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 - Class of 1943

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17am 1? 57WfUfK5E77 "ff7f!5' " 11:9 1741545 'V 'QUE' LJ - 7 Zf7!l!jdAG IAM: yabgl c 11 , X z Q52 li E 1 . , 5 ,, f gf: 1' M51 X-gif ' 'H all , ' A '.-, fi 'GLS 5, ' 'ig E 1:3 ff , fag, sk, , W5 if ' k sv :Q 5 35 k i D .1 a :- i i i R H 11 A 1 V i 11. I ,Q 3 3' - ' 9' 115 f , ,QE V - :Zi ,udlimpw g my-,.u , 7 '5'5"a5' ' Rv: MSL? ff f",,L fy' k Nzdixsgi It Wi if, - , .QM Kg: 1 ! w r I I h r I 5 if 2,1 if ia? Q5 is X 5 . ,A - giv Y 1. ,yi ".! "'-A 1 L Q, , 5, 1 1 Q i .l?h5EQI,.I f S 5 Q Q 1 55 ms W ,K AzL., A QQ? .. QNX il . 5 3 2, Q .5 3 flag: fM?siiLf,T- '915.fQ5?'Qf ' 'STILL' wfifg, iffiimszif P1,' W mmm ' i 'ff' '22:,s,,,z,lf: :Inf ij Wsiiiwigez- ,:- -. .. U, , '? 'W-' cave Egg EZVU NMMA the man JESSE 1-1. MASON Su11e1f'i1zfeude1zt of Schools . . . fehincf the kick behind tie wheel . 252 ate Me men BOARD of EDUCATION LOREN E. SOUIERS ROYAL E. PFOUTS GEORGE H. DEUBLE JOHN A. PEARL President Vice-Presidruf FRED K. DOMER that guide tie luke fiat ,QQIMQJ the ueel. that 13 the mbzcf C1 14 M XLICK I I D FORD O HAPRIQON P pl Mat make! the fof. Principal Ford O. Harrison, Charles Piero, Elmer Argyle, Waltei' Regiec 7Ze.4e are the onezi who fzykt the fight that Sewer: ufiff wb: the peace . . . C. H. RENSCH Sz1pm't'1'so1' of the Nafiomzl Defensc T7'Ui11fll!j P1'0g1'a1lz CLYDE STINFR Offifc .lvuozzlzfalzt of the National Dcfwzscr T1'ai11i11g Pl'0fI1'lIlII . . . nb 13 Me Jchoof that turn! Mem out to 5e'cw'ce--.itucfents to the 502025. . . Jtuofent.-5 to Me fdCf02i25 . . . the garage: . . . Me Jhojas . . . Me officer - urkete May featn the "know hour" of tfze ufotfd. . . . . .7ZzB is Me :ichoof that Aa.-iugiven Jmooth saifinj to . . . fetch of u5 - - H426 out :Strong ttu.4t .gn the Zope of 4 have new urotfof -gud time are out! who Lava 7a3eof at the DON BECKER Tivo and Tyra Art Editor GNVEN AULD SAM HATJES Sfagecraff JEAN BRERIKAIVIP Girls' --4z'lzIf'fif Association Home Room Rcjlresentatives ILA ERICKSOX Tinzleen Se1'wz'fc' Snfivfy JIM MQLINDEN Tivo Layout Editor QPAL CORDER Library Sfaff FRANK MARCHIONE Murals Eleven :tau and ftoujht zu at Aanclfzl a euf. JEAN NEVVMAN RAY PATTERSON PUGWJI Graphic Aris DQN KERRY KATHALEEN GRIMM Band Tym Business Manager I X DON MILLER X Boys' Leaders' Club 9 QQ DOROTHY HODGE Drarnatics EJ K9 MARTHA HAYVVOOD Tyro Editorial Staff SUE CAMPBELL Orchestra Y E I ffl Twelve 'I ,ifbblj If Ron' Om'-Lrfi In Right--Lois Boop, Ellen Glassmeyer, Dorothy Euston, Frances Budd. Marian Baehtel. Pauline Bridge, Naomi Hegnauer, Ada Zimmerman, Thelma Eherly. Row Tivo-Forrest Beyer, Carl Kamp, Cecil Armitage, John Madzay, Grace Burdge, Elizaheth Clark, Lester Brown, Arthur Henke, T. H. Everett, Paul Elliott, Chester Lyle. Row Tizrcr-Joseph Austin, Earl Loueks, Marion Conkle, Lloyd Grable, E. E. Horton, Earl Dent, Carl Hauritz. . Bernard Campbell, 1. H. Jones. .f . 5 l . , , " gf , I 1 , F ,. A, My 4 V , .J ' 13,1 ,V 'J fgncl than ate the 'ones and 'raked Me Jai 5 an ENSIGN HAROLD BIGLER SGT. DAN RISALITI Thirteen Row One-Left in Riylzf-Catlierine Shafer, Eva Pickens, Julia VVoocl, Marie Stambaugh, Carroll Kettering, Hazel Post, Ruth Gauehat, Elizabeth VVaCle, Beryl Thorson. Row Tivo-VV. F. McArtor, Herbert Mellon, Robert Shearer, G. R. Weiler, Martha Straueh, Harold Slutz. XYilliam Osborne, C. H. Rensch, William Meyers. Rim' Three-H. E. VVhite, Clyde Stiner. Glenn Tolson, George Swindell, Xyllliiilll Tyson, Dan Myers, llerbert Schlegel, George Swant. Irene Askue, Mary Ury, Lillian Bang, Dolores Brinker and VVilliam Parker were not present when the pic- ture was taken. - , - . f ' - 1 1- I ,JJ L, - , 1 I 1,3 3 x fi- ,k ow' , x ...,. L uric haake Jet the couue . Q", sent ua on fu!!-Jlaeecf. CORP. 'WENDELL XY. GRAENING l.T. Cj.g.D Russian. B. JONES N F 'sf Rain'-Left to Right-Lester Brown, Naomi I-Icguauer, Irene Askue, E. Ii. Horton, I. H. jones. S fond Rim'-Marmu Bachtcl, Grace Burdgc, Be1'11ardCamphe11. -Hnaf Mese ate the oned who have Jteazafied the lee! and mediated the fathomx CLASS ADVISERS eniou X. I i CLARE GROSENBAUGH JANE WRIGHT President Vice-President ' 4 h J' GVVENOLYN AULD Q VICTOR GREEN ' Secretary Tffeasurer -ghd than ate the ones who have tahen the ufheef and foohecf aheacf en ict fficeu 0 Seventeen Matilda looks good. doesn't she Joe? Agnas and Scotty greet visitors to building. A heavy date tonight, Louise? Mr. Malick's secretary-Helen. 10. Busy, Opal? Name it and you can have it! Matilda-Sweet sixteen and never been Get it clean, Mary. Dash off a paper, girls. Eighteen ROSEMARY ABOOD Secretarial "Charm strikes the sight, but merit the soul." JOE PAUL ADAMCIK Electric Shop "Al11n1da11ee of naf'111'al ability and rzafzufal charm." BRUCE DEAN AEBI Machine Shop "Always halvfvy. always jolly, never sad 01' 7llFllllICl10lj'.'U CHARLES AKALARIAN Accounting "His outlook on life is rzeve serious' or never too gay." MARY AKALARIAN Accounting "A 'ziightingale' with gracious ways and L'I'lt11'7l1S.U SADIE ALBERT Secretarial "'Whaf is done by hen' is done well" 1' too DORA FRANCES ALFIERI Cafeteria Management "'A liltle girl, with dark eurls and a flair for cooking." SYLVIA ALMASON Secretarial HJY0ll1l'llg is sfworzzgef' fha-11, the fusfom of bell ',51fj?" .lQ'll,Y-U " ' it ". BYR N A. .' MACH R D " tin c's'c" f "tl 'mffcft ' F' everyone DONALD ' I ' Drafting I- ,TL R - "Eve1' sfrivin.-5'41"l"m:'imf""'i" alwrzys at cas I ,- -"' 1 BETTY Retailing "Just a little mite, but mighty nice." GWEN AULD Secretarial "Poppy, clever, full of fuiig She is loved by everyone." A ay ,fi EMILY LOUISE BARNETT Secretarial "White collar girl headed for a llusiness t'l11'f'f'l'.H il JERALD ELMER HARNETT Electric Shop "ll"itlz 11'zal',qEy2 qm3d,11011e,' with rlmrit' 01' ' W RUTH B -"i 1. Cosmetolo ' 4rC'01lH,agL, ,,,..,. F.. ,,,, ,vlv y I- t Vi .,,, . ,..,,,,, from h !i i , f l - ILL., init-g AY u m m ' interesting MARY KATHRYN BARTLEY Cafeteria Management "A little took with long lvrmwz hair and big lN'07.Ul'lf eyes." STEPHENA BARTOSUK Secretarial "lt ix safer to lie meek than tiene." Nineteen CATHERINE BABIK Cosmetology . "She is truly great who lzatlz a great vliarityf' JEAN ELIZABETH BAILLIE Secretarial Hfllzcays Slftlllljl, lwiglzl and gayg Tlierelv limfer a lull in her dayf' RICHARD BAKER Electric Shop "lu every deed of miselzief he lzax a hand to e011t1'1'2'e." JOSEPH CABO BALCARCEI. Welding Shop "The noblest man the lies! fontehtmeiit has. "' CECIL BARDINE Welding Shop 'Hfitter Jive' ehamp from the print slzoflf' JUNE V. BARHAM Retailing "A little bit of lzeatfen in her smile." WM Twenty Sri 'ivy s GEORGE JOSEPH BETZ Machine Shop "DVhat men have done, can still be done, and shall be done today." HELEN LOUISE BIANCHI Commercial Art "She has a sense of humor that is c1zarm1'ng." FRANK BIHARY Machine Shop "Every cloud has a- silver lining for Frank." AURELIA BIKIS Secretarial "A sweeter maiden never drew a breath." CHARLES EDWARD BINKLEY Drafting "No inan can produce great things who is not thoroughly sincere with himself." EDWARD M. BITZEL Drafting 'II-le another one of those giants in 17'lZHf1fll1l7'L'.U +161-ii1u "7E'1'7"'h'::f W2-, 5 . - iris-aw w . ell- .fcr-f gl '-A 'K-f.'ll'-631311 14. , GEORGE BATLEY Machine Shop "fl fun-lo'viug fellow with dancing feet." PAUL BAUGHMAN Drafting "Great men- are true nzen-the men in rvlzom nature has succeedeclf' n'E'l""l'1'm .. C' ' ' - ACH , ' , . ,,. 'ICIIL DON BECI NW 1 Commercial "Destined foa Q. --v-f--." Accountin ' "Soft peace 1 rerer she arrives." DO -' W . D Sect' ra .. -T' L e. " ' lie I 1 ioz WJ 1 1 1 I JANET HELEN BELLINSKI Secretarial "There's nothing Janet cannot dog Socialvle companion and good sport toof' IRENE BLAZEVIC Secretarial "Gentle of speech and lreneficent of 11zi11d." LILLIAN BLOHM Secretarial "Oh! Thou art fairer than the ez'e1z1'i1g star." VVILLIAM H. BOERNGEN Electric Shop "He has a halrit of lllflklllg fI'lt'lZll.S'.,' FRANK BOLEK Drafting "lVith ':'irtuc and quietness one may conquer the zvorldf' GERALD VVILLIAM BOLES Printing "He is the 'Don Juan' of Tiinken High." RUTH BGORD Commercial Art "Ruth is a girl with dl'Cl'ZC'l.l1g ways." 13 Twenty-one LEONARD PAUL BOSSART Automobile Shop "I am satisfied beeause 1,111 just me." ART BOYAIIAN Printing "For he is a jolly good felloitn' HARRY JOSEPH BRADLEY Printing "The best things come U I packages. 6 A f ' ADRIAN JOH BRAHLER Retailing "Fun for all,' and all for fun." JAMES BRAINERD Drafting "Old friends are the best of friends." EDDIE WILLIAM BRAND Machine Shop "He's the kind of pal we like to have." Twen ty- two GERALDINE BRATTEN Secretarial "Her zfoiee is a gift of the gods." ROBERT BRAY Welding Shop "This lad's pzwseizfe is well appreriatedf' JEAN CATHERINE BREMKAMP Secretarial "lean is active in- many things and a szrjrerb majorettef' MARJORIE MAY BRESSLER Secretarial "A-1 good reputatioii is a fair estate." RUTH W. BRICK Cosmetology "Beautiful in form and featzufej could there be so fair a creature." LEONARD S. BROWN Drafting "He can adapt himself to any situation." J RICHARD VV. BROWN Machine Shop "He goes ivlzere theres getting and gets zohere he goes." HELEN BURRY Secretarial "A ne'zc'eo'n1er to Timleen but already a favorite." JOE LOUIS BUTORAC Machine Shop "life are proud to have him as our friend." E. DALE CAMERON Printing "Always ready and willing to do his partf' CARMINA CAMPANARO Retailing "Oli with the dnnre, let joy be zmconfiiiedf' DALE CAMPBELL Machine Shop "A man, of hope with a forward- looking mind." ANGELO CHICK Machine Shop "Stand aside, sir, and let me show yon how." IRENE CISOXVSKI Cosmetology "She has a vfitil' lH:l1fZQ4I'f with many frierzzls " ' ROBERT 'i f C 'lt Electric S 0 lllll A f'Hf'11 "" ,Y i . fn." ' r. .!.l-' i I M M, H hful than to Amis ROSE CIULLA Secretarial ".Veitlie1' lwlzl noi' shy, lm! a nice blendzizg of each." CHESTER FRANK CLADESKY Printing "An ounce of loyalty is tvortlz a pound of clez'e1'ncss." Twenty- th ree LUEMMA SUE CAMPBELL Commercial Art "Plain without ponip, and rich ivitlzout cz show." ERNEST EDVVARD CASSEL Machine Shop "Life comes but once, so zwliy not nmlee tlze mast of it." ALVERA CATANZARITE Cafeteria Management "She will make her castles in the air come to earth." VVALTER CATLIN Automobile Shop "P0ssess0i' of all the qualities essential to success." JOSEPH FREDERICK CERRONE Pattern Shop 'AA fine looking lad with an abundance of athletic ability." WAH CHAN Machine Shop "Diligence is the mainstay of his character." ,faly 71 l Twenty-four J SHIRLEY SHEILA COLEMAN Secretarial "lVith the poise and dress of a Paris model." DON COLUCCI Machine Shop "Tip-off or kick-off he's in flzere fighting every 1111'11ntc." ISABEL CONCEPTION Secretarial 'fShe has a heart zoifh roonz for every joy." VICTOR CONRAD Machine Shop "Fun to be wiztlz-in school or in a crowd." WALTER COOPER Machine Shop "H e inalees a good impression, because of his congenial nature." OPAL MARIE CORDER Secretarial "True fo her word, her zvorle, her friends." JANE CLEMENS Secretarial "Ease of heart her wry look conveys." ADRIAN RUSSELL COATES, JR. Drafting "Friendship is his forfmze and he freely 7 fgiwes if." ' g!'ii'UT , ll" s CHRAN i Seq ta e. 7 "- an 1 A a s ' it recom PHYLLIS I I I I l I A Cosmetology N l -,,, "Large is he: :::5?:::.1E'?f' 1-:?E!:.- ," K I I l HARLA , Welding "All good men are dying-I alorft feel so good myself." ROBERT COLE Automobile Shop "Gifted zcilh the art of making friends." JUNE CUSHING Secretarial "The glory ofa firm eapaeious mind." JOE STEVE CZAKEL Automobile Shop "Woe and worry go away-Come again some other day." ELAINE A. DARLING Secretarial "A light and gay heart lives long." ILENE E. DARLING Cosmetology "Kindness is the sunshine in which virtue grows." EDWARD FRANK DAVID Machine Shop "An able student with nzany true friends." DANIEL EARL DAVIS Electric Shop "A good man is the best friend." Twenty-five ROSE MARIE COREY Retailing "As merry as the day is long." JOE DOMINICK CORRELLI Machine Shop "A competent lad always ready to do what is asked of him." JOHN CARL CORRELLI Automobile Shop "He finds something to lie interested in everywhere he goes." PAUL VINCENT CORUSY Accounting "A boy who does his own thinking." MARY M. CROMBIE Commercial Art "A lover of art and a :zeal for living." TED VICTOR CURRIER Printing "A jolly friend, has no time for triflesf' Twenty-six LAVVRENCE WILLIAM DAVIS Machine Shop HS1ll7.S'f1.f1lfE for genius-sense and tml. MARY DAVIS Retailing "Patience is a necessary ingredient of genius." MAXINE MARIE DAVIS Accounting "Of LI good beginning eomes a good end." JUNE KATHLEEN DAVVSON Cosmetology "Short, sweet, good-natzcred and ever reI1'able." JOSEPHINE K. DECOSMO Retailing "Her Cl1!1I'1!lS can easily be seen and their wortli recognised." DONALD DICKSON Automobile Shop "There is no lruozuledye that does not slum' signs of genius," eiffy J LEROY G. DIERINGER Electric Shop 'hllirtlz is worth muelz more than sorrow." FLORENCE DIMINNO Retailing "Nothing will ez'er.lZe. so popular as kindness' ' I' 11555: -ham.. hi F ' -I-:QL---' A u 1 v d,.Q.,,.,,,.,,.,,f '- M - , D: . DONALD --I lllachine Sho I I I I'E'Z'Fl'j'flZl1lg eo I 1 wi l if'fIif-I DORIS DIANA DOBRICK Dressmaking rKK7llJTt'lFdgC is the action of the srmlf GEORGE I.. DONGES Welding Shop "Learn, to live and live to learn J i ' . ' 'il "' Tweuty-seven I GEORGE DOROSKY Commercial Art , "All gray skies turu to blue -if you keep smiling." RAY DOWNARD Retailing NA man who does not make mistalzes, does not learn." DICK DRYDEN Retailing "Let any man be fully persuaded in his own uiirzdf' DAVID DUELL Machine Shop "A wellrumde gentleman has self d0f0I'1IZl7IClfl0ll.v MARGIE LUCILLE DUNBAR Accounting "A friendly heart has uzahy a friend." JUNE SHIRLEY ECKROAD Retailing "Wlie1L uature has work to be done she creates a geuius to do it." I If VARIDIMAS JAMES ELIADIS Machine Shop '1Nez'er delight in' another persorfs 71'1lSf0I'fZH1L'.U I ILA LOUISE ERICKSON Secretarial "Sl1e's pretty tQ.,'wqIlc with and witty to talk ' f.lllll ":"""'.,' i RICHARD E f':'-H--r C .',.IMAN Machine Sl ef-1 ' . UTM high H .IIV il I .......,. I ,..... . Vllil " I, ,M ity at hand EVELYN LAVAUNE EUDY Cosmetology "Her heart siugs rnerrily all the day." LENIN JAMES EVANGELISTA Machine Shop "The foremost rmzu of all this world." I J Twenty-eight PETER M. FORADAS Secretarial "lVIanners-the final and perfect flower of noble eharaeterf' ROBERT FRANK FORNEY Machine Shop "Experience joined with eoininon sensej To niortals is a proi'ide11re." FLAVIA FRANCESCON Secretarial "The heart to eoneeiwe, the inzderstanding to direct, or the hand to e.reente." DONALD MATTHEXV FRANK Machine Shop "Life.is too short to waste any time in being sad." IRENE FRANTA Retailing "lleawen's soft azure in her eyes is seen." MILDRED FRANTZ Dressmaking "The happiest people are the busiest." ' GEORGE D. EVANS Printing "Tasks seein lighter when the heart is gay." GLORIA LAVANE FARBER Cosmetology "An abundance of vim, vigor and vitality' eli1ll' ll:1'm... MA oRE .F1 l Re 1 in IL "- -'- - wr isposilion BONNIE I i -!-I-I I I Secretarial - - "Variety is th VA I I BETTY Secretarial "A very pretty thing is soon taken." EVEL YN VIVIAN FLOTT Secretarial "They are never alone that are l1L'C01'1'lf7!1I11l'll with nzee thonglitsf' G-1975 HELEN MARIE FREN TZEL Secretarial "A hcart fha! is af lvz'sm'e with itself." MIRIAM FRY Accounting' ' 'lflltuays cz latly, lmtlz good and film." li1lEl' EE:f:a...h FRIEND LAJ Eli ll" ' 2 .QE VVelding Sh " lg, "NUI fo lu' s- mu. 4 . H'11l1SUfl5flC'd, is Ihr? swf' .V,. 1 "" """ ' l .,,.,.,.,,, , ' ons a long " 1 1-T ---K I VVILLIAI . . J. I Electric Shop "The well of true wif is Z'I'llll'l itself." LOUIS GARCIA Weldiiig Shop "Thorp is always room for om? more friend." If Twenty-nine CLARENCE JOHN GEARHART Automobile Shop "Hr who afvprvciafrs cofzfmzfmefzt is 1c'ml1'1zy." EDNA GEORGE . Cafeteria Management "K1mtulNlg0 is a fI't'US1ll'0, lm! f7l'lIL'llL'C is flzv levy fu if." JAY GEORGE Sheet Metal H1 law life and zohatcwz' if has to offer." KATHRYN GEORGE Retailing "If is 110 flldflff' what you do, if your 1ZL"fl7'l is only f1'z,m." ANGELO PATRICK GIARRANA Machine Shop "He does not wish in seem ihe best, but fo be if." A JEANNE ELINOR GILL Secretarial "To do easily what is difficult for oz'hm's is the 1'l'101'k of talent." N Thirty CARMELETTA COLOROS GLOVER Secretarial "A pleasing eounienarzee is no slight adzfantagef' VICTOR WILLIAM GREEN, JR. Accounting "ll'7'a11ages to be the type you can always rely on." BETTY RUTH GREGORY Tearoom Service "Her life has found ifs place: lf grows in slrengfh, in hope, in grace." KATHALEEN JANE GRIMM Accounting "Call if by some better name, For Friendship sounds too cold." KENNETH JAMES GRIMM Machine Shop "A man of droll wif and dinnnutiixe statmfef' CLARE HENRY GROSENBAUGH Accounting "This young man does everything, can do ewerytlziazg, and will do e7fe1'ything." J ull if Iam." all MARY JANE GROSSCHMIDT Secretarial "There is something lhere that sounds so square, 11's a grand old name." JOHN JOSEPH GRUBISH Machine Shop "The end of lif isgg!2, g1lmz,Qzc'ledge but aetlonff " "' M1 'I 0 i", " "" Q ' ' C v."'1i """""" n some SOPHIE HA ---- .. Cafeteria Man ga I I I "lVlfh her iz"s no s ' OHIIU ann ROBERT VVA EMAN Retailing "'He has an honest and wa1'1n disposifiozzf' MORGAN BRICE HAMLIN Machine Shop "Small service is true SC1"ZJ'iL'C while MABEL HATFIELD Retailing 'Temiiizine zfau'ily,' that devine gift which makes a zcioiuaii ehariiiiiigf' SHIRLEY ANNE HATFIELD ' Drcssmaking 'She keeps on being qneenly iii a charming wczvf' urii2!" 'ii:n':i.. ' -v SAM I. HA: 3, Drafting , I l'7-, HHH posse i an gffcd in ' I ,,,,,, , ,,,, I I I 1 in it I cheek contains , . il!!! ' M GEORGE DENVER HAYES Retailing "llIir1d is the great lever of all things." JAMES L. HAYES Pattern Shop "He is the mirror of all courtesy." ROBERT LLOYD HAMMEN Machine Shop "As we adwazzee in life, we learn the limits of our abilities." VIRGINIA CHRISTINE HAND Secretarial "She is as gracious as szuzshine, sweet as dew." THELMA HANNA Accounting "fl thing of lreauty is a joy forever." GLORIA HANSEN Retailing "Her Quays are the ways of kindness." LAVVRENCE JOSEPH HARE Welding Shop "Let each man e.rerrise the arf he knows. MARGARET HART Retailing "Her smile and her laugh break down all lvarriersfl Thirty-one Thirty-two .,,,wf"5f JAMES HERZIG Automobile Shop "High-erected thoughts seated in the heart of eoitrtesy." EARL E. HICKMAN Weldiiig' Shop "A sense of justiee is a noble fancy." GERALDINE LAURA HILLMAN Cafeteria Management "A vision of glory: 11 lovely sight." THOMAS ROBERT HINTON Pattern Shop "I hold he lowes me best who calls me Tom." DOROTHY JEAN HODGE Secretarial "Her voice was etfer soft, gentle and low 71172 exeelleiit thing in 'ZC'017'lK17'L.U BETTY JUNE HOFFMAN Secretarial ' "Her great thoughts come from her heart." MARTHA HAYVVOOD Accounting "The power of thought-the magie of the mind." ANNA E. HEIDENREICH Secretarial "She adds a precious seeing to the eye." GALE ,DERSON Maehi e Shop , "T " 011 'riena' l .fffim . V,,,... 1 .,,,, , A MARY HER n I ' I I Retailing i,,,,Y N51 pycffy dau Ignite' 1 ll." JOHN D. - as 'A ,I it Sheet Metal - "Let any man speak long enough, he will get belie1'ers." HAROLD LOUIS HERSHBERGER Machine Shop "Nothing great was ever achiefzfed without eizthusiasmf IRENE H HOFFMAN Secretarial "Sho loads a life of fun and f1'ic11dli11oss." GUY EDWIN HOLZVVORTH Electric Shop "Mon of ,qfggr ,agd,g,,a1'e the lzost nzmzf' , H 'f ". NADYNEN' R .1-A1---2--- 2,1 Seeretari ' - mam, n"- I l! HOLDER I 'lie 5-. - 1 tFm"'::A"'i than eqnitfalcnt HlL . ,.i l1I' ' JAME UDNELL Machine Shop ".-lution is tho f7I'0f70l' fruit of lenozc'lodge." HAZEL LAVANNE HUNDLEY Accounting "Thaw is no 'U'lI'f1tC so truly great and godlllec as jnstiref' f .f rl ' I , . ' Thirty-three JOHN DOUGLAS IDOINE Retailing "A noble soul alone can noble souls attract." IRENE IGNATOVVSKI . Secretarial "Her oyfs arc' tho twinkling of stars." HILDA JANE INBODEN Retailing "Tlzo1'c's nothing that alloys an angry miaza' so soon as a swoot Inoazztyf' COLLEEN MARINE IACKMAN Secretarial "Slut nzanagos to ln' peppy and prone to happiness." MARGARET LOUISE JACOBS Retailing "Sho o.1'm'ls effort in all things nndm'lakc1z." ALBERT JANNELLI Machine Shop "Nothing is difficult to a willing mind." Thirty-four FRANCES JIMENEZ Dressmaking "A merry heart nzalceth a cheerful countenance." IDA JOHN Tearoom Service "Size finds sonzefliing in everyone to lilcef' VVANDA MAE JOHNS Accounting . "Cheerfulnf'ss and goodwill inake labor light." GLADYCE MAYME JONES Accounting A "A quiet and self-deterniined young girl." GORDON W. JONES Electric Shop 'Drcidedly dependable in tackling diffi- fnlfies that come his way." EILEEN KACKLEY Secretarial "The seerei of snecess is eonsfancy to Plt1'f70S6.,! JOHN KALAGIDIS Automobile Shop "A good disposition is more fo be foveted xflion gold." TED THOMAS KAMINSKI Machine Shop "The mon who soelashone thing in life may hope fo 'Hlm 'i'iui"'-. J. E -fffffw .1 1. ,1.. "'- r "" --""' .,,,, .,..,,,,,... I g 7, who DESPINA gg -I-5-I I I Retailing " - "We flzal live 0 H ' - ' SOPHIE Accounting "lfVe should affenzpt it noi, or succeed." ALEX KARRAS Pattern Shop ' "Of every noble action the intenl is to giw worth rezc'ard." f DONALD E. KING Welcliiig' Shop "ll is wisdom, not fortune, that rules a mau's lifcffj GEORGE S. KING Drafting , ,,,,,,, , "A man H : : m"' -fvrdoys and NORMA -..I Ima. p,Aimi,,g ,W,.,.,.....,,,,.,, "-A---- ---'--""-' I .,,..,,,,., ,,,,.. "The zoo I I , great men." -2, ' .:: -I ici' of mutual HELEN E. KLINGER Secretarial "A prolly girl is like a 1l1C'l0dj'.u GLORIA JEANNE KLOPFENSTEIN Secretarial "Be yourself, mid you will lie o1'igi1ml." JOE KATZ Automobile Shop "If tlzm'v's zz way he will f1'11rlgl." A B ,E , T 'u me ial A lz l life, tlzf 19 irify of grace." RUSSEL GEORGE KENDIG xV6lCli1Ig' Shop "Good uiaizufrs arf 'made up of petty socr1fu'es." VVILLIAM M. KERR Machine Shop "A pleasant clzap will: soaring aiizbifioizsf' VVALTER DONALD KERRY Electric Shop "To blow is not fo ploy on the flariizetg you must 1110110 flu' fiiiyvrsf' JOHN KESSLER Automobile Shop "You can lin wl1afc1'c'1' you zcauf to be if you want to lzard ezzouglzf' Thirty-five lf Thirty-six NORMALEE KRAUS Secretarial "I try all things: I achieve what I can." NVILLIAM E. KREUZ Printing "Makes a fawralnle inzfwressiazz because of his eangeniial nature." DONALD G. KRUMLAUF VVS-:lding Shop "Let men l'0l1dllt'l f1ZFll1.YClI'l".Y in life as 10 be strangers to defeat." HELEN A. KULICH Secretarial "A thing worth doing at all is worth doing well." MARGUERITE KUNTZ Retailing 'I have one lamp 113' which my feet are guided-e.rfverienee." PAUL LEROY KUTCHER Vllelding Shop "I'd rather lanylzt, a lwright-liaired boy, . - .,-'..A ,Aff4.L- '. -, .v--,4-.5 M., 1,-At-, ,.. . A-: ,- -'.,,,.-.. f,-J, f .x,..'.,,..,:-5 -,-,,,y.. .ev -. Lfuf-'i:c':w 'ur ,L-I-Nfa-:-f'c'-,:"'.:,!.J':Q.. .Jr-M 4.-41-:a,S',,. . -A-x 1-124 5 1--1: Wen' iz 'V eff,-Q Q Fix-A-1 :f.+'f. o:f:f1,lGLf2.H want.-,. ., x59z, 51.,mf?9? than reign, a grey-beard king." VERNON L. KOHN Retailing "He serves ns mast who serves his country best." ANDREVV KOPAN Automobile Shop "Health and cheerfnlness nzutnally beget ff'fh0fhf"-U niza:"feam.. I- 5 "n, Jos H C L K a l' A .'r'f'iT" ':,, L 1l uuulwu - 1010 0M10r rr 5-2223 I 1.111 w 1 A lu rf ' ,! - - -- - . liPUflUlZFC an i--fivgl1nTW 0 ---- -Y . - - - l I I - ' T A I I I MARY KO' Cafeteria M g I--,134-.. IR IXOVACS Accounting !'Sl1e's sugar and spice and efverytlzing hire." BETTY KRAFT Secretarial "Nature fits all her children with something to do." IRENE LALLO Retailing "fl 11zaid af grave a11d ronlplcle 1'l1Gj.0.S'fj'.U MALVERNE M. LANDON Retailing "A lifflzv ll071St'11.YC naw and fl1o11 is l'FlZ.S110d mg! ffggwisfsf 111c11." CARMEL! NN L NZA ' , Secretari' ' " 'hu HHN W ---1.1 ,,,.'m-7,-255 U- -111011 5,,,,'1U5 ..,. .,.. """"' , "" "" ' ', E' F I FP I I. Ill I 5 " 'T HLTHELT ..- .--- and fim- ' .S E El 1' ' EI, ' HQTLQEBQQL 1 Secretarial "Oli toll 1110 prolly lllillidfll. are tlzvri' any more af llllllll' like you?" JAMES R. LEECH Machine Shop "fl good fl1a1'ar1'e1' and good l1al1its is all that anyozze ran' hope forf' MAXINE LEHEVV Tearoom Service "We like beaiify accompanied by a111ial1lc qzialificfsf' LOT S LEHNIS Commercial Art "F1fie11dsl1ip is low' iK'l'fll0Ill viflzcr floweizs or wil." MARGARET LEITNER Secretarial "lfVl1af is lowly IIFTTI' diffs, Bm' passes into ofl1c1' l0'Zf'Fll.lICS.S'.H MARGARET LEMMO Cafeteria Management "In stature s111all and a f1'ia11d lo all." GUST C. LEMONOPOULOS Electric Shop "I will be found p1'cpa1'frlfo1' zvlzafowr is in store for 1lIC'.H JAMES EDVVARDS LESTER Vllelding Shop "Tha fora, of l1is ozwz IlIl'I'1'l.S' makes his own way." Thirty-eight CHARLOTTE LEVIN Cosmetology "Kind words are the innsic of the world." AMELIE LEVY Cosmetology "I live not in myself, lint I become a portion of that aronnd ine." GLENN H. LINDENBAUM Automobile Shop "The style is the nian htiinselff' JOHN EDVVARD LOFGREN Machine Shop "A nolrle mind the best eontelztinent has." DEAN LONG Sheet Metal "One thing is foretier good, That thing is sneeessf' AMEIQDR LONGOCIU Secretarial "Ambition and creative ability are her ' ' n mam assg , it GLENN LONGSWORTH Machine Shop "A-nibition is the idol on whose wings his inind is carried to be great." THOMAS LOVE Printing "The 'man that lorgglqlzgd laughs must sure do zcell , , 'U 1:gg:: ::::':a..h. JAM? S -na!a!52!-A- Eh :AG ' rie:.s.zmz N "I ,,,, nd JOH H-lil-LI-I I-I 1 look at life , FH! V at N THO 5 Sheet Metal ' l I I I , fl 11 ROBERT S Machine Shop "A nzan with legs a little longer than the ordinary plan." , STANLEY MACIOCH Machine Shop "He Caine, he saw and he conquered ALICE L. MARDYLA Accounting "A sweet girl, one surely worthy of praise." OLGA ANN MARSHALEK Secretarial Nlifith offer Wig qyqgizlrzg in one eye and ealeulat' 71 s '1 oz ' the other." WILLIAM " A of to "M Automobile 'JT' " n' "To be a I l of fortune I '-' ' "' TT - WT i 'ng llu l'- 161' voice is .4i11 RICHARD PAUL M.-XURER Machine Shop "Every man has a l71lSl11PS.Y and fle'Si1'L'." ELMER S. MAYES Printing' "I-Ie's the best king of good fellows." Thirty-nine CHARLES L. MACK Electric Shop "Everyone is the son of his own works." NICK MACRIS Automobile Shop "Let every mon be master of his time." JACK L. MALLOY Automobile Shop "For the more a man knows, the more tvorthy he is." GEORGE LEE MAN Weldiiig Shop "The little folly in him is desirable." JAMES MANOS Printing "Very little is needed to make a happy life." FRANK MARCHIONE Commercial Art "Of all those arts in which Frank ex- eels. his thief masterpiece is painting well." 1 Forty BETTY EILEEN MERRYMAN Retailing "A woman of elieerfnl yesterdays and eonfident to1n01'1'ozc's." ALEX MICHAEL Machine Shop HA friend more l1I.'Z'lI1!' than all diUi11ities." DALE MILLER Retailing "A nzan of all hours, ready for nnytlz1'f1g," DONALD E. MILLER Accounting "The well of true wit is truth itself." DONNA LOU MILLER Accounting "With voice so sweet and words so fair." NADINE MILLER Accounting "A smile is the some in all languages." JANET LOU MCCLELLAND Secretarial "She is the very pink' of f7Cl'fCffl0I1.v JAMES R. MCDONALD Automobile Shop "The noblest mind has the best contentment." MARY JANE MCGRADY Cosmetology "She holds all with lze-1' glittering eyes." EUGENE ABSHIER MCKELLEY 'Welding Shop "A good reason why girls lea-ve home." JAMES MCLINDEN Commercial Art "He is the very march of intellect." ALICE JEAN MENENDEZ Retailing "Langh and the 'world laughs with yon. ' ROY EDWARD MILLER Machine Shop "He has a lwart as grcal as tlze tworldf' RUTH MILLER Accounting "l31'z'gl1t gem izzstizzrt with 11111si1',' vocal -5'l'U"l?- 1lilll"'li:1'n-. -r '-. JOY LAV, A 1 5' Electric o , K '5- t'l'VlffI11 U . t " 1 11za11." l I I ! 1 ll 'al 5- -3- ' -- .-1- read the I - 1 H or." iluh, -A R EST 'ITHMUIIL I1 ' Dressmaking "A faithful and good girl-a real godsc'11d." VVILLIAM ROBERT MOCZEK Electric Shop "Bill is a 1111111 of 110 few pz11'f1oses." F orty-one JEAN E. MOEGLING Secretarial "A sight to dl'l7!1lll of and to tell." TRAIAN MOGA Drafting "flu 01111411 of j0j'flClZlgl1fl'l' is f7l'0f7Ul' for this 111a11." VIRGINIA MOLDOVAN Secretarial 'Rcjoivc i11 life, while still the light bzzrrzs bright." DONALD F. MONNOT Machine Shop "His smile is si1'cctc1'1ed by his g1'a1Jity." ELMER M. MONTGOMERY Machine Shop "Mischief comes by the pound and goes away by the o111zce." JEAN LOUISE MOOCK Secretarial "The gift of gaiety may itself be the greatest good f01'f1l7LC.U F arty-two GLORIA MARIE MORENO 'Iearoom Service "The gentle mind by gentle deeds is known." ANNE MARIE MUNGER Dressmaking "And you are your tlzozzghtsf-31014 may be what you will." MILDRED MURRAY Secretarial "Genteel in person and C01'ld1lL'l.u MARY THERESA MYER Secretarial "Merit and good breeding will make their way et'eryzc'l1e1'e." ' BETTY JANE MYERS Dressmakiug lfEZ'P?'j' moment of my life is CI new beginning." CAROLINE ANNE NASSEFF Cafeteria Management "No matter zwlzere you find her slze always wears a smile." - J noxamf V NICK NAVROZIDES Automobile Shop "Life is a joke book with every day a new elmpterf' AUREL NEGULICI Weldiiig Shop "He lzas good eonznzon sense and newer seems to have a fare." WII.LIAM NEIL Electric Shop "lt's all in the state of mind." DONNA JEAN NEVVMAN Secretarial HS11EIS carving a niche in the temple of Paine. v VALERIE NIAMTU Cosmetology "A pleasant person-we all like her." LILLIE NOEL Secretarial "To hear her speak, and sweetly smile You are in ftorodise the while." ANGELINE PALLIS Secretarial "I have a heart with rooni for every joy." SAMUEL PANTELI Automobile "He's well liked and always ready to lend a helping hand." CARMEL PAPI Cosmetology "A just fortune always awaits the deserving." STEPHEN A. PAPPAS Automobile Shop "He makes friends easily ,' keeps then: well." EDITH HANNAH PARATORE Dressmaking "Kindness is the sunshine in which virtue grows." IRENE PASTRIAN Accounting "Good thoughts like deeds, need no trumpet." PAUL E. N OVAK Machine Shop "For knowledge is in itself a power." MARY ALICE O'BRlEN Cosmetology "Her smile is the whisper of a Iaughf, RUTH IRENE OCHELTREE Tearoom Service "It is not enough to do goody one must do it the right way." EUGENE EDVVARD OSMAN Pattern Shop "Every nzan is the architect of his own fortune." THERESA ANN OTERINO Secretarial f'The nznsie in nzy heart I bore, Long after it was heard no more," JOHN R, OTTE Sheet Metal Shop "I have learned, in whatsoever state I ani, therewith to be content." Forty-three Forty-four EVA IRENE PHILLIPS Tearoom Service "She showers everyone with her good gracesf' JACQUELINE PHILLIPS Accounting . "She bears her good fortune modestly." ROGER EUGENE PHILLIPS Automobile Shop "Always ready to inoke himself nsefizlf' BETTE JAYNE PLANT Retailing "It's no wonder she's so well liked, she likes ezferyhodyf' NORMAN GEORGE POHLER Printing "There's nothing in the world bnt what yon can tnrn yonr hand to." STEVE JOHN POPA Electric Shop "He's always ready to help a friend." ROY EUGENE PATTERSON Printing ' "What niisehief goes on behind thot pair of rognish eyes." SALLY ELEANOR PAULSON Secretarial "Suddenly a thozzglit-,genie like a full- blown rose." "fill l mm ,- HA P R " O Ma I Hig h , 'hs " ,,.,s,,,, . nf 'nd-f af I I JAMES FR II I Pattern Shop - - "Friendship an ' I I H fer and a day." ' -gli ' EILENE P ' ' Retailing "Where there's fun there you'Il find Eilenef' DOROTHY PETROFF Secretarial "The sight of you is good for sore eyes." TVIAGDALEN PA PA RAD Cosmetology "All succeeds with people who are sweet and cheerful." TRAIAN T. PREDA Automobile Shop "He always finds time for film." ... ...... I I , AARON LI- i ' '- Machine Sh - - AMPI 5-23254.-:ig h--.1 V to be with 1 ,. -." 1 . 4 A '5 24 faitlzfi . of life? A ll ! : A A I z - I T - I " V I ,- 11 fl e e s . .' ' FRE VVeld1n u "A pleasing personality plus good looks are no mean adifantagesf' LUTHER RAPER A Machine Shop "lfVith a fort-mzate man all things are fortunate." J is F arty- five 1 f l 5 RICHARD E. REAGAN Automobile Shop ' "A true friend is tlze greatest of all blessings." JEAN MARIE REBILLOT Secretarial HLVIHI loved that loved not at first sight." SARA B. REDLESKI Retailing "She can hold her own with anyone." ELDEN F. REIFSNYDER Printing "Patience is something that grows in the heart." JACK REIFSNYDER Automobile Shop "A manly nature that makes all darkness light." LAVVRENCE THOMAS RESTAINO Welding Shop "A very nice young rhang always full of fun." i Forty-six RICHARDS A. REYNOLDS Machine Shop "He always has a smile for ez'e1'yone." LAVERNE JOSEPH RIESBECK Automobile Shop "Every nmn's work shall be made nzanifeslf' RAYMOND ROBERT RING Weldiiig Shop "A good eonversafionalisf is always in demand." MERLE ALFRED RISHER Machine Shop "He has a spirit Ilia! made him aceoniplish things." JENNY RISPIN Secretarial "Jenny's an 'all-around' girl if there ever was one. HAROLD SCOTT ROACH Retailing "If there isn'f some misclzief going on, I'll do my best to make some." '1 V WW ANNE M. ROCOVITS Secretarial "A true friend is forewr a friend." ROBERT C. RODEK Drafting "He that does good to another does good fo himself." DOROTHY MARIE ROHE Secretarial "She is all my fancy painted herg she's lovely, she's divinefj SHIRLEY LUCILLE ROTHENBERGER Secretarial "VVe like Shirley 'cause she's such a lot of funf FRA NCIS ROTHERMEL Machine Shop "He always fries fo rnalee the besf of everything." FRANK HENRY ROTTAR Welding Shop "Those who know you besl praise yon most." VIRGINIA ANN SARNO Secretarial "Forward and frolie, glee was theife, The will to do, the soul to dare." WILLIAM PAUL SCI-IAUFELE Automobile Shop "His jovial disjgositioh wins him many af7,iL,nd.v lIHxx ':::l'In.L' VIRGINIA .I ' - .r.- .,-.A U ny Secretarial - .magma "1 "I am I1 77 . of fll'Cfl111.l'.h I ' Wi..- li ! R .m,,..5L!IQ,,.l 'I em I ham ln PAULI , I MITT Secretarial "She always has something jzleasant and witty to say." CLARENCE JAMES SCHROTT Machine Shop "Always square in this old game of life." Forty-seven MARIAN A. ROUSH Retailing rKIMU1'lUI1 is one lzzmdred pei' cent sincere and fl'lL'11dly.v JIM JOHN RUKAVENA Machine Shop "Ligl1t-liearted and a friend to all." BILL RUSH Printing "A pioneer in the field of fun maleiizgf' ALBERT E. SALAIKA Drafting "Tl1e1'e's a touelz of friexzdlirzess in his falls." ROSEMARY SALASEK Secretarial "The way to be happy is to help make others so." WALTER SALLA Machine Shop "Walt is ehergetie, COPl.YCi611ll01fl good naturedf' ' s and 2 F arty-eight EUGENE SELL Pattern Shop "His interest in- people makes him many friends." WANETA SHAFER Secretarial "I111p0ssil1le lo dislike this sparkling-eyed lass." CAROLINE SHAFFER Retailing "A rozlzjndeizf girl, eager to do her best." TI-IELIXIA IXIIMI SHAHEEN Dressmaking ' "Of all flze girls flint e'er was SGCII, The1'e's none so fine as Thelma." ROBERT DALE SHATZER Accounting "A sliorf saying off ronlends 17'l!ICh wisdowif' ELSIE LOUISE SHOLL Retailing "Fw plenly of pep, power and quick picle-up." KENNETH Electric Shop R. SCHVVAB "He enjoys life to its fullest exfefzff' HARRY P. SCHWARTZ lX'lachine Shop "The life that is zvorfli living is worth iuorleing for." nu--i HH W l:1'n...h scnwmo Se " ta """-" 'lg 'Z 'MQ-'I -ww ' ure lzeeause - . 0, I I - vj' EUGENE ' I H -LL! I I Pattern Shop " - ' "fl fine fellou 1 H I I I! mfli friend." l -:il lm LAVVRENC, . . Machine Shop "lust eaizff keep a good fellow down." RUTH ELIZABETH SCOTT Secretarial "She possesses all the qualities of a true lady." FREEDA ELIZABETH SHUSTER Secretarial 1'O11e of flzase lzaiiliy sazrls who are the salt of the earth." PAUL FRANCES SIKORA Secretarial "A merry lzeazglligl ellzz-lglaod like a medicine." "" ' 'H EVELYN lu., Cosmetolog ' ' ' H44 i ff.,, f 4 .f,,f.fff. , A 1f,11ff,111 L v 1111 aK9fed.l! ' Ll --1-f- I-I aIi'i'!i'Fi?n" ',"" T! If se she is l 1 MA RCE Machine Shop "A wise man knows the value of edncafzorzf' QUERVINA SIRGO Retailing one." "She spares 110 pains in frying fo da her best." ELEANOR JUNE SKEELES Retailing "Reputation is the life of the miizd, as lzreafh is the life of the body." BETTY JANE SMITH Retailing "Her air, her mazmer, all who saw Ud11l11'Ed.U CARL N. SMITH Welding Shop "A smile jlraperly used will 'wnrle zcfandeifsf' ANNE SMUCKLER Secretarial "Sl1e's quietly small and always friendly to all." JAMES R. SNELLENBERGER Welding Shop "Maybe a qziiel man but quite a man." EVELYN MAE SNYDER Secretarial 'Wlfiffy is all slze says, but always kind." Fifty MARGARET HELEN SOLDATIS Retailing "It's great to be natural if you are naturally nice." BETTY JOANNE SOLLAZZO Retailing "The earth's noblest thing-a woman perfected." MARY SPEHAR Tearoom Service "A good laugh is -sunshine in the world." JAY DONALD SPROUT Automobile Shop "No man is happy who does not think himself so." RICHARD JOHN STALDER Welding Shop "The most universal quality is diversity." CHRISTINA STASINIS Secretarial "A shining example of talent, charm and personality." EDMUND A. STEPHAN Sheet Metal Shop "Practice is the best of all instruetorsf' DONA,STEVENSON Cosmetology "Fleming to look at and nice to know." ROBf'IwWP:mh' EVENSON E1 . H e:eF:?e? ll E "IR n .-' : 1.. u t , u i' in the Har 1!!!!!! ,,,., .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, JANICE S l I I I Commercial '-- - - "With virtue 1. -.il I- il I ." BERT V. Egg-K Retailing "You know, work is really fun once it's begun." JACK B. STOKOE Sheet Metal "He is truly a musical man with 'snr' appeal." ANTOINETTI SZYMANSKI Tearoom Service "In each cheek appears a pretty dinzplef' ADELINE TERSIGNI Cafeteria Management ' "A wornan is the leader of a deed." BETTY ELAINE THOMPSON Secretarial "Al good student-full of fun, and liked hy everyone." BETTY TOLBERT Secretarial "Short and sweet-niee to meet. ELVIRA TOLIN Accounting "There is no knowledge that is not power." ROSE JEAN TOMEY Accounting "A woman-'s thoughts are like the wind." ELVIN E. STONER Welding Shop "He is so good that no one mn be a better man." ' ROSE STREAMO Dressmaking "She finds many worthwhile things in life." HARRY O. STROBELT Machine Shop "For the more a man knows the more worth he is." FRANK STUBAN L Automobile Shop "No one knows what he can do till he tries." JEANNE MARIE STUCHUL Secretarial "The two noblest things, whieh are sweetness and light." WILLIAM R. SWEANY Machine Shop "The longer one lives, the more he learns." Fifty-one Fifty-two WILLIAM EDWARD UNGASHICK Machine Shop "Thoughts are mightier than strength of hand." EDVVIN VANDER Retailing "H e reads much and is a great obser'Uer." DELORES VAN HORN Secretarial "Wlieii she smiles the world grows bright." FRANK ORLAND VAN PELT Machine Shop "Few are born with talent that excels but all are capable of living well." NICK VARDAKIS Secretarial "A constant friend is a thing rare and hard to find." KENNETH RICHARD VAN SICKEL Machine Shop "Self-trust is the first secret of success." JOSEPH ANDREW TONDRA Machine Shop f'While there's a song in our hearts we can never grow old." MADELYN BETH TOPE Cosmetology "Victory is a product of the will." JEANNETTE ROSE TRACE Secretarial "A friendly girl we all like to have aroundf' NELLIE TRBOVICH Secretarial "Variety is the mother of life's enjoyment." MARY TROMBINO Retailing - "You love! your cares when you help lsomeoue. ' A KENNETH FRANK UNGASHICK Welding Shop "I woke one morning and found myself famous." JERRY VARNER Commercial Art "W'itIiih- my heart I bear love for al things good and fair." JOHN VIRDO Automobile Shop "Good in fight, but better in play." LOUISE VOYTKO Cosmetology "She likes to get her lessons well, then fun ozfertalees her for a spell." LEONARD P. WALTER Drafting "Blond haired lad not very tall, very natural and friend to all." ROY E. WALTER Drafting "Character is that which eau do without success." MAXINE MARIE VVALTHER Retailing "Grace is in all her steps, heaven in her eyes." I Fifty-three ,s l 'I f J MARGARET WATKINS Accounting "She sits high in all the students' hearts." ROBERT L. WELCH, IR. Retailing "The happy-go-lucky, fun lowing typef' ROBERT WELLBAUM Drafting "He who values the merits of others is the happiest of all ui-eu." THOMAS JOSEPH WELLS Accounting "He speaks and acts just as he ought." BETTIE MAE WENDLING Secretarial "That twinkling in her eye will capture your heart." PAUL DALE WENDLING Welding Shop "Quiet1iess is a virtue that cannot be surpassed." Fifty-foul JANE WRIGHT Secretarial "B1'ig1zl will: ll1f6'll1'gF7lC6, fair and true." GEORGE JOHN YELICHEK Retailing "A handsome attracfiw kind of grace, a full assurance given by looks." VVILLIAM A. YODER Pattern Shop "Whc1'c fruc fortitude dwells, loyalty, and fidclity may bc found." VAL ZAUNER Machine Shop "His prcscucc adds a zuortlzwhilc touch to auy g!1lhL'7'1'1'lg.U PARTHENA ZEMANIDES Accounting "So mild, so peaceful, so loyal, so good." NADINE D. 'WHEELER Retailing "Sho is a part of all who lzaw mei hor." CALVIN HUGH VVILSON Printing lAWl10?E fhcrc is uzisclzicf hc is always in 1'l1c fhicle of Illll. um: Y '5::::... '- FRIQ w S M "in la, H al l l ' mu-uf KZCC-Clll RALPH VV i l Electri -'eg - is z .- 1 W me ' lil DICK VYRI ' Sheet Metal Shop "Born for succcss hc srcmcd, -with grace fo Il'llI lziglz cslccuzf' GUST ELEFTERETES Secretarial "He set a goal and he achieved if." EDWARD FORCHIONE Automobile Shop "Integrity in life is ffI7l7L',S best friend." VIRGINIA M ' ""' I """' Secretarial JN' - "A sweel, b zzde , 'er 'in C01'1'5lSlC11f.D ' ' I I u I ! I BETT ' Secretari "Redheaded gal and always ready fo go." CHARLES HASTINGS Retailing "He is an affalwle and t'0IlI'fC01l.Y gentleman." l Fifty-five I ROBERT D. ZENGLER Machine Shop "Peace he l7l'Z'1lgS fIIl1eI'eI'e1' he arrives and builds qu-ief as he forms our litres." VIRGINIA JANE ZORN Accounting "She will always lie up and doing." DUANE M. ZUTAVERN Sheet Metal SlIop "The world goes by and I go willz if." CHESTER CARBONE Weldilig "A szn'p1'ise package of vlezfer ideas." HELEN BURNOSKY Secretarial "Helen, smiled and all llze world was gay." MARILYN CALAC Secretarial "She finds pleasure in- everything she does." f ...., ,f gk 6 5-,'A, ,L . ff Aft S- R eszazbw Q 3 dw W ,. 'Ik f a Y A , is ,sk 4 f 2 'S , xv J? I X Fifty-.raven ACCOUNTING CHARLES AKALARIAN - 1823 Sixth St., N.E. Timken Service Society 3-45 Publications Staffs 3-45 Home Room Chairman 1-2-35 Student Library Staff 1. MARY AKALARIAN - 1823 Sixth St., N.E. Dramatic Club 15 Glee Club 3-4. INEZ BELEW - 2334 Fourteenth St., N.E. Booster Club 1. PAUL VINCENT CORUSY - 1429 Sycamore S.E. Publications Staffs 3-45 Student Library Staff 35 Band 1-2-3. MAXINE DAVIS - 619 Sandals Place N.E. Band 3-45 Glee Club 1-2-3-45 Booster Club 2. MARGIE LUCILE DUNBAR - 1412 Perkins N.W. Publications Staffs 3-4. MIRIAM FRY - 1376 Maryland S.W. Publications Staffs 3-45 Home Room Chairman 45 Band 2-3-45 Glee Club 1-25 Girls' Leaders' Club 3-4. VICTOR WILLIAM GREEN, JR. - 1450 Spring Ave., N.E. Class Officer 45 Publications Staffs 3-4. KATHALEEN JANE GRIMM - 712 Union Ave., S.W. Publications Staffs 2-3-45 Dramatic Club 1-2- 3-45 Student Library Staff 2-3 5 Glee Club 1-2-35 Girls' Leaders' Club 2-3-4. . CLARE HENRY GROSENBAUGH - 1320 Saint Elmo, N.E. Class Officer 45 Publications Staffs 1-2-3-45 Camera Club 1. THELMA HANNA - 2239 Third St., N.E. Publications Staffs 45 Band 35 Biology Club 25 Booster Club 2. MARTHA HAYWOOD - 817 Lafayette Ave., S.E. Publications Staffs 3-45 Girls' Leaders' Club 4. HAZEL LAVANNE HUNDLEY - 125 Eleventh St. N.E. Publications Staffs 1-25 Dramatic Club 1-25 Stu- dent Library Staff 1-25 Glee Club 1-2 5 Intramural Volleyball 1-25 Intramural Basketball 1-25 Social Science Club 2. WANDA MAE JOHNS - 1207 Sixth st., s.W. lfl' A GLADYCE MAYME JONES - 1201 Second Ie 2-3. SOPIIIE KARIPIDES - 1327 Ohio Ave., N. -e-em 2-3-4. IRENE MARGARET KOVACS - 1522 G l ' """' "'A I e Club 1-2-3-4. ALICE L. MARDYLA - 206 Smith Ave., 1- I 1 . . S 2-3-45 Glee Club 1-2-3-4. DONALD E. MILLER - 2005 Gross Ave., !... L -.. .. lub 3-45 Cheerleader 2-3-4. NADINE MILLER - 1431 Henry Ave., s. Y hestra 3-4. ' DONNA LOU MILLER - 1003 Third st., N. -2-3. RUTH MILLER - 1404 Ivydale Ave., S.W. Glee Club 1-2-3-4. IRENE PASTIRAN - 1443 Bryan Ave., S.W. Booster Club 1. JACQUELIN E. PHILLIPS - 1310 Warner Rd., S.E. Orchestra 1-2-3-45 Glee Club 15 Booster Club 1-2. ROBERT DALE SHATZER - 1603 Thirty-fifth St., N.W. Publications Staffs 3-4. ELVIRA TOLIN - 3814 Fairmount Blvd., N.E. Timken Service Society 3-45 Dramatic Club 15 Student Library Staff 1-2-3-4. ROSE JEAN TOMEY - 841 Mahoning Rd., N.E. Student Library Staff 3-45 Glee Club 3. THOMAS JOSEPH WELLS - 3114 Sixth St., S.W. Band 1-2-35 Orchestra 25 Glee Club 3. MARGARET M. WATKINS - 1206 Second St, N.W. PARTHENA ZEMANIDES - 1816 Tenth St., N.E. Booster Club 2. JANE VIRGINIA ZORN - 2023 Gibbs Ave., N.E. Booster Club 1-25 Social Science Club 2. AUTOMOBILE SHOP LEONARD PAUL BOSSART - 512 Boylan Ave., S.E. Home Room Chairman 35 Booster Club 2. WALTER CATLIN - 918 Mahoning Rd., N.E. Stagecraft Club 2. ROBERT COLE - 1416 Clarendon Ave., S.W. JOHN CARL CORRELLI - 1424 Allen Ave., S.E. Varsity Football 3. Fifty-eight JOE STEVE CZAKEL - 1911 Hammond Ave., S.W. Varsity Football 4. DONALD ERNEST DICKSON - 502 Hazlett N.W. Radio Mechanic 1, Boys' Leaders' Club 1-2. EDWARD FORCHIONE - 708 Madison St., S.E. CLARENCE JOHN GEARHART - 201 Smith Ave., S.W. Cheerleader 4. JAMES HERZIG - 825 Cleveland Ave., N.W. JOHN KALAGIDIS - R.D. No. 2, N.E. Boys' Leaders' Club 1-2, Reserve Football 2. JOE KATZ - 1216 Hoover Pl., N.W. JOHN KESSLER - R.D. No. 1. Home Room Chairman 4, Varsity Football 3, Reserve Football 1--2. ANDREW KOPAN - 1405 St. Elmone. Home Room Chairman 3. JOSEPH CARL KOPP - 1376 Scoville Ave., S.W. GLENN H. LINDENBAUM - 1341 Maryland Ave., S.W. NICK MACRIS - 703 Young Ave., N.E. Dramatic Club 3, Home Room Chairman 3. JACK L. MALLOY - 3343 Mahoning Rd., N.E. Band 2. WILLIAM MARTIN - 1550 Bedford Ave., S.W. Boys' Leaders' Club 2. JAMES MCDONALD 0- 2200 Winfield Way, N.E. NICK NAVROZIDES - 1827 Irwin Pl., N.E. Glee Club 1-2. STEPHEN A. PAPPAS - 1414 Harrisburg Rd., N.E. Booster Club 1. SAMUEL PANTELI - 1914 Eleventh St., N.E. BEgIg,f ',,InEa.ders' Club 1-2, Reserve Basketball 3, Basketball Manager 2-3. H. ROGER EUGENE PHILLIPS - 710 Arling H, TRAIAN T. PREDA - 2140 Eighth st., ,,,,, RICHARD E. REAGAN - 3810 Eairmoun . 1 1- - aSketba11 2. JACKJREIFSNYDER - 813 Bedford Ave., I LavERNE JOSEPH RIESBECK - 1126 szmgfi- iii... Club 1-2. WILLIAM PAUL SCHAUFELE - 2121 ...I a!J.!m P' ll I JAY DONALD SPROUT - 1411 Roslyn Ave., . . FRANK STUBAN -- 1464 Hilcher Ave., N.E. JOHN VIRDO - 1437 Cherry Ave., S.E. CAFETERIA MANAGEMENT DORA FRANCES ALFIERI - 1144 Concord Ave., S.'W. Dramatic Club 1, Home Room Chairman 2. MARY KATHRYN BARTLEY - 913 Tenth Street, N.E. Timken Service Society 4, Etiquette Club 2, Eng- lish Club 2, Booster Club 2, Orchestra 2. ALVERA CATANZARITE - 1315 Sycamore S.E. EDNA GEORGE - 2034 Eighth Street, N.E. Home Room Chairman 4, Booster Club 2. SOPHIE HADJIAN - 925 Rowland Ave., N.E. Glee Club 1-2-3, Girls' Leaders' Club 1-2. GERALDINE LAURA HILLMAN - 1367 McKinley Ave., S.W. Glee Club 1-2. MARY KOTANIDES - 2108 Fifteenth Street, N.E. MARGARET LEMMO - 1709 Sixteenth Street, S.W. Dramatic Club 1-2-3-4, Glee Club 1. ANN M. MARULLI - 329 Thirteenth Street, S.E. CAROLINE ANNE NASSEFF - 1109 Thirteenth Street N.E. Glee Club 1. MARY BARBARA RAMPI - 1050 Mahoning Rd., N.E. Glee Club 1-2, Girls' Leaders' Club 2-3-4. ADELINE TERSIGNI - 1363 Scoville Ave., S.W. Fifty-nine , COMMERCIAL ART DON BECKER - 1026 Arlington Ave., S.W. Publications Staffs 2-3--4, Home Room Chairman 1-4. HELEN LOUISE BIANCHI - 1650 Grace Ave., N.E. Chorus 1-2. RUTH BOORD - 2559 Fletcher Ave., N.E. Dramatic Club 1-2-3-4, Chorus 1-2, Volleyball 3. LUEMMA SUE CAMPBELL - 1328 Roslyn Ave., S.W. Timken Service Society 3-4, Dramatic Club lg Band 2-3-43 Orchestra 2-3-45 Glee Club 1-2-3. MARY M. CROMBIE - 2419 Thirteenth Street, N.E. Girls' Leaders' Club 3, Chorus 1-2. N GEORGE DOROSKY - 2313 Crown Pl., N.W. Glee Club 1-2. BEATRICE KEATS - 3842 Tenth St., S.W. Press Club 2. LOIS EIJIEISINIS - 1620 Twenty-first St., N.W. French Club 1-2-3, Girls' Leaders' Club 1-2-3, Thrift u 2. FRANK MARCHIONE - 447 Thirteenth St., S.E. JIM MCLINDEN - 2617 Hursh Pl., N.W. Publications Staffs 3--4. JANICE STITZ - 615 Forest Ave., S.W. Timken Service Society 45 Dramatic Club 4, Glee Club 2. JERRY VARNER - 2945 Sixth St., S.W. COSMETOLOGY CATHERINE BABIK - 328 Thirteenth St., S.E 'liil9' i5H'Hf-,,. RUTH BARNHART - 1002 Thirteenth St., . V. ?s-.agen b 'IQ Commercial Club 3. RUTH W. BRICK - 718 Sherlock Pl., N.E. ,,V,,,,, : ' " 'K ty 3, Class Officer 25 Dramatic Club 2, Stu- dent Library Staff 2. I I """"""""" IRENE CISOWSKI - 1363 Market Ave. I eu I 1 1 me Room Chairman 1. PHYLLIS J. COE - 1330 Maryland Ave., ub 23 Chorus 2. ILENE E. DARLING - 1712 Third st., s. I I I I l I l ---1 in 3 JUNE KATHLEEN DAWSON - 1033 Smith --f-- I --- -N Arts Club 1-25 All Star Basketball 35 Girls' Leaders' Club 45 Booster Club 25 Chorus 3. EVELYN LaVAUNE EUDY - 1423 Broad Ave. Ext., N.W. Dramatic Club 1, Student Library Staff 1. GLORIA LaVANE FARBER - 923 McKinley Ave., N.W. Girls' Leaders' Club 3-4. BETTY KLAMER - 1041 Bonsall Ct., N.E. Dramatic Club 15 Glee Club 1-2-3-45 Girls' Leaders' Club 3-4. CHARLOTTE LEVIN - 907 High Ave., S.W. Booster Club 1-2, Chorus 1-3. AMELIE LEVY -- 525 Smith Ave., N.W. Dramatic Club 13 Glee Club 1-2-3. MARYCJANE MCGRADY - 1331 Nineteenth St., N.W. Blue and Gold Cheerleader 3- Booster Club 15 Glee lub 1. VALERIE NIAMTU - 2009 Seventh St., N.E. Glee Club 1-23 Dramatic Club 15 Home Room Chairman 4. MARY ALICE O'BRIEN - 1011 Fulton Rd., N.W. Glee Club 1-2-3. CARMEL PAPI - 1814 EWard's Ave., N.E. Booster Club 2, Chorus 3. MAGDALEN POPARAD - 1915 Clark Ave., S.W. Glee Club 1-2-35 Consumers' Club 1. EVELYN ROSE SILVERY - 2023 Penn Place, N.E. Booster Club 2-3. ANN SIMA - 1427 Dueber Ave., S.W. Class Officer 13 Dramatic Club 1g Cheerleader 3. DONA STEVENSON - 821 Richard Place, N.W. Band 2. MADELYN BETH TOPE - 1439 Louisiana Ave, N.W. Home Room Chairman 35 Chorus 1-2, Dramatic Club 23 Booster Club 1-23 Latin Club 1. LOUISE VOYTKO - 3044 Engle Pl., S.W. 1 Sixty-two DONALD DOBINA - 1504 Alden Ave., S.W. Home Room Chairman 4. DAVID DUELL - 815 Union Ave., S.W. Glee Club 1-25 Home Room Chairman lg Reserve Football 2. VARIDIMAS JIMMIE ELIADIS - 1414 Tenth St., N.E. FRANK CARL ESLICH - 2530 Fourteenth St., N.E. Reserve Football 2. RICHARD WENDELL ESCHLIMAN - 948 Shadyside Ave., S.W. Dramatic Club l-2-3-4. LENIN JAMES EVANGELISTA - 1433 Allen Ave., S.E. Band lg Orchestra 15 Varsity Football 3-4, Re- serve Football 2. BOB FRANK FORNEY - 2011 Ninth St., S.W. Home Room Chairman l-3, Varsity Basketball 3-45 Re- serve Basketball 1-2. . DONALD MATTEW FRANK - 910 Maryland Ave., S.W. Home Room Chairman 3, Band 2-35 Orchestra 2-33 Dramatics 1-2. ANGELO PATRICK GIARRANA - 1321 Seventh St., N.E. Dramatic Club 35 Glee Club 1-2-3-4, Var- sity Football 4. KENNETH JAMES GRIMM - 712 Union Ave., S.W. JOHN JOSEPH GRUBISH - 2500 Winfield Way, N.E. Home Room Chairman 2. MORGAN BRICE HAMLIN -- 4928 Barrie N.W. Dramatic Club lg Art Club lg Round Table Club lg Publica- tions Staff 2. ROBERT LLOYD HAMMEN - 1804 Second St., S.E. GALE GLENN HENDERSON - 1510 Tanner Ave., S.W. HAROLD LOUIS HERSHHEHGER - 1001 Lip -- ... Glee Club 1. JAMES RICHARD HUDNELL -- 641 Gar l i lome Room Chairman 1-33 Band 1-2. ALBERT JANNELLI - 1108 Shadyside, . .... ......... TED THOMAS KAMINSKI - 314 Hawk I . :II ' , . all 2-3-4, Reserve Football 1. WILLIAM M. KERR - 1010 Eighth St., - I .l- l - JAMES R. LEECH - 832 Essig Ct., N.W. - l I I JOHN EDWARD LOFGREN - 713 Gibbs Room chairman 1-2, Glee Club 1-2. GLENN LONGSWORTH - 734 Marion Ave., S.W. ROBERT S. LUTZ - 1530 Fourteenth St., N.W. Home Room Chairman lg Band 1-2-3-4, Orchestra 2--3. STANLEY MACIOCH - 1534 Stark Ave., S.W. Timken Service Society 3-4. PAUL RICHARD MAURER - 1121 Bedford Ave., S.W. Class Officer 1. ALEX MICHAEL - 3507 Seventeenth St., S.W. Q ROY EDWARD MILLER - 709 Concord Ave., S.W. Varsity Football 2-3-4, Reserve Basketball 2g'Reserve Football 1. DONALD F. MONNOT - 1327 Shriver Ave., N.E. Timken Service Society 45 Boys' Leaders' Club l-2-4: Cheerleader 4. ELMER M. MONTGOMERY - Fulton Rd. Ext., R.D. No. 2. Timken Service Society 45 Varsity Football 3: Reserve Basketball 2, Reserve Football 1. PAUL NOVAK - 1647 Clark Ave., S.W. HAROLD L. PELLEGRINO - 2806 Tenth St., S.W. ' AARON LIVIU RADU - 2327 Twenty-Second St., N.E. LUTHER RAPER - 516 Rowland Ave., N.E. RICHARD A. REYNOLDS - 1325 Fourth St., N.E. Timken Service Society 3-4, Dramatic Club l. ALFRED MERLE RISHER - R.D. No. 1, Bolivar. Health Club 25 Boys' Leaders' Club 1-2. FRANCIS ROTHERMEL -- 209 Clarendon N.VV. Dramatic Club lg Stagecraft Club 2. Sixty-three JIM JOHN RUKAVENA - 1838 Brownlee Ave., N.E. Home Room Chairman 3. WALTER SALLA - 112 Wherry Pl., S.E. CARL A. SCHMADER - 613 Bedford Ave., S.W. CLARENCE JAMES SCHROTT - 1514 Fourteenth St., S.W. HARRY P. SCHWARTZ - 223 Chicago Pl., N.W. Home Room Chairman 4, Band 1-2-3, Glee Club 1-25 Boys' Leaders' Club 1. LAWRENCE V. SCOTT - 1324 Eleventh St., S.E. Home Room Chairman 2. MARCELINO SIRGO - 1548 Garfield Ave., S.W. HARRY O. STROBELT - 712 Seventh St., N.E. Boys' Leaders' Club 3-43 Activities from other Schools, Booster Club 23 Boys' Leaders' Club 2, Home Room Representative 2. WILLIAM R. SWEANY - 631 Forest Ave., S.W. Boys' Leaders' Club 4g Stagecraft 1-2. JOSEPH ANDREW TONDRA - 1715 Stark Ave., S.W. WILLIAM EDWARD UNGASHICK - 520 Bedford Ave., N.W. FRANK ORLAND VAN PELT - 1234 McKinley Ave., S.W. KENNETH RICHARD VAN SICKEL - 1742 Taft Ave., N.E. FRED WISE - 1460 St. Elmo, N.E. Home Room Representative, Boys' Leaders' Club. VAL ZAUNER - 441 Janet Ct., S.E. Home Room Chairman 4. ROBERT D. ZENGLER - 941 McKinley Ave., 12235 1 Leaders' Club 4. P i Hi if I . I P FREDERICK JOSEPH CERRONE - 21 -- -M Home Room Chairman 35 Varsity Football 3-4, Band 1, Reserve Football 2. ' I I Fllillll A JAMES L. HAYES - 2612 Twelfth St., N. . 'e 2-3-45 Dramatics 1. I THOMAS ROBERT HINTON - 407 Gibbs Ave., N.E. Varsity Basketball 3-45 Varsity Football 4. JAMES A. KARCHER - 1217 Fourteenth St., N.E. Chorus 2. ALEX KARRAS - 1820 Seventh St., N.E. Varsity Basketball 43 Varsity Football 4. EUGENE EDWARD OSMAN - 2728 Eleventh St., S.W. Band 2-3-4. JAMES FRANK PELLIGRENE - 207 Harrison Ave., S.W. Dramatics 1-25 Football 2g Art 25 Stagecraft 1-25 Boys' Leaders' Club 1. EUGENE A. SCHVVITZGEBEL - 355 Arlington Ave., N.W. Home Room Chairman 4, Radio Club 2. EUGENE M. SELL - 1612 Twenty-ninth St., N.W. Stagecraft Club 1-2. WILLIAM A. YODER - 4111 Sixth St., S.W. PRINTING GERALD WILLIAM BOLES - 1470 St. Elmo, N.E. Home Room Chairman 3, Graphic Arts' Club 3-4, Re- serve Basketball 2g Basketball lg Track 1. ART BOYAJIAN - 503 Schwalm Ave., N.E. Publications Staffs 45 Home Room Chairman 2g Graphic Arts' Club 3-45 Reserve Football 2g Glee Club 1. HARRY JOSEPH BRADLEY - 3316 Belmont S.W. Publications Staffs 3-4g Home Room Chairman 4, Graphic Arts' Club 3-4. Sixty-four E. DALE CAMERON - 1518 Thirtieth St., N.W. Graphic Arts' Club 4, Basketball 1. CHESTER FRANK CLADESKY - 1618 Bedford Ave., S.W. Graphic Arts' Club 4. TED VICTOR CURRIER - 2145 East Tuscarawas. Graphic Arts' Club 43 Booster Club 2. GEORGE D. EVANS - 912 Park Ave., S.W. Graphic Arts' Club 4, Glee Club 2-3-4. FRED LEE HOUSEHOLDER - 1912 Quinby Ave., S.W. Reserve Basketball 1-2. NORMAN ELMER KLABUHN - 1526 Frazer Ave., N.W. Graphic Arts' Club 4. WILLIAM E. KREUZ - 719 Dent Place, S.W. Graphic Arts' Club 4, Band 3-45 Orchestra 4. THOMAS LOVE - 1303 Rowland N.E. Dramatic Club 1, Home Room Chairman 3, Boys' Leaders' Club 1-A-2. JAMES MANOS - 955 Carnahan Ave., N.E. Graphic Arts' Club 45 Student Manager Basketball 1. ELMER S. MAYES - 529 Smith Ave., N.W. Graphic Arts' Club 4, Glee Club 3-45 Band 1-23 Orchestra 13 Booster Club 2. ROY EUGENE PATTERSON - 1114 Walnut Ave., N.E. Graphic Arts' Club 4. NORMAN GEORGE POHLER - 1380 Market, North. Graphic Arts' Club 4, Varsity Football 3-45 Reserve Football 1-2. ELDEN F. REIFSNYDER - 932 Brown Ave., N.W. Home Room Chairman 23 Graphic Arts' Club 4. BILL RUSH - 1018 Mahoning Rd., N.E. Graphic Arts' Club 4. CALVIN HUGH WILSON - 1918 Roosevelt Ave., N.E. Graphic Arts' Club 45 Band 2-3-4, Orchestra A 2-3-4, Glee Club 1-2-3-4. HmE. ,,H.m.Vh. WILLIAM RICHARD WISE - 1229 GarfieldlA ppppp Bo E' Leaders' Club 1-2-3-4. ' 5 l I I I I ' E- BETTY JANE AMBRO - 1146 Bellflower 4! l 3, Dramatic 2, Volleyball 3. JUNE BARHAM - 1449 Maple Ave., N.E. G -3. JOHN ADRIAN BRAHLER - 1541 Dueber Ave., S.VV. Booster Club 2--3. CARMINA CAMPANARO -- 1620 East Tuscarawas. Dramatic Club 15 Glee Club 1-2-3, Girls' Leaders' Club 3-4, Cheerleader 2-3. LOUIS CIRACI -- 636 Seventh St., N.E. Booster Club 1-2-3. ROSE MARIE COREY -- 503 High Ave., N.W. Timken Service Society 1, Publications Staffs 1-2-33 Dra- matic Club 1-2-3. MARY DAVIS - 1438 Oxford Ave., N.W. Class Officer 3, Dramatic Club 33 Stagecraft 33 Glee Club 1-2--3: Lincoln Service League 3. JOSEPHINE K. DE COSMO - 1267 Cottage Pl. Glee Club 1-2, Girls' Leaders' Club 1-2-3-4, Cheer- leader 2. FLORENCE DIMINNO - 2220 Coventry Blvd., N. E. Booster Club 1-3. RAY DOWNARD - 1818 Second St., S.E. DICK DRYDEN - 933 Prospect, S.W. JUNE SHIRLEY ECKROAD - 221 Pard Ave., N.W. Glee Club 1-2-3. MARJORIE E. FINK - 3836 Sixth St., S.W. Booster Club 23 Girls' Leaders' Club 1-2. IRENE FRANTA - 195 Wertz Ave., N.W. KATHRYN GEORGE - 1846 Tenth St., N.E. Booster Club 3. BOB WAYNE HALDEMAN - 2519 Harrisburg Rd., N.E. Sixty-five GLORIA HANSEN - 1409 Twelfth St., N.E. Booster Club 2-3. MARGARET HART - 1104 Greenfield Ave., S.W. Home Room Chairman lg Student Library Staff 2. CHARLES C. HASTINGS - 200 Benham Ct., S.E. MABEL HATFIELD - 827 McKinley, N.W. GEORGE DENVER HAYES - 1425 Scoville Ave., S.W. MARY HERMIDA - 1509 Vine Ave., S.W. Lincoln Echo 1-2-3, Library Staff 2-3, Chorus 1-2-3. BETTY JUNE HOFFMAN - 700 Paterson Ave., S.W. Basketball 1-2, Orchestra 2, Glee Club 2. JOHN DOUGLAS IDOINE - 1102 Fourteenth St., N.W. Dramatic Club 1-3. HILDA JANE INBODEN - 1821 Ohio Ave., N.E. Home Room Chairman 2, Glee Club 1-2-3. MARGARET LOUISE JACOBS - 207 Cecil Ct., S.W. Publications Staffs 2-3, Glee Club 1-2-3. DESPINA KARIOTAKIS - 1817 Sixteenth St., S.W. Newspaper Club 1-2-3. VERNON L. KOHN - 3041 Eleventh St., S.W. Glee Club 2-3, Boys' Leaders' Club 1-2-33 Cheerleader 2-3. MARGUERITE KUNTZ - 719 Harriet Ave., N.W. Dramatic Club 2, Commercial Club 3, Home Economics' Club 2. IRENE LALLO - 1515 Parkhill Pl., N.E. Booster Club 3. MALVERNE M. LANDON - 123 Twelfth St., N.E. Dramatic Club 1-25 Home Room Chairman 2, Glee Club 1-2. BELLE JEAN LEAFE - 2302 Maple Ave., N.E. Booster Club 1-2. ALICE JEAN MENENDES - 1918 Fifteent St., ' V ' ,matic Club 1--2, Glee Club 1-2-3. BETTY EILEEN MERRYMAN - 1708 Gr .1 A fa-flaw I - 'atic Club 2-33 Band 3, Glee Club 1-2-3. DALE MILLER - 911 Thirtieth St., N.W 1 . A 1 A . F' 4g Co-Chairman of Stamp Committee 4. EILENE PETERS - 2321 Clyde Pl., S.W - ' ' : ' y 2-35 Dramatic Club 15 Glee Club 1-2-39 Girls' Leaders' Club 2-3-4. BETTE .JAYNE PLANT - 1448 Garfield : --- I -- ---if Glee Club 3, Lincoln Echo 1. u I SARA B. REDLESKI - 1444 Edwards Ave., - lub 1-25 Glee Club 1-2. 1:ggg:,':::l:a.. 5 .. - if HAROLD SCOTT ROACH - 915 Highland Rd., N.E. Dramatic Club. MARIAN A. ROUSH - 1517 Irwin Pl., N.E. Glee Club 1-2-3. CAROLINE SHAFFER - 351 F9I1tOI1 Ave., N.E. Glee Club 3. ELSIE LOUISE SHOLL - 917 Ninth St., S.E. Dramatic Club 2, Home Room Chairman 3, Girls' Leaders' Club 3-4, Cheerleader 3. QUERVINA SIRGO - 1926 Eighth St., N.E. ELEANOR JUNE SKEELES - 1302 Harmony Ct., N.E. Glee Club 3g Booster Club 1-2. BETTY JANE SMITH - 515 Kennet Ct., N.W. Dramatic Club 1-2-3, Glee Club 1-2-3, Booster Club 1. MARGARET HELEN SOLDATIS - 1909 Royal Ave., N.E. Home Room Chairman 2-35 Student Library 2-35 Glee Club 1-2. BETTY JOANNE SOLLAZZO - 1801 Roosevelt Ave., N.E. BERT V. STOCK - 836 Auburn Pl., N.W. Class Officer lg Band 1-2, Orchestra 15 Intra-Mural Basketball 3. MARY TROMBINA - 824 Young Ave., N.E. Booster Club 1-2-3. EDVVIN VANDER - 1439 Plain Ave., N.E. Home Room Chairman 2. MAXINE MARIE WALTHER - 211 Fifth St., S.W. Class Officer 3, Dramatic Club 15 Home Room Chair- man 2. ROBERT L. WELCH - 619 Harrison 'S.W. Home Room Chairman 3, Band 2-3. NADINE D. WHEELER - 3040 Fulton Rd., N.W. Booster Club 1-2-3. GEORGE JOHN YELICHEK - 1611 Dueber Ave., S.W. Orchestra 1. Sixty-si.1' SECRETARIAL ROSEMARY ABOOD - 1440 Gibbs Ave., N.E. Glee Club 3-45 Booster Club 2-35 Dramatic Club 2. SADIE ALBERT - 712 Lawrence Rd., N.E. Timken Service Society 45 Dramatic Club 3-45 Glee Club 1- 2-3-4. SYLVIA ALMASON - 1928 Second St., N.E. Timken Service Society 2-3-45 Publications Staffs 3-45 Dramatic Club 1-2-3-45 Glee Club 1-2-3-4. 5 BETTY JAY ALREAD - 416 McKinley Ave., S.VV. Dramatic Club 1. GWEN AULD- 2615 Mahoning Rd., N.E. Class Officer 3-45 Dramatic Club 1-2-35 Home Room Chair- man 45 Band 1-2-3-45 Orchestra 1-2-3-45 Girls' Leaders' Club 2-3-4. JEAN ELIZABETH BAILLIE - 411 Hazlett Ave., N.W. Timken Service Society 2-3-45 Dramatic Club 1-2-3-45 Student Library Staff 1-2-35 Glee Club 1-2-3-4. EMILY LOUISE BARNETT - 2920 Eighth St., N.W. Student Library Staff 2-3-45 Glee Club 3-4. BETTY LU BARTLEY - 913 Tenth St., N.E. Timken Service Society 3-45 Publications Staffs 2-35 Glee Club 2-45 Girls' Leaders' Club 2-3-4. STEPHENA BARTOSUK - 1200 Market, S. Timken Service Society 2-45 Glee Club 1-2-3-45 Girls' Leaders' Club 2-3-4. DOROTHY MAE BEACH - 2711 Blair Pl., S.W. Timken Service Society 2-45 Publications Staffs 3-45 Dramatic Club 1-2-3-4 5 Glee Club 1-2-3-4. JANET HELEN BELLINSKI - 2227 Seventh St., S.W. Timken Service Society 45 Publications Staffs 45 Glee Club 45 Girls' Leaders' Club 1-3-45 All 'St Wgwirls' Basketball 2-3-4. AURELIA BIKIS - 746 Gobel Ave., N.E. Tim e - ' - oci ty 45 Publications Staff 45 Student Library Staff 15 Chorus 1-2-3. K ",A' , V I f IRENE BLAZEVIC - 2443 Winfield Way, I S Il" """" f ciety 3-43 Dramatic Club 13 H011142 R00m Chairman 15 Student Library Staff 1 I I LILLIAN BLOHM - 1014 GarfieldiAve., ' g ll E o i . an 25 Glee Club 45 Dramatic Club 1. -:H l-:- l GERALDINE BRATTEN - 612 Fourth St., ' v P -r-. s ui 3-45 Student Library Staff 1-2-3-45 Band 1-2-3-4, Giee Club 3-4. I EL QQLI lla!" Im JEAN CATHERINE BREMKAMP - 2522 Nint ., . . imken Service Society 3-45 Dramatic Club 1--- 25 Majorette 2-3-45 Girls' Leaders' Club 2-3-45 All Star Girls' Basketball 2-3-4. MARJORIE MAY BRESSLER - 640 Garfield Ave., S.W. Timken Service Society 3-45 Dramatic Club 1-P- 2-3-45 Student Library Staff 2-3-45 Band 2-3-45 Glee Club 1-2-3-4. HELEN M. BURNOSKY - 347 Webster Ave., N.E. HELEN BURRY - 2352 Navarre Rd. Biology Club 25 Salesmanship Club 3. MARLYN JEAN CALAC - 2030 Third St., N. E. Dramatic Club 1. ROSE CIULLA - 1439 Willett Ave., S.E. Glee Club 3. JANE CLEMENS - 1317 Market, S. Timken Service Society 45 Publications Staffs 1-2-3-45 Glee Club 1-2. RUTH ELAINE COCHRAN - 1501 Twenty-first St., N.W. Glee Club 1-2-3-4. SHIRLEY CHEILA COLEMAN - 1735 Gibbs Ave., N.E. Dramatic Club 1-2-35 Home Room Chairman 1. ISABEL CONCEPTION - 1919 Seventh St., S.W. Timken Service Society 3-45 Publications Staffs 4. OPAL MARIE CORDER - 1106 Seventh St., S.W. Timken Service Society 2-3-45 Publications Staffs 35 Dramatic Club 1-2-3-45 Student Library Staff 2-3-4. JUNE CUSHING - 3045 Windsor Pl., S.W. Dramatic Club 15 Student Library Staff 2-3-4. ELAINE A. DARLING - 1900 Garfield Ave., S.W. Dramatic Club 15 Student Library Staff 35 Glee Club 15 Girls' Leaders' Club 3-4. ILA LOUISE ERICKSON - 2312 Eleventh St., S.W. Timken Service Society 3-45 Publications Staffs 45 Glee Club 3-45 Girls' Leaders' Club 2-3-45 Girls' All Star Basketball 1-2-3-4. Sixty-se've11 BONNIE JO FINNEGAN - 2112 Henry Ave., S.W. Student Library Staff 3. BETTY JEAN FISHER - 1420 Lanner Ave., S.W. Glee Club 4. EVELYN VIVIAN FLOTT - 1236 Lippert Rd., N.E. Chorus 2-35 Glee Club 45 Booster Club 2-3. PETER M. FORADAS - 1035 North Cherry. Timken Service Society 35 Home Room Chairman 45 Band 1- 2-3-45 Orchestra 1-2-3-4. FLAVIA FRANCESCON - 205 Thirty-seventh St., N.W. Timken Service Society 3-45 Publications Staffs 2-35 Dramatic Club 1. HELEN MARIE FRENTZEL - 215 Arlington Ave., S.W. Dramatic Club 15 Band 2-35 Glee Club 1-2- 3-4. ANNE GADUS - 1746 Superior Ave., N.E. Glee Club 1-2-3-4. JEANNE ELINOR GILL - 218 Raff Rd., N.W. Publications Staffs 3. CARMELETTA COLORES GLOVER - 525 Cleveland Ave., N.W. Timken Service Society 1-2-3-45 Pub- lications Staffs 2-3-45 Dramatic Club 1-25 Glee Club 3. MARY JANE GROSSCHMIDT - 2245 Thirteenth St., N.E. VIRGINIA CHRISTINE HAND - 2703 West Tuscarawas. Timken Service Society 45 Publications Staffs 3-45 Band 3. HELEN HAWK - 1013 Camden Ave., S.W. Glee Club 1-2-3-4. ANNE E. HEIDENREICH - 2230 Clyde Pl., S.W. Timken Service Society 45 Glee Club 1-2-3-45 Girls' Leaders' Club 2-3-4. DOROTHY JEAN HODGE - 133 Greenfield Ave., i:S,W, I Timken Service Society 3-45 Dramatic Club 1- 2-3-45 Student Library Staff 1-2-3-4- " " , IRENE RUTH HOFFMAN - Whipple Rd., 'il - ' er a ce Society 3-45 Glee Club 2-3. NADYNE IRMA HOSE - 815 Bedford Av f """"'t"' ""' i . IRENE RUTH IGNATOWSKI - 2024 In I ' I H l - lub 3-4. COLLEEN MARIE JACKMAN - 2013 T ! S ,--, E I ns Staffs 3-45 Dramatic Club 15 Student Library Staff 15 Glee Club 2-3. ' f""' ' ' I llillllll l ! , . EILEEN KACKLEY - 3123 Seventh St., S. ""'?'ff2EQ .- Society 3-45 Glee Club 1-2-3-45 Girls' Leaders' Club 4. HELEN E. KLINGLER - 132 Smith Ave., N.W. Timken Service Society 45 Home Room Chairman 2. GLORIA JEANNE KLOPFENSTEIN - 2237 West Tuscarawas. Dramatic Club 2. BETTY KRAFT - 631 Lawrence Rd., N.E. NORMALEE KRAUS - 1212 Tenth St., N.W. Timken Service Society 3-45 Dramatic Club 1-25 Student Library Staff 3-45 Glee Club 3-4. V HELEN A. KULICH - 1948 Bentley Pl., N.E. Glee Club 4. CARMEL ANN LANZA - 465 Thirteenth St., S.E. Publications Staffs 1-2-3-45 Glee Club 1-2. ELEANOR MAE LEE - 205 Smith Ave., S.W. Glee Club 1. MARGARET LEITNER - 1034 Spring Ave., N.W. Timken Service Society 3-45 Publications Staffs 45 Home Room Chairman 3. AMELIA LONGOCIU - 2134 Fourth St., N.E. Timken Service Society 45 Publications Staffs 2-3-45 Dra- matic Club 3-45 Glee Club 2-3-45 Student Library Staff 1. VIRGINIA PAULINE MANIST - 1603 Navarre Rd., S.W. Glee Club 1-2-3-4. OLGA ANN MARSHALEK - 2036 Georgetown Rd., N.E. Dramatic Club 25 Glee Club 2-3-45 Girls' Leaders' Club 4. JANETLOU McCLELLAND - 326 Fifteenth St., N.W. Dramatic Club 25 Home Room Chairman 3. JEAN MINEAR - 3504 Fairmount Blvd., N.E. Booster Club 2-35 Biology Club 2. JEAN E. MOEGLING - 210 Broad Ave., N.W. Timken Service Society 45 Dramatic Club 1. Szxty-eiglzf VIRGINIA MOLDOVAN - 2154 Second St., S.E. Timken Service Society 45 Publications Staffs 3-45 Dra- matic Club 1-2-3-45 Student Library Staff 2-3-45 Glee Club 1-2-3-4. JEAN LOUISE MOOCK - 937 Roslyn Ave., S.W. Dramatic Club 1-25 Glee Club 1-3. MILDRED MURRAY - 1417 Sixteenth St., S.W. Glee Club 4. MARY THERESA MYER - 610 Smith Ave., N.W. Dramatic Club 25 Girls' Leaders' Club 2. DONNA JEAN NEWMAN - 1719 Frazer N.W. Publications Staffs 2-3-45 Dramatic Club 3-45 Glee Club 2-4. LILLIE JANE NOEL - 911 Lippert Rd., N.E. Timken Service Society 3-45 Dramatic Club 1-25 Glee Club 1-2. THERESA ANN OTERINO - 1628 Bryan Ave., S.W. Publications Staffs 1-2-3-45 Band 2-3-45 Orches- tra 1-2-3-45 Glee Club 1. ANGELINE PALLIS - 2617 ,Rosewood Pl., N.W. Timken Service Society 3-45 Dramatic Club 2-3-45 Home Room Chairman 25 Band 2-3-45 Glee Club 1-2-3-4. SALLY ELEANOR PAULSON - 1223 Fourth St., N.W. Dramatic Club 25 Glee Club 1-2-4. DOROTHY PETROFF - 1819 Second St., N.E. Timken Service Society 3-45 Orchestra 35 Glee Club 1- 2-3-4. , JEAN MARIE REBILLOT - 909 Eighth St., N.W. Timken Service Society 45 Dramatic Club 15 Student Library Staff 1-2-3-4. JENNY RISPIN - 1710 Taft Ave., N.E. Booster Club 2-3. ANNE M. ROCOVITS - 1904 Fifth St., N.E. Dramatic Club 1-25 Girls' Leaders' Club 2. DOROTHY MARIE ROHE - 2820 Eleventh St., N.W. Timken Service Society 3-45 Glee Club 1-2-3-45 Girls' Leaders' Club 2-3-4. nggE!' ii:im...- SHIRLEY LUCILLE ROTHENBERGER -. l -5-asssfgsfa.. Glee Club 3-4. ROSEMARY SALASEK - 110 Smith Ave. lllvl L' ice Society 3-45 Publications Staffs 45 Glee Club 1-2-3-4' I I ...,,..,..,,,.,.,, VIRGINIA ANN SARNO - 1380 Henry ' - S in, . ice Society 45 Publications Staffs 1-2- 3-45 Glee ciub 1-2. I VIRGINIA MARIE SCHAUER - 1122 Sev Club 1-2-3-45 Orchestra 1-2-3-45 Glee Club 1-2-3-4. L- - l K PAULINE ANN SCHMITT - 1125 Homewoo ervice Society 3-45 Publications Staffs 3-45 Home Room Chairman 1-35 Glee Club 1-2. CHARLES FRANCIS SCHWING - R.D. No. 4, Mapleton Rd. Timken Service Society 3-45 Student Library Staff 2-3-45 Glee Club 1-2-3-4. RUTH ELIZABETH SCOTT - 1338 Eleventh St., S.E. Glee Club 1-2. PAUL FRANCIS SIKORA - 2500 Fourteenth St., N.E. WANETA SHAFER - 1113 Fourteenth St., N.E. Timken Service Society 3-45 Class Officer 15 Student Library Staff 3-4. FREEDA ELIZABETH SHUSTER - 310 Meek Pl., S.W. Booster Club 1-2-3. ANNE SMUCKLER - 1451 Housel, S.E. Timken Service Society 45 Publications Staffs 2-35 Dramatic Club 1-2-3. EVELYN MAE SNYDER - 923 High Ave, S.W. Glee Club 1-2. CHRISTINE STASINIS - 1415 Lutz Pl., N.E. Publications Staffs 35 Glee Club 1-2-45 Girls' Leaders' Club 1. JEANNE MARIE STUCHUL - 1304 Rowland Ave., N.E. Timken Service Society 2-3-45 Dramatic Club 2-3-45 Home Room Chairman 45 Student Library Staff 4. BETTY ELAINE THOMPSON - 943 Rowland Ave., N.E. Timken Service Society 3-45 Publications Staffs 3-45 Student Library Staff 3-45 Glee Club 1-25 Girls, Leaders' Club 1. BETTY TOLBERT - 335 McKinley Ave., S.W. Timken Service Society 3-45 Class Officer 25 Student Li- brary Staff 1-2-3-45 Glee Club 1-2. JEANETTE ROSE TRACE - 1014 Sherrick Rd., S.E. Sixty-Qzinc NELLIE TRBOVICH - 2415 Fourteenth St., N.E. Student Library Staff 3-4, Glee Club 1. DELORES VAN HORN - 2221 Gross N.E. Dramatic Club 3. NICK VARDAKIS - 114 Huff Pl., S.E. Band 1-2-3-4, Orchestra 1-2-344. BETTY MAE WENDLING - 3024 Twenty-seventh St., N.W. Glee Club 1-2-3-4. ' JANE WRIGHT - 2319 Mahoning Rd., N.E. Timken Service Society 3-43 Class Officer 43 Dramatic Club 1-2f3g Student Library Staff 1-2-3-4. SHEET METAL FRANK DIPIETRO - 2225 Eleventh St., S.W. JAY GEORGE - 1916 West Tuscarawas. JOHN D. HERRON - 2621 Fremont Pl., S.W. DEAN LONG - 1205 Shadyside Ave., S.W. Timken Service Society 45 Dramatic Club 2-3-4, Home Room Chairman 4, Boys' Leaders' Club 15 Cheerleader 2-3-4. JOHN THOMAS LUKE - 115 Bedford Ave., S.W. JOHN R. OTTE - 609 Dartmouth Ave., S.W. Stagecraft Club 1-2. EDMUND A. STEPHAN - 510 McKinley Ave., N.W. Timken Service Society 3-45 Dramatic Club 15 Stage- craft Club 1-2-3--4, Glee Club 1. JACK B. STOKOE - 2508 Seventh, N.W. Class Officer 2, Band 1-23 Orchestra 1-2, Reserve Basketball 1. 1e555: ':::l:1..L DICK WRIGHT - R.D. No. 2, Marlboro. Ho e oo Ian 3-4. DUANE M. ZUTAVERN - 1030 Bedford ..,..,. - " -lub lg stagecraft Club 1-2-3-4, Band 1- 2-3-49 Orchestra 1. 'ff-'-.,--' "" ..,. TEA --Q .!1.-I.. ICE BETTY RUTH GREGORY - 1726 Eighth m1!J:!n 1112 IDA JOHN - 1908 Penn Pl., N.E. Glee Club 1. MAXINE LEHEW - 1253 Park Ave., S.W. Dramatic Club 13 Glee Club 1-2. GLORIA MARIE MORENO - 1732 Sixteenth St., N.E. Glee Club 1-2. RUTH IRENE OCHELTREE - 1219 West Tuscarawas. EVA IRENE PHILLIPS - 900 Prospect Ave., S.W. Home Room Chairman 3-4. MARY SPEHAR - 1813 Wallace Ave., N.E. Glee Club 1-2. ANTOINETTE SZYMANSKI - 2235 Fifteenth St., N.E. Dramatic Club 2, Band 2-3-4 Majoretteg Glee Club 1. WELDING JOSEPH CABO BALCARCEL - 1917 Seventh St., N.E. Basketball 1. CECIL BARDINE - 607 High Ave., S.W. Band 1-2. BOB BRAY - 423 Second St., S.W. HARLAN COLE - 909 Clinton Ave., S.W. Dramatic Club 1g Home Room Chairman 2, Band 1-2-33 Glee Club 1. - GEORGE L. DONGES - 712 Union Ave., S.W. FRIEND LAWRENCE FURBEE - 322 Dewalt, S.W. LOUIS GARCIA - 527 Webster Ave., N.E. Seven ty JOSEPH LAVVRENCE HARE - 1381 Henry Ave., S.W. EARL E. HICKMAN - 2812 Second St., N.W. RUSSELL GEORGE KENDIG - 2912 Tenth St., N.W. DONALD E. KING - 1716 Fourth St., N.E. Home Room Chairman 4. DON G. KRUMLAUF - 1005 Gibbs Ave., N.E. Home Room Chairman 3, Stagecraft Club 1-2. PAUL LEROY KUTCHER - 1225 West Tuscarawas. Varsity Basketball 35 Varsity Football 3g Reserve Basketball 1-2g Reserve Football 1-2. JAMES EDWARD LESTER - 5134 Fourteenth St., S.W. Dramatic Club 33 Home Room Chairman 4. JIM LEE LOWE - 2021 Washington Blvd., N.W. Varsity Football 4. GEORGE LEE MANN - 1225 Fourth St., N.W. Home Room Chairman 15 Boys' Leaders' Club 1-2, Varsity Basketball 3, Reserve Basketball 1-25 Football Manager 1-2, Basketball Manager ll EUGENE ABSHIER McKELLEY - 1623 Bryan Ave., S.W. Class Officer 3, Home Rooln..Chairman 2, Var- sity Football 3g Reserve Basketball 2g Reserve Football 2.' , AUREL NEGULICI - 2152 Eighth St., N.E. Booster Club 1--2. FRED W. RAMSEY - 1033 Prospect Ave., S.W. Band 2. LAWRENCE THOMAS RESTAINO - 1600 Third St., N.E. RAYMOND ROBERT RING - 2218 Harmont Ave., N.E. Booster Club 1-2-3-4. FRANK HENRY ROTTAR - 1420 Rex Ave. . Club 1-2-3--4. CARL N. SMITH - 1545 Sandwith, s.W. "' n hh. ' JAMES R. SNELLENBERGER - 1132 1' . l A - '63.Sl11'6l' 2. RICHARD JOHN STALDER - 1611 Nin - - ' I A ' ELVIN E. STONER - 1615 Bryan Ave., ":1:.. - I mmm ' l KENNETH FRANK UNGASHICK - 732 A Varsity Basketball 43 Reserve Basketball 3. PAUL DALE WEN DLING - 328 Third St., S.W. Home Room Chairman 4. W W, 5 f A , W Q P f AW 2' wolf? S eventy-two JUNIOR OFFICERS RICHARD ALDER President FRANK SHUMICK Vice-President DONNA PUNCHEON Secretary DONALD ONGERTH , T1'cz1su1'e1' Seveniy-three FIRST ROW: Left to Right-Ronald Harmon, Dan Forehione, Bill McKinney, Tony Cimadevilla, Norman Snyder, Clyde Mills, Charles DeChellis, Vkfayne Click, William Nader, Joe Alvarez, Charles Jury, Karl Bernhart, Jack Alden. SECOND ROW: Alex Guseoff, Alton Gunsaullus, Robert VVeyandt, Don Burke, Dick Koehler, Theo- dore Andreadis, Robert Ward, Quentin Wells, Albert Manzella, Arthur Sholtis, Earl Grove, john Anderson, Willard Davidson, James Tomey. THIRD ROW: Rudolph Visintainer, Leroy Depew, Ralph Milano, William Snyder, John Coffee, Frank Lektorieh, Paul Coates, Glenn Hayes, George Cureton, Robert Stewart, Sam Popadopoulos, Arthur Golembeski, VVilliam Dick, Earl Blazer. FOURTH ROW: Anthony Pizzoferrato, james Cain, Wayne Tewart, Bernard Steed, Donald Damon. Joush DeVore, Don Antenuee, jack Boroway, Harold Thellnian, Bob Cress, Robert Hahn, Albert Kramer, Vernon Stoekburger. -Q 7. . fi firm .Q 2 JC AL 0 ' , ' 'eu-fy-four r 'JYJ' . , V12 N' ifix 1 X I I7 'mf' 'T Y-.4 V' , . 'ZX f fwfr, l FIRST ROW: Left to Right-Pat McLaughlin, June Dunfee, Audrey Kopf, Doris Kramer, jean Mc- Donald, Aldine Harvey, Annabelle Goodman, Mary Richards, Betty Cowie, Evelyn Chaney, Shirley Scott, Hortense Longociu, Florence DeVito. A SECOND ROW: John Bodo, Edna Kramer, Eleanor Gakat, Alma Gasbare, Donna Jones, Ellen Ebie, Betty Owens, Nancy Farmer, Ann Kutravac, Victoria Nicoiu, Virginia Johnson, Hilda Meerstein, Betty Faeh, Eleanor Diefenbaeher, Ruth Suciu, Duaine Slusser. THIRD ROW: Steve Granch, Velville Shifman, John Yeary, Glenn Bugh, Julia Orange, Eleanor Pleasant, Betty Lou Barnett, Betty Ringer, Matilda Bobish, Gilda Vaccaro, Elizabeth Turnides, Blossom Overly, Marian Lehman. Vincent Lepar, Dick Rex, Edward Coldron. FOURTH ROVV: Henry Laparski, Don Ongerth, Dick Roud, Walter Teague, John Lengyel, Verl Shearer, Dick Fleck, james Higham, George Aguredakes, Melvin Porter, Dale Kinsley, Gilbert Farney, Bob Farney, William Geant. FIFTH ROW: Ivor Evans, Jack Rien, William Christiansen, Bob Dick. SIXTH ROW: Bill Murray, Robert Sickles, Paul Hoover, Don McPeek. FIRST ROW: Left to Right-William Long, Dune Dieringer, Henry Barnby, Nanc ohnson, June Hoehn, Beverly Robinson, 'Barbara George, Jeanette Rizk, Carolyn Richenbrode, ose Martino, George Nicholas, Paul Hoover, Ralph Pidcock. ' SECOND ROW: Andrew Betro, Albert Alexander, David Foster, Arthur Fachujames Barnett, Ken- neth Hepler, Robert Adkins, Carl Smith, William Blackford, Gene Di Renzo, Cliff Fowler, Frank Scridon, Charles Fletcher, Louis Vega. , I THIRD ROW: Bernard Graham, John Daniluk, Paul Seeman, Hayden Daniels, Elmer Konya, Walter Edwards, Ray Patterson, William Wilson, Robert Herron, James Matthews, Neol DiPietro, George Moushey, Harry Rhoads. FOURTH ROW: Edward Roman, Earl Sleighter, Charles Housos, Robert Coxi,iRussell Boyer, Henry Sedlock. Edmond Lewis, Edward Stanley, Edward Lloyd, Richard Toussant, Edward George, Frank Gonda, Robert Lockmyer. 94 Seventy-f-iz,'r Seventy-six FIRST ROW: Left to Right-Ruth Herman, Lorita Postlewaite, Annette Charles, Rose Intoccio, Bar- bara Hastings, Doris Sprunger, Mary Ann Kovachik, Avis Miller, Anna Velton, Gladys Williams, Ruth Slusser, Mary Jane Eutzly, Patsy Covairt. I SECOND ROW: Mary Dancu, Mary Lou Finger, Ioan Monnot, Eleanor Wilson, Melva Carnahan, X . Rose Coulas, Fern Bodeker, Geraldine Varher, Donna Wortman, Sarah Funk, Kathryn Papas, K5f4"""., Ruth Hall, Wanda Puncheon, Sue Davis. HVKW ' A .44 THIRD ROW: Mary Close, Virgie Van Pelt, Dale Harrison, Jack McClellan, Bob Volk, John Yar- veski, Richard Rebellino, Melvin Rossetti, Edward Zoll, Roger McGrady, Paul Steese, James Pil- cher, Herbert Rehfus, Nick Sama, Don Brunker. FOURTH ROW: Kenneth Arrant, Keith Allardice, Bob Zaslona, David Wolf, Angelo Sanchez, Frank? Shumick, Richard Alonzo, Sam Mitseff, Ward Wuske, John Gabrik, Bernard Bauman, Ed Hinton, George Joseph, Donald Furney, Albert Peretta. of We FIRST ROW: Left to Right-Marilyn Peterson, Cleo Livingston, Jean Hewson, Andriana Mazarakan, Barbara Daily, Iacquelyn Bitzel, Bertha W'esslcr, Norma Mackley, La Wanda Koch, Norma Miller, Donna Crawford, Letitia Sandru, Marylou Hershberger. SECOND ROW: Gwendolyn Erskine, Ruth Trushell, Vivian Ferraro, Wilma Bell, Elizabeth McGuire, L Norma Mosser, Donna Whitmer, Mary Paxton, Betty Borher, Katherine Kondilakis, Jean Hill, Agnes, Kurtak, Cleo McHenry, Joanna DiPietro. THIRD ROVV: Augustine Norcia, Robert Barnett, Lillian Franscescon, Clementine Spivey, Ellen Phil- lips, Patty Gordon, Roberta Pearce, Marian Fawver, Donna Puncheon, Lois Timberlake, Rose Wagner, Dorothy Pauley, Wanda Wade, Mike Chovan, Dominick Biasella, George Stitz. FOURTH ROW: Rudolph Prestier, Robert Griffin, James Marella, Louis Geosits, John Mavrich, Al Shaffner, Glenn Stertzbach, Bill DiMattio, Ralph Walters, Ronald Stewart, Arthur Cirelli, Ken- neth Brooks, George Boselo. FIFTH ROVV: George Vutetakis, Lloyd Harper, Edward Hiller. JU IORS ,Xml X e . ,N H -N Seventy-eight A Q if I 24 V? Y 'S J 14 .' M-' I 1 V J 1 .4 A , . Q. 44 . .M . , ' "VA, Wit x jxf V ri 0147 M b "N " f A' ' K -1 X. s. .l"" vx' '- : , X. , I ' ' if 1 , . . Q b 1 . AX W lk 5. .Y I IU IOR FIRST ROW: Left to Right-Betty Jane Bressi, Alice Xenos, Edith Bealick, Wilma Weida, Rose Guerra, Elizabeth Kratt, Betty Mae Lough, Jean Wiegreff, Betty Lou Tolson, Meriam Deemer, Julia Kadus, Stella Kariotakis, Athena Nachies. SECOND ROW: Jean Beck, Wanda Self, Edith Phillips, Amor Rodriquez, Dolores Schario, Anna Nagy, Dolores Bennett, Anna Adams, Ann Ianisky, Florence Klimczyk, Grace Luke, Peggy Car- roll, Madonna Giesige, Constance Moreno, Frances Clouser. THIRD ROW: Edith Efanti, Juliana Stubavi, Mary Dudzik, Charlotte McBride, Jean Cowan, Vir- ginia Conner, Mary Allen, Mary Simone, Rita McCallin, Dolores Gosiewski, Betty Lou Hahn, Helen Evanoff, Arleane Rayl, Irene McKetta, June Banks, Dorothy Briggs. FOURTH ROW: Vince Fulmer, Bill Cordier, Edward Schwing, Dale Conrad, Irene Class, Doris Huart, Natalie Gerace, Kathleen Fairless, Carl Brechbill, Marvin Chrisp, George Wagner, Vincent Vega. Hehr, Alice Girod, Paul FIFTH ROW: Frank Morelli, Frank Bowman, Bob Grobosky. SIXTH ROW: Bernard Cromi, Richard Kuhn, Donald Waechter, Daryl Giey. FIRST ROW: Left to Right-Betty Eggleston, Sarah Gradier, Yolanda Frank, Regina Esposito, Helen Nero, Amelia Gialluca, Alice Mae' Stark, Betty Lee Nalbach, Frances Richardson, Teresa Codispoti, Florence Smith, Helen Booth, Leona Buch. SECOND ROW: James Young, Ralph McCarty, Patricia Atkins, joan Platz, Elaine Gussett, Dorothy Fentzel, Peggy Vought, Clarabelle Smith Helen Mija, Sylvia Koutras, Jean Landis, Ann Dubina, A George Watkins. ' THIRD ROW: Ted Pergins, jack Cooke, Richard Alder, Charles Koelble, Llewellyn Knight, jean Singer, Mary Foca, Rose Petroff, Virginia Mikeska, Dorothy Carpinelli, Frances Elliot, Paul Zink, Edwin McCullough, Robert Trask. FOURTH ROW: Gerald Ulman, Richard Deal, Irvin Pfalzgraf, James McHenry, Richard Hamble- ton, Walter Martin, Paul Sell, Russell Dressler, Allen Arner, John O'Connor, Wendell Cole, Wil- liam Untch, George Maxine. FIFTH ROXV: Robert Brownsword, Dick Edwards, Fred Meek, Robert Freshwater. 1943 Seventy-nine .4 E i gh fy-one SOPHOMORE OFFICERS CALVIN MOORE President NIARY LGU DINGES Vice-President JANIES CARATHA-XNASIS Secretary BRENT FRY Treasmvr N P sn ww L F 'I jidlx . rp' F xy 0 AJ .wg FIRST ROW: Left to Right-Joan Barham, Jean Kellicar, Margaret Sanchez, Mary Jane Sekerik, Catherine Caley, Shirley Boord, Elizabeth Cavicchio, Zora Kragalott, Julia Martinez, Angelina Lopez, Martha Miller, Elsie Torrak, Loretta Chrisp. SECOND ROW: Wanda Fete, Anne Koufos, Anna Marie Naas, Dolores Toolan, Grace Roberto, Eleanor Stoia, Annabelle Perlog, Mary Gicie, Edna Hendershot, Norma Gudeman, Helen Griffin, Mildred Petroff, Beverly Leuthold. THIRD ROW: James Matin, Armando Prendes, Joseph Vaught, Frank Reynolds, Joseph Sheridan, Marilyn Hill, Margaret Isler, Marjory Riegler, Gussman Cespedes, John Babb, Edward Thomp- son, Robert Sarno, Edward Myers. FOURTH ROW': Norman Gross, Leonard Halpern, Sam Pappas, Kenneth Brechbill, Arnold Rim- mel, Kevin Kelly, George Longociu, Harry Solenthaler, Anthony Esway, Donald Lukens, Robert Jacobson, Roy Davis, Eugene Fornash. FIRST ROW: Left to Right-Alice Baker, Vivian Crist, Dorothy Glasgo, June Hodge, Matilda Chis- mar, Sally Johns, Edith Huart, Anna Kulich, Agnes Kuhn, Geraldine Pickard, Gloria Ciociola, Dor- othy DioGuardi, Frances Deetmer. SECOND ROW: Albert Raper, Norma Richards, Dorothy Meyers, Shirley Borden, Virginia Kurtak, Charlotte Seibert, Mary Jane Loncar, Dorothy Volzer, Alice Jacksich, Agnes Stull, Sophie Louros, Mary Lazarides, Alvin Thorley. THIRD ROW: Brent Fry, Leonard Arunski, Paul Conrad, James Ayers, Leigh Lewers, Anthony Schooley, Donald Capestrain, James Kessler, Richard McLinden, Jerry Dice, Richard Stauffer, Nicholas Pass, Joseph Reti, Irwin Burfield. FOURTH ROW: Elmer Bihary, Ralph Byers, Harry Tsilidas, James Auld, Ralph Rizzo, Bruno Mar- zoppi, Jolm Skubiak, Peter Nelisher, William Weber, Earl Gellenbeck, Andrew Tomic, Norman Karns, Dale Zwick, William Umbenhour. FIFTH ROW: Edward Schultz, Clyde Stauffer, Carl Longociu, Charles Good. SIXTH ROVV: Auburn Norwood, Craig Shuck, Robert Reinhart, Thomas Shirack. 1943 Eighty-three Eighty-fam' FIRST ROW: Left to Right-Dorothy Cartwrigllt, Carmel Donato, Betty Sholl, Edith Choffin, Marie Milkovic, Bonnie I-Ioman, Helen Velton, Anna Spehar, Claribel Yoder, Norma Livingston, Evelyn Presutti, Irene Homich, Phyllis Butts. SECOND ROW: Adrian Maurer, Jean Snyder, Dorothy Guscoff, Martha Noel, Patricia Harmon, Betty VVeber, Charlotte Engle, Alberta Barnes, Doris Finger, Lenora Woodcock, Mildred John- son, Carolyn Valentine, Dorothy Schaufele, Marie Sutter, John Najda. THIRD ROW: VVilliam Charles, Rocco Saracina, Russell Bresson, Paul Daniluk, Anthony Langos, Peggy Bell, Rosalie Garcia, Veronica Engelmann, Doris Lopez, Betty Gamble, Tom Hansen, Louis Tovissi, VValter Brookins, Paul Schoeppner. FOURTH ROW: Vincent Mazzoeca, John Cross, Jack Perdue, John Tomsho, Sherman Dickerhoff, Neofitos Manos, Hyman Frank, Phillip Stevens, Robert Larks, John Neel, William Raymont, Rich- ard VVarth, Paul Frey, Holmes Boyd, Jack Bryan. FIFTH ROVV: Ralph Hess, Jack Vonderohe, Gerald Wise, Jerome Gritzro. FIRST ROW: Left to Right-Thomas Friedman, Charles Snyder, 'William Keszeg, Jack Little, Leon Curtis, Frank Mongiardo, Edward Bednarz, James Lab, VVilliam Danby, Robert Fletcher, Edward Harmon, Leonard Bennett, Robert Schrott. SECOND ROW: Dante Caldarelli, Robert Gibbs, Robert Rank, James Ault, Edward Mosely, Wilbur Trump, Richard Amatangelo, George Sankovich, James Halter, Frank Wong, Allen Wilson, Elmer Hill, William Byrer. . THIRD ROXV: Donald Ritchey, Nick Stasinis, Frank Spehar, James Carathanasis, Alex Zenovic, Thomas Kuster, Marion DiSimone, Manuel Bocija, Eassa Shaheen, William Wherry, Dean Romigh, Joseph Mosser, Robert Raggi, Robert Senter. FOURTH ROVV: Thomas Rawley, Clovis Seroggs, James Reagan. FIFTH ROW: Richard Senften, George Papadopulos, Joseph Mullane, Rudolph Skropits, Herbert Jestel, Joe Fernandez, Nolan Moore,,Eugene Riley, Robert Miner, Calvin Moore, Albert Garafalo, John Munger, Rudolf Tolin. SIXTH ROVV: Robert Shafer, William Stringer, Robert DeHoff, Michael Lenhart. SOPHO ORE Eighty-five 1943 -.o 4 . N. I. A 1 s V A A SOPHOMGRES Eighty-seven FIRST ROVV: Left to Right-Vida Robinson, Hilda Klusch, Margaret Repace, Gloria Manful, Nor- - V man Ronk, Elaine Calhoun, Evangeline Papas, Jeanne Anderson, Marie Kiko, Doris Colaner. I Phyllis McAfee, Norma Burchfield, Velma Ramsire. ' . SECOND ROW: Donald Shoop, Violet Muntean, Patricia Smith, Helen Soldatis, Charlotte Prince, I Helen Roth, Marilyn Eschliman, Donna Bole, Sally Allison, Shirley Snyder, Marilyn Sprankle, Doris Mills, Elizabeth Milnes, Saralou VVheeler, Michael Kager. THIRD ROVV: james Biddle, Richard Packa, Charles Hume, VVilliam Bandi, Barbara Ann Paulson, . , ' Ann McCoy, Pauline Shupy, Betty Cain, Twila Kanderer, Mary Blackburn, Shirley Laidlaw, Donnad Robinson, Marilyn McDonald, Roy Shuster, Aurel Solomon. 2 4' W' Frailey John Pont William Markley Richard Dalsley Basil Russo Thomas Snyder Charles Payne Leroy Baxter Rudy DeStephen FIFTH ROW Richard Picolet Robert Platt Jack Shisler Hugh Mace SIXTH ROW john Whitacre Geor e Stan John Dolan B111 Schvleizer FIRST ROW Left to R1ght Elizabeth Ozxath Hilda Sift Effie Williams julia Curtis Mary Lou Decker Dorothy P1llot Pearl Corusy 'Vlary Hammerly Margaret Starr Patty R1chey Barbara Moery Mary Lou Dingies Laura Brunattr SECOND ROW Russell Fink V1fg1Hla Coldren Geraldine Stantz Flame Kiesel Mary Hare Betty Schvxalenberg Carolyn Hann Mary Nist Hope Wh1tm1re Frances Rose Jean Clemence P3tI'lC1H Reed Ethel Johnson Muriel Beitler Floyd Showalter THIRD ROW. Harold Shenkle, Luther Koehler, Mike Kariotakis, Mary Haritonides, Sophie Per- gins, Betty McWiggan, Marian Franz, Mary Kuhel, Dorothy Fusko, Marilyn Lutz, Beverly Hous- ley, Anna Gravo, Arthur Fisher, Harold Hightower, Thomas Nehlen, Earl Whitcomb. FOURTH ROW: ,Timmy Karras, Paul Brokaw, Richard Coates, Eugene Furney, James Wottle, Low- ell Shelt, Robert Hilf, Dale Fisher, Fayette Brown, Robert Kuhn, Stuart Guilford, Charles Wat- kins, Robert Krumlauf, Anthony Degirolamo. FIFTH ROW: Tiberuis Ridolfi, Richard Morrison, Jack Carnahan, Herbert Lembke. FOURTH ROW: Richard Roberts, Patrick Town, john Popovich, Glenn Sweitzer, Lyle Flaisig, Glenn 2 ' , g , , ' f ' . 943 N , My Q Eighty-nine FRESHMAN 'OFFICERS MARK KERR Q President SUSIE KANTOR H A Vice-President BOB SMITH Secretary HAROLD KUTCHER S Treasurer ' Q 4 1 .fi Ninety FIRST ROW: Left to Right-Donna Fike, Mary Scredon, Treva Graham, Joan Letteker, Virginia Longociu, Faye Abraham, Jo Ann Rush, Evelyn Cobb, Wilma Dehoff, Vera Daughenbaugh, Lil- lian Visinger, Margaret Schweizer, Pat Gray. SECOND ROW: Bob Gallatin, Dean Burton, Doris Latimer, Elain Tomey, Amaleen Nicholas, Olym- pia Pandre, Kathleen Nickas, Rosina Schuster, Mary Lou Bricker, Jean Roud, Myrtle Boston, Neomi Gendell, June Schmidt, Gloria Delgado, Emelia Conception, Plato Anastasiades, Thomas Glazier. THIRD ROW: Ted Smith, Bradley Klass, Mary Eleanor Lorenz, Betty Brownsword, Eileen Nist, Joan Mulheim, Mary Jane Tressel, Clara Kauderer, Pat Myers, Barbara Marinovich, La Vern Stewart, Virginia Schaub, Walter Krebs, Paul Basner, John Jacks, Dale Zimmerman. FOURTH ROW: Russel Furney, Louis Suarez, William Eschliman, Dick Coleman, Jim Cooper, Henry Leitner, Ivor Lab, Dale Stewart, Charles Bergmann, Bill Drozda, Bernard Nasal, Edwin Hose, Glenn Zandt, Dale Lappen, Francis Jabe, Eugene Craig. FIFTH ROW: Melvin McCreary, Harry Leafe, Paul Kramer, Billy Wuchnick. SIXTH ROW: James Cloud, Leonard Witczak, Russel Scheetz, Mike Schell. FIRST ROW: Left to Right-Helen Pugh, Susan Durbin, Alexandria Mazarakan, Joanna Angelan- tony, Mary Jane Seery, Eleanor Piatt, Betty Pickard, Rosaria Morelli, Annabelle Fowler, Louise Capestrain, Luemma Campbell, Joanne Casey, Carolyn Verbanick. SECOND ROW: John Hanlon, Jack Kestel, Dorothy Koplock, Margaret Niamtu, Margaret Clutter, Eileen Larke, Emily Isaac, Mary Gadus, Jean Lehman, Viola Weisend, Anna Cunningham, Emily Bumbaugh, June Campbell, Evelyn Thur, Susie Kantor, Steve Modick. THIRD ROW: Frank Willaman, Harold Kutcher, David Houghton, Kenneth Cottrill, Norma Oeffin- ger, Mary Nicoiu, Anna Baltzly, Mary Lou Nieporte, June Hall, Valerie Kostewicz, Dorothy Gar- aux, Louise Welsbacher, Tom Anastas, Bernard Greenwood, Richard Schlimmer, Paul Dunnerstick. FOURTH ROW: Albert Totten, Edward Wong, Gene Kopp, Ray Marchbank, Albert Flucas, Her- shel Curati, Mark Gursky, Bob Lappin, Richard Donze,'William Davis, Mark Kerr, James Trace, VValter Groves, Richard Majszek, Patrick McCallen. FIFTH ROW: Frank Brady, Don West, Robert Zahler, William Johnson. SIXTH ROW: Robert Grogan, Robert Winkler, Kenneth Parks, Richard Sturm. FRESHME fT,f4 fbw , ,A-' .J AA 4 , ffl' I 3 1 6' I 7 V fi f' Ninety-0 1943 Nine ty- two 5, E3 n K' FRE FIRST ROW: Left to Right-Verna Koslowski, Marilyn Zahler, Dolores Van Dress, Donna Schafer, Selma Roth, Dolores Goodson, Lillian Alfieri, Patricia Reitz, Betty Kucera, Tillie Bikis, Betty Fowler, Kathryn Roby, Betty Jane Capuano. SECOND ROW: John Streamo, Lillian Hughes, Jane Silverthorn, Irene Almasy, Christina Barnes, Jeannie Rawlings,-Kathryn Kerezides, Evelyn Turnides, Doris Ammon, Mary Neaf, Pauline John- son, Martha Lombardi, Donna Kramer, Margaret Hudak, Robert Wood, Frank Papulai THIRD ROW: Harold Hoskinson, Mervin Cramer, George Smith, Howard Smuckler, William Roud, Patricia Heck, Margaret Bandy, Rose Pasko, Jean Popa, Mary Fogle, Marilyn Grove, James Beit- zel, Sam George, Carl Mitseff, Robert Salbino, Nelson Fry, John Biris. FOURTH ROVV: Milan Fusko, Robert Merrymann, John Ellesser, George Shimko, Mike Kosnick, William Diehl, Glenn Brigham, Alan Preacher, VVayne Halderman, James Reed, John Nextek, Chris Pappas, Daniel Lane, Ralph Le Pare, Dan Stoica. FIFTH ROW: Robert Tomsho, Merlen Hershberger, Hugh Shade, Johnny Butuarn. SIXTH ROW: Frank Lippka, Atwood Cool, Carl Knop, Ernest Checken. FIRST ROW? Left to Right-Edith Dye, Victoria Gradier, Ruth Shafer, Pauline Riegler, Helen Speros, Peggy Coleman, Joann Stoll, Marilyn Snyder, Corine Scott, Anna Schiavone, Nancy Fahien, Dorothy Sichler, Marilyn Brutschy. SECOND ROW: Joseph Cosentino, Joseph Jellison, Jack Snyder, Richard Andaloro, Norman Bland, Julian Sacco, Fred Fentzell, Saverio De Stefano, David Krohe, Joseph Di Rocco, Gust Hatjes, George Kramer, Donald Poorman, Dick Krach. THIRD ROW: William Stitz, Thoral Bugh, Robert L. Smith, Michael Spine, Johnny Tenaglia, Mike Zuzich, George Kajganic, Joseph Conley, Jim Rice, Donald Coloner, Don Long, Robert Zartman, Richard Nelson, Robert Krabill, Robert Bowers. , FOURTH ROW: William Coy, John Conrad, James Brand, Louis Kolich, Walter Harnack, Robert Schwichtenberg, Sam Karipides, George Zemanides, Karl Burkhardt, James Svik, V oin Calhoun, Joseph Fusko, Ramon Volpatti, Albert Palmer. FIFTH ROW: Pete Samonides, George Bolduce, Harry McCormick, Rusell Kraft. SIXTH ROVV: John Godagides, Dominic Lepore, Memorial Kalagidis, John Bates. 1943 N inety-three Ninety-four FIRST ROW: Left to Right-Arlene Gathers, Dorothy Bruder, Francis Ferguson, Anita Bulso, Irene Hussar, Kathryn Maurer, Margaret Smith, Joan De Cosmos, Sarah Van Horn, Lois Perkins, Shir- , ley Stephan, Eleanor Parks, Frances O'Connor. SECOND ROW: Florence Shain, Barbara Fach, Sarah Touvell, Genevieve Morgese, Anita Rivero, Jo- sephine Dorato, Rose Marie Steed, Mary Schario, Betty Germanoff, Mary Lombardi, Helen Kes- sopulos, Donna Abood, Sylvia Papadopoulos, Patricia Eckels, Waneta Thompson, Joan Polen. THIRD ROW: Helen Namciu, Rita Preusser, Velma Kuntz, Beatrice Buchanan, Betty Novak, Dor- Eileen Kehl, Donna jean Hahn, Lauretta Hunter, Rose Norma Jean Plant, Virginia Stewart. othy Cann, Mary Terry, Geraldine Bushta, Refkin, Jeannine Cross, Doris Bluebaugh, FOURTH ROW: Hilda Esber, Lulu Eusthios, Betty Wushnick, Richard Neuman, Eugene Beck, Gust Forades, Oscar Suarez, Dale Deames, Sam Flott, Milton Lewers, Henry Casali, Anna Bullough, Irene Birtalan, Ethel Redleski. FIFTH ROW: Kenneth McDonald, Bob Smith, Bob Todd, Milan Kajganic. SIXTH ROW: Dan Compton, Frank Segeti, Allen Kain, Robert Klein. .s.f. K Q ,3?g5i,S" uvs?5,f1aw We? . E X 5 ' , NE . , M-1 ,1g.1QS,gff:f12?f L?P8QB3:?iT33a'?i1'56iiiIf 3Q ,MESSQP Rfemgzwzliwv,gfminyva4SfrA5'K.JSf6g.L9mifw'xmW ,gf f , 7 fa-m'iua,f 'ef m m-- -mi. N inety-sm' 'Tj' w 440 ,...1P'r xxmigwv 'T' .5-901: rw '41 -v 1, by , w +. .1,.- - W Zfgfj' 'L ', .gl-34115 ff' .'v.tL,jN..,5.': X: .1..-.1 --,051 L 1 .jf-,gg-..,.m.' 2 -'lf',',--.. flglx.-'f .ij ,it 1411 "1 lg-15 :lf- .bf 2 -55.2-' J 'z 4: -'.-'37 'll V4 'fa1gs"f417'? if!-ff' -Fifi X' 212 155 555, 3311552322-152'E' .fi Ziijxez F553 - v-3-gy,-:-n1:.' -,X - 'Zan mpg:-"L-is-1 f'v3'frf:?'l:g-iff' -sr .-4'-A ...i-55.415-Gpf A-134. ev-53 5:',:'1-j'dLy...i ri:-, ' ,iffbiwfaizfs 'ifP.if"1'E'f 'IE 4.-2-wisibiulixir -.fam-4:-1 -v- fr, 'Quai-733' tfix .1-if--J. ,. :pr pu 2: 3,-rg' - -.za .,. sw- -..k wr verve- Vfii-fgf' 'EW' ' F5410 V315 -'IM-vale 'wif Gifgyfgv,-4: . ca" aw. .- ff-fY'?:f'6' , E. .- a - W. .. ,. ' , . Xa. , t l ' 4 ' -I ' s df. 1- .14 00 , - . ,, '. "'fQ ' ' ' L in eq .lf ., Us gfixkfasffi 5259 ,, ff-afffsffsrfgff K' v,-J,..':.. -.fi JE A N NE WM AN ll of Us All of us, together, are The twigs that cannot be broken All of us, together, are The tree that will not be bent. All of us, together, are The Youth that is strong. So don't worry. We'll get along. We've got a dream and an ideal. We can barter and mold steel With that. We can mold a world. So don't worry. We may pick up the broom Where you have dropped it, But we can sweep just As clean. We have something great To work for. Something bigger than Any of us, or you. -Bigger Than the world itself. So we'll be rather Busy. We won't tackle The moon. We'll start At the base of the tree. We expect to climb. Splinters? So what? We'll get the plum. Want to climb with us? Come along. More Than one has to do it. We Are a human ladder. Don't lag. We're in a Hurry. You can't be The weak thread in the Rope. All of us must be Strong. -Want to climb? There'll be time Another day to weave Our own silver lining. Right now we're In a hurry. So you stand on our Shoulders and we'll Help you up. Then you Reach down your hand For us. Test each branch. Be careful. We'Ve got a Long climb, but what a Lucious fruit! Well, standing here talking Won't help. Let's go. -Qthleticb Nineiy-right n' , " n H4 Loon' out team! I MAJORETTES CHEERLEADERS Smtgggggetty Cowie, Louise WC1Sbf1C11fff, AHCC Left to Right-Vincent Fulnler, Shirley Scott. s. , . Sfandifzg - Vida Robinson, jean Bremkamp. Don Ngoulnot' lflofml Khmgzyk' Dean Marian Fawve,-V Hilda Kluschy Antoinette Long, Blame Calhoun, Don Mll1Cl', Jackxe Szymanski. Bitzel. Ninety-mm' 7-ootfaff . . . Sept, Sept. Oct. Oct. Oct. E. EARL LOUCKS VVasl1ington and Jefferson Od- Footlzall Coach Oct. JOSEPH AUSTIN NOV. Denison Reserve Basketball and NOV' Assistant Football Coach 1943 FOOTBALL SCHEDULE cliinley CTl1ere f Niglitj Canton QTl1ere - Afternoonj Z ..........,.......,... ..,........................... N 'Vestern Reserve Academy CHome - Afternoonj CTl1ere ! Night! CHome - Afternoonj QHome f Nightj Where - Nighty ...............Lincoln CHome 4 Niglitj Timyken halted again . . . Angelo Sanchez, Trojans' stellar backfield ace, spilled by big Ernie Parks of McKinley . . . In left foreground lies Don Colucci C255 and in center background is Ted Kaminsky C37D. Coming in to help with the stop is Abe Aslanides C441 of McKinley. ANGEL0 SANCHEZ DON COLUCCI TED KAMINSKY Roy MILLER ANGELO CHICK Lcff to Right: First Raw-Norm Pohler, Angelo Sanchez, Angelo Chick, Alex Karras, Tom Hinton, Ted Kaminsky, Dick Baker, Roy Miller, Fred Cerrone, Lenin Evangelista, Jim Lowe. Sefoud Rom'-Harry Rhoads, Joe Alvarez, Frank Morelli, Frank Gonda, John Munger, Ralph Hess, Ralph Edwards, Dick Alonzo, Ed Hinton, George Boselo, Bob Loekmyer, Art Fisher. Third R0wiHarry Tsilidas, Pete Sarninedes, George Moushey, Memorial Kalagedis, Robert Stewart, Bob Freshwater, Don McPeek, Calvin Moore, Bill Dick, George Stan, Russ Kraft. Fourtlz Row-Bob Piatt, Edward Myers, David Foster, Marion De Simone, Don Colaner, Albert Flucas, Dick Rex, John Pont, Norm Calhoun, Robert Zahler, Hershel Curati. Fifllz Row-Bill Byrer, jim Auld, Bob Lacke, Robert Tomsho, Carl Longociu, George Zemanides, Eli VVuchniek, Hymie Frank, George Longociu, Tom Rawley, Ken Cottrill. 1 i One Hundred One -gf! Qty .yefectiond ANGELO SANCHEZ . . . Junior, 5' 10", 145 lbs. Climaxed second year as a mainstay on the varsity by win- ning an All-City berth . . . Tallied 24 points from halfback position . . . Trojans' safety man and fine defensive player. FRED CERRONE ..... Senior, 5' 10", 155 lbs. Plagued by injuries, but was outstanding when able to play . . . His great defensive work won him selection to All- City . . . Enlisted in United States Coast Guard. FRED CERRONE ANGELO SANCHEZ NORMAN POHLER RICHARD BAKER WALTER EDWARDS FRANK MORIELI.I LENIN EVANGELISTA One Hundred Two 0-MCKINLEY 33 . . . Introduced Coach Earl Loucks to Canton scholastic football . . . Good account of themselves was given by the Trojans . . . 6-NILES 15 . . . Disastrous road trip although Tim- ken showed to gcod advantage. 19-WESTERN RESERVE 7. . . First meeting of schools on the gridiron . . . Jim Lowe tallies all of 19 points. O-GIRARD 0 . . . Both elevens fought off each other's challenge . . . Threw up impregnable defense. 0-EAST LIVERPOOL 19 . . . Faltered in second half after playing to a deadlock at intermission. 19-LEHMAN 14 . . . Great team spirit enabled Trojans to down Polar Bears . . . Backfield shines. 7-BARBERTON l9 . . . Lost to heavier invaders from up north . . . Troymen found it impossible to halt Barberton's Culbertson. , 20-LIMA CENTRAL O . . . Best performance of season' . . . Passes failed to click for visitors. 7-LINCOLN 14 . . . Fought in blinding blizzard . . . Battled favored Lions to standstill . . . Pass to Rejina wins for Lincoln. TOM HINTON FRED CERRONE JIM LOWE HARRY RHoADs ALEX KARRAS ntf .4l gablcetlfdil ' ' CANTON TVVVP. 24 . . . Ushered in Dan Myers' second season at the helm. AKRON KENMORE 45 . . . Rally in final minutes failed . . . Trojans drop first battle. MINERVA 21 . . . Troymen kept the baskets warm all evening . . . New scoring record for school. AKRON BUCHTEL 22 . . . Displayed ag- gressive spirit to come back after trailing at halftime. MASSILLON 33 . . . Avenged defeat admin- istered at Akron in 1940. DENNISON 32 . . . Exhibited great defense in holding their opponents to lone foul in two periods. YOUNGSTOVVN WILSON 41 . . . Given scare in first half, but regained stride to tri- umph. LINCOLN 37 . . . Handed first setback in city play . . . W'ere unable to hit stride. VVARREN 53 . . . Inflicted first Ohio loss on the Presidents , . . VVell-balanced attack. SEBRING 37 . . . Troymen rolled to fourth victory over the visitors . . . Snapped 8-game Winning streak for the invaders. Ccontinued on page One Hundred Fivej One Hundred Three DAN P. MYERS Mount Union Basketball Coach Family JIIIIIGKUCI' Jos AUSTIN Denison Assistant Coach ALEX KARRAS GEORGE BOSELO KEN UNGASHICK F 0 rwn rd Forzva rd Forzva rd First Row: Left fu Right-Assistant Coach joe Austin, Angelo Sanchez, Paul Sceman, Joe Alvarez, Head Coach Dan Myers. Svfmzd Huw: Lvff to Kigfzf-Alex Karras, Ken Ungashick, Tom Hinton, George Boselo. fcontinued from page One Hundred Threek 41-LEHMAN 49 . . . The Polar Bears balanced the rivalry at two wins apiece. 49-AKRQN EAST 47 . , . Repulsed East,s last quarter rally to win . . . Akronls Rob Vtfalker impressive with 24 points. 41-CANTON TWP. 37 . . . Second triumph of winter over NYildcats . . . Five counters in last minute save Trojans. 37-NORTH CANTON 47 . . . Failed to pene- trate Vikings' 'inner defenses... 13th straight for North Canton. 36-ALLIANCE 34 . . . Edged out the Aviators after trailing at intermission . . . Ragged per- formance by both quintets. 28-McKINl.EY 80 . . . Bulldogs hit heights against Trojans . . . Turned the game into a rout. 4l-WESTERN RESERVE 47 . . . Academy broke domination of Trojans . . . Vlfon first athletic contest over the Vocationalists. SSEAKRON BUCHTEI, 43 . . . Accuracy at the foul line gave Timken second win over the visitors . . . Completed on 17 of 24 foul at- tempts. 42-LINCOLN 34 . . . Gained first intra-city win . . . Trojans dominated play. 78-AKRON HOVVER 33 . . . Broke scoring record set earlier in season . . . Vocational- ists combined talents of ten players. 51-LEHMAN 54 . . . Lehman takes edge in rivalry . . . Climax season as city and county champs . . . Trojans rally but Bears' height could not be overcome. One Hundred Five onotaty gaptabz . . . TOM HZEKEH HINTON Chosen honorary captain by other lettermen. Named Timken's outstanding senior athlete both in football and basketball. Concluded scholastic career by finishing in 3rd place of the County Class A scoring parade with 209 points. Always a fighter . . . used his height to good advantage around the back- boards. PAUL SEEMAN JOE ALVAREZ ANGELO SANCHEZ Guard Guard Guard YBEFQS. One Hzmdred Six keaetve .gafketfaff . . . F1.7SfR0iQ'.' Lcff to Right-George Stan, Earl Gellenbeck, Hymic Frank, George Lougociu. Second Row: Lcff lo Right-Elmer Bi1'ary, Bill Stringer, Edward Schultz, Calvin Moore, Ralph Hess, Carl Longociu. CANTON TOVVNSHIP - AKRON KENMORE - - MINERVA - - - AKRON BUCHTE L - MASSILLON - - - .IACKSON TXYP. VARS'Y LINCOLN ---- EAST SPARTA VARSITY 'SEBRINC ----- LEIAIMAN - - I' Timkmz opp f,f, my Timm O.l7f7011L'IIfJ 29 12 EAST CANTON VARSATY 28 26 29 19 CANTON TOVVNSHIP - 50 20 43 16 NORTH CANTON - - 31 28 38 34 ALLIANCE - - - 39 22 40 35 MQKINLEY ---- 31 38 53 19 VVESTERN RESERVE - 60 30 35 15 AKRON BUCHTEL - - 46 33 30 18 'LINCOLN ---- 43 26 27 20 JACKSON TNVP. VARS'Y 48 43 34 25 LEHMAN ----- 41 18 One Hzuzdrvd Seven nd than ate the Ttojan5 to thank for your 60014 . . IIGN ISECKER JIM MQEINIIEN JEAN NENYMAN JANET REIIINSKI II,A ICRICKSON VIRGINIA MOLDOVAN MARGARET EEITNER CHARLES KOELBLE VIRGINIA HAND BETTY THGMIISGN VVILLIAM UMBENHOIIR KEITH ALLARDICE VICTOR GREEN RICHARD ALADER ISABEL CONCEPTION AURELIA BIKIS ROSEMARY SALASEK CARL SMITH I ' PATTY MQLAUGH LIN amen IIHI KI INGSTEDT BROTHERS COMPANY CANTON, OHIO IIIE BORFHTRN ENGRAVING 81 EEECTRQTYPE COMPANY CANTON, OHIO -Hutogtalaha n V 1 A 11 My My W f Q ML f M f vf Yfkfpf If jfav. WWW .-44 , J Mjwf jf f ff M7 My ff! ff!! 3 M N X. 66 Ny, Vxwoxiwv' 5'

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Timken High School - Tivo Yearbook (Canton, OH) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


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