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 - Class of 1957

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4 ,r 3 L' ' :JPL QQ i , A. -'V' K QW- A M '.7'Q,if -2 ,.-.as V 41 M - -u av . Eel -P Y' ,Eli- ' Z , fm .f rg, ' - 'l 5 I :Si ,R -- gmail' " "Lf jizv , 'wg ,. ' If ,dm 3 '-.W xxg xl, ' - I ., ,f .,,. , Q . ini ' I '5i'9r'i "fl V , ,I W A ,. 235- 4 5 7 1 I Q5 1 ,. l 1 1 1 0 my ff. 'JOE I 'f Q. w .if ,512 Q A, 'A 'JJ F. 'I '- W' ' 1 x ,Q wi ' t,. ., 3 , .ik1fQ:'- frm 11: 1:4 ' n.. si-H an-, .,.. ' ff f V 'lv' . 'fi' I .A E2 W L. 1- 1. ' ' V- , V LVM.: jim. 1' 3' '- ' . ,4f.-1- , f ,cf-'f I iz?" - n Lv , 1. Q21 H 'lf " :gn u qi, , 1 , 4 3, . , 1, a2..9f '.1.w,. , 'nwlx w -, 5 :EZ- . .W ,- .55 ge' L L- vg.-, ,:,,, A . , , ,, 3: -' r IA A 2: Lf. 4 fi? 1. I 1" 5 , 1' gn? .. wg, ' ., .1 4 Sig h? 'lil I5 ii, 5" f"f 331' YQ. 7? W -- rl-3 if 14 11311 FTM. f Z, 'J Evy fpi A -fi GE. M o - .. f f , . H ' r x 1 u 1 .1 ,2 f 5, 8.1 . . f' T ' N ' K V, , filid ibv' , A . L. ., 51 nk, .L 3 ', , 'I .x.',, q ,ill ' - ' l"'f5 1- ' ,gl- 'rj .7 -v " ' 5' -if ' , ,. , Qgwfl' x . fm ' u F"-if . , A' ' ' jg-7 , , 'H . ., ,-. , Fix-1 GTJ I A '. , QV -' MZ, K. N , ' , X Lf- I , , 1 urihrg, N Q ug - . ' ,. A, L 4,g"m .4 N . 2215 ,g ,, w -- v ' W9-1 -' 'f -32' 4,2 .534 -ff-J A 4 ...V , im ft ipv- ig Tw, , sg- f A .Y L 52:1 1--71" if fe 'fa ?2 ' , 1 , , . 1 ' -1. ' .2 113' g:f?'1' 1' ' " gg" Lf M."k" Hz .A , ' 'y N-L ! A . -.' , at 1 .I 1 M, .1 v rigv' .-fs - ' L f- L' .' . jLi"f, ' . ,' 5 ' w ':' 'ps ', E, 1491 - , A 'Q f , '. I-i -Tj' 1323 " 'HQ , fx, V ' -, , E , '. 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Q 1. 1 ' 'A J . ,. 4.1, 4 Jw., -arf 'SJ-' g , K ' , v, ., 75 - RZ Sf ff 'Y 4- .,u . .."- - H gain :H ' '-1.4. -:5 gg f ,, MU.. 1 14. V . - f gg ,Kiki lljj. v ni Hyar, , , ,. 'x 'Gigi if ' , L5 5' V, 1, - f ,ff W , ' :J 1 4 fr- , 4 rffw f ' 'lm ...ff 4 va. - J., ' - Lf I fi, 15,1 .,. . -z J f 'va ', , Wu ix .IW 2, . . Q ,.,1, N rf' ' vgw ' .EA ,I is-'I "hm, WTF' l 'np .1,' ',!Q,,,,,ah,...X , Mc,1-Jn-lm z ' w 1 V, We ,.. if ,M .ML . . .,,. ,. .4 V, 1 if, Ggafw...', "Q 4171.5 -fl' M,-. +11 ,. , -at Ln Arfx n,:l? 111-si f , I f Al -V' if .,, ov' , A f he v - 1 1 1 u' Q m -' 1-'5 v .u, V ! ' 1 p ,. , 41. :WK r. qi fl , . 4 VV 1 1x r- UW , 4. ,v.lI,1',., Q RP w' ,W ' 1 1 1.337 , " ' . . , -, pw M M Mull , WAS ' . - 1' " ,WSI '+'. .' sf' , 1 yi ,9.9',i!M, -,Q-x l . I L: .A . f Afkffilm LQWLLTFJ,-A 1 a 1 H , ,, ,, ' N , f f va f . z . 44 'aa3z,!iaii:,1J1,.J:vf,t.i'- ali .N ,MNQ " 'fn 1 9 5 7 PRESENTED BY TILDEN TECHNICAL HIGH SCHCQL CHICAGC Q uLa..sNons 0If'QlfU0lf' This is the Air Age, the oige of rockets, jet propulsion, ond conquest of the skies. For thot reoson the Croiftsmon stoff wos impelled to "toke to the dir" for this yeor's theme. Mon must seorch the heovens in his struggle to understolnd them, loubor diligently in the Iobn orotory to find new opplicotions of scientific principles, ond trovel millions of miles before he reoches the pinnoicle of oeronouticol develop- ment. In ci similoir wciy, high school students must use their gifts, develop their tolents, ond opply their oibilities to the ocquisition of knowl- edge ond understoinding in order to live fully ond hoppily in this new, exciting, ond cholleng- ing oge. Thor both students ond groduotes keep sooring, is our wish os they WUL0 ll fgffdf :UNA u,S.N if ', x X 'E iff 5 v 'll F li ht Supervision 8 V SCHOOL Xf X I E ,gf 4- iz:-yi? I f A 1 Q Nb, we hmm. 4 . 5 X f"'5 ? Q fm A 1, -, Q Aa 32356 -f Wa: vw 5 f , f I ,4f,,.ff V . L 5 X z, -Mzzfhzifmg. ,V V 1 ay, ,,, iGW 1 . 5 , f I I 4 Q ?. 'I 4 11 U 4 ! 1 .3 ' . X . X News ,Q Mx , .F 5' Q WNW QW XXX OF" Q QW 5 XX Nik mx X Xxxk vu'-:gf Q N 6 X . X. i rincilaa! ibn pogerf Qinric Genfennia! Chair-man Our modern high schools bear little resemblance to Chicago's first high school, built in 1856 and shown on this page. Appropriate programs, tracing the history and tre- mendous growth of high school education in our city, were conducted in most high schools. Dr. Robert L. Reinsch, our principal, was chairman for the Centennial Celebration throughout the city. Here he is photographed with one of the posters used to publicize the Anniversary. The year 1956-57 saw our school building improved in several ways. New tile flooring in the corridors of the second and third floors has replaced the old covering which had become badly worn. Many classrooms and some shops were painted, the lobby and auditorium redecorated, and the prin- cipal's ofhce "dressed up" with new carpeting and furniture covering. Clear, light, attractive colors have replaced the old familiar brown, and do much to brighten our school. The building is taking on a clean, new look and everyone is happy about that. 'I-Qffi -- fc ' fl 'frills' . . 4 "H: k ""3w., , Q , , -.4 A 1-. ,, :lv,,.: A Y, ' l "s, .' V, Y I Q ' Q M ,,,,, , ' 'E T ' ' Y r ll ,.5.11f,"33L' "W H 'N a. at -N 2 - K " A H K , ml, , Q. ...ff , t' Q -ff 'ffl "'. '-1-M r 3' 'W' 'A Q A ' - ' 0 . A ' iywf Y- -- ' .. .,... r " T, 4 -'H il , 2 .V kv 1' ' I ' +3 11 iffy -Vff I E 5 5 1 .Q i 0 ,, J , " M. 't'4,,'g'f .. W. Qi, .M . " 'I' W5 S "f'Y"" wrt " 'i , 'V is all in if at 7" ' x . Dr. Reinsch leaves Tilden this year and 1 bww will take up his duties as principal of Harri- son High School in September. We wish him Wx' lx KL success in his new location and hope he enjoys his work and associations there. 4 ' 4 Page 9 .fgvflrz lvl! ia fra fam Mr. Leslie Schaelfer Miss Maud Puder Shop Superintendent Assistant Principal Mr, Colin Campbell Assistant Principal U Wa A XKNV-Q l'.niji- lll CICIJ, f Mrs. Mary Hilton Adjustment Mr. Chester Paehucki Placement Mr. Rudolph Iezek Attendance Mrs. Daisy Lloyd Library Clerk Mrs. Margaret Traxler Library Clerk Miss Margaret Browne Librarian 5 Mi" Q ,S x M 43 WMM n vu... 0- .wP""'.'5 --Q......Jgg A.. f 3-NL 2.x A pmzsilv Paqcl 6lCbigy Wir, Harold Kuehl Mr. Ioseph McErlean Mr. Emmett Gartland Machine Shop Machine Shop Niachine Shop W .. 'sr X 1 f P1 Z K, ,jf 1. I 1. 10" WWW -ef' v-dawn i 'HQ 'ii' x 1 'N MNSMQ? csv of f 1 1 :r J 'Wg !' si If ,VJ Q is ,wllv A..ms-mfg., X Q . .s X s . M., a in .. ,, wi sy Q KR X x 'Sum 'l ' L' ' Mr. George Botts Wood Shop Mr. Leroy Kohut Wicuoci Shop Mr. George Whyte Vvooci Shop Mr. Fred Gunderman VVood Shop Lin circlvi Mr. Iohn Moran Print Shop Mr. Oscar Anderson Print Shop iOpposite Page, Lower Leith Mr. Victor Timme Radio Shop Mr. Robert Litzkow Plastics Mr. Thomas Crawford Auto Mechanics Mr. Robert Burgchardt Aircraft Fvir. julian Sykes Auto Electric Shop Page113 5 Ng Q, V x P as fi dv ,,.,:,1m,S:,..i3,.. , I fs ffwggy' " , fi ' :W N KM it 74' iq- . sw. f sw' f .m wr. ,, 7 Q 2 ' 2 fly' at 5:2 77 MM fy ffl' f 'f-'N f L. Qfll W at 1 M gd 4 , , W f f ff i g XI, Q W f , if 6 .M f g ,V if 1 .ff 2 1, .fggw 4 i ..,..,a' W Z, 4 ejlfllflflh 7 7 ,W if XXX limi- lil ,S X Mrs. Anne Kolarits English Mrs. Frances Malloy English Miss Antoinine Uling English Miss Mary Duckett English N, .L i V X!- -ii .x is kk Mx x Miss Helen Iohnson Department Chairman Mrs. Ieanette Cassin English Mi's. Florence Fitzgerald English Mi's. Katherine Reichert English Mrs. Margaret Irmiger English acugg Mr, William Murray Social Studies Miss Mildred Lawler Social Studies Miss Frieda Plaehn Social Studies Mrs. Frances Gawell Spanish Miss Charlotte Clancy Typewriting ,V ii Q uw Miss Ieanne Demling Social Studies Miss Elizabeth Fogarty Social Studies Mr, Walter Ferganus Social Studies 0005, V.-"pK-"VX, .M , ,X me . f ' SWE - , Q , .uc M, .f I f 44' ? 0 f ffl 'N if xv, "' iv, Ji-T: wi ,H r A . .-,.f .H :W M, . .. A 'L X Mu KST' xi '. .e Gsm 55- Cz- : g. .15 K-a sm v A-ff If K, VWKAK A fp., 'x'ww.w, f 1 . w w N.. - - :K I x 5, .:5:,a5:,g:::-Q. , X ff dig g ..sgg,5. ,,, x w w f QM XX W, XX xi NN tXx i xx ,f--16" ,QQ X Aws X Q Q, ...Pa ,, Q EMA, iflpposhe Pagcl Mr. Henry Trent Mr. George Post Drafting Drafting Mr. Ioseph McErlean Mr. Fred Walters Drafting Drafting Mr. Walt Michels Drafting Mr. Thaddeus Isbaner Drafting Mr. Newell Miller Drafting MSGT. Iames Hellernon R.O.T.C. Instructor MSGT. Elmer Graves R.O.T.C. Instructor fBdowl Mr. Henry Hall, Mr. Edward Wach, Mr. Paul Kinsey, Mr Frank Scalise Mr. Anthony Barbaro, Mr. William Parkhill, Mr. Robert Hicks Mr. Paul Brinkman: Physical Education 4,9 X l' Q- L LA..x,gW,, 715.5 ax f r 2 X Q , W, ' new Se , , , x f 5 Lavbd 1 v-for ' in 'nj LL puivv 21,6415 O N L L UICUA iAbovej Mr, Thomas Turner Mr. Ted Gonzalez Mr. Dara Mohler General Science General Science Physics Mrs. Ioan Dunn Mr. Robert Goldberg General Science General Science fflppusili- Pngjel Miss Nlargaret Dreessen Miss Ruth Swenson Biology Biology Mr. Sim Lasher Mrs. Mary Larkin Physics Physics Mr. Clyde Mockus Mr. Marshall Smolei' Mr. Russell Goodrich Chemistry lllieiiiistrv Cliemistry Mr. lolin Ulivo llgiiid l'il1ji' Ill Miss Margaret Mullen Music 'bn S-.... i .W 'Cv' dew!! '---.,, X . .13 5 X., . Tlicill fl 33' Nw. Miss Claire DuBrock Matheniatics Miss Merrill Vlfarfield Mathematics Mrs. Irene Hevenor Mathematics Mr. Fred Paesel Matheniatics Mrs. Myrl Garas Miss lunc Hcintz lVlf1tl1f'H121I1cs Nliirlii-iiiiiriqs Mrs. Lillie Marceillzirs Miss Franccs Carroll. lVlf1tlii-iiigiiics Nlgitliciiigitics Mrs, Luis Yuhagz Mr. Iolm Scllmit Mglllli-.,,,11,i 5 lVl:itliciimtii's l'il4ji' 70 clifckn Woffzem Konfrigufe ,ima an cjizdflizf Top Right OFFICERS P.T.A. Because ol their earnest desire to know more ahout the pro- ceedings of a Technical school, the Tilden P.T.A. mothers this year adopted the program theme "The VVay of a Technical High School P.T.A.," with the aim of knowing their school through inspiration and information. They rounded out a lull schedule of meetings designed to help the members to know and understand the curriculum of a technical high school. The mothers all agreed that the program was entertaining and informative. Mrs. Geo. Robins, Pres.: Mrs. H. Burton, Rec. Seey.: Mrs. E. Ladewski, Treas.: Mrs. W, Heint- zelman, 2nd Vice Pres.: Mrs. Reed, lst Vice Pres. Top Left BOARD MEMBERS Mrs. V. Engle, Puhlicityp Mrs. F. Weller, Budget and Finance: Mrs. E. Beard, Mrs. I. Marsh, Socialg Mrs. Stiher, Historian: Mrs. Filer, Scholarship. Below: Scenes from Christmas Tea at which faculty are guests. ' it Q-ssr'r fc 4 , .qv We fc, M bw.. Getting the "know how" DEPARTMENTS W.-1-"emi f 4 m aww WHS' 2 ,, fwf- '-"""1ff--ff m-N,,,,.,-,.V . , . ,,.. w VV . h-......,,, .5., . 0 wi E. I" . . H t L ,. k g , f A " -w-4-- A-' -sW,,,,4 .51 . ' - wimlvw--ffa'-S-'fx .ww YN an " V m,W,1 . N... J ,NM WM , ..,..... W.. ...... Wig . . N ,, M i 1 5 I n v W 3 . "vf'x?wffA- Big? I f 7 'tl U, , f ,Q.,,,,. . .- Av? w .mqi.,.ff 1' A-4 f -fl WZ? - ,Ye 0 7 5? 3 7: Ile ef Q, W g,.t54JZ?,,.w' Lg! , A X if 42 'M' is MX A, ii M A NA fm 359, MA' 2. 'V wma, 253 V .yi ., 'X ,.mM:.,.,Q 5.,y:lwT:l A ll. l Q WS Nm ar away I0 aced, Cilarfg Mdforg, ann! moofern ngenaif Above: The flag of Brazil, and si map of Mexico interest students of Spanish. They both represent lands where much Spanish is Spoken. Uppfisitc' llnqe: A newspaper-style textlmolq makes United States llistorv read like the news Ol the day. lVl:itlieni4il'ic's sliiclenls look over tlieir models and graph. Both illustrate wliait fi nligillmigi- MJll'l1.k'ilI1lWC. l'.ni1f- 711 . ,W X 4 yffziii ,,"..-f" ,!'f"" X, 'S "s E1 -In MW! ,mw- . jec :men earn fo Kjzifvlll, ainfain, an Hflyclir' Al YUVVZ Stilvcr, SI'llll4F5l, :mal Clrdrmolly satisfy ll1C1r'c'uri0silynlwmll flu' SlI'lICllll'C Ol w H El qear, while C3llRVil, II Follow slllclffnt, CXJIIIIIHCFR .1 vzllvc in umulminc Llrgxllillsl- lllllmsllc lllllc' Boys find that n grease monkcv'S Vvlwcn ODCl'?llll1Q m:1c'l11nPry, slmlvnls learn In clo prvcisc work. Uilx' .mal work is mjt Calsv ns tl1CV lWCi1l' il0Wl1 011 Wazrywffmclgz fur: Clllkllflgl Inside- rlwmnqls fm fmv ml' Ilw rwwvsl m.1cl1im's. lllc iolw Ol g1CfYil1g1 flTCil' cars UNO lop DQ-umrnrlvc amd Dfilfllfill olwjfwts nu' pmfluu-fl in plqnslic slump. VVil'l1 41 littlff time: effort, :md fslclll, fmr' um llrrn mul m.ur1v lmlul:-zulmmv ,xrlulns l'.l4p- ZW' upcrnfing comlition. . 'W' ,, 1, , '. ,, f 9 Lange , I ,M , , h ,, ,, f ,i 'ff"w4fMV,4 X K f f 4 ,f I , f 2? ' M, 'fy ,f W, V ., , ,, 'Mm ea 1 Q , J, ,jg 4 M, f f ,If X , .5 fy, , gc., , , ,, f4,, -gf, 4, f W :J ff . - , ff A N , X X , , 4 W4-...,h...,,,9 . M ,, , ww ..Qv.w'f ny.,-um Nw.-l f, ff f fp J 1 f ix ff dl , 6 i '4 ,f 1 1 V5 , ? j - .1 tl l , 'iff fl-ffnz . In 1 , f Vaixyf fx, 1 f 2 CYZJ? 4 'H . A K if f ' ' 5 V K, M . , Q 5 ggi! 555 iw - 1 N. - c. fe 44" , , ' V V if ' x if . V Q M , 32 , , X I gfs , ' X in a ,' 'll A, 471715 cuwll ywbwic faecal' on 6U'lglfi6lgQ AMfl6!QI":5f6LI'l v5 vi 51 W fjnyfr an f , f WEN L, I ZW Tilderfs band and Chorus teziln up for il lusly rendition of songs for one of our nsscmlwlics. l,l'1lWl5.'xlfA' Iydlll' Ilw l,llNI'.lI'V oilgvrw Q1 xqwl .lssorrlncul of books For studv IVIHIIH' r'c.ul111q. Ilcrc '1 gwmxp ol' sludmnls .wc cllgagcd in rcscxu wurla Im' lllvnl' lung lllcmc I'.ulm' YH J 1 Q i, li X -25 1 4 ,,,,,,. 7, , in is mmxnall x-5 an my ' as N -if ' G - ' xx X . 'W wig? Cwfer' of ze :Se U! 57006: ang! Wanting? 0 4641: J .af ,ln W xaj, W 8 ' ' fiyxyif 3 X- WJ. K ' : xx x U, 6 h',?5x" .x , 'sw' fgvfv ,. , X., Q x A ,gg xxx ,, t , V--w TU' Q XQQQQ . lg x N4 K ,Q XXX ' " XL K. 1 lm " eg i :, A New n Vie Aim of giver .i.-',wa-1.43311 1- ' is v . ', ."Jt Lf J S : kknk i ' M ww W ,- Wi ,ry ww'-Q ik faQ4,i,, .giudenf in ur 160,15 Opposite Page: Testing the wood for squareness, sharpening gi chisel, and sanding wood are alla part of a woodshop job. Tait turns the prop as a group of aircraft students prepare to talfc the aero car for a spin around the yard. Uelow: The print shop is a beehiye of activity. Printing our newspaper, programs memo pads, and many office forms are part of any ciay's work there, ng .WWW , .ijxi if ii? N N Q W 'Egg 'I is f .AN As. ...,, MH, V N 1 'QS' 2 t if f SQ 51111160 M- A that orce an very ik ff" K ' ,1 ,1 WW I 171' The leaf structure of various trees become famil- iar to biology students by use of model, sketches and mountings. ln the foreground general science students study Kilowatt hours while others collect oxygen gas forthe study of its residue, Students take notes, while Martin measures the amount of work necessary to lift a weight by means of the inclined plane, and below, Allums explains the use of the micrometer. Opposite Page: Antaramian demonstrates the experiment of elec- trolysis of water while his classmates wait for the results. ..ff' :U 9 . I S , ja.. Q ' . v ZSWZUWW wg-In if 3650 . 'Nv ,S Q x ,Y as U " ,Jil 2' x, x 39 - m f. 1 kj-'j:g..a::. .... , M ' "W U " Ss x x agp, Q15 X." ' Vi' WX? L. Q' pw fl' if ?z '.5.a 1 I xy fl ,K , fc W 2 ig 5 , A - iga t -'45 .fd ,ic zman ded enfiifiue, e ingem Opposite Page: Step by step. woodshop workers master one skill after another Their finished products are a result of hours of sawing, fitting, sanding and polishing The essence of good typing is speed and accuracy Here Slattery times his fellow students as their fingers tap out a speed test Below: Radios in various stages of development are examined by students in radio shop. From simple, one tube sets, boys progress to the making of com- plex receivers, 1 Page 34 J, R, "Jr, 'itz' ' . mi, ,-1 QNQKJ 5 1 46. if' gggm x ,wseksxfa . Q A XX K v Q NS NS , 4 . N W if . WW., ,I Q'x"'! ,Wy ff X 'Qi QNMWM. ?.X if , .Z s. ,eil 'ws "I 5 " 'BN ' , fi? my ' - 'R ,, 'fi 'fl - '-Qx wff S xercifie, ze mf, M W Every student at Tilclen is enrolled in a gymnastics. health, or R.Q.T,C. class. Ar right, students are moving the gym apparatus into position so they may have a variety of exercises. Below, Techmen are going through physi- cal drill, which is part of every days class work, g l cv, my If 5 i7!ze5e 3045 J ee Ms Comforfagd unc! F ,120 X N 1 f fs Q AJ 1,1 .5 WVR f S. - QI. y 1 ' R r..- -5 M F .wv , ii Y .. .gk M :'Sf , Q? 1 W if R J 3 A. i 2 f W f , ENGINEERING STAFF Mr. C. Schoenau. Chief Engineer: Mr. B. Reeder. Fireman: Mr. C. Smith. Niachinistz Mr. King, Fireman: Mr. I. Vx'ardle. Carpenter. Mr. Iames, Fireman: Mr. Elam, Engineer: Mr. Rieder, Fireman. LUNCH ROOM STAFF Top Row: Mrs. Keating, Mr. Miles. Mrs, Hudson. Mr. Price. Nirs. Fletqher, Nir. Vwfilliams, Mrs. McNicl'io1as. Second Row: Mrs. Kubik, Mrs. Barrett, Mrs. Hozioue, Mrs. Neuman, Mrs. Gruiiike. Mrs. Sergey. Front Row: Nirs. Murray, Mrs. Stoj. Mrs. Driscoll. Page 37 sw X C X X X Q S , mi... E.: Q X X X' A 'G X is Q W- X Q iw v,::1.- , R, 5 f, N W x Q 1 7 2 2 N Q m A-Y X Wk Nw Top MR. BRINKMAN Top Row: Bowie, Brown, Sloan, Hollihan. Second Row: Head, Gross, Wisiiiexxfski, lohnson, Dvorak, Ratifli. Third Row: A. Maikowialc, R. Mackowiak, Munis, Davis, Rucinasky, Iones. Front Row: Anderson, Burnette, Hoger, Conner, Clandius, Hopkins. if M ' f I W ,, .X 7 f 1 fy f 14 WW.. Center MISS DU BROCK Top Row: King, Nevels, Swiderslii, Kolerich, Long. Second Row: Steele, l-lenry, Pic-scinski, Scarlatos, Sawicki. Novak. Vidmar. Third Row: lvanauski, Bryant, Tancas Gibson, Phillips, Lynch, lamison. Fourth Row: Miss Du Brock, Wildlfl, Majewski, Gilmore, Slattery, Zaremhski, Messina. Front Row: Mason, Davis, Garcia, Scumaci. Mangan. Un- ,J Bottom MR. KINSEY Top Row: Treonis, Decoste. Zdehski. Yuill-2. Zielinski, Second Row: Maciaszek, Oswald, Gasareto, Bean, Dea. Kline, Brzcnk. Third Row: Dooley. Migit. Guitfre, Fifer, Allen, Martin, Carr. Fourth Row: Waillter, Pulliam, Glaser, Schmitt, Gamble, lordan. Front Row: Reed, Dover. Dudley, Arthur, Orcjudos, OBrien. en iam my 4. S R S X ' exists J 'fl lhlrl ' fllf , Q, I wx. ,Mm E. I .:,..: I ' 295 wie, W-11' hx, ,255 ZML 1 in en iam Top MISS CLANCY Top Row: lohns, Doss, Branch, Letuvininkas, Bilski, Balek, Wittey Lynn. Second Row: Cunningham, Pazell, Meisner, Feltz, Rockaitis, Willianis Bartels, Scott. Third Row: Zwolinski, Obiala, Cazeau, lames, Avant, Thompson, Larson. Fourth Row: Enog, Kozak, Taylor, McCarthy, Anderson, Iones. Front Row: Yurcus, Bucinskas, Ferraro Luna, Haduch, Tully. Center MISS DREESSEN Top Row: Zelis. De Grazia, Lis, Appleton. Second Row: Chapman, Foley, Thompson, Davenport. Budzius, W. Green. Third Row: Gorski, R. Green, Evans. Ford, Forberg, Ryzner, Bensen. Fourth Row: Griffith, Bell, Antoniewski Gastel, Garrett, Graves. Front Row: Keating, Frey, Metropulos. Rothman, Belcher, Gliwa. ...,., N Q get bf 'KE School activities arc reported to the students every day in the bulletin Above Ryzner listens while Bcnsen reads the bulletin during division. Page 39 X B -. sw 5 .SS lx Y I nw., 1 1 1 If . 1 ...Z Ma 4 - Y Top MRS. LARKIN Top Row: Bojem, Mrnvcn, Rzudlcy, Flynn. Lis, Hnrriscm, Rnlwvrts, 0iDonm'll, Second Row: Gayle, Hnyncs, Krivqcr. Vtfhittrm, Gill, Lvvrnu, Hwrrilvwgycr. Third Row: Vznlcnti, Dunlmr, lVlrmrv, Simpson, Fislu-r, In-nig, Pvtrilliimix. Boll. Fourth Row: l,ippm'r, Nvlsnn, lir.x1il4lin, Swvc-rlvy, Nvm:mi11x, Curry, lirrmt Rriw: Pvtvrs, Pin-lpfz, llugilu, lVlm'cli11.u, Aif'Ilu,'I'sthipi1l. WX Center MISS LAW LER Top Row: Uwcns, Sllfllfli. l,iss.1k, Hl.lll', Soricli, Linclalhl, Orvlitus. Amicrson. Scconcl Row: VVinklvr, Piwmwslci. Skowronski, Sitlmwslii, Plctlmitis, Kliinqls, Dvrrilc, lliird Row: Cluitilci. Rush, Pink. Rulviiixmi, Sutton, l'lk'.II'Ll. lloIl'm.m. l:lJllI'l'lI Ruw: liiintirul, Kipp, liurtnn, Zullvr, Mclflury, Clnmicli. lirmit Huw: Silvr, l7mx'i'll, llollls. Cmupin ll.nlI, VV.1sl1ilig1lnm. Pvlgl' 40 X X X N S eniom R gi if 5 kia' I I dljgmi HCL! .i Bottom MR. SCALISE Top Row: Cnrlstcdt, Conuollv. XVygonski, Hinds, Allg1llSfX'l1l.lk. lVlCi1Zi0S. RiL'Sl1L'Cli, Scumd Row: l.cw.m, lj.!l11ll.l11lC. Gnslm. C.1rson, Pmcclicr. Tliird Row: Dv Angclcs. Dovlc. Linclsay. Solncr. Dully. XV.1ssm.m. liront Row: liOXN'.1lllli, Sliiilmli, Conlcy, lfdtiiiigtoii, llmicls, Guisto. uniom Bottom MRS. REICHERT Top Row: Bedore, Lafl, Iohnston. O'Bryant, Dawson. Second Row: Borrowdale, Cartwright, Millhouse, Coleman, Williams, Brodlo. Third Row: Patterson, Zeritis, Martinez, Green, I-losty, I-lanzyk, Fogarty. Fourth Row: Driver, Lee Hammett, Hendricks, Kroulaidis, Keefner. Front Row: Morsovillo, Chester, Krull, Garcia, Bulow, Sreniawski. We ,, N The senior sweaters with their distinctive four white stripes have arrived Here Carlstedt issues a sweater to Rafferty who tries it on for the Hnal Ht Page 41 ji Zi 'ls ' ,. X . ' D E Q X f if v ,W if uniom pf A Student Council Committee designed caps for twin Vidmar is amused as Speck tries one on for size. Page 112 each graduation year. A 'F Ky l QU df sie 'SW 3 Q , Se I fx ! 5 , 'g 3 , fw 5,4 X ' J Q. ' V5 , H , f ., ein, si gig 'fe , it 6' iiui W . tt ..-,, , .N X i 505.054 Top MISS SWENSON Top Row: Sloan, Iorgensen. Rasmussen, Marsh, Davis, Huff, Bennett. Second Row: Barry, Galloway, Thomas. Turner, VVarywoda. Donegan. Front Row: Davis, McClain, Cheers, Beasley, Hill, Shipman. Bottom MRS. YUHASZ Top Row: Gerald, Bryan. Bozeman, VVestley, Dawson, Kiselus, Clkiewicz, Soldat. Second Row: Heiiizaceli. lioeinski, VVriqht, Adamore, Ragan, Noel, litxm. Third Row: Mrs. Yuhasz. Rosenfelder, Cummings. VVallier. Defourneau, Wioy, Taylor. Front Row: Peters, Quan. Duncan, Parks Bulin, Dixon. uniom Top MISS DUCKETT Top Row: Krisciunos, Michalak, Hemphill, Peterson, Danowski. lngerman, Dittrich. Rosenthal, Morgan. Second Row: Duncan. Starzyk, Third Row: Thompson, Poore, Weddington, Burt, DeLorenzo. Russell. Front Row: Sladcik, Gaska, Stalmack, Russo, Morgan, lVIcConaghy. Center MISS FOGARTY Top Row: Niezahitowski, Zableckis, Alex. Brown. Osika, Sorensen, Paluch, Stiber, Sajdak. Second Row: Naxera, Klausegger. Heppner, Dire, Shainauskas, Grihac Kalata. Third Row: Sullivan, Shampine, Doles, Contreras, Eichendorf, Kelly. Dunn. Fourth Row: Kollaritsch, R. Chan, Iaeger, Oppenheimer, Conrad, M. Chan. Front Row: Rybicki, Lebensorger, Goya Snukst, Creamer, Constanzer, Bottom MRS. HEVENOR Top Row: Marasso, Clillord, Miller. Herman, Kendra, Rash. Stohhle. Zagorski. Second Row: Bartkowiak, Smith. Roark, Llorens, Walters, Cooley, Milazzo, Third Row: Szamhelon, Siler, Burkett, Lelko. Morita, McBride, Gonzalez. Fourth Row: Hong, Lyall, Honig. Raclzevicius, Ruggiero, Cvastel. Front Row: Tatar. Hoch, lackson, OBrien, Lane. Rzeszutko. awww is 3 X , Page 43 k' QW mm, 2? :Mm --Q N, ,W MM W , Willa 495-f Twp Cvntcr MR. LASHER MR. MURRAY Top Rww: Rom, Stwpzunfaky, Krnpnwnz, Twp Huw: Pmnrt, Hopkins, ihwlnlw, I'v.n'rn'. Hr,1c,.edn, Ciu'11,w,, Rnnnn h, Cc-rlwin, Colm: TN1"'1f1'f'ffS- Smond Row: Sonvs, Martin, Lloyd, Sfwwnd Row: Intf-rlfvpvr, Tnrf-rlupc-r, Knrns, VVilli.nn1s, Cl.n'lw.n'i.1k, Suwqlnv. Df"'74"Y' VPVWIQIV UH' IW!" L4'I"'Wk'W Third Now: Dv lVf.1rnn, M.1ndnh, Nlorris M"f1-'gff7- WI1iffiI1g1I't5Il, Smith. l'mr.1:v.nn. Third Huw: Aclmv, Urv!-,r,lr'l'l, Krul, Hnrlolnli. Suhllr'ir1fg,n. SIlIIl7lH'I"Lf'l', Shavnnqnn-'-my, lgmrlh Huw, K,..Hm.I.4 flvwixv l1,m.,.k,lll Tf'l'm- Ivrnnmlfi, Hrmvn, Amin-ws. f:'1""rh NNW: NI" X"f" ' f3'1f1"'1fl- I"H"5" l"rwnn l?uw: ffnrry, N.ul1'w.ux', XAIt'IlfI'0lW.l, Aznnm, fm:-.I4n1, VXf,nrrl. llmwgv SVNIHHV lrulxumu Ifrfnnl Rwwi fVfrm.nla.nl, llnn:-y, VVIIIIIHII, Mfr, l,.nf-1111-r, Alllnnrg Vw I1.lIf,If4 Vnqv 1111 ' 2 259 2 my g E x V.,. in X ,F 1 ' Hotfoln MISS PLAEI-IN Top Row.: Rcdnlond, L. Robinson. pfciilcr, Smith. Sccond Row: Pcrrv, Scrvr, N.1x'lor. R. Robinson, Dndlcv. Pct. Axxlnuc. 'l'lm.1 Row: Wlcllgcs. Ncttlvs. Rislcv. XV.1lic:cli, Suns. Krsznk, Sclwvr. Fonrllm Row: licrro, H.1fm'r, Nova. l,l'PPk'I'f, Ivins. Icziwrski, Skiclii. lriflklm Row: Gicrnt. Smith, Pvrzvnsk PCQ.ll'NCl1. XViIl:ins4 'l'. Smith. lfmnl Row: Spickn. Xvnng, Czcqhnlgki, Mnnn, Rnv, l3.1n.1si.nk. .Shia Olffl 0l"Q.'5 Bottom MR. HALL Top Row: Morton, Korwin, Peterson, Craven, Rutherford, Green, Frain, Smith. Second Row: Lavery, Bailey, Washington, Henry, Grant, Richardson, Miller, Hayden. Third Row: Hall, Maher, Skinner, Sieger, Angelo, Terrazas, Roberts, Front Row: Paramboukas, Crance, Tatar, Gonzalez, Greene, Cunningham, 'E' PEANUT5 names mg, M? Each year the Student Council lends a helping hand to the Kiwanis Club's Kids' Day Peanut Sale. Chan and Cooney start out on their route through the school to dispose of their quota. 13 se Q 6 nfs va QE? ow Page 45 AMAA! I 'sum lx X Y, .Y 'f 144, .5210 Olflfl 0I"Q5 QQQY MA N We ss' ,E , 7 A 4 ,V ., s ,F an Q' K 5 x A ,. """' N si X a A , L g I 'H' 5' 'I V : I 'Q ,. , , IQ af fir. . k X ' s 2 af , ' x I ,5 X 1 ' S ,g 4x 5 wi X' fl Top MR. PAESEL Q Division delegates mow! at en wcckly Siudcnl fimincil mccting. Hero Bandyk, an division rcprcscntulivv, rcporls in hiz. division un thi' nrlivilicr: planned by the fluunvil while Hull lisn-ns intently. l'.lfI1' flfu Top Row: Harris, VX'.1tso11, Sqhilliug. Svumd Row: ixiilf Pxcscl. Bqrton. C3Llilli0I'Ci, Oswald. Binssic. Iiwmtkowski. Third Row: Cox, Duriv. Iolmson. Mncd 1 W Iiccfncr, Umm. Front Row: Drobitsdi. Nictizic, Rccd, Tomita. Dcvcr. Pm1'oxx'11. iiwottonm MR. POST 'llvp Row: Uiov. Smkwcll. Xvittlmcff. Dvl:r1sQo. l'voz'ncr. Bmnlwridgc. Silmiht. Suond Row: Ford. Uovlc. Flll'I'. Linqfurcl. limnklnn. Millvr. lVi.1rtln 'l'l1i1'dVRuw: Alx'c1'tl1. ZllI'JNySiii, Xyillnuus ix.1r.1lmts.is. IWJIIICIS. Cvilsta, QQUJH lirmit Row: i-i.lSiiC, XY.1l'd. iUI'Ci.Hl, Brm Slwllxwli. Stvciv, XII C' 1 W, f fr . TQ A li as "QM ' I GMI- l Nl I .gm , .fl 'W XC V f ei 1 A X 1 K .K S Wf,. ,fm 5 ,se f li i!9f s aa f 22 m A fl T H"-resist, Q: ,ai K. .SZ Olflfl 0I"QJ A M 3? i i -,A Top MR. SCHMIT Top Row: Peppers, W. Iohnson. Second Row: Reid, Cvrekowicz, Powers, K. Iohnson, Benda, Ashinus, Wilks Third Row: Lewis, Popovits, De Normawdie, Lustro. Wais. Williams, Richardson. Fourth Row: Mr. Schinit, Clayton, Petraitis, Nehlett, Webb, Polk, Ramirez. Front Row: Iones. Paschal, Stokes, Kolodzievski, Matthis, Schillaci, Center MR. TURNER Top Row: Neil, Nyssen, Taylor, McCutcheon. Second Row: Mika, Bean, Kozinski, Buckwitz, Griminette, Pamataitis. Bryan. Third Row: Mr. Turner, Balog, Burns, Peterson, Fredericks, Kovacik. Richardson, Crutchfield. Fourth Row: Iohnson, Harris, Bomicino, Eskridge, Izumi, Wielgosiak, Leslie. Front Row: Iakubec, Iackson, Hall, Carter, Ienkins, Riordan. v .W - R .-W. W w. 1 1 W, fe.. ,es 'QS' lifkilif Este, TTITAV' ' Bottom MR. WORST Top Row: lackson, Rollo. Second Row: Probst, Somers. Pappas. Brooks, lVlarvin, Vvilliams, VVinston Third Row: lVlr. Worst, Vvfeier, Plummer Young, Sablich, Watigh, Green, Tillman. Fourth Row: Farmer, Dusek, Martinez, Banks, Donald, Pittel, Nlaestre. Front Row: Mosley, Pzychocki. Chappel Robinson, Robertson, Weillace. Page 1 N 1 eg lk - '1 5 faa if :-- .. i' . il gig ., S- li. , A Q gf E5 1 "3 - X W W t Q, A 3 xv .D .Z,,:A , ,i R W mf ,f , 1 if X A, ,..! ,Q gg, - .f i ff .... 3 nm 7 01 f n: .5210 Olflfl OIAQL5 Q, no If N., s Q vfzgi ff 1 bi F JZ wx' N X X? 5 si D, ty ":":'f ga it 2 The Tech Times coincs out semi-monthly. Hurc, Kcndru und Zngorski devour thc News. , V7, fu' , 1 m Q W 'O jf , ,ff VV .rn ' , zum If if ' , ff T f 9 ... fl! W! ,f 1 H lhlmiv' 'lil 'wffnlf ui ,ws-fgyggsx , 5' 599 X gi K ,.., X .. xx A Top MISS DEMLING Top Row: Smith, Sukolowsky, Williams, Naszke, Dcvicncc, Barr. Svcond Row: Tirrito. XN'agn0r, Cook, Roscr, Randle, Davis. Garay. Third Row: Wiiisctt, Vincencio. Inckson, Tobias, Crnncc, Bnilvy, Anderson. Fourth Row: Snnclovnl. Thornton, Dawson, Wtrst. Silk, Schultz, Front Row: Hagen. Luc. Waillcr. Buuklcy. Tucker. Munis. Bottom MRS. DUNN Top Row: lVliu.irilt, Stmghnik, Price. Corso, Grilllu. Sccond Row: Thompson. Duron, Donato lVl.ici.1s. Vojtn, Pnync, Bryant. Third Row: Fnlwhin, lnlaycs, Shields. licllcy, Drogos. Mcgginsou, Bcnnvtt liourth Row: hflrs. Dunn. Spcnccr. Xviullcld, Dr-ish, Duwsou, E.il1c4irt. lxfliioi. lrront Row: loncs, lxflOl'.llL'S, Boll, Sowiuslti, Rislcy, Ghent. I0 ,Oni 0l"Q45 'M ev ff 1 Top MRS. GARAS Top Row: Frugoli, Evans. Springer, Morava, Babich, McGrath, Mierzwa, Landeros. Second Row: Barkus, Acevedo, Hardy, Larrieu, Rzeszutko, Alexander, Urias, Hall. Third Row: Vanaria, Dombrowski, Artz, Newman, Maier, Linnear, Lorenz, Boehm. Fourth Row: Mrs. Garas, Arendt, Leclercq, I-lorvath, Dybala, Owens, Chung. Front Row: Ferguson, Matthews, Epperson, Gorniak, Monroe, Olszowka. Center MR. GOLDBERG Top Row: Mr. Goldberg, Tloczek. Rueter, Perzinskas, Kozik, Second Row: Pavlak, Consola, Carter, 0'Neal, Ferraro, Landers, Wgxtts. Engle. Third Row: Kimbrough, Murdoch, Siampos, Maslar. Bastys, Tolmaire, Mathews. Fourth Row: Dans, Nemanius, Jones. Miller, Tollison, Kogut. Front Row: Konkol, Rosas, Ray, Wong, White, Lizzio. Nl Page 49 V. -mf. nzmrn rn-,nm nnrumnumv r -1-,ff 1---f .-v-. Bottom MRS. IRMIGER Top Row: Burke, Barkauskas, O'Donnell Petkus, Masse, Second Row: Iaros, Wilson, Leligdon, Ballard, Rosenthal, lackson. Neimanas. Third Row: McKnight, Cooney, Buehlmann, Beitler, Davenport, Warbianyf, Gandurski. Fourth Row: Mrs. lrmiger. Bartholow, Gerace, Boggs, Martin, Clisham. l-lryniw. Front Row: Lis, Vrhovnik. Payne, Nabors, Smith, Chan. ,z- x 1 'K ,M Q I 5 W 4, t it 32,0 Olflfl 0I"Q5 2 wi-fffff f .:,. h .. f ,, 'i ' W wwf, fy! V4 .2 V , Larson and Kundrot plan their programs for zzwfiicr program distributed to cvcry student. next scmcstcr wing thc l'1.nqm- 50 Top MR. MOCKUS Top Row: Muktepatiels, Trask, Ryan. Henry, Lassek, Randall, Kia. Fuller Haywood. Second Row: Mesch. Yuille, Petrulionis, Perzinskas, Caplak, Riddering, Garbavojhs. Third Row: Hurr, Carvatta. lames, Szymanski, Miller, Kopinski. Front Rowz Barnes. Stutts. Hudson, Giglio. Hunt, liopinski. Bottom MRS, MARCEILLARS Top Row: Nlartin. Rinkus. Second Row: Pulliam. Bajic, ListJn. Tcrrcll, Dochlcr. Szpck, Bituujac. Third Row: Burt. Murray, VVod:ials, lackson, x'7Jl1ClCIlOCVL'l'. Millncr. Fourth Row: Hoskins. Cholly, Mslton. Bolinski. Covich, Foagins, Front Row: Hollmun. V.nn'c, Lohn. Dcncnu. Kurvsz, Cook. ,QA Olflfl 01605 Top MR. MOHLER Top Row: Svientck. Powell. Bochn, Patterson. Mciron. Sudzus. Adams. Sccond Row: Knmppi. Stulga. Frederick. Moore. Zielinski. Robinson. Martin. Third Row: Mr. Mohler, Smith, Miller, Dolcs. Daniels. Bertucci. Front Row: Ohrzut. Von Thaden. Mclver, McMorris. Titsworth, Toth. Center MISS WARFIELD Top Row: Farris. Schmidt, Donclin. Fcttiwg. Hawkins. Scuond Row: Lorcnce, VVhitc, Kudro. Girondn. Fulkerson. Snlvtito. Schillaci. Third Row: Miss VV.irheld. Cronk. Hunt. Woods. Nash. MacDonald. Englund Front Row: Peden. lones. Frnnko. Prikrill Fitzsimmons. Russo. Q14 53' fit X QM Wx ' I f .t'. .ig Y.. . ff'-5 i .-' l-J . x F . qv sw, . . 9' X Y i 9 at 1 4-Six' ,R . I 1 if ik ' E at .k . - ig i i X . ff? 1 Q 'uk Bottom MR. MILLER Top Row: Stulotiitis, Rohcrts. lklitghcll. Fcchtncr, lohns, Btindyk. Second Row: Pcnrod. Giirdcllii. Hiller liordell. Xvilson. Nicdosmmlck. loncs. Third Row: Bandich. VVodarcZx'k. Chow Sicdorl. Redmond. VV1itson. Front Rout Hull, lklcclcllnn. Kuliczkowski. Nnponclli. Angle. Coit G1 5 . Q 0 X s E E J f . 3 1. ggi. I J Page 51 R l B Sz HE 5 Q if, wma.. 'Sz . I 3 X 9 M f M f K 3 ,S xg -2 I.. J' me , rf ..,.. in .- R, ! Q 41 aw K at ff: I ,f xi I L K yy-+ I ,- , iglnelf llflflQIfl ,. fiwcwwwy ii ii ' Top Cviitvr Bottoni MRS. ALDRICH MR. FERGANUS MRS. FITZGERALD Top Row: Bray, Us-hhi.i, Kuzicvi, 'Vamp Ruwi Mr. FUVQIQIIHIS, Ruvim' Twp Row: Biwlc. Lmis. Lush. Tr.1p.1ni. Izydorslfi, iViLK:iy, Smith, Urhnitis, Liiikmvski, W.iIci, Strm'i1ici', Imiiivs, Coiiimilv, Liiidc. P.iync. Lcchowicl. Gray, Fnxtvr. CLIXIKIKbg1illV.lI1lii, Yuiingi, VV.illiicr. liclly. Sc-cond Row: Ruhiimm, Adums, Hong, Siwimcl Ruw: iVhHvnry. lauiiicxl, Pn'nxx'i1, SCL-Olld Rowt Mrs, l:it:g1ci'.ild. Ricshcck. Roherts, Klinuwski, Kailiivs, Stfmis. Mi-lilwi-t, Wlklilliillili. Liiziii Scthik, i,cckiu'i', Tilliimn, lVhiHitt. Third Row: Phillips, Michiis, Wi-ini-r, fii"Sl'l"'A- Ki"L'If+ U'P"'Whl'V G-IUWS' D-'Vis' Ce-rvsintvs, Inuiigifwrd, Mifrwul, 'Vhiril Huw: Hin-lxlcy, fiuldI'i'dci', l1wiincl'li, Third Row: lj-lDl'I.ll.ll'dO, Hiighcs. fhiftviimi. firm-ii, Iliiiliijlm, Sk.il.i, ll.1wkiiis, FI'CClN.lll, Kipp, C.iiu, Kolcrich, Fmiii2i,W1 S.-if-f, Cf,.ii..ii, is.-ii, Chi-1-rs, ifi.,..i ieww. 'i'..yi.ii-, if.-..i,i.iN. isi.i.i4, Wifkomii' il'i"iW1- Ploqgr, he-nk, Cldyluii, Mins. Aifirii Ii, lliiiluilslei, In-, l,i,vis.i. l:rniit Rmv: Hi'idgcioi'Li, Schwcim. Vanin' 57 NicHi'ooiii. liiilwv. Cinctz, Brucn, egl"8C5Al'l'lQl'l Top MRS. GAWELL Top Row: Bell, Fulton. Piry, Holland, DeCaro, Avery, Davis, Bogash. Second Row: lagminas, Robertson, Chan. Acoeella, Beeerra, Drish, Roti. Larson, Brady. Third Row: Mrs. Gawell, D. VVilliams, Castillo, Dennis, Carothers, Buchta VVillia1ns. Burt. Front Row: Feager, Marasovieh, Shilney. Horstmann, Wzirzyk, Nlurphy. Bottom MISS HEINTZ Top Row: Roehom, Qlsen, Wagner. Robinson, Zippel, Arciszewski, Delsorenzo. Second Row: Ashford, Arden, Lovejoy. Vasquez, Tryhula, Nieeiag, Piotrowski, Greven, Willieh. Third Row: Miss Heintz, Williains. Lewis, Baltikowski, Powers, Frantzen, Pleasant, King. Fourth Row: Lopez, Kuhica, Zilanis. Winston, Griffin, Pelleinetti, Ferro. Front Row: Cazeau, Bailey, Evans, Scalise, Burke. Lahuda. Marking day arouses a variety of emotions - pride, satisfattion regret. Sanavaitis and Bastys seem unworried by their grades. -:an to .,. 'les xx Q Q J K M E, ' . Aw W 'X Page 53 Q, as X JN ge' ibn ' .T , S .jg 1, , e 's L' f Q' Y .f se 3 - 1 X N ' , 1 . L X, Q W My W we , .. ww J 5 W Q 'fi n ,W . V 1 3 ,Q -ss. V is i . '-is 5 C X X 35-Q as. is A xe- R wear' 2 , Z 300 -N, X . . S. My me P 'c YW? y wi if Q A I , M333 is f ,M f ,, nf. . 5 3 ,Q X . JE-x . X NNN Q W ,gb , N., -1 , - N I :s5E5' 1 -., :jg , i cj ' will , Q S , I Qi ,www-W, ,mg Q , . ? i if 5 I' Z.. , ,,,,, Zz, Top MRS. KORBAKES Top Row: Lsniridsen, Taylor, Arnuld, Solofm, Davis, Pinngit-r, Lum-n, Sctcond Row: Colo, Subelln, Priichti, Conrad, Burns, Kennon, Cnstillo. MCDfJI14PllgIIl, Third Rim! Dvrlwy, Mrka. K+u'lw.iki's, Clark Uthman, Siidn, Ycrz Smitlm, M.ii'.usxii Fourth Row: fQ4igym'r, Shultz, Cimsttniplus, Brown, Imwix, I,.nw.-arm Sullivnn. K M im A J , gredAmen Ccntcr MR. MICHAELS Top Row: Ray, Biirrcll, Ifwin, lVI.1si1c.1. Kenny, Miicllcr. Scuond Row: Mr. lVIich.1i'ls, lVlicl1.ulx1k. Frniiiccvic, lXfIllStilDiC. Third Row: Cwilclinski, 'l'rcmiis. , Rozdilsliy. Rltlnimml. Hill, II.urx'cx', In-mit Raw: IHIIHNUII, l3.uidlv, inlriiniv. MLN.lll1.lI'.l. l,.IX'k'l1DHI'l, Hryitlv, Pago '14 Bottom MR. PARKHILL Top Row: Norm.m. Dcitclhott. Engstrom. Ricscbccli, Musc. Nolcn. Scuond Row: Lcmczis. lolmson, Pnyiic. Sipowicz, VVrwl1lcwski. lxrzy:.muxx'ski. Third Row: Krull. Nii1't'.1x'. Narsli. Peter, Pv.iriivs. Nusqiwdn. XV.itcrs. Front Row: Klutz. XV.itsoii. Kohn. Iniiiu, 1:og.irtx'. Fixiiililin. X 1 .iiS2L't?:f!4lI11l6ZYl Top MR. SMOLER Top Row: Kulpa, Zuber, Kropidlowski Newkirk, Dayner, Mims, Logay, Sangaila. Second Row: Moore, Flint, Barkauskas, Tassic, Iurenas, Hunter, lurkus, Rokosik. Third Row: Chiarenza, Caputo, Cox, Rackauskas, Rackauskas, Wilsoii, Metzl. Fourth Row: Moy, Machota, Pitcher, Gierut, Walz, Gutt, Dietrich. Front Row: Green, Mackey, Gnojek, Tobias, Coats, Tsai. Bottom MR, Mc ERLEAN Top Row: Mr. MC Erlean, Parker, Donati, Thompson, Sheehan, McDermecl, Donati. Second Row: Orendorlif. Schinkel, Giles, Lawrence, Smith, Moore, Gnieclziejko. Third Row: Wagner, Terrell, Pilnt, Chapin, Ewonaitis, Wasney, Ostrowski. Fourth Row: Pondelicek, Mateljan, Leonard, Nowakowski, Cassidy, Sebby. 41 Front RQW1 Schweiigert' Williqmsy Millcr, lgllacikeyhliruts boglles away as Walz urges him to hurry in order to avoid Paris, Sanavaitis, Schillaci. C unc imc ru S X X X X !!!!!! 'S X X x X X. -'EW s z- 'T ' ' W'-I -U4 I Page 55 Q Q , like ACTIVITIES ,I+ K ,-4 F. , If W 7. 1 .Q I I- lb gn. G 1 -' V ' f'.i""i+141:,' . , V -I-.mp X . A,.v .up ,nj-kg' L .I . Ng it E If fr , 'ij I1 H' , ef 1 W A If .Q .. I 'H . V' ' S4 L' N .I in sg FII ar If I , I I, ' il -'Q 12 5.9. 1' , Y ,, 1 O 9 N, 'S K , YQ X'x.. 1 f wk RQ? fx' S, XX X If v X 14 xr AX ,QQ Yv ,, X X 'xxxfw X 'NR x f 'unix , V A X ,B X. :xx :Y 1 w ,4 'NS ,... 4 N .:. K y- gf.. 'T W 'BN X , 4+ 1 X - Ng, ekfgxx X xx x K x , ,,.xS,1 CA As a result of a highly successful Spring Music Ecstival last year the members of the chorus acquired smart gold collars for their handsome blue robes. Their very appearance on the stage as the curtain opens, brings the audience to the edge of their seats in expectation of a melodious treat to come. The chorus demon- strated their talents and showed the results of diligent practice on numerous occasions this year. They were well prepared with a fine program for the Open House which had to be cancelled, but they came back at Christmas with an inspiring rendition of the famous and well-loved Christmas songs and hymns. The Spring Musical Holiday found them eager and willing to again "put on the show". Their selections on this occasion appealed to a variety of music tastes and made this musical evening one to remember. CHORUS MEMBERS Sylvester Alexander Edward Banks Henry Bozeman Thomas Beasley Iohn Chandler Sidney Cheers Ioseph Coats Emery Coleman David Cook Sheldon Curry Robert Crutchfield Patrick Dacko Edmond Dawson Roy Davis Harry Defourneau Christopher De Frisco Henry Dixon Ronald Domhroxyski Ronald Dunham Vkfilliam Eskridge Clinton Ghent loseph Cvolab Bobby Hall Irvin Hawkins Ronald Iacob Leonard Hopkins David Hoskins Samuel Hutl' Steven lzuini Rudolph Iackson Ron lackson Ron lakubeck Ioe Iames Edward lames Parnell lenkins Robert Iones Iohn Kean orud uneo file ir mga! lim Lindsay Steve Lohn Iohn Marsh Charles Mclver Richard Mccay Prince McMorris Kenneth McCormick Edward Megginson Nick lVletropulos Robert Miles Robert Miins lerry Moses Dwight lVlosely Leroy Nlorgan Ietfrey Moy Frank Noel Besshap Parks Charles Peters Hershurt Palk VVendland Quan Philip Ragan Ponder Richardson Sanibel Richardson Michael Sherlield Reginald Siler Charles Shearer Robert Short Ronnie Taylor lohn Taylor Cornelius Thorton Michael Urias Charles Vayra Booker VVashington Earnese VV'hite Eugene VVhittington Samuel VVilliains Gregory Woo Page 58 3 4 , fi ' , iii V :IZ Q 'I I C T l ' 9 1 M 2 r ' V ,' rr , , C'iy,Ljgl3i g T T 2 was A . I . 5, ,, .V iigfgjim V-wr f Z 'Q 'J lgflf-17: , , 3, 3 y ,V if fe , ' A I 'i X BAND ROSTER Charles Barnes, Eddie Barrie, Robert Ballard, lames Boggs, lames Bulin, lohn Capiak, Ioseph Davenport, Carl DeMarco, August Eetting, Cliver Eifer, Charles Cvatz, Ronald Green, Michael Haywood, VVayman Hollis, Ernest Hunt, lohn Kimbrough, Iesse Landeros, Vincent Lane, Louis Larrieu, Richard Liston, Ioseph Mesch, Marvin Monroe, Welliiigton Nettles. Nathaniel Person, lames Robinson, Richard Sablich, Donald Terrell, Iohn Thomas, lames Trask, Tom Vrhovnik, Hal VValler, Robert Ward, Alfred Walker. George Wilson, Calvin Wright, Henry Zielinski. BAND Membership in the band is composed of two groups, those who have a knowledge of music and can perform with some degree of proficiency, and those who join to learn how to play a musical instrument. Mr. Olivo, band director, molds this diversified group into a synchronized unit so that in a relatively short time they are able to play at assemblies, games, and other programs during the year. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY - Not Pictured Seniors: Carlstedt, Connolly, Enog, Castel, King, McCarthy, O'Donnell, Orentas, Plc-ckaitis, Skruch, Williams, Carr, Dover, Harwig, Oswald, Wajda. juniors: Alex, DeLaurentis, DelVIarco, Dite, laeger, Niezabitowski, Qppenheimer, Shainauskas. A Uarief 0l!.f4cfi1fifie5 ffracf NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY To be selected for membership in the National Honor Societv a student must have an average grade of E or better: he must have given outstanding service to the school on his own time: his character must be above reproach and he must have shown qualities of leadership. lVlembers of this organization can be depended upon whenever outstanding service is sought, lVliss Demling is the newly appointed sponsor of the society. Right Eoreground: Blake. Front row: Kundrot, Taylor, Bucinskas, VVashington, Orejudos. Miss Demling. S3cond row: Scarlatos, Yureus. Kline. Chapman. Top row: Antoniewski, Engelke. Krieger. V yi 'V 2 , f X yn U IM V, V 5 ,K , 7 A -, , ' 7 " 222 ,,, , award 4 .,' QM, ' .. I , 2 , L J I ii 'Q pr an Clad Wage .xgmgifiocw .gzfwjenfd inf: 2 Y R :.. g.: 5 ia 4 S aw, Y A f A ig ' 4 7 we S Standing: Miss Dreessen. Masse, McKnight. Niedosmialek, Slattery, Taylor. Second Row: Dawson, Rowenthal. Third Row: Hammett, Chester, Leppert. Front Row: Mclver, Bozeman, Spinks. Foreground: Olszowka. BIOLOGY CLUB LK 53? , lx Z .2 Q' Lovers of all living things, both plant and animal, spend pleasant hours observing the wonders of nature through the Biology Club. Gardens. woods, observatories, and museums are their favorite haunts. Page 61 A s A X N ln -W. , 'iv AS-gg, ,A se. in . mu .4 E gas Y kv. I . I, X 'S M X x5.,wm'Rfa Vgutlila-. vm - Q N wr Q b 'X A ,Q I Nw ff fxx ,...- ii X I Tim? A ,,,Q - 'YKXcX+eK1'X9QX i., i z1f "'Qf, QM N mayb Asn' 5 -4' 'lnramwmww-WAN v 4 'VM ' Q x A XXX ' 'Gt in 'W9' ai 4 i .wk Ax, E sim fx' D 'U.'Je.. Q-vm 66 n 7 Q . 79 ewfi 6111 ,MQW5 0 QC Ififlelfl l0l0Q6U" llfl LA? lHfl05 Left: Standing: Caccitolo, Glaser, Garcia, King, Engelke. Seated: Yurcus, Damijanic, Dunbar, Mrs. Malloy. TIMES STAFF Presses roll, brains rattle, and busy fingers write for the Tech Times. Quiet reigns supreme during divisions period on Times distribution day. Every head is bent over the newspaper as students scan the headlines intently, then devour the first page news. This year's editorial page with its unique style of writing captured everyone's attention and brought enthusiastic praise for the editors. The features, pictures, and sports writeups were equally well received. That the 1956-57 Tech Times rated first class honors is no surprise to Tilden- ites. Our newspaper has always been one we could boast of. and this years series has been no exception. Congratulations to Mrs. Malloy and her hard working, eflicient staff for an exceptionally fine job. Standing: Peters, Guillre, Novickis, Pape, Glaser, Nlonroe, Englekc, Frey, Oppenheinui Bentivegnzi, Hagen, Rybicki, Qrejuclos, Shipman, lVloy, Yurcus. Second Row: Taylor, Allen, Eib, King, Shainaiiskzis, Moody, leziorsky, Landers, Crcxinier. Seated: Thayer, Rosenthal, Burgharclt, Rasmussen. Buseli, Dsinoto, Cicenas, Beehn, Obilaila, Masse, Niczaibitowski, Stevens, Stockmall. iq.. R Q T'-www. A X, f ' ltd!!! 1648 Ga !5.W'lCll?p WAIAOLLQA, .!4I'l0tAQI" Q6U" if X Mr. Pachucki, Business Advisor Mrs. Kolarits, Advisor: O'Donncll Our 1957 annual aims to take you on a flying trip through Tilden from September until lime. in one easy hop, and give you a flyer's view of what goes on in a technical school. Qur faculty and student body are introduced to you: you are given a brief. sharp View of our shop and classroom work: and for you, we parade our top flight achievers. You will see our athletes Ufly high" as they bring home championships: our many aids will show you how they work: and our graduates with their activities will indicate to you their readiness to take oil lor useful, glorious goals. To all of our readers, 'llappy Landing!" CRAFTSMAN STAFF Top row: Dite, Paluch, Shainauskas, Constanzcr. Front row: lilausegger, Stiber, Snukst, Shampine, VVitthoeft, Engle, Sladcili, Bitunjac. Q4 X -. a-We S is LM 6 . , K Ak . .... R 'W' ' 'Www , ' , av-"""""""'-ws Q' ,, -W ,,,..,-M - V' '-4-:iris-.L 'ws " WN 1 am' K R R .tm - ff ' ' t'f3""""?!'1Q -l t flat. fsf, i l lm -1 fg 14666 mfafiond bureau if-as i 'EFI if- 'ls MMM? W!! :, -.Q 'Q .tcwumm Front to rear First Row: Sangaila, Rybicki, Chiarenza, Pitcher, Flint. Second Row: lorenas. Oppenhelmer, Barkauskas. Newkirk, Gnojek. Perhaps nothing pleases a high school lad more than seeing his name in print. To have it appear among the list of Honor Roll Students in his community newspaper brings a feeling of pride to his parents and friends. If his name appears because he has achieved success in a scholastic contest, an athletic event, or some other field of endeavor, he becomes the idol of the small fry in his neighborhood. No matter what accomplishment is reported. community newspaper readers like to read about what their young citizens are doing. The boys on the Public Relations Bureau keep them informed of interesting hap- penings at Tilden. Then as these boys in the picture are doing, they scan the city and local papers to find their copy in print. They clip it and mount it on a bulletin board for all students to read. Since Tildenites come from many south side communities their school activities interest a vast number of readers. Through the work of the Public Relations Bureau they become better ac- quainted with our school and the line technical training it offers, Page 65 IJUIIC! jAQilf' T l"QQ ilflflQ APO!! A fAe I" HALL GUARDS Top Row: De Coste. Second Row: Fulton, Lewis, Brnzeuu, Vidmnr. Thompson, Mackowiak, Bogtish. Third Row: Anderson, Engstrom. Whitton, King, Pegarsoh, Griflith. Fourth Row: Zielinski. Melton, Tobias, Setlak, Andrews. Front Row: Conner. Larson, Dennis, Vxfvilliams. Lizzio. Top Row: Kosnick, Dembowski. Second Rowz Parker, Solofra, Ross, Rinkus, Peterson, Lynch. Third Row: Gross. Bell, Powell, Ratlifl, Brzenk. Curr. Nettles. Fourth Row: Harris, Iones, Zziremhski. Maciaszek, Dover, Boehm. Front Row: Arthur. Mzislzir, Umm, Sreniawski, Schmitt. Top Rowz Kolerich, Treonis, Rasmussen, Evans, Doss. Korwin, Somers, Bowen, Ashmus. Second Row: Lietuvininlms, Donnto, Pziprzis, Tryhulzi, Thomas, Roock, Fitzsimmons. Bzircenzi. Third Row: Foley, Grelcowicz, Corski, Hiller, Barry, Brynnt, Valenti. Fourth Row: Bzirkmiskzns, Bzanclyk, Uswuld, De Norm,indin', Acevedo, Shields, Krovlmdis. Front Row: Rlllliiwford. fwnlxlinlr, Rosvillvltl4'r', fllirzlil, Ray, fTllI'Ill, flllirn-il. lhntgn- 66 J eeloing orriclom Ceara unc! CAM All schools should have reliable and eflficient hall guards. At Tilden we are constantly taking steps to improve our present well organized system. Membership in the hall guards is limited to the upper classmen and merits points for a civic letter and attendance at the annual achievement dinner. The hall guards perform many duties for the protection of the students and their property. Some of the duties of guards are: making sure no one opens a locker during class time without a locker pass, keeping the halls clean by picking up scraps of paper near their post, keeping students from wandering or loitering, and greeting visitors. Their record of service this year has been commendable, HALL GUARDS Top Row: Stepansky, l-lauser, Coyle, Powers, Plummtr Second Row: Kaiser, Cropeza, Lorence, Rainnie. Rutherford. Third Row: McBride. Gerald, Wtiier, Taylor. Orendorfl. Fourth Row: Flynn, Schuringa, Stachnick, Klinowski, Fifth Row: Tralewski, lVlufFitt, Pittel, May. Sixth Row: Schillzxci, Kelly, Neblett. Seventh Row: Person, VVilliams, Ryhicki. lfighth Row: Lebensorger, lVletropulos, Gliwa. Front Row: Lam, lohnson, Constaiizer. Top Row: Klimgis, Nova, Benda. Heppner, Renter. Stcond Row'liendr'1 Mormn I-lerinm Rosemond Seter . ' . 1, jr , 1 . . , . Third Row: Kozak, lVlcGrath, Eichendorf, Gribac, Avant, Fourth Row: Roser, Kollaritsch, Marita, Donegan, Smith. Fifth Row: Nemanius, Scogli, Daniels, Brown, Mann. Sixth Row: Andrews, Anderson, Hurr, Rosas. Front Row: Bartholow, Ford, lones, Mclver, Horstmann. ,mm X., " 1, v- , it X "Qi Page 67 AN . ,Q , ' 'Nm eww Jw QW 5, Above Top Row VVx'qon5ki, Burt. Dcmhowski. St-cond Row: Lvwfin. Rutherford, Czisxircto. Third Row: Btirtels, Kiliiiski, Stidgiiisktis. Fourth I2iiv.': Lcvrcziu, Hi-.id, Iohrison. Fifth Rmv Ci.id.ims, Stun-ll, Millhoiisv. Sixth Ruw: Doehlcr. Brady, Mtinis. Seventh Rim" Luke, Thunipsun. Rotik. Eighth Row. Zollcr, Ciiniiiiings. Piitlmlxki. Front Rim" Htfrxtnmnii, Kiipiiiski, Biiiildvii. Uppvr Right Top Rims: Hdndyk, filyiiii, Krtipnwiuz. Seumd I?iiw. Kiimx, H.irtkmx'i.ik, Sttilwhlv, Third Rww: Riahi-rtx. Aiitglv, l'i.iym's. liwurth Riixx Lt-xxis, fjuiirw, Smith. Fifth Rim' L.ipiiisl4.m, M.irIii1, film-rut. Sixth Rum Hicmiiihvliiii, fViuril.i, G4vii:.eh'Z. Stwt-nth Huw: Nvwiiiiiii. Wilsipii, W.ilz. ffighth I2-mx' Shipinmi, fit-lthi-r. I,.int-, Vrimt Rum flficxtvr, Si-Kimi, Rlizxliillmi. At Right First Rim fifrflf, Hriliirli, lfxuiiix, f:m'lwi'y. St-guild Rm-s iii-.itiiiii Silniriiigiu, Wiiliiii.iiiii, Hitiiiipu. Third Huw Hiitli, Vtfmyiiiiiii, Vfilx, Ilixxwiii, I fiwurth Rim' fl,ipp.iI.m,I-P, A-iiivllw, linux, l:.llltfISll. fflfth Rim fii'.nth4'ii, fllifm, Spd!-, fiiwril Rim IJiin'ti.ii1, fwiiiw, l.,iiii Thvsc' dvpenfifiluli- Ivll-iws iii-wi'x'v tirvail ui'ctlil'. Tlicv giimrti our hulls, Lwwp thi-in fl:-ziii, iiiiwil ximilniw, .ami insiirv t'm'i'iilm' quit-1' .ind -a.'if'wIV. I,il4.-' .ill vwrniic,Ilia-li'-f,1srilli'ii iiimmlmmuiix lvlll it is .ilso rcw.ii'ti in-I Ilii- firiiilwIf11'y kzvrvv .iw vii ilitiwi luwnrni .i IlIlft'I1 st'i'vn'i' lctlvlt l'ilCli" Ml fwwf X ,. 'Tb .YK XX vfs F' HONOR CLUB OFFICERS Vurliovriik, Sccrctziry: Taylor, Vice Prvsidcnt: Clmii, Trnnisiirurg Ulzowkzi, Prcsidcnt. 2 7 7 9 A958 CUAFIQJ 8.5 Clllff .SJ 1uNioRs.sEN1oRs ski, Alex. Nic:.ilwitmx'ski. Dvorak. Third Row: Biiciriskzis, Ifiigic-lkv. ifiioq, CQ.irQi.i, Oppciiliviiiii-r. Fix-x'. Frciii Row: Bhikc, Gustvl, Sgiiiiriiiqm. Iiiiiuwxvskix, Diiiilmir. FRESHMEN-SOPHOMORES ski. Leligdon, Iacksori, Mikii. Burns, Popiwits, Nciiii.iii.is. Svcond Row: Cooney, Lizlio, Lurricii, Mcsdi. Dixim, Dviitmhlv, Dc Foiiriiiuiii, Ci.iii riki, Izumi. Front Row: VV.irbiiiny. Biiehliimrin. Ciislmm, Ti-rrisn, VVuitnwii2, Fmiiikwitz. f ,fir-vu Vww yiiixirw i xy x Stundingi: Yiiruis, King, Hrzvnk, Ki-ndiui. Qiristmit, Si1.llIl.llI5i-LIS, Hifi-. Miuin-. Kiiili ii Suirlxitus. Krieger, Oswfild, iviisvii, Di' L.iiirviiti2, Cii.ipiii.iii. U Iliiiiiii-II. 1'XIiiUllIlXX Second Row: Iuviicr, Urlwn, Siiiiiimi, Oiwiiidim, Siilli-CSI. N.iiiriiv. 'i'srIiip.ii, iiiwwi viii Top Row: Pziynv. Curtcr, Pvrziiislms, Pmrgniii, Pctkiis, O Duiincll, lViiiklvp.ix'vls, Ku: Q 5 Standing: Orej i ZQCL .!4lTLLCl5Zlfl 0lf'Z5 ENT TEACHERS STUD Standing: Owens, Perzinski, Munis, Mcisner, Walker. cated lvanoxvski, Wisniewski. Doyle. S : Uhl Pink. SPEAKER'S BUREAU udos, Astrovvski. Maciaszek. eated Kundrot, Moore, Migit. Kline. f New Nw S f 1 Taylor. SPEAKERS' BUREAU No speakers group was ever more welcome than the Speakers' Bureau are when they visit an elementary school to address a P.T.A. meeting or an upper grade assembly. Why are these lads so well received? ls it because they speak on such topics as 'AThe lm- -- portance of a Technical High School" or 'AA Happy Home Life from a Teen Agers Point of VieW"? ls it because they inspire respect for the normal teen-ager? Or is it because they have a message to deliver and enjoy bringing it to an interested audience? lt seems to be a combination of all these which makes them an attraction on any program, and which brings requests for them year after year. The speakers, who are trained by Mrs, Cassin, must be in the upper tenth of their class and have a good command of English. They do all work on their own time, While they are doing an excellent service for Tilden they are gain- ing invaluable personal experience. STUDENT TEACHERS ln these days of teacher shortage our student' teachers give valuab service. When a teacher is absent, two student teachers take charge ol his class until a substitute arrives. They lake the attendance, report aibsentees to the attendance oHice, and keep the class al work. Page 70 ouncif Wnemderd oice an we wiffl Ugor 1.52 STUDENT COUNCIL The ambitious plans of the Student Council this year have been brought to a satisfying conclusion. Council activities this year included the sale of tire extinguishers, derbies for Derby Day, and peanuts for the Kiwanis Club charities, Inspired by Student Council leadership a commit- tee of students drew up a Code of Conduct which was adopted by the student body, Qur Brotherhood Week program brought repre- sentatives froni twenty neighboring high schools for an all day meeting. The program included breakfast. a tour ofthe school, a movie. a luncheon. and a general meeting, The newly elected ollicers are now busy on plans for next year. i Upper Left Standing: Ward, Osika, Pappas. Seated: Walker, Engelke, De Laurentis, Meisner Lower Left STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS Kundrot, President: Frey, Secretary: Cunningham. Treasurer: Valenti, Vice President. Upper Right FRESHMEN-SOPHOMORES Top Row: Hageline. Pappas, Bray. Second Row: Benda, I-Iarris, Hui, Taylor. Third Row: lVIesch, Schmidt, Wilson, Bandyk. Fourth Row: Driver, Walker, Chan, Castillo. Fifth Row: Burns, Williams. Paranihouskas, Ferro. Front Row: Lizzio, Brown, Luzin. IUNOIRS-SENIORS Top Row: Larrieu, Blake. Second Row: Dombrowski, Martin, Oswald, Carlstedt Third Row: Osika. Nettles, Meisner, Bowiei Fourth Row: Iancowskis, Roark, Engelke, Pleckaitis. Front Row: Glaser, Ross, Doles. Foreground: Ward. Page 71 31 C' X-W1 f" ,,, N Q fi' 'Q gurl? gc. L A H fem Q Xt, if ' , Y f -I gg, fs , W , 5-in R Za , , , 4 ff , . W ,ff t is 3.1 an i , , in A ,talks , rg 9 . ,V '4Vff-:,.,s:.f- ,, . Aw t F' ,- e P . gi f f' 3 ' ? ,, il ,g "f -1 '11 3 - ' ' I S , F ' 1 I 1 1 ,iii I 71: PM . 'T 'Z be i I fig Q 4 s A , s .,. Q X4 mg Zz , Ti W- ii t t, . 5,...,.M.. 4 . , ,E ff f x W J X Q fs , 1 Y' i ,Q Q my 'NK mi' lb 1, . A. -I STUDENT LIBRARIANS Stiinding. Oroudos Diiwcli Corflxi, I ., . . 1 . King, Bmw. Pcrziiislms. liiindrot. Second Row: Lovejoy. lcziorski. Exniiis. At Table: Kircik, lN'lcCiitglicon, Riordfin, Ferro. Dciitsclilc. Zifililcckis. Q. ,...,. M Q. A i K ...auf xx N X MATH MARKERS Front to Rear First Row: Miller, Kudro, Gray, Gironda. Second Row: Sadauskas. Nash. Cook. Newkirk, Roark. Third Row: Lelko. Rokosik, XVilliiims. Mawll. Burns, -ujjjl mlarovin gyhciency of H7045 an STUDENT LIBRARIANS GO0d library assistants sire iinporlzinl in tlic school lllWI'i1l'X'. 'lllicv .iid in Circulation duties, Slwclvingi, pmwlinq pockets, mending and piilwlicitv. Tlicx' .irc reliable, efficient, :incl qiiici lwlpcrs. MATH MARKERS ln Cssefntizil ninth limi..-A xiiiilviil iii.ii'lwi's giiniili' llic p.ipL'r:+ tlic lwovs do in Class. Tliwy l'ffL'HI'f,l Ilir- giiuicli-'-. iii 1-.iili lifivs lmlix'iilii.il lollici- eiml lilo thi- fr1l1PF'lH limit flu- lwfivs li.ix'i- liiiialiwil 'Vlivv llivn pill iivxx' slwclrs iii sliidciits Ffilflcr-X, wi ll1.il rim- lwrws .iw iwniilx, Iii xiiiilq mi .i INWX' iolw ilig ricxl il.ix'. i-..,.-13' :C ,. L. - 5 .1 L . wx iv., Q rf A ' A . X Ng QPU 0115 If Q 91 Q M N rs x fi, X x C Ax SX 'J XS Page 73 2 2 vrwce Jl'0llr JJ ATTENDANCE OFFICE CLERKS The machinery of attendance ls kept well-oiled by the assistance of attendance oiiice assistants. They do such clerical jobs as filing programs. assisting in filling out tardy and ab- sence slips, and running necessary errands, lVIr. Iezek says they are a great help to him, Top Rowi Pappas, C. OiDonnell, Schwartshoff, Petkus, T, U'Donnell. Giuffre, Holada, Vasquez. Second Row: Griffin, Pellegrinetti, Luke, Qrejudos, Vifarywoda, Lis, Gamble. Dudley. Arthur, Front Row: Rochon. Mr. Cabaniss, Attend- ance Oliicer: Golah. Mr. lezek, Attendanu- Counselor: Branch, lVlunis. VVinston. BOOK ROOM AIDS Mr. Castrogiovannrs genial book room helpers are willing workers. They unload supplies, stamp and number new books, H11 teachers' or- ders, and perform any other book room jobs that arise. Top Row: Calabrcse, Eib, Solner, Swiderslii. Houlihan. Front Row: lVlr. Castrogioyanni. Rothman, A. Castrogioyanni, EARLY MORNING GUARDS If you've been wondering what brings some students to school be- fore seven-thirty in the morning, heres the answer for you. These early risers are the morning guards who man every entrance and admit only those who have business in the building before eight o'clock. EARLY MORNING GUARDS Too Row: Niezabitowski, Stiber. Dite. Krieger. Second Row: Shainpine, Mesch. Frederick Tirrito. Third Row: Mr. lezek, Millhoiise. Oppenheimer. Lam. Moy, Fourth Row. Olszowlta. Snulist. Vrhoynik, Ferguson, Chan, Front Row: Brandon, Tralewslii. .fgicb Qaariz Omce .icznniciued mid Quin ervice 'L f STUDENT OFFICE CLERKS Back Row: N155 Dovlo, Chan. Garcia. VVarbinny. R. Chan, XVQQ, Zlngorski. XVinsctt. Borrowdnlc. Dclaurentis, Kline. Nicznbitnwski. Front Row: Qlzowlm. Cooney, Oppenheimer. Grcvnn. VX'illiuh. Tcrricn. XVong. Krol. C1'sl13m. Russel, Peterson. ADIUSTMENT OFFKCE CLERKS Smndunqz Mrs. Fxtzgcmld. Brzcnk. Grccn. Doolcv. Incgcr. Mlmigmszck. Foruqmnnd: Burt. Bolinskl. Standing: Lornncr, Y.1ndc11Qox'cr'. Carr, Pcrrv. Lcligdon. Scntcd Nnlinmgln, Mrs. Hmlton. Hx'1.xzw. wa." M , gig. Page 7.1 ADIUSTMENT OFF .gzwlenf Que W Ill gf Qian ' the adjustment The handy men in e office mark tests, Hle materials in stu- dents folders, run errands, answer the ' elemetary tele hone, and take visiting P t urs of our school. pupils on o ICE CLERKS h Waliczek Blake Burt. Standing: C an, C , 1 , Seated: Doles, Mrs. lrmiger, Castel, Schultz, Farmer. Students below grade in reading. work hard to improve. English markers check exercises of remedial reading students who work at their own speed ' xercises as they completing as many e are a ble to do each period. READING CLERKS Front to Rear First Row: Randle, Schillaci, Murdoch, Ianis, Devience, Bulow. Second Row: Payne, lVlcConaghy, Setter, Corso Petrulionis, Nabors. Third Row: Galab, Volland, Hemphill, Castel Novak, Gandurski. The Sponsors' helpers and secre- taries assist teachers in keeping a class history, in mailing failure warnings. and figuring out semester averages. SPONSORS' ASSISTAN TS Front to Rear First Row: Duffy, lvanavski, Gibson, Grevan, Arden. Second Row: Gill, Brown, Powers, Urbaitis. Page 75 If 5 l I c me ajowttl tfwzf 0 file ear A crisp, starlit. Ianuary night loun graduates all dressed up. corsage in hand. ready for a gala eycning of danc ing. This year the Crystal Room of the VVindermerc Hotel was the scene of the annual prom. Beautiful girls in their colorful gowns, accompanied hy hand some Tildenites, "tripped the light fan tasticn to the music of Tony Paige an his orchestra. Dance tunes to suit all tastes were on the program which was climaxed hy a stately Grand March, , W t ,X ,, 3, 1 v- wwe ' - . , ,f Y' .3 Q5 " -:flg4y Q i f. , . A Q W M my id 1 tt' ' 'CX v 5 xx . t jufure cienfififfi lem ond fra fe cgngen ioud L eviceri Ol" fAe Ifll'lMCl .SZYQHCQ Glilf' Upper Left: ln his Testa Coil entry for the Annual Science Fair Waugh shows how high frequency waves can light up a llourescent lamp. Center Left: Dite explains to a visitor the numerous everyday applications of propositions in solid geometry. Lower Left: Alex lunievecz' exhibit. Seeing Sound, won second place here and at the District Fair. It was one of three exhibits to go the museum.. Ales' entry was an oscillascope made from a seven inch TV set. The scope was used to show the wave forms of sounds. Page 77 Upper Right: The making of safety matches was the entry of lzydorski and Hallies. Here they explain how the match stick is treated with ammonium phos- phate. then dipped in paralfin before the match head is made. Their ewhihit won hrst place at Tilden. Center Right: Light heam communication is the method used on a talking motion picture and may also he used for communication over a limited distance. The sound of a voice in the microphone varies the hrightness of the light. This light is picked up hy a photo-electric cell which reproduces the sound so that it is understandable, Lower Right: Pictured with a small portion of their vast exhihit. Snukst and Sham- pine show the numerous and eH'icieut peace time uses ol nuilear power. rin ance The Hamilton Hotel was the scene of our sprlng dance held on May lOth. The weather was perfect, the scene colorful, the music just right, and the guests in a festive mood, Beautiful girls and their handsome escorts danced to the music of Buddy De Corres Orchestra. This first all student dance held in several years was initiated by the Student Council un- der the guidance of Mr. Fer- ganus. lts great success, as evidenced by the dancers' reluctance to leave with the playing of "Home Sweet Home". piznmises well for future social affairs. MS em . . . ifd eam USHERS Top Row: Cdt. Klinovvski. Cdt. Klarvin. Cdt. Burkett. Sccond Row: Cdt. Xl Sgt. Sloan. Cdt. Sgt. Xleiron. Cdt. Sgt. Saunders. Cdt. Crawford. Cdt. Burnettc Cdt Lane. Cdt. Sgt. Stiher. Cdt. M Sgt. Kellv. . Third Row: Cdt. Sfc. Boulden. Cdt. Lane. Cdt. Bryan. Cdt.lSfc. Raunich. Cdt. M Sgt. Klason. Cdt. Sfc. Siampos. Cdt. Sgt. Carr. Fourth Row: Cdt. Mtilffill, Cdt. Lcppert. Cdt. Stulgaitis. Cdt. Sharnpine. Cdt. Gedzius. Cdt. XYard Cdt Rl Sgt. Kozak. Filth Ron-5 Cdt. Vfilliams. Cdt. Edxv. XVilliam5. Cdt. Harris. Cdt. Haney. Cdt. Sfc. Blillner Cdt. Sgt. l-lorstrnann. Cdt. Sgt. Tralewslii. Front Row: Cdt. Zahlcckis. Cdt. Sfc. Rybiclii. Cdt. Sgt. Haywood. Cdt. Cpl. McCormick Cdt. lst Sgt. Powell. Forcground: Cdt. Capt. Moore. RIFLE TEAM Cdt. Martin. Cdt. Xl. Sgt. Chapman. Cdt. Sgt, Perry. Cdt. Capt. Derrick. Cdt. Lt. Soncs. Cdt Sfc. Millner. Cdt. Sfc. Siarnpos. Cdt. Mai. Smith. Left Foreground: Cdt. Lt. Col. Evans. ai "" 'vw Ol!! fill B 1 1 Q - - - Q Trying Gui' Wings K " Q l 1 2 - l - - - ATHLETICS 7 i y i' i 2 ! I I "i 235"5? Q- 2 '11 4'-:L Q-If f' ' 'HI . ,X .35-'ij-W me ' ..-'-"fi ' .I 4 Q -L-' 1 'K I: Stn: ff.: A R+ wmgwg, X, I hw-N , fiixn... ui x'QVx"6 . tgx 'b f px , 2- M, QMS- f , ii K. Zfg K +gf' -x.Xs. gg E- . Y ' V ,, 'QF' , A 0-morrowii ngineem feam J4AeacJ Completed passes, long runs, rugged line play, and jarring tackles all describe the action of the Blue Devils first league game of the '56 season, in which they romped over their arch rivals, the Eagles of Lindblom 28-0. This impressive victory gave Tech gridiron followers bright hopes for the up and coming games. Unfortunately injuries to key players combined with bad breaks tended to turn this bright look- ing future into a mediocre season. Despite these setbacks, Tilden played the traditional style of football that brought other Tech elevens recognition as one of the best gridiron representatives in the Chicago- land area. Une heart-breaking incident during the season was when the Blue Devils had the ball on the Phillips one yard line with only seconds remaining and couldn't capitalize. Tho finishing fourth in the cities Red Division, the Blue Devils paced by such players as Robert Selintus, Bernard Hudson, and lohn Scott qualified for the City Quarter Finals, where they bowed to a strong Dunbar team who went on to lose in the semi-finals. Because Tilden players were given a chance to play positions on the gridiron, they were considered one of the most versatile teams in the city. A high spirited second team plus a scrappy Frosh-Soph are two reasons why the Blue Devils coaching staff have high hopes for the '57 gridiron season. Score Board - League Games Lindblorn .................... O Tilden ....... ,.,.., 2 8 Fenger .... ...... 6 Tilden ....r.. ,,.... 0 C.V,S. .,,...,.,... i,.... I 8 Tilden ....... ...,,, 6 Phillips ...,,.....,.... a,a... O Tilden ...,... ,,,.,. 0 Morgan Park ............ 12 Tilden .,.,... ,,,,,, 6 Dunbar ....,,,,...si ,,..,. 3 3 Tilden ....,,, ,,,,, 8 Top Row: Vuscko, Lewis, Duchak, Owens, Paluch, McCoy. Second Row: Augustyniak, Doss, Franklin. Third Row: Coach Hicks, Stephens, Marozas, Naxera, Hrdlicka, Davis, Richardson, Scott, Bartolotta. Fourth Row: Hudson, Iohns, Blake, Dorsey, Cvarbaciak, Rafferty. Fifth Row: Coach Barbaro, Lapinskas Doles, Russel, Heard, Iohnson, Mgr. Mann. Front Row: Mangan, Hall, Gannon, Harding, Mgr. Shipman. Foreground: Pappas, Selintus. 'rf riff ! at . ,QQ W K' Opposite Page: Rafferty leads the first string Blue Devils through a practice session. An anticipated gain vanished, as stout Blue Devil defense closed in on a Calumet back. After a first down run, Bartolotta is brought down by rushing Morgan Park players. Pappas, tackle: Marosas, taekleg Vucsko, end: Selintus, full back: Hudson, halfback: Scott, fullback. 'fwvfff ,Wzi,f,fw ' ., . ,ffl H , ,V s fi , 7, ' k ,f ' v " , ' V , A wa' v NT K x ,wx 3 f ,W f , Q lv, gf, . ' xfmaw- , N 5 Q Qi ' v 4 s i f. A X .V x -X, , fg , , I , . ,, a ' -i , A , pe I y ' 151 ,.iI:: ' -5 A Q ,, P 1 L, 1 , , ,Wi cz' ig E A5 Q ,5 , .U , I A jx ' , F , 1' 25 Xi if A X 1. if Nw in is K 5 V X glflg Q u K E 'Q , f""' iii lfk?1J 1 'sexi 911 .KX fs. 2 H . 4 "'f"P ,ir -M5 X I5 'Uh ami, 1,3 QE., '31, 45, 1 .... Q !.,k , . A , ,. 1, I I .,,..', aff ,Y , 5 , ,1 Q . is.. ,., , f Jw N W-.1 .P iw gnrcy WM91 . ff S X, Nm YS 'ini 4? ',4? , if if ' at . ' -if 2 l V -7 ww 4 ,ff Q4 I +4 , x ' ., ,,,S"' 3 -'11-Q - ' V: X ' W 5 -.' ' n A A I I - 4 'Y' Q 4 ' ', .- . A Q d,,,,3., , U If gym, , , ,uf .1 5 A f ' A . Q it V Ag V' P . ,A x , V . N,,..,,,f f d! F s .1 5--,,,, ,, 1, , , , 'N . ,Q-1" K ' "I,, 5 H -. M ww - .1 - V-Wy" , T If , 5 W' ' 5' ' 4, f ,,, - ,ww 4 ...-V , , ' L, 4-J ' ,ef S. 4. 4 QM, r swf'-all Ln., First down yardage is wheeled off by fleet Blue Devil back. Hall scampers around end in effort to pick up Hrst down yardage. Q Vussko gathers in a pass and is goalward bound with Lindblom players in pursuit. . 1 wi' f 8 A FROSH-SOPH X XX XX Front Row: Petkus. Miller, Doles. Garry, Beau. as ROXX' FOUFI Coach Which. VV.igner. lones, Vfest. Pcnrod. Row Three: XVinston. Hall, Harding liulzinski. Row Two: XVilson, Stachuick. l3.lI1.lfO. Sudius. B.1ndx'li Gulliford. lop Row: lNluktcp.1vcls. hlitulwcl. lmckson, Nvalker, Calder Clnmcllcr. Rasruusscn. Uillunucll. , ,.,f' ,Milli Page 8-1 Q. ., . , Q. Q 2 Tllwlfjlx XXLUE U 7 E 12 Q . IILD' E f " ll' ,gi 1 ULU 1,1 W f 1 Taiqbg 4 i MJ. Over! jdccfii mclf ,Lf ini iunej VARSITY Top Row: Randall. Nernanius. Owens. Dalrk. Gent. Second Row: Gerald. lackson. Gaston. Klarsh. Brown. Thaver. Bryant. Coach Wvach. Front Row: Evans. Hopkins. Posey. Blair. Foreg round: lzorberg. Bowie. FROSH-SOPH Top Row: Newkiak. lxlorton. Petkus. Dernbrowski. Killy. Lorirner. Slater Second Row: Coach Scalise. Flint. lXliles. Franko. Richardson. Peters Jn. Front Row: Dunham. Crutchlizld. Klcliafv. Rollo. Foreground: Burke. Page 85 X-9' JT BU LLDEQ, 32 . F261 .' f f' .. :nf 4. 74 'I 2 .5 25: ' V Q SE 5. .5 'Se f fa.. Vflmb 17 Q 55 Uh Ni. . k mi -.2 Y V. lr, fl '- M m LM -X is sg rox Above: Evans comes up with a fine jump shot just when it was badly needed. A sudden stop by Gasten outwits his opponents. Leaping with thc agility of a cat, Balek rebounds for Tech. With the aid of sharp dribbling, Evans manages to elude his opponents. At Right: Bowie taps one in for a 'lliltlcn store. Ir's "up and in" as Posey makes another basket. V',,,,f. Hr, gaafefdaf After a very successful round of practice games, in which they won 6 and lost 1, the Tilden Cagers seemed destined for a fine season. With such lettermen as Iohn Balek, Bob Thayer, Larry Eorberg and Emmett Bowie re- turning, the future looked exception- ally bright for Coach Wach and his hoopers. The whole situation seemed to change overnight when misfortune struck with the mid term graduation of Bob Thayer and the injury to lohn Baleks hand in the C.V.S. game, Entering and winning a place in the Illinois Tech Tourney seemed almost an impossibility. but true to previous performances, the Blue Devils did a creditable job in lasting three rounds before bowing out to Parker. The loss of these two seniors became more evident through the remainder of the season, but the Tilden five managed to give Lindblorn. a long time neigh- boring rival, a fine game losing 57-55 in the last few seconds and rounding out the entire season with a ll and 8 record. BASKETBALL SCOREBOARD Practice Tilden .59 Calumet ,,,,,,,,,,,,.... 5-i Tilden .76 Hirsch ..,.., 63 Tilden ,73 Harper ..,,...,.,...,.,.. 53 Tilden ,75 CVS, .i,i,,i,,,i,,,,, 63 Tilden ..., ,..,. 7 -1 Yon Steuben 64 Tilden ,5-1 Senn ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 75 Tilden ,oi Carver .,,. 35 ILT. Tournev Tilden 54 Amundsen i,.,,......, -ll Tilden ,-i3 Bowen .,.,.,,,,,,,,,,, -ll Tilden ,57 Parker ,,,,.. 50 Regular Season Tilden .7-l Farragut ,,,,, ,i,,. 7 O Tilden ,57 Harrison ,..i. ..,,, 7 1 Tilden ,S-l Gage Park .,,,,,,,..,. 70 Tilden .55 Lindblom ,, 57 Tilden ,5l Dunbar .,,..,....,,,,,, 76 Tilden .67 Kelly ..,,,,,,,,,,.,..,... 5'l Tilden .69 Englewood .,i,...,,, 10 Tildcn so Phillips ,,r,.ri,,iiii,,, 62 Tilden 53 Du Sable ,,,,,,,,,...., 65 J 0 ! K 0 l 58616011 0,995 l l Ol' 1lfllH0ll 90115 A-- -.1 SCOREBOARD Tilden. b Du Sable ,,,, O Tilclen. 3 Farragut 5 C Tilden ,. 3 Lindblom .. 0 1- F Tilden 5 Englewood 3 Tilden . 5 Dunbar .,.A.. 7 :- Tildcns. ll itfiiy .A ,,,, IO A f Tildcn ,. 20 Phillips ..1111 1 Tilden 1 Tildcn... 10 Farragut ,Y,, 8 Dunbar ...,,, -l X 19 .f"' A ., F gil .X I -3 . 1 l ' L- ' 1' :Jef 'PZ ':Q 1' '-uk .. it Q A t . QA 27 CE. U7 3. 5' '7' G.: :1 F3 F 0 4 M x? QV w " . , 1 1, vi" ff .2 .. ' .. 13,2--""' in ' 1 -1' . f Top Rout 6 9 Liuna. Sl-iulark. Bartolotta, lxolerich. De Laurentis. Frugoli. Mgr. Stepansky. ,pf fi -dl Front Row: Zigorski. VVilson. Burt. Dan Donati. Baleli. Don Donati, Piarowski, . , 4? . Right Foreground: Nelson. Coach Scalise. F. ' 4,1..n,.pL -3-ii , My X-Vg., N he I ' gd T .EV At the close of the "56" season the diamondeers qualified for both city and state playoffs with a 9-O record. ln the playoffs Tech nine was defeated by VVells and Lane 12-O and 5-O respectiyely. They completed the season with an ll-3 record to take second place in section. The baseball season is still young as we go to press but at this date Tech batmen are among the top contenders for the playoffs. They have a 7--I record. Among the top players Coach Scalise will lose by graduation are lohn Balek and Ken Kolerich who bat at .4100 and .300 clips respectively. and Captain Art Nelson. craclt third baseman. the pesky batsman who is hard on pitchers' nerves. Theyll be missed in 1953 but 3 string of Fine looking youngsters are ready to take their places. Page 87 3611 Waflfnen 3250 .gf .Again Top Left: Allums 11121, after double leg dive, has Driver 11201 in pinning position. Top Right: Gamble 11271 sits out and switches on Reed 11451. Center Left: Demonstrating a "sit out" Vrhovnik 11031 sits out and pulls away from Gonzalez 1951. Center Right: Mangan 11451 fakes a "sit out" but reverses to a "Cradle", a pinning hold, on Fulkcrson 11381. Bottom Right: VVith the guillotine hold, Bell 1103 has Nabors 11121 set for the final kill. Bottom Right: Plump 1Hwt.1 with a "side wing" on O'Donnell 11651 prepares to escape referee position. 'W ,,,,rr 10,, , , M., ,.,,""V-if' ' " i'tt x gm' fs s N 1 l '1 V 1 A Sl' L. B 'IFA . 1:-..1.1- :FQ .1 1 It fl' .. p ,L Q, 1 1114 YF' ,gig 'N SIE W ' Q if ' ' s AA, 1 ' 1 ik. F lg, ,. I 1 , . , . 1 wi me 1, -fb.. i 3, fl RX ,,,k h ,., , ,. XX ' 5 Top Row: Pluinp. Rasmussen, 1io:1nskt, Pappas. Springer. Yxhild. Xvinston Davis. Si:d:us. Bean. Xhvillmms Second Row: Ervin. Xlunzs, O Donnell. Dales. Liirriew, Foster. Bailev. Brvint. Bell. Hardv, Qianiv. Chow, Noim.in.is. Third Row' Nxbors. Nah. Koeinski. 1.ieger. 1. Doles. Person. Novak. Ewo'.x.1itis. Vvillich. Danels. A. Xkfilker. Qlnowl 1 R. XX'a1ker Fourth Row: Sm.th. lolinson. Klthlnrris, Reed. Yrhovnik. Gon:ii1e:. Fulkerion. R. Dell. Driver. Siler. flainble. lh1.lIlg1.1I1 ring 01710 N ctfenfy-.glklld A more thorough. capable coach than Coach Hicks would be hard to find. To turn out a champion- ship team in anv sport. even once in a decade. is an accomplishment not often achieved. and Qoach Hicks has done much more than that. 1957 marks the twentv-sixth vear his team has captured the citv wrestling title. Thev won all citv meets including that with a strong Hirsch team whom they met in the Finals. Their suburban league victories were over Roosevelt of East Chicago. Arlington Heights. Thorn- ton. and Blue lsland. ln the 112 pound class. Allums took lirst place in the city for the second time and third place in the state for the third vear. Among the 120 pounders. Driver took first place position in the citv repeating his performance of last year. Fulkerson took the citv champlonship in the 133 pound class. and blan- gan rated first in the 1-10 pound class taking the citv championship in his bracket. Congratulations to these fine wrestlers. They are a cre:1it to their coach and their school. Left: Davis 115-11 proceeds to reverse a Firernan's Carry attempted by Iohnson 115-11 Right: A successful completion of a Firernan's Carry is demonstrated by Be'1 11231 on Siler 11201 V. .rii .. .,-a f 71. ' .fesfi ,Mg 4 .- ,,f--'A ? 'X ' K . My ,MQ "' S an . X - ' We . X. , K .1 sh 52153 V '- ' .ifa-flfhfei 1.1 :WN 1 11 X. . x,XL . L . bg c :sfo , Q5 QPU? C8155 PCL U1 L fl 01,05 OFFICERS Top Row: Cdr. Cpt. Orejudos. Cdt. lst Lt. Lynll. Cdr. lsr Lr. Thompson. Second Row: Cdr. lst Lt. Son:s. Cdr. 2nd Lt, Taylor, Cdr. lst Lt. lohnson. Cdr. lst Lt. C. Thompson. Cdr. Cpt. Nvillimns. Front Row: Cdr, Cpr. Carson. Cdr. Nui. Moore. Cdr. Mui. Hinds, Cdt. lXl.ij. Smith. Cdr. Maj. Dunbar. Right Poregronnd: Cdr. Lt. Col. Evans. Techinen llnd ir an honor to he ri ineniher of the R.0.T.C. This long established organization has the two-fold duty of training young nien for future service in the armed forces and the building of character. A graduate of il high school R.O.T.C. has learned much :ilwour milirnrv regulations. has profited hy its discipline. und has gnined ai great deal of personal sgirislfnction. L L L LN.-. '.,.. L L L L 'HL L Q L L N L L L L""Q b 'X L L N N L " ' N LR' '- ' X L Vx L N L x L A LHNM' L' w LNXX LXR L L55-NL L L L L N L5'L if' -'X' , LL 'N LL L L..'-KH 4 'VE L, L, L i ffl A-.jf Qi Llf fli L lil, L 'N N x L L-f C 9 Q Q-' .Y L ,,L - X L L , L... - L... ,V L. L H x L N 3 L L Q Q L N' X . , L.. ,H L L L L" V' V- " LU " 9" U L ' Ls' LA' L'-VV" L-' LA' -'Hs 1--.7 rw A Yu .K., f f y:",f,f'W f mf .y ' V. R,O.T.C. Crnrr-r Iffiirgrmiiirlz Cdr. Mari, Dunbar Cdr. Cpr. Willixrrns. Front ro Rear, Ron li rgdr. Mfsgr blozrn, Cdr, Nlhrfr. Zzihleckis, fjrlr Beehn, Cdr, Xlarrin, Cdr, Maisie, Cdr Ssrlraro, Cdr. XVZNIHIIQIFJII, Cdr. Benncrr Cdr, Pzirainboulras, Cdr. M!Sgr, Komlr Ron 2: Cdr, Sgr. Curr, Cdr, Cpl. bniirh Cdr, jurenaw, Cdr. jrirlrm, Cdr, james Cdr, Merriman, Cdr. Tillman, Cdl. Snni gzrilu, Cdr. Sgr. HorQrmunn, Ron 3: Cdr. Sfr. Nlillncr, Cdr, Sff. Nlwrh Cdr. O'Br0clirzr, Cdr. Ferrafus, Cdr, Barnes, Cdr, Wzili, Cdr. Bowie, Cdr, Sgr, Ferpfrrmii, Cdr, Hollaandsuorrh, Run' 4: Cdr. lsr Lr. Orejudos, Cdr. lsr I.r. I.rnll. Cdr. Qnd I.r, Sones, Cenrei' 15011-gmriiidz Cdr. Mali. Smirh, Cdr. Czipr. Carson. Front ro Rear, Roni l: Cdr, Sgr. Nlrirrav, Cdr, Sgr. 5riber,rCdr. Crawford,J Cdr. Niedmmialek, Cdr, Brown, Cdr. Chcsrer, Cdr. DriSh, Cdr. Phillips, Cdr. Robin- mn, Cdr. Parks, Cdr. Peek, Cdr. Waryxk, Cdr. XIHSEL. NIHQOH. Row 2: Cdr. Src. brulgairis, Cdr. Somers, Cdr.. Sgr. Xfeimn. Cdr. Cpl. P6'TllllSkIii, Cdr. Sgr, Carrer, Cdr. Cpl. Xliller, Cdr. Farmer, Cdr. Linnear. Cdr. Creene, Cdr, Feziger. Row 3: Cdr. Sgr. Powell, Cdr. Sfc, Barrie, Cdr, Sgr. Saunders, Cdr. Sgr. Hasuood, Cdr. Sgr. Burrierre. Cdr. Sgr. Brwlinski, Cdr. Wilwn, Cdr. Hagen, Cdr. Srnrrs, Cdr. Ward, Cdr, Carria, Cdr. XIfSi2r. jqrdim. 4 1, 1' Y .Sa A ana! Winnozivd cign fAe pong Agar 3100! The Tilden tankers had quite a successful season. The Seals had a line record of 0 wins against only 4 losses, while the minnows made a yery creditable showing with a record ofglO wins. 2 losses. and l tie. With a year of experience under their belt and with the help of a hne crop of lB's these small fish are expected to be right on top next year. ln the city meets two medly relay teams placed fourth and sixth, Seter took third in the individual medly. and the Devilfish scored a real upset in the Calumet Relays taking second against a strong Fenger team. The boys are looking forward to next season with a great deal of enthusiasm. Losing only two boys by graduation Coach Kinsey should produce one of the best teams in recent years in 1957-58. 5. ' . 5 V jffy 5 5 . Y. SENIORS ..,, if A J- o 'Q K- Top Row. Coach Kinsey. Yxvhxtton, Dochler. Duffy. Bitunjac. Xlgr. Taylor. Paluch. Bricnk. Borrowdile. Bottom Row: Xlgiciaszek. lyanauski. Scter. Doley. Kgiley. ' " On the diving board: Frey. IUNIORS Top Row. Coach Kinsey, Pondclecik, lzumi. Lohn. Brown. Thompson. lackson. Seigcr. XV.illnt-r. linglc. Klgr, Taylor. Front Row Dcfournciiu. hlclyer. Xlurphy. Y.iR'r.i, Sill-i. Terricn. Pziluch. Seter. Dixon. Foreground Payne. rs F3 . 3 ,-1 A A h ' Q ' ' . . Below Frey. Vxlhitton. Dooley. lxuiniiuski. Sctt-r. N I ' r -.4 V, , X ,laik N. ti., ffftgi P , Ready to Solo 1 SENIORS I H Ilglll llfi 'W fx , , t t gr A , .gn - I Q Q x K 1 ' n I 0 lm-- , 'V' M t' ,,, : f a W Xs."4g we 'f' 9' '4 A . ,M , tu w, u --- Q.. 2 'Gt .J Tx A. v -,Nr 4 4" i 1 3 1 f eff". , ig . 651.55 Ofnnkerj Ianuary 1958 Maciaszek, Secretary Ivanavski. Vice-President Kline, Treasurer VVaja. X Q june 1957 Top Rmxt President i De Angeles. Treasurer Gastel, 'secretary Front R ow Sutton, Vice-President Ross. President 1 Q I 'Y vw t, R 9 .utr fx R W it xx .R wx X x X X Q X ex 5 X 2 Nigsw 'nge t, x. . -, . . 2. t s 1 - Q -ws , , fat - 'iw .: gr, ex ' XrN'C'jf F p . vs ps une 7 IOSEPH GEORGE AIELLO Anhievement Dinner EDWARD IAMES ANDERSON RANDOLPH ANDERSON Soph Football, Hall Guard. lntramural Sports, Track, Lihrury Aid WALTER ANTONIEWSKI Wrestling Team. Scholarship Staff. Math Marker, English lVlarl-ser, Hall Guard GREENE BELL APPLETON Intramural Basketball, Hall Guard, lunior Chorus, Division Aid ROBERT EDWARD AUGUSTYNIAK Varsity Football, Soph Foothall, Chorus. Attendance Guard, Hall Guard. Sponsor s Aid ARTHUR HOWARD AVANT Tratk, Office Aid, Hull Guard, Spanish Cluh IOHN ROBERT BALEK Varsity Basketball, Easelmll, Hon-nr Cluh. Hull Guard, Office Aid IAMES MICHAEL BARTELS Varsity Football, Student 'IIl'.lLl1L'T', llall Guard ff ,., 4. ,vi intl' SAM WILLIAM BARTOLATTA s X vth all st i u 1 Vx rt stlinq l tr imur nl B slttl ll ROY ALLEN BECKER REGINALD BELCHER Vxfrestlinq. Intr'unur'il Bislieth ill, H ill Cuard LEE PORTER BELL Swim Team, Traeli. Cross Country. SoCCer Hall Guard PERCY BELL Track. Cross Country. Hall Guard RICHARD LEE BENSEN Student Council, Hall Guard. Intramural Easelaall LEONARDO SIMON BILANCIA Hall Guard. Chorus GERALD PETER BILSKI Hall Guard LEON CLIFFORD BLAIR Easl-Fethall. For irlmill. Dflltlfmlfilllllltll,ClT'7Tl,1S Page 97 W i i ...nam-.., i i i IAMES IOSEPH CALABRESE Sponsor s Aid Bookroom Aid H ill Cui Frosh Soph Footb ill ROBERT EARL CAMPIN nd H ill f ui RICHARD WAYNE CARISTEDT Honor Club, Chess tnd Chtekers Club. . tnior Chorus, Biolugv A d, Atliievviiit' it inner, Student ounui PAUL LAWRENCE CARSON l'l.illf1uiird. lntr.imur.il l'1.iskt-tball, R,O.'I'. Drill Teain IAMES IOSEPH CAZEAU lnlr.imur.il llasi-lmll, ll.ill fluard. Civm Guard LARRY WVILLIAIVI CHAPMAN Base-ball 'l'i-am, Atliievemi-iit Diiiiiers, Rifle Teani, ACllllNfI11l'lll Clerk. N.nlioii.ul Honor Sotiwty, Stbolarsliip Stall NIYLES BENIANIIN CUNLEY Vvrvstliiipj, ll.ill fluarcl, Swim .1 Milt- Club COLMAN IIONNOLLY Spfiii-ati' ffuarcl, Sluflviit Anal, lI,iII fiu.ii'tl, llIllllIl1llI'illl'3iifilfl'llI.lll FRANK X. CIIINNINILIIAM 5-Iiul1'lllf,iilltiill,XAflli",lllIliI li-.uiii. li-.iilit-I Alfl llall liii.iifl l'.u,i- 'fl . ..,. g ,. C4156 0 RONALD LOUIS BLAKE National Honor Society, Varsity Football, Honor Club, Track THOMAS FRANCIS BOIAN Student Council, Math Marker, FroshASoph Football, Physics Lab, Aid EDWARD T. BRANCH Hall Cvuard. Intramural Track, Early Nlorning Cwuard, Intramural Tug-Of-VVar, Intramural Softball. Math Clerk EDMUND IOHN BRONGIEL GEORGE BROWN English Clerk. Varsity Basketball, Hall Cuard, Frosh-Soph Basketball LARRY IAMES BUDZIUS R,O.T.C. Rille Team, Student Aid ARVID PETER BUCINSKAS Swim'A-Nlile Club. Intramural Sports, Honor Club, Xvrestling Team. National Honor Society DON CHARLES BURDICK Hall Guard, Reading Clinic Aid GEORGE LEON BURT Baseball Team, Student Aid. Chorus. Hall Cvuard .0 xx Bi M110 7 SHELDON GRAYSON CURRY Track Tcam, Socccr Tcaui, Hall Guard. Division Aid, Chorus EDWARD CLAUDE DANIELS Track, Hall Guard ARTHUR RICHARD DAVENPORT Intramural Sports, Hall Guard ROY LEE DAVIS Chorus, Wrcstling LEONARD FRANK DCANGELES FroshfSoph Football, Toth Tiincs, Hall Guard SALVATORE ANTHONY DQGRAZIA Football, Wrvstliiigj EDWARD PAUL DERRICK Rillc' Train, R.O.T.C. RICHARD LEE DOSS Football, Track, Hall Guard ISON DOTISON ED Biology Club, Model Club, luli'amur.il liaslcvtball, Hall Guard ,an HAROLD THOMAS DUFFY Swim Team, Hall Guard, Sponsor Guard IAMES GERARD DUNBAR Frosh-Soph Football, Hall Guard, Chorus, Intramural Baseball LESLIE WILLIAM EDDINGTON Intramural Basketball, Track, Swim-A,lVlile Club, Hall Guard WILLIAM CHARLES ENGELKE National Honor Society, Student Council, Honor Club. Times Stall, Athicvcmcnt Dinner, Hall Guard HEINO ENOG Library Guard, Hall Guard Achievement Dinner, Honor Club IOHN RONALD EVANS Basketball, Student Countil. Otliw Guard. Gym Guard, Hall Gu ird DALE WILLIAM FELTZ F1'oSh-Soph Football, Rcadinti Lab Clvrli, Chorus, Hall Guard, lntr.imur.uls CARL PETER FERRARO Pool Guard. Hall Guard ISAAC CARL FISHER Hall Guard, lntr,vmur.il l5,ik1lf0tlmill, Swim-A-lVlil-a Club Page 99 CZCIAJ 0 THOMAS STEVEN FLYNN Hall Guard EDWARD IOSEPH FOLEY Alt. Student Council Rep, Program Room Guard. Hall Guard LAWRENCE SYLVESTER FORBERG Varsity Basketball. Oflnicc Aid, Gym Guard, Frosh-Soph Football MARTIN IAMES FORD Swim Team, Swim-A-Mile Club. Hall Guard, Division Aid. Student Council WILLIE FRANKLIN Swim-A-Milo Club. Intramural Sports, Hall Guard RONALD WILLIAM FREY Secretary of Student Council. Swim Team, Tech Times, Craftsman Staff, Honor Club N f GERALD GAYLE U Hall Guard. Honor Club, Intramural Baseball and Basketball GEORGE WILLIAM GILL Captain Swim Team, Sponsor Aid, Achicvemcnt Dinner, Hall Guard THEODORE ALBERT GIUDICI Hall Guard, Intramural Baseball LEROY MARTIN GLIWA Bowling Ttwun, Hall Guard, Nlath Nlarkcr, Student Clvrk. Intr.iinur.il Sports ALFRED FRANCIS GNOIEK Chorus, Vxfrt-stliniy STANLEY IOHN GORSKI Studvnt Cli-rk, Hall Guard. Library Clvrlf Q-v""? 'T-R it S Qs Study C14-rk RONALD S. GREEN' flffiii- friiartl, llall fniard VVILLIANI FRED GREEN KQIERALD IZMILE GRIIJFITH ll.iII fliiarrl, Sp.iiiir.Ii flliili, Swiiiiu 'l'i'.nl4, liiir',imIlr.il faQliiif'fK, IAMES ROY GARRETT Ice Skating RICHARD EDWARD GASKA Sponsor Guard, Biology Club. Hall Guard. Math Markcr. Student Aid EDWARD WILLIAM GASTEL National Honor Socicty. Honor Club. Frosb-Soph Football, English Clerk. Adjustment Otlice Guard. Division Aid sP"'N NSN T--wr WALTER PAUL HADUCH Tcaulwrs Aid, Hall Guard RONALD MILTON HALL Varsity Football, WfQ'Stlll1Q, Track, fi X ff M... - - -A -1' , f 2 ' fl , ,15.., ,f -'4,.fyg,,-fn, " "' f , WH , zu ,..,.-. ,I v, 5 , , ,, , , :..,... . , f Q Q V ,z'fif' f4 Q41Q 5 4. F ,ju 0 6 Swimming DAVID HARRISON Math lVlarkt'r, lVlovif: Operator ALBERT HAYNES Nlatb Nlarkcr, Hall Guard, Intramural Basvball and Baskvtball IERREL LLOYD HEARD Capt. Tratk Team, Football, Lettermcns Club, Intramural Sports PHILLIP SAMUEL HINDS Go. Gommandcr R.O.T,C., Picked Platoon Drill Team, Otficc Guard, Hall Guard, Spanish Club RICHARD ANTHONY HOFFMAN Hall Guard. Tcacbcns Aid IAMES ROLAND HOGER Hall Guard WAYMAN HOWARD HOLLIS Gonccrt Band i i - ,a fm , x, 4: vf, .,, f 1 0 W i " Llwzff .,,,,, f....., . ff"-z., I 5 'N . 'say' 6 X WW A it , ,if ALLAN HOPKINS Hall Guard, Intramural Sports ALPHEUS HORTON Hall Guard, Intramural Basketball and Baseball WALTER MICHAEL HUGH lunior Track, Acbirfvcmcnt Dinner, Hall Guard, Intramural Sports ROBERT EUGENE IACKSON Track Tcam, Hall Guard, Library Guard, Intramural Sports EDWARD IAMES HAROLD LEE IOHNS Football, Wrcstling. Swimming. Hall Guard WARREN ALLEN IONES Wfrostlinq, Football, Swim Tt-am, Teacbt-rs Aid. Mzitb Club. Intramural Sports EDWARD ALDEN KAPP Hall Guard HARRY IOHN KEATING Intramural Sportx Page lOl 4'l'I"7 x QW NK IR 72,9 X- PHILIP EDWARD LEWAN Student Council, Hall Guard EDWARD FRANK LEWIS Football, Vxfrestling HERSCHELL TRUMAN LEWIS Hall Guard, Vifrestling IOSEPH ALBERT LIETLIVININKAS Soccer, Hall Guard, English lVl.irker IIM FRANCIS LINDSAY Swim Team, Senior Chorus, Adjustment Guard RAYMOND CHESTER LIS Hall Guard, I7roslifSopli Iiootlmll STANLEY CASIMIR LIS Iirosb-Sopb Iiiiotlwall, lI.ill fiiiard, Clippnigis l'Siireaii, lziitilisli lVI.irlxer ROBERT RICHARD LISSACK Student ,ii 1, , . 1 Ji' . '. ,. ' Ilasi-li.ill, C,irvr'r.s Cb.iirin.in PAUL LUNA uint-lf,ill liuiin, Irllllvllll limi-tl fmiiiiiiill Lk. i . Iliii-.ion flirl, ,aii,inl'.li Cllill, ll.iII ffiiaiil QQQAQI CAM 0 DONALD ROBERT KING Hall Guard. Library Guard IAMES EDWARD KING Honor Club, Office Guard, Spanish Club, Tech Times Editor, Intramural Sports, Student Aid STANLEY KLIMAS Color Guard, Hall Guard, Achievement Dinner, Library Guard. Student Council NICK RONALD KOWALUK Hall Guard. Attendance Guard. Intramural Sports WALTER ALFRED KOZAK R.O.T.C, Usher. Hall Guard, Chorus DIETRICHA KRIEGER National Honor Society. Honor Club. Student Council, Hall Guard. Biology Marker. Soccer Team RAYMOND GEORGE KUNDROT President of Student Council, National Honor Society. Honor Club. Speakers Bureau, Library Guard, Achievement Dinner ROBERT IIM LARSON Swim-A-IVlile Club, Adjustment Guard. Hall Guard DONALD GENE LEVREAU Hall Guard Awww t ex une I9 7 IAMES B. LYNN Toth Timcs, Hall Guard, Swim Tvam, Intramural Sports, Acliicvcnicnt Dinncr LAWRENCE CHESTER MAIEWSKI EDWARD MICHAEL MAROZAS Football, Wrcstlirigi, Hall Guard, Student Council THOMAS RAY McCARTHY Hall Guard IAMES ALEXANDER MCELROY Chorus, Attcndanuc Aid, Div. Secretary IOHN MEDINA llall Guard, Band CHARLES DAVID MEISNER Atliievcmcnt Dinnvr, Hall Guard, Student Teacher, Student Council, Swim-A-lVlilc Cluln MALCOLM ANGUS MENZIES VVrustling, Hall Guard. Sponsors Aid e' oe q"""' -.iv-1-rp NICK GUST METROPULOS L56 Wrcstlirigi Team, Intramural Wrcstlirig, Hall Guard .Af A A 'sg-r'4f 'i' 4:-Y' 4? Y ' f., CINTAUTAS MILASIUS ,Z q""' Laldoratory lalvlpt-r. Math Mfirktir DENIOSTHENES MONROE Band, Hall Guard QAM hi 1, 1' D I 452 MK MARTIN MOORE R.O.T.C. Ritlc Team. R.O.T.C. Usher ROBERT IOSEPH MRAVCA Hall Guard. Gym Aid. Reading Lab. Clerk DARIUS NANCE Tragk Team, Vxlrcstliiiq Team. Hall Guard ARTHUR LEROY NELSON Baseball Tcain. Intramurals ALGIS I. NEMANIUS Hall Guard. Sponsors Guard THOMAS ANTHONY OBIALA Swim Tt-aft Student Cmingil. Times Stall CORNELIUS EDMOND O'DONNELL Craftsman Still, T-loiifu' Clula. Adiicvciiicrit Dinn:r. Alaili Xlaidlfifr, Atmidaiikt- Otitur: Clorli Clippuiiis Eurtwuz Page103 is an--' QU!! DONALD PINK Hall Guard. Cheer Squad, Student Teacher ROBERT FRANK PIAROWSKI Baseball, Hall Guard, English lVl.irlier. Student Council LEONARD WILLIAM PLECKAITIS Student Countil, Adjustment Clerk, Swim Team. Math Nlarkcr, Student Librarian BLAINE C, POWELL R.O.T.C. Ushvrs, Drill Tn-.un Commander, Hall Guard, Library Guard IOHN LEE RADLEY Hall Guard PATRICK IOSEPH RAFFERTY Football Team. 'l'imi's Stall, Ilall Guard CHARLES RANDOLPH LESLIE WAYNE REYNOLDS 'llrai lf II'I'fIIIl, fllIUl'lIS EARL FRANK RIESHECK if..,,.- im :li , i X Q 'Qan- , , il V5- 'Vw 'UQ CZCLZILI 0 ALFRED ALGIMANTAS ORENTAS VVrestling, Football, Library Guard, Honor Club PHILLIP OWENS Intramural Sports, Spanish Club, Hall Guard WILLIAM LEWIS OWENS Basketball, Football. Track, Hall Guard. Student Teacher GEORGE STEVE PAZELL Honor Club, Spanish Club. Math Marker, Hall Guard, Division Aid, Intramural Volleyball ROBERT CHARLES PETERS Hall Guard, Editor, Tech Times EUGENE VLADAS PETRULIONIS Honor Club. Swim-A-Mile Club DONALD ROBERT PHELPS Student Council. Hall Guard MARVIN EUGENE PHILLIPS Hall Guard. Chorus RICHARD ARTHUR PHILPOT Swim Team, Track. VVrcstling. Ice Skating. Hall Guard, Intramural Sports inane NN INN vm-- O I une I9 7 IEROME LEE ROBERTS ' Track Team, Senior Chorus, Hall Guard IAMES ROBINSON Track Team, Band ROBERT BARNETT ROTHMAN Book Room Guard, Clippings Bureau, Hall Guard, Tech Times, Attendance Office Guard, Student Council ALBERT FRANK RUCINASKY Office Guard, Hall Guard MICHAEL IAMES RUSH RICHARD STANLEY RYZNER Baseball Team, Honor Club, Hall Guard, Bowling Team, Clippings Bureau IOHN MARVIN SCOTT Football Team, Wrestlingi Team. Track Team, Hall Guard WILLIAM CHARLES SILER Wrestlingy Team, Soccer Team, Cross Country, Hall Guard, Intramural Basketball DONALD EVANS SIMPSON Student Council, Intramural Sports YYNV " 'fn "N-gn LEONARD IOSEPH SITKOWSKI English lVIarlier, Hall Guard, Intramural Basketball and Baseball CLIFFORD S. SKOWRONSKI Football Team. Swim Team. Hall Guard IWIORBERT SKRUCH Honor Club, Hall Guard DANIEL C. SKULARK Football, Track GEORGE MATHEW SMITH Hall Guard RONALD GUS SOLNER Chorus. Hall Guard, Book Room Aid. Intramural Sports, Student Clerk PETER SAMUEL SO RICH Hall Guard, Wrestliiig, Division Secretary WILLIAM ERNEST STEELE Senior Chorus, Band. Intramural Baseball. Basketball, Hall Guard, Student Council LESTER WILLIAM STEPHENS Football. English Marlsgr, Hall Guard Page 105 Q f ff' 1 X 'N ,F Q '15 EDWARD PATRICK WHITTON Swim Tctim. Adjustment Olhcc Clerk. Division Aid. Swiin-L1-lvlilc Clulv. Hall Cxuurd, Crtiftsniun IOSEPH ANTHONY WILLIAMS Achievement Dinner. R.O.T.C, Picked Platoon, Ushcr. Clippings Burcnu, Chorus THOMAS IOSEPH WINKLER Hall Cvuurd, Rtxiding lVl1irkcr, Tug-of-VV.ir Tcch Times IACK LEON VVITTEY Spfinish Clulw, Conccrt Buncl. l'l.ill Climrcl, English lVI.irkcr, Tcch TI-IIIIIUS, Spnuikcrs Burt-.iu ANTHONY BRUNO WYGONSKI Intrtimuml Sports. ll.ill Cluurd, lfngilixh lVI.irkcr AL A. YLIRCLIS Editor, 'Il-ch 'I'lllIL'5, llcincir Cluli, Olliw fiuiircl, Acliivwim-nt llinncr, Illlllllllllllll Sports DAVID M. ZDIZBSKI ' Shun' f,ri-W, l'i'oiii'.iiii Awl, ll,iII fiu.ii1l PAUL H, ZIELIS VVVI-clliiiii 'l'.-,mi PETIQR ZIIQIINSKI ffiiii wil liiiiifl 1'-iii" Inf. in 'iiwilw "U""'? Vw? CAM 0 DARRELL WAYNE SUTTON Bnslqctlmll Tmm. Btisclmll Tcnm, Sponsors List. Lcttcrincns Club. Office Cwutird, Intr.innn'nl Sports NVILLIAM MAURICE TAYLOR N.ition.il Honor Socicty. Honor Club. Speakers Burtxiu. Tcch Times Stul'I. Chcss Team, Achicvcnicnt Dinncr GEORGE ANTHONY THOMPSON Picked Platoon, English Clerk, Hall Guard SAMUEL LEVELL THOMPSON Track. Chorus, R,O,T,C, Drill Tcnm MICHAEL THOMAS TULLY Hull Cvunrd. Clippings Bureau, IIIIIIIIIILIIHII Bdsclmll ROSS BRUNO VALENTI Yicc Pres. Stulcnt Council. Office Guard. Student Tcnchcr, Gvin-Cwunrcl, Xvrcstling DANIEL STEPHEN VUCZKO Xhirsitx' Foorlmll. Student Council. Olhcc Guard. I'l.1ll Ounrd HARMON GRADY WASHINGTON Honor Cluh. Lilvmrx' Gunrd. Achicvcmcnt Dinncrs, INI.ith lXI,lI'l-QCI' RICHARD GEORGE WASSMAN GN -I AH une 7957 WILLIAM EDWARD ZOLLER 'W Hall Guard, English Marker, Ofllcc Guard IAMES FRANK ZWOLINSKI l A vi- Q: . mu Q' X K, , J f 1 I .fgufograln A Page 107 094: Q""' DALE RICHARD BURNETTE Drill Team. Ushers, Hall Cvuard CURTIS BURRELL Track SYLVESTER WILLIAM BURT Chyrus. Adjustment Cvu nrd. Hall Gu. PHILLIP CARR Honor Club, Achievernent Dinner. R, ard O.'l'.C. Ushers. Hall Guard. Student Couutil, R.O.T.C, picked Platoon ALBERT ANDOLFO CASARETO Honor Roll, Tech Times ALFRED IACKSON COLE MORRISE LEE CONNER Hall Guard, Intramural Sports. PIERRE ANDRE DAVIS Si,x1n1mmn1. fu fi Cl w, ll'.lIltlI'.ils PHILIP L. F. DEA Hallffuartl,f,r,ill'.m.i11.Niall fl N w .Q I .-.. wr I A r i? ,, --ni' 'wiv li! CAM 0 EARLE ELVIN ALLEN Track. Football, Tech Times. Hall Guard CLINTON F. ANDERSON Bowling Team MAURICE ARTHUR Honor Club, R.O.T.C. Ushers. R.O.T.C. Picked Platoon. Attendance Guard. Hall Guard. Division Aid TERRANCE ALLEN BEAN Frosh-Soph Football, Tech Times, Clippings Bureau LEE LOUIS BELL Track, Cross Country. Soccer. Football. Hall Guard FRED IOSEPH BENTIVEGNA Sponsors List, YVrestling. Attendance Guard. Tech Times EMMITT BOWIE Basketball, Cross Country. Student Council. Hall Guard VVILMON NOLAN BRYANT Intramural Softball and Basketball. Xkyrestling Team. Hall Guard, Student Aid IOHN WILLIAM BRZENK Swim Team. Attendance Guard, Adjustment Guard. Swim Cvuard. Student Council 6Ll'llff,6tl"g 7 RONALD IOSEPH DE COSTE Sponsors List, Hall Guard, Intramural Sports, Student Council GEORGE EDWARD DOOLEY Swim Team, Achievement Dinner, Adjustment Otlice, Library Guard, Honor Club KENNETH WAYNE DOVER Honor Club, Adjustment Ofhce, Intramural Sports, Hall Guard RAYMOND PIERCE DUDLEY Track, Frosh-Football, Hall Guard, Attendance Otlice Guard, Intramural Sports, Cross Country Track OLIVER BONNER FIFER Concert Band, Honor Club, Achievement Dinner, Chess and Checker Club ROBERT LEE GAMBLE Honor Club, VVrestling, Intramurals, Attendance Otlice Guard, Sr. Chorus, Hall Guard EDWARD PAUL GARCIA Tech. Times, Honor Club, Intramura Basketball WALTER LEE GIBSON Track Team, Spanish Club, Sponsor Ill Hall Guard, Intramural Sports EUGENE FRANKLIN GILIVIORE Hall Guard, lVlovie Operator ,ff 'M W'-'09 L be.: :WV x . 73 ff tl 'Q I 5 , l i NEAL GEORGE GLASER Student Council, Hall Guard, Intramural Sports, Tech Times, Swim-a-Nlile Club LEM GRAVES Baseball, Achievement Dlnner. Basketball. Track, Hall Guard, Program Aid LOIN GROSS Student Council, Intramural Sports NICHOLAS SAM GUIFFRE Achievement Dinner, Attendance Clerk, Biology Cluh, Hall Guard. Student Aid RAYMOND HEAD Track Team, Hall Guard EDDIE HENRY Hall Guard GEORGE IOHN HOULIHAN Hall Guard. Book Room Guard LEON FRANCIS IVANAUSKI Swim Team, Student Teacher, Tech Times, Achievement Dinner, Student Council, Sponsor Guard LEE IAMISON Basketball Team, Football Team, Intramural Volleyball and Softball Page 109 L, 1 X":-'Y' VVILLIAIVI LIPPNER Hull Guard. Redding Lqb Ouurd PAUL EDWARD LONG II.Il1 Guurd. CIIPPIIILIS Bureau Intrgunurfxl Sports IAMES THOMAS LYNCH Intr.unur.nI Bdslietl'-.1ll. Intr.unur.1l Pmseball. Tuq-O-Vxfnr, Hull Cludrd. lX'l.1th lX'l.u'ker EUGENE ANTHONY MACIASZEK Sxvun Te.1:n, Student CIUIIIILII, Spewliers BLIVCAII, Cxvxt Letter Smll. Honor Club. Adiustlnent Cluurd RICHARD CHESTER MACKOWIAK Ietb Innes, ll.ull C1u.1rcl ROBERT CHARLES MACIKOVVIAK St11dentCoum1l. lXl.lIl1 lVl.u'lf1-r, Attvutlmul' I-I4 PIIKIIH Ie! vll ROGER WILLIAM MANK DAN XAlr4'sIlII11l, I'1I1IllI.lll, ll,lHl'lr.lll, lrlI.lI'tl LEONARD I., MARTIN f.V'.lll'--IIVVNII Slmll. Il..II lururtl. XA.l'1".llIII1l, wr VM FIJVVARIJ MASON . ,. , .. , J . ' u ., .1 1 w 1, x . ,, A . l. 1 I wx .nm r J ll .x '. rn' f. ilu-1 X X s tv A Nz' - m X , . x 66155 0 CARL IOHNSON B.1seb.1ll rl-QCJIII. Hall Guard. Intrtunural Bmsketbnll .md Bdsebdll XVALTER LEE IOHNSON Erosh-Sopb Basketball MAURICE EDWARD IONES Tmek Te.un. XVrestling. Hull Guard. Y.u's1tv Football. Frosh-Soph Football, IIIfI'.lIIIl1l".ll Bnsketbnll ROBERT LAWRANCE IONES I-II'OSl1ASOI'Vl'I Football. Ydrsitx' Football. H.1ll Oudrd CLARENCE EUGENE IORDAN Honor Club. Truck Team. Spanish Club. I-land. Student bldrker RONALD RAY KLINE Honor Club, Spedliers Bureau, Offlce Guard. Enrlx' blorning Oudrd. Lxbrarx' Guard. Atlnevelnent Dmner KENNETH FRANK KOLERICH B.1seb.ull, Bdsketbull. Hall Guard. Intr.unur.1l Sports KENNETH KOLHEINI Olllte Guard. Hnll Gunrd TINIOTHY IAMES LEVVIS Hxncl. I-1.111 Guard, XYrestling. Student Counfil 'N-5 s'...,.. Ilia '-ei ll 6U'llfL6U"y WARREN IVICIVIORRIS Early Nlorning Guard, Hall Guard Spanish Club SALVATORE IOE MESSINA SwimfA-lVIile, Frosh-Soph Iloolball, Hall Guard. Intramural llaseball and l'masl4etb.ill DAVE P. MIGIT Ilaseball, Honor Club, Clipping Bureau Hall Guard, Achievement Dinner, Speaking Bureau GERALD CONNALL MORRIS Basketball, Intrainural Baseball, Track HARVEY LAWRENCE MLINIS Football, Student Teacher, Student Aid. Otliue Guard, Hall Guard, Spanish Club EARL NEVELS Intramural Basketball, Baseball, Hall Guard Student Aid IAIVIES HARRY NORRIS 'I'ratk, Movie Operator, Ilall Guard IOHN P. NOVAK Ilootliall, Hall Guard, 'lleaeher's Aid, Intramural Sports GILBERT RONALD OREIUDOS Speakers Bureau, Honor Club. Caniera Club, National Honor Society ,I-,, swf" 'V frm ' -J N 7 'N ka A-bv , , KARL OSVVALD Honor Club, S'ucleni Countil, Code of Conduct, Aehiekfenient Dinner, Hall Guard CLIFFORD IOHN PERRY Student Council, Rifle Team, OHice Guard IOHN IAMES PIESCINSKI Wrestling Team, Swim-A-lVIile Club, Student Council. Student Teacher. Hall Guard VIRGIL DONALD PULLIAIVI Frosh-Soph Izootball, R.O.T.C. Band, Chorus, Baseball CHARLES EDWARD RATLIFF Wrestling, Hall Guard THORNEAL 'IIHADDEUS REED Wrestling, I3roshfSoph Football, Library Guard ROBERT IRVIN RICHARDSON Football, Hall Guard, Chorus, Frosh-Soph Football, Swim Team LAWRENCE RICHARD RUTHERFORD Office Guard, Clippings Prurezui, Hall Guard NICK G. SCARLATOS Honor Club, Hall Guard, lVlath lVl.irker. National Honor Sotietx' Page lll 11-mv ' 'fa XJ Wf A A sfasfx Y My PAUL ANDREVV VIDMAR Hall Guirtl IOSEPH IEROME WAIDA Honor Cluh, Sfuilcnt Countil, Clippings Bureau, Tcth Timcs, Aqhicvcincnt Dinnur GLEN LEE VVALKER Honor Roll, S,iidt'nt Countil, Student Twachvr, lVl.1th lVl.irltt'r, Hall Guard DANIEL FRANCIS WISNIEWSKI Studi-ni Tc-Jitliwr, Lil'1r,iry Guard CALVIN BOYSlE VVRIGHT Conn-rt Band, Wi-4-fatiiiigi ALEXANDER HERBERT YUILLE Studvnt 'lqcuitln-r, llall fliiarcl, lVlfivi4- Ups-rator, Divisioii Smrvtai'y RAYMOND FRA NK ZARIEMBSKI Siiirlwiil fl'7lIlIlll, ll.ill fiiiartl lbiqr- l ll' 0LI'Llft6U"y 7 9 EDWARD MARTIN SCHMITT Early Morning Guard, Hall Guard, Honor Roll, Physics Lab. Aid, Biology Assistant IOSEPH IOHN SCUMACI Hall Guard, Physics Aid ARTHUR SETER Swim Team, Intramural Sports, Hall Guard Capt., Physics Aid, Teachers Aid RICHARD IOHN SLATTERY Biology Club, Biology Aid GERALD LLEVVELLYN SLOAN Wrcstliiig, Frosh-Soph Football, Spanish Club, Hall Guard. R.O.T.C. Drill Team. Usher EDWARD SPECK Hall Guard MILAN BERNARD STANFORD Hall Guard, Trauk, lcc Skating. Intramural Sports ROBERT CHARLES TREONIS Attendance Clerk. Hall Guard. Stagc Crew, Intramural Sports IOSEPH IOHN VENDITTI Football, Basketball. Hall Guard . iw n 1 ,.,..,: ,..,- ., ld, f , V, C, 44 6 A Yi-st -Q-in-as '-.' Nm- f-:Fir IP ff 'ff - -If ff fr-I M-fkJ1fI2II-SIIG?I3UfI2I-fUfE-If?-I3IIM'1IIMA-HI-EIlfI'JfiPfI-fI1'I-fi?IAIII-fkff .- ri 3 IQ. u. . if-:Q ::- as 4 5 NYS' 1. Aff' Q. .9. v. .-. Serving Southtown ..... Since 1893 .:. CHICAGO CITY BANK AND TRUST COMPANY HALSTED AT SIXTY-THIRD Member FederaI Deposit Insurance Corporatio C Q Q 3? DAY AND EVENING COURSES E IN 5 S ENGINEERING-ARCHITECTURE- BUILDING E DRAFTING-TOOL, DIE DESIGN - ELECTRICITY O CALL, PHONE OR WRITE FOR CATALOG 2000 SOUTH MICHIGAN AVENUE CAIUme'r 5-8200 ESTABLISHED 'I904 53 d YEAR I ff ff If Jeff? If HP Iff ff II3 fi -Q ff? "5 ref :I ,Q-IQ" 2 is RAncIoIph 6-8702 Q ff! ff. ff. 4 , eq , 611 BAUMANIVS SCHOOL STORE rv! 2. Woodworkers' Tool Works, Inc. -. Q 533' 3 Q Q Q ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT :E MANUFACTURERS AND DEALERS Q in :Q Z WOODWORKING MACHINERY '- 2. SAWS, KNIVES, AND MILL SUPPLIES Q? A ix ,A 222 South Jefferson Stree? Chicago 6, Illinois Q Q Q 6 '? 60111126111 vnfJ of fr ALDENS, INC. Q 1 ffov 511 SOUTH PAULINA STREET -. I I, CHICAGO 7, ILL. 4 1,5 "1 NA HV 5 4 1,5 Q1 5 .,f .,.X Colrllnnllzvlzfi of -4- YF' FA ,.g, -,J KEnwood 6-9208 .gf 4744 South Union Avenue A . ,,.. ,I-1 III -II I I I II I IL I I -:II I I I 'III-I I -af-I I -I-I -I-I I I-II RI RIRI RI RI URI URI IR Pnuc III! EER Y' URU3GH'U3G'UIGU?IU3Ga??II'3IIfIII'ffUiIU'IIIIIJIw gc, J 3, j ,I, I .,I, ml Q, 1.3, 1.3, I .,., A I ,, j.,., I I .,., I .,I, Aj .,, 5.3, V I .,I, 1.51, I .,I, I., I .,., I .,., I .,., I 3, I ,,I, I .,, I .,., Sy FREE NAME OR NICKNAME ON FRONT OF SWEATER GET YOUR IIIIIEN swEAIERs, . .... FFOOO, i A REVERSIBLE JACKETS AND EIvIIzIEIvIs ENGLEWOOD KNITTING MILLS 6643 s. HALSTED EII WEnIworfh 6-5920 Quality - NOW IN STOCK OR MADE TO ORDER IN OUR OWN MILL Comfort - Design OFIIciaI Jewelers to II1e January I957 Class 6011 9 rafu!al'1'0nJ - Cgifniorj J O ST ' Treasure Craft Jewelry TOM VOSNOS . . . "Your Class Ring Man" BEAUTY-OU P6 ALITY-DEPENDABILITY Since 7897 Chicago O'FIIce LIIO5 W. North Ave. Q Tel. CA 7-II8I 1 ,iii -.. fri: J ... 1 fi: X -, fi" ,197 -fd F. V .,-. C -EF I EP '35 C I 1. V. F .,.,. ,, I. E 'Q I1 ,zgw in f. 55:1 Ii HI IM ,, WWE M H? IIE we LI 3551 ':-. 'Q 'Q-. 'ix :I 'Q 1. 'ix 'Q 3 2 1 1 3 7 'Q 'Q 2 ts ts ?5 vs 7' -1-I 4 'T 2 Q I 6 n Pi' ISI? Page II5 I 9613! -P11 5:5 321 3-:I 3113: ,172 Iii Fi I7-53 wi. Phone YArcIs 7-1 125 4073 S. Archer Ave. Chicago 32, Illinois wifi um unin port Lure SPORTING GOODS AND HOBBY CRAFT 'E CLUB JACKETS and SWEATERS fwfr iq WILSON - RAWLINGS - SPALDING EQUIPMENT Z SAM CLASS OF T933 MIKE- CLASS OF I937 Z We coll on feoms and clubs S OFFICIAL TILDEN JEWELERS fr GEORGE SPIES INDUSTRIES, INC. 3739 West Belmoni 0 Chiccxgo 41, Illinois Tel. KEysIone 9-IO45 S-A ri: law' C4155 lghgu FRANK GANNON, Rep. ri: 5 33, ,I I r r fi r r r Page I I6 U M M UM M MMM M MM MMM M fi- Al -fi' J 'fi' J ft? I 'fi' J J ,I ff' lfir- J -iff IM I-It I-fi I -152 iff- lfif- I-21' ,I lfir' I-ft' Ifii- , 'SU ,,, 'av .ky :SJ .54 if 1- Y 0 E n IP O O if buell AIR HCRNS ron CARS, mucus, Buses The Horns wifh Town and Counfry Volume Bueu. MANUFACTURING COMPANY 919 W. 491'h PLACE Q CHICAGO 9, ILI.. KONI JAH? Ulfl fJ of 5 1 25: Q. , sAvl ,,..,fLoA non Chicago SAVINGS AND LOAN QQ ASSOCIATION If O' P0 CO A U7 O C -1 I 2 m U3 -'I m m Z ID 4 rn Z C rn 3 o Z -I aw :- ca ffl I1 Q b z Ill O z 3 FH th K U ll 0 ?P 9-Z gc gm :E 0? hii EE Sb Q2 0-I N3 S'I'l'l :E I' QV' 9. 0 ,O COIIIIQ E171 0l'l L15 O! J:- O 3 Q U S -r v E. In 3 rw -I q IT! G 0, ., 5 2 IH 0 Q E 2 Q m T E 0 gg 9 -1 2 1' w n 7: - 2-' "' li T 10 E O P z gg : I Q 21 m cn Q O ,J -1 T FU Q 5 b eb U 1 S5 F' -. Q O Z Page H7 ? I 7:19 C, .I Z. 5 I -IEIMTEIT ,Y MII CW T? TJ M :IH S. J. DEVRIES Gm CO. LUMBER Gnd MILLWoRI4 New Locotion - 1515 West 74111 Sfreef Telephone: HUdson 3-7400 I I .L DUFFY FLORIST Flowers For All Occcssions Phone BOuIevcIrd 8-1100 5433 S. HALSTED ATI 5-6622 GREAT LAKES SUPPLY CORPIIRATION ,.,, INDUSTRIAL, RAILWAY AND CONTRACTORS SUPPLIES GENERAL OFFICES AND WAREHOUSES gy 1026 WEST 50TH STREET CHICAGO 9, ILLINOIS fl C0l'l'll0Al'llUll!J of KEATINGS 45: F99 SCHOOL STORE if I II II II II II II-I-II-I-II II II-:III II II II II II II-I-II II II II II-III-I-II II II IIIIITIIEIITIIIIIIIIEIIIIITIIEIIIIIEIIIIS Page 118 3350393653035 3QWl9QU5GU3tU'3-U-3S'U'fU'fi'UfU'fEJ'fE'HJ'1f'J'HIE-ll J il klffilillwfi- lik' l'fU'fi?'ll AlfJG'lff' lff li' 'B-J -ad DAnube 6-9069 Eye Examinations "Class of '35" DR. CHRISTEAN J. MACK opromsmlsr 3114 SOUTH HALSTED STREET Hours: Afier 9:30 A. M. oooo Eooo, FAST SERVICE Reasonable prices I Vlslt the Mmm: Drwe Inn 820 W. Pershing Road Bishop 7-8648 gf. C0l'ill9El'l'l0fll5 of MlNNlTl'S 4754 SOUTH UNION AVENUE BO. 8-3732 :I omo imenffi 0 Q 5 1 f f E ii TI LDEN H LUNCHRCJOM " es '11 Q in fi? -w P5 '?Ea '? Ps H921 Hi? vw 3 1. 55:1 'FKX ASV ? 7x YT 'UE Page 119 F?- .9. Congrafulaflons, graduate, on the successful completion ot your high school education. Here's a rule of lite that will bring you success and security whatever your path: some part of all you earn belongs to you! From every pay check, it only for a day's work, take out that party set it asideg save it. Talman has a special welcome for you -there's nothing we enjoy more than opening savings accounts tor young people. TALMAN Yffffrwl SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION OF CHICAGO 550I SOUTH KEDZIE AVENUE HEmIock 4-3322 WILSON JUNIOR cones: 5: Full Accredited Day and Evening Classes - Full or Part Time Programs - if: Wide Choice of Courses - Tuition Free to Chicago Residents - Well Trained Faculty - Excellent Facilities - Accredited Eight Week Summer Session - I: iii TV Credit Courses - Many Extra-Curricular Activities - Convenient Location :I 5: - Collegiate Atmosphere. High School Graduates File Application for Admission - Have Your High School Mail a Transcript of your Record to: Ir: WILSON JUNIOR COLLEGE The Registrar's Office 6800 STEWART AVENUE CHICAGO 21, ILLINOIS E COIHIJAIIIQIIEJ 0 Q1 9 11 PEER FOOD PRODUCTS CO. 1400 w. 46TH STREET YAICIS 7-T440 CHICAGO :IH 25: C l ' T onzpr lll?l'I1lS 0 CANADA CASING co. ljour IZUIQXZAUI' X ' 825 W. 47th Street 1 w 1 M 1 CHICAGO 9, ILLINOIS ff- 2 S. IIIIIIK IVIIIAI LII. 7i'.ff 1: 2: 2: I I I I If+f'I 'f+1'Ii'1If'I'1+f'I ftf-Iiftf-ItIl'ftf'Ilft-Iftf-II-ftf'Ii-Itf-II'III II'ft'II-III II II II II II IIIIltlltltallttltllilliltltllilAQIIPEIIWIK Page I20 ff- 1 fr- Phone: CAlumet 5-4766 C H I A NI ufui- J -if 1 fu 1 i 4 i 1 i li nfl- Ii ai 1-it 1 GIIRDO ' s- 1 ff?" it f 252 " in f 24:1 , .ay .ay .-.J .av CHINATOWN RESTAURANT Fashions at Their Best EXCELLENT CHINESE-AMERICAN FOODS For Men and Women Air-Conditioned for Comfort Holsted ST. CATER TO ANY SIZE PARTY CHICAGO 21 TAKE OUT ORDERS 0 OPEN 11 A.M. to 2 A.M. 2253 Wentworth Avenue Chicago Elilglewood 4-7600 f 5 5:29 T 1-1 - YA'dS 7 0166 Phone Boulevard 8-0661-06.52-0663 if DowNEY . KENNY ROTHERS COAL COMPANY ,Q- Q' FUNERAL DIRECTORS FRED DOWNEY, JR., Sales Manager 5438 South Halsted Street 4644 South Halsted Street CHICAGO 9, ILLINOIS CHICAGO 9, ILL. Z, :3. EQ: EIJWS RESTAURANT K'WAN'5 CLUB of the 4710 S. HALSTED ST. STOCK YARDS AREA virginia 7-8452 Q Guide Service - Dinner Party Arrangement Chinatown Information Bureau For Information Phone: CAlumet 5-6181 Co' Open from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. J c.Ki d,cl f'45 . ? ames ou a ass o I-'ng RADIO INTEREERENCE CONSULTANTS AND CHINESE GIFT SHOP 5117 S A hl d A An Exquisite Exhibit ot the Chinese Civilization - S Cm VENUS Chinatown's Most Fascinating, Artistic LAfayette 3-8814 Chicago 9, Illinois Oriental Shop J 2238 Wentworth Ave. Chicago, Ill. fi f 1-It11T12-111-Itfirtttirttitf'tit Page 121 fi ff - P ff ff':??3 Phone GRovehilI 6-4358 WATCH CRYSTALS - Glass or Plastic REPLACED WHILE U WAIT II Il CORRECT NME 5212 South Ashland Ave. M A R T I N Chicago, Illinois fi Watches, Repairing and Watch Bands Victor P. Yexley H T555 W. 63rd St. 6305 S. Ashland Phone Vlrginia 7-2481 QM IIMSAQS PRECIN sru no, mc. E5 Photographs of High Quality SAUSAGE CQMPANY 4068 ARCHER AVE CHICAGO 32, ILL. Edward J. Ulis, President-Treasure Q22 Compliments of . S Compliments Qi THOMPSON FARMS BRAND NELSUN Bnninzns ,, . Y G' RELIABLE PACKING C0 .gr .inf in Ell'l'll.flll"0 Overhead Door Co. of Chicago I A WM. H. wooo 3 sow co W, li 3. kg Olllli llllpll . .X is 1430 W. 74th STREET CHICAGG 36, ILL. TRiangle 4-5352 X Sales - Installation - Service I Overhead Doors and Electric Operator If If 'rv fe 1 Manual - Electric - Radio Control faffff'-Z 2141 ff 3 ri ff? P1732WWII-F'f+f'U'f+fll'f+PU'tU't1'U'tf-ll'tf-Ufti-ll'ftfIt2-llftll'ft-ll'tf-llflf-lltf'lltUtltilt-WiltlltltltlltlltlltlltltlltlltIlTUW?Lll9tll?tl'3QIl:ii Pnqr' I 2? fbi-its 'sv:-I-:v:-J'-:-:'jl-:-:-I-Iv:-IS: J -:':-j:-:- I-:-1-If -I-:-f-:-9 lf-:Q I-101-I-ff? If-:-jf-:-jf+:J-:Q:-j-:-:-jar- like lltl is T riff! Q +- Ff- ua. 'T . if ' a I k" fr -A IS 3 Q00 P BCE to WOI' yy 3 E LZ QT , f.W ' , In e ,, fWwQw4 MM f e 'e ,r,,. , , , , 22: 9 V W, 57 'f 'A "Qs--W fA,, ,A .W i f ,W ,, 'Y ll fzif ,,,,,,,,,,, , l 'A' ,., i -V , .V it 'f . l f fri? it fif"sfe., W , , fn fvi- ,, i ,,,V ,,i ' ff ' 4 ZA' ,W ,,f,,U yy 6 57, 4: 3 . V f X A911 Q, agp! Q. 'I ' " ff :W .54 , f' l 149353 fi 3 I For more than 50 years the Goodman Manufacturing Company has specialized in building underground mining machinery for use in this country and in minin areas all over the world. Our re utation for "the best in desi n and construction" requires the services of skilled machine tool men, electricians, draftsmen and office personnel. To this end, our employment program calls for careful selection, thorou h trainin and romotion from within alon ve 9 9 P 9 Fw with attendant benefits such as insurance, hospitalization, paid vacations, pension. That is why so many young men and women start their careers here upon completion of their high school courses and continue to advance in salary and position as they increase their skill. uf in A21 -.- in e We so :ft Halsted Street at 48th ' Chicago 9, Illinois YA I' cl S 7- 74 2 0 Iltel t 5 Quuuuuuuuuuwwwuuuwuwwwwwwuuwugunuuqwuueuwi Page l23 , o n I Mwfzo im A Aufograp :S qfpeya QW ,f?5f 9 , E7 A nxvlffk m OW If Q X if J : X of x L Xiu SEV W MXN JV W v 3 CE A 1 he LQ RQS Adio? Qcfz Phone REpublic 7-1861 UNIVERSAL EMPLOYMENT SERVICE 6255 South Ashlond Avenue Room 11 2nd Floor CHICAGO 36 ILL K hLHfTCl f22 9 1- '5 5 ,V ff 1 1 L 1, 1" V , 1 E .1 '- ' lf -f ,Jil :JA , ',x,.g.f , n 1 L 1 f S ff . I V jr: 3 E EE 5 w S5 5 gx , 1 1. X. -' 1. MI ,. 'tv' . 'V 1,15 1, A-X. , JJ ............... .J,.-.,,.. . .

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