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r . 1- ws we 4- 4---Q., 1 'Aw ,Q-W -4 nf A wmv' -. vs 4- is 1 4- V- , ., QL.-F, X wx x '- ' "' " 14 K -Y , AAN- 1 Fir' - '11 r :v --...- --...- THE MID-CENTURY CRAFTSMAN .ickmen gui!! jar me gufur 1 IIICIISU, "'- HI HH lX LJ ,..r4 .47 N Kraffsman ag' K! I , 1 I 'fl I f J ' 'Pu a bil I "7 Ifwkfi'-'-5" ' . Q IQ EIUTE ff1 "2fi ' , ll P f W . wef.5 s P l Il ", Q-. , I 3' YQ I I Of E' I CE' I' If w ' il' ' ,f.4,' ff' i?f'iLj TILDEN TECHNICAL HIGH SCHOOL, 4747 SOUTH UNION AVENUE c H 1 C A G o At the halfway mark of the 20th cen tury, we, the class of 1950, survey the past and view the future with renewed hope of the promise of man's progress for a better and more enlighten- ed world. Our foundations, our beginnings are in the shadows of the past, from which we have inherited much opportunity to equip ourselves for the future. We understand our responsibility to make the most of our heritage and to use it to build a better world. Tilden offers excellent opportunities to students who wish to prepare for college or strive for success in a chosen vocation. Clubs and organizations work in perfect harmony for the promotion of high scholastic standards and demo- cratic equality. Through these organizations stu- dents plan and present assemblies durinq the school year hiah-lighting student achievements of many kinds. The role played by clubs is indeed of great importance because it installs the spirit of democracy in members. Students belonging to championship athletic teams or taking part in the intramural pro- gram develop strong, healthy bodies, keen mental- ity and the teamwork urgently needed to make world urrity a reality. Academic courses are generalized: during four years at Tilden a student comes in contact with many phases of science, mathematics, literature, art, music and social studies which offer him an excellent opportunity to make a wise choice of his vocation. We now eagerly face the horizon of the future, poised, ready to take our place there. At Tilden our preparation has been well-planned and carried out. We advance hopefully with a keen desire to participate and contribute our skills and services to build permanently a future that will be peaceful, democratic, useful, and happy . . . a future worthy to be preserved for those who follow us. X MID-CENTURY .. .ic men guifd jar we jufure CONTENTS ADMINISTRATION Page 8 FACULTY Page 15 SENIORS Page 23 ORGANIZATIONS Page 39 DIVISIONS Page 61 SPORTS Page 75 OUR PRINCIPAL la T0 THE GRADUATES M45 ibvar jrien 615 : As your sojourn at Tilden draws to a close, we, your faculty friends, would like to wish you continued success and hap- piness in whatever new fields of endeavor you may decide to undertake. During the years that you have spent here at Tilden, you have had many varied experiences that have changed and matured you. You have formed many close, never-to-be-forgotten ties of friendship. We are certain that these experiences have been wholesome and have resulted in your intel- lectual, moral, and spiritual development. We know that we have not pre- pared you for all the things that may hap- pen to you in this complex and often-times baffling world, but we hope that we have helped you to build those firm foundations necessary to meet the challenge of the future and have provided you with incentives that will make you vitally concerned with your own growth. We hope that you will continue to develop physically, morally, socially, and intellectually into better personalities striving for a better world. Sincerely, PRINCIPAL Miss Puder offers boutori- niere to Mr. Lakemacher while Mrs. Lakemacher looks on approvingly. Mr. Robert E. Lakemacher, principal of Tilden since February 1945, was transferred to the principalship of Schurz High School on February 13, 1950. While at Tilden Mr. Lakemacher was particularly interested in encouraging scholarship and to further this introduced the Principal's and Sponsor's Honor Lists. In keeping with his educational philosophy that boys in a technical school should be acquainted with the fine arts, well equipped music and band rooms were set up at Tilden. Mr. Lakemacher consistently worked for closer cooperation be- tween Tilden and the community. One method was by setting up the machinery providing student speakers and musicians for community organizations. In his relations with Tilden students Mr. Lakemacher showed a sympathetic un- derstanding of their problems. In his relations with Tilden teachers he showed a keen appreciation of their services. X Nl .Z MR CAMPBELL Mr Campbell Ass1stantPr1nc1pa1 IS 1n charge of enrollment the assxgnment of teachers to d1v1s1ons and dxsclphne MR STEUBER Mr Steuber Ass1stantPr1nc1pal 1S re spons1ble for programmmg all Tllden stu dents and also handles d1SClpl1I'19 prob lems MR SCHAEFFER Mr Schaeffer Shop Supermtendent looks after the T1lden shops sees to 1t that they are wellequ1pped and that the ma chmery IS 1n good condmon 3..".,,,,'-- fx lf, J X QM! ,I X lf Q X JJ X W Of ice .SQCL G65 .S?0Ol'l.'50l":5 Sponsors are kept busy bringing the classes together as a unit instead of in separate divisions. Class meetings are held regularly to inform and guide students. They give information to pupils as to electives that may be chosen and work out plans for those going to college. They assist seniors in making plans for Commencement exercises and are a source of information and help to every Tildenite. CLASS SPONSORS Miss Mullen, Mr. Weiner, Mr. Murray, Miss Heintz. OFFICE STAFF Miss McCambridge. Miss Tarr, Mrs. Nolan, Miss Doyle. Our office staff attends to the many complex tasks involved in making Tilden an efficient school. Miss McCambridge is Treasurer. She re- ceives money for all accounts, such as ticket sales and Civic Funds. She pays bills and keeps the accounts for each organization at Tilden. Miss Doyle is Secretary to the Assistant Principals and the Shop Superintendent. Miss Tarr is head of the Office Staff and is also Secretary to the Principal. Mrs. Nolan takes care of payrolls and college credits. Mrs. Ingrish is the High School Credit Clerk. Z .fdwudflfllellf Providing data and infor- mation of value to teachers in dealing with individual pupils is but one of the jobs of Mrs. Hilton, adjustment counsel- or. Tests are administered and scores kept in permanent records. Entering pupils are tested, cumulative material from elementary schools is filed, and problems of health and economic needs are handled. 6lCQI'l'lQl'l! Mr West takes care of em ployment for boys who want part time full time or temporary Jobs He is also in charge of all the student drop out cards and the issueing of employment cards Mr West is of help to all Tilden students l9l9l"6Ll.'5d 6 all aI"e8l"5 The duties of Miss Birmmg ham Appraisals and Careers teacher are to help boys find what work they are best suited for through a series of tests what jobs they are interested in and finally to analyze the jobs by find salarie ,fxviffffif x J --J' A. jllz U I . Q . 0 4 I . . . Lkfluy, 'yd ,itil . I , , - X, Aim t I I ing out qualifications, opportunities, and ,X i .' A ff' K 1 ' 'X 5 4 I '.. U H W 1 - f 1 i 1 ' "7 .f - X . . x If T f ll ll ' Q- 3 Y iff - ' "fi: SWL M4 ,xgffenclance Miss Cullison's duties consist of check- ing attendance, issuing dismissal passes, cut slips, excuses and return to school slips. The attendance office is necessary in the correct functioning of our school. OZEAFCLI' The library is a very important part of a Techman's everyday life. It offers valu- able information and pleasure. The libra- rians, Miss Kelly, Miss Donahue, and Miss Weathers help the students select the right type of books to satisfy their needs. 2 8,9Cll"!I'lfLQlfl CACllI"I'l'lQl'l Seated: Miss Seitz, Language: Miss Woessner, Mathematics Miss Bohman, Arts: Miss Mullen, Music: Miss Nolan, English Standing: Mr. Isbaner, Drawing: Major Stephenson, R O T C M Apking, Physical Education: Mr. Weiner, Science: Mr. Murray Social Studies. -.4 Y5 X f-4 0 6 C ,i tr . 7 film C P T A OFFICERS Mrs Enright Miss Heintz Mrs Stri b ck Mrs Kline Mrs Wagner Qt' One of Tilden's outstanding organizations is the Parent Teachers Association. This group of parents and teachers meets the second Wednesday of each month to carry on constructive work tor better parenthood, better homes, better schools and better communi- ties. Tilden's Parent Teacher Association is a fairly young branch of the state and national P. T. A. It was founded by Miss Eleanor Murphy a former English teacher at Tilden Technical High School in 1993. Students participate in programs and appreciate the work of the organization and enjoy many of the conveniences it has made possible. Several projects for raising funds to carry on worthwhile programs are in progress each year. The Parent education classes are our main interest at present. Our General theme is "Growing With Our Chi1dren." Our aim is "Toward Closer Family Relations". PTA Mrs Thompson Mrs Enright Mrs Lougle Mrs Halverson Mrs A thony Mrs Halin take part in a cere money honoring former P T A presi dents OFFICERS 1949-1950 President ............ Mrs. Lester W. Kline lst Vice-President ..,...., Miss Iune Heintz 2nd Vice-President .. Mrs. Arthur Enright 3rd Vice-President ........ Miss Iune Heintz Recording Secretary .... Mrs. H. I. Streibich Corresponding Secretary Mrs, Bess Wagner Treasurer ........,..... Mrs. Wm. G. Ruehl Historian .......,...... Mrs. Wm. A. Sears flLtQI"6Ll'l:5 , Cgnfef Mr. Post consults with a veteran while Miss J-ffyf Mooney types out a student's credits. Three high school Veterans' Centers were opened by the Chicago Board of Education at the close of World War II in order to give students who had left school to join the Armed Forces an opportunity to con- tinue their education. Tilden is the only high school on the South Side having a Veterans' Center. The veterans' program is an individualized, accelerated program where the veteran works as fast as he can absorb the prescribed material. To establish credit in a subject the veteran is required to take a test given by the Veterans' Testing Service of the Chicago City Iunior College. The final grade received is the average of the teacher's estimate and the test score. Of 1657 Chicago south siders who have returned as veterans to our Center, 1035 have completed their courses and have gone on to college or Classes here are inter- some other specialized school. esting as each student tries to make the best use of his time. T 5 ki Q x,-d -4.--i lt, R4 Rrchard H Sanders Prrncrpal Colm Campbell Assrstant Przncr pal Alfred Steub er Assrstant Prmcrpal Charles Apkrng Physzcal Educatron Lrllan A frnesen Wrlham Ballou Nelhe Barry Bernadette Barton Bermce Beddow Donald Blyth Marte Bohmann Katherme Brrmrngham Catherme Bond Rockton Bowker George Bradfreld M usxc Physzcs Socral Studies Science Brology Auto Shop A pprarsal and Careers Englrsh Wood Shop M athematzcs Paul Brmkmann Physzcal Educatron Ioseph Brodenck Davrd Buchanan Robert Burgchardt Robert Burns Agnes Caprez Charlotte Clancy Elmer Coble Newell Collrns Margaret Connolly Alrne Culltson Mary Duckett Stacra Frscher Florence Frtzgerald Elizabeth Fogarty Glen Ford Evelyn Francrs Rose Frxedman Anna Gallagher Myrl S Garas Prmt Shop Weldmg Shop Azrcratt Engmes Shop Wood Shop Mathematrcs Typmg Social Studres Chemrstry Soczal Studres Attendance Englxsh Englrsh Enqlrsh Socral Studzes Band Englrsh Sparush English Mathematrcs aw! 0 I9 0 George Goranson Frank Hartmann Charles Harvey Leon Haskell Iune Herntz Robert Hrcks Mary Hrlton Paul Hoffman Hugh Hotchkm Frances Hubler Thaddeus lsbaner Helen Iohnson Charles Keatrng Cordelra Keeler Drustlla Keller Wood Shop Physrcal Educatron Physical Educatzon Drawmg Mathematrcs Physical Educatron Adjustment Foundry Shop Physrcs Mathematrcs Drawmg Englrsh Prmt Shop Social Studies Mathematrcs Margaret N Kelly Lrbranan Paul Kmsey Vlolet C Knecht Anna Kolants Iulxa Krrtzer Harold Kuehl Robert Kulrelre Anthony Kunka Ray A Lane Mildred Lawler Robert Levm Physrcal Education Science Erglrsh English Machme Shop Science Science Mathematics Social Studres Soczal Studres Helen L B Lutz Mathematics Robert Macnab Pattern Shop Frances W Malloy Englrsh Raymond McDade Physrcal Educatron Ioseph McErlean Drawmg Newell Miller Drawmg Dara Mohler Physrcs Samuel Montgomery Forge Shop Iohn Moran Prmt Shop Margaret Mullen Musrc Wxlham Murray Social Studres Nellre Nolan Harrret OBnen Gerald OConnor Wrlham Parkhtll Wrllram Pfrster Frreda Plaehn Wrllram Postl Maud Puder Katherrne Rerchert Ioseph A Relm Iohn Roberts Morrrson A Rudner Walter Rummel lsadore Solano Leslre Schaeffer Rose Sertz Mabel Srmcox Marshall Smoler Alrce Stanton Frank Sterzer Emrl Straka Ruth Swen on Vtctor Ttmme Ioseph Turek Antomme Ulmg Thomas Van Scoyo Eleanor Verhoeven Frederrck Walters Frank Warga Earl Werner Roland We t George Whyte Ruth Witt Arthur Woerner Anna L Woessner Bruno Wolgemuth Lewrs Worst Englrsh Physrcs Sc ence Physzcal Educotron Pattern Shop Socral Studies Physrcal Educatron Mathematics Fnglzsh Drawmg Wood Shop Brology Scrence Physrcal Education Shop Drrector German Mathematics Chemrstry Englrsh Drawmg Machme Shop Ar Electrrc Shop Foundry Shop Enqlrsh Wood Shop Englrsh Physrcs Physical Education Chemrstry Placement Wood Shop Mathematrcs Drawmg Mathematrcs Drawmg Drawmg CLERKS LIBRARIANS Thomas Fletcher Catherrne E Doyle lull!! A MOOIISY Lena Weathers Clyde Putnam May Ingrrsh Mrldred K Nolan Margaret S Donohue Clark Stephenson Genevreve McCambndge Elrzabeth K Tarr STOCK HANDLER Santo Castrogovarm TILDEN VETERAN CENTE Esta G Aldnch Englrsh Helen OKeete Broloqy Iohn P Alvlr Testmq George Post Counselor Dorothy Drx Soczal Studres Edward L Trerney Mathemahcs Russell Goodrxch Chemrstry - . - Art ' ' ' ' v A . - h i - Arthur Steigely - - Drawing . . S - - f R . O . T . C . R FUOZF1-OV5 A I ,WZ 377' a 'Ev' 32 of- 9' 2 -7' Q 1'5" Mrss Bohman Mlss Swenson l I is C Nolan As our years at Tllden draw to a close our thoughts turn to the many fnends we have made dur1ng those four years All have carved a per manent nrche rn our memor1es because ot the exper1ences they have brought to us Our permanent frrends mclude members of the faculty at Tllden Though there were l1m9S when we d1d not always apprecrate the1r pomt of vlew because we d1d not understand they have through the years helped us to SGl1Sfy our quest for knowledge and ach1evement On the faculty 11st can be found the names of some of the best teachers rn the country who are w1ll1ng to serve and who have devoted the1r l1ves to passlng on thexr knowledge to succeedrng generat1ons Throughout our stay here not only have they mcreased our knowledge and made us ready to support ourselves later rn hte but they also have added to our socral knowledge so that we could lrve happlly wrth others and enjoy our hte to the fullest l lm 1 + ,. 31.74 Q Q22 .Aff dxf, - l ' x , n . af.. " :if H 4 ' H965 Frrst Row Mrss Gallagher Mxss Kntzer Mrs Kolants Mrs Frtzgerald Mlss Verhoven Miss Second Row Miss Duckett Mrs Frscher Mrs Stanton Mlss Bond Mrs Reichert Mrss Ulmg cience First Row: Mrs. Barton, Miss O'Brien, Miss Knecht. Second Row: Miss Francis, Mr. Hummel, Miss Beddow. Third Row: Mr, Smoler, Mr. Walters, Mr. Weiner, Standing: Mx. Mohler, Mr. O'Connor, Mr, Kuliecke, Mr. Rudner, Mr, Hotchkizts, Mr. Kunkc. fs ,TSP --4.1 w ii' WD 1 if f,...,, 1 , N s4..., um! V UW? 1 Clllglflage Mrs. Richuitti and Miss Seitz. Every language is a temple, in which the soul ot those who speak it is enshrined. Oliver Wendell Holmes V1 'vu- is 45 K 4. KV: had ' I ., .V N . I "' EQ' . Q S , k l f' ,M ' nf - ,I 4. 0 da cv , f - . . .sur il ,va ., M rf, ' 'f ' ' ' ,W 'ffl-fave ,N mb'-'-vp. 9 2' M" Q- , . ' I 1 lx S X K x 4444 511 ' AIO' .X ss ". 1 1 In . N 1 iii- J ' 'LmM?.'i w x 'ia -1-la Q f fri, I k x M A C H I N E Mr Kuehl Zawacky Mr Qtraka AUTO AND AIRCRAFT Mr Burgchardt Mr Wolf Mr Felsher P R I N T Trapanr Mr Morgan Mr Bro err k Nr Keatng WOOD Wragg M Goranson Mr Van Q oyoc Roberts Mr Burns FORGE AND WELDING Mr Montgomey Malcsymowrcz Mr Buchanan Mr Noonan F O U N D R Y Hoffman Mr Turek Lar on M Steven E I. E C T R I C Mr Haskell Mr Trmme W O O D Mr Whyte Erickson P A T T E R N Erickson Mr Pfister Mr MacNab 340,05 Cl! T1lde'1 Technical High School offers a wide variety of shops to students In the freshman sophomore and junior years there is a tech sequence to be followed This sequence consists of wood pattern foundry forge and machine shops In wood shop students are taught the funda mental skills on which all other shop work is based This shop gives training in the use and care of hand tools and power machinery In pattern shop the boys apply their knowledge of WCOdVJOI'klX'g to the making of patterns that are used in the foundry The patterns are made to exact SPGCIII ations After the patterns are finished the foundry uses them for moulding in foundry shop In forge shop stu dents learn to shape a pre e of metal that has been heated 1n a forge furnace The last shop in the tech sequence is machine Thi is wher one learns to operate a power driven metal lathe and other power machlnery which turn out accurate yobs They are al o taught the u e of such tools as the micrometer caliper marking gauge and wire gauge After the tech sequerce students are permitted to make a choice between such shops as print auto aircraft print shops one hould select hand composltion press work or llnotype The work produced here compares favorably with p ofes ional printing establishments Our pr1nt shops turn out the Tllden Tech Times and all the other printed work needed a ound the school Auto shop deals with motorized vehicles the students functions are to learn the parts and how to repair them Frrcraft engines has to do with the study of a ro autlcs Here engine maintenance is taught by taking apart cleaning and examlning engines for wear Model shop permits the choice of making a model of wood such as an cur plan boat or ship or a model of any pie e of machinery In plastic shop boys can apply the krowledge of shop work th y have learned in other shops All common hand and power tools are used and there is a wide range of prolects from which to choose Weldmg plays an important part in a tude ts life as he learns repairing and general use of this c aft Electric shop has to do with electrical wiring repamrg of motors and making and repairing radios All these shops at Tilden are taught by well trained instructors whose knowledge and expenence make a boy s life at Tilden interesting O . , , . -. . e ', . ., . d ':, r. i . ' . ' c ' , r. , . .,c , ' Mr. . . . I ' ' . .S . 9 - . ' . s s ' ' engines, model building, plastic, welding and electric. In the . S . . I r . ' ' Mr, , . , s , r. . 3 R . l . . . . e, ' , ' c ' . e ' . . , ' S H , . . . . -A-"""f"' rg '37 0 ' , Q53 x X V 45 , I? ssx CFVICS P' T: if x ocia! .SQUAB5 Seated: Miss Connolly, Miss Fogar- ty, Miss Plaehn, Miss Keeler, Miss Lawler. Standing: Mr. Murray, Mr. Coble. Miss Barry. 'W Wing Miss Clancy checks work ot students in typing class. O M616 Seated: Miss Mullen. Standing: Miss Arneson, Mrs, Cram- er, Mr. Ford. The halls of Tilden reverberate with many different sounds during the day. One hears the various noises made by the machines in our well- equipped shops on the ground floor. Upon reaching the first floor, the com- mands of the R.O.T.C. platoon officers ring out while a radio blasts away in the radio shop. The smooth hum of the presses strike the ear as our Tech Times goes to press. Voices raised in harmony float through the air as the freshman music classes sing. The sounds reach a Crescendo as the gym is approached. The roar of the gym classes predominate on the third floor as the boys go through their workouts, while in the class rooms off of the long corridors stu- dents voice their thoughts in debate. Throughout our building various signs and sounds of activities signify the harmony prevalent when fellows work together and gain a feeling of achievement in a job well done. Af -ff f efnaflcd X7 cibra fill? Stcmdmq Mr Isbcmer Mr Haskell Ir M Woerner Mr Mxller M Sterzer M Wcxlgemulh Seated Mr Mclirleon Mr Re1m Mr Stelqely Seated Mxss Berlcmd Mlss Hubler Mxss Slmcox Mxss Hemtz Mrs Lutz Mrs O Mcxm Standmq Mrs Gurus Mlss Woessner Mr Brcxdheld Mlss Ccxprez Mmss Keller X l X ff 1 Y' , r. , J, 14 'J : . , . ' , . ' . fl ' ,If . g a . Z Q A ' ' K ff V Xe 3, ' 1 X IK' , v - A 5. ' 'ur--1 ll f Q "L .4- vS- hw.-...... Seated Mr Kmsey Mr Hlcks Mr Salarmo Mr Apkmg Mr Barbaro Standmg Mr Warga Mr Bmkman Mr Harvey Mr Postl Mr Parkh1l1 Mr McDade fficvl f tt 'gifs ,J fx, O I X. I Agdlcftf 62C!lflCCLfl0I'l To bulld up and ma1nta1n the health of every boy at T1lden IS the a1m of the Physlcal Educatlon Department For the welfare of the student carefully planned systemattc ser1es of exer 1ses wh1ch stress muscular coordmatlon and team coopera ' on are gtven Falr play health xdeals and good sportsrr1ansh1p are also pracnced Our 1nstructors hope to make exerclse a hab1t of every student f' t v 5 Y 0 0 .ff R,-X, Vix- . Z' M4 I 5 we:-W , ,. , 1 F N gmt! t . . . l -. ," lt ' ,Q 'X K, t ' . ' 1 tl 1. 5 A A us. I "l'.I. V . . . . . Q - 4 ,t 1' . 4.1,--fix p f' H 'fix 1 R ' l, ll Q ff fl If , , - ' ,f R 4- X fl Skx 'X . . . . gy? " - X ,. NN g' C ' 45- A I . ,, 1.-J ,- -. l A ' ".' .7 A 5 tl - Vi ' ' - - . ., ,. Q i ,E Q: 1: A . I I A H A X xl 1' - , 4 Q- .Q at lg 'iii at -At' x -4 1 . 'f ' ' 'T i.g,j3gVfMAl 1, , H, b eI'll0I"5 W, 1 0 CLASS OFFICERS MIKE MATKOVICI-I Presrdent FRANK SABATINI Vrce Presxdent ROBERT LYMAN Secretary RALPH ZELMER Treasurer COMMITTEES RING AND SWEATER COMMITTEE Iohn OConnell George Bruzek Stanley Larvldor Leonard Masulrs Ronald Witt Danrel Mrnsln Henry Newcom Carmen La Blanca CHAPTER HEADS Iohn Tomayk George Franrcevrch Donald Mrchaels Robert Cybor Wxllram Kalamaras Ierome Kehoe Ronald Wrtt Marty Townsend GIFT COMMITTEE Harry Iagrelsln Joseph Vasllauskas Peter Mrhalkamn Ioe Dombrowskx Gerald Brankrn Grant Eng Iames Weed Charles Macke ELECTION COMMISSIONERS Ioseph Szymanskr Robert Hynes Ierome Kehoe Eugene Kozdemba Donald Hynes Carl Warner Pat Urso Edwrn Mecler PROM COMMITTEE Robert Lewandowskx Lawrence Slaychert Henry Newcom George Bruzek Ioseph Mazur Four seemmgly long years ago we en tered Trlden a bewlldered group of freshmen and bega:n a new hte wrth the mm of advancmg through the requrred courses by leaps and bounds Our four year yourney through Trlden has been long and dli hcult at tunes but now that we have reached our goal we cannot forget the many tres and bonds wh1ch we have acqurred day after day here at T1lden Pleasant memorres and events wh1ch have meant so much to us certarnly w1ll rema1n rn our hearts for years to come The future whrch w1l1 fmd some of us rn the busrness world and others at college wrll sure ly hold success as the result of our conunued stnvrng at Trlden Whatever our course the words ol our Loyalty Song Let us be fearless loyal staunch and true wrll be ahve 1n our hearts as we face the future George Hill. Harry Tumer, Kenneth Oleinik .f" 5 Ql'l'lQl'l'l QI' . . At Tilden we have experienced many pleasant memories and now on the eve of graduation we recall these moments. Remember our first im- pression of Tilden . . . the long corridors . . . plate-a-day Walters . . . those beauti- ful senior rings and sweaters? We will never forget the traditional "Athletes Alley' '... Mr. Hicks' famous "Bul1 Hide" stories . . . they have touched our hearts. As we advanced in years, school events, sport activities and assemblies predominated. Those trips down-state to see our basketball team in the Sweet Sixteen were thrilling. As seniors our big moment came . . . prom night . . . the bright lights and beautiful music . . . the girl of the moment . . . memories which will always be outstanding and cherished. LOUIS BEHAN ARENDS Wrestlmg team DONALD ARGER Intramural Sport Hall Guard MATTHEW SA EL ASTA Hall Guard Student Councxl I MICHAEL HENRY BAADER Trmes Stall Intramural Basketball Intra mural Tug of War Student Councrl DONALD EDWARD BALDON Pool Guard Hall Guard IOSEPH CHARLES BANCHAK Bowlrng Team Wrestlxng Team Chorus Hall Guard Program Room Guard Mormng Guard IAMES ALBERT BARDA Intramural Sports IOSEPH FRANK BARON Stage Crew Operators Club Trmes Stall Camera Club Clrpprngs Bureau Hall Guard MARVIN WALTER BECKER IOSEPH STANLEY BIEL Intramural B sketball Honor Club Hall Guard ROBERT IOSEPH BOKOWSKI Hall Guard Band Intramural Sports GEORGE THOMAS BONK Intramural Basketball Hall Guard ffl!!! W j ' f , 1 IOHN GEORGE BOZEK honor Club Operators Club! Q GERALD BRANKIN Basketball Team Hall Guard Student Councrl Swrmmrng Team BRUCE ALAN BREIDING ROTC Usher Frre Guard Ofhce Guard Clrpprngs Bureau Student Councrl f W-im 'N RICHARD IAMES BRIIA Intramural Sports Hall Guard IOSEPH ANDREW BRUDNAK Swlmmmg Team Trmes ta Guard Math Club Achievement Dmner Student Co l RICHARD LOUIS BUDZYNSKI Sports Edrtor ol Craftsm ram Ard Intramural Basketball Hall Guard X X rt GEORGE VINCENT BUYAN Hall Guard DALE WARRON CAMPBELL Baseball Manager Hall Guard FRANK IOSEPH CAVALLONE Intramural Sports Student C STANLEY FRAINCIS CEGIELSKI Trmes Staff Chorus Hall Guard Intra mural Sports THOMAS IAMES CERCEO Varsrty Football Tech H1Y Soph Football Student Councrl Captam of Track Team OIlrceA1d ROBERT MICHAEL CHANDICK Craftsman Staff Teachers Ard Accor dran Club Hall Guard or QW s tr 5 p t I ' I ' ' xa:?'.Ei..K b - - . , Il , I R .' galgwl-s .N N X' x ' ' ' qt -X I I I, I il. 72 o 05.4-1.f if 1600? C5 4, ,.1,,.,.,gW A I VALENTINE IOHN COLER-Times Stall, Pan American Club, Pan Amer- ican League, Hall Guard. ROBERT WILLIAM COLLINSJHQII Guard. WILLIAM IOSEPH COMESKY--Hall Guard, Intramural Sports. '-Y ,A-0"x ROBERT CYBORf-Hall Guard. Intramural Sports. RONALD EDWARD DETTLOFF-e-Varsity Football, Soph Football, Intra- mural Basketball, Intramural Baseball, Hall Guard, Tug of War Champs. IOSEPH R. DOMBROWSKI-National Honor Society, Senior Basketball. Executive Student Council, Honor Club, Math Club, Quill and Scroll, sy, ELROY IAMES DOWLING-Track Team, Honor Club, Pan American Club, Intramural Baseball, Intramural Basketball, Hall Guard. GEORGE ARTHUR EILER -Swimming Team, Intramural Baseball. Wrest- ling Team, Intramural Basketball, Senior Band. RICHARD E. ELSTONf-Soph Football, Wrestling Team, Intramural Bas- ketball, Soft Ball, Tug ol War, Camera Club. GRANT ENG-'Intramural Manager, Chorus. Hall Guard, Intramural Sports, Ticket Seller. RONALD CARL FEDORfTrack Team, Cross Country Team, Hall Guard. Chorus, Intramural Basketball, Intramural Baseball. RICHARD HENRY FIEIDSF-National Honor Society, Honor Club, Cross Country Team, Track Team, Student Council, Hall Guard. GEORGE IOSEPH FRANICEVICH -Department Head ol Student Council, Hall Guard, Intramural Track, Attended Two Achievement Dinners, President of Pan American Club. EDWARD HENRY FREDERICKS-Intramural Baseball, Intramural Tug ot War, Hall Guard, Clippings Bureau. IOSEPH MARTIN GARGAS-Hall Guard, Hortor Club, Service Club, Craftsman Stall, Intramural Sports, Clippings Bureau. EDWARD MICHAEL GEDDES--Hall Guard, Drum an Bu If er- geant of R.O.T.C. WALTER FRANK GOLAB-eTug oi War, Hall Guard ROBERT PAUL GREENBERG--Camera Club, Hall Guard. RICHARD PATRICK GRIFFIN-Intramural Basketball. Hall Guard, Library Guard. WILLIAM HENRY GROTI-I4Hal1 Guard. f ARTHUR RUDOLPH GRISA4Band, Cl1pp1ngs' SPorts ROBERT IRVING GUSTAFSON-National Honor Society, Band, Office Guard, Service Club, German Club, Knights of Technology. JOSEPH ANDREW HANACEK4Intramural Sports. RAYMOND STANLEY HANKIEWICZ-Intramural Basketball, Hall Guard. 756, Z:.f.,f,4,.,l4S7.,ea K7 ' HARRY FRED HEIDENREICH Presldent ol Chess Club Chorus Presx dent ot German Club Honor Club Secretary of Natxonal Hor-or Socrety Othce Guard CHARLES EDWARD HERMANN Pool Guard BERTON LOUIS HESTROFFER Page Edttor For Tech Trmes Hall Guard Lunchroom Guard GEORGE F HILL Intramural Sports Operators Club Oihce Guard Camera Club Servrce Club Adyustment Guard FRANK IOSEPH HOREISI Intramural Tug-of War Hobby Show MICHAEL IOSEPH HRITZ Natxonal Honor Socrety Stage Crew Othce Guard Math Club Servxce Club Student Councxl 7.4M f'7 DONALD JOSEPH HYNES-Captam of Swxmmmg Team Nahonal Honor Socrety Achrevement Dmner Prestdent oi Honor Club Student Coun ROBERT WALTER HYNES Swrmmmg Team Hall Guard Pool Guard Electron Commrssroner HARRY A IAGIELSKI Soph Football Varsity Football Wrestlmg Team Lettermens Club Tech HxY ef My EDWARDI IANGELIS -Soph l Varsmty otball Track Team Student Councrl Intramural Wresthng WALTER IOHN IARKA Student Councrl Intramural Sports Hall Guard DONALD IUCIUS LOUIS KACZMAREK Student Council Bowlmg Team Intramural Sports Oihce Guard Clrppmgs Bureau Attendance Guard Honor Club IO CASIMIR KAMINSKI!Socc Team Intramural Basketball i5',.,,fr www ,amnfwzzb FRANK KANIEWSKI onor Club Chppmgs Bureau Hall Guard Intra mural Baseball Intramural Basketball MATTHEW W KANTAUSKAS-Hall Guard ELWOOD GEORGE KAYE Soph Football Book Room Guard Hall Guard Lunchroom Guard IEROME F KLHOE Senxor Basketball Adyustment Guard Hall Guard German Club Student Councrl Electron Commrssroner STANLEY ALBERT KISIELOWSKI Student Councrl Honor Club Teach er s And ALLEN PAUL KLEINPASTE Student Counc JCho PanA encan Club Honor Club WILLIA IAMES KOLACKI Honor Club Intramural Basketball Hall Guard ANTHONY IOSEPI-I KOPERNIK Operators Club Hall Guard Lrbrary Guard IOHN ANTHONY KOVALCIK Varsrty Football Hall Guard Band 1 tramural Basketball f gl 9.14 cil. WILLIAM P. KALAMARAS-National Honor Society, Guard Marshal. S . . c VL L 1 I :uf -, ty L . , -f 1 I K VL J , xx Y ' ' , ' I I I n. .lg EUGENE LOUIS KOZDEMBA Wrestlrng Team Student Councxl Teach ers Ard Hall Guard Intramural Sports IOSEPH FRANCIS KUCZORA Trmes Staff Three Achlevement Dinners Usher Mrlrtary Polxce Frre Guard Ottxcers Color Guard SIGMUND IOHN KURZAWA Honor Club Hall Guard IOHN WILLIAM KUTCOSKY-Craftsman Art Edrtor Office Ard Pan Amerrcan Club Treasurer Sponsor Guard Student Councrl Natronal Honor Socrety CARMEN THOMAS LABIANCA Honor Club Rrng and Sweater Com mrttee Student Councrl Hall Guard Intramural Sports Semor Chorus CHARLES EDMUND LANDRY Hall Guard' Chess and Checker Clubs Checker Team ANTHONY LANZ EDWARD STANLEY LAPINSKI EDWARD IAMES LEVENS ROBERT FRANK LEWANDOWSKI Student Councrl Student Teacher Intramural Sports Hall Guard WALTER WILLIAM LIETZ GERALD EDWARD LILL Hall Guard Pool Guard Mornmg Guard ROBERT DENNIS LYMAN Iunror Basketball Team Lettermens Club Intramural Basketball Secretary of The Class of Iune 1950 ba LEONARD I MA ULIS-Honor Club Intramural Sports Hall Guard. 1-,c..,4uf5'fA.fee4f,,,,5i if wc, MIKE MATKOVICH Presrdent of The Class of Iune 1950 Co captam ot Senror Basketball Team Lettermens Club Tech HIY Club OSEPH P MAZEIKA Intramural Basketball Intramural Baseball Hall Guard IOSEPH EDWIN MAZUR Honor Club Intramural Sports Clrppmgs Bureau RICHARD WILLIAM MCELLIGOTT Pan Amerrcan Club Ollrce Guard Basketball Hall Guard Student Councrl IOHN LOUIS McKAY Camera Club Hall Guard Morning Guard Ger man Club LIONEL MCKNIGHT Hall Guard Intramural Basketball Pool Guard Otirce Guard ,WHW EDWARD THOMAS MECLER Stage Crew Presrdent ot the Operators Club Intramural Sports Hall Guard Teachers Ard Trmes Staff ROBERT THOMAS MESTROVIC Honor Club Intramural Sports DONALD LEONARD MICHAELS Wrestlmg Team Varsrty Football Let termens Club Student Councrl Intramural Sports Hall Guard f 'f L 1 - : - E I7 , I r 'Q , 1 ' - 4 XA 1, . .Qf-ffm 2 s-4 - 'ts 1'-1 I ' ' X if " ' DIPRAS CHARLES MACKE--Honor Club, Hall Guard, Intramural Basket- ll. -1 ' , J ' Uh 1' , I ! - J I V - 4 4' , Q , I - '- , . fn!-T ' 1 1' A - - 29 p I I L V V " n I DANIEL IOSEPH MINSKI--Chairman of Clippings Bureau. President o Camera Club Track Team Cross Country Team Department Head of Student Councrl Offrce Arde HARRY R MITCHELL Intramural Basketball Intramural Baseball Hall Guard GEORGE EZZAT MOHAMMED Hall Guard Mornmg Guard Clxpprngs Bureau Secretary of Camera Club Lrbrary Guard Craftsman Staff HAROLD LEE MOODY Pan Amerrcan Club Honor Club THOMAS EDWARD MOTTIER Band Trmes Staff Wrestlmg Intramural Wrestlmg Intramural Basketball Student Councrl Intramural Soft ba STANLEY VINCENT MUCHA Track Team Craftsman Staff Chorus Honor Club Mormng Guard Intramural Sports ANDREW ANTON NALEWAY STANLEY IOSEPH NAUSEDA Hall Guard WILLIAM GEORGE NEEB Clrppmgs Bureau Composr or for Tech Txmes Readrng Guard HENRY H NEWCOM Rmg and Sweater Commrtt e Servrce Club In tramural Basketball THOMAS EDWARD NEUBECK Swrmmrng Team Hall Guard Adrust ment Guard Operators Club RONALD EDWARD NORTON Teachers Arde Intramural Sports RICHARD F OBRZUT Wrestlmg Cross Country Team Hall Guard Pan Amen an Club Servrce Club Intramural Tug Of War mrttee Hall Guard ROY OGASAWARA Treasurer of Natronal Honor Socrety Honor Club Chess Club Ofhce Guard Balcony Guard Math Club l,g,f' ff l,,,. 'I ,fl GLENN LEROY OHLSON Student Councrl Hall Guard Dxvfsron Axd KENNETH ALAN OLEINIK Co edrtor of Craftsman Presrdent of German Club Vrce Presrdent of Math Club Treasurer of Operators Club Natronal Honor Socrety Stage Crew IAMES R OMALLEY ORTEGA IOSEPH OLIVER Offrce Guard Hall Guard Intramural Pool Guard CHRIS GEORGE PARAS Natxonal Honor Soclety Honor Club Secretary of Parr American Club Offrce Guard Clrpprngs Bureau Knrghts f Technology DANIEL RICHARD PAWELCZYK Honor Club Chorus jfffywd Q46-My J, L' FRED HAROLD PEARSON Captain of Wrestlmg Team Pres Natronal Honor Socrety Presrdent of Lettermans Club Coedrtor oi Craftsman Presrdent Tech H1Y Co FRED HENRY PEGARSCH Hall Guard German Club Camera Club PETER ALEXANDER MIHALKANIN German Club Camera Club Hall Guard Offrce Guard Student Councrl 'N V K , , ' . I Y ' x f KI N I v J -rg 'Je Y X -- - ' , .f X R ' 7 . . ri X -X - , . -. - rf N If ll. Je J no V . -1 Sy D . , , i X, 1 1 v A X -1 IOHN IOSEPH O'CONNELL-Student Council. Ring anl Sweater Com- f ' " ' ,f 1" . ,. - ' - " ' . V , ff r, , fe ff, f A 'A f- ' --f" ll 1 f ' v fl nf' Q, I ' ' I. I ' I 4 fiff. . .- ' , ' , ' ' , ' o X I ' 1' . 5 i . A . I . LOUIS FRANK PORCARO Band Student Counctl IOSEPH THOMAS PUDLO Baseball Team Natronal Honor Socrety Hon or Club Student Councrl Hall Guard Operators Club DONALD IOHN RADASZEWSKI Tlmes Page Edxtor Executrve Student Council National Honor Soclety Clrppmgs Bureau Intramural Sports Honor Club BENEDICTI RADZ Wrestlrng Ofirce Guard Hall Guard Servrce Club Craftsman FRANCIS RAYMOND RICE Teachers And Irtramural Basketball I tramural Baseball Intramural Tug of War FRANK LEN ROBAKOWSKI Hall Guard ARTHUR IAMES RUESING WILLIAM IOHN RUSSELL Hall Guard Intramural Basketball Shop Guard FRANK C SABATINI Varsrty Football Soph Football Track Letter mens Club Honor Club Achxevement Drnner LOUIS SCULTORE Hall Guard Teachers Ard Intramural Basketball ALBERT SIEGERS Student Teacher Student Councrl Mornrng Guard LAWRENCE IAMES SLAICHERT Varsrty Football Lettermens Club Intramural Basketball TED P SMUSKIEWICZ Varsrty Football Soph Football Craftsman Honor Club Hall Guard EDWARD IOHN SOBCZAK CHARLES A SOTICH Natronal Honor Socrety Honor Club Executrve Student Councrl Math Club Hall Guard EDWARD STAHULAK Hall Guard Intramural Sports DWIGHT STEWARD Hall Guard ROTC Usher Color Guard LOUIS IOHN STELLA Intramural Basketball Intramural Baseball Hall Guard Attendance And CHESTERI STOCK Hall Guard Intram al Basketb l WALTER STANLEY SUDOL LJ IOHN SURMA RICHARD IOSEPH SZOSTAK Natronal Honor Socrety Charrrnan of Clean Up Campargn Book Room Guard Honor Club Pan Amencan Club Intramural Sports IOSEPH MICHAEL SZYMANSKI Natronal Honor Socrety Hall Guard Soccer Team Servrce Club Tech Trmes Pan Amencan Club , ' ' I A I n, RUDY PAUL SIKLER--Hall Guard, Track. ft! STANLEY ANTHONY TARVIDAS Rmg and Sweater Commrttee Intra mural Ba all Band ROTC Mxlrtary Pollce Usher CLAYTON AYNE TICH LAR Student Councxl Reaamg Clerk ROBER1 IOS TOMASZKIEWICZ Stage Crew Musrc Club Hal Guard r Club Operators Club Craftsman Staff J' RICHARD TOMCZYK Baseball Team Intramural Sports Student Councrl Craftsman Staff Math Club Ach1evementDxnner 'L 1' MARTY FRANK TOWNSEND Hall Guard Studen Councrl Soph Foot ball Intramural Sports X IOSEPH CARMEN TRAPANI Ttmes Staff Intramural Basketball Hall Guard Soph Football SALVATORE ANTHONY TROVATO HARRY DOUGLAS TURNER Swrmmmg Team Cltpplng Bureau Hall Guard Trmes Stall Lettermens Club Kmghts of Technology Library Guard IOSEPH R URBANK Presxdent of Student Counctl Ofhce Guard Ger man Club Natronal Honor Socxety Knrghts of Technology Honor Club IOSEPH A VASILAUSKAS IOHN IAMES VITEK Semor Basketball Natxonal Honor Soctety Offrce Guard OWEN EDWARD VOSS-Semor Chorus Hall Guard CARL F WARNER Intramural Sports MICHAEL DANIEL WASILEVICH Tlmes Stat! Pan Amertcan Club Hall Guard Servlce Club Intramural Sports KENNETH LEONARD WATERS Hall Guard RICHARD RAY WATROBA IAMES EUGENE WEED Operators Club Hall Guard Presldent Camera Club Cltppmgs Bureaup I if 01 HAROLD THOMAS WELSH Oitrce Guard Camera Club Honor C'ub Kmghts ot Technology Natronal Honor Socxety Operators Club RAYMOND A WEGLOWSKI Varsxty Football Ttmes Staff Iumor Track Team Student Councrl Tech H1Y Lettermens Club CHARLES HAROLD WESLEY Band Nattonal Honor Socmety Hall Guard Honor Club Program Amd Chess Team NORBERT EDWARD WITKOWSKI Honor Club RONALD B WITT Achtevement Dtnner Chap er Head Craftsman Staff Honor Club Natronal Honor Soctety Rmg and Sweater Com mrttee ROBERT W WITZKE Honor Club Hall Guard Intramural Sports Bowltng Team E t 0 L. , I ' I I If If fx ,J I ff , , ROBERT LEO ULASKAyfOffice Guard. -- , . ' of A U0 HENRY WOODS-R O TC ExhI.I:ItIons R OT C Drum and Bugle Corps IEROMC RAYMOND ZAGORSKI Trmes Staff Clxpprngs Bureau Pan Amencan Club Pan Amencan League Hall Guard IOHN ROBERT ZAWACKI Intramural Sports STEVE MICHAEL ZAWACKI Honor Club Clrppmgs Bureau Camera Club NatIonal Honor Soclety Craftsman Stall Pdyustment Guard Ofhce Guard RALPH GUST ZELMER Class Treasurer Edrtor In Chxef oi Tech Tunes Natronal Honor SOCIEIY Honor Club Math Team Intramural Sports VIRGIL IAMES ZIOLKOWSKI IUNE GRADUATES WHOSE PICTURES DO NOT APPEAR IN CRAFTSMAN ADAMOW CARL NICHOLAS ADOCHIO ROBERT EDWARD AHERN IOHN ALAGNA ANTHONY ALRREC1-IT JOSEPH ANZELC IAMES ARROYO RONALD ROBERT BAC1-ILEDA NORBERT STANLEY RALAUSKAS VICTOR CASIMER RANDEMIER WILLIAM BLEDSOE GEORGE HARLEY BRISCO O11-IA BRUZEK GEORGE WALTER BURTON FREDRICK D CACCIOTTOLO CARMEN 1 CALA BRUCE A CAMPBELL DALE WARREN CARDILLI MICHAEL ANTHONY CARLSON ARNOLD IAMES CEPICKA FRANK cI.ARIg sAMUEL CONNELLY IAMES FRANCIS CYGAN EDWARD 1OsEPH DELANY HOWARD DE PATIE, DONALD WILLARD DIAL VERNELL DILLARD, HERBERT D DOUCET, IRVING W ERHARDT. IOI-IN ADAM FITZGERALD CHARLES RAYMOND FORMUSA, STEVE GAINES, HARRY GANTT, HARRY LESLIE GEPHART, RUSSEL GIRONDA. VICTOR JOHN ORR WILLIAM RAMON PALENIK STEPHEN IOSEPH PLUSH ROBERT NORMAN PURCELL RONALD DAVID GOMEZ DANIEL IOSEPH GONCIARY IOSEPH GORECKI RICHARD CHESTER GUDGEON IAMES F IM LOYD IOI-IN HORVATH MARTIN STEPHEN HOUCHEN HARLEY HUMPHREY RONALD HARRY IUDKINS OVERTON KANVERT IOHN KEYS ALBERT FRANKLIN KLIS IOSEPH CHARLES KLUZEK ROBERT RICHARD KROCZKA IOSEPH RONALD KRSTULOVICH STEPHEN KRYCH EUGENE KRYSTOFIAK WALTER LABUDA EDWARD FRANK LANGE IOHN E LAWRENCE STANLEY C LESNIEWSKI FRANK IOSEPH LYND RONALD MARVIN MADDEN STEVEN MARTIN EDWARD D MATHIS. CALVIN METZGER, LEONARD MILLER GERALD EDWIN MYRIECKES FREDERICK SHERMAN MCLAIN CHARLES MCMAHON. IAMES IOHN NELSON ARTHUR NELSON GERALD A NICKLESKI, EDWARD V NOWAKOWSKI, MARCEL OKI.ESHEN, ORLANDO 's 0 QUINN IAMES RADVILLE EUGENE L RISS IOHN EDWARD ROGOZINSKI LEONARD THOMAS RUSSELL JOHN WILLIAM RUZIC SAM WILLIAM SAWYER RUFUS SCHREIDER GEORGE IOSEPH SEINWERTH IOHN WILLIAM SELKO CASMIR WALTER SHEEHY THOMAS SHIBUYA ROBERT SIDES IOHN IOSEPH SIMONAIS ARTHUR T SKURNAK RICHARD HENRY STAND RICHARD THOMAS STENEHAM FRED NEILL STROCK LEO TEWS RAYMOND WILLIAM TORTORELLI ANTHONY T URSO PATRICK FRANCIS VAIL THOMAS EDWARD VERNON, CHARLES A VLAMIS. MICHAEL SAMUEL WATTS, DONALD EDWARD WEISS. IOHN VICTOR WILFINGER. RAYMOND IOHN WOODS, WILLIAM WOTTRICH RICHARD LOUIS ZALLIS RICHARD FRANK ZAWACKI, NORMAN IOHN ZEPPIERO, DONALD I ,' W .... ' - I , . . . . . if? , " 4 ' , ' ' , . av 'y Q - , . - t U 'M A I , A- ' I G . . ri' 'I' . I ' . I C , I ' I , 5 ! I . A NORBERT WILLIAM zELEvAs'Hono1 Club, Times Staff, Hall Guard. ' X 'N 4 K 5 v e ruary, I9 f CLASS OFFICERS ROBERT GLEESON Preszdenr RONALD GRUNDBERG Vrce Presxdent ROBERT KOCINSKI Secretary ROBERT GRENDA Treasurer COMMITTEES RING AND SWEATER COMMITTEE Fred Smxth Floyd Berg Edward Crouse ELECTION COMMISSIONERS Kexth Newlm Lours Zrelezmsln Iohn Szewczyk In February 1947 Trlden became the center of our l1ves for the next four years At that trme we stood rn awe and adrmred the semors who were makmq preparatrons for the1r graduatron Be fore we began to reahze how much hrgh school lxfe begm preparatrons for our graduatxon Dunng those four years we worked hard to achreve the goal that was soon to be ours To those of us who mtend to carry on therr educauon thrs goal IS just a steppmg stone To others rt wrll mean the slgn post on the road of hte for 1t wlll be necessary to decrde what drrectron they are to take Whatever the cho1ce wlll be let us hope that as members of the Tllden Alumnl m the adult world where we wlll serve we shall mcrease the prestlge of our Alma Mater meant to us, it was Ianuary, 1951, and time for us to emoriea . . . As we, the graduating seniors, leave Tilden, we take with us memories to be treasured for the rest of our lives. Some of these memories are pleasant ones . . . others are sad. A few of the pleasant memories include the completion of our first shop project . . . the first experiment that we completed in physics . . . the first letter we received for our services rendered to the school . . . the anxiety experienced while preparing for our "prom' '... and our graduation. Poignant memories are the lecture we received from a teacher because we stepped out of line . . . the realization that we were no longer children and would have to rely on ourselves to get ahead in life. As long as there are members of our class to get together and reminisce, these memories and others like them will be uppermost in our minds. RICHARD EDWARD ADAMEK - RALPH IAMES ALLENT--AHall Guard, Intramural Baseball, Intramural Basketball, Tug-of-War Chorus. WALTER HERMOD ANTHONSEN-W Chorus, Student Council. Sign Painter. EUGENE FRED BAYER Hall Guard Clxppmqs Bureau Intramural Sports Soph Football NORMAN NOEL BERENIS Hall Guard Intramural Baseball Intramural Sports Program Room FLOYD GIBBONS BERG -Concert Band Manager of Wrestlmg Team German Club Honor Club Stgn Pamter Achrevement Dmner DONALD VERNON BORROWDALE Honor Club Band Intramural Sports Bowling Clxppmgs Bureau HERMAN BRYANT Honor Club Intramural Track Hall Guard IOSEPH P CARCHEDI Chorus Pan Amerlcan Club Student Councrl MARION HENRY CLAY Treasurer of Natronal Honor Socrety Honor Club Hall Guard Track Team ROBERT GENE CLOUGH ROTC Monk Team Prcked Platoon Frre Guard Rifle Team Hall Guard RUSSELL WALLACE COOMBSfHall Guard Soccer Soph Football Let termens Club Intramural Sports EDWARD THOMAS CROUSE Math Club Hall Guard DANIEL DANIELSON Natxonal Honor Soclety Honor Club Tlmes Staff German Club ROBERT ALEXANDER DE SOMER IOHN THOMAS DORRIS ROBERT CHARLES GLEESON-Captam of Varsxty Football Soph Foot ball Vrce Presxdent ol Student Councxl Hall Guard Wrestlxng Iumor Track RAYMOND CHARLES GLENDAY Football Rrtle Team Pncked Platoon Usher Pxre Guard FRANK ROBERT GRABENHOFER Balcony Guard Times Staff lntra mural Sports DAVID LEE GREENE Rtfle Team Honor Club MP s ROTC Ofhcers Dnll Team Commander Ushers Prmcrpals Runner Fxre Guard ROBERT TED GRENDA Track Cross Country RONALDI GRUNDBERG Concert Band Honor Club Natlonal Honor Socxety Achrevement Dmner Intramural Sports STEPHEN ANTHONY GUREVITZ Varsxty Football Soph Football Track Intramural Sports HERBERT WALTER HAAS Txmes Staff Band Hall Guard Intramural Baseball -'Dffi LEONARD WILLIAM HEBERLE Concert Band Intramural Sports o Football Hall Guard Tech HIY THEODORE WILLIAM HEI DE IAMES IOHN HOOP Football Hall Guard Student Councrl Soph Foot ba MICHAEL LOUIS INVERGO Intramural Sports Band EUGENE P IANULIS-Chpprngs Bureau Intramural Sports Servrce Club Honor Club Hall Guard NORBERT KAMINSKI Hall Guard Chorus PETER PAUL KANIA Natronal Honor Socrety Concert Band Trmes Stall Intramural Sports Achxevement Dmner ARTHUR GENE LIESKE Soccer Hall Guard Student Councll Ottrce Guard Intramural Sports ROBERT MAC KOCINSKI Track Trmes Staff Student Councrl Tech H1Y Lettermens Club Chorus WALTER RICHARD KROL-Clrppmgs Bureau Frre Guards MIIIIGIY Polrce Prcked Platoon Ushers Hall Guard RALEIGH VINCENT MARCH Varsrty Football Hall Guard Soph Foot ball Intramural Sports CHARLES DONALD MASLAN Hall Guard Intramural Sports Chppmgs Bureau Student Councrl IULIUS LEONARD MATTALIAN Wrestlmg Team CARL O'I'TO MAXA -Guard ROTC Drum and Bugle DONALD HENRY MEHRING Intramural Sports IAMES ALLEN MIENTUS-Pres Slgn Pamter Craftsman Staff ROTC Staff Natxonal Honor Socrety Tnmes Stall Student Council RALPH ROBERT MINCHUK-Servrce Club Hall Guard Engllsh Guard Intramural Sports KEITH NEWLIN Oltrce Guard Semor Chorus Intramurals RICHARD NOLAN RONALD F PLUSK-Craftsman Soph Football Honor Club Trmes Staff Intramural Sports Natronal Honor Socrety DONALD IAMES REARDON ELMER O ROHLOFF Bowlmg Team, Track Team SPERO PETER SHIZAS-Hall Guard, Iunror Basketball Team, Honor Club. Trmes Stati, Intramural Sports , . 2 if f' ' V - if jf 1 ' 1 ' f v 'f , ' 1 Av ,. '-7 f l 4 . ., 1 - - - , , I " . .. - , , S ph. ll. DONALD LEE- -Oltice Aid, Intramural Sports. I-'RED WALTER SMITH Honor Club Student Councrl Servlce Club Hall Guard ANTHONY CASIMER STANCIK National Honor SOCIETY Achrevement Dinner Ushers Frre Guards MP s Clrpptngs Bureau DONALD LEROY STATER Varsmty Football Soph Football Track In tramural Sports IOHN ROBERT SZEWCZYK Honor Club Soph Football Intramural Sports Student Teacher DENNIS MICHAEL TARANDY Varsrtv Football Soph Football Orches tra Lettermens Club WESLEY VINCENT THOMPSON ROTC Frre Guard Hall Guard Usher LEE ANTHONY VANONI Hall Guard Intramural Sports Bowlmg ALBERT ERNEST VOLL Clxppxngs Bureau WILLIAM WARD Iumor Track Semor Track Soph Foo ball Varsxty Football DON RALP WEBB Hall Guard IOSEPH WECHMAN Honor Club Office Axd Servlce Club Student Councrl Achxevement Dmner ROBERT REID WELLS Honor Club Office And Student Councxl RICHARD WILBORN Student Councrl Rrfle Team Prre Guard WILLIAM HOWARD WILLIAMS Student Councrl Lost and Found Guard Honor Club IERRY ZAGOR Intramural Basketball Hall Guard EDWARD ZAGORSKI Honor Club Intramural Basketball Student Teacher KENNETH PAUL ZEMAN Honor Club Cllppmgs Bureau Natxonal Honor Socrety German Club LOUIS IOHN ZIELEZINSKI ROBERT IOHN ZOLLER Tunes Hall Guard Intramural Basketball MARION L ZURO Honor Roll Honor Club Lost and Found Clrpprngs Bureau ALAGNA PETER AQUIRRE ALBERT BALDON DONALD BECKER MARVIN CASPER ROBERT DAMICO DOMINICK DANTA PAUL DOYCE ANTHONY IN CRAFTSMAN DRYER wAL'rER KALATA ROBERT FHEITAG WU-I-IAM LA BARBERA sALvAroR FITZGIBBON S IEROME GRISA ARTHUR LEW CLARENCE GABRIEL FRED LOGAN KENNETH HAWES RONAL MCCARTHY RICHARD Holm wn.x-'RED MowA1'1' 1AMEs IUCHA 101-IN OSHEA EUGENE I' u w I a , , h flpffff -- . . . . 5 f b . 1' A FEBRUARY GRADUATES WHOSE PICTURES DO NOT APPEAR PANICK IEROME PAVLIK ROBERT PERETTI GERALD PETRIZZO ROBERT SROUFEK LEONARD STEWART MELVIN THULLEN EDWARD TORRES GEORGE TRYBAN GEORGE WAISH IOHN WEINERT DONALD WISNIEWSKI IOSEPH WYATT ROBERT ZLENDICH MIRKO I"g6UfllZ6l fl0l'l5 NATIONA HONOR SOCIET X X E ff uf WW X l G? 'Ross OLEUNIK .Siwlmf ll STUDENT COUNCIL EXECUTIVE COUNCIL First Row: Mientus, Townsend Radaszewski, Minski, Szostak Sotich, Brankin, Kozdemba, Ur- bank, Gleeson, Kleinpaste. Second Row: Gayhart, Huth, Pow er, Sinetos, Lieske, Lewandow ski, Gibbs, Breiding. The means by which all students at Tilden are represented is the Student Council. This council is made up of one representative from each division chosen for the purpose of fulfilling the needs and requests of the students. The objective of the Student Council is to make improvements throughout the school for the good of all pupils. The election of officers for the Student Council is an annual affair in which every student participates. They are held to elect a president, vice- president, secretary, and treasurer. Candidates for office place campaign posters throughout the school, FRESHMEN REPRESENTATIVES make speeches and pledge themselves to truly rep- resent the student body. One of the many undertakings of the Student Council was the Care Drive for which a col- lection was made for the underprivileged families in Europe. Others were the posting of fire drill codes throughout the building, the issuing of The Tech Pilot and The Pep Book to Tilden students, the Share Drive and Guest Day. Another was the annual deco- ration and contribution of the Christmas tree to a charitable institution. This year the Erie Neighbor- House received the tree. First Row: Bauer, Rakowski, Ewonaitis, Poder, Portway, Ward, Hatfield, Kopczynski, Gayhart. Second Row: Pegarsch, Novak, McManus, Simpson, Kross, Nykaza, Oziminski, Balke. Third Row: Botwinski. Eanest, Loy. Conte, Temme, Cech. Kurzweil. SOPHOMORE REPRESENTATIVES First Row: Yarberry, Volk, Hurley, Kudla, Varnet, Gibbs, Huth. Second Row: Hamm, Moderow, Iendrysik. Eubank, Drabek, Hambric, Alksnis, Malene. Third Row: Little, Schuh. Stepney, Probstfield. m f ALQ5 N 9 L 'N X X cam 1212.699 Q-.7 QQX 5535 06 Q wv-A X Vx xOx'Y E XXX ...fx Q ,fa fin 0 M 0 . is-:':l 3 I3 211 ffl A L' " I 11,7 H G l f4f fix! W .sjfuclenf Counci!,14cfiuifie5 CARE DRIVE TECH PILOT PEP BOOK FIRE DRILL CODES GUEST DAY SHARE DRIVE SOAP DISTRIBUTION CHRISTMAS TREE S Iuhan Bauer freshman representative mforms hrs dxvnsnon room of plans for Studen! Counczl dance 'sf-. IUNIOR AND SENIOR REPRESENTATIVES First How: Krajewski, Murray, Kocinski, Kozdemba, Lieske Lewandowski. Senetos, Power. Second Row: De Patie. Mientus, Minski, Stroz, Ohlson, Sotich Kaczmarek, Szostak, Kirkilas. Third Row: Radaszewski. Wagner, Brcmkin, Weiss. B ml ll i lx NH. , .AX ll 'm f . AC E' - 46 I H sm 4, l S f ix fl if nigisu X. ' x My T " ff ' .. J Q fi - f,f,. ,. V, Jwctl l V-X A. ,eu I0 5 X x J ss ssmon MEMBERS on Ol" First Row: Moy, Hynes, Kania, Zeman. Second Row: President Kutcosky, Olejnik, Welsh. Paras, Szyman ski. Third How: Wechman, Weed, Witkowski, Pearson, Radaszewski bt Fourth Row: Ogasawara, Danielson, Mientus, Pudlo, Secretary Treasurer Stancik. Fifth How: Grundberg, Minski, Szostak, Heidenreich, Sotich. Sixth Row: Dombrowski, Fields. Breiding, Clay, Zelmer. Every Tildenite strives arduously to achieve the high standards required for membership in the Honor Club. This orgcmization not only gives recognition to deserving students but also offers them opportunities to take an active part in school affairs. The candidates for membership in the Honor Club are the students whose names appear on the Principal's and Sponsor's Honor Lists at the end of each semester. A student rating the Sponsor's list must have at least a grade of Excellent in each subject and in order to qualify for the Principal's list a Superior average is required. The three elected officers are upperclassmen, the President and Vice-President being Seniors and the Secretary-Treasurer being a Iunior. Membership in the Honor Club is considered one of the greatest honors that a Techman may receive. This goal is within the reach of everyone. By putting forth faithful effort, 175 students have attained membership in the Honor Club this year. i4 2 - xQX X umm, swf? l 1 fllhlf, 2 if-Q . ' Bw '5 f .., fx . y XX 2 '- ' is V 2 I I f 1 ASX 1 E 1 1 ,Xb ,s il 1 Q ' . 'i Q5 -2 . ' X - 7 4: r ' f X I . If . ,gf yy, X ,, ...,..- .,......., ,qi JXP! 0l'l0I" JUNIOR MEMBERS Frrst Row Keatmg Barone Zrwrskr Iames Lewrs Second How Lenz Iackson Clancy Mlka Hocher Thrrd Row Cooper Vrlerkrs Kunst Klem Zych Fourth Row Strerbrch Hermg Pekank Mxller SOPHOMORE MEMBERS Frrst Row Harms Vaulman Alleruzzo Second Row Schobezt Guzdzxol Wrck Martrn Thrrd Row Weller Grabowskr Bean Boltz Fourth Row Conrad Kohut Gust Lloyd FRESHMAN MEMBERS Frrst Row Kardosh Clarke Schuh Kloc Probst held Second Row Eve Hamm Stanev1ch Gngnac rw lfl6il" 5 MORNING GUARDS First Row: Dubsky, Zirin, Wilson, Harmann, Doran, Stalzer, Chan, Schur. Second How: Kenner, Feliszak, Becker, Brenza, Heim, Probst field, Iamieson, Carver. Third Row: Zych, Zivalich, Cardiner, Miski, Stirn, Kline, Yott Clancy. Fourth Row: Robakowski, Webb, Oswald, Klein, Morrilli, Schreiber, Seiqers, Cichorski. Fifth Row: Morgan, Villanueva, Ward. OFFICE GUARDS First Row: O'Donnen. Moy. Gin, Hebert, Shaulis, Price, Gust Wagner, Christopoulos, Bochenski, Doyle, Welsh. Second How: Wong. Arnold, Ulaskas, Wechman, Hoefler Wells, Heugel, Kutcosky, Bockelman, Vobornik, Olesen, Pe karik, Curda, Heiderzreich, Minskx, Rogers, Lapinski, Oqasa wara, Chmielewski. ADIUSTMENT GUARDS . First How: Ward, Kraft, Zirin, Escueta. Heller, Miss Knecht Mrs. Fitzgerald, Mrs. Hilton. Second How: Larson, Derorre, Halm, Gralewski, Roberson, Hambric, Hawrysz, Erber. LIBRARY GUARDS First Row: Kuzel, Wapniarski, Rzeminski, Bachleda, Schuh. Second Row: Kemp, Savage, Marich, Bromley, Gilbert, Webb. Third Row: Hunt, Casper, Knappe, Heseltine, Vicic, Gordon Dziallo, Rosine, Krueger. SPONSORS' GUARDS First How: Okoskey, Murphy, Novak, Currin, Gust, Czcernecki, Dunk. Second Row: Streibich, Brudnak, Kalamaras, Olejnik, Bockel- man, Stevenson. Third Row: Bruzek, DeCeault, Kopczynski, Majka, Horvath, Marlineck, Swiszcz, Kominsky. Side: Miss Mullen, Miss Heintz, Mr. Murray, Mr. Weiner. FIRST AND SECOND PERIOD GUARDS First Row: Carroll, Kamba, Iankowski, Michalski, Blake, Mazur, Gjersten. Second Row: Kelly, Kantowski, Goslinowski, Burdzinski, Murray, Iackson, Sl-cierkiewicz. Third How: Heliert, Elston, Stephan, Panarisi, Hauqhom, Davis, Douglas. Fourth Row: Arthur, Inman, Waller, Stevens, Radtki, Kachele. Fifth Row: Gervais, Oswald, Drabek, Dambrauskas, Smagur, Conrad, Cotter. Sixth Row: Fedor, McCullough, Orr, Brown, Yamich, Bertrand. THIRD AND FOURTH PERIOD GUARDS First Row: Gross, Keating, Blackwell, McCarthy, Rohadfox, Wright, Knytych. Second Row: Kenner, Gardner, Frazier, Kennedy, Ferguson, Turner, Carlson, Montalbano, Third Row: Ridener, Linkowski, Kudla, Wagner, Suvek, Ginkel, Fourth Row: DeRoule, Koch, Kozickt, Hynes, Crzych, Horst, Neesin. Fifth Row: Carvar, Gracser, Kudlinski, Corless, Olson, Scott, Bean. Sixth Row: Bronkala, Fiene, Coombs, Lihcsit, DeLait, Arndt. FIFTH AND SIXTH PERIOD GUARDS First Row: Miller, Franzen, Turner, Coster, Gorecki, Michard, Boyer, Heitman. Second Row: Witkowski, O'Brien, Paulius, Reinke, Yarberry, Williams, Rogers. Third How: Panfil, Acas, Gerhardt, Tcole. Arnold, Simon, Hoop. Fcurth Row: Hoard, Alman, Btllich, Bush, Kartman, Calvtllo, Ibcrra. Fifth Row: Long, Bcilew, Stark, DePatie, Klis, Baltcs, VVaters. Sixth Row: Claussen Stranghter, Viter Grabowski, Metcalfe, Iardcn. FIFTH AND SIXTH PERIOD GUARDS First How: Braxton, Bartolotta, Fitzgerald, Suttm, Cremer, Hynes, Williams Rohadlox. Second Row: Werner, Kuban, Sharkey, Pienkos, Grabowski. Brudnik, Porzel Hill. Third Row: Baumqartnsr Grankowsl-ci, Dxmoglis, Petersen, McNe.ll, Hccg Hamm, Lotfredo. Fourth Row: Ellis, Gclab, Malolepszy, Cooper, Franicevich, Obrzut, Esposito, Mikami. Filth Row: Klein, Elliott, Gregory, luchal Marich, McElroy, Blatter Sixth Row: Crockett, Poulsen, Ward, Savage, Bryant, Peqarsch, Sidabras. Bergman. If ual" 6 SEVENTH AND EIGHTH PERIOD GUARDS First Row: Lash, Popp, Sparkiewicz, Osysko, Pacourek, Hynes, Lucl-cman Manning. Second How: Feliszak, Ford, Metcalfe, Cwick, lust, Maxa, Hccp, Third Row: Przybylski, Chesney, Szeszycki, Kluzek, Pazumbo, Sinetos, Fourth Row: Olalde, Morrison, Wier, Ladewski, DeFrank, Arnett, Weick Garrison, Fifth Row: Kozicki, Allent, Lepczynski, Dybicz, Kozicki, Fahy. Sixht Row: Kassautski, Iohnson, Nalivaika, Cooper, Berenis, Landry. 'H 5 id'f 1.-if xv vf 'S' - , C F' TILDQN TECH TIMES First How: Hestrotter, Hadaszewskz, Zelmer, Zagorski, Miss Gallagher, Baron Owens, Mika, DePatie. Second How: Paull, Knytych, Rol-mich Kama Ialowiec, Zych, Srmonartrs, Zwrer, Sirbzke, Baader. First How: Mottrer, Rok, Chesney, Darizelson, Mientus, Haas. Second Row: Cole-r, Kocinsl-ci, Lavrinovich, Hajewskr, Dombrowskr, Nolan First How: Kolniak, Mr. Mohler, Weglowski, Gignar, Mr. lsbaner, Mr. Keating, Szyrnanski, Arvro, Smith. Second How. Drabek, Tortarelli, Goreckr, Mr. Moran Mr Broderick, Caccrctolo The Tilden Tech Times is prepared, edited and printed by pupils for the purpose of informing the student body of news about their fellows. Times supplies news about athletes and prom- inent seniors, sports competitions, or- ganizations and other activities. It is distributed every two weeks and the staff is proud to be one of the few in Chicago to print its school newspaper. rually proud are Techmen of the su- perior ratings as judged by National Scholastic Press Association, University of Minnesota, for two consecutive se- mesters. It also has earned superior for two years from Quill and Scroll, Inter- national Honorary Society for High School Iournalists, and "A" for out- standing journalist service to school and community. 34101 EC imed S T A F F Editor-in-chief ..,............., .,....,. Z elmer Managing editor . . . .... Radaszewski Associate editor . . . ...... Hestroffer Sports editor ..... ..., Z agorski Business manager . . . ...., Baron Photographer ...... .... O wens Cartoonist ........... . . . Baader News, feature writers ....... .......,. C egielski, Danielson, De-Patie, Kania, Kocinski. Mrentus, Mottier, Nolan, Pluslc, Shibuja. Shizas, Torres, Dombrowski, Coler, Reporters .,...,........ . . ..,.,. , .Banasiak. Bandringa, Eartollata, Campbell, Chesney, Ha iewski, Ialoweic, Kuytych, A. Lapinskr, W. Lav- rinovich, E. Mika, Nestleberger, Paull Hal-mich Hale, Srmonaitzs, Sirbzke, Zwier, Zych. Compositors , .. , . Gzgnac Drabek, Gosnell, Kolniak, Robin Linotype .. . . .. . ., Szymanski. Weglowski, Tortorellr, Cacczottclo Arvio, Go' recki, Lill, Smith, Polte, Press ...,.. ,.... , . Adamow Hayes, Kors, Heide, Clinton, Goetz, Strock, Danta, An- derson, St,Clair, Grzych, Bednarczyk, Klir. Editorial .,..... . .. ,,.. ,Miss Gallagher Circulation ..... . ... . ..Mr. Mohler Art . .... ........ ..,,. . ...... M r . Isbaner Printing Mr. Broderick. Mr, Keating, Mr. Moran llhntrafe Poems Clear-pup dl Assembly ,office ll 1'I'.'vIff 'lifflvll In lfllf Take ooms O -pg! Ccmpbe pymu , f -. , Gm- MMS Iwi' fugw llllv lV'lIf'flf g og MMU L sit" .U 50" l ' rf 5 .-JY' sawn gi , 3 - 5 6 3' , gn' ,IGF 5 :f g 'gr ff tw ff-effwe' . rs?t0n SOV5 "en srowusmaen 4 ' 1 .. .3 o , -' . V- " Gm 'Q T Y, Q 'iii 'Qt m 1 5? ,, X ? QQ-j 1 , V A - C ' , 1 QU' - . 11,45 Q . ' G10 J ' , . K . , Q Q ,awp GN . . th., , t 1 , ,V ,M 4 X Ex N ..:enT0'ljfQvf1- 4. ii' .g..-nf, 8 Y5,m'Pg mmgcazt C ,,.. :in-M ,. A ',-,uw J 2" I-' ' Nc"s .fy iz f If ,fs . ci-an-v'o"S '1 - '- 'W' Q, 115- me UW fb, .1 f-'aft nvco - P", 'Animal . . tr.: f.,3L', 5 V f,,.-v"'w ,505 4,,..- r 9, S0 I V f' mm' . VY' ' 0 omesx 1 ' 'L7' Lil' 58" . w-' 1 First Row: Verkade, Martello, Beaster, Wen- dlinq, DeFries, Bochenski. Second Row: Feliszak, Probstiield, Cremer. Campbell, Kordell, Alleruzzo. Third How: Haag, Lewis, Grasser, Clancy. Wick, Weick. Fourth How: Raoaszewski, Stand, Paras, Hamm, Gardiner, Staal. Fifth Row: Oswacd, Pakeltis. Krol, Bayer, Miskir, Serovy. Sixth Row: Fisher, Gust, Kohut, Andrews, La- dewski, Spusta. First Row: Hagq, Pavlak, Lenz, Kutchek, Woi- ke, Borrowdale. Second Row: Grankowski, Stephens, Lloyd. Weller. Sinclair, Barthel. Third How: Turner, Nowakowski, Gerischer, Power. Gorski, Dabrowski. Fourth Row: Montalbano, Moffatt, Zoller, Miss Fogarty, Zeman, Vanacora. Fifth Row: Garqas, Mazur, Harenza, Minski, Murdoch, Zoller, Hammel, Ruesing, Stane' vich, Martin, Cooper. H se.-P 5 ce 9--tc par: ""e"", ' . Graduates A34 From Dzstrrct sb ga ,Nm Q 4 Ewa Conn X Lb N, . Y The Clippings Bureau is a valuable news service for Tildenites. This organization has a staff of more than 120 students who bring to the Bureau over a hundred editions of twenty-five different newspapers. They cut out news about Tilden and pupils attending Tilden. These clippings are posted on a bulletin board for all to read. Duplicates are sent to students in the news to save and put in their scrap books, so that they may look back on accomplishments of their high-school days. The fact that boys are notified when recognition is given for worth- while achievements inspires them to strive for greater triumphs. Alnlaingd ureau Ga ffiman 19 0 As a new school term began in September, Til- den's yearbook staff promptly began work on our annual, The Craftsman. Planning the cover, obtaining ads, selecting a theme, taking pictures, and checking identifications were but a few problems this group of young men had to solve. Writeups were assigned, and many hours of work went into the planning and making of the dummy. The artists contributed much of their free time to the drawirgs and car- toons in our book. Staff members proudly visualized the re- ward of their labors. By Iune an air of expectancy surrounded our school and with humility and eagerness we presented our earnest and sincere efforts toward a better understanding of ourselves, our fellow classmates, the student body and faculty. Seated: Olejnik, Budzynski, Miss Connolly, Pearson, Mika. Standing: Tomaszkiewicz, Kutcosky. Left to Right: Plusk, Smuskiewicz, Mucha, Witt. Mientus. Left to Right: Gargas, Zawacki, Chandick, Swartz, Radz, Owens, Kunst. S T A F F Co editors .......,.. Kenneth Olejnik, Fred Pearson Business Managers. .Earl Mika, Robert Tomaskiewicz Art Editor ...,,.,...,...........,... Iohn Kutcosky Sport Editor . .. ....,... . . .. Richard Budzynski Business Staff ...,. Chandick, Keating, Radz, Swartz. Tomciszkiewicz, Bagguley Writers ........, Budzynski, Mika, Mucha, Olejnik, Pearson, Witt, Hering, Lenz, Kunst Art Stall ...., Kutcosky, Mientus, Plusk, Smuskiewics Typzsts. ., Fredericks, Shibuya, Brija. Ogasawars Minski, Gzxrgas, Kleinpaste, Kolacki, Trovato, O'Connel, Landry Photographer ... ... . .. Owens Wafiona onor ociefg OFFICERS , First How: Clay, Ozark, Miss Lawler, A Grundberg, Sylander. Second How: Kania, Stancik, R. Grundberg, Heidenreich, Radaszewski, Ogasawara, Pear son. MEMBERS First Row: Paras, Welsh, Olejnik, Kutcosky Miss Lawler, Zeman, Witt, Gustafson, Hynes Second How: De Roo, Dombrowski, Vitek Plusic, Breiding. Standing: Hritz. Chareas, Kalamarus, Wes- ley, Danielson, Minski, Sotich, Szostak, Fields, Zelmer. Urbank, Pudlo, Mientus, Zawacki, Wyrick, Szymanski. A goal which all Techmen strive to attain is member- ship in the National Honor Society, an honor that is bestowed on a small percentage of seniors and juniors each semester. To be eligi- ble for membership in the Tilden Chapter of this nation-wide organi- zation, one must be an honor student and have participated in extra- curricular activities. Approval by every member of the faculty is also essential. The initiation ceremony is traditional at Tilden, an event which serves as an inspiration for lower classmen who want to be worthy of the same honor when they become seniors. Members ex- plain the aims and purposes of the Society and the Emblem which every member cherishes, the guiding light of knowledge emblazoned on the keystone of society. The four cardinal requisites are also explained, namely: character, scholarship, leadership, and service. Before the principal presents the membership cards, all of the new members hold lighted candles and recite the pledge of loyalty sim- ultaneously. This is indeed a solemn and impressive part of the ceremony. Besides possessing a membership card and gold pin, these leaders of the future wear gold tassels and are presented with certificates at graduation. i Z? of Q oncerf an I WWW I I I 6 KS -FL, X The clanging cymbals, beating drums, blazing trump- Q I' 45 73,3 YE G rs si. 6 ' Obs, ets, create stirring melodies which engulf the third floor during the K-gif" fwxa .I ' GQIVII . 1 day and announce the efforts made by the Tech Bandmen as they Ka .:f?.,x,II I "f'3"'1""-y.-53 prepare for assemblies, football games, P.T.A. meetings and other xx' g f 1-Q ' " f school activities throughout the year. Tildenites acquire a finer ap- 7 II .3 Q issw preciation for music while they learn to play the various instruments. , it-Qwbf if Y' 'i -V l ' snusmemcz Freshmen are urged to join the Iunior Band to get ex- perience and obtain better knowledge of the instruments. Those J Q who join the band without having ever played an instrument are , permitted to rent one and are instructed in its use. After gaining a Qi IE SQL!-t-l I sufficient amount of training boys are granted entrance into the . 'i" " 6137 , F44 f . , J: ' Concert Band where, after three semesters, they are eligible to re- li g X -:A , M fl- - l . . . g,EZ+igQ,,,1ff2 1 ,A ceive a band letter and a bar for every following semester of service. QI I I 4--- 1- J I s X f f. ' ,i - X Many honors and ratings have been won in the past and the band K LIL ,I ff? - .,I IIx is striving hard to keep up this tradition. , I' I ' Lg 'lf-l'!1Il'Yhl'l J SMvsKfn.ncL 1- - I BAND First How: Vasilauskas, Mottier. Eiler, Porcaro, Ziska, Szczepkow ski, Weinberg. Stark, Second Row: Bell, Montaperto, Banks, Iarmon, Drawert, Homqn Kardosh. Third How: Grundberg, Grisa, Will born, DePatie, Gallas, Burke, Orn Gosnell. Fourth Row: Robertson, McKenzie Yamich, Kloc, Narcarti, Gustafson Wesley. Flat Clarinets Vasilauskas, Leonard Mottier, Thomas Eiler, George Porcaro, Louis Ziskcr, Erwin Szczepkowski, Robert Weinberg, George Stark, Donald Ghilarducci, Chris. Rybowiak, Clarence Cortesi, Carl Mravca, Andrew Smolenski, Robert DeRoule, Otto Feliszak, Robert Purnel, Andrew Webb, Ronald Bell, William gan!! Qwfer Montaperto, Mike Banks, Elijah Macklin, Richard Stepney, Melvin Iarman, Richard Kardosch, Robert Homan, Ierry Drawert, Frederich Williams, Carl Saxophones Berg, Floyd Gaska, Iohn Abrant, Richard Washington, Iohn McKenzie, Donald Robertson, Chas. Grisa, Arthur B Flat Comets Smith, Henderson Casclo, Pat. Laprairie, Ioseph DeFrank, Gerald Ward, Tom Fletcher, Iames Knauz, Wm. Shine, Richard Ojeda, Refugio Przybylski, Frank B Flat Horns Conley, Lester Gosnell, Robert Orn, Emil Narcarti, Iohn Kloc, Donald Yamich, Ioseph Kuzel, Iames nvw-run Baritone Grundberg, Ronald Trombones Webb, Paul Arnett, Wayne Landeros, Tom McDowell, Harold Basses Wesley, Charles Gustafson, Robert Fedor, Michael Stamets, Stanley Percussion Burke, Ernest Gallas, Walter DePatie, Ron Willborn, Wm. 'F f d 0714 -1 L J r-V 1 J q r -TEFL BAND First Row: Ghilarducci, Smolenski Webb, Rybowiak, Cortesi, Mravca, DeRoule. Feliszak. Second Row: Macklin, Stepney Purnell, Willians, Berg, Gaska Abrant, Washington. Third Row: Conley, Przybylski Shine, Knauz, Fletcher, Ward Smith, Cascio. Fourth Row: Stamets, Fedor, Kuzel Landeros, Webb, Arnett, McDowell. IQQFCI, i0l'5 , First Row: Iohnson, Rea, Stych, Harnisch, Grodesky. Second Row: Litwicki, Petty, Mr. Timme, Baron, Mecler, Tomasz- kiewicz, Faison, Iackson, Kohn. Third Row: Adams, Klotnia, Gust, Iohnson, Kohut, Ljubicich, Hawksworth, Cichorski, Ljubicich, eruice First How: Stefaniak, Ward, Hoop, Accis, Ghilarducci, Artino. Power, Mrs. Lutz, Mrs. Stanton, Moy, Sales, Streibich. Second Row: Swanberg, Lanqosch, Eve, Berman, Gust, Ross. Koch, Geruais. Third Row: Wyrich, De Frank, Dirr, Miller, Wand, Parks. Standing: Hunt, Aiello, Wick, Andrews, Malene, Pucilowski. Gin, Elston. De Patie, Abrant, Lewis, De Roule, Rohadiox, Norweck. Stankus. fag? Pell! First Row: Olejnik, Hritz, Stych, Tomaszkiewicz. Second Row: Iohnson, Baron, Mr. Timme, Mecler, Cichorski. el"UlCe yyy yy 3 Cm P9 I i U X, A ' The Service Club is one of the busiest clubs in Tilden the year round. Its 'tiff Q - y 45 members prove their usefulness by doing odd jobs for the school. They are Qt Ex called at most any time to help in the office, aid the teachers or perform some N N fbftv-fi, Q -:EQ y school service. The only rewards for this service are a sense of responsibility .lllllln and of achievement in helping others unselfishly. gjfx, HT X 'f 'Z' TSP ff,-2 2 QI X0 fi ,A . I X -I-'4 ,Q xg, ' oaffermen 3 CLA A Tilden sweater, a manly tie, A mass of shields goes strolling by. All the crowd moves abreast To make room for his lordly chest. All hustle to clear the stair- At Tilden, he's a millionaire! In his presence not a word is said. He wears a crown upon his head. A hush . . . a freshman's sigh . . A Letterman goes passing by! an merican First Row: Lill. Coler, Welsh, Mrs. Ricchiuii, Kutcosky, Franice- vich, Paras. Second Row: Grankowski. Moody, Yamich, Szostak, Zagorski, McE11igott, Wasilevich. Q o 7 llJlCl6ll'lZ5 dig First How: Carchedi. lat pianob, Rahoy, Verkade. Second Row: Harris, Sizzio, Prendergast, Ideus, Chandick. De- koule, Ribowiak, Feliszak. Third How: Hancatore, Page, Slyder, Ferguson, Lyskaiva, Mottier, Dirr, Streibich, Anthonsen, Plusk. C3!2!tQl"I'l'l8l'l is First Row: President Pearson. Secretary'Treasurer Michaels, Mr Hartman, Vice-President Sabatini, Campbell, Panarisi, Wgicic Ruzic, Klis, Anderson, Neidel. Second Row: Bruzek, Cardilli, Spalla, Weglowski, Gibbs, Arends Iangelis, Lolfredo, Kanvert, Mottier. Third Row: Glenday, Wagner, Heid, Eubank, Hering, Hynes Iagielski, Slajchert, Gleeson, Grenda, Boqe. 6lI'l'l0I"6l Cock that shutter! Lower that spotlight! ls the film in the camera? These familiar words rnay be heard in Shop 40 on Wednesday afternoons when the Camera Club meets to bring a better knowledge of photography to the average high school student. KAQCAW CM First How: Evancho, Ogasawara, Wesley, Evancho. Second Row: Miss Berland, Landry, Breiding, Myrieckes. Boltz. ilI'l'lQI"Cl, First Row: McNulty, Roknich, Weed, Minski, Mr. Burg- chardt. Owens, Kline, Second How: Purnell, Oswald, Gardiner, Mohammed, Dol- janin, Dubsky, Stille, Elston, Maceyak, WMA First How: Wesley, Olejnik, Ogasawara, Miss Puder. Hritz, Kania, Williams, Barone. Second Row: Fields, Sirbike, Heidenreich, Sotich. Third How: Zeman. Paras, Wilfinger, Wells, Tomczyk. Gierut, Streibich, Cooper, Banchak, Gustafson. Among various demonstrations present' ed regularly are: negative developing, contact print' ing, enlarging, print spotting, and sepia toning. ln- teresting lectures are given on other phases of pho tographing. Some students in the Camera Club use their skills as student photographers for the Crafts- man and the Tech Times. Others, upon leaving Til- den, hope to enter the field of photography as a business or a hobby. BOWLING SCOREBOARD TILDEN TECH MATCH TEAM RESULTS School Score Tilden 1847 Tilden 2252 Tilden 2488 Tilden 2353 Tilden 2724 ' Tilden 2801 ' Tilden 1851 ' Tilden 2365 ' Tilden - - 2382 ' Tilden A . . 2488 Average each game 163.54 Pins ' With handicap School Score C.V.S. - 1912 C.V.S. 2204 Parker - 1697 Parker - - 2198 Tilden Men Teachers - 2706 Tilden Women Teachers 2440 Lindblom - - 1816 Lindblom - 2281 Harrison 2469 Harrison 2304 152.92 Pins ow ing First Row: Hero, Borrowdale, O'Malley, Helfert, Malene, Cascio, Price. Second Row: Hoop, Zallis, Witzke, Radaszewski. Smith, Ladewski, Forbers. Third Row: Zwier. Kleinpaste, Braziunas, Bcmasiak, D Roo, Sirbike, Woike. Standing: Banchak. 9. CAM CAA Table One: Heidenreich, Boltz, Ogasawara, Myrieckes. Table Two: Landry, Miss Berland, Fields, Frank, Zirin Wesley. Ql"I'l'l6ll'l First Row: Bochenski, Overall, Greene, Zeman, Pavlak. Olkiewicz. Danielson, Cooper, Plusk, Miss Seitz, Price Kraft. Second Row: Lenz, Wechman, Krol, Dirr, Voll, Hering Ljubicich, Kassautski, Miller, Pegarsch, Kachele, Strei- bich, Huegel, Kutchek. 7 7 IOQGLQIU lfll"86lll First Row: Fiadz, Minski. Seinwerth, Moody. Second Row: Ogasawara, Kutcosky, Kuczora, Dowling. Ohlson. Third How: Welsh, Radaszewski, Tomczyk, Mottier, Pear- son, Adochio. Fourth How: Myrieckes, Sabatini, Pawelczyk, Baader. Filth Row: Lapinski, Tews, Arroyd. Sixth Row: Griffin, Warner. Standing: Tichelar. I a 5 - I f 7- US x go 9 14 'I -.- n. 1 .,. . Q, 'Q .11 1 V f. . 'V ' - , ' 5 -R-'U R ' Q 'Q 'I .I la. t ' .ya .yi 2 Q. 8 1 Ae 5x qt 'QR l - Ni. v , , umm W M -I ,V v1'Zi,L'fg f..1. i...., -.'.'-1' ,. .: Y, ., Af fr - A .ii I '2f,?J-4 Q ui a T322 " .af-"' . K ,..:v3gJ..mw':. 4 tg? .Z Q' 3, I 5, 0 -"' ,ph - , t - , , W" - ' - L" .- ' ' 'I -.T ' 'F Es: f ef ga, V 1 -f . 5 sm ,,, ' G. g, F ' NE, ll 1 Y -f 'W N -, Gt- . -17' I ' .msn Q ' 4 Q. .Q ,ff F Nm J, . Ni Eff I Zn. vii 1 x JY .Ng Q N' v ,l I :Q I D 9 J , Q ' ar! .I . - 5? I ' C! ' ' 0 I A9 in ' 9 Lk - 1, ,.. . 2 -TT A iii! -..:mf'-:N - rm, f Q2 .' I fv, I x , .14 g QL' N-4 1 ' P an . M'1'9s..,,.,Ah . N x y .h . -- Q- fx- v ,W .. " -ws Jr- .. 1-M. 1 .-.,,, fix K A. , M-4 X , , . b . , A H I, if . Ti?" 'N 41:13 :gif La' , 45:0 . 4' 'af . ' ' ' ' . ,- f. V, ,. -if -gf? yi' gg '-4 ,,,,..,-,. zum., , K . A I ,i ' va gl! f , N. l , "Ten-shun!" calls the Commander and the cadets snap to atten- tion with a click of the heels. "Right face! Forward march!" Off they go. marching along smartly. Tilden's Reserve Officer's Training Corps is known for its precision and snap. Under the able supervision of the Military Instruc- tors, and under the leadership of cadet officers, members of our R.O.T.C. unit acquire training which will make them better citizens of the United States. The cadets leam leadership, courtesy and discipline along with their drill. They also leam the operation of all our modern military weapons. and are required to assemble and disassemble rifles, Carbines, and pistols. Every Thursday and Friday the cadets may be seen walking proudly through the halls, their shoes and the brass on their uniforms shined to perfection. Look at that Picked Platoon! It is one of the finest in the city. In the 1949-50 competition they placed third in a very close contest between platoons of all the R.O.T.C. units in Chicago. Tilden's Picked Platoon has placed first, second, or third every year. Tilden's R.O.T.C. also has a Rifle Team for those sharpshooting cadets who are interested. On the novelty side, the R.O.T.C. has the Officer's Eccentric Drill Team. More commonly known as the "Monkey Team" or "Monks", they do everything from spinning rifles to performing all types of unusual drill. They even appeared on television! Tilden's R.O.T.C. Drum and Bugle Corps participates in many activities and parades. With the roll of drums and the blare of bugles the D. 6' B. Corps furnishes music for almost any exhibition. The purpose of the R.O.T.C. is not to develop soldiers. Its purpose is to develop good citizens. DRUM 6. BUGLE CORPS First Row: Capt. Danta. Cdt. 2nd Lt. O'Malley. Cdt. lst Lt. Greene. Second Row: Cdt. Martin, Cdt. Valadez. Cdt. M!Sgt. St. Clair, Cdt. Zabilka, Cdt. Baker, Cdt. M!Sgt. Raddatz. Third Row: Cdt. Ross, Cdt. Bridge Water, Cdt. Maxa, Cdt. Williams. Cdt. Kimbrough. Fourth Row: Cdt. Burkett. Cdt. Wagle, Cdt. Heglar. Fifth Row: Cdt. Lee, Cdt. Cade. Cdt. Warpniarski, Cdt. Woods, Cdt. Bell. Cdt. Raddatz. RIFLE TEAM 5 IQQH W iw- mfi I 1 l r I l A I if 4 ff ' .f 'f 172 117,21 mm: 4 W VH Q, ,Q Ziff ffl: 'f -?,.,, I I' . '. f U . .7i' Q 1 lil. ff'.1!gl'!" 'f : ..1 ...A 7.4, ". ,ii : : ' ' I -- '.f'77'f'f7f7 J xx 7 f V, I if ' S U .' I IZHL- -I J .2 f' ' T , J J I 11 1 'v ' s ar- E 1 5- ' I I. I V ! P'.-Ajzlf ',..' J' S. bffeilflf First Row: Cdt. 2nd Lt. Clough, Cdt. lst Lt. Greene. Cdt. Sgt. Rose, Cdt. Sgt. Paull. Cdt. Bansley. Second How: Cdt. Laughead, Cdt. Sgt. Pakeltis, Cdt. Sgt. lc Wilborn. Cdt. Znd Lt. Glenday, Cdt. Doyce. Tilden is a champion in every field including that of music. Are you interested in singing with fellow students? If you are, join the Tilden Chorus. Participa- tion is barred to no one who is interested. Seniors sing with the Senior Chorus. The Iunior Chorus is open to all sophomores: the Freshmen Chorus is open to all freshmen. As one approaches our Choral Room, one may hear tunes being sung, hummed, or whistled by the Tilden Chorus. Here they put in the many hours of prac- tice necessary to produce beautiful melody. 6A Olnlflff Miss Mullen and her student pianists Verkade and Carchecli. The members of the Chorus perform at as- semblies throughout the school year. They take part in entertaining at P. T. A. programs and Open House. They also gave a concert in the early part of May called "Nite of Note". Their favorite song is "Cool Water". With an eye to the future, Chorus welcomes new members in the hope that music, well-sung, and real- ly appreciated will continue to give pleasure to Tilden's future audiences. SENIOR CHORUS First How: Hunt, DeYoung, McCor- mick, Vaulman, Turziak, Taylor, Solner, Farrington. Second How: Schwontkowski, Flagq. Zempich, Armon, Michaels, Hogo- zinski, Pakeltis. Third Row: Banchak, Urba, Letlcey Strepek. Paxton, Hestera, Lee Varnado. IUNIOR CHORUS First Row: Donato, Prendergast, Strehl. Hoskins, Michalski, Brazinsky, Porter, Clarke, Yanderbeck, Iackson, McNulty, Desbrou. Second How: Nunez, Gibbs. Williams. Lewis, Sutton, Vidmar, Lyskawa, Gil- more, Shores. Patterson. Hero. Breen. Yager, Jones, Hoard. Third How: lamiroz, Conda, Bock, Banks. Brann, Burke. Evans. Wilson, Simpson. At Piano: McKee, Officers: President Gibbs, Vice President Coe, Secretary Novak. Treasurer Bot- winski. OUR FAVORITE SELECTIONS "..'L.l Swing Low Sweet Chariot, Stout Hearted Men, Cool Water, Lucky Old Sun Whiffenpoof Song S O L O I S T S Soloists include Walter Anthonsen, Ioseph Banchak, Edward Bracher, Rudolph Dirr, Bertrand Ellis, Floyd Farrington, Iames Harris, Peter Pakeltis SENIOR CHORUS First Row: Dryier, Schwontkow- ski, Currin, Wagle, Poder, Frei- tag, Holubek, Harris. Second Row: Dirr, Palka, Mc- Manus, Dooley. Ellison, Londo, Kaminsky. Third Row: Anthonsen, Arends. Ellis, March, Howard, Bayer, Slater, Murphy, Petersen. 1' 'Mmm 53 i Qig 'YILD I fir IOE SZYM 60 CAMPUS LEADERS 1 at LEA i ex If-D A S 1 KILDE "Wi ., ? me E v- -' IX. 1 i 'C DONALD HYNES Cl b DAVID GREENE O T C L ANSKI BILL Wm ob'gf4f f'N AZN, gx A 3 33 TAL ,J MIKE "F" is OB HYNES BOB GLEASON C IF b SI ITM' I-A w J ISSN '55 12 QE L if -A 1, 7 .f-5 KENNETH OLEINIK Co-ed I th C dum A my J Q t t. LEO STROCK Captain ol Inn! B k lball T 'Ns FRED LOFFREDO C Uv Ln V INF lba1lT QI f F BANDEMIEH Ir lb QISDW S f R r Q K 1vXdg if XXI FRED PEARSON MF XXMW Phvzx aaa, fr ' NHHEUHQ MATKOVICH p In I k lb B mi we w ,V i 31 UR IOSEPH 1 S RALPH ZELMER ,rx mf'-3: '?' ROBERT GRENDA Captain ol Sonia T I 'I' BANK N ICO S MUSKIEBQICL 'so x ' , .A R fi -X E' ' 1 . x A I L "V f ' 1 A I L ' . 3 I A li f I ' I 5 ' r'-Q Q ZEN ' f -fa S' " - - ' ' I 1 , . IA ,IHA I I xx l' ' X: gg N ,-X 4.3 f W fx I I 1 , A -' A X 1 ' A D I 1 ' L- i .J QQ5: fl 5 Z- gi I I, K L Y , ,Q A 3 1 V- , I rg L - ,T - , I L m , I , A- 'IJ T T, T E r, ,I Q " ' s A 0 X - .4 - Q Q Captain oi Soccer Team T-K Demchcgipcgqn' Commando' President oi Honor u Co-captain ol CGPICIID Of WFUSIIIUG Team ' I ' A Senior Bas e aII Team , 1 r ' ' Thx 5 I Ilnfv- I lx fx x r A f ,f as F ,- I 7 1' I7 1' ' ' ' f . 1 . fix A X Z gl, IL-rjr 2 Q ,F - . 9.1, 9, . ,-1 1, F 1 I ' . 1' ' K xx f r , ,f f I A - ru V , 1. ,x ' . , T alll' f " -" ,,,, Lis-T' f I X I 'I ' nf ls. "W" 55 ' I9 , ,ei , L, 3 ,, 1 Edilorzi-rafclixiala ol - f Tilden ec ima: - i.J Co-ca ia o P rd t 1 I lg Senior Bas e all Team YQSI En U C550 e . u Capiuin ol Swimming Team If: A 14.1-1117: 'hw ' DW? If A . yr! r Ti' V Q 3 .--- ' 1 L. "A " IM., 'f ix A I 1'-I, f L I XX as , 7 x : K ff Q M f -X. ' 'L - ,I , 1"'i I fx- L gm' sw f- fx .2 J N I XI Wx' . ' - dl Q x " . f N-T CN, 1: 1' X, I Q' ! Q A U fri - T f X ' ' 'Wx' i 4 Q , r ,U If-K ' "A":'1 -,dh 45 5' ' : ,-LPN 1 ' ' ! ' 1, I 1 lb-if A'-"-' " gig:-:T 9 W QP -W :EY ., 1 , ,E I " ' .,,,, I 3 ,QQ -i- 'Y,I l H X' i Kp 3 I rac sam ' V--. 'x " I ' Q- A S F N N- uo' 0 0 Y fm Prnldonl o don und! H I' ol or as A sum Z, oo 'Gln X f i es rr it pl J? 5 ED Ldfgl O wwzonfi J QI'll0l" LUl5t0I'l:5 M I s s B A R R Y kl9WlCZ Iarka Eng Wltt Coler Secord Row Carlson Strock Neubeck Wastlevrch Krych Kolackx Sto k Frederrcks Zawcckl H111 Caval lone Mucha Thrrd Row Budzynskr Baldon Mrller Szostak Weglow skx Warner Arends Kovalcxk Zdgorskr Brexdmq Pudlo MISS CAPREZ Frrst Row Greene Alagna Zclgor Damelson Lew Crouse Invergo Kammskr Second Row Lreske Nolan Reardon Pamck Mrss Ca prez Zrelezmskr Thompson Dorrrs Logan Thrrd Row Glenday March Adamek Cook Ward Ca per Heberle Gleeson De Somer Stater f3 M ff 1131!-0 71..,Jf-CI3- SJMS MISS DUCKETT Frrst Row Kurzawa Sobczak Sudol Lyman Iucus Newcom Purcell Krsxelowskr Lxll Second How Vlamrs Gustafson Townsend Sregers Smuskrewrcz McKay Paras Greenberg Brcmkm Mxss Duckett Thxrd How Urso Frtzgrbbons I-Iorvath Schrexber Borda Cardxllx Bandemrer Brbeau Pegarsch Cepxcka Frtzqerald MISS FOGARTY Frst Row Brel Szymcmskr Adamow Nausedcr Stah lzrk Campbell Nowakcwskx Erhardt Mlhalkamn Second Row Gantt Pcrlenxk OConne1l Kroczka Nale way Kalamaras Kuczora Pawelczyk Groth Chan drck Thrrd How Frczmcevrch Arger Mrtchell Kantauskos Klernpaste Golab Kaczmarek Garqas Mazur Zel mer Iangelrs Horeysr Geddes, Wrlfmger .T I Q 2 X X X 5 'iqg aqx R Tifgl f ji S M' J 5-:jf ' 3? f 'Ste I " X . ES X X : C O O O First Row: Bachleda, Asta, Kaminski, Humphrey. Han- f I -A 0 1 1 J f, V UN enior iuiziiond MRS FRIEDMAN Frrst Row Mattalrano Hexde Frertag Zoller Newlm Maxa McCarthy Berg Se ond Row Kalata Haas OShea Krol Perettr Ta randy Mehrrng Ko mskr Falbo Clough Thzrd Row Carchedr La Barbera Mowatt Sroufek Iagrelskr Peacock Zuro Netols M Greal Rohloff DAR MILLER Frrst Row Maslan Kama Vanom Iucha Baver Torres Ianuhs Borrowdale Second Row Shrzas Hoop Smrth Szewczyk St Clarr Petrrzzo Thrrd Row Zagorskr Voll Plusk Gabrrel Clay Mm chuk Coombs Stanclk Mrentus MISS PLAEHN Frrst Row Myneckes Lanza Dow11ng Levens Zallxs Pearson Mother Lynd Zawackr Second Row Grxffm Wesley Trapam Dettloil Cegrel skr Mrss Plaehn Cybor Stand Radaszewskr Ogasa wara Neeb Thrrd Row Wrsmewskx Hestrotfer Orr Hynes Urbank Herdenrerch Bruzek Zrolkowskr Dombrowskr Sotrch Frelds Trchelar Lapmskx MHS REICHERT Frrst Row Watroba Hynes Oleynrk Wrtzke Welsh Kutcosky Rrce Arroyo dry Elston Adochro Woods Vasrlavskas T'urd Row Ulaskas Semwerth Voss Matkovrch Kaye Fedor Mmskr Ze vas Erler M TIMhdE F1rstHow Grrando Norton Escamrlla Srkler Tomasz kxewrcz Srdes Obrzut Stella Second How De Patre Selko Mlchaels Ruesmg Russ Werss hrrd How Porcaro Lretz Vrtek Lobranca Slaychert Baron Mecler Trovato ! ffl Second How: Watts. Cygan, Grisa. Mrs. Reichert, Lan- R " :v.'.-1 V ' . . :lu x ', ,nge-'. 1 . :bo , 1 1 lily? R' S el'll0l' lUlffl0flff JW MISS VERHOEVEN F1rstRow Waters Bozek Kozdemba Radz Weed Han acek Bonk Russell Second How Labuda Zawacl-rx Wxtkowskx Collxns Mestrovxc Lesmewsln Bokowskl Tomczyk Brudnak Moody Tews Thrrd Row McKmght Turner Cerceo Buyan O e shen Baader Masulxs Brna n Ollver WW LUQLOI' 6l0n5 Mlss BIRMINGHAM F1rstRow Burke Overall Galluzzo Pawelek Welck Iames Stankus Rogers Second Row Swlszcz Iankowskr Prokop Vasrlauskas Tornse Chesney Howard Stroz Thrrd Row Lusk Savenko Zupkus Kwllrnskl Nelgh Raddatz MISS FRANCIS Fzrst Row Weber Antczak Volland Flowers Bngando Ivaskevxcxus Skublszewskx D Dolenak Second Row De Pane Ianes Smetos Mxss Francxs Kolenda Melke Bezak Thzrd Row Wahczek R Dolenak Iacob Bromley Lum sarqls Sldabras Kuplec Vondrasek MRS GARAS Frrst How Donahue Samas Marotta Maratea Orozco Pxenta Canmo Kommsky Rogodzmskl Se ond Row Davls Wroblewskn L1nowsk1 Robxnson Mrs Garas Parchem Alroth Moore Wolf Thrrd Row Bohannan Bruslch Dapser Gllbert De ceault Brazlunas Bertrand Grobmexer Zxvalrch Phxl hps Bucxak M R G O R A N S O N Frrst How Blechl Cascxo Ford Goworowskl Kawkes Wolff Slyder Second Row Smlth Carll Flscella Fedor Mr Goran son Srrbnke Wagner Forberg Chxolak f J K1 0 o o o .J I ' fl " 45 ' fy. f 1 ' r, K . 1 f' ' 3 I f o o o o bors. Banasiak, Anthonsen, F. Raddatz, Bokowski, L LUILOI' lUl5l0Ifl:5 M IS s K E L L E R Frrst Row Rovenunr Calderon March Icxro kr Man kovuskr Prrce Szumal Goreckr Second Row Paull Hocher Mss Keller Nestelberger Ollllalley Owens Mayczek Arnett Buttzce Thrrd How Harrmgton Mejdrxch Krause Kozrclu Penn Lepczynskr Hmkens Hans Dyb cz MR MCNAB Frrs! How Tully Murray Iohnston Enrrquez Fitzgerald Iansky Vanacora Second How Weyh Klein Yalla Mr McNab MR MOHLER Frrst Row Conley Kelley Bartolotta Dow Clancy Semmara Knytych Second Row Vonderherde Iurrch La Prame Laprnskx Massaro Mr Mohler Thrrd How Iamcke Mxller Kassautskr Botwmskx Kleta Lapmskas McNe1l Balchrtrs MRS O MARA First How Kutchek Tomalxs Shaulxs Lanqosch Lenz Prrce Bell Klrr Second Row Iungman Olkxewrcz Panansr Heugel enskr Thrrd Row Smrth Fechtner Pekank Szymczak Vxvoda Rogers Srebel Olesen Campbell Dlrr MISS PUDER F1rstHow Gutrerrez Lynch Hayes Flynn Mezanskx Abram Bruno Donovan Second Row Wrllrams Ferrrll Loffredo Prredrqkert Glerut Wagner Mlss Pucier Dasbach Gurevltz Hen derson Thrro How Devero Soldat Rusco Slllch Zwrer Gran kowsk Cooper Marasovnch Gorskr Iackson I ,ff J O O O O Hoefler, Mrs. O'Mara. De Frank, Staal, Driscoll, Boch- ' ll l'l mg 7? Weef Joe flfclm When Ioe Tilden enters the building before eight o'clock and until he leaves it, which may be anytime from two forty-five to six o'clock, he embarks on another day of scholastic learning with its rigid program schedule to follow and some activities mixed in to make school life more pleasant. Here he associates with his buddies and makes plans for spending the next free hours or days. Many lasting friendships have been started at Tilden and continue through the years. After school, he may utilize his time preparing for the next day or out with the fellows, but when he awakens the next morning, he begins anew a systematic, yet diversified, day at Tilden. ixf ' Y i i N Lxiwf' V 0 :X 29? ii 1 ,gm J H f if Q A -Q. Bk-filly 9 X Q j f Q 7 Q05 7 wiv Q J Ig? ll' . , , . :rw -ry! l X Nj ,Sw I-fi.: '9 9' 0026 ,.-f" I -,ffl EW uffafifkgmw Q " RQ 3 'X , A 3h 5 qg65X f M Q4 7 I ,XX 4 '56 6 C S f 517155 vga fx L? mf, if Q, AJ QA 12 3 3 lg Rf, Sf gf, f' F31 If WWQ QW Lfdhggag fx I Q fm Q I' f' NEW! x I 'lp raqqgef 9 IWW? f V 1 N ff W ibm 'V "' W., fifmwi If U mu" WW M1 0 K V99 7 IU XXX 7 - X Ml N x E. 5 S O S 1' E s 'url 'mn ? 3 X . ., 4 Q 1 W- gg . ,, 7 L, 0 . 4- f V -V Y Q A rr E Q -5- I: tam" - A ' . 0 N ff A 9 12 fqfb v . ' : 0 ' , ' . 2 fl , E? fix? 5 ' u ff w s -, Q WI x fa f I ' A " ' x , I 5 , , iz x 4 mv if ,M 4 55. El In wa! W E 2 on if W 4 u Il, I Z Q M in , f , ' " f96 N I ' 51" G E x ' " ' ff' x ' w 0, ?,i57.? Q N Q fi ,.-1 f U -J - -. 1 f-E g" ' ', 5. GX: 2,S'l'?0 NWZCQ , jx - ? f 2 L f - .AQ -K .-,QA bn A A Q x 0 7,10 ey, ex ,KW ,X 4 15 ,fa 5 W "' 1 " -SJ hw-M . 4 yf f ' G -7' 4 .1 4 A 05, N , I fl I , Q 5 - ffk 3 2 A , , J 'Z-.:.-' E ' 85 U g 'LQ' X 5 5 . 3 -,F ,X Q f- - 1 ' ,ft JE 9 E ..: ' If I H.. -' .MW A 'Y AM,, ,,,,, .,,.,.. 'I V . ' ,HI gg. zffqwe' Vi ., .. , . . .-.. . - , h , , - -'- X' . 4 I. nb " ' . . ---- Q Flu mlllul - 0 1 i 5' ul 1 I if Q. L --L' !7 6' W ' J W ,I ,H NHUM -- vb-. QQQ 1 11" fm 'iii 4 ' 47593 1 - ,aye F928 5 X 1 "' , 1' w- WT' l.'m:"""' - fm,- ,,--ua M- .AU 5 'f."'1" i" fx-:fin X'-Q -x W ' fly 'ad 0 -tcwffz' .A X X ' 0' 4 'i B flflf, '4 N , M' 4 Z5 ' "' ' ' W' I .. N 5 ' H . l,U'lt0l' tUtdl0l'l:5 M R R U M M E: L F1rstRow Stankus Wells Krajewskr Smlth Iackson Banovrc Yazumbek Drxon Seconc Row Paluh Westwater Schrll M Rumml Petrulrs Hooks Belcher TI-md Row Peters Marrch Chappell Savage Curda Hermg K Werss D Werss Olson MR STRAKA Frrsl Row Paulrus Petone Bandrrnga Angelo She reyk Gralewskn Przybylskx Nerdel Second How Pavlak Robertson Soukup Halewskr rsler Chmela Hauser Schuerg MISS SWENSON Frist Row Keatrng Bylrna Delao Mrka Polhlopek Roknrch Grankowskl Kraft Se ond Row Drozd Lmdsay Bockelman Albrecht Sadeclcl Mlss Swenson Cooper Kujawa Kozak Thrrd How Wrllrams Guerrera Kozlowskr Scott Grrg rskl Smacrarz Prenhos Pretrus Leverence McKnrgh MR WALTERS F1rstRow Bednarczyk Pacourek Rak Vasrlausl-cas Urba Cwrok Stych Larson Second Row Helfert Strepek Shanley Krueger Smrth Mr Walters Hoppe Hansen Dlutkowslu Srmonaxtrs Raczak Swrszcz Thrrd Row Lavrmovrch Kachele Wler Paxton Niall varka Spalla Zych Smder Sparkrewrcz Vrlerkrs MRS WOESSNER Frist Row Wrsmewskr Trester Hood Suchetka Wag ner Ialowrec Dewyer Hassan Sanfrlllpp Seco'1dHow Dawson Warchol Thomas Smrth Yamrch Harrrngton Kors Wrllrams Vobornrk Zrska Thrrd Row Skowronek Dzxedztc Santuccr Stancrk Llubrcrch Krrkxlas Gellatly Novak Barnett Iohnson Mason O O Ol . ' : 'c, , ', r. e . Sh', , , . F D , 1 1 1 1 1 4- . : . l. . ,...'. ' : ", ,,. .r '- . 30,9 0l'l'l0l'0 lUlf5l0l'l5 MISS ARNESEN Frrst Row Makuch Naslatka Whmte Wrederhold Bun nell Kroczka Trend Nxezabrtowskr Se ond How Stalzer Peloso Halper Stephens Lander os Carver Radzrwonowrcz Neander Hoge OEr1en Thzrd Row Orn Drzewreckr Inman Iohnson Trenda Varnado Cuchrara Rycyzyn Iendrysrk Krrby Flana gan MISS BOND Fzrst Row Goslrnowskr Zabrlka Wagle Drrscoll Trezek Ball Acas Hoop Second Row Reed Pappas Martmovrch Gombos Iohn son Mrss Bond Trpton Goncrarczyk Almcrn Gordon Wxllrams Thrrd Row Iackson Alksms Erber Hawksworth Thom as Webb Iames Wrrght W bb Iullus Hawrysz Gust Wasrelewskr MR BRODERICK Frrs! Row Evancho W1lkOWSkl Urzendowskr McKenna Konkol Wrrtschoreck Kudla Ianowskr Olrufttr Second Row Wlascmskr Dryrer Schwontkowskr Kow alske Tomastewskr Mr Broden k Fahy Kasper Vaul man Adams Turzrak Thrrd Row Schob rt Grabowskr Szczepkowskx Berny Polka Va cmlzs Drcbeh Gokervrlle W1llPSkl Wuscrk Bush MR BURNS kalskr Bartels Remke Scott Se ond Row Iackson Randall Presley Trust Skonesy Mr Burns Pucrlow kr Corso Burnett R Smtrh W Bukalskx Thrrd Row Carson Cummmgs Nordqurst Iuchcr N1 cholas Bellr Koch Nrelsen I Smrth Yager MISS CLANCY Frrsl Row McBa1n Lrverrs Tullls Rea Kozrckx Mur phy Dxxon Stancnk Coleman Seco d Row Sabella Geyer Iamreson Sparks A trony Mlss Clancy Ralston Chambers Schmrdt Hen ley Ramey Thrrd Row Kenner Straughter Stanevrch Moderow Teed Prernmger Wordg Werner Marosovlch Nor cartx Pmckney Kelly First How: Meike, Michard, Desbrow, McNulty, I. Eu zz : , , ' , , n 'ill' ' -. x ' '-lm 1 l . '1 --fs . I9 OITLOPQ LULJLOILJ M R s c R A M I-: R r1rstRovo Roman Heller Srmon Mrller Travrs Wem berg Donovan Labuda Second Row Loue Bakovxch Lessner McCue Golab Taylor Mlchaels Gaskm Wegrowskx Ventrrce Lubas Tmrd How Kunst Boltz L1hOSlf Pmta Evans Waters l'lravca Ccnunz McKee Kulpms MRS FISCHER Fri Row Tryban Flynn Workowskr Caruso Brown lee Sparkxewrcz Gasl-ra Garvey cond How Iedlowskr Farnngton B rtuccr Franks Pawlowskr Hambnc Kearns Krmbrouqh Kucharskr Kelbus Harvey Thzrd Row Gallas Wantroba Sweda Maksmowrcz Loprestz Waleryszak Zmsky Blatter Baca Brooks Foulkes MR INDTCHKIN Wrllnams Second How Colby Dahl Smrth Mr Hotchkm Matuzos Purnell Garcra Thrd How Ellrson Knavz Muldrow Iagrelskr Mess lem Ellrs Cczrrmgton Eubank Bergeron MR ISBANER Frrst Row Brrcker Boreman Wrlllams Venegas Eaves Wenzel Banks Se ond Row Kmght Paulsen Deppert Kartman Mr Isbaner Crger Iust Hebert Potockl Huscher Thzrd Row Bergman Nevrlle R Wlllldms Young Hol loway Clark Somers Bawks Krzyzanskl MISS KRITZER Fzrs Row Bell Burroughs Gerhardt Clement Barnum Schuh Franzen Boyer Second Row Tlnelmcmn Aldrlch Gaedele Mlss Kntzer zer Bowman McLa1n Carter Colbacchlm Thzrd Row Banas Patterson Scruggs Gordon La Bar bera Olrferczyk Mazza Arnold Campbell 'Q . . . H , .., ' I , , A . i 5 : , . '. . - Se : '. ' . 9 '. First How: Imala, Iohnson, Toole, Lawson, Bukiri. Iones, 'r : ' . , . A '. - ' I : , , . . . 3 I0 0l'l'l0l'Q lUlffl0lfl5 MR KULIECKE F1rstRow Brown Long Burkett Kruprnsl-n Currre 't tle Btshop Gm Secona Row Cosler Clark Lee Eve Mr Kulrecke Lash Pazda Ltnkowskt Osysko Thzrd Row Holmes Prttel Tokarz Banks Berman Smtth Love Grgnac Brllrch Herman Turner MR McERLEAN Fzrst How Mannmg Stagowskl Gomolka Hynes Woodson Wrlhams Malloy Second Row Stuparrtz Lmdsey Dean Mr McErlean Rob rson Boyd Cole Thrrd Row Fletcher Sosnowskr Sowacke Haag Kuhl Bennet Mclnerney Lloyd Vrtek MR PARKHILL Frrst Row Slaughter WltkOWSk1 Ford Chrxstopoulos Doran Volk McGovern Larson Garner Vuczc Pyzyna Thrrd Row Wrrght Wrlson Murphy Kocher Howard Chmrelewskr Torkelson Hunt Walker PFIST Ftrs! Row Arclerr Blasco Kordell Wrrqht Lxndsey Madra Lewgard Second How Arevalo Warner Morrrson Kufiell Mrld ner Denrke Thzrd Row Campbell Martm Kohut Bryant Sarna Laughead Howard Mornll M REM Ftrs! Row Steiamak Yarberry Kmxec Egan Lewan dowskt Stock Iaqrello Merrrweather Second Row Boqe "1acopell1 Logan Mr Helm Con torno Zvrtkovrts Becker Kaczmarek Thrrd Row Lullo Gawron Krrkrlas Schaeier DeVr1es Frost Formas Zacker Brennan H111 0 ' 5 , , , ' ', ' , ..i Second Row: Stark, Hall, Bisiules, Mr. Pczrkhill, Brown M R . E R R . I I9 0I'Yl0l'0 LUl:5l0l'lr5 MR RUDNER Frrst How Me chor Bordeaux OConnell Cremer Penn Lxlly Mncamr Se ond Row Clarke Dlal Larrrev Mr Hudner Varnet Gcwron rhrrd Rouv Lxghtfoot Morrxson Tresd Gwozlreskr urzych Sangpeal Beymer Spusta MR SMOLER F1rstRow Zrrm Stachowskl Alleruzzo Dzlallo Brenza o nell Verkade Luckman Secona Pow Gard ner Grodesky Guzdzrol McMaster Long Claussen Halm OMalley Felrszak Lawrence Popp Thrrd Row Conrad Weller Kledzrk Martm Fuhry Cxchorskn Glsbs Loyd Yelaska Ladewskr Breen MRS STANTON Frrst Row Ward Blackwell Vanderbeck Knapp Swartz Andrews Iohnson Rohodfox Second Row Wrobel Wxck Flood Abrams Swanberg West Wehrle Artmo Th1rdRow Malene Yelen Trybek Sales Parks Uraskx Gervals Brock Romanoesky MR WOLF F1rstRow Plush Kantowskr Allen Elleqood Broderrck WGlpX11GYSkl Second Row Palmxsano Frenzel Mr Wolf Gaydos Santoro Trovato Thrrd How Carson Mroz Dzredzxc Srmmons Raszm skr Wragq Haughom F055 I'l'l6ll'l lUL5l0fl6 MR BALLOU rust Row Brenmark Gxerut Iharra Hennecke Conda Glenn Wersmann Rose Second Row Nowak Garry Frene Fxsher Mr Ballou Nremrec Harrrs Frene Cotter Gross 0 L A O I l : l , , ' , , F . , , A , . G s , , . Stevens, Vukas. A l I O red WLCU1 lUl:5l0I1:5 M 1 s s B o H M A N Frrst Row Crmmo Von Thaden Stuart Zaglotray Frank Montgomery Rubenstem OShea Garvey Second Row Brandon Wetzel Long Pegarsch Nale way Mrss Bohman Lyskawa Augustynrnk Hosrne Egan Mrller Thrrd Row Rosrnskr Zurawskx Lamb Speck Stahl Cummmg Glascock Elgenbauer Mrglrerr Glowrckr MR BURGCHARDT F1rstRow Unterberger Blake Harenza Barthel D browskr Ishrno Gust hresrl Herlbrunn Second Row De Frres Franz Martyka Young Flam mlm Mr Burgchardt Smalley Byrne Wallace Currm Thrrd How Anderso1 Gorskr Bludgen Andrews Kop czynskr Martmec Velonk Gallagher Rohde Peters MRS FITZGERALD Frrst How Saele Manka Ryan Carr Ideus Wolf Alroto Bronakowskr Poska Second Row Swratkowskr Aceuedo England Rrskus Mrs Frtzgerald Mac Carthy Hrldebrant Ulbas Axberg Thrrd Row Krrsxk Myslmskr Rahoy Mrloslavxch Wx luhs Munroe Zagorskr Enckson Kulpms Robrnson MISS HUBLER F1rstRow Cox Rxce Brors Urban Iacohs Bachleda Rakowskx Ewonartrs Second Row Davrs McClay Woodard Graff Mrss Hubler Keys Kwrotkow kr Neubauer Varsvll Iohn son Thrrd Row Meagher Kelly Wrllrams Swrgart McCul laugh Dumont Kapror Paukner Pacheco Banasrak MRS KOLARITS Frrst Row Kotarac Smclarr Martello Lascola Schll lacr Wendlmg Dawson Donehue Second How Fuller Harms Infantmo Strasser Cygan Mrs Kolarxts Green Anderson Wah zek OBnen Gomez Tnrrd How Bowman Zwoll Bronkala Troy Smrth Bradtke McManus Wylezrk Londo Barnes ff? e y o f IIJI 5 ' I A b .-of . red man uftdtonb Miss LAWLER Frrst Row Marzano Zemansln McClellan Sheehan Walskl Frelds Knebel R Mrchaels Secona How Burgm Teasley Bronskr Novak Keenan Mxss Lawler Matker Crane I Mrchaels Wohler Prerzynskt Thzrd Pow Tamprer Stonchus Lloyd La Fountam Davls Abernathy Kalxckl Trybek Smnth Grrfhn MR MCDADE F1ISfHOW Scott Reklams Pl1s1c Raebzg Ixoga Holu bek West Iansen Second How Sanfratello Bxbeau Wxllzams Baron Troe mel RGSIGVICIUS Cole Gonzales Zemplch Klawxter Gustafson Abrams Tlurd Row Menzxe Thompson Chowamec Clopton Baumgartner Iezrdlla Goodrxch Ollver lareckx Petrancosta MR O CONNOR Cade Neuman Woydyla Second Row Leavell Paqe OMeara Grossenbacher Goqms Poder Walskx Wagner Thrrd How Hysny Shortall Rosemare Gnles Horst Kmg Wheeler lung Lowery Douglas M SS SEITZ F1rstRow Byrnes Whxte McClmton Murphy Tabas clo Manfre Wells Glrmusko Second How Seddens Stanczyk Vastlakrs Malovan Cephus Koller Norman Goodson lhzrd Row Dmovo Blum G1nkel Orlmskr Ruzevlch Scott Nykaza Allen Iones Ferguson MR STEVEN Fzrst Flow Heed Mazur Blexer Ryan Ea na Sxmpson Tascone ODonnell Second Row Volcak Fmley Mr Steven Brumtreld Ware Thud Row Kmq Cech Carstens Steven on Hogan Matthews Iones Pradke First How: Ziblis, Heim, Chaplick, Bernard, Larrieu, I P815 IVLCUQ LULJLOIIJ M s TIE G E L Y Frrst Row Donato Nowrckr Dunk Anderson Hallen Barlhkewerz Prendergast Volpe Second Row Lewrs Iones Heller P tschull Mr Sterge ly Webb Kurzwerl Lambert Kachele Compton Tl' rd Row Okoskey Porter Goncrarczyk Burke Maj ka Cowden Wrlk Whrt Montag Prpka Hallem MR WHYTE Frrst How Rancatore Iams Eaur Coorc Lmcsey Dusrk Calhoun Dreyer S cond How Forte Babrch Mr Whyte Petty Rubel hofer Gavm Thrrd Row Drmrtt Vereecke Turrtse Cattledge Splaw skr Laurence Collrns Barkhoff MRS WITT Ftrs Row Lrverr Blackstone Callrs Grey Wayne lohnson F Wrllrams Bateman Iamroz Geary Zrvalrch Hunt Wmter Rrdener Mrcele Gracz Grey Forey Thrrd Row Glapron Cameron Webb Armon Manasek Vaclavek McKay Tu ker Serovy DeYou'1g Sobol Portway MR WOERNER F1IstRow Frfer Valevrcrus Shrupsha Garreau Maw sacal Salusky Ward Buckly Second Row Prerksa Beaster De:-Francxsco Mr Woer ner Esposrto Budrrck Case Gerace Thrrd Row Ballew Kamarauskas Tandarrc West Harper Brasher Iuskrewrcz Nabazas Tamguchx Kamarauskas MR WOLGEMUTH Frst How Moore Murphy Hayworth Sutton Braun Baru rak Iones McKrnney Second How Vrtale Carroll Kamba Hall Ellis Cullr van Shores Swrszcz Iohnson Korneckr Crook Scan lon Thrrd Row Mayerczyk Berent Barnes Young Schubert Scchackr Peters Hrchard Sullrvan Stephan Poqor selskr s O O O R . , - ' A ' ' I C I I ' . . Q . , . . . . , A , .R . Second Row: Brown, M. Williams, Viramontes, Ziganto, 1 s' , , ' . Saoria ardify joofgaf Cerceo goes around right end and eludes Schurz tacklers in a Semi-Finals at Soldier's Field. Sabatini breaks through the line and cuts into the clear in the Schurz game. 0 First How: Coach Hicks, Con- roy. Stater, Fundarek, Loifre- do, Hoop, Alroth, Tkaczyk. Michaels, Fitzgerald, Coach Harvey. Second Row: Mr. Lakemacher, Campbell, Cerceo, Coleman. Matthews, Smuskiewicz, Co- Captains Bartkiewicz and Lu- cas, Hied, Glenday. Third Row: Weglowski, Gleeson, Spalla, Tarandy, Fisher, Slaj- chert, Kanvert, Iagielski, Saba- tini. Iangelis, Panick. Fourth Row: Heieli, March, Nie- miec, Casper, Peacock, Gibbs. Grundberg, Panarisi, Marback, Eubank, Kovalcik. The 1949 Blue Devils were as successful as Coaches Harvey and Hicks could possibly hope. Beginning with a tough C.V.S. team for a practice game, they scored a 21-20 victory, thanks to Henry Marbach's educated toe which made such a fine showing throughout the year. In the first league game, Gage Park was trounced 39-B. Next came Kelly, an easy foe, taken 38-0. The team was making strong bids for the Prep Bowl. DuSable also offered little opposition, bowing to defeat 39-0. The march of the Blue Devils had started. The squad was really making gains as the season sped. Englewood lost 41-O. Tilden was pledged to defeat Lindblom, the defending Public Champions, and to take vengeance for last year's loss. They fulfilled their pledge, scoring a 31-6 victory against Lindblom. At the close of the season Farragut tumbled to a 56-13 defeat. This entitled Phillips and Tilden to share honors in the Central Section. Tilden played Lane as a section play-off game, and handed them a 27-19 defeat. This victory brought our team to Soldiers' Field where power- ful Schurz gave us our first taste of defeat, outscoring us 19-6. The team consisted of splendid backs: Co-captain lohn Bartkiewicz thrilled the crowd with his great running and pass-catching ability. Fullback Frank Sabatini led the team in scoring, and picked up yardage every time he took the ball. Left Half Ray Coleman did most of the team's punting and played a great game defensively. Right Half Tom Cerceo was a good runner and a splendid passer. SCOREBOARD Tilden 39 . Gage Park 6 Tilden 38 - Kelly 0 Tilden 39 DuSable 0 Tilden 41 - Englewood 0 Tilden 31 Lindblom 6 Tilden 56 Farragut 13 P L A Y O F F S Tilden 27 - Lane 19 Tilden 6 - Schurz 19 Total Tilden 277 Opponents 63 J V A R S I T Y F O O T B A L L LARRY SLAICHERT Center STANLEY LUCAS Guard IOHN KANVERT Tackle GERALD TKACZYK Guard ARTHUR GRUNDBERG End HARRY IAGIELSKI Tackle Sabatini breaks through the line. EDWARD MATTHEWS End IOHN BARTKIEWICZ Quarterback FRANK SABATINI Fullback RAYMOND COLEMAN Halfback THOMAS CERCEO Haltback FOOTBALL '38 S Www Snusmiwvrl In the hne there were such top flrght players as Center Lawrence Slajchert who was one of the best 1n the section At Rrght Guard was Gerald Tkaczyk who was one of the smallest guards 1D the c1ty Co-captam Bud Lucas played Left Guard and desplte heavy mjunes 1nsp1red the team wrth h1s hard work Harry Iagrelskl Left Tackle and Iohn Kanvert Rrght Tackle were de pendable 1n both defensrve and oftenslve play At Ends Ed Matthews Art Grundberg and Ed Iangehs were credned wrth many tackles due to then speed gomg down held and thelr marvelous pass catchlng abxhty The squad of 1950 IS lookmg forward to an even more successful year Quarterback Fred Loffredo and Center Bob Gleeson were chosen as Co captams for the 1950 season Of the twenty four players retumlng next season nmeteen are Lettermen Tllden blockers pave the way for Cerceo m the Dunbar game Surrounded by Schurz players Coleman reverses hs ield fm.. "" 78 gp SOPH FOOTBALL First Row: Coach, Barbaro, Lenz, Wa lerzch, Francis, Vitek, Swartz, Kudlup Conroy. Second How: Heugel, Bean, Peterson, Mig lieri, Sales, Sinclair, Zych, Distasio. Third Row: Ritymuth, Hawksworth, Klein Dimoglis, Soukup, Kolniak, Beymer. To- koch, Ryskie, Wujcik. Fourth Row: Scott, Lapinskas. Hering Wateryzak, Frost, Shisler, Parks. CH EER SQUAD First How: Urba. Captain Driscoll, Strepik Second How: Weiss. Chesney. S C O R E B O A R D QP 00t a, Tilden 12 - Lindblom 6 Tilden 19 Harrison 0 Rugged physical conditioning and extensive drill enabled our Eien 22 Prizvljg 23 T1 . . . fledgling Blue Devils to tally an impressive string of victories this season. A T21 din 12 Bowen 0 hard-driving squad sparked by the spectacular broken field running of the Tilden 12 Monon 5 backs, combined to give victory to the sophomores in all but two of the twelve Tilden 13 . Austin 6 games played. This splendid record attests to the fine training they have re- Tllden 13 ' Ml- Camel 5 ceived in preparation for their future endeavors in the big league of varsity ga Gignedgiic S football. Tilden's football tradition is firmly held in the hands of these capable Tilden 13 - 1,-anger 0 lads. Total Tilden 133 Opponents 63 881' 65110 Leaders . . . Yes, there must be leaders in every phase of life, social, scholastic, and athletic. Tilden has them! Our blue and gold cheer- leaders awaken the sport fever in every true Tildenite whenever they meet for athletic events. A touchdown . . . a basket . . . what a deafening roar!! Who else but these high-spirited lads with the help of their fellow students could show such enthusiasm, such endurance! The outcome of a game may depend on the steady rhythmic beat of the cheerleader's yells. On to victory, TILDEN! Follow in the foosteps of our leaders! SENIOR BASKETBALL First How: Berny, Aharn. Hawryz, Sarna, Vitek. DeCeault, Kuhl. Coach Postl, Peters, Guerrera. Second Row: Dombrow- ski, Glaza, Lumsargis. Co-Captain Bandemier, Kehoe, Kerr, Thullen, Bruzek, Grundberg. Co- Captain Matkovich, Her- kel. Dlutkowski, ' .Wifi Ziff' . Q., rjkflj 11 iq in 1- enior Eafefgaf During the past season the Tilden Tech Senior Basketball Team held an overwhelming record of victories. Four of these contests were accounted for at the Centralia Tournament. A strong Tilden team went downstate determined to take the tournament and that was just what they did. Tilden sparked by Kerr with teamwork oi Grundberg, De Ceault and Co-captains Bandemier and Matkovich brushed aside opponents with ease. Dur- ing this tournament, Iohn Kerr put his name into the record books by scoring 103 points in four games for a new tour- nament record. Clitt DeCeault and Bill Bandemier, Tildens lirst string guards, sparked the team to the city championship. The Bulletin Board was the center ot interest all season. SCOREBOARD Tilden 75 - A Kelly 21 Tilden 64 Dunbar 46 Tilden 66 Farragut 36 Tilden 75 - Englewood 50 Tilden 88 DuSable 34 Tilden 46 Phillips 63 Tilden 66 Lindblom 48 Tilden 48 Harrison 45 Tilden 81 - Gage Park 41 PLAYOFFS Tilden 66 - Von Steuben 32 QUARTER FINAL Tilden 54 - - Schurz 45 SEMI-FINAL Tilden 44 - - Senn 41 CHICAGO PUBLIC CHAMPIONSHIP Tilden 45 - - C.V.S. 35 CHICAGO CITY CHAMPIONSHIP Tilden 41 . - Fenwick 54 STATE TOURNAMENT Sterling 35 Tilden 46 - - Tilden 50 - - Elgin 59 f-Q 1 A ..v 1 -,v"' 14- -gan- . ...- Tilden's Matkovich drives in for a shot Coflch P0511 'CWS 'he 59U50U Ovef in the Englewood Game. Tilden's Basketball team was recognized by all schools as one of the best in the state. As the City League began Tilden met up with Kelly and had no trouble beating them. Other schools Tilden ousted were Dunbar, Farragut, Englewood, and Du Sable. In the mean- time Ti1den's team was greatly weakened by February graduation, as team mates saw Kerr and Grundberg graduate, while Matkovich be- came ineligible. But this did not stop our team for filling their positions ably were Kehoe, Thullen, Lumsargis, and Herkle. an They went on to tie Central Section and entered the play- offs. In the first victory they defeated Von Steuben. Soon after, the quarter-finals came in which they met Schurz and eliminated them. Senn became the third victim of the Blue Devils in the playoffs. Then came the finals, when they were opposed by a strong Vocational squad which they brushed aside to reclaim the city title. By doing so they represented Chicago in the Illinois Sweet Sixteen Tournament. In the Tournament at Champaign, Tilden defeated Sterling, their first opponent. Next Tilden met up with Elgin and were downed, preventing our team from further competition in the tournament. We are proud of their fine showing throughout the season. with players Grundberg, Kerr and Matkovich. unior Zgafefgaf If we total the athletic ability of five boys, namely: Forwards Leo Strock and Len Rogozinski, Center Bill Palka and Guards Bob Lyman and Frank Chico, we have Tilden Tech's Iunior Basketball Team. They won five out of nine league games. Losing their first three games to Kelly, Dunbar and Farragut got them off to a shaky start, but they put fine play and sportsmanship together and the team started to move. Trouncing Englewood, DuSable, and Phillips, the Gold and Blue Five balanced up their record. The Techmen, trying to finish the league season without another defeat, had their plans upset when Lindblorn, in a hotly-contested battle, came out on top. The Tech Hoopers, under Captain Leo Strock, were not discouraged and finished their season by out-scoring Harrison and Gage Park, giving Tilden a record of five wins and tour losses. After ending league play, the Techmen engaged Waller in the City League Playoffs, which they lost by a score of 47 to 46. Coach Salario is looking for an even better record next season. With some outstanding players returning like Palka, Chico, Warner, Kominsky, Galey, Banovic, and many new prospects, the hope for next season is to be a winner. IUNIOR BASKETBALL First Row: Kortz, Harlow, Kadlub, Purcell, Chico, Coach Salario. Second How: Garry, Evens, Lyman, Kominsky, Captain Strock, Krajewski. Third Row: Clancy, Palka, Warner, Galey, Iungman, Banovic, Somers. SCOREBOARD Tilden 36 Tilden 46 Tilden 49 Tilden 60 Tilden 64 Tilden 59 Tilden 50 Tilden 36 Tilden 64 Tilden 46 - - Kelly Dunbar Farragut Englewood DuSab1e Phillips Lindblom Harrison Gage Park PLAYOFF . - Waller Battling for the rebound are Rogozinski and Kortz in a game against Saint Patrick's. Strock and Banovic block the way for a Kelly player. Palka tips the ball towards the basket as Rogozinski and Strock await rebound in the Englewood game. Barelaf A swrshmg sound IS heard as the mrghty p1tch1ng arms of Ierry jones and Ed Ia1ow1ec Whlp the ball past the opposmg batters Stnke three booms the umplre as the ball burrows 1nto Lou1s Buttrce s catcher s mltt The 1nf1e1d conslsts of Larry Iungman at thmrd Tom Sarna our outstandlng short stop Ioe Sparkrewxcz at second and M11-re Cardrlh who holds down hrst base Outfrelders Ioe Pudlo Ierry Zagor and erther Iones or Ialo w1ec wart patlently for an occaslonal flyball Reserve players on the team are Ed Suchetka Robert Novak B111 Palka Leo Dz1edz1c Iohn Bylak V1ncentLabarbera Ioe B1el and Bob Herkel Last season Ialow1ec prtched a no h1tter agamst Englewood The team chmaxed the season w1th a record of 20 wms and 3 losses After rompmg through the Central Sectlon they suffered a 2 to 0 defeat to Taft rn the Clty flnals last Iune at Comxskey Park Ll!LI'l'll'I'lll'lg Splashmg and churnmg the water Tlldens swrmmers small 1n tumouts and much to be deslred 1n qualrty placed frfth w1th a total of ten po1nts 1n the State Champ1onsh1p Meet Leadrng the sw1mm1ng team th1s year were Don We1nert Robert Vaclavak and Robert Hynes who competed m the State Charnpxonshrps at New Tr1er Hrgh rn Wlnnetka 1n March There were 335 schools and about 560 swxmmers competmg Captam Robert Hynes and Robert Vaclavak a lA competed 1n the 100 yard breast stroke Hynes broke the state record and swam the d1SlCXI1Ce rn 1 04 0 Vaclavak a fme T1lden swlm mer m1ssed as a qua11f1er by a mall margln m t1me Robert Hynes was crowned the state champlon breast stroke swlmmer In the 1949 Spnng twenty f1ve yard Pool Champlonshrps Hynes won the 100 yard breast stroke contest w1th the t1me of 1 06 2 In the flnals m the Wlnter twenty yard Pool Champlonshlps he retatned th1s t1tle w1th the t1me of 1 09 0 Our splendxd medley relay team captured fourth place m the State Frnals The team was composed of Don We1nert back stroker Robert Hynes breast stroker and Robert Vaclavak a free style swlmmer All T1lden s entnes were presented w1th medals for the1r achrevements The followrng members of the team are showlng great competrtrve sp1r1t and a wrlhngness to work, namely Bagguley, Prybylskx Skoya, Metke, Hynes, Wmdsay, Kam1nsk1, McMaster, Dzrallo, Taylor, Yelaska and Mrchaels To achteve the champ1onsh1p techmque requlres long hours of practrce Wlth th1s 1n mmd the team ts anxlously tra1n1ng for the commg season I UYILDEN l ff r, sxlfwncz www Q 1' A EB. A Qt Ll? f . I . I . . 1 . . H l H ' N 1 VV I I . 1 !V,, Q ln is Q p . . . . ' .. ' r92P5Rt' ff . I . - X ff I . . . ' . I . I alll ll f 'tl 1, J 't ll X ' , ' ', , ' , ' , . ,, Jul, A 4 . 41, Mag ma 9 . . . O I Q, ll . f .... f y 0. - . . Z ' ' - . H X . . X C BASEBALL TEAM In Foreqround: Coach Postl shows batting technique. First Row: Sarna, Zagor. Jones, But- tice, Ialowiec, Captain Cardilli. Second Row: Manager Luckman, Wier, Dziedzic, Sparkiewicz, Her- kel, Pudlo, Iungman. Managers Farina and Gin. IUNIOR SWIM TEAM First Row: Dziczllo, Majarcak, E. Hynes, Kamiski, Harris. Sceond How: Reed, Aldrich, Mc- Master, Youdelis, Siston, Pavluk. Third Row: Coach Warga, Michaels. Taylor, Bromley, Vaclavak, Valla, Chihorski. SENIOR SWIM TEAM First Row: Letkey, Yager, Martin, Savenko, D. Hynes, Hall, Coach Warga. Second Row: Yelaska, Captain Hynes, Bagguley, P Wong, Linsay, Gantt, Turner. W .hav--'Q .W--V :rs 3-F 7 " 1 U 5 V , 1 i WM "'v,.gff 'Q if 86 First Row: Scott, Workowski, Driscoll, Weiss, Fahy, Peacock, Lapinski, Hocher, Captain Pearson. Michaels Loftredo, Weick, Kraft. Second Row: Berg, Carver, Lusk, Bockelman, Sinelas, Beymer, Mravca, Gleeson, Spalla. Montaperto. Hoop, Hawksworth, Gibbs, Kassautski, Bylinais, Dewyer, Szumal. Third Row: Grankowski, Bell, Kordell, Kozdemba, Stevens, Crouse, Thomas, Power, Smith, Kudla, Coach Hicks, Arends, McNeill, Nykaza, Massaro, Kunst, De Roule, Long, Ruzic, Price, Ibarra. Fourth Row: Ewonaitis, Ward, Brors, Slyder, Lee, Neidel, Denham, Radz, Klis, Anderson, Wis- niewski, Gust, Bartkiewicz, Goslinowski, Drozd, Fletcher, Swartz, Roventini, Bli, Yarberry, Heitt- man, Chan. fior- -L, LOUIS ARENDS Heavyweight lst in city 1950 2nd in city 1949 2nd in state 1949 FRED PEARSON--145 pounds 1st in city 1950 lst in city 1949 lst in state 1950 lst in state 1949 Captain 1950 SAM RUZIC f133 pounds 1st in city 1950 4th in state 1950 DON MICHAELS 165 pounds lst in city 1950 3rd in state 1950 BUD WEICK 138 pounds lst in state 1950 lst in city 1950 3rd in state 1949 3rd in city 1949 wfedfgn 6 ,jg w-JM i .2 SCOREBOARD Tnlden T1lden T1lden T1lden T1lden T1lden T lden T1lden Txlden Txlden Txlden Txlden Tilden T1lden T1lden Roose elt 8 New Tner 30 Roosevelt ll Austm Schurz Crane Husch Blue Island 15 Morton 19 Washmqton 9 Pekm 17 Blue Island 19 Morgan Park M A 3 Wells 8 C V S 24 VJJLLA Openmg Wllh Roosevelt Hlgh School ln East Chicago the T1lden matrnen started another v1ctor1ous sea son tastmg defeat only twlce 1n slxteen meets agalnst top fhght compeutlon Led by such outstandmg wrestlers as Sam Ruz1c Bud We1Ck Capta1n Fred Pearson Don M1chaels and Lou1s Arends who all placed f1rst 1n the clty meet T1lden had a successful season The competltron was keen but the effort su preme Fred Pearson successfully defended hlS 145 pound state trtle and Bud Welck took f1ISl place 1n the 138 pound d1v1s1on Second thlrd and fourth places were reg1stered by Loffredo M1chaels and RUZIC respectlvely T1lden thus managed to ga1n a t1e for second place w1th Mol1ne Hlgh School just a shade behlnd the champrons of New Tr1er The season would have been perfect for Mr Hlcl-rs and h1s boys 1f not for a loss to Chlcago Vocauonal 1n the fmals for the C1ty League team champ1onsh1p In defense of our Central Amateur Athletrc Un1on t1tle T1lden was t1ed for f1rst place by Trumbull Park CAAU trtles were won by Sam RUZIC and Bud We1ck w1th Don M1chaels w1nn1ng a second place medal SA ,,. 7 JK. , , , ' as - . v I ' 18 V - ' ' ' as . - Tilden 31 - - - Lane 16 ' 40 . - . ' e - ' so - - a . . . . . ' sa - . o 1 39 - - - ' a ' ' ' ' ' - A so - - ' 24 - - . ' ss - - ' - . 17 u - - . A 21 y l . . . . . Q ' 45 - . . . . . F 39 7 Q .... ' ta - . . . . ' ' ' ' - 140:56 ounfr The past has produced many excellent Cross Coun try Teams at T1lden and lt ts the hope of every team to l1ve up to the glonous records made prevlously In the1r one and only dual meet th1s past season the Tech Harners vanqu1shed Harper by a very large margrn placlng 1n all events except two Techmen placed three men 1n the T1mes A A U Cross Country Meet glvmg T1lden a thtrd place 1n the team stand1ngs In the Clty Meet at Washlngton Park Grenda placed seventh Boge placed mnth and Gomez placed twentleth to bnng a successful season to a close OCC el' A rugged season was exper1enced due to the fact the team lost all Lettermen from last year s team The Ironheads lost all but one game that one result1ng 1n a t1e W1th the end of the season at hand the team IS look mg forward to a more successful future 1n wh1ch they w1ll bnng v1ctory to Txlden All players w1ll return for next year s team and are sure to be rlght on top w1th other competrng teams I"dC On your mark get set go' These fam1l1ar words are heard as the Tech Trackmen start off the 1ndoor season 1n quest of new vlctones for T1lden Every day after school the track men are seen pract1c1ng and condxttomng 1n the long halls Th1s fundamental pract1ce pa1d off for the Iumor team for they took the c1ty crown Iunlor trackmen who placed 1n the c1ty meet were Ieffers Hebert Llqhtfoot Cowden Banks and the relay team wh1ch took flrst place conslsted of Banks Boge Kadlup and Ieffers The Semor team a dark horse ln the Clty Meet took fourth place after havmg a poor league season Trackmen who placed rn the Cxty Meet were Paxton Grenda Varnado ard Ward Thrs year s team had some excellent runners many of whom are returmng next season to carry on the T1lden tradmon CROSS COUNTRY Frrst Row Kocmsln Iackson Brenend Captam Grenda Boge Schxeld Second Row Gomez Smxth Leverence Carlson Fedor Tortorelll Coach Harvey Pmta Obrzut Ward puttmg the shot SOCCER F1rstRow Rentz lunch Mclnerney Lavnnovlch Bartolotta Weyh Szymanskl Coach Bnnkman Second How Coombs Yelan Fxene Lxeskx Cwlok Raczak Ruzxc De Lao SChWOhlOWSk1 Hermq and Fedor runmng the hurdles TRACK Frrst Row Grenda Hebert Boge Loute Leavell Kadlub Lamb Second How Nxenuec Cawden Lxghtfoot Con torno Kocmskl Strexbxch Hall Hermg Third How Lenz Weglowskl Paxton Parks Ward Patterson Fedor Coach Harvey Camp be Ieifers Crty Champion hurdles Nremrec Fedor Varnado at startmg posmon 1 - ' - 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 I . l . . . . 1 1 1 1 , I , 1 1 1 - , . . 1 1 1 1 I ' 1 1 1 1 - . . . , ' , ... . . - I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 l ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 ll, 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 A . - 1 F' 1 Z?- F :- Mgr .H fr-'MPA ECE Mk A :Q-fQf""' wg L .gnffamufd 6 SOPHOMORE TUG-or-WAR First Row: Iendrysik, Rycyzyn, lohnson, Elliott. Carver. Second Row: Kirby, Kohut, Johannes, Drzewiecki. Lindsay, Miss Arnesen. SENIOR BASKETBALL First Row: Sides, LaBianca, Miss Heintz, Weglowski, Obrzut. Second Row: Sabatini, Michaels, Kovalcik, Slajchert, Iagielski, Mecler. IUNIOR TUG-OF-WAR First Row: Lapinskas, McNeill, Lapinski. Second Row: Mr. Mohler, Kassautski, Massaro. SENIOR TUG-OF-WAR First Row: Slajchert, Michaels, Weglowski. Second How: Sabaiini, Iagielski, Kovalcik, Miss Heintz. TRACK First Row: King, Wooley, Hall, Leavell, Second Row: Mr. Hartman, Boila, Chandler, Poften- berqer, Klina. 90 1949 BASKETBALL AND SOFTBALL First Row: Vaulman, Turziak, Kowalski, Wujcik Tomaszewski, Dryier, Schwontkowski. Second How: Bush, Berny, Schobert, Kasper, Gra bowski, Fahy, Wilinski, Mirowski, Palka. WRESTLING First Row: Yarberry, Gomez, Sheehan. Second Row: Carver, Monroe, Hocher, Panick. M A N A G E R S Left to Right: Eng, Mr. Hartman, Louie, Gin. FRESHMAN TUG-OF-WAR First Row: Baron, Gonzales, Troemel. Second Row: Clopton, Dimoglis, Mr. McDade. IUNIOR INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL CHAMPS First Row: Rentz, Banasiak, Weick, Neighbors. Second Row: Savenko, Swiszcz, Miss Birmingham Bokowski, Torrise. ,9l'ltl'6ll'l'LLLI'Cl If Wooley Borla Chandler FRESHMEN Mr MCDades D1v1s10n MISS Amesens D1v1s1on Baron Clopton D1moghs Gonzales Troemel L1Ve1'1S 95 Pounds Sheehan 103 Pounds Lee 112 Pounds TRACK F1rst Place Second Place Thxrd Place TUG OF WAR SOPHOMORES 1UN IORS Mr Smolers D1v1s1on Kassautskt Lapmskas Lapxnskt Massaro McNe1l1 Carver Drzewmeckl Elhott Iendrys1k Iohannes Iohnson Klrby Kohut Lmdsay Rycyzyn lfltI"6Ll'l'llfl,l"6L COPQ CL W R E S T L IN G Yarberry 120 Pounds Carver 138 Pounds Gomez 127 Pounds Ia1ow1ec 145 Pounds Hocher 133 Pounds Munroe 154 Pounds SENIOR BASKETBALL M1ss He1ntz's D1v1s1on Sabatml S1deS Obrzut Iagxelsln Meckler S1kler Slalcert Kovalctk LaB1anca IUNIOR BASKETBALL M1ss B1rm1ngham's D1v1s1on Lornse Bancs1ak We1ck Nelghbors Rentz Vastl Sevenko Sw1ss Bockowslse Leavell F1fth Place Kmg Slxth Place Poffenberger Seventh Place SENIORS M1ss Hemtzs DIVISIOH Iag1e1sk1 Kovalcxk Mlchaels Sabatuu Slajchert Weglowsk1 Pamck 165 Pounds Berry 175 Pounds Peacock Heavywexght Hall ............. Fourth Place Klina ............ Eighth Place .9 3 60 I" ompfzmenh o SPIEGELS 1038 W 3511-I ST , CHICAGO A spec1a1 1nv1tat1on to grads of 50 to come ln and land a steady Splegel job All k1nds of work to choose from 1n and a chance to advance when you do good work Let us show you what we have to offer 1n a full tlme Job SPIEGEL A GOOD PLACE TO WORK 1038 W 35th ST CHICAGO ILL PLUMBING RELIABLE PLUMBING 1471 E 67th Street CHICAGO ILLINOIS FAIIIGX 4 5934 HENRY NEWCOM HEATING C1 ,i f the fast-moving, progressive mail order world. Good pay CO. DAY AND EVENING COURSES IN ENGINEERING ARCHITECTURE BUILDING REFRIGERATION AIR CONDITIONING ELECTRICITY RADIO CALL PHONE OR WRITE FOR CATALOG CHICAGO TECHNICAL COLLEGE 2000 SOUTH MICHIGAN AVENUE CAlumet 5 8200 ESTABLISHED 1904 46th YEAR ENGLEWOOD KNITTING MILLS 6643 soUTH HALSTED STREET WENT 6 5920 1 GENUINE TILDEN ATHLETIC SWEATERS MAKE THEM TO ORDER IN OUR FACTORY ESTABLISHED OVER QUARTER OF A CENTURY M I W' WE IF YOU NEED IT AT TILDEN WE HAVE IT TILDEN S LEADING SCHOOL STORE MEDIUM WEIGHT AND EXTRA HEAVY WEIGHT SWEATERS IN STOCK Also Water Repellent Reverslble Icrckets TILDEN GRADUATION SWEATERS OR SPECIAL SWEATERS AND CHENILLE EMBLEMS MADE TO ORDER SCHOOL SUPPLIES Mech Drccwlnq Outflts Note Books Fountcun Pens Loose Leaf Paper Etc CONROY S Across from Tzlden cr! 48th St Athletlc Supplles for the Hlgh School Student CLUB IACKETS fs. SWEATERS WILSON GOLDSMITH SPALDING EQUIPMENT SAM MIKE m unto pnri ure f 1933 1937 Compllrnents TILDEN LUNCHROOM FIRST IN FASHION FOR MEN WOMEN AND TEENERS MORRIS B SACHS INC 6638 so HALSTED 3400 DIVERSEY Ili Class ,I Class of U ' t o 0 Q 0 O of F THE FUTURE BELONGS TO THE YOUNGSTERS fu k WHO SAVE TODAY fT 45' Current D1V1dend Rate Jiffy SUPREME SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION IG SCIGALSKI Pres PETER P KEZON Secy Trecs 1751 WEST 47TH ST YARDS 73895 Assets Over 4 200 000 00 OFFICIAL TILDEN IEWELERS GEORGE SPIES INDUSTRIES INC 414008 N KOLMAR AVE CHICAGO 41 ILL TEL KI1dcrre 52063 THE' BEST CLASS RINGS MADE TOM VOSNOS, Rep. lg, MEMDLR was 4 '1- Q nunv '01 , Bl YOU! Z S. nnnv-urn 4 94, ,X f Q F 1 ,Q . . '2,x.U.1L'Z fs 0 4 I I , . Il ll WA1brook 5 4962 Hours 10 to 8 or Appomtment C Q M p L 1 M E N T 5 VARSITY FORMAL WEAR CORRECT FORMAL ATTIRE FOR ALL OCCASIONS TO RENT WEDDINGS A SPECIALTY A F B I E N D SPECIAL STUDENT RATES 2751 Wesi 63rd St Chlcugo 29 111 ALDENS INC 511 SOUTH PAULINA STREET CHICAGO 7 ILLINOIS RAAB COMPLIMENTS 6503 S HALSTED PHONE WENTWORTH 6 4652 CLOTHES TO ORDER TONYS SCHOOL STORE ED HERMAN MARKLEY S RESTAURANT 9419 S ASHLAND AVE HILL 5 2599 TILDEN GRAD OF 1927 OF - - COMPLIMENTS or , l OF ' Phone STATE 2462 STUDIO HOURS- Do11y 900 AM to SOO PM BUTLER BLDG 10 AM i0 4 PM MARSHALL PHOTOGRAPHER INC 162 NORTH STATE STREET Successor to MABEL SYKES Photographer 11th Floor Sundays df Holidays fywfW27NfMd kj HJ ,0!'J"l'V j,,ff-ff 'Lf WWW7 MXM7 Alcfoglcllpl ,J-,jf JJVLM F,L,,J-f'U,JQ4- M 5 Y ff J! X f X 'Av7?1- 742m W7 X f r 4 I 3 LJZKLAJ r k 'Q I , 'Q V ybtqllzl' Q4 IX yy! f' I 7.1 'D ' I M X5 A Lk' ff K f a I 1' 1' 'Rs nl 9? , f W ax fe ,!f"fj,v',' 'X if-L-Jdffi - ,, fV4,, , I My "f,4 ,491 ,ix ,,Z,,,V, , A in 1 n , I T1 E - .. f Vi U A A J -5 , ' fn N- 104 4 ,, J? f fl .J ' ' . U api' L , ff LYJA7' fl Q . H" 'H ' VX , Y . 'JJ il by IX X EL", , X I .f X Ni x xi K 'Q " 2- H" K4 . fx. f ,ff X ' Y Nb ,fy N , X , X X 'f A 3 jx ' ' . Q XX jf J!! X fx' I 1, XXL f J' .' , Aff' W 4 M ff ,fw S2 ,W ' if ' - k YN vh fl fff Qt' ' .X4lll09ICl,7A5 N... 4 - - i il--1- ci mf, NIH . ay, 99" !L..4..iQQgg.v.:sLw- '- ." . Ju:--' 2 1-fr? .l, -

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