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1 . 9 E ru. ff f X L L E w W 1 . F A A Z' P F: 1 MR. RALPH MEADE Q Qeogcafzbn Mr. Ralph Meade has several unique distinctions. He has been associated with our school system longer than any teacher in our high school. He knows the history of our school system because most of his teaching has been done in our community. He is the only teacher in our school who has taught every one who has been graduated from T.C.S. But these are only statistics. The Class of 1961 feels that Mr. Meade embodies certain character traits every pedagogue strives to attain. Among them are methodical teacher, effective disciplinarian, truthful advisor, impartial judge, and beloved teacher. But one other attribute cannot be omitted-revered citizen. The Class of 1961 proudly dedicates The Tiogan to our friend and teacher Mr. Ralph Meade. i g Of-115 ql E r orewoz' '5' ef we .af ZODIAC 'fav :P N011 Our theme "Seasons," to paraphrase a recent song hit, is a many splendored thing. The word "Seasons,' implies the good things in life. The word "Seasons" implies quality. The word "Seasons" implies time. How then could we use this theme to best advantage in the TIOGAN? A After careful and long deliberation, it was thought that the complex' symbols of the Zodiac would best express our theme. The'Zodiac implies time. It stresses the influence of the sun on our seasons of the year. It adds the mystery of the astrologer. It pro- vides variety in its 12 symbols, through them, 11 of which are living creatures, it stresses life. The symbols have meanings, expressed in words of wisdom which, down through the ages of man, have been more or less generally accepted. To make our theme "Seasons" meaningful, we have tried to adapt each of the signs of the Zodiac to a specific facet of our school life. To stress each of these signs, we have chosen a key word which we feel expresses in essence the meaning of the sign as it applies to a part of our educational activity at T.C.S. This year, we have allowed each senior one-half page, and we have tried to make the school history of each more enjoyable from the readers' view. We feel that the Class of 1961 will be the last to have the opportunity to be alloted space to this extent. Henceforth, the size of our classes would undoubtedly prohibit this procedure. Furthermore, we have accomplished this without cutting down on the other features of the TIOGAN. The TIOGAN, though a Senior Class project, is designed for our entire school system. The staff has worked hard to bring you the best TIOGAN T.C.S. has ever had. We sincerely hope you will enjoy it. Uacuiy Senfofs JzGyA Scfoof Qf-QQQS Sicffwlfes Vilma Spoffs 5CA00f5yQ Wwefnsemenfx G 012 Xen fs fpdyg .5 13 43 49 59 65 71 79 57 fuk W Aqunrs us 'Phe Leo me Lion .Q Geminl 1-he Twins V90 ir 'fha Vvrgin I Avche SQ9K1tarxllf 1' he Y Bal ance Li bro. 'I-he 'I--'- A 'es YI 'Hug Yam Cancer +h cs-fs C3 he Sc rpon 1 1 0 i 'TTL so-goof Qzkfrzcf yjrzlrzcijo ll Tioga fltentral Qrbuul TIOGA CENTER, N. Y. WILFERD E. GREENFIELD DISTRICT PRINCIPAL TO THE CLASS OF 1961 As your ancestors kept their eyes on the stars and used them as a guide to discover and settle this great land of ours , so must you keep your eyes on the stars for the future. Whether you become a space traveler, doctor, lawyer or scientist, there are great things about to happen of which you will r become a part. MW Zoya Genfraf af Q t . - f if-"'s5T, . A AA . A: ,q t . K- Xxx mf' . :Ek K K in .59 Y .nf V ',g,, t Jr., 4 ...fciigz R t t Aquarius, 1-he Water Bearier, is under the infltnenve of Uranus. This is the sign nf funn-, yvt it flesignatcs those who are socially aware, and eager to help humanity without the accumula- tion nf wealth. Mo-t'0 great .people were burn under this sign than any of the ntlwrs. It is the sign of our fat-ulty. As water nnxkvs thi- earth fertile, sn tvachers stir men into tuition to im- prove: thc-ir status and the' world around them. , HIRAM GOODRICH District Superintendent of Schools 3rd Supervisory District Broome-Tioga Counties Saturn, the great disciplinarian, rules Capricorn, the Goat. Capricorn is reserved and thoughtfulg two quali ties which are dominant in.t.hose who make the important decisions which 'wa .. 5 I , M1 fs-,Xi ...Xin 'N N l 5- 'Z l X Lgrxll 1 , ' l X 1' ldiflilll sl-QT X 1 ' ' ,p . l.ltx"Cb5,t,Q'lw1":lnx y l TT- l. ' ' X, Q4 -. steer our school to higher ac- complishments. fygoarof gf 50Qca19bz2 SEATED: Miss Louisa Whitcomb, William Ayres, J, Latimer Lee, Presidentg John Middleton, Mrs. Ellen Lounsbury, Clerk. STANDING: Casper J. Waterman, Eben Wiswell, Floyd Keene. 6 Zbya Gen fraf qsgfggf Mn. DALE RESUE Guidance Counselor Ithaca College gcc!! Cornell University 2 , i E 1 3 MR. FRED ANNIS Mathematics and Science Cornell University MR. RALPH MEADE Citzkenship Education Cortland State Albany State Cornell University MR. WILLIS COLE Science Mansfield State Elmira College MR. ALFRED WALDEN Citizenship Education Harpur College Albany State MR. RUSSELL FORBES Science Cornell University MR.'RODNEY DENNIS Citizenship Education Harpur College Elmira College M sis S g gg- S 1, X ix Q iff E X R EQ S " Si if as 1 ,git 2 S MISS MAY' ARNOLD Librarian Albany State Teachers' College MISS JOYCE MEYERMANN Language Albany State Middlebury College MRS. ROBERTA GOODFELLOW English Waynesburg College New York University Cornell University Ithaca College MR. THOMAS NIMMO Physical Education Lock Haven State Penn State Ithaca College MR. WELLINGTON EVANS English Syracuse University Ithaca College Plattsburg State MR. WILLIAM JONES Physical Education and Driver Training Syracuse University Cortland State Ithaca College MR. ALFRED GAGLIO English St. John Fisher College Elmira College MR. GERALD CHRISTOF F Physical Education Springfield College Cortland State MISS RUTH JACOBS Mathematics Cortland State MR. RICHARD PASCUZZO Industrial Arts Oswego State Genesee State Cornell University MR. ARTHUR ENGELBERT Mathematics Albany State MR. JOHN MILLER Industrial Arts Broome Tech Oswego State MR. WALTER MERENA Business Education Bloomshurg State Cornell University New York University MRS. HELEN MCQUEEN H omemaking Mansfield State MR. JOSEPH REYNOLDS Business Education Rochester Institute of Techonology Elmira College MR. ROGER BARD Art Buffalo State Alfred University MISS MONETTE MARTIN Vocal Music Ithaca College St. Lawrence'University MR. BERNARD FEIERSTEIN Psychologist CCNY Cornell MR. GARY D. WILCOX Instrumental Music University of Rochester MRS. EMILY CASS Nurse Oneonta State Cortland State MRS. CORINNE ANNIS Music Ithaca College MRS. JEAN MANCHESTER Bnoome Tech Cortland State MRS. LENORE OLICHNEY Music Ithaca College MISS RUTH ROCKWELL Reading Cortland State One tolerant of others, yet determined in his duties can only symbolize our service staff. Tarus, the Bull, the em- blem of earthiness has a warm friendly attitude, but lets no one deter him in is f ervzbe Head Custodian JOHN VAN AUKEN mE:iiIda5W'A 'iiiiiiiiu Nichols Custodian HARRIS TERWILLIGER DONALD COTTON BUS DRIVERS FRONT ROW, l. to r.: John Herrala, Rollyn Clark, Burt Smith, Clinton Wells, Gerald Leasure, Roy Tredeau, Jerrine Zorn, Alice VanGelder. BACK ROW, 1. to r.: Wayland Graves, George Goodfel- low, Harold Robbins, Rich- ard Bennett, Robert Graves, Walter Lounsbury, Leroy Kemp, Irving Zom. yas. OFC? 5,14 MRS. FLORENCE COLSON Main Office MRS. MINNIE BRIGHT Guidance Office T.C.S. Cashier MRS. LOIS KEENE Tioga Central Cafeteria MRS. DELLA VAN AUKEN MRS. MILDRED PETERSON MRS. JEAN JUDGE MRS. CORRINE ATCHISON Our 61122176 .Sky Tioga Elementary Cafeteria NiCh01S Cafeteria MRS. DARLENE NOSMER, MRS. ELEANOR PELHAM MRS. ETHEL ROGERS, MRS. VIVIAN VAN BOVEN I2 Q if 5 gtg is 3 L if si Q. T Q- i I ' A Q f 2- 1 gf S5 513 ig? 2 5 q3q i i ' i K L . 5 L 'ft 5-sl-110 L f K i gi T my ,ah h ' 2 K K . -kkl k fh j A I m :LVA L.. 1 f L m f E A Zm- i m L X L Qlofdlg ilfef? QYDIIJOI bf J m LLL. 1 LLZL ,Lh' Q Q :LL - I time fSeuiurs .LLL .EKHQE is :dominantg K high. K f m - I K m m H K K NiifldiidgiiT1dQjTil'iflE5FS.g1liSf555.Ai5S: the Linn A A A ' A ' xiii- king 5nQf3fr.Im' mfmlihial fA- i yvgirld, S6 ltgio ki1!LlEidkHl'LSfg3I1iQfj kings the high schorfl ffm thfeyj .1-:gvgw .lAf5L'lChjxd'iIhfIIRiQIlLZlC1f2. r S Mans VENUS ' MERCURY GQJJ t72Q5'fOI' Our four stage rocket was being readied for blast off. Many years of preparation throughout the grades have gone into this one rocket. The engines were assembled and test fired in .lunior high, and now as we returned to school as Freshmen in the fall of 1957, the rocket that had been idle for 215 months was brought out on the launching pad, and its fuel tanks were topped off with ambition, initiative, and knowledge. ' ' The countdown started-5-al-3-2-1-0. A count for each of the first days of school, and the zero for the first big job. The rocket was off! The big engine stage-red as we ran into a little rough weather as we were initiated. With Mr. Annis and Mr. Meade guiding and correcting our course, we weathered this and all of the other trials and tribulations of our first year of high school. As ninth grade became past history, our first stage fell back to earth and the second stage took over. With Mr. Merena and Mr. Hart at the controls, we gained terrific velocity as the returns from our few dances and refreshments at basketball games poured in and were added to our pay load. By now our rocket was orbiting the earth, and we were half way through. Mrs. Goodfellow and Mr. Forbes provided the flame neces- sary for the complete escape of the eartlfs gravitational field. They guided us through any possible snags when we made the Jr. Prom and the Jr. Carnival the biggest successes ever known to TCS. With this terrific guidance, by the time that we had rounded the moon and were ready for re-entry, we had a balance in our treasury greater than any other class had ever had. 'Now Mr. Evans and Miss Meyerman acted as our retro rockets and cushioned us for our re-entry. As we returned to earth as graduates, we find that we have a new set of standards and a better under- standing of what work really is. NEPTUNE URANUS SATURN MOON T SUN JUPITER November 17 'TTL Choir 1, 2, 4g Band 13 Jr. Playg Jr. Carnivalg Jr. Prom. Will will attend Broome Tech and then let Uncle Sam decide. September 6 'mp Freshman Magazine Sales Champg Class Presi- dent lg Class Treasurer 23 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 43 Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Track 3, 43 Basketball 1, 23 Band 1, 2g Chorus l, 23 NYSSMA 23 Shop Club: Jr. Prom3 Jr. PlaY5 Jr. Carnival. Moose is looking for a job. CLASS PRESIDENT L WILLIAM E. WATERMAN "Will" He's mighty Zak' a rose. fStantonj CLASS VICE PRESIDENT ROBERT E. BELL "Moose" 'I am as strong as a bull moose. f Theodore Rooseveltl January 23 fo Glee Club 2: Junior Carnival 3. Kelly's black hair and sparkling eyes will brighten some office soon after lune 26. October 10 'dll National Honor Societyg President and Secretary Science Club 29 Treasurer National Honor Society 4g Training Chorus lg Sr. Chorus 2, 3, 4g Psy- chology Club 2g Sr. Play. Ann is going to a teachers' college next September. I6 CLASS SECRETARY BELINDA L. VAN NORMAN "Kelly" Belindcfs hair is like the night. Filled with radiant starry beams. fNevinl CLASS TREASURER ANNA L. KOWALEWSKI NADH!! Her intelligence is surpassed only by her friendliness. April 4 'TJ Student Council 3, 43 Pep Club Presidentg Tik- ettesg NYSSMA 2, 33 All-County 2, 3, 43 Pep Club 1, 23 J.V. Cheerleader Basketball 33 Var- sity Basketball Cheerleader 43 Football 43 Jr. Prom Chairmang Jr. Prom Queeng Sr. Play. Tiger's destination is work for a while and then she will devote her time to keeping house for Wimp. March 19 H Football All-Stars 3g Basketball All-Stars 33 Class Vice President 13 Class President 23 Student Council 3, 43 Varsity Club Treasurer 3, 43 Foot- ball 1, 2, 5, 43 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4g Track 3, 43 Band 13 Varsity Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Jr. Prom Kiugg Jr. Play, Jr. Camival3 'Freshman Initiation. Reamie will attend some lucky college and add stature to its athletic program. STUDENT COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVE LINDA L. JENNINGS Gay of heart, bright of face, no one else can take her place. STUDENT COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVE GEORGE R. REAM "Reamie" Shane like a meteor streaming to the wind. fMiltonJ 1 November 17 m Area All-State Chorus 45 Band 1, 2, 3, 4g Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Dance Band 1, 2, 35 Tikettes 35 NYSSMA Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 NYSSMA Band 1, 2, 3, 43 All-County Festival 1, 2, 3, 45 All- County Chorus 3, 44 Dance Club 95 Drama Club 3: Jr. Promg J r. Playg Sr. Play. Ruthie has no definite future plans. May 11 'O' Glee Club 23 Jr. Prom, Jr. Carnival, Freshman Initiation: Sr. Ball, Secretarial Club. Sandy hopes to get a job and then get married. I8 RUTH A. BILL "Ruthie" Friendship is love without his wings. SANDRA M. BORING Cisandyi 3 fByronJ When she passed, it seemed like the ceasing of exquisite music. l fLongfellowJ JUNE 15 2 Area All State Chorus 4. Band Librarian 23 Cheerleading 1, 2: Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4-g Tickettes 2, 3: Sr. Band 2g Freshman lnitiationg Jr. Prom Princess: Jr. Playg Sr. Play. Briggsie expects to attend college to be a social worker. . X October 12 H Football 3, 4. Pete expects to enter the Armed Forces after graduation. CAROLE V. BRIGGS "Briggsie" What do you mean I can't understand Chemzs ltry? SPENCER W. BRIGGS CCPete79 The muscles in his brawny arms are like bands of steel. f Longfellowl January 2 xg National Honor Societyg Editor Tioga Highlightsg Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4g All-County Chorus 3g Area All-State Chorus 4g Tikettes 2g Press Club X4-3 Jr. Promg Sr. Ballg Jr. Play. Lucky plans on college and elementary teaching. September 26 'li FHA lg Jr. Carnival: Jr. Play. Beth plans to study practical nursing in Elmira. 20 IRENE D. BRIGHT SGLucky,5 Friends are like melons. To find a good one, you must try a hundred. lMermetl SYLVIA BETH CHAFFEE "Miss Blue" How far-that little candle throws its beams! So shines a good deed in-a naughty world. f Shakespearel as E E so ol JUANITA C. CRIDER iCRuSty5, Sweet and smiling are thy ways. Carletonj April 14 Y Glee Club 1, 23 Gym Team 23 Press Club 4-5 Jr. Carnival Chairman. Rusty says she's going to work. Her red hair may influence the millionaire she wants to marry. T AX, .. X N - s iil' .iii A cheerful look makes Cl dish a feast. fl-Ierbertl ii':, C J fl M h . irsii' Q rrr ff - srrs P r .Tss 1.-- .,-' S 1 a e October 6 2 Class Secretary 25 Pep Club 1, 43 Varsity Cheer- leader 413 Glee Club 23 Drama Club lg Jr. Promg Jr. Carnivalg Sr. Ballg Jr. Playg Sr. Play. Ducky thinks marriage would be just right after high school. S4 X 1 S S 5 3 S Q Q January 28 mas' Dave attended high school in Long Island and Vestal before coming to TCS. He in- tends to go to summer school this summer and then he'll await developments. August 29 H17 High Average Award General Science 93 Drama Club Presidentg Ass't Editor, Highlights, Sr. Band student conductor, Choir 1, 2, 3, 45 Band 1, 2, 3, 4-g Area All-State Choir 35 County Choir 3, 4g Dance Band 1, 2, 4, Boys Ensemble 2, 33 Drama Club, Math Scholarship Clubg Highlights Staffg Jr. Prom: Jr. Carnivalg Sr. Play. Bob plans to major in music education at Fredonia State and then sail the seven seas. 22 1 DAVID T. DIDOCHA 6iDave!! What you don? know would make a great book. fSmithl ROBERT T. DOUGLAS lCBOb,, Your scheme is ingenious, but hardly new Q 5 E October 20 2 Football 3g Jr. Carnival: Jr. Prom. Bob attended Ithaca High School before coming to TCS. He is looking forward to a girl in every port when he enters the Navy in July. March 1 H National Honor Societyg Science Award 9thg Math Award 10thg Science Fair Chemistry win- ner 39 Vice President Honor Societyg Badminton 2, 3, 45 Chorus 43 Shop Club lg Science Club 25 Math Club 4-g Press Club 4-3 Jr. Playg Sr. Playg Freshman Initiation. Chuckles intends to enroll in college and become a Professor of Mathematics. I ..' ROBERT G. DOWNING IGBOb5! I can resist anything but temptgtion. CHARLES S. FREER "Chuckles" Do I correctly infer that you think me wrong? IRENE A. FREER "Kitten" Her treading would not bend a blade of grass. Uonsonl August 12 Jl Glee Club 2g Chorus 4-3 Jr. Play. Kitten is going to look for a job after high school and then marriage. November 11 m, Class .Sec. lg Cheerleading J. V. Basketball 1, 2, 3: Varsity Football 4-g Band 1, 2g Chorus 2, 45 Majorette 1, 2g NYSSMAg All County Chorus 2, 43 All County Bandg Mixed All County Chorus 45 Dance Club 13 Press Club 25 Jr. Promg Sr. Ballg Jr. Carnivalg Jr. Playg Sr. Play. Jo already has the ring to make her Mrs. 24 JOYCE L. GODFREY GGJO7, A lover's eyes will gaze an eagle blind. fshakespearel April 3 'TR Chorus 15 Science Club. Chuck is looking forward to a few years in the Army or Air Force after graduation. February 22 H Basketball 2, 3g Track 415 Chorus 1. Red plans on letting things take care of themselves after June 1961. CHARLES J. GORTON "Chuck" Men shall not live by bread alone. ISL Matthewj GARY W. HARLIN 6SRed97 Only his hairdresser knows. November 25 X Class President 3: Class V. President 2g Foot- ball 2, 3, 4-g Intramurals, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4-5 Press Club: Drama Club: Varsity Club, Jr. Prom Attendant. Stud will be a marine this sununer, and then-. October 11 '-'....i' Fresllman Magazine Sales Honor Certificate: President of Science Club 33 Track 33 Basket- ball 2g All-State Choir 4: Band 1, 2, 3g Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4-3 All-State Band lg All-County Band 1, 2g All-State Chorus 2, 4: Science Club 1, 2, 33 College Club 4g Math Club 4. Benny hopes to enroll at NIT at Englewood, California, or the University of Colorado. 26 CHARLES C. HORTON , iistudv Merrily, merrily shall I live now. Under the blossom that hangs on the bouglz. 2 fshakespearej BEMSLEY L. HOTTENSTEIN CGBennyY7 Who, me? November 27 ,fr Intramurals 33 Glee Club 25 Training Chorus 1: Secretarial Club 4: Jr. Carnivalg Jr. Play. Bobbie spent some time at Vestal Central School. She's looking for a job after grad- uation. April 3 'T' V.P. Advanced Library Club 2g Sr. Band 13 Clee Club 2g Library Club 1, 2, 35 College Club 1: Jr. Promg Jr. Playg Sr. Playg Freshman Initia- tiong Jr. Carnival. Shortie says, "After graduation, que sera, sera." S October 10 -Qi' Basketball 1, 3g Baseball 4-g Volleyball 3g Band 1, 2g All-County Band. Katchukie will be in school next fall. March 3 Q-Q Jr. Playg Sr. Play. Tiger plans on marriage to Alvin of course, but Lowels Business School will be graced by her presence. 28 RONALD A. KATCHUK "Katcl1ulcie" Oh, well, it wasn't important anyway. JEAN M. LEASURE Ilfrligerii The earth shall pass, but love will abide. fKingS1eyJ , " "" mw""""g May8 tj Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Boys' Octet 2, 3g Area A11- State 3, 43 All-County Chorus 2, 33 Science Club, 2, 3g Math Club 43 Sr. Play. Doug can't get over the habit, so he will keep on with school after graduation from TCS. .Tuly2 Q3 National Honor Societyg Boys' State 19603 Pres- ident of National Honor Societyg Football 23 Band 2, 3, 45 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 Boys' Octet 2, 3g Science Club 2, 3g Math Club 4. Craig intends to go to college next year- we understand it will be a co-ed school. DOUGLAS C. UHOMMEDIEU GCD0ug9I Oh, fortune, fortune! All men are called fzbkle. Q Shakespeare J CRAIG R . MARKLEY G G gi 7 In this world a man must be an anvil or a hammer. f Longfellowl .lune 12 11 National Honor Societyg Class Vice President 33 National Honor Society Secretary 43 Training Chorus lg Chorus 2, 35 Drama Club 2g Psychology Club 25 Jr. Playg Sr. Playg Jr. Prom Attendantg Jr. Carnivalg Science Fair 8. Robby says maybe school, maybe work. We add maybe Doug. April 12 Y Library Club Secretary l, 2g Cleo Club 2g Library Club 1, 2g Psychology 2. Gay Lynn says work after graduation. She doesn,t say for whom, is it Fred? 30 ROBERTA A. MERRILL 6 SR 9 7 She walks in beauty, like the night of cloud- less climes and starry skies. fByronJ GAIL L. MIDDAUGH "Gay Lynnl' ls she not pure gold P fBrowningj February 10 MMMMZ22 Student Councilg V. Pres. 33 Football 4-Q Track 1, 2, 3, 4g Band 1, 4g Varsity Club. Silky plans on college next fall. Ma.rch3 H Intramurals 35 Clee Club 1, Training Chorus 23 Chorus 4g Drama Cluhg Psychology Clubg Secre- tarial Practice Clubg Jr. Carnivalg Jr. Playg Sr. Playg Jr. Prom. Sharon will soon be the sunshine in some office doing secretarial work. ROGER J. MILLER Gisilkyif Fortune does not keep faith with anyone. fSenecaJ SHARON A. PIPHER "Sharon" From every blush that kindles in thy cheeks, ten thousand little blessings and graces spring. CRoweJ December 6 X1 Baseball All Stars 2, 3g Football All Stars 3: Student Council 23 Football 1, 2, 3, 4g Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4: Track 3, 4: Varsity Club. Robby will work when summer comes, but he may go on to school if circumstances permit. september 22 TID Football 3g Archery Clubg Wrestling Clubg Junior Playg Sr. Playg Jr. Prom Committee. The deer in Tioga County will take a beating next year when Jim has more time on his hands. 32 EARL D. ROBINSON iGR0bby5, A living man who does not learn is like one in the dark. fMing Lum Keen! JAMES L. ROOT "Route" A dinner lutbricates business. fWm. Scottl : Q 2 s 1 :M ...... August 1 in Football 2. Nick plans on college next fall, and that ain't all. NICHOLAS J. SCHOONOVER "Nick" Nobody ever asked me how I ever managed to combine a marriage and a career. .luly 7 5 Intramurals 2g Track 3g Wrestling 25 Chorus 3, 4. Squirl will be job hunting next summer. BRUCE S. SHUMWAY "Squid" An apothecary should never be out of spirits. fsherldanj - iw ' : " - ...a-- Q93Y'L2liQi11T""'lW"'mW"'ff" 1 Q K 1 R k X August 22 A Smithy will probably stay in TC and be a heavy duty man. March 29 Y Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4-3 Baseball 1, 3, 4-3 Band 1, 23 Varsity Club. Ray will go to work after graduation-that is if Uncle Sam agrees. 34 DALE R. SMITH '5Sminy', Bread is the slaff of life. fSwiftJ RAYMOND R. SNYDER CSRay37 "You heard me, you donkeylv retorted the gentleman. fMerediLhJ August 10 fl Area All-State 4-5 All-County Band 3g All-State Sectionals 1, 2, 43 Intramurals lg Chorus 1, 2, 4-3 Band 1, 2, 43 Orchestra 1, 2. Kris is a three year man at TCS-and from here she goes to college. December 16 ,ff Perkie attended Owego Free Academy some time ago, but living in Tioga Center lured her to TCS because she needed one more year to graduate. KRISTINE L. SOLY lfKris,, Man! Thou pendulum betwixt a smile and a tear. lByronl ALYCE M. W. STAUDER "Perkie" It's never too late to learn. January 21 mm" Basketball, Band 1, 2, 3, 4g Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4-3 All-County Chorus 2, 3, 4: Boys' Octet 1, 2, 33 All-State Sectionals Band lg Chorus 33 Drama Club 25 Jr. Play, Sr. Play, Jr. Prom. Twig's looking for work starting next sum- mer. December 9 """ National Honor Societyg Band 1, 2, 3, 4-g Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4g Tikette 2, 39 All-County,Orchestra 1: Band 2, 3, 4g NYSSMA 1, 2, 3, 4g Area Au- State 415 Psychology Club 23 Press Club 4-3 Col- lege Club lg Jr. Play, Sr. Playg Jr. Prom: Jr. Carnivalg Science Fair 3. Bev's going to work after graduation-for a while. 36 HOWARD E. TERWILLIGER lC'I'Wig39 You can hardly do this in the time allowed. BEVERLY J. THOLEN lGBeV3, Y 015,126 got to be a liztle different -if you want to be noticed. . j Y ef. is .,.. ,zfffri - fi SM . . 5 . h K, . s.x...sSg.s-Q.. .WN-.s so . . X - . ' 3 5. Hsff..,g o ' . X ' X sl 2? 9 s . 5. K. ..- so . . KS X 1 ,W , November 29 XF Band 1, 2, 3, 4-g Dance Band 3, 43 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4. Bud's looking for a job after June 26. March 17 if Volley Ball, Track 3, 4-g Band 1, 2g Chorus 1, 2. Junior will attend Broome Tech next fall. EVERED F. VAN DUSEN 46Bud!, A true aml brave and downright honest man.. He blew no horn in the rmzrket fW1littierJ place. MERRITT E. VARGASON "Junior" His legs bestride zhe ocean. fLongfellowj March 28 Class Secretary 3g Cheerleaderg Football Varsity 43 .l. V. Basketball 33 Chorus 2, 4g Training Chorus lg Library Club lg Cheerleading Club 2g Secretarial Practice 4g Jr. Playg Jr. Promg Sr. Play. Connie will be a housewife-or is. CONNIE R. WHITMORE "Connie" Her very frowns are fairer far than smiles of other maidens are. fColeridgej December 11 if Wrestling lg Football lg Jr. Playg Freshman In- itiation. Will is looking for a job after June. 38 STI-.PHEN H. WILLIAMS "Winn I have just bought the latest copy of Shapes peare! X F we fa i x KS fi Q N C555 I, Bob Bell, leave my ability to get into the Junior Play to anyone who likes to go to play practice. I, Ruth Bill, leave Miss Martin with one less head- ache. I, Sandra Boring, am just glad I'mf1eaving. I, Carole Briggs, leave Kip Baxter with no one to talk to during language class. I, Spencer Briggs, leave my position in football to anyone who is big enough to fill it. I, Beth Chaffee, leave my brother, Buzz, freedom in his last year of school. I, Juanita Crider, leave Mr. Merena with one less person to pick on. I, Irene Bright, leave to anyone who needs it, my ability to get along with teachers. I, Linda Deming, leave my red suspenders, willed to me by Ronald Zylich, to Bob Gowan. I, Bob Douglas, leave to Chris Williams my suc- cessful ability to dodge a certain history teacher. I, Bob Downing, leave to anyone who needs it my ability of being small and still playing football. I, Alyce Stauder, leave with many new friends a heart full of gratitude. I, Ben Hottenstein, leave my bass voice to my bro- ther Erik. Who, me? I, Ray Snyder, leave Jerry Howey my spot on the bench in basketball. I, Jeanne Leasure, leave to Sandra Van Boven the fun of make-up for the Jr. and Sr. plays. I, Sharon Pipher, leave Sherry C. to sit with an underclassman instead of an upperclassman on the bus. I, Dale Smith, have nothing, "no" nothing, so I can't leave nothing. , I, Ronnie Katchuk, leave my trouble fgirlsl at school to my brother, Larry. I, Howard Terwilliger, leave to Bob Gowan my mag- nificent marks in chemistry. I, Bev Tholen, leave to Karen Harris my ability to raise the devil during classes I, Earl Robinson, leave my ability to "brownie" around coaches to Bob Gowan. I, Merritt Vargason, leave to John Divers my place in track. I, Belinda Van Norman, leave all the problems of being in high school to my sister Mildred. I, Steve Williams, leave to my brother Chris all of the fun of getting thrown out of the library. I, Doug L'Hommedieu, leave the Sophomore and Freshman girls with no senior boy to flirt with them. I, Craig Markley, leave my math and science books to my brother Gordon. I, Bill Waterman, leave to "Schyler" the job of being President of the senior class. ' I, Kristine Soly, leave to anyone who wants it the fun of being a senior, a year early. 40 I. I, George Woodruff, leave to some lucky boy the fun of going on a field trip with 20 girls. I, Evered Van Dusen, leave my ability to sleep dur- ing classes to whoever is tired. I, James Root, leave my ability to be a cop to my brother Bob. I, Nick Schoonover, leave to Jim Wilmont my ability to pass Physics. I, Linda Jennings, leave to anyone who wants it the fun of skipping play practice. I, George Ream, leave Coach Nimmo to find an- other star football and basketball player. I, Gail Middaugh, leave my seat on Bus 56524 to Bea Herbert and Sharon Shaw. I, Anna Kowalewski, leave my ability for making stupid mistakes in math to my brother Steve. I, Joyce Godfrey, leave the fun of decorating for the Jr. Prom and Senior Ball to Maybell Hawk. I, Jo Ann Jones, leave to anyone who wants it my job as a rubbedy dub lady. I, Chuck Freer, leave T.C.S. brainwashed. I, Irene Freer, leave T.C.S. taking my brother with me, or vice versa. I, Connie Whitmore, leave my smile to anyone who needs it to endear teachers. I, Chuck Horton, leave T.C.S. as the last one of the "Horton boys." I, Barbara Jacobs, leave Stevie with no one to tell tales on. I, Bruce Shumway, leave Carol with no way to get to school except on the bus. I, David Didocho, leave Mr. Englebert with one less person to repeat Math 10. I, Gary Harlin, leave my red hair to Sherri Layton to save man power. I, Chuck Gorton, leave my quiet disposition to Lynn Jennings. I, Roberta Merrill, leave to my brother, Buddy, no big sister to pick on in school. I, Roger Miller, leave to anyone who wants it the ability to get appendicitis on the second night of the Senior Play. We, Ben, Doug and Craig leave Mr. Resue with more peace and quiet. We, Chuck and Woody, leave Mr. Merena with only girls left in his secretarial classes. We, Roger Miller and Bob Bell, leave our ability to skip school for deer hunting to Dave Kimber. We, Sandy B., Linda J., Joyce G. and Jo Ann J., leave nothing of value, we want everything. We, Bev. Sharon, Anna, Ruth, and Roberta, leave the Junior girls with five more seats at the lunch table. Dated December 15, 1960 BELINDA VAN NORMAN For The Class of 1961 f 3 5 J POP GGY The use of the Zodiac in developing our theme for the 1961 Tiogan had considerable influence on Beverly Tholen, and it was found that she has secretly been studying astrology. When the editors accidently found out that Beverly was quite an accomplished student of this ancient study, we were able to get the following predictions on the members of the class of 1961. So here is what the stars have in store for us ten years from now. Howard T. and Bub V. will be playing with Lawrence Welk. Craig M. will be accepted as an astronaut. Horton Sz Shumway Advertising Agency will establish an office in Rochester. Smith and Williams will construct the new Tioga Center-Susquehanna Heights Bridge. Nick S., now living in Waverly, will be elected to the Board of Education. Anna K. and Irene B. will accept teaching positions in the newly enlarged Tioga Elementary School. Cornell will announce the appointment of Professor C. Freer as chairman of the Mathematics Depart- ment. Mr. and Mrs. Stauder will attend the graduation of their son, Terry, at R.P.1. JoAnn J. will supervise the new School of Nursing at the Tioga General Hospital, and Beth Chaffee will conduct classes in practical nursing at the same institution. Ruth Bill will be appointed Assistant Secretary of Agriculture for Dairying by President Rockefeller. Spencer B's colt will be favorite to win the "triple crown" in 1971. Carole B. will win the election for Tioga County Welfare Commissioner. Sharon P. and Roberta M. will finish 1-2 in the l.B.M. women's golf championship. George R. and Earl R. will be appointed physical ed. teachers in the new Tioga County Technical High School now being constructed in Halsey Valley. Kristine S! will be Dean of Women at Elmira College. George W. has just brought in his 4-1st oil well in Arizona. Robert Douglas will replace Milton Cross as announcer for the Metropolitan Opera program. Robert D. and Raymond S. have perfected a new type of aircraft carrier for the Navy. lt can cruise at 75 knots and when under way is not much larger than a destroyer. Barbara J's new book "Farm Management" has been adopted for use by the ag classes at Newark Valley. Ronald K's chain of women's specialty shops has been reported as the largest in the U. S. Waterman, Hottenstien, and L'Hommedieu-Aeronautical Engineers, will design the new three level airdrome for Nichols. Jean L. will raise polo ponies for the U. S. Olympic Team. Grey hair is completely passe fashionwise, announces the leading hair stylist salon of Gorton, Harlin, and Crider. Dave D. will be teaching French in Canada. Connie W. will be elected PTA president at TCS. d Bell's Dairy Farm will win the top milk production with "Bonnie Bluef' a new hybrid milk pro- ucer. James R. claims the world's championship in wrestling. He will take on all challengers. Joyce G., Irene F., and Sandra B., all happily married, are arranging the lst annual formal dance for the TCS PTA. Linda J. will be appointed to teach child care in TC Adult Education by Mr. Meade. Linda D. will be modeling for Drazen's. Belinda V. will take over the Dear Abbe column and rename it Belinda's Blessings. Merritt V. will be appointed chairman of the N. Y. Athletic Commission. ' Roger Miller will be appointed director of scouting for the New York-Pennsylvania district. Gail M. will succeed Judge Colhessey as Judge of the Children's Court. 30- E: M -E' 15 -A Ugg: in I- E .ako 1: 2-da: --2 Nag -2 get L: gnu: EL Sak SUE S2 J nag-um :E :I-SB as EE BE 'Ei 25: Eg: E ha- :sh EL E EE it :E :Ea ' :Ev .5 Anim as-.3 3 A as 05: sua as 6 as 8 :I as EEL 1-Ei .EE gk gg ou sue 23 Eg! :E-'SES E3 2: -5 Ei!-E' as u E 3 0 as an ag- Eh-E ha -is 1 aus as EE -A: Em EQ Ev!- :im :Sm S3 5: -Ei E E 5:5 is E :E 3:5 E: ln-2: qs :-Eu vu: -El 5 E2 :N S2 I: get -E as yen 235 In-:E :Ez ggi be mug-K :E ess :E-B S. in use-W 1 SE an-Sm -is-m -as UE: 2.2.3 si :I-in E15- UE: -123.3 EE-E-5 rt-0:3 BE gh MEI Q 'er E: :saga -3-:N Eg: as Ka :E 33 I 51: :EE .EEE-om 23,534 5. .9 33 Z: F- :DB :Eu -EJ :S-sez: as .3 :gi :gs 2 E :EE U .Ea E E E :lu -E-:Sum :lege 5-E3 4 1: an 55, Us .51-on E1 :E 'EE E3 E: 5 E E N E-B he hs: :Ba va 3-Ei vga sg: -.E-'Q as ,S :neu-em was 3,5511 3 :su -ESQ EE? H- Ss in Eg :EA E so iam :E beg 2: ue g E .Eg 2 S2 ua E5-4 S: Ee: ag! :E-E S 2:3 asa ,ia-W S3 un has?-om E2 FB: :ik Isis: QE 15 is SE K3 :AE-em an-he - vu: D3-E,-S9 :E :S E3 :Q as Ag is :gg-E -no 3 we-E EEE -Eu as 0-sz NE' 5 oi H 3-in E E .Eu gs: S2 52 :ASS E- :EA F- em-E 2: E M-.H -E4 gg: Sa hw :Aero no-:Ulm :gsm Q :Ev EEO-Evo gs: gg-E: go H I: E: gr :Egg ggi is as E: .Eu -:az E E:-ei th: he na - 5-B :za ls: 3, .ii .EU ,eau UH: USU 3-E :E-:lm as -:S 2: -6 E :Q EE: 1 Banzai-U eg! :E-B S: -N S: :EER has is 3: J -it Baguio :E Eg E :gsm u--EE is 2- A3 M2-Eu-ew nh --5 .IE -5 :E-E -El :ma S13 E-as -El .Eu 0-see: 2: A: its as :EIMS has in -E z H-in :nz .U-'nag-hx U-es: 5-in EES as -3 BE than is-as I-5: 25 Eau gg-A It is-an 55,24 ME E 5-S Li: :E-4 bg: -is Ei bv E :ggi-B gh :Ag ,ages Aa-ul -Ek EES E3 2 2 E: go E- E Us is -E:-at -E IEEE I-Es ?-an buh is E- .GN E---:em :S tv: :L E. 5-:im one -IEE! :EM EE is ,M ri his ss -Ex :E UE: R-:EEE M2-Es Jun-5 :cites HE-:F S2 In :A-Esz it was E--ei 332. .ED --U-au as in .Ei EEE! 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M-NDN,-m D201-Vi! ltsm H'-GQ 7432215 HUD!! 58,0200-mum MU-Z HOOE mN:1n 282-QOH ANQQN :im-Z H0100-0 SHINE ZOE:-um in-:IEE Kms! EUS!-He: E10 '-A:-EN: 4.5-NND! Nadi: U Dm-GUESS!-A OD OD E:-m4NA ZS: gmkngse- EE Eiga- N223 E22 ZZ! 2 QQEZZHH 1025 mNOU5' 'Jae-19 ZS:-MZ OE Egmswh Z0-:SE mud-Quo zu'-N4-H N50 ZOB'-OU mm!!-110 E558 5,2 ENE M-is M-NNE me-EU OZ-ZROQ Hu-NND! m4d0DOD EE :WOOD-D D-,QD UZN-.WD SNES HHQEU FSZE: NE4mU F-KB! FIU-HQ NINE mg-E GNU,-Num mg-BN N-HOKE' 0580! 4'-Qzim g:-N ISE Q'-Nm 1:-NEC! Ns!! kumar nm fl! madman 2 60600 Our high svhonl pmgram is designed, and our tvaclu-rs slriw- to l'tl8kCj01ll' high sf-haul sluflvnts versatile-. Gemini, the Twins, aided by Mcrcurypis ih- tellvctual. but also vurofrcm: and airy. s '. 1 1, .LQ9 .. '3 jf '- 4 "" .,.,. I . -V 1' i 'n A . f ,, 1 if 1 q.. ' 'Lx , Y GQSJ 0 1962 President-KENNETH BAXTER Vice President-TERI MCCOY Secretary-EST HER LOUNSBERRY Treasurer-BERNARDINE BLATCHLEY MRS. GOODFELLOW'S HOMEROOM FIRST ROW, left to right--Claire Erwin, Johanna Heyman, .ludy Judge, Dondrue Hanna,.Beatrice, Her- bert, Marie Eiklor, Bernardine Blatchley, Lois Dodge, Antonia Go- lonka. SECOND ROW, left to right: Gretchen Ioseyy Josephine Jones, Bob Cowan, Chuck Hollister, George Chicchinelli, Walter Chaffee, Chuck Hunt, Jerry Howey. THIRD ROW, left to right: Jim Bean, Orrin Ham- mond, Lynn Jennings, Kip Baxter, Dwayne Deretz, Wayne Harris. MR. FORBES' HOMEROOM FIRST ROW, left t right--Man garet Thomas, An a Wiswell, Kathy Zylich, Esther Loundsberry, Ann Maclntosh, Susan McElwain, .Ioyce Sturdevant, Teri McCoy. SEC- OND ROW, left to right-Kenny Pierce, Stephen Pelham, Jean Ros- enthal, Marry Ann Van Housen, .Iirn Thomas, Mark Limerick, Tresa Var- gason. THIRD ROW, left to right- Dennis Kelsey, Al Simons, Tom Lu- ciani, Michael Lurito, John Sawyer, Bill Shipman. 44 MR. REYNOLDS' HOMEROOM FIRST ROW, lert to right-Donice Rolfe, Donna Rolfe, Terry Rich, Bev- erly Rogers, Mary Scott, Nancy Stur- davent, Joyce Welfel, Ellen White, Margo White. SECOND ROW, left to right-Thomas Westbrook, Terry Walter, Sandra VanBoven, Donna Rogers, Sharon Lounsbury, Ellen Snyder, Sandra Teller, Gladys Mid- daugh, Lois Nichols. THIRD ROW. left to right-Ernie Vargason, Curt Stradley, John Whitcomb, Thomas Rought, Neil Pipher, Kenneth Wil- son, David Watennan, Fred Nichols. Absent-Barbara Rioe. 'li' SESS 0 1963 President-JOHN WHITCOMB Vice President-ED KLENOTIZ Secretary-DAWN BELLIS Treasurer-SHARON LOUNSBURY MR. MERENA,S HOMEROOM FIRST ROW, left to right-Step hanie Caravelgsi, Dawn Bellis, Chris- tina Darbee, 'udy Coleman, George Gorton, Ken Hammond, Maybell Hawk, Joyce Hardman. SECOND ROW, left to right-Clara Gorton, Janet Colson, Glen Evelien, Sue Deming, Sherry Layton, Leroy Garey, Dwight Deretz, Steve Kowalewski, Ernest Churchill, Doug Horton. THIRD ROW, left to right-Jerry Hill, Raymond Graham, Fred Daw- son, Ed Klenotiz, Bob Baldwin, Chuck Doane, John Hollister. 45 MR. MEADEXS HOMEROOM FIRST ROW, left to right-Howard Layer, Stephen Rich, John Dutton, Mike Elston, Marsha Waterman, Joan Mar- shall, Al Beers, Larry Katchuk, Carole Buchi. SECOND ROW, left to right- .Iudy Mathewson, Linda Marchewka, Karan Harris, Susan Kemp, Kathryn Tholen, Erna Reitz, Rose Marie Soly, Rita Zylich, Carol Jones. THIRD ROW, left to right-Carol Brown, Nancy Ros- enthal, Rose Pipher, James. Douglas, James Wilmot, Edgar Thurston, Jerry Ockerman, Sandra Grey. Absent- Donald Burns. Sxififq sm' ett 1 ' '-. President if h STEPHEN - S Vlce-Pres. ROSE PIPHER Secretary JOAN MARSHALL Treasurer CAROL JONES MR. DENNIS' HOMEROOM FIRST ROW, left to right-Sandra Jacobus, Barbara Ketchum, Clara Whee- land, Ruth Jacobus, Nancy Knapp, Eliz- abeth Golonka, Bonnie Grist, Russel Keene. SECOND ROW, left to right- Thomas Camp, John Divers, Michael Coleman, Martha Scott, Bonnie Rogers, Cynthia Schultz, Charles Sturdevant, Sharon Judge. THIRD ROW, left to right-Marla Barrows, Sherl Barrows, James Branston, Maurice Whittemore, Glen Van Boven, Chester Callahan, Ralph Graham. Absent-Phyllis Bennett, Phillip Petty, David Goodwin, Clarence Romich. 46 Gin 0 1964 MR. ENGELBERT'S HOMEROOM FIRST ROW, left to right- Mary Johnson, Shirley Mar- chewka, Luella Thompson, Alan Carlin, Robert Root, Susan Baxter, Beverly Zorn. SECOND ROW, left to right-LeRoy Bean, Owen Zorn, Richard Rogers, Tho- mas Merz, Judith Hardman, Bonne Wilson, Vivian Smith, Donna Evelien, Mina John- son. THIRD ROW, left to right-David Kimber, Rob- ert Ayers, Charles Perry, Alan Bill, Carl Deming, Donald Whittemore, Theo- dore Rought. Absent-John Layton, Berton Kline, Luth- er Eiklor. Gkss 0 1965 MR. COLE'S HOMEROOM FIRST ROW, left to right--Fred Kelley, Christopher Williams, Lorry Romich, Francis Soly, Norma Dem- ing, Franklin Williams, Bryon Rog- ers, Ted Luddy, Gary Rolfe. SEC- OND ROW, left to right-Bonnie Cummings, Betty Jannone, Kathleen Judge, Debre Hanna, Luella Foust, Ruth Bensley, Judith Brown, Dawn Groves, Geoigianna Jocobus, William Cass, Gary Ketchum. THIRD ROW, left to right-Richard Olmstead, Gary Luciani, Guy Shaw, Clifton Cat- lin, Martha Taylor, Wanda Green- field, Cynthia Hall, Shirley Bleiler, Dennia Miller, Carole Mclntosh. Ab- sent--Joseph Mortzheim. MR. BARD'S HOMEROOM FIRST ROW, left to right-Gloria Miller, Beatrice Perry, Bonnie Saxon, Dawn Furman, Marilyn Hunt, Bill Snover. SECOND ROW, left to right-Diane Wandall, Harold Hor- ton, Ronald Greene, Gary Vargason, Lester Olmstead, Timothy Limerick. THIRD ROW, left to right-Katlr ryn Ross, ,lane Dewey, Ruth Tho- mas, Rene Stradley, Ruth Jones, Mildred VanNorman. Absent-Rich ard Nichols. MISS JACOBS' HOMEROOM FIRST ROW, left to right-Deborah Rider, .lean Hayes, Carol Spencer, Linda Boehm, Josephine Cicchinelli, Sharon Armstrong, Yoenna Moon, Saleen McElwain, Ruthe Kowalewski, Eloise Carey. SECOND ROW, left to right-Carolee Warner, Sandra Burns, Gary Miller, Gary Simons, Paula Twigg, Patricia -Wiswell, Lin- da Wells, Howard Merrill, Sandra Thurber, Susan- Haines. THIRD ROW, left to right-Gary Coleman, Karen Morris, Diana Baldwin, Scott Hill, James Schwab, James Harlin, Curtis Josey, Kathleen Ockerman, Richard Loomis. 47 CASS 0 1966 MRS. McQUEEN'S HOMEROOM FIRST ROW, left to right-Janice Hill, Shirley Grant, John Chrysler, Gary Myers, Jolm Branston, Lewis Annsby, Ronald Nichols. Michael Hanuner, Douglas Burgess, Cline Stradley. SECOND ROW, left to right-Durward Ketchum, Leonard Hobbie, Shirley Miller, Melbia Cat- lin, Patricia Dean, Blanche Van Nor- man, Joyce Barrows, Marie Goodwin. THIRD ROW, left to right-David Callahan, Leslie Swartz, Bruce Zorn, John Bishop, Burton Cole, Fred Wil lianis, Stephen Kinney, James Her- bert, Donald Ed Harris. Absent- Carol Westbrook, Paul White. MR. GAGLIO'S HOMEROOM FIRST ROW, left to right-Paul Mortzheim, Betty Marchewka, Chris- tine Hairnes, Susan Moore, Richard Thomas, Douglas Rogers, Douglas Waterman, Richard Braunbeck, Jim Robinson, Michael Spencer, Douglas Wilson. SECOND ROW, left to right-Raymond O'Connell, Paul Wil- son, Clara Welfel, Nancy Newman, Leonore Kohn, Stanley Harris, Gor- don Thornas, Charles Quick, Sharon Zeller, Janice Novak, Sharon Olm- stead, Marsha Deming, Barbara Hey- man, Nancy Brown. THIRD ROW, left to right-Barbara Dean, Linda Vargason, Harry Bennett, John Briggs, Douglas Jones, Nancy Bald- win, Cleona Whitcomb, Sherrill Goodfellow, Carolyn Smith, Deborah Baldwin, Carol Newbury. MR. WALDEN'S HOMEROOM FIRST ROW, left to right-Anne Cicchinelli, Carol Bracken, Rene Moon, Susan Furman, Edwin Jacobs, Dennis Swartz, Carl Armstrong, Quinn Grose, John Hunt, Clarence Guiles. SECOND ROW, left to right -Jerry Elston, Billie Briggs, Suz- anne Sturdevant, Virginia Middaugh, Linda Howey, Paula Eiklor, Mark Reynolds, Ralph Oropello, Carolyn Clark, Patricia Dutton, Michael Kin- ney. THIRD ROW, left to right- Richard Brown, Glenn Synder, Eu- gene Gill, Richard Horton, Lewis Zorn, Francis Crandall. N - - 5 S w 4 -:i L :S KFC fi-'Sf 9-. i .ifxisii -A Q Q- rx- , K K K ' '1 9 -N iw 'Xxx' -ffffi f' '15 .Q X ,M .X . . X xx K . ' X t f ' lx. lx T' - A . S t K 3 M Tioga Central si if Nichols Tioga Elementary ya Genfraf Elementary Qraofas MR. EARL NOVAK Elementary Supervisor The grades at TSC are in three build- ings. Nichols has grades K through 6, Tioga Elementary has grades K through 3, and Tioga Central grades il-, 5, and 6. Mr. Novak is supervisor of all grade classes, and Mrs. Magnus is the build- ing principal at Tioga Elementary. Mrs. Horton at Tioga Elementary and Mrs. Rogers at Nichols are the nurse-secre- taries. They handle office work and supervise the health programs for their respective schools. At Tioga Central, Mrs. Cass, the high school nurse, super- vises the health programs for grades 4, 5, and 6 in that building. With our ever increasing population, there is demand for more classrooms, and in the near future our school dis- trict will vote on additions to all three buildings. This will provide much need- ed room especially at Tioga Central where the increased number of sections is causing problems. MRS. KATHERINE MAGN US Tioga Elementary Principal MRS. GRACE ROGERS MRS. SALLY HORTON Nurse-Secretary Nurse-Secretary Nichols Elementary Tioga Elementary 50 MRS. CORBIN'S 6TH GRADE-TIOGA CENTRAL FIRST ROW, left to right-Valerie Romich, Hugh Kelly, Milton Kemp, George Johnson, Richard Stella, Jerry Coleman, George Rice, Edward Deming, Douglas Men, Janet North- 1-up. SECOND ROW, left to right- Miss Fox, Gary Brown, Beth Ann Meyer, Eva Gorton, Florence McIn- tosh, Carol Burns, Eric Grose, Kath- ryn Thomas, Kathleen Zom, Ann Yoder, Marilyn Van Geldger, Ida Thompson. THIRD ROW, left to right-Harry Newberry, Virginia Hawkins, Shelda Walker, Paula Kline, Eleanor Spires, Bonnie Brink, Susan Luciana, Kathleen Ellison, Diana Ketchum, Charles Camp. MRS. LEE'S 6TH GRADE-NICHOLS FIRST ROW, left to right-Paul Zylich, Jeffrey Barnes, James Cara- vella, Eva J. Soly, Martin Thomas, ,loan Brawnbeck, Thomas Myers, Richard Perrey, Vickie Moon, Pa- tricia Steele, Kathy VanDusen, Susan Eisenhart. SECOND ROW, left to right-Mrs. Corbin, Tyrone Stauder, Albert Whittemare, Mary Armsby, Geraldine Colson, Terry Warner, Karen Elston, Marjarie Johnson, Sharon Cripler, Carol Snyder. THIRD ROW, left to right-Keeth Bennett, Ham! Westbrook, Douglas Wandall, Teddy Bishop, Diana Bish- op, Loretta Dean, Diane Keene, Sha- ron Grey, Marsha Sundberg, Rich- ard Harding. Absent--,lacquiline Rider. MISS FOX'S 6TH GRADE-TIOGA CENTRAL FIRST ROW, left to right-Dale White, Cheryl Bracken, Alan Ben- nett, Mary Newman, Beverly Garey, Dianne Foote, Geoffrey Rich. SEC- OND ROW, left to right-Walter Cheely, Carolyn Park, Linda Van Boven, John Foust, David Vergason, William Hyde, David Baldwin, Mary Hayes, Mary Bensley, Dianne Chrys- ler, Mrs. Lee. THIRD ROW, left to right-Philip Brown, Roger Fel- ton, Donna White, Meleta Murdock, Elizabeth Barton, Ann Ockerman, Ray Arnold, Rhonda Seeley, Gordon Markley, Sandra Jorgensen. Absent -Ronald White, Miriam Didocha, Larry Morgan. SI MRS. NICDONAL.D'g 5TH GRADE-TIOGA CENTRAL FIRST ROW, left to right-John Beers, Michael Williams, Donna Kel- ley, Vicki Snover, Roberta Root, Kathleen Heyman, Stephen Merz, Philip Rogers, Thomas Wiggins, Cheryl Hill, Frank Hammer. SEC- OND ROW, left to right-Larry Sey- mour, Thomas Armstrong, Marlene Johnson, Karla Morris, Steven Mc- Elwain, Linda Atchison, Jackie Eik- lor, Bettie Mosher, Barbara Harris, Harriet Ellison, Jean Hawkins, David Tinkham, Michael Wagstaff, Mrs. Miller. THIRD ROW, left to right- Kevin Smith, George Jones, Mar- garet Braunbeck, Marsha Graham, Linda Middaugll, Charlotte Dean, Stephen Keene, .lack Gowan, Billie Brink, Stewart Cole, Donna Quick. Absent-Ronald Millage, Larry Simons. MRS. SCHWAB'S STH GRADE-NICHOLS FIRST ROWV, left to right-,lacque- line Stella, Stephen Klenotiz, Io Ann Robinson, Robert Hildebrand, Cathy Shultz. Lidna Tye. Alan W'alker, Janice Pipher, Lewis Holhert, Her- bert Chrysler. SECOND ROW, left to right-Mrs. McDonald, Winnie- fred Graves, Gregory Harding, Kath- ryn Wilson, Nancy Van Norman, Dorothy Nichols, Ronald Godfrey, Carol Culver, Blanche Iannone, Bon- nie Catlin, Joseph Thomas, Joel Shaw. THIRD ROW, left to right- Connie Barden, Robeit Millage. Mark Hill. David Williams, Carol Dewey, Darlene Van Housen, Doug- las Pierce, Frank Smith, Michael Srtrope, Leah Barnes. Absent-Karen wigg. MRS. MILLER'S 5TH GRADE-TIOGA CENTRAL FIRST ROW, left to right-Donald Rolfe, Mary Foust, Jean Willis, Glen Foust, Thomas Rice, Carolyn Culver, Edward Sclmeider, Diane Dillon, Trlunan Kittle, Clara Bensley, Roger Argetsinger. SECOND ROW, left to right--Marguerite Jacobus, Dale Ben- nett, Charles Kinney, Frederick Thomas, Daniel Pipher, Arthur Strad- ley, Sally Campbell, Barbara Cass, Elizabeth Mesh, Rachel Kowalewski, Mrs. Schwab. THIRD ROW, left to right-Judith L'Hommedieu, Roger Briggs, Nancy Wiswell, Dennis Wash- burn, Diane Felton, Gail Luciani, Alan Robertson, Gail Sawyer, James Vargason, Dorothy Novak, Cynthia Quick, Kathy Park. Absent-Robert Didocha. MRS. BARNES' 4TH GRADE-TIOGA CENTRAL FIRST ROW, left to right-Kolleen Morris, Janet Kreichbaum, Diana Hosmer, Danna Deming, Judy Fur- man, Kenneth Zorn, John Chrysler, Elaine Gorton, Dorla Van Norman. SECOND ROW, left to right-Pa- tricia Tholen, Joyce Argetsinger, Gail Westbrook, Cindy Coleman, Kathy Martin, Richard Temple, Keith Grose, Ralph Fredenburg, Timothy Thomas. THIRD ROW, left to right-Fred Lounsbury, Lois Eik- lor, Jack Chrysler, Ralph Kelsey, Donna Nye, Dale Guiles, Stephen Pipher, Patricia Kinney, Edith Steele. Absent-Joette Chamberlain, Cindy Muzek. MISS RUSSELUS 4TH GRADE-NICHOLS FIRST ROW, left to right-David Rich- ardson, Elaine Harding, Gail Hosmer, Elmer Apgar, Burton Warner, Kenneth Atchison, Thomas Strope, Mary Ellen Dougherty, Connie Meissner, Doris Nye. SECOND ROW, left to right-Connie Quick, Katharine Vanderpool, Valerie Vergason, Daniel Boehm, John Robin- son, Donald Harris, Victoria McLean, Dehhrah Farnham. THIRD ROW, left to right-Carl Van Gelder, William Briggs, Rhonda Lounshury, Sherry Bates, William Temple, James Keene, William Novak, Reynor Thompson. Ab- sent-Michele Luddy, George Muzek. MRS. NEW BERRY'S 4TH GRADE-TIOGA CENTRAL FIRST ROW, left to right-Patty Brack- en, James Williams, Mikalleen Seeley, Fred Allis, Katheryn Gilmore, Ruth Thomas, Beverly Waterman, Teresa Rob- ertson, Bruce Foote, Lewis Goodwin. SECOND ROW, left to right-Dottie Sue Jacohus, Barbara Ann Quick, Craig Stradley, Nancy Bean, Thomas Wiswell, Richard Cole, Janice Argetsinger, Roh- ert Armstrong, Douglas Cobb, Miss' Rus- sell. THIRD ROW, left to right-Omar Hottenstein, Marcia Merena, Dennis Cheely, Stephen Roadcap, Thomas Oek- erman, Martha White, David Hyde, Rita Felton, Anthony Fox. , Absent-Larry Hartman, Betty Park, Donna Spencer. 53 .SRD GRADE-MRS. ASHLAND-TIOGA ELEMENTARY FIRST ROW, left to right-Frede- rick Depew, Linda Cole, Robert Cat- lin, Lizabeth Bennett, Beth Swartz, Marilyn Beers, Arthur Mayer, Deb- orah Van Dusen, Cheryl Thomas, Sherman McElwain, David Twigg. SECOND ROW, left to right-Renee Wells, Kenneth Chaffee, Clifford Perry, Dennis Sundberg, Charles Hol- bert, Geneva Braunbeck, Linda Quick, Daniel Hill, Bruce White, Mrs. Magnus. THIRD ROW, left to right-Sandra Temple, Gary Wil- liams, Joanne Josey, LeRoy Eiklor, John Merrill, Susan Welfel, Ray- burn Roadcap, Gordon Ormsby, Ber- nard Smith. Absent-Daniel Zylich. 3RD GRADEQMRS. WILMOT-NICHOLS FIRST ROYV. left to right-Raymond Soly, Terri Snover, Mary Harris, Ray- mond Deming. Jolm Perry, Clara Cat- lin, Karen Shultz, Nancy Jacobs, Nancy Kelley, Susan Cowan. SECOND ROW, left to right-Tom Hill, Linda Nichols, Joy Bacon, Willialit Archibald, Ronald Fairlie, Dale Hosmer, Gary Spires, Stev- en Crossett, Iona Ormsby, Larry Ketch- um. THIRD ROW, left to right-Robert Williams, Gerald Catlin, James Boehm, Jay Ball, Herbert Fice, Earl Ormsby, Sharonrose Bishop, Norman Culver, ,gauges Ellinson, Bruce Eiklor, Mrs. Ash- un . 3RD GRADE-MRS. MAGHUS-TIOGA ELEMENTARY FIRST ROW, left to right-Deborah Thomas, George Jacobus, Sharon Chrys- ler, Joann Kittle, Sullivan Foote, Sara- lene Seeley, Linda Preshur, Frederick Chrysler, Robert Carlin, Francis Mc- Carthy, Stephen Clearwater, Debra Bracken. SECOND ROW, left to right- Michele Thompson, Mary Louise Davis, Joseph Kinney, Dean Foust, Harold Allis, Robert Moffitt, James Culver, Floyd Hartman, Charlene Campbell, Denise Baldwin, Mrs. Wihnot. THIRD ROW, left to right--Rebecca Morris, Timothy Mills, Carl Thomas, Cynthia Felton, Judy O'Connell, Lois Kowalew- ski, Daniel Wells, Mary Vargason, Wil- liam Kosobuski, David Barton. 2ND GRADE-MRS. BELL-TIOGA ELEMENTARY FIRST ROW, left to right-Kenneth Archibald, Duane Snyder, Paulette Steele, Roberta Hawkins, LaVene Judge, Linda Lombard, Kay Morris, Dale Simons, Henry Brink, Carol Gilmore, Randy Bennett, Helen Van Housen. SECOND ROW, left to right -Claude Cole, Ester Perry, Ellen Ellison, William Getzke, Duane At- chison, Bonnie Fredenburg, Carol Vanderpool, William Apgar, Marie Eccleston, Myron Thompson, Janet Clymer. THIRD ROW, left to right -Patricia Graves, Gary Chaffee, James Marshall, Rodney Myers, Clif- ton Tye, Douglas Armstrong, Roberta Wagstaff, Gary Schoonover, Victoria Golonka, Mrs. Chandler. Absent- Gary Van Norman. 2ND GRADE-MRS. KIMBALL-NICHOLS FIRST ROW, left to right-Gregory Kinney, Marvin Meissner, Robert Farn- ham, Steven Shrauger, Donald Guiles, Yvonne Williams, Dawn Zucchi, Jean- nine Perry, Virginia Vest, Elise Mortz- heim. SECOND ROW, left to right- Ann Root, Daniel Eiklor, Dana Muzek, Merwin Reynolds, Cindy Burke, Deborah McLean, Warren Wandall, Louise Thorn, Patricia Middaugh, Mrs. Bell. THIRD ROW, left to right-Kevin Luddy, Nancy Canzler, Mary Van Dusen, Jeffrey Coleman, Michal Kropp, Kevin Smith, Patrick Dougherty, Theresa Fice, Bruce Stauder, Alan White. Absent- Mary Ann Pipher, Lila Stevens. 2ND GRADE-MRS, CHANDLER-TIOGA ELEMENTARY FIRST ROW, left to right-Robert Ream, Mark Murdock, Sherry Foote, William Hartman, Martha Cichinelli, Clinton Wells, Joan Knapp, Mark Hoff- man, Ruth Carey, Joseph Kittle, Deb- orah Tibbetts. SECOND ROW, left to right-Leon Wiswell, Edmund Dodge, Jasper Hakes, Bruce Morris, Donna Rogers, John Grimes, Valara Wyant, Ty Waterman, Sharleen Stradley, Kathleen McCarthy, Mrs. Kimball. THIRD ROW, left to right-Patricia Zimmer, Kevin Cummings, Randy Bennett, Judith Mills, Gene Marshall, John Cheely, Charles Davis, Steven Reynolds, Jon Robertson, Jeffrey Kosobuski. i 55 1ST GRADE-MRS. BIXBY-NICHOLS FIRST ROW, left to right-Sarah Kelly, Donna Fredenburg, Kenneth Godfrey, Deborah Fice, David De- Pew, Edward Bush, Patricia Lime- rick, Gary Smith, Floyd Mosher, Stephan Merrill. SECOND ROW, left to right-Marcia Kropp, Mere- dith Kohn, David Bacon, Lynn Walk- er, Lyle Walker, Nelson Warner, Theresa Elston, Anna May Harris. THIRD ROW, left to right-Cynthia Bennett, Karl Zylich, Colleen Dough- erty, Doug Kinney, Deith Short, Charles Chrysler, Katherine Shum- way, Willard Bates, Mrs. Harris. Ab- sent-Richard Brink, Betty Reitz. 1ST GRADE-MRS. MILLER-TIOGA ELEMENTARY FIRST ROW, left to right-Kathleen Marshall, John Culver, Fred Stradley, Andrea Dodge, Robert McCarthy, Mar- garet Morris, Kathy Robertson, Ioan Callahan, Terry Rogers, Ronald Pipher, Kenneth Rogers. SECOND ROW, left to right-Marilyn Jones, Alan Fox, Carol Duffek, Kevin Reynolds, David Preshur, Larry Wyant, Kathleen Cummings, Ger- ald Thompson, Amy Middleton, Donald Nash. THIRD ROW, left to right- Betty Bean, Scott Bennett, Ann Koso- buski. Susanne Merena, Rebecca Kowa- lewski, Nancy Grunow, Kathy Schneider, Shirley Wittemore, Sharon Bowen, Patti Kittie, Mrs. Bixby. Absent-Linnea Goodwin, Judy Nichols, Linda Spencer. 1ST GRADE-MRS. HARRIS-TIOGA ELEMENTARY FIRST ROW, left to right-Gary Chrys- ler, Richard Welfinger, Michael Moon, Daniel Best, Linda Thomas, Pamela Johnson, Vickie Smith, William Hilde- brand. SECOND ROW, left to right- Patrieia Simons, Debra Temple, Dale Beers, Christy Catlin, Anna Braunbeck, Lorraine Fairlie, Daniel Johnson. THIRD ROW, left to right-Sharon Cowan, Gary Williams, Lloyd Jacobs, Joseph Steele, Thomas Noonan, Re- becca Brown, Michael Bishop. Absent- Vicki Atchison, Kenneth Bellis, Lois Eiklor, Deborah Gallow, Jonathan Hart, Judy Myers, Kenneth Shipman. KINDERGARTEN-MRS. COOKE-NICHOLS FIRST ROW, left to right-Lora Williams, Cheryl Perry, Albert Foust, Peter Burke, Susan Simons, Barbara Zucchi, Gilbert Eiklor, Paul Ben- nett. SECOND ROW, left to right- Mrs. Lowe, David Kornbluth, Step- hen Hill, Karen Whitmarsh, Rhonda Myers, Kimberly Ormshy, Mathew Cotton, Linda Perry, James Burden. THIRD ROW, left to right-Pamela Kemp, Richard Van Housen, Joseph Robinson, Thomas Boring, Amold Kelsey, Cathy Predmou, Marion Elli- son. Absent-Gail Shaw, Claudia Lounsbury, Cheryl Theriaque, Rose- ann Thorn, Gary Gavitt. KINDERGARTEN-MRS. LUCIANI-TIOGA ELEMENTARY FIRST ROW, left to right-Syble Chrys- ler, William Rich, Charles Wiswell, Gary Hunter, Rosemary Cicchinelli, Re- becca Lounsbury, Douglas Thomas, Can- dis Hoffman, Paul Ketcham, Beth Koso- buski, SECOND ROW, left to right- Beth Hottenstein, Karen Fox, George Basas, David Goodwin, Lois Street, Jan- ette Merrill, Shelley Roadcap, Carolyn Hyde, Issac Brown, Lori Cole. THIRD ROW, left to right-Karen Foote, Diane Grunow, Thomas Cheely, Ann Aropello, Bonnie Stinard, Roger Allis, Alice Hun- singer, Dennis Platt, Kelly Grimes, Jeffrey Davis, Mrs. Cook. KINDERGARTEN-MRS. LOWE-TIOGA ELEMENTARY FIRST ROW, left to right-Stephen Horton, Violet Catlin, Jane Bensley, Donald Williams, Keith Shrauger, Val- erie Seymour, Patty Fairlie, Robert Foust, Robert DePew. SECOND ROW, left to right-Mrs. Luciani, Daniel Burl- ingame, Nancy Evans, Dawn Vanderpool, James Gowan, Donald Root, Andy Wil- liams, Timothy Coyle, Rodney Archi- bald, Diane Snyder. THIRD ROW, left to right--Sandra Tholen, Penny Muzek, Cynthia Hollenbeck, LuAnne Smith, Di- ann McAfee, Alan Collins, Robert Wells, Laurie Snyder. Absent-Kathleen Sturd- evant, Robert Miller, Theresa Vander- Voort. 57 !0QCIdf Gkss S , Q,-J 5 ff? Q' fs 'Nx 4 Pisces, the Fishes, is naturally ruled by Neptune. Pisceans are quiet, artistic, and generous. Being of a non-combative Q . nature they yearn for the help of others If which can brinv out their intelligence en y and potential abilities.. FIRST ROW, left to right-Ruth DeVaul, Helena Hill, Caroline Rounsville, Marion Rounsville, Cary Stephens, Harold Hart. SECOND ROW, left to right-Donald Gorton, Robert Olrnstead, Curtis Stephens, Galy Spencer. THIRD ROW, left to right-Arlene Johnson, Florence Chrysler, John Kornbluth. FOURTH ROW, left to right-Mrs. Dense, Herbert Swanshrough. gCf1k11fjk2.S ,- J Sagittarius. the Archur. is ruledA by jupiter. He symbolizvs jovial charm and grain-ty, yet ht- has an attitude of uptintism and sincerity. This is the essence of school activity. Charm em- bmlies ztdoqmtlxr kumsfledgo :applied by cagvr sourclxcwrs for truth through the out-of-class activities of our school. '-Q Zbya Gezzfraf cSfu0Q12f Gouzzczf STUDENT COUNCIL Promotion of better school citizenship, better teacher-pupil relations, school spirit, a well rounded activities program, promotion of courtesy and fellowship in our school-all these are major concerns of our Student Council. To insure fair representation and democratic practice our Student Council has two representatives from each grade from 7 through 12, and 1 representative each from the Music Department, the Physical Educa- tion Department, and one to represent the various clubs of our school. The Student Council meets on Mondays and at other times when special meetings are deemed necessary. Members are assigned to cafeteria and hall duty during lunch periods. The Council also prepares the weekly school calendar, assumes responsibility for the salute to the flag each morning, and makes sure the neces- sary announcements are given on the public address -system. Student Council members provide musical interludes each morning. The Council makes and enforces rules and regulations which are necessary for the betterment of our school. lt regulates and grants charters to clubs and other organizations and supervises all extracurricular activities. All of these powers are, of course, subject to review and veto of the principal. Each year, late in the spring, our election is held to select the officers for the following year. Seniors do not vote in this election since they will not be in school the following year. A spirited campaign, with nominations and campaign speeches, preceded the voting. To be elected a member of our Student Council is the highest honor our student body can bestow on a fel- low student. Student Council members are chosen because they have a high sense of values and exemplify outstanding school citizenship. 3'flabb12af.72Qz2or QSOCMQ HONOR SOCIETY MEMBERS 1960 STANDING: Andrea Wiswell, Teri Mc- Coy, .lim Bean, Tom Luciani, Kip Bax- ter. SEATED: Mr. Annis, Advisor, Ro- berta Merrill, Craig Markley, Chuck Freer, Anna Kowalewski. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Tioga Central School has had a National Honor Society Chapter for the past three years. As with most national organizations, our local chapter is governed by the rules and regulations of the National Honor Society. Our constitution and its amendments must be approved by the national headquarters. The Honor Society is designed to promote scholarship and character development. Any tenth, eleventh, or twelfth grade student with good character and a high academic standing is eligible for membership. The members of Honor Society at T.C.S. have certain special privileges regarding passes. We hope that as our school grows, so will the Honor Society and its high ideals for the promotion. of character and scholarship The officers for 1960-1961: President-CRAIG MARKLEY Secretary-ROBERTA MERRILL Vice-President-CHARLES FREER Treasurer-ANNA KOWALEWSKI 6I C759 mpaff MATH SCHOLARSHIP CLUB Left to Right - Doug L'Hommedieu, Chuck Freer, Robert Douglas, Craig Markley, Kenneth Baxter, James Bean, Advisor-Mr. Engelbert. MODERN ALGEBRA CLUB Left to Right - STANDING - Gerald Hill, Steve Kowalewski, John Whitcomb, Tom Westbrook, Robert Baldwin, Kenneth Wilson. SITTING - Sue Deming, Sharon Layton, Sandra Van Boven, Mr. En- gelbert, Advisor, Christina Darbee, Donna Rogers. Both the Math Scholarship and the Modern Algebra Clubs were organized to give students the opportunity to become acquainted with contemporary mathematics. The Modern Algebra Club is for sophomores and the Math Scholarship Club is for Juniors and Seniors. So far, we've learned modular arithmetic and the writing of numbers from base 10 to another base. The latter is used in highspeed I.B.M. computing machines. ln addition to the contemporary mathematics, we will go over questions given on for- mer scholarship exams and study the type of mathematics given on College Entrance Ex- aminations. lf we can accomplish this, we then feel we will have met our goal-to be better prepared for college. 5.5,-my Gm Left to Right: Betty Golonka, Sue Kemp, LeRoy Carey, Mike Coleman, Mike Hammer, .loan Sny- der, Sandra Jacobus. SEATED: Miss Arnold, Advisor. The Library Club endeavors to better acquaint its members with the library and its functions by enabling the student to select books and follow the processes from selection to distribution to the student. This process involves selection, accessioning, placement of call numbers, pockets, and date due slips. Also it involves the selection and filling out the appropriate cards, the covering of the books and the placing of the books on the shelves for student use. 92,0 om The Pep Club trains our cheerleaders, our band ma- jorettes, and our color guard. The training given 'helps the members to be- come proficient in body co- ordination, and aids them materially when try outs for the various groups men- tioned above are held. Many who are successful in making the various squads stay in the club because they realize that the train- ing and practice will help them to Perform better. CICS. 975751 Parents and teachers from Nichols, Tioga Elementary, and Tioga Central make up the membership in our P.T.A. Because we have several population areas in our .school district, the slate of officers includes a number of vice presidents, each representing an area. Further- more, the regular meetings are held in a rotating schedule in each of the three buildings. The P.T.A. is not a policy making organization and does not attempt to influence the Board of Education or the administrators of our school. P.T.A. does, however, attempt to aid in accomplishing the goals set up for the education of our youth by helping when and where needed, and by attempting to keep its members informed about the news, trends, and attitudes in education so that both teachers and parents will better understand the program of our school. Local people and others who are recognized for their work in education or in related fields frequently explain and discuss pertinent topics at P.T.A. meetings. The P.T.A. uses the various school organizations and individual student talent to help in making its meeting more attractive and enjoy- able. The Senior Band, Senior Chorus, Dance Band, and other groups, as well as individual students have performed recently. Though P.T.A. is not basically a fund raising organization it manages to raise enough money to grant two scholarships annually, and to give some financial aid to other student activities. The P.T.A. also helps in grade school activities by having its members serve as room mothers. The annual open house, which in our case occurs at three different times, allows parents and teachers to become better acquainted, and it introduces parents to classroom activities. The P.T.A. lends financial aid and other encouragement for the procure- ment of equipment of a peripheral nature which is deemed necessary to promote higher standards of education. The officers of the P.T.A. for 1960-1961: President-JANE VEST 4th V.P.-ESTHER KELSEY lst V.P.-RICHARD PASCUZZO Sth V.P.-MADALYN ROBINSON 2nd V.P.-PATRICIA HORTON Secretary-JEAN JUDGE 3rd V.P.-HARRIET ROGERS Treasurer-WALTER MERENA '63 SECRETARIAL PRACTICE A unique feature of the secretarial practice claw merits special notice in The Tiogan. Mem- bers of the class gain actual experience by helping in both the main and guidance offices. Each of the class members is assigned to work one period each day in one of the offices where they do a variety of office work under the supervision of Mrs. Colson and Mrs. Bright. The experience is beneficial to both our school and the clam members, for they become acquainted with office problems and procedure as well as aiding our regular office personnel. Left to Right, STANDING - Charles Horton, Sandra Boring, Barbara Jacobs, Juan- ita Crider, George Woodruff, Mr. Merena. SEATED - Linda Deming, Roberta Mer- rill, Linda J ennings, Sharon Pipher. ix S....L.....J PRESS CLUB l The Press Club publishes our school news- ' paper-Tioga Highlights. Highlights is designed ' to cover news about all of the students in our school system. Bob Douglas has been doing a splendid job as editor. He has initiated a number of new features and techniques which are making Highlights a paper which shows constant im- provement. Club members gain valuable experience by experiencing the problems of publishing a news- paper, as well as getting considerable practice in composition, layout, and effective reporting. Left to Right, STANDING - Steve Rich, Roy Bean, Joyce Hardman, Judy Mathew- son, Merry Ann Van Housen, J can Rosenthal, Shirley Sherman, Martha Scott, Sharon Judge, Ruth Jacobus. Marie Eiklor, Mary Johnson. SEATED - Mr. Merena, John Hollister, Beverly Tholen, Antonia Golonka, Bob Douglas, Charles Freer, Sherry Layton, Joan Snyder, Mr. Evans. GEORGE BROWN JOAN SNYDER GEORGE EISENHART George Brown and George Eisenhart did not garner sufficient credits to graduate in June of 1960, so they retumed this year. To date both are doing well with George Brown being on the honor roll and George Eisenhart doing much better in all subjects. We are happy that these students have the determination to finish high school successfully. Joan was accepted at Oneonta State Teachers, but could not enter until January. She has been with us as a post graduate student 54 for the first semester. We wish her the best of luck and clear sailing at Oneonta. A Qgezzzbr fbjanof V THE SENIOR BAND Starting last June. after dismissal for summer vacation, the band started a vigorous and exciting program of musical activities. Under the baton of Mr. Gary Wilcox, the band perfomied at many social functions. To start the summer, they played at the Tioga County Fair, participated in the parade at the Van Etten Fireman's Fair, and held an outdoor concert on the school steps. On September 3, 1960, the Band traveled to Syracuse to compete against 45 other high school bands in the New York State Fair High School Band Contest. Tioga was very fortunate, receiving 70 out of 100 points and falling only 8 points short of the "Top Ten" Bands in New York State. Two weeks after school opened, the Band participated in the Twelfth Armual Cornell Band Day at Ithaca. On Columbus Day, the Band again participated in the Binghamton Tournament of Bands. Using funds won at the "Tournament" last year, the Band pill'- chased hats and plumes for their uniforms. "ln recognition for outstanding achievement and interest in instrumental music, for singular merit in loyalty and co-operation, and for displaying generally, those high qualities of conduct which school instrumental music strives to impart, and by nomination of fellow band members and conformation of band director and school officials . . ." The preceding is a statement of qualifications nec- essary for the highest award given by a high school band to one of its outstanding members: The John Philip Sousa Award. Each year at the Annual Spring Concert, the Award is presented to the Bandsman by either the Principal-or President of the Board of Education. Another award given at this time is the National Arion Foundation Award. This is presented to a student who has shown extraordinary musicianship, both in hand and choir. Current Officers are ' President-THOMAS LUCIANI Treasurer-KENNETH BAXTER Vice President-ANDREA WISWELL Pep Band Conductor-CRAIG MARKLEY , Secretary-DONDRUE HANNA A Student Conductor for concert work has not yet been chosen at this writing. The three finalists are: ROBERT DOUGLAS, THOMAS LUCIANI, TERI McCOY 66 C5en1bf' 0I'ZlS THE SENIOR CHORUS ACTIVITIES The Tioga Central Chorus, under the direction of Miss Monette Martin, par- ticipated in the New York State Spring Festival Concert in May of 1960, and received a rating of A grade 5. Our chorus takes part in Tioga County Vocal Association, the annual P.T.A. Christ- mas Program, and the Spring Concert. Participation in the June Graduation exercise is our last program of the year. Selected members of the chorus were honored by being able to attend Sectional All-State and All-County Vocal. Our school's vocalists deserve recognition for the outstanding achievements of the past year. PRE-BAN D INSTRUMENT CLASS FIRST ROW, left to right-Valerie Ver- gason, Tim Thomas, Ken Zorn, Koleeu Morris, Janet Kreichbaum, Katherine Vanderpool, Mary Ellen Dougherty, Donna Deming, Reynord Thompson. SECOND ROW, left to right-Bill No- vak, Vickie McLean, Ralph Kelsey, Lois Eiklor, Fred Lounsberry, Donald Harris, John Robinson, Jim Keene. THIRD ROW, left to right-Bill Briggs, Rhonda Lounsberry, Debra Farnham, Pat Tholen, Kathy Martin, Cindy Cole- man, Edith Steele, Sherry Boxes. The pre-band instrument class was established in 1960. The purpose of its organization is to introduce the different instruments to our neophytes. They perform on their instruments, the song flute, for grade assemblies and the Spring Concert. JUNIOR CHORUS FIRST ROW, left to right-Chris Wil- liams, Michael Kinney, Douglas Water- man, Raymond O'Connell, Mark Rey- ntltls, James Robinson, Ralph Oro ello, Jerry Elston, Jean Hayes, Norma Dem- ing, Carol Spencer. SECOND ROW, left to right-Carolyn Clark, Paula Eik- lor, Susan Moore, Sharon Zeller, Linda Harvey, Ruthe Kowalewski. Marsha Deming, Sandra Burns, Nancy Brown, Barbara Dean, Carol Mclntosh, Phillip Cobb, Dennis Campbell, Bryan Rogers. THIRD ROW, left to right-Kathleen Judge, Barbara Heyman, Glen Snyder, Douglas Jones, Cleona Whitcomb, Sher- rill Goodfellow, Frances Cransdall, Car- olyn Smith, Martha Taylor, Richard Olmstead. The Junior Chorus prepares numbers for the Christmas program and the Spring Festival. This is the basis for Miss Martin's work in the Senior Chorus, and is the proving ground for the younger students. STRING ENSEMBLE Mrs. Annis is building up our String Ensemble so that in the future we will have an orchestra. There are others in the lower grades who are de- veloping their music talents, and soon they will augment this group. All of the members have sev- eral more years of school and we look forward to a regular orchestra in the near future. STANDING: Mrs. Annis, Director. SEATED: Sherrill Goodfellow, Katherine VanDusen, Betty Marchewka, Ger- aldine Colson, Rosemarie Soly, Diana Baldwin. 68 Junior Band JUNIOR BAND MEMBERS FIRST ROW, left to right-Hugh Kelly, Jim Caravello, Doug Metz. Jim Robinson, Paul Wilson, Debra Rider, Frances Soly, Dick Hardman, Richard Thomas, Doug Waterman, Jacquilee Rider, Jean Hayes, Yuenna Moon, Betty Ian- none. SECOND ROW, left to right-Saleen McElwain, Lenore Kohn, Carolyn Clark, Janice No- vak, Sharon Zeller, Dianne Keene, Ty Stauder, Linda Vargason, Vir- ginia Middaugh, Charles Quick, Eric Hottenstein, Gary Miller, Doug Rogers, John Briggs, Mar- tha Hunt, Ruthe Kowalewski, Sharon Olmstead. THIRD ROW, left to right-Susan Luciani, Paula Twigg, Dedre Hanna, Pat Wiswell, Linda Wells, Sandra Thurber, Nancy Baldwin, Howard Merrill, Dennis Miller, Frances Crandall, Karen Morris, Wanda Greenfield, Debra Baldwin, Jim Schwab. The band plays for assemblies, spelling bees, and prepares and presents an annual concert. Its members also partici- pate in the pep band. Since the Junior Band performs in various programs, it is not entirely a proving ground for t.he Senior Band. Practical experience is mixed with practice and the promising members are eventually elevated to the Senior Band. ELEMENTARY BAND MEMBERS FIRST ROW, left to right-Val- erie Romich, Vickie Snover, Bon- nie Catlin, Cinda Tye, Cathy Schults, Blanche Jannare, .Io Ann Robinson, Betty Mosher, Jackie Stella, Janice Pipher, Steve Klen- otiz, Bob Hildabrand, Mike Wil- liams, John Beers. SECOND ROW, left to right-Eva .lane Soly, Korla Morris, Winnifred Graves, Carol Culver, Marilyn Van Gelder, Connie Borden, Shelda Walker, Melbia Catlin, Loret.ta Dean, Sharon Grey, Carol Snyder, Charlotte Dean, Pat Steele, Leah Barnes, Kathy Wil- son. THIRD ROW, left to right- Alan Walker, Steve McElwain, Keith Fairlie, Richard Stella, Ed Deming, Jack Cowan, Larry Sey- mour, Steve Keene, Bob Millage, Al Whittemore, Jeff Baines, Mil- ton Kemp, Doug Pierce, Paul Zy- lich, Martin Thomas, Ron God- frey, Ron Millage. Elementary Band This group was established in 1959 as a workshop type organization. Its purpose is to give all a chance to play in a band. It performs at one of the Spring Concerts each year. 69 It K The dance band is composed of a group of individuals who enjoy playing 0 C dance music. These volunteers play at the Faculty Tea and are in the process Q of planning a dance for themselves. Its twelve members have a repertoire of swing, jazz, and blues music. This small group is progressive, and they look forward to a bigger and even better dance band next year. .E Zlance fzjanof l Left to Right, FIRST ROW - Tom Lucianna, Bob Douglas, Sandra Zeller, Beverly Tholen, Sherry Chaffee, Mary Scott, Sharon Judge, Edgar Thurston, Teri McCoy. LAST ROW - Evered van Dusen, Charles Hollister, Dondrue Hanna, Kenneth Baxter, Howard Terwilliger. g X i -ifvfgstm 3 'mf 3 lr ' N f Q K C vial' 'T TNT: ' u X ,xxx wht., -. . 1 E Q pi , I .fx . I 7 ' N 45 T -2- -I ff X " n ii - X W EA. I J ,.. -f--e - 70 K .. .. K X-kkk kk., K '-7 if +'.gy .k' . -X - E .k ,.. i J ' 'Y I .ff dex m L. m fn Aries. the Ram. influnnved by the sun-- our brightest. star, ig cmlnwcd with sfrength, viiality, ax1dK1q11a1lities'0f lead- mship. and isA-famous fm' his ability to force hisywaiy al1cud,againsL any obsta- XGIQQS. This Our Symbtil for Cllr afhlfiiefi. forLi1Lm-mbodies ilu: Chii.l'flClf2l'iSliCS of i 'gtwod spbrtsmiznshipg a prime aim of our spqrts program. - ' i A I9 f7 G 5. 70064160 T.C.S. FOOTBALL SQUAD 1960 THE 1960 FOOTBALL CAMPAIGN The Tigers of 1960 enjoyed a very thrilling football season. With three new teams in the Tioga County League-Ovid, Romulus, and Interlaken--all of the games were league contests. The Tigers made a flying start by defeating Newfield 20 to 0. In the next game Tioga defeated Van Etten for the first time in history 32 to 6. This immediately raised the spirit of the team. The next game was a heartbreaker for the Tigers. Ovid eked out a 21 to 20 victory over the proud Tiogans. This proved to be the championship contest of the year. After this loss, the Tigers were after revenge. The following week the team traveled to Interlaken and brought home a 31 to 13 victory which proved to the team that they could come back and win. In the next contest with Romulus, star halfback Chuck Hunt was not in the lineup due to a severe leg infection. Nevertheless, the team was still determined to win this one. In the first four minutes of the game, the Tigers lost triple threat backfield star George Ream when he suffered a severe back injury. The Tigers lost their second game of the campaign-18 to 13. The next contest was against Candor. Hunt was again playing, but Ream was watching the game from the sidelines. The team marched off the field with a 25 to 0 victory. The season's finale was with Spencer. This game meant a second place standing for the year. The team was at full strength with Ream back, and the Tigers were hungry for a victory. Behind 21 to 7, the Tigers fought hack with the aid of a blocked punt by Earl Robinson and won the game 27 to 21. Next year's team will be without Seniors-Spencer Briggs, Earl Robinson, Bob Bell, Roger Miller, and George Ream. A number of experienced men will be back next year however. We are looking forward to a successful season in 1961 and extend best wishes to Coach Jones and Mr. Reynolds. ' THE SCHEDULE TCS 20 Newfield 0 TCS 31 Interlaken 13 TCS 32 Van Etten 6 TCS 13 Romulus 18 TCS 20 Ovid 21 TCS 25 Candor 0 TCS 27 Spencer 21 72 Q Our basketball season started with a number of new players on both the varsity and junior varsity. Coach Nimmo and Coach Jones soon had their teams in fine playing condition, and the season has been a successful one with few games in the lost column for the varsity. The junior varsity, lacking experience, have not done so well, but in each game there has been definite improvement and greater confidence with the result of more games won. The schedules are on page 76. VARSITY BASKETBALL 1960-1961 Left to Right, STANDING - George Ream, Tom Lu- cianna, Merritt Vargason, Denny Kelsey, Dave Kim- ber, John Hollister, Coach Nimmo. KNEELING - Richard Nichols, Bob Co- wan, Earl Robinson, Ray Snyder, Gerald Howey, James Robinson. JANIE MERRILL-Mascot VARSITY BASKETBALL CHEERLEADERS Left to Right - Teri Mc- Coy, Linda Deming, Dawn Bellis, Andrea Wiswell, Stephanie Caravelle. BOB GOWAN JOHN HOLLISTER EARL ROBINSON VARSITY SCHEDULE Varsity T.C.S ....,.O. O... . ,..K, 4 9 T.C.S .,.,.... . .OOOO. ...K 6 0 T.C.S .,.,O,4. A,...,... 4 0 T.C.S T.C.S T.C.S T.C.S T.C.S T.C.S T.C.S T.C.S T.C.S T.C.S T.C.S T.C.S T.C.S T.C.S J.V. T.C.S T.C.S .,....O. ..,...... 6 4 T.C.S T.C.S T.C.S T.C.S T.C.S T.C.S T.C.S .,.,,... K....K... 3 0 T.C.S T.C.S ...,O.O. ...O..... T.C.S ....O.,, .......,. 1 1 T.C.S ..O...... K.KK.,... E. Smithfield Candor ....,....... Van Etten ,.,..., Newfield ...... Seton ...,.,...,.. Endwell ,.......... NE Bradford Spencer ...r.rrr Candor Van Etten ,... Seton ............ Newfield Endwell ,o.,,,., E. Smithfield Spencer ............ Marathon .,,,.... Groton ,o.o...... JUNIOR VARSITY SCHEDULE E. Smithfield Candor .,,KK,,K..K. Van Etten ....... Newfield ...,.. Seton ..o.,,o , Spencer Candor ,....... Van Etten ..o... Seton .,,,..,K........ NE Bradford Newfleld ..K,.,....... E. Smithfield Spencer .,..,.c Opponents 53 43 51 48 35 61 81 63 55 43 71 Opponents 49 49 A. ..c.. 1. 44 45 62 73 35 19 14 JERRY HOWEY DAVE KIMBER RAYMOND SNYDER TOM LUCIANI DENNY KELSEY MERRITT VARGASON GEORGE REAM 19 yjasefafhd TCS TIE ,,,K TCS TCS . .. TCS TCS ,.,. TCS .... SCHEDULE 5 Van Etten 6 Candor -. 5 Newfield 5 Spencer .- -WO Van Etten 7 Candor -- 6 Spencer The Tigers had a 4-3 record in baseball for the 1960 season. Four players-Earl Robinson, Bob Bell, Tom Luciani, and Bob Cowan were picked on the All-Stars Teamg and Bob Cowan, our catcher, was chosen to represent Tioga County at Cooperstown. The 1961 prospects are bright since most of the 1960 team will be available and have had the valuable experience of having played together. SCHEDULE TCS ........ 49 Spencer ,....... 40 TCS .....,., 54- Van Etten ,,,... 45 TCS ........ 32 Newfield ........ 60 TCS ........ 55 Candor ........ . 15 All-County at Ithaca fourth place 19 Uracf 60 TRACK 1960 The 1960 track season for Tioga was a successful one. Our track team began the season with a 49 to 40 victory over Spencer. The second meet was held under very poor weather condi- tions. Tioga defeated Van Etten at Van Etten by a score of 54 to 4-5. The third meet was against a strong Newfield team at Newfield. Tioga bowed 60 to 32. Tioga met Candor- in the 4th meet and was easily victorious 55 to 15. ln the All-County meet at Ithaca the Tigers came in fourth among five teams. Poor days were experienced by many of the team mem- bers. Coach Bill Jones and the team were pleased with the year's record. In 1961 the team should still be strong although the relay team whicl1 won four of five races will have to be rebuilt. Bob Gowan and George Ream are the only remaining members. , ,a psi! Us SEPQ?g?gwSgg ,LQ5f iS fa? E Those influemzed by'CauiCei,L the Crab K do-pend on friendshipg, arid nbgzd Iii biz L LL m likvd and admired, i,fa11cL'r isgruled by j K, f and -arizusexxxcnt. Our uvm-all 3141001 pw- gram is designed tu help 0l1l0i'S through' ucvoptance and congenial social activity- the Moon, and symbolizes .se-iciabilify ' f I Lx2f:L A K Iim' LViiL'VL m Y f -.N-as QQ! gig, o QW SX 5-.,. 9 - Q - s Q 3 . E 'Q' 'Q , -ww 2 5 K .lv x Xx 5 I: S: N xx k 3 X E - R. .Q M N' xf-.5 5 5 W. Q . d gp: 9 mix A49 S B THQ L7 C1121 br Tram 1960 lihy geofye Queen LNDAQQQ 41 l MN N .. -iss gy xX X wx ,s., Ex . Q XX -xl Xxx X538 --X af A ,, f A 53 5 N' S V MW-all 5 .xx .. w.w'N1'A.,: . 4 . - S Xrf S X X4 'X ,fa AQ X FXX X S X X X x HX. S, 'Q f"'lv'li' 4- X 2-Wa. T 2 X . X. I 1-.XX X XX X rf- X EXQXQ X X E ' Q -Q X X X . XXX. Sk Q FX gigs X X X gs X XX N XS X Xg XX 5 X X Y ix X. X XX X . X K X X .X X X XX X X XX X X X X XX X X X X 5 X X X XR X X X 84 QX X ,g- an 2.-4f'X'5X4Sf, s fp? - X ww -sf - -M kkh! wg.. XX X T XS' X S W- XWXXXXXXX ... . X .1- . . . R' X X XX M X XR X . -X-M X XX XX Nm il :Xi-X 251- MMXXNN Xgxx X x M. MW -fm X X- We XS A X XX-New ...XM in ...WQX-:jf-wg --T X .X.XXX.X XXXXXX. X.X..XX.XX X-X XX S -W 'XXX X XX XXXXX XX H W X5 NXXXXXX. XXX-X2 XXX. XX .X M X .XX XXXX -XX.XX.XX.-....,,, fm -,.....,,... A XX .- -XXX-Q-QX....,,,, M N FEI, 1 Qu -ml ' Q - kf- f . - K A . F?" A ,mwygi,,,XZxE:qk. .X I- .. . S S wig 3 i 'fiiiisg Q5 is W ,,m xt X' if 1 if vii-if . . - ESKQX mam I , .", 1 1 Q ' ew S Q .w...x. ,nd X . X rg 4 . 5 rx is g w.XX,,, . E A A Y ' .fy 1- ll - ,S 2 X I mf ,NM vwfw. .Q , :iq VX. 6 ' x ff: " Li X Q We x sm - ...W .. 1 - :L . - x Nw ' -- ss S fx W- , all XS ef .Sail av .A Qs. F A X5 Q x QX SS : S XE 3 " -N QQ Q N Q, x iii 113: : Q42 , . 3 15- X K ...M-+A 6 wi- if .xi . by -. , Ng -. N RQ K X N 'Q x55 qxf x.,f:xf JXSXFNIJ X XX f 4 15 M Li L Wa 'I ' Q39 N K vi Q s 2, K I mmm- K wfv R .Q Z 3 1 4 ff 'X 5 113 . xi I 1 K i 6 W, ..V,, 1 Q 3 Q- NVE QQY Ei? 5 3? E x xi. 5 X S N' . 14 . Xi? ia .,L,.,h,, Q3 - Ay, , ' 1 ? N x 0 R x ,fx -f Y 5 , K V if 'N xv A K .K M ,O xx Ns - , . Q A., Q A N . - Q W ji S' gk- - , Q- ' xp ' - W - g 1 ' V we " Q N XX iii? X' . x Q1 N N ' x M -. A ' g v ' x s 1+ .- . .. D A Q- , L ,, X. w K S S X, X A A' 9 Q . , . ,X A X A x-1 9 .Q 4 x vu ww h , . A f. X Q 'K N vw mms- M-'V Q E is 'f X5 Ax - . w X aw ,sk :XI Y' S5 A x .555 1 ws f Q wp X, i N, Lx Y! jx g lg YS? E? . lk. - S 1 , E yy P ku - yi 1 . K 4 . N Q X W-.......,, ..,, ., ..xx Mmm Rfk 771 W NWf'if , 5' 1 -ew- W S ,fu K A 5 i ' . M e I . 1 SL u K K :W 'XX - Q' J 1- :aff .s'J,,,4.:g.v Q' ' LN. W 1. Q. k 5' DSW 25.3 ' f Sv X .X5X.x.. 521 3 , 5 Mn EA xi' S 7 ! Scorpio, the Scorpion, ruled by Mars is both vxvcutivrv and emotional. Scorpio is pmud, passionaieg vnergexic, and 01:4 stinuxtea-all cssemiail vhuraclcristics of successful urxturprisc. Whaf sign could l1eLterAc.lcsig11imr our advertiSersA andthe establishments they conduct. IQQ .x f . ,. . ,U N hh it T TL? Tiff.. If 'Sli' IQ77 7 7 '- T' ?QN-TN E:-E AIM. 1 W ,- . .s'X.f. V77 ., 1 Us I I zw N IL Rf wi E M any .1 I' h Q-"' X 1 'III .C IX - I E' -1 . If P E, ,1 'xg fn' 4 I E-'T5 .0 - -' "' x A fi ff II -R E3 ' rs 11 IULI 'Q' - Q 'gx . 'Jn ., N. T "., A I- v 1-. :SIL T' . 1 N 35,1 ni r . I 'Z-ka XZK NN -I 5-gl-qx "a S 'ffl-I X R N , X X ul " 'T-IQPQFL-"S" M . RICHARDS FUNERAL HOME Owego, N. Y. A 1 'X MEMBER 325325 or: THE , THE gg GOLDEN ORDER RULE . G. AWAD MOBIL HOME SALES COmPIlmeh'I'S of O N Y k CC FURNITURE wegv. ew or A EPTED LYN NS DRUG STORE REAL ESTATE TRADED 'LLL A ERER EEEE RREEE A I Q I . A I 5 I 5 l I EEEE EEEQEEEE X . NORTH AVENUE OWEGO, NEW YORK AkkTAkkIxk kr A x K. 'S Ej l x -.sgie-fS.i1:f - E qi iq'-masse-E E - .. -I v.E-12:1-g A -, 1: R+. I7-I Mile Wes+ of Owego, N. Y. Open 9-9 P.M. MU 7-I93l OWEGO COOPERATIVE G.L.F. SERVICE, INC. PHONE 38 WEST AVE. MU 7-3766 OWEGO, N. Y. 88 LAYTON'S GENERAL STORE Tioga Cen+er -:- New York BOB AND FENA LAYTON Phone EM 6-973l -,E co The Soufhern Tier's Mosi' Complefe Jani+or Supply ' Complinjmenfs CRANDALL BRENCHLEY'S STORE SUPPLY CQ, INC, HALSEY VALLEY ONE LEWIS ST. BINGHAMTON. N. Y. Phone SPencer 8F2I Dial RAYm0nd 3-7505 Exfends I-learry Congralulalrions YOUR APM IS our susmsss ll Congra+ula+ions A-P F +o " VJ l .Q RAY,S BARBER SHOP fhe Classlof l960 X N 99 Norm Ave. WOOl3?l:RN S AGROCERY PenCel" venue Owego' N' Y' oweeo New YORK VAN DE MARK 81 THOMAS H, E, BUNCE 72 Nofll' Ave' Ready-Mixed Concrefe Plumbing and HGd+if1Q Re-enforced Conorefe Sepfic Tanks Pumps, Wa'l'er Hea'I'ers Phones-Waverly Oil ancl Gas Burners LN 5-2I4'l and LN 5-254I PH. MU 7-0430 OWEGO, N. Y. WAVERLY, NEW YORK INTERNATIONAL Comp'fmen+S of Paris and Service - Five Miles Easi' of Waverly BWGHAMTQN- N- Y- Phone Waverly LN 5-9l3l Taflan and Garden GEORGE COLEMAN Brand Foods I yyyyy ppp y y89 wsse 4129 Q' J- Gill? 4 rafgnlvui HUNT IMPLEMENT CO. Massey-Ferguson New-Holland OWEGO. NEW YORK Phone MU 7-3930 E. H. MILLER LUMBER CO., INC I07-I I3 Norfh Ave. OWEGO. N. Y. Phone MU 7-I35I Lumber, Coal. Building Maierials ESTABLISHED JUNE I, I872 Complimenis of I'he COMMUNITY SHOP I04 Norih Ave. OWEGO, NEW YORK Soda Founiain Hours: Legal Beverages 8:30-I I:00 Norm Avenue Groceries M0lI.1SUl'I. "Fine Jewelry for All Occasions' Complimenfs of NICHOLS GIFT 8: VARIETY SHOP Whi+man's Candies Giffs Kemps Nu+s NICHOLS, N. Y. Besi' Wishes THE ELBOW RESTAURANT LES AND BETTY KINNEY Besf of Food Roufe I7 OWEGO, N. Y. DEEP WELL RESTAURANT Congraiulaiions R+ U IMO' W f Io fhe Class of I96I OVQEC-aol ASW SZEK I Fine Caiering Io ,-,. Ha - 84 Main s+fee+ , N: v Pans- dffnqueis' Phone Ox 9-796I I e mgs NICHOLS NEW YORK , Under New MGMQSMHI , X X- DILYS AND RTHUR . Groceries Gas CORQO B Safefy-Economy-SI'rengI'h PRESHUR'S INSURANCE AGENCY General Insurance PHONE OX 9-308I NICHOLS, NEW YORK CompIimen'Is of RAYMOND L. SEXTON Coal--Lumber-Building Maferials PHONE OX 9-793l NICHOLS, NEW YORK J. D. ROBERTSON 8. SON NICHOLS, NEW YORK John Deere Sales and Service Painis-Hardware J. D. ROBERTSON-J. S. ROBERTSON Phone OX 9-744I "Service Is Our Imporfam' ProcIuc'r" THE NICHOLS NATIONAL BANK NICHOLS, NEW YORK Phone ox 9-7424 - 'AL fs. ic:-zu.. 'I' -ii : , 521 E .-'ii A ii i g t' ' ,' ",L.f.-.Q-?:'jZ3:-1.5 E -2 I ii4'f13:f-'ff , IE ' .. 'a'.' .EA'.'.'Q- Q u n O ' ..g.g.5 -- Q :.1 .Stew C I 1. ,--z-f-r-:-:-:-f..- I :s :1: I ' - 'I ' Omp lmeh S -gee:-::-:-5-ff.-.-,-5 Q.: -4. 1-4-., - - -.1.-.-,.,,.'.-..,., ., -.H n -... : -. -.Ly X... -,. -, 4 , - ,.g.3.5.-,Q Q Q-. -4 5 s... 4 - g-. .- 4 :- :ax . N-H - .f -, .. :-2-new--I O : 2 4 :R :U : - ' -: -V - n X 1, 4 GAVITT'S FOOD MARKET Tioga Cenier, New York Complefe Line Mears, Groceries, Produce and Frozen Foods Phone EM 6-794I QUlCK'S ELECTRIC I6 Kirby Sireei Nichols, New York .Plumbing-Heafing-EIecI'ricaI Service Phone Nichols OX 9-3 I 63 9I i SUTFINS FUNERAL CHAPEL Ambulance Service 3 Day ancl Nighi 6 "',, 1 CHAPEL NUMBER ox 9-soeo A RESIDENCE NUMBER ox 9-727l 82 Main Slreel' Nichols, New York Valuable Fac1's Free How io apply for Veferan's Insurance. Social Securiiy benefifs. who is eligible. ' These quesfions are answered in free boolclef you may have simply by felephoning us. No obligaiion, of course. Jusi' aslc for your copy. Complimenls of NICHOLS WATKINS COOPERATIVE SPORTING G.L.E. SERVICE, INC. GOODS NICHOLS. NEW YORK Phone OX 93.2. Monlour Falls-R. D. alfl New Yorlc , -f JACK GAGE, JR.-ED HOMAN 1 I ' , ,M i I 1 l l K- - "B -Lffs - - v .. 42 - 5 ' Qi: ,. -'-1 -- -xg - 'L -1, Complimenfs of THE EVENING TIMES Your Local Daily Newspaper Serving Tioga Counly, New Yorlr, Bradford Couniy, Pa., and surrounding rural areas. Congrafularions Io Ihe Class of I96I INGERSOLL-RAND ATHENS, PA. AI RWAYS INN COCKTAILS-DINNERS Friendliness OuaIi'l'y-Courlesy Phone MU 7-3724 RI. I7-2 Miles Wesf of OWEGO, N. Y. COMPLIMENTS and THETGA FARM SUPPLY BEST WLSHES N I' 0 I' General Eleciric Appliances TESIQHEIIS CHAN MILLS Nichols, N. Y. OX 9-72I I Class of 'bl - : TIOGA CENTRAL TEACHERS ASSOCIATION KIES' BOTTLING WORKS Manufacfurers of Sofl Drinks Disiribufor of Beer ancl Ale Phone MU 7-226I I6 GEORGE. STREET OWEGO, N. Y. CENTRAL GARAGE NICHOLS NEW YORK Day Phone OX 9-790I Nighf OX 9-33I I Compleie AuI'omo'Iive Service, Plus Lubricaiion, ancl Repair Vollcswagens HAROLD, BETTY AND CHRIS ROBBINS 418 Got cl clear picture of your insurance protection? You know what policies you have-but do you know exactly what protection they give you? Is your insurance program as economical as it could be? Could you have better protection, for the same cost? We'll be happy to look over your program -explain your policies-possibly show you how to save or improve on your insurance. Gibbs Insurance AGENCY WAVERLY. N. Y. we WILL GLADLY 43, Fulfon Shea, INSURANCE- CALL AT YOUR HOME Phone LN 5-282I ALL KINDS SIGNS BROTHERS I. H. Trucks WARD AND VAN scov Cage 6-:A N? Idea "Feed, Seed, Fertilizer and Bulk arm ac mery , H McCuIIocI1 Power Saws Spread Lime d Cl B an ay arn oweeo, N. Y. Equipmen, Phone MU 7'27I2 Phone Mu 7-3450 OWEGO. NEW YORK Sales and Service ou re mane Q? Aheadly JH ' f . , Q BARTON-ULRICK, INC. Insurance and Real Estate I92 Froni' SI'ree'I OWEGO, NEW YORK Phone MU 7-I38I Our New Home Is Equipped I'o Give You Compleie Real EsI'aI'e ancI Insurance Service 1. 522 Congralulafions Class of 'bl ps ,M .I-I.. PETER Is. ELLIS, INC. Pefer B. Ellis 'lo J. Dickson Edson Jr. QWEGQ.MURRAY Pefer A. Ellis 42 LAKE sr. OWEGO, NEW YORK OWEGO-MURRAY PHONES UI' WGTC OWEGO, TIOG-A CO., N. Y. Esfab. I865 x , BANDLER. STILES 8: KEYES Apparel 'For Men and Boys LAKE STREET, OWEGO, N. Y. OLDSMOBILE Sales and Service OWEGO MOTORS Owego, N. Y. Phone MU 7-I790 MILTON wooo, Prop. T. BURR CHARLES Jewelry ' Gill' Shop I5 LAKE STREET OWEGO, TIOGA COUNTY, N. Y. TIOGA CENTER, NEW YORK Gills of All Kinds Lamps Com plimenis of J. J. NEWBERRY CO Variely Chain Sfore 27-29 Lake S+. OWEGO NEW YORK A To The Class of I96I WiI'h Besf Wishes for Your Success and Happiness HUGH T. BECKWITH, INC Sales Service COLEMAN WALTER T. SHELTON, Mgr. TREE PRUNERS OWEGO-NEW YORK Phone MU 7-0424 TIOGA CENTER, NEW YORK GEI-DER CompIimen'Is Mason Con+racI'or of Plasfering S+ucco Work M N'S FREE ESTIMATES CHEERFULLY GIVEN Bakers of Phone EM 6-788I TIOGA CENTER, NEW YORK SUNBEAM BREAD OWEGO AUTO PARTS 81 GLASS 32-34 Lake S+. COLSON'S DANCE LAND BARTON. NEW YORK Dancing Every Friday Nighi 9:00--I :OO OWEGO- N- Y- Music by KEN MARSH Phone: MU+uaI 7-2666 and fhe DIAMOND VALLEY RAMBLERS H ESSE'S C I' 'I HORN SHOP ompmen S JOHNSON CITY, N. Y. Musical Ins+rumen'I'aI Sales and Repair Service DAVIS OIL COMPANY Ciiies Service Oil Producfs OWEGO, N. Y. PHONE MU 7-04I4 Ask any Siudeni. . .We've 'rhe Ioesi' in SCHOOL SUPPLIES Smiih-Corona Poriable Typewrilers Drawing and Draffing Supplies WebsI'er's Collegiafe Dicfionary Zipper and Ring Books of all kinds O PAINTS 0 WALLPAPERS O WINDOW SHADES WALTERS 81 BOND 35 Lake Phone MU 7-2530 Owego DON B. MARCH EWKA 382 Main S+. OWEGO. N. Y. PH. MU 7-3605 Naiionwide Insurance of Columbus, Ohio Complimenfs of LaVerne M. Brister GAZETTE 9 TIMES Tioga Couniy Adverfiser Q Serving ALL of Tioga Couniy Including Nichols, Smifhboro, and Tioga Cen'I'er From Our Offices: Nichols-Main and River S+ree'I's OX 9-339I Owego-28 Lake S'IreeI' MU 7-3990 WILLIAM SEYMOUR Used Cars and Paris Complimenis of HERBERT W. DEMING USED mn Truck, Backhoe, and Bulldozer Work 5' E151 Johnson Slreei' Nichols, New York Y YI 4, Telephone OXbow 9-3I54 D A - X Phone OX 9-3II2 T'?W I A Compleie . Musical Service Best Wishes HICKEY'S to the Class of I96I 98 MUSIC STORE 20l S. Tioga S+. ITHACA, NEW YORK E. M. CRUTTENDEN Grass CuH'ing Equipmeni' and Supply I20 NORTH MAIN STREET VESTAL, N. Y. Mowers 'For Golf Courses, Schools Cemeferies, Parks and Homes FOR SALES AND SERVICE Phone Endico'H' ST 5-927l 'ZW' ' T ---- - Complimenfs of f"'-' iii SNYDER BROTHERS General Contractors Phone EM 6-795I TIOGA CENTER, NEW YORK TIOGA FOUNDRY CORPORATION OWEGO' N.Y. Gray Iron Cas'I'ings 62 Wes'I' Main Si: s up OWEGO, Y. Phone MU 7-2772 Bes'r Wishes 'rsrofrlge Class I96I GO KEMP'S NATIONAL BANK VALLEY VIEW POULTRY FARM LEROY A. KEMP 203 Main S+ree+ OWEGO, NEW YORK R. D. aifl Barton, New York Comple'l'e Banking Service Phone OX 9-3 I 28 99 a'i.!x1 f'kJ Save WiI'h Safe'I'y OWEGO FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN CO. I8 Lake Sireef OWEGO, NEW YORK BROCKWAY MOTOR TRUCKS HOMER. NEW YORK Congraiulafions +o Ihe Class of I96I Compleie Aucrion Service M. J. COLSON Farm, Furnifure, Machinery BARTON, NEW YORK Auc'I'ion Every Saiurday Nighf March Thru November A+ Barfon TELEPHONE BARTON 2 I 53 Complimenfs of CHUCK'S LUNCH Rou+e I7C OWEGO, NEW YORK RALSTON PURINA COMPANY Checkerboard Warehouse I29 McMas'I'er S+ree'I' OWEGO. NEW YORK Phone MU 7-I520 Complimenfs of THE AMERICAN LEGION Wright-Edsall Post I624 NICHOLS, N. Y. MeeI'ing NighI's: Firsi' and Third Friday of Each Mon'I'h STAC K'S Fine Furni'rure K7 IN THIS OWEGO N. Y. C EVER CHANGING WORLD ,ab F: :Li - Class of I96I n""" S. L. LOUNSBURY W , Producer-Packer ' I "L TIOGA CENTER, N. Y. APPLY YOURSELVES A33 Fine OuaIiI'y Honey EDUCATION . . . is a foundafion for progress! ll is +he condiiioning of 'lhe mind lhai' enables one +o expand his reasoning and logic +o +he poini' where alone he can go beyond 'lhe explored info +he un- explored-emerging wi+h 'ihe principles 'For +he greai' advances of fomorrow. . . . is +he basis for communion among people. H' is a spring- board fo desfiny-for bolh individuals and na+ions. ln if lies +he meaning of freedom! Space Guidance Cenrer E M Federal Sys'I'ems Division Owego, New York 1,-f,TE C0 ,M ll "Congral'ula+ions ' Hg o Seniors" Compl, + f l MARSH 8. ESTELLE 'men S "-- .Q Your Local of You' PEPsl.coLA 5 Disfribufor TIOGA couNTY 'rExAco DEALER MR. ROBERT MARTIN Tioga Cenier, N. Y. BARTON, NEW YORK Phone EM 6-4l77 Bowling ls Fun at Penn-York Lanes WAVERLY. New Yomc "The Light Refreshment" Pepsi-Cola ELMIRA BOTTLING COMPANY, INC. Telephone Elmira RE 3-7l06 Complimenis VAN HORN Jewelers OWEGO, NEW YORK and J. J. HORNICK Jewelers and Wafchmakers BINGHAMTON. NEW YORK UNITED AUTO PARTS I63 Main S+ree'l' OWEGO, NEW YORK Phone MU 7-3650 LEO H. CREIGHTON Garden Food S'l'ore SMITHBORO HOTEL SMITHBORO, N. Y. "We Do No'I' Ca1'er 'I'o Minors" fl , J"ln g?f,'7""'ffig Y J W, 5' . I M e--' 'fiiifff in ' is swam in Tl? Groceries, Harclware, 'I MPIIQDFEIDDD Gasoline. Novel+ies Phone Fl-' OX 97902 BARTON, NEW YORK PHONE 2I9l v" 'T' Complimenrs of COUNTRY BUTCHER SERVICE Burchering and Processing Nichols, New York H. W. KRAPF AND SONS Phone OX 9-3l09 037I0 IO4 DAVID Complimen+s of LISLE H. HILL Mason Coniraclor PLASTER-BRICK-STUCCO-STONE LATHING Fireplaces a Specially PHONE NICHOLS OX 9-3l49 SMITHBORO. NEW YORK DAIRY PRODUCTS VALLEY 4:3 CREAMERY Waverly W New York 3 . Complimenls of RIEGEL PHARMACY "On +l1e Corner" OWEGO. N. Y. C7 lil Q, my I03 I Modern Trend Kitchens I3 Cady Ave., Nichols, N. Y. . . , ' eQ"e E llllllll WH, Y . 4 . Ill.. E.. - 4- . , ug- , THERMADOR - Revco - L ., 'I WASTE KING - NUTONE - - ' ' Have a Kufchen Speclalns Help " ' You I our Budding or Re I --M modeling Job Feafuring - H-.,'!hI WOOD-MODE CABINETS - 'E --Baia' I Ir I i rs . ' ' ' PN yi I TRADE WIND - PAUL S. REAM Phone Nichols OX 9-7954 HIGHLAND DAIRY FARM Daily Home Delivery RICH GRADE WHOLESOME PASTEURIZED MILK AND CHEESE HOMOGENIZED MILK BUTTERMILK-CHOCOLATE MILK CHEESE Refail and Wholesale We Also Supply Resfauranfs HoI'eIs-Grocers-Schools Owego MU 7-I895 C-ATLIN HILL RD. OWEGO, N. Y. JOHN G. SMITH Groceries and Mea+s SMITHBORO NEW YORK Phone Nichols Ox 9-7259 For Every Banking Service See MARINE MIDLAND TRUST COMPANY of SOUTHERN NEW YORK Waverly New York MEMBER of F.D.I.C. I I04 Complimenrs of MIDWAY INN Rou+e I7 BARTON, New YORK IIIIGII COUNTY GAS 81 APPLIANCE BU. J' "Rv, Caloric 6. Pyrolax Ranges as O "4 5 Philco -Bendix Gas Dryers 6. Washer Empire 6. Siegler Space Healers Stoves 6. Water Healers ? s Econo 'MDI MAI! fhalws Imam .3.-1fI3BSServltQ MU 7-2640 171 FRONT ST. INEXT TO THE OWEGO BRIDGEI CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES To Hue Class of I961 Your Yearbook Photographer THE TROUP STUDIO l400 Norfh S+ree'I' ENDICOTT, NEW YORK Besi' Wishes From NATIONAL GRANGE INSURANCE COMPANIES Represenfecl by THOMAS M. ALLYN Phone EM 6-787I Tioga Cenfer, N. Y. TIOGA CENTER METHODIST CHURCH Rev. Harry PeI'I'es, Pasior Sunday Service ..................... I0:00 A.M School .....................,.. I I:I5 A.M Everyone lnviI'ed 5 CHANNEL TV RADIO AIR OONDITIONEIJ I CONGRATYILAUONS 'I 'I ,f,5M05'? CLASSoOI?I960 AY' up 'K . .. Owego Office Lu 'MAKE 1 -- - FIRST CITY 5 E 'i 0 X 'Flu' '92s NATIONAL BANK Q, I TQ ' ' OF BINGHAMTON O Q-SP in v Corner of 26 "'...."' O 0 vig ' y Ff0nIS1:2:It Lake Q -, 'K em X - .hi O N QR Oweeo, NEW YORK CLEAN PLEASANT ATMOSPHERE DlCK'S TEXACO SERVICE DICK SPENCER, Mgr. Lubricaiion-Tune-Up-Wrecker Service Snow Plowing Tires-BaH'eries-Accessories NICHOLS, NEW YORK Phone Ox 9-748I Complimenfs of HOPKIN'S LAWNMOWER SERVICE Hand and Power Mowers Precision Ground TIOGA CENTER. NEW YORK Phone EM 6-743I OWEGO DINER REX AND BEA MARQUETTE, Props. Good Food Good Service I47 Main Sfreef Roufe I7 I OWEGO. NEW YORK II l'l"l COO? FOOD VOII lll'I'-- 9 TTR Complimenfs of JOY AUTOMATICS, INC. WAVERLY NEW YORK You'Ih Fellowship 6:30 P.M. Meeiing Sunday ........... 8:00 P.M. WILLIAM F. DIMMICK 8: SON HARLEY-DAVIDSON Sales-Service Columbia-Schwinn Bicycles 376 Broad Sireei WAVERLY, NEW YORK Moron ,i"Lf .. I TIOGA CENTER S U II BAPTIST CHURCH Rev. S+anIey Van Gelder. Pasfor I SUNDAY SERVICE-I0 A.M. SUNDAY SCHOOL-II:I5 A.M. SUNDAY EVENING SERVICE-7:30 P.M. Prayer Service Every Wednesday af 7:30 P.M. HARLQYZQQQDSON Everybody Welcome SHAW 8: BALL Complimenfs of J ' st Gan C + SMITH ewe ryH I f en re ome o EQUIPMENT COMPANY Fine Diamonds and Wafches Dealer in 3I7 Broad S+ree+ HEAVY CONSTRUCTION WAVERLYI NEW YORK E:?U'Pg'1E:ilT Jewelry-Gills-Greeiing Cards IO 6 en el' N'-ZW York Records TEL. EM 6-79Il Experi' Repair CompIimenI's of f i"s '91 I n n I I I fs TIOGA COUNTY ARTIFICIAL BREEDING COOPERATIVE f E Q E ' ' , J ' 5 4 I rf Nye H-i FPBBMBH William C. Shepardson OWEGO LIVESTOCK SALE AucI'ion Every Thursday I I 1' Q 1 ' Bovn A. Resseeule, owner Phone Oswego MU 7- I 340 3 Paige Sf. Kenneih T. Weiss 567 E. Fronf S+. Owego. N. Y. Spencer. N. Y. Owego, N. Y. Mu 7-1472 Phone 98 Mu 7-zwo Congra+uIa'Iions Complimenis +0 me of D. M. HANDRICK 81 SONS QuaIi+y FurniI'ure WAVERLY. NEW YORK Class of I96I CASTERLINE 81 DAVIS Coal, Fel-Iilizer, Feed and Seeds PHONE EM 6-703I TIOGA CENTER, N. Y. I07 VALLEY AUTHORIZED NEW CAR DEALERS Ackley Buick, A+hens George FraIey's, A+hens Garrison-Kolb, Sayre Sayre Moior Co., Sayre Penn-York Valley Mofors, Sayre Walker Mofors, Waverly Kohler Pon'I'iac, Sayre Hench Chevrolef, Sayre Tioga Poin+ Moior Co., A'rhens Good Luck Io Ihe Class of I96I FA P Q fli- I Iii A n t G nu ,.,.? sv NICHOLS IGA PHONE OX 9-747I STORE HOURS Mon., Tues., Wed., 7:00 A.M. 'Io 6:I5 P.M Thur.. Fri., Sai., 7:00 A.M. Io 9:00 P.M KELLOGGIS GRILL Comp,imen+s Gull Howard and BeHy Baker gf NICHOLS, New YORK GRAND UNIQN mmm Phone ox 9-7903 -:::,,,,,,, WI y Serving Food From 8 A.M. Io I --' We Specialize in Chicken and Cuilels Wes'I' Main and LiberI'y SI'reeI' OWEGO. NEW YORK Com pIimen+s of NICHOLS RO-KI NICHOLS, NEW YORK Meeiing Every Third Monday Sponsors Nichols Old Home Day on Labor Day CongraI'uIa'Iions 'ro I'he Class of I96I OWEGO SERVICE STATION DEALERS ASSOCIATION I08 COngraI'uIa'IiOn 'l'O +he Class of l96l ASSOCIATION OWEGO, N. Y. MCLEANS DEPARTMENT STORES BINGHAMTON ENDICOTT OWEGO Complimenfs Complimenfs of of WILBUR VISUAL SERVICE BERN FURNITURE l3Q Main 5+,ee+ Phone MU 7-I680 JOHNSON CITY, NEW YORK OWEGO- NEW YORK Audio-Visual Equipmeni' NICHOLS 1' INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION Q NICHOLS, NEW YORK Tool and Model Work S+yIe 8: GPH Shop 'lf?E"' 78 Nor'I'I1 Ave. Owego, New York Mu 7-0540 IO9 DELICIOUS PIZZA T0 G O! TAKE rr WITH YOU on EAT IT HERE, EITHER WAY rrs DELICIOUS: A M I I Our School Cafeferias Serve I VALLEY MAID I .szz:::.:nre:hafS:,aa, 'CE CREAM 0,iii"fft:"5 iziusiriur MADE IN OWEGQ u to 15'Z.S..1'5351l"5S and ' Heaihful Nu+riI'ious Rouamiggly T 1 to 10 moiivego Phon' ' MU 1950" Route no Owego Good for You Phone - MU 7-9800 I I Complimenfs of BCR-A--I-QOL you I,,,,,,,,,,, JAMES M. wooo """'Zsf'G"" AGENCY CORPORATION """' I07 CenI'raI Avenue OWEGO, NEW YORK CompIeI'e Machine Shop FaciIiI'ies GENERAL INSURANCE Owego Na+ionaI Bank Building OWEGO. NEW YORK "A Congenial Spoi OMPLETE LINE OF Youll' Like G Loi!! suuolfgcsiirlom xx I TIOGA ROLLER DRQME PRODUCTS ROUM I TloeA CENTER -""-'--" Owegol New Ymk I NEW YORK I M. F. SMITH, Prop. DIAL MU 74630 , , , , , , 4 --."-:-3- - W ' ' I R - KMREQEY i ure ecappmg I --'-'- '- TIRES I 1 I Compiimenfs of I l 1 THE WILLIAMS' GIFT SHOP Unusual Giffs for AII Occasions Crochef Shellwork TaH'ing NoveIIies KniH'ing Cards BARTON, N. Y. I I0 CompIimen+s QUEEN ELIZABETH I Drive In Dairy Treai' OWEGO EAST RT. I7 ,go CHICAGO DALLAS DETROIT B O s T O N ATLANTA JUHN N00 PITTSBURGH ' PHILADELPHIA INDIANAPOLIS NATIONAL WHOLESALE GROCERS SAN FRANCISCO ESTABLISHED was LONG ISLAND CITY REMEMBER FLOWERS ARE THE SMILE OF GOD'S GOODNESS PENDLETON DAIRY fe? flak. - - SUNNY ACRES Safe., C"""'jrfdA MAA 'N 6' J' ig? . 0 Milk Procluc+s Q BETTY ancl BILL O'CONNELL 44 Cady Avenue OX 9-7955 Nichols, New York WARREN CENTER, PA. NICHOLS. NEW YORK ENDICOTI'-JOHNSON The Family Shoe S+ore 23-25 Lake Sireei Owego. New York Pa'I'ronize Our Aclverlisers BOQSTERS NICHOLS Bev's Beau'I'y Shop Leasure's Groceries Morgan's Shopping Cen+er Nichols Hofel RecI's Barber Shop LesI'er Townsend's Barber Shop OWEGO AI BaIdwin's Mobil Service Wes'I Main SI'ree+ The Cooky Jar, I97 Main S'I'reeI' Cooper An'I'iques, 206 Froni' S+. CarI's Lounge Bar, I79 Main SI-. Owego Chevron Service Nor'Ih Ave. a'I Temple S+. Conway's Diner, Food a+ IIs BesI', Norih Avenue Co+'rer's Johnson Sea Horse Moiors Roufe I7C TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY "Tho WnIId'u Bu! Vulbouh An Yuylnnmlh' Farnham's Wallpaper 8: PainI' 80 NorI'h Avenue Halsfeacls Package S+ore, II7 Nor+h Ave. Harvey's Dress Shop, Main ai' Lake S+. Ha+haway's Recl 81 WhiI'e Groceries NorI'h Avenue a+ Temple SI'reeI' Kenyon Hub S'I'ore. 5 Lake SI'ree'I Kuhn's Grocery, 74 Aclaline S+ree'I' Langdon's Army 8: Navy Sfore, Lake S+ LeIa's Avenue Res'Iauran+. NorI'h Ave. Lundy's Spori' Shop, Lake S'I'ree'I' Main SI'ree+ Shoe Service Main Near Ceniral Avenue Mary Lou Dress Company, FronI' S+ree'l' Nichols FIorisI', Rouie I7C Near IBM Owego Pennysaver, Office Froni' a'I Main SI'reeI' B. J. Paich, Lumber ancl Supplies 66 Temple S'Iree+ Pa+ronize Our Adverlisers CWEGO lcon+.l Public Loan Company, lnc. Fron+ a+ Lake S+ree+ Ro+ary Gas S+a+ion, Wes+ Main S+ree+ Sco++ Smi+h 81 Son, Fuel Oil 8: Burner Service, McMas+er S+ree+ Shumans, Nor+h Ave. S+ephanie's Beau+y Shop, Fron+ a+ Church S+ree+ Ben Wei+sman S+ruc+ural S+eel and Glass. W. Main S+. SAYRE Hagger+y's Appliance Cen+er SMITHBORO Wayland Grave's Texaco Service Hobbie's lnn BOOSTERS TioeA CENTER R. L. Barnes, 'Builder Merrill's Garage WAVERLY Alice's Wonderland, Broad S+. Knapps' Depar+men+ S+ore, 30l Broad S+. . Nor+h's Jewelers, Broad S+. E. J. Payne Package S+ore S. Schwar+z Ladies' 81 Children's Wear, Broad S+. Valley Pharmacy, Broad S+. Whea+'s Hea+ing 8: Plumbing, Inc., Broad S+. Mrs. Florence Bell Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Ka+chuk Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Bill Mr. and Mrs. Douglas L'Hommedie Mr. and Mr.. Sp .nce r Briggs Mr. and Mr.. Leland M. Hoifensiesn Tiggq Mr. and Mrs. Wesley J. Brigh+ Mrs. Helen McQueen Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Chaffee Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Meade Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Chris+o++ Mr. and Mrs. Wal+er Merena Mrs. E++a Dence Miss Joyce Meyermann Mr. and Mrs. Edward Douglas Mr. and Mrs. Pa+ Miller Mr. Ar+l1ur Engelberi' Mr. and Mrs. Charles Nelson Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Evans Mr. and Mrs. Richard Pascuzzo ll Mr. and Mrs. Corlus Godfrey Mr. and Mrs. Walfer Snyder . , f 1 l ' Mr. and Mrs. George Goodfellow Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Soly ly lx gy SN Mr. .na M... Elmer eo.-ion Mr. .na Mr.. Howard shud.. 2 , l -'ch' Mr. .na Mrs. vwlfera Greenfield Mr. .ma M... Rosen Terwilliger I Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Harlin Tioga Ceniral PTA Q in Miss Ruih Jacobs Mr .and Mrs. William Waferman ' KA, X Mr. and Mrs. Ernesf Jennings Mrs. Miriam Williamson l I2 Mr. and Mrs. George B. Jones Mr. and Mrs. John Zylich X... KXX XE? X X X XNNX E QNX XXX XXX Q XX XS X WX SE XNSQX X X X XX X XX X X XSM' KW XfXXX 'KX X x X XXX 'X -Q XRX X QXXM X X XXX Y: KX R HX XXQX S 5 XX..-l ... X X -X.- Q -A ' 1 U2 k M XXX, XXSigSg?gXX+XS XwSXSSXff XX: X' XXXX XSSXX -kk- X - 1 A .Xb ' N-iff '.., -f L e' f-:X X: :X riff." if X J XXXXQ XQSQSQX-Xmyiig SSQQXX 1 XXXXXQQXXX , X Z - J+- - ' X XXKKK X XXXX 7, j- X .X XXf-.W X -X. X XgfXX E7 X Q YN :XE . - XX-1.E1:f T X 'EXZESW -iff - . X, XXSXI X,XfX SSQE Q : F xl X - X X X: -. XX--.NX ' X - 'A X . T - - I gf'-XXX -'X5.'31:X X f X. ' f X X L X X XXX Q -is X X X X X X Q X N his 'X X X XX XX S SX X it X X X fm XXX X: i f Xwwyi? " 4iii"'1T' " vw 1-1'f3-Yi"3'i9':1f ' A 4-I 'Q I An Ml - in sm' J . v .: R!" A- NN-ix I t K x , r-.nf Y 3. , K A " .wwf A X t 5 'I ,1 . fm. ' -,gk f 'aiu ye, ffvsf I A , Y . , M3 M fiG,,fix f 9 . iz ., H if ef w QP, ' I ' ' ,f ri . MV... ,ff-I ' . 1 ,V ,gif 1, ' rg ff 'Iii' fr- my f '-0" ' -ig R, gr: - 2, K U v " ,4 Q '19 fm 1 1 ' 'L 2 4 X . , , Q 3 Q-0 S . , Q fren . F , 1 gf , .vi Q i 4 . , x ' 'Q 0 Y 3 'm ' X Q 5 A .La ' X QW I E , 'Mylan fy rv 4 gfjj, K ' . Q if F fx f . 1' . fx!-5 'S' 'L , 'tp ' Suv f' 531 V4 W, .2 TE? , T E 1 4 ' 1 S W , , Q . ,?i,.,,,,1 N. all ge , 'Hap .- f f I J." ,X

Suggestions in the Tioga Central High School - Tiogan Yearbook (Tioga Center, NY) collection:

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1961, pg 84

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