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-,,,.. .. - -fx ' "Yu ,A , , .. Q, .. 1 i,s,Q'i-jL.5.f it K J. .gg1g,. b ' M , Ss. y , v I. Ffh -. '..2 4 as my 1,1 " X . - , I., , ' fd, ' .nf ,u AN. . x , QA-gbfjlilfblzk' - YH- Sai, wwmq. - .4. , . K, , W ,M , '1 6 x ,W Q, ' 1 I Mk fN,f,,QJ K -'. fi 4 ,.,.x,,., M, - -M . , V 1 ,..,1 f 4 -iw .V . . ' , 1-1, ' , 5' .21 my 'Aa ,Z 1... .. Vc,.:..v'..- .,2.,.m., pa' ,sm-.31 K E 'L aa The Tower Tilton School SEMI Qxxxf-5T6',, 'wo WA 2 39 9 4' 8189? K H "'e,,'7-Q5 2 vt? 0-'V .YV Plzblislwrl by rx 1 1- w lhe btudcnls of Flll0ll School 'l'lI.'l'0N, N. H. V126 Ymmx l+1m1cNl4: I31+:ImY To MYRON EUGENE BERRY Tam-lzvr' of Nafurul Svicfau-vs IN S1Nv151us IXl'1'REl'IA'1'ION ov His ll:-1,11-"1'1N4. IN:-'1.UENm'E ON OUR LIVES 'Puls VOLUME ls DEDIQWPED EAVING Tiltouls old campus buoyant, happy chapter of Four years we have spent in the the tower-carefree, careless years we close a our lives. shadow of of youth- and prep school days are over. To preserve memories of these days, which will always find a warm place in our hearts, is the pur- pose of this fourth edition of The Tower. GEORGE L. PIAIMl"I'ON Ilvarlnzflstcl' FRED A. SMART lvffing Hf'fICIl'IIllfSfl'I THE TOWER BOARD OF TRUSTEES REV. OLIVER S. BAKETEII, A. M., D. D. WALTER S. BAKER ....... ERVIN T. DRAKE, M. D. . WILLIAM II. MOSES . . . J. FRED BEEDE, A. B. . . . . GEORGE II. PIIIMPTON, A. M. . ALVIN BURLEIGI-I, A. M. . . .IOSIIUA II. BAKER . . IJEVI II. II. TAYLOR . ARTIIIIR T. CASS . . REV. WILLIAM WARREN . REV. WILLIAM RAMSDEN . . CIIARLES A. BAILEY . . . CIIARLES F. SANBORN, M. IJ. . REV. GEORGE W. FARMER . . . GEORGE A. FAIRBANKS ..... FREDERICK W. FROST, A. B., lili. B. REV. EDWIN S. TASKER, A. M., D. D. ROBERT O. CLARK ....... REV. WILLIS P. UDELL, PII.D., D. D. BERTRAM BLAISDELL, A. B. . . . . ARTHUR M., HEARD, A. B .... HENRY G. WELIIS, A. B., IIII. IS. . REV TIIOMAS E. CRAMER, A. M. . REV. ALVAII E. DRAl'EIl . . . REV. EDWARD A. DURIIAM, A. 13. . REV. T. Ross HIOKS, A. B. . REV. ROBERT T. Wi1Li'OTT . REV. ADOLPIIUS LINI-'IELD . OBE G. MORRISON ...... CRAVEN LAYEOOK, A. M. .... . BISHOP EDWIN II. HUGHES, D. D., LII. ot ES E. TILTON, II, A. B. . . If ,GP EDGAR BLAKE, D. D., IIII. D REV. DONALD II. GERRISII .... J. EDWIN BAKER .... HARRY F. LAKE, A. B. . GEORGE B. CHADWII-K . D.... New York, N. Y. Concord Franklin Tilton Meredith Tilton Plymouth Port Antonio, Jamaica Haverhill, Mass. Boston, Mass. Littleton Newfields Snncook San Francisco, Calif. Suncook Newport New York, N. Y. Portsmouth East Berlin, Conn. New York, N. Y. - Meredith Manchester Haverhill, Mass. Manchester Salisbury, Mass. Haverhill, Mass. Chicago, Ill. Manchester Boston, Mass. Northfield Ilanover Chicago, Ill. Tilton Paris, France Lawrence, Mass. Whitefield Concord Portsmouth 8 THE TOWER OFFICERS OF TIIE TRUSTEES Presiflenf, G. A. FAIRBANKS Firm' Vice-President, H. G. WEIIIIS Second Vive-Presidenf, W. S. BAKER Serrefary, E. S. TASKER 7'rer1surer, G. L. PIIIMPTON EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE A. LINFIELD 0. G. MORRISON W. H. MOSES G. II. PIIIMPTON C. E. TIIJION INVESTMENT COMM I T TEE A. M. IIEARD VV. II. MOSES L. L. II. TAYLOR AIIDITING COMMITTEE A. E. DRAPER O. G. IHORRISON C. E. TILTON The death of Irving G. Rowell, a memer of the Board of Trustees of Tilton School, occurrefl during the closing' year. 7 'I 14 THE TOWER 1- ff! G L Bl X at fb- T Ci at 4 t 4, , ' Q X g ,, , A ?i,. F l THE FACULTY GEORGE LINCOLN PLIMPTON, M. A,, Headmaster Sargent Professor of Latin Hitchcock Free Academy, Wesleyan University FRED ANDREW SMART, B. A., Acting Headmaster Durrell Professor of English Literature and Composition Debating Coach, 'Secretary of the Faculty Portland High, Brown University ADDIE lllAY DRAKE German and French Tilton School, Brown University ALPHA ROYAL CURL, B. A. John Sanborn Professor of Mathematics Auditor of Students' Accounts Concord High, Boston University MYRON EUGENE BERRY, B. A. Natural Sciences Worcester Classical High, Colby College THE T0 llflflf Adams AIRS. LEONA GARLAND BERRY, B. A. Mathematics Hampstead High, Colby College JOHN FAWDREY Tl1o:vl1'soN, B. S. Sciences, Athletic Director Tilton School, University of New Hampshire LEONARD BROTIIWELL BEAUH, B. A. Latin Newton lligh, Wesleyan University HELEN CRAVVFORD LINGIIAM, B. A. English, Dean of Girls Newton High, Middlebury College IIiLDA DRAKE BRADBURY, B. A. French Ilonlton Iligh, Colby College ROLAND LEO LEACII, B. A. French Methuen High, Tufts College NIADELINE GRACE BURIIART, B. S. English Boston University RALPH FRANK NVESTON, B. A. Economics, History, Athletics igh, Fitchburg Normal, University of New Hampshire EDWIN MASON STEVENS, B. S. History, Assistant Athletic Director- Richmond High School, Norwich University DOROTHY XVRIGIIT IIEMENWAY Lower School Tilton School, Kent State Normal School 12 ' THE TOWER MORA CATHERINE BIACIQINNON, B. A. Lower School Baddeck Academy, Sydney Academy, Delhousie University, Normal College ERNEST EDMUND STAOKPOLE Manual Training and Mechanical Drawing Brewster Free Academy, Lloyd Training School VVARREN CURTIS XVESTUAVER French llarvard College ERNEs'I' llEA'ru Violin SARAH ISABEL IQERR Pianoforte New England Conservatory of Music BEATRICE IIORNE NORDIIOLNI Voice Tilton School OTHER OFFICERS MARY HIAUD ICINIERY, Librarian. Tilton School, Simmons College. MRS. JENNIE MARION IIUSSEY, Bookkeeper. Franklin High, Bryant and Stratton 's Business College. CELIA ETHEL PEASE, Secretary. Greenfield High School. GRACE ARLENE MARDEN, Assistant Secretary. Tilton School. MRS. FRED ANDREW SMART, Alumni Secretary. Portland High School. zl 4.4 r ek ww 1 s x N SJS9.4sm - , , ' , Scmio Il. 4 Q an E E Ld I Lal F llAli0Iill E. lil'SSl'lLIi SENIOR VLASS 0l4'l+lll'l'lliS IIAROIAD EIYGIGNIC liifssicmi .. ..,, Pl'P.9'IiII!'7lf I'lvuI.YN lllAY ...,.A.. ,.A.. , . , ,... V1'0c'-I'1'0s1'fIvnt FuAN1'ics flllARl,0'l"l'l'I iiI!l'1lCIil'lY , ,.., S01-r1'lm'y. ALLAN Kxfxrr illl'1RXVlN 7'rw1xurvr SENI 1 Hi f'liAlSS Ill STORY ll'lL' ure- tho Q'I'2lilllElflIlgI class! For tho past four yours wc- llavo looks-ml up to tlu- gII'2ltlll2lilllgI vlziss, hut now wo oursvlvvs are Svuiorsl As wo look hack ow-r pri-vious yn-urs, pt-rluips tlui most mcuiornblo ovont is our first arrival nt Tilton. Wm- wwrv nuu-li XOIIIIQIUI' thou mul, pvrlmps loss sopl1ist'icatvml. Somv hus- ky uppvr clzissluvn c'zu1'1'iml our lllgxgzigxv up :incl wt- were tolcl that "Sid," Wll0l'Yl'l' hv may luiw ln-4-11, woulrl 'sw to tho trunks. As wo miterecl tho l'ront floor, wv wort- gn:-vtml by an rzufk of keys, our of which wv wvrv givou, with our room llllllllltxl' on it. Whvn wo first zlrrivecl, we felt that wo shoulsl ll1'Vl'I' lwvouu- uvqxuiilitt-tl with any our, but attvr the- first we-ok wo fm-lt as though wt- haul always lu-vu lu-rv. Vllllill is, we clid until tho initia- tion proclanuntion wus rvmlf Whvn that was owr, we- iinmeclieitvly lllxgiill to plot against tlu- frosluiu-n of tho c-ouiiugr your. Tlllf 7'Ull'ICl.' 15 16 THE TOWER Our Sophomore year was much the same as our freshman year except that we felt more sure of ourselves. Many of us probably ventured to call Mr. Smart, "Freddie,' and Mr. Plimpton, 'LPlimp". Yes, we were much more daring. So much so that we suffered many penalties from accumulated misdemeanors. Then in our Junior year we gave our first "prom"! It was quite a thrill to say the least, because being a Junior was one more step up the ladder that led to graduation. VVe gave the Seniors their banquet and then stayed during Commencement to see just what a graduating class looked like. Vile got full view of their inflated chests and swore that we would never be so! Now we are Seniors. We have been here four years. Even though we have been homesick, have been marked unfairly, and put on campus, we will miss Tilton. VVe can no longer say-"Meet me at Lords." Or, "l'll see you in Doc 's. " All we can say is'-"I'll see you at the reunion." Or, "I'll be back for the Carnival, and if not then, for Commencement." NVe have reached the top step of our school ladder. VVe shall now step off into College or into the world to make our living! THE TOWER FRIDAY, JUNE ELEVENTH 8:00 P. M.-RVECITAL. Graduates in the Musical Department assisted by Faculty of the Musical De- partment. SATURDAY, JUNE TWELFTII ALUMNI DAY 9:30 A. M.-Closing Chapel Exercises. 10:30 A. M.-Class Day on the Campus. 12 :00 M.-Annual Meeting of the Alumni Asso ciation. 12:30 P. M.-Alumni Luncheon. 4:30 P. M.-Headmastcr's Reception. 8:00 P. M.-Senior Prom. THE TOWER 10 230 7 :3O 9 :SO SUNDAY, JUNE THIRTEENTH BAGOALAUREATE SUNDAY A. M.-Commencement Sermon- Reverend Willis P. Odell, '74, New York N. Y. P. M.--Vesper Service, Address- Reverend Edwin B. Knowles, '98, Lan- caster, Pennsylvania. MONDAY, JUNE FOURTEENTH A. M.--Commencement Exercises-4 Address, "The Measure of a Man" Reverend John Mark, D. D., Fall River Mass. Awards Music by the Quintfest Orchestra. is rv ,. XII Tllli TUII' JUIIN VVOODIBIIRY IIEEDIG V. K. P. 1IImcL:n1'r'11, N. II 1 ' w 'll 01' ff-w womls 2Il'0 IIN- In-sI mm-11. I. 0. I. CIM AIIIUIIIEIII b0l'I'I'I' III- 'XII .14 If If I I M II' IIIIII I"ootImII f2jg f'zl1'niv:1I 'IIWIIII KID WJ CSI ,V 1 . Xflcv-I'l'm-sulvlxt Outing Ululm Ing I . Ix I' IJ4 gm-1-'IW-m11 my CID. IIUI' I S FIIANIIIS .III'1NNI+l'I"I' HIIOIIPY ' ' I'. K. l'. I'1mv1Nm-1f:'1'mvx, MASS. "An ounvv of mirth is wm'II1 2 V1 NOI'I'0IY. .J . . '... I IDUIIIIII of Vm's1t5 I ontI1.1II HJ, X fumx IIm'Iu'v I-ID -I fluh CIM Outing' I'IuIr I-Hg Vzlrsitx I N Imll I-IJ. "Dil IIICNIiIIC'I"I'.X BROWN I' I31'0wniI-" Nnppll n 'l'11,'rox, N. ll. s igvrm- is TIN- motlwl' oi' grmmI fOI'IIIIII I'ImpI-I NIUIIIIIIIH ilu 7. ll Q I TIIE 7'0li'lfR VINA DEIJORESE BRYANT l31c1,M0N'r, N. H. UA moth of peacefl BARBARA Il. BUCK ' ' Iknckey ' ' L. L. lVlELROSl5, MASS. Hl'll be merry, l'll be free, l'll be sad for nobody. ' ' Glee Club Q-15 g liatin Club Q45 5 Varsity Hockey Squad Q-l5g Girl Reserve Q45g Outing' Club Q-l5g Vesper Choir Q-i5g Trojan llockey Q-15g Trojan Basketball Team Q-15. MELVIN SHAW COBBE'l"l' "Mel" I'. K. P. . l'iR0i'KTON, MASS. "Ile is not only witty in himself, but the eause that wit is in other men." President l'. K. P. Q45g Varsity Football Q35 Q45g Varsity Baseball Q25 Q35 Captain Base- ball Q45g Varsity Track Q35 Q-15g Captain Hockey Q45g Varsity Hockey Q15 Q25 Q35g NVinter Sports Team Q15 Q25 Q35 Q45g Stu- dent Council Q3-I5 Q+l5g Uaptain Athenian Football Ql5g President of Atbenians Q25g Seeretary li. K. P. Q35g Treasurel' ll. K. l'. Q25g Athletic Board Q25 Q35 Q45g "'l"' Q25 . v f ' v I Q . . Q-S5 Q-153 li. lx. P. Degree Feznn Q25 Q35 Q-15, Y. M. U. A. Cabinet Q25 QZ35 Q45g 'l'. O. V. CU C25 C35 C45- TIIIC TUII IGI! l ES'l'll Eli AlJl+Il.IC l3l'HLElflII l,. L. llllIl"I'0N, N. ll. "A still mul quivf l'UllSl'll'lll'l'. WILLIAM IKNHWIIFUN l'0l3l'liN, JR. ffrfzilw V Y 1. .'l. AN. ll0Iil'llI'1S'l'l'IR, Mfxss. Ulu-1 flu- worlll sllclv, lvl ilu' wurlll gm, A fig for 1'ElI'1' mul il fig fm' wma" l 0,41 ilj C23 C133 fljg Assistunl Alilllilglvl lfuollmzlll Clj lil lily: Alilllilglvl' lfcmllmll Q-lj llmlrll ul' Atlllvlll' llirs-m'1m's CU KQD 4451 Veil'- sity 'lll'Hi'li Squeul HD Q25 llll- Van'- v sily llnvlu-y Squml HJ: lllvn- lllllll ill CQD fillg Vll'I'-l,l'1'Sllll'lll lllvs- l'll1l1 C-ljg Sports 'l'm-um C13 l'2Dg Atlu-nizm Sm' AVlllll'l 001' Cl J l2J C3533 Allll'lll2lll Footlmll fill H33 Aflw- . ,, L I, . . -.- . , . ,. mlm lr.1r,lx Ill lil ful 445, Atl1mn1f1nNN1n lvl' Sports 'l'4-:lm flj lil C135 K-ll. l SARA l'1lllZAl3lC'l'Il IDICAIUSUIQX Ulivllyl' "lil-1m1oN'r, N. ll. "Slu- is rivh with the- spoils ol' Nexium-." THE TOIVEII DOUGLAS lJIlliRAN'l' EADIIG 4'D011g" l11s1soN FA111,s, BIAINE "Ile is ex 1111111 of loyal ll0ilI'l', 211111 p1'11clo11t lu-acl." T. O. U. C25 CID C-ljgTilluu1fanSta1lf CSU H54 Sl'1ll0l' llilllilllilt f'o111111iltee Ciljg 1lklll0Wl'Y0ll C'0111111ittm-0 CID Q-Hg J1111io1' 1,I'0lIl COIl1Illltl'l'C filjg St'1ll0I' Prom lfom1r1ittcc CLD. MARGUERI'1'I'l LOCKIG FELLUWS Srlpplm. No1z'r11 SAN11wlm'1l, N. Il. "lu ?lCfl01'l faithful, 111 l10ll01' Ul0?ll'.H 'l'1'vz1su1'v1' Sapplm. Q-lj 3 G. R. l'z1bi11L-1 Q-lj 3 Lat- i11 Club, Glue Club. SYLVESTER 'PIIEUIJORE FINEN iiVIYefl77 'l'11.'r0N, N. H. 4'Spcvcl1 is silver, silence is g0lclc11." 'I'lllC TUIVICIF ISAISICI. l'llANlllilCli GlClil'ilSll "lxzy" Sfrpplm. VV1':i:s'1'14:i:, N. ll. "Gml's rm'1-st lull-ssingg' is, 2Il'll'l' ull, an growl wmiiniif' l'rvsi4l1-nl G. A. A. l-Hg X'll'l'-l,l'l'Nllll'lll Girls Glu- lllllll lljg Vmixiil S4-vilmlzi ldlllll lllllll lljg Svrilm lmlin Vluli liijg St'l'I'l'lEll'j' G. A. A. lillg Girl llvsm-1'w Vznlmiiin-t lily lllg Stu- clvnl liUlllll'll lljg 'l'owlclc Stull' liljg Uniting' lllllll lljg S1-ninr llziliqllvl l'm111niIlw- lillg Ilzlllowafm-ii i'0mmi'rtz-0 l-Hg Amazon Iloolu-y l2jg Varsity lluulu-y lllg Varsity llzislu-tlmll lilj l-lj. IIAZICIA MAR-llJlllI+1GIl.l'l NUR'l'lll"ll'1I.D, N. ll. USll1'lli'l' is ilu- ln-sl 0l'll2lllll'lll ol' il Wlllllilllfi lmliii Vlulx llfl lilj llj. l"liANl'l+lS l'llAlil,ll'l"l'l'l Glil11l+1lil'1Y Hl'll'2lI1,l NIIIIIQIIII. AlI1IliltlMA4'K,N. ll. suv ' - ' llw lwst part ot lwillll-V IN tlml wliluli an pivtlm- vzunml paiiiilfl Glm- Vlulrg lizltin l'lulmg Outing' Vliilmg Svc-iw tary Class l4jg 'l'1'vusiii'm-1' Girl lim-swvcs lljg Slmlvnt l'olim'il l-ljg S4-nior lluilqiivt Umu- millvv liljg Yiw-l'i'4-siilvill Snppliu. lil? lqljg llelslu-llmll Sllllilll lilj lbllg 'l'rujz1ii llelslwl- lmll lfllg 'l'l'ujz1n llfwlu-y l-llg Tlilllllllillll Stull' liij llj 4 'lbwiizic Stall' lily. TIIIC TOIVEH KENNI'I'1'II C'11.X1iK E IIAKDING 'IK1-117, Wo111'11:sT14:11, MASS, A wiso 211111 51111111 Illilll 122111 S111.1:0I' 110 d1sg'1'211'11 ' 1111-11 1111113 111. 1'Al'11 111'ss1c1,1, 11111111111.1N 'kG111111211"' Iv , .11. P. JAc'1is11N, N. II. HA 1112111 of lvtt1'1's, 211111 of 111211111111's Toof' K. P. 136511116 Tc21111 C-121 g 11211111 Club Q35 Q-lj 11211101111 'un C01llII1111l10 C511 g Varsity S1i1-,illlllll CBM Sp211't2111 150111112111 1333. AI1l3l'lH'l' M1'IIAIi1i HAYES "Al" If K. P. ALBANY, N. Y. "A 1112111 who is Yfllllljl' 111 y1-211's 111215' 110 0111 111 1111111's, if 111- 1121s 10st 110 111110.11 U.1'.g1l11'11 11111131 11211111 11111135 Q112111str11' 11211111 1111113 Clilg Varsity 1101121111151 'F1121111 135 1-lj 1'. K. I'. 1,1'1J?l1'1IlQl' 'l'1-21111 Ciij C-Hg Tl'H0lLl.fl7l 2412111 123 C3355 E11itr11'-111-1:1111-f 7'1'1fo1z1'r1'11 C-15 1'. K. P. 1lf'f.l'I'1'1' '1'1-21111 C455 St1111c11t l'o1111ci1 C-Hg A111211-111 History 1'1'iz0 C1jg Gi'0lll1'1I'-X 1'1'1z11 C25 5 '1'1'1g'11o1111111'y Prize C335 g C'1111111is11'5 Prim- 13115 HXTe111p01'2111o011s SPl'il1i11lgl' 1,l'1Z1 Qfij 3 01121111-1 MO1111111' CU KZJ Ciij HD. Till? TUII' G. CEIIAIZEWI' IIENKY, JR. lttiil77 T. A. S. Aslllflpzlm, Mfxss. "Horn for snot-oss ht- soonn-fl. YY V 1 1 ' 1 1.0.1. C-U4 hh-0 flubg ltatm l lulmg X. 31.1. 97 IC If 1 1 A. C413 Vtnrsity Vross f'0llllfI'j' Squzul Hjg xAxfhl'Ili2lI1 Cross l'o1111t1'y 'l'vz1n1 HJ g Atl1v11'z f1ilI'IliV?ll 'I'n-mn C-Hg V. A. S. Dt-bzltin 1 ut t T1-zum t-ljg Assistant Atlvvrtisillgx B12lllil2t'1', 'Fowl-:lc som' Hp. liOl3lCli'l' Nolmtxx IIISIAII' " Bob" V. .l. N. li1c1.MoN'r, N. ll. "'l'hough ht- bv but littlt-, hm- is tit-ru hate Ciijg Assistant Clmpcl Monitor VICTOR G. HOIAIAAND 'tVic,' I'. K. P. Imwlzrzwvttz, MAss. 7 lotv Do- WJ- Varsity Dt-hating 'l'oan1 Ciijg llltvl'-SOO' Ulla knows whom to spoakg knows, too, wht-11 to bf' silvntf' 'l'. 0. C., "'l"' Ulubg Imtin Clulmg Football Squml fiijg Varsity Football f-Hg Iiaskvtbzlll Squad C25 C355 Varsity Iiaslwtbzlll C45- Athonizm Beust-112111 my Q39 HD. s THE TOWER BENJAMIN R. VV. KNOVVLES Hllengy ' ' V. A. S. LANeAsT15R, PA. HA smile for all, a welcome glad, A jovial, ccoaxin,-I way he had." 'l'. 0. C'., "'l"' Ulubg Latin f'lub C4jg Athenian Football C-ljg Athenian Soccer C4-jg Glee Vlub Cljg Varsity Basketball C454 Y. M. C. A., Secretary N. II. Older Boys Conference '25g Vice-President V. A, S. C4j. SHVZO KOD ERA I" ' . Ii. P. Kona, JAPAN UA niirror of all courtesy." Athenian Secretary C4j. EVELYN MAY "Tabby " L. L. CAM naman, MASS. t'Sl1e is winning golden opinions from all sides." HT" Club Queen C335 Vice-President Class C-U CBJ g President L. L. C515 President G. A. A. C-ljg l'reside11t Glee Flub C255 CSM Presi- dent Girl Reserves C-Hg Secretary Latin Club C-lj C51 g Secretary L. L. C-lj 4 Ti1f0'I1'f1l'l1 Board C23 C35 C-lj C5Dg Varsity Hockey C-ljg Var- sity Basketball C-lj 4 Varsity Tennis CSU Ama- zon lloekey Cfij C55g Amazon Haslietllall Cilj C5jg llockey Squad C5jg Basketball Squad CSM Student Vouneil CZD C35 C45 C5jg Girl Reserve Cabinet C25 Clljg Ilklll0WC7CI1 Com- mittee C41 C515 Senior Banquet Committee CSD. TIIIU T0ll'IfIx' KICNNl'I'l'Il l'IlAIilAl41S MAXl+'llflI1ll rw ,. . "Max" lmrox. N, ll. X ll'lllt' ls lmlml, and growl Sparta n Socw nm-xx IIUVUI' fvalrllll 11' CU. Al,l,lCN KNAPI' MICRWIN v T. A. S. l',xNAs'1'u'rA, N. Y. ln ilfllnla xml l'0lll'lt'0llS grvntll-111zux.' 12?'? v 1 l'ns11l4-nt N. A. ,N C453 'l'l'c-zlsllwl' Vlnss L-lj .71 1 sistzmt Editor 'Fowl-:lc C-lj, l. 0. l. CU ll? C49- S'l'lCl'lll 1 'IN MUUlllCS "Stvvv " I'. If. I 1 u1':1,s1cA, A llws. "Ile plwnclll-s W1-ll that livvs wl-ll." 7 X. M. C. A. S Tllla' TUIVEI1' DOROTIIY JEFFERSON PAINE "Dot" Srlpplm. CWIELSEA, MASS. "Music hath charms to soothe the savago broast, to sottvn rocks, and to bond knottvd oaks." Varsity llookoy Squad Q2jg Amazon Basr- ball 'Foam CQD g Amazon Basketball Team C25 ffllg Varsity Basketball Squad HM Amazon Hockey Team C-Hg Outing Club Q-Hg Gloc- Club QED Q31 C-U5 Orchestra HD. BARBARA l'A'l"l'EE "Chick" L. L. lYEVVl4l'RYl'URT, MASS. Hllvc-ry girl has hor own pleasures, hor own style of wit, and hor own ways." Glce Club HD 5 liatin Club C-lj g Varsity Baskvt- ball Squad Hjg Girl liossriwe 145g Outing: fllub HJ 5 Vvsper Choir C45 3 Amazon Haskvt- ball gn. WILLIAM DEMING PEASE V . W xl. AS. 'l'nfroN, N. Il. "The survst way not to fail is to determinv to succeed." THE TUIVEI1' 0 MARY NASH PICRKINS "Polly" L. I.. l,ROVlI5liNC'l-2, R. I. "Soft spm-vli and a nivrry smile." lmjan llaslultlmzill C245 C45 5 'l'rvasurvr li. li. C35 5 Svc-rm-tary ll. Ii. C455 Varsity liaslu-tlmall 'sf llmfkvy C455 Girl lim-si-1'vs-s C335 C455 llal- quacl C35 C455 Outing! Vlub C455 Manager wr'n-ii 4lC5llllllllll'l' C45. MARJCTIIIE FRANCES l'lIll,llROOK "Margrii-" Sa p pl: u. lxl'l"l'1Jl-l'I'0N, N. ll. "Lat nwn say what Nrr ilu-y will, Woman, woman, rulvs tlwni still." l :lin i'lul15 Outing: Vlulm C455 l'rm-simloiit, Sapplm, C455 Vim-0-l'i'm-si4li-lit Flass C255 Vim-- lrosiilm-nt Clirl lic-sv1'vv C355 Sm-uri-tary Class Cl5 C355 SC-rilia Latin Flulm C3355 Stuclvnt luunvil C25 C255 C455 SC-nior lianqurt Com- mittm- C3555 llallmx'4-'vii C'mnmittm-C' C455 llurlivy Squad C455 Amazon llmwlu-y C455 Xzirsity llaslu-tball C45. MA RY CIC DRDUN l'll I lil3RC5C5li HSlll'llllp " Napplm. Ml-:lc1411m1'l'il, N. Il. "l.ittlv strolu-s fm-ll grrvat oaks." l :tin illlllll Clirl lie-si-l'yi-5 Pri-simlrnt Slumlvnt Cmnivil C355 5 l'rc-sicln-nt Sapplio. C215 C45 5 S00- lPl2ll'y Clirl livsm-rvv C35 C455 llirl Rvsr1'vi- talnim-t C25 C3155 Varsity llocliry C25 C335 C455 Varsity llaskvtlmall Squad C455 Slllllwll tmlnvil C45. THE TOWER GEORGE ALBERT PITMAN MPM, If K. P. ULINTER l3Ai:Ns'r14:AD, N. II. "To be willing is To be able." Varsity lloclivy Squad C235 C-L55 TXIEIIIEIQIUI' Var- sity Track C-15. lilCl3lCl,'f'A JOSEPHINE PITMAN "Rocky " S11 ppb 0. C'1cN'ruiz l3ARNs'ruAn, N. II. l'Sln- ph-asc-s all thc- worlal, but cannot plz-asv ll4'I'SQ'lf.H Vivo-l'1'vsimlm1f Sappllo. C254 'l'rf-asurvr Sappho C25 C2353 Girl Rosvrvo fwalmiiivt C25g Vico- Prvsimlvnf G. A. A. C35g Presiclvnt Girl Rv- sl-rvvs C215 C45g llockfly Train C25 CIi5g Cap- tain lloukm-y C-L5 4 Varsity Baslivthall C25 C35 g l'1'vsicl4-111 SllIllCIll flllllllifll C45. 'DONALD IIUXVELL POTTER "Don" I'. K. P. IIoc'KAN1'M, C'oNN. H4XI'gl'lllI1l'lllS hot to The closf-." 'l'. O. f'.g HTH Ulubg Varsity Track C3359 Track Squad C25g Varsity Debating C35 C-15g l'. K. P. Debating 'Foam C25 C235 C455 Manclwstclr Prize Speaking Prize C455 Spartan Tennis C25 3 Spartan Track Team C25 g Spartan Foot- lmall C355 Uaptain Spartan Football C-L5. TIIE TOIVER RALPH WIXSIJOW l'KESCO'l"l', JK. "Nick" V. K. P. DANVERS, MASS. 'tl on my ,lC5lll'lll'j' ull zllom- p1'oovml." Latin C'luh C455 C5utingrl'll1h C235 C455 Y. M. 1 1 ' 1 C, A. lzilmwt C35 C45. WADE IIAYSON li0l3I+1R'l'S "Slmlivy" If lf. l'. Ilovlcla, N. ll. "'l'o youth l lmvv hut tlirw- wcmls ot' vmlnvil, Work, work, work '. " Varsity Urnss l'mmtry C355 Varsity llzisvlizlll C2555 VZll'Nllj' llookvy C455 'llwlvli Sqllml C255 llm-lu-y Squad C25 C355 Vlw'-l,I't'Nlllt'lll ll. li. l'. C45 5 Outing l'lulm5 Ulm- l'luh5 lmtin C'luh5 "'l"' C'lulm5 Y. M. C. A. C25 C295 C455 Til- lmziun Stall' C35 C455 'l'uw1a1c Stutt' C455 Win- tvr l'zn'niVz1l 'l'vzlm C255 Alllt'Illilll l"mutlmll C25 C455 Fzlptziill Atlu-niziu Footlmzlll C455 Athi-nizm lizlsvlmll C25 Alllvlllilll linslwtlmll C25 C355 C455 Atlu-nizln 'l'I'z1m-lc C25 C355 Athi-- nizm 'l'4-:mis C255 Alll1'lll2lll Sm-wi' C255 Athv- ' 1 ' r 1 . nl:m1zn'n11':1l In-:lm C25 C45. IIARCJLD l'Il'Cll'INl'I lll'SSIClili "Russ" I'. l1'. I'. A'l'IiAN'l'A, GA. "A grt-ut mum- shall Ilt'Yl'l' pass away." "l"' tlllllll 'l'. 0. l'.5 Sturlm-nt i'oum'il Cl5 C25 C535 C455 Flziss l'i'1-sith-lit Cl5 C25 C455 'l'm1st- nmstn-1' S1-him' l'i?lllllll1'l C2355 l,l'l'Slllt'lll Ath- lvtiv liozml C455 Varsity Footlmzlll C25 C225 C455 Fzlptzlin Footlmll C455 Varsity llzuslwt- lmll C255 Varsity Ilcwkm-y C355 l,I'l'Sillt'lll Out- . 1 L , . , . , 1 mg: C lllh C35 C455 X100-ll'l'Slfl1'lll X. Bl. C . A. C355 C455 l'l11'si1'zll G1-oglvlpliv lrizv Cl55 lliology Prizf' C25. I THE' TOWE R MIRIAM LOUISE SANBORN Supplzo. TILTON, N. II. H1 have rather studied books than men." Latin Club. CHARLES SANDS 'tYoung Brick" U. K. P. CENTRAL AGUIRRE, PoR'ro RICO. "I am happiest when I am idle." Treasurer ll. K. P. C2jg Treasurer Class C314 Editor of Tilfoniava Q33 3 President Athenians Cijg Consul Primas Latin Club Q4jg Athe- nian Baseball Q25 C359 Athenian Football C-U5 T'ilfo112'un Staff CQD Q35 C455 Student Couneil C33 g Y. M. C. A. Cabinet C45 g Quaes- tor Latin Club Clijg II. K. P. Degree Team C4D- FIORENZO DE ANGELIS SERAFINI "Serry" V. A. S. IIANOVER, N. II. "And ever as he went some merry lay he sang." Athenian Football C45 5 Varsity Basketball C45 g Glee Clubg T. O. C. llnmg. TII lu' Trllllfll' 1 v llllCNl'I SlCYlCllANl'lC Suppl: rf, 'l'11.'r4nx, N. ll. Ylu- ll2IS t'llllllg.!'ll pzzlie-law in UHIIIIHINS elm uv Wll,lll.Ul l"lll'IlJlCllll'li SINZ "Hill" If If. I'. l'x'vrl:.x1, .M:1'u:m-1, l'm:'ru Him. 4 lillowlm-4lg'v is I'mx'n-l'." 4 4 ., vw l ill 1. lllg Mlm- llull lol, l1'va1sl11'v1' Q45 l :lm Vlulw fill, lQll2ll'Hllll' rllg Tlllflilllltlll lwll lm' ful, .Xwn-intv liflitm- H35 'l'mvlc1: ll mss xl2llliIg1'l'l' fill, lillilm' lll1Slll1ll'lll llllllll all 1.55, Vllanywl Nlmntm' 43333 l'll:111'mm Sm llltll' , - v , Prom llilllllllllm' I-ll: l. lx. l'. llc nw- 'll4'2llll lfllg Hvlllfbl' l:2llllllll'l llllllllllllltl lil. l3l'lllYll'l'I l'Il.l'I.XNHll 'l',X'l'l'I " llirllil-" l1l:mmx'1', X. ll. Yfblllllljf '2l'l'1'2ll was vw-1' 2Il'llll'Y1'll wllllrlul 4lIlllllSl2lS THE TOTVER KENNETH BEAN THOMPSON 4 K Thom77 7 T. A. S. BoS'1'oN, MASS. "Ile meets all events alike." Outing Club C25 C35 C455 Latin Club C255 Manager Baseball C-l5. HARRY G. TOUNGE, JR. "Harry" V. A. S. 1VAKnIunI.1m, MASS. HA young man that blnshes is better than one who turns pale." Football C45 5 Secretary V. A. S. C-15. VERNON li. TWITCIIELL 'tTwitch" V. A. S. Tufrox, N. ll. UA Scholar knows no enemiesfl Varsity Track C335 5 Varsity Carnival Team C25 5 Athenian Carnival Team C25 C455 Varsity Baseball Squad C255 Athenian Track C355 Athenian Football C355 C-155 Varsity Debat- ing! Team C35 C455 V. A. S. Debating: Team C25 C35 C455 Algebra Prize C155 Assistant Chapel Monitor C15 C25 C35 C455 VVinner of Extemporaneous Prize Speaking C355 Latin Club C15 C25 C35 C4557'ilf1mian Stat? C25 C35 C455 President Debating Society C355 Secre- tary V. A. S. C355 President V. A. S. C455 Student Council C45. 'Mu llll Tlllz' TUHII 1 MAH-IUIRIIG l7l"l'HN HAlV?ll'g.l'1' ' ' L. l,. Nuwrll li1':AmN1:, MMS. sim' wllvw- soft voivvs cliv viln lim Ill flu H ny flllflllwf'llIhQHl1'l'f'lllIlg V1-spvr l hun "A r- IAIYUYHIQAVIGWlIl'l'l'1lIOlSl Suppl: u. 'l'11.'roN, N. ll. l'I1'2ll' 1-mlsvu-llvv is El cout of m ul ICAIQIAIC ANIJHICW YUIXM lmvzlxllclzllz, N. II. "Uv is wisv In-vzlllsv hr- is hun THE TOWER CLASS DAY Class Oration-F VERNON B. TWITCHELL Class Poem- BENJAMIN R. W. KNOWLES Class History- ELIZABETH DEARBORN Class WWI l EVELYN MAY Presenfa Mons- WADE ROBERTS Class Prophecy- BIARJORIE P HILBROOK DONALD POTTER Class Marshall- VICTOR IIOLLAND I 1 X ' S si ng RX f f f kr :gif Q if 5 KJ X , x flumngwg G C'LAss. Tun Juxlma limmii SYK1-:s . MARY HAi:'1'i.ic'l"r Evi-:1,x'N SNAV1-xx Roni-:ic'i' l'Au1-1 . Tllld TUIVEIF Em:,u: SYKI-:s Ili t'liASS014'l4'll'l+lRS JUNIOR VIAASS ll lS'l'0liY 39 l'l'1'NI.lfI' nl l'1'r'1--l'i'f-x1'rl1-n I Sl'l'I'l'flII'jj TI'c"flS'llI'l'l' Will wt- 4-vt-r forgot that small group of girls and fm-llows who fl'llllgIl'll for tht- first timv up tho stt-1-p hill lm-acling' to 'l'ilton School on that Svptvln- lu-r 1-vc-iiing way hack in 192353 P1-rliaps tht-y sm-4-nit-d H5111-4-11" 1-nougrli the-11, hut it did not take thc-in long: to gn-t usm-d to Tilton ways and customs, and tht-y started in right hy showing good spirit from thx- vm-ry first. Some- of that g.-group, wc-'rv glad to say, arm- still with us, and many otlu-rs liavn- lll't'Il adds-d to it, making: tht- class of 1927 om- of tht- lu-st 1-vt-r organize-d at Tilton. 40 TIIE TOWER We elected class officers: Edgar Sykes of Lawrence, Mass., as president: Mary Bartlett of Sunapee, N. H., as vice-president, Evelyn Seavey of Kennebunkport, Maine, as Secretary, and Robert Page of New Haven, Conn., as treasurer. Each member of the class has done his part in mak- ing school activities successful. Our first real victory was the Junior Dance, which took place on Thanksgiving night 1925 with great success. Everyone worked hard, but felt well repaid by the good time afforded the other classes. The class also helped to make the IIallowe'en Mas- querade a "go", and decorated a booth which, although it did not bring the prize, seemed to be the most popular in several ways. The Juniors are also Well represented in athletics. Many of the stars of the football, basketball, baseball and ice hockey teams belong to this class, as Well as many of the girls on the field hockey and girls' basketball teams. This is not all the Junior Class has done, but the rest we will save until next year, hoping that by that time all the present members, as Well as many new students, will be here to make the class the best that has ever graduated from Tilton School. iw A. :fx SOPHOVNOKEB Em if i Z 'I L H 2 C 2 C i. L L TIIIJ 7'Ull'1a'ln' 43 NVARREN lloml AND121: OFFll'E1iS NVAm:14:N lIo1,MANmcn , lf,-miflmf PIIYLLIS Nlcnsox . 1'if-11-111-4-.wiflpnt lloms l'A1cKxc1c . . Sv1'r'0fa1'y WlllIllANl llA'l'l'lll'IllI3l'll! , 7'1-m,mpw S0l'1l0M0lil'l iTIlASS11lS'l'0liY The HCV?I'-lil-lit?-f01'gI0l'll'11 rifle on the Boston and Maiuu 1'ail1'oanl when wc' wa-ro lllillilllgl' our first j0llI'Il0y To Tilton was prohzlbly tho longest, or soc-moll tha- longm-st of our livvs. Finally wx- ilI'l'lYl'll at our clm-stiualtimx :mil tho vxcitvlm-nl was high in om' ranks, lwvausv wo wr-rv soon to lmvv our first glimpsv of tho school in which wc- wr-rv To spvml Tho nvxf l:0lll' yours NV1- we-rv an "g.r1'vl-11" crowml, zmrl, as wo ulimlwfl tho long hill to Thv main lmilcling of the school, om' lill0i'S shook To Thu tluw of H Home Sweet Home. H Wo were duly inslallm-ll in our now llll2lI'lt'I'S :xml our szul thoughts of home' 44 THE TU WEB were taken over by the more intimate duty of studies, and the remainder of our Freshman year was spent in putting our class before the notice of the upper classmen. In the fall of 1925 we elected Warren Holmander for our president and we were launched on our second year at Tilton. The personal feelings of the class were much easier than they had been the previous year and we took part in all the school activities with great interest. Many of our number represented the school on the athletic field, and in social life we made a very good record for ourselves. We first caused public notice early in the year 1924. Since then it has been impossible to keep out of the limelight. ' Although we have a modest class we venture to say that when we graduate from Tilton we will be the envy of all those who know us. VVE ARE THE CLASS OF 1928! N f f x 'L J xii? an "A A 'J X f f fffflhffw kx 1, 'L 4 'Na Z 41 7 Z E F14 L11 Tlllf 7'UlI'l'II.' 47 ,XIAIAAN Dlx IIISTORY 014' 'l'lll'I l+'lilCSllMAN l'llASS For flu- first fvw days zlfu-1' om' ?ll'l'lV2ll all Tilton School, bzuek in Svp- tvmlu'1', wx- wl-rv sonu-what lu-wilmlvrml by flu- Sll'2lllgIl' 0I'll01' of classvs mul tlu- lnlnyrinth uf c'm'rulm's tlxrmlgrlm wllic-lm wx- luul to pass. llowvvvr, as our class was an brigrht mug wo scum luwfauu- ?ll'K'llSl0Illi'll to our IWW sul'- I'0llIllllllgZ'S mul flux clufivs wo wore- 1-xpocfod to pvrform, Aftvr flu' llllflilllilll was ovvr, wx- ws-rv asluul by flu- old uulmlufrs to join flu- socu-tiers. Nvxt uzmu- our vlass nu-vting. Wv 1-lc-vtl-ml Allan li. Dix of Ashlzuul, Mass., fm' Pl'l'SlKll'lllQ Dorntlly Mmm Titus of 'l'ilton, N. ll., as VlCl'-pl'l'Sl- clvnfq l"x'n-rlwic-lc Gmfivlml l-iomlgrv of S0llN'l'Vllll', Mass., for t1'ez1s111'v1'g fl'211'0- lyn lmuisv XVUSTQIZIN' of N1-w limlfowl. Mass., for sau-1'0Ta1'y. Aftvr ilu- 4-xcitvllwllt ol' tlul first days was ova-1', we sotllocl down to 0u1' stxulin-s. Wo took part in lllilllj' fzrwizll mul aflxlvtic activities mul sllowocl that wr- prmswssc-ml gII'l'2ll ability, wllivh will slum' itsvlf in lzltvl' years. THE TUIVER SET11 XVILLARD l1Aws11N CRep1'i1111111 11111111 The Tilfnnirlnj M1111 S 1 1111 1J111s1111 111! 1 11 111151111 1111 11111111 1 1 f 1111111 s 1111111 111111111 11111 11111111111 1111 111 lllllf., 11111111111 1 1111l1g1 1111 111 IS 11111111 111111111111 1111151 11f 1115 10llI'S6 111111 11 5 1 1111111 lt 11L1tSS1lV11181l11,1 IS s1111111 15 1 5 lb , 1111311 5 1 111 lgl 11 1 11111 111 Tk 1 1111ss 111 111ess resp011s111111t1 Thls 111n111r he 116111 111 H'1mp1o11 IS 1 11101111111 of 1111 111111111111 11.1111 11111 111s 111111111 111 1111 Jl111g'1S lb 1111 111211 111 1111 F1111111 5111 111111s 1111111 11111111115 1118 511 k111ss 1111 11111111111s 111 11111111 111 11111f 111 1 11111 lll A 11 1 11111 lb 111 11111 11131111 11111s11111r1111 111r 111111 p11s1 1 131111 1111111 Ill 1lk1l1 111111 111s 5111111 11S1l1p 11111 11us1111155 111 1 lll 111 In llpllgllf 1115s 11111 b1IlLCIl11 111 111S 11111111 of 1110 best A111er1 1111 s 11101118 of 11111 1 1 1111111111 111 1111 1 111111511111 111111 pr11111 111 11111 S1111111l 1 111 1111111111111 1 1 1111 : "1 11111111111111111, C11111 Villz ' : '. M11- f111'1, N11 ' 11:1 1 11"1, il 1111111111111 of 1 . ' 1' '1:1ss, 111111 11 111111111 ':1 111 11111 11- ' " :11'y. H11 : 1 1 1 11" f :' 111 'T 1 1, : 1 11is 11: 11 :u ' 1 1 ' ' 1 " 1 , ' '1111 111: 1111 11':11 :111 ' ' g 11 1 1'1s.': 'U ' 1: ':1'1111. H' 1111 ' ' :s 1' :1s' 11'11: '111'111' ' 111s' 11: 1 11' f 11 11 T111 ': , :11111 111:111:1g.,11' 111 11111 11':11'k 11111 " 1 1111- try t11:1111s s111111'1111 111:11 111' 11':1s :11s11 I11'11p:11'111g for 11us- . . . . J. . Y. v I : 1 1' 1 : ' f 1' , : ': ': 1 ' 1' 1 ' 1" .1 1. V .- .S '. ' lik X I 4 . , X . .-1 -Q 1 1 5 1111 T111 ': :11111 111'11si1111111 11f 11111 Y. M. C. . '11111 1111:1,' , : 1 1 : ' ' ' 1 1 '1'1111. ' '1 '1 : ' 1 : I z 1 ' : ' 1' :111i1' A' 1'!lS his 11ig11 p11rs1111:1l 1-1: ': 1 er. " - 1. I 1 . . , , ,: 1 .Z . 1: 1 1 1ll'. T111 1 'y of this 1y of s1x1 1 1 ':111 1l11s111'1'11111y 1111 1 1 1 ", ' , ' T11- U- :1111 : ' ' 1 '1i11. ' 4 V - .-................ ' ... ,.i,. 7 , 1 I 4 w- ---- J ' 1 i-1-1--' -.,.. .,....,,... . s .....- 1 1...-.1 ...- g 'U' ... 1........l.. --- I 1 V , N. 1 ,Z -g.. --.L , .Lg , , .i, E --- U : - - 1-.-..i,T.-.. .- ,....-- ,-1,12 p- .i...--. : -2 '-'?', v- ... ,. 1- X ' ,: .-. . 1 ...ii ..... ,..i. ...... 1-Q, ...-1. ..-..... ......... . 5, s, 11.5 it , ., ! L..- - TQ.. -.. i. ii. W-.Q . , in . -"4 im. -4. 'ls Q s hi... Q-.-, W Q-L-K ys - - ,s X! -15 1' il i i ff . ..l k ..... L ?. ,, 1 -.Q-i :l ........... ... ....... 1 -i. X S i ...Q - fr R L- J La .L4 . I-L4 I-q . THE TOWER 51 THE "T" CLUB OFFICERS WILLIAM H. COFFIN . President REXFORD DEAN . . Vice-President WARREN HOLMANDER Secretary-Treasurer JOHN F. THOMPSON . Faculty Adviser Curran Nichols 0 'Neil McQue-ston Phipps Coffin Nelson Kasian Kelly Knowles Mayo Holland Potter Clark Roberts E. Sands Ilolmander Purcell Dean Furlong , Cobbett Beauchesne Russell Iluckins Paul Hill Bennett Wallace Reynolds Simpson Page Butler H0 THE TOWER THE "T " CLUB. The "T" Club is without doubt the most exclusive organization ton School. Its membership is limited to those who have won t' eted "T" in one or more varsity sports. The purpose of the club is to raise money to help defray expe curred on the gridiron and in other forms of athletics. In orde complish this purpose, the members of the club give, in the gym I an entertainment known as the "T" Club Circus. This enterta is strictly a money making scheme, so admission is charged at th4 a fee is also charged for everything that is inside the gym. It is circus that the "T" Club queen is elected. The girl that is lucky to be elected to this honor is given a permanent membership in tk Club. The queen for the school year of 1925-1926 was Rebecca It is a distinct honor to be a member of this club, as it is an honor the "T" of Tilton. This year and during the past years the club has been very su in raising money with which to heal the broken bones and other I in Til he cov ises in ' to ac asium, inment 2 doorg at this enough e LIT!! itman. .o wear :cessful 'wounds of 'Tilton's warriors who battle for her on the various athletic fiel ds. 'l'lllz' 7'flIl'Ia'i.' t'4m'lllx4: N'l'.'kl"I'. lnlrn l"r1uvlrr11 7'lmn1p.wnl. lllrl-vim' nl' ,Xllllm-llvx, ll02ll'll nl llnslwi lmll. nuff Ilrrlruflf 7'14'1'.w.w, Vuznvll ul' Girls' .X1l1lv1ic's. Il'l'lI ,llflwm N11 rr IIN, Vuznvll nl' lll'lINN lllllIllll'.Y :lml lizm-lmll nh l'rfrnL' ' - 1 I v w Ifull ' ll ulun. 1 mwll ul Frmilmll :xml lrzlvli. lfnfwl lfflllllllllf Nl frwlfpulf, lf'zu'1llly Nlzalnzngrl-1' ol' lvl- lllwk THE TOWER mm FOOTBALL OFFICERS Captain . . . . IIAROLD RUSSELL -Mfl'VMl!l07' . . WILLIAM COBURN Couch . . RALPII WESTON The football season of 1925 was an even break for Tilton. We won four games, lost three, and tied one at 0-0. Theschool lost the objective game of the season to Colby, but the season is not to be considered as a failure. The other defeats of the year came from Brewster, N. H. U. '29, and the 0-0 tie came in the K. U. A. game. Tilton won from Sanborn Seminary, New Hampton, Pinkerton and Holderness. The first game of the season was played with Sanborn Seminary. This team was one of Tilton's rivals and was reputed to be of extraordinary strength. Rumors, however, did not effect the fighting strength of our team, and Tilton emerged from the fray with a 10-0 victory tucked under her belt. The second game of the season was with New Hampton. Last year this school was able to defeat Tilton through the use of several "ring- ers," and the local boys were determined not to let this happen again. Consequently, Tilton won the contest by the score of 9-0. These first two games of the season showed that Tilton had a team which could not be laughed at and the prospects of a brilliant season were bright, The third game was at Meriden, the home of K. U. A. This game was a very dis- appointing one for Tilton. The score was 0-0 and was the result of a poorly balanced team. The next game of the season was to be the main attraction of the year. It was with Colby Academy at New London. The result of this game, as has already been stated, was a defeat for Tilton. Perhaps the cause of the defeat was over-confidence, our boys might have been outplayed in any case. The final result of the contest was Colby, 14, Tilton, 0. This de- feat had a disheartening effect on our team and we lost to Brewster, 7-3. The next game was with the New Hampshire State Freshmen. Coach Weston decided to use some of his second string men in this contest as it was not a preparatory school game and wou1dn't be to our discredit if lost. The Tilton team Showed up very well and held the Wildcat Fresh- men to the comparatively low score of 15-0. Our team next went to Der- 56 TIIE TOWER CAPTAIN RUSSIGIA1 CA1"1'AlN-I+1I.Ee'1' NYICIASUN ry where they were to meet the strong Pinkerton Academy eleven. The result of this game was more favorable to Tilton, the home team winning by the score of 6-0. .lt was a lucky break which threw victory i11to our hands. 'gliedn Collin, who was playing guard for the school, recovered a fumble and, aided by a good interference, ran the length of the field for the only score of the game. The last game of the season was played at Tilton with Holderness School. Our boys were determined to cover them- selves with glory in this game and under the generalship of Earle Sands the team worked like a well-oiled machine. The final score of the game was Ilolderness, 0, Tilton, 31. The season cannot be termed an entire success, because the principle game of the year was lost to Colbyg however, much praise is due the mem- bers of the team, and much credit is due Coach Weston for his untiring eftorts to develop a team of which Tilton could be proud. THE Scenics. Tilton 10 ,.., ...........,...,.,,.. ........,.. . . . Sanborn 0 " 9 ,. .. New Ilampton 0 0 .... .,,........ 1 i. U. A. 0 0 .... ...,. IN '. H. ll. '29 15 ' 0 ,. ...... ,..... C olby 14 I3 .... Brewster 7 ' ti .... .,..., l 'inkerton 0 " 31 ..... llolderness 0 Tilton 59 Opponents 36 THE TOIVIJII' 57 l . 1315NN15'1"r Comsmu' 'l'h4- following nwn l'l'K'l'iV0ll H10 "'l"'f-Vzlptzlill liussvll, lizlrl Sands A71 " l,llk1'H NvIsm1,"lim-11"i'oHin,Mvlvin Uoblwff, lmwisi'lz11'k,' lom" Kvlly linlwrt McQ1wstm1, "Jim" ftllllillilll, "Gamly" l'l1I'l'2lll, NV2ll'I'l'll Ilolnmn- dvr, "Rm-X" DUZIII, Imrin 1"1u'lo11gr, "View Ilollzmcl, "lI0m-y" lh-nnptt, IIOLLAND 2 '1 L4 .94 F T' A I. V VI. Z V Z sa VT 'Tl .N v-1 THE TOWER 59 CROSS COUNTRY OFFICERS Captain . . . . GEORGE J. KASIAN 0'ouf'l:. . . . . EDWIN M. STEVENS Prospects for a successful team this season were not very good at the be- ginning of the Fall term of school, as most of last year's me11 had graduated. The first meet of the seaso11 was with the strong N. IL U. '29 at Dur- ham. We lost by a score of 37-18. The next meet was also lost to Colby Academy by the close score of 27-28. The outlook at this time of the season seemed to be darker than ever and, with only two more meets before the team, they entered a period of strenuous training to develop a strong team. This seemed almost impossible. The next meet was with Brewster Academy and the result of this set-to was more favorable to our boys. We won by the score of 40-15. This was a perfect score. The last meet of the season was with Pinkerton Academy and was for the championship of the state. In this meet, Nichols. who had been here- tofore in the last place, was the dark horse of the meet. He won the race, and by doing so broke the record for the course, and established a new school-boy record for the state of New Hampshire. The other members of our team were close on the heels of Nichols, and Tilton won the meet by the score of 27-28. Tilton can rightfully claim the state championship of central New Hamp- shire as Pinkerton, before the Tilton meet, was the recognized leader of all schools in cross-country. The following men received letters: Captain Kasian, Captain-elect Nichols, lluckins, Toothacher. THE TO WEB Tm: SCORES. Tilton 37 ...... .,....... ...4..,......,., .,... N . I I. U. '29 18 " 28 ..... ....... C olby 27 " 15 .... ..... B rewster 40 ' 27 ...., .,., I 'inkerton 28 Tilton 107 Opponents 113 Low score wins. CAPTAIN KASIAN CAPTAIN-ELECT Nlouons Ifiglll u'1'ny1 . lmfl wing 1fifjllfillSl.I1l' . Wvwlvz' fnruvlrwl Imfl inxirlw . lfiyhl lmlf l'1'nl1'r half . Imff half . lfiyfhl fulllnrf-L' . lmfl f1IlHNII'A' . Haul Tlllf 7'0H'lUlf 133 GIRLS' 1+'lEl.lJ .IIUUKEY A111111 Slwrzxrzlc l:I'l'I"l'Y l'14:1,m:'rll41lc li'l"I'lI IIAIRE RElil'IK'K'A l,I'l'MAN Am,1f:Nu BIIGSEIIVIC l'lI,1f1ANmc L1f:l31cUN Ismsrzl. GERRISII BIILDRED ORR XIARY Qvlm' S l'IYIfII,YN MAY ' 1 lim BIICRROXV I l Alu: I wr R1-zlfzslc 1, f'AI"I'AlN l'l 'ml A N lsmslcl. 64 THE TOWER Marconi The girls' field hockey team had unusually poor luck this year. Out of the four games played they won none. The first game of the sea- son was played with Brewster Academy at NVoltebor0. The first halt Brewster had scored only one goal and we none, but in the second half the luck turned and the final score was 5-1 in Brewster's favor. The next game was played at New London with Colby Academy. This Was a closer game and we lost by only one goal, 3-2. The next game was with lflrew- ster at Tilton, and at the end of the first half Tilton was leading 2-l. Either we became too confident or Brewster "snapped out of it," for dur- ing the last half, Brewster scored three more goals, and we scored none making the score at the finish 4-2 with Brewster in the lead. Our last de- feat was at Tilton at the hands of Colby. It was a close game and there were many good plays made. We lost this game 3-2. Rebecca Pitman was captain and played splendidly throughout the en- tire season. Most of the team was made up of new recruits and next year we should have a better team. linens' A'l'lIl1I4I'I'll' lhmlc llms' .X'l'1ll,lf:'l'l4- lhmlm Q A 'I lil 51 I 4: x E 1. -1 H ,... TIIE TOWER 67 BASKETBALL Olvmei-:ns lfapfuin . . . EARL D. SANDS lloarh ......... JOHN F. THOMPSON At the beginning of the season, the team was told by Coach Thompson that Tilton was to play the hardest schedule that a team of this school ever had had to face. This prediction surely was apparent when the list of games was made public. Five of the games were with strong college Fresh- man teams such as Dartmouth, Ilarvard, and M. l. T. We did not meet with much success playing against these teams because the team was late in developing, and most of these hard games were played early in the sea- son. We did, however, win from the strong Tufts Freshman team. We lost only one game to a school in our class out of eight games playedg this is a remarkable record. The greatest achievement of all was the winning of the State Championship at Durham. This is the second time that a Tilton team has come through with this honor. The first game was with the Harvard Freshman team at Cambridge. It was a very fast game, and our boys put up a commendable fight, but were beaten 35-24. The second game was with the strong Exeter Academy team at Exeter. The final score was 41-18 with Tilton on the short end. The next game was with our strong rival, Holderness, at Plymouth. For the first time in four years we won from Holderness on their home floor. The final whistle blew with Tilton on the long end of a 22-17 score. Butler and Simpson starred. Our next game was with our ancient and bitter rival-Colby, at New London. We lost in a very exciting game by the score of 27-26. The small size of the floor handicapped our team to a great extent. Simpson was again the outstanding star in this game. After this humiliating de- feat at the hands of Colby the team returned to its winning streak, and won easily from the Sanborn Seminary team at Tilton. Everyone on the Tilton team played a star game. The final result was 26-6. Our team next went to Durham to play N. II. U. '29. Three of our best player were taken illg the result was inevitable. We lost, 20-17. Tilton started, for the second time during the season, another long win- ning streak. We won easily from Colbly on our own floor, using both first and second teams. Sands was the star of the encounter. The next game, with llolderness, was the most exciting game seen on the local floor for years. The final score was a tie, Jim Simpson making the goal UAL-TAIN SANDS The loss of Captain Sands THE T0 WEI1 which tied the score in the last second of play in the regular period. Tilton emerged victorious at the end of an overtime period 39-28. Butler and Simpson were the stars of this game. Our team took Proctor, the next game, into camp, 28-25. To help make the Carnival a success, we won from Tufts '29 and the Alumni. Sands and Butler starred in both these games. Proc- tor came to Tilton and was beaten badly, 50- 33, llolmander and Nelson starring. This was the last game of the season, and the team settled down to intensive preparation for the State tournament. to the team on account of illness, gave Tilton a great handicap. Purcell was also taken ill at Durham and was unable to play. In spite of these serious handicaps, Tilton was able to put a strong team on the floor. The result was that Tilton won the tourna- ment by defeating Proctor and Colby. The individual stars for Tilton w ere Knowles and llolmander. The score of the Proctor game was Til- t 1, 29, Proctor, lil. The winning of this game placed Tilton in the fin- a s, in which we were pitted against Colby. Tilton won this game 15-9, and our boys were proclaimed state champions. The following men were awarded gold basketballs: Captain Earl Sands, 'tllenl' Knowles, 'tIJuke" Nelson, Jack Butler, Rex Dean, -VVarren llol- mander, Enzo Seratini, -Iohn Purcell, llarold Russell. The following men received basketball lctters:AC'aptain Sands, Nelson, Knowles, Butler, Dean, llolmander, Purcell, Simpson, Holland. JQNONVLES I IOLIJAN o 'I'll lu' 'I'Ufl'l','I.' tif' 159243 fiiiclm' l5,xslii4:'l'l:.u.i. 'l'lcMi flllCl.S' lLXSlilC'l'l3.Xl.l, I,ffl fnruwlrfl .Xi,i-'I-1 SI'l'l'XXl'1li Ifiyflif ffn'uwrrfl . lS,Xl5l'll, fll4IHliISll Vwnlrr . llmzix Wilrrl-1 Imfl yuurfl Yiom llllllililttltili lfiylil gfuurfl Nl.xi:.iu1cllf: I'illi.ia1:tfm4 Thr fiirls' linsln-tlmll tt-:tm haul at guml Nwisoii this .X't'2ll'. Hitt uf' thn- Nt'Yt'Il 51211114-s plsilva-tl ws- won l'Ulll'1 tha' tlirrt- lust wt-rv with Ntwlhztl Srlimul te-sims. 'l'ln-l'vf'rn't- wt- llt'2ll :ill tht- ft'2IlllN in mir own rims. 'l'hm- first gjstniv wats plnywl with l'i'm'toi' Af'2ltlt'lll'Y :lt .Xlltlcwn-i'g wt- Wtlll if-ll. fllll' llt'Xl vivtmy was :lt 'l'iltm1 with Nlt-rt-tlitll lligh Srlitml. This was :I vt-ijx' rlust' :tml 1-xvitingf gfnim-, with El final st-mv of' QT-24. 'l'ht- ht-xt grziim- wnw play:-fl :nt 'l'iltml with l,rm'tm', at ZH-lti virtury f'nr 'l'iltmi. 'l'h1- in-xt, lim-iw Xornml :tt 'l'iltm1, wus thv he-st gfillllt' uf' thv st-ztsmi. Hur grirls gut tht- lvzul f'rom tht- first tuv-tip :tml lu-pt if fill fhv 1-ml uf' thv thirtl pt-i'iml, 70 Tlllv' TU!V1a'H CAPTAIN Si'1TzNn1c wht-n thi- scorn- 11-acl 20-17 in our favor. 'lt was wolnlvrful to soo thr- spirit of tho two tvams as thx-y facvtl oach othvr for the last porioml. ln the last tlirw- minntcs tho SUll00l-l02lClll'I'S got thoir first load, and whvn tho whistlv blow tho score was in thvir favor' 233-20. Tho Alumnao grann- was much loss cxciting' and was an easy wi11 for the varsity, 38-12. Tilton was nm-xt th-fcatvcl at Tilton by Plymouth Normal. VVo wcrv complvtvly outplaym-cl hy thvni and thc- final scorn was 334-9. Our final clotvat was 1-4-cm-ivvml at thoir hands at l'lyn1o11th. Tilton playml hard up to tln' final whistlc, but had to accopt a lwatingr of 58-l-l. Uaptain Spitznvi' playotl hard and ll-cl ln-1' TOEIIII on to its victories with a W011Clt'1'lAlll spirit llll'0llgIll0llf thc season. lsAIS1'J1, Mmzoin l l l 1926 lvn Ilowxm' 'l'lcAM. lt'lC llttl'lil'IY fll1'I'It'l'IlIS lfupluiu . M1-:mix Fonnmrr .llIll7NlfjI'I' . . Il. lim'N0l.ns l"rH'1llly .llunugrr ltl. ltl. S'I'At'Kl'tbLl'I lm- llm-lu-y is tht- most 1-1-wilt zultlition to tln- st-lwol's ntlllvtim' pru- grani. This yvzir, for tht- first tinn-, tln- sf-lmol was to vnjoy ai rvgrn- lar llockz-y scliorllilv. 'lllll'0ll,2'll tht- lcinrlnvss :incl sc-hool spirit of our ln-mlnnnstvr, il snitzihlv lim-lwy rink was ohtninml, :intl tht- boys st-ttltwl down to 111-vm-lop at tc-ann whivh shnnltl lw worthy ol' notice-. Tln- first gznnv of tht- st-nsrni was with thv Tilton town tvznn. Thi- scllnol won nn 4-zisy victory in this nn-vt, hy tht' scum- of ti-2. Thr l"ranklin town tc-ann was tho next to full victim to the- stronfr st-lnml F' skatorsg thu snort- of this gzinne was Tilton, ltlg l4'rnnklin, tl. Tilton thon wvnt to llunnvt-r to play thv llzirtnnnlth l4'ro-slnnzin svxte-t. Tilton Tllld Tfllfldlt' 71 72 THE T0 WIH1' was playing a little out of her class whe11 she nndertook tl1is team, and lost l5-0. The fi1'st Prep school game of the seaso11 came with Clolby. lt l1ad lJ00ll l'llIH01'0fl that Folby l1ad a very fast a11d strong' team, but our boys were flashing g.l'I't'?ll' form, iillil VVOII 6-2. Tl1e last game of tl1e SUZISOII was with Stearns school. Tl1is ganie was 0110 of tl1e successes of tl1e Carnival, because the school won 5-0. Stearns school l1as o11e of the STl'0llg't?Sl' school- boy sextets in tl1e state, and the defeat ad- - - ministered to ll1l'II1 by Tilton grave a strong: CAPTAIN COBBETT. bid for the state cha1npionsl1ip. The 1925-26 schedule, while 11ot a large one, was the first lllilt flllf stu- de11ts of tl1e school have llilll thc privilege of witnessing. lt is hoped by the 1I161l1lJC1'S of tl1e student bodv that a larffer and better schedule will he 1 C5 Ell'l'HllQf0ll for next year. The season was 1UElI'li0il by the playing ot Captain Cobbett a11d of "Reg- gry" Page. Page XV011 for himself the election of next yea1"s eaptaincy. The following' 111011 received letters: C t11 C'obb1tt "Reffe'v Pace " Xrt l"1l1l, l'h1 V, "G ln H C' 72172.11 L , N.. " ,,, 1 ll I ' ' s ancv .fllI'- ran, "Roy" Mayo, "TipH O'Neil, "VVade,' Roberts, BIZIIIPIQIUI' "Bus" Reynolds. PM 1111. IROBICKTS, llll lm-'lux lm NIANM 2 'T I-1 1 ..4 4 'L 'T ,.- .-. IT TI ,-1 THE TOWER 75 , 1 . CAPTAIN C0B1zE'r'r. ROBERTS. ISASICIGAIJIJ 1925 Uunelzi, E. M. STEVENS Uupf., IlAiioi.o S1Mi'soN Jlrmuger, S. Novus 1926 Worn-lv, E. M. Swviass Uupf., Mrziivm Coisisiwr Manager, K. Tuomi-soN liaseball proved to be Tilton 's most successful branch of sport during the school year of 1924-1925. After three disastrous seasons, Tilton, with the aid of Coach Stevens and good material, finally put a real ball team on the field, a team which won the pennant in the Central New Hanipshire Preparatory School League, and brought Tilton its first League baseball cup. Tile team was not exceptionally strong as hall teams go, but never- theless, it possessed excellent fighting spirit, and several times came from behind to win important games. Tilton did not fare so well in the non- league games, she was undoubtedly out-classed in those contests. With the exception of Captain "Fat" Simpson there we1'e practically no outstanding stars. The team 's success was due in no small measure to the hitting and fielding of "Fat',, who batted for a high average for the year, and covered the initial sack very capably. The rest of the Til- ton infield with "VVade" Roberts and HJilI1IIliCH Simpson at second, Mau- riee Foss at shortstop, and Earl Sands at third, were Ollly fair, but they tightened up in the pinehes and performed very creditably. ln the box, Melvin Cobbett proved to be one of the sensations of the season, advanc- ing from a relief pitcher of the year before he was elected captain of the 1926 team. Although he did not win as many games as Woods, the other 76 TIIIC TOWER twirler, it fell to his lot to pitch the non-league games. "Flint" Woods was also a converted twirler who devoted his time between the mound and left field. Ile pitched several fine games, especially against Proctor in the championship game. llolmander caught all but the first two games of the season, which were taken care of by Clark, who played very well un- til relieved by llolmander. The Tilton outfield was not a slugging com- bination, but they could field well and hit with men on bases. Woods in left field, Poole i11 cente1', and Purcell in right made up the regular outfield. Rain forced the cancellation of the opening game with Exeter, so we opened the season by swamping Holderness at Plymouth 13-3, we dropped the next game to New Hampton, however, 8-2, Rawlings, the New Hampton pitcher bafiiing our batters at every turn. Tilton turned in the feature play of the season in this game by a fast triple play, Woods to Puente to Sands to Clark. After losing to Proctor in a weird 17-4 game, the nine got down to business and mowed down her league opponents until she had tied Proctor in the league standing. Then, by defeating Proctor 9-8 in ten innings, Tilton clinched the championship. The game was a see-saw affair throughout. Tilton practically sewed the game up by counting six runs in the first two innings only to have Proctor come from behind and finally gain a two run lead over us in the ninth. With the stands begging for runs, Sands opened the ninth by getting a life on the short-stop's error, Holmander strolled and then Woods saved his own game with a screeching triple to left, but was out trying to stretch it into a home-ru11. This tied the score. After Proctor was held scoreless in her half of the tenth, Roberts opened Tilton 's half of the inning with a Texas-leaguer to right field. Purcell advanced him with a neat sacrifice, setting the stage for Batchelder, a utility outfielder, who came through nobly, lining a long double to right-center, scoring Roberts with the winning run. Tilton had won its first league championship! Much credit is due to Coach Stevens and his players for their team-work through out the season. The following received letters :-Captain Simpson, Cobbett, Woods, "Jimmie" Simpson, Earl Sands, Foss, Purcell, Roberts, llolmander, Batchelder, Clark, Evans, Manager Noyes. Tlllff 'l'UIl'1JI.' 77 192.3 'l'1:.u-K 'I'1-:A xl. 'l'li.Xl'li 4,l"I"ll'l-IHS 192.3 12526 1'l,AxY'mx .XI,l.SW4ll"I'II fvllfllllllll lirxunculc KASIAN Imax Y, l:,KKl4I'l'lCl, .llfrnuglwr HICURGIQ l'1'rmAx Imax I". 'l'umln'wx Vmzrlr -IUIIN F. 'l'x1m1vsox ' 'ess ".'Sl'l n Wh:-11 ilu- tvzwlc SUZISUXI fm' 1925 rollwl znrmlml, tllvu- ul 1 wus '. mv " X ' '- f " aiu Allswortll 211141 NYM'- flllllblllli ui' !ll2l14'l'l2ll llu mllx NlY1l1lllN mlm iflpl f. ws lmmluwl mlm-vimlvmlly dzlrlc for liltmm, us fur as fllfllillgl' ll ll Hrmlv, 'l'l1il1,. YY ou! an Ullilllllllllllilllll l1'2llll was 4'0lll'l'l'll1'Il. but Illix was just whzli lilton zu'- mm vliwluwl liy 4lin1 ui' muvln hem! work uml iIll'0lllIlill'2lhll' t'02lChillg', wa . ' " ill '. I m ilu- innh-1'svl14ulzns1iv nu-vt all Dlll'll2llll. 'Flltml was El mlallx hmw HIIY lll1'1'1, :nml svowml il Iotall ui' 253 poillis. YY - " 'anis lllt'l'l 211 Al2lllK'hl'Sll'l'. llu- nu-I-t wv dial not 'Flu' an-XI we S ilu lxm 4xp4-1-I In Will, :ls x 1 ve- wvw l1:lmli4-zlppvml by lmving Iwo ui' our sizlrs, Uzup- 1 78 THE TOWER T t . l CAPTAIN KAs1AN. 110111-ER, tain Allsworth and Grady, ineligible. ln spite of this setback, Tilton was able to amass 12 points against her opponents. ln this meet, Emery Smith of Tilton School broke the record for the 220 low hurdles. McQneston also broke into the scoring by taking a third place in the hammer throw. The last meet of the season was the dual meet with Pinkerton at Derry. Tilton did not fare as well in this meet as was expected. Pinkerton had too much strength in the running events, and we lost by the score of UIQ- Slw. During the process of the meet, four schoolboy records were brok- en by Tilton men. Tilton also sent Captain Allsworth, Grady, and Sherman to the Brown 'Interscholastics at Providence. Here, in very fast company, we scored eight points. Grady scored a second and fourth place while Allsworth tied for first in the pole vault. Sherman was taken ill and was unable to compete, or we might have scored a larger number of points. The season was featured by thc starring of Captain Allsworth, Grady and Sherman. At the end of the season "Jake" Kasian was elected cap- tain of the 1926 team and we wish him all the success in the world. The following men received the coveted "TH: Captain Allsworth, Kasian, Grady, Sherman, Cobbett, Smith, Tyler, and Pottcr. ll I II I I I II I I'V I I I1 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ' I I I I l I I I I fIIIII III.f F L1 1 P? J v-. P4 THE TOWER 81 EVELYN MAY . MARY BARTLETT POLLY PERKINS DORIS BARTLETT L. L. SOCIETY OFFICERS MEM BERS DORIS BARTLETT MARY BARTLETT BARBARA BUCK ESTHER BURLEIGH ALBERTA CARTER SUZANNE CARION MAUDE CONNER DOROTHY DEMAREST RUTH IIAIRE CHARLOTTE HUNKINS DOROTIIY LEAVITT DOROTHY LANPIIER HELEN MARZ EVELYN MAY ARLENE MESERVE LAURA MORSE PHYLIS NELSON MILDRED ORR POLLY PERKINS HARRIET REESE GRACE RIPLEY MARJORIE UPTON CAROLYN WESTGATE IIONORARY MEMBERS MISS ADDIE M. DRAKE MISS CELIA E. PEASE MISS NINA PEASE MRS. STACKPOLE MIRS. THOMPSON . President Vice-President . Secretary Treasurer ai 5- :J I Z. A 1 P Ll P' THE TOWER 83 V. A. S. OFFICERS Fall Term Winter Term ALLAN NIERWIN . . .' President VERNON TWITCIIELL . President VERNON TWITCIIELL Vice-Pres. ROBERT BICQUESTON I Vice-Pres. VERNON TWITCIIELL . . Ser-retury IIARRY TOUNGE . . . Secretary ALLAN NIERWIN . . . Treasurer XV. SLOAN . . . Treasurer Spring Term. ROBERT MOQUESTON . . . . President B. KNOWLES . . Vive-President IIARRY TOUNGE . Secretary W. SLOAN . Treasurer MEMBERS Seniors WILLIAM COBURN GILBERT HENRY BENJAMIN KNOWLES ALLAN BIERWIN ROBERT DICQUESTON S. MILLS LORIN FURLONG G. KEELER D. FELIX C. SKINNER ENZO SERAFINI KENNETH TIIOMPSON :HARRY TOUNGE VERNON TWITOIIELL Juniors , JOIIN PURCELL M. SMITII Sophomores J. PIERCE C. ROLLINS Freshmen W. SLOAN A. SMART pl H -14 L 7 A Z Z 1 X .L4 w ... 54 THE TOWER SAPPHONIAN SOCIETY MARY PIIILBROOK . DOROTIIY PARKER . BEATRICE PELLETIER LUCY EVERETT . BEATRICE BOYNTON HENRIETTA BROWN BERTIIA BURNIIAM LILLIAN CONNOLLY MAOELINE COY ALICE DEMERITT IIESTER DEMERITT OLIVE DEMERITT ELEANOR DUNSTON LUCY EVERETT MARKIUERITE FELLOWS EMMA FILLION FLORA FOSTER ISAIIEL GERRISII FRANCIS GREELEY MABEL HARRIS KATIIARINE LEE EVA MERROW DORIS MICIIAUIJ IIENRIETTA 0,CONNOR SARA PAGE OFFICERS MEMBERS . Preszdem' Vice-Preszdern' . Secretary Treasurer DOROTIIY PAINE DOROTIIY PARKER BEATRICE PELLETIER MARJORIE PIIILBROOK MARY PIIILBROOK VIOLA PHILBROOK REBECCA PITMAN EVELYN REILLY RUTH RICHARDS EXZELIA ROBERT ELIZABETH SANBORN BIIRIAM SANBORN EVELYN SEAVEY IRENE SEVERANCE ALICE SPITZNER IDOROTHY TITUS LURA TITUS GRACE VEACOCK MARCUERITE WADE DORIS WIIITE GRACE WHITEI-IOUSE MADI-:LINE WILSON P4 E-4 LI I, A .-1 XJ f--. v ...f 54 EARL SANDS . NIELVIN CODRETT . HAROLD RUSSELI1 . WlLLI.kM COREIN . MELVIN COBBETT . WADE ROBERTS '1 EDGAR bYKES . ELLswOR'ru N In-1 IOLS PAYSON TLRDETTS . WILLIAM Com-'IN . DONALD POTTER . CuARLEs SANDS . THE TOWER 87 U. K. P. SOCIETY Ol"l"ICl'IRS Fall 'Perm . , . Presideni Vive-President . Secretary Treasurer Winter Term . . . . . President Vice-President . Secretary Treasurer Spriny Term . . . . . President Vice-President . Secretary Treasurer MEM BERS A. G. ABBOTT J. ALDEN W. BATCHELDER P. BEAUORESNE J. BEEDE R. BOYDEN L. BENNETT F. BODGE D. BOND F. BRYANT A. CALEE L. CLARK M. COBBETT W. COFFIN K. COLBY J. CURRAN W. DAWSON R. DEAN P. DEARBORN A. DEMAREST A. Dlx NV. DOIIERTY L. FURLONG A. IIAYES R. IIEOKMAN V. IIOLLAND W. IIOLMANDER. G. KASIAN T. ICELLY S. KODERA J. LAWRENCE M. LEAVITT THE TOWER H. MCGINLEY D. POTTER L. MAYO W. PRESCOTT F. METCALF M. RHODES W. MINTONGE W. ROBERTS S. MOOEES H. RUSSELL W. NELSON C. SANDS E. NICIi0LS E. SANDS B. O,NEIL E. SEAVER H. O,NEIL R. SMART A. OSGOOD.. A. STEENBERGEN R. PAGE C. SWIFT H. PARKER E. SYKES A. PAUL W. THOMPSON P. PELLETIER A. TOOTHAKER R. PHIPPS J. WALLACE G. PITMAN A. WELLS R. WOOD ,iff-XZ J Gfganizffrioup 3 I0 Tllld TUIVIGI. BOYS, S'1'U11EN'1' COUNVIL. THE BOYS' S'l'lTIJl+lN'l' COUNCIL EARL SAN us, I'1'vsiflw nf ALLAN BIHIQVVIN IIAKOLD KUSSICIAIA ALLLIQT IIAYLS XVARKIGN IIOLMANDIAII: I'Im:A1c SYKICS ALLAN Dlx tiuouuu KAs1AN liuxlfolm DEAN BIELVIN f10Bl51i'I"I' C'r1L:sT1c1: K1NsLLy PA YSON 'l'1m:1a'1"rs TIIIC 7'UII'lGl.' Ell S. linens' S'1'l'lJI'jN'l' l'olfNm'u.. GIRLS' S'l'l'lJlCN'l' t'Ul'Nl'll1 li ilH11t'l'A l'l'rMAN . . l'rv.wiflm RY l,IllI,lHlKNDK . . . . I ll'l'-1,l'l'XI.11l'H lCvr:m'N MM' lmlal-11, Ulilililt-lil Mmm' l:AIC'I'l.l'l'l"l' A1.14'1-1 S1'1'1'xN1f:1: l'ux'1,1,ls N1-zmnx l'Ivlc1.x'N S1f1Ax'1':Y Ilmcuwllx' 'l'1'rl's l"1mNv1cs Glil'1l11l,l',X 92 THE TUIVEIF GIR1. liESEIiVES, CAMNET. GIRL K'ESERVI4lS' CABINET RL:lsEc'r'A PITMAX . VIULA PHILBRVOOK RIARY P111L1sR00K FRANCES GR1-1131.1-JY EVRLYN SIGAVEY . BIARGUERIITE FRLLOWS BIARY BAIQTLETT . ISABRL GERRISII . GRAC'E V15Avm'K . I'1'1fs1'1lMzf I7I'l'C-PI'C4.SiCZC1Lf NI'l'I'I'7llI?'2j 7'rm.surcr I7lmirmfm of Program Com. f'lm-zfrnzan of I,'ItZllI.l'l7fU Com. fY7IfIIfI'Hlll'l't of Sorial Fam. I'l1r1z'rmrm of fll0n1l1f'1'xl1'ip Com fvllKlI.7'Hlll'Yl of Scrfuive Fam. s TIIIC 'l'0Il'IClf N I I Anolm lilrsslm, XVARRIGN Ilommxn W1l.l,1AM llml14:1c'1'x' f'lIARl,l'1S Sfxxns l41Al:1,SANns . RALPH! l,Iil'ISt'0'I"l' M1cl.vlN i'ms1s1a'r'1' lill X. NI. U. A. l'AmNlQ:'r. X4 l'AI3lNE'l' l'r1'xirI1'ni Svr'1'1'Ir1l'y TI'I'fIS?lI'1'l' l,llIlIfl'I'f.Il JI vm lu'rsh1'p ,1l'llNl'U Novial Ai I-1 n-4 Lf Z E- L, 'w Y ld -. V :-' THE TOWER 95 THE Ol VI' ING CLUB HAROLD RUSSELL . .... . President REXFORD DEAN . Vice-President LEROY Mmm . . Treasurer REX:-'onn DEAN ......... Secretary All boarding students are niembers of the Club. W. Batchelder and F. Seaver are the town members. SUMMARY ov HIKES May, 1925-Attempt to climb Washington, stopped by snow. Winter, 1926-Hike to Ke-arsarge on snowshoes. Party visited Agassiz Basin and the Flume. Clearing and marking of trail bm-twm-on llolknap and Gunstoek. 7. M r ,.. bl v -. Y,- A .L- THE TOWER MISS THE BOYS' AND GIRLS' GLEE Sopranos BARTLETT, Treasurer MISS ORR MISS MISS M ISS MISS MISS VEAUOCK DEMAREST PIIILIIROOK BURNIIAM CONNORS A I I ns MISS M'AY, President JMISS MISS MR MR MR. MR. M R. M R M R MR. M R M II GERRISII, Vive-Presifleni PATTEE Tcnors IIOLMANDER, President COBURN, Vice-P1'es'ident SINZ, Treasurer ROBERTS K EELER Basses HIETCALF, Seerefary DEAN CTIIIII-'IN K NIIWLES RIIJLIIEN MISS CLUBS. GREELEY MISS LEE MISS MISS MISS MARZ RIUIIARDS SEAVEY MISS '1'U'I'US MISS FELLOWS MISS MIGICROW MISS UPTON MISS Buvlc MR. MR. MR MR. MR. MR. MR MR. MR MR WELLS HALL ILAYES FELIX SYKES SMITH PAGE BOND IIARDING PIIIPPS THE TOWER CONCERT BY THE GLEE CLUBS OF TILTON SCHOOL Wednesday Evening, March 24, 1926 MRS. JOEL NORDHOLM, Director Soloists-MISS MARY BARTLETT, First Violin MISS LURA TITUS, Second Violin MISS DOROTHY PAINE, Piano Salutation .,...,......,,... ....,. G aines Morning Invitation ,.... ...... V eazie A Bowl of Roses ...,.... ..,.. C lark A Song of the Sea ........ ....,... N evin Winter Song ,............... ,...,... B ullard Syncopated Lullaby .,.o........ ........o........,..,..,......... S inn AS Torrents in Summer i...... ....... L ongfellow-Elgar Pirate Dreams .o.,.,..........A. o,.......,......,... H uerter Around the Gypsy Fire ....,. ,.,...., B rahins The Heart Bowed Down ..... ..,.. B alfe Anvil Chorus ,........,..,.,.....,,....,......... 4... V ercli Fantasy on a Russian Folk Song ,.., ...,.. G aines Hail to the Heroes .........,....,...,..... ..o.. V erdi TIIIC TOIVEH Tm: O1:c'111f:s'1'1cA. TIIIC URUllIGS'1'liA Mic. Il14:A'r11, Ilhw-lur 1,1-OHIIS hum 'l'1'l'l's, f'UlIl'1'I'f .lluxlwr IMNH-31. lf'r:1,lx NIMH' l:AH'I'I,l"'I"I' EIIVVARIJ IIA1.1, 01,lv11: lJm1h:lc1'1"l' Ali'l'llI'R llmlmc Nrl.1'oplun1vs mam: Svlilcs l'AliI.I'I'l'UN SXVII-"I !'urnvl.w Mcxonn IELAKI-1 -lmllcs l,Il'1RK'l'1 TJUROTIIY PAINI41, I,'I.flHU Dmcwrux' 'l'1'1'1vs, V1'nlm1f-wllo G 14:4 mum K.xs1AN, Tram bn nf' Klmcl-'1l4:1.l1 Bonmfz, Dru HIS N! P- r ,.f ,J LJ z E1 4 .2 E I-' THE TOWER 101 CHARLES SANDS EVELYN MAY . ISABEL GERRISH WILLIAM SINZ . EVELYN MAY SOCIETAS LATINA OFFICERS Profugi WINSLOW PRESCOTT Semztores Consul Primus Consul Secwnda Scriba Quaestor LEONARD BEACH ISABEL GERRISII MARJORIE PIIILBROOK GRACE WIIITEIIOUSE LIARGUERITE FELLOWS MIRIAM SANBORN IIENRIETTA BROWN ' Equifax BARBARA BUCK DOROTHY DEMAREST FRANCES GREELEY IIESTER DEMERITT BARBARA PATTEE Plebs RIILDRED ORR ELIZABETH DEARBORN ARLENE BIESERVE LAURA TITUS MARY BARTLETT MARGUERITE XVADE PIIYLIS NELSON IIAZEL GILE BEATRICE PELLETIER DOROTHY PARKER W. DRAKE CHARLES SANDS B. KNOWLES VERNON TWITDHELL ALBERT IIAYES WADE ROBERTS WILLIAM SINZ DOROTHY LEAVITT EARL SANDS GILBERT IIENRY J UDITII BADGER RUTH RICHARDS VIOLA PIIILBROOK SETH DAWSON DONALD DARWIN RIOIIARD MAY ELLSVVORTH NICTHOLS ARTHUR PAUL ARTHUR PLUMMER EDGAR SYKES VVILLIAM DOIIERTY WILLIAM BATCIIELDER ' STAFF. I V 5 THE Tn THE TOWER THE TOWER STAFF Editor-in-Chief WILLIAM F. SINZ Assistant Editor ALLAN K. MERWIN Business Manager EDGAR W. SYKES Advertising Manager WILLIAM C. BATOHELDER Assistant Advertising Manager GILBERT HENRY Associate Editors ISABEL GERRISII WADE ROBERTS MARY BARTLETT DOUGLAS EADIE SHUZO KODERA EVELYN MAY Faculty Advisors FRED A. SMART LEONARD B. BEACH 104 THE TOWER ALxsE1:'r M. IIAYES S. XVILLARD DAXVSON VVILLIAM SLNZ . BENJ AM IN K Nowmzs . CHARLES SANDS . VVADE ROBERTS . AIETIIITIQ PAUL EVELYN IWAY DOUGLAS EAD111: . IIAROLD RUSSELL . DOROTHY IMAIMAREST FRANCES GREEL1-JY VERNON TVVITCHELL TILL: Tilfunifm STAFF. 'FIIHFONIAN STAFF Eriifor-in-i711 ivf 1Iusz'm'.v.s ,Tllf1'II!Igf'l' Sfajf . 11S80l'flll'1' Erlifor 7'r0r1.s'1u'v1' Spurling Erlzffor .'1SSl.Sfl11'lf Sporfing 11SSZSflI7If li1l,si11f1xs Girls' ,flflllvfiws Humor Erlifor E.1'r'lulny0 Eriifor Rrporfcrs Glcorzcsrz KASIAN ELLSWOWPH NIVIIOLS F1eANc'Is IIAYES Edifor .1111 H1151 0 r THE TOWER 105 Vol. I. OCTOBER. 1804 No. I. The first Tfiltoniafn was published in October, 1894, a monthly with Rodney A. Griffin as editor. 0. W. Holmes' death is recorded in its pages, and the strangely familiar words, "For Brac- ing Air, Pure Water, and Beauty . . . Tilton is the Paradise of New Hampshire. " Tiltonism N. H. Conierence Seminary - Female College. TIILTON. N. H. ':::: THE TILTONIAN 'xrr V... ..... .. ,U.DAY ,.... ..... ....,.. ......... 'W'm"-"1f112'fm'fww-sg1.3.i"rf...as'.im.r. The current Tiltonian is a :-g,g',jg,',:',7,ggg,'jg',,g'Fg,ii.vI?,.,"vj.3.pE'3 weekly, edited during the past year by Albert M. Hayes. Although some of the jokes may be traced, perhaps, to its predecessor, the publication has grown and meets the de- mands of a modern student body. ....... ..- ................ :.::.:::.-.....:r....-:........-......-.....'.-:........ ee... f..-.-.u..-.H-....---Q--.u.m-ea..-nu-. ,- .................................................. ,,,,,,,,3,.,,, ............,............................,,,,,,,,,, ,., ......................................... ,,,,.,,,. ................-...,,,A........,,:... .......-..... -m-.z.:-:."'--...........:..n:':.-:...,....::.'--f-- , -M ...--u-...g.m..-s...u..1-nn..a,,,-nn" ,ul ,,,, 'v.-'..::.-..:u..-1.::'.1.'a-'-...-.'::,,,,,-,g'33'-v-,,,,,, --:........ ............................. :'.L.......:..'m.:.,.---,m---'---x'.1'.:...""'1 :ras ....... ... ... ...::..:............ ...................,,,,,, ,,, ........ ............................,,,,,,, ,,, .'7.ls.."'...,i's...-z""".242.".-."".-..'.'1l'!'.1L"... ,,4,,,,,,,-",,,,,,,,,,,,, :E """....""'....,1','3'L5.'1'A.."""-..5.."'... L"..'1'..---f--ggi,-33: .-'E'-.-Q-. --- -nr-urn-at-an-'-'-P,':-,,,-,, ....1.v--......-...N .--1-:'.L:.'::g:,-,,,,,,,,,, i't.""..:.."".."g::1,,.""'.:-.,..:a..:.-:---:-.L'.. ":.. ......-.""' L'.."'J .4 ...""'...s...""' .-... -. "-'Hggm -I '.':3".......................-.......x........... nu-an ".....""'.'.1'.".....'.:'.:L7'r....."N':-'-----'G'L-" .. us..--,mv-,n-n-:?:.:1.-:www-in-auuvns-:-1-:':T: .-..............-........ ........---W -- alumna lnnsnu-o-nln.cun.ndnnluhlf'l"'l'5"4"'-""' 1-.emu Cum-um,----I-u-.nun-1 ammun- , ,,, ,, ,,,,,, ,,,,,.,,.,.,............................... L'........a....."'......"'.1....-.....-. f---.1-i-.-0-U-4 -- mi..-.-.::a-x-1-u-.--.-::.:v5-gn-dw'-lg:-gg :'..:'.:.v.-':-....- :.:.s:r.r-L'..............'-'-'.m.,.--.......: 1n...::.-:-.un--....-.me..-...x.-nz- many-- l7.'.-"u .1"'-..'1.L'!L"-ZT"Cl':.'-L"'..."' -.-'f--H-v- .... r-:""'7L.. ...E:....3 M... ......... vw -:gg-g-g.-H, '- r.""'v--""vu1C""" L...""".......- -m.-.-........-.-v ..:"L7':'-"'.""..-... "" 3- v--. M- -1- - rv- 1-'Sqn ""'I.."': "'...-'...""2 ..""'-'-.:'.:-.."'.:.'-'-. : ...."" ..... ... ...... ... ..""... ... ..r'...""... .""... .-.'T'.- . ... .. ...-......................-.-...........:.....- """f.'.'l'.'h1'1'-1-T'J..'.'2 LT in-"' TZ I-'.S'-"-'71-I "-..""L."'-E2 Q-."".'5 3.---0.-.... 1...--.-.-.,.-. T11 111 DmsA'rING TEA M THE TOWER 107 DEBATING TEAM Ajirmafive Negative VERNON BRONSON TWITCIIELL DONALD HOXVELL POTTER ARTHUR KINCAID SMART CLAUDE E. JONES ALBERT MOHARO IIAYES SETH XVILLARD DAWSON FLOYD GOODWIN BRYANT Coach FRED ANDREW SMART This year, as in former years, Tilton was represented in the New Hamp- shire Interscholastic Debating League by two teams, one on the afiirma- tive, and one on the negative side of the question: Resolved, that the Uni- ted States should enter the World Court, subject to the Harding-Hughes Coolidge Reservations. Tilton was drawn to meet Hampton High School. The affirmative team of each school remained at home, meeting the nega- tive team of the opposing school. Unfortunately, Tilton lost both debates. The affirmative lost by a two- to-one decision, but Twitchell carried off the honors of the evening as best speaker. The negative team was defeated by the Hampton orators unanimously. Although Tilton lost both debates, she was represented by strong debat- ors. Both aggregations had strong points, well-proved, but lack of the practice necessary to make polished delivery lessened the effectiveness of their speechs. On the whole, however, the teams were a credit to their coach and the school. May they have better success another year. I!! J -1- K. .gin THE TOWER SENIOR SNAPSIIOTS Apollo, With freckles. That smile Must be what brings The beautiful blush To Georgia peaches. Diana Of the boyish bob And manly stride. Her mind is like The moon- Always changing-- But there 's always A man in it. She dominates The horizon, The summer moon- Round And full Of good nature. A lucky Nigger, With a million-dollar Smile That has got him out of More scrapes Than one. A lily-of-the-valley, Giggling in the shadows In the shade of a Strong oak Down at Worcester. THE TOWER Cosmopolitan, Eccentric, Artistic. Wlio knows what "high-halls" swim Behind those Hydrostatic Eyes? Ilow Can you lie pensive And look like The advertisements For Chesterfield Cigarettes, When you are Six feet three In your stocking feet? His nose Is the jib Which he tempers To all the winds Of wit And authority. A ' Breezy Eyeful. The torrents Of her spceeh llavc engulfed Many a good man. An expert Digger. A trifle ln thc Moorish Style, But thrifty, And the soul Of Ilutnor. ,,.,,-,, ,4....,-.-4...--4 i112 THE TOWER Coburn Ccalling apartmentj-Miss Breeze, please. Operator-There are two Miss Breezes here. Which do you want? Coburn Cafter a momentl-The one with an aunt in Los Angeles. Mr. Curl fto Beede, who is gazing at the back of Bennett's headj-Stop looking into space like that. Russell Cat hotel 'phonej-Ah want some peppeh. Clerk-Cayenne or black? Russell-Writing peppeh. Tiltouiau Joke Editor-My jokes are being read by twice as many peo- ple now as formerly. Editor-I didn't know you had married. Vital Statistics-If all the people that eat at boarding schools were put at one long table they would reach. Missionary Cafter vespersl-I often lose myself in my work. H ollaucl-What is your work? Missionary-Travelling in Central Africa. Touuge-You have a tendency to let things slide. Jake-Yes, I play the trombone. Visitor-This handkerchief is fifty years old. Betty Dearborn Centertainingj-How beautiful, and did you make it yourself? Thompson-Tell me something about the Capital of the United States. Potter-lt's in Europe. Siuz-S0 your father refused to send you money? I suppose he 's for- gotten that he spent money when he went to school? Knowles-Not a bit of it. And he hasn't forgotten what he spent it for, either. Doi-A man shadowed me all the way home yesterday. Mary-Did you scream? Dot-Of course notg he carried my parasol. 114 THE TOWER Hayes-That Inan is deaf as a post. Eadie-' ' Saturday Evening W! " Hayes-No, all the time. OVERHEARD AT TAKING OF SENIOR PICTURE. Tnbby May-Keep quiet everybodyg I Want to look sober in this picture. TOWER MOVIE STARS. "Peg 0, My Heart"-Isabel. "Little Annie Rooney"-Tubbey. "A Connecfirut Yankee"-Potter. "For Heaven's Sake"--Coburn. "Ben Hur"-Cwith modern chariotj-Deming Pease. TOWER FLOWER SHOP. Narcissus-Betty Dearborn. Peony-Lucy. Jack-in-The-Pulpit-Steve Moores. Mayflower-Rebecca. Painted Trillium-Chick. . ALSO PRESENT. Apple Cdurnbj-Bucky. Pea-nnf-Ilayes. Carrot-Harding. Cabbage-"Cy" Harriman. p Raspberry-Holland. Marjorie was playing Liszt. "Wonderful! Wonderful!" said Cobbett. "How she plays, you mean?', asked Evelyn. "No, how the piano stands it." Hayes-l see the Democrats are assuming the offensive on the tariff question. Twifchell-lt isn't assumedg it 's natural. The new Dublin broadcasting station is called Stasiun Craoibhscaoi- teachain ath Cliath. Not very often, We should judge. SSMM ,fx rn: ron: AUTGGIQKIFHB ADVERTISEMENTS Hmlup fm mlm-lmtvbfXXl1:11 I want IS slum- growl vnnmmn sm-nsv, lx'nn11-lr-.v--'1'h:1t's vxau-ily what yuu In-ml! EEEEEE EE !-.E EE EE EE EE EE EE H-'i EE EE EE EE EE l-E EE EE EE EE EE EE EE EE EE EE EE EEEE l-EEEEE EEEEEEHE 55515555155555555552555555555555-iuauaeneiesenuianuisnui as F7 Q F B Z 2 3 C I 2 2 5555Hi2551555555Hiuiuiuisnsnenenuisnuiuiuiuiuisnuaenenaisnuiui EEEEEE '.:l-15525 T E? EE EE EE EI-1 EE EE EE EE EH EE H-1 EE EE EE EE EE EE EE EE EE EE EH E EE TILT SCHOOL Tilton, New Hampshire A SCHOOL with HIGH IDEALS of SCHOLARSHIP and CHARACTER 2 Q THE UPPER SCHOOL fits for any college or for business THE LOWER SCHOOL accepts boys in the grades :Ri 11 Il 1 1 1 1 11 11"11w1f4- 111- f 1 11 1 lf f 1 1 H 11 Tl Ill 1 1. 1 1 1 Burleigh ptical Company T ilton, New Hampshire P o o Complete Equipment for handling Book, Catalog and all kinds of Com- mercial Printing. We specialize in School work, This Year Book was printed in our plant. The Rendering of REAL SER VICE is our greatest ambition LEW A. CUMMINGS CO. Manchester New Hampshire Ninz-I7i1I you ever kmm' SIIVII :1 roIfI SIIIIIIIIQI' ns this? Sh uzo-Sure. Lust winter. VVE IIAYE IIAIJ TIIE PLEASURE OF MAKING THE hntngrapbs FOR TIIIS YEAR HOOK. WE THANK TIIE I"Ai'III1'I'Y AND STUDENTS FOR, THEIR U0-OI'I'II1.VI'ION IX OI'Ii PIIEASANT BUSINESS RELATION OF TIIE PAST. NVE IVIIIII ISIC IIERIC 'I'III'I COMING YEAR TO SERVE YOU. KESI'Ei'TI"ULl1Y, THE WRIGHT STUDIO FRANKLIN SAVINGS BANK I 869-15326 Assets: Over 5S4,800,000.00 GIl2lI'2lIlIj' Fuml, Surplus, Interest :1111I I,l'0lllI1IIIl2 Over rIFT0lI,00lI.00 A MUTUAL SAVINGS BANK Wm AR14: 111411111 'ro s1c11vr: You THE FRANKLIN NATIONAL BANK 1879-1926 Assets: Over 31iI,300,000.00 Surplus Profits: Over rHi250,000, WE EXTEND TO OUR CUSTOMERS TIIE SERVICE OF A PROGRES- SIVE KIOMMERFIAL BANK l O' Shea' s - Laconiafs Leading Store CADUEIS GARAGE afwecl 'rv-1: UNIVERSAL cu: AUTHORIZED DEALERS CARS-TRUCKS-TRACTORS Accessories Tel. 79-4 Storage TILTON, N. H. is 'ulmrn--NVlly du thvy 1-oin half-f:n'tIling:s in 'Engl:nmlT l uhlwll-Tn givv Sm'0tm'llnl1'!l a 1-lxnm'v to give- tu clmlwty. CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK Tilton, N. H. SAFE IDEPOSIT BOXES AFZL00 :xml up IONA SAVINGS BANK Tilton, N. H. FOUR PER CENT INTEREST C HERRICK DRUG CO. I'l!ESi'liIl"l'ION DRUGGIS'l' AND REXALL AGENCY Eilrlflllilll Kmlnkg :n iinv lim- uf i':uldi0:-1 and Ivo l'r0:uu Pruprivlors . W. liuvmvr and Gao. S'rmwAu'1- GRANITE STATE MOTORS COMPANY HUDSON-ESSEX CARS I N'1'ERNA'l'IONA L MOTOR TRUCKS Tilton., N ew Hampshire G. H. TILTO and SON CO. Hosiery TILTON NEW HAMPSHIRE vb Tbbrlls-Is tln-rw I tl I ,Ll I l 5 gr I I I Ilh all tho vox l 'II l'Il'iVI,?UYll1l19SIiI Il I bbdls-XVl1z1t is I II in-Vve ju t I ld 5 GOOD MERCHANDISE W 0 0 L E N PM CUMP ANY GOOD VALUES Plus Tllton OUR REPUTATION M1115 Means A Square Deal for All 2 GOODNOW- HUNT-PEARSON In corporate!! Tilton, New Hampshire 486-488 Main Street IIMONIA, NEW HAMPSHIRF The Best Way to Mark BARBER SHOP Your Clothing is with On the Corner 9 , . . . Cash S Wgvgn 1,011 t IIIISS lt. Bob and shm- N glee am specialty. Four chairs ames No long waits. "A fzfw stitches and thcy'rc on" fr, RIMV " M. STYLE 97 'I , Proprivfor ff' : 'III PA TRONIZE L ,A,,l 12 dozen 9313.00 ' V','A I ' 9 I , 5322.70 ff?-3: cs 55260 OUR 3 dozen 2861.50 J 8ZJ CASH Inc ADVERTISERS Sehool SI., So. Norwalk, Conn. Nnilur-Ya-s, mum, 1hut's n mon 0' wur. ,1flll'lHlPl'ffP l"rllnuw-How ima-ra-sting! Sailor--Oh, that is just ni tug And what is that liltlv one just in fflbllkz Mnrguerile-Oh, yes, of cirlnre-mei, n tup,'-of-war, I'x'e- hvnrd of them. ALFRED The KELLOG ELM MILLS Consulting Engineer Overcoatings Power Shirtings Heating Velours Lighting Tilton, su Fl-:mklin S1 1-l-l- t New Hampshire BOSTON, hiASSAK'llUSI'I'l"l'S EVERET A. GILE-Meats and Provisions We furnish a high grade of Corned Beef, Fin less Roast Pork, and Hamburg Steak to Boarding Schools. e Sausage, Bone- Satisfaction Guaranteed T1L'roN, NEW HAMr-sums 1:-mms 10:15 ' Co:sxv1,1n1-1N'rs or Dry Goods The Atkinson Boots and Shoes, etc. News Company , E. R. GALE Stationers mul Hoolssrllf-rs TILTON, NEW HAMPSIIIRE Bank Block, Tilton, N. H. Izzy-XVhy do they always 4-all xi ship "She"I K7llPI,L'IPA'i13t'L'?lllSB the rigging costs so much. jflutners FOR ALL OCCASIONS Laconia Flower Store .Vain Street VIl"l'ROLAS mul RHCORIJS G1'1'0l1l1o1lsvs 4. 58 I'1dw:u'd Street Telephone 543-2 HOOKS STATIONERY MAI-IER'S BOOKSTORE Laconia, N. H TYPENVRITERS ormvm sur-Puss The Management of The Tower gratefully acknow- ledges the kind patronage of the persons and busi- ness firms who so generously support the book by advertising. PLUMMER and WHEATON Wood Coal Coke Tilton, New Ham pshirv GO DOWN TO GAULTWS Restaurant When you want a lunrh. Don't Forget Yours for Service French and Roy THE DRUGGISTS Everything comes to him who orders hash. Oscar A. Lougee Ladies and Misses Apparel In-y Goods, Ilosiery, Uiulerwear, Quality, Serviee, S2lflSf2lt'tl0ll Laconia, N. II. Ilomplimenls of E. D. Forrest, D.D.S. 2-L2 Main Street Tilton, New Ilampshire EDNVARD l4l'l"l'l4E Gi-zo. P. MUNSI-:Y Prexizl rv nt Cash ier You will find l'1'ompt Serviee, Y ffourteous Treatment, Satisfactory Results at People,s National Bank liaeonia, New llmnpshire Licensed To Act as Trustee Under Will Assistant l'ashi1'r.-f N. J. llAiuuMAN U. H. Nswitm. Millinery, Beauty Shoppe llnclerwear, Hosiery Art Goods WILKINS MORGAN 246 Main Street Ttilhm, N. H. J. N. TWOMBLY Men's Wear iullllli Seuooi. S'1'o1us" will: Ille Selma! "Pep" Get your S'l'Yl.l'lPlil'S SUITS, snappy Hows, and Bostonian Shoes now Get Your New Tilton School Stationery and Banners ---at- MORRISONS Tilton Clothing House Clothing, Boots and Shoes Trunks, Bags, and Gents' Furnish- ing Goods, Auto Robes and Rugs O. J. SMITH O'N EIL 81 CASELLA Makers of 'fThe Class Ring Beautiful" 110 lligh St., Boston, Mass. Polly-Saturday night-and might-lmve-beens. Prescott-'Pun my word. 1896 1926 "Lef's go down to Perlf's" AT THE SAME OLD STAND Perkins' News Agency Reaflmore Lending Library 222 Main Street, Tilton, N. H. PHELPS SI DOLLEY Groceries and Fresh Fish FRUIT OF ALL KINDS IN ITS SEASON Daniel Webster Flour Chase 8: Sflllb01'll,S Tea and Cofee FOLLOW THE CROWD TO Lord's Drug Store Tilton, N. H. E. K. SIMPSON Proprietor Next Door to the Bank E. W. Pettengill Jeweler School Rings and Pins Telephone 77-12 TILTON NEW HALIPSIIIRE DR. SCHOLIFS Foot Comfort Service E. C. BROOKS Repairing mul Footirear TILTON SHOE STORE Tilton N. II. Bank Block Tilton, N. H. Puritan Candy Shop Holnemrule Candy and Ice Cream, Light Lunch 521 Main Street LACONIA FRATERNITY, COLLEGE and CLASS JEWELRY Commencement Announcements and Invitations Jeweler to the Senior Class of Tilton High School L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY Manufacturing Jewelers and Stationers Attleboro, Mass. ASK ANY COLLEGE GREEK Harriman-Who wore Hu- Four Ilnrsvnwn? Churlir-Puul Revere, Jn-ssie Jnmvs, Bill Hurt, and Burney Gough-. F. S. SHEPHERD P1'1ll"llIf1l,I'l', Uarpfffs TILTON INN Tilton, I Ifugx, Draperies Nr' w H ll m psh 111' ami Wall Paper I" "'T ', V. VV. DAS . . mimi M ' I I 'l'11to11, Nvw Ilampshlre GREENWOOD QUALITY STORE HARDWARE STORE fHl'71'll'0U1I If1111y1's Lows Amman, Proprietor DRY GOODS AND MHN'S l'Lm1la1Nu ANI: lll'IA'l'INll FURNISHINGS llR1'lSSI'IS, C'OA'l'S :md SHOES TIITUYL Nvw HmUI7Nhil'4' Tilton, New Ilaunpshirc XVI POIYT NVIIII I INDI' Tln'rr'.e only onr thing j?nvr Hum tl pI1'asr'4l r'nslnnn'r SEHVIFE TILTON ELECTRIC LIGHT Sz POWER CO. s Acknowledgements THE WRIGHT STUDIOS MISS ESTELLE ROBERTS MRS. JENNIE HUSSEY MR. HAROLD RUSSELL MR. FRED SMART MISS EVELYN SEAVEY MISS PELLETIER MISS MARY PERKINS MR. LEONARD BEACH MR. JOHN THOMPSON MISS GRACE MARDEN MISS CELIA PEASE MR. DONALD POTTER u ii, y, 1 . A , J , A Q A I A 'N 1 M1 A 5 k '1 mcwg,mmms..4f, 1, h...wi,mmluEmh2'ii,x.L Wg.- -fmnL.m:mm.mwmw2w:S..:xm,..f.,.W f 7 A -4. ,. 3 " mm. N Q V, f .ls x 1 1 1 ,- . 1,QN,, , . M: U K f'S.:'-'r . 1 . Ah x . 4. I , 425'- ' X T Q' a .,,g K -.5

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