A. O'NeilI, Vice Presidents J. Johnson, Secretarys D. Smith, Treasurers Miss Boden- hamer, Sponsors Mrs. Burress. Sponsor. Sophomoress Mrs. Schriver, Sponsors M. Jones, Presidents Mr. Garvin. Sponsors B. Jones, Vice Presidents P. Sissels Secretarys J. Senneff, Trea- surers Mr. Doolittle, Sponsor. Freshmen: Mr. Cordum, Sponsors D. Nevitt. Treasurers B. Vowels, Secretarys M. Salsman, Vice Presidents N. Senneff, President. -.1 1 1? gl ' , 5 A , ' v Ol - 4 - Q: , -X U 1 'i--.. , Q 'tus Sponsored by BUREAU COUNTY AND WYANET MUTUAL INS. CO., Wyanet, IL Peter Andriotis Jill Bittner Gina Colby Julie Colby Malissa Evans Malinda Forbeck Mary K. Forbeck Jay Gibbs Mike Griffin Lori Halsey Denise Harris Tom Hassler Amy Hoover Guy Hopper Kristin Horwath Errold Humphreys Sam Ingersoll Rodney Johnson Jenine Joiner IO I I sf 14 gg PM i WL Af f 2 .vvl , K , f t 2 , S M V, K I lylys f 1 li I fm , 'Sap' will 4 idk t FRESHME c o P E 2 ,V gVyz.Z,- e 3 lll I . I 5 ,,, X Q! if ,, J ,V 1 t f. ,V , 5 xx I xi 'Sy gl What does a Freshman have to cope with? Are they tortured and abused? Are they wary about trusting anyone - In the fear they're being used? We took a survey to see what they'd say, And the answers we got will now be relayed. "When it comes to Upperclassmen, l'd rather resist Being on all of their lengthy 'Hit Lists'I" "I dislike Upperclassmen when 'Stupid Freshman' do they taunt, Because they fail to realize l'm on the Honor Roll and they're not!" "lt's hard for me to adjust this year - it's almost as if I were cursed, Because in Sth Grade I was the 'Greatest' and now it seems I am the Worst'!" - Well it seems that coping can be difficult, But I guarantee - the death rate is lowl f - Just keep your cool, and a low profile, And NEVER tell a Senior "NO"l Sponsored by SULLlVAN'S FOODS Princeton, IL 'Ck S F V ty L Wm 'Q i J 'E H lj' if f it X yy f M or 3 16 , J W is. H 1 Sponsored by DR. WILLIAM L. PHELAN S ASSOC. Princeton, IL Melissa Lafferty Jim Lund Kelly McCauley Jodi Merkley Nicole Miller Amy Murphy Dana Nevitt Julie Patnoe Amber N. Perry Mike Salsman Matt Sears Nancy Senneff Josie Sims Greg Thompson Becky Vowels Rhonda Wilder Laurel Winters Todd Wright 1 W K f N 5 K x 7 7, ' i Robert Allen ' 5. X. Troy DePauw 4 ' 1 if uv fy 8 if W W 1' 5 J tx 'yi' api' r ,,,,,,,,,,,f r , ' nrt ! , ,Mn 4 V 1 A an as un 4 1' ,xi Scott Harrison 'W Q E .ge -A 'j g 'g , 1 'ff H , 1, QQ A K WK 4 W Jim Brown Sino Forbeck Brad Henderson VVVV , by 11'x:,,-:V of orr x , Chad Colby f 4 I , W f 7 ,jeff Freeman m K 7 sham Hoyt 'KJ nf ki 2' X 1 7 452 w QW If f Q 5 2 f s , V ,, . , ,, ,HV H: Chris Covert f 1 r A' J? k 3 ' i Ak ' ' H-rt'f! Man Gorman i" 4-?2'1?' f! 5 4 4 " S. X V xqisgv in Q A 25? qw: K P' 1. f ,- M.Nb ,Q t Brenda Jones Matt Jones Heather Kauffman ,A 43 K , -l S m Peldon-ii' A ' Lonnie Wooden H ' a V. ' ,... H,-15: ' . My ..k,xL,k K, krrkr U f ull ,' ki i ' ef'-W-f-'-" - H K H . W-L , ir i is at "'-2' 'nr' 'L," - 'Q' W ., ., .' ' : L , .. 6 fm "- 1 iy , 5 i 5, Qt - e . do iiol i Yr LL ff l ' li:,fQ,lf.f.i.i. ,h . - mh i , ' r 'iff iT'l 7l inyiy if i if ' i j fb if fVjJan1iekSchoi7tzL.ze1 ig .fjjim Senneff ly i - 1 ' Pam Sissei l g gl l , h- ,aging l i m hL i may ff, , hL r 1' 3 ' iff - 1 . j ,-A, .V y ,ak me m. V, ei o i 1 gift nyk ., Smith, gkohert Wheeler ',', y. 'Philip Willstoad 'V V tonnorro The Class of l9S9yc:ame intoitheir sophomore year with 2? members and left with Z26of them. Of the lclassgsize of 35, more than 'half U61 of them have gone to school togethertfor ten years Q a ,veryfgood percentage considering all the factors that could cause people to move away. Anotheroutstanding percentage thatlthe sophomores seem to hold dear is the number of students involved ingschool activities, Giver three-fourths of the classwar involved in SPOKIS, a schoolyclub such as FHA, FFA, Nl-IS, or Student Council, band,',or fchorus, or just boing a loyalygindian fan, in the school year of l9B6-87, the sophomore classwas A whole only participaredjin two proiectsg the concession stand and ordering class rings, The concession stand was anjimportant partof their year because it willlater supply money needed to give the seniors apProm ,and to also pay for their senioreyearbooki Class rings were ordered early fall andarrlved in the early winter months. All sophomores were glad to see thc-:moon their fingers and will cherish them foreverias a reminder of their high school days here at Tl-IS. T Y i i ' l x i 1 Chris Andersen Julie Bell Todd Bittner Tami Brokaw Kevin Cordum Piper Zabransky Sara Dana Allen Wetzel Laurie Thompson Sponsored by ASSOCIATED TITLE CO. Princeton, lL Julie Stowe Dan Smith Chad Sears Joan Schindel Michelle Sapp 'H N5 . f ' 2 ,. " ff, J' 2- f t 2.1 1 ttt at 1 J if 2 J y E . . ..tt 9 , u N, W L if '14 t 1 .fax f,. Tom Friel Crystal Funderberg David Grebner Michelle Harmon Tony Frank Juniors Plan A "Pizza Prom" What?l Pizza for prom?!! Seniors were definitely relieved to find out that juniors would be selling pizzas to raise money for prom . . . not serving it. The junior class made approximately S800 peddling Gino's pizzas in January. Plans were then set into motion for the setting up of committees designed to organize the big night. The annual Junior Class Chili Supper was also a success and provided extra money for future activities. Fans and parents enjoyed a pleasant meal before settling down to watch an exciting game of basketball, The Junior Class Social was also held during football season and greatly helped the money situation. Juniors took the ACT in the spring and started hunting around for furthering their education later. Sponsored by DR. P. T. CASTELEIN Princeton, lL - V ' "" " 3,5 , Ann O'Neill Brad Moretz Jeff Merkley Debbie Mecum K. f ' X W 'Q ' as XM i M, z f tg, 2 is 1 4 ffl 'ff 4 f 9 f - ,,,,, ,rj 1 . f, iff K Tammy Hopper lk 2 W' ' sf, , ,Q 6. , l iw., Qi! David Humphreys Jeanette Johnson wtf Tracy Krasko if ijt "W'ffg . Jason Lyle "Who turned out the lights?" Bill "Barker" calls his next contestant. HM, -if 'Q WJN' Come on! No one will know we stole the balloons!! Students feel confident as they raise their hands Are you sure you've got the right book, Heather? " hief Sim " Heads Senior Class W, .fe .xx 'fr 'QU' l l -"'. I ll , ll X 2 , r. T 23" ' 1 5 Ex H .1' 'fs Xi -5 In Q V5 JJ 1 ,JJ Ss.-1 f is' Q E -,Ni 1 2 ,X 'Z ,, 1 1 -,,y5ff1,5w W , V5 , . .3 ii J The l986-87 Seniors set a new "standard" for THS. Senior class president, Missy Sims, has held the same office for three years. She has been president our freshman, junior, and senior year. Jacque Covert was voted in as class vice-president. Amber Perry kept class funds moving as treasurer and Kelley Brokaw took minutes and memos as her duty as class secretary. These people have all put in many hours in planning our class's future toward gradua- tion. Thank you. girls, for your dedica- tion. Class sponsors were Mr. Brown and Mrs. Fredenha- gen. Amy Hopper lf' .ol mv" xx l ' W Anna Madsen Amber Perry ,fl x ,ly r ilk x mir Bill Jamison Tracy Lindner 3' -LK R37 1 W W1 , W' if M Qfilf' lk ami Cinamon Morse Mary Murphy ,I-our f l 'x Richard Pozzi Michelle Prather , I G Q .... rw 'W in W, WX J T3 ff? A QM ,iii , Y Rhonda Prunty Mark Sanders Monica Shipp www- Janet Sims Missy Sims David Turpen '3 fb 1 TW ', ,r M Peggy Wagner Gina Walzer Anna Willstead A i' 4 . .u A . it V qryq v.. sh dk Q - , , ,, ,Igg- ,11 1 f-mai 1, iw, . 3 4: K ,.-f4"'k m 1. wb ig. at ,ei 3 Q , if "' Q i 'M' an U s m ws. QM. ww erfiiif " ist 2 Shout" y if 'W l. The i986 Homecoming Dance was held September 20. The band was Reac- tion. The theme was an oldie but a goodie "Twist and Shout." The colors chosen by the student council were metallic blue, pink, and white. This Homecoming will be a special memory because the king and queen are cousins. The first runners-up were Mark Sanders and Kelley Brokaw. The second runners-up were Cory Bickett and Gina Walzer. The Junior atten- dants were Chris Andersen and Laurie Thompson. Sophomore attendants were Chris Covert and Brenda Jones. The freshmen attendants were Greg Thompson and Julie Colby. E? la Homecoming king and queen were Jim Friel and Amber Perry 'Cf gs 2 'R 5 '54 is 7 U49 jWf"n'z fp' xl Take another Homecoming Court announced. Mrs. Hamilton teaches eti- look The football team fueled up for a tough game against Western. y wQ5?vfgQ. i X iw Winners of the pajama con- test posed for a picture. Now tell me . . . is this your image of a "dream girl"? Mrs. Hamilton claimed the winner of the pie eating con- test as Chad Sears. It was a messy job, but someone had to do it. Amber and Michelle posed during the game to smile pretty. Senior Jim Friel charged onto the field full force. et's take a final look in review of Home- coming Week. During the week, various activities were assigned to each day. Among these were: Hat and Shade Day, Hawai- ian Day, Nerd Day, Pajama Day, Anything Goes Day. and of course, Blue and Gold Day. Noon- hour activities consisted of: slave auctions Cpoor freshmenlb, anything goes activities, and a clash between the classes during a match of volleyball. The game was lost but the Indians put up a good fight. Alumni came back to cheer the guys on even through the rain. Everyone in gen- eral had a great time throughout the whole week. 5' 5 x W X fx QW fx-Q W w F wg fx Q S A N f W Qffgf ifggwx-1i' XX ff I f.4:mf:e::,. X Z7 Y , Xxnvnx in 5-fy , 'VI ' 'U'-tfulix ' X ff5'f.eQz WW X . A, , W, K A 1 I 5 -sf: . X X - E- gi. K ,f.....J f 1-1xq ,,h,a,..!,,..v.M.., wwzwf' i W! iai is W.-M W0-. ll ,445 ,fl 7 M' ----ni... M... 'Fil'-va .ME niors accompli h goal Bickett, Cory5 Football l,2,3,45 Basketball l,2,35 Homecoming Court 2,45 FFA I,2,3,4. Borg, Dawn5 FHA l,2,3,45 Vice-President 35 President 45 Yearbook 2,35 Librarian 4. Brokaw, Kelley: Class Treasurer lg Vice-President 45 Student Council l.2,45 Year- book 25 Noon hour basketball l,25 Track l,35 Volleyball manager I.2,3,45 Football stat- istician 35 Volleyball trainer l,2,3,45 FHA l,2,3,45 Musical 2,45 Pop Ensemble l,2,3,45 T-Club l,2,3,45 Band l,25 Color Guard 25 National Science Merit Award 35 Homecom- ing Court l,45 Chorus l,2,3,45 IHSA Choral Contest l,2,3,45 IVC Chorus Festival 3,45 880 meter medley relay class AA State Champions l. Cook, Claude: Band l,2,3,45 TRE l,2,3,45 IVC Honor Band 3,45 Football lg Track lg Stu- dent Council ls Champaign Honor Band li IHSA Band Contest I,2,3,4. Covert, Jacque5 Who's Who Among American High School Students 3,45 Honor Roll l,2,3,45 NHS 2,3,45 President 45 Class Secretary 3,45 Student Council 3,45 Vice-Presi- dent 45 T-Club 2,3,45 Librarian 45 SADD Representative to State Assembly 35 Band l,25 TRE l,25 IHSA Band Contest l,25 IVC Band Festival l,25 Chorus I.2,3,45 IHSA Choral Contest 2,3,45 IVC Choral Festival 2,3,45 Pop Ensemble 2,3,45 Musical 2,3,45 Noon hour basketball l,2,3,45 Pep Club 45 Cheerleading 45 Volleyball l,2,3,45 Co-captain 25 All-Conference Honorable Mention 45 Track l,25 Football statistician 3. Fisher, Kathy5 FHA l,2,3,45 Band l,2,3,45 TRE l,2,3,45 Chorus lg Pep Club 4. Friel, Jim5 Band l,2,3,45 IVC Honor Band l,2,3,45 IHSA Band Contest l,2,3,45 TRE l,2,3,43 Champaign Honor Band lg Chorus l,2,3,45 IVC Choral Festival 3,45 lHSA Cho- ral Contest l,2,3,45 Pop Ensemble l,2,3,45 Musical 2.3.45 Class President lg Vice-Pres- ident 2,35 Student Council I.2,3,45 President 45 SADD Representative to State As- sembly 35 Honor roll 2,3,45 Who's Who Among American High School Students 45 Football l,2,3,45 Captain 45 Basketball I.2,3,45 Captain 45 Track l,2,3,45 State meet lg T-Club l,2,3,45 Pep Club 45 Homecoming King 45 Elk's Teen of the Month 3,45 Elk's Teen of the Year 45 DAR Good Citizen Award 45 Disciplinary Committee 35 Noon hour basketball coach 35 Scholastic Bowl Team 2,3,4. Gorman, Brooke5 Volleyball l,2,3,45 All-Conference Ist team 45 Chorus l,2,3,45 IVC Choral Festival l,2,3,45 Solos l,2,3,45 Ensembles l,2,3,45 Musical 2,35 Band l,25 T-Club 3,45 Secretary 45 FHA l,25 Honor roll 2,3,45 Librarian 4. Gray, Abby5 FHA 45 Chorus l,2,35 Musical 2,35 Track l,25 Cheerleading 3. Hopper, Amy5 Chorus l,3,45 IVC Choral Festival 3,45 Musical 3,45 Band l,2,3,45 Color Guard 2,3,45 lVC Honor Band 3,45 IHSA Band Contest l,2,3,45 Noon hour basketball l,25 Volleyball l,2,3,45 Track lg Scholastic Bowl Team 2,3,45 Yearbook 2,3,45 Editor 45 FHA 3,45 Pep Club 45 Honor roll I,2,3,4. Jamison. BilI5 Band l,2,3,45 Honor roll l,2,3,45 FFA I.2,3,45 President 3,45 Papoose Co- Editor 45 Student Council 45 Pep Club 4gCO-Cl13ll'IT13I1 45 IVC Honor Band 3,45 IHSA Band Contest I,2,3,4. Lindner. Tracy: FHA I,2,3,4. l Madsen, Annaf Pep Club 45 Co-Chairman 45 FHA l,2,3,45 Papoose Staff 45 Student Librarian 45 Chorus I. Morse, Cinamom Band l,2,3,45 TRE 2,3,45 IVC Honor Band 45 IHSA Band Contest l l,2,3,45 FHA l,2,3,45 Scholastic Bowl Team 45 Pep Club 45 Chorus 35 Musical 35 Pa- poose staff 2. Murphy, Mary5 Chorus l,25 Cheerleading l,25 FHA l,2,3,45 Musical 2. Perry. Amber5 Volleyball l,2,3,45 Co-Captain 25 Captain 45 All-Conference lst team 3,45 Pep Club 45 Track l,2,3,45 Cheerleading l,2,3,45 Co-Captain 25 Captain 45 Noon hour basketball l,2,35 Student Council 2,35 Pop Ensemble 2,3,45 FHA l,2,3,45 Treasur- er 45 Class Treasurer 45 Football statistician 45 T-Club 2,3,45 Vice-President 45 Musi- cal 3,4, Band I, IHSA Band Contest l, Chorus I,2,3,4, IVC Choral Festival l,2,3,4, IHSA Choral Contest 3,4, Homecoming Queen 4. Pozzi, Richard, Football 4, Track 4. Prather, Michelle: FHA l,2,3.4, Chorus l,2.3, Musical 2, Scholastic Bowl Team 2, Pa- poose Staff l,2, Noon hour basketball l,2,3,4, Honor roll l,2.3.4. Prunty. Rhonda, FHA 2,3,4, Track 2.3, Pep Club 4, Yearbook 3, Papoose CofEditor 4, Librarian 4, Chorus 2. Sanders. Mark, Chorus l,2,3.4, IVC Choral Festival 3,4, IHSA Choral Contest 3,4, Pop Ensemble l.2.3,4, Student Council I.2,3,4, Treasurer 4, Musical 2,3,4, Male Lead Role 3.4, Basketball I,2,3.4, Co-Captain 2.4, Football 3.4, Track I,2, Conference Champion Long Jumper, T-Club 2.3.4, President 4, Class Secretary l,2, Honor roll l,2,3,4, Noon hour basketball coach 3. Shipp, Monica, Chorus 3, Musical 3, Homecoming Court 3, FHA l,2,3,4, Sims. Janet, Band l,2,3,4, TRE 3,4, IVC Honor Band I,3, IHSA Band Contest l.2,3.4, Pep Club 4, Treasurer 4, Scholastic Bowl Team 2.3, Papoose Staff 4, FHA l.2.3.4. Sims. Missy, Student Council l,2,3,4, Secretary I,2, Class Vice-President l, Presi- dent 2,3.4, NHS 2,3,4, Vice-President 4, Honor roll l.2.3,4, Papoose l,2, Yearbook 2.3, FHA l,2.3, Noon hour basketball I,4, Who's Who Among American High School Students 3.4, Illinois Power Essay Winner I, SADD Representative to State Assem- bly 3, Musical Make-up and Scenery 3.4, Volleyball I,2,3,4, Track l,2,3,4, County Shot Record 3, Peoria Journal Star Honor Roll Meet l.2.3,4, lst place 2, 3rd place 3, lst place 4, State Track Meet l,2.3.4, 7th place 3, 2nd place 4, School Shot Record l,2,3.4, State Runner-up Team Finish I, School shot record I,2,3, School 3200 meter relay record 3, Pep Club 4. Turpen, David, Football I.2,3,4, Co-Captain 4, Basketball 2,3,4, FFA 3.4, Homecom- ing Court 3. Wagner Peggy, Band l,2,3,4, IHSA Honor Band 3.4, IVC Band Contest l,2,3.4, FHA I,2.3,4, Scholastic Bowl Team 2,3,4, Pep Club 4, Papoose Staff 4. Walzer, Gina, Cheerleading l,2,3.4, Chorus I,2,3,4, Pop Ensemble 3,4, FHA l,2,3.4, Homecoming Court 4, Scholastic Bowl Team 2,3,4, Volleyball I,2,3, Boys Track Manager 2,3,4, Football statistician 4, Volleyball statistician 4. Willstead, Anna, Chorus l,3,4, IVC Choral Festival 3,4, Yearbook 3.4, Pep Club 4, Musical Student Director 3,4, Band 3.4, IVC Honor Band 3.4, IHSA Band Contest 3,4, Scholastic Bowl Team 3.4, FHA 4. I . . ' fs , . f . . . X H wr. ,.,. X . -Nas ,ui Za, Look at mel P :fm 'S fill' 'Il ,,'f21li7Dl!!3i'5 Y L 3 ffiigxi x Q.- sf.-. Qs 5325 -if 1? Msg, ,- wsmil f B ACN if Our futures unfold Cory Bicket will make Beck's Oil a world-wide gas station and make millions. Dawn Borg will be fired from Sullivan's where she goes crazy and bombs customers with produce items. Kelley Brokaw will become the world's richest woman from selling Avon. Claude Cook will gain a seat in the Philharmonic Orchestra after 25 years of auditioning. Jacque Covert will take her lead role of Mama Longstreet all the way to Broadway. Jim Friel will bring back the TV series Bosom Buddies and make it a smash hit. Brooke Gorman will have a miraculous surgery on her knees and help the U.S. win the Olympic Volleyball games. Abby Gray will write a helpful book entitled "How to Stay Awake in Any Class". Rhonda Harris and husband Brian will be courtmartialed for espionage. Amy Hopper will skyrocket to fame when she invents a new burger for McDonald's, only to later find out her new food causes cancer Bill Jamison will become nationally known for his political editorials and as a result will become President of the United States. Tracy Lindner will become a world-wide known hair dresser and come out with her own line of hair care. Anna Madsen will start her own newspaper in New York City. Cinamon Morse will spend the rest of her life at SIU - becoming a professional student. Mary Murphy will become personal secretary to the President Bill Jamison. Amber Perry will be lost in an airplane while crossing the Bermuda Triangle. Rich Pozzi will become a famous pro-football player because of mistaken identity. Michelle Prather will win a Pulitzer Prize for her book "lOl Ways to Keep Your English Teacher". Mark Sanders will hit it big in comedy and land his own sitcom on NBC. Monica Shipp will branch off from the Coffee Cup with her own Tea Cup. Janet Sims will take over Wal-Mart and then go bankrupt due to improper schooling. Missy Sims will marry Spud and win the shot put competition at the l992 Olympics. Dave Turpen will hit an oil field while plowing his spring fields and be worth millions. Peggy Wagner will become the National Trivial Pursuit Champion of l99O. Gina Walzer will become a successful accountant for a famous corporation. Anna Willstead will be imprisoned when she experiments with the human brain in a psychological experiment. EZ! Z' .g.g.g.g.g.g.:.:.:.:.:. 2853! g .. .. ,, ' , .N 7 .N , .N . 551 I fm: ' zzz' gig, 3.3. ,, . Q Q .... Q I-I-I' 3 Q U if-ze52's:ssm -:-1-' -1-112:21 1:55. .-.q.Q.' I '. :5tc5F:5:5:5:2:l:-3 .' ' '1.'.:,gq..'..'.k' 323252 !g,.:.,uJ X.. '5 gf arsity members included: B. Smith, B. Jones, M. Sims, P. Zabransky, L. Thompson. M. Sapp. Coach Garvin, T. Krasko. J. Co- vert, J. Schertz, B. Gorman, A. Perry, A. Hopper, K, Brokaw, Asst. Coach Bodenhamer. r-Soph team members included. N. Miller, K, McCauley, L. Win- ters, A. Hoover, R. Wilder, K. Horwath. B. Jones, B. Smith, J. Schertz, S. Kunkel, H. Kauffman, Coach Bodenhamer. Sponsored by MEL S GAS S SERVICE Princeton, IL oach Garvin - he's GREATII Nine years of coaching at Tiskilwa has paid off for one man John Garvin. When not teaching principles of mathematics or spending time with his wife and boys, Garvin spends a considerable amount of time with his team, Through the years, he has had great success and come up with many strategies. lt takes a lot to put a well-balanced team together but Coach Garvin makes it seem simple. He's a man with many talents and that is clearly seen by his record of l58- 43 over the past years, i986-87 was no exception to the outstanding capabilities of Coach Garvin's teams. At the beginning of the season the Dolls got off to a rough start and the line-up had to be changed several times. Not quite half- way through the season the Dolls came at their opponents full force. Offensively, the Dolls were extremely tough behind the forces of Brooke Gor- man, Jacque Covert, Amber Perry. and Piper Zabransky. Jamie Schertz saw some playing time on the nets also. On the defense, Missy Sims and Amy Hopper were exceptionally tough to get the ball by and if these two couldn't handle it, Brenda Jones and Becky Smith were brought in to try and recover possession of the ball. Amber Perry and Tracy Krasko filled the empty spots of the setters and usually picked up any tips dinks thrown their way. An awesome offense and a strict defense helped the Volleydolls win third place at the IVC Conference Tournament and to capture the first place trophy -.,. ,M .... 20 WM ,, f,g..5!..,'."'.,.!J2':5,? ,f '1TTf'.'H'!'9 '1-,.,,,u,,,,, gl. . . rssx sn. .3,.....-J ft. ........ 0-N--N CNA 3 '31 Dolls reign again Spo so d by U S I TACO DeP e IL "This is Pop Club Country I VCU MUST CHEEB!" I There's a new club in town - sweatshirts and sunglasses are their gear. They love to mess around, but their top priority is to cheer. They boost our school's spirit with their posters - and attitudes, too. They give our team pride and confidence as they support the Gold and the Blue. Their worthy president is none other than Bill, who tries to fill the bleachers each game. To build school spirit is their cause - and "The Gold and Blue Crew" is their name! farm am is Members seated Clst rowj Julie Colby, Qnd rowl Amy Hoover, Nicole Miller, Laurie Thompson, Rhonda Wilder, Jill Bittner, Gina Colby: C3rd rowj Michelle Kunkel, Julie Bell, Piper Zabransky, David Grebner, Crystal Funderberg, Michelle Harmon, Gina Walzer, Jeanette Johnson, C4th rowj Rhonda Prunty, Kathy Fisher, Amy Hopper, Jacque Covert, Amber Perry, Jim Friel. Members standing Clst rowl Janet Sims, Bill Jamison, Ond rowj Tracy Krasko, Tammy Hopper, Grd rowj David Humphreys, Missy Sims, f4th rowj Cinamon Morse, Jodi Merkley, C5th rowj Peggy Wagner, Josie Sims, Dana Nevitt, Amy Murphy, Kristin Horwath, Joan Schindel, and Sara Dana. JIM FRIEL Teen of Year DAR Recipient Jim Friel was honored this year as the recipient of the DAR Award, Jim was also named the "Bureau County Teen of the Year." This program is sponsored by the Bureau County Elks Lodge. Along with this title, Jim also received a scholarship for SIOOO, Other Tiskilwa Teens of the Months were Jacque Covert, Todd Bittner, Missy Sims, Laurie Thompson, and Mark Sanders. Of these, Missy Sims, Laurie Thompson, and Mark Sanders, along with Jim, went on to become Bureau County Teens of the Months, Congratulations, Jim! Sponsored by 28 SIXTH STREET STILL Princeton, lL Indians Climb to the Top Bottom row. Coach Waca, M. Jones, C. Sears, D. Turpen, M. Gorman, C. Covert, M. Sanders, R. Pozzi, J. Friel, L. Wooden, J. Freeman, T. Lamb. Top row. Coach Sarver, T. Frank, B. Moretz. T. Bittner, E. Olson, R. Allen, T. Friel, R. Wheeler, C. Bickett, K. Cordum, D. Humphreys. Coach Thompson X a nl., -... Seniors: R. Pozzi, D. Turpen, J. Friel, C. Bickett, M. Sanders Jump for a victoryll gli . .1 ' , -E AL, , i E J 5 2 Q L 5 ff S Hit the showers. boysll W Sponsored by THE CUT ABOVE - BETTY, DARLENE, KATHY, TERRY, JULIE, SANDY Princeton, IL Bottom: D. Turpen, J. Friel. Top. Coaches Thompson, Sarver, and 29 Waca. it S: , . 0216 Zlfofsa if 50 n the sidelines they work, rain or shine. Collecting information is how they pass the time, They work on the offense and the defense too, col- lecting information for the gold and the blue. They loyally support T.H.S. all the way. But they get little recognition and of course they get no pay. Who are these "unknowns" with such a risky mission? . . . Their gender is female, their number - 9, and their title - STATISTICIANSI name, w mnwm 1 ww - ttt 5. ' ?'53':5' :fflfjc .1 , fe ssh - 5 1 A 5 ' Ni x fi N lr t Q5 I X ANN N 1 Q 9 st ef Q .. K Q, ,tm so gm.:- X 's X a 1 J 1 A . 1 lestssl. S X SA N, ' -f 1,,,:.4,Q, 4.,,,,-. .IM gi g ,Q T. i 4 Sponsored by NORBERG MEMORIAL HOME Princeton, IL Front row: Coach Thompson G Thompson S Ingersoll J Lund T Hassler G Hopper M Sears E Humphreys P Andrlotls Coach Waca. Back row.M Jones T Wright E Olson M Gorman C Covert J Freeman T Lamb L Wooden R Wheeler R Allen. J.V. Football C5-35 Tiskilwa vs. Bradford Tiskilwa vs. Tampico Tiskilwa vs. Annawan Tiskilwa vs. Wyanet Tiskilwa vs. DePue Tiskilwa vs. LaMoilIe Tiskilwa vs. Walnut Tiskilwa vs. Wyoming Varsity Football C2-7? Tiskilwa vs Western Tiskilwa vs Bradford Tiskilwa vs Tampico Tiskilwa vs. Annawan Tiskilwa vs Wyanet Tiskilwa vs DePue Tiskilwa vs LaMoiIIe Tiskilwa vs Walnut Tiskilwa vs Wyoming Whatcha' Mark? got in your mouth, O OHS CHI1 H1655 Varsity Team Front: 4Managersj P. Andriotis, M. Salsman. Middle. Coach Brown, D, Turpen, J. Friel, M. Sanders Coach Thompsc Back: J. Merkley, R, Allen, K. Cordum, T. Bittner, D. Smith, T. Wright, C. Covert, M. Gorman, C. Andersen, C. Sears J Freema R. Wheeler Alley-oopl Sponsored by PROVIDENCE AUTO REPAIR 32 He used to walk like an Egyptian Princeton, lL + V f mx .,1"3NL',-' Xgfhgi ',n ' . oc' f ,hid l 1 jo' v ss'-'- A P wx y 2 l-lnnl I fl Qbmqmi-Y P" 2 a- ..: Q' 1 Ypvl wa3n8:9'7' , , ,I tc n's."' l :Ag l l i fxu, X L K N X ' 7 X L X , Q . 1 N 1, MEM l'm coming throughl ith the best J.V, Team Front: C. Colby, CManagerJ P. Andriotis, Coach Brown, CManagerJ M. Salsman, R. Johnson Back: G. Thompson, M. Griffin, R. Wheeler, T. Wright, C. Covert, J. Freeman, M. Sears, R. Allen, S. Ingersoll son. Fresh-Soph had a 6-I3 record under Coach Brown. Varsity had a little bad luck at the beginning of the year. Dave Turpen was out with a knee injury because of football Mark Sanders and Chris Andersen both had injuries and were out for many games but the team went on without them They were glad to get them back though. Congratulations for a job well done boysl lsss Watch Outl -' Sponsored by KIRBY PHARMACY Princeton, lL Wheeler does the Pee-Wee Herman for the crowd. 33 Under first year coaches Thompson and Brown, the Indians did rather well. Varsity had a I4-I3 record under Coach Thomp- ws., 13 'W T.H.S. T.H.S. T.H,S. T.H.S. T.H.S. T.H.S T.H.S T.H.S. T.H.S. T.H.S T.H.S T.H.S T.H.S T.H.S T.H.S T.H.S T.H.S T.H.S Record 34 BASKETB LL SCORES FRESH - SOPH VARSITY vs NeponsetCHD 36-34 T.H.S. Neponset 6l-42 T,H.S. Atkinson SI-48 VS Afki'1S0'14H7 35-34 T.H.S. Tampico 42-37 1 T.H.S. Hall 43-62 VS Ta"'p'C"IA7 3334 T.H.S. . ohio 59-54 vs Haumb D-30 T.H.S. Walnut 53-39 T.H.S. . Wenona 45-39 vs OhioQAj 28-32 vs WaInutCHD 25-3l V- Wenonaw 19.28 BRADFORD TOURNAMENT vs MidCountyCHD 25-29 vs Putnam CountyCAJ 34-47 T'H'S' ' Toulon 48-52 T.H.S. . Western W-L VS Hem-YQHD . Galva vs WyanetQAD I5-36 T.H.S. . Mid County 33-37 T.H.S Wyanet L-W V5 WSSWFUQHI 29-38 T.H.S. . Henry 40-43 T.H.S . Putnam County 44-72 VS' LaMO"'efA7 3336 T.H.S . Lamonte 41-37 T.H.S . W 4I-47 vs WyomingCHj 42-34 estem vs DepueCHj 24-43 VS BradfO'dIAI 2532 IVC TOURNAMENT vs. ManliusCAj SO-4I . A H I9-4 VS 'mawanq I 6 T.H.S Depue W-L 6-I2 T.H.S Atkinson 5l-46 T.H.S Bradford 60-62 T.H.S Annawan 46-44 T.H.S Wyoming 50-48 T.H.S Depue W-L T.H.S. Bradford 38-40 T.H.S. Manlius 52-39 T.H.S Annawan 48-69 I T- KW X-f I WYOMING REGIONAL , X I 7 ' , f ' T.H.S. vs. Neponset W-L ' YQ I5 T.H.S. vs. Wyoming 37-ss -Q I I 777: Record I4-I3 , Sponsored by ps ECKDAHL's Princeton, IL Girls Track ig 'lllwll ,sm x Back row: J. Bittner. N. Miller, P. Zabransky, J. Johnson, J. Schertz, A. Murphy, L. Winters. Mr. Garvin. Front row. G. Colby, B. Jones, M. Sims, R. Wilder, J. Colby, K. Horwath, L. Halsey. ,vatmt Coach: Mr. Garvin, C3Pf' M' Sims' l 4 'w 2 . IISKYLYQ llllllllllll 1 ,llflflllyj ff . ' il v T P Y l Weights. M Sprinters: Back row. A. Murphy, J. Johnson, J. ' msfl- 5CherrZ,A M Schertz. P. Zabransky. Front row. N. Miller. R. Wilder, ' u"Phy. L. Halsey, L. Winters. Tlllxgllll llllillllll 'lllillll Lama, .Q 3 ElRi32lE.?.il.,g,bHARMACY Distance: J. Bittner, G. Colby. B. Jones, K. Horwath, J. Colby. 35 Princeton, IL l987 Girls' Track The l987 Tiskilwa High School girls' track team was very young and inex- perienced. Those two factors hurt them early in the year, but they ended up having a pretty successful year. The girls were 4-2 in the East division of the conference and 5th in the conference meet. Three girls were con- ference champions - Missy Sims in the shot put. Brenda Jones in the 800 m run. and Kristi Horwath inthe 3200 m run. Missy and Brenda were selected to participate in the prestigious Peoria Honor Roll meet. The high- light of the season was Missy placing 2nd in the state with a toss of 40' 8 lf2". She also set a new record in the Peoria Honor Roll Meet by winning the shot put with a toss of 4l' S". The old record was 4I' Z". ys' Track Keeps Workin Coach Brown, J. Friel, Capt. Bottom: M. Griffin, T. Hassler, D. Humphreys, T. Bittner. Top. J. Freeman, M. Jones, J. Friel. R. Pozzi, Coach Brown W Qs W 5 eff fff s f 4 Mem ghvf Sprinters J. Freeman, J. Friel, R. Pozzi, T. Bittner t. - ssemmamsw Distance Runners M. Griffin, T. Hassler, D. Humphreys, M. Jones The l9S7 Boys' Track Team couldn't have been more balanced. Of the total eight team mem- bers. four were sprinters and four were distancerunners. They were successful against teams which were as small in numbers but, of course. they needed depth. In the Normal Relays, their team effort showed as they placed in every relay except the mile relay. Highlights of the season: IVC Meet at Rock Falls - D. Humphreys placed 2nd in the 3200 m Run. Bureau County Meet at Princeton - Everyone placed in at least one event. Sectional Meet at Dunlap - T. Bittner placed 4th in Pole Vault. Sponsored by PRINCETON TIRE SERVICE Princeton, lL AP f 4 ffm A . 1- fag -4- 9. ' 211 75 V 3K Mixed Track 435, 'ww' " 2 , S, - Vg, i 1 WY' A S4 .W I fl 51' ,Q f S, W5-. U M. Sims to State for the ,Q 'f ' 4th yr. I 2 Wm in a row. ff .0 1-M., fw-"""" M - r , ,J . iv' WS J T5 ., 3 vs, ' x K -K 1 QX f I 'Q 34' ' , 54 ' L Z n ., kj gg X Ve 'n l W' mf, . ' ,L '10 Q- ,mfkml v V, V -- M' 5 5 ai' X , VY w N A 4' ,A M ,,,, My li , ff f'M' , , .w2ww f'f, ' H- S1 ' Q lf ,,..f:i qizgef. n 'e wg " , :WQ'5EQil!f, 'fl-,"VL?',1 In 'V' , ,W +2 qw aw' I. ef' ,E f QQ we ,, Ap a f M' Sponsored by DR. BRUCE W. SHRIVER Princeton, IL Wg --'f fs f' ., ' fuk ' 9 it ,fr V '-,mi ,V In Cheerm for Mwnu. f H. Kauffman, N. Miller. T. Krasko, M. Harmon, J. Covert, A. Perry, G. Walzer, A. O'NeiII, B. Jones, B. Smith. Top: B. Jones, H. Kauffman, B. Smith, N. Miller. Right: H. Kauffman, B. Smith, B. Jones, and N. Miller. 38 Sponsored by CITIZENS FIRST NATIONAL BANK Princeton, IL -.ZX Si..- "-'hi' -it Q, .. M 7. ,V W Mem., ,,. ,wx , -, ff LM-V., Ylknilas W, W .. , W I, Y Y.. .4 ' 'MQ ww.-a-I X A ,J YM W ...M,, 9 J.. 9'.:cr'f.?q,4 Qgfuw ' ' '11, ,,wk,,,,,,, -, '55 V 5 I' :wg qw . Effiil JN Top: A. O'NeiII, N, Miller, G Walzer, H. Kauffman, J. Co- vert, T. Krasko. B. Jones. A Perry, B. Smith. and M, Har mon. Left: J. Covert, A. Per ry, M. Harmon. G. Walzer. T Krasko, and A, O'NeiII. Sponsored by PATRICIA NELSON GEBECK CPA Princeton. IL 39 Students Make All Conferene I0 ' A wtf l C, Sears, Football B. Gorman, Volleyball Ist team A. Perry, Volleyball Ist team M. Jones, Academic Football S Track 'rlbisxnux M. Sanders, Basketball lst team J. Friel. Basketball T. Bittner, Basketball Academic S Tra Honorable Mention J. Covert, Volleyball Honorable Mention 5P0f'S0fed bY Also receiving Track All Conference were Jeanette .I U 40 DANDELmFnSCgZnPIilNCETON son and Missy Sims. 'f'f'f"l'.'.j.:J .NN+N..0... .'. vnu... .uw . 'N Q nu. on Q un. .'.'. . 3 4 Nuo ,-,-, NN. . NNNNNNN ............ NN.Nw+.... Nwuwunn. .NNQNNNN - N ........ ............. .............. . . . X X . . N . Q . N 1 . .H-.g.-.'.-.-.Q -:-:- :-:-:-:-11+ Q.. la gs' IE I 1" 5:4 . E -:-e 3. . 121535 G "1i2E5.z555 if 1 I THS Arrow Staff Sponsored by HARPER WYMAN, Princeton, IL Adm Recap "Yesterda " 4l""' MC 'np N-l.- 14 W, l' WML, W Yearbook members of the l986-87 staff included A. Willst- ead, J. Johnson, J. Schindel, L. Thompson. A. Hopper, P. Sissel. S. Dana, and Mrs. Fredenhagen. Putting a yearbook together is not always easy and if you had asked any of these young ladies, they would have testified to that. These eight people put in many hours of hard work to capture all the memories that are treasured in later years. Next time you see a year- book staff person, thank them for their efforts. Sponsored by COUNTRY COMPANIES, KENT JOHNSONfPrinceton, IL l .k,. fl ts...-s-w-sa.,..,--ww Playing to the Beat of Victor Senior Band Members ,jf fi . .QQ 5 fp W I. .2323 My Z' 'Z 1 Drum Major Joan Schindel by MW I K . I .. , Fi 'QNLV I ww, ..f1 f Sponsored by SCOTT WILLIAMS FINN, IN Princeton C, Student Teacher Ms. Ward Color Guard A. Hopper, B. Jones, H. Kauffman, J. Johnson. Chorus Learns War Whoops I I The l986-87 chorus turned out not only bigger but also better than years past. Mrs. Hamilton reminded chorus members many times how great the quality of the sound produced had become. On November IS, all chorus members, except a few freshmen, loaded on the bus to take the annual trip to the IHSA Chorus Festival. After practicing all day, more than 200 young men and women entertained parents and guests. The trip to the festival always proves to be very helpful and this year was no exception. With the help of Mr. James Parks, we learned to create better tone quality. The kids from Tiskilwa were also busy during the I986-87 school year. They entertained at meetings, churches, concerts, and competed at the Solo and Ensemble Contest. A special addition to the chorus department was the student director, Miss Eileen Ward. Miss Ward originally came from Minooka, Illinois and was a senior at ISU. There she was maioring in Music Ed. - ChoralfGeneralfInstrumentaI K-I2. Here, Miss Ward helped direct both the chorus and the band and also helped Out with the directing of the musical. We hope that Miss Ward had fun and learned many new things during her stay here at THS. Members of the I986-87 Chorus were: D. Hamilton, K. McCauley, S, Hoyt, K. Horwath, D. Nevitt, J. Bittner, A. Perry, J. Joiner, L. Winters, M. Forbeck, J. Merkley, L. Frye, M. Forbeck, T. Hopper, J. Stowe, P. Zabransky. B. Smith, H. Kauffman, B. Jones, N. Miller, T.Krasko, A, Murphy, L, Thompson, M. Harmon, A. O'Neill, T. Bro- kaw, M. Sapp, J. Schindel, J. Johnson, B. Gorman, J, Co- vert, A. Perry. K. Brokaw, A. Hopper, J. Schertz, G. Wal- zer, A. Willstead, L. Mast, R. Allen. T. Friel, K. Cordum, D. Smith, S. Ingersoll, J. Gibbs, M. Sears, P. Andriotis, J. Friel, M. Sanders, C. Covert, T. Wright. Pop Ensemble members included: T. Bittner, A. O'NeiIl, J. Johnson, C. Covert, J. Covert, D. Smith, M. Sanders, A. Perry, L. Thompson, G. Walzer, N. Miller, H. Kauff- man, J. Bittner, K. Brokaw, J. Friel, T. Friel, A. Wetzel, R. Allen, K. Cordum, L. Mast. 45 NHS Academically the Besl Members of the National Honor Society were from I. to r. - T. Friel, A. O'NeiIl, I K. Cordum, top row: Mrs. Schriver, advisor, M. Sapp, J. Covert. J. Johnson, S. Dana. M. Sims. The NHS officers were from I. to r. -J. Johnson - Treasurer. A. O'NeilI - Secre- . tary, M. Sims - Vice President. J. Covert - President. . Student Coun ll The new members were not able to be pictured, but were as follows: Seniors B. Gorman, A. Hopper, Juniors, D. Smith, L. Thompson, Sophomores, M. Jones H. Kauffman, J. Senneff. L3 if A Delegates of their classes 4, , 1 RWE 'JsFf.:ffHi I v"'.,w W. .2 gg v ' V . Q - 1, , Student Council officers, M. Sanders, Treas, M. Sims, sec, J. Covert, V. Pres., J. Friel, Pres. The l986-87 Student Council members were, lst row, K. Brokaw, M. Sims, 2nd row: B. Jamison, M. Sanders, J. Friel, J. Covert, 3rd row: N. Senneff J. Colby, N. Miller, B. Jones, M. Sapp, J. Johnson, R. Wheeler, K. Cordum, I H. Kauffman, T. Bittner, M. Salsman. J. Senneff, T. Hassler. Not pictured, M. Jones, D. Smith. This year's members organized the homecoming activities, planned the Christmas party. and also started a Student Council Exchange. Wm.-442231 Sponsored by THE GORDON HOPPER FAMILYXDRAPERY S DESIGN BY SHIRLEY Tiskilwa, IL FFA Plows Through Again ?47f30 And here's . . . Sponsored by COLLEEN'S GUYS CND GALSX PRINCETON VIDEO E SATELLITE Princeton. IL D Members are. front row. C. Colby, B. Jamison, C. Bickett, second row. R. Wheeler, D. Turpen, C. Covert, T. Wright, S. Harrison, and Mr. Piascyk. sponsor. The Tiskilwa FFA chapter welcomed a new ag teacher and FFA advisor at the beginning of the school year, Mr. Ted Piascyk. Elections for the new officers resulted in Bill Jamison, Presidenti Cory Bickett, vice president, Chad Colby, secretary, Dave Turpen, treasurer, Chris Covert. sentinel, and Todd Wright, reporter. Some of the activities of FFA included: the harvesting of the school plot, the field day in September, the attendance of the Greater Peoria Farm Show, the Sadie Hawkins Dance, the planting of the plot. Bill Jamison and Chad Colby competed in the public speaking con- test in March, also. To end the year, the FFA had their awards night banquet in the THS gym. 47 Bottom Row: A. O'NeiII, M. Harmon, J. Schindel, T. Krasko, P. Zabranski, J. Bell, M. Kunkel, M. Evans Second Row: S. Dana, S. Hoyt, B. Smith, D. Mecum, M. Murphy. A. Hopper, A. Madsen Third Row: J. Sims, R. Prunty, A. Willstead, D. Borg, P. Wagner, T. Lindner, Mrs. Burress Top Row. K. Fisher, A. Perry, C. Morse, M. Shipp, G. Walzer, K. Brokaw, M. Prather. Ep., .QEA k .:. -.,, A Sponsored by Officers: A. Perry, Treasurer, G. Walzer, Secretary. Mrs. Burress, Advisor. A. O'NeiII, Vice 48 JUDGE CHIROPRACTIC CLINIC! President, D. Borg. President. JAN'S ON PARK AVENUE Princeton, IL x-y N. br Members of Scholastic Bowl are front row M B 2 1 s. odenhamenadvisor. J. Sen- neff,G Walzer L Thompson T H l . , . , . ass er, S. lngersoil, Ms. Jones, T Bittner Second row'D Smith J Joh s C . . , . n on, .Morse, P. Wagner, A.Willstead,J. Friel. A. Ho er, J. S' pp mms, M. Sapp, and C. Andersen Scholastic Bo I takes brains Student Librarians become bo k Librarians are as follows: A. Madsen, R. Prunty. Mrs. R. Linneman, Librariam D. Borg, M. Sapp. The maior accomplishments included the red ' ' ' omg of the vertical file and the card catalo Th g. e student librarians also did many other various jobs. Sponsored by PIZZA HUT f PUBLIC Dl5COUNT AUTO PARTS Princeton, lL I 'V4v1if,,1' ' T, I Msmigwy If -1 .hw--mf-'.'++"iwm'm - A" """ fQMfn'sAfMf-fffHwffs:aooww.uM- I-35? M2 QM?-w?-za mm M Sw- A-rwhmwva-rf fn-455.5-f -is rem rs QM.: Q. v:'5w: si-, 'Gu-.sf -lr M Sy M Jgwwv - ew? nf? WM X - W- w .ev -his-S. 're wb? 23533 F M fi D fr 4"'+jE?i'f af? M , Q Q Q I . Y HS fig ' f I if .. -"' , ' 'I to , 4' 'I lf I I In .,, K, I Y f f fvjkp A I Q33 W rw. ,ff ' I :I I, H ' 4' E X ft . K I ws I' Q 7 Sf T I li ' its-Q , . ' ,L I 1' - ' ' fa ' ' fw v " f ' ' ' , - f - R M ' 4 AA,5VI!A ,,,, VV,V , . . -. E W,-,,,,4 ----M--fp I lm - M... -I-I In H Mum , ,,.., ..,.., .W ge ' , ff , 4:,:wV'5' ' N I J I' "" M ' " ' , J grams: ur iw - ... W- I I In 2 si b?12BiE5fI'l- Bor:mupg.C.. Colby, B. Jones, M. Jones,K. Cordum,T. Kraskog DQ Humphreys. T-CIub,!Officers: Sponsor Mr. Garvim.B. Gorman M Sanders, P M. Sapp,'m1?gi.iZabransky. Next rowg.gC,QSears,, T. Frank. Nex3rgoyvg.:A. O'Neill, Perry, Sponsor Mr. Sarver. In fig, T' JQHUSOU- TOP YUWSVMSESINFHK' Bwkaw- IM' 5:9'3Si?FT5,?AfP9f"Y' I Km'm1' . 5 :m'l lfhfi 'm-- 3 I I J. B. Gorman. CL Bicketm. T I . m'AA I ' . , ,,, .44 s,,5,m ff' BSL Papoose: C, Colby, J. Sims, L. Thompson, B. ,lamisonlco-editJ, P. Wqgner. Sponsor Mrs. Schriver. Not pictured are R. Prunty Ccofeditj. M. Sapp, D. Grebner, A. Madsen, S. Ingersollg A. WiIIstead is not on fhe -staff but gives her time to develop pictures. .V Sponsor - Mrs. Schriver . Spvnwed.bylawawIp. p i HAPPY JOESXBEARING r DISTRIBUTORS INC., Priikiiton, IL y,,v.,?h T. Frank, B. Moretz, C. Bickett, C. Sears, S. Nevitt, D. Humphreys, Mr. Cordum. The Building Trades class started this year out by placing concrete 24' X 30 two-car garage. During the cold weather they worked inside on book shelves for the Tiskilwa Township Library and individual class proiects for the stu- dents. During the spring the class repaired the plumbing in the grade school portable classroom. Also a new roof was installed on the room. for a Sponsored by PRINCETON FURNITURE MART! EDWARD D. JONES fs CO. Princeton, IL Qu ,QR ix Physics: Edition '87 Torque? Vectors? Momen- tum? Magnitude? These terms Q may not mean much to most THS students, but for five seniors it was a dail habit to learn them. Y X X Once again.Princeton High School of- pi! l , fered the course to our students and J ' .X Xl Q five seniors decided to "risk it." ,Q A L l f f"' K Jacque Covert, Jim Friel, Brooke Gorman, L X XO' gf Mark Sanders. and Missy Sims were the five , 1. " that traveled to Princeton every day to learn 'A the basics of physics. It was advantageous for P f TT? Q' T r A this year's group to go because they were taught F , . ZZ , X ' in the new science win , The h sics classes had , X , X E, 8 P Y D ,L I l ah ' X their own classroom, office, and lab without having , 1 '- X to compete with other classes. The class was taught by I f X Mr. John Young. The students all enjoyed him because I he was a good teacher and he was a lot of fun. JY. as he f 'X al , J U1 W ly! , , ,lllemwizf 'x -,QQ 'K " E 1.1. t. - i .. ww 'I is called by PHS students, did his best to make us feel wel- come and to help us along. We felt that the class was helpful and fun and thought that Mr. Young would be awaiting the next year's THS "transfer" students. f 3322 E l gigs, QNQEQ l l lg 95533553 8 R : l Voltage run hi h in -,mx Sponsored by MCDONALDS RESTAURANT! CASE POWER E EQUIPMENT Princeton, IL 52 J' ' Q! D if anger I il' fm. ,f , ll U WUI Def.. - Q6 X V U J 1 1 I3 ad Q K 44" Q! ' if THS presents Hi h Button Shoes if 15 , sr x Q f A . , , ' ,V mn: ' Vg, A M U -j". J, ,. J ' ,f v . 1' -l y! ,"" ,kwliiifi 4 I . ,,,"' w i VVt,. ..,, Cast members: A. Wetzel, A. Perry, D. Smith, L. Thompson, J. Covert, T. Bittner, Mrs. Hamilton, J. Friel, M. Sanders, S. Ingersoll, M. Sears, K. Brokaw. L. Mast, J. Bittner, B. Smith, M. Harmon, A. O'NeilI, B. Jones, H. Kauffman, N. Miller. L. Winters, A. Willstead, C. Colby, C. Covert, M. Jones, T. Wright, T. Brokaw, D. Nevitt, J. Merkley, A. Perry, K. Horwath, M. Forbeck, M. Sims, M. Gorman, T. Frank, J. Johnson, J. Schertz. R. Wilder, T. Krasko, M. Sapp, T. Friel, R. Allen, A. Hopper, P. Zabransky. C. Cook, S. Kunkel, P. Andriotis, N. Senneff. J. Joiner, A. Hoover, J. Schindel. Miss Ward, Mrs. Stenzel. Mrs. Hassler. a I IS I 1 Dancers work out "A Day in the Country". Mark tries his hand at rearranging the script. The quartet works on the opening scene. Papa and Stevie take a ride in the country. 54 Sponsored by JERRY'S DRIVE INXHAYES-WILCOX Princeton, IL it ' ew A, ,t .. 1, ,,,A . 5. Q and Dinner Theater f f Qwmvfm D Q 1 15 W ' a 1 pwwd if . 'Q .Q t Zig . nl l' P15 F5 ' l i . an .un n u U use I 5 ,W . emma. A WW2iiH.!uti ig . . The quartet opened with "He Tried to Make a Dollar". ws ' . .55 ' - 1 .Q ' .., gn . Mama informed her family of future plans. Mr. Floy gave his pitch. E. Oggle took a fall in a bout with Floy, t.G -l ,.,--'i 1. x l V311 E """'l l .lllf muy, V Ms. 4 K , .2 Q, Mr Floy took the ladies on a trip to Bird Paradise". f 3 5 'L ' ' ,,,, . . PJ , f .. A ' ., wwwiwe , ' I Floy closed with a final pitch to the audience. The musical "High Button Shoes" was a comedy based upon two conmen who went from city to city and sold things broken, fake, or non-existent. Mark Sanders had the lead role of Mr. Harrison Floy and Jim Friel played his sidekick, Mr. Pontdue. Harrison schemed his way into the hearts of the residents of Longstreetville in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Espe- cially hard to fall were the Longstreets. ln the end every- one learned of Floy's ploys and tried to have him arrested. but Floy escaped and the closing of the musical comedy went to Floy himself. Doing what else , . . but a final pitch. this time to you. Mrs. Burress and the Food Service Class served almost 200 people on Friday night and Sunday's crowd was also very satisfactory. A fine job was performed by all - thanks again Sponsored by SCHERTZ WELDING S REPAIRXBUREAU SERVICE CO. Nancy and Willie Tango. Tiskilwat 'L ,, , gl I . .V J , Llnderclassmen OOO I 0 Q 1 I X mis You're a big boy now - read the big books ummm . A . I K . ,xxx Tahee! Taheel Taheel I A I W 7 Ng. 'Q NIA 0 Yi J . QIMQ. sl, lf, i 'XXXIMX I 4 ,xti ' G II N I xv . X. -r I Watch out Dolly, here comes Jimi Which way to the funny farm? K ,W I , rrrrrry Oh nol What's this doing on my ear? Sponsored by SURGICAL TRADING COJTISKILWA FEED SERVICE Tiskilwa, IL Combin stud with fun!! ... "But we had no clean shorts" I K f 'f ED i ,W Walk like an Egyptian "Chippy", are we having fun yet? N. W!-S The e are the best of time ff' 'X 1 T fa 9' Wanna hear a ioke, Dave? 17X ,S Couples danced to the Powerboosters. Sponsored by NELSON DRUGXWARRENS F.S. STATION 58 Princeton, IL . 2 I I i .4 i T'1e Y Q . Tfan fy, The I986-87 Prom Court: Prince S Princess J. Schindel and C. Sears, Ist Runners-up C. Bicketi and A. Perry, King S Queen M. Sanders and G. Walzer, 2nd Runners-up D. Turpen and M. Prather and 3rd Runners-up J. Friel and J. Covert. Mr. S Mrs. President? Watch your step, Kristin. T? The court led the Coronation dance. Mark, you're such a hamil , x . L 'D VN: if W Lookin' good, girls. om. Parents and teachers recaptured old days. Sponsored by LCN CLOSERS INC.f FLOWERS BY JULIA Princeton, IL Couples anxiously awaited for the dancing to begin. I think we're being watched Um, did I say that right? Y Isn't this nice, George? Not another slow dancel? gi - "f' Z L. Sponsored by WYANET LOCKERfBOB'S T.V. E. APPLIANCE Wyanet, IL F if 4135! I N fb Q E I 4, a t . ve ff kk , ,Q . 'S sf .Vx I We have found THS guilty of . . , hubrls. W? f ' ,, ,ilk ,WW V VVV' X i M, ,,,, i M, iiy, "wi What did they do with their money for singing lessons? Students tried "hard" to improve reading skills. I, 'Ui A look at a not-so-typical day at THS. Could these be our future surgeons?l? Sponsored by 6' WYANET BODY SHOP, WyanetfDAN COLBY, PAYMASTER SEEDS, Tiskilwa 1 1 ,. 4, qg, W ,M!.-llu,,,- L,,,,,,,fw -..,.. I- ---, 1,6 Q j'fj'j'f'T1i.R CPU 'A V 'I Q-in W N: gf A .A 77 . ' ,L " 'V ' 1fX 'Q xg.-fig: j gf 1 R , A MYR M UC UB n E E UQ UWM QQ QQ Q X Q MQ oax R , R f W f , ,3"3'0x, 7 , - in eww R UN Xfzfg' Q t ,B N M SMNUHYME R R HUUEITA Q ' WWW 1! Q 'fn' 1 ,,. A J. X C I it J h . f .. R , ,M ' NORTH gf, 5 CASEY X' '-4 W CONTRAS 1 KHOMENI l ' ' K Anonwnsws Y f R -- uoorwr REMEMBER R G - 1 .- WHL Lim ww X Run 1 M 51. 11,24 A "h - J,v' I-N 1 lv--V-.. R il ,UNK Lil F K.: QV ..,,. Keg, KTTH yijf-QQAJ L I "fi---w SPEED wg we E i ' 3 Q U l I I T TEUAKUSYA Fiilllhkl T f R - QF P Sponsored by DR. EDWIN L. JOHNSONfTiskiIwa, IL C""W GEIXIEERFQA CDLLECTION 6 mellow ULHS o Br onewgea ! I. QQ G0 I' 0,8 xa' X x S89 995949 f 96293. "N x ,I ls o 'U A 1:1 5 N U E 1 : A: i V ' If E E FN ff E E 'F 5 : Q E 11 fo ' Q Z7 9 f A A A ' f ! 1' i Qtwx ll A M 2 s N ' 1 is I I , y 5 .f Q fl' I c' 'I' I' X 7 L7 L o f Q ...... HW ei Q E E C PWA' 'MW R1 E WOVIE-,. ,.... . SW i ' , 0 ml: J ""'3J'y E V , 'I ff E' GH 3 show E H W N f-X N E 71 -. Q W fl-V A ' E ff' ' ' , --,AU .,, il. o 1 E xkif ! PORSCHE Y 911 Sponsored by HUGHES FUNERAL HOMEfTiskiIwa, IL -Ns N , 5 . is Q. ssr tts es I I G 2 .- "i' .-:' ll 5 Todd S Jacque modeled the latest in fashions. And the winners are ... I X Z Was that Mark or Kermlt?!! THS went "Western". Sponsored by 'nf MARTY'S SERVICE STATION Tiskilwa, IL Students tried to study during a power failure. -,AH,,,,' When E.F. Hutton talks ... Geronimo!! Run for your life! Freddie's back!! Could this be E.T. in our studyhall? I A winner on the Price is Right. e., ,A A. Murphy demonstrates how to tie a bow in your hair. TF :xv -Mum, vm vii ,f ff ,,,, I. Zi? ALltOgl'3ph , Q' Nagy: Jae 'qv ' 'x--I X"7l Ns4'5 Ii? " EZ D Ny I fi- 7 1-if -' ,, - 0 A I cz-Eb-lg- 53 3, 9 Dedicated to . . . YOU Wm ,.. , ,,,,LVV " 'V N .xuw-1'e . M,.'4' nn! V ,v Wishing you the best in the future, Cinamon! Love, Mom S Dad we i wg wp f I if 5' fi , J 4 i"e Q' W You've come a long way, Amyl Kathy, you've come a long way! Love, Mom 8 Dad Love, Mom S Dad s Q 131 .- L s ,,,,,, t 4 -A .x 21. To our walking disaster - How boring our lives would have been without you, Mark! Lots of love, Mom 8 Dad ii' N 133 t Remember when we l L Q went to buy candy at Q 1 ,, ' , ' 'A f' the store, Tracy?! Love, Dad You're very dear to all of us, Amber! Love, Mom S Dad We are proud of you, Janet! You're the apple of our eye, David! Love, Mom 8 Dad Love, Grandma We are proud of you, Anna! Mr. S Mrs. William Durbin 7 , N! X L . wt F K 1 ,I T 'm so proud of you, Gina! .i i .ove always, Mom J S was ' uifkv-ff vs, ,f x M :V GZWM x My, how the years flew by, Jacque! Love, Mom S Dad Anna - my little girl is all grown up! Love always, Mom We're so proud of you, Kelly and wish you God's Blessings for your future! Lots of hugs, Dad 5 MOITI You're still our baby boy, Cory! Love, Mom E Dad R4 4 ' Dawn - Good Luck in your desire to move to Colorado and fol- Claude, no words can describe my happl lowing your goals you have set for yourself! ness! Love, Mom S Dad Love, Mom Peggy, we knew you could do it! Love, Mom E1 Dad Michelle, remember when you got the flannel and the kittens and went outside to play?! Love, Mom S Dad -QM Q5 ,tt ' x Best wishes in your future, Brookel Hope you have the best, Abbyl LOVE, lVl0m 5 Dad We're wishing you all the best, Rich! Love, Mom S Dad Love, your family I , 4 ...,,,, . ,.,.. t ,' '. if T Bet you can t pose like this now Dont get In over your head Billy' Love Mom S Dad 7,0 Hi Missy' Mary? We re real proud of you We love you Your family Mom 5 Dad As editor of the yearbook and a friend I give you one last look at what has been We ve been together for quite some time And somehow we made it down the line It hasn't always been easy to get along. And sometimes our fights were just prolonged. But the good times have always outweighed the bad, And parting with you has indeed been sad. The times we spent together I won't regret, And you, my friends, I will never forget. Love Amy We re so proud Rhonda! Love your family ,,,,1...rs....1.,v 131-I-I-I'Z'I'Z'Z-I-I'I .'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. 2252253121E2E1E121E2E2E2' ' ' . EE5355ifEfiEQfQ2Q2QfQffEfE r1'r1'f.jq.j.:.:.' ' P 231313231 S .ln- Graduates take last i987 Graduation Awards Yearbook staff award v Anna Willstead Yearbook Editor award - Amy Hopper American Legion Awards S Jacque Covert 8 Jim Friel Stanley Anderson S David Urban AthleticfScholarship Awards - Jim Friel S Amber Perry Marcella Borge Keener Math Award - Missy Sims Babe Ruth Sportsmanship Awards - Missy Sims 8 Mark Sanders Citizenship Awards - Missy Sims S Claude Cook Activities Awards -Jim Friel, Amber Perry, S Missy Sims Scholarship awards e Jacque Covert. Jim Friel, Brooke Gorman, Amy Hopper, Michelle Prather, Missy Sims, S Anna Willstead. PTA Award S Amy Hopper Hauter Scholarship Awards - Missy Sims S Jim Friel Presidential Academic Awards - Jacque Covert S Missy Sims Dee Menery Memorial Award - Claude Cook Journalism Awards W Bill Jamison S Rhonda Prunty National Honor Society Award for DAR Winner - Jim Friel Outstanding Athlete Awards - Jim Friel, Missy Sims 8 Amber Perry College Scholarship Awards - Brooke Gorman - Bethel College Academic Anna Willstead - Goshen College Honors Jacque Covert - IVCC Merit Missy Sims v IVCC Merit 72 Prnnidunt - Misty Sm! Vim Prllidont - Klliy Brokld Soevnnry - Jacque Conn Tronunr - Amber PIYYY Sponsor: Mr. Mark Brown Mn. B.J. Frsdanhlgon Cory mama ai-:um Dmvm Amblf Borg Kelly Linn: Brokaw CI-ludl Jmmh Cook .iwlllnc Lnl Cvvlrl Knmkon Luunns Fisher Jin: Pltrid Frill Mary Angda Murphy Amber Runs: Parry Ridsard Churlal Puzi ShnmnMidnllnPruhor Rhonda Gm: Hama P M-lrk Willlln Slndlfl Monk: Mlit Shlpp Brodu Suzanne Gorman JIU' Mid' shf' Mi-:mu any 'Mvllm Kun Sm' Am, Jo How, uma sum Turpin William Earl :mmm Pywv S09 Www -f,.,,,, ,,,,, U,,,,,,,, Gunn Manu w-im Am, Mui, M,,,,,,, Annu Mu. immune Cinamm Ella Mona ' DibotNltlonlIHOrl1Sod1!yM0mhor CLASMOTTO lfyouelrlilnlglnuil. youu-tndwiuwn. lfymlwfldralllii. youonbowmlil. CLASS COLORS Plri Blul Slbvu CLASS FLOWER Real step CQMMENCEMENT PROGRAM May 21. 187 7:1 pan. PrnIudl"Sazmf:" .... . ...................... ConoanBund Pmoouiond"Purnoand Cireurnn.mm"iEl9ul ., ..... Coneor1Bund Invention ..... ............ , ............ FltharMux.bnol St. Judfl Episcopal Church Snlqnnory Amina , ....... . .... . . .......... .,.... hoquo Cavan "LM Thou Bc Mais" fWllIi-Intl ..... , . . , .... Mixnd Chou: "Joyln!hlMdrinq"iSllOUlI...,... ...... MllldChonl VuIodiuuyAddrns .... , ..,. .......,.. Md iuaSimn ' ofchn . . .... , ............ Rohan Pmutor Prunmzuon i Awarding Diploma ...... ........ , , .......... :wmcavm Pmuidomo1BoardofEduel1ion Borudicnon .... ,....... .........,...... F ll7nfMurxJonn S. .Mira Epimnpnl Chanda Rutland "Cl'smony lt Mugnl"1Gordonb ........ Canaan Bond USHERS: Todd Binnur Don Smith NOTE:Th1ll!iI1olillik0dtopllrit1fnflhlPfuei501llllid invomianmdfofthabofldicllmlfldrieoauovll. I s ! , ef," s,,,lh 1 Q yi f R 3,22 i -4 4, ffx,m fl, 17, wiv 'Z I A - ff-V -' in Q' A ' 2 ,. 5 'Q qx sr 2 fm nv , ig fi 3 A 5 4, 2 aj' " Egbmy. 21? x ,mv 1 lv? 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Tiskilwa High School - Arrow Yearbook (Tiskilwa, IL) online yearbook collection, 1986 Edition, Page 1


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