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1 2 ' 4 v ,iw HOWARD GWIHTZ RAYMOND VON STEIN . , BETTY CONLEY CARL WATW 4 .MMV 1' 's A r w X O 5 "JF 'H .2 k 'S Arthur Wilson 5 -was qu- 1 l y S . Betty Conley Phys Ed l,2,3,h5 Mixed Chorus lg2,3,h5 Girls Chorus 2,35 Class Play 3,h Teachers Sec. hg G. A. A. l,2,3,h5 F. H. A. 23 Class Reporter 33 News Staff 3, hg Librarian 3,h5 Band l. Kathryn Stiving Phy Ed l,2,3,h5 P. H. A. l,2,3,h5 Officer 2,3,h5 c. A. A. l,2,3,U3 Officer 2,3,hg Mixed Chorus l,2,3,h5 Officer hg Girls Chorus l,2,33 Librarian hy Bookcraft 3g News Staff 3,hg Class Officer 2,h, h-H l,2,3,h3 Officer l,2,3,h3 Teachers Sec. 2,3,U3 Student Council 35 Cafeteria lg Miss F. H. A. Attendant 3. Howard Gwirtz F. F. A. l,2,3,h3 Mixed Chorus l,25 Bookcraft 3,h5 Phys Ed l,2,3,h3 Class Play 3,h5 Parlimentary Pro. 3,hg Class Officer 33 Student Council lg h-H l,2,3,h. Raymond Von Stein F. F. A. 2,3,h3 Phys Ed l,2,3,hg Mixed Chorus 2,3,hg Class Play 3,h5 Football Team lg Basketball l,2,3,h5 Boy's Chorus hg h-H 2. Janet Miller Phys Ed l,2,hg F. H. A. l,2,3,h3 Officer 23 G. A. A. l,2,h3 Mixed Chorus l,3,h5 Girls Chorus l,2,33 Librarian 3,h5 News Staff 3,h5 Class Play 3,hg Band l,25 Drum Majorette 25 Teachers Sec. hy Office Girl l,3,h5 Babe Ruth Sportsmanship Award lg Prince of Peace 2,33 Student Council l,h5 Officer hy Class Officer l,hg Honor Society hg Homecoming Queen 3. Orval Burky Phys Ed l,2,3,h3 F. F. A. l,2,3,h3 Reporter 23 Sentinal 35 County Council 2, 3,h5 Chorus l,2,3,h3 News Staff 3,h3 Class Play 3,h3 Basketball 2,3,hg Baseball 2,3,h3 Track Team 3,h5 Parlimentary Procedure l,2,h5 Volleyball 3,hg Jr. Fair Board 3. Darlene Berlo Cheerleader l,2,3g News Staff 2,3,h3 Phys Ed l,2,3,hg Chorus 3,hg Class Officer l,h5 F. H. A. hy G. A. A. l,2,3,hg Librarian l,hg Teachers Sec. hg Prince of Peace 35 Speech 2,hg Class Play l,2,3,h. Shirley Baker Phys Ed l,2,3,h5 F. H. A. l,2,3,h5 Officer l,2,h3 County Officer ug G. A. A. l,2,3,hg Officer 2,3,hg Mixed Chorus l,2,3,hg Officer hg Cirl's Chorus l,2,3g Officer 33 Librarian 3,h5 News Staff 3,hg Class Officer 1,2,3,hS Class Play 3,hg Band l,23 h-H l,2,3,h5 Officer l,2,h Miss F. H. A. Attendant 35 Teacher's Sec. l,3,h3 Honor Society 3,hg Prince of Peace l. Richard Rieman F. F. A. l,2,3,h3 Officer 3,hg Phys Ed l,2,3,h5 Chorus l,2g Book Craft 3,h3 News Staff 3,h3 Cl ss Officer 3,h5 Parlimentary Pro. 2,3,h, State Judging 2,3,h5 District Jddging l,2,3,hg Magazine Sales Manager M Class Play 3,h. Arthur Wilson Phys Ed l,2,3,h5 Chorus l,2,3,h5 Band l,2,3g Class Play 3,h5 h-H l,2,3, Officer l,2,3,h5 Junior Leadership 2,35 Class Officer 25 6 L, .......,... Kenneth Predmore F. F. A. l,2,3,h3 Officer M3 Phys Ed l,2,3,h3 Chorus l,2,3,hg Basket- ball 2,3,hg Track Team 3,hg Class Play 3,hg Parliamentary Pro. 2,3,hg State Judging 23 County Judging l,2,3,h3 Student Council 3,h3 Officer bg Volley Ball Team 2,3,h. Jo Ann Aysh Phy Ed l,2,3,hg F. H. A. 3,h5 Officer Mg G. A. A. l,2,3,h3 Officer l,2,3,h5 Chorus l,2,3,hg Officer 35 Girls' Chorus l,25 Band l,2,35 Teacher's Sec. 3,h3 Class Play 2,3,b5 News Staff 3,hg Class Officer l,2,3,h3 Varsity Cheerleader l,25 All Around Girl Attendant l,25 M-H lg Office Girl 2,3,hg Mike Stump F. F. A. l,2,3,hg Officer 2,h5 Parliamentary Pro. l,2,3,bg Student Council bg Chorus l,2g Class Play 3,b5 h-H 3,hg State Judging County Judging l,2,3,h3 District Judging 3,h3 F. F. A. Basketball 2,3,h5 Carl Watt F. F. A. l,2,3,h3 Officer 3,h5 Phys Ed l,2,3,hg Class Play 3,hg Basketball hi Mixed CHOTUS l,2,3g Bookcraft M3 News Staff 3,hg Parliamentary Pro. l,2,3,hg Teacher's Sec. bg Volleyball 3,h3 M-H l,25 Officer l,25 Class Officer 2,35 Fair Board 2,35 County Judging l,2g State Judging 3. IDEAL GIRL We the boys of the Class of 195A have chosen the following traits of an ideal girl from the girls of our class. Our ideal girl should have the intelligence, s'4 personality and mule tail of Shirley Baker. Friendliness, quietness and ability to skip ! school of Betty Conley. The height, weight, legs, figure, and kicking ability of Janet j X Miller. Hands, hair, neatness, and goggle eyes of Kathryn Stiving. The ability to shake her clinkers, bust, face, and sports ability of Jo Ann Aysh, and last but not least the driving ability and bull shooting ability of Darlene Berlo. The Senior Boys IDEAL BOY C:ijj7 We, the girls of the Class of l95H, have Qu chosen these traits from each boy to make up 'J our "Ideal Boy". , ..,: , l ..-. 33 -' U He should have the friendliness and sports ' ability of Ken HDutchu Predmore the smile and 1' 'L hair of Carl Watt, the build of Orval Burky, the sportsmanship of Dick Rieman, the musical talent of Arthur Wilson, the eyes and voice of Mike iii Stump, also Raymond Von Stein's sense of humor, f and Howard Gwirtz's character and height. W .. The Senior Girls 'CQAJQ 5 7 CLASS PROPHECY As reporter for the New York Times, the editor assigned me to track down Louie the Bad no matter where I had to go. Hearing rumors that he was living in New York in high style, I decided to look there first. While visiting some of the first class stores I ran into an old friend of mine, Janet Miller, who was modeling a new creation for the Queen of Eng- land. Janet and I talked awhile and she mentioned that the other day socialite JoAnn Aysh Sheaffer was in to buy a ward- robe of clothes to wear on her trip to England with her suc- cessful husband. I was quite proud to hear of this. Janet and I enjoyed our talk very much, but I had to get down to business. A criminal must be caught. Going on a hunch, I traveled to a neighboring state, Pennsylvania. While visit- ing the governor's office, whom should I run into but Betty Conley who was just leaving after seeing the governor, her husband. She told me about her three darling children and a- bout her pastime of writing stories for the Ladies' Home Jour- nal. By this time I was beginning to think our class of '54 had been pretty successful. As I left Pennsylvania to travel on, I boarded the luxury liner of the T. W. A. Ctraveling in style since I didn't have to pay for ith whom should I share a seat with but Carl Watt. It seems Carl was just flying home to Washington, D. C. after spending three months in Russia. He told me all about his job as ambassador and the great job he had done in finally bring- ing Russia to a peace agreement. When the plane landed in Washington, I bade Carl fare- well and headed towards the office of the F. B. I. Not having an appointment with Mr. Hoover, I stopped first in his office to get one. What a shock was in store for me! There in his office I met Kathryn Stiving. She told me all about her thrill- ing job as private secretary to Mr. Hoover. Katie and I had lunch together and talked about old times. She told me that when she went home for her vacation, Arthur Wilson was visiting also. He had just won a big murder case in the Supreme Court. I talked with Mr. Hoover and he said Louie had last been seen in Texas so to the big state I went. The police in Dallas said that he was somewhere in the vicinity of the Double S Ranch. I thought finding him now would be a cinch. Just tour the whole ranch, but what I didn't know was that the Double S was the biggest ranch in the United States. I went to ques- tion the owner and was I surprised to see Mike Stump! We talked and he called Orval Burky who was a famous veterinarian in Texas and we all had lunch together. Both were happily mar- ried and doing all right as far as money is concerned. Louie by this time had moved on and so did I. 8 " ' "W 'i""m'-"-VT Class Prophecy Cont. Traveling across the country I stopped in Indianapolis, Indiana to see the famous speed races. After the races I went down to meet the winner and there stood none other than Howard Gwirtz. He had just set a world wide record for hot rod cars. He took me for a ride and I was very willing to board my air- plane to fly in the sky instead of on the road. This Louie really gets around and by now I was getting pretty tired and decided I was going to find him or else. From Indiana I flew to Michigan and had a long talk with Louie's parents. While staying over night in Detroit I decided to take in a professional basketball game. It was an exciting game and and the smallest player but the fastest stole the whole show. Later after the game this player and I met at a restaurant and was I surprised to know that Speedy Ken was the star of good old Tiro's team, Kenneth Predmore. I left Detroit heading towards New York again flying T. W. A. As I boarded the plane I was very much surprised to see Darlene Berlo greet me in an airline hostess uniform. We discussed each others affairs and she told me she had been working for the air- lines for three years but was marrying one of the pilots next month. I landed in Albany and headed straight for the police station Was I surprised to see standing on the police station steps none other than Dick Rieman. He had just been in to report someone had stolen one of the trucks that he has on his big truck farm. I accepted an invitation to have dinner with Dick and his family. I was in for another shock when I arrived at the Rieman's lovely home. Raymond VonStein and his lovely fiancee were also dinner guests. Raymond and Dick were partners in the biggest truck farm in the United States. Dick, Raymond, and I discussed old times until it was time for my plane to leave. They rushed me to the airport in Raymond's Cadillac and soon I was on my way to New York I arrived in New York late Saturday night and the next morning I attended church services in the big Lutheran Church where our sponser, Rev. Eswine is the minister. Monday morning, following a hot tip, I went to a down and out hotel and at last I found my man, Louie the Bad. After traveling all over the United States I found him in New York. Well anyway I got a hot story and a RAISL and had the time of my life seeing all my old classmates. Shirley Baker FAREWELL In saying farewell to the familiar halls and faces of our Alma Mater, we wish all future students continued joy in learning. We wish for faculty, board members and school patrons continual zeal and patience. We have enjoyed the years spent here and hope to be a credit to the information, skills and truths given us. We had fun, in you, dear old Tiro High. We shall never forget the friendships formed, the lessons learned, the sports, the chapels, the dances and parties, and the horse play too. By God's help may your graduates and undergraduates always honor the traditions and ideals you stand for, our very own home school! The Senior Class of l9Sh 9 I f Class Will JoAnn wills her nickname 'Clinker' to her nYoungern sister, Diane, Carl wills his career of being a bschleor to John Sand or to anyone who can stay single as long as Carl hopes to, Raymond wills his favorite sport position in football to Ken Fraser. Kathryn wills her red hair to Patty Crum in order to keep up the tradition of having one red-headed senior girl. Shirley wills her ability to talk fast to Rochelle Triplett Janet wills her love of school to Vivian Dick, Kenny wills his basketball ability to Eddie Grau. Darlene wills her slimness and city ways to Charlene Rietschlin. Howard wills his ability to work to anyone who has the ambition. Arthur wills his ability to sleep in study hall through constant confusion and utmost bedlam to Keith LODSGPSCKSF Mike wills his cell to anyone who can keep it clean Dick wills his sharp elbows to Denris Eckstein Betty wills her quiet composure to Donna Norris for consideration and possible use Orval wills his farming know how and friendly ways to Donald Rheinbolt Kathryn I WITNESSES Sfivins ' 1 35.Eea,.,...., ,, .425 We,the Senior Class will our WR sponsor, Mr H E Eswine, to any- X xx . - XR I 0 . . gp 71, ll 'n , 51 1 . . . one who will take good care of him 10 -v- - -, 5-::y1 'FXS 1x44-1-'Wi-uf ' Y neuaiifwtu' iii ' 'vu-t vi CLASS HISTORY In September, lQh2, nineteen shy, Cat that time! students began school at Tiro High. During our first six years of school, twenty-one pupils came and then left us. They are the following: Paul Sharp, Bobby Cornelius Ronald Winters, Richard Morrow, Jack Boutwell, Donald Bashoff, Helen Gumwood, Merle Winters, Richard Matalack, Evelyn Fisher, Bobby Davis, Ronald Rhelnbolt, Donald Rheinbolt, Christine Lorne, Lucy Montgomery, Darlene Berlo, Gene Picklesimer, Carl Hopkins, Janet Herteau, Ernest Yates, and Janet Shafstall. Orval Burky and Nancy Wagner joined us in the fourth grade. Our teachers were as follows: first grade-Miss Grace Moorehead, second grade-Mrs. Wm. Lambert, third grade-Miss Barbara Miller, fourth grade-Mrs. Mable Blessings, fifth grade-Mrs. Maude Carey, sixth grade- Mrs. Leota Hawkins. Then came the time for us to reach the third and last floor, we were then big seventh graders. Jo Ann Aysh came from Michigan and we lost no one. Our second year of Junior High saw Eva Fuchs, Kenneth Predmore, and Stanley Young come and Kenneth Gullett, Beverly Chanman, Connie Amstutz and Donna Norris leave us. Finally after struggling through Junior High, we became freshman. Dick Rieman came and we lost Stanley Young. Our soohmore year was fun in more ways than one. Bob Klein left us and Raymond Von Stein and Betty Conley arrived. In our junior year you saw us working a bit harder. Our play was entitled nThe Little Dog Laughed.n CWasn't that fun?J We gave the graduating class, the annual Junior-Senior Banquet and our theme, The Mardi Graus was carried through the decorations. Nancy Wagner and Eva Fuchs left us this year. Our senior year was the busiest of all. We put a class play on and put out this l9Sh edition of The Tiro School annual. This year included working on the Baccalaureate and Com encement program, we had our class pictures taken and what Hugly gicksh we proved to be. We planned a class trip to Washington D. C and did a variety of other things during our last year. Gertude Haynes left us and Darlene Berlo came back to finish her last year with us. That left us a grand total of fourteen members in our class, they are as follows: Jo Ann Aysh, Shirley Baker, Darlene Berlo, Orval Burky, Betty Conley, Howard Gwirtz, Janet Miller, Kenneth Predmore. Dick Rieman Llsafihryn Stivina. Mike Stump, Raymond von stein, Carl watt, and Arthur- i son. Seven seniors have managed to stay together all the wa The are Janet, Shirley, Kathryn, Arthur, Carl, Mike, and Howard. y' y Our sponsor for the seventh, eighth and ninth grades was Miss Carol Hill who left us for another. Mr, H, E, Eswine of Bucypus than went the rest of the way with us. Maybe someday we can all be together again to talk over some of the tricks we pulled during our stay at Tire School. 4 Q 11 5 mm. FHCUHU Miss weidemaler, Commercial Subjects Mrs. William Erwin, Sth. Grade Mrs. Amy Grau, lst. Grade Mrs. Betty Davis, 2nd. Grade Mrs. Maud Carey, 3rd. Grade Mrs. Berdlna Ervin, 6th. Grade Mrs. Kathryn Buskirk, bth. Grade Mr. D. E. Shupp, Superintendent, B olo a Chemistry 1 gy: Hr. Carl Ward, Coach, Phy. Ed., 8 Hath. Mrs. Mrs. Ruth Petter, Social Studies Howard Flegm, Home Economics, Geography, Q Phy. Ed. Mr. H. E. Eswine, English Mr. Robert Anderson, Music Mr. M. E. Masters, Vo. Ag. was absent when the picture was taken 12 ' uf L -1- Z.x.auz1w-fx-fp-,v-u.':':: Supt. Shupp CLASSES av X .fs 2553 -rf ? 1 x-' ' First Row, 1. to r., Mr. Anderson, D. Norris, R. Sheaffer, D. Aysh, S. Pfleiderer, A. Grove, P. Crum, C. Artz Second Row, 1. to r., D. Pfleiderer, J. Schiefer, C. Rietschlin, R. Bradley, B. Combs, J. Collins Third Row, 1. to r., J. Niese, D. Moon, K. Longnecker, B. Howard, R. Rheinbolt, J. Eckstein, J. Sand, E. Grau, F. Smith President, Diane Aysh Student Council V. Pres. Ruth Sheaffer Arlene Grove Sec. Treas., Sherry Pfleiderer Keith Longnecker V ' H ma l""'QF : iw JUNIOR CLASS PLAY, nTHE TATTLETALEW 13 Mama we J gm ,.,,.., KY, Q , si' 5 ...Q , 2,4 ,.l: .A:114 . , Q ,- Q gay A ggg Q.5iW55EJm?53fQw f Fmwy2Mg uvl LZI 11. .'., 5 Q5 b P Tzq 4 .AA, ff at J ,e -.':-. MES- 'wW.,g '---:: :1-. ,Q -'--: '1:"- wma wi -iq - "fri-Sena' .':- 5 Qgyigl l-:I gf,' 2 I S aww Left E2 Right SOPHOMORE CLASS Top Row-L. Hench, R. Nye, J. Lohr, D. Eckstein, A. Manson, D. Rheinbo1t,J. Haynes, V. Gantzler. Bottom Row-Miss Weidemaier, W. McCracken, R. Triplett, B. Butt, N. Burky, S. Norris, P. Butt, B. Laughbaum, L. Allaback. '11 Left to Right FRESHMAN CLASS Top Row-G. Neff, D. McCracken, M. Hanna, A. Dome, C. Flegm, R. Neuman, E. Predmore, J. Haynes, E. Allen, Mrs' petter, Bottom Row-B. Rieman, V. Dick, J. Zaebst, K. Fraser, R. Graham, J. Wilson, J. Pruitt, M. Gullett, M. Brown. 14 , V. X Q .WW r w , , 5 f . . . ,-1.12- 4 f - . "'. ., .. A .K-ki. ' 'D' , '--1 zyliiwi ,f-- 2 Qi Q -1 E , G 1 K A 'fx f' , a 1 31: gag 1- ' i . gg Z, 1 3 ma .I E xii! ,T ., , .,... K b . S!! 6 Q K? EXXWM , M ,gy " 1 .V -- 1 . QQ, rd.-V -A., ., N ' ' !f.',.,. ' ix' A , , . x S V '. , it , ,X -f t - , In ff- It it I L., bali: X QQ ,X X : , ' .. ' zg ' ,S , Q . 4 . k , N-.-1 . ' 3 .. i .1 .. D - - , Q " . EWR? - "' T' fi "" ' 2 J Mn' 'f 1 iff it .. r f 'C ,. .1-.rf D , -.ff .. '.. . ' V,,' 1' ,Q .1 .,-A-UQ '15-f'iw,f1 y " L 4, f . . 1 '49 -:Q . ,inf ' s ,, f :N,i45:- Q Y 'P' M If - A, M P. N' ' f. . -,, 41 , ., ' EQ 6 h 13.12, 5 in . F., 21' " W ' .. 5: .?h.'? W we Q - - Q- -f-Q.. F: r Sw 41- N-,Jew - V35 'Q ' f '- QM - W ' ' ai 1- .K Q, ,,AM" gt l,l ll -, xbm Qg , W .1 -. , , , eff " A " Q t M. I K Q I .W -il ' ' f . ' . ,, Q E2 Ri ht sth Grade Top Row-C. McCracken, R. Nye, P. Amstutz, D. Hench, S. Collins, J. Cahill, R. Crace, H. Branhan, G. Cole, F. Dean. Second Row-H. Buchanan, F. Griffeth, R. Triplett, J. Eckstein, L. Crum, E. Artz, N. Tackett, A. Hibtenhour, D- Rheinbolt. Front Row-M. Crall, R. Smith, M. Gullett, S. Collins, P. Wald- bauer, S. Morrow, M. Sand, Mr. Ward. if-sv 3-fCnh"-'f"""'2f'ffC 7th Grade Top Row - K. Laughbaum, J. Bates, S. Pfleiderer, D. Simpson, G. Bruce, C. Slone, W. Auck, H. Smith. 2nd-Mr. Shupp, V. Frazee, N. Flegm, S. Fauser, S. Miller, M. Cole, B. McKew, J. Gwirtz. Brant Row-G. Tooker, B. McKew, S. Amstutz, C. Branham, C. Kaylor, P. Hipsher, C. Carman, C- Peebles, J. Hanna, M. Gullett. 15 ? 2 'UFUF ga , ',4 ' 1 , 2 ' Y' . -mf .ff 1 if U3 .5 9 fe D :X 5 -,. vi Ji. . Q I ., A JI' 1 I fc. , ,. - 7 Z me ff' ,V H .L ..-.. v,,g:v,' 1 D 5- mf!-l Q ,fiwff eg :.- f Zvi 3 ff: .A-- ' .,.. r ' '- I, I .4 5.2525 TM' , , WW W Q, ,-..v- H -:A ,,:-r 3 r:f ,. 4 if Lwligxj 5.i!lS'ifQQfEE?1b,fQk ,,,n i,AqhiQ ,,,, lst 2nd M. 5rd 4th 6th Grade Row - L. Rittenhour, G. Shull, V, Dick, K. Conley, T. Stober Row - F. Triplett, B. Fry, B. McKew, L. Cover, K, Sands, Pfleiderer, V. Martin, N. Cole, E. Burky, C. Allen Row - R. Neff, D. Hipsher, C. Vanasdale, Mrs. Ervin Row - D. Kaylor, L, Stober, F, Pfleiderer, D. Morrow, J. Ho- gan, F. Pruitt, M. Myers, 0. Vanichek, A. Wenger, P. Phelps .-w.-.2 N,5,,M-Q lst 2nd fm J wt, -Q X... f? W 'Bmw W 3 Q 2.4, , Q. Q V F N? Q' - X 'Ns .. . - 1 .f .... ' ki . AY .,,: . X 5th Grade Dean, H. Frazier ROW - E. Wilson, D. Longnecker, H, Wiley, C. ROW - L. Kaylor, C. Humphrey, W. Cahill, R. Auman, C. Myers, G. Brenham, J. Shatzer, S. Ulmer, B. Collins, S. Artz 3rd Sow - D. Carman, 1, Gullett, E. Dick, M, Waldbauer, D, Am- etutz, B. Flegm, R. Flohr, K, Dudley, Mrs. Wm. Erwin 4th How - J. Marrow, G. Seibert, A. Dome, D. Gwirtz, F. Phelps R . Erfvn, T. Mikael, S. Bruce, M. Collins 16 5'-li : 'ffigff V i,,.LI..,11,:L'4QQ.,I, 7" ?"33i'5fff.Li5'k'v7v7?751i-2TSr'1EZllTCi3'i 'F' L. 'W 'W 'TG 4A mimi - Q 111111, .1 g.m m"'g2': ' QQ., 3, Af' GFI, ' ' ,, '- N 3? V incurs maximum: 5 1 W 'L A mf :W A" ' ug' .wsnlzsmn M' 'N' - h- tg , . Q . - g 4 , - 1' mmnmm f N 1-M , F .N sggmsnuuxu .-"':'.f ,, s' H ' . . VE- V, ' .3'l'2i"'f'if?'F L , 1 v . r 2? A , - -., "W -1. - . Q ., ' ' 1 ' , FQ ,Y-C -. , . R .., ' 4 x.- y .1 2 Q 6i'f-EFSS. ' " " ' "' ' . ' " ' " n 7"..f'13??j1' , 'ff , X 4' 1 W 7 '- 2 5:1235 ' " A ' " 5 5" f ' ' 'K f -of-5""N .- A' " 1 ,- , z ' ' . ., AV, I 1 d,'E5.v' 4 ' , B 1 F Xi, ,,. , .V Y . , V I 5 A ' l 2 V V- D '41 - -' , Q' - -s 4 J 45 7, -Earl. K -.- .5 , f. .....- x , , V, If V ,I Li f rf ' ' N .ft K e ' A 1 Z ' . - .' , 1 ,f . - ,, Z. I Q -i 4 W V V 4 Y L A . . . Q ',I'E5.A VZ! Q I ,-a gk ,Y Y Y. V, I , i fe .. , H "-- ' '-jf: ,ggq !n:Z"L...q L lst row left. to r:Lght-- 4th Grade D. Collins, R. Rhineberger, R. Mills, D. Hiller, S. Norris, L. Bates, M. Allen H. Cole, D. Tooker, C. Green. 2nd row left to right L. Nye, L. Smith, L. Fry, D. Neumann, E. Laughbaum, L. Flegm, R. Bruce, S. Peebles, R. Phelps, K. W. Buskirk. .v"N ---? Q ,1 X a' ' if Agtt s mil 2 f 3rd Grade Front. row- G. Cole, K. Rader, J. Pfleiderer, C. Smith, S. Cover , L. Artz, S. St-aber, D. Fauser, D. Tooker, G. Tackett, D. Allen. Back row- L. Artz, S. Eckstein, R. Triplett, T. Hogan, B. Frazee, C. Martin, D. Dick, B. Dean, L. Snith, J. Vanichek, M. Carey. 17 .W W we mm aww " gf, ffl- V 3?:5'i15"3-E'LIZ-.5115-5-'215?'21f WZ. -'212' 'wb' ' 'M"" " ':':a.::f:1:5s--,,:.,:5:.::1mz4 nw ,gf-,G ' 1 'f' V , , -1.3-5'f'.-:vw-.fr-22 :-..:':s-2-iw mga , A 4 R- N I Q1 5 3 i A Qm my .Wikia za.-::.,Vl::f.: .- V in, E -4 9 3 , y M 4 Wm Q , , K Y 2,395 7 v gf 43.14. ,, , - ' ' . ' Q b 5 4 W ,. -:war M. . -M11 sl' f,ww-Q 1 Agffv Q it Ik ?51y-WH7WW5M1W l ' ff: , . A. . - ' V -'10 2 Lfifff-'f I " -...ff 5 .- 'X '55, f' ,Qi ,' V ' ' H ' fi , , ' 4' , , 3 ,"j'5Eff :" :'. . 5'- Z H 1 I, ,451 .IL ,4 Q A Y A .A an I , I. .. Ia Q V fm. , , 2, A , , , , , .. V ,. I Q .y A Q 1 I, N In 9 -' ' Q 'ff : Y . '. :-1.5, . , -331,- . 1 N if .f I fa ' ' , , 1,2 .gg-g:1r.q.5g. 5 1 . - 5 -,, J, ,. ,, -4 F43 4 . 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Allen - . ,.,.,,.,- K , 4' '-'wif'-.' n-.-1 18 :.g..:. ,mmm . . 5- 1 '4 X' , ACTIVITIES MBAND Tn, 1 X X Gloria Tooker, Violet Frazee, Betty Butt, Becky McKew, Bonnie McKew 19 Iv Y 4 E 1 4 4 1 4 I ! 1 H .Zim wp- ,g. M , -. 1 . Vs' 9 1 . N , J., Jigizibfilv x Y wma. ' A I I' 'SQ Xfzw U BOYS' CHORU 5 fr.:--.. , 'dug b A.: mmmswgly Y? mmmmmw f X mu ral: ma y 1 V numlllssnem ,J .9 .,,,..,,v,.V mmmmmi Mem: - ,1 2 I if 1 x, 1 ll, L lgnssaiiii A M -Q'- 5 .1 W wxmmwm W 2 '71 . 4 . .. ' ' ' 'C "'- " ' mg-sf - H 'C 1 , U X ., ' ,,., , 4 . -"' M.. S fxswsiq. 61.395995 L V Q. 1- " PM ' xMwg'W"'x5 -5 V v ., W. 1 ,- - in , A W ixl, - V -A V , 4 ,. 41- I . ,ict . ,,- 'WW wQf wwf , f f. a ww ' 12,5 1 . ,, ' JQJ iMff ',Qw4wkW+y Q+m gwz, .J , ..,,,v L, 1q .,. V , Q, . x wwvff QQJVA, fvtHi, f '- N Y if 5 QQ. ' "' 7739. ." -'v' . .,.. , i :"f1'fi5:.,: v 5 --.' 4 V. ' V iii Q - 'If """ -, . I "f 5 mx- "M "- . . ' Au 195, min? " ng A-... W A L. 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Cheer Leaders: Patty Crum, Diane Aysh, Batty Butt dmecom i ng 1, r' h -V ,- 3 ., . , ,,,'- QUEEN counw OF HONOR Left to right: Becky lcKew Connie Flegm SHERRY PFLEIDERER snirley Baker, sherry Pfleiaerer, Janet Miller, Rochella Triplett, Marilyn Sand Front: Mary Wilson Z8 .fig .'YLAf:'.1S. Y' .4 I-LIT S .w'kXGman4LQbSQa5SE'fG-kTXR1lERW xv Nix' i i 5 . .W A si mm.: K. ,Q 4 1 Www n:.geE5:3 W 1 , . --,, gp L 15 W- fgafgga by Ni- , 3' I ,, .,,, lyrx I V .XSRA iv 1-kk' ' WN, www, .-A M Q, 1 N , ' ,x.. 4 'H M I ,Q if rl r ?'gi' 3 I Z9 2.55, . W 2 if i W , -I V LV. 31 - 5 I . ' .l , ' Www. Jim . W A A f- Q f - In EQ, ga. A "fn . ff , wh :J WS' F?" A -' . - E If Asif- -' W i 3 , ,Q -.Ve-fa.. ',i25'f-F iii" fpffig, .. .W " X M' ' A- -.A--1 Q I . . . W . . "fm if XX 'X 4 x- flsligi "A: -fwfr -t -- .,.. ' . . A . Y L .,,k. , , .,,.,,xk .V ' Q v mf vw '':e5:E.-:-s:.,:,.:gf':'gf-.,,f,'ff":'-:H-.L , V ' : I , 1 - 2 --R L .,-Plgsiisizi. V I 531. 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BRUCE S H E L B Y MANSFIELD AVE. P I-L5 I2 O 6 B u CY RU S 'VIR 0 N.sANDusKY "INN ST' P I-I. I2 QI I 'ig J- E, IJ A 'V J '1 f' '- f ,I ,f ix 0 f Q9 4 O f V I Ahviaahggaaamawfn1lVViP"95'? ff!4M39 C'MON YOU '54 GRADS, MAKE THAT GOAL! Yes, you'll make your favorite goals come true, if you practice Thrift. For, in the words of Benjamin Franklin, HTF YOU WOULD BE WEALTHY, THINK OF SAVING, AS WELL AS OF GETTINGH. FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS H LOAN ASSOCIATION OF GALION South East Corner Public Square CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLA55 OF H54 IF YOUR WANTS ARE MUSICAL, COME TO CRESTLINE MUSIC SHOP Agency for America's Foremost Band and Orchestra Instruments Jesse French 3 Son Piano and Minshall-Estey Electronic Organs .TTT 54 L' 1,.."l'QL'. .:1,,.,.-.J.',.. .M 1 ,,-KK uri uumnmm uuammnnnHaMW NWN+'f" X' 'W-d'H- H'f- -- mx. E , , AJ., ,, ,., H ,-,,-,Jr ,,- , ., ,V - , . BISHOPLY SOPFEYJ6 ou. co YOUR ALLIS CHALMERS DEALER BISHOP MOTORS YOUR BUICK DEALER ll GRETER3 me WHERE MEN MEET S INE H C. F. LEONHART IRWIN FIKE PHONE-551 PHONE-552 OFFICE PHONE -441 TIRO, OHIO SUNOCO GAS -V OILS GENERAL TIRES CONGRATULATION 5 WITH OUR BEST WISHES TO EACH MEMBER OF THE CLA55 OF lq5I-I- THE THQO WORLD MREMR5. CARL BAKER COIVIPLRTE INSTALLATION AND SERVICE WORK LOSSCREEK FARMS OHIO YORKSHIRES LARGER LITTERS and LESS LARD 4 CARI. A. VICCRA CKE N 3' Y"'1' WW" T " 'A--A: f,y,,-'-'Inf V ,- PFQHLER5 SOHIU SERVICE TIRES - BATTERIES -Accfssomes PHONE-631 TIR0,0HIO WHITEHOUSE HAMBURGER SHOP TASTY SANDWICI-IE5,CI-IILE .ny FRENCH FRIES FOUNTAIN SERVICE OPEN 6A.M-ZAM. -CLOSED .SUNDAY5 62 E. MAIN ST SHELBY, OHIO CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIOR CLASS De Vito Sfudio SHE COMPUNENTS or BARKDLILL FUNERAL HOME ALBERT AND EARL BARKDULL ay 0 ' .II For dear Old Tiro High we'll be, Forever loyal and true to thee. Though the odds be great Or small, Cur Tiro High Red and White They'll never By our school And answer to will win o'er all. our colors call, waver, never fall. we'll always stand, her beckoning hand. Q O , eiha v O , .f ,. . , -omit. 513- ' -i r - . J Z 11 A, i :HTf,:J?,.,,'4 1.52.11 .5 OHIO GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY LIBRARY ACCESSION 531325 1 THE CRONAU CLOTHING CO. SINCE H06 CLQTHINE. POF? MEN QBOY5 NEW WASHINGTON oHno cor4PLmr-:NTS T0 CLASS or wsu BENNETTS GALaoN on-no .J KGEPFER NEW WASHINGTON, o BUCYRUS RESTAURANT One of the Most Modern and Finest Restaurants in Ohio B Oh COMPLIMENT5 OF THE DAILY GLOBE SHELBY, UHI0 LINKS WEST END MARKET THE CLASS OF 5'4- CREST LI NE OHIO COMPLIMENTS OF MARION PRODUCTION CREDIT ASSOCIATION CREDIT - GIVING PERMANENT SERVICE TD FIVE COUNTIES MARIIJN - Monncxw - CRAWFORD - WYANDUT - I-IARDIN 113 E. MANSFIELD STREET BUCYRUS. UHID CONCRETE PRODUCTS, INC. READY MIXED CONCRETE QCEMENT BLOCKS BUILDERS SUPPLIES 220 LINCOLN AVENUE CRESTLINE, OI-IIO PHONE You DAY QR EVENING COMPLIMENTS OF BLIECI-I CORPORATION CRESTLJNEI OT-HO GA LION EARN SUPPLY STORE. cALIoN of-T IO AJ. I-TALLTWTLL JOHN DEERE FARM TOOLS QHARDWARE BUCYRUS TOAD NOYER'S CRESTLINE AUTO WRECKING R. O N T3 LATE MODEL PARTS NEW AND USED W'QiHi'3'WAT""':' 'T' " 4 ' ' W- 1-1'-a Ir-':1x.:4fr-'JW12 i1Qy3v2:5,fg5 ,-,J . 1 I - f ' I, L ,. . L iw Y Complinzezzfs of BOURCEOIS PONTIAC CO. Safes and Service PONTIAC CARS PACKARD INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS I I9 S G bl 5 SI-IELBY OI-IIO SEED FEED GRAIN SI-IELBY EQUITY EXCHANGE LIVESTOCK GASOLINE III7 VVest Main St. SHELBX OI-IIO COMPLIMENTS Paooucues .LIVESTOCK W CoopERATlvEAssocuATzoN A.E.DULL Conzpfimezzts of SHELBY LUIVIBER CO. 1 I 1 I QIEIIIIISIQIIISIIXIC EMIS on IQ COMPLIMENT5 WALL STREET LUMBER CO. PHONE-AIAO6 SHELBY OHIO SI1QIIJyBuiIJ.n9QnJL0QnCO. S Iw QI by O Is I O B LO ROYAL. Dmmonos Gnue PoR'rAeI.E Jewsuzv E N Tvpewnrrens Gnrrs NATIONAL MAILING SERVICE ZI5 HW E. GALION5 LEADING JEWELRY C GIFT 51-nop COMPLIMENTS TO THE CLASS "su" BUUJRU5 TELEGRHPH-FORUM WAGONER IIVIRLEIIENT STORE M9-'CORMICK qt NEW IDEA FARM EQUIPMENT EARIIIALL TRACTORS, EREEZERS C REFRIGERATORS I I H ..m-umm. I-mum: PHONE Zl67l SHELBYOHIO COITIPLHTIENTS Wa'L'Ray Mofor Sales, Inc. PhorIelEOO'l 27-2GIWaInu+ S+. SIfIelby,OhIO CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF HSS FLOWERS FOI? ALL OCCASIONS SHELBY FLORAL CO. SHELBY OHIO THE Elms SHELBY co nq W MAIN STREET WE CARRY our? owm ACCOUNTS FREE DELNEEY PHONE-24751 5HELB'C o QUAY'5 DRUG STORE DPHESSES'-LEE'S FARM SUPPLIES "PRESCRIPTION SPECIAL :STS " GALIQN on-no BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF H54 CLOTHING FOQ MEN AND BOYS FORBETTER VALUES ALNAYSCHDTC THE PEOPLES STORE SHELBY OHIO Al.. 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TYPEHRITERS ADDING mcnmzs OFFICE suuwmewr Bucweus OHIO THE COFFEE SHDP Shelby Ohio THE TREASURE CHEST Us DMS, M87 - T....4... .. W ,, ..-. -:V HoDcaE5,CoAL 6 SUPPLY co INC TRANSIT rvux CONCRETE Buaweres .SUPPLIES PAINT5 femss PLUMBING SUPPLIES 5HELBY 0,410 Tl I HB3 il llnn n- .f....u1' :-'. .wmv A ' ' ' ' CARTER uscmuc C0"'PU"'fNT9 ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR HAOPTPPLOITJC E S S H O P G.E.T EIEVISION "f,x,f'fs -f',g1-Ae. l.....u-wk-11" SLCHARLES KITCHENS IHVVMAINS1. TOR7fj1IgLJREIJfEQ KENNEDY UHL T7 Q ,, ROBINS ONS f-Lowers sne1by'S Finest Mews store -Fgk QBLL ?cca.s,oNsn H E A sh - Manager Dial 65Q1 Cresclme, 0 10 Plwye. 2-7-70' 5'l1eLby 0625 A.J. CONC-RATULATIEJS JOHN or-:ERE C FARM TOOLS gk GALION TABER CO. HARDNARE GALlON,OHl0 Bucynus Ou-no ,S F0553 WAI. LPAPE R FISHEKS Hfxffwffxfgf QNC1 DAIRY Bucv OHIO NEW WASHINGTON OHIO Hen E ! Ql gt!?ECHER SHOES 37 East Main Phone 5-1396 Shelby HHMILTUWS SHOP LJoMeN'S afafomel. 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