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Tillamook High School - Kilchis Yearbook (Tillamook, OR) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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J 3 s V , . 'Q ' ,. , S,Q,w1,9'VLoJClwv0wwCQa,JA,Efg J1,wwLaCovm,f,0A.,,mq,,e,L WWKKMAWVM 0-fkabdwwwwflf vfuaf-Jffv ' f1vlwwu,aMm,9L0-,w.,,a,fwC el ffwfwfvwyww ,a,cLf1pwJ4f7!JQffHf44l,4ww.f fm4 Q,,7Ig0,j,La,,, 7150-0-'. bcwmaww Jlfwbfl aww fmigggwiwfffafwl Ami jg? !2,7Ji7.wM Z 7,!',,? 3fj.Mrg4Q!i?Q, QM? MMML, Jfchful Qlwudyq 57-3a-w'gn"y-"f-gs7--.vw:W7.4-55,-qv,--,Y3tu,?,i,N.,,5:,Qf.,5:f,,.,W3,:-,,:,-.-,N K- -v,4,-,NA.f .7 ', Aff is-gv454.5-.3:.,g.q.2g.3gf9r1fqgnwg.fvyr3,.i, 41,-.y.? GH,5f ,,.f.,., V- ,-,1i,..-.,. .V . V., M 1. ,.,.-f.v,:,7?, . . ,,- ,, .,., -A .. .1 . ,. 0, .. .L w:,,. Q .,, , '4,v.r 13 V' Q5 ' ' , 23.11 'f"' i, " A ' ". ' - I- '.,l.5A':,3?1a'-.-'.' ." '- ff. uw V.,':l,,i .1 114- , - . v W K .H.pJ, .Q X s n U 1 L 1 . 1 w M w 5 W X V V i x wx, V V . ' ' g V . ' . - , r '- , . 5, YQ .., -13-fx,-,i,, ,V A--A I . . . H . '- .,-an Ng, . . I , -, . .. ..,, -. N . , , . - I.. ,Nw ,1 , , i., -5,23 xg My -y .g:, -, , , ,I .-: nc.: i-uwzfis-nggv.,-.,....-.,:,N.+,.N1uLff,r,z..-mm-!m.Lffi4:Lg-iq.1-. ..,f,.'.r.-, 1.-f: SQ., M .-.Q.Lg.....,..M.,,g,i.a-,.-:-a,:1f:if:-Y ff- Qe,Q.sZ4,.-.uiafii-xx-S:4:s4fg+Qm.1M4a.q.f: 31.53-,,g5,Ly.a1 ha.-+...,-4-5,-sf::n:'E x ,,. S? SN. .,,, v v V 'ww ,Af 'S ,TSR .. . JJ .v' . f 'Q ' TJ . x sh , 4. . X P22 v M 1 ,- , A? . 5, Q34 4' 0 'l fn -fri 'uf ,3 .-152 HA 'W ..4 '- a 3 ,, 1 ff 'Qi , , ' Lg .fgi ,Li ':I ' A T2 "Y, . .fi '-fi M9 li Q12 .QQ F55 -li ,, W4 ffri 193 1 bg-2 3,-,L milf , ji , ca 4 , 2.2 - ,. w.,-- V, 4 '.Q1.1f5, WSJ .audi KILCHIS a 0 'C Q Q QD o CD QQ UQ 0 Q TILLAMUOK HIGH SCHO0I. Q QD TILLAMOOK, OREGON D VOLUME XXXI an , 04, g 5 ' 5 s OO OO D 4 If 0, O9 X fi- 5 f mx X Oo 09 nnrrons LINDA ZYGAR -DEIRDRE GREENWAY, ASSIST P 'r MELsoN, LAYO S TILLAMUDK 1 E K , V! H161-lsc 001. CUNTENTS Student Body - - - Activities . Athletics . Advertisers ww w was , z ., GSW ?'3""1 ...,, I A ' EQ, "W Q W , gg X , ' v Q ' ' ' ' 454, ff: ' ., 0,1 Q, W ,Hp w,E,.g gg Qt, ", . 1' 42 'R Q" V4 F X X52 ,, , V A ' if 4 r 1 ' ' X N fs ,fd dw, QQ K ': EQQ2ae I '::i2 -Q B01-lRD 01' EDUC T10 DISTRICT NUMBER NINE SCHOOL BOARD-Blanche Lemire, Clerk: Jim Coon, Karl Zweifel, John Davy, .lack Hornback, Ted Jacobs and Glenn Rnsenhcrix. ln a democratic society all phases of activity that are supported by the people must have representatives of those people to help govern and to plan the policies. This is true, of course, of the school as well. In Tillamook's District No. 9 this representation was achieved through the group pictured above for the school year 1957-1958. Five of the abov-e are elected members of the Board of Directors of the school district, they rep- resent a varied group of occupations, such as farming, logging, and labor in general. It is their responsibility to see that the schools of the area operate properly by planning the over-all Chairman of the Board policies, hiring the personnel to run the schools, and arranging a budget for the support. Together with the superintendent and clerk of the dis- trict they niet in regular monthly meetings, and frequent special meetings, to keep the schools running smoothly during the year. A series of spring meetings brought together this group and other selected members of the community to discuss the budget for the coming year. As district No. 9 represents a community of 200 students and 150 teachers and other personnel, it is easy to see that the responsibility of management is really great The smooth operation of the high school during the year following the high sstandards asked by the people of the district attests to the suc- cessful management of the above board. JOHN DAVY SUPERINTENDENT JACK HORNBACK ASSISTANT SUPERINTENDENT JOHN JENSEN GUIDANCE ESTHER CHAPMAN DON PETERSON PRI NCI PAL DON SPIERING V CE-PR NCIPAL JOHN TURBYNE '--if FACULTY WI Imnmf Science Department Mathematics . DON WHITNEY AND JEAN LLOYD CECIL MILLER, LEW FORSTER AND ROY BUTCHART Physical Education Dept. Fine Arts DARRELL LEWIS, MARILYN PARRISH DOROTHY SMITH, ARTg VIRGINIA BARNETT, AND DON ROSBACH CHORUSg ED KAPHAMMER, BAND I K -- :le-u-umvwg-mm-Im.-m-mn 1 4 5 4: If i ' 5 11 QF? Q s Ny 0, Mummy-ui1l.ff .,.. . apr LI SECRET1-lRIES :FM Higrh School Secretary High School Secretary Superintendenfs Secretary NORA KREMERS BARBARA BRADLEY NELLIE COBB DIETICIANS l r i s 5 Mrs. Andcrgon, Mrs. Ross, Head Dietician of District No. 9, Mrs. Ruby Fcllowg, and Mrs. Dooley. School Custodians Leonard Lloyd Clyde Tompkins and Lester Edwards Earl Miner, Klaus Wynia and Elmer Ellerbroek ni X E10 Officers and Advisors Pat Warren, secretary: A' Gierl zen, advisor: Hugh Rofenhcrf visor: Jim McCabe, treasurer l dent. l l The main project of the senior class was to sponsor a Senior Ball, the theme of which was "My Blue Heaven." held annually at the Elks Temple in the early part of December, and presented the first formal dance of the school year, in which Jim McCabe was crowned king for the night. For the second year in a row the senior class came out with top honors in the float contest which was decorat- ed to the theme of "Come See Our Eleven in ,S7." Bette Johnson was the class choice for homecoming princess which saw Lee Ann Wyss crowned queen with Pat Knutson and Pat Wfarren, sophomore and junior class represented respectfully. " Barbara Thompson was elected editor of the TYV press club paper "The Link" at the first quarterlv meet- ing of the year. The top ten senior scholastically spent one day taking the Merit Scholarship test but none of the ten were able to pass the brain stopper quiz. For the first time Tilla-I-Ii w,as 'honored by two full-time visiting foreign studentsg they were Renate Krieg from Homburg, Germany, and Jim'McGabe from Honolulu, Hawaii. Richard Machen received two honors, one being the State Conservation speech winner, and also was awarded "'l000 bank scholarship with a guaranteed job upon graduation from college. The chief mon-ey making project for the class was the play presented in November called "Onions in the Stew" i'h saw a small crowd the first night but the class canvassed the town thoroughly and saw a large audience for 1 second performance. The play provided many laughs and featured Dave Egerton and Pat Knutson as the leads. Linda Kelly was awarded a trip to New York for her speech on United Nations which found Linda as a co-win- ner in this district, and she was selected as one of ten best speakers in a contest held in New York. Sponsors of the trfp were the Odd Fellow and Rebekah Lodges. prefidentg Dorothy Smith, ad- and Connie Lar on, viee presi- WAYNE ADAMS "Give me a farm and I'll be happy." FFA: Junior Class Play: Stage Crew. ALBERT ADEN "Wise to resolve and patient to perform." AVA: Radio Production Club: Acted in eleven plays: Footlights: Thespians: FBLA: Key Club, Secretary: Heart Fund: Prom Central: Senior Ball Committee. CLELLA ANDERSON "We are shaped in fashion by what we love." Transfer from Minnesota. LEON ANDERSON "Mo t people judge men by lucccss or by l'ortunv XVh0I'ft2lS reixl worth is in friendliness and hclpfillness to others." DeMolay, Master Councilor: Order of the T, Pre.-ideni: Football, A and B: Baseball, A: Ba'-'ketball, A and ll: Student Council: Golf Club. MARVIN ASTLEFOICD "Silence is an answer to :L wise man." FFA: Hunting and Fi'hing, President: Electronic.: Club, Treasurer: Christian Club: Toastmasters: Amateur Radio Club. DONALD BARKER "It is 1-1 wise hezul thiit makes it still tongue. Transfer from Nehalem. FFA. BOB BASSETT "Just listen and you'll know where Bob is.' Frorh VP: B Football: The'pians, VP: Student Coz'x1c'il: . Order of T: Acted in several plays: A Football: lhiiokn-A Ions, VP: Frosh Basketball: Track: Wrestling: Heart Fund: March of Dimes: Prom Central: Band. NORWIN BERNARD "Where there's fun or trouble you'll see "Babe" Hi-Y: B Football: B Basketball: Chorus: AVA: Trampo- line Club: Stage Crew: Intramurals: Heart Fund: Car- toon Club: Forestry. 0h Tillamook! e sl .A ,t 4 or A 4 M ,, :. Z U- 1 0ur Alma Mater - - - .A., r FRANK BOHANNON "VVhy should I study? Ain't I a genius ?" Frosh Basketball: Hunting and Fishing: Sophomore, VP: Prom Central: Student Body Play: Senior Class Play: Esquires, VP: A Track: A Football: B Football: DeMolcy, Master Counselor: Hi-Y: Thespians: Heart Fund: Foot- lilrhts. GENE BOLLE l "You hem' that boy laugrhing- you'd think he's all fun." A Football: Order of the T: Prom Central: Heart Fusnl. RFSEMARY BOLTINGHOUSE "The tcmple of our pure.t. thoughts is silent." Chri tian Cluh: FBLA: Thespinns, Junior Pep. l'-TERRY ANN BOTBYL K "A' merry an the day is long." Transfer from Michigan. ROSALIE BRASE "She is proud in humility." FBLA: Health Room: Junior-Senior Prom Work. LORIETTA BURDEN "She that loves and laughs must rusely do well." FHA, Treasurer: GAA, Secretary: Tri-Hi-Y: Service Club: Girl of the Month: Intramurals. JIM BURNS "My one und only love-my Ford." Football Manager: Radio Club, Photography Cluh: Junior Toastmasters. STELLA CAMERON "We cannot fight for love, as men may do." FTA: FBLA: Tri-Hi-Y, Secretary: GAA, President: In- tramurals. ' BILL CARVER "Handsome-everything about him." FFA: A and B Football. KATY CLARK "She is rich in friends." Stamp Club: FTA: FBLA: Senior Class Play: Jr. Pep: Tilla-Hi News: Thespians. BILL COLLINS "To be a well favored man is a :rift of fortune." Frosb Football: B Squad Football: Intramurals, News- Reporter: Tilla Hi News Staff: Order of the T: Baseball Manager: Esquires: A Football: Stage Crew. ROBERT CREECH "Beneath his quietners is true character." Key Club, President: Ds-Molay: Homecoming Committee: Stage Crew: Hunting and Fiehinfz: Radio Amateur Club: Stamp Club. MONTY CURL "No man is the wi er for his lezirningzf' FFA: B Football: Home Room President. GOLDIE DAVIS , "There isn't any sweet man worth the :alt of my tears." Christian Club. .IANICE DAVIS "A LfUOKl scholar in all sense of the word." Rainbow: Jr. Pep: FBLA: FTA: Editor of GL Bulletin: Thespians: Girl of the Month: Service Girl: Acted in two Plays: GAA: Christian Club: Kilehis Staff: Tilla-Hi News Reporter. CAROL EDVVARDS "I agree with no man's opinions. I have some of my own." ' Transfer from St. Helens. th colors true DAVE EGERTON "Always willing to help when things need to be done." B Football: Clarinet Quartet: Band President: Junior Class Play: Senior Class Play: Thespians, Footlights. JUDY ERMEY "Straight and graceful as a. model." Transfer from North Salem High: Senior Tri-Hi-Y. RON FARRENS "Who does not love wine, women, and song remains a fool his whole life long." Photography Club: Golf Club: AVA: Intramurals: B Football: DeMolay: Thespians: B Basketball: Hunting and Fishing Club: Order of T: Track: Esquires. JEAN FERGUSON "Let 21 smile be your umbrella." Transfer from Taft High: Senior Tri-Hi-Y: FTA: Pep Club. BILL FINCH '4M1rn with a song." Chorus: B Squad Baseball: Golf: Life with Father: Intra- murals. GAIL FITZGERALD A blush is beautiful, but often inconvenient." Rainbow: Trl-Hi-Y: Service Club: FHA: Chcczetts: Foot- liprhts: Advertising: Staff: Editing and Layout Staff: Journalism 1 and 2: Tilla-Hi News: Girl of the Month. BOB FITZSIMMONDS "Always ready for adventure." A Baseball: A and B Football: A and B Basketball: Order of T, VP. LINN EA FREEMAN "Good things should be praised-especially when they'i'c doubled." Transfer from Beaverton: Pep Club: Tri-I-Ii-Y. RINNEA FREEMAN "Good things should be praised - especially when they'r:v doubled." Transfer from Beaverton: Pep Club: Tri-Hi-Y. JAN GAIJLOWAY "It takes life to love life." Footlights: Thespians: Treasurer: GAA: Prom Central: Junior Pep: Homecoming Chairman: Student Council: Soil Conservation Speech, 2nd: Heart Fund: State Representative. RON GIENGER "And whei'el'o:'e are you gentle-, strong, and valiant 7" Saphcmore Class Treasurer: Junior Class Secretary: Boys Federation, Secretary-Treasurer, President: DeMolay: A and B Basketball: Track: Frosh Basketball: Prom Central: Philokalons: Varsity Football, Manager: Radio Club: Tilla-Hi News Staff: Student Council: Order of T: Quill and Scroll. DONNA GIGOUX Uliewarel Her laugh is contagious." Tri-I-Ii-Y: Christian Club: Kilchis: Student Body Play: Footlights: Service Club: Thespians: FBLA: Radio Club: Intramurals: Girls Glee: Acted in three plays. JEAN ANN GODSEY "You value a, friendrhip with a person like Jean." Christian Club: Jr. Class Play Committee: Girls League Scrapbook: Father-Daughter Banquet. PEGGY GREEN "Sweet and lovely." Transfer from Tillamook Catholic High: Senior Class Play. GLENN HATFIELD "A mighty spirit fills that little frame." Frosh Basketball: JV Basketball: A Basketball: Intra- murals: Tilla-Hi News Staff: Track: Student Council: Trampoline Club: Stage Crew: Prom Central: 4-H Club. DIANA HAWLEY "She is pretty, honest, and gentle: and one that is your friend." FBLA Girls League Rep.: GL Health Room: Pep Club: Prom Queen. we always win , IQ, Wiiaaxx ata , YAASEZQ RALPH HEEGLE Silence is never rcLrretted." Agriculture: Woodworking Club: Intramurals. MARGARET HELFRICH lhe most agreeable person and the truest friend." GAA: Radio Club: Clarinet Quartet: Phi Sigma Tri-Hi-Y. BII L HUDGEON A stolen kiss is a rare delight." Stage Crew Seven Plays: Junior Class Float: Thespians: Thespians Float: Senior Class Play: Freshman Football: A Football: Hunting and Fishing Club: AVA Club: Wrestling. I UCILLE HESSE There is great ability in knowing how to conceal une's '1b1l1ty.." Phototzraphy Club: Thcspians: Play Committee: FBLA, VP: Girl of Month: Heart Fund: Prom Central: Tilla-Hi Nzws Reportcr: Tilla-Hi News Staff: Quill and Scroll: Church Youth Group, Secretary, President: Kilchis: Erlitzzr cf G.L. Bulletin: March of Dimes, Chairman. DONNA HUSON A truer friend you'll never find." Transfer from Hillsboro High: Student Council: FTA: Senior Class Play: Kilchis Staff. JOHN IRVING a man will make courtesy and say nothing, he is virtuous." Key Club, Treasurer: Christian Club, VP: Homecoming Comm.: Senior Class Play: Track, Manager: Pep Band: Rep. for Beaver Boys State: Thespians: Home Room, President: Prom Central: AVA: Hunting and Fi.hinxr Club: Footlifzhts: Dance Band: Acted in three plays. MON A ISANHART I had winirs - - - - - - -." FHA: Camp Fire: Rainbow. BOB JAMES You don't have to be noisy to be nice." Band: Senior Class Play: Christian Club. ARCHIE JOHNSON "Quiet ways are often desirable ways." Golf: B Squad Football: Order of T: FFA: BETTE RAE JOHNSON "Her lezuleiwhip and poise draw admiration from GL VP: '56 Heart Fund Chairman: Senior A and B Yell Leader: Sond Leader: Junior dent: Philokalons: Quill and Scroll: Girl of ull. A Football. Class Play: Class presi- the Month: '57 Girl of the Year: Rainbow: Tri-Hi-Y, VP: Editor of Tilla-Hi News: Homecominxr Princess: DAR Award: Prom Central : Valedietorian. LINDA KELLY V "Little girl with big: ideas." Tri-Hi-Y, Chaplain: Service Club: Photo Club: Thespians: Footlizhts: FTA: Acted in six plays: A and B Squad Yell Leader: Sane' Leader: VP of .lunior Cass: Prom Chair- man: Merch of Dimes Chairman: Father-Dauxrhter Ban- quet, M.C.: Heart Fund: Radio News Reporter: IOOF l'ni1c:l Nations Speech Conte t Winner. PA'l' KNUTSON "Lovely to lock at." 'V I Service Club: Tri-Hi-Y, VP, Chaplain: Prom Central: Pep Club, Secretary: A Squad Sonyzleader: Thespians: Foot- Iiuhts: FTA: FHA: FBLA: Senior Ball: Acted in five plays: Homecoming Princess: Philokalons: Kilehis Staff: Heart Fund. RENATE KRIEG "Her friendly way: are outstanding." G'rman Exehamze Student: GAA: Horizon Club, Secretary! Chitreh Youth Group: Student Council: Junior Clars Piay: S'nior Clsss Play: Girl of the Month: FTA: Quill and Scroll. A CONNIE LARSON "One woman man." Thespianf: S-:nior Class, VP: Fresh C'as: President: Slu- flent Body play: Junior Class Play: Senior Class Play: A Football: Wre tfing: DeMolay. ORLENE ILEAMOND STEWVART "Sumo girls are so lucky." Rarlio Production Club: Vocal Ensemble: Footiizhtr: Thu-pians: FBLA: Tri-Hi-Y, Secretory: Service Club: Prem Ccntr1xl:,Junior Class Play: Senior Slndent Body Play. , GLENNIS LOUCKS "Ncatne s and poise are traits derired by ull." Class Pixy: Srrvife Club: Chorus: Mixed Chorus: Tri-Hi-Y: Go'f Club. M our Eellows RICHARD MACHEN "No leaderhip, character, or abilities can surpass his." Frosh Class President: Junior Class Treasurer: FFA Secretary, VP: Chairman of FFA Parliamentary Team: Student Council: A Football: Wrestling: Senior Class Play: Pbilokalons: Outstanding Boy: Key Club: Order of T: Track: Christian Club: Heart Fund: Prom Central: Student Body President: Salutatorian. JIM MADISON "Too had everyone isn't as good as I." Photography Club: Golf Club: AVA: Intramurals: B Squad Football: DeMolay: Thespians: B Squad Basketball Man- ager: Hunting and Fishing Club: A Squad Basketball Manager: A Squad Football: Order of T: Egquires. JOE MARKEE "Did you see her T" WVrestling: A Football: Order of T: Key Club: Hunting and Fi.hing Club: Stamp Club: Radio Club: Golf Club. GALE MARTENSEN "The sign on the ceiling says, 'If you can read this you're pinned' E" A Football: A Wrestling: Order of T: FFA, President: FFA Parliamentary Team: B Football. JAMES MeCABE "Just look at thoze eyes." Transfer from Hawaii: A Football: Senior Claus Play: Senior Ball King: FTA. MERLYN MILES "A sense of humor is a worthwhile trait." Golf Club: Chorus: Prom Central: Play Committees: Hi-Y. BERRY MINER "Jut ask me!" Trampoline Club: Basketball A and B: Football A and B: A Baseball: Order of the T: DeMolay. ROBERT MOORE "Melancholy men are often most witty." FFA: Cartoon Club. KENNETH NOTEBOOM "Never in a hurry except when he's driving." I Stare Crew: FAA: Christian Club: Hunting and Fiehing T li 1 amoo DALE OMIT "If I can't play in sports, why should I come to school '!" Intramurals: Trampoline Cluh: B Squad Football: A Squad Football: Wrestling. GERALD PURVINE "Oh for the Future!" W ROSEMARY RAWE "A friend that helps one in need, is a friend indeed." Junior Class Play: Senior Class Play: Student Body Play: GL Health Room Comm.: FBLA: Intramurals: Junior Class Concessions. HARVEY REEDER "Big but oh so gentle." A Football: B Football: A Wrestling: A Track: AVA: Order of T. KATHY RICE "Love, like a fire, can never be quenched." Service Cluh: FI-IA: Student Council: Photography Club: Rainbow: Tri-I-li-Y, Treasurer: Girl of Month: March of Dimes Princess. RON ROBERTS "Did you hear that joke about ---- -T' Footlizhts: Esquires, President: A Baseball: A and B Foot- bnll: Frosh Basketball: Order of T: DcMolay. JUNE ROBINSON "She's :rot more than one swing!" FHA: GAA, VP: FBLA: Golf Club: A Golf Tealn: Intra- murals. EDDIE ROBITSCII "Who says you c:1n't work hard and still have fun Y" WVrestling: B Football: FFA. RICHARD ROCCI "What would we do without Rich ?" Senior Ball Committee: Kilchis: Layout Editor Tilla-Hi 4 News: Thespians: DeMolay: Acted in three plays. HUGH ROSENBERG "Let me tell you about that car." B Football: DeMolay: Wrestling: Senior Class President: Prom Central: Shop Club: FFA: Heart Fund: Senior Ball Chairman: Coasters Hot Rod Club. GAIL RUSHER "Whose virtue and whoe general graces speak that which none else can utter." GAA: Prom Central: Heart Fund Drive: Girl of Month: Service Girl: Kilchis Staff: Philokalons: FTA: Pep Club: Homecoming Committee: Service Club: Intramurals: Foot- lights: Outstanding Student in Chemistry Award: GL Committees. l ALLAN SCHEESE "I have other fish to fry." Hunting 8: Fishing Club: Photography Club: Intramura.s. JUDY SCHOCK "Just let me have fun." Tri-Hi-Y. Secretary and Treasurer: Rainbow: Service Club: Pep Club, Treasurer: Photography Club: Footlights: Junior Class Play: Itilchis Committee: Heart Fund: Play Com- mittees: Student Council. PAT SLYTER "Tho steps to true happine s are often difficult to climb." Rainbow Worthy Advinor: Photography Club: Pep Club: Service Girl: Service Club: Heart Fund: Tri-I-Ii-Y, Presi- dent: Tilla-Hi News Reporter: Tilla-Hi News Staff: Kilrhis Committee: Philokalons, Treasurer and Secretary: FBLA, State Reporter. DONNA SMITH "Look out, Donna's driving l" Service Cbul: Chorus: Intramurals: Kilchis Committee: Journalism Club. HENRY LIIANKJ SMITH "Free and easy." A and B Football: DeMolay: Frosh Basketball: A and B Squad Basketball: Prom Central: A Baseball Manager: lfootlirrhts: Acted in one play: Golf Cluh. .ll-IANETTE SMITH "Technique - - - Q - -." Freshman Class Treasurer: Thespian, Treasurer: Philo- kalons, President: Secretary of Girls League: Tri-Hi-Y, Secretary: Footlights: FHA: B Squad Cheer Leader: A Squad Sungleader: Pep Squad: March of Dimes Queen: Heart Fund: Prom Central: Photography Club: Student Council: Acted in one play. MARGENE SMITH "lm not as quiet as I seem." Transfer from Hood River. KAREN SMITH "Faithful and true." FHA: Girls Woodworking: Junior Pep: Pep Club: Girl of Month: Intramurals. LEE SNYDER "There are some things yzreater than honor ---- -!" Transfer from California: A Baseball: A Basketball: A Football: Senior Class Play. SHARON SQUIER "Stay at sweet. as you ure." FHA: .Iunior Pep: Girl of Month: Play Committees: Prem Work. BARBARA STURGIS " ----- Life is so full of problemsf, FHA: FBLA: FTA: Prom Central: Parade Chairman for I-Iomecoming: Junior Pep: Rainbow. BARBARA THOMPSON "There is no genius in life like the genius of activity and energy." FHA: Junior Pep: A Squad Songleader and Cheerleader: Thespians: Tri-Hi-Y: March of Dimes Queen: Editor of Link QTYV League Press Club Paperj: Tilla-Hi News Staff: Girl of Month: M.C. of Spring Concert: Heart Fund: Prom Central. to thee we sing - - - 2iSiY ...,ZN.....KiXs. , . 4 ...inf t SV! RICHARD TRAMMELL 'KW'1tch our girls here I come " to - - - A Basketball: Freshman Basketball: JV Basketball: Bute- ball: Student Council: Intramurals: Golf Club. .IAN TROMBLEY "Love is life's wealth." Tri-Hi-Y: Photo Club: Student Council, Rep.: Footlights: Service Club: Thespians. VIRGINIA TUPPER ' Sf1e'd do something: for someone before :he would for herself." Interior Decorating: Footlights: Acting or Committee Work in ten plays: The pians: Chairman of Junior Con- ccsjens. HEIYERIA' VAN CESE "lievy's always laugrhimzf' Christian Club: FTA: FBLA: Rainbow: Christian En- deavor: Horizon Club: Footlights: Kilchis Sales: Intra- murals: Girls Glee: Girls Ensemble: Radio Club. .'AN'S VANDERSTOEP "Ch2LI'2lCT.01' is what God gave her." Radio Production Club: Vocal Ensemble: Footlights: Thes- pians: FBLA, Secretary: Try-Hi-Y, President: .Iunior Pep: Play Committee. DENNIS VAUGHN "So various are the tastes of men." Frosh Basketball: B Squad Football: B Squad Basketball: Student Council: Order of T: FFA: A Squad Football: Escort for Homecoming' Queen: A Basketball. .IOYCE WADE "A smile that cracks the ice." FHA, VP: Kilchis YVork: Commercial Club: Worked on three plays: 4-H: GAA: Intramurals. RICHARD WALKER "Personality plus ll' .EM . PAT VVARREN Dependable and capable." Kilchis Staff: Pep Cluh: Prom Central: FHA: FTA, President: FBLA, President, Treasurer: Tri-Hi-Y: Home- coming: Princess: GAA, Sports Manager: Intramurals: Girl of Month: Student Council: Philokalons. JOAN WEBER "She can because she thinks she can." Freshman Class Secretary: Service Club: Tri-Hi-Y, Presi- dent: Prom Central: Student Council: Chorus: Pep Club: Girls League, President: Thespians: Footlights: FTA: FHA. Historian: Senior Ball: Heart Fund Co-Chairman: Girl of Month: Acted in five plays: March of Dimes Dance Chairman. PAUL WESTON "Quietuess breeds wisdom." FFA: Amateur Radio Club, President: Photography Club, VP: Electronics Club, VP. DEANNA WILSON "Here comes Deanna. I hear her laugh." LEE FHA: Service Club: Photography Club: 4-H Club. ANN WYSS "As busy as a bee and as sweet a it honey." A Squad Cheerleader and Sonxzleader: Tri-Hi-Y: Home- coming Queen: FTA, Secretary: Girls League Secretary: FBLA: Intramurals: Golf Club: Kilchis Staff: Prom Cen- tral: Girl of Month: Heart Fund: Pep ClLb. J EAN YOUNG HA good artist is always needed." Intramurals: Radio Club: Christian Club: Interior De- cnratinlr: Footliehts: Thespians: Rainbow: FHA: Prom Committee: Acted in two plays: Worked on five plays. LINDA ZYGAR Sweet and Sophifticatedf' 4 Rainbow, Worthy Advisor: Tri-Hi-Y, Secretary, Historian: Srrvice Club: Pep Club, President: Thespians, Secretary: FBLA: FHA: Kilchis Editor: Prom Central: Philokalons: Tilla-Hi News Reporter: Girl of Month: Worked and Art- ed in four plays: Student Council: Heart Fund: Quill and S:-roll: County Elks Leadership Contest, first place: Intramurals. 12, mdfffb. V04 the strength of all our days - - - NOT PICTURED RAYMOND HALL Transfer from Gaston, Ore. DENNIS HOLLENBECK Transfer from Crescent City, California. GARY McKINNEY Transfer from Bandon, Oregon. JERRY SMITH Miss Alstend's class at VViIson. What'cha eatin' ? Whigkey Creek Picnir. 'Iypical Senior. "Zifzg" and "Ncttc." Lucky Kid. We like short-shorts. Safety Experts? Big Shots Queen Lec Ann l. Yum-Yum. Dance with me Hulfhiel Beauty andthe Beast Where'd he go, Harv " Balloon Girl. Down she goes! Hill hillics. in Nw ,nb +43 v 5 -can ax 6. 5? S 3 M W. M : Mwmwww wx , 5 V-. .,,. 1 ,Wa k J lumon CLASS Officers and Advisors Deirdre Greenway, Edna Jes- scph, Pat Steele, Betty .lean Warren, Lezxnard S'pnk, and Tiny Dooher. The Junior year for the class of 1959 was a typically busv one, and started school with the problems of earning funds for the annual Junior-Senior Prom and Banquet. A ways and means committee was organized under the leadership of Miss Edna Jcsseph and Mr. Tony Dooher, class advisors. Under their direction the class spon- sored candy sales, cake sales, and car washes. The Junior class also presented the historical play, "Love is Eternal." The juniors chose Pat Warren to represent them as Homecoming Princess and backed her with their full sup- port. Fannie Gingerich was chosen March of Dimes Princess for 1958 and the class worked extremely hard man- aging to raise 5280.00 for the worthy cause. The junior Class was well represented with Fannie Gingerich, Pat Melson Judy Knutson, and Judy Rethlelson as Song Leaders. There was also a large group of juniors in Pep Club helping to promote school spirit. The junior class can conclude that they had a successful year with many contributions to the welfare ofthe school. Their leadership ability is illustrated by the fact that four of the student body officers came from the junior class. They were Vice President, Bob Baty: Secretary, Judy Rethlefsong Treasurer, Suzi Tibbettsg and Busi- ness Manager, Ron Buel. Prom Central Left to right: Pat Melson, Judy Rethlefsen, Janet Wilson, .lean N Scholes, Wally Cunningham, Suzi Tibhetts, Marlene Schmitz, Darlene Miner, Glenda Ackley, Sharon Ellerhroek, Kathy Ceorge, Pat Steele, Gary Cun- ningham and Betty .lean War- ren. Glenda Ac-klcy Linda Anderson Gordon Anthony Virginia Aronhalt Sally Bank! Paul Artelra Robert Baty Anita Healer Rosalie Berlllund Shirley Birch ,ludy Buwers Kenneth Bonin Ron Bxlel Mary Chambers .lim Brummcll Larry Butler .lack Cornet! Shirley Copeland Bruce Douglas Gary Cunnimrhnm Wallace Cunnimrham .lerry Crist Sharon Ellerbrock Leroy Dummcr Arlene Ferguson I-Id Fischler Gene Fisher Harvey Franko linthy George Andy Fletcher Fannie Girurcrich Dcirdre Grccnwav Cherie Hayes John Hancnkr:t Mike Hayes .l::hn Haight I , ' Niall :l"',', pg: :Q qt, :fi W ws, 1' ,f-,A Q H , 3 nj My 'G' ff V 1: ESL? 'W x ii - ' ,-vga' MOV J. H A A,.,r..avv ,M 1 Fil im. 5 E "'A -"W-" ', ,.::: A 'M' gm . ..-- A -T Q ' -M r 'f W N : A K if ...., F ,, x N E xx RT: 5 W 4 x' ' in Ag' J- . tlili' 9 :-- lx N 4 V ff A 5 g A w Y A, ..,,, IVQQQ Q K , :-- . - i ' vv, X , ,' 'gf' . A if fr' we W, ,QQ fx W Ei: H 5252: 1' '-':: H 4 rbi: ,S zx,f 4 'Q Q we 1544, f ,- 5 ,rf 4 3 s . ,,.:.:.,. , ., .,v' L W 2' f . . -RW' E5 'ss I .:E11, x , ,bi :-,E Q' 9 :gn I ,f it 5 ..:,, " he HW A:::A. at " , ,,,, zv. Q R W f 5 A - X ' . 4.: , 1 y 2 , 4 El r Nm ',xwA W W O' , 2 Qi ' . 4 ..,.,,, :lg H.: 121-Y . M " Pgyfffw e' 2 rgjij, gk X i, x 'E W ' Q Q 7 . E 'M '21 M ,Mfr ' ali K ' ---:- :2:- ' Y 3 -M M . W br W ...- ' sv NX K X 'N' Q - H tw-I gr., .1 'iff Mary Hettick Roger Heusser Vicki Hodgdon Dan Iloffert .lack Huflert Larry Hoffman Cc ia I-lou ue Bob Iloiiand Joann Huy Lora llurlburt Carlene Johnson Glenda Imrles Gary .I ohnson Charles Kenney Jerry Klahn Stcvc Krakc ludy Knutson Ethilda Knceland Dave Krebs Joyce Lnndolt Dick Lemery David Lertliolcl Roger Lovitt Wiladene Magarrcll Jim Mahurin Ron Makin ter Ron Mapes Pat Molson Marian Millcr Patricia Miller Sharon Neal Darlene Miner Brenda Pallin Louis Patterson Robert Plaep Phyllis Prince Charlotte Pye Judy Rethlefsen Edith Reynolds Cary Robinson Anna Scheese .lcrald Savin Marlcne Schmitz Jean Scholes Rohert Sheldon Jim Shartel Shirley Stangze .'nann Sparks Pat Steele Terry Tone Suzi Tihhetts Juanita Thomas Homes Tupper .lanice Vcrmilycu Glen Vogt Lawrence VanDammc Clarice Vanllockel Gary Vantress Saundra Waxryzerhy Betty Jean Warren Donna Wi':5on Janet Wilson Carl Weston Eetty Williams Larry Wuhfscin Ra'ph VVood Orvil Young John Zuercher on QV Q- 1:2:E:E:... I lx 'wfgff ,Ni 5 Q f'5 fy erfifgf l il z ww-f 1 , , QV' lf, x ' if-15 '1 , 4 in-Ep' ,:.g X 1: ""' xi ,,asQ! sf' J' I . 4 +u'L'lif'.v,', f if 1 'fi N A lg . QW . ., .:,: ..:,,: E V Q '- ...,... I L S X - XA' ,,., K J I1 SOPHOMORE CLASS Officers and Advisors Tom Weber, Mabel Davids. Alan Turbyne Mike Neslcixxh, Bill Stacy and Mr. For- ster. The sophomore class elected Mike Nealeigh as president, Tcb XVeber, vice presidentg Alan Turbyne, secretary: and Bill Stacy, treasurer. Tom XVeber took over the gavcl when Mike transferred, and Wesley Mayer took his place .s vice president. The class supported Tillamook high school's homecoming by selling boooster buttons to advertise homecoming. The class chose Pat Knutson from the senior class to rep:escnt them in the homecoming court. Sophomores showed good school spirit in their work during the Goodwill Drive. The class tied for first place with the seniors in collecting the most articles for the Goodwill Industries. During the March of Dimes drive the class supported their princess, Marie Moore, by selling cakes and wash- ing cars. Two sophomore girls, Barbara Brunes and Vicki Nealeigh, were A squad song leaders. Bonita Neilson, Sandy Zweifel, and Nancy Brewer were B squad cheerleaders. Don Politte and Fred Olson lettered in A squad football. Y A . '-3-,-,,,1 p -V 'fe-:z K f Xe x Q Alan Turhyne I 4 ,, .,.....,,, ,, F I I Y A AF.: . in ff? 1 f A B-'il A ...ff f" if - J- , Rudy v""d'3'm i Q, . ea J . N , , . S ' I Olivia Voss A 3' , :iff F 451 X .1 1' . ., 'e is I , an I Q.: se: J, ff' . .V ,.. -- " 1- K- ,f Y ,. .5 W - 2-3,,,. " I. . M. ,EV 2 , 2 Q . el T' Bill Warren .. A , is rf- 1 A ev af X, ' W- ...,., 'f Glenn warren w, .1 if e , J a ,- e'-' 4 Q ..3,:':f t 5 4. Q Q ' K I v ' ' I. .., . Roy warren i i 5 QS- My B ' ,Mir gg 2 Tom Weber 'Q ' ' i ,mv ...af , John whine ' 5 Q fre, eg: ,aww V, -2 A 1... A ,lk r A A 'N Chas. Wil'i.':mso:1 ,K Q ,.,.. ws., V - ,. -5-,r 3 -'-' ' 3, W 2 ,fi-34? 'f' ,,7,,,f 4' Charlene M, M f I 4 ,X IM' Y Woolfolk .' , J , 5 Ron Wyss ' I M T -Q as . 1 is l if .bl s ji Joe Young , . .. Q if q 4 . Sandra Zwcifcl . 3 c NOT PICTURED ' ' .X ,. .., Carol Shappee H U A X -1:?:,r'1s it 'Y' Patricia XVri'rht Leon Lane M Q K V M 'ii , Gary Trattner ' ' ,, Q. Joel Becker Frank ,,.. I ,.,. . , I Ann Kiluore Emmenemrcr j Q 4 N I Patricia Stewart . .,, . ri..zf,1wfii.l al. Aim, , James Anderson Sue Allen Dorothy Banks Arlene Baker Betty Bishop Katy Bolster Nancy Brewer Tom Brase Mike Bruce Barbara Brunes Gary Bussard Lee Canfield Dennis Carey Karen Carroll flharlene Chapman Janice Chase Susan Christensen Chris Church Byron Clark Lee Coalman James Coffman James Conn Diane Curl Larry Curl Tim Dixon Dan Dnlecheck Frances Duty Melvin Dummer Ken Dyson Merton Edgar Norma Ellerbroek Marlinda Fischler Doug Fletcher Dianna Folancl Rowelene Fountain Karen Fountain Gary Anderson Dick Branham Loretta Burbank George Core Eugene Gigoux Mary Lou Hall W MW FF on 1 1 wuz sv- V Q it as I it Q g ,am YW ,ww fs f X ffgg Y , ,K J ,.vV.M . ., fi ' W, M 4 I x W , W' , '- , M K -:L I ,Wim me x 1' A 5 1 I an ,ff by sq .of K Ag, ., X I -. :.:, Y . as A 4 5 Ss -Q as-5-:vr if Fifi W ,SQ ' ' T :., 2 si: if .px ,gay If 4-1. 1 QE., i K A ' r W, 9 9 ,f no AW 1-I . :EE .Q has ns is-map. 2 JG" 1 -Ll E fr , g 'Wi i we f fe .L i ' I 1 - fi' .W ' alike , na' :Ss 'E film 3 fx f , , Q 1 f 5 5 XQSP' X E 1 A 4 V w A,A, I J ' V ' .1 .Q S i A f . ii -2225.2 Ei A -: V .ls -M. . I' Wm. I i ' xi' v ' Q Wt if gf' 1? i, 'W 2- ,ii A iv 'N ga N E 4 X e . s we - 'X . W Q QQ, W 2 f, 3 , -'-' 2 MW E, 3 E fwxjig, 2 F by . XM 1 , ,. ,Wy 5 4 , ig A' - i it X ' gf! ' X i , if i , W i x K D 3 Y 1.342 A HS 'U J .0 , esikvl 1 ff4ef ttf?f'v W, so +.fa J J , H 1. as J J 5 W J as fs -- - J J ., ,W 1 ,Q , I ,M gm . . 17" , 1 ' , 7,5 , 9 . -. X 1 A 2 32:--,:X 1 fm, 3 Q Q an swfwg xv ' ' Q ik Q we 13324 'M N. - is f f X M A -- "" ' We S , . S ' 2 A i " ' " All . J 5 5 :.VV , , . Q . V. : '. u - . 5'-if W' ' .395 - N .... ' , .A':9P' I in Q-VV 3 e kwin Q4 A: sway A 2 4 'I .,,, V I ,x if , 1. r...,u ff 1 .. , A . G, 1, ,. , 5 v 5, Bmw --5 .ff ' .iss ,www ww .5 'A , I ,L 1-.,. IS' ' ,IG --:- X ,.,5 - 3 " ,. V :.' We fbgi fqwe'e X E, I sr . ,Q : N lill -x, 23, 'J eepi --'. aaa? isfweg I if P lei? g 1-1 .4 :1" ' Q I as " 4 MN pm I ' ir 3, Q i anal" Q, I Af' S! f , W. ,Z "fXlt i swell: 'ii Q N ' fasiaaiifser' 11" :awww .... X 55' .55 9 , 5 5 l rfb' .. V i 1 .5, Sally Gienzer Alberta Gillctt Carolyn Gilman Joe Ginrzerich Linda Goff Diane Gfvodhend Linda Guifey Norman Hanson Marian Harrison Karen Hash Dennis Hvdiger Frank Hilton Revell Hodge Mary Holmes Judy Hopkins James lnlrles Ron Jepson Allen Johnson John Kautto Betty Knutson Ray Marhen Carol Madison Steve Madsen Chuck Maki Karen Mapes Twila Martin Wes Mayer Judy MeCaulIy Jan MeMinimee Barbara Metcalfe Bill Moore Diane Miller Carol Mills Barbara Neal Mike Nealeigh Vicki Nr-nleizh Jack James Ray Johnson Jeanette Martin Marie Moore Ellyn Murphy Evelyn Murphy Bonita Neilson Carlene Nelson Sandra Ness Rodney Norhf.-rg Peter Nuppenau Fred Olson Oliver Olson Lorna Olson Bill Owen Larry Parker Judie Peterson Linda Peterson Don Politte Boh Pollock Frank Pullam Carl Rawe Helen Reeder Carol Rohinron John Robitscll Dick Ryan Pat Sather Sharon Schefsky Ron Schwcizcr Joyce Short Steve Simmons Bob Smith .lames Smith Larry Smith David Sprague Bill Stacy Glenn Strait Roberta Steele Sharon Strong' Sue Ann Sturgis Marmie Tramme Dick Swanson Pam Paynter Sandra Pruett Robert Ruede Sam Tracy Jerry Vanllamme Sandra Wright , ,Q 5 ,N 1 JB' ,. yr 'Q lf' f K . lf 7 K, f n X 41' lx 1' fl ' 5 f ffl' l ., wiv? a ' 4301 XX 2' r. f2""' bf, .mf ' -wtf.. 1' , .,.,n ox' if ,WSJ K . fp. . 40 we r , E X f"r, f ' "M W7 ' 11 - W, af,..Ji f tag! :.5:: 151, , 5 . gil I M w Ml 6 N an 4f""? X wh -an K 1 AK X A ' f Y -gli ' :O i ' , 1 P .23 . M P S of 1 'I . ' 5 4 A 5 , 3 ' -sh, X 1' ,s if --"it 'xl , , ,W :fuk .SY l f, , . ,M 'RN K, ,. . , 'Z' . Q- A K RE, ., K f , gn N. as ff' S ' wmv K NYU' X3 I y P P M wal R A T, " 13 1 ,A ' ,.: E 4 , A.v--. '55, ....: : HQ, ' ,, ,fi Q4 ,..-.::,' Yi W' l A x 4 Q ,I V ,. ..,- ml VN 5? L g ' . ' V 15" so ar' f q of 4 if - QM ,S ' TT?- .f' y , aa. Q' I fl Af? We li -, -. e.,, , . S4 M ,.., . 'P 'P 1 , W ." 'fi Q 2 f QQ I ,M Hx My .X-'Q Q I Y tit? . 1 " 3 V ,ff elb R Q nut ...: f""""'f me 5' my 3' 1 5 :- it P rro, ,ty ,Sill , A Q I --vv -i 4 ing, N -. 1 -EL Q .::- 3 A at h :., og :,v, , sf is . A - 5? fi 'RA U wi, 1 ' gm :af Q g i -.:. i'lSf1,aQ! 2 , ' """" W' , """'W'A 'H ,K .vb i V 52 fm ' , P .sh 1 Q l iXM'3y I aww' X f l -.lb .- A 2 ' 5 f 4 -are eooo O f y Q oooo ,S if P ff a'-fai P 4 ar' .gf '-., - .,V. - .,. . 4 ziizfgliiiif V Z' writ ,fiat I P .1 ' for l FRESH g IN MEMORIAM This freshmen section is dedicated to the memory of Bruce Ralston, frehman, tragi- cally killed in a hunting accident this year. Alan Adams Ron Anderson Jim Averill Jerry Benfield Karen Robinson Shirley Edwards Shirley Klingclhofer Jerry Lynn Mentzer OFFICERS AND ADVISERS Right: Dan Williams, Leon Thompzon, Claudia Schelling, Pat Dunsworth, Mr. Lunda, Miss Lloyd. The freshman class, the class of '61, was very active this year in every sense of the word. They took part in almost every phase of school life including athletics, three school plays, clubs and had a large representation on the honor roll each semester. Lee Ann Wyss, the freshman princess for Homecoming, was elected queen of this event due to the loyal support of her sponsoring class. Later Susan Chambers, frosh class princess for the March of Dimes, was also queen, again due to the excellent back- ing of the freshmen. The frosh contribution to this drive was 541057, an average of 32.84 per person. The class was well represented in freshmen athletics. In both football and basket- ball the team had an almost undefeated season. Later in the year a permanent trophy was presented to the school in honor of the outstanding frosh football player. This a hunting accident eaily in the year The class was also represented in wrestling, trophy was presented in memory of Bruce Ralston, a freshman boy who was kill-ed in . . n . K I K . . ack and baseball. In March the class was the recipient of a party given to them by tr the sophomores. Advisers for the class were Jean Lloyd and Darrell Lunda. NOT PICTURED Wayne Rogers Gary Witcher Nancy Mahurin Louise Ratliff Harvey Simmons Penny McKinney Pat VanDamme Diana Storm Jack Stockton David Moore Bonnie Waldkirch James Zuercher Glen Waker Johnny Parker Margaret Reynolds Earl Ahern Sharon Alspach Gay Lee Anderson Ron Anderson Dale Applebee Linda Armentrout Roxy Butler Catherine Bird Susan Bagley Leslie Bales Bob Barber Joyce Beeler Jennie Lee Bedortha Ron Butchart Cheryl Bohannon Billy Bolster Bob Bonin Don Burden Karen Bush Clayton Creech Nick Courtney Lloyd Carver Susan Chambers Jan Christensen Gary Cline George Clinton Mike Cooley Pat Dunsworth James Derungs Ron Doleeheck Kent Drake Don Eldridge Jesse Exton Lonelle Fisher Gilbert George Dan Goff Bobbi Gould Mike Harris Mike Helfrich Wayne Hill Norene Hindcs Judy Hodgdon Roxanne Adams Darlene Aho Dick Dubendorf Leslie Gibson Leonard Gillman Leonard Green Johnny Hathaway 'Mn-X If Affyii' new K ,iffxw it ,W fins tl .fmsfil V-nw... - .J 4 -Q' few 4135 so Wal T ..:..... ,.. ,, H V. . 3 ' .QQ ff, , f f fi , N fb . . gf i 2 -' "' f 4 I 'Q . 'P 1 f ag "' ' 'WV tl 'Mi' 5? i E5 ' Wig 'IL , . , .b V K J , 1 x 4 .,,:,:,::: T:- f .m,f..s. -, Q t , ' if uf size? , ' X e . 51,3 FX ,ff e f 5, --:-:- -ffm -, m. . i F 3 J an M ereerlelrara . . , is aelsa gg "5 2 , uw V ' f f- .115 if , :1j.f,,, ., D ":' Q --,. I 4 , 2 wa l, ,.., 5 'gh Ag ff ' ' "., , n wtf? y V- i M Fw K my :::2 1:' : ' : ' K QQ ::- f ., A, 'V , ":" 2 f ' EN q , A ' 3 is A-X Q. wi, ,,fia.J 2 ia IIZ. J E M MQ f' 1 u !iir..',:efffaf4fQ.f,sfxQ Caroline Hoevauf Linda Hnncy Joe Hosie Jane Hoy Jenezm Hoyt Michele Inklcy Mike Isanhart Deilhie .lamm Kelly Jepson Jim Jones Jan Keene Bob Kenney Sandra Kerchir Patty Kidd Terry King Vicky Kingsley Ken Killian Margaret Kcefad Ron Krake Dan Lawrence Larry Lawrence Johnny Lawson Benny Martensen Jack Martin Marvin Mathery Jcrry Metcalf Marilyn Mi'fcr Hans Mizec Janis Mnnre Bill Moore Sharon Moors Larry Morey Joe Neaves Judy Newvinc Gail Page Kent Libsock Ron Madsen Dale Pallin Jack Parker Charlotte Parks Rod Perry Doug Phillips Melvin Lawre"4'c Julie Lvhncs Marshall Mapes Terry Mawhirtc-r Loi: Moad Patsy Noteboom He'cn Pulitte Gary Porter Robert Prince Dennis Rive Sandra Rice Robbie Rnberds Pat Robinson Beverly Rush Sandra Rusher Claudia Schellinjr Linda Schild Evelyn Schofield Marlene Schweitzer Eddie Scott Geraldine Seifert .lim Short Ruth Short Larry Silva Ken S'yter Mary Grace Smith Lee Sperlinz Gary Spencer Dennis Stcindorl' Jean Stichler Larry Tanner Lynda Thomas Jim Thompson Ken Tiltle Leon Thompson Linda Tohl Richard Tohl Linda Trotter Keith Tupper Sammy Vanderzce George Wachoh Don Waggerhy Carolyn Warren Gzry Warren Jonnie Warren Mi-ce Watkins Gretchen VVeher Mike Wells Dan Wilhelm Alan Williams Dan Williams Greta Sue Williams Wanda Winder Gene Zinda Bob Zinda 1 , W1 1 xc , 'A 3 , 4 ' , ',,i if 1-xg f- 4, f , 'F ,gp J1!"' -. ,iifff Q -' 'ENV' . " V5 '- .-- - . gg SIT! if - f 9 , 8, J, "' ,QQ "3 - 5 'f 3 in 35 3 3 , V s ww Yi ,gg . is , 554 M424 if Sv 1 X N . 8 N 3,9 H -4, x 3 21121 'W R .dew 4 W 9 W ss'-Q WK' mr-af rf' . XJ! 's xx iw W .ffmif . A-1. wp 4 ML: W x Wi --f.. . , ff .4 This year's student coun- cil, headed by President Rich- ard Machen and advised by Principal Don Spiering, car- ried on Tilla-Hi's government functions with much success. The first major project was to organize the 1957 Homecoming, which was held on November 8th against Neah-Kah-Nie. They ap- pointed John Irving as over- all chairman, and made a few additions to the annual event. The first was a Registration clay for all THS alumni. They also set aside a section in the grandstand, and introduced past THS football players during half time of the game. Another function the coun- cil performed was the form- insz of the J,Vetts, a new junior pep club to promote pep for the B squad. The student council is made up of the home room representatives plus presidents from each class and clubs of the school. and of course the student body officers. STUDENT Standing: Dale Applebce, Dennis Carey, Dan Hoffert, Jack Cornett, Richard Trammell, Steve Krake, Linda Zygar, Leonard Supak, Deirdre Greenway, Pat Melson, Donna.Huson, Renate Krieg, Mike Hayes, Berry Miner, Jan Galloway, Hugh Rosenberg, Susan Christensen, Bonita A ..,-. , We RICHARD MACHEN, PRESIDENT DON SPIERING, Anvisok JUDY RETHLEFSEN, 4 CUUNCIL Q f r A Z ...,, 7 XS' ' Neilson. Leon Andersen, Nancy Brcwcr. Ron Gienger and Mike Neileizh. Seated: Kathy Rice, Linda Honey, Dehbie James. Vicki Nti'eifrh, Jeanette Smith, Richard Machen, Bob Baty, Judy Rcthlefsen, Susan Tihhetts, and Ron Buel. I ,153 . egg, ge W if ls fe? X Sf i T as is f SUSAN TIBBETTS RON BUEL, Btvsmizss The school's finances were looking up this year as they had a balance of 31047.60 at the first of the year and by January 9th came up to S2107.09. The subject of naming the foot- ball field was brought up and it was dezided that each class would submit three names with a brief reason and ltistory of the person or subject. Twelve names were put before the student body to vote on. Princfpal Don Spiering accompanied Richard Machen, Linda Zygar, Suzi Tibbetts, and -Tudy Rethlefsen to the Oregon Youth Council. Richard also attended the Student Council Confer- ence held during the summ-er. The Council also backed the three drives that have become a tradition in Tillamook high school: The Goodwill Drive, the March of Dimes, and the Heart Fund. Contributions this year ranged higher than ever before, show- inq the splendid cooperation the stu- dents gave the council in such ven- tures. MANAGER BOB BATY, VICE PRESIDENT Editor , , ...,,.. .,.. . . Assiotanf Editor ...,,. Layout Editor ,..., .,,, Business Manager . Advertising Manager Sport: Editor .....,.,.. .,.,. Art Editor .. .. . .. Senior Class Editor , Junior Class Editor , .. Sophomore Class Editor Frelhman Class Editor KILCHIS , ,,.,....,......,.. Linda Zyxrar Deirdre Greenway Pat Melson .....,.. Pat Warren ...... Janice Davis ,, , ,..,.. .. Ron Buel .. Betty Jean Warren ....... Richard Rocci ,, ,.,,,,,,,,, ,, Pat Steels. Jan McMinimee Cheryl Bohannon Hey, who took my pencil?,' Mr. Anderson, this picture's too big!" 3 f "DON,T WRITE ON THAT PlC"l'UREl', XVith people running through the room, layout sheet, or paste bottle in hwncl, izzz 3 everyone else shouting for the attention of the frustrated editors or layout manager, 1- LINDA ZYGAR and Mr. Anderson in the midst of tearing out his hair, one might be tempted to Cross WTC? Richard Rocei, Cheryl Ilohannon, Jan Mclllinimee, Norman Anderson, Pat Steele, Janice Davis, Ron Buel. Bette Jean Warren, Pat Melson, Linda Zygar, Deirdre Greenway, Pat WVarren. Editing and Layout Bohhie Gould, Joan Jefferson, Janet Wilfon, Linda Anderson, Marian Miller, Karen Bush, Katy Bolster, Marilyn Schweitzer, Darlene Miner. , . Claudia Svhelliniz, Glenda Ingres, Karen can-iii, Judy Rethlefsen, Advertlsgng Bonita Nielsen, Cheri Hayes, Glenda Ackley, Pat Slyter, Diane Good- head, Janice Davis, Diane Miller, and Gail Fitzgerald. 1, ,Van , if Je' 1 , ,fa , Y V avg? Wally Cunningham, Suzie Sturgis, Lucille Hesse, Gail Fitzgerald, Sa ly Bagley, Pat Knut,on, Pal. Melgon and Diane Miller. TIL ll-HI-NEWS Editor-in-Chief ..,., Layout Editor ..,... ..,.....,.., R iehard Rocci , Barbara Thompson ,,..,.,, Lueille Hesse ,,,. Pat Slyter Gail Fitzgerald Bette Rue Johnon News Editor ..,... Feature Editor ,... Business Manafrcr Circulation . . ,,..., ,, Advertisement .. .. .. ..... ., Bill Collins Advisor . , ,, ,,.. ,...,,,. . .... N orman Anderson Reporters . ....,. Journalism I and-3lI,L'lasses his fingers and hope the Kilchis would turn out to be even half what they expected. There was n plan behind all of this activity, however. The plan was to turn out ri top-flight book, and the challenge of accomplishing such a goal kept the staff work- ing diligently during and after school. A long sigh of relief was uttered by every staff member when March finally came and they settled into less strenuous activities such as working on the summer supplement. Journalism I S IIICTTE RAE JOHNSON Journalism The Journalism l and ll classes of THS were kept busy throughout the 1957-58 school year because they pub- lished the Tilla-Hi News every two weeks and also worked on radio school news for KTIL. The Journalism ll group also assisted the Kilchis staff. Bzlrbnrn Thomson was elec- ted editor of the TYV pub- lication at the First TYV Press Club meeting in Mc- Minnville. Th-e journalism groups were hosts to the TYV Press Club in May. Richard Roeci, Bill Collins, Pat S'yter, Gail Fitzgerald, Barhara Thompson, Lucille Hesse, Bette Rae .lohnson and Norman Anderson. Standing, left to right: Marlene Schmitz, Shirley Stanire, Juanita Thomas, .ludy Knutson, Donna Smith, Shirley Birch, Rosalie Berglund, Carlene Johnson, Fanny Gineerich, Mary Chambers, Donna Huson, Willadene Maizarrell, Pat Steele, Anita Beeler. Sitting: Renate Krieg, Vicki Hodizrlon, Darlene Miner, Deirdre Greenway, Betty .lean lVarren. Kneeling: Jim Brummel, lloh Holland, Gary Johnson, Ron Buel, Jack Hoflert. Jim Shartel, Dan Hoffert, Larry Hoffman. Bob Bob Ron Bob " s. Ron . , S? 439 ' 4 314 Bassett Baty Buel Creech Kathy George Gienger W Lucille Hesse if V John Irving lT'1"'f Bette Rae wg Johnson "i il Pat Knutson il W' X xxi L I "H, 3 i. PRFSYDENT J canette Smith Pat Pat Lee PHILDKALDNS Richard Machen Charlotte Pye Judy Rethlefsen Gail Rusher Judy Schock Slyter Janis VanderStoep Warren Ann Wyss Linda Zygar The Philokalon Chapter of the National Honor Society of Tilla-Hi, consist- ing of outstanding juniors and seniors, was ably led this year by President Jeanette Smith. Officers assisting her in leading the honor group were Bob Bassett, vice-president, and Pat Slyter, secretary-treasurer. Advisor for the group was vida Abrams. The year was begun with five senior members. Additional m-embers were added in the fall and spring inductions. The members are chosen on the basis of their character, scholarship, leadership and service. juniors must be in the top ten percent of their class, seniors, the top fifteen percent. It is a very high honor for a student to be tapped for mem- bership in Philokalons. Christian Club 4 i l Back row: Kathy George, Ethelda Kneeland, Phyllis Prince, Jean Godscy, Charlotte Pye, Ray Machen, Judy Hopkins, Marvin Astleford. Second row: Rowlcne Fountain, Caroline Hoerauf, .Ienean Hoyt, Charlene Chapman, Geraldine Seif- fert, Janis VanderStoep, James Zuercher, Sharon Ellerbroek. Sitting: John Irving, Bob Plaep, Jean Scholes, Mrs. Ida Buquist, advisor. Christian Club is an organization composed of students who are interested in promoting the interest and work of the church in high school. Quill and Scroll Quill and Scroll is a national honorary for upper classmen who participate in journalistic activities. Back row, left to right: Renate Krieg, Bette Rae Johnson. Pat Slyter, Richard Rocci, Ron Gienger, Janice Davis, Lucille Hesse, Darlene Miner and Gail Fitzgerald. Seated: Betty Jean Warren, Linda Zygar, and Barbara Thompson. Not pictured: pn.. 11..,,1 Janet Wilson, Marilyn Parrish, Judith Hopkins, Renate Krieg, Loretta Burden, Joan Hey, Karen Mapes, Katy Bolster Oivia Joss, Anita Beefer, Cherie Hayes, Betty Jean Warren, Darlene Miner, .lutn Robinson, and Stella Cameron. G. Il. ii. The Girls Athletic Association of Tilla-Hi, under the head of Stella Cameron, president, had a very busy year. Beginning the new year, off with a good start, was the initiation of new members. The club officers for che year were: President, Stella Camcrong Vice President, June Robinson, Secretary, Dar'- lcne Miner, and Treasurer, Betty Jean Warren. F. H. Ii. Standing, left to right: Linda Goff, Pat VanDamme, Linda Tohl, Wards Winder, .leyec Beeler, Olivia Voss, Donna Wilson, Carol Bird, Mrf. Edmunds, advior: Gretchen Weber, Linda Peterson, Linda Ho:::y, Bevcr'y Rash, Marion Fisrhier, Sandra Pruett. Sitting: Albert Gillette. Caroline Hoerauf, Rowelenc Fountain, Claire VanRockel, Anita Bet-ler, Glenda Ingles, Mary Ann Chambers, Barbara Metcalf. Officers: Sony: Lender, Caroline Hoerauf: Treasurer, Rowelene Fountain, Vice-President, Clariee VanRuekelg President, Anita Beelerg Secretary, Glenda Ingles: Parliamentarian, Mary Ann Chambers: Reporter, Barbara Metcalf. The Future Homemakers of America had a very successful year in '57-58 and many activities were sponsored by the group. On Halloween, the girls collected money for UNICEF. They sponsored a parent-daughter potluck, Hobo Day, and a box social with the FFA, They were kept busy with homemaking activities during national FHA Week in March. Also in March, the group attended the state FHA meeting in Corvallis. VIRGINIA TUPPER BOB BASSETT LINDA ZYGAR .IAN CALLOWAY PAT KNUTSQN President Vive President Secretary Treasurer Program Chairman Glenda Ackley Alhert Aden Sally Bagley Katy Bolster Charlene Chapman Chris Church .lanice Davis Dave Eyzcrtnn Sharon Ellerbrock Gene Fisher Cherie llayes Lucille Hesse John Irving' Bette Rue Johnson Linda Kelly Betty Knutson Renate Krieg Connie Larson Diane Miller Frank Pullam Shown hnldinx: some trophies won hy the FFA during the year are Ray Machen, Gale Martens:-n, Dave Leuthold, Bob Plaep, Richard Ma chen and Jim Mahurin. The flags came through the efforts of Richard Machen chiefly. F. F. I-l. The FFA were very outstanding in their activities this year. To start the year off they won both first and second place in the state fair dairy judging contest. Richard Machen. participating in the state speech contest, won first place with his speech on Soil Conservation. He also won second place in the FFA district speech contest. The FFA boys won a second place in a parliamentary procedure contest in district competition. During the month of February they also attended a state parliamentary f f W- H procedure and speech contest. All the students belonging to FFA must have e farm project of some sort. Up to the date of january 24th, the boys figured their projects were valued at 524,000 in all. To help some boys to have a project the school bought some 900 chickens in all for projects. This year at the annual Tillamook county fair 32 of the FFA boys will participate and show their projects. President ..,.,,, , . .. Ga'c Martensen Vice-President . , ,, Andy Fletcher Representative . ...,,., ,.,,,,..,.,. M arvin Astleford Secretary ,,,.,,, ., Joe Ginizerich - Bob Plaep Tl'93S1-ll'el' ....... ...............,........,.,........,.,. D ave Leuthold Sentinel ...... ...,., , ,,.,..., , .. ,, , ,,.,, , Jim Mahurin Founded 1948 W Trophies of FFA Charlotte Pye Judy Rethlefscn Richard Roeci Bill Hudgreon V Jeanette Smith Dorothy Banks Sue Ann Sturgis Barhara ' Thompson Afan Turhync Janis VanderStoep Betty J ean Warren Joan Weber Donna Giguux Lora Hulhurt l Pam Paynter Not Pictured: .Ian Tromhley S san Tibhctls Bruce Douglas Larry Wnhlsein Homes Tupper Harvey Franko l l Thesplan Banquet l During the year 1957-58 the Tillamook high school Thcspians Troupe 934 ictively supported 111 plflys produced ' at Tilla-Hi along with the club's regular functions. GIRLS LEAGUE rl Q K 1 .1 p I 'I i Q ' 3 'X li S ,, X .... , A X M V K I i NR ME: . X . ,.., , PRESIDENT VICE l'RES'DENT SECRETARY TREASURER JOAN WEBER JOYCE LANDOLT LEE ANN WYSS KATHY GEORGE Girls of the Month Seniors: Diana Hawley, Jean Fergu- son, Jeanette Smith, Gail Fitzgerald, Gail Rusher and Renate Krieg. Jun- iors: Kathy George, Shirley Stanire, Darlene Miner, Joann Hoy, Judy Reth- lefscn and Virginia Aronhalt. Soph- omorcs: Sally Gienger, Carol Madison, Nancy Brewer, Sandy Zweifel, Suzie Christensen and Sue Ann Sturgis. Freshmen: Claudia Schelling, Suzi Chambers, Cheryl Bohannon, Roxy But- ler, Evelyn Scofield and .ludy New- vine. Girls League Representatives The Girls League is organ- ized to create better under- standing and cooperation among the girls. This group's membership consists of every girl in school. Much of the success of the organization is due to thc leadership of Miss Esther Chapman, adviser. Her as- sistants this y-ear were Mrs. Sonia Edmunds and Mrs. Phyllis Plaep who also con- tributed many extra hours in hard work. Joyce Landolt, junior: Diana Haw- ley, senior: Sharon Schefsky, soph- omore: Susan Chambers, freshman. ,H . BOYS FEDERATIO Q S i 2 i Bob Plaep, secretary: Ron Gicnger, president: Don Peterson, advertising: Dutch Hoffman, vice president: and Mike Hayes, treasurer. The Boys' Federation, led by Ron Gienger, sold red plastic raincoats as the money project of the year and pocketed S160 to their treasury. A trophy was given to the outstanding boy of each class. Qualifications were: Leadership, Co- operation, Attitude and Participation. The county donated 160 acres to the federation for the purpose of planting trees. KEY CLUB Mr. John Turbyne, adviser at the high school: Ron Bucl, John Irving, Bruce Stacy, Andy Fletcher, Bruce Douglas, Gene Fisher, Mr. Lee Hanson, Kiwanis member: Richard Machen, Albert Aden, and Mr. Burford Wilkerson, secretary of Chamber of Commerce. Seated: Bill Wrizhtson, president of Kiwanis: and Bob Creech. president of the Key Club. ' Strictly a service organization, the Key Club came into being this year for the first time at Tilla-Hi. It was spon- sored by the Kiwanis Club. Bob Creech was the president of this new organization. F. B. L. A. Hack row: Ron Mapes, Ethelda Kneeland, Phyllis Prince, Glenda Infrles, Darlene Miner, Judy Rethlefsen, Jean Scholes, Rosemary Rawe, Sue Allen, Betty Jean Warren, Edith Reynolds. Second row: Clarice Van Roekel, Joyce Short, Carolyn Warren, Miss Jesseph, Diane Haw- ley, Barbara Sturgis, Rosalie Brase, Karen Fountain. First row: Janis Davis, Linda Anderson, Pat Warren, Pat ,Slyter,, Janis VanderStoep, Alhcrt Aden, Stella Cameron, June Robinson. The officers of the club this year were Pat Warren, presidentg Janice VanderStoep, vice presidentg Albert Aden, secretaryg and Linda Anderson, treasurer. This year we also had a State officer, Pat Slyter, state reporter. During the year we have had several potluck dinners and We are also having a beach party in May. One highlight of the year was the State Convention in Corvallis. Our Main money making projects were selling candy and a chili feed at Homecoming. ELECTRONICS CLUB The Electronics Club met every Vfednesday during the noon hour. Their first task was to take the cld P. A. System and change it in- to a portable P. A. System which was used on several occasions, like homecoming. They also made small transistor radios. 1 Mr. Turhyne, advisor: Carl Weston, Gordon Anthony, Dennis Hollen- bcck, Jerry Savin, Paul Weston and Marvin Astleford. ' FUTURE TEACHERS UF ERIC Standing, loft to iight: Joan Weber, Jan Tromhley, Cheryl Bohannon, Pat Robinson, Carolyn Warren, Linda Sehild, Janet Wilson, Janis Davis, Betty Jean VV:vrren, Donna Huson. Gail Rvsher, Pat Knutson, Renate Kreiyx, Katy Bolster, Cherie Hayes, Glenda Ackley. Sitting: Darlene Miner, Leonard Supak, Charlotte Pye, Sharon Ellerhroek, Joann Hoy, Pat Warren, Lee Ann Wyss, Linda Kelly, Pat Slytcr, .lim Brummel, Jean Ferguson. The Future Teachers of America organization in Tilla-I-Ii was active in many Ways during the '57-58 school year. The purpose of this Club is to promote interest in the teaching profession for those students who are inter- ested in becoming teachers. The organization held a banquet at the Victory House in February at which time they honored the most out- standing FTA Member of the Year-Pat XVarren. The lcadcrs of the group who proved to be very efficient were as follows: President, Pat Warreng Vice-Presi- dent, Charlotte Pyeg Secretary, Lee Ann Wyssg Treasurer, Sharon Ellerbroekg and Historian, Pat Slyter. The ad-- vistor was Miss Esther Chapman. HUNTING AND FISHING This club met every Thursday on a regular schedule, to discuss the many interests of outdoor sports. They met during the noon hour, and had a movie every two weeks. During the spring, the boys learned how to tie flies, and Went on a deep sea fishing trip. Back row, lc-ft to right: Cecil Mil- ler, advisor: Oliver Olson, Ron Wyss. Ken Noteheom, Robert Hosie, Jim Coon. Front row, left to right: Glenn Stait, Rod Perry, Marvin Astleford. President, Marvin As- tleford: Vice President, G'enn Strait: Secretary-Treasurer, Rod Perry. IXED CHORUS Left to right hack row Clella Anderson Mary Lou Hall, Judy Bowers, Carol Emmenezger, Mona Isenhart, Dave Krebs, Leroy Kreiger, Bill Finch Merlyn Miles Ann Hague Lorna Olson, Jeanette Martin. Middle row: Betty Knutson, Willadine Mayrarrell, Jan Tromhley, Jean Weber Judy Lee Mentzer Tommy Braser, Homes Tupper, Saunflra Wamzerhy, Jim Coffman, Janice Vermilyca, Marie Moors, Anna S licese Bottom row Virginia Harrison Glennis Loucks, Judy Macauley, Diane Storm, Sharon Moore, Cheryl Bohannon, Sandra Vlrlght lerry Mentnr Janice Lh'lsi Virginia Aronholt The T H S chorus ipp Qlcd in the Christmas program and most of them sung in "Green Pastures." Qther major 1ct1v1t1.s xx exe the innuwl Music Contest at Astoria, their performing for various community groups and projects and the sponsoring of tx 0 school dinces, one in the fall and one in the spring. The choiil vioups stlrted this ytu out under the direction of Mrs. Dorothy Schwend und, upon her resignation, finished it undi the veri ible Lll1CCIlOI1 of Miss Virginia Barnett. GIRLS GLEE Probably the biggest un- dertaking for the Girls Glee this year was the sponsoring of the Girls Glee Talent Show in the fall. They participat- ed in the Christmas program and in the annual Music Con- test at Astoria in the spring. They also were heard in the student body play, "Green Pasturesf' Back row, left to right: Beverly V"n Cise, Linda Trotter, Janet Christensen, Sandra Rusher, Pat Knutson. Middle row: Glenni Locks, Pat Robinson, Norene Hines, Loretta Burbank, Rosemary Rawe. Front row: Gail Papre, Barbara Metcalf, Beverly Rush, Donna Smith, Jean Godsey and Miss Vir- ginia Barnett. VOCAL GRUIIPS fi :U i. 5 QUARTET A The quartet. officially known as the Four Dots, has been in many activities this year. They participated in many school functions and COIT1- munity affairs, and in the spring took part in the Barbershop Quartet con- test at Forest Grove. In this contest they Won a S20 award. Another ap- pearance of the group was at the an- nual music contest at Astoria. Left to riirht: Charlotte Pye, Karen Foun- tain, Virginia Aronholt, Diane Goodhead. 1 I ' , f ,, ,W ,, ,W . ICS TRIU The JCS Trio of Tilla-Hi, con- sisting of Judy Rethlefsen, Char- lotte Pye and Susan Tibbetts, was a very active group this year and they brought much recogni- tion to Tilla-Hi. The three out- standing singers, sometimes called the junior Class Singers, sung at at many meetings of the service clubs in Tillamook, and at PTA. They were called upon to sing at many events in the school, includ- ing the Christmas Assembly, Teacher Day Appreciation assem- blv and at many banquets and school meetings. Left to right: Judy Rethlefsen, Charlotte Pye, Suzi Tihbetts. ENSEMBLE This group is composed of girls that entertain businessmen and other organizations. Left to right: Diane Goodhead, Jane Hey, Charlotte Pye, Judy Relhlefsen, Suzi Tib- bctts, Virginia Aronholt. .Y Xa x Xa L if 1 , , , . , A 1' J, H lx Q . .. ..V,, v A gf 5 N w , Y Y 3 W HY E' aff s Q -OM '51 MK- X n,k Yu' - , fx E1 A ' fi , .f Q, A . W, V 3 55 u w 'Q L14 X ' v fl' ' w wif J .- we .Q lx sn wyw FWZ xx , E151 if W 22 v 4 Sf if :I 5? Q ? 'gf ' at ef ij, :Ib mr 1 h r tl? ?' , N wwf t 5 gy ' vggggs, x 4 A 'Vu A X535 ww s P M X Q wx 7 .. 5? Ei M BAN At Christmas time they played in a program for students and par- ents, which also featured various vocal groups. Other public per- formances included the band's np-A penranees at plays held in the audi- torium. The entire high school is very proud of the band 'and its members and the band has successfully parti- cipated in many activities through- out the year. Peppy Pep Band BACK ROW Chris Church Kathy Georne Eddie Fischler Nicky Courtney Frank Pullam Bill Moore Mr. Kaphammer Larry Silva THIRD ROW Karon Carroll Glenn Strait Bob Bonin Glen Walker Dennis Patiz Jim Jones Robhi Roberds Bob James John Irving Ken Tittle Tim Dixon Mike Wells Ken Slyter Alan Turhyne Jim Short Lee Canfield Lcon Lane Lee Colman Clella Anderson David Moore Ken Bonin SECOND ROW Linda Armentrout Judy Hodgdon Clayton Creech Shirley Pettis Joyce Beeler Lonelle Fisher Linda Shield Dan Dolecheck Jesse Exton .lack Parker Larry Tanner Marlene Schweitzer Wanda Winder Claudia Schelling Pat Miller FIRST ROW Charlotte Pye LeRoy Dummcr Loretta Burbank Dan Goff Dave Edgerton TILLA-HI ,f Left tu right: Joyce Lan- dolt, Jeanette Smith, Betty 5 Jean Warren, Jean Fergu- son, Marian Miller, Pat Sly- ter, Cherie Hayes, Karen Smith, Pat Steele, Joan Weher, Judy Knutson, Fan- nie Gingerich, Judy Reth- lefsen, Pat Melson. ME? The pep club, better known as Cheezets, has been in existence for fifteen years in Tillamook high school. During these fifteen years the peppy Cheezets have done much to promote pep and spirit among the students and teams in the different sports. The pep club also have many activities such as selling mums at the annual homecoming game and this year they sold book covers to the student body as a means of raising money. At the last H ' n LINDA ZYGAR GAIL FITZGERALD FOOTBALL TS President Vice President CH EZETS ..-fr! football game and basketball games the senior pep club girls, presented the senior players with "T's." The pep club also sponsored pep assemblies and ear rallies. Officers for the year were: President, Linda Zygarg Vice President, Gail Fitzgeraldg Secretary, Pat Knutsong Treasurer, Judy Schoclcg Drill Lendrr, Pat Slyterg and Advisor, Miss Parrish. Left tn right: Glenda Ack- lcy, Brenda Pallin, Sharon Ellcrhroek, Shirley Stange, Gail Rusher Linda licl'y, Pat Warren, Marlene Szhmitz, Rinnea Freeman, Linnea Freeman, Barbara Brunei. Barham Thompson. Lee Ann Wyss, Bette Rae Johnson. , 'ss W 2 ff , Q if 1 , "' S 1 :EE '9 PAT KNUTSON Judy Sehock Secretary Treasurer BASKETBALL "Tis" OFFICERS Leon Anderson ,,,....., ,, President Berry Miner ,.... Vice President Bob Fitzsimunds .. Sec'y-Treasurer URDE Wlicn the kids of Tillamook high school think, or talk of men, who comes to their mlnds but the Order of the UT". The "T" men of Tilla-Hi, under the leadership of Leon Anderson, did very well this year keeping up the good name of Tillamook high school. The "T" men had a very big job during the 1957-58 school year. Their job consisted of keep- ing law and order throughout the school, keeping the kids from run- ning up and down the halls, throwing things in the cafeteria, and keeping peace during assem- blies. When someone grabbed you by the shoulder and dragged you to the office, you knew who it was. These boys always were willing to participate in all sorts of activi- ties in the school. Some of the big money-making projects of the club have been the YY ll donkey ball game, the Barn Dance, which are held annually through- out each year. The Barn Dance was held in the gym with tons of hay hauled in and placed through- out the gym. The tunnel at the entrance proved to be the attrac- tion of the dance. The "T" men's latest idea for making money proved to be the snow cones that were sold at all games and recreations at a nice profit for the club. One of the largest attractions of the year was the initiation of new lcttermen. Remember, when all new initiates came dressed like old maids with lipstick smeared from head to toe, and those delicious onions they had to eat? They dreamed of what they could do to the initiates who would follow them in the strong-arm club of THS. Standing: Mike Hayes, Gale Martensen, Bob Fitz- simmnns, Bob Baty, Berry Miner, Leon Anderson. Denny Vaughn, Bob Bassett, Terry Tone, Dan Hoff:-rt, Jack Hoffert, Jim Brum- mell, Gene Bolle, Joe Mar- kee, Leonard Supak, Dale Omit, Harvey Reeder, Rivh- ard Machen, Coach Ron Rus- lmeh, advisor. Kneeling: A r c h i e Johnson, Charles Kenney, Homes Tupper, Victory Bell, Larry Hoff- nlun, Wally Cunningham, Ron Roberts, Billy Finch. Gary Vantress, Fred Olson, Bill Collins, Jim McCabe and Don Pollitte. XY ll CHEERLEADERS DONZTA NEILSON NANCY BREWER f JUDIE PETERSON SAND1 ZVVEIFEL "A" SQUAD CHEERLEADERS LEE ANN WYSS I M K FBETTE RAE JOHNSON BARBARA THOMPSON a X ,, ,Zi , w if 3 ,M ,g x 1 Zig if? 5 f fi 1.42, ax km Sl fi? gf' .Qu .251 YQ? 353 gf , aw ' -' ---- -' , ' ' Ag? 5 E 234 X Q 'E- wv, r . yymxy - if 5 A Q. Q N sex , f:gW W 98 4 x f, ff Q wx wa ' K 'Q J 4 , ff 51, if 'xl' L Q xt vi' 3 if N mf 7 x 1 , ,f x, ,uw ,. gs? 1 S :NYU THE CAST WAS: Mr: MacDonald Mr. MacDonald , .loan MacDona'd Ann MacDonald Howard ., ,, Claire ...... ,,,, . .. , Pat Knutson Dave Egerton Charlene Chapman Linda Kelly Lee Snyder Virginia Tupper Rnrrer M . Chris Church Claud ..,,,, ,,., ....,, A lbert Aden Harry .,,, ..,, W ally Cunningham Marvin .. ,,,, Bob James Lydia .,,, ..,,....,, D onna Gigoux .lim , ..., , Dntty ,,.,,,. Joey ....,.. . . Bee Gee , Selsie ,, Kific Lc'lcy ,,,,, Margo Phil Delia John Irving ...... Jane Hoy Clayton Creech JoAnn Hoy Susan Bagley Sue Sturgis Linda Zygar . ..,,,, Glenda Ackley Jim McCahe Renate Krieg Mr. Curtis .,,..,.,, Richard Rocci Mrs. Curtis Miss Gnrvey ,...... Janet Christensen ,,... Katy Bolster SE l0R CLASS PLAY -V The senior class play "Onions in the Stew" was presented on the evenings of November 14 and 15, in the Tilla-Hi auditorium. The senior class chose "Onions in the Stew" because of the opportunity of giving a large cast the chance to act. The dialogue has a human interest typical of teenagers and family life. The comedy story takes place on Vashon Island on Puget Sound, Washington. Staging for the play was very unique.. One wall of the MacDonald home was done in knotty pine with a huge picture window in the background fea- turing a beach scene. A rough, stone fireplace added realism to the play. The house had nautical trimmings to lend to the beach effect. Quarrels between the two teenage daughters provided many good laughs. One daughter goes even so far as to bleach her red hair blond. Love ls Eternal Junior Class Play "Love is Eternal," the junior class play was presented January 30-31 in the Tilla-Hi auditorium. It featured au- thentic 1857 costumes. The play was costumed and staged by Don XVhitney, Tilla-Hi's dramatic director. For the elaborate hairdos of the period, a local man, Emil Heusser, donated hair switches for the leads, Bob Bassett and Gene Fisher, who played the part of Abe Lincoln in the double cast parts. Hairdos were also furnished for other characters in the play including Sue Tibbetts and Glenda Ackley who played Mary Todd, Abe's wife. The plastic setting depicted a mood by the use of colored gelatin over the lights. Furnishings in black and oak rep- resented the period. Lending background interest was large silhouette pictures, Currier and Ives Prints, and a large picture of George Wfashington painted by Jean.Godsey. .L The play was in three acts with each act representing sn different phase of Mary Todd Lincoln's life. In the first :act she is in her teens, the second one is getting to know Abe, and in the third act she is married to Abe and they are liv- iIiig'Lil'1i,-Cl'16 Wfhite House. 4 The cast consisted of the following: Boh Bassett, Glenda Ackley, Susan Tibhetts and Cone Fsiher. Mary Todd Lincoln Ahe Lincoln ..,. ,,,... Robert Todd , ,,.... . Betsy Todd ,.....,,, ,,......., Grandma Parker Mammy Sally , . Dr. Ward ,,,,,.,,,,,... Ann Todd ......,,...,,. ....,. Sandy McDonald ,. Cassius Clay .....,.... Tamar , ,,...,.......... ., .,... .. Elizabeth Edwards Ninian Edwards Stephen Douglas Mercy ..,...,........,,..,. James Conkling ..... Allie ....,..,....,......,.. Dr. Houzhan ,,,,,,. Mrs. Houghan .,,, Rev. Dresser ...., Mrs. Dresser .,,,... Sarah Marshall ..,,, William Stoddard .,,, Edwin Stanton ...... Jane Watt .. First Caller ,...... Taxpayer . ...,.. . Todd Lincoln ,,,. Stackpole ,, ,,......,... .. Efizabeth Grimsley Susan Tibhetts Glenda Acklcy .,,..,.,,Gene Fisher Bob Bassett John Irving Renate Krieg Betty Jean Warren Cherrie Hayes Dave Egerton Diane Miller Alan Turbyne ,, .,,. Connie Larson Nancy Brewer Judy Rethlefsen Bruce Douglas Ron Buel Pam Paynter Albert Aden Sue Ann Sturgis i i,,,,,,,,,, Tom Brasse Judy Dee Mentzar Richard Rocci Lonnie Warren ,.,,,...r.Katy Bolster Chris Church Jesse Exton Glenda Ingles Dorothy Banks Darlene Miner Clayton Creech James Zuercher Charlotte Pye , Curtain Call Scene from Act II The Green Pastures The fabulous Pulitzer prize winning play, "Green Pastures," was pre- sented in the Tillamook high school auditorium, April 25, 26, directed by Don Whitniey. The play, with a terrific cast of 130 students, led by John Irving who very capably portrayed "The Lawd," was in complete Negro make-up. "Green Pasturesi' is the spiritual attempt to show the beginning of the earth by the Negroes in the Deep South, who adapt the Bible to the con- sistencies of their everyday lives. "Green Pastures" had never before been put on by an Oregon high school. Jeanette Smith was the student director of the play. Miss Virginia Barnett, music teacher, stated, "the turn-out for the chorus was fabulous, simply fabulousf, Twenty-six per cent of the cast "The T-emptress and the Temptedn CAST John Irving .... .,,....... , , Richard Machen .... Tom Weber ....... ..,. Diane Gnndhead .... Suzi Tihhetts . And a Cast 130 John Irving as "The Lawcln Moses and his wife. The Lord Moses Adam Eve , .... Zeha I N HUMECOMING QUEEN LEE ANN I SENIOR BIILL KING IIM I MARCH 0F DIMES QUEEN SUSAN CHAMBERS ' , HOMECOMING COURT Queen Lee Ann Wyss ruled the 1958 Homecoming, which was held Novem- ber 8, when we played Neah-Kah-Nie. She was sponsored by the freshman class. Royal princesses include, left to right, Pat Knutson, sponsored by the soph- omore classg Pat Warren, sponsored by the junior class, and Bette Rae Johnson, sponsored by the senior class. Escorts for the Royalty Were, left to right, Tom XVeber, Larry Hoffman, Ron Gienger and Richard Machen. SENIOR BALL Genial Jim McCabe was crowned King of the Senior Ball by his lovely escort, Juanita Thomas. The event took place December 8 at the Elks Temple, with all decorations furnished by the seniors. Music was provided by Cleve Williams. Jim's court consisted of John Irving, whose escort was Pat Warren, and Ron Gienger, who had Jeannette Smith as his escort. MARCH OF DIMES COURT Crowned queen of the March of Dimes court at the Me- Minnville game February 14, was Susan Chambers, the love- ly princess of the freshman class. Susarfs class collected S413 for the Polio Drive to lead all classes and as a result Susan was crowned. Her court included sophomore princess Marie Moore and her escort Chris Church, Susan Chambers and escort Dan Williams, junior princess Fanny Gingerich and escort Dan Hoffert, and senior princess Judy Sehock with her escort Ron Roberts. Sf EQ if AMW I wi 2 15 45 W , :air 5 ,f', J, X 'Qi .,-J' ,g -Q .:,'. I Q 1 1? fi' 2 X W W x N L , ASTORIA-2 0 TILLAMOOK-2 The Chcesemalcers gave it all they lmd before one of the largest crowds ever to see a football name in Tillamook, but the team just could not seem to get the ball over the goal line, although they came very close. Astoria's end-arounds proved loo much for the home erew's defense. FOREST GROVE-6 TILLAMOOK-2 The Mooks again scored only on a safety, this time by Berry Miner in a thrilling game high- lighted by Jim MeCabc's passing. TILLAMOOK-13 NESTUCCA-6 Leonard Supak punched across the winning: touch- down as the team won its first irame in a 13-6 thril'er before a home crowd. The frame was a see-saw contest all the way with excellent ex- amples of power play by both teams. TILLAMOOK-24 SCAPPOOSE-8 Coach Robach's squad looked good in this game which produced a 78-yard touchdown run by tackle, Harvey Reeder and 44 and 65 yard touchdown scampers by Supak who really came into his own. Managers, Larry VVohlsein and Ron Gienger. TILLllM00ll 4... Left right, back row: Al Goertzen, line coach: Bob Plaep, Frank Bohannon, Harvey Reeder, Leon Anderson, Terry Tone, Ron Roberts, .lim McCabe, Don Rosbach h cad coach: Tony Dooher, haekfield coach. Third row: Tim Dixon, Jim Madison, Orville Young, Berry Miner, Dennis Vaughn, Lee Snyder, Mike Hayes, Bob Bassett, Pete Nuppenau, Larry Hoffman. Second row: Larry Wohlsein, Dale Omit, Bob Fitz- simmonds, Ron Schweizer, Bill Carver, Carl Rawe, Gary Robinson, Steve Krake, Don Politte, Ron Geinger. First row: Tom Weber, Gary Vantress, Gary Johnson, Len Supak, Richard Machen, Jim Shartel, Joe Markee, Gene Bolle, Gale Martensen, .lim Brummell. Coach Don Rosbach guided his Cheesemaker eleven to I1 three-win, five-loss record in independent ball in 1957. Tillamook rated an A-l standing and was voted into the Tualntin-Yamhill Valley League but was unable to participate because of the completed schedule already made up for the league. Next year's team will see TYV league action. This ye:11"s team was basically n defensive one with ll0 points given up to 80 points scored. This CHEESEMAKERS Top row: .Ioe Markee, e: Leon Anderson, eg Frank Bohannon, e. Second row: Dennis Vaughn, t and co-captaing Gene Bolle, pr: Gary Johnson, gg Boh Plaep, t. Third row: Tcm VVcher, iz: Carl Rawe, cg SEASIDE-21 TILLAMOOK-6 Steve Picard and crew proved themselves super- ior to a game but undermanned Cheesemaker team who scored on a 35-yard run hy Gale Mar- tensen, senior quarterback and halfback. NORTH BEND-14 TILLAMOOK-7 Coach Rosbach's charges tried irallantly to upset a highly rated North Bend team and almost pulled it off hut time ran out hefore they could tic it up in the final quarter. The Tillamook TD was scored on a McCabe to Markee pass. GRANTS PASS-2 8 TILLAMOOK-0 Grants Pass, one of the top football powers in the state, passed the Mooks dizzy in the first half but were held on fairly even terms by an inrpired Tilla-Hi squad in the second half. TILLAMOOK-26 NEAH-KAI-I-NIE-7 The Cheesemakers were really up for this one and they gave the Homecoming crowd something to talk about by soundly defeating the Pirates from up north. Leonard Supak again led the team in his big night scoring 19 points and gain- ing over 175 yards to close out the season very nicely for the 'Tillamook team. Terry Tomi, tg 0,-val Young' hh- Coaching staff for the Tillamook Cheesemakers: Assitant Coach Tony Dooher, Head Coach Don Rosbach, and Assistant Coach Al Goertzcn. was against tough competition which included high- ly-rated North Bend, Grants Pass and Astoria. The squad scored an average of eight points per game while giving the opposition an average of 13.75. Leonard Supak was the leading scorer and rusher for rho Cheesemakers followed by Gal-e Mortensen and Berry Miner. The highlight of the season for the team was the 26-7 trouncing they gave Neah-Kah-Nie before a large Homecoming crowd. .HM Mc-CARE. nh B03 FITZSIMMONS, hi: FRED OLSON, hh GARY VANTRESS, fh JIM BRUMMELL, hh BERRY MYNER, qfx and co cap :un -vu., Top raw: Ron Rcbcrts, c: .lim Mz1.di.on, t: Harvey Reeder. t. Second row: Dale Omit. gr: B h Baslett. lr: Dutch Hoffman, g: Jim Shartci. fr. Third row: Mike Hzvycs. 0: Stcvc Krnkc, hh: Rnn Switzer, g: Don Pzrlittc, c. . , N ,M - V Q GALE MARTENSEN, hh LEONARD SUPAK, fh GARY ROBINSON, gh RICHARD MACHEN, fb BILL CARVER, hh TIM DIXON, hb Top rcw: Jac Markce eg Leon Andersen. ei Frank Bchannon, Q. Second row: Dennis Vauglm. c, and co-captain: Gene Bolle, zz: Gary .lohnsnn,:r: Huh Placp, t. Third row: Tom Weber, EZ Carl Rawc, e: Terry Tone, ti Orval Young, hh. TILLI-lMO0K "B" SQUAD First row: Frnnk Pullam, James Anderson, Ken Bonnin, Ed Rcbi-tsch, Harvey Franko, John KaKutto, Larry Smith, Ron Wiefs. Scccnd row: Doug Fletcher, Robert Pollock, Boh Plaep, Hugh Ro enberpr, Hank Smith, Steve Madsen, Frank Emmenegger, Coach Al Goertzen. Third row: Jerry Klahn, Bill Hudizeon, Norman Hansen, Dave Edgerton, Joe Becker, Archie Johnson, Chuck Maki, Steve Simmons, The Baby Chcesemakers turned in the season with seven victories and no defeats, as none of the opponents were able to manage any more than nine points from the Mooks in any single game. Tillamook 27, McMinnville 7g Tillamook 14, Astoria 73 Tillamook 25, Astoria 7g Tillamook 12, Warrenton Og Til- lamook 14, Nestucca 95 Tillamook 25, Seaside 0. 4, nFROSH SQUAD ' f M . . K "3 32 5- fijmsf , R Wwrm-fwgw.l 1 'iv iq Ii TWMVTL M4 ..M,,..e ...,,...-.v-a.-2-.-,,.-.QQ-we-4 A ,,.. ... MAJ., M . 1 the Back row, left to right: Boh Hanauska, Kent Drake, Ken Killian, Leon Thompson, Marvin Matheny, Dan Lawrence, Joe Hose, Benny Martinsen, and Darrell Lewis. Second row, left to right: Larry Silva, Gecrnc Clinton, Dan Williams, Gary Witcher, Wayne Hill, Denny Rice, Mike Cooley, Mike Watkins, Mike Wells. Third row, left to right: Larry Mnrrey, manager: Ken Sfyter, Joe Neaves, Dan Goff, Jack Martin, Gary Spencer, Jim Thompson, Bill Bolster, Larry Tanner, Don Burden, and Ron Dolecheck. The frosh football squad and their coach, Darrell Lewis, saw a fairly good season as they were able to whip two of four opponents they played. They outscored their opponents by 21 Count of 78 to 69. 'l'lLLIiM00li B SKETEERS Left to right: Bob Billy. Berry Miner, Ron Gienger, Bob Fitzsimmcnx G'cnn Hatfield, Coach Tony Daoher, Richard Trammell, Stcvc Krskc Hank Smith, Dutch Hoffman, and Dennis Vaughn. Missing, Loon Andcr cn. ' iff, Awww- nw ff. v , Manager Rohert Pollock Coach Tony Dooher, Tillamook's able coach, in his second year with the Chcesemakers. INDIVIDUJQL Gab Baty ,, Berry Miner , ,. ZIi:hard Trammell Larry Hoffman Sieve Krako Glenn Hatfield , Ron Gicmzer . . Boll Fitzsimmonds Leon Anderson 1.. Games, ,, 21 , 22 .18 ,18 ,, 21 ,, 29 , 16 .w ,, 10 Dennis Vaughn . ,,,, ,,,,,,, 1 5 Henry Smith .,.,,.. Team Totals , 12 STATISTICS 'Qtrs. FHA FCIYI Pct. .3Q6 .39-I .435 .408 .426 .396 .373 .600 .400 .400 .429 S1 339 131 88 160 63 70 168 73 IN 93 49 62 47 20 55 14 21 45 19 22 20 12 12 5 2 26 5 2 18 7 3 954 386 .405 SEASONS RECORD Tillamook ...,.. ,,.,.,... ..., 4 8 Tillamook ,. .. ...,, .. 39 Tillamook . 44 Tillamook ,,.,, .,,.. 6 9 Tillamook .. .. ..,. 58 Tillamook ,,,.. ..,. 5 4 LEAGUE Tillamook .,.... ........... 5 9 Tillamook . ..,. ,..,... 4 8 Tillamook ...,.. ....... 4 5 Tillamook ....,, 57 Tillamook ,... ,,.. 5 6 Tillamook , ,.,. .. 49 Tillamook ...,,. ,..... 4 3 Tillamook ..,, H .. 41 Tillamook .... ..,, , 59 Tillamook ,,,,., ,l,,,,l 5 5 Tillamook ,. .. ...,. , 56 Tillamook ..,, ,.,... 6 8 Tillamook ..... ..,. 4 9 Tillamook ..... .,.. 5 8 Tillamook 67 Tillamook ....,,,....... . ,.,,,,,, ,, 57 fscasonb Points For-1200 Astoria ...,,, Ashland .... Ashland .. Vancouver ,,,,, Vancouver r,,, Astoria .... PLAY Oswego Newhergr .. Tigard ......... McMinnville ,,,,., Orezon City ..,, West Linn ..,., St. Helens .,... Forest Grove .... Oswego FINAL TYV STANDINGS St. Helens .,,,,, .,,... McMinnvilc .... ...... TlE1ll'fl ......,,.. ,,,,,4 Forest Grove Tillamook West Linn ,,,,,, Orefron City . ..., .. Lake Oswego H Ncwberg .......... 60 47 .. 49 71 62 66 31 29 46 66 45 39 61 58 Newherg ., ,,,... 33 Tilrard ............, . ,... 50 McMinnville Z3 Oregon City ..,, ..,... 5 9 West Linn ,. ,Y 60 St. Helens .,,,, ,.,,,, 8 3 Forest Grove ,,r,r,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,, 63 fseasonb Points Aizainvt-1161 W L Pct. PF PA 14 2 .875 1110 817 13 3 .813 992 816 12 4 .750 932 808 10 6 .625 856 810 8 8 .500 839 809 7 9 .438 799 769 4 12 .250 828 874 3 13 .188 752 968 1 15 .063 565 887 r I I CHEESEMAKER STARTING FIVE X " .... H5 'K in 7' ., ..,...... -5. W ........ , , Y. E-il ,Q -,iw-.:::.1 ,:..:.:, I .. ':Ea:2 1 :x i , . , 2 1 WW X A . ffm' 4 Wm 3 0 TRAM ' oi' . f A 5 2? S? TILLAMOUK Left to right: Top row, Ron Butchart, Bill Hudgeon, Dale Omit, Harvey Reeder, Leonard Supak, Boh Bassett, Hugh Rosenhcrxr, Eddy Robitsch, Don Roshachg bottom row, Gale Martensen, Joe Markee, Don Burden, Melvin LBWFCIICG, HOIIWS TUDDBY, LIIFFY W0lllS9iYl- Gary Warren, HHW03' Franko. This year's wrestling squad was perhaps the most successful in many years as they won ten matches, losing only two. They also captured third place at the district tournament and went on to state to wind up with a tie for ninth and a state champ, Joe Markee, to their credit. Joe finished his four years of high school competitive wrestling with the number one position in the 130 pound weight at state. Of their two losses one was to North Salem by one point, and the other was to the 1956 champ, Newberg. JOE MARKEE State Champion Larry Butler ,,,,.. ....... Homes Tupper , Hugh Rosenberg Melvin Lawrence Doug: Fletcher ,, Joe Young .......... ..,,,.. Bill Hudzreon Terry Tone ,,,.,. Eddie Fisehler ,,,, ..,. Jim Coon ,,,,,,,, John Robitsch ,,,, Bob Kenny ....,..., . Ron Schweizer Dennis Hediger Frank Emmenegtter ,, , , Orville Young ,,,, Mike WVukin , ,..., ,, , Ron Makinster Gary Warren ..,,,r. Glenn Vmrt .... XVRESTLING SEASON SCORES , ..., 118 Tillamook ,. ..,,........v...........VV..., .- Tillamook ..... Tillamook ,,,,, Tillamook ,,,,. Tillamook ., Tillamook ..,,, Tillamook ., Tillamook ..i.. Tillamook .,... Tillamook .,,,. Tillamook ..... Tillamook ,,.., 32 Jerry Van Damme 29 Bob Bassett , 25 Dennis Hollenbeck 21'fQ Steve Madison 21 Benny Martinsen , 19 Ron Butchart 19 Rod Perry ....,,,,,. 14 Joe Hoise . ...., , 13112 Joe Markee .. , 11'fQ Larry Wohlsein .. 1192 Leonard Supak . 992 Ed Rohitsch , 9 Billy Warren 7V: Don Pollite ,, .. ,. 7W Gale Martinsen , 7 Dale Omit .,,,,,,.,, , 6 Don Burden . 51,2 Dick Maehen ,,,.. 5 Ray Machen ,.,,,, 4 Harvey Reeder Yamhill ,,..,.,,,.,,......... rr.... North Salem Willamina ..,,, 'Clackamas Forest Grove Hillsboro .,........ ...... Oregon City West Linn Newherg ,,.,,, Tigard ..,., ,. Scappoose ..r.... McMinnville , IFA 2 'A ' 2115 2 'fi 2 'A 2 W 2 1 7793 60 55 54'1: , 54 4916 49 47'A 35 3316 3316 ' 19 .. ...... 22 11 19 11 19 10 .,., .. 17 27 ,,,.....14 19 DALE OMIT GRAPPLERS Left to right: Top row, Joe Hosey, Frank Emmcncgger, Dennis Holienbeck, Ron Makinster, Steve Madsen, Bob Kenny, Benny Martensen, Rod Perry. Bottom row, Dennis Hedigcr, Joe Young, .lim Coon, Billy Warren, Johnny Rohitsch, Ed STATE WRESTLERS LEONARD SUPAK A -Anowun PVYWDVN I LARRY WOHLSEIN Fischler, Larry Butler, Ray Machen. V- 1 GALE MAR-FENSON HARVEY REEDER DON POLITTE TRACKMEN 4 L Back row, left to right: Ron Anderson, John Irving, Ben Martensen, Dave Leuthold, Harvey Reeder, Bob Bassett, Dave Egerton, Norm'n Hansen, Coach Goertzen, Bill Carver, Ron Farrens, Steve Madsen, Dennis Hediger, .lim McCabe, Don Politte, Gale Martensen, .lack Martin, Leonard Supak and Allan Williams. Front row, left to right: Tom Weber, Eddie Fischler, Larry Smith, Tim Dixon, Frank Pullam, Ken Willian, Mike Watkins, Melvin Lawrence, Larry Wolhsein, Harvey Franko, Orville Young, Wayne Hill, Leon Lane, Ken Tittle and Fred Olson. The 1957-S8 track team, coached by Al Goertzen, was a young one with much promise for the future. They had only three lettermen returning and also had to face the problem of the lack of a home track on which to practice and hold hom-2 meets. Despite such disabilities, the team did well and many individuals often placed high in meets. This year's golf team was a good and experienced one which was able to hold its own against any and all opponents. It was the best scoring team in the history of Tillamook high school and should do as well if not better next year. DIVUTEERS Bruce Douglas, Bill Finch, Dick Lemcry, Jack Hoffert, Dennis Rice, Ron Buel, Dan Goff, Dan Hoffert. Mis.ingr,June Rzhinson. Coach Don Peterson's divoteers brought home many a victory in their grand flings on the green. Back row, standing: Roy Warren, Glenn Warren, Ron Roberts, ll'h llafy, Coach Tony Ilcohcr, Leon Anderson, Berry Miner, Carl Rawc and Carl Weston. Front row, kneeling: Gary Robinson, Jim Brummel, IYii':e I-llayi-S, Ron Sliwcitzer, Iloh Fitzsimmonds and Rich Trammell. EEEESENHKER "9" Tillamook had a fine baseball team this year. coached ably by Tony Dooher, which had much more trouble defeat- ing the weatherman than opposing teams. A ,, , BllSEB1-lLL"I.V.'S" Back row, right to left: Dick Swanson, Mike Harris, Bill Stacey. 555' Seeker. Enix Spencer, Coach Darrel Lewis, Larry Silva, Leon Thompson, Danny Williams, Ken Slyter, Eugene Gigroux, Marvin Astieford, Front sfw, eft to rixrht: Gary Warren, James Anderson, Larry Morrie, Bah Reude, Jimmy Conn, Marvin Matheny, Rod Perry and Dale Pallin. INTRMVZEFRAL CHAMP Intrvmi-ral Football Champs were Kelfy Jepson, Jerry Metcalf, Ron Kraloe fsiflmllfal BIISKQUP-TH Champs WUC' Mike Harris, Jill? Vlfyne Hifi, George Clinton, Jim Thompson, Jack Martin and Cary Simmer. lEg'.l"'91 f'l'3"' Warren, Ken DYSUH- Alan 'lufbyne and Bl-I Lacey. Again, being the first school in the state, Tilla Hi collected over ZW tons of donated material. The senior and sophomore classes tied for first. The March of Dimes drive hepfan the latter part of January, when each class During a pep assembly Tilla Hi Vice President, selected a princess to represent them in the race for queen. The freshman class BU" Baty' accepted 3 trophy from the huodwm won this year, and Sue Chambers was Queen. Sophomore class princess was company' Marie Moore, Fannie Ginxrexich was the junior class princess, and Judy Schock was the senior class princess. In a special assembly, Suzie Tibbetts was presented This was the fourth year Tillamook participated in the Heart Fund Drive. The high- a placque for winnim: the Tillamook Hiyrh School "I light of the charity drive at Tilla-Hi was recently climaxed when Jan Galloway, student Speak for Democracy" Contest. Heart Fund chairman, presented a cheek of 3750.69 to the Tillamook county chairman. 33 M w' i Pictured above are thc winners of the 1958 Elk's Leadership Contest. From left to right, in the boy's division, Ron Gienger, Jirrlz Dick Bodyfcll, 2nd: Denny Codd, lst: Exnltcd Ruler L1-Duc: I,inJ:- Zyirar, lst: Bette Rae Johnson, 2nd: and Pat Warren, 3rd place. The two first place winners were entered in state competition, and first place winners were each given S35.00 checks, sc-cond place, 320.00 and third place, S10.00. Gary Spencer rcccivinyx the Bruce Ral- , T 'NX stun Trophy for tho outstanding fresh- man football player of the year from The football greats receiving: their letters 'rom Coach Roshach in the annual awards assembly. one of the all-time football greats, Norm Van Brocklin. Heart Fund Chairman, Jun Galloway, and March of Dimes 'T ' Chairman, Lucille Hesse presenting their checks to the county Philokalon spring induction, six seniors and three juniors were inducted in a very Chillrmvh- V imprezsive ceremony. Hangover. Dave Beck the Fooi Sailor Boy. Drunkards. Real Cool. Love, Love, Love. Beachcomber. Watch the Hands. Little Boy. Nudee. Round Baller. Symphony Orchestra. Toniboy. Cheesecake. Rainbow Installation P. E.? Drinkin' Huh 'I Thirsty? CONGRATULATIONS P3 E91 to the E ki STUDENT Bonv OF TJ-I.S.: for then' accomphslxmcnt of the past year DS n mmoosicounw cnmmsm' Assocmeon FLUID MILK Cheese factories FEED DEPARTMENT S E 'FEE NORRIS Sc - 51.00 STORES TILLAMOOK'S LEADING VARIETY STORE LAMB - SCH RADER CO. JOBBERS BUILDING MATERIAL Front at Fir VI 2-2571 11i1111..1111..1i111,.,,1,, HERMAN'S M EN'S STORE THE STORE THAT COVERS THE MALE POPULATION DON AND BOB'S MOBIL SERVICE COMPLETE RECAPPING AND LUBRICATION SNAPPY SERVICE TILLAMOOK BRANCH OF THE U.S. NATIONAL BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '58 MORRIS SUPPLY COMPANY CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1958 May Your Future be Prosperous and Successful .-.,,1,,1111ii111i1-:i11...11 LOCAL AND LONG DISTANCE MOVING STORAGE - PACKING Call TILLAMOOK MAYFLOWER 2315 Sixth Street Tillamook DORIAN STUDIO OFFICIAL KILCHIS PHOTOGRAPHERS 316 Main Avenue Tillamook Ln .FEEEJP '7 Mills-Tillamook, Ore. and Lees Camp, Ore. Plywood Division - Tillamook, Orc. Remanufacturimr Plant Tillamook, Ore. l .6 If ,Ewa I ia," gr , . -un5,f.,4..y,v, 1 4. L - , E 1 ,im F' p - "pau, .- 'QA : ?Jg2L.,Qfjg4..:5i:Z':5.' -,., M . I , tg:-,r 'mmf ,uw - R- 4 A ., CONGRATULATIONS T0 THE SENIORS DIAMOND SUPER SIDING A Superior Crezon Ovcrlaid Beveled Siding MllllIlfHCfIll't'.Y of Qualify Hof-Press Plywood and L11ml1c'r 111.-114-111111-.....--..m..-lm---1.1.1-1..111..1..,....1....11111. fnmwfws s mv co.. RST mmm B NK 1 FEED - SEEDS - SUPPLIES CONGRATULATIONS I T TO THE CLASS OF 1958 YGUR TILLAMOOK BRANCH CHEORERBOARD STORE F N L B 1 OF PORTLAND Tillamook, Oregon Member F D I C T A .EE w 'EF 'J ER BEST WISHES T0 THE GLASS 0F '58 A "JUNK DEALERS i FOR THE DAY" ZYGAR FITZGERALD EARRENS ROBERTS BAGLEY SLYTER MILES ROSENBERG HEY, FELLOWS We have Parts for Your Hewp: Phone VI 2-6433 O BAKER'S SUPPl.Y C0 I T l l ll A F GUATS LUMBER 09 I FERN CAFE l Foot of Main Tillamook, Oregon l I CONGRATULATIONS "Home of Reddy Sc'rvic'c" T f TO THE T SUPPLIERS OF THE FOLLOWING 1 CLASS OF "SS" TOP PRODUCTS: g I i FROM Dutch Boy Paints Electric Wiring X Spread Satin Paints NVesix Building Materials Electromode KAY AND SMITTY Floor Covering De Walt Power Tools AT Wfallpaper Philco-Bendix Glass Plumbing Supplies : THE FERN ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES SL HEATERS 5 RYAN'S STATIONERY AND PRINTING CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 'S 8 202 Main Ave. Vlctor 2-4789 HOWARD L. EDWARDS District Manager FARMERS INSURANCE EXCHANGE TRUCK INSURANCE EXCHANGE FIRE INSURANCE EXCHANGE FARMERS NEW WORLD LIFE 1910 Second Street Phone Tillamook, Oregon VIctor 2-4142 H1lililnllllH-.M...ql1nu1,1u1nq1g.-.nn..,..,1.m1..u1..:,1pqilmilp.- ,,,,. DON Pl-IRSUN CLEANERS Clerk, Lucille Hesse, Janice Davis and Dennis Vaughn H owe of FINER DRY CLEANING DRIVE-IN SERVICE A. A. CROISANT DOCTOR OF OPTOMETRY 191 og Second Street V Ic tor 2- 6 3 6 3 Tillamook, Oregon HOME OF THE "KING SIZE BURGER' GABBY'S DRIVE IN Highway 101 North Tillamook, Oregon Closed Wednesday Frances and Phone VIctor 2-4752 Roy Espe g-.,..1..,.1.....-1.1.13...,..,.-,,,1.,,,.. 1 1 ... .- 1 -N1 1....1.,,1..,,.-,. TEWRRTS OW 81 GDIIIITRY SUPER MARKET CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1958 Wilson Ro-ad - just East of the Fairgrounds nTE' 2 I I CONGRATULATIONS 1 TO THE U : AGENCY , i SENIORS INSURANCE AND BONDS from Q E ,. 1 - , N .- gig 1910 Fifth Street I Fusher s Linen Shoppe fs' T Phone VI 2-6191 Tillamook, O1':. E 1906 First Street Tillamook, Ore. LU, l 1 ' fe- --'- --- ---- A --------- ..- .-.. -H I ...lf ... - -.....,.-....-...- ..,, - ,.:. .. .i.. - ..,. -.,i- ..-. -...,-..-n..-4.- ...i ---. LL 2 '13 1 I FOR THE BEST JOB PRINTING You CAN GET IT AT i 52 q i IN TILLAMOOK CLQUGH REXALL DRUG CQ: T Call me T115 i HEADL GHT - HERALD 5 114 Main Avenue gi Tillamook, Oregon VI 2-2549 fp V1 2-4351 2106 First Street I u- -n 111i1 1,1i11,1111i ,,,, 1 ,, 3-my--1 1111-1 un-nn- ullu 1mm-nn-nn-u 1 -1: -1- -- -- 1 . 1 THE ELDEE SNACK BAR Christensen Meat Con, Inc. COAST BRAND Meat Products 2 I'IOT BUTTERED CORN i AND U. S. Gouerfflfzcnt Ifzspectcd FOUNTAIN I P13336 V1 24417 Tillamook "B.'ggest Lifile Snack Bar in Town Coliseum Annex Custom Slangbfcrifgg and Curing 'f I -M-A ,-,-,,-,,,,-,,,,-W, ,,,, ,. ,,,, ,.,,,,-,,,,....,,,,-,,,,-,,,,-,,,,-,.,..,,,,- -.,-,. i---M ------ - - - - -.- - - - - -fi- -- I I-EED0 F'-URM CG- 3 num. HAR WARE een BEAUTIFUL CORSAGES A Friendly Place to Tradc' CUT FLOYVERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS E GREEN PLANTS 1 PAINTS - XVALLPAPER - TOOLS FLOWERING PIANTS STORTING Goons - GIFTS J ' i HOUSE WARES Shop S SL H Greenhouse , - . VI 2-2341 Green Stamps VI 2-4193 II 2 2313 110 Mam Ave' I r:JET5'r5E5E1'2 'r5':E?5'c.'T 'E15'E..L'9 .'75?.'?E'r: U...'-252155. W5R CHRISTMAS 19 S 7 SENIOR BALL LOVE ,CAR NVASH CREW 5 -nn1,,,,i E PACIFIC BCTTLINC CCMPANY PEPSI-COLA 0 NESBITT ORANGE C SQUIRT CLIQUOT CLUB O PACIFIC BEVERAGES 715 Main Avenue Tillamook, Oregon ..m,..,.,..- 1 1 1 1 1 1 1,,,,1....1W1,,,,1.my.-.m.1m....m1,,,,-.. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 G0 RAMBLER! For ECOIYUHIQI and Humlling Ease UNIVERSAL 'JEEP' Sales 86 Scrzficc EAN 81 LA B MOTOR CO. 101 Highway North VI 2-2282 1 - 1... 1 -I IM un-.m.114.1...1..,,1,,,.. 1 1 1 1.,.,1n1,n1,,,,1 1 1 1 1 -m nu nn CAREWS TN. ANC APPLIANCES For Fi.'1c'xf Naiiomfly A1fL'z'rfisr'zl Mz'rc'fJu1u1isz' RCA - WHIRLPOOL - EASY - SPEED QUEEN NORGE - PACKARD BELL - HOFFMAN ADMIRAL - EMERSON -PHAFF .SFI I DEPENDABLE ELECTRIC 1. SERVICE - AT LOW COST, TOO! A-, Pacific f I qA .4 - .iff A Power 84 Laght Co. B' Tdlamook, Oregon COMPLIMENTS OF DOCTOR MacGI LLVRAY OPTOMETRIST 2106 Main Ave. VI 2-4202 THOMAS SUPERETTE 3317 Third Street Tillamook, Oregon "THE BIG LITTLE SUPERMARKETU ALL YOUNG PEOPLE WELCOME FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH Bible School - 9:45 a.m. Christian Endeavor - 6:30 p.m. 11111111-111-.111-.-- -mr- J. 0. PENIIEY 00. Always First Quality STANGLE'S NEW lll0TORY HDIISE First and Pacific Tillamook, Oregon VI 2-4111 -,,....,1 1 1 1 1 1 1 im, im- 1 1 1 1 1 1.1.1 TILLAMOOK HOTEL GRILL 214 Pacific Ave. Tillamook, Oregon 24 HOUR SERVICE BUS'S SHELL SERVICE 303 Pacific Ave. Tillamook, Oregon Phone Vlctor 2-2362 "SERVICE IS OUR BUSINESS" COMPLIMENTS OF ' KENWOOD PRESS PRINTING - STATIONERY LITHOGRAPHING 2106 Third Street Phone VI 2-4331 5T5rEh IIAIIITY BEAUTY sl-loP BEAUTY OPERATORS AND BARBARA BRUNES AND BOBBIE GOULD 1902 Second Street I Street Level BURT'S MOBIL SERVICE WE GIVE S 85 H GREEN STAMPS 603 Pacific Ave. Tillamook TILLAMOOK MOTOR COMPANY Ford Mercury SALES AND SERVICE ROSENBERG BUILDERS SUPPLY "EVERYTHING FOR BUILDING" ADMIRAL TV - GENERAL PAINT Glenn Rosenberg, Mgr. Phone VI 2-2683 2715 - 5th Street Tillamook, Ore. SAVINIS BAKERY Bakers of V RONfAIL BREA Po Us o Q" winie Wiredhand Says: 01 P CONGRATULATIONS TO TILLAMOOK HIGH SCHOOL FOR A SUCCESSFUL SCHOOL YEAR 1957-1958 FROM YOUR TILLAMOOK P.U.D. Origimzfors of Low Cost Electric Power in Tillamook C0llllf3l 'W5 SENIORS IVL' would like fo lake ibix mcvms fo fhanlz you for your jmfromzgr and io coiigraluiaic' you THE BOOTERY Sbors for the Entire Family Third and Main Tillamook, Oregon HAWKINS 81 JAMES Auto and Sports AUTOMOTIVE ELECTRICAL AND CARBURETOR SERVICE - SPORTING GOODS Distribizfors of Genuine Automotive Electrical Parts Carburetors and Motor Parts 1 1 1 1 1 1,1 1.,,1.,.1,m1..,1.,.1,.,,1,1 1 1 1 1 1M- FOR THE BEST IN YOUNG MEN'S APPAREL Go to THE NIAN'S SHOP Wfe Give Tillamook, Oregon SSCH Green Stamps Cor. 3rd 85 Main 1 1 i1 1 1g1,1,.,,1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1,n1,,,,1nu1,y EVERYTHING MUSICAL RECORDS 'A' MUSIC PIANOS 'A' ORGANS WARNER MUSIC COMPANY 2110 - 3rd Street Tillamook, Oregon ,JFE 5 VY- CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS BAERTLEINS CHEVRON SERVICE Highway North Tillamook I' THE MODE THE FASHION SHOP Where you will find GRAFF - ROUGH RIDER - JANTZEN SPORTSWEAR LANZ AND JO COLLINS DRESSES CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF "19 S 8', FISHER BROTHERS FURNITURE CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF "1958" from AJAX ELECTRIC CO. 1804 First Street Tillamook, Oregon '7F'...'7L"?.'ilE.'bI EEjL I W. J. Mc0REAlJY Good Grooming T I LUMBER UUMPANY ls Good Bus ness SIgc15?i'fEl-JIRIQCQEN T Ray Foster, Mgr. i Phone Residence FOR SUPERIOR CLEANING T VI H772 VI 2-6,39 AND CAREFUL PRESSING Q TAKE IT TO I E I sm mms CLEANERS LAUNDRY Ron Roberts -JEJJQHHEEEEUWMJQEEE EQQHLURFLQQQ51 CEEFEMI "GREEN PASTURESH CAST Maria Easterly Professional Models "Fresl1ies" 58 Fake! .F5.'F5.'E'.'h'-1 5 '?5?.'zTlEQ'u r5E"r:1 L1 CONTRIBUTORS T0 THE KILCHIS SHOE BOX FRIENDLY SHOP J. L. BESTER'S TOT AND TEENS HART BROTHERS DOROTHY,S SHOPPE I-IEUSSER'S GROCERY CAMEO BEAUTY SHOP HYSMITH HARDWARE McINERNEY'S JEWELRY GILBREATH'S DRUG STORE OLIVER'S FOUNTAIN CAFE ARNETTAIS BEAUTY SALON ANDERSON'S FLORIST SHOP TILLAMOOK BOWLING ALLEY INDEPENDENT OIL COMPANY TILLAMOOK IMPLEMENT COMPANY KIMMEL HARDWARE Sc APPLIANCES NVESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATED STORE TILLAMOOK-PORTLAND AUTO FREIGHT MCKENZIE 8: HADLEY MOTOR COMPANY PUBLISHED BY THE HEADLIGHT-HERALD 'J Q 1'-EE? Ni I f ,'-', Q- Tx.. -xf"Qf0., -' -Q ,Le.4w2, - 4--' Q.,--84.,-f.1-fi, fi?-' v"'CU4fv-4CLff:5L1-A7 . , - . 1 QM -M lA,, my -.Am,1wVj1i ..4,L,Ue? -Q WMJJJM, dbdi-MM! -A53 x9 ,4,,u,LM M-L41-U, , - , A f , ' J M b J7.3.qA3,,7u4 N ,0-'al fakofzfuw LUJ3 -ual 4U , gi Ag,1J,.f,,L 'ffjfffjf I ,,Q, ,W , Q , I VJL ji5fw.,2 -Lawn ljf EM"6L'7Lj,Q.a'2M? 'jL2"47L"Zf "iii" UfQf7V6 0 MU wifi' I LUXQ LU-eu, ,,,l,4,LQ ,,4'7 'fn - 0 lfiffl 55 10-ff' - 7'kf ' . - nw AJ ff' Tfljffzkoji ,L uf! fuffcyfaip ,MV Z2-4 - Ziff ff! f, f ' , 1,604 Yi, fifdwau, V-fi'-WV f-0f4'L-Wf'-'ff Un 'Qi N9 FN f Jblawc, fa, jvfvwf A J Q' MSL 'WLM' 5 4 , 1? f2fM,wwc JULL lub! pw! ffjlvf-J JQCLJC i 5 fi fi il Y aisrcxv . ...QA-23. v I

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