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,My wa af? 69' 1. E I QE.. ' 4 V, AK , 12.13 -wa-E mf' ' Q 5- HN j- f Zi i,f"j,' ?f,p',',f 1",' f", gf: 15:1 ,f- -f ffc- f' fjf QQ gif. '-'QQ y3,,ff,f iff' ' THE SCHOOL YEAR TILDEN TECHNICAL HIGH SCHOOL CHICAGO ILLINOIS A 'I' :K X ',,z. Ego , Ilflmrfvf THE WALLS of brick and stone that comprise the structure of our building encompass a world in which the boys of Tilden work, play, compete and achieve, each in his own way, each to the best of his ability. X ' XE' , fi?-14fgfj,- 1' ' ukagffldvini- Q ' SAN! fi off? H 5. ' id 1 - F Anrvo W f.:Ho?' M. .110 l 1 , 11 ki :U f . F .ns ' ' A , I? A fax! I Q' al , 0 N ' ,U J t 1 ' -. A 4 ""fI" X Q .i ,-a.i,...u-.1 in N 3!-I ff . .g.- vgQ 3:f.,g4 ,-.Af -, A- A ,-rff""f'-- D ' -yi: ,V , -1' . 1 f at ,. -'iff lc L' 'A 1 is 4' K, P--3, Q . Em an .,,, I'-., .,.fg7:E?g'C 'T" gy. ' A "f.s. ,. v-X ' q x ' - K X ' ' 1' . - AE' x . f-N L "wh H I ' Y n y 5. W 4' x - t -x Q . . ,Hr 1 "' H 4- ' . f. V .AVI Q ' .. ' A - , -x , xv' I ' -1' X I X K ' 9 I X ' M I9 I Q. ...,,5: a A . MR. ROBERT E LAKEMACHER prancapaf Ineetlllgff ell! eI'l'L2l'l One of the many becruuful murals that adorn the walls of our Tllden hbrary carnes the followmg quotatxon Who shall the Craftsman be? He who good work has done Who shall the Master be? He whose thought has won Who shall the worker be? Everyone' No better words could have been chosen to e r xp ess the spurt of Tllden Here everyone stnves to do good work be rt rn shop laboratory draftmg room or academlc class room W e are workers all We have all expenenced the sausfactron of co operatlng 1n class room or outof class-act1v1t1es and at t1mes our thou ht h at t1mes g s ave won We are Masters At T1lden each of us has learned to w k h or w1t hrs fellows for 1115 own and the common good By workmg and th1nk1ng together we have bullt a Boys World 1n which we 9 grow and develop to ether Yes at Trlden we are at tunes the Craftsman at tmes the Master but we are always the Worker Th e worker who shares wlth h1s fellows and does h1s part to br1ng us da1ly closer to that 1deal world We are Workers Everyone 5. DR HEROLD C HUNT 3 gI"lQIfl6l5 af It 1S a pnvxlege 1ndeed to greet you through the pages of the 1948 Craftsman I hope each one of you w1ll consrder thrs a personal message of congratulatlon on what you have accomphshed 1n your h1gh school years and of fe11c1tat1on rn the opportun1t1es that he ahead ot you Through your secondary school educat on you have acqulred effectrve prep arat1on for embarklng on a htetrme career You have achreved competence 1n some held and that competence w1ll assure tor you much satrsfactron and pleasure That you w1ll make good use of the skllls and Gb1l1l1eS whrch you have acqurred there can be no questron You w1ll always be grateful for the opportumty that has been yours to study and prepare yourself at T1lden What you accompllsh from now on 1S up to you The admmrstratlon of the Ch1CGgO Publlc Schools IS confldent however that you w1ll ut1l1ze to the full what you have learned and rn dolng so you Wlll reflect glory on the school and the teachers who have helped you along the way As you go forward to your new tasks my very best wrshes go w1th you Farthfully yours Q-1 K PII ZITI Sl,J9flIl fell PIII of SCAOGL 0 ' 'e: x , gf-if MR. BURTON DUF F IE .fduidfanf ,yrinciluaf Techmen have in Mr. Burton Duffie, Assistant Principal, a ready counselor and an understanding friend. The many trials and perplexities they had as freshmen were solved more easily because he was there to guide them and to plan their years at Tilden. He has continued to show sincere interest in their welfare and progress during their four years at Tilden For this the Techmen are grateful MR COLIN CAMPBELL J.5l.4lant Qflllflpa Due to the efforts of Mr Cohn Campbell and the use of the General Education Development Tests a great many veterans have received their High School diplomas Mr Campbell checks on admittance to the Veterans School by interviewing the prospective student and pro vides for examinations which will qualify the veteran for a High School diploma MR LESLIE SCHAEFFER 10,1 .Silpeflll lellllellt Schaeffers capabilities as its Shop Superintendent His position entails the following duties Ordering shop equip ment for all shops arranging budget items plannrng for drawing and art programs co operating with mamtenance staff on repairs seeing to it that the machines are mam tained in working condition and consulting Techmen on the selection of their shop sequence 57 - Tilden is indeed fortunate to have a man of Mr. Leslie OFFICE STAFF Miss Doyle, Miss McCambridqe, Miss Mulcahy, Mrs. Flood, Miss Torr. CLASS SPONSORS Miss Heintz, Miss Mullen, Mr. Gcrmerts- felder, Mr. Stone. DEPARTMENT CHAIRMEN First Row: Miss Seitz, Miss Mullen, Miss Nolan, Miss Woessner, Mr. Apking, Second Row: Mr. Weiner, Sgt. Fletcher, Mr. Murray, Mr. lsbcner. 5? .ly I At? L.: KJ I QI -'Y nl, .-Qtr' ia 5- '5- APPRAISALS AND CAREERS Miss Birmingham aids George Oldfield ir planning his college career. PLACEMENT Robert Eckluna receives information about a lob from Mr West Placement Counselor ATTENDANCE Miss Caprez Miss Cullison and Mr Kunka share the responsibility of checking on at tendance Mrs Hilton Miss DeSmedt Mrs Fitzgerald and Miss Kuehne compose the adiustment of tice staff Their cuties consist of giving tests to students a d filing th sco es fo later reference af ADIUSTMENT n " e r r The Lxbrary at Tmlden 15 a pleasant room where students may spend lexsure moments browslng through the large collectron of books to be found there One of the thmgs Ioe T1lden learns IS that books are tools to be used all through lxfe They provlde pleasure and serve as reference for the student who seeks add1t1onal help tn dolng h1s ass1gned work They also conta1n mformatlon that rs helpful 1n the selectlon of a career M1ss Ethel Fluke and MISS Margaret Donahue eff1c1ently superv1se all of the problems whx h ar1se 1n the selectlon and locatron of books C352 Pain? ff? "Tn P Xfql J' 5 A N19 ' Z E3- :gtk -4.3 4 Em 3-'mv ,5..-.1!?'5tD EIB 7 H I Illf' 'K u 0?sS1HtS r e W 3 -.:-Z- .:- X ' X N X N-gr , s , K- -1' e T e 11 x ef. X . n . 'in :X 35, Lip bi"'r.g 1,, 31 ,bg . . .... - - 1 . Lil., .. t'IllUIi . . . . . 'mul' -v .4-" 'f tsgl' . ,- r C . turn 1.,..r.t,,.-"ff , ' p ll- " I ':.':f is H gs Students show keen interest in finishing education interrupted by World War II. uferand ' l"0gl"Cl,l'Yl Cousellor George Post helps a veteran plan his high school course. TILDEN VETERANS' CENTER Near the close of World War II the Chicago Board of Education organized high school veterans' centers so that students who had left school to join the Arm- ed Services might continue their interrupted educa- tion. Three such centers were opened, one of which was Tilden. The veterans' program is an individualized, ac- celerated program where the veteran works as fast as he can absorb the prescribed material. To estab- lish credit in a subject the veteran is required to take a test given by the Veterans' Testing Service of the Chicago City Iunior College. The final grade re- ceived is the average of the teacher's estimate and the test score. Of 985 Chicago south siders who have returned as veterans to our center, 513 have completed their courses and gone on to college or some other special- ized school. OFFICERS 1947 - 1948 President ..., Mrs. Raymond Thompson lst Vice-President .... Mrs. W, A. Sears Students serve lunch to guests at P.T.A. High School Council meeting. Mr. Lake- macher. Donald Brannigan, Miss Mary E. Courtenay, District Superintendent, Mrs, I. Cunnea. Robert Anderson, Mr. William Bachrach, Member of The Board of Education. OFFICERS OF P. T. A. Mrs, Sears, Mrs. Thompson, Mrs, Deam. Mrs. Mertz, Mrs. Kline. 2nd Vice-President .... Mrs. L. W. Kline Grd Vice-President ..Mr. George R. Post Recording Secretary, Mrs, Clayton Deam Treasurer ............ Mrs. I, A. Mertz Corresponding Secretary ,........,... F. Sellers Historian . . ...Mrs. Arthur Enright One of Tilden's outstanding organizations is the Parent-Teacher Association. This group of mothers of students meets once a month at the school for the purpose of finding out what can be done for the ben- efit of the students. Each year the P. T. A. holds several affairs for raising funds and help- ing Tilden. This year the annual rummage sale and bazaar were held. In the spring of the year the Hobby Show is presented by the school. assisted by the P. T. A. Tilden students appreciate the work of the Parent-Teacher Association and enjoy many of the conveniences it has made possible. Robert E Lakemacher Prmcrpal Colm Campbell Assrstant Prr nc: pal Burton Duitxe Asszstant Prrncrpal Charles Apkrng Physzcal Educatron Wrllxam Ballou Physrcs Iohn Bayston Con leavel Auto Shop Bermce Beddow Broloqy Kathenne Brrmxngham Apprarsals Sarah Blake Marte Bohman Catherme Bond Rockton Bowker Paul Brrnkmann Davrd Buchanan and Careers Pubhc Spealunq Ar Englrsh Wood Shop Weldrng Shop Physrcal Educatzon A Robert Burgchardt Agnes Caprez Ellas Chrxstlansen Charlotte Clancy Elmer Coble Newell Collrns Margaret Connolly Alme Cullrson Mary Duckett Wrllram Fmucane rrcratt Engmes Shop Mathematrcs Aero-Model Shop Typmq Soczal Studres Chemrstry Socral Studres Attendance English Soczal Studres Stacra Flscher on leavel Enqlrsh Florence Frtzgerald Sgt Thomas M Fletcher Glen Ford Evelyn Francxs Rose Frredman Anna Gallagher Carl Gamertslelder Myrl S Garas Gladys Gaylord George R Post Esta Aldrrch lohn P Alvxr Ieanette Courtney Englzsh R O T C Band Enqlrsh Spamsh Englrsh Physrcs Mathematrcs Mathematrcs acura Z, 1948 George Goranson Catherme Grogan Frank Hartmann Charles Harvey Leon Haskell lune Hemtz Robert Hxcks Mary Hxlton Paul Holtman Hugh Hotchkm Frances Hubler Delbert Humrston Thaddeus Isbaner Helen Iohnson Charles Keatmg Cordelra Keeler Drusrlla Keller Paul Kms y Harold Kuehl Sophia Kuehne Anthony Kunka Mrldred Lawler Arnold Lune Helen L B Lutz Robert Mac Nab Iohn Marvald Frances W Malloy Ida McCarthy Dara Mohler Samuel Montgomery Iohn Moran Margaret Mullen Wlllram Murray Ethel Nelson Wood Shop Social Studres Physrcal Educatron Physrcal Educatxon Drawmg Economrcs Physrcal Educatron Adjustment Foundry Physrcs Mathematrcs Brology Drawmg Englrsh Prmt Shop Socral Studres Mathematrcs Physrcal Educatron Machme Shop Englrsh Scrence Socral Studies Drawmg Mathematics Wood Shop Prmt Shop Englrsh So ral Studres Sczence Forge Shop Prmt Shop Music Socral Studres Scrence TILDEN VETERAN CENT Counselor Enqlrsh Testmq Soctal Studres and Scrence Dorothy Dlx Socral Studres Charles Q Drummond Mathematrcs Anna Kolartts Englrgh Nellxe OMara Paul Pahlman Albert Palka Wtllram Plxster Frreda Plaehn Wxlham Postl Kathenne Rexchert Walter Rummel Leslre Schaeffer Rose Sextz Ioseph Sessler Mabel Srmcox Arthur Stergely Frank Sterzer Allred Steuber Al xander Steven Char es Stofter Rudolph Stone Mabel Swanstrom Ruth Swenson Vxctor Tlmme Ioseph Turek lVlar1on Twrchell Antonrmne Ulmg Thomas Van Scoyoc Eleanor Verhoeven Paul Vogel Frederxclc Walters Frank Warga Earl Werner Roland West Ruth Wut Arthur Woerner Anna L Woessner Helen OKeete Maud Puder Pearl Smrth EGWGYG Trerney Mathematics Forge Shop Drawmg Pattern Shop Soczal Studres Physrcal Educatron Englrsh Scrence Shop Drreclor German Auto Electrrc Shop Mathematrcs Drawmg Drawmg Physics Machme Shop Pattern Shop Physrcs Music r Electrzc Shop Foundry Shop Economrcs Engltsh Wood Shop Englzsh Wood Shop Drawmg Physical Educatron Chemrstry Placement Mathematrcs Drawmg Mathematzcs Brology Mathemarrcs Enqlrsh Mathematrcs . h . t . n r ' ' ' I ,, - - ' . -. I Iulia Kritzer - - English Emil Stmkc - Machine Shop I ' ' ' ' . . A r . - - 4 4 ' - 14 Mya, mr!! A boys' world Lrke the vvrde blue sea Encrrcles the earth B ndrng rt together Wrth golden dreams Of hope and happmess And so the boyz of Trlden Exuberant wrth youth Hopeful for the future And happy rn thelr progress Wm therr way through Four long years at Txlden Comrng rn as boyrsh admrrers And go1ng out as staunch worthy Tlldemtes ever true ever loyal To the gold and the blue F om north south east and west rlopefully approachlng the doors Th happy freshmen come lnto a boys world au lt planned and shaped to therr needs Eager to work rn shops Whe e frres the flarnrng forge Wh re heavy hammers pound Wh re engrnes roar and sprn To them the school IS shops all shops l 1 1 1 1 1 4- , , . , 1 1 , . , 1 'Q 1 . 1 ,Nl . 1 rl, V. 1 1 G- 1 9 '1 I . But soon above that din come other sounds They hear the march of tramping feet And a stern voice ringing out, "Present Colors!"-"Retirel"-"lVlarchl" Onetwo-three-four. One-two-three-four. And from afar comes music: Songs soft, sweet, and tuneful, Band music loud and impelling. And so it is that many things That boys are wont to do Attract them and they join the band Or sing in Glee with voices strong, Or sign to march in the ROTC, Or sit in Student Council and declare For things that make their school A pleasant place to be-a boys' world. 'A' A loud bell rings: the day begins. Division room doors are opened wide. Morning greetings are exchanged. Directions for the day are given. Our hearts are thrilled when we hear "Assembly thirdf-fcome one and all!" We wonder what it is to be And hope lor a laugh and some real fun. And a young man in skirt and girlish frills Who mounts the stage and reads so well, "I'm in love with the lanitor's boy." This is a boys' world and we are carefree. 1 6 l "Now good digestion wait on appetite," As to the lunchroom on the second floor Rush troops of boys, all laughing and all gay. 'Tis time to eat-a keen delight to them! They chose great plates ot meat And steaming soup or icy bars of cream, And then add chocolate sauce and cake. 'k And so all day, upstairs they trip And down they sprint, Calling, "Hey there!", "I-lel1o!" "See you tonight!" They meet in clubs: How are you, loe? In German it's Wie geht es dir? In French it's Comment ga va? In Spanish it's Cdmo esta usted? Dash in to help get out the Times, Rush on to gym, for all the things that wait On intellect, vigor, and good will In a boys' world-at Tilden. The school day ends: books away. Sport Bang takes over: the game spirit reigns. go the doors as the football men In heavy, spiked shoes and weighty helmets Clip over the threshold quick and fast, Swinging their arms in the chilly air As they rush on to the fifty-first field. Inside the walls, intramurals go on With Each Each Each lt's a games and plays for all of the boys. in its season, each in its place, one a challenge to join in the games one a chance for them to excel. boys' world. 'I So go the days, the weeks, months and years And freshmen who approached the doors in hope, Are now tall Seniors capped and gowned, VVho leave this world of boys and go To take their places in the ranks Of those who serve their land and fellowmen, ln a man's world. sae r I 3.- 4 gi g, f AXN A1 ',,4:-fa" CLCM, rl '31 J. .1 F46 my 2 v X b fw f I 2" 777 ll: - M3 3,1 . ' - - u N- -, ,. , . 1 ,' ' - f' Q. ' .- 3-...'T. - "J .V ,-:1, ' r"jf'r .': -'1 . ,. i -.Q . I X- ' Q - A r 4 , - Ar I ,ici v. .I 5' l 1. I--'J' 1 . .fi hr. . as H. c,.,,,.. A I . - - . - -' K . n - 1- 3 , . - .1 n u v , P - .' - , .r 'N' . w:..2," . . Q' . .',-,,iy.-"A . , v- " ' n""'4"..:-'vc' 'w'1- ' ' 5 I X 'Y K 4 . ' .5 1 Q1 " 1' X Q1- I S. '.' X f, X T .. ' . X X . 4 X 'Rh 2 4 X Q N X ff -I ut i .- . Q ng 5 0 . NX g . S . I. . I, -Q, - xt , ,f -Q: . X , KVM lu If 7 Q -- . x 7, .mg .b '- My . 1, ,I 1 fl ' '. . ff ff .Q . A ff is-A-+I - ff -X A - K4 Q .'. I. I . . lv - ' , Si-:" " Q rg., 1 .'x 1' . y A Q :fi . , . ff' - gif .' 'l '1 -' ,x -.ig - "UT X-fu' 1 .2 'fi' 3f'5'1. .2 x 3 ' 1 .. . ' ,' ex- . , '31 " ' . '. " ' : ' - ' ' - . - ' 5. .. Q- 5 1' J n, j A Mrgs Verhoxn MISSXLI ne and Mrs Fxtzgercki Mlss Nolan Mxss Duckett M155 G llcq'1e Mlss Bond and Mlss Km er ,,L'lJ av' Ms Bunce Nr Rexchet cnc Mrs Keri 1 Ill lIll70IlClI1ll' fo :uc um ana 115141115 o u zu fc uc afzon. lf: uf ufu n 1 zw ww om nor ,ui lcv um 70 70llNl1IIUllf 1 mam amu lczmes A Gcrmeld CLQFLCQ Mr. Gamertsfeld er, Mr. Bcllou Mr Sto cmd Mr. Stueber. Mr. Weiner and Mr. Mlss Frcmcxs Mxss Beddow cmd Nelson Mr Rummel Mr Kunkc Dr Humxston cmd Mr Mohler Collins LLFT Mr Gorcmson Mr Chnstxcmsen Mr Vcm Scoyoc Mr Vogel Mr Turek Mr Holimcm Mr Buchanan Mr Pohl man Mr Montgomery Robert M1tchell Mr Kuehl M Strcxka Mr Mr Kecxlmg Mr Moran Leo Struck Mr Mcnvctld .SD 0,05 Rlul-IT R,1sse1Wurczck Mr Sessler Mr Mc nam Mr Pllster Mr Stofier Robert Rogers Mr Tlmme Mr Haskell Steven. f- ' , . . y U1 MALC Mrss Clancy observes her typmq class cat work Mrs Swcmstrom Mass Mullen Mr Ford CL Mae Mlss Bond Mr Coble Mrss Sertz Mrs Frredmcn sl Y iv?" X Ni' 1 .I ,fd OCLCL 52,6624 Mr Coble Mlss Lawler Mlss Keeler Mxss Plcxehn Mr Fmuccme Mxss Connolly Mxss Kxser Mr Murray Mlss Grogcm Mxss McCarthy Seated: Mr. Warga, Mr. Postl, Mr. Barbaro, and Mr. Hartman. Standing: Mr. Parkhill, Mr. Kinsey, Mr. Harvey, Mr. Piaul, Mr. Noble. Mr. Apking, Mr. Hicks and Mr. Brinkman. !OAg:5ica! glclucafion Tilden's physical educational program is one ot the most complete in the Chicago school system. The Course includes three days of gym, one day ot swimming, and one day of health throughout the school year. In gym, Ioe Tilden is taught to strengthen his body and to develop a sense of co-ordination. The ability to co- operate with others through games is also emphasized, as this is of great importance in the life of all Americans. Health classes stress the importance ot acquiring and maintaining a sound body. This training helps students lead healthful lives in later years. An opportunity to become an expert swimmer is avail- able to Techmen in the swimming classes. Students who excel, may receive high honors. Last year, 256 Techmen received Red Cross Swimmers Awards, and 16 received Lite Guard's certificates. Lining up tor a shot at the basket Techmen, here are your teams, your coaches. Which sport will you choose in which to participate? Are you a lover of basketball or baseball? Then Coach Postl is your man. For wrestling and soph football, you would work under two of the finest men in the field, Coaches Hicks and Barbara. Mr. Harvey is the head football coach. His previous record is proof of his ability to develop winning teams. ls it bowling? See Mr. Apking. Swimming? Mr. Warga trains those who swim for Tilden Tech. Mr. Hartman manages intramurals, open to all boys and Mr. Parkhill, Mr. Kinsey and Mr. Brinkman will take you on at any time for gym, health, or swimming. Gym class workout develops good posture, strong bodies, and proper methods of breathing and coordination. f N f ruin H clung, 4 QQQ.. f .V .4 c 7 , ' Q' t a -1 P - ALLRIGHQI S X ZOLAPS.. - Li X l ,.f - , l W t' , tt f ill-lg JW 71,1 iff, V ..g lsr" s f 3 f ff f0!?l9K- "'-ax ,4- af l0llf IKIPIIZ5, llfli ION! 0 Off, llllf ION, JC 10 lll"J ILIJ flfll' IJ H0 JNCI ,IUI9 61.5 0 llCGfl0I1 Flexner Mrs OMcrrcr Mrss Gaylord and Mrss Hubler X 2441414 is Mrs Lutz Mrs Gurus and Mxss Ccxprez Mnss Woessner Mxss Carroll Mrss Hemtz and Mxss Srmcox VMJA 28 Q' 577 nv xA V1 sl' "fx v if uf 'Q Jig-f-:sag 5 3 l 4, r ,Q o 3- 4 .A , NJ t - . gd- , .9 ' 'W ll . K it ,El f +V ff . W N I Q , Q :lf 4 .J ' rx Q 2 9 . v . , , VR, , 2 I . ji, ll I 1' 2 4.1 ,- Q. Q df 77 j- ,f Artists at work with tempera illustrations Mrss Swenson and M155 Bohman -Art anJ but rvffl- X J ! KUTC The boys of today are the men of tomorrow and similarly some of the students of Tilden are the future designers engineers and architects At the base of these professions are two fundamental skills art and mecham cal drawrng Art IS an essential in all of the constructive fields It is necessary for the designer to make things pleasing to the eye or they will not sell However art does not stop there but carries on into an appreciation of the fine things in life. Of practical importance is a knowledge of mechanical drawing. All products must have plans before they can be put on the assembly line. It is the duty of the designer or artist to furnish these plans. 7 0llI1llfl,l0II 0 llC'I'l Jfflff' IJ ill' ll lll'flfl0Il 0 l .5 10 il D1ogenes 55 X I 'W M W W I"6L LUU1 I -nvf ' 7"fl ' I fl ' lffllllnfl O XJR Qu J XP. 4 Mr. Nelson, Mr. Stefzer, Mr. Polka. Mr. Bla k haw, Mr. Lurie, Mr, Isb . r. oerner, Mr, alters, Mr. Steiqely. O .Fr 1- 'ZH ...,,.., " .E ,qw r-1-yP1,rr, r-I P,r v-r.r -r r- 'T-.- 'Fl "' f-czrr-rv :ax ,-.L g'1'! il I "1"11 A S A f'T" ,- AP '-P mm O O I"gCll'llZCLll0I'l5 . . . ,1-3.- -- . . Q- .1 -1-5,1 r - f- - -f - :gg :L-4,3 :fx NLQ13 Ali 194 P14- 1s.e4f.fge41 '-..ff'f33Les. 5 915: Mgr :1::.vg: y A A.- - ,L':-v . ':"' ' ,Z , I --A - rc?-5-ff. In - Q- -P 'zz T Q.-T. - RP- r-1 v-'-- F1 rg - '- P ' L'."g-, " 3-' ' f 5 -"fl--u .7 is f " f' 1- . - -' .- n1T-- 2 "- , ,,,,,'r ,-- f-"" G " --- -- -- -- ' -1 . ' "' i 1 ' -- ' - - - .-... -.. ' , i -..,..- '- Ag. -,ATP -- A "Jax" "' ' '- - i 1 ,.. ., . .. ' , f f-f-- r 0 :- , - .-A 1 . ' -- - -- -. 'Jr - "' -- , Q- ..- ,-A ,- -- 3 " 1 - A --- -- 1 - 1- r H f- r- ' g- r- r' .. f- 1- .y--r V f- ' s- - 41' .. ' "F "' I 3' .c' " V .- ., -- - ' . f ,gif ,- - EZ. -.. -.. -.- W4 "'.. - - , ,- ,.-..e - Y " .. ,,l 1-- --- r- ---' P- , 'L .J . 'S ,. P .., .9 P -A .. . .,. .- , , A -- -- .. .. ., - v-- - 1 I ' - - I.. , ,... ,- f- P' . '- '-,-.'T.-- 1- v',- -1 -. , '- "' " "' I -'U -Q'-M , r- F' ' 'Q U. VM..- . ..-I r. ,---p-- Q . V- r-. ,... ,.L r.- 1 .,r'.i- I.- ' -.., ' F-, V., ' ' J I F ' l I .-- --W L. . .,, 1- -- 7. .. -7- -- -,----1 ' ' I I 7 .f "7 It .. .' " ' --- --- '1'- I'--1 v '--'- --- --Q ' M- , .- .3 ,L ' rv Q I T ' --f-'A ,.- av -.- ---I - - A . 1-12. r-- '-' '-- f-v . . ., 4 ., ..- ,-,..- I I -I - :,,, ,'.,. . l ,17-' ,V ,M ,I Q - - --- g-- , , X, I . - - .vt-1 -, . ,-.ll mmf. K s 5' '- -vw -- -- -- -.- -... 3, 1- ', w:,. -A 4- --- - .w --n '- - fl. -,,v,,.- l, .'L.,,.- - ff,-.4 . uA,,IM,,"""l,,,,'L,.,: in Ji , .ll I , . E v- I I I I-- V-- f, -,1 , I l V--1 l- ---.I I--J: ,u ,AQ Zn- , I 1......: u, 4 - .- W "ff , " ,v ' ',.-, 1, ,. , , ,'-5 " 5' --7 ,-H -f4-l Q3J:H" 'f 'U f-iff f ",- 'Q M -- .. " --w ---- -- -L -- - 4 14,51 ,L I 1, .- l ww rv' I E. . 1 1-, -B' Al I ,av - A. A ' 1 A 1 l EA " 'V I 5 - 1 - N -.ti - , 31' c 1 , . 1,993 . 1-:J , -, ' xffg 5 'W . x . . , 7 .- 4. io-I 'lb fl? EXECUTIVE STUDENT COUNCIL Fzrst Row Krause Buknas Glogowskr Delott Faustmo Tuzzolxno Beczek Korbal Salvato Second Row Tauchman Watters Paluk Lomoro Sprmger Elhson Dombrowskx Huck Franlcevmch Lezak .Shir bi ell STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS Frrst Row Korbal Presrdent Tuzzolmo V1cePres1dent Second Row Salvato Secretary Beczek Treasurer As a school Tllden puts 1nto practrce the pIlI'tC1pl9S of democracy All students have a voice rn the government and management of the school Thrs IS made possrble by the all school organrzatlon the Student Counc1l Each d1v1s1on room elects a dele gate and an alternate one of whom represents xt at the weekly meetlngs of Counc1l The offrcers elected by the student body at a general electron held an nually are the presrdent vrce presrdent secretary and treasurer At present Mr Albert Palka lS faculty sponsor whrle Mrs Stacra Flsher 1S on sabbattcal leave The mam body of the Counc1l IS made up of dr VISIOD ro m representatrves who vorce the vrews of the1r d1v1s1on rooms. All rssues submrtted to the Council are voted on by the main body. If they are 0lfU'lCl voted on favorably they are presented to Mr Lake macher for conslderatron The Counc1l works on proyects that are of servlce to the school Th1s year the Counc1l pubhshed the Trlden Tech P1lot an abrrdged handbook for fresh men prepared by the off1cers of the 1946 and 1947 Counc1l Another project was t rmmlng the towermg Chrrst mas tree whrch was dlsplayed 1n the lobby the week before Chrrstmas The entrre student body made and contrrbuted decorat1ons The Student Counc1l on be half of Trlden presented It to the Martha Washrngton Home for Cr1pp1ed Chrldren lust before schools close ed for the Christmas vacation. iii! KUTCDSIW .S?lfL6!Ql'lt 60lfU'lCL FRESHMAN AND SOPHOMORE REPRESENTATIVES F1rtRow Caswtck Albrecht Bednarz Greene Bruns Mtentus Bobrow1cz Szymanskt Second Plow Mcskalskl Sprmger Sxmonts Sabatrm Gleeson Dombrowskr Ellrson Thzrd How Werck Dybtcz Wechman Brankln Kutcosky Marcosa Sobczak Soukup Paluck Zyck McGu1re Wzegmann Browne IUNIOR REPRESENTATIVES F1rstHow Klme LaPorta Pusaterr Hastmqs Pol tarskr Ecklund OMeany Watters Tauchman Gatto Second Row Poe lone Knaptk Lxllwttz Pavletlc Handler Bystrowskl Krueger Noverauskas Fas ctottx Purpura Lee SENIOR REPRESENTATIVES Fust Row Sanchez Maurtaugh Iordan Gruca Kosmosky Brenner Harper Conley .second Row Drllard Mrckow Sawxcky Schutz Lake Lamoro To be a member of the Honor Club under the sponsorshrp of M1ss Lawler IS the hope of every ambrtrous T1lden1te Th1s year approxrmately two hun dred and frfty students have qualrhed tor adm1ss1on Reqturements for membershlp are an E average for the twenty week mark one G IS allowed rf balanced by an S Every member rs entrtled to an Honor Club pm whrch represents enrollment for one semester For each addxtlonal semester of enrollment a bar IS added Members have the opportunrty to earn a letter and to yom the Natronal Honor Socrety Reqturements for thrs emblem are four semesters of Honor Club servtce one hundred hours of servrce as an ofhce ard and a good leadershrp record The emblem IS a blue double T to whlch may be added one gold bar for every semester of membershxp Miss Lawler, Luther Brown. Rich- ard Sears, George Stoftle, Gerald Handler, Olfl Olf' T LD Qi cm SENXOH MEMBERS F1rstRow Harper McGranahan Phxlpott Kunts man Jordan Honrgman Second Hon Mertz Lenz Haraburda Beczek Lake Webster Paesel Douglas Thrrd Row Sawrcky Whrtney Watson Stcqoo har Bulger Schutz Krause Stembrenner Fourth Row Buknas Zrentek B Grabrnskr Kos mosky E Grabmskr Brenner Betz Troemel SENIOR MEMBERS Frrst Row Mo11Ca Gralm Karge Glrwa Second Row Fredrrck Hayden Wechman Kal amaras Stoffle Shoemaker Thzrd Row Lamb Korbal Srrevrcrus Tuzzollno Gregory Konkel Fourrh Row Graber Patak Malnossy Wrllrams E Brown Bucz Frith How Faustrno Sears L Brown Iohnson IUNIOR MEMBERS Frrst Row Tucek Franek Kaplan Deam Lee Roccasalva Hunsaker Second Row Bagguley Chrrstopulos Erber OMeany Wong Watters Krason LaPorto Thrrd Row Ulaskas Krueger Vondrak Gadeclrr Ole1nrk Fuerst Horvath Westrne Fourth Row Clough Kreuzer Handler Troemel Curda Kunce Pavletrc Grrsko FRESHMEN AND SOPHOMORE MEMBERS Frrst How Zukas Danrelson Stancrk Greene Wechman Paras Gustafson Borrowdale Men dosa Second Row Lechowrch Vobornrk Pearson Hynes Grrtz Moy Mrentus Vasrlcruskas Thrrd How Ozremlcowskr Plusk Benedrct Sears Wong Szostak SIEQIISY Fourth Row Tkachuk Mmskr Wrlhelmr Dom browskr LaB1anca Urbank Sprmger Bob rowrcz Louie, Foster. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY OFFICERS F1fSfROW Staydohar Harabur Brown Mrss Lawler Kunst mann Faustrno Second How Sternbrenner Mul larkey Krause NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY MEMBERS Frrst How Loure Karge Stasch ke Mrss Lawler Konkel Brown Wechman Patak Douglas Second Row Gregory Camp bell Troemel The1m Watson Antonson Kosmosky Grabrn Whrtney Thrrd How Hayden Webster Paesel McGranahan Beczek Malnassy Iohnson Alagna Schwontkowskr Drgles Bren ner Iordon Betz Phrlpott Lamb Stollle W6liL0l'l6l, ,NOIQOP OCLQ g The eyes of all those who are enrolled 1n the Honor Club are turned IH the drrectlon of the Natron al Honor Socrety w1th earnest hopes of becornrng members ln thrs hrghly exclus1ve scholastrc organr zat1or1 Thrs club whrch IS under the capable spon sorshrp of Mrss Mrldred Lawler offers rnembershrp to students who have belonged to the Honor Club for four semesters and are outstandrng rn Scholar shrp Character Leadershrp and Servlce These attrrbutes are represented by the letters S C L S on the Natronal Honor Socretys shreld and by the keystone and flamrng torch The hrghlrght of the year rs the senrors drgnrfred and solemn mrtxatron durrng a ceremony of lllcker mg candles and pledges of loyalty to the prmcrples of the soclety IA ' da, , ' I , . .NI A, I I G 3 i ski, Zientek, Slaney. Grabinski, ,,, . f 0 i lalam? ureau U1 L I MISS MABEL, SIMCOX Standmg Wozek Orr Watters Karge Stancrk Tennyson Mxen tus Ryd Mmskr Hadazewskl Szymanskl Turek Whxtney Ianuhs Seated Ione Stand Vobornnk F Schneller Kosb rg Maslan Vobormk R Bayer Schmeskx Styrcula Shxmkus Banaslak Boguslawskr Everyone hkes to see h1S name rn punt and Ioe T11den IS no exceptron He never passes the bullet1n board U1 the frrst floor hall wrthout stoppmg to sat1sfy h1s curxosrty about the latest Trlden news The Cllppxngs Bureau IS an rmportant branch of Tllden s pubhc relatlons program More than a hundred boys work rn th1s orgamzahon They c11p rnterestmg rtems about T1lden from the newspapers and post them on the bulletrn board In thrs way the school IS kept contmually rn formed rn regard to the latest developments ln 1nd1v1dua1 student team or general s hool affalrs Under the gutdance of Mrss Srmcox the Bureau has expanded 1tS pro- ductron and has brought the ach1evements of Trlden to the attentlon of a Frrst Row Nowakowskx Schultz McGreaI Grala Hoge Savenko Second Row Gowsrowskr Sreger Krupa Mancarr Erber OMeany Thrd Row Santuccr Bemamrn Magalskr Erxckson Schreuder Crumrme Fourth How FIISS Lamensdorl Kuczora Kalamarrs Kunce Danlow Frtth Row Knaprk Kastner Lezon Franco Dryer Schergen Troutman S1xt"1 Row Brenner Ray McMahon Dombrowskr Benesh Fron Seventh Row Lenz Snoreck Grzeskxewxcz Gale Brerdrng Q Q . . . . . I l 6 . . . . , , . . c ' . 11. V ., -. I: I. l . ., I. .,V I , I . 3 , fvv A,,,,,-- M I, ,W , . ,...- , ' is f ' L ff' , ' , C 3 R " f . . - '. z 'Q t ' A I l l L I. 1 . .2 5 Vx n , B STAFF Editor ,......,, .,.. .......... . . Alfred Hale Associate Editor ........,,..,.. George Oldfield Feature Writers ...Ioseph Beczek, Wesley Curda. Paul Douglas, Arnold Feinberg, George Kallish. Richard Lechowich, Fred Paesel, Bruno Piloratis. Kenneth Whitney, and Ralph Stajdohar. Art Staff ............. Leo Steinbrenner: Editor. Bruno Buknas, Anthony Kulusic, Iohn Kutkosky, Ralph Misiak, Gene Nash, and Roger Spain, Business Staff .....,.. Edward Brown: Manager. Robert Bagguley, Louis Bargehr, Ned Kline, and Donald Owens. Copy Boys .,........., William Brennan, Ronald Grundberg, Ierry Iones, Thomas Malone, and Iames Mientus. Typists ,.....,...... Verne Brown, Mike Galich. Neil Iohnson, Carl Mojica, Frank Purtich, and Donald Rose. Photographers ,..,. Paul lone and Warren Wong Advisers ......,,..,, Miss Connolly, Miss Nolan. and Mr. Palka. 794 aa faman Each year a group of Techmen combine their talents and efforts to produce Tilden's Annual, the Craftsman. Previously this annual has gained national and city-wide recognition in year book competition. There are three groups who are responsible for the production of the Craftsman, namely the editorial staff, the art staff, and the business staff. The art staff creates designs and makes drawings which appear throughout the book, the editorial staff writes the essential articles and gathers important information necessary for the completion of the annual. Last but not least, is the important business staff, whose duties are to secure advertising, to handle subscriptions, to make identifications of pictures and to file and alphabetize the various material. The Craftsman staff endeavors to bring to its readers a well organized and interesting description of Tilden's academic and athletic activities of the current year. TIMES EDITORIAL STAFF First Row: Lamb. Troemel, Betz. Buknas Grablnski B Miss Gal lagher Philpott Second Row Tubay Nolan Grabmskx E Brottman Iohn son Brafstrom TIMES BUSINESS STAFF First Row Folz McT1gue Mr Mohler Mr Stone Wong A Bystrowskl Iaskowxak Second How W Wong Bahe Hanson Hayden Mxlkevitch Kozel Cappetta Botwmski flfoln 3 rmea, 7948 Every Tilden student waits eagerly for the issues of our school newspaper the Tilden Tech Times Here are tour pages filled with news sports events cartoons edx torlals and feature columns which are of interest to everyone For that hard fought basketball game or that close shave against Lmdblom in football the reader may look with confidence and find it in full detail on page four In addition to sports events the student becomes acquaint ed with the activities of organizations and clubs through out the school He finds amusement 1n the feature columns such as Ioe Tilden Sez and Bench Talk from Athletes Alley and is brought up to date on all other activities The Times is edited and printed by the students in the school building. The work includes writing of articles taking of pictures make-up linotyping and presswork. With the expert supervision of the advisers the staff is able to produce a newspaper of which everyone here at Tilden may be proud. li EDITORIAL AND BUSINESS STAFF CoEdxtorsmCh1et I Lamb and B Betz Page Editors E Grabrnskx B Grabmski and I Nolan News Editor B B Bukngs Cartoonist A Kuluslc Make up Man R Phllpott RGPOIISIS R Bagguley A Brottman A Carter I-I Chnstopolus H Coccorullo R Erber R Grafsfrom R Hamemrk G Iohn son W Kelly N Kline R Krause A Kwrecxen I. Musielak L Parguliski F Volpentesta I Westme Business Manager H Hanson Lrnotypists R Kozel G Mxhalko I Quilty I McTxgue R Phrlpott and I Petrrzzo Pressmen L Strock K Zilligen P Baxo D Ferrara E Kapxschke C Kick man and L Cirnntano ADVISERS Circulation ............,............ Mr. Mohler Editorial ....................... Miss Gallagher Linotype ..................,....... Mr. Keating Ar ............................... Mr. Isbaner Press .............................. Mr. Moran al'l'lQl'6l Fzrst Row Harrrs Owens Marshall Alexander Mr Burqchardt Weaver Ione Wong Second Row Wong Smder Penn Goldsmrth Urbank Handler Dal gaard Nalrvrka Holke Hughes Moy 68:56 Frrst Row Hxdenrerch Moy R Vobor nrk A Wong Olson Second How F Vobormk W Wong Mr Maxvald lone an I'l'lQl"lCCl,l'l Barcena Sparks Grabrnskr Logsdon McEll1gott Kolkebeck Vobormk Paras Second Row Mrller Clough Cheatle Grabmskl Klempaste Horak Woy iasrk Thrrd Row Alexander Marshall Gold srmth Telfarr Denms Framcevxch Grerghton Hankes Dybas Collrns Phrlpott Rreman Zagorskr Carchedl Barnpt Fourth How Korbel Chrrstopulos Dew Noverauskas Wesley Almost every Trldemte lakes part rn one or more club act1v1ty gg ' Camera Club members have found that takmg plctures IS fun and that S the fun Carnes on mto the developmg and makrnq ol punts A clearly orgamzed mrnd rs the essentxal m the game of chess Chess Club v .5 members qurckly develop Ih1S faculty m' ' 40 CM C u CIM First How: Mrs. Friedman. Navarro Understand your nerghbor The Pan Amerlcan Club helps the members know the1r Latrn Amerxcan nelghbors Servrce to the school IS g1ven a group of unselhsh students who belong to the Servrce Club an orgaruzauon whrch encourages members to earn c1v1c letters fij LQ F ev 7571 gr" IW ld' o C!.eCLe,4 CH Seated: Bartkus. Bauer, Wong Ione, Wong. Standing: Mr. Maivald. Ql'UlCQ r1rs!Row Moy Langowsl-rr Mrs Lutz Roccosalva Louxe Krueger Lee Vo bormk Wechman Bowen Second Row Connelly Clough Labok Rreman Baker Herdenrerch Gustaf son Marshall Thrrd Row Chareas Gurlfoyle Vobor mk Holhster Frederlclc Newman Konkel Goldsmrth Messer Kubxn Ione Alexander Hughes era fam Frrst How Sauer Nevbeck Mel zer Vulcadm McEllrgott Moy Second Row Gagyl Chard Grabmskr Grabmskx Wozmcz ka Messer Thrrd Row Oqasawara Carter Danta Kopermk Cada Lenke Horak Pudlo Klacka Raden Fourth How Gustafson Pargul skn Lundberg Krause Hueb ner Duh r2,.,..f - First How. Staldohar, Labok, Zorek. Ry barczyk, Stams. Ostrowski, Havhut. Second How: Grisa, Zielinskz, Porcaro Rieman, Grundberg, Cerny, Nolan. Third Row: Zic. Paluch, Luzwick, Iohnson Slajchert, Raczynski. Fourth How: Dew, Grundberg, Iames Czerwinski, Bromley. OFFICERS AND LIBRARIANS First Row: Grundberg, Nolan, Wesley. Vobornik, Mr. Ford. Second How: Stajdohar, Fuller. Iohnson, Benevelli, Stefanu. ' BLUE DEVIL BAND "See the Committee", is a statement often heard as one passes 325, or the band-room, as it is known to the active members. The Committee renders service to the band by keeping records of attendance, recording musical aptitudes and checking letter hours. Because of this additional help, Mr. Ford is enabled to conduct an uninterrupted period of band rehearsal. This plan has proved efficient in improving the band and preparing students as assistant band directors. Football games, concerts, and road trips are among the varied activities in which Tilden's Band participates. At last year's City Band Contest, the band received an "E" rating, the highest in their class, and soon after played to a capacity audience at their annual con- cert. For the first time in many years the band packed up and went to Waukegan to spur the Blue Devils on aaginst a stronger Waukegan team. Mr. Ford, the Committee, and the Tilden Band, look forward to the future with high hopes of attaining even better performance in Tilden's Concert Band. Flutes Vobornik, R. Chareas Oboe Iohnson Alto Clarinets Hollister Rieman E-Flai Clarinets Stefanu B-Flat Clarinets Stajdohar Iankiewicz Bybarczyk Fuller, P. Labok Zorek Rauhut Slams Zielinski Kovalcik, Iames Ostrowski Lind BAND PERSONNEL I Eiler Mottier Porcard Vasilauskas Ferenzi Ziska Borrowdale Krupa Kania Invergo Gunty Tenor Saxophone Stuparitz Alto Saxophones Cerny Sucker Grundberg Zic Palvck Harris Bases Honigman Wesley in . LQM4-I n n - J t 'geo First Row: Chareas, Ferenzi, H. Vobornik F. Vobomik, Gruca, Michalak, Garcia. Second Row: Knecht, Vlahakis, P. Doug las, Schreiber, Umholtz. Kovalcik. Third Row: DeRoule, Debnar, Lechowich Conley. Fourth Row: Honiqman. Wesley, Zawacki Piper, H. Douglas. Lumsargis French Homs Kolenda Nolan - Vlahakis Bantone Saxophones Cardiui Grislg TOl"l01'6lli Pech Kolkebeck Comets Baritones Debnur Douglas DeR0u19 U1'l'll'1OliZ Raczynski lCII1q91iS johnson Kovalcik, Iohn Fuller, I, Schreiber Luzwick SCh1'Hidf Radford Knecht Trombones Nelson Lechowich Grundberg Czerwinski Moore , . Benevelli Zawacki Conley Slajchert Ryd Dew Drums Gallagher Vobornik, F. Piper Michalak Hoop Garcia Iames Grucia I Jczighd 0 jchfzokgg CHAPTER A F1rstHow Deam Stelanu Wheatley Mor rtson Lezak Mxss Hemtz E Grabxnskx Nfreasurerl and Douglas fPres1dentl Second How Barbenahen Brenner Stem brenner Krause Slaney and Zlentek Thrrd Row Delott Hayden Patak Fred rxck Ole1n1k Newman Kunstman Web- ster Staldohar Watson Faustmo Gad eckr and Foster CHAPTERS B AND C Frrst Row Klme Bobrowrcz Yunker M Gamertsfelder Mtss Mullen Wrlhelmx Hynes Moy Kaplan and Kutcosky Second Row Tkachuk Hlort Brottman Urbank Handler and Mrnskx Thtrd Row Herdenrerch Benedtct Nove rauskas Westme Meyer Baqguley Krason and Chrxstopulos QI"I'I'lCll'l Ftrs! Row Myers Budz Kouacevxch Krause Sertz Palys Pavletrc Olelmk and Stetnbrenner Second How Caldwell Hrrst Lrllwrtz Ben nett Kunce Suker Handler and Krahn Thrrd Row Duda Schnerder Czalka Weaver Banasrak Holke Betz Brum well Qtraka Chard Paesel Erber A Fourth How Tucek Wong Krason Krupa Klme Deam Franek Ferros and Vars V In VMC ,tom sgu Lrghts' Cameras' Actronl As the Operators Club Member throws the sw1tch the ptcture flashes on the screen and another class reaps the prohts of vlsual educatlon A deep contest lS takmg place Each player 1S eyemg hrs opponent An athletrc contest? No the Checker Club As the kntghts of old strove to be gallant so the members of the Kmghts of Technology are strrvrng 1n the quest of knowledge . : . I . I 1 L L , -' , '. ' . ' , nf tonick, Nolan, Gierut, and Marshall. ill I ' I ' W .rs ll turf 0 " LMQXIK9 - V ' , A 'J , 7 . . . Q A ' . . f 1 Q 1 UM' , , I ' I K ' . ' i " E I I I ' Y tl. . . 2 ' " 'wtf . . , . A close understandmg among the people of the world rs one of the steppmq stones to peace A mmor stone rn the structure peace 1S the German Club Members desrre to know the German language and customs Each one a success 1n hrs sport the members of the Lettermen s Club are 1o1rved together by the common bond of athletrcs All membrs of thzs club must recelve an athletrc letter before they are admrtted The success of many Trlden stage productlons rests on the shoulders of a small group of students known as the Stage Crew They adlust 11ght1ng effects for performances g1ven rn the as sembly hall and see to 1t that equtpment to be used IS properly arranged F' is AEE-I? 5-1 7. i' R mutt' QltQl'I'l'lQI'l and 6 ClI'l'll9l0I'lZf Fzrst Row CCHAMPIONSJ Kreuzer Slaney Rowske Cheung Mr Hartman Campbell Van Hecke Delott McNeeley Klonowskr Second Row CLETTERMENJ Gnsko Femberg Espmtu Flonan Bruzek OConne1l Bartle Man Ramoshka Coleman Mertz Wes strom Whxtney Ferguson Knexth Thud Row CLETTERMENJ Czermak Russell Cuthbertson Lowe Chapman Tennyson Bystrowslu Mulcahy Demxco Romanek Pamel Grenda Pxekarskl .S?agQ Pell! Kunstmann Mr Txmme Malnassy Ohel nrk Vondark Morande A ' W f' no .. Q. Bea W A- s I X . D . A . X -G "elm N -v- vx ' 1 993' gi E 'rg .1 A V ' 'j 5 X 2' ff if E . WSE' a wa 9 av 'A , Q7 A-an H ,,,, - Q? g-if 'iz . 3' 'L 9' , , 1, ' 5 4 .:.4injvI1,,?,.d' 5 . . ., f Q " ul 4 s mfr if 3' 337 3 5? 139 E fr R ,gyggg-YR? 5 Tv v -1 59' 3 ggfxy "!ifQisi 'E N'f.f+ f? . 2' ' Y af thi, 4 X - my , W, I I 5- 5. x fs'-a' -QV 7 ,Q ggi' xv gg? Jn: 1 ' 2.4: 5 4 3 1- '- 1, ' R5,:, .3 1 11 lo .Cx Q 1' is 'B ,V ' 1 x I gf? an rf'-'62, 1 'A FIRST AND SECOND PERIODS Fzrst Row Petone Coler Lemhan Polhlopek OMeara Second Row Gustafsm Hynes Bandxsh Guerrua Latanslu Thad Row OMeany Shereyk Bum Vel1ot1s McGreal Fourth Row Casa Gunbos Gantt Zagorslu Anthonson THIRD AND FOURTH PERIODS Fzrst Row Maxa Watts Klyzek Zablelskx Newccm Gumee Second Row Mec'er Weed Mazexka Soulcup Spata Guxsmger Horvath Thrrd Row Teltau Kernrca Larson MYONCZYHSk1 Baker Synskr Balestrl Arnold Fourth Row Ozremkowskx McGavock Gu darellx Kupres Love lseneqger Mxsxalc Roeper Strehlau Shatava MCU" if LIBRARY GUARDS Frrst How Cortlse Murray Hughes Komkl Iamcke Second Row Halllburton Malmauskas Wxllxams Goldsmxth Brexdmg Bayne Orr Hersheway FIFTH AND SIXTH PERIODS F1rstHow Chesney Movak Lapmskx Wexdmger Troutman Zonch Ortega Tornaszkxewxch Second Row Pelton Patlmo Grant Goldsmxth Herd Gorsln Ozxem kowskl Gron Lmkus Thzrd How Schoxber Rxttenbacher OConnell Schreuder Schxndler Games Henrxksen Stubblefxeld Fourth Row Knecht Iangells Rebenstrof Gramczny Grousnxck Maloney George Schoenenberger OFFICE GUARDS Frrst Row Iaskowxaz, Glogowskx Stotfle Gnslro, Mxss Doyle Lezak, Wong Second Row Ferros Wechman, Delott, Lee. Paesel, Moy, Kaplan Chan, Louxe. M1ller Thud Row Stembrenner, Iordan, Osoba Mallcln, Curda. Slaney. Krause, Flonan Sloger. Hayden Wong ATTENDANCE AND MORNING GUARDS F1rstHow Levato Carroll Wolf Yunker Domunak Bcuo Second Row Kastner Mmohs Soulxdes Olson Lopxetx Lmderborg Thrrd Row Gross Caccxottolo Hexdenrexch Vobormk Zych By kowskx Fourth Row Kuzora Hamnqton Suevxclus Novak Bartleman Franxcevxch Frith Row MQIGSOVlCh Kalamaras Vobormk Chxavola Ecklund FIFTH AND SIXTH PERIODS Frrst Row Radz Russell Labuda Blechl Iarockx Iaclus Second Row Castrelon Cybor Bay Blau Geyer Rlss Thrrd Row Axell Blaney Smlth McEl11gott Wozmak Bachleda Abrcmt Duh Fourth Row Shoemaker Manmno Stack Brudnak Pameleh Rusco IVlcAll1ster Swrszcz SEVENTH AND EIGHTH PERIODS Frrst Row Paras Sxmon Sxrevlcxus Shoemacker Messe! Benedxct Bromley Lxnlzus Second Row Gawlxk Pasky Noverauskas Fundarelc Peacock Kreuzer Masuhs Thrrd How Coombs Wxllxams Goetz Kosowskx Dombrowskm Mor gan Games Fourth Row Sochack Cheatle Wxlhelmx Ruehl Tkachuk Amato Havlxcek ADIUSTMENT GUARDS F rrst Row Kaplan, Rrchard. Epstem. Newman, Douglas, Mrss Hemtz, Mrs Hxlton, Patak, Troutman Second Row Myneckes, McGreal, Cocconxllo, Fredenck, Konkel, Goetz, Gruendl, Sxedlecln, Hamngton, Harhen. Nmbul: Tlurd Row Ford, Brottman. Barbahen, Vondrak, Glenda Fifth Row: Rich, Tebbens, Honkiss, Weber. Troemel, Schindler, 5 ' I ' ' ' ' ' R. O. T. C. ' t 3' The Reserve officers Training Corps of Tilden is noted throughout Chicago for its high standard which annually places it in the upper ranks of our city's interschool competitions. Last year it attained its ultimate goal by taking first place in the Federal Inspection. During the course of the year the fundamentals of military drill and train- ing are taught. Other interesting sub- jects studied are map reading, first aid, small unit tactics, military history, and rifle marksmanship. This unit was commanded by Major Luther Brown until his graduation in February 1948 at which time it was taken over by Major Thadeou Gronkie- wicz. The unit is under the guidance of Military Instructor Sergeant Thomas M. Fletcher who is ably assisted by Ser- geant Clyde Putnam. Capt. Frank Klement and Cadet Bruce Breiding raise flag in front of school at the beginning of the day. le fx!- STAFF First Row: 2nd, Lt, Vondrak, S Sgt. Putnam, Maj: Brown, Capt. Huck, Capt. Gronkiewicz. Second Row: Dryer, Vish, Olejnik, Fuerst. Sgt, Iohnson, Ashmore. MILITARY POLICE First Row: Brown, Gronkiewicz, Ferguson. Second Row: Przylsk, Stancik, Newby, Cos- sey, Suchock, Glendey, Worix. Third Row: Gralewski, Komki, Yott, Xrol, Mientus, Kolanski. OFFICERS Front: Major Brown First Row: Cdt. lst. Lt. Breen, 2nd Lt. Chers- kov, Huck, Gronkiewicz, Nixon, lst Lt. Sears. Second Row: lst Lt. Grant, Brumwell, Fergu- son, lst. Lt. Iordan, lst Lt. Caldwell, 2nd Lt. Vondrak. DRUM AND BUGLE CORPS Front: Brown, Gronkiewicz, Brumwell. First Row: O'Malloy, Grczla, Sommers, Kreher, Bartolotta, Geddes, Toliver, Dania. Second Row: Wilson, Yonkers, Ford, Linkus. Bilotta, Raddatz. Strepek. Third Row: Stewart, Flowers, Hamilton, Downing, Maloney, Ellison, Knoblauch, Tsolcatis, O'Neill, Brim, Warpenhowski, Burklow, ldes, Bermudez, Bednorz, St. Clair. PICKED PLATOON Front: lst Lt. Sears First How: Banks, Ferguson, McLcrurine Rutener, Zwolinski, Newby, Lara, and Watters, Second Row: Renzi, Chersokov, Bobrowicz, Klockowski, Smith, Kolep, Dew and Watters. Third How: Oropeza, Rasmussen, Demokow- ski, Crawford, Elliot, Iaskowicik, Lennhardt, Telfair, cmd Mojica, P1t.fSgi. MISS MULLEN, Director First Row Iones Barcena Newman Ashmore Barber LaBarre Dillard Fuerst Beczelc Alexander Cegielski Zlotkowski Second How Schabes Smith Espiritu Bystrowski Cheatle Lenz Capuano Mertz Florian Herzog Klobuchar Newlin Panosh Third How Plusk Heidenreich Sromek Miller Franco Thorton Wilbur Slay chert Romao Chiavola Alessi Carchedi Downing Fourth Row Mazer Stohr Philpott Heimberg Malabarba Schuler LaBarbera Kosowski Fundarek Huddleston Barr Petersen Flynn Mezilson Goetz Olnlftd As the last strains of a l1lt1ng melody die away and the thunder ous applause of the audience reverberates thruout the auditorium the curtain comes down on another successful performance of Tilden s famed Senior Chorus One of the most popular groups ln the school the chorus this year boasts a membership of over 100 students. It lends the beauty of choral music to the numerous Tilden assemblies by the P.T.A. Student Council and other groups active in school affairs. Members take part in a Barber Shop Quartet competition each spring. Sweet tunes float through the corridors as contestants huddle in close harmony to the tune of the "Good Old Summertime", "Daisy", or "A Bicycle Built for Two". The director, Miss Margaret Mullen, in the choristers' estimation, is without peer. The long hours of practice and study put into the presentation of a selection by the members seem inconsequential when the footlights shine brightly on them and they lift their voices in song. First Row: Kuczora, Soulides, Ogurek, Kozel, Eng, Hash, Goering, Pellack Peretti, Meyer, Heide, Damico. Second Row: Voss, Hanson, Kaas, Ruzich, Capuano, Goetz, Parrilli, Pasky Crispin, Herman. Third Row: Paesel, Kosla, McGrath, Millon, Oborn, Workman, Noverauskas Pietro, Kish, Romanowski, Kocinski. Fourth Row: Vari, Allent, Miller, Taylor, Hjort, Kleinpaste, Grenda, Grubisich Orloii, Sheppard. First Row: Lawson, Grankowski, S. Iankowski, Iurich, Malys, Brennan, Loitredo, Blaney, Lynch, Antczak, Zupkus, Killham, Price, Hughes. Second Row: Robison, Swiszcz, McFar- land, Centano, Balchitis, Wick, Weid- inqer, Priedigkeit, Bell, Sochacki Schoenenberqer, Anthonsen, Pienkos. Raschke, Rentz, Ford, Brady, Ches- ney, Sinetcs, Blazejczak. Third Row: Brigando, Hammerquist. Albrecht, Rusco, Novak, Grankowski, N, Vonderheide, Weick, Goworowski, Hillebold, Scaccia, Marquez, O'Neil, Pawelek, McCarthy, Bartolotta, Dunn, Martinovich, Ziolkowski, Sheehan, Calderon, Grisko. gl"Q:5AI'l'lQl'l CAOFUJ ,,C,afJ4grf,fqf 8 3 19' 7 Qlllvlx tW 4 l. f stew? fellffp 55 ip 'IMISIQK 1 Lost ln a world of dreamland musrc the dancers rn complete enjoyment propel themselves around the floor It IS Frrday nlght and thls 1S one phase of Trlden s socral hte Durrng the wlnter months the socral serves as a mecca for Trlden students and therr charmrng frlends From the begrnnrng untrl the last tune rs played our gymnasrum rmgs w1th the laughter of young Amerlca To the senrors the brg moment of therr hrgh school socral lrfe rs the Prom Dressed rn thelr tuxes and wrth therr lovely dates at therr s1des they enloy th1s happy festrve occas1on rn the sprrng the dance annually draws a hrgh percentage ot the student body and therr dates As another phase of socral actrvrtres relatrves and frrends of Techmen can see Trlden at work and play at the annual Open House and Hobby Show Each year these events draw large crowds of people rnterested rn the welfare of Trlden Among them are the temmme frrends of Trldens graduates of tomorrow l l if 7 0 4 e v , v , rd? 1 K I ' .. 4 V: P, . :tl :wx R ' 3 . . . . . . . agus F., , . . 4. , ,, , ".',.p:"' f 5' ' D The lower classmen participate in the Student Council's yearly dance. Held , QQ 9 if ': I I l "' 4, Q: 3,2 SPECIAL EVENTS AT THE SOCIAL CENTER 19471948 October 17 Round Up Tlme November 21 Harvest Hornpxpe Thanksgwmg Party October 31 Pumpkxn Prom Halloween Party December 5 Yule Capades Chnstrnas Party February 20 Wash1ngtons Blrthday Party February 27 Leap Year Party Aprzl 2 Crownmg of Kmg and Queen Aprrl 9 Open House and Floor Show Aprrl 16 Extra Dance Pnze for havrng the largest attendance among the South Sxde Centers November 14-Senior Night February 13-Valentine Party enior iuiziiono M I S S B O N D First Row: Invergo, Burak. Gomolka, Cavallone. Hol- lister, Clark. Second Row Burandt Pecenka Rogers Smrth Paesel Gannon Downrng Thrrd Row Brown Carlson Ballard Capuano Dybas Ashum Scrchowskr Ruzrch Fourth Row Grenda Watson Myers DeRoule Shrm kus Mrss Bond Kladrs Iohnson Anderhub Gruca MR BOWKER Frrst How Warpehowskr Sprcuzza Kaput Nolan Harmes Second Row Horrst Van Marasovrch Srmundrc Stance Mr Bowker Thrrd Row Flynn Stolarczyk Rrch Huck Werl Troemel QW The drvrsron room rs the darly meetrng place of every student rn Trlden Here he rs rntormed of the actrvrtres and varrous phases of school lrfe through the darly bulletrn In drvrsron he elects class offrcers a student councrl rep resentatrve and an rntramural sports manager He pays rnto the school Crvrc ,A -1-If MF Fund rn drvrsron and rn thrs way makes hrs contrrbutron to the Chrldren s Ard QT F X3 Plfflrsfl Socrety The Red Cross and other welfare organrzatrons 'EY l One of the most rmportant drvrsron room actrvrtres IS makrng programs Each boy wrth the help of hrs teacher chooses hrs sublects and plans hrs pro gram for each semester 4 N It rs the place where the Freshman frrst makes hrs acquarntance wrth hrgh school and rt enables hrm to make fnends and meet hrs teacher In most cases he contrnues as a member of the same group untrl graduatron Drvrsron shi? dfulwc fl perrod actrvrtres help burld school sprrrt foster fnendly relatronshrps and marntarn a sense of unrty and good fellowshrp among Trlden boys . J, . -Y' VJ fr f lr ' f ' ' ' ' " A .lfil . Q. 1 . mtl, r r r . A, 1 54 Y' V77 I MR BUCHANAN F1ISfROW Spata Czerwmsk1 Ennght Mathxus Frey Mojrca Second How Antomck Arnold Thxem Harper Larson Gromoll Kozel Thzrd Row Krzvrch Barbaro Waldman Mr Buchanan Reynolds Ebelmg Balestn Puruch MR CHRISTIANSEN F1rstRow West lone Sheppard Horvath Garcxa Second How Vondrak McCauley Orth Meyer Adam ek Mr Chnstxansen Thrrd Row Lrtwrckl Poder Hanson Kreuzer Knudsen Fourth Row Mlsrak Iames Luecht MR COBLE Frrst Row Deprllars Mltchell Soulldes Udovlch Stahllce Karge Second Row Malak Lalargue Iones Moore Horng man Manka Luzxck Th1rdHow Kukalls Gale Iohnson Lebhardt Petersen Ienkms Swanson Paseka Fourth Row Iohnson Halper Newman Mr Coble MlSlGlC Conley MISS DeSMEDT Frrsr Row Rutkowskr Macuga Bussa Banovlc Prwor skl Kennmg Second How Sh1zas Ramao Mrller McGrath Foster Krxvlch Douglas Thrrd How Carson Bukata B Grabrnskr Kosmosky E Graltnnskr LoPrest1 Hurley Brtxcevrch Fourth Row Holke Gregory Frsher Bartus Wnght Bara Zubrzyckl enior iuifiiond .rl N Umm: , QD! E -. , 5 f H tm-Remix? D ' Ei , ff :0 3 IQH!-F 4 a A Q 'Q' ', I , 13' Q it ., . E 3' my E' L, f - V 59 ' I - ' ' 'F X x ' " 1 1 ff - XI Q' in 5,,, W?5 U11 'X' V Y 'Z V 01- - S' 2 3 -I I !.'i gf: Rv, fp5 f V' ' " W . , 'Q Q A, xg' Q9 W F ' A' p si ' s .9 V-ji, fb 5 ZW 5375 w 4 5' Q f 'miifi 3 'fy' ' it iv 111' ' sw- M KET, 'x F vf as Q if f if 5 1'. E M 1 was ' 1 5 Q ' xT' gf A ,' . .gf it ,MA FQ' Q MISS GROGAN F1rstRow Napomello Tauchman Hash Mxchovrch Wong Goermg Sxmon Second Row Van Hecke Charles Van Dyke Sromek Gaydos Cexthaml McDan1el Montvxo Thzrd Row Lacotche Mtchalow Warczak Arkens Moms Halltburton Crawford Adams Copez Fourth Row Trubtl Matson Mxss Grogan Curda Stabrawa Gutdarellx Lenz Musmskx Krsh MISS KUEHNE Ftrst Row Styrcula Spedhs Gerhardt Cannon Lezak Schreuder Wanda Second Row Gahch Mezxlson Sperlak Lamb P1kora1txs Hn Petrxzzo M1ss Kuehne Thxrd Row Nakund Whxtney Caldwell Stcqdohar Slmmko Selmk Gronklewxcz Semrau Fourth Row Porges Rayburn Bartolmt OConne1l Hoyt Olund Sanders MR HOTCHKIN F1rstRow Loure Stefanu Fredrrck Guxsmger Garcta Koscrelskr Bennecke Second Row Mr Hotchkm Kozyra Wolf Koschnxtzkx Murphy Kelly Konkel Marshall Thrrd How Balestrt Kxhnskrs Kross Stoyanac Bennett Schuler Kazur Labor Iohnson Fourth How Melonas Stec Mxchalchrk Novak Slaney Knapxk Nelson Frrtz MRS MALLOY Fzrst Row Pmetro Marchert Kolep McT1gue Ashmore Krllham Second How Gambla Langhamer Crumrxne Mrs Malloy Korbal Wurst Godwm Fourth How Rusnak Raczak Trrmarco Boehlke Malone Broda Schroeder MR ISBANER Frrst How Arseneau Szekely Szymanskm Wojctk Bandrsh Lee Second Row Mxller Fuerst Longfellow Stankos Cheung Loughney Baudo Thzrd Row Gagyt Knox Denton Van Someren Femberg Umholtz Sommers Hemal Fourth Row Vlahakxs Oborn Sloger Raczynskx Schmdler Rosenberg Weaver Mr Isbaner MISS MCCABTHY Frrst Row Whrte Stoffle DeBella Barbara Hoffman Murtaugh Second Row Cuthbertson Vcrulman Fuller Cheung Fxsher Pleckt Alexander Thud How Berthelsen Betz Pxckert Traemel Hoelscher Ahrendt Bondaruk Vafxadxs Fourth Row Mulcahy Zak Brumwell Anderson Szawarzewskx Poppe Buknas MISS KRITZER F1rslHow Ortxz Iohnson Lara Fuller Stermm Beltz Second How Senka Meyer Partyka Iaskowxak Fontana Beren Orent Thrrd Row Kupres Novak Backhoff Knoblauch Bystrowsr Fundarek Kosowskl Thom Fourth Row Kalebxch Raber Krahn Wxllrams Espmtu Hunt M1ss Krxtzer MR MONTGOMERY F1rstRow Chan Modrca Ezerskx Srmth Trmgler Trecek Second Row Schuettauff Prentrss Tolxver Cxrrmtano Klacka Peterson Sands Thrrd Row Santoro Morgan Brottman Inman Bohaboy Soukup Pozmak Fourth Row Gragstrom Gnsko Mr Montgomery Ql'll0l" lUL15l0l'l15 Third How: Strom, DeDore, Mathias. Houze, Tobinski, Clarke, Ryan. I O O O QI'll0l' LULJLOIL5 M P A L K A Frrst Row Unger Ramrrez Delott Borcena Bucz Second Row Shoemaker Pote Lowe Vancura Uhns Brown Mr Polka Thrrd How Yarosh Huebner Pekelmcky Sowmky Phrlpott Lyddon Fourth Row Schutz Coleman Cerney M PARKHILL Frrst Row Grala Koenlgsmark Horns Yonq Dale Herrera Second How Rogers Berny Loth Macauley Demokow skr Pelton Kermca Thrrd Row Lake Iordan Pellegrrnr Ruler Romanek Grubrsrch Evans Cnspm Fourth Row Hoffmerster Bargehr Horace Nerl M Parkhxll M PFISTER F1rstRow Vorderer Grldroy Glrwcx Bova Cerny Second Row Orloif Chravola Imbrrowrcz Dlutkowskr Gramm Hayden Kereta McGranahan Goetz Fourth Row M-:Mahon Mattes Zlentek Oropeza W11 hams Seaman M SESSLER Fzrst How Iohnson Walczak Tate Brehen Dorr Mc Neeley Second Row Votava Wasrk Morrrs Kostka Krzywon Bulvan McNaughton Thrrd Row Krlcoyne Kalhsh Treasure Wallace Danqel S1mon Antonson Palladmo Fourth Row Qumn Sypmewskr Stembrenner Sessler MR STOFFER F1rsrHow Guntner Dybrcz Szumxqalskr Oldheld Say dak Klonowskr Second How Smretana Straka Hale Fullmer Schlomas Kasper Ourlty Thrrd Row Phxllxps Staszak Mrller Bruzek Waters Smertene Symczak Stuparxtz Fourth How Rafa Mr Stoite . I C O R . R . : ' , , , ', r R . Third How: Mr. Pfister, Dalqaard, Koenig, Mickow R . : ' . ' ', ' , Mr QIUOI' tUl6l0I'l:5 MH TUHEK Frrst How Czyzewskr Alessr Nash Wnllrams Newby Kolopzrelczak SECOUG Row Webster Parrrllr Behnke Mossman Moss m.rn Kulrck Czerepkowskr Thrrd Flow Brenner Swartz Cherskov Krause Kaas Sulaskr Nentz Walters Fourth Row Fron Mr Turek Sla1chert MISS ULING Frrst Row Hutton Sarrk Garuckas Hahn Kaplan Brown Second Row Mrss Ulrnq Noverauskas Malabarba Drmas Deluca Dxgles Glogowskr Thrrd Row Huddleston Cheatle Hlort Bury Roeske Ramoshka Ruehl Clough Fourth Row Florran Herzog Epstexn Sokolowskr Boersma Cheung Arrrgo Abbott MR WOERNER Frrst Row Sanchez Zawrstowskr Srrevrcrus Salvato Rodeo Prekarskr Second How Wheatley Osoba Navratzl Gander Mal Thrrd Row lonaltls Mullarkey Breen Fralkowskr McCarthy Putrament Smrth Kowalskr Fourth Row Zrc Wrlbur Gallo Beczek Peradotto Mr Woerner Hennebry Caulheld Knerta Rybskr LU'll0l' lUL5l0I'l:5 MR BALLOU Frrst Row Gawel McDermott Iankowskr Bobek A nermo Chedtster Second Row Blaho Daley Geary Doles Bcguslawskx Gterut Brrm Trrrd Row Iohnston Rohret Lamaster Poltarskr Schall mo McDonald Heraty Fourth Row Ecklund Mr Ballou Schrllacr MISS BOHMAN Frrst Row Kuprec Cantanzaro Formas Zubchevrch Ghrlarduccr Watters Second Row Chrrstensen Devero Gruendl Gatto Ham rlton Chrrstran Bagguley Thrrd Rov. Kolanskx Mrss Bohman Belnarowrcz Iange ls Wnkms Garuckas Kozrol Musrelak I O I O nassy, Rybicki, Tuzzolino. O U I O ' : . . '. , n- G ., , . . A 3, X3 U R Q- .f U I, ,QQ xg' x , 4, t A3 xi Q- 5 is 11 Va' 'E' Q? .5 ' T 2 f 0 inf ' n. -22-,f 2 F -gf 'sv W , - .x -' an ' -A - ' 4 1 W 5 F' -e z 5 W F -' 'J' ' :Q B . 11 9 " Q-'F ' , I ' x .' x v , , x , K I 9 Q1 2' 'Q 9' 'f my ' q' '9f5" '- 5-. A rg: Q ' , , a 'S' 'F' 'P 9 ' Sa 1 , N, , N61 gxl tg- .6 6 ggi YS Qi , A h xy' ' ' ig? 161 xg Q? , gk .3 , an 3 ., ,M 8,11 'v C., P VV "1'!' MR BURGCHARDT UFLLOI' LULJLOH5 Frrst Row Adams Zrrzow Tkaczyk Ionams Bednarz Second Row Vrlla Tamprer Thlel OConnell Lewrs Bahsa Tlurd Row Frorella Zwohnskr Lucas Tomaszewskx Tracz CzaJl4a Mr Bu gchardt Fourth Row Barxasrak Szulczewskr Wrsmeskr Stlegart Tomxckr MISS CLANCY MISS KEELEH Frrst How Ostrom Hoppenrath Duh DeVnes Cossey Vobornrk Second Row Walrszewskr Syumak IGgOdZlIlSk1 Olson Mersner Margherone Stand Thrrd Row Garcla Henrxksen Wolf Hefelt Mathews Weber Mrss Keeler Frrst How Schaeffer Rtchards Poskonlca Kolkebeck Whrtehead Mxtchell Second Row Hunt Fox Corcoran Klxne Baran Chrxstopulos Iocxus Tlurd How Kovacevrch Handler Ellrott Hxrst Moore Peterson Bargerhuff Fourth How Kall-r Marbaclc Grzeskrewrcz Matyczak Lxllwrtz Ienchowskt MRS FITZGERALD MRS LUTZ Frrst Row Carroll Blarr Saurer Pmbauer Scott Drrscoll Second Row Chareas Lechowrch W1IIlGmS Clmton Brown Greslcowrak Wozek Thrrd Row Tebbews Sprmger Tkachuk Grundberg Frxedenfelt Moderow Benedrct K1llham Fourth Row Stangel Scnbano Wasxlewskr Mrs Lutz Wrlhelml Spoula Fzrst Row Bowen Shershen Jacobs Grxmmett Budz Colombo Second How Mrs Fxtzgerald Koneckr Danlow Imala Cartolano Kubm Hyzny Tlurd Row Krlly Stdkey Krueger Dron Olander Fxtzpatrrck Sleeper Messer Fourth Row Maly Wxlk Clxmack Klabrsh Kxlmslas Savmo DR HUMISTON MISS NOLAN Fzrst Row Hunsaker Ford Wyzmskx Corcoran Przybylskr Carroll Second How Wtlczak Mrss Nolan Kalata Krueger Llchkeckert Telfarr Maloney Thrrd How ONe1ll Rebenstrof Knecht Mrsheck Suker Knapxk Memer Cherskov Fourth How Powers Monarty Mancan Erber Frrst Row Uzhk Korensky Dtmxtt Watts Mosley Komkr Second Row Barr Cygan Hacker Alagna Sobczak Gurce Wxley Thrrd How Boyne Synskl Sedlacek Wong Halper Roy Kxster Sklenar Fourth Row Slowxnskl Holmes Shannon DeRoo Htll Grousnrck Mltchell Frfth Row Love Kancelsl-:rs Dr Humrston MR PAHLMAN F1rstRow Gustafson Moy Leslie Rendzxak Campm Second Row Parnllr Meyer Kenneth Olson Graefen Conn Thrrd Row Mr Pahlman Pearson Hynes Bobrowlcz Ferguson Bernas Boyd Fourth Row Trapam Benes Kerr Bonnema Alfrrevlc O ll! I, 11 1 ,- ' " I1 a y 1 J. 11. 1 1 1 - 5.1 1 1 1 - 'I I1 1 1 1 1 - , ,,,, - , ,. I 1. 1 1.1 1 - UILLOI' lUl:5l0I15 M R S T E I G E L Y F1rstRow Romcmek York Wlsnxew kr Kectmq Bck Myers Second Row Pcxlys Lopctowskx Kcxlcto Thomp on Glerut Kluzek Decm Thzrd Row Pcluch Pczvletrc Kluk Cxesxelskx Icy Dy bcs Peters Godeckx Fourth How Olelnlk Mr Stelgely M R S T E V E N Fxrst Row Ntchols Stcrm Ostrowskl Zxelezmskx Hardy Stolberg Second Row Vcrnko Wysockl Rxemcm Antolck Qulq Iey Young Mr Steven Thzrd Row Wxlltcrms Icmo Greemng Frelds Gallo qher Zemke Wcxslcok MRS SWANSTROM F1rstRow Scott LeDonne Rcruhut Nxehofi Mocugcx Ic1rsk1 Second Row BU1GChOWSkl Sears Ross Mrs Swan strom Gramont Bckouns Gcwhk Thxrd Row Mxkrut Bower Mxller Stec Tresp Well mcxn Ostrowskx Bartkus Fourth How Purpuru Bulkcx OGrc1dy Depcrk MR WEINER F1rstRow Budner Patton Barber Dew OConne1l Second How Zygmuntowlcz Solczvu Erxckson Lam phear Fcxscxottx Brandon Thzrd Row Lundberg Musxol Carter Scmto Spcnnhour Mr Wemer Fourth Row Cehq Benesh Booker Yu ker Duchcrme Woznmczkc Bcrrtklewxcz M S WITT F1rs!How Qmlth Horvcxth Frcmek Voxsvxl Wcntrobc Second Row Schergen Stexnke Loborge Mxhcxlko Tu cek Watters Thrd How Volpentesto Kulusxc Suloskx Dude Schnexber Homcnowskx Westme Maze: Fourth Row Mcrtm Kunce Sparks Orr Frcnkenbach Mmllon Townsend Honkxsz O I O I ' : . . ' ' s '. '. , J . I , S : . s, . . : , . S, . . . - I , ., . . . - : . . . - . , - .SDOIQ OITLOPQ LULJLOHJ MISS CARROLL Frrst How Wesley Ulaskas Russ Norton Havlrcek Kammskr Se ond Row Mrss Carroll Kopermc Locascrl Zxllgen Thompson Mxchaels Obrzut Thzrd How Herdenrerch Serprco Stand Kanrewskr Matrsharc Ides Pamclr Fourth Row Kehoe Macke Kaczmarek Casper Por Caro Iangelrs Kuhawa Lretz Bokowskl MR COLLINS F1rstHow Krsrelowskr Purcell Grabowskr Brel Zabel s 1 Second Row Darden Kosrek Melzer Mrller Skrerkre wzcz Nowakowskl Novak Thtrd Row Taylor Dettloff Palemk OConnell Kal amaras Szymanskx Cholewa Lachowrcz Fourth Row Comesky Baker Barda Games Ceprcka Chada Connelly Steward Fzfth Row Lamenadorf Mr Collms Brbeau MISS DUCKETT Frrst Row Dabrowskl Maya Sudol Sobczak Paras Weaver km Frtzqlbbons Caclopo Harr Thzrd Row McKay Sxegers Klement Alm Smuskre wrcz Scherber Hankes Sajdak ,,...,.... Fourth Row Newcom Urso Pegarsch Tortorellr Car drllr Kovalcrk Mrss Duckett IUCIUS MRS FISCHER Frrst How Coler Lrll Kurzawa Wasxlevrch Hyde Martrn Second Row Becker Horvath Lanza Baro Lapmskx Rrttenbacher McLa1n Thrrd Row Koneckr Farrell Ianrk Murrrzek Golab Mrchalak Bandemxer Tomasrk Fourth Row Kreher Zagorskx Sxmonxs Geddes Glxsta Rogozrnskr MRS FRIEDMAN Frrst Row Meyer Herde Newlm Clough Mattalrano Brlotta Second Row Haas Arnold Henry Dennxs Perettx Bednarz Kalata Thrrd Row Mavrmac He1mberg La Barbera Peacock Sroufek Ellxson Wacek Carchedt Fourth Row Frextag Mrs Frredman Kurper Kocmskr Sreqrrst Krol Rohloff A o o o k'. Second Row: Vlamis, Mrowczynski, Gustafson, Bran- 50pA0m0re iuib iond 7"'v M R . K I N S E Y R X.. First Row: Eiler, Selko, Kozdemba, Witkowski, Rice. Waters. Second How: Ferros, Browne, Horan, Hermann, Collins, Brija, Ruesinq. Third Row: Tews, Elston, Voss, Evanson, York, Doyce, Dryer, Larson, Fourth Row: Gantt, Weiss, Mestrovic, Mr. Kinsey, Bir- mingham, Sakowski, Krueger. MISS KISER First How: McGreal, Mitchell, Morrissey, Stahulak, Campbell, Mihalkanin. Second How: Horejsi, Pawelczyk, Tomeczko, Banchak, Wiegmann, Nenger, Pastewski. Third Row: Groth, Ralston, Kleinpaste, Mowate, Miss Kiser, Mazur, Kantauskas, Kroczka. Fourth Row: Wilfinger, Adamow, Wieloch, Chandick, Kuczora, Gargas, Arger, MeGee. MR. KUNKA First Row: Klis, Tarvidas, Heelan, O'Meara, McCrary, Plush. ,- Second Row: Ruzic, Bunczek, Hritz, Gomez, Kluzek, Mulvaney, Heim. Third Row: Keys, Borg, Coombs, McMahon, Strehlav, Stubbleiield, Mr, Kunka, Lewandowski, Fourth Row: Kryzwdzinski, Cacciottolo, McGuire, Shi- buya, Robakowski, Gilbert, Mazeika. MISS NELSON First Row: Baldwin, Sigler, Hawes, Alexander, Invergo, Wechman. Second How: Mallder, Zeman, Danielson, Greene, Fry, Heberle. Third How: Stewart, Voll, Linkus, Enright, Bromley, White, Bukalski. Fourth Row: Webb, Glenday, Stohr, Netols, Plusk, Wil, liams, Thullen. MISS PLAEHN First How: Cybor, Griffin, Levens, Cegielski, Palte, Hadaszeski. Second Row: Troutman, Mihalcean, Lettiere, Hynes, Neeb, Munizzi, Thomas. Third Row: Hopper, Nelson, Urbank, Zeiner, Dombrow- sl-ci, Berresheim, Sotich. Fourth How: Tichelar, Miss Plaehn. 5 lg 0I'l'l0I'Q lUL5l0l'l15 MRS REICHERT Frrst Row Bay Brozek Arroyo Kutcosky Welsh Adochro Aqurre Se ond Row Mrs Rerchert Albert Vasxlauskas Coogan Valadez Casa Wagner Hynes Th1rdRow Wolff Wrtzke Tynskr Turner Yott Bonnes Harrrs Butorac Fourth Row Kaprschke Matkovxch Ryd Mmskl Fedor Semwerth Shrnners Zelevas Holly MISS VERIUDEVEN F1rstRow Labuda Vrsvardrs Moody Varl Russell Radz Second Row Ramrrez Lesnxewskr Hanacek Turner Bozek Bonk Mitchell Thrrd Row Maclntyre McKn1ght Buyan Grant Worrx Ryan Masuhs Olrver Fourth Row Weed Murphy Tomczyk Brudnak Z wackl Ohlson Pappas Iansen Schorber Okleshen red man wwzonfi ZJQ M S BLA rr Row Peton o oyne Augle atle Row Bokowskr Wrchert Ostapowrcz Weso Thzrd Row Mezanskr Kunce Graw Przybylskl Sok olskr Vasrlauskas Banasxak Drzewreckl Fourth Row Mrs Blake Shereyk Werr Zukas Paluck Sochacm Wagner MISS HUBLER Fzrst Row Donovan Hayes Wlllrams Preusser Cram er Para Second Row Downey Mardula Soldat Mxss Hubler Gutrerrez Abrandt Hayes Tlurd Row Zartz Marasovrch Devero Prxedrgkert Stl rch Byron Gosnell Porter Fourth Row Lrston Lyskawa Lofreko Cramer MCAI ltster Frederrcks McFarland Zwler Rusco Flynn Gron MISS KELLER Frrst Row Goreckr Prrce Prrofalo Iones March Paull Second Row Ostrowskr Olrva Nestelberger Mxss Keller Pawlowskl Lmdsey Hmkens Thlrd Row Altman Pruddock McNulty Kozxckl Herd Rerlly Rerch Leprzynskr Fourth Row Hammerqurst Serafm Dybrcz Owens Yonkers Iackowrok Dvorak Penn Foster OMc1ley Hocher 0 : . , . . a- fe R . -I FA : 1 p , , , , wski, Pienhos, Chavz, Bukowski. gP05Am Ul6l0n6 M 1 s s s E 1 T z F1rstRow Keatmg Dasbach Balestrr Wagner Bren nan Kraft Second Row Sgarloto Buttrce Dow Mrss Sertz Kelly Calderon Iarockl Thzrd Row Pellack Kozlowskl Kozak Eggers Glumbxk Gorkx Ryan Bell Fourth Row Clancy Merda Valentxch Howard Zrska Stancrk Sheehan MISS SWENSON Frrst Row Lacek Tepper Kurzawa Kowalskm Pargul skr Mladucky Bylma Second Row Kowalczyk Thompson Guerrera Kulawa Holy Albrecht Drozd Thrrd Row Mlkrut Rydeckl Gregeskl Mlss Swenson Buwxlla Suchockr Cooper Rolmckx Fourth Row Lmdsay Tokarczyk Sadeckl Brady Lev erence Chonka Gorskr MR WALTERS L Frrst How Rak Bednarczyk Pacourek Stych Larson Krllharn Second Row Harhen Cwxok Sxmonaltxs ONe1ll Dlut kowskx Krueger Kachele Thrrd How Spalla Helter! Powers Sparklewrcz Swrszcz Raczak Hoppe Shanley Fourth Row Holloway Nahvarka Lavrmovrch Wler Rodzak Paxton Knyzer Smder Zych Mr Walters MISS WOESSNER F1rstRow Dawson Gellatly Smith Wozmak Urbanskx Hughes Second How Hrllebold Neuman Santuccr Mnss Woess ner Novak Bachleda ONe11 Thrrd Row Harnngton Dzredzxc Skowronek Snwrec L1Ub1ClCh Sounraaa Scoglxettr Barnett Fourth Row Thomas Krrkllas Iohnson Wexdmger Suchetka C I O . . I 1 1 1 .1 - I 1 -1 1 ' -3 'v . 1 ,1 1 116. . 'jfs "" 1' Q' xSZ00l"i6 'XX X-x N L"" f f ' N x V V X X Q ff' K - ' ,K : . .. L T I X 2 X g A ' A S fy g 1 f f vw 1 , j f 'UT ' 'fi .h 5 , Il if! rl- X 1 X - fix S l,-- - 7 N ,. A J I I X xxx ,kk 1 ff! A ff X fa i X f' E4 J A I Qq5q:mt,. Av - I f5?11r131M1f1fS' F1rsIRow Tkaczyk Corcoran Klobuchar R Coleman Kanvert Tennyson Anderson Westrom and OConnell Second Row Daley Poder Campbell Bartklewtcz Cerceo Lucas Espmtu Fundarek Grubrslch D Coleman and Lowe Thzrd Row Coach Harvey Zubcevrch Blaskovmtz Romanek Fontana Marback Grzeskrcwxcz Bartleman Femberg Inman Bruzek Demko and Coach Hrcks amrlg goofdaf. Introducing the team. In the backfield we had a speedy man in Ray Romanek who was one of the top scorers Other hard drrvrng and good block 1ng came from I1m Pamel and fullback Pete Baker At the quarterback spot was Bob Blaskovrtz and domg a lme lob of substxtutmg for hrm was B111 Daley The bulk of Tllden s puntmg dutres went to B111 Mulcahy In our l1ne we had men lrke rrght end Stanley Papa who not only got hrs man but also dxd a good job of krckmg the extra poxnts At the other end was Robert Lowe whose ab1l1ty to play ball has now made hrm Captarn of the 1948 team Another hard chargrng end was Roger Espmtu and the man who d1d a good job as end and tackle both was Iohn Bartk1ew1cz The tackles of the team were Ralph Bartleman and Tony Conte At the guard spot we had men 11ke Robert Camp bell and B111 Demko both dorng a splendrd job ln the center of the lme were the trghters of the team Captarn Bob O Connell and Edward Westrom The Blue Devils opened the1r season w1th a pracuce game at Shewbndge held agaxnst Calumet crushmg them 25 to 0 The team then began the 1947 football campaxgn at Shewbndge held agam by defeattng Lmdblom defender of the central sect1on t1tle 26 to 7 Ray Romanek Tllden s left halfback played a deC1S1Ve role m the upset by sconng three t1mes After th1s they took t1me out for a practlce game at Waukegan Ill1no1s They lost th1s heart breaker 10 to 7 The next week the Blue Dev1ls went to work on Dunbar defeatmg them 21 to 6 The followmg week T11den played Far ragut shuttlng them out 33 to 0 Tllden year agamst Ph1ll1ps but the deternun ed Blue Dev1ls would not g1ve 1n and so com1ng from behmd they edged them out 21 to 18 They downed Gage Park 7 to 6 thanks to the toe of rlght end Papa who made the extra pomt H15 toe came 1n handy agam the followlng week when they nosed out Kelly 13 to 12 T1lden won the Central Sectlon Champ1onsh1p but went down under Austm s eleven 1n a Seml hnal game at Hansen Stad1um 40 to 0 Coach Harvey and Coach H1CkS work ed long and hard 1n tra1n1ng the team for champ1onsh1p matenal on and off the held and we are sure thelr untmng efforts wall be pleasant memones for those who came 1n contact w1th them faced one of the toughest games of the VARSITY FOOTBALL SCOREBOARD PRACTICE GAMES Tllden Calumet 0 T11den Waukegan 10 LEAGUE GAMES ' 25 - - . 7 - U Tilden 26 - Lindblom 7 Tilden 21 - - Dunbar 6 Tilden 33 - - Farragut 0 Tilden 21 - - Phillips 18 Tilden 7 - - Gage Park 6 Tilden 13 - - Kelly 12 . O - - . SEMI FINAL T1lden AUSIIH 40 FOOTBALL STARS PAPA Rlght End BLASKOVITZ Quarterback BAKER Fullback BARTLEMAN Left Tackle ROMANEK Left Half LOWE Left End PAMEL Hzqht Half OCONNELL Center CAMPBELL Right Guard fy ' "B E E F Fzrst Row Pearson Anders Dettloff Coombs Schultz Stater Marbrto Fox and Gentxle Second Row Iangellns Hefeh Maclntyre Clxmack Groskowxak Lateme Blueje and Peacock Thzrd Row Casper Mmotxs Gleason Sabatmr Brown Mowatt Lovecky Iaglelskl Mathews and Coach Barbara x 1 .1 sw, 5 ,al Z Q gg xgxhk joofgaf QQ si ? Trlden Tllden T1lden T1lden Tzlden Tllden T1lden SCORES 6 Waukegan 13 Hrrsch 13 Crane 0 Austm 6 Lrndbloom 21 St Leo 27 Kelly O Although the record of games won IS not too 1mpress1ve th1s years Soph team under the coachmg of Coach Tony Barbaro shows much prom1se for next year s Varsrty Coach Harvey of the Vars1ty team w1ll frnd good runnmg backs 1n men hke Inman Gentrle Pearson and Iag1elsk1 In th1s hne he w1l1 hnd such play ers as M1not1s Lovecky Groskow1ak and Fox For promrsmg ends he may look to Mathews Iangelhs and Anders Other great alds to the team are players l1ke Lettene Sabahm and Loi fredo all backheld men As a whole the team dld some hard tack11ng and blocklng Coach Barbaro explained My boys were very cooperat1ve and wxlhng to play and learn football 'W ff f , nn -w 5: :JJ 'Z -2 5 . f 2 f -rf V, 2 nf - 0 . . V, at 'xx fl 'V' . LX , my, 5 5 ' ' fe, . . . I . , . ' 0 - - - ' ' ' '. ' 7 - - ' . . . .. I I I ' ' 7 - - - . ' I 2 - - - - I . I - . . . ,, ' I ' I I ll Rxck Bagerhutf Edward Powers Robert Burns Robert Ferenzr Al Ashum Mr Apkmg standmg 'leel' ciua C mon fellas QIVG a cheer for our team out there' That 1nv1tat1on comes from f1V6 expert gymnasts better known to Tllden students as the Cheer Squad These double talkmg double Jomted T1ldemtes lead the cheenng bngade for our vanous teams at the1r respectxve games Where would our Blue Devlls get the1r flghtmg spxnt and stamma to contlnue on through that tough game 1f they drdnt have the support of the Cheer Squad and spectators? The Cheer Squad plays a major part ln lettmg our team know that we re beh1nd them and cheer1ng them on to w1n When the Squad runs out before the watch1ng crowd dressed ln blue and gold sweaters swmgmg the1r megaphones the audlence knows they w1ll soon hear the roar of Arch Mach Mech Elec Rah Rah Tllden Tech' Thexr rhythmlc motlon soon mfluences all to partxclpate and the crowd re sponds w1th energy rn support of the players on the held ff? :QQ M V W img Mlsm-K I - - - -s,, -. N 1 11, .9 .gzafzng 80141 At the hrst Slqn of cold weather the members of the Ice Skating Team brlng therr skates from storage tn eager an t1c1pat1on of the comlng season The season conslsts of one meet the Clty Champ1onsh1p Weeks before the meet the skaters take to the 1ce 1n an effort to develop 1nto champ1ons Wxth the cold wmd ln therr faces and flashmg blades on therr feet the boys work dlllgently rn prep arat1on for thexr season The Tech skaters are constantly stnv mg for Tmlden to be tops 1n Ice Skahng as they are 1n other sports 34' Kosowskr prepares to try Frist Row Iangelms Van Someren Zubrzyckx Scr Second Row Burns Patak Bartus Szawarzenskx Capta n Chapman Kerchaskx Kcsowskx Pacorek Bystrowskx Szymanskr Hanson Kuehn out the 1ce chowskr Mr Noble Mr Campbell , I 9 I, 1 -, Q , X1 3, - u . ll Ce . A -s ox 1 ' ls 0 JA . . 4 ,, , , i . . . Q n ' ' ' , I - . . Q I " ' - ,, A' T as I I j I , A 1 7 T, .2 t I 4 A . 7 Q X fy Y' Qt w ., , X . 4,1 nf' -, , .-- 'Y , . ' 9' , . f v V bv " v X, 1 , , fu V X gy-7 ' N A I + v"l N I 4 I NP YV M4877 a enzor Z?a4iLef6a! We needed that one SG1d Coach Postl as he tr1ed to console h1s team after a surpnslng defeat at the hands of an unpredxctable Farragut f1Ve The Tech Sen1or Hoopers are always a tltle contender steahng the show 1n the 1945 46 season and tak1ng the Stagg Tourney last season Although th1s years squad lacks both he1ght and ex perrence 1t shows promrse of be1ng on top aga1n w1th sharpshooters as Frank Broda an all c1ty candxdate Pete K1ad1s looklng more l1ke h1s brother N1ck every game and Mlke Brt1cev1ch a h1gh SCOHIIQ forward 1n h1s thxrd year on the team Thls team IS 1n one way at least l1ke the great 45 46 cxty champs 1t IS a s1x man team w1th Earl Swede Antonson and I1m Kershasky d1v1d1ng the other forward slot The team rs rounded out by Ralph M1S1Gk at center a fast IITIPIOVIHCJ veteran of last year s team The loss of Pete Kladls at half year hurt the team cons1derably but Don Rose d1d a good Job of replacmg Pete after h1s grad uatlon Hay Th1em IS a form1dable reserve and lmproved a great deal s1nce last season XA ,-If I fyfff ' r fffff W , 4 444460-mzffrvfv M P2 ' 'T ,T Klxjlj All "bv I 4 ,f-y'4f, 44, J X421 fr--afcov, Frist How Broda Brtl cevxch Mrstak Rose Antonson K l a d 1 s Coach Postl Second How C a r e y Mgr Dombrowskx Mgr Th1em Matho vlch Kershasky Kaas Bruzek Woz nxczka Hankes Dlut kowskx Mgr 'Vltstak Brtxcextch Kladrs and Kershasky fxght for the ball Farragut game fl f H I - f A - 1 I A A ' ' ' - A f X . U I I 2' ' C . I . . . , . . . . . , , ' 1 . A iirni l ' I . V. I . . f! Fzrst Row G Macuga Orent Pxekarskl Bus Banovxc and Coach Postl Macuga Wanda R gozmskr McDermott and Shoemaker Thrrd R o w Carey manager Dom bro w sk1 manager Ropke u p 1 e c Rauhut Strock LaPorta Dlut kowskr manager rfidyfwflf Wi' Jfjkfgflffffufrffg Aft! 1 f 1. 1 lfLI'lL0l" ufl The T1lden Tech jumor basketball team defendmg Orent goes up for a shot rn Phrllrps' game whrle George and Iohn Macuga wart for a rebound BLA ,L+f4y,.,, ljllml ,Ll-L 4419 'PM Central Sectron champrons opened thelr season w1th a decrsrve vrctory over Farragut by a 57 30 score The jumors then won games from Phrlhps and Du Sable by large marg1ns Th Pomes played Lmdblom for what looked l1ke the mam factor rn dec1d1ng the Central Sec t1on Jumor champ1onsh1p wh1ch Llndblom won 1n the fmal mmutes 47 45 The Jumors had a 1948 record of s1x w1ns and three losses but all was not lost at least for Wally Prekarskr the team capta1n who rn the last game paced T1lden rn a 122 22 vxctory over Dunbar as he set a new state sconng mark wrth 91 pomts He represented T1lden on the All State team th1s year Thrs years hrst stung jumor team cons1sted of Wally P1ekarsk1, B111 Bussa, George Macuga, Ronald Orent. Rrchard Banov1c, wlth Iohn Macuga, Ronald Drgles, and Iohn Wanda actmg as alternates for the hrst team VN- , J ' 91.40, L.--J ffvfwwrv- . , 'Y ,4i,- ' ' I I If Q, ' vu: s ' ' ,".,4ff!, ' 1 rr 17' J X U, vw, ,fy if ,yi , Ay- Vx A 4: I I. If ,G , ," 1 1 3 , gyxalrl -1, rf, i if v 1 4 W ,ry Y,,J X. ,, ,ff ,y , rf , 0 W. , ,H 1,1 fb W1 V I XI? 1-wydM,Lf, V A .J uf ,j.- f' , 1 ' Lf J XJ fl If " 4 . , ' ,Xl V Ji 'Kiraly 1 ' I , ky, 6 T yi Y! sa, ' . YP Second Row: Digles. I. , , o- l V ' rf ' . ri , 2 ,Ac ' , , 1 gy rl m I, lf A' " . ' -, ' L X ty .wfq , .U I iv lf ,f -. , , 1 rw , ., ,E I I I I , r 7 ,J 5 A I . ff . - T K J. O . - D ,. . 1, . r 1 , . , . . . . . 95,1 J! 'J ak , ' Y .649 JU - W I 'sn A A WOW TEMPTATION 1" immi fwl W' , Mi 2, Q44 ,MA X 'W g YQ M 5 NE U J E L3 hm fxfncls '-05" 'fffK'E!'0 ll I' Egfr- 5, 6 ol 44 N0 Ex ALL 1 IX w g Q 37 wjpf " A1 W UT' X E9 H Q f J iw 53 Edjli lsx S ll X CHOW I I3 'L' H! vi X 'Q L 'IJEDUP Y -as EQ-M515 rgfxk 6 YI 1 'WWWX THE PASS f 1 ,L '15 f quibilffbqy X Y 6? rl Q C !K X Q if Q Q QQ, Q 6 K K oousu: our G , S 3' 0 AX K 5xQf M"X?-P452 .QJQS 14 1 V' - 'W fra, fu ., i ,pdf 69 WSWS J f Fo 1 ' 4 Q .5 ' x-' , V . V. ij Q -ff M A jf nb X595 L, I' If if , f I X- P, rt- Y ' A P p ' ., ijng' ' V 1 1 ' M 1' A,r' 'Irs' '4 'C ' ' 2 ' ur ' L , f ' - if i Q ,H , 5 3 lg: It . w w C , 2 E I 1 -f-- V A 5 .. l 5 - Q ., E' 7 '-q E r 48 X ,ei Q -i A. Y A: , 4 I Am l KA I I I " ' . , U l ' S Q' , 1 ' 3 fra I- cg f K Y . , 1, , k 5 -1" Q 211 '1 A S - 1. 'P' ar - 5115? , , -fwff, 1? 5 X f , N wf' ' H Ev! I xi 1 'f -5 3 .2 . K 5 ' 'ff '- L , if 'f'f,f X J' " "a 'X' 54 Q pf- -. - :. 'I I, f N13 F I -Y i , A f - dl IVIAI - 'Qi I A . ' .. - Y-T 2 L-ii ' ' - 5 ,gy ' A , ,N . 19: 2 i ' -f - ' 9- ,, 'P , YM ., I 3' - ' : 1 f 4 M , M x r 4- . N - V 6 3 , I .7 L w v, X V Q N 5 , fi K2 2 2 YL 35-9 x , V t V ,R j f 'J- Q? " V A f i 6-f 1 2 1 ilu' ,V Z, ..-tf Q Q as R - " f 5 X K "'A 545' I f Q 1"!f ' - ,' if N , f ' ' A,,A 2 ' A Q ' ' ,,,.,i.M- " ' K V : I A..42z.-5 gx I Q f I el - in qs V ,iff r Six 'lf A 4 I nz Syt xx . X i 1 A rf P 7 " . .-is "' L. V A 12? X' 1 X' X i!-' MP1 f 4 ' f 'fa' .. A , ,EM 1., ,ua . J, vi - 1 5 ' VL X I ' - ---1 1 K ' mi-gg? X X x X XXI '1i1L1'1?.v kr K zx mn K 'e' ""ff, i, X ' jg , 5" , ffm N 74- 2? G ' f" x, ff if Q? .-v 1 xp. f 2 . ' f " 1 f f ' ,I - Q f elf Ha' i Ma 5' Au' 'E l ,Ay Q Siu iii " fri 1 .ff -I as Q' -. Q' , ' w 2 '1 ,I f: Q ' 'V ' ' lx Q A fe f f 5 R Q A ,. .1 , X S i LQ - 1 K 1 LH f fd xi, , 5 .U K J A f I E , gf cfs- -, 'Q J L tw 'ff '11 4, 'W' ' 4 ' . 9 nh 'Z' X K5 1 ' no .-.,,.,.N,',5.t, . 1 ,III , N x' 2-" v .l . If V V l - Q ' .. K fl Q -- ,fa --Y x x , I ,AQ -Jn., I F1 " e 1 lp 1' F 1 73 cw- ,."' f. P' K' . .. N2 , V77 :Z X X I ' V 6 Jn , o ., sf' x ,' :- . lj , -. I ny Q - nl, X., - Q, L N 'J N 7 hs? 7' - 0 meg' KA pn: If . a f k ' ,H I .Ln . ' . ' - .: L- -,gmail ,IV 1 'F A f I 5,1 1 VA as , G f 1, D . ' T :J fxux 17 P,lf - f P- my A . - Q, -X, 7 r , L M 1 y.. -- . ,. 'Hs A kk S r f , - . x . ' ' - '., 3 - .1,:f,'g::,x.?Z.5...:.:' , ' 3 m ' 7551. - ' 4- I V' ' ' 2. EE' "" 'ill f 6 ,V N X V ':::?ef.'? Ju, . s S sg I J ' ' , 4 H -' ff , ., -24 if - - ' A - An up 10, n- pp - , ,V ,gf - fi' ,. - Q- . ., A- 7 'f , 41 - 1 .' vw.: , f 1-fC L 3.0 0 " ' f . n 'S tx., L Y' .1 A1 jf I 4 N .' 1 -,E I ' 1 I A N 71. i 'il' ' A 5 -1 A - i U f -Q .. I , . N Tc I - 1 ..- .123 in 1 M :Q x Y I x JZMW, ' , -9' 5.-'57 -.' F ' -' , ." . - f I 5 f ' 'Q'-X, 'QE Tig. f f , Q - 1 is ., I . 5. 41 ,. 'gl U k ing! .E QA: 1" V X N ' R '-'n "" ' ' ,A 1 : I Q A A A In front D Watson Fzrst Row R Stajdohar S Grenda Martm I Wrlczak I DeVnes Alexander Cermak Second Row Coach Harvey R Mertz Sanders Mmsky Farrel Rayburn Rocker B Lantz Kross Tortorellx Galxch Manager mats oun fry L ix? Q Qiifmplfgs f 0 f fwfwk Have you ever run three mlles just for PICICUCS7 Well the cross country team does that every nrght Though they only had a few dual meets thls year s team placed fourth ln the City meet and took fourth ln the Chrcago Tunes A A U In the dual meets they vanqurshed all comers except thelr nvals from Lane The team was led by Cocaptams Ronald Mertz and RIC Czernlak who placed 1n the hrst twenty at Clty meet and by Dave Watson Stan Grenda Ierry Wllczak Halph Stajdohar and lake DeVnes 'I'he team was coached by Mr Harvey our football coach ' I . , . . 1 N 1 X f . . ,.. , -Q " Q 6 Z lx . n f " N . . . . . f' ul y , I' L' '-v? 1? t - r t fe lf' . . X , 5 . 12441, 3 . . , tu 14,40 !2'4,f,', 1 I .-'Wy I lv!-' , - 4-I", ' N fu l t P gaffegaf 'tt ww Fxrst Row Larson Nxehoff Mulcahy Malak Cavallone Buttxce Yazumbek and Boersma Second Row Campbell manager Pudlo Smrth Schroeder Kermca Tomxckn Brtxcevrch Formella Mathxas and Mr Postl Third Row Sxmonattxs Marten Cesna Krause Cardxlh and Mtskowsky I J Dunng the course of last years hectrc baseball season I1m Pecenka hurled a no hrt norun game agamst Englewood and after the last base ball mrt had been tossed aslde to awart the next season the statrstlcs showed that short stop Tony Conte led the league w1th a 485 batting average Yes Txlden assembled one of the hnest baseball teams that rt had ever put on the held but due to the superror cahbre of h1gh school competrtron rn the South Sectron we were edged out of the quarter frnals However w1th pttchers Irrn Pecenka and M1ke Brtlcevlch the only regulars returmng from last year s squad rt 1S ev1dent that Coach Postl has hrs work cut out for htm If the Dlamondeers are agarn to become wmners a new team must be burlt around these t cyplayers The mamstays of thls new team may well be shortstop Bernard Tomrcke thrrd baseman George Srrnth and left frelder Ph1l Cavallone Thelr trmely hrttmg and heldrng should offset whatever short comtngs the team may possess -. OCCQI' V W, 4 ll tm KUlCO5KY -N f uv , V ffl FIISY Row Sulaskl Ortlz Hash Whxte Bonnema Zubrzyckx Kammskl Platmo Second Row Hu Bartolmx Ross Zak Leslxe Loughney Luzwxck Standmq Alred Troemel Wen strom Wann Kerr Russell Franco Szawarzenskl Bennett Schroeder Manager Coach Blackshaw Soccer IS a fast hard game wh1ch reqmres skllled footwork and qu1ck thmkmg T11dens Ironheads are enthus1ast1c players of th1s game Wh1Ch tests the endurance of the 1nd1v1duals who pGIt1C1pCI'l9 1n 1t The season opened w1th a team weakened by the loss of several A1lC1ty players Captaln Lou Bartohnl and h1gh scorer Eugene Wh1te led the team to the Semr Fmals Lettermen Bartohnr and Wh1te both of who made the A11C1ty team and Zubrczyckl Wann and Zak w1l1 graduate mn Iune Next semester s team Wlll be bu11t around the expenence and sklll of the followmg letter men Ierry Wh1te Pete Bonnema Norm Troemel Edward Les11e and Frank Wenstrom ,411 1 ' H aft, .IL 1 I I' . . s 1 . qw a . - ' fb ., -,-7'4l,.,g'!',g lb. ' .I ',! l . . X: 'Z '1 aw ,C Z' - 1 1 1 1 . ' f :":1 T. .' 11- -'Qi' gt -tem, Af fn . I f 71,21 Q, I W A!Zf '22?Pll.. ,W fm1 Iy.,.,. .ji A Ll, 1,I'f ',',f,',,, N N N E Q4 In 5 ' W ,' -.tv ,x A -1 1 'rg , . tg' -1-V7 'VV ..'L l 4 I u UF, x 'Q E " , tl.: V 1:.g2l '1 -1'A1 6:1 1 v .I , , Q'-.t , , .Darn rplh Y I4 , ' .J ', ,4 L, 11 ., . V- ,. .W--A, Q : . .I I W 1 . 1 I V ' 4 l I' McNeeley pmnmg hls opponent from Vocattonal Bob Romanowsl-cr usmg a flqure lou on h1s Kelly opponent Wfeafgng Tech grapplers have come through agam thrs year 1n true Txlden style to w1n thelr mneteenth Clly crown ln the past twenty one years Followmg through 1n a champxonshlp form Coach Robert H1CkS boys went on to t1e for second place 1n the State Publ1c Hrgh School Champ1on sh1p meets Four wrestlers placed 1n the state 1nd1v1duals w1th Toots Mathlus cl1nch1ng flrst place 1n the 127 pound class In the clty 1nd1v1duals T1lden placed twelve men four of whom were Cham p1ons Kerth McNeeley Bob Romanowsk1 Marvln Mathlus and B111 W91Ck Techmen started the ball rollxng 1n the latter part of November They were slowed down somewhat when a strong team from practlce match Th1s however d1d not dxscourage them They went on to w1n all of therr league meets and become the undlsputed champs 'H xx 1 F1rstHow Klxs Klonowskr Hash Romanowskl Tate Pearson Bartleman Ma thews Roeske Cheung Pote Mathxus Ortxz McNeeley cock OConnell Webster Dalgaard Guthrxe Krause Ross Dxon Thxrd How OMeara Geyer Shxbuya Lapmskx Pamck Delott Chravola Wxl hams Messer Coach Barbaro Coach Hxcks Lamb Manager Arends R Cole man D Coleman Spamhour Podlasmskl McNaughton Douglas Wnght Pasky Barcena Havlxcek Fourth Row Chan Dequonne V1svard1s Lee Iarskx Gaydos Shlzas Duh Harns Matrshak Fletcher Sprmger Mxchaels Nlckano Wltzke Svevo Ione Colombo Beltz Bernal Werck Mother Q 1 H Q at NX I 1 . I l New Trier came forth to beat them in G Second Row: Larson, Kremnitzer, Zubrzycki, Crispin. Wann, Alred, Slaney Pea- Q . . . I I , . I I . I . I I First How: Daley, Sands, Iones. Wilzak, Louie, Alexander. Second Row: Farrell, Stajdohar. Watson, Guidarelli, Martin. Klobuchar, Hebenstrot. Third Row: Coach Harvey, San- ders, Fundarek, Ianqelis, In- man, Minski, Tortorelli, Cerceo, Grenda. SENIOR .im IUNIOR Front: Gatto First Row: Wagner, Stater, Krause, Grenda, Moy, Schultz. Second Row: Coach Harvey, Weglowsi, Gleason, Sabatini, Inman, Kovac, Dvorak. In the long halls of Tilden the track team can be seen practicing every evening. Running hurdle and dash events on the third floor, field events in the big gym, and distance events on the second floor give Tilden's trackmen ample time and space in developing for the competitive season. Practice and conditioning showed results in last year's South Central Relays, which Tilden won, and City Meet when Tilden's Iuniors took the crown. In- dividual honors went to Klobuchar, Bartkiewicz, Coleman and Kunce. In the senior events the mile title fell to Iohn Collins of Tilden, while Dick Kukulka finished third in the 440. J This year's team has some fine trackmen, including outstanding quarter, half, and full milers. Hurdlers and dashmen are plentiful and many duel and triangular meets shall be won by the pounding feet of swift Tilden runners. Front Row Mxchalchxk Flonan Whxt ney R Hynes Pellegnm Westme Sloger Cuthbertson Row 2 Coach Warga Baqguley I Mxller Skora Wong Gantt Bystrow skx Radford Navratll D Hynes Kolkebeck Honkxsz Row 3 B Mxller Martm Welnert Wxsmewsl-ct Damxco Peterson Dm' Kachele Turner Brudnak Gomez Kammskms Hanson In Water Mxchalchxk Bagguley Front How Standmg Cuthbertson Pel legrml Sloger Westme Back Row Navratxl Gnsko Whttney Hanson lfULl'l'll'l'lU'lg 865711 -1.-. Although swxmmmg IS not a major sport 1t does br1ng to 1ts team members the pracuce of workmg together as a un1t Such teamwork rs very helpful tn later l1fe The T1lden yumor and senxor sw1m teams under the gmdance of Coach Frank I Warga have completed thelr usual f1ne stnng of vxctorres th1s season The semor Seals led by captam Iohn Cuthbertson have won all of therr thrrteen dual meets except one That defeat was dealt by HGIIISOH rn the central sectlon champronshrp whlch gave T1lden a second place berth Schools such as Hyde Park Lxndblom Gage Park Hxrsch and Morgan Park have felt the stmg of defeat from T1lden Trldens IUIIIOI Mmnows hkewlse have won therr share of dual meets takmg mne out of eleven They lost to the strong H1rsch and Harrxson teams thus breakmg therr frve year wmnmg streak To be sure, the swrmmtng teams work as hard as any other T1lden team, after school The boys can be seen chhgently practxcmg m the T1lden Pool to keep developmg strong healthy bOd1eS, as well as clean, qutck thmkmg mmds v : I I ' In , F 4' . , .1 I ' .1 l' . 1 ,. H- kv j'k'A.k ,,? tlli , I "'! l . 'I 1 1 Al . f 1 1 ' ll. .4 57- , 0 I L1 Q' JA' w?, 3.11 SQNIOR TUG Or WAR IUNIOR TUG OF WAR Flonan Roeskx Chlcho Eranmgan Zubghewch Omer Garuckas Bartleman Grendl Devero Iagehs Gaito TRACK FRESHMEN TUG OF WAR F1rstHow Hughes Schultz Inman Sabatanx Gaito Franxcevrch FHS' ROW Swlszlz Gmnkowskl Powelek Sesigi Row Sta1dohar Alexander Iangehs Farrell Guxdarellx Mar Second Row Vllelkls MCNe111 Schoenenberqer WRLSTLING INTRAMURAL MANAGERS On the mat Nakano and Pearson L M H W Kneelmg Valamrr Mottxer Herman owe I mtmcm Ong IUNIOR BASKETBALL SENIOR BASKETBALL Frrst Gramont McDermo1t Rauhat F11stRow Melonas Garcla Louxe Wolf Balestu Second Tresp Gauhk McDonald Bulka Second How Novak Stec Knapxk Gaulusha Goetz . ' 1, 4 . - N' f 1 L S 6 4 X 1 A 1 - 7 -f 1 .T 'NV 1. - . .71 f Q ?c: h - Y Y'r,k I , g , ,A 1 J I V :J-4 Y , vi , 1 V ' . A X", --I A 5 ,L , - EA' A 47 A K . .x 2 '9 . t ,' -, ,al ' ' , me - 1 A , G Q A ,L 1 , 1 a . , A- s I f' f' nframuraf Confezif edu B H O R S E S H O E S lst Place Bystowsk1 2nd Place Lou1e 3rd Place Pellegrmr CROSS COUNTRY SENIORS IUNIORS lst Place Czermak lst Place Hughes 2nd Place Watson 2nd Place Duewerths 3rd Place Grenda 3rd Place Gomez 4th Place Sanders 4th Place Moy WRESTLING CHAMPIONS V1am1s 112 lbs Nakano 133 lbs Arends 165 lbs Mother 120 lbs Pearson 138 lbs O Connell 175 lbs Herman 127 lbs Guthne 154 lbs Alred Heavy lst Place lmala 2nd Place Deam TENNIS SEN IORS IUNIORS 3rd Place Roeske FRESHMAN Mr Murrays D1v1s1on Sw1sz1z Schoenenberger Grankowskl Mapzek Raczkovskx Vllg1k1S Pawelalc lst Place 2nd Place 3rd Place 4th Place TUG OF WAR IUNIOR SOPHOMORE Mxss Bohmans D1v1s1on Mr Flnuccnes Dwlslon Bartleman W mn er Iangehs P dl ZUbCh9VlCh u O Grendl Wegloskr Chrlstensen K0VU1C1k Garuckas H1 Gatto Klelp Fredencks Bcgquley Syostak Devero Benmck S W I M M I N G IUNIORS SENIORS CHAMPIONS lst Place Eng 2nd Place Chr1stopol1s SENIOR Mlss Uhngs D1v1s1on Roeskl Cheatle Hjort Cheung Brannigan Romaska Flonan Westlne lst Place Pellegrlnl Hynes 2nd Place Gracz M1ller 3rd Place M1ller Turner 4th Place Malabara QFLLOI' CMU RING AND SWEATER COMMITTEE Russell Bruzek Mrlton Louxe Rxchard Phrlpott Ray Pote George Anderson George Mxckow Lawrence Breen Iohn Foster George Rusnak Ierry Votava Ralph Staldohar Fred Paesel Rxchard Iordan Ted Sulaskr lille CLASS OFFICERS Iohn Cuthbertson Presrdent Earl Antonson Vrce Preszdent Davrd Watson Treasurer Bruno Zubrczyckr Secretary The word sen1or rmphes rank and dxgmty To a freshman rt IS the peak of all ambltlon What does xt mean to us the seruor class? Here at T1lden we have partxcrpated rn the work and play of boy s world w1th the help and gurdance of our mstructors and counselors When we look back to the preparatron we made the hme we spent the work we accomplrshed to reach that day of days graduatron we realrze the rmportance of all we d1d here As we look ahead to the future we know there w1ll be new problems to face as we enter an adult world for whmch we have been well pre pared Whether our roads lead to great fame and honor or merely to the slmple fulfrlment of our dest1ny we w1ll chensh the memorres of our T1lden days w1th teachers and fellow students The events of these last years w1ll ever lmger rn our mrnds So 1t IS wxth mxxed emotrons that we leave Txlden We leave wrth thoughts of thankfulness to the faculty and w1th our hopes set hlgh for the future ELECTION COMMISSIONERS Norman Waters Edward Bennett Wrllram Karge Peter Schuetz Ray Murtaugh B111 Bussa Robert Ebelmg Frank Broda Art Dorr Bob O Connell George Clark Ierome Orloff Edward Grala Iames Kaas CHAPTER HEADS Stan Iohnson Don Gromoll Robert Mrsrak Gus Stetanu Ralph Staydohar George Pxetro Wxllxam Shoemacher Olxver Lake Edward Goetz Anthony Romao Leo Stembrenner Norman Waters Alan Poppe Don Belmke Ray Thlem Ldwflld MGIDCSSEY 1 ' i . A . 1 . ' -4 ' 1 . r . 1 - . 1 1 1 1 1 -. ' , RAYMOND K AHRENDT Hall Guard Servrce Club IOHN R ALESSI IOEL ALEXANDER Track Team Cross Country Camera Club Semor Chorus Servrce Club Checker Team CARL A ANDERHUB Hall Guard Rrlle Team Regt Color Guard GEORGE N ANDERSON Honor Club Speakers Bureau Rrng 6 Sweater Commrttee Craftsman Staii Hall Guard Intramural Sports EARL C ANTONSON Honor Club Natronal Honor Socrety Semor Baa- ketball Team V1cePres1dent Semor Class GEORGEI ASHMORE Frre Guard Mrlrtary Polrce Usher Hall Guard ROTC Staff Student Executrve Councxl IOHN R BALESTRI VINCENT I BALESTRI Hall Guard Intramural Sports RALPH G BALLARD Varsrty and Soph Football Team Hall Guard Lunchroom Guard Intramural Sports FRANK I BARA Intramural Sports Student Councrl SAM R BARBARO Hall Guard Intramural Sports Brology Club Book room Guard RUDOLPH A BARCENA Wrestlmg Orchestra Attendance Ofhce Guard Oftxcer and Program Charrman of Pan Amencan Club Ottrcer Semor Chorus Soph Football and Manager LOUISI BARGEHR Hall Guard Craftsman Staff Honor Club Bowlmg LOUIS L BARTOLINI Captam Soccer Team Lettermens Club Intra mural Sports RICHARD I BARTUS Soph Football Golf Team Intramural Sports Hall Guard IOSEPH D BECZEK Treasurer Student Councxl Natxonal Honor Socrety Honor Club Lrbrary Guard Semor Chorus Craftsman Stall IOHN W BENNECKE Pan Amerrcan Club Hall Guard EDWARD C BENNETT Student Councrl Football Team Wrestlmg Team Soccer Team Electron Commrssxoner ROBERT E BERTHELSEN Usher Mrlrtary Polxce Hall Guard BERNARD F B:.TZ Natronal Honor Socrety Honor Club Quxll and Scroll Trmes Staff Student Councrl Lrbrary Guard LAWRENCE I BREEN Heaa of Lrbrary Guards Offrcers Color Guard Commander oi Frre Guards Intramural Sports Achrevement Drnner Rrng and Sweater Commrttee WILLIAM O BRENNER Trmes Staff Honor Club 2 Achrevement Dmners Treasurer of Knrghts of Technology Clrpprngs Bureau Charrman Student Councrl IOHN P BROMLEY Band German Club Otfrce Amd Wrestlmg Team Swrmmmg Team Hall Guard Team, Intramural Basketball. EDWARD I BROWN Natronal Honor Socrety Honor Club Oifrce Ard Cra't man Busmess Manager Achrevement Drnner Brology Club V RNE I BROWN Honor Club Craft man Staff Student Counczl Ad yu tment Guard SYDNEY BRUMWELL German Club Hall Guard Drum and Bugle Corps Commander RUSSELL G BRUZEK Varsrty Football Iunror and Senror Track Team Lettermens Club IOHNI BUCZ Honor Club Intramural Sports Hall Guard Brology Club BRUNO B BUKN.+S Honor Club Qurll and Scroll Tunes Stall Student Councrl Department Head Craftsman Staff Intramural Sports IACK I BULGER Hall Guard Intramural Sports Lrbrary Guard ROBERT M BURAK Soph Football Honor Club Intramural Basketball Intramural Tug O War DONALD R BURANDT Hall Guard Orchestra Intramural Sports L1 brary Guard EDWARD C CADA Presxdent of Operators Club MICH tEL I CAPUANO Drum and Bugle Corps Hall Guard Intramural WILLIAM T CAREY Basketball Manager Intramural Sports RAYMOND D CARSON Student Councrl Rrlle Team Track Team Ten ms Team Hall Guard Attendance Ofhce Guard JAMES F CAULFIELD Hall Guard Intramural Sports Attendance Otirce Guard PHILLIP I CAVALLONE Baseball Team Hall Guard Student Councrl PHILIP I CERNEY Intramural Sports RICHARD CERNY-Swrmmmg Team Band IOSEPH S CHERSKOV Mrlrtary Polrce Usher Frre Guard Prcked Platoon Monkey Drrll Squad Composrte Company GEORGE I CHEUNG Intramural Basketball SAM G CHIAVOLA Wrestlrng Team Hall Guard Marshal Chorus Soph Football GEORGE R CLARK Knrghts of Technology Honor Club Intramural Sports Student Councrl Electron Commrssroner Bookroom Guard IAMESI CLARKE Rrlle Team Usher Frre Guard Brology Club Hall Guard ROY E CONLEY Track Team Student Councrl Band Brology Club Intramural Basketball RICHARD CPISPIN Wrestlrng Student Councll Attendance Oflrce Guard : . . . . E . . S . ' . - ' s . , V W . . Sports, Singing Cadets. Chorus. Pan-American Club. - W I I ' I I ' . 'W I I l I I . I . LEO C CRUMRINE Rxfle Company Clrpprngs Bureau Hall Guard IOHN H CUTHBERTSON Class Presrdent Captam Swunmmg Team Sport Manager Lettermens Club Student Councrl RICHARD R CZERWINSKI Orchestra Band Hall Guard Student Coun c1l Socxal Commrttee CARL F DALGAARD Wrestlrng Team Bookroom Guard IOHN I DEBNAR Band Hall Guard KENNETH D DeDORE RICHARD B DELOTT Executxve Councxl Wrestlmg Team 2 Achxeve- ment Dmners Honor Club Lettermen s Club Knlghts of Technology HILTON DePILLARS IR Track Team IOHN E DeROULE Band Servrce Club Pan Amencan Club ARTHUR E DORR PAULI DOUGLAS Wrestlmg Band Natxonal Honor Society Presrdent Kmghts of Technology Honor Club Intramural Sports EARL I DOWNING Student Teachers Drum and Bugle Corps Hall KENNETH F DUH Orchestra ALBERT P DYBICZ ROBERT R EBELING Hall Guard Honor Club German Club Electron Commlssroner EDWARD FARRELL Cross Country Track Team Pool Guard Adjust ment Guard Hall Guard lrtramural Sports IOHN E FIALKOWSKI Hall Guard Operators Club CONRAD W FISHER Orchestra IntramuralSw1mm1ng ROBERT C FISHER Hall Guard Txcket Sale C1v1c Fund IOHN E FOSTER Rrng and Sweater Comrnrttee Trmes Staff Honor Club Kmghts of Technology Offrce Amd Bxclogy Club ALLEN FREDERICK Student Counctl OIIICG Ard Adjustment Guard Knrghts of Technology Servzce Club Natlonal Honor Soclety RICHARD I FRITZ Intramural Sports Hall Guard IAMES E FULLER Concert Band Track Team Hall Guard Operators Club EDWARD E FULLMER Clrpprngs Bureau Guard, Pan-American Club, Usher, Singing Cadets. MICHAEL GALICH Hall Guard Attendance Ofhce Guard Intramural Sports Cross Country Track Team BENI GALLO Hall Guard Track Team Lrbrary Guard Intramural Sports EVERETT L GALUSHA IAMESI GANNON Servtce Club Hall Guard HECTOR GARCIA Adyustment Oftrce Guard IOHN C GERHARDT Drum and Bugle Corps Prclred Platoon Hall Guard EDWARD F GLIWA Knrghts of Technology Pan Amencan Club Ttmes Stat! Honor Club Hall Guard Intramural Sports IAMES E GODWIN Soccer Team Student Councrl Intramural Sports Honor Club Hall Guard Adyustment Oftrce Guard ANDREW I GOETZ Football Team Baseball Team Honor Club EDWARD GOETZ Adyustment Olhce Guard Hall Guard Honor Club Intramural Sports BERNARD F GRABINSKI Co Edrtor Page 4 of Trmes Honor Club Vrce Presrdent Knrghts of Technology Operators Club Intramural Bas ketball Olirce Ard EUGENE L GRABINSKI -CoEd1tor Page 4 of Tunes Honor Club Treas urer Kmghts of Technology Operators Club Intramural Basketball Othce Atd EDWARD M GRALA Drum and Bugle Corps Honor Club Achxevement Dmner Usher Hall Guard Sxngmg Cadets EDWIN I GRAMM Lunchroom Guard Hall Guard Intramural Basket ba STANLEY GRENDA Co Captam Track Team Cross Country Lettermens Club Brology Club DONALD C GROMOLL Intramural Sports Hall Guard Mrlrtory Polxce THADDEUS R GRONKIEWICZ ROTC Commander Oftrcers Color Guard Usher Frre Guard Honor Club Ach1evementDmner IOHN T GRUBISICH Soph and Varsxty Football Intramural Sports Hall Guard Chorus MICHAEL M GRUCA Executive Student Council Concert Band Student Teachers Hall Guard Chorus WILLIAM E GUNTNER Hall Guard Speakers Bureau Intramural Sports ALFRED E HALE Edrtor l948 Craftsman Honor Club Quxll and Scroll Intramural Sports Hall Guard Bowlmg Team CHARLES H HALPER IOHN P HARMES Hall Guard Sale ol Bonds and Stamps Intramural Sports Chorus Student Councnl KENNETH E HARPER Honor Club Student Counctl v I l , . . 1 1 . ' ' 1 ' 1 1 1 1 - . rm , , 1 1 1 - . " ' 1 1 - ' 1 1 1 . " ' 1 1 ' . . 1 1 1 ' , . . ' ' ' 1 1 ' . 1 1 1 1 . -' 1 1 1 1 1 - - " 1 1 ' - 1 ' 1 . 1 - 7 1 1 1 1 1 . , . - 1 A 1 - 1 1 . THOMAS E HARRIS Camera Club IOHN G HAYDEN Trmes Staff Honor Club Offlce Ard Knrghts of Technology Pan Amerrcan Club Soccer Team RAYMOND W HENNEBRY Track Team Hall Guard IOSEPH A I-III Soccer Team Student Councrl Clrpprngs Bureau Hall Guard EDWIN E HOLKE Trmes Staff Wrestlmq Team German Club Camera Club Brology Club Hall Guard IAMES E HOLLIS Hall Guard Lunchroom Guard Lost and Found Guard CHARLES E HOLLISTER Band Servrce Club Lrbrary Guard ERNESTI HONIGMAN Band Honor Club Clrpprngs Bureau EARL C HOUZE Soph Football Hall Guard Intramural Basketball Champrons IOSEPH R HUEBNER Student Councrl Wrestlmg Team Hall Guard Lunchroom Guard Intramural Sports IOSEPH I IENKINS-Soccer Team Ice Skatxng Team Servrce Club Brology Club Hall Guard CLEON S IOHNSON NEIL O IOHNSON Brology Club STANLEY IOHNSON WILLIAM W IONAITIS LAWRENCE P IONES Cross Country Track Team RICHARD I IORDAN Honor Club Rmg and Sweater Commrttee Office Axd Student Councrl IAMES P KAAS Semor Basketball Team Intramural Sports Chorus Student Councxl WILLIAM F KARGE Honor Club Student Councrl Intramural Sports ROMAN I KASPER Student Councrl Honor Club Intramural Sports EDWARD KAZUK Football Team Soph Football Wrestlrnq Team Crp pmgs Bureau Honor Club Servrce Club ROBERT L KELLER Varsrty Basketball Team Intramural Basketball ROBERT KELLY ALEX R. IMBIROWICZ. - . , ' . 1' - IAMES P KERSHASKY Basketball Team ALFRED C KILINSKIS GEORGE E KILLHAM Intramural Sports Hall Guard EDMUND G KLONOWSKI Hall Guard Student Councll Achrevement Drnner Wresthng Team Lettermens Club ERNEST I KNAPIK Soph and Varsxty Football Team Intramural Sports Honor Club Track Team Student Councrl ANDREW P KNEITA Swrmmmg Team IOSEPH M KOLEP Smgmg Cadets Hall Guard Prcked Platoon ALBERT KONKEL Natxonal Honor Socrety Honor Club Knrghts ot Tech nology Othce Axd Balcony Guard Servlce Club RAYMOND I KORBAL Presndent of Student Councrl Pan Amenccm Club Craftsman Chorus Ofhce Atd NORBERT S KOSCIELSKI EDWARD I KOSMOSKY Honor Club Intramural Sports MITCHELL I KOSTKA RICHARD G KOZEL Tlmes Staff Brology Club German Club Band VlcePres1dent of Senror Chorus Achxevement Dmner Sports TugOWar Student Councrl RAYMOND E KRAUSE Track Team Baseball Team Executmve Councrl Treasurer Natxonal Honor Soclety EDWARD E KRIVICH Lunchroom Guard Usher Fare Guard Hall Guard Mxlxtary Pollce Prcked Platoon IOHN E KRIVICH Intramural Sports Lunchroom Guard WAYNE H KROSS Cross Country Track Team Hall Guard Student Councrl RAYMONDI KRZYWON Hall Guard Bowlmg Team Checker Team Golf Team DONALD F KUHL Soph Football Team Intramural Basketball Adyust ment Oftrce Guard Hall Guard Program Room IOHN G LABOK Ach1evementD1nner Concert Band Honor Club Serv xce Club WILLIAM E LaFARGUE Intramural Basketball Wrestlmg Team Hall Guard OLIVER LAKE Student Councxl Operators Club Wrestlmg Team Intramural Sports IAMES D LAMB Trmes Staff Wrestlmq Team 730 Guard Aclueve ment Dxnner Natxonal Honor Socrety Honor Club RICHARD T. KOZYRA -Soph Football Team, Honor Club, Intramural MARVIN S LEZAK EXBCUIIVE Student Councxl Achrevement Dmner Oltrce Amd Hall Guard Student Teacher Honor Club MILTON H LOUIE Presrdent of Servrce Club Ofhce And 7 30 Guard Rmg and Sweater Commrttee CASIMIRI LUKOWSKI Track Team Hall Guard Soph Football Intra mural Sports EDWARDI LUZWICK Band Soccer Team Hall Guard WILLIAM K LYDDON ROBERT W MALABARBA Intramural Sports Lunchroom Guard Lrbrary Guard SY F MALAK Baseball Team Hall Guard Intramural Sports CHARLESI MALICKI Honor Club Offlce Axd Intramural Sports Opera tors Club LESLIE W MALNASSY Presrdent Operators Club Frre Guard Stage Crew Hall Guard Honor Club Mrlxtary Pohce THOMAS H MALONE Honor Club Intramural Sports Craftsman Stall Hall Guard CLARENCEI MANKA Craftsman Staff Adyustment Offxce Guard Hall Guard Hobby Show FRED I MARCHERT IR Wrestlmg Team Presldent of Blology Club Intramural Sports Honor Club Camera Club Servrce Club CODY V MARSHALL Track Team Checker Team Camera Club Serv rce Club German Club Pan Amerrcan Club MARVIN I MATHIUS Wrestlrng Team Tech HY Intramural Sports Hall Guard Track Team RICHARD T MATTES Hall Guard Intramural Sports IAMES MCGRANAHAN Student Councrl Lrbrary Guard Honor Club Frre Guard Pan Amerrcan Club Usher IOHN I MCGRATH SHIRLEY A MCMAHON Camera Club Mxlrtary Pohce Ushers EDWARD I MCNAUGHTON Wrestlrng Team Drum and Bugle Corps Intramural Sports KEITH C MCNEELLY Wrestltng Team Tech HY Hall Guard Servrce Club LOUIS P MELONAS Balcony Guard CHRIST M MEZILSON Chorus Student Councrl GEORGE L MICKOW Student Councrl Soph Football Intramural Sports Pan Amerrcan Club Lrbrary Guard Hall Guard EDWARDI MILLER Soph Football Hall Guard Pan Amerlcan Club TugOWar - -' 1 1 1 1 1 - - ' 1 1 - 1 . 1 -.1 1 . - 1 1 1 , . . . , , f '7 1 1 1 ' . " 1 ' 1 1 1 ' 1 - . 1 ' 1 1 . W sf 1 1 1 FRA NK I MILLER ROBERT I MISIAK Craftsman Staff Adjustment Oftrce Guard Hobby Show Intramural Sports ROBERT D MITCHELL Craftsman Staff Lrbrary Guard Brology Club FRANK P MODICA Track Team CARL MOIICA 2 Prcked Platoons Honor Club Craftsman Busrness Ctatf ROTC Cadet Oflrcer Hall Guard Usher Frre Guard WILLIAM E MOORE Intramural Track MARTIN S MORRIS Hall Guard Program Oltrce Guard Attendance Othce Guard ROBERT F MORRISSEY Student Councrl Hall Guard RAYMOND I MOSSMAN Swtmmmg Team Intramural Sports RICHARD A MOSSMAN Swrmmrnq Team Intramural Basketball THOMAS W MULLARKEY Honor Club National Honor Soclety Varsity Football Team Baseball Team Hall Guard Intramural Sports CHARLES I MURPHY RAYMOND I MURTAUGH Student Council Presrdent of Student Teachers GENE W NASH-Craftsman Art Staff Band Camera Club LEONARD I NAVRATIL Swrmmrng Team Craftsman Staff Honor Club Hall Guard LEE A NAVARRO IR Presrdent of Pan Amerrcan Club Baseball Team IOHN D NEIL RONALD I NELSON Ofhce And Honor Club Lunchroom Guard GEORGE NEUBAUER Student Councrl German Club Student Teacher ROBERT D NEWMAN Kmghts of Technology Adjustment Ofhce Guard German Club Servrce Club Hall Guard CHARLES F NOVAK Bxology Club Hall Guard Attendance Oflrce Guard Soph Football Band ROBERT P OCONNELL Captam Varsrty Football Team Presrdent Lettermens Club Presrdent Senror Chorus Wrestlmg Team Electron Comnussroner Intramural Sports GEORGE W OLDFIELD Honor Club Craftsman Staff Pan Amerrcan Club Prcked Platoon Usher Clrpptngs Bureau IIM NAKANO-Wrestling Team, Pan-American Club. 94 I IEROME W ORLOFF Baseball Team Intramural Sports Chorus Pool Guard Adjustment OIIICE Guard MANUEL OROPEZA Usher Mxlttary Pohce Hall Guard Prcked Platoon EDWARD T OSOBA Intramural Sports Othce Ald FRED R PAESEL-Natronal Honor Socrety Ofhce Ald Kmghts oi Tech nology Achlevement Dmner Rmg and Sweater Commrttee Craits- man Staff ALBERT I PALLADINO-Wrestlmg Team Intramural Sports IAMES E PECENKA Baseball Team Swrmmmg Team EDWARD I PEKELNICKY Intramural Sports GEORGE PELLEGRINI 4w1mm1ng Team German Club Safety Com mrttee Pool Guard Intramural Sports Kmghts ot Technology CHARLES P PELTON Hall Guard IOSEPH H PETERSEN Chorus IOHN I PETRIZZO-Trmes Staff Hall Guard Intramural Sports ARTIES R PHILLIPS IR Intramural Sports RICHARD C PHILPOTT Rrng and Sweater Commlttee Tlmes Staff ROBERT L PHILPOTT IR Spamsh Conversatron Class Pan Amencan Club Mrlrtary Pohce ROBERT F PICKERT Track Team Intramural Sports Orchestra Swrm mxng Team GEORGE H PIETRO Hall Guard Operators Club Intramural Sports Student Councrl Track Team BRUNO R PIKORAITIS Craftsman Stall Ofhce And Intramural Sports IOHN I PIWORSKI Intramural Sports Brology Club Hall Guard MARTIN F PLECKI Intramural Sports CIC Collector ALLEN B POPPE Intramural Sports Hall Guard CHARLES L PORGES Natronal Honor Socrety Honor Club Olhce Amd German Club Hall Guard RAYMOND E POTE Wrestlmg Team Rmg and Sweater Committee Hall Guard FRANK PURTICH Servlce Club Hall Guard Intramural Sports STANLEY I PUTRAMENT Hall Guard Llbrary Guard Honor Club, Chorus. PETER L. QUINN-Soph Football. STEVEN I. RACZAKfVarsity Football Team, Student Council, Hall Guard. EDWARD L. RAFA-Student Council, Tug-O-War, Service Club, Hall Guard ARMANDO RAMIREZ Brology Club Prcked Platoon Rrlle Team Usher Smgmg Cadet DONALD H REYNOLDS Hall Guard Student Councxl Cllppmgs Bu reau RONALD M RODEO OTHO M ROGERS-Hall Guard Smgmg Cadet THOMAS V ROGERS ANTHONY C ROMAO DUANE G ROY Blology Club Hall Guard DONALD RUFF Intramural Sports Hall Guard GEORGE RUSNAK Varsxty Football Team Intramural Sports Rmg and Sweater Commrttee CHESTER I RUTKOWSKI Intramural Sports WILLIAM RUZICH Soph Football Intramural Sports Chorus RAYMOND I RYAN Varsrty Football Team Lunchroom Guard Hal EDWARD F RYBICKI Hall Guard Varsxty Football Team CHESTER A RYBSKI ANTHONY T SALVATO Secretary of Student Councxl Llbrary Guard Chorus Honor Club ALEX R SANCHEZ Student Councll Chorus Intramural Sports OSWALD SANDERS Cross Country Track Team Bxology Club WALTER SAWICKY Brology Club Student Councxl GEORGE C SCHLOMAS Intramural Sports THOMAS R SCHREUDER Soccer Team Lettermens Club Chpprngs Bureau Hall Guard Track Team IOHNI SCHULER Chorus Swxmmxng Guard Lxbrary Guard Clxppmgs Bureau W . 1 I 1 . I 1 . "' 1 . I . I ' W . 1 I I 'T' I I ' . g ' , , l Guard. I 1 . I ' 1 , . - Y Y 1 . D 1 A 1 ' I PETER W SCHUTZ Student Councrl Honor Club Intramural Sports Brology Club Electron Commrssroner IACOB I SCHWONTKOWSKI Natronal Honor Socrety Wrestlrng Team Orchestra Soph Football Team Pool Guard FRANK W SCICHOWSKI Captarn of Golf Team Wrestlrng Team Hall Guard Soph Football Team Intramural Sports RICHARD M SEARS Commander of Ushers Commander of Prcked Pla oon Frre Guard Rrfle Team Secretary of Honor Club Hall Guard IAMES SELNIK Trmes Staff Intramural Basketball Intramural TugO War Student Councrl SIGMUND K SEMRAU RICHARD F SHIMKUS Wrestlrng Team Hall Guard Brology Club NICK P SHIZAS Wrestlrnq Team Intramural Sports Hall Guard WILLIAM B SHOEMAKER Iunror Basketball Team Brology Club Honor Club Hall Guard Intramural Sports Chapter Head WALTER SIREVICIUS Hall Guard Intramural Basketball EDWARD Y SLAICHERT Intramural Basketball Band German Club DONALD K SLANEY Lettermens Club Wrestlmg Team Offrce Ard RAYMOND I SMERTENE EDWARD B SMITH Hall Guard Intramural Basketball Intramural Swrmmrng Lrbrary Guard GEORGE F SMITH Baseball Team Lunchroom Guard Hall Guard I tramural Basketball CHRIST SOULIDES Soph Football Team Attendance Offrce Guard Lrbrary Guard Lunchroom Guard Intramural Sports LOUISI SPATA Hall Guard Band Baseball Team Intramural Sports ALBERT S SPERLAK Hall Guard Intramural Basketball WILLIAM STAHLKE Hall Guard Clrpprngs Bureau Intramural Basket ba RALPH E STAIDOHAR Presrdent of Concert Band Track Team Honor Club Cross Country Student Councrl Presrdent of Natronal Honor Socrety IOHN A STASZAK CASIMIR I STEC Intramural Sports Honor Club GUS STEFANU Band Wrestlrng Team Student Councrl Sponsors Ard Chapter Head LEO W STEINBRENNER Natronal Honor Socrety Presrdent German Club Art Edrtor ot Craftsman Staff Knrghts oi Technology Offrce Amd Achlevement Drnner Achievement Dinner. Knights of Technology, Honor Club. . f . , , n- ll. GEORGE K STOFFLE Head Ofhce Ards Hall Gua d Presrdent Honor Club Natlonal Honor Socxety Achrevement Dmner Student Courczl THEODORE A STROM Soph Football Team Hall Guard Chorus THEODORE P SULASKI Chorus Rmg and Sweater Commrttee HERBERT L SWANSON GEORGE S SWARTZ Hall Guard BRUNO I SZAWARZENSKI Soccer Team Hall Guard Adlustment Of fxce Guard Golf Team RAYMOND I SZUMIGALSKI GENE E TATE Wrestlxng Team Hall Guard Operators Club Student Councrl Intramural Wrestlmg RAYMOND S THIEM Senror Basketball Team Natronal Honor Soclety Honor Club Rmq and Sweater Commrttee DAVID L TOBIN Honor Club Intramural Basketball ELI I TREASURE Hall Guard Lunchroom Guard CLARENCE I TROEMEL Swrmmmg Team Hall Guard Intramural Basketball TugOWar Student Councrl Offrce And EDWIN UBIS Brology Club FRED M UNGER Wrestlmg Team DAVID I VanCURA Intramural Sports RAYMOND WALDMAN ARTI WANN Wrestlrng Team Soccer Team Intramural Sports Hall Guard Lettermens Club NORMAN C WATERS Swrmmrng Team Chapter Head Electron Com mlssroner Student Councrl DAVID WATSON Treasurer of Senlor Class Co Captam Track Team Cross Country Honor Club Adyustment Ofhce Guard DONALD F WEBSTER Honor Club Natlonal Honor Socrety Offlce And Trmes Staff Kmghts of Technology Hall Guard THOMAS V WHEATLEY Knrghts ol Technology Trmes Stall German Club Hall Guard EUGENE F WHITE Soccer Team Hall Guard Student Councxl lntra mural Sports KENNETH A WHITNEY Swrmmmg Team Lettermens Club Honor Club Natronal Honor QOCIGIY Clrppmqs Bureau Achrevement Dmner VITO C. TUZZOLINO Basketball Team, Student Council Officer. EDWARD L WILBUR Hall Guard Student Councxl Intramural Sports FRANK I WILLIAMS Honor Club Student Councrl HENRY A WOLF Bloloqy Club Operators Club Attendance Othce Guard ROBERT C WRIGHT Wrestlmg Team Student Councrl Ltbrary Guard Cllppmgs Bureau Brology Club Intramural Sports LEONARD I WURST Bxoloqy Club Intramural Sports Honor Club Hall Guard IOSEPH I YAROSH Intramural TugOWar Intramural Basketball RUDY G ZAK Soccer Team Busmess Manager oi Craftsman Honor Club Student Councrl Hall Guard RONALDI ZIENTEK Honor Club Operators Club Pan Amencan Club Kmghts of Technology Oihce Axd Student Councrl EDWARD I ZORICH Hall Guard BRUNO C ZUBRZYCKI Soccer Team Golf Team Student Counctl IUNE GRADUATES WHOSE PICTURES DO NOT APPEAR IN CRAFTSMAN HAROLD ADAMS ALEX AGUIRRE WILLIAM ANTONICK WILLIAM P ARNOLD RICHARD s BANOVIC CHARLES c BEHNKE ROBERT I BERNY ROBERT BIDI-:AU ROBERT E EOEI-ILIIE PAUL I BONOMA SAM EOVA HARRY I BREHEN FRANK RRODA MICHAEL G BRTIcEvIcII NICHOLAS BUKATA IEROME 1 BULVAN WILLIAM I BUSSA EDWIN CALDWELL IOHN D CANNAN IOSEPH R CZDREPKOWSKI IOSEPH I CZYZEWSKI ROGER L DAOusT IOI-IN T DeIaELLA ROBERT W DENKOWSKI WALTER DLUTKOWSKI IOSEPI-I I DYBAS EDWARD I EBER1-IARDT GEORGE A ENRIGI-IT ROY O EVANS WILBERT P PINNEY VERNON R ERI-:Y EDWARD c FRON GEORGE GALE PAUL GAMBLA HENRY G GANDER DONALD GILFROY GEORGE GOMOLKA LEE GREGORY ROBERT GUISINGER IAMES C HAYWOOD GENE HENDERSON IAMES W HICKEY LEWIS A HOELSCHER WILLIAM I HOFFMAN IACK A HOFFMEISTER ERNEST F HORACE KARL E HOYT IOHN P HURLEY BEN INVERGO LEONARD L IANKIEWICZ KENNETH R IOHNSON GEORGE L KALLISH ANTHONY I KAENIGSMARK AUGUST C KENNING RICHARD KERETA RAY KERNICA GERALD I KILCOYNE PETER KLADIS LEROY KOENIG RICHARD D KOLODZIEVCZAK LEROY E KOSCHNITZKI IOHN A KOWALSKI PETER G KRONICH IAMES KUKALIS GILBERT KULICK ROBERT I LANGHAMER LINDY G LARSON IOSEPH LEBHARDT MICHAEL C LENNHARDT THOMAS C LOPRESTI RONALD W MACAULEY IOHN I MACUGA IOHN I MCCARTHY IOHN MCTIGUE MICHAEL MICHALCHIK ROBERT P MORIS WILLIAM P MULCAHY WILFRED MYERS WILLIAM NAUASEL IOHN NEIL OSCAR H NEWBY RICHARD C OLUND PETER V PARRILLI RUDY PASEKA PETER PERADOTTO WALTER PEIKARSKI RALPH PILOT IAMES T QUILTY RICHARD H RAYBORN RAYMOND RESENDEZ RAY ROMANEK MICHAEL I RULER WILLIAM R SCHROEDER IOHN I SCHULER FRANK SCICHOWSKI DONALD SEAMAN IEROME I SHATOVA FRED H SIMON ROBERT D SLIMKO LOUIS SPEDUS ALLAN C STOIANAC CARL V STRAKA IOSEPH STUPARITZ RICHARD I STYRCULA RICHARD D SYPNIEWSKI TED SZYMCZAK D L TOBIN W C TRIMARCO WILLIAM UDOVICH HARRY I VAFIADIS RAYMOND G VAULMAN CHARLES VORDERER GERARD F VOTAVA STANLEY I WALCZAK EVAN WALLACE MILTON WALLACE FRED A WALTERS IOHN R WANDA CHESTER R WASIK WILLIAM F WIECZOREK RALPH E WINGLUCK ROBERT C WRIGHT GEORGE P YOUNG A H ZAWISTOWSKI RAYMONDI ZERULLA R R ZIC ANTHONY ZICCARELLI FRANK I. ZLOTKOWSKI. ELECTION COMMISSIONERS Ronald Florran Charrman Leonard Crrnntano Leonard Lrtwtckr Iohn Marasavrsh Herman Edward Charles Lawrenc Mlclrunas Senka Ronald Flonan Tquchmqn Robert Pliers! e Van Someren loseph Huck '?"3 George Bohaboy Clfluafg I CLASS OFFICERS Leonard Gnsko Presrdent Wxlham Sloger Vrce Presrdent Warren Wong Secretary Robert Lowe Treasurer RING AND SWEATER COMMITTEE Iames Kreuzer Chalrman Rrchard Coleman Charrman Ronald Grafstrom Raymond Hyort Wesley Curda Rrchard Glogowsln Thomas Horvath Edward Iaskowxak Donald Rosenberg Iames Van Patrxck Kosowskr Robert Lowe Wxllram Sloger Norman Troemel Wlth heads up and hearts hxgh we step mto the future fxlled Wllh the expectancy of what xt has 1n store for us We know we w1ll beneht by our con tnbutxon to Amencan hte and through our utmost efforts w1ll carry on the hlgh standards of T1Iden The hne teachlng we have recexved here w1l1 enable us to full the job for whlch we are best su1ted Upon 1eav1ng Tllden we rea11ze the many fnends we have made here not only among the students w1th whom we attended classes but w1th the teach ers who have so w1sely gutded us through our four years As T11den Alumm we shall expect to meet often rn the years to come and to parucrpate rn school actlvlttes and renew old fnendshmps CHAPTER HEADS Grlbert Iohnson Paul Ione Albert Musrnskx Iames Parnllx Alvm Brottman ,fin ' ' l 1 ,-',4J,: l, ' , fi 'LID ' . f ' f 5-muff nn 5 94,444 ' . . -...Lu . . A, of yn. I , 1 I - 1 , . STANLEY ABBOTT Hall Guard Intramural Sports FRANCIS E ADAMS WALLACE R AIKENS Hall Guard Book Room Guard Honor Club ROBERT E ANDERSON Varsrty Football Team Hall Guard Ir ra mural Sports RICHARD W ARSENEAU Lrbrary Guard Hall Guard HOWARD BACKHOFF Intramural Sports EDWARD F BANDISH Hall Guard Lunchroom Guard IOHN A BENEVELLI Concert Band Intramural Sports IOHN H BEREN Hall Guard Pyramld Squad IOHN BEZEMEK HAROLD W BOERSMA Baseball Team Student Councrl GEORGE E BOHABOY Varsrty Football Team Hall Guard Ooerators Club Student Co nc' DONALD C BRANNIGAN Soph and Varslty Football Team Wrestlmg Team ALVIN BROTTMAN Txmes Staff Secretary Knrghts of Technology Hall Guard Adyustment Guard Pan Amerlcan Club Chorus mural Basketball CHARLES E BURK Varstty Football Team Hall Guard Locker Guard Cllppmgs Bureau ALBERT BURY Intramural Basketball Operators Club Pool Guard ROBERT BYKOWSKI Student Councrl Hall Guard Pool Guard Swim mmg Team ROLAND W BYKOWSKI Hall Guard Intramural Sports DAN N BYSTROWSKI Swrmmmg Team Lettermens Club Tunes Stall Student Councrl Achxevement Dmner Ice Skatrng Team IERRY I CEITHAML CLIFTON CHARLES Lrbrary Guard Hall Guard HARRYI CHEATLE Soph Football Team Knrghts of Technology Hall Guard Chorus Intramural TugOWar Pan Amerrcan Club PAUL CHEUNG Wrestlrng Team Hall Guard Honor Club Student Councll Intramural Sports Lettermens Club IAMES BROWNH -Clippings Bureau, Hall Gard, Locker Guard, Intra- LEONARD R CIRRINTANO Hall Guard Lrbrary Guard SAMUEL M CLOUGH Servrce Club Honor Club Pan Amermcan Club Hall Guard RICHARD F COLEMAN Soph and Varsrty Football Team Wrestlrng Team Lettermens Club Operators Club WESLEY A CURDA Honor Club Rmg and Sweater Commrttee Sports Edrtor ol 1947 Craftsman Oflrce Ard Intramural Sports MAURICE DENTON Operators Club SAM T DIMAS-Track Team Hall Guard Ofhce Guard HENRY EPSTEIN Ad1ustment Guard Honor Club ROGER ESPIRITU Hall Guard Soph and Varsrty Football Team Chorus ROBERT M EZERSKI Hall Guard Operators Club ARNOLD P FEINBERG Soph and Varsrty Football Team Intramural Basketball Craftsman Staff Clrppmgs Bureau Chorus RONALD A FLORIAN Swrmmmg Team Chorus Oftrce Amd DANIEL S FLYNN Basketball Team Hall Guard Cho us Honor Club Student Councrl DONALD G FONTANA Soph and Varslty Football Team Ice Skatmg ROBERT W FUERST Honor Club Achrevement Drnner Hall Guar ROTC Staff Usher Frre Guard LADD FUNDAREK Varsrty Baseball Team Track Team Chorus Hal Guard Adlustment Guard Lettermens Club IOHNI GAGYI Intramural Basketball Hall Guard LEONARD GARCIA Intramural Basketball Hall Guard NICHOLAS GAYDOS Wrestlmg Team Hall Guard Intramural Basket ball Band HILARY T GARUCKAS Offxce Ard Hall Guard Intramural Sports Track Team RICHARD M GLOGOWSKI Student Councrl Operators Club Knrghts ot Technology Ofhce Amd Honor Club Achrevement Drnner RICHARD R GOERING Hall Guard RONALD M GRAFSTROM Intramural Basketball Tlmes Stall Hall Guard LEONARD F GRISKO Swrmmrng Team Achrevement Drnner Honor Club Lettermens Club Ottrce Ard Hall Guard RAYMOND A GROSS Soph Football Team Offrce Guard Team, Student Council. Library Guard, . - , ' ' . d. ff- ' , , . l MERICO I GUIDARELLI Track Team Intramural Track Intramural Bas ketball Intramural TugOWar Hall Guard RAY HALLIBURTON Lrbrary Guard HOWARD D HANSON Swrmmmg Team Tunes Staff Hall Guard STEVE C HASH Wrestlmg Team Lettermens Club Soccer Team Chorus ALOIS R HEINOL RONALD L HERMAN Wrestlmq Team Intramural Sports Hall Guard RAY A HIORT Intramural Sports Chorus Knrghts ot Technoloay Honor Club Student Councrl IOHN I HORIST Hall Guard THOMAS C HORVATH Honor Club Hall Guard IOSEPH W HUCK ROTC Offrcer Ofhcers Color Guard Mrlrtary Polrce Usher Executrve Otfxcer Student Councrl SHERELL R HUDDLESTON Clrppmgs Bureau Knrghts of Technology Honor Club Chorus Hall Guard Intramural Swrmmrng ROBERT F HUGHES mural Sports GEORGE P INMAN Soph and Varsity Football Team Track Team Hall Guard EDWARD IASKOWIAK Ofhce Ard Honor Club Trmes Staff GILBERT F IOHNSON Concert Band Trmes Staff Honor Club Knrghts of Technology German Club Servrce Club PAUL IONE Craftsman Staff Trmes Staff Offlce Guard Presrdent of Camera Club Student Councrl Servrce Club FRANK N KALEBICH Servrce Club Intramural Basketball Intramural Track Hall Guard Lunchroom Guard RICHARD S KAPLAN Honor Club Offrce Guard Adlustment Guard Kmghts of Technology Usher IOHN A KLACKA WILLIAM F KLOBUCHAR Varsrty Football Team Captarn of Iunror Track Team Lettermen s Club Golf Club Achrevement Dmner Pres rdent of Semor Chorus FRED KNOBLAUCH Intramural Basketball Hall Guard WILLIAM E KNUDSEN Honor Club Brology Club Intramural Sports PATRICK KOSOWSKI Captam of Ice Skatmg Team Chorus Hall Guard Intramural Basketball Lettermens Club MICHAEL D. HUNT--Baseball Team, Hall Guard, Biology Club, Intra- 4 DAVID H KRAHN IAMES P KREUZER Basketball Team Lettermens Club Hall Guard Honor Club RUDOLPH I KUPRES Intramural Basketball Intramural TugOWar Hall Guard WILLIAM B LACOTCHE Student Councrl Clrpprngs Bureau Lunchroom Guard IOSEPH LARA ROTC Mrhtary Polrce Prcked Platoon Usher EDWARD LEE Honor Club Servrce Club Olfrce Guard Student Coun crl Wrestlmg Team ROBERT I LENZ Intramural Basketball STANLEY G LEZON Clrpprnqs Bureau SAM S LOMBARDO Swrmmmg Team Studert Councrl Hall Guard Lrbrary Guard GEORGE LONGFELLOW Wrestlmg Team Lost and Found Guard IOHN LOUGHNEY Soccer Team Wrestlmg Team Concert Band Intra mural Basketball ROBERT C LOWE Soph and Varsxty Football Team Student Councrl Lettermens Club Craftsman Stat! RALPH C MATSON Soph Football Team Wrestlmg Team Hall Guard Lost and Found Guard LAWRENCE R MCDANIEL CHARLES I MEYER Knrghts oi Technology Hall Guard GEORGE E MICHOVICH Wrestlmg Team Intramural Sports Iunror Band Hall Guard KEITH R MILLER Intramural Basketball THOMAS E MILLER Drum and Bugle Corps Frre Guard Usher Ofhce Guard Chorus Student Councrl DON H MILLIES BOB C MONTVID Intramural Basketball GEORGE L MORGAN Hall Guard Soccer Team Co Captam Checker Team Track Team Broloqy Club DONALD E MORRIS Intramural Basketball ALBERT MUSINSKI Varsrty Football Team Swrmmrnq Team Hall Guard IOSEFH L NAPONIELLO Hall Guard Chorus 1 1 1 1 - . . . . 1 1 1 1- . . 1 1 1 A , . - ' 1 A 1 1 f 1 . ' ' 1 1 1 ' - 7 - 1 1 , . 1 7 - 1 1 1 - 7 1 1 1 1 - . 7 1 1 1 1 1 - - 1 1 ' 1 1 1. , , , IAMES W NOLAN Band Honor Club Sponsors Guard German Club Hall Guard EDWARD C NOVAK Student Councrl CIC Collector Orchestra Hall Guard Intramural Basketball BRUNO R NOVERAUSKAS Hall Guard Chorus Pan Amerxcan Club Knlghts of Technology Intramural Sports Stgn Parnter LUIS OMEANY Honor Club Hall Guard Chpprngs Bureau Wrestlmg Team Student Councll RONALD A ORENT Basketball Team Clxpprngs IAMES ORTH RAUL R ORTIZ Wrestlmg Team Soccer Team Acluevement Dmner Honor Club Intramural Basketball Hall Guard IAMES V PARILLI Soph Football Team Intramural Track Intramural Swrmmxng Lunchroom Guard ROTC EDWARD R PARTYKA Ice Skatmg Team Intramural Sport Hall Guard EDWARDI PECH Band ROBERT A PODER Varsxty Football Team Lettermens Club Hal Guard Intramural Sports Wrestlmg Team ARCHIE PRENTISS THOMAS PUSATERI Intramural Basketball Student Council Llbrary Guard CHARLES RABER Hall Guard Pyramrd Squad EDWARDI RACZYNSKI Band Brology Club Hall Guard Orchestra ROBERT R RAMOSHKA Soph and Varsrty Football Team Track Team Executlve Councll Lettermen s Club IOSEPH I. RICH Intramural Basketball Honor Club Adlustment Guard Hall Guard DONALD I ROSENBERG Intramural Basketball DAVID P RUEHL Hall Guard FLOYD C SANDS Servrce Club Hall Guard Track Team PETE S SANTORO Hall Guard IOSEPH SARIK Brology Club Checker Club Intramural Basketball CHARLESI SCHINDLER Hall Guard Intramural Basketball Intramural TugOWar Honor Club ROBERT G SCHUETTAUFF Student Councrl - 4 1 1 1 1 . 4 1 .. . 1 1 - 4 1 1 ' 1 1 1 . " 1 1 1 , . . 1 1 1 1 1 1 . . " . 1 1 - '4 1 1 , 1 1 - '- 1 1 1 1 . " 1 1 4 1 . - " 1 1 1 . . 4 1 , , . . 1 1 . - 4 1 1 1 - 44 1 1 . . 4 1 1 . . I I EDWARDI SENKA Soph Football Team Intramu al Basketball Hall Guard Intramural TugOWar C I C Collector ROBERT SHEPPARD Chorus KEITH F SIMON Hall Guard WILLIAM R SLOGER Swrmmmg Team Ofhce And Hall Guard Intra mural Swrmmxng Intramural Basketball Lettermens Club Achxeve ment Drnner PATRICK W SMITH Lunchroom Guard ROTC Usher Frre Guard Student Councrl Operators Club Clxppmgs Bureau STEVE F SOKOLOWSKI Intramural Sports Student Councrl Hall Guard LESTER W SOMMERS Drum and Bugle Corps Hall Guard Student Councxl Lost and Found Guard Broloqy Club FRANKI STANCE Operators Club Clrpprngs Bureau GEORGE E STANKUS Hall Guard Clrppmgs Bureau Intramural Sports EDWARD H STERMIN Operators Club Student Councll ROBERT A SZEKELY Hall Guard CHARLES A TAUCHMAN Student Counctl Hall Guard MYRON E THOM Swrmmrng Team Soph Football Team IAMES E THORNTON Baseball Team Cheer Squad Lettermen s Club FELIX TOLIVER ROTC Usher Smgrng Cadets RICHARDI TRECEK Wresthng Team Hall Guard Intramural Wrestlrn Student Councrl NORMAN L TROMEL Soccer Team Honor Club Lettermens Club Na tronal Honor Socrety Adlustment Guard Servrce Guard EDWIN M TRUBIC Soph and Varsrty Football Team Intramural Sports VERNON F UMHOLTZ Band Wrestlmq Team Intramural Sports IACK VAN DYKE Hall Guard LEONARD L VAN HECKE Track Team Prcked Platoon Hall Guard Intramural Track Lettermens Club Achrevement Dmner ROBERT VAN SLETTE IAMES F VARI Chorus NORBERT R. SZYMANSKI Hall Guard. KENNETH S VONDRAK Stage Crew Honor Club Rxile Team Adil-ISI ment Guard Fxre Guard ROGER O WEAVER Vxce Presxdent of Camera Club Craftsman Staff Lost and Found Guard German Club Bxology Club PERCY R WEIL FRANK B WENSTROM Soccer Team Lettermens Club Hall Guard DAVID I WEST Hall Guard ROTC FRED WILLIAMS-Lrbrary Guard Hall Guard Servrce Club Intramural Track Track Team EDWIN S WOICIK Hall Guard Lunchroom Guard WARREN WONG Intramural Manager Honor Club Trmes Staff Crafts- man Staff Ofhce Ald Honor Club IANUARY GRADUATES WHOSE PICTURES DO NOT APPEAR LOUIS ADAMEK SAM BAUDO ROBERT BELTZ EDWARD CADA IOHN CARLSON CARL CHEUNG RICHARD F COLEMAN THOMAS CRAWFORD RICHARD DALE RONALD E DIGLES EDWARD I EBERHARDT RAYMOND GRANECZNY RAYMOND R HAWTHORNE AUGUST E HERZOG IAMES HUGHES ROBERT L HUTTON JAMES MARVIN HAROLD KANE IOHN KAPUT TED L KATUZNY FRED KISH WILLIAM KNOX STANLEY C LAWRENCE GEORGE LEVERENCE GEORGE E LINDERBERG LEONARD LITWICKI IOHN MARASOVICH ALPHONSE R MAZCIKA RAYMOND MCCAULEY IACK MEYER HERMAN MICKUNAS ROBERT L MILLER RALPH MISIAK IACK OBORN RALPH PALLARO CHARLES RABER RICHARD O. RADFORD CHARLES H. RAHN IN CRAFTSMAN MARCUS E RICHTER EUGENE ROECKE EDWARD RUDIS STANLEY SIMUNDIC IOSEPH C SITKOWSKI NICHOLAS SKRABUTENAS ROGER SPAIN CHARLES SPICUZZA WILLIAM I SROMEK WILLIAM STOLARCZYK ISAAC D TAYLOR IOSEPH TENKA LAWRENCE VAN SOMEREN LESTER F VIEU EDWARD VILUTIS GEORGE VLAHAKIS ANTHONY WARPEHOWSKI EDWARD I. ZORICH 'Fw C5 fl XJ oil -v-raw' Sf? "LE .REL I .Ln ' an v Q .Q . 'X N any yu Q37-'5f5'llu, fin 1'- Q' fltftsf fan. 93135 ,Q fm XX KE! 'SPY 'E H QRAZX v p W M6 M fffyir Y R. FW 6 Q.L..EE.Q., l Wfzzldlal tb :mn o9"'N,a7' 1""m' Q '67, ap was Au- ,uw- aa 1 QE' Q .rf X 9 lf villa I rr lddmlzllaf we -15:3 'E X , RO fe " M xxxxxx xx x xfge- 'k--J-X! FIAQCIS f 'vw x i"l"",i' if so 093' Crude ima, E 1 Mm ' lafulllllnh W '22-'fp q LEX bug VJ 'Q E X. QD ,IA ' K-vw, xeh CAMPUS LEADERS mr- mo E-IE Qu: il m no mn 29. Ns 0 O9 m 0-'Fl -'lo 25 29. 55 00 :gm 32 'DQ mv-4 -1 fb Q 5 Frank Broda Captam ol the Senror Basketball Team Iohn Cuthbertson Presrdent of the Class of Iune 1948 Qtanley Grenda CoCapta1n oi the Track Team Leonard Grrsko Presldent of the Class of February 1947 Thad Gronkrewrcz Regrmental Commander of the ROTC Allred Hale Edrtor ol the Craftsman Ray Korbal Presrdent of the Student Councrl l' B 5 ' ' ' - ' V fm 'X Q f J X h l Q Q E Q. cs.-I G91 I, I B k Xjffy k X E , h - x ,J iw, ' , J 1. X X i - ' , 'Q T -Q' - ' gQ"' J f' I J T ' 6 -, or to W X , C ,e - , a sr -Cake xxx KN 1 ' Agj 4 Q Ne Q was R 1 R32 C- ' h ' r N -W-,Ii A W . . " 'Q 2' if T , X f" 4 255552525 - 'Q Q- Q ' C . V ff' Qi! fax 4, WWF 1 x ,E X5 h uvhs E M x,:d.H If X - X -C P: X, be ,J , C C, pq ,lf All- of eff-Q-ww-Q. T , Y - , I ,, If , u 3,3-.C 1+-M ai 4 'fo i A hw ,I Q f M -, LS! xx x V . . Q ,. X V , lf.,-4 -sf- . Q ' X '35 QQ wall 'i ,ff fx l T N . 23' ,ww 1 ' ' MHWM XX Q1 r' se sf' P 5-1 se r Q Eriggggggfa . f I 6 T ve L T 171' ' ' . I ....-H' , i Q xi IME: f l V Lx .N mg :xxxj ,, ' Q Maxx' T., 411- 'I 3 0 Irv Q, t ' e A QQ! A ' XM ' ffl if, A Pl -'-'7 '. l , u ,. X N 4 1 n lv, Q9 ff ff- C h - A . QW, af ': .I - L' 5 , 1 -.6 l wr R tx 'g.x . . X- J - f' . P X- ' - ' ' - ' ' D' fy? f f Q . x- e -- qv Q I - E mls:-tiff JN C - 1gxi - ' XXXXNVFA """LfL- ,al Z- """'- . 4 2 xxilggliiii X K J .1 1-.. .. -1 J ' f' '-' C ll , C ,T . +1 T 3 P' JL .A , I fri, r 7-s- Q u L we . A ' . : T l firm T , , ' ., .,.::' 'gf-.. , - I 5 X ' f f ,lx ' F X X . A gf? 'Wie -2 Kg 52534 I 0 1 WI . Q , Q ,Wk U S. 'Z X G Qx 411411 9 - Q - , . ' 'fttlffex'-' "F A , X . I A A Q .6 vs' V Iames Lamb CoEd1tor ol the Txmes Kerth McNeeley Captam of the Wrestlmq Team Robert OConne1l Captam of the Football Team Wally Pxekarskr Captarn of the Iumor Basketball Team Ralph Stajdohar Presrdent ot the Natmonal Honor Socrety Leo Qternbrenner Art Edrtor of the Craftsman George Stolfle Presrdent of the Honor Club Davxd Watson Co Captarn of the Track Team 6643 SOUTH HALSTED STREET WENT 59201 ESTABLISHED OVER QUARTER OF A CENTURY GENUINE TILDEN ATHLETIC SWEATERS WE MAKE THEM TO ORDER IN OUR FACTORY ENGLEWOOD KNITTING MILLS Bal Wwhw Za 7414644 Glhqfz Sakai! Za Zfze f94ff Qfzadaaie CUTTING MACHINES LUCUMUTIVES GUUDMAN MANUFACTURING CUMPANY HALSTED STREET AT 48TH CHICAGO 9 ILLINOIS Specfalmh W WWW Wwhwaq afmf gmceae Qanqfzaiulajzam 1 GEORGE S P I E S INDUSTRIES OFFICIAL IEWELERS TO IUNE CLASS 1948 4140 N KOLMAR AVE CHICAGO "THE BEST CLASS RINGS MADE" 2 Phone STATE 2462 STUDIO HOURS- 11th Floor Dculy 900 AM to 600 PM Sundays G Hohdcrys BUTLER BLDG 10 AM to 4 PM MARSHALL PHOTOGRAPHER INC 162 NORTH STATE STREET Successor to MABEL SYKES Photographer 466 WEST SUPERIOR STREET CHICAGO 10 ILLINOIS OFFICIAL PHOTO ENGRAVERS JL 1948 Cf. fJ,,.f.,. SUPERIOR 7440 TH 1948 TILD N CRAFTSMAN WAS PRINTED BY THE RAVERET WEBER PRINTING CO 727 SOUTH DEAIIBORN STREET CHICA o 5 ILLINOIS HARRISON 1770 WALLACE-MILLER COMPANY 2 , f G . 0 rr ,

Suggestions in the Tilden Technical High School - Craftsman Yearbook (Chicago, IL) collection:

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