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TIRGAN 1960 This Is Our gferg Pu b 2 i S h e d B3 The 77719 wh Sfwff 77ro Loud Sckool TNQ Ohio 2. -, :WY Y 7.7- Z , Y, 1, ,YH Y wg? w ' Z Y ?' - f 3 . N . , Q l Ar' .2 1 2 ' - f - J.. ,7 'i1- .- 5, 1- m H m - H uw H H mu . ,- 2 f D355 A , 2-sfzy 'f ' gtww.-1 .Q jggaggiwx ww One of the rewards of working on the Tiroan is being able to dedicate our project to one who has given his time and effort for us. He was right there seeing that things were going right, whatever the activity. We feel a great indebtedness to you, our friend, sponsor, and teacher. We want to say with deep sincerity, Thank you Mr. Thomas, The Class of 1960 I ,Ir 4 -' T N-. -E., -fu, I eng? i.: 4 fb CLASSES. TABLE OF CONTENTS ADMINISTRATION . ATHL EI' IC S ACTIVITIQS ADVERTISING When September arrives And activities start, Much fills our days, We can't tell them apartg we cherish them all, But our memory's not clear, So in order to keep them, We've stored them in here, Now as they all happened, We've recorded each treasure, And when we have finished, You can read them with pleasure. ALMA MATER Oh, dear old Tiro High we'11 be, Forever loyal and true to thee. Though the odds be great or small, Our Tiro High Red and White They'l1 never By our school And answer to will win o'er all. our colors call, waver, never fall. we'll always stand, her beckoning hand. Oh, in our hearts will always live, The memories you gave us dear. In our voices there's not fear, When our schoolmates and friends are To our teachers who did stand, And teach us of this freedom land. Thanks, we sing to thee most high, And sing its praises to the sky. by Betty Bevier near. Page E Page 19 Page 25 Page 33 Page h3 I -J , W 'Z 45 Q' 9. I ff Q.-SPEMIQR !4"f VFVIWIJJ Carol Allen FHA, GAA and Class Officer, Mixed and County Chorus, Class and Speech Plays Annual and News Staff, All Around Girl Attendant, Bowling, Softball, Basketball. Nancy Cole FHA Officer, GAA, Mixed Chorus, Student Court and Class Officer, Qffice Girl, News Staff, Annual Staff, Bowling, Majorette, Class and Speech Plays, Prince of Peace. Kenneth Conley A Boys and Mixed Chorus, Volleyball, County Chorus, Bowling, Class Play, Lana Cover A FHA, GAA, A-H, Bowling, Mixed Chorus, News Staff, Class Play. Vance Dick Track, Prince of Peace, Boys Chorus, Volleyball, Class Play, Bowling. Wayne Dixon Mixed Chorus, Bowling, Homecoming escort, Baseball, Basketball, Track, Volleyball, FFA, Parliamentary and Judging Team. Ruth Cwirtz FHA, GAA, Girls Chorus, Student Bowling. John Hatch Basketball, Baseball, Volleyball, Mixed and County Chorus, Student Council and Class Officer, Honor Society, Class Plays, Student Court, Annual, News Staff Donna Higsher GAA, FHA Officer, Mixed Chorus, Band, Bowling, News and Annual Staff, Office Girl, Student Council and Class Officer, Homecoming Queen, FFA Sweet- heart, Honor Society, Betty Crocker Award. get Hogan Honor Society, Baseball, Basketball, Volleyball, Bowling, Student Council, Mixed Chorus, Track, Class Officer. Qavid Kavlor Boys Chorus, Mixed Chorus, Class Play, Student Bowling. David Morrow Boys Chorus, Mixed Chorus, Student Bowling, FFA. Thomas Niese Class and FFA Officer, News Staff, Mixed and County Chorus, Parliamen- tary Procedure Team, Judging Teams. Fred Pfleiderer ' Basketball, Baseball, Volleyball, Mixed Chorus, News Staff, Class Officer. Marlene Pfleiderer Honor Society, Student Council Officer, Cheerleader, News and Annual Staff, Basketball, FHA, GAA, Class and Speech Plays, h-H, Band, Mixed Chorus, Teacher's Sec. Priscilla Rietschlin Honor Society, News and Annual Staff, Student Council, FHA and GAA Officers Librarian, Mardi Gras Queen Candidate, Cheerleader, homecoming Attendant, Class and Speech Plays, Mixed Chorus, Bowling, High School Pianist. Karen Sand GAA and FHA Officer, Class and Speech Plays, Cheerleader, Mixed and County Chorus, Student Court, Office Girl, Librarian, News and Annual Staff, Bowling, Prince of Peace, Softball, Volleyball, U-Ho Leslie Schiefer Mixed Chorus, County Chorus, Bookcraft, Class Play, Annual Staff, Bowling. Gene Shull ' Basketball, Baseball, Volleyball, Track, Honor Society, Mixed Chorus, Class Officer, Student Council, Class and Speech Plays. Avery Stidam Q Football, Spanish Club, FFA and h-H Officers, Basketball, Bowling, Mixed and County Chorus, Speech and Class Plays, Bookcraft, Annual Staff, Parliamentary Procedure Team. Carol Studer GAA, Bowling, Librarian, Mixed Chorus, Cafeteria, Band, News Staff. Flossie Triplett FHA, GAR, Mixed Chorus, Homecoming Attendent, Librarian, News Staff, Bowlinc, Wfawethall, Speech Play. Carolyn VanAsdale FHA, GAA, Girls Chorus, Honor Society, Class Play, News Staff, Band, Annual Staff, Librarian, Teacher's Sec. Aaron Manger Class, FFA, and M-H Officers, News and Annual Staff, Mixed Chorus, Bowling, Student Court, Class and Speech Plays, Baseball, Volleyball, Homecoming Escort, Parliamentary Procedure and Judging Teams. A L 'Q 5 E ffff m 5oSco A8ff-919' J jo.5""'A C fx? 7? ...Af 9 5 NThe obvious is better than obvious advoidance of it.n ll Tis only noble, to be good.n Aaron Wenger Donna Hipsher President Vice-President SENIORS Qt -- Y W I Gene shun Nancy Arm C016 Secretary '2 H Treasurer HProve all things, E , ooo oo - fl mold fast that which is good.n 1 ' , ,iff fuwdv J l M f' 1 .t lkowh M. H- ' A ' f ' -- -? : 5 l ggm, - Hu' ' - el K i F HA little nonsense now and then, is relished by the 2- n best of men.n ill u,FlxHn.i ' 1 , 4-if ' vz: X V gi f1.mV ' Q " 2 ' '- ' QP, 42 A ET! fEiiJ', -1 K -IL V ' "fx i1:7iL5'gl'--'fx Y ' PVS' A--H-L. . 'A' . - , 1 '-Hg 1 f - '. f:-J , n 1 l ' 1 ' o .ge ,, 1" L .i W T A I ,wig '- 5 'M f?335pf"4Qg-L!.f 3 ' iiiiii Jem An all around girl, full of fun, Just a pal to everyone. Kenneth Conley Very bashful, but nice. Lana Marie Cover There is.a time for speaking and a time of being still. 'f T1 U. , ,, Win w ., ' M f .1,,.. Vance Dick I would rather be right than president. Wayne Dixon Descretion is the better part of valor. Ruth Ann Gwirtz Boys are nice but watch out for their howl JBBII H8.1'1101'1 On with too 11811060 John Hatch Friendly and successful in everything he does. Pat Hogan A believer in the conserva- tion orenergy David Kaylor Make haste slowly. David Morrow Though the most be players, some must be spectators. Thomas Niese He'11 make 801116 WOTHHII 8 good farmer. Fred Pfleiderer I should have stayed in bed. Marlene Pfleiderer Happy S9 lucky with never a worry Priscilla Rietschlin The only way to have a friend is to be a friend. A arnn Sand n. . Qgg. A any love one. wnen you can love them all? Bud Schiefer a Be good and you'1l be lonesome. 7QAvery Stidam Wit is the salt of con- versation,not the food. Carol Studer Silence is the element in which great things fashion themselves. Carolyn VanAsda1e Conduct is three-fourths of life and its greatest concern. NWI- M. we ' 1 Q l .?, 'Z I CLASS FLOWER . . - . WHITE ROSE CLASS COLORS . . . . BLACK AND WHITE CLASS MOTTO . . 0 LABOR OVERCOMES ALL THINGS f- fx Flossie A Triplett j Trifies make perfection and perfection is not trifle. Mr. Walker' Thomas The man who put us on the right path to success, , ,iff 5 . w P 9? Q-ff a Amstutz Deann surer My Xf , f1,wE ' : 1 'Z' 2, ix. ' f.3fIi 1 J Arthur Dome Linda Kaylor Sharon Burger President Vice-President Secretary Trea me ' ' A .-Nlllf HF JgMfNfXXf?h xmwq ' M1.Mmq ' uw m i!!l!gQ X ywfga' ' '13 " , 56 Sandra Artz Roberta Sponsor Amman 'iam EIL N ' rt' Y IPL, w ciifnn 1 P? Scott Bruce ,Q .ix fl if Wilma Ca I' -.A -W.. M J' " 1' illggml M hill D8.l'I'e1l x, Eleanor- Dick Berbar' a F1 egjm N ' " W H, , ,LY . Q 32 L in-fi'-L .jgf bxv N. w,."H " '. IN . Q fx ---' wk -v, s Tom Gwirtz "H I Y V, . ' JW, I Ned Carman Charles Dean Cm: ,W " 'Um 'Wlffi Z, 1 L, ,, Ein' r i J I Q: L r, w 1:--3 , " '-ja I 7:4 L- I 1 ww-rg , , N -Y V vii I 'ZA' '31 ly . 'Y f Qf Bob Dixon B111 Dixon - .4. Yi' ,wg 'r ,,,,n. 1 Ruth Ann Flohr David Gwirtz 'aw , - . :D '. 35,4 . 'xfff ..-j, , - . '3'- ggi: J , .,'?"',7,g 6. . f1.Irf'?'a'.a?' ,. - .,- I -51 .1. Fu' 'zifiif . 1l??Jl" f1 Chri s 1: 1 ne Humphrey Dennis Longneckor flvlx..f X gi M, 9 , Srl Q -ff' Shirley McChoneghy V A 1 ,jyq 1 - ,-F' . w I ,fy 4,w ' H W ., fs- f W im A.,A. e 'EL-f ihk!Y1'Hl4Ef5L Janice Ruhe Lee Stober 'qe-', -ff ' 'Wg K' . , Ili3r'1rf Shar OD. U 1!I'16I' 55? Vivian Martin N A N , f M., ,'-- L mm,...... 1 I,-Q, ' 59 J :JN QQ - w . f' 1-1. !-,. Gary Seibert n 1' -e X Qi' Ml! ' My J M Lg v n lf' :L--V. ' 5. 55. 441 I?" 1nEvMQWW , , 1-Hin. - .I H -1-df, W 3, Tom Stober ni 1 V Mary Waldbauer n QQ ff ' ., , , , .X L X fa x 1'- W 'n Q JT . . , , r. . Smiigk , r ,MR ,. '- ssg, "5 Qu :zap . .5 Wir ,!, 'Ju 3 'ap .W xx f X ' M :J ', 2L,L'L.'. -.1 ' . un. L. .- - ,. John Morrow in. Janet Shatzer E92 , , L W W W 0 ww X I , 7 , W Q , ,. .mu J S.. Y ,.,, -nw' 'A f , yeggaj . fi Bernice Studer F Ar 3 x '33 x 5- " lag' - 'SQL ' fl 4 Harold Wiley N N Dawn Tooker, JoAnn Hanlon, Lilly Bates, Susan Norris, Mary Allen, Francis Bloomfield. Tom Hatch, Larry Nye. Mr. Smith, Steve Peebles, Ronnie Brown, Melvin Oreps, Larry Flegm, Bob Bruce, Don Neuman, Eddie Laughbaum. 1. David Studer, Garry Cole, Pat Wiemer, Sue Dixon, Sandy Cover, Mary Adkins, Sandra Stober, Ronnie Mills, Mrs. Ruth Fetter. 2. Reed Triplett, David Allen, Gerald Niese, Donna Tooker, Dorothy Miller, Steve Eckstein, Duane Dick, Terry Hunter, Wayne Gwirtz. l 3. Bill Frazee, Bob Shaw, Terry Hogan, Tom Mikael, Bud Justice, Bob Dean, Joe Myers, Kenneth Radar, Bob McConeghy, John Pfleiderer. Absent: Gloria Tackett 1. Mrs. Smith, Virginia Gwirtz, Linda Artz, Edna Hipsher, Wanda Tooker, Myra Betts, Dorothy Bates, Mary Fritz, Janet Bruce. 2. Bill Predmore, Dick Shatzer, Charles Collene, Donald Conley, Charles Martin, Wally Gantzler, Herbert Nye, Gerald VanAsda1e, Ronnie Hanlon. Absent: Betty Collins, Terry Laughbaum. Erma Martin, Sharon Frazee, Vivian Pine, Velma Justice, Betty Crall, Sandra Davis, Shirley Wicker, JoAnn Farrel, Mr. chnegelesberger, David Zaebst, Ben Ulmer, Robert Young, Robert Dean, Jerry Triplett, Bill Humphrey, Dan Pry Q Dennis Hall, Russell Allen, Roger Justice, George Eckstein, Robert Fogle, Bob Crall, Craig Cotsamire, Larry Artz. Susan Ulmer, Patty Young, Carol Pine, Barbara Dean, Karen Kegy, Karen Davis, Karen Flohr, Wayne Burchett, Jerome Fox, John Meyer. Mrs. Thompson, Sue Carr, Carol Stidam: Linda Ecksiein, Debby Qghiefer, Bennie Lash, Eddie Hipsher, Ricky Grove, Jack Morrow, Mike Fried. Danny Conley, David Cover, Vicky Grove, Anita J1lS'CiC9, Wayne Tyler, Donald Adkins. Edward Rader, Steven Sibelntv 1, Linda Siebert, Lois Martin, Elaine Humphrey, Susie Nye, Brenda Fried, Tom Schiefer, Shirely Walters, Danny Howard, Bennie Collene. ?. Mrs. Erwin, Carol Hanlon, Vickey Teynor, Susan Grove, Arlene Ludin, Lyle Bruce,'Bill Fogle, Delores Dean, Leslie Eckstein. 3. Tony Teynor, Anita Dick, Patsy Hall, Phyllis Wicker, Peggy Collins, Dicky Dixon, Larry Howard. . Absent Tommy Triplett 11 , X A - 7 7 f-- f- H , ,, N a 2 gg , lm: 4 ' ' , Hari, , s ,Q " 1. Lois Pfleiderer, Ronnie Smith, Larry Kirkland, Sally Hanna, Mary Young, Dawn Fike, Charlotte Collene, Kay Norris, Tom Siebert, 2. Steve Sawyer, Delbert Brown, Ruth Collins, Steve Pry, Lonnie Pugh, Danny winters, Dennis Grove, James Hall, Wayne Fast, Garry Zaebst, 3. Tom Brennan, Terry Davis, Jeff Hatch, Eddie Wicker, Virginia Adkins, Larry Beck, Donald Gibson, Tom Frazee, Terry Cole. 1 l. Tommy Laughbaum, Dennis Kagy, Lee Howard, Jane Brennan, Tonya Eckstein, Diane Dean, Beth Ann Fried, Brenda Johnson. L 2. Mrs. Smith, Susie Collins, Melvin Triplett, Debbie Fisher, Jimmy Justice, Jimmy Nye, Dorothy Adkins, Mary Hipsher, B111 Waldbauer. 3. Jimmy Pruitt, Dennis Morrow. Absent: Mary Alice Wicker, Eddie Hatch. e u wfflfw H u LW"-1 My sw 1, H' M " "1 as-J' 'S' 1. David Kagy, Janice Dunlap, Mabel Wicker, Pamela Lash, Adele McConeghy, Wayne Carman, Ricky Predmore, Johnny Allen. 2. Arlene Cole, Ardella Cole, Joyce Burchett, Cindy Bradley, Judy Trago, James Gibson, Robert Nye, Dean Rader, Kathleen Hogan, Mrs. Browne. Absent: Alan Pine, Randy Schiefer. , V n 1. Rose Walters, Marcia Young, Linda Predmore, Becky Howard, Pamela Fisher, Kay Vanatta, Bonnie Weimar, Julie Chapman, Mike Morris. 2. Mrs. Davis, Vicky Grove, Donald Karl, Kim Barnett, Mike Norris, Garry Miller, Carol Cole, Rhonda Siebert, 3. Danny Ulmer, Edward Hill, James Bradrick, Kenneth Dean, Davie Hall. Absent: Ramon Laughbaum, Sherry Pine. r F S l if 51- 11 -ff - .U 4 If ,fd J t i jfnxwvmwln , ff- Ad n'LirLifnfra tion, YA: ., 51:31 ,QS 6 JW Mr. Pry, Mr. Cover, Mr. Crall, Mr. Cotsamire, Mr. VanAsdale, Mr. Dean, Mr. Dick Mi Robert L. Dean T Superintendent i ' W2,s.N V 2552 1 it v iQ1 l' W v 5 Carol Anne Kaylor Office Secretary lv num .J 1 :- ' .1 w nm f , vs 1 eg L mmf , my Robert Johnson A S ik ,gs N Principal di Yfl- ' ' F l e Social Stu es i iw ,A Science 1 l i :fl X' 1 x A.--H" H 'ff' 'Y Mrs, Mary C. Long Comercial 1',-1 Walker Thomas 5 Emgn an , Q Q Speech fo Aftctf Ronald Smith Coach Mathemati c s -1 fc H KC 3? . . - 'swf j f Social Studies I N W. E. Schnegelsberger Music 'Qu-03' Mrs. Ruth Fetter J Biology iT"5:7E'? fes,,.33g.f""..'N'... H. vw, www M f' llw T T ' TTTM A + T We 'W Mrs. Robert Smith .N Va: -wi . IN at " Q2 My 1mM-w fe fn W N g , I 'S T W W S if W mmm tm ww .3 M LEM .... L , H W , W wif.K: , I I ?x'w3 ,- f , - - - . I - 'j ',,mLiQ Q"GTT! Mfr 1 W UQ'W5W3's1?2w'u?" W 'VH .gglwu av - H Q H ' ,ww g , I I Mrs. Laura Thompson Sixth Grade Teacher M Q lwlyqaj' rw. WMJN E ..s"'f Mrs. Diedre Smith Third Grade Teacher Home Economics John Thomas Vocational Agriculture q---?.. -A-'f??1 - ,-T.-.Q ., , 1 1 , 3 I . 1 I " 2, Ti T- 1 Z n W KW Z r E' 1 'I , Awfgiaw Q 1 . is . ,,', In v Wg, ' nm kk ff T " 'Q J ' 3 x. V 5 , LR. QI!! 31X , Q:-,k"f.:,,.y1 1 ' KH Q' ' it ? , 1 da x ' ' 5:3 I .SEE fwmmf X ,ww- J ,AW , r ,lm Mrs. Marian Erwin Fifth Grade Teacher fd F T - - 4 ,uw -1 , me . N .514 Ama Mrs. Mamie Browne Second Grade Teacher f A. .. mf' ' ., v Hb 5, 'I Q1 ,., ' ,fgwaz , sag? A VN. ,, Q. l Mrs. Marilyn Haines Fourth Grade Teacher fwfx. 155' Mrs. Betty Davis First Grade Teacher 74 S 1- - 5 - OJ o QC. xv D N -3 -"- Mr, and Mrs. Marion Cralli Jerry Triplett, Larry Artz, Dennis Hall, Mrs. Laughbaum, Mrs. Phahler, Roger Justice, Russ Allen, Reed Triplett. 3 LJ JP Dfffvffaf Dwight Norris, Donald Cole, Charlie Cole, Charlie MinCk 1.- J Q45 THE SCHOOL DAY ,ENDSU if '-igcvgj E T A., g xy K 1. Bob Grall, Dick Shatzer. 2. John Hatch, Bob Dixon, Gene Shull, Larry Flegm, B111 Frazee. 3. Coach Ronald Smith, Fred Pfleiderer, B111 Dixon. ' VARSLQ O, 2 Ann 1llllv Hail di?-5 ? -ezf Wilma Cahill, Karen Sand, and Linda Kaylor. This Page sponsored by StHPHer'S Dress Shoppe "Y IN ". ,An G9 YHYH M My 'gd M9259 My ' ,, I I 1 Q Priscilla Rietschlin, Marlene Pfleiderer, and Janet Shatzer. 1. Garry Cole, Dennis Longnecker, Bob Bruce, Eddie Laughbaum 2. Coach Ronald Smith, Don Neumann, Terry Hogan, Steve Eckstein, Larry Nye. O.. N N N nGunnern T I G E R 5 rv? mu uw .ghwt ,, ,, ,. 352 9 r ggi: 'LukeW "Wild Bill" Fix 5 - Wi? E Q 'The Big Bn nSatchn f"' WThe Little B' npritzn O 1g,f1 X , 6 b g! ,MID ' 1-atv b. :sa l W H A1 l 3 ftfngwl 31134- "f 1 1L:Qf"i.,- f 3 f t WG-e",-' ttf ,,QI,..gfggi'-" 7 ' --'e. J :Lg j V ' , ' , f' 'f 'Wet 'JThV7pa.-wir +f:.' w54'fHz2weP' TW sri 7. J My JH TLHFQ PQ -i,:vL.EQ ,X X F FE. Q- i 3 1,7 1 .1 Y T .1 - K , . 1. X EFX-ivfitxx 1535, , ,M ,7fa? K ,W fgigvw ..- ,.Qs ..gS 442535 3 '17'Elj,11!'gi . f 2, .141 Vl Y gd 7 , - . - if oar-' 1 D - . -. - ' V7 7- 4- I ., " ., - 2 7-V I ' A.Q ' - 1. Ter-ry Laughbaum, Mgr., Bob Bruce, Steve Peebles, Bob McConeghy, Terry Hogan, Bill Frazee, Garry Cole. 2. Garry Siebert, Bob Dixon, John Hatch, Pat Hogan Scot Bruce Wayne Dixon Aaron Wenger, Chuck Dean. 3. Mr. Smith,,Darrel1 Carman, Denny Longgnecker, Gene- Shull. Bill Dixon, Art Dome, Fred Pfliederer, Mr. Scnegelesberpger Baseball Record League R I H E Tir-o 6 lr 1 Mt. Zion 2 2 1 Tiro 1 H 6 S. Springs lk 13 U Tiro lb 11 2 Chatfield 1 2 3 Tiro 7 8 3 Lykens 8 8 0 Tiro 2 U 3 N. Robinson 1 1 2 Tiro 6 9 7 N. Washington 5 6 2 Tiro 9 M l H. Liberty O 3 3 Tournament Tiro 20 17 5 Chatfield 6 8 8 Tiro 3 7 2 N. 'Robinson LL S 2 Dann? Pry, Jerrg Triplett, B111 Humphrei, Bill Predmore, Ronn e Hanlon, obby Young, Charles Col ene. George Eckstein, David Zaebst, Donald Conley, Leslie Artz Dick shazzez-, Russell Amen, Gerald VanAsda1e. QW Coach Ronald Smith, Craig Cotsamire, Larry Artz, Herbert ' Nye, Bob Crall, Bob Fogle. C Q 0 I-4 , un HIGH v ' Sharon Frazee Wanda Tooker and Erma Martin 'BQ C'0-L-'WI v3 This is fhe Aft! F VY, if ,NCES 1 V L - L E -fx P 7-Q JJ, in C' 4454.-f ev. , , '-1. - 'W , ' fm' .,., f ff 4 '4 ', f1Qie.k-'ff LooK wharf Q hun -L "m g-E3 n . ,, K 4' ' 3 gs QI, 1 f x ,L 51, "JL-Eg . C egg," , R 1 -' , b , O ' 1 ,Lys - . WX fx WK QMS' ffm xyQ I 1 TI T ' . r I W 'L-W in 'VX E ' I I 1. 1' -A 5153 M Sfri Nt 1 ' "R Qs" ' -, K l Q X-V ' X ' 'gl' 1. ,lui , can Queen 5 Fools d You, ! Tl-X N-4 Glu iETfl! "I 2- 2 I F Q. no 'iii 'Nl Y' wb gat, an z if ,:- Y aux x l - - ., Q- -s., H.. Don 1' We Hmfe Fl-LlY', Thoug . .A 0fL+o9eTher Mow! 'Do s,ou..r ' Sfu.f"F. Nei-Qoffs E - Sleepy-77mg G-Ll. . x, V 'M . . . ,-I. , . --Q f Y., . 1 51:02 N '- li 1 r' E ,x fm " V" 'il The Like - uP fig? I gc X 5" 1 J... ... ' ' een ' ood! Priscilla Rietschlin Carol Allen Nancy Cole Pat W i Sandra stoner, Ruth Gwirtz, Linda,Kay1or, ' e mer' Donna Hipsher, Sharon Ulmer, Janet Shatzer, Shirley McConeghy, Flossie Triplett, Sandra Artz, Roberta Auman, Christine Humphrey. U 22 :3 HJ o o K' m '1 D m S SD "S o 5 w C '1 UQ o '1 U c m P5 o +4 to n C Q. o 'S I cn C fn m 5 25 o H 'S H' ID U Br' H' I-'I-' CDI--' B'4 U on no L+ CD CD U U CD D9 :S 11 CD UI d' sd d' N :4 ID '1 0 :J U3 ID :S Cl: tn I-J 0 SD U O H U F' 0 :fr U 3 W 's 14 I-IVEO .. CD2 Duane Dick, Terry Hunter, Bud Schiefer, Kenneth Conley, Ronnie Brown, Tom Mikael, Vance Dick. John Morrow, Pat Hogan, Lee Stober, David Morrow, Avery Stidam, wayne Dixon, Chuck Deqn, Aaron Wenger. This page SP0 nsored by Dick's Furniture a Appliance B - I 0 2 o O , El C T Iv 8 V E o u fq Mvrag Q4 ww ' -K .Q f .A y I H S hmm 3 . "BNA , 4 ll A A7115 INNER WILLYJ' JUNIOR AND SENIOR Q ma H 9 4 1 :'J .41 NNN I Q I H Q, A 0 +0 .4 4 0 GREEN VINE" J Nofmfofzv cfbcfef John Hatch, Gene Shull, Pat Hogan, Priscilla Rietschlin, Carolyn Van Asdale, Donna Hipsher, Marlene Pflieder. f f 9fff John JAWMW- V' V' 2 94 7ffA 4 ff IIC . ' 4 I 1. Vivian Pine, David Zaebest, Lilly Bates, Mary Adkins, John Hatch, Dennis Longnecker, Marlene Pfleider, Wilma Cahill, Tom Hatch. 2. Mr. Robert Johnson, James Hogan, B111 Frazee. QE TC 0 U NU L 3 .,. l""3 3,49-1 Ronnie Brown, Steve Peebles, Dawn Tooker, Mrs, Ruth Fetter, Chuck Dean, Avery Stidam, Bud Schiefer. Booffc KHP? llllllllllllllgll 4 lll E-YIM' Illlll Il 1. Priscilla Rietschlin, Flossie Triplett, Mrs, Ruth Fetter, Sharon Burger, Barbara Flegm. 2. Carol Studer, Roberta Auman, Ruth Ann Flohr. LZEMFZHIVS AWWA J, E39 ff Bud Schiefer, Carol Allen, Nancy Cole, Priscilla Rietschlin, KarenrSand, Marlene, Bud Schiefer, Carol Allen, Nancy Cole, Priscilla Rietschlin, Karen Sand, Marlene Pfliederer, Donna Hipsher. Aaron Wenger, Mr. Thomas, John Hatch, Carolyn VanAsdale, Avery Stidam, Pat Hogan. ' r bwfayb I A E, ii 1. 2. Mr. Thomas, Nancy Cole, Priscilla Rietschlin, John Hatch, Denny Longnecker, Carolyn VanAsda1e, Marlene Pfliederer. Carol Allen, Flossie Triplett, Karen Sand, Susan Norris, Dawn Tooker, Edna Hipshera Donna T00k9Pn Lena Cover, Barbara Flegm, Betty Crall, Larry Flegm, Fred Pfliederer, Linda Kaylor, Scot Bruce, Donna Hipsher. iii: A llll l. Larry Nye, Steve Peebles, Ned Carman, Ronald Brown, Bob Dixon, Darrell Carman, John Hatch. 2. Harold Wiely, David Marrow, Scot Bruce, Avery Stidam, Charles Dean, David Kaylor, Kenneth Conley, and Mr. Snegelesberger. Francis Bloomfield, Mary Allen, Carol Allen, Nancy Cole, Sharon Ulmer, Flossie Truplett, Ruth Ann Gwritz, Sandra Artz, Janet Shatzer. Mr. Schnegelsberger, Joann Hanlon, Janice Ruhe, Carol Studer, Lilly Bates, Bernice Studer, Roberta Auman, Eleanor Dick, Barbara Flegm, Wilma Cahill, Linda Kaylor. Priscilla Rietschlin, Dawn Tooker, Karen Sand, Deanne Amstutz, Donna Hipsher, Susan Norris, Lana Cover, Marlene Pfleider, Sharon Burger, Vivian Martin, Mary Waldbauer. This page sponsored by Western Auto M Bmw 41 Q-A Y fha. i E- 1 :gr '79 '- K ' X' t T W LN .c ,,1 5 1. Carolyn VanAsdale, JoAnn Farrell, Wanda Tooker, Donna Hipsher, Edna Hipsher, Barbara Flegm, 2. Danny Pry, Betty Crall, Dorothy Bates, Bobby Crall, Steve Siebert, George Eckstein, David Cover, Edward Rader, Sharon Ulmer, Lilly Bates, Mary Ellen Fritz. 3. Ridky Grove, Karen Kagy, Susan Carr, Linda Eckstein, Susan Grove, Linda Artz, Wally Gantzler. M. Mr. Schnegelsberger, Steve Peebles, Steve Eckstein, Sandra Artz, Dawn Tooker, Bud Justice. Mixed C'!7o.f2a.r P I ' f 1, Francis Bloomfield, Mary Allen, Carol Allen, Nancy Cole, Sharon Ulmer, Flossie Trlplett, Ruth Gwritz, Sandra Artz, Janet Shatzer. 2. Mr. Schnegelsberger, Joann Hanlon, Janice Ruhe, Lilly Bates, Bernice Studer, Carol Studer, Roberta Au an, Eleanor Dick, Barbara Flegm, Wilma Cahill, Linda Kaylor. 3. Priscilla Rietschlin, Dawn Tooker, Lana Cover, Marlene Pflieder, Sharon Burner. Marv Waldbauer. M. Steve Peebles, Larry Nye, Harold Wiely, David Kaylor, Kenneth Conley, Scot Bruce, Avery Stidam, Charles Dean, David Marrow, Bob Dixon, Darrell Carman, Ned Carman, John Hatch. I 3 I Q Q x x ,aynuxu-A e 19 if Q2 3 I- U15 " ,5 - ' MQW?-Q5 '14, .xl X nwlu- wiv ' M-f-T 3 Q' fwfhflg :ui MSE WJ? J' is L-A .X E' 'A a 3 I A I 2, 7 l , sn . ' "QW fl ri: - .5355 C 'Ez ,lg aa A J J We A' :W 1 . I A Sharon Burger, Wilma Cahill, Priscilla Rietschlin, Donna Hipsher, Barbara Flegm, Karen Sand, Janice Ruhe, Susan Norris. l Mrs. Smith, Lilly Bates, Carolyn VanAsdale, Ruth Flohr, Eleanor Dick, Sue Dixon, Mary Allen, Christine Humphrey. 1. 2. 3. N gfil 'A Y.. , .A. Mr fr :fi 1. , ffgfg l ,, , effi . Q f if '1FiFm YWM I ' " ' ff? . ..,,.,a .l . . f-Tfdi' . P4 : ' Q-wuz A ' ,Q n : ., 4 ,K 3 e"' is L-U L1 5 0.15 Tom Stober, Mr. Thomas, Harold Wiley, Bill Dixon, Donna Hipsher, Tom Niese, David Gwirtz, Steve Peebles. David Studer, Duane Dick, John Pfleiderer, Wayne Gwirtz, Kenneth Rader, Bob McConeghy, Garry Cole, Terry Hunter, David Allen. Jerry Niese, Gary Siebert, Lee Stober, Tom Mikael, Ronnie Brown, Ned Carmen. Mix A 5 ..A2 Q V' fm , Y Q 9 8 'Q QW :ww jf wi' f' v s, fel, A .-W' U L..,.t l R , '7",fL q' . V fglig in xy, I VB . 1 , b V' " E" . 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Sandusky Ave. Phone 2-2831 Phone 2186 Bucyrus, Ohio T1I'O Ohio ' ltojdfbieneed THE INSURANCE COMPANY af SHELBY, OHIO Known by three generations as S f 'ZOLKYY Awww f wdeamfwiq a"C GRETERS Where--Men--Meet Crestline, Ohio Compliments of THE SHELBY BUILDING a LOAN Shelby, Ohio Congratulations from STRICKER'S MARKET Sulphur, Springs fp' 3 , .1 L... ebi wi f-feb i , roms: . N' CMMS: Compliments of PASTDHE RESTAURANT Emmett and Ruth Flegm Tiro, Ohio Compliments of ROSS SUPPLY COMPANY Galion, Ohio Real Estate A Insurance HBOBU PRY Realtor Cumberworth Agency 31956 Ph. 21826 46 w. Mein sr.. Shelby, Ohio Pkg -x is 41' Phone 7ho11 Phone 7ho21 fi ' BACHRACH COMPANY THE PEOPLES NATIONAL BANK Hereford Feeder Cattle and Calves And Field Seeds PLYMOUTH: OHIO Plymouth, Ohio A 'I . "' I-155-mn .ffL,p -J ' ' -n- v -: -v' :QE f -- 5 -ri --Z .' ,H P0!VTlAC.. Cqnplimentg of C0mp11m6ntB of Bourgeois Pontiac company FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS 8a LOAN Pontiac, Vauxhall, Rambler Cars Gal!-011: Ohio U .EW Compliments of THE SHELBY SPRING HINGE CO. M55 Shelby, ohio bf - Q The Shelby Equity Exchange Co. Deals in Feed, Coal, Grain, Seed and Livestock, Gasoline Phone LL-1781 Sc 2-1766 1Lp Raymond A Shelby, Ohio .... ' V ' .. f'X I FE? if X , it ,cf L 5 VS, Compliments of Barkdull Funeral Home Albert and Earl Barkdull Phone Lg.-1976 Shelby, Ohio Compliments to the Class of "6U" from Ann's Dress Shop ZS ,, QQ WN BEN FRANKBIN STORE Locally owned . Nationiklly Known M2-Qu W, Main St, Sh61by,OhiO For A Complete Banking Service ne First National Bank in Crestli Crestline, Ohio Best Wishes From STRAUCH JEWELRY STORE Crestline, Ohio ijjjgjijjj I .'.' 311311 WISLER RUG Q CARPET SERVICE nHeadquarters For Complete Rug E Carpet Servicen 65 West Main St. Shelby, Ohio NCongratulationsu CONCRETE PRODUCTS INC. 220 Lincoln Ave. Crestline, Ohio Cement Blocks Ready Mix Concerte Since l926 GREAUGA PLASTICS CO. Crestline, Ohio Extrude Plastics Products Compliments of WAGONER IMPLEMENT STORE xr MPf" WA X4 'ax I, McCorm1c New Idea New Holland L ' ' Farm Equipment V,' 'J'-df Shelby Ohio ull! QA 2 Q -1 uw OX KU 0 , Compliments of CRAWFORD CONSTRUCTION CO., ING Gallon Ohio Congratulations to the Class of "5O" LANZEN'S BARBER SHOP 78 West Main Shelby Ohio Congratulations GALION HARDWARE from Hardware-Paint Products-Picture Frames TONY CAPORINI R SON Maytag Appliances Shelby, Ohio Galion, Ohio Phone HO-S19M6 201 S. Market St. Congratulations from THE GALION IRON WORKS k MFG. CO. Menufactuere of Construction Equipment- Motor Graders Manufectuers of Construction Equipment-Motor Graders Motor Roolers Galion, Ohio USA 6 Compliments of Best Wishes to the Class of n6On THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK from New nAuto Loansn New EUGENE RIETSCHLIN'S ORCHESTRA 4415 Shelby, ohio 1 , 0qa'l. T , C, . HYLER CLEANERS Success For A11 Your Future 108 Union Street Home Owned and Operated Phone OV3-1331 Crestline, Ohio From K' ALLWINE BARBER SHOP -f ifjg Tiro, Ohio Ifai f 14 'NE -9 . .E--51 HF, ,....,,,..aw-- I DEVITO STUDIO Our Official School Photographer For QQ Years Shelby, Ohio F From rom HoHLER's MARKET soH1o SERVICE d TIRE STORE an where you buy NQUALITYN Groceries 1'-e Bill Rhodebeck "CONGRATULATIONS" ' Ph 26 1 one 3 Phone 51611 110 west Smiley Ave. Tiro, Ohio iam, Q2:::s5V 122:55 I? JE O if? 311 4 1-Y' A Shelby, Ohio JACK LOVE The Tirb M811 Tractor Tire Repairing Retreading, Truck and Passenger msn, -vi' Compliments of huiulgllg me SUPERMARKET 5 ,ie A General Tires G9-11011: Gm-0 Shelby, Ohio For rmcrvs REJLALL STORE Complete Insurance Coverage Prescriptions See TED D. KNAPP Hallmark Greeting Cards Representing Shelby, Ohio NATIONWIDE INSURANCE Shelby, Ohio C mpliments of TUTTLE'S NEWS Gallon, Ohio ERFURT'S JEWELRY STORE Watches - Diamonds - Silverware Phone HO - 32Sh5 210 Hardingway East canon, omo bl I f ' Sasha . Compliments of o ir C, lfcgv- S531 ' I 1 Q Phone 4-1406 Shelby, ohio WALL STREET LUMBER COMPANY 95 M U 51 S' JQ Compliments of BARKER'S Shelby ohio COIHP13-Y'1e1'1t3 Of Compliments of THE GLOBE CLOTHING STORE Gallon, Oh1O , Galion ohio 0535 S X i- X SHELBY OFFICE MACHINE R SUPPLY Sales, Service and Rentals 118 West Main Street, Shelby, Ohio Phone- L4l9U.1 Olympia and Smith Corona Typewriters For A Complete Banking Service FIRST NATIONAL BANK Crestline, Ohio Congratulations Compliments of PEMBERTON'S frgm Emerson and RCA Radios and Television wooGERT JEWELRY STORE Galion, Ohio Webster Recording Equipment 25 Park Avenue Shelby, Ohio -do 5 ,il.. . Drugs- Compliments of' LENIME-fIAN'S DRUGS Toiletries-Statione 55 N. Main Street Shelby, ohio ry -Gift s N NK 3 no af?-J A ' gin Sf JAMES MEISTER THE. WHITE COMPANY Buygr of W001 Bedding-Furniture-Carpet Routef2 Bucyrus Phone M2150 New washington, Ohio 3 5 THE rsucmus TELEGRIXPH Fam: f Your Daily Newspaper' FJQSSWW Read By Over 7500 Families Buoyrus, Ohio Hi, my 16 Compliments of SPANGLER SOHIO SERVICE CHUCK AND DON BODY SHOP Complete Body Repair Glass Replacement 65 North Gamble 22-115 West Warren Street Shelby, ohio Bucyfusf Ohio Best Wishes To The Class of PEOPLES STORE Shelby's Largest Store For Men M Boys Wear Shoes Shelby, Ohio H6017 PAUL HEYDINGER HARDWARE New Washington - Paints and Oil we ' ANYUIH Mx ' his 1 CONSULTNUS S5522 2 :qr,:aEE2g FARN RS and CITIZENS BANK Tiro, Ohio From THORNTON'S T.V. Voice of Music Shelby Say H Phone S-2986 From FRANK SERVICE Plymouth Players Grange DILLON Ohio Agent For Mutual 'nh NCONGRATULATIONSW Compliments of THE HOLCKER HARDWARE I Crestline , Ohio f 0 if f XX fi 7' X - I I I K 1 Ex fggsp ,- I ji! I M D3 Lenzmeir's Store For Men, Inc 66 West Main St. Shelby, Ohio 0SCAR'S The Store For Men Shelby, Ohio DYE FUNERAL HOME F.J. SMITH Electric and Plumbing Electric Wiring-Heating-Plumbing Phone 31201 Shelby, Ohio Phone 3373 New Washington, Ohio SWAIN Blacksmith and Welding Shop Crestline, Ohio HERALD PRINTING COMPANY Gray Drug Store Publishers of The New Washington Hearld Prescription Specialists FINE COMMERCIAL PRINTING Four Registered Pharmacists New Washington 'Sak Public Square Gallon, Ohio ROBBY'S ComP1iment5 of Frigidaire Home Appliances BAKER BROTHERS RCA Television, Radios, R Records 19 Sandusky Street Bucyrus, Ohio Telephone 75131 I Plymouth, Ohio ULMER HARDWARE 5 BUILDING SUPPLY Everything For The Home Including The House Open Evenings Phone 2331 Tiro, Ohio BEST WISHES MEET YOUR FRIENDS To The Class of 1960 at the Tiro High School PLYMOUTH DRIVE-IN THEATRE from Plymouth, Ohio THE GALION INQUIRER OLIVER RHYTHM BOWL R- W- ERVIN The Countries Most Modern ':"'.A""'A' V Buick Antgmobilg Bowling Center Oliver Farm Equipment Phone for Reservations Opel Automobile Phone LI-1861 108 West Main Street Shelby, Shelby, BERTKE'S SUNOCO SERVICE HECK'S REXALL of 1000 - Mile Lube Guarantee PPeSCPiPt1OnS iq lf . ali Mansfield Avenue Hallmark Cards Wiinone h2776 Shelby, Ohio Shelby, Ohio Compliments of WHITE HOUSE HAMBURGER SHOP 62 E0 Main St. Phone 32971 AND SMITTY'S DARI-DELITE DRIVE-IN Corner Mickey Rd. and Mansfield Ave, .INS J '7 ,KG Shelby, Ohio Phone 52891 f'4 BAUMOEL'S ANATRAVS CLOTHING Quality Since 1886 Bucyrus, Ohio 'where Quality and Satisfaction Meet" Crestline, Ohio CONGRATULATIONS! Class of 1960 HOFFMAN SHOES 54 West Hain St. Shelby, Ohio Shoes For The Entire Family fe! I QI I Compliments of Broad Smile Kiddie Shoo Corner of Broadway-Smiley From the cradle through the grades 4 Compliments of WALTHER HARDWARE COMPANY CRAWFORD FARM BUREAU COOP. AS-SOGi9-'GiO1'1 Sales and Service for Motor Scooters Bucyrus, Ohio Phone 41010 BU-0YI'113n 01110 Compliments of C0If1P1im6I'ltS of KOONS CLEANERS Batsons' Shelby Furniture Co. Bucyrus, Ohio 4 LINK'S I.G,A, ,gif s Phone ov 31753 lf- 9 Crestline, Ohio gS53,rn7qAhf3 .1 5555 ,pun SMARTNUSE 5 HALF HOUR LAUNDRIES Q Benders Laundromat 102 N. Gamble AND Benders Trailer Park Ph. 4-2537 Rear, 103 Second Street STEVENSON'S DRUG STORE 26 West Main Street Phone M1881 Shelby, Ohio FRANK C. SCHIFFER AND CO. Cigars, Tobacco, Cigarettes,k Candy West Main Street Shelby, Ohio Compliments of Neva SHELBY FLORAL i - Wai THE ELSIE LOUISE SHOPPE CHILDREN'S APPAREL , fn.. v 'C,2 u ll X W6 Flowers For All Occasions Phone hl3h1 Shelby, Ohio Baby Gifts - Infants Wear Ladies Lingerie Q Sportswear SHELBY, oH1o 5 -A Qilfx'-V 'I 11 1' 1 T3 J' 72!C3'rh .J I Congratulations to Senior Class of n6On HUMPHREY BROTHERS TRUCKING Lime and Stone .. El Phone 2196 or 2125 , Tiro Ohio BEST WISHES CONGRATULATIONS From Frmm Equity Co. Ak? Store N ew Washington Shelby, Ohio Everything For The Farm Compliments of NEW WASHINGTON CUT RATE C.D. Bollingpr, Prop. SWARTZ T.V. SERVICE ff,f"g?7v"w 'Chain Store Prices' E Shelby, Ohio New Washington, Ohio Compliments Congratulations To The Class of '6On Galion Music Center of 198 Harding way East Ho82615 Pianos - Organs - Instruments Rental Plan FREDDIEn5 DRIVE-IN Repairs, Sheet Music, Lessons Bucyrus, Ohio. TIRO FEED OONBANY Feed - Grain - Fertilizer Phone 2431 Tire, Ohio SANGERS Faulks Rexall Drug Your Frescription Specialists Buoyrus, Ohio -2 tt Shelby, Ohio Compliments To The Seltzer Electric Contracting Supplies Class of '6On Shelby, Ohio George's and Mary's Market Shelby, ohio GENERAL ELECTRIC f fi? .... 3,, Compliments of 7 .- Sl so M 3' Qi-ESQ I . TH HOUSEHOLD SHOP Phone 5-1661 1-s Shelby, Ohio EW Congratulations To The Class Of '60n BRUCE MOTORS Bucyrus, Ohio Full Re1mherr's 5 and 10 Line Of School Supplies Crestline, Ohio Home and Auto Supplies Western Auto Sales Seltzer Street Crestline, Ohio Compliments Of GURLY'S DAIRY BAR Sandusky Street Plymouth, Ohio THEISS' PHARMACY Corner Main R Seltzer !,f-lx : Drugs 2 Prescriptions gb rea 5, g-2 ARNOLD'S FLOWER FASHIONS West Main Street, Shelbv Flowers for all occasions, Corsages And wedding work our speciality Crgstlinea oH1o Foliage and Potted Plants compliments Of G0mP11ments 01' MONROE'S LAUNDRY Liberty Inn and Resturant Phone HO-25011 West South Market Street Gallon, Ohio Liberty, Ohio Compliments of LEONHARTS GAS d OIL INC. Sunoco Products QMS h Phone 2641 f?zx1foa-N-1 Tiro, Oh1O , bl::L! . di: nth Que ek- ? 5 Know " I . OUR ' OIL ' B MAWB A ' N we ftlx 35 NO! -e gg., . ji .M -42.1 , - ff. 0001 vnwffff .2 fl Q .EJ A35 G , ,X 1 L' 5 'mf 31 Q-N .5 C Ntzzssf Compliments af MoRRow's RESTAURANT i Ohio ' i' 1-'fm-1 Compliments of Robinson Hardware Shelby, Ohio Compliments of THELLER REXALL DRUG 163 Seltzer Street Crestline, Ohio E ,-,tx e 57 7.3 TORNICHIO QUALITY GARDENS Funeral Arrangements-Weddings Parties-Corsages-Cut Flowers Potted Plants We Telegraph Flowers l Crestline, Ohio Phone ov-3-3101 C ongratulat ions from GLEDHILL ROAD MACHINERY CO. Galion , Ohio Congratulations Compliments of HODGES COAL AND SUPPLY CO. INC. P9-int 9-nd G1-HBS f -1 CENTRAL OHIO CITRUS FRUIT JUICE CO. Plumbing and Building Materials KA TPB-U35-t Mix C0f1c1'9te X Free Delivery Every Wednesday Phone I4-2836 --A 102 Weeb Main Street 207 North Market Street Shelby Ohio , Galion, Ohio ' PLYMOUTH ELEVATOR Grain-Coal-Feeds and Farm Supplies Phone 7h511 Plymouth, Ohio ZIEGLER MILLING COMPANY -Wayne Feeds- Wholesale-Bulk-Retail Bucyrus, Ohio EDWARD B. CURPEN Jewelry and Gift Shoppe Peeples National Bank Building Plymouth Ohio Phone GLENN RICHARDSON Real Estate and Insurance Realtor H02-Olhh 133 S. Mark Galion, Ohio et BUCKEYE MINK RANCH Dealer In Furs and Hides H. E. NORRIS Route fl Tiro, Ohio Compliments of HECKERT BROTHERS Home Killed Heats Groceries - Produce Bucyrus, Ohio Compliments of BURCH CORPORATION Crestline, Ohio NAMERITEW T.V. Towers - Boat Docks Farrowing Pens R AMERICAN Towns coupmy ' Shelby, ohio XONQ- of -, 9 I: . Vw v v qhhnmsr LIONS PROJECT OF THE YEAR ------- - BUILD A COMMUNITY TENNIS COURT AT THE SCHOOL TIRO LIONS CLUB wish to thank you the people The members of the v I of the community, for your generous support of the club S activities throughout the year. Congratulations With Our Best Wishes To Each Member Of The Class Of 1960 THE TIRO WORLD MrQ E Mrs. Carl Baker Tiro Ohio A 'iul K- 1 fi?B Xiu Tl-E MEMBERS OF THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1960 ,' X 1. WISH TO THANK EACH ADVERTISER wHO HAS A NQQK 'V If 'I l MADE OUR ANNUAL POSSIBLE T" 3: I K -i x BOOSTERS OF THE 1960 TIRO YEARBOOK Sears R Roebuck Ten Eyok's Greenhouse Clady's Economy Drugs A. J. Halliwill Bucyrus Restaurant Lord's Jewelers Toni's Flower Shop C. Fred Roll1n's fJewelerD Jay's Tozzey Mahek's Recreation Lesseur's Shoes G. C. Murphy Company C. H. Affner-Myers Thomas Hardware Maul T. V. k Appliance Co. Fox Wallpaper k Dairy Pfefferler Meats Crlnau's Clothing Store Bowsher's Bakery The Feather Pet Shop Brown's Flower 8 Gift Shop Stevens Market Love's Sweet Shop Houpt's Barber Shop Shelby Gulf Station Walt Ray Motor Sales New New New New Bucyrus Bucyrus Bucyrus Bucyrus Bucyrus Bucyrus Bucyrus Bucyrus Bucyrus Crestline Crestline Gallon Gallon Galion Washington Washington Washington Washington Shelby Shelby Shelby Shelby Shelby Shelby Shelby Shelby Tony Caporini R Son Shelby H. J. Hirtzman Shelby Jose Furniture Shelby Moore's Plumbing R Heating Shelby The Weaver Agency Shelby The Ohio Fuel Company Shelby Kroger Store Shelby Stevenson's Market Shelby Firestone Shelby Gamble Street Restaurant Shelby City Loan Shelby Castamba Theater Shelby Gira Beauty Shop Shelby Same Day Cleaners Shelby Bob's Tool Rental Shelby Kerr's Motors Shelby Terri Tyler Shop Shelby Waldruff Welding Co. Shelby Barnes Hardware Shelby Stroup Realty Shelby Baker Agency Shelby Fashion Shop Shelby R. D. Kuhn Shelby G. L. Heintz American Breeders Service Tiro Scotts Service Station Sulphur Springs 'ww ,f TT gi,jwvV iq ,FVVLZ nw? rv fx: 2 V iz 1. N . V.. 3' ..,.T. . -,i . . i 1 . . 2 ?L uh, ,,,, ,Y ,H - -, Y . 1-qu. V, 1 I-,jf fi .,,, :V , V L -Lf, A , V- -,Fw ., 4 'i my f-E F .v. ' - . ' - -1- I J u .- - X 1 vf - - ' " ' I N' 4 ' h ' ' " 1 V I 'A , ff-1 ' X' 'Q' ' ' ' '. J' I ' , I . Y' 'E 3 h ' Jig? L -4. QU :gt 1 2, J , 'I h .u : XQAP' ' V -7 ::: 1 wg 'f Y ,M 1 I-'V ' 4 K' Y ""w,ed": 'M ' " in M ir" 1 'J I-lf: 2' 'E . 2 ,.- , ff ,: .E ,Q V.w.: -fy N 1 1 -u fi- r ' 1 , i Q, P u X 12.2 5 . - - 'T Q I' ' m Q 1'2" 2 ' 1. ,. a , 3 ' Ni . ?1+' n A ' W r 5 1 ' . x . 4 - f' , 1 , 2- f '- - - .- - 1 .,, V -.v ' V J Adm, m- whk.-..1-rs 1'hiS. 'l'r-rch' or 1-r-c6.'t'? 2 ., - 1 "N-'I' it Q ' C AMPS! IN 5 T' A 1 ,-L 'S r w M. .3-, 5 'fx V. 'jf V - - :V V ' I ' I3if1ilYKinf2f'-, L 'm I o 1-mea! 194,66 O J. We. Tnyhidube. good , MQQQNOS 5 AN wifi E,d.x5f9'f'5V Remember- The CMS! of 19603-I C-hr-irfmu 7"l-ee 3 CQvv'grzHZ"uL9'f:1'01Y'5 ff IHAB'?'1?:li?i3et 1 M . I vw ,, LE 006 4- lli' '23 ... J ob 9 Bob ef Too yuu.R CQLL5 Q I 1-'VV -V A , 4, Guess wlbsc? G A Q.. Q11 T MVwwwWWWWVWWM V V VVQ, E 1 i I V551 1 1' 91 v -V, Q V 4 A M . V 1 V r V fWEQME'1 V vgzvw Q pw M, '.:.11..,A. , ..Vw-,-.V, l c. .-" ku-kay. V4 -F , -in ., I n-5 A13

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