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 - Class of 1946

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gm, 'IN fg 'Q Y f S f6 ff QW' xg X31 if XXX X 'X mf, f ,f flffm 1,151 Ulf!!! 1,1 'ly Hut I R. ,S Wa 'fn 1 'fill L, 4 X xxw- X x XX XxXx ,X x A XXX ' ', mm f '-V, K ff 1 f Lf , 6 ,- I fl "" 6 SX x XX N RQ X X QNX AN X iVKkkk xwxx XX, 'X.Xl,L.1,1 :- xxiiETQx1TX X X ' -XX,-,Rx Slit ifk--K X Y X K X X 1:5 Nwiqx.. Niifx Na+ - N .x x jx- it X .. Q. X -XX: X X 5 A i Q11 -6, X xx 'LF -f"'x,N2 jf n .7 L1 1946 W HOBIZO For I d1pt rnto the future far as human eye could see Saw the vrsron of the world and all the wonder that would be Saw rhe heavens irll wzth commerce atqosres of maglc sarls Heard the heavens lrll wrth shoutzng and there ramd a ghastly dew From the natrons ary navzes grapplmq rn me central blue Trll the war drum throbbd no longer and the battle flags were furl 'I ln the Parlrament of man the Federcrtron of the world Tennyson E X L I B R I S F . XX S W 6 X ' , xx' -1 , , fry, r g"4xn-N l fr f"l'1'f' K' X if 'X 1' I . , , N mfr u , , Nglx 1 " , 'r O O de QC I N E N S 6' Hraffsmau F 0 R I 9 4 6 U1 fHHMSHMWHMHM ylw orizond . . . LZAQIP ckafinge, fkeir exlaecfafionri, ana! fkeir reagzafion. A d PP bd kgi d A new day has dawned for this our gen- eration, a day full of expectation and hope, yet a day to be forged through hard Work, perseverance, humility, and a feel- ing of brotherhood toward all men. This Craftsman is an attempt to see beyond this New Horizon and to delineate here the experiences, hopes, and ambitions of the boys who have helped to make that to- morrow a reality. Here, are presented our endeavors in the arts and humanities, in , "t"r'?T.j'j W1 'cff'W:"'f3'f1,:":-, fff?"s-zum :tis f.93lF""f'T.t:"P:? ' -' SFT". L . - 5,-,t -I 5 f 1 -1 N-j, ,zz g.Jjg:fhll y 4grQ?5sx -t 4. W gi t . 15" ff, f' . itfL,.?'. t --- . v rj-"' u,-gq1'f2q..1 . .M .A c. fu, 1 527' ' ' ' ' lgf'L4"34'a9fI5,Q'1' ' 1 , af 1 --is' ' y ,ay .si -TS,-at-L:-rj. the sciences, in technology and athletics. This Craftsman is a living memorial ded- icated to the students of today, of yester- day, and of tomorrow. It is a memorial to Tilden, a school Where all creeds, races, and nationalities work and study shoulder to shoulder toward the same fundamental goal, the creation of a bigger and better World. For the future belongs to those whose training fits them to see its chal- lenge and to embrace its opportunities. --t-1 Y.-W... we-a-:vw wfiZFf'7T'f.:r.,,u,. I 1,,--"Lug .-' ft ' , . 2 , .1-!' 3-51:-'-a -:W it J V. J'-'kj-lipljfgs' "Q .. .ly fi tx 1 A,,,: -5.2561-.yggm A Y,-fnmy Nz :Aim- 'ar' ,' ' 19' 1. 4 7 ' A ' 9 t 1 w , 1 i juni?-1-"L K-,L - W"- f .fffefm-,i'Q2S7s'A-1. Robert Prihar and Harry Lacher look on with interest as Bob Heidenreich does a bit of threading. MR R E LAKEMACHER Mr Lukemucher relaxes 1n thu Qcmpcx y or hxs duuqhte Iudxtn 13rds1 cmd hxs son Robert MR LAKEMACHER ,ded T0 THE GRADUATES Among the many events that have occurred since the last issue of the Craftsman was the sudden defeat of our country's enemy by the use of the atomic bomb. Both scientists and laymen have been speculating as to the means by which man can harness this nuclear energy generally conceded to be the greatest power that man has ever touched. The latter is a false conception, for man has always had two greater powers, which like nuclear energy have not been used to the fullest. The first of these powers is the high type of intelligence man was endowed with, but which he has not yet placed under full control so as to derive the greatest good for all mankind. The other great power at man's disposal is faith, faith in one's self and in one's fellow men. Without faith in ourselves we are but empty shells, seemingly possessed of power, but minus that force which carries men toward ultimate success. Without faith in our neighbors. we live in a world of distrust and disagreement. He who would succeed must leam to have faith in himself and his fellow men. Mr Lakemacher addresses the sponsor and members of the Executive Council L6 5 Seated Tennyson Brumlxk Epstein Weil, Haack, Gaushas. Standing Sternlicht Kitt Harper Faustino, Murawski, MR. H. 0. MYERS .Sf.,,.,,-.',,f.,,,,l.,,.f OF TECHNICAL WORK llll I ' Wa-ff IM' M- 4 2 T7 A 6 I The promotion of the efficient and smooth operation of Tilden's many shops is the main duty of Mr. H. O. Myers, superintendent of technical work. In addition to this tre- mendous task, Mr. Myers orders the new machinery, shop equipment, textbooks, furniture, and other miscellaneous items needed to effectively run a technical high school. Mr. Myers has the following message for Tilden students: "During the many years I have had the privilege of serving at Tilden, there have never been as many opportunities for the future engineer or mechanic as have presented them- selves during the last four years. New Horizons are ap- pearing every day, and the young engineers of the future will have to be alert, active, and eager to grasp them as they appear." ,s I-s yffzwwf ff xg A ' , 1 - f . V ,X 2' Q J , ,WEP 1 i M N Y f fu? AQSIST ANT PRINCIPAL Introduclng Mr Burton Duffle recently appornted assrstant pr1nc1pal at Tllden an old fr1end 1n a new cmd hlgher pos1t1on The student body has known Mr Duff1e as publvcrty chalrrnon placement coun selor and senror sporsor many of us have known h1m more lntxmately as an rnstructor 1n rnathernatrcs and mecharucal drawmg HIS whole hearted devo t1on to hrs work has earned for h1m the respect of the students and faculty ahke Mr Duffle advrses T1ldePxtes to study the mural 1n the front lobby where the 1nsp1r1ng message of the great Amencan Herbert Hoover resounds as men thvnk plan and dare Educatronal leaders of the Chrcago Pubhc Schools pomt the way to New Honzons At the conference were Mr Phrlp McNamee Ass1stantSupermtendent Mr Charles Vlall EngmeerCustod1an Robert E Lakemacher Pnncrpal Mr Hartwell O Myers Techm cal Supermtend nt Mr Wrllxam H Iohnson Supermtenclent of Schools . t f "There will always be frontiers to conquer as long As secretary to Mr, Lakemacher, MISS TARR har:- dles the multitudinous correspondence and reports that find their way to the desk of a high-school prin- cipal 4-Q.. As school treasurer, MISS MCCAMBRIDGE "keeps the books" and prepares the reports on the financial condition of the school. .A+-H.. MISS McNUl.TY assists Mr. Schaeffer, registrar of Tilden. and also has charge of all transactions con- cerning textbooks: in addition to acting as secretary to Mr. Duffy, MISS DOYLE handles all school bulle- tins and requisitions, and sponsors the Office Aides, .742 A, W8 Ziff MlSS FITZGERALD sends transcripts to colleges and universities for Tilden qraduates and otherwise assists the registrar: "DOC" WHITE is responsible for makirq out the requisitions and inventories that concern the receiving room. fx ' L I fl gee gum ' if A 144' Q 3'3" ea 5 of mQl0al'tl7'l2l'lt:5 Post Mechan1calDraw1nq M Werner Qcxence Mxss Nolan Englrsh gt Fletcher R O T C Mrss MacNe1sh Mathemot cs M1ss Mullen Musrc Mr Apkmq Physxcal Educctlon Mrss Sertz La guage Mrss Murphy Cocral Screfc The task of the Department Heads 1n volves heavy respons1b111t1es and unusual ores1ght for they prepare the Techrnan s way to ultxmate success 1n the held of technology by prov1d1ng the newest teachlng fcrclhtles and deVlC9S ln the rnathematlcs and mechanlcs Q: l 4 , V . F V 5 ' I ' 4 , .K N . . . f 4 Q, sciences. arts and humanities, and in sf V4 P Mr, ' ' 4 , A'w,'k -' ,Lvl ! ' S . . . . . . V so X...,f!X'N--'ZA nf-2'fU X In xxnrf -3 X v IME 1 1 IVE? 5 rs lf' at -Q KX V ! 61:56 l00l'l50l Nhss He ntz Sophomore Sponsor Mr Gamertsielder Sen or Sponsor Mr Stone Iumor Sponsor In order that all students may have the assrstance necessary to overcome the many obstacles that beset th m on the road to graduatron a teacher has been appornted to a1d ard advrse the members of each of the four classes Because of the sponsors unselirsh help and encouragement we graduates are well prepared and eagerly lookrng forward to our future rn the techrncal world Mrss Mullen reshman Sponsor FAITH IN NEW HORIZONS LEADS TO THE ATTAINMENT OF OUR GOALS .Q ff ' I i Q . "' I , . I t' I 7 .:1z-'-+--v,-rff1'-rf-e-- ff --'-v----iv , -.d vr-f-,g3'-F11-M--"Ei His--gf-1-If-Iis E':f,j.,A'3g',f1:55'3'f'."f"'f " ' " fi'f,"'2T" :r'x'r:" ' ., . , ? War' , Miss Rasch consults Mrs. Williams Head of Tilden's library, about an over- due book. The lure of travel and adventure in terests these Techmen. ww' C352 Paid? In the pleasant surroundings of Tilden's library, students prepare their daily assignments, or acquire information on current and historical affairs, on topics in science and liter- ature, and on the various problems in the technical fields. The daily requests of students for good books have increased circulation one hundred thirty per cent. To the fifteen thousand books already in the library, seven hundred new ones have been added this year. The nt Off1C9 1S the home of the many test scores and other data so vital to the success of Techmen Here students also receive advlce and a1d on the numerous problems that them Adjustme confront On ost T11den1tes will never forget is the Attendance Of f1ce wh1ch specvalizes in issuing d1S missal passes cut slips excuses and class admlt sl1ps In spite of the harsh thmgs often sa1d about It the Attendance Office IS a necessary gear in the mach1nery of our school The jobs procured through the Placement Office have glven many T11den1tes a start towards a life ca reer or help 1n acqulrlng some of the funds for college Mr Campbell following the example of Mr H111 hrs predecessor tries to see tha boys get iobs for wh1ch they are suited by interest and experience e place m Mrs. Fitzgerald and Miss Kuehne discuss the 3B te.t scores with Mrs. Hilton Head of the Adjustment Office. Miss Cullison, Head of the Attendance Oft fice, and her capable assistants, Miss Caprez and Mrs. Egbert. Harry Polson seeks advice about an after- school iob from Mr. Hill, Placement Counselor. .fdfgudbflellf ,du J 195, en GHC? Ceffleflf N-J 'if'- NXNNQ :mo IFW' 001-O-U5 ozrn-nw C IMI!! 'U-4-102'f" 0-Ut -4 IT! Vt'l'b2DCO .4-n-p-qnr11I't't .ggrzon ru nvmu.. L ll QCU, Ol' Robert E Lakemacher Prmczpal Burton Duffle Asszstant Prmcrpal H O Myers TechmcalSuper1ntendent Leonard Albano Socral Studies Charles Apkmg Physzcal Educatron Wxlham Ballou Physics Bernlce Eeddow Brology Kathenne Bemrsderfer English Kathenne Brrmmgham English Sarah Blake Publzc Spealcmg Thomas Blackshaw Drawmg Mane Bohman Ar Catherme Bond Englzsh Rockton Bowker Wood Shop Anna Brashavetz Socral Studxes Paul Brmkmann Physrcal E ducatzon Davlcl Buchanan Robert Burgchardt Teresa Byrne Co11n Campbell Agnes Caprez Lorame Cardmal Elras Chrlstlansen Charlotte Clancy Elmer Coble Thomas Coe Newell Collms Forge Azrcraft Engmes Englzsh Placement Mathematrcs General Scxence Aeronautxcs Typmg Social Studies Mathematzcs Chemistry Beatrrce Condee On Leave Math Bernadette Costello Alme Cullxson Margaret Dreessen Mary Duckett Celeste Egbert General Sczence Attendance General Scxence English Socral Studies Iohn M Fewkes Physzcal Educatzon Stacra Frscher Florence Fxtzgerald Thomas Flemmg Thomas Fletcher Glen Ford Evelyn Francls Rose Frxedman Anna Gallagher Carl Gamertsfelder Myrl Garas Gladys Gaylord Russell Goodrrch Englxsh English Weldmg R O T C M uszc Bzology Spamsh I ournalrsm Physics Mathematics Mathematics Chemistry ,Q H M M F E T" Q Q at T' A " A N 5 F ' ,X S G ' 1 . F I T L ' 4 f-X '- f ' R S 1 4: g 3 S Y S Y E Y if' L E i s . . ' ' - ' ' ' - - - Af . , - I h I - - , - - . . - - - On - ' - ' ' Charles Keating - - Linotype Mabel Simcox - - Mathematics ' . . ' - ' ' - On - ' George Goranson Frank Hartmann Charles Harvey Leon Haskell Iune Hemtz Robert Hxcks Mary Hxlton Paul Hoffman Hugh Hotchkm Frances Hubler Delbert Humlston Thaddeus Isbaner Helen Iohnson Oscar Iohnson Drusxlla Keller Paul Kmsey Mabel Klser Iulxa Krltzer Harold Kuehl Sophra Kuehne Anthony Kunka Mxldred Lawler Carl Lmner Arnold Lune Barbara Lutz Helen Lutz Robert Macnab Agnes MacNe1sh Iohn Maxvald Elxzabeth Marston Ida McCarthy Paul McCurry Dara Mohler Samuel Montgomery Iuha Mooney Ferdmand Moore Woodshop Physrcal Educatron Physrcal Educatron Electrzcrty Mathematrcs Physzcal Educatron Adjustment Foundry Physrcs Mathematzcs Brology Drawmg Fnglrsh Foundry Mathematics Physzcal Educatzon Socral Studies Enqlrsh Machme Shop English General Scrence Socral Studzes Musxc Drawmg Mathematics Mathematxcs Pattern Mathematzcs Pnnt Shop Mathematrcs Social Studies Drawmg Physics Forge English Machme Shop Anna Moran On Leave Soc Studies Margaret Mullen Eleanor Murphy Wxllxam Murray Lawrence Nelson Nelhe Nolan Nelhe OMara Paul Pahlman Albert Palka On Musrc Socral Studxes Socral Studies Drawmg English Leave Math Forge Drawmg W1ll1am Parkhlll W1lllCm Pflster Shrrley Powell George Post W1lllGm Postl Maud Puder Paulme Ournlan Margaret Quxnn Walter Renme Walter Rummel Leslre Schaeffer Rose S9112 Ioseph Sessler Ethel Shabat Margaret Sxssman Agnes Smyth Frank Sowa Arthur Stexgely Frank Sterzer Ruth Stenzel Alfred Steuber Alexander Steven Charles Stoffer Rudolph Stone Emrl Straka Morton Strassman Mabel Swanstrom Ruth Swenson Vrctor Trmme Antomlne Ulrng Thomas Van Scoyoc Frank Vareschl Eleanor Verhoeven Paul Vogel Ida Wall Fredenck Walters Physrcal Educatxon Pattern r Drawmg Physzcal Education Mathematrcs Mathematzcs Englrsh Hadzo General Sczence Registrar German Auto Electrrc Shop Leave Brology Mathematrcs Leave English Press Shop Drawmg Drawmg Social Studres Physrcs Machme Shop Pattern Physrcs Machme Shop Englrsh Musrc Brology Electnc Shop Englzsh Wood Shop R O T C Englrsh Wood Shop Englrsh Drawmg Frank Warga Physxcal E ducatxon Earl Werner Roland West Hance Wlllxamson Ruth Will Arthur Woerner Anna Woessner Geraldme Wrxght Chemrstry Auto Shop Machme Shop On Leave Drawmg Mathematrcs Commercial .7 JI jfvln AT WOAK AT PLAY S11ence blankets the hall' Names are bemg called there s mme' I approach the stand grasp I tremble shghtly wlth the rea11zat1on that th1s IS my D I P L O M A V Farewells e B E C E S S I O N A L As I walk through the halls for the last txme v1s1ons roll through the a1r 1n front of me memorles of my days at Tllden columns at the mam entrance Why Im actually awestruck bew11dered too Im wonderrng whether I w11l succeed or fcul w1th1n the trad1t1on A' - L5 6 l 2 0 an outstretched hand places a roll of paper in my There's my first day, dwarfed by those towering ' ' . . . .... . . . th . . . ' , . ' ' whrch 1S Tllden That was four years ago seems more l1ke four Weeks to me My flrst shop was W O O D T U R N I N G Desp1te the efforts of Mr Schaeffer I cut my thumbs and sanded my frngers whtle questronmg the operat1on of a lathe Do you know why 1t turns? My classmates turned out some useful lobs lamps ashtrays jewelry trays gavels and stands There I am 1n B I O L O G Y That was somethlng ent1rely new to me I studred and studxed and then proceeded to drssect frogs dragonfhes and beetles though I couldnt understand why the sap 1n a tree went up when every law of gravrty sa1d down' I soon forgot that quest1on when I became engrossed 1n ... ... 4 ... - 1 , ... . . . . . , , ... , , 9 : 'N 4 A 1 '45 , Q x .ya wk 5, 5 I if 'TSE JK 'D Q L , g X Lf W , Q as L A gr? gk 'Y' ' V4 5 if L A - : Q .. 5' I ' . Ny f H -AQ' .. f 4, X T g Q gg VI, L f ' , j, ' '::: 1, K :fr 53 I- Q 4 ' Q- V -j , Z f JZ"'w. 3 ' W Z' X x . . V 5 , .' 'W' .Q fy :VWSW'W ' 1 " 5 " , 4 A X +333 .ff ,J Q. ,. '-" Wife? 'M " A 4 A , .,.,. ' , ' ffwg N' 4. , M, , me 1 ,:-. E " . ,, MfWQ,. ,, :Qu Q , , 1, 4 ff V g N , ggsjfi A ,if 1 sf .. t 5? Q : , 4, A ...wwf - 1 , 59 F5 1 :kf.'fi."'Z ' 'vi A e sri?"-wif il 4' ? Jxiffef: 5 sexi ww, if , 4 'C I ,fs il WM? I QF : wx .fy if ,f' ,vii ' ,Q Mn X ww A V , X- S' f K1 ' 1 B . 9 um . g ,.,. 1 ,M fy x .. .,., vw! JI 5 "' W g -2 , 53 2 2 Ha QA 1 ,, ,Q', . ,eaiilffk-212 ' I '11, W I J 5 I , xg 55356.41 nll, 'gsfwx I Vai, lg' 23' iw W i3gfSie,'fif'x W M T if ' QT. ,ff 1 . gki J Q -. H X 4- G ls. ik K.. M , ,A , yxwkfyw V gh lk M Y. 'Y K W , hh' sw by ,M 'U' nh 'ww ., , , W' Q.. Q X03 4 ,f W fl ' ,l ,, "' ' ' 2' ffiffif A Z . N.- .wf 1 - IP ,L ,. . LW. M -K -1' Qgw' 3' " A 'fj3::'fS"'- fi? Q , H -:gg ..,. 2 an xx ws,-. F 4 R Wu K J ' v ,Q M H an Q. Vu 4 .1 Q.. f , ' , vi ,s fl? ,. wwf in-4 'f'm1-mv If . fvyuxs ,4 'Y 1 , ,fir ,Af K :yn M A an ffffif, '. 1 'miyvwg kg f ff lob rt was to produce a prrnted page unt1l I had to actually p oduce one myself' The margrns were Well just not what margms ought to be and forget 1t If my memory serves me correctly I had Q P A N I S H rn my sophomore year It was odd to be g1ven a book 1n a language other than Enghsh I can st11l remember my exclamatron Why Mrs Fnedman thrs rs all Greek to me' About the same t1me I had a semester of WOODSI-IGP Oh that was certamly a ch seled thumbs and broken saw blades Do you remember that frrst lob you had 1n WOODSHOP a shreld emblazoned w1th a double T7 I st1ll have mme hanqmg over my desk pretty dusty spacing . . . , but that is not important. I'd rather Wonderful five months . . . a tale of crushed lingers. M Q ,N -0 -SPA '45, 3' n "' um 'YI N . A Mya K ff x -':'! f ff V p 4 1 4 K K' . I .W,M M Q 15 l!'HQw AW ,w F g . 52 I 3 :Vi A A ' W, It k 'L . - 2 6 V .hh -,lg xf EIR? " H 4 fm W 4 ,Q E ff, " g t Bi: fu: if ' ' ,wwf ,W Q W7 ' qv 5 U. A do : A '51, WV,14'.ms s1w smllr "YY , , , .jg v ' . ' F! I din, Lind x x V' 56 .Q-cf H r AP x .I iw ' " ' 4- M : h f . 1' f w , J 5 .yi , Q NNN' , Q . ixwwv J., ,, A s fm Hiya XY, Na A' E 7 lv v 4 3 , f UF V at E 1 V H V x x ,i 41 5 fix ' mift 1 5 N55 A 3 Af L n .,' ' ' XX ,yfqt ,Q g? QQ ibQ 2?igTxgq wmwm f x Y My ? gf E X5 in F . ',:1 :Lax wi Vi' fi , , Q, .Q ff if 5 J QL1i'ff"' K u iiy- ' S 3 gy ix 5 x i XX 1, Y V I M X Uk? .Y M, 3, if f 2 1 ff- ? w. ff Q i-ish af" n . u .5-l .l Y : Vi-D I ang' PM Wg Q3 P 1 KK 4 V M AXA 'f,r x, 'ww ' p,m,3,,?r,U N A JJ. A. .xl , ,gl 5 - 1-an-nys..-we vzvrf' M M- - --A- p ' ' x M32 4 A 5 45' 9 1.-"' V' li. i 'cl ff-.nf x if ff' wi Q 2 .fi e ? 4 sl. ' 1 atm ,XA ,X F L 'Sv 1' ,ff Qgsgf., 5 1 ,. 5 law 1 Q 1 , , 25? ff f- S W Xxx 1 , inf 1 A v , t A i as 5 " Q , Q is 4- k Q , W ,,.. IL 25 1 QQNQJ X " - .A QS "" N . K, 5:1 ' - W 1 52241, QQ 3 ,.,. ,ff . NN - 1 ,. 4 ? 3- 4 -21'-sw, , wg?" 1 .- as Q , .NAI Mag-lg ' S 8 5 , wmmd A :N A Mu yn 1. mf A ' . W X Al M JS- in 25 Q .4.. . Q It A S4 jfh 'QQMS' 'f.v"fl"IT.T" ' ' x f M-1 u- . if '15-Q f 'N ...mf -ww-if-'K fi A :if 7- W W ,di-P. g-K 1.4 A " W3 i- N . .zf , xv--W ""' N EX M-xg,,L 5 5 'Ig S if ew , . ' 4 .af X . ' 'Q if xr Af, ' we , if wr ,w avfffm is W .xsf if ' wx :MX AW we: wx 5 MQ Q fx Wfxzl ' V Q 38 wvI.k in in Q QS' 5 N Mix - X FN Tffi s F' 5 4 'kc i 'Z ,fa z ff gk Q afgnfaf - 'W '21 IW 1 T 4 PY 'Q an 4 gh I lr f ffm ...., an "-m Q 3 S L I A 4 Q 1 L 1 ,iff ' PT aff Q1 A-WWW, ' K , is . I' i vp- Q l. K I 5IiI W acu fy I 946 I rf an l"alfUU'l I Ioseph Vruno and Eugene Leucht ot lVlr lVIcCurry s ar chltectural drawmq lass desrgn the plans of a house to be entered rn the Chxcago Trrbune contest 9 Smce the language and the medla of the artlst and draftsman are unrversal the exchange of ldeas and trends 1n archxtectural mdustnal and agncultural desrgn by the natxons through out the world Wlll help brlng about lnternatxonal cooperatlon and understandmq Full scale ex presslon 1n art by the people of all lands w1ll broaden thelr scope ot thought and promote trade commerce and peaceful l1v1ng In all th1s the world looks toward the Un1ted States for gurdance and rnspxratlon Amerrcan trerds 1n art constructlon and desrgn w1ll mfluence the peo ples ot other natlons But Amerlcans too w1ll be affected by the artrstlc development 1n other lands Th1S apprec1at1on of the tmer thmgs w1ll play an rmportant role 1n the constructlon ot a beautrful new world Thorough educatron ID art and mechanlcal drawmg coupled wrth burn mg amb1t1on wlll g1Ve Trldenrtes an opportumty to plan the blueprrnts of a New Horrzon R. 1-X Mr Post Mr Palku Mr Woerner Mr Isbcmer Mr Lune Mr Sterzer Mr McCurry Mxbs Bohmcm M1ss Powell Mlss Porterheld Mr Steugely Mr Hemberger Mr Walters Mr Blcxck haw LLCCQQJ f0l'l'l0I"l"0LU f I"0lfLgA fl"Cl,U'lU'lg fo ag 1'-4-sa f-,Q Discussing the merits of a lay- . out are Miss Bohman and a trio 'I of students. ' Mr. Howler demonstrates the technique of proper layouts for a group of interested students. Seated Mr. Howler and Anton- son. Standing Aliirevic, Mattaliano, Fitzgerald, Kozan, Miss Boh- man, Chamerlik. Tildenites, behold an intensified art course in ad- vertising taught by Miss Bohman. ln this course Tildenites with aptitude and patience can learn newspaper, magazine, and merchandise adver- tising. Neat lettering, figure drawing, and layout are stressed in the planning and designing of an ad acceptable to the advertiser and suitable for newspaper display or publicity. An extensive filing system of certain types of lettering, merchandise, and figures is maintained for ready reference. Under the tutelage of Miss Bohrnan, Tildenites have revealed hidden talents. Morton Cliff and Leo ..fgbLwrhBbmg .Aft ww ftnixy .,, Steinbrenner have become near experts in Roman and Script lettering. Frank Mattaliano, Frank Mitch- ell, Swan Oak, Herbert Wage, and Robert Wal- eryszak excel in figure sketching and layout work. Ray Zerula designed Tilden's annual Christmas card to servicemen. These boys look forward to positions in advertising. A regular visitor to the class is Mr. Harris Howler, director of advertising art in the Chicago Public Schools. To the anxious pupil he gives advice, encouragement, and some of the secrets of the trade acquired through life-long experience. A group of students scanmng magazmes for The entue group preparmg then' layouts for good examples of adverttsmg art a shoe ad A port1on of the class gammg expenence m Several students puttxng the fmxshmg hqure sketchmg w1th a student actmg as the touches on then mk wash drawmgs model Uefilfflllg t He prayeth best who loveth best All thmqs both great and small Robert Frost XX Iohn Marino, Ralph Pote, and Gus Stefanu are installing and timing an Excello myector system on a Buda Dresel SA slow Mr Stoffer and Mr Pflster demonstrate therr Mr Schaeffer and Mr Vogel check the opera sk1l1 m usmg the band saw hon of a lathe m Woodturmng 1, I ' lr Ml XJ . in 5 x l All I ' l b . I QL r - f 1, ' pf' I lf I f' .1 5 s 1 f 'z N l .4 ' l J l - , fl l XX n ' 3 Y 1 O l A X X '. XX ' Q Vi . I f ' l, . K, 5 W! lll N e or Q? im,. ' .. Mr Gorcmsow demonstrates the techmque of m sertmg ct peg ln the rcnl of c beverage tray Mr Campbell mspects some bout models mode m modelmg s op Z Z 5 "WI lx HITCHZLL 3 0,05 Mr Mcxcncb tllustrotes the correct method ot sdwtrq ,Q-3 fr i bs :I l ff.: W' 3 ...J Mr. Iohnson approves cr mold mcrde by Roy Carson in Foundry. Mr Morvold rnstructs Q student at Cx proof press Mr West supervrses cr student who rs pour mg Freezone mto the rcrdrcxtor of cr Pontrcxc we SAOIO6 N Mr. Christiansen carefully inspects Robert Costello's model of a Lockheed P-38 Lightning for correct dihedral angle and air worthiness. Mr. Fleming, Mr. Hoffman, and Mr. Buchanan, three ol Til- den's metalsmiths, propose repairs on a gas-tired aluminum furnace. Under the watchful eye of Mr. Pahlman, Robert Klausegger's hexagonally-headed bolt begins to take shape. '9- . sc' X of fr, K I 3 ,,,,t, Mr Burgchurdt cmd cz Ttlden stude t mspect the mtncat lV'r Steven Mr Wl111GmSOn Mr Strflkcl and Mr Kuehl delcnls of an curptcme motor are the capable mstructors of T11dens modem machme O r Re ze Mr Hunk 11 cmd Tr T1mme ds uss ew Hon O'1S m the f lds o' elect 1C1nY cmd roche Mr Sessler mstructs two Tzlden students m the rudtments the Dtesel ewgme L Miss Verhoeven Seated Miss Nolan Mrs Ald rich Mrs Blake MISS Kritzer M1 s Uling Standing Mrs Wall Miss Iohn SOD ng L5 Seated Mrs. Fischer. Standing--Miss Quinn, Miss Bemisderfer. Seated Miss Byrne Miss Gal lagher Mxss Duckett Mrs Fitzgerald Standing Mr Strc1ssrrTcm Miss Kuehne Miss McNicholas. l9l9l"6l l6a if an aI"e0l'6 Miss Moran Mr. Al- bano, Mr. Coble. Miss Murphy. Miss Lawler Mrs, Egbert Mr. Murray Miss Kiser. Y Sb-Q aaa! .QMAQJ Charles Brosxus receives some helpful advice from Miss Birmingham on selecimg a suitable college N...,4,Sx .l Y.. s .I A' ' ' 6.5 l X XX' I K . VU ' dc, 1 if F Xxx- O O V ' N.. 'X A X V. 1 ' 3. wr ' Seated Mxss Qumlcm Mlss Lutz Mlss Hemtz Stczndmg Mlss Srssmcm Mrss Keller M1ss Caprez Mxss Puder Mlss Slmcox J Seated "I1ss Wo s ver Mrs Gcras Mrs Mason Standmg Mrs Lutz PS1 Watkenla LCJ vm-mmm' Seated Miss Gaylord, Miss MacNeish. Standing Miss Hubler. 3, a FAWLCGK gl6lMC6ltl0I'l Now more than ever before Amerlca 1S aware of the need for strong healthy c1t1zens The stepped up pace of war t1me 11v1ng drd much to rmpress upon us the value of we11cond1t1oned bodres As we return to peacet1me act1v1ty that value 1S not de creased for the future belongs to the man w1th a clear mlnd and a strong body Durlng the wartlme emergency ngorous courses rn army navy ca11sthen1cs were rntroduced to pre pare hrgh school students for the 1ntens1ve tra1n1ng programs of the armed servrces Because of therr value these courses are belng contlnued w1th the sole purpose of preparmg the 1nd1v1dua1 student for the ngors of peacetrme 11v1ng Through exerc1se the student rs taught to harden and strengthen h1S body Through play he develops a mental attrtude of four play and sportsmanshlp In swlmmrng he learns to co ordrnate the muscles of h1s body wh11e rn the health classes he IS taught to form habxts conduc1ve to good health and clean 11v1ng class , , . n " I I . I I if F H Q: f , X d . 4' . . . Vaulman Karow and Sea man hold Khs as they perform vanous stunts precedmg a gym Mr Kmsey gym xnstructor starts a basketball game wlth a Jump be tween the tallest boys on each squad Standmg on then hands boys m the gym classes learn what the world looks hke from the bottom up is-v Callsthemcs are practxsed daxly to hmber and toughen seldom used muscles Here students are ciomg then szt ups l cience 7' Iohn Daihe and Richard Kostush demonsirate their original models oi simple machines in a general science class. Mr. Mohler, Mr. Hotchkin, Mr. Ballou, Mr. Stone, and Mr. Mr. Collins, Mr. Weiner, and Mr. Goodrich examine a chart on Steuber discuss the operation of a photo-electric cell. chemical elemenis arranged in periodic order. Dr. Humiston, Miss Beddow. Miss Mrs. Cardinal and Miss Dreessen Mr. Hummel, Miss Costello, and Mrs Swenson. and Miss Francis are the four belong to ihe general science depart- Bartolini also teach general science. members of Tilden's biology depart- mem. I ment. 'fi 1 -1 ff!- cience L6 fAe fifelylaing-Jfone fo igrogrchm in fAi5 .xdfomic ge P r As graduation ap- proaches, Techmen en- deavor to decide on col- lege or a vocation. F U1 Mrss Clancy and a typlng class are busrly engaged ln a speed test aflgllfage The members of Tilden's language department are Mrs. Friedman, who teaches Spanish, and Miss Seitz, who instructs the German and French classes. slrom prepare the musrc for an assembly O O Mr. Ford, Miss Mullen and Mrs. Swan- I ' ' , EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Seated Krtt Hardison Brumlik Epst in Haack Gaushas Weil Standmq Bologna Anderson DeLaPaz Faustino Harper Henry Sehnert Sears Sta wowy Rosen Fontana Sterrli ht Williams Amenca has enjoyed the rrght of free speech tor over a hundred flfty years We have come to accept 1t as an integral part of a great nation We know that our country would be serlously handicapped rf her young people were forced to go through school keeping the1r complaints to themselves Thus through the medium of the Student Councrl we tmd the students of America gett1ng things off the1r chests ln a typically Amencan manner c1l was to make 1t the voice of the students Through their elected representatwes the student body could thus express their ideas about con d1t1ons 1n the school Slnce 1lS foundmg it has become somethntg far better than a mere chan nel for the expressron of oplnions It is an lnstru ment str1v1ng for the betterment ot the school through closer co operatlon between the students and the faculty and through the correction of any unfavorable conditions about the school Even now the Student Council under the direc tion of Frank Gaushas president and Mlss Mur .Siwlmf 0lfll'lCl OFFICERS phy sponsor is planning new goals and is Fra k Gaushas president Marvin Weil secretary drlvlng fO1'WG1'd to New HO1'1ZO1'1S Robert Haack vice president Robert Epstein treasurer 0 The original thought behind the Student Coun- FRESHMAN REPRESENTATIVES Seated Mutmg Novak Ianos Peterson Koludrovrc OConnell Standmg-Connelly Struska Weaver Kozxckr Fontana Prkownz Werck Daley Kucera Sekul sk1 Grunta SOPHOMORE REPRESENTATIVES Seated Knaplk Bruzek Grabowskl Sehnert Lowe DeLott Menard Pletro Faustmo Stcmdmq Klonowskx W1lI1ams Czerwrnskl Cuthbertson Don' Huebner Vanek Clementl A ngo Knop Slple Troemel Hu Wheatley IUNIOR REPRESENTATIVES Seated DeLaPaz Garcra Granger Zdora MUIGWSk1 Anderson Standmg Kachmskas Nyland Wolff Matas Foy Grencrk Cowan Chit Paschen SENIOR REPRESENTATIVES Seated Marquette Krakowrak Sears Stawowy Emstberger Standmg Bologna Vruno Salach Cheatham Halmskr B1oc1c Blum P The Honor Club is composed of students who excel in scholarship. Each year about two hundred boys at Tilden attain this standard of excellence and become members of the Honor Club. The high scholastic achievement of the members may be attributed to native ability, good study habits, perseverance. and courage. The aim of the club is to foster good scholarship at Tilden. Each member makes an effort to raise the scholastic attainment of at least one other student during the school year. Other aims are the encouragement of good citizenship and the development of leadership, upright character, and unselfish service to the school. 0I'l0l" Zig Miss Lawler and the officers of the Honor Club. Seated-Iames Fitzpatrick, president Robert Logelin, treasurer. Standing-Miss Lawler, sponsor Iames McGranahan. secretary. Members wear an Honor T pin to which a bar of blue enamel is added for each succeeding semester of membership. After four semesters of member- ship and one year of service to the school, a member is eligible to wear the scholarship letter, a large double T, to which a gold bar is added for each additional semester of membership. Honor Club members generally play an outstanding roll in the Student Council, and in division and class activities: they also co-operate whole-heartedly to promote the general welfare of the school. G OUP A Frrst Row Lee Domzalskr Muraw skx Krause Stembrenner Watson Second Row Troemel Murphy Lough Dombrowsln Sxmble Wo cxechowskr Thrrd Row Alender Zxhs Vondrak Balcar Cowan Bernherm Fourth Row Loeb Petersen Hardx son McDan1el Devero Kreuzer Frith Row Raschke Grosko Schachner Steffeter Rothenberg er Durec Sixth Row Baluk Stajdohar M llclu Reed Krakowxak Rehak OUP First Row Goetz Iones Brandon Glerut Nelson Brumllk Second How Epstem Fnedrnan Seltzer Stolarskr Plaseckr Choj nackx Thrrd Row Troemel Haack Gau shas Leucht Iordan Karow Fourth Row Malelo Szlemp Iahn sen Sukowxec Knudsen Wage Frith Row Worobey Mlzones La pmskx Eckert Soerens Rozema Srxth Row Logelrn Morranty Ernst berger Wage Petko Peacock OUP Frrst Row Frtzpatrrck Horvath Lee Johnson Second Row LaBarre Frederxck Konkel Iohnson Kossman W11 hams Thrrd Row Kachmskas Allrson Neubauer Paesel Tubay Ho Fourth Row Sternllcht Mxchard Puchalskr Bussa Douglas Ione Frith Row Laws Iones Elsbach DeLaPaz Corcoran OUP Frrst Row Brtlcevrch Herbeck Ianssen Grabmskx Travers Stof lle Second Row Duchak Wullaert Brown W11derson Grabmskr Betz Thrrd How Borzlck Rosen Neuge bauer Kunstmann Durnberger Chi! Fourth Row McGranahan Orth Plys Levx Voltaggro Rouen Frith Row Slaney Wells Bower Khr Brenner Webster " 1 1 ' 1 1 1 -' 1 1 1 1 1 1' '- 1 1 1 1 - 7 1 1 ' 1 1 1 - W ' 1 1 1 1 ' , . - 1 1 U- 1 1 1 - Y 1 1 1 1 1 1 'q 1 1 1 1 ' 'W 1 1 ' 1 1 1 . 4 ' I . 1 1 1 - Y 1 1 ' 1 1 1 - 1 1 ' 1 1 1 . 4 1 1 1 'Y 1 1 1 1 1 ' f 1 1 1 1 1 - 7 1 1 1 1 1 - 4 1 1 1 4 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 . A 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . " 1 1 1 1 1 . Wafzona ,Honor oczefg Techmen who excel 1n character scholarshrp leadershrp and servrce are el1g1ble for membershlp ln the T1l den chapter of the Nat1onal Honor So crety a natron wrde honorary scholas uc orgamzatron The h1gh ldeals of th1s so 1ety are symbolrzed by the p1n a flammg torch superrmposed on a key stone The flamrng torch represents the gudvng hght of knowledge carrred for ward by the members the keystone of socrety To become a member a student must ma1nta1n an E average through out h1s h1gh school career fur thermore he must be a leader rn school affarrs have a h1gh record of servlce and be approved by all mem bers of the faculty Slnce few students can meet these exactmg demands those who do may well be consrdered the el1te of the student body and the future leaders of our country OFFICERS Seated Eugene Leucht 4B presrdent Robert Haack 4B treasurer Wrllxam Pea cock 4A presrdent Henry Stern 4A treasurer Standmg Ioseph Schaefer 4B secretary Charles Nel son 41-X Secretary MISS Lawler sponsor F1rstRow Fxtzpatnck Sternlrcht Laws Dobrez Iones Werl Second Row Puchalskl Srmble Neu gebauer Corcoran Grerut Nelson Dombrowskr Thrrd Row Murphy Wells Lee Bruin lxk Epstem Stern Fourth Row McDame1 Hardrson Woj crk Rouen Voltaggro Salach Frith How Schaefer Schachner Old held Haack Gaushas Reed Srxth How Leucht Krakowrak Sharko Stefieter Mrzones Rehak Seventh Row Rozema Logelrn Emst berger Wage Petko Peacock f , : 1 . , . , . , . 4 . . 4 , , f , . . r 1 I ' - I I . K M- l I A o 0 , , , r I ' . ,, . I - I ' C . . , . c , - . , , "' 1 , . . fi-A sf! 17 0 XQJS 4, XXX-A N Ax QW QUOU' Seated Mxss Murphy, Mr Myers. M1ss Porterfreld Standmg Mr Wrllramson, Mr Flemmg Before the publrcatron of the next Craftsman T1lden wrll regretfully brd au revorr to l1Ve cher1shed faculty members Durmg hrs 40 years of servrce Mr Hartwell O Myers has served under s1x prmclpals and watched T1lden grow from a small frame structure known as Lake Hrgh to tts present renown Besrdes teachmg mechamcal drawmg mathe matrcs and machrne shop Mr Myers planned the present locker system orgamzed the Athletrc Department treasury and des1gned Trldens nu merous wellequrpped hops Mr Myers looks forward to years of con tentment engagmg rn the pursult of hrs hobbles photography and farm 1ng Because of her real and abrdrng rnterest 1n pol1t1cs MISS Eleanor Murphy transferred rn 1908 from the Enghsh to the Soc1al Studres De partment Ever stnce she has gurded T1lden students toward an under standrng of the art of government 1n a democratlc socrety and a reahza tron of the oblrgattons of good c1t1zensh1p Both the T1lden Parent Teacher Assocrauon and the Student Counc1l were organlzed by M1ss Murphy She plans to pursue her mterest 1n polttlcs through study and readrng rn the quret atmosphere of a M1Ch1qUn farm In addltron to servxng as Placement Counselor Head Teacher of the Sexton Branch of T1lden Dean of boys baseball coach and sponsor of the H1 Y and Lettermens Clubs Mr Hance W1ll1amson has also taught mechamcal drawrng forge and mach1ne shop Mr Wrlhamson after hrs retlrement lntends to travel and letsurely frsh the many streams and lakes through out the country Smce h1S arrtval at T1lden 1n 1925 Mr Thomas Flemrng has taught three popular shops forge foundry and weldmg After hrs retrrement Mr Flemrng mtends to l1ve at Lake Geneva where he w1ll farm fish and take an occasronal trrp to the deep South Searchmg out and devel oprng the art1st1 abrlrty of T1lden students has been the motrvatrng arm of M1ss Pearl Po terfreld s teachrrg career At present she rs study1ng f1gure drawmg and o1l pa1nt1ng at the Art lnstrtute T1lden students s1n cerely hope these ret1r1ng faculty members w1ll all frnd contentment and great happmess 1n the fulfrllment of the plans they are makrng ' 9 I N 3 V Bi! X . . Z' l 21 N. 7 . . ' - u ' ' "-:- , - ' s . . I - wwf' ' . ' ' Q ' . . . ' ml . . . - . . ' use . 5. I . I. .. . ' Miss Simcox, sponsor of this busy organization Seated -Staszak. Brown, Brenner, Shimkus, Hjort, I-Iii, Miss Simcox. Standing---Petko, Wirth. Saile, Thompson, Gibson, Kronich, Stahlke, Ford, Byrnes, Stawowy. ilaloingfi ureau That throng of Tildenites you saw on the first floor was most likely crowded around the Clippings Bureau bulletin board. This bulletin board contains clippings about school activities, service- men, and alumni. The clippings are displayed for a few weeks and are then placed in permanent files for the use of future Tech- men. When duplicate clippings are available, they are distributed to the interested students. Some seventy-five boys are members of this organization which gives Techmen the opportunity to clip news about Tilden from twenty-three papers, eighteen of which are local and five, metro- politan. Not only do the members perform a service to the school, but they also get experience in filing, in alphabetizing, and in scan- ning newspapers for certain types of articles. Last years one thou- sand five hundred seven different items were clipped: of these six hundred three were stories about servicemen, two hundred fifteen were sports items, while the remainder were of general interest. ffLf,,Zf'.4g.f,4..a,..,AJ X , f .1 -' 'HC EN 6455 1 'Q L QR If H f- , X12 PAIBCH 18.9436 a'-We 2' C oo X amentfifz io te dufl e Ia en ace T Idensop I I mi Aa? X I sw To I an C,-ft GIG 4 r 11 2 9 9 me we PMEIX gm Aydcfx vi N ,J TILIIEN IIEFEIITS FENGEII 30 I9 IN SEMI FIIIIIL Victor QUHIIIICS for Championship Game In Tltle Pncture.I Y' I MI IQHSQ W Z 15 omni 'Y eacsii-QXB A irokl Bumxnoq 10 ff!! Appomi' ROTC Lune Officers Of Tllden Hugh MII twxxm W II, IREM II 1. NWIQ I Lhuxkl ,Q m vt vxxmvwgfit 09 a Gianni 'Wt x MMU N U ,TQ ug M :Ii New I W ax G 'fa 9, gaxto 1: :M Y 0 K ow 1 ae 0 P 10539 excvmo fi- 1 xi Sem 1 OI' 1 Lv Wm q X F1rstRow Pcrluch Plunkett WYZIHSIC1 Second Row Roccasulvu Cummms Strumpt Gorskl Thrrd Row FIGfL1Sl Meyer Chfi Fourth How Schreuder Kcrzlouskczs Sxmble Stone Frith Row Domzclskx Fagan Durnberqer Rcxschke S1Xfh Row Luw LGPQOWSICI Lebhctrat If bak X In Front Zumpf -nlden PTA Presenh Ftrs! How Casey Corcoran Ohlund Izrcl Pu,-enfs N,q.eTom+e Se ond Row Zwolmskl McConnell Stcmkus Kcxchmskcxs Gay Sparkles As Tllden Edges LmdImIom, 20 I3 NILI d nkcfxl Grd S 9 h em Guests 59 Wm B2 HOU I th 1 Aden I 'fm Nm Read' 'mae-I Tech 'runes of Cm c'r'd'm" 'Rated ExceIIen+ I1 prom xp I TI V, k 4 p rpgHxh0I 'Met QX M2 LI T,1.jgn T gr 'mol Ins HI boon Thrrd How G11l Hulper Szmydt Wllson Fourth Row Kukchs Iordan Petersen Dcxhhn trfth How. Scxvcxge Boqu st Murcrwskx Hcrrrmgton Sxth Row Lerz Grzeskxewxcz Sholeen Femberg MEDALS HONORS AND TROPHIES FADE BUT KNOWLEDGE REMAINS UNTARNISHED Q, ' ' A . , - I ff V, F I , 'A I t 'I x . ,ff 'J 'X V ' A ,. , . . .. . ' It an- ' I- 1, - Q - .Ip aI . E C ' ,. " " VE nf: 13 - - tt. . I A In - , r I I I I Rx ..v'I" , X' 'I 'VA-N i, N ' L 'xi ,mmx x,-E-lg ,-,M A l A t 'Vx X te- WAV.,-f ,nw A - E 'V' ,MA :Q 'I',,-" XX G H - .--. in X, M ' -5 0 A xv TNQ 'I " S .J----ig. I ' x I. N . ' V' fs" '- I.. . -u " I" X -' . , ,.- K- -X- ' ' t XVII I X N A gy. . ,V-I... , 9 -F , . x' ri .X- I . .l 2- I X4 . fi 1, ,, I 0 I I 1 f A - . - -1 , ' 1 f 4 . ' ' 1,1 - - YX4- - f- r 1 - X I ' I , . - ,I -- t 'IU .v ' 'J' .'.' ' u ' I ' . . I ' ' ff , '.- ' 7 I 1' I--I if ' x 'Y A Svx ', t ' ,,- .-wt-'-I ' , 1, I' Q I KN,-,gn X' vwxqaw. 'A -I-'gf ' I . -K-,.1K -1-A '- X' , ' ,L I ' L htm I- K, ,. u '-' -1.1 n' 'A A 'I ,VIL . I I . , , AU, . , n 1 I Q D It . - I I - - -- ' ' 'rw f: swf' -- '- ' 1-.ve -nw, 'uw t "W-'I' Us K Im- . - , vp J ' 3- , M-1 .,........ r, . . - H" , ,Q . - . .,T..,.n.... .. ..... I W , , 1 ...I .......... fu.. , .------' I- . ' -- - I f-I... .... "jf , , '. I,...'. 'liffillf I H ..,. -. -- Yr- . ' ' , ' '- . .... . ..... .. x . ----- - -rf'-H" V" U. ,- " -. .. ..., ..,q.1' -Q-,p:-r.,-A-f I '11 :1"11:::::1':L A - . uf ...'.ff.'.111f I ' F... , . , ,.t. - N E I - . , - . L4 ...I Im ,, , , I I' , MI H -,HI 1-ffl , x I: ' . . " t 1- I 1-WI' x ' , - . K ". X" ,,-we A B ' :U 9 - fy L . I - im, . . K 3 Q. 'H 3 YA I v r - , .11 'I .1 , "E - A . H , , . .. , l H I N l K . . ' , . I - I' A ku. X Q . .. X V A ,nf -" -.yah , ' . - UMA I -,N,,,p: 'I ,, H 1 4 . . '11 ' - f -9 Cot ' W '-. ., fe' K v , V , rm If"vf Ll, 'R -N Ay- I l wwf, ct-gmrwis H1 4. F" 2-V . -, I7 ' ' ,. g ,Q ,11 cus m..t-'U' ,. " I ' 5-'I INIIM X ,L. JI ' ,I 'Y- 1 '-- '. X ,, --A : ,A I' --y 1 .,-I- . ik E'L"."1f X'D'.' 'ORK ' H ,,,, t : "Y'1.IE4iN V xr . . . ,, . ' 1 I ff- of? A - 'J I YA - - - - 'O 'I . , ' , . 1' g . I ,ng , . . , . . I . . F 4 -l ' ' - ' f ' 4-I , ', ' 1 - . I C - ., . 3 '-'- E Y - "' ' X 1 . ' g. U k tml I ,- -. 1 r . . - . . - . - . .nt ' 1:11 - MN' s iv' X, ,, , , -.1 m,xC 6.,WM, , ,. ,. Q, . , , . -' 4 1-I ' -V"Y4.u'3" LMI e . . . ' ' ' :Wo wx" c V- C I . , . , , , ,fEwA'II'-1' Q ' xl" pxogmm ' . " W ' ' I I ' ' I tht' Trlzl--n ' - h . , ,ey -- , D l 1 I - - I - open , .. . . . . .run H , ..- ' Um V W 'YLUW YQH,-.--' I' 2.1. . -I--wx f-W1 .- - j .. w Tut .U ',,,.tg1U'1jN .wt . M 'D' , -,itz-1'."Icv1 of IJ, t ' I" -2' ' -M u . v ' , . --1 ' . . ' 'W-7 ffw' . . ' Ido. Tom Txmvs. WP" IY Km-N A, , , l , dw- ap, ,AVS t by 5 rt n s of tffxggf EI: .mg the rxdbiw ' - .vhni-'JI It . . .1 . I xp Vg? 2.1 I '41 I vw w- -1 -f ,.- v , ..f f 1 W www. .Q-' 4 1 N. t..-.en c. ntnea I1 , - I.zI-I , ., ,N o. f.,, . .4 .x Mrs Aldnch Craftsman Sponsor EClllOI11'1Chl9f Antony Yucevrcrus Assocrate Edrtors Herbert Wage Albert Werdhcfx Copy Edrtors Tom Cheatham Morton Chit Sports Edr or Robert Ellrott Art Staff Frank Mrtchell Editor Swan Oak Leo Sternbbrermer Feature Wnters Wrlham Brran Thomas DeLa Paz Leo Domzalskr Leshe Hardrson Carmen Lla Florran Mrzones Robert Moe Norbert Za rumba Photographers Albert Malelo Clarence Manka Sylvester Szymczak Copy Boys Wrlham Dybas Raymond Korbal Rrchard Lechowrch Tom Malone Robert Mrsr ak Anthony Morande Ted Pawhsz Harry Pol son Roger Weaver Busrness Staff Rudy Zak Manager Lours Bargehr Edward Brown Kenneth Karow Otto Rehak Vladrmrr Vanek Edward Westrom .7 ra trman, 1946 Ths Craftsman represents the humble efforts of thrrty or more zealous Techrnen whose pr1nc1pal arm 1S to encompass Wrthln these pages the lmportant events of thls school year so that they w1ll always rema1n vrtal mernorres of productrve years spent at Tllden To produce th1s Annual greater d1vers1 frcatron of talent IS concentrated an thrs staff than rn any other school organrzatlon Readrly apparert 1n the flnrshed product are the art1st1c efforts of Mrtchell and Oak the clever photog raphy of Malelo Szymczak and Manka the edltorral work of Yucevrcrus Wage and Weldlrch and the varrous SPGCIGI as srgnments and feature artrcles vvrrtten by reporters such as Elhott Chff Zarumba DeLaPaz Cheatham Lra Domzalskr Hardrson and Mrzones Not so obvlous are the endeavors of Weaver Pawhsz Mlcldk Korbal Malone Dybas and Lecho wrch who Qs copy boys uncomplarnrngly do the routlne yet necessary crudgery such as frlrng alphabeuzmg tracrng and runnrng the many errands Thrs Craftsman IS the product of therr combrned and unselfrsh labors That rt please you IS therr only reward CRAFTSMAN STAFF Seated Weaver Dybas Pawlr z Mrs Aldnch Yucevrcrus Wage Lra Ma eo Standmg Baluk Frlafusr Kachmskas Zarumba Cheatham Mrtchell Weld lrch Mrzones Clrff Domzalskr Brusrch 96" xg gi is e af, ,A X SN: . ,Q X 4. L. Q . ,ga 250 ' ' E rl. 3 - --. i -:-'5 8 L AA. . "gg 4' 5' Qi 1' - 3532 1 Qs , an ki Q i A ff .?" 1 x If YQ - J . KQQUMJ 9 I A Q f ,, 1 '-K2 52 3' ,K XV S E ff ,f 1 . K., f 1 pfa, ,f., fi' , Wife? 1.-.swf .-.4 un-:aww M M .fn ,, - ..- A..- . My fs- i' 1 'h , 3 wee O ,A ix?- 1 WT wc 'Z' 6 Ellen jc 3 MISS A NNA G ALLAG ER . . MR. THADDDUS I . . MR BUD TONE HLEB He S g 2 0 0 O fyioqb 'A ev! wlo y I YW evo can WCM vw x Us WWC? We" an ox bv- vi QW . , 969 CNW . X M . echo 5 ecxwffxes e N b V 0 Q12 Gay Scores 4 Times. -4,x fx'-f"""- Qossxw WW X . . . 'X Seven C Goose Swnstowucz, Once, .a,h, H 1 Ouncilites ' ' x c 1 W il., img, e P '. KOVB V. Pla Schurz Nexi V P hoto 3 ' -. . y it 1 H. A ,V ,J f 9, ,AFA QLX X L t k N ,wx Xxx .uc VAN' .. VNC, f, NA ',..'x',x s. - Q5 c,, P I "Q i941 .Tum Am'1"l4.- , HHN' ngDr'16-14. 7 ,, og, H901 J. '-'- J ., .- , xx - Q . f -ax ,-.. . IOTPF4' . - ww . 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We aa. - . pp Emmy, asgni 9, .. 5 ' . ,...NAu5 xn :he past ifwducn PiiA0,:f!!2f,,mg::g:1x nygimkixggis nmmq dawn., sawn Wen, pmotfow muded MXN TIME ITORIAL STAF F Seated Wa rick- M ge, Kass 51910 M. . B ' 15 Yrrles, PGtuCS.S Gullflgher 11, ' Sponsor, G H ' Q aghev Signdin 9 MCD . wick Pet cruel, Vol o, Herbeck' Yoliio, Erblingl Shuk g' Dmefuno. Fill O' Rosen. Krako PC!IriCk W ' ' eil, iiesaff TILDEN TECH TIMES Printed and Published by the Students ot TILDEN TECHNICAL HIGH SCHOOL 4747 S. Union Ave. - - Chicago 9, Ill. Robert E. Lakemacher. Principal EDITORIAL STAFF Editor-in-Chief News Editors - - Rudy Erbling - W. Byrnes, D. Sharko Headline Editor - - - C. Rosen Editors Page One - - E. Voltaggio, I. McDaniels Editors Page Two ' I. Kolpak. I. Halicki Editor Page Three E. Kralrowiak Assistant - I. Fitzpatrick Editors Page Four - - E. Kass. R. Elliott Assistant S. Disteicmo Cartoonist - - Lee, Gan! Photographers - - Harrah, Rubin Reporters - - - Weil, Rosenheim. Murawski, Zessemos, Augustyn, Evans. Brandon, Budzinski, Diamond, Donovan, Du- sek, Miller, Pauletic, Sell, Ta chau, Wul- lcrert, Stolarski. Bulka, Costanza, Davis, Cromer, Kordik. Troemel. Make-up Man - - - R. Erbling Linotype - - Erbling, DiPietro, Patacsil, Przybyliski, Donovan. BUSINESS STAFF Business Manager - - A. Buividas Advertising Manager - - R. Ceh Exchange Manager - E. DeGrasse Solicitors - - Bruzek. C. Hansen L. Bartolini Circulation R. Klingbeil. E. Houlke SPONSORS Editorial - Miss A. Gallagher Circulation - Mr. Mohler Art - - Mr. Isbaner Advertising - - Mr. Stone 4 TIMES BUSINESS STAFF Seated-Mr. Stone, Buividas, Mr. Mohler, Ceh. Standing-Trainor, Stiles, H Grasse. ansen, De- Albert Malelo and Miss Gallagher consider the merits oi pictures to be used in the Times. PRINTING STAFF Stanley Whitebloom, Rudy Er mond DiPietro. Ioseph Patacsil. bling, Ray- Seated Rudy Erbling Albert Malelo Edward -wt? TILDEN TIM Behind the publication of the Tilden Tech Times are the efforts and ideas of a score of earnest forth- right Techmen with the burning desire ,to please their classmates. In line with this wish was the new Times which made its appearance in 1945. Streamlined in size the Times is now a Weekly rath- er than a bi-weekly. The reasons behind this change were to make coverage of the news more efficient and up-to-date, and to make the handling of the paper itself easier. Under this new format, the front page, which carries the real news about Tilden, has been revamped and enjoys greater popularity. Page four, the sports page, has also reaped great benefit 'tagg o Standing Clifford Rosen William Gallagher Fdward Krakowiak Andrew Brudnak Seated Clifford Rosen Rudy Erbling Andrew B uclnak Standing Edwaifd Voltagglo William Gallagher Edward Krakowiak pu-q Q. f--gk from the change because a larger number of games can be reported in each issue. Pages two and three editorial and feature pages have been the least affected by the change. A weekly newspaper calls for harder work and greater ability on the part of the staff than a bi- Weekly. Miss Gallagher sponsor of the Times staff is certain she has never worked with an abler or more eager group of students. As members of the staff leave each semester, other boys come up from the ranks to replace them. These newcomers will uphold and improve the ideals of Tilden and of the Times, so that always their school and their paper will achieve the outlines of New Horizons. flfdm No other organization at Tilden provides such direct contact between the parents and teachers of the Tilden students as does the Parent- Teacher Association. This group, founded here at Tilden in 1933 by Miss Eleanor Murphy, has gradually increased in size until its present mem- bership is well over five hundred. Many of the projects undertaken by the P.T.A. are of necessity com- prehensive in scope. Generally they cannot be completed during a school term, but must be spread over a longer period of time. In the past this active and hard-working group has not only sponsored Guest Days, Apron Sales, Rummage Sales, and the annual Tilden Hobby Show, a well-known and eagerly awaited event on the South Side: but they have also made numerous iinancial contributions for the benefit of Tilden and its students. Some of the latter include donations toward new uniforms for the Band, risers for the Assembly Hall stage, and music for the Band, Singing Cadets, and Choral Club. It must be remembered, however, that our P.T.A. is not merely a local orgcmization, since it is affiliated with both the Illinois Congress and the National Congress of Parents and Teachers. OFFICERS Seated-Mrs. E. Enright, record- ing secretary: Mrs. S. P. Lough, president: Mrs. Henry DeGroot, first vice-president: dent. responding secretary: Mrs. D. dent. Miss Hubler, third vice-presi- Standing Mrs. E. E. Kuglin, cor- H. Weier, second vice-presi- Seated- Olsen, Mr. Collins, Lee. Q Standing Tong, Dumburger, Mc- Elderly. Not all is work at Tilden! If you enjoy intellectual recreation, then you may want to match your Wits with fellow-geniuses in either chess or checkers. If you would like to become adept at photography, then join your pals in the gentlemanly art of manip- ulating a camera. Those students who have earned an athletic letter are eligible for membership in the Lettermen's Club, while the "brains" may join the CZ, Ad.. Honor Club. Therefore, if you are interested in the better things of lite, there is ample opportunity to enjoy them by becoming a member of one of Til- den's many clubs or organizations. Q66 'V' GERMAN CLUB OFFICERS Seated Mrss Rose Sertz sponsor Io- seph Schaefer presrdent George Rauen vrce presrdent Standmq Albert Werdlrch secretary Fred Lenz treasurer Ql"I'l'l6ll'l Fzrst Row Slaychert Ho Neubauer Marshall Konkel Iohnson Second Row Brown Brown Bromley Wheatley Graber Puchalskl Thrrd Row Krause Hart Halrckr Dc ma Iohnson Hettlrnger Fourth How Alroth Krupa Vxcran Nentz Kulrck Domzalskr Frith Row Leucht Haack Rauen Schaefer Werdlrch Seated Iack Morranty presrdent Rob ert Brrmrngham secretary Ronald Brumlrk vrcepresrdent Oscar Law treasurer Standrng Robert Epstem program charrman l Lllfl I'l'lQI"lCaI'l Frort Iack Morrarrty presldent Frrst Row Korbal Borowy Baluk G11 wa Luedke Canchola Invergo Second How E Grcxbmskr McGrana han Brrmmgham Wrlderson B Gra bmskr Kern Baycar Thrrd Row Sturgres Law Iackson Ep stem Brumlrk Gant Rosen 346 PAN-AMERICAN CLUB OFFICERS Q . ,OQPCL f0l" if OFFICERS ff OPERATOR S CLUB Pust Row Plunkett Nzehoii Brown Second Row Lrdy Smrth Kcrluzcr Jones Thrrd How Schmeskr Kulcxl Pxetro Fuller Ruler Myers Fourth Row Tomcrszewskz Glogowskx Ezer skr Elsbctch Oberg Antontck Fifth Row Malzckl NCSlGfkC! Grcxbmskr Grcx f'! Edward Brown presldent Ioseph Lady vxce presxdent Edward Brown cmd Io seph Lxdy set up cr movte sound proyector bmskr Wozek Mrchcrlchrk Sixth Row Brubcrch Scrhsbury Pearson A derson Coleman Seventh Row Denton Carlson Etzkorn Szmydt QIAULCQ Fr! Row Kdczmcrrek McNeely Czyzewskx Wechmcm Scott Second Row Sands Czermcxk Hughes Kucz mcrrek Iohrson Thrrd Row Hcrrdburdct Kunstmcmn Stelte lone Mcrrcbert Fourth Row Gmbowskx Sell Amgo Lomoro Kdlxbrch Frith Row Hendrmckson Troemel Troemel Knudsen Ahrenclt Srxth Row Clough Ieczmtonkcz Borzrck Ko zel Purtrc fi l0Agy A In lront Robert Sell prestdent Fzrst Row Seated Sanders V nek Kessen Hu Douglas Second Row Seated Ubxs K charslu Valesh Mossman blansky Thzrd Row Seated Shoemaker Sawrcky Wnght Mtller Roq ers Fourth Row Seated Wolf Kala marcus Novak Lesko Standmg Mnchell Delott Lang ford McEll1qott Foster Oh lund Marchert Phxlpott Brown Pluowarskx Iohnson Ralston Sypmewskl Bennett Ienkms Troemel Kozel Bac zynskt Alexander Iones O Bamon CAQCLW Cf A Seated Lxtwtckx Adamek Wexd 11ch Noverauskas Standmg Sar1k Travers Bran don Glogowskx Troemel Schultz Mlss Ullng Ezerskl Savage Garuckas BIOLOGY CLUB OFFICERS Mzss Swenson sponsor Rocco Ztc secretary Robert Mons treasurer Fred Marchert v1ce-preszdent CLI'lflQl"Cl CAMERA CLUB OFFICERS Kenneth VGlllS treasurer Bernard Rubm presxdent Mr Burgchardt sponsor George Lee vrce presrdent Frank Martmsen secretary '-- Wav--N, Ss. 4-. +1 'ms LETTERMENS CLUB OFFICERS Mr Hartman sponsor Donald Plestxna presrdent Charles Fergl secretary Edward Maracxch vrce presxdent Ioseph Bxlanzlch sergeant at arms Iames Strber treasurer 'Si ofgffermen if F1YSfHOW Stanko Pamel Mxchard Nyland Trarnor Corcoran loyce Gurgone Patacsrl Ferguson Romanowskr Allrson Second How Coach Hartman Plestma Fcnrbanks Gabel Putz Wangrm Kass Kachmslcas Dembek Smrth Browne Hamllton Costanza Ellrott Thrrd How DePecler Anzulas Kowalrs Egan Chapas M quette Russell Merz Dahlrn Hughes Strles Fourth Row Thornton Collrns Krakowrak Klcrdrs Rehak Mara crch Noble Battle Lankas Bartelsen Bartolrm Frith Row Mertz McGehee Obreslcl Gould Krzus Specha B1 anzrch Campbell Bonko Lee DeLaPaz Szxth Row Kober Errcson Dwyer Crechanowrcz Ernstberger Orolrn Ernstberger Pacella Ulrerch Strber Galvm Seventh Row Boqurst louse Preczara Danko Zubrzyckr Kerman Fergl Q44 , rm. K-mn'N"h"ss I L LMNQ Q-4-. ,WW M' x... f"N+--W A We - 4-F Md" --- V ., hmmMNNWs-" - -f .LM "' A Q "a - -C, , Huw-q.q'N"""-ARL V 'N' M L N LW N- 4 an " gr -Y 1 . v 4 , ' . w . ' . - . , ar- l t Have you got a pass Bud Yeah replies Tom Cheatham to the query of Robert Mtsiak Unlimited opportunities to serve their school are offered every enterprising Tlldenite 1n ore or more of the eight different d1v1s1ons that comprlse the guard system Every guard serves at least one period a day and fulfills certain required obliga Miss Doyle deliver special bulletins file rna1l and operate the rnimeograph Entirely different are the duties of the Adjustment Office guards who under the sponsorship of Mrs I-Tilton are concerned with checking and keeping in order the test s ores filed in that office Sponsored by Mrs Williams the Library guards serve by shelving and cataloging books and repairing magazines On duty during the most important period of every Techrnan s day are the Lunch Room guards who keep order in Til ual' 5 Anthony Morande and Iohn K1sh members of the Stage Crew prepare to dim the house lights for a major Ttlden production dens spacious and cheerful d1n1ng hall Got a pass? is the incessant query of Tildens depend able Hall guards who under the sponsorship of MI Post and his staff protect the lockers and keep the hall quiet and clean The Stage Crew and the and effort The former have charge of the assembly hall lights While the latter conduct classes in the absence of a teacher Violators of attendance rules are brought to justice by the Attendance Office guards For guard service students receive a two fold reward the development of a sense of respon sibility and dependability an important aspect of character building and after three semesters of service a more material reward in the forrn of a CIVIC letter tions or duties. The Office Aides, sponsored by Student Teachers also give generously of their time ual' 6 STUDENT TEACHERS Seated Krtt Garcxa Straka Zales Herbeck Hardlson Anderson Standnq Sears Peterson Relsek B1oc1c Z1l1s Yamouchz ADIUSTMENT OFFICE GUARDS Seated bmxth Scherqen Hathaway Mrs Hxlton S1'ov1ch Chrxstersen F1rstHow N11sen Godwm Banovxc Rabmnsky I Devero K Devero KUIUSIC Rxchards Second Row Donovan Watson Brown Sparks Bolton K hl Tro mel Shobe LIBRARY GUARDS Forearound Klme Rodeo Mlss Rasch F1rstRoW Mrs Wrlllams Franek Peck M1tchell Kne1a Tucek Thomas Second Row Marchert Wolff Kokatsl McGrana han Chlapetto Salvato Bagquley Lombardo Thxrd Row Pas hen Votava Raschke Karow Handler Betz Cuthbertson Beczek Wnght Vale h Fourth How Vorderer Yusken Szlemp Iahnsen Sheehan Breen Machtemes Krupsaw ROSIHG Gould X f OFFICE AIDES ajcyfffl ' First Row-Zubchevich, Hoelscher, Iohnsonn, Kon- er, . ,V ' 1. I I kel Frederxck Wechman Deam Va1sv11 Ro 'nanek Myers Second Row Leucht Mlss Doyle Ruler Stoffle Iaskowlak Monarty Ulaskas Iseneqqer Thlrd Row Mlkfuf Klobuchar Plys Hayden Webs er Kunstnfann Brown Tellstrom Fourth How Wexck Thornton Krug Levx Alen d Foley Sears Grab1nsk1 Fifth How Schaefer Haack Surowrec Doermg Krause Stembrenner Grablnskx Slaney Sfxth Row Loqelm Devero Chapas Durec ATTENDANCE OFFICE GUARDS Fzrst Row Myers Anderson Hallnskz Jackson Second Row 'Vlrs Cullxson Mlss Caprez Iohn son Tom Tubay Azukas Lamb Thzrd How Arngo Plys Lev1 Barcena Ghogow skr Borz1ck Paschen Gray Fourth How Spedus Guthrle Halmsk1 Dowdell Kallzsh Kachmskx Crlspm Scrlbano Frith Row Hardnson Sparks Schabes Dure Gcmorczak Garcra Iahnsen Rozemcr Zfnf HALL GUARDS First How Scott Arseneau Sauer Macke Cha reas Klonowskl Fletcher Hash Zorlch Tam pner Second Row Scrlbano Aarup Bernas Boyd Kwxc len Zlrzow Lunter Vlahakls Cavallane Kovacevlch Iseneqqer Third Row Burandt Wasxk Udovxch Tracz Schuer Houze Ward Pohs Umholtz Bower Fourth Row Pavletl Connell Arrrqo OConnell Elsbach Chard Lenchowskx Brottman Lltrop Ashurm Frith Raw WlSnl9WSkI Frtzgerald Welcome Ru zek Sxple Dama Graistrom Fontana Krup saw Inman Geqenhexmer Sixth Row Bartus Matson Hurley Mullarkey HSISIEI Knop Tomrckl Buknas Scrchowskl Sockvlder Bartleman Seventh Row Boqdon Kuehl HALL GUARDS F1rstRow Kremnrtzer Bellavra Panosh Levato Caswlck Belottct Campm York Geyer Brel mec Buczyna Gustafson Hamernxk Damels ONe1l1 Graeien Third How W1ll1ams Garcla Mrerzwa Whrte head Gramont Lezak Patmo Krzywon Mncau eY Fourth How Marshall Wasllewskl Contx Dxcko Frankenbach Coco Horak Fabrano Casey Fllth Row Cowper Broderrck Hanson Adamek Abraham Machrnskr Wllson Van Bruggen Matval Powers Sixth Row Wxlkms Rabu Kolanskx Fundarg-.Q Nlep Neugebauer Wellman Backhotf Svec HALL GUARDS hrst Row Marasovlch Goerlnq Ham1l'on Kuch ta Pral Kozrol Terrazzmo Burns Cernak Second Row Meyer Trcnyo Kmq Tkaczyk Du bndqe Hanson Petrlk Kosowskr Molrana Thxrd Row Vulla Goetz Matyczak Grzeskxewrcz Cl'u.u'xq Lucas Cunnmgham Tomaszewskl Chancey Fourth Row Shershen Nolan Bower Podlasln skr Kopack Barnard Savmo Amrcxch Frith Row Kubln Iohnston Warneck Lovecky Burk Labedz HALL GUARDS F1fSfROW Ortlz Kxsh Sromek HOQUSISSOH Tru deau Zurnpt Mertz McNeeley Beren Second How Inverqo Chrrstopulos Nlehoff Plun kett Macuga Llchneckert Krason Balachow skx Ch1pman Third Row Houk Lelman Lewis ZUbCheV1Ch Mrkccek Grbmxcek Messer Tysxak Boquslaw s 1 Fourth How Schnexder Zugenbuehler Repetto Sekulskr Barcena Duda Alessx Huebner Ga ruchas Fifth Row Turnqulst Borowlcz Stoiile Pasky Abbott Sprxnqer Malak Bentley Sololowskl Snrth Row Poppe Herman Yazumbek M1952 kowskz Ray Eaves Wozek Colllns Slmundlc Seventh Row Selmk Grabowskx Kullck Henzx Troemel Oqurek Hale KUCh1DSkl Szlemp Erqhth Row Specha Stosur wU1C1k Miller M1 hallamn Barge-hr Traskxs Ramoshka Iabn Nmth Row Iseneqqer Lombardo Franco Terraz zlno Ietlfe Bomskl Sears Golter Dcwdell Tenth Row Copra Karopulos . ' 1' -f - V ' f .-' . rf' 1 ' "7 1 I , ' 1 1 ' ' . K - 'C1 1 ' 1 ' n 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 , '11 I - ' , 1 1 -1 . 1 , 1 1 1 f-WX . .1 IQ. I ' . ' . ' X ' ' , ., 1 1 1 - , ' ' ' 1 1- 1 . I V1 M, ' I5 r 1 1 1 1 D 7 1 - u 1 1 I I 1 1 ' 1 1 , ' . X Second How-Murtauqh1 Gierut1 Swan, Chowa- - 1 I 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - . 1 . W' 2 .1 - - 1 1 I I ' ' I 1 1 - Y 1 - . V . . .1 1 A M . H . I I l . I . 1 . 1 1 1 . L lr 1 I , I ' ' "Y r , A 1 I I . - K- I 1 1 4 ' 1 1 1 ' W A , k. 1 i . , V -1 1 1 .1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 . - T t " 4 1 1 1 ' ' - , A 4- 1 ' , - 1 - , 1 1 1 1 . 4, . f ' J h ' ' l ' I ' - ic 7 1 1 1 1 , sen. I 1. 7 I D , , , Mr Glenl Ford Dxrector oi the Trlden Concert Band Be rt a football game or an assembly Trldens band w11l be there to add a spa klrng march or concert PIGCG to the program In add1t1on the seventy frve prece concert band under the able d1rect1on of Mr Glen I Ford appears at graduatrons ln annual sprlng concerts and represents Tllden 1n the yearly band com pet1t1on Band members govern themselves through a Band Board handhng therr own records conduct cred1t hours They also appomt the student drrectors Wlth an eye to the future Mr Ford welcomes begmners who w1ll become part ot the com plex rnstrumentatlon needed for an GXPIGSSIVG well balanced band Another lmportant member of Tllden s mus1c department IS the orchestra capably drrected by Mr Carl L1nner Thls orgamza tron IS dedlcated to fostermg an apprecratlon for and an lnterest ln flne musrc New members are cordlally welcomed by th1s steadrly growmg group of earnest musrclans ORCHESTRA Fzrst Row Bentley Vrsh Beyer C1es1elskx Kober Tantxllo Woycrk Second Row Soukup Nolan Kenny Karpm Rauen Romanowskr Schwontkowskx Stel ter Lee Wallace Mazer Iester Lamaste Stupay Rudy "'h1rd Row Prckert Dzxedzrc Vrerrng Keller Klrsch Brandon Carlson Chrapetto Kan tor Panzrca CONCERT BAND Frrst How Mertz Bakowslu Alagna Rawl mgs Kokarsl Ch1m1rr1 Deetz Georgopulos Herrlrnger Korclrk Papszyckr Iohnson Spoor Ferguson Mancarr Second Row Solm Bresrada Garofalo Du chak Herbeck Ryd Garrkes Orvxdas Bab Elderry Catuara Faustxna Etzkorn Ely Thxrd Row Petersen Hughes Brazauskas Nelson Lrbertr Donovan Sheehan Mrcho vrch Mrhalkanm Colombel Gallagher Da v1s Hardrson Klausegger Brrggs Srkorskr l 1 V 1 1 I D -1 --f . . . ' 's. 1 I I - Y 1 - - 1 I I 1 4 I 1 1 1 1 I I ' 'f' 1 .1 1 ' 1 1 . 1 '77 - 1 - - 1 I - . D I , 1 1 1 I 1 ' 1 ' ' ros, Iackowiec, Martensen, Czub, Ionas, Mc " . - 1 1 A 1 1 - I - I - - I I . , , , , 1 . 1 . I K . . . ,, 11 . . . 1 , , . . 1 4 I ' I . . . , . . I 1 n ' g ? A f ? 2 K 1 5 A 5 aa if I .3 X :G tl. ,Vi Q A g V .gl - I - f " 'Q ' W H ' 533 I ' . ' I t ' ', 4- 6' 4 ' mu 5 I- LFE Y 4,4 an y xihw A Q l , . ff I .sn it QS X VF . ., K3 392' .2'U1'g!l'+2'2pei 1 A. A 5' 3? L' , ,K ,ixx ,Iii 1 , . .R , X - A . 1 V . . ,X - . X, . sv V , - x . . , . - 1 , f U L-. , . , N . 1 VD. VX . X. f,,X L ' 'fg,95Q'i5Q,'U95rQg,5fg 'mkknis Ng . J E S1 2:. " if if fi,Mr X 9X H .i . i-- XB 5 'Mm " M4 A Fl .ix J .rw :'X 1.'ki .1 5 'K 5 if 1 I ,, I CHORAL CLUB OFFICERS Robert Heidenreich, president: Iames Stiber. librarian. Iohn Stanko. treasur- er: Don Heidenreich. secretary. A Tilden assembly would scarce- ly seem complete without an ap- propriate musical selection by the Choral Club. The seventy-two members who comprise this hard- working organization have sung at the Citizens of Tomorrow Pro- gram on WGN, frequent P.T.A. programs, and numerous Tilden assemblies. Under the direction of Miss Margaret Mullen, they also participated in the city-wide Choral competition where they re- ceived an "E" rating for their efforts. Thus, patience, practice, and hard work by everyone in the group has had its reward. CHORAL CLUB Miss Margaret Mullen, Director First Row -Gracz, Lehman, Dowdell, Tom, Stanko, Peters, Hennecke, Petrizzo. Ward u Ball, Patch, Sheddy, Mostacchio. Wozniak. Second Row-Dziedzic. Butz, Sheridan, Heidenreich. Knight, Ienclryk, Wagner, Bo quist, Armato, Listopad, Dusek, McDaniel. Einwiller, Schreiner, Lotz. Peterson Third How-Kloth, Anderson, Daley, Serritella, Grodek, Slanger, Ford, Albergo Vainer, Wilcinski. Uher, Distetano, Wagner, Heidenreich. Stiber, Smith. A senous chord was struck rn the hearts of Techmen when members from the cast of The Tempest appeared at Tllden They were mtroduced by Tom OCLG Wrrght member of Mayor Kelly s Comrrussron on Human Relatrons Among If the more promlnent members of the group were Vera Zorxna Benny Baker and Canada Lee Tom Anderson former drrector of the Orson Welles Productrons Canada Lee and other mem Theatre When members ot the cast oi The Tempest vrsrted Trlden recently all had a jolly good trme as may be evmced from the smrles on the faces of Benny Baker comedlan Tom Anderson Vera Zorma Prmcrpal Robert E Lakemacher and Tom Wrrght member of Mayor Kellys Commrssron on Human Relatxons . H .. . u . Q I D 1 1 bers of the cast of "The Tempest" visit Tilden during their Chicago engagement at the Studebaker '27 Ar -.- 6 4 '- A NY 1 1 :ll if I 1 I X Y XX Miss Rita Cannon, Queen of the Football Social, is admired by those two heroes oi the gridiron, Mike Swistowicz and "Bibs" Gay. 7 '- -CL .9,Q , . 06 9: 9 Q 'oooooo00 "" M8805 Members of the Tilden Tech Times staff, Iames Fitzpatrick, Ed- ward Voltaggio, Albert Malelo, Andrew Brudnak, Sam Disteiano, and Iames McDaniel, pose with Florence Bearman whom they have chosen as their Queen. Florence Bearman, Tilden Tech Times Queen, and her Court flash their best smiles for the photographer. Although no girls go to Tilden, yet we have our queens, At a Friday night social sponsored by the Tilden Tech Times, Albert Malelo and other mem- bers of the Times staff showed fine taste in picking pretty Florence Bearman, a student at Lindblom High School, as the Times Queen. She was presented with a corsage on behalf of the Times and the Til- den students. At the social given in honor of the football team, lovely Rita Cannon was chosen Queen and given a bouquet by Bill Gay and Mike Swistowicz. Iohn Maivald, Rudolph Stone, and Carl Gamertsfelder line up for refreshments at a recent tac- ulty party. This is a moment on the balcony at a Tilden Tech social -with the lights on! Mr. "X" prepares to sip cider at the faculty Ha1lowe'en party. k Mr. Robert E. Lakemacher, principal of Tilden, and his assistant, Mr. Burton Duffie, stand be- side the spreading evergreen admiring the artis- try of their students. When their studies become wearisome or their best girl feels like "stepping out," Tech- men turn to the Tilden social whirl for relax- ation and enjoyment. They may be enter- tained by motion pictures of the North Woods, Tilden amateur shows, interesting and informative assemblies, or a glide across the polished maple of Tilden's "ball- room for a night" with Guinevere. The facul- ty, too, has its lighter moments when mem- bers gather for a good time at one of its frequent parties. Whether members of the faculty don a "false face" or dance to the tune of "The Wearin' of the Green," they are afforded a Welcome diversion from the daily routine. At a recent round table discussion sponsored by the Parent-Teacher Association, three students from Lucy Flower High School and three students from Tilden presented both sides of the ques- tion, "What Kind of a Boy or Girl Do You Like to Date?" The participants were Emil Kass, Colette Marsath, Leslie Dwyer, lo Irene Kurns, Mike Swistowicz, and Iackie Swiney. :Wa Mu ':f"""" ' -wwf.. -I R.O.T.C. TILDEN REGIMENTAL STAFF: sAf5'?5m Thomas M. Fiefchef Captain Leopold Dombrowski, Captain Ioseph Rejsek or N y , X' 1 ' s X . A, x , Tilden's Reserve Officers Training Corps, an active and important school organization, has flourished under the able direction of Sergeant Thomas M. Flet- cher. Since nearly every boy in the United States faces the possibility of a year's service in the Armed Forces, more and more emphasis has been placed on the B.O.T.C. in high school. The valuable training which R.O.T.C. graduates have received in leadership. citizenship, and teamwork will carry them far regard- less ot the branch of service in which they are placed. Here, it is possible to study everything from Military Courtesy and First Aid to Combat Principles and the intricacies of the Garand rifle, all very practical sub- jects when the inevitable "day" arrives. In the build- ing of the peace, the H.O.T.C. will play as active a role as it did in the war and help make the world a safer Xxvand better place in which to live. J R. O. T. C. lst PLATOON, COMPANY E First Row -Reisek, Armstrong, Anderson, Seltzer, Za- rumba, Ebster. Second How-Seadale, Lenz, Swanson, Gosling, Chancey, Ramirez, Iones, Purcell. Third Rowe Peterson, Richards, Bahe, Sears, Oleinik, Mvers, Miers, Cadena. Fourth Row-Sears, Pazanin, Iasmer, Wlazik, Lenne ha dt Morrison Kolep Mantelos 2nd PLATOON COMPANY E First Row Reysek Armstrong Scanlan Ebster Second Row Fries Vondrak McLaurme Philpott Srmth Charles Hennessy Knight Third Row Oeser Alcorn Voss Szulczewski Per kms 'Vherzwa Rodeo Fourth How Pra huk Mlcus Heraty Peto Van Hecl-re Watters Maztello Gerhardt Durmg the past ten years the ach1evements ot the T1lden ROTC have been most noteworthy By Wm nmq more Federal Inspections and Picked Platoon Competitions than any other unit 1n the city the T1lden corps has won the respect and envy of mill tary CIICIGS 1n Chicago 2 f 1-. A DRUM AND BUGLE CORPS First How Ianush Purpura Reysek Second Row Ianssen Slanger Combs Kosieracki Brumwell Hawklns Stahlke Third How Caouano Sommers Mindock Loborec Fourth How Vega Woods Fundarek OGrady LG bedz TVlcNaughton filth Row Le Gonzales Moloney Guisinger Down mo Evber Iocius Sixth Row Frieaentelt Tolxver Ziccarelll Rohrer S1-'noron G ala Seventh Row Iones Peck Novak K1llham Alexan der Hamilton COMPANY C F1rstHoW Gromoll Parrxlli Dlotkowski Abraham en Sekulski Wmter Legner Second Row-Oldheld Yondrak Gaertiq Folk Ro semquist Young Soerens Kolanski Third Row Mahnke Anderson Conley Tolan A1 ender Klrr Erdmann Patterson Fourth Row McGranahan Knox Harlan Ware las kovsiak Anderson Balcar Wilkins Frith Row Moore Smuczynskl Solohubow Dean Brown Kantor Bogal Sixth Row Dooley Swanson Smmmerman Franken bach Eaves Wisniewski Brubach Standing lst Lt Lough Statt Sgt Oprea Staff Sgt Tom Sgt Konczal Q' V Q Q' ,.. Q ..f "NI, Jr f 7 -5 O 5 0 5 - 3 .L . Ev z 'fof ' Z.. .Q X Q . by DP' J V U' Ot 4' ZX 2 . A I , fm . Kgs- V. 5,1 A lr' 'X - ,xx V1 1 ' M l R O. T. C. T manding this smooth-func- tloning organization are Ioseph Rejsek, Regimen- tal Commander: Leopold Dombrowski, Regimental Executive Officer and head of the Regimenta Staff and lohn Sarno Regimental Adjutant These officers have charge of the cadets from the day they enter the R O TC until they are awarded their training certificates a symbol o the completlon of three years of training REGIMENTAL COLOR Cadet Lawrence Breen Ser The cadet officers com- GUARD geant Robert Waleryszak Corporal Robert Kantor Cadet Hillard Chamerlk I Not content with merely teachlng cadets the fun damentals of military training the ROTC serves Tilden at assemblies fire dr1lls socials and foot ball games The voluntary organizations which parttcipate in this service are the Military Police Ushers and Fire Guards Besides the annual Federal Inspection when the enttre regiment IS given a rating the R O T C com petes with other schools in the yearly rifle matches and in the Picked Platoon competitions The fifteen cadets who make up the Rifle Team are the crack ly finished on top of all the schools in the Slxth Service Command Perhaps the best known group in the R O T C 1S the Plcked Platoon which can be seen drllling IH the halls before and after school every day The Tilden Picked Platoon has taken first place seven tlmes in the past ten years a truly enviable record ' l . . I f ' i . ,k . ' - I - - I - I , shots of the regiment. These cadets have repeated- I v MILITARY POLICE First RowYCcrdencx Sternlicht. Rejsek, Simble Her- rercx, Newby. Second Row-Olejnik McGrcxnahcm, Demokowski Payne, Goldenberg Harper. Thrrd Row Brown Ccmnovcr Sellers Mrchels Kon czcxl Yusken Fourth Row Coldwell Iones Grcrnt Cherskov ICI nos Sprvcxk Frith How Zwohnskr OBrren Newton Rufener Stone Nessrnger I SINGING CADETS Frrst Row Anderson Factor Kolep Grclc Rosen helm Morrrson Second How Nrxon Mojrccr Gorny Orth Anderson Thrrd How Schobes Kledzrk Bogcxl Gronkrewrcz MCLGUIIHS Fourth Row Ferguson Armstrong Lough Venezro Krlulch Frith Row Secrdcrle Wcrleryszak Fnes Ekstrom Rogers GUIDONS Mrchels Mcmtelos Buyccrr Anderson Eller Ccrld well Ebster ff K 7 r 1 I 1 I G 's A w 1 R. O. T. C. I 1 . . . ' i I I I I I 1 i I I I I ' - T- - .I - I I I I . , 9 ' V . -F' I I I I A , . i ' I .D I I I I i I I I D ' I I I I I I ' i I I I I I - I I ' I I I ' . . I N 4, I f ' v n ,4- "KVI I we , y ., VJ T , - - ' 'Q fly.: , ' A si x Ng -i ilk. 4' Q' N ' inf X " g , . SN .se ' b fa' ,gg M, Q sg . Q . 5- f A 'S 3, i .14-ff 3+ 5, . x,: - Q, i'1'j,e--f 21 - ,-. At' ' 1 t J -Q f- S . -. . . f" , A K n. 54" P - q-V' 1 s V' V. -, , Lg, X 11' I X Q? x' 'P3 a 1 1' ', in .ri x' -. J Y- Q W x . Y -El ,- v 3 . wg, , L ,,m . Q 94 v' J A ' avi L A ' go WJ W . 'Q .' - -an - sf . . LA cw gh, 5 f , A K -'ig ., Ag - 1, K. '. . fm . . .:eJ',- '-5 ' ' .1 ' - 2 " . g"- W v . Y, 9 8 5 at ji r S 5 P " 35 ' . gd 1 , Q ' A' -m , . 15 f , ' .J I ' 'A -V , hp 1 , 1 . 4, Y' 3 ' Z -ii 1 x ,- . , ,.,f. sf REGIMENTAL STAFF Ccxptcun Reysek 2nd Lt Rosenherm Cor porcxl Sellers Sgt Thomas M Fletcher Mxhtcrry Instructor Ccxdet Robert Fuerst Corporal Mczerko Ccxptcnn Dombrowskl RIFLE TEAM Kneelmg Sears Vondrok Carson Rosen qurst Folk Prokop Stcndmq Young Goertrq Alender Khr Bogcrl Deon nts? ww k U CADET OFFICERS Frrst Row Ccrptcun Relsek Coptcnn Dom browskr Second Row lst Lreutencxnt Icmssen 2nd Lxeutenant NlgOhOS1Gh Ist Lreutenunt Ycmcxuchn lst Lreutenant Sternlrcht Thxrd Row 2nd Lleutencmt Budzynskr 2nd Lreutencmt Srmble 2nd Lreutenunt Lee 2nd Lleutencmt Grerut Fourth Row lst Lreutencznt Armstrong lst Lreutenant Stlegort Ist Lleutencmt Bry ant lst Lreutenont Sczrno X xt f fit, f:,- ,I ,I C L+' ,Q H tfi ,mr H' ttSS Rl ol To Co MISS BEMISDERFER First Row Rizzo Sanchez Rayko Marquez Sobczak Second Row Rauen Brale Bryant Berry Seltzer Rosengren Iones O VISION ,gas fWX IS .,,,..t.! GX lVvQ:l will: Third How Birmingham Stiegart Pacella Dubravic Hackiewicz Mxss Bemisderter Zales Ray mond Alcorn Fourth How Chamberlain Corcor an Peters Kadich Ware Rejsek Phillips Pavxlonis Waterman Erbling Bomski MISS BYRNE Frrst Row Dowdell Zilis Miss Byrne Kazlauskas Daley Second Row Corvmo Goedtke Mit chell Murphy Marquette er ner Russell Thzrd Row Buividas Merz Arm strong Kelly Silovich Taylor McKennas Meiner Fourth Row Buyas Gorny Kubin Cressie Grady DeBon1s emocrfi OMG? Il My four years of technical and academic train ing are nearly complete Thinking back I now re alize how much valuable experience and fun Ive had I find that I ve been astonished by Miss Mac Ne1sh s mathematical theories agreeably impressed by the paintings made in Miss Bohman s art classes instructed by Mr Palka in mechanical drawing amazed at the formation of German sentences as taught by Miss SGIIZ ,entertained by Doc Whites lokes bewildered by the explanation of primogeni ture given by Miss Brashavetz confused by the ex position of the atomic theory given by Mr. Gamerts- felder awakened by Miss Uling to an appreciation of English literature guided by Mr. Campbell in the use of power wood tools trained to speak clear- ly and effectively by Mrs Blake disciplined by Coach Warga in Gym startled by chemical reac tions in Mr Wemers class and honored by the faculty as their guest at two Achievement Dinners I also recall having participated in a few extra curricular activities Lets see' I was secretary of the German Club president of the Checker Club Hall Guard Office Aide Assistant Editor of the Craftsman member of the Biology and Camera Clubs and winner of a gold Athletic letter an Honor Club letter and a Civic letter Yes I regret leaving my Alma Mater but still Im eagerly looking for- ward to taking my place in the industrial world knowing that through the profitable hours spent at Tilden I am better fitted to serve humanity. MISS BRASHAVETZ Frrst Row Hamermk Pohch Mxss Brashavetz Kelly OLeary Second How Gorskr Ross Irvan Hutton Kaldas Kusmrder Bana s1ak Third Row Dowdell Merchantz StGS1eW1CZ Bakowskx Iordan Rawlmgs Sohn Monanty Eckert Fourth Row Vamer Uher Butz Bresrada Westtom Iouse Gem mell Norkewlcz Goslmg Nzqoho sran Evans MRS CABDINAL Frrst Row Yamauclu Gorz Mrs Cardmal Grodek Zxmmer Second How Larsen Hopper Qurl ty Bradley Rooney Turder Rlch ards Thzrd Row Costello Petko Ieczmx onka YUCEVICIUS Kazmarskl Dwyer Lubawy Hundley Fourth Row Macarus McCorm1ck MISS DUCKETT F1rstRow Kraus Guzdzxol Mlss Duckett Konrath Dobrez Second Row Ionas Mattes Mrlan ese Iaskowrak Rosmskr Gxerut Iackson Thrrd How Gladkowskl Lehnert Dahlm Raschke Machtemes Rxbx kawskrs Krzus Krakowlak Ku has Shepherd Feeley Fourth Row Iurcazak Kurucz Ma cak Jacobs Mcrthey Wrlcmskx FIQIGWICZ Corruck Rehak len dryk Lasrowskl Nlep Goelzke Y. 9' Normanth Kahsz Canmo Chns tohlos Maracrch Kestley Nre mrec Moskalskl Pmtoy Stcmko Mattallano JWVX O OI' Loghoocld time 0 une X 6l'0lUtLllg geflfj lil One I'le!l'l'l00ll lohn Greenleaf Whittier ffl! fl tAe IUL K on fkee, Jedi' rlen , A155635 are re5fore an dorrouu en Wxlham Shakespeare MRS FISCHEH Fxrst Row Fxtzpatrlck Ahoto Mrs Flscher Budzynskl Well Second Row Patterson Alhch A mato Svec Knable Rosen Zdeb s 1 Thxrd Row Bebak Seadale Sharko Leucht Bolton Mxzones Ernstber get Iakaxtxs Glgnac Fourth How Sears Hardxson Gau shas Haack Schaefer Skycak Yusken Chxco Stemlxcht MISS GAYLORD Fust Row OHagen Neugebauer Marvonek Nelson Slmble Second Row Petruhs Stewart Ol son Harvey Kuglm Lemke Mc Thlrd Row Wlffh Vruno Kass Thompson Mlss Gaylord Stxles Mangan Oak Fourth Row Wells Marassa Law son Scholl KIGICI Schmldt Bo quxst Logelm Rozema Petersen Mxcus Paulenske Skmner Hunt MH TIMME F1rstRow Nalepka Senese Patac S11 Tom Tellano Second Row Strexch Gach Wan dacz Schremer Beck Slmo Stolte Thlrd Row Ernstberger Iernberg Preshcka Slmmerman Mr Txm me Waxshwxle C1eS1elSk1 Swu lxus Shuksta Fourth How Obresln Segersell Z rumba Swanson Vxrgo ll . . . . Lt L Q . J J " e. I ' I 1. k'. Daniel. , -I I Q- in 1' sf .N lL? A Milly, 5011 tie l9l0l'leeI"7 P 0 .X4 Cljl Zfhafffnllge ihee Lee, ther? L5 no eal' I , I j 41X jjxjl 'K Geoffrey 6 MISS ULING F1rstRow Varlotta Yozze Mrss 1 3 Ulmg Lech D1 Pretro Second Row Potempa Wysmrerskr Anderson Hart Stembrenner Kas mk Wage Ward Thrrd Row Vamausl-:as Spoor Martmovxch Ulrerch Wosrck Vaulman Kozub Wartkus Wal eryszak Fourth Row Frankenbach Prtlrk Ozremkowskl Zorn Zuxdema Ker ner Kovalevrtch Redecke Reed Iohnson Whrte Voelker Wrs mewskr Voltaggxo Wolcrk ,..f VW' MR VOGEL F1rstRow Frscher Cosentmo EI hott D1 Martmo Suppes Second Row Morkes Ford Erxck son Farmella Brumlxk Wozmak Corcoran Thrrd Row Krupa Parelko Orohn DePeder Mr Vogel Cheatham Follkre Dzledzlc Alroth Fourth Row Kaupas Dohnal ' J MR WEINER F1rstRow Bonas Kucharzyk Pape Button Iamga Second Row Lee Bzoclc Sawrckl Hughes Kulpa Dombrowskx Dur ham Thrrd Row Harlan Gasrorowskr Suchmskr Hughes Mr Werner Hynes Tanka Carh Klonowskr Fourth Row L1a Colombel Lough Kruchell Lee Larson Qi' fx, MR WILLIAMSON Fzrst Row Wlazlk Sanc Mr W1l hamson Suvada Epstem Second How Schachner Iacobs Hahckx Stxber Noble Halmskx Bossl Thzrd Row Plestma Kowalskx Hal per Ohver Kre1c1 Beukmgc An tolak Brubach Peterson Fourth Row Wagner Mariensen MR GOODBICH F1rstRow Drobxtch Tucek Elsbach Slanger Yahn Second Row Garxkes Schulz Stal er Dudek Thorp Mancan Gal vm Thud Row Curran Mossman Sim ka Weldlzch Prazuch Gaxcla Specha Bncm e,f7I"0,90I" Jflllly Oflndn lil 15 Wllln MISS CAPHEZ F1rstHow Azukas Sahakzcm And erson Artusa Fxorenza Second Row Bower Baghen Eaves Albexgo Durnberger Try ban Thnd Row Matas Chavez Cappel Amsden Mxss Caprez Karow Mc Guxre Roye Klausegger Alexander Pope MH STEUBER Fust Row Mxckunas Beren Dnste fano Cadena Dem1ch Second Row Ioyce Tramor F1a1a Helmberg Edgar Rxchel Ianssen Thzrd Row Tallenco Carlson Bat tle Sturgles Ianush Anderson Wreglesworth Lankas Valhs Fourth Row Cromer Savage Ver re Chi! DB HUMISTON Frrst Row Realy Paschen Dr Humrston Pawlak Prxhar Second Row Epstem Alender Handler Patch Kosler Oprea Herbeck Thrrd Row Barnett Hod1n Duggan Kladls Wage Poison Untch M11 ler K1sa1a Fourth Row Proud Bertman Par r111o Mmmch Hash Obecunas Frank Mrtchell and Laurence Young at Work on a mural de-prctmg the hfe of George Wash mgton Carver MRS BLAKE First Row Fratto Wojczechowski Mrs Blake Bonder Paluch Second How Korhorn Ekstrom Fleer Folk Sprycha Gllxberto Fiore Third Row Danko Collins Marcmiak Tras kxs Fexql Stolarskr Bulka Finnegan Con on Fourth Row Chm Davies MISS FRANCIS First Row Stelter Held Gavrun Pavlak Gib son Second Row Krupsaw Hart Karopulos Ham ilton Foy Tanner Hennecke Third Row Wagenaar Kowahs Mustan Murphy Miss Francis Pikulski Swratek Hansen Fourth Row Isenegger Levato Lapmski Hendriksen Iohnston Hoefler Miller Lin gevitch The division penod IS dec1ded1y worthwhile rf only for the compan 1onsh1p it affords the students Each tune Techmen think about the good times they ve enjoyed ln hrgh school the d1v1s1on penod occupies a prominent place 1n then thoughts MISS HUBLER First Row Durham Mantelos De Gregono Gorski Wolll Second How Wesley McCorry Gegenhelmer Pryor Hanley Stone Miller Ferguson Third Row Stosur Litt Iuodagalvrs Bank Bender Hanna Gentile Conley Jones MISS KELLER First Row--Walczak, Hoge, Williams, Sanoi- ca, Smoot. Second RowiBrown, Krug, Mahnke, Kordik. Shimkus. Hanson, Mornar. Third Row-Sikorski, Webb, Kosciolowski, Werhane, Murawski, Reicher, Pacourek, Worobey, Egan, Orseske. Fourth How-Stungis, DeStefano, Miss Keller, Williams. Mandel. lwj' O MR MOHLER F1rstRow Frey Preczynskr Mr Mohler Man telos Begeske Second Row Wullaert Nawrockr Evans Ka chrnskas Borowy Duchak Dombrowskr Thrrd Row Hanacek FIUHCIS Ruzek V1l1u nas Sorczak Vucmrc Hoggren Pazanm Robak Fourth Row Zrgmond Lapsansky Vogel Schremer Crosby Nowakowslcr MISS SWENSON Frrst Row Camerano Copla Mrss Swenson Cappetta Arngo Second Row Panzrca Lynch Kelemen Har r1s Anton Pllqrxm Kwxlos Thrrd Row Orlandrnr Bonko Payor Mowm skr Bonnema Putz Moore Km Gerlrch Fourth How Kralewskl Pacheco Nardz Koch When they meet every mornmq at ezght they have a chance to 1ron out those problems rn chem or strck Ier on quadratrc equatlons or trou ble rn Enghsh grammar c1v1cs or bu11et1n they learn about projected assembhes sports events or rntra mural act1v1t1es we MISS WALL F1rstRoW Wagner Edm Mrs Wall Budzm sk1 Scanlan Second Row Mxller Chrrshne Vegazo Kern Schaeffer Sample Khr Thrrd Row Gradle Iendras Kalras F1165 Soerens Masokas Statkus Zdora Steward Fourth Row Gabrxel Nykaza Nasratka Bo zrch Sell Yucevrcrus Marmo MR WALTERS Frrst How Margherone Lotmck Dlamond Szeszyckr Scrrbano Second Row Hams Booher Bose Judge Mx halkanm Fracassr Maqano Calascrbetta Thrrd Row Semck Scott Mrchovrch Mul drow Mr Walters Swanson Fekete San ow Collms Fourth Row Mornz Palmer Purpura Ham ek D I V I S I N S history. There, too, through the daily f Q r fr b . I ' ' 1 . MISS WOESSNER Frrst Row Gurgone Bryant Armstrong Ma honey Pferfer Second How Klrs Hemzacek Ala Valek Mrers Wrlderson Gonzales Thzrd Row Pasternak Durec Horbacz Swartz Dmwtddre Rusco Szlemp Iahnsen Surowlec Fourth Row Shrluk Grencrk Inman Hagen Grubxsrch Becker Iones Raczak Rachubm skr Mrss Woessner MBS EGBERT I-'rrst Row Ramrrez La Barre Mrs Egbert Schmeskr Castrejon Second Row Iordcm Hrbbe Pamel Hettlmg er Salle Demko Folz Thrrd Row Cameo Perkrns Gant Menard Ztolkowskr Wrermga Wtlson Renlroe Wohler Fourth Row Grady Dillard Mrlls Krrn szon 1S almost a clan when the se mester ends When the fellows elect thezr representat1ve to the Student Councrl zt rs an act of conferrrng an honor upon one of the1r number Ex actmg the CI C fee IS always one of the problems of the d1v1s1on teacher MRS GAHAS Frrst Row Sansone Blaskovrtz Mrs Garas McEll1gott Lrbertr Second Row Nrxon Douglas Smrdt Talaber Kunstmann Bahe Borowrcz Thrrd Row Wozek Larson Westrom Mertz Tortorelll Spxvak Steffeter Braschler Sny er Fourth Row Buenger Campbell Sellers MBS LUTZ Frrst Row Wechman Purcell DAm1Co Mertz Trtsworth Second Row Gracz Lomoro Czub Mrs Lutz Hansen Koch Scott Thrrd Row Bomskr Hendrrckson Schmrtz Troemel Ryd Kallrsh Blaszczak Rogers Bermele Fourth How Hook Burke Haraburda Lake S111 Delrch Leonard I U N I O R The group which comprises a divi- d . l' l ' ' ' i O MR NELSON F1rs!Row Yako Fmgal Mr Nelson Phelp Benda Second Row Wachowskr Pczwhsz Barbahen Morgan Bruce Sell McNamara Thzrd Row Manch Cerny Clark Zemeck Zuro Adams Lccher OConne1l Dxgles Fourth Row Srms Iones G1acope111 Mrchels MR RUMMEL Frrst Row Myers Klttay Mr Rummel Lang ford Mornson Second Row Bernhelm Arvay Brown Cas per Petroff Preuss Hcwkms Thrrd Row Carlson Ferguson Grabxnskx Crawford Kosberg Urban Pearson Ro manek Swazes Fourth Row Kasper Iohnson Baker Nell Malanowskx Mrller Seneczko MR VAN SCOYOC F1rstRow Busceml Spaiaro Mr Van Scoyoc Mckenncs Glllen Second How Prashuk Dodge Lcxmpl Berry Anderson Caprata Wmter Thzrd Row Ferguson Smuczynskr Babros Kasten Boehlke Kantor Fagan Grrdwam Catuara N Vx ff 0 iel'lJQI' gflllfe 0 G, JCI? f af l5 Cl Wffneuer C0018 ac fo file Allred Lord Tennyson Fzrst Row Iohn Deam Second Row George Clark Richard Delott Alan Morrison Third Row M1ss Hemtz Allen Freder rck Edward GIIWG Gus Stelanu Fourth Row Marvin Lezak Mon Ho Thomas Wheatley Fred Paesel Rob ert Patak Albert Konkel Fifth Row Iohn Hayden Robert New man Donald Webster Kenneth Oley nik Paul Douglas Clarence Kunst mann Bernard Grabmski Gerald Myers Srxth Row Lewis Faustmo Eugene Grabmskl William Brenner Ray mond Krause Norbert Barbahen Don ald Troemel Seventh Row Leo Stembrenner Ken neth Devero Donald Slaney Eighth Row Simeon Kosberg Jczigkffi 0 .icknokgg Every second Thursday an ambitious group of future screntists engi neers technicians draftsrnen and commercial artists gathers 1n room 123 These young men known as the Knrghts of Technology are mem bers of the ZA and 3B classes There has been a need for lust such t1ons to arouse their interest in gorng to college and to point out the importance of selecting the college best surted to their needs The Knights of Technology under the sponsorship of MISS Iune Heintz hope to achieve honor and success rn the technical fields In th1s quest therr asprratrons are not unlike those of the kmghts of the olden days hence they feel their name IS well chosen The officers are Mon Fo Ho presr dent Paul Douglas vice president Donald Slaney secretary Eugene Grabmski treasurer , ' . . an organization in order to prepare students for scholarship examina- 4 A X Y E21 9 62 23 J O QJQS ,, in? Zia ia a fylaica! :Scene Ln one of 744255 lgorferhefflji arf cfaueri cluring l0l'0i8Cf in co or laaffernd eziigne ll feac ec men f e ua ue an ude 0 co o wg.: -gd' we-My J f J J., f Z 3 4.71, A! J J ff. SOPHOMORE MISS BOND First RoweCavallone, Downing, Miss Bond, Hollister, Clark. Second Row-Grenda, Gannon, Vis- kas Smith Burandt Myers Paes Thzrd How Kladrs Iohnson P1on tek Capuano Ruzrch Coleman Pecenka Wyrxck Dybas Fourth Row Watson Deroule Ro qers Richards Navarro M'g,.,..klv-,sl Qqkfif MB BUCHANAN First Row Threm Enright Faloon Spata Frey Second Row Balestneri Fernandez Antomck Czerwxnskx Gromoll Mathrus Harper Third Row Woods Roy Ebelmg Rozewiclu Mr Buchanan Marcus Reynolds Hogueisson Purtic Fourth How Kalctmaras Iunokas Malrckr Waldman Arnold Wulif Moyrca MISS COSTELLO First Row Marshall Hollis Miss Costello Hennessy Wismewskr Second How Sperlak Iones Burak Schreuder Graber Izral Spedus Third Row Hesselschwerdt Kross Nelson Ballard Knox OConnell Waters Iohnson Staszak Fourth How Petrrzzo Brown Rab1 ansky Kurzmas Ashum Staldohar Melonas Anderhub Sanders Straka Nash MISS DREESSEN First Row P1eta Fisher Miss Dreessen Iakobx Macke Second How Wright Douglas M Grath Plwowarskr Foster Ke1 rung Gregory Rutkowskr Third Row Holke Hurley Golter Bukata Sullivan Iackson Tolan Cassam Macuga Fourth Row M1ller Knvlch Shrzas Grabmskr Bara Van Bruggen Bus a Lo Prestx Grabinskx R mao Zerulla xxx I DIVISIONS MISSKUEHNE F1rstHow Cannon Wanda Ol1v ares Lezak De Young Second Row Bario11n1 Whxtney Semrau MISS Kuehne P1kora1t1s S11mko Gahch Th1rd How Seaman Bamstom Se1 n1k Mosley Keller Henry Por ges Rayburn Caldwell Fourth How Eberhardt Kran1ch Kershasky H11 MISS MCCARTHY Frrst Row Murtaugh Lennhardt Duh Wh1te F1sher Second Row Cuthhertson Van Cleave Du Bndge Stoffle Vaha d1S De Bella Barbaro Thrrd How Mulcahy Anderson M11ler Buknas M1ss McCarthy Bromley Ahrendt Dea Cheung Fourth Row Alexander D15 Pensa Herman Berthelsen Poppe Troe me ln add1t1on the d1v1s1on teacher encourages the stu dents on to greater scholas trc ach1evements and azds them 1n plcrnn1ng then' pro qrams for the next semester From any angle you look at rt the fellows enjoy those mformal fnendly gathermgs of pals MR PALKA Fxrst Row Ram1rez Delott Mr Pal ka Benevellx Shoemaker Second Row Bucz Malnassy Pa tak Pote Unger Young Yarosh Thzrd How Vanek Pekelwrcky Schutz Cerney Lyddon Ioseph Ub1s Freeland Kuhl Fourth Row Huebner Ph1lPOll Ed wardson Brown MR PFISTER Fxrst Row Imblrowrcz Kereta Mr Phster Tom Murray Second How Kopack Goetz M1 ckow LUkOWSkl Coleman Baudo Vorderer Thrrd Row McGranahan Moore Perl Oropeza Mattes Ragaxshrs Halyko, Iukasov1ch. Koemq ..v I ' . 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 . . . . 1 1 1 1 1 ' "' 1 1 1 . i 1 1 1 1 . W' 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 7 1 1 1 1 1 ' I 1 3' 1 1 . ' 1 1 . 4. I I . 1 1 1 1 . ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 " 1 1 ' '-4 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 MISS POWELL Frrst Row Guxsmger Yong Luz wrck Mazerka Glldroy Second Row Dlutkowskr Kozyra Malak Mrss Powell Manka Gramm Gllwa Thrrd Row Walsh Kazulc Ste Knaprk Carlson Frydrych Fral kowskr Gruca Gomolka Fourth Row Tobmskz Newman Hangen Mxsxak Foy MISS QUINN F1rstRow Godwm Hoelscher Gra la Hoffman Schlosser Second Row Rui! Prelgzrk OBr1en Mrss Qumn Harmes Rus sell Pretro Third Row Wesley Farrell Sza warzewskz Zak Kurzawa Bar tus Tyrus Halmskr Brtxcevxch Fourth Row Zubrzyclcl Banovlc Pxckert Kelly Berny Mmdock MISS SISSMAN Frrst Row Vlenng Czermak Mrss Srssman Czyzewskl Rodeo Second Row 7 mb Koprclna Bar cena Wheatley Gerhardt Brown Podolak Thrrd How Stupantz Daoust Wrl ur Shatava Wallace Cwnko vxts Schwontkowskr Votavc Bul ger Fourth Row Zxc Styrcula Ruler Swreckr Smretana Treasure La pmskx Neubauer Carey Wasxl owskl Zawrstowskr MR STOFFER Frrst Row Oldfxeld Ahern Luecht Guntner Henderson Second Row Fullmer Kachmskr Rrvers Iasmer Hale Szumxgal skz Scrol Tlurd How Wallace Smertene Dev ero Baia Mr Stoifer Bruzek Mrller Schlomas Schmaltz SOPHOMORE J'C"'r MR STRASSMAN F1!s!Row Hrckey Krllham Korbal Gambla Zlotkowskl Second Row McT1gue Clarke Gar Cla Mr Strassman MGfhlGS Mey er Marchert Kolep Thrrd Row Kamprk Rusnak Bac zak Schroeder Trrmarco Malone Broda Sears Duchak Ryan MR WOERNER Frrst How Knreta Sanchez Mr Woerner Caulfxeld Rodeo Second Row OHern OHern Ry brckr Tuzzohno Putrament Nav rail Sxrevrcrus Thrrd Row Oeser Ryan McCarthy Mullarke Kohnhorst Breen Iona hs Krupprak Gallo Fourth How Beczek Kowalskr Ko karskr MR ISBANER Fzrst Row Harrrson Bellrno Mr lsbaner Lee Arseneau Second Row Rosenberg Warde Gagyr Fuerst Baker Cheung Bandrsh Thrrd Row Brusrch Schmdler Longfellow Sommers Anhold Becker Weaver Sloger Prumckr Fourth How Umholtz Schultz Stem Vlahakrs MR MCCUBRY F1rstRow Brown Wong De Luca Hughes Catalano Second Row Van Hecke Stance Katuzny Kozel Hrnkens Dxmas Kalebrch Thzrd Row Clough Fontana Troe mel Cheung Mr McCurry Thorn ton Wenstrom Fravel Poclzrus Fourth Row Iohnson Van Dyke Arrrgo Fuller DIVISIONS Y ' I I ' I - I I ' V ' I I ' I Y - I I I f , 1 . I I 'l, .J ' ' . Y I I I . , . 1- , I -I - lesiak, Salvato, Osoba, Iones, Pie- ' '4 - I U I . '-' I r I 'I I I I D ' - I I I Y' I I Y! I I I I I I I V I I ' I I - I ' i I I . . MISS CLANCY Frrst How Rrchards Schaeffer Whrtehead Mrtchell Poskonka Second Row Kubat Chrrstopulos Wozny Hunt Dlotkowsk Connell Iocrus Thrrd Row Swar Stopka Brooks Mcxrback Kalk Matyczak Grzes krewlcz Srbrava Swxedals Fourth Row Mrss Clancy Peterson Flaherty Bargerhuff Corcoran Bcrran Martm MRS FITZGERALD Frrst Row Bowen Logan Levoio Kubln Gleason Second Row Swrech Messer Sher shen Gxllen McAdams Reppeito Kelly Thrrd Row PIGICG Chaihn Krueg er Olander Mrs Frtzgerald Ka chmskr Labedz Danlow Fourth Row Twarek Yazumbek Loborec Mrsrak Savmo Koneckr M QQ! FRESHMAN DIVISIONS MISS BOHMAN Frrst Row Zubchevrch Watters Frederrck OKeeie Surma Second Row ORourke Houk Kortz Mrss Bohman Muslelak Blake Sorra Arngo Thrrd Row Svlhula W1lk1ns Bej narowrcz Krzror Kolanskr B12 choff Powers Blazma Walsh Seery MB POST F1rstRow Varsull Kolkebeck Hunt er Ghllarduccr Hamxlton Second How Catanzaro Westme Hathaway Mzllon Amcrch Mc Kenna Krason Thzrd Row Mazer Garukas Bag guley Kokazsl Devero Mr Post Gruendl Kovrcev1ch Handler Fourth Row Gatto Schnexder Kllne Ienchowskx S1lov1ch Hlrst Schmrtt Chrrstensen MISS QUINLAN F1rstHoW Gawel Ianhowsk1 Bla Second Row Kupxec Zygmunto wrcz Kozzol Lxchneckert Schehl Young Stehhk Powers Rybar czyk Thzrd How Srebro Mxeszkowskr Geary Yunker Mxss Quxnlan Doles Daley Patmo Fourth Row Moyles Moore Men ges Townsend Sulaskr Rohde Rebenstroi Knecht Lxtrop Krelp Iangelxs Lovecky Dvorak S t kowskx At a recent Lettermens Club rm txahon Otto Rehak scrubbed the floor wxth a toothbrush under the expert supervzsron of Letterman Rus sell Specha ho, Niehotf, Hogueisson. ' , , . i In the Tilden blueprint room. a group of students reproduce plates they made in mechanical drawing. Youthful R OTC cadets blend therr voxces rn a musrcal selectron berng played by the drrector strong Hubert Lough Mchael Venezro Iohn Nrxon and Edward Orth AT WORK AT PLAY of the Singingvdadets, Mrs. Mabel Swanstrom. The cadets are Arthur Rozemza, Herbert Arm- yn ffm Z7 Ll f .Spaorfa I v I WD T FOOTBALL TEAM F1rstRow DeLaPaz Blaskovttz Dembek Corcoran Kachrnskas Second Row Kukulka Melonas Galvm Pamel Cassln Bonko Ulretch Wtlson Thzrd Row Coach Htcks Danko Stlber Kernan Swtstowzcz Gay Ruddy Pacella Orolm Hansen Coach Harvey Fourth How R1b1kawsk1s Noble Merz Stosur Kmrotek Gentmle MCGUIIG DeMent Krzus Obreskx Wuyclk Rusco Frith Row Campbell Battle OConnell Erxcso Lapmskt Ernstberger Ernstberger Moe Spechcr Fetgl McGehee Dwyer Rehak Stxth Row C1echanow1cz Pteczara joofdaf I9 6 A scene m the dressmg room at Soldier Fleld yust after the T1lden Fenger game Dan Proskey a T1lden alumnus congratulates Swxss on the teams vlctory m the semximals Mxke Swlstowlcz T1lden nght halt atds a T1lden tackler to stop a Schurz dnve Frghtmg all the way the T1lden Blue Devrls ended the 1946 football season sharmg the publtc h1gh school toot ball t1tle wxth Austm and Schurz Although they vahcrnt ly tnecl to reta1n the all ctty champ1onsh1p the gndders were outscored by Fenwtck rn the Kelly Bowl 20 to 6 All went well throughout the early part ot the season and T1lden won the SIX scheduled league games 1n the cen tral sect1on After rompmg over Fenger 30 to 19 m true Tech tashron 1n the sem1 frnals the Techmen met real oppos1t1on 1n Schurz when the two well balanced teams r L "' bb , ,A fm ejf'ffLrlL" Alle' fm", fought to a 7 to 7 tie on the Soldier Field gridiron. Great credit for the team's fine showing can be showered upon Coaches Charles Harvey cmd Robert Hicks who worked long and hard throughout spring training and the fall practice period to fashion this great team Now we shall introduce the team In the backfreld were co captains Bibs Gay at left half and Mike SWIS towicz at right half This pair made the team feared because of their ability on offensive play Gay was the citys leading scorer and ground gamer while Swiss was a close runner up Both boys made the all state team Ed Noble a fleet quarter back was signal caller and an accomplished blocker George Ribikawskis plowed the holes from the full back berth The line was impregnable At the left end was Teddy Krzus a good man Emil Ciechanowicz ably handled left tackle and qualified for the second string all city team Chuck Feigl a Junior capably handled left guard Ray Obreski with assistance from Swede Ericson centered Ed Dembek was a tough nut to crack at right guard while Ralph McGehee a veteran of two seasons achieved a berth on the all city team at right tackle Tom Kernan held his own at r1ght end until his injury then Norm Merz a con verted fullback took his place Chuck Pacella played end and in the backfleld Dick Tuttle filled in gaps in the line while Richard Bonko from whom well hear more next season did most of the kicking m""' X That this is a tense moment in the see saw contest which was The entire Englewood team seems to he trying to stop the fleet the T1ldenSchurz championship battle IS readily apparent from Bibs Gay Tilden men in the picture are Gay carrying the and the members of the squad and Tom Kernan wearing number 16 . ,, . ,, . . . I - . , . . . ,, . ., ' I - I . , - , . . I . . . - H H . ., H - - , , , I . - . I ' D . , , . the intense concentration depicted on the faces of Coach Harvey ball: Emil Ciechanowicz, wearing number 58 on his white Jersey Mnke Swxss SWlSlOW1CZ cocap tam and nght half Mayor Edward Kelly chats wxth Mlke Swlstowxcz and B111 Gay cocaptams of the 1945 46 T1lden Football Team Wxl ham Bzbs Gay co captam and left half George Rlb Rlbxkawskxs full back Edward Knobs Noble quar ter back Ralph Brams McC1ehee nght tackle Emxl Dumbo Cxechanowxcz left tackle Rxchard D1ck Tuttle nght end Thaddeus Ted Krzus left end Charles C uck F rgl left guard Ray Obreskx center Edward Hopalong Dembek nght guard . 11 1 11 . . ' . . 1 . ' . . 11 1 11 - , . 11 - 11 . . . 1 l 11 11 1 1 ' . 11 . 11 1 1 - 11 11 . 1 1 . - 11 . 11 . 1 1 , 11 11 1 1 11 h 11 . 9 1 Regardless of the sport, given any adequate material, Tilden's versatile coaching staff may be relied upon to develop champions. Eulogies are super- fluous, tor their record speaks for itself-four Chicago public high school football championships in five years: the 1946 Chicago public high school senior basketball championship, the state high school wrestling champion- ship ior 19465 seventeen Chicago public high school wrestling championships in nineteen years: and entrance into the soccer finals for two successive years. Though not Winning championships, the track, swimming, and baseball teams have turned in excellent performances. fl f 1 lgff Our Coacked Mr. Fewkes, corrective gym: Mr. Postl, basketball and baseball coach: Mr. Apking, althletic director and the head of the gym department. Mr. Hicks, wrestling coach and assistant football coach: Mr. Warga, coach ot the swimming team: Mr. Hartman, intramural director and member of the Athletic Board of Control of the Chi- cago Public Schools: Mr. Kinsey. Mr. Brinkmann, soph iootball coach: Mr. Parkhillp Mr. Harvey, head lootball coach and track coach. T1lden Gage Park FOOTBALL SCOREBOARD PRACTICE Txlden 6 Leo CENTRAL SECTION T1lden Ph1ll1ps T1lden T1lden T1lden T1lden T1lden Trlden SEMI FIN ALS FINALS KELLY BOWL Kelly DuSable Englewood Lmdblom Schurz Fenw1ck TILDEN ST LEO The Blue Devlls lnaugurated therr 1945 season agamst St Leo the1r Kelly Bowl opponent of 1941 42 T1lden lost 12 6 but new members were g1ven experrence for the tough gr1nd ahead TILDEN PHILLIPS Cap1tal1z1ng on the mlstakes made 1n the practrce encounter wrth St Leo the Blue Devlls trrumphed 1n true Tech fashron 19 0 over Phlllrps Whlle a con stant downpour soaked loyal fans B111 Gay arded by good blockmg and mterference scored twlce and passed to SW1SlOW1CZ who lateraled to Noble for another touchdown TILDEN GAGE PARK M1ke SW1S1OW1CZ paced the attack as he z1g zag ged for two 60 yard touchdown tr1ps Coach Harvey then sent 1n the second and thlrd strmgs for experr ence and muddy lerseys TILDEN KELLY T1lden s mlghty l1ne paved the way for an over whelmlng v1ctory over Kelly Tackle Emll Crechano wrcz blocked a Kelly punt and scooped up the ball 1n the end zone for an odd but beautlful score Gay rntercepted a Trojan pass and galloped beh1nd the blockmg of Noble and Merz for 43 yards and a touchdown Coach Harvey then threw ln everythmg but the bench, yet T1lden contmued her offenswe tactlcs TILDEN DuSABLE Led by touchdown twms SW1S1OW1CZ and Gay T11 den easrly won 44 to 6 over DuSable What a thnll as Ed Noble scampered 75 yards for a touchdown wh1ch was later called back' TILDEN ENGLEWOOD Brbs Gay captured the Clly mdlvldual scormg trtle by scormg three touchdowns and k1ck1ng f1Ve conversrons as the Blue Devrls trounced Englewood 35 to I2 Gay also passed to Noble for a score and M1ke Sw1stow1cz bucked over the goal l1ne for an other po1nter TILDEN LINDBLOM T1lden captured the central sectron t1tle by beat1ng defensrve lmework sparked by McGehee and Dem bek plus the oftensrve runnrng by Techs dreaded backheld secured the crown George Rlbrkawskrs opened the Tech scormg A crush1ng blow to the Eagle s hopes was Gays 95 yard punt return through the entrre Lmdblom team for a touchdown Center Obreskr played wrth a cast on h1s rrght arm and gave an excellent account of hrmself TILDEN FENGER Dark clouds blanketed the T1lden bench followrng the 3019 vrctory over Fenger Tackle Em1l C1e chanowrcz bulwark of the l1ne broke hrs ankle dur1ng the flnal moments of the game Th1s heavy loss followed the loss of Tom Kernan star r1ght end who had broken hrs collar bone dur1ng practlce just pr1or to the game However the shrnrng face of B1bs Gay who scored four tlmes and passed to SW1SlOW1CZ for another tally sustarned the hrgh hopes of the T1lden fans TILDEN SCHURZ A to and fro battle between the well matched Schurz and T1lden eleven resulted rn a 7 7 deadlock To the dehght of 25000 spectators Ted Kurzus scored Techs lone tally on a 33 yard pass from Gay After senous dellberatron at a Chlcago Board of Educatron meet1ng T1lden was chosen to battle 1n the Kelly Bowl t1lt TILDEN e FENWICK W1thout the ass1stance of Ed Dembek star guard who broke h1s ankle dur1ng practlce Norm Merz 1ll w1th pneumon1a, Em1l C1echanow1cz, and Tom Ker nan, the latter two 1n1ured prevrously, T1lden was outscored 20 S ln Ch1cago's Kelly Bowl char1ty game "B1bs" Gay scored Tech's only touchdown. whrle Ralph McGehee, M1ke SW1SlOW1CZ, George Rlblkawskrs, and Ed Noble led the defense O ' ................................ 12 - . ' 19 ............................. ' ' 0 H U H A v H D - ' 19 .......................... 6 - - - - - ' 46 ...................,........... 7 ' ' ' 44 ............................ 6 - - h U H ' 35 ............,............ 12 . y ' ' 20 ,.......................... ' 13 O ............................. Fengel' Q rough and turnble Contest- Great ' 7 ............................. 7 - l - - - ' 6 ....................,...,... ' 20 ' ' , 0 . - 1 s ' . ' I ' . 0 . . . - . 0 Across the qymnaslum or assembly hall rrngs the sta cato cheer ARCH MACH MECH ELEC HAH HAH TILDEN TECH' Such cheers as lh1S have echoed and re echoed above the d1n of T11 den s grrdrron and basketball court durxng many an athletrc t1lt Thelr success depends upon T1ldens vrgorous squad of energetrc cheerleaders who through the1r untlrlrg efforts have grven 1mpetus to our school sp1r1t and won the respect and admlra t1on of our opponents The successful outcome ol many an athlet1c encounter can be Justly attrrbuted to the1r endless energy and leadershlp So lets g1Ve a cheer for a swell bunch of fellows WOW' QOME VOYS Cl-IEPRLEADERS' Zfflm 5 qt XJ P Leucht Untch Mr Apkmg Murphy B1lans1ch Marquette Colhns Exhortmg Tech rooters to spur on the team wlth a Tech Locomotlve are Ioseph Brlcmsxch Charles Murphy and Captam Gaston Marquette XL. . if .- tl - I XY 4 K of Qs ' X ,C ff! Qs xx Thornton Russell Bruzek contemplate the outcome ot a hotly contested game SOFA 0l'l'l0l"e ZZOJLUJ F1rstRow Cuomo Kozyra Sarle Romanek Coach Brinkmann Second Row Stefanu Houze Corcoran Dem ko Preuss Antonick Third Row Burak Haywood Partyka Guth rie Conte Fourth Row Knaprk Quinn Mallarkey Bran mgan Batttston Miller Baker Fifth Row Nanesta Colombo Pearson Lowe Piontek Husnak Sixth Row Fontana Freeland Stetfeter Kas per Coleman Ramoshka Seventh Row Grubrsrch Lucas Kazuk Knop Iester Wrerrnga Eighth Row Wyrick Tennyson Bruzek Rui rch Ballmr Beyer The intention of Coach Brmkmann to develop a group of experienced football players in one season seems to have been the members of the determined rugged sophomore team have established places tor themselves on the varsity squad dur ing spring practice While they do not keep a regular schedule as the Varsity team does the sophs get their needed experience and training by playing other soph teams or against the Varsity in a practice session This year the sopho more team was composed of approxi mately three strings - EW realized, for under his careful guidance . 3 y U S Q 5 - - Qi ft . ,, 'V '- x i '.-. I- 41 , . OCCQI' about the seasons prospects f ""f' JAM! r s K Ill 4? ' f 'X Wifwzgff V1ewed w1th one eye on past performances and the other on future prospects soccer at Trlden 1S def1n1tely on the upgrade For three seasons the Tech Ironheads have been 1n the runn1ng for champ1onsh1p honors The 1945 sea son s record of four v1ctor1es one t1e and one defeat IS not to be sneezed at th1s placed the lronheads f1rst 1n the south sectlon and took them mto the Clty semlfrnals Here the Vahant Techmen suffered a 4 l defeat at the hands of Von Steuben Berths on the all Clly team were awarded Cap ta1n Harry Strles and Fullback Anthony Russell for the1r consrstently excellent performance Eugene Bug DeGrasse and Caslmer Zubrzyckr by d1nt of the1r capable fleld act1v1 t1es were placed on the all c1ty second team Next season the Ironhead ranks W11l lnclude Clyde Tralnor Frank Putz M1Ckey Ferguson and Laddle Lankas all veterans and as sets to any team These men w1ll set the pace for new corners Coach Blackshaw addresses the team F1rstRow Ferguson Toth DeGrasse Wangrm Tramor Strles Second How Lezwrck Brown Schreuder Canchola Ferguson Baluk Szes szykx Cutz Thxrd Row Ienkms Franco Collms Lankas Bartolmx Boqurst Russell Krakowxak Thompson i .gui ,...,,...W, W... 4 .IM MW--vm -'T--'f-'M' H" ,- M. ,, .L..........--. . V.. M., ff ' ' ' ' Captain Harry Stiles and Coach Blackshaw chat ' h .X ,Cx r , , - - p - ' ,- f 'ff , , - CP I F , X . - If , - X-. , A7 . N" f " 'C f-f 4, 7 If , x fl ,, . If ' !' ' - , . . ' . A , ' . wx f ' . X ' HV I 1 LQ I f 1 1 1 1 1 f ,g 0 ' ' l l rea Mug Frrst Row Buazmskr Pc'acs1l Costcznza Plestma Klausegqer Dalflm Kttay Romarowskr Ferguson Second How Coach H1CkS Colombo Morande Marcherl Schmudde Kemp Romonowskr Frtzpatnck DeLotI McNelley D Am co Varyabad an Thrrd Row Nathrus Pote Rubm Umholtz Werck Mrchard Wuck Dolemba Hook VlGmlS Zessemos Unger Podlasm sk1 Mo zkowskr Fourth Row Slarey Vogel Bennett Melonas Swazes Krenn Patek Melonas Sell Ross Sell Karopulos Huebener Frith Row Bvrnes OConnell Grzeskxewlcz SClChOWSkl He bak Nrep Cheung Roeske Bcqcar Vegazo Kozan Savage Srxth Row Foy Hemrrksen Dwyer Boqurst Roye Sawlcky Wulcxk Lapznskn De-Men! Joseph Patacsxl demonstrates cz head throw hold on Sam Costanza Don Plestma demonstrates cx stretcher and C1 double bar arm hold wlth Ted Vlamrs as the subyect WRESTLING TITLES WON 1946 Illinois State High School Wrestling Championship Chicago Public High School Wrestling Championship Second Place, Times A.A.U. Meet INDIVIDUAL TITLES Two first places in the City Individual Wrestling Competitions: Patacsil in 127 lb. class and Costanza in 120 lb. class. Three second places in the City Individual Wrestling Competi- tions: Dwyer in 175 lb. class: Plestina in 133 lb. class: Dahlin in 154 lb. class. Two first places in All State Wrestling Competitions: Patacsil in 127 lb. class: Plestina in 133 lb. class. One second place in All State Wrestling Competitions: Costanza in 121 lb. class. One fourth place in All State Wrestling Competitions: Dwyer in 175 lb. class. Three sil first places in Times A.A.U. Wrestling Tournament: Patac- in 127 lb. class: Romanowski in 108 lb. class: Plestina in 136 lb. class. Two third places in Times A.A.U. Wrestling Tournament: Klau- segger in 136 lb. class: Vlamis in 145 lb. class. ,N -.st -I ' 4 ' .' I 1 if . w 3 W 91 W -frilhssse Q. Tilden Tilden Tilden Tilden Tilden Tilden ,, K .sl . . .7 ", 23311 "ff, .... yi 1 Sam Costanza grapples with Grabau of Rock Island High at the State Wrestling meet held at Champaign. LEAGUE WRESTLING SCHEDULE 19 .... Lane 19 QUARTER-FINALS 42 Q , . , .Kelly 3 Tilden 27 ........ Austin 19 46 ....... Schurz 6 SEIVILFINALS 41 .... Amundsen 8 Tilden 39 ........ Hirsch 14 29 . . .... CICIIIG I I 46 ...... Harrison 0 Tilden 28 ..Chicago Voc. 12 "Bringing home the bacon" has be- come a tradition with Tilden's wres- tling team. Mentor Robert Hicks' grap- plers annexed the city title for the sev- enteenth time in nineteen years and climaxed their tireless efforts by also capturing the state championship. In the state meet, co-captains Don Ples- tina and Ioe Patacsil earned individual honors, while Sam Costanza placed second in his weight class. Determined to achieve victory, the team marched through eight league meets without tasting defeat and ended the season by drubbing the over-confident Chica- Illinois State High School Wrestling Associa- tion Championship Plaque won by Tilden in 1946. go Vocational team 28-12 in the city finals. Many of the grapplers hold individ- ual awards in the city and Times A.A.U. meets. The new ruling regard- ing wrestling weights makes the bouts more closely matched since matmen can better meet the required weight classifications and thus are on more equal terms with their opponents. For grooming six boys for the state meet and placing five lads in the individual city meet, honor should be heaped upon Coach Hicks, the developer of fine athletes and sportsmen at Tilden. Flrst Row Robak Dowdell Delxch Gurgone Maracrch Coach Postl Second Row Kladrs Pacourek Iendryk Egan Skolak Gruzewskx Cur Zgcwlmfgaf D eped ef Thzrd Row Iernberg Broda Gach Brucevrch Carey Kreuzer Krup SENIORS SGW Maracxch Bedalow and Kladxs reboundrng after a shot from the backboarcls at the Amund sen champxonshnp game After havrng been defeated rn the f1ISl round of the annual pre season Stagg tournament, T1ldens semor cagers surprrsed the1r fans the ex perts and themselves by battl1ng the1r way to the Ch1cago Publlc Hlgh School champlonshlp True to T1lden tradmon the hoopers scaled all obstacles 1n thelr path and ln the f1nal game of the season defeated a powerful qumtet from Amundsen Hlgh to cllnch the charnplonshlp the frrst sen1or basketball champ1onsh1p captured by T1lden cagers 1n eleven years The results of the next two engagements of the T1lden f1ve were not so favorable In the f1ISt round of the famed Sweet Slxteen state tournament of champrons T1lden was el1m1nated by East Rockford H1gh . , . I . 1 r 1 1 Z?afsLefdaf The Techmen were agaln defeated by Mount Carmel Catho11c hrgh s h ol champrons 52 to 37 1n the annual Kelly Bowl cage classlc at the Ch1cago Stadlum I sp1te of setbacks 1945 46 was a good season Although the average he1ght of the qulntet was much lower than 1n prevlous years stellar playmg by co capta1ns DePeder and Maraclch centers Kladls and Bedalow forward Gur gone and guard Broda more than made up for the def1C1l 1n mches A repeat performance 1n 47 1S h1ghly probable Captam Edward MGIGC1Ch for ward Frank Broda guard Cap tam Ioseph DePede1 guard Iohn Bedalow center or for ward Mxchael Gurgone for ward Nxck Kladxs center 3 ' 1 . . F F : . o V , . I1 , ' . I , ' . 1 1 ' 1 . . . , . . : ' I I I - Q A , G il .f M. ,V X x 'X 4 ' gaalfelgaf Tllden Tllden Trlden Trlden T1lden Txlden Txlden the sph! rors use to Kladxs Maracxch Gurqone SENIOR SCOREBOARD PLAYOFFS LEAGUE GAMES Trlden South Shore 39 DuSc1ble Ph1ll1ps Harrxson Gage Park Kelly Dunbar 51 Farragut Tllden Calumet 30 Txlden Hlrsch 31 FINALS Tllden Arnundsen 51 ILLINOIS STATE TOURNAMENT T11den 53 East Rockford 74 CITY CHAMPIONSHIP T1lden 37 Mount Carmel 52 Coach Postl explams a style of play known wh ch the Sen so successfully Bedalow Broda DePeder and i - A ' GS I A 4. , 1 ' 43 .......... ' 49 ............. 35 ' 40 '-"'---'---- . 49 '.'.'l...s.." . . 42 ' 59 ..........,.... ' Tilden 44 ............ Lindbmm 40 ' 74 ............. - 30 ' 59 -----'-'--' ' 40 ........... 46 ' 67 ................ 37 ' ---..,. - ' 73 .............. 41 ' ............. 47 ' ...... .. The Iumor hoopers showed plenty of sp1r1t cmd dr1ve but lacked the f1 nesse wh1ch a truly champ1onsh1p out f1t must have They frmshed fourth 1n the Central Sectlon after dropplng three contests The meet1ng w1th Park er Hlgh rn the league playoffs proved to be an overwhelm1ng obstacle and they succumbed 56 to 39 Ind1v1dually the Iumors led by Cap ta1n Bud Ioyce gave a good account of themselves 1n the tough league com Skl centers Koch and Granato and forward Lyman unstlntmgly gave thelr a1d and support to the leadersh1p or Ioyce Slnce many of these lads are returnmg next season Coach Postl looks forward to a successful season THE IUNIORS Seated Plekarskx Lyman Koch Bradley Evans Ioyce Coach ad e a Kneelmq Dxgles Granato Macuga Wanda Corcoran Segel Standmg Carey Krupsaw Kreuzer McDermott Dzgles I U N I O R S petition. Guards Bradley and Piekar- Ql'll0I' l'6lC In Front Ray Ulrexch Ccptcrm Couch Harvey Seated Rodcxck Elhott Czerm ak Kcrchmskcs Kukulkcx Kneelmg Smuczynskl Qzlemp Lee Collms Hughes Alroth Standmg Bcrrtelsen Zdebskx Spechcx Russell Kober G1rd wcm Herbeck Ernstberger llI'll0I' I'6lC In front'--loseph Devero, Couch Harvey. Secriedf!-Xntonick, Gruendl, Bau- do, Pietro. Kneeling-Koludrovic, Conley, Klobucher. Pcxsky, Grendu. Standing'---Pcxrtyku, Folz, Stcjdo- hcxr, Nentz, Bruzek, Mertz, Wut- son. .9 .gzafzng Ball! In the foreground Kosowskx Kneelrng Herbeck Shber Chap man Stcrndmg GClS1OYOWSk1 Camp bell P1USSCk1 Pcxriykc Mlch ur Ice Skctmg Couch Mr Hartman Track Coach Mr Harvey Patrick Kosowski placed fourth in the 660 senior dash event held at the North Pond of Lincoln Park, ,gee .5261 fin? Both the senior and the junior ice skating teams took fifth place in the 24th Annual Ice Skating meet held Ianuary 19, 1946 at the North Pond of Lincoln Park. In the junior division, individual honors were taken by Edward Partyka who placed second in the 440. ln the senior division Mike Swistowicz placed second in the 440, while Patrick Kosowski took fourth place in the 680. More encouragement should be given to this fine outdoor sport which builds bodies, and develops balance, timing, and grace. j'6lCL iam Probably the most popular prep school spring sport is track. This fact is proven again and again at Tilden where each year the number coming out for the team increases. Yet, in spite of the larger turnout, the 1948 cinder burners have not equaled the records set by previous Tilden teams. However. in dual meets the Techmen turned in stellar performances against Phillips. Hyde Park, DuSable, and Austin. Captained by veteran hurdler Ray Ulreich, a finalist in the city wide 60 yard low hurdles, men like Gilbert Randall, high jumper and hurdler, and Bill Szlemp, half-miler, set a pace for their team- mates and their opponents. At this writing the outdoor track season has not yet begun. However, it is believed that on the outdoor track, Tilden will make a strong bid for championship honors. Breaking the tape at the finish line were Howard Bartelsen, Russell Spe- cha, and Richard Kukulka. Now in the third year of its revival at Tilden, cross-country makes a strong bid to become one of the big fall sports. In the 1945 season, Tech's harriers defeated DuSable 37-20, and Austin 46 to 155 then they went on to capture the number three spot in the annual Times A.A.U. meet. They later placed sixth in the city championship two mile cross country run. From the ranks of the cross- country team are selected many of the distance men for Tilden's varsity track team. For this reason wise athletes who seek berths on the track team as milers or half-milers join the harrier squad to acquire exper- ience and conditioning. rodd ounfry Coach Harve ives helpful Y Q hints about a future meet to members of his Cross Country Team. First Row Laport, Stajdohar. Thompson, Fernandez. Second Row- Barrick, Alroth. Skolak, Mertz. Third Row Klinowski, Kober. Tortorelli, Kross. William Tortorelli, Richard Czerniak, Donald Linden. and Raymond Kober limber up in the large gym to harden their muscles for a strenuous cross- country meet. LEAGUE SCHEDULE Tilden Tilden Tilden Tilden 1 .......... Kelly 5 ..... Gage Park 3 ..... Englewood 10 ...... Lindblom 8 Schedule Incomplete Qi xf fi' gif! As the Craftsman goes to press, the baseball team has played practice games against Morgan Park, Calumet, Harper, and Chica- go Vocational and league games against Kelly, Gage Park, Engle- wood, and Lindblom. By winning five out of six practice games, the Tech Diamondeers have shown considerable hitting and fielding strength and have established themselves as a power to be reck- oned with in the central section circuit. The Tilden nine led by co-captains Harry Stiles and Ioe Lubawy are a fighting team. They are aided by two exceptional hurlers, Mike Brticevich and lim Pe- cenka Coach Postl fresh from his basketball triumphs starts his first season as a coach of the Tilden nine Heres hoping he can do as much for the sluggers as he has done for the cagers in the past two seasons BASEBALL TEAM Kneeling Dolemba Russell Mathey Noble Horbacz Gabriel KGJBAGZ Mem Standing Coach Apkmg Birmingham Brticevich Durec Stiles Wysmierski Tryban Stiber Pecenka Wangrin Coach Postl or ww-3' Iohn Stanko models a gleam rng leather bag fllled wxth champxonshlp rrons and woods The Tllden golf team captarned by Iames Thomp ful season Qoon they wrll be practlclng at near by courses rn preparatron for matches wlth Llndblom South Shore Chrcago Vocatronal Calumet Austm and Sternrnetz Although only two lettermen remam from last year s team the 1946 golf team 1S evenly matched and looks forward to quret games on the greens and farrways of Chrcagoland courses QW Iames Thompson Captam Mr Hotchkm Sponsor GOLF TEAM Zubrzyckr Stone Zrlrs Leucht Captaxn Thompson Coach Hotchkxn son and trained by Mr. Hotchkin, foresees a success- INDIVIDUAL AWARDS WON IN CITY MEET HELD APRIL 28, 1946 IUNIOR DIVING First place won by Richard Mossman, Third place won by Raymond Mossman. IUNIOR SWIMMING Fourth place won by Sloger in 50 yard breast stroke. Fourth place won by Cuthbertson in 50 yard free style, Fifth place won by Statkus in 50 yard free style. MEDLEY RELAY Third place won by Statkus, Sloger, and Cuthbertson. wimming eam The Tech junior seals completed their third consecutive undefeated season, while their senior mates enjoyed a good season, losing only three meets. Both teams were well balanced units. Iouse captained the senior tankers, while Sloger led the mighty juniors. Both teams could boast exceptionally fine swimmers. Ted Wagonaar with his fast backstroke and the 160 yard free style relay of Muravvski, Iouse, Gollrad, and Kass that placed fourth in the city meet gave outstanding performances. Nav- ratil, junior diver, also ranked fourth in the city meet. Captain Sloger and Kneita excelled in the 40 yard breast stroke, while Statkus shone in the junior medley relay and the 100 yard free style. Coach Warga also had high praise for the twins, Ray and Richard Mossman, good diving prospects, and Cuthbertson, able backstroker. The "tired swimmers' carry" is demonstrated by four boys in a swimming class, This technique is invaluable in rescue work. SWIMMING TEAM First Row' Nyland, Whitney, Dapser, Deam, Kucera, Stehlik, Plunkett. Second How-DeLuca, Lombardo, Bonoma, Sloger, Mossman, Gierut. Casmere, LaBarre. Third Row-Mossman, Lopez, Cuthbertson, Darr, Troemel, Grisco, Allis- on, Smith. Fourth Row-Pecenka, Kaupas, Kisala, Herman, Hansen, Smoot, Navra- til, O'Brien. Fifth Row --Gasiorowski, Urban, Anzulas. Shimkus, Kass, Wallace, I-Iii. Sixth Row -Statkus, Gould, Kowalis, Hendricksen, Piasecki, Iangelis. Gollrad. Seventh Row--Zaramba, Wagonaar, Barbaukas, Iouse, Murawski. f rr"-uf-fr'-'W r ' -I '-1 .tow v.-vis 5 l I 'UW I1 tl"ClI'Ylll,l'6l 'N I WI I iz: o v 0' x 307' 8 1 Ze, L Frank Mattcrlmo of Mrs Cardmcl dlvxsron won cr blue rrbbon rn the cent mtrcxmurcll cartoon derby for hrs cartoon of Mr Lczkemocher FRESHMEN BASKETBALL FREE THROW CHAMPS Kneelmg George Leverence Wllhcxm Murphy Icmes Muhng Stcmdmq Ierome Orloff Mr O Iohn son Iohn Schmrdt IUNIOR BASKETBALL FREE THROW CHAMPS Kneelmg Iohn Chamberlcrn Elmer Cuppel Al Anderson Stcrndmg Putrxck Albergo Mrss Ca prez Ernest Amsden SENIOR BASKETBALL FREE THROW CHAMPS Wrllrcm Byrnes Cormre Lxcx Edward Iunxgo Leonard Klonowskr Mr Werner il f Q , .W N 5 fy . , , . Ifof , , a r 4 f ', , w, ll' if ff., ,J .::.g3,f Q, if 3. -n 7555. , f ' 95 lg: ': 1 fa- 'T "'l':Q., N .,4..-3 , X ., .vb . 14-' if-S i::?' ? ' , . .,h -:-ww-2 aw ss 1 I ' T 'n1V55'I"- --Sr it ' .-,. . 'lm e--. -::'s.'v 5, we-:::. Pun. ' ' k2+::f:.:?SSf mr:-. 2:s': '-mkvfl-Ze-1 -11-'. nr... .. A .,f.,.,. -4. . ' ": gel. . ,-'ff M". . - A 3, , . . ' . ,S ' ' ' ' ' re- INDIVIDUAL WINNERS First Row Yazumbek, Byrnes findividual win- ners of basketball free throw intramural con- test.D Second Row- Partyka, Klobuchar, Kokaisl findi- vidual junior track intramural stars.l Third Row ADapser, Morris, Herbeck Cindividual senior track intramural stars? FRESHMEN TUG-OF-WAR CHAMPS First Flow Bruno Kazuhayskas, Charles Zemke, Ioe Benes. Second Row Ed Mathews, Richard Grousnick. SOPI-IOMORE TUG-OF-WAR CHAMPS First Row-Ray Hjort, Anthony Stefanich, Miss Iohnson, Robert Malabarba. Second Row--Robert Ramoshka, Iames Cheatle. CE! 21? li- SEATING X YA k BEL L f Gene Warren Nash oi Miss Costello's divi- sion won a gold ribbon in the recent intra- mural cartoon derby ior his cartoon of a typical Techman "beating the bell." .90 tI'Cll'l'LlfLl'6l 6 X l'ltI'Cll'l'lll,I'a, 5 DIVISION INTRAMURAL WINNERS TUG OF WAR Semor Iunlor Sophomore Freshman BASKETBALL Senxor Iumor Sophomore Freshman Mr Trmme Mr Mohler Mrss Iohnsorr Mr Moore FREE THROW Mr Werner Mrss Caprez Mrs Lutz Mr O Iohnson INDIVIDUAL HIGH SCORERS OF BASKETBALL FREE THROW CONTEST Byrnes Mr Wemers d1v1s1on Fracassn Mr Walter s drvrsxon Thompson Mr Rummel s d1v1s1on INDIVIDUAL WINNERS IN TRACK Klobucher Partyka Kokazsl Herbeck Dapser Mr Kunkas d1v1s1on Mr Kunkas d1v1s1on Mr Post s d1v1s1on Mr Humrston s drvxsron Mr Lmners d1v1s1on Morrrs Mr Goodnchs d1v1s1on .4-P IUNIOR AND SENIOR TUG OF WAR CHAMPS Senrors Ernstberger Shukstra Cle srelskr Sumo Beck Mr Txmme Iumors Mr Mohler Vucrmc Fran crs Evans Kachrnskas Intramural sports were lntroduced to Tllden several years ago by Mr Frank Hartman thelr present sponsor Greater part1c1pa t1on rn athletrcs by a larger percentage of the student body was the prrmary reason for thelr 1ncorporat1on mio the athletrc program Inter d1v1s1on cornpetmons ln basketball softball and tug of war are exceedmgly popular and consrstently recerve the support of all the d1v1s1on rooms Track and swlmrnlng run on an 1nd1v1dua1 rather than an 1nter d1v1s1on bGS1S also lnterest many Techmen Recently rntramurals have come to encompass more than Just ath let1c competltrons Thls season contests were held 1n cartoonlng and rn barber shop quartet srngrng Other types of mtramural con tests are belng planned and are even now 1n the bluepr1nt stage Intramural sports have done much for Tllden as a school and for T1lden1tes as 1nd1v1duals 4 CARTOON DERBY WINNERS SOPHOMORES SENIORS Buknas Mlss McCarthy Chit Mr Steuber Chamerhk Mrss Srssman Oak Mrss Gaylord Aqurre Mrss Bond Mxtchell Mxss Byrne Wultf Mr Buchanan IUNI ORS FRESHMEN Smuskrewlcz Mrs Blake Travagarskas Mlss Bohman Mr Goranson Prkowxtz Mr Murray Mrss Hubler Yazumbek Mrs Fxtzqerald Mxss Woessner Kukusrc Mrs Marston Khngbell De Gregorro Hemzacek Ygzumbek ,,,Mrs. Fitzgemldg division Mattaliano ............. Mrs. Cardinal Nash ................... Miss Costello fgrouclfy Medenfing flze .gznior .giignnufx """!7f Cfaaa of 1946 el'lL0l' add CLASS OFFICERS Edward Marac1ch Presldent Ioseph Lubawy V1ce Presxdent Edward Noble Secretary Harry St1les Treasurer A sen1or' To the three hundred nlnety s1x graduates of the Iune 46 class that word has speclal srgnlhcance To us 1t means that we have successfully completed our prelxmmary tra1n1ng and we now stand on the threshold of manhood Let us recall our tr1als and tr1bulat1ons when we were 1ns1gn1i1cant freshxes How awed we were when a SENIOR passed us 1n the hall' It hardly seemed posslble then that someday we too would wear a flashy sen1or sweater and a glrtterrng class rmg Yet here we are today on the eve of our graduat1on mature prohcxent and experxenced upper classmen soon to be graduated from one of the greatest techn1cal hrgh schools 1n the country Always to be remembered and cher1shed are the events of our sen1or year the sen1or class electxons the class meetlngs 1n the assembly hall the Army and Navy assembhes the select1on and purchase of the class r1ngs and sweaters the seemmgly endless WG1l for the1r arr1val the memor1es of Prom mght w1th 1ts br1ght lrghts soft mus1c formals and tuxes the class breakfast the mghts spent burn1ng the mrdnlght o1l 1n preparatlon for the f1nal exams the arduous days of practrcmg for graduatlon the tense Wdlllng as the names are called and then the grand chmax when we recerve our dxplomas Yes the sen1or class w1ll leave beh1nd many memor1es The Sp1r1t of T11den w1ll be wrth them wher ever they may go Good luck boys on the road to success and the pathway to happmess 1 . . . . . . . . . . . . ,1 . 1, 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 11 .11 . - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 . ,, . . . 1, . . ' 1 RING AND SWEATER COMMITTEE Edward Wysmxerskx Herbert Wage Sylves ter Wojczk Donald Bradley Mr Gamerts rexch CHAPTER HEADS Seated Bradley Hahnskx Rey sek Ernstberger Mexner Mr Gamerts felder. Standing--Lee Rawlings Hardison, Krakowiak. Cheatham, Kass, Var- lotta. ELECTION COMMISSIONERS Seated f Yamauchi Schaefer Varlotta Rau- en Ernstberger Rasch- ke, Mr. Gamertsfelder. Standing--Halinski, Vruno, Corcoran, Pieczarcr, Hut- ton, Larson. C O M M I T T E E S feIlder,' Hmjrnond UI: F I Jo ACA ROBERT IOH IRMINGHAM Concert Band Baseball Team Intramu Baseball Pan Amerrcan Club Cxvrc Letter Semor Track Team MICHAEL HENRY BOGAL Smgmg Cadet R1fle Team Servrce Club Hall Guard STEVEN ROGER BOINSKI Hall Guard Intramural Baseball I tramural Basketball IAMES HAWES BOLTON Hall Guard HERBERT FRED BONAS Servxce Club, Hall Guard, Lxbrary Guard GLEN ERIC BOQUIST Wrestllng Team Clxppmgs Bureau, Soc cer Team, Choral Club Hall Guard DONALD IOHN BRADLEY Iumor Basketball Team, Fung and Sweater Commrttee, AChl9V9m6DI Dmner IAMES RICHARD BRAIE IAMES IOSEPH BRICK PHILIP HENRY ALCORN Safety Engmeer Plcked Platoon EDWARD MARIN ALFICH Honor Club Hall Guard Intramural Basketball THOMAS MICHAEL ALIOTO Hall Guard Intramural Basketball Intramural Baseball FREDERICK DONALD ALROTH Semor Track Team German Club Hall Guard IOSEPH ANTHONY ARMATO Intramural Basketball HERBERT ARMSTRONG Pxcked Platoon Rxile Team Color Guard MP Usher Fxre Guard EDWARD STANLEY BAKOWSKI Band Hall Guard IOHN ANDREW BANASIAK Hall Guard Semor Swlmmlhg Team VINCENT FRANCIS BEBAK Semor Track Team PRESCOTT ALOYSIUS BERRY Wrestlmg Team Hall Guard B ology Club Intramural Basketball Intramural Baseball HENRY IOSEPH BIESIADA Band GEORGE EMIL BIOCIC Wrestlxng Team Hall Guard Student Councxl I t f . , ., I I 1 f . J -gr A 0.1 , I - ' I ' D W I I 7 1 1 W I I , . 'W . I . I . . -, . - V - ' . . . r 'Y ' - e ' , , i- -M - I 1 I. '. . , I , 'T S, , , C 'f Q r ' I I rv I ' I 1 I . I - Y! I I 1 A I . , . --is . , n- DONALD RAYMOND BRITTON Presrdent of Srgn Pamters Wres tlxng Team Achxevement Dmner Craftsman Stall Teachers Alde KENNETH GENE BROWN Chorus Golf Team Hall Guard Of fxce Arde Servrce Club Honor Club JOHN FRANCIS BROWNE Lettermen s Club Soccer Team Crafts man Staff Senror Track Team EARL CLIFFORD BRUBACH MP Usher Fxre Guard Hall Guard Rrfle Company Non Coms Club RONALD HERBERT BRUMLIK Achrevement Drnner Choral Club Crvrc Letter Golf Team Honor Club Natxonal Honor Socr e LAWRENCE THOMAS BRYANT Pxcked Platoon MP Usher QA dv '-16' f ,gtk LEONARD FRANCIS BUDZYNSKI Usher Frre Guard Safety En gmeer Hall Guard ALEX IOHN BUIVIDAS Txlden Tlmes Busrness Manager Honor Club Lettermens Club Football Manager Achrevement Dm ner DANIEL I BUIAS Senror Swxmmrng Tefm Athletrc Letter Hall Guard Intramural Swrmmmg I EDMUND FRANK BUTZ WILLIAM HARRY BYRNES Wrestlmg Team Trmes Staff FREDERIC PAUL CHAMBFRLAIN THOMAS IACK CHEATHAM Craftsman Staff Student Councll Intramural Track Chapter Head Adyustment Guard LOUIS CHRIST CHRISTOFILOS BERNARD ANTHONY CIESIELSKI Clrppmgs Bureau Hull Guard Ad1ustment Guard ROY WILLIAM CORCORAN Football Team Soph Football Sec retary of Honor Club Natronal Honor Socrety Intramural Sports JOHN FRANK CORVINO LAURENCE COSENTINO Intramural Sports ROBERT IOSEPH COSTELLO IOSEPH LACUIR CRUSHSHON Rrfle Company EDWARD DAHLIN Wrestlrng Team Soph Football Craftsman Staff Intramural Sports 5-.1 X' 'hi is i Q4 v 2 'fvlf -i JL, Jyjgl 0 a RAYMOND MARTIN DALEY IOHN CHARLES DELTOVA Wrestlxng Team Pan Amencan Club Attendance Guard Hall Guard Clrppmgs Bureau IOSEPH FRANCIS DePEDER CoCapta1n Semor Basketball Team Intramural Sports RAYMOND SANTO D1PIETRO Craftsman Prxnter Trmes Staff Intramural Basketball Hall Guard Student Councrl Blology Club IOHN FRANCIS DOBREZ Natronal Honor Soctety Achrevement Dmner Honor Club Adlustment Guard Pan Amerrcan Club Student Councxl IOHN IAMFS DOHNAL Soph Football Intramural Basketball Intramural Baseball LEOPOLD A DOMBROWSKI National Honor Socrety Honor Club Regxmental Statt Achxevement Dmner WARREN BERNARD DOWDELL Semor Basketball Team Semor Track Team Hall Guard Attendance Guard Intramural Baseball Intramural Tug-of War WILBUR CURTIS DOWDELL Intramural Basketball Intramural T -of War Hall Guard A HUBERT ANTHONY DIIIIRAVIC Hall Guard Lunchroom Guard Pool Guard Intramural Sports ROBERT L DURHAM Craftsman Staif Honor Club Adyustment Guard Pool Guard Band Intramural Volleyball WALTER LESLIE DWYER Wrestlmg Team Football Team Pres rdent of Pan Amencan Club Achrevement Dmner Lettermen s Club NORMAN RICHARD DZIEDZIC Orchestra Choral Club Hall Guard ROBERT JAMES ECKERT Fxfth War Loan Ace Travel Club GORDON ELLSWORTH EGGERS Trlden Trmes Busmess Mana ger Football Manager Lettermens Club Band Achtevement Dmner Soccer Team ROBERT HOWARD ELLIOTT Semor Track Team Craftsman Stat! Honor Club Ttmes Staff Achrevement Dmner CIVIC Letter MAXWELL IAY EPSTEIN Intramural Sports Sxgn Pamter Serv rce Club Bxology Club ROBERT IOSEPH EPSTEIN Natronal Honor Socrety Honor Club Student Councrl Pan Amerxcan Club Achrevement Dmner Golf Team RUDOLPH HERBERT ERBLING Wrestlmg Team Tlmes Staff Craftsman Staff Bookroom Guard German Club ERNIE ERICK ERICKSON Attendance Guard Adjustment Guard ALFRED FRANK ERNSTBERGER Football Team Senror Track Team Executxve Councrl Chapter Head Electron Commrssxon er Honor Club 1 it' ROMAN IAMES GASIOROWSKI Senror Swrmmmg Team Ice Skatrng Team Lettermens Club Soccer Team Achrevement Drnner FRANK DAVEINE GAUSHAS Presldent ot Student Councrl tronal Honor Socrety Honor Club Offrce Alde Prcked Pla toon Best Cmzen of Iune 46 Class GEORGE DOUGLAS GEMMELL Hall Guard Intramural Tug of War MICHAEL GEORG OPULOS Band IOHN ALBERT GIERUT Natronal Honor Society Honor Club Usher Frre Guard Prcked Platoon ROY GEORGE GIGNAC Usher French Club Smqmg Cadet I H Minky, L CHARLES HERMAN Arde EDMUND Guard GEORGE GOEDTKE Intramural Basketball HENRY GOETZKE Chorus Intramural Sports Offrce Hall Guard ROBERT GORNY Student Councrl Usher MP Hall IOHN EDWARD ERNSTBERGER Football Team Honor Club Natronal Honor Socrety Student Councrl Semor Track Team GEORGE LEO EVANS Soph Football Hall Guard DONALD JOSEPH FEELEY rmbA.naJ CHARL FIGLEWICZ Adlusrmem Guard Intramural Basketball, I ramural Baseball FREIIIRICK HENRY FISCHER Craftsman Prmter Hall Guard 0111195 Sttztt rbrary Guard IAIVES VINCENT FITZPATRICK Presldent of Honor Club Na tlonal Horlor Socrety Trmes Staff Wrestllng Team Servlce lClub Lunchroom Guard IAMES EDWARD FOLLKIE Student Councrl Hall Guard Pan Amencan Club Intramural Basketball IAMES PATRICK FRANKENBACH CHARLES GACH Senror Basketball Team Hall Guard xff 4 ,q,1.,4 M40-f..fL4,J IAMES FRANCIS GALLAGHER Attendance Guard Llbr y Guard Band WILLIAM GANNON ADOLPH GARCIA Student Council Ex nra mural Volleyball I bal LJ!!! X 5.16 M f l X XY 't V I I 1 i, ' ' ' . -Q ,T . Ir. j ' I .7 , , ' . ' ' . f yr A 1 , Y N- , , V . , , . 1 Uk' -4 A. x ' f t 3 QL 5 I - .6 -W 1 , . 7 -f' f V ft ' - " Q '. e ci I t - . I 'l-,b in I If I I -f ' - ' , Na- , I f I ' ' . 7 . li 1 . L' .-. ,- H VI ' A ,.y.,A., '--lla- Y ft f J . ' I ur LEONARD FRANK GORSKI Intramural Tug of War Hall Guard THOMAS STEPHEN GRADY CHESTER THOMAS GRODEK Slgn Paxnter Lunchroom Guard Chorus IOHN WALTER GRUTZA RICHARD FRANCIS GUMINSKI Honor Club Hall Guard Gym Guard Intramural Sports ROBERT IOSEPH GUZDZIOL Frre Guard MP Usher Prcked Platoon Hall Guard Orchestra ROBERT WILLIAM HAACK V1cePres1dent of Student Councrl Honor Club Natxonal Honor Socrety Oflrce Aide Achleve ment Dxnner Valedlctorran ol Class ol Iune 46 RICHARD THOMAS HALINSKI Soph Football Student Councrl Electron Commxssxoner Intramural Basketball Hall Gu ard IOHN FRANCIS HALPER Chppmgs Bureau THOMAS JOHN HAMERNIK Honor Club Otflce Arde Intramural Tug-of War DONALD PAUL HEIDENREICH ROBERT A HEIDENREICH Choral Club Student Councrl 'N W QM xv' Cys!! NXAQAA LESLIE C HARDISON Honor Club Olhce WALTER JOHN HART LAWRENCE BERNARD Natxonal Honor Socrety Student Councrl Arde Concert Band Lunchroom Guard Hall Guard German Club HARVEY Hall Guard THOMAS ANTHONY HESEK Natronal Honor Society Student Councrl Trmes Staff Rrlle Team Office Alde Achrevement Drnner GERALD PATRICK HUGHES Student Councrl Hall Guard Intramural Tug-of War PETER FINALY HUGHES Cross Country Track Team Band Hall Guard Athletlc Letter Intramural Basketball ROBERT CALHOUN HUNDLEY RUFUS ARNETT HUNT VALD IAMES HUTTON Intramural Sports C 7 . 5 X. E - . 0 .J . ' ' -1 T, 3 ' fl -I l: 4 4, t , I, 4,1 ' it A X' X EJ ' XX , V C y 5 tx Y . ' ix. I ' G' "' t I LZ? 1- I BENIAMIN L IRVAN Soph Football Wrestling Team Student Council IRVING L IACOBS RICHARD ADAM IAKAITIS Hall Guard Student Councrl Honor Club EDWARD FRANK IANIGA Intramural Sports Lunchroom Guard FRANK IOSEPH IASKOWIAK Crvrc Letter Usher Fire Guard M P CHESTER IOSEPH IENDRYK Senior Basketball Team Office Aide Hall Guard Honor Club Choral Club DONALD CHARLES IERNBERG Senior Basketball Team EDWARD HOWARD IOHNSON Band ELWYN LEROY IONAS Band Hall Guard f'Q gif L bVL'UJL3 RICHARD ADOLPHUS IONES National Honor Society Library Guard Operators Club Drum and Bugle Corps ROBERT CHARLES IORDAN Office Aide Honor Club CURTIS IOUSE Senior Swimming Team Intramural Sports Honor Club Lettermens Club ALEXANDER GEORGE IURCAZAK Honor Club VINCENT MICHAEL KADICH Operators Club Biology Club Hall Guard EDWARD ANTHONY KALISZ Bookroom Guard Intramural Sports RUDOLPH GEORGE KASNIK. EMIL LEOPOLD KASS-Senior Swimming Team Times Staff Chapter Head Honor Club Student Council Intramural Basketball. EDWARD KAUPASeeSenior Swimming Team Intramural Swim- ming Intramural Tug-ot-War. EDWARD LeROY KAZLAUSKAS--Clippings Bureau Hall Guard Intramural Sports. CHARLES JOHN KAZMARSKI-Cross Country Track Team Choral Club Student Council Hall Guard. CHARLES EDWARD KELLY--Bookroom Guard. DONALD ROBERT KELLY Intramural Basketball Intramural Tug oi War MELVINI KEMP Wrestlmg Team Achxevement Dmner Ofhce Arde Athletrc Letter MICHAEL IOHN KERNER Intramural Basketball Hall Guard Basketball Team Cheer Squad EDWARD KESTLEY Honor Club IOHN CHARLES KETCHIK Semor Swrmmmg Team Hall Guard Cross Country Track Team Band LEONERD STEPHEN KLONOWSKI Cross Country Track Team Student Councrl Honor Club Intramural Baseball Intramural Basketball LAWRENCE FRANCIS KNABLE Blology Club Hall Guard CARL IOSEPH KONRATH Hall Guard JOSEPH FRANK KOSSMAN Hall Guard Honor Club ALFRED MICHAEL KOWALSKI CHESTER BRUNO KOZUB Intramural Basketball Hall Guard Brology Club Llbrary Guard Checker Team Choral Club EDWARD THOMAS KRAKOWIAK Natronal Honor Socxety Soccer Team Times Staff Achrevement Dmner Student COUIZCII Intramural Basketball IAMES ALBERT KRAUS Concert Band GEORGE IAMES KREICI Hall Guard RAYMOND M KREICI Hall Guard Intramural Sports ARTHUR IULIUS KRUCHELL-Soph. Football Hall Guard Intra- mural Basketball Intramural Tug-ot-War. IOHN LEO KRUPA-Band German Club Hall Guard Camera Club Chorus Intramural Basketball. THADDEUS JOHN KRZUS-Football Team Senior Track Team Honor Club Hall Guard Intramural Basketball Intramural Tug-of-War. LEONARD KUBAS-Hall Guard. CHARLES MARTIN KUBIN-Intramural Volleyball Hall Guard. WILLIAM THEODORE KUCHAN--Library Guard Bowling Team. G- 1 5 rt- wgau ffm 5- Nix x 1 G. 4 11 3 I' LEONARD IAMES KUCHARZYK Hall Guard Usher MP Rrfle Team EDWARD IAMES KUGLIN Hall Guard Intramural Basketball STANLEY IOHN KULPA,J.1brary Guard Hall Guard X FRANK IOHN KURUCZ EDWARD FRANK KUSMIDER DONALD CHARLES LARSON Honor Club Semor Swrmmrng Team Wrestlmg Team Student Councrl Lrbrary Guard Brology Club EDWARD P LASIOWSKI Soccer Team Chorus Honor Club Brology Club Servxce Club Intramural Basketball RONALD EUGENE LAWSON Honor Club Student Councxl Hall Guard Rxile Company Department ot Safety DELMUS IAMES LECHfF1re Gjaard MP Rrlle Company Usher X ROBERT LEE LEMKE Hall Guard Student Councll Clxppmgs Bureau ANTHONY JOSEPH LENART Company Smgmg Cadet EUGENE E LEUCHT Honor Club Cheer Squad Golf Team Presrdent of Natronal Honor Socrety Lettermens Club Ger man Club CARMEN IOSEPH LIA Craftsman Staff Oihce Arde Adjustment Guard Intramural Basketball Crvrc Letter Intramural Tug of War STEPHEN GUENTHER LOEBfHonor Club Ad1ustment Guard Servxce Club ROBERT LEON LOGELIN Oflrce Alde Honor Club Natlonal Honor Socrety Hall Guard HUBERT SAMUEL LOUGH Honor Club Picked Platoon Smgmg Cadet MP Usher Fzre Guard JOSEPH IEROME LUBAWY Baseball Team Achlevement Dmner f V, LJ ,ard MICHAEL IOSEPH MACAK DAVID P MACARUS Honor Club Intramural Basketball Intra mural Swrmmmg ANDREW IOHN MACHTEMES Semor Track Team Lxbrary Marshal Achrevement Drnner Intramural Basketball Intramural Track . IH , l 'V F4 K A m s I 'f it ' ' ' - I ,I 5 1 W . I ,7 ROBERT WILLIAM LERNER-Craftsman Stall, Times Staff. Rifle 1 A V 4 1 J x ..f , 4.6416 IAMES IOSEPH MATHEY Baseball Team Lrbrary Guard Intra mural Sports Brology Club Crvrc Letter ROBERT MICHAEL MATTES Hall Guard Intramural Volleyball AMOS ARTHUR CCORMICK IAMES LENDEL CDANIEL Trmes Staff Natlonal Honor Socrety Hall Guard Student Councrl Choral Club JOHN THOMAS MCGUIRE Football Team Intramural Basketball MONTE C MEINER Hall Guard WALTER LAWRENCE MERCHANTZ Honor Club NORMAN GENE MERZ Football Team Hall Guard Achreve ment Dmner Lettermens Club DONALD AUGUST MEYER Hall Guard Clrppmgs Bureau lntq mural Basketball Intramural Tug of War IOHN ANDREW MICUS Honor Club Hall Guard RICHARD NORMAN MIKEI. Hall Guard A I BERNARD DENNIS MANGAN EDWARD DONALD MARACICH Presrdent of the Semor Class Co Captam of Semor Basketball Team Honor Club Intra mural Sports Hall Guard FRANCIS MICHAEL MARASSA BERNARD MARINO Intramural Basketball Intramural Swrmmmg GASTON M MARQUETTE Captam oi Cheer Squad Honor Club Adjustment Guard Student Councrl Lettermens Club Achrevement Dmner DANIEL I MARQUEZ Iumor Basketball Team FRANK EDWARD MARTENSEN Band Camera Club Hall Guard Band Councrl FRANK EDWARD MARTINOVICH Intramural Basketball Intra mural Tug of War Hall Guard THOMAS MATAS Hall Guard Student ounc1l" Honor Club I 1 l . , ' ' nv x ' - rt - Q I IJ K J Ll! - FRANK THOMAS MATTALIANO 'Sign Painter, Choral Club, -' Jw' N I R xp -' Q Y, - I- ' ' l Y' 'w 7 I I 'v L l by I It 1-' 15 ' me ul - ' .tx PETER MILANESI Intramural Track Hall Guard Student Councrl FRANK WILLIAM MITCHELL Craftsman Staff Srngmg Cadet Mural Project FLORIAN IOSEPH MIZONES Natronal Honor Socrety Honor Club Craftsman Staff Achrevement Dmner German Club Ofhce Arde IACK LEWIS MORIARITY Pan Amerrcan Club Honor Club Achrevement Dmner Hall Guard Bookroom Guard EUGENE FRANCIS MORKES Bookroom Guard Hall Guard Intramural Baseball ALOYSIUS MARION MOSKALSKI STEVE MICHAEL MUCHA Intramural Basketball Intramural Baseball Hall Guard CHARLES T MURPHY Cheer Squad Lettermens Club Honor Club Natronal Honor Socrety Adlustment Guard IOSPH IEROME NALEPKA Hall Guard Intramural Basketball Councrl CHARLES MICHAEL NEUGEBAUER Honor Club Senror Swun mmg Team Natxonal Honor Soclety Hall Guard Achreve ment Dmner Bookroom Guard WALTER WILLIAM NIEMIEC CLIFFORD RALPH NIEP Honor Club Band Intramural Sports Servrce Club Hall Guard Bookroom Guard STUART SARKIS NIGOHOSIAN Hall Guard Prcked Platoon Rrfle Company Usher Frre Guard MP EDWARD IOSEPH NOBLE Football Team Semor Track Team Student Councrl Lettermens Club Achrevement Dmner Intramural Sports ROBERT ALFRED NORDSTROM Clxppmgs Bureau Hall Guard Intramural Basketball RICHARD JOHN NORKEWICZ SWAN ERIC OAK Cross ountry Track Team Craftsman Staff www? ROBERT STEPHEN OLIVER Soph Football Hall Guard Intra mural Basketball Oihce Arde Student Councrl RONALD B OLSON IOHN IOSEPH OROLIN Football Team Intramural Basketball Hall Guard 1 L . 1 W 9 - - , - -are 1 I . . - . ' i . ee , . , .1 1 if RAYMOND CARL NELSON--Band. Intramurar Student fu f N 'lt CHARLES ALBERT PAPE Orchestra, Intramural Sports. CARMEN HAROLD PACELLA Football Team. Senior Track Team. THADDEUS VINCENT PAREIKO Hall Guard, Chorus, Intramural Basketball. JOSEPH PATACSIL Wrestlmg Team Ttmes Staff Honor Club Lettermens Club Craftsman Staff Intramural Sports GEORGE WILLIAM PATTERSON Frre Guard Ctvrc Letter Pan Amerrcan Club Operators Club NORMAN ERVIN PAULENSKE Craftsman Staff Trmes Staff Student Counctl Intramural Tug ol War CLEMENCE JOSEPH PAVILONIS Senror Basketball Team Olhce Axde Hall Guard Intramural Sports IOSEPH PAUL PAVLIK CHARLES EDWARD PETERS Craftsman Staff Choral Club Intramural Sports Musrc Letter CARL PETERSEN Honor Club WESLEY JOHN PETERSON Honor Club Chorus Intramural Basketball Bookroom Guard Hall Guard Achrevement Dmner EDWARD ANDREW PETKO Trmes Staff Honor Club Natronal Honor Society ALFONSE CARL PETRULIS ALBERT BEN PHILLIPS Senlor Swtmmmg Team JOSEPH EDWARD PIECZARA Manager of Football Team Semor Track Team Lrbrary Guard Achtevement Dmner Electron Commrssroner Cross Country Track Team STEPHEN M PINTOY Btology Club Intramural Sports DONALD R PLESTINA Wrestlmg Team Lettermens Club Choral Club Achlevement Dmner BRUNO ALBERT POTEMPA Hall Guard BERNARD JOSEPH QUILTY ROBERT MARTIN RASCHKE Honor Club Achrevement Dmner Lrbrary Guard Servtce Club Clxpprngs Bureau Ctvtc Letter GEORGE WILLIAM RAUEN Natronal Honor Soctety Honor Club Orchestra German Club tl LAWRENCE IAMES RAWLINGS MATTHEW RUDOLPH RAYKO Hall Guard Lunchroom Guard ALBERT MARCEL RAYMOND Student Councxl Rlfle Company MP Usher French Club LEONARD ANTHONY REDECKE Secretary of Bxology Club Trmes Stall Honor Club Camera Club OTTO CHARLES REHAK Football Team Wrestling Team Natronal Honor Socrety Lettermens Club Honor Club Student Councxl IOSEPH IAMES REISEK Picked Platoon Commander of Frre Guards Commander ol Color Guard Usher Smglng Cadet Horor Club wwf WWW GEORGE IOHN RIBIKAWSKIS Football Team Semor Track Team AchxevementD1nner Student Councrl Soph Football FRANK BERNARD RIZZO Intramural Baseball IOHN EDWARD ROONEY Achxevement Dmner Choral Club GMM M f ,ff -fy! I! CLIFFORD CHARLES ROSEN Honor Club Student Councrl Exec utlve Councrl Trmes Stall Adjustment Guard Crvrc Letter FRANKLIN ARTHUR ROSS Tlmes Staff Wrestlrng Team ARTHUR LOUIS ROZEMA Natronal Honor Socrety Honor Cub Achrevement Dmner Lrbrary Guard ANTHONY CHARLES RUSSELL Soccer Team Semor Track Team Tlmes Staff Ice Skatrng Team Hall Guard CHARLES WILLIAM SALISBURY Student Councrl Club Hall Guard Intramural Basketball IOHN SANCHEZ Student Councll Hall Guard Operator s ALFRED B SAWICKI Orchestra Servxce Club Intramural Sports Lrbrary Guard Golf Team DONALD LEONARD SCHACHNER Honor Club Olfrce Arde Hall Guard Intramural Basketball IOSEPH ALBERT SCHAEFER Natronal Honor Socrety Presrdent of German Club Olhce Arde Student Councxl Honor Club Achrevement Dmner EDWIN SCHMIDT Intramural Basketball RICHARD GEORGE SCHMIDT Golf Team Hall Guad Intra mural Basketball WILLIAM HERMAN SCHOLL Honor Club Hall Guard LILY. --4 ,,, ,x f ' F: ' 'I r 1 r V f . . .J Biology Club. Attendance Guard, Music Letter, Civic Letter. I' S' S H .L b I i . GEORGE ANTHONY SILOVICH Hall Guard Olfrce Arde HOWARD R SIMBLE MP Usher Frre Guard Cllpprngs Bureau Natronal Honor Socxety HARRY GLENN SIMMERMAN Prcked Platoon MP Bookroom Guard Hall Guard Fxre Guard GEORGE PAUL SIMO Lxbrary Guard Intramural Basketball RICHARD SKINNER Usher Frre Guard Adjustment Guard Olhce Alde IOSEPI-I IOHN SKYCAK Hall Guard OIIICE Arde Intramural Basketball Intramural Baseball Honor Club .Jeff-rli1,a7 EDWARD IOSEPH SOBCZAK EUGENE EDWARD SOKOLOWSKI Honor Club Ha Guard Lrbrary Guard JOHN STANKO Choral Club Cheer Squad Lettermens Club Golf Team Athletxc Letter WILLIAM DAVID STASIEWICZ Wrestlxng Team Achrevement Dmner Intramural Basketball Intramural Baseball LOUIS THEODORE STEWART Prcked Platoon MP Usher Frre Guard Intramural Basketball Lunchroom Supervrsor IAMES RORICHA STIBER Football Team Semor Track Team Ice Skatmg Team Baseball Team Achlevement Dmner Lettermens Club DONALD LEROY SEADALE Rrlle Company Hall Guard Frre Guard Usher MP WILLIAM ALGER SEARS Rlile Team Prcked Platoon Otlrce Alde MP Achrevement Dmner Executlve Councxl WILLIAM F SEGERSELL Honor Club Intramural Track REUBEN LOUIS SELTZER Honor Club Hall Guard Adjustment Guard FIYG Guard Usher FRANK IOHN SENESE Soph Football Semor Track Team DONALD THEODORE SHARKO Natronal Honor SOCIEIY Trmes Stall Honor Club Achrevement Dmner Student Councxl Ofhc Ade JJ, ,, JJ' ff FRANK IACKSON SHEPHERD Senxor Swxmmmg Team Intgd T mural Basketball Hall Guard ROBERT LEO SHUKSTA GEORGE ANTON SILHA X 'iw Ik , J ,,Jj.9,JJ,z ,.," A 5 , I, , . ' It t . '7 I . N K t' J E I JN ,.f.. I t ' I - I 7 J' jf! r rl 1 ' , .."',f ', sr ' . .lf 'I N-I ,f'Jy I I! R " . f W e Q - -. ti ,f Q S ,I I I x ROBERT RAYMOND STIEGART Prcked Platoon Color Guard Usher Frre Guard Safety Engmeer Hall Guard HARRY SYLVESTER STILES-Baseball Team Captarn of Soccer Team Treasurer of Senlor Class Trmes Staff Intramural Basketball RICHARD CHARLES STOLTE Honor Club Hall Guard NORBERT THOMAS SUCHINSKI Baseball Team Intramural Sports GEORGE CHARLES SUPPES-Usher Frre Guard Lrbrary Guard Football Team Band ROBERT SUVADA Soph Football Hall Guard Student Council Intramural Basketball WILLIAM ALBERT SVEC Hall Guard CHARLES LAWRENCE SWANSON Prcked Platoon Rrfle Com pany Hall Guard EDWARD STEVEN TANKA Honor Club DOMINIC IOSEPH TANTILLO Orchestra Broloqy Club Servrce Club Hobby Show IOSEPH DUANE TAYLOR ANTHONY RALPH TELLANO Prcked Platoon Frre Guard Hall fp JACK " UMC! JAMES FRANCIS THOMPSON Golf Team Soccer Team Hall Guard Intramural Basketball Olfrce Arde PHILIP YEW TOM Honor Club Hall Guard Usher Rrile Com PUUY SAMUEL IOSEPH TRIOLA Wresthng Team JOHN RUDOLPH UHER Intramural Sports RAYMOND RICHARD ULREICH Senror Track Team Football Team Achrevement Drnner Pg and Svge ef' ommrlee Honor Club Athletrc Letter A ROBERT RICHARD VAINER Intramurcylgports LOUIS ANTHONY VARLOTTA Chapter Head Hall Guard Electron Commxssroner RICHARD CHARLES VAULMAN Hall Guard Intramural Base ball Intramural Basketball ANDREW CARL VIRGO Guard, M.P., Usher, Intramural Basketball: ' .G C, f C X, I i fwy C5 5 X 'HN3' Q I S ' 51 in i ara. ut' ir' 'W if gun 'vga "bv 5 1 iff' 5 ff ROBERT DONALD VOELKER Hall Guard Lunchroom Guard EDWARD IOSEPH VOLTAGGIO Achrevement Dmner Crvrc Letter Honor Club Natlonal Honor Socrety Pan Amerrcan Club Trmes Staff IOSEPH CHARLES VRUNO Student Council Electron Commxs sroner HERBERT WILLIAM WAGE Asslstant Edxtor of Craftsman Achrevement Dmner Honor Club Office Arde Rmg and Sweater Commrttee Choral Club STANLEY WALTER WAITKUS Honor Club ROBERT LEONARD WALERYSZAK Smgmg Cadet Color Guard CIVIC Letter CHESTER GERALD WANDACZ EDWARD FLEMING WARE Band DAVID HOWARD WATERMAN WL jvfv' f MARVIN I Y WEIL Secretary of Student Councll Trmes Staff Natronal Honor Socrety Achrevement Dmner Prcked Platoon Crty ROTC Corps Stall RICHARD EMERICK WELLS Natronal Honor Soclety Honor Club Otfrce Arde Fxre Guard Usher FRED LAURENCE WENDT Cross Country Track Team Hall Guard ALLAN KENT WESTROM Intramural Basketball ADOLPH LAWRENCE WHITE French Club Intramural Sports Hall Guard STANLEY WHITEBLOOM GEORGE ALBERT WILCINSKI Choral Club Othce Alde Intra ural Sports NO ERT ARTHUR WISNIEWSKI Hall Guard Pan Amerlcan Club Usher Crvrc Letter EUGENE JOSEPH WLAZIK4Camera Club Wrestlmg Team Hall Guard Llbrary Gu rd Usher Fxre Guard S VESTER MITCHELL WOICIK Achrevement Dmner Natronal Honor Socrety Orchestra Rrng and Sweater Commrttee Crvrc Letter Hobby Show CLEMENCF NORBERT WOSICK Hall Guard Usher Fare Guard EDWARD STEPHEN WOZNIAK Hobby Show Hall Guard Chorus Intramural Swlmmmg jj' jf lfffl I J ' f U ,x , 2 f cf . A ' . ' ' f ' y L - i , . I . n . ' l , ' Q, f A - ' A I 3 if -' ' Q4 N V ,A J I or I 1 Ay , Q I I ' if L Y .1 I ' Y' . ' - 2 X -I I I 'K cs: . M ' ' . . 0 I . . I . I I - up E if A fri 642 Aff: I . ,P Q 0 s . 2 I 'f X , 4 If . Q . if ers P' x. as: .,X, .. m ' ' ' x 1 I X. X' 4 ' I - I fe I ' ffe ' I lt: E ? 'I .I Q ,,: 5. iffgfr, N f Q f ' . Je ff, ' - L0 -I ,v , f f Q .. 1 1' If I ' JV e , , S ' , X 3 ' ,L A ' 1 .1 Z! -- J Xa kb I EDMUND ALBIN WYSMIERSKI R1Ile Company Baseball Team Golf Team Soccer Team Hall Guard Usher EDWARD YAMAUCHI Frre Guard Usher Electron Commrssxoner Prcked Platoon Intramural Baseball ANTHONY ROBERT YUCEVICIUS Ed1tor1nCh1eI of the Crafts man Natxonal Honor Socxety Honor Club Intramural Basket ball Intramural Baseball ANTHONY WILLIAM YUSKEN Honor Club French Club Lrbrary IOSEPH HENRY ZALES NORBERT LOUIS ZARUMBA Craftsman Staff Fire Guard Hall Guard Usher GENE PETER ZDEBSKI MP Frre Guard Semor Track Team Hall Guard Rlfle Company Plcked Platoon MILTON CHARLES ZILIS Golf Team Student Councxl Honor Club EDWIN EUGENE ZIMMER Hall Guard GRANT LEROY ZORN Attendance Guard Library Guard Hall Guard CASIMIR WALTER ZUBRZYCKI Soccer Team Golf Team Man ager Intramural Basketball GRADUATES OF IUNE 1946 WHOSE PICTURES DO NOT APPEAR IN THE CRAFTSMAN ALVON HOWARD ANDERSON EDWARD IOSEPH ANTOLAK SAMUEL WILLIAM BABICH EDWARD L BECK RUDOLPH BEUKINGA CHARLES W BONEY FRANK ANTHONY BOSSI FRANK L CANINO MARIO PETER CARLI PETER CASTRO STANLEY IOHN CHAPAS IOSEPH JESSE CHICO PHILIP MICHAEL COLOMBEL IAMES IERRY CORCORAN DELROY LEON CORNICK LEONARD DEVERE CRESSIE THEODORE SAMUEL DeBONIS FRANK DI MARTINO RAYMOND GEORGE DOOLEY IOHN FRANCIS DURKIN CHARLES FREDERICK ENGELKE GUY IOHN FARINELLA DANIEL EDWARD FORD EDWIN R FRANKOWSKI RAYMOND GLADKOWSKI EDWARD FRANK GOMOLKA CASIMIR C GORZ CLINTON B GOSLING ALFRED B HACKIEWICZ IOSEPH EDWIN HALICKI ROBERT IAMES HARLAN IAMES THOMAS HERMAN IAMES WILDER HOPPER WILLIAM EDWARD HYNES LLOYD W IACOBS THOMAS IACKSON IOSEPH W IECZMIONKA LEO KAIDAS LEO EMIL KELLER FRANK W KNIGHT IOHN IOSEPH KOLPAK LEO THOMAS KONIECZKA HENRY PETER KOVALEVITCH THOMAS LARSEN Q GEORGE MOY LEE HENRY DAVID LEE IOHN WILLIAM LEHNERT ROY STANLEY LEVENGER RAYMOND EDWARD LYONS ROBERT MARVONEK ALBERT B MCKENNAS ALGIRD W NORMANTH RAYMOND FRANK OBRESKI WILLIAM IAMES O'HAGAN THOMAS GERALD OLEARY ALBERT F OZIEMKOWSKI IAMES IOSEPH PITLIK FRITZ VINCENT PLANK IOSEPH MATTHEW POLICH ALBERT IOSEPH PRESLICKA OBIE REED THOMAS DONALD RICHARDS DAVID LEE RODDY HERBERT H ROSENGREN ARTHUR IOHN ROSINSKI ANTON SARIC PETER CARL SCHILLACI RICHARD MARTIN SCHREINER VINCENT STEVEN SENIANIN HAROLD EDWARD SHEDDY ALBERT IOHN SIROKY CHARLES IOSEPH SOLIN CHARLES RAYMOND SPOOR WILBERT E STEINBRENNER LEOPOLD STERNLICHT CARL FRANK STREICH RAYMOND C SWULIUS RAYMOND I TONER HAROLD IOSEPH TUIDER ALEX GEORGE VAINAUSKAS MICHAEL ANTHONY VENEZIO KENNETH FRANCIS WAGNER ROBERT STANLEY WAISHWILE EUGENE LOUIS WARD ERNEST WILKINSON ELMER FRANK WIRTH SAMUEL SALVATORE YOZZE EUGENE GEORGE ZIELINSKI DANIEL EDMUND ZUIDEMA :xx I' 9" S if 2 , ' y. Xxx ,S . . . '. ' Rjf, to I ' . Q ga 5 k . I - YE 1 . K I I Guard, Usher. M.P. W I I I A y fC I A we ft f LQ 'M X I Ms! Xx Y UA 4 CLASS OFFICERS RUSSELL SPECHA Preszdent SAMUEL SAVAGE Vrce Presrdent ALFRED WAGE Secretary ROBERT IOYCE Treasurer COMMITTEES CHAPTER HEADS Mxchael Gurqone Iohn Klsh Ierry Rosenhelm Sam Savage Charles Tucek ELECTION COMMISSIONERS Thomas Battle Arthur Gankes Iames Hagen Sam Mastre Arnold Peterson RING AND SWEATER COMMITTEE Morton Chi! Iames Hagen Henry Paschen Ierry Rosenhelm Albert Weldlzch B 1 . 4 Q ALOYSIUS STANLEY BETLEY Honor Club Biology Club Olhce Aide ROBERT BORZICK Honor Club Service Club Achievement Dinner Intramural Sports Hall Guard Lunchroom Guard STANFORD SAMUEL BOWER Honor Club Letter Civic Letter Office Aide Hall Guard WILLIAM GEORGE BRIAN Adlustment Guard Crattsman Stott EDWARD VINCENT BROWN President of Tech Operators Club Office Aide Student Council Achievement Dmner Civic Letter Hall Guard CHARLES BURNS Usher ELMER CAPPEL Honor Club Service Club H'a.Il Guard ROSS CHAVEZ Football Team Service Club: f Dinner Clippings B :eau Adyustment Guard Student Council 5 KK RICHARD CROMER Times Statt Operators Club JOHN DANKO Football Team Student Council Hall Guard Achievement Dmner Lettermens Club War Bond Salesman LLOYD DAVIS Band Honor Club PATRICK ALBERGO-Intramural Basketball, Checker Club, Hall Guard, Achievement Dinner, Choral Club. CHARLES BAKER ALENDER-Ritle Team, Honor Club, Achieve- ment Dinner, Office Aide. ff f'f ', '. I 1, EDGAR ANDERSON-C.I.C. Collector. Student Council, Operator's Club, M.P., Usher, Fire Guard. IAN ANDERSONiDepartment of Socialization of Student Coun- cil, Attendance Guard, Chairman ot Iunior Red Cross, Student Teacher, Assistant Chairman of South Section Meeting of Chicago Youth Conference Choral Club WILLIAM T ARBUTHNOT Band Biology Club Times Pressman EUGENE STANLEY BANKOWSKI JAMES MICHAEL BARNICLE THOMAS EDWARD BATTLE Football Team CIC Collector THOMAS EDWARD BEREN Team Soph Football if 4 ' 4 'V I ss , . ' . M I ' I ' rl J lr . I gh , , - 55, , ,iw K my w. f Momorr cnrrr-cmfymqn stuff. lung Qrm. Achievement r ' , ' ' - ' .gg f ft- ,f , I . , lx . - 4, A 1. -xi Nb 'F 2 ROBERT DE MENT Wrestlrng Team Football Team Soph Football Team Hall Guard Srgn Pamter SAM DISTEFANO Tzmes Staff Intramural Basketball Honor Club Student Councrl Offrce Axde Servlce Club ROBERT HUGH DOTY RUDOLPI-I TED DUDEK IOHN FRANCIS DUGGAN Soph Football Team Attendance Guard Hall Guard ROBERT DURNBERGER Honor Club Band Chess Team Crp pmqs Bureau HOWARD IAMES EAVES Hall Guard Rttle Team MARTIN ELSBACH Honor Club Operators Club Soccer Team CARLO FALZONE Hall Guard RICHARD IOHN FIALA Intramural Sports Hall Guard EDWARD ALLEN FLETCHER Rrfle Team Student Councrl Band Usher Fxre Guard LESTER GEORGE FREDERIKSEN Honor Club Hall Guard MP Usher Frre Guard RAYMOND EDWIN GALVIN Football Team Wrestlmg Team Soph Football Team Intramural Sports ARTHUR GEORGE GARIKES Band GILBERT EDWARD GLEISNER Semor Swxmmmg Team Semor Basketball Team Baseball Team EVAN E GOLLRAD Semor Swrmmmg Team GRAY IAY GOULD Senlor Swrmmmq Team Library Guard FRED ROBERT GRONEK Intramural Sports JAMES FRANCIS HAGEN Attendance Guard. Intramural Sports GEORGE HANDLER-Bookroom Guard. ROBERT SANDERS HARRAHi'I'imes Staff. Wrestling Team, Soph. Football' Team, Library Guard, Camera Club. vw wmv - . V 1 I ' I ' 'lpff I , V -'I , X , . 'ALLEN HERBECK-Band. Times Staff, Honor Club. Ice Skating Team, Office Aide, Biology Club. EDWARD ALBERT HODIN-Intramural Sports, Biology Club. EDMUND GEORGE IANSSEN-Drum and Bugle Corps. Honor Club Usher Fire Guard Bookroom Guard Adjustment Guard. IOSEPH IANUSI-I Drum and Bugle Corps Usher Fire Guard Adjustment Guard Lrbrary Guard CALDWELL IONES-Biology Club Senior Track Team Ha Guard Senior Swlmmmg Team ROBERT IAMES IOYCE Iunror Basketball Team Treasurer of February 47 Class MICHAEL IOSEPH KAPRAL Band Biology Club Office Aide KENNETH ALLEN KAROW Head Library Guard Craftsman Staff Natzonal Honor Society TED ALEX KAZMIERCZAK Office Aide Achievement Dinner Intramural Basketball ALEX ANTHONY KELPSAS CIC Collector Lunchroom Guard Crvrc Letter CLARENCE RONALD KISALA Senror Swimming Team Hall Guard IOHN KISH Intramural Sports Hall Guard Office Aide Stamp Salesman Stage Crew NICK DAN KLADrS Senior Basketball Team Intramural Sports ROBERT KLAUSEGGER Wrestling Team Concert Band Lunch room Guard Hall Guard GEORGE VALENTINE KMIOTEK Football Team Offrce Aide Intramural Sports Soph Football Team Hall Guard WILLIAM C KOEHLER ROGER WARREN KRENN Wrestling Team German Club LOUIS IOHN LAVARDO Library Guard Intramural Sports Baseball Team Student Council CIC Collector RONALD ALLEN LITT CHARLES LOTNICK Service Club Lunchroom Guard IOSEPH CHARLES LOTZ Craftsman Staff Office Aide Hall Guard Choral Club IOHN OPREA Prcked Platoon Usher HENRY RAY PASCHEN Hall Guard Lunchroom Guard Lrbrary Guard Student Councrl Manager of Track Team PETER ANTHONY PERISIN HARRY FREDRICH POLSON Commander of Drum and Bugle Corps Craftsman Stall Usher Frre Guard Hall Guard CHARLES DONALD PROKOP-Craitsman Staff Fxre Guard Usher Rttle Team HAL EUGENE RIFE EXGCUIIVE Councrl Student Councxl Intra mural Tug of War WILLIAM CLARENCE ROBINSON Student Councxl, Bookroom, Guard, Hall Guard, Lunchroom Guard JERRY ROSENHEIM Trmes Staff. Honor Club, Cxvxc Letter, Ofirce Arde, Department Head of Student Councrl WALTER ROYE Wrestlmg Team Hall Guard FRANK IOSEPH SANOICA Crvxl Arr Patrol, Hall Guard ELMER SCI-IULZ Hall Guard DAN RICHARD SERRITELLA Student Councxl, Hall Guard. Tunes Staff, Choral Club FRED MANCARI Band ANDREW IOHN MANTELOS Honor Club Student Councrl Usher Lrbrary Guard Lunchroom Guard Fxre Guard MICHAEL PAUL MELONAS Football Team Achxevement Dmner Wrestlmg Team Srgn Pamter BIOIOQY Club Band ROBERT RUSSELL MOE Football Team Band Blology Club Achlevement Dmner Ofhce Arde Bond and Stamp Salesman THURSTON MOORE GENE GORDON MORRIS Lxbrary Guard Semor Swrmmmg Team Wresthng Team Football Team IOSEPH ALVA MORRIS Semor Swlmmmg Team Choral Club Soccer Team Hall Guard PETER GEORGE NABER Band Brology Club MELVIN NOVEN Soccer Team Srqn Pamter Operators Club Bookroom Guard 1, C55 Qxw X ' j ,A X, , 1 . " J, 4 I .1 fx ., If 1 pd ' t, , X . gr . ,J f 'I 1 I . I I ' 7- ,- . I I ' ' : .lr , l I 1 . . . . Aff- , 1 ' ' ' ur , YT., 4 Q M 7 ff .. yt, W I I . I . , . M . I . . . V I I I u r W I . I I I 1 . w - ' - ' . . . Y "' I 1 1 ' ., 4 .Q '59 I A H I . . .- ,v - I I . -, . , . : f sk f Q ,.: .1,L Q " .. I I I . I o V I . I , . Q . . 1 . I I rf ,x as '94 I Q I R, bv M ipaf' 'Q WET' W of XX v ,f"""93gQ,, l 4 P2 NEIL MICHAEL SHEEHAN Band Hall Guard Honor Club Oilxce Alde EDWARD ROBERT SLAS-Orchestra Student Councll Intramural Sports CHESTER GARRET SOERENS Honor Club Frre Guard Hall Guard Ofhce Alde RUSSELL SPECI-IA Football Team Senlor Track Team Letter mens Club Achxevement Dmner Presxdent of February 47 Class LEVI STURGIES Pan Amencan Club IOSEPH ANGELO TERRAZZINO Hall Guard ROBERT KAY THORP Hall Guard Honor Club Llbrary Guard Travel Bureau CLYDE WILLIAM TRAINOR Soccer Team Senxor Swxmmmg Team Lettermens Club Txmes Staff Bookroom Guard KENNETH RUDOLPH VALLIS Hall Guard Intramural Basket ba IOHN LOUIS VERRE Honor Club Attendance Guard ALFRED EDWARD WAGE Secretary of February 47 Class Txmes Staff Olfxce Alde Achlevement Dmner Clrppmgs Bureau Natxonal Honor Socxety WALTER ERNEST WANGRIN Soccer Team Wresthng Team ALBERT WEIDLICH Presxdent of Checker Club Honor Club Offtce Axde Secretary of German Club Assxstant Editor of Craftsman Achlevement Dmner LLOYD YAHN Fxre Guard Honor Club Usher ALOYSIUS WALTER ZDORA Lunchroom Guard Hall Guard GEORGE THOMAS ZESSEMOS-Wrestlmg Team GRADUATES OF FEBRUARY 1947 WHOSE PICTURES DO NOT APPEAR IN THE CRAFTSMAN ROMAN ADAMOW ANDREW ALYINOVICH ERNEST AMSDEN ALFRED ANDERSON DONALD ARTHUR IOHN ARTUSA KENNETH AZUKAS IOSEPH BAGLIERI CHARLES BALADERI FRANK BARTMAN EDWARD BARKAUSKAS FRANK BERTMAN MICHAEL CADENA KENNETH CARLSON RINO CATELLI IOHN CHAMBERLAIN IAMES CLAYTON LEONARD COMBS RICHARD CONDON ANTHONY CONSOLO DAVID CONWELL IAMES CURRAN RAYMOND DEMICH VINCENT DI CRISPINO IOSEPH DROBITCH ANTOINE EDGAR BERNARD EKSTROM TRINEY ENRIQUES CLEMENTE FIORENZA HENRY FRIEDMAN IOHN FREY ADOLPH GARCIA DONALD GREENHILL MICHAEL GURGONE CLARENCE GRUZEWSKI IOSEPI-I HASH CLARENCE HEIMBERG GEORGE HERROLD IOHN HILL IOHN KICK IOSEPH KOSLER IOSEPH KOSSMAN FRED KREMNITZER MICHAEL KRSTULOVICH LADDIE LANKAS EARL LEE EDWARD LEE SANTO MARANO SAM MASTRE THOMAS MITAS IOHN MCGUIRE EDWARD MINNICH ZANAS MICKUNAS RICHARD MIKEI. CHARLES MILLER IAMES MOSSMAN ROBERT NORDSTROM THOMAS NORTH RICHARD NUTTO IOSEPH OBECUNES ROBERT OCONNELL AUGIE PARRILLO MANUEL PATCH STANLEY PAWLAK GEORGE PEEL ARNOLD PETERSON IOSEPH PONDELISEK EDWARD PRAZUCH ROBERT PRIHAR WILLIAM PROVO WILLIAM REALY GERALD RICI-IEL EDMOND SABAKIAN SAMUEL SAVAGE EDWARD SHAFFER IAMES SHOBE GARY SLANGER WILLIAM STALTER SYLVESTER STRAKA NORMAN SULLIVAN ROBERT SUTPHEN NICHOLAS TALLERICO ROY TRYBAN CHARLES TUCEK WILLIAM UNTCH SAMUEL VARI TEDDY VLAMIS IOHN WREGELSWORTH RICHARD ZARUMBA an Q5 in ' . -. t sb - " - 1 . 53,52 ' . yj g g . 5 1 ,Z . ' ' , ly . 5 - - . , Ji ' - . I ll x5Q E It H.. as . I fl I A as as-. . 7 ' n ' ' IQWX X ' ' - ' ' . is Y: 11. I 'XV nf. 'xx 1 , Alf- 1 I I fl . . 'f . . ' . . f D -C Y. ' ga , f " . ' . 'T K ' 3 G . ' , K- , IQ? ' 'RA Baseall Team, Lettermen's Club, Intramural Basketball. ws. W - I I 1 5. I - . . . I A Z-' A Q - . f ,v - F g I ' 'A "r-Q I . ff-:A , AA ...xx X 1 XXX 'X XX KT wt Milk ks-as X Want fax 19-Xms T7 fbdf 24:4 14 'X 1, QD ,-,E if LIZ! X .9-K QQ J gy K vuriuvl J' J 'VW V tcfffXXA,p, Xt 5 X el :QQ -Q, 2751? L LK' 5153 fd, K x TS A xl I .X f , fx Zo X QD l XJK ,E f 65 2 , CUAZZJMU .rf WU, f"Nx xx is X YA ,.. max ,X MXZJMW wwf r'i"flM fx ,-, il-"8 ff 'i as W Qwfffawg fbi if Ioseph DePeder Rudolph Erblmg Charles Fergl Frank Gaushas Robert Haack Robert Ioyce Curtls Iouse 8 Eugene Leucht Captam of Senxor Basketball Team Edrtor of the Tlmes Captam of The Football Team Best Crtrzen ol Class of Iune 46 and Presxdent of the Student Council Valedrctonan of Class of Iune 46 Captam of Iunror Basketball Team Captam ol Swrmmmg Team Presxdent of Natronal Honor SOCIETY 26 S 351,23 i. di3P0 xi -Q -X QE 13 Lgijif ,fha-1-6 S: 'Qs il r' lj! Nm fg '45 xvm xy WW .X K sm -GF l1"6Cf,a,4, CAMPUS LEADERS Edward Maracxch Presldent of Class of Iune 46 Frank Mxtchell Art Ed1lOI ol the Craftsman lack Monarxty Presldent oi Pan Amerlcan Club Donald Plestma Captaln oi the Wrestlrnq Team Ioseph Reysek Regxmental Commander of the ROTC Russell Specha Presxdent of Class of February 47 Harry Strles Captam of the Soccer Team Raymond Ulrelch Captarn of the Track Team Anthony Yucevxcrus Edxtor of the Craftsman fffbf A l X -Ali XX t K x,. 'sb Y o - ' , V X rx lx x " X or A C gt' X QNX Q xx' ff Xxx ty "X A Q X , ff ',. 1 ,Q f V N 1 ' f N X- S :- A .Fl wwf f-H . w Tv , T N X h 'X XSQXN. 'D 'XXTN T 'fl :lk X -llc ff MN f' fs 231- x 73 X' ex 1 Keg 6 15 - iq f :X l ,J l XL?-v X - K plulm . l. XL ' ' 1. Q 2- K 576 ,J U, A A I A . J ft ' 51161. 3' ' ' 1 Q ' 57 ,Al to Z. 5:4 N T' W . grams. Rf .0 ff stef X M All g X by I Nils-lr. K gx f Eg . X ss , .Q .X lllll f ', X ' ' A X We ,,2... s, . X 2 .1 ' ' gl fx ,K I , N gy, Ll' , I I U' ' 'T ' gill . ,fp if fe ,J nf- 0 . ' ' 6 x . . ' ' fl f- X ff L. . E S sl T sf rf .-vs Jr! l QI -, Rf, ' S l ,' 1' -N-X 4' f ' J Q f . ,jf L- Q Q , . f .C , f x jf ' Gs lf , I f ,' O A VA, X!! K. E 7 7 s ' " J ' X XX . ' V: 'Rpt .fj J 1 Q - ,ess XFN: Wm-.. Cl 4' 7' N NN W ' - A T 6' CML ftiefwff ,ZW f 5? f f A-Q. I Us w .. 1 C ff 4 . f' s 6 X 52 so www," , Reefs ,T N., sq .sisrm'?f1f"lfYE.t 'J' XR '91-Vll .7 " ,' I x , llfl l' fgryd ' 'l. 'ff . 'ff To l VX rl ."l ' 1 V ' E gfzf X' Q ww f . Q Q C. J 9 ' l l N ' J E X Cf fuk 'll f is C, cr, X Q 4 ,gy 7 6 l I ar. !0Lf1r cw I 'V W r r--. 9 , ,.-.EXEC no s -- ff. j X- .N J 52. . . ,ff ,N L - I 'r T 'A Fl ' Y w ,. A - ly 1 Ae: in fi l s, wel . ,ix A. fs 47' :X - Nm fl T of f C4 X ' ' ' - ' fffiax f .gl Q fs if qt: -. V' . I f QP ja I 'X K K .3 A A ,f I, P,-J ,lf , 164 -J 7 I' l Ns .fl f 2 H71 ' 1222, 'f fe. F' K 15 f A ' . f7f 1. ........ ' ' 9. ' .......... . A 2. ' ..........,........... ' ' 10. ' .....,......... . ' 3. ' .............. ' ll. ' ' ............. A - ' 4. ........ ' A ' 12. ' ....,....... ' ' ' ' 13. ' ...... ' 5. ........... ' ' ' 14. ...... . . ' G. ........... ' ' 15. ' .................. . ' 7. ' .....,............. ' ' ' IB. ' ......,...... . ' , ,,,,,.,, ' ' ' 17. ' ' ............ . . . ' .xdufograp 145 ff JJ! wif .1 L dl K DJ , ,A W I ,-xf :MW W J .lk xl' My JJ! QM fl, 1 YOU TOO CAN LEARN TO DANCE I l Learn to Iltterbug Slow Fox Trot Fast Fox Trot I Toddle Itve Waltz and Rhumba A11 the Newest Steps Taught 4 Prrvate Ballroom Lessons S5 OO 5 Ch1ldrens Classes a Spec1a1ty 1n Tap Toe Acrobatrc and Ballet SCHULTZ DANCE STUDIOS 660103 S HALSTED STREET ENG 8430 31 COMPLIMENTS of TILDEN LUNCHROOM TILDEN S LEADING SCHOOL STORE FOR GYM All E1ast1c Supporters Sweat Sox Tee Shuts FOUNTAIN LUNCH Hrgh Quahty Foods at the Lowest Prrces Breakfast and Lunch Served SCHOOL SUPPLIES Mech Drawmg Outhts Note Books Fountam Pens Loose Leaf Paper Etc CONROYS TECH BOOK STORE COMPLIMENTS or TILDEN TEACHERS BOWLING LEAGUE t K5 - - nw ' 1 --'k"6l?1,f . , . . M3152 , , I : . . . I 5 - I ' . , ' , , . I 0l7lf7XTIflf?I1tJ 0 SPIIGH 1038 W 35TH STREET A nationwide mail order business with more than a hundred retail stores Boys and girls from the class of types of jobs available no experience necessary tram you Good pay for good workers SPIEGELS IS A GOOD PLACE TO WORK COMPLIMENTS ALDENS, INC 511 SOUTH PAULINA STREET CHICAGO 7 ILLINOIS 1946 are invited to start their business careers here. All ' ' . . . ' . . .we o f I GE ENGLEWOOD KNITTING MILLS 6643 SOUTH HALSTED STREET WENT 59201 ESTABLISHED OVER A QUARTER OF A CENTURY U N T SWEA WE MAKE THEM TO ORDER IN OUR FACTORY N I E TILDEN A HLETIC T Bai ,wha Za Zlcfen afffaqh S hw! and amcefze can qaalwfdinam Za Zfze 19416 gnadwie GUUIIMAN MANUFACTURING CIIMPANY HALSTED STREET AT 48TH CHICAGO 9 ILLINOIS Specfalmh M W Mmm? Jfaafpmefuf 0 4. CUTTING MACHINES IUCUMUTIVES GEORGE S P I E S INDUSTRIES OFFICIAL IEWELERS TO JUNE CLASS 1946 4140 N KOLMAR AVE. CHICAGO "THE BEST CLASS RINGS MADE" COMPLIMENTS 6638 SOUTH HALSTED STREET CHICAGO THOMAS MATAS IR CABINET WORK MILLWORK FREE ESTIMATES 8828 SOUTH TALMAN AVENUE EVERGREEN PARK 29 ILLINOIS COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND OF MORRIS B. SACHS INC. COMPLIMENTS FRIEND STUDIO HOURS- Phone STATE 2462 Daily 9:00 AM. to 11th Floor 6:00 P.M. Sundays ci Holidays BUTLER BLDG. 10 A.M. to 4 P.M. arsh all PHOTOGRAPHER INC 162 NCJRTH STATE STREET 'K Successor to MABEL SYKES Photographer N IR X I 4 X - acid vear an evgr lllLl'Ci1Slllf, num cr 0 year 00 Q testl es to our aomp chn mic year cnf,r lVlIlf, promises will comp ete Sain action ronl tai wili clpa e an consucntious Quucg 1 0 98 e in our an P XVALLACIL MILLER ENGRAVING COMPANY 466 w1s1 SUPERIOR STRILIJI +1 CHICAGO X L! NX s X if x g r v X i X N xi X !ZQ2"1'f,p3pL29",lx V X " P E , L f,-bi.. 'fi -l'g'l- -1 1 nf-.F preliminary sizclcii to iinisiicci ycarimooiz, Xvaiiacc-iyiiiier watcimes every cie- z ci ' '.x70ll'iJ0iliS.f ' im tis. G xv: present this irooiz which we deaigncd as A sample tu of our craftsmanship in Qin: nrt of holo-engrAvinQ ffffff g g Q x X Fi 1 o 1 , l -H ii- A 1, 3 -Y-V, Y -pg if . I yn-?'f!fA'7l -.xO ,I ,M r www .fn 1,1 Y 4-' frx ,lf .,,ff ff ""7+. I 1 1 1 I 1 -x f 1 ,,, " I, If I f,l fl 1111, ,, 1, 4, f,,' ff , 11 1 ,,,,,, ,Ifl f 11111, 'f ff 'ff ,f. ' 1 g. +, +V ir ,, f'N4 1 ,,,. --QL.. f , f,! f ffff , f, ' ' I 2 -41',,. . f 'Z 'Z ,A-4 J' ,, IIIAIIIIIIIA nluunn lllulllun ululllllll -nuns-u lllunlvu nuununu nlunnu luunun -u .nun 1-nuunn -.--.unn- .----In-.- lllllllllll K , , . W.. , , sy ' ,fl ff , ' 7- -lX' ,dt fx - 'X x , j. -,A fxf LL. 'ff-Fx XX? ff' ff.: . X K 1 J? 'xgl XC ,4 ff' X - ,, , Ak X -2, ,f :',.v ,-f- . , , 'X X L5 Xie! ' 'X ! f,"'N"' - x NV J ny., ,Qx I X -A HAI,- 'XCT V Jig -12 ,R X g X xx ,AA ',' .-. ---"'A ' XX. x K, , if MX X - i S, 5 NX N ,.--'-SX xy xx XR., I-1 X 1 x Xi S SX SX Q

Suggestions in the Tilden Technical High School - Craftsman Yearbook (Chicago, IL) collection:

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