Tiskilwa High School - Arrow Yearbook (Tiskilwa, IL)

 - Class of 1977

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1.7. ,Y---1-N--MW 4-. I """ ' -NVQ--3 -t,,-63:-:i,-..5--- 1 V AA, af" ' 411- ijt - in ' vi - - N Qrqffifn- -i .3-1,.A-' K .,,..... 1l"'....""-3 A .. '-' , --ur-ruff , "L . ',Fr1T" I ff? 1' - , '-"- r . v,:-,'- 'wil ' -Ex V h 1-.,..-..-L '-- ff- .j Lf , -,i 5' 'B Yi. sfx"k""",' '4'4"esv. ' fm, , ,,, , ,. ,Mg Y .,w,n-M'-' 'Y ,, , ' W NS 1' ' .MMHM 'fm ,1hn,u.L,,,, ' 1 :f',1,,wf " 1?2n:1,,,.,m..:'r-j"36j, , V ... , W, , M- QS -V - ,--vw 'a1,1l,,,. -S Q 10' V, ' qw vw, H -f 4'-QQ S 9' ., ,, - -, """l5".F'.j:3"'f""T'I"'T'f- -Ks 21 L, '?' -- -wg - -+9 K Quill" ' -0 fx...-2 A - --41 - V,.. . 1 , , - E ,J f-1 7 i ,Si r A :f"" -, , ,Y-N J., - J cpfgq..-1?-?:f , N A V k lf 1' ,.:1?"-iffgfai. '? ' 1,55 ' "K J- . v ,Q . ,mm - ,-.Yv,,,--..,.,.. , M l ""' --' ' ' ' 4 - , FAQ,-M 0. MQ, . M vain. 'Hu . - - - M' I 'fx ww. . -J -- + , , --7--' ..f.. .. .,., 'A ' T' .-.- ,, - V' ff L.f?g,,j'7:g f""'M5 YH " ' ,ci Q r ,...-Y F Y ,ml ..,, 11, -Q.? T- fi"' T- In Vi . .- A Y, ' - 2 .. ,- j'-2-f., -,, - , . ur . ,,.-. 5 , ,.- 'V' ' .Q - . , Y . vw T ' -' ' ' 'iii , H- X - M- -f5.-,f'k Q ' ,- ,..-v w- - , VL- , WN -1- , -- - W F :,- 4 . F 1, - .W ' " , -sv. ",:"""' ". f "---L.,I,..V,,T I n W '-M' - V-1-.J.,,,g...., ,W A- " . .-,pi- if-'PW' ""L"'Y V 1 ,V M.,. - in . ..-ff '., '-W. '1,. - ":.'.',.1A' ., .1 .N 1 ' - .:f',v' V .1 v rn- - f -,X '-- -1 ,Y ' 5 . 4 ' 'Z - c, aw, u 9 K Y A- - ' 1: 1- ff"' Q.. 1 10, V f X' . 1-u arf- "' uk ... ' "" ' ' L. " V "' Y - Z , n sf f . 1 .T W: 9' v- 3-' ' f'7 M :'ff'- ' K-ff, - 'I - A ' i . I' - -'. .N ,- vf . f- H . , qw--' -- ' 3... f ' ' -.-. -'r1r,Q, J'-' v-J ...fav -- .mints-e-.,. f.. ..-- ww: , fu' 1 fs! 1 N 'tb' ' v 1.1 4 f M53 5, . EV Mg, ' ' ,flfii K 5 2 , 33 at 3 ,QIEQ w,,?g9 ,f if A 1 1 -, ,..- .. v, 4,' :' H gt, .. ,fn 4 4 v 7"-224, ' -fir df.-J-' ' .3 . 'L 4 .- - N " -1 ,,p,',,,a- , wlqwi- , , 'W 5 , ' 5 ' ,I x. x fi , s5'if,:. ' ' 5 ,wfik 1 K 15" L J" L ' . s ,V .4 . Lv, .m Z' ii' 1, , 4 - Q is 4 TQZQLQ fffbi ' 1150? -.352 ,efjlsf 5k ,- .1 1. in , , wif :gm iw' . ,, 1 Q w 1 .L au .mf ARROW Tiskilwa High School Tiskiiwa, Iliinois ....w..--Nu-m...M, . Sponsored by PRINCETON AUTO SUPPLY and BIRD, MCELHINNEY 8z TELFER REAL ESTATE INC if X , x Q 3 Q s P 1,9113 eff, asm Jf9"'f'5i E --.T - L fy A in N 5 5 f 1 137, .Qi K Sa xx . A 35 KJ Ii 53, X i .3 8 . x ' : 4 V! is x ,, D gl ,. QA mm,1 "" . A is-" ps i ? -' ' I , le -, -3- P .1 2" - i 5 f if-M: ,Z H" db 3 1, -1? 3 1' -, 9 . ,T x A ry, Q ,sqm-Ng krr : M S i .. vi 6 in . , X A .Q w - , I fx A -4 A A - v ix I 5 , ., :C " 1 zfQl.k X V 1, ' Q , Wi I ' f I VV,V 'ik Q X. A V , ,. 15: K' 2.2, ' -f--L A ' - 5 f 'L 1 5, Q " 2 :. . ua f KL if A A if A 1 M A - - A ' X',.. eL,'L J A A ' si- Sponsored by WYATT'S TAP-BUD 8a DORY and STRUNK BROTHERS ASPHALT COMP. DEDICATION CLASSES FACULTY Q E 9 33 53 61 FALL WINTER SPRING LLAA ' X if M ,, . X . fl , ,. QW, ,...,-Q W Q - -.1 5 ' "N it a 5- i K .IIE L 9 5 X f -Lg E F QL fx N : l Sponsored by WATSON'S F-S and BUREAU COUNTY REPUBLICAN Dedication 1,5 The Class of '77 proudly dedicates the 1977 Arrow to Mr. John Garvin. Mr. Garvin has been our Math teacher and class sponsor. He was always willing to help with Homecoming floats and Junior Prom. 1.11. Qc Seniors I977 o 4 ,ei R Nd , 'E 4: qi- .faq Q ,Lael 'Q Q Q 'Z W' ,W I 5 2.1. - m- so ff A-.Af i ,i -'.-,. K3 V if -K ui .fi an ieer a , - 'N a 11.. 1A a. ,nngl-a L111' Mike Rossmann Mariam Rich Mike Schmitt DeAnn Seiler N an i ,gf Paulette Huff Robin Borg Sue Shepard Ed Kunkel 5 f Cindy Walton Craig Ziegler Mark Hildenbrand Janet Gustafson :H 13 K W Wanda Sims Jim Flaherty Gary Wagner Muriel Walters yy 2. if-. num Julie Nelson Dusty Miller Sandy Shepard Jennifer Smith , .,,.....4nn'!9' Ken Fisher Marc Nyman Judy Mills Dave Cotter Sally Compton Julie Schmitt Lonnie Sean Chris Cotter Wayne Sims Ed Joiner CLASS OFFICERS: Sally Compton, President Julie Schmitt, Vice President: Helen Albrecht Secretary: Mark Hildenbrand, Treasurer CLASS ADVISORS: Mrs. Casing, Mrs Ringenberg, Mr. Garvin. Years Together LEFT SEVEN: Lonnie Sears, Julie Nelson, Gary Wagner, Teresa Harmon, Craig Zeigler, Mark Hildenbrand, Jennifer Smith, Sandy Shepard. RIGHT SEVEN: Chris Cotter, Muriel Walters, Edward Kunkel, Janet Gustafson, Jim Flaherty, Helen Albrecht, Sally Compton, Susan Shepard. E ri ---i Sponsored by ANDERSON-MOSSHART and GUZZARDO'S ...E 13 If H A , 'S Sponsored by MILO, INDIANTOWN 8: WHEATLAND TWP MUTUAL FIRE INS. CO., TISKILWA X .ig-gqxl if P ' fffsyffgs . 1 f .M Sponsored by BEAUTY HAPPENING-JUANITA WRIGHT and MADSEN REAL ESTATE AGENCY x HG Boys Chris Cotter and Lonnie Sears 0.4 Sponsored by "SPROUT" Senior Activities HELEN ALBRECHT-Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,43 Girls' Chorus 1,2,3,43 Solo 8a Ensemble Contest 43 FFA 2, Secretary 33 GAA 1,2, Vice President 3, President 43 FHA 1,23 National Honor Society Secretary 43 Student Council 2, Treasurer 43 Class Secretary 43 Arrow 3,43 Musical 2,33 All School Play 33 Girls' Basketball 2,43 Girls' Track 2, Statistician 3,4. ROBIN BORG-Transfer 33 Mixed Chorus 3,43 Girls' Chorus 3,43 Solo 85 Ensemble Contest 43 District Festival 43 GAA 3,4Q'FHA 3, Historian 43 Class Vice President 33 Arrow 43 Girls' Basketball 43 Girls' Volleyball 3,43 Girls' Track 3,4. SALLY COMPTON--Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,43 Girls' Chorus 1,2,3,43 Solo 8a Ensemble Contest 1,2,3,43 Musical 13 FHA 1,2,43 Student Council 1,2, Convention Secretary of District 3, Vice President of District and local Vice President 43 Class President 2, Treasurer 3, President 43 Papoose' 3, Editor, Sports Editor Typist 43 Arrow 43 Cheerleader 33 Student Librarian 43 Girls' Basketball 1,2,3,43 Girls' Volleyball 2,33 Girls' Track 1,2,3. CHRIS COTTER-Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,43 Boys' Chorus 1,2,3,43 Solo 8a Ensemble Contest 1,2,4Q Pop Ensemble 23 District Festival 43 Band 1,2,3,43 Jazz Band 1,2,3,43 FFA 43 National Honor Society 3, President 43 Student Council lg Musical 1,33 Homecoming Court 3,43 Basketball 1,2,3,43 Track 43 T-Club 3,43 Speech Contest 3. DAVID COTTER-Mixed Chorus 1,2,33 Boys' Chorus 1,2,33 Musical 1,2,3,43 FFA 2, Reporter 3 and 43 Student Council 1,2,3, President 43 Class President 1,3, Vice President 23 Papoose Sports Writer 2,3, FFA Writer 2,3,43 Student Librarian 1,2,3,43 Midwinter Court 43 Golf 23 Football 1,2,33 Basketball Manager 1,2,3,43 T-Club 1,2,3,4. KENNY FISHER-Mixed Chorus 1,23 Boys' Chorus 1,23 All-School Play 33 Musical 43 Student Librarian 1,3,43 Golf 43 Football 1,2,3, Captain 43 Basketball 1,2,3, Captain 43 Track 1,35 T-Club 1,2,3, President 43 Student Council 1. JIM FLAHERTY-Mixed Chorus 1,23 Boys' Chorus 1,23 Musical 23 Student Librarian 33 Football 1,3,43 T-Club 3,4. JANET GUSTAFSON-Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,43 Girls' Chorus 1,2,3,43 FHA 1, Historian 2, Secretary 3, 2nd Vice President 43 Girls' Basketball 43 Midwinter Court 43 Homecoming Court 1, Queen 4. TERESA HARMON-Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,43 Girls' Chorus 1,2,3,43 FHA 1,2,3,43 Student Council 3,43 Girls' Basketball 4. MARK HILDENBRAND-Mixed Chorus 1,2,33 Boys' Chorus 1,23 Student Librarian 1,2,3,43 Class Treasurer 43 Golf 23 Football 2,43 Track 3. PAULETTE HUFF-Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,43 Girls' Chorus 1,2,43 Solo 65 Ensemble Contest 1,23 FHA 1,2,33 Musical 1,23 Papoose 1,2,33 Student Librarian 1,2,3. ED JOINER-Football 1,23 Golf 1. ED KUNKEL-FFA 2,3,43 Football 1,2,3,43 Basketball 13 Track 2,3, Captain 43 T-Club 1,2,3,4. DUSTY MILLER-Football 43 Golf 1,2,3Q T-Club 4. JUDY MILLS-Girls' Chorus 1,23 FHA 2g Student Council 13 Class Secretary 1, Class President 3. JULIE NELSON-Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,43 Girls' Chorus 1,2,4Q Solo 8a Ensemble Contest 1,2,43 GAA 1,23 FHA 1,2,3,43 Musical 1,43 Cheerleader 23 Class Treasurer 1, Secretary 23 Girls' Basketball 3,43 Girls' Track 1,3. MARC NYTIAN-Transfer 23 Mixed Chorus 3,43 Boys' Chorus 3,43 Football 23 Basketball 2. MIRIAM RICH-Transfer 43 FHA 4. MIKE ROSSMANN. JULIE SCHMITT-Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,43 Girls' Chorus 1,2,3,43 GAA 1,2,3, Secretary 43 FHA 1,2,43 Student Council 33 Musical 1,23 Papoose 2,3, Editor, Associate Editor, Typist, Sports Editor 43 Arrow 43 Class Vice President 43 Girls' Basketball 1,2,4Q Girls' Volleyball 33 Girls' Track 1,2,3. MIKE SCHMITT-FFA 2,3,4. LONNIE SEARS--FFA 2, Treasurer 3, President 43 Musical 43 Homecoming King 43 Football 1,2,3, Captain 43 Basketball 1,2,3, Captain 43 Track 3, Captain 4g Golf 1,23 T-Club 2,3,4. DE ANN SEILER-Transfer 4. SANDRA SHEPARD-Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,43 Girls' Chorus 1,2,3,43 Solo 85 Ensemble Contest 1,2,43 Conference Festival 43 Band 1,2,3,43 FHA 1,2,3,43 Girls' Volleyball 4. SUSAN SHEPARD-Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,43 Girls' Chorus 1,2,3,43 GAA 13 FHA 1,2,4. WANDA SIMS-Mixed Chorus 1,2,33 Girls' Chorus 1,23 GAA 1,2, Treasurer 3,43 FHA 1,2, Vice President 33 President 43 Class Secretary 33 Girls' Basketball 1,2,3,43 Girls' Volleyball 1,2,33 Girls' Track 1,2,3,4. WAYNE SIMS-Student Council 3,43 Football 1,2,3, Captain 43 Student Librarian 2,3. JENNIFER SMITH-Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,43 Girls' Chorus 1,2,33 Solo 8a Ensemble Contest 1,2,3,43 Pop Ensemble 23 Conference Band 43 District Festival 23 Band 1,2,3,43 Jazz Band 2,3,43 FHA 1,23 National Honor Society 3, Vice President 43 Class Treasurer 1,23 Speech Contest 43 All-School Play 43 Student Librarian 43 Girls' Basketball 4. GARY WAGNER-Boys' Chorus 13 Solo Sz Ensemble Contest 23 Band 1,23 Jazz Band 1,23 Football 1,2,3, Captain 43 Track 1,2,3, Captain 1,2,3,43 T-Club 2,3,4. MURIEL WALTERS-Mixed Chorus 1,2,33 Girls' Chorus 1,2,3,43 Band 1,2,3,43 Jazz Band 1,2,3,43 FHA 1,2,3,4. CINDY WALTON-Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,43 Girls' Chorus 1,2,3,43 Solo 8a Ensemble Contest 1,2,43 District Festival 1,2,33 Conference Band 43 Band 1,2,3,43 Jazz Band 2,3,43 FHA 1,2,43 Papoose 1,2,3,4, Reporter, Photographer, Typist, Arrow 3,43 FSA 43 Girls' Basketball 1,2,4. l CRAIG ZIEGLER-FFA 2,3. Juniors 2 'W Did you girls know that you are late!?l'P L The joke is on you Arbor the human pyramid Rose among the thorns Sponsored by SUTLIFF'S HOME FURNISHINGS C. Albrecht P. Albrecht S. Andriotis B. Ary L. Baldwin L. Behrends D. Bitting C. Burdick T. Clark S. Coomer B. Davis A. Dugosh T. Fisher J. Fowler J. Gustafson J. Hale L. Hopper M. Huff K. Hufnagel B. Hughes C. Jackson J. Jamison B. Johnson D. Johnson P. Kaufmann P. Lawson J. Lebro D. Longman M. McComber J. Nelson B. Nyman F. Rich R. Ringenberg R. Roberts D. Ross M. Rossmann C. Sapp R. Schindel J. Sims M. Smith S. Snow A. Stacker K. Sterling T. Sticken P. Vail M. Vowels C. Warner M. Whitfield OFFICERS da ADVISORS: J. Sims, C. Sapp, B. Ary, S. Coomer. Mrs. Burress, Mr, Jones, Mr. Doolittle H, " Ks tl I ski , x.'7,,' is s U I 1 K , 'nl cg, 'I :"a.' Q u ' W2 ,mg '1.'s 4'5.cf": ' -QQ 1 Sponsored by WZOE-1490 and BICKETT'S FOOD MART K Sn 5 Sophomores .f71'ZI74 Mmmmm Good! K. Brokaw, Treasurerg R. Funderberg, Secretaryg K. Bitting, Presidentg M. Shull, Vice-presidentg R. Cordum, E. Schertz-Advisors. six 5:93 W um. WQN-N..a.., li Sponsored by ALLEN LUMBER CO.-PRINCETON Pinata Time! R. Abell P. Anderson B. Bachman C. Birdsley K. Bitting K. Brokaw L. Clark D. Compton J. Cotter C. Dillman K. Fisher T. Fisher R. Funderberg T. Funderberg M. Gustafson R. Gustafson S. Harmon J. Jamison G. Johnson J. Joiner R. Kunkel S. Lindner J. Menerey D. Miller L. Miller M. Miller L. Morris A. Nelson D. Norberg J. Nye K. Pfleger T. Philhower R. Prusator L. Rossmann M. Sapp K. Schmitt M. Schultz C. Sears J. Seiler S. Sendelbach W. Senneff M. Shull -gl. CLZSZJ' ff 'Aff fva 'XXG . X I "'PY": . k 'A xl X K 1 ' Q Taylor Thompson N. Warren . Whipple D. Yepsen Qi? Nu' ft fx: D 'FQ Sponsored by STRUNK BROTHERS COMPANY and EDDIE 8a BETTY'S iw? f au,--fr'+A-w-- aff ' 'Q Cf. 3 - 4 ,V I I 5 I -- . W 1, nm ' 'JQQ I 1 A 4 i Wi"-1... pun., H, Y 'K 'Gul Sponsored by ADE MANUFACTURING CHEMICAL, INC D. Behrends R. Behrends L. Bickett S. Bickett M. Birdsley J. Brokaw L. Cain D. Detwiler J. Donovan K. Fisher R. Funderberg T. Funderberg E. Gale J. Gibbs N. Gustafson L. Hamilton R. Haun B. Henderson C. Hopper A. Huff K. Hufnagel L. Jack K. Johnson M. Johnson J. Kitterman L. Joiner K. Martin C. Mason R. Norberg D. Olson R. Senneff S. Schultz D. Shepard M. Sims J. Smith R. Sterling 1+ Q 5.3. J. Walters Walters Warner L. Weeks Wooden Freshmen a F Curt Martin-Presidentg Lisa Jack-Secretary: Eric Gale-Treasurer: Nancy Gustafson-Vice President: Advisors: Mr. Kruger, Miss Gonigam, Mrs. Longman. Sponsored by WALTERS 8z SMITH TAX SERVICE I I .Y u 5 K c - - 1 4 1........ - i,f::....,w... W .,......i" , ,H i ,,.....,, . , ,...... . Ckf4i,T F............f 'P"m...Af Sponsored by ROYAL "8" INN Q. 'pw dministration Robert Kenney, Sharon Covert, Helen Kaufmann. Bernard Cotter - Secretary, James Brokaw, James Schertz, Robert Bittner - President. S . i f W SUPERINTENDENT and PRINCIPAL: Mr. Vance Hamann Board Cf Education Sponsored by COUNTRY LANE ANTIQUES - ROSENQUIST TH Faculty MR.. DAVE DOOLITTLE MRS. MARCIA BURRESS MRS. MARGARET RINGENBERG MRS. ELEANOR SCI-IERTZ MRS. MARIE LONGMAN MR. JIM JONES MRS. DORIS HAMILTON MR. JOHN GARVIN MRS. GLADYS HERZOG 4... w. 1 ,., I Y MR. RANDY KRUGER MRS. EVELYN ALBRECHT MR. DENNIS BULL MR. RON CORDUM MISS CAROL GONIGAM MRS. KAREN BERFIELD MRS. ANNE CASING ,. v l TH Personnel E 62, High School Secretary Unit Secretary Mrs. Sharon Borg Mrs. Kathryn Nordstrom -.7-1 A-C ff. o :gym W raw Custodian-Jack Murphy Custodian-Orville Brokaw Sponsored by MULVANE'S WALLPAPER STORE and SEARS, ROEBUCK 85 CO. E Fall Activities Football I9 6 R. Cordum, M. I-Iildenbrand, R. Roberts, J. Flaherty, D. Miller, K. Fisher, L. Sears, W. Sims, G. Wagner, R. Walters, D. Bull D. Bitting, R. Schindel, E. Kunkel, B. Johnson, A. Dugosh, M. McComber, J. Gustafson, D. Longman, P. Albrecht, J. Walters R. Kruger, J. Joiner, M. Shull, R. Gustafson, T. Philhower, D. Compton, R. Abell, M. Sapp, D. Rhea, B. Senneff, S. Harmon B. Senneff, Mr. Oberembt, M. Birdsley, M. Sims, C. Hopper, A. Huff, D. Shepard, J. Smith, R. Funderberg, B. Kunkel, M Gustafson, C. Sears, K. Pfleger, S. Bickett. 1 M. Hildenbrand, J. Flaherty, G. Wagner, W. Sims, K. Fisher, L. Sears, D. Miller, E. Kunkel. 'T Q f 5339+ Coaches Kruger and Oberembt, Captain Sims, Fisher, Sears, Wagner, Coaches Bull and Cordum Sponsored by F-S STATION Frosh-Soph Team A. Huff, D. Rhea., R. Abell, R. Gustafson, S. Bickett, M. Birdsley, M. Shepard, R. Walters, M. Gustafson, B. Kunkel, M. Sims, R Funderberg, T. Philhower, J. Joiner. Coach Bull, J. Smith, D. Compton, S. Harmon, M. Sapp. M. Shull, B. Senniff, C. Sears, K. Phleger Coach Cordum. f S Hey Guys-Let's talk this over Coach "OhhhI" May I have the dance? Alley-oops! Sponsored by BOB'S SPORTING GOODS and PETERSON'S CLOTHING STORE JI L X. .V ' x4'. ug . 'H ' , b M vii' . 1 4? W fx' '-A.. ' If Q . A g.w3L-4 4" Q Q J v lg , ,. af", l R 'X f. .vase wt' ,, ,A N.,-T4 , f Lisa Jack, Rhonda Funderberg, Michelle Rossmann, Julie Nelson, Teresa Harmon, Queen Janet Gustafson, King Lonnie Sears, Chris Cotter, Kenny Fisher, Mike McComber, Dave Compton, Rick Funderberg Q14 O00 T'S.N ES EXWQES3 N ,io. g is .Naam Migilllll 38 X 7 ,, , V, N, fQw'ff?3,Q x N., R 1: Sponsored by PRINCETON TIRE SERVICE fl Q. . M X' ff f' L' af: 'Sv' f' Wm, , . ., ,M , fffs ' 91 Q H ,W A , mg Lf- L i , . 2 ,, M , fini Q 4 f I C f, x..' v - I +2 9' SQ R .. .L gy? in 8 K ,kpc ,N . f ' Q mg A v A V M N. . o R ki.. t . wtf, R91-5 - 1' .-315 wx -'N fN,,"f,ak V L! ' Emu! ' wg I N47 'li A Aw W ? Q ,fl- Mx fini 'rdf '90 xr 'Ps ,454-ff A .5 Ma W fwfr 4 Q D f A 7 Vx , p . Wf x A i r.4 I . Marching Indian S. Coomer, J. Sims, T. Sticken, C. Sapp, R. Funderberg, E. Gale, Mr. Jones, J. Smith, D. Longman, P. Kaufmann M. Schultz, L. Hamilton, L. Miller, J. Cotter, M. Shull, J. Brokaw, J. Kltterman, K. Johnson, K. Brokaw, J. Jamison S. Lindner, R. Walters, M. Johnson, M. Smith, B. Johnson, R. Ringenberg, D. Yepsen, L. Weeks, S. Schultz, C. Cotter C. Albrecht, L. Morris, C. Mason, S. Sendelbach, C Walton, B. Ary, B. Senneff, J. Jamison, K. Fisher, S. Snow S. Andriotis, C. Taylor, L. Baldwin, A. Stacker, L. Rossmann, S. Shepard, J. Smith, C. Dillman, L. Cain, L. Bickett, L. Jack, D. Norberg, K. Bitting, T. Fisher, M. Rossmann. 54" M 1 P E KW. Q . Color Guard Jackie Sims, Tracy Sticken, Cammi Sapp. Rhonda Funderberg Drum Major Sharon Coomer Sponsored by JUDGE BEEF PROCESSORS and CLIFF'S SPORTS SHOP v Concert Band 3 3 L. Bickett, L. Cain, L. Jack, S. Lindner, C. Dillman, S. Andriotis, C. Taylor, S. Snow, L. Baldwin, J. Smith, S. Shepard, M. Rossmann A. Stacker, S. Coomer, K. Johnson, L. Weeks, S. Schultz, B. Senneff, C. Mason, S. Sendelbach, J. Brokaw, K. Fisher, J. Jamison, B. Ary M. Walters. T. Fisher, L. Rossmann, K. Bitting, L. Morris, D. Norberg, J. Kitterman, R. Walters, M. Johnson, L. Hamilton, M. Schultz L. Miller, J. Cotter, M. Shull, C. Cotter, C. Walton, C. Albrecht, J. Jamison, E. Gale, J. Smith, D. Longman, P. Kaufmann. Mr. Jones, R Ringenberg, K. Brokaw, B. Johnson, M. Smith, D. Yepsen. Rock Ensemble J. Smith - 2nd alto sax, M. Walters - lst alto sax, J. Jamison - 2nd tenor sax, C. Walton - lst tenor sax, B. Senneff - bari sax. M. Shull - lst cornet, J. Cotter - 2nd eornet, M. Schultz - 8rd oornet, L. Hamilton - 4th cornet, P. Kaufmann - lst trombone, D. Longman - 2nd trombone, J. Smith - 3rd trombone, C. Cotter - tuba, R. Ringenberg - drums. Mixed Chorus D. Olson, S. Sendelbach, L. Hamilton, L. Cain, P. Lawson, D. Norberg, C. Dillman, B. Ary, L. Baldwin, K. Bitting. Mrs. Hamilton, M. Johnson, C. Burdick, V. Warner, K. Sterling, C. Sapp, S. Snow, T. Fisher, T. Sticken, A. Stacker, N. Warner, L. Bickett, N. Gustafson, S. Schultz, M. Miller, L. Miller, K. Brokaw, K. Fisher, R. Funderberg, L. Morris, K. Schmitt, A. Nelson, J. Brokaw, R. Borg, S. Shepard, C. Walton, S. Shepard, J. Nelson, M. Rossmann, T. Harmon, L. Rossmann, P. Huff, J. Schmitt, J. Smith, H. Albrecht. D. Behrends, D. Ross, D. Yepsen, D. Wooden, M. Nyman, D. Longman, D. Compton, P. Albrecht, D. Bitting, C. Cotter. M. Schultz, B. Nyman, M. Shull, R. Ringenberg, C. Albrecht, B. Bachman, M. Smith, R. Kaufmann, D. Miller, R. Behrends. Boys' Chorus D. Compton, P. Albrecht, D. Bitting, C. Cotter, M. Nyman, D. Yepsen, D. Miller, R. Gustason. M Shull, D. Longman, D. Behrends, D. Ross, M. Sapp, J. Cotter, K. Martin, B. Prusator. E. Gale, D Wooden, R. Ringenberg, P. Kaufmann, Mrs. Hamilton, M. Smith, B. Bachman, B. Nyman, T Funderberg, J. Smith. Pop Ensemble Girls' Chorus D. Olson, S. Sendelbach, L. Hamilton, L. Cain, P Lawson, D. Norberg, C. Dillman, B. Ary, L. Baldwin K. Bitting. C. Burdick, V. Warner, K. Sterling, C Sapp, S. Snow, T. Sticken, T. Fisher, A. Stacker, N Warner, L. Bickett, M. Johnson, M. Miller, C Taylor, L. Miller, K. Brokaw, K. Fisher, R Funderberg, L. Morris, K. Schmitt, A. Nelson, J Brokaw, N. Gustafson, J. Nelson, M. Rossmann, T Harmon, S. Compton, R. Borg, S. Shepard, Mrs Hamilton. H. Albrecht, C. Walton, S. Shepard, P Huff, M. Walters, J. Schmitt. M. Smith, P. Kaufmann, K. Brokaw, L. Rossmann. J. Brokaw, D. Bittlng, L. Weeks, D. Miller, S. Andriotis, D. Yepsen, M. Sapp, L. Hamilton, M. Shull, L. Bickett, D. Longman, K. Bitting, M. Rossmann, D. Compton, R. Ringenberg, C. Taylor, T. Funderberg. Sponsored by BUREAU VALLEY CHIEF rrow Staff Sally Compton, Judy Mills, Julie Schmitt, Mrs. Casing-Advisor, Paula Lawson. Robin Borg, Cindy Walton. Helen Albrecht. AA W. Sims, J. Schmitt, H. Albrecht. P. Vail, J. Hale, S. Snow, B. Ary, C. Sapp, J. Sims, L. Baldwin, S. Coomer, S. Sendelbach, K. Bitting, K. Brokaw, R. Funderberg, D. Thompson, C. Schmitt, J. Nelson, L. Miller, L. Morris, C. Dillman, C. Taylor. NR. Haun, J. Brokaw, L. Hamilton, L. Cain, Miss Gonigam. OFFICERS-H. Albrecht, Miss Gonigam, C. Sapp. J Schmitt, S. Coomer. B. Ary Sponsored by LOADING ZONE-PRINCETON and PRINCETON INN BAR I ol O O ,im .sums A F.F.A. Officers: T. Clark, Secretary: Mr , Kruger, Advisorg D. Bitting, Vice-president, L Behrends, Treasurer, B. Davis, Sentinel, L NOX Sears, President, D. Cotter, Reporter. J. Gibbs, R. Abell, D. Shepard, L. Behrends, A. Dugosh, S. Schultz, D. Yepsen, S. Lindner, T. Clark, J. Hale, Mr. Kruger, M. Schultz, D. Behrends, P. Albrecht, L. Bickett, D. Bitting, L Sears, C. Cotter, B. Davis, B. Kunkel, C. Sears, E. Kunkel, C. Albrecht, D. Behrends, D. Cotter, B. Hughes. Librarian Mrs. Albrecht, M. Huff, L. Behrends, T. Clark, J. Whitfield, D. Cotter, S. Compton, K. Fisher, M. Hildenbrand, D. Compton. 5 INIRAR fi lg Sponsored by PIONEER HI-BRED CORN CO. r bi Speech Team In January the Tiskilwa speech team attended the conference speech contest and did very well for their first effort, ending in fourth place. Attending were: Abby Stacker, Paul Kaufmann, Rick Gustafson, Tracy Sticken, Jim Whitfield, Linda Cain, Brad Bachman, Jennifer Smith, and Mike McCoomber. Abby Stacker and Paul Kaufmann placed 2nd. Jennifer Smith placed thirdg the others all placed. J. Whitfield, B. Bachman, R. Gustafson, T. Sticken, D. Rhea, J. Lebro, M. Sapp, L. Gain, A. Stacker, M. McComber, J. Smith. F.H. . l C. Walton, S. Shepard, J. Schmitt, R. Borg, M. Walters, S. Shepard, W. Sims, M. Rich, J. Gustafson, J. Nelson, S. Compton, T. Harmon, P. Lawson, K. Sterling, C. Sapp, L. Baldwin, T. Fisher, S. Snow, A. Stacker, B. Ary, S. Coomer, J. Sims, J. Brokaw, R. Haun, R. Sterling, K. Fisher, K. Brokaw, L. Morris, A. Nelson, R. Funderberg, L. Joiner, Mrs. Burres. Officers: B. Ary, Secretary, J. Gustafson, 2nd Vice-President, P. Lawson, 1st Vice-president, Mrs. Burres, Advisor, W. Sims, President, J. Sims, Treasurer, A. Nelson, Historian, R. Borg, Historian, S. Coomer, Vice-president projects. Z C3 Q49 was 2 If p,,,,r'7' M Sponsored by PRINCETON CROWN LANES and CASE POWER 8a EQUIPMENT Papoose THE PAPUUSE NEWS E l, 9 . . ,,,, , X 5 -1- f , Q ,A . f K ,Q ,R mmwl gms sm fe- ,W ., l.,.. , .. 1... rs . R. Ringenberg, R. Funderberg, C. Taylor, J. Gustafson, L. Miller. B. Johnson, Mrs. Schertz-Advisor, C. Walton. M. Shull, C. Sapp, J. Schmitt, S. Compton, J. Whitfield. J. Whitfield, Sports Editor, C. Walton, Photographer, C. Sapp, Associate Editor: J. Schmitt, 1st semester Editor and 2nd semester Assistant Editor and Sports Editor: S. Compton, lst semester Sports Editor and 2nd semester Editor. Student Coun il OFFICERS: D. Cotter, President: S. Compton, C. Taylor, D. Wooden, K. Fisher, K. Martin, S. Coomer, M. Miller, J. Brokaw, R.. Rlngenberg, Vice President, K. Bitting, Secretary, H. M. Shull, K. Bltting, B. Bachman, L. Hamilton, D. Longman, A. Stacker, C. Sapp. W. Sims, Albrecht, Treasurer. H. Albrecht, D. Cotter, S. Compton, T. Harmon. Sponsored by "CRITTER" 47 National Honor Society Paula Lawson, Sharon Coomer, Barb Ary, Mrs. Schertz, Jennifer Smith, Cammi Sapp, Abby Stacker, Chris Cotter. S522 S, Yagi? ' , A ,yy ,AGPA M41 fx Lgmewma .iifii psi A ,, ' , -,Y fx:MAM..n, - i .M ff-p r- A, ' ff: - -yoga, 'rf' - , xii' S fr .Q . -lv Lg., , ,- X , ,N 53,1 7 Lv ',-1 ' Q1 -fix.. ' C ' Q ' .ftf -A. :,wWq,,5 Qwny X a-N 4 L., -Nix .1 f' x y 4 Q E if N Q A4 w iiwxx ' 1- . . A M' T L "1'- L , uf- ' 33 v .. ,, ,nk K A5 fx is Edgy ' K 5 1 X wmv 5 af -z- ., , . 'rf - -l. . if , . W3 ff-J ' ,gif I Y, 'Ang' f 'K ff Nxrpwfef lr Abby Stacker, Cathy Taylor, Laura Baldwin, Cathy Taylor, Barb Ary, Paula Lawson, Sharon Coomer. John Cotter, Chris Cotter, Helen Albrecht, David Bitting, Jennifer Smith, Bob Prusator, Mark Shull. Sponsored by JERRY COTTER Ga SONS r. MMS. . a Q5 : ' 1-.lj 5 .4 c:':.'.Z" !,...... Qci, r....""'.-'ZZ' n"....".-T-'Z g:::2Y"' : 1' -2 "1 F . 4' 4 , - A 4 One-Act Plays "Not Enough Rope" If Men Played Cards As Women Do" w Sponsored by BURGER INN and KANN'S AUTO SUPPLY FF Donkey Basketball 1 I don't think he likes you Mr. Kruger All at once now . . . mount. CHARGE! Sponsored by FAWCETT'S PHARMACY and KOFFEE KORNER Winter Activities ' -'77 - Basketball - 24-4 Cheerleaders: T. Fisher, M. Rossmann, S. Andriotis, S. Snow, A. Stacker. D. Detwiler, D. Cotter, R. W Gustafson, B. Pursator, P. Kaufaman, C. Cotter, K. Fisher, L. Sears, L. Behrends, R. Prusator, M. Smith, J. Whitfield, R. Schindel, D. Longman, J. Gustafson, R. Ringenberg, D. Bitting. Co-captains Lonnie Sears 5 Kenny Fisherwith Coach Prusator Regional Champs '77! Sponsored by GARY'S MENS STORE - PRINCETON 8: LASALLE 54 K. Fisher, L. Sears, C. Cotter, R. Schindel, L. Behrends, M. Smith B. Prusator D. Longman, J. Whitfield, J. Gustafson, R. Ringenberg, P. Kaufman, R. Gustafson. THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS '75 Malden 55 Wenona 69 Annawan 48 Hall 60 Manlius Bradford Tourney 73 Wyanet 70 Cambridge 79 Dunlap consolation 69 Neponset 80 Wyanet 67 LaMoille 72 Walnut 44 Henry 69 Atkinson THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS Sponsored by HARPER-WYMAN and NORTH AMERICAN PLANT BREEDERS - PRINCETON IV Conf. Tourney LaMoille Annawan Western consolation Mid-County Bradford Tampico Western Tonica Ohio DePue Regional Tourney Putnam County Hall St. Bede Championship Sectionals Roanoke Benson - Team M. Shull, J. Walters, K. Martin, D. Yepsen, D Miller, M. Birdsley, S. Harmon, J. Seiler, D Behrends, J. Smith, B. Bachman, D. Compton, M Gustafson, R. Behrends, B. Senneff, Coach D. Bull. Sponsored by BILL ETHERIDGE - ACTIONEER 8: REAL ESTATE BROKER and PRINCETON A 85 W Q gun . 5' Hi? I gulf: - 3:11 mnqa7m1 :ni-1 L1--, :::, 1 -111:-v ll-1nnvH1i-1 nwmpgmmmmmm heerleaders Mary Miller, Mrs. Longman-Advisor, Lori Hamilton, Cathy Taylor, Michelle Rossmann, Tammie Fisher, Abby Stacker, Sandy Andriotis, Sally Snow, Laurie Miller, Nancy Gustafson Sponsored by CHEKER OIL COMPANY Sponsored by NORRIS ENTERPRISES-REAL ESTATE and FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN OF KEWANEE-PRINCETON BRANCH Spring Activities " nnie Get Your Gun" Try it . . . for mel!!! Did YOU steal his peace pipe SIRYIII IQ bn-ur What a chauvinistllll Up, Up and away . . . ll!! ff X Q ' X , li r-v.xl :fwf- .rfrzx :QL I. 531- ef, f mf' The supporting cast and helpers. Sponsored by BILL'S RADIATOR 8a WRECKER SERVICE and DILLER ROD INC. OF PRINCETON lean-Llp Day H Sponsored by TISKILWA FRIENDLY SERVICE Golf Brad Bachman, Jack Gustafson, Rick Gustafson, Bob Prusator. Dave Yepsen, Dennis Miller, Karl Pfleger, Coach Cordum, QWIQSJJFQ Bob Prusator-Most Valuable Player Coach Cordum, Brad Bachmsn, Jack Gustafson, Rick Gustafson, Bob Prusator Rick Gustafson-Most Improved Player Sponsored by CARGILL-NUTRENA FEEDS and ALLEN KITCHEN MART Boys' Track .xitulkfv if ,-3... n.....Qaa'! M wm......,. -1 , . , .1- A. Stacker, B. Johnson, B. Kunkel, D. Compton, M. Birdsley, S. Bickett, B. Ary. Coach Bull, B. Prusator, M. Shull, S. Harmon, D. Miller, R. Abell, J. Gustafson, M. Gustafson, Soorekoepers: Barb Ary and Abby Stacker. J. Seiler, D. Longman, G. Wagner, E. Kunkel, R. Schindel, C. Cotter, L. Sears, J. Whitfield, D. Bitting, J. Smith, M. Sapp, B. Senneff, Coach Kruger. Coach do Captains-Mr. Bull, G. Wagner, L. Sears, C. Cotter, E. Kunkel, Mr. Kruger. 440 Relay-R. Abell, M. Shull, R. Schindel, 66 D. Compton. Welghtmen-B. Prusator, B. Senneff, J. Smith, L. Sears Pole Vaulters-B. Johnson, B. C. Cotter, M. Sapp. Prusator, S. Harmon. mmunwmmm Mile Relay-J. Seiler, D. Miller, M. Birdsley, G. Wagner, M. Shull. Jumpers-D. Longman, R. Schlndel, J. Smith, C. Cotter, J. Seiler, D. Compton, D. Miller, J. Gustafson. Qs L., -L .wg .Qu ,K 5... Vi f .-.wfkm 3 2 Mile Relay-D. Longman, B. Kunkel, M. Shull, Y . . ..,. Reoord discus t shot-L Sears. E. Kunkel, G. Wagner. Sprinters-R. Abell, M. Shull, R. Schindel, D. Compton, B. Senneff. Middle-Distance-B. Kunkel, D. Longman, E. Kunkel, J. Whitfield, D. Bitting, J. Seller, M. Birdsley, M. Shull, G. Wagner, S. Bickett. Record High Jump-Jack Gustafson Sponsored by FIRST SAVINGS 8z LOAN ASSOCIATION OF BUREAU CO. 67 1 me .. i K. M . MSM -Q 1 , mi We smu- , M Sponsored by DR. CHARLES COOLS, OPTOMETRIST and WILSON ROEMMICH, SUPERVISOR OF ASSESSMENTS Girls' Track C. Dillman, S. Sendelbach, J. Brokaw, L. Miller, C. Taylor, L. Hamilton. H. Albrecht, Miss Gonigam, S. Coomer, R. Borg, M. Johnson, W. Sims, L. Joiner. Record Medley Relay-S. Sendelbach, R. Borg, L. Miller, C Taylor. iibmr 5... gg N ., F' Discus Record- High Jump- C. Taylor J. Brokaw s mamsxg '..'vm.- m'ouy kkQm 4a',,L1.s:a1-.mz.t'Ln..f-ww n - FF Banquet ME Lonnie Sears-DeKalb Agriculture Award Lynn Bicket - Green Hand Award Mrs. Nordstrom-Honorary Chapter Farmer Bob Kunkel-FFA Scholarship Award Sponsored by KIRBY PHARMACY, INC. and TRAVELERS RESTAURANT -P -A ,A ..r, Prom '77 Sponsored by PIHL'S JEWELRY and CITIZEN'S FIRST NATIONAL BANK xwf Ng Y' ?V 5 f : Q gf 'Wi S S .L nik ,-L- A ff!! . V if 9 ' sv ' 1. N 5. ff' Senior Response-Sally Compton 72 V As it Q A f M 'mgf f,ff '7"Qw is- 'gf J we- W ,,4 5 Y'x Fh,,, .M ' f . Class Wills-Julie Schmitt iff' -f-4 ,Q f v '. H ...i T ,. , may Sponsored by FIRST STATE BANK W-s -uul"1-1 Q1 f XM: 11. Sharon Coomer and Lester Behrends crown the King 8: Queen J' Queen Teresa Harmon and King Kenny Fisher 'X Sponsored by ECKDAI-IL'S CLOTHING and NELSON DRUG yi qLQgd.:f m 'm 'Tk I 5 x 92' JJ Ml! 1 sf W E .ta Z Eg? . .N a x sE 5 , r 1 1 SI' K '-V vw.. 5' x , LV :KA 4 --1 S -. X gf' X 4 Q. ,Q if I X X , SB S r, , Q I diff? ' 85 I YS 1,45 5 Y -X. C1 Dr fi fi ' Q. Lagfifm-f 3, f I A 5 I 1 S I 5 lf' u , Animal Hospital-Princeton-Dr. H. L. Marsh 8a Assoc. Ballard Recreational Vehicle Sales, Inc. Lawrence Brown George C. Bruce dz Son C 8: C Electric Inc. Country Casuals Dr. William L. Phelan, Optometrist Dunbar's Book Store Fashion Fabrics Gustafson's True Value Hardware Heritage Travel Agency Hillview Mobile Home Park Hoffman's Cafe Hoffman's Jewelry House 8a Garden Flower Shop Hughes Funeral Home u Booster List Hughes Hardware Imperial Gas Irene's Beauty Shopper Landahl's Lee's of Princeton McCaslin Bakery Nelsons Grocery Nora's Kerr-McGee Olson's Refrigerator 8s T.V. Sutherland Appliances 'Swedish Cup Tiskilwa Bus Company Weddings Repair Shop of Princeton Wind Power Electric Wyanet Locker Ye Olde Underground Inn l l N l l WALSWORTH Marceline, Mo., U.S.A.

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