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N N L V Iii Eff X 1 awk 625 Q' 2 X , X , X .T ,JY N 1 I ' '- lx qigc . " QD C A 1 g M A .4 Q C Xxwwx QJLXX gg f 'Sig if y e2xiEf NES EGU iX2f:,c 4 ifaizsiigiigi M 2 Q iz M W? ff E+ - MXYQV V ' f ,fd bf' pq' -'pkg 'MCU 9' X' -,YV ' 1 ' mf ' Al XX A w' 'O AX KD N AMW fl' V' I 1' ' ax A K ,Ur KA 1. ,1 0 N A J ag J mf, my ' 3 YN X . 4, 6 tx X114 'An M if A19 fi ' ff 4' f , JR U V9 -N lf filihliii W . 11,54 'LK W, 1, 1 . 4 1 I Q L2 my .ffqrk fe' :"2'w- uf, 3A14aw.,1 4, .,a'f.xlbi Ya! LS' :Ty . , th -,, wi V P' . . . 'kd ,A -'fu' ' -m , 5-A : ,. I1 l",,'Y Z ' r k if 2 A . 3 L4 ' I 1 ,pau 3 N9 Ea'2, l 2 S Cx, 55? + O N Qigff, 5IQ 'Hf'2 f iiigxggl S ???2?'ffgii2l232 132333325 iii EQQQEEQ K ' Q Q ififgjiiia. 2353352 Q2 A KILCHIS oi Tillamook High School Tillamook, 0regon if 1956 T N N Business and Advertising Standimlt li. Lofton, R. Emerson, J. Philips, U. Gilman, J. Landolt. J. Rethlefrsen, IJ. Green- way, K. Emer-on, J. Kzultto: sc-ntvil: J. Olel- enkamp, D. Rawe, li, Smith. Kathy Pe-rshnll, business munmzor, nb ent. i Editor ............ ...... C AROL MCMINIh1EE Assistant Editor ...... ........, B ETTY Toi' Business Manager . . KATHY PERSHALL Advertising Manager .. .... NA'fA1.ll41 EDGAR Layout Editor . ...... BARBARA LOFTON Adviser ................. NORMAN ANnlaRsoN Sports .. . GLENN RIGGERT, EDDIE MURIKAY ANNUAL STAFF Production on the 1956 annual began early in the fall. Carol McMinimee, the editor, and her staff planned the book as it is, accepted bids, and worked to meet the first deadline, early in 1956. Subsequent deadlines were success- fully met and the book came out as scheduled in the spring of 1956. The Kilchis was printed by the Tillamook Publishing Company. Pictures were provided by Dorian Studios. Grace Shaw, senior, provided the cartoons for the Cheeseman, the colored figure on the division png-es and the theme idea of the 1956 Kilchis. Editing and Layout . g et sf ' . i X .... Cui-ol MeMinimee, Editor Standing: Ron Buel. Doris Good, Rosie Krostag, Grace Shaw. Glenn Rigpzert. Norman Anderson. Sitting: Barbara Lofton, Betty Toy, Kathy Pershall, Carol McMinimee, Sharon Craver. l l l A . ,M - r L l FUREWURD To the 1956 Kilchis staff, it has been an honor and a pleasure to produce an annual telling of this particular school year. Not only were the staff members cooperative in helping produce the Kilchis, but so were the students as a whole. This cooperation was true of the overall picture at Tillamook High School in the 1955-S6 school year. That chiefly is the reason that the theme "spirit" was chosen for this Kilchis. lt has been fun to goto school this year because of good attitude. linthusiasm reigned in all phases of school life. XVe had just reason to be proud of our school and its activities. lfor the seniors this Kilchis will be the last record of their high school days. Some of the pictures will be dimmed in their memories as they look back on these pages. Many of the now familiar faces will be forgotten. but it will be unlikely that they will forget the spirit of the stu- dents and faculty alike in their senior year. To the imnainder of the classes the staff hopes this hook will serve as an iizcentiye for working even harder to improve our school, as well as a picture record of Tilla-l Ii in 1956-57. Spirit is defined in the dictionary as enthusiastic lmyalty. This makes the term far retching and does not apply only to yelling at .1 game, though a great deal of it is demonstrated at games. loyalty to the school during the past year was expressssed also by the community. They, too made the 1955-S6 .zchool year one long to remember. ? fx R S S we gpg 'f f-::E:-. 'Ss f xv :5"-- I 24 i .,.-: E if wi If .ms x ' : I I ML ,W I 5 ADMINISTRATION GLENN ROSENBERG JOHN DAVY TED JACOB 1xUs1N12:ssMAN 1sUs1NEssMAN MINK FARMER ARCHIBALD PYE KARL ZWEIFEL DAIRYMAN DAIRYMAN CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD DISTRICT 0. 9 DIRECTUBS Five representatives of the people of the community, together with the superintendent and the school clerk, ad- minister the educational policies, and create the budget for all schools in the district. The seven meet on regularly scheduled monthly meetings - and frequently many special meetings- to discuss administrative problems ranging from budget matters to hiring school personnel. As in past years, a serious problem this school year was rising school population and the resulting building shortage. This problem and others were met during the year and ably cared for. The excellent spirit of the high school during the 1955-1956 school year was a source of pride to these people who saw in it a reward for their own careful planning and efforts. JACK HQRNBAQQK, PRINQIPAL. GLENN W. Town, D1S'l'lRIC'f No. 9 SuPL1x1NTLNm.NT DONAI D SPII RINC AN Iii I'S'1 HI R CHAPMAN AN WILLIAM BECK VICIC I'lilNCII'AI, ,.X. .X , .W.,..mw.w.-..,.f.w X, ,N ,,,A,W..M,..w.,MW.....W.,........ , . AX,... ....x..,...,.W,.,,., ..,..Q.,,Q.,..q.,......,..,.,,,..,. . , , ,.W...,x ,wm...,.wm f,,M..,.W,,,.,.....mm WWW. W ...... 4' W..- ks . X M V .1 T V A A 9 , . BLANCIIE LEMIRE E Ill S""i""" f' "'1"1"'4 JEAN HONEY NORA KREMERS Al.ll'l' Blil'NlDl'N, 5lc'lu'1',xl1Y 0,-FK-E VFRSONNFI VIDA Alaufxms NORMAN ANDERSON um BOQUIST l'UlN1IVIl'1Ii1'IAI. 11:Nc:l.ls11 y2Nm:l.lsl1 Z0 ffl ,JZLQCAJ I 0 MJ . FSTIIIZR CHAPMAN MABIEL DAVIDS 141Nm:1.1s1i 1,11mAm' TR 'N-sv 'X LKA TONY DOOHIQR LEW FORSTER Al. GOIZRTZIQN 1us'1'mn' MATH SOFIAI, VR0lGI,lCMS DON C3RllfIfl'IqH ROBPHRT HELMICK JACKIE JACKSON 1'QNllI.ISll AIlRIQ'lTI.'l'lTIiI'I CHORUS X'xA x Q ' 5 J Aff W ',', K , L I if HDNA JESSEPH DARRFI. LEXVIS BUSINESS S HVIAI. STIIIJIES P A' I I 1 IOAN IJISIBECRMAN JEAN LLOYD DELMAR MABHIZ J1:Nr:1.1sl1 sm'll'1NCl+: BAND MARILYN PARRISH DON ROSBACH DOROTHY SMITH GIRLS lu 141. news nn 141. Am' DON SPIIQRING BARNEY SWANSCDN MATH lscws In 1-1. ,V I , K7 A "F f . I NWI IC I I3 1 Q 2 I I4 3 I 1 IQ , , S- Y X If V ' "'L' I A ,W I . , f I 'W I 4 I IiMII,I,A TSCIIANZ -IOIIN TURBYNI2 DON WIIITNICY mm' IIOMI-I 1-IC gimp mum ...- ...A xvA1f1'1zi1 l41a1,1Aoc3u FRED MOFFETT ELMIQR I-'l,I,liRl5ROC1K i'lTS'I'UIbIA5l - nm' 'l'lMl'I CUSTODIAN ' EVENING CIYS'I'UUl-KN - NIHII1' I,llI1CI1I'OiJ!!1 Ha lpcrs Bark Ivfl lu righlr A'vin Hopkins, IA-lnni Lzxphvr, Ralph Wands, Phyllis I'rim-v. Juv! Chopard: front. lvff In righl: Hur hz-rn Nll'f'4ll'l'Ilii'k, Mary M1Cormia'k S.m1lr:l V.':u:'- su-rhy, .I:-.nv I'l'l!nm, Ilon- na Gii'm-Hu Ro 1-ilu Tntv. Aloha M:,1lmling:, Shwmn frnver. I Luft to rixzhl: Mrs. lines. Mr:1. Scllm' and Mrs. Follows, chief dim-iivinn. A picture i9 shown how uf mlx Cooks who do 1' trcmcmlous jub an prcpfxring the lunches fur thc stu dents ui' Tillgalnfmk High Sclmxm' STUDENT C011 CIL The Student Council is composed of a representative elected from each third period class. All business concerning everyday problems connected with the functioning of a smooth program, and problems having to do with school activi- ties are brought before this group. This year as last year, the student council took over the Heart Fund Drive. Because of the outstanding work shown by the students the example they set in this drive was followed by several other Oregon high schools. Tillamook High School was one of the reasons the March of Dimes Campaign was such a success in Tillamook county. Under the able leadership of President Ken johnson, a well balanced plan was worked out to be followed by the classes in sponsoring their princesses and gathering contributions. Standing left to right: R. Maehcn, R. James, J. Johnson, R. Lawson, bus. myzr.: K. John on, president: C. Bassett, vice-pres.: K. Pershall. fre-as.: L. Hoffman. Sitting, hack row: A. Trotter. J. Ripka, N. Edgar, L. Krebs. M. Fletcher. M. Hulbert, S. Krake, R. Beeler, S. John- son, B. Johnson. B. Dixon, M. 0l.on. Sittings, front row: B. Pruess, J. Rethiefsen, R. Lamh, B. Hudson, J. Landolt and N. Bone. All officers, plus Al Trotter, Bette Johnson, and Bob Spencer attended the Region IV Conference held at Cor- vallis High School in November. Homecoming was under the supervision of the Council this yearg previously it was sponsored by the Pep Club. Under the Student Body it was a much better planned, organized and publicized affair. Something new begun by the Council in 1956 was to open all meetings with a prayer. The officers should be commended for a good job well done. The idea of selling booster tickets to both adults and junior High students proved to go ovcr well and swelled attendance at games. Summarizing the council had a busy but highly successful year. One of the pleasantcr dutfes of the pro ident ia prvsirling' :I Q assemhliezi. Ken intrndgcing ilu' Galntis, nlulzfl-rs, cllmvv, M K ICN JOHNSON Prvsidcnt CHARLES BASSETT Vice-Pro. islcnt STUDENT BODY DFFICERS JEANETTE TOHL ROY LAWSON KATHY 1'l'lRSIIAl.L SUCFGUIFY Business Manager Treasurer f W 0:1 I no' 4lllU', l"Qll x 4 iff """ I x . CLASSES CLASS 0F 1956 Robert Spencer, the senior class president, led the elle! through I successful yelr with the help of Richard Christensen as vice-lIl'Cll1l0llh Carol Loop as secretary and Kay Smith as trenurer. Their advisors were Mil! Emilln Tschnnz and Mr- Lew Forster. This year's senior class was outstanding in their high school activities and scholastically and were the first class to go completely through the high school-five years worth! Five years ago a small class moved from the junior high school to the new Tillamook high school building to become known as "Little Eighth Graders." As the years passed the class began to grow in numbers until it reached one hundred and over, to become one of the largest classes ever to graduate from Tilla Hi. Honors to the football team were many the past season with Jim Coats and Georg-e Mackey winning all state hon- orable mention. Dick Plaep, Harvey lfritcher, Charles Bassett, Bob Spencer, Dale Wynia, Tom Gienger, Paul Willey, Dick Phillips, Morry Smith, Terry Dooley, Gary Hoffman, Phil Boggs and Ken Allread were the other senior mem- bers of the A squad team which took Tillamook into the state semi-finals playoff from the A-2 North Coast League. Basketball co-captains, Red Spencer and George Mackey with Dick Plaep, Ken Johnson, Glenn Riggert, Harvey Fritcher, Dick Christensen and Jim Coats saw plenty of action on the "A" squad. In their junior year che Class of 1956 put on a prom to be remembered for its beautiful theme, "Garden in the Rain." Also during their junior year the class established a new tradition at Tillamook High School with their Winter Formal now called the Senior Ball. "Life with Father" was the dramatic effort of the class in 1954, and "The People versus Maxine Lowe" in the fall of 1955 set records in popularity. Individual honors to class members were numerous. Because of this and the record of the entire class their motto was chosen as "We are great enough to be our own masters." KFN M. ALLREAD Now that I'm here, the party can bcirin." A Football. 2: A Track, 3: B Football: Thcspiana, 3: Hunt- ing and fishing, 3, Pres.: Order of T, 2: One Act Play: Little Theater: DeMolay, 3. C RAYIJEN BERNARD A lnrge but quiet man." Woodworking, 2. l'HI I.I.II' IIOGGS l'hill'd up with fun." A Football, 2: B Football: A Base- ball, 3: B Baseball, 1: A Bavket- ball manager: Tilla-Hi News Re- porter: Order of T, 2: Social Dancing, 2: Model Building. IAMES BURDICK 'l'd rothcr talk about cars. B Football: Wrestling: Stage Crew Jr. Class Play: Hunting and Fish- ing, 2: Woodworking, 2: Social Dancing. I I'I'I CARVER 'Dark of Hnir and D1-buna'r." B Football: A Track, 2: AWres- tling: A Goifz Hunting and Fish- ing, 3: Chess Club: Social Danc- ing: Stage Crew: Dellllolay, 2. X x X ex 2 -in . Sgfyv K CHARLES BASSETT "Personality is n handy thing tu have." A Fwthnll. 2: B Basketball: Tflck, 2: Sr. Class Play, 2: Jr. CINS PIIY: S.B. Play! One Act Play Contest: Order of T, 2: Stu- dent Body Vice Pres.: Philoka- Ions, 2: Little Theater: Footllghts: Tl'lCSDians. 2: 'I'oastmaster'a, NEVA BOGE "Sorry, sh:-'s xi one man woman." Student Council: Service Club, 2: Pep Club, 2: F.B.L.A.: Basketball intra.: VolleyballIntra.,3: School Publicity: Tri-Hi-Y, 4 Sec.. Vice Pres.: Rainbow, 4. VIRGINIA BOOTH "Ginizer." Sr. Class Play, 2: F.H.A., 2: So- cial Dancing: Interior Decorating. BILL BUSSARD "School is fun butfAh those Holi- days," Golf Club: Boy'a Woodworking: Chess Club. RICHARD CHRI STENSEN "A mc-mber of thc 'I'.'Il.S. Globo- trottersf AFootball Mgr., 3: A,B Basket- ball: Thespians, 2: Jr. Class Play: Sr. Class Play. 2: Student Body Play: Vice Pres. Sr. Class: Man- ager of Tilla-Hi News Bureau. JAMES A. COATS Jim without food is like Christmas without Santa Claus." B Football, 2: Frosh Basketball: Baseball: A Basketball, 3: A Football, 2: A Truck, 3: Jr. Class Play: Hunting and Fishing, 2: Golf Club, 2: Order of T. CHARLES E. CURL 'Awzlys ready for adventure." A Football: A Wrestling, 2: B Football, 2: Hunting and Fish- iniz, 2: F.F.A., 4: Photography, 32 Order of T, 2. ARDIS DAVIDSON 'Sinrur :mil definitely spiced." Senior Class Play: Jr. Class Play: Student Body Play: One Act Play: Cheerleader: Song Leader: Sr. Ball Chairman: F.T.A., 2: G. League Treas.: Pep Club, 2: G.A.A. BARBARA DiXON 'She shall have music wherever hvyzousf' Voice Ensemble, 2: Student Coun- cil: Sr. Class Play, 2: Jr. Class Play: Band, 4: Thespian, 3, Vice- Pres.: Clarinet Qnartette: Philo- kalons: Tri-Hi-Y, 2: Pep Squad, 2: G.A.A., 4, .IUANITA EBICRHARD "Little, but Oh My!" Intramurals: Tri-Hi-Y: Interior Decoratimr: Social Dancing, 2. an-Q.. I-1 383 JANET COFFMAN "Fun to be:xruun1l." Girls Wondworkinlfi Social Dang intl: Friends Christian Endeavor 2. DARYL DANFORTH "She hzul no trouble higilqing friends." Jr. Sr- lla-num-1: sr. nan Refresh- ment Chairman: Social Dancinz: Vw Squad. 2: I-uhm-ivy cum: 1-ri. Hi-Y. RICHARD DICAN "'l'hc quiet rn:ln.' Huntinx: and Fiehing Club. TICRRY DOOLICY ".ll:ippy-Pfn-l.llcliy." A Football, 2: ll Football, 2: Track: Wre tlinpr, Il: F.F.A., 2: Order of T, Il. NAT EDGAR "Who sziill, 'Gentle-nu-n jr I' 0 f 0 1' lilm1clcs'?" Prom Comm.: G.A.A.: Tilla-Hi News Staff: Tri-Hi-Y, 3: Home- coming: Princess: Jr. Class Sec.: Student Council, 4: Pep Club, 2: B Yell Leader: Song Leader: A Yell Leader: Kilchis Adv. Mllr. EUNICE D. EDWARDS Sure, I'll type that :tory." F.H.A. PATTY FAIRIEANKS ones N.-ver Flirtimr-JUS1 Gr-Him: Better Acquuintedf' Intramurals: Interior Decoratinnt Social Dnncinsr. 2: Tri-Hi-Y. 2: .l r. Pep, 2. HOB FITZGICRALD Our fJl'll.!lll1ll Don Juan. Vvrestling: Intramurals, 2: Student Council: I-Act Plays. 3: Till!!-'Hi News Reporter: Jr. Class Play- MYRNA FRANKO A Nuturul Nurse." Booster Rep. E.H.A.G., F,'l'.A.: l.ender's Club, l: Service Club: 4-H Club, 6. HARVEY FRITCHER Lvl Me Tell You About that 'Slum' H u'v'." A Football. 3: B lla-wketball, 1: A Baseball, 4: Freshman Basketball ll Football: Tilla-Hi News Report cr, 2: Order of T: Little Theater GARY S. ELBOW "Gary, Blow that Stix." B Football Manager: A Track Manager: Jr. Class Play: One-Act Plays: Sr. Class Play: Pep Band, 2: Band, 4: Thespians, 2. CAROL FARRIN "JEANll'I" "Who says rezlheusls have bud temp- ers!" Costume Committee, Jr. Class Play: Heart Fund Drive: Art Typ- ing: Jr. Leader -I-H, 2: Library Club: Social Dancing, 3. ll EAN FLETCHER Quiet Spoken, but Loud with ll Horn." Wreatlinlt. 3: Pep Band: Band, 4: P.F.A.. 3. JOHN FREERKSEN "Tall, Dark and Pleasant." JUDITH GALLOWAY "A Fine Homemaker." F. H. A. President: Historian, 3: Costume Chairman, Sr. Class Play: Girls Woodworking Treasurer: So- cial Dancing, 2: Hobby Club Grange, 4: 4-H, 10: Jr, Leader, 4-H, 2. TOM GI ENGER "I think this is n iroorl idea be- vuuse . . . . " A Foothull, 2: A Wrestling, 4: Track, 2: Usher nf Sr. Class Play: Soph. Vice Pres.: 0rder of T. 4: F.F.A., 3: DeMolny: St. J0l1n'B Youth Fellowship. VVAYNE HAUGEN "'l'he loyalist of supporters," Christian Club, 2: Golf Cluh: Woodworking: Nazarene Hi N.W. Vice Pres. GARY HOFFMAN "A lil: luurly lmll player." A Football: B Fonthall: Hunting: and Fishing, 2. MERWYN HULBERT "Our own Dizzy Deon." Base-hall. 2: S t u d e n t Council: Hunting and Fishinlr: A.V.A. KAREN JENSEN ' ller nliility is the road 'Lo uccessf' Pep Squad, 2: President A Yell Lerclcr: Jr. Toastmasters, Vice- pres.: Philnkalons: Thespians, 3: Footliizhts, 2, Sec.: Homecoming Co-chairman: Jr. Class Play: Sr, Class Play: One Act Play Contest: Best Actress Award 1955. BEVERLY HASH l'll bn- where there is fun!" Sr. Class Plry: F.H.A., 2: Re- porter: Interior Decoration: Foot- lizht 4: Sneial Dancing. CAROLYN HODGDON Her fzlney is books," G.A.A., 3. GARY HOLMES "Now, 3-tirl , you know l'm your true love." Tmfk: Sr. Class Play: Sr. Ball Selection Ch: Prom Central Comm: Thespians: Footliyzhts Pres.: Jr. 'l'oastmm-iters, Pres. JANICE MARIE INGLES "Fair minrlm-ml :incl even ol' temper." F. B. I.. A.: Safe Teen: Transfer from Forest Grove High School. JARED L. JOHNSON "Man the test tubes!" Student Council: Sr. Class Play: Prom Central Comm.: W i n t e r Formal Central Comm.: Thespians 3. KENNETH R. JOHNSON "Number One on the Hit Pairzulcf' Student Body President: B Bas- ketball: Football Mgr.: Track: Golf: Student Council, 3: Sr. Class Play, 3: Jr. Class Pres.: Pres. of Footlixrhts: Philokalonw, 2: Sec.-Treas. Snph Class: Thes- pians, 2: Order of T: Sr. Ball King: Cand. SHERRIE KINNAMAN "True to the kindred points of heaven and home." Intramurals: S t u d e n t Council: F. T. A., Pres.: F.H.A., 4: Vice- Pres,, F.B.LA.: Girls Ensemble: Girls Trio: Crafts flub: Music Listeninu: Nnz. Hi N. Y., Nus- tcllor Missionary Chap. 4, sec. 2. RGSI E KROSTAG 'Short, Sweet, and Sincere Crafts: Photo Club, Pres.: Social Dance: Tri-Hi-Y, 3: Kilchis Staff: Girls Woodworking: Jr. Pep: Girls League Scrap Book Com- mittee. ROY LAWSON "Nevada has its atomic energy- We have Roy." Philokalon, See., Business Mgr. of Student Body, 2: Student Council: Editor of Tilla-Hi News: Jr. Class Vice Pres.: Sr. Class Play. 4: Jr. Toastmasters: Jr, Class Play: 0ne Act Play Contest: U.N. Speech Trip Winner: Voice of Democracy Contest Winner, Till. CitY. 1955. SALLY LEACH "Even school is fun with Sully around." Intramurals, 4: Tilla - Hl News Staff: Chorus: Girls L e a e u fr Scrap Book Comm.: Sr. Class Play Comm.. 4: Student Body P'ay Comm.: Central Prom. Comm.: Service Club: Pep Club: Thes- pians: G.A.A., F.T.A,, V.P., Tri- Hi-Y, Rainbow Grand Rep.: Kil- chls staff. ALLENE KELLEY "An Actress in her own wily." Transfer from Nestucca. Senior Class Play, Footlighta. LINDA KREBS "Just buzzin' around!" Student Council: Pep Squad, 2: Publicity Club: Tri-Hi-Y, 3. Chaplain: March of Dimes Prin- cess: Girl of the Month. ROSEMARY LAMB "I wish she were going tu be my teacher," Student Council: Sr. Class Play: Ass't Chr. of Prom: Girls Sextett: B Yell Leader: A Son: Leader: A Yell Ieader:Thesp.: Girls League Pres., Treas.: Pep Club: Service Club, Pres.: Rainbow, 5, Worthy Adv.: Tri-Hi-Y, Pres., 3: Philo- kalona: Homecoming Queen. PAUL LARISON "A thoughtful man and n lover uf fcntl." Transfer from Tillamook Catholic 1954. A.V.A. Club: Chorus. MARY ANN LE DUC "As busy as a bee and sweet as its honey," Student Body Play: Som: Leader: B Yell Leader: Student Council, 2: Frosh Sec.: Homecoming Princess: Girls League Sec.: Philo- kalons: Thespians, 2: F.T.A.: Trl- Hi-Y, Pres. and Treas.: Rainbow, Worthy Advisor. LOUISE LEWIS "The :zirl every boy would like to buve living next door." Social Dancing, 2. GEORGE MACKEY "'l'ough, but oh so gentle." B Basketball: B Football: A Foot- ball, 2: A Basketball, 2: Track. Il: Student Council: Hunting and Fishing, 2: Sr. Ball King. HEl.I'ZN MANNILA "A flushing: :mile that breaks the ice." Intramurals: March of Dimes Princess: Service Club. 2: Social Dancing. 2: Pep Club: Somz Lead- er: Tri-Hi-Y. CAROL NICMINIMEE "Travel broadens one." Pliilokalon, Pres., 2: Tri-Hi-Y, Pres., 4: Kifchis Editor: Tilla-Hi News Rcpt., Bus.M1lr.: Thespians, 2: One-Act Play Contest: Student Council: Rainbow Worthy Adviz- or, Recorder: YMCA International Conference: YMCA Youth Legis,: Elk's Leadership Rep. ELLIS LELAND Mm-MURPHY "Mr, Efficiency." Transfer from Castle Rock, Wash. Sr. Float Committee: Sr. Ball Committee, Philokalons. CAROL LOOP "Let me tell you about the collcxrc life.' B Yell Leader, 2: Song' Leader: Student Council, 2: Sr. Class Sec.: Service Club,2:Tri-I-Ii-Y, 3, Sec.: Pep Club: Chairman of Winter Formal: Chairman Father-Daup:h- ter Banquet. ALOHA MADDING A future lzuly with u lump." International Travel Club, 2: Radio Production Club: Christian Club: Intramurals, 2: Social Dancing: Play Comm.: Heme- makinz Club: Prom Ilccorations- Banquet Comm. DON MAPES 'Row, Row, Row your limit, gent- ly down the stream." Intramurals, 4: Froeh Basketball: Golf Club: Hunting and Fishing: Auto Mechanics: Photo Club: F.F.A.: Chess Club. DONA McMULLEN Hmmmmmmmm, Sfulie l !" Srrvicc Club: Thcspiana, 23 Fqot. iixxbts, 3: Intramurals: Journal- im Club: Sr. Class Play, 2. JOYCE MI ROW 'Neat and Sweet." B Squad Yell Leader: Kilchis Lay Out: Frosh Sec.: Home Rm. Sec.: Service Club Sec.: Pep Club: Journ. Club: Tri-Hi-Y, 2: Ruin- bow, 4. ALIIERT MITCHI-ILL 'A ernftmnn ul' the first wntehf' Senior Class Play: Hunting and Fihimz, Il, Pres.: Christian En- deavor at Nelarts Friends Church. IIANNICE MOORE 'Not every band has :i beautiful til'lII'lIflll'l',H Social Dam-inns: Crafts Club: Sn-bool Publicity Club: Service Club: Pep llnnd: Mixed Chorus: Ilnnd. See.: BEVERLY NORMAN 'True to her work und her friends. " F.II.A., 3: Christian Club, 2: Music Listeninprz Girls Glee. 4: Home Room See. I ANCE O LIVER 'IIon't ru h me, girls." B Footlmll, 2: A Vl'ret1ling Mgr.: Hunting' and Fihing, 2: Photofrraphy Club: Hi-Y. JOHN l'AlT LSON 'Oh, you know 1 deserve :xt leant I one." A Football, 4: Wrestling, 4: Trnek. 2: Order of T, 4. tr BAXTER MOORE The Marksman !" Band, 4: Pep Band, 2: Order of T, 1: Track, 2: B Basketball: A Basketball Mgr.: Huntimz and Fishing Club, Pres.: Band. Pres. JOAN NAEG ELI She needs Il suciul xeeretzu'y." Student Council, Rep.: Service Club, 2: Pep Club, 2, Treasurer: Journalism Club, 2: F. ILL. A.: Intramurals, 3: Tri-l-Ii-Y, 4. Chaplain: G.A.A., 3, President. BETTY NOTEBOOM It's n'ce to be natural when you're naturally nice." F.H.A., 2: Christian Club. MARY OLSON Sis must be here: I heard her luupzhf' Intramurals, 2: Student Council: Senior Class Play, 2: Junior Class Play: Thespians, 2: Footlinzhts, 3: Pep Club: Service Club: Girls League, Rep.: Junior Class, Treas- urer: Tri-Hi-Y. KATHY PERSHALI. "'I'hnt's Kathy, capable :intl depend- able." Student Body Treasurer: Student Council: Kilchis Bus, Mgr.: Onc- Act Plays, 2: Senior Class Play: Co-chairman of 1955 Homecom- ing: Thespians, 3, Treas.: Philo- kalons, 2. V.P.: Christian Club, 2, See., Pres.: F.l-I.A., 3. State Historian: Girls League, Treas.: F.B.L.A.: Chorus, 3. CAROL PETERSON An industrious Judy." ro.l,.A., service cluh. 2: G-A-A- 2, Treas.: Intramurals: Tilla-Hi News Staff: Journalism Club: Pop Club: Rainbow. 4: Tl'i'Hi'Y' 4, Sec., Chaplain. DIIK PLAEP An athlr-te mul il scholar." Football, A and B: Basketball, A and B: Baseball, A and B: Chris- tian Club, V.P.: Order of T, 2. Philokalons. I I ENN RIGGERT A :elf made man and proud of his uentorf' A Football, 2: A Basketball, 33 Baseball, 4: Frosh Class Pres.: Order of T, Pres.: Student Coun- eil: Kilehis, Sports Editor: Tilla- Hi News, Sports Editor: M.V.P. Legion Baseball award, '53. FSTHI-IR Sl'IlRlIEl,Ell She loves harmony." F.ll.l..A., Treas.: Girls Enfemble: Girls Glee, 4: Girls Trio: F.H.A. Banquet Chr., Jr.-Sr. Banquet Comm.: Sr. Class Play Comm., 32 Thespians: Footlights. 3: Christian Club: F.B.L.A. DAVID SMITH Crazy mzm, crazy, fo let's 'shag' ulomz. " Golf, 2: Trampoline Club: Model Club: Social Dancing: Golf Club: Hi-Y, Pres., Chaplain. 1 DICK PHILLIPS "Clear the trucks." Football, A and B: Frosh Basket- ball: Track, 3: F.F.A., Parl. Pro- eedure Team, Sentinel: Photo Club. BETTY LOU PRUESS "I dont llure be as poppy :ls I feel!" Student Council: Kilehis Staff: B Yell l.eader: Eighth Grade Yell Leader: A Yell Leader: Girls Leapzue, Vice-Pres.: Thespians: Footliirhts, President, Vice-Pres.: Service Club: Sr. Class Play, 2: Jr. Class Play. 2: G.A.A. Sec.: .lournalirm Club: Tri-Hi-Y, 3: Rainbow, 5. DEBRA SCH RANZ Watch out 'pvrlor l riuns, Debrzi's ilrivinxrf' The-spians. 3: G.A.A. 4: Sports Mgr.: Band: Girls Glee: Photo Club: Girls Woodworkinli: Senior Class Play: Pep Squad: Rainbow, 4: Tri-Hi-Y, Treas.: 4-H, Jr. Leadership. GRACE SHAW "Right out ul' 'Vup:uu." Psp Club: Song' Leader: Ssrviee Cub: Winter Formal Dee, Comm.: Kilehis, Art Editor: Jr. Fla:-u Girls Leulrtle Rep.: School Pub- licity: Prem Queen Selection Chr.: Intramural : Tri-Hi-Y. 2, Treo., KAY SMITH Ilcwurc, :I smile- is r:xtchili1:." Transfer from Hoquinm: Sr. Clase Treas.: Girl of the Month: Pep Squad: F.Il.l.,A.: .Iournalism Club. MORRY SMITH "A hunk of main to say the least." A Wretlimz, 4: A Football, 2: ll Football. 2: Soph. Class Pres.: Home Room Pres. Soph. and Sr. Years: Intramurals: F.F.A, 4. Vice-Pres., Reporter: State Par'ia- mcntary Team: Order of T, 3. JUANELL STAFEK "Dainty is the wurcl for her." .lr. Ciass Play, 3: One-Act l'lny:-1: Chorus, 2: Triple-Trio: Thes- pinns, 3: Footlights, RONALD SUMMERS "Too bud I have to work for ai livimzf' A Wrestling, 2: Student Council: Tilla-Hi News Reporter: Co-cluair- man Sr. Ball: Thespians, 2: F.F.A., 3: Social Dancing. CAROL JO TANNER "'l'berc-'s an bit of mischief in ull of us." Service Club: F. H. A.: Girls Woodworking: Social Dancing. MAXINE TRAIVIMELL "Beneath her quietness lies u true aincerityf' Tilla-Hi News Staff: F.T.A.: Journalism Club: Photo Club: l".H.A.: F.B.l..A.: Library Club: Interior Decorating, F.'l'.A. ROBERT SPENCER "Man behind thc bull." A Football, 3: A Basketball, 3: A Baseball, 2: Freshman Basket- ball: B Football: Student Coun- cil: Sr. Class Pres.: Sr. Class Play: Home Room Pres.: Order of T, 3. PAULA STRAIT "Gentle, genuine, and 1!0llPl"0llH.H Girls Woodworking, 2: Christian Club, 2: Spanib Club, 2, Sec., Treas. JEANNE SWINT Cool, calm mul cullc-civil." Transferred from Clatskanie. JEANETTE TOHL "Personality Plus!" Student Council, 2: Student llody Sec.: Fre hman Class V.l'.: Home- coming Princess: F,F.A. Queen: Sanz Leader. 2: Philokalons: Pep Club: Srrvfce Club: Tilla-lli News Reporter' 'fri-Hi-Y, 2, Trems. WINNIE TUTHILL "l'd do most anything for my class." Thespians, 2: Footlights: Service Club: Eagles Secretary. RON VAN ROEKEL "Friendly l l" Intramurals, 3: F.F.A., 3. MARGARET W ELLS "It's no ure: you can't win on argument with her." Transfer from Vernonia: Tilla-Hi News Reporter: Band: Thespians. 2: Pres, Girls League: Executive Council: Philokalons: Christian Endeavor. RON WILLIAMS "Doc !" Wrestling: Hunting 8: Fishing, 2: Freshman Basketball: Intramur- als, 4: Photography Club: Auto Mechanics Club: F.F.A., 4. LARRY ZYGAR "How funny can it be?" Intramurals, 2: F.F.A., 2: Tram- poline, 2: DeMolay, 2. CAROL GORTON "-and her gentle ways." Transfer from Neah-Kah-Nie High School. Tilln-Hi News staff, 1: Philoknlons. PERRY MELSUN "lt help: to be born :zood looking." Frosh Basketball: B Basketball, 2: A Baseball, 4: Student Coun- cil: Sr. Class Play: Tilla-Hi News Reporter: Order of T, 3. DIANE WARD "Never wasting a word." Photography: Social Dancing: Girls Woodworking: F.T.A.: St. Johns Youth Fellowship. PAUL WILLY "We have-n't heard enough from Paul." A Foothall: Wreftling: Hunting and Fishing, 2: Boys' Woodwork- ing: Photography. DALE WYNIA "C'mon, l'm your man." A Football, 2: A Baseball, 3: B Football: Order of T, 3: Tram- poline, 2. The junior year for the class of 1957 was a typical- N ly busy one. The class went B into its junior year with a big job facing them: to provide money for the -lun- ior-Senior Prom and Ilan- quet. Th: class accumu- lated its fund through vari- ous sales and dances, and M honored the seniors royally in the big annual formal affair. The junior class en- tered a float in the second Standing: Mr. Helmiek, adv.: Ken Jacob. president: Romer James, vice-president. Sitting: annual Holilccolliing Pilmdc' Betty Toy, see.: Mrs. Bnquist adv.: Karen Emerson, irens. in Illc fflll, Allkl Calp- tured first place honors. The junior class play "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay," was presented in February. Two of the "A" song leaders, Nancy Thomas and Sandee Martin, were juniors. The junior class was also representedin the "AU yell leading with0Rosalie Zweifel. Three junior boys, Gene Widiimer, Jerry Ripka, and Allen Trotter earned letters in "A" squad football. Ken Jacob, Eddie Murray and Allen Trotter participated in "AU basketball. Many other junior boys participated in wrestling and baseball. YZ? Left to right Burk Row: R. Anderson, R. Keeler, R. Collins, H. Bennett, E. Dunsworth, J, Chopard, D. Cavaya, J. Doolin. Second Row: K. Cris- well. G. Altmnn, IC. Bennett, I.. Hester, R. Burden. J. Dye. R. Astleford, D. Bell. First Row: S. Allen, J. Haven, S. Coon. R. Hoge, R. Blake, l'. Anderson, ti. Anthony, P, Brannon. s sa? is 9 Z Mm 'M 9 . X :EI .-:-::f: "' 2 A M E , 'M ', . ' 5 Loft lo ri "ht: lim-k Ruw: H. Jolmsnn, K. Malhcrs, A. Kvnny, N. .lnhn'fnn, E. Murray, VV. Mi!'er. Svfund Rnw: R, Mcflain, N. Krakv, .l. L Lzmdoli. .L Knutlo, J. Krnu v, M. Lnmmcn, R. Jam:-f. First Rvw: ll. Mclformivk, IJ. Keene, .'. Luphvr, .l. Lufns, B. Lnftun, S. Mnrtin, S. Johnwfu, NV. Mrllnnnld. - - IUNIURS - - QA' er '-cond Row: S. Fisher, S. Poland, ll. Fischlcr Luft to riarhl: ilark Row: D. Hedifrur, A. Hintz, M. Hughes, C. Ferry,.l. Gin-nzor, H. First' . hi S. Folunrl, li. lfzxrrins, M. Flutcher. D. Gooch-, Gills-l, S. Gilman. M. Finch. l'. Huber, First Row: D. Gfmdhcad, L. Fountain. B. Hudson, S. Fritcher, K. Emvrson, D Ln-ft tn Riuht: Iimk row: W. Thump on, A, lhplcins, G. Wilson, D. Sprncer, A. Trotter, G. Widmer, G. S!cw'rt, M. Srhmitz, R, Smith, D. Walkfr. Svvimd ra-w: R. I.1n2'wull. M. Willey, .l. Srhranz, T. Shappee, .l. Vs-rmilyca, K. Brennan, R. Zweifvl, R. Srhnck, R. W'illiams, First row: R. Tatu. A. Wnrdrip, S. Vrnvcr, ll. Smith, G. Saucy, B. Toy, li. Stitchlcr, N. Thomas. - - IllNl0RS - - 5 5 W. 3 R 1 . it 5 , N :EA :-'WY e -. A .i if in Ka K ' vw it 'V' Left to Right: Burk row: R. Rader, P. Reeder, R. Noble, I., Olson, C. Ruede. Second row: P. Pallin, M. Paulson, L. Proctor, K. Purvine, C. Nvlsun. J. Pullanl. First row: S, Pullnrk, P. Patterson, D. Ruwe, J. Oldenkamp, A. Overlund, S. Roper, J, Phillips. Mifs Dorothy Smith. Arlv., Ron Gienucr. Treas.: Mr. Don Whitncy, Adv., Frank Bohannon, Vice- Pres.. Allen Donovan, l're:., PM Warren, Secretary. 1958 The sophomore class or the class of '58 had a very good year in 1956. Many parti- cipated in athletics, plays and clubs. The class sponsored two projects. Une was the Fresh- man - Sophomore dance and party, and the other, a "soup line" before games that were out-of-town. The students sold articles to eat on the bus on the way to the games. The money that was made is to be for the prom which the class will sponsor in their junior year. Left lo Right. lmrk row: .l. lrvinpz, C. Luurs, A. Aden. Third row: B. Finch, D. Niekereon, D. Pike, B. Fitzsimmuns, R. Medolf, R. Farrins, I Ilntfis-ld, R. Gienprvr, B. Hudm-on. Second row: B. Johnson, B. James, G. Elliott, B. Ileagle, B. Hobson, D. K'ahn, G. Loueks, l.. Foster. First row: G. Fitzgerald, I.. Kelly, J, Johanson, P. Knutson. J. Galloway, D. Giguux, L. Hesse, 0. Leuman. M. Hclfrieh. f ,Z 1, 1, Aff,-Q vg fri, ' f Zig Y, .3 , - ' PYW' if fi i - V' S X wwf E' mv 1 vft In Riuhlz Bnck row: C. Blanchard, l'. Crumlvl, I.. Andcrann, .l. Dodson, B. Collins, F. Bnhnnnon, N. Brrnnrd, B. Bas-Ml, B. farvvr. l'1'llI'ld row: M. Aallvfurrl, .l. Boyle, M. Curl, F. Chard, A. Donovan, J. Burns, l'. Bushuy. R. Crvscvh. Fir.-t row: L. Iiurdvn, .l. Davis, S, Cha- curlm-qui, I-1. lluulin, G. llmis, R. lioltinzhouse, S. Cami-ron, R. liruse. - - SOPHOMORES - - msg 1 5 5 . . 'M rv l,4-fl in Riuhl: llnvk row: H. Rcvder. W. Fisher, D. N1-evfs, H. Rosenberg, E. Robilsch. Third rnw: I.. Rush, J. Madison. D. Omit, M. Miles, ll. Minor. R. Rm-ri, G. l'urvinv, K. Nutuhuom. Second row: R. Robinson, G. Martinson. J. Marker, R. Machcn, V. Nvlter, R. Rnhrrln, G. lqmlu-r, I-'irq mw: R. Rnwe, J. Vandcrstoep. K. Rice, S. Nixon, J. Robinson. L. Zygar, B. Van Cisc, S. Murvh. L1-ft to Right: llzwk row: l'. Weston, E. Spulprfr, A. Srheusc, P. Woolcn, E. Trammvl, R. Trammcl, J. Schunter, H. Smith, D. Vsuplhn. Sec- ond row: ll, Wilson, J. Schock, V. Tupper, .l. Young, J. Wehcr, P. Warren, M. Snhuler, P. Slyter, K. Smith. First row: W. Silk, D. Starr, S Squier, ll. Sll,r1:is. .l. Tromlxlvy, L. Wyss, J. Smith, D. Smith. - - SOPl'l0MORES - - Typical Sophomore Class, this one u typing: shot in Miss Ahrams' Typing I, all sophomores at work. 1959 me The freshman class, the class of '59, was active this year. They tools their part in almost every phase of school life including ath- letics, school plays, clubs and had a large representa- "" tion on the honor roll each grade period. The freshmen showed up exceptionally well in ath- letics. Conrad l,arson, a very colorful redhead, made the varsity football team Amd lust ll-llicly nli55cLl Hulk' pl-95,3 Mike Hayes, vice prey Miss Marilyn Parrish, adviser, is absent from the picture. ing his letter. Bob Baty, another freshman, made the varz. ' basketball team, the first time in quite a few years a freshman has done so. There was a large freshman representation on the varsity wrestling squad also. There were also freshman football and basketball teams both of which had large rosters. um inn 1. Iiefl to riifhl: llixck Row: I.. Butler, .l. Bruce, A, Gordon, P. Artera, L. Cunninirham, B. linty, K. Bnnin, J. Brumnu-I, I.. Dummer, W. Cun- ningham, R. lim-I, B. Doui1'ss. Second row: A. Beeler, D. Christensen, D. Brown, R. Branham, J. Cornelt, J. Crist, li, Alto, S. llruizoo, ll. Arnold. First row: li. Arnold. S. Pop:-land, G, Aekley, S. Hanley, I.. Anderson, M. Chambers, J. Brown, V. Arenholt. Left to right: Rohyn Emerson, ln-as.: Mr. Tony Dooher, adviser: Susan Tilllu-Its. msec.: l.urry Iloffmun. l Q' H? 3 5 V KX .Hr u 'i f . ., , 6 ' if -- 5 r i . -. ,. 1 ' 1 fi 1 rift' 1 Q s 2 X my qw. Yiwu' I M L4-ft in Right: Back row: B. Mackey, D. Leutholrl, S. Krnke, F. Luurs, R. Makinstur, J. Klahn, L. Kraazcr. C. Kenny, ll. l.1-im-ry, D. Kr:-hs, R. lmvilt. Si-vund rnw: J. Mahurin, J. Landoli, G. Ingles, P. Melson, J. Knutwn, R. Mapes, G. Johnson. First row: M. Mm-Cnrniirk, VV. Mm:- arull, M. Milli-r, ll. Minor, C. Jnhnsnn, I.. Luphrr, H. Mauumher, K. Lyster. - - FRESHMEN - - ., Q . . S X. E , F: .pi 2. .... ' Q-Z Y lt-, Q 5 x in Q? . - . -Q ,W . . w- - , .2 .31 -lg if., K 4 X 9 N K 3 xx ,, Q ry X we 5 es Qs 44215 A . Q .5 ,gr figs, x , .wt I.:-fl to Rixrhl: lizick row: .l, lmvins, E. Riu-, li. Robinson, L. Patterson, T. Tone, B. Price, B. Placp, L. Tinnerslcl. J. Shartvll, A. Sheldon, R. Sheldon, li. Swain, ll. Sp:-lm-r, R. Palma-r. Ss-rand row: H. Tupper, A. Svhoesc, E. Scott, E. Reynolds, J. Rethlvfsen, W. Thomas. S. Tili- lwlls, l'. Prince, .l. Sparks. First row: E. Thin-ssvn, J. Svllolls, P. Miller, Pye, ll. l'allin, S. Slanuv, S. Neal. l.n-ft lo right, Buck Row: .l. Hanna-nkrat, M. Hayes, D. Hoff:-rt, .l. Hoifcrt, H. Franko, L, Hoffman, G. Fisher. Second Row: R. Heusner, ll. G1-nunpr, I.. lh-lu-rt, A. Hogue, M. Hottick, K. Genrprc, B. Holland, .l. Haight, A. Fletcher. First row: V. Hodgzdon, A. Hardin, .l. Fitch- on, l'. lluyv.-S. A. Ferguson, J, Hoy, S. Ellcrhrock, R. Emerson. - - FRESHMEN - - gy ,e v-Q it L1-ft to riizht, lim-k Row: G. Vnntress, 0. Young, R. Mahee, R. Woods. C. Weston. Sm-cond row: J. Zuercher, .l. Vermilyea, .l. Wilson, ll. War rvn, I.. llullmrl. K. Loaf. U. Vnnllockel, B. VVilliams. First row: M. Welch, I.. VVohlscin, ll. Voxrl, B. Walkcr, N. Griffith, S. Wamzerlry, C Swinl, D. VVilson. :Q in Sglds., f 'SQ www I fax C9 I, xx CQ? 42 ffm J' 'Lfff A J Ur cv O C 0 N L! Qi ACTIVITIES S. LEACH M. OLSON J. NAPIGELI L. KIINIQS K. JENSEN B. DIXON KAREN JE PM-sideni ARDIS DAVII Vice Presid LINDA KR. Secretary JOAN NAEK Hsin Treasurer ROSFIMARY J J. MIROW C. PETERSON K. SMITH D'-ill Lend CHE The "Cheezettsv of Tillamook Hi is the girls' pep organization. The purpose of the pep squad is to promote school spirit, activities, and to put on pep assemblies. The pep squad worked with the Student Council to make a success of the 1955 Homecom- ing. Karen Jensen, Nancy Thomas and Betty Toy, delegates from the club, worked with those from student council as overall chairman of the Homecoming. Through selling mums at Homecoming the club was able to replace some of the badly depleted funds. D. SCHRANZ N. BOGE D. DANFORTH CHEER LEADERS The "A" squad cheerleaders showed their ability as such by controlling the sport- manship of the crowds and bringing out the enthusiastic spirit of Tilla-Hi. H . f : s ..... 5 A A. DAVIDSON, N. EDGAR B. PRUESS, R. ZWEIFEL, R. LAMB 9, l -""" - f la. DQGUIRE RS .RA PAULSON lice President EEN MANNILA Secretary IGN FRl'l'UllER Treasurer liE'I"l'Y TOY Drill Lender ETS The girls bought a much-needed new juke box, as a gift to the student body, to replace the old one which had worn out. They paid for the juke box from the money they had earned during the year for their annual week-end. The pep club sponsored the tryouts for the 1956-S7 cheerleaders and songleaders. Those chosen as cheerleaders were Rosalie Zweifel, Barbara Lofton, Sharon Iiritcher, Sallee Pollock, and Muriel Brunes. The songleaders chosen were Bette johnson, Lee Ann XlVyss, Linda Kelly, Judy Rethlefsen, Sandce Martin, Barbara Thompson and Jeanette Smith. . SUNG LEADERS The song leaders in their second year of existence gave credit to the high school with their clever routines and colorful display. S. POLLOCK M. LOMMEN B. LOFTON P. PALLIN G. SAUCY S. l'HlLI.ll'S 5 9 1 l Q fs? 5 5 I J. TOHL, M. LEDUC, G. SHAW N. THOMAS, H. MANNILA, S. MARTIN, C. LOOP , Q 5 1 JOHNSON UVFIIQIAUND TOY l"RI'l'l'lll'lR l'Alll SWN 1n.Wv9 "9 yt VW W, -A , A Q V. 1 'f ,X H - , x ,,.w-Amainnvkhsf ' K ,Wy.m.1.2m.,1 .. X, 11 Y X M Q.. 35 , v Q? Y f W 45? l Qszxzizffv we fr:-ifl?? I W Q V Yr ..: Vs W Y 9' ax af K ,QQ M 1 ,A . ., , , 4 w .fu wi' Q ,frw A . g - O x . KX in autism AW 3 4-li .. 1 . . . . 1.1 X, ,. A N M ,V E me 9 1 + 9' qxgl , swan! 8 . , .:,,V , U :., ML num K xi v -vw X - , YS? if . A sf ' A, ,A as ' 'fl mx s W , Y: 1. sl .4 .-f X as N -- f . - s, Q K F, Y , , 4. , V Q x gm -Q. Y A Us Y . . ........ . . ,M A . A, . s W -fm, 1 .es M ia ,y linrk, li-fl to right: li. Mnrlinmn, S. Foland, R. James, M. Hulbert, H. G. Stewart, B. Moore, G. Hoffman, M. Smith, T. Dooley, Bassett, D. W'yniu, .l. Coats. T. Gieneer. G. Mackey, A. Trotter, K. Jaeoh, ll. Bell, D. Meflain, G. Widmer, K. Johnson, D. Phillips, .l, Ripka, D. Fletcher. Kneeling: l'. Molson. li. Spencer, ll. Frilelu-r. K. Allread, .l. Doolin, P. Hu hfy, .l. Marker, R. Summers, B. Collins. Tillamoolv high school's athletic men, The Order of the T, were extra active during the 1955-S6 school year. The "T" men. under the able leadership of Corky Riggert, besides keeping an eye on the conduct of students and general well-lu-ing of the school, sponsored several successful projects. Their barn dance in the fall was a "never equalled" affair. The boys loaded literally tons of hay into the gym for decorations and a tunnel of hay served as an entrance for the attending couples. liall initiation during this time saw future "T" men cavorting about the halls proposing to the lady teachers or loudly declaring themselves pansies. Donkey basketball during February was the lettermcn's big money-maker. The boys challenged the faculty members to play them and everyone who saw the game declared it a laugh fest from start to finish. lfortunately, the game ended in a 18-18 tie so there were no hard feelings-however, several faculty members spent the next Monday standing rather than sitting. The big :ping picnic found the boys participating in their favorite activity-eating. gur, G. Riizireri, .l. Ripka. Front row: I-I. Dunworth, F. Larson. K. Johnson, .l. Smith, C. Bass:-tl. ll. Phillips, ll. Bell. SSH The "occasion," a tremendously successful though dampened Barn Dance sponsored by the T Men. They hauled in 30 tons of hay for the affair as setting, and a good one it was. But, Mother Nature A interposed. One of the worst ix A floods to hit the area in years - 1 roared in that night. E 1 i x iggwixv W' Q ' , its XMW5 .A.,si4?' Y fs,,4sir,,.af.ssawfisi,..ia: Ii-wk Row: R. James, framers. T. Givn- URDER 0F THE "T" Big 9 ,G we WWW' .vw ew rx .e qwlhme, . y vw l"n'I initiates into the I.:-ttc'rrx1fx't', elrh: I'. lhlslwy, J. Uuolin. IV. l"lelm'l1rr, K- Jnlnuon, G. Wirlmer, li. Marlin en, Bill l'ullins, D, Neuvvs, li. Moore and li. Rell. Hidden in the l!2ll'lxlll'0llIHl ure R. Sam- nwrs xllltl K. .lm'nb. lf.1ll initiallon brought the group .xt the right out into Till.1 Hi's lmlls dressed like "p.1nsies." Poor rlmps, their sitters looli .1 lillllllsj that Lllfy' .ls tlltl their ltneew lrom eonsmnt hentling to the letter- men. lfneh was iloreetl to pt'o-'l.1lm loutl gmtl often that he was .1 pnnsy. The celeb r .ltio n wr. further heighlenetl by 11 loutl smell ol' onionw .reeonrpanylng the initiates: they .mte them hy the pound that l'.neI'ul kl.ly. GLICNN lilGGl'IR'I' c'1iAlcl.lf1s IiASSl'l'I"l' l'l'l'HUlf'lll vm- l'r4- im-m l ft is W , - ,vw Al. 'l'R0'I"l'l41Ii S .-erm-I an ry Upper left are shots from th.1t "classic" Donkey ball game. Upper shot Shows Mr. Hornbuek on Marilyn Monroeg lower shot is Mr. Helmlck potting one while helpless Order of T men watch. Game entlenl :ln I8 to I8 tie, but earned S150 for the T Men. IIA GIRLS LEAGUE The THS Girls' League is a service organization whose membership con- sists of all the girls of the student if V body. The adviser is Miss Esther Cha pm a n. ' s ' v In the first semester the Girls League showed itself to be an organ- RUSICM AIN' LAIVIB, St-niur l'rt-sidenl ization which gets things done. The Big-Little Sister party was the first activity. Then the officers were in- stalled and the executive eouneil was elected. The girls of the month were chosen on the basis of various traits, and were presented with pins rather than corsages this year. The Girls' League -entered a float in the Homecoming Parade, and then had a "Lug Day? for a money malt- ing activity. The big fall event was the No- bember liather-Daughter banquet, lH'I'l"l'Y PRI ' ISHS, Sn-ninr H I and the semester's activities were X let--I'r4-sidm-lit topped off with the annual Girls' League Christmas Assembly. Main events of the spring term wer: the annual Mothers' Tea and style show and the slumber party. W' L AW x Q i :::5:.,:. . ,. NI-I'l TIC SEIVI ll, Supiitslimre ht-crt-tary it if Nr " at tw " Dad'u D'nnfr Committee Chapmzan Speaking to Dada 1 svkwz Flass representatives: Margie VV4-Ils, senior: Miss Chapman, adviser: Alilllh DAVIIDNUN. Si-nmr Rita Hoge, junior: Pat VVarrun, sophomore: and Susan 'l'ihlu-tts, fresh- Tre-nsurer man, BOYS FEDERATIUN The Boys' Ifederation is in its second year of existence at Tilla-Hi. This organization has provided a chance for the boys to get together and discuss their problems. As a joint 0l'g.lI1lY,.lEl0l1 to the Girls' League, the boys meet on the same day. The boys are undei the supervision of Mr. Don Spiering, lor projects, the groups discuss-ed various eommunity-minded affairs as well as mere entertainment devices. Tree planting in the "burn" met the ap- proval of the boys as a whole, and the groups took on this activity as one of Y their major constructions. The officers worked hard to give the organization a successful year. f 'qv rr this club. Al was xi junior, wg I 3 K t 5? f S ----.- ln eharirr ol' prngrrminjr were the following' group hizwn in a meeting for purpose nt' :alerting next monih's material: Bob B:1.sc-it, Ken Allrr.-ad, Allnn Trotter. Rivhard f'hristen.en, Mr. llon Spieringr and l'onnie Lar on. CHARLES llASSl'I'l"l'. n senior, the vire- pri-sident of lioys Federation. We Boys Federation meeting: in the cafeteria. Charles Ba-Irett was student officer for the mi-etinsr. while the organization listened to Mr. Spierinz ROGER JAMES, junior. the sei-rt-tary explain the tree-planting project. treasurer. ,ki Al. TRUTTICR, the forufal president ol' i V Front row: A. Fletfher, G. Vout, D. Brown, E, Rohitch, B. Price, 0. Young, J. Zuereher, B, Carver. K. Rysted, M. Fletcher. Backlrround: Mr. Rohr-rt Ht-lmiek. A. Hopkins, K. Notehoom, G. Martenson. R. Rad er, R. Machcn, R. Plaep. R. Anderson, J. Gienzer, D. Leuthold. R. Phil- lips, R. Moore, G. Wirlmrr, D. Mapez, D. Vaughn, M. Smith, L. Carver, R, Beeler, M. Curl. R. Collins, H. Rose-nburir, H. Foster. Left tn Right: Mr. Ht-lmiek, M. Fletcher. M. Smith, D. Phillips, R. Beeler, R. Machen, G. Widmer. tho, F.F.A. officers. The l7.F.A. has been very active in the past year participating in many events such ns exhibiting at the fair, judging contests, and parlia- mentary contests. Last spring Norm Pallin won the State Farmer award. The chapter put on two radio programs-one a parliamentary program and the other il speech by Martin Suter that won him first in the chapter public speaking contest. Last spring the Parliamentary team placed third in the state parliamentary contest. This record was the highest ever achieved by Tillamook F.F.A. in a state contest. Fl Fl A Marion Fletcher , Morric Smith , Richard Machrn Ron Beeler ,. Gene Widmcr . Dick Phillips ,. President Vice-Pre ident Secretary , Treasurer Reporter Sentinel Above are the boys from Tillamook FFA rhapter who took top honors in the district parliamentary contest at Clatskanie February 8. Photo Club Taking pictures and learning to develop and en- large were the activities of this club. Officers Jim Burns. pres.g Paul Weston, sec.g Charles Chard, V.P.: and Nicki Griffith were in charge. Mr. Grif- fith was adviser. Left tn Right: P. Weston, J. Burns, Mr. D. Griffith, C. l'hnrd, N. Griffith. Hunting and Fishing This group met to work out projects of the outdoor nature: Fly-tying, conserva- tion nnd like matters filled their tim-e. Officers were the following: Al bert Mitchell, pres.g Robert Creech, V.P.g Chas. Rucde, sec.g and Richard Dean, treas. Mr. Spiering was the adviser. Standing: Mr. Spit-rimz, J. Dean, J. Johnson, J. Markee. A. Kenny, M. Hughes, K. Mathers, J. Freerksen, C. Ruede. Sittiml: A, Mitchell. R. Creech. Radio Amateurs Club This group constructed simple radios, studied code and did simple radio repair. Officers were Paul Weston, pres.g Marvin Astleford, V.P.g Jim Burns. sec.g and Chas. Clark, treas. Mr. Turbync and Mrs. Fors- ter were advisers. Back Row: Mr. J. Turhyne, C. Weston, S. Nicker- son, M. Heltridge, J. Young, N. Griffith, C. Chard Mr. L, Forster. Sitting: P. Weston, J. Burns. GIRLS ATHLETIC I-lSSOClllTIO R sh l'. Warrun, l'. Anderson, U. Hodgdnn, Miss Marilyn l'nrrish, adviser. Ilnvk row, stzlnclinu: IS. l'rus-ss, .l. Galloway, G. u.' er, 1 Middle' row: li, llvlfricli, I.. llurdvn, S. l'ann-run, .l, Rul1inson,.l. lhillips, S. l.n-an-h, .l. llnvis, A. Davidson, S. Pollock. Knvvl- ing: li. llixun, ll. Gomlln-ad, R. llurxlvn, .l, Nzu-gi-Ii. C. l'i-ta-rsuri, D, Schrnnz. -IU.lIl N.lk'gL'il, prcxiliclug liixic fiUULiilL'.lLi, vicc-p1'cs1Lic11lg ROYClll.ll'lC i5lll'kiL'I1, wu1'c1.1l'ygCQ.1roi i,ClCl'S0ll, ll'k'.l5Lll'Ll, .md iJLi5l'.l Sfilllllll, sports l1l.lll.lgL'Ii xvcrc Ll1c officers of G.A.A. for tilC l9SS-S6 M-lmol yC.ll'. 'l'i1ix grmip of xpnmrls-111i11LicLi girly lim Jlwovc picturcni Ci.A.lX. 0l'gLIl1l7CLi girlw iIlll'.'ll11l.ll'.1i PI'Ugl'.llllS in lilk' iiis, ixilv .md sp1mw1'i11y, uliwl' cvcnti such .1s 1i.111ccw, llllIi.lllUll-"lilL'y li SL-lwnl Lillflllll 1l1c l'C.II'. l.1lx111g c.11'c ul tins .1u1 ' 1 1xx'u1iu1'i11-1 lin' vu.11'-w1'i11-1 wicnic, .mai 1i.lYki.lYN iw 11 lik' grouw lim1'uL1f'i1ix' lvuw. Tin: -'iris c:1'uvcLi two 1i.1v1i.1yw r- , l wi i . . i . l r- . , h i. i , 111 CUUPL'I'.lll0ll with IlL'igili7OI'iIlg sqlwulw i11 lilC .ll'CAl. liuring lim wi111c1' lllUlllilN lik' ci11l1u11ioycni .li.lCl' sclwoi 1'oilnl1.1ii Q.1111cw XVllil ll1c girls fix' imoi. llw ciulw .lkiYINL'l' v.'.1s Miss M.11'1ix'11 l',11'1'1wi1, lilu -'iris 7i1V'iiCli . z- i . Ci.A.A. l'll .'XC1'l'lC1l'lJ 4.iYMNAS'I'lCQS W. cniL1c.1lio11 i11stl'uclul' .11 liNTliliTA l N MFNT XV A of 'l'iii.1111o11lx cidlilllili lli C illffil wlwzul. S l"liA'l'URli AISO Sinndinpz. 'eil to right: Miss Emilia Tsehanz, W. Magarrell. A. Beeler, M. Chambers, P. Prince, J. Kraure, R. Stiehler, D. Keene. I.. Zypznr, .l. Dye, C. Van Roekel, E. Reynolds, P. Brannon, S. Squier, J. Brown, K. Lyster. Seated, left to riirhl: G. Ingles, ll. Thompson, ll. Hash, l'. Bird, l'. Nelson, J. Galloway, B. Sturgis, S. Woods, J. Weber, l'. Anderson. Front row: K. Smith, I.. Burden. S. Kinnaman. K. Pershnll, ll. Goodhead, R. Burden, D. Good. A national organization like the brother group, the F.F.A., the Future Homemakers of America carry on an ac- tive program in the Tillamook high school Activities of the social nature frequently were held in conjunction with the l:.l5.A. More formal activities ranged to banquets, presentation of radio programs and such. Kathy Pershall was state li.l'l.A. treasurer. Miss limilla Tschanz. adviser, became an honorary member of the state organization in the spring at the time that Judy Dye, Darlene Keene, Doris Good and Barbara Stichler received state awards. The Tillamook lligh Junior Toastmasters Club, one of the very few in the nation, was sponsored to teach stu- dents to become successful speakers, met every Thursday with a luncheon meeting. lt had guest speakers and de- bates in addition to its other activities. 11, , sf . as V R . IT U0 Nll DT RM Standing, left to right: R. Buel, N. Griffith, J. Savin, .l. Burns, R. James, R. Astlefnrd, C. Bassett, R. Radar, K. Johnson, Ad- viser, IJ. Griffith, P. Melson, M. Wells, R. Zweifel, B. Toy, D. Hancock. Seated: Bette Johnson and Gary Holmes, president. w 1 Standimr: D. Rawo, J. Oldenkamp. R. Zweifel, J. Doolin, E. Schroeder, S. Allen, S. Foland. Middle row: .l. Vermilyea. S. Fisher, ll. Loflon, S. Priteher, P. Pallin, C. Peterson, J. Naegli, D. Goodhead, R, Burden, J. Ingles, N. Bone, K. Smith, M. Trammel. Front row: D. Good, L. Hesse, S. Fnland, .l. Hoven, K. Emerson. B. Sfitrhler, D. Keene, K. Pershall, S. Kinnamon, L. Zyizar. Miss Edna jesseph, the advisor, backed by F.B.l..A. officers, Joe Doolin, pres., Diane Dawe, V.P., Joyce Oldenkamp, sec., Esther Schroeder, treas., and Rosalie Zweifel, F B L A reporter, had a most successful year. The club sponsored a panel discussion for the com- munity, served as visiting installation officers for the Taft club, and had in their ranl-.s a state secretary, Rosalie Zweifel. Officers for this active teachers' club were S. Kinnaman, pres., S. Leach, v.p.g K. Pershall, sec., and A. Davidson, tI'CzlS. The club members had the best year yet. They did practice teaching in various schools, attended state F.T.A. convention and F T A held regular dinner engagements honoring teachers in the city. As a climax, Miss Chapman, the adviser, was named state adviser for the state F.T.A. Standing, hack row: K. Georire. D. Greenway, M. Trammel, M. Franko, P. Warren, S. Cameron, D. Ward. Middle row: B. Pal- lin, M. Li-Due, R. Lamb, K. Jensen, P. Pallin, K. Emerson, L. Wyss, B. Sturgis. Front row: S. Leach, K. Per.hall, A. David- son, S. Kinnaman. QUILL AND SCRULL Sunil of the firsl charter nn-mln-rs uf Quill and Scroll: Mr. Anderson, adviser, C. MelVlinimee, Roy Lawson. J. utio, G. Rigiri-rt, li. Murray. Bi-tty Toy. tux of the international organization are other requirements for membership. Tillamook ll i g li ' s newest chartered elub, Quill and Scroll, is the lnternational H on o r Society of High School -lournalists. M em bers were c lm o s e n during the spring term to bc chirtey members of the honorary. To be a member ol t he society one must first be of at least jun- ior or senior standing and must be in the up- per third of his class scholastically. Superior work in some phase of journalism and the re- commendation of the adviser, school princi- pal, and the approval of the executive secre- Quill and Scroll was originally organized internationally in 1926 by a group of high school advisers at the Uni- xt sity of Iowa to encourage and reward individual achievement in journalism and its related fields. CHRISTIAN CLUB Standing: K. l'c-rsliull, P. Strait, H. Srhroedt-r. R. Nell. S. Kinnaman. E. Doolin, L- Bflfff. ll. Nolehnnm, J- Davis. J- HINWGII, li. Norman, S. Allen, I.. Fountain, S. Cravrr, Mrs. Boquist, Adv.. 0. lic-nman. K. George, .l. Vanderstnrp. Kneelinizz R. Astlefnrd, D. l'l'wp, M. Aslleford, R. Plnep, R. Nolile, VV. Hamren. Officers for the club were Kathy Pershall, pres.: Dick Plaep, vice pres.g and Paula Strait, sec.-treas. The adviser was Mrs. lda Boquist. The club met Fridays for discussion. The high school Easter Assembly was the work of this club. Roy TILL -HI NEWS Left to right are: Roy Lawson, Carol MeMinimee, Harv Friteh- er and Glenn Rixrarert, nll mf.-mliers of the first semester paper staff and Journalism II students. Lay-out, reporting: advertis- inpz and eopyreadinu was done hy these students almost uolely. durimr that time while the .lournali m I students were put into 'traininuy Editor-in-l'hief Editor ROY LAWSON EDDIE Ml' RRAY Law.-on, editor, and Norman Ando rson. adviser Business Manaarer A sistnnt Business Mantlyrer Sports Editor Assistant Sports Editor News Editor Feature Editor Firculation Adviser CAROL M4'MINlMEE IIARRARA LOFTON GLENN RIGIIERT ALLAN 'I'RO'I"I'ER .IANICI-I KAIITTO MARA PAULSON JUDY l.ANIlOl.'l' NORMAN ANDERSON ...Qi '39 Left to Right: Back row: .I. Landolt, M. Wells, S. Leach, M. Trammel, C. Peterson, S. Fritcher, .I. Tohl, M. Paulson, B. Lofton, F. Gorton. l'. Molson. E. Mllrrvy. E. UI-lnSW0l'1l1. D. Plaep. Fr0l1t row: E. Edwards, .l. Stafok, .l. Kautto, R. Summers, R. Fitzger- old, A. Trotter, I'. Iioyrgs, G. Rimrert, H. Fritcher. The above are the new reporters of the Tilla-Hi staff who are Journalism I rlnss members. UPSILUN SIGMA Aff. , Fl' - , ,.,. ' 'V '7y,g- ,. fHfz.fj1E7 N K Al I ' I. MQ Standing: C. Loup, A. Davidson, l'. Fairbanks, C. McMinimec, J, Nnonzeli, D. Danforth, I., Krebs, M. Olson, R. Krirtag. Sealed: S. Leneh, G. Shnw, M. l,f'l,lll', N. limzr, C. Pelersnn. The Upsilon Sigma Tri-l'li-Y, consisting entirely of senior girls, completed four active ye.1rs of service to tlieir connnunily .ind selinnl during the past yenr under the leadership of Mary Ann Lellue, president. Dances, il fashion slww .ind .1 weelx-ennl i.1unt were netivities. A dance for Xvorld Service and Ll Talent Show were .xctivities of tlie jun- ior club, Kappa loin. ,ludy Vern1ilye.1 was prexy for the year. ' :. ss gg- 2 s Q-we ww wa 1 wmv KAPPI-l l0Tll WE! NM slilllllllllll lf. llurden, ll. Gnodhend, l'. Brannon, ll. lludson, J. Dye, R. Blake. Seated: S. Fisher, N. Thomas, .l. Vermilpi-n, Ki lin-nnon, l'. Paltersun. PHI SIGMA Standing: I.. Burden, K. Rice, J. Tromhley, P. Slyter, L. Kelly, L. A. Wyss, L. Zyzar, J. Johanson, J. Schock, B. Johnson, B. Thomp- son, G. Fitzgerald. Seated: P. Warren, P. Knutson, J. Weber, J. Smith, G. Loucks. The sophomore Tri-Hi-Yers--the Phi Sigmas-were under the leadership of Joanne Weber during the 1955-56 school year. Germaine Kaufman was adviser for the club. The Frosh Tri-Hi-Y elected Darlene Miner as president, Karen Lyster, vice-president, Betty jean Warren, secretaryg and Marian Miller, treasurer. The group during the year had a Christmas party and attended a Halloween dance as a group. They also held several other dances and parties as well as numerous service projects. IIAPPA ALPHA LAMBDA Standing: R. Emerson, G. Ingles, G. Ackley, J. Thomas, V. Hodgdon, C. Hayes, D. VVilson, M. Chambers, D. Hancock. Seated: K. Lyster, M. Miller, D. Miner, B. Pallin. FOUTLIGHTS The Footlights club, a dramatic group, met twice a month under the guidance of Mr. Donald Whitney, dramatie's advisor of Tillamook High School. Footlight officers for the year were: President, Gary Holmes, Vice-President, Albert Aden, Secretary, Susan Tib- bettsg Treasurer, Janice Galloway. Standing: .l. lrvimr, S. Craver, I'. Knutson, J. Weber. D. Hancock, Mr. Whitney, S. Pollock, G. Holmes. Seated: B. Van Cine. G. Ackley, D, Giizoux, J. Rethlefsen, S. Tihhetts, A. Aden. L. Kelly, B. Johnson, J. Galloway, V. Tupper. The organization was formed to help those students with three or more points toward Tliespian membership, earned by participation in dramaties' activities, to gain the ten points necessary for Thespian membership. Many of the Footlight-ers obtained those points before the year was out. Serving as a sister organization to the Thespian club, Footlights had many of its members in plays, skits and various other activities in dramatics. A number of Footlight members went to the annual Regional Thespian Con- ference at Eugene, Oregon, on February 9, 10, and ll. Alxxuiys .ui .iclivc .uid popular group thc 'l'ill.imook high school 'I'lwpi.ms, N.1tion.1l lJl'.ll11.llikS llonoixiry, wcrc busy during rho past school year, under thc direction of Margie NVQIIN, prcsidcn B.Il'b.1I'gl Dixon, vice-prcsidcntg joycc Uldciikninp, sccrct.u'yg .ind lictlc -lohnwon, Il'C.lSlll'Cl'. Advisu .ig.1in for 199i-S6 was thc vcrsatilc nhximntics coach .ind biology tcachcr, Don XVhitncy. "' Q rsh .x WMQW R. LAWSUN K. .IICNSICN M. I.ulll'1' G, HOLMES A, IIONUNAN I'. l'Al.l,lN IS. TUX li. Kl'Il.l4Y M, VYlil.l,S K. ALLRICAII C. MCMINIMICIG K. JAFUIKS J. SMITII B. DIXON . PRVICSS . Sl'MMl'Il'1'S . RAVVII . IIANVOVK 1hl,llICNliAMI' l5A:QSlC'l"l' SVIIIIANZ AIDICN .U'lxI,I'I1 . .IUIINSUN lllg lnqlmlnqlux of Ll mc sclmol yc.u' lor 'l'l1cwpi41m wcrc, of Courec. tlw two cllxs pllvs mul ilu slmlcnl lwmlx' musiunl, Llmc .ll1llLI.ll 'I'Iwwpi.m c:UIlfCl'CI1CL' in lfugcnu on tlw Uuivcrsitx of Ougmm L lm pus, .mal llmc vc.u'lv outsmmling ,l1l1CSPl.1l1 .lllll .ICIOIA-.ICIVCSX LlXV.ll'klS. Tl1cl.1tlcr wcrc prcwnlcnl .ll tlw ,l4l1L'9I1l.lll lmmqucl l.1I-L' in M.1y. l'l0l'I11.ll lIllfl.lIl0I!l.OI' new Tlmcxpinns w.1s llcld M.u'cl1 1.4. if k W 'N .1 Nsx K.. up .:,.: , kv ' . 535 xg. - Qgs - ., oy A X - N L X i S. . Iff?SQK .35 ' x - . Nad ' fi me-l is X apr sf ijszq ' X q-N :P- Q X fi fx X SY X X R X x Q Q A xg X Q: NS S 1 Q X X x gl x J Qt t N .. ,X . .N :six Y z liii x x -fx 2 x-Xi xgasfisi EX .5 M IiQQ,.Qiii X x ll. l'IlRlS'I'l'INSl'IN R. LAMB .l. IRVINIQ .I. I,l'l'lllCR L. I'RUl"l'0l! M. ul,suN .l. .IUIINSUN li. ICINIICIISUN S, AI.I,IiN S. l'UI,l,Ui'K 59' l"I'l'ZliIiRAI,ll K. I'lCRSllAl.I, '. 'l'l"l'Hll,l. G. l'Il,l!0W' llUl'Gl.AS R. ZVYl'1llfl'Il, Sl'lIRUliDl'Il! IL SIVll'l'll ,DAVIDSON .l. KAl"l"l'H 'J' , ,f::?A' M A7 ..- , 'il I ,T xl' 7 3 E, , o ..mnNsnN I.l-I.-UAH MAIDISUN 41,-'kl,l.UN'AY S'l'.Kl"l1Ik PEUPLE VERSUS The senior class ol' 1956 presented "The People Versus Maxine l,owe," a suspense-filled and humorous courtroom drama in three acts, November 22 and 23. The action took place in the Superior Court No. 14 of the State of Illinois in Alune 1995. The play opened on the seeond day of Maxine l,owe's trial. The jury had been selected and preliminaries attended to the previous day. The play nioved along very rapidly as it was carried on just like a real trial. Maxine l,owe, a middle-age woman on trial for her life for the murder of her husband was portrayed by Karen , -lensen. Maxine's attorney was klames Hathaway, played by Kenny johnson. Warren Class, attorney for the State, was convinced that Maxine l,owe had reallv ltilled her husband. Roy Lawson toolt this part. He was assisted by Alessalyn Meredith, a young attorney just out of law school, played by Rosemary l.an1b. As the trial continued the threads began to unravel. ilessalyn Meredith discovered through Maxine l.owe's testi- inony that she was Maxine l.owe's daughter. Alessalyn then joined her n1other's defense attorney, james Hathaway, to help prove her mother's innocence. lluekuround: S. Olson, ll. lillmw, D. Sehrztnz. F. liolmnnon, .l. Johnson, R. Sgmmert, G. Aekfty, Ii. Basis-tt. l"oreg'rouml: Y. liooth, l'. Mel:-on, l'. Knutson. .l. R4-Ihlefson, li. llnsh, IC. Rt-yno!d-1, J. Unolin, A. Kelley. A. Davidson, K. Johnson. R, Lamb, K. Jensen, R. Lawson, R. Speneer, H- -I,,h,,,,,,,,, K. l,j,m.r,,,,,' lg. Hnlml-s. Jury: J. Madison. S. Tihht-tts, ll. lloltglzn, A. Donovan, J. Irving, Y. Tunper. lfront row: ll, Smith, ID. Good, .I. Weller, ll. fiiuoux, .l. Yatndersloep, A. Aden. si x if If x I 2 ix 0UR HEARTS WERE Y0llNG AND GAY Glenda Aekley as limily Kimbrough and Karen Jensen as Cornelia Otis Skinner. The iunior class play cast, which netted a total of 5425 for the benefit of the prom and banquet, stand below in their 1920 costumes in the uproariously funny comedy of Cornelia's famous European trip. Some superb acting came from the "crew" shown here. Left to right: Allan Donovan, Judy Landolt, Roy Lawson, Bob Fitzgerald, john Irving, Joe Doolin. Karen -lensen, Karen Emerson, Glenda Aclxley, Ken Jacob, Charles Bassett. .lanice Kautto, Rosalie Zweifel. Sitting: Terry Shappee. Susan john Turbyne headed stage Tibbetts and l.ind.1 Kelly. Mr. Wfhitney was directorg Betty Toy, assistant director. Mr. construction, calling for a boat interior and a hotel room. I.:-ft to riirhi: M. Wells, S. Neal, S. Stanyzc, B. Thompson, .l. Rethleffon, G. Rig'g'ert, L. Hurlhurt, J. Pullam. D. Plaep, M. Zuerchcr, W. Arlnms, N. .Iuhn-nn, .l. St-hranz. M. Miles, T. Shappee, L. Lewis, ll. Finch, M. Shulcr, .l. Ingles, I.. Fountain, L. Hesse, .l. Kautto, D. Ward, .l. Davis, B. Arnold, L. Foster, D. Moore, G. Louek', C. Hague, Mrs. .l. Jackson, Roy Lawron. Left to right: Susan Tiinln-tts, Charlotte Pye, Judy Rethlefsen, Kathy George, Mury l'li:iniluers. .lean Fitehen, Lynn Hebert, Robyn Emerson, Barbara Dixon, pianist. MIXED CHURUS The above group of singers was the well known mixed chorus, directed by Mrs. Jacqueline Qlaclason. The stress was on quality and comments praising the efforts of the chorus during the year showed that they achieved it. The group sang for many assemblies as well taking a maio' role in the annual concerts sponsored by the music department: the fall, Christmas, and spring musicals. Solo work was don-: by Dale Wfynia and Bill Finch. Meeting after school to rehearse, the group at left lanown as Triple Trio prepared for singing engagements of great variety. They entertained service clubs, took part' in assemblies as vocal ensembles, and were part of the regular concerts in the audi- torium. VUCIIL MUSIC GIRLS GLEE At right tht- colorful singing group ltnown .is Girls' lilcc. Tlisir ufforts 11'c1'c 0IllSI.II1tIllIg it was s.1iti, with cxccllcnt r.1ngc .intl blcntling. As othcr 1'oc.1l groups in thc high school thc Ciirls Cilcc took P.1I'l in .Ill thc conccrts lit-ld hy this high school. They .1lso wcrc .1 ticaturctl section ot lioth thc Pl'lI.IIlIiSglYtIIg .intl thc Vil- cntinc Assciiilwly. They took part in tht- tiistrict music contest hcltl rhii war in fXstor1.1. Ch.1rlottc Pvc w.1s thu .1ccon1p.1nist of .1 group prctlom- .. . Q if Back row, In-ft to riszhtz U. Nelson, I'. Anderson, I'. Knut on, I'. Ilulwr, IC. Srlirorclvr, I.. Iles mr lltdlllly LlI1tlCI'Cl.l5SIlICI1. Middle: ti. Avklvy, J. Wvlwr, C. Pye, Il. Starr, .l. Knut on, K. th-urge. Front rom: Mrs It son, Ii. Nota-Imont, Ii. Norman. R. I-Imerson, S. Wood, .l. Smith, Ii. I'aIlin, SEXTET l'lI'L'klllL'l1Ilf' Cl1IL'I'I.llIIIltg .it vcry sl1ort noticc, this 1'oc.il CIINCIIIIHIA' known .ls rlw Scxtct rc- ccivctl much ldllltt' from l'.T.fX. groups .intl othcr liltc UI'g.lllIY.lIIOllN. liltc the Triplc Trio, they Incl .iftcr school for practicc, .intl liltc thc rust of thc 1'oc.1l tlcp.1rtn1cnt toolt .1 lJ.ll'I in most ol ilit- progr.1n1s tluring this yC.ll'. 'I'l1cir spring .ictiritics took thcm into alis- Il'Ik'l compctition. Pianist. .Indy Rvthlt-l's1'n: lvft to right: Rust-mary I.uml1. Ilnrhnrai Ilixun, .lnnirv liztutto. Kathy tlvorgrt-, Louire Lewis, Virginia Aaronholt. The Tilla-Hi hand, directed hy Mr. Delmar Mahec, at the hand contest. 55 Q 5 Q X 1 V ! E The lotxil merch.ints of the city of Tillamook sponsored .1 spring open- ing this ye.u'. l:C.lfLII'L'kl with this opening w.1s the lmml contest of Til- lamook COLll1Iy. Neuh- K.il1- Nic High, l,ih:rty junior High, giml Nes- tuccn High were the schools p41rticip.1ting iii the event. Tillamook high selmol took first place honors with their novelty tune "Mambo li.1ml." Neuh- Kali-Nic won first place on the classical part of the program. liirst prize nmountetl to 530011. l By pinch hitting for the regular band. playing at pep assembles. travel- ing to away games, and many other tasks, the Pep Band has nude itself known around THS. Consisting of a repre- sentative from each of the various sections of the band, this group has been acclaimed for its pep and vigor. All members of the regular band hope to play on the pep band -some day. BAN The twenty-one piece Tillamook high school band, augmented at special occa- sions by members of the junior high band, were frequent entertainers for school and community functions, where their colorful costumes and excellent music were wel- comed and applauded. During the year they presented special music assemblies and even concerts in co- operation with the vocal music department. There were three such affairs, one in the fall, one at Christmas, and one during the spring term. In addition the band provided background music at school plays. For the junior play, "Our Hearts were Young and Gay," their repertoire consisted of 1929 tunes in keeping with the theme of the play. Picture identification left to right: Baxter Moore, Richard Mahee. Bnh Bassett, Robert Fitzsimmorlh. John Irving. Victor Creech, Nikki Griffith, Gordon Stewart, Dannice Moore, Dale Wynia, Rohert Astle- ford, Robert James, hack row. Front row: Barbara Dixon, l'at.'y Miller, Charlotte Pye, Dehra Sehranz and Gary Elbow. ln the extreme hackgrnund: Delmar Mnhee, director. PEP BAND Left to right: R. Mallee, R. Bassett. P. Miller, R. Palmer, L. Dummer, D. Moore, G. Stewart, D. Wynia, E. Fischler, L. Siehcrt, R. James, G. Elhow. , xx H u p Q if ts N KEN JOHNSON ROY LAWSON CAROL MeMINIMI'II-I KATHY PERSHALL CHARLES HASSHTT Secretary President Vice President 'Sv' if .W KARICN .IICNSICN MARUIP1 Wl'Il.l.S .II'IANlC'l"I'l'I 'FOI-il. ROSICMARY LAMB BARBARA IJIXON 1 exif- ' ' -1' 1 'M .-., 'f ,..,, 5:5 4 MARY ANN Ill-IDITC DICK PLAEI' ROS-ALIE ZWEIFEL LELAND MeMURl'HY SIIHRRIIC KINNAMAN ROGER JAMES KAREN EMICRSON KEN JACOB l4l'I'l"I'Y TOY l'IDD1l'I MURRAY PHILOKALUNS Philolaalons, the Tillamook high school chapter of the National I-Ionor Society, is considered the highest honor which a high school student can achieve if elected to membership in it. Membership is based on outstanding traits of cll1.ll'.lCICI' and Leadership and superior Scholarship, as well as outstanding Service to the school and community. Mem- bers must be of junior or senior standing and are required to uphold the basic traits of membership after their induc- tion also. During the past school year the Philoltalons awarded a S100 scholarship to a graduating senior, assisted the administration, and compiled the honor roll. Two dances were held also. Spring and fall tapping ceremonies were conducted by the members to select worthy members of the student body for induction into the society. Carol Gorton, though not pictured, was a transfer to the Philokalon Chapter from the Neah-Kah-Nic National Honor Society Chapter. Officers for the year were president, Carol McMinimeeg vice-president, Kathy Pershallg and secretary, Roy Lawson. Adviser was Miss Vida Abrams. QUEEN RQSEMARY I BEING CRQWNED BY 1954 QUEEN CRAY U i m e s campaign, xleanette Smitli. ,Ieanette and lier run- ning mates, tluanell Stafelt, Sandee Martin and Susan Tib- betts, raised S327 for polio. QUEEN ,IEANETTE Ulf THE 1956 MARCH OF DIMES Pictured at tlie left is tlie Queen of tlie 1956 Mareli of 1955 l'lOMlfClOMlNCi activities were ruled by lovely Rosemary Lamb and laer court sliown at tl1e left. Tltey were, from left to right in tlie picture, Mary Ann Lellue, Natalie Edgar and jean- ette Tolil. Homecoming activities consisted of tlie Coronation, a bon- fire, a parade complete witli floats, and a dance. Tlie big game was October li witli Astoria. 4 BAXTER HOUR E and .lUANliI,l. STAl"lfli KUNG and QUEEN Ol" lllfARTS Crowned at tlie annual Valen- tine lleart Dance, tliis year spon- sored by tlie junior class, were Baxter Moore and .luauell Stallelt. botlt of tlme senior class and .1 popular study couple. SENIOR BAl,l, RING CQIQORGE King of tlie senior's biggest dance, Llie Clliristmas season's Senfor Ball, was George Mae- ltey. llis queen was Katie Brennen. Clliarles Bassett and Ken -Iolinson were also 1110111- bers of tlie Court. George is pictured at middle left. it I -K Q me K i gm K 21 5, 'Qi 9 'MQ 'Q i 5 sw., ,ww 93 iff SPURTS Standing: ll. Fritrhi-r, M. Smith. R. lleeler, G. Widmer, J. Gienger, 1. Coats, R. Rader, A. Trotter, G. Hoffman. G. Markey, E. llunsworth D. Wynin. ll. l'lnt-p, T. Gicnizer. Km-eliniz: P. Bomzs, I.. Olson, B. Miner, D. Collins, J. Ripka, C. Bassett, R. Spencer, J. Paulson, K. Allrcad I.. Prorlnr. Com-lies: Gm-rtzen, Lewis, Rosharh and Dooher. Cheesemaker Football Teams Rate State Semi-Finals in 1955 Tillamook had the most successful football season this year of 1955 that the community had seen for many years. Coach Don Ros- bach fielded a team that in his first year of mentoring at Tilla-Hi went all the way into the semi-finals of state A-2 football cham- pionship. The powerful Mook squad bowed at the last to the Dallas team on a muddy Dallas field in a game where the Cheesemakers dominated all aspects of play relative to gains in the air and on the ground but failed to score: Dallas sneaked across one T.D. in the third quarter to take the game. They lost the next week to Vale. DUN ROSIKACH lla-:nl ClHlk'll Tillamook's group of outstanding coaches was headed by Don Rosbach, formerly of Camas. Wfashington. His first year was tremendously successful and saw his Tillamook won everything in the Norco league and brought home the first official Norco trophy in this first year the team played A-2 ball. The Mooks lost three games all season: One to As- toria, one to Parkrose and one to Dallas. INDIVIDUAL SCORING FOR MOOKS Point getters for following boys: the red and whites were the Cheesemakers go into State semi-finals. Fl'ifCl'fC1', ST- -- 69 Tony Dooher, backfield coach, came to Coats' Sr' ' " 65 . Trotter, r. . .. 32 Tillamook from Wootlburia, though he J l ' l Spencer, Sr. . . 31 had coached at Tillamook Catholic earlier , Bassett, Sr. . .. lf in his career. Line Coach Al Goertzen was Dooley, Sr. U I 6 filling out his second year as line mentor Plaep, Sr. . . 6 for the red and white. Gicnilcf- Sf- - - 1 TONY D00lll'lR ltzieldielil Cont-h Total Score: , Tillamook 195 .. Opponents 73 Al- GUl'3Wl'Z1'7N Line Cozieh Game time on the l'hee.+i-niakers home gridiron allowing crowd, radio hoolh, and team. Despite the mud, yardage was gained. Til! the hall out of the rece-in-r's hznnl' Mnok mninstays imiin: after the hall earrier. Little ynrrlaire. 1955 SEASUN SCURES Tillamook Tillamook September 9 26 Redmond September I6 2 7 Nest ueen September 2 3 Tillamook 28 kNleal1-Kabi-Nie September 3 U Tillamook 19 Parkrose October 7 Tillamook 20 Seaside October 14 Tillzmook 0 Astoria Ogmb.-4' Il Tillamook 30 W.ll'l'CI1iL1'l November 4 Tillamook 12 St. Helens November ll Tillamook 33 Newport lqunrtcr-finals, November 18 Tillamook 0 Dallas fsemi-finalsj 7 0 ti 20 ll 13 7 7 U 6 Fonsifzlent ground gniner,llnrv Frileln-r, gains some more, vs. Wnrri-nton. I Field noi n llil wel toward the end ol' the reason. 1 X E 5 ! 5 It's all over. llack to the shower room. DAII XX X NIA C entex 53 I :::::V izzz .VQVVVQ HA R V FR ITC H Ii B em ' I. -z zf Halfbnck cfm I I. K' '," ' Y QIIM QOATS I' H I lfullbdcli All State Honorable Mex I V..," V 5 AL TROTTER 2' 4 3 Hnlfbnck I PAUI, WII.LEY Gugzrcl KEN ALLREAD End DICK PLAEP Tackle GARY HOIIFIVIAIXI Guard MORRY SMITH G unrd i JIM BURNS ' I , Scene from H1 HQ-'d Mkxnngtr hcarthreakcr w RED SPENCER Quarterback BUD BASSETT Halfbacli TIZRR Y lX7'OLliY Halfbacla TOM ClllfNGEll Fml l'Hll. BOGGS Halflnacli DICK l'Hll.l,ll7S Halfluck + :haf Ll. TTERMEN 1-the Parkrusu mann' which Monks los! hv onlv one puini. Tho second Dallas and elimination from lflili Y Rll'K.fX lfml Cil'fNlf XVll3Ml1R Center the A-.. playoffs. wi , Ml I 'nz ,xt in yi? CQFORGE MACKEY Tackle I-il State llonoralnlc Mention ww... 4' W 'flaw-f "A" SQUAD BASKETBALL 1 Christensen, A. Trotter, G. Rixrgert, D. Plaep, G. Mackey. The season started with quick success for the Mooks as they de- feated three of their opponents in the first NORCO League Jamboree and took first honors. They continued over the season and piled up a fine 16 win - 8 loss record, counting jamboree and tourney play. The Cheescmakers won first with Seaside as Co-Champions of NORCO League and placed third in District 1. The season saw many fast-moving games for the locals, and the Camas fray was the first defeat for the Mooks. However, Swan- son's five came back to win court honors over the Papermakers on their home maples. The Cheesemakers played four games with their biggest rivals, the Seaside Seagulls and ended the season in a tie for first but with a satisfying win over Gulls at the season's finale, which edged them out of third in district. The local team outscored their opponents by a big 92 counters in a season of rallying 1211 for Tillamook and 1119 for the oppon- ents. Much of Tillamook's success was due to the Carefully planned court work of Coach Barney Swanson over the past three years. Barney gave good ground work to the team over the years and showed results in this 1955-1956 season. Stanrlinsz: B. Moore, K. Johnson, K. Jacob, Coach Barney Swan, J. Coats, H. Friteher, R. Spencer. Kneeling: R. 1955-1956 Schedule Tillamook Tillamook Tillamook Tillamook Tillamook Tillamook Tillamook Tillamook Tillamook Tillamook Tillamook Tillamook Tillamook Tillamook Tillamook Tillamook Tillamook Tillamook Tillamook Tillamook Tillamook Tillamook Tillamook Tillamook Tillamook Tillamook Total . . . ..15 ..14 ..12 M49 .51 .,39 ..57 .,52 ..75 ..51 .,33 .,40 ..56 ..33 ..56 ..50 ..52 .,58 ..45 ..52 ..55 ..65 .,52 ,44 ..45 .60 1,211 Nestucca ..... 8 Neah-Kala-Nic 11 Seaside ...... 10 Newport .... 45 Camas . . . . . 59 Camas . . . . . 37 Newport .... 47 Toledo ...... 38 Central U . . . 44 Central U . .. 38 Astoria ..... 41 Nestucca .... 38 Neah-Kah-Nic 51 Astoria . . . . 36 Seaside . . . , , 43 Oswego ..... 62 Nestucca .... 49 Neah-Kah-Nie 50 Seaside .... . 60 Warrentoia . . 45 W:iri'enton . . 35 Oswego ,..,. 53 Pac. Frosh .. 72 Seaside ...... CJD CJD CJD sorry St. Helens 46 CTD SIQTQ Seaside ...... Total .., 1,119 Robert Spencer, Sr. Guard, 319 pt., George Mackey, Sr. Center, 231 pt.g Jim Coats, Sr. Forward, 184 pt., Glenn gert, Sr. Forward, 151 pt., Ken Jacob, Jr. Forward, 136 pt., Harvey Fritcher, Sr. Guard, 82 pt., Ken johnson Guard, 74 pt., Richard Christensen, Sr. Forward, 14 pt. 3 Rig- Sr. '11 Q' 'Nd 5 3 - 1 2 5:, A X 32 . 2: 'f- f A YS 53 3 W, Q Q W ., ,,.., up tc UN 'lui la., Q .IQ ...G uf fx S , 'X : ,K M Q x Qfx.. il L! X 1 .0 L 4 .Q A , E ., ,N , X ' if 5 x-ns A il .k' A -'I ,I Q. S Q xl Eg sg V KN U if + Q C 3 3 'C ,, I ig 3 W Q ,Q ,+I -fy ,a , 1 ' . A.. K J 43 S U E ' 0 x 4 ' I ill "B" BASKETBALL Slandinxr, left to riirht: Coach Darrel Lewis, R. lleeler, B. Baty, E. Murray, B. Miner, D. Vaughn, G. Madison. Kneeling: R. Trammvl, G. Halfield. H. Smith, R. Gienger,R. James. Tillamook Tillnmook Tillamook Tillamook Tillamook Tillamook Coach lfrosh team accumulated a four win-five loss re- cord scorii Ifrosh S4 lfrosh Z9 lirosh 22 lfrosh 45 lfrosli 33 lfrosh 36 lfrosli 38 l:I'O5l1l -+0 lirosh -+0 Neahkah fr. 28 lfrosh score opponents -lil Newport 35 Nestuceu 39 Newport 55 Toledo 35 Central Union .. 3-l T.C.H.S. Al Goertzeifs ig as follows: Nclialcm B 24 TCHS B 46 Astoria 53 Nehalem B 18 Astoria 44 Neahliah lfr. 30 "xVarrenton 49 NVarrenton S1 d 337 to their 343. 32 Tillamook 2h Tillamook 26 Tillamook 32 Tillamook 42 Tillamook 37 Tillamook Tillamook Um-ntral Astoria Nestuce Neuh-K Astoria Seaside Oswego Union a ah-Nic Tillamook Tillamook Tillamook Tillamook Tillamook Tillamook Tillamook FBUSH BASKETBALL Coach Darrell Lcwis lei his Bee team to a success ful season this year o 1955-S6 basketball. Th squad ended play with fourteen win, six loss re cord in a long season o' play. Coach Lewis playec a two squad group eacl as powerful as the othe in scoring punch. The Bees racked a tota of 864 points against . 787 total for the oppon ents. IH Nesturea 28 50 Neal!-Kah-Nie ill 31 Seaside IM 55 Warrenlon 55 52 Warrenton FHS GI 0..we1ro .12 47 Seaside -86 Standing, left to right: R. Lovitt, M. Hayes, D. Leuthold, L. Hoffman. B. Plaep, J. Hoffert, J. Tone, J. Brummel, R. Maher, Coach Al Goertzen, D. Hoffert, R. Buel, G. Van tress, J. Shartel, G. Robinson. WRESTLING TEAM Back row: lvlrinnprq-rs, G. Altman and G. Elliot: wrestlers, .l. Klahn, E. Robitseh, S. Stratton, J. Doolin, J. Gienzer, R. Makinster, R. Mnchen, G. VYiclmer, C, Larson, R. llaettt, and Coach Dun Roshach. Front row: H. Tupper, C. Kenney, G. Martinson, J. Markee, G. Stewart, ll. Fletch- er, R. Anderson, R. Hedim-r, M. Smith, T. Gienger, .l. Ripka, P. Willey. The Tillamook high school wrestling squad finished the season with a one win-five loss record. The team, how- ever, did have a very fine year of rebuilding under new coach, Don Rosbach. Although they lost five, all these were very close matches with the Cheesemen only losing by about five points in any one match. Co-captains for this year's team were Morry Smith and Tom Gienger. They both finished third in district. Be- cause of the lack of weight in several classes, Tom Gienger and jerry Ripka wrestled over their weight by about two classes. Little joe Markee had the best record with 7 wins and one loss over the season. He was closely followed by Morry Smith with a 9-3 record and Tom Gienger with 8-4 Morry Smith has the biggest point getter for the year with 52. Tom Gienger was next with 422. 'I i The squad only lost three men this year via graduation. These were Smith, Gienger and Paul Willey. The boys will be missed but Mr. Rosbach is looking forward to a very successful 1957 season due to this year's work. Morry Smith Tom Gienizer . .lov Markee lliek llediprer . ...., . .li-rry Ripku . . Gordon Stewart Holi Anderson , Gale Mnrtinsen 52 42l 2-H' 2292 20 175 15 145 IN DIVIDUAL SCORING Charles Kenny Paul Willey , , Dean Fletcher , Joe Doolin ,, Richard Maehen Mike Schmitz Steven Stratton Hugh Rosenberg 9 ', 5 D-f 49 Gene Widmer . 4'fQ Holmes Tupper 4 Ronnie Meliinster . 295: Bob Bassett . . 2 Ed Rohitseh . 2 Jerry Klahn . 2 Connie Larson , ', ki? 1- -Q Q, ,Jr " Gel Yum .N wg, or 'Sw 9 PQ K QQQTSXSX X, .A if 1 A f, fx gwifv v V X S Kimi QQ. 5. Q Y ind- xii , Ve ,f. :ASE M X 1 52.1 N fb. iv b , N e - ,SAHX 1 X K X S, X X - xx W. . X - 2 -:,.sQiasQ,N1 x Q . X .Q -a 2' S1 P' wk gg Sw Y? 4 K ., M---M X 5 Q xx N 2- SW Q X S 5 3 xi 4 iw z + i.. 'fe YN U? L 9 N , ww wwwwxwzv f - f f B Q , . Nm. :EV ..., , , J gg, ., KZ V 1 V g K-awww Q 9 5' g an K fit . . T yi' I .46 als. W ,f 1 1' 1 M---h , ,L , , .l'y'f' -- A 4 1 A W? J... kv M. -N wx ,..' M 3 ,J 'EH D- L I , X I' x Q .X 'vi- fx , 3 . 'ikgfze QUEEN IUANELL I PROM - 1956 The 1956 Prom, sponsored hy the Class of 1957 in honor of the soon-to-be-grach uated Class of 1956, was held on the evening of April 28 at the Officers Club of the Naval Air Base. ' 1 1 2 S The banquet was held in the high school cafeteria. The theme "Stairway to the Stars" was carried out throughout thc evening at both affairs. The largest crowd ever to attend a Tillamook High Prom was on hand to see Queen -Iuanell crowned to rule over the evening. Co-chairmen of the Prom were Roger james and Karen Emerson. Tlll-I 1956 PROM COURT shown above from left to right are .loyee Mirow, Queen .luanell Stafek, and Jeanette Tohl. Their escorts were Denny Thomas, Baxter Moore, and Jerry Johnson, "SEVEllTEEN" THE CAST IN CDSTUME Extreme hack: D. Wynin, S. Tihlwtts, D. Hancock, B. Toy, F. Bohannnn. Standing: J. Davis, I.. Hebert. J. Krause, C. Pye, .I. Donlin, l.. Proctor, G. Elhow, B. Hassett, T. Shappee, R. Lamh, C. Bassett, D. Spencer. N. Griffith, K. Johnson, G. Holmes, K. Jneoh, l.. Sieherl, C. McMinimee, J. Wt-her, J. Tromhley. B. Thompson. Sitting: M. Lt-Duc. A. Davidson, L. Kelly, B. Dixon, R. Emerson, J. Knuttn, J. Stafek. Front row: R. Rocky, T. Gienger, J. Schranz, E. Trammell. THE BAXTERS AND l.0Lll Tl ' .t l' t bod 1. "Sa ' teen" wa a s it s ut tn y p ly even s , if tremendous success. This was the first musical- comedy presented at Tillamook high school for many years. v ? Q f Audience reaction was particularly good for this production. Nearly 1500 people witnessed , the songs, dances, and acting of Terry Shappee Y. - u as Willie Baxter and Rosemary Lamb as Lola Pratt. The many colorful costumes and realistic L L, sets added to the intriguing musical. 4 ,,,. .,.,. , I X? i 3 'Q Q X Mr. john Turbyne. Mr. Don Whitney, and ' Mrs. jackie jackson were commended on their A ' H 5 fine efforts in directing the cast of 45 people X.- YT, -1 and e story into a success. With their continuing help and suggestions the play was very interest- ing and entertaining. The costumes worn showed the realistic clothes of 1907 and setting. From left to right: Dorien Hancock, Dale Wynia, Susan Tihht-tts, Terry Shnppee, Rosemary Lamb. A l'l.".'UI'ti cruwtl of I-H10 saw the Class of 1996 graduate on the evening of May 25 in the Tillamook Iligll Se Aldis Wflvlw as main speaker. Speakers for the graduation were S.lzLlI1llOI'i.lI1 Roy Lawson, Valedictorian Rust font Row, left tn right: Ken klnlmnwon, Betty Noteboom. Roy Lawson, Rosemary Lamb, leland MeMurpl1y, lic llluwv, Rosie Krostag, Ciary Holmes. Second row: Ken Allread, AlLlLll1ii.l lfberlmard, XX"ayne Haugen, Debra Selmranl, obert Spencer. -lean Swint, Ron Vanlioeltel. Third row: Dun Mapew, Cami Mealinimee. lee Carver. -loan Naegeli. I 'um Ciienger. I'-0LlI'llN row: Ron XVilli.nns, Mary Olson, 1iO!l Summers, llmiy Galloway, Paul larison, Uiane Xvard, ktafelt. lfifth row: XVilli.nn l5LlQs.1x'd, Ciraee Shaw, Albert Mitchell, Helen Manilla, Robert lfitlgerald, Paula Strait, A I linda Krelw, Aleanette Tolml, Karen llensen, George Mackey, Carol Peterson, lit-tty lruess, Carol Gorton, Myrna If Rnellard cllH'iSlt'l15Cl'l, Margaret XVells, Grayden Bernard, Sally Leach. Nm shown in picture: Charles Bassett, ,Ian itoriuin. ll.lL'C.ll.lLll'C.IlJ services were heltl the preceding Suntl.iy evening, May 20, with The Reverend imh. .intl Claw .intl llteulty speakers Ken Alohnson .intl lXl.lI'g.!l'Cl Wlell-z. S v . K gt - it S 6 . Q orm.in, Rieh.irtl Phillips, Kathy Persh.ill, Dean lfleteher, M.1ry Ann Lellue, klnred Johnson, Carol l,oop, ijiry lfriteher, New Binge, Vhil Boggs, Carolyn Hotlgtlon, l7.tle W'yni.t, Carol T.tnner, l,4irry Zygar, xloygg Mi,-ow ley, fi.ll'f1l l".1rrin. Aloha Mntlcling, lS.ll'l7.ll'gl Dixon, lhvid Smith. 4I.inice lngles, Terry Dooley, Wlinnie Tuthill LrI'l'in.tn, louise lewis, RlL'l1.ll'Ll Plgiep, Sherrie KlllI1.lI'H.7l1, Perry Meir.on, listher Schroeder, Baxter Moore, -ltmnell tirtlielx, N.tt.ilie lftlgnr, Glenn Riggert, Artlis lhvidwn. l.4lllCC Olixer. Kay Smith. Sixth row: lliiryl l7.inforth lllene Kelly, l,.llI'lCl.l l:.lll'lO.ll'lliS. Seventh row: -Iohn Paulson, Virginia Booth, Nlerwyn lltilhert, lionnice Moon ts, lfunice lftlxmrtls, Beverly ll.ish, Beverly Marshall. Maxine Rush, Morrey Smith. BASEBALL J 5 . ff? 6 .. s ,, wld t , Q . I " ' - ": ,gg .1 if " f' is ii? 91 if 'iff 'Y YM- . Mx . f A g J ..-A' ,-" ...- ,f ug! Qi : 'kwswwai i 'C Q ef 3 T ,.,. News i, ,L N-.., ff' BASEBALL Tl-JAM: Front row: P. Melson, pg L. Anderson, rf: M. Hulhurt, p: D. Wynia, third: P. Boggs, second: D. McClain, cg R. Fitzsimmons, ss: R. Baty, c. Rack row: E. Trammell, second: R. Olson, D: R. Trammell: R. Roberts, lf: Mr. Tony Dooher, coach: G. Riiuu-rt. Di A. Trotter, cfg R. Spencer, If: W. Finch, c. The Tillamook diamond men were deep in experience and had depth for any position. The Checsemen had an 8 wir.-6 loss record. The Mooks played some of the top freshmen teams in the Northwest and made a good showing in most games. The diamond men played the top team in the Valley Coast League, Central Catholic, and snubbed them 6 to 3. Under the coaching of Tony Dooher, the Mooks were pointing towards the league championship and state, but lost tht-ii chance at Seaside in a double headerg the Mooks los: the first, 2 to Og the second game, 3 to 0. S i , -SQ! Q, r ..., ,,., , M g Q . f 4 .Q qppt lg 5 ,W ,K , Qaiizifm N , aj 1 4 se X, 2 Q i E2 MERWIN HULBURT and PERRY MELSON the two Tillamook hurlers sizing up the opposition. Neahkahnie Willamette Frosh 11 Neahkahnic Neahkahnic Nestucca Nestucca Central Catholic Seaside Seaside Linfield Iirosh Astoria Oregon Frosh Warrenton Warrentoxi 1956 SEI-lSON Tillamook Tillamook Tillamook Tillamook Tillamook Tillamook Tillamook Tillamook Tillamook Tillamook Tillamook Tillamook Tillamook Tillamook 10 0 4 6 7 23 6 O 0 4 2 l 16 7 86 TRACK 5 ""9lF'i TRACK TEAM: Front row: Assistant Coach Don Roshaeh, Baxter Moore, pole vault: Charles Bassett, 220: Allen Trotter. 100 and 220: .lim Coats. discus, shot. relay: Perry Reeder, javelin. Bark row: Eddie Murray, low hurdles, 220, discus: Dt-Royce Bell, high jump, broad jump: Gary Holnu-s, 440: Steve Stratton, mile: Frank Bohannun, mile: Harvey Frankn, hiizh jump: Wally Cunningham. manager, mile. Henrl Foaeh Al Goertzen. Tillamook high's 1956 track season could easily be named the most successful that the Mooks have had. Coupled with good weather for practicing and the coaching of head coach Al Goertzen and his assistant Don ROSb4lCli. Iliff ClI1ClCFIl1CI1 C0I1SlSICI1fly brought home top honors in their meets and went into state competition with four track men who pulled down an eighth place there. Charles Bassett, .lim Coats, Allan Trotter, and Roger -lame-a were the four who went to state. The relay team brought home a third, and Jim threw the discus to .1 third and the shot to a fourth place. SC.'lS0l't'S scoring saw the following results: 1956 TRACK SEASON Second place-77 pts. 4-way meet: vs. Seaside, Xxfarrenton, Astoria. lfirsx place-78 pts. W 2-way vs. Neah. 4-""' lfirt' place-ll2 pts. 3-way vs. Newherg, lforest Grove. Second place-S9 pts. M f V- - f - - - '- - .ff l -:si X 2' " t 4 K+, 6"lh'.ly ts. Ncxxpott, Toledo, Taft, W.llLlt3t7lI, Q butyl WCW- 'W K 1 'W' ' ' ' Second place-Sl pts. A gi I , 'I 3-way vs. McMinnville. Newberg. . ,. l H , Q .. . V , . ,K 1 1- ' ., ji-.:, j 5 Ili'--tl place-37 pt-:. 4 ' mt 'V 'Wg' i 'A if A .. -I 3' "if -I--way vs. Mchlinnville, llillsboro. Nvest Linn. Q K ' , ' ,.. Second place-54 pts. A , ,W K- . , , 'M k W . . ' ' ' s ,. me uw' Norco. . 1 . i A .W , V . ' agua. lfirst place-76 pts. . llqblhl llll b ' mf N A3 Counll' Meet - . A M " F, I W :W Ai W Second place--+R pts. - ,X I L m .J M 2 lk, ' 'W ' 44 District meet. V V H1 1 One half of the Tilla-Hi relay team. .lim Coats. senior. and Allen Trotter, lagxlttlt plltc 16 pts. junior, pass the baton in prarlire session on the Tilla-Hi field. Roger James, SUIIC. junior. and Charlezi Bassett, senior, wait for the next lap. W tus tis fr' GOLF TEAM: Cnarh Barney Swanson, R. Buel, J. Hoffert, R. Sheldon, R. Wood, R. Lemery, D. Hoffert, A. Johnson. The young and very inexperienced golf team spent most of the season building. Consisting of all freshmen members with the exception of one sophomore, the seven man squad took on severe competition in the area with the inevitable results. The highlight of the year was the defeat they administered to the Neah-Kah-Nie squad. They were third in the Norco league. But as the boys said, "Just wait a year or two." i THE ALMA MATER Oli, 'l'illfn11r1r.f6, our Alum Mizlw, Tillanmok, our Alum Mflfw, WH' frail llapv f'nIm'x fl'IIt', To ffm' zu' wing our jmlisv. We aluvz-vx il.'!:lI nm' lnlfflrs, To flux' uv' Jing, lo ffm' Il'!' jzlzxf-gr, Om' fc'Hnu'x figfwf for -vnu, TM' SfI'l'lI1Qlif7 of ull our Jays. 'Lf 1- , Y x , Aria. ' .ff- 11131. fi' fy. .Q X , x , ish 1 1 F' fififaif 2 ,L ' my ' 4 ' 13" :'- 'N 1- - '- F i fi," x 1 X' 1 K ' N T if 'J X- 5 vixd 111. wx . V J . ,.4!aw'i, ' 1 7 N' ZQCWTQW ' ' F- ' ' 'W 1' ,. .. , X X . 1- ,A V V X ' 1 Q M t Y! 1 U , flu . 0, Raw ,XX . .lm Qhfv ' Lg. v Xa Rf L., 'Q l.L L. A ! ,,-. , ' Q xl X .'V Aix 'N , "- Prix V 1" Q", 1 W. - Us . 5 , -V 28 . lvl. Q fx. M, xx VI F .I 1 X? , ' , ' x , X ' Www ix Y' ' A Y A i- 1 'ix it '. , ,.l' L , ,X 1 V-g '.A- , nfl, I x U Iliff! 54 .WWW 1 W WW KMWW Jef dw 95 A wwf W4,V4NNM I W WWW x .. 4 -w 6 ..- .. U.. I... 'f"Li, . yang xv ,4-.. - L. ' .Ziff 1 ' ' 2. f,4..:, -W ,U f v, ', g - 1 ' - -r 4 , ,' 5-xt-' . . x"A ,,,.. V 'ir 't 1 .-U J ., .f..w-.4 X wh lr, .11-' ,. - A '.' .1-:JM-7 P '. .QL 4 V4 74' 's4 , 4' . -15 ':, ' 4' f-f 5 F X , , ' x' 1.35.4 ' ' ' 'H ,4' :L fy . . N . 1 Af ' . ' 'T F' . . . " w '- V, , .1 - . 44..4-.4. ... 4 .44-414' 4 4, fy X ,b .- 'ff-5A7i,4 -,."g 1 ".1 A 4. ' , -my 4. .mf xg . ye -..ff .. -an . . .11 .Q .J af Q.-rf - pk fy. -V ' ...fy .5 145, , ? 1.. ' : ,IJ 56 ,Nj ffg,i?.5-47' gba- Q. 4 '- by . ww-,f '5.g?4'f,-vu -W -.5 , .ff ffm. -'B-,Q 4.1: -.gfw?E:-ax. JJL f- '- - iffy, . , -' 4, 34 qfe4,.gg'41, '4-zip-E!ig'i1,'1,Q.:J 4" v ."fy.-r.,,.4.wf9:,Mui -. - 44, . .,44 VM..:,,, 44:4 ,4,,,' . fjzf- - 44 -,4. F4 ., '--' 4-V 4 -. 'H' W Jfixi. j"":'5i1l- '51 --44:-ff - H - 1 1 4 fi. , ia f-Whse-f"f'2" ."', "jj pf' fir: 4 ' g4vf'g,g.' y,-.ex .Jw fi'-. , . ' g f.,'L,:,,L:?' 1 ' i:25i.s::'v1 ?-5"A,..L:.: +" Wm.. 5,14 W' 44 4 4'.fT,,f'T1-2-Y'-fjwf .. . .4 ,EXT43 ..,. .5 . --" -w"f-.'- ,-ir " j-, 1.34. - .rfb ' -' 'f . . 'x,... . 4: -'42, , ,4 ' 13- 44.1, .,,'.i. '1 '11-:xl 2-'iff 7 A :jf , iw' ' - V ' ,J ... vm nw ,in 1 v 4.v .Hr J'- .vi f 4 . f 4, 1 A2 :N--1 . .1 '.:".1""H'.4i-' 1 -f, 4f. , 5 .' -,-"Je ,H 3.1-me Lg. ' '13-I'--f fj?i.f'.:'?Z4fi7-V " 'Pix 3, Luk, . . .- a 1- -' My ' :Zip js? ' , NIH 'TQLNJ '1'2gf3w. lf- . HQ.'2.-'- .4.,f. 1 ag 1 i.'5LI'11:im.,"mL .-215 ., f' A' ' ' '-R ".'!Jw,.i '-' 3'f.iT.'L -fi 1'1,'-.Ljgf-',,.Mfff1x4 C:"V..5f vii' .Lvl ' M5 ' ' aff 'igrivf i' .fs in ,. 4 -4fQ.,,4f,6T5 e 2'1f:. L pf'-. 4 Yi' , - 1 'gav'ff.,gvrf' , . -1 ,I+ ' .'.,' TI. .. ' L Q . , X ,M 4, ,f mia-'1'f1,'SNfi2gg 51 - .-A. ' 1 "di Ea?-' lidffx-1,r,1?1xi.'5 ,ZLKE . .. "3".'-" . f.: A' ..' . . s. g ""'f" mf"-i'. U - A . - 1 x f., gr 'ztt ,n-,.'.Q,-J, 1 '. . 4 , ' -1 DL' 4-1, -xg: ' .433-4,1 gs '. -,j5,:. L14 J' 'R-:M . .-,452 4-by-W: W 'K 1 1.1 4 , T4 elnlwii ,' X X KW: 1-Q. 4, K-lr. ' ..!".u' 1 1f',Ii'1F'-' '-' . M., we Y. A .Li 421- , fJf'i'.r'v f-p-..3.f'g-4.-.., " . 4 ywg 5 3 J. J Y ba. E1-:avi , i, . 4 .- 35.-e , 4 .-N. ,W Sp- ..-ESQ, 14 43.,J:4..:.' ,I 4' g.. " - .'-.,X!.1'- .'.-,.',,'-"'f' K 1 'aww :Q-l' 1-f5g,aS'f fc P 'ILA' 44 Qin- V? ,: ' Til' 1911! ' ,, - va- gi- ,.v1fI-.nr-fm:.5v,:f, -43 - :-,-"a N..." -1, ' " "1-411.1 X-.ififchsgejw is '- .- ' e+'1.: if?.9i5 a' 1 - I - . .. ' UW '?b!.:.ut - .. . 25.3.11 ,gif .,, I, V X -. H.-"im ,ii-i' - .'Y?i"'-' Ai ,QT-'Z C 1 -"'rf-24:21 321 '-sf." V1 -. vf. A -"1.'h'- - 4' r-WU' .. 41- .3 4 1 x ..,.1,,. ,.. ..... . .114 4 . 4 4 ,, , ., 'A 340' J 1 ' -"- , .1 ' .izg J.. VU - , gg Qffflg . , . . . . ,i.J,4,35e. . , .Q 'E "gif:-1-VQLQQA .ILA '-, Q-Ui ' N, nrt' ' HJ:-' r ',,,pw:'ff..-f 1-,',,--:NL-ij1,, 'fvkqu 4: 5' . 1 - 1'fu'f"E.: 'rv . .. ,..',..J .jagwxfi-1 .A 4. xr. 2,1 W- '.11A -in 1 "1 'fb- kzgff ,.- .. 44-. . u, ,ali ..'r4.-1..-V, L.. V., 41-.lf , 1 Man' ..,v 4 - -.Q 5, 4" .---'N .41 3 -.-34' N .l.f2,'44,- - ,- ,-, . m ..-4 .Q I 4 "f?'Q":Q .11 72 1' I iff? QQ QL.:-ij i.,1j,,ag,8' gl.-f 31- 4 1 fag.. ' 4 rl A f .sk 4 +V. 7.-fy.. .. ..,,...,., ., . ,... ,- .. ...hi .- - ,gg 1, . . 4. 4 . -, . . 7 kan: W? ',l-.inf-4' -,fy 35- J .4 . .n ,' ji, -'GLI 2 -fr, ,vnzgxf M 'cgi .' ,fQ..4... A my v '-. ' K f lf' Q: ' - 1 1-Jfuww' nf 'rm : . Nw- - F F Q Y Hr' , 'sg 9-F' 5. . I . T ' , 4 ,Q '. I. v f - . 1 x- ' ' .1 - 4 1 n Q 4,11 -K ga. H A, . , x Lo 6 N Y- xl Q. . ' ' '. -'f. ..,' "A-::r','1' ' 4r L Xa' ' 1 - - A a nj A -, I . . if? - 5 1 E ' N, V if A .M ' 4 wx' G 1 v r ,Mk ,Ol D Jq lf'-' 39, A ' , a A ' .A jlgf- ff-"' ' ', ' if 1 5 '1 if ! N -r , - V- it-: - - O 1 N X 5 x 0 0 D 0 r ECBQR o. 6 I I- f WX ,. - , Xa 0 ' 5 s Q , i 1 - . , 4 v , v , 1 . P . 0 01' 5 i u sn .1 Q. .iq x , NO' .3 wi- ' --A . V,, g 4 A xa I xo 5 V 1 C do 1 15 f 1 ' 1

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