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as- p5f W QM S XS x xx XV p'Z6d8l'tf6VtQ ,.,. wma 8 swgx Num- M- -nm ' ""f M a Ts Iiggsze K. ' ,L " 'c gg A -f -F . ,Nw as-.:':21 -, P 1. M U' W 1 w as mf vm ' 5 A A7 L, 4 x " , Vqailn Vftiibrxl' M ' M, b 3 .ww am 3 . V. 'S gmc Q' - f ' , 1 W1 .WH ' . f , Q . ,wif , My aa Ab PRODUCTION ol skilllul and competent workers f L PRUDUCTIUN ol loyal ciiizens, learning and achieving new goals together ..... To These American Youlh in Induslry we dedicale THE 1947 TIVO CLASS UFFICERS UF '47 DON CLARK CONNIE MONTERRUBIO MARY ALICE WHITT JACK WATSON President Treasurer Secretary Vice-President Page 12 TOP Row PAULINE LOUISE AUBILL 346 Smith Avenue N. W. Timken Service Society, Choral Club BOTTOM ROW JACK DELONG 907 Third Street S. W. Editor-Tyro Staff, Sports Editor-Tivo ' Staff, Home Room Representative, Band Doris Pellegrino, Vonda Lee Handlin, Marilyn Heib Doris, Yomla Lee and Marilyn ni'en't at all confused over the complicateil kev punch. This machine is the lzxst wortl in sales analysis-:ill invoices are mzxtle L punched :xml trzinscrilvetl by number, RUTH MARIE CHUCKERY 1652 Henry Avenue S. W. Timken Service Society. Office Assistant NIARY ANNE DICK 5115 Eleventh Street S. WY JAMES THOMAS COLCERI 1718 Ohio Avenue N. E. Class Officer, School Play, Home Room Representative, Varsity Football, Varsity Baseball, Reserve Basketball, Reserve Football JACK STEVE HALKIDES 1715 Vine Avenue S. W. School Play, Band, Orchestra, Choral Club, Varsity Basketball, Reserve Basketball Page 13 CCOUNTING is the "business office" of the school, as every penny received or spent in Timken must pass through this department. The accounting students also conduct the sale of tickets and count the money turned in for various school charitable projects. The smallest transaction of the year was 5 centsg and the largest, 381000. Accounting includes the study of partnerships, corporations, cost accounting, and income tax. The students complete three to seven bookkeeping sets a year. This year, the speedier students "tackled" a college practice set. Two of the girls studying this course have served as bookkeepers for the school treasurer, while two others have served as secretaries to the athletic manager. , Several of the students work in the school office and in the library. Others are active in the Timken Service Society and publications. The entire department was pleased when Mary Alice Whitt was elected Senior Class Secretary. TOP Row , ' VONDA LEE HANDLIN MARILYN JEAN HEIB PATRICIA DORENE LAUGHLIN 3216 Sixth Street S. W. 800 Bellflower Avenue S. W. 936 Harrison Avenue S. W. Timken Service Society, Timken Service Society, Tyro Staff, Tivo Staff Student Library Staff PAULINE F. LITTLE MARTHA ANNE LUTHER 115 Dryden Avenue N. W. 1361 Stark Avenue S. W. Timken Service Society, Choral Club SHIRLEY I. LUTZ MARY MARGARITAKIS ELEANOR MIJA 705 Smith Avenue S. W. 1008 Sandals Place N. E. 1450 Bedford Avenue S. XV. Timken Service Society Timken Service Society, Timken Service Society, Choral Club Choral Club MARY LOUISE PAUMIER DORIS JEAN PELLEGRINO 1418 Cleveland Avenue N. W. 2806 Tenth Street S. W. ' Timken Service Society, Tyro Staff, ' Timken Service Society, Student Library Staff, Choral Club Trojan Leaders Page 14 ACCOUNTING -3-1 -I L TOP Row LOIS ANN RATCLIFF GEORGE S. RICE I MILDRED ARDELL RITCHEY 1635 Fifteenth Street N. E. 428 Market Avenue South 414 Haziett Avenue N, W, Timken Service Society, Student Reserve Basketball, Varsity Basketball, Choral Club, Trojan Leaders Library Staff, Choral Club Home Room Representative RUTH E. SCHOONOVER BEVERLY JEANNE SCOTT 4502 Emma Place N. W. 114 Hartford Avenue S. E. Timken Service Society, Choral Club, Trojan Leaders BOTTOM Row A DOROTHY JEAN SEESE BETTY JANE STARK JOANNE L. ULMSCHNEIDER R. F. D. No. 1, Canton 1415 Struble Avenue N. E. 2824 Tenth Street N. W. Choral Club Timken Service Society, Tyro Staff, Timken Service Society, Tyro Staff Tivo Staff, Choral Club Tivo Staff, Student Library Staff MARY ALICE WHITT MARGARET T. ZINK 513 Brown Avenue N. W. 2311 Ada Place N. W. Timken Service Society, Timken Service Society, Orchestra, Class Officer Student Library Staff Page 1 5 1 ROBERT DEAN BERKEBILE 2405 Cleveland Avenue N. W. Choral Club, Student Manager-Basketball WILLIAM R. CARNAHAN 2216 Forzy-Fourth Street N. W Orchestra, Varsity Golf AUTOMOBILE TOP Row JOSEPH CARMEN CHANGET DON F. COATES HOWARD L. COMPTON 3119 Allen Avenue S. E. 1120 Brant Avenue N. W. 2431 Thirteenth Street N. E. School Play Home Room Representative Reserve Basketball, Reserve Football JOHN L. CONSTANTINO ANTHONY COROSU 2041 Second Street N. E. 2123 Fourth Street N. E. School Play, Home Room Representative, Home Room Representative, Varsity Football, Reserve Football Varsity Football, Reserve Football BOTTOM Row HARRY P. DESANTIS SAM J. FLOTT CONRAD FOWLER u 1460 Water Court S. E. 1236 Lippert Road N. E. 1559 Vine Avenue S, W. Choral Club Home Room Representative ERNEST H. FUCHS STANLEY R. JONES 1017 Ninth Street N. W. 139 Harrison Avenue S. W. Home Room Representative, Home Room Representative, Varsity Football, Varsity Baseball, Varsity Football, Reserve Basketball, Reserve Football Reserve Football, Varsity Golf Page 17 ECORDS prove that this has been Auto Shop's most active year. Despite an acute shortage of parts and tools, the amount and quality of the work has been high. The tool department overcame its handicaps and operated an excellent branch of the shop. First semester repairs soared to the 200 mark, not including small service jobs, which still afforded experience. The paint department has to its credit nine complete paint jobs. Next in quantity of Work is the engine department. A long waiting list for repairs on cars is a fine example of the widely-known quality of work done by this department. ' The chassis department has been the mainstay of the repair division by correcting many faults in steering and braking mechanisms, while the service department has efficiently handled all lubrication jobs. The smooth manner in which this shop operates can be accredited to the democratic selection of student leaders and the cooperation of the teachers. The shop boasts members on the varsity football squad and the senior class vice-president, jack Watson. 'roP Row ANTHONY JAMES LANZA DANIEL THOMAS LEHIGH RALPH WILLIAM LEPAR 465 Thirteenth Street S. E. 1626 Olive Place N. E. 501 Mahoning Road N. E. School Play FRANK LEPORE GREGORY W. MACRIS 2230 Eleventh Street S. W. 1429 Lippert Road N. E. School play, Choral Club Home Room Representative, Reserve Football BOTTOM Row FRANK MORELLO GENE Mosson BERNARD MCGUIRE 1005 Second Street N. E. 720 Shadyside Avenue S. W 1420 Bellflower Avenue S. W. H . ome Room Representative School Play, Varsity Football, Reserve Football FRED L. PELGER 1810 Clarendon Avenue S. W. 801 Fourth Street N. E, Reserve Football DELBERT R. NETHING Page 18 AUTOMOBILE 411'-fx TOP Row 1 TOM POPE PAUL EDWARD POPOVICH STANLEY PRINCE 1457 Alden Avenue S. W. 1745 Superior Avenue N. E. 1814 Alden Avenue S. W. Varsity Football, Reserve Football, Timken Service Society Varsity Golf JOHN L. SCHAFFNER LEROY N. SMITH 122 Claremont Avenue N. W. 1114 Miles Avenue S. W. Timken Service Society, Class Officer, Choral Club BOTTOM Row A ROBERT EUGENE SMYTHE JAY C. STUMAN JACK R. WATSON 534 Third Street N. W. 1231 Cleveland Avenue S, XV. 2118 Gambrinus Avenue S. W. Home Room Representative Varsity Football, Varsity Baseball Reserve Football EDVVARD CHAN WONG PAUL M. YARMAN 1504W Tuscarawas Street W. 812 Wells Avenue N. W. Home Room Representative Page Ruth Frederick, Lena Nichols The busiest and most appreciated girls in the school during the fourth, fifth and sixth periods-Ruth and Lena make change for the hungry students. RUTH E. FREDERICK ANNETTA E. MYERS LENA L. NICHOLS 2107 Thirty-Eighth Street N. W. 623 Cherry Avenue N. E. 602 Garfield Avenue S. W. Page Home Room Representative ERVING three large lunch periods of hungry students effectively and efficiently is the aim of the Cafeteria Course. This requires special knowledge and skill in food preparation, display, and serving. The girls who elect this course learn, through practice in the school cafeteria and in cooperating with other cafeterias, how to prepare menus, to buy and prepare food in quantity, and to display it attractively. In "quantity cookery" the food must be prepared with a great deal of accuracy and the ingredients carefully weighed. On the cafeteria counter, each girl takes her turn at the steam counter, salads, and desserts. Proficiency in mathematics qualifies a girl for the opportunity of being a cashier. The students also learn and practice table service in preparation for large parties held in the cafeteria. They especially enjoy achieving the details of cake baking and decorating. 20 TOP ROW GLORIA JEAN CRITES 2123 Fifteenth Street S. W. I DOLORES ANN EVERHART 3001 Eleventh Street S. W. Timken Service Society, Stagecraft Club GERTRUDE D. FISCUS 607 Kennet Court N. W. Majorette, Choral Club, Timken Service Society Vera Neiswanger, Pat Keney, Walt Ripke, Dolores Everhart Getting ready for a display, these students are picking the "cream oi the crop t from the designs created by the senior "Rembrandts," , ' BOTTOM Row LILIA ANN GASBARE A MAGDALENE KARIPIDES PATRICIA A. KENEY 2148 Fourth Street N. E. 874 Mahoning Road N. E. 2514 Fifteenth Street N. E. Timlcen Service Society, Home Room Timlcen Service Society, Home Room Choral Club Representative, Choral Club Representative, Choral Club JOAN KLEINSCHMIDT BARBARA JEAN LUTHER DORIS ELEANOR MCCLAY 912 Seventh Street N. W. 1446 Ridge Road N. W. R. F. D. No. 2, Louisville Tirnken Service Society, Tivo Staff Stagecraft Club Stagecraft Club Page LWAYS busy, the art students have enhanced the prestige of the school by designing open house posters, foot- ball banquet place cardsg school dance posters, programs and decorations, directory covers, by preparing news- paper cuts for city-wide advertisements, and by creating annual layouts. In class, the students have mastered black and white techniques, all kinds of lettering with brush and pen, and have made reference books, using common trade names for colors. In addition, each student was given the opportunity for individual creative work. , The Commercial Art Department is happy to claim an attendant to the queen, Gertrude Fiscus, who also is a majorette, and Stan Kostowicz, who is a cheerleader. TOP Row JOAN GORDON MCCULLOUGH VERA DOREEN NEISWANGER IVAN LAVERNE RAMSIRE 1015 Nineteenth Street N. E. 713 Patterson Avenue S. W. 330 Tuscarawas Street E. Choral Club Choral Club Stagecraft Club, Art Editor-Tivo Staff WALTER E. RIPKIE JO-ANNE E. ROWLES 1549 Quinby Avenue S. W. 1121 Ellwood Avenue S. W. Home Room Representative, Stagecraft Timken Service Society, Class Officer, Club, Student Manager-Baseball Home Room Representative, Stagecraft Club, Choral Club BOTTOM Row LAUREL ANNE SCHAUFELE MARYAYLCE SUTTON SHIRLEY ANN SWICK 1437 Ninth Street N. E. 2306 Fourteenth Street N. E. 3019 Glen Place N. W. School Play, Choral Club Class Officer, Choral Club PATSY ANNE WOOLSLAYER ROSE MARIE ZENGLER 2845 Abbott Place N. W. S12 South Main Street, North Canton Timken Service Society, Choral Club Tivo Staff Page 22 Barbara Schmader, Donna Keller, Florence Domenico, Dorothy Hare Barbara and Donna consult further instructions from their text and supervise as Dorothy gives Florence a. facial. SHIRLEY M. CADDES CARMEL CONDELLO ROSEMARY DICKERHOOF 1900 Tuscarawas Street E. 1005 Sixth Street N. E. 410 Sixth Street N. E. Choral Club, Trojan Leaders Trojan Leaders FLORENCE E. DOMENICO BEVERLY JEAN FACH 1115 Bellflower Avenue S. W. 1017 Second Street N. E. Band Trojan Leaders A OSSIBLY no course for girls has, within recent years, made more progress than cosmetology. The students learn the most up-to-date techniques used in the performance of all the "beauty skills." The sho this ear has been o en dail for three hours to the publicg the students have served an average of P V P Y ten to fifteen customers a day, many of whom had standing appointments. The services available to the patrons of the shop have been: permanent waves, scalp treatments, manicures, facials, hair tints, bleaches, rinses, shampoos, sets, eyebrow archings, hair cuts, and marcels. A number of the girls have given much of their extra time to count tax stamps for the state refundg to use their knowledge of make-up in preparing characters for dramatics, and to serve on class committees. Page 2 5 COSMETOLOGY ff i ToP ROW MARY R. FIRE CAROL JEAN FOWLER BETTE MAE FREDERICK 958 Sherrick Road S. E. 715 Harrison Avenue S. 'W. 1424 Thirty-Fourth Street N. W Trojan Leaders Choral Club DOROTHY JANE HARE MARJORIE L. JOHNSON 1381 Henry Avenue S. W. 1411 Greenfield Avenue S. W. Choral Club BOTTOM Row DONNA KELLER PATRICIA LOUISE KOEHN MARIJANE KULICH 1664 Harrisburg Road N. E. 708 High Avenue S. XV. 1948 Bentley Place N. E. Choral Club Choral Club Student Library Staff Choral Club BARBARA E. MAKRIDES FREIDA MOSES 2346 Fourteenth Street N. E. 2018 Penn Place N. E. Choral Club, Trojan Leaders, Choral Club Cheerleader Page 24 COSMETOLOGY TOP ROW PAULINE A. MOSIYCHUK ELVIRA M. NOTARO VIVIAN L. OVERLY 1027 Sherrick Road S. E. 1151 Ardmore Avenue S. W. 304 Spring Avenue N. E. Choral Club Tyro Staff, Choral Club JULIA ANNE PARRETTA JENNIE AGNES PICCHIONE 5500 Seventeenth Street S. W. 1029 Melchior Place S. W. Choral Club BOTTOM Row JOANNE PEGGY POSTLETHWAIT GEORGIA ANN RAMPHOS DOROTHY JEAN RAPER 1133 Garfield Avenue S. W. 711 Ninth Street N. W. 516 Rowland Avenue N. E. Choral Club RUBY DAWN ROESSNER ELEANOR MARIE ROSS 3325 Seventeenth Street S. W. 1328 Twenty-Fifth Street N. W. Choral Club Choral Club M' fu .1 P 25 COSMETOLOGY fl? TOP Row - JEAN ANN SAMSON BARBARA ANN SCHMADER DELORES SHAHEEN 1614 Bryan Avenue S. W. 615 Bedford Avenue S. W. 718 Twelfth Street N4 E. Choral Club Tyro Staff, Home Room Representative, Choral Club Choral Club HELEN SPRIT JEAN M. STOEHR 2153 Eighth Street N. E. 2001 Penn Place N. E, Home Room Representative, Choral Club BOTTOM Row X N VIRGINIA M. TORRE MARY LOUISE TRILLI MARION LAVINA TRUMP XQ4357, Hammond Avenue S. W. 1445 Cleveland Avenue S. W. 2114 Twenty-Third Street N. E fb il V 7- Choral Club Choral Club Orchestra, Choral Club . JJ 'TX ' .f N .Ly A 'rf BETTY JUNE WALTER DELORES WUCHNICK .xv 1,1 lj J 1808 Second Street N. E. 1724 Grace Avenue N. E. vf 1' 1' T P A Timken service society Choral Club rl of H1 af . ,XD .f ' V QV 1 itll -T KQV.: 'X ' 'S Page 26 TOP ROW WENDELL B. BASTIAN 122 Thirty-Sixth Street N. E. Timken Service Society CARL A. DIPIETRO 2225 Eleventh Street S. W. Timken Service Society, Choral Club, Varsity Golf Bill Ginther, Fred Fox, Blair Fowler, Raymond Ribes, Paul Waechter The rlraftsmen gather 'round for an all-important conference on the scale used for detailing a cast steel truck spring. RICHARD EDWARD BRASILL 1246 Ardmore Avenue S. W. - Timken Service Society, Reserve Football BLAIR L. FOWLER 2409 Ninth Street S. W. Timken Service Society, Stage Technicians ELMER FRANK CHICKY 1834 Wallace Avenue N. E. Home Room Representative, Band FRED A. FOX 149 Anna Avenue N. W. Timken Service Society to be Page 27 R. MASON once said: "This room is the heart of the building." In the drafting room blue prints and dexo- graphs, with definite directions and details, are made for use in all other shop activities. Every drawing is then carefully filed and numbered for later use. The shop is run on a management set up composed of such officers as: chief draftsman, chief checker. chief blue printerg a foreman for each of the following: maintenance, dexograph, files, math, library, cabinet, bulletin board, storage, progress cards, and catalogues. The associated subjects are tongue-twisting logarithms, trigonometry, solid geometry, and gearing. Some of the numerous projects completed are the blue prints for a city map, feed blocks, a punch press, a layout of the stadium, the map of the field house, a Mg-inch drilling device, and a welding machine guard--ap- proximately 18,000 blue prints a year. f Many of the boys are active in home room sports, band, and guide club, with the guide club president, Paul Morelli, a member of the class. TOP ROW WILLIAM'DEAN GINTHER RODGER CHARLES HOFFMAN JAMES c. KOUFOS 1651 Shflvef Avenue N- E4 A 311 Ralph court N. xv. 2054 Fifth street s. E. Home Room Representative, H R R mative Band, Orchestra Gmc Com eprese 1 Varsity Basketball, -Reserve Basketball Student Baseball Manager PAUL D. MORELLI RAYMOND RIBES 1820 Edwards Avenue N. E. 2311 Grigsby Place S. W. Timken Service Society, Band Home Room Representative, Band, Choral Club ao'r1'oM Row , JOSEPH L. TOVISSI JAMES JOSEPH VOLZER PAUL E. WAECHTER 2217 Eighteenth Street N. E. 1018 Linwood Avenue S. W. 2707'IQl!th Street N. W. Timken Service Society, Tyro Staff, Stagecraft Club ' P Student Football Manager LEE A. WARFEL ROBERT GENE WUCHNIC 1238 Ellwood Avenue S. W. 2347 Fifteenth Street N. E. Timken Service Society Page 28 l f r f ' if 't M 55 -5 2 Q! it .t 1 I 3 1 6 Jennie Tortura, Betty Sheatzley, Agnes Inioccio , , Draping in 224'-Jennie, Betty and Agnes, with the helpful knowledge of color and ,I 9 Q ' figure-flattering lines, design "milady's gownf' im? if t t V LAVONNK LIIZLIKN BAKER BESSIE-MARIE IDA BRUMMA DELORES VIOLET DALPRA 16185 Bedford Avenue S. W. 1631 Twenty-Ninth Street N. W. 2516 Seventeenth Street S. W. .FM 1. 5 fag' 5 Home Room Representative, I Choral Club ' "Cv PATSY L. GALLOXVAY AGNES MAY INTOCCIO ' " 1247 Market Avenue South 1504 Third Street S. E. Majorette 7 Home Room Representative, X Choral Club 1 Q A ' 57 fl J , by w fy RESSMAKING SHOP is the "fashion centernof Timken. During the year the following projects are required of each senior: a blouse, skirt, jacket, hat, bag, and top coat. The girls have also aided school functions with their nimble fingers by decorating the football queen's throne, creating the crown, altering the at- tendants' gownsg designing and making the page's costume, new cheerleaders' outfits, majorettes' blouses, band hats, and St. Patrick outfits for the majorettes. Among the notables in the shop' are two majorettes, Pat Galloway and Pat Wise, an attendant to the queen, Mary Lenardos, and one of the leading ladies of the class play, Helen Joseph. Many of the girls are active in Trojan Leaders, band, and chorus, and all participated in the Revue. Perfect coordination in clothing design and color is studied, posture is stressed. Much experience is gained by the Dress Shop System, in which the seniors hold executive positions, such as designer, manager, milliner, sales lady, secretary, and buyer, while the work room is in charge of the juniors. Page 29 TOP ROW MARY L. LENARDOS 705 Seventh Street N. E. so'r'roM Row BETTY L. SHEATZLEY Page 30 2012 Third Street N. E. ,.f. gt ga U . .N J SHIRLEY ANNE LEWIS 1708 Bank Place S. W. Choral Club MARIE JEAN STEFANKO 1307 Eighteenth Street S. W. DRESSMAKING ANGELINE ROSS 712 Eleventh Street S. E. Choral Club JENNIE LILLIAN TORTORA 2534 Tuscarawas Street E. Choral Club www K 5 , TOP ROW JOSEPH J. ABBONIZIO 1429 Greenfield Avenue S. W. ROBERT C. ALLEN 1252 Bauscher Court N. W. WILLIAM G. AULD 2615 Mahoning Road N. E. School Play, Home Room Representative, Reserve Basketball, Reserve Football, Student Football Manager FRANKLIN BLAIR BORING 3125 Belmont Road S. W. Pete Cespedes, Don Clark, Louis Eustathious, Earl Lake, Robert Allen Watch out for the "big charge" as these electricians get ready to test rv. D. BOTTOM ROW C. generator J. CLARK BAILEY PAUL WILLIAM BERGER 210 Cecil Court S. W. R. D. No. 1, Lake Cable Band Band, Orchestra, Reserve Basketball, Reserve Football WILLIAM BURRY PETER P. CESPEDES 1115 Ardmore Avenue S, W. 2144 Penn Place N. E. School Play, Stage Technicians, Stagecraft Club Page 31 HE management of the Electric Shop is composed of a superintendent, foreman, librarian, safety man, and service man. While some students Work on theory, others complete practical repairs. Also, as a part of their assign- ment, they take inventory of all electrical equipment in the other shops. The students have performed forty direct current and twenty-six alternating current experiments, repaired fifty motors electrically and mechanically, rebuilt two fast chargers and several transformers, repaired numerous switches, lights, and sweepers for Timken and other schools. Electric Shop is widely-known in sports, having varsity footballybasketball, and baseball players. Many of the boys have been active in band, orchestra, and dramatics, while still others have served on class committees and as hall guards. The department is proud to claim Don Clark, who served as Senior Class President. TOP Row VINCENT A. CHIARUCCI DONALD WILLIAM CLARK LOUIS WILLIAM EUSTATHIOS 921 M:Gregor Avenue N. W. 1118 Ressler Court S. W. 1733 Harvard Avenue N. W. ' Band, Orchestra Class Officer, Home Room Representative, Student Library Staff BENNY GARCIA J. EDWARD JUENEMANN 1435 Third Street N. E. 938 Bellflower Avenue S. W. Stage Technicians Band, Orchestra, Varsity Baseball BOTTOM Row EDWARD J. KIRKLAND PAUL E. LAB EARL W. LAKE 1415 Crescent Road S. W. 112 Dartmouth Avenue S. W. 2614 Clyde Place S. W. Timken Service Society, Stage Technicians Stage Technicians Band, Orchestra GENE R. MORRIS RONALD D. VAN HORN 234 Arlington Avenue S. W. 1627 Struble Avenue N. E. Stage Technicians, Class Officer, Home Room Representative, Stagecraft Club Student Library Staff, Varsity Basketball, Varsity Football, Reserve Basketball, Reserve Football Page 32 Vernon Landers, Bill Booth, Bob Mutter, Nick Monastra, Joe Ferko Accurate to the Humpteenth degree" is this milling machine on which the boys are doing work on the vise. ALBERT ALDEN ABDULLA TED ADAMS 1410 Fifth Street S. W. 1744 Tenth Street N. E. Home Room Representative, Varsity Football, Reserve Football CHANDOS L. BAILEY ALEX BIKIS 210 Cecil Court S. W. 509 Young Avenue N. E. Band, Choral Club Home Room Representative . .,,..? up 1 A ,V 'V ACHINE SHOP is divided into two programs: Student Management, consisting of officers who conduct and supervise the shop procedure, the Personnel Organization which pertains to student responsibility for care and cleaning of machinery. No student is permitted to leave class until his machine has been cleaned and all tools which he used accounted for in the tool crib. This system tends to produce reliable and exacting workers. One outstanding senior project is an emery wheel stand for shop use, including the machine pedestal, motor, switches, and indirect lights for use while grinding. Other material accomplishments are: bench vises, machine vises, V-blocks, parallel clamps, tool grinding and drill grinding gauges, paper weights, milling machine collars, machine bolts, screw plates, pin depth gauges, C-clamps, forging chisels, round, hexagon, and flat head screws on turret lathes. Machine Shop workers are also known for their interest in both basketball and football, as they are proud of several varsity players from their shop. Page 5 3 MACHINE TOP Row WILLIAM M. BOOTH MICHAEL CAMPANARO RICHARD S. DAUGHENBAUGH 2708 Twelfth Street N. W. 1620 Tuscarawas Street E. 1023 Sylvan Court N. E. Choral Club Band, Orchestra, Choral Club JOHN C. EBNER JACK E. FEARN 814 Smith Avenue N. W. 1427 Logan Avenue N. W. BOTTOM Row JOSEPH MICHAEL FERKO JOHN F. FERNANDEZ KARL OTTO FRENTZEI. 1515 Henry Avenue S. W 2302 Fourth Street N. E. 1007 Sandals Place N. E. Band, Cho7i Clubkjjf MLK A :HAEL GABRIK MATTHEW GIORDANO 'W-1, Jr! 522 Stark Avenue S. W. 1007 Rowland Avenue N. E. Ui . ' ' ff 5 WW y V QM I ' ' I3 -A QV 4 J Q ..... girls 'X MACHINE L TOP Row KENNETH E. GONDA CLARK A. HAYS JAMES C. HUGHES 505 Harrison Avenue N. W. 3049 Windsor Place S. W. 2806 Daleford Avenue N. E. Home Room Representative, Varsity Football, Reserve Football Varsity Football, Reserve Football VINCENT IANIGRO MILOS THEODORE JACKS 322-6 Arbor Road S. W. 1715 Henry Avenue S. W. Home Room Representative BOTTOM Row WILLIAM E. JOHNSON RAYMOND H. KRAMER DEWEY VARNON LANDERS 1154 Roslyn Avenue S. W. 1109 Camden Avenue S. W. 2115 Seventh Street S. W. Class Officer, Home Room Representative, V2lfSi!Y Foorball, Reserve Foorball Choral Club, Reserve Basketball MIKE PAUL MITCHELL NICK AURELIO MONASTRA 1616 Gayle Place S. W. 1141 Homewood Avenue S. W. Home Room Representative ?Mf W 1.5 If Q' QQ ff' r- E f Page 5 P MACHINE S TOP Row ROBERT PAUL MOTTER GUST NICKOLAS WILLIAM F. PAUMIER 2121 Seventeenth Street S. E. 125 Fifteenth Street S. E. R. D. No. 1, Canton DONALD E. PAYNE HARLAN R. PEFFER A 2649 Mahoning Road N. E. 2225 Indiana Way N. E. BOTTOM Row SAM POL S LEONARD WILLIAM PUCCI WILLIAM E. RENO 911 Harrison Av e S. W. 1500 Third Street N. E. 245 Mosley Court S. W. y s NICK SAMA NICK SANKOVICH 1001 Lawrence Road N. E. 2129 Henry Avenue S. W. W Class Officer, School Play 0 0 t' 1 f ,J f- 1 f, 0 561021 , Page 56 ir MACHINE f '1 TOP ROW R SS O S HM T RICHARD DAVID SHAHEEN JOSEPH S. STRANAN O ' C ID 1242 Fulton Road N. W. 1301 Eighteenth Street S. W. 1719 Fourth Street N. E. Varsity Football, Reserve Football DANIEL JOSEPH VILLAMAGNA CLYDE L. WAY 609 Nineteenth Street N. W. 1917 Kirk Court N. W. Timken Service Society BOTTOM Row i LOUIS WILLIAMS RALPH E. WYLER JOHN R. YUNG 1404 Third Street S. W. 537 Thirty-Seventh Street N. W. 521 Harrison Avenue N. W. Varsity Football, Reserve Football Home Room Representative, Varsity Baseball, Reserve Football RICHARD D. ZAHLER HARVEY H. ZIMMERMAN 2155 Second Street S. E. 221 Park Avenue N. W. Student Baseball Manager ' Page 37 X . Don Weston, Bill Hodous, Mario Carozza, Ed Sutherland . The technical success of many other industriesldepends on the accuracy with which these boys make their patterns. ROBERT R. BEITER ROBERT C. BYRNES MARION CAROZZA 1158 Rex Avenue N. E. 1802 Forty-First Street N. W. 2820 Ninth Street N. W. School Play X ROBERT G. COY DON FRY 5006 Ninth Street S. W. 118 Belden Avenue S. E. Home Room Representative, Student Library Staff HE display board of the Pattern Shop acts as an incentive to students, who are proud to see their Work exhibited. The board shows many of the castings made at the McKinley High School Foundry from pat- terns made by Timken students. A pattern-of-the-month program was introduced during the year in which the outstanding patterns made by a junior and a senior Were displayed, along with a special-mention pattern chosen for its difficulty in construction. Gear cases, gear arms, and other intricate patterns of size have been produced since a better supply of lumber has permitted the students to cease making the "watch fob type." Page 38 TOP ROW WILLIAM JOSEPH HODOUS 1814 Alden Avenue S.'W. Home Room Representative BOTTOM ROW EDWARD R. SUTHERLAND, JR. 2107 Thirty-First Street N. W. School Play, Choral Club f ELMER STEPHEN JOSEPH 1445 Allen Avenue S. E. Orchestra DONALD EUGENE WESTON 3335 Harrison Avenue N. W. School Play, Choral Club PATTERN JOSEPH PEREZ 2155 Sixth Street N. E GEORGE M. WISE 708 Third Street N. W Joe Bocija, Jack Kean Put the paper in flat and it comes out folded-Joe and jack just stand by :mu watch-well, almost. JOSEPH BOCIJA JACK SALVATORE DESTEFANO D DAVE C. DRY 1401 Vine Avenue S, W. 944 McGregor Avenue N. W. R. D. No. 1, Canton Graphic Arts Club, Graphic Arts Club, Graphic Arts Club, Reserve Football Stagecraft Club Reserve Football HERBERT E. JARRETT JACK W. KEAN R. D. No. 2, Wise Road, Canton 2107 Thirty-First Street N. W. Graphic Arts Club Graphic Arts Club, Choral Club HE machinery, type, and all other equipment of the Print Shop are of the highest grade, assuring the students of this shop a thorough apprenticeship training in printing. Included in this apprenticeship is the opportunity to study the use of the platen, automatic, and cylinder presses, and such power machines as the miterer, saw trimmer, folder, wire stitcher, drill, power cutter, virkotyping, and even stereotyping. An outstanding feature of the course allows each sophomore student his own stick, galley, line gauge, and a 10 point Caslon 540 type case, while the juniors and seniors have an 8, 10, and 12 point case. A few of the many projects completed this year have been: a colorful calendar, programs for all the school parties, school report cards, football banquet place cards, school letrerheads, typing class letterheads, a school direc- tory, and numerous report blanks for teachers. Page 40 L- i PRINTING TOP Row KEVIN J. KELLY WILLIAM J. LIPPKA JAMES E. QUEEN 1658 Grace Avenue N. E. 1429 Market Avenue S. R. D. No. 1, Canton Graphic Arts Club Home Room Representative, Choral Club, Graphic Arts Club, Graphic Arts Club, Reserve Football Choral Club JACK R. REINART ANDREW J. RETI 3940 Sixth Street S. W. 1918 Superior Avenue N. E. Graphic Arts Club School Play, Graphic Arts Club, Choral Club BOTTOM Row JACK F. SCHAEFFER EDWARD V. SLABAUGH JOHN R. STEFANAK 744 McKinley Avenue S. XV. 241 Smith Avenue S. W. 1434 Hilcher Avenue N. E. Home Room Representative, Graphic Arts Club, Graphic Arts Club, Student Library Staff, Graphic Arts Club, Stagecraft Club, Choral Club Choral Club Choral Club ADELBERT R. UHRICH FRANK VARGO 5006 Fulton Road N. W. 2267 Whipple Road N. NW. Graphic Arts Club Graphic Arts Club Page 41 TOP ROW JOHN EDWIN ALEXANDER 1253 Cleveland Avenue S. W. Student Library Staff, Future Retailers Club JOSEPH DONALD ALLAN 1106 Third Street S. W, Choral Club GLORIA ANN BAIRD 1208 Shadyside Avenue S. XV. Choral Club, School Play, Student Library Staff Madeline Walther, Gloria Masoka., Eddie Grosschmidt, Martha Harm From marking room- to customer--Eddie delivers gooda from the stock room as Martha and Gloria, in turn sell to Madeline, acting as the customer. BOTTOM ROW MARILYN JEANE BLYAR HELEN ELAINE BROWN LUCILLE MAE BROZOVIC 1851 Maple Avenue N. E. 2700 Sixth Street S. W. Timken Service Society, Student Library Staff, Choral Club Timken Service Society, Home Room Representative, Choral Club Student Library Staff, Choral Club ELIZABETH JEAN CAMPAGNOLI JOE CHARLEY J. CARL CIULLA 1442 Bryan Avenue S. W. 2117 Penn Place N. E. 1439 Willet Avenue School Play School Play Page 42 RETAILING l i ToPRow ELLALEE CODY PHYLLIS RAE COWGILL ALICE M. DECKER 1618 Bryan Avenue S. WC 715 Cherry Avenue N. E. 1440 Greenfield Avenue S. W. LUELLA DIMMERLING HELEN ANN DUMITRU 4302 Cleveland Avenue N. W. 1738 Harrisburg Road N. E. School Play, Choral Club Z l . . . X ft-I BOTTOM Row M .,'f'Qbi'I JOANNE C. ESBER LAWRENCE E. EVERS B TY ER 1443 Cottage Place N. W. 918 Fourth Street S. W. 7 Ni thi rect S. A School Play Timken Service Society, o Play, Band School Play Choral Clan," LEONARD J. FORCHIONE ANITA FULMER 1022 Fifth Street S. W. 2512 Rowland Avenue N. E. Band, Choral- Club School Play, Choral Club, Cheedeader Page 43 COURSE in Retailing is somewhat new to high schools, but it is accomplishing its purpose of providing more and better trained workers in the retailing world. The students :average thirty hours of co-op work a week, for which they receive proportionate wages. This year's group has been employed in thirty different stores, selling various merchandise from shoes to electrical appliances. The curriculum of this course stresses salesmanship, personality development, advertising, display, merchandise information, store organization and management, retailing laws and regulations, interior decorating, mathematics, and trends in retailing. Several banquets were held this year by the employers, the students, and the Future Retailers of Ohio. Betty McBride is the treasurer of this association. The retailers have the honor of having in their midst her majesty, the football queen of Timken Vocational High School, Geraldine Jackson. TOP Row FRANCES IRENE GESSEL EDWARD A. GROSSCHMIDT MARTHA LUCILLE HANN 718 Cherry Avenue N. E. 2245 Thirteenth Street N. E. 1437 Harrisburg Road N. E. Home Room Representative Tivo Staff, Home Room Representative, Band, Chorus Choral Club . RONALD EARL HOLT JANENE ANN IDEN 1337 Glendale Place N. E. 132 Lawn Avenue S. W. Choral Club BOTTOM Row GERALDINE ALICE JACKSON JOANNE PEARL JAMES LELIA LATHAM 207 Fifteenth Street S, W, 1230 Tenth Street N. W. 1401 Court Avenue S. W. Band, Choral Club DOLORES ANN LEON FRANK LUPE 2128 Third Street N. E. 1624 Harrisburg Road N. E. Choral Club Page 44 RETAILING u TOP Row MARTHA E, MARKLOY GLORIA JEAN MASOKA BETTY LOUISE MCBRIDE . 517 High Avenue N. W. 1644 Clarendon Avenue S. W. 1625 Fulton Road N. W. Tyro Staff, Home Room Representative IDA MAY MCVEHIL VIRGINIA ROSEMARY MEH1. R, D. No. 2, Louisville 2523 Eleventh Street N. W. Choral Club BOTTOM Row FLOYD SAMUEL OSWALD DONNA OSWALT NANCY MARIE PATETE 428 Market Avenue S. 208 Gibbs Avenue N. E. 1322 Eleventh Street S. E, Reserve Football, Reserve Basketball, Home Room Representative Home Room Representative, Student Manager-Track Student Library Staff IRENE R. PAULINE TOM E. PAYNE 1444 Greenfield Avenue S. W. p 325 Wells Avenue N. W. Home Room Representative, School Play, Home Room Representative, Choral Club Choral Club, Future Retailing Club an Page 45 RETAILING TOP Row v ALICE JOSEPHINE PRUSACIK CORRINNE ELSIE RENNER BEVERLY ARLENE RINGER 926 Clarendon Avenue S. W. 2610 Whipple Road N. W. 1545 Oxford Avenue N. W- Timken Service Society, School Play Choral Club ISABEL JEAN SCIURY AUDREY K. SITLER 1424 Harrison Avenue S. W. 720 Lawrence Road N. E. Choral Club BOTTOM Row AUDREE LOU SMITH KATHARINE SONNTAG SHIRLEY MARIE STONEMAN 1405 St. Elmo Avenue N. E. 821 Union Avenue S. W. 1521 Miami Court N. E. Choral Club Choral Club PAULINE STUBAVI CURTIS WAYNE SWIGER 506 Fourteenth Street S. E. 916 Highland Road N. E. Chorus Future Retailers Club Page 46 RETAILING TOP Row ELIZABETH CAROLYN TAYLOR GLENARD G. TURPIN GLORIA G. TURPIN 1015 Eleventh Street N. W. 1911 Sixth Street S. W. 1911 Sixth Street S. W. JOSEPH A. WALSH MADELINE F. WALTHER 510 Cook Avenue S. W. 1723 Cleveland Avenue N. W. Future Retailers Club BOTTOM Row ARDITH FAY XVHITF NICK PAUL WILLIAMS THOMAS R. WILLIS R. D. No. 4, Canton 702 Seventh Street N. E. 1110 DeBerg Court N. W. School Play Reserve Basketball, Reserve Football, Future Retailers Club Home Room Representative WILLIAM EDWARD YOHE JOHN W. ZUZICH 1822 Forty-Second Street N. W. 1515 Eastview Avenue N. E. Tyro Staff, Tivo Staff, Home Room Representative, Future Retailers Club, Choral Club Page 47 Home Room 208 in typing class with their instructor, Miss Hazel J. Post Accuracy zmzl sneerl are the goals of the secretarial students iu both typing and shrwtlizmrl-fthus, trzxiumg better Secretaries to meet business flemunds. TOP Row BERTHA AFENTUL JANET ARLENE ARGYLE IDAMAE A. BIANCHI 613 Gobel Avenue N. E. 1118 Twelfth Street N. E. 1650 Grace Avenue N. E. Timken Service Society, School Play, Timken Service Society, Choral Club Home Room Representative, Choral Club, Publications Choral Club BOTTOM ROW GRETA BORGEN JANICE RAE BROWN MARGARET MARIE BURNS 4440 Third Street N. W. 1943 Fourth Street S. E. 1628 Grace Avenue N. E. Orchestra, Choral Club Tirnken Service Society, Choral Club Page 48 Tyro Staff, Choral Club SECRETARIAL TOP ROW ELLEN MAE CHEVIRON 1510 Tuscarawas Street E. Tirnken Service Society, Choral Club BOTTOM Row RUTH ANN ELLIOTT 2815 Nicholas Place N. W. Timken Service Society, Orchestra, Choral Club GLADYS GERTRUDE DAY 112 Smith Avenue N. W. Timken Service Society, Student Library Staff GLORIA CHARLENE ERBEL 2414 Indiana Way N. E. Timken Service Society, Tyro Staff, Student Library Staff, Choral Club ROSINA M. DIBATTISTA 1343 Scoville Avenue S. W. Timken Service Society, School Play, Choral Club ELIZABETH M. ERDOS 2510 Fifteenth Street N. E. Tyro Staff, Choral Club Page 49 RIENDLY competition is the keynote in the Secretarial Class. Each girl strives to surpass the work she has already accomplished, thus enabling her to become more proficient. The study of shorthand and typing is the basis of the course. Daily, letters and other materials are dictated at rates from 60 to 160 Words per minute. The notes are then transcribed by the students. A high degree of ac- curacy and skill must be attained on each transcript in order to receive credit for the work. In typing, budgets of letters and tabulations are completed in a stated amount of time, the grade depends upon accuracy. Ten to fifteen-minute timed writings are also typed frequently. Boasting two attendants to the football queen-Pat Weber and Mary jane Steeseg the Senior Class Treasurer, Connie Monterrubio-most of the girls spend extra time working in the library and the school office, serving on social committees, contributing to publications, and participating in Trojan Leader activities. TOP Row CAROL ELAINE ESSNER DOLORES ANN FETE GERALDINE GLORIA FRAKES 1333 Twenty-Third Street N. W. 1722 Henry Avenue S. W1 1415 Arnold Avenue N. W. Tyro Staff, Choral Club Stagecraft Club, Choral Club Orchestra, Majorette, Choral Club JACQUELINE MARY FRALEIGH ROSE GLIATTA 1827 Wallace Avenue N. E. 213 Belden Avenue S. E. Timken Service Society, Choral Club Tyro Staff BOTTOM ROW PAULINE MARGARET GRANCHI GLADYS RUTH GRAVIUS EVELYN LUCILLE HOUSEHOLDER 1406 Scoville Avenue S. W. 2110 Twenty-Fourth Street N. E. 1914 Second Street N. E. Timken Service Society, Tyro Staff, Choral Club Timken Service Society, Stagecraft Club, Tivo Staff, Home Room Representative, Choral Club, Office Assistant Choral Club, Office Assistant MARYJANE A. KOMPARA HELEN LANKA 714 Correll Avenue N. E. 2822 Twentieth Street S. W. School Play, Student Library Staff, Timken Service Society, Choral Club Student Library Staff, I Trojan Leaders, Blue and Gold Page 50 SECRETARIAL TOP Row GENEVIEVE LAZARIDES ALICE MARIE LYONS IRENE ETHEL MAGYARY 2150 Sixth Street N. E. 1923 Eleventh Street S. W. 2430 Winfield Way N. E. Choral Club Timken Service Society, Home Room Timken Service Society, Representative, Choral Club Choral Club LAURA JEANETTE MARSHALL DOROTHY E. MCDONALD 137 Kensington Court N. W. 2200 Winfield Way N. E. T imken Service Society, Tyro Staff, Home Room Representative, Student Library Staff, Choral Club, Office Assistant Choral Club, Trojan Leaders Blue and Gold BOTTOM Row EDITH W. MIKUSA CONNIE M. MONTERRUBIO CAROL RAE MOORHEAD 312 Twenty-Fifth Street S. W. 1815 Bedford Avenue S. W. 2326 Tenth Street N. W. Stagecraft Club, Choral Club Timken Service Society, Class Officer, Timken Service Society, Choral Club, Tyro Staff, Choral Club Trojan Leaders, Blue and Gold JANICE ILLEEN MULHEIM GERTRUDE C. NIEPORTE 1428 Duebet Avenue S. W. 1322 High Avenue S. W. Choral Club, Office Assistant Timken Service Society, Choral Club Page 51 SECRETARIAL 'roP Row ALICE MARY NOVAK DONNA JEANNE OKEY JULIA HELEN OLEKSA 1111 Homewood Avenue S. W. 1338 Ivydale Avenue S. W. 1927 Mahoning Road N, E, Timken Service Society, Tyro Staff Trojan Leaders Timken Service Society Trojan Leaders, Blue and Gold SOPHIE PAPACHRISTON BETTY JEAN PAUL 208 Raynolds Place S. VV. 268 Bellflower Avenue N. XV. Timken Service Society, School Play, Timken Service Society, Home Room Representative, Student Library Staff Choral Club, Trojan Leaders BOTTOM Row CATHERINE R. PENNA ROSEMARY M. PETRO NORMA JEAN REPASKY 1442 Scoville Avenue S. W. 1500 Third Street S. E. 1910 Fifteenth Street S. W1 h Choral Club Choral Club, Trojan Leaders, Choral Club, Publications Blue and Gold NANCY RUTH RICE MARY JANE STEESE 1327 Logan Avenue N. W. 421 Dewalt Avenue S. W. Timken Service Society, Tyro Staff, Home Room Representative, Student Library Staff, Choral Club, Trojan Leaders Page 52 SECRETARIAI. L, TOP Row ' MARY KATHLEEN STROPKY EDITH KATHERINE STURM ANNE M. TOUSSANT 1708 Navarre Road S. W. 1742 Root Avenue N. E. 1115 Eighth Street N. W. Band, Choral Club, Timken Service Society, Tyro Staff, Tyro Staff, Choral Club Trojan Leaders Student Library Staff, Choral Club, Office Assistant HILDA M. WAGNER BEVERLY JOAN WATSON 313 Gibbs Avenue N. E. 910 Bellflower Avenue N. W. Tyro Staff, Choral Club, Literary editor, Tivo Staff, Tyro Staff, Office Assistant Choral Club. Timken Service Society BOTTOM Row PATRICIA A. WEBER MARILYN JEAN WEBLER MAE LOUISE WERNECKE 500 Smith Avenue N. W. 1325 Dueber Avenue S. W. 330 Sixth Street S. W. Timken Service Society, Tyro Staff, Tyro Staff, Home Room Representative, Timken Service Society, Choral Club, Tivo Staff, Orchestra, Choral Club - Office Assistant HELEN LUCILLE WEST FERNA ZANTOPULOS 1000 Bedford Avenue S. W. 912 Rowland Avenue N. E. Tyro Staff, Student Library Staff, Orchestra, Choral Club Band, Choral Club Page 53 Nick Dominic, Don Leighiner, Glen McClintock Brawn? XVell. not quite-the hidden power operating this squaring shears is Nick's unphotogrziphed foot. SHEET METAL is divided into groups of "factory workers" and those who are closely related to the building trades, The handling of tools and the fabrication of sheet metal into various forms are the essentials of this appren- ticeship. TOP Row NICK PAUL DOMINICK WILLIAM D. FORTNEY DONALD L. LIGHTNER 2401 TUSCHIHWHS Street E. 538 Seventeenth Street S. E. 741 High Avenue S. W. Choral Club, Reserve Football BOTTOM Row GLENN M. MCCLINTOCK HARRY PAPAS LEROY VANWY 602 Raynolds Place S. W. 1908 Fifth Street N. E. T11 Sixth Street S. W. Home Room Representative, Choral Club, Varsity Football, Reserve Football Page 54 THE Tea Room Course is divided into two working units-the production staff and the serving staff. During the year the juniors have com- petently prepared more than seventy-five appetizing din- ners, while the seniors have acted as hostesses in the dining room in addition to their work on a co-op basis each day as waitresses and cashiers. ToP Row E. GRACE CAPPER 2515 Seventeenth Street N. Choral Club JOSEPHINE ANN LENO 1216 Housel Avenue S. E. Home Room Representative YOLANDA M. POPO 119 Earl Place S. E. E. Tea Room girls enjoying their work Exquisite china, shining crystal, snow-white linens, cozy environment, proper serving are all a part of our Tea Room. The girls in this course set beautifully and artistically. BOTTOM ROW the tables JANE MARIE OTT ELEANOR OZVATH 1004 Clarendon Avenue N. W. 2330 Indiana Way N. E. Student Library Staff Home Room Representative SARA STONER AUDREY L. DIERINGER 1013 Park Avenue S. W. 4555 Thirteenth Street N- XV- Trojan Leaders Page 5 5 Steve Evanko, Chuck Neago, Joe Rutkuwski Steve, Chuck :mtl Joe demonstrate the method of cutting steel with an uxyztcetylene cutting machine-what was that word again? MANUEL BOCIJA GEORGE VERON BERBELES 1401 Vine Avenue S. W. 814 Arlington Avenue N. W. Home Room Representative, Stagecraft Club, Reserve Football DANIEL M. COMPTON STEPHEN JOHN EVANKO 2451 Thirteenth Street N. E. 2210 Allen Avenue S. E. Page 56 Reserve Basketball TOP ROW RICHARD ANTENUCE 119 Dryden Avenue N. W. Home Room Representative BOTTOM ROW ROBERT C. BINKLEY 1449 Edwards Avenue N. E. Choral Club ROBERT GUSSETT 517 Thirty-Third Street N. W Home Room Representative, Choral Club AFETY FIRST is the motto of Welding Shop. Some of those all-important rules learned by the boys are: Always use goggles for grinding. Always protect the feet and body by using proper clothing. Never do any chipping without goggles. Never have loose clothing to get caught in equipment. Always be sure guards are on the machines. Methods of the electric arc and the gas torch for the joining of metal parts, and of gas for cutting are studied and practiced for such uses as in plumbing, auto body repairing, and structural steel. The students also need to know how to lay out materials from blueprints and how to shear and fashion metals. The shop's activities have consisted of repairing the sweepers used at school, six engines, chair supports, the rail for the orchestra pit, building three coal hoppers for the boiler room, lawn rollers, ash cans, snow shovels, and scooters. The shop also boasts of having varsity football and basketball players. TOP Row ALBERT JAMES GRUBISH REUBEN HARRIS JAMES WILLIAM HELMKAMP 2500 Winfield Way N. E. 405 Fourteenth Street S. E. 2321 Mahoning Road N. E. Varsity Football HOWARD JUNIOR KINSINGER CHARLES NEAGO 904 Tuscarawas Street E. 1430 Bedford Avenue S. W, Class Officer, Home Room Representative, Varsity Basketball, Varsity Football, Varsity Baseball Reserve Basketball, Reserve Football BOTTOM Row I RONALD E. PACE JOE WILLIAM RUTKOWSKI ARTHUR RONALD SHACKLE 1724 Edwards Avenue N. E. 1747 Twenty-Fourth Street N. W. 714 Third Street S. W. Home Room Representative Timken Service Society, Home Room Representative, Stagecraft Club, Choral Club, Varsity Basketball, Reserve Basketball, Reserve Football, Student Manager--Baseball RAY NELSON VAN ORINIAN EVERE'I'I' F. VANWY 1561 Henry Avenue S. W. 711 Sixth Street S. W. Band Page 5 7 TIMKEITS SERVICEMEN Approximately forty returned servicemen, either anxious to resume their education where the war inter- rupted, or determined to learn a trade, comprise our veteran vocational classes at Timken. These veterans attend full schedule classes each day. Those desiring special training attend after-school classes. Of these veterans, twenty-two will graduate with the Class of '47, With few exceptions, these young men are iven the same rivile es and en'o the social activities of the Senior Class. 8 8 J Y These former G. l.'s, who are now under Mr. Malick's supervision, have organized one extra curricular activity-a basketball team. Their opponents were veterans from the other schools of Canton. Row I, Left to Right: Edward NVong, Nick Dominick, Earl XYisemnn, VVilliz1m Deffosmo, Charles Jennings, Sam Flott, Harry Papas, Daniel Lehigh, Franklin Boring, Row II: Thomas Pope, Emil Muntezm, Manuel Bocija, George hlcsepli. Antonio Allesandrini, Lloyd llIcCord, Thomas Grant. Rc-w III: Frank Brady, Nick Sama, john Piacente, Paul Clark, Ed Yant, Leonard Lorey, XVilliam Vllong. ' Row IV: Al Halpeny, Ralph LePar, Paul Shook. DeForest Karp, james Black, George Mitchell, Forest Brown. Row V: Kevin Kelly, jack Reinart, Robert Aebi, Bill Katusin, Albert DiLoreto, Russell Dart, Harry Moustaris. Row VI: Loru Ash, Leo Halco, Reuben Harris. Leonard Tange. Page 58 ,Q , fffiw QQ ' , , fit , ' -' t ,X , 4 --.--- - ' S Q - f aw . , b y egfaiizl ys'f5?4f:? Q .. Q K 4, ' 2, -"- , x , x g 1 ', 25,x,Tx' fi A iw ,- .. . , ifffwlsfll A f , :N w .-V. , ,. ,, .ff ,Q 1 m.,p.Wf:gn,, f ML . m,g3 g5,.:Q4gi,, yr H ,511 NIR? g Q k,Mygjw,.M?v J. V VJ I 'N . 1 M A' ff 1:5652 fx-aw-"Ys.-ff I f 5-fr .isp -fgwvL1:,,s459luw?'5xfs42g53,,-V-,iff ,.,,. , ., fwsgmm if w1w,:f2'13fe2f,fwaf sf -Q: X, , - M , ig ,, .wfzt '. ' y-32 "i'f,fi.f',v?" " A 'z 2 , " W -'.- 3 H - , ff V J 4a?xi,!!V-"1 "UQ, ', 'inn' W -,lofi V Thy A '?,lf . 'P' - p h -1 'gf -21' Q-,af ,Wuxi swim :gf My a55M',zT wifi :ff -, ff' uf N WQ?T"fiJ'. -- g f : igg m gifg -.Q-Aff .5 w if f f! .'g:fa," 'iii Kg. 'g ilk 1i,Uiw.Q?45,EX Tw f K3 V x c 9 g,zff,:efe ,ff figifz fx' fy fl J' f ' " . .. x .- ,L . A 2 , X N , f ,. - g m. 12 Qwfiugfixg Ve 4 L gw -1. ,Q 5 V 44:51:22 f , ,ywgwz Y' 1 f D f -43. 27 fi: ff' 1 gs! W ff f'fi2iw'555ff," ,,Q:f 4 ff , ,, Lg , X , f,gA..,V3ff,,m,.7 - X-9' ,vw ,few , gv ,pg ,N xl izxk ,fi ,fv M' ,V 4 - f , w fifvlfff Lffifimfqgl 'L DQR! ' -,ff 'fr' fn Q f A, klxyiifs mg' i:sQ lf,5k1.pggV..:53,3Tgg.i,,3.5.iN5z- K y Vw 'ff .f 'X sffif if f 4 Q '1Qzf:'g.ffflMffffWfAff"21ff f' J Q , BUARD UF EDUCATIUN Fred K. Domer I. W. Delp Hayes R. Putman President 7,Y,,7,, ,,,, F red K. Domer ' Vice-President Hayes R. Putman Clerk-Treasurer. ,. John F. Roos Supt. of Buildings and Purchases A. A. Welsbacher Acting Superintendent and Director of High Schools . I. W. Delp Loren E. Souers Frank L. Cavender Richard P- ChfiSfiHI1, SI' A. A. Welsbacher John F. Roos Page 60 IN MEMURIAM jesse H. Mason served as superintendent of the Canton Public Schools from December 1, 1928, until his death on March 29, 1947. "And when he fell in whirlwind, he went down As when a lordly cedar, green with houghs, Goes down with a great shout upon the hills, And leaves a lonesome place against the sky." The above appropriate lines from Edwin Markham's "Lincoln, the Man of the People," were quoted by the Rev. George E. Parkinson, minister of the First Presbyterian Church, as he concluded his eulogy on the life of this noble teacher and administrator. Page 61 Page 62 G. F. MALICK Director of Vocational Education FORD O. HARRISON Principal awww www an +-wi' At the typewriter, Miss Helen Vutetakis, Mr. Malick's secretary, at the desk, Miss Shirley Stephens, Mr. Cook's secretary, at the adding machine, Janice Mulheimg at the desk, Evelyn Householder, at the typewriter, Miss Jean Heatley, Mr. Harrison's secretary, at the switchboard, Pauline Granchi and Mae Warnecke, at the file, Edith Sturm, at the counter, Ruth Chuckery, Ida Bianchi, Dorothy McDonald, and Hilda Wagner. Timken High School Uilice Stall and Aids JEAN HEATIEY PH1EN VUTETAKB SHHUEY'STEPHAN Page 63 CECIL OLGA BARKLEY BARBARA BERKEY 2 4 ? i 5 3 Q PAUL Cf COOK GRACE zz. cnow Page 64 MARIAN E. BACHTEI, LILLIAN E. BANG FORRET W. BEYER N GERTRUDE BOCK PAULINE E. BRIDGE BERNARD I.. CAMPBELL , KATHERINE CARRAS PAUL ELLIOTT 5 Y 'i'. H. EVERETT CLLFTON FRIZZELL WENDELL W. GRAENJNG W. D. HAHMON M ROY E, HENDERSON 8 B. B. IONES CARL. RAMP ' NAOMI MBHEDITH , Page 65 i A f A. CLARKE Mxmzn GEORGE Si KARL w. MUSTER wlmm c. MYERS WILLIAM S. OSBORNE I W. D. PARKER LEONETTA PERRY avg K, PICKENS GRACE PINSENSCHAUM HAZEL 1. Pos? Aacme L. BAUER Page 66 l c. H. arznscn DANIEL msazm M. F. ROBINSON FRQXNCE5 SHEDERLY CATHERINE SHAFEH ROBERT SHEARER PAULINE SHORE EVA M, Spggggwggo 1 VE MARIE MARTHA V. STRAUCH GEORGE M. SWANT GEORGE W. BHRYL P. THORSON ' W GLEN P. TOLSON LAUREN A. WARRICK GEORGE R. WEILEB i A VVELBAUM WENDELL H' VVILLIAMS Page 67 Page 68 Charles Stan, Treasurer Jack Gravis, Vice-President Secretary SOPHOMORE OFFICERS FRESHMAN OFFICERS Don Philabaum, President Fred Frank, Vice-President james Karales, Treasurer Tom DeCosmo, Treasurer Marilyn Brindlinger, Secretary Louise Carrington, Secretary Ray Cromi, Vice-President Manuel Alvarez, President JUNIOR OFFICERS JoAnn Coates, Tom Maddox, President Page 69 .IUNIORS , Row I, Left to Right: June Mossor, Virginia DioGuarili, Joyce Richard, Mary Alice Riegler. Olga Amelia Sankorich, Elizabeth Fach, Shirley VYillis, Laura George, Helen Geniatal-cis, Kay Bawn. Iilvera Gursky, Alva Wlalters, Herbert Hochwarth, Joe Cavalier, JoAnne Dolan, Verna Paulman, Mona Lou Larson, Leroy Yaught, Ruth Kessler, Lucy Rizzo. Row III: Ilowarfl Mcliullough, Norma Little Twig. Rose Martin, Ruth Baker, Vifanda Stukrvc, Pauline Marchuk, Ronald Eschliman. Row IV: Jack Rodgers. Holi Yeary, Joe Ilriestensky, Eugene Bob Schuring, George Tzanikiiles, Dick Ball. Toni Vaughn, John Sekely. Row V Barnett. lion Schweitzer. Virgil Hillner, llallas Cox, Julius 'li'amargu. George ulftifurgiii. Row VI: Mr. Chester Lyle, Miss Marie Stambaugh. J K 4 ltf ,i, J ff' H li ,WJ U ' x - r-,. J Row I, Left to Right: Marilyn Mikes, Marilyn Miller. XY:ilter Siekenieycr, Ralph Leo. Paul Guirione, Donna Faulk, I.eoRalne1le-an, .L ii 4 Norma Novak, Yalia De Frank, Milclreil Lyons. Florence Feiitmi, Marilyn lclen. Row II: Jeanne I-Icnscl, Marie Maxin, Anita -Lia, If Mancini. Mary Alice VVells. Joanne Perclue. lllarnlzl Miller, Hazel I.f'llfi10i4i. Mary Louise Luzzie. Marian lluifman, Shirley Fish, 'Y ii IYilma Baillie. Florence Smith, limi Schrott. Row III: H4-len Michxilk. Bolo l.ah. Joyce fienrlell, Josephine lletrn, Marilyn Stciihan, XE ,luanne Slattery. Rosalie Giiiipitelli. Evelyn Cizisser. Bertha Vhristu. Anna Restaino. VK'illi:im Flctrher. Ili-len IYise. Row IV: Q, Laura Packa. Earl Moore. Yiulet Orange. Irene Arunski. Kay XX'ilsun. llorwthy Fuoley. XY:ilt0r Rhoarls. Dun lfrrixel, Boh Zwfillen. fi Helen Oilrich. Mary Louise Melntyre, Dolores Jean Raliatin. Royv V: Mr. George Mourc. Bt-rnaril Meliitilxc-11, Julius Kelly. ' - Q Miss Eva Sparrowgrove. L -5 XY: Page 70 .IUNIORS Row I. Lf-it to Right: Burrel George, Richard Moore, Donna lsler, Elsie Homan, Anna Marie Pethtel, Nancy Garrini. Bertha Karipides, Palmer VVright, Joanne Erickson, Bessie Matin, Lucille Ianigro, Frances DePetri. Row II: Susie Paolette, Susie Polsinelli, Mike Vaeearo, Marilyn Latimer, Mary Streaino, Flora Turnides, Sharlyn Tschantz, Charles Pandrea, Helen Joseph. Robert Dickerhoff, Betty VVong, Connie Melton, Pat VVise. Row Ill: George Navrozides, George Bechtel, Jack Schlemmer, David Kratz, Robert Haun, Donna Hehr, Darleen jacks, Mary Datko, Anthone Frank, Manuel Cabezas, Robert James, Carmen Altieri. Row IV: Gene Myers, Gene Peterman, Robert Bair, Jack Gravis, Blair Boning, VVilliam Betz, Amil Garcia, George Shaheen, Elmer Bodo, Charles Schleappi, john YYarner. Row V: John Almasy, Donald Perry. Jack Bevan, Miss Pauline Shorb. i L. Q .U.., .m.,,,.,....,,, .mt ..,....,, rw,.e...e,., ..... .. ,..., , , e - 'ie jack Kemp, Mike Skubiak, Paul Fink, Paul Stevens, Don Jackman, Calvin Devinney, Albert Schawlene, Peteflflgtrtirgfbflkgy Johnson, Harry Willizuns, Row V: Bob Frantz, Jack Briggs, Bill Stark. Vic Polqsky, Frank Farina, John Rader, Bill Taylor, Lester Lower, Karl XVillms. Row Yl: Mr. Archie Rader, Mr. H. Fuellonf Ir, George YVeiler, Mr. Richard Huebner, Mr. t , Q J tl Il. Renscli. 53 F5 X ffl ,gf J' 5 V LfJQ7yf,'ff'Q: W JUtrfff':9 E B ' ' r ff ' f ' .. QZJ! Je, L fmlaf new X Page fl u' it Zia., .IUNIORS Row I. Left to Right: l.eona Kontras Hefty Morena. -lean Pigott. Patricia Zauner, Mary Ella Baker. Gloria Mattachione. Philip lit-mario, Betty Sherman, Pete Fazangides. Rita Folaner, Andrew Hendrns. Ethel Davis. Row II: Lovell Fetrow, James Gellenlieek, Delbert Zimmerman. Charles Stan. Arlie fornell. Ruth jones. Dorothy Robinson, Beatrice lie Men. Irene Rinaldi, Helen Marker, Ruth Seese, Donna Myers, Mary johnson. Row III: Donald l,ab. Tom Quinn, Richard Barros. Arthur Boring, Tom Antennei. Raymond Davis. Robert Ankerlnan, Nick Scott. Ted Smith. Richard Clauss, Bill Seaman, Ronald Robinson. Row IV: David Ehie. Charles Koskovieh. Nick 'lsilidas. Tom Maddox. Robert Russell, George Bordner, Rosemary Zink, Dorothy lianalizin. Row V: Miss Yivian Newaeheelt, Mr. George Swindell, Row I, Left to Right: Donna Senter, Adela Moldovan, Jean Chismar, Ann Capestrain, Viola frowthcr. Mary Spataro, Margenrite Marella, Loretta, Fleck. Teresa Codispoti, Norma Freeman, Mary Stntz, Louise Bernard, Row II: Vilanda Rmninger. Alice Papa- dopoulos, Angie Pappakostos, Norma Jean Kamp, Joanne Todd. Mary Berginides, Donna Richardson, Janice Nclntire, Norina Hnlso. Sylvia Mikasa, Florence llanta, Betty Lon Ueliel, Norma jean Mcfiiffin. Row III: Helen Mclietta, June Kessler, l'at Gusler. Doris Patterson, Donna Slaytnan, Donna Xeel. ,lean Tidenberg, Rita Sanford. Virginia faster. Betty lain Gray. Beverly Petersrni. l'harlotte lloughton, Row IV: Dale Long. Dale XYilliains, John Mareinialc. Ray Moore, Donald Bowker. XYayne Mixer. Robert llnlfiziger. Dillon Reis:-l. llarnld Sluluangh. Rose lfranta, Pearl Parkinson, Row V: Stanley liliin, Bob Barkheimer, Ralph Ranvola. llali Sielnfozvsc-. Paul Moran, Robert lxilte. Row VI: Miss t'atherine Shafer. Mr. T. H. Everett. Page 72 A SOPHOMORES Row I, Left to Right: Vincent Tonielli, Ray Daniluk, Louis Dohy, Shirley Brankel, Olga Lazarides, Joann Biedenbach, Mary Greenfield, Sophie Eleftheradis, Donald Schneider, Wayne Black, Ronald Kramer, John McQuaid. Row ll: Mable Saimes, Ethel Joseph, Kitty Lattin, Clara Kaniadakis, Norma Fisher, Peggy Ackers, Elsie Highman, Sadie Abood, Betty Hossler, Sally Swartz, Nancy Sarno, Velma Culverhouse, Annie Efanti, Dorothy Kiem. Row III: Dick Raymondi, Paul Cosiewski, Frank Williams, George Beoglos, James Brown, Fred Calhoun, Dick Kossack, Bill Stidd, Angelo Ziccardi, Earl Leiter, Pablo Olivero, Bill Levy. Row IV: Diane Heck, Corinne Maydock, Donna Skelley, Ethel Atsalis, Viola Narduzzi, Mary Toma, Helen Hambach, Rosemarie Moses, Rita Minocchi, Edwin Hughes, Joe Baccalo, Bob Meerstein. Row V: Carl Henry, Dale Kettering, Jerry Sell- man, Ruth Ronalclson, Joseph Chicky, Michael Carpinelli, W'infield Mayle, Bill Smith, Larry Machan, Bill Rice. Row VI: Bill Hodgdon, Mrs. J. L. Meredith, Ray Lescallett. Page Row I, Left to Right: Charlotte Bowers, Clara llumes. Kalhlren Gill, Lois Davenport, Russell Pierce, Joe Petrilli, Dominic Campanaro, Molly Ibraham, Clara DiStefano. Iiazel XVisen1an. Donna Purcell. Betty Rinier. Row II: George Stefaniak. Donna Barnes, Louise Ivsich, Esther Frank, Dorothy Kulich, Patti Hicson, Glenn Payne, Toni Atkins, Chuck Healy, Nathaniel Faye, Jack Hess, XValter Currier, Carol Baillis. Row III: Robert Schlemmer. Elizabeth Sererak, Flossie Cain, Dick Myers, Betty Navrozides, Naomi Tesch, Peggy Ocheltree, Edward Janeck, Mary DuBina, Ray Maurer, Eleanor Silvery, Barbara Mattes, Row IV: George Joseph: Dominic Fonte, Richard Fapper, Ronald Harrell, Dick Boczek, Ray Croini, Benny IVolfe, Toni Pappas, Dwain Dinius, John Murphy, Mary VVilson, Lorna English. Row V: Oscar Locke, Bob Foster, Steve Luther, William Horner, Clair Reed, Ray Sutton, Dolores Silverthorn. Pauline Boudrea, Dorothy Davis, Joyce Marshall, Barbara Brown. Row VI: Mr. Karl Muster, Dick Sierra, Dean Dager, Dick YY:1gner, Don Philabaum, Anthony Polosky, Carlos Vasquez, Joe Ciennett, Miss Marian Bachtel. 74 Q f'fv- fig 1 3 3 5 i gm 1 3 Jr , Y 5' ' M f-iff. ', , s an, , - , x ,, . 3232 ,,,- X H Ek is w-wsu 3 39 if gg A B 9 3 ? 3 Q ii.A ,, 5 .:,. ,.. W 3 wig . if M fc? JA 1231 YW, -nw 3 Q 1 1 R' 2., f, Q W ,gg x VA. P in Fl ,I A ,Wv, v ww, 1 , X 'A ,. 1 -,.,.. 1 36 ' f R! ik M 31 SOPHOMORES Row I, Left to Right: XYerla Scott. Mary Rossi, llorotliy l'oi1a, Marlene Krebs. Dorothy lfehn. Doris Mcghtttlty. Patricia llogue, Regina. Ryan, Patricia Scittry, Lilyan Yarkoncla, Rita I'olvcrini. Glen Scltrott. Row II: Norman Vollins, Earl Booth, Eugene llechellis, Nick Karalis, Bill Reeves, Ronnie Young, Dwight lingstrom. Don Yalentine. Mary Hansen, Ann Vmlispoti, Norma Fcim. Margaret George, Bea Antoney. Row III: Phyllis Pattfn. llctty lV'trflen. Patricia Myers. Donna l.ulct-ns, Dora Evrit, Peggy Vlfallace, Beverly Koutras. Yirginia Suarez, Dorothy lirawn. liva Jane Units. Patricia Zumstein, Marilyn XVilbanlcs. Row IV: John Nortlick, James Shenklc, Jim Bowe, James tianagy. Tinn Schwitzgalvle. lion XVilIiams. Tom Martin, James Minarcheck, lbnna Custer. Victoria Petro. Patricia Saunders. Row V: Yirgil llragoinire. Fhrist Mihos. Eddy Dootz, Mary Tomic, Barbara Noll, Fred Cockrill, Corinne Miller, Kate Rukavina. Vernon Neiss. Paul lYliite. Row VI: Mr. Tlionias lYelllraum. Bill Baum, Neil Bonheimcr, Jerry Hunt. l,eo Beneleit. Rotlney Dinkins. Miss Ciertruflc Bock. Page 76 Row I, Left to Right: Bill Boccutti, Vince Cammel, Janet Pettieord, Ruth Nichols, Thresa Sidero, Sofie Tzangas, Geraldine Clxoffin, Florence Malaney, Shirley Geese, John Gonser, Donald Rexrode, Frank Cammell. Row II: Florence Lawrence, Dolores Silvcrthorn, Lois Rife, Mary Proach, Mary Lou Hayes, Ann Dimetrieu, John Miller, John Garcia, Nick Adams, Lawrence Schiverole, Dominick Herraiz, Anthony Faye, Joseph Mastcko. Row III: Marilyn Brtnnma, Marilyn Brindlinger, Marilyn Brown, Marilyn Daily, Lois Budner, Eleanor VVilliams, Joan Dougherty, Helen VVhaley, Ruby June Shoop, Eleanor Manos, Josephine IleFall, Margie Miller, Frances Meredith, Rnw IV: Gene Reid, John Gibbs, Bob Carrigan, Vince Geongiana, Louie John, Elaine Okey, Joann Meyers, Alice Vignos, Betty Lightner, James Miller, Harry Whitcomb, Esther Hayes. Row V: Lloyd Dunham, Jerome Eckroate, Bob Eddy, Jack Dempsey, Jack Myers, Bob Fox, Glenn Price, Harold Carnes, Howard Dickerhofi, Jim Bossart. Row VI: Mr. Paul Elliott, Marlian Colbert, Xvilda King, Gene Roshong, Mr. Daniel Risaliti. RESHMEN Row I, Left to Right: Jim Toolan. Richard Buch, Gerald Martelli, Dale Hess, John Sirpillo, lrcne Scroggs. Bessie Paul. Norma Gialluca, Shirley Diennger. XVayne Brofzan, Harvey Burfield. lien Dyer. Row II: Sanna Giordano, Clara Macris. Mary Preusser. janet Shaheen, Ruth Farr. Mary Terzan. Lorraine Neth. Sophie Beoglos. ,lack Butler, Donald Sees, Donald Iloffrnan, Robert Lauhacher. Vl'illiam Friedman. Row III: Fred Cupples. Ronald loekmeyer. Paul Morris, Vl'illian1 Ferry, lllargaret Sliveniek. Barbara Smith, Rose Kunkel. Bill Kulich. Robert Bliscariek. Dalluert Urum. Ilfla Yoder, Anna Sprit. Row IV: George Demos. Robert Myers, Harry Miller. Carl I.aase, James Bushman. Bill Kratt. liharles jones. fliarles Carnock. Roy Zimmerman, Paul Esway. Benny Forn, Junior Kile. Row V: Alhert NYoodcuck, Aloe Miller. Vern Christensen, Dwight Cooke. Kenneth Kackley. .lol-in Yunkes. Robert fhessar. Cecil Burcliitt. Raymond liriiiitll. Paul Demos. Lewis Pelaso. Row VI: Mr. Glen Tolscn. Mrs. Eva Pickens, Row I, Left to Right: Dominick Pellegreno, Dolores Johnson. Norma Sigler. Rita Yan Yoorliis. Bill Redleski. Andrew l.okie Raymond Leo, Katherine Cainpisi. Row II: joan Powell, jean l'an11uliell, Virginia Spriggs, Donald Hillyer. Ciharles llliehalk, Ed ward Crawford, Yernon Dean, Richard Vl'inp:erter. David Hawk. Row Ill: Betty Guzzo, Mary Jane Kirkland. Virginia jaqodnik Betty Phillips, Phyllis Smith, Eva Dean IVhitt. Norma Swartz. Marillyim Bonsky. Row IV: Joseph Haley, Dorothy Rebillot john Hammack. Evelyn Fahlieder, Don Fleishour. Anna May llarciniak. Rosemarie Stalder. ,lean Case. Row V: IYilliam Mc Govern, Miss Pauline E. Bridge, Barbara lludiclco. Page X dl" 3' 1 x X ffm sc f Q li kia Ei 'vsgyswff ?'2 Q . 5 1 4 1 .1 3 Fd sr wma. Q QV SR FM Q Qi '5 A Q 3 5 wx Standing, Left t0 Right: Russell B. Jones. Football Voaclii l3fKi'n'u'fl I.. Cimplmell. Faculty Mzluzlgvr: 'I'imn1zxs A. Xx'Cll7IllUll, Assistant Coach, Kneeling: Dziuiel Risziliii. Assistzmr L'u:1cl1: Kemieth P. Kate, Assistant Coach. Louis Williams Capt. Ronald Van Horn john Consranrino Fzzllback Tackle Guard Page 81 . it.. -. Row I, Left to Right: joe Gennett, Steve Luther, Ed Dootz, Carlos Vasquez, Charles Skropits, Joe Vasquez, Angelo Ziccardi Bob Risaliti, Harold Slabaugh, Dick Rnymondi, manager. Row II: Herbert Hochwarth, managerg John Meeks, Dick Sierra, Jack Briggs, VValdo Cross, Oscar Locke, Jim Colceri, Richard Pont, Albert VVoodcock, Karl Willms, Don Casselberry, Gene Mosley, manager, and joe Tovissi, manager. Row III: Ray Amigo, John Constantino, VValter VVitowski, Glen McClintock, Stan- ley Jones, Clark Hays, Charles Neago, Ernie Fuchs, Louis VVilliams, Albert Abdulla, Mike Van Dress, and Carl Stosic. Row IV: Bill Auld. managerg Ken Gonda, Varnon Landers, Lester Lower, Ross Schmidt, Ronald Van Horn, Vic Polosky, Bob Fortion, Bernard McGuire, Chuck Koskovich, and jack NY:ttson. VARSITY FUUTBALL TEAM Timken's 1947 gridiron season was one possessed with success and surprises. For the third suc- cessive year, the Trojans, coached by Russell CBudD Jones, finished the season with a .500 record. The slate showed four victories and four losses. The 6-6 tie with mighty Mansfield, rated as the number 10 team in the state, was Timken's outstanding achievement of the year. Lincoln's Lions also were the victim of a Timken surprise. The Lions, who had beaten Timken five straight times, fell in the path of the Blue and Gold surge by a 13-6 count. In two additional games with their other city foes, McKinley and Lehman, Timken met defeat, falling before the Bulldogs 40-0 and dropping a 19-12 heartbreaker to the Polar Bears. Barberton and Alliance also held decisions over the Trojans. james Colceri Ernie Fuchs Varnon Landers Quarterback Htzlfback Cenler Page 82 Kenneth Gonda Ross Schmidt jack Watson Tackle Guard Emi Albert Abdulla Charles Neago Bernard McGuire Taekle Halfback Guard Clark Hays Stanley Jones Glen McClintock Halflmck Emi Tackle Page 83 Queen Geraldine jacksong Attenclants: Patricia VVeher, Mary june Steese, Gertrude Fiscus, Mary T.e1m1'dus. Picture, Page 85. Queen Geraldine jackson. Second Row: John Constzmtiuo. Gertrude Fiscus. Ronald Van Horn, Mary Lcnzxrdos, Ernest Fuchs Third Row: Charles Neago, Mary Jane Steese, Patricia VVeber, Jack VVatson. Page 84 7947 7441066 Zaeen and Page 86 Corner: Victor Polosky, Center, Upper Center: Ronald Shackle, Forward, Upper Right: Ronald Van Horn, Forwardg Lower Cen- ter: Charles Neago, Guard: Lower: jack Nieto, Guard. VARSITY BASKETBALL SIIUAD After experiencing a rather lean 1945-46 season, Coach Kenneth Kate's Timken basketball proteges bounded back strongly this year. ' The Trojans, with three seniors-Ronald Van Horn, Charles Neago, and Ronald Shackle-providing the initia- tive for their younger teammates, compiled a record of 14 victories as against only 4 defeats. Van Horn, a mainstay in his junior year, finished his school career in a blaze of glory. He ended second in the city scoring race with a total of 227 points. He was a first team selection on the- Repository All-County and All-City cage teams. Van Horn was honored by the Asso- ciated Press, having been selected for a third team position on their All-Ohio squad. Among Timken victories were two decisions over Lin- coln a-nd triumphs over Canton Township, Youngstown South, Toledo DeVilbiss, and Warren. In tourney strife, the Trojans defeated Youngstown Wil- son and Lisbon before bowing to Township in the quarter- finals of the district tourney. Five juniors: Vic Polosky, jack Nieto, Ray Vara, George Navrozides, and George Korosedes: a sophomore, Oscar Locke, and freshman Manuel Alvarez completed the rest of the squad. Polosky, Nieto and Vara saw extensive service as starters. Polosky, a 6 foot 3 inch lad, developed into a very ac- complished center, finishing the season as the ciry's seventh leading scorer with 169 points. Upper Left: Oscar Locke, Forwarclg Upper Center: George Koro- secles, Guardg Corner: Manuel Alvarez, Guartlg Lower Center George Navrozicles, Guardg Lower: Ray Vara, Forward. VARSITY SCORES REGULAR SEASON 3 7 Akron West 5 2 4l Canton Township 39 34 Massillon 41 5 5 Lincoln 34 3 5 Youngstown South Z 8 57 Youngstown North Z3 68 Alliance 3 8 3 8 Lehman 42 64 Western Reserve Academy 32 44 Toledo DeVilbiss 3 6 5 2 A kron East 40 37 Youngstown Chaney 28 48 Warren 34 3 9 McKinley 62 39 New Philadelphia 30 46 Lincoln 3 8 5 3 Wooster 3 1 3 7 Lehman 41 SECTIONAL TOURNAMENT 56 Youngstown Wilson 32 5 1 Lisbon 2 6 DISTRICT TOURNAMENT 35 Canton Township 37 Page 87 BASKETBALL UUACHES AND FACULTY MANAGER Coach Kenneth Kate and his two assistants, Dan Risaliti and Tommy Welbaum, produced three fine basketball teams for Timken this past season. Another in line for praise is Faculty Manager Bernard L. Campbell, who was the "man behind the scene," scheduling games, hiring referees, and performing other miscellaneous duties. A graduate of Wooster College, Kate completed his first full season as Varsity cage coach by guiding his charges to fourteen victories against but four defeats. He was appointed to the position in December, 1945, succeeding Dan Myers. Kate, hampered somewhat by an inexperienced team in 1945-46, had more seasoned material with which to work this year. Ultimately, his charges compiled amuch better record than the '45-'46 team, which won nine and lost eleven. Mr. Risaliti, reserve mentor, led his cagers to a record that almost matched the Varsity's. The Jay-Vees, playing one less game than the Varsity, recorded thirteen victories and four defeats. Risaliti, now in his third year as a Timken coach, is a veteran. He came to Timken in September, 1941. A former athlete at Ohio State and a member of the Akron North High School Ohio Basketball Cham- pions in 1935, Coach Welbaum, in his initial year at Timken, handled the Freshman cagers. Under his capable hands, the Frosh won twelve games and lost four. Left to Right: Thomas A. Welbaum, Freshman Coachg Kenneth P. Kate, Head Coach, Bernard L. Campbell, Faculty Manager, Daniel Risaliti, Reserve Coach. Page 88 RESERVE BASKETBALL TEAM At the conclusion of a basketball campaign, a coach's thoughts naturally turn to his prospects for the forthcoming year. Varsity Coach Kate need not have any excess worries on the possibilities of a good season next year, if the power shown by the 1946-47 Reserve Team is any indication. Graduation usually takes its toll from any suuad, as it wll this year, when three key players depart. This makes it necessary for the coach to look for talent from the Reserve squad. Fortunately, Reserve mentor, Dan Risaliti, produced a strong and formidable junior-varsity team. The jay-Vees were victorious 13 times and on only four occasions were they defeated. Massillon, Brewster, Warren and McKinley Reserves were the only combines to topple the Trojans. Against city competition, the Trojans dusted Lincoln and Lehman each twice, dropping their lone encounter with the Bulldogs. As a whole, the '47 squad ranked as one of the school's better Reserve teams. In racking up 816 points, the Jay-Vees compiled an offensive average of 48 points per battle. They limited the opposition to 639 markers, an average of 37.6. On eight occasions, the Junior Varsity lads rolled past the 50-point mark, hitting their peak with 62 and 60 markers against Wooster and Greentown Varsity, respectively. Several boys showed outstanding possibilities of earning Varsity berths next season. Included were six foot, three inch Dave Ebie, who was the squad's leading scorer with 207 points in 16 games, Oscar Locke and George Korosedes, who sank 160 and 108 points, respectively, and Dick Sierra and Manuel Alvarez. Left to Right: Bill Stark, David Ebie, Julius Kelly, Dick Sierra, Bob Fortion, Don Philabaum, Jim Karales, Nick Adams, Coach Risaliti. Managers: Perry Louros, Gene Slusser. Page 89 FRESHMAN BASKETBALL TEAM Completing a highly successful season in which they won l2 games while losing only four, the Freshman Basket- ball Team gave evidence that they would develop into strong reserve and varsity quintets in their remaining years at Timken. . Although not especially blessed with good material, the Freshman Coach Tommy Welbaum, who is a stickler for hard work, molded quite a formidable team. The freshmen had trouble with only one opponent-Massillon Edmund Jones, who defeated the Trojans twice. The frosh met each city school three times and held the edge in each series. They defeated Lehman in three encounters, while winning two and losing one each to McKinley and Lincoln. Massillon Longfellow and Alliance, who each bowed twice, and the Brewster Reserves, were the only other visitors of the freshmen. One of Welbaum's charges, Guard Manuel Alvarez, showed such promise that he was promoted to the Reserve and Varsity Teams. Alvarez became the first freshman in the school's history to play Varsity basketball. He starred in the majority of the Reserve games. Seven other freshmen players also earned the right to dress in Reserve games. They were Carl Stocia, Chuck Skropits, Dave Rice, Bob Coy, Al Vardcock, Ray Winters, and Louis Peloso. FRESHMAN SCORES 28 Massillon Longfellow Brewster Reserves 32 Lehman Lehman 33 Massillon Jones Lincoln 34 Lincoln McKinley 62 Alliance Massillon jones 3 I McKinley Lehman 28 McKinley Alliance 55 Massillon Longfellow Lincoln Row I, Left to Right: Larry Caley, Ed Richardson, Ray Winters, Gust Nezteck, Manuel Alvarez Bill Orange Carl Stocia, and Coach Tom Welbaum. Row II: Bob Coy, Louis Peloso, Al Woodcock, Dave Rice, Chuck Skropits and Jim Karipedes, manager. Fage 90 CHEERLEADERS We probably take for granted the snappy teamwork of our cheerleaders, but it's really not so easy as it looks. It takes natural athletic ability and plenty of coordination, together with lots of hard work, to come up with the precision routines used by Timket1's blue and gold clad cheerleaders. This year's group was picked by tryouts, a number of Timken teachers acting as judges. After the decisions were made and announced, the chosen eight began to practice, working out for half an hour each morning in the gym. They make up their own cheers, and after getting the approval of Miss Frances Seederly, introduce them at pep rallies and become the center of enthusiastic cheering at all athletic contests. Row l, Left to Right: Barbara Makrides, Donna Senter, Adela Moldovan, and Rose Fzanta. Row ll: Ray Crorni, Charles Healy, and Dick Boczek. Page 91 1947 BLUE AND GULD TEAMS Staving off a determined rally by their opponents in the last few minutes of the game, Blue defeated Gold 12-10 for its fourth consecutive and fifth victory in the eighth game of the rivalry between the two teams. The game was mostly a defensive struggle and only in one quarter did any team score more than five points. Blue was ahead 9-4 at the start of the final period, and appeared to have the game "in the bag." However, the losers were not to be denied. They switched their captain and guard, Alice Novak, to a forward position, and she sank six straight points. The effort proved to be a futile one, though, as time ran out before Gold could catch up. Although there were no powder puffs in evidence, the girls were not afraid to fight for the ball, and the result left the spectators in a high state of enjoyment. There were numerous jump balls called and referees Pearl Phillip and Bea Froelich called 19 fouls, including 10 on Gold. Captains Rosemary Dickerhoof of Blue and Alice Novak of Gold were the scoring leaders for the game. Dickerhoof meshed seven points and Novak six. Jean Tide-nberg and Carol Moorehead of Blue and Betty Uebel and Helen Lanka of Gold were the defensive stars. Standing, Left to Right: jean Stefanko, Betty Uebel, Alice Novak, Mary Berginides, Rosemary Petro. Alice Papadopoulos, Mildred Ritchey. Helen Lanka, Rose Franta, Louise Coleman, Laura Marshall, Jean Tidenberg, Angie Pappakostas, Carol Moorhead, Doris Pellegrino, Rosemary Dickerhoof. Kneeling: Ruth Schoonover, Mary Stropky, Mary Jane Steese, Donna Keller. Page 92 Page 93 THE TRUJAN BAND MAJORETTES Left to Right: Ann Capestrain, Jean Chismar, Patsy Galloway, Gertrude Fiscus, Rita Sanford, Jerry Frakes, Pat Wise, Donna Chrisp. Row I, Left to Right: Mr. Armitage, Ann Capestrain, Jean Chismar. Patsy Galloway. Gertrude Fiscus, Dick Tinlin. Rita Sane ford, Geraldine Frakes, Pat XYise. Donna Chrisp. Row II: Eugene Cupp, Edward Crawford, Jeannette Shain, Joan Schroeder, Betty Phillips, Clara Kaniadakis, Joyce McFadden, Florence Maxwell, Flora Turnides, Bertha Karipides, Vernon Dean. Row III: Herman Fahrner, Bill Redleski. Harvey Hendrus, Dick VVellbaum. Glenna Jean Morris, Janet Rhine, Betty Uehel, Jean Tidenlyerg. Mary Lou VVilliams, Barlvara Brown. Row IV: Richard Daughenbaugh, George Bechtel, Nora Kirby, Martha Hann, Geraldine Jackson, Jack Halkides, Paul Gosiewski, Margaret Pearce, Phyllis Salsgiver, Dolores GeiSinger. Row V: Joyce Ferl gusnu, Norma Kamp. Betty Brooks, George Adams, Tom Strub. Dale Baker, Dale Long, Celia Di Minno, Elmer Chicky, Leon- ard Forchione. Row VI: Dick Lockmyer, Vincent Chiarucei. Clark Bailey, Joe Haley. Andrew Tokie, Vony Scozzarella. Donald Hoffman, Betty Kossler, Florence Domenico, Betty Hossler, Andrew Lokie. Row VII: Arlie Cornell, Dale Hiilliams, Ed Juene- mann, Stanley Ebiu. Andrew Hendrus. Ralph Menear, Louis Schiavone. Leonard Shull, Norma Collinw. Betty Hussler, Fred Kreuz. Row VIII: Jacques Zutavern, Bill Giuther, Ed Kirkland. Nick Angiulo, Mike Skubiak, Ronnie llarrell, Dorothy Everit, Betty Becker. Evelyn Sell, Benny VYolfe. , Page 94 TIMKEN HIGH SCHUUL URCHESTRA Always on thc job, ever increasing its all-occasion repertoire, Timkens Student Orchestra partici- pates in more numerous and varied performances than any other extra-curricular group. Under the skilled baron of master-musician Cecil Armitage, the pit orchestra provides background music for innumerable school activities: such as the school plays, the Christmas program, the dressmakersl annual style show, the various graduation exercises, and last but definitely most important, the beloved Spring Revue. Long, hard hours are put in by each and every member in preparing for these appearancesg and during Revue time, last-minute rehearsals call for even more time spent on the job. Once a year the orchestra emerges from the pit to the concert stage and shares honors with the band in presenting the well-balanced annual Band-Orchestra Concert. First Violins: Patricia Viielmer. Dale Baker, Greta Borg:-n. lion ltlillyer, Marian Trump, Joyce VK'altz. Second Violins: Florence Maxwell, Geraldine Frakes, Virginia Hahn, Elmer joseph. Josephine Mongiardo, Janet Rhine. Ferna Zantopoulos. Viola: Paul Gosiewski. Cello: Tom Strub. George Adams, Robert Meerstein. Benny VVolfe. Bass: Ronald Eschliman, Norma Jean Kamp. Flute: Bertha Karipides. Flora Turnides. Clarinet: Nick Scott, ,lack Halkides. George Bachtel. French Horn: Vincent Chiarucci, Clark Bailey- TFIUDPBH Edward ,Tue-nemann. Arlie Cornell. Louis Schiavone, Dale VVilliams. Trombone: Kay Bawn, Edward Kirkland. Percussion: Charles Stan. Piano: Ruth Ann Elliott. Page 95 THE TIMKEN CHURAL CLUB Over one hundred voices blending skillfully in tuneful choral arrangements, all with an eye to the leading baton of Mr. Armitage-that's Timken's Choral Club. lts soprano and alto ranks are filled by senior girls only, but any boy with time and inclination may be taken into the male section. Each year the chorus presents a Christmas program of the best-loved carols, and this year, in addi- tion. gave Fred Waring's delightful arrangement of "The Night Before Christmas." The glee club participates in the Revue, offering a concertized version of one of the great operas each year, and also takes part in the graduation exercises. The well-trained voices of soloists Evelyn Householder, Joan McCullough, Carol Moorhead, and Frank DeAngelis have added beauty to every performance and have made fthe Timken Choral Club an enjoyable part of any program. Row I, Left to Right: Maryalyce Sutton, Joan McCullough, Lois Ratcliff, Dorothy McDonald, Evelyn Householder, Gloria Erbel, Ruby Roessner, Eleanor Ross, Audrey Sitler, Ruth Schoonover. Gladys Gravius, Shirley Caddes, Gerry Frakes, Lilia Gasbare, Alice Lyons, Louis Urban, Bill Brumma, Frank Rizzo, Bob Kutcher, Ray Daniluk, Don Valentine, Perry Louros. Row II: Julia Par- retta. Gertrude Fiscus, Gerry Jackson, Freida Moses, Helen Dumitree, Mary Jane Steese, Catherine Penna, Norma Repasky, Carol Moorhead, Delores Shaheen, Elvira Notaro, Pauline Little, Marjorie Johnson, Vivian Overly, Marijane Kulich, Larry Doepker, Vernon Neiss, Louis DeAntonio, Raymond Johns, Floyd Rohrer, Leroy Smith, Nick Anguilo, Row III: Connie Monter- rubio, Barbara lllakrides, Shirley Swick, Shirley Stoneman, Jennie Tortora, Janice Mulheim, Helen VVest, Mae NVernecke. Eleanor Mija, Mary Margaritakis, Irene Magyary, Carol Essner, Laura Marshall, Marilyn Webler, Barbara Schmader, Vtfilliam Baum, Lloyd Dunham, Leonard Shull, Frank De Angelis, Robert Hahn, Michael Carpinelli, Edward Slabaugh, Richard Farber. Row IV: Jean Stoehr, Magdalene Karipides, Peggy Burns, Rose Gliatta, Sophie Papachriston, Rosina DiBattista, Pauline Aubill, Mary Stropky, Jean Seese, Edith Sturm, Marylou Panmier, Gertrude Nieporte, Janice Brown, Anne Toussant, Jennie Samson, Willard Stuffelbeam, Joseph Allan, Virgil Hiller. XVilliam Horner, James Queen, Eugene Marshall, Leo Benelite, An- drew Reti. Page 96 JUNIUR GIRLS' Cl-IURUS The junior Chorus accepts with joy the responsibility of preparing for the final step in their chorus work-that of advancement to the rank of Senior Choral Club. Here outstanding voices are recognized and prepared for solo parts. Mr. Arrnitages Junior Chorus showed their ability in the Revue to step into the shoes of the graduating chorus by their excellent presentation, with the Sophomore Chorus, of "Salangadoul' and l'Supposing,l' with Mary Strearno as soloist. gj at " M 1 , Iliff f Ryu I .I I ,,f' '4 ' Row I, Left to Right: Loretta Fleck, Mona Lou Larson, Norma Bulso, Nancy Smith, Maryalice Riegler, Ann Capestrain, Norma MeGiffin, Adela Moldovan. Lucy Rizzo, Anna Mae Hoskinson, Clara Connor, june Kessler, Betty Saimes, Flora Turnides. Pat VVise, Jean Migliozzi. Row II: Marjorie XVintrip, Joan Farber. Florence Banta, Beverly Peterson, Betty Io Belew, Jean Chismar, Anna Jemmato, Bertha Karipides, Virginia Caster, Marian Likens, Elvera Gursky. Patty Myers, Pat Gusler, Ruth Baker. Rose Martin. Row III: Irene Arunslci, VViIma Baillie, Sylvia Mikusa, Donna Richardson, VVanda Rorninger, Susie Polsinelli, lvlary Datko, Jean Pigott, Joanne Dolan, Verna Pauhnan, Donna Isler, Susie Paolette, Mary Streamo, Ruby Nelson. Row IV: Mary Hastings, Charlene Schantz, Nancy Graening, Betty Moreno. Margaret Birtalan, Angeline Bates, Helen MeKetta, Rose Franta, Rosemary Zink, Donna Hehr, Darleen Jacks, Dorothy Bannahan. Page 97 SUPHOMURE GIRLS' CHURUS A well-deserved promotion comes with the title of Sophomore Chorus. Fundamentals have been learned, but still need "brushing up," and the freshman choristers have stopped to rest on the second step of the ladder of musical knowledge. Each hour spent in conquering notes, Sharps, flats, and scales brings these sophomore musicians to their much-awaited goal of junior Chorus. Miss Vivian Newacheck guides the musical knowledge of this group. Row I, Left to Right: Mary Proeh, Lois Davenport. Y:-lina Cnlverlionse. Beverly Kontras. Bea Antoney. Marlene Krebbs, Ann Coclispoti. Hazel xvlSClTIC!'l, Sue Bnchanen. Joanne Bieilenlraeli. Sofic- Tzangas, Louise Leno, Anna Defnnetruis. Mary Hansen, Norma Fein, Geraldine Chopine. Patricia llugue, Doris MacNulty, Enola Dutton, VVeda Scott, Patricia Sciury, Antoinette Starr, Ruth Schoeppner, Ruth Nichols. Raw II: Lois Rite, Charlet Bowers. Dolores Silverthorn, Ethel Joseph, Peggy Oeheltree, Naomi Tesch, Mary Ann Szasz, Diane Heck. Donna Skelley. Mary Rossi. Virginia Suarez, Dorothy Popa, Dorothy Fehn, Patty Myers. Janet Petticord, lVIary Ellen Guenther. Marjorie Miller. Lilian Yarconda, Mary Loma, June Shoop, Ioan Daugherty. Margaret Pearce. Dorothy Brown, Marilyn VVilbanks. Row III: joyce Marshall, Barbara Brown, Mable Saimes, Donna Barnes, Sadie Abood, Elizabeth Hayes, Donna Guster, Donna Lukens, Patty Saunders. Betty VVarden, Betty Hall, Lilian Scarfone, Marilyn Daily, Rose Marie Moses, Rose Marie Chick. Lenore Mwnist, Dorothy Kulich, Eleanor Silvery, Elsie Higham, Corinne Miller, Barbara Noll, Betty Hossler, Lenore English, BIarilyn Britllinger, Lois Butlner. Row IV: Marilyn Doly, Flo Lon Lawrence, Eleanor YVilliams, Joanne Myers, Mary VVilson, Elizabeth Sekerak. Peralee VVatkins, Regina Ryan, Peggy XYallace, Dotty Evrit, Dorothy Davis, Barbara Mottes, Marilyn Brown. Betty Leitner, Frances ltleredith, Louise Ivsicli, Ethel Atsalis, Viola Narduzzi, Katherine Rnkavina, Alice Vignos, Mary Tomic, VVilda King, Ruth Ronaldson, Marilyn Koleberg. Page 93 FRESHMAN GIRLS' CHURUS When bewildered freshmen enter Timken halls they are uncertain as to the extra-curricular activity in which to become interested, but it doesn't take them long to decide on music and to enter the Freshman Chorus. As these young music lovers broaden their knowledge of music they also develop their personali- ties and citizenship in regard to their school. under the supervision of Miss Vivian Newacheck, contributed their This year's Freshman Chorus, talent to the Revue by presenting Clokey's "A Snow Legend" and Carmichae1's "Star Dust." Row l, Left to Right: Josephine Dospho. Ioma Bardine, Joyce Amos, Bessie Paul, Joanne Schroader, Irene Scroggs, Norma Gul- licca, Jean Seozzarello, Betty Falconi, Elise Carrington, Virginia Daker, Carol Cobb, Elsie Busnick, Mary Vitale, Joann Church, Bertha Kyriakides. Row II: Clara Howell, Dorothy Bryant, Mary Paulos, Ruth Barr, Mary Wise, Beverly Miller, Rose Scibetta, Elizabeth Morgese, Janet Dick, Rita John, Joanne Kaufman, Joanne Peterson, Pauline Gursky, Sandra Anderson, Annie Nicouci, Clara Macris. Row III: Joan Johna, Margaret VVhitemeyer, Barbara Edwards, Jean Getto, Theresa Jemont, Virginia Vklise, Joyce VValtz, Mary Jean Kohler, Marion Stiifler. Norma Todd. Estelle Fabinak, Marie Printz, Lorain Neith, Carole Miller. Louise Carrington, Mildred Johnson. Row IV: Norma Garrini, Mary Preussor, Freda Petit, Mary Sepric, Ludie Ezurk, Rose Kunkel, Mary Sperie, Mary Terzan, Betty Bradley, Janet Shakeeu, Sophie Beoglas, Anna Sprit, Sanna Giordano, Margaret Slivenick, Barhara Smith, Barbara Hudacko. Page 99 THE PUBLICATIUNS STAFF PRODUCERS OF THE TYRO . . . THE TIVO Take one part Tyro Staff, add one part Tivo Staff, mix with nouns, verbs, interviews, proof-reading, and the finished product is Publications. ln turn, Publications is divided into the Editorial and Business Staffs. Both are composed of students who have given up a free period to participate in this work. The Tyro Staff publishes the school paper once a month, the students gathering, writing, and proof- reading the articles and laying out the pages. This provides an opportunity for the student to create his own style of feature or news article. The paper is headed by the editor-in-chief, Jack DeLong, assisted by the page editors, and under the supervision of Miss Martha Strauch and Miss Pauline Bridge. The business staff solicits ads, sells the paper, takes care of the long mailing list to servicemen, and balances the books. These students are guided by Mr. Wfilliam Myers. The Tivo Staff collaborates with the art department under the supervision of Mr. Richard Huebner to produce the year book-endless planning and work are the essential requirements of the annual- lavouts for each page, the theme and dedication, identification for pictures, shop and activity write-ups. All of this is a year-long procedure for the Art Editor, Ivan Rarnsire, and the Literary Editor, Beverly Watson, in order to provide all Timkenites with a permanent record of friends and happy memories. Row I, Left to Right: Valia DeFrank, Loretta Fleck, Betty Stark, Betty Moreland, Beverly XVatson, Teresa Coflispoti. Norma Novak, Norma Sigler, Joan WVinkler, Carol Cobb, Delphine Sinay. Row ll: Donna Senter, Anita Mancini, Joanne Church, Eva VVhitt, Mary Spataro, Viola Crowther, Mary Berginides, Carol Essner, Joann Perdue, Florence Smith, Angie Papaknstos. Row III: Helen VVest, Margie Hoffman, Patty Halter, Pauline Granchi, Janet Argyle, Norma Repasky, Mary Jane Steese, Alice Novak, Virginia Jagotlnik, lifarilyn VVebler, Vonrla Lee llandlin, Gloria Erbel. Row IV: Anne Toussant, Laura lllarshall, Connie Monterrubio, June Kessler, Alice Papadopoulos, Donna Neel, Pat VVeher, Donna Cochran, Betty Gray, Jackie Fraleigh, Virginia Caster, Janice Brown. Row V: Elizabeth Errlos, Donna Slayman, Barbara Hudacko, Joanne l'lmschneitler. Jack De- Long, Chuck Koskovich, Mary Lou Paumier, Jim Tliorley, Ken Glover, Andy Hendrns, Tom Pappas. ge 100 Upper left: Betty Stark, Vonda Lee Hancllin, Joanne Ulmschnei- der. Upper right: Beverly Watson, Jack DeLong. Center: Pauline Granchi, Betty Gray, Pat Weber, Mary Jane Steese, Alice Novak, jackie Fra- leigh. Lower: Delores Everhart, Bar- bara Luther, Ivan Ramsire, Wal- ter Ripke. Page 101 - TIMKEN REVUE FUR 1947 Friends of Modern Music: Frank DeAngelis, Joyce Waltz, Marion Trump, Greta Borgen, Patricia Weber, Dale Baker, Don Hillyer, Tom Strub, George Adams, Dick Daughenhaugh, Nick Scott, Kay Bawn, Ed Kirkland, Nick Anguilo, Evelyn Sell, Ronald Eschliman, Paul Gosiewski, Elmer Chicky, Leonard Forchione, Jack Halkides, Chuck Stan, Ed Juenemann, Louis Schiavone, Dale Williams, Arlie Cornell, Ruth Ann Elliott, Virginia Caster. Chile Beans: Eugene Caley, Carl Cuilla, Jack Dempsey, Walter Witowski, Mary Jane Kampara. Technicians: Bill Burry, Gene Morris, Benny Garcia. Style Show: Jennie Tortora, jean Stefanko, Shirley Lewis, Bertha Karipedes, Joanne Erickson, Helen joseph, Susie Polsinelli, Patsy Galloway, Elsie Homan, Mary Streamo, Ann Marie Pethel, Betty Sheatzley, Lucille Ianigro, Donna Hehr, Mary Datko, Patty Wise, Susie Paolette, Frances DePetri, Sharlyn Tshantz, LaVonna Baker, Betty Wong, Donna Isler, Mary Lenardos, Flora Turnicles, Nancy Garrini, Angeline Ross, Marilyn Latimer, Agnes lntoccio, Bessie Matin. Master of Ceremonies: james Volzer, Ballet 'lJilted": Marjorie Lechner, lrene Scroggs, Patty Willis, Gerry Frakes, Patsy Gusler, Joan Kauffmann, Corinne Miller, Anna May Marciniak, Norma DeFrank, Marilynn Miller, Joan Onesto, Patsy Galloway, Ann Capestrain, jean Chismar, Gertrude Fiscus, Rita Sanford. Dancers: Norma DeFrank, Marilynn Miller, Gerry Frakes, Gertrude Fiscus, Rita Sanford, Margaret Skelley, Anna Mae Marciniak, Joan Kauffmann, Patsy Galloway, Marjorie Lechner, Corinne Miller. Page 102 TIMKEN REVUE FUR 1947 Tumbling Teams: Bonnie Baker, Rosemary Dickerhoof. Joanne Erickson, Gerry Frakes, Rose Franta, Donna Keller, ,Tune Kessler, Barbara Makrides, Marie Maxin, Marilynn Miller, Adela Moldovan, Alice Novak, Donna Senter, Alice Shissler, Mary jane Steese, Jean Tidenberg, Jennie Torrora, Patricia Wise, Bill Auld, Harold Cockrill,Dwight Cooke, Edward Dootz, Edson Lenhart, Ralph Leo, Bob Meerstein, Wayne Mizer, Ray Moore, Chuck Schleappi, Dick Shafer, Harold Slabaugh, Wm. R. Smith, Eli Vinton, Alva Walters, Benny Wolfe, Bob Yeary. Ballet: Anna May Marciniak, Patsy Galloway. Freshman Girls' Glee Club: Accompanist-Virginia Caster: Directed by Miss Vivian Newacheck. Sophomore and Junior Girls' Glee Club: Soloist-Mary Streamo. Timken Choral Club and Orchestra: Soloists-Evelyn Householder, Carol Moorhead, and Frank DeAngelis. Dramatics ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,....,,......,,,., A. Clarke Miller Ushers ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,....,,,,...,,,,,,,:,,, Robert Shearer Designing and Dressmaking .,...,,,.. Pauline Shorb Make-Up ,,,,. .. ,,,,,,, Beryl Thorson Physical Education Tickets ,,,,,:......,.,,,.,,,,, ......,.., G eorge Moore Frances Seeclerly and Dan Risaliti Dances Margaret Appell Set Design ,,,,,.....,......,,,,,,,,,.. Olga David Barkley Printing of Programs .........,,,,, Graphic Arts Club Stage Technician ,,::.. ,,,,,,,, W . F. McArtor Music ..,................. ...... , .. Cecil Armitage Page 103 TIMKEN STAGE CREWS The Stagecraft Club and the Stage Technicians, functioning as a single unit, meet their greatest challenge during the rehearsals and performances of the Class Plays and the Annual Spring Revue. The Stagecraft Club, under Mrs. Olga Barkleyls most capable supervision, designs and produces the scenery that a stage like Timken's requires. Ng, p x Mr. W. F. McArtoris Technicians are the well-known "stage handsW,1f Timken. They learn to work with exact timing in the changing of scenes and the prodircin of lghting effects. These groups, working behind the curtains, carry on the trftclitldn th the "show must go on." The talents of this joint organization is demonstrated with every school' erformance. .f f , X I r l . l I ,L A Q xi xx, A. STAGECRAFT CLUB: Norma Babcock. Dick Boczek, Victoria Bressi, Don Casiglherry, Ray Cromi, Calvin Devinney, Beverly Donez, Betty Dryden, Tina Elton, Rose Marie Erlinger. Ronald Harrell, Beverly lNIanist, Mary Ann Maxwell, Edith Miknsa, Lorraine Neth, Phyllis Patton, Mary Ann Panlos, Ruth Ronalrlson, Regina Ryan, Carlos Vasquez, Jose Vasquez, Louise Villella. STAGE TECHNICIANS: James Aclie. VVende1l Bastian, Robert Binkley, Tom Cauffield, Pete Cazangides, James Cummins, Fretl Fox. James Gnagy, Harvey Hentlrus. Jack Hess, George joseph, jim Karales, Nick Karales, Charles Michalk, Paul Morelli, Donald Rinaldi, Jack Schlemmer, Ronald Shackle, Robert Shumacher, Dick VVilhelm, Jacques Zutavern. STAGE ELECTRICIANS: Bill Burt-y, Tony Frank, Ben Garcia, Earl Lake, Dick Moore, Gene Morris, Gene Peterman, Jack Summer, Mike Vacarro. Page 104 GRAPHIC ARTS CLUB The chapter of the Graphic Arts Club, a national organization, sponsored at Timken by Mr. Chester Lyle and Mt. Gordon Bradshaw, has sixteen members, two of whom are veterans. These future printers have made a name for Timken with their outstanding projects. The group's calendars are well known throughout Ohio. Each year the club leaves a remembrance for the school, and this year their gift will be book markers for the library. The social activities of the club, consisting of basketball and baseball teams, parties, outings, and other sports, are financed by the collection of dues. Row I, Left to Right: Herbet Jarrett. Aclelbert l'l1ricl1, James Queen. NYilliam Lippka. jack Kean. Row II: David llry, Jack De Stefano. Edward Slalmugh, Joseph Bocija, John Stefzmuk. Rrnymoml Dunham. Row III: Jack Reiunrt. jack Schaeffer. Kevin Kelly, Andrew Reti. Page 105 "THE GREAT BIG DO0RSTEP" ANNUAL SCHOOL PLAY Outstanding performances in Timken's annual play, "The Big Doorstep," were given by Doris Silver- thorn and James Volzer, both making their debut in dramatics. The plot of the play is woven around a white marble doorstep which floated down the Mississippi River and became the property of the Crochet family. It tells of how, through the faith and deter- mination of Mama Crochet and the sometimes disastrous but nevertheless well-meaning attempts of Papa Crochet, the family acquires a grand new house to match the beautiful doorstep. Much of the credit for the play's success goes to Mr. A. Clarke Miller, who worked untiringly to see that every detail in acting, make-up, and scenery Was as authentic as possible. Left to Right: Shirley Dieriuger, Norma IJeFrzmk, llelcn joseph, Jim Yolzer, Norma Sigler, Carl Ciulla, XV:1ll XVitowski. Norma Little Twig, Doris Silvcrtllorn, Xldnfieltl Mzxylc. Marilyn Brown, Gilbert Popa. Page 106 TIMKEN SERVICE SUCIETY The Timken Service Society, with approximately one hundred and twenty memhers, is one of the largest extra-curricular groups in the school. Towards the end of his second ear a so homore with an 85 avera e ma take a uide test to . . . . . Y P . g Y . 5 determine if he IS ualrfied for duties as a member of the socret . After ro er instruction the new . . C1 . . . V P t guide is placed at the information desk with one of the older members. The welcomin of visitors and the escortin of visitors throu h our buildin are two of the most . . g . . . g . . 3 . . im ortant duties of a uide. It IS this rou of smilin and leasant students who make the first im- . . . 3 g press1on of our school upon all visitors. Row I, Left to Right: Vontla Lee Handlin, Doris Pellegrino. Betty Gray. Betty Paul. Pauline Granclii. Janet Argyle, Alice Lyons. Alice Novak, BIary Spataro, Sylvia Bliknsa. Margt-nrite Marella, Maryalice Riegler, Milclretl Lyons. Marie BIaxin. Yalizi UeFrank. Row II: Beverly VVatson, Teresa Fotlispoti, l,rretta Fleck. Betty Stark, Donna Eaulk, Lois Ratclifi, Shirley Lutz. Ruth Schoonover, Ferna Zantopulos, Dolores Everliart. Evelyn Householder. Ruth Ann Elliott, Donna Senter, Adela Moldovan, Mary Cici, Margaret Birtalan, Clara Connor. Joyce Gentlell. Row III: Evelyn Gasser, Gloria Erhel, Norma Novak, Florence Banta. Norma lIcGiffin, Pauline Little, Rosalie famnitelli. Mary Berginides, Betty Uebel, Marilyn Nlikes, Florence Smith, Jean Titlenberg, lNIarian I-I-offman, Rita Sanford, Gladys Day, Ellen Cheviron, Connie Monterrubio, Sophie Papaehriston. Jackie Fraleigh, Irene Magyary. Row IV: Norma Kamp. Ilelen Odrich, Anna Restaino, Dorothy Robinson, Mary Evelyn Johnson. Virginia Caster, Alice Papadopoulos, Rose Franta. Laura Packa, Helen Lanka, Gertrude Nieporte, Mary Alice VVhitt, Joan Kleinschinitlt, Joan Rowles, Hazel Leutholrl, Marilyn Stephens, lNIary I.nzzi. Julia Uleksa, Mary Jane Steese. Row V: Pauline Anhill, Ruth Chuckery, Dlargaret Zink. Pat Gusler, Donna Neel, Ruth Seese, June Kessler, Doris Patterson, Eleanor Mija, Mary Margaritakis, Mae W'ernecke, Pat XVelver. Joanne I,Ill11SCl'l'l'lE'lllCl', Rosina DiBattista. Bertha Afentul, Edith Sturm, Magdalene Karapitles, Pat Vlhoolslayer, Marilyn Heib. Janice Brown. Gertrude Fiscus. Lil Gaslmare. Row VI: Dale Vlfilliains, Dale Long, XVenrlell Bastian, Bob Vtiuchnic, Don Bowker. Vl'ayne Miser. Andrew Ilussar. LeRoy Smith, Stanley Prince, Paul Morelli, Bob Holfinger, Jim Volzer, Paul Moran, Ray Moore. Farl DiPietro. Mike Skulriak. loe Tovissi, Efl Brasill, Fred Fox, Ralph Rauvola. Stanley Ebin, Blair Fowler. Page 107 i ' iii l 0 if 2' J TRUJAN LEADERS J is f f ix! If 1 ff' Once a year Trojan Leader tryouts are held and the girls who get the highest scores in performaing the various prescribed gymnastics are added to the club membership. Activities within the organization are numerous. The members of the club had a basketball league this year, playing all games in the morning before school, they also played volleyball in a similar manner. Only leaders are permitted to try out for the Blue and Gold teams, and the girls' tumbling team, too, is selected primarily from members of the club. In gym classes, leaders take attendance, referee basketball games, and in general assist the gym instructor in conducting classes. Row I, Left to Right: Dolores Everhart, Bessie Matin. Joanne Slattery. Barbara Makritles. Donna Senter, Atlela Moldovan, Rose Franta, Flora Turnides, Bertha Karipides. Beverly Fach. Row ll: Clara Connor, Doris Pellegrino. Jennie Tortora. Jeanne Stefanko, Kay VVils0n, Helen llliehalk, Jean Chismar. Jean Tidenberg, Rita Sanford, Betty Uebel, Alice Paparlopolos. Row III: Ruth Schoonover, Joanne Erickson, Mildred Ritchey, Mary Stropky, Donna Okey, Helen lNIeKet'ta, Rosemary Uickerhoof, Donna Keller, Angie Papakostos, Marie Maxin, Norma Novak. Row IV: Laura Marshall, Louise Coleman, llflarlyn Mikes, Florence Smith, Doris Patterson, Darline Jacks, Mary Berginicles. Mary Evelyn Johnson. Margaret Birtalan, Rosemary Petro, Carol Moorehead. Row V: Shirley Cadtles, Anna Mae Hoskinson. Elvera Cursky. Helen Lanka, Alice Novak. Mary Jane Steese, Sophie Papaehriston. ll 1 v i l 4 A Page 108 v STUDENT LIBRARY STAFF The thirty-six members of the Library Staff who, in their free periods, assist Miss Zimmerman in keeping our library attractive, are led by three capable officers. When the 8:30 bell rings, the girls are already on duty. They not only deliver reminders to students of overdue books and reserved books, but they also card and shelf the returned ones. These students with 85 averages also act as door and desk clerks. The staffys interesting meetings are held every other Tuesday after school. The girls take turns in furnishing a speaker or some other form of entertainment for these meetings. Row l, Left to Right: Pat Zauner. Marie Maxin, Yalia DeFrank, Norma Novak, Shirley VVillis, Laura George, Marilyn lden. Jeanne Hensel. Ann Dimetrieu, Mary Louise Luzzi, Ethel Anne Davis. Raw II: Mary Spataro, Mary Lou VVilliams, Helen VVest, Edith Sturm, Helen Odrich, Joann Meyers, Ruth Seese, Ruth Nichols, Catherine Miller, Mary Lou Hayes, Beverly Koutras. Norma Schwartz, Joyce Ferguson. Row III: Mary jane Steese, Gladys Day, Betty Paul, lllarilyn Stephan, Laura Packa Joanne Slattery, Evelyn Dawdle, Hazel Leuthold, Dorothy Rebillot, Marilyn Heib, Helen Lanka. , Page l09 HUME RUDM REPRESENTATIVES Immediately after their election in September, the Home Room Representatives begin their work that carries through for the -nine months of school. They are what might be called "small-scale bankers" for these students aid the Business Staff of the Tivo in the sale of the annual and help class advisers in the collection of class dues. They are also social leaders of the school because this is the group that urges students to participate in class parties and activities. Their willingness to assume these responsibilities and the cheerfulness with which they are com- pleted, make these students members of an honored and respected organization. Row I, Left to Right: Dolly Wicham, Phyllis Smith, Joanne Albertson, Eleanor Ozvath, Jeanne Hensel, Rita Minnochio, Eleanor Slivery, Norma Swartz, Margie Hoffman, Mona Lou Larson, june Kessler, Barbara Schrader, Lucille Lesh, Elise Carrington, Tina Maeelton, Carol Miller, Marilyn VVilbanks, Marilyn Daily, Lena Nichols. Row II: Dick Tinlin, Tom Payne, Robert Brozovick, VValter Farber, Nancy Minnochio, Joan Ihona, Lil Gasbare. Betty Sheatzley, Helen Joseph, Alice Lyons, Gertrude Nieporte, Ralph Leo, Glenn McClintock, Don Clark, Harvey Hendrus, Ronald Lockmyer, Dick Saunders, Row III: Ord Gatrell, Bob Carrigan, Jose Vazquez, Conrad Fowler, Andy Hussar, VVilliarn Rice. Al Abdulla, John Yung, Ken Gonda, XVilliam Lippka, Ray Winters, Don Valentine, John Gibbs, Dick Moore, Don Coates. Mike Vaccaro, Don Fraleigh. Row IV: Vince Iangro, Jack Angelo, George Korosedes, Jack Nieto, Mike Skubiak, Bill Johnson, Jack Brown, Ronald Van Horn, ,Tack DeLong, Jack Briggs, Bill Hodous, Don Casselberry, Chuck Koskovich, David VVisc, Richard Antenucci, Richard Shaheen, Dale Long. Elmer Chicky. jim Gellenbeck, Jim Karales. Page 110 Page Abbonizio, Joseph ....... ,,,,,,. Abdulla, Albert .,,,,,,,,. ,,,,,,, Adams, Theodore Afentul, Bertha A..,,,,, Alexander, John ...,.. 31 33 48 42 42 Allan, Joseph ....,r Allen, Robert .,,,,,,,,, ffff 31 56 Antenuce, Richard ,,,. ., ...,,. 1 Argyle, Janet ............ Arick, Robert ...,.. Aubill, Pauline ,.,, Auld, William ,,,,,,, Bailey, Chandos .,,,.. Bailey, Clark ,,.,.,,, Baird, Gloria ,,,.. Baker, LaVonna ,,.,. Bandiera, Nick ,,,...,. Bastian, Wendell ....,. Beiter, Robert ,,,,.. Berbeles, George ,,..,. Berger, Paul ,,,,,, ,,.. .,.. Berkebile, Robert Bianchi, ldamae ,,,,.,., Bikis, Alexander ,,... Binkley, Robert ........ Bitzel, Richard ,,.. Blyar, Marilyn ,,,,.. Bocija, Joseph ..., ,, Bocija, Manuel .,,,.. Booth, William ,t,,,,,, Borgen, Boring, Brasill, Brown, Brown, Brown, Greta , ,.,.,,. 1 Franklin t.,,,,, ,,,,r,, Richard ,,,,,, ,,,,,,, Helen ,...... ,,,,,,, Jack Janice ..., Brozovic, Lucille , Burns, Margaret ,,,,., Burry, William 48 16 13 31 33 31 42 29 16 27 38 56 31 16 48 33 56 16 42 40 56 34 48 31 27 42 16 48 42 48 31 38 23 Byrnes, Robert ,,,,,,,,,,. ,,,,,, Caddes, Shirley . ..,r,,,,,,,., ,,,,,V , Campagnoli, Elizabeth ,,..,. .. ..,,., 42 Campanaro, Michael ,,,, 34 Capper, Grace ,.,. . ,,,, ..,,... 5 5 Carnahan, William , ,,,, ,..,,.. 1 6 Carozza, Marion L ..,, 58 Cespedes, Peter .,,,, .r ,,.... 31 Changet, Joseph W 17 Charley, Joseph ..... ,, ,,,. . 42 Cheviron, Ellen ..,,,.,,,, L ,,.. , 49 Chiarucci, Vincent ,...,, ,,,,,, , 32 Chicky, Elmer ..,. ....., . L 27 Chuckery, Ruth . ...... , ,....,, 13 Ciulla, Carl .....,..,... ......, 4 2 Clark, Donald ..,..... ....... 3 2 Coates, Don ,,,,,, .,,..,, 1 7 Cody, Ellalee .......,., ,,,,,,, 4 2 Colceri, James ...,.....,. ,.,.,,, 1 3 Compton, Daniel ....,,,, ....... 5 6 Compton, Howard ,,,,,, ,.,,,,, 1 7 Condello, Carmel ,,,,, ....... 2 3 Constantino, John ,,,,,, ....... 1 7 Corosu, Anthony ,..,, ..,,,,. 1 7 Cowgill, Phyllis ,,,,.,, ,,,,,., 4 3 Coy, Robert r...,.,.. ....... 3 8 Crites, Gloria ....... .,....r 2 1 Dalpra, Delores .,,,,,, ,,,..., 2 9 V SENIUR INDEX Page Daughenbaugh, Richard ,,.. .. ,,,,, 34 Day, Gladys ,,...r,.,..,,,,.,,,,, ...,, 4 9 Decker, Alice ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,, 4 3 De Long, John ,,,,,,, ,,,,, 1 5 De Santis, Harry ....,,, ,,,,, 1 7 De Stefano, Jack ,,,,,,, ..,,, 4 0 Di Battista, Rosina ,,,., ,,,,, 4 9 Dick, Mary . ., ,,,,,,,,,,,1,,,r,, ,,,, , 13 Dickerhoof, Rosemary ,,,,. , ,,,, 23 Dieringer, Audrey ,t,,,, ,, ,,,, 55 Dimmerling, Luella ,,,,, 43 Di Pietro, Carl ,,,,,,,,,,, -,,,, 2 7 Domenico, Florence ,,,,-, ,,,-, 2 3 Dry, David , ,,,,, 1,,,V,,,, I 40 Dumitru, Helen ,, ,,,,- 43 Ebner, John ,,,,, ,,,-, 3 4 Elliott, Ruth ,,,r,,,, ,,,,, 4 9 Erbel, Gloria ,r1,,-,-, ,,,,- 4 9 Erdos, Elizabeth ..,,, --dzw 4 9 Esber, Joanne ,,,,,, -,,,, 4 3 Essner, Carol ,,,,,,,,, ,-,,, 5 0 Eustathios, Louis o,V,,-, --,,, 3 2 Evanko, Stephen ,,,,,,,,, ,,,-- 4 6 Everhart, Dolores ,,-,,,, Yrrr- 2 1 Evers, Lawrence .,,,, -,,,, 4 3 Fach, Beverly ,,,,,, ,,,-, 2 3 Farber, Betty .,.., ,,-,, 4 3 Fearn, Jack ,,,, 34 Ferko, Joseph ,,,,,, W V wgbs 34 Fernandez, John ,,,,, ,--,, 3 4 Fete, Dolores ,,,,,r,, 50 Fire, Mary ,,,,,,,-,,,,-,, 24 Fiscus, Gertrude ,,,., 21 Flott, Sam , M ,,,,,,,,,, 17 Forchione, Leonard ,.,,,,,, 45 Fortney, William 54 Fowler, Blair ,,,,,,,, 27 Fowler, Carol ,.,,,,,,. 24 Fowler, Conrad .,,,,r, 17 Fox, Fred ,..,, . .,,,,., ,, Frakes, Geraldine .,,,,.. Fraleigh, Jacqueline . Frederick, Betty .. ,,,,, Frederick, Ruth ,,,, , Frentzel, Karl ,,,.,, Fry, Donald Fuchs, Ernest ,,,,,.,, Fulmer, Anita ,.r,,, Gabrik, Mike ..,,,. Galloway, Patsy ,,,,, Garcia, Benny ,.,,,. Gasbare, Lilia ....,,.,, 27 50 50 24 20 34 38 17 43 34 29 32 Hays, Clark , ,,,,,,,,,,, Herb, Marilyn ,,,,, Helmkamp, James ,,,,,, Hodous, William ,,,,, Hoffman, Rodger ,,,,. Holt, Ronald ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.. Householder, Evelyn ,,,,.... Hughes, James ,,,,,,.,. Ianigro, Vincent ,,..... Iden, Janene ,,,..,., lnroccio, Agnes ,,.,,, Jacks, Milo ,....,,r,,,,,,, Jackson, Geraldine ,,,,,, James, Joanne .,,,,,,,,,. Jarrett, Herbert .,,,,,,.. Johnson, Marjorie ...., Johnson, William .,.,. Jones, Stanley .....,.,.,,,,, Joseph, Elmer ..,.,,.r,,,,,,,,, Juenemann, Edward ,,,..., Karipides, Magdalene Kean, Jack .,,,,,,,,,.....,,. Keller, Donna .,.... Kelly, Kevin .....,,,,,,,, Keney, Patricia ,,,,,r.rr,,, Kinsinger, Howard ,,,,,, Kirkland, Edward Kleinschmidt, Joan ,,..., Koehn, Patricia .,,,..... Kompara, Mary ,,,.,.,,, Koufos, James ,,,,,,,r,,,, Kramer, Raymond ,....r Kulich, Marijane ...., Lab, Paul ,.,,,,,,,,.,,, Lake, Earl ..,,,,,,,,,,,, Landers, Vernon ,,,,,,. Lanka, Helen ,..,,,,..., Lanza, Anthony ,,,,.,. Latham, Lelia .,,,,,,, Laughlin, Patricia ...,, Lazarides, Genevieve Lenardos, Mary .,,,,, .. Leno, Josephine ,,,..,, Leon, Dolores ,, .,,, ,, Lehigh, Daniel ,,,,,. LePar, Ralph ,,,...., Lepore, Frank ,,,,,,,, Lewis, Shirley ,,,,.,. . Lightner, Donald ,,,., Lippka, William ,,,,, Little, Pauline Page 35 14 57 39 28 44 50 35 35 44 29 35 44 44 40 24 35 17 39 ..... 32 21 40 24 41 21 57 32 21 24 so 28 35 24 2 eeee 32 32 35 .. ,,e2 30 18 , ,1,, 44 14 51 30 55 44 18 18 18 30 54 41 14 .21 Lupe, Frank ,,,,,,,,,- -1YYYw Y 44 Gessel, Frances ,,,,,,, ,,,-- 4 4 Luther, Barbara ,,,,.1 ,,,,,,, 2 1 Girlrher, William 1,,,,, ,,,-, 2 3 Luther, Martha . ..,, H ,,,-,- , 14 Giordano, Matthew ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, 3 4 Lutz, Shirley ,,,,,, YYYVKY- 1 4 Gliatta, Rose ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,, 5 0 Lyons, Aliee ,,,,,,,,,, ,-,,,,, 5 1 Gouda, Kenneth ,,,,,,-,, 1 35 Macris, Gregory ,1,,,,, ,,,-, 1 1 18 Granchi, Pauline ,,,,,-,,,,,- Y,--Y 5 0 Magyary, Irene ,,,,,,,,, Yrrrzv- 5 1 Gravius, Gladys ,,,,-,,,,,,-,,, '--1YY 5 0 Makrldes, Barbara ,,,,, ,,,,,,, 2 4 Grosschmidt, Edwafd ,,-,,,, 1-,,-- 4 4 Margaritakis, Mary ,,,,,, ,--,,,, 1 4 Grubish, Albert -,1,,,-,-,,, ,,,,-, 5 7 Markley, Martha ,,,,,,, ,,--,,, 4 5 Gussetr, Robert -,,,,,,, ,,,,, 5 6 Marshall, Laura , ..,,., ,,1,,,, 5 1 Halkides, Jack ,,,,,,1 ,,,,, 1 3 Masoka, Gloria .,,.., ,,1,,,, 4 5 Handlin, Vonda ,,,., ,,-,,, 1 4 McBride, Betty ,,..., ,,,,,,, 4 5 Hann, Martha ,,,,,, -bbrr 4 4 McClay, Doris ,,,,,,,,,,, kkrrrrr 2 1 Hare, Dorothy ,,,,1, -,,,, 2 4 McClintock, Glenn ,,,,,, ,,,,,,, 5 4 Harris, Reuben ,,,,,,, ,,..,, 5 7 Mfcuuoughe Joan -----, ff,.... 2 2 Page 1 1 1 Page McDonald, Dorothy W , 51 McGuire, Bernard ,,,, 18 McVehil, Ida ,,..,.,, Mehl, Virginia ,,,.. Mija, Eleanor .,,, Mikusa, Edith .,,,,,, Mitchell, Mike ,,,,. 45 45 14 51 35 Monastra, Nick ..,,,,,,,,, ,-,,, 3 5 Monterrubio, Connie Moorhead, Carol r,,, Morelli, Paul ..,,,,. Morello, Frank ,,,,. Morris, Gene ,,,.,,, Moses, Freida ,,,.,r,,.. Mosiychuk, Pauline ,, Mossor, Gene ,,,,..,,,. Motter, Robert ,,,., W Mulheim, Janice ,.e.,, Myers, Annetta ,.,,. Neago, Charles ...,,,., V 51 51 28 18 32 24 25 18 36 K 51 20 57 Neiswanger, Vera - ,,,... , ,A,, 22 Nething, Delbert .,,. Nichols, Lena ,,,,,,r 18 ,20 Nickolas, Gust ,,r,,w--A,, -FYYY 5 6 Nieporte, Gertrude ,,.., ,-,, 5 1 Notaro, Elvira ,,,.,,,,,. Novak, Alice ,,,..,, Okey, Donna ,,,... Oleksa, Julia ,,,,.,,,, Oswald, Floyd Oswalt, Donna ,.,,, Ott, Jane ,.,,,,,,,,Y, Overly, Vivian ,,,., Ozvath, Eleanor ,,.,,, . ,, 25 52 52 52 45 45 , ..,,, 55 25 , r.,, 55 Pace, Ronald ,,,,,,,,,,c , KYKKK 57 Papachriston, Sophie ,,.,, 52 Papas, Harry ,,,i,, ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,, 5 4 Parretta, Julia ..,, ' Patete, Nancy ,,,,,.. Paul, Betty ,,,,..,. Pauline, Irene ,,,,,., Paumier, Mary ,,,,.,,, 25 45 52 45 14 Paumier, William ,,,,,,, ,YYY, 3 6 Payne, Donald ,,,,,... Payne, Tom ,,,,,, Peffer, Harlan ,..,, Pelger, Fred ,...,,,,,.., Pellegrino, Doris ,,,, Penna, Catherine ..,,, , Perez, Joseph ,.,,t,, Petro, Rosemary ,.,,., 36 45 36 18 14 52 39 52 Picchione, Jennie .,,,,,, ,,,,, 2 5 Pollos, Sam , ..,., .,,.... ,,,,, 3 6 Pope, Tom .,,,,,,,,,. ,,,,, 1 9 Popo, Yolanda ,,,,.,.i ,,,,, 5 5 Popovich, Paul ,,,,.i,,,, ,,,, 1 9 Postlethwait, Joanne Page 112 25 SENIDR INDEX Page Prince, Stanley ....,,, ,,,,.. 1 9 Prusacik, Alice ,,,,.., ,.,,,. 4 6 Pucci, Leonard ,,,,,,, .,,... 3 6 Queen, James ,,,,,.,.,,,, ,,,,,, 4 1 Ramphos, Georgia .,..,,. t,,,,. 2 5 Ramsire, Ivan ..,......... ,,,... 2 2 Raper, Dorothy .,,,, ....,. 2 5 Ratcliff, Lois ,,...., .,.,,, 1 5 Reinart, Jack ...,..1., ..i.,, 4 1 Renner, Corrinne ,,,,,, ,,,,,, 4 6 Reno, William ....,,, .,.,,, 3 6 Repasky, Norma ...,,... .,..., 5 2 Reti, Andrew ....,,.,. ...r,, 4 1 Ribes, Raymond ..... .,..., 2 8 Rice, George .....i Rice, Nancy ,,,,,... 15 52 Ringer, Beverly t.,,... ,,,... 4 6 Ripke, Walter .,,,,,. ....,, 2 2 Ritchey, Mildred ,,,.,, .,.r,, 1 5 Roessner, Ruby ,,,.... ,...., 2 5 Ross, Angeline r..,,,, ....,. 3 0 Ross, Eleanor ....,, .,,.,, 2 5 Rowles, JoAnne ,,,,, ,..,.. 2 2 Rutkowski, Joe ,...,., ,,,,.. 5 7 Sama, Nick ......... ,,.... 3 6 Samson, Jean ,,,,.r... ,,,,.. 2 6 Sankovich, Nick ...,. ,,,,,, 3 6 Schaeffer, Jack .,..,,. .,.... 4 1 Schaffner, John ....,,,,,, ,,,,.. 1 9 Schaufele, Laurel ....,, ,,,,,. 2 2 Schmader, Barbara ..., ,,.... 2 6 Schmidt, Ross ,.,,,.... ,,,,.. 3 7 Schoonover, Ruth ...... ,,,,,, 1 5 Sciury, Isabel , ,,,,,,,,,. ,,,,,, 4 6 Scott, Beverly ,,,., ,,,,,. 1 5 Seese, Dorothy ...,.,. ,,,,,, 1 5 Shackle, Arthur , ..... r,,,,, 5 7 Shaheen, Delores ,.,... ,,,,,, 2 6 Shaheen, Richard ...... 1..... 3 7 Sheatzley, Betty ,,,,. ,..,,. 3 0 Sitler, Audrey ...,,,,,, ,,,,.. 4 6 Slabaugh, Edward ,,,,,, ,,,... 4 1 Smith, Audree ..... ,. ,,,,,, 46 Smith, LeRoy ,,,.. ,,,1,. 1 9 Smythe, Robert ........ ...... 1 9 Sonntag, Katharine ..,,,.. .,,.,. 4 6 Sprit, Helen ,,.,,,,,... ,,,,,, 2 6 Stark, Betty ..,.,.,, Steese, Mary ,,,,,,, 15 52 Stefanak, John ...,,, .,.... 4 1 Stefanko, Jean .,..,, ..,.r, 3 0 Stoehr, Jean ,,...,,,,,,,,, .,,,,, 2 6 Stoneman, Shirley ,,,,,,, ...,,, 4 6 Stoner, Sara .,,,.....,.,. ,..,.. 5 5 Stranan, Joseph ,.,.. ,,..,, 3 7 Stropky, Mary ,..,,,, ,,,,,, 5 3 Stubavi, Pauline .,,, ,.,,,, 4 6 Page Stuman, Jay ,,,,,,,,,,,, .... 1 9 Sturm, Edith , ,,,..,,,,,,,,,, ,,,, 5 3 Sutherland, Edward .,,..., .,,,... 3 9 Sutton, Maryalyce ....,, Swick, Shirley ..,,,,.... Swiger, Curtis .,.,.,. Taylor, Elizabeth Torre, Virginia ,,,,r Tortora, Jennie .,.r, Toussant, Anne ,,,,. Tovissi, Joseph .,,,, Trilli, Mary ,. .,.. .. Trump, Marion ..,.. Turpin, Glenard ....,, Turpin, Gloria .......... Uhrich, Adelbert ,,,... Ulmschneider, JoAnne Van Horn, Ronald ,,., Van Orman, Ray ,,.,,, Vanwy, Everett ,,,,, Vanwy, Leroy .....,.,,.. Vargo, Frank ,,,...,,,,.. .. ....rr. 22 22 46 47 26 30 53 28 26 26 47 .. .,,.... 47 41 32 .. .r,,,,, 57 57 54 41 Villamagna, Daniel ,,,,... ,,,,... 3 7 Volzer, James ,,,,.,,,,, Waechter, Paul .,,,, Wagner, Hilda ,,,,. Walsh, Joseph ,,,,. Walter, Betty ,,,,,ee,,e Walther, Madeline Warfel, Lee ,,,,,,, Watson, Beverly , ,... . Watson, Jack ,..,,,, Way, Clyde ,,,... Weber, Patricia ,.,,, Webler, Marilyn ,,,,, . Wernecke, Mae West, Helen , Weston, Donald ,.,,,, White, Ardith ,,,.... Whitt, Mary ,,,,,,,.. Williams, Louis , ,,... Williams, Nick ..,... Willis, Thomas , .,,, Wise, George . .,r,, , Wong, Edward rrr,,.,. 28 28 53 47 26 47 28 53 19 37 53 53 53 53 39 47 15 37 47 47 39 19 Woolslayer, Patsy ,.,,,... ,,,.,,, 2 2 Wuchnic, Robert ,,,, ,,,,,,, 2 8 Wuchnick, Delores ...,.r .,,r,,, 2 6 Wyler, Ralph ....,,,,,, Yohe, William ..,.. Yung, John ,.,. ..., Yarman, Paul ,,,,,,,,, Zahler, Richard ,,,,,, 37 47 37 19 37 53 Zantopulos, Ferna ...... ..,,,,, Zengler, Rose , ,,.,, ., ,,,, Zimmerman, Harvey Zink, Margaret ,.,,,,, Zuzich, John .,.....,. 1, ,...... 22 . ..,, , ...,,, 37 .. ,,,.... 15 47

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