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A f . .ta 'If' Z7 "-' fm gopziu ' 15222 gy! , 90 ,JQEFX gf cg, x I Wx f X b L 1fL?E?N My Q ,433 H- 1 'QW lx l f'f"' ' X ' 'gjigfgb L MT R nl -72715-1 Ji X HDANGER 55 rv Kg VMWQ fi ge Xi? n XFX-N ' r':1 all KE 'E f 31- W .J lffgfg U1 ' M Tl F u tW V' ' Q12 K Qi WT X39 X l S X Se if 'V 'iw fi QB TX X I ' as K .1-1, 421 M I xC'5r"'...'.l," fl!! El ,Fd A X KKJ OZ Xxx: :F A N5 DONJACKMAN ' rf . I ' I N V , ' LU bL,L'! A ff f4 457, HJ gfvflbnil X-In TQ 'Cl - J ,M ,Qvf W '22 5 - -IIN IQ- QU ,L My jj 'rfb f I5 : I filx Z1 4 V' A, ,fr W , iff fl I N N ATX pdlfdpf., Ll , L, Q QA, N -A y Jai .. I 1, -Z NV Q5 ff! X ,.: kfxj ggi? fff' Fungsxf E561 5 LJ X 9535 4 DWF? QQ W 71 - iv IL ip A L X M 3' MX lo .f - E- NW' tiff K ONE I Ki IP -Ji V, W T f A- ' g ITT' ' 3 0 f Llfffff' A ,pg fi! C ' If Il-H X5 W ff -21 W' 9' 1 'ff 'ga N J Q JJIJTI-I IBIQNII XX' :,'fjX1p-E' T" C51 L, 5 F W Q ,, X1 W ff . 4, f f F xy! fluff- JPN DON JACK F WW PHESENTING I Qa- ,vm 3' if Z 10 in 1' a 2 X A wi' r a V X jfs, Ein Q sv? ,N gg X: P K, ii -1 P 5 5 ,Q QW? fav -1: Q31 , L.. 1 ix' . JW L 2 .if Q VI: a N , 4. , 5 ff W J f E I 0 I ffgvf, . .2vLsfz6f4fE'Vfig K' n. I kk A I A ,AWS Q 3 3 f ffs,-Bb, 7,4 W af ' i 1' A K I Q? ' Y 92 . q,1.feizef5igLE5i5QfI ya ' A Agp. f f f sgfifirifw s ' Q95 fffgyfgb f lf? , fii Q4 .5 :Nw-v, N: REQ 4....,fx A I 'lm gk' X . IXVVI- 27 hiv , SN., .kip AL Sgjfk ' K A A:-. , . E ' "" ? ,V Q A- s jwww A ' At Ins desk FORD O. HARRISON, principal of Timken Vocational High School, has the enviable record of fifty years in the field of education. He has served as a teacher in Ohio at McKinley High School, Canton, East Rochester, Roberts- ville, Moultrie Longwood High School, Cleveland, in Penn- sylvania, at Fifth Avenue High School and Schenly High School, Pittsburgh. In Canton he has had the principal- ship at Wells, Central, and Timken. Often in the fall, we are greeted in the office by large bouquets of dahlias and roses grown in Mr. Harrison's spacious ard . Ph ' g en otography and fishing also rank among his main interests. Mr. Harrison has always been a sports' enthusiast and his unfailing support for Timken is always felt when the "going is tough." During Mr. Harrison's career as an educator h h , e as as- sisted, with his understanding advice, many a young girl or boy in making a right decision. Mr. Harrisonls guiding hand at the helm of Timken has seen the school through nine formative years. The students and the faculty owe him a debt of gratitude for the loyalty, sincerit d iii ' ' ' y an e ciency with which he has conducted his work and position. Ford U. Harrison 1 M V 3?,,, .,. ,.Z.Q4n1 . fx f'.5,f, ff- f " ' - 0 ti G G 1 ir' . . fl S nf K A "Those were the days" Yun cannot utumthe same shne un ever fnnt ,iv ow if 1' ' . 1.1 ' A .4-swf grind.. Wifi Til f.Tl'i?f 54 13? QLETQQ 5.5 ., ...ll "fi Sralwlg Loren E. Souers, Vice-President, Fred K. Domer, Richard P. Christian, Sr. Standing: j. B. Baker, Hayes R. Putman, President. HUAHD UF ED E!-XTIU I. W. DELP A. A. WELSBACHER JOHN F. ROOS Asxislanl Superintrndrnt of Srbools Supl. of Buildings and Purchases Clerk-Treuxurer HAROLD S. VINCENT Superintendent of Canton Schools. 1 Timken Vocational High School welcomes Mr. Harold S. Vin- cent as Superintendent of the Canton Public Schools. We com- mend Mr. Vincent for his sincere interest in all 'phases of school activity. Because of his many accomplishments this first year in Canton, we predict continued success for him in the future. 9, , F Q , ff G. F. MALICK Director of Vocational Education TIMHEN HIGH SEHUUL SEEHETAHIES MAE WERNECKE or Mrnn. Cool :ml Williams MARGARET LYLE Stfrdary for Mr. Harrison s-Q" fir HELEN VUTETAKIS Setrrlary for Mr. Mulicl ,-'JY' . hh CECIL ARMITAGE Mount Union College, B. P. S. M. Orchestra, Chorus, Band IRENE E. ASKUE King's School of Oratory, B. of Ex. Ohio University, B. S. University of Pittsburgh, M. A. Retailing MARIAN E. BACHTEL Ohio State University, B. Sc. in Home Ec. Columbia University, M. A. Clothing I and II MARIE BACHTEL Heidelberg, B. A. Applied Art, Art I, Art II LILLIAN, E. BANG South Dakota State College, B. S. Restaurant Management BARBARA BERKEY Kent State University, B.S. Mathematics, Business Organization, Business Law Commerce and Industry, Typing I F. W. BEYER Ohio Northern University, B. S. Vocational Electricity GERTRUDE BOCK Capital University, B. A. Ohio State University, M. A. Latin I, Latin II, English II ELIZABETH D. BOLSTER - Western College for Women, A. B. American History, English II PAULINE E. BRIDGE Denison University, Ph. B. English III, Publications A. P. BRIGHTMAN Ohio State University Akron University Printing BERNARD L. CAMPBELL Ohio University, B. S. Ofica Machines, Faculty Manager of Athletics KATHERINE ANN CARRAS Simmons College, B. S. Retailing, Advertising and Display Materials, Hygiene GRACE CROW Ohio University, B. S. Restaurant Training L. A. DUNCAN Ohio University, B. S. Industrial Shop PAUL ELLIOTT Ohio State University, B. S. Kent State University Biology T. H. EVERETT University of Pittsburgh University of Akron Vocational Drafting, Relalrd Subjects CLIFTON FRIZZELL Miami University, B. S. Columbia University, M. A. Mechanical Drawing I and II, Electric I nw df" -Q 15 :ii 991 -s ::." RUTH GOSSER Ohio State University, B. Sc. Home Economics, Foods I, II W. W. GRAENING Mount Union College, B. S. General Mathematics, Geometry JOE S. GUERRA Ohio University, B. S., M. A. History, Commerre and Industry WILLIAM D. HARMON University of Illinois University of Akron General Motors Institute Auto Mechanirs, Related Subjects KARL A. HAURITZ Colgate Akron University Maebine Shop II ELLA MAY HEIDMAN Mount Union College, A. B. English II, III R. E. HENDERSON Kent State University, B. S. Sheet Metal Shop II, Mcelaanical Drawing RICHARD HARRIS HUEBNER Ohio State University, B. S., B. F. A. Commercial Art, Related Subjects R. B. JONES Mount Union College, A. B. American History, General Business, Football Coafb CARL L. KAMP Akron University Auto Mcehanies KENNETH PHILIP KATE Wooster, B. A. Algebra, Basketball Coach CHESTER A. LYLE Vorational Printing, Related Subjerts, Printing II CARL W. MARTIN Ashland College, B. S. Ohio State University, M. A. Related lVelzling W. F. MCARTOR Bowling Green State University, B. S. Ohio State University, M.A. Attendanee, Stagefmft HERBERT D. MELLON Akron University Machine Shop A. CLARKE MILLER Kent State University, B. S. English, History, Dramatics GEORGE S. MOORE Ohio University, B. S. Vorational Sheri Metal, Related Subjefts KARL W MUSTER Kent State University B S Western Reserve M A English III WILLIAM C. MYERS Otterbein, B. S. Akron University, M. A. Publications, Accounting I VIVIAN NEVACHECK Mount Union College, B. P. S. M. English I and II, Chorus I and II YLLLIAM S. OSBORNE Akron University Arc and Gas Welding WILLIAM D. PARKER Ohio University Mechanical Drawing I and II, Surface Industrial Arts LEONETTA PERRY Cosmetology EVA K. PICKENS Kent State University, B. S. American History, English III GRACE M. PINSENSCHAUM Ohio State University, B. S. Wittenberg, B. A. Business English, Ojice Machines HAZEL J. POST University of Michigan, B. S. Shorthand II, Typing II A. L. RADER Des ign , Michigan State Normal College, B. S. Related Machine Shop CLYDE H. RENSCH Ohio State University University of Toledo Vocational Machine Shop DAN RISALITI Ohio University, B. S. Physical Education BERYL RISHELL Bowling Green State Universit Cosmetology, Related Subjects MARSHALL F. ROBINSON Rio Grande, A. B. Bliss, B. S. Accounting I, II, III FRANCES M. SEEDERLY Ohio Wesleyan University, B. A. Physical Education, Guidance CATHERINE M. SHAFER Kent State University, B. S. New York University, M.S. English I ' ROBERT W. SHEARER Capital University, B. S. Akron University, M.S. Biology, Algebra, Mathematics PAULINE SHORB Pratt Institute Dressmaking EVA SPARROWGROVE Kent State University, B. S. English I Y, B. 'Qin MARIE K. STAMBAUGH Kent State University, B. S. Typing l, Shorthand l MARTHA V. STRAUCH Ohio Wesleyan University, English III, Puhlicafiona GEORGE M. SWANT Stout Institute, B. S. Related Electrk' Shop GEORGE W. SWINDELL Ohio University, B.S.g M. A. Wood Paftern G. P. TOLSON Ohio University, A.B. Mechanical Drawing- II LAUREN A. WARRICK University of Toledo, B Sc in Vocational Education Related Aulomotive G. R. WEILER Ohio State University, B.S. Wooster College, A. B. Related Machine Shop THOMAS WELBAUM Ohio State University, B. S. Athletics, Algebra, General Mathemahcs ADA ZIMMERMAN Heidelberg College, A.B Western Reserve University B of I S Tennant College, B. S. Rel Ed Library PAUL C. COOK Ohio State University, B.S. Vefrran's Coordinalor W. H. WILLIAMS Otterbein College, A.B. Veferan's Coordinator I feel the earth muve sunward. I inin the great march onward ,A ...fv- A 1,1 ,Q S f 445:-mei' - w, . ,. ww S X FL E, swf-'-P Lp? ,,"' X w , A E GEORGE ADAMS 416 Kennet Court N.V. AUTOMOBILE Musirally inrlined, nice guy Timken Revue Student Library Staff Band Orchestra RICHARD J. ALEXANDER 2223 Sixth Street N.E. Auromomus Iolly, Short-sluf, "Dick" Timken Revue Choral Club JOHN J. ALMASY 1615 Stark Avenue S.W. ELECTRIC Persuasive, compelenl CARMIN ALTIERI 933 Mahoning Road N. E. Euscrluc Busy, de pendable, "Hugger" JACK ANGELO 205 Rowland Avenue N. E AUTOMOBILE Friendly, well-groomed, tall Home Room Representative THOMAS C. ANTENUCI 1425 Henry Avenue S.W. Accounrmc Daring, carefree, teasing Class Ollicer Home Room Representative Choral Club CLASS UF '48 IRENE BEA ARUNSKI 2173 Cleveland Avenue S.W. Sscnsnnln. "Blondie," slender, nite Timken Service Society Publications Typist Timken Revue Choral Club JACK ALBERT ASBURY 408 Eighth Street S. W. WELDING Playful, joker, happy ROBERT L. AUKERMAN 1007 McKinley Avenue S. W. AccouN1'lNc Pleasant, sociable, easy-going Home Room Representative MIKE F. BAGNOLIA 1952 Third Street S.E. Au'roMonn.E Rugged, undisturbed, audacious Home Room Representative Band Reserve Football WILMA J. BAILLIE 412 Kennet Court N.W. Ssciuspuuar. Dimpled, sweet, allraetive Choral Club ROBERT EARL BAIR 1600 Warrick Place N.E. ELECTRIC Leader, praeliral, "Bob" Stage Technician MARY ELLA BAKER 1324 Shriver Avenue N.E. ACCOUNTING Shy, swrrf, :inure Band RUTH E. BAKER 1022 Walnut Avenue N.E. RETAILING Congenial, spirileai, smiling Timken Revue Choral Club RICHARD G. BALL 314 Dewalt Avenue S,W. PRINTING "Dirk," usher, imiiferen! Graphic Arts Club DOROTHY J. BANAHAN 111 Fawcett Avenue N.W. RETA1LING Sunny disposition, "Dol" Timken Revue Choral Club FLORENCE A. BANTA 2046 Georgetown Road N.E. SECRETARIAL Fashionable, "Flo," poise Timken Service Society Timken Revue Choral Club ROBERT C. BARKHEIMER 1414 Henry Avenue S.W. DRAFTING Towering, "Bob," drafter Reserve Basketball JACK G. HARNETT 2920 Eighth Street N.V. PRINTING "Rei," lull, :lim Graphic Arts Club Choral Club Reserve Football .RH . f fy , ff , if f l I RICHARD A. B ' 'C 1517 Clark Avila S.W If PATTERN A ,A l Devil b, go ous, ifa X ll., ' . 1, f li f fl A fb 6,7 U I f - If My ANGELIN BATESl 1004 Dartmouth Avenue S.V. COSMETOLOGY "Angie," pretty smile, nice Timlten Revue Home Room Representative Stagecraft Club Choral Club KAY M. BAWN 1519 Thirty-Fourth Street N.W. RETAILING Sbarly, peppy, good mixer Timken Revue Band Orchestra Choral Club GEORGE RANDALL BECHTEL 1417 Brooklyn Avenue S.W. ELECTRIC ' Musir librarian, bright, kind Timken Revue Band Orchestra Music librarian DILLON GALE BEISEL 701 Arlington Avenue N.W. DRAFTING Quiet, nice to know BETTY Jo BI-:Lew 2134 Fourteenth Street N.E. Coausrotocv "lo Io," smiling, personality Timken Revue Choral Club MARY BERGINIDES 2024 Indiana Way N.E. SECIETAIIAL Cordial, earnest, interesting Timlren Service Society Publications Editorial Stai Timken Revue Choral Club Trojan Leaders Blue and Gold JOSEPH BERNABEI 1625 GarEeld Avenue S.W. AUTOMOBILE "loc," capable, active LOUISE E. BERNARD plus llI7 Twenty-Eighth Street N.E. SECRETARIAL Tiny, pleasing, pert Choral Club GEORGE H. BESTER 1316 Struble Avenue N.E. RETAILXNG Short, jolly, helpful JOSEPHINE cj nemo 1104 Melchior Place S.W. SECRETARIAL "losie," full of fun, excitable Oiice Assistant WILLIAM JACOB BETZ 601 Estep Place S.W. ELECTIIC Quiet, easy-going, "Bill" JACK J. BEVAN moe 'rhira sum N.w. ELECTRIC Blonde, big, lively School Play Home Room Representative I f ', 1 ve ,I f L .I 'I 'K' Ml- ' V faq bil gr no nm AL N 4 ETOLOG I Imken Service Society Timken Revue Stagecraft Club Choral Club Trojan Leaders ELMER j. BODO 2013 Fifteenth Street N.E. ELECTRIC Fun loving, basbful, friendly Home Room Representative DALE BOKHART 1826 Second Street S.E. MACHINE Intriguing, progressive, grave Choral Club GLENN EUGENE BOORD 2655 Daleford Avenue N.E. AUTOMOBILE Good sport, self-reliant, swell School Play 2228 ,jee t bl . E. rl-nature , responsible, gay GEORGE C. BORDNER 2520 Forty-Fifth Street N.W. PATTERN Newcomer, capable, pleasant ARTHUR E. BORING 3125 Belmont Road S.W- ACCOUNTING "Aft," comical, progressive Stagecraft Club DONALD ALLEN BOWKER 2003 Cleveland Avenue S.W. DRAFTING Quiet, "Dan," polite Timken Service Society Home Room Representative CHARLES LOWELL BOWSER 1214 Western Avenue S.W. PRINTING Quiet, pleasant, sensible Graphic Arts Club JOSEPH S. BRIESTENSKY 1640 Hammond Avenue S.W. PRINTING "Ice," ambitious, nice looking Graphic Arts Club JACK J. BRIGGS 2521 Broad Avenue N.W. MACHINE Athletic, devilish, snazzy Home Room Representative Choral Club Varsity Football Reserve Basketball Reserve Football BETTE RUTH BROOKS 1912 Fourth Street S.E. COSMETOLOGY Lively, merry, independent imken Revue Band Choral Club 2, TALMADGE MAXWELL BRYANT 921 Ninth Street S.E. AUTOMOBILE Mechanic, rugged, "Bad Dan" SHIRLEY ANN BUCHANAN 502 Gilmore Avenue N.W. RETAILING Attractive, Winsome, sunny Trojan Leaders NORMA JEAN BULSO 1619 Bedford Avenue S.W. SECRIETARIAL Likeable, brunette, mild Timken Revue Choral Club MANUEL E. CABEZAS 2126 Fourth Street N.E. ELECTRIC "Cabez," nice guy, casual ROSALIE L. CAMPITELLI 2106 Navarre Road S.W. RETAILING Attractive, lovely complexion, "Rosie Timken Service Society Timken Revue Choral Club ANN M. CAPESTRAIN 2111 Third Street N.E. SECRETARIAL Captivating, friskey, maiorette Timlten Revue ' Majorette Choral Club VIRGINIA RUTH CASTER 321 Girard Avenue N.E. SEcnzT.uuAt. Personality, football queen, talented Timken Service Society Class Oicer Publications' Editorial StaE Timlren Revue Orchestra jazz Band Choral Club THOMAS E. CAUFFIELD 2104 Third Street S.E. Mncmma Happy-go-lurly, reul pal Home Room Representative Stage Technician JOSEPH L. CAVALIER 2200 Harrisburg Road N.E. PRINTING "Rusty," lover, "joe" Home Room Representative Graphic Arts Club PETER CAZANGIDES ' 1026 Nineteenth Street N.E. WELDING Welder, well-dressed, sport Timken Revue Stagecraft Club Reserve Basketball Reserve Football JEAN M. CI-IISMAR 1429 Stark Avenue S.W. SECRETARIAI. Sharp, likeable, "Maiorette" Class Oilicer Majorette Timlten Revue Choral Club Trojan Leaders BERTHA CHRISTU 1717 Walden Avenue N.W. SECRETARIAL Sweet, sim.-ere, dark-eyed Timken Service Society Trojan Leaders MARION JOSEPHINE CICE 816 Greenfield Avenue S.W. COSMETOLOGY Rusty, quiet, self-assured Timlren Service Society RICHARD LOUIS CLAUSS 4714 Seventh Street S.W. PATTERN Blond, jaunty, slick Varsity Baseball Reserve Basketball JOAN COATES 708 Third Street S.W. COSMETOLOGY Sentimental, merry, courteous Class Oflicer Timlten Revue Home Room Representative Choral Club CAROLYN MARY COBAUGH 1245 Oxford Avenue N.W. Secneruun. Neweomer, nimble fingers, giggles Timken Revue Choral Club TERESA MARY CODISPOTI 1742 Grace Avenue N.E. SECRETARIAL Petite, sweet smile, thoughtful Timken Service Society Publications Editorial Staff Timlten Revue Choral Club RITA MAE COLANER 2446 Sixteenth Street N.E. AccouN1'INc lolly, talkative, bookkeeper Timlten Revue Choral Club BESSIE P. COLE 1519 Fifth Street N.E. RI-:1'AII.INc Fair, honorable, serene WILLIAM H. COLE 1416 Clarendon Avenue S.W. WELDING Vigorous, "Bill," short Reserve Football LOUISE ANN COLEMAN 2909 Fourth Street N.W. RETAILING Aetive in sports, well liked Trojan Leaders Blue and Gold CLARA CONNOR 1139 Eleventh Street N.W. CosMI2roI.ocY Leader, charming, sincere ' Timlten Service Society Timken Revue Home Room Representative Choral Club Trojan Leaders Class Oiiicer JAMES PAUL CONNOR 603 Lawrence Road N.E. WELDING Entertaining, Irish wit, devilish School Play Timken Revue Band Orchestra DOROTHY LEE COOLEY MII Crescent Road S.V. SECRETAIIAL Pleasant, courteous, keen Timlten Revue Choral Club ARLIE LEIGHTON CORNELL 1262 Park Avenue S.W. RETAILING Well-dressed, carefree, nice Timken Revue Band Orchestra VERA LOUISE COUSINS 311 Hazlett Avenue N.W. CAFETERIA Happy, slender, soft-spoken Home Room Representative DONNA JUNE COVEY 916 Third Street S.W. COSMETOLOGY "Cove," likeable, lots of fun DALLAS H. COX I508 Ninth Street S.W. PRINTING Imaginative, smooth, ideal Graphic Arts Club NED A. CRILE 1526 Ridgeway N.W. AUTOMOBILE lolter, sharp, happy Stagecraft Club NORMA JEAN CRIST 2014 Fourteenth Street S.W. CAFETERIA Conservative, amiable, earnest VIOLA M. CROWTHER 2451 Twentieth Street N.E. Srscnrarnnran Devilish, eaxy-going, "Vi" Publications Editorial Staff Timken Revue Choral Club OLGA DANILUK 2328 Sixth Street S.W. RETAILING Thoughtful, agreeable, cheery REVA JEAN DARST 1221 Third Street S.W. CAFrs1'1axuA Sociable, genuine, courleous MARY THERESA DATKO 1410 Henry Avenue S.W. Dnessmaxmc Independent, nice to have ar Timlren Revue ound ibfrix C oral Club jxfhii 0,1 U 'V I. I my if f' ' ' -' iw'- 15' i rxbtbkf A-' 'V '-' f- by Nj' XLETHEL ANNE DAVIS l 'ily 2006 Third Street 5.13. Accouurmc 1 Gad-about, cburnmy, daring Home Room Representative Stagecraft Club 23 ' Student Library StaE an-'A' 'Cao RAYMOND HAROLD DAVIS 1017 Clinton Avenue S.W. Accouurmc lmpisb, bury, clever Choral Club FRANK J. DE ANGELIS 1200 Roslyn Avenue S.W. PRINTING "The Voice," lirinler, "Oh Frankie" School Play Timken Revue Home Room Representative Graphic Arts Club Stagecraft Club Band Orchestra Choral Club VALIA DE FRANK 617 Carnahan Avenue N.E. SECRETARIAL Pee-wee, willy, top: Timken Service Society Publications Editorial Staff Student Library Staff NICK M. DELLERBA 912 Liberty Street S.E. WELDING live king, flashy, smooth BEATRICE LEE DE MEO 521 Gobel Avenue S.E. Accouurmo Carefree, peppy, "Bea" Stagecraft Club I fe .1 I3 .f ' ' W f J ., 'if Aff' 7. 3 I 4 'XJ' r Afz I 1. . . ff' V A" In A li, 1 ,JI - I A if 4 Q- L' - 'A' 11 kv X I+. 1 I, .X , I v Ra., ,...f I FRANCES ONESTA DE PETRI 309 Belden Avenue N.E. Dlusssmnltmc Graceful, pelile, impisb Timlren Revue CALVIN GEORGE DEVINNEY 336 Sixth Street S.W. COMMERCIAL Alu' Lots of-fun, suave, energetic Stagecraft Club JOHN DEVITO 1223 Goncler Avenue S.E. Aurouomuz "lake," industrious, carefree Home Room' Representative LOUIS A. DIANTONIO 2223 Georgetown Road N.E. AuToMosn.E Basbful, wavy hair, good-nalured Timken Revue Choral Club GLENN ALLAN DICKERHOFF 1700 Fifteenth S.W. AUTOMOBILE Shy, happy-go-lucky, busy ROBERT H. DICKERHOFF 3757 Cleveland Avenue N.W. MACHINE Friendly, quiet, good student VIRGINIA R. DIOGUARDI 1320 Twenty-Sixth Street N.W RFTAILING Sire Io know, Inu-luring, dependable DOMINICK JOSEPH DI ROCCO 1204 Third Street S.E. MACHINE Sborl, dark hair, ingenuous Timken Revue Stagecraft Club Choral Club JO ANN DOLAN 3215 Second Street N.W. RraTAtL1NG "Red," mischievous, oplimislic Choral Club BETTY LOUISE DRYDEN 714 Bedford Avenue S.W. AccouN'rING Slim, serene, capable Publications Editorial Staf DAVID G. EBIE 1405 Nineteenth Street N.E. RETAILING Tall, noncbalanl, well-known Timlten Revue Varsity Basketball Reserve Basketball Reserve Football STANLEY BRICE EBIN 2710 Eleventh Street NAV. DMFTING Good mixer, cordial, clever Timken Service Society Timlten Revue Stagecraft Club Band Orchestra Choral Club TINA MAE ELTON 865 Young Avenue N.E. Commnclu. An' Talkatire, original, independent Home Room Representative Stagecraft Club JOANNE ALICE ERICKSON 909 Dueber Avenue S.W. DnEssMAK1Nc X Coquettc, sensitive, pretty Timken Revue Trojan Leaders RONALD ESCHLIMAN 948 Shadyside Avenue S.W. RETAILING "EslJ," goorl-humorezl, crazy Timken Service Society Class Officer Timken Revue Band Orchestra Choral Club DONALD JAY ESHELMAN 3033 Seventeenth Street N.W. PRINTING Serene, industrious, loyal Graphic Arts Club ELIZABETH MAE FACH 1017 Second Street N.E. RETAILING Dainty, "Boots," cute Choral Club HERMAN JOHN FAHRNER 1221 Saratoga Avenue S.W. MACHINE Modest, cute grin, reserved Band Choral Club FRANK JOHN FARINA 1531 Vine Avenue S.W. Macmma Towering, sense of humor, tops School Play Varsity Golf Student Manager of Football 'aye 1:-fp, DONNA MAE FAULK 1930 Third Street S.E. Secluzrnmu. Shy, diminutive, zlemure Timlten Service Society Choral Club FLORENCE FENTON 1804 Eighth Street N.E. SECKETAMAL Fun loving, goorl matured, intelligent Choral Club Office Assistant LOVELL FETROW 925 Herbruck Court N.E. PATTERN Easy-going, imlepemlent, spirited Home Room Representative PAUL Rt FINK 3836 Sixth Street S.W. MACHINE Smooth, unpredictable, polite Stagecraft Club SHIRLEY FISH 1043 Bonsall Court N.E. Sscas-ruuu. Bright, lrkndly, quiet LORETTA ANN FLECK 312 Fenton Avenue N.E. Szcuznuu. impulsive, "Flame," gay Timhen Service Society Publications Editorial Sta! Timken Revue Choral Club WILLIAM HERBERT FLEENOR 1650 Shriver Avenue N.E. AUTOMOBILE Sociablc, keen, "just Bill" Timken Service Society CHARLES WILLIAM' FLETCHER 1233 High Avenue S.W. SHEET METAL Fair n' square, ambitious ROBERT FORTION 431 Thirteenth Street S.E. WELDING Dynamir, iokvslcr, faolball fan Varsity Football Reserve Basketball Reserve Football ANTHONY J. FRANK 2165 Georgetown Road N.E. ELECTRIC Lively, agreeable, nire Stage Technician ROSE T. FRANTA 195 Wertz Avenue N.W. SECRETARIAL Captivating, fine swimmer, "Rosie" Timken Service Society Class Officer Timken Revue Choral Club - Trojan Leaders Cheerleader Blue and Gold Office Assistant ROBERT GEORGE FRANTZ 800 High Avenue S.W. Mncmms Debonaire, sharp, sociable Timken Revue Choral Club DONALD F. FRAVEL- 1225 Troy Place N.W. V SHEE1' METAL , If Dreamer, niceion Ihr go 1 1 ,N , NORMA JEWEL FREEMAN 1305 Third Street N.E. RETAILING Pin! size, rule, book worm DONNA JANE FRY 1258 Ardmore Avenue S.W. CosME'roLocY Sunny, cheerful, curly locks NUNZIE EDWARD GAMBONE 334 Fourteenth Street S.E. AUTOMOBILE Likeable, capable, courteous Stagecraft Club DONALD LOUIS GARAUX 2016 Third Street N.E. MACHINE Iovial, nice, mamaerly Choral Club AMERICA GARCIA 1435 Third Street N.E. RETAILING Inlelligenl, quiet, easy-going AMIL GARCIA S24 Belden Avenue N.E. A ELECTRIC Moody, serious-minded, nice io know NANCY FRANCES GARRINI 520 Thirty-First Street N.W. DREssM.uuNc Pleasant, friendly, gay Timken Revue Choral Club EVELYN REGINA GASSER 2407 Broad Avenue N.W. ACCOUNTING Refined, gay, genial m Timken Service Society JAMES R. GELLENBECK R.F.D. No. S Massillon PATTERN Cordial, energetic, serene Home Room Representative Varsity Football ' Reserve Basketball JOYCE GENDEL '8ll Fourteenth Street N.E. SEcRE'rARl.u.. Grand, sociable, well-behaved Timken Service Society BURRELL F. GEORGE 1829 Grace Avenue N,E. ELECTRIC Well-liked, good-natured Home Room Representative 27 LAURA GEORGE 1612 Gibbs Avenue N.E. RETAILING Twinkling eyes, good-humored Student Library Staf Choral Club LESTER GEORGE, JR. 1916 Tuscarawas Street W. WELDING Amusing, arrogant, "Les" School Play GLORIA ANNE GODWIN 1516 Olive Place N.E. Devilish, cordial, smiling PATRICIA JEAN GODWIN 1516 Olive Place N.E. TEA Room Sweet, sby, casual PAULINE J. GOOD 804 Sandals Place N.E. COSMETOLOGY Short stuf, studious, independen BETTY LOU GRAY 915 Clarendon Avenue N.W. SECRETARIAL Good-matured, carrot-eller, tops Timken Service Society Publications Editorial Staff Timken Revue Choral Club PAULINE CAROL GRIMM 1017 Eleventh Street N.W. RETAILING Cule, sweet disposition, lbouglatful GEORGE E. GROVE 1117 Brant Avenue N.W. AuToMonII.E Merbanically-minded, gay PAUL JOSEPH GUIDONE 1209 Lawrence Road N.E. SHEET METAL Devil ish, amusing ELVERA GURSKY 1309 Fifteenth Street S.W. RI:-r.aII.INc Kimi, amiable, favoriie Timken Revue Choral Club Trojan Leaders Blue and Gold PATSY NADINE GUSLER lll Newton Avenue N.W. SECIIETAIIIAI. Beautiful eyes, singer, graceful Timlten Service Society School Play Timken Revue Choral Club GEORGE WALTER HANCB Meyers Lake Park PIuN'rINc Sleek, usual, sporliue Graphic Arts Club Student Library Sta! RALPH A. HARDIE 606 Garield Avenue S.W. WELDING Bloml, spirited, welder Timken Revue Choral Club MARY MARGARETTE HASTINGS 1143 Concord Avenue S.W. COSMETOLOGY "Margie," friendly, quiet manner Timken Revue Stagecraft Club Choral Club FRANK H. HAYES 2815 Twelfth Street N.W. PRINTING Casual, ariginal, proficient Graphic Arts Club Stagecraft Club DONNA LOUISE HEHR 2308 Tuscarawas Street E. Dnessmaxmc Mild, soft-spoken, clever Timlten Revue Home Room Representative Choral Club ANDREW R. HENDRUS 1908 Second Street N.E. ACCOUNTING Proficient, successful, swell Publications Business Stalf Band DONNA JEANNE HENSEL 207 High Avenue N.W. Srzcuznaux. Sweel, rberrning, cardkl Home Room Representative Student Library Sta! Olice Assistant TONY HEROPOULOS 1854 Seventh Street N.E. RIa1'AII.INc Fine Dancer, jovial, inleresting Timken Revue Choral Club FIDEL A. HERRAIZ 1843 Sixth Street N.E. AUTOMOBILE Quiel, swell, capable HAROLD ANTONY HERT 619 Queen Court N.W. WELDING Comical, carefree, progressive VIRGIL HOWARD HILLER 1250 Greenfield Avenue S.W. PRINTING Tall, blond, sincere Timken Revue Graphic Arts Club Choral Club HERBERT H. HOCHWARTH 1154 Arch Court N.E. PILINTING "Herkie," fun-lover, xbort Graphic Arts Club Student Manager of Football MARIAN LUCILLE HOFFMAN 1020 Whipple Road N.W. SECRETAIIAL Grarious, resprrlful, serious Timhen Service Society School Play Home Room Representative ROBERT R. HOLFINGER 2812 Seventh Street N.W. DRAFTING lulelligmt, rouge-nial, courfeous Timken Service Society Stagecraft Club ELSIE ANN HOMAN 506 Cresmont Avenue S.E. DRFSSMAKING Dark-eyed, prolly, seamsfress Timlten Revue Band Choral Club ANNA MAY HOSKINSON 1139 Eleventh Street N.W. COSMETOLOCY Dvroleil, gay, stylish Publications Editorial Staff Timken Revue Home Room Representative Choral Club Trojan Leaders CHA R LOTTE SUSAN HOUGHTON 606 Hartford Avenue S.l2. RI IAII ING lfmlgiualizr, rarefrrr. Slffflll ROBERT L. HUGHES 2806 Daleford Avenue N.E. MACIIINIE Slrorf, Ili:ZJ', lllDll4lI' I l N I I , K L I A I N I 1 P ANDREW PAUL HUSSAR. JR. 1520 Greenfield Avenue SRV. MACIIINIZ Qulrl, uilly, aplvraling Timken Service Society Home Room Representative LUCILLE RITA IANIGRO 3226 Arbor Road S.W. DRESSMAKING Stylish, polished, graceful Timken Revue MARILYN JOYCE IDEN 132 Lawn Avenue S.W. RETAILING Attractive, winning smile, "Mimi" Timken Revue Student Library Stal! Choral Club OHice Assistant GEORGE ISAAC 2012 Eighth Street N.E. Auromonluz "Pablo," dark hair, mechanic DONNA JEAN ISLER 2121 Twenty-Fifth Street N.E. Dluzssmutlnc Sprighlly, successful, kind Timken Revue Choral Club DONALD L. JACKMAN 327 Tyler Avenue S.E. COMMERCIAL Am' Chivalrous, sullen, classy Class Officer Home Room Representative Reserve Basketball DARLEEN MARIE JACKS 1715 Henry Avenue S.W. Dniassmaxmc Soft-spoken, lhoughtful, mild Timken Revue Choral Club Trojan Leaders DOROTHY JAEB 183.4 Superior Avenue N.E. DRESSMAKING Scholarly, shy, quiel Choral Club TED P. JAMES 1816 Tenth Street N.E. WELDING Well-dressed, heb Home Room Representative Stagecraft Club D ANNA FRANCIS JEMMATO 1909 Eighth Street S.E. COSMETOLOGY "Annie," ambitious, lrue friend Timlten Revue Choral Club RAYMOND JOHNS 505 Belden Avenue N.E. AUTOMOBILE "Cooney," drummer, liklalzle Timken Revue Choral Club ' 4 MARY EVELYN JOHNSON 2638 Kirby Avenue N.E. ACCOUNTING Loyal, smiling, ardent Timken Service Society Timken Revue Choral Club Trojan Leaders PAUL EUGENE JOHNSON 824 Wells Avenue N.W.' MACHINE Shy, amiable, courteous Band Student Manager of Basketball RAY HERMAN JOHNSON 607 Fourteenth Street S.E. AUTOMOBILE Sporls fan, sociable, dependable VERNON S. JOHNSON 1946 Fourth Street S.E. COMMERCIAL Arr Quiet, artist, terrific Varsity Football RUTH ELLEN JONES 722 Union Avenue S.W. RETAILING "Red," underslamling, fun Timken Revue Choral Club RUSSELL WILLIAM JORDY - r 1615 Irwin Place N.E. IMACHINE joker, short, sports-minded I ELEN EI EEN JOSEPH 1445 Allen Avenue S.E. DnEssMAItINc Fashionable, sparkling, actress School Play Timlten Revue Home Room Representative NORMA JEAN KAMP 810 Twenty-Second Street N.W. SECRETARIAL Personality-plus, lots of fun Timken Service Society Band Orchestra -'H BERTI-IA KARIPIDES 874 Mahoning Road N.E. DRESSMAKINC Finn seamstress, nice figure Timlten Revue Stagecraft Club Band Orchestra Choral Club Trojan Leaders Blue and Gold JULIUS KELLY 1711 Ohio Avenue N.E. SHEET METAL Physique, bashful, printer Varsity Football Reserve Basketball Reserve Football JUNE LOUISE KESSLER 2137 Tuscarawas Street E. SECRETAIIIAL Blonde, Ifivacious, "junior" Publications Editorial StaK Timken Service Society Timken Revue Home Room Representative Student Library Staff Choral Club Trojan Leaders Blue and Gold RUTH MARIE KESSLER R.F.D. No. 1 Canton ACCOUNTING Quiet, goldie loclzs, sweet NORA RAE KIRBY 90 Meyers Lake RETAILING Cheerful, reliable, calm Student Library Staff Band RICHARD ANDREW KMETZ 329 Belden Avenue N.E. MACHINE Well-groomed, clever, good-humored BARBARA ANN KNOP 2510 Wcrtz Avenue N.W. COSMETOLOGY Plrnsing, perky Timlten Revue an ho ALBERT A. KOMPARA 714 Correll Avenue N.E. PRINTING Easy-going, regular guy Graphic Arts Club GEORGE KOROSEDES 1742 Tenth Street N.E. Pmnrmc "Randi," talkative, basketball player Timlten Revue Home Room Representative Graphic Arts Club Stagecraft Club Vfrsity Basketball Reserve Basketball CHARLES JOSEPH KOSKOVICH 2212 Sixteenth Street N.E. ACCOUNTING Casanova, intelligent, popular guy Class Olficer Publications Business Staff Home Room Representative Varsity Football Reserve Football EVELYN MARIE KOSLOWSKI 1944 Fifteenth Street N.E. TEA Room Sensible, exciting, sweet STAN R. KOSTEWICZ 2406 Fourteenth Street N.E. COMMERCIAL ART "Rusty," cheerleader, good-looking Publications Art Staff Timlten Revue Cheerleader LEONA MARIA KOUTRAS 2449 Mahoning Road N.E. ACCOUNTING New Look, sunny disposition DAVID LOYAI. KRATZ 1511 Sixteenth Street N.W. ELECTRIC Nice to know, spirited GEORGE DONALD KRAUS 1021 Third Street N.E. Au'roMonu.E Quiet, ingenious, thoughtful CLIFFORD L. KRUMLAUF 1005 Gibbs Avenue N.E. AUTOMOBILE Blond, good -matured DOLORES JUNE KUTROVAC 1466 Eastview Avenue N.E. COSMETOLOGY Clever, fun-loving, "Tomi" Timken Revue Choral Club Trojan Leaders DONALD THOMAS LAB 112 Dartmouth Avenue S.W. AccouNTxNc Easy-going, friendly, studious Timken Revue Stagecraft Club ROBERT H. LAB 3777 Cleveland Avenue N.W. SHEET METAL Silly, rongenial, reliable ROBERT H. LAKE 708 Prospect Avenue S.W. DRAETXNG - Alert, stuzlious, drafter Timken Service Society Varsity Baseball PAUL LANKA 2822 Twentieth Street S.W. MACHINE . Average guy, athlete, industrious Stagecraft Club Reserve Football MONA LOU LARSON 1900 Lakeside Avenue N.W. RETAILING lmfrisla, ebony bair, slvarkling eyes Timken Revue Home Room Representative Choral Club MARILYN LEONA LATlMER 1635 Henry Avenue S.W. DRESSMAKING Suwt, su-rll, personality Timken Revue RALPH L. LEO, JR. 1527 Shriver Avenue N,E. Sur FT Mrnl. Vim, rigor, vitality Timken Revue Home Room Representative Cheerleader LUCILLE LESH 1412 Miami Court N.E. COSMETOLOGY "Lucy," pbotogenir, pretty Timken Revue Home Room Representative Choral Club Cheerleader HAZEL FAYE LEUTHOLD 1817 Fourth Street S.E. SECRETARIAL Dimples, smiling, rarefree Timken Service Society Student Library Staff MARIAN WANITA LIKENS 2415 Twentieth Street N.E. RETAILING Cute, pleasant, serene Timlten Revue Choral Club DALE J. LONG 1205 Shadyside Avenue S.W. DRAFTING Well-mannered, leader, considerate Timken Service Society School Play Timken Revue Home Room Representative Band Orchestra Choral Club LESTER D. LOWER 4619 Aurora Boulevard N.W. MACHINE Typicul Teen, energetic, mellow Stagecraft Club Varsity Football Reserve Football MARY ELLEN LOY 1422 Stark Avenue S.W. COSMETOLOGY "Chine," cute, mischievous Timken Revue Stagecraft Club Choral Club MARY JANE LUPE 1312 Sherrick Road S.E. TEA RooM Darling, friendly, permnalily-plus MARY LOUISE LUZZI 320 Monroe Avenue N.E. SECRETARXAL Good-humoral, sparkling eye Timken Service Society Student Library Staff MILDRED B. LYONS 1923 Eleventh Street S'.W. SEcIua'rAIuA1. Gleeful, cheery, "Midge" Timken Service Society CHESTER MACIEJEWSKI 1521 Alden Avenue S.W. PRINTING Daxbing, slim, fbafx Chet Timken Revue Home Room Representative Graphic Arts Club Stagecraft Club Choral Club THOMAS MADDOX 1815 Third Street S.E. ACCOUNTING All-arouml guy, gentleman Class Olicer ANITA j. MANCINI 161 Harter Avenue N.W. SECIETARIAL Quiet, infelligenl, nice Timken Revue Choral Club x, congenial MARY JANE MANCUSO 1520 Twenty-Fifth Street N.W. TEA Room Peiile, rule, fun-loving lx X ' , Choral Club t lk' G XI I . . X .Y xv V- 4 X ' ft I M N fx A wi PAULINE MARCHUK 1611 Stark Avenue S.W. RETAILINC Tall, full of fun, kind jOHN C. MARCINIAK 629 Park Avenue S.W. DRAFTING Tbollglnifnl, pleaxani, likeuble MARGUERITE MARELLA 219 Monroe Avenue S.E. SECRETARIAL Gleeful, good-matured Timken Service Society Timken Revue Choral Club HELEN GRACE MARKER 111 Wherry Place S.W. ACCOUNTING happy-ga-lucky I' V Q I, ,ps I V . , ' x. , I D VMI I . Ve' . D W . W. ' 'li' .uv ' ' ,xv . - , ARVIS GENE MARKS 2229 Twenty-Second Street N.E. " f-N. MACHINE Rugged, ilu ring, mrrbaniral Band Choral Club 34 JOSEPH R. MARKS 3408 Seventeenth Street S.W. RIACHINE Smooth, cordial, "joe" Timken Revue Home Room Representative Choral Club EUGENE LEWIS MARSHAI 713 Tuscarawas Street E. PRINTING W'iHy, agreeable, "GPM" Timlten Revue Graphic Arts Club Stagecraft Club Band Choral Club Student Manager of Basketball PETE MARTIN 1331 Maple Avenue N.E. MACHINE Soriuble, pro mfvt, Prrfiif Choral Club ROSE MARIE MARTIN' 1705 Garfield Avenue S.W. RETAILING Rrspfrfful, exciting creative Timlten Revue Choral Club FLORENCE E. MASTERS 1628 Quinby Avenue S.W. CAI- IITERIA Gmini, fall, active BESSIE BERTHA MATIN 601 Belden Avenue N.E. DIESSMAKING Eulrrlaining, afable, Coy School Play Timken Revue Trojan Leaders GLORI-A JEAN MATTACHIONE 2500 Eighth Street N.E. AccouN'rINc lntriguiflg, pert, gleeful Timlten Revue Choral Club MARIE MAXIN 1453 Eastview Avenue N.E. SIECIIETAIIIAL Athletic, well-groomed, friendly Timlten Service Society Timken Revue Student Library Staff Choral Club Trojan Leaders Blue and Gold HOWARD GEORGE MCCULLOUGH 618 Marion Avenue S.W. PRINTING Quiet, blond, resourceful Graphic Arts Club MILDRED MAXINE MCDONALD 2318 Winheld Way N.E. SECRETARIAL Shy, newromer, pleasing NORMA ,IEANNE MCGIFFIN 2820 Twelfth Street N.W. ACCOUNTING "Lefty," talkative, generour Timken Service Society Timlten Revue Choral Club HELEN M. McKE'I'I'A 2419 Sixteenth Street N.E. SECRIZTAIIAL "Mir," gel: nound, lively Timken Revue Choral Club Trojan Leaders BERNARD ALONZO MCKIBBEN 1370 Garfield Avenue S.W. SHEET METAL Npfllilffi easy-going, tall JANICE MCINTIRE 2446 Maple Avenue N.E. SECRETARIAL Swecl, talenlczl, rourleous Timlten Revue Home Room Representative Choral Club ALBERT MICHAEL MEI-IRBRODT 2117 Brownlee Avenue N.E. Auromomuz Quirl, lik cable, rousirle ralr' DIANA MELANOFF 1103 Twenty-Ninth Street N.E. Calfnnznm Pvfilc, rulr, rbcerfnl Band CONNIE MELTON 1217 Second Street S.W. ELECTRIC Amiablc, fine, casual Home Room Representative Stage Technician Choral Club RALPH E. MENEAR 604 Alta Place N.W. MACHINE Manly, serious, nit! Timken Revue Band Choral Club BARBARA ANN MERRILL 2822 Fourth Street N.W. RETAILING Unceriain, plurlzy, cordial MARY JEAN MESSENHEIMER 2323 Winheld Way N.E. CosMETo1.ocY "lainie," goorl-nutun-d, mannerly Choral Club WANDA JEAN MEYERS 1627 Bonnot Place N.E. COMMERCIAL ART Easy on the eyes, flirtalious Publications Art Staff Timlten Revue Home Room Representative Choral Club HELEN G. MICHALK 1801 Navarre Road S.W. SECRETARIAL "Bugs," devilish, a real pal Timken Revue Choral Club Trojan Leaders MARILYN ANN MIKES 1621 Esther Court N.E. SECRETARIAL A1ll'L'lIfllY01lS, roy, 1l7HllSf1lVl7!'ll Timken Service Society School Play Trojan Leaders SYLVIA ANN MIKUSA 312 Twenty-Fifth Street S.W. SECRETARIAL Darling, demurv, dateable Timlten Service Society Publications Typist Timken Revue Choral Club 'D C HAROLD F. MILLER 1822 Gibbs Avenue N.E. SHEET METAL "Mike," lively, sharp Timken Revue Stagecraft Club Cheerleader Reserve Football JEAN LA VERNE MILLER 2812 Ellis Avenue N.E. CAFETEIIA Comely, daring, perl MARILYNN MARIE MILLER 2005 Gross Avenue N.E. SEcnETAiuAL - Dancer, roy, "Lynn" Timken Revue ' JUDITH MINNITI 1003 Twentieth Street N.E. 'TEA Room Cute, pleaxant, well -beha ved T R I y, nd , pre!! :mi ome oo e tati e WAYNE E. MIZER 1245 Concord Avenue S.W. DRAFTING , "Doodie," amusing, :asual Timken Service Society , Timlten Revue Student Library Staff X N N Y IE NO I-1 1 r' Av e . mcg. ADELA MOLDOVAN 2154 Second Street S.E. SEcnETAruAL Courleout, full of pep, gay Timken Service Society Timken Revue Student Library StaH Choral Club Trojan Leaders Cheerleader Blue and Gold ANDREW ANTHONY MONACO 1507 Third Street S.E. MACHINE N ice, quiel, :hart EARLE A. MOORE 4212 Seventh Street S.W. SHEET METAL Dog lover, quiet, inlelligent RAYMOND E. MOORE 1214 Concord Avenue S.W. DRAFTING Smiling, lively, efficient Timken Service Society Timlten Revue Student Library Staff RICHARD E. MOORE 2117 Second Street S.E. ELECTRXC Right guy, genial, :im-ere Home Room Representative Stage Technician ,N 1 4' I 'U ET RANX' ' 2 v Hi jf' eff sw K en fre' . . R .T , Re e ,lsnazzx neat If en Service Society P V ome Room Representative BETTY MARIE MORENA 2623 Sixth Street S.W. AccouN1'1Nc intriguing, soft-spoken, pretty Timken Revue ANNA MAE MORENO 1732 Sixteenth Street N.E. TEA Room Serene, personality, good worker JUNE E. MOSSER 1328 Heising Court S.W. RETAILING Coy, pert, easy-going Timken Revue Student Library Staff Choral Club CHARLES K. MOTTICE 1958 Fourth Street S.E. RETAILING Newcomer, genial, serious HARRY A. MOUSTARIS 507 High Avenue S.W. WELDING Athletic, spirited, casual Varsity Football Varsity Baseball ARTHUR JAY MYERS 700 Shadyside S.W. RETAILING Unconcernezl, arrogant, "Art" Graphic Arts Club K GENE M. MYERS 618 Wertz Avenue S.W. ELECTRIC Mannerly, nice-looking, congenial Home Room Representative Student Library Staff PATRICIA LOUISE MYERS 1366 Margaret Avenue S.W. CosME'ro1.ocY Attractive, gracious, blonde Timken Revue Choral Club School Play DONNA LEE NEEL 1714 Taft Avenue N.E. SECRETARIAL K Intelligent, capable, super-fine Timken Service Society Publications Editorial Staff Choral Club Office Assistant Timlten Revue RUBY A. NELSON 728 Mahoning Road N.E. Cosmarotocv Serious-minded, attractive Timlten Revue Choral Club HAZEL EILEEN NEWMAN 2425 Mahoning Road N.E. TEA Room Nruicomer, joker, sweet JACK J. NIETO 2108 Third Street S.E. AUTOMOBILE Active, untroubled, swell Timken Revue Home Room Representative Varsity Basketball Reserve Basketball GEORGE PAUL NOVAK 1530 Dueber Avenue SW. PRINTING "Rell," uutroublrd, casual Graphic Arts Club Student Library Staff Choral Club NORMA G. NOVAK 1604 Clark Avenue S.W. RIaTAII.INc Sparkling, impetuoux, bury Timlten Service Society Publications Editorial Staff Home Room Representative Student Library Staff Trojan Leaders MANUEL NUEVO 1748 Seventh Street N.E. AUTOMOBILE Short, genuine, cordial HELEN C. ODRICH 2810 Mahoning Road N.E. Srfcnrrranlu. Vigoroux, jubilant, sunny Timken Service Society Student Library Staff PETE CHESTER OLENO 1808 Garfield Avenue S.W. WEl.DING WI-ltler, prog rrstirr, inrluxtrious Varsity Football VIOLET M. ORANGE 1623 Fifteenth Street N.E. SIacItETAIuAL Quiz kid, conscientious, hind Timlten Service Society Choral Club WILLIAM HENRY OWENS 515 Eighth Street N.W. RLTAILING Brainy, frieml of all, capable LAURA JEAN PACKA 2126 Harmont Avenue N.E. RVTAILING Slrmlrr, :oft-spoken, afable Timlten Service Society Student Library Staff Trojan Leaders Office Assistant CHARLES V. PANDREA 1812 Grace Avenue N.E. ELECTRIC Wise, rrmurrrful, rjirient SUSIE MARY PAOLETTE 1115 Cleveland Avenue S.W. DRESSMAKING Winsome, gay, amiable Timlten Revue Choral Club ALICE PAPADOPOULOS 1804 Tenth Street N.E. SECRETARIAL Mannerly, attractive, clever Timlten Service Society Publications Editorial Staff Timken Revue Home Room Representative Student Library Staff Choral Club Trojan Leaders Blue and Gold ANGELINE PAPPAKOSTAS 1023 Spring Avenue N.E. SEt:ItETAItIAI. Hilarious, spirited, capable Publications Business Staff Student Library Staff Trojan Leaders Blue and Gold PEARL E. PARKINSON 1139 Harrison Avenue S.W. Accounrmc Profcienl, "Mickey," practical Publications Business Staff Student Library Staff PAUL WILLIAM PARKS 615 Smith Avenue S.W. MACHINE Claxxy, swell guy, fine Timken Revue Choral Club SARA ROSE PATRON 324 Smith Avenue N.W. RETAILING jolly, swell, energetic Home Room Representative DORIS ELE ANOR PATTERSON 719 Raynolds Place S.W. Sscnsruunl. Sympalhetic, unique, patient Timken Service Society Choral Club Trojan Leaders PAUL N. PAUL 1939 Otto Place N.E. Au'roMonn.E Independent, atbleiie, boxer Home Room Representative Varsity Football VERNA G. PAULMAN 505 Carnahan Avenue N.E. RETAILING Full of pep, gemhl, jaunly Timken Revue Stagecraft Club Choral Club PEARLENE PENIX 1416 Sixteenth Street S.W. CAFETERIA Pensive, refined, zlainly JOANN PERDUE 1216 Roslyn Avenue S.W. ACCOUNTING "Doo1lie," clever, personality-plus Publications Business Staff Editorial Staff Timken Revue Choral Club GENE J. PETERMAN 2001 Broad Avenue NAV. Etncriuc Sfuzlioux, slim, "Pele" Stage Technicians BEVERLY JEAN PETERSEN 3118 Overbrook Court N.W. ACCOUNTING SlJn'u'J, ingenious, versatile Timken Revue Choral Club ANN MARIE PETHEL 215 Monroe Avenue S.E. Dnrssmsxmc Quivl, rrealirr, kind Timlten Revue JEAN V. PIGOTT 2531 Sixteenth Street N.E. Accounrmc Gad-about, smooth, pleasant Class Officer Timlten Revue Choral Club Trojan Leaders VICTOR POLOSKY, JR. 1418 Willett Avenue S.E. H MACHINE King-size, snazzy, punsler Choral Club Varsity Basketball Varsity Football Reserve Basketball Reserve Football SUSIE MARIE POLSINELLI 1725 Third Street N.E. DRESSMAKING Lively, energetic, efirient Timken Revue Choral Club RICHARD PONT 2210 Fourth Street N.E. WELDING Diminulive, popular, "sin" Class Oiicer Varsity Football Reserve Basketball BEATRICE PU-IAZON 373 Belden Avenue N.E. TEA Room Well-poised, becoming, "Bea" THOMAS L. QUINN 1628 Garfield Avenue S.W. PATTERN Carefree, ronsisleul, "Tom" DELORES JEAN RABATIN 3924 Fairmount Boulevard N.E. RETAILING jolly, swell, plucky Choral Club LEO RABEDEAU 2012 Thirty-Eighth Street N.W. SHEET METAL Average guy, experimental, swell JOHN DANIEL RADU 2327 Twenty-Second Street N.E. MACHINE Reliable, cheerful, sincere Timlten Revue Choral Club RALPH EDWARD RAUVOLA 2011 Penn Place N.E. DRAFTING Ariisfir, tall, polite Timlten Service Society WILLIAM E. REAGAN 2517 Coventry Boulevard N.E. MACHINE Thin, smart, "Bill" JAMES PAUL REAM 623 Raymonr Court S.W. ELECTRIC Well-niarlnerel, ronsrienlious, genial Student Library Staff ANNA M. RESTAINO 1600 Third Street N.E. SECIIETAIIIAL Lots of fun, shy, underslanding Timken Service Society JOYCE M. RICHARD 1523 Fifth Street N.E. RETAILING Pleasant, courteous, sensible DONNA JEAN RICHARDSON 607 Fifth Street N.W. Secnernlu. Culr, srniling, super Timken Revue Choral Club MARYALICE RIEGLER 702 Eighth Street N.E. RETAILING . Induslrious, proficient, relailer Timken Service Society Timken Revue Choral Club IRENE RINALDI 209 Spring Avenue N.E. Accourwrmc Super, fine, well-behaved. DELMAS E. RING 1206 Third Street S.W. MACHINE Unlroubled, fun-loving Choral Club LUCY M. RIZZO 800 Hartford Avenue S.E. Rsnxunc Grand, good-natured, keen Student Library Staff Choral Club DOROTHY JOANNE ROBINSON 1266 Cottage Place N.W. ACCOUNTING Loquarious, perl, inieresling Timken Service Society Office Assistant RONALD PAUL ROBINSON 763 Franklin Avenue S.W. ACCOUNTING Silly, easy-going, sim-ng School Play JACK RODGERS 1125 High Avenue N.W. RETAILING Sharp, neat, nice WANDA JEAN ROMINGER 1431 Rowland Avenue N.E. Seem-LTAIUAL Impisb, carefrev, happy Timken Revue Choral Club Office Assistant J DON E. ROSS 152 Saratoga Avenue N.W. MACHINE Modest, suave, sensible Choral Club DAN E. ROSSETTI 123 Belden Avenue S.E. WELDING Smiling, good dancer, pleasant ROBERT WILLIAM RUSSELL 1307 Cherry Avenue N. E. PATTERN Qniei, leader, kind BETTY ANN SAIMES 2024 Eleventh Street N.E. CosME'roI.ocv Beautician, original, jovial Timken Revue Stagec raft Club Choral Club RICHARD EUGENE SANDERS R.D. No. 8 Canton MACHINE Neal appearance, nice, "Dick" Home Room Representative Choral Club X . RITA M. SANFORD 1426 Homer Avenue N.W. SECRETARIAL Majorelte, attractive, laps Timken Service Society Timken Revue Band Majorette Trojan Leaders AMELIA SANKOVICH 2129 Henry Avenue S.W. RETAILING Boisierous, fun-loving, keen ROBERT DALE SCI-IAEFFER 1233 Dueber Avenue S.W. MACHINE Quiet, likeable, serious wtf Sim ii. ggi? 1. ALBERT SCHAWLEM, JR. 806 Broad Avenue N.V. MACHINE Slay, good-looking, slim LOUIS SCHIAVONE 1251 Third Street S.E. WELDING Hot Irumpeter, classy, casual Timken Revue Band Orchestra CHARLES F. SCI-ILEAPPI 466 Henrietta Avenue N.E. ELECTRIC "Red," mischievous, flashy Timken Revue JACK F. SCHLEMMER 1131 Eleventh Street N.W. ELECTRIC Airplane fan, experimenler, ingenious Stage Technicians Stagecraft Club. JAMES ALLEN SCHMIDT 1719 Fourth Street NN.E. WELDING Dependable, progressive, contrary 1 4 Fourteen EET if DONALD EUGE S e . S I: ' i el ' ROBERT LEE SCHURING 616 Shadyside Avenue S.W. PluN'rlNc Marine fan, serene, mild Timken Revue Graphic Arts Club Choral Club DONALD SCHWEITZER 917 Clarendon Avenue S.W. RE-r.ux.lNa Tall, ambitious, well-mannered School Pla Y Home Room Representative Choral Club NICK A. SCOTT 1338 Eleventh Street S.E. AccouN'rINc Virtuoso, "Scotty," temperamental Timken Revue Band Orchestra CONY V. SCOZZARELLA 943 Young Avenue N.E. MACHINE Untroubled, "Ears," mannerly Band WILLIAM A. SEAMAN 1429 Bedford' Avenue S.W. Accouurmc Lileeable, sport: editor, "Bill" Publications Editorial Staff Timken Revue Stagecraft Club Varsity Golf RUTH M. SEESE 150 Woodlawn Avenue N.W. Accouuarmc Calm, thoughtful, good-nalnrezl Timken Service Society Student Library Stai Choral Club JOHN SEKELY 2241 Sixteenth Street N.E. PRINTING Printer, courteous, nice guy Arts Club 'IN DONNA L. SENTER 2108 Indiana Way N.E. SECRETARIAL Peppv, cute, friendly Timken Service Society Publications Editorial Staff Timlten Revue Student Library Staff Choral Club Trojan Leaders Cheerleader GEORGE A. SHAHEEN 718 Twelfth Street N.E. RETAILING Ambitious, good sport, peppy BETTY LOUISE SHERMAN 2343 Fifteenth Street N.E. ACCOUNTING Charming, polite, neat Timken Revue Student Library Staff Choral Club Ollice Assistant LEONARD M. SHULL l630 Shriver Avenue N.E. AUTOMOBILE Progressive, nice looking Band Orchestra Choral Club NORMA JEAN SHUSTER 246 Bellflower Avenue N.W. RETAILING Sweet, pleasing, retailer .lfmpwv ROBERT RUSSELL SICKAFOOSE 707 Wells Avenue S.W. DRAFTING Manly, srnoolb, cordial Timlten Service Society Varsity Baseball MANUEL A. SILVA 1508 Clark Avenue S.W. AUTOMOBILE Grand, creative, smiling Timlten Revue Choral Club ELIZABETH SIMETZ 1003 Concord Avenue S.W. TEA Room lmffish, lraser, adwe ROBERT E. SITLER 720 Lawrence Road N.E. PATTERN Short, veteran, "Bob" MARGARET LOUISE SKELLEY 324 Seventeenth Street S.E. Cosmirrotocv Dancer, carefree, gay Timlten Revue MIKE SKUBIAK 1825 Taft Avenue N.E. ' MACHINE Slim, mail: whiz, earnexl Timken Service Society Home Room Representative Band Choral Club Orchestra HAROLD E. SLABAUGH R. D. No. I, Canton DRAFTING "Gene," fine guy, lots of fun Timlten Service Society Timlten Revue Trojan Leaders Varsity Football Reserve Football ,IOANNE ELLEN SLATTERY 1014 Fifth Street N.W. SECRETARIAL Pre-Ity, vivacious, willy Student Library Staff Trojan Leaders Blue and Gold DONNA SLAYMAN 205 High Avenue S.W. SECRETARIAL Good buddy, cheerful, dimples Publications Editorial Staff Timlten 'Revue Choral Club GRACE MARGARET SLUSSER 1658 Wayne Avenue N.E. COSMETOLOGY "Pee wee," pleasant, cute lf. ij? f.,1f., ft-QL! UL "Q fi' .' I ' f f' Z 48 ff L I, j,Y, , f 4! f FLORENCE LOUISE SMITH S09 Milton Court N.W. ACCOUNTING Dreamy, allraclivr, good spoil Timlten Service Society Publications Editorial Staff Business Staff Troian Leaders Blue and Gold NANCYANN SMITH 714 Prospect Avenue S.W. Cosmerotocv "Theme Song," peppy, viggygug Timlten Revue Choral Club SHIRLEY ANNE SMITH 1238 Minerva Court N.W. CAFETERIA Swell, sincere, dependable VIRGIL SMITH 422 Arran Place S.E. WIELIJING Quiet, "Virg," resourceful EUGENE LEE SNYDER 1033 Harrison Avenue S.W. MACHINE Devilisb, joker, lots of fun Choral Club ROBERT WILLARD SNYDER 1221 Arnold Avenue N.W. AUTOMOBILE Good sport, "Curly," serene MARY D. SPATARO 1602 Olive Place N.E. SECRETARIAL Iolly, fun-loving, good-natured Timken Service Society Publications Editorial Staff Student Library Staff Choral Club MIKE JOHN SPEHAR 1813 Wallace Avenue N.E. AUTOMOBILE Prnt-tical, nice, sincere BARBARA J. SPINO 1435 Allen Avenue S.E. COSMETOLOGY "Bobs," simple, sweet Home Room Representative CHARLES MICHAEL STAN 1420 Harrison Avenue S.W. ACCOUNTING Drummer, flashy ties, smooth Timken Service Society Class Omcer Publications Editorial Staff Timlten Revue Home Room Representative jazz Band Band Orchestra Reserve Basketball WILLIAM PAUL STARK 3107 Tuscarawas Street V. MACHINE Lanlzy, gymnastic, fine Stagecraft Club Reserve Basltetball Reserve Football MARGARET ANN STEFANAK 1434 Hilscher Avenue N.E. RETAILING Retailer, lively, grand Choral Club X . tx ' s' ' PAUL V. STEVENS 'X ' -A 126 Fifteenth Street S.E. X MACHINE , R s ,X Tall, spartive, lrlive X V X Varsity Baseball' fn' J' V l , ' I KA, MARY ANTOINETTE STREAMO 1015 Lafayette Street S.E. DRESSMAKING Singer, stylish, delightful Timken Revue Choral Club JAMES ROBERT SWARTZ 1022 Fourth Street S.W. CAFETERIA Big wheel, "chef," energetic -IULIUS ADOLPH TAMARGO 1653 Bedford Avenue S.W. PRINTING "HnIio," popular, silly Timlten Revue Home Room Representative Graphic Arts Club CHARLES A. TAYLOR 1530 Parkhill Place N.E. AUTOMOBILE Slick, well-groomed, "Chuck" Home Room Representative DORIS MARIE TAYLOR 9ll Fifth Street N.W. RETAILING Kiml, gay, uulirr' JOHN WILLIAM TAYLOR Freedom Road R.D. No. 1, Canton MACHINE Singer, ull-nrouml guy Timken Revue Home Room Representative Choral Club DOMINIC J. TENAGLIA 2526 Winheld Way N.E. AUTOMOBILE "Tirnoiby Trojan," good sport, swell Timlten Revue Home Room Representative EVELYN M. THELLMAN 24I5 Sixteenth Street N.E. COMMERCIAL ART Nice disposition, prelly hair G. JEANNE TIDENBERG 1820 Market Avenue, North ACCOUNTING Lovely, lumbler, well-dressed Timken Service Society Class Officer Publications Editorial Stag Business Timlten Revue Band Trojan Leaders Blue and Gold Office Assistant RICHARD LEE TINLIN 923 Park Avenue S.W. RETAILING Nice fo know, casual, popular Timlten Revue Home Room Representative Band Choral Club .IOANNE KATHRYN TODD II50 Manor Avenue SW. SECKETARIAL Prelfy, friendly, giggles Timlten Revue Band Choral Clula SHARLYN ANN TSCHANTZ 919 Maryland Avenue S.W. DIII-zssnalmc Allracliw, refined, capable Timken Revue Choral Club NICK 1. TSILIDAS 1907 Bleclter Place N.E. WELDING Suave, slender, showy School Play Varsity Football Reserve Football FLORA TURNIDES 1802 Tenth Street N.E. DRESSMAKING Good natured, sincere, vitality Timken Revue Stagecraft Club Band Choral Club Orchestra Trojan Leaders Blue and Gold D, PAUL VINCE Tf UZ Q 1718 Fer l od . ., U MACPITN Tu , tl Jan e a- GEORGE JOHN TZANGAS, JR. 902 Twenty-Fifth Street N.W. RETAILING Honest, polite, keen Timken Revue Home Room Representative Choral Club Orchestra GEORGE TZANIKIDES 1750 Tenth Street N.E. PRINTING Curly bair, fine dresser, playboy Home Room Representative Graphic Arts Club of Stagecraft Cluz DVM, I -,lag f, V I J 10' V of rs. Je fiffw 5 vw ,fl X3 BETTY LOU UEBEL 1356 Nineteenth Street N.W. SECRETARIAL Lim' wire, cute, likeable Timken Service Society Student Library Staff Band Trojan Leaders Blue and Gold MIKE VACCARO 1448 Scoville Avenue S.W. Etncnuc Vibrant, busy, devilish Home Room Representative Stage Technicians AQ -qua., ,, ROSE MARIE VALENTINE 1700 Henry Avenue S.W. CosME1'o1.ocY "Val," sby, rasual RAY VARA 1035 Harrison Avenue N.F.. WELDING Athletic, gels around, sportive Timken Revue Varsity Basketball Reserve Basketball THOMAS A. VAUGHN 330 Tuscarawas Street E. PRINTING loker, fine, talkative Graphic Arts Club LEROY CARTER VAUGHT 5236 Fourteenth Street S.W. PluN1'xNo Small, niee, friendly Graphic Arts Club STEVE VLASHO 2208 Fifth Street N.E. AUTOMOBILE Sincere, industrious, alert Reserve Football ALVA WAYNE WALTERS 821 Fifth Street S.W. RETAILING Lilzeable, responsible, sharp Timken Revue Home Room Representative RICHARD WAREHIME 144 Aultman Avenue N.W. MACHINE lubilant, manly, perky Stageeraft Club JOI-IN E. WARNER 1517 Rowland Avenue N.E. ELECTRIC Always happy, right guy SHIRLEY ANN WEAVER 1382 Ivydale Avenue S.W. CosME'roI.ocY "Sbirl," admirable, bones! Stagecraft Club Trojan Leaders JOHN WILLIAM WEBLER 1323 Dueber Avenue S.W. MACHINE Basbful, lanky, sailor Choral Club JAMES ARNOLD WEEBER 932 Mahoning Road N.E. MACHINE Clever, amiable, reliable Home Room Representative Stagecraft Club MARY A. WELLS JII4 Sixth Street S.W. SEcIxE1'AIuAI. Kind, proficient, genial Timken Revue Choral Club isfit DOLLIE MAE WICKI-IAM 1107 Twelfth Street N.W. CAFETEIUA Little, iovial, winsome Home Room Representative DANIEL DICKSON WILHELM 2812 Coventry N.E. MACHINE Amusing, big time, lively Stage Technician DALE EWING WILLIAMS 423 McKinley Avenue S.W. DRAFTING First rate, systematic, drafier Timken Service Society Band Orchestra HARRY D. WILLIAMS 1404 Third Street S.W. COMMERCIAL ART Rugged, casual, suave Publications Art Staff Home Room Representative Stagecraft Club SHIRLEY ANNE WILLIS 211 Belden Avenue N.E. RETAILING Coy, gracious, mannerly Publications Editorial Stat? Student Library Staff KARL WILLMS, JR. 2605 Kirby Avenue N.E. MACHINE Silly, resourceful, clever Choral Club Varsity Football Reserve Football KAY M. WILSON 1209 Tuscarawas Street W. SECRILTARIAL A favorite, active, cncrgctic Timlten Revue Choral Club Trojan Leaders MARIE COLETTA WILSON 1142 Shadyside Avenue S.W. RITAILING Frirolous, imagirratirv, showy Timken Revue Choral Club HELEN LOUISE WISE 1326 Wilson Place N.W. RLTAILING G ravious, Classy, jauuty HOWARD V. WISE 1606 Pearl Place S.W. WELDING Practical, clever, resourceful Home Room Representative Stagecraft Club PATRICIA WISE 1907 Fourth Street S.E. DRESSMAKING Majorcttc, easy on the eyes, fine Timken Revue Band Majorette Choral Club WALTER WITOWSKI 2320 Fourteenth Street N.E. COMMERCIAL ART Actor, cntcrtaining, terrific School Play Timken Revue Varsity Football Reserve Football i""'? WALTER PALMER WRIGHT 403 'Thirty-Eighth Street N.W. ELECTRICAL Impisb, baslaful, happy ROBERT L. YEARY 1118 Monnot Place N.W. RETMLING Wolf, nirc rlrrsxcr iamcra fan Timken Revue Choral Club ROBERT YOUELS 1239 Linwood Avenue S.W. ELECTRIC Nc wcomer, friendly, nice JOHN ZAMILSKI 1445 Harrison Avenue S.W. PATTERN Carrfrcc, slarcwfl, unlroublcd PATRICIA DIANE ZAUNER 441 janet Court S.E. RETAILING Sluzlious, pleasant, modest Student Library Staff DELBERT D. ZIMMERMAN 2506 Forty-Second Street N.W. ACCOUNTING Teaser, "Zim," original 50 ROSEMARY C. ZINK 2311 Adm Place N.W. AccouN1'1Nc Tull, rbrvry, rl'a'f11'nt1u11l1' Timken Revue Choral Club RICHARD G. ZWAHLEN 1227 Arnold Avenue N.W. SHEET METAL Playboy, inzvnlor, rarnrsl i ROBERT C. ZWALLEN 1415 Seventh Street N.W. PRINTING Bashful, "Dirk," scnxible Graphic Arts Club 40 s. .aru- f -' WI: v J 1 .Sv A rl ' ,,.,pnuuullf' 2? f' .W ,W 1 J 'i'l k Vw E -wh A L'-Q... N W "I stooped and wrote upon the sand My name-the year-the day." SEPTEMBER Timken opened its 1947-48 school year. The Lincoln Lions edged out the Trojan eleven by the score of 13-12. Norma Gialluca and Stan Kostewicz were the first stu- dents to appear at school with plastic bubbles. Mr. Muster presided over the first senior assembly. OCTOBER Mr. Harrison introduced the Deep Valley Quartette to the students of Timken. The McKinley Bulldogs were held back by our deter- mined team and won the game by the narrow margin 14-13. Mr. Norman Coates Webster was the topic of dis- cussion after his line program on poetry. The Timken Trojans were defeated by Lehman 13-7. Vernon Johnson's bid for a touchdown was null and void. The class odicers for each of the classes were elected today. Chuck Koskovich leads the senior class aided by Virginia Caster, Jeanne Tidenberg, and Clara Connor. Chuck Koskovich, captain of our football team, crowned Virginia Caster as Football Queen of 1947-48. The students of Timken were awarded a holiday when the teachers traveled to Cleveland for the annual N. E. O. T. A. Meeting. NOVEMBER Donna Hchr and Mary Datko led the dressmaking class in the race for the longest fingernails. School recess-Armistice Day. Red Letter Day! Girls sit, boys stand at the football rally before the Alliance Game. The junior shorthand class requested a song on a disk jockey program. The song was "I Can't Get Started With You." juniors dress up to step out for their first class party. The football team was honored with a banquet and a dance in the gym. 27 Thanksgiving vacation-Two whole days to sleep DECEMBER The Freshmen gathered after school to make new and lasting friends at their first party. The question of long skirts keeps popping up but the skirts keep going down. Trojans win over the Lincoln Quintet 38-26. The Dramatics Class of Timken presented "Abie's Irish and eat. Rose" with Helen joseph, Les George and Jim Connor, in the leads. Mixed chorus presented "A Song of Christmas" with Frankie De Angelis and Mary Streamo as soloists. Christmas Vacation comes with visions of Santa Claus and "Baby" Time. JANUARY Who filled Violet Orange's purse with water? Students come trailing into school late, later, latest, because of bus strike. The identity of junior seems to have the students stumped. Because of bus strike Sophomores were forced to have party after school from 3:30 until 6:30. Tough luck! A student in eosmetology forgot to turn on the switch for the dryer and Frances De Petri sat a whole hour wondering why her hair didn't dry. White sweaters-Graphic Arts Club. Fine! NEW LOOK FLING-the talked-about dance of the Juniors. The dance featured "Mr, Hush," a solo, "How Soon" by Marilyn Kolberg, and a quartettc consisting of Don Philabaum, Gene Roshong, Ray Cromi and Don Casselberry. Seniors doll up for Winter Wbirl. Intermission featured a Mystery Skit, a solo, "Now is the Hour" by Patsy Gusler and the Timken Tap Line. FEBRUARY Nutchuk brought us first-hand information concerning Alaska. Second party for freshmen.rEveryone really had fun. A Mystery Dance was one of the features of the Sopho- more Leap Year Drag. Blue and Gold Basketball Game-the big game for girls. MARCH Bill Seamen recalls the days when he called ice cream cones lppy Keam Kones. Loring Campbell Assembly. -18-19 The school revue-a great success. Everyone was proud and tired! Spring recess-Ph! Those house-cleaning days! APRIL Freshmen grow up for their first night party. Sophomores complete their round of dances. Seniors dance at the last party they shall attend as students of T. V. H. S. -30 Band and Orchestra take the spotlight for their appearance in the spring concert. MAY Flowers, formals and punch! The Senior Prom was the topic of the day. Good food and laughter enthused the teachers at their annual picnic. Class Night-Seniors received recognition for their out- standing achievements. Last day of school for the seniors. Baccalaureate service prepared seniors for their life JUNE Students, happy and sad, received their diplomas and departed from school. Last day of school year 1947-48. Have a good time everybody. after school. spurt at hastinq a El continued, lhn day." nil wmv, 3-,xxqn n.faf,,f f' vw JLAKSA f . A K wfmgw, ' 1V,X ,A ww, " .5 . R mf - vm H .,,,. iflffi in 25, Y if ww' 'X ' x ESMF? '- 'Fm 1 1 wgigzfgwyi 5 , W. h3,m,wwf1ff , 25? 33 ,w gr ,H ii: CLASS ,UP '49 Row I: Eleanor Silvery, Dorothy Kulich, Marlynn Kosht, Ann Stilianos, Mable Saimes, Clara Di Stefano. Row II: Miss Shorb, jackie Kelly, Susan Rocci, Donna Skelley, Elsie Higham, Betty Navrozides, Ronald Young. Row III: Law- rence Miner, jim Shenkle, Placide Garcia, Dale Baker, Nick Angiulo, Nick Karales, William jenkins, Gene Slusser. Row IV: Fred Kreuz, Elmer Tovissi, Don Kessler, Duane Hopes, Jim Gnagy, Curtis McCoy, Tom Martin, Row V: William Vesely, james Karales, Rodney Dinkins, Bob Schu- macher, Don Williams, Bob Risaliti, Waldo Cross. Row VI: Richard Patrick, David Riggle, Leo Everitt, Mr. Swant, Mr. Beyer. 14 mf: 'wxbfl 5' 0 ' 7LL.f,fj X ' L,-fy, 15 if ,fa J' ,f XV -f if 1 IL, HV, X Row I: Jacqueline Melvin, Barbara Saliles, Elizabeth Hall, Eleanor Williams, Barbara Donze, Donna Reese. ,Row II: jack Hess, joe Petrilli, Robert Sparrow, Della Stoner, Nancy Darr, Carol Everhart, Pauline Beaudry. Row III: Ray Cromi, Ronald Harrell, jim Thorley, Glenn Payne, Charles Healy, Clem Behra, Robert Schlemmer, Joe Gennet, Row IV: Dwain Dinius, Bob Foster, Carlos Vasquez, jose Vasquez, Ray Maurer, Dick Boczelt, Dick Racy. Row V: Mr. Huebner, Dick Sierra, Harold Knappenberger, Gene Roshong, Dick Kendro, William Horner, Mr. Brightman. Absent: Walter Currier, jim Miller, George Stefaniak. 'FG fa' f,3pV Row I: joe Czekansky, Anthony Faye, Vincent Cammel, Bob Mecrstein, Frank Cammel, Glenn Schr0t,t. Rlrw II: An- gelo Ziccardi, Vernon Neiss, Benny Wolfe, Thomas Papas, Vincent Giordano, Norman Collins, Fritz Rizlt, Nick Mer- corelli. Row III: Kenneth Caudill, Anthony Lanza, Don Tolbert, James Bowe, Richard Shaffer, joel John, Earl Booth, john Murphy. Row IV: Anthony Polosky, Harold Walker, Donald McDonald, Robert Eddy, Charles Vogley, Don Cam- panelli, Paul White, Don Shook. Row V: Mr. Rensch, Ber- nard Maraz, Bill Hodgon, Mr. Weiler, Albert Cheltan, Ralph Reisinger, Mr. Rader. Absrnl: Bill Rupple. - 57 'H f UP 49 f UV' ,,. M , f .. W" ,, , . RW 1 fs i R0 Iohn Miller, james Miller, joe Schweizer, Donald Schneider, Ronald Kramer, Wayne Black. Row II: Winfield Mayle, Oscar Locke, Guy Conversino, Ray Copobianco, Don Fonte, Roy Gutierrez, james Bossart, Donald Greaves. Row III: George Beogolas, Eugene Ries, Gene Reed, Mike Van Dress, William Levy, Harold Carnes, jack Benson, john Gibbs. Row IV: Virgil Dragomire, Gerald Hunt, Bill Stidd, Don Casselberry, Robert Roush, Bill Smith, james Brown. Row V: Ray Lescallett, joe Chicky, Richard Kossack, Richard Kabana, jerry Sellman, Frank Chirumbolo, Row VI: Mr. Kamp, Eddy Dootz, Dean Dager, Mr. Harmon, Robert Weimer, jack Coffey, Mr. Warrick. Row I: Frank Duell, Andrew Spino, Raymond Danilult, Frank Morelli, Dominic Campanaro, Bill Boccuti, Christ Siminges. Row II: Earl Leiter, Perry Louros, Paul Gosiewski, Dick Raymondi, Lewis Bruckner, Nick Adams, john Garcia, Dominick Herraiz. Row III: Ray Amigo, Lance Esposito, Dwight Engstrom, Ronnie Wingerter, Tom Tersigni, Tom Atkins, Dick Wellbaum. Row IV: Whitney Brenner, Glenn Price, Richard Capper, Mike Carosielli, Clair Reed, Louis john, john Muntean. Row V: Charles Richardson, Paul Ritz, Tom Strub, Dale Kettering, Don Philabaum, Larry Machan, Ronald Rice. Row VI: Mr. Osborne, Mr. Martin, Mr. Everett. Row I: Sally Swartz, joan Biedenbach, Mary Hansen, Mary Gret:nHeld, Rosanne Sichler, Sue Buchanan, Marlene Krebs. Row II: Ann Dimetriou, Margaret Hughes, janet Rhine, Carol Bailis, Lois Davenport, Mary Toma, Ethel joseph, Shirley Brankel, Olga Lazarides. Row III: Rose Marie Moses, Corrine Maydock, Louise Ivsich, Marilyn Keefer, Helen Stidd, Betty Winland, Lorna English, Betty Leitner. Row IV: Mike Carpinelli, Howard Diclterhoof. George joseph, joe Vaccaro, Dan Colasurdo, Vince Tonielli, Dorothy Davis. Row V: Miss Perry, Bill Baum, Lawrence Richard, Robert Fox, Pablo Olivera, Mr. Swindell. 58 ELA SS UP '49 Rauf I: Sadie Abood, Betty Riese, Celia Di Minno, Dorothy Keim, Geraldine Chofiin, Joanne Willis, Ruth Schoeppner. Row II: Paralee Watkins, Nancy Locltmeyer, Lenore Manist, Beverly Koutras, Charlotte Bowers, Kath- leen Gill, Norma jean Babcock, Beverly Douez. Row III: Alice Vignos, Edward janecek, Zona Hansen, Viola Nar- duzzi. Crist Stilianos, Flossie Cain, Donna Stephenic. Row IV: Willard Stuffelbeam, Homer Mottice, Ruth Ann Ronaldson, Doris Silverthorn, Gust Berginides, Leo Beneleit, Miss Stambaugh. Absent: Kitty Lattin, Hazel Wiseman, Naomi Tesch. Row I: Joyce Marshall, Barbara Brown, Barbara Mattes, Mary Wilson, Elizabeth Selteralt, Nancy Sarno, Annie Efanti. Row II: John McQuaid, Virgil Carr, Rita Minocchi, Norma Fisher, Lillian Scarfone, Mary Ann Dubina, Vivian Newton. Lloyd Mathews. Row III: Harry Whitcomb, Dick Coplan, Joe Mastcko, Eugene De Chellis, Lawrence Chiavaroli, Don Valentine, Trieston Esposito Schwitzgable, Fred Cockrill, David Abdula, jack Myers, Mr. Moore, Miss Crow, Mr Louis Dohey. Row IV: Tom jack Dempsey, Gale Heslop. Robert Amatangelo. Row V: Mellon. Row I: joan Nalley, Betty Hossler, Mary Vietch, Betty Moreland, Antoinette Starr, Donna Klingaman, Lois Galy. Rau' II: Mary Ellen Guenther, Rita Morrow, Pat Halter, Marjorie Hoffman, janet Peddicord, Betty Dryden, Enola Dutton, Donna Chrisp. Row III: Blair Nader, Wilda King, Rose Marie Chick, Marleen Lewis, Nancy Graham, Mary Cromi, Marilyn Brown, jim Minarcheclt. Raw IV: Ronnie Meyer, Dick Laslty, Roger Ascani, Bill Smith, Ronald Schaedler, Christ Mihos, Bill Rice. Row V: john Meeks, Miss Newacheck, Steve Luther. Abunl: Donna Cochran, EL 55 UF '49 Row I: Weda Scott, Pat Hogue, Doris McAnulty, Lucy Magnacca, Florence Malaney, Mary Ann Szasz, Rita Pol- verini. Raw II: Marilyn Daily, Helen Whaley, Eva jane Couts, Ann Codispoti, Glenna Jean Morris, Josephine Mon- giardo, Alice Shissler, Alvera jagodnik. Row III: Shirley Wolfarth, Lois Rife, Mary Proach, Helen Hambach, Mary Lou Hayes, Joyce Ferguson, Margaret George. Row IV: Miss Heidman, Lois Budner, Marilyn Brumma, Joan Daugh- erty, Virginia Suarez, Peggy Wallace, Josephine Davala. Row V: Joann Meyers, Florence Maxwell, Katherine Ruka- vina, Donna Guster, June Shoop, Catherine Miller, Elaine Oltey. Row VI: Marylyn Kolberg, Marilyn Brindlinger, Mary Tomic, Barbara Noll. Row I: Ernestine Smith, Sofia Tzangas, Shirley Geese, Regina Ryan, Patricia Sciury, Lilyan Varltonda, Marjorie Lechner. Row II: Bea Anthony, Marilyn Zwallen, Norma Fein, Pat Myers, Frances Meredith, jo Ann Albertson, Do- lores Brighenti, Eileen Holt. Row III: Doris Bowers, jean Cyphert, Lucille Slagle, Patricia Zumstein, Marjorie Miller, Delores Silverthorn, Flo Lou Lawrence, Dorothy Fehn. Row IV: Corrine Miller, Victoria Petro, Mary Rossi, Doro- thy Popa, Patricia Saunders, Dorothy Brown, Betty Warden, Esther Hayes. Row V: Miss Sparrowgrove, Virginia Hahn, Donna Lukens, Mary Lou Williams. K! 445 v. 2.3 'Wilt gfh 'Q'- 143. S'35f -3 U , in 1 Eh. 'T -Q if 'avid Xa, Ann My mm ww 'QQ QFFY ."" on 9 K.-4 SUPHUMURE EL!-X55 UFFIEEH5 Norma De Frank, Secretaryg Elise Car- rington, Treasurerg Thomas Ascani, Presi- dentg joseph Haley, Vice-President. EL I . l.4v . 'A K X. ,. t N 1 A S? S i UPF ., 1 , sv -J ig I '-" ' -s . Row If Alice Nelson, Louise Villella, Katherine Roccello, Patricia Forehope, N rrnia Gialluca, Bessie Paul, Jean Scoz- zarella. Row II: Ann olich, Loretta Woodside, Mary Chee- zan, Dorothy Bryant,'Phyllis Smith, Betty Blackburn, Louise Trace, Betty Falcone. Row III: Rose Marie Pezel, Virginia Catlett, Donna Gooding, Virginia Wise, Mary Ann Paulos, Patty Plympton, Beatrice Richardson, Joanna Stickle..Ro1u IV: Miss Bachtel, Martha Mahon, Margaret Slivcnick, joan jhona, Barbara Smith. Absent: Geueyieve'Maiorana. Row I: jean Cambell, Joan Schroeder, Rose Schott, Shirley Dieringer, lmo Bardine, Joyce Amos, Catherine Spataro. Row II: Ann Sprit, Doris Huth, Elizabeth Mor- gese, Jo Ann Church, Virginia Doker, Rita Hare, Norma De Frank, Irene Scroggs. Row III: Donna Melegari, Mary Jane Kirkland, Mary Lou Gilliam, Marilyn Bonsky, Marian Stifiler, Theresa jemmato, Betty Chickey, Betty Phillips, Norma Todd. Row IV: Miss Berkey, Delores Pederson, Rose- marie Stalder, Betty Falasco, jean Getto, Marilyn Groves, Joanne Kroh, Mary Preusser. Abxenl: Earla Mae Buck. Row I: Lutie Erck, Martha Hesson, Norma Sigler, Doris Hughes, Betty Eliadis, Esther Miller, Patty Willis. Row II: Rachel Recchio, Mary Noel, Wanda Moore, Marilyn John- son, Darlee Shepherd, Betty Willey, Ruby Cross, Ann Sawyers. Row III: Elise Carrington, Louise Carrington, Vir- ginia Beibel, Ina Shook, Joan Petersen, Eva Whitt, Nancy Young, Beverly Miller. Row IV: Pauline Harmon, Darleen Potter, Delwrae Shale, Betty Guzzo, Mary Wise, Carol Mil- ler, Carrie Davis. Row V: Marie Printz, Barbara Walter, Miss Bock, Lois Lombardi, Carol Fry. 63 -5, I "1-wa... CLASS UF 'EU Row I: Phyllis Smith, Frieda Stewart, Sophie Beoglis, joan Powell, Evelyn Sell, Rita Van Voorhis, Mary Vitale. Row II: Betty Jo Becker, Donna Thorp, Florence De Chel- lis, Mary Seperic, Clara Macris, Rita john, Lois Grimm, Delphine Sinay, Elsie Busnik. Row III: Barbara Hudacko, Mary Ann Maxwell, Phyllis Salsgiver, Gus Arrendale, Bob Toussant, Bob Gasser, james Willaman, Betty Slattery. Row IV: Mrs. Bolster, jack Zutavern, Harvey Hendrus, Bob Coy. Absent: Jean Case, John Bukosky. Ro1u'I: Bill Redleski, Richard Buch, Bill Brumma, Frank Warth, Raymond Leo, Richard Cox, Andrew Lokie. Row II: Karl Ritchey, Joe Bulso, Bill Friedman, Eugene Fach, John Kovacs, Vernon Doan, Dominick Pellegreno, Edward Craw- ford. Row III: George Demos, Joe Haley, Ralph Stark, George Kile, james Karipides, Ronald Lockmyer, Robert Brozovic, Delbert Crum. Row IV: Mr. Duncan, Paul Demos, Stanley Bair, James Cummins. ry, if R l W lmillflr 454 iJffgfl, ,QX Row I: Dolores Johnson, Joan Winkler, Carol Cobb, Victoria Bressi, Freda Petit, Josephine Dastalfo, Nancy Brady. Row II: Marilyn Yates, Ruth Colvin, janet Dick, Joyce Waltz, Virginia Spriggs, Peggy Donohue, Rose Sci- betta, Mary Ault. Row III: Bertha'Kiryaltides, Pauline Gursky, Norma Schwartz, joan Kauffman, Anna Mae Mar- ciniak, Mary Jean Kohler, Rita Stephan, Mildred Lewis. Row IV: Margaret Whitemyer, Evelyn Fahlfeder, Estelle Fabinak, Alice Friedman, Sondra Anderson, Clara Howell, Barbara Pavlinch. Row V: John Yunkes, Dorothy Rebillot, Dolores Szostak, Mr. Elliott. Absent: Mary Lou Beaumont, Barbara Edwards. CLASS UF 'SU Row I: Lee Sampson, Robert Miscavich, Robert Collins, David Hawk, Vincent Campitelli, Harold Wynne, Robert Wiley. Row II: Raymond Palmer, Tom Ritzman, Ben Corn, Karl Stutz, Louis Urban, William Ferry, Myron Taylor. Row III: George Majestic, Robert Lewis, Robert Myers, Carl Torcasio, Orwin Smith, Thomas Smith, Ray Winters. Row IV: Barry Miller, Mr. Frizzell, Edward Locy. Row I: janice Kehl, Bertha Mazarakan, Mary Terzan, Betty Larkin, Lovis Mohn, Annabella Streamo, Doralee Mil- ler. Row H: Donna Aeschbacher, Ruth Farr, Anna Popo, Loraine Neth, Barbara Peffer, Janet Shaheen, Mary Jane Boylan, Beverly Albright. Row III: Norma Garrini, Esther Daniels, Joyce McFadden, jane Price, Sanna Giordano, Nedra Taylor, Dolores Carman. Row IV: Mrs. Gosser, Mary Karolyi, Jeanette Shain, Annie Nicoiu. Absenl: Bo Dean Hickman. Row I: Ray Barboza, Glenn Bowersox, Paul Morris, Paul Covate, Donald Wilson, Anthony Di Giacomo, Anthony Lombardi, Row II: Tom Wfright, Lavern Pauly, Robert Eggleston, john Novak, Floyd Rohrer, Eugene Piccari, Bill Mercer, Walter Baus. Row HI: Albert Woodcock, Bill Lan- dis, Robert Beck, Dick Leggett, Cecil Burchett, jack Daw- son, John Weber, Mr. Hauritz. Absent: Carl Henry, EL!-X55 UF 'EU Row I: Joseph Lanza, jack Butler, George Macrides, Donald Wissuchek, Richard Gipe, Melvin Bush, Ben Dyer. Rtrw II: Ray Slonecker, Vincent Lupe, Wilmer Michel, Richard Stein, Walter Farber, Bob Ofhneer, Roy Zimmerman, Eugene Stahlman. Row III: Ronald Bernosky, Dwight Cooke, Vernon Christensen, Roland Gardner, George Snyder, Cal- vin Strcb, Larry Doepker. Row IV: Mr. Henderson, Dave Rice, Robert Doogan, Louis Peloso, James Barrett. Row I: Fred Frank, Frank Rizzo, Donald Erickson, Dwain Best, Dale Hess, jack Kossack, Don Paretta. Row II: Frank Gliba, David Watson, Dick Lockmeyer, Don Hillyer, James Buckman, john Boyaiian, Nick Frank, Don Hoffman. Row III: Gust Neztek, Tom De Cosmo, Donald Marcelli, Bill Kulick, Bill Kratt, Fred Cupples, Paul Esway. Row IV: Mr. Muster, Bob Horner, Bill Orange, Emanuel Margari- takis, john Fabian, Karl Stosic. Absrni: Norman Albert. Row I: Joe Chiavaroli, Stuart Smith, Don Sees, Richard Wingerter, John Sirpilla, Thomas Zahler, james Carlin. Row II: Thomas Ascani, Don Rinaldi, Richard Lupe, Carl Laase, Richard Corosu, Edward Richardson, Emmet Von Almen, john Frutschy. Row III: Kenneth Kackley, Charles Skropits, Virgil Muntean, Robert Dupper, Edward Bries- tensky, Fdward Minger, Donald Fraleigh. Row IV: Mr. Shearer, Henry Beitler. Absent: Manuel Alvarez, Larry Caley. 66 H, I ,f e 5 so ar. s . L , CLASS F'5U Run' l: Frank Brllman, jerry Corn, joe Conversino, lfugunc Mosley, Bob lkslmh, Benny Monaco, Ronald Mcliimic. Run' ll: Gene Cupp, Charles Follows, Richard Farber, Jewell lvcy, Irvin johnson, lfugcnc Florian, Srcwart Brown, Charles Michalk. Rau' Ill: Mr. Wvlbaurn, lfdson Lenhart, Don Bur- rurficld, Richard Allen, Rirhard Gravius, Raymond Grithrh, liud Sallu. .'Um'uI: Why nc Brogan, Joseph Miller, I W . , -y +5 1 D hum-tl i C7 2' it '1 fr-f ,I ' ff, f A r '1f mif'A'w aim, l 5 L E E E PHESHM AN EI . 55 UFFIEEH5 Kerry , mreasurerg jack preskdenc H preskdemg Rheem Huiiord Rcdph Yicchkone, secrecaryg james Yrkedman, vxcc CLASS UF '51 Row I: Carl Lanza, Edward Moody, Charles Popa, Jerry McDonald, W'aync Herrick, Nick Radu, Donald Streamo. Row II: Robert McGovern, Sidney Zimmerman, Don Cross, Ronald Sturm, David Stevenson, Donald Taylor, Nick Eliades, Steve Sarvady. Row III: Carl Scibetta, W'illiam Ho' facker, David Bole, james Schiavone, Milan Chovan, Fred- erick Hughes, Frederick Rifc, Eugene Reti. Row IV: Frank Chufar, Floyd Housley, Hatcher Meeks, Donald Caldwell, Cornel Silea, Miss Bachtel. Row V: Charles Kerstetter, Roy Baker. Row I: Eugene Bobish, Vincent Presutti, Thomas Mariol, Ken Carlisle, jack XVilliams, John Steffen, Don Black. Row II: Dick White, Dan Pellegrene, Victor Voina, Joe Novak, Don Angelo, james Morenda, Bernie Foralrer, Ivan Hall, Row III: Bob Walters, Joe Bagnolia, Bill Harbaugh, jerry De Angelis, Dan Pastor, Dick Schimanslry, Ory Gaul, Tom Yates. Row IV: Mr. Jones, Elmer Bjerregaard, Jack Davis, jacob Sedlock, Sullivan Cammel, james Reno, Roger Cal- houn, Fred Coy. Row I: Mary Jane Grimes, Roma Schoeppner, Nancy Robinson, Donna Rodgers, Shirley Wuchnic, Myra Lewers, Faythe Schuster. Row II: Lois Frey, Marlene Hight, Shirley Peterson, Patty Purcell, Sophie Mucha, Donna Hoskinson, Dorothy Swiger, Rosanne Close, Marjorie Biedenbach. Rau' III: Shirley Elliot, jane Cordier, Phyllis Forsythe, Ann Rance, Lois Groves, Lillie Burrell, Alice Bloom, Mary Manos. Row IV: Mr. Graening, Lois Veitch, Delores Boczek, Mil- dred Bayda, jane Ronaldson, jean Ebin, Delores Ryan. Abnnf: Donna Kirkpatrick, Mary Carl, 69 CLASS UP '51 Row I: Franklin Little, Raymond Dolph, John Garrini, Theodore Koury, Glen McC,ully, john Sholtis, Ronald julian. Row II Nick Costello, Richard Kelly, Charles Martin, john Jacoby, Tony Dente, Cary Thrasher, Louis Meacham, Alfred Carnes, Chester Wojtowicz. Row III: jack Lester, Richard Milnes, Larry Mayle, William Clubbs, john Lyons, james Austin, james Eberts, Harry Pifer. Row IV: Mr. Kate, Charles Heckman, Elwood Renner, William Levering, Don Rothermal, Harold Richard, Fred Holt. U l'l 1 l r Lf it of Row I: Jack Mohr, Ronald Mitchell, Fred Steer, john Slifka, Sam Scarpino, Bob Capobianco, Bill Yerian. Row II: Joe Addino, Bill Leitner, Charles johnson, Melvin Wilson, Mike Serena, Gene Cookson, Pat Muntean, Freeman Wright. Row III: Charles Morrison, Don Bryant, David Colasurdo, Walter Polk, Bob Schoonover, Richard Schoonover, Gene Mol-in, Henry Bullough. Row IV: William Groetz, Willis Krause, William Cunningham, Ralph Picchione, Elmer Dohy, Jim Hufford, Eugene Horning, Richard Price, Mr. Miller. Rou' I: Dale Snellenberger, William Beach, Michael Fehn, Tom Brownfield, john Vodepich, Dick McMaster, Gordon John. Row II: Chuck Garrison, Eliadore Patete, Americus Pediera, Dominic Mongiardo, Donald Rocovits, Dale Kramer, Robert La Kosh, Edmund Walters. Row III: Mr. Parker, Bill Burgess, Harold White, Bill Budner, Ronald Davis, Tom Shook, Norman Glessner. Row IV: Bob Hughes, Bob Sclieetz, Bob Smith, Jim Evans, jim McCallin. Abxenl: Robert Lyons, Earl Stan. ELASS UF '51 Row I: Dorothy Leonard, Evelyn Blackburn, Joanne Scamolla, Faye Rex, Sophie Adams, Winifred Hankins, Bev- erly Boone. Row II: Nancy Neel, Eleanor Kratz, Shirley Ritchie, Barbara Kiesel, Dorothy Fleck, Cecelia Amato, Patricia Healey, Glenda Burfield. Row III: Joyce Metzger, Ruth Hainley, Margaret Dimitru, Roseann Fowler, Clara Hayes, Frances,Van Kirk, Kathryn Shaw, Eileen Kerry. Row IV: Mary Jane Eggleston, Rhoda Garcia, Grace Barnes, Mary Kathryn Miller, Georgia Moody, Ann Piero, Betty Jean Lambert, Bonnie Hoover. R010 V: Miss Pinsenschaum, Thelma Shafer, Evelyn Lober, Jean Bower, Ronalee Lindsay, Dorothy Kraft. Row I: Mary Runner, Anna Morelli, Shirley Dixon, Sally Ann Hodge, Phyllis Mohn, Donna Capper, Anna Di Rocco. Row II: Patricia Reed, Helen Afentul, Evelyn Papadopoulos, Mary Lou Carbone, Marlene Tomey, Josephine Di Stefano, Evelyn Hackathorn, Twila Schleappi,' Margaret Halter. Row III: Elizabeth Moldovan, Donna Borowsky, Kathryn Hysong, Mary Lou Wooley, Beverly Miller, Olive Ann Hixon, Mary Jane Hupp, Beatrice Boscia. Row IV: Mrs. Pickens, Marianne Salopek, Geraldine Solvey, Wilma Owen, Lorraine Rhodes, Janet Johnson, Gloria Hucltels. Row I: Lillian Monaco, Violet Murphy, Clara Theo- felactos, Barbara Smith, Margaret Davis, Joanne Turowski, Carmela Codispoti. Rim II: Alice English, Margaret Silva, Phyllis Seemann, Nanette Miller, Albis Xenos, Irene Di- minno, Betty Perez, Ruth Ann Martz. Row III: Delores Davis, Jackie Von Thaer, Arthur Miller, Jack Keim, An- drew Mihos, Merlon Moore, James Kellams, Franklin Mai- sano. Row IV: Mr. Risaliti, Joann Doebereiner, Patty Miller, Marjorie Halter, Phyllis Zeller, Janet Both, Lucille White, Dorothy Pope. Absent: Jean Gaul, Miriam Halley. 7 1 CLASS UF '51 Row I: Dorothy Heim, Delores Amigo, Beverly Herd- liclu, Phyllis Hutchison, Betty Leonard, Kay jean Myers, Betty jo Safiles. Raw II: Dorothy Bearer, Patty Leopold, Mary jane Huth, Lois Smith, Rita Harper, Shirley Mall- check, Pat Fonte, Rae Andrews, Ann Haley. Row III: Don- na Wallwr, Barbara Pierson, Norine Kraus, Mary Ann Knight, Edith Trombine, Bonnie Goertzen, Sally Ann Cobb, Marion Roberts. Row IV: Norma Butler, Althea Christian, Annadell Becker, Betty Hunter, Carol West, Peggy Lou Perdue, Josephine Grubish, Barbara Siltora, Min Shafer. Absent: Mary Dambroslty. Row I: jim Maydoclt, Richard Snyder, Jaclt Brannan, Clair Mcliimie, Richard Pederson, Paul Mosley, jack Taylor. Row II: Richard Bulso, Lewis Sagerman, jerry Prestier, Virgil Piindrea. Bill Foltz, Don Lundstrom, Tom Jordan, jack Friedman, George Danilult. Row III: jack Moore, Richard Sibert, Dick Sltelley, jerry Kovacs, jaclt Paul, Vic- tor Fenton, Bruce Large, Charles Barkheimer. Row IV: Marion Stamoules, Kenneth Hablitzel, Mr. Tolson, Vincent Chcsson, Jack Donald. If Put forward ynur hast font." W6 pl. iff' :' f 1 ,wwf ., , , FOOTBALL MANAGERS Lvfi io right: Ray Cromi, Hatcher Meeks, Dick Raymandi, Gene Mosley. COACHING STAFF 'N 5 ef Exif s-.ggi s MSN: Haw l S 5 F--'Q 1 in A First row: Mr. Bernard Campbell, Mr. Daniel Risaliti, Mr. Kenneth Kate. Second YOIUI Mr. Russel jones, Mr. Thomas Wel- baum. BASKETBALL MANAGERS Lrff io righl: Dick McMaster, Gene Slusser. V HSITY FUUTBALL TEAM LINCOLN ......, 13-12 L. SALEM ,,...,..,,.,..,,.,..,,,.. -....-. 7- MCKINLEY 7,,... ....... 1 4-13 L. NEW PHILADELPHIA ..... ...... , 27- ASI-ITABULA .A 7. AA,..., 21-7 W- GIRARD ...................... .,.... . 22- LEHMAN . ...Y7., 13-7 L. WELLSVILLE ..w.. .....,,37- ALLIANCE 7w7.,. ...... 2 6-7 L. MT. VERNON ...... ..,,,,, 3 8- K igg jig . E . f . , Row I: Vincent Giordano, Richard Pont, Oscar Locke, Harold Slabaugh, Vernon Johnson, Lance Esposito, Walter Witowski, Harry Moustaris, Ray Amigo, Bob Risaliti. Row II: Steve Luther, Carl Stosic, Don Philabaum, Bob Fortion, Don Casselberry, Karl Willms, Charles Skropits, Waldo Cross, jarnes Gellen- beck, Don Valentine. Row III: Lester Lower, Albert Vfoodcock, Harold Knappenberger, Leo Everirt, Victor Polosky, jack Briggs, john Meeks, Dick Sierra, Charles Koskovich. an Harry Moustaris Vic P0l05kY JflCk Briggs Polosky and Pont "hold that line." Karl Wmms Jim Gellenbech Harold Slabaugh Bob Portion H. Chuck Koskovich Lester Lower Fleet-footed Pont. Vernon johnson Dick Pom Walter Wirowski RESERVE E UUTB LL SUUA Row I: Gust Neztek, john Weber, Ronald Bernosky, Thomas Ascani. Row II: Don Wilson, John Frutchy, Jacques Zuta- vern, Dwight Cooke, Tom De Cosmo. Row III: Dan Rinaldi, Ronald Lockmeyer, George Macrides, Eugene Florian, Robert Horner, Don Marcelli. Row IV: Dave Watson, Don Fraleigh, Robert Myers, Dave Abdulla, Edward Locy. Row V: Bill Graetz, jack Dawson. EHESHMZXN EUUTB LL SUUA D X 9 4 s x X Row I: Louis Meacham, Tony Dente, Henry Bullough, Carl Scibetta, Victor Fenton, James Eberts, john Friedman. Row II: Freeman Wright, joe Addino, Charles johnson, Eugene Reti, john Jacoby, Donald Cross. Row III: James Hufford, Richard Milnes, jack Moore, Hatcher Meeks, Charles Kersretter, Bill Groetz. Row IV: Charles Heckman, Fred Holt, Robert Sheetz, jake Sedlock. V HSITY B SHETBALL TEAM AKRON WEST ,Y,... . .,,,,77,,,., .. 7.,.,77 55-37 W. WESTERN RESERVE . .7,,,Y..,..,..,A,, 65 43 COLUMBUS CENTRAL ,v,... .,....-46-36 L. YOUNGSTOVVN WILSON 3 33 MASSILLON ,7,7,,, , ........77,v,.. ,,.,.,, 4 2-36 L. WARREN ..A.,,7,,......,..,,7...,..,..77A...,... 66 54 LINCOLN .V..,E....,7V,...,.,,.,,,... ...,7, 3 6-27 W. YOUNGSTOWN CHANEY ....,,.,77 46 37 YOUNGSTOWN SOUTH ,,....,,.7.,,. 46-41 W. MCKINLEY ,,.....,.,.,.....,.7....,v............ 45 43 ASHTABULA . ,,3,3,3,,. ,,,3,.......,3,..... . .62-31 W. LINCOLN .......,,.......,.,,,...,... ,33,33.. 3 6 28 MARIETTA . ,3,. 33333, .,..33,3333 .,,,3I3 5 6 - 54 L. WOOSTER 33,,33,. .3,3 , H66 34 YOUNGSTOWN RAYEN .,3v,33.,,33 39-42 L. LEHMAN .... .. ,..,.....,,.... .....,,... . .. ...57-44 TOLEDO MACOMBER ,,... ...,., 5 1-32 W. AKRON EAST ..............., ....,.... ...,.,, 5 2 40 TOLEDO DEVILBISS . .... ,,,,.,,,,,,.... 3 9-27 L, TOURNAMENT LEHMAN . ...,,.....,.......,........,,,...,.,.,.. 48-33 W, YOUNGSTOWN CHANEY ....,. ....3 4 7-43 iii fd? W. W W W L Lvft Io right: Oscar Locke, George Korosedes, Jack Nieto, Carl Vazquez, Carl Stosic, Joe Vazquez, Dick Sierra, Harold Knappenberger, Vic Polosky. Dave Ebie. George Korosedes Oscar Locke Harold Knappenberger Dave Ebie oc Q NIA 927- Victor Poloslty W1 ,S A "TW .fm Victor Polosky, Timken's vct- eran center of two years, holds the 1947-48 city individual scoring record with 350 points, Vic was also elected to the All- City and All-Country Basket- ball Teams. Carl V 31-que-L jack Nieto Dick Sierra Carl Stosic Victor Polosky IF , Qu .. vL,,13'-7? :ar I- L :Y if -si WW ' M -af 5' , I I 5 f aw-1 P 'S " uf. -' if I . .gg . Loft to fight: Louke Ydoso, POI! Ymhbaufaf Cad Scoskc, Nba: VIOOACOC-ka SKY Yumxes' YF 9 Wann Bowersox, Dick Sxerra, S056 27-' buck Skropkts, B05 COV- Meeks, L: qua, Cados Vazquez! Buck row: Mr. Yxksahu. -.z , YWSMMNBQEWKLHNA Row lflrft to right: Victor Yemen, Cornd Nea, Mkhn Chuv An, Eugene Red, Barnes Maydock. Row Ilfh-ft io right: hmcs Hu6ord,Yred Huh, X had Coy, Chucks Kersceuer, Mr Wdhanx brew, Vfdbaunx. RESERVE SHETBAL I SUU U 1947 VARSITY BASEH LL SUU U as X! yr. W, Qi Ei Q- 'F Q ei I gl Row I: Bob Lake, George Beoglos, Louis Williams, Ernie Fuchs, Gust Nickolas, Howard Dickerhoof, Paul Waechter. Row Il: Dick Clauss, Ted jacks, Bob Sickafoose, Don Lightener, Bob Schumacher, Chuclg Koelble. Row III: Student Manager Bob Binkley, Ronald Shackle, jack Watson, Chuck Neago, Coach Bud jones. Q 4 C ew. af? f S-.U vm fi We 3 A 'fi 2 gi , ' x Q 545 it ,5 ,X ,., 'Q L Joanne Slattery Mary Cromi Margie Miller Alice Papadopouloa Bertha Karipides Rose Franta Betty Uebel Marie Maxin Margaret George Florence Smith BLUE AND BULB TEAM Louise Coleman Captain of Gold Alice Papadopoulos Captain of Blu: all xS9xet Alice Sh Elvera Gursky jean Tidenberg Flora Turnides Lilyan Varkonda June Kessler Louise Coleman Elaine Okey Delores Silverthorn Adela Moldovan 4 R- W3 :mln A N x g ' Z, 5 . 21 an . A ,I WHAM Q , ,gi z 3 , 1 U X 25341 N R kj J Q " .W 'L fsfff fje f f. W ' x .lf M K 5,1 .- an LWB ,S .1 is ix . t . K six 'Q' ,na - l xLL L 6 V y . fe: if 1 5, mm , . m- ov S . LH , .N , . ,V V . f Y -J: f f - :vffgq-4 5:5 . W1 f x K , -1 A 5,52 1 . - .aff . g A Y 5 fa: E 2 1 ' f ff 1 2 A 9, I , 1. 1. 5 Q, -M . ' Q . ' . , ,R S-mm fy 9 , ,wg - ' Y Xb W N . Iva 5 0' W M few Qf? ,Ts F, 5. "L ffl WM: fi, ,, R X 1'-X xx. nk --I':k. + .M':5MQ- MW WAX X N V 35 V ww X ,N XXX l ,. N X mm. Q X.mr -M 'Q X.. f, if -N, 'J W ,N .M v aa. .,-M., M ,pw ,N .X .A X, my A N. A W jul 'ff .5 .,-, X , , x:,,M,.M 1 'Rf lg.X. i' t I ' Xw .MNGM6 W: ,K xg W-sq f ,R X Wm. , 'ix ,ss QQ' EHUWNING UF THE 1947 nik Miss Sliirlcy W'illis, Miss Lucille Lesll, Queen Virginia Caster, Miss Jeanne Hcnsel, Miss Wanda Myers. C? KN A Z l .VN ii Y M, EEN AND CUUHT MISS VIRGINIA CASTER, 1947 Foofball Queen Five pretty lassies were chosen by the student body to reign as 1947 queen and court . . . At this ceremony her majesty's crown sparkled with jewels representing vir- ef' .-f ,fpip tues which should be a chal- lenge to all . . . if FWKY 3 Shirley W'illis, Harry Moustaris, Jeanne Hensel, Robert Fortion, Virginia Caster, Charles Koskovich, Lester Lower, Lucille Lush, Richard Pont, Vfaiidn Myers. f Yjig is , ,Y ,io Q .. 4 , 3""' Ng M, 495 ff' 'Pdf hxM3'm5lDl. .f , T 1 x :QSC SEA V a 947 V I fs' 2 . 0 0 M - Q 'N ax' f ?:,:.t I Wh' sr N .xx W A 5 415 nf I Q U 1 f ,f fx M, . if Q-of -if ip wr 5 V ff sv ip " ,H 5? P "J if 5 r Lv wa. if ,553 xg M iw. . A Oi . ll -S t - if .. K - 5- A W 'Q Q . y 5 s I -:K . 'gs 'B' 1 + A eegfgrs 1 If ,I ua " 1 f ur Mix in lf.-9, rm! ,. .. I sp ,w:,5.,? 5,5 1 ft .,sqg,y , S ,ff Q . . y ? 2 , ,, , PHESHMAN ANU J U N 1 U H SUPHUMUHE GIRLS' EHUHUS GIRLS' CHORUS 5 h is .:,:' ig - , gr if Sr' I7 The qreal thinq in the wnrld is nut sn much where we stand, as in what di1'ecti gn we are moving." I fW1iK'l3' ummm K !P1gx3f Q K Q , X. .g5, Q., . YF' e S 4 1 E 4, I 1 r 1 z ,.-M Q X A ,, ' .S 1 1' 2 ig L..-L W .F Q 5 a Q- v. M , - Q , A, . , f , A 'l f X Q. f x A ,yy 4 'V - A ' 1 X Q? Ni .Ai -,fs QL13' ix M4 Q up kk A -. H A - ' , Q 136 Jim..-, n viviu Picture 15 PFCSCIIICU WIICII UIC 1I'0- jan Band appears in gold and blue uniforms at football games and other school activities. The music and rhythm inspires greater school spirit within the hearts of all loyal students. Rau' I-Irfr In riglmf: Glenna Jean Morris, Nora Kir- by, janet Rhine, Diana Mclanoff, Mary Ella Baker. Row II-lrfi Io right: George Bechtel, Dick Wellbaum, Paul Gosiewski, Jeanne Tidenberg, Nick Scott, Row I-frfi Io riglrl: Bertha Karipides, Donna Tharp, Mary Lou Williams, Florence Maxwell, Flora Turnides, Tom Strub. Row II-lrfi lo rigbl: Celia Di Minno, Jerry De Angelis, Phyllis Salsgiver, George Adams, Larry Doepker. Row I-lvfl lo rigbl: Alice Shissler, Ralph Menear, R010 I-lcfl fo rigbl: Ann Haley, Kay Jean MYCFS, Norma Jean Kamp, Joyce Ferguson. Row II-left lo Glenda Burfield, Bernie Foraker, Rose Ann Fowler. Row riglul: Ernestine Smith, Nancy Lockmyer, Carol West, H-lfff fv figllff Don H0ffm2n, Benny' Wolfe, Louie 97 Gene Marshall. Row III: Walter Coursonn Schiavnne, Norman Collins, Cony Scozzarella. 5 ,, , s-W' 'iw QU' 'f:-ff.52fi1f1- - wr 13W ,ans Q 'Fl 9? Me mg- SB' ff Q , X .,'xX H F-A Eight high-stepping majorettes performed at half- THUJAN AN MAJUHETTE Ann Capestrain, Irene Scroggs, joan Kauffman, jean Chismar. S time shows, marching with the band and dancing to thc tunes of St. Louis Blum and Limrhouse Blues. Their winning personalities, precision marching, and Hne dancing have won them fame throughout the State. PM icq A 1 . 51" a NYM' - Xu! OKTAYK ciifwk ' NK AY nn' IOO First row-left Io right: Marjorie Lechner, Irene Scroggs, Patricia Wise. Ann Capestrain. Srrond row: Ioan Kauffman, Jean Chismar, Corinne Mil- ler, Rita Sanford, Anna May Mar- ciniak. Patricia Wise, Marjorie Lechncr. ' N ASN? N:-if :- x bb Q , MQW, Qiff f ' W x K 5. ' G Ja, 'ff S 1 'ik . Q' Q4 QQ ifyiypyg M aqg.s,... , 3? V 1 5 4 ll as ...4 'I f, 'QQ fi? K S lig 1 if . -4 Seuted--left to right: Betty Gray, Donna Slayman, Virginia Caster. Standing-left to right: Teresa Codispoti, Viola Crow- ther, Loretta Fleck. Tl EEN PUBLIE THE TYBU Seated-left to right: Donr Cochran, Margie Hoffman, P: Halter, Betty jo Becker, Ben Moreland, June Kessler. Slam ing: Betty Dryden. Left lo righl: Martha Hessol Paralee Watkins, Glenna Jea Morris, Eva Whitt, Flo Lu Lawrence, Norma Sigler, Anr May Hoskinson, Mary Spatarr Slamling-lefl to right: Peggj Donahue, jo Ann Church, jane Dick, John Yunkes, Norm Schwartz. Scaiml-lvft Io right Mildred Lewis. Ruth Ann Col vin, Margaret Witmeyer, Carc Cobb. TID S STAFF THE Two The students of the publications staff busy themselves throughout the year gathering ads from local stores, editing news items, digging up fea- ture material, and planning the year book. Timken's monthly paper and splendid annual are evidence of their hard Work. Seated-left to right: Joanne Purdue, Florence Smith, Mary Cromi. Sianding- Ieft Io right: Andy Hendrus, Chuck Kos- kovich, Angie Pappakostos. Seated-left lo right: Joe Vazquez, Harry Williams, Donna Neel. Standing- lefl lo right: Ray Maurer, Tina Elton. Left lo right: Dave Watson, Bill Sea- man, Sylvia Mikusa, Chuck Stan, Mike Van Dress, Irene Arunski. HUME HUUM HEPHESE TATIVES Representatives are chosen by the homeroom classes to act as spokesmen for their group in school activities, to serve as homeroom treasurers, to cooperate with the Tyro and Tivo, and to carry all information that must go di- rectly to the classes. Ruu' I-left Io rigbl: Louis Sagerman, Ralph Leo, Barbara Pavlinch, Nancy Sarno, Sally Swartz, Donna Hehr, Nancy Minocchi, Dick Ray- mondi. Ron' II-lrf! to rigbl: Robert Schu- macker, George Tlanikidcs, Nick Costello, Dom- inick Herraiz, Nick Mcrcorelli, Richard Sanders, Don Casselberry, Ted james. Row III-left I0 riglvl: Bob Risaliti, james Weeber, jack Myers, Carl Henry, Connie Melton, Burrell George, jack Dempsey. Myra Lewers, janice Mclntire, Lovis Mohn, jean Cyphert Powell Pat Halter. Ron' ll-I'I Io right: Carl Stut7. L1 Fetrow, oscphine Grubish, Barbara Pierson, Margaret Slive Oscar Locke, Thomas Pappas, Kenneth Carlisle. Rnu' Ill- lo riglrf: Howard Dickerhoff, Ralph Picchionc, Gene Ros Bill Taylor, Bob Aukerman, jack Nieto, Stuart Smith. Rau' I-left to riglni: Kline Papadopoulos, Barbara K . ff ' J l h Rau: I-luf! lo right: Evelyn Papaclo- poulos, Mary Proach, joan Coates, Pattic Willis, jackie Von Thaer, Betty Chicky, Betty Navrovides, Tina Tilton. Rau' ll- lrft lo right: joe Marks, Tony I.an7a, john Muntean, Howard Wise, Bill Budncr, Alva Walters, john DeVito. Rau' lll--lrff lo rigbl: Bill Brumma, Charles Michalk, Ro- land Gardner, Stanley Hbin, Dick Kendro, loc Vazquez, Harry W'illiams, Carl Lanza. HE SER IEE SOCIETY Ron' I-lrff lo riglrl-Joyce Fer- guson, Lenore Manisr, joan Daugherty, Patricia Zumstein, Margie Miller, Do- lores Silverthorn, ,lean Tidenberg, Marv Berginides. Rau' II-lvff fo rigbi: Marian Hoffman, Florence Smith, Nor- ma Kamp, Shirley Wtmlfarth, Marilyn Mikes, Sylvia Mikusa, Alice Papado- poulos, Pat Gusler, Catherine Miller. Rnu' III-lrfl In riglvl: Donald Bow- ker, Dick Boc7ek, Ronald Harrell, Dale Long, Bob Lake, Ray Moore, Larry Maclmn. Rau' I-lrfi' Io riglvf: Fnola Dutton, Betty Gray, Irene Arunski, Elaine Okey, Barbara Noll, Lois Budner, Don- na Guster, Josephine Davala. Row II- lvft to right: Rose Franta. Joann Mey- ers, Helen Whaley, Rita Sanford, Betty Uebel, june Kessler, Virginia Caster, Bertha Christu, Glenna Jean Morris. Rou' III-lvfl fo rigbl: Marilyn Brind- linger, Marylyn Kolberg, Ralph Rau- vola, Stanley Ebin, Mike Skubiak, Doris Patterson, Marie Maxin, Mr. Mc- Artor. Row I-Irfl lo right: Dorothy Ku- lich, Betty Navrozides, Eleanor Sil- very, Mary Veitch, Valia De Frank, Teresa Codispoti. Row ll-leff lo right: Mary Spataro, Maryalice Rieg- ler, Mildred Lyons, Mary johnson, Norma McGiHin, Joyce Gendel, Mary Luzzi. Row III-Inf! to rigfaf: Dorothy Robinson, Donna Neel, Marilyn Brown, Rose Marie Chick, Ruth Seese, Faye Leuthold, Helen Odrich. Row I-left to right: Evelyn Gasser, Shirley Geese, Loretta Fleck, Patty Scuiry, Donna Faulk, Betty Moreland. Row II-lrfl fo right: Florence Banta, Adela Moldovan, Marguerite Marella. Clara Connor, Margaret Birtalan, Marian Cice, Anna Restaino. Row Ill -lvff lo rigfwl: Bob Holfinger, Andrew Hussar, W'illiam Fleenor, Dick Ray- mondi, Harold Slabaugh. Poise, manners, and a gracious smile are the first things a visitor notices when he meets one of the Guides. Each member of the group is ready at any time to escort visi- tors on tours of the building, to guard doors and hallways during the movies, or to usher at events in the school auditorium. Qi? Ni 4 s ww, . A , ? ff' ...+V -f..,., -A GMM ?-idk K aw Q , .wggz Tl N 'Y A x X ' I Q , ff qmmff, yi NNMN M 4 f Jr: S-:QS 'Kuff W We ,W iw' f vf fy : f . V . W L r- M Q 1' s ga 'Q' M 2 YE , ' bt' Catlleflne, Minimal Left to ng kann DoebiPemerl0Yce Dorotbisiiigi Alice Enghsh' anne e , Ferguwn' The Student Library Staff has been of invaluable assistance in the efhcient management of our li- brary. These students strive to en- courage better :md broader read- ing. ST UE T LIBH HY ST FP Lou W mlams' Davis Janet Shaheen' man, Valia De Frank' Knrelifigi Mafy . h' e MOH' Wffeffff 'z'1i'35g,.1zS:,2,Q?ngdffff glamlo' iMgyrothpY Rebillot, E'h'?l Ann I0 Tight' 0 Miss Zimmef' Row I-lrfl lo right: Joanne Slat- tery, Betty Uebel. Row II-left I0 right: Marv Lou Hayes, Betty Sher- man, Mary Tomic. Helen Wlmaley, Ann Codispoti, Weda Scott. Raw I-lefl lo rigbl: Esther Miller, jean Campbell, Peggic Lou Perdue, Mary Noel, Catherine Spataro, Rita Stephan. Row II-leff lo rigbi: Mary Ann Maxwell, Manuel Mzirgaritalcis, Norma Schwartz Peggy Donahue. IO8 ,l 2 as Xfymi A , 1-xv 5zf':.rf.- :HUA ,au wav-fa Q if Q-32' A gk V f. ' " I H nw Www' 4, gt, ' ,f fa QW 15: I 1 X 'RW M Q wk-"m 513.1 vw iw xii 3 S in hifi' Q Q E 4 a 'Bri n ug 'L , l.ns 'f, . .:s, f, , lr. . v .. ,. 21", 1' as gn 1.41, ' I QE farm LJ f ' K X X b Qtr? 31' fd -I ,W H59 If f,,Aw.,,g p in X TQ cw X . 'N f X DANGER 4 ' rc ji fl-4 . L-iii nqq IU fb 7 1, x :ED JM uxff? , J l v ' -- X J I - f . 3, 1 S' X7 XWWW' 1 L-, P S W L.: 'lj m ' E 5 i f ,- WDA! f .gg .Q-... ,L .A , ... A - W Fi, 1 is-5 ,I .gf ffaiff 4 ' SP5 Hgh! LEVEAQQ' WVR? Zhi X 1 M I -X QU N , Llffq kv fx Q5 ffm! GLW N fix 6, FQESLQQ K ffw X Way YEW EET "l 'fNN N 2 Hf.ff f we K ff' fix --jj" V' W 971 i X 0 If 4 ... NQX , v m! X ii. N K , VO M m ami: KL ,Q TJJXQ? Q7 W ' ' yi f X 2 N Xl llxQ:4f FIX ' W L N 7 ig' : Qi A

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