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. ff' ff: 1 JW: e. :gf 'fe T :I ,., , Eff A f 5 . . 155: if ii- 13: - Eff .1 -. -:n z '-sf 2 :Q 9' i X: - -44 ..-,Ni me ini xx 3 23 .. - LN 1-sf 'J' - L51 'IT1 f 4 .ig ' if ..,. -12.1 59' f ,Wu 'S f 5.5 ff: . 'li zz 'H ,. - L5-ni . Y 4 .. ' . 5 2 .2 qv: - 15 721 if-F,-uk' -05 ff-r 2- .. 'If Q in 1 - w 'H 1 'F 3 f Er , ' -G44 3414.541 ' NJEV4.-5 ,.', 7 n M. I 3, ,,,. ,. ,, . -M me 1 ' y" ,' fwfa'-:-'jq.5fg1q- v 11' 15sig ?'11 -9 ,- ,Q ,L 'S' Clif? u , W: 13 Q . Q lgizf , 1 .. ' - k : 11.2 ,,- - mf f --F" -'ggsw jf QS DEDICATION We, the class of 19514, wishes to dedicate this last issue of the Tionette to Mr. Albert Koch, who has done an outstanding job of teaching in the fields of English and Social Studies. We have sincerely appreciated his sense of humor, friendliness and interest through our high school days. COUNTY SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS Congratulations and best wishes to the Class of 19515, of the Tionesta High School. Perhaps you should be called the last of your line because be- ginning next term your school will be known as the West Forest High School. You have been a fine Class and will most certainly acquit yourselves well in the future that lies before you, a future filled both with uncertainties and opportunities. But regardless of what that future may be, my very best wishes go with you as you leave here to take your part in a larger field of endeavor. Frank L. Watson Supt. of Forest County Schools OUR PRINCIPAL Dear Class of 19514: I have had the opportunity and pleasure of watching most of you grow physically and develop mentally through the past twelve years. I think you are a good class. I believe all of you will be successful and honorable citizens. It is a tragedy to see an ambitious person strive to reach some goal he has neither the ability nor the energy to reachg but it is a thousand times a greater tragedy and a more common one, to see those with superior ability and energy waste it. I hope each of you will reach many worthy goals. The best wishes of all your teachers will always go with you. H. C. Seigworth ADMIN 576 3 f 4 9' ,ln -awp, 1 5,52- N X N. lvoi' J 3 V f Q 'rw ' K- .fn if Mrs. Elizabeth R. Ball, B. M. Edgewood High School Indiana State Teachers' College Music Mr. Howard A. Dunkle, B. S. Farmington High School Pennsylvania State College Clarion State Teachers' College General Science Biology Chemistry Physics Algebra Plane Geometry Mr. Karl W. Flowers, B. S. Ag. Ed. Brooklyn Township High School Montrose High School Pennsylvania State College General Shop Vocational Agriculture Mr. Norman R. Kirsch, B. S., M. A. West View High School Indiana State Teachers' College University of Pittsburgh Typewriting Bookkeeping Shorthand Junior Business Training Mr. Albert C. Koch, B. A., M. A. Tionesta High School Capital University University of Pittsburgh High School English American History Problems of Democracy Mr. Michael J. O'Toole, B. S. Homestead High School Clarion State Teachers' University of Pittsburgh College Drivers Training Mr. Harold C. Ssigiorth, B. S., M. E Hrs. Clarion Normal School University of Pittsburgh Health Art Solid Geometry Catherine S. Weibel, B. S. Butler High School Clarion State Teachers' College Pennsylvania State College Junior High English Seventh History Girls' Physical Education Iraq Je Se Bess Punxsutawney High School Indiana State Teachers' College Home Economics Vocational Home Economics MISS JEAN SH LL, B. S. Homer City High School Indiana State Teachers' College Home Economics Vocational Home Economies IR. JAHES L. IICK Concord Township High School Slippery Rook State Normal School Grove City College Seventh and Eighth Arithmetic Seventh and Eighth Geography Latin Due to Mr. W1ck's illness Mrs. C, Dick Cable substituted for him during the later part of the term. HR. DONALD F. HOHNKERN, B. A., I. S, 011 City High School Greenville College Oklahoma A. t I. University of Pittsburgh Social Studies lathemstlcs Physical Education MBS. LEORA IUMLEY School Nurse MR. CHARIES ELLIS Building Supt. ANNUAL STAFF First Row: Barbara Kibbe, typistg Nancy Vail, Art Editorg Charlotte Bingman, Editor in Chief, Janet Highhouse, Advertising Sales Manager, Class Editor, Typist: Bella Jane McKee, Literary Editor, Hr. Kirsch, Advisor Second Row: Janice Benson, Photography Editorg Merle Pears, Sports Editor: Russell McConnell, Assistant Advertising Sales Manager, Donna Richer, Assistant Photogra hy Editor: Arline Thorne, Typist Betty Mellon and Leland Gilbert ?not shown! were also members of the staff. The 'Sh Staff, striving to make the last edition of the 'T1onette a success, worked hard. It was through their co-operation that this annual yearbook was made possible. Our sincere thanks to Mr. Kirsch for his patience and unceasing efforts in advising us, the Staff' of '5l4. SENIQRS ku UUfl'A11jj0 ., f' Y" ff Q ff X WW 'if fy 2? I f Q 'ix A A K , Q 3 .vw T I, , ..., Y V, ...,- ,,,?.,..f,,a?.,l . .v ..,.W J.. F ,.l.N.,:L DONNA RAYE RICHAH President nAlways gay and very nice, ' She's a girl you'1l notice twice.' A 1 1 G1eeC1ub 3-kg Yearbook Staff L5 Clase Plays 3. 3 21 BELLA JANE MCKEE 1 Vice President 'No words oan expreea her infinite l'lltD0ll.n Glee Club 1-2-kg Yearbook Staff 3-kg Newspaper 25 Class Plays 3-M2 Bind 2-3-M mme! nu. Secretary 5 WI can live without poetry or walking, C Ensemble 3-h. JANET HIGBHOUSE Treasurer 'Sparkle, pep, vim, and vigor, A11 wrapped up in one pert figure.' F.H.A.35 Glee Club 1-2-3-L3 Basketball 25 Newspaper 23 Ensemble kj Library Club 1-2-3-L3 Yearbook Staff 3-L5 Clase Plays 3-M. but who in the world can live without talk1ng?' ' F.H.A. 2-35 Glee Club 1-2-3-Lg Basketball l-23 yearbook Staff 3-L5 Newspaper 25 Band 3-My Class Playa 3-hs Library Club 1-2-33 Cheerleader Mg 'In school a quiet lass she seems to be5 but who knows if it's true when she's free.' o1ee Club 1-2-3-L5 Basketball 1-2: Yearbook starr 3-up Newspaper 25 Library Club 1-2-3- Class Play 3. WI came, I bluffcd, I graduated.n F.F.A. 1-2-3-Li Yearbook Staff 3-L5 Newspaper 25 Class Plays 3 JANIGE BENSON W The blush is cute5 but sometimes inconvenient.' Glee Club 1-2-M5 Basketball 15 Yearbook Staff 3-M, Newspaper 25 Cheerleader 2-35 Library Club 1-2-35 Class Plays 3-H5 Band 2-3-M5 Athletic Association CHARLOTTE BINGIAI JOAN DALRYMPLE 'They say love makes the world go round. Catch me, I'm getting dizzyl' F.H.A. ug Glue Club 1. LELAHD GILBERT 'Work fascinates me: I can sit and look at it for hours.n Yearbook Staff 3'U3 Newspaper 25 Ensemble My Class Plays 3-L5 Boys Chorus L. f . 51 . Z 'I'm going to tell that Einstein a few things.' Basketball 1-2-3-hp Yearbook Staff 3-My Newspaper 23 Class Plags 3-Lg Baseball 1-3-L5 Boys chorus 2-Lg Ensemble BARBARA KIBBE NHer mind is here but her heart 18 e1sewhere.' F.H.A. ug Glee Club 1-2-3-My Basketball 1-25 Yearbook Staff 3-M3 Newspaper 23 Library Club 1'2'3'uf Class Plays 3-M. RUSSELL MCGONNELL BETTY MELLON NHer heart is like the moon-- there's a man in it.' F.H.A. 3-Mg Yearbook Staff 3-M3 Newspaper 2g Library Club 1-2-3-kg Class Plays 3. MERLE PEARS Q e i 'For Arlene there is only Chuck, We hope they'11 always have good luck ' F.H.A. lu Yearbook scarf 3-15 Library Club LH Glee Club 3 ETTA STOVER nquiet? You should know her better F-H-A-33 Newspaper 2. Arlene Thorne nMerry have we met Merry have we been Merry let us part And merry meet aga1n.' CLASS HISTORY FRESHlllz Our high school days began on September 5, 1950, with Mrs. 0'Too1e as our home room teacher. At our organisation meeting we elected the following officers: President, Russell McConnell: Vice President, lerle Pears: Secretary, Bells Jane loKee3 and Janice Benson. le managed to survive the annual and were rewarded for our cooperation with a nice party. class presented four skits on juyenile delinquency at the T. A. meeting. lb also sponsored a dance to increase our The big event of the year was our trip to Pittsburgh in Treasurer, initiation The civios January P. treasury. lay. SOPHOHORlSt le spent our Sophomore year in Ir. Mohnkern's room. class officers were: President, Charlotte Bingmang Vice Jerry lhitemang Secretary, Barbara Kibbeg and Treasurer, Holden. To add to our treasury we sold pep and candy at basketball games. le also sponsored a record dance, and Toby Stroud and his Blue Mountain Boys. The latter venture was not very successful. Five issues of 'The Chatterbox' were published. The lest Forest Band was organized in February of this year with several members of our class Joining it. This year also marked the arrival of our class rings. Our new President, Beverly the a program by JUIIORB: Before long our Junior year rolled around, and we found ourselves in lr. Kirsch's room. The following officers were elected: President Barbara Kibbeg Vice President, Jerry lhiteman: Secretary, Russell loConnell3 and Treasurer, Janice Benson. During Pennsylvania Week the Ju ior and Senior classes toured some of the industries in Warren. lb sponsored a round and square dance at the V. F. I. Hall in lovember. On lay first we presented s three-act comedy, 'Saved By The Be11e', under the direction of lr. Koch. It was very successful. At the end of the year we honored the Seniors with a banquet and Prom. SIIIORS: As we met in lr. Dunk1e's room for our last year together, we elected the following class officers: President, Donna Richer, Vice President, Bella Jane lckeog Secretary, Nancy Vail: and Treasurer, Janet Highhouse. In the early fall we had Freshmen initiation and ended it with a weiner roast at the dam. We had our graduation pictures taken in November. 'Don't Darken My Doorl', a comedy in three acts, was presented in December under the direction of lr. Soigworth. Snowy weather and Christmas festivities interfered with the attendance. After Christmas vacation much of our time was spent in working on the 'Tionette'. Various money making projects for the Washington trip kept us busy. As this goes to press we are looking forward to the spring activities, Banquet, Prom, Class Night, Baccalaureate, and Commencement. From all appearances now this will be the last class to graduate from Tionesta High School. Class Motto: Before us lies the timber, let us build. Class Colors: Blue and gold Class Flower: Yellow rose I NAM Janice Benson Charlotte Bingman Joan Dalrymple Leland Gilbert Janet Highhouse Barbara Kibbe Russell McConnell Betty Mellon Bella Jane McKee Merle Pears Donna Richer Etta Stover Arline Thorne Nancy Vail CLASS WILL AND PROPHECY WANTS TO BE PROBABLY WILL BE nurse construction engineer good cook mechanic architect secretary car dealer millionaire elementary teacher electrical engineer pediatrician housewife Chuck's wife phys. ed. teacher warden of a women's prison secretary mother policeman beachcomber housewife junk dealer penniless librarian hot rod driver nurse housewife Chuck's wife chorus girl WILLS dented fender algebra ability rings sleepiness long hair position in TO Mr. Dunkle Norman Avins Maxine Hart Punk Kingston Mr. Seigworth Flo Buchholz beauty contest first name, George daydreaming band instrument "promptness" long fingernails all school books bookkeeping books lunches in study hall Skip Flick Judy Wharton Jane Pickens Dick Silvis Barbara Brown Gordon Leonard Mr. Kirsch Sally Banks Nw . A W 1 .I X77 9 Z Z T , fl I l'z xg fig .R+ """ ":1 1. W H iff' - -xx 1 1 V mi - f f 4 'D' 1 ' T L aM 1? 52- :4 V S X W : 455 J " X . 'M lg' ' 75123 Kg ik Q J- fg 'xt ji 9'-1-N ' vb fs .,sf,FiiC V 2, we X WWW '- Sift- fi:- , : , 2 3 Q EFL,-f5"1' ' I 4 -'f gk' JU1Vf0,g:J X -. . 1 gl V L P ' 1-vb? + ' Q N . 1 2 X 9 iiiwx -1-T frfan x I Y CLASS OFFICERS Florence Buchholz Barbara Brown President Vice President 'A song bird' 'Vim and vigor' Lois Taylor Leona McWilliams Secretary Treasurer 'lnquisitive' 'Good natured' The first big thing of the year for the Juniors was the receiving of their class rings. Then getting down to business they elected the officers listed above. In the early part of the year they sponsored a benefit movie, 'Stars and Strips Forever', which was a success. On March Sth they held a round and square dance on the gym with the 'drifters' as the orchestra. Even though it Iasn't a financial success everyone had a lot of fun. In looking ahead we are planning a prom and banquet for the Seniors and also a Junior play. The play will be 'Back- woods Romeon. James Allie 'Shy glancer' Shirley Cope 'Cheerful' Neva Copeland 'Giggles' Terry Copeland 'Bookworm' Virgil Flick 'Innocent wolf' Maxine Hart 'Quiet but nice' Hauer Hill 'Girl shy' Florence Johnson 'Seatterbrain' Walter Kingston 'Mischief' Louise Kline 'Wise Cracks' Gordon Leenard 'Qu1et? at times' Carl Lindblade n 'Not too ambitious Joan Masteller 'Talkative' Paul Meagher 'Girl ehaser' Anna Mclilliams 'Likeable' Eileen Shatter 'Neat dresser' wi E H Lee Allio Russell Allio CLASS OFFICERS Kay Gill Charles Gamble President Vice President Myrna McWilliams Judy Wharton Secretary Treasurer At our first class meeting this year, we elected the Sophomore Class officers. With the help of Mr. Koch we published three editions of the school newspaper, called uThe Spyn. We also sponsored a benefit move, 'Singing In The Rainn, which proved to be successful. Herman Avian Jeln Binglan Bill Brewn B111 Carll lerrie Gilbert Larry Graeeer Charles Hargenraler Anne H111 Beverly Leonard Richard Lulley Beverly leagher Autuln leere Beulah leere Santerd Peter! Jil Stever Jeanie Vegan Delbert lagner Richard lert Jia litherell Russell Zuendel 6 g X k I A nfs Wm Ap 'N CLASS OFFICERS Judy Benson Jane Pickens President Vice President Bob Fuelhart Den Wagner Secretary Treasurer At the beginning of the year the Freshmen Class elected the officers shown above. To start the year off the Seniors initiated us in October and in conclusion gave us a party at the outlet, where everyone had loads of fun. The important events of the year were the Sock Hop and the trip to Niagara Falls, which were both successful. Evelyn Anderson Darlene Bean Dennis Blanchard Quay Brady David Flowers Jack Haller Donald Kibbe Robert Killmer Shirley Kingston Marilyn Lackey Ethel lciilliams Janet Hclilliame Howard Healy Hebert Myers Dennis Port B111 Richer Leis Runninger Dick Sage Bonnie Shaffer Dick Silvia Bgnnig Stitzinger Linda Taylor Phyllis Thomas Nickle Thompson Edwin Tucker Patty Vegan Geor e lclilliams 8 ings ehownl Gloria Wilson Nh rliniimnn X' Oo 9 X 0 'X v L ' A ,. fm X fb Qc we r- fu X EIGHTH GRADE First Row: Gerald Kline, Ruth Hill, Barbara Leese, Carolyn Smith, Judy Lane, Janice Kern, Helen Feit, Linda Johnston, Lois Heighley Second Row: Joe Moore, Ronald Barnes, Jay Leonard, James Welsh, Nancy Tucker, Marjorie Cook, Kathryn Mohnkern, Sandra Patterson, Susan McMichael Third Row: Thomas Allio, James Donato, Harold Redick, Duane Copeland, Kenneth Anderson, Richard Harvey, Hugh Millin, Thomas Oelkrue At the beginning of the year the following officers were elected: President Dick Harvey Vice President Janice Kern Sec. k Treas. Ruth Hill One of the highlights of the eighth grade class this year was their Skating Party held at Sheffield, October 6th. They also sponsored a Halloween Party for the entire school, which 'as a big success. SEVENTH GRADE First Row: Russell Pyle, Ronald Beach, Glenn Myers Second Row: Betty Brown, Mildred Kingston, Sarah Jane Banks, Nancy McGinnis, Marlene Weingard, Donna Baller, Judy Kincaid, Esther Behrens, Maxine Cook Third Row: Robert Antill, Betty Allio, Connie Custer, Sandra Patterson, Betty Host, Sally Shaw, Barbara Runninger, Judy Redick, Shirley Heighley Fourth Row: Joseph Gayetty, Paul Wert, Randall Gilbert, David Chapman, Edward Silvia, Thomas Donato, Larry Clark The seventh grade organized their class for the first time this year and elected the following officers: President, Nancy McGinnis Vice-President, Betty Brown Secretary, Esther Behrens Treasurer, Judy Kincaid The seventh grade also went on the skating trip to Sheffield in October. BAND First Row: Nancy Potter, Gale Whitton, Dennis Howe, Gary Hunter, Autumn Moore, Helen Williams, Barbara Brown, Mildred Kingston, Sandra Patterson, Bernice Kline, Connie Benninger Second Row: Betty Brown, Linda Jolnston, Bonnie Schaffer, Eileen Schaffer, Marlene Weingrad, Lois Taylor, Nancy McGinnis, Mary Stalman, Judy Lane, Carolyn Smith, Nancy Vail Third Row: Bella Jane McKee, Janice Benson, Bob Killmer, Charles Gamble, Bob Fuelhart, Norman Avins, Virgil Glick, Judy Benson Fourth Row: Charles McFa1l, Joe Galety, Bill Greathouse, David Glowers, Richard Copeland The West Forest Band has progressed very far this past year. On March 15 the band received their blue and gold uniforms. The 25th of' March they played the band for the P.T.A. On Memorial Day the band marched at Tionesta and Hickory. During the sum er they marched for the Fireman in their parades. HIGH SCHOOL ENSEMBLE First Row: Janet Highhouse, Mrs. Ball Second Row: Russell McConnell, Barbara Brown, Nancy Vail Charles Gamble, Virgil Flick, Terry Copeland, Merle Pears, Florence Buchholz The High School Ensenble, under the direction of Mrs. Wayne Ball, sang a number of selections for the Junior and Senior Class Plays. MIXED CHORUS First Row: Anna Mclilliams, Leona McWilliams, Janet Highhouse, Louise Kline, Florence Buchholz, Maxine Hart, Darlene Bean, Neva Copeland, Marilyn Lackey, Bonnie Shaffer Second Row: Judy Benson, Nancy Vail, Barbara Brown, Linda Taylor, Florence Johnson, Eileen Shaffer, Janice Benson, Patty Vogan, Judy Wharton, Joan Maetellar, Lois Renninger, Charlotte Bingman Third Row: Jane Pickens, Gloria Wilson, Phyllis Thomas, Janet McWilliams, Bonnie Stitzinger, Donna Richar, Bella Jane McKee, Barbara Kibbe, Kay Gill, Myrna McWilliams, Arline Thorne, Mrs. Ball Fourth Row: Terry Copeland, Bill Richer, Jack Haller, Carl Lindblade, Russell McConnell, Charles Gamble, Bob Killmer, Merle Pears, Bob Fuelhart, Virgil Flick The Mixed Chorus under the direction of Mrs. Wayne Ball, met every Wednesday morning on the stage to sing and have a good time. The Chorus provided the musical background for a religious pantomine at the P. T. A. Christmas Program, and sang at Commencement. There are forty-three members in the Mixed Chorus this year. JUNIOR CLASS PLAY First Row: Beverly Holden, Pudgeg Nancy Vail, Mitzieg Merle Pears, Slugger: Barbara Kibbe, Rita, Russell McConnell, Jackie: Donna Richar, Hrs. Fish, Charlotte Bingman, Ginnie, Betty Mellon Second Row: Janet Highhouse, harrietg Hr. Koch, Director: Janice Benson, Bonnie, Bella Jane McKee, Lulug Leland Gilbert 4 It takes place in the Aurora Sorority House at Stonehall College for women. The central character is Rita Powers, an orphan who has been kept in school through the generosity of her almost mythical Uncle Henry, and whom she rarely sees. When he passes on, Hita discovers he was far from the millionaire she had supposed him to be, and it looks as though she would have to leave school. But Uncle Henry has left Rita one bequest, and it turns up in the person of Jackie Clark, a young contender for the middle-weight championship, who is accompanied by his trainer, Slugger 0'Day. Uncle Henry has left his fifty-percent interest in Jackie to Rita, but, since both Jackie and Slugger are penniless, the girls have to put them up in the garage while they train for their next fight. To explain their presence to Irs. Fish, the house mother, they are introduced as dancing teachers--with highly amusing consequences. But Warren Sands a young reporter enamored of Rita, learns that the girls are hiding Jackie and Slugger, and threatens to expose them in his paper. To prevent this the girls kidnap Warren and hold him captive in the house. From this point complications pile up with bewildering rap- idity. In the end, however, everything is straightened out, Jackie wins the championship and to top it all off, Rita finds her true love. 4 Doris CBetty7 and Warren KLelandJ not shown. SENIOR PLAY First Row: Janet Highhouse, Miss Susie Featherstone, Nancy Vail, Poppy Foster, Barbara Klbbe, Rosemary Kent, Merle Pears, Roger Kentg Bella Jane McKee, Jane Perkins Secomd Row: Janice Benson Misa Louisa Featherstone, Russell McConnell, Alex Stubbinsg Hr. Seigworth, Director Leland Gilbert, Tom Garrick Knot shownj The scene takes place in the home of Roger Kent, the uncle of Rosemary Kent. Rosemary is L moon-struck girl influenced by Jane Perkins' love novels. She has also brought Poppy, the maid, under her influence. Tom Garrlck, Alex Stubblns, and also Uncle Roger do not appreciate this. A woman by the name of Jane Price, really Jane Perkins, accidently comes into their home. In the end Jane Perkins is found out but everything turns out for the best. F. F. A. First Row: Lee A111 o, Delbert Wagner. Secretary, Gordon Leonard, Reporterg Homer Hill, Presidentg Norris Gilbert, Vice K. W. Flowers, Second Row: Russell William Brown, Allio, Russell Presidentg William Carll, Sentinel, Advisor. Zuendel, James Stover, Quay Brady, Nick Thompson, Paul Meagher, Jim Allio. Their activities included g Donkey Bgsketball Game, Community Seed Service, F. F. A., F. H. A. and Parents Banquet, Northwestern Pa. Livestock Show, Some members attended the Farm Show, and Hickory and Tlonesta F. F. A. and F. H. A. Party. F. He Ae First Row: Joann Dl1PilP19a Shirley Cope, Judy Wharton, Florence Bucholz, Arline horns Second Row: Judy Benson, Anna Hill, Louise Kline, Anna McWilliams, Joan lastellar,Barbara Kibbe, Beverly Meagher Third Row: Mrs. Scott, Leona McWilliams, laxine Hart, Florence Johnson, Beverly Leonard, Betty Mellon President . . . . Barbara Kibbe Vice President . Arline Thorne Secretary . . . . Betty lellon Treasurer . . . . Maxine Hart February 11, 1951,, the F. H. A. and the F. F. A. students from Hickory and Tionesta had a Valentine's day party at Tionesta. Barbara Kibbe, who was our contestant in the Beauty Queen Contest at Erie, Pennsylvania, was chosen as a member of the Qneen'e Court. Three girls participated in the state-wide Apple Pan Dowdy Contest. The winner of the three, Arline Thorne, represented us at York, Pennsylvania. LIBRARY CIUB First Row: Charlotte Blngman, Shirley Cope, Barbara Kibbe, Kay Gill, Arline Thorne, Judy Wharton, Beverly Leonard, Autumn Moore, Hr. Mohnkern Second Row: Phyllis Thomas, Neva Copeland, Betty Mellon, Anna Hill, Judy Benson, Beverly Meagher, Janet Highhouse, Eileen Shaffer, Beulah Moore Third Row: Ruth Hill, Judy Lane, Quay Brady, Charles Gamble, Russell Zuendel, Carolyn Smith, Maxine Hart In October the first meeting of the library club was held and officers were elected as follows: Arline Thorne, President Kay Gill, Secretary Judy Wharton, Treasurer Under the Supervision of Mr, Mohnkern we are trying to improve the library by adding many new books and making magazines available for the use of the students. Later in the year we ordered our library pins. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Left to right: Phyllis Vandervort, Sandy Licastro, Eileen Shaffer, Barb Brown, Nancy Vail, lary Jane Andrews Our cheerleaders, who led the cheering section for the Senior Varsity games, deserve a lot of credit for their contribution to the morale of the team. JUNIOR CHEERLEADERS Left to right: Judy Benson, Sue Licastro, Bonnie Shaffer, Mary llen Osten, Beverly Donato, Jane Williams, Jane Pickens our Junior cheerleaders did a good job in cheering for both the Junior Varsity and the Junior teams. They show excellent skill and will probably become the Senior cheerleaders of latter years. VARSITY BASKETBALL First Row: Larry Grnesor, Bob Killnnr, Ed Loreman, Karla Pearl Bob Fuolhart, Bob Kinnoar Second Rows Dick Cook, Virgil Flick, lr. DoPalqul1e, coach, B111 Brown, Carl Lindblado, Bob layers JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL First Row: Howard Healy Dick Silvia, Dick Lumley, Charles Gamble, Jack Donato, Grant George Second Row: John Blngnan, lr. D1Pasquale, Norris Gilbert Dec. JIU. Feb 1 h 3 22 1 5 13 22 27 29 2 5 12 16 19 26 lost West lest West West West West West West lest West West West West West lest Forest Forest Forest Forest Forest Forest Forest Forest Forest Forest Forest Forest Forest Forest Forest Forest scoams 37 52 18 2h 2 3 Sv ii? M1 25 36 North Clarion Sheffield Sigel Sigel Youngsville North Clarion Tidioute East Forest Redbank Valley Pleasantville Northern Area Youngsville Tidioute East Forest Pleasantville Northern Area PPIIIIISPIISBIIIIPPPIIIDIIIPUQ Although the Junior Varsity coached by lr. DiPaeqpale, only won 6 out of their 17 trys, they may shape up into a good team for West Forest next year. The records of sins and losses does not show the enjoyment the boys had in the sport. They put on a good game usually nip and tuck till the end. BOYS' JUNIOR BASKETBALL First Row: Dennis Blanchard, Randy Gilbert, Bill Richer, Dick Harvey, Duane Copeland, Bob Myres, David Flowers Second Row: Frankie Barnett, Tom Donato, Mr. Weible, Quay Brady, Gerald Kline Under the able coaching of Mr. Weible the fought a hard game. However, they just seemed a very little margin by their competitors. In that this was only their second year together, commended in their efforts. Jan. 6 1 20 27 Feb. 2 10 17 2h Mar. 1 9 10 West West West Nest West West West West West West West West Forest Forest Forest Forest Forest Forest Forest Forest Forest Forest Forest Forest SCORES Junior High to be edged view of the boys by fact be they should Youngsville M5 H Tidioute 26 H Rouseville 23 H Northern Area 30 A Pleasantville 8 A East Forest 3 H Youngsville 35 A Tididute l A Northern Area H Rouseville 37 A Pleasantville 22 H East Forest hh A BASEBALL TEAM First Row: Mr. Weible, Ed Foreman, Bob Killmgr, Merle Pears, Dick Lumley, Bob Fuelhart, Bob Kinnear Second Row: Gary Thrush, Howard Mealy, Gary Jackson, Carl Lindblsde, Dick Silvis, Virgil Flick Jack Donato Sept. 22 2 2 Oct. 1 8 Apr. 20 May 5 10 17 17 20 West West West West West West West West West West West SCORES Forest 6 Forest 5 Forest 9 Forest 7 Forest 15 Forest 1 Forest 2 Forest 3 Forest S Forest 10 Forest O Pleasantville Marienville Tidioute Plessantville Marienville Pleasentville Tidioute Pleesentville East Forest East Forest Tidioute I-3 U H '1 Q Z1 o 1 U l-H o PT C o 0 N' Q '1 m U cr CD o o '1 UQ o Hu m S +4 1: 0 m 'Q o '1 U td C N Q '1 m o u m '1 V P-'XII -ITCDMJ ODV1 CON rdlf COM ENCEM NT PROM W ,as1mN.' A. ,,, ,vi f, , 0 BABQUET ADVEH T.f'S!.fV17 Xff X - - T I Q2 Ykfkf? fx -W Itfgia jjgq - . Si m In ..-ff' g 33:: -finer: W Compliments of Alice A. Kelly All kinds of Insurance Tionesta, Pa. Compliments of ,lf Barber Forest County Cabin Sites ERNEST HATSON hS5 E. Washington New Castle, Pa V- ,mall-gl LF. 9 .dy xv W! , . ,fligsigg D 1, " .lk A CHARLES cAnLson St. Elm Street 210-R2 Tionesta, Pennsylvania PICKENS PRINPERY Commercial Printing Designing Business Forms Statements Invoices Bill Heads Cards Tickets Placards Stationery Announcements 'Anything that's Printedn FARONE R SON Quality Groceries-Lunch Meats Iee Cream and Pep Sinclair Gas k 011 Tionesta R.D.f1--Ph. 112-Rl Newmansville, Pennsylvania Compliments of HERB'S BARBER SHOP Tienesta, Pa. BEST WISHES from ELM TH ATRE Tionesta Pennsylvania PATRONS Forest Co. Appliance k Sports Center Bridge St. Cash Market A. J. Weller, Meats R Dairy Products Edward M. McKee, Presbyterian Minister Fred Egger, Warren The Fashion, Oil City Hafer Electric, Oil City Basil Sipes, Kittanning H. C. Seigworth, Principal, T. H. S. Brown Antique Shop Ralph Hale, Maytag and Philco Dealer 05404 to the Senior Class from Fred and Evelyn JOHN DEER FARM EQUIPM NT I We as ' I . TH! 'TRADE MARK UINALITY , IWIFAIQJSIVEWIPWILIIIITS ' I R. W. Dickrager Tionesta Pennsylvania HALLERS SERVICE STATION Tionesta, Pa. Compliments of PENNZOIL STATION ,ullvluq nah RWM? pgpgllllll. QLMM w. I. King Phone 22h Tionesta, Pa VV'Nfv VVVW' . . . soy how proud yasoml Come in and see our big selecfionsl AGNEWS Phone 10 Tionesta, Pa Compliments of Esso Station Glenn Zuendel Tionesta Penn Compliments of THE DAIRY BAR All kinds Sandwiches, Soups, Salads, Ice Cream f f 4:...,,. - 4 ?' .e.,M.,., nleet your friends here after the games.n sylvania X X: FARI RS FEED Al SUPPLY CO. Q' 4b0ou fb Feed - Fleur - Seed Phone 120 Tienesta, Pennsylvania Compliments of IISE AND IOLFE Sunoco Service Phone 92h0 Tionesta, Pa. Congratulations to the Class of 195k ffhxx RED 8b XW,'.'!.!'!E ' xSTORESf xl Phone 12h Tionesta, Pa. Congratulations to the Class of 'Sh nHeat with gas the perfect fuel' Tionesta Gas Company Tionesta Pennsylvania HALE'S CONFECTIONARY Walkers IXL Ice Cream k Dairy Products Tionesta, Pa. Phone 126 Killmer Bros. Store W. W. Killmer B. K. McGinnis Forest Countys'Most Complete Store Westinghouse Appliances Compliments of FOREST HARDWARE Heating--Plumbing--Wiring Elm Street - Tionesta, Pa. Compliments of Bridge Street Cash Market Phone 122 Tionesta, Pa. Compliments of Vail's Market S For fresh meats, smoked meats, Compliments of LEWIS STUDIO Knox, Pennsylvania and poultry Compliments of FOREST COUNTY BRANCH WARREN NATIONAL BANK Tionesta, Pa. MEMBER Federal Reserve System Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation When You Help Your Hometown Merchant You Help Yourself The money you spend in Tionesta: - builds "your" roads -- supports "your" Fire Department -- keeps "your" schools operating - supports "your" church - pays "your" public officials - helps "your" Tionesta grow -- keeps "your" town clean So when you need printing-calling cards, letterheads envelopes, statements, programs, yearbooks, or what have you-we hope you'll remember Forest Press. And when you need groceries, hardware, appliances, lumber or other products offered, patronize the other merchants here in town. Totes! prefs, gnc. Printers - Publishers Elm Street Tionesta, Pa. w w , 'f"'ffff'fff"i"'ffff'f fff.'ffff.'fff'ffff'f'ff' n Sales k Service KAPUTA MOTOR SALES Peter R. Kepute, Jr. Frank Kaputa Telephone 2 Tioneste, Pa. of nnunu uunuw 1 E::::E6ggE mNEi?:7m V5:E2247 Compliments of Curry Dry Cleaning XX an 4 go E :L RSa1l""" - : - ,f X92 5 ' M '-' 'Tj Titusville, Pa. BLUE WHITE FINE DIAMONDS WATCHES BEST JEWELERS 5 f Yx'W'77 TERMS CHEERFULLY ARRANGED Harold E. Harteell, Mgr. Jewelry Expert Designing k Remodeling Watch Repairs Compliments of Tionesta Beverage Co. Kunselman Bros. INC. Modern Ten Unit Dodge-Plymguth Motel Sales a Service Complete One Stop Car Service Phone 20352 Tionesta, Pa. an wt Yann 'ffnuos COMPLIMENTS OF NEwMAN's Boo'rERY Compliments Of 011 City John k Rose 227 Seneea Street AARON'S DAIRY HART Groceries lent k Produce Gee a O11 Phone 625115 HlnI'y'l BOnd Rte Plc Compliments of JEAN FROCKB Where the budget-wise Economite MICHAEL STERN coUR1ER sUITs ARE soon CLOTHES MICHAEL PoTTs ARLINGTON HOTEL BUILDING O11 city, Pa. SEAL COHEN R SONS 8 State St. O11 City WHOLESALE CONFECTIONERY Compliments of THRIFT DRUG CO. 011 city, Pa. Complimente of F. W. loolworth Co. 011 City, Pe. Congratulations Class of 19514. SEARS, ROEBUCK and CO. 335 Seneca St. Oil City, Pa BEST WISHES FROM THE GIFT BOX 108 S. Washington Titusville, Pa. HWE LIKE LOOKERSU TEIG k CO. Furniture---App1iances---Jewelry Titusville, Pa. C.L. SHOPENE 'Headquarters for fine watches." Authorized Jeweler ARTCARVED Diamond and Wedding Rings nBe1oved by brides for more than a hundred years" Compliments of RALPH COHEN Smart Clothes Titusville, Penne. Compliments of STROUSE k BENSON HART, SCHAFFNER R MARX CLOTHES Titusville, Pa. NONE MAN TELLS ANOTHERH Compliments of RUMZIE FURNITURE CO. Franklin, Pa. Titusville, Pa. "Everything For The Home" Phone Fanklin 1-900 Titusville 36331 Compliments of DUNN STATIONERY E SUPPLY CO. Authorized Royal Typewriter Dealer Uwe Service The Machines We Selln Phone 14.-1229 1: Z Compliments of RAYMOND CLEANERS ff ff, - A J if , ffff N Oil City, Pa Compliments of A. C. BENNINGER COAL CO. A. C. BENNINGER GARAGE and Piper Airplane Sales and Service Phone 187-R-13 Tionosta, Pa Q SM Compliments of R and S Dress Shoppe 110 Diamond Street Titusville, Pa. Compliments of RAY L. WAY The Home of RICHMAN CLOTHES and other famous brands Oil City, Pa. Congratulations, Grads! Best Wishes to the Class of 19511. KLIVANS JEWELRY CO. 'The House of Romancen Oil City - Franklin, Pa. Congratulations to the 19Sh.Graduates GQIUOYII Qqggggp MoM 1 R. F. Dnubenspeck Compliments ef The Tionesta Reading Club Tionesta, Pennsylvania Organized 19Oi+ Federated 1913 Always a friend of T. H. S. Roger's Jewelry Store Compliments of WOMEN'S TOWN CLUB Tionesta, Pa. Compliments of TIONESTA LIONS CLUB Compliments of F. L. Watson County Superintendent Compliments of CALIGIURI'S RESTAURANT Soft Drinks-Ice Cream Lunches- Esso Gas-011-Lubricants Cabins Phone 9o66R3 west Hickory Compliments of ENDEAVOR LUIBER COIPANY Manufacturers emlook-Pine-Hardwood , Phone 21+ Endeavor, Pa. CROP? LUMBER 0 h M ' EIB R its , ...ISTEJG ' Let us Supply your Lu ber Needs See: Cropp Lumber Tionests, Ps. .1-Q T' , AV, . 1 DEI DROP INN Tionesta 'BEST IN FOODSN Compliments of lITCH'S TEXACO STATION East Hickory, Pa. Compliments of MoCARL'S Beaver Falls The best buy for your money is still MILK - 4 mlnm CROPP FARMS DAIRY Best wishes to the Class or 1934. from TH FOREST GARAGE Tionests Penna THE JAUN BROTHERS wish to Congratulato the 195k Graduates BEST WISHES FROM , WMMM WW qggs' mlm Q W W, ' - ' 44' OIL ClTY'S LEADING WOMEN'S DEPARTMENT STORE csrrrsn Ann :Lu stuns OIL CITY. PA. Compliments of EARL WEAVER CHEVROLET S08 - 512 E. Second St O11 City Best Wishes To the Class of 195k from SWANSON'S Titusvillo, Pa. Congratulations to the Class of 'Eh from the Freshmen Best wishes to the Class of 'Sh from the Sophomores Best of Luck to the SENIORS from the JUNIORS We the Class of l95h Congratulations to my wish to thank all those Tionesta Classmates who placed an advertisement from in the last edition Nancy Cable of the nTionetten Stuart Hall, l95h NN .W J ' Q-:iggk Q-Z INTER-COLLEGIATE PRESS Publishers - Cover Manufacturers - Book Brnders FACTORY A HOME OFFICE Kansas City 3.4: 'g ,Q A ' ..-,,,s L, X ek.. I ' "L .P V 'az vw, Ei ,E . I. . Q, W .ki , ,: :- 93. A.. 4:79- iv' 1- , .W , -gp. if if I+-fl' EET- 'JT A mfg r if fm' f I' J , . Q, ai 2, ii QL-, ,fl-,I ,iv , U f,,l f I, +1 in 'f , ,fl :"' 1, 5. we .lf vm M" V ..,. 'ff- 243 L

Suggestions in the Tionesta High School - Tionette Yearbook (Tionesta, PA) collection:

Tionesta High School - Tionette Yearbook (Tionesta, PA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 54

1954, pg 54

Tionesta High School - Tionette Yearbook (Tionesta, PA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 6

1954, pg 6

Tionesta High School - Tionette Yearbook (Tionesta, PA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 12

1954, pg 12

Tionesta High School - Tionette Yearbook (Tionesta, PA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 48

1954, pg 48

Tionesta High School - Tionette Yearbook (Tionesta, PA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 115

1954, pg 115

Tionesta High School - Tionette Yearbook (Tionesta, PA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 63

1954, pg 63

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