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Ms, EXW 0 , .I 2 Classic '86 VI ie?-W no so oe,5 -2-2? f A if 5' X we' J J A.?l 3".7 ,,fl fig 9 l 45 f X f wo f fn Samuel J. Tilden x G ' Hzgh School 1115? . Q' o '- X , K' M? o 1 on X o f hx c j Q 4 Brooklyn, New xx , Q 'x X 3 .,9 , ga Q A-1 u X W B 4 EX Eehimtinn Within a span of a few months last summer, the Tilden High School faculty was devastated by the untimely passing of three of our friends: Mr. Bernard Campolo of the Communication Arts Dept., Mrs. Gloria Cushner, Secretary, and Mr. Bernard Mars of the Health 8r Physical Education Dept. Classic 1986 is hereby dedicated to their memory. Bernard Campolo Mr. Campolo was a sensitive, organized man who loved beautiful things and wanted to know why people were not more gentle and kinder to each other. He enjoyed the arts, the building of houses, and the giving of education to his students. We miss him! Gloria Cushner Mrs. Cushner had been with the Tilden staff for the past ten years. She served as a School Aide, Secretary Intern, and finally Secretary to the Assistant Principal - Guidance. She always was extremely helpful and eager to please. She was a dear friend to her co-workers and respected very highly. Her beautiful smile, her genuine concern for others, and her thoughtfulness, will always be remembered. She will be missed. Bernard Mars Bernard Mars was a beloved teacher, coach, and colleague, a gentle- man and gentle man who brightened our world and touched our hearts. Classic 86 L...4 The Classic al Touch Faculty Principal Administration Guidance Counselors Business Education Communication Arts Foreign Language Mathematics Health and Physical Ed Science Social Studies Special Education Music Art and Home Economics LibrariansfSecretaries Paraprofessionals Friends Special Programs School of L P C Enrichment Program Cooperative Education C A T S T A B S H I P Activities Senior OfficersfSenior Council Student Umon OfficersfSU Council Tilden Topics Arista Computer Club F B L A Tutors Drama Guild Mock Trial Health Club Speakers 86 Caravan Mixed Chorus Senior Band Gospel Chorus Cantata Haitian Club ltalian Club Sports Boys Basketball Girls Basketball Baseball Softball Football Soccer Volleyball Boys Bowling Girls Bowling Handball Tennis TeamfTennis Club Boys IndoorfOutdoor Track Boys Cross-Country Girls Indoor Track Girls Outdoor Track BoostersfCheerleadersfTwirlers The Class of 86 Senior Celebrities Senior Biographies The Classic Staff Farewell table of contents fk, Debate Team , i, QL T Qllamiir-al As the sands of time slip by and we begin to taste the bittersweet world we live in, we begin to create our own india vidual touch of class. We the Tilden High School Class of 1986 have reached that time in our lives where we must put our own individualism into action so that we can achieve our goals. The name of our yearbook has always been The Classic. But what does this word mean? Classic is that which survives the pas- sage of time. When CocasCola decided to do away with the new and bring back the old, they applied HClassic'l to their old formula. The root of the word 'tclassicv is class. Our Touch of Class has been kindled, and will flourish, We have been affected by fads, the times, and the environment. The grand result is you. There are 'iclassicsf' all around us. For many years, our prime preoccupation has been obtaining our education. We have had little time to see the world and cap- ture its significance. For example, we live - in the i'Classic Cityf, but only recently have we been able to truly experience its awesome beauty and cultural treasures. The Class of 1986 has been captured in the pages of this book to elicit memo- ries of our second home, Tilden. Tilden HS. is a city of its own, with a melting pot creating an aroma of uniqueness. The doors are like a turnstile, constantly re- volving to give us our individual style. We've seen a number of Classic Lifes- tyles here at Tilden. We've seen all the fads and fashions from the high afros to bell-bottom pants, to plaids, to platform shoes. It seemed that they would never go out of style. Yet it's funny how many times we change ourselves before choosing the one lifestyle we like the best. We've become a part of cliques, clubs, and gangs just be- cause it's the "in" thing to do. Tilden also consists of people from dif- ferent backgrounds and cultures. ln a sense, we've created a sense of cultural pluralism. lt may be small, but it is our own Classic Culture. Touchl Sometime in the future when you feel that your Mmagicm is fading and you need a lift, thumb through the Classic, and re- turn to the magical Hgood old days" at Tilden. Remember the dreams we sharedg see how they've bloomed. Then experience a resurgence of determination to achieve. Once again you have tasted Tildenls 'Classic-al Touch!" HClassic'l to us means something so memorable that we can never forgetg that which will always be a part of our hearts and souls. We are a family. ln our own ways we love each other. We have fought, but we never stopped caring. We have stayed together. Our love and togetherness has been captured for posterity in the pages of this book for you to enjoy and remember in the years to come. Tilden: you are our second home and second love. We love you, and will always remember the times at Tilden High! 'fr'f 3 ya. Q., ff-1 V.: I 'X 'nw fri, 17 "all your dreams can come true" Lights, Camera, Action! This is our city - a city filled with anima- tion, life, excitement, and everything else that makes New York City unique. All your dreams can come true in this city. The lights never stop glowing, the people never stop going, and time never stands still for anyone. This great city that we live in has everyth- ing that one can imagine. We have all the special things that non-New Yorkers can only dream of. There are days that you can attend a concert in Central Park, or visit a Broadway Theatre. You can even go to Har- lem to visit the revitalized Apollo Theatre where many have come and gone seeking fame and fortune before the floodlights. lf you want to take a short ride on the "Iron Wagon," you can enjoy the Cloisters, Broadway, the Vilage, SoHo, Chinatown, or any of our famous skyscrapers. For a little romance, there's a visit to the Promenade in Brooklyn Heights to view the beautiful sky- line that is New York. Indeed treasure this Classic City. rv- ,0'w4" 'HJ 'W Q ' 'Q -nn. T , i-Af' .us 514 ami'-watt n MW Wa- -'II' I' . H -32' .v 7,3 ,X E'-.,:" 'w ,I Kijby? ,ma an 'H J' H V 12 1 - 4 - , A 1 F u tg .. ,v 'P ,J sag, Z lb 'DI bmi J r, .UH 'E in N wqlifiii .V -,.Mm,.1qm2fmfmz::::s, ,zewzsszszfs?::2::M:i:r::?6' :sZ:s::2::i:::::si3.i:::2i:bi?:::z::::2rs:?f 2? 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Swv Bgiiwiiqusgaqvwgqwqgwgm 1 whimmiifnissi-Yzaxws wi:-zmwvm hh" 1:m5EQg5gwSf get wsfessssaswsmspsae5s??sfffffp02mMW?"Q f mmsfiwifffwiffmfl W L MQW' 3 E f ,H A :Wi g X, 2 n Qflwaair 'ilhen 5 Q, Cl ssic Life t es One of the beauties of our Classic City is that we have a melting pot - not only of diverse cultures and nationalities - but of lifestyles as well. Take a stroll down the streets of New York. You will encounter the Punk Rockers, New Wavers, F1yGuys, FlyGals, even NERDSI In a few years, you will look back at these pages and remember these truly Classic Lifestyles. FLY GUYXFLY GAL NERD y Q.. WHERE TO FIND THEM: In the library, -1- WHERE TO FIND THEM? Sach 51 De' MA at home with their computer, or alone. Y 5s lancey St., Roseland, and Roxy's. Sus' All 1 F a one. 3 'A '1 f - , MANNER OF DRESS: Highswater poly- Q MANNER QF DRE,ij,- Anyghing eXPerg ester pants, plaid shirt with pens sticking f A f SWG- Must' We 90 . Go , Qoldr an ' ,QW an I out of the pocket, reject sneakers. I' i s li' more gold ' at Above all, nothing matches. lt's against C ,QA l ,- ,,,,,,, 0 ' , l.. . "O ga! CHARACTERISTICS Desire to be pop- ' Qjljngjfd 5 'e'9'0" 'O be mlstaken fo' N 5 iii ular. Border on the egotistical, ' ri., 1' - CHARACTERISTICS: Very shy, best i q AMB1T1QNg To be rich and popular, l friend is their computer, and invariably with the emphasis on the rich- A falls in love with the most popular girl in as school. CARE .Q TREATMENT: None needed. I AMBl'I'lONg To have Z, friend, ' V They're too much into themselves. Just E iw CARE gl TREATMENT.. There is no 54355: -" leave them 21101124 known cure. He can only dream of a W X! 5 1: ,Q world of normality. PA TRON SAINTS: RUN D.M.C., Sparky D PATRON SAINTS: Pee Wee Herman, ' Jerry Lewis NEW WA VE THE PUNKER WHERE TO FIND THEM: The heart of the Village, Shopping at Unique, or par. I WHERE TO FIND THEM: Canal Jeans, ' tying at The Garage' The I-aft, or the SoHo, Tower Records, and The Ritz. Underground. 'V I R, MANNER AOF DRESS Safety pin ear- - 7 F MANNER OF DRESS: Lace pants, lace nl' ig, 'M rings, Multi-colored spiked hair, leather A '- tops, paisley shirts topped off with the W 'Q J '5 mini-Skirt, and fish net Sf0CkiUQS- Xt X , 1 - gf bright colors of Santa Cruz. X , Z! X X I ' Ny! 1 X CHARACTERISTICS: The Punker can V . s , ! CHARACTERISTICS: New Wave,-5 are .fi A, I4 ' be easily identified in hisfher choice of fl ' B a tad eccentric because they're so light- "-4 dress: a safety pin earring in one lobe, ' C-5 Cf' headed tspaced outl, ff and a skeleton in the other. 1 - f f . I 'I AMBITIONI- To be a Superstar I- AMBITION: To become a rock star CAREKZ TREA TMENT3 Many are incur. CARE 81 TREATMENT: Hurricane Glo- able, however symptoms disappear with Tia responsibility. PATRON SAINTS: Billy ldol, Joan Jett PA TRON SAINTS: Sting, Madonna PREPPIE WHERE TO FIND THEM: Shopping at Brooks Bros., Lord 8a Taylor, Benetton, playing tennis at the Country Club. 9.0 MANNER OF DRESS: The traditional look, the essence of Classic loldi, penny loafers, , ' deck shoes, pleated skirts and pants, and to top it off, an argyle sweater with matching I V socks. CHARACTERISTICS: Never leave home without their credit card and cars, possess at Q 332' 30095, to ' 'l 4 " v"'x Y , least an 80 average, apply to Oxford, Yale, and Harvard. Usually named Muffie or Buff . 4..,,.3g'.,.,,' ' Q05 0 1 .2 5' " ' ' if 'mb AMBITION: To be richer than everyone else, and to evolve into a YuppiefBuppie. 'TT CARE 8: TREA TMENT' Living in Bed-Stuy for 2 or 3 days. i ' PA TRON SAINTS: Alex P. Keaton, Diane Chambers. f, , V p, .a4,, J , f NERD PREPPIE '3Q,,i,:i.:is,. 2 ' tilden rs frlled with dr versrfred cultures Trlden IS fmlled wrth many drversrtted cultures from all over the world c These Include the West Indles Panama I-Ia1t1 England and Latm Amer xca Culture may be defmed as the adeas customs skllls and arts of a grven people These cultures make up a large part of Trlden s lifestyle attitude dress and drsttnctton What makes our particular culture so lmportand and classrc 15 the great lmpact they have all over the world In New York Cnty the West Indian Day parade IS enjoyed by thousands of people each year The Labor Day event on Eastern Parkway gtves many of us somethmg to look forward to The varrety of muslc from calypso reggae and steel bands get the crowd movmg The array of costumes and dttferent types of food brmg parade The Harttan culture has brought us some ot the best art work of the Carrbbean They are well known for therr deprctlon of folk tradrtlon Panama has been mfluenced by many cultures but lt has come up classrc dnstmctnon all tts own The Pollera 15 a dress made of embrordered fabrlc topped off wrth gold accessorres It IS the symbol of Panamanran prosperity The Hrspamc culture has also brought us classlc dance steps such as salsa merengue and bolero These contnbutlons to the classrc modern dance can be seen an dtscos around the country and around the world Engllsh pop has had a great mfluence on the world s muslc today They have brought several pop stars to Amerxca Some of these stars are Wham' Boy George and Davld Bowte Let us not forget the U S A V Amertcans have left therr mark all over the world The fastest market abroad started rtght here The fast food charms have had a classrc rmpact They represent the stayxng power of the U S A X Xi Nada puny, J awww ebouaanwwdlld. Qyffladluv fame 5 YieC'aJzfAQ4fp or tb ,ohfw V""'W Yfnaaazgvz. Ty! gk, japfawbwa 'gamyfj C7J7ov- r.,Q,,,,,,p,4.au M 'M WW' Q Q 0 .T 2, L people from all over New York to celebrate Labor Day at this classic N014 all M1 , . . g . D 1 CLA IL, 3 xx E3-.L 52,5 N, I WwW fcwgjjf M155 CZ!i7'5?f L Q!! f M 5f""QiiMM' c . ,qyeadd ,Quia HSI' ' can mm. 1 1 ,4 . wmifv 20627242125 - U lu. ' . JQQMMMW' ,MZ ,,,-gg 5. .JS f' if Mimi X1 mlzm, 4 49, gg 2 1 , , 5 4 N 3 "X X xx , M n my 'sr -X .Mi Mama W 44 7 Y s 1 iff' 1' 1?-Q-' SAMUEL 1 TILDEN HIGH scHooL 11' ,S '1'n"'?J, TILDEN AVENUE AND EAST 57TH STREET BROOKLYN NEW YORK 11203 IJIIW 1 EVERETT KERNER Prmclpal Telephone 451 2400 June 1986 Dear Tllden Graduates and Frlends You have used as your yearbook theme those rdeas that are lmpllclt rn the name of lt clas lC The word ltself and rts plural conjures up a 'nyrlad of ldeas for as the great Amerlcan wrlter Thoreau sald What are the classlcs but the noblest recorded thoughts of man? Although no yearbook pretends to capture noble thoughts your year book lS hlghly slgmflcant because lt holds w1th.1.n rts covers plctorlal and literary representatatrons of those several years that you spent at Tllden Hlgh School leading ultlmately to your graduatlon It holds menorles of frlendshlps establlshed knowledge garned maturlty reallzed and experrenoes lntroduced I belleve that the staff at Tllden has helped to prepare you for what rs ahead Whatever the future holds for you a career at work or post secondary educatron you are ready for rt Llfe can be excrtrng enrlchlng and rewardlng lf you llve every mcment to the fullest You must prepare to leave your mark on our soclety It J.s said that those things that are classrc are always modern I hope that this yearbook which has caught you frozen rn a moment of tune wrll always be a renunder of happy productlve days and the ocm- mencenent of a new llfe. Slncere ly , vr75WW Everett Kerner mg Prlnclpal y.l,'l '- V-: . 5- - , Af ffl- ui .,.-. 1 5 - '-xifj. ms-.cw 1' . Ia,............,t3 , W Hillqif fl 4' . ,1. " . I I-5 gm? ...F A 17 r 4. . . "W i 'Q . ---.L,! .w H . : :Q -. 1. -.- if' 5"fI E. rw--, .f,, . 1 - '1 if I . VI, p-N... ,V YA -mm 1'.'rwa.1zg "'1 Z ' S . , , 1 I I ll ' ll I - I I - I I I . . - - .. . I I 1 - . . 1 I I admini tration mr. kenneth j. stern Ass't. Principal lAdministrationl Pupil Personnel 20 mrs. mation silton Ass't. Principal lAdministrationl Organization M ,M QT 2. , 'HNQWQQ WH f X 3 ,wg , Pwglri, Q' ,W J 2 x Sir n nn G .mi 'Sf J Ms. Gertrude Bernstein uldance W Mr. Allan Blaufarb Mr. James Carter .nf-r X NX 3 g e 3 EM M Ei Mr. Melvin Heller Mr. Norman Dolcb Mr. Steven Grobstein i kkkkk K M. - 2 A. New ,........ .Q . ,W wi 1 3 W W. . G' 5, J. ... sg if , N SX1 ' ' EZ X Ms. Gloria Irolla N-'Eff 'His' Mr. Marc Kublt Mr. Emanuel Safran 21 Bu iness Education Ms. Myrna Walters Coordinator fr '1 Mr. Simon Landsman Unlimited Shop S Hi 4 N Fin... Mr. Gerald Levine Mr Nmk Guarelia KPN J? , Mr. Justin Falasca MS' NGUCV SP-'fed MS- Pearl Klein Computer Club 22 F.B.L.A, Arr' milk Mr. Joel Kaufman y V H37 V' V Y ' wfiizf Hi ' I ,I ff':f9i5l7?ffi'Wifijf'Hf72llf5V?m?f5i'f1Y?ii -, 3 x , ,, 3,9 ,..,,,,,,.,, Ek .,,,., , . . ' f A . "l':fJ3E' ?LL,ffb?15 f 1. aa' ' GQi7i2,fQ,ZW'f'!ffiJ??i ---- 5 ,f2fH'.iE:,5 2' ,ae'21w,. :wsv,:1'a.4"'12 ' f r 2,fff2,Zz2,?1:,EEf2,z:Miz :QM-':'5' W PzJ'.xW::2 if :Qi v "'::'-'::'- , V 1-ggfmz' f " Msg Phyllis Handelman I Ms. Francine Bauer 1 .. 5: E if f" X ,1 , ww f-L ,L . ,Q V,,, 5 -a g. f ,ww Q f ,wif MSA Eileen Bunyan Q Q- Q-nf--f--'-'f n - M X 1 K E Sk + Q 41 an if Mr. Clarence Kay Mock Trial ,f wr W' , 9,nn K , ,, 5 wh 3 6 Communicat nArt 2 K - HN F X? ' J. , 6 K . , K ' A .A .l Ms. Sandra Lightcap Mr. David Silberberg Drama Guild 1 . ac, 1,5 , lc, W 1 n , I Y A 6,-AQ, FK i 1 in r Z.. J K I 24 3- fsfnwf ,sw ii H Mr. Joei Dick Ass 't. Principal Qin nina 'ke Ms. Phyllis Gormezano Dean Mr, Shimon Traub Mr. Richard Youngman MS. Rita Miller Mr. Ted Levesen Tutors Arista Advisor ,Q 'NO Ms. Ellen Langton Mr. William Stevens ,Wk Ms. Carol Bowman 5 E f Q Mr, Richard Rieclinger Ms, Robin Samu My i Ms. Annie Auguste Ms. Rachel Sanchez communication arts of in 1 . Ms. Rita Friedman Reading Coordinator - "- f 1 ' -:ff X"f 1 ' if -K . -- X.-k .5155 5 .. 5 Mr. George Grant A I 5 ' X Dean, Football Coach rv K . xv 'N V , ,L v' 4, , ' A " 9 i, gf. K in F ' '- 1 oooo , ,non , ' M f" as H MA W' 31 .Q A H - inf Q X ,5 4, iff :, I J, Qlfysfpmi ., -1: I, 1 5, lx ' I A 1 1 49, 5- 'wil 050, , ,ff li? ',,,' H, af, 5 f 80 QP fyifsx V' f' - JW Me. ',,- 'K " ,W,A ,, ,X me ,im A L .fr aff K S.. Mr. Thomas Sweetin Tilden Topics Mr. Arthur Daniels Mr. Burt Bloom Mr. Anthony Castelli Speakers Baseball Coach is gif' Ms. Mary Zarneski Caravan ,,,, Mr. Alan Farkas A 1- - ,M 1 5 w 5 N V it Qi? , K fm 3 A 5 if fy Qi Q'f'3 4 " L.. 'A 5' 'ali f' Q r 1 N 45 :W Qs 5 --'-:-W- X X 2 if Mr, John Devine -:flag X -' " , as ll: 5 X ' sin. K Q Q, 'ff 1 4 ina, -' '-gig? 3 gl 7 W " ' , 1 W: MHW4, W I f ,Fffw LJW ' , nf f- "4 3 ing, A. I V 'E 9. - ,lf H ' ' ,pl ' H 52045 : gf A H gi fi M mgmgf 4 J ', iff, 5351 v., 0 again, 4 2, V, ' 'W ww ' 1 Ii, lgffsggwf' 42 V ,v wa , V 5 6 W1 4: 4, h , 7 11,777 -K I 4m,,-v u, h " fl I 1 ff ' 'f' T 99 C1 Y Y X . .5 iw 'QQ - 'Rf ,JL Aff V f'1,,ziiv ' G' H- :ii ' ,z fa . , 5 ' W ' 3, 53' .:v.:f, 1 , M45 ,, E VW, gf 1 ,,,, rv W X, f war, j , ff 1 fl ZX ,E H, I X N.. Mr. Jeff Schrier Ms. Linda Rosen Basketball Coach COOP Coordinator 3 I ,f H11 ,, H ,l,,,- f ,, -QV Y' My 'CW Y Mr, Eric Held Ms. Roslyn Stella Foreign Languages Mr. Mario Costantino ASSY. Principal Mr. Simon Pluda 28 Mr. Innocent Michel Mr Frantz Moise Ms Margareth Dominique M17 GQOYQQ DimffU1Ch9 Ms. Iris Greenberg fl, 1. Ms. Pauline Meltzer Mr. NichoIas DePrume "l"---- Mr. Floyd Cayenne Ms. June Minsley 'Wk -vi..-4. Ms. Eugenia Lambrinos MS' Maria Raccugha Breakfas! Program ,Z Q2 U. ,. ath matics U, ,V W ,S ,,f, MM , 42f,22gL,,f, QM , ,M wuz ,Lg . V W H, ,. w 'QW ,, , ' fm fi? ' Em Ms. Emrly Appelsxs MSA Rxse Schanman Ms Sand: Vanderpool School PTA Liaison Mr. Marvin Goldsmith Ms' Hallie Deutsch Ms, Velma Rogers Volleyball Coach Ms. Kusil Moorley Ms. Mona Romain MS- Mildred Yafmush we 'fin Ms. Ellin Singer Mr. Fred Ross " 5 'Z E' f 4 ,, M , ,, ,, -, ,- w?i'd,z'ff,m W , 4 " .- . . ' V V. L,,, ,L , ', myij . , l-,11,y X , , ,,,,' , ,W fi , - f f if ,, it ' Z 7 - M 'V 55, 5' 'lf' I 12,1 : '3" 'ff','Y 5351:-'f?7,:E?, : ' ' -' Mr. Daniel Wolfsie Mr. Aldo Lattanzio ealth 84 Phxs Ed '-W' -.-..,..,W W,.,,. .. . il fl , - ,, F1325 W, A7 A an '- I cgi if -' VM vw' S r 'Ti 41" if ! ,,, I . ,A in 5 if ,, . ., ll J A,AA L ' A-j, 9iV,,j 4 A -55,1 ' iv. .,-- 1 Mr. Marvin Kreuger Ms. Seena Parker Bowling Tennis Coach Program Committee ,Jin ffm, we 32 Ms. Jeanne Kaplan Ass 't. Principal Ms. Jill DeSiano Softball Coach W- MM 1-fm Q N X 1 Mr. Mitchell Cheser .1...- H W Y l Al ,llll fl? Q ' 'll t - ' 4 - 5 ' . gl L Q V 5 . . I z f - -"fx K Ni ng , , .CCNX ' TQ, , , M-F, - J, ,,,. , f li sa. i '- ' or -1 23 , e i 1 ,.,,,. " ,' 2 5' 17' Mr. Sheldon Spielberg Mr. James Sullivan A Ihletic Coordinator Ms. Janice Pess s . M S sig X .f.,,,,-...,V.,Nf VV . 1 W f M . ' 7 1 W 1 f eh V Z, V j 7' I MZ fb f , W-ff i if f 'J f 9 " fi f A '51 K 5 if 5 , ,1 is . ,ff 10 Ms. Selma Smilen Ms. Karen Fuchs .J-Q wr-if Ms. Wanda Goodwin Ms. Lois Cohen Mr' Bert yaged Bowling, Handball Coach Sc'e- ce - ' 1 1 fu, ,,,.,,, v 4 . 'A H Ms. Muriel Goldrich Mr. Saul Reme Ass 't. Principal Ms. Ann lngrisani swf A NL 13"'!'41 5 J . RK- K A ws. ' 535 - 9 2 K L, .-an-L f -x 'N' .b fi fi X . N g 3 . . .,,, f Si ' - 'il ' 1" .LA L Z LZLL W 5' - bf In A K . 5 , s Ks Ms. Debra Sylvester J' E 3 . .. ,fs ssss r 34 Ms. Jeanne Manna Mr. Stephen Heller 1 ff Q' .4 ,li'3"tQll gist, A Q , 'Sy A,,' wx Vgyf n ll . I ' -,, ,- , ,W '-'.Li,'i7:. 1 L , .,.. ,.V. nd i n NE g W Ms. Bernice Lawson F' Mr, Martin Malamud Mr. Louis Allam Ms. Anita Guarino Mr. S. Edward Palmer - Q Mr, Barry Kaplan 35 Y n ill ocial tudies Mai' I, f-sq E ,W in ,, N V Mr. Irving Borenstein ., t K :.: fs- M :U IQ 'fri' 25.- Mr. Pr Dr. Vincent Flanagan Ass 't. Principal wamy-N XX'-s N agix . ,-f' -. 'K U Mr. Jerry Krasner Mr, Harry Klaff Yearbook Advisor ,fri-A .-4 ff, Aqmvnswwiwhwhhui Xml i X Marvin Bernstein ogram Chairman 5 E x , I ' 1 F MM 1 Dr. Martin Pasternak Mr. Eureal Jackson COSA Deputy Chairman K! W.,-N My -.xx ff! 1 Mr. Robert Shafran ,,... Mr. Myron Peikes Mr. Larry Leventhal Senior Advisor 37r ,tv 4-1, 5 ., . ggi K f X x Q 5 'jg 5 -e 44 A 'R ga sf W, M 0 Q99 I ' yqxvqbo lf' I 9 'gs' , :f Vex V '10 s Q Q9 6 . f, 9 Q 1 1' S gl -V .. . U 5 s?fss"'w ' 2 Mr. Murray Meiselman L.P,C. Coordinator Mr. Melvin Dubin 38 soclal studies Ms, Grace Carvano '9- Mr. Murray Blasz Mr Herbert Lowenstem K x , ff' Mr. Larry Pasternak Kan ,f T' ,, , f , 2LLL,,x ' ., Mr. John Minichelli Dean Ms. Renee Asherman fx rf E il w N Mr. Stewart Singer C,S.l.P. Coordinator X XA . e Loio 3 Mr. Neil Poret Mr. John D'Amico r , A, f -ff. a K4 li Mr. Hubert Murrell Mr. Steve Sarelson 5 S 5 E 3 5 40 ecial ducation Mr. John Zielonka Mr. Ass 't. Principal y, 5 f Y f Mr. Kent Simon Mr. James Nichols Girls Track Coach ,f ,,.. fig, Arnold Fine 1' ,-12 Q IE ,Q fi , A gr ,J :rig 1 fbi K Q :M .-.- gag QQ Y 3 ki? X ii- 2S5s.f?'fE- .izswaxf . Q2 gas X is Q m Ms. Joan Fudjinski s , as rrr rssr Q Ms. Margaret Piscione Mr. Jay Glanzrock Mr. John Cucuzza Girls Basketball Coach I . Ms. Rosalyn McFarlane ' A i sggw f 3 E 1' ' V. Tj . ' 1555 f V F1 T-'Li Ms. Susanne Schwartz Ms. Jean Eligon fun J f I was in, . . M 'ir- fgfii, "l- 1 A Q Ei! , -:sf , ,I ff +4 AV 8 as f J " , Ag - A " kQ--.k :1i'g-:ggi-,Q-..g .... A-+f'f1 '- an I ' get , , Mffiil- i "' n 'K111 g J n "' M Mr. Randi Herman Ms. Joanne Belinsky MS' BQYYUCQ Wolodarsky Dean ,fav Mr. Steve Dorf Ms. Janice Deutsch Mr. Arthur Raphael In Music, Art, . Eco X W Mr. Martin Bard Coordinator N QM or We ' '22 gift Mr. Russel! Brasher Canfata ? . , 5, Mr. Dave Edwardsen 42 'I rv-.ng ,av Mr. Ethan Staternan Soccer Coach Ms, Deborah Sarutto X x, Mr. Jerry Last 95, Q-M., Ms. Maxine Jones l Mr. Joseph Iniravaia Librar 1 1 'WN Robert Schernwetter Ms. Renee Mizrahi H - Sec etaries , ,rkr , AF Ms. Roslyn Cohen rd' , xfxig ' r x f. v -if ia: - ,Q 'N Ms. Evelyn Kuskofsky Qian MS. M61'Sh5 Engelm-an Ms. Marilyn Feinman Ms. Maryann Girard Ms. Thelma Miller Ms. Wendy Sarney Ms. Ruth Seidman Ms. Bernice Koster in V Qggwl Z i Q J - V A y . ga. V V W W, , 1 Ms. Harriet Zuckerman 43 du.a SS . Ms. Betty Bellus I faq, ,wut 333 ,SUV Ms, Marilyn Feuerstein E 1 flat-ii Ms, Nancy O'Neill .fu at ,,.......f Ms. Esta Caren Ms, Mary Ellen Federico Ms. Anita Mednick 'V' Ms. Kathleen Perma and Ms. Carol Satler hu' Ms. Vanessa Pressley L if Ms. Molly Roth Ms. Joan Rubino Ms. Florence Sama S...-ii' xl. Ms. Margaret Sigman Ms. Mary Whelan Ms. Arline Zelenetz special programs The School of Law, Politics, and Com- munity Affairs l"I..P.C." for shortl is completing its fourteenth year at Tilden High School. It is one of the oldest and most comprehensive law-related educa- tion programs in New York City. "Com- prehensive" means that it offers a variety of educational activities, not merely classes, although the special classes re- main the heart of the program. This is a social studies enrichment pro- gram, but with a special emphasis on law, our court system, and our government. However L.P.C.'ers also take more re- quired American History classes than non-L.P.C. students. In addition, there are a variety of electives, including Black History, Psychology, Constitutional Law, Local History, Holocaust Studies, the American Presidency, and others. Besides innovative classes, the pro- gram provides trips, guest speakers, and special events - both inside and outside the school. A number of such programs last year included the Mock Trial adminis- tered by Mr, Kay, the Mentor Program guided by Mr. Pasternak, and a guest appearance by a journalist who lived for years in terror in South Africa. Another unique community-oriented experience is the Community Field Work class. Students in this program are as- signed "mini-internships" in courtrooms, law offices, government agencies, day care centers, tenant organizations, and community-improvement groups. Z Class trips included tours and trial ob- servations at the Supreme Court for criminology classes, a visit to historical Philadelphia, and the annual outing and boat excursion to Bear Mountain. L.P.C. students continue to be among the most active in the Student Union, clubs and athletic teams, and school pub- lications including L.P.C.'s own Corpus Delicti, the official newspaper of L.P.C. events, student opinions, and creative writing. The School of Law, Politics, and Com- munity Affairs was coordinated by Mr. Murray Meiselman in the fall term, and by Mr. Harry Klaff in the spring term. Il ll program i l l l l Tilden's "Enrichment" program is de- signed to provide our most industrious students opportunities to realize their po- tential by challenging their imaginations and intellects in a broad-based, college- oriented academic course-of-study. Students in the program are "block" programmed for English, social studies, and science, with additional courses for those who wish to select an elective. The "Enrichment" program is supported by an on-going group guidance series and monthly min-meetings of staff to review student and program progress. It is com- plemented by special interest, and inter- class projects. Many of our "E" graduates have gone on to prestigious colleges such as Colum bia, Barnard, Harvard, and Cornell. There have also been many individual achievements such as awards in essay contests and scholarships. Several "E" students have won U.F.T. and Regents Scholarships. The program is headed by Mr. Joel Dick, AP Supervision Communication Arts, and Mr. Grobstein, guidance coun- selor. The Enrichment group has visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Brook- haven National Laboratories, and most recently, Princeton University. Trips are an important part of this program. This year we remember our teachers: Mr. Levesen, Mr. Leventhal, and Mr. Dick, among others. We recall getting our t-shirts, and being proud to wear the let- ter "E", We have many fond memories of our life in Tilden. We look forward to the future, knowing that our background has prepared us for a successful life. Best wishes to all future Enrichment students and to Tilden High School. The Cooperative Education Program lCOOPl is unique because it allows high school students to supplement their aca- demic studies with work experience and still graduate on time. This allows stu- dents to explore the world beyond school and truly find out what the "real world" is like. Students in COOP speak highly of the program. We have over one hundred stu- dents who are employed by prestigious corporations, such as Kidder Peabody 81 Co., Irving Trust, Paramount, and Salo- mon Brothers. Through our jobs, we have received various opportunities that are beneficial to our future. Some students have permanent places to work after graduation because their employers have agreed to keep them on. Other students will work and go to college part-time, with the companies that they may work for paying for their college education. The students who plan to go away to college sometimes have an agreement with their employers for summer employ- ment. COOP students also learn various busi- ness skills on their jobs. This may include word processing or working with comput- ers. One student is learning about the stock market as well. When students enter COOP, they gen- erally improve in their academic studies. New experiences allow us to become more aware of the value of an education. We are very fortunate to have the best teachers in this program. We also have a wonderful coordinator, Mrs. Rosen. She has helped all of us along the way and she always makes herself available for the students. We also develop a personal re- lationship with Mrs. Rosen because of the limited number of students allowed in this program. COO T Q 5. . ...., i Q it i like ' T l C we We are proud to be a part of this pro- gram offered at Samuel J. Tilden. We will always remember our experiences and the way in which they have tremendously added to our lives. We hope that future students will continue to benefit from it as we have. -Jessica Crawford CAS rg,X'.3 The Communication Arts Tilden Style QCATSJ Program began at Tilden in the Fall of 1980. The first class to graduate did so in 1983. At that time, the first CATS Award for Excellence in the pro- gram was awarded to Pamela Green. Students in this rich, exciting program take the following courses, one in Speech and one in English each term of their high school careers. Lower Sophs: Introduction to Speech Arts: Introduction to English Arts Upper Sophs: Television KSpeechig Journalism iEnglishl Lower Juniors: Drama CSpeechl, Cre- ative Writing QEnglishl Upper Juniors: Oral Interpretation of Literature fSpeechlg Poetry CEnglishl Lower Seniors: The Newscaster and Disc Jockey tSpeechIg Sex Stereo- typing in Literature fEnglishi Upper Seniors: The Masters Class in Speech fSpeechig Critical Analysis fEnglishl Students take trips to see productions such as CATS fwhat else?i and get free orchestra seats, visit the New York Times Building, the Museum of Broadcasting, television studios, and Universities rich in Communication Arts, as well as a recent production of Frankenstein. Seniors do an end-of-sequence concert in the College Career Center to an invited audience. The latter is an end-term project of the Masters Class. The highly interested, involved teach- ers in the program meet with Mr. Dick and Mrs. Bowman fspeech Assistant! monthly to discuss the success of stu- dents, problems, and curriculum. Mr. Joel Dick, Assistant Principal, who heads our Communication Arts Depart- ment, coordinates the program. Mr. Dick has often said that the program is "Purr- fect." At Tilden, stars of tomorrow start at CATS. S The Tilden Academy of Business Sci- ence CTABSD was created to offer stu- dents a comprehension program in occu- pational training as well as college prep- aration. lt is designed for students who wish to complete their academic program with business knowledge and for students who desire and express an interest in fu- ture business careers. lt is a program that provides students with the "hands-on" experiences that are in line with basic technologies of today's "World of Work". This can prepare the students to participate in part-time jobs while completing their educational re- quirements. At the completion of high school, each graduate will have developed the skills and knowledge necessary to qualify for entry-level positions in their career choice. They will also have gained valu- able training and experiences that will fa- cilitate the transition from high school to college. The Tilden Academy of Business Sci- ence offers programs such as: Account- ingfBusiness Law, Computer Account- ing, Computer Programming, Data Pro- cessing, Small Business Management, and Word Processing. Having a program such as TABS, has become an essential part of Tilden life. HIP i The Health Institute Program lH.l.P.l is one of the newest additions to the wide range of programs we have here at Til- den. It was founded in 1981 by Mr. Reine to benefit students interested in health careers. Since its start, the H.I.P. pro- gram has slowly developed and expand- ed into a learning experience with a great deal to offer its students. H.l.P. students have a well-rounded science background, and usually take more than one science class per term. The curriculum includes Medical Lab Techniques, Medical Ethics, Microbiolo- gy, and Physiology. Each of these classes helps the students to learn about the many different health fields. The first term of Medical Lab Tech- niques, basic laboratory procedures are taught. These include finger punctures, the identification of blood types, the proper use of the microscope, and the identification of all its parts. In the second half, the student advances to the follow- ing: blood counts, taking blood pressure, and taking pulse rate. These are a few examples of what this particular course has to offer. Microbiology is a very interestling class that deals with the study of bacteria and other microbes. The syllabus includes naming and identifying different types of bacteria. preparing slides, and learning about the origin of microbiology. A large part of the course is spent in the lab. All the slides observed in class are prepared by the students themselves. One of the early lab sessions may involve something simple, such as preparing' a culture in a petri dish. From there, the student progresses to more complex pro- cedures, such as the Gram-Staining tech- nique. The H.l.P. Medical Ethics class in- volves studies about patientfdoctor rela- tionships in a humanistic way. Each stu- dent is required to give his or her own seminar. Another course of study in the pro- gram is Physiology. All of the body's sys- tems from the skeletal to the digestive are studied. The dissection of animals is also a part of the course. A wide range of future interests in the health field may be found among the "H.l.P.pies," as they are sometimes called. The average H.I.P. student wants to study either pre-med or pre-nursing in college. Some of them pioneered what will hopefully be a successful relationship between Tilden and the Downstate Medi- cal Center in the way of summer volun- teer work. The Health Institute Program has come a long way since its birth, and has a bright future ahead of it. The "chosen few" are those students fortunate enough to be involved in such a heartfelt project. a c t i V i t i e . S senior office S .mass T U i en -. - -..i- lf - ,.., ,, . a T 11+b 1 "io 1 ,..,. ..W S. fm., l . igkk C .ikkk up The Senior Officers are responsible for determining, in consultation with the Senior Advisor, Mr. Leventhal, the pro- gram of activities for the Senior year. Our activities for this year included a Senior Celebrity Banquet at which the winners of elections were announced, a Senior Weekend Trip to Quebec, and a Senior Prom in June at the Farragut Manor. Our President for 1985-86 has been Daniel Rossy, who will represent the graduating class as salutatorian at our , -ww. 2 a i z E commencement exercises. Danny also served as the liaison between the Senior Class Vice President, and also the Edi- tor-in-Chief of the Senior News. Our Secretary has been Eva Ruff, who is in charge of keeping records and handling our correspondence. Deborah Ford served as the Senior Class Treasurer this year. Deborah had the task of collecting senior dues and maintaining financial accounts. This year we had committed officers who have been endeavoring to create a memorable schedule of exciting events. The success of our activities is entirely due to their efforts, and to those of the many members of our committees whose assistance is gratefully acknowl- edged. The culmination of our year is the graduation ceremony, and we hope that each senior will be successful in earning a diploma and going on to a successful and rewarding life in the years to come. tud nt union Student Union. What does that mean to Tilden students? ' A place for refreshments. ' A support of all student functions and activities ' A charter for all the teams and clubs in the school, All of the above are run by you, the student, through your S.U. officers and representatives. The entire organization falls under the direction of our Coordin- ator of Student Affairs, Dr, Martin Pas- ternak. The representatives are elected by the student population each year. This year's Council consisted of Freshman Rep Natasha Davis, Sophomore Rep Elaine Brown, and Junior Rep Erika Henriquez. Most of the S.U.'s policy decisions fall on the shoulders of the elected officers, especially those of President Mildred Harper. She serves many functions, in- cluding Chairperson of the Council of Clubs and S.T.P. meetings. Vice President Takisha Davis handles the task of coordinating Tilden's social functions. This year she helped arrange such activities as the "Classical Touch Fashion Show," a skate party, and homecoming dinner. Careful and efficient written records aww-ms, frfifaxgf shui: sg-gm . .M A - 5 E v Q li , k kr iq, g. Q 7,.:V,V. i .. 5 '- W, ff' Think ifsleasy? Ask Dr. Pasremak. of meetings are the chore of Secretary Claudia Lewis. Her job is to make sure that all topics for discussion are brought forth at S.U. meetings. Claudia also puts together the S.U. Newsletter. Katherine McKay is this year's Stu' dent Union Treasurer. She is responsi' ble for all on-going expenses of the Stu- dent Union, as well as handling orders for such special items as stuffed ani- mals, hats, buttons, and calendars. Through the efforts of our Student Union, we know that the Class of 1986 is the best ever! tild topics Tilden Topics is probably the oldest school activity, having been formed short- ly after the school opened in February of 1930. Since that time it has served as the official written record. The staff led by Mr. Sweetin produces two newspapers each semester. He is aid- ed capably by a host of editors, notably Valarie Hing, Christa Owens, Claudia Lewis, Sharon Toussaint, and Nadine Benjamin. After viewing the final product, it can be difficult to comprehend the amount of work that goes into each edition. The first task is the assignment of articles to re- porters in the four major areas: news, editorials, features, and sports. Once the assignments have been made, the reporters go out into the field and conduct interviews of students and faculty. After the articles have been writ- ten, they are proofread and submitted to our typists. Galley proofs are returned from the printer, enabling the layout crew to put the paper in its final form. And finally here it is! The latest edition of Tilden Topics. - Y -1 'Eggs . ,swim 2: -:,'Eg,f:g::5 .Q -.---- .,....,. . -,.,, .-,. - ,,.,,..,..r ,.,, 4 ,:.,1.r..r.,,. -,v,,. s ,.,.: .,. ,. ..,...,.........,. ...,,,.....,. .. ..,,..,.. , - 4 .,,..,.,,..,, t - as . 3-gagag.25:5-f::,:e-img:555:,5:5,arse-rF551'Isis251:15-2:'Is,2:ir:-,:sis5::3:5:35-!a2?i:2SaI:-56:22121522, . .,., f s-.:::-,cz-1gr,fr:s.::.:-::-:,,:.y::,,tres-:-4:-4:1-,:i..4:..-: -als::rms-::-:-:-1,-. 2.r:-,-:-::-,-:gaz.pa.:-:- :-1-M Q -::.f:-:-. i:- zrfe Zrit 'i':"ft2'i"1""' 1 f": f- ---------r------- 1-: f Q -i-1r-ff212I:11-f-1: S 'ifE-'f1' - w w g-- 2'f1 11Pfffl:f-'s E H .-,,-,-:, 'll . Q , ,," ' ,'..: :Q .,,., - zz, Zflzr .,...,.,,., ,,,, .,,..,.,.,, , W ' """' ' W --tari 'f'r f r-': l ff 5 g ri t ti 'sr-2sEi5i'ii Qi'3 -r:w.i N E T E Ewsgllg Tit EW? ss- K ------- 5,153 .....,.... ..,....,.,. , - W - Y 22 ', ,., l lg I ll' ,.,. ' .,.,, .,:,,,1 I 5 E il an or ...l r 2 l . p U "' .. X , I 5 .,...g fn Q f E lx - l ,..,,... I I 2 arista Arista is Tilden's chapter of the Nation- al Honor Society. The name, Arista, comes from the Greek root meaning "the most qualified," and that is a good de- scription of its membership. In order to be eligible for admission as a senior, the student must have attained an overall high school average of 85. ln addition, he or she must have accrued 20 service credits during the high school ca- reer. Juniors must post an overall aver- age of 87, plus 10 service credits. Arista functions as an academicfser- vice organization. Members are expected to continue working toward making Til- den a better place to be. Among its many activities, Aristonians serve as ushers re- presenting the school on open-school night, and perform individual service in the library. In addition, junior members serve as student guides and ushers during our Tilden graduation ceremony. Arista's spring installation, boosted by the presence of parents and faculty, is a high point of the school year, Traditional- ly, those who can list Arista as among their extra-curricular activities, have a re- spected and meaningful entry on any col- lege application. This year's Arista officers were: Boy Leader, Ralph St. Fort, Girl Leader, Va- larie Hingg Treasurer-Secretary, Wilcy Dumornay. d hate team Since the days of the Stone Age man has always found reason to argue with his fellow man. The issues may be unimportant but man has always en- joyed the lively art of argumentation, Today we call the ability to argue in a logical factual and intelligent man- ner a debate, And at venerable Tilden H.S. several argumentative stu- dents are preparing for the 1986 Lin- coln-Douglas Debate Tournament. Under the supervision of Mr. Bloom of the Communication Arts Depart- ment and Mr. Leventhal of the Social Studies Department the Tilden De- bate Team gets the best of both worlds: the knowledge of the issues from Mr. Leventhal and the necessary speech skills from Mr. Bloom. This year s debaters are shaping up to be an extremely talented group. The team is comprised of Daniel Rossy Dean Dwight Deborah Cowell and Helen Chin. Helping out with the difficult task of research is Stephanie Morales. Students are required to be ready to argue both sides of a resolution as the team will not know which side they are on until the day of the debate. One team member is responsible for deli- vering our case for either the affirma- tive or the negative. That initial speech sets the tone for the entire debate. Each debate is judged by a panel of educators and officers from Chemical Bank. Chemical Bank has provided a S10 OOO scholarship incentive for each member of the championship team. The winning school receives a grant of S10 OOO. Not a bad incentive indeed! Even without the monetary incen- tive the Debate Team is always a pop- ular activity. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 rt iv 1 1 1 1 1 .1 M 'i I . n V is computer club The Tilden Computer Club is dedi- cated to making the school a leading institution forcomputer literacy. The Club offers the Tilden student an op- portunity to learn computer oper- ations and programming skills which are then shared with other students. Students can learn to use the var- ious micro-computers such as the IBM Model 4 and the Commodore 128. The Commodore 128 which is 64 compatible, was recently purchased with Computer Club funds. The Computer Club is under the supervision of Mr. Falasca and Mr. Kaufman. Both teachers urge students to learn as much as they can since this knowledge will benefit them in college. The Club offers a computer tutoring service for those who have no comput- having difficulty in some of their com- puter classes. The Computer Club is also involved in helping the alumni association main- tain its computerized files. Mailing la- bels and lists are generated for more than 2 800 association members. The association under the direction of Ms. Jeanie Kaplan has donated more than S1000 to the Computer Club s funds. Club trips luncheons and get-to' gethers are also part of the Club s ac- tivities. With over 30 members the Club hopes to grown even larger. PC, Apple Ile, Radio Shack TRS 80 er knowledge, and for those who are l l ' f.b.l.a. 1' Why was DECA, the acronym for the Distributive Education Clubs of Amera ica, changed to FBLA? MDECA was mostly for merchandis- ing and marketing students. FBLA gave more opportunities to everyone who wanted a career in business," says Vice President Jack Frederique. The Future Business Leaders of America is an organization for all high school students who aim for a career in business leadership and seek an under- standing of the American free-enter- prise system. FBLA began in New York State in 1946 at Dobbs Ferry High School, Ori April 15, 1964, N.Y. State was char- tered as the 35th state chapter of FBLA. The state today has nearly 200 local FBLA chapters. Nationally, the or' ganization has 200,000 members in 5,000 chapters. At our first meeting, the club dis- cussed the possibility of raising funds for the Statue of Liberty restoration, but decided upon helping the victims of Mexican earthquake instead. As a result of later meetings, several students volunteered their time for an after-school program at P.S. 244. Jack- ie Francis, Shelly Daniel, and Wilcy Du- mornay guided the students in the areas of dance, art, and reading. The highlight of the year is the annual dinner at which the students and par- ents receive their due congratulations for their contributions to the club and the school, A J-V: ,V M K ,, .Il i l it ji qu-an .W . 1 1 fi. 'W tutor 9 D' it L 2 Km in 25 4 1 ln order to provide additional help for students who need it, the Board of Education has instituted a peer-tutoring program. There are chapters of the pro- gram at high schools throughout the city, including the highly successful one at Tilden High School. Although the program is formally aimed at students preparing to write the Regents Competency Test, we extend help to anyone who needs it. Students occasionally ask for help with the more advanced subjects such as chemistry, trigonometry, and even calculus. We also coach students preparing for the SAT. While some students are recruited by sending letters to their homes, others come on their own accord. Notices are placed throughout the school, and the tutors make announcements in subject classes. There always seems to be a fairly large turnout, which increases as exams draw closer. Usually each tutor is responsible for two or three students, as opposed to a 4. - V .3 iai- teacher handling an entire class. This allows for more individual attention, and enables each student to concentrate on whatever area is giving him trouble. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly, and since most of the students are regulars, everyone gets acquainted with every- one else rather quickly. All in all, students seem to welcome the extra help, and the tutors enjoy pro- viding it. i drama uild As we move on throughout our high school lives, one of our greatest achieve- ments is to add our knowledge of the world around us through experiences as well as through reading. The Tilden Dra- ma Guild was started on the principle that much can be accomplished by making use of the dramatic arts. - The presentation of a major produc- tion each spring is the central activity of the Drama Guild. Last year it presented the musical, You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown. This year there are plans to pre- sent Neil Simon's play, The Odd Couple, in its original version. Besides the spring production, the Guild also presents a shorter work during December, usually an adoptation of a major play. Although acting talent is not a require- ment for membership in the Guild, other abilities are necessary for a successful production. Costuming, make-up, and stage management skills are vital parts of the play. All Drama Guild members must therefore show a genuine interest in the many aspects of the theatre. In essence, we hope that an organiza- tion such as the Tilden Drama Guild will prepare the students to see more theatre and appreciate it more. What better way is there to learn and enjoy than by identi- fication with a "live" actor as he plays his role! lt is far more meaningful to the view- er than a fleeting one-dimensional image on a television or motion picture screen. Ky... Kgs-y . g W " s 4 x 4 Vg: 2 a Q J s Yom , 43121 7 f rf ,wig V, rr is .. .Q .rg is '- ,.... 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A I 1 -3 -'-' r Q ----- 1 f r f 2 2 iiff' T a X tiiiiff ii svtstgystm. fg,fa5Xq,f,,,,. w,,,.:.1.:t szzsszzf-:zz:t::r:.s,2 U Egg . 33555 152 g 255:5 3 I X 5 ' E 5355345553: 2:2525 325311353 j w , 45,515 2, 'E 2 1 z. ,S f 3 as ' -rxgzizyrz 2 15 W A-if-1 viisflw' sa?rm1'a:Vat':'3 Matt mWg+2ggggg",i iggmgi, :5:g: . - Si.f.'2'iSwg ww: 2 f H- -- 55.55 :sr 3 segsffl .mr 3335 Lliiifig ' f 51213135 5 f E2 ggi 22252255323 Q E ...M m2.mms.c,.t,, as cv y,syt,.,,i.,mav.s,2s,m..,.rg..gM, f ..:1S'.r5.4.,g.,, ...,s.g:r.,:.?4 25:0 526, we A wx Qifmzg 1 si fifyf 3 'QV , rfgrg 5.125 gg Asif? V Q . V .W W., ft.. r. ,, g:wg:g::1.g,:::::: Qiigliiiigiiigibgiliiflit3 gg , .. , A . , ...M . K A lwgesiia :nu ,Hmsm.,,,, s Weimmtsiizgzrzws-55'WM t aizgrcssttri ,,.t..wmsw,.isW...7-w.6 ' iw pfvmryfss r, Mgmt have mWs:,.f,.rfs ff gdegzrgsiia.-r.w..,,,s,t 1tts.'.,.9ZT.3,t,a,,i'2,N,swTwow. gg! X-.iss ' . if -r i ,gg X1 .:.-,... sfszrstirissfsizimrgrams? 'W735 WL12iwEwsiliiwzffezfmslfSlfiiwwrtsaiwgwlgiaff: ., . , 5 . 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Those participating this year include Stephanie Morales, Bridgette Burrowes, Katherine McKay, Nancy Soto, Theresa Baptiste, and Danny Rossy. The effort that the team puts forth in the practice sessions is apparent when they compete against other schools. ln an early match this year, Tilden easily de- feated Adlai Stevenson H.S. The Mock Trial program prepares our future lawyers by giving them experience in a real courtroom, and give the mem- bers an inside look as to how the justice system operates. Hopefully next year's team can carry on the winning spirit and tradition set by the 1986 Mock Trial Team. academic ol mpics Each year high schools throughout New York City compete in the Aca- demic Olympics. This year Tilden competition for the first time. Guided by Ms. Parker the 2O-mem- ber team was divided into four smaller squads. Each specialized in a particu- lar subject area. The areas generally covered by the competition included Language Arts Math and Science So- cial Studies and Omnibus. Omnibus includes questions from general sub- plays and sports. Each meet consists of four rounds. ln each round the participating schools are asked five questions plus two team questions. The team winning the round receives three points the loser one. Ties result in each team receiving two points. Tilden lost its first two games but by a score of 52-18. The Academic Olympics team was led by seniors Bridgette Burrowes Helen Chin and Deborah Cowell. With a host of juniors on the horizon the team should carry on well next year. High School entered a team into the jects such as arts and crafts, television, came back to defeat Prospect Heights 1, I .f Q- I 5 A ,. K ,mu r , 1f'u sw' EWU 'f ' 1 ew ' 4141 ' V . l ' -- a - .. . .if . W , r A l f 4 A iii Q 3 5 1 W ' H muh' "f f'hf'i ,f'w ' f - f l , .ugiiww fftbfww ?f'fl"eff 1 llzltzagt-VIZ I i f 5 4, E A WW "' ' s Where can students who wish to produce the ability to speak well go? Does such an opportunity exist at S.J. Tilden High School? Many students over the years, in- cluding several talented teenagers this school year, can answer the preceding questions with a resounding "yes.', We are Uspeakingv about Speakers '86, the group whose task it is to keep Tilden informed about school events. Speakers if supervised by faculty ,' Q 3. Olfflxl . ta . Q .1 xg ' W 0 peakers advisor, Mr. Bloom. He is assisted by his corps of student announcers, Dan- iel Rossy, Kurt Peters, Katherine McKay, and Deborah Cowell. Speakers '86 broadcasts over the PA. System on official class days dur- ing the break between third and fourth period. Otherwise we go on the Tues days at the beginning of the third peri- od. On a regular-period day, Mr. Bloom will review the announcements, check- ing for spelling and grammatical er- rors. The student announcers will also write their own material. All in all, through Mr. Bloom's lead- ership by example gives the fortunate students the chance to learn a special art. It is the art of speaking about their school over the friendly air waves of W.S.J.T. - more commonly known as "Speakers ,86." Cara all Caravan our school s literary maga zine has consistently won awards in nation wide contests for the past 30 years How have we been able to do this in light of budget cuts staff tur nover and other factors? TRADI TIONI Caravan presents a constant and con scious challenge in the minds of staff members who work on this school wide publication each year We may be short on money sophisticated printing resources and even person nel but we are never short on rel evant contem orar ideas students I IX l if! what s a classic? This year's Senior Class will become a Classic. This is the best senior class at Tilden so far. There has been spirit, and participation in all our special activities Nancy V. Soto f wish to express We all have opinions of what s hap penmg in our world today but we all do not get the opportunity of seeing our opinions in print What accounts for this difference? TRAINING Many of the student staff members of Cara writing overnight Many of these students took advan tage of the writing program Tilden of fers There are courses in Journalism and in creative writing offered each year in addition to the frequent writing assignments required in all Communi All of this sounds like challenging work no one is denying that As with all challenging and well done work it has its TREASURES Are these the treasures you can tal ly up in your bank account? Not al ways although students involved in van are frequently notified of writing contests that do offer college scholar ships and cash awards If our students are not guaranteed such tangible treasures what makes them revise and revise their writings until they are satisfied with them? In a Looking through the past issues of van did not develop their talent for the creative writing class and in Cara- cation Arts classes word INTEGRITY mi d choru whatls a classic? Computers are something fairly new that will become classical in the future. Everybody uses them. They help in business and make life easier Young men and women can work to benefit each other in many ways This theorem rs proven time and time again in Tilden s mixed Chorus The Mixed Chorus is a large ensem ble of male and female voices They perform classical as well as current music and perform at a variety of T11 den functxons Although most musical pieces are arranged for the entire group soloists Roger Roberts and Christine Knight add an extra touch of class to the array of harmonious voices Andre Gro ves Performing on special occasions during the school year the Mixed Cho rus eagerly looks forward to showing themselves off at the Spring Concert This year they performed such recent hits as On the Wings of Love and Missing You As is the case with the Cantata each day Mr Bracher and assistant Andre Groves starts the class off with a series of vocal exercises They re view old selections start new ones and practice the skill of harmonic blending As a result of participating tn the Mixed Chorus students learn to per form four part vocal arrangements in a professional manner Belonging to the Chorus is an experience in discipline the reward of which is taking part rn a performing ensemble The Mixed Chorus is an essential part of the academic high school cur riculum teaching students to work to gether and to apprecmte the output of their efforts . , ' . I . s if ' Q Y . . . v . 11 . , . . as . as . . . , . . ' v . . . H , , , , 1 ' 1 . 9 ' ' 7 " s i , muusnnn 'wnnnrnu -xnnuuu lnunmuu Qunnnn nun-u lp X mn U gospel choru During the year 1979-1980 a student by the name of Crystle Brown felt it nec- essary to initate a Gospel Chorus at Til- den. She approached Mr. Kerner about the idea and he readily gave his permis- sion. Crystle began to search for a faculty advisor and found Mr. Nichols, who gra- ciously consented to be their advisor. A group of interested students met and organized the new choir. They were given the name K'Tilden's Voices of Inspiration" Under the leadership of Mr. Nichols, the group attained high recognition by winning second place in the City-wide Gospel Chorus competition. From this achievement Tilden was granted the sum of 510000, plus a certificate of honor for their participation. The Gospel Chorus is still growing and would like to attain a membership of 100 voices or more. Stella McNair who is the president at this time invites more stu- dents to come and join in helping them to lift up their voices in song and praise. wntata Tilden H.S. is fortunate to have a fine all-girls chorus. The Cantata is made up of girls who sing selections that are ar- ranged for high-treble voices. Cantata performs at various times during the school year but the main performance is at the annual Spring Concert. This year the Cantata sang star and lmTelling You the latter from the Broadway musical Dream Gif 5. On a typical day in class Mr. Bracher and his accompanyist Matthew Echols begin with a vocal warm-up. After the students voices are tuned they re- view completed work continue with current material and introduce new se- lections. out to perform solo parts. Such class acts include Marjorie Joseph Tawana Roberts and Debbie Reidus. All the par- ticipants strive for the highest goals they can meet: to perform at even greater standards than those set at the Spring Concert, Tilden s Cantata is a motivat- ing force for students to get involved in non-academic extra-curricular activities and to learn cooperation as well as I , , 7 7 KL 7' 7 7 , , , , 7 such selections as "You and I," "Super- A number of girls have been singled VTIUSICHI Sl41llS. , haitian clu .tallan club WZ S P 0 r t S boys ba ketball ?W,,. i ' R S-gi: 5f"'1? "': ' ? "' -. - ng, 1 ....:...... : .Ag5:f:g,g-:jg:g:5g:5s: 2. .Q sm gg nj, - 3 , . , QxQ ' A 74 ----- ' " -Mfwwmcmr 356553 W- Wyre. f... , ww, ww :w.w,,,N -,,:,,?:5E "'lQllQlQQlQflQW ml' als .... -wxziim mfg' T , a 3asx,: B Q, wwmm M--:naw The 1985-86 edition of the Blue Devils saw Tilden attack the toughest schedule in New York City. Appearances in the Blazer Basketball Festival at Hunter Col- lege, the Gobbler Classic at F.I.T., the Martin Luther King, Jr. Classic at Colum- bia University, and the president's Classic in Bridgeport, Connecticut were high- lights of the campaign. There were many exciting moments this season, including a stirring victory over Boys High on the road. Tilden be- came the first team to beat Boys at their new school, which opened in 1976. Of primary importance, though, was Til- clen's winning the Brooklyn IIIA Division Championship for the second time in three years after a 17-year dry spell. The 185-'86 squad was dominated by seniors. Al Woodson was the leading scorer for the second year in a row, aver- aging 17Vz points per game. He reached a milestone at Columbia in the King Clas- sic by scoring his 1,000th career point. Another senior, Jacob Edwards, was the most consistent player for Tilden all year. He shared the rebounding load with junior Larry McCollum and averaged more than eight per game. Eric Green, a 3-year veteran, displayed excellent ball handling and passing abilities throughout the season, and led us to victory against a stubborn Canarsie five. Lamonte Ratcliff joined us after the football season, and was a valuable addition, proving his con- tention as the best all-around athlete at Tilden. Despite the outstanding record of 17- 5, this was a team without stars. Seven players scored 20 points or more in a game. lt was a truly Tilden-oriented squad, and a credit to the schcpl and the East Flatbush Community. - Coach Schrier wweggfg wgxl wgg gwmwfwffaf W W v mls ' N' Q M , WMM -.,-.--.-..-::-: fl f-W V "-' ':2'- M.. .,.,.,g ' vm M mg 'W Q ,FA WWE ? M 2 mggwmi EX ,.,,. EE ff -Q-Q Q 1 515 si ffif ' . W w w W-Q5 Wg? Nwff gfw W MW """": ,gf ----,-A gpg S E Q ig gg gym 2 J? ig? 5 E -'-1 a5f a.r? 2f2 -:--:1 2212 2 'W"WW1,.,l.. ,,.,.,,......,, 2 if ""' ...,.,.,,..., H- :Www 'A ' ..., - ' f ,Em 'Mf2'fm-Q--f""M ' :k2:1 f:.,Q:Q:. 'ffiiii ...,. WW w s -,--- A 'L' "" ,.,.,.. . ,wwmgggw nmw u- ---- Mx ,www : .,:..:.f-. Wlmm W 5 .... ..... W 9 N ,., 5 ,,u .....,. . . Y I I.: :.:. . -.-. :ff -.':. :.:-.-.i ..:, .:,,:... , E V' har f-1'-' M . " FA f ' K h f . 'fu ' X : ,A,,b Y p , fig K , 1 " . I 477:- V- , .. 1 ' f 75 irl ba ketball ' st ..., --" 3 f ..,.. Tl . 2.2. ti ....- . .... 5 .... , Mass .,., W ---, .mm '.ff5.Iv..f.-55:::E'5I-355255: ' "" 0" """" ' -A-H """ """"t ww. .,.,. maw.,.Wv5w ww' ,...,. , ...W . fssm-vii as The Girls Basketball season began with a loss to South Shore H.S., partly be- cause many of our players were appear- ing on the court for the first time, Howev- er thanks to the efforts of Coach Cucuzza and Mr. McCullan, an interested parent, the team instantly began to improve. The first step was to go over the basic skills of the game. We also designed sev- eral different plays for the team to follow. Once the girls had learned these few instructions, they proceeded to play bet- ter basketball throughout the season. Our record didn't improve very much, but you could see the girls' confidence grow game by game. Finally in the last game of the season, the Tilden girls went on to defeat F.D.R. by a score of 38-24, truly the high point of the campaign. The main positive note is that many of this year's players will be back next season. Deserving honorable mention this sea- son were Monica Mitchell, an excellent point guard and ball-handler, Kiveli Black, our best shooter, and Brenda Ni- cols, Tilden's top rebounder and inside shooter. We also got great performances August, an excellent play- Cholette Steward always from Nicole maker, and gave 100070 every time out. - Coach Cucuzza W 77 baseball U, . . . . igi wmmwi- 1 . 2 J J Q ' . Syriana' ss-fe 1 ,. 7 . , ,f ,. .,,f, .1 If 7 , sr, 59? X t V l i i g iiiiz 7' wth. .T -is-W? V fr , V ' ,, , s., Q , 411 in V " 0 J, . N Av 78 I H" 4 , i M. As coach Herb Abramowitz lies basking in the sun somewhere in the Caribbean, interim coach Anthony Castelli, a.k.a. Communication Arts phenom, will be hard at work drilling the fundamentals of baseball to the 1986 Blue Devils. According to coach Castelli, the out- look for the '86 season is indeed hope- ful. This year the Blue Devils will have the services and expertise of returning seniors and the enthusiasm and zeal of various newcomers. The 1986 edition will be lead by team captain, senior Anthony Fore- man la budding star on the horizonl, and his equally talented co-stars Larry Bolton, Clinton Charter, Chad Smith, and a host of others. Coach Castelli always stresses the important fundamentals of the game during practice sessions, as well as a healthy mental outlook of having fun with the sport. "Our goals this year will be very realistic and very attain- able," states the coach. "We will im- prove on last year's 2-10 record and play .500 ball. Right now, these are our two objectives." Besides a love for the game, the team always looks forward to the an- nual dinner and award ceremony at the end of the season. This season they hope to surprise many of their skeptics. As Tug McGraw once said, "Ya gotta believe!" K' ' 'Vim --smnsnumwwi ' Tm? ' ' was ' r G'X y ann?- M Q -Y .. Q: ,, x 4, k , , ,gs - W 9 1. S, N M LN Q. N, S . ,j5ib,,..,un:,,4.,.',,' ,M - ,X irq-. H' A if f'frxff3ii':yQ- 'V ' 71" k k 4 4' 'W ' 'H -5 Q:-A wwf.. if A V9 E 1 4 fi. ,x ,, - N, q K X . A 9 , f ,ms -1-fm .h fa: Mx ', , f':"' gi, 9 EIL"-if'2.'L,A4w,r:'w . g w-A.,,,.c" fQ,::fv,4, f:xg2S"Wf w,,,, ' S1-V ', .. A Q. fm-g.-J,fl3L Y gf., 1 1 Z .L ,W ww ,,,, W., f ,M .x , ,,, ml, uhm, ' AWN I T in , . '5 M 'E , ' ,', AwQ,,fWw' U 5 . 1 Q"4,'z. w4,fiH -' f - - W Wig? f :M ' 5 Lf: fgywv I , - A v . - . ,MW ,W In ur, A ' Agfakx-...--,?..Y"L,Q I ' if 4, N 'A , -u., -me ,ye f , ,Q w f. ' 3 1 4 A W- H 2,1 f A A M up as 'mf -AK, , , f ,, T . 79 oftball U" f.-rzrg:-7'fH-f...s..1z,. 1 A vw' 1 wi Mis. 4 , - . i 2 f K , as f 9 , my ,M ffm, , ww- s. g V. Q, i 2,11-A ' ' ' 5 A s ' in f W TM" L' A f S ,Vx ... , 1. ygnmmw f.. , 'ww' A rt X , r .M 1 . ,fm ,,, 4-W ., ,M-'N f Y ,:,Mr'. , rr s M., , fan . A " '-VQMQWV'4-2.'-if-.xfffeiffrifltriwilggs-,rf ' vw 3 , Wise ff ,J NM" it ' ,iff-K "'W'W ff, ff i, - , . " ' ' .ff ,,-, ,K fm' . , 3.3-Y,--, ," , V.f,WQ ,. , Y. .1 H kr fy., .V , Q " 'YW ' . I f f " . ?"' , I '.wl"'f '---nw -1'4" . .. ", . 'Lt -w+f.w fm nw M .,.... ,..,. ,.:- , This season's Softball Team has emerged with many new and inexperi- enced players. Returning though, were veterans Barbres Brown, Nicole Auguste, Sheryl Creighton, Monica Mitchell, Sofia Allen, and Monique Harvard. Coach DeSiano feels that these girls will lead the team in spirit and skill. Some of the new and determined players are Marie James, Cherylann Pearce, Debbie Readus, Veronica Reinosa, Stephanie Stewart, So- loyanda Young, Hailey Vaughan, Sherley Pierre, Coretta Williams, In- dra Escoe, Rosemarie Phillip, Kim Hinkson, and Maxine Dumorney. This year, Tilden has been placed in an entirely new division. Perhaps through the stages of developing new talent, Tilden's girls may find them- selves near the top or at the top of that division. Unfortunately, last year's biggest obstacle - inexperienced pitching - has not been rectified. Pitching is a crucial element of the game that is required for a successful season. How- ever, the determination of the girls, the new prospects who have joined the team, and the pure desire and dedication to play softball will enable us to be ready against any opponent. Coach DeSiano began practice ses- sions in early March, and covered all aspects of the game such as hitting, fielding, and strategy. All were eager to improve their skills. The Tilden infield rated as one of the best in the P.S.A.L. with Sofia Al- len at first, Barbres Brown at the key- stone, Sheryl Creighton at short, and Monica Mitchell at the hot corner. Complementing the quartet was catch- er Nicole Auguste. Softball is self-rewarding, especially when confidence and consistency is evident. Tilden's Softball Team is filled with enthusiasm and pride that will be carried throughout the season. ifz 'ii'ii'f:1i Ei' ff vp-fx . k! g wk sw - L ,, I FF Nw- M 1 'J .wsiff My 'N gdvww K W ,K- + Lm:k-. N VXQ W , ,,., .... i ,. P K in W.. gl' 'Hun-f.....k, ' .M ku--9 . X 3 X football sf ' . ' sm.. f v ' ' an a ,nth K 4 m..,,.,'any-w 'A' ' ' I ' A 'f wr My , ' 4, rf V V , ,Y.,,,,,, V .. ,gy if l Q ' ' .t i f W 'C - - uv A, ' .4 5 V M ,, .....,-ff' Q t - A do f ' I r, ,sf ,- I I vi 4 " if 0 . ' Vw ,V f A ' ,, ' ' 250' ' . " , it Ndlfllsiw ' M-M K ,,4, v ,,,,,,h. , B M W V .Q A-ev U " , ,gan- is Jr 82 "f'HF'X'K?.:ri -?fJ:ff,m:: f:v.'4.:ww':wf bisbirwtcm'-2vef.r., ,V ,,s.ff.,,...s-1.6.24 '-V 'HYIQXQKQQ has 'H 1? X 12,159-2w.w we w:G,:'rsim:'2"rf?:smw ' 'Sfm w is-f:v.wws fm tis-5 we :wry Q M mira 1:2?m'.p,z,w 235: is ffzfswyrpmst as H --I .--. .: M A ,' 9 . X sf 9 Q" WA' .4 Mg s 5 sssvgwsrwws- Je '-'- as was X Q ., :5.'.a:-,:-" ,.:-tr:-Z.: :-.5-:-' :- '-'g:-'-'. ---- w i' Perhaps the biggest difficulty for the Tilden Football Team this year was to rekindle confidence in the players' abili- ties and in the coaching staff following our "no win" season of 1984. Many play- ers were, in their own way, showing their feelings agains the football program by getting down on themselves. l was fortunate to recruit Bill Stevens as an assistant football coach this year. Coach Stevens' energy and knowledge of the game made a great deal of difference to the program. His input was the catalyst that resulted in the winner's attitude that culminated with a 48-O win over Bryant High School. There were many good things that came out of this Phoenix rising from the ashes this year. Robert Carroll, a 6'7", 230 lb. tackle, came into his own and was selected to the Brooklyn All-Star Team. Robert started at tackle in the Fugazi Bowl, and was complemented most of the year by defensive captain Tyrone Rollins, who seemed to be literally in on every tackle. Anthony Neptune and Dave Bedeau were two other players who exhibited a sense of pride and confidence in them- selves. The pair proved to be the most exciting tandem of backs in the borough. Bedeau, in fact, beat New Utrecht almost single-handedly. The Tilden roster was spotted with several excellent first year players. Brent Morris started the season at outside line- backer and did an excellent job. From the first day Brent reported to practice, l got the impression that he could perform. Norman Rembert was another young player who played admirably at center and linebacker. Andrew Burton also de- serves credit for his hard-hitting work at defensive back. Although I saved him for last, Merlin Thomas will always be number one in my mind. Merlin, a 5'7" running back, in- stilled the discipline and pride in the team. His example and leadership helped to guide the team up the arduous road of success. I will truly miss Captain Merlin Thomas, and l wish him the best of suc- cess at Albany State University. - Coach Grant ? KW W QM uw -no-1 ultima SOCCEI' 4 F 1 SMT 'if '51, f 84 cg X . Q We is The 1985 Soccer Season was a very successful one for Tilden High School as the team became the Brooklyn "A" Divi- sion Champs. They enjoyed a very excit- ing season even though they were knocked out of the playoffs by a shoot- out competition which resulted in a 1-0 loss. During the season many of the team's players had many outstanding moments. Senior Kevin Croft lead the team ot its division standing by scoring half of the team's 24 goals. Goalie Kevin Hylton had many spectacular saves during his season as did relief goalie Samuel Philips. Stop- per Gregory Gittens was a raging dynamo as he ran about the field intercepting and stealing the ball left and right. Newcomer Anthony Walker-Narr also had some ex- citing moments in the field. The team roster consisted of seniors Kevin Croft, Darryl Agard, Anthony Walker-Narr, and Gregory Gittens. Also complementing the team were Adrian Gittens, Joseph Horn, Peter McKenzie, Adrian Mullings, Samuel Phillips, Dalton Wiggan, Lyndon Henry, Kevin Hylton, Derick Phillips, Wayne Wilson, David Mais, and Derrick Israel. During the season the team exper- ienced many unsettling incidents such as unprepared fields, last-minute game loca- tion changes, and even a mistake by the Soccer Commissioner himself! Even so, the team never lost its desire to play, and many of events were extremely exciting. At the start of the season, team Cap- tain was Gregory Chewett, however be- cause of an injury sustained early in the season he was unable to complete his term of office. Star sweeper Lyndon Hen- ry then took over as Captain. Team spirit was very high all through the season. Al- though we were knocked out of the play- offs and greatly disappointed, we are looking ahead to next season's outing. - Coach Stateman 47 ':'5fmgQ,,41 4, W f '- Lf , K , V XA ,rf ,513 M ' K .,, If' -wir., '1 ki' if, 1 1 x f VA - A ' If I I :ff ,W u . ,, Z, , M f, 4, , A A wg .. ,.,.,, ,A A 1 f' " ,tffiiyg -, f, Lf ,' M A , Q Nb X Q f ax , ma M 9039? WZf,g5,,ig2, min 2 fr'-fm 'ggi , A , ,J 1 Mm I - ,x M " , -' ' W. ,jnmw 5-A gr Q ' H 434-1" , . ..,,. Z ,Q, . N 2, m,A.,, ,Q Q 2 4"Af'f7 5 ffi H QM df 4 M W M ,Q 'wwf M 3 . , A wa 3 ,,mAk I, , , uf' .f,y,f3.:jg, x f Lwfggyfkgffz . -' ff f f f V mv I 'W I 2 ,V Q 4 , 55 2 ggi, 1 . MviM,,k , , X,,f f A "iff , V' I , , h iifemkf wvfg' - M f if'f"'f,'V', fl. V ,?f:f'f',Zf'V- ,gxgaffawi-," Sf V .Ll ,Ulm Ze ' i fgzwgwg, V '..zj:?' 02 9' ' A olleyball The girls volleyball team started this year with an entire new roster and a new coach. After a slow start, the team was finally able to win three games, thus plac- ing them in third place in their division. Our captain, Sherry Thompson, led the way with her teammates, Chantal Numo, Sophia Small, Lydia Small, Char- maine Henry, Miccal Scott, Julia Frank, Rosemarie Philip, and Charlene Dowtin. Our matches were against Canarsie High School, Lafayette, Lincoln, and New Utrecht. We were victorious over Lafayette twice and Lincoln once. Al- though our other matches ended in de- feat, the games were much closer than the scores would indicate. We would like to thank our manager Michelle Rice for her overwhelming sup- port and being our number one fan. We wish our seniors, Sherry Thomp- son, Chantal Numa, and Lydia Small the best of luck in their future endeavors. Our remaining players will start again in September and look forward to a suc- cessful season. - Coach Deutsch ,fx X: NA- is - me-s M f ,J-7' m .V fiT,,w'WA w, -'Q WW , -f , A .A,A, W. , , LW.:-5g g'.'..,, .,,, My Y QW ' sm M ,,,V , f E 87 boys bowling , c HHH! . 5 al girls bowling wwf, A , M3 fx 'E V Zf , -ef' 4 5 4: 2,23 51,05 ummm 1' 'wk ,Q KAIUBRU '?"'q"'i? s ' ,,.., K.' - - ' . Q . S Q f -2 ' X Q VR Nw, P ' '- - ., f- 3 iii'-. ., ' 'Q '?4 5 ?" i'?'i.fS'Q'7 ,, X ff Lf.-Q5 xi 4. 33. 1 5 K 7 W' , . k' Q ' A' , Q K- A tennis 91 boys track I, .-xv' W T 5 2 A ' '5 fi v S' f S 1 3 3' 3 ix. X , fer .f f Y F' Q K e .MK . E LV-A, m msg W: x, nk- 1 ,fig 4... Qi -,. 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UMM K X ' 2-ss? - AQ, ffvkw Q -, K Q. f , W H57 :QF-f N1 X X. Q f pf Xsziwm W 3- ASQ, A -ji iflifgg xv ..,.,. ,H kkkk L W-Sw? .i girls outdoor track f as Q 'AAN -' - 5 if 1 K E 5 'ik warg . h 2 L X 53 igiiki 445.55 irl indoor track M E, Captain Michele Gnfffth P.S.A.L. 55-meter dash champion Toni Cause 95 The Devils' Better Half The winning spirit of Tilden's teams is largely due to the support they get from the cheering squad. These squads give the team that little extra push to do better and win. They concoct their own cheers and rock any school in New York City when they put those feet into action. The squad is divided into three essential parts: the Twirlers, the Boosters, and the Cheerleaders. The Twirlers are seven girls who are ex- tremely talented and athletic. When they get into action, they will amaze you with a host of tricks and imaginative ideas. The Boosters are the largest and loudest of the cheering squads. They sing their cheers in harmony and move with the beat. The Cheerleaders are the gymnasts of the group as well as the most versatile. Our Cheerleaders can do some of the best Cart- wheels, Splits, and Flips without missing a note. All this and Pom Poms too! Three cheers for Tildenls Cheerleaders! All three groups practice every day to make sure that they are well rehearsed and ready to go. It's worth it because we are proud of our school and our teams. Congratulations to parent advisor, Mrs. Wilkinson, and the Captains: Keona Evelyn of the Twirlersg and Cheryl Edgehill of the Boostersg and Terra Green and Diane Hous- lin of the Cheerleaders. Msigq H 255: 25 '- -N' ' N x ' Si i Cf'Ti illfilx S SE r I 4. ws Q . ,QpZ5Qg.:x..,5gQm. ,giqrij-:fir 1 ' , -. - H t,. . - . - f- is E. f . if 'M --.- Q - 'S---12: at +1 ,N Q, as - ini. lv M, v ., 2 ! Q rv . .' . ff ' sf Nh iizirxfiisisesi' me vw vw fff rw saxligzxnzzaszrs-ff mxjmrwzwz K: fgzvvw giggggsgyyzsyz. mg emwvc' U in fu - ws Nil si 11:12 fnsaezgswizsf , 3555319 Us gg: sesame nrssfesawrzag 5 Wffififkiif wfzzlussise 4!?'i?iEi?!f'?'??7? f Wffffff iggwigiggfgfg ws pf: Qs, ,552 4JEifsf9.1.5!.f, 353135-27,1 , K srszcmrmwm 97 ffm- an srifiwasxwsffvw :s3wf5E3z if , K , ' ILS 5 iw, kgfk mf '32 ?'wi?3?I1l33Zi'5 3555335 'Hifi ', Q im sr esxsrsm easziemns rf. urn 1 H ff' vw if . x Iii: 3. Ni 2 1535253553 55 Q ' k . I ,gftwwz - K Q. m -Lfisrxggw: :min 1 ,Li Q PSHE? 1 xx! ff .. ' V, 3 U vi . ,..: L A W iw M141 A if Y 'fx B-Xa' run!! ' L v' nib A ,, ..,.., . : : -W 1 X V ., . sg V , f Eig a ' '14 u'k' X ' . VK ' . 1 I VX' f ' . BX +-'::9,::r7:. ALAL . Fi KV, 13- L 4 4 if X h if f ' 2 - it A k . ,Q get gg- I' X SSN! - ,P A ly '- H ""' . 5v 7E!k.,'.SK'3',SY?',. .. ,. ..k,. . .Q K? ,, X . ., ,Q .. 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'Whe- N l MA YRA A VILES CAROL BABB COLETTE BABB BRENDA BAILEY THERESA BAPTISTE PETER BARKER ENRIQUE ARCHIBOLD 5 SHARON A US TIN 4 CYNTHIA BAEZ KA THY BA TEL 1' KSVW ESSIE BECKLES DA VE BEDEAU WENDELL BEEK5 CHANDRA BEHARRY 5-in REGINALD BELL HERVE BELOT NADINE BENJAMIN HENRI BERTHOUMEIUX DERRICK BIGGS DA VID BISSAINTHE TRACY BLACK TAMEKIA BLOUNT l K KW.- 755 FRANCINE BOGLE ETIENNE BONNEANNEE MICHAEL BONE Y JACQUELINE BOURNE ggi Kiev A CAROL YN BOWEN5 ARIES BOWLES MARGALI BREDY ALBAN BRAMBLE 'QM l PATRICIA BRITTON RHEA BRODERICK TAREASA BROOKS BARBRES BROWN ff' div Wu-4 DERRICK BROWN ERIC BRO WN KiM BROWN LINA TA BROWN fdblv 9 ODETTE BROWN SERGIO BROWN YVETTE BROWN IRA BRYANT PA TRICK BUCHANAN LOUIS BURTON I BK INGRID BURNETT BRIDGETTE BURROWES ANDREW BURTON L- l YVETTE BURTON ARTHUR BUSBY SHELDON BUTCHER l KIM BYNES Hd L MAXINE CAESAR WALTER CAREY SUSAN CARR CHARLENECHARLES JOUBERT CHARLES RAQUELLE CASEY DARLENE CHERY l HELEN CHIN EUTON CHRISTIAN MARK CHRISTIAN JEAN CLEOPHAT I ROBBIN COACHMAN SHARON COLE THEODORE COLEMAN ANITA COLES Qi 'V' KIR TIS COOPER TRA CE Y COOPER TRA CE Y CORLETTE PERCIA CORNELIO f .y 'Q DEBORAH COWELL MICHELLE COX JESSICA CRAWFORD JOANA CRAWFORD A-. WA RODNEY CREARY KEVIN CROFT ,J Z' BELANIEL DALEY ANGELA DANIELS 1x Am --qv, ' TUNISHA DA VENPORT DEXTER DA VIS ii L., ,V ffm "H NN-...M SHARON DA VIS TAKISHA DA VIS 'D' SHARON CRUZ DARLENZY DARBOUZE i DONNA DA VIS EVERTON DA VY HOPE ANN DAILEY SANITA DA TT JANET DA VIS , vt' : TTY' AVELINDA DELGADO i ""iw-1 MARIE DELUS JACQUELINE DENIS ANTOINETTE DENNISON MAURICE DERIVAL ' ANNE DESHOMMES MERCEDES DESORMEAUX MA YLEEN DE VONISHI DENISE DICKS Gus YVONIA DIRENY JOSE DIXON PHILIP DIXON JEANMARIE DONIS ix CHER YL DORMER SONIA DOTTIN CHARLENE DO WTIN TIFFANY DO YLIN 6-pf, w-..,f l KADAJDRA DUCKETT RICARDO DUMBAR WILCY DUMORNA Y DENISE DUNCAN E .I NOEL DUNN KIMBERLEY DUNHAM DEAN DWIGHT SHERWONDA EBERHART 4' SHERYL EDGHILL GERALD EDWARDS JACOB EDWARDS JACQUELINE EDWARDS ERROL ELLIOTT SHARON ELLIS MARTY ELMORE ANNA ESTEBAN l KEONA EVEL YN WAYNE EWART ROCHELLE FEL TON LOIS FINDLA Y l. is-f" JOCEL FITZPA TRICK FITZROY FLEMMING SHANE TTA FLOOD MARIA FL ORE5 l ERICA FORBES DEBORAH FORD OMA YRA FORD YOLA NDA FORD SHIRLENE FORDHAM ANTHONY FOREMAN SUZETTE FORRESTER BRIAN FOX 10 7 iv DONVILLE FRANCIS JACQUELINE FRANCIS 'Ib SIMONE GARRET EARL GAYLE GREGORY GITTENS GREQQRY GQLNQQN ,fl CHANTE GRAHAM MENARD GRANDISON GERARD FRANCOIS lf DIONNE GIBSON .l SHARON GOODRIDGE 'Y ROBIN GRE GG W., SHARON GARNE TT NORBERT GILBERT ib- BEA TRICE GORDON 1 ERIC GREEN A if TERRA GREEN MICHELE GRIFFITH HEZRON GURLEY DA VID HALL MILDRED HARPER REGINALD HARPER AMBIMBOLA HARUN DE-SMOND HA VENS ds., NICOLE GRIFFITH ANDRE GRO VES SEAN HAMILTON MAHALIA HANSON 4 ilaguv ERIC HARRIS ANNMARIE HARRISON CARLINE HE C TOR KENNETH HENR Y 115 EUSTACE HERBERT DEREK HICKS SANDRA HIGGINS RHONDA HING Hun, VALERIE HING KENNETH HODGE SIMONE HOLDER PETER HOLOMAN f-... Ai BRENDA HOWARD DONOVAN HOWARD SERENA HOWARD JEAN HOUSEN ui DIANE HOUSLIN MICHELLE HOUSTON KEVIN IEN JAMES IRIZARRY DOMINIQUE ITAC Y DENISE JACKSON 1"- AHHM1 LORIE JAMES JO YL YNN JAR VIS ,1- JACKIE JOHNSON CLA UDE TTE JA COB .A JOSEPH JEANBAPTISTE MAGDAL1 JEANPHILIPPE IRMA JEANTY KELL Y JEFFERS STACY JENKINS THOMAS JENKINS PATRICK JEROME LANA JESSIMY MARLENE JOASSIN JEFFREY JOHNSON 'ITT JENNIFER JOHNSON JULIE T JOHNSON 'NQ.4 'Lr- 4 ANNMARIE JOSEPH MARTINE JULMISSE Q-M wfv' N-I ..4 UNISE KEY PAULINE KINGLOCKE DERRICK KNOWLES ALLENE KRIGGER 112 51.4 KA TRINA JOHNSON AL TA GRA CE JOSEPH DIANNA KELL Y SHARON KENDALL CAROL KIRKSEY LUDWIC LAIBHEN DARREN KIR TON DESIREE LAING DERRICK LAMB PA TRICE LAMBERT GLEN LANGAIGNE EMMANUELA L'APOINTE LUBIN LA VENTURE MICHAEL LA YNE RUDY LEBRUN ERL1NE LECONTE G L'L' I I A MARCEL YN LEE CAROLLE LEROY ENID LESTER REGINA LEVY WW .L 4 BEVERL Y LEWIS CLAUDIA LEWIS DEBRA LEWIS PENELOPE LEWIS IJ EMU-IE LOUISIAS IAN LYNCH QUINTON LYNCH CAMILLE MacDONALD fx "5 Qi:-iv, ROSZENA MACK PHILLIPPE MARC SANDRA MARCELLE OMAR MARKS fit SEAN MARTIN CAULETTE MASON MYRIAME MASSILLON i E... COLLIN MCBEAN TANYA MCCOY PAULETTE McDOUGALL DWIGHT McDOWELL hn- TERESA MCFARLIN MICHELLE MCGILL RANDALL MCINTYRE KATHERINE McKAY SUZETTE McKENZlE CYNTHIA McKNlGH T C YPRIAN MERILLE TINA MILES RICHARD MILLER ROHAN MILLER TRACEY MILLER KEITH MITCHELL MICHAEL MITCHELL WAYNE MITCHELL NORA MALINA RICHARD MONROE 115 PA UL MONTA GUE ff Rfb: DONE TTE MORGAN MARIE MUNNING5 TOR Y NELSON dia Q9 DANIEL MOORE TRACEY MOORE STEPHANIE MORALES BRENT MORRIS OMAR MORRIS DONNA MULLINGS Ax "hu MONIQUE MURDOCK CARL MURRAY TAMMI MURRAY DARLINGTON NEPTUNE LOIS NE VERSON KIMBERL Y NIE VES HUGUENS NOEL WAYNE NOEL RICHARD NOR VILLE CHANTAL NUMA l YVANNE NUMA CARLA OLIVERA LORENZO OTERO GUERDA OXILIEN l ROBERT PA GAN KETSIA PARDIEU KIRK PA TTERSON ANGELINE PA UL EXDONOVAN PEAK CHERYLANN PEARCE FRESNER PERAL TE JOSE PERPIGNAN CHANTALE PETITVFRERE COLLETTE PETRIE KENNETH PHYN MARIE PIERRE MICHAEL PIERRE-LOUIS SYMIRNA PIERRE-LOUIS if -4-"" WAYNE POORE MAXINE POWELL TESSA PREVILLE This l si A JULIAN PRINCE MICHAEL PROUT GAIL PROVIDENCE HAZEL PIERRE MYRLENE PIERRO T l COLETTE Pmfvcf HUGHES PYRAM REGINALD PYRAM KIM REGESTER DA VID RHODES VINCENT RICHARDS Hr xxx ,xx NOEL RIVERA EDSONIA ROBERTS R- 'M TT z, W4 DONALD REID NORMAN REMBERT VASHA WN RICHARDSON GEORGE RITCHIE SHA RMA INE ROBINSON ANDRE ROCK Qs..-f"9 xx' e af' 1 . JUANITA RoDR1GUEs ADELINA RODRIGUEZ ALICE RODRIGUEZ JOSE RODRIGUEZ ,NMMJA imap! ' 1 A+ , W! . You 're supposed to hit the keys, stupid. Zzzzzz 120 tild "Run that by me again. " K 3 in 3' I It would be easier with a Fashion Plate! v.. 4 wh, ction ' . X I 6 A . z E, f -NS Politics! Always Politics! Will we be able to eat it? ls it time to leave yet? i i Music only she can love l ROBERTO RODRIGUEZ JA TON ROGERS GINNETTE ROLIN ANITA ROLLING 45 FELISIA ROLSTON DANIEL ROSSY GREGORY ROY SHARLENE RUDDER EVA RUFF GARY RUSSELL MAGALIE SAINGILUS RALPH SAINT FORT IGNACIO SAINT ROSE MARILYN SALON LANCE SANDERS JODY SANTOS ROMMIE SAUNDERS GABRIELLE SEVERE LOUISE SHEDRICK MARSHA SIMPSON BRIAN SCARLETT DEIDRE SEABROOK DENISE SEVERE AL YSSA SHA W CAROL SHOREY ROXANA SINCLAIR GARY SHA W VERONICA SHA W CHRIS SIL VERA FITZGERALD SIMON ERNES TO SMALL L YDIA SMALL ,Tv HOWARD SM1TH KEITH SMITH SCOTT SMITH PA TRICIA SOLOMON NANCY SOTO MICHELLE SPELLER DIANNE STANFORD TREVOR STANFORD CLYDE STANTON PAULINE STERLING ANSWERD STEWART TARYN SUBER A MARTINA SURRENCY PATRICK TABUTEAU JENNIFER TA YLOR MONIQUE TAYLOR 1 ALRICK THOMAS DUANE THOMAS ELIZABETH THOMAS MERLIN THOMAS 584- CHARMAINE THOMPSON JA CQUELINE THOMPSON PA ULETTE THOMPSON TONYA THOMPSON 4 W-ui THOMAS THOMPSON TONY THOMPSON DELROY TURNER CHARLENE VASSELL .1 AUGUSTUS VESTPRE Y BERLINE VILCEUS BERNARD VILMENA Y IR VING WAGNER ANNETTE WALKER DA VID WALKER ROSEMARY WALROND RICHARD WALTON DARREN WARNER OSBORNE WARNER DIANNE WARRICK ANGELA WASHINGTON 41 LINDA WASHINGTON SUSANNA WATERMAN OUIDA WEBBER JANNES WENT 4 KARONEY WEST LAUREL WEST KIRT WILKINSON ALICIA WILLIAMS CA THY WILLIAMS CHARLES WILLIAMS EVERETTE WILLIAMS HOLLIS WILLIAMS MARK WILLIAMS PETER WILLIAMS LA VERNE WILSON DA WN WILLIAMS DOUGLAS WILLIAMS KA THY ANN WILLIAMS KA THY WILLIAMS SIMONE WILLIAMS THERESA WILLIAMS NIKKI WILSON RENEE WILSON STEVEN WILTSHIRE l ALFRED WOODSON LISA WYCHE LINDA WYMAN CYNTHIA YOUNG l Ia te art: vals MARGARET YOUNGBL OOD LLOYD MOORE camera shy JOHN ANGELLO E VENS ARECIUS LEON ATKINSON TYRONE AWK WARD ELGIN BECKFORD JONATHAN BENTON KAREN BRUSH ROGER CHARLES CHRISTOPHER ELLIS ERIC FISHER LOWELL GALLIMORE CRYSTAL GRA VES ANTONIA GRAY BURNAM HINKSON SPENCE HOSTEN TERRI JAMES NORRIS JOHNSON CARL LAWSON DA WN MERILLE FL ORE META YER EUGENE MITCHELL OMAR MOR TON RITA O 'BR YANT DARREN POINTER LAMON TE RA TCLIFF WANDA RUFF CHRISTOPHER SIL VERA TERENCE SNO WDEN LLE WELL YN SPALDING GAIL SPRINGER YVES ST. LOUIS IGNACIO S TROSS ANGELA SUKHDE O ROBERT TA YL OR SHERRY THOMSON ANTHONY WALKER-NAAR TRE VOR YOUNG MICHAEL PROSPER late arrl als Yves Dalencourt if QI: Jeffrey Dewgard Rawle Elhs Darlyne Fllogene Cherrxea Forrester Bfyafll FOX Marie Lazarre '11 Rncky Lardlow Harry Leconte Audy Maxmeau Mark Mxragh Avian Mullings Wayne Page Fernande Paul Kerth Peters Gregory Phzllrps Carlne Regls Victor R996 More late arnvals on pg. 147 senior celebrities .-fi X-I if 5 -...W im K mls. f at 'gn sg Y " N i-fr? 5 Z., P s- it N M K 1g 9' , A of if N 'Wk' . rr ' 7 A X ff ive! K 1 - .3 D Xi 5 Mr. Tilden Guy Anglade, Ms. Tilden V- Mildred Harper. Boy Most Likely to Cla Succeed Dwight McDowell, Girls Most Likely to Succeed - Deborah Ford and Gm Stephanie Morales Best Dressed Girl - Marks 130 A Sprucie Brooks. Best Dressed Boy - Omar ., so ' S, . 5 ox t , g, Q l N Q . ., yi 1 X D f -wa... 5 - it ? - , :Ht .-,.gK.:5gsg1 - : ' . . 3 "' X . 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M,,,..,., . ff, A 3' Ir , .NF ll 1 'J 1 110914 If 'i Girl Athlete - Michelle Griffith Most Popular Boy Wyche lggy St. Rose, Most Popular Girl - Lisa 131 of Q L W i Most Cheerful Boy A Rodney Creary, Class Wit - Helen Chin, Most Cheerful Girl - Nancy Soto mg. E , ..t,i-wg g ,ec Most Muscular - Anthony Lucumbe 132 l senior celebrities . xt -N in J shifts 1 sky i Skills l t. X 3 , . 1 1 ' sf kk .Xin is K L 4 L- ip , 4 XWQQ K Y A : rs-if Y . 'f 1' amid I I T. sf ,iv t ! if Class Mathematician - Valarie Hing, Class Historian - Jose Photogenic Boy Dixon. Class Journalist - Claudia Lewis Noel Rivera , Q 4slW9'f. Best Boy Dancer - Michael Prout, Best Girl Dancer - Donna Photogenic Girl Davis. Best Boy Vocalist - Dave Walker, Best Girl Vocalist - Jackle Francis Annette Walker 3 i i l A, Handsomest Boy - Enrique Archibold, Prettiest Girls - Diane Houslin and Alice Rodriguez, Most Petite - Monique Taylor w 1 1 ' " ' - ' f' ,-vs, - , H 5 VK . 'jf , 3 ' in I w Nr'-V.. f v, .rv-A ' E A' , K, . : .,. N, rf xx X , P V ,ann P wx' lx, .. . f "" W Xia 1 . ' 1 , I f Am K X lx V iw f F , J 6-1. J ,, A vt 4 N ' rg' C j 2 , fr... X H Q W- ' if . 1 N ' , kj X Q 2 ' fr Q5 . A 90 ' S, ,af :F Q 'us f"' xx 5 5 it Q W 41 Q Q i 5 K Q l 5 We fl' Q: wx N A Q me we L., fair Mk Class Orator - Katherine McKay, Class Psychologist A Eva Ruff, Class Poet - Takisha Davis ,.-. A f N Most Versatile Girl - Robbin Coachman, Most Versatile Boy Gary Russell, Most Polite Girl .IW . . I . ,az iieiix z , ,, ,sf I , v.,,. it ,i, ,V W K f r f'f V,,Wm5 P , 4, ,,,, M , ,, 2 F , if 'L in ,,,, Q, ff ww f ,E Zi f' 2 5 N :M my Zigi 39 - ,, a "' ' , ,MM F ,,,,, zgfg 1 ,,.w 'WA sf Most Energetic S Allene Krigger 1 i 'V 1 B, U 6 Yao , l" X f - Francine Bogle 133 senior celebrity banquet is f :: 1: :..:: w --' -A :- :s- sts: ::: ,a a.a N. ... Y gi g :5 I x Q a B I W 1 vm SHA RON A US TIN CHRISTINA ADEBIYI School of LPC Track Team Drama Guild Basketball Team Service for var ious teachers Thank s to my mother and my counselor for helping me through high school To be a lawyer J h o n Jay College of Criminal Justice DARRYL AGARD Soccer Team Thanks to my parents teachers and counselor for helping me through school Tob e an electrician New York Technical College SOFIA ALLEN Volleyball Team Softball Team Thanks mom for all you ve done I love you T be an accountant Baruch College SONIA ALLISON Serivce for various teachers Thanks my mom and my counselor for all you done To be a business administrator Pace University HUGH ANGLIN Thanks to m y mom and my counselor fo all your help To be an l e ectrical techni cian New York Technical College MERCEDES ARTOLA TABS Program F B L A Thanks to my parents for all you ve done for me To be an accountant Baruch College DONNA APPLE CATS Program Arista Service for various teachers Thanks mom for all youve done lt s meant the world to me Lowe always Donna Tob e a business adminis trator Baruch College ENRIQUE ARCHIBOLD COO P Program Fashion Show Senior Committee Service for various teachers To be a busine ss economist Harvard Uni versity . K' s mom and dad for all you've don T SHER YL ANDERSON Cantata A special thanks to my mother and my friends for persuading me to achieve this honor. ' To be a nurse. Hunter College. DERIC ANGELETTIE E ' Program' Football Team: Service for various teachers. 'Thanks to my parents for their support. Special thanks to all my friends who helped make my time at Til- den fun and successful. To be a physical therapist. Howard University. ANGELA ANGLADE TABS Program' Booster Captain. Thanks mo f m or all you ve done. I love you. Good luck to all sen' iors for the com- ing future. To be an accountant. Baruch College. GUY ANGLADE TABS Program Thank e. o the homeboys-stay chill. To Arkellrstay sweet. To be an ac- countant. Baruch College. COOP Program Service for various teach ers Special thanks to Mrs Rosen my counselor You re the greatest. l won t for- get you. To be an accountant. Baruch College. CAROL BABB Service for Guidance Counselor. "Thanks Mom for all you've done. Thanks to my counselor for all his help. ' To be a nurse. COLETTE BABB Service for teachersg Service for Guidance Counselor. 'Thanks Mom for all youve done. Thank s to my counselor for all his he p. CYNTHIA BAEZ School of L.P.C.' Mixed Chorus. Thanks Mom and Dad for all your help and sup- f port And th . anks to my teachers t d M a Til- l en. To be a psychologist. Brooklyn Col- e e. I BRENDA BAILEY E IP Program' DECA H l m or being so under- standin h ' g w en lve been so diff' l H , 3 ea th Clubg Tennis l Team. "Thanks Mo f icu tfl To l be a lawyer. Lincol n College. ' 3 I' THERESA BAPTISTE School of L P C Yearbook Staff Booster Mock Trral Team Debate Team Commu nrty Freld Work Servlce for teachers SU Staff Member Thanks to Mom for all the encouragement through the years Specral thanks to Trffany we ve been through a lot together To be a successful lmobl law yer Pace Umversnty lToo good for l-lar vard too good for Prrnceton too good for Yale so lll opt for Pacel ESSIE BECKLES FBLA Junror and Semor Band Thanks to my best frrends and hope they too w1ll be successful Thanks to my mother for helpmg me through the rough trmes T be a lawyer accountant St John s or Pace Umversrty DALE BEDEAU Thanks Mom and Brlan for all you have done To be an artlst New York Cnty Tech DA VE BEDEAU School of L P C Football Team To be a computer sclentlst REGINALD BELL School of L P C Yearbook Staff Tllden Toprcs Senior Band Photography Club Thank you Mom for your love Ms Ka plan and Ms Cohen for belng a frrend To my llttle brother Merlm you re stlll short To be an Arr Force Pllot HER VE BELOT Soccer Team Volleyball Team Track Team To be an electronics englneer Pace Unlverslty CHANDRA BEHARR Y Thanks to my parents for all they have done To be a nurse NYC Tech NADINE BENJAMIN E Program Trlden Toplcs reporter Thanks to my Mom my brother Mr Grobstern Mr Relne and Mr Sweettn you ve all been GREAT To be a chlld psychologrst Pace Unlversrty JONATHAN BENTON To all the teachers rf s been a long learn rngful experlence Thank you for your knowledge To be an avratnon prlot NYC TECH or Arr Force R O T C INGRID BERNE TT CATS Program Cheerleaders Servrce for teachers Peer tutoring Thanks to my Mom for all the gurdance support and understandrng she gave me To be a psy chologlst Berkeley DERRICK BIGGS CATS Program Thanks Mom and Dad for bexng there To be rn commumcatlons Borough of Manhattan Commumty Col ege DUNSTAN BIRD To be an X ray techmclan New York Clty Tech DA VID BISSAIN THE Vlce presldent of the Computer Club Ser vrce for teachers TAMEKIA BLOUNT School of L P C Servlce Thank you Mr Shafran Mr Mlmchelll and my parents for all your support towards my semor year To be successful at whatever l do FRANCINE BOGLE Servrce for Guldance Counselor Year book Staff l would lake to thank my par ents and especrally my mother Thanks to my counselor for all h1s help Love to my friend Adrlenne To be a lawyer Cnty College LARRY BOL TON School of LPC Baseball Team My three years have had an impact on my llfe East Strausburgh E TIENNE BONNE ANNEE To be a mechanical Q glneer Clty College JACQUELINE 5 BOURNE TABS Program and COOP Cantata Ser Mom Dad and Mrs Rosen Ive made rt' Thanks for the push l Love You T be a paralegal Klngsborough Commumty College RON BOUYEA Thanks Mom for all the help and rnsprra tlon you gave me To be a technlclan New York Crty Tech CAROLYN BOWENS School of L P C Thanks to my mother and father for puttrng up wlth me To be a lawyer MARGALTE BREDY Thanks Mom for all you ve done To be a nurse Klngsborough Commumty Col ege PATRICIA BRITTON School of L P C FBLA DECA Student Umon l would lrke to thank my mother and all my teachers rn my high school years To be a lawyer Potsdam or Alba TERAESA BROOKS COOP Program Cantata Servlce for var tous teachers l would llke to thank my grandmother and my father for all thelr help Also my srster and friends To be a lawyer Hunter College BARBRES BROWN Basketball Team Softball Team Servlce for Mr Stern Mlxed Chorus Tutor Thanks Mom and Dad for all your sup port throughout my years rn school M rrne Corps ERIC BROWN CATS Program Mrxed Chorus Caravan SQYVICC for the CCC Ms Greenberg and Ms Zarneskl To be a chemical englneer Cornell Umverslty KIMN BROWN COOP Program Cantata Servlce for teachers Cheerleadlng Squad Thanks Mom and Dad for your support all the way And the grace of GOD to make all thrngs posslble lf you believe ID htm To be a socral worker Pace Unlversrty ODETTE BROWN E Program Arlsta Computer Club Ser vnce for teachers Thanks to Mr Grob stern Mr Safran and Mrs Wolfe for your and and patlence nn fllllng out my college applrcatnons and forms To be a dentlst Adelphr Unrversrty YVETTE BROWN School of L P C and Enrlchment Englrsh Servrce for teachers l would lrke to glve thanks to my famlly and GOD wlthout them l would have never made rt l Love You To be a lawyer then a judge ANDREW BURTON Football Team Rutgers Unlverslty LOUIS BURTON Thanks Mom and Dad for all your help To be a computer repanrmen New York Crty Tech YVETTE BURTON l would llke to thank my Mom as well as my teachers for helplng me through thus rough year To be IU anrport operatxons Arr Force ARTHUR BUSBY School of L P C Thanks Ms Romam for all you ve done To be a computer opera or SHELDON BUTCHER Football Team Thanks to my mother and father for all they have done for me To be a physical theraprst Klngsborough Commumty College BRIDGE TTE BURROWES School of L P C Yearbook Staff Mock Trlal Team Trlden Toptcs Servlce for teachers Community Fleld Work AFS Re turnee lexchange Tumslal Model Clty Councll Mr Kublt thanks I couldn t have done rt wrthout you' And to all my teach ers at Trlden and especrally for the pa trence of Mrs Appelsls To be a lawyer Hamllton College I t ll Y Y I 7 , Lk 3 ? . ,. H . 8- . V - T . 1 ' , M f w - w . . , . 3 - 3 . . o . . X 1 , tr . , . LA , nn D I I ' 5 ' gf . . . 1 tt - U ' ' 1 ' ' . ' ' , ' 1 1 - , H r r vnce for teachers. Fashlon Show. To my U I A ' ' I at a I . A I U O tt - A ' 4. A A , HY ' 4 ta ' L I . 4 vb Q r ' v A - ' ' v uf I t . . . . 1 g 42 3 L , N I 2 ,, - . ' H . . - ' , ' . - ny. , . . . 4 I 1 ' 1 1 Y . . . w ork Tech ,axe MAXINE CAESAR HE-1 programg F.B.L,A,g Computer Club Tennis Club I would l1ke to say thanks to my counselor and ll a of my teachers for helpmg me IH my educatlon To be an mdependent buslnes s person Harvard Un1vers1ty WALTER CAREY COOP program Thanks to God and ev cryone mvolvecl 1n help1ng me to gra duate Borou h g of Manhattan Communl ty College SUSAN CARR Thanks for all the t1me d an help you gave me Mom To b Q HLHSQ RAQUELLE CASAY HIP program Cheer1n gCapta1n Ms Ro sen thanksfor all h t e help and adVIC S1 lvester th e Ms anks for ever th a l y 1ng To be a p ra egal Ne Y e best counselor 1 sch ness law College THEODORE COLEMAN School of L P C Scenery des1gner for the Fash1on Show Thanks Mom Dad an God Best of luck to the T1l be den P05512 T a psychologlst Clark Umverslty ANITA COLES COOP program DECA Track Team Ser VICQ IU Pr1nc1pal s OIIICQ T sen you d1d a lot for me LaGuarda Commun1ty College hanks Ms R D IO School of L P C PERCIA CON EL SQTVICQ T Kub1t th hank you Mr n the whol ool To be a bus1 yer Hunter KIRTIS COO PER School of LPC SQYVICC for teachers Computer Cl b u St John s Un1vers1ty EDDIE CASIANO COOP progra m I thank myself f throu h 1 or go1ng g Z years of scho I TRA CEY COOPER School of L PC Servrce Cheer1ng Squad Honor Roll D b m e ate Tea To be a I o and fmally get Compu er S018 t1r1g my d1ploma T o be a success MII tary SQYVICQ ROGER CHALLES E progra m Pace Un1vers1t V CHARLENE CHARLES E program lf there IS somethl that o ng IU hte y u want to ach1ev d e on t let anyon d1scourage you To be a DUSIHQSS man ager HELEN CHIN School of L P C Yearbook co ed1tor De batc Team Sen1or Cl ass Counc1l Photo raphy Club Se Q n1or Band Mock Trlal Stu dent UNION Staff Memb er Booster 8a Tw1rler SLTVICQ for teachers Commun1ty F1eld Work Th anks Mom for all the mor al support and love Good b ye to the rats of T1lden To be a corporate lawyer Pace Un1vers1ty EUTON CHRISTIAN TABS program Ser 9 FICE QNQIIIQQT I TRACEY CORLETTE HIP program SQTVICQ for l1brar ou y Thank DEBORAH COWELL School of LPC Yearbook co ed1tor Handball Team D SQTVICC M peakers Photography Club Communty held work Sen1or Counc1l Thanks lovc you more than you could ever 1mag ne To be a very r1ch and establlshed corporate lawyer Brooklyn College n1on staff member S 86 1 om I JESSICA CRA WFORD COOP program SQTVICQ for teachers Ms Roscn I could not h ave done 1t w1th out your help Tha k n you very much be a bus1nes To s manager Fordham UHIVQYSI RODNEY CREARY TABS program F B L A C C A P Ser ICQ Thanks T ld 1 en for all the I VICQ for teachers Ovedb Thanks Mr D l o ch for all the help To be an engmcer Brooklyn College glr s l ve efore Brooklyn College KEVIN CROFT occ cr Team Best w1she s to Cam1lle and honda for th I MARK CHR ISTIAN CATS program Computer Club Th Mom fo l anks r al you ve done e uture RODNEY CROSS chool I o LPC Iwant to th m JEAN CLE OPHAT m TABS program To be a buslness Baru h manager c College ank my ther and grandmoth er for stand1ng by s1de and g1v1ng me confldence HOPE A NN DAILEY Thank SHARON COLE COO P program Ms R s to Mr Clarence K ay for helplng me to get a volunteer Job 1n the court T OSQYI YOU V9 the be a legal secretary New York C best Keep up the good work To be an mcal C accountant N Y C Tech 1ty Tech- ollege. ' . O D . . . - ' 4 ' ' ta - 1 ebate Team: ' 1 " U ' ' ' ' Student U' 1 I A . i . . ,. .L - A 3 - J - ' '- . . I . I J . . R S O . y A I I I ll wi I ANGELA DANIELS School of L P C Servrce for varlous teachers I appreclate my mother for glv mg me gundance to complete hlgh school and to further my educatlon To be an attorney Brooklyn College DARLENZY DARBOUZE Unllmnted Shop Thanks to my parents teachers and gurdance counselors for all that they have done To be a marketlng SDQCIGIISI Bethune Cookman College CHER Y DARL YNE I thank the Lord for all He has done I also thank my best frrend Patrlcra To be a nurse Hunter College DEXTER DA VIS Servlce for varrous teachers Thanks to all my teachers and counselors for your help To be a astronaut pllot ln the Alr Force Syracuse Unlverslty DONNA DAVIS TABS program Dance club Thanks mom and dad for all your love and sup port To be an orthodontrst Hunter Col ege JANET DA VIS Servlce for varlous teachers Cantata Thanks to mom and my counselors for all that you ve done To be a nurse Hunter College KEVIN DA VIS Basketball team Thanks mom and all my frlends that helped me to graduate SHARON DA VIS Servlce for counselors I would hke to thank my mother for helplng me through these years To be an accountant TAKISHA DA VIS School of L P C Student Unlon vlce presl dent Twlrlers Caravan Fashlon show coordlnator Tllden Toplcs Yearbook staff Tennrs club Thank you mom for the support I needed these dlfflcult years To be a successful lawyer John Jay Col lege of Crrmlnal Justlce AVELINDA DELGADO School of L PC If rt wasnt for you I would not be where I am now Thanks mom To be a physncal theraplst Long Island Unlverslty MARIE DELUS School of L P C Service for Mr Kubrt Servlce for varlous teachers I would luke to thank Mr KUDII for hrs help and support rn my hlgh school years wlthout It I would be lost To be a chrld psychologlst Long Island Umverslty ANNE DESHOMMES TABS program DECA program FBLA program Servlce for teachers Thanks to Mr Dolch Mrs Wolfe Mrs Kleln and my parents for all their help durmng these en joyable years To be an executlve secre tary New York Crty Technmcal College MERCEDES DESORMEAUX FBLA program Haltlan club Thanks to my counselors and teachers for all your help To be a nurse New York Crty Tech nrcal College JACQUELINE ELISA DENIS HIP Program Tennls Club Health Sclence Club HOSA Secretary Yearbook Staff Servlce for Teachers Thanks Mom and Dad for your support and for pushlng me to do my best Thanks Janet for showing me the ropes Thanks to Mr Kaufman Stateman Bard and Klaff for maklng learn 1ng fun and thanks to my good frrends Sonia Danny Percla Peter Harry and Emerson MA YLEEN DE VONISH E program Tennls club Caravan Com puter club Drama Gulld HealthfSc1ence Club Thanks to God I flnally made It To be a psychlatrlst Adelphr Unlverslty DENISE SHERRA YE DICKS den TOPICS Peer tutormg Servrce or teachers Thanks to everyone who as made my three years at Tllden fun an successful I love you mom and dad To be an engineer Hamllton College JOSE DONALDO DIXON E program Txlden Topncs Mlxed Cho rus Peer tutormg Yearbook staff would hke to thank God my parents and the rest of my famlly for thenr love and support through my school years To be a lawyer Adelphl Unrverslty JEAN DONIS School of L P C Thanks to my parents and guldancc counselors To be an assls tant lawyer Klngsborough College CHERYL DORMER CATS program Cheerleaders Servlce for counselors Thanks to my famrly frrends and fans that encouraged me along the way To be In communmcatnons New York Unnversnty SONIA DOTTIN TABS program Tennls team Senror Band Thanks to my mother who strug gled for these four years and to my frlends and teachers for belng there for me To be an accountant CHARLENE DOWTER CATS program Volley ball team Softball team To be a journalist KADAJDRA DUCKETT Servrce for teachers Glrls Bowllng team Mlxed Chorus Thanks mom for always belng there when I needed you To be a medlcal laboratory technologlst Howard Unrverslty WILCY DUMONA Y HIP program HOSA program FBLA pro gram Tllden Topncs Baseball team Ten ms club Arrsta Debate team Thanks to Mr Belne for all your help To be a re searcher SUNY at Stony Brook DENISE DUNCAN School of L PC Cheerleader Thanks mom for all you have done To be a buslness admlmstrator Howard Unlversl KIMBERLEY DUNHAM School of L PC Arlsta Cantata Maxed Chorus Student Unnon Treasurer Trlden Toplcs Yearbook staff Thanks to my parents and teachers who helped me through my years at Trlden Most of all God who I couldn t have made It wlthout To be a lawyer Morrls College DEAN DWIGHT School of LPC Arista Trlden Top cs Debate team Servlce for varlous teachers Thanks a whole lot Mr Kubnt for everyth Ing you ve done for me THE BEST' To bc a lawyer New York Unlversrty SHERWONDA EBERHART School of L P C Servlce for Ms Sllton Thank goodness I made It To be a pro batlon offrcer John Jay College GERALD EDWARDS School of L P C Thanks to my counselor for all your help To be an attorney Wag ner College JACOB EDWARDS Basketball Team Thank God for gettlng mc through Hugh School JACQUELINE EDWARDS COOP Program Servlce IH Dcan s Offlce Thanks to Mrs Rosen for all your help and to my Mom for puttlng up wlth me To be an obstetrrclan Long Island Unlver sr SHARON LOLITA ELLIS CATS Program Servrce In Dean s offlce Thanks Mom for all you ve done Thanks to my frlends for the encouragement T be a nurse Long Island College Hospltal MARTY ELMORE E Program Service for Mr Grobsteln To be an englneer Cooper UNION ANNA ESTABAN Senlor Band Servlce for Ms Kaplan Ten n1s Club To be a computer programmer . , ,Q ' ' Z 2 ' l 3 I I A 4 . 4 1' ' I . , . , . , I , . , Q 3 , , . . 11 I I I 1 I I .I V.- . ty. H7 . . , - 4 , I Is I Q , K' .. I, A . I - A ' ' ., . 1 ' 1 ' - Y r . . .1 1 i 1 ' A 2 - "E" programg Aristag Computer clubg Til- , - A 7 YY I I f . . Q -- h . ' d U . . AL F I -- 11 Q A ' Q 4 . 2 ' 1 . "I A - -H . LK . L F - L YY .. ' . ' ' . . . U . nh I . . vv I , . 3 A I . . I ' . I . . . ' , ' ty' 4 1 . . V . tt , - - H ' Y I . . Q ' Q I ' A - km , vw -- " , ' ' A D AI ' 1 ' Z . age for the past e years at Tilde " KEON A EVELYN TABS P rogram' Tilde , n Twirlers' Servic in cafeteria I w JA C QULIN e E FRANCIS School of L P C y mother ng her back to s Hi h ee me throug g School and int h . . .3 Computer Club' Cheer leading squad "I w I . " ant to thank m for breaki . r, a o College. To b bio-chemist. Pa ' e ce University. WA YNE E WART COOP Progra m. Thanks to who helped ' ' everyone me in time of need." LOIS FIND , . 5 Senior Band I like to thank LAY School of L P C , H , would my mother and father for all their support". To be a doctor. JOCEL F ITZPA TRICK HIP Pro gram. f'Thanks Mr in . Dolch for giv- g me easy classes so I could graduate". To be a computer technologist. Queens- brough Community coll ege. FITZROY FLE MMING TABS Program . Thanks mom for me that ext e to make it ug High School . To be a pysch gist. Hunter C Il A' giving ra push I need d thro h ' " olo- o ege. SHANE TTA FLOOD School of L P C . . .gCantana "Th parent . anks to my s and my guidance counselor, Mr. Kubit for all you've done". To be a psychi- atrist. Virginia State Univ ' . ou d like to thank mom and dad W' A my , innie, Curtis, and Orville for their support." LOWELL GALLIMORE COOP Programg Soccer Team. "Thanks to my mother who was always there when I needed her." To be an engineer. SHARON GARNETT TABS Programg Cantatag Fashion Show. "Thanks mom for all you've done." To be a computer programmer. Howard Univer- sity. SIMONE GARRE TT School of L.P.C.g Theatre and Dance. "Thanks to my mother and my aunt Coz- zief' To be a psychologist. Virginia Union University. DIONNE GIBSON N Service for various teachers. 'Special thanks to those who helped me get through high school." To be a nurse. SHARON GOODRIDGE F.B,L.A. "Thank s to all my teachers and my mom for giving me cour thre ersity. DEBORAH F T ORD ABS Program C 1 OOP Program: Senior Class Officer: Service for Mrs. Manna. OMA YARA FORD Softball Team my sister, , or helping me make it. ' To be a nurse. . "I give thanks to Carlota f ' YOLANDA FORD School of L.P.C. ' Thanks mom f have do " K or all you ne . To be a l C awyer. John Jay ollege. n. To be a nurse. Hunter College. CHANTE GRAHAM i School Of L.P.C.: Computer Club: Service for teachers. "Thanks to my counselor for all your help," To b e a corporate lawyer. ' Hunter College. MERNARD GRANDISO TABS Programg Se ' To rvice for Mr. be an accountant. Baruch Co N Kaufman. llege. CR YS TA SHIRLENE FORDHAM Cats Program: COOP D . program' Chorusg rama Guild Thank . you Mrs. Rosen f all your time d , if or an effort. You have also given me the courage and confidence." To be an accountant. B aruch College. ANTHONY CURTIS F CAT , aptain of Baseball Team. 'il would like to thank my parents for their time and concern ' tion " in my educa- . To be an accountant. OREMAN S Program' C SUZETTE FORRESTER TABS Progra vice for o be a fashion designer. FIT. mg D.E.C.A.g Ser' teachers. T DON VILLE FRANC TABS Program Service for teacher Thanks to my t e p and o be a computer technician. g ' S. " eachers for their h I concern." T ' ' L GRA VES School of L ' Staffg mom team Cheerl thanks t made t or all their hel thanks to IVI ' ness a eading Squad. "Thanks to grandparents and my father for there when I n .P.C., Track Teamg Yearbook Cheerleadin S g quad. "Thanks to my and dad f Special p. r. Simon for making our track the best it could b " e. To be dministrato a busi- r. Buffalo Unive rsity. AN TONIA GRA Y my being eeded you most. Special o Mr. Grobstein All . of your caring he difference I' . New York Technical Coll School of School of leader Cap the Progra you've done." stra Univers City ege. ERIC GREEN L . .P.C., Basketball Team. A GREEN TERR L.P.C.g Softball Teamg Cheer- taing Fashion Sh A ' ITT ow, Service for Office. MThanks m om for all To be an obstetrician. Hof- ity. MICHELE GRIFFITH HEI' Program, Track Team, Service for the Science Department. "Thanks Mom, Dad, and Mr. Simon for all you've clone." To be a pharmacist. Long Island University. NICOLE GRIFFITH TABS Programg Aristag Yearbook Staffg Mixed Chorus, Service for various teach- ers. 'kThanks to my counselors for all their help. Special thanks to Mrs. Appelsis for getting me through math." To be an ac- countant. Baruch College. AXILIEN GUERDA Piano. 'LThanks to my mom for all you've done for me." Hunter College. HEZRON GURLE Y HIP Programg Arista, Soccer Team, Cara- vang Drama Guild, Speech Club. "Thanks to all my teachers. I was very fortunate to be in your classes." To be a psychologist. Howard University. SEAN HAMILTON "E" Program, Boys Track and Field, Ser- vice for teachers. 'iThanks to all of my friends who made life at Tilden wonder- ful. rv DOMINIQUE HAC Y Volleyball Team. 'SThanks to my counselor for all your help." To be a radiologist tech- nician. New York Technical College. MILDRED HARPER Student Union Presidentg Junior Represen- tative, Gospel Chorus. "Thanks to God, without whom I wouldn't have made itf' To be a lawyer. Fordham University. REGGIE HARPER TABS Program. "I would like to give thanks to my mother and father, and best friend Mr. Walter Hines for helping me through High School." To be an accoun- tant. Baruch College. ERIC HARRIS School of L.P.C.g Senior Band, Baseball Team. "I would like to thank you all, my parents, friends, and most of all God be- cause without him I couldn't make it." To be an attorney. University of Southern Florida. AMBIMBOLA HARUN Service for teachers. 'LThanks to my family for being there for me." To be an accoun- tant. CA THY HEADLEY TABS, COOP Program, Tilden Boostersg Cantata. MThanks to my husband for be- lieving in me." To be a police detective. John Jay College. CARLINE HEC TOR School of L.P.C.' Boosters Softball Team' Volleyball Team' Talent show. I thank Mrs. lrolla Mr. Edwardsen and all the teachers that helped me make it in Til- den. To be an doctor. Long Island Univer- si . EUSTACE HERBERT COOP Programg Service for teachers. I would like to thank Ms. Rosen for her help and encouragement in my High School ca- reer. To be an accountant. Baruch Col- ege. SANDRA HIGGINS TABS Program' Service for various teach- ers, Tutor for TABS Program. Special thanks to Mom and Dad for all youve done. ' To be a nurse. Staten Island Col- ege. RHONDA HING Best wishes to Kevin Camille Valarie and Jackie. Good luck. VALARIE HING E Program' Council of Arista' Tilden Topics' Computer Club. Peer Tutoring' STP Consultive Council. Thanks to my family for caring. Thanks to all the teach- ers for all their help especially Mr. Reine and Mrs. Appelsis. To be a psychiatrist. Hamilton College. KENNETH HODGE - E Program' Council of Clubs' Fashion Show' Computer Club. Thanks to every- body who made Tilden a fun place to be. To be an accountant. Howard University. RHONDA HOLDEN Service for teachers. Thanks Mom M . Krueger Mr. Heller for all your help. T be a nurse or lawyer. Army. SIMONE HOLDER School of I..P.C: To my teachers thanks for all you have done. John Jay College. DIANE HOUSLIN Cheering Squad captain' Fashion show. Thank you Mom and Dad for all your help and support. Thanks to some of my teachers for making learning fun and to some of my friends stay cool! Class of 86 is 41. To be a computer programmer. SUNY at Stony Brook. BRENDA HOWARD Track Team Service To Mr Simon I would like to give special appreciation for all your hard work We couldn t have done it without you To be a doctor Ohio State University KEVIN IEN CATS Program, Senior Bandg Drama Club: Service for various teachers. 'Many thanks to my Mother and Father and espe- cially my friends who helped me achieve my goals. To be a systems analyst. Ba- ruch College. JAMES EDWARD IRIZARRY Computer Club: Peer Tutor Program. "Thanks to all my teachers for their help in making me a better person. To be a com- puter technician. DENIECE JACKSON COOP Program, Thanks a million Mrs. Rosen. ' To be a corporate lawyer. Hofstra University. CLAUDE TTE JACOB I thank my teachers my parents and my friends for their help. To be a Medical secretary. Hunter College. LORIE JAMES I thank my teachers my friends and my parents for their help. To be a lawyer. Brooklyn College. JOYL YNN JAR VIS Track Team' Caravan' Computer Club' Gospel Chorus' Yearbook Staff' Service. ' I would like to thank God for the determi- nation and the strength he gave me to go on. I would also like to thank my mother my teachers, Judy, and Leonardo for all the help they have contributed to me. To be a obstetrician. Hunter College. KELLY JEFFERS TABSQ Track Team' Computer club: F.B.I..A. Club' Photography Club' Tilden Topics. Thanks mom for all your love. PATRICK JEROME TABS3 I would like to thank my parents and close friends for their support. To be a stockbroker. Borough of Mahattan Com- munity College. LANA JESSIMY School of L.P.C. Thanks to my mom and dad for getting me through. Also thanks to my friends Essie and Berline. To be a business executive. New York City Col- ege. MARLENE JOASSIN I would like to thank my Mom and my Aunt for all they have done. To be a lab technician. Hunter College. RICHARD JOHN Basketball Team' To be a helicopter m - chanic. Florida Avaiation. JENNIFER JOHNSON I would like to thank my Dad for being there. v Y il I v t at ,, o tt iv it , v v as Y v it v uv at v Y v -1 tt fi U v vw 1 v ' v rt ' v 1 I in t 1 t v it vw 1 1 tt vw 1 -- 1 tt I- v v ' it H av O v t ll tt it t vw It 1 ti va it H v 1 vw v - ' v v . , vi . NORRIS JO HNSON CLAUDIA LEWIS School of L.P.C. To be a computer techni- HE" Programg Student Union Secretary cian. New York City Tech. FBLA Historian, Tilden Topics Reporterg Computer Club President, Boosters. ANNMANE JOSEPH "Thanks to Mr. Grobstein for all your TABS, Decag FBLAQ Service for teachers. helpy To be a Chef' Johnson and Wales- 'LThank you very much Mom, Mrs. Wolfe, Mr. !Dolch, and my teachers for all the help DEBRA LEWIS you Viglven to me these four Wonderful School of I..P.C., Service, Senior Band. years' "Thanks to my mother and grandmother, who helped me through my years in TABS P DIANA KELLY A school. Also thanks to my counselor, Mr. - rogrfim and COOP? Servlcei Sen' Kubitf, To be a reporter. Shippensburg ior and Junior Band, Caravan. To be a Umversityfpaj paralegal. Elizabeth Seaton College. I I PENELOPE LEWIS SHARON KENDALL Service for various teachers. HThanks to COOP Program? Cantata? Mlxed Chorus? my counselor for all his help. Thanks Mom HIP Club' Thanks to my Parents and for all youlve done." To be a computer teachers." To be a lawyer. John Jay Col- technician' New york City Tech ege. DIANA LOCHAL PAULINE KINGLOCKE HI thank my parents for helping me to 'I want to say thanks to my counselor, Mr. Qfaduafs- and to my teachers- To be 3 Grobstein." To be an accountant. lawyefi EMILY LOUISIAS DARREN KIFTON UE" Program, Service for Mr. Stern. 'LI TABS Program, DECA. Thanks Mom for . , M . . . , would like to say thanks to the whole staff all you ve done. To be a politician. Uni- at Tilden who made my education possi- Verslty of Rochester' ble." To be a doctor. Baruch College. ALLENE KRIGCIER A ,AN LYNCH HIP Program, Service to various teachers, COOP Program. To be an architect' Syra- HIP Club. ul would like to thank Ms. Man- Cuse University na for her incredible patience. and myself I for coming to school everyday." To be a QUINTON LYNCH I nurse. Drama Guild. "I would like to thank my X mother and Ms. Eligon for their help and 3 DESIREE LAING support." New York City Tech. ' HIP Programg Service for various teach- ers "Thanks Mom, without you I would H H JEAN PEHLIPPE MAGDALA l have never made it." To be a nurse. St. E Program- I would llke to thank my Francis College mother for all that she has done for me and Mr. Grobstein for all your help. Love to my GLEN LANGAIGNE friend Rudyf, To be a radiologist. Hofstra TABS Program, Computer Club, Service University- ilnethe main lpffice. Trol be 531 eliegrlcalrengi- SANDRA MARCELLE W ermg ec mman' ew or IV ec ' Tilden Twirlersg Computer Club, Indepen- I ERLINE LECONTE dent1Sti?dies. Hglwogld like-so tvhankbmy Kingsborough Community College. Zjtiqipgilrteijrpifjan gg ey 31011, J A eea gra m r. . s niv r- MARCELYN LEE sity. "I would like to say thanks to all my teach' ers for all they have done for me, especial- V , OMAR MARKS ly Mr. Dorf. Thanks to my mother for all Tllden S Annual liashlon Show? l?'B'L'A" She has done for mej, Gospel Chorus. Thank You Tilden for everything you have done for me." To be REGINA LEVy a performer. Oswego College HIP Programg Booster Squadg HIP Club. SEAN MARTIN To be an elementary school teacher. South A T b Caroline A gl T. School of I..P.C., Track Team. o e a po iceman. SOLON MARTINE BEVERLY LEWIS 'iThanks mom for all you have done." To "Thanks Mom for all you've done. Thanks be 3 nurse' La Guardia Community Col. for being a friend! Avon, Wanda, Karlene 19984 and Earlfl To be a broadcaster. Kingsbor- ough Community College. CAULETTE MASON 'LThanks Mom and Mr. Grobstein for all you have done for " me. To be a model. M YRIAME MASSILLON COOP Programg Track Team: Service for teachers. "Thank you Donnie for being there." Howard University. RICHARD MA THE WS School of L.P.C., Service for Teachers. i'Thank you mom and dad for all of your support." To be a lawyer. John Jay Col- lege. BOVEA MA VOUR H.I.P. Programg F.B.L.A.3 HIP Clubg Ser- vice for teachers. i'Thanks mom for ever- ything you have done for me, both big and small. I Love You." To be a doctor. Brook- lyn College. CAMILLE MCDONALD Tilden Topics: Arista. PAULETTE MCDOUGELL Service for teachers. "Thanks mom for all you have doneg I love you." To be an accountant. TERESA MCFARLIN School of L.P.C., Student Uniong Caravan. "Thanks mom for all your support." To be a lawyer. Ithaca College. MICHELLE MCGILL TABS Programg Computer Clubg F.B.L.A. Service to teachers. 'iThank you mom and dad, and Mr. Dolch for helping me throughout the yearsf' To be an accoun- tant. Baruch College. KATHERINE McKAY SU. memberg Senior class Councilg Speak- ers '86g Fashion Showg Tildenls Represen- tative. To my friends, thanks for the great times. I know, that's what friends are for." To be a pyschoanalyst. SUZETTE MCKENZIE COOP Programg Track Team. "Thanks to Mrs. Rosen and my family for all your help." To be a nurse. City College. CYNTHIA MCKNIGHT School of L.P.C.3 Tennis Clubg Senior Band: Caravang Honor Roll. To be a pilot. Farmingdale. DA WN MERILLE "I would like to thank my mother for all that she had to put up with." To be a computer scientist. Medgar Evers College. RICHARD MILLER COOP Programg Service for teachers. To be an artist. Brooklyn Tech. College. ROHAN MILLER Track Team. "Thanks, Mr. Heller for all your help." TRACE Y MILLER School of L.P.C.g Cheering Squadg Debate Teamg Yearbook staffg Drama. 'iThanks to my father and husband for all their sup- port. To be a business administrator. Man- hattan Community College. KEITH MITCHELL "Thanks mom and dad for encouraging me throughout the years of my education." T be a computer technician. La Guardia Col- ege. MICHEAL MITCHELL TABS program iThanks mom and dad, I love you both" To be a computer pro- grammer. St. Francis University. MICHAEL MITCHELL TABS Program' rollerskatingg I thank my mother for pushing me to do my work and going to school." To be a computer pro- grammer. St. Francis University. WAYNE MITCHELL COOP Programg Rollerskating. I thank my mother for pushing me to go to school." To be a success. RICHARD MONROE 'EN Program1 To be a computer techni- cian. PAUL MOTAGUE COOP Program' Soccer Team. Thanks Mrs. Rosen for all your help, you ve been like a mother to me. To be an electrical engineer. LLOYD MOORE COOP program. ' It s been a pleasure and an honor to be in the Coop Program I would like to thank my mother and Mrs. electrical engineer. TRACEY MOORE COOP Program' Service for teachers. 'I would like to thank Mrs. Rosen for helping me find out what its like to be in the working world." To be a graphic designer. N.Y. Technology. STEPHANIE MORALE5 School of L.P.C.g Senior Class Vice Presi- dentg Fashion Show Coordinator' Year- book Staff' Mock Trial Team' Service for Everybody! I would like to thank the four most important people in my life: My mother. father God and Sean. I Love You All. ' To be a lawyer. Columbia University. DONETTE MORGAN AE" Programg Arista' Service for teachers. Thanks Mr. Reine for your support and excellent teaching. To be an accountant. Pace Universit . BRENT MORRIS TABS Program' Football Team' Fashion Showg Thanks MOM for your help and encouragement. Love Brent." To be a sys- tem analyst. Temple University. DONNA MULLINGS vice for teachers Thanks mom for all your love To be a nurse SUNY t MARIE MUNNINGS School of L.P.C.1 Senior Bandz 'Thanks mom for all you've done." To be a lawyer. Ithaca College. CARL MURRAY COOP Program. "Thanks mom. dad. and Mrs. Rosen. Your patience and guidance is invaluable. ' To be a writer. TAMMI MURRAY COOP Program: Cantata: Service for teachers. "Special thanks to my counselor. Mrs. Rosen, for being a doll." To be a computer analyst. Barnard College. TORY NELSON COOP Program: Handball Team. To be an architect. LOIS NEVERSON TABS Programg Cantatag Computer Clubg Service for various teachers. "Thanks to the Lord for helping me through school. Special thanks to my parents for caring all these years." To be a nurse. City College. HUGUENS NOEL To be an electrical engineer. WAYNE NOEL ULife is like a bowl of cherries, just dont swallow the pit. To be an accountant. Baruch College. MARIE NOR WOOD Booster Squad' Senior Band' Track Team' my mother for being concerned." To be a doctor. Kingsborough Community College. CHANTAL NUMA Volleyball Team. Thanks to all my teach- ers and my counselor for helping me start a new life." To be a business administrator. YVANNE NUMA Basketball Team: Volleyball Team: Soft- ball Team. "Thanks to my parents for all their help." CARLA OLIVERA School of L.P.C.: Mixed Chorus. "I would like to thank Mrs. Lambrinos for being the most caring teacher I ve ever had.' To be a lawyer. LORENZO OTERO School of L.P.C.' Reporter for Corpus De- Iicti Newspaper. Thanks to my counselor Mr. Kubit. teachers. and Mom. To be a lawyer. Hunter or St. Francis. KIRK PATTERSON CATS Programg Service for various teach- ers: Aristag Student Union. i'Thank you Mrs. Appelsisl You made Math very enjoy- a e. ANGELINE PAUL "I thank the Lord for his help and guid- ance." To be a business administrator. I l , Rosen for all than Support' To be an Service for various teachers. i'Thanks to .. .- , , i .i , . a Stony Brook TABS Programg F.B.L.A.' D.E.C.A.' Ser- Kingsborough Community College. EXDONO VAN PEAK RE GINALD PYRAM Arista: Service for various teachers: Base- TABS PYOQTGVUZ HThankS YO my 90043 ball Team: Soccer Team. To be a doctor. ludgemem- l made iff' T0 be 5 Computer SUNY at Stony Brookl scientist. St. John's University. CHERYLANN PEARCE KIMBERLY REGES TER Softball Team. "Thanks Mom and Dad for CATS Programg Softball Tearng Service all you've done, and special thanks to my for teachers. uThank you Mommy, I know teachers for all their helpf' To be a busi- I can always depend on you. l love youf' N955 admifllsfffitof- SUNY- To be a business administrator. Cornell KITSON PETERS University' COOP Program: Ml would like to thank my NORMAN REMBERT Mother for everything she has done for HIP Program: F0Ofb21ll Teaml BOWHUQ me." To be a word processor. Baruch Col- Team- T0 be an aCCOl-Infant. Biifl-lCh Col- IQQQI lege. l CHANTAL P5111-FRERE DA WD RHODES A "Special thanks to all my teachers and my School of lf'P'C'5 COOP DTOQTDID9 Junior Counselor for their helpj To be a tour Bandg Serviceg Boller Skating. Thanks to guide LaGuardia College. Mom for all you ve done. I ll love you for- ever." To be a physician. Cornell Universi- COLLETTE PETRIE W- Service for various teachers. To be a fash- ion designer. Fashion lnstitute of Technol- VINCENT RICHARDS OQV- ' School of L.P.C. 'il would like to say I 'Thank you' to the school for all it's done MAUCLAIR PHANORD for mel" 'ld like to thank myself for what l've donegll GEORGE RITCHIE NED Programg Haitian Clubg Soccer Teamg HAZEL PIERRE Volleyball Teamg Service for teachers. "l will like to thank all my teachers, and "Special thanks to my mother who has special thanks to Mr. Larkin." supported me all year." To be a x-ray t h ' ' . MARIE PIERRE QC mmm i "Thanks to my counselor for all his help." EDSONIA ROBERTS To be an accountant. Baruch College. TABS Programg Tennis Teamg Service for teachers. 'iThanks to Mom for all you've 4 MICHAEL PH:-RRE'L0UIS done." To be an accountant. New York ME" Programg Service for various teach- University- ersg Computer Clubg Student Union Mem- ber. "Thanks to all who helped." To be a JUANH-A RODRIGUES Dhyslclan' Hunter College' CATS Programg Service for teachers. ul r would like to say congratulations to the MAXINE POWELL class of '86." To be a fashion merchandis- COOP Programg Aristag Service for var- ern Badder College' ious teachers. HThanks to my counselor. Mrs. Rosen, for all she has done for me." ADELINA RODRIGUEZ To be a nurse. LaGuardia College. HE" Program, "Thank you for all your support." TESSA PRE VILLE School of L.P.c.g F.B.L.A. A-Trinks to my H AUCf,R0DR'GUEZ . HE Programg Aristag F.B.L.A,g Computer Mom and Dad for helping me out and spe- A I I . - . Clubg Unlimited Shopg Service for teach- cial thanks to my friends Jerry, Berline, , . it ers. "Thanks Mom, Dad, Mr. Grobstein for and Simone. To be a lawyer. Howard ,, , U . . all you've done. To be a buyer. Fashion niversity. A Institute of Technology. .FOLLETTE PRINCE JOSE RODRIGUEZ Cantata. Thanks to all my teachers for all A 4 . ,, School of L.P.C.g Service for guidance their help. To be a nurse. M counselor. Thanks to my counselor and RALPH pR05pER my parents for all youlve done." To be an Service for teachers. Hym Sorry Mom, I officer in the United States Marine Corps. could have done better." To be a business administrator. Temple University. JA TON ROGERS GAIL PROVIDENCE School of L.P.C.g Service for guidance TABSQ COOP Programg Track Teamg Ser- counselor. "Thanks to Mom and Dad for vice for various teachers. 4'Thanks to Mrs. all V0U7Ve done- To be D lawyer- Cifv Rosen and Mr. Dolch for all their help." To College- be an accountant. Baruch College. FELISIA ROLSTON School of L.P.C., Student Union, Boosters. "Mr. Kubit: Thanks for all you've done. Besides being my counselor, you were also my friend," To be a government agent. John Jay College. DANIEL ROSSY School of L.P.C., Senior Class President, Debate Team, Bowling Team, Speakers '86, Tilden Topics, Computer Club, Senior Band, Arista, Yearbook Staff. "Thank you, Tilden High for all that you've done for me.'l To be a lawyerfpolitician. Boston University. SHARLENE RUDDER CATS Program, Band, Cheerleaders, Ser- vice for Mrs. Appelsis. 'LThanks Mom and Dad for all the help and support you've given me. Without the two of you, I would not have been able to make it." To be an advertising artist. EVA RUFF HE" Program, Tilden Topics, Senior Class Secretary, Computer Club, Band, Student Union. 'LAII my thanks to God, my family, Tilden staff, and friends for all they've done for me," To be a teacher. St. Augus- tin College. WANDA RUFF HE" Program. "Thanks Mom for all you've done, l'll always love youf' Howard Uni- versity. GARY RUSSELL TABS Program, Service for Mr. Stern, Bowling Team, Computer Club, BOBS Program. "Thanks Mom for all you've done. I'll always love you." To be a com- puter programmer, Howard University. IGNACIO ST. ROSE TABS Program, Service for various teach- ers, Tilden Track Team, Computer Club, BOBS Program, Fashion Show. "Thank you Mom and Dad. I love youfl To be an electrical engineer. University of Texas at Arlington. RALPH SAINTFORT HIP Program, HOSA President, Arista, Tennis Team Captain, Haitian Club Trea- surer, Tutoring Program. To be a cardiolo- gist. Wesleyan University. BRYAN SAMPSON TABS Program, Soccer Team. f'Thanks Mom and Dad for all your help! Special thanks to the Space Warrior Crew." To be an accountant. Baruch College. LANCE SAUNDERS COOP Program. HI would like to thank my Mother for helping me out." ROMMIE SAUNDERS Tilden Drama Guild, Stage Manager, Til- den Decorator. To be a public administra- tor. Manhattanville College. BRIAN SCARLETT HIP Program' Track Team. Thanks Mom and Dad for standing by me all the way. To be an accountant. Indiana Tech. DEIDRE SEABROOK School of L.P.C.' Service for various teachers' Student Union member. Thank you Mr. Youngman and Mr. Devine for being the best English teachers. Thank you to my parents for being beside me. To be a lawyer. John Jay College. DENISE SEVERE Thanks Mrs. lrolla Mr, Moise and Mrs. Dominque. To be a nurse. Manhattan Community College. ALYSSA SHAW HIP Program' Drama Guild' Tennis Team' HOSA member' Service for various teach- ers. Thanks Mom and Mrs. Lightcap for all you ve done. To be an actress. New York University. VERONICA SHAW TABS Program' Volleyball Team' DECA' Caravan' Service for various teachers. Thanks Mom and Dad for all you ve done. To be an accountant. Baruch Col- ege. CARA SHOREY COOP Program' Service for various teach- ers' Track Team. Thanks to the second beautiful human being l have met' Mrs. Rosen. To be an accountant. MARLA SIMPSON Service for Mr. Kay. Thanks Mr. Grob- stein for all your help and special thanks to all my friends I wish you all the best in achieving your future goals. To be a busi- ness lawyer. Baruch College. ROXANA SINCLAIR Basketball Team. Thank you Eduardo Vargas for your help. ERNESTO SMALL COOP Program' Service for various teach- ers' Student Union member. Thanks to Mrs. Rosen who has been like a mother to me ever since I have been in COOP. T be a computer programmer. Baruch Col- ege. LYDIA SMALL Volleyball Team' Service for various teachers. To be an accountant, Baruch College. KEITH SMITH School of L.P.C. Thanks to Mr. Mini- chelli Ms. Ingrisani and Mr. Kubit. for all your help. To be a government worker. Loyola University of Chicago. SCOTT SMITH Thanks to Aze for his force and support To be a business executive SUSAN SMITH COOP Program' Service for various teach- ers. Thanks Mom for all you have done. To be a nurse. TERENCE SNOWDEN To be a computer programmer. Baruch College. PATRICIA SOLOMON HIP Program' Chorus' HOSA member' Service for various teachers. Thank you Mom for all the help you gave me through the years. To be a journalist. University of Bridgeport. NANCY SOTO CATS Program' Mixed Chorus' Caravan. I would like to thank all my dear friends at Tilden for backing me up and helping me prepare for my future goals. To be an actress. New York University. LLE WELL YN SPALDING TABS Program' Senior Band' Soccer Team' Class Clown. Thanks Mom for all you have done. To be a lawyer. John Jay College. MICHELLE SPELLER School of L.P.C.' Art Essay Award' Ser- vice for Mr. Kubit' Booster. Thanks Mom for all your support and special thanks to Mr. Kubit for being a great guidance coun- selor. To be a lawyer. John Jay College. DIANNE STANFORD COOP Program' Service for various teach- ers. Thanks to all my teachers for all your help. To be a computer programmer. Manhattan Community College. TRE VOR STANFORD Thanks Mr. Dolch and Mrs. Friedman for all your help. To be a computer techni- cian. ANSWERED STEWART TABS Program' Football Team' Computer Club' Service for various teachers' Student Union member. Special thanks to my counselor and my parents for all their help. To be an architect. Buffalo Universi- TARYN SUBER COOP Program' Service for various teach- ers. Thanks to Mrs. Rosen for caring and for the help she gave me. To be a nurse. Wagner College. MARTINA SURRENCY COOP Program, I would like to thank God for letting me graduate. JENNIFER TAYLOR School of L.P.C.' Arista' Service for var- ious teachers. Thanks to my mother and brother for helping to inspire me. To be a computer programmer. Syracuse Universi- II Y Y Y .I Y 7, 1 Y v II YY Ir Y YY 7 Y II Y Y Y , YY Y II Y YY Y Y II Y YY Y M I YY l r - II Y Y Y most caring, patient, considerate, tolerant, Y YY Y II YY II Y Y YY II Y Y Y Y II Y I Y A .1 Y YY W o Y II Y H II II Y Y YY Y Y II YY If VY OR ervice for various t w MONIQUE TAYL S eachers. "I to thank my y ur computer scienti t borough C I ROSEMA ould like RY WALRO Sch mother and father fo suppo t ND ool of I. P C 'tl'd r all their . , . like to thank m family and teache f y ars To be a jour- nalist Howard U V rs or giving me so much support and encouragement acco To be an untant. Syracus U TAYLOR I would l e nlversity RICHARD WALTON rs Appelsls for School of L p newlng my interest in a subject I ought I hated so much C Bowl1ngTeam Thanks th Mom for all youv Brooklyn College A e clone in the years To be past a computer technician New S York City Tech Program Thank God mo everyone who st ood behind m 1 To be an m and e O0 U0 DARREN WARNER I would like r Universi to thank my family for all their encouragement thr T ough high school o be an accountant Baruch College a Team Thanks mom and dad for all you ve done OSBOU RNE WARNE Arista OMPSON COOP Program R I would like to wish the graduatin class all my love Softball Team Ser for Dean Th Q and best wishes th vce the years t rough 0 come To be an engineer erpool an New York City Tech y mother To be a secretary Kingsb ough Communt DIANNE WARRICK Service for various teachers I would like o thank those who helped me in my time f need especially Mrs Walters and my om To be a nurse K ingsborough Col rs Rosen Q mom and Mrs Rosen thank you fo ANGE all you ve done for me To be an accoun tant Baruch College LA WASHINGTON chool of I. PC C heerleader Thanks m for all you ve done To b ps chol e a child ogist Brookl n C eachers Thanks mom for all you v d LINDA WASHINGTON e one Thank God for COOP Pro all your help To be a medical technician C Hunter College y ollege gram Debate Team Chorus L P I would like to th ank my counsel or Mrs Rosen fo p and of y Mom and Dad T would like to give thanks to my guid 0 be an ac countant Baruch C ll o ege r Ku your help Also to my godmoth r WATERMAN To be a business manager Howard College SUSANNA ogram Arista Tennis Team Tilden Service for various teachers Thanks to Mr Reine and Mr G and s Topics robstein ecial thanks to m f p y amily for being so great To be a doctor OUIDA WEBBER Attendance Monitor Teacher s assistant I want to thank our creator for giving me the strength to finish high s h c ool To be a hysical therapist JANNES WENT CATS Pro gram Service for various teach would like to thank my friends teachers and m y parents for all their sup port Congratulations to th e class of 86 LAUREL WEST ram Service for various teach ers Iwould like to thank Mrs Rosen for lp and advice sh e through the 1th her To b Manhattan C e a nurse ommunlty College GTS COOP Prog the he e has given m yearw KIRK WILKINSON School of L P C Junior Band So long and thank you Mr Kubit Ms Goodwin And Mr Youngman To be a business lawyer Shippensburg University ' . ' . U , Z ." it . . ' 'ty. , I ,, ' ' ii - . . 3 1 . . d ' . ' or- t . . o . ' , M ii , le e. r ' S . . .3 , K' MO . H . y ' . , , , , r all her hel ' course, m ,U - H , . , Il ul I- - . , AL , I - . .i . , . 5 ALICIA WILLIAMS School of L.P.C.' Softball Team' Cantata' Caravan' Student Union member. l would like to give special thanks to my mother for all her help. To be a lawyer. Brooklyn College. DA WN WILLIAMS Club' Service for Mr. Grobstein. Thanks to my Mom and Dad for the confidence they have in me. To be a computer ana- lyst. Clarkson University. DOUGLAS WILLIAMS TABS Program' Thanks Mom for all you have done. To be an accountant. Baruch College. ia , H "E" Programg Cheering Squadg Computer .r , H H EVERETTE WILLIAMS CATS Programg Service for various teach- ers' Cheering Squad' Tilden Topics' Band. l would like to thank my mother Mr. Blaufarb and Tony for their support and encouragement. To be a business admin- istrator. Bethune Cookman College. KATHY WILLIAMS School of L.P.C. To be a lawyer. John Jay College. KA THYANN WILLIAMS Arista' Computer Club' Service for various teachers, Thanks Mom for all you have done. New York University. MARK WILLIAMS School of L.P.C. "Thanks to all my teach- ers and my counselor Mr. Kubitf' To be a business administrator. Baruch College. PETER WILLIAMS l thank my guidance counselor for help- ing me to graduate in June. To be an engineer. SIMONE WILLIAMS CATS Program' Cantata' Mixed Chorus. Thanks Mom Tammy and and all my friends at Tilden l love you all. To be a journalist. City College. STEVE WILLSHIRE Football Team. it v v ir v vw v LA VERNE WILSON COOP Program. Thanks to Mom for all she has done. To be an accountant. SUNY at Farmingdale. NIKKI WILSON School of L.P.C.' Arista' Community Field Work' Service for various teachers' Sci- ence Academy' Telluride Scholarship Win- ner. Thanks Mom and Dad for everyth- ing. A special thanks to Mr. Kubit M . Reine Mr. Meiselman and others for your support. To be a lawyer. Cornell Univer- si . RENEE WILSON TABS program' Service for various teach- ers. Thanks Mom for all your love and support. To be a computer programmer. LINDA WYMAN School of L.P.C.' Service for various teachers. Thanks Mom for all you ve for his encouragement, To be an execu- tive secretary. South Carolina State. CYNTHIA YOUNG School ot L.P.C.' Service for various teachers. Many thanks to my Mother Fa- ther and Sister for all you have done. T be a data processor. Borough of Manhat- tan Community College. ii ,, ti l , done, and special thanks to my counselor H , H o MARGARET YOUNGBLOOD CATS Program' Caravan' Service for var- ous teachers' Gospel Chorus. l want to thank God because he s the most impor- tant person in my life and to my mother for her encouraging words and being there. To be a medical doctor. Brooklyn College. more Ia te arn vals BERNARD ST. AUBAIN FRANDY ST. FLE UR RICHARD TA YLOR GARY WALKER A paid announcement Trlden Thank you for all you've done Thank you for culturing our style love, The Palm Tree Bunch Debbie, Kathy, Helen, Danny, Don, Nancy, Steph, Omar, Gerald, and Talusha To Ms. Vanderpool and Mr. Klaff: You will always be remembered as being the best teachers we've had at Thank to our TWOYEARS CN THIS ROAD CAN HELP P VE THE W T0 COLLEGE 3 Col Q67f1s 7 lullm lo ut lxovtrt rmx xLCl'lll rn S1111 n Ltlt 1 117 Tl Q WCM or 395 + The Army s specxal Two Year Enllstment Program bu1lds 1 perfect brrdge between hxgh school and college It can help you c xrn 317000 for college with the New GI B111 Plus the New Army College Fund lt can te ich you '1 x alu able skrll perhaps IU 1 hugh tech held And rt can glVt you a couple of years to experx ence a world OUfSldC of school It s a ch ance to see new places meet some rnterestrng people and do some rmportant growmg physlcally and mentally Make the ro 1d to your future a lot smoother Wlth 1 two Vear enllstment rn the Army Call your local Army Recruiter today to see 1f you qualrfy ARMY ALLYOU CAN BE special supporters Apollo Formals 369 I I LORS TAN STUDIOS T d 1 Fulton ST. Restoration PI. Co 783-6025 51'jfiiiii,:?2?2TH1lr 15- ff 1 " "' ' ffiiiff gf 43 lf -.'- K- fue? -Q-in 1,r,ah.1as 71 :rig .. ,Q R, 1 wissiexrfyikiiiiigTil, , ,,,r i L71 Er V1gkEiE3ibw,, L , ,lf lg ,gs l e s A r h Q all no ' ' ' 1 ' " Q ' f -,L, r 1, ,, f' , gig 7 ,'L- , ir . jLi,5!,kqiL . Z: jk Lb' lHighjs of having the Honorable Edward Koch, Mayor of andthe City s l of New York, visit our school. The auditorium was filled with cheering young New Yorkers who were anxious to meeiithe famous "Citizen -Koch." l s Many questions of local concern were raised by a distin- guished panel of student questioners. Represented in this forum were Yearbook Deborah Cowelllg Tilden Topics Hingjg the eStudentpUnion Pres., s Takisha Davis, Pres.,land Claudia Davis, Secretarylg l s the Senior Stephanie Morales, Vice Pres.l, and as CErnestoX5malll. n , A o ' of r which of hf h c 5 so f' Despite the adverse conditions, everything progressed l according to plan. The Mayforl was ushered in to the strains l s ofxiiibswl York, York' wasnplayed by Mr.fBard's of orel of fineililiiif-iSicians,4 sil s 'sll fi' l l l i ' l l Koch5asreosome hrief remarkss and thensdevotedl of ec e his Of , E se.ll Q ssfwsw -, A , M 1 asm Maw. ,as M Q 1 ,Q fesqwrrlsamsw U or N ,M wUmw.w U sm .Q ,o ,s,,1,ws, was U, . . M W r ,..,,. U ,, . W M. Q wgwg UwUiHy.g5tf 2ll 'l lisibmlviiif ,vgfm 1 'sw w,g5 1? "' i w i : I . F :Tig Wxxi:siAggQo1z?f g s. I-l s z e gr gg gs i as ss 1 2 - ff s fa q is 1' e 211752 as Us ssilskwiw fvil ls zl',M. f ,-5.111-f'zx ,sf.,-sfzsfiwb sf s www sis :M - Hfsw . a .fw -- waeiaifis gziqizsg. 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M 2 1'-Q s A P we f',?Nv,,Nsr -as jyvegsqkgs ff any www',H sera wh New Q. YD. N, wal. rr rQ.s.fy,v,A Q,a sas?-'rsasss'i1?i2kr sgsSsr5s3?'5isss3 l?7w2lG5f31L3'sf5i3fF' 'Swasso 1' Q H : 'swM'1amf,5ss2'?5X. Ws,,z.gw,rwrfs:g,ssss r sg to Q :sd s 'kslii smffsllskssf1ss5?s?:s?'2assxS35slfsfs1was f?ss,+fwsMwss:s'2s5 is s-swfsesmssasfr as so W sr alaska rs E ,. ,r N is F b. 1986 Q X ' MM af! . z ' e x t t A ie 'R' I A - tt Qfllx 'Illia XVC. I 1-0 EN -'XXX 5 P i ! x, Andy Maxineau presents a portrait to our guest. Tilden's panelists had plenty of questions to fire at the Mayor. , 1' 2 ssrrr g t for V,e.t A yay :,l ,,,7V rrr ,,.-nlnIllll"'7 M ,ggauldf .ntfrzrgizspsggyf'11::rg,,, 7--r''.:a:s:,:i1lQ2i1S221::gfx. -R342'Z'g9ti55f'S5fi7i12f'2t2i -'sifgzzzwifsiiizrerzpzg:msg1it 11,r-151gt1':s::s::gv.sgn .:,-ifg:wgg51:r,s:z:s,f,fgrzxf:missrsszzszrgrfgr'-f im f?7Z55iZE3,Qi'lf,'lV'x ' gfwsfsszgzzzgrgzzlgf 771-' -71f'-Ssrzzzzyrg'rfzwit :gf-af 4 " fi landed january 24111 On January 24, 1986, we the students of Samuel J. Tilden HS. brought forth our own "Classical Touch" on the occasion of the annual Fashion and Talent Show. The show was coordinated by Takisha Davis, with the help of Stephanie Morales and Robbin Coachman. Ms. Debra Syl- vester served as faculty advisor for the event, and Rommie Saunders and company handled the stage work. "Classical Touch" was not an easy production to put on. There were several delays to encounter, notably finding a time the auditorium would be available. There were also the questions of practice and advance publicity to solve. Ultimately we receivedra reprieve, and additionaltime was found to prepare forthe event. With this respite, we were able to enlist the services of artist Gerald Simon to produce all the special effects for the show. "Sell, sell, sell , . . oh so many tickets to sell!" If you wanted a good seat, you had to buy in advance because all seats were reserved. Waiting for the last minute would stick you in the boondocks. had ew' TModietstsriortedifsfothing Alyr casualifsiiibrtswear andfrbusinesswear, to Leather, suedeQAeveningswear,l and BSff3,f1.,'llUQ9flG,g3il1B clothesgrswere reallgly f'fresh." s , r i afgrgthes showgedrew to, faiijgclose, ,wefggaliied upgttre gang. .jx ee N5 ' if N 5 Sim- Y m5.X L mg 2 2 ii in Q W5 Q Q 2 is 1 X xi X 5 f X ' fx zz Q3 i f . g111,ss'1J . Mfg-QM W lwmffiwi s v 153 1- Viw4h..p..f7.-4 1 Wmww Mask er mgwv ,warrwm K WWF-1 wg Wm' S if W5-was giiivmi swam: N' mi Hifi xl fr fit' MW Y M Im? 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E .Ii ,,. ,,,,.,,, . .. ....x, . .,,.,,, i,, V M y ..., . .I ,,,, ,,,.,, , .,.,,.,G. my :. .:,.A.. N.,.,,g: .,,, 2.L ... m .,.,. .-.gym L Hwy y .... gk ., M ....,..., M VW,,:,WMw:?M,, ,..,.,, M my W My ,,,L,,,, L 1 Q0 -:V K, .,.,. .. .... ,Q gf : W , ff.MfMW..,g1 ---, wawmwwrr' . W N 'mm s 2 .,-I:--2 M - qwshwwf , W M, W M A 2 m-fsMg'f'7w:e.a,,r M W WNW W -greg ,..,....,s.1.-m,m,,... WM- -Am.:-W:-My .,... , ,..5.gcg,.-.- .V .,,w.eg . Wm, , f--WWW ...., ,ing M ,qw Mm :-i::f,:2 --::':-,.5-:?2-2.2- :5,g:5gf' -'-'E2-.gg-: Arm, ,..fg252-2-'-::':-:I--:--safg: E'2E':-:-12-2-.-.g ' '.':5.:351.55--.-2If2?E.g:QCfZ1:'...,-5'2E3ik?'fQ1 :E ff-345325 z A pl .- ,- A ,V Q, if fr ,X ff: fs wp f y . gjif 2 z f 5 f fy ' N? me S i f W : 5 a ' .2 5 5 :M 5 : 5:1 .1 5 f W : .Q f as 1-212 ' f aww , ,+ ff :V " .2 " .:-:H , 2' Q if 2 3 Y rl f W 2. , f 2 " Q ' ,'.,., g.o,5 4 SN :rg ., .g .. 2 X . ig V .. . ' ., .. Q,.,,,r gg 5' ' 3,5 t H -. 2- Q ga sw Q5 5 .aim-.-.-1: .Qu a y I F., V. Q wf m y lw y. M34 was - is -:- W A , -- -' W - '- 5:5-2X2-+ 5.5:: -- ---- ' P .-,QA xxx? Q3 rx .4 rv mg? W Q, 3 ef f .1 i B Z 8 a if W We W ' wx -1 Mx gym, is wr Q A1 4- -W wmammm 9 W WW Q as M, xifihng- fm , 4 Q? M awww ,MS "ww ECW A NM E gm-g W, K gf' W , A, M Maxi? irq' ,Ugrl 'Q 'S 5 Z JZ' fg Q r ,, 1-rr, Q sw 4-, 'wa 2 1, , , W Wm H M, , W 9 :Wm ' rr 541421: hclk, ,Jax if fa 95 ,Y vs ",- wg, -W K, gg? 154' .W ' ., xvgf' 'I H ,Xe "M 52 f3c4'f,g, lg'-Pin?-I1 Q -wW':f:'., -f fr Q' JSR :E , .4 5. g :ww gt '4"i'?1? f l9"' xv W Q Y mi' Q- if :Wifi-22.52 fr A g,?3,fS1'w vw: F3 4' ffrf 355W ' me ' ' M WEB Q 9 fa New J J. ,md 4 . , , P39 -,M MUN! rg' . Gb -1, ,gkfmafw mfs f rwif' A 'P M459 fa' ,pf L +4 f,,,,f,1' rr, r +-QA, Q M. v 1, fi wma: ,fx .H Q f 4,,v, 1 ,rw .gwv,s,, ,wy,,,,,rea rx, Q4.. S ,g Y if L, . Tgtyv 9,3 1 rx is Zig-fix? fig!!! e mf. 41, W .Wm da ,ggqryle 3 Q :ma M gg J .,:f39,N,,4,M 53 arf 4, ,Q lgilg k-aw. ,h y ,rw 4. QQ, gain? v wsghu lik LAK 5 4 ..... . , ,i:g1::1::??5ka....,. 552531: 2 2 . 'if-?w3d'fm+1-i Editors-in-Chief: Helen Chin Deborah Cowell Super Stars: Bridgette Burrowes Stephanie Morales Desiree Ramirez Demon Art Designer: Fitzgerald Simon Advertising Editor: Jackie Denis Photo Bugs: Joylynn Jarvis Reginald Bell Typing Editor: Anyone with fingers Felisia Rolston Katherine McKay Carol Phang Monique Taylor Christa Owens Geniuses in the making: Missing in Action: Kimberley Dunham Crystal Graves Kevin Royall Nicole Griffith " " 2: -'--"Wx it-I .: .. .1,l.eI' ff' 22.2.1 .5 15 :': fi. :'X':I' :L-E 2 212222: ..1:'.':' 2: 2' :iw-:'-22 2':. 'Z " .2 XE' ":.:'.222-5-' ' .' J .. 2' 2"2' :1-- :-+-' .542 2 2. 2:.2?-:if .- -412 2,2 .:2 2:.' Theresa Baptiste Francine Bogle Bobbin Coachman Takisha Davis Omar Marks Danny Rossy Jose Dixon Did Something: Did Something, But What??: Chante Graham Teraesa Brooks Don Seaton Babies in Training: Kathy Bowman Barbara Maddix Carla Maloney Sharon Toussaint Faculty Advisor: Mr. Harry Klaff 155 farewell, teachers I E13 2,'Z"lf'a".f FI l1'fnf'e"ec' mp' 3i5'.:1.':::ge:."a.:::1 .. .3 QS? ,, N, 4, 4 . ' bv ' ie - , ,e P4212 e " faffmve V 5 e f Xi sf Y, fe E ii W f e f J 5 ' Q 5 " 'A X 'fv f -X e w -,,, X 1 f X X! -A .Y '1 VB , f X h Ex Q H N l in Ab f h P gram Office 'X Q gm Inn b I k I "R Q J D igbyFitg ldSi P tybyTkih D i 6 HQ M b v dohnllie AF V X ik V W h L Tahiti, why? No V226 if X A IX A .:'XxL' I L, ! X w I- ffm. , 5 X? I bf' ' I N X .Q X I , - A I If J I K 041 Q59 In S I Ilf the I A h d watch fl NNW f' ef W W I, W If I jf! E a ' r' V Q , ,695 f x If 63. NI f i I Eg I- 1 I f I I K I f Q Q2 Mrs. Appels I k d I d I stu ents Just gi h j b k h h wit Best Wishes to the Class of '86 d77ZL2 C' an supplies and services Licensed professional engineer, Construction management. Housing development . . . Mortgage financing. 17181 771 3900 NORMAND REALTY 189 23 Linden Blvd 17181 528 2028 Accomplished Real Estate specialist in Buying Selling and Renting 38 years of experience at your disposal We buy Real Estate all cash in any condition C UDDLE ghD E You can be a provider or user of our safe quality child care for middle income families More than a baby sitting service Contact Sandra Forse CUDDLE director at Brookwood Child Care 1 718 783 2610 321 DeKalb Avenue Brooklyn NY 11205 12127 789-9219 o Graphic Art Mart, Inc. I Engineering, lnc L I. HI PERFORMANCE Aummonve PRODUCTS PERFORMANCE AUTO ACCESSORIES CUSTOM INSTALLATION CUSTOM FABRICATION PERFORMANCE TUNING 906 UTICA AVENUE BROOKLYN NY 1120317181287 6661 RICK LEWIS ln terface Trans Co 189 23 Linden Blvd 17181 528 2028 All phases of transportation All destinations reasonably priced All modern fleet DOOR WAY T0 BEAUTY 238 DeKalb Ave Brooklyn N Y 11206 17181 783 7836 Innovation lDry Curll Optimum Relaxer Revlon Relaxer Care Free Curl Weaving and Hair Braiding O f 1 V - . 0 CO ' ' 1 Q ' ' - 1 , . Z h I -f 'S E TY NOOK ' l .l , , 'Children Uniquely Developing K ' throu aily Learning 81 nrichment ' V - - . , I I - Y I . y . Y To Jackie from Mami and Me You ,,,0m,Se to swung and Su CCQSS fully FREDERICK M. graduate Wh a Phd WITTENSTEIM ESQ., Love, Your Daddy 11338 To Jacqueline Inez Denis Rosson from Mamr and Pap: Congratulatnons Thrs ns just the begrnmng Remember you can become anything you want lf you really try hard and never forget the Lord ln the days of your youth To Jackie Congratulations sis you ve finally made it May we always be as close as we are now The best of luck and success the future cause you deserve the very best Just remember I 11 always be there or you through thick and thin Isick and sinl May God bless you always Lover always Janet P S Now we can finally really hang out P. C. Attorney at Law 4612 Atlantic Avenue Brooklyn, N. Y. 11207 17182 346-4556 Specnallzmg ln Accldent Cases Kings Premium Service Corp 65 Roosevelt Ave Valley Stream N Y 11581 17181 337 5400 Jlm Katoff Mgr Il S ACRO BROKERAGE INC IMIVEDIATE I D CARDS MED Complrments of the Program Offrce I I I . , . . - P . i 1 ' , . . . . . in f S . 7 , f ' 015134451192 0181346-1702 9 1 AUTO I MOTORCYCLE 0 TRUCK ' LIVERY 0 INSURANCE ' . - Your sister, CANCELLED POLICY REPLACED 142 ROCKAWAY AVE. PLATES SECURED AND FULYON ST, INCOME TAX B'KLYN, N.Y. 11233 NOTAFIV PUBLIC LAWYERS OFFICE . YS, . 91115 . . I O rt sir ,F iw? . W .. J' i Saga S t- ft qu it we il ,i I ""'5 J W.. if . . . l +.,. The high road through Tilden was tough. Memories from Tilden will forever be in our minds. How we grew into a mature state of mind. Ready for the world. Entering in as wild. untamed freshmen Moving on into the giddy sophomore. Mouthing off as the junior who wants to be leader of the pack. And lastly the senior. graduate of the class of 1986. What an accomplishment! No more will we be amongst the family of Tildenites. We know and love. together. in our alma mater. From now on we must put all the knowledge and maturity instilled in us by our parents, counselors, and teachers. and put it into our future endeavors. As we say farewell to Tilden High, l.et's lock away our memories so that they are treasured for eternity. lt's time to say Goodbye, Tilden as we signal for the turn on our next road. - Takisha Davis - J' is?t 1 FEIS 1 sims it ,T

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