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-v.j1A:' 5' ' . -' ' 5 QE"-2,1 ,5jf5Z,:1.5Qf A -. '-w-w:-:':-:-:yr-:, . fo' f1::..1fi1.s22.zIg21. iff. xzz'-. ,. if . .'E'i5ErEf1r5:E?2EgErf3E5 . . .V ..,... V., .Y 1115-':l:l2.-A 7.4: -'1.5::,:1,5., ,. . . .,-,.f.x.-:.- - -- - - :f:1,:-1:-:::,1:,e::: 4-3.1.-. -- 122' ..,4 ,A 1:f:g:E:2rz2SCf:3E , L, 2:2 wif". s-.s2z.fs:eS:.s1:sv- 1 -' sri.45,1-:,:4:5-zigfzkz, .::-g,:A-:gr-.::,1.:,:R::- Q 3:51.-:,::.,1 -'f21E1T" ' '-4 ' EAW.-bfi. 5115 . . ,:::sf:...ff1 1-sz-3' 5:14:21 ' AF: , . , . av mg.- . ,1sY'br':. U '- .1lf1fj'5Ej:IZfQ1"' ' 1 ,, WW ' 'A":ff?""??fSf55?3 ' 21 sfi , ,Z-1,4 3?-if gaii-iji5?5ifE?s215, 1,3 4 Z 1515-: y - f E v' .. if A -. 'fo' 4: . 515:35 9 f :wg-. :-. .- ,.-.. --,- . -. . -.c- -191-ff.-z - :-' I iA A THEME .4 -1.1 it x 1 Lp-,raw " Y XV' af f 1 f APM' ff? ,Q . 5? fxXJ wif' 9' f we . W Z' '1 'Me AH mf, on Www W .flfffiwb 'fgfiffgk m X E .ny .ge 1 4 447 ' .ny 'A u A ,dim W 1 " ine rcoh 0 a free apread ou? fnnderg wafer r carry L mnches and eyes 'rhaf ere an The bun They prey wufh Theur ieaves an The ra n end 'rhe wnlnmng w nd The Tree arrnves The mysfery of nfs comung preadung growunq fa ecref nn even known 'ro The 'free Afself, n' Sfancs wnfh :fy arms vrefched fo fhe corner fhe 0 four wand come from, wnfh :+C murmured feshrnony We are here, we afrweo our NCP CGV4 S C17 O roofs are IU 'rhe earfh out These years, and beyond fhaf shorf declarehon n ,seals ncrmnq of +he decreeb, fafee, accxdenfs deefunues, fhaf made If an acparahon of .if parmcular rnornenf' , Fmm Abmlmm Llmulu, 123 Cm! 5 Uldhlllg Plzbflwfnd by Hxnoml Bmw ,md CQOIIIPJIIJ lm Ljed by pwunnzwz .K f1'T7fg'1"', . eyf YJf,.i U . V 4 yI',k7,y AA,-4' m, lf.. 4 'K c f- -' ,LA ,J ,X , 2 .1-'.',4.x,! 7 U K -' . V' ' ,X ' ' '.'f7'. ' -- ' ' .m ff, nv' -. 'ff f '.A y af" J- 1 1' M. ,. .. ' .nuff--5 1 .Vx :fi . XV I fxyylfgylylf A-1: ' Q 1 ".-' .- XJ' o-"fr" '- I-1' yvx " 'X kf 'K-1' M f- . .-my L,- '-. M , F. J, , I, I . , , lg ,l ', X531 Q 1 P5 I .4 . .f "X -V 'QL-1, lx' .'- gf," L, , - Af if , 4- 5.7!-' ff " , . bf' " '- 'w . 'T I V J 1'.f."ff'!a " , e. .JN gf 'M-' . '-' . xl .,-'.f'k Q- " A I' gi, 1. X . .V .gqwb 013,11 -, Q y ky I., X Vx 1 . 'Hr -- X A' "J if 1 1 V gf',l.,.i, , my ' ' K '- A ff, . i ' , X , x K, N P., H ,A ,- 1 xy , . Y .- . 5 IJ. T 1 .G . 711: f-FX: Q ' 7 "in" '3 'V Q- , L I", rv-'. XX 4' F' ,' 'ff QI' V " .- XWI, 'f'-.xx 'Y-. , l' Nj" 't'r- v 51 ' " 'xl '1 'V I .,-fl" .' X- ji. .IQ x . " 1'xw','u,- ,2'.jv'. 2 f..x.'X .7 X -' "' f me - 11.5 f .. .f f f N w 1. , A-1, x. lf Y .M .Lt ' -VC? J .-' .J A , y . , Xf . yf 4. . --A , .xm ML X 5 Ni.. ,a , .- ' y A P. -V '5 1, 'fx ?'x""' 'fq' .t 1 A ' ' ki I if.-. XX ' , :My A fixivj' I . 'Y . X , kv W A 4 X 1 X '4.ff'7j -'f HX. nf ' fl .val .' N . ., , ', . ,f K- . Q fu --- fu Fifi, ' . " , 71, if . " -..,,.,. I., 61'-: 4 r . gm-1 . ., ' l ' 'C'-'fn' , jf.-, 'ff' 1' 'Q .aff . , ' M Af' ggi' .-' Eli' ,J fi. xx 51' 'aT.g.f .-92 523,34 iq.:- ifl '. f "7L.' g'.T ' ff' 1799.33 xltfjffi ?i . f , tlvfhigflg ' .9f'i':'I H. v ::ghz 'a .1-5-"5 t::f,A',i: , . Z-Q'lr'n"?1 GSW? ,v:'f':s1 Ilgmff' 61-I , 'V ,:, ,'l:45'.-4. pq' '5' "1 ' i"W.flQ2,E' . 'flak 59103. 16" X . ' .,,l"H.j.. k 1, , tiff, f. , Y. . X. ' ,yrigf:!.ff'..N . 7 ' ' ' "9 - QW. 14", I' 3. ' A ,rf N - . v A , , y b A . . , -A el X' - pa E T d ' ' O F3 v A. I , ,S ., , , ' 5 1-HGH SCI-IQQL C L A S S I C I AN UARY AND I UNE 1958 SAMUEL I. TILDEN -is rm .f I 2 we W A X 52, fx OUR PRINCIPAL S MESSAGE My dear boys and gIrls The +heme of ihIs year s ClassIc Growfh IS mos+ ap proprIa+e Growfh IS a law of all IIVIHQ fhmgs The momeni grow+h s+ops fhe lIfe process comes fo a hal'r Jusf as fhere musf be growih If pro+oplasm IS +o conhnue operahng blO logIcally so In SOCIETY fhere mus'I' be grow'I'h for wlfhoul If +he socIal organIsm s+agna+es a+rophIes and quIckly QIVES way +o some oiher group In whIch +he llfe force IS shll sirong l should lIke +0 make a dlshnchon befween growlh and change All grow+h Involves change bu+ nol all change ImplIes growih Thus when George Washlnglon successfully led fhe Amerlcan Revoluhon or when Thomas Jefferson wrofe fhe Declarahon of Independence or when Abraham LIncoln Issued hIs Emanclpahon Proclamahon 'lhese epoch makIng evenfs marked changes In our hIs+ory ihai were deli mle evIdences of growih On +he ofher hand when Hlfler look over +he fuehrershIp of Germany In l933 and pro ceeded 'lo Issue decrees In whIch democracy was crushed Jews cremared Cafhohcs persecufed and war elevafed +0 a vIr+ue 'these were changes bul' noi' grow+h Whal' 'lhen IS fhe Imporlanl' dIs+Inc+Ion befween change and grow+h7 Change IS any movemenl' away from 'rhe sfafus quo lf may be a movemeni' backwards or forwards H' may mark progress or refrogressnon Growlh on +he o+her hand IS always change In 'lerms of bIologIcally and soclally useful goals A good fesf fhen of whefher a change means grow+h IS fo ask yourselves fhe queshons Whal IS The purpose of 'lhe change7 Wha+ goals IS +hIs change Infended fo ai' +aIn7 Are lhese goals goIng +o be helpful for mankInd7 How may you as fhe mos'f recen+ graduahng class of TIlden HIgh School apply lhe lessons of 'l'he foregolng? SImply fhls all educahon and we frusi' you have receIved a good baSIC educahon a+ TIlden has for Ifs malor purpose +he all around developmenl of +he human beIng lf I5 our 'Fond hope +haf we have con+rIbu'l'ed durIng fhese pasl' lhree or four years subsianhally 'ro your growfh Bear In mmd hai' fhe more 6Vld you are for knowledge 'lhe more CUFIOUS you are aboul' llfe s bIg puzzles fhe more you wIll experIence 'lne +hrIll of con1'InuIng growfh an developmenl' An Indl vIdual who has s'I'opped askIng ques'l'Ions and wonderIng abouf 'lhmgs has come close fo sfagnahon Remember foo fhal' no'I' all change IS growfh Throughoui lIfe keep +es+Ing every Issue or proposI+Ion lhai IS raIsed by askIng whefher 'lhe change +ha+ IS beIng advocafecl IS one lhaf wIll 'Furfher fhe well beIng of +he people as a whole ln fhe lasf analysns fhe well educafed man IS one who con serves fhe besl values of fhe pas? bul who IS unafraId ia expenmenr wI+h ll1FlOV6lIODS fhaf are poIn'l'ed In soclally useful dII'eCllOl1S May you always experIence Qrowrh and progress In your own lIves CordIally yours ABRAHAM MARGOLIES Prlncupal I . . I O II In - I I ' . . . . . . . , . . . . . . . . . . . I I I I I - I - 1 I I I . I I . . . . . ' I . . .I . II II . - - - In II - o :I n ' I I . . . . . 'L . . ' I . , . . . I I F . . . . . I . - . . . . . . . . . . I . . ix CLASSICS STAFF Edwfor mm Cd Mamma C rm rn in Luferary Ar Kenny Meyer Gerald Sfern STAFF an F Carol Zimmerman lvlarly Goldman Judy Varqolues Ferne Br: l Llnda Kramer Harrie? Slalnl GSC r Grllz Elaine Perlrn l-larrlel Sclnwarfz Dolores Sanger Susan Baum Plwyllls Slwalnolcl Joel Wrnograd Isabel Slwanleld Elarne Fallrk Glorla Gewnrlz Vlclcl Mannheim Elrzabellm Scolr Sandy Pune Marllyn Sclnneuder pry lls Kaplan Marulyn Korsln Cvrllwa Slelnberg JOQ Joan Goldberg Jeanne Kaplan, fkdx r SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS IANUARY 4941. l""X fan. 'T' F Presndenf P e emf Secretary Treasurer Denm5 Lewufe M de me M P+ Mar Iyrr Korrw dy Sfukerw SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS IUNE 'mmf I M' Presndenf Vrce Presudervr Secrefary Treasurer Shelly Wecker Cymrhra Glaze-r Maxine Save-dog Joan Fuslf i f r i, f.0'iw",x 3-. KA I W :ffl ' Sf ' ' I O :Q 5 ' 2 Q ' I 'A"i S 1 m f in g I 2 F"' . iii? I "4'f- ' Vice r sd ' ' ' f 5 ' ' z I , Ju I L 'Nix W k in Q M' ai 5 .. Nik' ', f I I "" yt? Q,UidanCe-MgSS grand Senior Class-Mr. Diamond ra 1?-X 'N'-.auf Commencemem Mr Gold Record M Rosenberg SENIOR ADVISERS rr o r-i 'wman 'qv' 23 5. Musnc Mr Miranda GUIDANCE Ten Miss Grand Dr. Kolodny Mrs. Sfeiririard Mr. Meridorica Miss Cambeli Mr. Lieberman Mrs. Price Miss Corner: Miss Segal Mrs. Sioane QQ Boy Leader Girl Leader Secrelary Treasurer Boy Leader Gurl Leader Secrelary Treasurer Qllncers JanL.ary I9 8 June l958 Sleve Serlnn lsa Pollack Naomi Leubowulz lrwln Olsen Kalman Rublnson Naoma Lelbownlz Marian Balsam Mllce Goldberg ARISTA - '- T I N NJ ,Y -Y -- -- . . ,. . . . n .1 n as l 11 Mrs Lincoln Twelve A FOND FAREWELL Girls who have had The opporTuniTy oT Talcing Mrs DoroThy Lincolns l-Tome Nursing courses will never TorgeT The many Things she +augh+ Them abouT The TundamenTal TacTs oT liTe and growTh Mrs Lincoln broughT Them To The realizaTion ThaT growTh is a TascinaTing and conTinuous proc ess essenhal To liTe s TulTillmenT An imporTanT parT oT our educaTion is To undersTand The wonderTully complicaTed phenomena oT growTh in The human body Mrs Lincoln Through her Home Nursing classes has provided her sTudenTs wiTh knowledge abouT human developmenT Trom a single cell Through embryonic liTe infancy and childhood l-ler sTudenTs learned To under sTand The emohonal physical psychological and social need oT children l'ler classes prepare girls To undersTand The processes oT growTh in order ThaT They may be beTTer quail Tied To Talce care OT Their own children in laTer years During her 22 years aT Tilden Mrs Lincoln served as a Teacher personal guidance couwsellor and Triend To her sTu denTs being viTally inTeresTed in each girl She was never Too busy To lisTen To us or oTTer us advice on any Topic wheTher iT be school or oTher problems Mrs Lincoln sTudied proTessional nursing aT MounT Sinai T-TospiTal and received her RN. degree. She laTer aT- Tended l-lunTer College where she earned her AB. degree in Social Science and English and her A.M. degree Two years laTer while Teaching aT Tilden. She has Traveled To Europe seven Times and visiTed ATrica and Asia Twice on sociological surveys. AT presenT Mrs. Lincoln is compleT- ing her sTudies aT Columbia UniversiTy Tor a DocTor s degree in Sociology and has won a -cholarship Trom The lnsTiTuTe oT LiTe Insurance oT America Tor sTudies in Family Finance aT The UniversiTy oT Virginia during The summer session l958. We her Tormer sTudenTs Tound Mrs. Lincoln To be ' warm kind-hearTed insTrucTor and are proud To have known her as a member oT The Tilden TaculTy. Linda Rodwin LONG SHORT STORY Whale The lower classmans day beglns aT sun up and ends when :Ts Tnme Tor beddy bye The senuors day beguns when school ends and ends when school begnns ATTer sleepnng Through half has classes The senuor leaves The wondrous halls oT learnnng He can leave nn one oT Two manners I dash ouT as IT The school were on Tlre or 2 sTrolI around To The varuous oTTuces To see :T has Trnends are There Eor un: TormITy leT us say ThaT he Tnnally arrnves home aT Two o clock aTTer a gruelllng rude on The bus or a leisurely sTroII homeward wnTh h s Trnends Two oclock and Tnme Tor a snack oT several pounds oT carbohydraTes 'followed by a Tew pounds oT proTeun By The Tnme The lasT morsel oT Tood us down our Truend realnzes ThaT The laTesT Issue oT SNEW magaznne arrlved an The mall He pncks IT up saying To hlmselT ThaT hell IusT glance Through :T By Three oclock he comes To The concluslon ThaT :T he wanTs The LATEST news The radno as The besT source So on goes The wnreless BUT does news comes ouT of The radno7 OT course noT' The dual lusT so happens To be on sTaTnon WWWW whuch us playing The worsT ThlrTy Three records oT The naTnon Oh well a news broadcasT wnll be on soon AT Tnve o clock a news broadcasT Tunally does come on The aur brnnglng our Trlend To his senses WnTh a groan oT agony he realuzes ThaT There as buT one shorT hour To supper So whaT can you do In an hour7 On goes The record player ATTer all he musT hear has album Tor The umpTeenTh Tlme Mom announces chow aT leasT Three Tnmes buT he never seems To hear When he Tlnally does come To The Table our Truend packs away Tood as Though he hasn T eaTen an monThs ATTer a hasTy Ive goT loTs oT home work mom To avold doing The dsshes The search begins Tor The homework assign menTs whsch were scrawled on The blank sude oT a chewung gum wrapper beguns Glvung up hope he phones old buddy only To duscover ThaT buddy doesr1T know The asslgnmenT elTher and was lusT goung To call our Trnend However The call was noT wasTed because boTh parTues have hoT pneces oT unTo whuch are dylng To be exchanged and more umporTanT some adduTlonal hoT news He peeks nnTo The luvung room To Tnd ThaT a very good show us on How can he resnsT'7 The magneTnc powers oT The TV screen draw hum closer and closer unTnl he as prachcally Inside The seT Oh well III do my homework durnng The commerclals AT eleven oclock he decldes ThaT :T was a good show wlTh InTeresTung com mercuals Too Hell lusT waTch The news To see :T The Perl BroThers are on NOT only does he waTch The news buT also The weaTher and sporTs plus The TlrsT T1TTeen mlnuTes oT The LaTe Show and The nexT I5 mnnuTes and The nexT I5 munuTes and The rexT UnT:I FINALLY The movle ns over and TaTher Tells hum To Turn The it 81 seT oTT and To go To bed The homework :sn T much he can do :T Tomorrow mornlng beTore school sTarTs and durlng lunch He TorgeTs ThaT a sensor does noT do home work IH The caTeTer1a he copnes IT AT 645 The alarm clock rlngs buT slnce he only had abouT 5I 2 hours of sleep he sleeps Tor anoTher Two seconds In Two seconds has moTher sTalks nn To Tell hum ThaT IT s 7 20 and ThaT hell be laTe Tor school As guuck as a slow flash he sprnngs ouT oT bed nnTo has clo hes Throws waTer on hrs Tace masses and geTs :T all over hlmself A quuck look an The m r ror Tollowed by a groan and he OTT To school He scooTs nn JUST nn Tume l-Ie was Tandnng ouTsude dnscussung lasT nughTs phone calls And so school beguns and The emors day ends WhaT abouT school7 Wellll EDITORS NOTE sernously speaking moT emors do complelre Thenr home work durlng Those TV comrnercuals Joan Flsk ThnrTeen I1 T . I . 1 : 1 Q 1 1 . s A J v 1 V 'I -1 II v - . . I . i I .lll c - T ' ,I 1 . 1 I. 1 Nine oclock and Three phone calls laTer our Triend Tinally geTs The assignmenT ' ' ' j y ' U Iwo 'T-Il'l l a . T 1 1 T I ' . T I' K In 1 I . 1 4 -I T 1 . 1 6 T 1 T a - I 1' T 1 E I. . , .I S - ' ' ' 'I DR. ABRAHAM LEFKOWITZ MEMGRIAL On January ninfh, Tilden presenfed The firsf annual Dr. Leflrowifz Memorial Award To Governor l-lerberf Lehman. We feel Thaf The words of The scroll bear repeafing here. "The Abraham Lefkowifz Memorial Award is presenfed by The faculfy and sfudenfs of The Samuel J. l-ligh School, Brooklyn, New Yorlc To: l-lon. l-lerberf l-l. Lehman. Foremosf among humanifarians, he exemplifies The high ideals and selfless devofion To our democrafic way life Thaf characferized The fruifful life of Dr. Abraham Leflcowifz, principal of This school for many years. The firsf recipienf of The award, we have been mindful of his greaf confribufion To The cause of public educa In choosing l-lerberf l-l. Lehman, former Unifed Sfafes Senafor and Governor of The Sfafe of New Yorlc H of his vigorous advocacy of a liberal immigrafion policy consisfenf wifh our basic democrafic insTiTuTions and Tra I Tions: of his zealous guardianship of our nafural and human resources: and of his sfeadfasf defense of our civil liberf' The fruiTful career of l-lerberf l-T. Lehman will serve as an inspirafion To our youfhp his subsfanfial conTribuT To The American way of life will ever be a beacon To illumine The fufure. lvlay This award help lceep fresh The memory of one who shared wifh Senafor Lehman The same vision of a b fer and freer Americafl Fourfeen fx CLUBS Feniral Smq Speakers Bureau AQ f f 'xr Ari' Squad Sensor Reps 'xm-5'-gee XC L 'Z' ,ff 1 u if me -M 1 ex W . fr"! "X Y R f r R' iQ,f I if X 1 HV' 51 u- y! 4, If .,. xAMfavr1M fi - 3 f X wk Q, xx w xx X' QQ AND SO IT GROWS xg X , I4 . fx f Q f T Q vw AQ iw I X w eff M Glee Club Mr. Weil plug Mr. Slracher rhrough caralylic agenls of The band and lhe orchesrra have yielded The expanded program of musical inspiralion here ar Tilden. Slarriwq wilh a few basic elemenls, They have compounded a mixrure Ol consislenlly enlerlaining perlormarces. A+ the Gala Silver Anniversary Concerl' lhe ioinl eflorls were synlhesized, abelled by ine rewly arrived feagenf in lhe person of Mr. Reginald Rison. Add 'ro this, lhe masler planning ol Nflf. Ahlonio Miranda, lhe deparrmenls silver haired maeslro, we evolve a high developmerl 0: musical ex- pression. l-lals olll lo 'rhe music oeparrmenls music maliers. .Judy Glazer S6VE"'SEV" """'1-A.Q-fQ'f5a,,- . .l3.7g'.,fQ1f', ,i fr gi "Q.:L :'l':,T.'1 E., ., ' .4, 555, h,.,, ,,:7 i'.,?'Mi,1, f 4 A , , . 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L"d-1 ' Field Squad Mafh Team , 4 e .X ,. f .-1,5 V K A X e ee 1 xl? VV!! fifx Lax Yff' Wyfllx Xi, Senior Reps Tilden Topics NYS won Hurd prize In Columbia Scholasfic Confesi' Mr. Kerner, Facuify Adviser Mr. Kronfeld, Ari' Adviser Caravan Orches+ra Nowunoze R47f if ly , K X Mk 'ix i A A Xxx i i ' x 3 lx XX i 'S-J K .Azul 1 ffiyeaf X w f XX .1 XV f-X .U x.x,. . Foo+ball Cheering Squad Drama+ic Sociefy Library Squad Ti? ...f Xxx 9 as X LY! 7 Cm, Z , 5 1131-f?V'4-:ff-'--Q. a a . ., - J X X X, f , Boos1'ers Twirlers Longfellows xx f' , fr 'X -K I K Q0 , xi? gvh' JN Q XJ :, ,K 10. ,, fi- 6.0. Sfore AnTicipaTing a winning season This pasT year The TooTball Team won only one game, while loosing Tive and Tying one. Facing a sTrong Erasmus eleveh in Their TirsT game oT The season The Blue Devils were deTeaTed by a score oT I9 To 6. In Their second ouTing They were shuT ouT 20 To O by The Boys I-ligh's Red and Blue eleven. They were also sTopped by New UTrechT by a score oT 6 To O. IT was a hearTbrek Tor Tilden To lose because They played excelIenT TooTball. Then iT happened, we won. IT Took a rain sTorm mud, and spiriT, buT we beaT Midwood 24 To I2 Everyone ThoughT our winning days aT TooTbalI were, aT long IasT, here. In our nexT encounTer we Tied Madison aT I2 all. Then we were swamped by Lincoln 36 To 6. Q In our annual Thanksgiving Day Tray againsT JeT Terson we IosT a hearTbreaker I3 To IZ. ' The mosT valuable player oT The year was Howie LighT: The besT lineman was Marshall Adelman The mosT inspiraTionaI player was The Team co capTain MarTy Rosen: The sporTsmanship award wenT To AI RoTh. This year our Team was honored by having a boy selecTed To The all-ciTy squad. I-le was The oTher co-capTain and Tackle Mike Weingard. Joe Farina won The Lou Gehrig award. The squad, coached by Bernie Mars and Murray Adler, did The besT They colld do and I am sure we were all proud oT Them. - -Fx SPORTS by Mari, Goldman Due To lasT years Tune recruiTing program Joe Solomon was able To mold TogeTher a Tine cross counTry Team This year CapTained by Leonard Marco and William Kelly The Harriers won many medals One OT The ouTsTanding perTormers of The year was Bob Forman Along wuTh Marco and Kelly Forman won many races and gave Tilden a Tune name n The PSAL cross counTry season in The I957 58 season Bill and Lenny are seniors and are In The :une graduahng class Whereas Bob sTill has one more year oT eIigib1llTy because he is only a lugior Embarking on his 2lsT year as menTor oT The Baseball Team SpoTTy Ginsberg had To rebuild The Team. WiTh mosT oT his sTarTers graduaTed, he had a rebuilding problem. AT The caTching posiTion he had depTh in Cap- Tain MarTy Karp and Bob Seigel. AT TirsT base he had STeve WeinsTein reTurning. AT second, Third, shorT, leTT Tield, cenTer Tield, righT Tield, and piTch- ing he had To Tind replacemenTs. T As This arTicle was wriTTen early, iT was impossible To give The resulTs oT his rebuilding iob. BuT if Mr. Ginsberg's record in The pasT years has any indica- Tion we are conTidenT oT The Team's success. I if ,, all L'ar'z,Z 1 ' 0 - gf - as N W, ,I y Q . 6 WiTh Mr. Saul Krolcow as coach oT The baslceTball Team Tor The second year, The Team won The Brook- lyn P.S.A.L. Division II championship. The TirsT Ten men consisTed oT: seniors. STeve "Red" AlperT, Irwin "Zeke" WorTman, Leon Pol- laclc, Howie Heiss, Jerry Weiss, STeve RoThenberg, Manny Cohen, and Saul BorensTein: and juniors, Ron Kemper, and Hal Judis. When The scheduled season ran ouT There was a Three way Tie Tor TirsT place beTween Tilden, Win- gaTe, and Erasmus. A playoTT was required, in which Tilden beaT Erasmus in a Thriller 57 To 5I, and WingaTe Then beaT Erasmus. A coin was Tlipped and The Blue and Gray won The TirsT place posiTion, WingaTe was second, and The DuTchmen were Third. Along wiTh The other glories oT TirsT place wenT The chance To play in The ciTy P.S.A.L. champion- ships. Our TirsT game was againsT our arch-rival JeTTe-rson. IT you wanTed To geT a quick ulcer you should have seen ThaT game. WiTh Two minuTes remaining in The Third quarTer JeTT was ahead by I0 poinTs. IT would Talce all The pages OT This year- boolc To Tell whaT occurred ThaT hecTic IasT quarTer. The Tinal score was Tilden 50, JeTF 45, so you can imagine whaT happened. By beaTing JeTT we earned The right To play in Madison Square Garden in The quarTer-Tinals. We drew Seward as our opponenT. We romped over The Bronx school by I8 poinTs, 64 To 46. IT was The TirsT Time a Tilden baslceTbalI Team had reached The semi-Tinal round oT The championships. We Then had To play The defending ciTy champs, Boys High. Ronnie Kemper paced Tilden wiTh The games high of 23 pginTs. BuT, we IosT 60 To 50. In a consolaTion game Tor Third place in The ciTy we were beaTen by Morris High School, 70 To 47. Anyhow, we wound up TourTh in The ciTy, ouT of some sevenTy compeTing Teams. IT was a greaT Team and will surely be remem- bered by The senior class oT l958. o Under The able hand of AnThony DeEronzo, This years naTaTors had an impressive 8 win and 4 loss record. The rnermen deTeaTed Lincoln, Jefferson, Madison, Midwood, New UTrechT, WingaTe, Eras- mus, and I-lamilTon. They were deTeaTed by Tech. Boys, CurTis, and Manual. On January 24, aT N.Y.U.'s Quigley Pool, Tilden was represenTed in The P.S.A.L. CiTy Einals by Cap- Tain STeve Serlin in The 200 yard TreesTyle evenT, Cy Gross in The l00 yard baclcsTrolce. and Jerry Greenberg in The 50 yard TreesTyle. STeve placed TourTh, Cy placed TiTTh, and Jerry placed TourTh. One brighT noTe ThaT should be added is The TacT ThaT coach DeEronzo was named To The Advisory Rules CommiTTee oT The NaTional lnTerschoIasTic Swim AssociaTion. We are all very prqud oT him because oT This. ' XX Qi. T 4- ,J K ff i fan! Z X 1 - 4 - u . 'ltr' a?fg,.fi1, fffx vtgfri? A,-A-.., --. Txxx, EDITORIAL Growfh is an infangible process, as complex as life ifself. lf is bofh a giff and a challenge. For- geffing for fhe momenf ifs palpable assefs, if is fhe inner porfions, fhe unlmowns of growing, fhaf makes growfh's paffern so puzzling, yef so dom- inanf in our exisfence. Throughouf our young lIves fhIs growfh process has been a confrolled one The confrol has come from fhe mlndS of ofhers parenfs and feachers mosfly who have Influenced our fhmlung so 'lhaf our growfh be guIded on fhe rIghf pafh They are fhe people who have grown enough fo have au 'rhorIfy and confrol over our lIves ln fhe lasf few years however we sfarf fo as sume more responsIbIlIfIes frymg fo prove fo par enfs 'reachers and ourselves fhaf we have grown enough fo warranf such freedom The process of growfh IS now becomIng one of self confrol and our ablllfy fo confrol ourselves becomes more Im porfanf every day WIfh each new responsIbIlI+y comes anofher phase In our growIng process wIfh each IndIvIdual success comes anofher sfep foward mafurI+y Buf growfh IS nof so sImple an operahon as In herI+Ing responsIbIlIfy Growfh IS a challenge challenge fo our menfal and physIcal powers One cannof grow by adopfmg a lIsfless and IndIfferenf manner The gIff of QFOWIHQ comes from fhe safIs facfIon of self mafurahon The only way fo grow IS fo have full realIzafIon of your power fo grow and be defermmed fo use fhaf power fo fhe besf ad vanfage The challenge of growfh IS ever presenf In our lIves rIghf now Accepfmg more and more respon SIbIlI'l'IeS IS an Imporfanl' sfep fowards meefmg fhaf challenge Buf fhIs IS only fhe begInnIng The world of growfh awaIfs In fhe fufure wIfh all Ifs fasclnaf Ing InvIfal'Ions lf IS a world you cannof Ignore ma 1h mosl' of I Kenny Meyers em I . I I I I I I ' I - I I I . . . .. D . I a ,say ' ' - ' I P -1 K .X Q , . . . IQ, , - I I I 'ix' 'T . l ' - I I . .5 If r A ,. A W I ry 5 I . IQ -,g ea TIT' . . B' W gif Q 4 . . . I Q. , ' - , a I gl . .. . . . . I, . , . ww fr I- I' - I . .gi l N ku I . . . . i . . 'so ly I 1 l . lie e 'f. i T lI l lf lx' I A I I ly I Z l-'yi TI Ili l If Il I , lI l II l I I I ' , I fb l I il I 5,-ff 'si-J? W l, 74?-tiff, gd I I ' .94 - 'IX I I K. I .ty Q"-'I' ' l ANN. II 'v-I ,M .A -- - THE SENIORS 2 JANUARY 1958 x Xf I 9 'lf 35' LAUREN AGULL E r TEACHER a ele a Marshal Sccrelary rs ner re eo a RP rn lendnc OU Ce ns rurn n l re n r a 'n e re NICHOLAS ALAGNA l669 Ea 92 Sl ELECTRI lAN ar ha 'TA MURRAY ALBOHER 96l5 Aye UNDECIDED EVELYN ARONSON 5553 Wn ny L, LEGAL STENOGRAPHER Secrelaryl Ml s Unger Mr Zahn rs Perry Mrs Llneoln Cale erra Marshal Bank Squad Swear nn rnanners nearly dressed s of ala 'n and al lhe r JERRY ASOFSKY 271 Easf 55 Slreel BUYER Marshal Ba eball Tearn Lonqfellows G O Repre enlaflye Whafever fn ousuness We hope he IFC NATALIE AXELROD 5656 Easl 39 Sl ref UNDECIDED Ohrlclal C ass Secrerary Gyrn Secrerary R pre nla we Sweef q a br ghf rnn One l Ire ner s nard +6 nd. LINDA BARNETT 426 Rockaway Park f y TEACHER nik I SANDRA BAUMAN Easr 93 S r PHYSICAL EDUCATION TEACHER ecrelary lo M B r Prn G rn llee l-y er Sar' a Fl D HELAINE BECKERMAN 'OO VN 0 r MARRlAoE :x O ar e I h MAXINE BEITEL C UNDEOD D ln BEVERLY BELSON Ea S CHlLD PSYCHOLOGIST Program C 'nmrrlee Sec elwry lo Mr SITWGIIDSFQ Mr Garf Mrs Conen Cale terra Marsha Toprcs reparler user sweel and dernur ueyerly w ll del ahead Ter ure MADELINE BERLIN 224 Legion Slreel LEGAL STENOGRAPHER Serrelary 'o Mrs Elanadan Presldewl renal Cas Booslers Senior S a ehre s e y 5 swee d 5 Q e ea SHEILA BERMAN 294- Rcclra ay Pa lrway ELEMENTARY SCHOOL TEACHER ro rarn C 'nrnlllee B clfslere I rnerfal Mu C Calelera Ma sha ea ture Edlfcr Topl Y r rv C Topics. Three R s III her To a T Rep Polse, Personallly. EPHRAIM BIBLOW I64- Easl 87 Slreel CIVIL ENGINEER Slaqe Squad: G.O. Ohree' Secrefary Q Secrerary 'Io M. Garf: l.'brary Squad, I - rm Mr, Garf, ' ' I -I tg I nicer fellow you could nor meer 'E ,J 2 1 gf V ' ' llh a characler Thafs hard fo bea. A more quier and qenlle lass You'lI nor 'find In any class. - , I ,. IIE. , Sym w'Y?1iw'ef' "" - '1'-' ' Thirfy RUTH BLOCK 755 Easr 46 Sfreer COLLEGE Arrsra Arrsfa Coach Bank Squad Pro qrarn Cofnmrrree Serv e Offrce Cai a J s c e ar 1 re Ineern Mr Bro 5 y Mr SIarnoIer I' and sr J ry Dru n fn IS TIG BARBARA BLOOM 930 K Pgs H gh y ELEMENTARY SCHOOL TEACHER ecre+ary I M 'ear Mrs Ze err epre nrarve yrn Leader rg C u nq C ar'n wer SHOW S Q p L bIrzza SANDY BLOOMBERG 9 4 Av nu I3 MATHEMATICS TEACHER Cafefera MarsnaI Gurdance Rec prron sf Bank Squad Secrerary OLTrcraICIas Program C mrn Vee Mednca Room as erba S rrnfn nq V IIeyDaI CIu Secretary Io M S drnan Mrs Zuck r n M a n Mrs Perry em r I Very nrce aIway day In our oprnron Sandys O IC WILLIAM BOTWINICK 58II Snyder Avenue ELECTRICAL ENGINEER ound Squad Dar' e and re Squad Senror Band Svvrrnrnrnq Team Gynr Leader In rL.n'1enIaIMusrc ArIA 5 an Mrs G Idrnar e ar ras arnorf Jus ar Il TQVQI' ALLYN BREGMAN 60 Easf 55 Srre I' TEACHER Luke Washrrqron He Sepr rere CAROLE BRESLER 346 Legler Sire SECRETARY C + y Io Mr I Sec e ar raI Cass ure eg: ner' qurf pe'r r n na an? be Cea CAROL BRONSTEIN IO3O Wu 'nonr Srr er ACCOUNTANT Aire dance Offrce Secrefary I Mrs o sie n M Zahn P c A srs an SIUQ Luke a four Ieave crover One rn a mrIIron uw V? wk ROSALIE BURSTYN I56 Rrver aIe Avenue UNDECIDED L e fancy S-feet and nuI1'y MARY CARODDO LEGAL STENOGRAPHER 5985 Shore Parkway Secrefary fo Mrss Wrrglnf Senror Sana Bank Repres nfafrve Bank Squad Year ovok Reoresenfafve Irke o say Im swee-I ard cnarmr V ry sncere d MII of p p can rI1e e th n Wh rw Im surnply II'1e Yearbook Rep 7 BETTY CARRERA 739 Easf 88 Sfreef HOUSEWIFE Secrefary Io Mrss Wrrghf GO Repre enrarrve y I Iea a regular e sky B es r TOMMY CARUSO LANGUAGE TEACHER IGUI rrarI' Careferra Marshals A we y ne e ow Ine seem ro e a Q o u a 956 Easf 98 Srreef MICHAEL CASH I9O RrverdaIe Avenue UNDECIDED Cafe erra MarsnaI Book Roorn Gym Leader Locker Ma sIva lo be pre e H S very nrce GERALD CHAFKIN 54I9 Krrg H g way MEDICAL TECHNICIAN Er ends SIuden+s T Iden res Len me your I' 'nework LARRY CHAIKIN ACCOUNTANT Secrefary Language OFC Book Room Arrsra C acn Cusfodrarr He rnfends fo add Ioys Amd fub+ a I' S rrcws 469 Ea 1' 93 Srreer Thrrfy one 1 LEONARD CHAIT 85 I ARM U C O Reorfs I' 1' BARNEY CIACCIO AIC' I L TRAFFIF MANAGER ARLENE COHEN I4 Ea I 92 SI f.:,T ELEMENTARY SCHOOL TEACHER Arr fa Coacn Secre ary fo Mr Mar'deI ermarw ra y ua OIIIce Program CC'rIrIHce CaIe+ r Marshal Ar? OITQQ Er endIy charm g and exqe,edInqIy 5 Q a cgomoma Icr- Ilwa s Iwavd Io BARBARA COHEN 62 Eas1 94 S ee MEDICAL LABORATORY TECI-INI IAN Iee CIub Tv. rIer BQOII Rogm LIR6d by her cIa A reoular Iass EILEEN COHEN 9903 Avenue A TEACHER rc ram CorwmIIer y Squa a eIerIa Mars aI Lfrdary rs rne Mr r ra Mr Im rw cc na u When you re nafura Iy mae MELVIN COHEN 296 SnedIImer Averu RADIOLOGY PHYSICIAN AVISI5 ArIsIa oacv Se-creIaryr 5 brand I and e In re pre 'S ASL MYRNA COHEN UNDECIDEIJ To Ee prccr eg SEQ 5 very mme 2 fl, I TI1IrIy Iwo ROBERT COOPER 9 a NDECI 'T1 SIDNEY COOPER LAWYER SC' I5 90 VI ARCIA COVERMAN E SI 96 S ELEMENTARY SCHOOL TEACHER an Quad up L ray Squd F HVY O f TCS Mc re vy M Ixenrer Mr Hocfwaw rmerman ec SIG H G van Represen af ve C I arsEa OEIIcIaI CIa 5 I I askeIt:aII Club 'I I Iv CPI eI Clausrc na? can I say Im rea BARBARA CUTLER R cka ay Park SECRETARY Capfarn Cafefera MarsI'IaIs Secreav M 5 Lmcon Medesf possessor of Ihar Icyful QI d e ga wt charm we en ARLENE DASKIN 387 EasI 9l ree JOURNALISM v Ig arg 6CreIary I 9195 M Haqer JunI6rSrIq r A Mant Year oo rv rI aII GO Represenra f, Bcnd II1Ir rtIue e es Upfurmed nose wrffy ard w e Crarmmq popuIar very ep cr? noof lm the Yearoook e RALPH DIGLIO 5I8 Easf 79 Sfre I MUSICIAN Dar' e Bard GO Represen ahve Ra phs I-cwest and Irue arwbmon Ira? Ia Iafned muse an GAIL DONNENEELD 954 East 53 SIree TEACHER Lcrary Squad Cafefera MarsI'IaI S ary 0 Hoc man Lew r Y arbcok SIaII S I I e ver e He p'uI pIea5I g a :J fharmrwq, Io , 6 Rei ' I' I53, E IQI Saw I FOQCES u IDED :u . 1 cf"a"ve, I SvI'N,,:,3 TQIMI -I N5 'ECU 1 55' f' I T: if--na' .-Ra' 'Q rf? JUS' 5 'IICC IQIICA- IT - TIIA is Tre Qu-eafbw. IX, I f ERIW E1 af.-I 3 R as 449 Easf 96 SVR--J' WH' Iacinaw- I I LM I I d '- ' I II' Bu? 'Iwgfrg nu? aII IIILRLIICG. ' 374 a 'Ice' O3 ' IR B I 5 - s I Ib I d- Se:- A I I ef 1 M, Korner, Mr, SIQI , Mrs. E I I . I ' , I I-I , G e , r, I I I I I M". B' 1 Lb 'I SQ dv BICIHII I I 5' MIS. op I S .fs LIL TI IQ I I I I I J' 'I ' 7 QIG -I III. 'Ig SLO. ' I' 2 G'IC9'Ii1 A I Q I ' I I I "" A I , I M I ' I I 2 Serra a yi Tewrfs I , Irv 2 vv , I , -- i QI I-C Sw I Th IIS 6 - ,-II II beat I ,-NA I I , EIA II II Se I r I q I 4 I, Az If I I of .. WI II! .ii 'I'I 3 9 f - A - 8 If ' I I I I 334 c W WGY 6 I II I SI I N-' .I I , I I I I I Ss :I ', , I: r , I I . , I . I 5 I I en A gw ef I I I1 I fx I -I I9 I' I A I ST I 1 EIQ I I ,p Liam a- Q59 Iga M IGI, 5 I MI, I U Z SA. -' Ir, NI , II- M I . ri. I I I :I'Cara' Fv I I Ja ' Y, . BII . - vPmI' Pm I 555 ' b I: Re, re' IIS 50 I, 2 Icy be ' ra- I 5,3 I 'Vg I I +fI,,I I I I M I I III I: II , II y - , , I I5 fr? I I I . I. I , , I II lv Q , D II SI , II I R p. I I 6 A e fx AI I I C IZ I MI. In ,Q , 7 I I ' I I - f 'il I I I. I II QuIe r1Ic , I dee. MI. Tj' QEII If Ig + Q I I . 1 X ' I ' I - I I ' I I ' I 5 ec- , '- . re! I Mr, II , Mr. Tc 7 'Is I ., I GTM 'Ike GaIII ar y 'I w JEANETTE EIDEM 9304 Avenue B TEACHER Secrerary To Mr, Sfearng Library Squadt ' Aris'at lnsrrumenfal Music' Arisw Coacr, A Borwlnd Iwer sofi-spolreness Are We quaIHies fer suufesi. Q BARBARA EISENBERG 77 I-I ok y SECRETARY u I I' I 'I p cess wr ryrhmq you chose MICHAEL EMMER 9 T 0 J DCCTOR Erwcxa Ca raw 'tary M ah e w sen 1 'rw r a m an er 5 JEROME ENTLER 47ObE4rra L Rcad MECHANIC Mar Ima nof nv DONALD EPSTEIN H Lkms Aye SALESMAN 'ra R r yr dr' Q'--v MICHAEL EPSTEIN r UNDECTDE I 5 yo we I CELIA ERCOLONO T203 Sa UNDECIDEJ L D a q ,- I " "1. . M S- T' Mui. 49.4 W fa Q Q Jr JOSEPH FALLETTA 8905 Avenue M UNDECIDED Like Washimcgfcn-He alepf Hera. ELAINE FALLIK Ea 5 Sfe M DICAL STENOGRAPHER ernl quad ongecw Ce rg quad mc: Recor Room Poo Assrsfan Sc-mor Represenfafye Year book Reprasenfafrve Semor New GO Repvescwfahve ne rf Tldr-n chosew e re Ty ocpular ar C.'var'w rf SUSAN FARBER SQIO CI'ur Af RECEPTICNTST r Marsha A Squao M al Rrom Erclogy OHIC an su? us Wfh oep charm and per rra ELEANOR FEIG Ea fr STATISTICIAN S'c'rf I an uad Cuff e Leader I' f1l'T'I LI arsrar re lry enn Mr Za In Neff r I V1 ee Def er rw esIardsOfIrmaI er RITA FEINBERG 387 Rcckaway Parkfay MEDICAL ASSISTANT xumfs r H sou rv S u as r MARLENE FELDMAN 89 Ar ue A CHI D PSYCHOLOGIST P Ccxr r uad GO R rc av I a 'rm d NIJ LGI? To caq r f, ROSALIND FELLER 3 SECRETARY V if R C, eserw af e L, r' Y r' f, a Thrrfy Three V ' , f'f?A fQL. ' ,M V, :L , ,V A .Q 4- EI.. L I E' Qs. ' 7 . ' 3 5 Q "ser A eme ,Q 458 5' I ref Q .-.3 once: sm, V Ch Q f 5 I L f 1, +1 We 0 e suc 'TI came IQ ru 3, V S 3 S' I: d 5 I In eve ' ' , Tw dfz. ' V I V' ' 'g ' I 7 , 'Q' f. . ' 4 f 9' . . T I O , xi . is I W 4, 4-" I' , J V ' d , IWQV f,3V SEI Q' A fJ'b9 rch 9,-he Sei'e'ary Ch I I 53' Ertg C:"- I Locke If r' ' edf VY'lIf"39f Secre 'Q f. Z r. 4 - ' f ' 5.- H- was 1 3 mis par' arI a Iced SUS '5 rc 5 "T RIS T I f , I so Fry. He ff Ts an MD, aT? 'T nerve. v f F 379 if 54 S eef CF1I'f'CVTG 2 3, 6.0. . if Cap fin Bfiwsfersy B' Ir N IWW '1I Y' 2 Y-IW , Sq . ' f If mia OSEC 7 Gyww . I Jus' ff f .fre cal a rfygu ur :QL . 'Tf,pQfV5 Aff Sfaif P f-gr, Comfrrlfregg ' CaTAerIa M ' I: Sec If To Mr. K ef, . 1 . 'II S J Q ha 'w In ' fha bei, - Sh J C I TI1 5-af. A ' f 17 I 1 if ,i.,...2., A 888 f, ' cr :rue V Y, MWA IT GHG- 9P950VT'f1I' J- ' 'Q V Vo' :ff Be+hE 3 "al: Gyw ef. Nffuve nad: MMV a-, .rw sniu d A 4 f -,V We hope I-,er pa-Tenge N 0 sad, d -gf fl 221. L, g VVV Q T L9 pO,m1SV V NV -A V. ' 9l7 Ea: 57 Svee' 5-sf Av A 23 en 7 -. VY' I- Cf,f'f'er'a, Ha' M rsnaiy W ' law' C 'rrffee' Secrefary 'C Mr. Trp Zu prezfe, , Efirfg Cfeferweaoefsj LUrgTeIIi,, Cheeffq Hf-3 ,,f.5u nf,e. I f 7 Sq ' ' . . ep azeewfhe' Spa as 'Z , . ' Eno aj Q Lee er' SGI C ubj Ser' r ff , 7' 2.-1 ,V Ferre ff ' 1 ey 'V " ur Senicr Nef,,. I - CJJV, I t I"lp',V "7 CLTa" V 'A? ' Swv Lyme, r,u:.I'- earn 'gd-fs If, ,ur , Urn. 5' J"'3 pf1"f A I59 Eas' E9 Sweet . ff. ., I , 'I ' V I A H l'5'Y CCTCET ' ' "K S WG- ' , Secrvaf, 'r' M 3, Zfe'e", M'3. E 'em Here: a gr wha s p'eT', rep Q. V FDVQV ,: , 1, V Ce 'ff PQ vacrcus, are 'u Luz. V , V . G ,VV ,VVOCEV fair '- Ere 7 5 A 'rfrrfvq fp 1- - agree. A V' KY gf V . ,r 1 , sf "- A 1 - ' PHYLIS FELLNER QI? +4 PEDIATRIC NLJRSE Program C rwr? ee Casa Mars a e?err rsra Secre ary a n C5 rr: ec: Sm Senor Bowlmq Tenn Clu S e y r S eef and ru BERNARD FEUERSTEIN 324 Easr 96 S re LAWYER Rspre e af ve Srrm Gym eod Pres den? OIT Q al Cla s a C fa s ra r a ra Ir HEDY FINE 8522 Avenue 5 LABORATORY TECHNICIAN Sfcre Boosters G O OFIrce Lanquaqe Of' e Gurdan e Recepfmmsr Affcrwdancc Office Ims1rurrwenIaI Musa Sensor Sure fy perf neiie and plcasam' near CAROL FINKE 887 Easf 54 Srreef POLITICS Lfke sugar Sweef and refmet HARRIS FINKELSTEIN 906 Schenectady Avenue TELEVISION TECHNICIAN a TV echnreuan th s Doy WI ma e formed: SALVATORE FINOCCHIARO I6 Bedel '. DRAETSMAN M'rrw'ograph Squad: MarsI1aI, Smiling, cfever aIwavs dependabIe AII Iris Trait are quire Commendab'e. SHIRLEY FISHER 788 Howard Avenue NURSE Music: Secrefary ro Mrs. NOveII, M. Greene' CaIe+erAa Mar'Iwai' Book Rocmq Vo'ur'Ieer Befh-EI Hospdfaf. TaII, preTIv and aIwavs CaIm e wins you III1 Iver quiet charm. Irv ,Irumerva Thirfy-four sr I any ,pp Aw 3 E' -rzr r1.2 I W, -'--r- I .134 L-A Mi ,, . LEONARD FOX I24S Easrerr D UNDECIDED V 6 UO VOC 'YW CEFT U S IO ROSALIE FRIEMARK SIO6 Snyde Avewu BUYER r a e e Lorary Squa av 0 Mr Ere 'wan rer'dIv a of Tun e In l Cy eve yc e SHEILA FRIEDLAND ZZI4 Srraus Sfreef LEGAI STENOORAPI-IER Reprcs Ma? ve Boo rers Sefre ss araoarw arsha S m r rr 'warn' d u f u We IIced by every re RITA FRIEDMAN 507 ESI 93 SIVUHI TEACHER Cafeferua MarsI'1aI GO Repre erIaIrve me chavmng vrvacfcus an sweef rs CSVIG rwIy Can? De Dee MYRA FUTERNICK 27 Ro Ira ay Park TEACHER Secrefarv In M Kam Sweef Tfervper Good Thearf y ready fo do er par? LAWRENCE GAISIN 68 CI'esIer SIref:I COMMERCIAL ARTIST Gvm Leader. ' , 5 r'fIIe wo wmaf de you rwave-Purp e. MARILYN GARBER I97S Uruofw ,S UNDECIDED Is rice fe Ce ra ur ' en your P urarry rf' . FRED GARBOWITZ 607 Easr 55 Sfree' UNDECIDED Fred wus? rhink hes a ChauI7eur I-Ies drlvirq everyone crazy. PHYLLIS SELLER 4 Ea 2 SECRETARY Llc a uad Lab y Sq a Sen OII CIass Mars a yn Leader Darn pref y e I ant s'n r Waf L, ar hear REBE CA GERCOWSKY I236 Easr 59 Sfreer MEDICAL SECRETARY To ce pre CAROL GERWIN I387 Easf 9I S ree SCIENCE Secrerary rn Mrs Gur'nper+ Mwss Ger ber Muss Badunes Arrsfa Arrsfa Coach nms CILAO Senror nq Sprmg on Cer rchesf a Ins? u'nenIaI MUSIC Cafeferwa MarshaI car e e rs wha? she des: eknrfrhr ces nfhefed aom res GLORIA GEWIRTZ 58 Lofr Avevue TEACHER I Ar sra Cha S crefary To r ac er Mr e Insfru r a are arf a Ir ro say Im re Iever y a d L, ue I f rsnf a r aL.s nw Y r ep BARBARA GISKIN 20 R Ifaway ar TEACHER 1 Se re r ha d ar' ea u p Q PHYLLIS GOLD Ea PRIVATE SECRETARY naar' e Ref pf Qnrr Senno s f sn' Q'-.L 'AQ Q '3q:.'.'g sw is A-an 'U' 'N U' am 46' YE: TL' ar DIANE GOLDHAMMER 706 Easf 48 Srree' TEACHER Secrefary 'ro Mrs, Rosenmar, Miss Bad- anes, Mrse SChneIfIef. Mrs, CrysIaI, Mr. Kenner, Mfss EIanaqan, Mrs Garfg Medi 'aI Rfxcrn. Ifl nice 'C be naIuraI When y ur na'ruralIy nIce. TOBY GOLIN 284 Easf 98 Sfre BOOKKEEPER Pograrn rvrrife Guw a e Recap '1 cr Snq Boosrer Secrefary Mr Cafere ra Marsha R preser at ve A bookk eper Toby wanfs I b o ohn 0 bushes lusr warr an e CAROL GOODMAN 458 Easf S4 Sfreef RECEPTIONIST Secre+ary fo Offucra Teach r Sung char r qrr a+ur d Heres a grrr fo be adm red JUDIE GOODMAN 679 East' 48 Sfreer LEGAL STENOGRAPHER rrefary 0 we er r Ber r' M s Se den Sung Cure popular MII o zes+ Shes one of TIden very be-sf PAULA GOODMAN asI 58 Srre UNDECIDED Erorn head Io Ice s n c fo n w PAULETTE GOODMAN Leg n LEGAL STENOGRAPI-IER 1: e+ar r L n Mrs rf I rn Cup QI nas Ihe arro U re has rr oem. STUART GREENBERG Ea Y 5 PHYSICAL EDUCATION INSTRUCTOR rs ,f aIr a V Baske a Ceann Marsha J C Q om Thlrfy five T 49 s' 5 S're9' 9' ' r ry Sq ' 5ra':r u dj 'cr -V A CQ I I, 9? ld 'C - SIFQI Pr6:'d9f'T Vc'aI : h It '- ' VVVUSVI 55' ' I T S7 Q 1 I ,, 'O . BWII: " I: G.O. 'arrdl Lswe ,Iraf A 9 r'I. N ch 6 r D ,u, shei win yi ' r, V Q' 9 G 8 gf A o T I s. ' ' d s e. O V . , :Tse E .92 A- Shag Vgfy 4594 Q A "U EJ! 1 I, we! bf 5 ,W L 25,3 ,I A if 4 4 . I ' 1 - Y . So. I Mrs. Z'f f, M, II, , rx I . A . T 'y M pam I ,- D Q I ' . Te A 7 ' Si : ' C - if f ,' ' . A r- O r Q r , , ' : , ' ' 5 - ' , 1 , I A eer 'n sc? nc ' I 'res In W lv e e s suc s 5 i sne I , 'F 2255 Q- Anka: ' , Ch: 9 Mr. as , , She' Ie I Ir o . I.ZIQ,! Mr' S, Ll X AWE. , ' 'V 9 K. mer' I Mule' Se ' I B rd. I 1 , ' ,gy rd II Q p ny I C A I W' P he-P I B'rlq es ha A I Ii ry 1 C 'e I' 'he ea beck R . f Q' f - 45 N P May ICPO fc SVFFBBR 1 I-.href Squad C ti Y ,C MVS' Swim M Bemsrers' Se ' 'y 'O M , eI+'J . . M K . Zrem 'Senor Sng' Pr: . Rep. f '. f. fwner, Mrs. M '- Arsfa: ,Q Q V , V- A'vp'5 Ciair' EcI3fc'-"-CWEI Cara- pa IM D "H w5'.I - V 45" 'I T ' LIL task , vi She: nz 'd In Ieas., R f' ' I, Sk . . A , CI' 362 ET 95 S'ree+ 'y S97 5 9 Swear GV 2 -2 ' Fr Ar5"Q- ' v :fr Bsefblw J. 4 fbl Shes vcr 'aII, she' nc raII ' 5 ' G 'Z I A A' 5' '3'CU'Td Q7 N'3I Wed if GII- R Qrf ,ih1iI'3 f'fs+ cf 'nIs"'5 .'ude" "' ' S Awa, r 'zI"g fi di never. R, , fix . ,IL LARRY GRUSKIN 83 Rveroale Aw UNDECIDED Hsrory Oflrce Cale+era Mar al Av-.ays does rhe be he cad Truly he s a qenrleman FRAN HALPERN Ra D A eru JOURNALIST roqram C mmllree L ck M r 1 ccrrd om nr- Pres e lr cral Class a gone kd shes prerfy s e an s lhars hard Tc Cea CAROLE HERSHIK 75 L H Avenu BOOKKEEPER errefary l Miss Mc rnney Grand Record Room 0- ulesf llle coed everyone krows r popu ar charmrno and prerfler lhan a rose LINDA HINES 74 East 58 Slreel MARRIAGE GO Represerrlaluve Lrn a rll only be merry When home marches her Jerry MICHAEL HOFFMAN 877 Linden Boulevard DOCTOR Recephrnrsf lo Mlss Grand Orchestra Muslc Concert Arrsia Coach To know rum well o vw he s SEYMOUR HOFSTETTER Brlslol Slreef UNDECIDED To be, buf whaf lo be Thar 's The queslion. SANDRA HOLLAND 328 East 9I Slreer ELEMENTARY SCHOOL TEACHER Service Ofllce' Gym Leader: Secrerary lo Mrs. Golclslein, Mrsu Zleferlq llCara, van'4Z Sinqt Proqram Ccmmlrfee. Prelly as a plclure, in a lovely frame. Thirly-six 5lur'N rt-'Y' n., G Wx,- gown L Ak 'C' 55' L2 '11 6' DARLENE HORING I5 Eas' 88 S reel TEACHER Sp axers Bureau Drama So e y Re ep ronrf Guidance Ofhce Sen or Inq Falelerra Marshal Band Secrelary Mall Squad Record Room Arsra Arls a Coach Sensor News Gym Leader Wrh Darlene rea hrnq Theres bound fo be kn wleoqe aoour EDWARD HOROWITZ Ea 52 Slre CERTIFIED PUBIC ACCOLNTANT Marsnal e as a r ncw wha? ooes cursrde ROCHELLE ISRAEL 69I Easr 48 Srrcel ELEMENTARY SCHOOL TEACHER rrsra G m Secrerary B rn eelness and rn e r ence c oes possess She s qor The formu a l ccu SANDER JACOBS 6 Eas '?S+reel UNDE lDED Baskelball Team Homework school work wna' a wasle Blonds wrrh green eyes are more ro hrs rasre S'llRLEY JONES I2 Revere Pace UNDECIDED Ma snal Calelerra Marsha Bark Squad oram Cornmrrlee PM O c Du ar lull o s ked by everyone JANICE JOSEPHSON S24 Ea f 54 Slreel KINDERGARTEN TEACHER Program Commilree' Guidance Recep- onlsr: Curling Office: Secrelary e M ,. Bernslein Mrss Gfxman' Spea ers Bu eau: Cafereria Marshal: G.O. Rep- resenlafve, On- of T"den's chose lew eer, cnarminq, Enrelliqenr oo. ILENE KALMANOWIT1 55 Jefe Cour TEACHER "To ics' Club: Llbarary Sqcad' ervlge Olllcet Gym Leader: Booslers- Secretary To Mr, Slerles, Mrs. Jullber, Ol all the qills she does possess, The besf of rhese is lrlendllness. JUDITH KAMIN IZO Easr 54 Sfree' TEACHER BMI: Squad: Secrefary fo Mr. Kefrver: "Carava"'Z GIee CIuD? C'r+a'i, Sweer :'3'f3, fl 'don vdce As affed sescf Iwofe ELAINE KAPLAN 458 Eas+ 4-8 Sfreef LEGAL STENOGRAPI-IER r s e M Kahn K 6 aI es corvome a d re HOWARD KAPLAN 98 Easf 56 S UNDECIDED as ere Ma a crehary Mrs P V Y s 0 ed cy eve-ryc e JEANIE KAPLAN I432 Eos? 92 Srreef PHYSICAL EDUCATION TEACHER P rvqra Cofrwrwrrfce To Cs Cub rush afrw Gyfn Leader G rw S cvdary Cafef rra Mar re my I ar Immr B55 9 y a Tenn s GOII C u 5 res harmrr' s es H shes pre mar? e r OI Hear rv ray u s ar O bf rw Q BARBARA KARP 37 Len ow S re I BOOKKEEPER Lorarf Squad Sng 9 G e , Co a + DAVID KARP Graf COMPOSER rw rum a u mb ma W r nq C r u e I V19 I HELENE KATZ Ea ELEM NITAR' SCHOOL TEACHER f' Ga uc Cass ar rn 'rw 6 GO p B s Sn 'I . S TI' 0 L 1 0.4 1,4 "W" 1 3 I bv SIDNEY KATZ 52I5 Snyder Avenue AIR FORCE SoQIaI Sfudles Squad. He has dmserz In fn Ifqh He wr: be +I1eff:, my ar-d cy. 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C' C " '3- ,: 'a' rg . g ,Z ,-- 'M' ,Q a es -ff : 'J rg, l K rw 5 ,vf-' j X CLAIRE PIERRO I32O R0 Ira ay Parkway AIRLINE HOSTESS arsrwa AIO a Or my T rw A ql, QI' 1 a ELPINE POLSKY Ed T COLLEGE r 0 Kervwer rs Zuck rfwar prank s L au a 6. 0 vac? r MURIEL OUINT 88 SH ef NURSE GO AI e rmafe Secrefary To Mr K rner Frr d'r1an E I-Inspfal Rgprnsenfaf we pref N IE rorrv If vvTII'I er 0 fy sh Q ANITA RABINOWITZ Eas 95 S r PSYCI-IOLOGIST rf r OO H Pm' Mrs wry M Gurrp r ss Wig I ur VIC Rc L 1 aI Os Bank Squa 5 IbaI J im mn I r' 0 we ur sr pvfnf mmf fm Ie 'rv TOBY RABINOWITZ 903 Eau 49 S reef VOCALIST Camaia Ge Cum Bar1IfSC1adCI S C ary 0 Mr rner Arr a cs rve I s a 0 0 Irry UTAH fi f' Y ffl Y' RICHARD REGGI Ea" 8 'r., FI-ICTOGRAPI-IER rg 'f e 2 pf 2 'I f SVSU . . , "'z-ef. PHILIP REINA 59 Eas' 43 -J IO Br 'ELEVISVT g,, Ad' Sono: 6.0, , ..e ' ".-, NQVT1 ,"'."dy Hi. Eorfy-one BRENDA RIBA 44 E UNDECIDED acre? 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HOWARD BEEFERMAN 843 Sarakqa AJCVIU' UNDECIDED Band: Lfclrer MarsIwaI3 Sprhg C'-ffm' He even Has muska fee?-ww II-a"- PHYLLIS BELKIN E551 91 SECRETARY ec To errerv reeere M ose 1 uad Prog Comfv d Bram wie q a fy rar 5 urey C yon 'mmm ROY BELKIN I-I ACCOUNTANT Or1qIeIlows ervlce Io JeNusI'I r n Hosp B ok Momdor e Hwe I of e e I omew rIc durmg Iuncrw II gves mm Iood for IIWGU I IRMA BELLMAN E I COMMERCIAL ARTIST r Stag op cs A far van e CUD D am eres mefhwg a u ew ver I JEFF BELOVIN 77 EaI 5 SIN JOURNALIST a Marsha Mar a He CouId rave been a vu WI r ora JEANNE BENKERI SECRETARY r: Io Ms nzer Rep N cr faruwrf L, ug 'YIFVF1 VERONICA BENVENITO R C SECRETARY 'I R PC r nor In L. ma a cz a 0 e 4 Y, 4-' ,QQ "uv "' 7.29 '7 5 -J in wr any "" Y 2 I , 19 Vs! '19 5.41 gi 3 '2 ARTHUR BERKOWITZ 246 Easf 56 Sheef ELECTRICAL ENGINEER Sec. In Mr. Pasner: Book Rcrm: Ma'Iw Team- Reqenfs Recardmq Cfvnm.: Bm. Squad: Termig Team- ArIQYa Coach. 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LORETTA CHARNEY 65 Ea I 93 SCIENTIFIC RESEAR I-I cz r M MI, as roars 6 P M ear I If 6 rw C p rw aI Tb er sp JUDY CHERNOFF Ea LEGAL STENOC RAPHER I In Ive cur LAURA CIRULNICK 4BI5 Snyder A PRIVATE SECRETARY cr Iary r Mr GIassmaru r 1 Me Ia Marsnal TUV Q VTT YT I Y JERROLD CLARK 539 Km LAWYER MarsnaI He DG :eve or ar d Bwc ogy Squad MYRNA CLARK SE R ETARY 'md B osr I a 'wa G O A+ VPG e II rw LF an ause e es 'vw r r TF6' E 9515 PA A Q94 GL. Q3 5- IL5 if 'VITITIY DIeasanf CTC ai M-rswag Ecc 'I Toad- I-I "fm M' ',"IIIfg-- yzur way. 4-,s my ,1' 5 , 8 A Q 5' Ie enbvbe, , - , I-Ie-IT ke qcid, ruaI 1 'nd me 36 Eaef oe' AV' ' " rf' 5, edka' Ream' r e 'd. A Tier V 'f 's I. d To I' , AIW y w'IIy, awa q y Lefs I'opA .IA Q 's '. vvay. f-.2 r' I 36 East 4 Sm:--' 4 5 Sfr I Lie 6 T. 2I"I. , Sec, To Mrs, I-Iare, r. r Ira Mr 4 S I- P? I J ,I Mrs. STAT, r. S A lef H95 2 1, Eu'er' Arls a' GIQ CILIC7 SI G' G -.4 ' -gf? 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Bd.: LTVVIIOIFWST CI'wf'mIC I'I'tsp. Vf'sIUP"H:V' ,I.V, Bi'-Icf?fbiIIj Tfenms CINE C3'f',r Gaavo' LSCIIEW Mar:I'1a'- TI p'c.,' ErIQfc1. hafziscmfz Iu GI if Lkod "'df2f3d by -youths. CLAUDETTE COHEN POETESS VN a G e ca a ra y rc rf- Lab I' cr eu? av a 5 C 0 I' er Smqor BerI n IVI Rfaqrym e m C P e n oa od v s packa s DOREEN COHEN L x HOUSEWIFE In I C Treasurer r L. O I grac a e r EDDIE COHEN 345 Easf 55 Svc TEACHER r s yer, EDDIE COHEN 9 ENGINEER Cl BVSVIB O T Lif my JEROME COHEN Ea 4 ARCHITECT Quan I. d Fit G 9 L4 4' JOEL COHEN E 5 S MACHINIST 'HI -'JD fa-6' 921 f 3 swf' f 'hi 'YW' 'UQ f'N ,-v' i LINDA COHEN 397 Rockaway Parkway ACCOUNTANT CGI. Off: OH. CI. Sec.: CAI, Iv1ar,I'a' Sui. V3 Mrs. Fuller, Mrs. Bama. Mr, Earley, Mrs, JI.InQ-r. SIQS sfr1aI. CLAS ard peff, Bu' Ie' mid E brIgII' and aerf, LOUIS COHEN 823 Sara? G5 J OLLEGE Irs mrverval MusIC S 0 ony I Io n W a y we y MANUEL COHEN Ea I 56 SIT UNDECIDED Baskefbal Team Sfage Squad Marsha Sec Io Mr Gaf GO Rep Yearook Squad anry IS I1IcndIu To wI'1Cm e I1aTe Io ay Goodbye SHEILA COHEN SUSAN COHEN 359 Easf 59 SIrPeI BUYER Sec Io M Kahn Book Rcom Cap? of f emo IH r If Re Mar ECW VBJGVSQCJ TOBY COHEN I2bS Ea I 93 EACHER u G M I Q o M z rw CI 5 u m BARRY COLONOMOS 72 E1 UNDECIDED F LT Puffy 'rhree 1431 Lifam PIM GA Kewl G,O. aff.: AfI '-3' C rauan' ,fm LQHCI- I ' V' Q er' Ve' yI ' C.: Cr V d B -'-IfIyII I-Ie' I wI,C'S sway ko B9 f 3 C I-T LI' - CTG- IVI ' X I ,I AsI- r' C. , II1ey'II feII ou so. srIIqSe.IMf,Iv1II ,Mrs. ' ,, ,Mm A ' Mr. I , r. f' I S nicv SI qg E-2: VOI, . . T Iemc ' Y- fccck Sec, , G1 ' Inq +S"'6' qe. fx gf ,,,, 803 em Road 245 3 09+ S' q' O 5. I. . A ' 3 7 'T I-Ie s'aI're +aI erI+ wh e, I L' , I f7 4 - I: ' .3 I3fISe avd oe u'y feII C' In be Iace. v' , 4 - if I NI I ' ' e ' fl q y, - VW, 6 47 W 5 4 .- I WI T: ce pecise, he I nice. J x- ,' I 4-3I East 2 Sweet 'TIM . LII3. S ,Z M I I7 G.O. Re .7 OIF, CI. I r. - Y . Pres. , , y , I TNI Iersf S ' f S' g: Po .I p.g . - A er 'Q' 2 .I 'fe :aff den, A -W ,I"q' A aI, a : JI Q -:Tj YET! a :farm S'TTIIG End c'eeI:IL.I IIQII1, US- D9 w ' 2 Q w 9 UGS. f I 'Q "f . X 'If 637 Sf QS-f-:QI ' 3 V SW., Caefwffy S ' ' Sei. 'U Mr. NI-fled B-1 53.1 CJ 7 . Receong Cai, g, 7,3- MTI !S'?"V"5'v' Gym 04 97 ' Qi Q S-fr, R-pr Sei. ' f. SaI wav: SIHQ. I-IQ 59.59 V 59 fi SUNG I' W9 "Z- W A KI d Q CJQ, Ifnd of Woof, BI Wnld "GW 'C 0019? ,J T TIS. Ivifd :I qIf yo Ike IC eef. f 294 'ES' 5 "ffm" O ' ' 94 Sw-QQ' IVI Ani- M1 I'f,r. Maeva 'Tre :Mata , V+ Q Tf bf, Io .-wa' 'O be? O' 'M sfa 2: sims' w1 .wa ' i x - Tw' 1 I-e Q..-ffm I' LST. ,TN PATRICIA DE BONIS 24 o PRIVATE SECRETARV Ca cr a Marsha Pre, Iy prIm and proper as qa a Idea f sf p MATTHEW DE CILLIS 85 E LN ECID D Bard O che Ma cuqh hs p e awards su cess he ure Y PILAR DE LA CRUZ 38 a 9 PRACTICAL NURSE us Car' n r sm SHEILA DENISON 9 B LEGAL STENOGRAPI-'ER OIIIICG Squad Bank Squad Caf Mar 5 a sweef qaI WI' charm a rlerrd Irv m d 0 BEATRICE DESNI K S a TEACHER ar5Iwa Q o Mr I Charrwey M Iurn er V m ever Our mea Q JANICE DEUTSCH 592 EasI NURSE n M rs pIrI+y Q p dw p ANTHONY DE VITO 330 EasI 55 UNDECIDED Ceramc Squad a puquI:sI o y ouI I-Ie S and mp na I 2 Eaz' '9 S'ree Iemf I I, E ,I Y ' W TI1' Vs r C per. 7 .,as' 94 5'-fe I 'J E Th I ref 'for' he 0:93 vc' ri- T C II 33. I O E sr 3 Sw,-f' J I IRIN: ' Idy. 'ge ard Nei", I-Ie I as-re, Iwcned ways aw- a rrp,-a. 530 everI-I Rad . T I n 4 I1 I, A I I'1 . 'd Iarve E' I' :ze Is ner 'Id . wave. C 2I6I Ir usa Sr"--2 Cai, M Ig Se . I . LQIIC' Mr , r, B . Swef ard Io eIy Isi Is sae, For A In 4 fr WMI be. 5I SIM-e SI :gg a IwaI. A : KI' arad very fv.e," A I1 ackafze dere uc Sf rua. Shea-' I 5 , As I' .TH W Id diwef I UD IU I , a+ Ike oe . CARMELLA DE VITO 5324 Avenue I PRIVATE SECRETARY nIaI11G.O. Rep.: ec. fo Mfe. oar, M' I-Iyrrwr e a puc L. PO INS rvw SHERRY EDELSON 277 Rcckeway Parkway PRIVATE SECRETARY Anq' . . I U.: ,C. 0 .. I 3. w' A AS har Io 'ra MARTIN DIAMOND DOROTHY ELIAS IO L E 9 Ear Ay ARTIST BOOKKEEPER 1 Marrm 1 Marsna ar a 'A Mr Us Dnam nd Mr Kev IS Arr Mon Io dfn 5 'Y uIar pIf1 DORIS DRAYER 30 E rr BOOKKEEPER y agr e md 1 A mired ind Iced by e P-ryor MARTIN ELLIS 302 Eesf 93 r ELECTRICAL ENGINEER ee C uI. S C Mr wwe Mr .1 ras n wlrrq Te m ular a IweIe v I 9 ar+y s rv BRENDA DREITZER ROSE FANTO 602 Aww Y +f 5 S 7 MARRIAGE COMPTOMETER OPERATOR 9 Ii' 6' ONS C If Mrs Coos Mass Gramd fa e 5 y Q I Iwwr m 0' 15 1 wrd' im and roI C Q CIP? r e SHELLY DUBROFF JOSEPH FARINA A' Ea I 92 S+ STEVE DUKOFF 5352! NN f'-CCOUNTAN Bas ca TEACHER 2" 2? quard Fra be Tearr Sag Squad we eIcv- 'Q 6 'W' az: ITVYI ,Qi ' 'v--J JUDITH FEIN 8 E I UNDECIDEJ L, or H-3I GO c nr v do a S 5 SUSAN EDELMAN MARSHA FEIN : East 94 Sv 27 ,A D , TEACHER STENOQRAPI-IER Mar we Prog Com C Sa L oerman DIVYT PJ Rf' F- ills. Elffy fnve PATRICIA FEIN E sl 9 TYPIST G Rep Ca elerra Marsh eff and s fee cure and rea? sf the rg va DEANA FEINGOLD Eas' 52 SPEECH THERARlST T lx a a v e e lns er rn Spea ers Buren Erenclw Play Arls a Clwalrrrvan r fa Ccaachmq C mm Charrman Ne phyl Sung Neopnyle News Prom Rep Gre C u Smq Her beauly behold As her name says Shes Ewe Go srrslcr her swee STEPHEN FEINGOLD E sl 53 L RESEARCH SCIENTIST Marslwall Bmloqy Squad N01 foo qurel no? loo shy W al e Il a reqular q y JACK FEINSTEIN 86 Newpor fre BUYER Cafelerla Marsrwal To be precise lwe s very mce LESTER FEINSTEIN 679 Easl 94 Slrec ENGINEER Book Squad Ereld Squad Healllw Sew :Ce Secrefary or the 'luiure a r ole v r and mar BARBARA FELDMAN 995 Wlllmvlwr St DENTAL HYGIENIST Ofnclal Cla s Treasurer es sweef wmly an o good lhmqs rolled rufo one KAREN FELDMAN 735 Lnqen Bc eyard BOOKKEEPER S C lo Mr Zuckerman Lke ch colafe puddmg Slwes MyT Eme Elffy SIX .Q-.qv My -df 5'5- ,,...-. NANCY FELDMAN E LEGAL STENOGRAPHER W oa p rar r opy go urky ill cy VyC ROBERTA FENSTER 4 MARRIAGE Clad arr a b aux HELENA FIALKOW Ea KINDERGARTEN TEACHER ec fo M e +1 res dr Orllre cheerfu q rl r The lfeere + 'mn e len a r rn GARY FINKEL S'rau LAWYER Marshal Sumo rea? IORGS ard n we s u crrme H always pre erwrs rl' m ar T e TWG JUDITH EINKELSTEIN Easr 5 Sr SINGER Gle Club Carwfara Gym Leader GO Rep Rvoqram Commwrree qreafe + me ream crop L tif MARSHA FIRESTONE K LEGAL STENOGRAPHER brary Squad Baal: Squad S M s R oer s Mr a n Clwarmmq perfy Tull QF fur' Adm ed ano lnlced by everyone ARLENE EISHMAN Ea SECRETARY Sen or Sm, Cna rman Rrefly as a prclure An wlwaf a frame BARBARA FISH MAN BARBARA FORCE 203 Easr SS S' ee PRIVATE SECRETARY Cuprd may Shoo? II'se arrows u Bone rawsfne beaux JOAN FISK 73I ScI'sen cfady Av u UNDECIDED rea s+a A s'a C 1 mov an ew rn r 1 1 oc aravan LII SIaII eo pnyre Srnq Neopnvfe N Ed O e rencn ays ar a u Recp C r Ven In Toprcs no an quesfon oud a FsIc e by any aTI'1er name speII the sanne7 BARBARA FIXLER 598 Easf 54 SIreeI PRIVATE SECRETARY Cu Img Ofr Sec Io Mr Bravernfan Sprung Con er+ ar a a IS a prerry ass We Ilred IU every cass PAULINE FLAMM CIGTRS TT A UNDECIDED Io r Porecorv M Sfarnocr elq I1 Mr c Ia 'ran r- c nucc Io Irno No need To DOOSI MARSHA FLEISHMAN 973 Cedarhursf SIreeI BOOKKEERER c I Mr Gar Mr ScI'wacIer ar a GO Ofrfnc an q Srnq e 'mor New Mar S a a reaI rre er ook ers naI a vcr ds ee-I LUCILLE FLICKER 2 Aracoy S Q I SECRETARY n 0 Ms Conen CI r- r b 3 I a e s da n c PAUL FLORE 227 Scn nec a y A TEACHER Mar Ima Leader e F fifn C f We I I aw- 1-fi i Q 4"'l 9 6 J "? 194 ag I il' ALAN FORSYTHE Ea I 53 ELECTRONIC ENGINEER Lab r for Manager of Experume I B 1Ioqv Squad Kro Irng D cpe may be fun BuIIrr'ock'1gA lu I car? be one FRED FRANKEL 93I Lenox Road LAWYER Caprarn MarsInaIs Sec fo Mrs Serden Mr SCI'wvarIz A prormsnnq sfucenf Always prcrrmsnnq fc do befier LAURIE FREED 287 Easr 94 S+reeI CHEMIST wnrers n r us Band ec 0 uad Smq Orch Arxsfa Ari' fa Caravan GO Rep Speech Off Gym Leader weII r ed wr Iwarm an grace A wnnn no 5mIIe a preffy ace ELAINE FREEMAN I524 Sami Johns PIace GO Sec ICC Sec Sfudenf Councnl Sec Bd OI Gov Bd of Exec Arf d TOD: s Ar sta Cheer ng Squad c Ar? Squad Smq GO Sore earbo Ir Rep Caf Marshal Sen or Ne-vs Se Io Mr I"IocI1'r1ar1 Mr an e G rr M De Fronzo Byrre I' ee ful e and Ine I y qay and Tal 0 w of ours nn ar rep LORRAINE FREY 2 a T re PRIVATE SECRETARY ec o Mr Mandel Ca ef ra Mar sI'1aI GO Rep Vq r and are Te Irrvcl cfqr we a mnr DONALD FRIED AJ rue AC OUNTANT d Squad MarsI1aI S 'n'nr- rv' Ren Banu q a , rn rd Flffy seven DONALD FRIEDLAND CTVIL ENG NEE no V o ou :J Leader men C IV-fel' MALVINA GAFFIN 7 K r LEGAL STENCGRAEHER To Mr Ser er omg Crown mar par rrq e arrrmmq fr erwdLy arwd re ELLEN FRIEDMAN GAY GASTFRIEND II27 W 77 IEACHEP TEA HER Q fo Mr r Oper rg gr? Bard' SQ Recs G A f ff Gym Leadgr S 4, A O To r s Ca am C a nq v and cu COGCLT PV F Y Chlfifa r Charm and par arf Mae her pfpuar eey nog SUSAN FRIEDWALD 832 Lrwden Beur 1 TEA HER rn rbrary Squad Sec 0 ion Mrs Leonard Carayarr A Combrnafr rr Hard c eaf Cuig clever and swee NANCY FRISCIA Ea+ 49 S BUYER Gym Lcadcr Lcrary Souad Lcufr Marshals Srwq Arf Mrrwfor H py qo Lucky d TUH She s Irlfed by everyone EILEEN FULLAN 1353 Easf 4 HOUSEVVTFE PC GVTTG GTSU3 v ay md ElLeer1s Ikcd Dy everyc JANICE GABEL 8 T 43 Sire COLLEGE m Leader ar haw ane 0 srers P on Cow Prom Rep r ke Jar ce are ver epful Q a mrrvo a JOEL GADY C ENGINEER crrd R rr a ua ff 1 Ba kdball Games Q a r ear We hope. Fm rcacreg fhg P + Erffy elghf 'Ns if ir -vu' 0' LLINOR GELLAR 6 4 TEACHER r rary Sq Serwcr OJ S Ms Grand rr? TWH rw ou wr rrsarrads mafanw IRWIN GELMAN E s S4 DRAFTING Q o rs a er Car V SuppTy Roorn Gym Leader Educarrom 5 w0nderfuT Tuf em ANTOINETTE GELOSO 6 C H n SECRETARY fi SW '47 r ard Tr QL ROSALIND GERARD 5905 Share Pa ay SECRETARY sweefer m y u L refer "" rrer rgeace C1 c f-G' em? I 1 SHEILA GERBER G d f PRIVATE SECRETARY 0 Squad S nor S Shawes A fharrwnq Lass Good IN every class HELENE GERSH 5I2I Tnden f'1vQn, e MEDICAL ASSISTANT A qIrI WIIIT Dep. vIm and IIYC. Tre scarf :I girl we a" ad"1"f:. BARBARA GERSON 48 rc AIRLINE RESERVATIONIST omera Z M 5 n Ins VI Y c Icw e 6 nn L acc An Oh rbara IS Ire W cw arx n n LINDA GETRAER 362 R TEACHER ang Mr Zahn s OIIICQ be are-cw e s HOWARD GIAQUINTO 97 N POLICE OFFICER Marsha prec e ver CAROL GILBURT 370 Anno RECEPTIONIST 5 rea? T rn we nn fou C rr' JUDY GILBURT LAWYER Q r Sch ack s em LD ary Sfluac IT O 776 d ow HARVEY GILLULE 9 GV F5 BUSINESSMAN Wnar e Av ru. Q 0 av- IL LNAY- g Yifi vi S' ,cf-r 3.6 if ,,..-4 JOYCE GINSBERG 343 Legion Sfreef BIO-CHEMIST CSO, Rep.: Sec. Io Mrs, Zuckerman, Mr. HeIIe-r. CufIEnq OH.: Arisfa: Proq. Carnm.: Gym Leader- Sing: Arima Pa'nA af Mari a" Drafna ' afar Co ap? T a'n GO Of cu r c arm an e s ce Ia rn y a cax PAUL GIOVANNELLO 9506 Earrag 'r R CI ENGINEER Marsha or a Ca gxneer STANLEY GLASSER 8 Ea I 55 we? DOCTOR Lbra y Squad FeId Squad Caf Mar IF C? r G a ser n a 'n We nope Le ends wnfr' rn dwca fame CHARLES GLAUBERMAN 35I EHS? 96 Sfreef TELEVISION TECHNICIAN Seno Band Gym Secre-Iary GO Re Keen n smdy cneerfu and qay UC 6 uC WI 'IRG wa CYNTHIA GLAZER 557 Easf 94 SIreeI TEACHER Ice Pres r as G ov GO OH Mgr Che rIea er cos? r Dance Band O In Band ec of xec IC en or N I GO R 0 fn Lead rc 'ww Op C1 Vo mba u C'Idrm Q y an Sw ef r e r- a I rar a JUDITH GLAZER 629 Ea 9 S TEACHER rc s a r Reccrf C pf a L as a n r r a oc a rn C uc pan N o r u fs r 1 I Pr env I ngv r GLORIA GOLD O SECRETARY B 1 O fl IO EnI7Iy nnne LORRAINE GOLD 455 Easr 94 EXECD IVE SECRETARY ec OIT CIass oO Rec em Pres OIT CIa cIIarm a d beauIy us d a rralne urned 0 rea BERNICE GOLDBERG Easf :4 SECRETARY Car' afa weef of ac orIqI1I and In c1rI IS a JOAN GOLDBERG 9I IO Avenue A ADVERTISING DESIGNER roq rmrr I Leng Q I w eer Sq Inq Gu Recept ec rrn ec c o nau Mrs MenI Mrs Gum err BrII Caf Mar nal Yearbook Rep Cufe popuIar charrnmq pefnfe Mus? nor Iorqer To VTIEHIIOFI svveef AIways GCIIVG busy IIHIe bee Howd ya guess fI'Ie rep was me7 LORETTA GOLDBERG 204 Easf 53 Sfreef LEGAL STENOGRAPHER Arfendance Of Sec Yo MIss Newman Brodsky S SInq To Ics ec re-Ha II I secr I6 Iuc y Guy ma es her IS MIKE GOLDBERG 4 E S+ 5I S re I ec I Gran Ca Mar a Swrm Team C achung Cha rman of IS a CITCUIGIIOU Man o Ics ns Mc I reasu er o PHYSICIST To e a pIrIys CISI IS IIIs endeavor success wII s cause clever ROSALIE GOLDBERG Ea'I' 'ree TEACHER an Sqq rs. 'e er: H. , OPI.: Leader, CIub3 Locker Roem Mar- s a. N'cer II1arI nice, sweeIer Inan sweef, oref q'I who canf be e . SHEILA GOLDBERG Ea ul S ree LEGAL STENOGRAPI-IER A1 endance Off.: ns, u..g I . 1- ceptg Gym Leader' Semer Sinq' 6.0, A . Shea is sweef and cufe a. can , WIIen you re I Iwer you' "I I7 company. Sixfy pi' ,-N-,Ns I" ,pf SIMON GOLDBERG 298 GraII COUNTER MAN cry agreeacI oIs I n L Iced Indeed Cy everyone ALICE GOLDBLATT 9 Herz Sree BUYER V acIou a mmg poouIar and L. e II +I1c es s e u ARLENE GOLDBLATT E I 59 S ree LEGAL STENOGRAPHER IIOI' sr C nIaIa S C I M f nI r In Sec Sfaf of Too cs one In s In'eII ence q'nr and v I e pro a ITT MARTIN GOLDMAN 455 Easf 56 S reef RHARMACIST a e Sound SQL.dd GO Rep ov mmm T a'n Sec ra r Greene Sp rfs Ed oI TOPICS and Year boo Cap? MarsIIaIs Lleuf Cac Mar s as OSDIIGI ounfeer Pre L nqIelIows Cvcod Ioolunq muscular cIever foo Come on qIrIs es mean? for y u ANITA GOLDSTEIN 5525 WII ' an SECRETARY Cerk Re epIIorIII CaIeIerIa Mar Ima S re a y I ona y I sp I IO On The sear of success sI'Ies bound Io AROLE GOLDSTEIN Snyde A.en IA MEDICAL ASSISTANT anf e IcIen e ec, snows, NIce and cnarmlnq as evsrybody knows. JERRY GOLDSTEIN 763 Easf 47 S'reeI ARCHITECT Bandq OrcIIe'rra7 FIeId Squad. a oy WIWOIII ' cas' CI on' H e's Ivopnwg oui .ucceed I' L, chosen career. HERBERT GOLDSTEIN I37 asf 56 SIre ENGINEER Mar naI Gym Leader I: dy and mrnd perfec CI al arou MARTIN GOLDSTEIN IO W I moI'1r S r ACCOUNTANT rn Leader MarsIwaI Mc or P e aIor G O Rep Sec o M ss Ia Bro Squad WrI'1..IudycnIwsmd I-I w Is MarIy qmnq Io eep Ire In s sIraIqI1I7 SHARON GOLDSTEIN 49 EasI 94 S ree ADVERTISING ARTIST c Io M4ss NoveII M I-Iowr Mar sI1aI Library Squad MaII Squad Cara van I-IospIIaI Servrce Someone sweeI s 'neone reaI krow her s a real r SHARON GORDON 53 I'IerzI S reef LEGAL STENOGRAPHER Her qu er manner and pIeasanI ways eserye dI and IoIs OI pr JEFFREY GORNEY Le R COMMERCIAL ARTIST ISI y u d Caravan A I a Library Squad A pen and p ncII He oes e 6 GI! It vv SUSAN GOTTESMAN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL TEACHER ray S uad Ca Mars en rava Ia C acIw Soua R Leao r uh ar u' r m rg d e BEVERLY GREEN 40 E MODEL o Ln: ar Sres srr or aro I-Ip s a y :1 ROBERT GREENBERG 5Il2 Sryder Avenue MEDICINE Prog Comm Sud OI Book R om Tenrns Team erf IS a boy III suc ess as a nn n I add M D aIIer Ins nzme MARTHA GREENHALGH 972 Krnqs I-I 3Iwway DENTAL HYGIENIST Cu Inng OIT AII OII Gud ReCepI MarIIwa s eeI and very acIrve sides II1aI aII slne darn aIIracI ve SHELDON GREENHAUS 463 I'IerzI SIreeI ACCOUNTANT Sec Io Mr GarI GO Rep e a IIIIIe c e Ie C ueI and n d ns Inere LINDA GREENSTEIN 826 I-Ioplonson Avenue INDUSTRIAL AND LABOR RELATIONS Prog Comm Book SIore Sec Io Mr n Mrs Fuller Mr G Id Mr Me er E nor n CI1eI Topucs CaI Marshal One oI II1e brqIvIesI IU Iner fass A successIuI IuIure awalIs II'1Is Ia s PAUL GROSSMAN EasI SIre LAWYER a M rsnal Soc aI S L.-CIISS Or r SuppIy OI'I Inere are sucI1 Ish IH II1e s O Icr II1 IrIe oI a IusIwerr'nan SANDRA GRUBER 687 SaraI ga Avenu COMPTOMETER OPERATOR er a e a II1aI Irroe 'IF JERRY GRUNOR E ADVERTISING ar Ia Ne s a ecd :I e e rc ne Q SixIy-one E eI . sI : . E . ,g I . I.: C I 2 In f I , IIy sound, ,L Q Q . Q ' . , In Ia , a moe Ierbow, I nd. if ' I Q' Rob I wI Q his I, , ' Q' A d C . . I c . 30 I1 I ee' O ' Q, GY' 2 It ,II iQIurf: . f' J l V. E ' D Oor ' . . ,I .+ Bar- . gl-. I I SW - U Q? ' ' n I Be' , Is I . I :VN , Ty- 4 O A fl R I' IVV? " 9? 9 + 1 Se . I , r, III? - . . : . . , 1 ' z ' : I ,R Q , We A IMI Take, ' h er, I I I I . K I ' A III I mIs If SI eI Q ' I . C! N T W. f., .1 To I I ea'. M ': ,, A D cre I , I aIse. I I "I' ' Kah, 4 , . o , . y T fl? 33-T 4 aw 4 L i , " ' H . . . , ' Q I I .I . ' s . 826 ncx .Lad I22 91 eI I-Icr Sqa-I ' If SHP: CF. a'g I I-' f'.gA+ . 5 ' a Wi Ta, 6' IT I 1 ' ed, W ' ro InaI arts Iris :IeId. un II IW e ' I , II4I EasI 54 S'ref:I n 1 IN 5 X, V I-Ib A' GI 7-V T- I N S954 I I-I I Q :an sure IIracI' signs Mr. K rzer, Musa Wfojnfq Ca r' 7 4 guy ,gpg or nw ' 4 V male. .pq Arfs 5 7 Bio. , d' G.O. eo' ,,,, has er Guy. A es CI . 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'Qu O Eir v-,fgfrgf Iwef d '.-.V'g, vfrfog, or I SI In , ke dcee 'I we , DON GRUSKOFF Easl 51 UNDECIDED a I EIeld Sq ourd q Slam Marshal Co Mar Arrlehcs Infelhqenl persor'alI+y aId wII1y loo cccss IS hs In W alover e ARLENE GUDOWITZ 79 Lhden B ulevard LEGAL STENOGRAPHER Boosfer GO Oll Cullmq Of' M I nk Sec fo Mr ar es as sweef a she can pleasInq sohf To LOIS HABER 5543 WhIIIy Lane TEACHER A Isla AIIsfa Cfach Sgr I0 MI55 GuId Recepr Cu1IIrIq OH Cal Mar s a ErIerIdly brqhr exlrernely swcel A CCVTIDIFIGIICU lhafs hard fo beal BEVERLY HALPERN 804 Crown Slreef SECRETARY Marshal Be careful boys she s T N T TrIrn Neal and TEFVIIAC EVELYN HALPERN 58Ol Snyder Averur DENTAL HYGIENIST C O Mrs Ro enberq Mss Co rI Mrs Zrelerl Reccrd Rocrn Srng To be precl e Shes very nnce CLIFFORD HAUPT 996 Lenor Road CHEMICAL ENGINEER Marshal TopIcs Reporter Record Room A good fellow all around For success hes surely bound MARTIN HAUSER Easl SI ree MECHANICAL ENGINEER Cal: Marshal Marshal Dependable Cornrnendabe I'lIql1ly Recomrnervdabe Slxfy Iwo ""? 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Sq-7 Ba T SWQT . - G I- 43, A ,Q Taps I I slcefbalr, IuIl I IIN. Sh s be, A swell I ow Wfrn a a S Ely. A I I4 see. CI XX V .3 I , , I fee rI 7 I. , 1 ,. I Luau: , Y Y , IW.. I . .' I .7 . A I HeIs , QI A Isp. I1 l. , Wh'1f1 e 2 bl I ,. I ws I- 'he I I Q 1 . I 8. I NJ gr f fi 'FQ frIIp? Q I I 2 ' I . Q-1 , 4-I.. .lf I fr 'I I I 3 4. .7 . .' I. I -I OTH G.O. Rep.: Caf, Marshal: Sec. Io ' .W r, , . ' I I r , ' ' ' , M, N 3 Phy. Ed. III.: Id. R - I ' ' I K c1pI.g SI qi Y .1 Sr. ws. Q", ld I e Irv w II s III I' or I ' B I I wrIIInq Ior elhers, l've r'oIhInq , To say. I ax Sc I Iind y here I UI rIy pep, S yI II e I I bf. rep. Se . I , 5 V I he V I I . I .7 3 I , -Q . . I . . Ing. F I ' 5 . C and e I. y, I , J +Q W ' I IrI' OK. my 'I I' I I I " A I' - fr-'II KI , I I , . , . I H fy 4 S' Ev I I I ld WI Ir I ye. , 0 :D Q I 'Is auf Val s by. 5' 1 2IO Sf I S'ree A : . 2 I: .- S , I , I , . o . I: S' . I , e I I I '. r S Il 2 y. ANITA HESS 3803 Afenue B SECRETARY I M L rco Oerrs Mr oq vm r m ear An Ia a u , u Oh CI On v nnf I S you7 LOIS HICKS E 5 9 Sf LABORATORY TECHNICIAN MarsI'IaI ar Sp a r a u 'rv a M CII Mrs Byrr avr e e n 3 e as nq per Ura MARTIN HOCHHAUSER VI MATI-IEMATICIAN ro C 'n'n oc r Mars a a rsnaI Fed S I-Ieafn err Mr Pasn r I of ze e Irs? Marry among I e ALLAN HOFFMAN 966 Easr 53 Sfrecr THEORETICAL PHYSICIST O q IS arsI11 OII res LIbrary Sq Mnq Caravan n e xqenf srnarf and very ev e w I1 rn u rc s every endeavor BEVERLY HOFFMAN 727 Easr 48 Sfreer MEDICAL STENOGRAPHER C O s ar Cr era Mrs Zuc ermar Med Rm ASI Caf Mar S a Cure Ir O and qu JAY HOFFMAN O 4 W. I AUTO MECHANIC I' an s uy WSH ner re 'nor JOHN HORICAN BASEBALL PLAYER Sfaqe Sq ao T e s "-QT rr-""" up-ff YW F73 Q3 wr 5 ,gl fan. 'Y 7 ... P . . rf' ,f .Q- . P 54' gg? 4759 6:1 .,.f 5-W YS? QQ u-1, -va SONDRA HOROWITZ 985 VVlIImOI'1r SIree+ MEDICAL STENOGRAPHER Rep C f Mar naI Sv-.D Op r 3 M FIanaqar Mrs Aure r n e,e an anr mpIex on 5 V37 I' SHEILA HOSEN D Ea COLLEGE Prdq Conn GO Rep Gyn' L ac MarsIna Sng Crrarmm p ua of un rrered und v r e BURTON HUHEM Eas 56 MECHANICAL ENGINEER MarsI1aI GO Rep Gym Leade rmrnq ard descr nq IS I1 dr nw STEVE HUROWITL 398 Easr 49 Sfreef INTERIOR DECORATOR Glu Club Band Bowhnq Team ec I Mrs Segal AIways rlendlv aways Ixnd Jus IIle Iype fIIaI I-ard Io Ind HANNAH HYMOWITZ 937 RaIpI'1 Avenue RECEPTIONIST Sec Io Mrs JuIIber Mrs Aure e Ihr parlrle haw of bon Mary I Ire Ier can nor be found NORMAN HYMOWITZ 53OI Snfde Afe ue COMMERCIAL ARTIST r Sq A q cna anq S C esssr STEVEN HYMOWITZ CHEMICAL ENGINEER uo Bo mrs T am s n D g J d aS YT er' V71 an Qdf EI 5 a n 'P nn x rw 7 Snxfy +I'1ree , .f fe I 7 BUGS ers? Sec. Iv rg, I, In, Mrs. Q. 'II I EI S,O. .7 aT. 5' ' Id. e .I RCI , . R C I ' P fp, Rep.: Sinn. Q Set. If re, I . 4 . II. Ii I ,wh r wo Id -fu dc, Y Hel! ,piiarlrll q I s d I I ic I . I y ' F I ha 9 Da I In :nod wI'n 1 if Q M e er a q?fI rf e pe ecrifin. ' I Q? . ,4 I246 a ' 4 reef I - I 55' 3' QI Sfreer I Caf. M sI1aI7 e. Irefs Ba .7 'I I I - , . ' .3 . . .7 e Ier' V:II Ib II C bi Gr Le.de 2' S C. 'C , ' . I7 I . reg CH, 4 v 9. f Q We , 5 1 - Q! ,p .V fmII 5 W Ch I, Ia- Ilg rrce a d :LI 5? vi+CI'Iy. 'irl L ., Ad ' 1 Fred by e 9 yfn.. Sn ras a p e I I 1 IIy. W I' ' " . .v II I X n II I I II88 LI CCF Pace 254 I Sfree' P q. Q 4 L ke r 1 C 4. I - , , , I, Ma I 7 I I q.: II S . Secx Ty Q Y' 7 I ?Ia I I 34' ' is ea , Sec. ro , e. Q Vw 4 ,H I-IeIs alffays ready mth a schefne. FUII QI xfgcr, fulf . sr, I W A . In beer. E I , Ik I Bi S .7 I-II '. Sq.: M QI: . CI, 3, - A ' 7 3 A P .1 A .7 . Ed. II 7 . ,I If h . I I II' , , QI er, y - f' I I ' V W I5 I1I 5 ces' In Ink if I 'S , I f' 4 Se . I Mr. L re, Mri. y I, . K I U r - jg. h If I . . S .Z . - EY S Ia 5 X - I dl A 4 III1Ie ICIK, r ' .Nw 7 I Wh If aIerI 7cI:. ...I if S . 1 I I I 7 II "DIV Srreef f 1 SI'q' Mare" ce Sq. AI .7 Bit. r' S . A W'5"I Q I '3 '95I Wd- . 1 MI e elf. u C . I , ' - e we 9 37 Iwfs IrI"d, NT A l2I2 Ea-' 92 S"ee' 3l8 Eas' 93 Srfeef A I1 6:92 CI 7 I f" 1 e : Sei. 'Q Mm II Win? 5 'WTI V997 q' 9 SI 2 er' CMI. Orff Eie Cerk. I bf, I Frfefds ana QI' 2 Ia'es, .d e , HOWARD ITZKOWITZ QQIO Sai. A,g-M., INDUSTRIAL DESIGNER FieId Sq: Mafsnat Caf. Margnaf En OIL: Mlmeoqraphcr, No? Irv Tad, noi Too glow JusI Tne guy youd IIIre fc Irnow. HOPE JABLON 53 If SREE H THERAPIST RYD rs Haqer " UW ca er uma r lf! fI pcrc LEE JACKSON NATALIE JAFFE 94 In LEGAL STENOGRAPHER ma a I Ias w a srru sweef UI qor manner ma Ccmpdc ESTA JARIS 9I5 Img Avena DENTAL HYGIENIST sf: o5z.rs Cf usa c GNU r 5 2 fICnnn y ,Y es S OII res omdn nq n r explam Ildcn C rg, BARBARA JEANNETTI 5l2O TIden Avrnu PRIVATE SECRETARY GC en oc A 5+ rr ea e S O P 5 AH OII C Cap? Tw rI 5 InsI Mus Q 1rI a fay ac nv And orvnously she 5 plum af rad ve DOROTHY JOHNSON 5' 8 PRIVATE SECRETARY I CFI C'TTfnIf ga 'I r r I m Sixfy-four ALAN KAGAN 606 Eas' QI Svec' TEACHER Suki. Recephy Sec. fc MTSS Cwfar-IIT Band: Marching Bard, Hes ine 'n a mlno' me ces' one. PAUL KAHN 676 SaraY Ja v ENGINEER MavsI1aI Gvm Lead r Hand 6 cI1eerIuI and d Dffa sf I0 a mac ra e BARBARA KAIMOWITZ Lf SECRETARY C 0 Mr Co en M Irqan A qurI WIIW pep and vnfany a pIeasIno pers 'wax LENORE KAIMOWITZ 989 Ler A Road TYPIST rea Q WI ew pIeasanI manner a d preIIy If SOL KALENDER Ra CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT MarIa Caf MarsI'vaI Sound Sq C-ym ea U GO Rep I I ec r ' Mr Inf w omg sc 001 f W :H P I Is more I BRENDA KALMAN 179 R e ae MODEL ve BRUCE KANNER 5 away ar UNDECIDED AI OT FooIbaI Team Infend and fake In ngs easy CAROL KANTOR 469 Easr 95 Sfree' SECRETARY Caf, Marshal: Sec. Io Mr. Rogiyin, Mrs. Cohen- Gym Leader: Slhfg. A Sweer persfrvalily, homes' ard true, She ol exce ANNE KAPLAN ' 64l Roikaway Parkway ELEMENTARY SCHOOL TEACHER Sec, III Mr,. Enqc-Imam, Bank Sq. Mfgrg a Marsh'l' Vol I AEI fT5 ' f 'I ' I3 g Fl C' O ne rl Trldens chosen ow ""' weel charm n I Infelhqenl' v SANDRA KAPLAN 770 Sa krra HOUSEWIFE OII S hd O er Fuller cr as rn I8 an San rnere ARLENE KAPLOWITZ R P CERTIEIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT an Sq Mar hal To r orI Srhwmrz 6- urar Ind s Ice Q Decrdcdly ff DANIEL KAPNER T AERONAUTICAL ENGINEER Irur arshal Car Mar ha Nan? 7'- a ronau' al Fl n er OV UCC9 MARTIN KARP 54 I ACCOU NTANT cam C r or T s ,,,, r al rnake ere a oy rh per ona r II MYRA KARP E SECRETARY Or' osr FK r n a 5906. we .4 THEA KATZMAN 642 Easl 54 Slreel' MEDICAL SECRETARY Sec, rr: Mlss Grand, Mrs. Zuckerman. Mrs. Juliber, Mr. Serles, Mrs. Cohen? Llbrary Sq,: Caf. Marshal: Slnq. Always happy, always qay, In cur opinion she's O.K. CHARLES KAUFMAN l206 Easl 94 Slreel' ARCHITECTURAL DRAETSMAN G.O. Repx Marshal: Lara Sqg Lonqe ellows Sec 'ro Mr Du nau Hes alway Irlenclly all around A belrer classmale canl be found JOE KAUFMAN 99l WIIImohr Slreel LAWYER C ro Mr Poms Mars al I VI easmq ersonalufy olessed WII and humor supply The res? SHELDON KAYE 969 Easf 94 Slreer CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT a e Sq S r Io Mr Vern? Socla u dles Sq Marshal Capl Caf Marshals Caf Ofhce We hope youll see The day When you re a successful CPA STEWART KELLNER 303 Ear 94 Slreel ENGINEER Baseball Team ay e I I ma be elf W aeyer I s gurls beware KAREN KELLY 447 Easr 48 Sfreef LEGAL SECRETARY s I af parkle haIr 'rhals blon e re ol om we are all on WILLIAM KELLY 49l Easl 92 Sfreef NAVAL AVIATION Ma hal Lbrary q Cap? Cros ours fry Team Assr Coach Track Team s fo fne nafy and rom Oo a am M eem I because o F a Q WAVES J.d Ne. SIxIy TIVS C LS. a, R. Beh I-I,p., B :sl 4 , f : U E b I ers: I fl' . . ep. .,,.' f 3 - I I O l - I J 54 A J k 1 I , ' S , ' 1 C. A I rea. , MI? ' ' 'Q .- rv Srrger ' All. ws . D .T Sed lr? Mrs. Se A , ': In , - WI a pl ' p ' he ls A llllle icy a lrrlle Chee, 3. ' V A lllle lgfh' I d dye I -, I ' l K. .Q -, ' ' . 362 rgfkaway arkway B k ,Z 'I 1 Sec. M . P Dr, L I ,g ev, , ' 5 ' l Sl - , , ,X ' , . . . V ,N , . . I S I f p , m f . . ' I nice. ,ff Y ' , Z, A, . . . , Rx SOII Srwde A.enue s LU . M I' ,j '. s I, . A well lela .-.hfz s 'Q be an ' , Ir rn b h's eyes and If y his e f lc' e 'gi e . -' h ', H es I9 a fery Q s:Iul career. I ' K h I I 1, ' . va' I I TW 4l5 Ea! S reer I , Srade Sq.: Lonqfellews' Capi Baseoal Sec. lc Mr. Brill. T' I lc, Ml, I oplcf nf' ' V, Eye h, s . A I d, Nr: Wanda The qlrlz l ' a Ius., I . Or wh I d. H I3 b wl 3 l' y p ' W' 'I VT ' Tig 637 ai' SI S'ree' 9.0. "J Slrvzt B' ers: Yrl. Re., Ig 3 E S ,3 ,C s C - Sweetness, 'nreliqe ce czpu rlr, ' 1 I 3 , , QGIQTQI N , V BA, Nan? lcln ' - ' I ' 4 nj' from T far, "Vis 'E . l I L " 'eu he heh- es, n-ore. " k,, I We 3 a wink in I I e WI"yI ai" Q Pd ful Q5 oe la , FQr':C' "eff n, I'rr 'he ,rearrff I ' x -- Rerl. V - V , - 2,3 I I . T". I,-X T' T I Lg: 'Elf T I LEILA KERN R SOCIAL WORKER IST! M I ec Marchnn, Mand plcrs ur OH CI ec C r Ifz r Infe Inqenf q rI sweef and pefff undIr, of narfn na? Carr JACK KESHLONSKY R ay av SU RGEON Fao1oaII Teafn Tc' be precfse he s very mce JOEL KESSLER 53IO Snyder Ave LAWYER MarsI'1aI Srnq S nmmunq Team 0 e nd of boy af fc rneei Am :Nous aIIrarIrve an very sweer LINDA KIDD Ea 93 SECRETARY erv OH S Q s D er To call er sweef rs qunfe unTaIr Because There is more Than svveefres There TEDDY KIRSCHNER 226 Leqron Sfr or ENGINEER Gym Ldr Marshal Locker MarshaI OIT C res Heres one IeIIow never ear W cII make The Icp as an engmecr BARRY KIVOR 47OI Snyder Ave ac ACCOUNTANT arshaI Sec fo Mrs Bun Eme man Mrs a a Serdrnan Brad Icy Gym Ldr requIar quy hrs dassmafes sa Whaf beffer frbu+c ran they pay7 DONALD KLEIN I56 EasI 7 SIr,e+ CHEMICAL TECHNICIAN BasIceIbaII Team. Donny, Donny on The baII, AIways answering AnYIa's CaIn, Sixfy-six S wr wr, fav ,,l 1 T Anim 6, my 'Q AN? 45 ww ,, ATE? v LAWRENCE KLEIN F MATHEMATICS I' C G 3 Comm Soma q OT C CC Swag Prom Rep erever he II qo wha4ever n IIy ng a w rfn V U LINDA KLEIN Saratoga La e Squad Rrevy and sweet Sre can be eaI TRUDY KLEIGER E SECRETARY LI y a smIIe IU everyo P Cure qrr u GAIL KOENIG 687 Sarafoqa Avenu MEDICAL ASSISTANT Curhng OIT Snq 5 Ive M Errend rrna SIR compehfror' MAX KOPELMAN 83 Troy A r REAL ESTATE BROKER ars aI Rm Mrnrfcr Cap Marsna cugh hes s ne grand guy GINGER KOPF 9 6 Avenu COLLEGE ud Recepr Gee CIUD Cantata F3 Lke a cred oek shes bound I oIease HARRIET KORNFELD Wi rn. II -L- DENTAL HYGIENIST ec. Ban 3 Sing: CanIa+a: Cufiinrq O7. Sec. +0 Mrs. Ginsberg. She'I assisf in puIIinq The Ioofh, The Whole Ioofh and rroIhInq bm IL-i fccrhI SHEILA KOSAKOFSKY E I lrgr SECRETARY e rs rres M Ko n Prog COYUUT Ac ve a ays rrenclly ever C arm ng wrlly decsdedly ver JERRY KRAMER QQIO Seav AJEIUE UNDECIDED e m r- e new an rn n eushed by Ihe besl' OI rn n LINDA KRAMER 336 Easr 52 Sree TEACHER ery fr an m Sn Sec Io DeLellls Toprcs aravan Rep Vclleyoall Club Heres a g rl we apprecrare Her loolrs and personalrly sure do rare STUART KRANZ Y 5 ee ARCHITECT ar nal L ary q ng uar? s no? a man of Tame s a u th sa e MIKE KREITZER Ea 58 S re DOCTOR a e Sq u Rece Boo rn nur Rep Ser ro Mr Hn hman ever rhou I wou ma P r EDWARD KRET 2075 Roclca 'ay Parr r AERONAUTICAL TECHNICIAN fr ' cl r ,I beer, d Q .a cr'rA ,D a tl 1- . EMANUEL KROOGMAN 254 Ami' 'J: ACCOUNTANT H rl 'e 'le .J an fhf, arel e DyVl1e bes' men. lf? -4 r'1g at xv ff 1' 'Ili' -.fr D wv ,' A .If I ,- JOEL KUBIE 292 Leqran Streer AIR FORCE CAREER The Ar Force s hrs chosen professron u n are h qreafesl PSCSSIOII JACK KUNIN 666 Easr Sl Slreer CHEMICAL ENGINEER Lrbrary Marsnal Banl: Proq Comm G Alt Gud OIT Arusla rn oh lu n IH lhs drrec ron Heres a guy whos near perfeclron RICHARD KUNIS 786 Howard Avenue UNDECIDED Marshal Bro Sq Sound Sq GO Rep Lfe Guard Gym Ldr Loclcer Marshal No? Ice quref not foo shy Whal we call a regular guy MARTIN KUPERSMITH 5305 Avenue D COMMERCIAL ARTIST ec Longfellow Chem Sq Marshal ae Club Hosp Volunleer ang Swrm Team Marlys really gonna qo far If hed only lay off fhe elecfruc qurlar MARIE LA FEMINA 8523 Avenue J COPYWRITER wee? rn Ia e brqhr rn mr rrl rlre M r rs hard fo 1 RALPH LANE 455 Easr 92 Slreef ELECTRICAL ENGINEER Imr. Music: Jr. Band: Record Il.: . . e .1 C. To Mrs. Ze er. H's cojecf all sublime, H sharl achieve in Ilrne. ROCHELLE LANG IO03 Wiulmohr Sfreel SECRETARY Af- Orr.: 5 lrcnbcard Operafor. Frend y, charming, exceedingly sweel, Thar! a cornbinalion fhafs hard fc bear. Sixfy-seven LILLIAN LANZONE SECRETARY unny smnle nq rl Ol m schlel and L IS ln ILENE LEFKO 53I2 Avenue D CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT Marshal Sec lo Mr Cnarney Mr K ner M chwar z M Eelqenbaum Serv Oll Gud Recepl Capl Borl ers rs ur an IO Arl Arlsla Arlsla Cheer Sq Prom ea G Rep Inq Ilene has l e wlnnlnq l ree Pep polse per enalnly CAROL LEHRMAN 540 Roclraway Parlrwa ELEMENTARY SCHOOL TEACHER O q ars a an c rs erry ann r M ra n earn Mr Sucre Mr Slam cr Cule clever nauqhly nevcr We hardly ever' NAOMI LEIBOWITZ 72I Scheneclady Avenue PSYCHOLOGIST a Marshal Gym Leader Loclcev arshal B osler Sung Sec le Dr Iodny Mrs Cohen Mr Sullenberq Oll ec Arlsla Arlsla Inlervuewnnq omm Sec Arlsla r a er A I la Sensor Rep Naomi one ol whom e never l c Blonde prelly and charmunq A qnrl wc all adm e SAM LEITER 9302 Klnqs Hlqhway ACTOR a Marshal Srnq Brains In lhe am we C oolcs and a La y Drama oc One day ol school sux days ol resl al hen Sam ns a HOWARD LEITNER 589 Easl 55 Slreel LAWYER Sec. lo Mr. Kenner: Cal. Marshal: Sinq: rislag His wry, Chem., Physics .Z French Play. Friendly always. aclive ever, Willy lee, and decidedly clever. HOWARD LEITSTEIN 383 Easl 8 Slreer COLLEGE A nicer quy is hard lo llnd. Sixly-eighl fi i4, 'L HOWARD LELCHUK E sl QI Sr e CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT l Exeld q Marshal Swrn Tenlr Slnq Vol .,lewxshChrOn1c Dlsease Hosp Dance Band S rn Band Orch M rh Band Lonqlellow s relly ood w en nl come llqures HARVEY LEMONT 2 Easl 53 Slreel UNDECIDED Here a guy whos la r and square One Ike hmm us rnlqhly r e PHILIP LEONE IO67 Easl 94 Slrrel PHYSICAL EDUCATION TEACHER Baseball Tcam Dependable c mmendable And hnqhly recommendable ROLAND LEONETTI 866 E l 49 Slreel BUSINESS Tall Darla and Handsome WI a wlnnlnq smlle LINDA LERNER 425 Rockaway Parlr ay C lo Mrs Rosenbevq Sr ec WAVES A weeler qnrls as hard lo lnnd S es prelly wllly and Ireen ol mnd ROSILYN LESTZ 20 Ea'l 55 Sfveel LEGAL STENOGRAPI-IER anlalag Sinqi Cul. 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Mafh Team Book Rorrn Squad 0 Rasenman Mms I'Iarrnr on rms 5 rsIa Bas eI a T am Gud OR MarsIwaI ayS r I1 Du 9 L. n U be sfu es FAITH LEVINSON ISI I-Ieqefrwan Ayr AIRLINE HOSTESS 1 nq 1 ers 3 as U1 PI' an S s rr un ed I F' FSS 5 LA Surrrcun e JUDITH LEVITT R In a or RESEARCH SCIENTIST Ia cur' u r Mar a S BWI v O a 'QR 'WC' Q39 fg Q 'Y K .5 avg W-v V? 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Off: I 4 ' ' , G.O. .7 S .. Io Mrs. Cr:I'I T . R p. 5 , g 'V , MI nr, Error n e a'I, A K I II? V' I 2 ' 530 Q SIIQQI I ' ' ' I- 'A I ' 'fm A I C I I M . B , . 3 ra CII: ' -I J my Inzf. us.Z . OIT. Q ' mf, I I ' , I y-y,V . ' T rx fi ue 322 S ei C4 he 'n y dlrecfffrn, jx , V5 Hg s. a rug d nf, nd O I , , AIW pre I3Inq H , e 5 k 0 , ' TIII3 is TIIden's BIond o ban ll II In A I7 O 05 e,. 7 'J' ' 9 BTW SQ-3 Bio, Sq.: C . II I' ' I 1 G.O.'OII. - .7 B k Sqg Sei. In M . Q ,N 7 Q' K A V 4 I ' . u 0 I . , IINCI , ' k y 6 ' fi 9' 1 W . s ' qi. 3 Y rv ' D Y B ' EI' 7 A ce C67 f lil BW' 4 A X sr ., Pe. off. CI 1 ChEQV' F5112 r c mdw lc, d, Q 'QSVZGY 3 l.S ,t 'Lbrfy , -- '54, I C 2. S .1 eo. Orr. Acesdmf 1 ' 3 , If I S. . ' 4 ' He I i I I I if p, W Nc' YI 5I'IeIs re II d fI'I Icp. 404 J Sireef M8 E 5 Sheet Bank Srcret Caf. s' lg I Sqg f , Q . . I VN V Bank Sq.: Sr, S-PQ4 --1' ' T ' I ' 9 9 I I ace, 5 5 a 'Eng II-, QR 6 ie ' TI r' ah ' I7 ' A qIrI Iike he kes I'fe w Y IIIIe. A Espd. 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Marshals reu Fred Sq Lrbrary Sq Audro Vrsuar Ad Sound Sq Luke Washrnqion He slepf here' HARVEY SCHLACKMAN 37 Amory S COMMERCIAL ARTIST Gym Leader Lreuf MarshaIs Arie d ance Offrce Losf and Found Depf He aIways wears a qrrn so large He qrves rhe dassroom qurfe a c arge EILEEN SCHLENKER IIS5 Schenecfady Avenue PSYCHIATRIST Airendancc Sq S C To Mrs Frres Mr andra Mr Meyer M SaIzman r rv s a YcnrInorI: fa q Ow Tennrs VoIIeyoaII Cuos reaI weII q wrfh Iaulrs qurie e A pleasrnq manner and charrnrno To KAREN SCHNALL 39 Easf 5 STree+ JOURNALIST Sec Io Mrs Fuller Mrs Byrne Mr Sed man oo rers a ars a E n ef Tcprcs S mg rens ru o s bu There more I menrron er arns an oo merr1 affonfron RICHARD SCHNEIDER 202 Eas? 58 Shed ENGINEER Maih Team Arrsra Arrsia Coach A rs a asIcerbaII Team o Bar Squad Prog Comm Sec To Mr Garf Mrs Zrmmerman He has more cIubs Ihan a Caveman Sevenfy-eighf QS -.4-H 'Q mv" 5-., 86 'I-R 'vm-1 I SAM SCHNEIDER 7 Ea? 3 MUSIC TEACHER Bard Sr Orches ra an e Band S Sung Foorball and No? rob sharp nor foo a Jus a reaI cooI ca? AUDREY SCHNEIDMESSER 263 Eaf 7 Srre TEACHER Sec To Mrs Ghxman Boosfers GO Ohrce Mr-gr Program Comm S Sr q GO Rep ms s charmrnq CEv r an sweer e yo care fo rn LEONARD SCHRIFT asf 6 r ELECTRICAL ENGINEER I Mu Crcss Counrry Team Track Team Concenrraf n Aqqravafror' Now ar af Graduarron JOEL SCHULMAN IOSB WIm hr Sfrcef SCIENTIST Lrbrary Sw mmrnq Team Hell succeed some day Because I hs lrkeable srncer w ELLEN SCHWARTZ 590 Remsen Avenue UNDECIDED T be precrse she s very nrce EUNICE SCHWARTZ 728 Remsen Avenue TEACHER S c I Mrss Flanagan Mr Penrecorvo Mrs Ro enberq Mrs FuIIer Gee Cub wnnrrq rnrle a helprnq a A charmrnq q I e Ihrnk shes qran GLORIA SCHWARTZ S Br +oI Str ef TEACHER c ro Mrs Byrne Mrs Zreferf a arshaI arshal S Srng Program Comm hes sweei wrrfy ul o un AII good rhrnqs roIIed rnIo one HARRIET SCHWARTZ 72l EGM' 52 Sfreef LEGAL STENOGRAPHER Set. to Mr. Berlfrr, Mrs, Jdiber, Mfr Zuckerman. Mrs. Marcus: OW Cha, Sec. Caf. MdFiklG,f Bowrfrrg Club: Gym Leaq er: Sr. Sing: Arlsfat Arfsfa Cheer. Sq. Yearbook Repg Yearbook Sec, Sraff. Charming, Cheerfuh and very sneer, Brown hah, bme eyes, ard very neah lrwie-Iiqenf akf ard fu'l ff pep, Oue Q what! l'r1 Yearbeek Rep. M ELVYN SCHWARTZ QOI4 Averue A LAWYER Bio. Squad: L?brary Sq.: Preg. Cqmvr. rr rn re Mr e ns k d by ever es an UU ARLENE SCHWARTZBERG 9 5 TEACHER e fers ns? Mus Mars a cha rn s a rrrrwrrwo rr Ar er r-a PHYLLIS SCHWARTZ lO35 Cark rw v LEGAL STENOGRAPHER fnq Otf 5 C r s eff as rv s GILBERT SEIDNER 36 E 1 58 SH DLNTIST ro quad 1 Squa Kemper C 6 MARTIN SEIGEL 5 R rr' v CWVIL ENGINEEP afur m e rn' fi P n STEPHEN SERLIN 56 Sfre DOCTOR r a rr wwr Teafrv Prru am C rr Y' p Lcray Sqea 1 ra a 3 rcu '1 e u a J, 'HSN r 9 Na '93 ,v di -me x --5 WL. P 735 if '19 9' Q R , 3 en' VA ARTHUR SHAPIRO 407 Easr 54 S?ree+ ENGINEER Boys' H, Ed. Off. He has The blueprlnr for auCc-'S. GEORGE SHAPIRO 45I Ea,+ 52 SM--e' OPTOMETRIST Marshal: Arr Monifori Blackboard Monr- for. Ofqe WCTTT Q VO 5 very QF95 sheck Wrven we see he s a prormnervf doc JUDY SHAPIRO E sr 56 Sire f JOURNALIST Sec fo Mr Sfambfer Mrs Sckvlackrrlan Avendance Of? Swrrclwboard Operafor Jr Snrq Gym Leader harm b a rs and wfrw q foqef er We are sure Judy WIN have Them forever MORTON SHAPIRO 597 Easr 95 Sfreer DENTIST To puli the ffuofh fhe whole foo! N fhrnq but We foorh ROBERT SHAPIRO lO3O Ocean Avenue DOCTOR Sfudenf' Mgr Afhlefncs Phofographer or Top cs C pf Fred Sq Sr O use Sq Ars+a Bask +baH Team To be crec se he S very rice STEVEN SHAPIRO 5473 K rvgs nh PHARMACIST arsas Bo Sq Marsa mq GO Re Gym Leader LF quard d e more s wen we say kv fer PHYLLIS SHATNOFF 56 Snyd r Av UNDECIDED darc M s Grard Ha r r Gaf D a a A G O Mars a rr E 0 r-rm w :rg ur Yearo G as Day Src 1 a my me Hg:-nf ef a rfarrw Dblif '7 G GPU req o emo k fha? day Sevenfy mne LEONARD SHENKER ENGINEER quad Sec r e IS s qel alwea cause he addr w evcrl T? 45-0-1 ALAN SHERMAN 843 Saralcfxa Ave ur: UNDECIDED n e an unc: Gud cepr S U WI W d SDO I I e a 5 5 VYTU ILIGFI CELIA SHERMAN 4722 Srycxr. f I TEACHER S C 0 erlxn Mr A man s rand M a er M a z Slwames Mrss Dpyle Swlclwbd p Library A u la All Or Red rss 0 O rl Wu I1 leacner Ike Cel a "If T e krds wnll never wanl lo oraduale PAMELA SHOEMASTER I03O Wlllmrullr Slreel BUYER In PTFQ CFTTYTT CC Srlwwarlzbaclw Locker Marshal Book Rrn 0 s plu b anns s wha? s o L e Pep ll lwlls lhe s or EDWARD SHOLLAR 686 Ho a d Aven ENGINEER L brary Squad Mar lwal rqlwl yeunq rnan an every I e a suc rne a MICHAEL SILBERFINE 36 Eal 96 Slreel BUSINESS C Marslwa GO Rep Lb Sq yrn Leader Zoo? suul reel pleel rh flue qlrls Ile canl De DLG I ANITA SILVER Eal 9 Sl 1, SECRETARY Book Ro m Supply Room en wl e Iver go wlllw lne r her oss I1 on ol besl Erghly CAROLE SILVERMAN S d ADVERTISING PRODUICTIQN Q Sr e s der- I o w n er u or ome s s ZELDA SILVERSTEIN Easl 49 S TEACHER Lbray q e IQ Pr rn e S C I Brod ky Laucklnfq a ys a I Very s eel e lrcfnely cl ver FRANKLIN SIMON PHYSICIAN I A sla rrnn Arlsla C ack nn Tenn wlrn lup Ed Erennlw Ncwspap 5 su rec over relu Von Braun e CGVTT RONA SIMON 96l7 TEACHER Oler Ornkr Cullrnq 1 03 I a Pep posse personallly SHEILA SIMON 204 Leql BOOKKEERER Treas OIT Cl Booslgr rscnally 5 gllmr llke Slwella lvar r SHEILA SIMOWITZ 9 2 A enue A COLLEGE Co Capl Beosrers Slnq GO ep m Leader Sec lo Mr K n rl Mr Ferqenlsaurn Mr Cry a Rosenman Mr Fuller A lovely package lllled wlh pep A clweerlul qrl whose really lnep CAROLE SIMPSON I93 Sl Jolms Rlac BIO Cl-IEMIST nlala Arvsla Bro Sq Cal Mar a Sec ro Mr Garf Mrs Rcsenrnan M Srnqer Mr Berlnn Carole IS an ambmous ass 9 ol Ilne EZVIQITIGSI r' rne Cla 5 3ll Easf 9l Slrw-' W A' 5603 " er A.erue Lib, S ': .lg M . Rdnii' wo. Bo k cr 7 Sei. rg Mr. Sol I' S' 3. H ' UYO lf d. Full O lrollc, lul lrun, Be :an G nal- A 's said. 1 , 4. A Q d I I ' I for -, Cnc' fr. YJ .fam fy , f A 433 . 'feel Sr. Band: Da Q B d: S' V: I . Re' 1 r S .: Ge Club' Oll. Cl. S:-Q.: - S'nK: C R p.: r. News: Se . f Mr. Al' I Il cf lun 'lln a s ell I slew 5 I TI'v re- Um lf lh I Ile' a Tllden I' Iwa- I Ilfnd e-fer, r I 'll Avy 12 SUI Snyder A.fnu2 e. I Mr. ', . y , Mif , gi B'o. Sq.: LEE. Sqg Exp. Blr.: rf Y- G , rs. H Q , r. S Il, Mrs. v Ch . ' Q ' K: I5 T' : . 4 1 I 1. Oar.: . 4 V S' .C ': . 4 er. ' Sq.: r's 7 . lf: C 2 s ' -- .5 In all In E' ls 9000, ld iay, V I.: 6... R,p. -V V' Ca I, :lv g:.n lwls way. Al a , I P I , I ' ., Avenue ll S' QI 1 . C. .Z S . IO Mr. Q Bo s fl: ,j ' Oil: . : It . .f f 3 Th "Rs" Ill lwer 0 T, Lck s r' i lwels q I. ' , ' , A , 'k s'-s I , ' IT I I 'T ' 4 ' 6 p .. I . vf V IJ: I . 'Cn Sveel i 3 s . I A 'I , . .1 --1. A bl f, ' vway, 6. Re I , weel and kind, He'I surely E Cow. I d y. f An: - ' ' I. d ll End. 'sf-f ir' I ii 2 2 A 2l v al. lg . . .3 I. .16 In . A . f 3 ' : . . R. .: . '. 9, ,'.'5 '," .., Gy : . , ah , Mr. I . I '. ' , 'V B Il., . I , 5. sl I, Mrs. . me .v.,,. ,..,. A . I M . I . 280 z I rear ' I , I e . f : L . Ca : ' :V ' . .: , slr lq Tild il 5 e ' GSI. at . . , . , rs. Bu? In will find er e llwe ' , . ' . I On A i. 'I s. DOLORES SINGER 675 Linden Bfuulevard DENTAL I-IYGIENIST Sec. M Mr. MeII's, Mrs. Er'es, Mrs. Cohen, Miss Doyle, Mrs. Bards. Mrs. Selden' Lorqfellow Cheer Sq Bnslcfr u ee u In Gym Lea er Cap+ Volleycal Teen- Yearb Ir p arm no sweef ard ref Io s me a AIS Nays a Ive Q Y u que sed I Im yearbcolr r p JOHN SISTI I407 Rem J OLLEC-E Always cheerIuI I ll of vlm We wr I1 There ere more I e um DONALD SLATER ADVERTISING ARTIST rn Leader B T Iearr pr Marshals Capr Arr q In I-Iouselreeper GO Alf res Donne hes a w Inq a a e To dra Monroe Bardot and Oracle JOEL SLOBIN 7 Av mu AERONAUTICAL ENGINEER Cal Marshal ere 0 e e me er ea W 0 wnll make a Irrwe enfgrruee HOWARD SMITH E r 9 re MUSIC TEACI-IER and an e an rwq e 0 rwq Mu C racfrve pepula mr Ihafs ra We fhrnk Thus boy beyrwd omparc MICHAEL SMITH c8I8 Af hue ACCOUNTANT Band Lal Squad a d e rrray y We lug? Carr? Imfdc a regular 7Jy MARVIN SNYDER T rv PHYSICIST apr SN T cm A r 6 r Oar Yzra e s fa .va u fa awe r arenf 'nm fi 1 .1-f' 3 if-" 50 ff M W 1 Y-f" Y .-5 y .-gg 'Q JOE SODIKOFF 300 Easf 52 SIreeI CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT Secrefary To Mr. Kenner, Mrs. Fuller. Because Joe is such a swell quy. We Icnow hls rareer will qo sky high PHYLLIS SOLOMON IIO7 rr x Road NURSE L Dfdfy Sq Topucs Cub Serv N-ce perscrwalrfy cneerful expressron J ell e The nursm proIessron RONALD SOLOMON 52 Easr 57 Sfree HISTORY TEACHER Dependable commendable I-lrqrrly recommendabIe SHELLEY SOLOWAY SOI Lnden Boulevard LEGAL STENOGRAPHER CI Se Record IO e lots of C eer A bl of m choef and Shelleys fnere VINCENT SORENA 703 Easl' 94 Srreef CONSTRUCTION ENGINEER eg To Mr Kenner Bmflrnq Team I-Ins qulef manner and plea q Deserve much cred? and lots ol presse DIANA SPARACIO 5l2 Easl 53 free? PRIVATE SECRETARY a OFT GO Rep Cal ar srma Mrs er? rr orrwb nafron un an ays n d her MARSHA SPECTOR 'H 9 Sfr LEGAL STENOGRAPHER M s G c harrw rg ar' r' Eighly-one BERNICE SPERBER a TEACHER Marshal Sec To M Tau I rary Sq :ng Spam Newspaper OO Olr Arsfa Marha Her qu el manner and pleasmg way Deserve rnurh cred? an lols of pras ROSLYN SPERBER A e tl ll SECRETARY S c lc Mrs Soan Neal and sweef Hard lo beal SYDELLE SPITZ 396 Rockaway Parkway CHEMIST Calelera Marshal Culhng Olfnce S C lo Orcheslra Sung lnslrurnenlal Musr Gym Leader Bowl ng Club GO Rep Brology Squad Coarh Arrsla Program Comm GHlCI6l Class Presrdenf Charm posse rnlellugence and grace Added lo lhese a prelly fa e HARRIET STAHL 568 Easl 96 Sheer PSYCHOLOGIST rama Soc GO Rep Sung Q r rrsla r Caravan Canla a Sec To Mrs Rosenberg Mass Segal M s Koslovsky Sprung Concerr Guld R cepr Arnsla Coach Yearbook Rep rn pre clever and hep guess lhal rsnf r U 9 Yearbook Rep JEFFERY STARK 0 Ea lern Park a CHEMIST ec lo Mr Rogovrn Mr Meyer pam Newspaper Prog Comm Sung Hrs formula are up lo par oy w l really go ar ELAINE STEIN 382 Amboy Sl eel MODEL ec To Mrs Bernslern Mr Melrs a Marshal Sung Blonds are dizzy they may clamor B l here s one wlh lofs l glamour ARTHUR STEINBERG 50 East 53 Sl el ENGINEER en Mgr O ore Pho o oprcs Swm Tearn Tennls earr A :ner enorneer There wrll never e Of lh m su e al aoree Erghly fwo diff 6' uw 19.9 'Q' is CYNTHIA STEINBERG 7 Chu: h A en ACCOUNTANT ec r Br Mlss Camppe o Sfore Cal Marshal Marshal Yearbook e Chzrmrnq cufe and full ol pep DQ me somelhrnq lm Yearbo k Rep JONI STEINBERG E l 59 Slre ELEMENTARY SCHOOL TEACHER All OH Curhnq Oh' G-yrn Leader Srng Sec fo Mass Chrnnery Jon s the reason w y Oemlernen Prefer Blondes SUSAN SELTZER 20 Easl 59 Slreol ELEMENTARY SCHOOL TEACHER Lbrary Sq Lale Sq Prog Comm Sec Mr llon M r r rc me eel sparking and exculrng JUDY STEINBERG IZ37 Easl 89 Slreel CLERICAL WORKER c lo Mrs D le Ban As everyone can see She s as nrce as nrce can be GERALD STERN 9427 Klnqs Hqhway LABOR RELATIONS rc Concert Masler Ari Edr or a s c o e h Hos nal r Book Edllor No specral claim lo fame Bur one grand fellow rusl lhe same NORMAN STERN 53OI Snyder A enue ELECTRICIAN u ply Sq rn lee u wrm T am Jr Band OO ep A Iashrnq smlle dark brown curl emamber hrs name and address grs NORMAN STERNLIEB 9302 A enue B ClVlL ENGINEER B n nsl Music Normres a woman haler He hales lo pe wrlhoul 'rhem DAVID STILLMAN 5406 Bevery Road LAWYER Slaqe Squad Sound Squad Marshal GO Rep Bank Squad Book RGOVT1 Hes a Ieadmq sfudenf He leads fhe class when Ihe Dell rn g MICHAEL STOLLER B 2 Av nuo A ELECTRICAL ENGINEER Arusla Malh Team Tenms Sq A sa Bas elball Team Arnsla Coach Ed Arnsloman I Marshal J n Sunq ec I M Brusm Gar M Porneranfz Prog Comm GO Rep Bank Rep A fellow wllh lofs of vrm and yllallly ol lo ment on a swell persona My BEVERLY STOPPICK I39 Easf 53 ref BUYER GO OH AH Off Swlchbd Oper C o rs rnes Mass Do e rs Se den Cufllnq OH: A wmnunq srnnle upon her ace She onshrufes charm and grace ROCHELLE STRACKMAN 28 Easf 59 Sfre MEDICAL SECRETARY u Img Sq S c To Mrs Byrne Mrs Selden Glee Club Canlafa AH Orl Sung Cal Marshal en w see her qo wulh The res her boss ll llnd her one o fha esr MARCIA STRAUSS 5945 Shore Park y LABORATORY TECHNICIAN B n Sec Io Mr SC orr Klnd qenlle and sweel T e knd of gurl you wanr Io meel STAN STRAUSS 4 Par vl Ave CIVIL ENGINEER ra y Sq Bloo rr Sqn Q Orchesfra Drama Soc ery A cever boy qrea? I meer ne wut whom you ani Corrpg PAUL STUTMAN Ea'f 56 S .J DENTIST a e Sq.: Re enls Rewrding fm .. Aisfa: Capl. ArEsIa Baskefball T, . Is dl , C u. ,ver ' I"s a shame 'here aren Y more l'ke lim MILLIE STUTO I457 Easl 96 Slreef SECRETARY Rep ank ep Or C res Assf Mgr GO Sfore Deans Oh' Sweel' charmmq and dependable oln ng about I Ie a :sn ommendable EVELYN SUMTER l469 Parnlnc Slreel NURSE Eoofball Band Sr Orch Sung Sprnnq Concerl Marshal Gym Leader Sweef personality honesf and Irue Shes of good quallly and youll agree oo IRWIN SUSSMAN 5623 Tnlden Avenue TELEVISION TECHNICIAN Cafeferna Marshal Sec Io Mrs Rosen oerq Mall Rm Never QUISI never shy Always n the public eye' GLADYCE TARLOW 262 Easl 55 Slreel' BOOKKEEPER c r oss D Kolodn Kahn Mrs Jullber Cal Marshal Boosl e Ing Wnfh her prelly face and mlsly eyes oys walch our :I youre wise FRED TEPPER 7I8 Easl 3 Sfree TEXTILE SALESMAN Marshal Sung GO ep Praclnce praofuce praclxce And Ihe rs sfll sfep under my ee MILDRED THOMAS lB39 I: Ton ree NURSE q mm n S C +0 r Vollpyhal Club Gym Leader lnlellqenf popular lull 5 pep nes n good th the yearbook rep ARNOLD TISCHLER 39 Ea'I 49 ree JOURNALIST Lbrary Sq.: Marshal: " Team, s -7 guy, hard Io beat 'fer an youll never -ra . Eighly-'rhree FRANCES TOLAND 88 rr Jllyn Avenue SECRETARY arshal Sen or nq A secrefary she w II be Slflnq on The boss nee lleyball Club ROY TOLCHINSKY Lenox Road BANKER Marshal Eoolball Track Teams Bur you ve qol lo pass me lm on lhe leam ELLIOT TREIBER 155 lrrrf CHEMIST Orc eslra Lrbrary Squad Trac cam Cal Marshal Slnq rn Leader Arl Squad Drama Sorlrly I slrurnenlal Musnc Musrr Conccrl Lork er Marshal Sr Class Vlce Presldenl When hes nol near lhe qnrl he loves I-I loves lhe qrrl hes near JAMES TREZZA 75 Easl 5I Slreel PHYSICIAN ro Comm Arusla Arasla Caac Marshal Sec lo Mr Garl On Jlmmy a rose we Il pun Because hes qornq lor meduclne LEONARD TRUSHLOWSKY 74 E sl QI Slreel CHEMICAL ENGINEER Frrendly always aclove ever Wally loo and decudedly clever L' JOAN TUCCILLO Easl Sl Slr TEACHER Sq a ars a ns a Arl la Coach Sec lo Mrs Slernhardf D K ony Mr arf Pro Comm Inq Sweel popular and very clevcr Please Joanne remain lhal way forever RENE TUCKER SIO7 Tllden Avenue COMPTOMETRIST Cullunq Squad Glee Club Owl Cla ec ec lo Mr Gerslem Ms Rosen man Always happy always qay In rur opnnlon shes OK E.ghly lour 'Q' Q15 Dr -Q-N, Rr? GARY TUCKMAN 562 Easl 93 Slrecl PSYCHOLOGY Presldenl ol Lonqfellows Chairman Vol Jewush Chronlc Hosprlal for Lonqlellcws Execulrve Board ol GO S c lo Mr Garl Bc Squad Beard rl Gcvernor s a y man Gve pralse wlrcre a e Gary nonc deserves ll mrrc rlrnly lnan SUSAN TURBIN 744 Easl 53 Slreel TEACHER Marshal Sec To Mrss Sheerln M Zack Mrs Cohen Bcolc Room Nurse Alde Senlor Sung In French we say vous eles pellle ans n you re sweel JOSEPH UNGER Dflrf PHOTOGRAPHER ound Squad Vol T Slnq Sprlnq Ccncerl SWIVYTIUITII Lam Fleld Squad rcerlul ce aways CIITIDI d ubl ce s come wa GLORIA USLAN 483 Easl 93 Slrcel SECRETARY T Iden s own lreclrle laced culle JOSEPH VACCARO 96 I COMMERCIAL ARTIST Foolball Team A commerclal arllsl Joe l C U O TCW 5 Fil DOMINICK VALENTI 860 Elallands A cnue ACCOUNTANT GO All Cal Marshal peasanl boy we I :Ice wel I whom we a e no laulls lo tcl AUGUSTA VIGGIANO 56IO Earraqul Road NURSE O CI Sec Gym Leader S c T Mr Cohen Never loo lured lo help never 'oc lxred lo smrle Heres a personalrly lhal wnll never qo ou? ol slyle STEVEN WAGMAN IO3O WnIImoIwr SIreeI COMMERCIAL ARTIST 1rsI1aI S C Io Mr orrs raw prdure s 6 'I In ow Inc I o Q Irmdmon ALLEN WAGSHUL E I rr ENGINEER in q Ir r Mar I'11I m I"IPaIIIw ery C Q nmneerunq we Iwope In name I Q I share OI Iufure am LINDA WALLACH 309 E I Ir: BOOKKEEPER s Rry s r- 1 precrse " Se very nl e PHYLLIS WALSKY S STENOGRAPI-IER CI1 ec C M ss Sweer ep ee S ua P S ng CII raI Leader PreIIy 1Iways cnarrnunq ever Ify d merry e I v PEARL WARSHAW 562 Rockaway Parkv ay BUYER Tw rers ng ur PearI IS charmrnq and weI aIIrred A TIden T er I Ice adm re ALAN WASSERSTEIN 603 East 94 r ENGINEER Rar'ra'nen? d Cum Marshal r Ia sfna 3 Li a :gr e u? a II psy JUDY WEBER IO32 RaIpn J TEACHER Glee CIuc Arusfa Coach Cap C u d Ca eferra Ifce Sor n 1 r erI COC mms oner S QT Y f 'Q S JOYCE WECHTER II85 EasI 8 SIreeI PRIVATE SECRETARY Ser Io Mr PonIecorvo Mrs DnIIer OII CI Sec Yearbook Rep un I eauIy :num qrare A neaf IIII package II'1aIs really ep 0 Ihe Ib ng an you an see Im Ilne Y arbook e SHELDON WECKER 415 Easf 54 SIreeI ENGINEER E OILHII Team SIaqe Squad LonqfeI owe enror Inq ep r Mander Talden Topucs Sensor Cass Pres Heres a quy w ose per naIIIy rafes s weIIaIced by all cassm MARTIN WEINBERG I477 CarrcII Sfreef LAWYER Student Mnqr or Foofball Team Mar s a e Ire ur Iund Ihe defen an? 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PAUL WEINER 647 East 96 Srreei' UNDECIDED Im Team Marsha GO p Ambrrcus hone? and s ncere Hes sure To have a successful areer MICHAEL WEINGARD 639 Easf 94 Sfreei ENGINEER :I Marsrras cnqfeIIvvs Tree anqf rows Cap of FofIbaII Team Tfifk GI' 0 p T IU unf cr uar Mom? r e or a ne oe 10 Irs and bra ns Wlnar rnu I6 BRENDA WEINMAN EasI 91 rf- SECRETARY Q Mr Ge en Cuff ra Sq C ern usrry q Bank appy Q wrfty and r rerra rl ElgI'1Iy Ilve HARVEY WEINSTEIN 9422 Av nu UNDECIDED nncer Quy Is ard n RITA WEINSTEIN Easl 49 Slr SOCIAL WORKER Glee Club Secretary 'ro Mrs Rosenman Blonde harr and peaches complexron Heres a qrrl lor Ihe qlamor sechon WILMA WEINSTEIN SI4 Rockaway Parkway AMERICAN HISTORY TEACHER Jr Orch Glee Club Jr Band Secre Iary Marshal Musrc Concerl Dance Chanrman Arlsfa Cal Marshal Cure and sweel a lovely mass ycanfallqrs ke I BURTON WEINTRAU8 369 Leqron Slreel UNDECIDED Sec Io Mnss Grand A ellow really nlce Io now Always ready and on Ihe qo JACK WEINTRAUB 376 Easl 94 Slrerl BUSINESS Marshal I9 Frsher aruso and Jackie Wernlraub SHERMAN WEISBROD 5 Easl 5I Slreel UNDECIDED Track Team Chemrslry Sq Marshal Oulslandlnq scholarship Irne characler oo Success has se ved nolace Ihal In hm shall lake roof JOSEPH WEISMAN II29 Wrllmohr Slreel UNDECIDED Bro Lab lnslrumenfal Musuc Orches ra Drama ocuely AI Cfy Ra Workshop Book Monulor Glee Club Wesflnqhouse Sclence Club Treasurer Olfrcral Class ere couldnt be Two wrse Men r I world So Krnq Solomon dned Enghly sax is 'Q-sex fig , as .KKK 33' is I 'R' JANET WEISS 46 I E sler Ayenu ELEMENTARY SCHOOL TEACHER ooslers Gym Sec rshal Sec Mass Elanaqan Many qood qualnlres In her combrned Sweel and cute and so rehned JERRY WEISS 843 Saraloga Avenue UNDECIDED Varsrly Baskelball Baseball Harder ro calch Ihan a waulers eye ne swell and regular guy STEPHEN WEISS 46 Easf 93 Slreel ADVERTISING Marsha Glee Club Senor Slnq ephen a boy whos IO'rs of n A s cry well lrked by everyrne. 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M - I V' 7 'r I ' 3 5 1 'r 1 Is -I 1.l M 'q h 3 I l I IT - I Joy Is I e kind oI girl you'd li Io H' l ' V I Is A . ' , 1 M1 ' H ' ' I ll, ' .G I. E ' A q ' lad ' h , ' if I II W, e e . CAMERA SHY 'HIRLEY CONYARD ROSE MACAGNONE ALBERT DAVIDSON ARLENE WEINER JOHN GORKLO A UTOGRA PHS 'Aifk , UN 'YH' A U TOGRAPI-IS ETI -gg! 1 W awo 4WQb 4 og :H 0 UP f, 5'1l!l fi- All imnnw lm! in ulxuukw, lfuwfu. js an IHMHHF' 3 J 1:1 I I I 7 Q 1 'Wx 1?O'4 a 003' 46' 4 lin :ff Qj,.H,4.JLc3'x 'fn -fi 'it37?G2 QAi2 f 1f I., -,gj ,,. Q 'A Z H 1 ml ' CH 4 , '5.15 Tl 531 1- L yhqb. - . .f,4 ,f.,,,, qg-'Ty fi f , M Q W u ' f,--i.f f , Piieifyi :if X I 4 P-5-Yu ! ii- NN' ' 'i ,I 7 Eu,-,t,,,3, A -W , +5 L.. M' f f ' mx I' 0. 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LHQTUIII PRESS Im: Letterpress Offset Pnnters 33 Flatbush Avenue Brooklyn I7 Ulster 8 2500 SINCF 191a we have been smrun hugh schools and colleges of Greater Yew lork W'e lake pride ln haung at your eruce our QUIT of expert lvpogrdpher .xrll ls and 'ldu urs Printers of the Clussnc llql fllflll Cl0l1ll lL 3 .A rw -fu 2 -QE: lm Ninety twr .- z.. ...4 0 ,N.Y. 'H-My J ' '.' Pi- l'l I Z -I lliVlNl Ll'l W AK F e Tlden te Class of 1954 Q Fl IAN HUMES ly Del EAST 88th STREET ca d AVENUE B B ookly N Y Job Pho GL l 9883 Y Y 7 . 1 orm r i i , IIICSIIQNER - Bl'll,lll'1R-CRl'l,Vl'0R ol 2 Fumi uxe Homes r n, . . ne: - HYacmth 3 6052 3 5982 BU 4 0100 PAUL GALLERIES Orrgrnals Reproductrons Graduation Photos Autograph Albums Drploma Covers 336 NEW YORK AVENUE BROOKLYN N Y UTICA SPRING WHEEL ALIGNMENT AND BRAKES INC Auto Sprmgs for Any Make Car or Truck 1431 UTICA AVENUE Brooklyn N Y N ety fc . h ' I I .. . . . 0 , . . 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