Tilden Technical High School - Craftsman Yearbook (Chicago, IL)

 - Class of 1930

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W XVAWAWAW EVA A m AES VA e E W Q mm Am A M MMV HYEQ QHQYQM I 3'-T. Q guxiwww .L ewxzqvwynvo wiuwfewbkziwmfu MA ff' 6 'IFIHIIE fElI1JAIF'Il'SIrY1IAN IIDIHIIINLIISIIHIEIHI ANNIHIAILILY IEW 'lI'IlIllE S'lI'lIllll1llENTI'S TVIIILIHIIEN 1VlElEIHINIIlEAXll. II4Ill1lI,IlII SlEIHIfUNllIL 1cnnna:Mso1r,n1LlL. JlmnmlE,u955a1+ ORDER OF BOOKS FOREWORD DEDICATION ..... MEMORIES VIEWS FOUR YEAR GRADUATES TWO YEAR GRADUATES CLASSES MUSIC .... SHOPS .... SPORTS CLUBS ,... FEATURES f0w5'4' 39rMfffgM"f'W1""' Mf!wf2umQ5Qf5"'W'UL"' fav fjwmgk 70440. QZAIZJEMM Qlhert MH. 638115 ibrinnipal Q FOREWORD TI-IIS 1930 CRAFTSMAN IS NOW PRESENTED TO YOU LADEN WITH MANY MEMORIES DESTINED TO RECALL CLEARLY E 1-'FORTS UNTIRING, PUT FORTH BY ,NUMBERS OF WORTHY AND EIXRXFST TILDEN TECHNICAL STUDENTS TO ENGRAVE FOREVER IN CHICAGCYS CHRONICLE MANY ATTAINMENTS. H ERALDING YOUTH,S ASSISTANCE IN HOISTING AND KEEPING ON HIGH THE STANDARD OF PROGRESS. Om' hearts thrill at Tildenfs call, "lVelcome home," to each and all. X' EDICATION E, THE SENIOR CLASS OF TILDEN TECHNICAL HIGH SCHOOL, DEDICATE THIS 1930 CRAFTSMAN TO THE ATTRIBUTES OF CHARACTER THAT OUR STU- DENTS STRIVE FOR DURING TIIEIR HIGH SCHOOL YEARS TRUTH TECHNIQUE INTELLIGENCE EXCELLENCE LOYAIITY CHARITY DUTY HONOR E DUCATION HIGH IDEALS OF S PORTSMANSHIP IVOBILITY Mr. Zbarttnell 6. Myers Svbup Svuperhisor Our technical adviser, ever watchful, Always guiding the busy shops. A silent study a1'1101'lg the books, lfl7he1'e we dream and drowse and think The charm of beauty, the spell of art, W'e deeply respect and greatly admire Remember well the lesson taught In shop and at the flaming forge. 95 CIQAFTSMAN STAFF JUNE 1930 GEORGE KOEPPE ..... ERNEST COYKENDALL ARNOLD VVITT ...... DONALD FINN .... LITERARY JANUARY 1931 Staff Chairman 1930 Staff Clzairiiian 1931 ... . . . .Copy Reader ....Copy Critic ASSISTANTS DONALD FINN FRANK ,ANTELEK LOUIS HALPER EDWARD SCHMALTZ GEORGE BOARD . BERJ. GULESERIAN ART HARRY GREEN ...... .... A 411 Clzairman DONALD DONALDSON .... ..... 1 lxsociate LEROY AAHLBERG .... ..... L ettering PHOTOGRAPHY JACK POSTAER GEORGE HARRIS ZENON RYBEL JACK ROBERTA FACULTY SPONSORS LITERARY STAFF AND PUBLICATION ............... ....... Z1 liss Nolan ART ............................. . . Miss Bolimaim PHOTOGRAPHY ..,.. .... A lr. Salem 61. Fifteen Si.rtc'en V Blune Qlllass, 1930 HENRY H. AHRNDT I' Electrical C. I. C., German Club, Civic-Letterman, Interclass Baseball, Interclass Track, Fresh- man Football, Ticket Salesman. ANTHONY G. ALBERT I' Electrical C. I. C., Guard, TIMES Collector, Honor Club, German Club, French Club, Interna- tional Club, Interclass Baseball and Basket- ball, Track and Swimming. FRANK ALBERT B Technical Vice-Pres. of C. I. C., Boxing Team, Swimming Team Captain '30, Civic Letter- man, Sergeant-at-Arms of Lettermen's Club, Achievement Dinners, Swimming Team, German Club, South Central Section Letter- men's Council, Interclass 145 lb, Wrestling Champ '29, Guard Marshal, Camera Club. EDWIN ALLISON A C. I. C., R. O. T. C., Lieutenant, Officers' Club, 'Fire Guard, Picked Company, German Club, Interclass Baseball, Interclass Basket- ball. MAURICE ALPERT A Technical Three and One-half Year Graduate, Track, Captain of Freshman Track Champs, Let- termen's Club, French Club, Secretary- Treasurer of French Club '30, C. I, C. Dele- gate. CHESTER G. ANDERSON A Electrical Military Band, Concert Band, Honor Club, C. I. C., Guard, French Club, Student Coach. FRED ANDERSON I' Technical C. I. C. Delegate, Band, Wrestling, Inter- class Baseball, Interclass Wrestling, Guard, German Club, Biology Club Pres., TIMES Collector, Reporter, Uke Club. JAY ANDREWS A Technical C. I. C., Achievement Dinners, Guard, Honor Club, Scribblers' Club, French Club, Military Band, Concert Band, Ticket Sales- man. Seventeen Eighteen FRANK G. ANTELEK B Technical CRAFTSMAN Staff, Mixed Chorus, German Club, C. I. C., Lost and Found Clerk, Choral Club, Camera Club, Achievement Dinner, Cast of t'The Bells of Beaujolais," Guard, Student Coach. EDWARD W. ANTHONY A Technical C. I. C., Achievement Dinners, Guard, Le Cercle Francais, Lettermen's Club, Basket- ball, City and Cook County Wrestling Champs '29 and '30, Interclass Baseball Championship, Track, Basketball and Wres- tling. VVALTER M. ANTONICIC I' Technical National Honor Society, C. I. C., Senior Council, Honor Club, Vice-President Ger- man Club, Concert Band, TIMES Staff, Serv- ice Letter, Achievement Dinners, Assistant Guard Marshal, Student Coach. TOM BALLINGER A Technical Freshman Football, French Club, R. O. T. C., Usher, Military Police, Uke Club, Inter- class Basketball, Choral Club, Door Guard, Fire Guard, Ticket Salesman, Aero Club, CC. I. CJ. CHARLES BARANOVICH A Technical C. I. C,, Achievement Dinners, Senior Council, Honor Club, Secy.-Treas. of the National Honor Society, Swimming, Honor Club Letter, Lettermeu's Club, French Club, Hall Guard, Interclass Basketball and Base- ball. M. BARTOSIK A Technical Sales Manager of the TIMES, C. I. C. Excursion Manager, Achievement Dinner, Ottice Guard, Soccer, Track, Interclass Swimming Champ '28, CRAFTSMAN Collec- tor, Guard, French Club, Printing Club, In- terclass Basketball, Three and One-half Year Graduate. MICHAEL BATINA A Technical C. I, C., Interclass Basketball Champs, Interclass Volleyball Champs and Baseball Champs, Interclass Track and Wrestling, Lettermerfs Club, Soccer Team, German Club, Guard. JOSEPH M. BATTLE B Technical Scribblers' Club, French Club, C. I. C., Camera Club, Salesman, Guard, R. O. T. C., Interclass Baseball, Basketball, Track, Ses- sion Reporter. NICHOLAS J. BELIN I' Technical C. I. C., R. O. T. C., Student Coach, Ger- man Club, Interclass Baseball, Basketball, Swimming, No Tardiness. ALVIN LEO BELL 1' Technical. C. I. C.. German Club, Guard, Interclass Baseball, Basketball. DONALD BELLSTROM A Technical Vice-President june Class '30, President National Honor Society, President Honor Club, Sports Editor TIMES, Swimming Team, Lettermen's Club, German Club, Sen- ior Council, Interclass Baseball, Achievement Dinners. JOHN BENSCHOP A Technical C. I. C., Achievement Dinner, Choral Club, Mixed Chorus, German Club, Ollice Guard, Lost and Found Clerk, C. I. C. Delegate, TIMES Collector, CRAFTSMAN Collector, Ticket Salesman, Interclass Baseball, Bas- ketball. CARL HAROLD BENSON G Technical Honor Club. French Club, Lettermen's Captain R. O. T. C., Ushers, Military Police. Club, Achievement Dinners, Fire Marshal, Reserve Football, NVrestling '29 and '30, Senior Council, Student Court. MELVIN BERGHUIS B Technical French Club, Scribblers' Club, Camera Club, Ticket Salesman. C. I. C. Delegate, Guard, R. O. T. C., Reserve Football '28, Interclass Basketball and Baseball, Inter- chaptcr Basketball. HARRY BERGQUIST I' Technical L C., French Club, Architectural Com- petition 'Z9 and '30, Wrestling Team, Achievement Dinner, Guard. ALAN BIHLMEIER B Technical Cheerleader, Golf, C. I. C. Delegate, Cam- era Club, Interclass Athletic Manager, Radio Club. Nuzefecu Twenty HAROLD BLACKMORE A Technical Baseball Capt. '29, Basketball Capt. '30, Golf Capt. '28-'29-'30, Track Team, Inter- class CManagerj, Cheerleader, Achievement Dinners ftwol, Lettermen's Club, Choral Club, Social Committee, C. I. C., Co-Editor Sports Tilden TIMES. LEO A. BLINSKI A Architectural Three and a Half Year Graduate, Achieve- ment Dinners, Honor Club, C. I. C. Delegate, City and Cook County Vlfrestling Champs '29-'30, Lettermen's Club, Senior Arx, French Club, Camera Club, TIMES Reporter and Athletic Manager for Delta, Interclass Wrestling Champ '28, Baseball, Basketball, Track. GEORGE D. BOARD A Technical Concert Band, CRAFTSMAN Staff, Guard, C. I. C., Civic Letter, No Tardiness. EDWARD C. BODENBERG A Technical C. I. C. Delegate, Guard. German Club, Interclass Basketball, Interclass Baseball. WILLIAM A. BORCHERS A Electrical C. I. C., German Club, Choral Club, Cast of "Pocahontas," Slide Rule Class. EDMUND J. BOROWSKI B Technical R. O. T. C., Chief of Military Police, Chief Fire Guard, Asst. Chief Usher, Major, Best Non-Com '28, Rifle Team, French Club, Guard, C. I. C., Achievement Dinners CZJ, Senior Council, Officers' Club. ROBERT BRABAND I' Architectural C. I. C., Music Club, German Club, Guard, Interclass Baseball, Senior Arx, Basketball, First Place in Van Dort Competition. ALFRED H. BRONZELL A Technical C. I. C. Delegate, Football, French Club, Choral Club, Dramatics Club, VVappin Wharf, Ticket Salesman, Public Speaking, Office Guard, TIMES Collector, Harmonica Club. LAWRENCE G, BULETTY A Technical C, I. C., Interclass Baseball. GEORGE THOMAS BURBANK A Electrical Interclass Baseball, Basketball, Wrestling, TIMES Collector, C. I. C. Delegate, French Club, Guard, Ticket Salesman. ROBERT XV. BURMEISTER B Technical C. I. C., Guard, Reporter, German Club, Camera Club, Interclass Baseball. GEORGE CAMPFIELD A Technical C. I. C., Guard, TIMES Collector, Honor Club, C. I. C. Collector, Senior Business Council, R. O. T. C., French Club. PETER G. CARAVASSOS A Technical C. I. C., Honor Club, French Club, Guard, Achievement Dinners. LAVVRENCE K. CASEY A Technical Honor Club, Achievement Dinner, German Club, French Club, Spanish Club, C. I. C. Delegate, Auto Guard, TIMES Collector. VVALTER P. CASPER A Technical C. I. C., Honor Club, Honor Club Letter- man, Achievement Dinners, National Honor Society, Senior Council, Guard, C. I. C. Col- lector, Ticket Salesman, Interclass Basket- ball, Interclass Baseball, Room Reporter. ED. CEPULIONIS A Technical C. I. C. Member, French Club, Interclass Baseball. Twenty-one Twenty-two ANTHONY I. CHESNA A Technical C. I. C., Lost and Found Guard, Inter- class Baseball. ADOLF CHRISTEL B Technical C. I. C., Guard, Interclass Baseball and Basketball, 302 Baseball Champs. LENARD CHRISTIANSEN A Technical C. I. C., Interclass Baseball, Volleyball, Guard, Checker and Chess. ALEX CHIJCHMAN A Electrical Guard, French Club, Radio Club, Camera Club, Interclass Basketball, Track, C. I. C., R. O. T. C. JOHN F. CONNELLY A Electrical C. I. C. Delegate, French Club, Basket- ball. JOHN COSTELLO A Technical President and Vice-President of Senior Council, National Honor Society, Prosecut- ing Attorney of Student Court, Advertising Manager of TIMES, Baseball, Senior Skat- ing Champs '30, Achievement Dinners, Hon- or Club, Head of Student Council, Letter- men's Club, Honor Club Letterman. ROBERT E. COX A Technical C. I. C., Room TIMES Collector, Usher, Military Police, R. O. T. C., Lieutenant, Achievement Dinners, Senior Council, Hon- or Club, Officers' Club, Architectural B. Contest, Second Prize, Honor Room, Crack Platoon. PH I LI P CRAI N B Architectural C. I. C., French Club, Arx Club, Bank Collector. HILTON I. CROSSMAN A Electrical Senior Council, Achievement Dinners, Capt. Cross Country Team, Track Junior Champs '27, City Skating Champs '30, Soc- cer Team, Golf Team, Secretary Letter- men's Club, Choral Club, Clnterclass Activ- ities, Champs: Baseball, Skating, Wrestlingj. LAWRENCE A. CULLEN B Electrical Guard Marshal, Guard, Honor Club, French Club, Hockey Club, Stamp Club, Achievement Dinner, Publicity Statf, Inter- class Baseball, TIMES Collector, Session Room Reporter. HENRY DE GRAAFF G City and Cook County Swimming Champs, Pres. of Honor Club, Pres. of French Club, Pres. of International Club, Arch Club, Sen- ior Council, Achievement Dinners, Letter- n1en's Club, Choral Club, Leading Man in Operetta "Bells of Beaujelaisf' TIMES In- terclass Athletics, Student Coach. JACK DESPAUL I' Technical Honor Club, C. I. C. HOWARD DEVINE A Electrical C. I. C., Achievement Dinners, Wrestling Capt. '29-'30, City Champs 'ZS-'29-'30, Ice Skating Jr. Capt. '28, City Champs 'ZS-'30, Soccer, Track, Golf, Lettermen's Club, In- terclass Baseball, Basketball, Track. FRANK J, DVORAK A Technical Three and One-half Year Graduate, Sen- ior Council, President German Club, National Honor Society, Sheriff of Student Court, C. I. C. Executive Council, Scholarship Let- ters, Achievement Dinners, Honor Club, Guard Marshal, VVrestling '29, '30, Ticket Salesman, Interclass Track Champs. RAY. ERHARDT A Technical Basketball. C. I. C., Interclass Basketball, Baseball, Public Speaking. VVILLIAM E. EVERSON I' Music Freshman Football and Basketball, Band, Orchestra, C. I. C., Music Club, Scribblers, Lettermen's Club, Guard, VVrestling Champs '29, '30, Twenty-three 'Twenty-four ROBERT J. EXTER A Architectural Senior Class President, National Honor Society, Honor Club, Senior Council, Sports Editor, Editor-in-Chief of TIMES, Secretary French Club, Lightweight Basketball Team, Four Achievement Dinners, All-City Arx Comp., Golf Team, Civic Letterman. HOWARD FARMER A Electrical Honor Club, Achievement Dinner. JAMES FASSEL A Architectural C. I. C., TIMES Collector, Guard, Inter- class Basketball, Track, Swimming, Sketch Club. PAUL AUGUSTUS FERNALD A Technical C. I. C. Delegate, Usher, Military Police, Fire Guard, Choral Club, German Club, Ticket Captain, TIMES Collector, Office Guaed, Achievement Dinners, Officer R. O. T. . JOHN FIGEL A Technical C. I. C., Hall Guard, TIMES Collector, and Reporter, Interclass Baseball, Basket- ball, Wrestling and Checkers, Student Coach, Public Speaking, Ticket Salesman, Slide Rule Club. FREDERICK L. FIET I' Technical C. I. C., Golf Team, Session Athletic Manager, Soccer Team, Ticket Salesman, TIMES Collector, Office Guard, Hall and Door Guard, Two Civic Letters, German Club, TIMES Tech Chatter Writer, Hockey Team, Interclass Baseball, Basketball, Ice Skating, Swimming. EDWARD M. FINK A Technical Military Band, C. I. C., Guard, No Ab- sence, TIMES Collector. JOHN D. FINN A Architectural Honor Club, Achievement D in n e r s , CRAFTSMAN Staff, French Club, Senior Arx, C. I. C., TIMES Reporter. GLENN FORREST B Technical State Track Champs '29, Football Team, Lettermen's Club, Interclass Baseball, Bas- ketball, Swimming, Freshman Football, Ticket Salesman, TIMES Collector, Guard, C. I. C., Achievement Dinner. EDWIN T. FRANCIS, JR. B Technical Assistant Editor of TIMES, Freshman Football, Track, Interclass Basketball, Wres- tling, Spanish Club, French Club, C. I. C., Guard, Civic Letterman, Reserve Football. FRED GAECKE A Technical C. I, C., Guard, Concert Band, Interclass Baseball, Basketball. ALEXANDER GEORGE B Technical C. I. C., R. O. T. C., Lieutenant, Officers' Club, Ushers, M. Pfs, Fire Guard, Ticket Salesman, Interclass Baseball. BENJAMIN GERUT A Music French Club, Magic Club, Hobby Club, Music Club, Honor Club, Ukelele Club, Or- chestra Letterman, CARL P. GLAVASKO Technical Junior and Senior Swimming Teams, Box- ing Team, Guard, German Club, Lettermen's Club, Marshal, C. I. C., Freshman Basket- ball. GEORGE E. GOEING A Technical Lettermen's Club, Soccer Team, Interclass Basketball, Track, Tennis, Ice Skating, Jun- ior Baseball Champs, C. I. C., Cast of Poca- hontas, Cast of Caliph and the Caravan, Choral Club, Glee Club Championship '26. HARRY E. GREEN G Architectural Three Year G'aduate, C. I. C. Delegate, Student Coach, R. O. T. C., French Club, Honor Club, Arx Club, Architectural Com- petition, Achievement Dinners, Interclass Vlfrestling, CRAFTSMAN, Usher. Twenty-five Twenty-sir HARRY GREEN A Architectural C. I. C. Delegate, Guard, French Club. IRVING GREENBERG A Technical C. I. C., Interclass Champs in Baseball, Volleyball, Basketball, Track, Basketball Team, Mixed Chorus, Session Coach. ANTHONY GRIGUTIS A Electrical Baseball Team, Interclass B a s c b a l 1 Champs, Volleyball Champs, XYrestling, Checkers, Clean-up Poster Contest Third Place, C. I. C., Guard, German Club, CRAFTSMAN Collector, Student Coach. DOMINIC HAFTKOWSKI B Technical French Club, C. I. C., Interclass Baseball, Basketball, Guard, TIMES Session Reporter, Ticket Salesman. EDMOND J. HAHN, JR. A Electrical C, I. C., Interclass Baseball, Basketball, Ticket Salesman, Achievement Dinner, Man- ager All City Football Champs '28, Manager Athletics, Major Letterman, Baseball, Man- ager Wrestling City Champs '30. WESLEY L. HALL A Technical Class Room Collector, Guard, Interclass Basketball, Baseball. LESTER E. HALLGREN A Music Civic Letterman, Secretary Music Club, French Club, Band, Orchestra, Interclass Baseball, Interclass Basketball, C. I. C. FRED HAMM A Architectural C. I. C., Senior Arx, German Club, Guard, Interclass Baseball, Basketball, Track. H EN RY HARM S A Technical Dramatics, High Y Club, Radio Club, Hamilton Oratorical Contest, C. I. C. FRANCIS J. HARTIGAN Technical Championship Skating Team '29, '30, Baseball Team '30, Interclass Baseball, Bas- ketball, C. I. C. BERT HARTNOLL A Technical Championship Glee Club 'Z7,- C. I. C., CRAFTSMAN Collector, Basketball Squad, In- terclass Basketball, Baseball, Swimming, Ticket Salesman, Senior Basketball Champs. GEORGE HARRIS B Electrical C. I. C., Achievement Dinners, Guard, TIMES Collector, French Club, Honor Club, CRAFTSMAN Stati, Lettermen's Club, C. I. C. Delegate, Lightweight Basketball C0-Cap- tain, Choral Club, Interclass Sports. RICHARD E. HARWOOD I' Technical Biology Secretary-Treasurer, TIMES Col- lector, French Club, Senior Councilor, Cam- era Club, C. I. C. Delegate, Tennis Club, Hall Guard, Hockey Club, Lunch Guard, Ticket Salesman, Library Guard. GEORGE A. HAVEL A Technical Honor Club, Achievement Dinner, C. I. C., TIMES Collector, Interclass Basketball, Base- ball, German Club, Guard. RAY HERMANN B Technical Skating Champs '27, C. I. C., Guard, In- terclass Baseball, Basketball, All City Chorus, Hockey Club, VVALTER HERMAN A Technical C. I. C., Achievement Dinner, Interclass Activities, Lettermen's Club, Track Team, Senior Basketball Champs, junior Baseball Champs. Twenty-sewn Twenty-cz'glzt R. COLBY HIBBARD A Technical C. I. C., Achievement Dinner, Choral Club, TIMES Collector, Ticket Salesman, French Club, Aviation Club, Civic Letterman, Hon- or Club. NORMAN WILLIAM HINES I' Technical Senior and Junior Swim Teams, City Jun- ior Champs '28, Senior Indoor City and County Champs '29, Tennis Team, Captain '30, Lettermen's Club, Vice-President '29, Secretary-Treasurer '30, Guard Marshal, TIMES Staff, Social Committee, Three Achievement Dinners, German Club. VVARREN HOCKERT G C. I. C., Interclass Baseball, M. P., Usher, R. O. T. C., Guard. ALBERT G. HUTMAN A Technical C. I. C., Honor Club, Achievement Din- ner, Interclass Baseball, Basketball, Guard. ROBERT STANLEY JAMES A Electrical C. I. C., TIMES StaFf, Guard, City Cham- pionship Swimming Team '27, City and Cook County Championship Swimming Team '29, Achievement Dinners, Camera Club, Ger- man Club, Vice-Pres. of Lettermen's Club. PETER J. JANUSKA A Technical C. I. C., Boxing Team, Interclass Baseball, Volleyball and Wrestling, Guard. EDWVARD JOHNSON A Technical Achievement Dinner, Honor Club, Char- ter Member of Scribblers' Club, Ticket Salesman, Guard, German Club. HARRY JOHNSON B Electrical C. I. C., Achievement Dinners, Letter- men's Club, Fencing Capt., Cheerleading Capt., Basketball, Interclass Baseball Champs, Senior Prom Committee, Social Committee, TIMES Collector, Choral Club, Skating. ROBERT C. JOHNSON A Architectural Cross Country Team, C. I. C., Guard, Orchestra, Track, Interclass Baseball, Checkers and Skating, Le Cercle Francais, Senior Arx. RAYMOND W. JORDAN G Music Civic Letterman, Concert Band, Secretary of Music Club, C. I. C., Guard. JAMES KAJER B Electrical C. I. C., Interclass Basketball, Baseball, Senior Baseball Champs, Guard, C. I. C. Delegate, TIMES Reporter. HARO LD KEI T H A Technical Interclass Baseball, Basketball, C. I. C., Orchestra Two Years, TIMES Collector. CHAS. KILPATRICK A Technical C. I. C., TIMES Staff, Honor Club, Ger- man Club, Guard, Guard Marshal, First Place Class "BU Arch. Competition, Three Achievement Dinners, Interclass Baseball, Basketball, and Tennis, Non-Athletic Letter, Senior Council. JOHN C. KINSEY A Architectural C, I. C., Senior Arx, TIMES Collector, Guard, C. I. C. Delegate, French Club, In- terclass Baseball and Basketball, Sax. Band. HARRY R. KISZKA G Electrical C. I. C., C. I. C. Delegate, Guard, TIBIES Collector, Interclass Baseball, Basketball, Baseball Team Three Years, Secy.-Treas. of Hockey Club, French Club, Hockey Team. FRANK F. KLEIN B Technical C. I. C., German Club, Aero Club, TIMES Reporter, TIMES Collector, Honor Club, Guard, Achievement Dinner, Interclass Base- ball, Interclass Basketball, Flying Fleet, Gliding Club. Twcniy-nine Thirty ALEXANDER KODOBOCZ A Electrical Three and One-half Year Graduate, C. I. C., Guard, German Club, Session Room Manager. WALTER J. KOENIG A Electrical Honor Club, C. I, C. Delegate, German Club, Guard, Guard Marshal, Assistant Chief Guard Marshal, Achievement Dinners, TIMES Collector, Interclass Baseball Champs, Civic Letterman. GEORGE KOEPPE A Technical Basketball Team, CRAFTSMAN Staff, Stu- dent Coach, Guard, Interclass Basketball, Track, Baseball, Swimming, School Base- ball Champs, Achievement Dinner, Ticket Salesman, C. I. C. LEE F. KOREVEC B Technical Senior Council, Six Semesters Honor Club, National Honor Society, Four Achieve- ment Dinners, TIMES Collector, C. I. C. Delegate, German Club, Omce Guard, Ticket Salesman, Interclass Baseball, Basketball, and Swimming. ARTHUR A. T. KOTTWITZ 1' Technical C. I. C., Achievement Dinner, Honor Club, Absence Slip Collector, German Club, Cham- pionship Glee Club '26, Chess, Track, Guard. JAMES I, KOVARIK A Technical C. I. C., Baseball, Junior Baseball Champs, Senior Basketball Champs, Lettermen's Club, French 'Club, Guard, TIMES Collector, C. I. C. Delegate, Ticket Salesman. JACK KRUEGER B Technical Treasurer C. I. C,, Ticket Manager, Chair- man Publicity Committee C. I. C,, Ticket Salesman, Reserve Football, Civic Letter- man, Honor Club, German Club, Achieve- ment Dinners, CRAFTSMAN Collector, Class Councilman, Guard. LAURENCE C. LAIRD G Electrical Editor-in-Chief of TIMES, Treasurer of June Class '30, Honor Club, Achievement Dinners, C. I. C. Delegate, TIMES Collector, Office Guard, Senior Council, French Club, Civic Letterman, C. I. C. STEPHEN J. LANG I' Technical C. I. C, Ex. Council, Achievement Din- ners, Guard Marshal, Chairman of Junior Prom Committee, Honor Club, Red Cross Rep. for Tilden, Reserve Football, Chair- man of Clean-up Campaign, Senior Prom Committee, Civic Letterman, German Club, Interclass Sports. WALTER H. LANGE I' Technical C. I. C., Guard, All City High School Chorus, Interclass Baseball, Basketball, Treasurer oi Camera Club, C. I. C. Room Collector, Tunes Room Collector. EDVVARD A. LOEBERT A Electrical Achievement Dinner, Guard, Interclass Baseball, C. I. C., German Club. CI-IAS. P. MACAK I' Technical Vlfrestling Team, Choral Club, Tilden Tech Quartet. Civic Industrial Club. P. GERRY MACKOVVIAK A Architectural President Lettermen's Club, Chairman Central Section Lettermen's Council, Social and Prom Committees, Achievement Din- ners, Senior Arx, President Stamp Club, Junior Track, Interclass Baseball, Basket- ball, C. I. C. Excutive Council. JAMES MANES I' Technical Three and One-half Year Graduate, Chief Guard Marshal, Honor Club, Senior Coun- cil, Three Achievement Dinners, Soccer and Track Teams. Lettermen's, Three Civic Let- ters, Executive Council C. I. C., Clean-up Campaign. C. I. C., Ticket Salesman, C. I. C. Delegate. HARRY L. MANLEY G Electrical C. I. C.. French Club, Tennis Club, Guard, Guard Marshal, Civic Letterman, Interclass Basketball. ROY HARRISON MAUREY A Technical Honor Club, Achievement Dinner, Cross Country Team. Co-organizer of Ukelele Club, "Bells of Beaujolaisf' Camera Club, French Club. Office Guard, TIMES and CRAFTSMAN Collector, Interclass Baseball, Basketball. Thirty-one Thirty-two ROBERT MCELROY B Technical C. I. C. Delegate, TIMES Collector, French Club, Aero Club, Interclass Basketball, Base- ball. Q. V. MCGARY B Technical Senior Council, Chief Justice Student Court, Achievement Dinners, Executive Council C. I. C., Clean-up Committee '29, President Choral Club, Civic Letters, Honor Club, Interclass Athletics, German Club Secretary. JAMES F. MCGETRICK B Technical Interclass Basketball, Baseball, Hockey Club, C. I. C. Delegate, Guard, TIMES Col- lector, Cycle Club, Ticket Salesman. JAMES MCGOUGH I' Technical C. I. C., Guard, C. I. C. Delegate, Inter- class Basketball, and Baseball, Assistant Manager of Tennis Team. WILLIAM BAKER MCGOXVAN A Architectural Prize Winner School Oratorical Contest, TIMES Staff, C. I. C., French Club, Camera Club, Senior Arx, Interclass Senior Relay Swimming Champs, Interclass Baseball, Basketball, Track, Guard, Scribblers' Club. RALPH H. METCALFE Technical C. I. C., Guard, Band, German Club, Achievement Dinners, Basketball Team, Captain Track Team, Captain Interclass Basketball, Lettermen's Club. HARRY MILLER B Electrical C. I. C., Guard, French Club. JAMES MOONEY G Technical C. I. C., Baseball Team, Boxing Team, C. I. C. Delegate, Guard Marshal, Interclass Baseball and Basketball, German Club, Man- ager of Boxing Team, Automobile Guard, Lettermerfs Club, Track Team. BERNARD J. MOORE A Technical junior Track Team, Cross Country Man- ager, Senior Track Team, Lettermen's Club, C. I. C., German Club, Guard Marshal. HAROLD MOORE 1' Technical C. I. C., Basketball, Guard, Interclass Baseball Champs '27, Wrestling, French Club. MARTIN M. MULLARKEY B Electric French Club, C. I. C. Delegate, C. I, C. Interclass Baseball Champs, Guard, TIMES Collector, Interclass Basketball. ALBERT MUN NO B Technical French Club, Honor Club, Skating Team, TIMES Session Reporter, Interclass Base- ball, Swimming, C. I. C., Ticket Salesman. JAMES MYERS I' Technical Championship Football Team '28, Fresh- man Football, C. I. C. Delegate, Achieve- ment Dinner, Guard Marshal, Civic Letter- man, Athletic Letterman, Interclass Base- ball, Basketball. ANTHONY NARGIE B Technical German Club, Ticket Salesman, Scribblers' Club, Athletic Manager, C. I. C., Member of IB Honor Room. RUDOLPH NIKKO I' Technical C. I. C., Achievement Dinners, Guard, Honor Club, German Club, Interclass Base- ball and Basketball, Student Coach, Oflice Guard, No Tardiness. CARL N. NORLING A Technical Interclass Baseball, Volleyball, Basketball Champs, C. I. C., Guard, Student Coach, Radio Club, TIMES Collector, Public Speak- mg. Thirty-three Thirty-four VVILLIAM NUETZEL B Technical Honor Club, Assistant Ticket Manager, Civic Letterman, Achievement Dinners, Ger- man Club, Ticket Salesman, Publicity Com- mittee, Interclass Baseball, C. I. C. Col- lector. THOMAS T. O'DOWD A Technical Interclass Baseball, Slide Rule Class, C. l. C., Guard, HOWARD E. PELLETT A Technical Band, C. I. C., Honor Club '29. JAMES DESEK D Technical French Club, C. I. C. Member. CHARLES PETRAIVEZE A Technical French Club, C. I. C., Guard. GEORGE A. PETROLLI Technical C. I. C., Guard, German Club, Interclass Baseball, Basketball and Track. JOSEPH J. PIEROTH B Technical C. I. C., Boxing Club Captain, Reserve Squad Football, French Club, Interclass Basketball, Baseball, Senior Baseball Champs, TIMES Collector, Cheer Leader Choral Club '29, Dr, Brown's All Chicago High School Chorus 'Z9. JOHN F. PIETRZAK A Technical Guard, Choral Club, "Pocahontas" Cast, TIMES Collector, Interclass Baseball Champs, Interclass Volleyball, French Club, Radio Club, C. I. C. Delegate, Military Police, Honor Club, MICHAEL VV. PINKOXVSKI A Technical Perfect Attendance, German Club, C. I. C. Delegate, Guard, Interclass Baseball, Bas- ketball. JAMES PISTELLO A Electrical C. I. C. Achievement Dinners, Honor Club, Baseball Team, Captain Basketball Team,' Interclass Baseball and Basketball, C. I. C. Member, French Club. MICHAEL G. POCERNICH 1' Technical Three and One-half Year Graduate, C. I. C., Honor Club, Office Guard, Interclass Baseball, XVrestling, German Club, Senior Guard. JACK POSTAER B Technical Art Staff CRAFTSMAN, Football, C. I, C., French Club, Second Place Mixed Chorus '28, Dr. Brown's All-Chicago High School Chorus '29, Lettermerfs Club, Guard, Senior Baseball Champs, Achievement Dinner, First Place VVorld's Fair Map Contest, Interclass Athletics. JOHN F. POXVER 1' Technical C. I. C. Delegate, Guard Marshal, Inter- class Baseball, Basketball, Radio Club, Camera Club. VVILLIAM J, POVVER, JR. A Architectural C. I. C., Senior Arx, French Club, Inter- class Baseball, Basketball. NATHAN RACHELSON I' Technical Boxing Team, Chess and Checker Team, Office Guard, Hall Guard, Interclass Basket- ball, Baseball and Wrestling, French Club, TIMES Reporter, C. I. C. CHESTER RADZIMOWICZ A Architectural Office Guard, Interclass Baseball, Check- ers, Senior Arx, Piano Club, Achievement Dinner, C. I. C. Thirty-five Thirty-six VERNON G. RAHN B Technical Honor Club, Choral Club, Mixed Chorus, Silvertones, Achievement Dinners, Champ. Glee Chorus '26, Freshman Football, Pres. of Boxing Club, Civic Letter, Capt. Inter- class Basketball, German Club, Second Place Mixed Chorus 'ZS. ALFORD P. REITER B Technical Concert Band, French Club, TIMES Col- lector, C. I. C. Delegate, Camera Club, Clean-up Campaign Committee, Hall Guard. FRANK RERICHA I' Three Year Graduate, Tunis Collector Two Semesters, C. I. C. Member Three Years, One Semester on Freshman Foot- ball Team, German Club One Semester, Choral Club Two Semesters. EDWARD RIEDER I' Technical Military Band, Concert Band, C. I. C., German Club, Skating, Orchestra. JACK ROBERTA I' Technical C. I. C. Delegate, CRAFTSMAN Staff, Rep- resentative of Red Cross, President of French Club, Lettermen's Club, Football Team, Championship Skating Team '30, Track Team, Achievement Dinner, Inter- class Sports, Choral Club, Piano Club. HOWARD D. ROBSON B Technical C. I. C., Interclass Sports, German Club, TIMES Pressman, Guard, Boxing Club, Car- toonists Club. R. LLOYD ROUND G Tech Elect. C. I. C., French Club, School Indoor Easeiball Champs, Military Band, Concert an . LEONIDAS R. ROY A Electrical Choral Club, City Champs '26, Achieve- ment Dinners, Honor Club, Guard, Guard Marshal, German Club, C. I. C. Delegate, Wrestling Team, Interclass Wrestling, Vol- leyball, Baseball Champs. FRANK T. RUMSAS B Technical Honor Club, TIMES Staff, Ticket Sales- man, German Club, Choral Club, Guard, C. I. C.. All-City Chorus, Interclass Base- ball and Basketball. THOMAS F. RYAN A C. I. C., C. I, C. Delegate, Interclass Baseball, Basketball, Swimming, Guard. Z EN O N RYB ELL B Technical C. I. C., Mixed Chorus, TIMES Reporter, Doctor Brown's All-City Chorus '29, CRAFTsMAN Staff, lnterclass Athletics, French Club, CRAFTSMAN Collector. NVILLIAM E. SANDFORD B Technical 'C. I. C., Three and One-half Year Gradu- ate, TIM1-:s Collector, Guard, German Club, Band, Chess and Checkers. G LEN N SATRUM A Technical C. I. C., R. O. T. C., M. P., Line Guard, Fire Guard, Usher, Achievement Dinner, Color Sergeant. CHARLES H. SAVITSKY A Technical C. I. C., Guard, Swimming Team, Base- ball Team, Lettermen's Club, German Club, Achievement Dinners, Freshman Basketball, Swimming, Interclass Basketball, Baseball. PETER J. SCHAFFER B Electric 1 C. I. C. Delegate, Honor Club, Baseball Three Years, Soccer Three Years, Letter- men's Club, Guard, Camera Club, Achieve- ment Dinners, Student Coach, German Club, Interclass Baseball and Basketball, Chapter Baseball Champs. JACK XV. SCHARRES B Teclmical C. I. C., Guard, German Club, Slide Rule Class, Interclass Baseball. A Thirty-seven Thirty-eight CHARLES SCHIFFMAN A Technical C. I. C., Achievement Dinners, Football Champs '28, Ice Skating Champs '28, '29, '30, Baseball, Treasurer German Club. EDNVARD F. SCHMALTZ B Technical CRAFTSMAN Staff, Chief Guard Marshal, Senior Council, Achievement Dinners, Honor Club Three Semesters, Ofhce Guard, TIMES Collector, Bank Cashier, C, I. C. Delegate, Civic Letter, Music Club, German Club. JAMES SCHNELLER A Technical C. I. C. Delegate, TIMES Staff, Circulation Manager, TIMES Collector, German Club, Aviation Club, Civic Letterman, Ticket Salesman, Interclass Basketball, Baseball, Volleyball, Guard, No Tardiness. JOSEPH JAY SCHNEIDER 1' Technical President Civic Industrial Club, Chairman Senior Prom Committee, Tilden Represent- ative in Oratorical Contest, Three Civic Letters, Senior Council, Honor Club, Three Achievement Dinners, Orchestra, German Club, Music Club, Guard Marshal, Interclass Athletics. THEODORE SCHRAAG A Technical Honor Club, TIMES Collector, Guard, C. I. C., C. I. C. Delegate, German Club. FLOYD E. SCHUELKE B Technical TIMES Staff, Guard, C. I. C,, German Club, Chapter Reporter, Senior Prom Com- mittee, Social Committee. VVAYNE HONVARD SCHULTZ B Technical Secretary of C. I. C., Senior Council, Honor Club, Civic Letterman, Ticket Sales- man and Manager, Defense Attorney Stu- dent Court, Co-chairman Rings, Pins, Com- mittee, German Club, Member Glee Club Champs '26, Orifice Guard, Member IB Honor Room, Achievement Dinners. VVALTER A. SCHWEDE G Technical Honor Club. Civic Letterman, C. I. C., Achievement Dinners, Student Coach, Senior Council, Concert Band, Music Club, City Solo Clarinet Contest '27, '28, Second Place Oboe '29, Captain of Band '29, German Club. JOHN J. SCHWEITZER G Technical All-City Football Champs '28, Wrestling City Champs '30, Achievement Dinner, C. I. C., Choral Club, German Club, Letter- men's Club, Interclass Baseball, Basketball, Heavyweight Champ Wrestling. ROY E. SEYFFERT G Technical C. I. C., Treasurer of German Club, Social Committee, Senior Prom Committee, Inter- class Baseball, Track, Swimming, Basket- ball, Guard, TIMI-is Collector. ARDEN STALF 1' Technical Senior Council, National Honor Society, Honor Club Four Semesters, Honor Club Letterman, C. I. C., German Club, Achieve- ment Dinners, Office Guard Two Semesters, Ticket Salesman, Choral Club Contest and Operetta "Singbad the Sailor." KENNETH STALL B Technical Secretary of June Class, Senior Council, French Club, National Honor Society, Honor Club Six Times, Letterman, Achieve- ment Dinners, 100W Tildenite, Chairman Rings and Pins Committee, Clean-up Cam- paign, C. I. C., Student Coach, Ticket Sales- man, Interclass Baseball, Basketball. LOUIS G. STEWART A Technical Choral Club, Ukelele Club, Reserve Foot- ball, Track Champs '28, Lettermen's Club, Biology Club, Achievement Dinners, Civic Letter, Interclass VVrestling, Basketball and Baseball, C. I. C. ELMER STONEHOUSE A Technical C. I. C., Guard, French Club, TIMES Col- lector, Session News Reporter, Interclass Baseball, Basketball, Gymnastic Team, CRAFTSMAN Collector, Ticket Salesman, Slide Rule Class. ANDREW J. SZUKALSKI B Technical Interclass Wrestling, Baseball, XVrestling Team, Champs '30, German Club, C. I. C. CLARENCE TRAKSELIS I' Technical C. I. C., Achievement Dinner, Guard Mar- shal, Orchestra, Skating '30, German Club, Ticket Salesman, Interclass Skating, Vice- President Hockey Club. Thirty-nine Forty FRANK VALLE A Technical Soccer Team, Honor Club, Guard Mar- shal, Assistant Guard Marshal, Guard, C. I. C., Interclass Baseball, Basketball, Letter- men's Club. FRANK M. VAN ETTEN A Technical Honor Club, Achievement Dinner, French Club, TIMES Collector, C. I. C. Delegate. LAWVRENCE WALSH A Music C. I. C., French Club, Music Club, Band, Sax. Band, Interclass Baseball. FRANK B. VVARREN A Architectural Honor Club, Senior Arx, Interclass Base- ball, Oihce Guard, French Club, C. I. C. Delegate, Interclass Basketball. JOHN A. WEAN, JR. I' Technical C, I. C. Delegate, Guard, German Club, Slide Rule Club, R. O. T. C., Non-Coms' Club, Fire Guard, Usher, Military Police, Picked Squad, Crack Platoon and Company. HARRY C. WEBER I' Electrical Honor Club, Figure Sketch Club, Presi- dent, C. I. C. Delegate, German Club, Choral Club, Secretary Qtwo semestersb, Civic Let- terman, Aviation Club, in Cast of "Singbad the Sailor" and "Bells of Beaujolaisf' Asst. Guard Marshal, Camera Club, Treasurer, Achievement Dinner. HERMAN WEINER A Technical Three and One-half Year Graduate, Hon- or Club, Senior Council, Achievement Din- ners, Executive Council C. I. C., Soccer Team, Track Team, Clean-up Campaign, Guard Marshal, Lettermen's Club, Civic Letters, Ticket Salesman. JACK M. WEISSKOPF A Electrical Interclass Baseball, Interclass Swimming, Interclass Volleyball, Slide Rule Class, Pub- lic Speaking, Session Room Coach, Clean-up Campaign, Radio Club, C. I. C. 'ROBERT H. WHITE, JR. r Technical Guard, C. I. C. Executive Council, C. I. C. Clean-up Committee, TIixIEs Collector, Ticket Manager, Ticket Salesman, One Achievement Dinner, One Civic Letter. GEORGE E. VVHITNEY B Technical Interclass Swimming, Basketball, Baseball, C. I. C. Delegate, TIMES Collector, Hockey Club, Guard, Ticket Salesman, Cycle Club, German Club, Choral Club, First Place VVorld's Fair Map Contest. FREDERIC S. WILLIS B Technical German Club, R. O. T. C., Military Po- lice, Slide Rule, Officers, Club, Picked Pla- toon, Line Guard, Interclass Baseball, Ushers. Scribblers' Club, Rifle Team, Senior Prom Committee. FRANK M. ZACEK B Technical Guard, Office Guard, C. I. C., Interclass Baseball, Interclass Basketball, Ticket Sales- man, Camera Club, German Club. GEORGE R. ZACHARIAS B Electric C. I. C., Guard, Interclass Baseball, Swim- ming Team, Wrestling Team '29, Letter- men's Club, Achievement Dinner, German Club, All City Chorus. JOHN ZIELINSKI Technical C. I. C., Guard, Honor Club, Achievement Dinner, Choral Club, German Club, Inter- class Sports, and '30 Baseball Champs. CHARLES ZYCH A Technical C. I. C. Delegate, Three Achievement Din- ners, Guard Marshal, Honor Club Five Se- mesters. Manager Indoor Track, Track Team, Substitute Teacher, Interclass Track, Volleyball, Baseball, Basketball, Honor Club Letterman. F orty-one Forty-two Gin Zliilhen Girth . I hear Tilden Tech singing, And many songs I hear: The choral club caroling, The band marching, The orchestra playing The thud of the drill press, The sputteiing, flaming forge, The whirring emery wheels, The pounding of heavy machines, The Click of the linotype, The snap of electric current, The hum of countless airplanes, The throb of auto engines, And always above all- Boys' voices loud and strong, Calling-"Yea! Tildenl Yea !" Ghz Qllraftsman Slogan KYho shall the Workman be? Everyone. XYho shall the craftsman be? He who good work has done. XX'ho shall the master be? He whose thought has won, N.N Blanuarp Glass, 1931 ARTHUR J. ANDERSON Technical National Honor Society, Senior Council, Honor Club, Achievement Dinners, TIINIES Staff Three Semesters, Assistant Editor, In- terclass Baseball, Sophomore and Junior Checker Champs, Senior Guard, German Club, C. I. C., Guard. JOHN BALSEWICK Technical C. I. C., Guard, TIMES, Honor Club. FRED C. BEHN Technical C. I. C. Delegate Two Semesters, National Honor Society, Senior Council, Senior Guard, Mgr. Student Coaching System, Honor Club Three Semesters, Secretary of Honor Club, Two Achievement Dinners, Office Guard. TIMES News Collector, Inter- class Baseball and Chess. DAVID BERNSTEIN Architectural C. I. C., Arx Club, French Club, Arx' Competition, Lettermen'S Club, Interclass Wrestling, Basketball, Baseball, Achievement Dinner, R. O. T. C., VVrestling Team. JOHN BLAKE ' Architectural C. I. C,, Student Coach, Civic Letter, In- terclass Checkers, Band. ' , .V FRED BLISS . X . 'I Technical ' J C. I. C.,'Gex!an Club, Interclass Base- ball, Checlggxlnterclass Basketball, Third Year Base al Champs. EDWARD J. BOUQUET Technical C. I. C., French Club, Interclass Baseball, Track and Volleyball, TIMES Collector, Sec- retary 1B Session Room. Three and a Half Year Graduate. STEPHEN I. BRINDLE Technical C. I. C., Track Team, Guard Eight Se- mesters, Aero Club, German Club, Hockey Club, Interclass Baseball, Basketball and Swimming. F orty-three Forty-four LEONARD C. BUMGARDNER Technical C. I. C., Camera Club, Tennis Club, In- terclass Baseball, Interclass Basketball, Slide Rule Class, Guard, Manager Tennis Club, Achievement Dinner. EDWARD C. BUNCK Technical C, I. C., Honor Club, Two Semesters, Guard ZB, ZA, SA, Interclass Baseball, Bas- ketball, Achievement Dinners, Stage Craft, Checkers lA. ROSCOE F. BURBRIDGE Technical Ticket Salesman, Track, Interclass Bas- ketball, Band Eight Semesters, Orchestra Eight Semesters, C. I. C., French Club. ARCHIE CAMPBELL Technical Vice-President Choral Club, Tilden Tech Quartet, Five Semesters Choral Club, "Sin- bad the Sailor" Play, "Chinese Garden" Play, "Bells of Beaujolaisu Play, Interclass Baseball, Civic Lettermen's Club. OLIVER G. CELLINI Technical Wrestling Three Years, Band, Letterrnen's Club Three Semesters, German Club, Achievement Dinners, Ticket Salesman for Senior Prom and Social Committee. GUSTAVE CEPULIS Technical Senior Guard, Door Guard, Guard, TIMES Collector, TIMES Reporter, Interclass Bas- ketball. HOWARD W. COLBERG Technical C. I. C. Delegate Two Times, TIMES Col- lector Two Times, Guard Two Times, Min- ute Man, Checkers. STANLEY COOPER Technical C. I. C., Guard, C. I. C. Delegate, Senior Guard, R. O. T. C., Military Police, Fresh- man Track Champs, 3A Basketball Champs, Track Team, Interclass Baseball, Swimming. ERN-EST A. COYKENDALL Technical Senior Council, Honor Club Three Times, Achievement Dinners, Senior, Office and Hall Guard, Student Court, C. I. C. Dele- gate, CRAFTSMAN Staff, Student Coach. BENJAMIN T. DAVIA Architectural Senior Council, Senior Guard, Achieve- ment Dinners, Cheerleading Three Years, Vice-President of French Club, Honor Club Two, National Honor Society Three, Guard One Semester, "The Dictator," TIMES Col- lector, TIMES Reporter, C. I. C. Delegate. ELMER DAVISON Architectural Three Achievement Dinners, Slide Rule Instructor, C. I. C., French Club, Senior Guard, Track Team, Honor Club, Interclass Baseball, Basketball, Volleyball, Chess. WARREN DUNIBAR Technical Choral, Piano Club, Guard, Orchestra, Dramatics, Interclass Baseball, Basketball. FREDERICK GEORGE EDSBERG Technical Guard, Magic Club, "Wappin Warf," Dramatic Club, Honor Club, "Dictator," Slide Rule Class, French Club, Interclass Baseball. LOUIS ELL Technical Office Guard, Gymnastic Team, Junior and Senior Swimming Teams, Choral Club, French Club, and C. I. C. WILLIAM H, FETTERS Architectural Senior Arx, C. I. C., Choral Club, Let- termen's Club, Football Team, Achievement Dinner, Arx Competition, Van Dort Winner, Interclass Baseball, Basketball and Wres- tling. WILLIAM FORST Technical Senior Guard, Soccer Team, Band, Achievement Dinners, Guard, Marshal, C. I. C., German Club, TIMES Collector, 4B In- terclass Baseball Champs, Music Club. F arty- five F arty-.tix EDNVARD P. FREEMAN Technical C. I. C., Guard, Interclass Baseball, Foot- ball Reserves, School Boxing Tournament, Freshman Football, Boxing Team, Inter- class Basketball, 3A Basketball Champs. VVILLIAM J. FUERST Technical Guard, ZB, Ticket Salesman, C. I. C. Member, Band Class. WILLIAM A. GERLOCK Technical ' Freshman Football, Reserves, Interclass Baseball, Checkers, 3A Basketball Champs, C. I, C., Choral Club, Mixed Chorus, "Caliph and the Caravan" and 'KSingbad the Sailor" Casts, Guard, Session Room Reporter. ANDREW' R. GOETTEL Architectural C. I. C,, Senior Arx, French Club, Inter- class Baseball, Basketball, Champion Skat- ing Team, Volleyball, Wrestling, Track. BERI GULESERIAN Technical National Honor Society, Senior Council, Honor Club, CRAFTSMAN Staff, Swimming Team, Mixed Chorus, French Club, Guard Marshal, Ticket Salesman, President of In- ternational Club, All Interclass Athletics, Camera Club. FRANK HAGINS Technical C. I, C., Guard Four Times, Interclass Indoor Baseball Four Times, Outdoor Base- ball Two Times, Basketball Three Times. LOUIS G. HALPER Technical National Honor Society, Senior Council, CRAFTSMAN Staff, German Club, .Honor Club Six Semesters, Three Achievement Dinners, Freshman Track Champs, Office Guard, Senior Guard, Scholarship Letter, Student Coach, Interclass Baseball and Bas- ketball. THOMAS HANTE Technical C. I. C., TIMES Collector, Interclass Base- ball Three Times, Checkers, Basketball, In- terclass Baseball, Basketball Champs. ROXVLAND S. HARDIN Technical C. I. C., Guard, Interclass Baseball Champs, TIM!-:s Reporter, French Club, Achievement Dinner, Military and Concert Bands. ARTHUR J. HARTLEY Technical C. I. C. Five, Guard Four, Choral Club, Interclass Baseball. JACK HAVEY Technical President of Class, National Honor So- ciety, Senior Council, President of Honor Club, Two Achievement Dinners, Best Citi- zen from 3A Session, Honor Club Three Semesters, Office Guard Marshal, Senior Guard Marshal, Office Guard Two Semes- ters, Tunes Collector Four Sernesters, Tun-:s News Collector One Semester. PHILIP J. HECHT Technical C. I. C., Freshman Track Champs '27, Student Coach 1B-lA, Scribblers' Club, Track '28-'30, Band '28-'31, Civic Letter, CRAFTSMAN Staff, Senior Guard, Achieve- ment Dinner, Interclass Baseball. HERBERT HEYN Technical Session President, Senior Guard, Office Guard, Ticket Salesman, German Club, Stu- dent Coacli, lnterclass Baseball Third Year Champs, C, I. C. Delegate. RALPH E. JAHNS Technical Turns Business Staff, Aero Club, C. I. C., Guard, C. I. C. Delegate, German Club, Interclass Baseball, Basketball, Swimming, Track. CHARLES J. JOHNSON Technical C. I. C., Guard, French Club, Choral Club, Ifkelele Club, Lightweight Basketball, School Baseball Champs. Interscholastic lNrestling Champ, Interclass Track, Basketball, Swim- ming, Tennis. ANDREVV JCHL Architectural Honor Club. Achievement Dinner, Senior Arx, Office Guard, C. I. C. F orty-seven Forty-eight JOHN JUTZI Technical Guard, German Club, Choral Club. Mixed Chorus, "Singbad the Sailor," Choral Club Contest, TIMES Collector, Wrestling Team, Interclass Wrestling Champs, Achievement Dinner, Ticket Salesman, C. I. C. CHARLES F. KAPPELER Technical C. I. C., Wrestling Team, Guard Four Semesters, Interclass Wrestling, Baseball, Basketball, Swimming, HAROLD KANTER Technical Senior Council, National Honor Society, Honor Club, Assistant Editor of TIMES, Senior Guard, German Club, Vice-President of Stamp Club, C. I. C., Achievement Din- ners, Session Room Reporter, Slide Rule Class. ARTHUR E. KARTMAN Technical Hockey Club, Foreign Boys' Club, French Club, Interclass Volleyball, Track, CRAFTS- MAN Collector, Ticket Salesman, Alternate C. I. C. Delegate, Guard, C. I. C. JOSEPH KISSANE Technical Interclass Baseball, Basketball, Track, Wrestling, Military Band, C. I. C., Guard, C. I. C. Delegate, TIMES Collector, Re- porter. CHA S. KOLAR Technical Senior Council, Three Operettas, Senior Guard, Gymnastic Team, Dramatics, Honor Club Secretary, German Club, Achievement Dinners, Pres. of Choral Club, Vice-Pres. of Sketch Club, Civic Letter, Three Plays. WILLIAM KOPESKY Technical Honor Club Five Semesters. Vice-Presi- dent Senior Council, National Honor S0- ciety, C. I. C., Senior, Oflice and Hall Guard, .Interclass Basketball, Student Coach, Two Achievement Dinners, FRANK KUCHINNSKI Technical Senior Council, Honor Club Four Semes- ters, Soccer Team, Assistant Guard Marshal, Three Achievement Dinners, Senior Guard, Lettermen's Club, German Club, Mixed Chorus, Interclass ZA Basketball Champs, 4B Baseball Champs, Track. E. KIIEBLER Architectural C. I. C,, Achievement Dinners, Senior Guard, Freshman Football, Orchestra, Chess Team, Honor Club, French Club, Interclass Baseball, Basketball, Volleyball and Chess and Checkers. EVVALD KUK Technical C. I. C., Radio Club, French Club, Music Club, Guard, Slide Rule Class. JOSEPH N. KIINZER Technical German Club, Achievement Din'-er, TIMEs Collector, Interclass Basketball and Baseball, C. I. C. Delegate One Semester. EDVVIN J, LAMBERTY Architectural Prize Winner Van Dort Competition, Mixed Chorus Club, Wrestling Team, C. I. C. Delegate, Interclass Baseball, Track, Skating, Basketball, and Wrestling Champs, Guard, TIMES Reporter, and Ticket Sales- man. LESTER LARSON Architectural Senior Council, Honor Club, French Club, Dramatic Club Two, "Wappin' Wharf," "Dictator," Business Manager TIMES Two, Achievement Dinners, No Tardiness, Ticket Salesman Two, C. I. C., Interclass Baseball, Basketball, Checkers. J OH N LEE Technical Usher, Fire Guard, Guard, German Club, C. I. C. CHARLES LEMMER Architectural ' C. I. C., Senior Arx, French Club, TIMES Staff, Tennis Manager, Guard, Room Re- porter, Ticket Salesman, Interclass Track, Baseball, Basketball, Checkers '3l. GEORGE P. LUNDE Technical ' Interclass Basketball, Volleyball, Baseball, Swimming, Choral Club, Guard, Member of C. I. C., Ticket Salesman. F arty-nine Fifty VVALTER P. MAMON Technical Three and a Half Year Graduate, Achieve- ment Dinner, Honor Club, Senior Guard, No Tardiness, Interclass Baseball, Ticket Salesman, TIMES Collector, C. I. C., Slide Rule Class. JULIUS J. MARSCHMAN Technical Football, Guard, Guard Marshal, Senior Guard, Lettermen's Club, C. I. C. ROBERT A. MARSH Technical C. I. C. Delegate, Achievement Dinners, Honor Club Three Times, Band, Dramatic Club, "Wappin' Wharf," "The Dictator," Interclass Wrestliiig, Baseball, Basketball, Senior and Hall Guard, French Club, Music Club, Camera Club. HARVEY L. MARTIN. JR. Architectural Senior Arx, Interclass Baseball, Basket- ball, C. I. C., C. I. C. Delegate, French Club. CANDIDO M. MARQUEZ Technical Director of Spanish Club, Silvertones, Choral Club, Musical Revues, Mixed Chorus, Music Club, 'KBells of Beaujalaisn Cast, Guard, C. I. C., Interclass Track, Baseball, Freshman Football, 3A Basketball Champs, Truss. FRANK J. MCCARTHY Technical C. I. C., Interclass Baseball Championship '27-'28, Guard, Interclass Basketball, Track, Ice Skating. JOHN MCCOLLAM Architectural C. I. C., French Club, Boxing, Senior Arx, Guard, Interclass Baseball, Swimming, VVrestling. THOMAS J. McDONALD Technical C. I. C. Delegate, Guard, M. Pfs, Usher, R. O. T. C., Golf Team, Interclass Base- ball, Track, Basketball, Skating, C. I. C. MACCORMACK M. MCENDREE Musical Military, Concert Bands, R. O. T. C., French Club, Music Club Adv. Chairman, C. I. C. DONALD J. MCINTYRE Technical C. I. C., Guard, Interclass Baseball, Swim- ming. ' JACK E. MILLER Technical Senior Class Treasurer, Senior Council, Honor Club, Achievement Dinners, C. I. C. Executive Council, C. I. C. Delegate, Clean- up Committee, French Club, Office Guard, Senior Guard, Interclass Baseball and Track, Ticket Salesman. JOHN W. MOORE Technical Basketball, Track, Swimming, Golf, Cap- tain of Golf Team Two Semesters, Choral Club, Oliicer of Choral Club, Operettas, 'tPocahontas" and "Singbad the Sailor," In- terclass Athletics. JOHN K. MORRISON Technical Vice-President Senior Class, National Honor Society, Senior Council, Honor Club Five Semesters, Secretary and Vice-Presi- dent, Achievement Dinners, TIMES Stall Two Semesters, German Club Two Semes- ters, Secretary, Senior Guard, Office Guard Eour Semesters, Orchestra Seven Semesters, .I. . XVILLIAM F. MRAZ Technical C. I, C., German Club, Honor Club, Music Club, Band Eight Semesters, Interclass Baseball and Basketball, Clean-up Commit- tee, Ensemble Contest, TIMES Collector. JOHN A, NELSON Technical Honor Club, C. I. C., Choral Club, Inter- f'ass Baseball. Achievement Dinner, Ticket Salesman, Guard. PETER N. NICHOLAS Technical C. I. C., Public Speaking Contest '29, In- terclass Baseball, Volleyball, Basketball 3A Champs 'Z9. Fifty-one Fij ty-two CHARLES NEUBAUER Technical Guard, Interclass Baseball, C. I. C., Ger- man Club, TIMES Collector, Football, Track '30 THOMAS O'FARRELL Architectural t'The' Dictator," Choral Club Two, Mili- tary Police Three, Senior Arx, Interclass Baseball. WALTER OLDENSKI Architectural C. I. C., Senior Arx, Senior Guard, Ten- nis Team, French Club, Tennis Club, Inter- class Tennis Championship, Baseball, Bas- ketball, Volleyball. JOSEPH A. ORINTAS Technical C. I. C., Football, Ticket Salesman, Guard, Interclass Baseball. WALTER PACHUCKI Technical C. I. C., Concert Band, Interclass Base- ball, Interclass Basketball, Third Year Inter- class Baseball Champs. WALTER PEKUSKO f Technical C. I. C. Seven Semesters, Guard Three Semesters, Interclass Indoor and Outdoor Baseball, Basketball, Wrestling, Athletic Manager Three Semesters, Sophomore and Junior Checker Champs, Interclass Wres- tling Champ 165 lb., Checker Club. JOSEPH E. PFEIFER Technical Interclass Baseball Twice, Basketball Twice, C. I. C. Delegate, Basketball Re- serve Squacl, Guard. German Club. DOXEY E. PICKARD Technical C. I. C., Guard, Interclass Baseball, Bas- ketball. JAMES PLECKO Architectural Guard, Reserve Football Team, French Club, Interclass Baseball, Basketball, Track, Swimming. STEPHEN PONSAVAGE Technical C. I. C., French Club, Guard, Interclass Baseball, Basketball. JOHN C. PRENNER Technical Junior Swimming Team, Senior Swim- ming Team, Freshman Basketball, Interclass Basketball Champs, Member of the C. I. C., Member of the German Club, 100W TIMES Subscriber. HAROLD PRILL Architectural Reporter on TIMES Staff, Guard, Inter- class Baseball, Basketball, French Club, C. I. C., TIMES Collector, Four A. Arx. KENNETH T. PRITCHARD Technical Honor Club, Achievement Dinners, Vice- Pres. German Club, 4B Senior Prom Chair- man, Clean-up Campaign Chairman, Social Committee, Senior Traffic Guard Marshal, Senior Alderman, Guard, Asst. Guard Mar- shal, Guard Marshal, Basketball Team, In- terclass ZA Basketball Champs, 4B Base- ball Champs, Track, Swimming. R. JOHN QUEENEY Technical C. I. C., Guard, Interclass Basketball Champions, Baseball, Captain '27, Champions '29, Track, Ticket Salesman, Senior Prom Committee. ALBERT RATKE Technical C. I. C., Guard, German Club, Interclass Baseball, 3A and 4B Champs, Interclass Basketball, Manager of Ice Skating Team. WALTER REHLING Architectural ' National Honor Society, Senior Council, Gymnastic Team, Student Court, Checker Team, Orchestra, Honor Club Five, Honor Club Letter, French Club, Achievement Din- ners, Interclass Sports Six, Senior Guard. F ifty-three Fifty-four CHARLES RIEGEL Technical C. I, C., Senior Guard, Interclass Base- ball, Business Manager TIMES Staff, Ger- man Club, Civic Letterman. ANTON REINER Technical German Club, Senior Guard, Guard Five Semesters, C. I. C. Six Semesters, TIMES Collector, GEO, ROGERS Architectural French Club, Honor Club, Interclass Baseball, Senior Arx, C. I. C. EDVVARD ROHAN Technical C. I. C., Interclass Baseball, Interclass Basketball, Guard. RALPH C. ROHRBACH Technical Senior Council, Honor Club Four Semes- ters, Achievement Dinner Three Times, Sen- ior Guard, Guard Two Times, TIMES Col- lector, TIMES Reporter, C. I. C., Interclass Baseball, Basketball, Session Athletic Man- ager. RICHARD ROSEEN Architectural C. I. C. Delegate Two, French Club, Senior Arx. GORDON R. ROSS Technical Football, Guard, French Club, Junior Prom Committee, Interclass Track, Basket- ball, Swimming, C. I. C. LEO ROTHSTEIN Technical Gymnastic Team, C. I. C., Senior Guard, Guard, German Club, Interclass Baseball, VVrestling, Freshman Football. I PHILLIP SALUS Technical Senior Guard, C. I. C., Third Year Inter- class Baseball Champs, Hall Guard, Chess, German Club, Choral Club, Office Guard, Elidehllule Class, TIMES Salesman, Student oac . PAUL G. SANDONATO Technical Interclass Baseball, Basketball, Guard, German Club, C. I. C. FRANK SAYRE Architectural Three and a Half Year Graduate, Choral Club, French Club, C. I. C. Seven Semes- ters, Tennis Club, Interclass Track, Track Team, Tennis Team. ANDREW SCHM I DT Technical Reserve Football Three Semesters, Inter- class Basketball and Baseball Three Semes- ters, Guard Four Semesters, TIMES Busi- ness Staff, and C. I. C. EUGENE SHIREY Technical Interclass Checker Champs, Basketball, Baseball, Perfect Attendance Three Times, C. I. C. Five Times, Guard Three Times. BERTRAM SHOVER Technical C. I. C., French, Officers' Clubs, Civic Letter, R. O. T. C., Lieutenant, M. P. In- spector, Ushers, Senior, Lunch, Fire Guard. BERNARD SIKKENGA Technical C. I. C. Seven Semesters, Guard Three Semesters, Aviation Club One Semester, German Club One Semester, No Absence One Semester, No Tardiness One Semes- ter, Interclass Basketball, Outdoor Baseball, Indoor Baseball, Ticket Salesman One Se- mester. CHARLES SINGELMAN Architectural French Club, C. I. C., Senior Arx, Inter- class Track. Fifly-Fw F i fty-six VVILLIAM G, SLOAN Architectural Soccer Team, Captain '29, '30, National Honor Society, Senior Council, Honor Club Four Semesters, Arx Club, C. I. C., Athletic Manager, All-City Arx Comp. Winner, In- terclass Baseball, Basketball, Lettermen's Club, Achievement Dinners. J OE SM IT H Technical Senior Guard, Guard, French Club, C. I. C., Session Room Reporter, Interclass Base- ball, Swimming, Ticket Salesman. RUSH SMITH Technical C. I. C. Delegate, TIMES Reporter and Collector, Interclass Basketball, Baseball, Swimming, Skating, Track, French Club, Office Guard. ANTHONY C. SMULSKI Technical Senior Guard, C. I. C., TIMES Reporter, TIMES Collector, German Club, Guard, In- terclass ZA Basketball Champs, 4B Baseball Champs, Track, Swimming. STANLEY M. SYNDER Technical Honor Club, French Club, C. I. C., Guard, Reserve Football, Interclass Basketball, Baseball, Track, ' ORVILLE SONNTAG Technical Guard Two Semesters, Interclass Basket- ball, Interclass Baseball, Ticket Salesman. NVALTER C. STASHINSKI Architectural Honor C1ub,YFrench Club, C. I. C., Senior Guard, Achievement Dinners, Interclass Baseball and Basketball, Architectural Com- petition, Soccer, Gymnastics, Capt. '30, Track. GEORGE STILES Architectural Honor Club, Achievement Dinner, Senior Arx, Tennis Team, First Place City Draw- ing Competition junior Year, French Club, Office Guard, C. I. C., Interclass Baseball and Basketball. CHARLES A. STOREY Technical Honor Club, Achievement Dinner, C. I. C. Delegate, Inter-room Basketball, Wrestling, Soccer, Lettermen's Club, Guard. BURNETT SULLIVAN Technical - 'C. I. C., French Club, Slide Rule Class, Interclass Baseball, Interclass Swimming. GARNIE TENNON Technical Three and a Half Year Graduate, Honor Club Three Semesters, C. I. C., Guard, French Club, Senior Guard. PERCY W. THOMAS Technical C. I. C., Guard, Interclass Baseball, Bas- ketball, Track, Checkers, Varsity Basketball, Track, Checkers. STEVEN UCHEREK Architectural Honor Club, C. I. C., Senior Arx, Senior Guard, Assistant Circulation Manager on TIMES, French Club, Interclass Basketball, Baseball, Volleyball, Ice Skating, Chess and Checkers. JOHN UNIEK Technical C. I, C., Guard, Interclass Baseball. JOSEPH M. VENTUELLA Architectural Wrestling, Choral Club, Football, Senior Arx. JOSEPH F. VOLKSTORF Technical Guard Five Semesters, C1 I. C., Interclass Baseball, Basketball, Slide Rule Class, Achievement Dinner. Fifty-seven Fifty-eight FRED J. VVACHTER Architectural National Honor Society, Senior Council, Senior Guard, Heavyweight Basketball, Tennis Team, Honor Club, Achievement Dinners, Interclass Athletics, Athletic Man- ager, Architectural Competition. EDWARD WALSH Architectural Guard, C. I. C., French Club, Interclass Baseball, Basketball, Ticket Salesman. JOE WANTLING Technical ., Interclass Base l, Basketball hletic Thir d Fourth fm' 3 X- JAY 14111 , . mg Tournament, 126 lb. Boxing Cha . STANLEY WESTFELT Architectural Senior Guard, C. I. C., French Club, Sen- ior Arx, Track Team, Interclass Baseball, Volleyball, Basketball, Track, Checkers, Achievement Dinner. EDWIN G. WILSON Technical National Honor Society, Senior Council, R. O. T. C. Captain, Non-Coms' Club, Of- ficers' Club, Chief Usher, Assistant Chief of Military Police, Assistant Fire Marshal, Honor Club, Senior Guard. RUSSELL 'WILT Music Music Club, C. I. C., German Club, Or- chestra, Guard, Theater Orchestra. WILLIAM W. WINTERS Technical Interclass Baseball, Basketball, Ticket Salesman, C. I. C., Choral Club. ARNOLD A. VVITT Technical National Honor Society, Senior Council, Senior and Oitice Guard, Honor Club Five Times, CRAFTSMAN Staff, Achievement Din- ners, Interclass Baseball, C. I. C., Student Coach, Honor Club Letterman, Student Court. H ENRY WI TT Technical C. I. C., Guard, Substitute on Checker Team, Interclass Checkers, and Basketball. WILLIAM YUNKER Technical Senior Guard, C. I. C. Delegate, Guard, German Club, Interclass Baseball, Basket- ball, Ticket Salesman. FRANK ZEMGULIS Technical Interclass Basketball, Baseball, Football. -f-71 Cllbeer for Qiilhen Utech. Arch, Mech, Tech, Elec, Rah! Rah! Tilden Tech. Arch, Mech, Tech, Elec Rah! Rah! Tilden Tech. Arch, Mech, Tech, Elec. Rah! Rah! Tilrlen Tech, And how? Yeaea! x F ifty-nine Sixty Tenth Annual Achievement Dinner Program S. Toastmistress ....... ........ Two Piano Duet-"Minute Waltz" .................... Paul Ross and Russell Wilt Address-Adventures in Arctic Regions .... ....... . . Tilden Loyalty Song ..... . Xylophone Solos- "SeXtet', from "Lucia di Lammernioorn. .. "Mighty Lak' a Rose" .................... Raymond Jordan Some Minor Adventures Among Ourselves- In the Field of the Mind ............. ..... . . . .Miss Murphy . . .Chopin .James Ryan, '28 . . . .The Audience . . .Donizetti . . . .Nevin Charles Baranovich In the Field of Service... .... Ernest Coykendall In Sporting Fields ..... . . . Vocal Duet- 4'The Year's at the Spring" .... ....... . . . 'fGo1ng Home" .............. .. ..,....... Miss Hedenbergh and Mrs. Swanstrom Our Faculty ..................... ....... . .... . Saxophone Solo-i'The Duchess" ............. Louis Slota Qui' Principal .... ............ Our Guests Tilden Booster Song .... .Charles Schiffman . . . .Beach . . . .Willebey . . .Mr. Bixler . . . .Rehl . . . .Mr. Evans . . . .The Audience V W Emu Bear Grahuatzs LOUIS VV. AMROFELL Electric Breakfast Committee, Vocational Council Camera Club, International Club, Achievei ment Dinner. ALBERT A. ARMAGAST Electric Interclass Baseball, Interclass Basketball VVALTER C. ARNDT Interclass Baseball, Interclass Basketball Achievement Dinner, School Baseball Team PAUL BABYAR Machine Interclass Baseball, Interclass Ice Skating. STEPHEN BABYAR Auto Interclass Baseball, Interclass Wrestling, Cartoonists Club. ' MICHAEL BECHINA Electric Interclass Swimming, Interclass Baseball Interclas Basketball. ROBERT I. BECKER Electric Interroom Basketball, Interroom Swim- ming Team, Chess and Checker Club. GEORGE R. BENAK Electric R. O .T. C., Volleyball Team. RALPH BERE Auto Interclass Baseball HAROLD BERNA Electric Guard. PETER BLIDY Machine. Indoor Baseball, Interclass Basketball, Interclass Track. RAY BORCHERDING Vocational Achievement Dinner, Committee. Sixty-one S ixty-two OLIVER A. BOYLE Mechanical Drawing. Interclas Baseball. THURMAN BREEN Technical C. I. C. I OH N B ULAWA Auto Mechanic TIMES Reporter, Interclass Baseball, Inter- class Swimming, Lunch Room Guard. NICK CANDRATOVICH Machine Interclass Baseball, Interclass Basketball Ring Committee. THOMAS CANNON Vocational C. I. C. STEVE P. CARR Auto Mechanic Honor Club, C. I. C. Delegate, TIMES Re- porter, Achievement Dinner. LEONARD J. CHAPLEWSKI Electric Interclass Baseball, Interclass Basketball Times Reporter, R. O. T. C. WILLIAM CHOYG Electric Interclass Basketball, Freshman Champ Interclass Baseball, Freshman Football. ALEX A. CZEPOWSKI Auto Interclass Baseball, C. I. C. Delegate. JOHN L. DROP Electric Interclass Baseball. MARION S. DUDZIK Auto Interclass Volley Ball, Picture Commit- tee, Achievement Dinner, Vocational Coun- cil. GILBERT C. DUNN Printing C. I. C. : 1 ELFRIED VV. EDEN Electric Choral Club, Vocational Council, Achieve- ment Dinner. MARTIN EISELE Electric Interclass Baseball, ROBERT ERICKSON Auto Mechanics Band, Achievement Dinner, Indoor Base- ball, TIMES Collector. ALBERT E. ETGES Printing TIMES, Interclass Volleyball, Interclass Baseball, Figure Sketch Club. JOSEPH FIALA Electric XVILLIAM G. FIALA Printing Interclass Basketball, Interclass Baseball, Figure Sketch Club, J. F. FLECK Printing Figure Sketch Club, Golf. XVALTER FUERST Auto Interclass Basketball, Interclass Baseball, Interclass Volleyball. JOHN GABRIEL Electric C. I. C. JOHN J. GARGIN Electric C. I. C. HARRY F. GARKOWSKI Electric Orchestra, Interclass Baseball, Interclass Swimming, Achievement Dinner. AUGUST L. GERACI Electric Interclass Baseball, Swimming, Basketball, TIMES Reporter. Sixty-tlzrve Sixty-four F. L. GNIEWEK Auto Shop Interelass Basketball, Interelass Baseball, C. I. C, Delegate, TIMES Reporter. STANLEY G. GORECKI Mechanical Drawing Interclass Baseball, Interclass Basketball, ANTHONY G. GUMBARAS Auto Shop TIIxIEs Collector, Interclass Baseball, Bas- ketball, Volleyball. JAMES J. HENNESSY Electric Orchestra, Guard. FRANK L. HANZEL Machine Shop C. I. C. Delegate, Interclass Baseball, Bas- ketball, Orchestra. VVALTER E. HELLWEG Electric C. I. C. Delegate, Three Semester Honor Club, Achievement Dinner, Vocational Coun- cil, Choral Club, Class Secretary. JOSEPH HLAVENKA Printing TIMES Reporter, Interclass Baseball, VVrestling, Usher. MILTON N. HOOK. Electric Interclass Baseball, Basketball, Choral Club. JOSEPH HULATA Electric TIMES Reporter, Athletic Manager, Come- mittee Men, Breakfast Committee. FRANK J. JAKUBIEC Printing Interclass Basketball, Figure Sketch Club. FRANK J. JANES Machine Gymnastic squad. ARTHUR B. KLOOS Electric TIMES Reporter, Interclass Baseball, Bas- ketball. WILLIAM KODL Auto 0H'ice Guard, Honor Club, C. I. C. Del- egate. JOHN KORDIK Electric Interclass Baseball. JOSEPH KOVACS Auto C. I. C. CHARLES VV. KRAL Machine C. I. C. CHARLES KUDIA Print Lunch Room Marshal, TIMES Reporter. HENRY J. LEW Print C. I. C. WALTER R. LUSZCZAK Electric C. I. C., Vocational Council, Honor Club, Entertainment Chairman. EDWARD J. MADURA Auto Interclass Baseball, Athletic Manager. ANDREW A. MAREK Print C. I. C. FABIAN MARKOVICH Electric Interclass Baseball STEVEN MICHALIDES Electric Interclass Baseball PETER I. MICHUS Electric Interclass Wrestling, Interclass Baseball, C. I. C. Delegate. TIMES Collector. Sixty-five S ixty-six' JOSEPH C. MOONEY Electric Interclass Baseball, Vocational Council, VVARREN R. MOORE Mechanical Drawing Biology Club. Interclass Baseball JOHN NEMETH Machine Freshman Track. CHARLES H. NEVYENS Auto Interclass Baseball, Volleyball. EDXYARD A. NICKLASON Electric C. I. C. JOHN F. O'HARA Electric Interclass Swimming, Basketball, Base- ball, Achievement Dinner. XVALTER G. OMIECINSKI Machine lnterclass Basketball and Track, Athletic Manager. ANTHONY M. PALEK Electric Interclas Baseball, TIMES Staff, Aviation Club. OSCAR PELDZCS Print TIMES Collector JOHN PETIKA Electric Interclass Baseball, Basketball, Volley- ball. and Track. FRANK J. PROCHASKA Auto Interelass Baseball, TIMES Reporter, C. I. C. Delegate. JOSEPH F. PROKOP Print I Athletic Manager, Interclass Baseball and Basketball, Ticket Salesman. JOSEPH RADOSTITS Auto TIMES Reporter, Lost and Found Guard. Honor Club. ROBERT VV. RAHLFS Auto Interroom Baseball, Interroom Basket- ball. i MICHAIZL P. RIZZO Auto Interclass Basketball and Baseball, 100 lb. Xlicstling Champ. EDWARD RYCZEK Auto Intex-room Baseball. FRANK SAZAMO Iilectric Intcrclass Baseball and Basketball, Ath- t, A I . , 1 lc ic Nlanagcr, Vocational Counsel. DCDLEY I. SELOVER Mechanical Drawing Concert Band. SLOKO L. SERESCIVICH Interclass Baseball, Volleyball and Bas- ketball. NICK SILZER Electric lVrestling School, Interclass llfrestling Boxing Club. ANTHONY J. SLCZEXYSIQI Electric C. I. C. EDVVARD J. SOLTI S Print Chairman of Printing Club. Civic Lctter- lTlall. GEATON TESSARI Mechanical Drawing International Club, RALPH VV. TRUE Electric Cartoonist Club, Concert Band, Orches- tra, Photography Committee, Sixty-seven Sixty-eight WILLIAM P. VAN Electric Freshman Football Team, Treasurer of Class, Vocational Council, Achievement Din- ner, Wrestling Team, Honor Club. EDVVARD J. 'WANSIK Electric R. O. T. C., C. I. C., Fire Guard. EDWARD F. VVOOL Machine Interclass Baseball, Interclass Swimming, TIMES Reporter. EDWARD L. ZABINSKI Auto Interclass Baseball, Interclass Basketball, Interclass Swimming. CHARLES J. ZIEGLER Electric Interclass Baseball, Interclass Basketball, Athletic Manager, Class President. MATHEVV S. ZIEMBA Electric Interclass Baseball, C. I. C. JOSEPH M. ZITTMAN Auto Interclass Baseball, Interclass Basketball, C. I. C. I WILLIAM BIRNBAUM Printing C. I. C. Delegate, Printing Club, Inter- class Athletics, Guard. SAUNDERS BROWN Auto C. I. C. LESLIE KAMIN Printing C. I. C. Delegate, Interclass Basketball, Orchestra. RAYMOND KREFEL Printing C. I. C. Delegate, Interclass Baseball, Guard, Usher, M. P. STANLEY SOPARUS Electric TIMES Collector, Interclass Basketball, Music Club. JERRY SVOBODA Machine C, I. C. Delegate, Interclass Baseball. VVILLIAM UHER Auto Honor Club, Vocational Council, C. I. C. Delegate, Achievement Dinner, TIMES Col- lector, Guard. FRED VVALKER Printing C. I. C, Delegate, Interclass Baseball. 'Xmf s I 2A CLASS OFFICERS AND COMMITTEE Shriy-nine Sczwzfy VOCATIONAL COUNCIL CLEAN UP COMMITTEE v UNE 1: Ass IQQHDT Alpha LPHA leadsg others follow. It is an old but true saying. In scholar- ship and athletics she ranks the highest. The notables that make up the enrollment are: Don Bellstrom, the Vice-President of the class, john Costello, the President of the Senior Council, Harold Blackmore, captain for two successive years of the Basketball, Baseball and Golf teams, Hilton Crossman, holder of seven major letters, and Charles Schiffman, all state football center and the holder of six major letters. Some of the other letter men of this famous chapter are: XValter Herman, Robert James, George Koeppe, Don Bellstrom, George Goeing, Edward Anthony, john Costello and james Kovarik. Alpha also is a leader in all intramural sports, having placed second in basketball and baseball by losing the school championship in the final games by hard luck scores. I The Times Staff has john Costello, Harold Blackmore, Don Bellstrom, Eugene Schneller, and Mathew Bartosik. The CRAFTSMAN Staff has George Koeppe and George Board. Having read this, one can readily see why Alpha leads. So hats off to Alpha, the pride of the Senior hall. Beta ETA the champions! XYe do not blatantly boast of our superiority, but let facts speak for themselves, Beta has won the Senior baseball cham- pionship. Beta has all except one of the C. I. C. ohicers. They are: Frank Albert, vice-president, Jack Krueger, treasurer, and XYayne Schultz, secretary. and Kenneth Stall, secretary of the June class. He see that Beta is represented in all the important activities at Tilden. Here are: Francis, the assistant Times editor, Schmaltz, the chief guard rnarshalp Borowski, the major of the R. O. T. C., and McGary, the chief justice of the student court. Schmaltz, Antelek, Harris, llostaer and Rybel are on the CRAFTSMAN staff. Tn sports, Beta has many leaders. XYQ have the captain of the swimming team, the captain of the fencing team, the captain of the cheer squad, the captain of the lightweight basketball, and the captain of the boxing team. XVe have representatives on the football team, track team, swimming team. lightweight basketball, fencing team, skating team, wrestling team, and gymnastic team. Major letters have been awarded to the following members of Beta: Albert, Forrest, Glavasko, Harris, johnson. Pieroth, Postaer, Rehor, Schaffer, and Zacharias, Civic letters have been awarded to Schultz. Stall. Francis, George, Borowski. Schmaltz and Albert. Korevec has received an Honor Club letter. He and Stall are also members of National Honor Society. 5'ez'c1zty-one Seventy-two Gamma AMMA, that supreme chapter, for the past year has been leader in every branch of work at Tilden. By always being on top in scholarship, sports, social life, and civic service, Gamma has brought fame to the june class of 1930. We boast of members in almost every activity. Twenty-four letters in various lines of sports, and eighteen civic letters have been earned by our members, In our midst are: Joseph Schneider, president of the C. I. C., and co-chairman of the social committee, Lawrence Laird, treasurer of the June class of 1930 and co-editor of the Times 3 Stephen Lang, executive chairman of the 1930 clean-up drive and co-chairman of the social committee 3 Harry Green, a member of the Craftsman Art staff, Norman Hines, backstroke champ, Ralph Metcalfe, 50, 100 and 220 yard dash champ 5 Harold Benson, secretary-treasurer of the Senior Council 3 and Jack Roberta, president of the French Club and a member of the championship skating team. There are others: Senior Council members, Honor Club members, and members of the Band and Orchestra, too numerous to mention in our limited space. When it came to drives, Gamma was always in the lead. Gamma's success is due to typical Tilden Tech spirit. Delta ELTA DOMINATES! We may be in the back of the room, but we're to the front in all else. Delta has supplied leaders in class work, sport and social affairs. Bob Exter, senior councilman and member of the National Honor Society, was elected president of the June class. Bob is also co-editor-in-chief of the Times and was on the lightweight basketball team. Howie Devine, wrestler de-luxe, who has held the city championship in his weight three times in succession and who holds eight letters now and has a chance to break the school record of nine at the June awards, is Delta's contribution to sport. Gerry Mackowiak, of Delta, was chosen chairman of the committee for the South Section Lettermen's dance. Frank Dvorak, president of the German Club, who has an Honor Club letter with one bar, is a member of the wrestling team, the National Honor Society and the Senior Council. Delta claims three members of the first cross-country team organized at Tilden, three wrestlers, five track men, two skaters, one golfer, two members of the soccer team and a baseball player. They have amassed fifteen major letters and five minors. A captain of the ticket salesmen, a first lieutenant in the R. O. T. C., the manager of the track team and of the cross-country team, three Senior Councilmen, two members of the Honor Club, two members of the National Honor Society and a member of the CRAFTSMAN staff are included on our roster. DELTA DOMINATES DECIDEDLY! And How! .IANUAIQY CLASS 1931 I Ward I I UR Ward is the first ward of 317, and so it is with our activities. Even though the other wards may not realize it, we, the members of XVard 1, declare ourselves unexcelled. The Senior Council Members in our VVard have shown themselves worthy of the high honor bestowed upon them by the school. They are: Arthur Anderson, Ralph Rohrbach, and Berj Guleserian. Arthur Anderson and Berj Guleserian are also members of the National Honor Society, an organization to which only a few boys have been accepted. VVe also have with us, Charles Riegel, the business manager of the Times, and Vincent Urban, the official Times photographer. In athletics we are as well represented as in other activities. VVe have Berj Guleserian of the swimming team, Percy Thomas and Charles Johnson of the basketball team, Krstulovich of the soccer team and Kennedy of the wrestling' team. Walter Pekusko, a pretzel twister from VVard 1, won his Way to the 165 lb. interclass wrestling championship of the school. Much musical talent is exhibited by the members of VVard 1. In the band we have Hardin, McEndree, Mraz, Marsh and VVilt. The latter is also the secretary of the Music Club. All of this well run machinery of Ward 1 was under the supervision of Alderman Anderson and Mraz. It is not possible to say much to show the superiority of Vlfard 1 in our great city of 317, Ward II ARD 2 has always been a great help to the school in more ways than one. Some of the most prominent students in the school come from our lfVard. lVe send students to almost every team and club in the school. Some of the teams and clubs that we belong to are as follows: VVrest- ling, gym, French club, football team, tennis team, ukelele club, basketball team, choral club, National Honor Society. There are two captains in our ward. The captain of the soccer team, VVil1iam Sloan, and the captain of the gym team, lValter Stashinski. VVe have Cisyewski, the assistant manager of the gym team, and we have Lemmer, who was manager of the tennis team. There are about ten of the students of XVard 2 who are members of Miss VVright's senior guard squad. In all inter-class sports this XVard has shown itself as capable of holding its own against the rest as any of the other VVards have. About half of the XVard is going to the Achievement Dinner and some of these have gone to the dinners given before this one. Seventy-lhree Sczwzty-fain' Ward III E the members of 1Vard III in the city of 317 hereby declare that we are the city leaders. Our ward leads in politics. XVe proved it by having Jack Havey, the Mayor of 317, elected from our ward. We can also boast of having the two best aldermen in the city. In school activities we lead all other wards by a full lap. We have live Senior Council members, Behn, Kanter, Kuchinski, Havey and Wilson. Three National Honor Society members and four Honor Club members have their homes in our YVard. XVe also have eleven Senior Guards. XVe proudly boast of having the 317 champion inter-class baseball team. Kuchinski, our soccer team representative, and XN'antling, the new 126 lb. school boxing champ, are but two of our many sportsmen. Bumgardner, manager of the Tennis Team, is another of our notable sportsmen. XVe are sorry to say that we have no members on the Craftsman staff, but the Times claims all our available material. Kanter is Assistant Editor of the Times and Balsewick a member of the staff. Campbell is our Choral Club representative, VVilson is in the R. O. T. C., and Heyn on the Clean-up Committee. The Senior Prom Committee claims Greer and Pritchard. Then among our less notables are Civic Lettermen, Athletic Lettermen, Honor Club Lettermen and members of the French and German Clubs. W ard IV LTHOUGH it is the smallest ward in 317, XVard IV is the superior. By having Morrison elected vice-mayor and Miller elected treasurer of 317, we proved ourselves to be good politicians. The Aldermen from XVard IV are also taking an active part in the government of 317. We also excel in school activities. XVe are represented in nearly every club in the school. Seven of our members, Coykendall, Halper. Kolar, Kopesky, Miller, Morrison and Xllitt are in the Senior Council. Four of these: namely, Halper, Kopesky, Morrison and XYitt belong to the National Honor Society, the highest honor organization in the school. Five Honor Club members also make VVard IV their home. Our athletes are Cellini, member -of the wrestling team, Marschman, fullback on the football team and Storey, manager of the soccer team. Kolar is on the gymnastic team and has won his minor "T." The C1'affsma1r and Times staff also are well represented by members of Ward IV. Cellini and Burbridge represent us in the band and Morrison in the orchestra. Kolar. Gerlock and Marquez are members of the Choral Club. Kolar is president of the Club. There are twenty-six members who are Civic lettermen, several scholarship lettermen, and many club officers. Freshmen HE largest Freshmen Class that ever entered Tilden was ushered into this great school last September. The class numbered fifteen hundred strong and represented grammar schools from all parts of the south side of Chicago. Since their first day in this, their new home, the freshmen have performed many notable feats in all branches of school activities including sports, C. I. C., guard, Times, R. O. T. C., music, Honor Club and all types of contests. In the interclass sports, room 213 was most successful, winning three championships, namely: indoor and outdoor baseball and basketball. Touch football for the freshmen only, proved a popular fall sport with l2lB winning the championship. The volleyball tournament, played at the same time, was won by 207B after defeating 233, the 1B winners. The basketball tournament was won by 213 when that room defeated l36. Besides this the freshmen have also reorganized the Freshmen C. I. C. and through it discovered many leaders. The freshmen are also represented in the many class contests such as short story writing. Here Jensen and Gray were the victors with two well vfritten short stories. This class was also of great service at the Achievement Dinner, where the lA Honor Club members of this group served. . Sophomores OME of the Sophomores have distinguished themselves in athletic activities, namely: football, soccer, baseball, track, swimming, skating, wrestling, basketball, tennis and fencing. In football the sophomores were represented by Ropert Huck, the quarter- back and Elmer Lenhardt. The soccer team claims Herbert Hedley, Edward Richards and Eitmontas. In basketball are: Guy Pmertich, Paul Kunzer, Herman McCloud and Frank Devine. On the track team are: Arthur Kooyumjian and Gilbert Miller. Swimming is represented by H. XN'alter, Herbert Hedley and Paserpsky. On the skating team are: Herbert Hedley, Raymond Koegal, Alex Borring, Edward Richards, Robert Huck and Lawrence Thompson. On the wrestling team are: Elmer Lenhardt, Raymond Koegal, Dan Blum, Robert Iiraclze and Silzer. They are represented on the baseball team by Mooney, Austin Fitch and Paul Kunzer. On the tennis team are: Carlisle and Fewkes. In fencing, they have Art Kooyumjian. - Grant Christianson is Drum Major of the Orchestra, Sliamellxis the TIMES artist, XYaterlohn and Grobowski are also members of the TIMES Art staff. Sciwzfy-j'i Seventy .fix I Umo 5 JOLLY ALWAYS, UNIVERSALLY LIKED, NOTABLY ACTIVE, INDUSTRIOUS EVER, 0PT1MTsT1c AT ALL TIMES, RESPECTFUL TO EVERYONE, STUD1oUs AS CAN BE. HE Juniors have kept their ideals high during the past year. They have been well represented in high scholarship, athletics and in serving the school. The juniors, who have made the teams, will make the teams stronger in their Senior year. The basketball teams, both light and heavy, have the following juniors: Joyce, Lambert, Moriarty and Ballinger. A The track team is represented by Slack, King and Gregory. The football team also recognized juniors. The members of the junior class playing on the team were: XVilhelm, Higgins, Raich, Schiefer, Puhr, Ferguson and Levy. The skating team put the following juniors on the top: VVilhelm and Friede. The gymnastic team claimed Husa, Knowski, Hernandez and Talbert. Baseball included some juniors who played a great game for Tilden. The juniors upholding class honors by playing on the team were: Rodighelro, Baumgarten, Murphy, Pavlik, Hulata, Soucek and Braslick. The swimming team had Petritis. The wrestling team found some wrestlers among the juniors, they were: I. Dvorak, R. Schmidt, Puhr, Krahulik, G. Carey, VVedel and Chusky. The fencing team was represented by Caresio. The soccer team had Soucek. Philos was football manager and Sumner was assistant manager. MUSIC CLUB TREBLE CLEF Seventy-seven S0-z'f1Lty-ciglii THE BAND The Band ITH the close of the semester again comes the severance of the many school ties so often looked back upon as the years roll on, and one of the outstanding features that will remain with us is the Band, which has done much to keep the name of Tilden on top, and only through the efforts of Captain Stube has this been done. Since early fall the Band has taken part in many events. In October it won second place in the Class A band marching contest at Stagg Field, sponsored by the University of Chicago. XVhat is a football game without a Band to encourage the team and rooters? Adorned in their Blue and Gold uniforms, the musicians faithfully supported their school and team until the close of the season. On December 4th came one of the outstanding events of the year. The long awaited Musical Review. At eight o'clock the curtain arose in the Auditorium, where the Band displayed its talent by rendering a program of classical music, under th direction of Captain Stube, featuring "Paethon" and "In a Chinese Temple Garden." In the latter selection the Band was assisted by the Choral Club, who acted the fantasy. During the intermission the Saxophone ensemble offered two numbers "Indian Dawnw and l'Bull Frog Blues." Ray Jordan also rendered melodies on the Xylophone. A pleasant evening was brought to a close by the jazz Band presenting a program of popular music. Again in December, twenty-live of our picked bandsmen ventured to the THE BAND The Band new Civic Opera House, where they assisted in a benefit program to raise funds to help the needy on Christmas day. X Also during this month came the annual solo contests with the preliminaries at Englewood High School and the finals at Crane College. In the preliminaries Tilden had nine entrants, six of whom gained first honors. This placed them in the finals, The soloists winning here are: Slota. tenor saxophone, First placeg Rosner, alto saxophone and Schwede. oboe, second placeg Christansen, bassoong Gartner, French horn, and Mazikowski. baritone saxophone won third place. To complete the events of December came the Christmas parade sponsored by the Englewood Business Men's Association. There were tive competing bands in this marching contest. Here again the band showed its mettle by coming out on top, by winning a cup. In january an assembly was held when an earlier honor, the Daily News Shield, won last October at Stagg Held was presented by Mr. Gihon. Along with this Captain XYillia1n Enright, in behalf of the Englewood Business Mens Association, presented their cup, These pleasing events were brought to a close by the band being guided by the baton of Mr. Victor Gruble, nationally known Chicago composer, to the strains of his "March of the Legion," the march played when the cupi was won. The Band entered the Chicago High School Band contest staged on April lOth and added to its collection another shield by placing third in its class. Sr't'c:1I3'-nine Eighty ORCHESTRA Orchestra HIS semester, Tildenls Symphony Orchestra has increased to such a size that three periods are devoted daily to practice for the many engage- ments. Full orchestra rehearsals are held the fifth and seventh periods, while a beginners, orchestra practices the third period. The orchestra played at the Parkman and Dewey Schools, at the Night School graduation exercises, at the Coliseum during a Health program, and at the Operetta. A smaller group of the members assisted in the musical parts 0-f this annual affair, Although they practiced 'AThe Marriage of Figarof, an overture by Mozart, and "Rienzi" by Wlagner, also an overture, last semester, they have done much more work this semester on these two pieces and hope to secure a place in the annual Orchestra Contest. The first named piece is the contest number and the latter is the extra or selected one. As well as the regular period rehearsals, practice periods of the various sections have been held after school. The group this semester consists of eighty pieces without a piano, making it a regular symphony orchestra. Under Mr. Fischer's guidance and leadership, a string quartette has been practicing for a contest for groups of this sort but when this was written, the results were not known. Members of this quartette are: lfVillet, Borgognone, Carlson, and Bonaker. Still another contest for string instruments only was scheduled and entries from Tilden were made in all of these consisting of violins, violas, cellos, and basses. ORCHESTRA Orchestra Enjoying an advancement in size with the school's increase in students, as well as in playing ability, Tilden's Symphony Orchestra has increased much in popularity. Under the leadership of its new director, Mr. Bernard Fischer, the large group demonstrated its abilities at such well-known places as: Hull House, Englewood Y. M. C. A., Lyon and Healy Hall, at the Sherman Hotel twice, once in the Grand Ballroom and the second time in the Crystal Roomg at the Musical Revue, and at the graduation exercises, playing very well known classi- cal pieces by famous composers. These pieces were "Egmont Overture" by Beethoven, Andante From The Twelfth Symphony by Mozart "Bonanza" by Schlepegrell, "Carmen" by Bizet. 'fBallet Egyptian" by Luigini, and "Marche Militaire" by Schubert. "Egmont Overture" and "Andante From The Twelfth Symphony" were contest number and extra number in the Orchestra Contest held at Englewood at which the Orchestra played very brilliantly. To top the program of the semester, the Orchestra played Processional and Recessional selections as well as another part in the program which they played creditably. One member of this rapidly growing group, in the person of Bernard Loesche, the concert-miester of the Orchestra, was lost through the Commence- ment Exercises. The orchestra consisted of First and second violins, violas, cellos, string basses, flutes, oboes, clarinets, bassoons, trumpets, cornets, French horns, trom- bones, tubas, tympani, bass drum, snare drum and piano. Under the able direction of the new leader, the orchestra is sure to become more popular each succeeding semester. Eighty-one Eighty-two CHORAL CLUB Choral Club Music is the means by which each individual can express himself. Here at Tilden, every boy has the opportunity to further his musical knowledge by becoming an active member of one of Tilden's musical organizations. The Choral Club attracts most of these boys. A c1ub's popularity can be said to be gauged by its membership. We may venture to say that the Choral Club is one of the most popular of all our clubs since it has a combined membership of approximately two hundred boys. The Choral Club consists of the Glee Club directed by Mrs. Helen F. Roberts, which is restricted to boys having changed voices, that is tenors, bari- tones and bassesg the Mixed Choruses under the direction of Mrs. Etta C. Millar, made up of sopranos, altos, tenors and bassesg and the Treble Clef directed by Miss Julianna VVild, which includes boys having unchanged voices, is composed of sopranos and altos. This is the "female" part in all dramatic pro- ductions put on by the Choral Club. "And we'll spread the fame of Tilden to places far awayg" this line from Tilden's own song expresses the object of the Choral Club's outside work. Tilden's name has been sent on the wings of song to every region of the country within the reach of a powerful broadcasting station. In recognition of the excellent work which had been accomplished by the Choral Club, Dr. Frederick Stock, conductor of the Chicago Symphony Orches- tra, requested them to furnish the vocal number to the accompaniment of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra during a Young People's Concert at Orchestra Hall. Choral Club The boys of the Choral Club always have been welcome guests at the radio stations and have been even urged to put on the air a few of their musical nov- elties and classical pieces. Each spring brings a new operetta or musical comedy to Tilden which is produced by the Choral Club. For the spring of 1930, "The Bells of Beaujolaisn, an operetta replete with beautiful melodies, has been chosen. Present indications show that it will be one of the greatest and most beauti- ful of all productions put on by the Choral Club. The staging is elaborate and colorful. The costumes are quaint and beautiful. The setting of the village of Beaujolais with its charming French girls admired by visiting young Americans is indeed romantic and delightful. From the time the curtain rises until it falls there is dancing, singing, and rhythmical melody attuned to the hearts of the listeners. OFFICERS Q. V. MCGARY .... ..... P resident ......... ....VicePresiderit..... HARRY WEBER ..... .... S ceretary ........ COLBY HIBBARD ............. Treasurer ............ MRS. HELEN F. ROBERTS .... Faculty Directors .... . . . .CHARLES KOLAR . . . .ARCHIE CAMPBELL ......HARRv WEBER .........COLBY HIBBARD .MRs. HELEN F. ROBERTS MRs. ETTA C. MILLAR ...... Faculty Directors ........ MRs. ETTA C. MILLAR Mlss JULIANNA XVILD ...... Faculty Dirctors ...... . , .Miss JULIANNA WILD Eighty-three Eighty-four Music Club HE Music Club consists of students who are interested in music. It was first known as the Piano Club and limited to pianists. In order to create greater interest in music the Tilden Music Club was organized in September ot this year. The main object of this club is to foster interest in the best types of music. The club sponsors programs for the entertainment of Tilden students. Guest artists are invited to appear on the programs. The artists who have appeared on past programs are: The Girvin String Quartet, Miss Hubler, Miss Heden- berg, Mr. VVolf and Law Gibson lNeiner. The club has presented these guest entertainers with honorary memberships. The last program included two num- bers by the Tilden Tech quartet from the Choral Club. A new musical instrument, the Theremin, was exhibited to Tilden students for the first time through the effoits of this club and the courtesy of Lyon and Healy. There are two memberships available, associate and active. Those interested in music, but not advanced enough to take part on a program may be associate members. Active membership gives one a place on a program and makes him eligible to hold office and vote. The club hopes to have some slides and give the story and music of great composers from time to time. ' PAUL Ross ...... PHILIP COHEN.. RL'ssEL Wim. . . HERBERT jANL'scU .. .. MRS. SwANsTRo1i QFFICERS President ....., .Vice President .... . . S'ecrez'a1'y ...... .Trasmfcr .... . . .Faculty Sponsor. . . . . . .RUssEL XVILT . . . . .Louis SLOTA ROBERT HALLGREN RAYMOND 'IORDAN XVALTER SCHWEDE UKE CLUB Uke Club S this book goes to press, the Ukelele Club will be about two months old. This club, sponsored by Mrs. Helen F. Roberts, is the latest organized club at Tilden, and seems to be very popular. The aim of the organization is to stimulate an interest in ukelele playing among the students, Orville Pittaway and Roy Maurey are the co-organizers and student instructors of this club. They are assisted by Charles Johnson, Bennie Gerut and John Luther in coaching the members. Many of the members take great interest in learning to play the uke, and many are excellent players. XV hen this club was first organized, there were about live members who could play the ukelele. Now, every boy can at least play two of the latest song hits. The meetings are conducted in room 134 after the eighth period eveiy Tuesday, and usually last about an hour, although many of the members remain after the meeting to gain more information concerning the ukelele. It is hoped that some excellent players will develop so that a specialty number can be put on for the operetta, Mllhe Bells of lileaujolaisf' OFFICERS CDRVILLE Plrrfxway. . . ............. ........ P resident Rox' TVIAUREY ........... ....... I 'ffl' Presidmt Joniv LUTHER ........... .... S vrrvlnry-Trfaszzrm' MRS. HELEN F. Roisizizrs .... ............. S ponmr Eighty-five Eighty-six MIXED CHORUS MIXED CHORUS V CYLINDER PRESS Cylinder Press ILDEN Tech, one of the best equipped technical schools in the country, has many shops. These include Wood, Pattern, Auto, Print, Foundry, Forge, Machine, Electric and Aeronautics. In the tive VVood shops, the student is taught the art of wood working and turning in shops fully equipped. The four Pattern shops, where the student is taught not only the pattern making trade, but also his first lesson in accuracy, are very completely and efficiently equipped with modern machines. One of the most popular shops at Tilden is the Auto Shop. This course includes the study in detail of the construction and operation of different types of engines. The Print shop, about the busiest shop in the school, prints the school paper, programs, tickets, examination questions, books and pamphlets. Here the student is trained in the operation of the linotype, cylinder press and job press. The Foundry where the patterns made in the pattern shop are cast into metal parts, is the best equipped shop of its kind in the city schools. Besides the class Work the student may also make useful castings of aluminum. Instruction in blacksmithing is begun in the Forge shop. The work here also includes ornamental iron work and welding. In the Machine shop the castings of the foundry are machined besides the regular exercises which include hammer heads and standard threads. The Electric shop course includes both the practical and theoretical side of the electrical industry. E i ghiy-seven Eighty-ez'gI1f AIRPLANE ENGINES AIR TUNNELS AUTO SHOP FORGE SHOP Eiglzty-nine Ninety PATTERN SHOP POURING IN A FOUNDRY SHOP MR. HARVEY MR. FEWKES MR. SHORTALL Athletic Director Head of Gym Department Intramural Athletics ATHLETIC TROPHIES N inety-one Nifzcfy-fzvo FOOTBALL TEAM Football Team OACH Harvey's call for football men received an enthusiastic response and at the beginning of the football season, hopes were cherished of gaining another championship for Tilden. This was evident because of the large number of regulars returning and the quality of the new material. VVith Kostbade and Davidauskus at left and right ends respectively, Pece- lunas and Schweitzer at the tackle positions in the same order, Schiefer and Puhr at guards and Schiffman at center, this was considered one of the best lines in the city. The backfield consisted of Black, Conroy, Postaear, Marshman, Kurz, Shemaitis and Flynn. A mild surprise was experienced when Tilden received its first setback at the hands of Lane in the initial practice game of the season. The score was 7 to 6. The ensuing games proved more successful. Tilden defeating St. Rita by the score of 13 to 6, Normal High, 19 to 6 and tying the powerful Kankakee eleven, 6 to 6. Kankakee later led their league. The league season opened with a defeat to Hyde Park, our first opponent. The Techs won handily by a score of 21 to 6. The regulars were in the lineup a short length of time. They showed increasing power and smoothness of play. VVith increasing aggressiveness the Tech gridiron men put Bowen down as the second victim of the season by virtue of a 26 to 7 victory. Shemaitis, playing his last game for Tilden, showed his spirit by running all over the Bowen grid- ders. Vvlith him starring in the backfield was Conroy, displaying his famous end runs and passes. Schiffman, Schweiter and Kostbade starred in the forward wall while the line in general played a bang-up game. Football HE next opponent to bar the teanfs way to another championship was Englewood. This game proved to be a thriller from the kickoff to the sound of the iinal gun. Englewood had been in the lead from. the second quarter as a result of a six yard run for a touchdown after they had advanced sixty yards on four passes. A brilliant last quarter rally enabled Tilden to tie the speedy Englewood gridders and thus keep in the running for the Central Section crown. Checking the advance of the Purple in the last half and in the linal quarter, the backfield came through with the tying touchdown. After a long run by Hiffins and a pass from Conroy to Kostbade, the ball was brought within the shadows of the goal and Flynn, substituting for Black, plunged over for a marker. The try for the extra point failed. A pass from Higging to Conroy left the ball on Englewoodfs 5 yard line as the game ended. Tilden's march to its second successive title was terminated by its defeat by Lindblom in the final league game. In the first three minutes, Lindblom scored a touchdown on a long run. The try for point was successful and the score stood 7 to 0. Early in the second quarter, Tilden came back to tie the score when Conroy's long punt was fumbled by Lindblom's safety man deep' in their territory and the sterling Schiffman fell on it over the goal for a touch- down. The try for point failed. In the next ten minutes, Lindblom put over another marker after a long march. Tilden again came back in great style and started toward the goal. The team worked its way down the field and after a hard struggle the ball was placed on the 3 yard line. Flynn sneaked through center for the touchdown and Conroy bisected the poles for the extra point. The last quarter saw the teams working up and down the field and with the last gun the score stood 14 to 13 with Tilden on the short end. Puhr and Schiefer were towers of strength on defense. Every fellow on the team gave his all. After two weeks, the team traveled to Detroit, where they played a brilliant game in sub-zero weather. Case playing at half-back turned in a great game and Tilden defeated Eastern High 20 to 0. At the football banquet given by Detroit after the game, Puhr and Schiefer were elected co-captains. Since 1925 Tilden's football teams have won 33, lost 13 and tied 4 ganies. Coaches Harvey and Hicks regret to see Captain Kostbade, Schiffman, Schweiter, Shemaitis, Blois, Postaer, Davidauskus, Pecelunas, Conroy, Black, Marshman, Roberta and Fetters leave. Coach Harvey himself wishes also to thank Coaches Hicks, Parkhill and Lawler for their very able assistance with football, HI greatly appreciate these coaches' hard work and untiring interest in Tilden football." Ninety-three Ninety-four LIGHTWEIGHT BASKETBALL Lightweight Basketball HE lightweight basketball team also had an unsuccessful team and we are under the necessity of recording the lamentable fact that the Tilden lightweights Hnished their league season without winning a single victory. Various reasons are given to account for this most unusual showing, but We have neither the space nor the inclination to detail them here. One of the most obvious, however, is that the team suffered from a lack of experienced players. Despite this very considerable handicap and the many discouraging reverses, our fellows played many creditable games. Only two lettermen were back from last year. Devine, who was captain the first semester and then graduated in January, and Harris, who captained the team the following semester. The other members of the team were Extr, McCloud, Koeppe and Krause. Tilden finished the practice season in fine style, winning games from Morgan Park, Calumet and two from St. Rita, while losing two close games to Bowen and Calumet. Calumet won the City Championship. Then the ill-fated season came and the lights lost eight straight close games. An idea of the closeness of the games may be seen from the Englewood game. Tilden was leading, nine to tive, at the end of the third quarter. Then something went wrong and Englewood slowly crept up to win the game, eleven to nine. This was not the only one that was lost that way 5 there were several others too numerous to mention here. HEAVYWEIGHT BASKETBALL Heavyweight Basketball HE heavyweight basketball team has finished a very unsuccessful season from a spectator's viewpoint. But it has developed into a smooth work- ing team that should be up hghting for the leadership next year. With only two regulars back from last year and not much promising material to choose from, Coach Hicks should be given plenty of credit for the patience he spent in developing the team. Captain Blackmore and Abrams, two men from last year, played center and forward respectively. Other "hoop" artists were Moriarty, Joyce, Wochter, Nathan and Thomas. In the practice games Tilden defeated Calumet and St. Rita, while losing to Morgan Park, St. Rita, Calumet and Bowen. During the Christmas vacation the team journeyed down to Pontiac for the holiday tournament and were eliminated after losing a hard fought game. The next week marked the opening of the championship season with Tilden playing Hyde Park. It was a victory for the Aitchpe. Three straight setbacks followed the Hyde Park game and then a victory for the Gold and Blue over Lindblom. The graduating class then took Abrams, who had been playing a "bang-up"game for Tilden. Mr. Hicks, being also the wrestling coach, turned over the basketball team to Mr, Apking. The next day Tilden played Englewood. Tilden entered the game as the "underdog" and played championship basketball to best the Purple. The team, however, went back into a slump and Lindblom beat them in the final game of the season. N inety- Jive IJinety'rLr BASEBALL Baseball S this article goes to press, a baseball title this season is no idle dream. Coach Apking has eleven letter men, diamond veterans, back into uniform again in top-notch shape after a brilliant session on the hard- woods. Two practice and one league game has been played and Tilden has emerged victoriously in two of them. Beating Crane 10 to 4 and Austin 8 to 2, while losing to the champion Englewood team 7 to 2. The nrst practice game was against Crane and did not fully show the strength of the Gold and Blue. Crane did not have a very strong team and Mr. Vifainright, who was in charge of the team in Coach Apking's absence, sent in all of the substitutes. Austin showed more opposition than the score 8 to 2 verifies and Coach Apking did not send in any substitutes. Hulata did all of the pitching and Kovarik did the receiving in fine style. The next week the league season opened with Englewood at Fuller Park. Englewood had started the baseball season earlier than Tilden had and as the result were in much better shape. Ponsevic, the greatest pitcher in prep circles, was in rare form and pitched marvelous ball to defeat Tilden. The game was featured by the hitting of Pistello, Blackmore and Hulata. As this defeat makes our team fight all the more I know that a baseball championship is ours and we will prove it in the coming league games. GOLF TEAM Golf Team HIS year's Golf team under the supervision of Mr. Mahurin is headed for the championship, which is to be held in the fall. The team practices every morning before session in the small gym. The team made a Hne showing in the outdoor meet held at Cherry Hill Golf course last fall. In the first eighteen holes of the city tournament, which was held at the Mid-City course, Tilden entered eight men. They were: Captain Blackmore, Moore, Fiet, Crossman, Exter, Devine, Larson and Holland. The low four of the team in this meet were: Captain Blackmore, Fiet, Moore and Crossman. These men were entered in the finals of the tournament held at Cherry Hill Golf course for the championship. In the finals Tilden's four men placed the team in third place after displaying a nne brand of golf. The city championship indoor meet was held at Bob McDonald's course in the Leiter Building. The men in this meet were: Captain Blackmore, Fiet, Moore, Exter, and Larson. Tilden also placed third in this meet. Next fall when the next championship meet is held, Tilden expects to be on top or among the leaders. N inety-.vezzfn Ninety-eiglzt INTERCLASS BASEBALL CHAMPS Interclass Athletics THLETIC competition between session rooms has been unusually spirited during the past year, especially in team matches. Championship awards have been fairly evenly distributed. Rooms 213 and 207B being the only ones to take more than one. The indoor baseball tournament drew 72 teams. Of these Room 213 proved best in the lst year, Assembly Hall, C. in 2nd year, Room 312 in 3rd year, and Room 302 Beta in 4th year. In the playoff between these for the school championship, Room 302 Beta emerged the winner. The out of doors playground ball tournament ended with Room 213 fresh- men champs, Room 24 the sophomore winner, and Room 111 the best in the 3rd year. No senior champion was determined and no finals held to determine a school champion. Touch football for freshmen proved a popular fall sport, Room 121B winning the trophy. The volley ball tournament played at the same time was won by Room 207B after defeating Room 223, the 1B winners in a final championship match. The basketball tournament proved the largest and best played to date. In all 87 teams were entered, representing 76 rooms. 32 were 1B teams, and of these Room 136 finished first to lose the freshmen championship later to the 1A winners, Room 213. Room 207B was winner in the 2nd year, Room 106 was victor in the 3rd year, and Room 302 Alpha in the 4th year. Room 106 won in the finals and was awarded the school trophy. The interroom meets in wrestling, swimming, track, skating and tennis were events of interest. INTERCLASS TOUCH-FOOTBALL CHAMPS INTERCLASS BASKETBALL CHAMPS Ninety-ui11c One Hundred INTERCLASS TENNIS CHAMPS INTERCLASS VOLLEY BALL CHAMPS INTERCLASS WRESTLING CHAMPS INTERCLASS SKATING CHAMPS One Hundred One One Hundred Two SOCCER TEAM ll I s X 1 Soccer Team fi - HE Soccer Season of 1929 opened very favorably at Tilden Tecli. About fifty aspirants for positions on the lucky eleven turned out under the guidance of our new coach, Mr. Blackshaw. The squad started practice at Sherman Park, where itfwas divided into four teams, each playing the other. Games were scheduled with four other schools. Crane met our boys at Sherman Park and the result was O-0. During the next week Lane was defeated by our team 4-0. Then our soccer men traveled to NVinnemac Park, where they trounced Lake View 8-0. Oak Park, the next victim, was defeated 6-2. The practice soon ended and the schedule revealed Harrison to be our first opponent. A new rule was made whereby a goal scored from the field received two points, While a goal scored from the penalty line was given one point. Because of this rule Harrison defeated our soccer men 4-3. Then Medill came to Sherman Park and fell before our team 6-0. Hyde Park, our next enemy, was upset 4-2. Then came the return game with Harrison and only after a hard game Harrison won 2-0. Medill again fell before our team 6-0, as did also Hyde Park, this time by the score of 10-2. To give the players returning next year a little more experience, our managers scheduled two more games. The first game was with University Highg Tilden won 2-0. The second game with Oak Park, a game half played in darkness was a tie 4-4. CHESS AND CHECKERS Q Chess and Checkers T may be said that Tilden's Chess team was the second best high school chess team in Chicago. The team had a most successful season, defeating all of the teams in this section, excepting Hyde Park, who has held the championship for the last five years. A large part of the team's success was due to Lester Battle, who climbed from the last to the first board or position and thus to captaincy, in a year. He also defeated Hyde Park's first boardman in a practice game. This feat was considered exceptionally good. But without the help of Kottwitz, Aronberg, Hurd, Slivinski and Bill the team could not have made the showing it did. As most of these players will be back next year, Mr. Collins, the coach, is confident that Tilden will win the championship. The Checker team had the same luck this year as it has had for the past several years, losing only to Lindblom, who later won the city championship. The flrst boardman, Braskich, did much to keep the team organized and contributed largely to its success. The squad also consisted of Rehling, Franknecht, Pekusko, Slivinski and Speropoulos. Xllith most of the veterans returning next year, the coach is sure that the team will repeat its good record. One Hundred Three One Hundred Four JUNIOR SWIMMING TEAM Junior Swimming Team URING the first semester of this year, our Juniors had some Fine swim- mers, but were not quite able to win any championships. Henry Rederer, Petritus, Paserpsky, Wfalter and Roy Larson were the boys who carried Tilden's colors with honor. Later in the semester Neberz, Srebalus, Maack, Holden and Paluck came along to strengthen the team. Henry Rederer would be classed as the Star among our Juniors. He could always be counted upon to win a place in the 50 and 100 yard crawl events and also swam anchor man on both relays. In the Chicago University City Meet he showed his superiority by qualifying first in both the 50 and l00 yard free style. But illness handicapped him in the finals and two third places were his reward. In the annual Freshman vs. Junior Swim the Freshmen won quite a thrilling battle. Their strength added to our Juniors gave us quite a strong team. Among these were Payberg, Luke, Gibson, Reedy, Callie and Korevec. Our boys with this added strength were able to beat most of the teams that defeated them earlier in the year. All look forward to a great year next season. SENIOR S'NIMMING TEAM Senior Swimming HICAGO 25 yard pool Champions! That is the title bestowed upon the Senior Swimming Team of Tilden. For a whole season the Senior Team had just been a close second or a third in most all of the major meets that it had entered. It seemed as though this was going to be the most unsuc- cessful season that Mr. F ewkes had ever encountered during his stay at Tilden. But the tables were turned in the last meet of the season and Tilden came out victorious. The high point man of this meet was Norman Hines, who is the 'holder of all City back stroke records, that is, both junior 40 yd. and 50 yd., and Senior 60 yd. and 100 yd. back. In this last meet he won the 100 yd. back and was the main factor in both of the first place relays. To add to all of this glory, in his last race for Tilden, Hines shaved off almost four seconds from the old record for the 200 yd. crawl. V The other stars of this meet were Captain Alberts and Baranovich in both of the relays, Henry De Graff who always can be relied on for five points in the 100 yd. breast stroke and also is a good man in the medley relay, Hickey, who is only a freshman, garnered some points by a third in the 200 yd. crawl and also on the six men relay, Miller also contributed some points by a second place in the fancy diving. The other point makers were H. and J. Rederers, and James. Other Senior Swimmers were Bellstrom, Glavasko, Guleserian, Walter Kahler, Petritus, and Savitsky, who was the manager for the early part of the semester. In dual meets as in other meets Tilden was unsuccessful because of the absence of the "stars." But as it has been related everything was made up for. One Hmzdred Five One Hundred Six TRACK TEAM Track Team MONG the outstanding achievements of the Track Team of 1929 was the state championship shared with Hyde Park, the Millikin U. cham- pionship, and the ever winning Relay Team produced by our Mr. Hartman. The team, piloted by Captains Metcalfe and Spalding, journeyed down to Decatur to win first place at the Millikin University meet last May and brought back a beautiful plaque. The team also won the 440 and 880 relay champion- ships here and received two very beautiful statuettes. The relay team was composed of Spalding, Stewart, Slack and Metcalfe. The next meet of any consequence was the U. of VVisconsin relay carnival. Metcalfe again defended his record in the 100 yard dash and the relay team tied Froebel High of Gary in the 440 relay, Next came the National Cham- pionship of Marquette U. at Milwaukee and again Tilden's record breaking relay team breezed off with the national 440 relay championship and received another beautiful trophy for which Marquette U. is so well known. The next meet was that at Michigan U. at Ann Arbor in which Tilden took second place and first place in the 880 relay, the stars of this meet being Alpert, Stewart, Spalding, Metcalfe, Slack and Curran., Metcalfe again made a record in the 100 yard dash which he ran in 10 flat. At the State Meet we were compelled to share honors with Hyde Park. Metcalfe established a new National Interscholastic record in the 220 yard dash and broke the state 100 yard record of 25 years standing, by one-tenth of a second. Tilden's record breaking relay team won the 880 relay championship for the fourth consecutive year. CROSS COUNTRY Cross Country ITH Tilden's first year in cross country running, Mr. Hartman's team sprang a surprise when his team captained by H. Crossman came through with third place. The scoring in cross country running is counted as the men finish. One point for First place, two points for secondg and three for third. The school with the lowest score after five men from each school have finished, wins the meet. Tilden's team was holding first place with the completion of the fourth man, scoring as follows: Tilden 36 points, Lindblom 39, Senn 44 and Lane 78 points. Tilden's fifth man, however, did not Finish until thirty-fifth, which was too low to bring a championship to Tilden. Had our fifth man taken seven- teenth place, Tilden would have won the meet. T ilden's cross country team beat Englewood and Calumet in a triangular meet at Washington Park by a score of, Tilden 21, Englewood 60, Calumet 67. Tilden placed seven men among the first ten to finish and fifteen among the hrst twenty. T his was Tilden's first year to enter a team in the City High School meet, and it proved most succeesesful. Among those who have done well for Tilden we may mention Captain Crossman, Uhlean, Mitchell, Wheeler, Rakaitis, Marchal and Oskilanec. Only two cross country regulars are returning in September. There is a chance for boys who are interested and eligible to win honors for Tilden in cross country running. One Hundred Seven One Hundred Eight FENCING TEAM Fencing Team HE Fencing team almost reached its journey's end when its coach, Mrs. Beasant, was transferred from Tilden to another branch of the Chicago Public Library. But cohstant practice under the supervision of Captain Harry Johnson brought the team up to a standard so that it could go into competition with other schools. No official call for fencers was made, but the members of last year's team gathered each night and kept in constant practice. The veterans of the previous year's squad were: Captain Harry Johnson, George Rinck, Arthur Kooyumjian, and John Caresio. Early in the season the services of George Rinck were lost to the team on account of age ineligibility. Nevertheless the hope was that a good enough foilsman could be developed before the City Championship Meet to replace the vacancy on the quartet. Although not at Tilden, Mrs. Beasant kept a constant watch over the foilsmen that she had developed. This she accomplished by having the team visit her at least one evening each week. The team entered in some of the coming major meets. It is hoped that the Fencing Team will be victorious. CHEERLEADING SQUAD Cheerleading Squad HE cheer squad is sponsored by Mr, Anderson. Every year about six weeks before the football season opens there is a call for cheerleaders. There are about forty candidates that report each year at these calls. Then there is practice at least once or twice a week either in the small gym or in the assembly hall. Of course, in due time the poorer fellows are dropped or given special attention by a member of the regular squad if they show chance for improvement. Out of the forty candidates about half a dozen good prospects are picked and given regular practice. Tilden Tech has had the best trained and most unified cheer squad for the last four or tive years. The regular cheer squad of 1929-30 are as follows: Harry johnson fCapt.j, Benny Davia fCapt. electj, Joseph Neuberg, James Sandilla, joseph Pieroth, George Rinck and Harry Blackmore. To be a good cheerleader a fellow must be on good terms with his schoolmates, he must have plenty of pep, and most important of all he must have a sense of rhythm. The idea of a cheerleader is to make the crowd follow him in the yells which should be led in a regular time and rhythm so as to pep up the team and encourage its fighting spirit. The fellows lead yells at all the football and basketball games for which they receive free passes. At the football games live fellows lead yells. Each fellow has a desig- nated post at which he must stand. The Tilden squad is famously known for its Hindu act. Vfhenever Tilden scores any goals the cheerleaders get in the center of the field on their hands and knees and bow once for each point scored. Only two fellows are used at the basketball games. One Hundred Nine One H mzdrcd T011 BOXING TEAM Boxing Team T is Tilden's purpose to be ever in the front, both scholastically and athletically. so when it was found that Tilden was not represented in the sport of self- defenseg well it was time to act. The call by Mr. Vifainright, the teams' very popular and competent instructor, for candidates was answered with a turnout of over seventy-five aspirants. Being a new team there were officers to be chosen. In the election Vernon Rahn was chosen President 5 Du Brava, Secretary-Treasurer, and joseph Pieroth was chosen Captain. The object of the team is not to make 'ctoughsu out of its members, but to develop boys mentally, physically, and morally. From no other sport can a boy actually derive more benefits, as boxing develops every muscle in the human body, it quickens the brain, sharpens the wits, imparts force and above all it teaches self-control. The members of the team have learned much about boxing, namely hitting, blocking and foot work. The members of the team have participated at many important assemblies such as "Father and Son's Nightf, 'fOpeh House Night" and in the weekly shows held in the school auditorium. Some of the members who should be given credit for the splendid shows are: Pieroth, Du Brava, Rahn, Freeman, Perrino, Mooney, Rachleson, Glavasko and Albert. Although at present this is not an interschool sport, it is hoped that next year it will be adopted as a major sport. And gain popularity second only to that of football. 1 TENNIS TEAM Tennis Team ILDEN'S Tennis team is fast coming into its own. Under the able tutelage of Mr. Parkhill, the new coach, the team is progressing with long strides. Mr. Parkhill has had two courts laid out in the large gymnasium and the squad is practicing strenuously. The captain is Norman Hines of 302, and the team is ably managed by Baumgarten of 317. The team placed second last year in the central section. This is very good for a school where natural tennis players are very scarce. However, there are three of last year's regulars back and the team has a lot of promising material. Tennis is a game that cannot be played well in four years time unless play ers have had previous experience. So in order to build up a winning team, we must attract boys to our school who are already acquainted with the game and can at least hit the ball over the net with some confidence. Then a coach can teach the player tactics and strategy. As it is, Mr. Parkhill has to take boys with very little experience and spend most of his time teaching them how to hit the ball properly, which they ought to know how to do before trying to learn finer points. Mr. Parkhill is looking forward to building up a team that will gain a, reputation for the school, so that boys who can already play fairly well will want to come here. One Hundred Eletfm THE TILDEN SKATING TEAM The Tilden Skating Team HE Tilden Senior Skating Team of 1929 won the Championship for the third consecutive time. Under Coach Solem and Captain Art Conroy, the team consisting of Quan, Conroy, Devine, Schafer, Schiffman, Cross- man, Roberta, Koegel, Hulata, Hartigan, Costello, VVilhelm and Shaw, manager. made this remarkable showing. H The seniors won every event including the relay. When the points were finally summed up at the close of the city meet, Tilden stood out as the decided victor with an aggregation of 29 points to 10 for their closest rival. Austin. Not to be left behind the juniors copped second place. The junior team was composed of the following members: Linden, Thompson, Smith, Barnett, Borring, Kirkus, Rooney, Mausen, Hedley, Richards, Burns and lYardill. To win second place the Juniors had to skate in great style, building up a total of 11 points to Austin's 15. Evidently Austin made up for the defeat they suffered at the hands of Tilden in the senior division by copping first place of the junior event. Although the official time vvasn't taken and the track was not officially measured, Coach Solem feels sure that many records were broken. This sup- ported by the fact that all the events were run off in unusually fast style. Besides winning the City Championship, Tilden also won a dual meet from Calumet. Both the Seniors and Juniors won very handily. The team for 1930 will be captained by Edward Hulata and the manager will be A, Ratke. One Hundred Twelve SKATING TEAM GYMNASTIC TEAM Om' Hmzdred Thirteen ATHLETIC MAJOR LETTERMEN 1929-1930 FOOTBALL Kostbade, H., Capt. Bindon, E. Black, F. Blom, D. Conroy, A. Davidauskais, I. Fetters, VV. Flynn, F. Forrest, G. Higgins, C. Huck, R. Kurz, O. Marshman, I. Myers, I. Pecelunas, J. Postaer, J. Puhr, E. Raich, M. Roberta, -I. Schiefer, H. Schiffman, C. Schweitzer, I, Shemaitis, S. Weiss, L. Wilhelm, E. Hahn, Ed., Mgr. ATHLETIC MANAGER Ed. Hahn IN TRAMURAL MANAGER Roy Larson CHEER LEADER H. Johnson, Capt. VVRESTLING Devine, H., Capt. Hahn, Ed., Mgr. Silzer, N. Szukalski, A. Bernstein, D. Kollar, F. Cellini, O. One Hundred F ourtcen CROSS COUNTRY Crossman, H., Capt. Mitchell, YV. Uhlean, S. XYheeler, VV. Moore, B., Mgr. BASKETBALL Heavies Blackmore, H., Capt. Bass, L. Abrams, G. Joyce, T. Moore, J. Moriarity, D. Nathen, H. Thomas, P. Wfachter, F. BASKETBALL Lights Harris, G., Co. Capts. Devine, J., Co. Capts. Anthony, E. Bernstein, P. Ballinger, T. Devine, F. Exter, R. Fitzgerald Greenberg, I. Koeppe, G. Krause, I. McCloud, H. Moore, R., Mgr. SOCCER Sloan, VV., Capt. Batina, M. Crossman, H. Devine, H. Goeing, G. Hawkins, VV. Hedley, H. johnson, F. Kuchinski, F. Kunzer, A. Manes, F. Oskilanec, A. Quan, E. Schaeffer, P. Soucek, F. Vallee, F. VVeiner, H. Wolf, F. Storey, C., Mgr. SKATING Seniors Conroy, A., Capt Crossman, H. Devine, H. Roberta, J. Schiffman, C. Shafer, T. Juniors Barnett, M. Borring, A. Hedley, H. Thompson, L. Shaw, E., Mgr. TEAM-City and County Champs-1930 Bergquist, H. Jutzi, J. Dvorak, F. Lehnhardt, E. Anthony, E. Chusky, L. Everson, 'W. Carey, G. Krahulick, F. Dvorak, J. Schiefer, H. Benson, H. Puhr, E. Schweitzer, -- v AVIATION CLUB Aviation Club ITY Champions for the last five semesters. This is the unsurpassed record of the Tiliden Aviation Club, Tilden's second largest organization, founded in 1927. The members of the organization build model planes of various designs and Hy them at interscholastic contests. The Flying Fleet is composed of several of the school's best airmen. The XVorld's Indoor Commercial record was brought to Tilden on February 24, when Tilden's Flying Fleet won third place at the National Air Meet in Sl. Louis. C. Leja took first place in the Indoor Commercial Event, 3 min, 45 8-10 seconds for the record, second place Indoor Commercial R. O. VV., 2 min. 7 seconds, H. Paulsen took fourth place Indoor Commercial Event, and Kleine captured third place Indoor Duration Event. This was the first time a high school ever competed for national honors. An Aeronautical Course offered in September 1929, provides a general theory on the fundamentals of Hight. The student is taught the aerodynamics of an aeroplane, mechanism of the engines, wing construction, piloting, air- traflic rules and meteorlogy. This course is preparatory for either flying or ground training and is similiar to a primary course in an aeronautical institution. OFFICERS President ........ ....... H OWLAND Conlest Manager .... ..... L EIA Vice President ....... MALLEN HAUER Librarian .................. INIORAN Secretary ....... ......... IN IONAC Connnander ............... PAULSEN Treasurer ..... SKINNER Faculty Sponsor. .MR. CHRISTIANSEN One Hundred Fifteen One Hundred Sixteen BIOLOGY CLUB Biology Club HE Biology Club is an organization engaged in promoting the students' knowledge and interest in the outdoor world. Although this club was founded primarily for the Biology classes at Tilden, any boy 2B or above is eligible for membership. The Biology Club is divided into five departments each Linder student leaders. These departments with their respective heads are: Bird Study with john Vanderkloot as directorg Taxidermy, managed by Fred Andersong General Research under Marvin Van- derwaldg Tree Study with George Olafseng and Insect Collection led by? Edward Bruckner. Once a month the members of these departments hold a general meeting. Throughout the year excursions are conducted to the Field Museum, the Biological Supply House, the Dunes, Jackson Park, the Academy of Science in Lincoln Park, the park conservatories, and the Cook County forest preserves. These excursions are an effective means of acquainting students with outdoor life exhibits, plant and animal life both regional and remote, and the natural landscapes of Chicago's environs as well as with vistas and parks within the city. This semester an exhibit was held in which boys of the five divisions par- ticipated. The best worker in each class was given as an award, extra credit grade in Biology. OFFICERS President ......... which contributed toward his . ......... FRED ANDERSON Vice Presidczzt .......... STANLEY BONZELL ..,. .... CHARLES MARTIN. .. ... . SANFORD SUSSEL .......... MISS BERENICE BEDDOW .... .MARVIN VANDERWALD .RICHARD HARXAVOOD .Secretary-Treaszwer .... . . . Faculty Sponsor ..... ................... CAMERA CLUB Camera Club HE Camera Club with an enrollment of thirty-live members meets with Mr. Barber once a week in the club room, where the various steps in taking pictures are practiced. The club members weigh and mix all chemicals used in their work, using the formulaes in use in regular commercial practice and learn to select the right film and printing papers for the various results desired. Mr. Barber aids in all their difficulties, but asks the boys to do their own experimenting as far as possible as that develops independence. The fields for well qualified camera men and expert photographers is rapidly widening, but a higher standard of artistic and technical training is demanded. Illustrations for newspapers and magazines must tell a story as well as be good picturesg photographs widely used in all lines of construction work must explain the work and advertising pictures must help sell the merchandise or property offered for sale. Photographs of persons must bring out the character and personality of the subject. Mr, Barber strives to emphasize these requirements in taking pictures. The club hopes that the time will come when classes in camera work will be a regular feature of our school work and credit for such work will be given. OFFICERS President .... ............ ...,... V I NCENT URBAN Secretary .... .... C HARLEs MULLAUER Treasurer ....... ....... H ARRY WEBER Faculty Adviser. . . .... MR. BARBER One Hundred Seventeen C. I. C. OFFICERS C. I. C. Officers HE Civic Industrial Club is an all inclusive, thoroughly democratic stud- ent club organized on the principles of a representative form of govern- ment. Its chief purpose is to foster civic ideals in the minds of Tilden students. Every student in the school is represented in the bi-Weekly delegate meetings where questions pertaining to the welfare of the school are threshed out in the regular sessions or referred to the executive council. The executive council is composed of four seniors, three juniors, two sophomores, and one freshman, and with aid of C. I. C. president and faculty adviser, works out 3 plan of procedure and generally recommends official action. Civic problems include the appropriation of fifty dollars for band music stands and one hundred dollars for piano silent keyboards for use in the piano classes. VVorthy charity receives financial aid from this organization amount- ing to several hundred dollars. Not only does this club aid finacially, but also helps in a practical way by promotion of 'AOpen House Night," "Fathers, and Sons' Night" and Saturday Excursions to factories and industrial plants. OFFICERS President ........ ............... .... I o SEPH SCHNEIDER Vice President ..... ...... F RANK ALBERT Secretary ......., .... X VAYNE SCHULTZ Treasurer ....... .... J ACK KREUGER Faculty Sponsor. . . ...... MR. Woon One Hundred Eighteen C. I. C. DELEGATES C. I. C. DELEGATES One Hundred Nineteen One Hundred Twenty CIVIC LETTERMEN Civic Lettermen WO years ago the civic letter was adopted at Tilden. Previous to that time students were rewarded only for achievement in athletics. Many students felt that some visible recognition should be given for the unself- ish and painstaking service which was being given to Tilden every day of the school year by hundreds of boys. In April, 1927, the Senior the idea of rewarding students their own time. The resolution Council passed a resolution which embodied for non-athletic service to the school during was referred to the Faculty Executive Com- mittee and was considered favorably. A sub-committee of the executive body was appointed by Mr. Evans to formulate rules for eligibility and award, The civic letter rules make the conditions oi achievement in civic service equivalent in every way to work done in athletic activities. Students must maintain passing grades in at least four major subjects. They must always maintain a spirit of willingness and co-operation along with otherwise good conduct. At least one hundred hours of high grade service on outside time must be given. Finally they must be personally approved by their sponsor, a standing committee of the faculty, and the principal, Up to the present more than two hundred civic letters have been awarded to applicants. The organizations originally admitted under the rules were the Band, Choral Club, C. I. C., Dramatic Club, Guards, Debating Club, Orchestra, R. O. T. C., Times Staff, and Ushers. CIVIC LETTERMEN C. I. C. EXECUTIVE COUNCIL One Hundred Tweniy-one THE DRAMATIC CLUB The Dictator E were indeed fortunate this year to have had a play so full of zest and humor, by so popular an author, and produced by two! such com- petent and spirited casts. Our space, unfortunately, will not permit comment on the effectiveness of the many individual players, nor those who perform so expertly between acts, but it was quite generally agreed by our enthusiastic audiences that all parts were performed in a style wholly creditable to Tilden. Of course such productions are not and could not be staged by actors alone, and the success of The Dictator was in large part due to the valuable services of the following groups: Stage assistants, orchestra, ticket sellers, art classes, printing classes, ushers, The Times, publicity, and costume com- mlffefs- DRAMATIC PERSONAE CAPTAIN CODMAN .................................. .... C harles Kolar CHARLEY HYNE-Wireless Operator ..... .... S lephen Uhlean Joseph Neuberg BROOKE TRAVERS-alais "Steve Hill". . . ......... John Begy Thomas O'Farrell SIMPSON-His valet, alais "limb .... ..... R obert Marsh CoL. JOHN T. Bowne-U. S. Consul .... ......... C harles fnrinek Williain Loughborough MRs. JOHN T. Bowm ..... ......... S tephen Zriny LUCY SHERIDAN ........ .... H ubert Bowen Robert Nichols DETECTIVE DUFFY. .. .... George Du Casse Dennis Blozis DR. VASQUEZ .... .... L ester Larson One Hundred Twenty-two THE DRAMATIC CLUB The Dictator Senor jose Dravo ...................... La Verne Lotz, Frederick Edsberg Reverend Arthur Bostick .... ............ B en Gerut, Earle Shaw Juanita .................. ...... ........... J o seph Kocsis Gen. Stantos Campos .............. ......... B en Davis Col. Garcia-Aid to Gen. Campos .......... .. . ........ Eugene Kuebler Lieutenant Perry-U. S. S. Oregon ......................... Henry Harms Soldiers-Sigmund Lohn, John Tully, Charles Kolar, Henry Struve. Sailors-Kenneth Davies, Arthur Krumdick, Richard Crisp, Carl Hazelbauer. Spanish Dancers ............................ Harold Solberg, Jack VVheeler Soloist ................................................ Maynard Tevvson Guitar Trio .................. Clarence Moore, George Thorn, Donald Thorn Places: Act I. Deck of S. S. Bolivar, Harbor of Porto Banos, Central America. Acts H and HI. U. S. Consulate, Porto Banos. Time: About 1899. Author: Richard Harding Davis. Faculty Director .................. ..... lX fliss Helen johnson One Hundred Twenty-three LE CERCLE FRANCAIS Le Cercle Francais E Cercle Francais, which is now finishing its fourth year with one hun- dred fifty-seven members, has ably furthered the purpose for which it was organized, namely to promote a deeper interest in French music, drama, customs and manners. During the first semester four meetings were held in 109, the fifth one had place in the Refectoire. This was a particularly delightful party, thanks to the generous mothers of the boys, who sent cakes. Several plays were presented during the year. 'ALa Poupee" was much enjoyed. John Postaer and Melvin Kastl were the performers in this piece. Alex Chuechman and John Pietrzak won great applause in their play, "L,Illustre Dupinchelf' The boys enjoyed learning the many new French songs, proverbs and poems. The victrola concerts gave great pleasure to all. The Cercle hopes to have some stereoptican views of the great churches and famous buildings of France to show next year. These will prove specially interesting to the Architectural groups. Bob Exter is designing a book plate for the Biblioteque Francaise. Eugene Lewandowski has printed a membership card which will be given out after the spring vacation. Notable members of the French club are: Exter, president of the senior classg Benson, president of the Senior Council and Laird, editor of The Times. OFFICERS HENR1 DE GRAFF. . . . . .President ........ ..... I ACK ROBERTA BEN DAVIA ...... . . .Vice President ............... VVALTER REHLING BOB EXTER ..... . . .Secrrtary and Treasurer. ..,... MALVRICE ALPERT MLLE. HENRI .... .. .Faculty Adviser ........ ..,. M LLE. HENRT One Hundred Tzwrzfy-fam' LE CERCLE FRANCAIS LE CERCLE FRANCAIS One Hzmdrcd Twenty-five DER DEUTSCHE VEREIN ER Deutsche Verein has completed a most successful year, the tifth of its existence. The members consisting of 2B's and 2A's and former 2A's have increased to two hundred. The purpose of the club is to promote good fellowship and to supplement the work of the classroom by giving the boys additional practice in the spoken language. For the entertainment of the boys, programs are rich in games, riddles, stories, poems, short stories and music. Individual members furnish piano, clarinet, cornet, saxophone and concertina numbers. For several semesters the club has had a small band. Last semester's band was directed by Mr. Bockman. Mr. Mraz directed the band in the present semester. Singing from song-books obtained from Germany was enjoyed by the boys. The books were obtained through the efforts of the boys and are to be the permanent possession of the club. The plays furnish not only an enjoyable method of getting closer acquaint- ance with the language, but also give the boys, who take part, added practice in interpretation of the language. Some of the plays enjoyed this year were: "Beim Zahnarztu and f'Die neue Rechenkunstf' Another project most successfully carried to completion was playing "VVeihnachtsmann'l for a needy family. The boys brought food, gifts and an attractive NVeihnachtsbaum to them. OFFICERS CLARENCE KLEIN ..... .,.. P resident ........ ........ F RANK DVORAK XVALTER ANTONICIC. . . . . . Vice President. . . .... KENNETH PRITCHARD Q. V. MCGARY ...... ..... S ccifefary ....... ........ J OHN MORRISON CHAS. SCHIFFMAN .... . . . Treasizrei' ........ ..... R ov SEYFFERT Miss SEITZ ......... .,... F aciilty Adviser .... ...... M iss SEITZ One Hundred Twentx -six DER DEUTSCHE VEREIN DER DEUTSCHE VEREIN One H undred Twenty-seven GUARD MARSHALS Guard Marshals HE guard force whose duties are on a plane with those of the police department of a municipal government, has functioned with the great- est efficiency during the past school term. The system is composed of the faculty adviser, a chief marshal, his assist- ant and nine period marshals and their assistants. There are fifty-four guards on duty every period. The duties of the guards are to see that the halls are cleared of waste paper and to stop anyone without a pass from passing through or out of the building or to their locker. Q Under a new system, introduced this semester, the guards are required to purchase a pin which they return at the end of the semester. Xlihen the pin is returned the money is credited to the guard treasury and these funds are used to entertain the guards at the end of the semester. A guard may become an assistant and again marshal by serving at least one semester as a guard and at the same time having good grades in all subjects. At the end of one semester's service a marshal is eligible for a civic letter providing he has had perfect attendance at all meetings and assembly duty, which consists of guarding the doors during assemblies and movies when the guards are apt to be absent. Letters are also awarded for eight continuous semesters of duty as guard and to the Lunch Room marshals. . A new guard duty this year is careful management of boys on late sessions who come during the second period. The guards have been very efficient in taking care of this difficult problem. One Hundi ed Tu mzty-eight HONOR CLUB LETTERMEN SENIOR GUARDS One Hundred Twenty-nine Ona Hundrrd Thirly HONOR CLUB HE Honor Club consists of one hundred and thirty members. Since the requirements were raised to 5 E's, the membership diminished from over two hundred to this point because of the stricter entrance require- ments. To become a member of this select club, the applicant must have an HE" average in his hnal marks. Membership entitles a member to tive points forthe Achievement Dinner and Senior Council. A member is also entitled the honor of wearing the club HT." Many boys also become ofhce guards during their study periods and earn extra points. The Honor Club started a drive for a scholarship fund and through the sale of candy and magazine subscriptions much of the money for the fund has been secured. The club also sponsored the "Mothers' Day" program held on May 16. Many of the upper classmen in the club were on the reception committee while others acted as teachers. A new honor club pin was devised which is a gold "T" with the word Honor and C. I. C. on it. To show the number of times the student is in the Honor Club, bars are added. just lately a double "T" letter was given to all members who were in the club four semesters with one hundred hours of extra school service. Each semester after the first letter an additional bar is added. Under the able guidance of Miss NVrench the Honor Club is sure to succeed in all its undertakings. OFFICERS DONALD BELLSTROM .... . . Prr.viz1'cnt ........ ..... J ACK HAv1-:Y HAROLD BENSON .,... . . Vice Presidczzz' .... . . .JOHN MORRISON JOHN MORRISON ..,. . . Sccrmtary ..... ..... F RED BEHN Miss VVRENCH. .. .. Sponsor. .. . ..M1ss VVRENCI-I HONOR CLUB HONOR CLUB Ona Hmzdrca' Thirty-one INTERNATIONAL CLUB International Club YEAR ago when all foreign born boys were called together for a meeting, the idea came to Mr. Anderson to organize the International Club. It was organized to bring together the representatives of different nations both educationally and socially. Miss Sass, who was asked to offer some suggestions, was won over very readily and promised to do all within her power to make the club a successful one. Miss Sass also promised them the privilege to conduct an assembly if they required money for some worth- while project. Two projects have been taken up by the club. One is the preparation of an exhibit of foreign curios which should be of interest to Tildenites. The other is a correspondence of the members with some native boy in his mother country. The members will send one of Tilden's new hand books to their correspondents in foreign lands. In return they are to be asked for information about schools in their country. This will familiarize the students with methods and customs of diffierent nations. Thirty-one nations are represented by one hundred and forty-two members of this club. A meeting of the International Club has it all over the League of Nations in having representatives from different nations, OFFICERS BERJ GULESERIAN .... .............. . .......... P resident GEORGE KAHLER .... ............ V ice President JAMES INAMIZU. . . , . .Secretary and Treasurer MR. ANDERSON .... ........ F acuity Sponsor One Hundred Thzrty two Battalion Commander. . . Supply Officer ...... Personnel Officer. . . Cadet Cadet Cadet Captain .......... Second Lieutenant. Second Lieutenant ................ ..... Sergeant ...,........... Cadet Cadet Cadet Cadet Cadet Cadet Cadet First Lieutenant. . Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant ,.... Captain ...... Captain ........... Second Lieutenant. Major .... R. 0. T. C. OFFICERS STAFF .....................Cadet Captain Porzel . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Cadet First Lieutenant Fernald .Cadet Second Lieutenant Lohn COMPANY A . .Kenneth Davies . .Edward Allison . . . .Alexander George COMPANYB ....Thomas O'Farrel ......Paul Fernald .......Iack Bernhart .-.George Du Casse COMPANYC ....Francis Porzel .....HaroldBenson ......RobertCox COMPANYD ....Edmund Borowski . . . . . . .Edwin VVilson Cadet Captain .......... Cadet First Lieutenant. . . Cadet Second Lieutenant. . Cadet Second Lieutenant .... Cadet Second Lieutenant .... Cadet Second Lieutenant .... . . . . .John Tully . ..,.. Vernon Carr . . . . . .Robert Gill . . . .Bertram Shover . . . . . Sigmund LOhn One Hundred Thirty-tlzrec MPS AND USHERS R. O. T. C. Unit HIS year Tiden's unit composed of 328 cadets, including the band, is divided into four companies, A, B, C, D. At spring inspection by Col- onel Anderson of the U. S. A., Tilden took fourth place and a com- pany drill at Stagg Field netted them second place and a shield. The unit missed Honor School by one-halt a point. In the squad competition at the l31st Armory, our squad took fourth place. A platoon competition in April of 1930, gave us third place and a shield, in a very close contest, one and one-half points being the difference between first and third places. At the same time the Daily News' best soldier of each school was picked, Tilden's being Sergeant Benson, nrstg Captain Davies, secondg and Sergeant Dring, third. Sergeant Benson will compete later for the city's best soldier. Captain Porzel is in charge of Tilden's battalion this year, and will con- tinue his position next year, when he will receive a Major's commission, the highest rank at Tilden. The unit sponsors the M. P's., under Major Borowski. Major Borowski has received his appointment to take examinations for entrance at Annapolis. The ushers are also part of the unit, led by Captain lllilson. Captain Benson has charge of Tilden's fire guards. There will be another inspection this spring by Colonel Anderson. Tilden's hopes run high in anticipation of the outcome of this inspection and the follow- ing Honor School competition. Sergeant Gallman of the U. S. A. is the military instructor at Tilden. One Hzmdrefi Thzrty-four MP'S AND USHERS MP's and Ushers ILDENKS Military Police are in charge of Major Borowski this year, with Capt. VVilson, Lt. Shover and Lt. Carr as inspectors. There are six posts, five of them are located at the nearby street car stops and one in front of the school. These fellows do Tilden a wonderful service every day, no matter what the weather is. They see to it that the boys are loaded safely on the cars. This year a contest in general efficiency was held among the six posts, counting neatness, discipline, courtesy and efficiency. The winner was post 6 under the leadership of Lt. George. Since this system was established there has not been a single boy hurt when boarding a car. The Surface Lines co-operate to their fullest extent and they appreciate the service Tilden is ren- dering them. Tilden was the first in Chicago to have such a system. It was started by Capt. Cooney of Tilden's unit in '26. USHERS These fellows, also cadets, are led by Capt. XYilson with Major Borowski as assistant. These fellow give their time and effort to giving Tilden efficient and orderly filling of our huge assembly hall. They also have charge of all school plays, both during school and in the evening. Ushers for dances are selected from volunteers of the main force. The balcony, under Lt. George, is very efficiently run. This group is about the smoothest and best working organi- tion in the school. Capt. Wilson is to be congratulated for his fruitful and well spent efforts on this force. One Hmldred Thirty five SENIOR ARX AND ARX ENGINEERS Senior and Arx Engineers HE constant demands received by Mr. Lurie for instruction in structural steel design has led to the establishment of an entirely separate course during the last one and one-half years which the student may take instead of the Architectural. This is an innovation in Chicago high schools, as Tilden is the only school offering a course of instruction in structural steel designing and surveying. Students, who intend to pursue engineering work in college, are advised to take this course while those who Wish to become Architects take the Architectural. The new Engineering course includes the design of structural framing, dimensions of which are located by the student in the Carnegie or U. S. Steel handbooks. Mr. Lurie stresses self-reliance and encourages extensive use of these handbooks, which contain all information necessary in structural steel design. Field work in surveying is provided in which the student is taught an elementary knowledge of leveling. The Arx have been occupied with the Van Dort Competition pavilion. Design, acoustics, rendering and lettering were taken when prizes were awarded. In class A, which the senior Arx Braband took first, Fetters second, and Lamberty third. Aronberg first mention, Exter second. The Arx have also designed some windows which they plan to construct of colored tissue paper. for a concert into account competed in, was awarded stained glass The annual excursion sponsored by Mr. Lurie was conducted to the American Bridge Co., where the students beheld the practical application of knowledge gained in the classroom. One Hundred Thirty-six 4B ARX AND ENGINEERS CARTOONISTS One Hundred Tlzirty-sczwz NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY ATIONAL Honor Society membership is the highest award at Tilden Tech. The members of this society are those members of the Senior Council having a scholarship average of ninety or better. The emblem of this Society is the keystone and the flaming torch. The keystone bears at its base the letters S, L, C, and S. The four letters represent the cardinal objectives, which are scholarship, leadership, character, and service. Service means a willingness to render enthusiastically any service to the- school whenever called upon. Leadership means a demonstration of good class work to lead the other students to a higher standing in scholarship, and the promotion of high school activities. Character means to demonstrate an honest effort in class work, to be sincere to teachers and fellow students, to help rid the school of bad influences, as well as to show qualities of personality, honesty, reliability, promptness. achievement and morality. Scholarship is the chief aim ot' the organization. The keystone signifies that the structure of education must be held Firm. The flaming torch is the emblem of the purpose, the searching light of truth, to keep burning in the school a high ambition. .-Xt present the Tilden Tech Chapter of the National Honor Society is raising funds to help boys enter college. OFFICERS DONALD BELLSTROM. . . ............... ....... P rmident BENJAMIN DAVIA ,..... ....... V ice P1'esz'dcnf CHARLES BARANOVICH. . . .... Sccrctaffy-Trcczszzrm' Miss TYREXCH ........ ..... F aculfy Ad-ziiser Ons Hundred Thirty-eight LETTERMEN'S CLUB LETTERMEN'S CLUB Our H11ud1'c'd Thirty-nine One Hundred Forty SCRIBBLERS' CLUB Scribblers' Club HE Scribblers' Club was organized to stimulate an interest in literature and to help the members in their eiforts to write poems, short stories, essays, Or any form of writing in which they are interested. Two of the worth-while projects of the year were an affiliation with the Chicago Interscholastic Poetry Association, and participation in The National High School Awards Contest, a contest conducted to encourage creative writing by high school students. The Printers' and Scribblers' clubs are now planning to publish a booklet containing some of the best poems and stories of the club members. OFFICERS JOHN CAMERON ....... ............. ..... P r esident MARVIN VANDERWALL. . . . . Vice President GEORGE DONAHUE .... ..... S ecretary AIRS. VAN NICE. . . . . . Sponsor PRINTING CLUB Printing Club N the latter part of 1929 an idea was conceived which resulted in organizing the Printing Club. The boy who had this idea, foresaw the advantages of a Printing Club and immediately confided in Mr. Maivald. Plans were made, a meeting place found, and a date picked for the first meeting. At the first meeting sixteen boys who were interested in printing sat together in Room 216 discussing the plans for the future. It was decided that ofhcers were neded and that a regular meeting time should be established. At the next meeting, however, Mr. Maivald appointed Charles Goldsmith, Chairman. Then at a later date the officers of the club were elected. The club then undertook to print in five colors, the poem "Opportunity," which was presented to many fathers on "Father and Son's Night." The print- ing job was a great success. The boys then planned an interesting meeting with educational slides, and invited the printing classes to participate. At this meeting there were over one hundred forty present. Tours to the Daily News Building and to other huge plants that would be of interest to printing students were also sponsored by the Printing Club. OFFICERS CHARLES GOLDSMITH .... ............. ......... P r widen! BENJAMIN LUNSIK ..... .... V ice President EUGENE LEWANDONSKI. . . ..... Secretary VV ALTER LIPNIK ........ , . . Treasurer PETER BURNEIKE .... . . . Historian EDWARD SLOTA .... . . . Chairman MR. IWAIVALD .... . . . Sponsor One Hundred Forty-one SENIOR COUNCIL Senior Council HEN a boy becomes a member of the Senior Council he has received one of the highest honors that Tilden can bestow upon him. Only after three years of hard work and service to Tilden is the ultimate goal reached, a membership in this honorary club. The members of this organi- zation are considered leaders in the school. Every boy who enters Tilden should aim to make the Senior Council, as it is about the last rung in the ladder of high school success. The membership of the Senior Council is limited to forty-Five. Therefore, every fellow who wishes to become a member is required to fill out an applica- tion blank which shows his service to the school and his scholarship ranking. The names of the applicants are then sent to every faculty member. If all the faculty members approve of them. they are elected to the Council by a special committee which meets at the beginning of each semester. The activities of the Senior Council are many and varied. It is sponsor of the Student Court, which takes care of the school law breakers. The court consists of a judge, clerk, and bailiff, an attorney with their associates and a jury of twelve students. Students coaching is another one of its important activities. The coaching system was started last semester under the leadership of Frederick Behn. Under this system failing students are brought up to passing by after school coaching in their weak subject. OFFICERS jo11N COSTELLO ..... ................ ...... P 1' esident XYILLIAM KOPESKY .... . , . View President HAROLD BENSON .... ....... S ecretary MR, BIXLER ,... .... F ac1zltySf10ns0r One Hrmdrcd Iozfi tivo SOCIAL COMMITTEE Social Committee ILDEN'S Senior Prom and Social Committees have just completed the most successful season in the history of Tilden. Dean Williamson, sponsor of the senior and social committees, is largely responsible for the unusual success of these committees, It is his work in guiding the com- mittees and his careful planning that has given the committees this banner year. A grand climax to a wonderful year was the Senior Prom held at the Medinah Athletic Club. As everyone probably knows the Medinah Athletic Club has the most beautiful and most modern ballroom in Chicago. The music was furnished by the best orchestras in Chicago, namely, johnny Dahmke and his College Club, also the Kentuckians. These two orchestras furnished music continuously the entire evening. The dancing was ideal, the hall being very crowded and those who had finished dancing could rest in the upper balcony or the most beautiful lounge room. The socials held during the past year were the "Beat Hyde Park" and Valentine Dances. Both were very successful. The Commitee consisted of a very lively bunch of Seniors and Juniors who were popular with other fellows in the school. The Chairman last semester was jack Devine and this year Joe Schneider is Chairman. Other fellows on this committee were: Lang, Mackowiak, Jacobs, Seyffert, johnson, Lippincott. Quain, Murphy, Blackmore, and Greer. Om- Hundred Form tluee TICKET SALES SQUAD Ticket Sales Squad HE ticket salesmen of Tilden are really the hardest working group of fellows in the school. VVhen such a statement is made, there must always be something back of it, and this one has plenty of backing. The success of every show requiring the sale of tickets is due to the unfailing work of the salesmen. Not only have they sold tickets, but they have been better advertisements than many ads. To acknowledge the good service they have rendered, the school has pre- sented Wayne Schultz, Jack Kreuger and Bob VVhite with Civic letters having stars on them. VVilliam Nuetzel and Paul Fernald have also received letters. Bob White has been movie manager two semesters and during this time has done some excellent bookkeeping. The regular salesmen have sold an average of fifty tickets at a time. There are some high pressure salesmen on the squad, namely, William McKinney and Berj Guleserian, both of whom have exceeded the three hundred mark at one selling. A remarkable record considering that both of them accomplished the feat in selling for the same event. Much credit is due Miss Stella M. johnson for the success of the sales- men. Miss johnsonls committee is composed of Miss Beddow, Mrs. Davis, Miss Smith and Miss Verhoeven, who have served for four consecutive semesters. Miss Hubler has recently been selected to continue the splendid work of the Ticket Salesmen. One Hmzdv ed Forty-four TICKET SALES SQUAD TICKET SALES SQUAD One Hwndred Forty-fve TIMES STAFF Times Staff ILDEN'S weekly publication, the Tilden Tech Times, brings to a close its thirteenth and most successful semester as a school newspaper under the able guidance of its sponsors and with the co-operation of the staff members. During the last year extreme care has been taken in the appearance of the paper. Cartoons and pictures have been used freely. Improvements in make-up, journalistic style, and variety of contents have been wrought. Always striving to help Tilden, the Times inaugurated two new features. Examples of Tilden's good citizens, called as they should be, of course, 10021 Tildenites, were given their well earned publicity. A courtesy drive was also carried out. Boys performing special acts of courtesy were rewarded by the TIMES. A most important, but perhaps least-heard-of part of the staff, the business department, closed their books with a sigh of satisfaction, not because their work was done, but because of their success. Eight thousand subscriptions in the past year was their main accomplishment. h Sponsoring the paper in the fall semester were: Miss McAdams, Miss Keller and Mr. Strassmang during the second semester: Mrs. Brown, Miss Keller and Mr. VValz. June graduations will leave numerous vacancies in the staff. Lawrence Laird, Robert Exter, Edwin Francis, Donald Bellstrom, Floyd Scheulke, James Schneller, Mathew Bartosik and john Costello will be graduated. One Hzmdzed Fortg tix TIMES BUSINESS STAFF Times Business Staff Co-Editors-in-Chief .......................... Laurence Laird, Robert Exter Assistant Editors .... .... E dwin Francis, Arthur Anderson, Harold Kanter Sports Editor ...... ...,...... D onald Bellstromg Ass't., NValter Lipnick Art Editors ...... .... C . Shamelg Ass't., H. Bruzdewicz, A. Grabovvski Tech Chatter ...... .............. J ohn Fesselmeyer, Ross Tinnerello Headline Writers .... ..... F red Eisen, james McCarty, Armand Litterio Feature Writer .... ................................ F rancis Porzel Editorial VVriters .... ............. L ouis Klimas, Marvin Vanderwall Life Lines .......... .............,..... S igmund Lohn Photographers ......... .... C harles Mullauer, Vincent Urban Special Correspondent ....... .............,.... 'I ohn Morrison Scream of Wit .......,...... ...... ..... H a rvey Cogbill News of Other High Schools ............................. Stephen Pagakis Sports Reporters .......................... H. Marcus, S. Jacob, C. Kundrot Reporters: L. Eisen, G. Herts, C. Goldsmith, H. Lichter, VV. Martinaitis, F. Schuelke, E, Kittendorf, S. Sollien, NV. Petersen. Typists ............................. A. Thurow, L. Dunklau, -I. Balsewick Business Managers .... ........... L ester Larson, Chas. Riegel Circulation Manager ..... ..... J ames Schnellerg Ass't, S. Ucherelc Advertising Manager ...... .......,.............. I ohn Costello Student Printing Foreman. . . ....................... John Stonich Sales Manager ............ ..................... M athew Bartosik Exchanges ..... ..... I oseph Marchalg Ass't., Harry Vibert Bookkeeper .... ..... R obert Gillg Ass't., Maurice Fetters Om: H wzdred -F ony-seven FIGURE SKETCH CLUB Figure Sketch Club N organization which has just recently been established at Tilden, the now popular Figure Sketch Club, is fast becoming a vital part of Tilden's school life. Miss Porterfield, the sponsor, established the club to give the art students an opportunity to study the human Figure. This is accomplished by having life models for the students to sketch from. The drawings are made on the blackboard or in charcoal or colored chalk on large sheets of paper. The members of the Figure Sketch Club have many good times together. One afternoon they Went with Miss Porterfield for a gallery tour at the Art Institute. The exhibit which interested them most was that of paintings by Chicago artists. Due to their own work they were able to critize or make many intelligent comments upon the drawings. A party was also given. It is not all play and no work in the club, for its members have taken over much of school picture advertising. They made life sized silhouettes which so well advertised the operetta last May. Mr. Stoffer and his shop boys cut out the figures which were made to look so real by the talent of the club. The originality and ingenuity of the club is shown by their skill in making a printing press for post cards out of an old wringer. These cards were then sent to the teachers. OFFICERS HARRS' VVEBER ..... ............. ...... P 1' esident CHARLES IQOLAR .... .... V ice President JOHN FLECK ...... ........ .S' ecretary Miss PORTERFIELD .... .... F acuity Sponsor One Hundred Forty-eight MAGIC CLUB Magic Club ILDEN'S smallest and most exclusive club was founded for the study and presentation of Magic, and has but two members. Its activities are man and a large portion of the student body has witnessed and enjoyed yr 1:- their unique entertainment. Under the able sponsorship of Mr. Solem, the club has entertained various groups, and capped its activities with the Second Annual Magical Assembly, given in May. At this assembly they gave many large stage illusions and experiments, all in a thoroughly professional manner. They hope to carry on in the future and make the Magical Assembly, a regular, annual event at Tilden. George Christiansen, Qleftb, is well known throughout the s . He was the First to make Tilden the residence of white mice, the first to introduce ping pong as a recreation and first in numerous other things. As a conjuror he has few peers in any high school. chool for the many fads he has introduced Richard Crisp, the boy with the Art Shirels complex, is a fitting teammate for Christy in this club. He is well known for his magical activitles throughout . . . . f d the school. Combined with Christiansen, he forms half of a per ect an harmonious whole , which is the equal of any high school Magic Club in America, The fame of this team is not coniined to Tilden, as the boys are well known amon conjurors for the numerous articles on Magic which they have had g published in "The Sphinx," a magical magazine Vl'1tl'1 a natlonal circulation among conjurors. In magic, as in many other activities Tilden is on top. One H1l1ld1?d Forty mne RIFLE SQUAD One Hundred Fifty AVIATION CLASS Y 7 0 VVhen I Travel Iyll sail the seven seas till I hold No, not treasure gold, But the beauty and glamour Of lands of old, Those lands beyond the sea. I'll swim in the Lordly Nile VVith the stars as my only light, As their radiant rays they pour From heaven's open door On Karnak and Luxor as in days On a camel's back I'll ride Into Sahara's desert wide, To seek and find The desert's mind. I'll ascend the highest terrace Of the marble Taj-Mahal, And breathe a prayer into the air For the man whose wife was all. I'll go into colorful Turkestan Over the desert to Samarkand of yore, Where caliphs rule in this sea of sand Oh! But it's languorous-that Asian land. I'll sail the seven seas till I hold, No, not treasure gold But the beauty and glamour Of lands of old K Those lands beyond the sea. -George Donohue One Hundred Fifty-one MR. SCHROCK'S OFFICE Tilden Tech Branch O relieve crowded conditions at Tilden during the past semester, a late shift was established. This did increase the speed of work in classes. Still conditions became crowded until once again it became necessary to devise a means to stop the congestion. The necessity resulted in a Branch, which is used for freshmen. All boys, who wish to come to Tilden, may enter directly, providing that they live south of Garfield Boulevard. Boys living north of Garfield Boulevard have to enter the Branch, and in their second year be transferred to Tilden. The Branch is located at 36th and Gage streets. It is suitably equipped for students wishing to take up technical work. There are sixteen rooms, a large gymnasium, and an assembly hall at the Branch, The shops are similar to those at Tilden. There is a wood shop, an electric shop, a print shop and an auto shop at the Branch. There are two mechanical drawing rooms, two general science laboratories, and a study hall. The Branch also has a large lunch room to accommodate the freshmen. Former Tilden teachers have been transferred to the Branch. At present the Branch has ten teachers with Mr. Schrock as the head of the Branch. The same system of interroom athletics of Tilden is carried on at the Branch, and the same clubs are included in their activities. The boys have an honor club to encourage good marks and the C. I. C. to encourage service. The boys at the Branch support all the drives at T ilden, the Times, the Clean-up Campaign, the Operettas, and the Craftsman. One Hmldzcd fzffi two VOLLEYBALL AT BRANCH PRINT SHOP AT BRANCH One Hundred Fifty-three One Hundred Fifty-four Lincoln Lincoln, Man of tenderness, Kindliness, wisdom and quiet humor: All born of his constant sadness. He lived and worked and learned in a vast wilderness: Lived among trees and bushes and grass and animals, Earth and sky and water. Worked for his food and shelter, For life itself! Learned to know and to understand his silent surroundings, Learned to know their habits and actions, But beyond all else He learned to know and to understand himself, Out there in that vast lonely wilderness. This man, W'ith faith in his own judgment, Remained steadfast in his decisions Though nations opposed his plans. His deep understanding and dauntless courage Preserved a country, Freed millions of men from slavery, VVon him many enemies, More friends, And eternal admiration. He lives in the youth of America, John Wintovz Cameron Scribblers' Club Ode to Lincoln Lincoln, 'neath thy gaze we bask In overwhelming meditation. Are you a God? Ourselves we ask Thou savior of the nation! Upon your war-worn brow we see Your loving care of all. For character we need no key 'Tis as your stature tall. XVithin your mind, the fort of right, XVelled wisdom iivaling sages Your countenance enfolds the might That bettered history's pages. As in this reverie we stand In awe and solemn peace We feel again your tender hand That signed the slave's release. Aquarium As I sit dreamily here I can see a castle All covered with clinging green. VVhile one gold clad being Glides silently out, Another drifts lazily in. And about this all Is swaying green chara, 'Which looks beautiful In the streaming sun. -Henry Harms fohn Ufiizton Ca11zw'dh4Scribble1's' Club One Hundred Fifty-five 0 I Axqngraplm 1 JK W ,ff Vnjfx,-',' ' . .f, , I xo , 32, M mmvaxm Jaw U x In X - HLQQLKEQJLLW g4,c.L,yZi,, "Zjkuxl-T-5'1" ' 19 ,Ak. 4 I N f M J 37? Q13 A fijfJMfwfiJ2, l . 1 X Q . ,ff,i,,4,4AM,4, One Hundred Fifty-six f If 1, 1 , . f ,,. f, ,f' fm W ' 4 , A ' ' .fiff Bfnffvwa, WTNT ., ' Af- 2-J .f -' ,- dj 52 gal, 5' ,M A Ode To Lincoln He stood there, a grim, silent figure, Pondering over the fate of a great nation engaged in a bloody war, Entrusted with the hope of the people To bring about an end to the bitter conf-lict, To weld an unbreakable link of peace Between the two powerful factions. Ah. this man of men, of so great a character, Planned and struggled, unselhshly sacrificing himself, Until finally the war came to an end: Lee had surrendered to Grant. The Nation rejoiced, peace at last! Now Lincoln had to labor harder, To reconstruct the country, To bring it back to health and strength. But 'ere his 'task was ended he was laid low, Dying by an assassin's bullet, A death that so great a man did not deserve. Now Lincoln lives in the hearts of men, A martyr, a man who died for his country. In time of need he heard her call, He answered the summons and spared himself naught. Self-effacing and humble ever, Though he reached the topmost round, He stands before the world today As an example of what each one of us might be If we would but persevere. Let us then triumph by his untimely death. Let us show the world that Lincoln 'lshall not have died in vain" And that through the untiring efforts of us, America's youth, XV ho today hold her soul's salvation in our grasp- XYe it is who must prove to all the oppressed HThat government of the people, by the people, and for the people, Shall not perish from the earth !" - Walter Lipnick. 4 One Hundred Fifty-seven Official Photographers for Tilden Tech. Hzlgh School + r I +K 1' 1 vi 3 I m ge ' we 1 1 ca W PHOTOGRAPHERS I TH STATE STREET NTRAL 5801 fXYg5l.C5MQ - ' F 0 S' 94 'FSFTBHQ osggilfcfy JI o Jlahn or Ullienr Again? 650B are America's largest school annual designers and engravers because We render satisfaction on more than 400 books each year. Intelligent co-operation, highest quality workmanship and on-time deliveries created our reputation for dependability. JAHN 8: OLLIER EN GRAVIN G CO. Tbolograpbers, Artists and Makers of Fine Printing Plates for Black or Colors. 817 W. Washington Boulevard - Chicago lax Telephone MONROE 7080 , - ,401 0 HddFfi3 One Hundred Sixty Tilden Booster Song Hit the line for Tilden, For Tilden wins today! VVe will show the sons of the south side That the Gold and Blue can stay. Sweep down the field again, Victory or die! And welll give a rousing cheer, boys, As the Tilden Team goes by. Hit the line for Tilden, In study as in playg And We'll send the fame of Tilden To places far away. VVCYFC on the map to stay, boys, VVe've set our standard highg And we'll make a mark for Tilden That will last as the years roll by. W WAWQWAW' L AA A AB A AA AS A Q Ax .41S AVA WA AS M A AM ,QIQWALWABWAWAS ' 4

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Tilden Technical High School - Craftsman Yearbook (Chicago, IL) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 1


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