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Tillamook High School - Kilchis Yearbook (Tillamook, OR) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Cover

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19 1 KILCHIS I ull IAIIIIIHI 5 x Nu SfIllll1fX 111 zumof 111 f 511120, 'hr'- Don Norris I lull Hugmut XIIFIOII Smith Xfuyoru XXlllxk1SOD Edltor Xss t Ldltor bus XIIIIIEDLI' Xdx Nlm 1L,LI' Cunulug Hughson Xlr Andurson Sxdmx NX Ll3,,Ll In Out In or Adxlscr t In Out lu Voxuxu Txuxn IULK ov!! 1u.,f'1-M ash FGREWARD ewery year the K1leh1s staff trxcs to fmd one 1Clea around whnch L0 bu1ld the annual Thls year the new hxgh school prouded that xdea The followmg dxvnslon pnetures of the new school SlgDlflLS the mlreh of progress In thxs bulldmg, T1lla moolx took 1 blg step toward brlghter horlzons for nts grzduates for you, the 'Sl semors, these p1etures wxll rev1ve memoues of last days spent 1n the old halls For those xx ho w1ll step mto the new classes, they hold the hope of a brxgnter tomorrow Xxlthout the ass1stanee md mme of Mr Cronant, our photographer, and our prmter, the Headhght Herald, tlns annual could not have been produced lt lb xuth pleasure the Kxlehls staff gnvcs you th1s 1951 Kllehls, Vour book of memorxes , Paula Hugbarf ,' ,Q , fsfwf V WW 3 -uf W y ' . . 'MMMWWWM if W 1 7 ' ' L' S' u , a as e opop or p l KT...-1 A wr 1 tum au ln futurt yum xull bt htld ll1 tht beautiful nux sthool noxx nur L0lUplLIl0l1 1 they rtnmunhtr tha. xxontltrful tlmts thu hxcl It th 501118 3 1 ,- ut xxtrt mlm XIOLIS momtnts btiort tht t ll lrtl l th S 1 r tl Il y t xt mn., t L ot XY0llx Cm thty utr forttt thx. tllntts mtl plrtlts l xx R tl t tt gn ttluttn ' lfilblllly not Tmcsc 5-mors tlltt with thtm mlm fond md thu' shttl l'llk,lI10l'lLN somt l1LlI'fbIK.llxS mlm fond rttnun brmtts No longer Null thut hulls ttho xxlth thtlr llllkrlltgl' Onlx tht xund xxnll rtmtmbtr thost dns wdlad, vu ,f 5flf2'1 l -1 tis class rtprcstnts tht list stutltnts to Q1 lduitt fiom tht old Illllmoolx lilgll Sthool Commtmtn1tnt ll IX though this IS 1 flI'LX!Lll to tht old nt IS llso 1 xultom tm tn. n x drm to usttrt IX 1 to st to o I MINI' vi' lu ifxlxl- iu 'Mx fm ima.. L51 ' AZ'3fJ3f' 1 -ae seal'-if 9- 'X' , 'SS YEAR'S SUMMARY Football!!! From the first of the school year to nearly the end of November, students were fairly bursting with football. The season was a tremendous success over last year's. Won S, lost 2, tied 1. In the first two months of school, clubs and activities were start- ed. On November 10, the first school dance of the year was sponsored by the G.A.A. The student body play, "Meet Me in St. Louis," fol- lowed on the 16 and 17 and the month ended with Thanksgiving va- cation. December began with the Lower Columbia League Jamboree at St. Helens on the Sth. Masque and Gavel gave a dance on the 15th, and the senior class presented a Christmas assembly on the 22nd, The same date began the ten-day Christmas holiday. The first event of 1951 was the junior class presentation of "The Man Who Came to Dinner" on January 18 and 19. It was a great success. Also the 19th marked the end of the first semester. On February 9, the Philokalons held their induction assembly. Kilchis sales were started this month with a contest for a "Kilchis Kweenf' March 2 marked the date of the Kilchis party and the coronation of June Smith as "Kween." Thea Footlighters and Thespians presented their play, 'QThe Night of January 16th" on the 15 and 16 of this month. Spring vacation, something new in Tilla-Hi, began on the 19th for a full week. The sophomore class sponsored a dance in honor of the freshmen on April 9. April 13 was the big date for the junior-senior prom and banquet. It went over beautifully. The Girls, League held their annual Parents Banquet on the 28th. May was a busy month as it meant finishing up the year's work. The senior class presented two plays, "Lost I-Iorizonu and "Men are Like Streetcars," One on each of the night of the 15th and 16th. Baccalaureate was held at the Methodist church on May 27 and the final day for the seniors, commencement, was June 1. Throughout the year various kinds of assemblies were presented. A great number of these were national assemblies, some were musical and others educational. Representatives from different schools of high- er education gave talks to the senior class. The journalism, speech, band, and chorus competed in state con- tests. We had some award members in the groups. So ended the school year of 1950-1951. -Donna Malmila ADMINISTRATIO Most students get their first impressions of the scliool from the "office." If the office is ne.it up-to- cl.1Le looking .mtl has .1 good efficient staff, the new- comer will be s,1tisfied that the scliool is well run. XY'lien tlie students of Till.1-Hi move into the new school next fill, tliey will be confrontetl by .1 liiglily orginized office system, .intl .in efficient staff. ln tlie above picture, students look over the new set-up before it is completed. Mr Ward Hammersley Superintendent IN LOOKING BACK My fxrst yur ms prlnupal of Tllllmook Hnbh School has btw 'nn enjoy Iblc txpcrntnct I havt found tht tom munity fuulty 1nd Students LO be frltndly and L0 opemrlxc It rs my hope thlt by cveryont working to gcther wt LIU m1lxc Txllamoolx I-Ingh one of thc out st lil img sthooli of tht stxtt Thls hope xxlll be rmhud, as far as tht school plant ns tonccrntd, xxhtn xxc movt to the ncxx bulldlllv xxhlth the Lommumty his proxldtd Tht lcmrunder dcpcndf upon tht 2'I.dl1lll1lSI!'JUOIl to glxn. ludtrbhnp the fatulty for guld1nct, lnspnrltnon md htlp to tht studtntx md thc studtnts to lvlll thtmstlxts ot tht ooporlunltlts offtrtd TI-IE WISE USE OE TIME IDL not txpcrlmsnt xvlth tnmt It lb tht stuff nut of x nth hft is nn Slvt time for tht but thxngs boolxs music, lLllLjlOll, frltnds nt IS prlultys, uit II x may Tung 5 tht 11. LSI 'nd flttst than 1 Wt hut, but dont xvxstt nt Ilo o n Lum' to m l'l1L ns to xx ISKL lnft nist Tht mart fut thlt xvt xrs. Soon lo moxt fiom the oc loust to the n1 xv houbt ns no ll"ldlC'lUOI1 cnt school lm xx ull bt Llsltr, or thlt thorts xxlll not LOIIIIIILIL to bt t morts 0.11 ntw l'llllltlLS should mllxt nhool hft more plclslnt md lcsstn tht probltm of hovx to use school txmt xx tll Ihcre xxlll b l'flLI1dS, boolxs, IHUSIL md 1 suptrlor I tultv to nulu. lt CISY to spend txmt xvxstly Mr Ho vard Ton Prlncmal ,I 1 - ,nn-f .4 L tto Tl ht Mrs G R Rethlefsen clerk Mr Karl ZWE1fPl Mr Ward Hamn ersley superintendent Mr Archlbald Pye chairman Mr Earl Lahmon Mr D R Rarey Mr Orxal Johnson BCDARD OF DIRECTCDRS A major problem for the Board of Directors of this school district in 1950 1951 was the re organization of classes in the junior high school and high school level B cause fuilities in the Liberty Junior High have been tremendously overcrowded for the past few ymrs, the board was faced with the necessity of shifting the load A 1 result, the ntvs high school will house grades eight through twclxc when it opens ni the fill Problems of teacher re lomtnon md clwss organization took mmy hours of the director s time Cllllflllln Archibald Pxe presided If all mtntmgs In regul1r monthly meetings, nd sometimes oftentr, these men ran, vsithout reimbursement, an org1m7.1t1on lining 1 budget of 1ppr0x1m.1ts.ly 5640 000 00 Building rtnox ltion this year Liberty will bt dont our trlnsportltlon prob iems, budget concerns, Ind administering 1600 pupils and 70 teachers takes the tm t of these fue men, tht clerk and the superintendent They give unstintingly of then timt and efforts The pupils of the high school realize the time and effort these civic minded men put into their job is great, and join in s1ying Thanksf, STUDE T BODY QFFICERS 19504951 '-1" S SC llllkll Ill R lr1s111n of 1l11 11111l111t ody .IIULS 1 1 s1n1or 1 n11111l11r of 111 XII o111l Honor So111t1 1 ty ll Ill 111 LID 1 11 Ill 1ll lillllld 1,oo1l 11 Mn. Xl SNIIYH XILL l11s11l1nt of 1l11 SlLlLlLI1I Bodv u111 18.18 1111 1 l11l11bL1" of thi, NlflOHll Honor 81111111 1 Cl111z1tt1. 1n1l 1 IT1LI11l3LI' of tl11 s1n1or 511111111 IL 1 pl 111111 sm1l1 11 IS 1 1 1111111 p1r1 111 111 1111111111 n111t L 'XRION SNHTII SLLFLIIYY f tl11 S11.11l111t Bo1l1 T111 NIVI 111s l1lon1l1 IS 111111 Il 1111 st lll pl11s19 of s1l1ool l1f1 Sl11 11 IS 1 Tl11sp1111 1 Ql111z1tt1 X1 11111111111 of tl'lL C AA 1n 1 r1,l1t good s11r1 FX to It LOLll1Lll 'l5l 1 1111 111 1 S ILIL 1I1I JU Y 111.1 L l l 1 O l III L N I IL I1 1 1 1 1, jol LIFIIIL, 1111 111111111 l11111 1 1 ful 1111111 1 N X17l1lll Ll 111111, I I1 1111111 l1o11 111111 ' lX11 'll'- 11 s l 1 ll 1ool 1 111 NK s 1 1111111 1l11 Xlllillill Honor 11 11111 I1 1 11111 SL 111l1 1 ll 111 1 111 n1l11 11 1 -I.-Xhllif .V 1 f f : , l' t 11'.l' . " ' , , ' 1 l - 1 '. 1 . f 'V Q, . li - ' , 111.1 ' l. 'k' lull, and i1 .1ll Wdf. - - ' j "llow. 1 ' 1 1--H 5 .lf 1 82 V ' i ' A L L . kllll s. '. ' ' 1 f, . vel- . , x ' ,t ,h . .' .. - ing. 1 , 1 1 0 1 A 1 1 1 .1 I , " ' . .Z Q 1:11 ' 1 1111: i nl- , ' JI 1 F ' '. V .WW -1 .1 ' " ' 3. . . 1 1l . ' . '51 3 -ta I' rl 1 !.1JLf'i Cllllil'-l'l1N5llN: IS - 11- 31.111113 -1' of 1l1: f l- Q l' 1l". Louis: 111.11 also prc-.' l"1L of 1l1- Tr'-H'-Y,' .1111l .11 ff'- ccr ' tl1' senior claw, 11 . l1l1- tio K1 lon g .1 joo1l ' 1 of '4 ' Q' ' ' ' l' ll' f1111ls. A '.11'c . .g'r. , V U, - . IMX' .' ' F71 .'X1l1'-1' -1 N .1 - x .131'1'. As 1 1 l' l" 'cr fn .lllkl lf1l11or of 1l1c llfl "l 'l11S, , 1 1 llo 1111 III 1 QQ l1 I 1' DLI 1' rl "1 , sul 1 c.1r. U1 '11 . ' - l1u1' of - . '. ' . S - I, .1 1-1 111.1 Ill lr. . .11 1 Q 1 'l'1ll.1-l Ii, .1l . c 'r f 1l1' N 5 l 1"' 'l b. Q il K W azfayw jp-can 'aswsdinnl L MR. HOWARD TONG MISS VIDA ABRAMS MR, HERBERT JOHNSRUD MR, BRETT STUART Principal. Commercial Subjects. Civics. History. Social Problems. Commercial Law, Librarian. FACULTY HOMEMAKING SOCIAL PROBLEMS NIR. ROBERT MEDLEY spaacll, RE.. Basketball. Baseball MR. NORMAN ANDERSON MRS. cH.ARL1Nl: RICE Coach. English. Latin, English, Spanish MR. CECIL MILLER liiathcmatics. Social Problems 55 W TR X 4 ,Md MN- JOHN TURBYNE MR. LARRY MCKEEL Miss VERLE SAUCY MH. DON WHITNEY Shop, Cnrm-lxtry. PE.. Business Traiumu. Football. Hompnmkmun SUl.m.1, Drama Coach- Track Coach. FACULTY TYPING GEOM ETRY MR DELMAR MABEE Baud, CHUIAUS, Tymlg TNQ. MISS DOROTHY SMITH MISS MARGARET MITURA MR. ROBERT HELMICK Ensvmblv. Art. Glrls' P. E.. BIOIOLIS' Aqrmullurc. F.F.A. . T RMK K' 1 W ' W 457794 , 104 4' if ,W . 1 'WWW If f 'RFUDENT COUNCIL-Fourth rovr left to rrght L Greneer L uoldn 'mn D Lundy M Nelson B Rrezeert Tlnrd rovs P hrrhart Y Trnnrn J Dentel G Huehson R Bennett Seeond rovr V Msnnrlr L Olson M Wrlkerson J Pane, born S Swett C Chase Frrst rovs D Norrrs L Chrrstensen M Srnrth .I Snuth J Schroeder Government ofthe Students, by the Students and for the Students Student Body Offrcers Presrdent, James Schroeder, Vrce Presrdent, une Smrth, Secretary, 'Vl1r1on Smrth, Busrness Manager, Lourse Chrrstensen, Adyertrsmg Manager, Don Norrrs l-o the frrst trme rn Trllrmook Hugh School hrstory, the Student Councrl offrcers and members held then offrees for both semesters The new plan yxorleed yy ell becruse rt embled the same group to work on sehool problems throughout the year Ano her rmporttnt step taken by the councrl rt the request of Mr Tong, the adyrser yy as the s ttrnf, up of 1 buelsfet whereby expenses could be lcept down to 1 mmrmum to eleerr up 'rn old debt Mr Tong reports that hrs pet project rs work nf' out yery well beleetron of lssrstant edrtors for the Krlchrs and Trllr Hr yy .rs one of the frrst problems to face the eounerl Then eel etron of Prull Hughart ind Ku Trpprn for the jobs was approved as ar good elroree by other students Iour of 'he Student Body offreers, 'recompan eu by Mrss Surey rs ldxrser, wttended the State f ounerl rt Cory rllrs on September 30 where typr rl eounerl problems were drscussed erl to mllee room for tuo extrr elrsses to be ldeleel next ve1r, mudrnr, of 7 letters for A squrds ehrng d to 'Z letters, rnel 0I'glIll7lIlOllS brought more elosely under the luthorrty of eounerl Un the xx hole the eounerl toolx oyer more of the eturl rffurs of the sehoor thin eyer before All brlls xy ere brought before the eounerl to be drseussee before they xx ere prssed lhe neu yornt sy stem eleyrsed by the flLLllty x rs presented to the eounerl for rrtrfrertron After sugeesrrn r fexx mrnor eh rnges, the eounerl lpnroyeel the neu system, xx hereby the students nee eel more SLl10l'lSflL pornts rnd not so m my retrvrtx po nts to be elr rble for the honor roll The Lxeeertrxe Counerl, eonsrstrneg of the Stu lerrt lioely offreers, held meetrngs for the purpose cf geternsg IUlIL1lll rn r more eondensed form for p es ntrtron to the eounerl IS 1 yyhole joan Puuglzoru l l V ' I f . - ', v 1. 1 lc r . v . - . I 'L '. '. . CC 77 1 ln. . I I x - U 3 1 y 1 . I r x - - Q: , I -2 , , 1 I K Q x . 7- 1 , vf ' 1 lv . IT S ' . D T 3 e . O . . . . 4, ' " l H T H fs. . . e . . . . Revision of the school constitution was carried out to inelutle the following: enlargement of coun- ,' , . , . , ,, , - . V - . s ,V fs . . f, - ' , " , s , ,, . . 4 K . . 'Q KC r ' A 1 .L .' ' " ' ', " 'Q ' ' . . V r s - s' r vs . - w -vfr '-- ' - -- ' - s vs 1 s ' ' r - V 7 ' y- ,lr . 1 fb- y - 2 - v vt y- -sp . s - s -' A - -L ' ' si ' - . r 1 ' 4 " ' ' ' 1 h X ' " lf . ' '. CLASSES Sophomores, juniors, seniors-classes! Although most students are more interested in out-of-class activi- ties, it is what goes on in the classrooms and what in- volves the above mentioned classes that is the most important part of the school program. The above pic- ture represents Ll group of students looking at the class rooms in the new high school before construction was completed. The pictures following are the classes of Tillamook High School in 1950-51. QENIOR CTASc OFFICERS Left to rlght Mr -10111511181 ad J Jo D Ford L CIHISKQHSSH D Manmla Miss A rwxni adn L1 D QR The Pug Cheeses temher 1 1950 begun the 11st 1011- se or me 54.1110 e Mt thlt tlme eon meneement seemed 1 lonv Wu off but xuth 111 e nmeg me me ,ee eunee brought footblll md the llst xelr of sueh sports t e s 101 ye The ellss presented 1 Ch1lSI111lS 1ssemb1y for the stxdent body 111 Deeembn just before the hohdiy stlrteel une Smith xx .ls exon ned IS the flrst 1x11eh1S u en tt th Kllehxs PIYIW on 'NIIYLII 2 On the Jlst of this month members of the jOLl1I1l1lSITl el .us ntend e1 the ,Northwest 0Ll1'l'll1lS1'll Contest LJOYIDI Plllm non IH ux 1rd for the first pllee 111 the Speeeh ILPOFIIIIQ dnmon A150 the Speeeh ellss lttended eontests II Llnineld Jn t Ll o t umox emol 1 nl lmquet uhneh wus 1 wonderful Q eess for the jumors me oxelx eourt sms ueen Rosemune lien xx lmeess Dottie lord md Prmeess louxse Qhrlsrenien K L11lU1' P L,l11L N118 held ll OII X o e ss ed x 1 eomeex en It luke Stre LHS 'HIL K1 U1 , ost 0111011 K. 1 -QENIOIQS - - - -I DON BALES "GET THEE BEHIND Mli SATAN. AND PUSH!" Tbrsjvians 2 yrs., Maks-up Comm. 3 yrs., F001- llgbfs 2 yrs. fPrvs.j, Managfr "B" Baskcfiball, Till-Hi Slaff, Sfzulvnf Body Play, Track. 1 yr. LA WANDA ANDERSON "A BIRD IS RNOWN BY HIS NOTE AND SHE BY HER TALK." Sfylc' Sbow 1950, Tri-Hi-Y 3 yrs., GAA, Office Sfaff 2 yrs., Sjranisb Club, Pbofo Club, Infra- murals, Girls Lvaguc 3 yrs., Usbaratlc. FRANK BARTLETT "TOUGH, BUT OH SO GENTLE." Fira Squad 2 yrs., Spanisb Club, "B" Baskelball 2 yrs., Intramurals 3 yrs. ROSEMARIE BENNETT 'OYOUNG MAIDENS SHOULD IIE AS LILIES, FULL OF GRACE AND PURITY.,, Pbilokalons Svr. 2 yrs., Sopb. Class Svc., Cbz'c':vlfz's 2 yrs., Ir. Prom Comm., Slua'z'nf Counril, CAA 2 yrs., Inlramurals 3 yrs., Foofligbls cSl'l'.J 2 yrs., Tilla-Hi Slaff 2 yrs., Tbvspians 2 yrs., Tri- Hi-Y, Make-up Comm., Champ Vollcy-ball tram. Poolligbfs-Tbasjrian Play, Sl. Borly Play, Ir. Play. CAROL CHASE NFRIENDS ARE KNOXVN IN TIME OI' NEliD.,, CAA fPrr's.j 2 yrs., FHA fPr0s.j, Spanisb Club, Librarians, Sfzulrfnt Coun., Tri-Hi-Y, Inframurals Zyrs., Tilla-Hi Slaff 2 yrs., Vollvyball Clzamps. MARIAN BOOTH "A SOIfT ANSWEIR TURNETH AWAY WRATH. junior Class Play, Foolligbls, Cirls Lvagur' 2 yrs., Make-up Comm. n BEVERLY CHRISTENSEN UTAKE THE WORLD AS IT IS, NOT AS IT OUGHT TO BE " JOANN COON "IF YOU WOULD FALL INTO AN1' LXTREME, LET IT BE ON THIE SIIJII OF GENTLENESS.n Cbc'z':c'flc's 2 yrs., Iniramurals 3 yrs., Tilla-Hi sfaff, Prom Comm., Lalin Club, Offirz' slaff, Swimming Mcvf 3 yrs., Tri-Hi-Y, Comm. for Sr. Class Assvmbly. ELTON COOK "I'I1iAVFN IS NOT T0 BL HAD BY MEN,S BARELY WISHING I-'OR IT.n Fm' Squad 2 yrs., Inlramurals 2 yrs., Spanish Club. LOUISE CHRISTENSEN "EVER CHARMING, ALWAYS SMlllNG.,, GAA, Sizulcnf Bozly Trvas., Bus. Mgr., Sfuzlruf Counril, Tbvspians fVirv Prvs.j 2 yrs., Sr. Class Trcas., Kilcbis, Prom Comm. Ir., Intramural Sporls 3 yrs., Footligbls 2 yrs., FHA QV. Prr's.j 3 yrs., Tri-Hi-Y Pres. 2 yrs., Pboto Club, Baskvf- ball Cbamjis. SENIORS BOB DENTEL "KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN AND SHUIfIfLE THE CARDS.u Solvb. Pres., Fire Squad, S.B. Play, Order of Ibe T fPres.j 2 yrs., "A" Basketball 3 yrs., "A" Football 3 yrs., Track 3 yrs., Stage Crew Ir. Class Play, jr. Danee Rep. MURLEEN DENTON "WITHOUT KINDNESS THERE CAN BE NO JOY." Transfer from Detroit, Oregon. COLLEEN DOOLEY "I'AITH WITHOUT GOOD WORKS IF DEAD." FHA 2 yrs., Girls League 3 yrs., Ir. Prom Comm., Student Body Play Comm., 4-H 3 yrs., Tri-Hi-Y, Offire Staff, Tilla-Hi, Kilrbis Staff, Librarians, Footligbts, Tbespians 1 yr. PI-IYLLIS DRAKE MBLUSHING IS THE COLOUR OF VIRTUE. Sojib. May Queen, FHA 2 yrs., Intramurals 3 yrs., Ir. Class See., Latin Club 3 yrs. fPres. 2 yrs.j, Office Staff 2 yrs., Cbeezettes 2 yrs., Tri- Hi-Y 2 yrs., Footligbts 2 yrs., GAA 2 yrs., Ir. Class Play, maize-up Comm. and usberette, Girls League See., Student Coun. 3 yrs., Pboto Club, Tbespians. yr NANCY DUNCAN 'I LOVE HIN! I'OR Hl1y1Slil-l" ALONE." S.B. Play, lr. Class Play, Latin Club 2 yrs., lPres.j Footligbts 2 yrs., Cbeezettes, Prom Comm., For- ensics. , SALLY EDGAR "TO KNOW IS NOTHING AT ALI., TO IMAGINE IS hVIiRYTHlNG.H Girls League 3 yrs., FHA 2 yrs., Footligbts, In- tramurals, Stu d ent Body Play, Spanisb Club, Offire, Tri-Hi-Y 2 yrs., Kilcbis staff, Tbespians, Tbesjzians-Footligbt Play. GERTRUDI3 FOSSBIND "THOUGH ON PLEASURE SHE WAS BENT, SHE HAD A IARUGAL MIND." Girls League 3 yrs., FHA, Offive Help. DELORES FORD QQHER AFFECTION AND SERVICE PROVED HER LOVIi.H Student Council, Girls League Pres., FHA QV. Pres. Ser. Historianj 3 yrs., Latin Club, Pboto Club, GAA 2 yrs., Tri-Hi-Y, Intramurals 2 yrs., Librarians, I yr., Sr. Class Management Comm., Swimming Meet, FHA State Meeting. KEN FELLOWS "A IARIEND IN Nlilzll IS A IARIEND INDEliD.H. .. Ifootball 3 yrs., Basketball mgr. 2 yrs., Fire Squad 2 yrs., Intramurals 3 yrs., Order of tbe T, FFA flieporterj, Trarlz 2 yrs., Baseball. NOEL FERRY "A IfOOL MAX' NVIN MONEY, BUT IT WILL TAKE A WISE INIAN TO KEEP IT.H Intramurals 3 yrs., "B" Basketball 2 yrs., Tilla- Hi Staff. ,SENIORS - - - IQVIQLYN FLETCHER "MY MIND I3 GAY, ISUI' MY SOUI IS MI-LI.ANc3IfIOI.Y." Lillrariaus 2 yrs., Slmnislw Cflulr, lulranzurals 3 yrs-, l"lI.AI, -4-II, Girls' l.L'lIlQI1t', lfuulligllls, Sfli. Play. IZILIZEN HUGHES UIJYNAFsl!'IAI-, c,OMIAs IN sMAI,I. I1Ac1IsAGI1s." l.l'LUIXf4'l' fmzn Svalllv, IY!tlSbllIXlUl1. PI-III. ITIATCII HXVHAT A MAN IIAS, III's suklz OI." Trausfrr from floral Rizvr Higlz Svlmol. Ir. Class Vin' Prrs., Sr .Class Vin' Prvs., lr. Class Play, S.B. Play, "A" Baskrlllall 2 yrs., Trarle, 2 yrs., Orrlvr of T fSwI'.j, Ifiru Squafl, Tlnfsjzians, Foot- llall lylgr., I"00fligl1ls 2 yrs., Plnilokaluns. GENEVIEVE HUGIISON "A WOMAN YYIIII HI-.Is HLAIAT ON HI-.Is LIPS, AND II1iIs SOUI, IN lll,R I-.YI-Ls." Yvll lvaa'cr, Cl1v1':c'flI's QSUILQ 2 yrs., I.il1rariaf1s qV.P., Smxj 2 yrs., Sllltlfllf Cjflllllfll 3 yrs., Pl1il0- lzalous 2 yrs., Tilla-Hi 3 yrs., Eflilor, GAA 2 yrs., Kill-luis Staff ll.llJ'1lIll liIl.j 2 yrs., I"00fliglJfs- I'lu'sjIians 2 yrs., S.T. Play, Intramurals 3 yrs., Lafin Clulr, Vollvyllall Clvamlfs All Slars. JEANETTE I-IORNER "LOVE Mia, I.OVI1 Blli, BUT I,OVIi MY DOG 'I'OO.n Latin Clulz 3 yrs., Fnofligbls 2 yrs., PlJ0I0 Club, Inframurals, Tri-Hi-Y, 7'l7l'XIZll1llX, Masquv and Garvl, S.B. Play, Girls' Lvaguv, Maka'-up Cumm., Lafiu Clulz Play, Librarians, i'0ll4'yl1all Cl1dll1f7S. CAROLL HUESSER "DII.IcgIiNc3I4. IS TIIIE MOTIILR OI-I GOOD IfORTUNli.n Spanish Clulr lPrI's.j 3 yrs., Tilla-Hi Staff, 1900!- liglfls 2 yrs., Tlwspians 2 yrs., Masqm' aml Gaucl 2 yrs., lr. Class Play, S.B. Play, Tri-Hi-Y 2 yrs., I:0lAl'llXll'Y, Mllsiz' in May 2 yrs., Lillrarialls. IRIS KIMMEL "Ir I LOULD NOT OO 'IO III-QAVI-,N, DUT XX'ITIl A CERTAIN PARTY, I XYOUIIIJ NOT LO 'I'IIIaIu1 AT AI,I..'3 Yell Lrarlvr 3 yrs., 'l'illa-Ili Slaff 2 yrs., Plmlo Clulf, lr!-H1-Y, Sujllr. Dann' Rrjr., May Dann' Prim'vss, Tirkrl Clvr. lr. Play. AIlz'. Slaff, S.T. Play, Sr. Play. JOAN ,IOSSY "ANY TOOTII IN A XX'OMAN,S H1-All IS MOM-1 VALU- ABLIA. THAN A DIAMONILU Clu'r:I'lfus 2 yrs., S.B. Play, lr. Class Play, P11010 Clulu, Tilla-Hi Sfaff 3 yrs., Ifnofliglrls 2 yrs., Yv!7l'.V1IldIlS 2 yrs., Girls I.I'a.gm' 3 yrs., Sr. Class SN. DORIS KING "LOVIa RIECKONS nouns IOII. MONTHS, AND DAYS IOIQ Y11AIss, AND I.VI2IsY lI'I"lAl.l. AI3SlNL.I1.u Tilla-Hi Staff, Plmln Club, lalramurals 2 yrs., Tri-Hi-Y, Slfllllllllllg MI'1'f.s 3 yrs., Prom Comm., Azl. Comm. f0r Sr. Play, Uslu'rI'llu 2 yrs. FRANK KENYON ULIEN HAVE DIED I-ROM TIMIa TO TIME, BUT NOT FOR LOV1i.H Foolliall 3 yrs., "B" B61Skl'llldll 2 yrs., Ir. Class Prvs., Basffball 2 yrs., Foofligbls 2 yrs., Ir. Class Play, Hi-Y 2 yrs., Slmlcul Coun., Order of T 2 yrs., Fira' Squaa' 2 yrs., Yell Leader, FFA. - I SENIORS- BOB LARSON UBI-.'l'TI.R I.A'I'I. THAN NIQVl'.Il.H Lafiu Club 3 yrs., Laliu Club Play, Trvasurrr uf Ldflll Club, Illframuruls, Offin' Slaff, Tilla-Hi Rcjmrlf'r 2 yrs., Kilrbis Sfaff. BLD LEAMON "Hn I-IAS HARI: XVORK NVHO HAS NOTHING TO OO. Now in llvr Marinas. ALBERT MAIJIJING "Al.I5LR'I', TIIIQ PART TIMIZ OLNILJS. AND PART TIML ACROISA'l'.n Till.:-Ili Slaff 2 yrs., Allin S.B. Play, Cbarlvr AfIl'llIl7f'I' PPA, Boxing, llIffl1IIIIl7'cllS 2 yrs. NORMAN LEE "LOOR T0 TI-II. I-'U'l'URIi, NOT TO THI2 PAST.n Ifuofligbfs 2 yrs., Ir. Class Play clvcfrifiau, Sfagv t'I't'lL' of tbv SfIIlli'IIf Body Play. JACK MOOR5 IIHOPIQ AND Isla IIAPPY-TIIAT AI.L,S I-OR THE BIiST.,, FFA, Trarlc 2 yrs., Basvball, "BU Ponlball, Orrlvr of lbv 'I' 3 yrs., Iulraruurals, Hi-Y 2 yrs., "B" Baskvlball 2 yrs., "A" Football 3 yrs., Pbolo Club. SHIRLEY MARTIN "I ARI vI.IIY wIaI.I. CONTENT WIIIQN I ARI ALONE., Pbolo Club, FHA 2 yrs., Girls League 3 yrs. IVIILTON NELSON "'TIs GOOD TO I.IvIf AND l.I:ARN.U Pbilokalou, Tbczspiau 2 yrs., lfnulligbfs 2 yrs., Sluflcul Cuun. 2 yrs., Laliu Club 2 yrs., Iulra- murals 3 yrs., Ir. Play, Sflltlfllf Bmly Play 2 yrs. Poulligbl-Tbz's,l'iau play, Tilla-Hi slaff. 7 DONNA MANNILA "LOVE IS LIKE A IJIzzINIass." DlII1t'L' Rafi. Sajrlr., Lalin Club, Slmlvuf Counril Tilla-Hi Sfaff, Tri-Hi-Y. DON NORRIS "A oI.N'I'LILx1AN ON IIIS TWO I-'I.I.'I' IS IsI-1'I'TIaR TIIAN A KING DOWN ON IIIS KNI:I:S.H S-B. Pluy, 3 yrs., lfrmlliglrl Play 3 yrs., lr. Class Play, 'I'l'r'sj1iau.s C1'rI's.j 3 yrs., lfonfligbls lPrc's., V. Prc'.s.j 3 yrs., lflzilukaluns lPrf's., I'. P.j 2 yrs., Masqur' 1111.1 U:11'I'l QPr4's.j 2 yrs., Hi-Y QSIT., V. I'rI's.j 2 yrs-, Vim' Prrs. 235 AJP. Mgr. Sfllll,l'l1f Bfuly, Prvs. Sujzb. Class, Kilvbis Ass'l Eel., Ealilor, 1'I0f'l'lI5il'N 2 yrs. ALICE OLDENKAMP "THIa SsIAI.I.IisT HAIR TIIROWS ITS SHADOW'.n PHA CSc'c'.j 2 yrs., GAA 2 yrs., Intramurals 2 yrs., B.B. Cbamps. s 1 SENIORS - - JERRY PAUL "MY HEART IS WAX MOULIJED AS SHE PLEASES, BUT INIJURING AS RIARELE TO RliTAlN.n "AH Ibnflmll 3 yr.s., Hi-Y Z' yrs., Firv Squafl 2 yrs., Onlvr of 'I' 2 yrs., Dam? Rap., Intramurals. DONNA PALLIN "A GOOD HEART,S WORTH GOLD." Girls Lvagur fSr'c'.j 3 yrs., Iulramurals 3 yrs., Tri-Hi-Y 2 yrs., FHA, Foofligbis, TlJrsj1i.'1I1s, Ir. Play, Cosfume Comm., Tilla-Hi Slaff, DAR Good Cifizcusbip Award, Vollyball Cbamps, Pbilokalous, Foofligbls Bauqurf Comm. .IAGR POWERS "WHAT I HAVE BEEN TAUGHT, I PIAVE FORGOTTEN. XVIIAT I KNOW, I HAVE GuESsEu." Fin' Squrul 2 yrs., Tilla-Hi Sfaff 3 yrs., Pbolo Club, FFA, Ir. Class Play, Librarian, Prom Comm. JOAN PANGBORN WXXVISDONI IS MORE PRECIOUS THAN RUBIES.n Girls Lvagur fRc'p.j 3 yrs., Tri-Hi-Y 3 yrs., Ir. Class Svc., Ir. Prom Comm., Pbolo Club, Foofliglvls 2 yrs., Pbilokalous 2 yrs., Girls Lvaguc' Bauquvf Comm. 2 yrs., jr. Class Play, Sr. Play Ad. Mgr., Cbr. of Coslumv Comm. Ir. Class Play, Ir. Mauagvmwzl Comm., Tbrsfiiaus, Iulra- murals, Tilla-Hi Sfaff. DONA ROBINSON "BI.ESsIaIJ ARE 'I'HIi MEEK, FOR THEY SHALL IN- HIQRIT THE liAR'I'H.n Tri-Hi-Y, FHA fTrI'as.j JACK PROCTOR uBli'l'TliR A W'IT'fY FOOL, THAN A I-'OULISII WI'l'.U Plwlo Club, "BU Football. BILL RICE "A SHORT ANSXVIER IS DOING THE THING.n Nou' in Ibn' Navy. KAROL ROBINSOINI "HAl'I'INliSS LIES, FIRST OI' ALI., IN HI-1AI.'I'II." FHA QPrr's.j 3 yrs., GAA 2 yrs., Slualcnl Coun- nil Rvjm., Uffivv Sfaff 2 yrs., Iuframurals 2 yrs., Baslcvfball Cbamps, Girls Lvaguz' 3 yrs. QIOYCE RUCH "DO YOU NOT KNOW' I ANI A XVOMAN? WI1I'lN I THINK, I MuS'I' SPEAR." 'Filla-Hi Sorivfy 1511. 2 yrs., luframurals 3 yrs., Foolligbfs 2 yrs., Kilrbis Slaff, Prom Comm., Tri- Hi-Y, Slflllllllillg Mwf. MARTIN RIPLEY "I-IE THAT CAN HAVE PATIENGE CAN HAVE WHAT HE V'ILL.n Laliu Club QTrr'as.j 3 yrs., Fire Squad, Iufra- murals 2 yrs., Sfagc Manager, Sfuelcnf Body play, Hi-Y. - SETXLIOES NIARGIE SIXRGENT UAA. NIVRRX TIISAREIA Al.XKl'.Tll .X CII! I RI-UL COLVNAPTSN- ANNK.l1.H Trafzsfur from Astoria. Laiin Club 1 yr., Tri- Hi-Y I yr., GAA 1 yr., Ar! EJ. for Kilvbis, Makv-ull: Cfmzm. for S.B. Play, Inlramurals 1 yr. Plroio Cllilz 1 yr. ARNOLD SCHLAPPI VALL MANKIND LOVES A LOVER.H lfirv Squad 2 yrs., Basvizall, Order of tba T 2 yrs. "AU Foolllall 2 yrs., "B" Football, Iulramurals 3 yrs., FFA. JAMES SCHROEDER HUNLIQSS A :AAN XVORKS H12 CANNOT FIND OUT XVHAT HE IS ABLE TO DO.,' "AH Baskcfilall 2 yrs., "B" Basizvfizall 1 yr., Foof- llall Mgr. 2 yrs., Trark 3 yrs., Sw. Sopb. Class, Prvs., V.P. Ir. Class, S.B. Bus. Mgr., Pras., Hi-Y Pres., Fire Squad, "T" 2 yrs., Ifootligbts-Tbespians 2 yrs-, Sfagc' Mgr. Ir. Play, Slmlrnf Couu. 3 yrs. GLORIA SIEBERT "THE CAUTIOUS SELDONI IiRR.,, Lafiu Club 3 yrs., Latin Play Cosfumvs, Tri-Hi-Y. JUNE SMITI-I "THE SXVI1i'I'l-.ST THING THAT KVIZR CREW BESIDIZ A HUMAN DOOR.', Sopb. Class Svc., Tri-Hi-Y 3 yrs., Inframurals 3 yrs., S.B. Play' 2 yrs., Prom Comm. Chr., Foo!- ligbls 2 yrs., Tlucsjriaus, Cbz'c':I'iiI's QTVUKIS., V.P.J 2 yrs., S. B. Vin' Prvs., Girls Lvaguv Prrs., Li- izrariaus, Slmlcnf C0lll1C'il, Kilrlris QIIUCII of '51, Plrilokalous, Tbrsjriau-Fooiligbl Play. CLARENCE SLOCUM "FOR NVE THAT LIVI-L TO PLEASE, MUST PLEASE T0 I.IYIi.,, Intramurals 2 yrs., Hi-Y 2 yrs., Stage Crew 2 yrs., Ticiaat Salas 2 yrs., Lalirz Club. VIVIAN SMITH f'xvlRTLIl-1 ALONE IS HAPPINLSS IsI:LOW." FHA 3 yrs., Girls Laagur 3 yrs., lnlramurals, Senior Play Coslume Comm. MARION SMITH "SIIE WOULD BE ARGUMENT IfoR A WEEKQ LAUGH- TLR IAOR A INIONTHQ AND A GOOD JEST IfOREVER.n S.B. Sao., Kilflais Bus. Mgr. 2 yrs., Tilla-Hi Bus. Mgr. 3 yrs., Cbf'I':z'fiI',s fPrI's., V.P.j 2 yrs., Siu. CIIIIII. 3 yrs., Fooiligbfs, TlJL'SIJlHlIS fSz'c'.j 2 yrs., GAA 2 yrs., Ir. Play, Tri-Hi- Y, Liizrariaus lS1'z'.j Masquf' SL Garvl QSa'z'.j, Fooflitgbi Play, S.B. Play. SI1IRLEY SWETT HKNOXYLISDGIQ IS POWER, SHE VUILL DO FINE." Valmliz'fm'ia11, Sfiulwzi Coziuvil 3 yrs., S.B. Play 2 yrs., GAA 2 yrs., CfJt'l'Zl'fft'X fTrvas.j 2 yrs., Tijasjzians 2 yrs-, Fooiligbis QSM.-Trc'as.j 2 yrs., Pbilniealous 2 yrs., Masque' 81 Gawl, Ir. Class Play, Ifoolliglri Play 2 yrs., Laiiu Club 3 yrs., Infra- murals 3 yrs., Tri-Hi-Y 3 yrs., Tilla-Hi Slaff 2 yrs., Kilrbis Ser. 1 yr. LARRY SERVEN "SHE IS so EONSTANT TO ME, AND so KIND.n Transfar from Milwauizic' High School. 1 'Rf Q -SENIURS - SCOTTY TATE "GIVE B112 ONLY XVORK AND ONE GOOD WOMAN.,, "BH Baskvflrall 2 yrs., Ir. Class Play, Hi-Y Q'I'rf'ass.j 2 yrs., Soplw. Class V. Pres., Foolliglvf- liflffffilrlll Play, S.I3. Play, Ifirv Squad 3 yrs., Firm' Clzivf, Ifoollitqlrls 2 yrs., Tbvspians, Ir. Class A'lI!7IlIlQl'lIIl'lIf Comm., Slmlvnl Colm. Rap. 2 yrs. Sr. Class Play. AVIS XVITCHFR "I CAN RESIST EVERYTHING EXCEPT TEh1PTATION.U Lalin Club QV. Prr's.j 3 yrs., Offirv Slaff, Lalin Clnl' Play, Girls Ixagm' 3 yrs., Iulramurals, Tri- Ili-Y, Tilla-Hi Sfaff, Slfilllllllllg MN! 3 yrs., Ir. Prom Comm., Sr. Class Play. BOB THOMAS "ON WITII THE DANCE! LET JoY Bli UNCONFINIEXLU Chorus, Tilla-Hi Sfaff 2 yrs., Hi-Y, Inframurals 3 yrs., Offiu' Slaff, Kilrlfis Sfaff, Prom Comm. LINA WADE Avia-A UIXNOXY' How SUBLIME A THING IT IS TO SUEEER AND BE STRONG.,, Ellsfllllllt' 3 yrs., FHA QSm'.j, Tri-Hi-Y 3 yrs., Lilzrarians 2 yrs., Tilla-Hi Slaff 3 yrs., Photo Club, Ifoolligbls 2 yrs., Makz'-up Comm. 2 yrs., Slznlvnl Body Play, Yvll-lvaflvr, Ir. Prom Comm., luiramuruls, Ir. Mdl1H,Ql'llIFlIf Comm., Bus. Mgr. of jr. Class Play. il A WARREN TRUE 53 fr? "MkN,S TIIQUGHTS ARE MUCH ACCORDING TO THEIR INCLINATIoN." Basvlfall Z yrs., lnframurals 2 yrs., Tilla-Hi Slaff, Kilfbis Sla-ff, DERALD YANCEY "MY BLST THOUGHTS ALWAYS COIME A LITTLE Too LATE." "B" Poollzall, Properly Managvr of Ir. Play, In- tramurals 2 yrs. SUSAN NVYSS 'TSINCERITY AND TRUTH ARE THE BASIS OF EVERY VlR'fUE.H Lilzrarians, FHA 2 yrs., Iuiramnrals 2 yrs., Girls Lcague. LOIS LUTZ Transfer from San Iosz' High Sflllllll. Grazluafwl af Mifl-Tvrm. I'N'7 CLNQS OFFICERS L ft r 1,1 t back tat 1 D Lundy Mr Mlller adxlser er rst 1 xx P Hu halt Mrs Rlce '1dx1ser Mr Miller 1dx1ser and Dick Lundy presldent V111-ts thmes oxer THE FIVE PDU D LOAVES Th ellss of S2 through extrl good represenutnon vn 1et111t1es ll'0Lll1el sehool both lthletle 1n other111se, hld 1 sueeessful 1e.1r m T1ll1 H1 A bxt of 1 Change ln the usu1l procedure of the 1e1r 11.15 rh l1Ck of sophomore 1n1t11t1on 1n the f1ll Thxs 11 IS brought lbout it the reeom111e11el1t1on of the fleulty Th umors resented the three 1et musxezl K.Oll1xLlX Meet Me m bt Louxs IS thexr Cass 1 P play, and lf x1 IS heralded IS 11 sueeess, both flI1lI1Ll.lllX and ClllI11.1IlLlllX The proeeeds for the Jl1 IS IU former e1rs, roxlded 1 ml or or lon or the funds for the umor Senlor Prom I P Y P l P 1nd Blnquet the necessary eooknng skull to put on 1 good feed Tle lrom e1me off sxxell style If he Uffneers Club .lt the Naxy Lilse on Aplnl 1 IH unluelxx ellx but 1 belllllflll Prom The theme s e r 1 1 ISIIOIIK. elrr un' ou me 1 nnoot Len enmz 1de1 Semors Hill jumors XNLI1 ftted 1fter1x xrds bx the Iern L 1fe xt brexlxhst unlor bo1s th1t st1rred IH footb1ll xxere lLOI11FLl Blshop Ron IXSl'1lDX Izelxglr Cnlbert, Al mon Coldmm, Kenny Hlhn, IIXXYLIILQ, Holse1, IJIIXNIII ohnson, l'1erett Krostaz, Dlelx lundy out, I Cool IJ n Itoples I IFN R llll e o Ro ertson me Stree er Dae IH Case Bob NX1n11 ljlklx Cnenger, Bob linggerr T ose 11ho pl11ed b1slsetb1ll x1e1e Ron Ashbx Dlels Cnenuer B b lI1rt I 111 renee Holsey IJIFXXIFI ohnson Dnek lunch, Dou., NleC,ool, lI1rlex Olson lJlI'l Ieoples ll1rr1 Snssxelx mtl Dlelx X ln Clse And so the el1ss 111.11ts the lug ye1r F.-1. Jrrit on if 1 -V Q no iw. :ow J. 3.1-1 an . 1 '. . , ' . , K. ZI'1x'1. B. Risu t. Fx ' 'o ': . 3 ' . . 66 ' 37 C T K, nv l'k h I i 4 1 '. 4 , , 1 Q d I V-ix 2 2 V 'Th . 'L h . Q' I A l t 1 3 x 'I' V' rl - I i . " - I 1 . . e . . . J , . X I I x ,,-K , .' es , l ix f. i I . s . in L1 1- L ', 1 A ' '. " ' 1 xl tl A ' A A ' J ' D The banquet was held in the W'ilson school LlLIkllIOI'lUl11. A group of junior mothers provided , , - ' L 1, 1 -A , in ,, ,el t thi' y -11 vas "Oli lf. l' xl" '. y' 3, t l ' T'll. I' K' t' QI A Q ' 4 g . ' ' J ' A .x , ' A fx ,: '4. x '. g . In ' Ls 1' . ,- D -1 N c ' , .1 L ", l .1' 1' .1ne. flT1.l11.lg'I'D, gl e b- , xl. 'lx f "t", "li Vg "s 71' "s ,. ',,s ' . ' ' e . 1 ' fm '+wXwww,f5,a H fm ,- Left to ru,ht llf h row A Kllll n J Hart D May J Cornelxus M Hit 1'ourLh rovs D Glen er J Mason D John -lon A Goldman R Ashby D Lane Thlrd row B Hart B Dvntel X Blshon K Hahn D Lundy L Landis T Ber nurd Second row D McCool A Jensen P Ausmus J Halndc-l J Karn I Jolly P Goodexc A Fossbmd Flrst row Mr M1llcr adxlscr D Gxonrzer J Dentcl V Lord B Denton D Batke J Dolan P Hughart B Cook Mxs Run- 'lduser UUIOTS an- va of WWW an as ,- .ff ,sa aft to r ht s1xt'1 rov. K Needham H Wldmer B Wynla B Phillips D Pearson H Wbss H Randall Fifth row Vermllyea B SClllIl1ll11I1l' H SISSECK H Olson D Rarey J Robertson J Streeter D Peoples D Van C159 L Reed I-ourth rovl B Riff ext D Wfldge M I'1llelt J Schunter D Wlnte D RLsh T 1rd 10W J Whlt on Rice Welbel B Oldnnlaunw B Wvcxs L Qulck Second row L Plke S Spfxber J Weber S Stokes K T1ppm L Stunkard, P Percrog I-'USL rovs Mr Mlller auvlser R Staehly F Wolfe F Robltsch C Taber I Zuerchvr D W1dmer D Nott Z Nvman M Wllk rson Mrs Rice aduser 'OPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Baci: ron left to rle I L Gen C Carnahan Center row left to rxght J Kalow xoki J Schuster Mr Medley adiser Front roxs lft to rlht E Manmla E Goldman Miss Mltura adviser The Baby Loaves Piesident, hlrl Qoldmtn, Yiee President, lm 5 huster, Seeretuy Cary Carnahan, Student Council Xalinw Mannilag Advisers Miss Mitura, Mr. Medley. The Sophomore class of 1950-51 had the distinction of being the largest class in T.H.S. and also the first class in many years not having to suffer under an onslaught of unior cruelty, namely "initiation.' They entered into the years activities with a vigor that astounded everyone, Sophomoxe boys receiving A squad football letters included: Len Gienger, Earl Goldman, Calvin Ill usser and Arthur Sutton. Earl Goldman ably represented his class in basketball as he was one of the regulars on the A Se Ll.lLl. Dramatically speaking the Sophs rated high with Norman Nlatheny, Pat Jones, joan Schroeder, violet lludge 1 ,lim Schuster Earl Goldman, Loren Leach Terry Turley and G-try Carnahan taking tart in the Student Body Play, 'The Man Who Came to Dinner. The cla scholastic average xx as upheld by the following sophomores whose names appeared on tle llonr ' Roll: Wayne Lee Loretta Olson, une Cross john Ciilbert, Karen ensen Barbara Parker, Dorothy lxejynolds kim Schuster, Geraldine Stewart Rosetta Tohl Terry Turley and Len Gienger. Ina Chambers was chosen as the Sophomore class candidate for the Kilchis Kween Kontest and served as a princess at the Kilchic party. At the time of this writing, plans were being made for a dance honoring the Freshmen to be la l ' Apfl. The dance has been an annual affair at Tillamook High for several years and is con- sidered one ot the important dances of the year, at least from the Sophomores' point of view! -loan Pang born 9 . ,fr V I 4 1 . -may www, 5-W f- VV - Luft to F1 ht back row E Goldman J Burdick Hnusser D Johnson Fourth row R Barber B D Effenber er Fx'th row Freeman R Glbbons J Gllber R Bernard G Carnahan D Glad C t D Gregorlch D Herrmann D Kxenle 'llurd lou A Edwards D Branhaxn A Dolphm M Cron O '11 htovxer S De Vries B Kunzl C Plnch Second row L Knnball D Harris R Easterlw G Edner M Floree L Ab ens ront rox Mr Medley adxlser J Kallnowskl V Hudgeon K Jensen P Jones J Gubser J Crose M Defoe I Chambers C Anderson Sophomores 'eil to rlzht back row W Punn F Rlpley M Webb row B Mueller L Noxxhn L Lundy R Tohl Fourth 'nfth row Mr Medley aduse Lee A Pool B O Brlen T Turlrw C Second row L Leach H Veldhuleen M Oldenkamp L Olson D Reynolds A ron M Lansuorthy J Lucas G Stew r D Rose S Ramey M Phelps B Park uw -nwnnwvl Watkms M Naegll R Scheaelzer J Schuster H K Seufert '1 Rash C Lamb N Matheny Third 5'llldSe!'0lll D Ohxer J Waldklrch C McK1nster art P Sexbert F Mayes V Mannlla L Redmer er J Schroeder S OBr1en M Vasblnder, M Vasey 1 4.2 . ' ': . . . ' . . Q . 1 2 . . . V . , . ' . . r '. , . . . .. . P . F "Z . '. " . . ' 'V . v . 1 . . -'V V V . -4 . Q . 'V . , " Ky f" m SJ cf J' ,' A rr , V u '2:I-21. ,- .. .L if: 'W 'S ' ' "' A V ,L .. h 6 , i KV . 4' ja, 1 .- 5 A ,L ' Q ,W " W .rm f- W I C ff . W. 'fl V Tv . ' if ' J 'V of ' v V V +4 . ,V VL 4 . V? S E , K V ,, X, Jr' ' Y f ' Y V I 3 44 I, - 'I . V , V . ' ' V . '.'. . " V . -V . "' V . V . w - A 4 V . . 'I . V - 'FL V , V '. V , V . V I ll! Tilla-Hi Panorama 6 ' SOPHOMORE SHOP CLASS Mr. Turbyne's Woodworking II class are shown here bhsy at work on projects. Bookshelves, tables. cedar chests, and "xx 121-nt ol hat-not" flow in a steady stream from the base- Tilla-Hi. CHEMISTRY CLASS This uviver class course was organized on the laboratory in-llimi this 1951 year. Mr, Whitney proposed the experi- mnvs :intl the students proved them. Unlike the shop, ,ilzai xloxu-d from the chemistry lab, was not always pleasant, . gs.--af'-' 4-H CHAMPS Donna and Colleen, the seniors pictured above. were two of the fifteen delegates from Oregon to attend the National 4-H Club Congress held in Chicago, Novemer 26-30, The girls have been very active in 4-H work for a ltood many years and are always to be found as top contenders it the County and State Fairs. Donna won her trip on "Girl's Record," which means that she had the best all around 4-H record for uirls in the state. Coileen's trip was awarded on her work in "Recreation and Rural Arts." She was one of two picked from the eleven western states. KILCHIS ROYALTY Somethinu new at Tillamool-1 High this season was the election of a Kilchis Queen. Queen June lst ruled durinu festivities on March 2. Her court was made up of Crown Princess Donna Ellis, Princess Mary Ann Olson and Princess Ina Chambers, -gi 2 E E s P , ,z Q .'1f,'filfi,'f'k4?:? 5 5 A ,jr ,V:,,,-,..A. V 2 A :A V V A eg VI? QQ ,f . I ,Q ir rig 3, 55, 1 2 4, ,gg -V V if i5fMw4Q"ESfQ.,gV g 'V f 'Q " U ' W g V Qgfj -k i fr , 2 Q , A ' As' 1 1 A'-1 VV A n jg, ff Vgwg 4124 ,ik M? V OWU"-'WV NMf!P-Qsgiiqg , ag! QQ 3 A ,, Q, K A Ay: AA? W what A , 1 N Q zfwV,-ff? .,,,f if -VA 1 1 'Ai 2 , A,,1f ,g3V QfvWb iff 'A 'wg V 2 'V 4. 1 A, g,,.4V, gh 1 AA J A, 1 3 as e ? - V 1-we "3 .... V-:Sri V ' Ma, e ,VVVA f' ,Qi ,rssfsu , 'V ' 2 , min-'V - ' A 5 Q , Liz' : f.,. .AI-ge VV FVVIWA- Q 4,7 gy 1 MA QV-W' E, I X V ,,,. . ,V " . 4 ' , 'f f-3 X 2 V ' 4 ? ' ' Q V 22 . " A 1 V 4. V' 'f 3 f V V 'Y ' AV . " ,..,,' 52 5 " ' 7' A ' ' .., ff A ' 5' wr Q , A sk ., VV A .A . V 2 KA..-at AA ,W M, I ,VV Af. w If X ' V A U fig, ,A ,, , A! , l 1 .,,,. ,V,f5:,' , Q ., "7 V , V- I . -' - 1 A 54 V ' 2 ferr? f, 5 f F40 Lf we A .. ' W 5 it 'V 1 VV 35 if Vx A if ,V -M Q I Z 1-.Z -ml-AM I V .5 A 4 A , 1 , ,f ,,V V 4 VVV- ' LZ, M?ik , ,,4, V V. iq 1 YA W , 2 ' Y V 5, , V 'ef ,, ' VW Gm . ' U , Y 4 An L, , ' 'ff V,A-M,.,.,,,A,...4 ,W , M -Y .. ,lg-g ' , ,,,. -W 'Q' WW. A , V ' ' h Z" ' we ISV ...,, ' I VJ" V A, '21 5.12 T- 5:5 ff J i l ig 5' fy ' ,1f 22,1 ,V,,, V,,, , V- V, AA A 2' A4 V V V V, get KLAJA4. Z, 5 . ,A i , I 1 A ,,A4,. A,,, ,,,.,M,,, A, A' , , dw Y " 1, A A rg 1 A ,, - W ZA , f M - V ' ,V V WWW X ,..,,g,4 4' fag, A , w1y,,r, , U W :I VM-1.--MW-y N, f' WW Q A, . W AWMIWY YY V V VA A ,,,,3.,, f V A Z, ,V I-I.T's PENCIL PUSHERS U . ,, . I WAHI .1 tardy slip. May I have an ab- sence slip?" Hxx,l1Cl'L"S lIo?I' These are but a few of the many requests and questions aslted in the office. The replies come from Blo. Mr. Tong's sec- retary. Ifllen. secretary to Nlr. lI.llTll'l1CI'5lJj', super- intendent of Ilistrict No. 9. and the student office staff, which is .i student school service organiza- tion. The duties of the student staff are to pick up slips. answer the phone uh-n Io's luusv run errinds .intl tall stutlents to the :mice ior secret confer- -Sfilfvi lfifgar OFFICE STAFF Eduar. M. Laiiiuwortliy. K Robinson. W Anderson SECRETARIES "Jo" Kinkade, Ellen Duffy. TATTLER LEAGUE President, Dottie Iiordg Vice President, Lois Stunkardg Student Body Representative, -Ioan Pangborn. Because of the fact that each girl in the student body is a member of the Girls League and it would be difficult to photograph such a large group, only the officers are pictured here. The Girls I.eague does many things for the school, such as selling candy at games and taking care of the sicltroom. Their most important project is the Parent-Daughter Banquet held each year in the spring. The money for this banquet is earned through the candy sales. This group does a good job each year and is to be congratulated. -lmm limi ru in i L GIRLS LEAGUE OFFICERS Left to right, Miss Sauey. D Ford. L Stunkard. J. Panuborn. Left to riuht: P. Drake. L. AIJPPIIP. S Swett. S FFA-Left to right, back row: R. Helmick, adviser, K. Needham, B. Blaser. G. Blackburn, S. Vermilyea, D. Glad. B. Freeman, D. Johnson. D. Gienger, H, Sisseck, M. Naegeli. Second row: D. Johnson, K. Seufert, D. Gregorich, D. Mayer, L. Gienrzer, H. Rund, L. Schwend. First row: H. Widmer, B. Phillips. B. Sanders, J. Moore, B. Hurliman. D. Vincent. I HATE TO GET UP IN THE MORNING President, Bob Blaserg Vice President, Sam Vermilyeag Secretary, Gene Blackburn, Treasurer, Dick Giengerg Reporter, Bob Hurlimang Adviser, R. W. Helmick. The Future Farmers of America is organized primarily for farm boys. The boys eligible to enter must be interested in agriculture. Several boys from Tillamook Sacred Heart Academy are entered in the class. The Future Farmers of America have a 130 farm located in the northeast corner of the blimp base. It is the only one of its kind in Oregon. Twdffffi True THE WAY TO A MAN'Sl.HEART President, Carol Chaseg Vice President, Delores Fordg Secretary, Alice Oldenkampg Treasurer, Dona Robinson, Historian, Colleen Dooley, Student Council Representative, Loretta Olson, Adviser, Miss Verle Saucy. This is the first year that Tillamook High has been recognized by the state FHA office as having an organized chapter, and has sent representatives to district and state conference. With thirty-seven active members, the club has had a successful year. The biggest event was the annual spring style show, in which the girls modeled all garments made in Homemaking Class. By serving cookies and coffee each Tuesday night, the club made enough money to sponsor an "Old Time Dancen and purchase a new tea set and an electric Mixmaster. -Colleen Dooley "HAA+LeIt to right. back row: Miss Saucy. adviser, B. Meulpr, D. Reynolds, S. WySS, D, Nott, J. Schroeder, S. DeVl'i9S- C. Makinster, NI, Flores, M. Oldenkamp, M, Vasey, B. Parlzt-r. J, Cross, P. Ausinus, D. Wridee, M. Tillett. M. Wilker- son, Front row: M, Demon. R, Tolil, B, Kunzi, V. Smith, S. Martin, C, Dooley, A. Oldenkamp, C. Chase, D. Ford, L. Olson, D. Robinson, L. Christensen. K, Robinson. S. Edgar, D- Fallin- PHOZO CLUB--Left to right: W. Lee, M. Tillett, D. Rarey. F. Ripley. S. Vermilyea. M. Sargent. J. Gilbert. M. Wilker- son. S. Weigel, Mr. Turbync. adviser. "WATCH THE BIRDIEU President, John Gilbertg Secretary, XVayne Lceg Treasurer, David Rareyg Student Council Rep- resentative, Marjorie XVilkersong Adviser, Mr. Turbyne. The Photo Club is one of Tillamook High's more active organizations. Under the guidance of Mr. Turbyne this group has learned enlarging, developing and printing of films. The main idea of the club is to encourage photography as a hobby. The club held meetings every other week and also met two nights a month. At every meet- ing a member would explain to the group one phase of photography. The springtime activity was to get snapshots for the Kilchis. BOOKWQRM GUILD The Librarians club has had a busy year. They have raised money to buv new parts for the library typewriter and buy the librarians' pins. The group held clean-up meetings every two weeks during which they all pitched in and gave the library a good cleaning. Their annual Li- brarians Tea was a great success. The club is made up of the students who serve as librarians during the periods, giving up their study halls because they enjoy working with books, receiving no credit, only activity points for their service. They have always been a hard working group, keeping the library in order, check- ing books in and out and helping other students to find reference books. -Ioan lossy fieek row. left to rzelitz F, Kenyon. Mr. Stewart. adviser. L. Siiinkard. O. Hirhtovver. S. Sperber. D. Reynolds. J. Weber. Front row. left to right: I. Zurther. P. Hueliart. J. Whitlovv. A. Dolphin. P, Pereeoy. D. Gif-nuer. M. Wilkerson. C, Dooley, A, Jensen, Z. Nyinan. .--' TILLA-HI Left to right, fifth row: B. Larson, D. Bales. M. Nelson, Mr. Anderson, Fourth row: B. Thomas, J. Powers, F, Bartlett, N, Ferry, D. Norris. Third row: J. Haindel, J. Karn, D. Gienger, S. Edgar, C. Chase. M, Booth. Second row: I. Kimmel, J. Rueh. D, Pallin. J, Pang- bcrn. D. Reynolds. K. Tippin, P, Pereeoy, B. Cook. First row: J. Jossy. J, Stewart. C. Dooley, R. Bennett. G, Hughson. M. Smith, and M. Wilkerson. KILCHIS STAFF Left to right, back row: W. Lee. Mr, Anderson adviser, J. Gilbert. First row: M. Wilkerson ris, D, Reynolds. D, Gienger. M. Smith, G Hughson. M. Sargent. B. Cook. P. Peregoy UNOSES FOR EWS" lliitor, Genevieve Hughsong Assistant Editor, Kay Tipping Adviser, Mr. Anderson, Typist, Miss Abrams. The Tilla-Hi News was edited approximately every two weeks by Genevieve Hughson with the help of the assistant editor, Kay Tippin. It contained news, gossip, sports views, and happenings around Tilla-Hi with spe- cial emphasis placed on feature stories. The news was gathered and written by the journalism class and volunteer reporters. The typing was done the first semester by the typing instructor, Miss Abrams. She was assisted the second semester by her Office Practice class. An innovation the last ten weeks was the weekly edition put out by the journalism class. This issue usually was only six pages in length. -Donna Pallin "ANY PICTURES FOR THE ANNUAL" Editor Don Norris and staff members struggled to get th: 1951 Kilehis different and better than previous editions. The results will have to speak for themselves. Meeting deadlines, and worrying about picture reproduction and such printing problems took up most of the group's time the second semester. The Kilchis party came off March 2 after a deadly serious selling cam- paign had come to an end. Something new was added to this party by having students with Kilchis receipts vote for a Kilchis Queen. june Smith won the honor. The movie "Arabian Nightsv was the featured attraction for the party. -Colleen Dooley A, Dolphin, O. Hichtower, P. Huehart, D. Nor- LATIN CLUB Buck row. left to right, C Lamb. T. Rneli. F Kluley. C, Slocum P. Kiluer. M. Nelson. L. Gienzer. L Leach. W. Lee, B. Barber. K, Fellows Rvrtzert, 'Fliirci row, left to rnzlit: S Wenzel. P. Pt-reazoy. S, Swett. M, Snreent oncl row, left. to rxszlitj D. Glen-ter, S Stokes, B, Oldenkump. D. Reynolds. P rizzht' C. Taber. K. Henson. V, llutluf-on G Se-ihert. J, Horner, A. Witelier. sur. D. Reynolds. Mrs. Rice. adxxser. D Rllfey. P. Klluer, L. Bishop. K. Root, H Sehunter. J. Mason. Front rowi V Hndueon. O. Hightower. G. Stewart, B Parker, M, Defoe. J, Gubser. K. Jensen .L Cross. LATINAE AMICAE Formed as a recreational group two years ago, the Latin Club has had .1 varied life. Activities in 1950-Sl centered largely around two parties, one held in the fall at the high school, the other in the spring. The spring meeting served as a Combination picnic and initiation Ceremonv for new Latin Club members. A student must have had one semester of Latin to qualify for entrance to the group. -Bob Larson SPANISH CLUB 'I he Spanish Club meets once .1 month under the leadership of Carol I-Ieusser, president, and Mrs. Rice, .td- viser. The purpose of this club is to promote good will and friendship between Latin America and the United states. In these meetings the members learn about their Mexican neighbors, and also learn some of their songs. Some highlights have been the Spanish Christmas party, which was held at school, and was conducted like .1 true Mexican holiday. The main feature was the breaking of the pinata, a paper bag stuffed with candy, fruit and nuts, and tied high in the air. The members were blindfolded and turned loose with .1 stick, with one thought in mind-to break the bag. The week of April 14 a Pan-American Day Assembly was held at school. lt contained solos, music, and .1 Pan-American travelogue, presented by Mrs. Rice. In May, a party followed by social dancing was held at .1 member's home. This has been a busy year for the Spanish club, yet one of fun. -Sully ljifgar G. lrluazlison. Mr, Anderson. adviser. Sec- Seihert. C. Anderson. Front row. left to SPANISH CLUB Buck row. left to t'1:.ll!.: C, lleus-ser. S. Stokes, R. Tolil. S. Ed- ORDER OF THE "T"4Back row, left to right: B. Riggert, C, Heusser. F. Kenyon. B. Dentel. P, Hatch. J. Paul, Third row to. left to right: D, Gienger, K. Hahn, J. Schroeder. J. Robertson. A. Schlappi. J Moors, Second row, left to right: E Goldman, D. Johnson. D, Van Cise. D. Peoples, K. Fel oss, F.1'st row, left to rieht: L. Gienger, R. Lundy, J. Streeter, Mr. McKeel, A. Goldman, E, Gilbert. L, Bishop, D. MeCool. H H T 'MEN President, Bob Dentelg Vice President, Frank Kenyong Secretary, Phil Hatchg Treasurer, Phil Hatchg Ad- viser, Mr. McKeel. The Order of "T" is an athletic honorary society set up primarily to encourage and enhance high school athletes. Requirements for memberships are the earning of one letter in a major sport, scholastically eligible, and undergoing a formal initiation. Other duties within the school of the Order of "T" members are numerous. Some of them are: set ex- amples in school citizenship, discourage damage to school properties, maintain order in hall and on stairways, and encourage athletic participation. -lVar1'c'fz True "SMOKE EATERSU Under the leadership of adviser Mr. Turbyne and Chief Scotty Tate, the Tilla-Hi smoke eaters did an ex- ceptionally good job in setting time records for clearing the building during fire drills. During the year each of the boys was assigned to a certiin post and when the fire bell rang it was their duty to get to their post as quickly as possible and man an extinguisher if necessary. Throughout the year the students cooperated very well in practicing fire drills. -Frmzle Barflvfl FIRE SQUAD-Left to right. back row: R, Gibbens, P, Hatch. J. Robertson, A. Goldman. A. Schlaiupi. M. Ripley. Second row: W. Lee, G. Carnahan, B. Riggert, J'. Schroeder, J. Paul. E. Cook. D. Van Cise. D. Peoples, F. Bartlett. First row: Mr. Turbyne. adviser, H. Randall, D. Effenberger. F. Kenyon. K. Fellows, J. Powers. D, Rush. F. Ripley, T. Rash, C. Lamb. S. Tate. K. Robinson. J. Wi-ber. K Slnnkard. S Swett. J Knrn. P, Drake. Z, Nyinnn tel. P. Perf-eoy. M. Smith Oldvnkaxnp. l "TILLA-I-IPS AMAZONSM Girls' athletics are sponsored by an association known as G.A.A. The club was formed for all girls who are interested in sports. The officers for the year Were: President, Carol Chaseg Vice President, Dixie Batkeg Secretary, Rosemarie Bennettg and Student Council Representative, Genevieve I-lughson. To join this association each girl must have fifty points which are obtained by taking part in various sports. From each class, teams are formed to take part in intramurals and to compete for the championship. The association met on Monday nights for meetings and various sports. The required points to join are given for accomplishments such as bowling, swimming, hiking and tennis. -Ro.w'n1urir Bwzfzvff UCHEER Cl-IEERM The Tillamook High School Cheezettes have been organized for a number of years. They are looked upon as the ones to show pep and spirit and to help lead the loyal rooters at all games. The Cheez- ettes met at noons and worked together to prepare drills for each game and to learn new yells. The pep club consists of sixteen girls, eight seniors and eight juniors, who are chosen from the junior and senior classes by the student body. The girls Wear white skirts and bright red sweaters. The girls present drills during the half-time periods of both basketball and football games. Under the chairmanship of Marion Ffmith, they endeavor to present a short pep assembly to the student body to arouse pep and enthusiasm for coming games. Before th: out-of-town games, short send-off assemblies were held either before the players left or during the after- noon. The idea was to let the players know the student body is behind them. -Rosurrzuriu BL'lIP1L'ff CHEEZETTES Back row L Stunkard. K. Tippin. it Br-nnelt. V Lord. G Iluuhson. J. Karn. S. Sur-tr. J Sniith. M Smith Left to right: J. Den- zel. D. Gienger. J. Jossy. J. Haindel, J. Coon, I. Zuercher. G A.A Left to riuht. see- ond row: D. Ford. D. Bat- kv. L Christensen. P. Aus- inns, M, Tlllelt. C. Chase. Tippin. G. Huuhson. H. Bennett. J. S ni 1 t li. L. First row Miss Milura. B. Cook. L, Anderson. I. Zuer- eher. D Gienuer. J Hain- del. M. Wilkerson. J Den- M. Sairuc-lit. anti A 1 i e e Wm- Tov ro left to Flhhl J Snnth Schroeder G Huehson D Nor rls D Robmson Second vw left to right S Svsett D Pallln e1e P Pereeos J Pant, orn Tnrd rovt 1 t to r1Q. It Hatch D Gelneer J Karn M Nelson Fourth row left to rlght P Drake L Stuukard L Lundy R Bennett PI-IILOKALUNS Uemdent, Don Norms, XILL lxesndent, om IlI1L,lJ0lIl, Seeretlry, Rosemzrne Bennett, Treasurer, Geneueve Hughson, Honor Roll Keeper, Shlflty Swett, Student LOUHLll Rep Milton Nelson, Aduser, Brett Stuart Two IITIPILSMNL ttpplng eeremomes ushered ln the lelehnv umor md Senlor elndldates to the Phllokalon ehapte of the NlTl0nll Honor Soeletx Asplrints ire ehosen the four standards Charac ter, S holushnp Letdershlp md Seruee Only a smlll p leen' ge of the top students are ellglble for eonslder iI10ll md must neet rll four sterlmg qUlllIlLS m the op mon 01 the members and a spccxal faculty eounell h OLILIX ns honorary nts man purpose bexna, to reeognlze top students, gnmg h r y the members on thes students 1 better ehlnee for eollege seholsmrshlps by benng mem ers ns 1 ments A speeul SOLILIV seholushlp IS offered to senlors 1 smxll pereemtxge of NSl1lLl'l lre allowed to Compete wlth otnel sehools for the SLl10lllSl'llpS IX: one knows who I5 to be tlpped, exe pt the leluser The eelemony ion lI1LlULllOll ns m rmpzessne one 4 l t bodx 1ppl1uds to honor eleh mehud As the new l11Ll'l1lJelS ue txpp el Ind led to the plltform, the entne stueen ull hlhe elndnelltes ue pledged to upohld these stmduds Il ull tunes, mel to not Allow thelr grade uerages to drop below the S6 9 stlneluel for eonsleleratlon A gu st spelleer th' n brmgs 1 txmely messnee to the entxre ssemblage mbels of the ehupter hlvc nude fme 'nules m thcrr lnes, ind stqnd as examples to these outst 1d1ng students preplrmg for Sll1'llllI' endeaxors Nl my former me U K I 3 R 5 fa. 'K tw e 1 ' .ax " 1 . ' , J. , . ' , . - . ' ' . ro x ' 1 . ' . . ' . J. D 1 A-1. , ' '. , tb 4 1' ', ef Q1 1 P. gws- i v V., I-.-' , In , . ., , , . ', . , N U e ., . I , H A . K U h H E, J . L .1 . -A . . C .' '. - " . if f Q 2"'.QLlL: ' ' ' ' - As the name suggests, t e s J' ' , ' -X ' ' gf ' ' 'e ' f . ' - ' Q '- ' 'L X ' . ' ' -' 3 X b- .. Th' is a 'ust reward for their ac iexe- pyf iy.l "X .kv Q 1. ' '.' A ' W' . t V L .1 . 1 x Y l I V is Q ' Y ' x 4 -x y A - ' - I I- . . -1.-,'- vm 1. 1 i ' rx' V U- 1 xA' 'C l '. 'A . .1 r 'U 1 I L- A A- - f x. ' ' S- - ,A - s 3 ' L ' v , s ' . jf. 1 x-- x ' 1 I I x A- -.X ' I I r K 6 A 'al . 1 , ' . t . 1 Y Tlgrf 1 Q4 M.,...,.,...W.M-fnfvw H .MM M' HI-Y-Left to riuht. back row: D. McCool. P. Kilger. B, Thomas. F. Kenyon, J. Moors. J, Paul, P. Hatch, J. Schroeder. D. Peoples. Mr. Gardner. First row: D. Norris, E. Goldman, B. Riuizert R. Ashby, K. Hahn, J. Streeter, D. Effen- berger, A. Goldman, F. Ripley. TRI-HI-Y--Left to right, second row: S. Swett, C. Chase, S. Edgar, P. Peretzoy, L. Lundy. C. Tabor. K. Jensen, K. Tinpin. L. Stunkard, L. Christensen, C. Heusser, B. Cook, D. Pallin. J, Paneborn, Mr. Gardner. First row: M. Smith. J. Smith, J. Karn, M. Sargent, J. Haindel. D. Gienger, J. Dentel, I. Chambers. Z. Nyman. C. Anderson, D. Oliver. O. Hightower, J. Dolan, I, Zuergher, P. Hughart, M. Wilkerson. H ' H Men With A Purpose The Hi-Y Club Started Out the 'ear with 1111 elCCtion of officers. President was Frank Kenvong Vice Presi- Y . dent, Don Norris, Secretary, Bob Riggertg Treasurer, 141:14 Streeterg and Danny Peoples, Chaplin. The boys have had some difficulty this year with so many activities interfering with their club work. However, several joint meetings were held with Tri-Hi-Y. jackie Streeter and Almon Goldman were elected delegates to the Oregon Youth Legislature which was held May 11. "Girls With A Purpose" President, Louise Christensen, Vice President, Zoe Ann i'xym.1ng Secretary, Inamae Zuercherg Chaplin, Jo- anne Dolan, Adviser, Mrs. Nyman. Tri-Hi-Y finished its third club year with thirty-five members. Karen Jensen and Charlotte Tabor represented the club at the Youth Legislature in Salem in April. They were accompanied by the adviser, Mrs. Nyman. The girls assisted in the annual Easter Sunrise Service by arranging the program that was given. Donna Pallin MASQUE AND GAVEL Back row. it-ft to right: L. Stunkard. P, Pereeoy. K, Jensen. C, Taber. S. Swett. K, Tippin. Mr. Medley. adviser. D, Norris. P, Seibert. J, Horner. G. Huzlisoii, M, Smith. C, Heusser, P, Hughart. "TQ BE GR OT TO BE" The two drama clubs were under the able leadership of Kay Tippin, Thespians, and Don Bales, lfootlights, this year. The two groups co-operated with each other in the presentation of their annual play: "Night of january 16." The play was well accepted by the public and its receipts made possible a ban- quet at the end of the year. Quite a number of the drama enthusiasts took part in radio skits this spring. "XVe Know A Poe Story," became a familiar program in the Tillamook home through their efforts. -D011 Norris "LE D YOUR EARSM President, Don Norrisg Secretary, Marion Smithg Student Council Representative, Kay Tip- f li! pin. Pledge: "We pledge ourselves to be better citizens through the interest o Speeci. The speech club was more active this year than ever before. They went to McMinnville for the 20th Annual Tournament of Champions and Paula Hugh- art placed third in Oratory. They journeyed to Forest Grove, November 10-11 for the 2nd Annual Pacific Forensic In- vitational Meet. Kay Tippin and Paula I-Iughart reached the Semi-finals in Oratory. This club is one of the younger ones in sch mol but is steadily growing, and is gathering some laurels for Tillamook High School. THESPIAN INITIATION Back row, left to rizht: Mr. Whitney. adviser. C. Heusser. G. Huehson. R. Bennett. J. Jossy. M. Neison. K. Tippin. J. Schroeder. M. Smith. D, Norris. L. Christensen, D. Bales. S. Swett. D. McCoo1. D, Var1Cise. D, Rarey. P, Pereg0y- Mr, Tens. Principal. First row: M, Wilkerson. D. Pallin. J, Pang- born. L. Stimkard, B, Cook. P. Hatch. S. Tate. S. Weigel. S. Edgar. and B. Rigsert. -Marion Booth FOOTLIGHTS BANQUET Left to right. head table: D. Peoples. B, Cook. L, Christensen. Mr, Whit- ney. D, Bales, S. Swett. D. VanCise. I. Z-uercher, First table. left side: R. Bennett. G, Hughson. D, Norris. M. Booth. S. Rice. J. Streeter. P. Pere-soy: right side. J, Rueh. P, Drake. P. Jones, J, Jossy. M. Wilkerson. D. Gienger. D, McCoo1. L Stuukard, Second table. ieft side: C, Heusser. D. Rarey. S, Weieei. M, Nelson. L, Quick. H. Wyss. L, Bishop: right side. J, Haindei. K, Hahn. P, Pereaoy. B, Rxizyxert. K, Tniviii. R, Ashby. Third table. left side: J, Schuster. N. Matheny: rihgt side. A, Goldman. S, Edgar. D. Batke. BOYS' CHORUS Left to rizht. back row' A, Goldman. E. Goldman. B. Dentel. R. Ashby. D. Norris. Third row: M. Webb. D. Peoples. D. VanCise. M. Hitt. SeCO11d roxy: J. Dolan. acconipanist. H. Vt-ldhuisen. N. Ferry. F Bartlett. First row, A Maddinz. M. Nefson. N. Matheny. Mr Mabee. director. BOYS' CHORUS Participating as a single unit and in c0mbinatiOn with the girls' chorus, the boys' chorus presented a variety of music in the 1950-51 school year. Because this was the third year that there has been .1 male vocal group. the acquired experience has raised the standard of their performances and of the entire music department. This has resulted in a greater degree of enjoyment by all public groups before which the boys' group appeared. Tivo appearances with the girls' group at the beginning of the year, and again in a Christmas program were first on the schedule of events. Various appearances before the local Lions and Kiwanis clubs, the annual pre- festival concert in which all festival numbers are presented, and their appearance as a group and with the mixed group at the District Music Festival at Newberg completed their busy year of vocalizing. Approximately fifteen members participated under the excellent direction of Delmar Mabee. head of the high school music department. -Millml Zvt'I.WlIl GIRLS' CHORUS The Girls' Chorus this year has gone far. The most spectacular performance of the year was the Christmas program. The music director again this year was Mr. Delmar Mabee. A tall concert was presented by the chorus and was received very well by everyone who attended. Girls' chorus is a selective course. One credit is given for it just as one credit is given for a required course. The girls sing popular songs for a diversion but usually stick to more formal songs. At this writing the girls are practicing for the District Music Contest which will be held April 21. at Newberg, Oregon. The girls' chorus has been a great help to Tillamook High School through their many fine performances. -Ioyu' IQIIUIJ GIRLS' CHORUS Left to riuht. fourth row J Smith. R. Bennett. G Ifiiuhson. J Weber. C Heusser. C Makinster. M Smith. S Suett. J Dolan. D Burke. K Robinson. S Wyss Third row J Ruch. J. Coon. J. Wald- kirrli. J Jossy. J Horner. B Wyers. A, Jensen. M. 'l'.l1t-tt. J Lucas. Second row B Denton, J Cross. U Muller. B. Parker. M Flores. L. Kimball. D. King. I Kimmel. J. Kalinowslcy. Mr Mabee, First row L Novvlin. M. Dt-foe. I. Chambers. C Ander- son. J. Stewart, O. Hightower. F Mayes, M, Vasey, M. Phelps, HERE COMES THE BAND The Tillamook High School Band had a very interesting year under the direc- tion of Mr. Mabee. They were present for all the home football and basketball games, and the football game at Astoria. The band also played at the intermissions of most plays. Mr. Mabee accompanied by Bill Dentel, Dave Effenberger, Merlin Ellis, and Back row, left to right: D. Bran- ham. J. Parker. M. Markee, V. Fletcher. A, Madding. C. Holsey, Mr. Mabee. director. D. Bobell, P. Seibert. D. Wall, L, MeCool, L. Lundy. D. Peoples. V. White, M. Gilbert, L. Leach, J. Proctor. E. Gilbert. Second row, left to rieht: D. MeCool. R. Han, M. Ellis, S, Johnson, R, Fisher, B. Cook. N. D Pailin. J. Gilbert, S. Weigel, N. Olson. L. Mcvay. E. Flvlcilefi C- Chase. First row. left to ritlhli D. Mahurin, G. Sauey. S. Weigel. L. Holsey, Sheldon johnson went to the state-wide band clinic at Tigard, October 28. The entire band entered the District contest at Tigard on April 18. TRIPLE TRIO This delightful singing group was organized last year, and aside from a few omissions and additions the group is the same. It was formed as a class to present entertainment when- ever called upon and to give those girls interested in group singing, a chance to participate. -Rosenzarie Bt'lll1l,ff TRIPLE TR IO Back row: J. Smith, R. Bennett. C. Anderson. B, Parker, C. Taber, G. Hughson, M. Vasey, M. Smith. S. Swett. Front row: L, Novvlin, musician, MIXED ENSEMBLE The mixed ensemble is combined occasionally but is not in the regular daily schedule of practice. This group took part in the Thanksgiving, Christmas and Spring Festival programs. Mr. Delmar Mabee, music director, expresses his hopes that he can get together a mixed ensemble next year, as they were well accepted by the public. -joyve Rnrli TRIPLE TRIO AND BOYS' GROUP Second row. left to right: D, Norris, A. Goldman. D. Van Cise, D, Peoples, N, lferiy. M, Nelson. N. Matheny. First row: L. Nowlin, C. Anderson, B. Parker, J. Smith, R. Bennett, G. Huehson, M. Smith. S. Swett. M. Vasey, and C. Taber. l ested although they were freezing. 'liliei' dd a good job, They were out-of-town games and ably adap- "lficgHT, ifiiiiowss i I-IGIIT-I-'IGIIT-lfIGH'I'!" 1 i in . 'f 2 Iris- .loan and Valina had the , 1 n dililiieult job of adapting their f ' 2 ytlls to mud and rain. and keep- i ing the students happy and inter- iiot always happy qwho could be fn ilit- rainy, but made their pro- Q-:cis proceed with hard work. Although it was sometimes dif- lfcult, the girls were at all of the rt--.I their yells to all conditions. FIRST SEMESTER YELL LEADERS-'fLt'ft to miie J, Kiiiiiwwski, 1. Kimmel. v. Mauniia The spirit of Tilla-Hi began its rise at this time and continued lo the end of the year. --loan lmxy MAJORETTESf-Left to right: P, Seibert, L, Lundy. L. MCCOOI, J. Bobell. STANl,' SCCO"D SFIMESTLR YELL LFADERS -Left to rieht Frank KPNYOH- KPl1Uf"-ll IHMX-I-ING QJY A TIN CANH Hahn. Jack Strt-mer. A'nioii Goldman, Tilla-Ili tried something .1 little differ- I em this year: lfour boys took over the spirit of the school, providing original and l-umzrrous yells during the basketball sea- Nflll. Ki-mit. lieltie, lfrank and Almon have ik--fi lizrd. and the spirit of the student 1' i l' has tom: up .1 great deal since Sep- ::mlxi'. Tillamools now has a eheeri 'Lion to be proud of. The lmjqs handled several pep assemblies :nil put on EWU amusing skits, proving l'lf.:::i -oli lligh was right in changing to ljilff iell leaders. -joan Img left to right thrrd row I Smrth R Bennett T Wade Hughsoq S Stem Sgcgnd row M Rlpley B Dentel D van Cise D Peoples M Nelson T Turley H Wyss N Matheny First row R Rxggert V Hud eon J Schroeder D McCool P Peretoy D Bales P Smith L Stunkard 11, Fetcher P Hatch J Schuster S Weigel S Tate L Brshop S Edgar G Carnaha Fore round D Norrrs B Hart M Wrlkerson Student Body Play THE MAN WHQ CAME T0 DINNER Thirty frxe students participated in one of the largest ca ts rn a student body play ever to be presented at Tillamook high Don Norris cast as the portly Sheridan Whiteside had the most difficult role rn tht entire show had never been used at Tillamook Outside Work was very good The student staff consisted of Student Director, Shirley Swett, Stage Man ager, Martin Ripley Properties Chairman, David Rarey, Costumes Chairman, Donna Pallm, Mfrke up Chairman Kay frpprn, Business Manager, Louise Christensen, Advertising Man1ger, joan Pangborn, Programs, Avis Wit Cher, and Ushers, Footlrghts Club The Faculty Staff Direction, Donald Whitney Staging and Lighting, john Turbyne, Costumes and Make up Verle Saucy Publicity, Norman Anderson, Programs Vid1 Abrams The play, a comedy rn three acts, started when Whiteside Ialls and fractures hrs hip on the front porch of the Ernest W Stanley residence He then proceeds to take over the house, forcing the Stanleys to lrwe like board ers rn their own home Whiteside during his stay brings in his strang friends and about drrxes hrs nurse crazy He finally recovers he finds that hrs injuries were not as great as he had rmagrnedj and rs about to leave the Stanley home He gets out the front door by hrms lf but there le falls and really frrcturts hrs hip this time as the shovn comes to an end r , . ' 'Z -. ' . . v . . v G. , , V , 'Q l ' , V , U 73 . - .Y . . . S , Y and did an excellent job. The novel idea connected with with this play was using arena stage which heretofore Q . . . . . . U t - . , A z . . , . Q . V . . D I - y , V9 . . g , . I i . . . ,V . . . . V ' . . , . . ! . . . . 8 . . Y . h D . 2 , I I N V as h . . . V ft to Fl ht back roxv D McCoo1 C Tabor D Van C1se R Ashby B Oldenkamp R R1 gert Th1rd row D I ldx P Hu hurt D Bntke B Cook Second row D Weber A Godman Fxrst roxx K Hahn D G16-nger I Zuercher J Streeter D Peoples K Tlpplh Jumor Class Plfxy MEET ME IN ST LOUIS Tht umor Cllss prtsentttl the three att musltxl comedy Meet Me In St Louxs, on vnulry 18 1nd 19 It xx s tlone arena style Tht C1st1n3, of thxs play had sevtral problems fhe mam btmg a C1t to pl1y Lady Babble One was finally found, hoxxextr Tht fxndlng of someone to do the smgxng wxs ilso quite 1 p oblem, but Chxrlott T1ber came to tht rescue here N1 Smith, 1 ltlntl generous loylng father, xx as portraytd by Ron Ashby Ur Dodge Mrs Smxths boss, xx 15 pllxttl bx D nny Peoples, Lon, the oldest son by Bob Rnggert, Duffy 1 m ek httle yes man, ackle Strtettl, l'1ttl CJFLQOIY Ken Hlhn john, Doug MCCOOI, Dlclx Lundy pl yed grimpl 1 spry old gtnt IH hxs late 70s xlmon boldmln, 1 b vxxldtred strtttcar Conduttor Chulottt Ttbtr hld tht ltztl is Rose, tht oldtst of tht four dlughttrs mtl tht bfflllfy of tht flmnly DIXIC B1 It Nlrs Smntn, lllltlx tht SN!LdlSh l1LllLl,PlLlll Hughlrt 'Iht txvo troublt l11lkLIAS xxtrt Agnes pllyttl by Dolttn Cntmg I thtn, tht ntxt to tht oltltst tllu ttr, mtl 'Vlrs XV1ughop pllyttl by olnnt Wtbtr tom plttttl tht tlst ht play xx 18 1 I11LlSILll tomttly tonttrnms, tht XX or I ur mn St louls Xlr Smxth xx IS to bt tnlnsfer td from ,t lotus to N xx Yorlt Tht ftlflllly xx IS tlttltt ly rt uttmt to tux' so tht troubltmxlxtls, Agnts md t1'x l1lll1lL,L ta 'tt thtlr flthtr flrtd Tht tlust .1 qulrrtl bttxxttn Roxt mtl htr boy frltntl mul x fn tht Ixt of tht optnmg of tht ' s 1 ll tx rytmn, IS strmghttntd out Xlr SlTllIl'l ft s us 4 llltlx ll tl tlotm t hlxt to go to lNtxx Yorlt ost gtts htr box Irxtntl bltlt mtl txtrxont as hlppx lntxxttn ltts lblrbtr shop quirttt madt up of Bob RISL t Danny Ptoplts Almon Cyoltlmln 1ntl Ktnny Hun, :Ill Y To protttds irom thls jumor txent xxent toward the fmmtmg of th umor Semor Prom The plav was anothcl trnbutt to Mr Whntneys d1I'6CtlHg :IQ ul' - ' I , 1 , v . - . - , V . . I : - .,u 1, . -3 t . . ' , . . : . . , I I .V ' 'Z . , . ' , . Q I 66 31 O lj ' 1 ' ' ' "z- - "' . "U . ' . . ' " . - ' ' ' ' 4 . ' . r t e . f A - - , - , . zz 1 ' ' ' A ' . 1' . , . 'ir pl' .11 W tk 1 , i Q ' I ' 117 5 Q, 1 X' Y J I . '.. F ' f , .1 V' s ms - ' , . L . t . 4 K v V 1 - . - 1 K D Q lt VU, 1 . 1 ' Q, i 'i ' Q 1 Q . ' j Q x .' ' ' ' t , Q i Bnrbnr.: Cook, tmtl Gcrtic, portrayed by lnamae Zuerchcr. K.1y Tippin as l.ucille,g Bcrtlcnn Oltlencnmp as ldng ter .ns is -' - - " 1 gh ' Q 1 '. 3 . 1' ' j Q - ' ' ' - 'Y' - . ' '. . ' ' ' ' l X ' 7 ld's A N . . . . Q ' '. ' '. ' rf ' F. . ' Ne' ' '. - A " "'l'tl ' -l l-.1 5 - - , " 4 G..L'k,y 1 , 3. .' 'L , ', I ,Y -1 -.. A , . L . , ', I Etc kllt. X, . 5, , 1 ' k , W Odd-. we J' Y 1 .1 , , - A . X' ' gt. l':j1l, SN.: .' K "' ':Kwx-- 1- . lf. 'Q . ' . , - 1 . ' A ' 'yjer , ' .' , l 1 . ' ll Fl 5. 1: ' '. ' ' , , , K' L ' L, J ' l ' . 1 1 . H ,, . , , . Left, to rlght K Hahn J Haindel N Matheny D Rarey P Smith D Vleber D Batke K Txppln C Tabor Ahby J Schuster D Bales M Nelson S Swett G Hughson D MeCool L Bxshop D Peoples J Streeter S Tate M Smith. R Bennett M Wilkerson J Smith S Edgar V Hudeeon D Norrls A Goldman Foothghts Thesplan Play NIGHT GF JANUARY 16 'lhe Footlnght Club and Thespnan Group N0 934 presented thelr annual play to the pubhe March 15 and 16 lt was The Nlght of January 16th the story of a murder trnal A jury of twelve was selected from the aud1enee to owe the fmal verdict of gullty or not guilty for ach perform nee The attendance Thursday mght was f nr Frlday nlght however the house was fxlled The plot was about Karen Andre fSh1rley Swett, who xx as on trnal for the mysterlus death of Bjorn Faulk ner her former employer and lover The two of them had 1 notorxous background of swmdlmg and forgery An xmportant vutntss agamst Mlss Andre was the W1dOW of Mr Faulkner Nancy Lee Faulkner fC1enev1eve blows qulte frequently concernmg thelr two chents A number of wntnesses kept the audnence supplied wnth laughs They were Dr Knrkland Don Bxles Mrs Iohn Joseph rlutchms Vlolet Hudgeon Homer Van Fleet Jxelue Streeter Elmer Sweeney jnm Schuster jane Chandler Rosemarne Bennett Magda Swenson Sal lv Ed ar ohn Graham Wntfleld Dan Peoples S1gurd Junquns Leonard Blshop Larry Regan Scotty Tate and Roberta Van Rensselaer Marlon Smith If IS mterestlng to note that the xerdxct both mghts were dnfferent Thursday n1ght the jury vuth Mayor Harrs lrlhott as foreman voted eleven to one for acqultal I-rxday evemng the jury under the suptrvmon of judge Otto Effenberger foreman added a httlt comedy of nts own They decxded the evndence pomted toward acqu1ttal but because Karen Andre wasnt gullty the nxght b fort they voted guxlty Mr Efftnberger how ever mlsunderstood and gave the wrong verdlct Therefore the jury had o go out and ruote The final ver duct was gu1lty of murder 1n the flrst degree 1 ' : . . . , . . . . . , . ' . . . , ' ' , . , R. s . . . . , . . . , . , . , . ' . . . '. , . , Cf 93 u -V n - ' I . , . . H U. I g . . . , I . le 3 l . All . l . 9 9 ' . I , ' . . ' 1 I D - Hughsonj. The two lawyers, Mr. Stevens fMilton Nelsonj and Mr. Flint QDoug MeCooij come to virtual ' ' ' ' , y . ' , . .- . . . , . , 1- ' I l n Q . l -3 u 1 I S u ' 1 3 2 Q K 9 Y Y , ' 9 , , s J ' r ' ' , 1 ' '-2, - ' 4 , 9 , ' ' - . . . . Y . . . ' . . , V. 7 s - - - . , . Y . . A 4 Q v Y , y y , 2 ,V ' , V 1. . 1 . Y ' , ' ' ' e 3 ' D - - " ' " , - , . , . I B . t U H 1 . i - SENIGR CLASS PLAYS X '- 1 - 'kr .. 1 T, I tk A TW I Q-an--1 Q.,-,.,.. .af 1 EQ fx 0 K 11"'n Q DD -- -1 in ieilw-aIwoyQ ah? '11, ..11...w "'i"f-f-wzaw CI, 1c11111d N Lu 0 R 101111K N1 x 11LI1 11 ll 111 ll D Y1111. P 1111 '1 1 1 11 1 1 N S1 N S1111 1801! .J ICULI 1I ll 11' 1111 1 Ulllk 1 ' UL 111LL111Lc S1xL MEIN ARE LIKE STREET CARS LQST 1-IQRIZQN NL11 MIL I1ILL SIILLILIFS, 11 x L X1 1 L SLIIILLI M1x 7 1L 1QI1tI1L11tLL LomLLIy 'UL of L1L Lx1L11 DIS, IILIHII IS, ITIL INISILIXLIIILIILS 0 ITL suI1LL1 IILIUIIIL, 1 ILILIIL 1IxLL Lx 111 111g11 n LF st x 1L1L L xL'1 1 IOL I1xx L pI1x LL rLLI 1r11u11LI t1L 1 L IT I1 L l1 L LLIL 'Il S I U I SS L, ILI L IIN IN S bt, IIIOL L OHL. lOI1', I L LILIEIIILY 7X ITL ILILILIILLS rL1Lt1o11 If p1OXLL O 1 IO 1LIL111Lg s111LLSs rs V11 Nr Xhson Maud S 111 Jox A1111 J11111 Lssbnlh 'Hrs Wim N115 -1 111 Mrs I'1x C -KST 1 'x d 110 II lov Il S1 111 1 1 11 II L11 V1 1 1 1 fll L1Ls SI1111 Il 1 1L1IIv m1IL pLc1pIL I1xL for I1u11drLLs XLIIS II1s IS rI1L p111I1IL111 PILSLULLLI to LI1L Ir1LI1x 111gI1t 1uL1 L11-,L 1111 xx 111LssLI tI1L sLLcmLI I11II of tI1L LIoubIL sL111or p 1ys L 111 L I3 111 t1,,L sLtt111-1 111LI 111xstL 1011s plot xx LrL on sL111111t111 11111115 1111 tI1L L1sL xx I1c1 LX LIIL11tIx p1LsLntLLI t IS LISLIII L nt 11xL LI111 1 LsL 1,, LO LS Il L11L11I LRFILIIIII 111 1L1LfLL 1 L'L L11L11f1 t C AST 1 X15 ru Jr 1 El11.1bev.h I Wsland Ruthcxford I CI11111 1 1 COIIXX ay S 1 1 IIIIIISOII 1 B11'I11I't1 'x s B1111IL ow Ilr C11 1 S11 Lo Tsm n HOIPI1 Jerry Ted M11 arm! 711 1 11111111 1 Huh Lima T'1sh1 IWW' A1 Lxng ' 1 . ..,. 1 ..... .,. . .......,. . ... . . W. .. ..-..... ..,, . ..M ,.,..,.,., gf- -- T ' , ' 1" L ' . N 2 1? 'W . I U . E 111 I X Q Xxx .3 I .V . ga 1 i P n 1-1 ,L1 ,Y I 1 , A I N 51 v I 1 L. Q7 Jail, 'I ' if 51' 1 J ..,.,.,.,...1. ,f YS I . A V 1::,,.g:E., 1:- ' 3 '4 K 1 K 1 ..,.... 1 13:15 -I . ' Avlvll I 1 gl H 1 ,,... . - - '- F 1 ' - L V M . .... .. A Q. .VE + 1 II 5 I 1 9 x I 1 1 2 1 - 1' . ' 1 'Q L ' ' 1 h . 1 I I 'Q ' ,, -11, .11 Q , II , ., ,.,,, 1. ,r '1 v " -' ' ' if ' 141 '11 1 - Y A 'W I 1 f -fit. uf",,'J'1 ZKWQA, ' " ' B21 'fx' . . 11. E. C oi. B. TI 1.3 Fir. 1'ox': P. IIL ' ' I. All I 1's:'111. T. C11' :.11111.-1-11. J, Ho'1 11: S Edu: '. . 1 'cy, 11. 11II111. D, M11 111. J. CJLII. F. B111"1'Lt, R. BL-1111 XII, D. 'L.:'1-.. J. 111111. S 'I'11I11, M. 1-I: , B. L21 n . -1. A. SUI 1 1 '. M. S 'tI. D. N ".. J. P11114I101'11. C, Ilvur- 1'. A, V1'1L'l11-11 KE. 'I'1'111-I ,N '- --i, S, '-11,1 U I 'V cc 11 " '-1 '11 I -11 -1 ", .-1.--V, . 1 -1- N A h 1I . .. 1 .111 .11L1. st'I pI11x, x.s ll D j K x -Id I Lv X X H lik of - '.l'I.TI'll 11--1' - .11 1-1.1--- ., . i. . l ' .1 .Q - 7 i 1 - 1 - .-1 . . . 1 1 Q , mc 1 1- .-1I 1 I -- I I- y -III -- - I NI. '," 311 "I 14' KI11. P1 A I JI' . XI.1Ic 1111- LI' x'11s . 'ILLI L by .I41cI' Pox' in LI Q ' I- of " D. Q." 1I1'fH"lf' 1 ISI- K' -I" ' .-1- 'I' 7 ' ' I IY - ., 1. II ' A g ' I ' ' '. ' - ' ' I'1': TI1' 'Hntc 1 1 I ' hcl I1.1t IC .1r' IL' K ' str' ' 'L "-I l yo 111 011 ' rl " -'II 1 '. 1' ' 1 I1 '1' ' UH ' 'UH I C ' I' IN' 11 1 - - 1 - V 'I D MII I K' 1' l- I ' I ' ' I I II1u c.IIII' ' s.'LtQ1f' ' slum' .1LI ' 1 Qlkc bc.-11-1, , 1 . . LI 1 VL: '. ' I I1f' 1I.1x lIIl -k.t111" .111LI cI1.1II' '1 0 .1II. I I . A 1 tv Q1 ' M .. 1.1:-Q .. . . . . . ..., . . . .. 1 S1113 LLIL11x' l I .I 1 , if .. .... ... .. .1 . ., . . ,,.... D1-1:11 Y.111x-1'if 1 ' 111 ...,. . ..,. 1, . . . . .. .. . .J01111 P11111 1' LJf1f11'w L"f1"1I. . . . . . ' . YI 'E . .. . .. .. , . ILL"-:111'1v 13111111-It C11 II P.111.I1111'1.. ., . . .. ., . j ...... . . . . .. . . ...,. Nancy D'11.c1111 A1'x111I1I SL.1I:11:u. .. 1 ,.,,..,.. . , .,,.. . .. ' .... . ,. .. .. . . . . ., . , J'1:.L- ,.:11'11 V1'11z':' 1. 'I'1'1:'- . . .. . . . . ' ' ....... . .. .. . Do 1. Jr 3111111111 ML."1:. 511-I 1 , . ..,. ' L! '. I ,... . , ...... J A 11 '1.11g DIZ N'1!'I'l-1 . .... . , .. . ... 1 1 . . Lux 111111 9,1131 1,,,,11 Sw 1':1'-' , . . . . . . .,. ,NIL . 1 4- - 111 - ,...L1-111111111- 'ir x'111-1' If 'U I-UV UU - -V - 1 ---- R 2 1 391 I.: 1-w CE11'.Xi-.1w1L C1U"'II U11 3 . . .in ' 'I ' Davy . .. , 111.1 p,.1,,.,-, SE11'I1'5' Sf-1" . . . .1 I ----- - .I"1'1111I1 Ii:1:111'1t 5'Il'I'5"U 'I' 1- - - ' .... . , , . ,.... D1 IIIIII 1 KWH I""3:'V-I . . . . . .. ' 1 1 1 .1 ..,. . . . . . . .... .PIII II11lL'21 A75 IVIIVIVI -- . .... ..' ' 12 . . . . . ..... .. ...... 1 P:1iI111 ' Rid' ' 1 1 -1 - V -- -- ' BANQUET Approximately one hundred juniors and seniors and guests met at Wilsoim school April 13 for the annual junior- senior banquet. A committee of junior mothers did the cooking for the excel- lent ham dinner. Sophomore girls decked out in long Centennial type dresses served. Mr. Cronant, the photographer and one of the sponsors. caught here the male quartet singing lustily on "Swing Low Sweet Chariot," part of the en- tertainment. "HAIL TO THEEU "Hail to Thee! Queen Rosemarie 1st of Tillamook High." Beauty and grace ruled together at the junior-senior Prom April 13 when Rosemarie Bennett was crowned queen of the 1951 Prom. The scene was the Officers' Club at the Naval Baseg the theme, "Old Fashioned," in keeping wirh the 1951 Centennial in Tillamook. Ruling with the Queen were Crown Princess Dottie Ford, and Princess Louise Christensen. Royal escorts are Arnold Schlappi, to the left, and Mar- tin Ripley to the right. Bob Dentel, escorting the queen, not pictured. Don Adamson,s band from Oregon State College provided the rhythm. Dance and entertainment scenes from the 1951 junior-Senior Prom. A ,E .:-: '12 A . ,Q gl gf ZQN 'W if 153, '1 H4 2, A . A V, 2, '41, 2 f ii 4' 5? if Ka 2 af' N4 wi Q f bi , ' ,wywww MM 5 " " SQUAD FCDQTBALL Tilla-Hi's Cheesemaker football squad climaxed their most successful season in many years with a convincing Z4-1-4 victory over the Taft Tigers. This closed the tolorful campaign with a total of five wins, one tie, and two meager losses. Coach Larry McKeel, in his third year as head mentor, fielded a better team than in his previous years. He was ai-.led by assistant Coach Bob Medley, and received some unexpected help from Herb johnsrud, history teacher. Although not con- tracted to coach, johnsrud acted iii the capacity of line coach. lfranlt Kenyon was the outstanding individual performer throughout the season. Ifrank, who played all the backfield posts at one time or another, punted, passed and ran 'em. He finished with a total of 70 points to his credit. As a whole, the team scored 210 points to I07 points for all the various oppon- ents. That 103-point margin over iheii rivals, shows that the victories weren't flukes. The 1950 team reacted far b..-tter before the home crowd than on trips. Their schedule of five home games to '.hr:.e road clashes helped their home-performing tend- ency. They were never defeated at home, but sustained one tie on Liberty Field, that against Central High. Only seven seniors will depart at graduation. The backfield will be little dam- aged. while the forward line loses many first-string performers. The many talented subs are expected to fill the gaps and build the prospects into another fine eleven. Ifverett Krostag was voted most valuable player. He was a dependable tackle, al- ways rugged, and was the sparltplug of the line. Although only a junior, he will be ineligible next season because of age, and brings the total of departing players to eight. -Millou Nelson L, Bishop. C. D. Van Clsf-. E. J, Sfreeter. G. E. Goldman, F.B, L. I-Iolsey. OB. J. Paul. G. li. Leainon, T. A. SCIIIHDDL C. A. Sutton. G. F. KCIIYOH- FB Tillumook's Rampaging Cheesemakers in Action in the 1950 Season 1951 FOOTBALL SEASON TILLAMOOK OPPONENT Tillamook ....., 20 Canby ....,. ,.... . .14 Tillamook ,..... ...... 6 Medford .... .,..,7.. 2 7 Tillamook ..,... ....... 3 3 Scappoose ..........,..... ..,.. 6 Tillamook .... 7 Central, Independence . 7 Tillamook .,,,.., 63 lforest Grove ....,....... 6 Tillamook ..,,.. ....... 1 2 Astoria ,,,.. 33 Tillamook ...,.. ...,,,, 4 S Seaside 0 Tillamook ....,. ....,.. 2 4 Taft ,,,. ,,,, I 4 J. Schuster. T L. Leach, E. B. Freeman, T. J. Burdick, G. R, Ashby. E. B, Gienger. H.B Bob Dentel. E, D. McC0ol. E. E, Gilbert, G. D, Johnson, G. A. Goldman, G. -. ggmiiii f ' fr l egiat .J rii lgfigjt ry, M 13,5 . , fwfflt, 1 Is . . + K 14 X 3, I f . ,?1,s:,.,a 2 ' J i 4 ,jig i V X. b w '--5. ref if wv' if 15 If-J" W, mg "W 4, J , , ..1 .5 g ,, - "' lx - " '-r l'-H 'g . My , 2:1 fe' 1 4 , ., s 1 l 1.5255 ' f T. .... -':'p.... 'W if ,V , I A 4 V . 'Q , ::,.7. .:,,.'5, 'WV I ii Q A . .4 " 1 - - . f '5Z": ?f.e..:iiFv" ':1i1'?L " -' 5 sig 'f' "VV-3-F' V: .5 fa, t, ,. . k :Z -oh gk, 1 gl If .' tiff .5 5 'jf .f""i. ' v, . , '- A n- , y:-r:,',-- .V 7. . E, I, M i' - -. J 1 f' 1' ,, lf Managers Anyone who lms ever been in .iny association xxitli .ltliletic reams of .tny kind will know Ll1.1L tlie work of tlie l1l.lll.1gCl'S is extremely iniportantg in fact, it can lv: said tlmt tlie sqtmtl cannot func- tion XK'4ll'lOLlf its inginngers, .mtl they get little glory for their work. Phil llntcli and -lnmes bclmrocder were two of the "best." Checking equipment, keeping score, aiding tliose wlio were injured. .mtl generally helping to licep up flue spirits .mtl morale of the players kept these two boys busy in 1950. FOCDTBALL f 1950 K. Fellows. HH. E. Krosluzu. T, J. Robertson, HB. U. CHCIIZGF, H.B R. Riggert. QB. K. Hahn. HB, J. Moors, E. R. Stewart, HB. R. Lundy, H.B. D, Peonles. QB. 'Wm A se. . " Q 4 "" ,,,.......,....,,, ,, . , A - "B" SQUAD FOOTBALL-Back row. left to riizhtz R. Barwor. H. K'IXll3UlRI1. B. Wyuia. R. Stewart, E. Goldman. R, Sutton, B. Durrfeldt. Second row: B, Montgomery. D. Wld nvr. K. Fellows. J. Neal, R. Mormnn, C. Lamb. P, Kilmer, Manager. B Squad Football 1951 Nlthouglm the ,Illlln100lx B squld made no IITIPFLSSIXL retold ln vxmnmg., games they g med mueh needed txperltntt md learned good sportsnnmhlp from Coleh Robert Medley Ilzt boys dropped then' flrst gime of tht season to Wheeler 12 6 Then LOHIIHQ, blelx xn the next game f l they plaud to 1 standstlll xuth the Afndemy 6 6 After losxng to Nestueei and forest Groxe the Bmby ehtestmmkers mme blek to defeat the Academy 18 6 m thenr lxst gllllC of the season Larl Goldman, Bud Glenger md Ron Stuxxrt dnd most of the scorlng for the squad Many of tht boys will play xnrsnts ball IILXL SL 18011 ls SQUAD vnllamook 'I rllunoolx T1llamoo't Tlllamook 1951 Se lson ovvom NT Ae ldtmy 1 ortst Grox e. Nfestueca 18 Amdcmy C6 17 f I v 1' L ' H 1' A ' X Ir- -' - A r' ' y vt -, wr ra' 1 ' 1 1 . t V 1 ', wr , ,. . y - ' 3- m , l ' . - 1 1' ' , , 1 fu B ' . - I I - ' , L-V ' m- igltimg, " f " 1 'h 'l ' I ' ' - . 1 ' . ' ' ' "1 , V , 'Q ' - 1 ' Ax l r 1 v rl f 1 'L A v t 1 Tillamook ........................... ,..,.,,,,....,,,,.,....,.,,,,,, 6 Whgglgf .,,,, ,nv YYf--Y.fAf.......... ...................... ................ 6 ' g ' ' .... ,..,.. . ' , ' ---,,----,-,-A'VVVV .,'v',Yv-'--,---,----wv----'----------- 6 T . ' Y- I 1' ,.,..,. . ...,.,,.,,,,,,, ,,,, ,,,,-----,-,.,A--.-,.'.-. ------ 6 1 ' ' --------,,, ' "'-"-'----- ----- ----......-..,...,............... ,.,,, . , 4 V .....,.. . "A" SQUAD BASKETBALL TEAM Back row. It-ft to riizhi. L. Holsey. D Glen- wr. B. Rieeert. P. Hatch. B. D e n t e 1. D. McC0o1. Coach INIQ-dley, Front row, left to riulit' D. Johnson. J, Sehroetier. D, Johnson. E Goltiinrin. D, Lundy, Tillamook Cheesemakers 1950 -1951 Basketball, in the Tillamook Cheesemaker's 1950-51 season, ended with only nine wins in a total of twenty- three contests. The season was surel' unluck' when 'ood material and a ood coach were able to use their total of 988 1 P is 3 points to win only nine contests. A11 opponents together scored 62 points more than the Cheesemakers, their total being 1051 points. limb Dentel, experienced senior center, who earned his third varsity letter, led the scorers on the ten-man squad with 211 points in 23 games, an average of 9.4 points per game. The eleven others who were at various times on the ten-man squad follow: Bob Riggert 153, Earl Goldman 148, Doug McCool 133, james Schroeder 120, Phil Hatch 79, Darwin johnston 36, Dick Lundy 29, Danny Peoples 20, Lawrence Holsey 19, Ron Ash- by 19, and Dick Clienger 16. At times, the squad showed signs of brilliancy. Their most commendable deed of the season was stopping Taft,1ast undefeated Oregon High School who had 16 straight victories, with a 34-32 win in a highly de- fensive game in which Tillamook took the lead in the final four minutes of play. Their schedule was .1 Friday and Saturday night affair, .ii which Tillamook split almost every series, win- ning one and losing the other. ln their try for a state tournament berth, they lost their first three district 10 games, and to save face. won over Seaside in their last try 42-35. Bob Dentel, 211 pts. Bob Riggert, 153 pts. Lawrence Holsey, 19 pts. Darwin johnson, 36 pts. Doug N1cCool, 133 pts 1 1950 - '51 SCHEDULE TILLAMOOK Tillamook 12 Tillamook 36 Tillamook 3 3 Tillamook 50 Tillamook 5 1 Tillamook 34 Tillamook 65 Tillamook 47 Tillamook 37 Tillamook 47 Tillamook 51 Tillamook 52 Tillamook 41 Tillamook 34 Tillamook 41 Tillamook 33 Tillamook 39 Tillamook 35 Tillamook 43 Tillamook 42 Tillamook 75 Tillamook 39 'lfllamook 51 Total Points 98 8 17 53 43 48 57 40 51 44 59 43 53 42 46 32 53 40 51 45 54 35 57 46 41 1050 OPPONENTS Parkrose Scappoose Lebanon Scappoose Dallas Battleground Hood River Hood River Willamette Frosli Dallas Central Central Taft Taft Astoria Pacific Frosh Seaside Astoria Willamette Frosh Seaside Willamina Willamina Tilla Catholic Hi -Warrvn True Dick Lundy, 29 pts.g james Schroeder, 120 pts.g Earl Goldman 148 pts Dicl Gienger 16 pts Phil Hatch 79 pts TILLAMOGK "BH SQUAD Left to rxght buh ICXX Mr McKeel Coach K Hwhn H Ol on D Pcoxles R Ashby D V11 C150 R Hart Fxout row M Webb T Tur 0: A Pool B Glenuxr ll lI'I1U0l SK 1 L LJ LIL! I L LL IIL 1 LI' S ILLLNN Ll QISUII I llS Lll lost OD N n thur lxun In s 'lllg Blby Lluusunu urs suouc S65 pomts to tlmur opvngnts 107 to show 1 Lt b l Llub by 165 pon L nu ngust suorgs xxus. Umm Puoplus with 774 pumts l rq sun sum 7 pomts xml ua Cum 1 X mums L 0 L notu f1.1fl,Il'll1y I opus 1 LL Us p mrs 3, H11 s n. B squul ost onlx to ASIOFII rhl Tllllmools Hlgl 1 lumm d tlru t ns to nhl By C t N sqmd Tlll unools TllllI1I Jol Tull lIT100lx T111 ll11U0l'x Tlll ll11JOlx Tull unoulx Tnllamools Txllamools Txllamools lx LIU Su lppOO L Snppoosg Dlllls lilttlu rouul IX Cltx IX Clu Dlllis Cuntral SCHI DUI I TllllI110Jl Tlll lI1lOOlx TllllIT1Oillx TllllI1lOOlx Tlllamoolx Tlllamook Tlllamools Tlllamools Txllamook l Qmrx xl Txtt XSIOIII SL1S1LlL Astorn SLlSlLlL. XX llllm nl XX 1ll1m1n1 B X Cuts A Tl. Cs "U" pal, -1.1-I-1 by l..rry M-K--I, 1.1 4 v' y .L l sur l' ya ', .ls tll x fiv- QI ' V " ty my ' ' . ' "" .lv ' '-l f ' ' 5 -' IL 1' ' ' - tcr .xl f . nts. Tlx- Ll lfl ' ' ' '-'- . 1' 2 V -- ', 'l.1l-' Ol" "l 1-0 ' 1" gc? witl 9 L ' . It slloull als b' 'l l' . ' 'c l" 3fo1"l lf 0' ' in only 12 of tlnn 70 Tl ' " 'l ' 1 l , I' ' I, - ' Q ' 'ga X ', .ln 1 " in -' ' ll ' 4 ' .. ............. 59 ls, " 5 "A" .,.......... 42 ' 1 l. .....,,,.,,....... 31 1 -. ' 1 1 Q ,..,,,, .... 3 1 S' ...,.....,,......... 26 A . ' ,,,,,,,,.,,,Y-,,,, S6 4' ,,-, Tillnmuoli ..,.,,.....,.,.. 25 Alumni .,,,,,,,l,,,,,,,,,.... 45 Tilli1n10q,k ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,-,-, 4 R Taft I . ' ,,,,,...,,.., ,,,, 3 1 ' .,,,...,..,.....,,.. 28 ' g ' ,,,,,,l,,A,,,,4-,. 44 ,- I . ' , ,.,.,,........ 47 . .' ,...,.,....,......,..... 34 ' g ' ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 50 f-, ' - A . ' ' ,,,,.,,, H 33 . 'g 1 .,..,....,..,, 14- ' ,,,,l,,,,,,l,,,,,, 34 ', ' . -- l ......,..... ,29 11.5 A 3 .....,...... 33 ' - ,' ,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,.,, 55 5-. Q - ' ' ' ....-,---...,,-... 37 By M 1' "A" ..,......... 28 ' ' ' .....,............ 77 . i . ., I ' ' -..---.-----.--- .49 ,. . ..............,..,...... 26 I ' .,........,..,..,. 55 "4 . A 4 ,,, ' N ' ,.....,.........., 4 - l ,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,..,,.. 35 ' I ,,,,,,,,..,,,,,.,, 40 J" " If " 4 , . Seeond row, left to right: B. Rlggert., L. Leach. J. Schuster. K. Hahn. C. Dye, J. Robertson. J. Schroeder, D, Peoples. Flrst row: Coach MeKeel. D. Mayer. B. Geineer. D. Lundy. D. Bales. A, Madding and N. Olson. TRACK Under the stimulation of major sport recognition, Track took on laurcls in 1951. The Tilla-Hi track team had their first glimpse of competition when they met with Astoria and Seaside in a tri-angle meet held at Seaside on Friday, April 13. Many of the Tillamook boys took top honors in most of the events held. james Schroeder took first place in the 100 and the 220 yard dash. Ken Hahn took first in the shot put. Joe Robertson bettered his opponents in the high jump and Bob Dentel took first place in the javelin throw. However, in the Hayward relays, held at Eugene on Friday, April 20, the boys didn't do as well. Their best showing was taking fourth place in the sprint relay. Two other track meets were scheduled but at the time of this writing, the results were not yet known. -Noel Ferry f ,xl S ' f 415 f Lai . .oi J-.. ...-... E Second row: J. Schroeder, E. Goldman. D. Geinger, L. Halsey, E. Gilbert. W. True, B. Phillips. B, Thomas. Coach Med- ley. First row: J. Gilbert, J. Johnson. D. Peoples, K. Hahn, R, Ashby. B. Riegert, F. Ripley, D. Yancey. T. Rash. manager. BASEBALL The Tillamook Cheesemakers had their first year of baseball as a major sport this year of 1951. At the time this story was written, the Cheesemak ers had won their first three games with Garibaldi, twice, and Taft. Astoria was the first team to defeat them, 10-7. Astoria lead the game all the way but the Cheese- makers made a threatening charge by a six run rally. There were two home runs for them, one by Bob Riggert in the Garibaldi game and the other by W'arren True in the Astoria game. 1951 Schedule at Time of W1'iting Tillamook .... 7 3 ..... ............. G aribaldi Tillamook ............ -..- 7 10 ...... .... A sroria Tillamook .... 17 0 ..,.. .... G aribaldi 1- l Tillamook .. 3 2 ..... .... T aft Total runs 34 15 .:u.,v ' I TRAMURALS ALL STAR VOLLEYBALL CHAMPS The eight girls that were chosen to play on the all-Star volleyball team early this year, were chosen for sportsmanship, fairness and their ability lo play. The All--Star players were chosen one from each of the eight volleyball teams. They were chosen by their fellow team mates. They played the klunior High School and won by a good score. The team is composed of two Seniors. three juniors and three Sophoirzores. -105 rc' Rudi GIRLS' BASKETBALL CHAM PIONS The Baslaettes captured the girls' intramural basketball champfonship March 14 by defeating the Amazons in the final game of the double-eliminntion tournament. iljlllllltl Puffin SENIQR BOYS' CI-IAM PIONS The senior boys' champion basltetball team had Al very successful season for no games were lost except to the rough faculty team. The boys won every one by Ll very high score, despite the short playing time. These champions picked an original name, "The Neverwasersf' -Bob Tbrnmzx ALL STAR VOLLEYBALL C HA M PS Lrft to riehtz M. Vasey. S, Swett. C. Chase. B, Mm-1 lor. V. Aiiiflllllii. J. Karn and C. Taber. CI IAMPION VOI.I.l2YBAl.L I.:-It to riuht. back row. P. Huuhzirt. TEAM B. Cook, L Svuiniirci. J. Karn. K Tippin. D Burke. Z Nymzlu Mrs! IOVV. J, Dentel. I Zuerelxer. J. Wilkerson. B. Oldvnkzixnp. SENIOR ISASKLTBALL Li-ft to rluht: K. Fellows. C, Slocum. A. Moors. N, Ferry, B. Thomas. F. Kenyon. adviser, Ilmndi-I. M Schlzimrl. J Mr. Medley Top ROXVQ THIRD ROW: 1 2 3 4 5 SECOND 1 2 3 4 5 Plans Afoot. Cvoofin' off again. Sft-1'-e-t-c li, slugeer! Ltrnne on team, let.'s go! Jr-st thinkin' of you. sittin' ROW: Ya don't say! Pretty lawn swine! Naaah to you. too!! It was simhly too. loo devine! 1 2 3 4 on this here rock, 5 FOURTH 1 2 l 4 Get quiet. now. I have a lot to tell you! FIFTH ROW. l 2 3 4 5. In which fish market did you Gimme! Oops. you'1'c gonna fall! You know it! Yesssssss? One of the boiler room boys. Modern art .... or something Fritz and Emil. ROW: Iut 'er there! I still don't get it, The princess and the paupers. It's been mood ta know ya. catch those? A pretty smile from Mrs. Williamson. Ot course you can take it, but hurry. LIBERTY JR. I-HGH 1951 marks the last year on the calendar that Tillamook will have a junior high. Our junior brother merges with the high school next fall. A larger student body. a larger faculty and a new school prom- ises great things for all classes. Meanwhile, the 1951 students at Liberty junior High are represented by the pages following. They will bring their clubs and interests to the new high school, and will undoubted- ly be pictured there in next year's Kilchis. -IUNIOR HIGH FACULTY Left to rizht. back row: Mrs. W. Beck. Social Studies: Mr. H. Larson. Math. Science: Mr, Don Spearinsz. Math.. Sci- ence: Mr. L. Williams. Math.: Mr. B. Swanson, boys' P.E. and Conch: Mr. D. Thomas. Math.: Mr. Harold Shepherd, Principal: Mr. J. Watkins. Social studies. Front row: Miss Dessie MeClay. Enezlish: Miss M. Parrish. eirls' PE.: Miss J. Lloyd. Science: Mrs. Erma Gilbert. En':lish: Miss D, Smith. Art: Mrs. L. Reynolds. Enzlishz Miss E. Chap- man. L'brary. Vocations. STUDENT COUNCIL LIBERTY JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL From row. left to rivht: John Bishop. Russell Parker. Harvey Fritcher. Robert Fitzgerald. Ken Johnson, Robert Spencer. Jerry West, Don Hellebuyck. Ramie Hawkins. Second row, left to rieht: Karen Fisher, Laverne Tlties- sen, Jean Quick, Sharon Nichols, Rodney Norris. Cornell Coats. Marie Dempsie. Carol McMinimee, Beverly Peder- sen. Jackie Brown. Darlene Norman. STUDE NT BODY OFFICERS Left to right: 1First semester officersl, Linda McCool. vice president: Jeanie Nyman. secretary: Sheldon John- son, treasurer: Jerry Johnson, president Knot picturedr. fSecond semester ofiicersb, Ron Stewart. president: Phyl- lis Foes, vice president: Donna Cornett. secretary. STUDENT COUNCIL - 1951 This group of school officers met regularly to discuss and vote on nmtters pertaining to school life. As duly elected members of the student government, their responsibility was great and they fulfilled it well. STUDENT BODY OFFICERS Meeting regularly with the council and lending the school in .ill .iff.iirs put in their control, these students have successfully carried out their offices for the school year. These lt-.iders may well pl.1n on representing their classes in the new high school of 1951-52. i V1 Back row. left to right: D, Curl. G. Crenshaw, R. Hawkins. R. Norris. Middle row, left to right: E. Schroeder, M. Lupher. G. Tippin. G. Saucy. C, McMinimee. G. Large. J. Quick. S, Nickols. Y. Dumrow. J. Markwart. J, Neiman, L. Ilzxtke, D. Cornett. M, Olson. Front row: S. Phillips. S. Lamb, K. Fisher. L. Theissen. L, McCool. L, Halliburton. D. Norman, M. Geoiete. LETTERMAN'S CLUB The school letterman's club is a service organization. It honors worthy students by presenting them with a scholarship letter for 200 points earned, and a gold pin for earning 400 points. The letterman's club also gives a gold certificate to those earning 100 points. The club this year has sponsored the honor roll seen in the hall every six weeks. A party was held at the end of the year which was made possible by having sponsored a dance. The club has had a very successful year. JUNIOR HIGH NINTH GRADE Fifth row. left to right: R, Martin. R. Huston, J. Foss- bind. C. Coats. J. Hatch. B. Hahn, W. Shuler. B. Sher- wood. G. Rash. Fourth row: C. Harris, R. Hawkins, J. Fourth row, left to right: M. Ashby. L. Burdick. G. Col- Madding. H. Maddinu. K. Tolil. W. Lofton. R. Johnson, lins. S. Nichols. J. Pool. D. Walker. S. Palmer. Third row B. Wilson. H. Youne, G. Large. L. Thiessen, K. Fisher, P. McCool. P. Kauto. J. Brame. L, Willy. J. Mannila. Sec- ond row: L. Anderson. L, Christensen. E, Lord. M, Olson, Z D. Curl. D, Berry. D. Dentel. E. Dooley. J. Wiecks. Third row: R. Newman. R. Montgomery, T. Lutz. R.. Stewart. R, Norris. R. Graves. J. Johnson, J. Wallace. W. Rice. L, Stratton. Second row: M, Killian. G. Werfs. W. J. Markwart, J. Quick, M, Wyss. Y. Damrow. J. Dullin, J Dullin, First row: M, DeVries, M. Lupher. S. Kidd. S. Lamb, L. McCool. C. Bartlett, D. Cornett. S. Phillips. P. Fogg. K. White. D. Mahurin. Mason, J. Johnson, N, Sexton. D. Widmer. L. Langwell, A. McDonald. K. Bell. First row: V. Hahn, R. Stevens, K. Ebert, J. Bushy. C. Duerfeldt. B, Dentel. G, Crenshaw, K. Bedortha. GIRLS' LEAGUE From left to right: Gillian Laine. Bmerly Smith. Jeanine Irwin. Darlene Nor- man. Linda McCool, June Archer. Sharon Nicholas. Maryann Olson. Jenn Quit-k FIRE SQUAD Top rovi: Mtirynnn Olsen. Phyllis Foxx, Beverly Smith. Delores Blazer, Second row: Jim Martin, Jim MeConnel. Red Spencer, Sheldon Johnson. Jim Conis. Jim Burdick, Doc Williams. Gary Crenshaw. Joe Neal, Perry Melson, Ken Ebert. Mr. Watkins. Kneeling. Elsxorth Walker, Bob Monteoniery. Howard Fritcher, John Francis. Leslie Sehoonoyer. Jerry West. Ken Johnson, Charles Johnson. Jack Culbertson. LIBRARIANS Top row. left to rieht: lieverly Stockton. Beverley Patterson. Carol MeMinimet-, Yvonne Damrow, Jean Mark'.1,'art. June Bush, Marie Dempsie, Vireinia l"letelie:', Helen Randall, Bottom row, left to riuhtz Sharon Ward. Merla Luivher, Donna Coriirtt. Beverly Smith, Mziryaain Olson, Jeanine Irwin. GIRLS' LEAGUE The activities which the junior High School Girls' League have partitipated in this year are: mothers' tea, boys' basketball banquet, ri mixer party and a Centennial festixal which took the place of the usual May Day festival. With the money earned through ice cream sales and the niagafine selling contest the girls have purchased two record cabinets Costing 72 dollars and 18 pictures costing 020. Tliese pictures will hang in the halls and class rooms of the Liberty building. The girls have also carried on their "Girl of the Month" project throughout the year and helped with the March of Dimes and Junior Red Cross. FIRE SQUAD This organization supervises all fire drills, cares for all fire equipment, and sees to it that all students are out of the building in the shortest possible time when the fire bell rings. This group gave excellent Cooperation. LIBRARIANS Tliese girls help Miss Chapman in the library by checking out books .it the desk, p ut tin g books away, straightening up shelves, processing new book for circulation, and helping with what ever tasks need to be done. Points are given the librarians for their help depending upon the time each works. scHooL PATROL l fi -.N .Ns Left to rlght Earl Rund Everett Cutter Jean Rash Norma Neeley Marxlyn Rlce Beserly Pederson Kenneth Purune Allan Barber .Jack Stlchler Tne Lxberty School Patrol consmsts of seventh and enghth Grad pupils There IS a patrol captsun, heutenant, and sergeant The patrol members use flags to gulde school pup1ls leross the street durmg the noon hour and af ter sehool at mght Th1s year the members were glven flee passes to tht noon movles LIBERTY LIFEuSTAFF fop rov le to rx ht M Lupher K Flsher L Burdxck Y Damrou J Pool B Smlth P Fo g D Cornett S Lamb Mlss McClay aduser Bottom row left to right J Maddme K Bell C Coats D Dentel J Hatch R Stewart D Berry G Cren han K Bedortha lhls IS the flrst ind second semester group of the Llberty journahsm class The paper, Lnbtrty Llfe s prmted every tuo weeks The paper IS glven to the Jumor H1,,h students and to each teacher Included 1n the paper IS all news and g0SS1P These people, wlth the help of Mxss McClay, hare had a very successful year 1 , 1 I 9 ' f .... X K g f . i x , , 4 V1 X 1 . U f 3 '2 , if , ii " 1 jp 1 5 ' 1 Y , v V . ' , ' y 1 . I . . . to . 1 x . K . . O s. . i . . I . .ix I . . r . . . , g f ' l 2 , t . 5 1 S Q ' '. ft 'S Z . , . ' y . - . ', . v . , . 3 n . I . y . 'S . ', I . .. , . V . . . , , . . ' , , 1 . S I . . H. . . . . r . . U . I . ,, i 1 K . A , ' ' 'U , I . . . . - Y -. mmm 0 It S Ph ll ps J Ervun J Neiman L B tkc G flppm P Fovg S Lamb G Large L McCoo B Sllllfll B 'vlatheny J Markwart J Mayer J Proctor Y' Orson U Cornett Kneeling left to rmht D Berry R ol wut B bnuler J Fossbmd G Rush K Tohl D Den el Hutch K Christensen J West B Montgomery HALL PATROL Our hxll p-troll for the purpose of keepmg order m th hllls Hall monltors are puked by the Boys Alhlttt lttttrmtn Llub Lum tvso weeks ntw monitors ll pxuku iwvag Dum re aux xos! clu usaro Reynolds X. Vklnte B Palmer fOn st Lev R Parker J Palmer Not shown R Flsuer JU ICR HIGH BAN Tht JLIDIUI' Hlph bind has falthtullx pr.1gt1u.d tvutt 1 vutk throughout tht star Mary of IIS members art ln tht Stmm Hugh band Thur bnggtat projut thus Will' rms phymg for the 1950 Lhnstmas program N -ft: ' 'z lett t rigzl : i 1 . . " . . ' . . 11 ' . . " ' . . . . . . . . ' 1. . . . . . , , . L' S ' ' S . . ' I ' fi fs Q . ' c Lfril mf- rzzht M. Markie. V. Fletcher. M. Ellis. P. Pnllin. S. Johnson. H. Schxeld. Mr. Mabee. teacher. L. Shaine. N. Pulhn G 'z I". S We ul . V. G' by, G. Pro' .' . L. M B. B '. T. ' ' . . Q a' . . . . '. . 3 . .1 . - 1 A A 7 A ' H ' 1 ' - ' 1 1 V' - x A ' 1 r V 1 r 1 ' A . JUNIOR HIGH CHORUS Back row, lc-it to right. B. Bushong. E. Posterfield, E. Heller, B. Matlieny, H, Randall, G. Weide. B. Reeder. C. Moore, J. Brame, T. Renolds, Mr. Mabfe. S, Palmer. L. Batke, J. Irwin, J. Suter. V. Fletcher. L. Stewart. J, Mayer, R. Zoug. First row. left to right: A. Madeline, P. Huber. D, Woll, K. Johnson. B. Dixon, G. Hoffman, B. Puress, A. Hopkins. B. Thomas, D. Hancock. D. Bobell, H. Dt-Vries. S. Leach, L. Shaine. C. Peterson, L, Oliver, C, McMinimee, J. Neal. G. Tippin. E. Martin, P. Barker, M, Smith, M. Fisher, M. Trammel. .JL Galloway. E, Schroeder, G. Sherwood. TRIPLE TRIO Left to riuht: Jeanine Irwin, Maryann Olson, Leiloni Batke. Gay Tippin, Esther Schroeder, Jean Markwart, Yvonne Damrow, Susan Lamb. Linda McCool, Beverly Smith. LIBERTY ELEMENTARY BAND R. Mabee. JUNIOR HIGH CHORUS The Junior High Chorus consisting of -I6 students was very active this year. They put on a Christmas program singing traditional Christmas songs. They were also active in the May Day Festival. TRIPLE TRIO Organized for the purpose of giving special singing instructions to those girls eager to sing, this group has grown in popularity these two years. Under Mr. Mabee's supervision they sing regularly, and aim now at en- tertaining any group requiring music. Fun and work go hand in hand with this famous singing nine. 4 Standine left to rfght: Mr, Mabee. director, S, Pollock, M. Chris- tenscn. K, Dabney. Seated: A. Madding, R. Morrell, D. Lemery, B, Pallin, G, Zuerclier, J. Bushonzz. M. Linch. G. Vantress, B. Douglas, 1951 CHEER LEADERS Left to right: G. Tippin. L, Batke. S. Phillips and J. Erwin fnot Picturedl. ALL STAR From left to right: Leiloni Batke, Beverly Smith, Linda McCool, Helen Randall, Marjorie George. Greta Collins, Miss Parrish. Mardella Ashby. Margaret Stone, Harriette Fisher, G. Blaser, Jeanne Nyman, Genevieve Saucy. PEP SQUAD Back row, left to right: J. Goble, J. Dulin. J. Dulin, L, Ford, G. Large. S. Nichols, B. Smith, L. MeCool. S. Lamb, P. Fogg. J. Nyman. G. Saucey. J, Tohl. M. Olson. D. Cornett. Front row: G. Tippin, L. Batke, S. Phillivs. 1951 CI-IEER LEADERS After trying out, these girls were elected to take over the cheer leading duties of the school. They faith- fully attended all basketball games and gave the team a lot of support. ALL STAR OLLEYBALL TEAM Selection of this group was made by each intramural team from the eighth and ninth gradcsg three girls were chosen from each team. Two games were played with the lligh School all-star team. Both games resulted in close scores in favor of the high school girls. PEP SQUAD These girls faithfully attended the Junior High Basketball games. They led cheers and cheered the the team to victory or pepped them up after a loss. This is the last year for a junior High team or pep squad as they are moving to the new high school. hi 4. V Top: B, Monttyoxnery. B. Shuler. K.Toh1, J, Fossbind. G, Rush. Botloynz S. Johnson, Il. Hawkins. J. Hatch. D. Dentel, D. Berry. unior High Basketball This group is the Junior High School basketball lettermen. Both A and B squad had 1 rough season this year, losing most of their games. They did their best, however, with the able help of Coach Swanson, against the superior height and experience of the B Class high school they had to play. This group did very well con- sidering they were inexperienced and this was their first year of organized league basketball. Top row: Coaelx Swanson. B, Montsaoxnery. R. Haw kins, D. Dentel, IJ. Berry, G. Rush. .J'. Hatch. B. Shuler, C. Coats. J. Fossbind. K, Tohl. Manager: R. Stewart, Frcni row li Foisbind. S. Johnson. R. Fisher. J. Neal. H. 1"rnc'her. B. Sutton, Not pxetured: J. Jehnfoxi, C, Rieeert, J. McConne1. 'cv P? J.. A 1 .,. Us ' Y wa-xiqut -vw' . -i Iunior High Senior High Aluxioit Hicin Going my way? How about me, then? So I says to her . . . In the eool of the afternoon. XY'hen urrlfl we eating? Sel1ool's out! xvrlhlt bliss! Very pretty pose! Sweet dreamer! Sharie and Gil. Niee looking maple! I-Iere's looking at you! Pfft! ! ! Big joke! Small leaf! Cheezeealxe plus. SENIOR HIGH Off we go . . . Ha!! Ain't she sweet? Are our eyes failing us? Is it real? Xliffhty bright sun, huh, Dotti Anvhors Aweigh, Boys! You're kind a cute yourself. The Champ! Not very intriguing! Rogues' Ciallery! Xlfho clit! that! ! I.oo!tin' the situation over. Oh that hantlsonie Mr. Tong. The man with the weird beard Iirznltie and johnny 1u'rv sweethtxr s Rnd for bed? Tli.1t's our gal. just Around Town W: 155 Ftill Wth 111 1 X 1111 O1 to 1' lb 111 Tms' C011 Bottoms 1 J usl s111 1101 S 111117 71 on 1 1 1 1113 P 11111 1 A fmv 100111111- u 1 E1 17 111' P11111 11111 '1 1 "lbO1llL 1 1 s 1 1111 111 01 011 11111 111 1 '1 1 1 11 o I 11 T1o1J11y 4- .M 'Ha' x1 1,- 1 1--Q 'Bml' QP" ,gn ,. .1 "T ii' 5 1 if ff .1o1s 11 A FOIL ox VICE 11-xsa '11t11u1 looks 101 co 11 s Sllllllxl' 1 11111 111111 1111111 3 s 111111 B11111 11- 1 1 11 S 1 ' 111111 s 1 111 a ll 11s 111d S11 1 11 e 111111 K.11o1 1201111112011 111,J11'111 NU d 11111 1 111" 1 1 111111 1111111 f1fL1-r school' 1009 1 .9 A if J i 1 W Y ff' "1 A1 1. F1 '11 l'i111'. SL -11-'! 14. 1111-1 L:11'- o1'1'1A the 11' "1-, ' ' -' '1 . 2. 1 :1 ,'11' -, yo '1l11 111 ke 111 15. B1-. 1 " 3- 1111d 1 11s :'11'. 3. 1 111- 11111-11 011 1111- 11' . 15 ' 111" '. ' 4. 'll' WG 10 ' 1T.1'1:- B1111' 15021. ' ' "'. 5. ' s1':11f,, 1 1. 1 0I11I11.'. 13. Lo' 111oS- l1L'11l'5l-- lore 11's-11-1'y. 6, Dick 111111 V11' PI'0l11111'l. H:-1: 111-gv L1-111-11' L1-Ls 1111111 11111111 of 1111111 '71 I 111! 330. S111. 1- 1111- :.111:11'b1-1'1'if-J il1'L' u-tt' 2 la . Zi. U1 111 U11' I111' 1 'i1C'1 other 111111 21.T1'1'.' 1 Jo. :1..J . N: 11. 111- .111 51 "1 11 1 12.1. A .'1'-1-111- 111 any 11g1. 10. S '.. 1' 1 1'- fo 1 '011dS! 171, Pu' '1 oi 1111-111-If. 195' ' ' , 1 - 'l.W ' 1' 2.' R115 11111111101 to .'11"'? 12-1.C11 ' f:11r1-! 12. ut' 1 113 Z1 Ei od ro: ! 35, Y' 1:1 1- 1':1!! 131 ' ' ' ' 1 123. VV1: 1, C'11l'1 '111l . ' 1 1' 1 lf'vQmp ng Autographs 1AxL1fUgT2lpI'15

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