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ff!! V Cfffdfffp I . f -!,M2 V gi ' .ff ,Q I I, aJf" 1 X 4.,4:,wc -fnfw , 577 " ' Jfr' fifkfff I, -n, ,,4, Q .f 0 -4 L.. lil A OVW Q A91 QA Q 1'- A A QM' 1 A 5200 N. ,I Z, Ill '- W ' . I ., I ff T ,., -r. I E X K f ! ,r -- , X t Q ..:,L,. ,, 1 - I, ! , '.. " - lv, L, Q5 as AJ ..-.N J W i MQ!- 1 Nffiw j I i Av fiw V ..-.,YL73l.-Ll'-TiiI.TX' ,,,fff'12 U'- -Xxx x - f LM W QT - ..? 1 ff " ' If 0 W' W A -M-D I n Gi N 1 W Tx f-X, . l-IA tx 5 1 - Q Q 34 ,:fff35?3! ' 5 " Q . .6 i ag iii' Y x -A PM 'I xx 'ls ' 5 R x H l i-!.JN 11f W i m 9 O Ci X Dfff CI i h chrlstened by our own students planned by our own ed1tor1al staff fmanced by our own buslness staff pnnted by our own pnnt shop managed by our own faculty advlsors supported by our own school designed by our own art staff 'VP 3, 'Winamp ii x Env --...1 ' W ii Wlnvn Rn ld Whip.. -ii "ri, I 'Q Ui us.. ll 9' as 3 V .w.,..h,, ,, n A ..,,L,L4,..W-.M ,,,,,,, KT, -:gf A "x Q . g , x L Li: ' s-S.!lK."'4 hMh...'!:i"1 To freshen our memories, in future years when our happy school days are but a sweet reminiscence, this first edition of the TiVo is pub- lished. If We succeed in recalling happy memories, the staff of 1940 will feel that their efforts have not been in vain. "They are never alone that are accompanied with noble thoughts." It is hard for anyone to express in words the deep and sincere appreciation that the students of Timken Vocational High School feel toward Mr. H. H. Timken, the man whose conception made possible our school. Every town has schools: every city has schools: every state has schools-but not every city in America has such a beautiful school as ours-a school that makes it possible for girls and boys to become experts in their chosen profession. The school was made a reality by the Timken Foundation of Canton, of which Mr. H. H. Timken is president. In addition to Mr. Timken, the major donors to the Foundation have been his sisters, the late Mrs. Amelia C. Bridges and Mrs. Cora Timken Burnett. Our country needs men and women who can carry responsi- bilities and uphold peace and justice in the many years to come. What then is the starting point, the most vital fundamental, that tends to make good citizens? Education, of course! Education in a school like our Timken Vocational High School. "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he." A smiling face, a friendly laugh, an encouraging word, a helping and guiding hand-all of these, and more, are the inspira- tions given to the students by our beloved superintendent, Mr. Iesse H. Mason. The days, weeks, months, and years of hard work that he spent in planning an appropriate program for our new school have not been spent in vain. For, behold, here we have a school that all the students love-one that we are proud to call our "Alma Mater!" The students of Timken Vocational High School dedicate the first edition of the TiVo to our superintendent, Mr. Mason, who because of his consideration and kindness has won the esteem and affection of the entire class of nineteen hundred and forty. MB IESSE H MASON Supenntendent of Schools The success of any school system depends largely upon the caliber of its Board of Education. Our Board of Education deserves a tribute of praise for the fine work it has done this past year. The students of Timken realize its value greatly, for this small group of men have aided in making our first year at Timken a very pleasant and successful one. These active members have the responsibility of the entire school system. Their aims are to help the students in every way possible: to pave a road that will guide them to a useful and happy life as future citizens: and to lay before them the ideals that will attain this aim. We hope in following the excellent example that has been set for us we may express our appreciation and humble thanks to the Board of Education for its efforts to serve us. G'-tea QQUL 1. ,ir 'ii GEORGE H DEUBLE FRED K DOMER Io:-IN A PEARL Qvwrtg 'P' 111 Dn R E PFoU'rs LOREN E Sounns Ioz-IN F Roos Board of Educailon .fyaw '22-1 C A-KA 3-ov' A A WELSBACHER Eleven . Q xv iso' 1 H , - 'V 1 N in V I Q Q ' 1 - f 'Wa 1. .,A, Tvs elve Form O HARRISON Mr Ford O Harnson pr1nc1pal of T1mken Vocatronal Hlgh School serves well as the leader of our new school HIS dut1es are many so many that lt 1S hard for anyone to enum erate them wlthout Omllllng some of the more rmportant ones He IS assrsted 1n h1S work by h1s capable and cheerful secretary Mxss Luc1nda Hemtzelman Because of h1s understand1ng manner h1S frrendly smlle and gentle ways the students of T1mken Vocatlonal Hrgh School have grown to love Mr Harnson and w1ll always remember h1m as thelr fnend -ual' g 5 G F MALICK Mr G F Mal1ck our Vocatlonal D1rector IS the gentleman w1th a fnendly smlle who 1S always eager to help students w1th the1r voca tlonal d1ff1cult1es Although he does many th1ngs h1s mam job 1S that of grvmg adv1ce to students concern1ng the selectron of subjects re1at1ve to the1r vocat1onal course A good start makes a better endmg' So w1th Mr Mal1ck as the gurdmg hand there can be no doubt that the students of th1s school w111 reach the1r goal success Mlss Anne Welner takes care of the clerlcal work ln connectlon Wlth Mr Mal1ck s day and evenlng school act1v1t1es El Thirteen CHARLES C. ANDREWS CECIL ARMITAGE MARIAN E. BACHTEL Social Science Vocal and Instrumental f Clothing Music LILLIAN BANG IAMES E. BARRICK DON BAHTLETT Cafeteria Managemeni Mechanical Drawing English Surface Design Fourteen FORREST W. BEYER HAROLD BIGLER MARGARET H. BLEMKER Electric Mathematics English PAULINE E. BRIDGE LESTER BROWN FRANCES M. BUDD Social Science Auto Mechanics Commerce and Industry Latin Fifteen S1 teen GRACE BURDGE IOHN F BURTON MARION A CONKLE General Shop R G CRAMER DOROTHY H EASTON PAUL ELLIOTT Sheet Metal Clothmg Biology Physical Education Science Mechanical Drawing f as af! T H EVERETT B H GLENN LLOYD GRABLE Dmitzng Commerczczl Art Busmess WENDELL W GRAENING ELIZABETH R Gnovzs PHILIP K HEIM Sclence Tea Room Physlcal Educatzon gz 2 Q Sex enteen Ezghteen E E HORTON ERNA HINKEL IONES Mathemcmcs Enghsh and Dramcrtlcs Mathemcmcs Bus1ness Auto Mechcrmcs Prmtmg :EL B. IONES EARL L. KAMP CHESTER A. LYLE C L MQW - W F MCARTOR HERBERT D MELLON WILLIAM C MYERS Mechamcal Drawmg Mcxchme Soczal Sc1ence WILLIAM S OSBORNE WALTER I PEARCE EVA K Pxcl-:ENS Weldmg Pattern Mcrkmg SOCICII Sc1ence Nmeteen HAZEL I Posa- Stenography HERBERT SCHLEGEL Mechczmcal Drczwmg General Shop r Twenty C H RENSCH M crchme CATHERINE M SHAFER Enghsh LUCILE SONDERGELT Health and Home Economzcs MARIE K STAMBAUGH Stenography X 55 YJ MSN ,Qt-Q fb CLYDE E STINER Sc1ence BERYL THORSON C metology MARTHA V STRAUCH Enghsh G P ToLsoN Mechamcal Dmwmq Sheet Metal Drczftmg GEORGE M SWANT Electnc NIARGARET VAN OOT Hetcnlmg Twenty one 1 r " L F . X 1 ,' 1 y ' , . 'J ,- ' L-.hall 4 r.,....., , VH! 6 I1-.-ww 93, I i Hur-as .Ami-1. f,,Ah:. 'I 44: Q , K 1 ' ' 4 - A ,F 4... Wav MRS M I WAKEFIELD H E WHITE W H WILLIAMS Home E'conom1cs Bus1ness and Ofhce Machmes Enghsh IULIA F WooD ADA ZIMMERMAN Apphed Art L1braIy Twenty two X I x Qifzf . T' f any If is A J Sema40 I ACK LLOYD Preszdent l 1 Q W Q K ' J SQ Q ,P 0 C WM Q 'Yi ROBERT MCKINNEY VICE Pres1dent ANN WARD Secretary BETTY KNOCI-T ay' 75 WRX Treasurer X2-any V115 Twenty f vc Twenty sxx A BERNARD BAUM PAUL BRADY LYNN BURLESON 501 Arlmgton Avenue N W 605 Nmth Street N E 1802 Vme Avenue S W Stage Croft Club 2 Counczlmcm 2 3 Txmken Servxce Socxety 4 Presxdent of Hx Y 4 CLINTON CLASS 211 Ralph Court N. W. Radio Club 1 WILLIAM CLEMENS 118 Hartford Avenue N E lOl-IN COWIE 318 Reynolds Place VINCENT IOHN DE VITO 1223 Gonder Avenue S Alternate Councllman 4 EDWARD ETRIS 604 Saylor Place H1 Y 1 WAYNE W EVERHART 3001 Eleventh Street S Stage Craft 12 Booster Club 3 DAVID FLEISHER 212 Harrison Avenue S Councxlman 1 4 Radzo Speech 1 RICH GODWIN 1516 Olxve Place 701 Shadyszde Avenue S W HUBERT HOLLAND 2308 Maple Avenue N Booster Club 3 O' E X90 Twenty seven s. W. ww 9 s. W. D . W. ' . W. ' N. 15. IACK GORDON A I . . L,7,'f, ,, ,f,,. Q, .A I IOHN HO ER 120 Fo eenth Street Stag C ft Club 1 Hi Y Ar TOM KILCULLEN 1457 Edwards Avenue Baseball 2 3 IWW 1 JW' ,IL GALE MINGER 3012 Thrrd Street N CARL L MEYERS 1133 Park Avenue Wffbw GEORGE I PADERMOS 1326 Maple Avenue N Leaders Club 1 2 3 4 Track 1 3 Twenty erqht N. W. N E BOB INGRAM 134 Fourth Street MARVIN LAUGHLIN 127 Arlmqton Avenue S Student Councxl 1 Debate Club 1 ILOYD MOHR 1733 Vzrgmra Place N E Alternate Councxlman 2 PAUL OBERLIN 2102 Avalon Avenue N I .,o6Q,V ,j01!fvvV' GLENDON E SALBY 909 Srxth Street S W Booster Club 3 Councllman 4 nt 1 s. W. .E. gi f J , 4' ,V ' ,XV 5 ' . W. - .W. ' s. W. S . , if .7 .' L4 A ' .E. 4, J ,f ll - ROBERT SNELLENBERGER 1137 Cleveland Avenue T1mken Service Soclety Tyro Reporter 4 FRANK M VALASKY 2233 Fourth Street N DON WERNER ELI WUc1N1c1-1 A . E. -J 2906 Kfqby Avenue N. E 4 X X I 2445 Thirteenth Street N. E A Thirty DOROTHY BROOKS ANNA KATHERINE DA VISIO IAC 1435 Ohzo Avenue N E 938 G K FLAGMEIER VIRGINIA FOCA Sylvan Court N E 128 Roslyn Avenue N lee Club 1 Chorus 1 T1Vo Staff 4 X W 1831 Bryan Avenue W H1Y 23 Leaders Club 1 Fnendshlp Club l Booster Club 2 3 Fnendshlp Club 1 Alternale Ccuncllmcm 4 All Star Basketball 2 T1Vo Stuff 4 Student L1brc1ry Staff 4 Drcrmcxtlc Club 4 Homeroom Treasurer 1 6' 1 O W I 4752? 4' we K as 3 'Qi' 'T' ' ' , ... as Xxqa X I . I . .. Xlgi P K I EDWIN HAROLD 908 Reynolds Place Football 2 Councllman 3 Booster Club 3 Football Manager 4 Basketball Varsrty l 2 3 4 H1 Y 3 4 Trmken Servrce Socxety 4 iPres1dent7 IANET INBODEN 1013 Mmerva Court N Booster Club 1 2 3 Chorus I 2 3 4 Basketball 1 2 3 Volleyball l 2 3 Soclal Sclence Club 3 Glrls Servlce League Glee Club 4 Tlmkerr Servrce Socxety 4 Frlendshxp Club 4 Student Lrbrary Staff 4 Tyro Staff 4 T1Vo Staff 4 BLAINE MILLER 3726 Cleveland Avenue N SUSAN PRIVARA 1448 Harrrsburq Road N Glee Club 2 OIIICS Assrstant 4 BETTY IANE WATSON 1221 Nrnth Street N W TrVo Assxstant Edltor ln Ch Tyro Staff 4 Frrendshlp Club 1 2 3 Councrlman 4 Frith Wheel Club 1 2 Chorus 1 2 Booster Club l 2 3 Rmg Commrttee Chalrman Senlor Councrl 4 W re 4 RAY HULL 1427 Sycamore Avenue S ANTENETTE LORENZANO 1500 Fourth Street S E Glee Club 2 Fnendshzp Club 4 NICK POPARAD 1915 Clark Avenue Scrence Club l AURELIA VULCAN 1649 Harrrson Avenue S Chorus 1 2 3 All Star Basketball 1 2 All Star Volleyball 1 2 All Star Indoor Ball 2 Leaders Club 2 3 Fnendshzp Club 12 Student Llbrary Staff V1ce P Home room Vxce Presldent T1Vo Staff 4 LILLIAN ZUBER 1410 Tuscarawas Street W Chorus 1 T1Vo Staff 4 Tyro Staff 4 Txmken Servxce Socrety 4 1 IBS Tlnrty one S. W. . E. .1 . . ' IN . . . 4 S. W. Leaders' Club 2-3 ' . E. ' ' . 4 ' ' ' D -' I- ' f 4 . ki! A! y,fff,z'.ff I - W? --ah WINTON EVANS WILLIAM UNKEFER TED WEIDA GRACE WORTMAN 1408 Maple Avenue N E 2404 Tuscarawas Street E 1614 Gibbs Avenue N E 2302 Indtana Way N E Intramural Basketball 2 3 Booster Club 3 Booster Club 3 Booster Club 3 Art League 2 3 Stagecralt Club 3 4 Intramural Basketball 4 Booster Club 2 Cross Country 3 H1 Y 2 3 4 Dramatlc Club 4 Thnty two ' 1!.,, 1. .IF V I I M G ' ' 1421! ,L - If J is -4 '6- ,, K 4 .5 if la I , I s, ' ' LUCILLE BERTONI MARIAN LOUISE KUNTZ ESMA NADER 2040 Exghth Street Councllmcm 1 4 Refreshment Commnttee 3 Drcmailc Club 4 Fnendshlp Club 4 Decorcmnq Commmee 4 Thirty-four MICHAEL D CARPINELLI 523 Madrson Avenue S DAVID CLARK 1439 Gartreld Avenue Math Club 1 H1 Y Club 3 4 H1 Y Councll 4 Leaders Club 4 Dramatic Club 4 FRED FOX 1216 Fourth Street FRED LEICHTAMER 608 McKm1ey Avenue S Booster Club 3 IOHN JOSEPH MONSANTY 1817 Taft Avenue N E Trmken Servrce Society 4 ll E ROBERT PAUL CASTER 1126 Hrghland Road N E Booster Club 2 3 Councxlman 3 Trmken Servlce SOCIEIY Radro Club 4 T1Vo Edrtor ln chrei 4 W WILLIAM E EBNER 1127 Erghth Street Booster Club 3 Chorus 3 4 TOM FRANTA 195 Wertz Avenue N Student Councrl 1 2 Echo Staft 12 Stage Craft 1 HIY 4 Trmken Servlce SOCIEIY tTreasJ 4 Tyro Staff 4 Senror Commlttee 4 FRANK E MARSH 1920 Second Street N E Booster Club 3 Varslty Track 3 Cross Country 3 CHUCK MOORE 837 Cherry Avenue N E Alternate Councxlman 2 Intramural Swrmmrng 2 Intramural Baseball 2 Intramural Basketball 2 Booster Club 2 3 Intramural Tennxs 3 H1 Y 4 Thzrty trve ' ' ' 4 ' s. . ' ' N. W. N.w. .W. ' .W. rv Jn Thxrty sxx -4' vm.. Wk!! ,pl -'G' j RANK PASS 407 Grbbs Avenue N E ELMER PAVLICK 1501 Thrrd Street S E TED PETROVICH 2315 Wmtreld Way N Art League 2 Councxlman Alternate 3 Tlmken Servlce Soctety 4 HIY 4 CLIF D SEEMANN 1707 Gartreld Avenue S W Radro Club 1 Math Club 1 Student Councrlman 2 PAUL STUDER 1801 Thzrd sneer N E DARRELL WERNER 1428 Srxteenth Street N W Varsrty Baseball 2 Reserve Basketball 3 Intramural Volleyball 2 3 Intramural Basketball 3 Intramural Cage Ball 2 3 Trmken Servlce Socrety 4 Counc1lman 4 Tyro Busrness Manager 4 T1Vo Busmess Manager 4 WARD I WINKLER Lesher Road R F D 7 Intramural Basketball l Intramural Track l 2 Intramural Cross Country 2 Intramural Indoor Baseball 2 3 NSR Thrrty seven Thrrty erght N-...Eff E IERRY E BARTLETT CLARA A BECKER DOROTHY M BELCASTRO 2124 Gonder Avenue S E 1337 Twenty fourth Street N W 317 Nmth Street N E Booster Club 2 3 Chorus 1 Boosler Club 2 FIl9l'1dShlp Club 2 3 Booster Club l 2 3 Frlendshlp Club 3 4 Tlmken Servxce Soc1ety 4 Home Econom1cs Club l 2 T1ml-:en Servxce Soczety 4 .iff LARA BRUCKNER 1316 Seventh Street N W Booster Club 1 Fnendshxp Club 1 2 Tyro Stott 4 Alternate Councilman 4 DOROTHY I PARKS 615 Smrth Avenue S Chorus l Z Booster Club l 2 3 Txmes Staff 3 Tyro Staff 4 Frxendshlp Club 3 4 ELEANOR SCRIDON 420 Webster Avenue HELEN URBAN 2233 Indrana Way N Booster Club 2 3 Fnendshrp Club 2 3 4 Tlmken Servzce Soclety 4 Dramatlc Club 4 BETTY LAPPIN 2018 Navarre Road S Chorus 1 3 Glee Club 2 Booster Club 1 2 3 Dramatic Club 2 RUTH RENNER 2426 Seventh Street N W Chorus 1 2 Booster Club l 2 3 Frlendshxp Club 1 2 3 4 Entertammg Club 3 Band and Orchestra 3 4 Tyro Staff 4 f-. ANN SISAY 1552 Sandwrth Avenue Booster Club 2 3 Tumblmg 4 Chorus 4 Fnendshxp Club Counc1lman 4 KATHRYN WILLIAMS 1508 Twenty ezghth Stree Booster Club 2 3 Frzendshxp Club 2 3 4 German Club 2 Pmg Pong Tournament 3 Dramatlc Club 4 Tyro Statt 4 Cheerleader 4 NW 3-'R Thirty-nine Eleohic Shop f vu DON ACKERMAN XMIM 1374 Cleveland Avenue S. Rctdio Club 1-2 lPres.1 4 Dramatic Club 4 Stagecrait Club 4 Tyro Stat! 4 Timken Service Society 4 Councilman 3 DONALD M BEADLE 3130 Twelfth Street H1 Y 2 Booster Club 3 GEORGE DIALYNAS 125 Cherry Avenue BURTON R FOSTER 1916 Fourth Street S BOB LYONS 1637 Holland Court S W Chorus 1 3 Councilman 2 Booster Club 3 Boys Glee Club 4 H1 Y 4 Timken Servlce Society 4 Dramatic Club 4 X' X V , 1 fzyfifivwfvyj W. BERNARD BAMBECK 1105 Young Avenue N HAROLD COLE 1551 Bryan Avenue S ROBERT L EMANUELSON 3014 Second Street N W Councllman 3 MARTIN GEIS 931 Struble Avenue N E Science Club 1 Alternate Councilman Booster Club 2 3 Tyro Staff 4 Timken Service Society 4 Secretary and Treasurer H1 Y D matic Club 4 GEORGE MOTZ President Student Council 4 721 Younq Avenue N E Art League 3 Councilman 4 Timken Service Society 4 'I-s.. Forty-one CHESTER MURPHY 1936 Thrrd Street N LESTER IOHN RIEGLER 702 Erghth Street N E Booster Club 2 3 Leaders Club 2 3 Chorus 2 3 Boys Glee Club 4 IAN RITCHIE 1225 Grbbs Avenue N E Booster Club 2 3 Intramural Football 4 Tlmken Service SOCIBIY 4 WAYNE ROCKENBAUCH 1334 St Elmo Avenue N Booster Club 2 Stamp Club 2 Raclro Club 3 fSecretaryz Stagecraft Club 4 IOE RUKAVENA 1838 Brownlee Avenue N E Decoratmg Commlttee 2 DELMAN SHAFER 817 Lawrence Road N Booster Club 2 Intramural Football 4 IOHN R SHAW 426 Wolfe Court N W Intramural Volleyball 2 H1 Y 4 EDWARD SHERWOOD 1204 Lzppert Road N Decoratmg Committee 2 3 Radlo Club 3 fVxce Presb Stagecralt Club 4 ARTHUR WYCUFF 1511 Fourth Street S. E. Intramural Track 2 Cross Country 2-3 Varsity Track 2-3 'e Booster Club 2-3 5 Etiquette Club 3 O Stagecratt Club 4 s' Tyro Staff 4 0,3 f . Hi-Y 4 Oo rl E I Forty-three 5-I Machme Shop GEORGE ALECUSAN J 2912 Srxth Street S W Leaders Club 2 3 4 L Intramural Volleyball 3 Cheerleader 4 EDMUND APONASEWICZ 1507 Henry Avenue S W NICK CODISPOTI 1323 Ohio Avenue N E Booster Club 2 3 Stamp Club 2 3 Intramural Football 3 Intramu l sketball 3 RALPH DE WALT 202 Smrth Avenue S W Math Club 1 2 Latm Club 2 Intramural Football 3 4 ALVIN DOHY 1709 Drllon Place N E Intramural Football 3 4 Intramural Basketball 3 FRANK ALEXANDER 2110 Fourth Street N Ar 12 LEE BATES 707 Twenty thzrd Street N W Glee Club 1 2 4 Chorus 1 2 4 4H Club 13 H1 Y 4 VINCENT CONRAD 1441 Loursrana Avenue N W Stamp Club 2 3 Intramural Football 3 4 Booster Club 2 3 rfqatfip ANDREW DIGIANANTONIO 1007 Lrberty Avenue S E "-'yer WAYNE DOUGHERTY 909 Tuscarawas Street W Camera Club 14 Band 4 Txmken Servlce Soclety 4 Forty lrve .E. t . .Qff m , ,WM " Alf '3 I ' - V '- . -, f z ,24 if 'I n ' ' 1 ' . . f ' l Q W gr H L Wi GEORGE DUDEK 833 McKm1ey Avenue N Booster Club 2 Tlmken Servxce Socrety 4 Tyro Reporter 4 Intramural Football 3 ED GANNON 1390 Henry Avenu Radlo Club 1 Booster Club 2 3 Staqecrait Club 4 FRANK GRANCHI Intramural Football 3 4 PAUL HARBOK 1705 Hammond Avenue S Varsxty Basketball 4 CARL RAYMOND IRWIN 815 Bellflower Avenue S Press Club 2 Booster Club 3 Glee Club 4 Q DAVID EDWARDS 1257 Park Avenue S W Booster Club I3 Leaders Club 2 Intramural Football 4 LEONARD GLIATTA 213 Belden Avenue S E Booster Club 3 Councllman 4 Intramural Football 3 4 Int mural Basketb ll 3 PAUL GRANCHI 1406 Scovrlle Avenue S Intramural Football 3 4 ,bow ,dfy-lf WILBUR HOSLAR 809 Unron Avenue S W Intramural Football 3 4 Intramural Basketball 3 EARL KELL 1524 Fifth Street N E Intramural Football 3 4 e S. W. 1406 Scoville Avenue S. W. L X, I I . X K . W. E Forty ezght X IOE KOHLER 204 Seventh Street S W BOB LASCHINSKE 614 Wertz Avenue S Leaders Club 12 Stage Craft Club 12 Intramural Football 3 4 Serv1ce Soclety 4 Tlmken SSIVICG Soclety 4 'Lb DALE MARTI 117 Schauers Place S E Ar l ntramural Football 3 4 Chorus 4 Glee Club 4 J y RUDOLPH PACELLI 1102 Cnerry Avenue S E Ar 12 Intramural Football 3 4 NORMAN RITCHEY 414 Hazlette Avenue N W Chorus Z Latm Club 2 Stage Craft Club 2 FERDINAND KUTT 1700 Dueber Avenue S W IOHN F LODER 2225 Raebel Place Nature Club 1 Band 4 Orchestra 4 ROBERT R MCKINNEY Q, 1105 Thzrteenth Street N Booster Club l 2 3 Intramural Football 4 Stage Craft 4 Trmken Serv1ce Socrety Vrce Presxdent 4 xff XX PAUL PAPPAS 1408 Thzrd Street S E Booster Club 2 3 Trmken Servzce Socrety QI Tlmken Serv1ce Soclety 4 IOSEPH ROCCI Intramural Football 3 4 1532 Sherrrck Road S Intramural Football 2 Booster Club 3 Councxlman 2 4 Tlmken SSIVICG Soclety 4 Entertamment Chalrman 4 .' I ' ' 1 7Tf5?2 I .W- , U - 1' J . , , l fwfr r ' , "I 1 ' s. w. t . . I . 5 .E l1!'v 4, -Adyffylq 'ff -I h . - 4 ' A 51? ln. 1 . . . fl! U ji' I jf t . ' ' ' - ' 4 'x v -Y I' I t ' ' - A . ' .E. D I .rivflax I X K ff' Z X xi ' X' VIC SILEA 740 Gobel Avenue N E Intramural Football 3 4 WILLIAM SPRIT 2153 E1ghth Street N Art Club 1 Leaders Club Tyro Stall 4 Councllman 4 ROBERT SWEITZER 1414 Wabash Court N E Intramural Football GRAYDON SNYDER Louxsvzlle Ohio Txmes Stall 3 Alternate Councllman 4 Txmken Servlce Socxety 4 LOUIS IOE STEVENS 1456 Market Avenue KAZMER SZABO 1021 Lzppert Road N E Intramural Football 3 4 A 1 2 fxyffl CARL VOHSHAK Q I MM 1522 Crescent Road S W Booster Club 4 Varsity Track 3 ka Forty nme EVAN BROWN 3420 Farrmount Blvd N E Stage Carpenter Manager 4 T1mken Servlce Soczety 4 BERYL E FREEMAN 1102 Tuscarawas Street Booster Club 3 Hz Y 3 4 WILLIAM IUDD 1312 Frtth Street N W H1 Y 2 Intramural Basketball 3 T1mken Serv1ce Soclety 4 CHARLES D MILLER 702 Waynesburg Road S E Asststant Stage Carpenter 4 EUGENE C EVANS 1408 Maple Avenue N E Intramural Swrmmmg 2 3 Intramural Varszty Swnmmmg IOE E GROUTH 1654 Harrrsburg Road N ROBERT LAMIELLE 3732 Harvard Avenue N VIRGIL THOMPSON 621 Harrison Averue S W Councxlman 4 an Q51 ny l' Fifty one PM SW I A w all wk ' O LAVERN BLEND 1203 Park Avenue S W Truck 2 Leaders Club 4 Natzonal Graphrc Arts 4 Intramural Basketball 4 WILLIAM M FAUTSKO 601 Brown Avenue N Baseball 2 3 Track 2 Volleyball 3 Basketball 4 Natronal Graphlc Arts Tyro Staff 4 HAROLD FISHER 2550 Fletcher Avenue N Natxonal Graphrc Arts 4 CHESTER LASKY 1050 Hottman Court N ANTHONY G BRAHLER 1541 Dueber Avenue S Basketball l 2 3 4 Volleyball 1 2 Chorus 1 Councxlman 3 Vzce Presldent Student Councrl 4 Natronal Graphrc Arts 4 RUSSELL D FELDBUSH 825 Shorb Avenue N W Press Club 1 Booster Club 2 3 Natlonal Graphtc Arts 4 Tlmken Servxce Soczety 4 RAY KERSTETTER 1525 Szxteenth Street N E Basketball 1 Intramural Baseball Z Natlonal Graphnc Arts 4 VICTOR LENARTOWICZ 1430 Lrppert Road N E Natxonal Graphic Arts 4 U- s :Q Frtty three IOHN MOAURO 1652 Stark Avenue S W IAMES I RING Cottage 112 Meyers Lake Chorus 1 2 Intramural Basketball l 2 Intramural Volleyball I2 Alternate Councllman Natlonal Graphlc Arts 4 T1mken Servrce Socrety 4 STEVE SAMERGEDES 1914 Eleventh Street N H1 Y 3 Volleyball 3 Student Manager 4 Natronal Graphrc Arts 4 V WAYNE STIMMEL 1004 Clarendon Avenue S Dramatrc Club 1 2 4 Radlo Club 2 Stage Craft Club I Football I Natlonal Graphrc Arts 4 W WILLIAM R REESE 2811 Carl Place N W Indoor 1 Volleyball 3 Natlonal Graphrc Arts 4 VICTOR E ROUD 1525 Fourteenth Street N Volleyball 2 Natronal Graphlc Arts 4 Intramural Football 4 Intramural Basketball 4 WILBUR R SIMONSON 520 VVa1nut Avenue N E Natronal Graphtc Arts 4 ELMER TOLIN 3810 Farrmount Boulevar Intramural Golf 2 3 Natronal Graphlc Arts 4 Intramural Basketball 4 dNE Q is 9" gs 3 as 41 Frfty live as fl - f , MJ 1' ' N . I 3 ' . E. V ' QA- ' ' Q. . E. Leaders' Club 2-3-4 , , 7 Y' 7 . I - V J S 5 - ' vi x ' . 1: ff I ' FiftyAsix .40 on-,W-1" MARIE AMSTUTZ 205 Shorb Avenue N W Booster Club 3 Frrendshlp Club 4 Dramatxc Club 4 FRANK D BOERNGEN 1225 Rowland Avenue Councrlman 2 3 Booster Club 2 3 H1 Y 4 ANN ELEANOR BUSNICK Booster Club 2 Frtendshxp Club 4 BERTHA H CAPESTRAIN 625 Smrth Avenue S W Home Economrcs Club 1 Art Club 2 Booster Club 3 Fnendshxp Club 3 4 Tlmes Buslness Staff ANNE LEE CHELPKA 1441 Harrzsbu Road N E Choral Club WARREN E BECK 1717 Twentzeth Street Booster Club 2 3 Chorus 1 3 Decoratmg Commxttee Socral Scrence Club 2 H1 Y 4 EARL R BUSH 335 Smzth Avenue N Drcrmatxc Club 1 Mask G Wlg Club I HELEN CAPLEA 1712 Bedford Avenue Basketball l Echo Reporter 2 Chorus 3 AUDREY CASEY 1438 Harrzsburg Road Booster Club 2 3 Frrendshrp Club 3 4 Choral Club 1 2 RAY DODDS R F D Choral Club l 2 3 NE S N Flity seven . . 2-3 ' N. E. l ' . W. 1813 Hammond Avenue S. W. . W. ' ' 3 ' . E. - -4.21 F 1 . . . 1 MARIAN ERICKSON 2312 Eleventh Stree W Leaders Club 12 Chorus 2 Choral Club 2 3 Fnendshrp Club 3 WALTER GIROD 717 Concord Avenue S W H1 Y l 2 4 Radlo Club 1 Scrence Club 1 2 Math Club 1 2 Glee Club 3 Booster Club 3 Dramatxc Club 4 Tlmken SEIVICG Socxety 4 Radro Broodccrstmg Club 2 PAULINE GREEN 1435 Tenth Street N Booster Club 2 3 Glee Club 3 Dramatrc Club 3 4 Swlmmmg Team 3 Grrls Servrce League 4 Txmken Servrce SOCl9tY 4 Fnendshlp Club 34 BETTE LAUVER 408 Frtth Street S Choral Club 2 Brology Club 2 Chorus l 2 3 Booster Club 3 NAN MCCONAGHY 1706 Forty second Street N Fnendshrp Club l Booster Club l Frith Wheel Club 3 Frfty erght SARA FULZ 1318 Edwards Avenue Fnendshrp Club 3 Booster Club 3 Glee Club 4 ELVIRA GONZALEZ 510 Belden Avenue Booster Club 2 3 Frxendshlp Club 2 3 Camera Club 3 Leaders Club 3 Dramatlc Club 4 N IACK HAYES 2612 Twelfth Street Math Club 1 2 H: Y 4 NW IACK LLOYD 940 McK1nley Avenue N Booster Club 1 2 3 Iournal Club 1 H1 Y 4 Txmken Service Socxety 4 Class Presrdent 4 W CHARLES W MIIA 1450 Bedford Avenue S H1 Y l 2 W W L on fs. . N.E. ' .1-2. ...x N'.h '--xxx .. .E. ' .w. ROSEMARY MYERS 1010 Lrppert Road N E Chorus 2 Decoratron Commxttee 3 Booster Club 2 3 Councrlman 4 KENNETH NIGN H D 1 Reedurban Orchestra 2 ANTONIA PUIAZON 603 Webster Avenue N Booster Club 2 3 BILL SALMON 623 Garfreld Avenue S President H1 Y 4 LE RNA MARIE SPARVOLI 1821 Root Avenue N E Latln Club 2 Fnendshlp Club 3 4 Choral Club 4 NINA NAYLOR 412 Brown Avenue N Fnendshlp Club l 2 3 Chorus 1 Latm Club 2 Booster Club 2 3 Decoratmg Commrttee 2 3 Iournalrsm Club 3 ROLAND PRYSOCK 1416 Maple Avenue N BETTY EVELLIE ROBINSON 1531 Grbbs Avenue N E Camera Club 1 Booster Club 1 2 3 HH Club 1 Class Treasurer l Fnendshrp Club 3 4 Get Acquamted Club 3 Etrquette Club 3 ANNE M SCHUSTER 902 Hartford Avenue S Booster Club 2 3 Chorus 2 DONALD E VAN LEW 919 Forest Avenue S General Scxence Club 1 H1 Y 1 2 4 Biology Club 2 Glee Club 2 Frfty nme . E. Hi-Y l-2-3,4 l . E. Sixty Sine! Maia! ED BLAIR DALE BROWN IIMMY COLE R. F. D. 4, Massillon 1239 High Avenue S. W. 1139 Bedford Avenue S. W Booster Club 2 Show Card Writing 2 Bond 4 Dramatic Club 4 Hi-Y 4 BOB DUPLAIN 1426 Second Street Bond 4 HIY 4 Dramahc Club 4 Booster Club 3 Reserve Football 2 Txmken Servxce Soc WILLIAM B RINKES S E lety 1425 Thrrty trfth Street N W EMERSON PLOTT 1219 Belden Avenue Booster Club 2 3 Councllmcm 3 Drumchc Club 4 Band 2 3 4 Leaders Clu 34 ROY SMITH 2618 Twelfth 'tree S W Math Club 2 H1Y 23 fPres7 4 Track 3 IPYAQ f' '4'V""44' DANIEL IRWIN 1007 Fourth Street S W EDWIN Moc NEALY 812 Thzrty erghth Stree N W Leaders Club 1 2 3 4 Booster Club 1 2 3 Dramcmc Club 4 Student Councll 4 RAYMOND ROTH 1214 Fourth Street S be-,J vu. WILLIAM STREB 408 Fulton Road N W T1mken Servlce Socmety 4 SGI if? if 15 'C' 44:54 'M' 151. 45 -Q.-nu, -.1 Srxly one Sxxty iwo V F"2"' if' 'Le MARY BEATTY 1212 Oxford Avenue N Chorus l 2 3 4 Friendship Club l 2 3 4 Booster Club 3 Dramatic Club 1 Glee Club 4 EILEEN CLICK 2416 Clyde Place Leaders Club I2 Biology Club I Chorus l 3 4 Social Science 3 Girls Service League Friendship Club 4 Orchestra 4 Sophomore Choir 2 Senior Girls Glee Club 4 Operetta 2 lOl-IN COMSIA 2231 Perm Place N ANNETTE DAVIS 1128 Eighteenth Street N W Booster Club 1-2 Fifth Wheel Club 1-2 Friendship Club 4 Dramatic Club 4 Glee Club 4 Chorus 1-2-4 LAVONNE DIEHINGER 1407 Roslyn Avenue S. W. Home Economics Club 2 Booster Club l-2-3 Friendship Club 4 KATHERINE CI-IIKI 1828 Hoot Avenue N E' Chorus I 2 3 4 Friendship Club 2 3 4 Refreshment Committee 2 Timken Service Society 4 Student Library Stott 4 DOROTHY COLUCCI 2804 Eleventh Street S Friendship Club l Puppetteers Club I Art Club 12 Modern Writers Club 3 Chorus 4 Tyro Business Stall 4 Dramatic Club 4 Refreshments Committee 3 PAULINE COOPER 1025 Struble Avenue Booster Club 2 3 Volleyball 2 3 Poetry Club 2 Friendship Club 4 WANDA DEEDS 624 Baymont Court S. . Dramatic Club l Choral Club 1-3-4 Art Club 2 Friendship Club 3 Booster Club 3 Glee Club 2 Timken Service Society 4 Friendship Club tTreas.l 4 Student Library Stall 4 MARIORIE DOLL 1515 Tanner Avenue S. Dramatic Club l Booster Club l-3 Leaders' Club 2 Tumbling Team 3-4 Friendship Club 4 Basketball 1-2-3-4 'X nv- I1 Sixty-three Srxty four KATHERINE DOMENICK 817 Frith Street N E Art Club l MARY IANE ESKSTEIN 1444 St Elmo Avenue N Chorus l 2 Booster Club 2 3 Fnendshrp Club 2 3 4 Basketball 4 ANNABELLE FAIR 916 Twenty frfth Street N W Dramatrc Club l 2 3 4 Iumor Class Play 3 Frrendshrp Club l 2 3 4 A Cappella Chorr 3 Choral Club 4 Trmken Servxce Soclety 4 Operetta 3 Tyro Statl 4 Volleyball 3 Home Economlcs Club 3 Thespxans 3 MARGARET GILHAM 1035 Thrrd Street N Chorus 2 Refreshment Commrttee 2 3 Volleyball 2 3 Basketball 3 Frlendshlp Club 2 3 Press Club 3 Booster Club 2 3 Fnendshrp Club 4 Dramatrc Club 4 TERESA GRECO 1412 Eleventh Street S E Speed Burldrng 3 Fnendshrp Club 4 EDRA DOUGLAS 732 Predmont Avenue S E IANET EVANS 207 Greenlreld Avenue W Dramatrc Club 1 Chorus l 2 3 4 Student Councrl l Secretary of Student Councrl 2 Fnendshrp Club 34 Glee Club 4 PAULINE FOX 1027 Harrrson Avenue S W Leaders Club 1 2 3 Booster Club 3 Refreshment Commxttee 3 Grrls Servrce League 3 Dramatrc Club 4 Chorus 4 Trmken Servrce Socre Glee Club 4 LAURA M GRASSO 401 Eleventh Street S Chorus 1 2 4 Booster Club 3 Choral Club 4 Fnendshrp Club 4 ANNE GROSSCHMIDT 2229 Thrrteenth Street N E Chorus 1 2 . . E. ' ' ' s . . Booster Club l-2-3 Friendship Club l-2-3-4 . - - - 1 - . I ' . W. K ' ' . E. WILMA GROSSCHMIDT 2245 Thirteenth Street N Chorus 3 VIOLET HARTZELL 501 Newton Avenue Chorus l Booster Club 2 3 Friendship Club 4 Student Library Staff 4 BETTY LOUISE HEIMKE 2215 Seventh Street Friendship Club 2 4 Chorus 2 3 4 Booster Club 3 Senior Girls Chorus MARTHA HUNTER 1325 Eighth Street Booster Club 1-2-3 Friendship Club 4 Tyro Staff 4 Home Economics Club - TiVo Staff 4 ETHEL MAY IUMP 508 Seventh Street N. , Booster Club - Chorus 2-3 Volleyball 2 Friendship 4 Swimming 3 E MARIANE GUILLOD 1511 Cherry Avenue N E Booster Club 1 2 3 Choral 1 2 3 Alternate Councilman 2 Friendship Club 2 3 4 Etiquette Club Dramatic Club 3 4 Tyro Statt 4 TiVo Staff 4 ELIZABETH HARVEY W 1622 Dueber Avenue S Booster Club 2 3 Friendship Club 2 3 4 Chorus 3 4 Glee Club 4 BARBARA HERSPOOL 2619 Twelfth Street S W Leaders Club 12 Friendship Club 2 3 4 f 3 Booster Club 3 Dramatic Club 3 4 Timken Service Society 4 Tyro Stat! 4 Student Library Statt 4 Choral Club 4 Girls Service League Committee 4 TiVo Staff 4 GERALDINE HUTCHINSON 323 Park Avenue N. W. Councilman 2-4 Freindship Club 1-2-3-4 Dramatic Club 4 V. ' Chorus 1-3-4 Leaders Club 1-2 Timken Service Society 4 Sophomore Choir 2 Glee Club 4 Booster Club 3 Committee 4 BETTY KELLEY 2617 Third sneer N. W1 Dramatic Club l-2-3 Radio Club 2 Class Play 2 Friendship Club 3 4 Booster Club 3 'I Times Staff 3 Tyro Statt 4 Timken Service Society 4 TiVo Stott 4 Entertainment Committee 4 Sixty-live LYNN KIDD 816 Frith Street S Leaders Club 34 BETTY IANE KNOCH 1100 Fourth Street S Chorus 1 2 Booster Club 3 Choral Club Treasurer of Senxo C PEGGY LAZARIDES 1623 Larblm Place N Basketball l 2 3 Volleyball 1 2 3 Leaders Club 2 3 Booster Club 23 Dramatzc Club 4 Frlendshlp Club 4 Student Lxbrary Stall MARY IANE LESLEY 1258 Mmerva Court N Booster Club 3 Frlendshlp Club 4 Dramahc Club 4 LUCILLE LINK 1212 Third Street S Chorus l 2 3 4 Booster Club 3 Fnendshxp Club 4 Choral Club 4 Refreshment Commrttee x.! 1 ffl! 1,0 I ADELAIDE KILPER R F D 1 Manor Street Choral Club l Fnendshrp Club 12 Leaders Club 2 3 Booster Club 3 Councllman 3 4 Il Tyro Clrculatlo Mgr 4 T1Vo Staff 4 Counc11man 2 IRENE KOCSIS 1808 Nmth Street S Chorus 2 3 Booster Club 2 3 Frlendshlp Club Gxrls Glee Club 4 EVELYN LE PORE 1622 Gxbbs Avenue N Booster Club 3 Frxendshlp Club 4 IEAN LEY 1248 Fulton Road N W Chorus l 2 3 Booster Club 3 Tlmken SGIVICG Socxety Fnendshxp Club 4 EDNA MARTIN 925 Thzrd Stree N Booster Club 3 Volleyball 3 Chorus 4 Glee Club 4 Drarnatrc Club 4 Basketball 4 ' .W. C!" , . - fa' - ' ' .W. 4 'r 4 aff' 3 SW qflfy - - 2 A' .E. ChorusZ-3 . 4 - - - ' t .W ' 4 MX KATHRYN MCDONALD 1012 Greenfield Avenue S W Friendship Club l 2 3 4 Booster Club 3 Refreshment Committee 3 Choral Club 4 Glee Club 4 Dramatic Club 4 MARGARET PAPAS 2220 Maple Avenue N E Decoratmg Committee l 2 3 Councilman Z Booster Club 2 3 Timken Service Society 4 Choral Club l 2 3 4 Etrquette Club 3 Dramatrc Club 4 Tyro Stall 4 TiVo Staff 4 CLA AMPI I-12 Norrzs Place Chorus 1 Booster Club 3 Modern Wrlters Club 3 Fnendshlp Club 4 Leaders Club 3 Choral Club 4 HELEN REINERTH 2445 Winfield Way N E Booster Club 2 3 Girls Swimming Team 3 Timken Service Society 4 Girls Glee Club 4 Dramatic Club 4 Intramural Basketball 4 OLIVE HELEN SALCIAN 2068 Third Street S E' Orchestra 1 2 Booster Club 3 Dramatic Club 4 MARTHA MILLER 2424 Seventh Street W Frxendshrp Club 3 4 Booster Club Glee Club 4 fl. BETTY IANE PILCHER 1729 Vrrgrma Place N Chorus 1 Friendship Club Z 3 Alternate Councllman Girls Service League Booster Club 3 Poetry Club 3 Socxal Science Club 3 ANGELINE REBELLINO 1955 Third Street N Ar 12 Booster Club 3 Modern Wrlters Club Dramatic Club 4 Tyro Staff 4 Basketball 4 T1Vo Stall 4 ,ffl KATHRYN ROUCH 1339 Wabash Court N Booster Club 3 Etiquette Club 3 Home Economics Club 1 IAYNE SCHAFER 1923 Second Street S W Choral Club l 2 3 4 Operetta 1 2 Camera Club 3 Trmken Servlce Society 4 Friendship Club 2 3 4 TiVo Staff 4 Program Committee 4 Sixty seven w I S. . 3 . lr N j ,I I l A A l - - . . 133- J - ' ' ' .E. ' ' - V ' I 2 Friendship Club 4 Decorating Committee 2-3 ' ' ' ' 3 f , W ' N. E. ' . E. . 1 . . - ' 3 . .- I ' , ' . l I . - I ,J I V . E. N Srxty erght 09 :lk RITA M SCHEETZ 1238 Hoover Place N W Booster Club 1 2 3 Fnendslnp Club I Z 3 4 Intramural Volleyball 3 Fttth Wheel Club 3 Glee Club 4 Dramatrc Club 4 Intramural Basketball 4 Chorus I 2 3 4 gf! NORMA SCHWING 1110 Ardmore Avenue S W Home Economrcs Club l Debate Club 2 Camera Club 3 Modern Wrrters Club 3 Dramatrc Club 4 Fnenclshrp Club 4 Student Lxbrary Stall 4 DOROTHY SIKORA 1652 Dueber Avenue Frlendshrp Club 14 Century Club I Choral Club 3 ALICE SUAREZ 925 Rowland Avenu N Booster Club 2 3 Program Com ttee 2 Tyro Stall 4 G e Club 4 Q 1 1 LULA TZORTZAKIS 513 Walnut Avenue S Booster Club 3 Chorus 3 Student Lxbrary Stall 2 3 4 MARILYN SCHMUCKER 3833 Harvard Avenue Booster Club I Fllth Wheel Club l 3 Frzendshlp Club l 2 3 4 Tyro Stalf 4 T1Vo Stall 4 RITA SHEARER 1338 Frith Street N W Frzendshrp Club 2 3 4 Booster Club 2 3 Dramattc Club 3 4 Chorus I 2 EXNW Refreshment Commrttee 2 3 J LAURA STOCKBURGER 1520 Twenty lrfth Stree N W Fnendshlp Club 2 3 4 Booster Club 2 3 Tyro Busmess Stall 4 BETTY IUNE SUTTON 1265 Fulton Road N W Art Club 1 2 Fnendshrp Club 1 2 4 Chorus 2 Booster Club 3 Frith Wheel Club Tyro Staff 4 E VASILIADES 1829 Ezghth Street N E Chorus 1 2 3 4 Student Llbrary Staff 1 2 3 4 Booster Club 3 Decoratxng Commxttee 3 Frrendshlp Club 3 4 Gxrls Servlce League 3 4 Dramatlc Club 3 4 Alternate Councllman 4 Glrls Glee Club 4 Leaders Club 34 MARY WAIDMAN 111 Hawk Place W Socral Sczence 3 Dramatrc Club 4 Fnendshlp Club 4 Glrls Lzfe Savmg 3 Refreshment Commrttee Chorus l GLADYS WALTER 1808 Second Street N E' ANNE WARD 600 Estep Place S W Class Secretary Booster Club 2 3 Frrendshrp Club 2 3 4 Latm Club 2 Camera Club Secretary 3 Councllman 2 Volleyball 2 Tenms 3 Dramatrc Club 4 Trmken Servrce SOCIGIY CSecyJ 4 Chaxrman ot Program Commrttee 4 EHMA WILLIS 226 Exeter Avenue S Sophomore Chorus Booster Club 3 Student Llbrary Staff MARGUERITE M WILSON 1233 Thrrteenth Street N W Booster Club 1 2 3 Frrendshrp Club T3 Glrl Scouts l Orchestra 1 nnual t ntr al Basketball 3 4 ural Volleyball 3 VIRGINIA YAPIII 721 Carnahan Avenu nfth heel Club 3 fwk Pre Club 3 Chorus I Gle Club 4 Booster Club 2 Drcmcmc Club 4 Frlendshlp Club 2 3 4 Student Llbrary Staff MILDRED ZALAC 2500 Navarre Road S. W. Friendship Club 4 Dramatic Club 4 4 eN 4 S Sixty-nine DOROTHY LUCILLE BACHER 1264 Greenlreld Avenue S Booster Club 2 3 Frxendshrp Club 3 Glee Club 1 2 3 4 BETTY ELLEN DAWSON 1033 Smzth Avenue S W Gul Scouts l 2 3 All Star Basketball 2 Get Acquamted Club 3 OLIVE MARGARET WEFLEH 1112 jones Court N W Booster Club 3 Fnendshxp Club 4 Dramatxc Club 4 EMILIE CHAPANAR 1833 Ohro Avenue Booster Club 2 Press Club 3 Basketball 4 Txmken Servlce Socxety MARY SIMODI 117 Cornelia Avenue N Booster Club Z Art League 3 Glrls Basketball 4 Tzmken Servlce Socrety DOROTHY MAE WISE 718 Twelfth Street N Frith Wheel Club 1 2 3 Booster Club 2 Fnendshrp Club 4 Chorus 1 REBECCA YOUNG 1143 Housel Avenu Booster Club 2 3 Chorus 1 2 3 Glrls Basketball 4 Seventy one Seventy two an ibm GEORGE BEACH FRED CKARK' 2639 Gilbert Avenue N E 1708 Second Street N E PHIL DI SABATINO ROBERT BURDETT 1409 Fourth Street N E l521 Twenty second N E Booster Club 2 Art Club 1 Councllmcm 3 Booster Club 3 Alternate Councilman 4 Dramchc Club 4 I vs ' . F . QQ. O r I Q: Q ' I IOHN FEI-IN 1122 Warner Road S Intramural Baseball C3 Varslty Football 3 WILBUR HENRY 209 Bedford Avenue S Radxo Club I Art Club 2 NICK MAGISANO 2234 Seventh Street N Reserve Football 2 Counczlmcm 4 THOMAS RUSSELL 2906 Seventh Street N Scnence Club I IACK C SHIRLEY 2435 Eleventh Street S Math Club 1 2 H1 Y 3 Secretary H1Y 4 Glee Club 4 l E ROBERT HANKE 1235 Wertz Avenue N W Radxo Club 1 IACK HOLMES 1429 Grbbs Avenue N E Reserve Basketball 2 Intramural Baseball 2 3 Councrlman Z Intramural Basketball Varsity Basketball 4 Swxmmmg 2 ADRAIN PEDROTTY 2323 Tenth Street N W Art Club 1 Stage Craft 2 Volleyball 2 Intramural Basketball 2 3 RALPH SHAFFER 1525 Garlreld Avenue S W Booster Club 2 if M ,Haifa RAY SIBER 1116 Warner Road S E Intramural Football 1 Intramural Basketball 1 Band and Orchestra 1 '8- S Seventy three Seventy lou! SGHIOI REVIEW Wrth heads up shoulders back and a determmatron for success th1s class started off w1th a bang to conquer new obstacles through 1ntens1ty of study and cooperatron Bemg the frrst class to graduate from th1s new school we have sought to establ1sh a precedent for on comrng classes so that they may reahze as we do now that the happy days spent 1n school end all too qu1ckly Servmg the class as otfrcers are lack Lloyd Bob McK1nney Anne Ward and Betty lane Knoch Bestdes berng class pres1dent lack 1S an act1ve member of the Serv1ce Soc1ety and the H1 Y Club Bob elected v1ce pres1dent played Intramural Football and also 1S a member of the Serv1ce Soc1ety Anne grace fully assumed the dunes of secretary She IS also secretary of the Serv1ce Soc1ety Betty lane member of the Choral Club eagerly controls the purse strlngs lean Ley one of our better known sen1ors was elected pres1dent of the T1mken Frrendshrp Club Bob Lyons was elected pres1dent of the Student Councrl and Edwm Harold pres1dent oi the Serv1ce Soc1ety The soc1al GCl1V1l1eS of the class are 1ncluded rn the Dramatlc Club H1 Y Club Serv1ce Soc1ety and var1ous other orgamzatlons As for athletxcs th1s class possesses a group of capable athletes some of whom have recetved recogmtron 1n basketball and mterclass sports Bas ketball 1S a favonte sport among the g1rls and a large number responded to the annual call for pract1ce The sen1or g1rls that were elected 1nto the All Star Teams were Peggy Lazarldes and Marjorre Doll who 1S also captaln of the Gold team And a h1lar1ous trme was had by all was the expressron heard after the sen1or partles The frrst sen1or party was a Leap Year Frohc held rn the cafetena on February 3 The second sen1or party was held on Apnl 26 Spnng although usually frlled Wllh hard work 1nev1tably brxngs happy unforgettable days Th1s year 1t brought the party glven to the sen1ors at wlnch lack Lloyd, sen1or class pres1dent true to custom led the Grand March The dance was held rn the beaut1fully decorated gymnaslum Then came Bacca laureate and fmally wrth a tear or two came Commencement Thus we term1nate our h1gh school career and Wllh a feelmg of sadness mrngled w1th hope and expectatlon we prepare to go forth 1nto the unfnendly world gratefully and fondly rememberrng our happy days at T1mken Voca t1onal H1gh School The class owes much of the success 1n 1ts var1ous act1v1t1es to the ent1re faculty espec1ally 1lS advlsors Mr Grable M1ss Van Oot MISS Hlnkel Mr Glenn Mr Rensch and M1ss Shafer 1 1 1 1 ' 1 , . 1 1 1 - 1 ' - 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 - I . , . 1 1 . . . . ,, 1, . . . . . 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 n I 1 - 1 1 1 . , . , . 6 Auto Shop Seventy ixve 1-Dressmcxking. 2-Blue Print Room. 3sPhysics. 4fPower Sewing. 5-Cosmetology. RING COMMITTEE Seventy six IT S BEEN A GLORIOUS YEAR' The Senror partres were swell l Muslc entertarnrnent decorat1ons and refreshments were tops' The crowd was frrendly and the dancmg was d1v1ne' We owe the success of these partres to the vanous comrnrttees who worked so hard to make everythrng pleasrng the Program Commtttee Entertarnment Commrttee Decoratron Comm1ttee and the Pubhcrty Comm1ttee Exclamatlons over the loveltness of our graduatton rlngs are strll heard Pralse goes to the Rrng Cornrnrttee for rnakrng such a wonderful chotce Thrs year s h1gh spot was the Sen1or p1cn1c swrmmrng boat rrdrng and games We thank the Sen1or P1cn1c Cornrnrttee for makrng our last days of school happy ones' COMMENCEMENT ANNOUNCEMENTS COMMITTEE PROGRAM COMMITTEE Anne Ward Chatrman Vrrgtnra Yaru Dorothy Srkora Lula Tzortzorkts Laura Stockburger layne Shafer Adelarde Krlper Kazmer Szabo Betty Watson Charrman Ioe ROCCI Chatrman Tom Franta Betty Kelly Tony Brahler Chatrman Anna Da VISIO Wmton Evans Bob Lyons ENTERTAINMENT COMMITTEE Wllllam Sprrt Ierry Bartlett Barbara Herspool PUBLICITY COMMITTEE Betty Watson lack Hover Itm Rmg DECORATION COMMITTEE Bob McKmney Charrman Ian Rztchre Mary Stmodr Bob Lashlnske Dave Flerscher Ted Petrovrch Betty Sutton George Dudek Paulrne Green Chuck Moore Altce Suarez Dale Martx Esma Nader Bob Swertzer Ierry Hutchmson Norman Rxtchey Vlolet Hartzell SENIOR PICNIC COMMITTEE lack Hoover Dave Flerscher Tony Brahler Betty Watson Martha Hunter I GERRY HUTCHISON LEONARD GLIATTA ELVIRA GONZALEZ Anna Da Visio Marjane Guillod 1 A scene from our Chnstmas play 2 A volleyball game 3 Chnstmas candy sale 4 Tea Room 5 Les 6 Boys leaders 7 Nlck 8 Gmde Meetmq 9 Machme Shop Seventy seven E l ' Nal., i A , 5 Seventy erght FIRST Row Left to Hrqht-Sarah Beck Vrda Metzger Blema Wollf Margaret Frtzpatnck Beverley Beck Arlene Scott Anna Cabezas Dorothy Myers SECOND Row Ruth Schlarb Phyllxs Hennmger lean Custer Patncra Gaffney Bernadette Caroll Betty Cnswell Dottle George Betty Bowles Tnna Galpert THIRD Row Marjorle Iohnson Mary Bajeck Anne Smxth Ruth Beck Mrldred Bradshaw Wrlma Pnce MCXIOIIG Braun Iean Sallor FOURTH ROW Earl Hemtzelman Iohn Thompson Edward Werner George Babzcs Txm Skaggs Alvm Crowther Samuel Kalkman E11 Bablcs Ameha Sabate FIFTH Row Iohn Oancea Pang' 3 ' ,I , I I ', 3 . h h , , " . . . 1 . I I I - 3 I' I ' . '. . A , ' -I -- 1 -. 3 ' . . , . . I 1. .1 . . X X My E1ghty Octav1o Slrgo Mary Dav1s Barbara Sawyer Pres1dent Secretory Treasurer Thelma Brick ------- Vice President l ul' Fmsr Row Left to Rrght Elrzabeth Gonser Mmnte Gepharl Anna Caplea Sophza Zantopoulos Helen Vutetakrs Grace Crocrola Vrola Ullman Sophre Kotamdes Alfreda Marsh Kathleen Walter Arlene Mohler Thelma Wymer SECOND Row Glenn Groves Angel Sprvy Angel Balcaral Lorram Seeman Evelyn Huchman Elotse Barnett M1r1am Kuntz Llllran Goff Ray Crowl Maunce Rosenbery Edward Cotzes Paul Krehl THIRD Row Anthony Grarrana Darrah Mxller lack Ungashrck Edward Connor Ioe Pasko Bob Dmgres Vrctor Bosca Earl Zagan Rocco Moecra Leo Morrtson Wrllram Comerford Paul Favero FOURTH Row George Abood Wrlbur Snyder George Ferrara Carl Hegal Charles Schlarb Drck Marks Harold Waldrop George Serban Stanley Lrebrg Bxlly Hume Wally Mohr Tony Condello FIFTH Row Krrk Foster Vrrgrl Roman Iames Bourqum Gust Tarzan George Heropoulos Harry Babb Paul Stanley Ray Brendle Paul Swmgle Ivlmos Gematakrs Albert Altrerr Vrncent Przzolrrato SIXTH Row Rxchard Phrllrps Dale Keck Nrck Loukas 7 f, W 416 SCN Etghty one X M or - 'K ' V 1 ,M 7: f N fl, I f 1, fm , , X. I , gn ' v ,. ,M . Q 4, .3 . Qmfvvgff-17 'A'1'l' 'J " 'A Erghty two FIRST Row Left to Rzqht Evelyn Grobosky Arlene Schmrdt Marran Peters Ladyne Gresser Eva Katz Arlene Becker Mary Klmgler Geraldrne Herl Alberta Brrght Helen Dan1czI Ameha Verno Audry Reed Loulse Bruder Patrlcra Cochran SECOND Row Mrldred Mclnally Wrlda Burch Betty Cook Iane Myer Barbara Sawyer Erleen Carmrchael Betty Grrmm Betty Sandera Irene Vutetakrs Angelme Scozzarella Mary Landa Irene Degr Elxzabeth Adessa THIRD Row Emrl Moldovan Harold Stalder Don Sparks Brll Cole Vonne Gonder Betty lane Endres Dorothy Thur Lucrlle Lyons Mary Mrller Helen Katramch Wrlma Hansen Katherrne Gramaulo FOURTH Row Iohn Neuman Drck Kendlberg Mrke Vmcr Alex Garcra Maurrce Slater lor. Bayornas BIll Duplran lack Fraley Lee Fletcher Harold Stratton Charles Seckler Lewxs Haren FIFTH Row Iames Marmos Drck Dunlap Tony DeGregorIo Lowell Iackson Tony Conde Robert Ferguson lack Montgomery Lester Seaman Iohn Eschlrman Wrllram Byrd Mrke Hrlber SIXTH Row Alexander Zouncourrdes Marshall Cropper Edward Hiunagle Lowell Iackson Donald Herman Dxck Dunbar lack Schoonover Harold Weber Sam Lemmo Ioe Kovacs Bob Sharrock Bernard Ioset Paul Frzedman Aldo Lallo Steve Clouse Henry Mattes Donald Wrlson Q r ' SEVENTH Row: Eddie Packa, Walter Mattox, Robert Ripple, Dwight Best, Ioe Nator, Iunior Rawles, J , . K, 1 1 r 1 1 - f jx u f It I , 'xt I - I ,. 3' X' -- ' ' T , . , l " f I Q 1 A A I 3. XX 1 , . I ,NV , V I, 1, , '. s.. " f A A I I I I 1 . A ' Q 7 1 , fb' - Qf' . L ' ,f ' fl WL 1 E 1, . 0 X I, ff . . 14 . A X G FIRST Row Left to Rrght Helen Rutkowskr Dorothy Robmson Lrllran Schrott Joyce Baker Betty Best Vrrgrma Luke Kathleen Mannrng Mary Stanceu Dorothy Brgelow Iean Mrller Vrrgmra Thayer Laura Eakm SECOND Row Lucrlle Zwallen Velma Mohn Ianet Snyder Thelma Nlckas Iean Warren Stella Trushel lean Kvasnrck Ruth Farnham Anne Cavrcchro Teresa Nero Donald Lappm Don Wrlson THIRD Row Walter Schlabach Tony Charley Chester Carbone Bob Mrller Rolland Morrxs Don Grritrth Iohn Roccr Frank Andreattr Bob Bennett Don Kester Charles Dovutovrc Thomas Rrfe FOURTH Row Larrd Anthony Tom Emanuelson Carl Krng Rrchard Lobb Eugene Muntean George Chrrstea Harold Ferency Charles Grosenbaugh Iohn Alex Desford Fencrl Bernard Ioseph FIFTH Row Harold Poxzel Rxchard Elder George Foradas Max Bnnkely Iohn Packer George Palosr Archre Harter George Comsxa Nrck Sprros Ralph Wackerly Don Lessrg SIXTH Row Harold Wallace Melvm Sabaka Kenneth Pferiter Herbert Ramer Henry Bellman Donald Marchbanks Robert Whrte Srdney Noll Wrllram Fromm Ralph Ebxe Leo Beckerucct Brll Macrldes SEVENTH Row Max Parker Glenn Plotts Paul Krehl Bob West Chester Burfxeld Robert Hayes Fred Detfenbocker Robert De Volt Erghty three .X I Y, Egfiiiig ,l,, i 1 A 5' A P 'V V -h , iff, , ' i ' ' 9 - , ' . X 'T , QI: K, T., . I I I I 1 I Y J : ,,.,. xv . . I U . . ' ' FOX X Erghty four FIRST Row Left to Rrght Margaret Revnrk Mary Hrller Thelma Bnck Mary Gabnk Ethel Nagy Madelme Corbrt Barbara Thompson lane Kanel Olympra Toma Sophra Elefteretes Anne Sablo Vrolet Davrs SECOND Row Elsre DAurora Eleanor Concato Rose Meola Annetta Overcasher Elma Glratta Mary Doyle Iune Rohn Betty Smrth Betty Foraker Alrce Fry Erleen Harbert Marrlyn Stantz Ralph Ramsberger Conde Bob Harrrs Aquzlrno Perez Steve Bodo Ralph Evanoff Iohn Betz Brll Baltzy FOURTH Row August Tuccx Charles Betz Edward Farkas Iake Srma Wrllram Snyder Tony Basa Iohn Corosu Ronald Woessner Frank Bennett Lester Heckaman Arthur Margrotta FIFTH Row Iohn Proach Nrck Roknrch Rrchard Brady Bob Mrller Ioseph Spehar Mrke Patten ROdf1gO Fernandez Ftrchard Parks SIXTH Row Danxel Myers Drck Erbland Iohn Nelrsher Iohn Zrrhut George Andnc Alton Snyder Wxllzs Sregfrred Karl Eggleston Floyd Mohr Earme Fernandez Mrke Kcuskouns Lazer Tarzan xl . A I' All 1 A vl - .K ' .' , I TI-IIRD Row: Walter Tisevich. Iohn Bartuseck, Donald Curtis, Mike Mitsefl, Leroy Kendig, Pete .Tumor REVIEW Now as we thlnk back we can truly say What we have done has been done In earnest As the old saymg goes All work cmd no play makes lack a dull boy None of us wanted to be cons1dered dull so we chose Octav1o Srrgo who has a most wmnmg personahty as our chref For h1s cab1net we p1cked Thelma Brrck assrstant Chlef Mary Dav1s secretary of tumor school affaIrs and Barbara Sawyer was selected to care for our treasury Wrth the cooperat1on of the class and our Ch19fS we held the W1nter Frohc our frrst get together' February 21 To 11S success we added another one Aprrl 26 Our Iumor boys made up an Important part of the Football and Basketball teams And do you remember the lumor grrls who made the pomts for us In the All Star Basketball game? To prove worthy of betng cons1dered upperclassmen of Trmken Vocat1onal H1gh School IS the arm of the class of 1941 IUNIOR COMMITTEES ENTERTAINMENT COMMITTEE Vonne Gonder Charrman Peggy Anderson Ezleen Carmxchael Karl Eqqles Rzley Helen Rutkowskr Chuck Schlarb Lester Seemann George Serban Paul Stanley Barbara Thompson Harold Wallace Lucrlle Zwallen DECORAION COMMITTEE Ieanne Mlller Chalrman Dorothy BIgelow Ktrk Foster Don Kesler Ray Klng W1111Gm Macrrdes Kathleen Mannmg Emll Moldovan Rolland Morrrs Sxdney Noll Maurice Rosen bury Walter Schlaback B111 Snyder Marrlyn Stantz Helen Vutekls Harold Weber Iohn Zlrhut FINANCE COMMITTEE Barbara Sawyer Charrman lane Myer Archre Harter Mary Klmgler PUBLICITY COMMITTEE George Ferrara Chazrman Robert Hayes VIrgIl Roman Vrctor Bosca REERESI-IMENT COMMITTEE Eleanor Concato Chazrman Ioyce Bal-:er Arlene Becker Betty Best Madehne Corbrt Laura Eakm Angelme Forchlone lane Kanel Margaret Karas Velma Mohn Ethel Nagy Mary Sabate Betty Sandera Dorothy Saunders lack Schoonover Vrrgmra Thayer Robert Whlte Elghty flVe . ,, . I Y ,. . H .1 , . . ., . . H . . . . ., . ., . . - . - . , , . , , , I . . . H . . ., , . .. , . . , . .. .1 . . . . . - . H ton, Gustave Ekonomou, Lester Heckaman, Eva Katz, Virginia Luke, Annetta Overcasher, Donald Iohn B1k1s Pres1dent Phylhs Edwards Vzce Pres1dent Grace Presutt1 Secretary Exghly sxx Myra Davis -------- Treasurer FIRST Row Left to Hrght Frieda Lewrs Ardell Hammen Nma Warren Ruth Rrce Norma Marty Iosephlne Torre Ellen Iarrett Myra Davxs Vxrgmla Zeller Ehzabeth Flerschman Dorothy Kagey MlIlGm Khng SECOND Row Steve Chrrsanthus Mrchael Saracmo Sarah Bulluluan Rrgma Srfft Agnes Cloud Grace Kendall Eva Russ Helen Sandru Olympra Rata Olympla Oprls Olga Garcla Beverly Iames Rose Pujazon Dorothy Hmderer Betty Close Llllxan Iohnson Edward Kendra Tony Rossr Make Untch FOURTH Row B111 West Donald Graham Frank Ross Rlchard Burmsh Ioe Capaldl Sam Frank Frank Fernandez Iohn Shaheen Edward Nader Thomas Stasrnrs FIFTH Row Kenny Boron Ioe Karvatsky Theodore M11a Wrlham Wallace Nrck Shaheen Iohn Martxno Frank Cabo Iulrus Suarez Iohn Koury Srx'r1-r Row Rrchard Hoffman George Teufel Nrck Demron Robert Patterson Davnd Lerbtaq Charles Prero Ioe Myers Emll Oprean Oscar Antol Iames Doyle Kemell Harp Paul Heropoulos Charles Chevlron Albert Corey Exghty seven THIRD Row: Iohn Hoover, Ruth Kirkland. Rae Lashley, Marilyn Klass, Alice lane Cumerford, Ezqhty erght FIRST Row Left to Rrght Ruth Kahler Btrdle Watkms Ianet Prmce, Carolyn Hunter Phylhs Edwards Lorna Blackledge Vrrgrnta Banta Helen Sterlmg Arlene Walton Stella Zazko Nettre Wallrck SECOND Row Kathleen Mrller Myrtle Cosner Margaret Merster Elame Seaman Mary Ponte Mary Parma Elenora Myers Wmrired Stokoe Paulme Dolhun Mary Gerzma Dolores Dluqoleckr Evelyn Zachanas THmD Row Drck MacNealy Ioe Lelarlo Earl Bowe Rose Dragan Flavra Francescon Lerly Drllard Elame Hoffman Sue Kestel Grace McHenry Betty Zacharras Elsre Salmen Glorta Monsanty Dorothy Orange Rose Burch Catherme Meola Eddre Patton Bruno LlO1 Albert Mattachlone FIFTH Row Iohn Callls Cllfford Boles George Wlant Iohn Goertzen Wrlham Hammerly Iames Mrlnes Robert Boughton Howard Klndlq Ralph Gooclenberger Edward Patton Ioseph Nramtu SIXTH Row Edward Schorsten W11l1am Farr Mervm Karcher Don Everhart Edwm Bergmann Davrd Ellrott Henry Ftossettr Iack Davrs Pete Thanopoulos Webster M11ler SEVENTH Row Wlllram Farr Paul Wonderly Webster Mlller Mrllen Marshalek Otto Bernhart W1ll1am Bealer Ioe Bandr Carmen Forsanto Carl Werner Robert Lerchtamer FOURTH Row: Arlo Whisler, Kenneth Weida, Louis Novak, Nicholas Shaheen, Mary La Rocco, aj lille FIRST ROW Lett to Rtght Mary Chapman Betty Mackey Mary Ellen Franta Dorothy West Ianre Flershour Mary Alrce Iurkovrc Sophia Frank Constance Toma Aurelra Barsan Florence Drfolco SECOND Row Dorothy Ferns Dorothy Drckerhoof Isabelle Cowley Rose Trace Dorothy Ienkms Vrrgrnra Ruegsegger Mary Lou se Seemarn Ruth Patrlck Irene Shanabruch Florence T or mure Kathenne Clme THIRD ROW Harold Roach Iohn Campean lack Horner Allan Byars lean Evans Wanda Anderson Yolanda Pellegrene Vrvran Gattz Lols Burkhart Esther Tzortzakrs Angelrrre Nachres Margaret Prkna George Wuchnrck FOURTH Row Iasper Barkley Dare Schwertzer Wade Deemer Bob Remhart Clrtlord Haga Wzlbert Holland Rrchard Kelp Wrllram Alexander Edward Conrad Oscar De Cato Roger Deeds FIFTH ROW Carl Krefer W1ll1am Neldlmger Guy Shuler Rrchard Clugston Thomas Cushmg Rrchard Nrst Herbert Wzlson Clarence Coleman Edward Gressel Roy Chonskr Maurrce Morgan SIXTH Row Elmer Phrllrps Lronel Leech Walter Gocek Iohn Cavalrer Robert Borger Edward John SEVENTH Row Damel Casar Walter Neuner Frederrck Kendall Iames Masters Steve Drozda Patrrck Lupsor Ross Swager Maurrce Mller Alexander Budme Robert Bramerd Clarerce Fry Bob Rossettr I l l Erghty nme S . ' S- ' . . ' i, ', 4 . I r' ' ., - ' Q, Y . Nmety FIRST Row Left to Hrght Anna Sama Catherme Manno Ruth Gerger Bernrce Moore Olga Lepore Cathenne Mongrardo Grace Presuttx Ioyce Erck Una Martm Vrrgmra McFarland Angelrne Kreareas SECOND Row Wanda Dyer Catherrne Mottas Mary Morar Elarne Taylor Mrldred Hentsch Elsre Wmovech Dons Mulherm Anna Kotch Eleanor Chessler Palmma Gradrer Ina Makndes Edward Ignat THIRD ROW Theodore Radosevrc Elmer Argyle Eugene Foxman Iohn Brkrs Robert Sxrpzlla Fred Nemeth Dan Waldzck FOURTH Row Courtland Hughes Iohn Mogus B111 Wmgert Vrrgrl Hrple Ioe Mrller Taso Anastas Charles Cheton Robert Drehl Norman Schemansky George Evans Emery Phrllps Hlllrs Twmem FIFTH Row Robert Shaffer Iohn Bacher Charles Shuster Paul Ramsberger Ioe Marcoldx Carl S1bert Sam Wells Leon Gruber George Shaheen SIXTH Row Sam Drgranantonxo Charles Bowersox Walter Regerc Iohn Pszekaza W1l11am Town send Leo Weyrrch Marlo Pertella Carter Welch Davrd Vmcent Walter Valasek Duck MacNealy Paul Rrngler f ' I . Q . . , . . S ' n 1 1 n 1 fx N Harold, Norman Wetzel, Raymond Nye, Eugene Scott, Harold Dryden, Richard Rice. George 'Q , ' . Sophomore REVIEW What a year' If ever It should happen that an award were presented to the class partlcularly noted as the clums1est the S1ll1eSt and the most carefree at Trmken Hrgh School there 1S l1ttle doubt but that we Sophomores of 19391940 would be the group to recerve that d1s graceful honor In fact rt 1S beheved that wlthout the great presence of mrnd whrch d1st1ngu1shes our presrdent lohn BIk1s and wrthout the excellent examples set by V1ce Presrdent Phyllrs Edwards Secretary Grace Presuttr and Treasurer Myra CI-Iappyl Davrs our rmmense urge for prankmg would have been the result of not a few embarrassrng srtuatrons But then the nrne months In the term d1d not consrst solely of fun and hrlarrty No rndeed dur1ng the darly confusrons of tumbllng down starrs bumprng rnto doors and wo k1ng d1l1gently we somehow managed to grasp a few hours 1n whrch to Increase our popularrty The boys wrth the1r manly phys1ques and good looks lost no t1me 1n ga1n1ng honor able posrtrons both on the basketball court and football f1eld whrle the pretty rnardens wrth the1r more del1cate features and Drana l1ke frgures st1ll have us wonderrng whether they or the decoratrons were the ma1n attract1ons of the upper classmen at the Shamrock Sh1nd1g Party Recent concentratron however leads us to belreve that the young men werent makrng goggle eyes at the crepe papers and wrshrng well All rn all the year was a perfect balance of pleasure and work The latter may have seemed exceedrngly drffrcult at t1mes but oh d1d we make up for that' SOPHOMORE COMMITTEES DECORATING COMMITTEE Mary E Chapman Charrman Betty Mackey Wanda Anderson Iean Evans Nettte Wallrck Helen Sterlmg Wrnrtred Stokoe Myrtle Cosner George Wrant Glenn Goe Ichn Goertzen Iames Mrlnes George Shaheen George Wuchnrck Paul Ramsberger Dave Ellrot Krrk Foster Phyllls Edwards Clarence Fry Frank Fernandez Iohn Btkls Charles Bowersox Lorna Blackledqe PUBLICITY COMMITTEE Frank Cabo Frank Fernandez PROGEAM COMMITTEE Elarne Taylor FINANCE COMMITTEE Mary Chapman REFRESHMENT COMMITTEE Elame Seaman Evelyn Zacharras Betty Zacharras Ianet Pnnce Elste Salmen Dorothy Hrnderer Myrtle Cosner Flavra Francescon . I I I l . , I I I I I I I . I 1 ' I I - I I ' I I . . . I I - Nmety one Iames Elhott Preszdent Damel Davls Treasurer Waneta Shafer Secretary Nmety two William Call ------- Vice President N 271-1444041 Insr' Row Betty Gregory Violet Wymer Mary Pritchard Dorothy Rohe Irene Holfman Helen Klmger Dona Stevenson Anne Gadus Maxine Walters Pauline Schmidt Betty Wendhng Moeglmg Vlrgmra Hand Amelie Levy Leona Weyrxch Nick Navrozrdes Gust Eletteretes Nick Macris Anne Rocovetz THIRD Row Rose Stremo Theresa Oterxna Colleen Iackman Helen Hawk Helen Frentzel Betty Tolbert Margaret Iacobs Waneta Shafer Normalee Kraus George Mann Paul Maurer Louis Hrxson Roy Smith FOURTH Row Ruth Scott Lucille Le Pore Anna Herdenrerch Erlene Peters Eleanor Lee Bonnie Fmnegan Mildred France Dorothy Hodge Elsie Sholl Mary Shrum Ruth Miller Roy Walters Frank Eslrch FIFTH Row Irmmy Ehadrs Robert Marshalek Iohn Kessler Lawrence Restamo Nestor Robinson Marselmo Srrgo lack Stolcoe Iames Snellenberger Lawrence Scott Kenneth Grimm Iohn Grubxsh SIXTH Row Lawrence Furbee George Evans Lawrence Hare Lrvru Radu George King Wilham Ungashick Eddre Forchrone William Fulmer Gust Temonopolus Iim Hudnell SEVENTH Row Ray Smith Kenneth UHgGShlCk Edmund Stephan Stanley Macloch Nick Vardakrs Walter Salla Carl Schmader Ray Ring Robert Forney Eugene McKelly Richard Rrppel lim Hertzig EIGHTH Row Paul Kutcher Rudolph Eslxch J ,ance 'MAJ' 'W' Nmety three . 'L If 4. i 1 1 , S 2 .xg Q v J F I . ' , ' . . , SECOND Row: Virginia Sarno. Carmel Pergola, Madeline Marconi. Mary Alice O'Brien, lean ,I ff, ' 1 2. Nmety four FIRST Row Left to Rrght Stephena Bartosuk Georqrna Andrews Dora Alherr Mary Akalanan Betty Alread Sadle Albert Emrly Barnett Rose Mane Corey Marlyn Calac Ruth Cochran Shrrley Colman SECOND Row Walter Catlrn Rrchard Bowe Donald Aman Edward Brtzel Charles Bmkley Irm Bramerd Bob Conrad Raymond Barnes Charles Wah Chan Rrchard Brown Robert Bray Walter Cooper THIRD Row Lrllran Brllman Dorothy Beach lean Bremkamp Ruth Boord Iune Barum Helen Branchr Aureha Brkrs Marjorre Bressler lean Ballhe Betty Bartlex Geraldme Bratten FOURTH Row Betty Callahan Irene Blazevrc Luemma Campbell Iune Cushmg Ruth Austm Gwendolyn Auld Sylvra Almason Ruth Cox Betty Bland Betty Costley Carmma Campanaro Opal Corder DeCosmo Elame Darlrng Ilene Darlmg George Batley Ioe Butorac SIXTH Row Edmond Brand Iohn Chovan Dale Dreher lack Abel Chester Cladeskey Ioe Czakel Davld Duell George Donges Russell Dressler Rrchard Dermger Robert Dmgres Ioe Delro SEVENTH Row Don Caluccr Angelo Chlck Iohn Correllr Ioe Correllr Paul Corosu Ioe Adamcrk Iohn Dorto Ray Downard Vrctor Conrad Bob Nrchols Harlan Cole Dale Campbell Danny Davls EIGHT!-I Row Wrllram Call Wrllram Boerngen Leonard Brown Rxchard Byrer Bruce Aebr Ioe Adamcrk Don Becker Ierald Barnett Charles Akalarran Cecrl Bardme Frank Bolelc 4 FIFTH Row: lane Clemens, Rose Cuilla. Mary Crombie, Isabelle Conception, Gloria Davis, Iosephine C, Fmsr Row Lett to Rrght Lnlhe lane Noel Ioan Parretta Vuglma Moldovan Iane Rxce Sally Palson Iean Reblllot Betty Edle Nadme Hose Evelyn Snyder Kathleen Grlmm Ruth Latimer SECOND Row Mary Rampl Carolme Nasseff Donna May Sells Antenette Schumanslu Alxce Mardyla Carmel Lanza Dolores Van Horn Dons Mumma Ianxce Stltz Maxlne Lehew Adelme Tersxgm Margaret Soldatls THIRD Row Andrew Kopan Eva Phxhps Iean Parretta Mary Spear Nellle Trbovlch lean Moock Al1Ce Menendez Mmerva Markevltch VIIQIDIG Mamst Vallerxe Nxamtu Glorla Moreno Gladyce Iones FOURTH Row Walter Mxller B111 W1se Rxchard Reynolds Ierald Snaubelt Irene Stalsowskl Helen Lektonch Anna Morella Wanda Iohns Fred Kopt Gall Henderson Robert Stevenson FIFTH Row Clyde Mxllhorn Ioseph Kopp Mlke Uorcla Txtus R1d0lf1 Maxme Fmk Marlan Roush SIXTH Row Thomas Love Donald Kmg Ralph Worster Betty Robmson Ioseph Tondra Paul Wendllng Harry Schwartz lay Sprout Charles Schw1ng SEVENTH Row Robert Schatzel Tommy Iones Ioseph Spotleson Calvm Wilson Robert Wxseman Robert Zengler Clarence Gearhart I Nmety izve 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - - 1 1 1 1 1 - - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - - 1 1 1 1 1 Nmety srx FIRST Row Lei! to Hrght Ila Errcl-:son Betty Thompson Chrrstrna Stasrnrs Sophra Hadyrans Sophre Karrprdes Anne Smuckler Elvrra Tolm Shrrley Rothenberger Glono Farber Hrlda Inboden Vera Welch SECOND Row Betty Klamer Margaret Lertner Beverly Goe Betty Kraft Geraldrne Lawrence Mary Kotamdes Don Kerry Rrchard Stanley Godfrey Thompson Rtchard Rrppel Vernon Kohn Donald Monnot THIRD Row Betty Sollazzo Carmeletta Glover Ieanne Grll Elleen Kackley Betty Merryman Olga Skubrak Iane Horwath Ieanette Trace Vrrgmra Schauer Peter Foradas Clare Grosenbaugh Iames Ellrott Vrctor Green FOURTH Row Rrchard Reagan Thelma Shaheen Pearl Farkas Mrrram Fry lrene Ignatowskt Gene Keller Ioe Katz FIFTH Row Evelyn Eudy Russell Kendrg Wrllram Kreuz Harold Hershberger I C Raper Lours Garcra Robert Rodek Frank Rottar Theodore Kamrnskr Len1n Evangehsta SIXTH Row Glenn Longsworth Albert Sregfrerd Dean Long Wrllram Kerr Robert Lutz Elmer Montgomery Harold Pellegrrno, lack Herron Iames McDonald Edwrn Holzwarth Robert Wellbaum Sam Pantelr SEVENTH Row Iunror Zauner Iohn Luke Iohn Kalagrdes Glenn Lmdenbaum Charles Mack Dale Iohnscn Samuel Hatjes Iames Lester Thomas Wells Iames McLInden Herbert Swrsher EIGHTH Row Duane Zutavern Iames Rukavena Albert Salarka Kenneth Schwab Fred House holder Wrlmer Heath Lornel Leech Malvern Landon Wrllxam Netl Clarence Schrott Roger Phrllrps Donald Krumlaul Billy Ivers, Richard Eschliman, Walter Strong, Carl Smith, Iohn Kessler, Walter Geraughty, The Class of "43" As I was standmg by the punch bowl Wllh a prece of cake In one hand and glass of punch In another and a box of somethmg or other under my arm I was accosted by an elderly person poss1bly a teacher from another school He was a congenral sort of fellow who wrshed to know what the freshman class of Tlmken had accomplrshed thrs year I replled that I lust dxdnt know where to start but that we entered IHIO hrgh school l1fe on September 18 Our class organrzatron was establrshed w1th the electron of our class offrcers Theres Iames Ellrott our class presrdent talkrng to that red head Wlllldm Call our vrce presrdent who lS over there trrpprng the lrght fantastrc Waneta Shafer our secretary hasnt arrrved yet but there goes Danrel Davrs our treasurer w1th that green box under hrs arm The freshmen partlcrpated wholeheartedly In all sports We had a freshman basket ball team whrch competed wrth other nmth grade teams went out for football Oh yes theres Chuck Mack the only freshman football letterman at Trmken We have among us several promrsrng tumblers Our class can proudly say that we took an actrve part In all the schools act1v1t1es w1th a wrll to succeed I told hrm that thls IS our frrst and only party of the year and he rephed that It was gorng over In a brg way We are eagerly looklng forward to our sophomore year when we no longer wrll be called mere freshres Wrth a l1ttle laugh and a glad I met you he walked away to leave me to my refreshments FRESI-IMAN COMMITTEES PROGRAM COMMITTEE Clare Grosenbaugh Charrman Bruce Aebr Elsre Sholl Ila Errckson Mary Akalarran DECORATING COMMITTEE Irene Hoffman Betty Wendhng Paulme Schmttt Margaret Iacobs Geraldme Bratten Exlene Peters Anna Herdenrerch Nadme Hose Elmer Montgomery B111 Kerr FINANCIAL COMMITTEE Danny Davxs Charrman Brll Call Iohn Chovan Betty Bland Dora Aliren Betty Tolbert PUBLICITY COMMITTEE George Mann Charrmcm Vemon Kohn Iosephme Decosmo Thomas Love Walter Salla lack Abel Don Coluccx Eddre Brtzel Mary Akalanan Nellre Trbovrch Kenny Schwab Don Becker George Dorosky REFHESIIMI-:NT COMMITTEE Iean Rebrllot Chrcrman Iane Wrrght Irene Blazevrc Sally Paulson Ann Smuckler Margaret Lextner Betty Valbert Iean Bremkamp Margaret Soldatrs Ruth Cox Luemma Campbell Walter Strong Wrllram Nerl Rrcha d Eschlrman I C Roper Albert Sregfrred . . . . . ,, H - , , , . . . . . , .. . . - , . , . . . . , , - . . , - , . . . . , , , , ., . . . , . , , , . , . . , . . . . . ,, . . . . . . ,, . ,, . . ,, . ,, . . ,. ., Nmety seven 6-0 Nmety etght 1 Three s Q crowd 2 Twms" 3 Whered you buy them lads" 4 Twos plenty com puny eh'9 5 Wcutm cxt the curb 6 Flowers m the sprmq 7 What have we her 8 Pretty short' 9 Posmg' 10 Scxx appeal ll How toll? 12 Rodeo or what? 13 Safe skcrtmg 14 Lecnm on the fence 15 Alone' 16 All dressed up Don? 17 Snow on the ground evof? ' 'V .3 . - l . . . S 'Q , . . My Q , . . K . K K, . ,ffl ,114 ' ' , . - " ' . - ' ' . - e? J One Hundred FIRST Row Left to right Mary Davxs Geraldme Borlett Carmeletta Glover Iayre Schafer Margaret Papas Barbara Thompson Betty Kelley Margaret Revmk Thelma Brick Wanda Deeds Katherine ChIk1 lanet Inboden Helen Urban SECOND Row Pauhne Green Arlene Kuntz Dorothy Belcastro Ethel Nagy Peggy Anderson lean Ley Annabelle Fair Anne Ward Barbara Herspool Arlene Becker Manlyn Stantz Lrllian Zuber THIRD Row Martin Geis Katherine Walters Geraldine Hutchinson Helen Remerth Pauline Fox Betty Sandera Betty Best Ioyce Baker FOURTH Row Charles Grosenbaugh Iohn Monsanty B111 Macrides Sam Lemma George Dudek FIFTH Row Iack Lloyd William Streb Ted Petrovich Tom Franta Walter GIrod Earl Zagan Robert Duplam Robert McKInney SIXTH Row Evan Brown Richard Erbland Wayne Dougherty Graydon Snyder Paul Brady Charles Betz Bill Iudd George Motz Don Ackerman Iohn Eschlrman SEVENTH Row Norman Ritchey Robert Laschinske Robert Snellenberger Robert Caster Edward Sherwood Wayne Rockenbaugh unkeng Edw1n Harold Peggy Anderson Anne Ward Tom Franta Eva Plckens Don Bartlett S President Vice Pres1dent Secretary Treasurer Advisors Paul Paoas. Ioe Rocci, Gustave Ekonomou. Edwin Harold. Bob Lyons, lan Ritchie. I C O S 6 ' Robert Lyons ---- - - President Anthony Brahler Vrce Presrdent Vonne Gonder Secretary Treasurer Margaret Blemker Glen Tolson Advrsors FIRST Row Left to nght Eugene Scott Elarne Hoffman Myrtle Cosner Mary Emma Chapman Shlrley Coleman Dorothy Blgelow Mary Klmger Vonne Gonder Betty Watson Vera lean Welch Elame Taylor Glendon Salby SECOND Row Emrl Moldovan Wxlham Spnt Adelalde Kxlper Geraldrne Hutchmson Esma Nader THIRD Row Iames Hudnell Tony Brahler Earl Hemtzelman Darrell Werner Ioe ROCC1 Leonard Gllatta Wxllxe Wxlhams George Wxant B111 MacNealy Lee Fletcher Charles Wah Chan Ice Spotleson FOURTH Row Frank Andreattx Clyde Mxllhorn Iames Elhott Don Aman Wrlham Farr Ted Mrya George Mann Charles McCelvy George Shaheen Don Becker Nxck Demxon FIFTH Row George Motz lack Vagotrs Bob Lyons Robert Lutz One Hundred One Rosemary Meyers, Anne Sisay, Amelia Sabate, Irene Blazavich. Pauline Schmitt. Clarence Fry. FIRST Row Left to ugh! Clare Grosenbaugh lane Shaffer Betty Watson Katheleen Marmmg Maryane Guxllod Antenette Lorenzano Angelme Rebellmo SECOND Row Eugene Scott Martha Hunter Mary Gabrlck Betty Cook Marxlyn Stantz Allce Suarez Catherme Manno Betty Sutton THIRD Row Margaret Papas Adelalde Kxlper Earl Hemtzelman Manlyn Schmucker Betty Cnswell Dorothy George Dorothy Brooks FOURTH Row L11l1an Zuber Hazel Bolduce Darrell Werner Ted Petrovlch Charles Moore Robert Caster Betty Kelley I1m Skaggs FIFTH Row Ianet Inboden Aureha Vulcan Anna Da VISIO Vxolet Hartzell Barbara Herspool One Hundred Two - 'q I . 1 . I . . . 1 1 . . as ROBERT PAUL CASTER DARRELL WERNER The T1Vo Ed1tor1al Statt Robert Ca ter Edrtorzn chref Betty lane Watson Ass1stant Edltor Ahce Suarez Llterary Ed1tor Charles Moore Sports Edrtor Mar1lyn Stantz Organ1zat1on Edltor Betty Cook Iunzor Ed1tor Cathenne Manno Sophomore Edltor Clare Grosenbaugh Freshman Edrtor Aureha Vulcan Typrst Marllyn Schmucker Margaret Papas Angehne Rebelhno Barbara Herspool Wlllram Spr1t Feature Wrrters Martha V Strauch Paul1ne E Brrdge Faculty Advzsors The TIVO Art Staff Earl Hemtzelman Edztor Betty Crlswell Dorothy George Kathleen Manmng Iarnes Skaggs Assrstants B H Glenn Faculty Advxsor The T1Vo BUSIHBSS Staff Darrell Werner Bus1ness Manager Ted Petrov1ch Advertrsmg Manager Hazel Bolduce Dorothy Brooks Anna Da VISIO Marlane Gulllod Vxolet Hartzel Barbara Hesrpool Betty Kelley Assrstants Ade1a1de Kllper Czrculatzon Manager Martha Hunter F mancral Manager Ianet Inboden Bookkeeper B tty Sutton Typrst Antenette Lorenzano Eugene Scott L1ll1an Zuber Asszstants l L Grable Faculty Manager One Hundred Three A ' f, R at ffl v, V r S A------,-- . . :Of AROUND THE TABLE Clare Grosenbaugh Nrck Demron George Evans Wrlda Burch Helen Rutkowskr George Teufel Lucrlle Zwallen Katherme Wrlhams Art Wycuii lean Warren Cathenne Manno Georglna Andrews Iames Elllot AT TI-IE BULLETIN BOARD Clara Bruckner Betty Cook Busmess Manager Eugene Scott BY TI-IE WINDOW Mary Morar George Shaheen AT TI-IE CABINET Don Ackerman BY T'-IE TYPEWRITER tstandrngl Anna Da Vxsro lseatedl Betty Watson Aurelta Vulcan typrst was not present when the pxcture was taken One Hundred Four Q ,, , P' JV fl - l Wg' Ll I 1 M .4 url'- K 6 . . IW, . V ly gr VI A ' Effre Vasrhades Pres1dent Aureha Vulcan Vzce Presrdent Wanda Deeds Secretary Treasurer Ada Z1mmerman Adv1sor 4-Y FIRST Row Left to right lean Reblllot Anna Da V1s1o Peggy Lazandes Aureha Vulcan Ianet Inboden SECOND Row Vrolet Hartzell Barbara Herspool Wanda Deeds Katherme Chxkl Norma Schwmg Trma Galpert THIRD Row Lulu Tzortzakls Ruth Schlarb Vrrgmra Yaru Eiixe Vasrllades Irene Blazevzc FOURTH Row Edward Bergman Ruth Beck Mary Stanceu Erma Wrllrs Sara Bullukran Emrl Moldovan One Hundred Fwe 0 S an A . l A . I 7 -a 5 2 f J .: a 'Tr . 2 Q-use One Hundred Six Lester Seeman Gustav Ekonomou V1ce Patr1c1a Cochran Bob Lyons Erna H1nke1 Pres1d ent Preszdent Secretary Treasurer Adv1sor Wayne Rockenbauch Foreman of Electrrcrans Wrlllam Unkefer Foreman of Propertxes Charles M1I1er Foreman oi Carpentry Marlon A Conkle Advrsor FIRST Row Leif to Hrght Art Wycuff Don Ackerman B111 Unkefer Pat Patton SECOND Row Charles Mxller Iohn Packer Edward Sherwood Wayne Rockenbauqh l in G 2 One Hundred Seven F . Q it F M 'V X fgwdi nl , F .oyy ,Q F -e In . E F , y JA 2 A t R V I r FIRST Row Left to rrght Clare Grosenbaugh Charles Grosenbaugh Martrn Gels Anthony Glarrarra Paul Brady Angelo Grarrana Harold Hershberger Davrd Clark Theodore Radosevxc Harold Roach Rrchard Kelp SECOND Row Irm Cole Aqurlmo Perez Iohn Bartuseck B1ll Nrel Charles Schlarb Eddre Harold Drck Dunbar lack Montgomery Ralph Goodenberger Nrck Shaheen Don Herman THIRD Row Beryl Freeman Iohn Shaw Lee Bates Rxchard Rhodes Herman Valentrne lack Lloyd Donald Van Lew Donald Beadle Davrd Ellrott Charles McKelvey George Wrant FOURTH Row Robert Duplarn Bob Lyons Dxck Kmdelberger Walter Glrod Lester Heckaman Eugene Muntean Harold Wallace Wade Deemer Robert Remart Iames Mrlnes Mervxn Karcher FIFTH Row Arthur Wycuft Don Sparks Walter Txsevxch B1ll Fromm Emrl Moldovan Darah Mrller SIXTH Row Ralph Wackerly Roy Smrth lack Hayes Warren Beck Charles Moore Tom Franta Iumor Rowles Maurlce Rosenbery Leo Beckeruccx Harold Waldrop Ted Werda Bernard Iosrl Roy Smlth Ray Crowl lack Sh1rley Davld Clark Charles Andrews One Hundred Erghl Presrdent Vrce Pres1dent Secretary C haplam Advzsor -Z! Paul Brady Robert Lyons Martln GSIS Iohn Zlrhut Clyde St1ner Presrdent V1ce Pres1dent Secretary Treasurer Chaplam Advzsor Ray Crowl, Edwin Beramann, Robert Harris, Ted Petrovich. Georae Shaheen. I I I lean Ley Pres1dent Mary Davls Vzce Presldent Mary Ellen Franta Secretary Wanda Deeds Treasurer One Hundred Nme One Hundred Ten FIRST Row Left to rrght Don Ackerman Robert West Charles Grosenbauqh George Foradas SECOND Row Iohn Packer Rxchcrd Elder Edward Sherwood Harold Wallace Melvxn Sabaka THIRD Row Wayne Rockenbauch W1ll1am Fromm Robert Caster Edward Sherwood Vzce Presrdent Harold Wallace Secretary Treasurer Charles Andrews Advzsor , .h , , J ' r 5 f 5 . ff , w , C D Don Ackerman Preszdent wphw Nm Iohn Oancea AIVIH Crowther Russell Feldbush Wlllldm Fautsko V1ctor Roud E11 Bablcs Chester A Lyle Preszdent Vzce Presrdent Secretary Treasurer Sergeant at arms Edztor of Trojan Star AdV1SOI FIRST Row Left to nght Iohn Oancea Alvm Crowther Ilm Rmg Lavem Blend Russell Feldbush SECOND ROW George Bablcs Tony Bxahler Elmer Tohn B111 Reese Steve Samergedes E11 BGblCS THIRD Row Vxctor Boud Wayne Summel Bxll Fautsko Ray Kerstetter One Hundred Eleven . . . ,, . ,, 'glfi Sf if L iff,--its - 1 1. 4, 1 ' 1 ' f 5 1 , ,va - 1 . . . . - - 1 , . . . - - . . . - FIRST Row Left to right Walter Gocek Nick Vardakis Adelpho Alessandrrm Pete Thanapolous George Heropoulos Peter Foradas Dorothy West Mary Morar Blema Wolff SECOND Row Tom Wells Lenin Evangelxsta Harold Stalder Iames Hudnell Cecil Bardine Bill Gantz Eileen Click Rose Streamo Dorothy Robinson Thereasa Oterino THIRD Row Alton Snyder Walter Valesrk Don Kerry Duane Zutaverr lack Stokoe Richard Rice FOURTH Row Nicholas Shaheen Arthur Marqiotta George Shaheen Wayne Dougherty Edward Gressel Lester Heckaman Iames Cole Robert Wiseman Robert Duplam Virginia Schauer F1FT1-I Row Robert DeVolt Robert Lutz Ewa!-0 One Hundred Twelve ' 4 : , ' , , ., , ' ' . J Wilma Price, Geraldine Bratten, Gwendolyn Auld. xt , . . S ,, , , , ' , ' , A ' ' . X- 1 N. at- ' H 2 . . B FIRST Row Left to rrght Opal Corder Olga Garcra Grace Presuttr Phyllrs Edwards Lrlly lane Noel Ioan Stemhaur Vxrgrma Moldovan Geraldme Lawrence Olga Skubxck Geraldme Bratton Betty Dolbert Margaret Iacobs Evelyn Zacharxus SECOND Row Vrrgrnra Schauer Dorothy Hodges Ruth Ktrkland Dorothy Ienkrrs Rose Trace Agnes Cloud Pauhne Dolhun Helen Frentzel Myrtle Cosner Esther Tzortzakr Elsre Salmen Dorothy Beach THIRD Row Carolyn Hunter Betty Thompson Sophre Kertpldes Chrrstma Stastms Kathleen Chessler Angelme Nachres Olga Lepore FOURTH Row Lorna Blackledge Sally Paulson Irene Blazevrc Anna Gadus Iosephrne Torre lane Harwath Glorra Monsanty Dorothy Orange Rose Puyazon Sara Ballakm Carmrna Campanare Ruth Cox FIFTH Row Sadre Albert Iane Clemmens Carmel Lanza Dorothy Rohe Elarne Darltng Stephena Bartcsuk Vrrgmra Sarno Theresa Otermo Isabelle Conceptron Betty Costley Helen Hawk Vrrgrma Mamst Betty Bland STXTH Row Waneta Schaffer Margaret Soldatrs Katherme Monlrardo Gwendolyn Auld Dorothy Hmderer Alxce Comerford Erleen Kact-:ley Vzrgrma Banta Anna Sama Bernrce Moore Ruth Gerqer Katherme Manno SEVENTH Row Margaret Lertner DLL! ' wtdfllddf One Hundred Fourteen 1 Grimm, Marjorie Bressler, Ruth Kahler, Ruth Rice. Kathleen Miller, Palmina Gradier, Eleanor GMM! Glad f f 4 FIRST Row Left to rrght Martha Mrller Edna Martm Irene Kocsrs Kathryn McDonald Clara Rampr Barbara Herspool Annabelle Farr Ianet Evans Efhe Vasrlrades Lucllle Llnk Betty Knoch SECOND Row Elrzabeth Harvey Dorothy Colluccr Rrta Scheetz Annette Dav1s Iane Schafer Paulrne Fox Exleen Clrck Betty Hermke Ann Chelpka Lena Sparvall Ianet Inboden THIRD Row Harry Schwartz Rrchard Parks Angelo Gxarrana Helen Relnerth Geraldme Hutchm son Margaret Papas Laura Grasso Dorothy Srkora Wanda Deeds Katherrne Ch1kI Fred Knopf FOURTH Row Courtland Hughes Karl Eggleston Edmund Stephan Francrs Gressel Alton Snyder Rzchard Face Walter Gerauguty George Comsla Herbert Remer Ierold Schnaubelt Gust Elefteretes FIFTH Row George Dorosky Rrchard Parks Nrck Roknrch George Wuchmck Harold Hershberger Donald Van Lew Carl lrwm Wrllram Ebner Wrllram Hume Dale Martr Lee Bates SIXTH Row Theodore Radosevlc Iames Masters Robert Conrad Roy Walter Ray Crowl Rtchard Rhodes Robert Lyons Paul Wunderlev Wzlham West Calvm Wrlson Lester Rregler One Hundred Thrrteen Ax, .K XXX Gp ltr' r .. X I , I Dale.Dreher.' I h I I I I -I I N KSN Z X I J X X ,, QQ FIRST Row Left to Rrght Bob Rossettz Iohn Shaheen Iohn Blkrs SECOND Row lack Montgomery Frank Fernandez Chuck Schlarb Bob Berger B111 West Don Curtzs Chuck Bowersox Ken Boren Bob Srrpllla Paul Rmgler George Ferrara FOURTH Row Nrck Rockmch Bob Shatzer Roy Mrller Iack Vagotrs V1rg11 Roman Ed Farkas Walter T1SGVlCh Fred Harold FIFTH Row Frank Eslzch Izm Slrprlla D1ck MacNeally Iames Snellenberger Iohn Mogus B111 Burd Bob Irwm Fred Harvel SIXTH Row Coach Iones Glen Lmdenbaum Elmer Montgomery Gene Drehl Rudolph Eslrch Iohn Kessler Coach Helm 4 Charles Bowersox W11l1am West Robert Borger lack Montgomery Don Graham Octavro Srrgo Tony Conde Frank Fernandez Charles Schlarb George Ferrara Kenneth Boron Tony Rodrrguez Paul Rxngler Don Curtxs See Page 117 On Hundred Srxteen 3 rs ' ' if rw fv- -- - A 'Y f-. , THIRD Row: Tony Conde, Bob Harris. Tony Roderick, Don Graham, Chuck Mack, Don Lessig. fi .. ft 4421.1 Us 1 4 tx Lv VY 4 vfhf fn- 1 One Hundred Seventeen . . . . . 1 My 5 Y 6 , N E W , MF-' - ' 4 Q ' ' 1- " , ,I I- , . K 'I R M v- r , ,ga..'.1, 'fwhrh . ," " ' H 'I L' 'Y g .,t , - if , iff - -x f V Q ' f ' 5 M V I M ' .:.', . . L s? ' " -xr 'f . 5 .' nn ,Q ' , -- -45-4 FIRST Row Left to Right George Ferrara Carl Hegczl Icxck Holmes CCcxptcx1n7 Wxlbur Snyder Charles fChuckJ Schlarb SECOND Row Coach Helm MGUIICE Rosenbery Chficrd Boles Steve Somergedes fmgrj THIRD Row Eddre fEdw1nJ Harold Anthony fTonyJ Brahler Octavio Uoel Slrgo One Hundred Ezghteen Fmsr Row Left to Rrght Vxctor Lencrtowrcz George Abood SECOND Row Kenneth Pferffer Ray Kerstetter Vrctor Roud THIRD Row B111 Fuuisko Vrrgrl Roman FOURTH Row Anthony fTonyD Brcxhler Couch Q E 5 1 N' .Af 1? iam V2 1, .N e TJ A19 il mK lg 3 Y, E 'H f 2' ,Jj 'L , 5 gf' ' 4, ,mi ,X M , I 2 , iii- ,, 0. - 3 'S D 151 iw V. '54 .J a Q A .. ng ,. f 'K' ,l91i-' lf Y., , fn? 41 Sf: ' ' . ' 3fa?'5' 5v. , ,Wi '7 5, J? , if fu ,V 1 1, .... ,,,,4.,, W' George Alecusan Kathryn Wl111GmS Vonne Gonder Frank Andreattr W -I RUSSEL BUD IONES Graduated from Mount Umon Varsrty basket ball football and track Taught two years Wayne Townshlp Coached Old Central Won Troyans Ltttle Cxty champxonshrp PHILIP NIP HEIM Mount Unxon graduate Basketball and Track Basketball Coach 6 years Canal Fulton Won 4 County 3 DISYYICI Z State Champlon Sh1pS At T1mken Won 12 Lost 4 WENDELL I-I WILLIAMS Scholar and Athletlc at Otterbem College Was at Central ergh years Faculty manager at Trmken I-Itgh Schedules games Buys equrpment Hopes to manage Trmken team to State Champtonshrp O Hundred Twenty 4 Y.. ' , sg . X H gold trophy, Class 6 championship-'Coached . I i Left to R1ght Mr Glen Tolson Leo Beckeruccl Evan Brown Iushno Proccxno VIHCEH1 Plzzoferrcto E11 Wucmlch Iustmo Proccmo- Ace player wb., One Hundred Twenty one X ? FIRST Row Left to rxght MGYIOYIS Doll tCctptcrrnJ Mrldred Mclrrally CMcmc1gerb Dorothy Ferns lane Myer Cczthenne Chne Vonne Gonder SECOND Row Rose Trace Arlene Kuntz Betty Close Regmct Sriit Betty Cook Ruth Farnham SECOND Row Lcrdyne Gresser Dorothy Drckerhoof Helen Sterlrng tMancxgerJ Betty Zcxcharrcrs Mrrram Klmg THIRD How Evo Katz Mctry Stcmceu Iecm Kvusmck fCaptcmJ Dorothy Hmderer One Hundred Twenty two FIRST Row: Left to right-Dorothy Kcxgey, lane Fleishour. . I , sri , FIRST ROW Left to ugh! Ann Sxsay Ruth Farnham Dorothy Rohe Phylhs Edwards Eva Katz Marxan Peters Ladyne Gresser Betty Best Vrrqmza Luke Vrola Ullman Lucrlle Bartom Betty Thompson SECOND Row Marlene Doll Carmeletta Glover Vonne Gonder Erma Chxaruccr Vtrqmra Ruegseqger Ruth Kahler THIRD ROW Katherme Clrne Chrxstma Stasrms FOURTH Row Glorra Ferber Betty Bartley Anne Rocovetz FIRST ROW Lelt to rzqht Anne Rocovetz Kathryn C11ne MGIIOIIG Doll Ruth Kahler Ladyne Gresser Marxan Peters SECOND ROW Vrola Ullman Betty Thompson Vonne Gander Ruth Farnham Betty Best Vrrgmra Luke Lucrlle Bertonr THIRD ROW Glorla Farber Ann Srsay Eva Katz Chrlstma SfCXS1H1S Vrrqxnra Rueqseqger Betty Bartley FOURTH Row Erma Chxaruccx Dorothy Rohe Grace Burdge Phyllts Edwards Carmeletta Glover One Hundred Twenty three Left to Rzght 1 In the good ole summer txme Z One of those sophomore oihcers 3 Three Pals 4 Dress parade for a punt shop fellow 5 Pretty sharp' 6 The thmker 7 All set for a grand m1ss' 8 She looks lonesome 9 It cant be that funny' 10 Some pants Ruth' ll Sprmg flowers and a glrl lZ Wrth a curl n the mlddle of her forehead 13 H1 hlCkS' One Hundred Twenty four . I . . . , G . , . fp ,. fl Q X21 W ' fx B ELSE f 415 Calendar SEPTEMBER 18 "School 'daze,' school 'daze,' dear old golden rule days. . l WONDER! 12 ,5 HMMM, 5 yt l . I ff .- f ff! - 0 if Munn 2"'2 W We need a sixth sense a sense of direction' Darn those room numbers-are you sure there are no doubles? Onward Trojans' Frrst victory rn football history for Timken T1mkenl3 Lehman 0 We need glasses to keep our eyes from popping' This building strll has us in a trance Service Society orgamzed fmcknamed the Guide Clubl Cant get lost now"' Ho hum' Iust eight more months of school OCTOBER Autumn IS in the air' Leaves are falllng to say nothing of our grades First assembly and everyone gazes wondenngly beautiful auditorium Dramatic Club has first meeting swell turn out' N1ce weather these days' Girls get chummy and start Friendship Club Static?" No just rehearsal for new orchestra Rah' Yeah Team' Rah" Cheerleaders chosen Six week tests oh oh' Friendship Club entrusts its hopes for a prosperous year to lean Ley president Mary Ellen Franta secretary Mary Davis vice president Wanda Deeds treasurer Fire drill proves Tlmken students can clear the building rn three and a half minutes at our li! 1 4? 5 4 I fd X! ffl' QXQE, FIPEI W X X Sophomores juniors and even seniors reach school SOAK ING WET The weather man decided to give us some ram Dedication of Timken to the students of Canton Governor lohn Bricker was dedicatory speaker Blue arrows galore' Open house held halls rang with comments of prarse Holiday!! Teachers annual trip to Cleveland 16 Boys One Hundred Twenty six NOVEMBER Z-It's November and we're still all here-freshmen, hopeful: sophomores, anxious: juniors. merry: and seniors, resigned. 3-More assemblies. Bless them!! 14-Installation and initiation of Hi-Y chapters. 17-Colors presented to school at an assembly. Mr. Ralph Bauhof. city safety director, presided. 22-The "Tyro," one of our twins. made its appearance. 23-Ah! Thanksgiving!! Which one did you celebrate? P.S.- We only had one holiday-darn it! 27-Graphic Arts Club organized. tlt means printing in case you're wondering.J 28-Football rally. Yeah. Vonne! 29-First class officers of Timken elected. DECEMBER Red noses and garly colored scarfs prevail as King Winter begins to put in his appearance Iust 15 more shoppmg days till Christmas Did you buy him that tie yet? Annual pictures being taken If you dont believe it ask the seniors eos:-4,1 BET 1 LL BE DQETTNH , N,-xfxfsfs klfl X W x iff fx ?4 K W fi C9 wg? 1 f f t ied ,I Victory for Trojans rn their first basketball game Trmken 40 Canton Twp 33 hose seniors surely enyoy civxcs Today they had a mock trial Social side up for Friendship Club they have their first dance What is that Twins attraction? Guess again Six weeks tests begin to crop up These teachers who believe in surpr1ses"' Sale of pencils starts BUYA ,, PENCIL? C2-S7 mx 2 mar? Q rw M ,A WMV ,we Wim Leaders take the lead for cz new club 34,442 f 1? - .- ' ' ' ' ' I.. Ili 1 ' ' . , A ' ' tc . . . , . . ry - ' - ' ' - - I - ' ' ' ' ' . 1 , fs 1 I ' ... -X x, l - W' r' ,- - - F A 2 Q - - A of . ' . ' ' 1355 - ' ' ' . ' -- ' ' gary i 1 - . . f - , , 5 .,,,,,, A A i 1 - , . fr v .iii .. M Z I ' . 51 . . . . . ' . - - '- - ' ' ' - ' - 6-T ' ' ' ' . . 7-t D' ' D ' i U I . ..t... ..t. t . ,....t...r. s t t.t.tr. tt tt.t. . t tttt. Q f- , 10-. ' 3' ' '- '- N ,. 5 ' 11- . vs -'-"4"' 'N ' Q ' ' - ' X " 14- ' . x -: X 4 '55 ' . I 'rv Q A I . . A 7 O- ., V . tz. wx-r X -. X ,I . 1 --:g '- 1 we X . . -4 .Am 5wiN,c.FA, Q Q f .F 2, 3. V, Z wweme .su-me ' XXQJ Em? :X E Q ff! . , f f .-c-:-.Q:-:-,-.- a we Rv ' " X ' " Lf .... , f , .Q 25:2 5 'V Ur' ' 5 'H .... ,,,, l.'r. - ff -----'- - ' ' ' " - ' ' "4 "" Z " - - - . - ' ' ' 1-E.:.4- - - ' "" ' h . ' . ' 1 ' Calendar DECEMBER 21-Dramatic Club presents "In the Light of A Star." Orchestra showed nice going. Orchids to Mr. Armitage and Miss Hinkel. 22-Ah, it's here. Vacation, I mean. Z3-Last minute shopping done. now we can rest. 25-One Monday that isn't blue. No wonder-Merry Christmas! 26-Quote from Tyro: "You may return to school on the 26th, but you'll sure be lonesome . . Never fear, we're in no hurry! IANUARY New Year Resolutionists proceed to break their good work Interesting how hard 1t IS to settle down after a vacation Or IS it? Old Man Winter again shows his face around these parts lce skating has swept Timken by storm Dramat1c Club elects officers Newton Falls victory for Timken 29 22 Dr Smith native ot England ftogether with his beautiful accentl presents an interesting assembly Printing Education Week A Rush Iob for Freedom pre sented by Dramatic Club Seniors vote on class rings which are bee oo t1 ful' Second semester beg1ns Upset for seniors rumor of an other study period not true fNot that we want to study"l Study study study' Ambitious? No semester exams' Grr rr 1lS cold' McKinley s birthday FEBRUARY The Trolans and Polar Bears tangle and the boys from Lehman win Tonight s the night girls' Senior Leap Year dance Oh' Glory' H1 Y begins annual conference Common sights B111 Spr1t waiting for Adelaide Krlper Maryane late to class again Bob Ingram with another girl Hearts flutter lips are closed valentines do the work' lunior Frolic Washmgtons birthday no school Who said he wasnt our best president? 23-Club pictures taken for Annual 27 Canton eighth grade students invited to tour through Timken 29 At last girls take your choice Remember Leap Year comes but once in four years MARCH Old Man Winter makes a late appearance Annual work begins in earnest Sophomores make merry at their first party Spring is just around the corner but we cant seem to md the corner Sf! ai.-n 'D' 1 " 29? 12-All-Star Girls' basketball teams prepare for battle! I3-Report cards again. lust like dyed hair-more than one color! 14-"Yeah, Gold." - "Yeah, Blue!" Girls' All-Star basketball teams clash in battle-"Gold" victorious. 15-Strange as it may seem, our term was suspended for nine days. "Spring vacation . . . and then no more concentration." 24-New Easter outfits make their appearance and streets are a riot of color. 25-Back in school again, and feeling fine. 26-How a vacation does help! 28-Thursday, the day following Wednesday. -Practice' Practice' Preparation for Stunt Night March rolls out like a lion APRIL Spring finally got around the corner and no April Fool either' Common sights Babe cooing over Chuck s letter Laura still trailing Iohnny Tonight s the night' Standing room only' Timken Vanties Everybody s working' Rain and plenty of it' Freshman class has first party Six Week Tests' How can these teachers th1nk of so many unheard of questions to ask us? Another unforgetable day Senior party in Cafeteria Iuniors also share in the fun' Iunior class party Plans begin to formulate for commencement activities April departs in the rain MAY April showers bring Maybe flowers is it the flowers that bring Spring Fever? Did you notice those yawns in study halls? Oh hum' Monday and the bad effects that go with it Talk about the weather Gee it s hot' Oh hum' lust twenty one more days then we re free' Seniors begin furious last m1nute shopping for graduation Decoration Day a holiday too near the end to be fully appreciated' IUNE 3 What IS so rare as a day in Iune" 4 Funny how you cant find a thing that fits in the stores 6 Seniors take exams To pass or not to pass that is the question 7-Class night 10 Iuniors sophomores and freshmen suffer through exams 13-Commencement High school days are now ended but w shall never forget dear old Timken High' 14 The hnal touch Report Cards"' NNXAEKN -rvwprf WPS A v wwf' -Q' fa 7 ,gp ,unu- Where e er you qo whatever the fate Good luck to all who graduate' One Hundred Twenty seven 1- t 29 ' . ' . . 3- ' ' ' - V 31- ' ' . 4- ' ' ' ' . . - - , 1- ' ' ' . 5- ' ' . ' - 6- - ' ' . , 4- ' - ' ' : Sd . . I . . . . - -- . 18- ' ' ' . " " . B- ' ' . ' , 11- ' ' . 19- ' . ' - ' - - '- . 15- ' - 22- , ' . ' - . 23- ' . A 23- , , . . , . H 26- - U' ' ' - 24- - - , ' ' , 27- ' ' . ' . 29- ' ' ' . 29- ' ' H - 30- ' ' ' . Zi . . I 11 - - H H f- ' 3- . , . I . - . . - - 1 4- . . '- ' , 2- ' ' ' . . 9- ' - ' ' ' ' ' ' - 6- . ' ' . ' ' - ' ' I 10- - , ' ' . 14- , ' - ' , 15- , . ' - , ' . 21- ' '. 29- ' ' ' - ' ' ' . 22- ' ' ' - , A ' 30- ' - ' 1- ' , - ' , ' . . 4- ' ' . . ' . e 5- ' ' , ' ' . 8- ' ' ' , ' f - ' - I 1 " x 'A V:-:Q 1 x uv Q C' I 'f 1 f x nr I 1.1: "gg ' D X lib 1 ' GOe'f' 5 A l 0 A -. ' ' ' 'f 'I "', 1 2, 1 ,...,, ' W ' V , Q I -,,, V -E ' X -. 7 F, Wssiizrt Xsr-r..s rtr 1 - ey. r N N ..1.. . 1 M . lv 'V lv ,... 5 kr 1 I I 1 Sectron of the cmudrence ot dedrcotron progrcrrn Th1S l1tt1e g1r1 was our one thousundth v1s1tor cr sect1on of the mc: ch1ne shop Mr George Deuble Mr W RobertT1mken Mr Loren E Souers One Hundred T enty n ne 2. ' ' ' 3. Visitors going through 4. . FLOWERS PROPERLY ARRANOED EOR ANY OCCASION fgf Canton Flower Shop Th d S+ S 3605 BRUCE STEINER Fresh Fru1ts and Vegetables DE LUXE MARKET Canton Ohuo 1. .XR'I'1,Y '. ELGIN and HAMILTON WATCHES ILILI I mn of 11131111111 1 omp IL x 111LllL'l11 muh x IILIILS 1 t1u smutust nux 15,119 A L x LL ISL PX IN Dmmonds Watches Rlngs Mountm gs L S PUNCHES Mtlllll 111f111111g 11111111 115 Vllrkct Axe N SCHAUER gl REED AGENCY ESTABLISHED 1921 GENERAL INSURANCE ALSO DISIIICI M ancrgers NEW ENGLAND MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE CO Dial 2 5303 322 FITSI Nc1t1onc11 Bank Bu11d1ng Compliments of THE CITY LOAN Personal Financing if Q if ART KAUFFMANN M Mk+A Phne 4 N1 xx Books OLD Books S1 XTIOXI Canterbury Cralne Book Ho 201 Slxth Struct N W Cmton 01110 CJRIITINC Qxlms Guns 11 Ill Il 3 113 l ol III 111 USB llil One Hund ed T11 ty '11ln11 Olmllly 1111110111111 l11xl1 1111 ' .Xml I XPKHNIIKH 1 Su SIXIIID 1 1 '08 if - - W- Phone 3' A bc. 'ful sclcc i1 1 ' ' . 311, c lc -li' T A i. -1 C168-K' . wide v.11'i't-' of stylus and prius to plc. ' . 'c'.'onc. 1 ' ' 0 0 ' . . - I - . . 1 11 . .- , , ,, ,. 1 1 1 X . . , qr. 206 ar e ve. S. 4: 710 1 I I ' ' ' ' Afm - . I l S 3 v ' A Q , I. ' I1 ' B 1 "1' 1'1 x jvjrlv LII' ro 1 ' j'11f I ir r N F' 5? 6 1. Behind C'?J bars . u-m-m-ml T1rnken Pals Whai have we here? Iust a glrl by a stream Truck on down' Among the brush 35- S1rgo and h1s gal A farmer lass1e Lucllle and 'P Nrce shoulder? Lunctcy Am t love grand? bumper Love on a rock DUMONTS coweru 5 FLOWERS 134 S cond Strut South Eur Athletlc Equlpment 2nd Floor if STUDhR SPOTTS 3.59 Tu carawas Sfree Nes One Hundred Thxrty one 2 3. ' " " d A 4. . 5. ' A 6. . 7. ' , 'rj' 3 fu . 9 8. - - H ff 4 B 9. ' " 'L 10. ' . ' 11. ' . " ' 12. - - ,V 13. -' . B-7 14. Paul, Pauline and a Q A ' 15. Football Schedule L1tt1e Crty Serres Champzons Mrddlebranch L1ncoln Massrllon Loren Andrews Nlansfleld lVIcK1nley Reserves Imcoln 1VIass1llon Longfellow Tlmken Tlmken Tlmken Trmken T1mken Tlmken Tlmken Trrnken Tlmken McK1nley Reserves soumu mm rf fn GLICK CCMPLIMENTS Mass1llon Edmund lones C A N T O N STORAGE INC Cherry Ave and Fourth St N E FURNITURE CO Phgne 5291 CASH FASY DISCOUNT TF RMS 1320 Nvcst TUSLIYINK IS llmonc 7 fl-Nth ELITE RESTAURANT The Best Equrpped Place IH the Crty Azr Condrtroned Wmter and Summer ELITE RESTAURANT Compllments A FRIEND COMPLIMENTS OF FAME CHREFUL Launderers Dry Cleaners FAME PENN LAUNDRY Canton Oho 80913 Ma on A e S W Phones 7288 and 7289 One Hundred Thlrtyt o What a face' That old gang of ours Inspechon by the pr1nc1pa1 Fond s1sters Brg flsh Busy workmg A ser1ous machmrst School dames See Page 133 Sun k1ssed On th1n 1C9 Short shorts Demure At camp Industrrous Strrpes strrpes SIYIPGS Lucky dog ' .LsLL,., 5-20 ,,,. T. ,,LfY ' ' ,,,L,,.. 13- 0 ,L.,L.f,. - .ffffff ' ' ff....L, U-I3 ' ' ,,...A,, 12- U L,,I,.L,..,,,, - ' I l . Y-i--Mki ,7i 0 YYAYYE . . grrrrr-r 6? 0 ff,-fiffrrgrlrrmr 1. . -rrfrrkd 67? 7 Yvvw . . Y irrm Y Oh- 0 i . . 7777 A777 74 6 777777 . . I . GN tl "fy, f f .H 4 .1 Ojwu lflvrj Nigfwf llullfv Ilrlrgrliuv , V ."L L I ' -- ' X W 'Y' W I I Y-I YY- W U 0 if Q - , .. . oi 0 t Q Uv If I I Wm I T I MA--In 1, . 9. ' 2, IU. I ' 3. ' ll. 3 ' ' 12. - 4. ' 13. 5. ' ' 14. ' 6. ' 15. ' , ' 7. ' ' ' . i , " " 16. " H ix ...Q 1135 was 'UW 9 Xa NJ 3' . ,I. - P F I i -W1 I I ' n la . j, X 1 . 3 I nd L v I Iwi . P 'M A ' ' ' - , ni? ' .. - ,f 1 J IE I , S , , 4 , n . A .2' : I . Aertvfl 1 A , ,Q I ' H K, ,. .Wx J-, ' , -5.6 , -gr, . V - Y V., M Y "" 'A I ' K, x ' ,A Liv ht ' . 5 3 H A , I I .1 .. - 1 EZ v ,F ' , p ' 10 in .' j WL ' f 'Q . A' '-it .J . I ' X - . A L - , . . 1' V . .I I -- . , -, - . . , -4 -cu ,A -Q One Hundred Thzrty three RICHER CREHMIER COMPLIMENTS OF THE CADILLAC OLDSMOBILE CO Drzve the newest car rn the world the Oldsmobnle wnhout ez Clutch 'k The Cad1llac 0ldsmoh1le Co 225 Walnut Ave N D1al 5145 There rs Health m Every Drop Homogennzed Vntamnn D Mall: More Easily Dlgested CANTON PURE MILK 2540 Mahonrng Road N E T1mken T1mken T1mken Trrnken T1mken T1mken T1mken T1mken T1mken T1mken T1mken T1mken T1mken T1mken T1mken Basketball Schedule Canton Townshrp Mrnerva Akron Hower Sharon fPaJ Newton Falls Lou1sv1l1e Canton Townsh1p Sebr1ng Uhnchsvllle Western Reserve Academy Mrnerva Uhnchsvxlle Akron Hower Loudonvllle Akron Iennmgs Tradrtrons have been formed on the basketball court ln thls our flrst year of scholastlc competrtlon A brrllrant record of 12 wrns and 4 losses was establlshed for the varslty wh1le the reserves won 16 and lost 1 Thrs record was accompllshed by the trreless efforts of Coach Helm and the entxre squad was X Do It ELECTRICALLY 7712 OHIO POWER Co Nr! Complzments The Unlted Wholesale Grocery Co Remember . ALL THROUGH THE YEARS FULLER BRUSHES "Head to Foot Cellar to Att1c" 0 if 0 520 Renkert Bldg Tel 2 2002 One Hundred Thrrty four ' ' .,,,,.. 40-33 .,,,,,,,, ' - - H ' ....l.l 52-30 l-..,.ll,,ll.l. , ' L , , ' ' .s.ss.. 33m-24 .l.ll,..... - L ' ,.,.... 21-45 ,-....,.,.,Y, . wk . ' .,,c,.. 29-22 .,.a,,,...... ' ......a 36-10 .c.,....c..cA.c ' ' , , ' .,.,.,. 27-28 ,.....,., ' - ' ,,..... 38-26 ,,....Ta,,,,c,,,, ' . .11 - ' ,.l...l 33-34 .......,lll.. ' ' l l ' .llllll 52-38 Y A A Timken ,..,.,. 31442 cccaaca.cc.cccca, Lehman , , ,, , ' ,.,...r 43429 ,,-T,-,--,,,,,-- ' ' ....,., 38-26 ...,,,.,,,,,. ' ' H ' ' H X . Ai----- --K-------Kg ' ' ' ' X ' ....... 23-19 a,.....,... A ' . l ' .,l,l.l 28-16 ll.ll.,l..l ' . t . 1 - . l 5 of fb ' . . Q . A V3 :l y . .' ' N2 V ' 'N f QW L as I 1 If O O Football Student Managers OCP? g h S The Furhay Sommer Company 115 Schroyer Avenue S W WE ARE General Electnc Merchandxse D1str1buIors RADIOS LAUNDRY EQUIPMENT ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES LIGHTING FIXTURES CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS rr 1111 f The Galat Packlng Co Corndale Meat Products Wbfll 1011 mul flouzrs C ongratulatlons, GILMORE'S Class of 1940 ART FLOWER SHOP Fourth St N W 5 BERT E FROEHDE GENERAL INSURANCE agamst any rzsk anywhere Te, 20904 COMPANY Frst Nato IBQ1 kB d g C NTON OHIO ne undred Thir y I CONGRATULATIONS BALDWIN PIANOS To THE 86 CLASS OF 1940 d IA The 1VIetropo111an Pavlng Brlck Co CANTON OHIO 5 A Com p7ete m MUSIC 'Q' SGIVICG A 5 1' R U h I Manufacturers of E A S Y T E R M S PAVING BRICK FACE BRICK GREEN S MUSIC STORE SALT CLAZED BRICK and TILE Cl Here Smce 1920 T 1 h 26202 HERCULES MOTOR CORPORATION CANTON OHIO Amenca s Foremost Engzne Manufacturers Bu11ders of H E A V Y D U T Y Two Four and Sax Cylinder Engines and Power Units Gasolme 0 Kerosene ' Natural Gas ' Diesel FOR Commerclal Vehlcles Agrlculiure Implements Contractlng Sz Road Bu1ldIng Machmery 011 Flelds Purposes General Indusinal Equ1pmen1 Marlne COHVBISIOHS Etc Cfmmv Your Piano AI T 11' Arfixfs Du O Thir and Clcvclnm '. NW. Dial 3- S51 I 4 . - . A Q 1 . I I - ' s N o I N M E N 'r s L c. com un, I.-v.1.If,-.1 Am Ivvv, pmm. funny INDIAN- u s A Free Lessons Wit nstruments - - - - 1 T - O I 124 eve-land Avenue S. W. ' Canton, Ohio P . . , . I . . . . - - , . o H d d Th' fy- ' ,--. 7 nf. Coach Iones holdmg the floor at the hrst football banquet rn the Trmken Tea room Octav1o Srrgo our Troyan hero catchmq the guests attentron One two three h1ke'l' Spectators Mr Harrrson talks to the boys Eleanor Concato Mrss Groves Manager Wrllrams Mary Srmodr Octavro Srrqo Ameha Sabate One Hundred Thlrty seven . .. -x . .X I ' K , 'i. M. D . 1 '44, f b K -' .1 a t' 1- Y I . Y ' K 'ff x 'vi 1 I sy 'V U X X e 3, 443 . , 5. , 6. . ' . l THE FORD CENTER Ford. Mercury and Lincoln Zephyr ' SALES, SERVICE AND PARTS The Best Deal m Canton I GI MOTORS INC Ios De Marsh Pres 12th at Cherry N E D1aI S229 We Thanlc the Students tor their Support and Wnsh Them a Successtul Futu for Keagy s Studio I08 Snxth Street N W He Proposed We took a walk down through the park Oh! My! But it was grand. I looked 1nto hrs eyes so blue And then he held my umbrella We stopped beneath a shady tree And oh what joy what bl1ss He put h1s face r1ght close to m1ne And then gave me a st1ck of gum We sat there t1l1 the sun went down Beneath the old oak tree At last he heaved a manly s1gh And then proposed that we go home He took me home and on the porch Where moonbeams tr1ck1ed through He looked 1nto my eyes and sa1d My love 15 all for you and your famlly My heart beat fast the hour had come The hour of my hte He took my hand m h1s and asked W1l1 you be my partner-at a br1dge game to n1ght'? -always as they should be Don Johnston s Flowers Tel 7354 7355 127 Fourth Street N W FLOWERS WIRED ANYWHERE ANYTIME Klmgstedt Brothers Company PRINTERS 0 DESIGNERS 0 LITHOGRAPHERS CANTON OI-IIO Annuals Bnz Mark Letterheads Cale da s Catalogs Cut O ts D ect Mall Ad ertsng Panel th Checks Labels Posters Ad erttsmg Spec It es and Re m b ances Ad ertns ng O er 2000 Items clud ng Book Matches Me ha c I Pencl Play ng Cards Postcards Thermometers Key Selecto s Cardboard d Metal Sg s Ad ertls g C ps etc W0 ursla fo couqmfulafr' fbr' Fnvf Grrulualmq Claw o Tllllklll Vocafiomzl High Scbool flat' Clavso 1940 Mat yourc offs guule you flag rauvcs Ill your rommg flz f' Cblltfllflllfj Honmfy and Happluccs xboula' bc' your guulr' fslgllflll L Arnold and Som One Hundred Tlnrty erght 5 + . W . l I - - o o 1 o ' ' 5 . ' rel - I o I . I , . . l H-H H, Y off, ,,, . , '.A i Q ' I . . . K .. if , W . .K I - , .. f . lo flu' nzauy useful and wor- -AA VT TT YV T Y TM 7777 T , I - p- ' r W ' . 1 1.x . . V V - , Q N . . I ' 'V I I . 0 ' . 0 n r o ' - u 0 ir ' v li 0 I K o o v ' ' la i me - , ' , r v ' I 0 v , in I , c nl a is, l , . , r , an I n , v ' in a , . At the T1mken Clrcus One FAIR day to the peaceful l1ttle town of EVANSVILLE there came a c1rcus The erghth grade CLASS all wlshed to go to see the LEY of rt SO to go they all had to do the1r DEEDS for the day HERSROOL of thread WALTER DOLL pencrls RUSSELL the HOLLAND SEEMANN Equxpment SALMON HENRY and HAROLD folded the SCHEETZ that were used rn the play Wlth the BEACH PLOTT whrle HARVEY and LLOYD went to the puplls HOLMES to tell the1r parents about the SHEARER news Soon they reached the ground of the PARKS where the crrcus was located As they entered they PAssed a man yellmg COMsrA KIDD that rs half man He was found by a HUNTER besrde the tw1n BROOKS rn Afnca Come YOUNG come old The f1rst th1ng they dxd was to frnd themselves some seats rn the ma1n tent In a short trme the trapeze performer began to clrmb up to hrs SCHWING He wore cr COLE black outfrt As soon as hrs act was over the clowns came out One was SHIRLEY wound up sharpened all the FISHER went to the Store to buy some dressed hke an old woman 1n a SHAUL another hke a COOPER another hke a WISE MAN and an other hke a frre MARSHALL They tned to CLICK a few prctures of them After them followed the elephants wrth the1r tarls L1N1ced together Two of them rmrtated people dancmg CI-IIKI to CHIKI Everyone wxshed to see MOORE of them but rt was trme for the LYONS to come mto the RING Therr tramer wore a KELLY GREEN BUSH coat Then two Foxes were brought rn by the1r tralner who wore a BROWN su1t The fmal feature was a hrgh IUMP LESLEY KNOcKed down the strck NADER of the other two could make the herght of ten feet but MARTIN succeeded rn reachmg thrs herght After some drscussron the group fmally declded to go to STEVENS place wh1ch was operated by the father of one of the group Hrs specralty for the week was a new type of sandwlch called the STOCKBURGER Th1s sandwrch became the general order of all Wh1le wa1t1ng for the1r orders they danced to the musrc of the popular orchestra re cordmgs In a short trme the new de11c1ous sand wrches were brought rn and eaten but a couple of the boys who were stxll hungry bought themselves a CLARK bar WILLIAM and ALEXANDER bought nothmg because ZALAC the money Soon the group became weary from the1r day of new experlences so the party broke up and went home But rn sp1te of all thrs they w1ll remember th1s day as one of the happlest rn the1r l1ves COMPLIMENTS 'A' Q 'I' HOL GUERNS DAIRY Hnlscher Clarke Electrlc Co Electrzcal Contractors 137 Svcth Street N W Phone 6295 COVIPLIMENTS OF 1 g ir THE HANOVER SHOE MEN and BOYS The Mark Hambleton Agency APPRAISERS REALTORS GENERAL INSURANCE All Kznds of Protectzon 417 MELLETT BUILDING One Hundred Thlr ty mne ' . - 1 l ' 2 y OF l . ' 5 I . 1 X ' ' l l ' l q l . w . . ' i . ' t - 1 . 1 - YVVY V V ,, , Q ' Y O 0 1 ll n Y 1 . I . . . ll . . . 1 . , 'A' , 1 . . X , ' , .l . . - W . ' 1 ' CANTON, OHIO 1 , I I - j W Y V YYY ir' ' l I , . ' for , I - I . , ' l O I O , CANTON REPOSITORY For 125 Years a Dependable Canton lnstztutron SALUTE To T1mken Vocat1onal H1gh School s Class of 1940 as they march out 1nto the world where the educat1onal tra1n1ng they have started must be contmued from day to day The Canton Reposrtory through tts rnforma trve news columns will help todays students become tomorrows leaders BETTER GRADE COALS COAL WARWICK and SPELMAN Oldest Coal Frrm ln Canton 1268 Dueber Ave S W B01 Fourth St N E D1al 8407 D1al 3 2407 Push Button Tun1ng Imagme yourself lrstemnq to one of Fred Warmgs popular broadcasts as you read thrs just for fun' Whenever you are troubled Wllh 1ngrown toe na1ls be sure to buy a 25c jar of wallpaper cleaner It IS guaranteed to leave no black streaks on your walls It w1ll not crumble and lS guar anteed to make your wallpaper as beaut1ful as the day you purchased 1t from the Klng of Eng land He seemed to enjoy h1s V1S1l to the Wh1te House here 1n the Umted States The Queen also seemed to enjoy her mornlng romp tn the play ground of the Clly park Whlle on th1s romp the poor dog was h1t by an automoblle and llS front leg was Gone W1th the W1nd Th1s p1cture caused a great sensat1on wherever It was shown VlV1en Le1ghs and Rhett Butlers act1ng was su perb The whole p1cture was a colorful drama of l1fe 1n a school room Never before was a drab schoolroom transformed mto such a mass of color The room fatrly sparkled w1th l1fe and you too would look happ1er 1f you used Amerlmes L1pSl1Ck When you use lh1S sanltary L1pSl1Ck there 1S no danger a roof falllng on the1r heads Thls could have been worse smce no one was 1n the house at the t1me ot the m1shap The owner of the house was much perturbed when he saw h1s demoltshed home He real1zed that the only th1ng eat lollypops They come 1n many de11c1ous flavors and they are frequently seen at ntght clubs dancmg w1th the debutantes The pollce realxze that he IS a desperate cr1m1nal and they are wa1t 1ng to catch h1m Wllh the goods He should be sent up the r1ver to the pen1tent1ary where he would learn how to become a better c1t1zen and a better crocheter Her crochetmg won frrst prlze 1n the charxty show for the rel1ef of earth worms whlch the btrds so eagerly consume CQNC RATULATIQNS WATcH1s DIxMoNus and J1-NX1'1RY Fnrst Class Gnfrs rhwr lmst from llmken VOCGWOHGI School Curious Olrlrxf Rfllallr' Crullf futlrrv Ulbe Iaalle Eros Qin E leWe1fY C0 CANTON OHIO 135 P TUSCIFINXIS C1nton Olno One Hundred Forty up g f fy - I l l THE ' ' l H ' . . 1 I I . . H - 1 E I my J . . . l 1 he could do to build up the home again was to . . . 1 Il 1 ,I X - 'I - I ' - l . . 3 , l 1 . . - W f i f I . . t C Tl' C C ' Tl T T W l ' 1 Y . ., ,, 1 -1 1 , . , 1 1 . . t . T l . . or . l 3 ll ll ' 0 O O , , C. 1 1 'Q . , ' ' l HAVE YOUR EXTERIOR WALLS COMPUMENTS Figured Face Brick No Pamtmq The BELDEN BRICK C0 CANTON OHIO ARCADE MARKET MERCHANTS PORTRAITS COMMERCIAL PI-IOTO FINISHING PICTURE FRAMING amwgaf WQIIII Z 426 SlxII1 S+ree+ Nor+h Wes+ 454 an Q N76 OQQ u I lub' rl THE GREAT New H U UVE R ff NI QQ One Hu dred Fo ty one OF 0 t 0 0 I 0 . I A E f 'TI TT 5 ' .1 1 ' QQ 72 f l'l.!I- 'g-'I ' ll -.II'.."II, SlIIl'lI'lll'lIll'll-I All '- ' I- h ll'.' I - 'I'.' I ' 'I' . FE? I I' Il's Ihr Iinl'.'I H ' ' I 'II. V1 'IA 'll I - 'I I ,' g , lffx ,f I nf fi A . I I J 'IA 'II '-I-I'Ig. XX W Th'.' g "I - ll ' l'Il'um'r lllu 1-I lilll is Ihr , I A ,fL . , mf H'q.l'p llhng-AIH '."lIh'-"spl"'. nm THX' dizqllnp all Ivnd' QI slurrs ru-rpuhrre-. W X I, n I - NEQQQQJ f thw4 W SW' alllzull H mf SX lrwgffll 3, Wfmlvf' 90' l SOHF-N5 ffzzfrlfargerl Mfzvvrraf Ckanfranzf Mlerbfener WONDER PRODUCTS CO Canton Ohxo THE HARVEY LOEHR LUMBER CO SPBCIGIISTS n Lumber COMPLETE LUMBER AND MILLWORK SERVICE FOR HOMES FACTORIES AND CONTRACTORS s e a e ar G e a es W Jo cs R fnq Male a Dal 7lO7 l909 Mahon ng Rd N E Def1n111on of A Klss A k1ss IS a noun because 11 1S common and proper A k1ss IS a pronoun because she usually takes A k1ss 1S a con1unct1on because It joms to gether A k1SS IS a verb because It IS actlve and pass1ve A k1SS IS an mterjectron because lt expresses great emohon A k1SS IS an adlectlve because lt takes an explanatlon A k1SS IS an adverb because It expresses how he and she fell A klSS IS declaratrve because 1t takes place of statement A k1ss IS mterrogatzve because 1t IGISGS a queshon A k1ss IS rmperatrve because you are com pelled to take 1t COIIIPIIIIII llfl Bm, 'Lube' The Moock El6Ctf1C Supply Company 4 fo all Sfzulwzis' S S Kresge Co ' 1 e La Sa e Siu 'kji' 1 Cer Sell and Cleveland Ave 1407 Cleveland Ave N W D1a1 22619 l CANTON, OHIO Canton, Oh1O One Hundred Forty two 1 G fbi 1 of 5 j ,Lia j 1. . . . . W , VK' J! Vvrr Y, ,,VY - ' YJ!! , lx . i n 1 . . f 2. HW , , ' 1 I ' J l lt- : " A ff 3- ' 5 z ,Offs if f-s,- , as ' 'Tx' ' " ' "' ""' ""'f - ' 1 5. A kiss is a preposition because it has an object. .l I . W , . . i - Specializing in F. H. A. Building Loan , Fre Eslimales and Pl ming S rvice Dep lmenl, Builders' Hardware, lldd n 1 ' Painls nd Varnishes, Slwinql , Sldlng, Marlife, all Cov- N - ' ' ' I ' erinq, hns-Manville Produ f, ooi ri l. ' . l 1 1 . . . p 11. ' ' ' ' - l A . of c I Q . . O . l K T' T l Q T h ll dw l I CONIPLIMIQNTS OF Merchant's Market, Inc. located in the Auditorium Market o-ko Tlw mm! llt'I7l'lllldl71l' mmf Illdfkff in Cuufnn 71 ra 1 in I 1 ll I Bes+ wishes +o class of I94O fgf LUCERNE STUDIO OVER SEARS ROEBUCKS PHYSICIANS PHARMACY Everything In Drugs HEARING AIDS Brant Buxldmg Corner Cleveland and Tuscarawas N Dlal 6612 Canton Oh1o WE DELIVER GEO P MALUNEY MOTOR CU eoz Twelfth sz N E CHRYSLER Dlslrlbulors PLYMOUTH Sales and Servzce All makes of GOOD USED CARS Canton s Fashion Rendezvous For The Jumor Mass DAYTIME AND FORMAL FASI-IIONS if Q 1' THE PARISIAN CO CONGRATULATIONS NOAKERS Quality Ice Cream McKINLEY , ,X X TRANSPORT Q A X IIC V Dlal 2 7302 QME One Hundred Forty three uf ' ' -X111 g'l lfu' nvaf -you ful '1l. - I I I , . . . I I I I I . ' ' . I I . . W. , - - I ' 'A' ' , I o I O 228- ar e ve. N. ,gi Tb ' I 'Q A pix as f Q .x 4 2 E- - MMI 3 T -1 5 7 I J ' -fl I IIII' s 'f - I IIXIII f , ff Q67 - I ' X J, X XC To Girls n Love love 1ts such a funny thmg but youll have to adm1t 1t s 1nterest1ng and rmportant Otherw1se why would all our great authors and poets wnte about rt? There are so many do s and donis hnosdy dontQ ahachedtoltthough And before that brg date 1lS w1se to know a few of them The f1rst thmg to do when HE calls 1S be natural by all means' Dont chng dont whrne and for goodness sake dont be POSSGSSIVG Dont be afrald of flatterlng h1m they all love 1t but not too much of rt or he mrght thmk Gosh 1f Im that wonderful what am I dorng here? Horrors' Dont let h1m get that attrtude Call h1m on the telephone 1f you lrke but dont let h1m get the rdea you re keep1ng tabs on h1m He mlght th1nk you re chasrng h1m and theres noth1ng l1ke a stralght forward attack to make even what appears to be a l1on run lrke a frlght ened rabb1t A boy hates to see you use make up 1n publlc but gee wh1z they ought to know that no l1pst1ck stays on 1ndef1n1tely' But anythrng to please and 1f he hates red flngernalls try the lrghter shades of pohsh Dont crttlcrze h1m If l1ttle th1ngs he does get on your nerves try to th1nk of the nrce th1ngs about h1m Youll soon forget the lrksome ones Besrdes you cant make h1m over you know If you want to keep h1m after you ve got h1m fmd out rrght away the th1ngs he llkes and doesnt l1ke and play up to the ones he l1kes For rnstance lf he lrkes sports talk sports even 1f you have to have your lrttle brother expla1n how a touchdown IS made Be fO1'g1V1I1g Even 1f he d1d take your best grrl fr1end to the party forget rt that IS 1f you l1ke h1m well enough to have h1m back Dont be susplcrous of h1m and ask h1m where he has been the n1ght before If he says he took h1S l1ttle srster to dancrng school well then he drd Be fcnr and anyhow what you dont know wont hurt you Never keep h1m wa1t1ng for you He mrght stand lt a few tlmes but after that you mrght not have a chance Dont make h1m yealous but dont let h1m th1nk he s the only boy 1n your l1fe Keep h1m guess1ng he ll th1nk more of you 1f you re hard to get Dont use a lme-he mrght use one but then he can usually get away Wllh 1t Above all be apprec1at1ve of the l1ttle th1ngs he does for you even 1f 1ts only carrylng your books It shows h1m you notrce h1s krnd attentlons Yes you ll probably agree that there s plenty of rules to th1s game of love But I guess the only way to sum up these polnters xnto one rule IS to use an up to date versron of the old but Sllll useful GOLDEN RULE Do unto others as you would have others do unto you lD1d you frnd rt 1nterest1ng boys'?l One Hundred Forty four CONGRATULATIONS e Luntz Iron 81 Steel Mann Otllce Geo D I-Iarter Bank Bulldmg CANTON OI-IIO I 4 NVILKOFS Grocerzes and Meats 1709 Arnold Axenue N We DFIIIFI pl ments to Se or Class of THE NOLAN COAL COMPANY m E Nolan J s COAL COKE FUEL OIL OIL BURNER SERVICE ESTIMATES INSTALLATIONS AIR CONDITIONING UNITS Oftce I338 Fttlv St eet North West e C nton Oho I I. ' - - - , 1 Co. ' I . . . . , N L , , , I - q -I , I . ' L I - ' , 0 to , '. ', ' .W. 1. 'y, ' are e'o I - ' Com I nl I94O ' . . I - Q W . . , r., Pre. u . . . . . . y O . ' - , n 0 . I ' ' U ' 1 Mem i 1 I I , ' ff I PIM 6279 5 , I CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 40 From The Office Equlpment Co Complete servxce m School and Offrce Furmture and Supplres 321 Tuscarawas St W Canton Ohlo GOOD LUCK TO THE CLASS OF 1940 OHIO BATTERY Sz IGNITION COMPANY 711 15 Tuscarawas St Wes D1str1butors of Car Equlpment Parts E M SINCLAIR Dltffll I Rvprmt ufuln r' OHIO STATE LIFE Insurance Company 112 Fnfrh St N W A L Oscar Company Through MIII Thelr General Manager EXTENDS COMPLIMENTS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1940 l Washers Sweepers Heh-rgerafors How to Behave on Your F 1rst Date Much has been wntten on love by such men as Homer and Shakespeare but as far as I can f1nd not one of them has wntten about how to behave on your f1rst date Slnce th1s IS an rmportant prob lem I have undertaken to wnte you a few notes One has to f1rst have a reason for gettmg the date and second be able to get the date So Romeo lay asxde those lmes of Shakespeare and ask your Iuhet Hello Ieanle would you hke to go wmth me to see a movle ton1ght'? You can bet your last red t1e that she w1ll be delrghted Why yes 1ndeed Id love to All rs well so far but xt you plan to call for Ieanre be sure to call for her and not meet her at the corner Mama and Papa would love meetrng the frne young fellow who IS takmg Ieame to the mov1e tomght In converslng w1th Mama and Papa wh1le wa1t 1ng for Ieame to gxve the f1n1sh1ng touches avo1d the slang and talk about hobbres or about the world s1tuat1on Dont take sldes because Papas always nght Or to prevent a long drscussxon that w1ll delay you from goxng to the mov1es on t1me be brave and ask Mama and Papa to go to the mov1es with you If they re smart they ll stay at home as they most always do But lt does leave a favorable 1mpress1on Cusuallyl When Ieanle enters the room dont grab your coat but after a few m1nutes help her w1th hers your anxxety take your m1nd away so that you fa1l to slgnal the cab There are always buses you know but 1f the theatre IS only a few blocks away remember the pocketbook and spare not Ieame s eet At the mov1es let the usher lead the way Ches supposed to do 1tl w1th Ieanxe before you When you leave the theatre step out 1nto the alsle and let her precede you Now about the curfew After the movre 1t s safe to have a soda 1f you re tactful so that you can keep w1th1n your budget Its gettmg late so let s get started home rn order to beat the rmlkman Ieante really ought to be home before mldnlght but Mama and Papa dont m1nd 1f you take an extra hour or two on Saturday mght for somethmg spec1al When you arr1ve home the safest dlstance to go 15 the hall There 1snt much to be sa1d rn the hallway except goodmght and xt s no place to tell tales of the blg f1sh you caught and all the letters you have It s Ieanre s turn now to put 1n a good word by saymg she enjoyed the mov1e the evemng and last but not least ROMEO If she does th1s tact fully and you feel the same way about everythxng make arrangements to come up agcun sometlme -and then beat 1t' CD1d you flnd 1t lnterestlng g1rls'Pl One Hundred Forty fzve 1 . . ' . . . . . y . - 0 1 1 I . Q . , .. ' ' Y 1 I . - O I I I 1 I so ' When you finally escape from the house, don't let . . 1 Q I 'I l f . V , 1 , - O O ' ' ' 499' 5' I Ask for TH Aijfe Plgneef f Ohm P19 AND MFG co WMM!! P Sausage It gum pm CANTON on-no counrmr srvm SAUSAGE MADE AT THE HOME OF HIS FRESH Country Style Ohio Pug Sau sage us better than Farm Sau sage It ns made f h t 'I iWWWT'T- EA3 rom c once cu s without IHIUFIOUS seasoning us salt and pepper Drop Forging for Particular Users Since 7903 C ongratulatlons, Seniors of 1940 h I + e holds to you one of the ost deI ghtful e perlences of you hole I Ie the 'rhr Il of mak n you e y own home u make certain that you do enloy ths e pe ence to the fullest a al yourself of the many facl tes offered by th 5 store 1' a o e y repu a o or qua ty home fu sh g T URIN S 524 Market Avenue N One Generation teIIs another "ThurIn's for your home" Comphments of Flnney s Cut Hate Drug Store 415 Market Avenue North Canton Ohlo I s a I y s DAIRY PRODUCTS ICE CREAM ff Q if "Ends the quest for the best" OeHund dl' ly I I A, o F I III ' f I I . E , I I H gl X -I ,554 dv. ln ll D ll ,n ulilrfi o o y f -' I I 3 e D fa .',, f X . " I -v,l, A, .. ,,,. gs .X Q :ffIfI51'f'I' hAA"" " 'III'II'III'I'I'I'' """" , ,.f,.., , , I Q 3525552225555 I , fi ,I I It I. T Pfvviw 004 I H "H -HEMR' "q4e r....,. - 0 . . . .n . . ' :g:g,:f5-:gR2:g12:,.i gill! ggi 5,5 I gg i x : - 5 11211:-:1.a2.":' -Q I ' "Y I , I I ' ' I I Ing si 'f . I ft T1 If 1 I . , . I T e u ur r Y ' I ' m I x ' r w I - I - I q r v r - b t, - I x ri - '4 fr" f' Z" v I II- I I wi h ' TI Z '47 In fifnw IWW I XY' I sIxty- n ear 1' +I n I I I Ii rnI In . I H I COMPLIMENTS OE PETER PAN CLEANERS 81 DYERS C e Gibbons Grable Company 'A'I'k General Contractors an Bu1Iders 3Il 3I2 Melle++ Bulldung CANTON OHIO LCJDZFAIUIJIIODS Class ot 40 NlCk Patltuccl 85 Co 11111111 I 111 I Illf nfl 1 1 MEX-O CLEAN ER .J-'F it MAKES ALL CLEANIK EASQER DISSMVES D RT CU! GI And ihafs noi alll Melo does save ru ng ad ser bbng B clea s beffer Cuis grease D ssol es drf Saves soap Try Mel a your el n ng waf r bail: lm fallen or Iau d y D r cf ons on the paclxaq Sold by all qrocers in fwo con me 6 sues MADE BY THE MAKERS OF SANI FLUSH THE HYGIENIC PRODUCTS CO CANTON OHIO ' l usedf scrub 'o :Hllllk fo 'Ivan Bu: P 0 forlef Se no In fornlflvsh dves fha :gi-Z Me can If flrecflons On Phfmbfn anno' "vm 9 co lo "Mer c and 25C ,un :ons fff.f'f,,,f7vsl1 WFTHQUT sf' lawn COURING THE HYGIENIC PRODUCTS CO C OLRTI SX QL XLIIX lkllll One Hundred Forty seven , . wnsu sfmnsnsn is T' - -1- 5 L 3 4 for BATH b l n uif LAIINDE - -7 V 1......-...-.u..- I s use 1 ' I X bbi n u i . ui il also N n . . i V i . . ' in O s o eau e - , 1 - N n r . ie i e. ' ve ' n 1 . . f I I I 11 9 . , , Z . on . . . -. K - , ' ' . . . j - 9 O Q li l for "ur 'U fr N 111 '1'.q'l1l1l1'x Stands I4-IS, Auditorium Market ' . I CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 40 The Raebel Floral Co 601 Tuscarawas Street West CANTON OHIO EVERLASTING GIFTS FOR TI-IE GRADUATE DIAMONDS GRADUATION RINGS WATCHES RADIOS Canto s Leadmg Charge Account J eers R O G E R S 334 N rth M COMMENCEMFNT GIFTS Emlzn mg Value Watches Rmgs Dramonds Jewelry Class Emblems ldrp Szlver smztbs Iewelers 207 Clexehncl Axe N W One Hundred Forty erght Thlngs I Llke Bob Ingram s gr1n Wanda Deeds smrle Salted peanuts Betty Sutton s ha1r Rarnbow after the ram Bob Lyons nxce speakxng vo1ce Vxolet Hartzell s eyes Ianet Evans lovely s1ng1ng vo1ce Our lrbrary Carl Irw1n s shyness Laura Stockburger telllng corny jokes Weekends w1th no homework lack Lloyd s gemalxty Elevator rldes Chuck Moore s new sweater Anne Shuster s ha1r do s Darrell Werner s busmess ab1l1ty Those krds that go after the ads Mr Masons lnformal talks B111 Sprrt s w1tt1c1sm Vrsrtors ln school The 3 30 bell on these spr1ng days lean Ley s quret manner Kather1ne Domenlck s memory Mrss Burdge s spnngy walk Vonne Gonder s acrobatrc stunts Anne Grosschm1dt s posture Ted Welda s cheerfulness Assembhes durmg the nmth perrod Report cards W1th blue grades Alrce Suarez s llterary ab1l1ty Martln Gers s spontaneous remarks Pep rallles Clara Rampr s forgetfulness Dreamy looks on the Semors faces as the prom approaches Dorothy Coluccl s clothes Crossword puzzles Iack Flagmerers dependab1l1ty The scent of dogwood and apple blossoms The school sp1r1t at the games Walter Glrod s tw1nkl1ng eyes Wrlma Grosschmldt s composure Hopeful talks about our futures Lucllle L1nk s orderllness Kather1ne Chlkl s serxousness Study Halls where 1ts n1ce and qu1et to sleep Edna Martrns complexron Mr Horton s explanatrons Ice skatxng 1n the moonllght Pals that always lend therr homework Don Ackerman s brg blue eyes lack Hoover s gnn Aureha Vulcan s dependablhty Art Wycuff s f1re chref role B111 MacNealy s happy go lucky way Bob Caster s boommg laugh Paul Studer s bashfulness Ralph Shafer s glrl fnends I , 0 t . ' , . I . . i 1 , . , ' T ' . I , . . . I . I . u I . . . j . . . , . . . . n' ' ew I I . . - ' , 1 Ea l He'nt elman's artistic abilit . I Jewelry Stores F 1 Z , . Y I26 East Tuscarawas o an-Icet ' ' . Qf .' , 'I 7 .lr 0 ' o ' . . . . I . , . Class Comments MARTHA HUNTER-Slim. I ACK SI-IIRLEY--intellectual looking. CO M PUM ENT5 BETTY KNOCI-I-sweet. ANNE WARD-gTGCi0US. BOB MCKINNEY-G swell fellow. EILEEN CLICK-musical TOM FRANTA what brams' EDDIE HAROLD-wrtty ANGELINE REBELLINO just a lrttle gIrl RAY HULL nIce red haIr LAVONNE DIERINGER brIll1ant MARILYN SCHMUCKI-:R vIvacIous MARIANE GUILLOD hte IS lust one btg laugh JIMMY COLE -collects grrls names and addresses EMERSON PLOTT runs a close second to Ixmmy MARJORIE DOLL sports lovmg RITA SI-IEARER take a look yourself IOI-IN COMSIA yrtterbug MARIE AMSTUTZ fnendly VIRGINIA YARU peppy FRANK PAss lrttlest senIor KATHERINE MCDONALD sophIstIcat1on IS the word TED PETROVICH knows hrs sales talk MARGARET PAPAS actrve BETTY I PILCHER studrous ADELAIDE KILPER try and keep up wrth her PEGGY LAZARIDES lIvely BARBARA HERSPODL pleasant and lovely ANNABEL FAIR-operatlc Incl1natIons OLIVE SALCIAN humorous IAYNE SI-IAEER small but mtghty NORMA SCI-IWING merry IACK HOLMES our basketball star IANET INBODEN nrce BETTY IANE WATSON appeahng JOHNNY ZIRHUT the g1rls yoy I'Pl PAULINE GREEN sparklmg ESMA NADER talkanve MARY SIMODI personallty plus IOIIN FEI-IN-comrcal EMILIE CI-IAPANAR glamorous PI-IIL DI SARATINO exultant CHARLES MLLER brown eyes PAUL PAPPAS d1gnIi1ed DOROTHY SIKORA pretty NI x MAGISANO-dGTk harr dark eyes Bon DUPLAIN manly GRAYDON SNYDER easy go1ng GEORGE MOTz alert KATI-IRYN WILLIAMS Rah' Rah' Rah' WAYNE STIMMEL tall but mce BLAINE MILLER-curly ha1r NICK POPARAD-pohte Russ FELDBUSH worry no more gIrls CLIFFORD SEEMANN Industnous SUSAN PRIVARA ladylrke FRANK MARSH strong and husky LAVERN BLEND-cheerful greetmgs IIM RING-pleasmg to the grrls OF agar The Sherwnn WIIInams Co CAJNGRKILI XTIONS C 1 Ass Ol ll-I0 J R SHOWALTER Qualzty Grocerzes Audltorlum Xltrlxet CIDION C5l'llO SEALTEST APPROVED DAIRY PRODUCTS MILK CREAM and ICE CREAM THE SANITARY MILK CO A11 Makes Sold 4 Rented and Repazred HEADQUARTERS FOR PORTABLES Stebbms Typewnter CO 331 West Tuscarawas St One Hundred Forty mne T I - O 0 1 1 - ' . - , . JOE Roccr-alacritous. C . I , . l W Y 7 777777 Y T Y TTT TWT V MT Y - li, - - ' I sf, -,H sb' I - . . . ' fjiifs .7 T . D ' X g ' - ' - 1 .. 0 , . Tl-lE LEONARD AGENCY CO. reguesfs llne pleasure of serving you in Jrlwe vocalional field of Real Eslale, Properly Management All Kinds ol lnsurance, Morrgage Loans and Surely Bonds. ls? and 7lli Floor of l-larfer Banlc Bldg Send for Free Catalog l94O Seniors who are loolcing beyond Com mencemenf are invi+ed +o send lor our free calalog I+ explains how high school and college graduafes of bo+l'1 commercial and academic courses can capilalize lheir educalional back ground lwow an inlensive business course will increase llweir opporlunifies bow our Employ mem' Deparlmenl assisls graduales in securing posilions A poslcard or phone call will bring a free copy wi+lwouf obligafion CANTON ACTUAL Comphments Beauty Supply Inc BEAUTY AND BARBER SUPPLIES AND EQUIPMENT Dzstnbutors for BUSINESS COLLEGE Koken Chrome Nestle Eqmpmeni 428 Marlcef Ave N Revlon etc Can+on Ohio QON4 RATLI XIIOXS 'IO TH! Cl XSS OI I9-10 Greelings The Canton Hardware BUCKEYE OXYGEN CO 1 un I Hlr u ar CANTON OHIO 215 Smutlm Nllrlsct 3 511 I SLITIVX One H nd d Ffty . V . - of I . . . . I ' . . . . . ir . 1 i., . I . 0 . 0 ' Co. Oli' of ffl' 'A Olcfm 1 il 'a US I fm ii . " ,5 in s Tui '. . 'ns u re i The Canton Slacks For sport wear as well as dress affa1rs of summer Custom Built Venetian Shades Made to Order Venetlan bhnds for homes, of hces, apartments and factones, w1th a 10 year guarantee You can clean the slats Wlth steel wool Gabardrne Tweeds Flannels 55 to S7 85 See the new lacquer t1n1s'1 bhnd before you buy Wood Metal and Plastlc slats Canton Venetlan Shade Mtg Co The C N V1Ca1'y C0 611Mahon1ng RoadN E Open Eve and Sun Dral 5350 5359 1 DF Y. 54 QANLU HYGIENIC SYSTEM Academy of BEAUTY Culture Q AWAROEO NATIONAL ASSOCIATION SSOC ore e t I8 paae Ilus rated cataloou Learn Ouw System of BEAUTY CULTURE Students In our Beauty Culture course learn basnc prunclples ot the protessuon tully' When graduated they are qualutued to Iceeo abreast ot every new Beauty technnque Choose thus leading school and get a true start to the better pay posutuons The right chosce IN a school can make all the dutterence rn later progress' For the really arnbutuous beauty culture otters opportunutues and openings tor Interesting and orotntable posatlons In all parts ot the world such as Demonstrator for Demonstrator for Demonstrator for Manufacturers Hollywood Male Styllst Permanent Wavlng Cosmetics Halr Dye up Artnsts Hanr Operator on Shlp Lmes Beauty Shop Owner Teacher In Beauty School State Board Inspector and Examnner RADIO LECTURER ADVERTISING MAGAZINES BEAUTY CONSULTANT PUBLISHING LABORATORY RESEARCH NEW CLASSES FORMING EVERY MONTH Free Employment Bureau Moderate Rates' Easy Terms' A NATIQNAL Honoe EMBLEM SCI-IOO You Can Earn Room and Board Whnle Attending School OVER MCCRORYS Corner 3rd and Market N Phone 7043 Paore e or oa e u IC One Hundred Frfty one O . . I I o . o o o o . ' ' it ' 9 9 0 cf? I 'J- W Ig, 21' '7 A X hc - I ' I5 - - - I I N Ic . . . o e o QS Cy 0 o 3' ' 6 F 1' .. sv Tm K Q" U, '54 A L J' 2:42130 - - Ph I , writ or caII or tree ' - - '- Y 4 I 9 I I e. ' , , Nrlt caII tor tree IS' g III s'fated :ata que. Congraiulatlons Class of WYLER BROS Tbf Ccznfon Homv of HART SCHAFFNER 85 MARX CLOTHES and WALK OVER SHOES WALKERS 106 Market AXL N ddry 1940 Q ' H STEBN AND MANN COMPANY For over half cr century Stern and Mcmns have been o recog nrzed czuthorzty on correct tcfshrons for youth G :fts That Last ARE MOST APPRECIATED NATIONALLY ADVERTISED MERCHANDISE No Extra Cost or CODVGHIGHT Terms 'uihti' tu 5 Your School Iewelers Comphments of DELUXE MARKET Blanc s Flower Shop Warehouse Market M1ller s Restaurant Wlllowbrook Dalry Bob Beatty Grocenes Cabbut s Pastry Shop Hughes Prov1s1on Company J C Scott Cand1es Bruce 8: Stelner FIUITS Vegetables Wenger s Flsh Janson s Butter Eggs and Cheese Gallu Shoe Bepa1r W1nter Garden Fru1t Co The Leonard Agency OHddFfh l ot 0 t s I ' f Jw. ESTABLISHED l9lO' !"ff1I2 TUSC ST f . il I . . . , I I u I I - - . I I I I 1 . . Fl-XREWELL by Alrce Suarez Farewell to you dear Trmken Hrgh It rs sad for us to say good bye We take w1th us fond memorres Of trrals joys and rhapsodres We grve our fmal cheerlng yell F or our team that played so Well We say farewell to schoolroom blrss And to the frrends that we w1ll m1ss We take one last look rn our books And scan agarn the fam1l1ar nooks It w1ll be up to us to fmd the way We re ready for the world before Every possible corner we ll explore The troubled waters we w1ll wade Untrl we make the f1nal grade All our knowledge w1ll be at stake As to whrch road rn l1fe we ll take Which ever we take through and through Our fame and fortune we owe to you Though we say farewell to Trmken High A cherrshed love m our hearts w1ll he And lrnger lrke a heavenly melody F rom now on forward t1l etermty. For in future years, with books away Left to rzqhi Wxlda Burch Lucrlle Zwallen Helen Rutkowskr Kathryn Wrlhams N THIS the fxrst MOLLOY MADE cover ever used on a T1Vo annual we have earnestly endeavored to mcorporate the fme qualxty and workmanshrp that have made the MOLLOY MADE trade mark natxonally famous m the year book held for nearly a score of years e hope you hke lt THE DAVID .I MOLLOY PLANT 57 N h Western Avenu CHICAGO ILLINOIS CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1940 WHITE SEWING MACHINES SINCE 1876 The Servant of the Well Dressed Woman Huthorlzed Sales Servlce ilaalle Eros n Compllments of is N xg S 949 Cleveland S. Ave N w M Q CQO Phone 5281 One Hundred Fxfiy fzve .wmmyfw I V M .i,,, N... , qv Q .- O . 1 ' I ' W I . u I - I ' 4 o 2 8 o r t e in X xxx , S S' S ew A S. S X .Ili sc Q CX Y Q :E 1 LEARN TO FLY . . . rn planes regularly mspected by Uncle Sam As you step mto one of our planes you enyoy a feehnq of confidence that comes from knowmq that rt was thoroughly examined by a Govern ment rnspector And take our word for rt those mspectors are tough boys to please They go over our shrps regularly wrth a tme tooth comb from stem to stern Nothmg escapes thexr eagle eyes And unless they say the plane IS txt to fly rt doesnt fly' So when you come to us for mstructron rn tlyxng you come to the nght place Many ot our stu dents are now Ircensed pxlots flymg wherever they please expenencmg a thnll to whxch nothrng can compare' If you have any questions rn mmd why not brxnq them to us? We want you to know yust how srmple and mexpenswe rt rs to become a pllot and wrll gladly grve you all the mforma tron you need Dont worry about botherxng us Canton Aviation Co Taylorcraft Dzstnbutors Martrn Freld Tel 3 2596 Lum 1 mr NTS OI TH: R 86 J Furmture tl-I Cherrx Ave S I: Oni 0 ilu Hrgb R1 nl Dlxlrnl Wm E stfddillff Dealer rn Teacher ol Music and Trumpet and Musical All Bond 433 Tuscarawas St W CANTON OHIO Phone 26209 The High Grade Holton Instruments Used by Trmken Band were pur chased through Strassner Studxos Deuble S FINE MEATS And wlsh to remand you that we wlll be glad to serve you the members ot the class of l94O as we have served tour generatuons ot Can tomans In the past 'lr FINE DIAMONDS WATCHES 'A'I'k S.1eQ.f,4f-'- JEWELRY 0 SILVER CLOCKS e IQ CLASS RINGS One Hundred Frlty srx l ' . 1 , - -. ' ' Co. ' . I ' I-an-flf, -we like it! ' - I Instruments Instruments . ' ., bul ' . I , Extend their compliments to the Class ot I940. I ir . I ' T h C l a s s o t 4 0 Complxments of PRECO CHEMICAL CO Cleanzng Samtatzon Ian1torSuppl1es Phone 2 3703 217 Walnut Ave N E czxmou ox-no freco Brand Products Always Sahsly RICHMAN BROTHERS PRESENT THE Campus foursome A New College Fashnon Coat and Harmomzmg Trousers plus Contrastxng Sweaters and Slacks 516 95 lCoat Sweater and Slacksl Extra Trousers S3 95 427 NORTH MARKET AVENUE CANTON OHIO The COMPTOMETER SCHOOL Condurtrd umln' lllllllt rom lb: Cnrnfllomafm' C0 C rxduates of nhl Canton Comptomgtcr School haue access to one of The surgst and qunckest wus to get n busmess posntnon Splcndxd opportumtnes for promotxon You Tre muud to wasnt our school phone or vsrntg for full mformatxon COMPTOMETER CO C J Moss M r Mellett Bulldmg Phone Z 7801 COMPLIMENTS AVI-KLON AVALON 3232 Cleveland Ave N 1300 West Tusc Canton Termnnal Restaurant 402 Second St S W Domq for Motonsts collectxvely what they cannot do for themselves lIld1V1d'UUllY' K A A A Q o ct-0 COM PLIMENTS OF THE SUPERIOR SHEET STEEL COMPANY DIVISION OF CONTINENTAL STEEL coRP Canton Ohuo FORWARD 9 One Hundred Flfty seven 1 1 I .w,:,f 1 S ' - A , 1 . il- T . ,. , A V . Y . CEE xi .. T I Q . V., V.L. 1- T ' '- 1 i H a 1 . . .1 , g. oto ' T nts E 1 A ' 1 1 1 IN z 40 GZGM fvaghz' Orrgmalrty rs a quality of the lmagmatnon It IS the abll :ty to take the usual elements of prcture and story and present them to your student body In a new dlfferent and rnterestmg fashion Our School Service organrzatron has long been noted for its true orlgmallty ln Year Book plannmg 451 I . l 1 Q ' - s w! x 5 '. fp: . - , iff O 1-1 d d s y K 1 + Y f , 'X , N A .3 X Q X w f ., , , . V I r , l JT IN ,J L Q SZ? Q X A Q X Q 3 " VI 1 J T S K A A I . . ' .L Q, 4K

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