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'ff:.1Ii :xii i:i1g"It:: 'H'7""1'E:.gYL"IfZitLl .,:: '7j1E.7 : ...:.5:5.f5i.:fgi,?5.jg-25...-v 33-ly ar. f.1h,5: --::::.'g. -M :: " :12f:f.-75.-5-.Q:-::f:1':tr:: m.::::a::::::::L-:L:,.vg.5A5:., THE 1950 ARRQW SENKHRCLASS M 'NSHLWAPUGHSCHQQL VOLUME VII PUBLISHED BY THE ' 3 1 V Q i l 1 1 W ' THE ARROW DEDICATION To Mr Samuel W Murphey we proudly dedicate this 1950 Arrow As music director and former classroom instructor he ha ably won the admiration During the four years that he has been at T H S Mr Murphey has compiled a brilliant record with his bands choruses in trumental and vocal soloists in district and state contests Nineteen Fifty and friendship ofthe entire student body. THE ARROW FOREWORD We take great pleasure In presenting this Arrow the seventh In the history of Trskrlwa Hugh School to all students ancl alumnl who are Interested In the actrvltres and splrlt of their alma mater It IS our humblest wlsh that thus 1950 Arrow wlll be a constant and pleasant remlnder of school lufe at T H S Nineteen Fifty f so he e T H E A R R O W SCHOOL BOARD Our school bodrd l mctrans lor the resrdents of tne drstrrct and rs charged wrtr tre rcsponsrorlrty trrovrdrng and marnta nrng the tacrlrtres whrch enable u tc pursue our edu tro al program The members who serve wrthout ompensatron arve generously ol therr tme and energy that We may have me oest possrble educor onal opportunttres For tnese eftorts we extend our srncere apprecratron True 'nernbers ol tie present board are Edwa d Pettegrew Paul Freden nagen lames Smrti rtt rd Sciertz flrs ljrnest Reynolds lohn Brttner Wrllram Perry and rnsertl lsewrs Lonarnan lr Pettegrow wa lected Presrdent on lanr ary l lf' Longman was e o ted to lrll flr nrt s rnexprred term as a rrrember ol tre board llary Alrce lflcllarr n tfre orlrce secretar rs one ot the ousrest persons at TPS ller Job const t o dorng ldlr BOiYll1OlOIIlGW secretarral work talong are at rralceup hos excuse lrps tardy slrp and recordrng grades Along wrth tlns work lflary Al ce does tvprng and artto work lor ottrers Thrs rs her second year at THS and sr e l lls a busy posrtron very eltrcrently CUSTODIAN ln every chool tr ere rs one person on whorn everyone depends the ustodran Hrs worlf rn Keeprng tne lawns neat the burldrng clean Warm and repa red rs a brg rob nd nust be well done to make thrngs run smoothly very day At THS lorce Rrngenberg a lrrend ol all the students lrlls thls rmportant posrtron rrost ornmendably Nineteen Fifty ,X 'e ltr cr , . . ' . , . V , 1 ,, ,. . , , . . . . l ' K V' C J S , , C71 fl , r , C , K O l r ffl . , . , 1 r , I , - , .W ,N,. . , , . t r 1 ,X - , L l, Or C 1 , rw . r, , ' . K' . ',. 1 I 4' 1 -V J - W, - 'X - Y . -X ' , , rf . . pn U . ,1 . lf . s l c l . 5 1 ll " 1. .' . r 1 . v Y .1 Q K . , ,i , r, r . . S A . r in ., , C, f I ' , F3 l, . Q' A S f', , K 'V li f . , Y H S .. , . Y , " S , l .f . ' f ff f, . - , . r , , , , 3 '. ' ,, ,, N ' L , , , . r, r . D v F. . , . . V - f - I 4 , I N- I we f- fs . . X, . . . Ji' 1.24. T H E A R R O W THE ARROW AND THE SONG I snot an arrow Info fre a1r If feII fo earth I knew not where For eo swrftfy 1f flew tne S1qI Could not follow If IH ns ffranf I oreafhed a song rn o the a1r If feII fo eartr I knew not wner for wno nas slghf so Keen and frong Tnat If can follow tne ffrgnt of song Ioona Iona afterward IH an oax I found the arrow sf1fI unbroke And tne eong from be-glnnrna fo end I found aaaln rn the neart of a frrend Nineteen Fufty I , , , . , , . , . , . nf ' ' , 4 ' . I , L ' D. ., V, 1- . . . , D 1 . . , , , I ? , , 1 Q K . ' r I f . . , , . . T H BAR THQLOIJIIW GP lI'1 I1 I API III 1 FOI1 MARY W CHETCHLR IYIOI Slate' Io IG IT fond v 1 T H E A R R OW wCIL F KTITHLIY I I TYLLIS SWAIN lf r Two 1121 T!If1I1Q P113 vcr '1 fem '11 T1 I ROY I SHULL IIOYD DENLER S cr fl Nor IG UY1 B S d Tv 11161 I II STIOIITTG 1 BLS-ck npr G T ki J 'IOI Swfe wo or T H1 Ior CI H1 OC QI I3robI NOLTCIT Studm I Or CIT T1 k1Iv Nmefedn Fifty SAMUEL W MIURPHEY III TO L rx xr Wgrll Wfir II 11 N OPAL A PRUITT 1 IT Qlf CCIIOQ. D 1119 IJCO OI IC 1 Vern f11 T 'wk1TVNG ITLCDYD A FRUIT T N este Tl III1r1o1s S' Ie 0 U11 verslty OI TTTTYIOIS B r1c11I ure I II Ve T s . . T 1 T VIIT 1 .. 3, If 1 ' , . I W 51 rn III O15 Emir- CcIIQf:r1, I111:1f11 'vI1'ff.:IfAy 111 Ur1vre1,z:",', Ii f' Wo.:vr11 TI 1.1 State TTOTTQQIF, B S, I3 D1 1"v'11 III1r14'11:1 STAIITF' Cr3I,ff:1f- ffc1111r11 , U S. A' 1:,',', I "1 " , U xvf-r.11'y OI IIl1101.1, M A H IE U11 .11.11:c: Iiirffutor S1117 5 '14-mipm '.,Ir,1x'-'f,f17y 1? III1r1Q1.s I'a111rII1 yr-wr fzt Tigkilwii ITf?.I fi Y'-C11 f1I 'I'11:T:1I':J'1 ISI'-11--F11 TT"If'I1'f' I4,c:IQ'1y Hzyyx I3I1',f:':Cf1HTff1 .-"1tI1If tw' QTIL 'gf 'F :mf T1:'1:1Iv,"f AIb101'1 COTTGGQ, AIb1or1, IVUCE1, AB Nfmyffrf-:ff COIIC-Ge B S '1Nf,mQ N ml ON Myth, , Q .V III :Q 1 .IN FII l'J.LY.'LT'7',TVI.S fb LI' J? H41 Y! PJ " If1'1QI1:sI1 I, II, III, IV P"14::11g11I - Z -1:33115 HO 4 ' 5 H S Ir U, HI Se: ,I ff r at Ti::k1Iw4: Phygicr pm? V X Z.. - , GUI! ' '.' 1,:IE.' Sf'-110111 j' , I :s'1Iwr1 Illinoi: S1 I, 11 ,I .1':0T3:ty, Iflv. I' r111f1I Ur1,'.'c1.1:ty, V S Y . .T AG C Heqe E . B S E11 1 1. . - S jp Y ,Y 1 'ff T" Qs Ag . 1 I I IH nw , f 'I U" 1x":EHIC II :Nom IT1r:at 4 Ur Gi 1.'k1Twc1 First ye r ci' 15 TWG Q 11 ECHL? Tr: ye, :1 JCI ,,.J' 4 Fi PUT T H E A R R O W SENIOR CLASS HISTORY ln the fall of 46 49 br1ght and sh1n1ng students wxth penclls clutched tlghtly 1n thelr hands f1lled the halls of T H S At our f1rst class meetmg We elected as our off1cers to see us through the green year Robert Gorman Presldent Ahce Va1l V1ce Presldent Gor don Sapp Secretary Gene Stockmg Treasurer Mrs Schafer was our advisor We were 1n1t1ated by the sophomores and we honored them a a return party As freshmen we entered 1nto most of the school GCIlV1ll9S In 47 40 sophlstlcated sophomores returned to T H S As our offtcers we chose Robert Longman Pres1dent Gordon Sapp V1ce Pres1dent Verhnda Abell Secretary and W1ll1s Hand Treasurer Our adv1sor was agaln Mrs Schafer Th1s was an lmportant year tn our h1gh school career as Chr1st1ne Martln was chosen cheerleader from our class our Frosh Soph team was undefeated 1n all three sports and Verllnda Abell was chosen as Homecomlng Queen The one act play Everythlng Nxce rece1ved ftrst ln the county contest and leanette McClellan recelved a medal for her performance As we became yolly Junlors 1n 48 we were only 36 tn number Dur1ng th1s year four more students left our class and one entered As our OAIICSFS we elected Arley Mor rls Presldent Clarence Compton V1ce Presldent Chrtstm Marttn Secretary and Robert Gorman Treasurer Our advlsers were Mtss Swaln and Mr Murphey Dur1ng thls year our class was agaln outstandtng 1n many act1v1t1es Chrls me Martm was Homecoming Queen the T H S football team was the Llttle E1ght Champ1ons and Clarence Compton was hlgh score man 1n the Llttle Elght Our lunlor Class play Everythlng on lce was apprec1ated by a large audlence We entertatned the senlors ln the spr1ng at our prom 'Everyone attendlng enloyed the evenmg and agreed that the theme The Forty Ntners was very appropnate As the next year rolled around we acqulred the name reflned seniors Our class had 30 members 1n our class As our offlcers we selected Robert Longman Pres1dent Ben Stockmg V1ce Presldent and Dor1s Travts Secretary Treasurer M1ss Swatn and Mr Bartholomew are our advxsers Dur1ng September we reahzed that We Were seniors be cause of the arr1val of our class r1ngs Our dramattc talents were agam dlsplayed by our Semor Class play The Mad Hatters Later we were honored at the prom g1ven by the class of 1951 More honors were FSCS1V9d by our class when Dorothy Downey was elected Homecomlng Queen and leanette McClellan was chosen queen at Prlnceton from slxteen Bureau county h1gh school g1rls to relgn over thelr Homecomxng Looklng back We see that our class has been act1ve 1n the school act1v1t1es Robert Longman Dorxs Travls Robert Gorman Al1ce Vall lanlce Nye Dorothy Downey Ed Morse and Helen Anderson have been IH band for four years Most of the senlor g1rls have been act1ve ln G1rls Chorus and both the g1rls and boys 1n the M1Xed Chorus Many sen1ors have helped 1n wr1t1ng the Papoose as student llbrartans as active members of the FHA FFA GAA T Club and also tn the dramat1c GCIlV1ll6S of the School Dorls Travts and leanette McClellan recelved 1nd1v1dual medals for thelr performances IU the L.1ttle Etght One Act Play Contest All of the boys have partxctpated 1n sports two or more of the four years IH h1gh school The class IS very proud of one semor IH parhcular Robert Gorman Robert IS the only senlor who has ma1nta1ned a straight A average all durlng htgh school Congratulattons Bob Looklng back over the years we ftnd that stx students leanette McClellan lamce Nye Carol Strunk Robert Gorman Robert Longman and Helen Anderson have attended Tlskllwa schools all 12 years However Barbara Eckard lean Sale and Frank Mlller went to the same school Bureau Grade School and Don Lawson and A Iey Morrls attended the Morrts school together durlng the1r grade school days Now that We are graduatlng we look back over cv lvfe at T H S and recall all the good ttmes we have had W1th our dlploma ll' our hands we leave the halls of T H S and look forward to the future Nineteen Flfly ' , A 1 , ' ' Q A A ' '2 ' , 5 now dwindled to 31. During this year one student dropped from school, so we now have . V . I y I . HELLN ANDFRSON ff' oru 1 7 1X w o uoeh1 1.1bror1 '1 3 o 1 1 uh 1 2 Po Q, o 1o 4 T e Jo How er G nkov o no RICHARD CHASL 111 11 oo w1o11 3 Ar ow S1 11 K bo11 4 Tr reen TTTU1 r IZ wo non ol s DOROTHY DOWNEY cmd 1 3 4 Pep Bom C oru 2 3 4 Mwed Choru S1L1dGH1 Cour1C11 4 Trgcx ure 4 Treo 1 re A 4 Ser' T H E A R R O W 1111uo1YN ANDREWS or1 1 G 3 Chow 1- 17 P o r 2 P poo e S P1 115 4 r Arrow xe 111r LAw1N E CO1 DTON rc C 1 Fr 3 x Cho NV1 CTOTU 4 U14 ootboll T 51 erv mn o 1 4 Cl 111 on r1o1 o ono1h BARBARA ECKARD 2 3 4 1v'1xed Chorus 4 4 Treo ur 3 4 P SeCre1i1rw 1 '1 TITVCITI ru 4 1u1brmy Cu S10 4 Arrow S C1 1 1 or G 1r fn L11 ror1olr1 3 Popoo e S1011 4 Arrow S1m11 The Mod 1'1o1er Know o roy ond k IO 1v.o11ur1 w or 11 LG U HC91' Nineteen Flffy 111ANC1S ARY Boy C'1or1 MIX F1 Chor11 Ar ov S1f111 Pre 1f'lS'11 4 C1 3 4 1 4 Track 2 3 3 111 and e1r1 BLTTY CORDREY o 1 1f1er1 L1brf1r1c'm 4 1.1brr1ry 1 A Ref' yower '11 s mo d ROBERT GORMAN C1oss PreQ1der11 1 Treasurer S1uder Cour1c11 4 Pre-e1der11 hd 2 3 4 Bovs C o 1X-gi Choru 4 T Cluh 1 4 Treo IT r 3 Sperm hC1ub 1 S1lG1eP1 L1bror1or1 3 Popoo e F1 Arro CI 1 4 Fchicr 4 Foo1bo11 3 Mcrrmoger 1 2 o o11 Track 3 Crowe Coun1 w 4 T 4 Ex ery1h1r1g or Tc 3 The Mod Hc111ere 4 G OHS O OWS G"'l5 . ' h, ' 'X fo Bo .J, 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Bond, 2, 3, 4 1lr1ierei1r 1 13 1:i., , '1iS,2,3 gs' 1 1. ss, 4, ' e. xx, 4 Ch S, ,,,3,4 M Ee-C11I',l.T,'1 G ". A,1,2,3,4 H.A,2,3,4 r Je.. ,4:1:'.P A, 1,2,3,4 S1 ' o., Sp 115.1 Sched e, 1, 2. TC11, ff' . , "T" uh, , g Foot- C1 , , , 1: 1-1. A , 3, 4 G. A. A, 1, 4 Stude .. L ration, 5 1.113 UTY bc111, ,2, UT" 3, g , , ,4. 2, 3, 4, poose S1 11, 4- Arrow C un 4 1 St3f1 4, HE' ry- S 11, , A' h 11 5 .T 4 1.13 oh1:e,"3. 1311511125 arf- 11'- ' 1 .' 1 no' 1 u..'sf.'.'f: 0.1: wtf: SAZITT' m' 17 T hot 'lf ' 1 mi 1 it-s1': 11s Lt' 175 "1 'nil' A' C P 3 C A. A "T" C1 J, 4, Spfirmirf C1111D, Q C111 .'.' 'v'1"f'- 13 zsifier, 3 S1'.1F1C'TZf Ch 7115 2' 31 F' H A' 1' 21 3' 4 RGD :ee f' , r 1 fl , 3 C1J'.I'1f'11 3,4 Pre::1f1er11,4 F 13 A S" A T E ' ' 130501 , , C1211 XT ', 4 "When 1, 2 3, 4 111133 17re.11'1cr11, , Bog: C1111-W 'A G A fl 1 314 1 was G , 3, U C ' ',' f r11.f 4, M. 5, CE ps, f, 'TT' S1111111 FC11H11YH, 4 C1uk. 2, 3,4 Pre:f1oe:1, 3, 4, Arrow S1.1y F W1 ', 2, 3, 4 Bos- 1c1.kg'111 T", 2, 3 4 Track NT" 2, 3 45 XEV, ' g n 1:e," 3, 'XT1 e Mod Hc1ier:", 4. . I' LS 'Fu' I 1e oi 2311 .ure 13 A "ATT 15 1 ' 3 Sh le is 115 We mfzkfx ' for fhf 1 wrvi ,Un ,Tm :nr fxxtrxrm , mf S V Y 1:01 ' roqha-s pos? B I V 2' I dy 4 Chorus ,,,, , ' 5. I I .4 I 3' h I V I -. W4 F 1-1 A 1, 2, 3, f ss er 4 1 A, .V V I 4! ', , A rs .r, 4 E Lf A 2' ' A' Cm: E L Bo , 1 ,,,, h russ, 4 F, 11.11, 12, 3, , 5131 43 , 1 Mg, S, 4 , ,2,3, G A, 1, 2 3, .re1f11'y- p,H'xCO':O A H 'I IA' 4 , sn e , , Us , ,2, Tre.::1 er 4 S111fir 1 U Thx? MA T1 H MUS' 4 1 ' ' ' r .V li 1 1 1,4 S1.11,3,4 wS11,3, ,COA " . t.f1,"4 , ,, , B Skeib , 1, 2, 3, 45 3 3, 1, 2, 3, 4- 2, , if To You ' ' 'z 1.1. .1 1111- 'frfw 15 1 s..1':.'1' .L for Thoxcai el! -V I 11. ' 1 "ho 15 not 1 dy IC f11'A cron: side- t and Sl e earns- I To 515511 1 ' d I ' Hip' rig 1 QT :L ...f tu- THE ARROW CLASS WILL We the members of the Class of l95O of T1sk1Iwa I-hgh School belng of sound mlnds and bodres do hereby declare and ordaln th1s to be our last w1ll and testament I Ben fBudl Stockmg hereby w1ll my letsure trme rn second perlod study hall to Kathryn Feldges my curly halr to Ed Sash and my ablhty ln track to Sp1ke Grngery I Frank fCasanova Hayseedl Mxller bequeath my slowness to Ketth Sapp and my ab1l1ty to argue w1th Mrs Cretcher to anybody who needs 1t I Ahce IAIJ Vaxl w1ll my blue eyes to D1ck1e Brown one of my sttcky ftngers to Bobbte Westman and my false tooth to Buby Taylor I Edward IEdJ Morse hereby bequeath my broken desk IH study hall to Gary Chase my grrl tn Pnnceton to no one and my French horn to anybody who wants to play one I Robert P CCurleyl Gorman hereby w1ll my rntellectual ab1l1ty to Harold Glngery my cross country ab1l1ty to B1chard Norton and my long and hard struggle w1th the clar1net to Wayne Broeren I FFGDCIS fFranl Ary hereby bequeath my 1ob of chauffeurrng some of the glrls of T I-I S to hm Longman my rrght end pos1t1on on the football team to B111 Iackson and a certam l1ttle redhead to no one I Arley fArl1sl Morrxs bequeath my square chrn to Whlskey Borns wezght to Im Pearshape Longman I Ieanette fMacJ McClellan w1ll my ab1l1ty to get along wrth Coach Kerthley to all the athlet1c boys and my brown eyes tnat Just won t behave to Rlta Westman I Chrrstme CChr1sJ Mart1n do gtve my posttton as cheerleader to the new one commg up m hopes that she en1oys 1t as I have and my r1des 1n a blue Chevvle coupe to no one I Carol fPokeyl Strunk w1ll my four eyes to anyone who cant see stra1ght and Pokey to D1ck1e Brown so he can follow h1m to school as he has me for the last four years I Clarence fArt1el Compton w1ll my sp1t balls rubber bands and broken paper chps to Merle Polson or anyone else who wants to get tn trouble and my athlet1c abrhty to next year s football team I Dorothy fAdal Downey w1ll my ab1l1ty to argue to Shzrley Norton my red harr to Eddre Sash and my mterest ln a yellow Jeep to no one I I-lelen ITuffyl Tobm w1ll my shortness to Elame Bocke my g1ggles to Shrrley Norton and my ftnger na1ls to Ieanette Drlts I Betty fCordl Cordrey hereby w1ll my sl1mness to Donna Stevens and my mterest IH Buda to no one I Gordon fOdd Boyl Maroney w1ll my spec1al seat IU the offlce to Donald Houston my ab1l1ty to be m1sch1evous to Frank Morrrs and my he1ght to R1chard Iackson fContmued On page 111 Nineteen Fifty . . I . . . 7 heuerg my love for going out nights to Barb Westmang and my inability to gain , , . . , . , , I QBHP 9 mn nR1Q CQAXK XJ AF THE ARROW HX L C1 Nmeteen Fifty A HANK ULU H V C 3 .T ,wU,T Ffffl iiif5EfFff IiUIff'E3H Q QYALF 1, WSC?-I Trfrisfc-"f-1 Z' T' IQ.: f "Q .1 3 2 7 f' A 1 7' .H 1- . 511' ., ,Z ,Q-if-i TEl'f"1. 355301 -2 41f:,:.".v1i'E-PW' 1' ri , . Q 7 5 3 fiom , 7 Q Q , Q Q 4 Tggqhf gym .fix , ' f'c,11r1i'1l 2,3 F I' PA. , -1--1 3 -1 .5A-3,15 4 '1' 3 4 FQ If 3 4 1f11f - ' 4 D i Q, ., T 3 .Q EX"?fYfEi1Y1I1 3 str,--A 4 3, 5 ' ' ' 'Qi' 'J' ::"',:'1'n If ' YI.f If YI' 4'k ' 'I , ' 'I ' V xliliiif 1f,5I-Qi? ffl. C,2,1ifWQ,fff ' ff3,f1ffff1,'f 53.1115 f: -f ri' Q ,Z 1' : T fl 3 1' E' A Q. 3 -Q f':.'r2-,-'L 111 . -1 Roy. -2 Y, 1 f'2gir1. 2 7 '1 :ll 1 ., 3 1 Sp nr. 5. 3' .1 , Q f if .1 . Z 2 4 Pap .1 13: . Q ,Z .l,:r:'.'r Riff -Q 3 I: 11. '.f 11, zf' 1 .Q Fcctkfh 'T' -1 P1 lzffr :ll 1 T 2 3 :if A1 'I' 2:-z 2 3 l'.'ef'j':A 7,1 3 YI ff," 3 'fx 1.713 PZ Jie' 42 VC" 1 11,1 .. : I' ' 1 - 111' 1 " 1 ' 1" ",:1V'. 1' I:-, JI ' r fu: C" QLXHXHI If J'I'1YI 'f3.'gIYFT'T'f1 T,'Cf'I-1f1 LAN TH 1 T. ,ff fflwfg I7:"1'Tf"i"'.' 3 nl. - .' f 2 F r.: , A 3 -1 ffiorx ' 2, F f T F .71 1 lf 3 ,Z Tsctbcxil 1, 4 flixf 1 C,'l.prL , 4 V 1-4 1 F y 1 E' H Q 'Q J -1 T' iff 3 f 3 T 4 Trn- 2 3 4 'S A A 1, L 3 4 7 if P. F' . . 3- :J 3 Fw' ,z If -1 'Z iQ'.'e"g':11r.j ' ri 'CQ ' 3 I 2, 3, -1 Sf'CIVf?"Z'I1J,3, 5"'gf1ffr1' LL' ,B .-1 A 3, 3 4 P gifs 1 in-'gff Lritmi 3 -4 L1E,1'c:r',' if .k 4 Fi- , 3 I" Aft 4, V."-r','tf1:ij1 Eicsc :Zi -1 ff' 'ff 4 fn , f 1"."""j'f,1IIQ1 fi T. Im- 3 f':f:TY'2..I11 fir. EGR- 3 If KP: 1' -' 4 ?' - if' 1 ":1kz.?1 'Z : uw' :IA , 1, 13" : .z!.'- " uf ' 1,11 IW: I 173 , I , , v,,TTIA 3-. ---,- ' Y f' : :sfC1.4'.' viz' CD75 fi T H E A R R O W CLASS WILL Continued I Barbara tBarbl Eckard hereby bequeath my w1ll power and rye cr1sp to Mar1lyn Kenney my ab1l1ty to argue to Shlrley Stout and my soctety headache to Rtta Westman I Madolyn CLynl Andrews do bequeath my ab1l1ty to chew gum 1n Mr Shull s study halls wrthout bemg caught to Mary MOFTIS my seat ln study hall to anyone who l1kes to watch the workmen bulldmg the new gym and my one dlmple to Ruby Taylor who also has Just one I Laura Mae CShort1el Syler hereby bequeath my shortness and small feet to Ioan I-Iale my ab1l1ty to get along w1th others to anyone who needs 1t and my lnterest 1n a certa1n 39 Chevrolet to no one I Robert fLou1el Longman wtll my broken leg to no one my crutches to Mr Shull and my ab1l1ty not to get a U ID c1t1zensh1p to Elalne Rocke I Helen CRedl Anderson hereby w1ll my red halr to Kathryn Feldges my trombone to Martlyn Kenney and my ab1l1ty to keep on the honor roll to Edward Dtllman I Donald CL1ttle Tomb Lawson do bequeath my shortness to Fred Oberg and my car to Charlotte Iomer so she w1ll be able to get to school on t1me I Iamce tlrnl Nye do bequeath my draw1ng ab1l1ty to anyone who wants to stay up all mght makmg posters and my ab1l1ty to get Enghsh to Earl Cordrey I lean Ueamel Sale hereby w1ll my qu1etne s tn study hall to Ianlce Enos and my navy correspondence to no one I Gordon CGord1el Sapp hereby bequeath my broken pool cue to Sp1ke Gmgery and my ab1I1ty as a quarterback to Merle Polson Drck Brown and my many trlps to Sprmg Valley to Fred tFat Ratl Hart I Iames ISILKOJ Schertz do bequeath my herght to Ray Perkms the use of my yeep to my s1ster Glona and my many LFIDS to Sprmg Valley to no one I Grlbert CG1ll Corss hereby w1ll my whlskers to Iohn Thompson and my ab1l1ty to go to h1gh school hve years to Gerald Elmore I Donna CM1tz1l Ruckman do bequeath my even temper to Martlyn Ken ney my love for a certam band to Ioan Hale and my abthty to get along wtth the teachers to Ianet Brown I Rlchard tR1chl Chase hereby w1ll my ab1l1ty to aggravate everyone to Ph1l1p Marcum and my books of etrquette to the whole freshman class I Dorts CCook1el Travrs wtll my ntckname to Donna Stevens my bassoon and old reeds to Harrlet West and the Papoose statt to Elatne Rocke We the class of 50 do bequeath to the underclassmen our pos1t1on m study hall our outstandmg scholastrc reputat1on our lack of 1nter1or1ty and ab1l1ty to have fun we leave also our torn books broken desks rubber band and spltballs To our dear old alma mater we leave cutet corrrdors wh1ch w1ll never more echo w1th the sound of our sweet vo1ces and the patter of our httle feet Drawn up by the enttre class of 50 W1lHSSSed by 'I' I-I BARTI-IOLOIVIEW Nineteen Fifty 2 I A ' 1 ' ' I f Z I, Robert tRomeol Hunter, do bequeath my ability to make baskets to , , 2 1 ' z ' ' ' AH LY Owlil THE ARROW Cwmi Cl' Vfl 11 CRDQIT A SALT Nmeteen Fifty IO TXT rwll 'I Arc C T , x ff IT S 21 'v'fAfw2 ff 'fn' TfxTfTf'fQ IT-IYTQ C115-1 nr 2.1 Tfifii, 3 Tlciwx fiflfff 1' 'r 1 . 3 -1 Ffvyzs' V21 xg 4 51: 1 l 21,2 4 V- V 3 :rt'i,Q 2, 3, 4 -3 M13-if-'T L'Fic:r'..1 -1 V F !x,1,2i,3, 1 ':. z, 'Z TT If fx, ., QT, 3, 4 'TM : . T, Q 3, -1 Mx'-'A-'i ffhorwna -1 -1 H irnxiw-' F'fS'E1:ll T ' 3 Trxxf fi ' ' -2 T "'111T'1, 3 -1 FTM- fl. 5. T .1 3 -S f:Qf'If11.'E1CT T .. TV 3 IF." '-,":.,: 1 f " .1 gi IJ ., 11, jg , 1- ,, f I Qvflgf 3, 4 y I" 3 if 4 TTT' U11 '.' - - 1 ' A 'QS I" 'Zi -1 T H112 "Tn iff' " 3 iEI"'f, 4 'lr Lua Nw-., 4 QCNT-QA HilQ'TQfff1ff TLAII .' Q Rug: 1 'Y , , Q5 V2 F: 13- F If P. 1 Q, 3 4 'E A .l. f 3 A1 ml. lu: T I" . - :.' 1,.:r 211. Siu 1:ffr.i Igprfwrzzxm 3, 4 ly: 1':".' 3, -2 1.1: ' '. .1 1 ' 1 ' . f'lllT -3 ?lT'fW'7,"' Fitfzff 4 .lrzc 1f'I,f 4 T'1g- ,- fi 'Q 314111 AQ .T-lf' 'T '. , 1 1 . ': 1 1' TZ . V 1 11, ' ':.:I. , '- V 1 ,, 1 -,1 , v - 3- ' 3 - za-1' A 1 : ",11.:.-' ' 3 ff . .FET 'T -' f 'TfQ'Tf'T'Z HE IQ i"'I1'JG T3vi'.i1 C,qT1f'1l. 4 H120 21' ':, "1 -Q P' f T . 'I -1 T? :db 'T 1: ' 'l ' View T"'.'1I'Y1f, -1, F' F Pa I Z 3 -1 TT"'ffYT"T 4 T' 2 " ,:. 4 T117-1-,iCE1::1.,: 4 F A flph 3, 4 'fznw Frfltwrie 1 IV: ' . Q 4 Vige Pfeszderit, 4 T 76010 S"1ff,4 Fizotkfzll, T QT, T f, 3 4 T:fTCf'Q , 1 "T L 3 3, -1 Erzfenfezrifzll T , T , fi 4 -2 P1 :par-tl 'zll 2 2, V Track, I T TQ'.'e:yt111:f: Ori 3 A 3 4 'Tkf-z','7E11r2:0:1 Ice," 11'1:" :N .1 Y: H 1.1 :. zz- 1:.:- 'nt :" . '1:1:"' " A 7 VH" 'WU' HL I If . 1.41 1 i '23 ff? 1 2' fs Q THE ARROW CLASS PROPHECY Th1s prophecy we do confess Holds lots of Joy and some success Twelve years have gone yes now they re past Th1s l950 1 our las' And now a we gaze 1n the crystal ball We v1ew our classmates one and all The t1me IS f1fteen years from hence All the1r futures we can sense The f1r t we VICW 1 Bob Gorman l.oll1na on the Wh1te House lawn He says that he s the Pres1dent H1s word we surely wont re1ect The Pre 1dent secretary 13 Sllllng on h1s knee A redh ad who th1nks tak1ng notes 1s And as we come clo er we can see lt s none o her than Helen Anderson We leave then and go down the street And f1nd a pol1ceman there Ben Stockmg 1t IS and so we know He ll keep thmgs fa1r and square Next we come to a busy corner And on 1t th1s SIQH we see Com one come all and enter IH Helen Tob1ns pharmacy On down th1s treet we f1nd Bob Hunter Makmg money l1ke a wonder You see he runs a peanut mach1ne The best bus1nes he s ever seen A flour1sh1ng busmess next meets our s1ght A newsstand w1th ads ID neon hghts We buy a paper to see what s new Who 13 the newsboy7 Ed Morse that who' We r ad of a new club about to open T 1ere qomg to be fun aplen y a popptn Thr re ll be a l afle ofa famous dance band And he none other than Robert Longman Now here s a neat ad about a ch1cl1ttle shoppe Featurmg fash1ons of the 1111r1ute from your toe to your top The DTODFISIVCQQ of the place 1 Mlle M1llan Back 1n chool we knew her a leanettr M Clellan ln th1 shoppe new fash1ons are shown Spec1al1z1ng 1n the square dance gown Modehnq them for a nom1nal 'ee l that well known model Dorothy Downc y The beauty salon that 1o1n the dress shoppe Feature a brand new ha1r do called the Rag mop To create 1 ch a ha1 do mu t take a smar one We she 1 lt 1 Chr1st1ne Mart1n Now for more on the entertamment l1st Here s orr1eth1ng that we wouldnt mlss An ad about G1lbert the Great Mag1c1an Yep- Its G1l Corss b1llecl IH top pos1t1on Scale and arpeggno develop techmque DGTICIHQ bangs P0159 th1s next ad sta e M1 Trav1s w1ll teach them to young lad1es el1te ln her boardmg school for h1qhly pr1ced rate The headhnes of the court lFlGlS part Really a1ve us qu1te a start Murder Ca e Tr1 d by fudge Frank M1ller A L1fe Sentence IS GIVSH the K1llerl Say th1s ad IS new and qu1te a surpr1se A home for poor an1rr1als ats dogs and m1ce Its the famous Pok1e lnst1tute Carol s home for an1mal most dest1tutel Neyt we read the book FPVIPN A1 la t ha e ha f r1e H1 book 1 called My Daze IP B1ta1n And nofv he cr1t1c 7lHFf what he wr1tter1 fCont1nued on page 153 Nmefeen Flfty ' s , 1: 1 C 5 ' .' E 5 All 5 , , : ' 1 - r ' ' as s V li - , 7 , E I f , s 1 r- ga ' . 1 - e s un, . . . . . ll, sf s 3 - s :s ' rs 1 ' , ' -- . . f Li 5 I ' . ' - s. .. S .9 V . I . e ' A , . , 1 Q- ! G 5 t :st T, C :a .4 tnafle th f ws 5 ' C X r 5 l .5 ,Q , a A' 1 '. 7' ' H T, 1: . 1 s '1, ' 1: ' , . . . . A1101 2 f THE ARROW ASSEMBLY Nineteen Fifty 10 F J 1Do f 1 Q . -111111,11X11'x 1 !A'1111'.'Ax f'fX1, f2'Y1.1.f'. 111111111 " K, .11 . ':1nf. 1 . '- f' -1- ' . , - 2 .' H ' , 4 . . 1 1 X 1 '3 1, "3 11 Q ' ,' , 1 . 1 ' - 3 ' EI ' 11 -9 1 ' 1 4 .2323 .11 . , 1 . -' , ' ' F -1 Q: ll' :'. :I. 1 1.11 '1.:, 1 11 1 1 1' 'V " -Q .1 111 ' i' Ai .' .if 3 2 ' - ' ' 1 ' 1 f'11- 1 H1 V1 .2 ' 1: .:, ' 1' 1 1XC1iQ,f '1'f4A1. FS ..1.1 'f 111511. lf. "'1f'.' fr' . .1 1 - v ' 1 'JI H 1'f"'1'ii:f.f . 593 AL' 3 .g gm: . 1, - 3 j' A V. A ' .' ,, .1 1. .r- J 3, Q 2,1 T- ,511 jgi A ' - -- 1' T ' ,. K Q 1.1L' :f1'::1 el r 31.2 11.0, Q Q 3 .Q Z'--.fl A 3 4 1: 11.1 K, 2 4 Shot., 1, .I 3 C5 f 4, ft 1. "1 .: 1-19"'fC1A 'if' '51 ' 1A 1 1' M ,V . ,VN Q 11 -'.vv 1. -1 'P f'-. 1, 3, -1 F1151-1:"17f .gy Q ,I fi-. 1111 iyh 3 .Q ,',,. 1'r'-k':A11' -2 71. c :'f'1g1'l11,4 A gif A3515 j -,,,.,.m,. ,, i V .N ' ','. fwxfi iff-I i1t:f 4 PM r I' L, 3 'FII' N: If ,.., . rg '... Z.: JI. 11- 3, 'ffl' .1111 H k IA. , Z ,I ..,. . ., .1 'I ' ' I efzrsw I E21 - '-' fl Lx! rg lf .YL.,,' 1 THE ARROW CLASS PROPHECY Contunued ll th b seller you d l1ke to uy At the corner book store you ll hnd 1t not h1gh Th1s. store by Madolyn Andrews IS run Her ltttle buslnees IS a prosperoue one We read ol the rnendtna ol the Road to Mandalcl The work 1 be1na done by the W P A Bo 1na the1ob1n a bustne l1ke way ls Gordon Maroney relax1ng all day And now for eomethmg really l1gl'1t On the com1c page what meets our s1g 'P T rr1 the Terrntte t1r t areet our eye He 1ll11 trated by lamce Nye From COITTIC we look to the page of port The Olymp1c news lb 1n the reports The 990 dash today was won By that athlete ot 50 Clarence Compton T1m s sure have changed IU flfteen years Women s football IS weep1ng the map The Powder Puflette coached by Gordon Swim At th Santa Antta hundred grand race Were entered many horees of 'speed and grace Today the thorouahbred horse that won B lonaea to Rober Gustaf on To ltnd entertatnment we consult rnovte wer A certa1n actress has h1t the ne NS An 1naen11e called Lola Tyler Whom we all knew as Laura Mae Syler e o hear I l O H59 ry U lt we Q to hear htm we re Qure he won bore u T1 nextad ae W tmachabc Barb Eckard and Altce Va1l teach th chool 1l you please' Yes the gtrls are now runn1r'a a nursery chool And to sweet l1t le k1dd1 s they never are ruel Here a two page spread about the World Fatr All the rreat farmer of he U S Nere there An award was qtven tor the be tda1rv We learn 1t wen to Frartcts Ary And lor ftne t heep an awa fl NWI atven To aet that award ltr 'S hertz had lonr t1v Il l heep are the be t 1U all he lan tor hem he wa aven 1e awar 111o grand The only page let 13 the hospttal l1st We wonder 1l here are the lr1ends we have mxeeed lrleadma the stall 1 a world 'amous surgeon And he lw none other than Dr Don Law on Th1s hosp1tal hae the best nu ses tn the land And why not when they have lean Sale and Donna Ruck'nan7 These lad1es 1n whtte took h oath mo t fyrand To a1d and comfort every a1l1nq human We re throu rh A 1th th paper an l feel n 111n 1 So we t1nd a place run bf Betty Co arey Th1s bu-sy 1o1nt lg Harnburge Heaven And the street 1t on 1 Twen 1eth and Seventh ow all o11r Cla mate we hfxf ob erve Y now tl1e prophecy 1 tonf We ve foretold tho1r lutu every one Nmeteen Flfty 1:1 est .' ' ' b h'f1 :st t.11 --'A e 2 , - - '11 " 54 KE 1 . . . , . . K 9 5 . 1 -1 I 1 w 'Tr 'T I A., 'T A S . 4 it ' ' ':1 l . . 'gg ' A ' .' , , 'za ' 7 521' . ' :asf , , r .1 1 . ' .1 -- ' . 3 ' ' rs. ' , o 1' , . ht. H V Q H ,J1 11 . rt 1 ,ss Y , e - ss , , . fs . , . In 'E K 1 , 1w.c,', H ',1TC, A T ' ' l 111 LS , , , , ,:: ' T . fl, So t , . li 1 tlo . rl .Qt , .1 , ss .1 . ss ' . A . 5 To the leaders ol Little 8 we give three cheers, . , S t e , .1 .V Q , ' t S .1 . ' f 11' 5, , My '1 ,WW 1 ' .' ' ref vs, - , 71 XA , K: , Y 5 ' E A . . . r ., hr S .1 "rs 'ss 't Y' . . W- read l a lecture we tnlaht wish to N 11:1 .11 . . 11: za, od fl1'v'f'I1 lfy 11 Jpe' lfftl ml rt Ill! tv ,lcmf ff 2 K, As W,-,I,,,,y,,,-3 ,.mA,,.H: H3 ,, ,.1l,m,,m,, Wmlt ll111I-- ' 'or olA11tC,11o111y tl1at',1 Arl 1" Marin, ' I , I G., f 1 ' fi 1 :, 0 , . . t , H 5 YES'-' . . THE ARROWH1- JUNIOR CLASS SOPHOMORE CLASS FRESHMAN CLASS Nmeteen Fifty ,. I, . .7114 EY A.,: ' I 1 ' ,.1f- I A 1f Elcit- , : 9, 1 1 1: K1-1111 ff TT I1 H1 I 1 1 I ,' 1 1 LH E'l'LIi'fL ff"'u:, P L 1 ' I L 1 ' I'.r.:'r:1,:Q11pfQ,'.'i:. 1 L 1 . EI 1' f ?'wc:" ,Wi LI wr L 1 ' ' 15- Lf--.Q,G--5:L"lf. Vt -' ff':"1'-1 Vve' 'C,. 11 1 1 1 L r ff g 7 ".':A:'t Ifft1'1':'.'f 1 ' 2:01.-1T,.' :L L I C7 G3 Iii ll- inn NJ. ,1!,.' T H E A R R O W STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Counc1l whrch was organtzed last year has as 1ts goal the solutlon of student problems through the co operatron of students and faculty Qfftcers of the counc1l for the f1rst semester were Clarence Compton presldent Wayne Broeren Vlce presldent lean Llttle secretary and Dorothy Downey treasurer At the end of the ftrst semester a general electlon was held to elect one new member from each class to serve unttl l95l The members rematned the same w1th the exceptton of Bob Gorman who ftlled the place vacated bf larence Comptons res1gnat1on He was elected presldent by the member of the counctl The rna1or project of the Student Counctl wa the lfomecotnlng lt wa ucce fully lnanag d by thc COllHCll THE ARROW Thts l95O Arrow tne seventh IH the htstory of Ttsktlwa Htgh School has been ed1ted by the members of the sentor cla We began work on thts an nual rn December and carned on through March The enttre semor clas helped ratse money for the yearbook through such act1v1t1es as obtalnlng sponsors for booster pages havtng a bake ale and selllng coptes of the Arrow nas labored lorg and dthgently ln the preparalon of tht SU Arrow W tncerely hope our efforts w1ll tnerlt your approval THE PAPOOSE The Papoose IS a weekly edttton publtshed tn the vtllage newspaper The Chlef whtch lS edtted by Mr lVfcConkey lt lS one of the more acttve and lndustnous extracurncular pursu1ts of the student body Toptcs of scholastlc fnterest comprtse the framework for the paper Spectal omedy features student soctety sports all dramat1c and organtzatlonal news and parhes appear IH the paper lnteresttng edltorlats wrttten by t1e students or facul y on ub1ects ot general mterest are featured Tnfs years Papoose was ed1ted oy Dons Travts asststed oy Elalnc Racke and a very capable staff Mrs I R Cretcher acted as faculty advtser Nmefeen Fifty C ' ' ' . ' ' 5 ' ' ' s I s ' H f , ' s , , ' A , e Under the industrious and capable sponfzorhifzp of lflnsfa Swain, the 'staff A l -D x ij- Q - A , ' 'f . ' . T H E A R R O W STUDENT COUNCIL ARROW STAFF PAPOOSE STAFF Nineteen Fifty H' :.,-.,,. 1A,,. , H . . ., . ..., " Q ' ' 'Nf1'.'r.ff Fin "r T' :gg If-in ff nl, if v 'iv if 'I - ?'.4,f'E1' , ' ':- IW 11 rl . . 5' .. Y -gg ...i-. Q ' 1 Il-E , i 1' To x 1 3- 'i - v I N, -' . 1 S Y T H E A R R O W LIBRARY CLUB For the first time at T H S a Library Club was formed by the student librarians under the leadership of Mr Denler The student librarians chose as their offlcers Laura Mae Syler president Donna Ruckman vice president and Patricia McCauley secretary treasurer Patricia McCauley withdrew from school and Donna Buckman automatically took over the office she held The du ie of the librarian are to keep the library neat run tcr nor book 1 f po iblo to road them FHA The Tiskilwa Chap er of Future Home Makers of America has been quite active this year under the direction of Mrs Pruitt Sponsor and leanette McClellan President Other officers are Vice President Marilyn Kenney Secretary Kathryn Feldges Treasurer Bar bara Eckard and Parliamentarian Leota Ringenberg The years activities were planned early in the fall The hayride party to which the F F A boys were invited was one of the most successful parties ever aiven by F H A ln October Ieanette McClellan Barbara Westman and Mrs Pruitt went to the House of Delega es meeting in Peoria Barbara was chosen for an office to be served next year We contributed many gifts to the world Christmas Festival In November we made cookies for the orphanage IH Princeton In the middle of November we entertained the Buda F H A Chapter at a pleasant afternoon party December 8th we entertained our mothers at a Mother Daughter banquet The charming decorations for his affair were especially noteworthy Our mid winter formal was one of the most colorful vents of the year Tyrone Powers choice of Shirley Norton as Snow Queen was received oo late to be announced at the an assembly Music for the dancing was furnished by The Five of Us leanette Mc Clellan and Arley Morris were voted King and Queen by popular vote at the party In February we conducted an lnteresting discussion panel with the boys on Boy Girl Relationships In March there was a hobby show at which the girls displayed their col lections for their parents to see The April activity was a picnic which proved to be a lot of fun for everyone The final event of the year in May was the annual fashion show given by the Home Economics classes FFA The Tiskilwa Chapter of the Future Farmers of America is a charter mem ber of the Illinois and National F F A organizations This year the chapter had thirty six members and as in the past was busy with the activities of the organization Some of the activities of 1949 50 were a tour of the University of Illinois farms annual Green hand initiation a hay ride annual pest contest Father and Son banquet attendance at the leadership training school for officers held at Camp WaKanDa and attendance of three members at the Illinois F F A convention at Champaign last lune The officers of the chapter this year were as follows President Clarence Compton for the first semester and Francis Ary for second semester vice presi dent Francis Ary for the first semester and Fdward Hale second semester treasurer Edward Morse reporter Gordon Sapp sentinel Donald Lawson adviser Mr Pruitt There are various degrees that may be attained by Future Farmers o' America One of the highest is that of State Farmer Donald Lawson re ceived this degree in his iunior year Nineteen Fifty t' s ' ' 5 X ' - , gig: X if zz, ann 1 guts' , , r . . A . . . t . . , - . 9 I , party. Recognition of Shirley as Queen and of Iimmie Cotter, her King, was made later in - I r :F 2 - 1 1 4 J I I - W Q , 1 I ' f I 1 f I I I , I 1 I , . . . . . f THE ARROW LIBRARY CLUB C L O 1 Nineteen Flfty fx A AT' ov: 1 :H f :ly I . '.' '1 . f ' 3" f. fioc'-1 1 'tr.. E' r .' " , :'1'.': U'.7,' " 4- ff ' V' ' 'f if:-' F1-"1ri"' 'Q f' EL : 1- t. f'. .nl A 'Z I-.i H Ill f ' f ,".'i.:',' F fl' ':': 1 -1' .f'-- " ' 'I .ry I, ' ':, V ., "" 7 P' :nm ','. ' J TB-"'. fini"-' FI' " ' lx 1' 'f!:r1r.f ix'-1 N 1. f-' I-f"fQ' lfvfrre I4.f'f,f ffflr. .-'-,T.1f7,Cri F-milf," H r ' ' rl: V+- I4 nf' Y" ur 'Lip Zim- TJ :": H+ ' ' I'ff.," ' Zgm: ' TJ V f"-lv' 'f xr. 5' - ,- zrlfif' TJ :r ' I .':.lfl+ f" . TD Ut. 'I' mr. V ::. l.i1'.A .".1'l' 1 TI " :L TT' "f'T'f1 Tf- I! 'Q' I ffm if EZ t ' I V- 'T - 111' ff 'V rr. Ei 1 ' F rl :': ' " ff1rm':.:' . V.: , fn ' 'HQ H gi" ef r-ffffl, 1. t 1" rr, 11':1:1 ,-'A,f.i'3r:sOr1 T:l'fL :I i :2 H'1zfI', 'f'ff1q'.f Pte-3 1 f:,fArI: if ' f Tv" ,T ' T QY'.1l" Hin. ff If 1'.'.' 17' 1111112 if F371 Cirfii J, fry,-4. flu, -f " 'f '-'iffi' l'f1.:.f " ' 7 1" ' 'L if 1 T. , ff Tic bl' I'fI Yzgr ,Jifwiffi H1 :'f-"?f'1:,'H' ' Q' E'1:41T.f1l,e:,Lef-fflQf- Q' f." ':. :, ' Q I. Tildfir, I' .1 g If: f,"'.'l F' .ti':1: .7-.Tj F112 1 .1:,w. v-1. 3 11 f f' :,:, T1 ,. 'ii V 'lf 1 . U, 1' ' :. . . 5 E 9 3 G xl, 'QQ' f X, 'T egg -99966 4831 mmrnsur 6 W 9 -L . 9, T H E A R R O W SENIOR CLASS PLAY The senior class play The Mad Hatters was to have been presented on November 10 and 11 but when Robert Longman broke his leg rt was postponed until April 14 and 15 Mrs I R Cretcher is the director of the three act comedy There was Pop Hatter nuts about frshrng Mom Hatter nu s about dramatrcs Bunny nuts about photography Gigi nuts about athletics Grandma Hatter nuts about aviation and Angelica rust plain nuts The plot tells of the famrlys trying to make their hobbies pay their activities lead to many hilarious and complicated situations The cast consists of loe Hatter father of the family Robert Gorman Margaret Hatter hrs wife Doris Travis Gigi Hatter their daughter Ieanette McClellan Bunny Hatter their son Robert Longman Grandma Hatter Ioes mother Barbara Eckard Angelica their housekeeper lanrce Nye Diana Hatter another daughter Laura Mae Syler Henry Harrr son Dranas france Arley Morris Elizabeth Harrison Henrys mother Alice Vail Nancy Hayward a new recruit of Mom Hatters Little Theatre group Doro hy Downey Mugzre Mullen Grgis athletic instructor Clarence Compton and Clara Sheldon a talking picture talent scout Helen Anderson ONE ACT PLAY Thr year the plans for the one act play were chanaed somewhat The l..rttle Eight chools have decided to hold the contest within their own border to eliminate such heavy competition as Hall and Princeton The play chosen for this year is called Bread written by Fred Eastman lt is a story of a farm family and rts struggles to raise money for a prano The money is being spent as rapidly as rt is made by lim the son of the family and an amateur gambler This com brned with the death of the family horse and Grandmas sharp tongue provides a very amusing and heartwarming story The cast is composed of six characters Iohn Curtis a farmer Arley Morris Martha his wife Ieaneite McClellan Grandma his mother Doris Travis Stella his blind daughter Gloria Schertz Betty another daughter Kathryn Eeldges and lrrn his son Irmmy Cotter The play was given February 16 1950 at LaMo1lle High School Trskrlwa came througl first under the ioint direction of Mrs lames Cretcher and Mr Lloyd Denler leanette McClellan received a second in the girl s maior role and Doris Travis won a first in the girl s minor drvrsron This rs the second trme that Trskrlwa has won first in the one act plays the first rn 1948 Everyone was very proud of our school and the cast was very happy when the nudge presented them with the first place trophy J UNIOR CLASS PLAY Who Killed Aunt Carolrne? rs a mystery story about Carolrne Endrcotts murder Aunt Caroline is a rich mean mrserly old sprnster who wrll give no aid to her late brothers family Mrs Eleanor Endrcott a prano teacher and mother of four chrldren 24 year old Agnes 17 year old Rrccy 15 year old Beryl and IU year old Crssy decides to telephone to Carolrne to try to get money from her so Agnes can marry a newspaper reporter Dave Thompson and so Rrccy who wants to be a doctor can get a college education Carolrne hangs up on her but becomes currous and aces to the Endrcott home She says that her father s will stated hrs estate would ao to the Endrcott chrldren upon her death only if she has no herrs of her own Her frnal announcement rs that on the followrng day she will frle papers for the adoption of her secretary and companron Mrss Meena Mabbrt a meek quiet woman of 40 Just so the Endrcots will get nothing After this an nouncement she drrnks her tea and promptly falls dead Lreuenant Clayton of the polrce force takes the case and is baffled because everyone in the family confesses to the murder Thrngs go rn circles fo a time but Mrss Mabbrtt the only person who could not have garned by Carolrnes death admrts giving a poisoned tea bag to her employer She explains that she felt she NO ild be getting her revenge for Carolrnes brtter gallrng jokes against her and would also be helping someone else She rsnt expected to lrve more than a few months anyway bec use of her cancer condition and rs ready to face her punrshment Lieutenant Clayton decides to save the state a lot of rrroney by writing the case off the books as a surcrde The play ends as rt opens with tl'e happy scene of Una Hagaman taking her prano lesson and as usual playing off key Nineteen Fifty z , 5 , z , , Q , 's J .' , ' ' S I . . . . S , . I ' , , ' 1 , ' The scene is the living room of a farm home. The time is the present. . . . . , I . ,. , 1 . . . . I ,N . . I , - . I ' 1 v A V ' . T H E A R R O W SENIOR CLASS PLAY BREAD JUNIOR CLASS PLAY L Nineteen Fifty "Y 'IH' lin' f.',- il ll Ur. f' ' rf-X If " 1 L ' :-' ff i'-'lor fy 1.51. I fffr- 'A-X1 Vififf .I .G 19.5235 19 a, THE ARROW BAND The Tlsktlwa H1gh School band has been mstrumental tn fmdmg much of the talent of THS students and 1n g1v1ng them the opportumty to develop 1t Thls year under the baton of Mr S W Murphey the band has been very acttve Early last fall a marchmg band of twenty seven members began dr1ll1ng regularly on format1ons to be used at the football games As the games were played at n1ght under hghts the bandsmen wore hghts on the1r caps and per formed many novelty numbers on the darkened f1eld A clock w1th movmg hands and an arrow p1erc1ng a heart were two of the novelt1es presented The band saluted the v1s1t1ng towns by formtng the1r school letter and playmg thelr loyalty song ln add1t1on to play1ng for the three home games the band tourneyed to Sheffteld Wyanet and Ohlo to perform on thetr ftelds On October 22 1949 the band accepted the 1m1tat1on extended by Western lll1no1s State College to take part ln Westerns Erftteth Ann1versary Homecomlng together w1th twenty other hlgh school bands They marched tn the parade and at half t1me and emoyed the football game as guests of the college ln the l949 Homecommg celebratlon at T1sk1lwa the marchmg band played an tmportant role as 1t led the parade and later performed very 1n trlcate format1ons for the alurnm and other v1s1tors Th1s years march1ng band led by drum mayorette DOTIS Trav1s semor and f1ve tw1rlers leanete McClellan semor Glona Schertz and Eleanor Mor rms sophomores and Nancy Alexander and Shxrley Stout freshmen added much color to the football games At the close of the football season the concert band of th1rty three mem bers began meetmg f1ve days a week for pract1ce The group worked on speclal scales and stud1es to perfect the technxque of the band as a whole and prepared muslc for publ1c appearances Mr Murphey agam presented hrs band to the publ1c 1n the annual Thanksgtvmg and Chnstmas programs When the basketball season opened a brand new fxfteen p1ece all glrl pep band under the d1rect1on of Dons Travrs began publtc performances at the home games The group boosted the sp1r1t of the game enterta1ned the spectators and formed the nucleus of an enthus1a t1c cheermg sectton Popu lar mus1c and marches composed the programs of the pep band The annual contest season for the concert band got underway at the be gmmng of second semester The THS band has alway won d1st1nct1on through these contests ln the d1str1ct solo and ensemble contest at LaSalle March 26 THS entered the followmg solos and ensembles Sololsts Bobert Gorman Wayne Broeren clarmet Glorla Schertz Helen Cotter alto sax Iantce Nye tenor sax Ianet Brown barttone sax Dons Travts bassoon and ptano Robert Longman Evelyn Bocke cornet Elame Rocke French horn Eva lean Busselburg mellophone Helen Anderson Eleanor Wh1ted trombone Ensembles Drck Brown Leota Bmgenberg Ed Mor e Eleanor Wh1ted hm Cotter and Bxll lackson brass sextet Glorta Scloe tz Helen Cotter Ianlce Nye lanet Brown sax quartet D1ck Brown Leota Bmgenbera Elame Bocke Helen Anderson brass quartet Bob Longman Evelyn Rocke Al1ce Vatl cornet tr1o Bob Gorman Barbara Westman Wayne Broeren clarmet tr1o tContmued on page 251 Nineteen Fifty 1 V . - 1 1 1 - V 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 . . . . . 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 I - - 1 I - - 1 1 - 1 . P . . . - , Q . 4- . .3 ' 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , . . Q ' - I 1 K 1 1 1 1 1 1 A 4 1 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1. o D 'll' 3 COPA r 9 f Q our Iorot Dom Iff Tr mmm! H01 Im T H E A R R O W CONCERT BAND v fko L mn ke rm m r u I Cf U V' MARCHING BAND PEP BAND o V P 1 BAND OFFICERS r 13 V1 wfm IICV1 If Nineteen Fifty ig C xr Brown Up ru f F C' orm T 1 c HCC an Obfr 11' h for-Y 4.17 Tw1'.fIhfY, EVXVTIIDY 'Nhxtegi Mar lj 'inn-ey, H619 .flrer.1i:ri, P111 Ii: ss 11. 1:11 Cciter Ijcl Horse, Shine Hccke E11 lea. H swell: gig I Tow 190417 Tiir1f1f-rib--T'r All Vfuxl Evfzlyzl Vff'kQ' P511 I,0F'::t1fm Flfhf fi ' , Ifzm-1 F!IT'..'.'IQ, "CEL 1:1 f5"f.erTZ, If--lLfr'1 Cfiuf-:,If1ri1': ffyf- crgi rcxu'--531' VELFITCJY. fini Hi,-, -'cvr' 'fhf'1.fQ, f+i'n'n': 1' ir, Vx"':'y'ifN . ,eff-N, H: Shqlleim Frei: Obey: Fi: Vfe.1tzt1c11i, Efrofhy' I 0'.-,pei View f5T1.'l' Y i"'bwf '- Fl Xml- ilxzr' j'K7Fl.,I'IfJ.1,v FE -fxrgcir Tfzrif,-','N-1-1: 1 ' r .I FfvrE'1Trr vXvf'5"fX1I'T .l.11c'f- Ywil I'-fffxrilvn Kfrirvfy, Pele. Afliclrpnon, gl ' .ffih 1-fir, Hf-lor: CN'H0I,I:f11f', ffyfi- 'r :st row--Ic,:r, fide, Llffrizz 'Qgg1if1g, Lux-Qyxx H ska-, 1351.1 rf,'.'1: Elllffn Y ke, I ef Br' M, D Ein' L Evil: 'ew . R'.A:lS"5l',LlYiV. Z- ,. A-s, A 5. 5 il 31 1 O 5' . , K . MF -1 , pg-vi if ' JY . , 'Q . l, . ,f M' 1 Q' 4' . I' Q I . '-- a ... 9 . N '- l f , v 1 ' 5 Q - Q , " 'hh i Q, ' . w-.. rl a ' I . 16' ' r 7 5 X A X ' I ' 1 . 1 A I.. t ' 1 I " "' Q, "J I ,. 1 'i ' ' L? - , ,I : ' " v , ,,. Z t VV. - ' Y if?"-.su t U K " - '-1 , , . -::gj'f'-,-'a.':-u- -- ., 3' ,ff- N f-A 2 U :,,,,,,, .Ay1.1v.p3-'. .g 'q1i5Wf,'g,: . ,- 1. .' frrgx 'g QPQEQ-H ,xi 1 A v.gm4 5.,g?'A3f' ' 'f 'f' " 5,g2-Tsg+:.'Qgv3fC,-,??l-- QV fy, A , nl. 2 -wwrrp, 'ff-fx , , b -'. "wif" - . , Q , w.:-L3-1.1 .Ze f t4,,fS.'v'w.,vf:N1f'- gglkzjifwlk, , A -- ., , , ,Q . A -gg-.2 iff... . A F hx! V . , ,- - -- ,T Q. - .f:,v,i?. i. , ' K ,f-Q. ni., .1 A 5:-li. ,- .- 'uf JI.. , .ly 115 :Az -, .H 4' fat., ' Q, ' - , 5 -L ., ,,ff."f,., ,,g,441qv53w:Qf+':fg ' W2,QffQfq,H4,.?f,a:1- -qv' ' A 7, , ., ., Y ,,1..,-fgy "4 by- :F .,,,-.,- 'Z ff..J2'.!'fx -ibffi-'1g3,w J 1 , law. 4 R., .w,:,L.55,g,, ,g.11g3,,, lim, M -amy, . In .k,,. i ,-:NL , D "" 1 'A ' vw! P-"f.q-P'-if '74 '-1 M .- . . W?"-mf' -- fm fi. --'U QQ"-fs ""'l-w.'n'-1' " "AN ' W'f12v"f'.' 'f--1-v5157i62.n' "" 3"53fF3 1"ff1zEf"Y ffl "-'f:,v52f'f1'-"- .5 'a-'ml'-'fA"fi'n795Q"' 4 ' , 1. 1, - - A " : xi -- --, yy- v :ff . - .' ' - -- V - " p f -- ,'1?MXff'vmw.w ' i H' ." 151.4 fyzf' -1- . 1 - v. . 'z ' - -Q "-7"':v,- 1'-' fy ' ' ' 1zf..:v--my? -f A " 1 " 1: :-.a. '- 'ia yu ' -, , , , . ' ,.1. K Q sl e 5 9 Q if -w f rt X Ffa Q Tn ,Qf 6 a fd A 9 h I 3 4 .Y A I Q 13 7" ' .' V R 'Xl - x if . , -J 7,95 Wfi!ENEVf,I h , . 5g.,.,' ns,., I 1 f- V J f l 'N A4 H '- is ' N , ,.. ...,, JB I f ,I TH E ARROW CHORUSES The choruses whrch are accredrted and conducted as academrc classes wrth srx weeks and semester grades grven add much to the musrc lrte of THS Thrs year three choruses mrxed boys and grrls were under the very able drrectron of Mr S W Murphey Dorrs Travrs acted as accompanrst All boys and grrls rnterested rn partrcrpatrng belong ln the grrls chorus whrch met every Tuesday and Thursday nrne altos nrne second sopranos and trfteen sopranos made up the thrrty three vorces Many of these grrls took part rn solo and ensemble work Thrs year for the trrst trme a boys chorus and a mrxed chorus were made a part of the musrc currrculum ot Tl-IS Twenty four boys formed the frrst boys chorus and under Mr Murpheys drrectron have made a very trne start The boys and the Junror and senror grrls who were rn chorus formed the mrxed chorus of forty three vorces The frrst publrc appearances for these new groups were at the annual musrc concerts pre ented rn the THS audrtorrum Ensembles from these groups also entertarned on other publrc programs and sang carols for shut rns durrng the Chrrstmas season Several members took oart rn the l..rttle 8 Musrc Festrval Each year the grrls chorus has done very promrsrng work rn the drstrrct and state contests ln l949 rt rated a trrst drvrsron rn the drstrrct and a thrrd for the state An octette and a quartet recerved seconds ln solo competrtron Neva Ernsele rated second rn the drstrrct and Ieanette McClellan frrst leanette won a second rn drtfrcult state competrtron Thrs year two grrls octettes and four solorsts leanette McClellan Barbara Westman Brta Westman and Ianrce Nye entered the drstrrct solo and en semble contest rn LaSalle The grrls contest chorus of twenty four vorces and the mrxed chorus com peted rn the musrcal organrzatrons contest whrch was also at LaSalle The year wrll long be remembered as a succes ful one for the chorus department ol Tl-IS Ba nd Continued The band also entered the band contest at LaSalle on Aprrl l Frrst drvrsron wrnners from the drstrrct entered the state trnals at Macomb on Aprrl 28 and 29 Members of the concert band were well repre ented rn the newly formed Lrttle 8 Musrc Festrval at Wyanet rn Aprrl Thrs event and the sprrng concert made up the sprrng program tor the band At the begrnnrng of the school year the band elected an able statt or ottrcers to assrst Mr Murphey Bob Longman was elected presrdent for the second term l-le was a very well qualrfred and able oltrcer For tour year he has held the posrtron of frrst charr cornetrst He has also been promrnent as a solorst and has won drs trnctron through hrs contest work Up to the trme of thrs wrrtrng he has won three drstrrct lrrsts and three state trrsts as well as a trrst ensemble medal Now he rs lookrng forward to another successful contest year Other oltrcers have been vrce presrdent Fred Oberg lrbrarran Alrce Varl and student drrector Dorrs Travrs Mr Murphey rs to be commended for hrs excellent and untrrrng work wrtn the band as a whole and wrth the rndrvrduals of the band Because ot therr co operatron and hrs leadershrp the Tl-lS band has completed another suc cesstul year Nmefeen Fnfty 1 I . - - 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 , - . . . . 1 1 A , . . . O . . Q . ' - . . . 1111 - .1 .. . .. . , , . . , . . 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 ' .1 . . - V - 4- Q u .2 . -.11 . , . . . . ,. . G .. . - , Q - 1 1 1 1 , . . . .. ., Q a :O C, T H E A R R O W MIXED CHORUS GIRLS CHORUS BOYS CHORUS Nineteen Fifty I IT I " T. ::'.' ' 'w :,' ' I1'Y, FT. . 5 E I 1 "I f"'r 1 V' Hr-I -1' T r. F "1.::' If' :I 'f , I' tw? 2 :ri Hf'1r,Q',': Elf-rxrifj' P'-r r':i'f.: EY: rt.-' ff '5, . ' .5 f ?f 1.,r::'1'rA I ' ': I Y' 113' CNHI' P' LH' ' . ' 1: irgf .' 1' r 7 ':riH"f -f "'Q71zr. T1 fy". :,. Em-1 1' z EW 1- 2': I f :Stl Y-1:1 gr: 17. 7' :-f, A. 11, I ifvf. 1' I 'li 1' W' 'IR 1 H 5 ' ff." E' 'I V111 L1.:f. WEL Vp. I1 ' 'fi :. Y 'tin V11-mrif H T..crr1.: frr.r . 11111 Hfly fizzwf Nicki- lf'-D-ri .-'min .llivf x."1'f f'1ri'1r71r'g:fq Hit: 'mx Ix'i'1f11j'Z,K.f'I.I.'f' fern' Fr 3: risk f..: .rg:.-ey FQ- If. ' ff':'r,f-' 'L'-at ' ,tQ':1'.' I,fcxu'::y :ry S fwef-'r'. Pidiff "5 :'Q:"'- ? "1 4' ' PEI :rf 7 up W- ff 'f'1L1l'1: f:ir.."1:if1 Hr gZ:.1' - i. pf 1 i ffm fnglv - fl " Q Fllidx 5" I5 Sfc Q Yi :'l1:','f 714' S ff, 1' 1 "" rr. T6JI.l,.1f1.' .2' 1C'.a' If .Ivy T TJ 1f..'3'f .' 1,1 .' 1 :ff :27'f.f-: ff: 7 zr. Ein.:-3l1 .': v FEIVI f':f11:f'1' 1.','..rA 'b 2 Il f.fC:ff1.', PY- 1 '71 ff: 1, Hifi-'lfi fi'i1'.-fr Y CN 'Y:i1c'1r1, W'-rx .1ifS'1:1:1'1 Q' SQ'i1." ffm' f'1:'f'r,- fp: gfzzr. F' zur? Iy,:.1:' f1,:if:l1'1E' rr. Fr' uk Ulf'-r Cl' YV -,.' 1 .. - F X .. f fir ' I. P ':, " v 'ri Y V i, , f i Q, t ff- fvf::g1,Q.' ' 2.1. T1 , ii 'Z'Xf. f :gt E' . Ei . . THE ARROW GAA The Ctrl Athletrc Assoctatron ts an organlzatton for gtrls who wtsh to take part rn drtterent organtzed sports such as baseball basketball volleyball relays and other The grrls recetve pornts for therr athletrc act1v1t1es When nough potnt have been obtaxned the gxrls recetve awards Every year two members are selected to go to camp tor a week Thrs year Kathryn Eeldge and Patrtcra McCauley were chosen The group ha been gutte acttve thrs year Playday was held rn DePue In October for the surroundtng towns Several gtrls from Tlslctlwa partlctpated The a socratton sponsored a skatlng party tn December to whtch each mem ber mvrted a guest Earlrer rn the year the grrls had a wrener roast rn Stauf ter s trmber Thts years G A A olttcers were prestdent Allce Vatl vtce prestdent Kathryn Eeldges secretary treasurer Dorothy Downey and oornt secretary' Elatne Rocke CHEERLEADERS A small group ot grrls who play an rmportont part tn the athlettc held at THS are none other than the Cheerleaders These three grrls lead the yells The l949 l95U cheerleaders are sentor Chrrstrne Marttn tuntor R1ta West man and sophomore Leota Rmgenberg Each year one g1rl rs elected from the sophomore class to t1ll rn the place of the senror gotng out The grrls are elected for three years The T H S cheerleaders are to be commended for therr untrrtng efforts tn supporttng our athletrc teams rn helprng marntatn a hrgh student morale and tn promotrng good sportsmanshrp These three grrls tn thetr purple and gold untforms are symboltc of the ptrtt ol T H S so heres H1 ho and away to Chrts Rtta and Leota ' T CLUB The T Club ts an organtzatron ol boys who have won letters tn athlettc ompetttton whose purpose 1t ts to promote interest rn athletlcs and good sportsmanshrp Th1s years ofttcers have been presrdent Clarence Compton vrce presrdent Ben Stockmg secretary and treasurer Wayne Broeren spon sor Mr Kerthley The club tunctrons tn many ways rt provrdes oranges for the players after the games lt purchases new untlorms for tne cheerleaders Each year at Halloween rt sponsors an all school masquerade and awards PTIZSS to the most cleverly masked tndtvrduals All the actlxttres of thts group are fmanced from the prottts of the T Club s coke machme Nineteen Fifty S ...4 . at all athletic events and at pep meetings. I 11 . I 1 . . THE ARROW O NU CHEERLEADERS T C UB Nineteen Fifty G. A. A. -' ' Ef 1 V ' ' T1 1 liffi 'Z ' t Q' ' f::o1 .t-' 5 P5 . " Amf- "ti, fi .re ffirti Ilx'-Pfgr, " xi." V-'lx' ' , . , .' .' if 'T T01 .I. 7 1: " E1 -"' V ' ' Itr ff ' A ff 1" :1, HH: 'ff , " pt. il IV L '-' ' F 'fp 'fi N! "' .' 'QL Q I fi ,,ffQ Emu :Q I.: M21 r EH I fl, f. r 'J 1 -'11-dori 'L' ' 5 gi in ff 29 G if X-DV' xr " 1. af. if -f Y' R 1 5 see-Q-se-been-T H E A R R o w FOOTBALL Ttsktlwa I-ltgh Schools l949 5U football team fatled to ltve up to expecta ttons reltngutshtng the Ltttle Etght champtonshtp crown they had won last season Hurt by 1nJur1es and the fatlure of lettermen to return to school the Indtans nevertheless managed to cop thtrd place tn the conference wtth a ftve won and two lost record Coach Vtrgtl Ketthley named hfteen lettermen thts year of whom seven wtll be returmng for next season Ben Stocktng Clarence Compton Gordon Sapp Lynn Anderson Don Lawson Gary Chase Ed Morse Francts Ary Paul Nevttt Erank lvftller Ralph Wagner Rtchard Brown Robert Longman Btll Iackson and Kelth Sapp all recetved letters The ftrst team had Ary and An derson at ends Lawson and Morse at guards Chase at center Sapp at guar terback and Stockmg and Compton at the halfback postttons Compton Ttsktlwa s btggest scormg threat racked up a total of 127 potnts durtng the campatgn but was st1ll nosed out for Ltttle Etght scormg honors on the last day of the season A leg tntury whtch made htm mtss two games prob ably cost the speedy halfback the crown that he won last year The Ttsktlwa frosh soph team went through a four game schedule unde feated The Papooses trounced Ohto Sheffteld and Wyanet Manltus under classmen scored the only touchdown of the season aga1nst Ttsktlwa as the BASKETBALL two teams battled to a 6 6 t1e Team Manltus Wyanet Ttsktlwa LaMo1lle Buda Ohto Neponset Sheffteld T1sk1lwa Ttsktlwa Ttsktlwa Player Compton Stoclctng Nevttt PP Longman Iackson Brown Mtller FINAL LITTLE EIGHT STANDINGS Won Lost Tted SEASON RECORD Buda 5 Tlsktlwa 56 Sheffteld U I-UMOIHE 6 Ttsktlwa 56 Neponset 20 Wyanet 14 Ttsktlwa 59 Ohto 20 INDIVIDUAL SCORING RECORD PA FG 0 Our l949 50 basketball team suffered a bad year dropptng fourteen of thetr twenty two ttlts and ftntshtng tn a three way tte for the Ltttle Etght conference cellar bu sttll the season was htghllghted by several breath taktng upsos The lndtans dumped htghly favored Bureau Townshtp and Sheffteld ID what were probably the two best games of the campatgn In addttton Ttsktlwa whtpped favored Wyanet tn the opentng round of the Ltttle E1ght tournament ftnally coppmg fourth tn th tourney and tough the Ltttle E1ght champtons Lalvfotlle all the way to the gun before dropptng a three potnt dectslon ln thetr onference game The lndtans however bowed to LaMo1'le tn the ftrst game of the dtstrtct tournament to conclude the season lflontmued on pa I 313 Nineteen Fnffy ' ,, 7 O O ,, . , 6 l 0 ' ' , , ,,,, . , , , Y H 5 2 0 ' , ,,,, ,,,,,, , , Y,,,,, ,,,, . ,, , 4 3 O , , ,,,, ,. ,,,,,.. ,, ,,,,,,,.,,, , , 4 3 U ' , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. ,,,,, , ,, .,,, H , l 5 l , , ,, , , , ,, l 5 l A , . ,. , ,, W, U 7 O , . 191 . , A . .L . 12' , 4 n Tiskilwa l2, Manlius 32 , . ' . . , 61 , - TD T TP , ,, , ..,,...,,. ....... , , 21 l U l27 ' , ., , , ,, 7 7 0 49 ' , ,, . ,, . 3 l 0 I9 SQ ,, ,,,..,,,, ,,,,,..,, , , l 2 O 8 , , ,H ,,,,, . ,, l l O 7 , ,, -, ,, ,,,,,., ., , ., l O U G , ,H H ,,.,. , , O U l 3 ' , .,,.. ,.,,.., , ,..,, . l U l T H E AR R OW FOOTBALL BASKETBALL VARSITY BASKETBALL Nmeieen Fifty ' . A -T.: 1' .:,c'1 ':',', 'z l I 1 f 1 .' ' LQ. 3 :HA SL it ?f'l1'1:Z INTL- 1, HAI V' - - ' 5- H: E uf-q F11-'. A 4E I .',lU::1 I 'f'fQ,:1L:.,:': H g Q33 G .5 T H E A R R O W BASKETBALL Contmued All five members of the first team were seniors Clarence Compton Bob Gorman Bob Hunter Frank Miller and Gordon Sapp saw most of the varsity action for Tlskilwa and ended their high school careers this year Hunter was high scorer on this years squad with a total of 208 points With the Papooses the Tlskllwa second team tt was a dtfferent story The reserves had a br1ll1ant season winning fourteen and dropping only four encoun ers LaMo1lles second team was the only Little Elght reserve squad to down the Papooses The team was composed of Gary Chase a Junior three sophomores Ralph Bornsheuer Lynn Anderson and Dick Brown and one freshman Paul Nevitt Reserves who saw a good deal of action were Lars Rodseth Ed Sash Bill Iackson Ralph Wagner Fred Hart Richard Iackson and lim Cotter Tlsktlwa Tlskxlwa Ttsktlwa Txskilwa Tlskilwa Ttsktlwa Tiskilwa Tiskilwa TlSlC1lWCI T1SkllWCI Tisktlwa 51 44 Malden 32 Walnut 46 Hennepin 27 Wyanet 47 Granville 55 Neponset 52 LaMo1lle 50 Ohio 44 DePue 69 Wyanet 34 Sheffield 65 Ttskilwa Ttskilwa T1SkllWG Tlskllwa Tiskilwa T1sk1lwa Txsktlwa Tiskilwa Tlskilwa Tiskilwa Tiskilwa Neponset 49 Bureau Township 42 Sparland 54 LaMo1lle 45 Hennepin 35 Sheffield 42 Wyanet 43 Buda 55 Malden 33 Manltus 57 LaMo1lle 45 CROSS COUNTRY For the first time in its history T1Sk1lWG High School entered cross country competition havmg a very successful 1949 50 season The squad was composed of seven men Merle golson Frank Morris Gerald Elmore Edward Hale lim Cotter Iohn Moreland and Robert orman The lndtan harrlers competed in only two meets as a full team defeating both Manlius and Sheffield the only other Little Eight schools fielding cross country teams Agatnst Manlxus the lnd1ans swept the first four places in ptllng up a 18 39 vlctory Clow score 1n followed by C25 Moreland C31 Cotter C43 Hale C63 Polson C87 Elmore and CIOD Morris In the Sheffield meet Tiskilwa barely eked out a 27 28 declslon as Gorman again won in ILO 38 over the 2 mile course followed in by C39 Moreland C49 Cotter C91 Hale and CIUJ olson Moving into big time competition Tiskilwa entered four men Hale Cotter Gorman and Moreland in the district meet at LaSalle Peru Gorman number one lndlan runner pulled a big upset as he finished second in the field of forty erght contestants thus qualify ing for the state meet held at Champaign where he placed twenty fourth in a f1eld of eighty seven runners The only senior on the squad is Gorman so with six veterans returning to form the nucleus of next years squad the Indians are looking forward to an equally successful season in l95U 51 TRACK Coach Vlfgll Keithley is faced with a mayor rebuilding job in fielding his l949 50 track team as only six of fourteen 48 49 letter winners are returning Veterans returning and the events 1n which they specialize are Clarence Compton dashes and welghts Bob Gorman distance runs Ben Stocking distance runs dashes a d weight Lynn Anderson dashes lohn Moreland distance runs Bill Iackson Jumpmg events and dashes Last year s squad had only a mediocre season copping two trtangular meets finishing second in one th1rd in another and winning one dual meet The lndtans finished fourth tn the Little Eight meet with 29 points and twelfth in the county meet with 3172 points Lettermen nominated on the basis of the 49 campaign were lohn Hedrtch Wayne Borns heuer Donald Morris Bob Morse Clarence Compton Richard Cha e Bob Gorman lun Schertz Ben Stocking Lynn Anderson Wayne Baldwin lohn Moreland Glenn Hand and Bill Iackson Nineteen Fifty . . 51' . . 34' ' ' 27, ' ' 49, ' ' ' Bl, ' ' ' 37, ' ' 32, ' ' 42, ' - . . 33, . . . 56' . . . 39, . . 50' . . . 36' . . . 551 ' ' 38, ' A ' 48, ' ' 24, ' ' 42, . . I . . 42' . . . I . . . 30' . cross-country winsl. Gorman ran the approximately one mile course in 4:48 to cop first, TPIE AIQRCJMI CROSS-COUNTRY TRACK Nineteen Fifty 4 '-' f' 1 ' 111: '. I ' ' Q1. 1111s-T IV W 4 1 PML -Lf.: Pol, 'fmt I I ,I ' ' 1 1 Prnt. '11 1" Q' 'Y XR N! ff wwf? WWW MMM 5 M ,W if WH., UMW K if QW may 4954! Q all WW MW A 3 M W Q2 1909 M gmwfwsyy R my WW ww' fi? 67fWLf7,4vMj3x ,. in J ow F W M Q f , f7f f'L gr W 5 'M f 3 ' .? YY, ?m,+,W Hg G lb fax J .ffyfw Y . A if jf 1 I J Mm fy . 4 if , WW M 'M fDA fm QA V K Vx D2 V v M VK ix QS E - fwvb Qi L2 f X ' 5 I Q3 X . A. my fi W YM p '?4'QVQ7 . 7 f X W ' W0 QE? if U Q , ' L ' ,4 lf nf - !7ILw'f', 'ix axix x X Alf iz. , ' T H E A R R owe A W ees-- SPONSOR PAGE We wish to express our sincere thanks to those individual patrons and business firms who contributed to the advertisement section of our 1950 ARROW, We were unable to devote more of the book to that section as has been the custom, We have listed those patrons who as public-spirited citizens have played a very important part in 'naking tnis yearbook possible. Anderson and Mosshart Anderson V A Als Grocery A 51 P Grocery Apollo Cafe Apollo Theater Bonded Service Station Bowmans Bradleys Electric Shop Bu ck Ga age Cains Shoe Store Carlsons Clothing Chocolate Shop Clark Hotel The Dan and Ierrys Tavern Dablers Garage Diller C E Implement Dunbar s Book Store Ellberg s Clothing Fahlberg C FarmAir Company Fawcett s Feldges Cafe Gamble Store Gift Shop The Groys Plumbing and H Haggstrorns Grocery eating Harris 5 and lfl Hoffman Iewelry Horton Home Appliances Houstons Paint and Paper Store lsaacson N W ci Co lo ephson CS Son lones Tavern Ka beer Guy Landahls Louises Magnuson Alma Millers Feed Store Miller 61 lones Shoe Store Moores Hatchery National Tea Nelsons Grocery and Market Oasis Restaurant Olson Refrigeration Pamb D E Parker Groceries Peterson the Clothier Pettegrew Hardware Pnilpott Conway Philpott Oil Station Po t Office Priestley s Hardware Princeton Dry Goods Nineteen Fifty Princeton Electric Sale Ouality Bakery Rayrners Barber Shop Rict s Restaurant Russell Cattle Company Russell Harry Insurance Sandbergs Fertilizer Service Sims Oil Station Stahleys Store Stauffers Market Steimles Garage Stevens Barber Shop Strunk Brothers Construction Speers Hardware Spurgeon s Taylors Variety Store Tiskilwa Chief The Tiskilwa Locker The Tiskilwa Store The Tobin Celia M Vogue The Waca Edward and Son Werners Hardware Vlfestman S Store Wilson QS Sergeant Shoe Sto F9 1 1 S , . . , . . . c- ea 1 1 - - k - 1 . , -' 1 , 1 . 1 f 1 It ' N , 4 ' 1 1 , . - 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 - A1 , . ' , , 1 .1 - - . I h , , . . I 1 ' 1 1 7- 1 , Q 1 THE ARROW In My Merry Oldsrr obxle Homeco umq Royalty Kerthle, me Texox Ringer Ben nd me swmgmo door Yew R N' mdronsl Oop mewedl Se-r1 or odllloc Dlowmixfee fiusc Q viuwcle Bunny rim Youre one-W Who Foppened' Dur e1 N Old FCI rr 11 2 or Srm e- Ilitre Loule N comm eu Roy 31 Snow eouri It e murder lx e Curlex oo 13 II bop mom Nineteen Flfry K x ol chorrx ' L A 1. 4' 2. Berr1e',"s'3 3, rdf 1. 4. S rg 5, f 6 J, , . I , ,, 7, N C ' o ' 1 rt? 8. ' ' ' fi QA 'A , IU, , til WHobeI" ll, " , 12. I r. A SL ipfe n : 1 Cree 1 'F' Ns., 6 'ln CU, . ' nw.- , ' 0 I I i "?' Q 'E . . --4 IgA af 'i- I Q93 :. 9 A ' '1.v!M 'l ,l h - , 1 A JL.: a nz 'aw 1 v .r if ' ' ' ' 'H 5- f ,',,,'e,g, 1 -5 I O Y"Q, 'x "F , VP, Y. . I. hy V . 'I . I s -Q ,. A I f 1 fg. -N QS I 1 ,.....,r - .7 f:".-. f1:-:.r- .Wf --Ar W .V-.,.z:...... V. mu-W...

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