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 - Class of 1956

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J ppecanOJ, M5- ■ . v jl C7 7 ■ ■s. i. 0 ' viff lo J -y J ? l J 0 3. 4 ' iH -u k (pi ' 1 rN£CANO£ TIPPECANOE HIGH SCHOOL Tl PP CITY. OHIO JOAN RUBY - Editor BOB NEFF - Business Manager GORDON HONEYMAN - Assistant Editor ANN WHITMER - Assistant Business Manager MR. BECHTOL - Advisor Our Alma Mater Some the blue and gold do cherish. Some the cieam and crimson choose, Ah, but we would rather perish Than the red and white should lose. Oh, the T.H.S. is loyal To her colors all so true, With a spirit rich and loyal When there ' s earnest work to do. We have fought with mind and muscle We have often won the game. Though the captain made us hustle. We enjoyed it all the same. With a record bright with glory With defeat and victory lined. We are here to tell the story Of the red and white entwined. Let us always keep a memory Of our comrades far and near. For they helped us on to victory With a right good will and cheer. There are greater glories surely, In the days that are to be. So we ' ll hold our faith securely Till our ship comes from the sea. Foreword Beyond this page is the accumulation of many hours of hard work by the Canoe Staff and our advisor, Mr. Bechtol. We realize that we can not put into words and pic- tures the grand spirit that belongs to the halls of TIPPECANOE HIGH SCHOOL. This is a goal which is hard to attain in publishing any yearbook. But now our best efforts are behind us, and we present the finished product to you, the student. May it serve as a reminder of the pleasant days spent at TIPPECANOE HIGH SCHOOL. The Canoe Staff Dedication To the woman who makes everybody happy, not only vocal music students but the whole student body as well, we, the Annual Staff, dedicate with true appreciation, the 1956 CANOE to Miss Ann Keppel. I The Choir especially wishes to say " Thanks " for all the free time you ' ve given us in order to make our High School music career more enjoyable. JuNiOR f-llC» y( ««R w i -a ' . ' flflCp r xEk mI fP iA. ' x5 L.,. fc. ' JTr i ' .) J Seventh Grade First row: Edith Sumner, Kathy Clark. Kay Wampler, Jean Palanica, Peggy Tobias, Maxine Cooper, Phil Scherer, Tom Davis, Jim Collier, Joe Earhart, David Layne. Second row: Judy Hines, Joanne Neff, Linda Davis, Carol Comer, Terry Seebach, Karen Perry, Louis Wilson, Keith Willis, Roger Goubeaux, Beverly Rohr, Barbara Loose. Third row: Rochelle Hartrum, Ruth Her, Carol Cain, Joyce Yount, Paula Hermann, Karen Bolner, George Timmer, Fred Cook. Milton Boyce. Fourth row: Mary Pence. Monterra Brown, Sue Kerg, Ann Lukas, Marilyn Magill, Alice Stager, Kaien Snell, Ron Suerdieck. Les Smith, Jackie Matson, Teny Hill. Fifth row: Ellen Vogeler, Kathy Fisher, Karen Herzog, Patty Fennell, Mary S alb, Joyce Price, Mary Brundrett, Karen Goldner. Carol Morrison, Sharon Krieger, Ed Karns. Sixth row: Carol Geeting, Judy Dorsey, Janet Requarth, Barbara Woolery, Vickie Gibbons, Sherry Gray. Susan Fox, Paulette Marcum, Mike Demmitt, Mike Kapke. Seventh row: Gloria Helke, Nancy Bettelon. Arlene Shank, Sally Finch, Carol Dorsey, Betty Studabaker, Paulette Underwood. Sharon Floyd, Linda Wright, Clarence Coleman, Ruth Hornbeck, Bob Miller. Eighth row: Ron Potter, Mary Kyle, Joyce Rogers, Virginia Kerns, Jane Range, Arlene Smith, Mary Johnson, Pam Moser, Becky Moser, David Giesseman. Ninth, row: Dave Motter, Mike Elliott, Ron Davis, Dale Smith, Sharon Taylor, Sharon Cooper, Rita Gray, Betty Honeyman, Randy Elkins. Tenth row: Paul Butts, Mike Grat, Keith Sidler, _ i _ Jon Haber, John Taylor, Charles Little, Doug HPf!IS K:JlVd k H Drewing, Charles Tizzer. r ij nt ftrt . Eleventh row: Dennis Mahaney, Phil Young, - ' --V V v jl Larry Lachey, Mike Brayshaw, Bill Lehart, • ' I ,.— mEw Elden Grice, Tom Nichols, Fred Ear les ' . Iff mT « " " J A jB Rochelle Hartrum President rSI I S jH Milton Boyce Vice President Ifll " m 1 Terry Hill Secretary H M B Fred Conk- •-- Treasurer Eighth Grade First row: Jeff Rittenhouse, Jeff Mohr, Tim Yenny, Willy Cherryhomes, David Holobaugh, Norman Long, Chuck Smith, Doug Jackson, George Schram, Tom Weikert, Susan Lanigan, Beulah Baldwin. Second row: Larry Requarth, Don Noland, David Herr, Leroy Rush, Steve Stocker, Max Cannady, Sue Byrd, Becky Barnhart, Jackie Smith, Jean Matson, Judy Rogers. Third row: Patty Long, Erlene Parsons, Nancy Lehman, Sue Hortely, Ruth EUeman, Rose Helke, Donna Alley, Vicki wnited, Kristol Kindell, Janet Matson. Fourth row: Susan Pearson, Judy Seripan, Jean Dean, Joyce Gumbert, Linda Reach, Kathy Fennell, Sharon Miller, Judy HoU, Charlette Roth, Beverly Glassmeier. Fifth row: Carol Ford, Diane Kreiger, Nancy Brown, Vesta Williams, Sue Knisley, Patsy Coppock, Marsha Griss, Sally Stirgwalt. Sixth row: Charles Huffman, Clarence Brown, Norman Freeze, Jim Clark, Susan Finch, Peggy Manson, Betty Smith, Janet English, Janet Kidder, Joan Kreider, Henrietta Moyers, Carol Barefoot. Seventh row: Justin Klapp, Norman Davis, George Boocher, Dennis Blank, Bill Evans, Glenn Rose, Gene Biset, Roger Karnhem, Barton Beyl, Steve Good, Bruce Littler, Patty Carter, Bob Pearson, Diane Elliot, Jackie Buck, Sue Mitchel, Ted Francis. Eighth row: Larry Gray, Mark Mason. Rex Spencer, Tom Hill, Bob Imler, Mike Windblad, Tom Brundrett, Robert Hornbeck. Ninth row: Billy Dye, Jay Sonnanstine, Gerald Hencly, Ed Boger, Jerry Maxson, Bud Kline, Lee Stockslager. Officers Steve Good President Roger Karnehm Vice President Barton Beyl Treasurer Patty Long Secretary ■ : m-ti " " -ri? Junior High Band First row, left to right; Patsy Coppock, Rodger Kamehm, Susan Peaison, Carol Barefoot, Beverly Keyton, Paula Jensen, Jackie Smith, Judy Holl, Marcia Hill. Second row: Eddie Boger, Kristol Kindell, Rose Helke, Terry Hill, Mary Kyle, Becky Moser, Nancy Bettelon, Judy Serapin, Karen Bolner, Mary Jane Johnson, Joanne Neff, Virginia Kerns, Betty Studebaker, Jane Range, Karen Perry. Third row: Pam Moser, Norman Long, Sharron Cooper, Susan Fox, Carol Morrison, Carol Dorsey, Carol Comer, Sherry Gray, Rita Gray, Barbara Loose, Sue Ann Knisley, Peggy Manson, Joyce Rogers, Linda Wright, Arlene Smith, Marilyn Magill, Ruth EUeman. Fourth row: EldenGrice, Tony Imler, Ted Francis, Barbara Woolery, Jeff Mohr, Ronald Potter, Janet English, Joan Kreider, Patty Long, Sharon Miller, Stephen Stocker, Maxine Cooper, Charles Little, PhillScherer, Larry Lachey, Judy Dorsey, Nor- man Davis, Bruce Littler, Fifth tow: Mike Winblad, David Herr, John Taylor, Butch Demmitt, David Giesseman, Paul Butts, Justin Klapp, Mr. J.M. Day, Director. M a ] o t Back row: Kristol Kindell Paula Jensen Peggy Mason Head Majorette Front row: Carol Comer Jackie Smith Junior High Choir First row, left to right: Nancy Bettlelon, Joan Ktelder, Tim Yenney, Steve Stocker, Mary Pence, Ellen Vogeler, Karen Snell, Rochelle Hartrum, Ruth Her, Norma Spinks, Jean Matson, Diane Brundrett, Milton Boyce, Ronald Suerdieck, Joe Earhart. Second row: Virginia Kerns, Janet English, Patty Fennell, Susan Finch, Judy Rogers, Patsy Coppock, Carolyn Geeting, Karen Bolner, Beverly Rohr Donna Alley, Charlotte Roth, Theresa Seebach, Vicki Gibbons, Judy Dorsey, Susan Fox, Mike Elliott. Third row: Charles Little, John Taylor, Carol Morrison, Kay Wampler, Linda Wright, Joyce Yount, Paulette Marcum, Mary Kyle, Rita Moody, Kathy Clark, Faye Sumnor, Beverly Glasmeier, Janet Requarth, Diane Elliott, Sharon Krieger, Karen Goldner, Linda Davis, Joyce Rogers, Ron Davis. Fourth row: Director Miss Keppel, Doug Drewing, Larry Lachey, Susan Finch, Arlene Shank, Sharon Floyd, Mary Lee Salb, Betty Honeyman, Henrietta Moyers, Sally Sturgewolt, Ruth Hornbeck, Michael Kapke, Michael Graff, Justin Klapp, Phil Scherer, Barton Beyl, Ted Francis, Steve Price. Junior High Cheerleaders PAM MOSER LINDA DAVIS BECKY BARNHART SCHEDULE Tipp 14 Vandalia 30 Tipp 10 Troy 52 Tipp 13 West Milton 43 Tipp 11 Vandalia 15 Tipp 7 Bethel 40 Tipp 14 Randolph 29 Tipp 34 Newton 39 Tipp 2 Forfeit Covington Tipp 24 Newton 17 Tipp 15 Randolph 10 TOURNAMENT Tipp 13 Urbana 29 Tipp 14 Bradford 41 Junior High Basketball First row: Tom Noland, Manager, Fred Cook, Jeff Mohr, Don Noland, Mr. Spencer, Coach, Phil Scherer, David Herr, David Giesseman. Second row: Doug Drewing, Manager, Larry Requarth, Jackie Buck, Elden Grice, Bob Miller, Barton Beyl, Larry Lachey, Jay Sonnanstine, Roger Karnehm, Bruce Littler, Justin Klapp, Manager. Junior High Football .. « V " - ' C5» i1! First row: Managers Dean Webster, Tom Noland, Dave Holobaugh. Second row: Bob Luce, Mike Windblad, Jeff Mohr, Tom Brundrette, Bob Miller, Dick Krieger, Steve Good, Jackie Buck. Third row: Dennis Mahoney, Neal Sonannstine, Jay Soannstine, Larry Requarth, Peter Timmer, David Herr, Don Noland, Bill Kapke, Bruce Littler, Charles Huffman. Fourth row: Keth Willis, Jerry Filbura, Bill Pence, Larry Scamahorn, Ted Rohrback, Dick Car- lile, Mike Barnhart, Don Mohr, Dale Shearer, John Oda, Bob Pearson. Fifth row: Coach Jim Spencer, Joe Ear- hart, Mike Elliott, Mike Kapkie, Louis Wilson, Dave Motter, Tom Nichols, George Timmer, Tim Yenney, Mike Brashaw, Milton Boyce, Coach Marvin Wilhelm. Sixth row: Ed Kams, Ron Suerdieck, Phil Young, Mike Graph, Dave Giesseman, Bob Day, Dennis Zimmerman, Larry Lasche, Rodger Karnehm, Dale Smith, Robert Imler, Phil Scherer, Charles Little. Coaches Vandalia 12 Tipp 14 West Milton 13 Tipp 6 Randolph 27 Tipp 12 Vandalia 7 Tipp West CarroUton 14 Tipp 7 West Milton 6 Tipp 6 MR. WILHELM, MR. SPENCER, MR. SCARBERRY. f fc. ' ' iiiii»Tmii tin iiw Epro :re UpPE1iCLASSIl£ll Officers Karen Webster — President Larry Potts Secretary Don Mohr- Vice President Sandy Strome Treasurer First row: Bruce EUeman, Bob Luce, Larry Potts, Dale Davis, Jim Staup, Larry Magaw, Henry Sumner, Oscar Gray. Second row: John Oda, Bill Pence, Phil Goldner, Dennis Zimmerman, Larry Cook, Charles Vore, Marvin Fox, Peter Timmer, Don Mohr, David Schulte, Dale Senseman. Third row: Becky Dilts, Lois Stark, Barbara Musgrave, Kay Perry, Marjorie Reasor, Marilyn Hepfer, Paula Jen- sen, Sharon Hartrum, Mr. Bechtol, Advisor. Fourth row: Marjorie Westfall, Janice Barefoot, Jean Studebaker, Norma Bowen, Linda Wollenhaupt, Sue Shearer, Joan Talbott, Sue Weaver, Nancy Honeyman. Fifth row: Beverly Jenkins, Esther Wintrow, Louella Tuck, Carolyn Kuntz. Shirley Price, Lizette Sidler, Dorthy Null, Bonnie Travis, Judy Storck, Joyce Evans. Sixth row: Raenel Hornbeck, Dianne Kessler, Janice Collier, Kay Dunnick, Bev Keyton, Judy Neff, Lani Bruce , Sandy Strome, Joan Johnson, Joyce Galyon. Seventh row: Willis Boyer, Jim Monbeck, Marcia Hill, Harriet Littleton. Arlene Reeder, Martha Plummer, Karen Webster. Eighth row: Don Hines, John Baker, Bob Day, Larry Berry, Dan Fritz, Joe Lesher, Curtis Petzoldt, Tom McAdams. Ninth row: Homer Baldwin, Paul Gray, Dan Trupp, Neal Bobo, Ted Rohrback, Mike Barnhart, Tex Hanshaw, John Hildebrand, Bill Passon. Tenth row: Edmond Hicksenhiser, Dick Carlile, Dale Shearer, Jerry Filbrun, Larry Scammahorn, Dick Kreiger, John Halteman. Eleventh row: Bill Kapke, Ken Price, Bill Cramer, Larry Riesser, Neal Sonnanstine, Ken Miller, Roger Crabtree, Jimmy Kister. Officers President Skip Layton Vice President Tom Rodenberg Secretary Margot Olson Treasurer Wayne Earles ¥ " . Sophomores First row: Levi Booher, Ann Smith, Pat Huffman, Linda Magel, Judy Fox, Jo Ann Houser, Wilma Cain. Second row: Wayne Earles, Stan Hatfield, Lloyd Harmon. Joe Ballard, Sam Brown, Mary Louise Holtvoight, Tabert Brammer, Anita Long, Sylvia Eickhoff, John Gillam. Third row: Joyce Briscoe, Carole Neal, Elizabeth Peterson, Marilyn Phillips, Debbie Oren, Penny Krieger, Ann Shearer, Mary Hartley. Neva Neff, Mr. A. Richards. Fourth row: Judy Jenkins. Judy Collins, Jane Home, Helen Tuck, Peggy Vore, Peggy Brenner, Janet Sammons, Sandy Homer, Janet Earhart, Linda Evans. Fifth row: Richard Rohr, Bob Blank, Martin Brown, Dale Boocher. Larry Blank. Mike Prlller, Jim Davis, Bill Miller. Gordon Fulton. Sixth row: Janet Kennedy, Connie Bowers. Darlene Hartley, Carol Diers, Patty Vance. Beverly Stork, Ruth Gilbert. Barbara Ingle, Nancy Goubeaux, Doris Pitts. Seventh row: Dale Butts, Paul Nies. Steve White, Tom Rodenberg, Jon Shaneyfelt, Harold Magaw, Margot Olson, Mary Kay Cannaday, Judy Stum. Eighth row: Gary Himes, Scott Smith, Skip Layton. George Collins, Ron Fritzche. John Moore, Bill Cost. Officers CHARLOTTE EIDEMILLER President GAIL THURMAN Vice President JANICE BOYCE Treasurer DOROTHY YOUNT Secretary r Juni uniors First tow: George Nieman, David Cook, Jay Passon, Bill Sims, Ed Moore, Don Price, Dean Vance. Second row: Bob Price, Richard Franer, Tim Herr, Ed Luce, Bill Gallagher, Mark Mason, Dave Seeback, Harold Hartley. Third row: Wanda Grooms, Annette Friend, Sandra Shearer, Cecilia Stockslager, Patty Stark, Joan Trupp, Judy Trupp, Marthel Elleman, Mary Sprawl, Mr. Berkebile, Fourth row: Nancy Potts. Sandra Woolery, Dorthy Yount, Marilyn Moser, Saundra Koogler, Hanietta Wintrow, Gail Thurman, Barb Butler, Sue Noland, Phyllis Geeting. Fifth row: Pat Hatfield, Carolyn WasHer, Nancy Prince, Charlotte Eidemiller, Ann Whitmer, Brenda Egli, Dixie Phillips, Wilma Reader, Loretta Manson, Anna Waymire, Corrine Her, Sixth row: Russel Magaw, Judy Giesseman, Judy McC and liss, Linda Biser, Carol Riesser, Jackie Collins, Susan Francis, Jane Wilhelm, Karen Holtvoight, Marcia Johns, Doug Kauffman. Seventh row: Dick Warner, Ken Eickmeyer, Larry Miller, Tom Brubaker, Jerry Huntsberger, Dave Travis, Bob Robinson, Terry Rees, Bob Dorsey, Charles Sayre. Eighth row: Dale Sayre, George Snyder, Roger Thomas. Dennis Pearson, Tom Neal, Gordon Honeyman, Wayne Yount. moRs Class History It was September in the year nineteen hundred and forty-four when we, the class of fifty-six passed through the portals of Tippecanoe to begin our formal education. Little did we realize then what the next twelve years had in store for us and what an important role they were to play in our lives. We have all gained many memories which we will remember for a long time. Thirty-three of us have struggled through these years together. They are: Kay Barnhart, Norman Biser, Verna Boocher, August Boyer, Ruth Byrkett, Jerry Clyne, Nodine Cook, Mike Cramer, Dan Davis, Mary Jean Davis, Joe Deam, Larry Detrick, Carolyn EUeman, Nancy EUeman, Larry Harnish, Margy Heffner, Paul Jacobs, Norman Jenkins, Jerry Kerg, Carole Riser, Kenneth Long, Beverly Motter, Bob Neff, Stan Noland, Milton Rayman, Joan Ruby, David Schram, Mike Staup, Miriam Sullivan, Jane Timmer, Jayne Trost, Sally Vote, and Elaine Wells. We were joined in the second and third grades by Dave Glaser from Bowling Green, Vivian Kidder from Hillsboro, and Dan Reasor from Dayton. In the fourth grade as we were gaining knowledge Melanie Brammer hailed from Newton. We were joined in the fifth grade by Zona Bruce from Indiana, Donna Elkins from Texas, and Jim Stone from Dayton. The sixth grade saw us welcoming Don Floyd from Springfield, Dave Harmon from Kansas City, Arlene Kamehm from Piqua, and Ed Wampler from Bethel. Nodine Cook, Treasurer Bob Neff, Vice President Donna Elkins, Secretary Jane Timmer, President As we advanced to Junior High we felt proud to move into the high school building. It was in this year we started having mixed parties, skating parties, and hayrides. We were joined by Bob Hildebrand from Randolph, Betty Jane Petzoldt from Dayton, and Peggy Jo Wright from Concord in the seventh grade. In the eighth grade Paul Mogros came from Northridge (Who left us and then rejoined us in the eleventh grade), and Lon Home who spent the first 5 years with us, returned from Texas. We were really full of enthusiasm as we entered our Freshman year! There was never a dull moment! Our band took a first rating at State contest. Many of our boys became interested in athletics. Linda Gantz, who moved away in her sophomore year was our Freshman attendant. To top this year off, we held our annual class picnic. Ruth Hanshaw came from Kentucky and Karl Musgrave from Elizabeth. We began moneymaking projects as we entered our Sophomore year for our Senior trip to Washington D. C. and New York City. We had our first chicken pot-pie supper, which we continued having through our senior year. Our band again received a first rating at State contest. Donna Elkins was our Sophomore attendant. Barbara Hall joined our class from New York. Our Junior year played a very important part in our school life. The band again received a first rating. We were the first class to hold a dance in our new gymnasium. We had many successful bake sales, paper drives, and dances. Our class play " Who Wouldn ' t Be Crazy? " was also a huge success. Kay Barnhart was our Junior attendant. Joining our class were Richard Gum from Bethel, Rollin Kennedy, Lloyd Moore, and Ragon Moyers from Dayton, Marilyn Lingg from Pennsylvania, and Bob Oren from West Milton. At last--we reached our goal! We were Seniors! We continued having projects and planning for the big trip. Everyone enjoyed our class play " Tattletale. " Our largest project was having a concession stand for all the basket- ball games. Our queen was Kay Barnhart, her Maid of Honor, Arlene Karnehm, and Senior attendant, Jayne Trost. Milton Rayman reigned " King Football. " Now we, the class of nineteen hundred and fifty-six, have ended these twelve years together and will he going in different directions in the world. But we shall never forget the experiences we have had with our friends and teachers at Tippecanoe. CLAUDIA KAY BARNHART Senior Class Play 4; Student Council 2,3; Ensem- bles - Choir 1; Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4; Homecoming Attendant 3; Queen of Homecoming 4; GAA 1,2, 3,4; Cheerleader 1,2,3. LARRY BERNARD DETRICK Student Council 1; Birchbark Staff 4; Spanish Club 2; Football Team 1.2,3,4; Basketball Team 2,3; Inttamurals 3,4; Track 2,3. AUGUST HERMAN BOYER Senior Class Play 4; Intramurals 1. MELANIE LEE BRAMMER Office 3,4; Junior Class Play 3; Student Council 4; Band 1,2,3; Band Ensembles 3; Majorette 1,2, 3; Birchbark Staff 3,4; Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4; GAA 2, 3,4; Cheerleader 1,2; Class Treasurer 1; Glee Club 4. Choir 2,3,4; Ensembles 2. VERNA MAEBOOCHER Office 3,4; Scholarship Team 2; Junior Class Play 3; Band 1,2,3; Band Ensembles 2,3; Coach- horn 3; Choir 1,3,4; Ensembles 2; Birchbark Staff 3.4; Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4; Spanish Club 1,2; GAA 3. 4; Honor Society 4; Class Secretary 2; Glee Club 4. ROBERT LEE HILDEBRAND FFA 1,2,3,4; Intramurals 3,4. NORMAN EDWARD JENKINS Scholarship Team 2,3; Football Team 1,2,3,4; Basketball Team 2,3; Baseball 2. Intramurals 4; Track 2,3,4. ZONA GAIL BRUCE Junior Class Play 3; Senior Class Play 4; Librarian 3; Band 1,2,3,4. Ensembles 1,2.3,4; Chori 1; Ensembles 1,2; Birchbark Staff 3; Tri-Hi-Y 2,3, 4; Latin Club 1,2; Glee Club 4. DAVID EUGENE HARMON Scholarship Team 1,2; Choir 2,3,4; Ensembles 2,3,4; Hi-Y 3,4; Latin Club 1,2; Sports Photo- grapher 3,4; Intramurals 3. ARLENE JOY KARNEHM Office 3,4; Librarian 1; Choir 1,2,3,4; Ensem- bles 1,2,4; Junior Class Play 3; Senior Class Play 4; Birchbark Staff 3,4; Business Manager 4; Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4; GAA 1.2,3,4; Cheerleader 1,2, 4; Honor Society 4; Maid of Honor 4. RUTH ELIZABETH BYRKETT Junior Class Play 3; Senior Class Play 4; Band 1, 2; Ensembles 1,2; Tri-Hi-Y 4; Latin Club, Re- porter 2; Glee Club 4; Dramatics Club, Treasurer 4; Honor Society 3,4; Treasurer 4. MICHAEL BROWN CRAMER Scholarship Team 1,2,3; Student Council 4; Hi- Y 3,4; Latin Club 2; Basketball Team 2,3; In- tramurals 3,4; Honor Society 3,4; Football Sta- tistician 2,3,4; Stage Crew 3,4. ROLLIN LEROY KENNEDY Entered 3; Football Team 4; Basketball Team 3; Intramurals 4; Stage Crew 3,4. CAROLE ANNE KISER Office 2,3,4; Junior Class Play 3; Senior Class Play 4; Student Council 4; Choir 1,2,3,4, Pres- ident 4; Ensembles 1,2,3,4; Annual Staff 4; Senior Editor 4; Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4; Latin Club 1, 2; GAA 1,2,3,4; Secretary 2; Treasurer 3; Honor Society 3,4; Glee Club 1,4. MARILYN LINGG Entered 3. THOMAS RAGON MOYERS Junior Class Play 3; Senior Class Play 4; Student Council 4; Choir 4; Ensembles 4; Hi-Y 3,4; Spanish Club 3,4; President 4; Football Team 3,4; Basketball 3; Intramurals 4; Track 3,4; Glee Club 4. LLOYD WAYNE MOORE Enteied 3; Football Team 3; Intramurals 3,4. BETTY JANE PETZOLDT Office 3,4; Junior Class Play 3; Senior Class Play 4; Band 1,2; Ensembles 2; Choir 1,2,3,4; Libra- rian 3; Accompanist 3,4; Ensembles 1,2,3,4; Birchbatk Staff 2; Tri-Hi-Y 3,4; FHA 1; Honor Society 3,4; Glee Club 4. JOAN RUBY Office 2,3,4; Junior Class Play 3; Senior Class Play 4; Student Council 4; Choir 1,2,3,4; Ensem- bles 1,2,3,4; Annual Staff 1,2,3,4; Editor-in- Chief 4; Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4; Vice President 3; Spanish Club 2; GAA 1,2,3,4; Cheerleader 1; Class Vice President 3; Glee Club 1,4. RICHARD JERALD KERG Spanish Club 1,2; Football Team 2,3,4; Basket- ball Team 2,3,4; Spanish Club Treasurer 2; Stage Crew 3,4. KARL SMITH MUSGRAVE Junior Class Play 3; Senior Class Play 4; Student Council 2,4; Band 1; Choir 1,2,3,4; Ensembles 3,4; Hi-Y 3,4; Chaplain 4; Latin Club 1,2; Var- sity " T " Club 2,3; Homecoming Escort 4; Basket- ball Team 2,3,4; BasebaU 2,3,4; Class President 2; Boys ' State 3; Glee Club 4; Track 1. CLARAS JOHNNIEVE McDOWELL Senior Class Play 4; FHA 1,3; Honor Society 4; Entered 2. JANE ELLEN TIMMER Office 3,4; Junior Class Play, Production Manager 3; Senior Class Play, Production Manager 4; Stu- dent Council 3,4; Band 1; Choir 1,2,3,4; Ensem- bles 1,2; Annual Staff, Typist 3,4; Birchbark Staff 1,2,3,4; Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4; GAA 1,2; Glee Club 4; Class President 4. DAN REASOR Future Farmers of America 1,2,3,4. JUDY CARREEN BRUBAKER » Entered 4; Office 4; Senior Class Play, Prompter 4; Birchbark Staff 4; Tri-Hi-Y 4; GAA 4; Glee Club 4. STAN EDWARD NOLAND Scholarship Team 1; Junior Class Play 3; Senior Class Play 4; Glee Club 4; Hi-Y 3,4; Latin Club 1,2; Football Team 2,3,4; Varsity " T " Club 2, 3,4; Basketball Team 2,3,4; Baseball 1,2; Track 2,3,4. DANIEL PAUL DAVIS Junior Class Play 3; Senior Class Play 4; Choir 1, 2,3,4; Ensembles 2,4; Annual Staff, Advertising Manager 3,4; Birchbark Staff 2,3; Football Team 2; Homecoming Escort 4; Dramatics Club 4; Vice President 4; Intiamurals 1,2,3,4. VIVIAN JEAN KIDDER FHA 1,2; Latin Club 2; GAA 1,2,3. NODINE MAE COOK Office 3,4; Librarian 1; Scholarship Team 1,2; Junior Class Play 3; Senior Class Play 4; Student Council 3,4; Band 1,2; Ensembles 2; Tri-Hi-Y 4; Latin Club, Secretary 2; GAA 1,2,3,4, Honor Society 3,4; Vice President 4; Dramatics Club, President 4; Class President 3, Class Treasurer 4; Glee Club 4. DAVID EUGENE GLASER Football Team 1,2; Intiamurals 1,2,3,4; Vice President of Class 1,2. DONALD SMITH FLOYD Scholarship Team 2; Junior Class Play, Stage Crew 3; Senior Class Play, Stage Crew 4; Stu- dent Council 2,3; Birchbark Staff 3,4; Hi-Y 3, 4; Spanish Club 1,2; Football Team 2,3,4; Var- sity " T " Club 2,3; Basketball Team 2,3,4; Base- ball 1,2,3,4; Intramurals 3,4; Track 3. BARBARA HALL Entered 3. DONNA JEAN ELKINS Senior Class Play, Prompter 4; Student Council 4; Choir 3.4; Secretary 3; Birchbark Staff 3,4; Typ- ing Editor 4; Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4; FHA 1,2, Treas- urer 2; Homecoming Attendant 2; GAA 1,2,3,4, Secretary 3, Vice President 4; Class Secretary 4; Glee Club 4. NORMAN UPTON BISER Junior Class Play, Stage Crew 3; Senior Class Play, Stage Crew 4; Hi-Y 4; Basketball Team 3, Manager 1, Intramurals 1,2. RICHARD LEE GUM Entered 3; Homecoming Escort 4; Intramurals 3,4. MARY JEAN DAVIS Librarian 2; Scholarship Team 1,2,3; Band 1,2, 3,4; Ensembles 2,3,4; Choir 1,2,3,4; Ensembles 2,3,4; Accompanist 4; Tri-Hi-Y 4; Latin Club 1, 2; Honor Society 3,4; Glee Club 4. NANCY ELLEN ELLEMAN Office 3; Scholarship Team 1,2; Junior Class Play 3; Senior Class Play 4; Student Council 4; Band 1,2; Choir 3,4; Ensembles 3,4; Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, President 4; Spanish Club, Vice President 2; GAA 1,2,3,4; Honor Society 3,4; Glee Club 4, JERRY DOUGLAS CLYNE Junior Class Play, Stage Crew 3; Senior Class Play, Stage Crew 4; Band 2,3,4; Hi-Y 4; Intramurals 2. LARRY TREON HARNISH Junior Class Play 3; Senior Class Play 4; Band 1, 2,4; Ensembles 2,4; Choir 3; Spanish Club 1,2; Football Team 1,2,3,4; Baseball 2; Tumbling Team 1,2,3,4; Track 1,2,3,4; Intramurals 2 , 3; CAROLYN ANN ELLEMAN Band 1,2,3,4; FHA 1,2; GAA 1,2,3,4, Ift H a RON WRAY HORNE Senior Class Play 4; Choir 1,2; Hi-Y 4; Tumbling Team 1,2,3; Intramurals 2,3,4. JAYNE KATHLEEN TROST Junior Class Play 3; Senior Class Play, Business Manager 4; Student Council 1,4, Secretary 4; Band 1,2; Choir 1,2,3,4; Ensembles 1,2,3,4; Birchbark Staff 1,2,3,4; Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4; Spanish Club 1,2; Senior Attendant 4; Cheerleader 1,2, 3,4; Honor Society 3,4; Secretary 4; Glee Clu b 4; FFA Sweetheart 4. SALLY ARLENE VORE Scholarship Team 1,2,3; Junior Class Play 3; Senior Class Play 4; Band 1,2,3,4; Ensembles 4; FHA 1,2; GAA 3; Honor Society 3,4; Girls ' State 3. KENNETH EDWARD LONG Student Council 4; Band 1,2,3,4; Vice President 3; President 4; Ensembles 1,2,3,4; FFA 1,2,3,4; Vice President 2; President 3,4, ROBERT LEE OREN Senior Class Play 4; Student Council 4; Birchbark Staff 3,4; Editor-in-Chief 4; Hi-Y 4; Football Team 4; Basketball 3; Baseball 3,4; Intramurals 4; Track 3,4; Junior Class Play, Stage Crew 3; Cafeteria Help 3; Entered 3. MIRIAM LOUISE SULLIVAN Junior Class Play 3; Senior Class Play 4; Choir 2, 4; Latin Club 1,2; Glee Club 4. BEVERLY ANN MOTTER Librarian 2,3; Choir 2; Birchbark Staff 3,4; FHA 2,3,4; GAA 4. EDWARD CLINE WAMPLER Junior Class Play 3; Senior Class Play 4; Hi-Y 3; Homecoming Escort 4; Basketball Team 2; Base- ball 2,3,4; Basketball Manager 3,4; Inttamurals 3,4. MILTON WHITNEY EUYMAN Junior Class Play 3; Student Council 1; Band 1; Hi-Y 3; Spanish Club 2; Football Team 2,3,4; Varsity " T " Club 2,3; Homecoming King 4; Bas- ketball Team 2,3; Class President 1; Track 3; Intramurals 4. PEGGY JO WRIGHT Junior Class Play 3; Band 1,2,3,4; Band Librarian 4; Ensembles 1,2,3,4; Choir 1,2,3,4; Accompa- nist, Assistant 4; Glee Club 4; Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4; Chaplain 8; Dramatics Club 4. ELAINE ELSIE WELLS Senior Class Play, Make-Up Committee 4; FHA 1,2,3. ROBERT KESSLER NEFF Scholarship Team 1,2,3; Junior Class Play 3; Senior Class Play 4; Student Council 4; Band 1,2, 3,4; Ensembles 1,2,3,4; Choir 3; Ensembles 4; Annual Staff 1,2,3,4, Business Manager 4; Hi-Y 3,4; Vice President 3, President 4; FFA 1; Latin Club 2; Honor Society 3,4; Class Secretary 3; Class Vice President 4; Track 3,4; Band Equi p- ment Manager 3. PAUL ARTHUR JACOBS Football Team 2,4; Basketball Team 2,3; Intra- murals 1,4, RUTH HANSHAW Senior Class Play 4; Student Council 3,4; Birch- bark Staff 4; Tri-Hi-Y 3,4; GAA 1,2,3,4; Presi- dent 3,4; Glee Club 4. MARGY JUNE HEFFNER Senior Class Play 4; Choir 1,2,3,4; Dramatics Club 4; Glee Club 4. JOSEPH EDWARD DEAM Office 4; Junior Class Play 3; Senior Class Play 4; Student Council 2,3,4; Choir 2,3,4; Birchbark Staff 4; Hi-Y 3,4; Latin Club 3; Football Team 1, 2.3,4; Varsity " T " Club 2,3; Basketball 2; Base- ball 2,3,4; Basketball Manager 3,4; Intramurals 3,4; Track 2,3,4. DAVID LEE SCHRAM Junior Class Play 3; Senior Class Play 4; Hi-Y 4; Basketball 3; Baseball Manager 1,2; Basketball Manager 2; Intramurals 2,3,4. JAMES EDWARD STONE Scholarship Team 1,2,4; Junior Class Play 3; Sen- ior Class Play 4; Band 1,2,3,4; Ensembles 1,2,3, 4; Annual Staff 4; Hl-Y 3,4, Secretary 4; Latin Club, Vice President 2; Basketball Team 2,3,4; Baseball 3,4; Honor Society 3,4; Class Treasurer 3; Intramurals 3,4. PAUL DAVID MOGROS Junior Class Play 3; Senior Class Play 4. MICHAEL RALPH STAUP Junior Class Play 3; Senior Class Play 4; Student Council 2,3,4, Vice President 3, President 4; Band 1,2; Ensembles 1,2; Choir 3,4; Hi-Y 3,4, Treasurer 4; Spanish Club 1,2, President 2; Foot- ball Team 1,2,3,4; Varsity " T " 2,3; Basketball Team 2,3,4; Track 2,3,4; Glee Club 4; Class Treasurer 2. First row, left to right; Mary Jean Davis, Carole Kiser. Second row: Nodine Cook, Mike Cramer, Sally Vore. Third row: Jim Stone, Bob Neff, Karl Musgrave. CLASS COLORS: Blue and White CLASS FLOWER: Red Rose CLASS MOTTO: " It ' snottiie strength of the gale, but the set of the sail, that determines the way we go I " Senior Scholarship Team Senior Class Good Evening, ladies and gentlemen. We bring you another edition of the new, catchy, amazing Television program, " This is Your Class. " As you know each week we take you to different places all over the world to meet the members of some lucky high school graduating class. The class chosen for tonight is the class of 1956 graduating from Tipp City High School, Tipp City, Ohio. Due to the limited amount of time for our program we show the actual conversation. The members of the class will recognize them and the many other viewers will also enjoy meeting them for the cross- section will provide both variety and humor. First we take you to our cameras in Tipp City where we see some of the class that have settled in the old home town. On your screen now you see Si Jacobs who saw the opportunities at home and has worked his way up from the bottom, he is now sole owner of Jacobs Dairy. Now you see Milton Rayman, the chap who was voted by the class most likely to succeed. He is now starting his tenth year as an apprentice bricklayer. Before you now is Bev Motter and Vivian Kidder. They are co-owners of the Honey Creek Yacht- ing Club. You now see the buildings of good old THS and who should be coming out the front door but Lloyd Moore and Richard Gum. Lloyd is head of the English department, and Richard ' s specialty is Social Studies. The ivy covered home in the deepest part of that woods now on your screen belongs to the former Verna Boocher. Some of our watchers may recognize her as the world ' s greatest woman coon hunter. That cosy cottage you witness now is the home of the former Betty Jane Petzoldt. Betty is a graduate of the college of Matrimony, she has her MRS. degree. There is one of the class inventors, Arlene Karnehm. She has spent most of her time trying to get a patent on the set of blinds she has perfected for front porches. Yes, for those familiar with the sunoundings you will recognize the Tipp swimming pool. There standing on the side is Mike Staup and Bob Oren. It seems after all these years they finally have found their kind of a girl. While skin diving in the pool they found a mermaid. There is Bud Boyer, I understand he has just opened his pencil repair factory. To the left of your screen now the couple walking toward you is Jerry Clyne and his wife, the former Barbara Hall. They are now meter readers at the cemetery, night shift. We are sorry to announce that two members of the class were unable to be reached. Stan Noland, alias " Knobby Knees " who took the wrong turn at a track meet last week and hasn ' t been found yet. Dave Harmon was also unable to be reached. He is recovering in the hospital from his latest experiment with gun powder. As we travel slightly to the South we reach Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, there coming down the gangway after a beautiful landing is Elaine Wells and her co-pilot Marilyn Lingg. They are now shaking hands with Air Force officials. It seems they are the first women to break the sound barrier. Also in Dayton we see the home of Joe Deam now manager of the famous Yankees. His Boy Scout troop No. 29 has won the city championship for three years in a row. As we travel on down the street we meet Dan Davis. We see he is finally making his mark in show business. He quotes Shakespeare between acts at the Mayfair Burlesque Theatre, in which Miriam Sullivan and Peggy Jo Wright are starring. Then as leaving Dayton still scanning the city limits, who should pass our mobile unit but Patrolman Dave Schram. He has just set a new record for pick- ing up speed violators, 596 in a single month. We switch you now to our cameras in New York City. Prophecy Here in New York we will see some of the classmates who have gone into show business, they have all con- gregated in the main room of the Stork Club. There in the fat corner of the room is our famous McGuire Brothers Ragon " Phyliss " Meyers, Robert " Chris " Neff, and Karl " Dotty " Musgrave. They will appear on the Arthur God- frey Talent Scout Show Monday night. Let ' s all root for them for this is their fifteenth try. Now performing for our guest is the latest addition to the Ed Sullivan show, Paul Mogros, with his steel guitar, also his dancing hula girls, Sally Vore and Margy Heffner. Sitting together at the far table is Nodine Cook, Jayne Trost, Judy Brubakei and Carolyn EUeman, Nodine is now head joke writer for the George Gobel Show. Jayne has just lately received a golden record for her recording of the romantic ballad, " When It Rains Banana Peels, I ' ll Come Slipping Home To You. " Judy and Carolyn though not in show business are quite well known. Judy is now a famous New York attorney, her specialty is divorce cases. Carolyn is the first woman to go over Niagra Falls in a barrel success- fully. We switch you now to Detroit the city known for the manufacture of cars. There before you is the large Ford Plant. Ed Wampler now employed here spends his hours shoveling worms to feed the " Thunderbirds. " We see some of our classmates touring the plant. There ' s Nancy Elleman, she is noi physical education director at West Point. Also with the group touring the plant is Ken Long and Sis Btammer. It must be some sort of publicity stunt. As you know Ken is chairman of the Democratic Convention to be held in July, he must be campaigning for Sis his candidate for the Presidential Nomination. Melanie is the first womai to ever run for this high office. Following them is Sis ' s chaffeur and chief mechanic, Dave Glaser. He keeps hei limousine in tip-top shape. We now jump to Harvard University. That distinguished looking gentleman lumbering down the steps of the main library is Buck Kennedy, he is professor of physics here at Harvard. He now stops to talk to Larry Derrick and Larry Harnish. Detrick was a member of last year ' s Olympic team. He is running the mile in two minutes and two and seven tenths seconds. Harnish has won world recognition as a psycho logist and an authority on hypnotism. He and his assistant Donna Elkins are plugging his latest book, " The Power of Negative Thinking. " From here we travel to Chicago where we visit Kay Bamhart, sole owner of the Jet Black Hair Dye Company. Kay is chatting with Joan Ruby a visitor to her factory along with Dan Reasor and Bob Hildebrand. Joan just won the weight lifting title in her heavyweight class. Dan and Bob are co-owners of the Chicago stock yards. They said they have just received a shipment of longhorns from the Lone Star Ranch owned by Ron " Tex " Home. He has turned out to be one of the biggest bull exporters in the southwest. We travel to the South to visit the home of a southern gentleman and large plantation owner, Jim Stone. Jim used his plantation to raise alligators for ladies ' handbags. He is having a lawn party. Some of his guests have come from miles around to be there, Jane Timmer successor to the famous coal mining boss, John L. Lewis, now president of the United Coal Workers Union, came all the way from West Virginia. Zona Bruce is trying to match up some of the guests. She is the newly elected national president of the Lonely Hearts Club. Oh! Here comes Ruthe Byrkett famous hair stylist, she is modeling her latest cut. It is called a " Crewcut Cutie. " Also at the party having just returned from her fifth trip to Reno is Carole Kiser. They say variety is the spice of life. From the looks of things she may add a sixth husband to her list. We hate to leave this happy group but we must move on to Hollywood, California. Here Ruth Hanshaw and Johannieve McDowell are employed by MGM studios to teach the Hollywood stars to talk with a southern accent. The class of 1956 has produced two scientists, ike Cramer who is commando of the earth ' s first space station on Mars and Mary Jean Davis, Mary Jean lives atop a secluded mountain peak in the rockies working in her laboratory. She is the first female scientist to trisect the atom. We now go by plane to Nome, Alaska where we visit the cozy igloo of Norman Jenkins the United States first six star general of the army. Now hop scotching the world for classmates. London, we see Rev. Jerry Kerg delivering one of his inspiring religious messages to a crowd of mist drenched Englishmen. To France where Don Floyd, the world renowned architect, has finally found a way to straighten the Leaning Tower of Pisa. His revolutionary idea is to sink the other side. As our program comes to a close we take one final hop to the Belgium Congo, there we see Norman Biser, he has just returned to his African hut after his long trip to a secret destination across the seas where he discovered a new continent called Bisartica. We leave you now as the natives drag Norman away into the sunset. We hope we have served to enlighten you about the former class of 1956. Doesn ' t eleven years make a difference? cr Who Wouldnt Be Crazy F ' Cast RAGON MOYERS -- Pluribus NODINE COOK Pendie BETTY JANE PETZOLDT Miss Lavelle JIM STONE -- Mr. Higgins MDCE STAUP Mr. Marshall JOE DEAM Jack Marshall RUTH BYRKETT Lois Meredith MILTON RAYMAN Reggie MorUmer JAYNE TROST Inmate 1 LARRY HARNISH Inmate 2 JOAN RUBY Evelyn Winslow STAN NOLAND Edward Gordon CAROLE KISER -- Beatrice ARLENE KARNEHM Marjorie NANCY ELLEMAN Janet BOB NEFF McCafferty ED WAMPLER -- Inmate SALLY VORE Inmate ' pEGGY JO WRIGHT Inmate MIRIAM SULLIVAN Inmate u n m I o r C I a s s P I a y (•(• Tattle Tale ' ' Cast Patty NODINE COOK Mrs. Blaine BETTY JANE PETZOLDT Mr. Blaine DAN DAVIS Isabel JOAN RUBY « Artie JOE DEAM Ida May JOHANNIEVE McDOWELL Tod BOB OREN Paul Cummings RAGON MOYERS Mr. Nixon RON HC»NE Mrs. Nixon MARGY HEFFNER Miss Wiggam - Walt Kennedy - Louella Monica Barney Mr. Whittaker Mr. Bixley - - Mrs, Lorimer - Hetty Heaton - Quiz - KAY BARNHART MIKE STAUP - -RUTH BYRKETT ARLENE KARNEHM - - STAN NOLAND JIM STONE BOB NEFF MIRIAM SULLIVAN - - CAROLE KISER - NANCY ELLEMAN Students ED WAMPLER - DONNA ELKINS RUTH HANSHAW - KARL MUSGRAVE SALLY VORE Senior Class Play " DOWN WITH EMINTRUDE " THE BLAINE FAMILY " TILL I WALTZ AGAIN WITH YOU! ' " WHOOPS! ' MANAGER AND DIRECTOR Last Will and Kay Bamhart, will my blond hair to Mr. Spencer. Melanie Brammer, will my ability to graduate my boy friend in his senior year to anyone who needs it. Norman Biser, will my government ability to my sister Linda. August Boyer, will my pencils to Gene Biser. Vema Boocher, will my long legs to Sandra Shearer. Judy Brubaker, will my ability to spike volleyballs to Peach Washer. Zona Bruce, will my name. Zona, to Mr. Pirl to name a new bug. Ruthe Byrkett, will my Miami sticker to Mr. A. Richards. Jerry Clyne, will my intelligence to Gene Biser. Mike Cramer, will my excess poundage to Justin Klapp. Dan Davis, will my ability to jitter-bug to any- one who hates dancing. Mary Jean Davis, will the privilege of being the only girl in Physics to Nancy Prince. Joe Deam, will my ability to get in the theater free to Justin Klapp. Larry Detrick, will my ability to fix flat tires to Dennis Pearson and Ken Eickmeyer. Donna Elkins, will my years of historical know- ledge to Tabert Brammer. Carolyn EUeman, will my ability to keep quiet to Nancy Prince. Nancy EUeman, will Rog Tnomas to Carolyn Washer for safe keeping. Don Floyd, will my ability to fumble a football to Mark Mason. Dave Glaser, will my 1950 Olds Holiday to the school to run their errands. Dick Gum, will my car to Hambone, so he can get over to Tipp more often. Barbara Hall, will my government notes to Sue Noland. David Harmon, will my motorbike to anyone who ' s in a hurry to get somewhere. Larry Harnish, will my ability to keep quiet when the situation calls for it to certain members of the senior class. Margy Heffner, will my laugh to Marilyn Moser. Bob Hildebtand, will all study halls back to the teachers. Arlene Kamehm, will my cheerleading ability to Wayne Yount. Rollin Kennedy, will my height to Ed Luce. Jerry Kerg, will my " specs " to Ron Fritche so he can see all the pretty girls. Vivian Kidder, will my second year shorthand book to Peach Washer and all other unsuspecting Juniors taking shorthand. Carole Kiser, will my free season pass to all the " Clncy " football games next year to Mr. Wilhelm. Jim Stone, will my Marilyn Monroe scrapbook to Skip Layton so he can en joy reading something be- sides the sport pace. Testament MarilynLling, will my black hair to Loretta Man- son. Kenny Long, will anything I have to anyone who thinks he can use it carefully. Johannieve McDowell, will my Southern accent to Janice Collier. , Paul Mogros, will my government book to Tom Brubaker to guard it with his life. Lloyd Moore, will my managing ability to " little " Warner. , Beverly Motter, will my locket back to the termites. , Ragon Moyers, will the " goon " part of my nick- name Ray-goon to Roger Thomas. , Karl Musgrave, will my basketball ability to " Tweedy " Hiesser. , Bob Neff , will all my special abilities to everyone. ( Who can use them). , Stan Noland, will my Ohio Wesleyan pennant to Mr. Spencer. , Bob Oren, will my ability to be with the right girl at the wrong time to Skip Layton. , Betty Jane Petzoldt, will any key of the piano that will fit the lock to the teachers ' hard hearts when it comes to homework. , Milton Rayman, will my outstanding ability to study to " Ace " Warner. , Dan Reasor, will my farming ability back to Mr. Streuwing. , Joan Ruby, will my alarm clock to Nancy Prince so she can get to school on time. , Dave Schram, will my ability to study for Mr. Spencer ' s test at the Northmoor to all the Juniors. , Mike Staup, will my ability to have dates to my brother, Tony. , Miriam Sullivan, will the government to Mr. Spencer because he is the only one that under- stands it. , Jane Timmer, will my big mouth to Gail Thur- man for future use in her Senior year. , Jayne Trost, will my ability to see the scoreboard without my glasses to Gail Thurman. , Sally Vore, will Mrs. Falzera life size picture of Liberace to hang over her bed. , Ed Wampler, will Mr. Spencer ' s tests back to the Juniors. , Elaine Wells, will my red plaid knee socks to Mr. Spencer to wear to the basketball games. 1 Psggy Jo Wright, will my ability to get to school on time to my sister Linda. , Mr. Spencer, will the whole darn bunch of Seniors out of here I And good luck to all of you! , Ron Home, will all Mr. Spencer ' s remarks about my girl and me back to him. , Paul Jacobs, will my pool playing ability to any- one who ' d like to make some easy money. , Norman Jacobs, will my brain to the Tippecanoe science department for future study. , Ruth Hanshaw, will my ability to get along with the Trov eirls to Barb Butler. Our Prom of ' 55 ' ' Stork Club " « • »• • ' V. " ♦• • • Senior Snaps OMINISTMTtOW Superintendent Mr. L T. Ball Class of 1956: Congratulations. And may your Commencement Season be a joy- ful one. We hope that you have come to know that education has no end no matter what path we choose, whether school, or shop, or farm. Someone has said that " Education is an endless journey toward the good, the beautiful, and the truth; an eternal becoming something better. " The direction of your journey will be determined by the values you place on things and experiences. It is our hope that you will choose well and press forward with an enthusiasm, determination, and a self-assurance that will stem the cross-winds below the horizon. For: " Tis the set of the sail And not the gale That determines the way we go. " Principal We always like to take this opportunity to say good-bye and good luck to the graduating seniors. We hope you will always strive to do the job at hand to the best of your abiUty; and that you will pursue this through life in all of your endeavors. We would like also to say to the rest of the stu- dents: " Have you met your responsibilities this school year with the very best that is in you? " If you can ' t answer this question with a positive reply - you ' re really missing out on things. Don ' t forget the habits you ' re forming now are going to be a part of you for many years to come. Why not take the time, while you are at it, to form good strong positive habits? This is your life - Make it a good one! Robert Ritchie Mr. Kitctiie Puit i o-L Board of Education Mr. Kessler, Clerk; Mr. Coppock, President; Mr, Finch, Mr. Lachey, Mr. Black, Mr. Kreider, Vice President; Mr. Ball, Superintendent; Mrs. Milner, Mr. Kyle. MR. PARRISH MISS KEPPEL Ha. A, He 9, M u s i c C h o i r S o c i a 1 S t u d i e s 11 12 MR. DAY MR. SPENCER P h y s i c a 1 E d P h y s i c a 1 E d MISS CAPPEL MR . WILHELM m di ■ Mil, V r mf 1 JHHP i V e r f i s g E ■ d J __ A.iii ■ m m mmmtgKM MR. PIRL S c i e n c e 10 11 12 MR. A. RICHARDS MR. R. RICHARDS • »»X» H i s t o r y MISS KING MISS BRODBELT MRS. BALZER G e n B u s i n e s s P a n i s h 10 MRS. DODDS MR. SCyVRBERRY M a t h MISS COX MR. BERKEBILE M a t h 9 10 11 12 11 12 m MR. BECHTOL MRS., MICHEAL MR. STREWING MRS, BROWN L i b r a r i a n V o c A g t i c u 1 t u r e I n d u s t r i a 1 A r t s MRS. SYNDER S e c MR. ARVEY Cooks Mrs. Miller Mrs. Genslinger Mrs. Retter Mrs. Shoop Mrs. Coddington Office Girls MR. RITCHIE 6 »» f iit First row: Nancy Prince, Arlene Karnehm, Gail Thurman, Mr. Ritchie, Pat Huffman, John Oda, Ann Whitmer. Second row: Betty Jane Petzoldt, Joan Ruby, Jane Timmer, Carole Kiser, Judy McCandliss, Verna Boocher, Sis Brammer, Carolyn Washer, Charlotte Eidemiller. Office Girls MR. NETZLEY First row: Judy Brubaker, Loretta Wintrow, Mary S prowl. Second row: Sandra Shearer, Jane Home, Mr. Netzley. Librarians Susan Lanigan Barbara Engle Ruth Gilbert JoAnn Houser Gerald Hensley I? m 1 iMB. Win 1 HI mkm ' fm Sfopts Seniors MIKE STAUP Right End BOB OREN Left End RAGON MOYERS Right End BUCK KENNEDY Tackle LARRY DETRICK Tackle DON FLOYD Quarterback JERRY KERG Left End NORMAN JENKINS Halfback 4 2t p q LARRY HARNISH Fullback JOE DEAM Guard MILTON RAYMAN Fullback STAN NOLAND Center ' ' -vT " - r _ i. Varsity Football First row: Mr. Arvey, Line Coach; Dale Sayre, Dale Butts, Tim Herr, George Collins, Bob Robinson, Phil Goldner, Harold Hartley, Mr, Richards, Head Coach. Second row: Milton Rayman, Larry Harnish, Mike Staup, Ken Eickmeyer, Richard Warner, Stan Noland, Joe Deam, Roger Thomas, Jeny Kerg, Don Floyd, Norman Jenkins. Third row: Ron Fritzche, Larry Miller, Ragon Moyers, Don Price, Buck Kennedy, Jerry Huntsberger, Bob Oren, Mark Mason, Dennis Pearson. Coaches Head Coach, MR. A. RICHARDS Line Coach, MR. A. ARVEY Schedule Convington 18 Tipp 6 L. Randolph 6 Tipp 13 L. Vandalia 45 Tipp 13 L. Oak wood 14 Tipp 6 L. W, Milton 7 Tipp 13 L. Eaton Tipp 31 L. Madison 12 Tipp 20 L, W. Carrollton 13 Tipp 13 Tecumseh 12 Tipp 34 Homecoming Court Juniors - CAROLYN WASHER and DOUG KAUFFMAN Seniors - JAYNE TROST and KARL MUSGRAVE Queen ' s Escort - RICHARD GUM Maid of Honor - ARLENE KARNEHM and ED WAMPLER Sophomores - JOYCE BRISCOE and MARTIN BROWN Freshmen - JOAN JOHNSON and BILL CRAMER Queen - KAY BARNHART King - MILTON RAYMAN Snaps i t ' ! STAN NOLAND 4! SKIP LAYTON KARL MUSGRAVE i: MIKE STAUP JERRY KERG ( l-r JERRY HUNTSBERGER JIM STONE in TT ' " P Varsity Basketball First row: Ed Wampler, Manager; Mr. Wilhelm, Coach; Joe Deam, Manager. Second row: Jerry Huntsberger, Jim Stone, Don Floyd, Stan Noland, Mike Staup, Jerry Kerg, Ron Frltzsche, Skip Layton, Karl Musgrave. SCHEDUI Tipp 41 Troy 60 Tipp 55 Covington 48 Tipp 43 Bradford 44 Tipp 50 Newton 52 Tipp 68 Franklin Monroe 71 Tipp 47 Kiser 69 Tipp 56 Miami Central 72 Tipp 50 Randolph 69 Tipp 54 Tecumseh 84 Tipp 41 Vandalia 63 Tipp 52 Bethel 78 Tipp 40 Oakwood 56 Tipp 45 West Milton 50 Tipp 41 Eaton 52 Tipp 33 Miami Central 91 Tipp 60 Madison 51 Tipp 58 West CarroUton 76 Tipp Miamisburg ED WAMPLER - Manager MR. WILHELM - Coach JOE DEAM - Manager Reserve Basketball Freshman Basketball Reserve Team Left to right: Gary Himes, Tom Rodenberg, Ken Eickmeyer, Ted Rohrback, Dave Travis, Dennis Pearson, Dick Warner, Phil Goldner, Mark Mason, Wayne Earles, Mr. Richards, Coach. 1955- -56 Season Troy 36 Tipp City 27 Covington 40 Tipp City 34 Bradford 35 Tipp City 33 Newton 40 Tipp City 38 Franklin Monroe 46 Tipp City 40 Kiser 47 Tipp City 33 Miami Central 33 Tipp City 48 Randolph 55 Tipp City 44 Tecumseh 44 Tipp City 36 Vandalia 36 Tipp City 41 Bethel 43 Tipp City 41 Oakwood 38 Tipp City 35 West Milton 37 Tipp City 34 Eaton 54 Tipp City 33 I Coaches Reserve Coach, MR. A. RICHARDS Freshman Coach, MR. A. ARVAY 1955-56 SEASON ( continued ) Miami Central Madison West CarroUton 35 51 58 Tipp City Tipp City Tipp City 39 43 37 Freshman Team First row, left to right: Ken Miller, Manager; Rick Carlile, Bill Cramer, Willis Boyer, Donny Mohr, Dave Schulte, Pete Timmer, Manager. Second row: Dale Senseman, Neal Bobo, Larry Riesser, Neal Sonnanstine, Ed Hickenhiser, Tex Hanshaw, Mr. Arvay, Coach. 1955- ■56 SEASON Vandalia 28 Tipp City 2 26 Bethel 34 Tipp City 20 Troy 42 Tipp City 21 Randolph 34 Tipp City 19 West Milton 34 Tipp City 33 Newton 35 Tipp City 21 Vandalia 27 Tipp City 20 Newton 29 Tipp City 26 Troy 48 Tipp City 25 Randolph 32 Tipp City 29 Covington Tipp City 2 Cheerleaders Cheerleaders Left to right: KAREN WEBSTER SANDY STROME MARILYN HEFFNER Tipp Cheerleaders Left to right: Jayne Trost, Gail Thurman, Arleae Kamehm, Aan Whitmer, Judy Giesseman, Carolyn Washer. Go Devils Go Fight! a n o Track First row, left to right: Norman Biier, Norman Jenkins, Be Oren, Roger Thomas, Mike Suup. Second row: Dave Travis, Dennis Pearson, Milton Rayman, Jerry Kerg, Jerry Huntsberger. Ragon Moyers. Third row: Mr. Richards, Coach; Sun Noland, Larry HamiA, Joe Deam, Richard Warner. Baseball First row, left to right: Skip Layton, Ronnie Fritzche, Tommy Noland, Jerry Huntsberger, Jim Stone. Second row: Mark Mason, Don Floyd, Karl Musgrave, Mike Staup, Bob Oren. Third row: Mr, Wilhelm, Coach; Ed Wampler, Tom Neal, Joe Deam. Tumbling Team First row: Sam Wampl er, Mike Winblad, Justin Klapp, Mike Briscoe, Charles Vore. Second row: Gordon Fulton, Larry Evans, Larry Messer, Phil Hyatt, Mr. Parish. Third row: Jim Webb, George Neiman, Harold Hartly, Tom Neal. Up and Over! m 1 Be Careful! MCMIZATIOHS The Canoe First row, left to right: Karen Webster, Jane Timmer. Tim Herr, Larry Lachey, Joan Kreider, Pam Moser. Second row: Bob Neff, Steve Good, Joan Ruby, Gordon Honeyman, Ann Whitmer, Jim Stone, Carole Kiser, Steve White, Dan Davis, Tabert Brammer, John Oda. GORDON - Assistant Editor MR, BECHTOL BOB and JOAN ANN - Business Manager JIM - Senior Editor CAROLE - Senior Editor TIM - Artist DAN - Advertising Manager JOHN - Miscellaneous Editor KAREN - Fine Arts Editor STEVE - Sports Editor TABERT - Circulation Editor JOAN, STEVE, PAM. LARRY " Staff Cut-Ups " MR. BECHTOL Advisor JANE - Typist JUDY - Typist Staff First row, left to right: Susan Pearson, Tina Snell, Mary Lou Dunnick, Tony Staup, Dot Yount, Judy Giessimaii. Second row: Patty Long, Joan Johnson, Ruth Hanshaw, Judy Brubaker, Rog ' ' - ' ' Thomas, Virginia Kerns, Joe Deam, Joyce Rogers, Larry Detrick, Judy Neff. The Birchbark - 4f. %£ UNi ' SM ptv ' ' a ' ' ' ° ' Editor .K ». " N " .sv " Choir TENORS: Mike Barnhart, Bill Cost, Bill Crammer, Gordon Ful- ton, John Gillam, John Halteman, Lloyd Harmon, Don Mohr, Ragon Moyers, Tom McAdams, John Oda, Larry Potts, Charles Sayte, Jim Staup. BASSES: George Collins, Dan Davis, Joe Deam, David Har- mon, Harold Hartley, Tim Herr, Ed Hicksenhiser, Gordon Honeyman, Ron Home, Jerry Huntsberger, Doug Kauffman, Bill Miller, Larry Miller, Jim Mon- beck, Karl Musgrave, Tom Neal, Ted Rohrback, Dale Senseman, Dale Shearer, Mike Staup, Steve White. Officers President CAROLE RISER Vice President RAGON MOYERS Secretary GORDON HONEYMAN Treasurer - DONNA ELKINS Librarian PENNY KRIEGER ■- o.. r | n. , SOPRANOS: Verna Boochet, Janice Boyce, Sis Brammer, Judy Collins, Sylvia Eickhoff, Charlotte Eidemiller, Don- na Elkins, Pat Hatfield, Margy Heffner, Judy Jenkins, Marsha Johns, Arlene Karnehm, Carole Kiser, Penny Krieger, Carolyn Kuntz, Arlene Reeder, Joan Ruby, Miriam Sullivan, Gail Thurman, Jane Timmer, Jayne Trost, Carolyn Washer, Anna Waymire, Esther Wint- row. ALTOS: Norma Bowen, Tabert Brammer, Jackie Collins, Mary Jean Davis, Brenda Egli, Nancy EUeman, Karen Holtvoight, Judy McCandliss, Carol Neal, Neva June Neff, Elizabeth Peterson, Wilma Reeder, Carol Reisser, Sandra Shearer, Mary Sprowl, Joan Trupp, Judy Trupp, Ann Whitmer, Linda WoUenhaupt, Sandra Woolery, Peggy Jo Wright, Dorothy Yount. Mixed Ensemble Director: MISS ANN KEPPEL Accompanish: BETTY JANE PETZOLDT First row: Tom McAdams, Charles Sayre, George Collins, David Harmon. Second row: Charlotte Eidemiller, Jayne Trost, Sandra Shearer, Mary Jean Davis. Piano: Peggy Jo Wright. Freshman Ensemble m 1 I I — r-a Sophomore Ensemble Junior Ensemble Senior Ensemble lipp loppers Girls ' Glee Club -fritifiiflrliJjii l tfiiiiifL, ;. i j. « ii .iy.jii i ' .ir. i r. i V. i ' ' ' ' ■Vi.iili.i.i ' Boys ' Glee Club ' .) ' Ajf. ' i }.i . ' f. ' . ' ;f. 1. ' ■ ' . ' ■ " ' ■ ' ■ ' • " ' ■ ' ■ ' ■ ' ' A T . ' . ' ' . ' . ' " ' . ' . ' - ' ' . ' . Rj vite . " m ' ' v ' fi iv. j8 iL. HkH 1 " . H B I IK p FLUTES Jaaet Earhart Zona Bruce Tabert Brammer Karen Webster Arlene Reeder Joan Trupp Judy Trupp Joan Johnson Kay Dunnick Dianne Kesslei OBOE Russell Magaw Linda WoUenhaupt ALTO CLARINET Mary Hartley BASS CLARINET Sally Vore BASSOON Sandra Shearer B CLARINET Jim Stone Mary Jean Davis Marthel EUeman Barbara Butler Ted Rohrback Susan Francis Margot Olson Judy Storck Loretta Manson Judy Fox Marjorie Reasor Sandra Strome Jean Studebaker Officers First row, left to right: Peggy Jo Wright, Librarian; Patty Huffman, Historian; Kenny Long, President. Second row: Susan Francis, Secretary-Treasurer; Teny Rees, Vice President; Marilyn Phillips, Historian. ALTO SAXOPHONES Anita Long Patty Huffman Judy Jenkins Marilyn Phillips TENOR SAXOPHONES Nancy Goubeaux Jerry Clyne Judy Neff BARITONE SAXOPHONE Terry Rees Bob Price SOUSAPHONES George Schram John Oda HORNS Jackie Collins Carole Neal Don Mohr Judy Rogers TROMBONES Tom Rodenberg Bruce EUeman Skip Lay ton Larry Harnish Bill Gallagher PERCUSSION John Roberts John Moore Chuck Smith John Gillam CORNETS Bob Neff David Schulte Kay Perry Peggy Jo Wright Dale Senseman Doug Jackson Neal Bobo Carolyn EUeman Marilyn Hepfer BARITONES Kenny Long Steve Good Elizabeth Peterson Woodwind Quintet Left to right: Zona Bruce, Linda WoUenhaupt, Mary Jean Davis, Jackie Collins, Sandra Shearer, Band Ensembles Tipp Majorettes Left to right: Judy Fox, Barbara Butler, Joan Trupp, Karen Webster, Judy Trupp, Tabert Brammer, Carole Neal. Rock n Roll Let ' s Dance! Dramatics Club Kneeling, left to right: Penny Kreiger, Marilyn Moser, Nancy Elleman. First row: Dick Franer, Bill Cost, Miss Brodbelt, Advisor; Steve White, Ruth Byrkett. Second row, standing: Cecelia Stockslager, Peggy Jo Wright, Margy Heffner, Judy Collins, Nodine Cook, Judy Fox, Judy Jenkins, Dan Davis, Ed Luce. f f President NODINE COOK Vice President DAN DAVIS Secretary MARILYN MOSER Treasurer RUTH BYRKETT Student Council Representative BILL COST Publicity Chairman PENNY KRIEGER Student Council FirsLrow, left to right: Mike Barnhart, Stan Hatfield, Dave Giesseman, Chuck Smith. Rex Spencer. Second row: Rochelle Hartrum, Linda Davis, Joann Houser, Mike Staup, Jayne Trost, Ed Luce, Linda WoUenhaupt. Third row: Nancy EUeman, Jane Timmer, Joan Ruby, Judy Giesseman, Charlotte Eidemiller, Karen Webster, Penny Krieger, Mr. Ritchie. Fourth row: Dan Davis, Ragon Moyers, Bob Neff, Mike Cramer, Bob Oren, Terry Rees, Steve Good, Jerry Huntsberger. Officers President MIKE STAUP Vice President ED LUCE Secretary-Treasurer JAYNE TROST Tri-Hi- Y Back row: Jane Home, Nodine Cook, Ruth Byrkett, Mary Jean Davis, Nancy EUeman, Ann Whitmer, Corrine lUer, Verna Boocher, Carol Riesser, Jackie Collins, Carole Neal, Judy Brubaker, Kay Barnhart, Carolyn Washer. Front row: Judy Collins, Arlene Kar- nehm, Betty Jaqe Petzoldt, Carole Kiser, Joan Ruby, Peggy Jo Wright, Susan Francis, Judy Jenkins, Janice Boyce, Zona Bruce, Jayne Trost, Donna Elkins, Ruth Hanshaw, Marilyn Moser, Judy Giesseman. Stem of " T " , left side: Sandra Shearer, Charlotte Eidemiller, Penny Krieger, Jane Timmer, San- dra Woolery, Judy Fox, Barbara But- ler, Cecelia Stockslager, Karen Holtvoight. Right side: Mrs. Michael, Advisor; Dixie Phillips, Marilyn Phillips, Melanie Brammer, Pat Hatfield, Ann Smith, Elizabeth Peterson, Dot Yount, Sylvia Eickhoff. Officers President NANCY ELLEMAN Vice President CAROLYN WASHER Secretary JACKIE COLLINS Treasurer CAROLE KISER Chaplain JANICE BOYCE Hi-Y Middle row, front to back: Stan Noland, Harold Hartley, Mark Ma- son, Jay Passon, Dave Harmon, Ron Home, Mr. Scarberry, Advisor. Left row, front to back: Dave Schram, Jerry Clyne, Ragon Moyers, Bob Neff, Tom Neal, Mike Staup, Karl Musgrave, Mike Cramer. Right row, left to right: Norman Biser, Jim Stone, Bob Oren, Larry Miller, Tim Heff, Gordon Honey- man, Joe Deam. Officers President, BOB NEFF ? Vice President, LARRY MILLER Secretary, J[M STONE Treasurer. MKE STAUP Chaplain, KARL MUSGRAVE President - Vice President - Secretary - Treasurer - Student Council Officers GEORGE NIEMAN NODINE COOK JAYNE TROST RUTHE BYRKETT NANCY POTTS Honor Society First row, front to back: Charlotte Eidemiller, Mary Hartley, Anita Long, Nancy EUeman. Second row: Judy Giesseman, Marsha Johns, Betty Jane Petzoldt, Carole Kiser, Sally Vore. Third row: John Gillam, Jim Stone, Joan Trupp, Mary Jean Davis, Johnnieve McDowell. Fourth row: Mike Cramer, Bob Neff, Skip Layton. Standing: Mr. Pirl, Miss Keppel, Sponsors; George Nieman, Nodine Cook, Ruthe Byrkett, Jayne Ttost, Nancy Potts, Margot Olson, Ann Schearer, Susan Francis, Janice Boyce, Carolyn Washer, Gordon Honeyman. Officers First row: Ragon Moyers, President; Skip Layton, Treasurer; Jerry Huntsberger, Vice President. Second row: Ann Shearer, Secretary; Tabert Brammer, Sergeant-at-Arms. Spanish Club First row, left to right: Bob Dorsey, Bill Gallagher, Jerry Huntsberger, Tim Herr. Second row: Ragon Moyers, Skip Layton, David Cook, Doug Kauffroan, Mark Ma- son, Terry Reese. Third row: Margot Olson, Tabert Brammer, Janet Earhart, Linda Evans, Joyce Briscoe, Mary Holtvoight. Fourth row: Ann Shearer and Mary Hartley. KENNETH LONG DAN REASOR TOM NEAL BOB HILDEBRAND DON PRICE ED MOORE BOB PRICE JAYNE TROST - F.F.A. Sweetheart President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Reporter Historian Sentinel F.F.A. First row: Mr. Strewing, Dale Boocher, Dave Seebach, Dan Reasor, Tom Neal. Second row: Dale Butts, Dennis Pearson, Kenneth Long, Bob Hildebrand, Larry Scammahorn, John Hildebrand, Levi Booher. Third row: Ken Elckmeyer, Bob Price, Don Price, Jayne Trost, John Baker, Eddie Moore, Marvin Fox, Kenneth Price. Front row, left to right: CORRINE ILER Parliamentarian RUTH GILBERT President JO ANN H OUSER Vice President Officers Back row: SAUNDRA KOOGLER County Officer DORIS PITTS Treasurer BARBARA INGLE Secretary F.H.A. Sitting, left to right: Sandy Homer, Janet Sammons, Peggy Brenner, Jo Ann Houser, Darlene Hartley, Jean Cain, Linda Magel. Standing: Saundra Koogler, Corrine Her, Patty Vance, Ruth Gilbert, Barbara Ingle, Doris Pitts, and Miss Cox. Science Club First row, left to right: Bill Kapke, Pete Timmer, George Nieman, Scott Smith, Bob Neff. Second row: Karl Musgrave, Mark Mason, Bill Gallagher, David Cook, Bill Sims, Bill Cost, Mary Jean Davis. Third row: Mike Cramer, Dale Sayre, Bob Dorsey, David Harmon, Mr. Pirl, Advisor. O f f . Seated, left to right: President, George Nieman Secretary, Mary Davis Lab. Assistant, Scott Smith Standing: Vice President, Mike Cramer Treasurer, Bob Neff Student Council Representative Dale Sayer Snow Man ' s Ball Xmas Dance Ol tnSCMCIT Compliments to the " Class of 1956 " ROTARY CLUB OF Membership L. T. Ball T. R. Black Russell Blank Hugh Brubaker Joseph Brubaker Lawrence Brubaker Nevin Coppock Donn Davis Robert Davis Wes Dodds Frank Fennell Clayton Finch Otto Frings H. B. Holtvoight John Holtvoight Theodore Horner Carl Huntsberger Maynard Kiser Howard Kyle Thomas Kyle Wilmer Leiss John Lewis John Lorms Sam Mack Walter Me sick Dwight Mills William Milner Robert Prince E. G. Puterbaugh Forrest Robbins R. L. Rodenberg Charles Rowley Paul Ruby Russ Scheip Earl Sonnanstine Robert Spencer Milton Strasser Robert Storck Emmert Studebaker Robert Suerdieck Robert Sutton Travers Thomas Bearl Thunaa Thomas Timmer Robert Turner William Watson Ralph Warner H. W. Wilson John Worman R. L. Wunderlich Lloyd ZoUer DISTRICT GOVERNOR HAROLD NICHOLS, Batavia, Ohio ' MONROE FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ' ' TUBE PRODUCTS CO. ' TIPP ROLLER MILLS ' C ompliments of VARIETY STORE ' " P F LINOLEUM CO. " ' THORNTON HARDWARE ' MUSIC HOUSE " Good Luck to Class of " 56 " 34 E. First St. Dayton, Ohio " MIAMI LUMBER CO. " " SPRINGHIL.L NURSERIES " - :j Jh o Tij ri JUM X " THUMA MOTOR SALES „ . c.J. X: V AA iAU " i %€M " PRODUCERS OF ELECTRIC MOTORS Tipp City North 4th St. 1 ' 9 .. I 1 J " TIP-TOP CANNING COM PAN V " Tipp City Phone 5821 ' ' THE SEQUOIA " Home of Good Food ' ' BENHAM HARDWARE STORE ' ' CRAMER DRUG STORE ' 1 " CLAWSON ' S CONFECTIONERY " •WARNER ' S JEWELRY STORE ' S4 - ' f w ■m ■iiBicr » . uirm ' TIPP CENTER STORE ' ' DORSEY ' S FOOD MARKET " ' POLLY ' S SANDWICH SHOP " ■3t ■DETRICK MOTOR COMPANY ' Tipp City - Phone 4221 " Best Wishes Seniors for Successful Years Ahead. " TIPP HIGH SCHOOL ALUMNI r ' TIPP TV APPLIANCE " GREENHOUSE Your Community Florists " Let Flowers Say It for You! " Phone 3672 Compliments of RAJAK MFG. CO. ripp City iiBMi a ii TIPP FASHION SHOP " QUALITY HARDWARE, INC. " N. Dixie Hy. , Across From Fairground Phone 8336 Troy, Ohio 16 East Main BRUBAKER MARKE Phone 4511 " TIPP CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK ' •B AND C RESTAURANT " fl p n HH ..... .mjB H t — J S - r B f • 1 - — p " i J kttk Ki k 4 " L.EISS LAUNDRY " AND DRY CLEANING, INC. " DECORATOR STORE ' ' TIPP FOOD MARKET ' ' D. W. SERVICE STATION " ' SAUNDERS ' SEED CO. " PEDERAL- FLOORING Fine Linoleum Dayton, Ohio SNE lLs cloth I N G STORE ' Tipp City- Phone 7021 " CENTURY CLEANERS " " BRUBAKER " GRAIN AND FEED, INC. •GRANDVIEW SERVICE STATION " •SMITH ' S DRUG STORE ' ' TOPPER DRESS SHOP ' ' HONEYMAN ELECTRIC " UIM FLVNN SPORTING GOODS Distributors for Rawiings - Spalding - Wilson - King O ' Shea Converse - Spotbilt - General - Southern Ohio ' s Largest Sporting Goods Store " Where Sportsmen Serve Sportsmen " HEmlock 2884 - 2885 - 2886 - 2887 - 2888 Corner 1st and Jefferson Streets Dayton, Ohio We Have It in Stock - Why Wait ! i m DOLLV TOV COMPANN ' ' Wishing the " Grads " Every Success, TIPP CITV CHAMBER OF COMMERCE J 1 m " " TIPP NOVELTY CO. uppd£cC ' t Oi ir m FUNERAL HOME FURNITURE STORE Frederick, Ohio Best Wishes to Class of ' 56 ' VlPP MOTOR sales ' ' Dealers of PONTIAC - OLDSMOBILE - CHEVROLET Phone 3441 - 3755 Used Car Lot Rt. 71 W. Phone - 9161 MILLER BROS. GRAVEL EXCAVATING BILL MILLER As Near as Your Phone West Milton 330 DALE MILLER SANDER ' S DAIRY STORE " Ice Cream in Bricks for All Special Occasions " " Also All Milk and Dairy " Products Phone 3371 108 E. Main St. •THEISS BARBER SHOP ' GRANPVIEW MARKE " (The Friendly Store) Meats - Groceries Corner of Main and Hyatt St. ' QUEEN CITY " PAPER COMPANY 1h m%M Good Luck to Class of ' 56 East Main St. r K LITHOGRAPHED BY ■ LOR PUBLISHING CO. DALLAS • TEXAS Best Yearbooks are TAYLOR-MADE

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