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Q izT,ffe,, zlfm ,Iii All half fo flvec., our Fm-ka ' 5122 fo ffwee, our 7f?n-Ken ' S. H29 ' fab- name we 562-fufe wifh ,pf- l marcfg fo -Seffr-ef 5165 A174 5lb'e 0 ' .Sing Wm-Ken MY: -jclfools lo Comes cz. ffzou- Af Of fmp -,gy d .P J .Q J. dh N I -L 'J 'q V V r 3 G kr Ce C17 Ar-rn l"fClge fi f HH' 3 phage, our f:z17h al new your j CJ J J111 64. r gfcrry weprp-cfofin. We J A PJ' -5 aroud-fy build your fame. 14671 r' J -F -H CJ. VI , Harough each loess-158 year-77vere, 3414 .H JH Af' fnll Md'f2l- Deaf 1 .,, 1 o.' f',..n ' vznf- '.':-.a: U I. 1 5 1 . I I . 1 1 " - I 'o I. 'Q' v' 'f'- ,zv . o,v D.. I D. C '.:u: J vt", 1: I 'I . .-. . .. gl" ' .u o' 'pg v.f'-' Q . :L , .-I:: a vi - ', 5 I go , 'gnc .'-" : 31- 0 '. V 0 . l'P..' n,'oz',' ..O'P. Coal 'n:":'1 0 .,fl . AO' .9 ,,.o,l I RICHARD Boc zEK TIMKEN VOCATIONAl SCHDDL CANTDN DHID X if ii 1- X fs. x 4 NK qw KN ' tl , 3 Z W Z dwg, A . 1I'lgA0 V... Wx 4 1 Q fs .,, , , Q fi Q 0 I0 ,- ei IKOQG . Q OCZ 5M'4Wi,- N-354 xi E "" M .WMWZ Svnlerfz Lorx-n IT. Smwrs, l'r0xf:lr'rll, Frm! K. Uomvr. Rivhunl P. Christian Sr. Sfllllllillgf J. H, liakvr. Huyw R. Putman. I"ir'f'Al'rf's1'fl4'11l. Board of Education I- W- DBLP, JOHN F. Roos Ass't. Superzntendent of Schools Clerk-Treasurer I HAROLD s. VINCENT Superintendent of Canton Schools Throughout the two years that Mr. Vincent has been our super- intendent, he has developed a philosophy of education in the Canton School System which rates it among the best in the nation. Mr. Vincent's continued success is assured because of his sincere interest in all phases of the teaching profession. R , d Arm C0d1S e z zo Rishi Janet Peddirliiix Glenna Jean Rgiij lozi'nfDauEhelw' biiaiilePl:?HSciurrYv Lms AIEQ, lilloiiris, Dolores Salxfggrg- Noll, Donna- ?llStCE':en0re Gab' Row Lili Eudner, Mafgie Mllcerloselshlne Saunders' as her, Rose Mane Chw Q Whale? Maw" PM in: Joyce FffFg'15""' Helenrc lberg, 1 . Rout . Mu L MarYlYn 9 . ialagleixe Lewis, Catheiine rs: E131-y Lon Williams Wada Klng, Joann eYe pay Zumstem. Timken Row I: Left to Right: Weda Scott, Shirley Wolfarth, Norma Feim, Dorothy Kulich, Mary Veitch, Dona Cochran, Shirley Geese, Betty Moreland, Ruth Schoeppner. Row II: Perry Louros, Eleanor Silvery, Viola Narduzzi, Corinne Miller, Elaine Okey, Marilyn Brindlinger, Marilyn Daily, Patty Kraft, Betty Navrozides, Dick Raymondi. Row Ill: Paul Gosiewski, Ronnie Harrell, Dick Boczek, Gene Rosh- ong, .lohn Meeks, Larry Machan, Ray Cromi, Tom Atkins, Tom Tersigni. an Remax Sales Room' . K s i115 when Dorothy and Mary Lou mix business with pleasure. 'e display John shows his work to a young admirer. Ronnl . iw is Publications th SGW' AlwaYs b00mmg wi er ice ociet ilt' Row 1. L I Row I: Left to Right: Vicki Brossi, Rita Stephen, Joan Winkler, Freda Petit, Mary Noel, ,loan Schroeder. Row ll: Delores Johnson, Rose Scilvctta, Bertha Kiryakides, Pauline Gurskey, Mary Pruesser, .lianet Shaln-rn, Mary Ault, Rachel Recchio. Row III: Estelle Falwinak, Margaret Whitemyer, Tom Smith, Orwin Smith, Vince Cumpitulli, Dolores Szastak, Mary Lou Beaumont. "Efficiency With a Smile" might well be the motto of our Timken Service Society. The purpose of the club is to direct Timken visitors to our interesting shops and classrooms. This tenth anniversary issue of the Tivo is your guide and directs you as you tour, from your easy chair, our building. The pictorial views of the rooms and shops depict the many outstanding features of this modern school. Siglery .joact towffzgfhlz Ann Lp Q, Rose Sclmilina Zfllliklyl lfSlhc-r lllillliisvy D ' 5 . onahue,jam., Dick' J Norina bcliwaryz, P ri I Norma De Frank P 0 Ann f.lllll't'll Irpm, Q PLHY Friedman . ' ally Pl ' - cr , M . ympri , 061.115 Eva Whitt, fiziziilil, l"'?ves, Carollnl"ryRr'llU "'f,fUff'f 'W Rlfllartlsonl v A urnia lndd Marilyn B. and Marilyn D. secure an autograph. An evening snack is served in the cafeteria. Educamlhal displa ., y in ,he L. lbfary Welding Shop plays host to visitors. 5 Sincere F un-loving TIIVIKEN VUCATIONAL HIGH ScIIooL PRINCIPAL HALBERT E. WHITE Vigorous THESE VIRTUES combine with efficiency to make up a personality we all admire. Mr. White is to be commended for the competence and ease with which he has assumed the principalsvhip of Timken Vocational High School and for the smooth-running organi- zation which he has maintained during his first year in this position. .iff fl K rf fx A 1 C. F. NIALICK TIMKEN VOCATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL SECRETARIES Director of Vocaliolzul AYIIIIFIIUUIIV MARGARET LYLE, Secretary for Mr. White BERTHA CHRISTU, Secretary for Mr. Malick OLLOW ONE of our well trained guides and a pictorial view of the first floor shops and classes will be yours for the looking. First, is the hub of all school activities-the oflice ,.... Machine Shops with mountains of complicated machinery are next ,..,. On around the marble-Hoored corridor is Auto Shop. Here motors are taken apart to see what makes them Utickl' ...,. Study Hall 132 is before our view ..... Note the excellent posture and deep concentration! MACHINE ScHooL OFFICE ms 132 STUDY HALL Auto HBEFORE, Mechanics A 6, Q W 1 x' km ' xx .' , Q, M ff AFTER N s X Comp ming Une 0 r I I 'Hr I EA DxSPl3Y Last-Minute Rehearsal udltorlum O1-QhC5t ra Rehearsal MGLD Dlsplay Used for OEA Conference aneuVCI'5 Fooibau M Activities Cllyjst H175 Co 1 nlllu nil, . -1 , . Q Open HOUSP NX .4 ' xrcms and Vxsnur- ill - Xu ' Q5 G N Y IA ' ' 'lu If f 6 ff, 0 fly? 0 VW Annual Yulelide Program U Caroling Through the Halls me Audiw dum Senior Assembly is Over Fi Lnleflng rst Sfuden t Pep Rally J N 'z .4 , 'f f ,ii .J is i 1 - ON THE SECOND floor the first feature is the Tea Room. Many attractive and delicious meals are served to numerous well-satisfied patrons by the "Cooks" in this course. . .Busy heads bent over comp- tometer and other machines tell us that this is Oflice Machines. . . The clicking of new Royals, Underwoods, and Smiths draw us to t-he Typing Room. , .Around the corner, a blue light reflects the Blue- print Room. . .Across the hall, with the huge Kelly machine going "full blast" is Printing. It is here that Mr. Lyle with the aid of this class prints his famous yearly valcmlur. . .A quick look through Meehan-ical Drawing rooms brings us to thc Drafting Class. . .Our next destination is Drcssmaking und Home l'i1'onomic-s. . .lietailing takes the spotlight for thc front of the hall. . .Snugglecl lwlween two Retailing Class Rooms is Foods. VOCATIONAL DRAFTING MECHANICAL DRAWING PRINT SHOP k..SiF ,- Q x Kr TEA ROOM ' a vocmomi, DRAFNNG 'RA 6 Agf? KL , H jj? tx I XX COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT SSMAKINC -- .. , f,-.. . I 5 as! ! " X F E1 ,gf Sm ,-, X 5 HBE? 4-' Q f ' A Q 4 f,,7 f W ZQBW ., ,,n1-"' Nu HOME ECONOMICS A .M-Q RETAILING CLASS I5 IH, H . .,. . .'.-sf 'Q .1 71.1.1--1 ,lil-11. -V r LN f tg ' ug, Z I t x fiaf N ln y ,yfmpkhg f ' l 3, J Mffflyyl R I I V l Z QGNKMER MICROSCOPES and preserved specimens enliven the students' interest in their study of Biology . . . The fundamentals of electricity combined with practical laboratory work form an excellent course of study for boys aspiring to become Electricians . . . Pattern Shop training consists of a thorough course in the art of casting molds . . . The Related and Commercial Art Classes constitute a complete study of art and prepare each student enrolled for a future career in this subject. ct AL ART APPUED ART KNDUSTEHAL SHOP ELECTNC Ass BxoL0GY CL PATTERN MAKING LAUNDRY ROOM GYM CLASSES Left to Right: Joyce Ferguson, Helen Hambach, Joann Meyers, Mary Lou Hayes, Catherine Miller, Mary Lott Williams, Patty Kraft. Seated Left to Right:.Fayc Rex, Pcggilou Perdue, Betty Jo D.. Seated: Mary Ann Maxwell. Standing: Norma Schwartz, Barbara Hudacko, Ann Tsormure, Peggy Donohue, Phyllis Salsgiver, Rose Schott. Row I: Left to Right: Clara Theoflac- tos, Sophie Adams, Row II: Marilyn Johnson, Dorothy Pope, Joann Docbe- riciner, Donna Kirkpatrick, Joan Schroe- er. I7 Saflles, Shirley Wuchnic. Sfrzruling Left to Right: Cath:-rinv Suatrao, Dorothy llrendlin, Annahell Becker, Lorraine Rhodes. tudent Library Left to Right: Carolyn Morgan, Mary Ellen Kntz, Sherman Klass, Edward Moody, Patricia Sampson, Hatcher Meeks. Kneeling: Mary Ann Asher. 69 3 Time out, Fay, lor a hack to Work' stnilC, men ' N Y 2 A ,A s- -4:-Q f 4. ' Ei: c - W2 THE CAMERA SHIFTS to the fourth floor where our first view is of the chemistry room. Here the students are taught the various phases of science which pertain to their particular course. Metallurgy is one of the studies in the Physics class. We then proceed to Sheet Metal where the boys are preparing themselves for their future jobs. Our next stop is the Welding shop. The hum of the many machines tells us that these boys are industriously applying themselves to their work. Many of the English classes meet on this fioor to absorb the knowledge which will be helpful to them in any course they choose. Upon entering the Cosmetology room, we notice how well equipped it is to assist these students in their study of hairdresses and beauty aids. On up we go to the cafeteria where meals are served in a neat and pleasant atmosphere. WELDING COSMETOLOLY f"? J fp., ff! .t-gs' A ix... ffi""q Jig pl' f V Z' l :ix rig X ' I 1,4 x ' 571 'I D I CAFETERIA MANAGEMENT CAFETERIA SNAPS L- SHEET METAL .Q Y' HISTORY ENGLISH I HI: I INllQl:N I YKU " its Reorganize ZLUB NEWS Service Club Orqanlzes The new Service Club has bee' rganized to be of re'-1 au. lf vc" ' TO THE STUDENTS OF TIMKEN HIGH gf" Yin- '- tgnrab i School now has a d dramatic club. The a chosen are Doris l Hunt, Norma De- asey, Shirley Dier- ttkins, Dick Ken- t. Marilyn Brown. ge. 'te club is exclu- rlified for mem- on by the club aortant qualifi- p in the club cs. Following idability, loy- rk, and atti- -Senior Hi- -d Cockrill, 'ice presi- treasurer: em ers Hosts to net , - nest 3, P avllfxchlla BICSSL S . . tgarbaf, 5 view .,,,, twan- . nal, , kxde s Regt dim we a 1: E ha K1 h Yo? t. H fear bi .stu rxnapp Row Se Bet? ,. D0I9k Eva Whitt. -HPefVi50f5 dcntgilieorge Stefanit MOTQEIIZ 'fyplsvs' SKEXCH r,,,,ci-n- five Suffsssive ieml DWSUH Dinivs. 5 ROW . 'Y Nftfma ...toned barn dance, from Sefxembef lad! Hess, IYMSUICF- Edilfina ' ...cs to be a success, il the grape- 26' The follfiw The club holds a mt ..7 vine is still dependable. held of Iemllmi Friday fourth period, at which time :hey discuss Benjamin Franldin's con- nection with printing. They also de- Movies that have always been en- tertaining will begin at 7:50 P. M. in the auditorium, while dancing to liam Logan, Ken Warren Leigh, 1 Marguerite Loo' inent Canton cit October 19 mei store specialists sors of the ins Merchants Boar cation. Skits written ' Askue, coordini were presented Timken Retail taking part in t Silverthorn, Vit Koutras, Bea f nos, Zona Ha Alice Shissler, garet George, l-ia... .. .s..r...r., ...nr Ann Ronaldson, Marilyn Brown, Wihard Stutiiebean, Leo Beneleit, and Betty Reise. The girls in the Tea Room have served excellent meals to guest speak- ers and honor guests before each in- bate on foreign wolf'-rf P U hi' ""' ch' orchestra will be They plan to 0 ium from 8:00 test again this :ex-, receive pins for Q for intermission October 29, a 'L in added attrac- be held at the X .Q ints are always being discussed .... 4 as well as in , ' 3 it, seniors? Let's A Rifle Clt g our parties a pproximate .S -1 - to .s,i .sssss, sponsored by T ' j'-'l ,,'f,. A try-outs have bt ' 5" 11.-.V Z' ., V be made up ot ,Ea g. Mani' imPurtat "' " I ' ' this sport have ' f , if great heights in ww I . t V .. , nbhv it QQ.. . Ttmken High Calendar Q g -I Oct. 28-4 onservatory Pl "W '33- Oct. 28-Ashtahu' Nov. AM ya. The L.. Friday fourth p :hey discuss Benjan nection with printi bare on foreign pi They plan to en :est again this year, lne ooys will 'eccive pins for their emblems. October 29, it swimming party will be held at the Y. M. C. A. Plans are beino discussed for a ilanre Hoffmang ,. nxt Editorial: Betty Moreland, Pat Halter, Sports, Ronald Davis. to ll:UU P. M. A short program for intermission is being planned as an added attrac- tion. New participants are always ri.-o-iflml in ...-....m..-..- ...- ...all A.. z.. stitute meeting. -:ly 1100 copies of the Tyro were fi the fresh- nest in the Come on, re you go get aheat fice pri UCZISUIC. to more managers, stores, on ' evenings ,ugh October ,pecialists in the J have spoken: Wil- inedy Lawyer, and DE Amanda Thomas, and s. A panel of prom- tizens appeared in the eting and ct panel of .Wir .p.c.......s on October 26. Spon- sors of the institute are the Retail Merchants Board, and Board of Edu- cation. Marjorie Qlfife mrimm ami .i:..f...,I I... Mx.. 'r1tvnsr.1v vuunrrumu. HIGH SCHOOL CANTON, OHIO OCTOBEI3 27, 1948 t TAKES rm: cam: year the Texa Room has Faculty Paw I l, if sales tax stamps. They 'A f3fu3fYAPfffQ',Wf1l a container in the home- 'mil' ' u ind collect the stamps at an of each week. Scht ga rv lx l year something new has Gm 'ff-Q ' 1 ded. The homeroom hav- Com ted in the most stamps at Cm' . ,. ,A of the month will be men ' fe a cake made by the girls ffel " Q - .wn Tea Room. Will you Ulm 12, ' .vinner of that cake? niivrruiurce nucur X int 1 Mr. Guerra of 402 and " 1 -f I - Ax D I d son of 250 are tied for fir. agaunes e Ona e the attendance comparison the first month of school, E. had 10066 in attendance. Lt up the good work, you Acct - ..,... D students. r-.,,. nu .,. nf... n--.:..-J rwin Luntz has donated ti l library copies of "Forum ' for each ycar since 1951 present 1948 issue, This is an interesting and educa tional magazine based upon large in ising. Ad Solicitors: Norma Schwartz, Peggy Donohue. -cial Ai Jean Ehin, Carol Cobb, Ann Rance, Clara Howell, especial ,Io Ann Church, Mr. Myers, Janet Dick, Mar- . d garet Whitemyer, Mildred Lewis, Ruth Ann ,DQS I Colvin. inn rh tiicic will oc irrovrcs. .irc sito .. ....r r P v be Opermngg Miss Bang mid the K Eighth period: Betty Eliadis. Cafeteria girls will ' ments. Mr. jon gram for the i sion is P' assign' thei -... I by t 0 ei. mee be adc W. You, sota, on the to, ing." Entertarmnei.. Tyro Co-Editors: .lean Morris. oeioic nic Wat... game were Jose Vasquez, Carlos Vasquez, Dick Ken- dro, Charles Healy, Oscar Locke, Ray Cromi, Virginia Catlett, Lois Lom- bardi, Mary Runner, Carol Fry, Mary- lou Beatnont, Beverly Albright, Polly lleamtint, Martha Page, Nadine Si- ber, Marguerite Caudill, Bertha Ma- zarakan, Patty Grztu, and Gordon n....t... JIJN Q a, Ninth period: Donna Melegar Todd, Pat Halter, Marg 'Wolores Silverthorn. ' jobs, such as keel ward posted, cout Bertha Kir: 'his projec all tl for tr relani Tyri scrat brigl 1 the f 'N ag. tl A specia invited I time. .ueeting, rl elected: Mar sifjentg Norrr .esidentg Doroth .reasurer class to Pay Dues .rugratulations to Room 222 Paralee Watkins and Glenna hx: ful 'eprt Stfllfll I IVE. Leaders Club Reorqanized Trojan Leaders, this year, will b reorganized. The following girls are workin as assistants in the gym classes: 'O First period: Ruth Ann Colvir Barbara Hudaco, Joanne Stickle, Ma rie lenkins. . Freshman Interviews A Freshman T0 MY SCHOOL .lanudry itnd lhehrulary in the News Mr. White wants every student to Jw that a principal is human, , test, lovable, and reliable. just be- tse he isi your superior doesn't an ,hr L- M..-. 1... :,:....,a princi rits all isult l' nts everyone to urum or into as .- 'nd and he will always appreciate 'ieery "Hello" . g , . kt home, Mr. White, like any hus- ville High, taking a con us. - ' ' 'ta ,J ' td and father, has Q are travelinv i time E inder Sports: Milan Chovan, Ronald Davis Mr, Wliite remembers pa ly his sixth grade teacher. this "man teacher" got alot very well for at that time the mat- fm--rin' KI' W7kira': ai- AVII. W HMC 5 UfUlllQff'lll'llW. Upon graduation from tht rade Mr White enrolled at edares the assi, 'ifficult th was for ,ol sys- tr, White her 5 nties of prin- 1 Cilfflefl .. nigh School. i Glossy Print Day for the Seniors "B """' E""L':"S, ClO:l"llI ': reases you. it you are a 'eels it's an because, like in his new and exciting No NUAHY ieeman was elected Brest "Dan" Myers. "Dan" was fortunate - - ..:-- ... many outstanding play- -...- ., ..... , ...a...p... .. .o ...c fground because the "team was losing?" lf all your students and graduates could answer these questions truth- fully, you would be appreciated far more, dear Timken, and as each pupil found his time with you draw- ing to a close, he could honestly say, "Timken is my school." Respectfully, A STUDENT. - Dramatic Clubf a play er teedo' r in thc nks. Other . Web Q.....1-. rt... tara and Vit - Prim Shop. Nancy Rttche schlagb and Annual Layout Drafting, Mat Octavio Sirgo ot Machine and mobile Shop, respectively, After months of eager waitin Timken students who were me of the band were to get their forms. Repository Reporter Mr. r Lane visited the Tyro Staff and them some interesting pointers Timken cagers rolled to sever Clothing Tops lhe List As Most Expensive Ilem ug wi Bea Antottey, Mary Noel, Marilyn Zwallen. that Zona Hanson, Rachel Recchio, Viola Nar- ztball duzzi secutive triumphs as the tearr played a balanced offensive, Troymen seized the lntr Chamoionshio bv edging :he ta 'a Dick Austi X t q made for third sl under Basner. ial stu- X ' mem, en- i Revue tdded to 1311 Wffl' ography, Times," racy." 100 Norma Schwartz, Mary Cromi hfggisgg li io choose, How many of us l' " 'Wu 'UN 'h' 4 xrifry? lf we waste material here nu' an hm bu' hool U st is on ,S WH james ljimmyl C Imcm 'anda's Hat Cleaner: it-5 ow who puts the . gl A , ' hoes. g in Ianico Flory. also from ,sf K vorla at the Cranston Conte t - f try. She clarlu and nerve rr u ff AAQM -..-. ..-A... ....... n..i.. tm., ,1 A u i 1 . , . ...t . ad- gg! i 5 1, .' - ' . EIEIEI , . am was 5 5 E5 A 1: for tder 'j , ,. W P that ,f I' ' hom gg C C ng I' 52211 ,mg body tymflllmtumr I' - s, th J A , 9 I 1006! 4-' ,Q 'ed f ' Q? to l ma... - .M .... .NW .u.... . , calls are kept to the limit of To be lu th' Gmdc Club' -'Q' - minutes. sn if thi-ee fall: avr-r. dem needs an av'-'HEC Cf 35 01' org helen-the ltghtg john-1 hristiang joan-grace of the Lord atherine-pure, clean, Kenneth- andsomeg Lawrence-a lord or rnas 'rg Leo-a lion, Lillian-emblem ot uriry and innocence, Margaret-z earl, Martha-bitter, Michael-hc 'ho is like God, Nicholas-victoryi Seated: Mary Tornic, Flo Shirley Wolfarth, June Whaley. Standing: Anti They were S and age ols were " vaca- y, Delwrae Shale- Feb- CUP : an- y Contcst. Ray Pat- : of 19-io, submitted winners in eight of ntests, In the spot- 'ere Ronald Sharklc, vrn, Hub Bowersox, Bob Logan, Russell :ago and jack Hal- t were tested for lination. n, Photographer. 4,,, ,,,u,,,g -r ,..- ,,..... ...... ........ .he season with thc fine record of I4 wins and 4 defeats. Ronald Van Horn was the lending storcr with 227 points. Van was nominated to thc Rr-pository's annual All-City squad. Ht: was placed on the first team :ts at forward, Vic Poloslty was named .ts center on the second team, and guards Ronald Sh.ttl-cle and jack Nieto were given honorable mention. 1948-IANUAHY Vic Polosky set at new city record. ln the Ttmkcrt-Aslrtalutla game he hit the hoop for K7 points. 1948-FEBRUARY The Trojans registered their 15th win in a game against Lincoln. 'lhe score was 87-55. The llluc-Gold game was played- and this brought the Gold team its first victory since l9-U. Our Ideal Senior Girl Personality-fP.ir.tlec Whttkins. lleauty-Marilyn Wtlhartks. Hnirgjune Shoop. Tec-thfMrtrilyn Daily. Figure-Mary l.ou Williams, Style-joan Daugherty. Wit-Sliirlcy Wolfartlt, Sense of Hutnorivlfilda King. Dimples-Glenna jean Morris. Speaking Voice-Eva Jane Cours. Intelligence-Mary Pronch. Friendliness-Flo Lou Lawrence. Sincerity-Weda Scott. Smile-Elaine Okey. lEyelashesiAnn Codispoti. Eyes-joan Nallcy. Posture-Mary lillen Guenther. Complexion-Marilyn Kolberg. Scholarship-Mary Pronch. Moe: ,-.. I Amis... .t:l..m.,C, Mu, Lou Lawrence, Shoop, Helen L- Codispoti, Eva fudnm, ,lane Couts Dora Lallathitt Mary Proach. i,"ZiZf..2l Seated: Earl Booth, Ralph Reisinger, Alice th of Bloom, Delores Boczek, Carla Roth. Stand- 'H ing: Evelyn Papadopoulos, Robert Mc- ffjfgff Govern, Faye Rex, Nancy Ritchey. rnttal r,....... u-.,.r:-.t tri.- . -...-. --A 7 , en cent- A . , cu-t-:armani tit..-nr mt Mmm. ra portrait ot the artist? tststirms J Y' In 11 ua... ...M rim... .., --.mud spam writm. utmta ii...-at, Mann ntsvan. 'A Ph-vtnufur-er - mek Austin Hua-tin. writ., Norma stliu ngwi-ns v.ft..r.r nm... rzvs ian. tum.. t-.tt mum, ttt..n.rf.. rttrttrtnn, imitr- K.fyar..if-. t-'tu ii... tm-ffnfe, not M.,ffn...t. r1i....t-for Mow., MW Noah r-i...t.m t-rvtmfr., tum ramen.. router tc..-tina, rttrntyt. vvtttmrtor, time show. Norm stgtff, Mm Tumtc. Eva Whitt, Shirley XVolfarlh, F. R x. N B d ay e ancy ra y, liomtie litttchrr. t':ttln Roth. Ilelen Whal- Sy, tart.,-ft Mcfiovgertt, npr. tritium, W' W ,, ,jp U SADIE M. PEGGY J. NICK s. Jo ANN ROBERT A, QP! lf, if W ABOOD ACKERS ADAMS ALBERTSON AMATANGELC ,fx X , U DAVID ABDULLA RAX AMIGO THE LAYING OF OUR CORNERSTONE The late A. C. Ernst, former president of the Timken Foundation, and George H. Deuble, president of the Board of Educa- tion ten years ago, laid our cornerstone which contains a sealed "time capsule." Numerous records, photographs, and a letter from the late Jesse H. Mason, ad- dressed to "some future generation" are embodied. .tl , A NICK A. ANCIULO BEA ANTONEY TOM G. ROGER J ATKINS ASCANI T .IACK LEO E. JAMES CLEMENT WILLIAM J. BENSON BENELEIT BEHRA BEHRA BAUM X GEORGE BEOGLOS 6' 5 if GUST BERGINIDES IOANN R. BIEDENBACH WAYNE WILLIAM A. BLACK BOCCUTI DALE R BAKER W uThe . Hlk . Dedzcation iiei':Z':Y,' attending th V- e 23 RICHARD V. BOCZEK EARL P. BOOTH BOWERS SHIRLEY A. BRANKEL . Hobo I 11 the 56910 .. X es 21 Betty Swgs the b u HOP- DOLORES A BRIGHENTI 24 CHARLOTTE A. JAMES H. BOSSART JAMES J. BOWE DORIS E. BOWERS WHITNEY E. BRENNER MARILYN A. BRINDLINGER JAMES BROWN LEWIS E. BRUCKNER SYLVIA S. BUCHANAN CLARA BUMI-IS MARILYN J BROWN MARILYN J. BRUMMA LOIS I. BUDNER FLOSSIE A. CAIN VINCENT N. Ockef e p D CAMIVIEL orothy man FRANK A. CAMMEL 25 HAROLD J. MICHAEL A. MICHAEL A. VIRGIL E. DON C. CARNES CAROSIELLI CARPINELLI CARR CASSELBERRY RICHARD P. CAPPER RAY J. CAPOBIANCO DON R. KENNETH J. CAUDILL gi . Q x - ALBERT J. CHEKAN Qfgfil' CAMPANELLI a "W hey TOY ax C J. xx 2 4 K I f .:- , ,, ,.,.. Xook OVCY CAMPANARO I I awmaams Queen Mar treaiiufes' KWH and JOSEPH FRANK GERALDINE M. DONNA DON A M. CHICKY CHIRUMBOLO CHOFFIN CHRISP COCHRAN RObE M. HAROLD F CHICK COCKRILL LAWRENCE S. ANNA M. CHI AVAROLI CODISPOTI JOHN H. COF F EY Pr - DANIEL A. an5S6i'1gg5AIice and Dick, 27 COLASURDO the Hobo King 'TP GUY J. CONVERSINO RICHARD A. COPLAN WALTER E. COURSON EVA I. COUTS MARY A. CROMI RAY CROMI DOROTHY J. CYPHERT JOE M. CZEKANSKY DEAN H. DAGER MARILYN J. DAILY RAY DANILUK NANCY A. DARR .IOSEPHINE A. DAVALA JOAN DAUGHERTT LOIS N. DAVENPOR' GLEN HOWARD H. DIERINGER ANN IJIMETRIOU JACK G. DICKERHOOF I EUGENE A. DI-,MPSEY Ugg,-Hy 5, DE CHI-ILLIS AVIS EICVQH S rr d. en0!'S , moo bye. I hzgh 54.11001 fm, ELIA I MINN0 DWAIN D. UINIUS RODNEY R. DINKINS CLARA M DISTEFANO 1101115 DOHY tball game s BARBARA L. IJUNZINI EDWARD R. DOOTZ FRANK G. DUELL ENOLA R. DUTTON LANCE J. ESPOSITO BEVERLY VIRGIL MARY A DQUEZ DRAGOMIRE DUBINA ROBERT L. ANNE M. LEWIS D. EDDY EFANTI ENGSTROIN TRIESTON A. CAROLE .I. LEO H. DORA J. ESPOSITO 30 EVERHART EVERITT EVRIT NATHAN N. DOROTHY A. NORMA J. JOYCE E. DOMINIC T. ROBERT J. FAYE F EHN F EIM FERGUSON F ONTE FOX r 1 LOIS A. JOHN PLACIDE J. SHIRLEY A. JOSEPH W. GALY GARCIA GARCIA GEESE GENNETT at x X I . I X x 3 - 'H ' 1 Q X4 - v 1 , J 3 .H fl, ,Q 7' .f ARGARET G. JOHN H. KATHLEEN A. VINCENT JAMES PAUL J. EORGE GIBBS GILL GIORDANO GNAGY GOSIEWSKI ROY CUTIERREZ DONNA M. GUSTER MARY ELLEN GUENTHER DON W. GREAVES NANCY E. GRAHAM DONALD W. GRABER 3-x x f:,.-,Pg A i Y I, Q VIRGINIA M. I HAHN HELEN C. H AMBACH is E 2 PATRICIA A HALTER f, xx. V5 'if GQ- .I MARY HANSEN X15 r,,' I f.,,. 1 I thg windY day Remember taken? pictures were when undefclassmen Ronnie and Joyce are enjoy g Senior Party. ESTHER M. HAYES in dancing at the Hrs! ZONA G. HANSEN RONALD J. HARRELL MARY LOU HAYES WILLIAM D. HODGDON ELSIE HIGHAM JACK I-IESS GALE E. HESLOP DOMINICK A HERRAIZ CHARLES W. HEALY UI. 'T'-0 MARIORIE A. HOFFMAN PATRICIA J. A HOGUE EILEEN J. 'Qi HOLT DUANE B. HOPES WILLIAM L. HORNER GERALD L. HUNT DONNA M. INBODEN LOUISE M. IVSICH ALVERA L. JAGODNICK EDWARD C. JANECEK Ear WILLIAM K. JENKINS LQUIE P, JOHN II. ETHEL M ' Our "high steppersv grin and JOSEPH 34 bear the cold. MARILYN J. NICK KEEFER JAMES KARALES RICHARD KARALES GEORGE KABAN A JOSEPH DALE O. DONALD L. KETTERING RICHARD J. KESSLER JACQUELYNN L. KENDR0 DOROTHY A. J. KELLY KEIM CO, Timken, Co." P wi ,. I .A if I ,., f Y F. HAROLD DONNA M. KNAPPENBERGER WILDA KLINGAMAN - 3,5 KING L if I MARYLYN A. MARILYNN C. RICHARD P. BEVERLY D. PATRICIA J. RONALD KOLBERG KOSHT KOSSACK KOUTRAS KRAFT KRAMER x MARLENE M. FREDERICK R. DOROTHY A. ANTHONY I. FLORENCE M. RICHARD E KREBS KREUZ KULICH LANZA LAPPIN LASKEY FLORENCE L. OLGA M. MARJORIE E. LAWRENCE LAZARIDES LECHNER Miss Helen Marie Mazor of Maximo, Ohio, was our ten thousandth visitor at Timken's First Open House. e l 4 ll f EARL P. LEITER BETTY A. LEITN ER RAY WILLIAM H. MARLENE K. OSCAR LESCALLETT LEVY LEWIS LOCKE Rf . swf .rang uf' IANCY I. PERICLES P. DONNA STEVE LARRY W. LUCY C. .OCKMYER LOUROS LUKENS LUTHER MACHAN MAGNACCA ll ' x lb- 'Q N. F . sk ,A FLORENCE LENORE JOYCE L. MALANEY MANIST MARSHALL Ann displayed her musical talent when she played "Malaquena" at the -Spring Band and Orchestra U Festxval. sho? w I . SHOP am? Biixerwwon BBIXQEY tain dufxng TOM F. MARTIN JOSEPH R. MASTCK0 LLOYD I. MATHEWS 'Y he L I nets en CHOPI Qua H050 at me BARBARA MATTE5 RAYMOND L. MAURER DORIS A. MCANULTY JOHN C, MCCOY ff' FLORENCE R. MAXWELL DONALD C. MCDONALD -41 ' -SNES' .. A :ef CORINNE R. MAYDOCK WINFIELD s MAYLE JOHN H. MCQUAID JOHN N. MEEKS S ROBERT A. MEERSTINE J 'n-v'. V FRANCES E. IIEREDITH JAMES E. MILLER G JACQUELYN Y. MELVIN A 'er , I . NICHOLAS A. MERCORELLI e P3115 e that refreshes RONALD C. MEYER J AMES P. MILLER CORINNE A. CATHERINE A. MILLER JOANN E. MILLER MEYERS JAMES A. MARGIE E. MINARCHECK JOHN A- MILLER MILLER 39 LAWRENCE A. JOSEPHINE BETTY A. FRANK D. GLENNA J MINOR MONGIARDO MORELAND MORELLI MORRIS RITA E. MORROW RITA M. MINOCCHI ROSEMARIE MOSES HOMER MOTTICE Xe! ry P609 5 ss aR they! hung G00 QB 9 JACK C. JOHN T. MYERS MURPH5 40 CEEISTEON A- CHARLES E. BETTY A. VIOLAX M. JOAN x . NEALE NAVROZIDES NARDUZZI NALLEY VIVIAN A. NEWTON BARBARA A. NOLL ELAINE W. OKEY Bashful Tom ? ABLO THOMAS G. LIVERA PAPPA5 41 PATRICIA L MYERS I K. , , .loe and L'lVILliiM enloy a lull at the Party' GLENN W PAYNE RICHARD L. PATRICK JOE M. PETRILLI JANET A. PEDDICORD ANTHONY R. POLOSKY VICTORIA A. PETRO DOROTHY M. POPA RITA M. POLVERINI MARY C. PROACH GLENN PRICE 42 it -0 l 3' fr -5 AQ 4-, '-0' 'ts' 1 RICHARD J. RACEY RICHARD A. RAYMONDI GENE W. REED RALPH P. REISINGER DONALD REXRODE JANET M. RHINE RONALD RICE WILLIAM E. RICE EUGENE A. RIES LOIS A. RIFE 43 l'.1F1'1i0n aj for Ulf' .49 ers ,. ,.. ."f' , . I , , I yu, I f ,fu 5-2 HMM aj 'X ,I M- I I . EDWARD P. FHVIZ ' L,e.I3'EA'FTY L. SUSANNA RUTH A. R11-Z RIZK ? RIESE ROCCI RONALDSON DAVID L. RIGCLE ROBERT CLNL A. RISALITI ROSHONG CHARLES E. -I MARY A. RICHARDSON ' ROSSI F LAWRENCE E RICHARD VCYD. gexfxote. he ' , Koi X NW! www I WILLIAM I. REGINA N. MABLE B. I. NANCY I. PATRICIA L. . RUPPLE RYAN SAIMES SARNO SAUNDERS ii ' 66 'A KATHERINE A. LILLIAN M. RUKAVINA SCARI-'ONE ROBERT RONALD R. ROUSH SCHAEDLER Ti mxfens SCHLEIG Own C am P5re CINS. THOMAS R. ROBERT E. SCHLEMMER DONALD C SCHNEIDER RUTH M. SCHOEPPNER GLEN L SCHROTT ROBERT C SCHUMACHER JOSEPH v. SCHWEIZER ALICE M THOMAS . SHISSLER SCHWITZGABLL ?iM?L"r D K ggigh PATRICIA A. SCIURY WEDA M. SCOTT DON SHOOK 'I 1ZABETH A, gEKERAK , GERALD S SELLMAN JUNE WCHARDIA SHAFFER JAMES R. SHENKLE 46 SHOOP DONNA J. CHRIST SKIIILLEY DORIS DOLORES SILVERTHORN RICHARD SILVERTHORN SIERRA ILLILANOR IvI. SIMINCES SILVERY Norma Sigler, Rachel Recchio, Walter Farber, Eugene Florian. LUCILLE C. SLAGLE QENE SLUSSER if ERNE TINE SMITH WILLIAM E. SMITH WILLIAM R. SMITH ROBERT E SPARROW ANDY SPINO HELEN M. STIDD WILLIAM M. STIDD THOMAS L. STRUB ANTOINETTE R. GEORGE I. DONNA I. STARR STEFANIAK STEPHANIC ANN K. CRIST DELLA M. ST ILIANOS STILIANOS STONER WILLARD C. VIRGINIA M. SALLY M. MARY A. STUFFELBEAM SUAREZ SWARTZ SZASZ -I TH -3 , ' r Isl? ' I I 'sf OM NAOMI R. JAMES E. MARY MARY K. VINCENT T ERSIGNI TESCH THORLEY TOMA TOM IC TONIELLI way LMER OVISSI J U' A I 'T wi' 55:1 , IU, ' ARLOS AZQUEZ IL,Jw4J SOFI .I SEPH DON I. LILYAN M. Z E354 E :I I ,gl JOSE VAZQUEZ ACCARO VALENTINE VARKONDA MARY E. WILLIAM A. VIRGINIA A. CHARLES W VEITCH VESELY VIGNOS VOGLEY HELEN I. WHALEY RICHARD Q. WELLBAUM ROBERT L. WEIMER PARALEE E. WATKINS BETTY J . WARDEN PEGGY L. WALLACE HARRY D. PAUL W WHITE WHITCOMB MARILYN L. WILBANKS DONALD T. WILLIAMS 65Hi .1,0, Hi -hos 01? to school W e go. is MARILYN L ZWALLEN ,- PATRICIA A ZlIMS'I'ICIN ANCELO A. Pat and Meg give with the "Pepso- ZICCARDI dent Smilef, DONNA L. . M SHIRLEY A. WILLIAMS fy WOLFARTH IANOR J. HAZEL M. ,LIAM5 f WISPIMAN i 'W' JOANNE V. F ' A WILLIS 'IARY I.. MARY E. VILLIAMS WILSON l co lfve-rilt M Ro-imma, l'if-4' I'rr.wl'flw113 l'x'l' Sm-rvlurxg xlKlill.YN will.- Nlxs Tl'f'lISl1l'f'fj Dux ifx-si':i.ls14,kln'. I rc wie nt. Credit for every successful achievement depends, not only on chosen leaders upon whom the re- sponsibility for work falls, but also on the quiet, dependable hard work of laymen who can al- ways be trusted. In an attempt to recognize a few of the Timken students who have consistently 'sbacked up the linef, faculty advisers have se- lected a "Who's Whol' for each class. These students were selected on the basis of scholar- ship, attendance, service to the school, extra- curricular activities, intraniurals, good school citizenship, and general attitude. , we 3 t J,.3,,.m , ix I Farl lmiler 52 enior Class Officers Q? Nlarv l,ou llaye-s Kathleen Gill Clara lli Sl:-pllano l.llyIlll Yurlxomla N. f- '35, , If .lov lflxivky Mi ,,,,,, T? Mary Proacli mv? ,,-f- , Richard Kenclro 'K' Corinne Nlayclnck Wm '25 Barry Miller P1-ggy Donalxm- ,,..i 1 , in , . . y' 5 U 1 Norma Siglf-r Barbara lfmlwarnlf 42? . William Frimlman sam Rachol Rvvclrio .lam-t Dick Y 0 xx Secretary, Jo Ann Clllll'K'l1Q Trvaszxrer, ,lvane-llv Sliaing Vin' I'r1s11 I Lovyg Presizlfnr, Boll Coy. Iunior Class Officers Who Norma Schwartz iff! 53 Rolu-rt Cass:-r Who A. Roland Carclne-1 Q IRENE E. ASKUE King's School of Oratory, B. of Ex. Ohio University, B. S. University of Pittsburgh, M.A. Retailing CECIL ARMITAGE Mount Union College, B. P. S. M. Orchestra, Chorus, Band MARIAN E. BACHTEL Ohio State University, B. Se. in Home EC. Columbia University, M. A. Clothing 1 Kc Hygiene :Q Home Nursing MARIE BACHTEL Heidelberg, B. A. Applied Art, Art 1, Art 2 Row I: Beverly Miller, Beatrice Nuske, Monica Reinhart, Rita John, Elsie Busnick, Delphine Sinay, Mildred Lewis, Rita Van Voorhis. Virginia Doker, Adeline Muoio, Mary Vitale. ,lean Ferris. Row Il: Donald Williams, Alfred Kerr, Clarence Ander- son, Albert Pvrgole, James Willaman, Barbara Hndacko, Mary Ann Maxwell, Phyllis Salsgiver, Carol Daily, Mary Jane Kirkland, Marguerite Caudill, Wanda Moore. Row Ill: Mr, Joe Guerra, Richard Watkins, Bob Coy, Norbert Fenstemaker, Bob Toussant, George Simionides. Meet the girls of the Jamanif Club. Dick croons! .. 'QM 9 ' ' Q AW Q : . . u fu, 4 5L. ..,. N.. an I EL if w " ...- rt' I7 ,X , xb, 'x .. x 'w ww 3. dvi ? E 4,4 x , H Q LW H X .Nm X X ,ll 5 Q Q lb- 1 xg ,gi Fi 1 1 W Raw I: l.or11i111- Ne-ll1. A111111 l'upr+, Mary Ann Paulos, Mary Yuilsis, ,Ivan Can1plwll, Louise Trace, Betty Falcone, Luttie lf1'1'k, xlll!'g1llI4l'l Sluln. l'lI't'lllLl Sll'XkLll'l, liz-ily lflizulie..lL111f' Scozzarvlla. Row ll. ,lifaiivllv Slllllll, Lois L0111l1ar1li, Phyllis Slllllll, ll1ll'liLll'il Slllllll, ,Iuyw Nll'l'lklll4lt'll, ,lf'TZlKlilll' N1-ck, Virginia Catllvll, Mz,1r1'lly1111 liu11sky, llurlwzlra Pcflicir, Flurmifc' Uv Cllellis, lmix liflllllll, Nlnry J1-1111 K0lll!'I'. lgt'l'lllH lxlillllflilillll. Row 3: Mr. Cvorgv Swinxlvll, Miss Lf-onetta Perry, Stanley Bair, James lIu111111i11f, liLllXlll 5lI'l'll, Rir'l1u1'1I l,lIIN', lln111i11ick Pcllcgreiw, William Br11n1111a, Ben Dyer. f' 1 13 ..-f"""' 17' l,Il,l,MN lf. BANG F, W, BEYER Snulli lluknlu Stale- Colle-gc, BS. Ohio Norlhern University, BS Rt'5f!Illf!IVIf ,lIIllHlg4?Il1f?Ill AS- Ifggggjgmil Electricity Faculty enjoys party, too. Raw l: Virg1i11iu Wisv, lI'l'l1l' Sciwmggs, lfliss' lfar1'i11glo11. Louise C3I'l'lIlgl0Il, .loan Killlillllklfl, Bvlly llliiuky. Mary jane' Boylan, lfvz-ly11 S1-ll, Hlixuln-ll1 Lzingv, Susic- Hvoglos, ja11iCc' Km-lil, Belly Cuzm. Row 2: B1-lly Falasvu, Holwrt liinmvic, Mary lVisc', Nliriani SCllllt'illk'I', Bcity Slullcry. Dunna Lvv Thorp, Carrie Davis, janv lJl4ll'Q', Allll Spril, Patty l'ly111plr111, liwlln-r llaniie-ls, llullllil fllllillillg. Row 3: Mias Nlaris- Sla111l1aug,l1, B011 Casscr, ljanlinc llar111011, Annie- Nivoiu, lxl21I'gill'I'I SllVl'Illl'li, john Huko- ski, Walla-r l'lLll'lJt'1', Allll 'l'su1'11111rc-, Uvlvvrue Slialv, Tln-rvsa cltlllllllillll. Alfsvrztz ,luanila l"u11s11igl1l, KaIl1v1'i111- Rovvcllo. Q' 1 -"-' , my -xg 1, f . y , , N . , E owing and Swaylo Well, look gays 31lVWav ' 1 Q . ' "'Y1'ffff1fgir1sN-liw 5 f I, . 'ilk ' 'WS gabbing, I' l I' k Frank Rizzo Dwain Best Jowph Laird Donald Perl-Ita. Carol Fry. Marylou Beaumont. Row l: ,luck Koswn-k, 'rc-1 'rang ' ' , , . , lJ2II'l4'l'll Pollvr. llulol'e'Q Carman. Ilvve-rly Allnrighl, Nancy Brady. Row ll: Don Hillym-r, Donald Ilolfnian, David Watson, Willnm Krall, llill Kulivli, John Frulwlly. Juvk Jonvs, Nick Frank, Dali- Hi-ss, Donald Erickson, Paul liswuy, ,lolln Boyajian, ' I N l Y k l , . , ll'1r -' II' l' Rim Ill: Mr. C1-orfw Clonlz, Mr. Carl Martin, William Orangv, Elllllllllkil MarL,ariluki.', join un es, John . wi y i in IIIN 1 ,. lfiilmiiini, llill lluili-y, Boll llorni-r, Gust Nvztek, Tom DCCAOSIIIO, .IHIIIOS Buvlnnan. Ab.svnt. Don Marulli. so f ' BERNARD L. CAMPBELL PAULINE E. BRIDGE X, ,V'V , l OI. U . , . I I . ' ' no nlvi-rsity, Bb. DCUISOH UUIVPYSIW, Ph-ll ,, Office Maflzinvs, Farulty Manager English Ill, Publications - N 0fAlhlel1'C5 A. P. BRICIITMAN Ohio State Univi-rsity 8 Q Akron University ' Carnegie lnslitulv ol Tmzlinology Voc: Prinlirzg, Rvlnlczl Subjects Cl'fR'l'RllDl'i ROCK llupilzil llnivi-rsily, l3.A. Uliio Sluli' Univcrsily, MA. l.uli'n I, lfnglislz I Si ll Rim' Ig juan Puwf-ll. Xlary ffln-i-fan. Ruse- Srila-lla, Hila Stvplian, ,lane-I Slialu-rn. Mary 'l'1'rLan, ,li-anuv Wliilv. 'llarlvne llariivf. .-Xnnaln'lln- Str'-ainu, llurolw- Nlillvr. Norma Ciallura. Bi-wiv Paul. Roni ll: liuil Sallu. loin Sinilli. lm- Sainpann. lfiign-in: Xluxli-5. Louie Pappag, llarulil xyyllllv, Hulwrl Will-y, Bula lfslivli. Eve-lyn lfalilli-ili-r. .loan jliunu, Norma Uarrini, Sonna Gior- , . v ilanu. laulini- hui'-ky. lwl waril l,o1'y. Hou' Ill: Nlr. F. W. Be-yi-r. Nlixs Pauline- Nlmrli, Nlr. livurgv Swanl. Carl 'l'ors'assiu, Karl Slulz, Xlyrun Taylur, Holm-rl l,c'wif,'l'u1n Rilzinan, Irvin ,I0llI1N0ll, Frank llillinan, Louis llrlman, William lfvrry. ":.':"" ill-IORGIQ CLONTZ Uliiu Slate University, lib., MA. l.'u1r1l111'l'r'1'11l Ari. Rl'llIfl'1l S11l1j1'1'lS FRANK CORP Kent Slam: llnivPrsily,l3.S. W " Ulliu Slate llnivcrSity.lVl.. Mr. Cluntz shows 'mn how. A"1','i'm" ff'-Sfff"1v-flivfvs, Englislz ll Row l: .luaniw Wliilv. Marry Nlaliun. ,Ivan Nlarzuppi, Virginia jaguilnii-lx, Rulwrl fiollinw. Sluurl Sniilli, lfranlx Worlli. Sliirlvy .. il--ir. . 5. - 1 . -1' ' mans. Wannla Wlin-:Ale-r. Rrru' II: llivk l,aif1'4-ll. lark llavvwi. Ronald l.0l'lxIll", lx lly, Nlai,,arel hun ir. l.uruIla Nlula. Pat l N- I. fl. I NV ,lami-5 Karipiili-S, William Nlwi-1-r, llarrisnn Foul, ,lolin ll. lfurn. Row Ill: Nlr. Carl l.. lxamp. Nlr. Williain llarinnn. ,lm- llalvy. Paul IL-inns, Dwight lfouk, V:-rn lllirisle-nson. i r' , r 'f N --' k i 'ACH CROW im Uiiivi'rsilx', BS. Raw I: Dim-k Sli-in, lion Wi-Nui-lin-k. Ili-lin-rt llrimi. Richard Farlir-r. Georgia- Nliffriilels, Roy Zimnn-riiiain. Tlininas Zalilvr, Rivharil HlIl'il. .luiin Sirpilli. l,llI'l'y' Cali-y. :Kiitiiniiy lligiacoiiiu, Anthony Luniliarili. Rauf ll: Stvwart Brown. Um-nrgrv Siiyilvr, Tiionias Wright. Niiiw-ii! Lupe-, lfiliiii- liiviiziiwlxiiii. Paul liurnii. javk Hull:-r. Eiigviie- l'ii'c'ari, Dall Rinaldi, Toni Asvani, Ronald livr- nmki. Run' III: Hr. ll. K. Wi-ilvr. Nlr. iflymli- Rvriwvli, Mr. Archiv Rail:-r, Donald Bllllvrnc-ld, Ki-nnelh Kackli-y, Rayiiiond Crif- fith, Ilairry Milli-r, H-1-il liiirvlii-II. Riilwrt Bi-ck, John Novak, Jack Aglvr. Absvnf: Larry Dm-pkvr. L. A. DUNCAN Ohio University, Ylllllflllll 7Il'lll-lllillg Q h I I U j,,,fuS,,-fa! Simi, be-iiior l'ruin Dayff'-Ilia favuhy are Plljllylllg lt, too. Hou' I: liiiiiiilil Nlvliiiiiii-, Sully Rohn. Iiarliarzi l,f-xi-ring. 'Niarilyn Yale-S, Clara Mai-ris, Mary Cliaila. Rosie- l,1'74'i, l.ovis Niailin, Pliyliw Niiiilli. liz-ily lilaivkliiirii, .Xlivv Niilxim, Pill l"1ii'i'liupi'. Row 22 .lov Lanzu, Bill Frii-iiinan. Ci-nrgc Kiley Larry lhivplwr, William Nw-ill:-Xki, M-riiiin Ilmin. ,lavqiii-N fiil1iwi'ii,1lI1-ii Rowe-rsox. fimixlaiiliiic- ifaripe-iii'Q. Joi' tiUllVk'l'Nill0, He-iiiiy Moiiuvo, Iiuyiiimiil IA-ii, Hou' Ii. Nlr. Ili-rin-rl Xlvlliin. Nlihs Grace Crow, Nlr. C4-urggv Nloun-. Bill Landis. Janie-s BiiI'lIl'IIQ'. Hmlwaril Hrivs- Imi-ky. lfilsiiii I,4'iiliurl. ifliarli-N Fi-llnwg, Flnyii Kulirvr, 100 Biil-0. Don Harnliarl. film-lil: Karl Rilvlivy. T. H. EVERETT University of Pittsburgh 'S 33532 University of Akron tg 1 igvfyls l"l0l,'IlfllUlIfIl ljfllffllllg, ' ' lff'lf1fl'Il, SIl1Iil'f'fS if i ' ,VX Aw. . , A A PAUL ELLIOTT Ohio Slate University, ' B S '-tnfgl Kent State University Biology. V1'.w1al Eflucalion , andng' verslfm of cl . f OWU Patty' and Eva give 'hell CLIFTON F RIZZELL Miami University, B.S. Columbia University, MJ fl7l?CflllIIiCfl1 Drawing l dl' ll. Eleclrirr I KATHLEEN FAIRLESS Ohio Wesleyan University . lVI.A. . tx Cosnzefology X Mr. Hauritz gives t he ' ' Junior gals a thrill Row I: Tom We-her. Richard Gravius, Dick Wingerter, Walter Bans. Ray Se-ngleitner. Bob Miseavich, James Carlin, Don Sees, Eugene Florian, Dirk Cox. Richard Gipe, Andrew Lokie. Row II: Chuck Skropits. Virgil Muntean, Don Fleishour, Edward Craw- ford. Orwin Smith, Charles Michalk. Carl Laase. Don Fraleigh. Raymond Palmer, Bob Oflineer, Bob Dupper. Row III: Mr. Kenneth Miller, Mr. William Osborne. Mr. T. H. Everett. Richard Allan, Ce-ne Cupp, Roland Gardner. Absent: Norman Cory. 2 Q A 'VJ 0,- d""'v2r Kvmu-lil fiilfiliit' ff- l . . Frvcivrii' hx I k Coy William Foltz Milan l Chovun 5... Fiizaln-th Pere-Z Ns., Aliiis Xenos 1 Secretary, Jamvs Canakisg President, Myra Lowf-rsq Virre President Ann Rance-g Treasurer, Joan Simi. ophomore Class Officers ,- Donna Kirkpatrick ho' Who KL C1 ,wrap Dorothy Fl:-vk Vp' Patricia Fontf- Le-wis Sagerman rs 2 I i . " S f - 5 1 Y. r- 'F P' . Q71 li U TH Ohio State University, B.Sc. H ante Foorls Margie Biedenbach, Margaret Halter, Patty Neighbor, Nancy Robinson, Donna Rodgers, Schuster, Beverly Boone Myra Lewers. Row ll: ,Ioann Doeberiner. Lois Veitch, Patty Grace Barnes, Lucille White, llelen Afentul, Evelyn Papadopoulos, 'Janice Flory, Roma Purcell, Marlene Tomey. Row III: Mr. Corp, Merlin Moore, Jim ffanakis. Mike Serena. Roh:-rt lluges. jack Km-im. Andrew Mihos, Joe Novak, Ivan Hall. ,Iohn Slifka. Row 1: Sophia Mucha, luanita Perez, Alice Bloom, Delores Ami o, Fa the Nliller. Dolores Boezelc. DoPores lglyan. Sehoeppner. Frances Yan Kirk, Patty 'Q f 'F' A . i W. W. CRAENING Mount Union Collegi B.S. GOSSILR EC0,,0,,,iL-5, Patty and Roger expressed their acting Cf""'lU"'Y Id H ' talents at the first Sophomore Party. Row I: Beverly Slusser, Patricia Grau, Dorothy Swiger, Nancy Ritchey, Joan Simi, Mary Runner. Row II: Ann Piero. Phyllis Seemann. Mary Kay Miller. Mary Lou Wolley. Violet Murphy, Ann Rance. Row III: Mr. Paul Elliott, Boh Scipione, Dorothy Pope, Margaret Silva, Georgia Moody, Phyllis Zeller ,lacquelyne Von Thaer. 'wt f, ,.. . in 5 sf tjowlH0Y Duel Caught in the snap Row I: l"I II Is he tired Mar 9 3 y- S Q g . a Fllld valey, Dorothy Leonard, Mary Manos, Janet Lazaridvs, Eleanor Kratz, Eileen Kerry, Donna Jean Hoskin- son, Ve-rliv Hawkins, Shirley Garcia, Winifred Hankins, Joann Turowski, Jean Gaul. Row ll: Aurora Garcia, Donna Kirk- patrick, Janet Johnson, Miriam Hall:-y, Nancy Drakulich, Joyce Metzger, Marlene Hight, Mary ,lane Crimea Lois Groves, Ruth Hainlvy Barbara Kie el Vlar H R l , s-, ,' a ayes, nti Ann Martz. Row Ill: Miss Gertrude Bock, Dora Mallett, wiinona George, Ron- alee Lindsay, Dorothy Kraft. Marjorie Halt:-r, Evelyn Lober. Absent: Bonnie Hoover. -Q K' '- BARBARA GRAHAM Kent State University, BS. lxmv AZ' lillsirlvss Organi- zulfun. T-ypirlg I. HIl.YIiIll'SS l,l'lIt'fl.1'1' .lOl-Q S. CUERRA Ohio Universitv, BS., MA. Hi-9f0l'.Y. f.'0mrm'rce K lIIlflISfl',Y Pm .5 . fr Kr ii WIIJLIAM D. HARMON University of Akron Allfllllllllllill' Shop. Rwlfllwl SIl1Ijl'1'lS KARL A. HAURITZ Akron University MH!'lll.lll' Shop II if l ,J 1 "' A49 ..-ng, Row I: Margaret Dumilru. Margaret Davis. lrene Dixon, Cecelia Alltalo, Irene DiMinno. Betty Bans. Kathryn Shaw, Dorothy lflvcli. Xirginia Dm' Santis. Ulm-ntlu Burlielcl. Evelyn lilackhurn. Carnn-la Coclispoti. Run' II: Nliltlrt-d Baytla. Mary Carl, Phyllis Forsythe, ,lam-t Both, Dr-loris Davis. Lois Frey, Lillie Burrell, Roseanne- Fowler. .lt-an Barnett. ,lane Coralier. Dorothy Brend- Iin, Roseanne Clow. Hou' lllzl Mrs. Holme-rt Graham. Shirley Elliott. Je-an Elmin, llc-an Bower. Absent: Donna Capper, Charlene Brown. fix' .XD llvllglliiill l I ELLA MAY HEIDMAN wigum Union College, Cheer, cheer, for dear old Alma Mater. "Facul-teezf' R. E. HENDERSON Kent State University, BS. Sheet Metal Shop, M6tf1ZlllIiCHl Illlllfillg I l , I 1 0 'I Ii- ' ' -rciwl Row I: Peggilou Perdue, Josephine Crubish, Patricia Leopold, Dorothy llein, Bonnie Covrtzen, Nant-y Paul, Rat- Antlrt-ws, Ann Haley, Beverly Herdlicka, Betty ,Io Saflles, Anne Di Rocco, Phyllis Hutchison. Row ll: Nancy Zvnovic, llazt-l St-nftcn, Marian Roberts, Mary Anne Knight, Barbara Pierson, Norine Kraus, Beverly Melegari, Carol West, Patricia Ponta-, Ediqh Tromhino, Mary Carbone, Barbara Sikora. Row 111: Mrs George Goss-er, Marianne Salopek, Norma Butler, Lorraine Rhodes, Annadcll Becker. Absent: Elizabeth Moldovan, Donna Walker. 'Y , , me 'f EI,lSAlfETH HUNIJLEY X , , llandolph - Macon L RUSSEL li' 'IQNIQS Woman's College, A.B. Miss Strauch and Miss Bridge talk it over. Mount Umon College, . . . . B.A. llrincc 5t'lltmlofR6lallll1g H N Social .qf'il'lll't'S SIIHIINIIIS lmllcgv, MS. M!,I'l'lllIlIIlIi.9l' Info rma- fion. llixplny. Advertis- ing. S!11l'SIIIIIIISlIiII Row 1: Kathryn Hysong, Virginia Checzan, Betty Jagodnik, Beatrice Boscia, Marie Ross. Sally Hodge. Anna More-lli, Kita Harper, Kay Jean Myers, Phyllis Mohn, Shirley Dixson, Betty Leonard. Row ll: Betty Hunter, Dorothy Bcstvr, Catherine Vla- hos. Margaret Cross, Lois Smith, Patricia Reed, Donna Borow sky, Geraldine Prestier, Olive Ann llixson, Mary Dannbrowski, Maxint- Wakely. Row Ill: Miss Marian Bachtel, Althea Christian, Josephine Di Stefano. Absent: Mary Jann- llutli. EQ, , l E 't h ttf LL lW CARL L. KAMP Akron University A ulo flflvvlzalzics KENNETH P. KATE Wooster. B.A. Algebra. Coach CHESTER A LYLE Vocational Prmtmg, Related Subjects, Printing II W. F. MCARTOR Bowling Green State Uni versity, BS. Ohio State University, M.A. Attendance, Stagecraft, Boys Advisor 4 'Ni I . 1 E, Mxgz -r ,A 11- N. Row I: Richard Evey, David Atkinson, Charles Martin, Edward Martin, Raymond Dolph, Franklin Little, John Jacoby, Ed- ward Jacohs. Paul Mosley, John Sholtis, Glen McCully, Ronald Julian. Row ll: Harold Richard. Earl lngold, Larry Visnic, William Robinson, John Lyons. Harry Pifer, Vincent Spino, Jerry Mosley, Anthony Dome, Richard Kelly. Row Ill: Mr, Karl llauritz, Charles Hackman, Fred Holt. LGNQW By gm 'Y esW'5 ' Foot loose and fancy free. 'XG if if A A QL CARL W. MARTIN Ashland College, B.S. Ohio State University, M.A. ,fl lgwlzru. f,llll'lIII'SlI'wV- l'l1y.w'4-.v. li'l4'1'll'oll1'z's lp! fl- A. CLARKE MILLER Kent State University, x. HERBERT D. MELLON Akron University Mnrliinv Shop KARL W. MUSTER RS. Kent State University, I'f"Hli-'l'- H'-"f"'Y, Ul'1lIlIlIII't'S Western Reserve, M.A. Ak A . . , ron Umverslty English Ill, R!! Ill W H. ,'lllII'l'il'0IIf llislorv f H U I 1 ml' A GEORGE S. MOORE 9 Ohio University, BS. Q 1'f'UL'fIll.0Illll Shea! Metal A -Y flfr filllllllllfllllllillg J :I .til Row I: Virgil Pandrea, Ronald Mitchell, ,lack Mohr, Ted Koury, Louis Nl:-aeham, John Sarrini, Sam Svarpino, Rolwrl Capo- if W'll' up - ' .Q . - ' ianca, i lam meh, Tom Brownfield, James Kellams, Cordon john. Row ll: Floyd llousley. Arthur Mill:-r. Don Lulda well, David Colasurdo, Lewis Sag:-rman, James Sciavone, Dick Milnes, Daniel Pastor, Dominic Nlongiardo, Dick Schimansky, Carl Seilivtla. Row Ill: Mr. Alfre-d llrighlman, Fred Coy, Elwood Renner, llateher Meeks, Roger Calhoun, Bill llolackcr. Absenl: Bruce Large. F ff ' 1 I ke K P A r' E. 4 , 0 9 XNJQQ Xigfirfiff Q Lf ' x , Ac. 'Fx So. N W. Q intl Q ,Mfg 1' l- mf N if . 5 - 5 gf'aa V . K I ' , J 115 A2 x' , Wll,l,lAlVl D. PARKER Ohio University Ml'l'fIU7lff'Ul l,I'llll'l'IIg I 65 ll. Slll'!Ilf'!' I,I'SI.t!Ill. llll,llSll'l.!ll flrls Passing Parade. A. L. RADER Michigan State Normal . College, BS. Rvlalelf flfl!ll'lII'lll' Shop GRACE M. EVA K. PICKENS 8 PINSENSCHAUM Kent State University, ,,, Ohio Stale University, HS. BS., BA. llislory 62 Civfes BllSl'lIPSS Englisli, Umm Maelzines LEONETTA PERRY Akron University Hosni elology 39"- f u HAZEL J. POST University of Michigan, BS. Slzorllialuf ll. Typing II Rnw I: flllarluw Garrison, Ann-rivns IN-cliv-ra, joseph Bagnolia, Rohert Laliosh, Noel Anderson, Donald Hocovils, lfdmund Wal- Ie-rs, Michal-l l'l1'llIl, Holme-rt Lynne. liarl Stan, john Vodopich, Richard Mehlasler. Row ll: Robert Scrheelz, William Budner, llonalrl llavia, Norman Ulf-esnr-r, Thomas Shook, Harold While, Robert Smith, Richard Skelley, Eliadore Pali-le, Frm-il Kiln-. Dale- Kramo-r. Row Ill: Nlr. R. lf. He-ml:-raon, Vincent Chesson, James Mcljallin, William Burgess. P S K' A 5 'w Rnwk I: ,lorry lh-.-Xrigziilig, Yiclor Fm-nton. Jamcs Haydock, George Daniluk, Victor Voina. Danicl Pe-llvgrv-no, Carl l.an7a, Waync Ili-lrlrk. lhoinua Nlariol. Don Black, llharlf-s Popa. Ronald M aynaril. Row Il: lorry Kovacs, Charles Barkhe-imcr, ,lack Davis, .lincoln Bullock. Ricliurel Siherl. Gcralil Proslicr. Corncl Silea, John Paul. ,lack Moore. Row Ill: Nlr. L. A. Duncan, Sullivan ililIlIlIl!'l, Nlilan Chovan. ' - 'gy 1- ., 'W , 58? lil,YDI'I H. nmscu D l DAN RISAUTI 01,10 glam ulivcrsity ' i N t - Ohio University, BS. I uhm-sity of Toledo' Carohng through the halls at Lhristmas lime. Inhysl-ml Ellmml-OH l"oca11'a11a1 Machine Shop Row I: Janice l'illt'l'lS, Caine Cool-gson. Richard Schoonover, Ralph Picchionc-, Rohr-rt Schoonovvr, Walter Polk, Pa! Munlean, Joe Addino. Xl:-lvin Wilson. Frvvnian Wright. Frcd Steer, William Ycrian. Row Il: Willis Krause: Richard Price, Don Roth- !'l'llll1l.lillZ1l'll'5 llnlinson, lilmn-r llohy. William llmclz. james Huflord, licnf- Nlohn, Donald liryant. William Lvilm-r, lfiigcliv Horning. llf-nry llullongh. Run' Ill: Mr. Tom We-lhamn, Charles Morrison, Ronald Amatangclo, William Lcvcring. William Cunningham. 'Y Patricia Sampson fl N . in K. Andrew Tonisho Q7 .J 4 I 5 - 49, ,Y ..f A.g,I gg.. .ng Carolyn Morgan C215 Conlon llarnlvy William Cult-nian 1'--K -'SS Sally Foltz PD! G, Harry Zantopultw 'Vi Earl Kanc- W md Kay Chalfant, Sr-crc-taryg James Mffx Charleston, l'rc'sitlentg Sylvia Liltlv, 'Ly Vice-Prvsidentg Ceraltlinu Matlistpn, 1 Treasurer. ,KL I " 'f ' 1. 1 Freshman Class Ufficerii 1 i ho' Who 059 AC? 0 , Elsit- lfonlvy Olga Milios X, ll Ron' I: Rieliard Paumier. Walter Nlelirlirodt. James Baird. Bob Megert. William Adams, Glen Richardson, Franklin Al- hriglu. Bill Nleiilaiu. ,lim Rirkenbrode. Daryl Whitmer, ,lolm Ole-ska. Eugene Rue. Row ll: Raymond Karam. William Hessen, Henry Limler. ,lov Yesely. William Crall. Ronald Harbert, Cordon Weilzel. Douglas Conrade. Tom Colaner, Russel Flory, Bill Slattery. Run' Ill: Nlr. A. Clarke Miller. Bill Staugli. Emmett Makley. Dick finally took Betty's picture. 4- 4 ,W .-.MJ Wee Willie Freshmaifs first assembly. Quite a Contrast from Omce Machine' Hou' I: Norma Jean llukefer, Donna Steiner. Consuelo Fernandez. Arlene Michel. Pal Turkel, Wilma Hendrus, Mary Lou Sees. Pauline Anastas. Gloriann Nelson. Nellieanna Hupp, ,Io Scozzarella, Virginia Navrozides. Row Il: Beverly Nelson, l-'ranees Brown, Dorothy Namciu. Jo Ann Raunikar, Betty Butts, Lois Ann Wilson, Leona Griffin, Evangeline Nieila, Jewell Seluualstieg. Evelyn Sturm, Sally Foltz. Pat Sammeter, Nesta Marcliuk. Hou' ll: Miss Catherine Shafer. Donna Rilz. Joanne Lazzarides. Rosemary johns. ' xo 5 Q. j P4 in inf? e B2 '24 . eshmen' Th se unstwlleclmg Fr e Print Shop adds the calendars' to the finishing touches Row l: Louis Ile-nlcll. Augustine Mnsisca, Leslie Young, Donald Dolan, Fred Slllf'I', Frank llaldeman, Ernest Warner, Ron ald Spangler. Ronald Anderson, John Cummins, Ronald Lythe, James Dolph. Row Il: Ronald Wvlbaum, Dave McGuire Andy Kantor, Richard Evans, Frank Mum:-an, Paul Reitler, Walter Rf-hfns, Robert Hcrshberger, Charles Phillips, joseph Hn dacko, James Rettick. Row Ill: Mr. Kenneth Kate, Benjamin Ramhand, Cary Cockrill, Harold Sulmenu Anthony Alessandro. Absent : Franklin Ring. lr - i' FRANCES M. SICICDI-IRLY sity, B.A. Physical Education Guidance. Girls Advisor MARSHALL F. ROBINSON Rio Grande, A.B. Bliss, BS. !l!'1'UllIllllIg l. II, V fer wx Ohio Wesleyan Univer- CATHERINE M. SHAFER Kent State University B.S. New York University M S Eriglislz I 1 P' x f 0 N f' , F b t 1 l I R0lll'iR'l' W. SIll'IARh.ll Capital University, BS Akron University, M Biology, Algebra lllatlz em alics .S a V Row 1: Norma Hendershot, Vivian Selway, Nadine Siber, Joanne Bernabei, Mary Lou Lattin, Edna Fil-ze, Armonia Perez, Pa- tricia lla-neleit. Ruth Fano, Eleanor Mottice, Judith Stinson, Betty Lou Glass. Row ll: Delores Everett,JaCkie Cramer, Nan- nette King, Joyce Havener, Barbara Evey, Catherine Cosentina, Nancy Nickoloff, Shirley Heninger, Aurelia Sprit, Raffalcla Roca-lla, Marie Erwin, Antoinette Polsinelli, Catherine Lupe. Row Ill: Mrs. Eva Pickens, Ruthetta Dallison, Shirley Cun- ningham, Doris Mae Johnson. Absent: Barbara Moore. PAULINE SHORB Pratt Institute I,l'l'S.WIlf1li'I4llg Q S3 JOHN C. SMITH Ohio State University, B.Sc., M.A. lrzslrumenlal Music EVA SPARROWGROVE Kent State University, B.S. English I MARIE K. STAMBAUGH Kent State University, B.S, Typing 1, Sltorthanfl MARTHA V. STRA Ohio Wesleyan U1 sity,A.B. English III, Publica tv- grm slit' the COHVSYS 09 ation? X en 135585 ' tm dw FIGS 53:4 Pr . ' xx Listfiftmg X ,Se 'fi Oi' , V gig? K, A' AN f if ,. ,fig ' ' 1 Mimi ib Q gg is fa, , 2 , W ME 'Q' 'X g 5, E 'Q 9 s fx 1 ff 1 + 4 ' . uf wx. hu any A" Y 5 NN I '1 ea , is .4 Row I: Carla Roth. Dora Nlae Lallathin, Donna Beaver. Esther Bellisario, Patty ,lo Parker, Peggy Brown. Louise Pellegrino, Margaret Maurer, Nancy Swain, ,loan Feim, Shirley Gillespie, Angeline Halkides. Row ll: ,lanet Cutlip, Frances Deem, An- geline McCloud, Lila Moore, Rosemary Farelli, Bertha Simionides, Ruth Pediera, Martha Page, ,lost-phine Mereorilli, Phyllis Moore. Esther Chuchanis, Mary Alice Verga. Row III: Mr. Dan Risaliti, Beverly Gipe, Francine Franks. Nlary Alive Moore. Carol Burrhtield, Lillian Marzoppi, Carol Locy, Judy Jones, Elizabeth White. W M .. GEORGE M. SWANT Stout Institute, B.S. Mr. 81 Related Electric Shop th . ' n Nav- . , k. 9 Senio P t 'mg If ' at can C00 F arty, Mrs Crahal Besides this they Row I: Ralph Shanabruch, Devere Engelbach, Patricia Brandenburg. Barbara Spriggs. Mary Ellen Kutz, William Coleman, Gordon Barnby. Donna Weider, Jean Ciovannini, William Brankel, Ralph Abram. Robert Smith. Hou: Il: Delores Pappas. Patricia Sampson, Darlene Hawkins, Shirley Foltz, Velma Karcher, Anna Marie Kamin, Kay Chalfant, Ruth Dejulio, Donna Doerscliuk, Betty Pulveri, Elizabeth Conley, Mary Ann Asher. Row Ill: Mr. Wendell Craening, llaroltl Graves, William Wat- kins, Earl Kame, Norma Porter, Charles Kurtak, William Maxwell. .lune Ptieller. Marian Ross, ,loy Schwartz, Elclora Fernan del. - if t -F l t s E5 , it E' . -xr GEORGE W. SWINDELL Ohio University. 9 ' , i tz, 4 CX, ff ' . G. P. TOLSON Ohio University, A.B. B-S., MA- Mechanical Drawing II Vocational Pattern Shop LAUREN A. WARRICK University of Toledo, l3.Sc. in Vocational Edu- cation Related Automobile Row I: Rose Mary Criswe-ll, Bernadette Schlinder, Marilyn Field, Shirley Burton. Marie Ft-lm. Mary Ann Stall, Loretta Dona- hue. Sylvia Little, Laverne- Potts, Olga Mihos, Elsie Mae Conley, Helen Phillips. Row ll: Carol Myers, Mavis Dunn, Char- lotte Derrick, Theresa Slmerna, Pearl Christensen, Polly Beaumont, Dorothy Miculan, Orabelle Wise, Norma Wenning, Nancy Webler, Lillian llenderham, Emma Scott, Carol Collins, Rose Eslick. Row III: Mr. Karl Muster, Mildred Majestic, Carolyn Morgan, Carolyn Collins, Sally Weaver, Shirley Zutavern, Anna Gursky, Joanne Krelis, Carol Cordier. 'bl C. R. WEILER Ohio State University, B.S. Wooster College, A.B. Relatell Machine Shop dvi C U X THOMAS WELBAUM Ohio State University, B.S. Athletics, Mathematics ADA ZIMMERMAN Heidelberg College, A.B. Western Reserve Univer sity, B. of L.S. Tennant College, B.S. Rel. Ed. Library 1 1 I 1 nf- Row I: Russell Johns, George Lokie, James Klingaman, Charles Crites, Leslie Hewines, Paul Dilgard, Ronald Davis, Marvin st I E ,D ll ' ' ' ' ' ' - utz, ngene a as. Dewey Calhoun, William W1lCY, James Gill. Row II: Neal Caldwell, Marco Nicodemo, Alvin Baker, Ferdinand Calderon, Clarence Begley, Harry Zantopulos, .lim Crawford, Allen Reilz, Joseph Maiorana, Dick Collins. Row Ill: hire. Olga liilflill'Y. .lark llenne-tt, William Wilson, Marion Fabian. k . Backstage Ma eu? on6 Ui the . te lim 0963 Dale and in Shop- "Mutt 81 Jeff." maghtnei- Row I: John Richard, Donald Rizzo, Antonio Perez, William Chappell, Raymond DeGeorgia, Robert Kaiser, Todd Blane, Don- ald Novak, Dominic Morran, Sherman Klass, Jerry Greaves, Anthony Lombardi. Row ll: John Carpinelli, Donald Moesle, James Charleston, Wayne Bell. Louis Louttit, Roherl Myers, James Abbott, Henry Brown, Lane Mayle, Andrew Perteinides John Watkins. Row Ill: Mr. R. B. jones, Jack March, Donald Friedman, Richard Austin, John Johnson. Absent: Tony Retscakos. S Booster Club Our newly organized Booster Club has proved its effectiveness in the splendid sup- port it has given all school activities. Under the leadership of very capable officers, the club has sponsored humorous pep rallies and a dance. BOOSTER CLUB OFFICERS Paralee Watkins, Vice-Presidentg Elise Carrington, Secretary: Norma DeFrank, Treasurorg John Meeks, President. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE PLANS ACTIVITIES ichard Kendro, Glenna ,lean orris, Elise Carrington, Norma eFrank, John Meeks, Paralee atkins, Dolores Silverthorn, arv Cromi. CONSTITUTION COMMITTEE an Simi, Pat llalter, ,lo Ann Church, Myra Lewers. Marilyn inks, Ann Rance. 2nd. row: Ed Locy, Bob Coy, Jeannette , ,lim Canakifs. lion Cassvllwrry, Com' Rosltong. A tense moment Our president in action K aiorottes and Twirlin Corps Majowm-.S: Belly Jo games. Donna Hoskinwnh Betty phillips, Corinne Miner- Helen Whaley. Marjorie Lechner. Corinne Miller pose for S N Q , "Flash Cordon." Jeanne-Ile fhain. Anne- Mao Jarviniak. Joan Kauffman, Irene .croggs, Mar iorie Lffchner. Peggilou Perdue and ,loan Powell chat about this and that. N ey Elearwf NanCY e ' ' ' . C pbell, Felmv X Joanne wlyhg, lmgllrgm afiavhryn Shaw, Norma Bessie P30 1 N mciu, Eva .,- Willis. ,, Dorolht' 3 - ky, Pamela Kula hz. Beth' Clue Slnrll'Y F0 it T - T - t-t-t- , Cheer it Leader Fight Tenn: Figh t" "T-l. T-I' Tlilllli' ,loan jhnna, Lois Groves, Nancy Swain, l-Isller Chuchanis. look over equipment. '-t "Cu Timken Co" 4 1 orma De Frank compare the length in skirts. 1 1 4 p l Lilyn Varkonda, Marjorie Lechner, Pauline jj X ' J K' sky, Corinne Miller, Helen Whaley, and f t .ly ll V' l 1 1 "Come on Blue--' 'as wx-.1 Sauna Ginrmlano and Helen Whaley enjoy one of ,Ioan Simi's jokes. Ethel l0Sf'Pl1- lfvelyn Papailopolnn RUHXN Row 1: Nedra Taylor, Phyllis Moore, Joyce Amos. ,loan Schroeder, Ed Walters, Dominic Moran, Dick Well- baum, Paul Gosicwski, Anna Curskey, Rita Harper. Row ll: Bill Hesson, Don Price, Barbara Moore, Earl Kane. Edna Fike, Kay ,lean Meyers, Ann Haley, Glenda Burfiold, Bernie Foralwr. Row Ill: Kay Chalfont, Ray Saloia. Joe Bagnoli, Bill Smith, Celia Di Minno, Phyllis Salsgiver. Mary Ann Maxwell, Carol West, Nancy Lockmyer. Row IV: Kenny Hagistill. Kenny Cariliso. Bill Maxwell. Phyllis Forsythe, Pal Fonte, La Verne Potts, Harold While, Alice Shissler. B2 AN Run' I: Yirginiu llulin. Nlary ,lilIll'fil'lI11f'Q. Victor Voina. Cr-nv Cupp, Glenna Jean Morris, lla-lore-S lfvrfrhardt, Donna lllll21I'Il.fillFUlll0llillS. Mary l,uu Willianw. Joyve' Nlursliall, Row Il: Don Hollrnun. Fr:-cl Krvuz, Dun Pvlligrino Torn Yulw, Wayni- Bi-ll. ,lurkiv Krunn-r. l"lorv-nu- Muxwrll, Mary Jane Kirkland. Row Ill: Tom Strnlm, Don An- ge-lio, Norma 'l'0ml4l. ,lvrry Uv Angclis, ,lov Lanxa ,lack Williaills, Row Ill: EI'llk'Sllll1' Smith, l'lllgt'lN" Blllllill, Nil-k Angniln. live-lyn Sr-ll. llnnn-r Nlnllim-, Row Nlariv Slulile-r.lJir-k Wllilm-, Ilan Pc-lligrino. Sullivan Carnnwl. 83 km -vyr. .. . ff P15 ' A J I Row, lvfl to Tlgllll-Y-Cfbfbli. Kerr, Boworsox, Wilson. Giordano, Valentino. Amigo. Florian. 2nd Row-Risaliti. futon-rn. Rinaldi. Mnlulla, Cassvllworry, Skropils, Cory. 3rd Row-Fralvigh, Luther. Ascani, Be-rnogky, DP CUQIIIO. orsity Football quad -rwtvllf-r. Nlurvvlli. -llh Row Sie-rra. Klrapponlwrger, Moeks, Everill, Stark, Wright, Wooclcovk. Crash! Jw.: V 1' W ' .f.k, .,, ,if 3 Vg M x: - 12: K. - 1 f fyrssv 5' 2 ' f roll W of l M "ffl p' l X f NK r ik Coaching Staff B1-rnarll Camplwll lfllflllfy IIIHVIIIHFTJ Kvnnelh Kale, Russoll jom-Q thvml roar-hl Thomas Wel- lmaum, Dan Risuliti. te-- Vince Giordano Bark trold Knappcnlwrgffr Enzl Var it I K Q A Ray Amigo Center ' SW-ll . pllnf. Huy Ilnwpg I 01' 3 Dick Sierra Bark S-QI Don Cassvllmerry Enrl Footlnall players come' and go, but Ray Amigo Il always he renu-rnln-red at Timkf-n. Ray. a Jqhn Mf-Pkg tlc- squirt, wf-ighing 135 pounds, playefd con- Guard r on tha 1948 Trojan Varsity Squad. Sports ritt-rs and sportscasters placed him on the Il-Ohio Squad as the' third hast center in the utv. Ray was chose-n Q thf- hes! cent r in the zz ty un the Canton R4 ository's All-Ci ffeam. ' fl 'll 'XV fb! Lfrjl 4, I fd u fl ni 'Vi' ll! I" yy! ! L F 't K K f x 6 eo .yerit Wy Q I Tarltle I ll l at ' I IN t , 1 Alf, Im' - XX HQ., Dave Alnlulla 6 V' Hob Risaliti Don Valentine Stove Luther Tackle , Quarterback Bggk Gunn! Q 4 7 9 Q ' A At Q ,ff A f- ' . s .. V 1 A h W 4, H ,s -on N Row 1: Tony Dante, Richarri Sihert, Ury Gaul, Tommy Mariel, Joe Addino, W' Don Cross Row 2: Bruce Large, Jim Eberts, Louis Meacham, Dick Milnvs, Eugene Reti, Ralph Picchione. Row 3: Jack Moore. Charles Johnson, Gerald 'ofa ,akin 0 i in ,, 'f 'i V r!!.f . , .. . .V r 'z X . ' v l 1 4 4 I f f If jf I Prestier, Willis Krause, Nick Costello. Robert D. Smith. Row 4: Jacuh 1'-,lid , f, ,., X 4 AI Sedlock, James Hufford. Fred Holt, Charles Heckaman, Rolwrl Siu-1-lx. ' f j ff L ff!! Charles Kerstetvr. fi, ' A Allis! i if 1 1 .jj 'lim' , ' 1. - K ' v .,f ' f , f X . RKCXWYK . NXUOR' 1 ack L WM Ykcdxinm ' B QCA Qelxlocki lamb i Jawa. gnxlle X 5kXWfl' UI op Pllnpmq Yea Timkvn' xg? Hxilxlwd' ia X01 a ANC' 5 F w Row 1. Donald Pellum, Leslie Young, l-le-nry Linden, Richard Evans, Allvn Rc-itz, ,lack Cunimins, Row 2. Haruld Saline-n, Russvll Flory, George- Lokiv. David McGuire, Ronald Harlwrt. Toni ColanPr, Bill Cliappvl. Row 3, Andy Tonisho, Waltvr Rehfus, Sam Williams. ,lack Malls-riwe. Ilarold Grave-S, lin-n Rambaud. Row 4. ,lim Charleston. John Falminak, llarwlal Cockrill. ,lavk Murrll. Bill Slargli, Don Friedman, ,lolin jolinsmi. S 1943 fa 'ln wwf'-' X X . SW ""'le:llv1'f"" . . Q. semliltlxkei' ll Qfomgw 881. T., C resllm' iaigzw Freshmen Lette-rmen D Still Aff-Cub - P , BU, Cha P11 PL .Ibn pl . 13,16 it A . RI. .lame-s Crawford Mgr. 3 C mwnin 0f th f Queen NXas'xXqo and cm . .1 'MN up 5 vw at S ' , - . 1 fa, S L Maw 'iwsm 'Q J 9 YXM1 'Iv'-1 Boise i. X A Mase- ? osee, Qekoxxs oi we queen aide 610 XX ev wxkiwee. Cx mm A l'll'I0llncer. B0 . b Oy Nav! Lou XX wg es Queen and Court Mary Cromi, Mary l,0u llayes, Quovn Wilhanks, N-lary Szasz, ,loycv Marshall. Marilyn John M94-ks prose-nts flowers to Quoen Marilyn Wilhanks. Holm Coy. David Ahdulla, Dick Sierra, Ray Amigo, John Mm-ks. llarolml Knappenhorgvr. HW if, Her royal highnf-ss with court and crown bearer, Ronnie Maynard. Q5 'nelly '4 ' W TMJ ' 7 Champions all No LCVS tru .. 1, . Riff ,VAV fl IAVV it WV1A' .VM V',k.L. . '-'7k W. Q xkxfttst. . S . , T unit so V . Y. , Intramurals and ...M G m Activities Following the call for intramural basketball. Coach Bud ,lones set up schedule for the ten shop teams competing in the tournament. The 194 Welding team captured the second consecutive tourney hy downing Hon Room 316, 37 to 27. The girl's Trojan Leaders intramural tournament was held every Tuesda and Thursday morning in the gym to select players for the Blue and Col teams. 'NX QP! an A BMW MgQ.uS5 in UWC. me makmg A genre e mighty tumbling team Watl 0 Early in November the Freedom Train visited Canton. Timken was represented by sixteen students from the History Department. At the request of our principal an assembly was planned. Because of the untiring effort and ability of the teachers, this assembly grew into a colorful, costumed and educational pageant which was performed several timesffonce at 'l'imken's annual Open House for parents und friendsg and later, at a district meeting of the O. E. A. Foundations of MMM CHARM American Freedom PETER ZENGER FREEDOM OF PRESS NORTHWEST ORDINANCE ECLARATION OF JDEPENDENCE BILL OF RIGHTS EMA NCIPATION PROCLAMATION GETTYSBURG ADDRESS IWO .IIMA MAYF LOWER COMPACT CONSTITUTION WASHINGTON'S FAREWELL ADDRESS Uur To TS r' ' 1 Supporting Cast: First rows Ronald Julian Stage Manager, Dick Kendro Doris Silerthorn, Jack Dempsey. Second row Charles Healy, Ray Maurer, Gerald Hunt, Nor- bert Fenstemaker. Gordon Barnby, Leo Everitt, Della Stoner, Marilyn Wil- banks. The wedding of Emily Webb and George Gibbs. R The Webb family. The wedding of Emily Webb and George Gibbs. The Gibbs family. Annual chool Pla Sylvia Little, Delwrae Shale, Back stage helpers. Bertha Magarakan, Mary Sound effects: William Jen- George Simonides, Tom At- Ann Paulos, Norma Sigler, Beverly Albright. kins, Ray Maurer, Richard kins. Second rows Sue Buchanan, Ethel Joseph, Patrick, Mildred Majestic, Shirley Brankel, Eugene Florian. Jack Zutavern. i 1 5 fa 'Wlerr Christmas to ll" Looks good, clof-sn't it? Norm's cake was good! ne Rhodes and Annadell Becker put the Welding Shop's Christmas Party. Dorothy Bester and Ann More-lli from Clothing ll display a Christmas scene. Sue Buchanan, Ethel Joseph, Sally Swartz, and Mary Toma enjoy a Christmas Exchange in Cosmetology. ig, touthes on the Christmas Tree ln - -tif 'tv 'aqvy flarbara Levering and Vivian Newton arrange a Santa Claus Scene in the Tea Room. Nlahle Sainu-s and Ann Stilianos trim a mins- tree with llrvft in the Dressinaking Class. Lilyan Varkonda, Cust Bergenides, Donna Lou Williams, and Zona Hansen are Santa's little helpers from Retailing. Joe Vazquez, Barbara Donze, and Carl Vazquez from Commercial Art place a Noel scene in the Retail window. mmf' PM SN got an ' t. extra Pol' Jeannette instructs Irene as Norma and Bertha watch. Trojan Leaders hots. rd 9 Q iftfwa - mm 5 cle-rs will' men Lea V Leaders working on special assignments. Just won a game. Alert leaders show their ability Graphic rts cpm' Ro Joe Cennett, Robert Schlemmer shong , , Dwam Dining Dick Sierra Glenn Payne, James Miller, Richard Racy, William Horner. 'X 'N Harold Knappenln-rg:-r, George Stefaniak, Bob -3 Sparrow WIA. 5 K . 9 9 0 ,lov Petrilli , 4 any f if 5 w t ii," . A .-,-f. 1 '-.. 'Jil 5 sg 5, 1 i-mf? -get ,, 9 W. I I I - The Graphic Arts Club, composed of senior "printers," has been creating artistic calendars for the past ten years. These sen- ior boys not only print the calendars, but also originate the de- ' used on each pave Accompanying them are appropriate say- signs D . ings from literature. While the format of these original calendars ' h remains the same from year to year, the theme varies. T ese attractive calendars are sent to all parts of the country and even to f i n lands. School administrators, teachers and printing asso- ore g ciations are among the many persons who are on the mailing list. ,lim Tll0l'lt'y. .lack Hess 0 0 , M , f ff, SOPHOMORE HOME ROOM REPRSENTATIVES Row 1. Evelyn Papadopoulos, Bar- bara Pierson, Jean Ebin, Clara Theofeloctos, Marie Ross, Joan Turowski. Row 2. John Sheltis, Lewis Sagerman, Bill Groetz, Don Cross, George Daniluk, Dick Mc- Masters. Home Room Representatives FREHMEN HOME ROOM REPRESENTATIVES Row 1: Sally Foltz, Raiialda Ro- cello, Pat Bradenburg, Mildred Majestic, Judy Jones. Row 2: Joe Hudasko, Keith Hostetler, Tony Betscakos, Sam Williams, Henry Linden, Dick Collins. Our home room representatives are always "on the job" collecting class dues and managing Tyro and Tivo sales. They are alert and conscientious in fulfilling their many duties. These students were chosen in home room elections by their classmates to represent them in school affairs. JUNIOR HOME ROOM REPRESENTATIVES Row 1. Norma Schwartz, Ann Lee Sawyers, Marcy Mahon, Barbara Hudacko, Florence DeChellis, Tom Zahler. Row 2. John Weber, Bob Casser, Stanley Bair, Tom Wright, Dwight Cooke, Roland Gardner, Jacques Zutavern. Row 3. Dan Rinaldi, Gus Neztek, Ed Locy, Bob Dupper, Bud Sallo, Jack Dawson. SENIOR HOME ROOM REPRESENTATIVES Row 1: Elsie Higham, Weda Scott, Dolores Silverthorn, Elizabeth Sek- erak, Lois Davenport, Margie Hoffman. Row 2. Don Valentine, Joe Gennett, Tom Tersigni, Ruth Ann Ronaldson, Nick Adams, Andy Spino, Winfield Mayle, Joe Vaccaro. Row 3. Ray Cromi, Don Williams, Jerry Hunt, Richard Coplan, Bill Vesely. NOTHING BUT THE BEST FROM THE PRESS VOLUME lt NUMBER 'I0 TIMKEN VOCATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL, CANTON, OHIO MAY 29, 1949 Ti 0 teff Complete 1949 Annual Dick Boczek Shows Artistry in Designs of Introductory Sheets One thousand three hundred Tivo subscribers patiently await the release in May, 1949, of the tenth anniversary annual. Tivo Staff members have work- ed steadily on the yearbook since the beginning of the 1948-49 school term. Earl Heintzelman's royal blue cover designed for the first Tivo in 1940 will again be used for this anniversary issue. The Left to right: Shirley Wolfarth, Mary Tomic, Mary Cromi, Mary Proach, Margie Hoffman, Lynn Zwallen, Pat H alter. The product of many hours of careful planning is an annual which any Timken student may well be proud to show to his friends. The only reward asked for by the staff is a silent look of admira- tion when lthe annuals are distributed. Acting 0di'LOI', Mary Proach, guided and direc- ted the dilligent eff0I'tS of the Tivo Editorial staff. Composing Para' graphs, Writing UI-1951 and drafting headlines were only a few of her many duties. Betty Moreland -spent many tedious days identi- fying the faces in numer- ous group pictures and typing long lists of names. Left to Milan Chovan, sports- writer, handled all ath- letic layouts, capafbly arranging them with vivid action displays. Mary Tomis and Shir- ley Wolfarth contributed the other miscellaneous Writeups. The many small details that are needed to round out pages were not for- gotten. The exacting job of creating clever sayings under the senior pictures and the snapshots was assumed by Margie Hoff- man, Lynn Zwallen, and Pat Halter. To Mary Cromi, Mr. Myers "Man Friday," fell the multiple task of keep- ing the books as orders for the annual flowed in to room 412. right: Delwrae Shale, Nancy Ritchie, Dick Austin, Betty Moreland, Milan Chovan. Shale and Ritchey Layout Interesting Picture Sections Delwrae Shale and Nancy Ritchie combined their talents to design the senior pages and the group class pictures. The product of the long hours spent in planning, writ- ing, and rewriting is a senior section that spells out Timken. The .pictures of the graduates in TIM- KEN symbolize all the qualities found in our school. Contrary to all previous grouping, fac- ulty and underclass groups are intermingled with school snaps. Special Features Show Activities Special interests of the entire student body as well as the 'graduates are featured in the 1949 Tivo. The crowning of the queen shows Marilyn Wilbanks and her court in all their royal splendor. "Our Town", the annual school play, is told and portrayed in photographs. The two pages which are dedicated to the an- nual Revue prove the musical, dramatic, and dancing abilities of the students. Talented musi- cians are also shown in photographs of the Band, Orchestra, and Choruses. A new addition to the Band this year is the "Twirling Corp." Open House is always interesting but this year "The American History Pageant" added a demo- cratic touch. Pictures of this event also grace the pages of this year's an- nual. Milan Chovan Arranges Snappy Sports Section It's the best! Yes, that is what should be said about the sports section of the "49" Tivo. It has more action pictures than cover is especially im- pressive because of the gold seal depicting a view of the school. A complete tour of the the building in which reader is directed by the Guide Club provides theme for the book. the No corner or club is missed on the trip beginning in the lobby and covering all school activities and shops. Dick Boczek The purchase of a new speed Graflex flash camera by the Publica- tions Department made it possible for Dick Austin to photograph nearly all the pictures for the yearbook, while commercial photographer, Waltz, The Camera Man, took the balance of the photographs. Commercial Art set a new record for assistance in the art field. Outstanding in this work was Dick Boczek's draw- ing of the intrdouctory pages and end sheets. any other Timken annual has ever had. The entire sports program is com- pletely covered. Milan Chovan composed almost all of the layouts for the athletic pictures. Many interesting double page spreads have been used thoughout this part of the book. A great deal of planning and re- planning went into the sports section. COACHING STAFF Dan Risaliti, Kenneth Kate, head coachg Tom Welbaum One Bucket To Tie Coming in For A Lay-In! 98 Ba ketball VARSITY SQUAD First Row, Harold Knappenberger, ,Iohi Meeks, Robert Coy, Ed Lucy. Second Row Jim Karales, Carl Vazquez. George Steph aniak, Joe Vazquez. Fighting over The Ball! I L . i.- s-qw, ., 1 M K L I Bob Coy Oscar Locke Harold KUHPPFUIYPFEPF Joe Vazqucz Gcorge Stephaniak lim Karales Varslty Basketball Who has the ball? Chuck Skropits ,ff WM.-., avi, Carl Vazquez fa . .lohn Meeks Ed Locy I E- 2- A long stretch 1 e V Hilltoppers lose! Reserve quad Block that shot! Shoot ! P Row 1. Gust Neztek, Glenn Bowersox, Dick Wlhite, Gerald Preslier, William Burgess. Row 2. Fred Coy, Fred Holt, Charles Johnson, Hatcher Meeks, William Budner. Row 3. Vincent Chesson. Charles Heck- man, Albert Woodcock, Ed Locy, Elwood Renner. Make it good! Foul on you. IOO A IlCl'l.t't'l lilovlxl a Carl sets! 1 Scramlmli- for the- lnalll quad Z Dick McMaster manager Row 1. john Watkins, Henry Linder, Tom Colaner, Marvin Stulz, Bill Coleman, Keith llostvtler, Sam Wil- liams. Row 2. john Johnson, Jim Charleston, Tony Bets- vukns, Jim Scott, llarnld Graves, Row 3. Ed Barnett, Don Fria-flman, Bvn Ramboud, ,lack March, ,Iolm Carpinelli. Bring tlic ball flown the floor. Col' Shoots from lllf' kay ll0lt'- IOI if 2 in .. -T-i 1 X j K . L Lm i K E ,Q - 5 , JACK DEMPSEY Manager Kneeling. George Beogolos, Frank Morel- li. Ralph Leo. Row 1. Cornel Silea, ,lim Karales, Dick Kossack, Mike Spera, Ver- non Johnson, Mike Vaccaro. Row 2. Dick Capper, Bob Lake, Paul Stevens, Bob Schumaker, Don Jackman, Larry Mach- an. Row 3. Julius Kelly, Stan Kostewicz, Joe Chicky, Bill Hodgon, Dick Clauss, Jack Dempsey, Al Rader. 19 43 Varslt Baseball Squad ai x V in '::. '. yl x llluv IPEUN . X Qlrxin. , . - - - ,' f In-zmm in . L fa tam. Lllyan -, ' . P' l me- Cfurld- - ,A V A - . Blur' - P Row 1 MMllll1wxl7llllR'lir-f-dlllibsle-r, loan ivsgnkg fbolillgzill. Varkonda Lvl- Kiryuqr 1-Q: 4 ... W Vx G, ,.. am un , , f 5 .lxl-lclllulu, lilm- l.urrungIOI1,. Nlflffdul "WU , . ,- Mart!" lllllr' lA0'Lalllf3m Nlnllvr f flll1'4'I'll'3ll0I'SZ Cold---Suv lla-ugolcs. Blur- - Alive' Sluisslf-r Blue and Gold Tea 1 ,nge-N. Culrl ll:-lty Nlorf-land, In lll Ill' llonzl flU4'llI'HIl, My-f.u1l.lill llulm.-N .,l NI Cold ite-am: Row 1: Pat Halter, Mary Cromi, Mum, Jmkmsv llarbara lzclwards. Row 2: livtty Moreland, Elaine- Ok:-y, Dolores 5IlVPI'lllOI'll. .loan Sf'l1ruf'dm'r, Mary Vitalv, anfl Sum- llf-ogulvs. . wrllmurn Cfllll Calrrain. Marv Crumi Timken Hi h Row I: ,lose-pliinv Mongiarnln. Virginia Hahn. Dun Ilillyvr. Row II: Janet Rliinv. Fluri-mu' Maxwell. ,loyvo Wlaltz. Row III: ,lvrry Dc-Angvlif, Paul Cosivwslii. Niary Lou Williunw, Row IV: Dorothy Fleck. Mary Ann Maxwn-ll, Annamlell Becker, llarol Collins, Raw V: Rita Ilarpvr. Mary ,lane Crimes. Row VI: Dick White, Dan Pelligren, Rose Marie Stalflvr. Evelyn Sell, Homer Mutticv, Nick Angiuln Choral E 4 Huw I. Margin I,PCIll1Q'I', Doris NI4'Annlty, Sllirle-y Cevse, Durulliy Pupa, Ann Slilianos. Dorollly Kulivli, I'il'llt'SI IA0l1iSf' IVISVII. Pal Niym-rs, Marilyn Daily. Iauvy Magnacca, Sinilli. Celia Di Nlinno. Row IV. Wiiila King, Ross- Ifliivk, -- -If'ff'Pl'In1' HM0Uilii1Tfl0'A Aliff' Sllifglvl'-7-Iam'-I .IJ"'ldI"0fflw Marilyn Iirinmllinger, Row Marin Mosvs, I.il Yarkonxla. Elllllfly Illlllumilll' LUIS, HIIII' , HHH Iolvflmlr Rfluf, ll' Ilulorm liriglivnli. l,yn Zwalle-n, Iiarlnara Null. I'vggy Wal- 4-wily IMHIIION, ,lnnv Slniop, I'lu Lon Iawivmv Loxinnv law' Kaul Rukmymav Hvalwr Silwryu Eva Jam, Colm. Nlillr-r. l..n'illw Slaglv. llurnlliy F1-lin, Nancy I,uc'kniym-r. llunna Nvplialiiv. Mary Nvilcli, Susan Rumi, Joss-pninv Ihr xllldn NI Mon' Illdlll' 'Um' ' 'IMI Imml RUN Ilan-I Wisvnian, Sofiv Tzangas. Charlotte, Bows-rs, Ilorrinv Nlaydovk. Row VI Bs-ily Warclrfn, Pat Zninnlein, Joann Mvym-rs, Illia Anthony, Row VII. Zona Hans:-n I"lorr'm'c- xala. NIuryI'r0zu'l1. R:-ggliv Ryan. Ann Cozlisputi. Row III, Virginia llalin. Floi'vin'v Maxwf-Il. Mary Ifllvn llnwiiili- f-r. Narnia Fm-iin, Pat Sannflrrrs. ,Ioan IJIIIIQIIPFIY, Juycc NIZIINIIHII, Donna linnlvr, lrnis Iimlne-r, Nlury Ann Ilnliina, Lappin, Marylyn Kullwrg, Uunna I.ukvnS. J'-T6 5 ff: Q ex wg I Q 4 ! f ya, Q, 15 .1 ' , 1 , -. w I -1 Q ? 9 5' g , Z0 . l 9 7 v A A5555 'a 9 ' - M hi T' 3 ' ' ' 1 rv Q ' NB A I? -41-. ft 8, Q W. ' fn v 1 ' f X 5 Ji I if X '. .1-. if A ' , t .V , its? ' . 'uhh 5 7 k i' ' S " A . ,if JUNIORS Girl ' Row 1: Sophie Beogolis Catherine- Spataro, Carol Cobb, Rita Hare, ,loan Winkler, Dorolee Miller, Norma Cialluea, Donna llendrix. Row 2: Irene Scroggw, Norma Todd, ,loan Kauffman. Mary Wise, Sally Roan, Anna Mae Mareiniak, Nlarilyn Yates, Janet Shaheen, Katherine Roeeelo. Row 15: Darlt-en Potter, li-an Us-Ito. Delores Szastak, Estelle Fabinak. Clara Howell. Sona Ciortlano. Row 1: Betty .lo Saffles, Myra Lowers, Alice Bloom. Ann Rocco, Ann Morelli, Beverly Herdlicka, Shirley Dixon, Glenda Burheld, Phyllis Mohn. Edith 'l'romhino, , iii SOPHOMORES Marie Ross, Dorothy Hines. Row 2: Betty Lennord, lrene Di Minno. Dorothy Fleck, Josephine Di Sefano, Rae Andrews, Ann Haley, Rita Harper, Yerlie Hawkins, Delores Boczek, Barbara Taylor, Violet Mu-rphey, Shirley Richie. Row 3: Elizabeth Moldovan, lattice Flory, Margaret Dumitrn. Sally Hodge. Pat Fonte. Miriam Halley, Ruth llainley, Lorraine Rhodes, Evelyn Papadopolus, Delores Ryan. Norman Butler. ,lane Ronaldson. Row 4: Rose Ann Fowler, Marion Roberts, Annadell Becker, Peggy Purdue, Carol West, Helen Afentul, Betty Hunter, Dorothy Bester, Nancy Neal, Ann Piero, Phyllis Zeller, Betty Pereze, Patty Leopold, Lucille White. Row 5: Phyllis Hutchison, Barbara Smith. FRESHMAN Row l: Betty Class, Peggy Brown, Mary Lou Sees. Josephine Mercorelli, Angeline McCloud, Rallalda Rocello, Donna Donze, Betty Conley, Pat Brandenburg, LaVerne Potts. Carol Collins. Row 2: Carol Meyers, Lia Moore, Dorothy Nameiii. Elmora Fernandez, Anna Cursky, .loanne Lazarides, Carol Burehfield, Velma Kartcher, Marian Ross, Kay Chalfonte, Bernadette Schindler, Theresa Sperna. Row 3: Dorothy Pappae, Shirley Zutavvrn. Antoinette Polsinelle, Norma Wenning, Joanne Krebs, Marilyn Field, Aurelia Sprit, Nancy Weber, Nancy Nickoloff, Norma Porter, Shirley Foltz. Rosemary Torelli, Jewel Sehinalstieg. Choruses Row l: Joyce- Amos. lino llarflinf-. Norma lie' Frank. Jani-I llii-k, Mary ,Mill ,lo Ann Clinrcli, Ruth Ann Colvin, H4-rllia Kiryakiiles. Virginia Bvilivl. Row 2 ,loan Jliona, lfvvlyn l"alfmle-r, 'lllivri-sa ,le-ininuto, Mirian Slilllvr, Mary je-an Kolilf-r, Virginia Wise-, Marilyn Grove-5, Barbara lfilwarils. Row 3: lilizalwlli Norge-sv, Ina Q l ilioulx, llarliara llavlini-li. Alivi- lfrir-ilinan. Marie- ,lf-nlxins, Pauline- Cnrskc-y. 'J M i Row l: Sllllllll' Adams, Clara Tlivofvlavlos, ,luliann Russ, Jean Gaul, Phyllis Se-4-man, Faye- H4-x. Aloann Turowski, flarmvla lfoilispoli, Jani-I Both, lilvanor Kralz, l.illian Monai-ii, llliarle-no Brown. Row 2: llonna llogors, Sliirlvy llvtvreoii, Ann Ranvr-, Aurora Carvia, Winifrm llankins, Nanvy llrakiilirli, Nanvllv Millvr, Allms fvnus, llliyllis SFUIIIHII, Coorgia 7 Moody, Nllll',LZ2ll'1'l Silva, Pal llf-alvy. Margari-I B Row Il: Roma Svlioppnvr, Nanry Rolrinson, Mary ffarliono, llonna llnroski, ' ' ' Margie Halle-r, jane-I Jolinson, Winona f:f'0I'Q1l', llvlorew Davis, ,loan llarnvtl, Mary Kay Millfir, Donna Walilvr. liilvvri Ke-rry. Row l: Marie- Fvlin, Vivian Svlway. Bvtiy Pulvziri. Sylvia Lilllv, Mary Ann Stoll, Rlllll l"ano, lflvanor Motlivv, loan Fi-im, Sliirlc-y Uillffspiff, Mary Alici- Ve-ga, Angeline' llakiili-ws. Row 2: Donna Ritz, l'm'arl CllI'l5lf'll!-3011. Franvvs Brown, Joy Swartz, Anna Kemp, Orlwllv Wise-, Ruth lla-Jullio, Joanne- Br-rnalwl, Carla Rolli, Rosemary Criswell, Anna Nlorvlla. Row 3: Lois Wilson, Mary VVliite', ,lunv Pfif-l"ff'r, Connie' Fvrnunilos, Rutli Perrin-ria. Carolyn Morgan, lfliarlollv Dvrrivk, Sliirli-y Burton, Esther llc-llisari, Donna Wi-iiler, Sliirlvy Hi-nnigan. Ron' 4: Carol Locvy, Mary Alive Nloorv. I The prin M X x A 'E .I-vi? L, A K, '1iF'f!W. 'fmqy mf 2 A kr j . V Sw Inv, - S THE MODERN BALLET TOUCl1j2'!VC S 3 QS. www. ' x BOY'S STYLE BALLET SHOW FRIENDS OF MODERN MUSIC Re ue '49 STYLE SHOW I f DILK KILNDRO, MA STER OF CEREMONIES BANDAGI-I BARCINS QW X . W9 vvgk XX TUMBLICRS .pn . N. .I Do N N A NEEI. Valedictorirzn NIC-5 'I Music lnstrIIIIl6'1m Chuck and Virg receive Salumtorian Machine ard inner VIOLE1' ORANGE FRANK FARINA VERA COUSINS Cafeteria awards as outstanding boy and girl of their class from Mr. Harrison. VIRGINIA CASTER Outstanding Girl l Boys will be boys and girls. II'5 RITA COLANER Accounting LESTER GEORGE HEL,-N JOSEPH - . A EVE , 54-on ' Weldmg Dramatics Lil' KOSLOWSM Pa R00m fattening Pat ! Eb RIC EQBT HARD .ORGB B if Pfzrzem CLAUSS G' Elec" l I P G Muff RICHARD KMI.'rz AULINE OOD Ing Machine Cosmetology Stage Crew Men - ulfwm- , -3, ., - .4 Q. ,4-L .1 ' RALPH RAUVOLA Drafting it 1 ' , ai? ikf 15 15319 D A ov RICHARD TINLIN Retailing CHESTER MACIEJEWSKI Printing K' i Gsoncn Konossoss Bookbinriing FRANK DE ANcm.r:s Musir Vocal 5 K Q X DoNAv.n JACKM AN C0lIUIlf'l'C'l'Ill Ar! , , , . . . . . . . . , A 'V - . ' X 4 . C . V, ' Mm 5.-mm Llfxas rx lc,H 1 ml .Rc .nm .A A 'Filth 1,Amm A . . , . f ', . ' Q Libfflflflfl lmnki-ru Xm ntmyml Hugh Srlunnl xlHIH1rI'llIIll.l .elurillllllum f llllllflllllly NTAM Stars on Class Night! BRXHNTEN SKY FVPH Work PrES5 Pflilllf, N1.uy ZH, VHS, lulglmt p, m. "XX 1111 X X dw I IH-Aff Inek--X X' XX my m X, I hz, X '1- "l':XImIr ml Nlvw 1" 1 "X Hmm Hill? l'v-U' N X Mm Ilwwx-'Fa Imam lv, l'rf-,main-Hn nf Xu --4 :X wmf' IILM N-I1 H 5 HN- I" 1 X vztwx I . . I XX -v if If- ww Can't you irll? We-hh-rs' 1-lbw-X 1 -,XIX .X K.,-'XXXMX N in .4 A L. A 0 JIS 111 ,IA Y TTY it 'l' "har C1-:omm Klum RALPH L50 CHARLES Koslcovlcu MARY JOHNSQN Alllllllliibilf' Shfwf M9101 OIUSNIWIIVIH ROY -- Office Mnrhinvs 1 Retailers i 'el K 9' t fi X. ' fffi 11 XA , . Vii A 11 . 7 'V 'Qs gay mood. ina A Nfjy - rp , f'A'fNIN1 Alilg The Bug Night l X pfelty m IS. ' Y hen' C500 . 3nd 5 51418115 6 YJ oand Rial o ok comf d 9 Whale xhe Scoop lu S These lucky people! Senior Brom lfriclzq l1scx1ir1g. Nlzxy 14. NMS Chwwfo Ballroom . we m 12 mnimgl r ln Sweet and Lovely Joym 3 yoursejyes 9 "Double Date" On X pyayed nAnd U10 Ban' 1948 enior Prom Between Dances O6 :xg ' """' Drf-ny ' E and Sway usyqxn kR0b3"5 0115 wah avi U1 Jack vu ov ' v',, Uh, jus, 'O fm . 3 Svnmrl and Joanne' seem to be- happy Look nice, don't they? At last- the' Senior Prom! Congratulations, we made it V Will we Q-'JPY loft!- Valia looks over the finished project. COM M liNCl1lNl RN T liXliRClSl41S 'I gm1,,.,, X'.,,-Qnimsnl lltgh Srlmfsl ,X,mlimx'nm1. l'.mtfm,0l1tu t llnmtlny. jumx lllwinl, t H 4 I 1tttt,i,1.m' K ttf-.Mx li vt x I, X, liigltt p. rn Zum' wnsftl mutiny fr. st, 14 tn 14, wtf l uf.: ,tr 1 imm IW tl .mtl Exif-rmt'fE Klum:-21 A 3 1. if-t' !f-'rim-1 1-we wth ft mu ut- .mfl I-11-'L th U mi 6 W' . . imzruzwfd mi Vmw I s i ilu H512-'ka "twat: at-all ll-5-Ex :what-f I, .nw law! ammf t . Sh. Kwwl! Ilxmsivcft N1,w.,Nt.t,xt, rum llxtuvr It Vttimrm if, L. ,4 H. i:lfUf,.1 tits-ww. Smile tthwv tint-xx wx? XM I Vrfm- .tuned Ulm ' mutt.-yt ,X fl: J lmfmt .ve . , S. Hutt Vu. t-:slimy in I Shan Svwu l. i,'an'tx' H1 1 tvlzn Mx. 5- Kslwlfv-x f, xwnmmg .4 xml fmt , A.,-.-,1-1-fy sm mr 1 Lx-H 9 Klum htm . " Html rim , li! time-.v..:rxt! Xin A :tit was tu iunltm 3.t.n:1m Hu M :wht-5 'mlm sm lt'-J ll I'utsn'vs I Nt In ww-xt Mlm lf. ILA X N XK1gN'fJu'Y S--lm lu lin. !l.4mItl 5-, Xuan-1-t . in up girls! if :Mgt-it .tx ilxtt X tshtftw 9Q,.,xmttt 1-.. t.st.11,,t fvtwz..-.t1. ms , 41111 lrmffzzu . mt, mn 1c..,.L., , , , 4 , x1m,1.,: gt xx !'1.11e!fsu K V I ntl,-f,,1fIf.ff Snr: rl K, linux-r lthmt Y' tw:-1 xx . wr. N. ,f U 4 .ttft'i1m,, tml iltmthxtff . , , tkffvfi-Zkrtxmrcf , .ft.wmfm.1tu: .ti 5.-ln.,-14 Can't be that bad Hulio. That's it, boys! Hndkb ear it .4 , Sl 3 y we . ,M The boys. l 6 Q 4 X '. X1 .QV li. n - Smile, Betty Cray! Las! minute arrangements. i948 Commencement Activities hmrlww. Wll3f,S rl - . 'Jlmilv' 'V le ' Ulu-S lime rs mln' li Nliw P051 all ' ' lids? hPT loll' . . 'ow '-'Hwk , ' Mrs. Pxrkens 6111 Hers devnrgy,-dl l l5 Tha! old gang of ours Auld Lang Syne Raw 1: Nick Karales, William Horner, George Joseph. I8 9 Crew Row 1: Placide Garcia, Dale Baker, William Jenkins. Row 2: 2. ,lim Karales, Dick Patrick, Bula Shumacker, William Vesely. K ' . , ,- gi fig . '- 5- - 1 11:3 DAVID ABDULLA 928 Fourth Street S. W. MACHINE An understanding guy-athletic. Xaisity Football 3-4, Reserve Foot- a 3. SADIE MARIE ABOOD 1328 Plain Avenue N. E. RI-ZTAILING Sunny disposition and very well- poised. Booster Club 4, Future Retailers of Ohio 4, Home Room Representative 1. - PEGGY JOANNE ACKERS 951 High Avenue N. W. TEA RooM Continuous talker-always happy. School Play 1, Booster Club 4. NICK STEVE ADAMS 1744 Tenth Street N. E. WELDING A champion in the field of sports and welding. Reserve Basketball 2, Home Room Representative 4. JO ANN ALBERTSON 1102 Pros ect Avenue S. W. P SECIIETAIIIAL A heart as big as hers is hard to hnd. Orchestra 3-4, Booster Club 4, Home Room Representative 2. ROBERT ANTHONY AMATANGELO 1934 Fourth Street N. E. SHEET METAL A good worker-tall and handsome. Booster Club 4. RAY AMIGO 2207 Seventh Street N. E. WELDING A whiz on the gridiron-friendly- humor galore. Booster Club 4, Varsity Baseball 3, Varsity Football 3-4, Reserve Foot- ball 1-2. NICK ANGELO ANGIULO 364 Webster Avenue N. E. ELECTRIC An enterprising comedian-sincere of character Trojan Band 1-2-3-4, Orchestra 3-4, Choral Club 1-2. BEA ANTONEY 1324 Fulton Road N.W. RETAILING Her taste in clothes is her crowning glory. Timken Service Society 4, Choral Club 4, Booster Club 4, Future Re- tailers of Ohio 4, Publications 4. ROGER JOHN ASCANI 1816 Fourth Street N.E. ACCOUNTING His interest lies in Accounting- everybody's friend. Booster Club 4. .,,,. ,:. .. ., I-In tudent Director TOM GEORGE ATKINS 2406 Seventeenth Street N. E. DRAFTING - Cheerfulness and willingness are his specialties. Booster Club 4, Timken Service So- ciety 4. DALE RICHARD BAKER 1110 Queen Court N. W. ELECTRIC A quiet manner follows his foot- steps. Stage Technicians 3-4, Trojan Band 1-2, Orchestra I-2-3, Booster Club 4. WILLIAM J. BAUM 501 Arlington Avenue N. W. PATTERN A hard worker in his every efort. CLEMENT BEHRA 2002 Thirty-eighth Street N. W. COMMERCIAL ART A quiet manner is often a camou- flage for clever thoughts. Choral Club 3-4, Booster Club 4. JAMES BEHRA 930 Dartmouth Avenue S. W. RETAILING He's a flirt, but we like him just the same. Publications, Art Staff 3, Trojan Band 3. LEO ERNEST BENELEIT 914 Gibbs Avenue N. E. RETAILING Well dresed-a smile plus endeavor is the formula for success. Future Retailers of Ohio 4. JACK BENSON 412 Sixth Street S. W. AUTOMOBILE Dodges the cares of life. GEORGE BEOGLOS 1752 Tenth Street N. E. ' AUTOMOBILE Always ready with a snappy come- back. Booster Club 4, Varsity Baseball 1- 2-3, Reserve Basketball 1, Home Room Representative 4. GUST BERGINIDES 2024 Indiana Way N. E. RETAILING Always the center of a merry crowd. JOANN RUTH BIEDENBACH 935 Fulton Road N. W. COSMETOLOGY lmposible to dislike this lass with the sparkling eyes. WAYNE BLACK 1106 Market Avenue South AUTOMOBILE "Sunny Boy" - good natured and easy to get along with. Booster Club 4. 'ws-I WILLIAM A. BOCCUTI 112 Thirteenth Street S. E. WELDING Never without his Ford, his smile, his humor. RICHARD VINCENT BOCZEK 1022 Garfield AVCIIUC S. W. COMMERCIAL ART A credit to Timken-he cheers and the world cheers with him. Timken Service Society 34, Choral Club 1-2-4, Cheerleader I-2-4. EARL P. BOOTH 2718 Seventh Street S. W. MACHINE Nice looking-a good sport in every wa . 1' . Publicationsg Editorial Staff, Home Room Representative. JAMES H. BOSSART 512 Boylan Avenue S. E. AUTOMOBILE A live wire-likes to have a good time. Stagecraft Club 1-2, Home Room Representative 1. JAMES JOSEPH BOWE 1932 Allen Avenue S. E. MACHINE An all around guy in a quiet way. Booster Club 4. CHARLOTTE ANN BOWERS 500 Milton Court N. W. RETAILING Sincere and dignihed -- whim style. Future Retailers of Ohio 4. Hom-e Room Representative 4. DORIS EILEEN BOWERS 2222 Geltz Court N. W. SECRETARIAL Modest and blushes nicely. Booster ClIIb 4. SHIRLEY ANN BRANKEL 716 Mahoning Road N. E. COSMETOLOGY A smile is never considered wasted. Booster Club 4. WHITNEY EDWIN BRENNER 2327 Tenth Street N. W. WELDING A tall, good looking playboy. Boost-er Club 4. for DOLORES ANN BRIGHENTI 506 Warner Road S. E. SI-JCRETARIAL Loves to eat and have fun-sincere Choral Club 4. MARILYN ANN BRINDLINGER 2407 Sixth Street S. W. SECIIETAIIIAL Graceful and neat in appearance. Class Secretary 2, Timken Service Society 2-3-4, Choral Club 4, Boost- er Club 4. 1 JAMES BROWN 1106 Oak Avenue N. W. AUTOMOBILE "Hot-rod-kid"-friendly in a quiet manner. MARILYN JOYCE BROWN 1943 Fourth Street S. E. RETAILING Tall-always on the move-true and lasting beauty. Timken Service Society 3-4, School Play 2, Booster Club 4, Future Re- tailers of Ohio 4. LEWIS EDWARD BRUCKNER 1315 Market Avenue North DRAFTING Interested in and interesting to his classmates. Booster Club 4. MARILYN JUNE BRUMMA 2344 Tuscarawas Street East ACCOUNTING She spares no pain in trying to do her best. Choral Club 4, Booster Club 4. SYLVIA SUE BUCHANAN 2344 Sixteenth Street S. W. COSMETOLOGY She has friends because she is one. LOIS IRENE BUDNER 1418 Pearl Place S. W. SECRETARIAL Happy-go-lucky-looks to the lighter side of life. Timken Service Society 3-4, Choral Club 4, Booster Club 4. CLARA BUMES 917 Seventh Street N. E. COSMETOLOGY She enjoys life to its fullest extent. FLOSSIE ANN CAIN 1223 Second Street S. W. RETAILING Quiet and likeable with lots of pep. Future Retailers of Ohio 4. FRANK A. CAMMEL 662 Seventeenth Street S. E. MACHINE Two equal qualities of friendliness- VINCENT N. CAMMEL 662 Seventeenth Street S. E. MACHINE -merriment and tactfulness. DOMINIC JOSEPH CAMPANARO 1620 Tuscarawas Street East DRAFTING Friend making and friend keeping. Booster Club 4. DON R. CAMPANELLI 1211 Bedford Avenue S. W. MACHINE Style and sentiments all his own. Booster Club 4. RAY JOHN CAPOBIANCO 1432 Third Street S. E. AUTOMOBILE A swell fellow and broad minded. Stagecraft Club 2. STUDENT DIRECTORY - Continued RICHARD P. CAPPER 811 Harrison Avenue S. W. DRAFTING Nice looking-no truer friend could be found. Booster Club 4. HAROLD JOSEPH CARNES 515 Schwalm Avenue N. E. AUTOMOBILE Witticisms keep conversations lively. Booster Club 4. MICHAEL ALEX CAROSIELLI 716 High Avenue S. W. WELDING He wins his way into your heart with his wonderful sense of humor. MICHAEL A. CARPINELLI 828 Young Avenue N. E. PATTERN His common sense will get him places. VIRGIL EUGENE CARR 3118 Eleventh Street S. W. MACHINE A witty and worthy companion. DON C. CASSELBERRY 603 Park Avenue S. W. AUTOMOBILE He has what every girl admires, every boy desires. Class President 4, Stagecraft Club 2, Choral Club 4, Booster Club 4, Varsity Football 3-4, Reserve Foot- ball 1-2. KENNETH JAMES CAUDILL 326 McKinley Avenue S. W. .MACHINE Tall, reserved, and quiet. Choral Club 4. ALBERT JOSEPH CHEKAN 2203 Mahoning Road N. E. MACHINE His height is as tall as his friend- liness. Student Football Manager 1. LAWRENCE S. CHHAVAROLI 1003 Sherrick Road S. E. MACHINE His interest lies in everything and everybody. Booster Club 4. ROSE MARIE CHICK 507 Rowland Avenue N. E. ACCOUNTING Sweet, and sincere-friend of all. Timken Service Society 3-4, Choral Club 4, Booster Club 4. JOSEPH CHICKY 1834 Wallace Avenue N. E. AUTOMOBILE Special in his field-well liked. Booster Club 4. FRANK CHIRUMBOLO 1800 Grace Avenue N. E. AUTOMOBILE "Shorty" - his determination make him a success. 118 will GERALDINE MAE CHOFFIN 2054 Harvey Place S. E. RETAILING Shy with an engaging grin. Future Retailers of Ohio 3-4. DONNA CHRISP 1380 McKinley Avenue S. W. RETAILING Live wire-always looking for more friends. Booster Club 4, Future Retailers of Ohio 4. DONA MAE COCHRAN 1741 Seventh Street N. E. ACCOUNTING When you need a true friend, Dona's your gal-Canada Queen. Publications, Editorial Staff 2-3, Timken Service Society 4, Trojan Leaders 3-4, Booster Club 4, Blue Team Manager 4. HAROLD FREDERICK COCKRILL 2612 Crown Place N. W. MACHINE Timken's Casanova - ambitious in making friends. ANNA MARIE CODISPOTI 1115 Second Street N. W. SECRETARIAL A whiz on the key board--personal- ity outstanding. Class Vice President 1, Publica- tionsg Editorial Staff-Reporter 4, Timken Service Society 4, Student Lthrary Staff 3, Choral Club 4, Booster Club 4. JOHN HARNOR COFFEY 2706 Sixth Street S. W. AUTOMOBILE Spontaneous wit-can't keep a good man down. Booster Club 4. DANIEL ANGELO COLASURDO 947 Sherrick Road S. E. PATTERN As agreeable as they come. GUY JAMES CONVERSINO 1441 Gonder Avenue S. E. AUTOMOBILE Ladies man-the ace of trump in looks and personality. Choral Club 4, Reserve Football 1-2, Home Room Representative 1. RICHARD ALLEN COPLAN 3117 Thirteenth Street S. W. SHEET METAL Obliging the other fellow isn't any trouble. Booster Club 4, Home Room Repre- sentative 4. WALTER EDISON COURSON 911 Lawn Avenue S. W. SHEET METAL Short, little redhead-screwball. STUDENT DIRECTORY - Continued EVA JANE COUTS 505 Clarendon Avenue N. W. SECRI-:TARIAL True is her word, her work, her friends. Publications, Editorial StalI-Re- porter 4, Choral Club 4, Booster Club 4. MARY ANN CROMI 2902 Third Street N. W. ACCOUNTING Never a dull moment-with person- ality plus. Publicationsi Business Stall--Boolb keeper 4 - Solicitor 2-3, Trojan Leaders 3-4, Booster Club 4, Blue 'I eam 3, Attendant to the Queen 4, Gold Team 4. RAY CROMI 2902 Third Street N. W. COMMERCIAL ART A boy in a million-his friendli- ness is overwhelming. Class Vice President 2, Timken Sem'- vice Society 3-4, School Play 3, Stagecraft Club 2, Choral Club 3-4, Cheerleader 1-2, Booster Club 4, Home Room Representative 4, Stu- dent Football Manager 3-4. DOROTHY JEAN CYPHERT 1322 Seventh Street N. W. SECRETAIIIAL Quiet and serene-Jean is always ready to extend a willing hand. Booster Club 4, Home Room Rep- resentative 3. JOE M. CZEKANSKY 1615 Garfield Avenue S. W. MACHINE A genial disperser of good cheer. Choral Club 4. , DEAN H. DAGER 1219 Bellflower Avenue S. W. AUTOMOBILE Delights in having a good time- enjoyable. Booster Club 4, Reserve Football 2. MARILYN JOAN DAILY 1420 Harrison Avenue S. W. SECRETARIAL She's the very pink of perfection. Timken Service Society 2-3-4, Choral Club 4, Booster Club 4, Home Room Representative 2. RAY DANILUK 2328 Sixth Street S. W. WELDING Professional in his field-cheerful outlook on life. Choral Club 2-3-4. NANCY ANN DARR 1333 Fifteenth Street N. W. COMMERCIAL ART Gracious and charming in her ways. JOAN DAUGHERTY 4301 Cleveland Avenue North SECRETARIAL Peaches and cream beauty-dresses with perfection. Timken Service Society 2-3-4, Choral Club 4, Trojan Leader 3-4, Booster Club 4. .IOSEPHINE ANNA DAVALA 3724 Tenth Street S. W. SECRETARIAL Always on the path for new things -cheerful. Timken Service Society 3-4, Choral Club 4, Booster Club 4. LOIS NAOMI DAVENPORT 325 Girard Avenue S. E. COSMETOLOGY She does what she sets out to do. Booster Club 4, Home Room Rep- resentative 4. DOROTHY SARAH DAVIS 2636 Wildwood Avenue N. E. COSMETOLOGY So appealingly natural and sincere. Booster Club 4. EUGENE ALLEN DE CHELLIS 3024 Glen Place N. W. MACHINE A man of all hours-ready for any- thing. Booster Club 4. JACK GREGG DEMPSEY 1605 St. Elmo Avenue N. E. SHEET METAL ' The clown prince of Timken. Publicationsg Editorial StafI-Re- porter 2, Booster Club 4, Student Baseball Manager 3, Home Room Representative 3. HOWARD HUBERT DICKERHOOF 3724 Frazer Avenue N. W. PATTERN At home on a baseball diamond- likeable. Varsity Baseball 2, Home Room Representative 3. GLEN DIERINGER 1623 Thirtieth Street N. E. SHEET METAL A good looking new-comer to T .V. H.S.-gets around. Booster Club 4. ANN DIMETRIOU 744 Ross Avenue N. E. COSMETOLOGY Graceful and demure, Ann has a smile for everyone. Student Library Staff 2, Booster Club 4. CELIA DI MINNO 914 Sherrick Road S.E. RETAILING A merry musical laugh and a happy spirit are hers. Trojan Band 1-2-3-4, Choral Club 4, Future Retailers of Ohio 4. II9 DWAIN DAVID DINIUS 1305 Sixth Street S. W. PRINTING Quiet quality of perseverance. graphic Arts Club 4, Booster Club RODNEY R. DINKINS 620 Ross Avenue N. E. ELECTRIC A good looking lad who's lots of fun. Booster Club 4. CLARA MARTHA DI STEFANO 422 Belden Avenue N. E. DRESSMAKINC Small-the smile on her lovely face is her trademark. LOUIS DOHY 2533 Seventeenth Street N. E. SHEET METAL Quiet, but known and liked by everyone. Booster Club 4. BARBARA LOUISE DONZE 908 Fourteenth Street N. W. COMMERCIAL ART Gad-about-looks for the merry side of life. EDWARD li. DOOTZ 1859 Koran Avenue N. W. AUTOMOBILE 5' 10" of regular fella-Ed's a real pal. Booster Club 4, Reserve Football 2. BEVERLY JEAN DOUEZ 1525 Dueber Avenue S. W. RETAILING Craziness supreme-true black hair and green eyes. Student Library Statl 3, Future Re- tailers of Ohio 4. VIRGIL DRAGOMIRE 2026 Penn Place N. E. AUTOMOBILE He calmly takes things in his stride. Booster Club 4. MARY ANN DUBINA 1610 Hammond Avenue S. W. TEA Room Quiet - thoughtfulness m a k e s friends. Choral Club 4, Booster Club 4. FRANK GORDON DUELL 1385 Cleveland Avenue South WELDING A good worker in any field. Booster Club 4. ENOLA ROIENE DUTTON 523 Elmwood Avenue, Massillon ACCoUN1'INc Soft spoken "Scotty" will be hard to forget. Timken Service Society 3-4, Trojan Band l, Choral Club 4, Trojan Leaders 3-4, Booster Club 4. ROBERT LOUIS EDDY 3028 Dewey Place S. W. MACHINE ' His many friends reflect his charac- ter. Choral Club 4, Home Room Repre- sentative 4, ' STUDENT DIRECTORY - Continued ANNE MARIE EFANTI 305 Thirteenth Street S.E. TEA RooM As nice as anyone could be. LEWIS DWIGHT ENGSTROM 3916 Sixth Street S.W. WELDING ' Day dreamer-with a cheerful per- sonality. LANCE JOHN ESPOSITO 2224 Seventh Street N. E. WELDING Shop Foreman-dependable true friend. Varsity Football 3. TRIESTON ANTHONY ESPOSITO 2224 Seventh Street N. E. MACHINE An affable young man with prodigi- ous will power. CAROLE JOYCE EVERHART 616 Ninth Street N.W. COMMERCIAL ART Smiling countenance and a merry heart. St-agecraft Club 3. LEO HENRY EVERITT 1220 Wertz Avenue S.W. ELECTRIC T all, nice-looking-a Timken boy with good taste. Boost-er Club 4, Varsity Football 4, Reserve Football 1-2-3. DORA JEAN EVRIT 1012 Fifth Street S.W. RETAILING Her disposition and smiles are win- ners. Booster Club 4, Future Retailers of Ohio 4. NATHAN N. FAYE 1130 Camden Avenu-e S. W. AUTOMOBILE Short and quiet with nice looks. DOROTHY ANN FEHN 1804 Clark Avenue S. W. SECRETARIAL Her pleasing smile is with her con- stantly. Choral Club 4. NORMA JEAN FEIM 1537 Henry Avenue S.W. SECRETARIAL Her sweet voice and lovable per- sonality will never be forgotten. Timken Service Society 4, Twirling Corps 4, Choral Club 4, Booster Club 4. JOYCE ELAINE FERGUSON 1023 Harrison Avenue S. W. SI-:CRETARIAL A credit to the Library Staf-a real friend. Timken Service Society 3-4, Student Library Staff 1-2-3-4, Booster Club 4. DOMINIC TOM FONTE 1335 Eleventh Street S. E. AUTOMOBILE Dark wavy hair-independent and roguish. ROBERT JOSEPH FOX 149 Anna Avenue N.W. PATTERN A comedian from the word go-gad about. LOIS ANN GALY 1417 Fourth Street S. E. ACCOUNTING In stature small and a friend to all. Timken Service Society 4, Booster Club 4. JOHN GARCIA 1846 Seventh Street N. E. WELDING .lust give me a car and let the rest of the world go by. PLACIDE JOSEPH GARCIA 524 Belden Avenue N. E. ELECTRIC Extra supply of common sense- quiet and grave. Stage Technicians 3-4, Stagecraft Club 2. SHIRLEY ANN GEESE 1817 Fourth Street N.W. SECRETARIAL She has a willingness to make good and to become successful in her field. Timken Service Society 3-4, Choral Club 4. JOSEPH WILLIAM GENNETT 1817 Maryland Avenue S. W. PRINTING Good looking, neat and full of fun. Graphic Arts Club 4, Booster Club 4, Reserve Football 2, Home Room Representative 4. MARGARET GEORGE 760 Belden Avenue N. E. SECRETARIAL Outstanding in dramatics-knows a million and one jokes. School Play 2-3, Trojan 3-4, Blue Team 3-4. JOHN HENRY GIBBS 1426 Seventh Street N. E. AUTOMOBILE A boy called a friend by all. Home Room Representative 2. KATHLEEN ANN GILL 218 Raff Road N. W. RETAILING Heart of gold- attractive- always around when needed most. Future Retailers of Ohio 4, Home Room Representative 3. VINCENT GIORDANO 1007 Rowland Avenue N.E. MACHINE A good sport in athletics and every day life-curly hair. Varsity Football 3-4, Reserve Foot- ball 2. Leaders I 2 0 JAMES GNAGY 931 Bellflower Avenue S.W. ELECTRIC Quick to see, quicker to think, quickest to act. Orchestra 2-3-4. PAUL JOSEPH GOSIEWSKI 2212 Sixth Street N. W. DRAFTING A maestro when it comes to music -man about town. Timken Service Society 3-4, Trojan Band 1-2-3-4, Orchestra 1-2-3-4, Booster Club 4. DONALD WALTER GRABER 1417 Twenty-first Street N. W. MACHINE You'll find no better in a month of Sundays. Choral Club 4. NANCY EILEEN GIRAHAM 1206 Sixth Street N. E. ACCOUNTING Perfection in her quiet manner. Booster Club 4. DON WILSON GREAVES 3932 Sixth Street S. W. AUTOMOBILE Golf star-first class fellow. Booster Club 4. MARY ELLEN GUENTHER 2412 Daleford Avenue N. E. ACCOUNTING "Meg"-an original person. Class Secretary 1, Choral Club 4, Booster Club 4. DONNA MAE GUSTER 1545 Hammond Avenue S.W. SECRETARIAL An interesting blend of modesty and gentleness. Timken Service Society 3-4, Choral Club 4, Booster Club 4. ROY GUTIERREZ 2134 Seventh Street N.E. AUTOMOBILE He's as mischievous as the day is long. VIRGINIA MAE HAHN 2338 Second Street N.E. SECRETARIAL Tall and slim, "Virg." is a friend to win. Trojan Band 4, Orchestra 1-2-3-4, Choral Club 4, Booster Club 4. PATRICIA ANN HALTER 407 Girard Avenue S.E. ACCOUNTING Pretty to walk with and witty to talk with. Class Secretary 4, Publicationsg Editorial Staii-Reporter 2-3-4, Tim- ken Service Society 3-4, Stagecraft Club 1, Trojan Leaders 3-4, Booster Club 4, Home Room Representative 3, Gold Team 4. HELEN CATHERINE HAMBACH 602 Kennet Court N. W. SECRETARIAI. Cheerful and chatty-friendly man- Sfiiilent Library Stall 3-4. MARY HANSEN 1409 Twelfth Street N.E. COSMETOLOGY Lots of looks, lots of fun, lots of personality. Booster Club 4. ZONA GAYLE I-IANSEN 1409 Twelfth Street N. E. RETAILINC All around gal with personality plus. Publications, Editorial StaH-Re- porter 4, Booster Club 4, Future Retailers of Ohio 4. RONALD JAMES HARRELL 624 Exeter Avenue S. W. COMMERCIAL ART W e all like himg he's a good sport. Timken Service Society 3-4, Stage- Craft Club 2-3, Choral Club 1-3-4, Booster Club 4. ESTHER MARIE HAYES 710 Gibbs Avenue N.E. RETAILING A teacher's dream of perfection- her ways are sweet. MARY LOU HAYES 1627 Bonnot Place N.E. SECRETARIAL Pretty-a flower of meekness on a stem of grace. Student Library Stall' 2-3-4, Choral Club 4, Booster Club 4, Attendant to the Queen 4. CHARLES WILSON HEALY 811 Essig Court N. W. COMMERCIAL ART A leading actor in many helds- dominating smile. School Play 3, Stagecraft Club 2, Cheerleader 2. DOMINICK AMPUDIA HERRAIZ 1843 Sixth Street N. E. WELDING Mischievous dark and flashing eyes. Home Room Representative 3. GALE EUGENE HESLOP 1722 Second Street S. E. MACHINE A swell fellow with big ideas. JACK HESS 320 Fourth Street N. E. PRINTING Free as the breeze-professional day-dreamer. Graphic Arts Club 4, Stage Techni- cians 2-3, Reserve Football 2. ELSIE HIGHAM 1931 Bryan Avenue S. W. DRESSMAKING A worthwhile pal, to boy and gal. STUDENT DIRECTORY - Continued WILLIAM DEAN HODGDON 1004 Bedford Avenue S. W. MACHINE Man of few words - distinctive height. Booster Club 4. MARJORIE ALICE HOFFMAN 1020 Whipple Road N. W. ACCOUNTING Always laughing, always gay, always missed when she's away. Publications, Editorial StaE - Re- porter 2-3-4, Timken Service Society 3-4, Booster Club 4, Home Room Representative 2-4. PATRICIA JEAN HOGUE 117 Rowland Avenue N. E. SECRETARIAL Where she is there is a friendly atmosphere. Booster Club 4. EILEEN JEAN HOLT 1537 Glendale Place N. E. SECRETARIAL Nice to have around-cheerful dis- position. Booster Club 4. DUANE BLAIR HOPES Rd. No. 5 Edison Ave., Massillon ELECTRIC A sincere idealist with good looks. WILLIAM LAWSON HORNER R.F.D. No. Massillon PRINTING Tall and bland with a crave for motorcycles. Graphic Arts Club 4, Stagecraft Club 3, Booster Club 4. GERALD L. HUNT 1306 Twelfth Street N. E. AUTOMOBILE A typical Casanova. Booster Club 4, Home Room Rep- resentative 4. DONNA MARIE INBODEN 1821 Ohio Avenue N.E. RETAILING Serious and sensible but liked by all. Future Retailers of Ohio 4. LOUISE MARGARET IVSICH 2352 Navarre Road S. W. COSMETOLOGY Quiet and soft spoken, Louise is a true friend. Choral Club 4. ALVERA LOUISE JAGODNICK 1639 Derby Court S. W. SECRETARIAL "AL"-always chattering-wants to be a secretary. Choral Club 4, Booster Club 4. EDWARD CHARLES JANECEK 616 Greenfield Avenue S. W. RETAILING Practical joker-just one of the boys. Future Retailers of Ohio 3-4. 121 WILLIAM KENNETH JENKINS 1315 Woodward Place N. W. ELECTRIC He talks little, but there lies a conversation in his eyes. Stagecraft Club 3-4, Booster Club 4. LOUIE PETER JOHN 510 Schwalm Avenue N.E. WELDING Praised by those who know a real chap. Booster Club 4. ETHEL MAE JOSE'PH 3349 Mahoning Road N.E. COSMETOLOGY Easy habit of making friends. Cheerleader 4, Booster Club 4. GEORGE JOSEPH 1419 Gibbs Avenue N.E. PATTERN Delights in having a good time- winsome smile. School Play 3-4, Stagecraft Club 2- 3-4, Booster Club 4. RICHARD KABANA 1419 Crescent Road S. W. AUTOMOBILE "Bananas"-sense of humor-con- tinually contracts a host of friends. Booster Club 4. JAMES KARALES 1209 Seventh Street N. W. ELECTRIC His wit makes him the center of activities any where. Class Treasurer 2, Stage Techni- cians 3-4, Stagecraft Club 2, Var- sity Baseball 3, Reserve Basketball 2-3, Home Room Representative 2, Varsity Basketball 4. NICK KARALES 1209 Seventh Street N. W. ELECTRIC Laughs and the world laughs with him. Stage Technicians 4. Stagecraft Club 2-3-4, Booster Club 4. MARILYN JAYNE KEEFER 1133 Park Avenue S. W. COSMETOLOGY A pleasing smile and an optimistic outlook are constantly with her. DOROTHY AVIS JANE KEIM 115 Arlington Avenue S. W. RETAILING A soft-mannered, easy going person. Future Retailers of Ohio 4. JACQUELYNN LOUISE KELLY 1524 Fulton Road N. W. DREssMAKINc Tall and graceful - an eye for fashion. RICHARD J. KENDRO 2923 Tuscarawas Street East COMMERCIAL ART A credit to the stage-always wears a smile. School Play 3, Home Room Repre- sentative 3. DONALD LAWRENCE KESSLER R.D. No. 1 Canton ELECTRIC A pleasant chap with soaring ambi- tions. DALE OWEN KETTERING 5161 Fourteenth Street S. W. DRAFTING Tall and intelligent with an impish sparkle in his eyes. WILDA KING 2337 Navarre Road S. W. ACCOUNTING Bubbling with laughter, sparkling with wit. Timken Service Society 4, Choral Club 4, Booster Club 4. DONNA MAE KLINGAMAN 1440 Minerva Court N. W. ACCOUNTING Nice things come in small packages. Booster Club 4. F. HAROLD KNAPPENBERGER 1925 Penn Place N. E. PRINTING Athlete, tall, handsome, what more could you want. Class President 3, Graphic Arts Club 4, Booster Club 4, Varsity Football 3-4, Varsity Basketball 3- 4, Reserve Basketball 2, Reserve Football 2. MARYLYN ANN KOLBERG 234-2 Eleventh Street, N. W. Si:cRaTARIAL She has talent and will go far in the field of music. Timken Service Society -34, Choral Club 4, Booster Club 4. MARLYNN CATHERINE KOSHT 2245 Forty-second Street, N. W. DRI-ISSMAKING A small girl with a huge heart. RICHARD PAUL KOSSACK 1836 Henry Avenue, S. W. AUTOMOBILE Possesses a personality on the sunny side. Varsity Baseball 1. BEVERLY D. KOUTRAS 2449 Mahoning Road, N. E. RETAILING Dresses from Vogue - sweet dis- position. Student Library Statl 1-2, Future Retailers of Ohio 4. PATRICIA JEAN KRAFT 1637 Edwards Avenue, N. E. ACCOUNTING Earnest in her every efort. Timken Service Society 4, Student Library Stall' 4, Booster Club 4. RONALD G. KRAMER 2233 Winfield Way, N. E. AUTOMOBILE He's known by all, he plays sandlot baseball. STUDENT DIRECTORY - Continued MARLENE MAE KREBS 1119 Bellflower Avenue, S. W. COSMETOLOGY An eye for fashion - an interest in everything. FREDERICK R. KREUZ 1357 Henry Avenue, S. W. ELECTRIC Fred accomplishes much by saying little. Trojan Band 1-2-3-4. DOROTHY ANN KULICH 1948 Bentley Place N. E. DRESSMAKING Her hair is as light as her manner. Timken Service Society 3-4, Choral Club 4, Booster Club 4. ANTHONY JOSEPH LANZA 1453 Fourteenth Street N. W. MACHINE In every deed of mischief he has a hand. FLORENCE MAE LAPPIN 164-9 Edwards Avenue N. E. ACCOUNTING A new comer from McKinley and already a score of friends. Choral Club 4, Booster Club 4. RICHARD EUGENE LASKEY 1638 Clark Avenue S. W. ACCOUNTING Easy going - not a care in the world. Timken Service Society 3-4. FLORENCE LOUISE LAWRENCE 3168 Wildwood Terrace, Massillon SECRI-:TARIAL She lives among the clouds. Publicationsg Editorial Stall - Reporter 3-4, Choral Club 4, Booster Club 4. OLGA MARIE LAZARIDES 1917 Fourth Street S. E. COSMETOLOCY Good natured is her middle name. MARJORIE ELLEN LECHNER 1714 Gross Avenue N. E. SECRETARIAL A credit to the Timken majorettes- puts her heart and soul into her every eHort. Majorette 2-3-4, Choral Club 4, Booster Club 4. EARL PURDY LEITER 2447 Tuscarawas Street East DRAFTING A quiet fellow with serious thoughts Booster Club 4. RAY LESCALLETT 808 Union Avenue S. W. AUTOMOBILE "Keio" - a true fellow with a host of friends. Reserve Football 2, Student Foot- ball Manager 3. WILLIAM HERBERT LEVY 2028 Tuscarawas Street East AUTOMOBILE Small but mighty - always jesting and full of fun. MARLENE KATHRYN LEWIS 3139 Fourteenth Street S. W. AccoUNTINc Stylish clothes set oi by a slender appearance. Timken Service Society 4, Choral Club 4, Booster Club 4. OSCAR LOCKE 735 Young Avenue N. E. AUTOMOBILE Fascinating on the basketball floor and clever of. Timken Service Society 4, Varsity Football 2-3, Varsity Basketball 2-3-4, Reserve Basketball 2, Re- serve Football 2, Home Room Re- presentative 3. NANCY JO LOCKMYER 939 Clinton Avenue S. W. RETAILING A live wire who'll never be stepped on - a friend to all. Trojan Band 2-34, Orchestra 3-4, Choral Club 4, Future Retailers of Ohio 4. PERICLES PERRY LOUROS 914 Sandals Place N. E. DRAFTING His friendliness has won him many friends - dancing ability. Stagecraft Club 2, Booster Club 4, Student Basketball Manager 2, Timken Service Society 4. DONNA LUKENS 1436 Vine Avenue S. W. RETAILING Always on the go - her humor is her greatest asset. Choral Club 4, Booster Club 4, Future Retailers of Ohio 4. STEVE LUTHER 1361 Stark Avenue S. W. ACCOUNTING A personality that's hard to beat- athletic and gay. Booster Club 4, Varsity Football 3-4, Reserve Football 2. BETTY ANNE LEITNER LARRY W- MACHAN. 1034 Spring Avenue N. E. 1390 IVY'-1816? AVCIIUB 5-W- RETAILING DRAFTING A sweet and attractive manner has I-Uffyis ll clown SCMGVVI f0lmd with she. a frown. Choral Club 4, Booster Club 4, Timken Service Society 3-4, Booster Future Retailers of Ohio 4. Club 4, VBTSUY Baseball 3- 122 LUCY CARMELLA MAGNACCA 1708 Fifth Street S. E. SI-:cal-:'rAaIAI. Always ready and willing to do her part. Choral Club 4, Home Room Repre- sentative 1. FLORENCE MALANEY 1303 Twenty-fourth Street N. E. SECRETARIAL She is sweet and charming in her quiet manner. Choral Club 4, Booster Club 4. LENORE MANIST 1921 Thirty-first Street N. W. ACCOUNTING Hair of gold, eyes of green, lips that always carry a smile. Timken Service Society 2-4, Trojan Leaders 3-4, Booster Club 4. JOYCE LOUISE MARSHALL 713 Tuscarawas Street East TEA Room Center of a merry crowd - winning personality. Class Secretary 3, Trojan Band 2-3-4, Choral Club 4, Booster Club 4, Attendant to the Queen 4. TOM F. MARTIN 1722 Root Avenue N. E. ELECTRIC Gad about - a smooth guy. Booster Club 4. JOSEPH RICHARD MASTCKO 1921 Clark Avenue S. W. MACHINE Booster Club 4. LLOYD ISRAEL MATHEWS 1025 Second Street -N. E. SHI-:Er METAL Quiet-too good to be unkind. Booster Club 4. BARBARA MATTES 821 Lawrence Road N. E. TEA Room Ambitious, carefree and full of fun. Booster Club 4. RAYMOND LOUIS MAURER 1318 Twenty-fourth Street N.W. COMMERCIAL Aar An easy going manner lightens many U Cafe. Stagecraft Club 2-4, Choral Club 3-4. FLORENCE RUTH MAXWELL 2727 Ninth Street S.W. RETAILINC A witty gal with eyes of brown. Trojan Band 2-3-4, Orchestra 1-2-3-4, Choral Club 4, Booster Club 4, Future Retailers of Ohio 4. CORINNE RUTH MAYDOCK 332 Seventeenth Street S. E. COSMETOLOCY No matter where you find her, she is wearing a smile. Choral Club 4, Booster Club 4. STUDENT DIRECTORY - Continued WINFIELD S. MAYLE 1856 Eighth Street N. E. AUTOMOBILE "Even though I'm not so tall it doesn't bother me at all.' ' School Play 2, Booster Club 4, Home Room Representative 4. DORIS ANN McANULTY 1312 Fourth Street N. E. SECIIETAIIIAI. Her dark hair and eyes are the envy of many. Choral Club 4, Booster Club 4. JOHN CURTIS McCOY 630 Prospect Avenue S. W. ELECTRIC Always extends a helping hand - takes whatever he does seriously. Booster Club 4. DONALD C. McDONALD 2319 Mahoning Road N. E. MACHINE Always the center of a merry crowd. JOHN HAROLD McQUAID 1418 Park Avenue S. W. MACHINE If there's a way, he will fnd it. JOHN NEAL MEEKS 1426 Roslyn Avenue S. W. ACCOUNTING His appearance, like his personality, is flawless. Timken Service Society 4, Booster Club President 4, Varsity Football 3-4, Reserve Football 1-2, Booster Club 4, Varsity Basketball 4, Re- serve Basketball 3. ROBERI ARNO MEERSTINE 2204 Sixteenth Street N. E. MACHINE Be Bop Boy - a hilarious sort of humor. Trojan Band 1-2-3-4, Orchestra 1-2-3-4, Booster Club 4. JACQUELYN YETTA MELVIN 1259 Linwood Avenue S. W. COMMERCIAL Aar Once a friend, always a friend - artistry at her finger tips. NICHOLAS ANTHONY MERCORELLI 1620 Dueber Avenue S. W. MACHINE Industrious and goodhearted. Booster Club 4. FRANCES EILEEN MEREDITH 1610 Eighteenth Street N. E. SECRETARIAL Devilish and loads of fun. Booster Club 4. RONALD CHARLES MEYER 1650 Roslyn Avenue S. W. ACCOUNTING His hngers take to the piano, like people to his personality. Choral Club 4, Reserve Basketball 2. 123 JOANN ELIZABETH MEYERS 2337 Eleventh Street N. W. SECRETARIAL Her sparkling laughter has won her a host of friends. Timken Service Society 3-4, Student Library StaH 2-3-4, Choral Club 4, Booster Club 4. CATHERINE ANN MILLER 414 Dryden Avenue N. W. SI-:caE'rAIuAI. Soft-spoken - she is a real friend. Timken Service Society 3-4, Student Library StaiI 1-2-3-4, Booster Club 4. CORINNE ADELE MILLER 808 Correll Avenue N. E. SECIIETAIIIAI. Sweet voice - she has a charming way about her. Timken Service Society 4, Majorette 3-4, Choral Club 4. Booster Club 4. JAMES EDWARD MILLER 703 Tenth Street, N. W. AUTOMOBILE Part of two, who have in common the air of making friends. Stagecrsft Club 1-2. JAMES PAUL MILLER 2634 Wertz Avenue N. W. PRINTING For he's a jolly good fellow. Graphic Arts Club 4. JOHN ANTHONY MILLER 703 Tenth Street N. W. AUTOMOBILE . . . . yen for cars and full of fun. Stagecraft Club 2. M-ARGIE ELLEN MILLER 104 Meyers Lake SECIIETAIIIAI. The desire to do something and do it well. 'Ilimken Service Society 2-3-4, Trojan Leaders 3-4, Booster Club 4, Blue Team 3. JAMES ANTHONY MINARCHECK 1100 Fifth Street S. W. ACCOUNTING Always has a kind word of advice- eager to do his best. Choral Club 1-2-3-4, Booster Club 4. RITA MA-E MINOCCHI 1115 Spring Avenue N. E. TEA Room Nice to look at and nice to know. LAWRENCE ALFRED MINOR 816 Gibbs Avenue N. E. ELECTRIC A tall reserved senior JOSEPHINE MONGIARDO 338 Henrietta Avenue N. E. SECIIETAIIIAI. Successful in all her endeavors - musician. Student Library StaE 3, Orchestra 1-2-3-4, Choral Club 4, Trojan Leaders 3-4, Booster Club 4. STUDENT DIRECTORY - Continued BETTY ANN MORELAND 1128 Monument Road N. W. -ACCOUNTING She's a striking readhead with an -alluring personality. Publications, Editorial Stali - Reporter 2-3-4, Timken Service So- ciety 3-4, Stagecraft 'Club 1, Trojan Leaders 3-4, Booster Club 4, Gold Team Manager 4. FRANK DOMINIC MORELLI 2241 Indiana Way N. E. WELDING Always on the go-nice looking- curly hair. Varsity Baseball 3. CLENNA JEAN ,MORRIS 115 Reynolds Place S. W. ACCOUNTING Tyra co-editor -- winning person- ality - attractive smile. Publicationsg Editorial SMR - Re- porter 2-3-4g Editor 4, Timken Service Society 2-3-4, Trojan Band 1-2-3-4, Booster Club 4. RITA ELIZABETH MORROW 1320 Banner Court N. W. ACCOUNTING Tall and sincere with the habit of making friends. Booster Club 4. ROSEMARIE MOSES 2018 Penn Place N. E. COSMETOLOGY. Capable, conscientious, always will- ing to help. Choral Club 4. HOMER MOTTICE East Sparta ACCOUNTING An amazing ability for making friends-always on the go. Trojan Band 3-4, Orchestra 4, Booster Club 4. JOHN THOMAS MURPHY 1716 Grace Avenue N. E. MACHINE His quietness does not imply in- diference. JACK CLARENCE MYERS 1352 Maryland Avenue S. W. MACHINE That rare gift, a good personality. Home Room Representative 1. I PATRICIA LOUISE MYERS 3600 Nineteenth Street S. W. SECRET-ARIAL Peaceful and gentle person to have around. Booster Club 4. JOAN NALLEY 1640 Clark Avenue S. W. ACCOUNTING As likeable as she is lockable - nice personality. Booster Club 4. VIOLA MARY NARDUZZI 2321 Tuscarawas Street East RETAILINC Bubbling over with enthusiasm - sweet and wonderful. Publicationsg Editorial Staff - Re- porter 4, Timken Service Society 3-4, School Play 1, Choral Club 4, Booster Club 4, Future Retailers of Ohio 4. BETTY ANN NAVROZIDES 1827112 Irwin Place N. E. DREssIvIAIcING Never a dull moment when she's about. Timken Service Society 2-3, Home Room Representative 3. CHARLES E. NEALE 925 Prospect Avenue S. W. RETAILING We hope "Corky" likes Timken as well as we enjoyed having him. VERNON ALLEN NEISS 4328 Seventh Street N. W. MACHINE "Sunny Boy" - every one loves a good friend. VIVIAN ANN NEWTON 4001 Martindale Road N. E. TEA Room Sweet and lovely with beautiful blond hair. Timken Service Society 4, Choral Club 4, Booster Club 4. BARBARA ANN NOLL 1605 Clark Avenue S. W. SECRETARIAL Very modest and reserved. Timken Service Society 3-4, Choral Club 4, Booster Club 4. ELAINE W. OKEY 1338 Ivydale Avenue S. W. SECRETARIAL Good natured - top notch athlete. Timken Service Society 2-3-4, Tro- jan Leaders 3-4, Booster Club 4, Gold Team 34. PAB-LO OLIVERA 4-23 Gobel Avenue N. E. PATTERN A fun loving fellow with a sense of humor. Sftagecraft Club 1-2, Booster Club 4. THOMAS GEORGE PAPPAS 2346 Fourteenth Street N. E. MACHINE Nothing bothers Tom - life's too short to worry. Publicationsg Editorial Stali - Re- porter 2, Choral Club 4, Trojan Leaders 3, Home Room Represen- tative 3. RICHARD LAWRENCE PATRICK 1615 Twenty-ninth Street, N. W. ELECTRIC Likes fun in its place - an agree- able young man. Stage Technicians 3-4, Booster Club 4, Reserve Football 2. 124 GLENN WENDELL PAYNE 2649 Mahoning Road N. E. PRINTING There is mischief in those eyes of blue. Graphic Arts Club 4, Booster Club 4. JANET ANN PEDDICORD 1309 Greenfield Avenue S. W. ACCOUNTING Plenty of sparkle - keen outlook on life. Choral Club 4, Booster Club 4. JOE M. PETRILLI 928 Sherrick Road, S. E. PRINTING Timken's own .lohn Garheld - fun for all and all for fun. Graphic Arts Club 4, Booster Club 4, Varsity Golf 3. VICTORIA ANTOINETTE PETRO 1500 Third Street S. E. SECRETARIAI. "Vickie" has a warm smile and cor- dial welcome for everyone. ANTHONY RUSSELL POLOSKY 1418 Willett Avenue S. E. MACHINE As agreeable as they come - life of the party. Booster Club 4. RITA MAIE POLVERINI 2229 Third Street S. E. SI-:CRETARIAL Quiet and serene, she will go far in her career. Choral Club 4, Booster 'Club 4. DOROTHY MARIE POPA 1315 Twelfth Street, N. E. SECRETARIAL She has sweet and gentle ways about her. Publicationsg Typist 4, Choral Club 4, Booster Club 4. GLENN PRICE 826 Dewalt Avenue N. W. WELDING Hard worker, but always out for a good time. MARY CATHERINE PROACH 1928 Maple Avenue N. E. SECRETARIAL Beautiful hair and complexion - outstanding in her field. Publications: Editorial Staff - Re- ponter 4, Choral Club 4, Booster Club 4, Home Room Representa- tive 3. RICHARD JAY RACEY 919 Cherry Avenue N. E. PRINTING When it comes to pep, that's what he has. Graphic Arts Club 4, Booster Club 4. RICHARD A. RAYMONDI 1133 Fulton Road N. W. DRAFTING Dick is known for his wonderful personality, looks and manners. Class Treasurer 3, Timken Service Society 34, Booster Club 4, Student Football Manager 2-3, Home Room Representative 3. GENE WALLACE REED 928 Eleventh Street N. W. AUTOMOBILE The top in his field . . craves for cars. Stagecraft Club 2. RALPH P. REISINGER 1609 Twelfth Street N. E. MACHINE Gentle in manner-strong in Home Room Representative 2. DONALD REXRODE 121 Mill Road S. E. MACHINE Very little is needed to make a happy life. JANET MAXINE RHINE 1322 Eleventh Street S. E. COSMETOLOGY Lovely to look at, delightful to know. Trojan Band 1-2-3, Orchestra 2-3-4. RONALD RICE 803W Second Street N. W. DRAFTING Tall and nice looking - willing to do his part. Booster Club 4. WILLIAM E. RICE I 428 Market Avenue South ACCOUNTING Dresses with perfection - a voice one never tires listening to. Choral Club 3-4, Home Room Re- presentative 2. EUGENE A. RIES . 713 Marion Avenue S. W. AUTOMOBILE Finds his chief interest in the auto- mobile held. Booster Club 4., LOIS ANN RIFE 1331 Twenty-third Street N. E. SECRETARIAL Sparkling with friendliness Choral Club 4, Booster Club 4. deed DAVID L. RIGGLE 1337 Maple Avenue N. E. ELECTRIC Doesn't say much, but has big ideas. Booster Club 4. LAWRENCE EUGENE RICHARD 1523 Fifth Street N. E. PATTERN True is his word, his work, his friends. STUDENT DIRECTORY - Continued CHARLES EDWARD RICHARDSON 1016 Clinton Avenue S. W. WELDING Quiet, tall, friend to all ROBERT RISALITI 2342 Fourth Street S. E. ELECTRIC Handsome in appearance - out- standing in athletics. Booster Club 4, Varsity Football 4, Reserve Basketball 2, Reserve Football 2-3, Home Room Repre- sentative 3. EDWARD PAUL RITZ 3917 Sixth Street S. W. WELDING V Pride of his shop 4 intelligent with a quiet manner. FRITZ RIZK 124 Smith Avenue N. W. MACHINE . A style all his own - nice to have around. BETTY LOUISE RIESE 1213 Fifth Street N. E. RETAILINC A well groomed lady in every re- spect. Booster Club 4, Future Retailers of Ohio 4. SUSANNA ROCCI 1532 Sherrick Road S. E. DREssMAIcING Jolly and with pleasing ways. Choral Club 4. RUTH ANN RONALDSON 1139 Maryland Avenue S. W. RETAILING Nice, understanding, and true is she. Stagecraft Club 2, Booster Club 4, Future Retailers of Ohio 4, Home Room Representative 4. GENE ARTHUR ROSHONG 737 Camden Avenue S. W. PRINTING Tall dark and handsome - seen a lot with JoAnn. Class Vice President 4, Graphic Arts Club 4, Choral Club 4, Booster Club 4, Home Room Representative 3. MARY ANN ROSSI 2156 Fifth Street N. E. 'RETAILING . Pretty as a picture. Booster Club 4. ROBERT ROUSH 1517 Irwin Place N. E. AUTOMOBILE A hne fellow to have around. KATtl-IERINE ANN RUKAVINA 1838 Brownlee Avenue N. E. SECRETARIAL "Katie" is a worthwhile friend to have. Choral Club 4, Booster Club 4. 125 WILLIAM J. RUPPLE 2617 Fourth Street N. W. MACHINE Free as a breeze - a professional day dreamer. Choral Club 4, Reserve Football 2. REGINA NORA RYAN 1842 Twenty-ninth Street N.W. SECRETARIAL "Reggie" is a helpful and willing worker. Publicationsg Typist 4, Stagecraft Club 2, Choral Club 4, Booster Club 4. MABLE BEVERLY JEAN SAIMES 2024 Eleventh Street N. E. DRESSMAKING A good taste for clothes-wonderful dancer. Choral Club 4. NANCY .IOANNE SARNO 1380 Henry Avenue S. W. TEA Room A great desire to be everyone's friend. Timken Service Society 4, Home Room Representative 3. PATRICIA LOU SAUNDERS 1551 Park Avenue S. W. SECRETARIAL Fun to be with wherever you are. Timken Service Society 4, Choral Club 4. LILLIAN MARGARET SCARFONE 3052 Sixth Street S. W. TEA Room A kind heart and willing worker. School Play 1, Booster Club 4. RONALD ROY SCHAEDLER 211 Newton Avenue S. W. ACCOUNTING Quietly he makes his host of friends. Booster Club 4. THOMAS R. SCHLEIG 1035 Cherry Avenue N. E. RETAILING Perseverance will carry him far in whatever field he chooses. ROBERT EDWIN SCHLEMMER 3520 Woodland Ext. N. W. PRINTING An easy going sense of humor. Graphic Arts Club 4. DONALD CHARLES SCHNEIDER 5154 Thirteenth Street S. W. AUTOMOBILE Don's a friend of every one -- winning smile. Booster Club 4. RUTH .MARY SCHOEPPNER 2215 Fifteenth Street S. W. RETAILING Short and always on the go-pleas- ing smile. , Timken Service Society 3-4, Student Library Stall 3, Booster Club 4, Future Retailers of Ohio 4. GLEN JOSEPH SCHROTT 1514 Fourteenth Street S. W. MACHINE A great guy to know - well liked. ROBERT CHARLES SCHUMACHER 807 Marion Avenue S. W. ELEcmIc Be careful girls, tennis is Bob's racket. Stage Technicians 3-4, Stagecraft Club 2, Booster Club 4, Varsity Baseball I-2-3, Home Room Repre- sentative 3. JOSEPH VINCENT SOI-IWEIZER 1837 Bellflower Avenue S. W. AUTOMOBILE A good looking fellow with lots of spirit. Booster Club 4. THOMAS SCHWITZGABLE 2922 Fulton Road N. W. SIIEET METAL Happy-go-lucky - good sport. Choral Club 1. PATRICIA ANN SCIURY 1424 Harrison Avenue S. W. SECRETARIAL She is full of bashfulness and truth. Timken Service Society 3-4, Booster Club 4. WEDA M. SCOTT 1324 Eleventh Street S. E. SEGIIETAIUAL Sweet, dainty and a good worker. Timken Service Society 4, Student Library StaH 3, Booster Club 4, Home Room Representative 4. ELIZABETH ANN SEKERAK 4303 Seventh Street N. W. TEA Room "Liz" - a true friend with a lovely voice. Booster Club 4, Home Room Repre- sentative 4. GERALD S. SELLMAN 1409 Perry Road S. W. AUTOMOBILE Nicely dressed - clever and quick. Home Room Representative 1. RICHARD LEE SHAFFER 1807 Bedford Avenue S. W. MACHINE Gifted in the art of making friends. Choral Club 4. JAMES RICHARD SHENKLE 168 Claremont Avenue N. W. ELECTRIC Honesty, character, pleasantnessg mix them and you have lim. ALICE MARIE SHISSLER 815 Prospect Avenue S. W. RETAILING A small amount of dynamite - quite an athlete. Trojan Band 2-3-4, Choral Club 4, Trojan Leaders 3-4, Booster Club 4, Future Retailers of Ohio 4, Blue Cheerleader 4. STUDENT DIRECTORY - Continued DON SHOOK 2430 Fletcher Avenue N. E. MACHINE Good looking - fun to have around. Home Room Representative 4. JUNE SHOOP 1305 Eighth Street N. W. SECRETARIAL A lovely girl with a fascinating UUECC. Publications 4, Choral Club 4, Booster Club 4. RICHARD SIERRA 1811 Alden Avenue S. W. PRINTING Outstanding in the held of athletics and merriment. Graphic Arts Club 4, Varsity Foot- ball 3-4, Varsity Basketball 3-4, Re-- serve Basketball 1-2, Reserve Foot- ball .1-2. DOLORES SILVERTHORN 1740 Second Street S. E. SI-:GIIETAIIIAL Her pep and athletic ability are a credit to our school. Timken Service Society 2-3-4, Tro- jan Leaders 2-34, Booster Club 4, Gold Team 3-4, Home Room Repre- sentative 4. DORIS SILVERTHORN 1740 Second Street S. E. RETAILING A credit to the stage and wherever people gather. School Play 2, Future Retailers of Ohio 4. ELEANOR MARIE SILVERY 2023 Penn Place N. E. DRESSMAKING A brown haired lass with a winning smile. Timken Service Society 3-4, Choral Club 4, Home Room Representative 1. CHRIST SIMINGES 1535 Stark Avenue S. W. WELDING Small but mighty in his ways. Booster Club 4. DONNA JEAN SKELLEY 324 Seventeenth Street S. E. DIIEssMAK1Nc A girl to brighten up your day. LUCILLE CORNELLIA SLAGLE 1421 Hatt Place S. E. SECRETARIAL Her poise and quiet manner has won her many friends. Student Library Staii 4, Choral Club 4, Booster Club 4. GENE SLUSSER 2907 Twelfth Street N. W. ELECTRIC An unassuming person whom every- one likes. Student Baseball Manager 1-2-3. 126 ERNESTINE SMITH 420 Young Avenue S. E. SECRETARIAL Loyal to her many friends. Trojan Band 3-4, Choral Club 4, Booster Club 4. WILLIAM EDWIN SMITH 1026 Sixth Street N. E. ACCOUNTING A hidden wit and a sparkling per- sonality. Booster Club 4 . WILLIAM RAY SMITH 512 Hiner Place N. E. AUTOMOBILE A comedian from the word go. Booster Club 4, Reserve Football 1-2. ROBERT EUGENE SPARROW 817 Third Street N. E. PRINTING A song and a smile will keep him going. Graphic Arts Club 4. ANDY SPINO 1435 Allen Avenue S. E. WELDING The little man who's always there when you need him. Home Room R-epresentative 4. ANTOINETTE ROSE STARR 906 Boylan Avenue S. E. RETAILING "Toni" - small with hair like fre - a friend to all. Future Retailers of Ohio 4. GEORGE JOHN STEFANIAK 1230 Lippert Road N. E. PRINTING T all with blond hair and very quiet Graphic Arts Club 4. DONNA JEAN STEPHANIC 2909 Eleventh Street N. W. RETAILINC She can drive all dullness away. Choral Club 4, Booster Club 4, Future Retailers of Ohio 4. HELEN MAE STIDD 1718 Bank Place S. W. CosMEToLoGY Always the center of a merry crowd. Home Room Representative 1. WILLIAM M. STIDD 1542 Park Avenue S. W. AUTOMOBILE Friendly in a quiet manner. Booster Club 4, Reserve Football 1-2. ANN K. STILIANOS 1301 Seventeenth Street N. E. DRESSMAKING Her hair is her crowning glory. Choral Club 4. CRIST STILIANOS 1301 Seventeenth Street N. E. RETAILING Q Always willing to do what you ask. Booster Club 4, Future Retailers of Ohio 4. DELLA MARGARET STONER 805 Arlington Avenue S. W. COMMERCIAL ART She is the picture of youthful gaiety. THOMAS L. STRUB 1392 Maryland Avenue S. W. DRAFTING Musically inclined - tall and friendly. Trojan Band 1-2-3-4, Orchestra 1-2- 3-4, Choral Club 4, Booster Club 4. WILLARD CHARLES STUFFELBEAM 315 Elmwood Street, Massillon. RETAILINC Here's another fellow whom we all enjoy knowing. School Play 3, Choral Club 1-2-4, Booster Club 4, Future Retailers of Ohio 4. VIRGINIA MARGARET SUAREZ 2224 Eighth Street N. E. SECRETARIAL Her easy manner is her outstanding feature. Booster Club 4, Home Room Repre- sentative 1. SALLY MARIE SWARTZ 1022 Fourth Street .S. W. COSMETOLOGY Never without a smile or joke. Choral Club 4, Home Room Repre- sentative 3. MARY ANN SZASZ 1544 Park Avenue S. W. SECRETARIAL "Mutt," she charms whomever she meets. Choral Club 4, Booster Club 4, At- tendant to the Oueen 4. TOM TERSIGNI 1527 Alden Avenue S. W. DRAFTING Quiet instigator - "Deadman" - cute. Timken Service Society 3-4, Booster Club 4, Home Room Representative 4. NAOMI ROMAINE TESCH 2106 Snyder Avenue N. E. RETAILINC "Penny" - attractively wins her way into the hearts of others. Publications, Business Stall - Solicitor 3, Booster Club 4, Future Retailers of Ohio 4. .IAMES EARL THORLEY 208 Gibbs Avenue N. E. PRINTING He salutes everyone he meets with a smile. Publications, Editorial Staff - Re- porter 2. Graphic Arts Club 4. MARY TOMA 2117 Harrison Avenue S. W. COSMETOLOCY A gracious friend - a credit to any class. Booster Club 4. STUDENT DIRECTORY -- Continued MARY KATHERINE TOMIC 1812 Wallace Avenue N. E. SECRETARIAL Tall with fair complexion - nice to know. Publicationsg Editorial Stall - Re- porter 4, Student Library Staff 3, Choral Club 4, Booster Club 4. VINCENT THOMAS TONIELLI 1326 Sherrick Road S. E. PATTERN Full of fun - friend to everyone. Booster Club 4. ELMER TOVISSI 2529 Seventeenth Street N. E. ELECTRIC All tongues wag in favor of Elmer. Booster Club 4. SOFIE TZANGAS 902 Twenty-fifth Street N. W. SECRETARIAI.. When she smiles, she grins and every heart she wins. Choral Club 4, Booster Club 4. .IOSEPH VACCARO 1448 Scobille Avenue S. W. PATTERN A good student with many true friends. DON JOHN VALENTINE 1527 Fourth Street S. E. MACHINE A credit to the gridiron and any place. Class Treasurer 1, Gioral Club 1-2-3, Booster Club 4, Varsity Foot- ball 4, Reserve Football 3, Home Room Representative 1-4. LILYAN MARIE VARKCNDA 2508 Seventeenth Street S. W. RETAILING Vim, vigor and vitality are Lifs out- standing characteristics. Timken Service Society 4, Choral Club 4, Trojan Leaders 3-4, Cheer- leader 34, Booster Club 4, Gold Team 3, Future Retailers of Ohio 4, Blue Team 4. CARLOS VAZQUEZ 1743 Fourth Street N. E. COMMERCIAL ART Half of a team of friendliness, hon- esty. . . . . School play 3, Stagocraft Club 1-2, Booster Club 4, Varsity Basketball 4, Reserve Basketball 2-3, Reserve Football 2. .IOSE VAZQUEZ 1743 Fourth Street N. E. COMMERCIAL ART . . . . . humor and merriment in their every movement. Class Vice President 4, Publications, Art Stall 3-4, Stagecraft Club 1-2-4, Choral Club 3-4, Booster Club 4, Varsity Basketball 4, Reserve Bas- ketball 3, Reserve Football 2, Home Room Representative 1-2-3 127 MARY E. VEITCH 3235 Arbor Road S. W. ACCOUNTING A champion in any field - a sure and likeable friend. Timken Service Society 3-4, Choral Club 4, Booster Club 4. WILLIAM ANTHONY VESELY 1422 Henry Avenue S.W. ELECTRIC One of Timken's most handsome and best liked. Stage Technicians 4, Stagecraft Club 3, Booster Club 4, Home Room Representative 4. VIRGINIA ALICE VIGNOS 3057 Sixth Street S. W. RETAILING A smooth gal with a peaches and cream complexion. Choral Club 4, Booster Club 4, Future Retailers of Ohio 4. CHARLES WAYNE VOGLEY 301 Bedford Avenue N. W. MACHINE Once a friend, always a friend - powerful personality. Choral Club 4. PEGGY LOU WALLACE 425 Fourth Street S. W. SECRETARIAL She has a warm winsome smile for everyone. Choral Club 4, Booster Club 4. BETTY-.IANE WARDEN 1144 Clarendon Avenue S. W. SECRETARIAL Quiet and reserved - distinctive height. Choral Club 4. PARALEE ELAINE WATKINS 1733 Seventh Street N. E. ACCOUNTING Tyro co-editor - her warm person- olity will carry her far. Booster Club Vice President 4, Pub- licationsg Reporter 2-3, Editor 4, School Play 3, Booster Club 4, Dra- matic Club 4. ROBERT L. WEIMER 1313 Linwood Avenue S. W. AUTOMOBILE Late to bed and late to rise, makes a student or otherwise. Booster Club 4. RICHARD Q. WELLBAUM 703 Park Avenue S. W. DRAFTING Enjoys good music-mild temper. Trojan Band 1-2-3-4, Orchestra 3-4, Booster Club 4. STUDENT DIRECTORY - Continued HELEN JOAN WHALEY 1037 Tuscarawas Street West SEcnE1'AmAL F un-loving - a girl who'll be hard to forget. Publicationsg Editorial Stall - Re- porter 4, Timken Service Society 2- 3-4, Student Library Stall 1-2-3, Twirling Corps 4, Booster Club 4. HARRY DAVID WHITCOMB 3140 Belmont Avenue S. W. SHEET METAL Likes the girls - nice to everyone. Booster Club 4. PAUL VERNON WHITE 1005 Seventeenth Street N. E. MACHINE As merry as the day is long. Choral Club 4. MARILYN LEE WILBANKS 307 Clarendon Avenue N. W. COMMERCIAL Alu' Soft spoken Marilyn has the queenly way about her - sparkling person- ality. Class Treasurer 4, Publications: Editorial Stall-Reporter 4, Booster Club 4, Football Queen 4, Home Room Representative 2. DONALD T. WILLIAMS 2634 Gilbert Avenue N. E. ELECTRIC Always a grin, wide, big and free. Booster Club 4, Home Room Repre- sentative 4. DONNA LOU WILLIAMS 1415 Greenfield Avenue S. W. RETAILING Sincere and dependable in every way. Booster Club 4, Future Retailers of Ohio 4. ELEANOR JEAN WILLIAMS 203 Wamer Road N. E. COMMERCIAL Aar She is as innocent as she looks. Choral Club 4, Booster Club 4. MARY LOU WILLIAMS 1625 Twenty-fifth Street N. W. ACCOUNTING Outstanding in her many ways - likeable girl Timken Service Society 3-4, Student Library Staff 1-2-3-4, Trojan Band 2-3-4, Orchestra 3-4. Booster Club 4. .IOANNE V. WILLIS 1110 Deberg Court N. W. RETAILING Small but mighty-always ready for a good time. Twirling Corps 4, Booster Club 4, Future Retailers of Ohio 4. MARY ELIZABETH WILSON 2315 Anderson P1-ace S. W. TEA Room Skating whiz - warm heart. HAZEL MARIE WISEMAN 935 Maryland Avenue S. W. RETAILING Y ou'll always find her on the sunny side of the street. 128 Publicationsg Business StaK - Soli- citor 3, Choral Cluh 4, Booster Club 4, Future Retailers of Ohio 4. SHIRLEY ANN WOLFARTH 2211 Dover Avenue N. E. SECRETARIAL. A girl you can count on - small but mighty. Publicationsg Editorial Staff - Re- porter 4, Timken Service Society 3-4-, Booster Club 4. Choral Club 4, Trojan Leaders 3-4. ANGELO ANTHONY ZICCARDI 1224 Second Street S. E. MACHINE He'll had his way in any walk of life. Choral Club 3-4, Reserve Football 2, Home Room Representative 3. PATRICIA ANN ZUMSTEIN 3307 Twelfth Street N. W. SECRETARIAL A manner as light as her hair. Timken Service Society 2-3-4, Choral Club 4, Booster Club 4. MARILYN LOUISE ZW ALLEN R.D. No. 2 Fulton Road N. W. RETAILING Lynn - petite - Chet - a gal in a million. Publicationsg Editorial Statl 4, Choral Club 4, Booster Club 4, Fu-ture Retailers of Ohio 4. , 1 Q ha . , - ' .q' S.: -Q . 4 0' .,' ' 4. " n ,. ' - 'a - , .Q - . I , .491 a . . n .' '.j1.,.,' ' . ga. " o,,.la: . .I P rg,- - r Q I , . ,o . . 1. . ! f . 4" D.: ni. . . . .l,O . ,. 0 ' -., yl In 5 'J' .. . .' 1 ..,I'c 'n'- ,"o o , I',a 7' on 'qv' .a'l"r 'I ::r,, E:.". , 4 1 . ':,' '. ::o:,r :,:.." :',, c','1n, ann: ,'.,' Us l 4 v 4 gr , ':,,'.v:3fv, '.'.- : 'I I ff n .p ov', I s 1 1 4' ' . 1 . . fn p Q . ' .- In f"" ff' -'.'- -.ff :', -',.g'. 4 , 4. O'!' .. .D P1 5 13 gs f7W0f' 1'- 2 On -wax! Fgbrhs 1:5 Oar cr Car +7 on fy! downfhabbld, Q n Gold ana' Blue we cheer kr you, 51 FOHNP will hold las! fo fha las! fa 0 12" n f 0 :.s'-f- 4, n ra. :Q I a,.o5. I f a 'p' 'ot' f' ' uf n L. n 4, Q. -1' .--'-1-Y' 'Q .:"f'-I' ' " 'fu nn' . .- 101 ' I , . . c,,.Q:,: 1 40640 ,4'-n n,'.g:,f. u v 1 lq:,cj ".' ", :'u:fu: o I ' 44.1 vq'-' ' a -I , o . 3 -7 1 t - , g 1 ca: A 't 'Q 5.x u Q" 4 a.,l X 9.55. .'o,l .1 1 1 0 gg s 0' .4 f 1 - I Ast o ',,' ' M: A ' " '-f': 9 I .,gb: n I 'il' , A .Q R I 3 .Q I ':.v,, 4' q L fy 4 'f,'a" Q ':o"41'l Q . ' ,f,.' 4, 4 1 lg: ' I 'A 4 .Assn 4 ' xc .5 A 1.1.5. ' ' ' A 1 l'5q.c5 I. ... A.s.c ...N ls A.c 5 . Q 0 Q 1 co' f I :1.. f- , ojbns H Ng-,J Sf deaf- ob' Fm-ken :LW A ac., g o nav-er yfbfd Off- cabhs 7Lrueyeo7f2n-ken 'Q '- b "nz: .!' Q .f.!,', ',,5-1. .,'..u A 1,41 n, 0 ".'1 .u a'.',.' v.' 'nydtl "c4,a ' l 1,14 ea ,f 'A 1 O 'Q 14 ' .ul 1. 1 ' ' 1 f 1 'I , 4 41, an 4 1 , 4. S .'.4'1.:..,.. 1 ug: ,'-"j...,o"L1 Q0 I I ."v iq w'a3.,v.a v ,I 4, ' , 1 ' 451' "' q 1 0.'q': , go ' a ,r U. ' ' . v v O d, , , 'Q 04 '. , ', 'auf 9 ' 1414 I v'..,:1' '."A"1 Hrlmi l and loyal A Wrrough and ffrl'O0 , Fin Flfeniour Zin- ken Hgh. .,. .1,',v 1, ."..'u '- , , .. - - -, .'v .'- '..'nw ', "c"."-' 910 tl. -,',. I' .. ,... . . ,.. - I '- ,a u mul' if ' 1 fu O 1 .0 ,:.. '1 1 .., ' o,' ..' .4 " 'uc u" 1 ' v,'a . 'lu"1 1.1-"'q 1' '.'lv' Il v"',' J. 1 I of 1 u .' t 1'-, P -...M ' 1231: -:1'u.n'. i '- 'gi 1 'n' 1' 1 ,n:',.,.a' .',. 1,1 'wtf' ',',.,u':x-,0 , .P , .- " 'uw' :"r.":n fan I" ., . i, I nu 'fu 'su'l'5v'.. U 'fqv' ""::1"t":A":"s' l ., -".-'.1',.'s ll ,Hina 1 0 'v .- u'.,,u.,' ' l.o O. 1, I' or ,, 1 Q 4 1 ' -'..':. Q .R'., - . 1 -"' U ' RICHARD BOCZEK

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