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x , x 1. 1 - 3. 'TQ ..-n -...A ..n- -- s - .LI elf -.- N..u A. .-. ,5- J- J- ..S TJ ,.., -A : 1 il. .,. .Sri W., ... ,.. -. -K ,1 . LT .Lx -.1 R , .J IT! .-. .L K . "T L L, 4 LA 41 A4 4 I . -' 1 Q Q ! P i V r l -1- f SAMUEL J. TILDEN HIGH SCHOOL 5700 TILDEN AVENUE ff' 35 . CLASSIC iful 1 . INTROSPECQIL gQNf I K ' I S Y P74 lv of V U: r nafive regions l forefell Fro whaf I feel af fhis farewell Tha wheresoe er my sfeps may fend And hensoe er my course shall end My sou will casf fhe backward view T e ong g look al Wordsworfh Wai Wandering fhoughfs a glimpse af fhe pasf a giff fhan all ofhers are fhese fond remembrances Lucky a pasf is filled wlfh happy memories Lucky are we who Tilden days among our sfore of memories We shall offen find ourselves among fhe warm surr undmgs l A hl 0' vu- s Vs E 3 X 1 ' I . . . 5 I I '-.F 'n . '."' Ul' . ' . of our loyous youfh when we revisualize a familiar face and ec faifhful friend: when we find ourselves on a hard bench in icy foof- ball weafher screaming for a fouchdown: when fhe nervous gnawing in our sfomachs before an exam resurges fhrough our being: when fhe gay music of a school dance floafs in fhe air and brings wifh if a fender memory: when a word of praise from a feacher crops up and we swell wifh pride as we did fhen: when a vision of fhe momenf fhaf we sfole a glance af our parenfs' faces as we received our diplomas, appears before us: when fhe shivers climb as we hear a familiar sfrain of fhe Alma Mafer. Yes, in fufure years, we shall revisif fhese days over and over again. We shall long fo refurn, buf know if is a parf of fhe never fo be regained pasf. Buf fhere is always fhe memory: fhe indelible impression. and we shall be fhankful for our wondering fhoughfs. BARBARA BARLIN ,. .- rf" ," '-'iifyh H . r l I . .. me l- . It 1 1 ,A ., 4 - 1 5, Ts, ,s V. - r as 11.1 - ell ' . ' . - ', ".- .'-. I .1i'-"w"'f.'- '. -f -r 1- ,f H-Iig5'.f'7"'5", I' .', 1, --s"-'J 'g wx- 1 4516, V .-'F' '- ' , ,L-., .- ...,-'1 frlfsynv - new , ggivpjzfb 'v' ,,,j.s- ' "U-,155-'.1,s.a:7' 5 1 .S UUR PRI CIP SPEAKS lil 1 'LP Xlrf . Cf-Pa'-',I:n7,2:li5ff' . Z I gr.. e 1952: fhome "Infrospec1'ion" an 'io see how you have grown your desflinyemay lead. No in many dire'cfions-ar+is- abiliiy fo rhink arnically and expression: vocaiionally ' n in. 'self-confrol, in consciousness. ?Bu+ have and build a be++er greafesi' ,social chea+ how fo sfop +he on- which isideierm- mind of man? Are Asrevailing by Kluxers, and oihers? Are Q fiilgu-Nsllyll-QI power disarmament +o io work- consfrucifvely for peace' and pleniy by making you prepared 'lo make free- and 'ihe ,Founding Falhers con- ceived i'I',ifJi'ving reali'l'y7 l Have youi-logked a+ yourself criiically enough +o be able +o sfaiqypu cinhface 'ihese problems iniel- ligen+ly, socially and lrliflfconfidence? Are you sure you have a solu+ion'foi- '+he problems +ha'r besei +he naiions of ihe world? l A If you are, fhere is hope for humanify and for 'fhe emergence of a greai' new world 'I'ha+ will harness 'Phe afomic Energy 'foriconsirucfive purposes dom., as and peace insfead of for war and desfrucfion. l am coniidenl, young America will lead fhe world fo greaier produciion, fo peace and plenly for all mankind. ABRAHAM LEFKOWITZ Mosf young men and women of ambifion are in consfanf search of somefhing fhaf will help fhem on fhe road fo success. Such aid is found in many ways and fhrough many persons. lf may come fhrough friends, chance acquainfances, books and formal educafion and fraining. lf may fake fhe form of wise advice, searching crificism and disinferesfed appraisal of characfer. lf may be free or boughf and paid for. If may be amafeur or professional. If may be found in fhe lives of greaf men, in a casual anecdofe, in fexfboolc fheory, in everyday experience, and in fhe observafion of one's asso- ciafes. Buf no oufsider, no oufside force can wave fhe wand fhaf brings success. Fundamenfally, if is nof fo be found in ofher persons, in books or lecfures or even in observafion. Deeds, nof words are whaf puf men on fop. The successful man may gain help and inspirafion from ofhers, buf he always blazes a pafh of his own. The mosf valuable advice and analysis he ever gefs are fhose fo which he subiecfs himself. The ambifious salesman fakes a course in sales- manship. If will help him, possibly. Buf fhere is no fairy wand, and fhough a belief in fairies adds fo fhe joy of childhood, if only carries adulfs away from fhe sfraighf and forward pafh. The course in salesmanship may do more harm fhan good, if if is conceived of as anyfhing more fhan an aid fo growfh. All oufside aids are in a sense arfificial. One fallacy of experf advice, educafion, books, arficles in newspapers and magazines and fraining courses, is, fhaf no maffer how honesfly fhey are conceived and offered, foo many people consider EDITORI fhe imporfance of IS so frequenf yef search for a subsf' slow and painful pre fies success. fhese alone as a basis of 'lheir success, forgeffing . F I I I I KI I I BARBARA PEARLMAN Edifor-in-Chief CLASSIC EDITORS BARBARA MALLACE Secrefarial Direcfor BARBARA BARLIN Liferary Edifor LAURIE MUTCHNIK Ari' Edi+or LITERARY STAFF Alvin Klein Carol Kallcslein Raymond Sherman Marcia Ash Zelda Berman Robefl Spevaclc Es+elle Dinersfein Arlene Fisher Rena Mogil SECRETARIAL STAFF Adele Resnick Arlene Hammer Judy Fishman Sandra Schlosser ADVERTISING STAFF Sfanley Schwarfzberg Nesha WiHen Barry Fallis Eleanor Wicenfowslci YveH'e Trieff ,Q ART TSTAFF John TroHa Joan Fishman Sondra Bayuk Nalalie Kan+or Mor+on Fried Joan Rofman STAFF JACK SOMER Presideni' RITA ELLIX Secrefary ALVIN GREENBERG Vice-Presideni' NORMAN VOLK Treasurer Mr. Diamond Senior Class Adviser Mrs. Klein ' Senior Records Mr. Mirande Musical Direcfor Mr. Lefkowiiz Mr. Sa phier Yearbook Commencemenf Miss Grand Guidance ADVI ER Mrs. Sloan Miss Grand Dr. Koloclny Mr. Rafchiclc Mrs. Kleinberg G ID CE COUN ELLOR Miss Rivelson Mr. Mendonca 'S Mr. Lieberman Miss Cohen .x. F g ax, lf' Q Q so "Qs Miss Campbell MR. CONRAD SAPHIER Sena+e Leader MRS. RUTH CARNEY Adviser . DONALD HOROWITZ Boy Leader LORRAINE HANDLER Girl Leader Q..-.iq PROM REPS. 1 x Sm ' '01 Xm Q SENIOR COMMITTEES CLASS DAY COMMITTEE YEARBOOK REPS. SENIOR TREASURERS SENIOR REPS. SENIOR NEWS STAFF FLOWER REPS LONGFELLOWS A SENIOR CLUBS SOCIAL LEADERS CHEERING SQUAD DRAMATIC SOCIETY GYM LEADERS ZX SISTFFN I BoosTERs af! Q if Tx 'Ng .: STKEXQ I 4 In Q- X. I gb fi 3 TILDEN TOPICS ' lfll in Q ., J w -OA l',q ali , :RUSH 5 ,..f""""n .4-.- W... va. fiafs' nm umm ll lla IM : 1 5 Ili u .LQ ' 1 3- - . C ,fx i I 5 3 E 4 4 1 1 Q X UO H 4' NSW, H9 " 4,,g4,,". f : 'WTO' ii'- if Q . N 1 VN I . 1. , 25. KMA KAFAW ll' IU! 0' v Y ..4- -'Swag f 3 '-1. 114 -1: s o A? A -F1 ""-1'--1 1 Nl i L A- -v-1---'E J r ' ' A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A SENIOR Ja ex To ga or nol To ga: +ha+ was our gueslion Whelher To arise in The morning and suTTer The slings - And curses oi oulrageous busdrivers, , To avenge These lyranls and Talce a Taxi calo. To go: To sleep, perchance To dream of The mournful Droning oT The frigonomelric egualion. Tlwas a pleasure devoully To be wished. To be rulhlessly awakened 'ro The dulcel blasling Ol The gym whislle, only 'ro reenler The arms of Morpheus While we allended English 8. The pangs of plomaine poisoning, The medical room's delay, The insolence ol The marshals, The spurns of The delenlion room Made us long Tor The dismissal bell. To grunl and sweal during a Regenls exam, Wilh only The will To graduale To urge us on. Thus a diploma did malce cowards oT us all. To go or nol To go: we wenfl Well Shalned-speare adapled by Laurie Mulchnilc Barbara Pearlman GENIUS AT WORK . . . U25 Ah Mean -5 7570 FASHION PREVIEW . . . . . . AND WHAT CLASS ARE YOU CUTTING? ' "U 3 Q. s 'S ,I ' I ffl I Q Y al XX N Q, EXTRA-CURRICULAR I I HOME, JAMES!!! SPORTS AlThough during The pasT Tour years, Tilden has noT Tielded con- sisTenTly winning Teams, iT can never be said ThaT The will and spiriT To win were aT any Time absenT. Due To The ban on exTra-curricular acTiviTies, mosT oT The sporTs acTiviTy occurred during our lasT year aT school. ln spiTe oT The TacT ThaT our grid eleven was hard hiT by The ninTh Term ruling which resulied in The loss oT many sTars, we did manage To upseT Two oT The leagues Top Teams, Boys High and Manual Training. The 7-7 Tie To which we ToughT Boys High had To be Tor- TeiTed laTer because oT Tilden's inadverTenT use of an ineligible player. The l8-7 upseT oT Manual TeaTured a brillianT exhibiTion by Bush Herman, The Tlashy Blue and Gray halTbaclc. The season's highlight however, was The TradiTional Tilden-JeTT Thanksgiving Day TilT. fNTTer leading aT The halT I3-IZ, Tilden Tailed To score in The Third period while The PresidenTs Tallied once To lead I8-I3. ln The lasT quarTer aTTer The Blue and Gray had Talcen The lead once again 20-18, JeTTerson hiT "pay dirT" To lead, wiTh Two minuTes To go, 24-I8. Then one oT The mosT Thrilling climaxes in The hisTory oT The Tilden-JeTT rivalry ensued. The Blue and Gray sTaged a 65 yard march Tinally scoring wiTh a pass Trom Wolfe To CourT as only 30 seconds remained in The game. The seasons end Tound Two Tilden linemen, Jerry CourT and Howie Slossberg being elecTed To All-MeT. berThs wiTh CourT also geTTing a posiTion on The All-American High School Grid Eleven. J Q .6 ,z Vw 'Q N ,. his A Tar greaTer loss Than any game was The TransTer oT popular Coach Weidman To Seward Parlc High School. His posiTion will be Tilled by Gene Ezerslry, a new arrival To Tilden's HealTh Ed. DepT. The Blue and Gray swimming Team did noT have Too successTul a season, eiTher, as They losT 9 sTarTers by virTue OT The ninTh Term ruling. Among The squads sTrong men were Kaminslcy, Shapiro, Bressaclc and FinkelsTein, The laTTer Two were awarded berThs on The CiTy PSAL swimming Team. Among some OT The season's wins were Grady and HamilTon, while we susTained loses aT The hands oT Tech, Erasmus, JeTTerson and CurTis. The Tilden HoopsTers, all inexperienced in PSAL play sTarTed The season raTher poorly wiTh only a 3-4 record Tor The TirsT halT. Under Coach Krugman's experT handling and wiTh a liTTle experience, The Team surprised everyone, wiTh Tour sTraighT wins in The second halT. AT The ouTseT oT TryouTs, The coach reTused To accepT any Seniors so ThaT The Team would noT susTain any losses by a January graduaTion. This policy resulTed in a well organized ball club which deTeaTed Brooklyn Tech, EasTern DisTricT, AuTomoTive and WesTing- house, and Tinished The season wiTh a 7-7 record in a TourTh place Tie wiTh AuTomoTive. The Blue and Gray Tive was sparked by such sTandouTs as Shelly Pollaclc, Gil Kaplan, Bob Turpin, and lrwin Ginsberg. GT These sTarT- ers, boTh Pollack and Kaplan Tinished The season wiTh more Than IOO poinTs in The scoring column. WiTh reTurn oT exTra-curricular acTiviTies, The girl resumed Their aThleTic compeTiTion. Under The direcTion oT Miss lv1cAleer, The new girls gym deparTmenT head, many a new Temale aThleTic club was Tormed. A girls swimming club was organized, wiTh The only qualiTicaTions Tor membership being an inTeresT in waTer acTivi- Ties. The club meT once a weelc under The supervision oT Mrs. Farley and iT TeaTured periods oT insTrucTion as well as acTive compeTiTion. AnoTher popular club was The Tennis Club which pracTiced on privaTe courTs. The club, headed by lvlrs. Juliber, meT every Thursday. RAY SHERMAN X 2 .J Vi i . A 1, L- 1 i I ' n MMM.. ,I ,3f5."iE: 1 1 Q. 'F x, 5212" 4 L fiw. , .ft If Y QELQEWY e 1 IAM f' i ',,..- "' """ i Pouln l 4, li 1 l I l l I 'i ll l i 1 i i ' 0 ,XV . : s it" 4.'5"11', jimi--' :.,.1g112H11g.. :ug wr: :.2:1a2?i':l7 Y 1 gi-111-' 3 5 . - ... A . A1 1 ' A", An r -, W T Ii X K X NY. WF Each gradualing class has ils so-called celebrilies. By sell accla- malion lhere are al leasf 750 ol +ha'r illc in This class. Whelher elecled or mol, lhere are some souls, happy and unhappy-who have al' one 'rime or arwolher, sloocl in lhe lemony, 'Temporary glare of ihe senior spoflighiz Here are some who will be remembered: Jack Somer-The illusTrious Senior PresidenT has proven ThaT he can be righT and presidenT aT The same Time. RiTa Ellix-Our preTTy Senior SecreTary doesn'T have To know how To add, buT she sure can disTracT . . . Jerry Goldenberg-l-le has shown us There is one Thing wrong wiTh being The G.O. PresidenT-There is no chance Tor advancemenT. Barbara Jayne Pearlman-Our perservering EdiTor-in-Chief is ouT To prove ThaT The sTepping sTone To The "New Yorker" is The Senior Classic wiTh The help oT an ex-arT ediTor. Norman Volk-You have To be dead To geT your Tace on money, buT Normie's very much alive because he's goT his hands on iT. Joan Feiner-As The EdiTor oT Topics she has proven ThaT Television can never replace The newspaper. One can'T swaT Tlies wiTh a T.V. seT. Arlene Fisher-Tilden's ediTion of a live wire- Full of spark and always on The run. Barbara Barlin-As a lass wiTh brains, she's gone To The head of The proTessor's class- BuT as a lass wiTh class, she's gone To The head of The proTessor. Harold Reisman-l-le's an honor sTudenT and has shown ThaT educa- Tion pays-ThaT is, unless you become an educaTor. Alvin Greenberg-AlThough 5 days OT school serve To make one weak, Al sTill has plenTy oT vim and vigor Tor The weekend. Zelda Berman-A True iournalisT-She works harder Than any oTher lazy person in The world. Donald l-lorowiTz-l-le has become a successTul sTudenT by Thoroughly planning his work, and Then Thoroughly working his plan. Amy Gross-Some Tilden Tellows pursue learning, buf when Amy's around, They learn pursuing. EllioT Urdang-l'lere's The one Thing ThaT disTinguishes him Trom The resT-EllioT manages To keep awake Through The TirsT Three periods and learn also. Carol KalksTein--Carol believes in doing Things in a big way-a 6 door Cadillac, a IOOI Tail mink, and a Tall Texan oil well. Jerry CourT-Those sTuck-up JeTfersonians, Tilden did harass, When Jerry CourT caughT ThaT memorable Thanksgiving Day pass. Lorraine Handler-Lorraine is The sweeTesT Tlower-Girl Leader of ArisTa. l-lilda DickoTF-Tilclen's Trademark Tor 4 years-l-lilcla's curls. NorTon Cooper-We can sTill hear NorTy saying wiTh a puzzled lOOk-'ll-le'S 5'I lu?" Laurie MuTchnik-ln The spring a young arT ediTor's ideas Turn To ThoughTs oT . . . archiTecTure. CAROL KALKSTEIN ALVIN KLEIN fix To Tvlwiix Y' A 'r W 51331 n X E T lug vi ' S -I 25 X ' '- - f,a.,'h' 12-Qian .gms mg. W Q Q . , X rx K 'sy 2-.. .sg - . :1,?..:5v eg g? J l , d , 'T-'N-J' . ' -NL-c -rf.-T-J '.-3 g,fg.s. -. N X - xi., K K X i 9 I CLASS ARTIST Iaurie mutchrwik ASS VOCALIST sharon pollens MOST CHEERFUL CLASS IUSICIAN bob schu man CLASS CHATTERBOX CLASS NIT a . n talle greenberg bob Puderm GIRL ATHLETE tbyra schrelbe BOY ATHLETE Herman CUTEST SENIOR morty rosen BEST DANCERS sandra lapidus bernie holtzman MISS DIMPLES CLASS DRAMATIST barbara felsenstein MOST CHARNING OEPDHPB DIISK BEST URESSED GIRL barbara menken MOST VERSAIILE GIRL 8 BOY avian marvolls Harriet youner MOST CHEERFUL GIRL harriet Finkel BEST DRESSED BOY CLASS POLITICIAN alvin cho SNEETEST arlene hammer SENI CLASS ORATOR maral m coten Shelly rosenberg rbara perl LA T ILL AND TESTAMENT We, The class ol June I952, being of sound mind and body, and of a generous disposifion, do hereby, on This, Jrhe glorious occasion of our graduafion, declare lhis fo be our lasf will and leslamenl, replacing all olher hopes, wishes and muffered 'rhreals which mighf have been made during our sojourn in Samuel J. Tilden l-ligh School. To Dr. Leflcowilz we leave a round lrip liclcel 'ro Washingfon. No more Albany for us. To Mr. Diamond we leave a copy of "BlacksTone, The World's Greal- esl Magician." To Miss Grand we leave a saucer lo lalce lo fhe l-lonor Tea. To Mr. Solomon we leave a NEW Theorem Thai fwo lriangles are congruenf if lhey look alilce. To Mr. Saphier we leave an aplilude lesl for +ropical fish. To Mr. Suffenberg we leave a bolfle of Chanel No. IO-Why be half-sale? To Mr. Sallcind we leave piles of Tesfs we couldn'l' finish. To Mr. Gold we leave a ballel dancer's coslume lo fulfill his long wished desire. f: Xpxqvlfb To Mr. Max we leave a "Higher STandard oT Living." To Mr. Zahn we leave The halls ThaT our hushed voices kepT so quieT. To Mr. Juddson we leave a regular verb wiTh a regular sTudenT. To Mr. Paley we leave a ll-lersheyl bar, This Time To make him a general. To Miss McAleer we leave a washing machine and ironing board so she can do The gym suiTs To perTecTion herselT. To The MaTh DepT. we leave The square rooT oT --l, so +ha+ They won'T have To Teach imaginaries anymore. To The l-lisTory DepT. we leave a Television seT in each room, so ThaT They can Tinally Teach "Living l-lisTory." To The Economics DepT. we leave a sheaT oT valuable sTocks so ThaT a personal inTeresT can be Taken while sTudying Them. To The Guidance DepT. we leave a 48 hour day and a sTaTT oT 7,000. To The LaTe Squad we leave preTTy pink slips insTead oT The usual blue, so ThaT The sTudenTs will accepT Them more readily. To The Library we leave a sysTem by which all The books will be absorbed by osmosis, Thereby leaving Them clean Tor TuTure use as sTepladders. To The Medical Room we leave The memories oT old aches, old pains and The memories oT The many TesTs we missed while There. To Tilden Topics we leave The moTTo: "A Topic in The hand is worTh Two in The wasTebaskeT." To Mr. LeTkowiTz we leave a memorable yearbook. To PosTeriTy The EdiTors leave The Tollowing: "NOT a liTe OT ease, buT a liTe oT eTTorT, and The happiness ThaT accompanies The achievemenT and The TulTillmenT oT your hopes." In wiTness oT The above, we hereby aTTix our signaTures: ARLEEN FISHER RENA MOGIL NoTarized: Barbara Pearlman-EdiTor-in-ChieT. Approved: The Classic STaTT I TRO PECTIO We wander Through Jrhe labyrinlh of life, A half-forgollen maze of love and haie, A dream of Jrrusling failh and cunning guile, Of dark unyielding vision dawning bright Inlrospecfion . . . medilalion lnlelleclion . . . conlemplalion Gaze wilhin .... Explore lhe yawning deplhs OT +ime . . . of space. Search wi'rh sharp relenfless molivep Pry wilh piercing salienf knowledge. Hollow yoke of selfish life and Ravaged walls of greed and slrife. The skies are clear, The fulure brighl Why Taller? Then 'find your palh and use your sighlq Be guided by rel:lec+ion's ligh'r And lrusl lo beauly, a lrulh and righl. Trulh . . . whaf is lrulh? The polenl rain gulped by lhe hungry earlhq The vengeful sea-pounding The helpful sand: The grass, reaching up lo e+erni+y's child, Enfily . . . or void? I know noi, and yel l believe, and by believing Creale an exisfence of infinile powers. The fulure wai'rs, Jrhe heavens open wide So enfer Then, and drink of liTe's unlried, Don? fear . .. Draw near . . . And meer 'rhe challenge of +his endless sphere. lnfrospecfion . . . ruminafion Recolleclion . . . applicalion. ESTELLE DINERSTEIN 2 Mu F115 Y ARNOLD ABRAMOW I82 E. 93 S+. DRAFTER Arnold, nor a man of fame. ls a grand boy, ius+ +he same. Marshal. HYLA ABRAMS 204 Tapsco++ S+. G.O. Rep.: G.O. All.: "Topics": Marshal: Arisfa Coach: Sec'y To Mr. Paige, Mrs. Fuller, Mrs. Glixman: Hebrew Club, His- fory Club. HISTORY TEACHER I-Iere's one gal who'll never srop, No+ un+il she'll reach fhe +op. IRWIN ABRAMSON 682 E. 53 S+. ACCOUNTANT He always does Ihe besr he can He is indeed a gen+leman. Marshal: Bio. Squad. EVELYN ADLER l27 E. 96 S+. Program Comm.: P.M. Session Office.: Bank Squad: Bank Rep.: G.O. Al+.: Sec. +o Miss Haiblum. SECRETARY A well-dressed girl wi+h charm and grace, A winning smile, a pre++y face. SYLVIA AGI N 856 Nos+rand Ave. Hebrew Club: Executive Board, Hebrew Club: Sfudenl Ass'f Music Depf.: Senior Band: Visual Aid Squad: Sec. ro Mr. Palmenfari, Mr. lfsler, Mrs. Rogar+, Mrs. Juliber, Miss Wolin, Mrs. Anfonsen, Mrs. Hughes, Miss Bossone: Book Rep. CONCERT PIANIST She makes us laugh, She's lofs of fun, In school and music, She's number one. PHYLLIS ALEXANDER 559 Brislol S+. G.O, All.: Marshal: Sec. fo Mrs. Lincoln, Mrs. Godolsky. SECRETARY Smiling eyes, cheerful grin, Angel wi+hou+, devil wifhin. HARVEY ALLEN l7ll Slerling Pl. Class Sec'y: Band: Hebrew Cullure Club. PHARMACIST Quiet pleasani' and very clever, May he remain lhis way forever ANDREW ALPERT 633 Sara+oga Ave. Marshal: G.O. Al+.: Book Rep.: Gym Leader: Aid 'ro Mr. Gould and Mr. Greene. INTERIOR DECORATOR Wan+s To be a decora+or, and a singer on rhe side, Wi+h his lalenls in fhe inferior, Wifh his voice he shouldn'+ hide. BARRY ALTER 86 E. 53 S+. Marshal: Algebra Coach: Field Squad. PHARMACIST Fun fo be wifh, nice +o know, Tha+ is why we like him so. BURT ARKIN 220 E. 96 S+. Marshal: Library Squad: Bank Rep, PHOTO ENGRAVER We could knock him, he wouldn"r mind, A nicer guy is hard +o find. HELEN ASCHINOFF IOS E. Sl Sl. Marshal: Bank Rep.: Sec'y fo Mr. Shaw, Mr. Salkind, Mr. Zeiger: Hebrew Club. TEACHER Too Sweef +o Knock MARCIA ASH 242 Ufica Ave. Cub for "Tilden Topics": "Tilclen Topics" Copy Sail: News Edifor: l-lislory Sociefy: Execulive Board of Hisrory Sociefy: Hisfory Office, "Senior CIassic": Arisfa: Ini+ia+ion and Recepfion Comm.: Hosfel- ers Club: Sec'y fo Mr. Glassman, Mr. Muraskin, Mrs. Sheinin, Miss Rissin: Rep. +o Columbia Press Conf.: Shakespeare Forum: French Club: Scholarship Club: Pan-American Club. COLLEGE Smiling, cheerful and dependable, Everfhing abouf her is commendable. AARON AUGARTEN 5I3 Brislol S+. Scholarship Club: Ma+h. Club: Hisfory Sociefy: Aris+a: Baskefball and Solrball Teams: Lieul. of Cafeferia Marshals: Program Comm.: Rec.in Guidance Dept: Book Rep.: Mimeograph Squad: Book Room Squad: Gym Sec'y: Locker Mar- shal: Coach for Mrs. Hughs: Sec'y for Mr. Schwarrzback, PHARMACIST ln+elligen+, popular, +ruly a wi+, On +he seaf ol success, Aaron is bound +o si+. EDWARD BAKER 807 Crown S+. Marshal: Guidance Rec.: Aid +o Mrs. Bernsfein, COMMERCIAL DESIGNER Nalure made him as she should, Noi +oo bad and nof foo good. ARTHUR BARKIN 570 E. 9I Sf. Arisfa Coach: Marshal: Hisfory Sociefy: Hebrew Club: Scholarship Club: Sec'y fo Mrs. Fuller, Mrs. Fishbein. ENGINEER I-le's gof whal' if fakes fo be a huge success. BARBARA BARLIN I I7 E. 5I S+. Liferary Edifor of "Senior Classic"' Arisfa: Arisfonian: Cheering Squad: Copy Edifor of "Tilden Topics": "Tilden Topics" Copy Sfaff: Mafh. Club: Mare shal: Scholarship Club: Leaders Club: Arisfa Coaching: Senior News: G.O. Rep.: Mafh Office: Sec. fo Mr. Solomon. Mrs. Fuller, Mrs. Howiff: Book Club Rep. JOURNALISM I-lere's an all-around lass, In whafever she does, she'll always surpass. IRA BARMAK 44 E. 96 Sf. Program Comm.: Arisfa: Arisfa Coach- ing Sfaff: Arisfa Office Sfaff: G.O. AIl,: Hisfory Sociefy: Mafh. Club: Pan-Ameri- can Club: Sec'y fo Mr. Goldberg, Mr. Kahn: Recepfionisf for Mr. Saphier. CHEMIST He has a mind like a flash of lighfning- Ouick and brighf. ARLENE BARNETT 9I6 E. 47 Sr. Senior Rep.: Marshal: Coached English: Sec'y fo Mr. Greene, Mrs. Tauber, Mr. Krugman: Hisfory Sociefy. TEACHER Preffy fo The highesf degree, Wifh a radianf personalify. SHEILA BASS I59 E. 45 SI. Social Leader: Hisfory Sociefy: Bank Rep.: Sec'y fo Mrs. Bernsfein, Mrs. Tau- ber, Mr. Spin and Mr. Krugman. ADVERTISING FIELD Here's a girl who's friendly and sweef, Wifh a personality no one can beaf. SONDRA BAYUK 336 Legion S+. Arr Sfaff of "Senior Classic": Sec'y in Language Depf.: Official Class Sec'y: Sec'y To Mrs. Diller: Senior Official Class: Sec'y in Bio. Office: Bio. Lab. Squad: Arf Squad. ART TEACHER Everyday in every room, "Sunny" smiles away fhe gloom, LEONARD BEEBER 566A BFISIOI Sl. BASEBALL PLAYER Wifh all fhis service when did you find fime Io srudy? DONALD BEIN 457 Schenecfady Ave. Marshal. CHEMIST Righf now he's nof a man of fame, Buf he's one grand fellow iusf fhe same, BERNICE BEITSCHER I56 87 SI. G.O. Sfore: Cuffing Office Squad: Flower Rep.: Sec'y fo Mr. Pasner. UNDECIDED Talking and dancing are some of her ioys, Bur, Bernice is happiesf when surrounded by boys. MARSHALL BERBIT 94 Loff Ave. Bio. Squad: Marshal: Book Rep.: Foof- ball Squad: Locker Marshal: Sec'y in Gym Office. AGRICULTURAL WORK lf all fhe girls were across fhe sea, Whaikga good swimmer Marshall would e. GLORIA BERCUN 75 E. 95 S+. Hisfory Club: Scholarship Club: French Office: Sec'y of French Club: Sec'y fo Mr. Meyer, Mr. Seidman, Mrs. Lebenscn. COLLEGE She's cufe, she's clever and hard fo beaf, To know her is considered a freaf. MARTIN BERGMAN 892 Linden Blvd. G.O. Rep.: G.O. Alf.: Class Day Rep.: Marshal. DENTIST His sparkling personalify and friendly fraifs, Make Marfy a boy liked by all feachers and mafes. MARVIN BERISS 49 E. 89 S+. Band: Service Ofhce: Orchesfra. UNDECIDED "To be or whaf fo be fhaf is fhe quesfionf' GLORIA BERKOWITZ I44I Prospecf Place Sec'y fo Mr. Berlin. STENOGRAPHER l fhink Ihaf we have all agreed, A secrefary like Gloria's all we need, SONDRA BERKOWITZ 565 E. 55 S+. Sec'y in Guidance Office, Record Office: Sec'y fo Mrs. Moore, Mrs. Solomon. SECRETARY TQ call her charming is unfair, Because fhere's more +han sweefness fhere. ROBERT BERLIN 5IOI Snyder Ave. Treasurer of Arisfa: G.O. Rep.: Library Squad: Alumni Office Squad: Marshal. ENGINEER In a frue Tilden fradifion been reared, You'd be surprised af fhe fhings he's engineered. ROBERTA BERLIND 820 E. 47 S+. Sec'y fo Arisfa: Chem, Squad: Bank Squad: Guidance Recepfionisfi Afffend- ance Office: Sec'y fo Mr. Kahn, Mr. Menzes. Dr. Schwarfz. PSYCHO-THERAPY Roberfa is a proper noun, Proper up and proper down, Feminine gender, norninafive case Obiecf of a preffy face. STUART BERMAN I94 E. 58 S+. Capf. of Marshal: Afiendance Office: Sec'y fo Mr. Krokow. BAKER Roses are red, violefs are blue, My four years are over and af lasf l'm fhrough. WILLIAM BERMAN 803 E. 49 S+. Marshal: Librarian: Book Rep. ELECTRONICS I-Iis quief manners and pleasing ways, Deserve much more in fhe way of praise. ZELDA BERMAN 285 Albany Ave. Managing Edifor of "Tilden Topics": "TiIden Topics" News Edifor: Copy Sfaff: Cub Reporter: Aris+a: Hisfory Sociefy: "Senior Classic" Liferary Sfaff: Herald Tribune Forum Delegafe: N. Y. Times Youfh Forum Delegafe: Columbia Scho- lasfic Press Associafion Delega+e: Pane American Club: Scholarship Club: His- +ory Office: Affendance Office: I-Ios+eI- ing Club: French Club: Sec'y fo Miss Wallace, Mr. Glassman, Mrs. Men+, Mrs. Price. BIOLOGIST A biologisf Zelda would like fo be, Dissec+ +he pig, and feed him +o me. GERALD BERNIKOW 809 E. 46 S+. UNDECIDED In foofball as in women, He knows how fo make passes Foofball Team. ,.7,,,, BARBARA BERNSTEIN 788 Schenecfady Ave. Sec'y fo Mrs. Zeiferf, Mrs. Roberfs. MARRIAGE Barbie is a swell girl, fha1"s sef for fhe resf of her life, She's going +o love +he iob of being Mil+y's wife. LOIS BERNSTEIN 2I8O Sfrauss SI. Marshal: I-Iebrew Club. BUYER If personalify is a commodify, Lois has fhe goods. MARTIN BERNSTEIN 293 Rockaway Parkway Marshal. DENTIST A swell guy, a nice guy, One on whom you can depend. NEIL BERNSTEIN I862 Rockaway Parkway Marshal. UNDECIDED Fiery red hair, A fine personalify, A real nice guy, Wifh lofs of vifalify. SHEILA BERNSTEIN 238 Legion S+. COURT STENOGRAPHER Sheila, we all fhink is swell, Wifh fhe boys and girls she rings fhe bell, Pleasanf manner, cheerful way, Whaf be++er fhings are fhere fo say. Bank Represenfafive. FRANK BERTULIS l603 E. 95 SI. Marshal: Swimming Team: Life Guard. MACHINIST To be percise, he's very nice. EUGENE BIANCONE 89I9 Bedell Lane Gym Leader: Marshal: Library Squad: Newman Club. DRAFTSMAN A pleasanf boy in every way, Is Gene Biancone, We're proud +o say. BARBARA BILSKY 2l4 E. 53 S+. Coaching Chairman' Marshal: Arisla Coach: Hisfory Sociefy. COLLEGE All who know her wanf fo say, She is swell in every way. KATHY BIRN IOOI Easfern P'kwy. Marshal: Glee Club: Sec'y 'ro Mr. Mi- rander, Mrs. Eishbein. SINGER She has a voice as sweef as honey and a face fo mafch. JERRY BLAND 1740 Carroll S+. Tilden Baseball Manager: Marshal: Span- ish Award: Handball Championshipi Coached Spanish. DENTISTRY A good guy hard fo beaf, We're sure if's success Jerry will meef. FLORENCE BLAU 757 Empire Blvd. Pan-American Club: I-Iisfory Sociefy: Leaders Club: Soffball Club: Tennis Club. SOCIAL WORKER A glance will convey, Whaf words cannof say. CAROLE BLEICH ' +26 E. 53 S+. Guidance Office Recepfionisfg H.l.G. Sec'y: Bank Rep.: Book Rep.: G.O. Rep.: G.O. Alf.: Pool Ass'+7 Sec'y fo Miss Reif, Miss Harfman, Mr. Kaye. BUYER Charming, gay and sweef is she, A pre++y lirfle chick don'+ you agree? GARTH BLIER 46 E. 9+ S+. Supervisor of Lafe Squad: Accounfing Coach: Seciy fo Mr. Solomon. ACCOUNTANT AND LAWYER Quief, indusfrious, and bright Garfh is sure fo do righf. JOAN BLOOMFIELD l325 Easfern P'kwy "Tilden Topicswt Hosfel Club: Hisfory Sociely: Execufive Board: I-lisfory Office Squad: Sec'y fo Mr, Glassman, Mr. Ifzler, Mrs. Saposh. BUYER A paper needs a pencil, A blackboard needs chalk, Joan couldn'+ live if she couldn'+ falk. GERALD BLUESTEIN 942 U+ica Ave. Capfain, Alumni Squad, Mimeograph Squad, Cuf+ing Office: Marshal. TEACHER An all-around fellow, A wonderful guy. Gerald did much for Tilden High, BEVERLY BLUM lI7O Lincoln Pl. Arisfa: Library Squad: Service Office Squad: Official Class Sec'y: Marshal: Sec'y fo Mr. Friedman, Mr. Gersfen. MATHEMATICIAN Wiffy, clever, friendly and sweef, A combinafion you seldom meef. SIDNEY BLUME lO5O Willmohr Sf. SALESMAN Sidney is a wonderful pal, He's sure fo be frue fo some nice gal, Marshal. IVAN BODIN 99l Hopkinson Ave. Marshal. ELECTRICIAN He's a real good sporr, And we all like his sorf. ROBERT BODNER 902l Ave. B. G.O. Rep.: Lieuf. of Marshals: Locker Marshal: Tilden Symphonic Band: Mar- shal: Ass'f fo Mr. Rosenblufh. ENGINEER Always cheerful, Always gay, Always happy, Come whaf may. DOTTIE BOGNER 5I E. 54 S+. G.O. Rep.: Cafeferia Marshal: "Topics" Secrefarial Sfaff: Class Presidenf. SECRETARY Doffie is very pre++y, Doffie is very sweef, Shes a gal fhaf can'f be beaf. MARILYN BORT 2l78 S+rauss S+. G.O. Rep. and Al+.: Book Rep.: Bank Rep.: Hebrew Club: Pan-American Club: Sec'y fo Mrs. Juliber, SECRETARY Like a book, She's bound fo please. BEATRICE BRAFF 46l Brisfol Sf. Yearbook Rep.: Cuffing Office: Marshal: "Tilden Topics" Secrefarial Sfaff: G.O. Rep.: Sec'y fo Mrs, Sfarfield, Mrs. Car- ney, Miss Aurell, Mr. Pollack, Mr. Lefko- wifz, Mr. Goldberg. SECRETARY Girls like Bea are hard fo find, Personalify and looks combined. JANET BRANDHORST 8533 Covenfry Rd. Guidance Recepfionisf. SECRETARY Like a four-leaf clover, One in a million. ESTHER BRANDWEIN 209 Graffon Sl. Marshal: Medical Room: Hebrew Club. TEACHER Eslher's always smiling, Esfher's always gay, You'll find she has The nicesf way. GLORIA BRANFMAN 936 Lenox Rd. G.O. Rep.: Pres. of Senior Official Class: Hospifal Proiecf Club: Aid in Hospifal for fhe Incurable: Sec'y fo Mrs. Ponfi, Mrs. Lincoln. MEDICAL ASSISTANT A preflier miss is hard fo find, Face, figure and charm combined. ROBERTA BRAUSE 887 Sarafo ga Ave. Program Comm.: Sec'y lo Mr. Janis SECRETARY Roberfa is lovely fo look af, Nicer fo know. BARNETT E. BRENIN 573 Brisfol Sl Bio. Lab. Ass'f. BUSINESS Young man wifh ambifion, Good luck, Barneff, You're sure 'ro gef by. LEONARD BRODER I54O Sferling Pl. UNDECIDED No one special claim fo fame, Buf one grand fellow iusf The same. Marshal. MARSHALL BRODSKY IO6 Rockaway P'kwy Marshal: Grade Dean Sec'y: Sec'y To Mrs. Fuller. ENGINEER Every genius has an illegible handwrifing. PHYLLIS N. BRODSKY 5I E. 59 S+ Arisfa: P.T.A, Rep.: Record Room SSCIYI Them. Squad: Sec'y fo French Office: Sec'y fo Mr. Menzes, Mr. Judclson. TEACHER Charming, clever, preffy foo, Success musf be in slore for you. GERALD BROWN 3I8 Rochesfer Ave. LAWYER Who gof The homework? MARLENE BROWSER 29 Rockaway P'kwy G.O. Rep.: Bank Rep.: Secy fo Mr. Dellelis, Mr. Pollack. SECRETARY Preffy, full of zesf, A girl we rafe among fhe besf. RUTH BUCHBINDER 36 E. 52 S+. Prom. Rep.: Library: Sec'y fo Miss Edin- burgh, Miss McAleer. ELEMENTARY SCHOOL TEACHER Knocking some may be fun. Buf knocking you iusf can'f be done. DORINNE BUCK 387 Brisfol Sf. Arisfa: Marshal: Cuffing Office: Sec'y fo Mr. Pollack, Mr. Palminferi. SECRETARY lfhink we have all agreed, Dorinne's fhe secrefary we all need. DORIS CAMARA 466 E. 46 S+. Presidenf of Speakers' Bureau: Pan- American Club: Hisfory Sociefy: G.O. Rep.: G.O. Alf.: Bank Rep.: Inferviewing Comm. of Speakers' Bureau: Hospifal Proiecf Club: Cafeferia Marshal: Sec'y fo Miss Rivelson, Mr. McKenna, Miss Fuller, Mrs. Ponfi. COLLEGE lf's nice fo be nafural, When you're nafurally nice. SHELDON CANTOR lO96 Winfhrop SI. Marshal: Aid fo Mr. Diguiseppe. MACHINIST-CABINETMAKER A wiffy fellow, Always gay, Whaf more is fhere for us fo say. ARLENE CARR 522 E. 96 S+. Arisfa: Af+endance 0ffTce Squad: Supply Squad: Sec'y +o Mr. Leff, Mr. Seidman. SPANISH INTERPRETER The Oldsmobile has beaufy, And The Cadillac has zesf, Buf fhe Carr we have in our class, ls fhe one +ha+ we like bes+. MELVYN CARR l582 Sf. Johns Pl. Library Squad: 6.0. Rep.: Hebrew Club Execu+ive: Cafeferia Marshal, HUMANITARIAN Too nice fo knock, Too heavy fo boosf. RITA CARRUS 258 E. 55 S+. Marshal: Book Room: Sec'y fo Mr. Pol- lack, Mrs. Panzer. SECRETARY She's a girl who's very gay, Cufe and charming in every way. ARLENE CHAFKIN 706 Remsen Ave. Arisfa: Arisfonian: Comm. of Nine: Speakers' Bureau: Program Comm.: Bio. 0ffTce: 6.0. Rep.: Guidance Recepfione isf: Scholarship Club: Lafe Squad: Sec'y fo Mr. Janis, Mr. Kahn, Miss Lesser, Mrs. Rogarf, Mr. Rosenblufh. FSYCHOLOGIST She's never in class, Always busy, This sweef liffle girl, ls ferribly dizzy. JOSEPH CHARNIN lI8l Easfern P'kwy Hisfor Socief ' Scholarshi Club' Mail Y Y- P 1 Squad: Rex-0-6raph: Sec'y fo Mrs, Klein, Mrs. Keller, Mr. 6arf, Mrs. Har- ringfon: Cuffing Squad. MEDICINE Work fascinafes him: I-le can look af I+ for hours. LEONARD CHASIN l55 E. 52 S+. DENTIST A denfisf is whaf he claims fo be, Success in fhaf field is easy fo see MYRNA CHATOWITZ 572 Brisfol Sf. Arisfa: Arisfa Coach: Scholarship Club: Recepfionisf in Arisfa Office: Class Day Rep.: Book Rep.: Library Squad: SeC'y of Pan-American Club: Hisfory Sociefy: Sec'y fo Mrs. Farley, Mrs. Howiff, Mrs. Juliber, Mr. Kahn. TEACHER A swee+ fine girl she seems fo be, She'll make good iusf waif and see. ROSLYN CHERNOFF l5IO Carroll Sf. 6.0. Rep.: Accounfing 0ffice: Medical Room: Program Comm. DENTAL HYGIENIST Always sweef, always reserved, Besf of luck, always deserved. STEVEN CHERRY 524 E. 9l Sf. Bank Rep.: Scholarship Club. MECHANICAL EN6INEER A swell fellow, a fine friend, Sfeve will go far in fhe end. MONROE CHILTON 877 Empire Blvd. Marshal: A++endance 0ffice: Clerk: Swifchboard Operafor. PHARMACIST "Bubble, bubble, foil and +rouble," Take a drink and he'll see double. ALVIN CHORNEY 205 E. 5l S+. ATTORNEY, ACCOUNTANT Where help and friendship is whaf you need, Alvin is fhe boy you need. Marshal. VINCENT CIMMINO 950 E. 95 S+. Baseball Team: Marshal: Lifeguard: New- man Club. CIVIL ENGINEER Pifchers were rare in Tilden, Buf he was fhe excepfion. ALAN COHEN 43 7 Brisfol Sf. Marshal. TELEVISION TECHNICIAN I'll see you in my dreams. AUDREY COHEN l2O E. 57 S+. 6.0. Alf.: 6.0. Sfalii: Sec'y Io Mr. 6reene, Miss Aurell, Mr. Leif. SECRETARY Cupid drew The arrow, While Audrey drew her Beau. CAROL COHEN 458 E. 48 S+. Program Comm.: Caieferia Marshal: Class Sec'y Io Mr. Benov and Mr. Paley: Flower Rep. MODEL Our nominalion for 'rhe 'rypical American girl. DANIEL COHEN 5825 Kings H'way Hisiory Sociely: Newspaper Squad: Scholarship Club: 6.0'. Rep.: Class Pres.: Guidance Receplionisfg Mafh, Coach: Sec'y Io Mr. Solomon. MEDICINE All The King's horses. And all The King's men, Couldn'+ pur a swell guy like Danny 'rogelher again. DOROTHY COHEN I7lO Carroll SI. Social Leaders: I-lislory Club: Pan-Ameri- can Club: Bank Teller: Bank Rep.: Re- porler on "U+opia," Sec'y Io Mrs. Slaler, Mr. Friedman: Pool Ass"r Io Mrs. Farley: Jewish Sanilarium Volunleers, LAWYER Dolly has The winning +hree- Personalify. Populari+y and Pep. FRED COHEN II4 E. 95 SI. 6.0. Rep.: Cafeleria Marshal. PHARMACIST A good sporl, a swell friend, A guy on whom we can depend. IRMA COHEN 827 Rufland Rd. Communily Corps Rep.: Book Rep.: 6.0. Rep.: Dramafic Sociely: Hebrew Club: Sec'y of Hoslel Club. SHOW BUSINESS To call her sweef is quife unfair, Because fhere's more fhan sweelness There. IVAN COHEN I4I8 Brooklyn Ave. Cafeieria Marshal: Band. ELECTRICAL ENGINEER Swing and sway wilh Sammy Kaye-So what Moan and groan wilh Ivan Cohen. JEROME COHEN 254 E. 56 Sf. Marshal: Biology Squad: Audio-Visual Aid Squad. BIOLOGY TEACHER A bio. Teacher he desires lo be, We wish him success hearlily. JONAH COHEN IIO5 Easlern P'kwy Mimeograph Squad: Band: Marshal: Sec'y in Medical Room. UNDECIDED A swell guy! MORTON COHEN 645 E. 91 S+. 6.0. Rep.: Manager of Foofball Team: Ass'l' Manager of 6.0. Siore: Marshal: 6ym Sec'y. DENTIST Swell fellow, full of fun, Well-liked by everyone. MYRON COH EN 650 Hopkinson Ave. 6.0. Rep.: Class Pres. UNDECIDED Though he's nor 'foo fall and dark, When il comes To girls, iusl wafch his spark. RENEE COHEN 39 E. 58 S+. Music Sociefy: Algebra Coach: Marshal: Bank Clerk: Librarian: Service Office. PSYCHOLOGIST Three liille words- Neaf, sweel, pefiie. SARA COHEN 5IO Crown S+. Hisfory Sociefy: French Club: Sec'y Io Dr. Shipley. LABORATORY TECHNICIAN Like a Rembrandl-priceless. SELMA COHEN 69-7I E. 96 S+. Senior Rep.: 6.0. Rep.: 6.0. Alf.: Sec'y 'ro Mr, Budin, Miss Hiablum: 6ym Leader. C.P.A. Vivacious, popular, full of fun, Admired and liked by everyone. SHEILA COHEN l9O Legion Sl. Arisla: Pan-American Club: Booslers: French Club: Hislory Sociely: Biology Squad: Swilchboard: Marshal: Sec'y lo Mr. Budin, Mr. Seidman, Mrs. Lincoln, Mrs. Bernslein: 6.0. All. TEACHER Blonde ol hair, Blue ol eyes. Charming, vivacious Willy and wise. ARLENE COOPER 555 Crown Sl. Marshal: Swilchboard Operalor: Allend- ance Ollice: Pres. English Class: Sleno- graphy Class. LEGAL STENOGRAPHER Always sweel, Hard lo beal. NORTON R. COOPER 455 E. 94 S+. Pres, ol Longlellows: Capl. ol Supply Squad: Capl. ol Field Squad: Color Guard: Senior Rep.: Lale' Squad: Mar- shal: Mimeograph Squad: G.O. Rep.: Usher al Commencemenl and Arisla lnslallalion: Sec'y lo Mr. Weidman and Mr. Solomon: Senior News Slali. BUSINESS One swell 'Iellow hard lo beal, We're sure il's success lhal you will meel. MARALYN COTEN 428 E. 46 S+. Discussion Leaders: Music Sociely: Sec'y Hislory Sociely: Arisla Receplionisl: C'.O. Rep.: Book Rep.: Marshal: Gym Leader: Sollball Club: Sec'y lo Mr. Fishbein, Mr. Max, Mr. Charney: Class TEACHER If lhe pasl indicales lhe lulure, Mickey will succeed. Sec'y. JERRY COURT 676 E. 48 Sl. Foolball. Baseball, Baskelball Teams: Band. ENGINEER A model alhlele, An immorlal helmsman. BURT COWIT l355 New York Ave. Marshal: Gym Leader. JEWELER A promising sludenl, Always promising lo do beller. ROBERTA CUMMINGS 275 E. 94 Sl. BOOKKEEPER When il comes lo a figure, Roberla is a dream, Her debils and credils, Are simply supreme. An up and "cumming" MYRTLE CURTIS l258 Park Pl. Bank Squad. TEACHER Charming, lriendly, sweel as honey, Myrlle's as brighl as lhe sun is sunny. PHYLLIS CUTLER 789 McDonough Sl. Sec'y lo Miss I-lasluck, Mrs. Singer. Mr Gold. KINDERGARTEN TEACHER She's awlully cule and very sweel, Phyl's a gal lhalls hard lo beal. MORTON DANIELS IZ3 Rockaway P'kwy Marshal. PHARMACIST Since he does everylhing quile well, We know in pharmacy he'll excel. ARLENE DANOWITZ 202 E. 43 Sl. Marshal: Bank Rep.: Medical Room, AIRLINE STEWARDESS Beauly and brains combined, A girl like her is hand lo lind. MARVIN DANOWITZ 3Il E. 48 S+. Yearbook Rep.: Sec'y lo Mr. Krokow. BUSINESS MANAGEMENT A very line boy we know him lo be, l-le'll make good, iusl wail and see. FRANK DANTONA 8704 Glenwood Rd. Library Squad: Sec'y lo Mr. Rogers Mrs. Slule: Newman Club. ACTOR No maller how hard you lry, You iusl can'l knock a regular guy. SELWYN DAVIDSON 675 Linden Blvd. INTERIOR DECORATOR Swell lellow, nice lo know. Gym Sec'y. Marshal: Volleyball Club: Hebrew Club: Marshal: Hebrew Club: Book Room: LEILA DAYNE 708 E. 5I S+. Social Leader: Marshal: Sec'y lo Mrs. Slule, Mrs. Byrne, Mr. Kahn, Mr. Bres- loll, Mr. Pollack, Mr, Kenner, Mr. Browdy. UNDECIDED To be or nol lo be, lhal is The queslion. ROBERTA DELMAN I679 Carroll Sl. Class Pres.: Senior Rep. BUYER "No ring on my linger you bel, Bul lake my word, l'll hook one yet" ESTHER DeNUPTIlS I259 Slerling Pl. Marshal: Volunleer lor Sl. John's Hospi- lal: Baskelball Club: Handball Club: Sollball Club: Volleyball Club: Nursing Club: Newman Club: Leaders Club. NURSING Who wanls lo gel well, When she's lhere lo casl a spell? HARVEY DERRINGER IOO2 Winlhrop Sl: Caleleria Marshal. DIETICIAN Harvey is a fellow who likes lo sludy homework?-No womenl MICHAEL DIAMOND 5604 Snyder Ave. Band: Arisla: Arisla Coaching Co'nrn.: Arisla Recepfion Comm.: Arisla Baskel- ball Team: Program Comm.: Hislory Sociely: Sec'y lo Miss Singer. MEDICINE His name and characler coincide. HILDA DICKOFF 9102 Ave. A Pres. ol Hislory Sociely: Arisla: Arisla lnilialion Comm.: Communily Relalions Comm.: Arislonian: Speakers' Bureau: Hebrew Club: Pan-American Club: Leaders Club: Volleyball Club: Scholar- ship Club: Hoslel Club: Foreign Policy Associalion: Delegale: Tale of Two Ses- sions: G.O. Rep.: Guo. All.: English Oichce: Guidance Ohlice Receplionisl: UNESCO Conlerence Delegale: Senior News. SOCIAL WORKER One of Tilden's chosen few, lnlelligenl, popular, and prelly loo. ESTELLE DINERSTEIN 366 E. 94 S+. Copy Edilor of "Tilden Topics": Arisla: lnilialion Comm., Coach, Receplion Comm., Arisloniang Lilerary Slall ol "Senior Classic": Delegale lo Junior UNESCO Conference: Delegale lo Brooklyn Borough Forum: Allendance Comm.: Hislory Sociely: Execulive Board: Organized Hoslel Club: Program Comm.: Malh. Club: Scholarship Club: Guidance Receplionisl: Sec'y lo Mrs. Cherniss: Book Rep: Bank Rep. SOCIAL SCIENCE Scholarship, service, characler-lhe besl. JUDITH DINOWITZ I44 E. 92 S+. Hebrew Club: Hislory Sociely: Pan- American Club: Bank Rep.: G.O. Rep.: Book Club Rep.: Program Comm.: Sec'y lo Mr. Salkind and Mr. Schwarlzback: Guidance Rec.: Allendance Squad: French Club: Hospilal Proiecl Club. ELEMENTARY TEACHER Charming, friendly, sweel as honey, Judy's as brighl as lhe sun is sunny. BERNICE DLASNOW 23I4 Slrauss Sl. Senior Rep.: Sec'y ol Hislory Sociely: Arisla: Arisla Receplion Comm.: Senior Oil. Squad: Coach, Scholarship Club, French Club: Sec'y lo Miss Wallace, Mr. Gould, Mr. Friedman, Mrs. Byrne. POLITICS Here-'s lo fhe girl who's lull of pep. Yes sir, lha+'s me: lhe Yearbook Rep. ALAN DOREN 373 Amboy Sl. ADVERTISING PRODUCTION From any angle, he's always on lhe square. MEL DUBINSKY 756 Saraloga Ave. Heallh Ed. Depl.: Sec'y, Malh, Office: Circulalion Slall ol "Tilden Topics": His- 'rory Sociely: Field Squad: French Club. CHEMICAL ENGINEER In I949 he was senlenced lo four years ol hard labor, Bur he made il in Three and a hall. 'us SANDRA DUBROFF Il45 Ralph Ave. Worked lor Mr. Zahn: Sec'y lo Alumni Club. BOOKKEEPER Jusl like sugar? Sweel and refined. RACHELLE DULBERBER 756 Saraloga Ave. SECRETARY We can neilher knock or praise, For she's been silenl all lhese days. GERALDINE DURR 4207 Clarendon Rd. Arisla: Class Day Rep.: Marshal: Sec'y lo Mr. Pollack, Mrs. Fuller, Mrs. Byrne, Mrs. Lincoln. LAW STENOGRAPHER She's on lhe iob and wide awake, Successfully her goal she'll make. LOWELL DWORIN 437 Kingslon Ave. Program Comm.: Library Squad: Physics Squad: Hislory Club: Malh. Club, ENGINEER Fun Io be wifh, nice To know, Thai' is why we like him so. MARTIN EDELMAN 947 Vifinlhrop S+. Program Comm.: Marshal: G.O, Alf.- Sec'y fo Mr, Rochlin: Sec'y lo Mr. Bald- berg: Arisia: Scholarship Club: Maih, Club: Pan-American Club. MEDICINE Alerl, efficieni, nice lo know, Up lhe ladder of success he'll go. MARCIA EISENBERG lO88 Lenox Rd. Arisia: Scholarship Club: Program Comm.: Arisla Coach: "Topics" Typisf and reporler: Pres. of Wesringhouse Science Club: Sec'y lo Mr. Paige, Mr. Gould. EXPERIMENTAL BIOLOGIST For a girl ihis is quile a decision, We hope she comes rhrough in this position. ROBERT EISENBERG 94 E. 56 Sl. G.O. Rep.: Marshal: Siege Squad. UNDECIDED Doesn'I like mafh, buf he's a whiz al figures. ISRAEL EISENMAN 9I I7 Kings H'way G.O. Rep.: Capl. of Marshals: Senior Rep. ELECTRICAL ENGINEER An oulslanding figure, ll"s plain lo see, There's no one nicer, Than my friend, "Izzy," JUDITH EISS 645 Hawlhorne Sl. Hebrew Club: Gym Leader: Bank Rep.: Marshal: Eco. Office: Secy lo Mr. Fishbein, Mr. Max. Mrs. Cassilelh, Mr. Zeiger. TEACHER In school she's innocenl and demure, Our of school, we're nor so sure. RITA ELLIX 750 Leicierls Ave. Sec'y of Senior Class: Social Leaders: Hislory Sociefy: Pan-American Club: Hebrew Club: Senior News: "Topics" Reporler: Vice-Pres. oi French Club: Al- Iendance Office: Sec'y lo Mrs. Ponli, Mrs, Fries, Mr. Goldberg, Mrs. Doyle, G.O. Rep.: G.O. All. COLLEGE Her personalily and charm will pave her way Io success. ALBERT ELMAN 237 E. SI Sl. UNDECIDED He may noi be in "Who's Who," Bur he's slill a grand guy lo me and you. Marshal. RUTH EMMER 58l9 Tilden Ave. French Club: Tennis Club: Scholarship Club: Arisra: Biology Squad: Marshal. TRAVELER Alerr, eliicieni, nice lo know, Up The ladder of success she will go. PHYLLIS ENGLANDER 458 E. 5I Si. Marshal: G.O. Rep.: Sec'y lo Mr. Lehi. HARVEY'S WIFE She'll keep lhe home fires burning. BARRY EPSTEIN LAWYER Hell Talk his way lo success. 409 E. 96 S+. ELAINE EPSTEIN 257 Herzl S+. Marshal: Ailendance Office: Sec'y io Miss Reimer, Mrs. Carson, Miss Hyland, Mrs. Kanlor. MARRIAGE If lhey made me a king. l'd slill be a slave lo her: She s fhe class freasurer YALE ESTRIN 602 E. 54 Si. Marshal. UNDECIDED To be or whal lo be, Thai is ihe queslion. JOAN EXTER I793 Union S+. G.O. All.: Sec'y lo Miss Hasluck, Mr. Berlin, Mr. Fishbein. SECRETARY We'll always be proud lo say we have known A girl as sweel and charming as Joan. JAMES FALICK 49 E. 55 S+. Marshal: Book Room: Affendance Office: French Office: Hosfel Club: French Club: Dramafic Sociefy: WNYE: Sec'y fo Mr. Berlin. PHYSICIAN The room is quief, no+ a sound can you hear, The reason for fhaf is fhaf Jimmy's nof fhere. MAURICE FALK 367 E. 48 S+. Symphonic Band: Marshal: 6.0. Rep.: 6.0. Al+. MEDICINE A real swell guy, A good musician, He's sure +o make a fine physician. BARRY FALLIS 87l5 Ave. B. "Senior Classic": Planning Board of Hosfel Club: Gym Leaders: Hisfory So- ciefy: Marshal: Scholarship Club. C.P.A. Jusf an infended accoun+an+, Buf already inferesfed in figures, SANDRA FARKAS 688 E. 92 S+. 6.0. Alf.: Book Rep.: Leaders Club: Volleyball Club: Marshal: Sec'y fo Mr. Pasner, Dr. Shipley. DENTAL HYGIENIST Sandy is sef for a wonderful life, She holds fwo professions: Hygienisf and Marvin's wife. ANGELO FARRUGGIO l2l9 E. 93 S+. Marshal: Book Rep.: Hisfory Sound Squad. MECHANIC A iolly companion. a wonderful friend, A very nice fellow righf fo fhe end. SHEILA FEDER I7I7 Carroll Sf. Bank Squad: Library Squad: Sec'y fo Miss Flanagan, Miss Lowensfein. PSYCHOLOGY To be precise, She's awfully nice. JOYCE FEIBUS 880 Rufland Rd. Economics Squad: 6.0, Off.: Sec'y fo Mr. Kahn: Tennis Club, ELEMENTARY SCHOOL TEACHER An apple for fhe feacher, Especially for a peach like her. ANNE FEIL 939 Winfhrop S+. Program Comm.: Clerk in Bank, Audifor and Chief Mgr. of Bank: Sec'y fo Mr. Freidman, Mr. Feigenbaum: Hisfory Soc., Hebrew Culfure Club. TEACHER Creafor of Senior Blues, Anne coIIec+ed our Senior dues. JOAN FEINER 585 E. 93 S+. Edifor-in-Chief, Managing Edifor, "Til- den Topics": Delegafe +o: N.Y.C. Press Assoc., Columbia Scholasfic Press Assoc., Herald Tribune Forum, N.Y. Times Forum: lnfer4Club Council, Arisfa: Arisfa Coach: Bank, Senior Rep.: Sec'y +o Mrs. Alper, Mr. Ellenbogen, Mr. London, Mr. Luxfon, Mrs. Hughes. LEGAL STENOGRAPHER As charming as she is brighf, As brighf as she is efficienf. ROSELYN FEITELSON 334 Rockaway P'kwy 6.0. Al+ernafe, Labora+ory Ass+., Cu+- fing Office: Sec'y in "Tilden Topics' Off.: Sec'y fo Mrs. Lincoln, Mrs. Carney. SECRETARY I+ is +ruly said- Good fhings come in small packages. ARLENE FELDMAN 96l7 Church Ave. 6.0. Rep., 6.0. Alf., Flower Rep.: Sec' refarial Sfaff, "Tilden Topics": Comm. Corps Rep., Book Rep.: Sec'y +o Mrs. Engel, Mrs. Novell, Mrs. Schneider, Mr. Bresloff, Miss Unger. BOOKKEEPER Always swee+, Hard fo beaf. SEYMOUR FELDMAN I682 Park Pl. DOCTOR He was always good af figures 6.0. Rep. SHEILA FELDMAN 44l E. 52 S+. Marshal, 6.0. Rep.: Sec'y fo Mr. Kenner, Mr, Kaplan, Mr. Luxfon, Miss Chinnery. SECRETARY Every +reckle puncfuafes her sunny dis- posifion and charm. - . A l . ,l ' f x l I 7" I' K1 - ELEANOR FELDSTEIN. A l57 59 Si. Cafeferia Marshal. SECRETARY A cafching smile does she possess Gives wifness fo her Ioveliness. SANDRA FELLER IOOS Easiern P'lcwy Arisia, lnierviewing Comm., Comm. oi nine: Book Rep.: French Club, Scholar- ship Club, Dramaric Soc.: Pres.: Official Class: Sec'y io Mr. Kahn, Miss Kopp, Mr. Browdy, Dr. Schwarfz. THEATRICAL WORLD Sweei and nice, easy io fake, A career in The iheaire, she is sure io make. BARBARA FELSENSTEIN I54 E. 49 SI. Program Comm., Arisia, Arisia Inifiaiing Soc., Dramaiic Soc.: Sec'y To Mr. Alper, Mr. Gould, Mr. Howiii. DRAMATIC ACTRESS We all know for a faci, Thai ihis gal can really aci. MARY FEMINELLA 735 E. N. Y. Ave. Lieui., Marshals: Gym Leader: Coniaia Club: Sec'y fo Mrs. Roberis. SINGER Wani io give your eyes a ireai? Jus? look ai Mary so preiiy and sweei. THEODORE FERBER 22 E. 96 S+. J.V. Foofball, Fooiball Team: Class Day Rep., I'-lisiory Depi.: Book Rep. PROFESSIONAL SOLDIER Though he may fail, A.Z.A. Ferber will succeed. FRANCINE FESSLER I83 E. 54 S+. AH. OFF., Marshal: Guidance OIT.: Aris- ia Recepfion: Social Comm.: Arisfa. Scholarship Club: Sec'y io Mrs. Bern- sfein, Miss Wrighf, Mrs. Goldsiein, Mrs. Crysial. TEACHER If every young lady was as swell as she, Whaf a wonderful place ihis world would be. LENORE FILLINGER 552 E. 96 Si. Sec'y in Aiiendance Office: Bookroom Squad. UNDECIDED Jusi a nice girl, Friendly io all, afraid we can'i knock Lenore ai all. GLADYS FINKEL 205 E. 95 SI. Marshal: Bank Clerk: English Office Squad: Hisiory Soc.: Sec'y io Dr. Ship- ley, Mrs. Quarifigus. TEACHER Slay as sweei as you are. HARRIET FINKEL l7IO Union S+. Prom Rep., G.O. Rep.: Marshal: Sec'y io Mrs. Sheinin, Mr. Siamber, Mrs. Price. SECRETARY Harrief is a blonde and very prefiy, Always charming and very wiffy, GARY FINKELSTEIN 38 E. 96 S+. Foorball Team: Hisrory Sound Squad, Hisiory Memo Squad: Hisfory Book Room, English Book Room. JEWELER A lover of wine, women and iooiball. ARTHUR FISCHER 5423 Snyder Ave. Hebrew Club, Scholarship Club: Book Rep.: Marshall. MEDICINE I-lere's a iellow we all admire, In praise oi him we'll never fire. FRED FISCHER 9iOI Ave. A Cafeieria Marshal: Siage Squad: Locker Marshal: Gym Sec'y. ELECTRICAL ENGINEER Never in class, always on ihe run, Bul' when he's around, +here's lois oi fun. ROBERT FISCHMAN BIS Hopkinson Ave. Marshal: Book Rep.: Glee Club. SINGER I-le'll sing his way io The girls' hearfs. ARLEEN FISHER 9OI7 Ave. B Pres., Social Leaders: Pres Pan-Amerb can Club: Vice-Pres Speakers Bureau: Liierary Sfaff, "Senior Classic": lniiia- iion, lnierviewing, Recepiion: Feaiure Ed., "Arisionian": Assi. Mgr., Bank: He- brew Club: l-'lisfory Soo: Sec'y io Mr. Zahn: G.O. OIT. Sialii: G.O. Rep.: Tale of 2 Sessions: "Topics," Cub: Scholarship Club: "Senior News": Tennis Club: Sen- ior Rep.: Guidance Rec. THEATRE Smiling lips, laughing eyes, She's iusi whai Tildan should symbolize. MYRNA FISHER l7lO Carroll Si. Marshal: Sec'y Io Mr. Muraskin. LEGAL STENOGRAPHY She'll keep 'rhe home fires burning. JOAN FISHMAN I452 Carroll Sl. Marshal: "Senior Classic" Ari' Slafl: Sec'y fo Mrs Goldman, Mrs, Quarilius, Mr. DiGuiseppe, Mrs. Carolan, Mr. Hal- pern, Mrs. Sfein. COMMERCIAL ARTIST A pleasanl' girl, a real pal, Whal we call a reguar gal. MERRILL FLAUM 57l E. 94 SI. G.O. Rep., Book Rep.: Cafereria Mar- shal: Senior Band: Sec'y lo Mr. Glass- man, Mrs. Fuller, Mr. Schwarzback. LAWYER Once admilfed lo lha bar, Merrill's bound fo lravel far. EDWARD FLEISCHNER 5405 Beverly Rd. Arisla, Arisfa Coaching Squad: High School Band: Guidance Off. Receplion- isl: Gym Leaders: G.O. Rep., Senior Rep. UNDECIDED Very agreeable, full of fun, Liked indeed by everyone. RONALD FLEITMAN l0l0 Easlern P'kwy BUSINESS A quiel chap and friendly, loo, Besl wishes are wha? we have for you. MARJORIE FORMAN 703 Crown Sl. LEGAL STENOGRAPHER I lhink we have all agreed, Marge is lhe secrelary we all need. HERBERT FORSMITH 29 E. 40 S+. Glee Club, Pan-American Club. JOURNALISM Very agreeable, lull of fun, Liked indeed by everyone. BARBARA FOSTER I447 E. 94 S+. Sec'y lo Miss Lesser, Mr. Shaw, Dr. Schwarlz, Mrs. Fosrer: Caieleria Mar- shal: Bank Rep.: Gym Leader: Baskelball, Soffball, Volleyball Clubs: Sound Squad. AIR LINE HOSTESS Pleasanl and eflicienf as The record show, And sweet and charming as everyone shows. BERNIECE FOSTER I4-47 94 SI. Gym Leader: Baskelball, Soflball, Volley- ball Clubs: Sec'y 'ro Mrs, Crysfal, Mr. Grode, Miss Lesser, Mrs. Bennell: Serv- ice in Girls Medical Room: Marshal: G.O. Rep. HEALTH EDUCATION . She's like sugar- Sweef and refined. BLANCHE FOX II93 Easlern P'kwy Marshal: Record Squad: Gym Leader: Senior Class Treas: Sec'y lo Mrs. Kanlor. MODEL As a model she will do, She has charm, looks and personalily, foo. ROBERTA FRAME 2070 Union S+. Marshal: Clerk io Mrs. Farley: Allend- ance Office: Biology Squad: Prom Rep.: Sec'y lo Mr. Lehf, Mr. Bresloff, Mr. SOCIAL WORKER She has inrelligence, beauly, and vim, She's quile a calch for 'rhe proverbial him. Davidoff. JUDY FRANK 286 E. 95 S+. G.O, Rep., Senior Rep., Bank Rep.: Aris- la Coach: Sec'y +o Mrs. Fosler, Mrs. Klein, Mrs. ebenson: Hebrew Club. SOCIAL WORKER Prelfy, smiling, always dependable, Nolgiing abou? her fha? isn'f commend- a le. STANLEY FRANKEL 295 E. 94 S+. Varsify Baskelball Team: Baskelball Infra- murals: Marshal: Class Pres. PHARMACIST Lover of wine, women and baskefball. MORTON FRIED 8903 Ave. B "Senior Classic" Arr Slaff: Book Rep.: Caleleria Marshal: Bank Rep., G.O. Rep. ARCHITECT A nice guy, well liked by all. HERBERT FRIEDBERG 890 Rulland Rd. Marshal: Foolball Team. PHYSICAL EDUCATION TEACHER To know him well, ls lo know he's swell. SANDY FRIEDFELD 253 E. 58 SI. Scholarship Club: Swimming Team: G.O, Rep., G.O. Al+. ENGINEERING He knows his s+udies well, Bul he s+iIl prefers +he bell. DONALD FRIEDLAND 588 E. 93 S+. Arisfa: Program Comm.: G.O. Rep.: His- +ory Soc., Scholarship Club: Book Room: Gym Secly: Sec'y +o Mr. Schwarlzbach, SCIENCE Looking a+ Donny i+'s easy +o see. Here's a fellow wi+h a fine personali+y. ELAINE FRIEDMAN 459 E. 9I S+. SECRETARY Like a siar +ha+ shines so brigh+, Elaine is always a welcome sigh+. Coaching. LOIS FRIEDMAN I57 E. 56 S+. Marshal: Member of +he Hospi+al Proi- ec+: Volleyball, Leaders Clubs: Sec'y lo Miss Flanagan. NURSE She's ambifious, vivacious and pelife, A combinalion hard To beaf, SEYMOUR FRIEDMAN 406 E. 52 Si. Library Squad: Marshal. BASEBALL PLAYER He'll ge+ wha+ he wan+s, Because he has whaf if fakes. SHIRLEY FRIEDMAN 46 E. 56 S+. Arisia: Marshal: English Oli, Squad: Secly +o Mr. Seidman, Mrs. Byrne: His- fory Soc., Pan-American Club: Gym Leaders. LEGAL STENOGRAPHER She looks like an angel, Bu+ +here's fhe devil in her eyes. RUTH FRITZHAND 282 E. 45 S+. Book Club, Baseball Club: Sec'y fo Mr. Grode, Mr. Spin, Mr. Ellenbogen. SECRETARY Always swee+, lo+s of lun, Liked indeed by everyone. VIVIAN FROLUND 93 I4 Fos+er Ave. Arisa+: Guidance Office Recep+ionis+: Sec'y. TEACHER Tirnid, shy, and demure, Bu+ ou+ of school we're no+ so sure. MELVIN FRUCHT 574 Troy Ave. Band: Foofball, CHEMIST Noi much service, no fame, We all like him iusl 'rhe same. DONALD FULTONBERG I I7I E. 87 S+. Arisfa: Scholarship Club, Ma+h Club: AVISIG Coach: 6.0. Rep.: Marshal: His- +ory Sound Squad: Gym Sec'y: Sec'y lo Mrs. Rogar+, Mrs. Glixman. C.P.A. Like a four leaf clover- One in a million. BERNARD FURHMAN 734 E. 53 S+. Cafe+eria Marshal: Scholarship Club. MEDICAL RESEARCH Medicine-he is going +o make il Or +ake i+. SHELDON GABEL 86 E. 94 SI. SALESMAN Rich or poor you can always use money. SONDRA RBER ' , v Q F IOO9 I1 f Secw +o Mr. Mark r SEC ETARY ' Sondra is some nice lass, Lois of personali+y and lois of Clegg ,A 'G HARVEY GARBON 848 E. 47 S+. Comm. Corps Alf.: Marshal: Gym Lead- er: Junior Band: Gym Sec'y: Sec'y +o Mrs. Pomeran+z. ENGINEER Always smiling, lull of lun, And well liked by everyone, BEVERLY GASS 836 Crown S+. Speaker's Bureau: French Club: Scholar- ship Club: Book Rep.: Sec'y fo Mr. Sfern, Mr. Menzes, DIETICIAN She has ihe lucky Three, Charm, wif, and personaliiy. IRWIN GEDINSKY l62O Union S+. LAWYER If he says "Lawyer," a lawyer you'll see, Wharever 'rhe cases may be. Scholarship Club. MYRNA GELBAUM 277 Rockaway P'kwy G.O. Rep.: Arisia Coach: Senior Secre- iarial Squad: Typist "Tilden Topics": Sec'y fa Mr. Leif, Mrs. Juliber. LEGAL SECRETARY Too nice fo knock. HELENE GELIEB 399 I-lerzl S+. Marshal: Sec'y lo Miss Flanagan. TEACHER Glowing charm, real vivacily. Loveliness and brain capacify. IRWIN GENZER 649 Linden Blvd. G.O, Rep.: Maih Coach: Marshal: Scholarship Club. LAWYER To be precise, He's very nice. FLORENCE GERSHON 5l6 E. 48 Sf. Marshal: Secreiarial Slaif of "Tilden Topics." SECRETARY Noi foo fasf, noi loo slow, Flo's ihe fype boys like lo know. MARLENE GIBALOWITZ 540 Rockaway P'kwy G.O. Rep.: Bank Squad: Arisla Coach: Marshal: Sec'y 'ro Miss Sfeigliiz. COLLEGE Preiry and smarf. charming and sweel. Marlene is fhe fype we like io meer. MARCIA GINSBERG 3I E. 53 S+. Marshal: Hisrory Club: French Club: Sec. 'ro Miss Sheerin. TEACHER Wifh sparkling eyes fha? say "hello," She'll be well liked wherever she'll go. MARTIN GINSBERG 799 E. 52 S+. Marshal: Mr. Zahn's Off.: Capt, Basker- ball Team. UNDECIDED Nor much service and no fame, Bur we like him iusr The same. BERNICE GINSBURG 843 Saraioga Ave. Arisra: Social Relarion Com., Arisfa: French Club, Treas.: Execufive Board, Hisfory Soc.: "Senior News": Class Day Rep.: "Tilden Topics," Reporier: Aiiend- ance Squad: Swifchboard Operafor: Sec'y lo Mr. Kahn, Mr. Gersien. Mr. Sol- omon: Hebrew Club. TEACHER Sweer Temper, good hearf, Always ready ro do her parf. ROGER GLADWISH IO4I 95 Sl. Marshal: Sec'y io Mrs. Anfonsen. AVIATION MECHANIC A swell guy and lois of fun, Sure is liked by everyone. IRMA GLASS l4O Clarkson Ave. Cafeleria Marshal. LEGAL STENOGRAPHER Glamour, poise, and figure, Huba, huba, she's gor us in a dirher. ANITA GLASSER 6IO Howard Ave. Sec'y Io Miss McKinney, STENOGRAPHY Lois of personality and a pleasing smile. Make Aniia A-l in any file. PAULETTE GLICKMAN 3I I E. 52 S+. Caieleria Marshal: G.O. Alf.: Bank Rep.: Sec'y 'ro Mr. Siambler, Mrs. Fuller. BOOKKEEPER There is only praise for PauleHe's charm- mg ways. ETHEL GOICHBERG 2I7 E. 93 Sl. "Yearbook" Rep.: Program ' Comm.: P.T.A. Rep., Book Rep.: Marshal: Guid- ance Oil. Receplionisl: Gym Sec'y: Hos- pilal Volunleer: Hislory Soc., Pan-Amer- ican Club: Sec'y lo Mr. Paige. SOCIAL WORKER Prelly, charming, lull ol pep. Do me somelhing, l'm lhe "Yearbook' Reb. FLORENCE GOLD 498 E. 84 Sl. BUYER Wilh her blue eyes and prelly face, She leads lhe boys al a dizzy pace. DOROTHY GOLDBERG I33 Newporl Sl. Scholarship Club: Program Comm.: Jun- ior Orch.: G.O. Rep.: Sec'y lo Mr. Brod- sky, Miss McKinney. LAB. TECHNICIAN To be precise, She's very nice. JEANETTE GOLDBERG 40 E. 52 Sl. G.O. Rep., G.O, All.: Comm. Corps: Sec'y lo Mr. Hochman, Mrs. Carson. SECRETARY Sugar is nice, bul Ginger has spice. RONALD GOLDBERG 632 Osborn Sl. BIO-CHEMIST Ronnie's never very sad. 'Cause he's a real Tilden lad. Marshal. SEYMOUR GOLDBERG 23l E. 94 Sl. Marshal: Field Squad: Class Pres.: Pres., Palrol Squad: Arl Squad. ENGINEER A nice guy he seems lo be, He'll make good-iusl wail and see. DIANE GOLDEN l409 Sl. Johns Pl. G.O. Rep.: Program Comm.: G.O. All.: English Olll.: Hebrew Club: Sec'y lo Mr. Polack, Mr. Heller: Accounling Oli. LEGAL STENOGRAPHER Dark hair, dark eyes. Walch your hearl, Marv, if you're wise. JERRY GOLDENBERG 9024 Ave. A Pres., G.O.: Chairman, lnler-Club Coun- cil: Chariman, Sludenl Parliamenl: Chairman, Exec. Comm.: Chairman, Slu- denl Courl: Board of Governors: Long- lellows: Arisla: Exec. Board of Social Leaders: Alumni Newspaper: Cily G.O. Council Rep.: Brooklyn G.O. Council Rep.: Capl., Newspaper Squad: G.O. Rep.: Marshal: Bio. Squad: Science Club: Dramalic Sociely: Malh Club. MEDICINE An all 'round lellow, a wonderful guy, Jerry did much lor Tilden High. ABRAHAM GOLDMAN 882i Ave. L. Lieul., Marshals: Caleleria Marshal: Worked for Library. OPTOMETRIST He believes lhal lhe only way lo gel ahead is lo use his own. GLADYS GOLDMAN 506 E. 94 Sl. G.O. Rep.: Senior Rep.: Sec'y lo Mrs. Tauber, BOOKKEEPER A ioke, a laugh, a smile or lwo, While Gladys is around you can'l feel blue. PHYLLIS GOLDNER I84 E. 9l Sl. Sec'y lo Mrs. Papke, Mr. Schullz. Mr. Slambler. LEGAL STENOGRAPHER A charming girl and very prelly, Always 'friendly and very willy. SHELDON GOLDSMITH l6l E. 93 Sl. ELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGY Jusl a regular guyl ABE GOLDSTEIN 728 48 SI. Capl., Marshals: Book Rep., Bank Rep.: G.O. Rep.: Sec'y lo Mrs. Fosler. RANCHER I like lhe wide open spaces. ALLAN GOLDSTEIN 48 E. 95 Sl. UNDECIDED Hear! Hear! No career? Marshal. DAVID GOLDSTEIN 53OI Snyder Ave. Marshal, Library Squad. BUSINESSMAN A handsome guy wifh a Twinkle in his eye, ELAINE GOLDSTEIN l78 E. 95 ST. Caieleria Marshal: G.O. Alf.: Book Rep.: Economics Off.: Sec'y fo Miss Unger. SECRETARY Very agreeable, lols of lun, Liked indeed by everyone. ELAINE GOLDSTEIN 603 Walkins S+. Social Leaders: Marshal: Book Rep.: Secy To Mrs. Carson: G.O. All. SECRETARY A charming and infelligeni young lady, Personalify plus!!! MARILYN GOLDSTEIN l78 E. 95 SI. G-O- All-I Sec'y lo Miss Unger, Mrs. Schneider, Mrs, Goldman, Mrs. Byrne: Gym Leader. SECRETARY A prelly young lady and clever is she, She'll look cure on 'rhe boss' knee. MARVIN GOLDSTEIN 5Ol5 Ave. D ENGINEERING Marvin always wears a grin, Al' fha? rafe he's bound lo win. Marshal. ROBERT GOLDSTEIN 795 Maple S+. CONSERVATION "Gone Fishinf' Marshal. SALLY GOLDSTEIN 522 E. SI S+. G.O. Rep., Bank Rep.: Sec'y lo Mrs, Tauber. BOOKKEEPER Vivacious, popular, lull of lun, She is liked by everyone. LARRY GOODMAN I326 S+. John's Pl. Glee Club: Marshal: Sec'y lo H, Ed. Depl. SALESMAN Larry Goodman a liflle shy, BM all in one swell guy. RONALD GOODMAN l4I6 Pirkin Ave. G.O. Alf.: Band. AIR CADET As hard as we may fry, We can I knock a regular guy. REGINA GOyON , :gale QQ. fer. ??l.f:'?fi?"'ii'f S hier ' A ' QRETARY ,I . in f dfi m' 7S,2i'a1,fQyi9'e QS fgM P Qf9GI'..!I?I' RHODA GORDON 675 Empire Blvd. Locker Marshal: I-Iisfory Sociefy: Sec'y fo Mrs. Zuckerman. SECRETARY Neal and sweef we can say, Likeable in every way. SANDRA GOTTESMAN 750 Lelzlierls Ave. Flower Rep.: French Club: I-Iislory Club: Marshal: Recrd Ofliceg Sec'y 'lo Miss I-lanagan, Mr. Gersien. TEACHER One of The choir girls, Always singing a new "him," JEANETTE GRANOWITZ 3I9 Remsen Ave. G.O. Rep. SOCIAL WORKER Sweer, nice, charming lo meei, To be wifh her is really a freaf. BERNARD GRAY II6O E. N. Y. Ave. Longlellows, Execuiive Board of Long- fellows: Arisia: Circulalion Staff of "Topics": G.O. Office: Class Presidenf: Marshal: Gym Sec'y. UNDECIDED Good looking, versafile and clever, loo, Come on girls, he was mean? for you! FLORINE GREENAPPLE 9l7 Lenox Rd. Canfafa Club: Swifchboard Operafor: Marshal: 6.0. Rep.: Boosfers: French Club: Pan-American Club: Hisfory So- ciefy: Sec'y fo Mr. Rosenblufh, Mr. Mef- lis. Mr. 6arf, Mr. Pasner. UNDECIDED Her personalify and charm make her welcome everywhere. ALVIN GREENBERG 89 E. 9I Sf. Senior V.P.: Edifor-in-Chief of "Senior News": Sec'y of Longfellows: Sec'y of Program Comm.: Lieuf. of Field Squad, Lafe Squad: Locker Marshal: Color 6uard: Pan-American Club: Reporfer for "Ufopia," Mafh Club: Scholarship Club: Arisfa: 6.0. Alf.: Bank Rep.: Book Rep.: Longfellows Execufive Boardg 6ym Secly: Volunfeer fo Jewish Saniforiurn, Befh El Hospifal: Senior Office Squad: Hisfory Sociefy. MEDICAL DOCTOR Sparkling wif, cufe looks foo, He's sure a hif fhrough and fhrough. ARNOLD GREENBERG 372 E. 98 Sli Biology Squad: 6.0. Alf. ELECTRICAL TECHNOLOGIST This swell fellow is fair and square, Here's a guy who'Il always share. EDITH GREENBERG I6I Buffalo Ave. Sec'y fo Mr, Pasner, Miss Reif, Mrs. Novelle. LAWYER Preffy, charming and pefife: There's a combinafion hard fo beaf. FLORENCE GREENBERG IO4 Tapscoff Sf. 6.0. Rep.: Bio. Squad: Affendance Office: Sec'y fo Mrs. Saposh, Mr. Howiff, Mr. Suffenberg: Class Treas. TEACHER Ambifion and cooperafion will carry her far, We wish her luck wherever we are JANET GREENBERG 22I E. 9I Sf. 6.0. Rep.: Pool Ass'f: Off. Class Pres.: 6ym Leader: French Club: Dramaric Sociefy: Hisfory Sociefy: Yearbook Rep.- Sec'y fo Mrs. Crysfal, Miss Lesser, Mr. DeLellis. PSYCHOLOGIST Full of vifalify, zesf and pep, And, of course, fhe yearbook rep. MARILYN GREENBERG 87 E. 53 S+. Senior Class Treas.: Chief Mgr. of Bank Squad: A.M. Office: Program Office: Bank Rep.: Program Comm.: Sec'y fo Mr. Cohen, Mr. Rosen, Mr, 6arf. TEACHER A wide awake gal wirh charm galore, Plus personalify, could you ask for more? NATALIE GREENBERG 82 Rockaway P'kwy 6.0. Alf.: Cafeferia Marshal: Sec'y fo Miss Haiblum, Mr. Ifzler, Mr. Braverman. BUSINESS Eyes fhaf sparkle, hair fhafls blonde, One of whom everyone is fond. JANET GREENE 9502 Kings H'way 6.0. Rep.: Book Rep.: Mail Squad: Hisfory Off.: Sec'y fo Mr. Sfearn, Mrs. Kleinberg, Mr. Howiff, Mrs, Fuller. SPANISH STENOGRAPHER Personalify and versafilify. BARRIE GRIEFF I555 Presidenf SI. Cashier, Teacher's Cafeferia: Cafeferia Payroll Office: Arisfa: Hebrew Club: Program Comm.: Scholarship Club: 6ym Sec'y: Senior Rep.: Arisfa Coach: Mafh Club: Hisfory Sociefy: Sec'y fo Mr. Meflis, Mrs. 6oldberg, Mrs. 6lixman, Mrs. Kleinberg. MEDICINE A ferrific and popular boy- One who we're sure will be a high success. EVELYN GRODMAN 202 E. 55 Sf. Arisfa: Scholarship Club: Hebrew Club: 6Iee Club: Audio Visual Squad: Cuffing Office: Sec'y fo Mr. Bresloff, Mr. Rosen- blum. MUSIC May her voyage fhrough life be as happy and free, As fhe dancing waves on fhe deep blue sea. AMY GROSS 609 E. 53 Sf. 6.0. Sec'y: Cify Council Rep,: Borough Council Rep.: Sf. Leader Conference Rep.: Bd. of 6overnors: Bd. of Execu- fives: 6.0. Office: Edifor-in-Chief of P.M. Paper: Copy Edifor of P.M. Paper: 6.0. Rep.: 6.0. Alf.: V.P. of Social Leaders: Bio, Squad: Pan-American Club: Infer-Club Council: Sec'y fo Mrs. Saposh, Mr. Rafchick: Marshal: Hisfory Sociefy. FEDERAL INVESTIGATOR Sweef, kind and so sincere, ls fhis classmafe we hold so dear. HARRIET GROSS IOZ4 Monfgomery Sf. Marshal: Bank Rep.: Sec'y fo Mr. Mura- skin, Mr. Howiff. SOCIAL WORKER Cufe and nice fo know. JOSEPH GROSS 23l Herzl Sf. Marshal. DIAMOND CUTTER He'll shine like fhe diamonds he cufs. LUCILLE GROSS I208 Easfern P'kwy G.O. Alf.: Sec'y fo Miss Grand, Mrs Crysfal, Mr. Zeiger, Miss Hasluck: Dra- mafic Sociefy: French Club: Hebrew So- ciefy: Flower Rep. SOCIAL WORKER A fuqifive from a fruif cake, Sweef and nuffy, PHYLLIS GROSSMAN 263 E. 55 S+. G.O. Rep.: Marshal: Sec'y fo Mr. Jack- son, Mr, Budin. SECRETARY Vivacious, popular, full of fun, Admired and liked by everyone. HOWARD GRUBER l92O Union Sf. DENTIST If service was a lumberyard, Oh, whaf a splinler. v NORMAN GRUNDFAST 55 Parade Pl. Arf. Squad: Recepfionisf in Guidance Office. LAWYER Jus? a frusfrafed fellow whose parenfs never lef him qo info Mbarsf' MYRON GUSS lOO5 Easfern Plkwy Cafeferia Marshal: Band: Hisfory So- ciefy: Scholarship Club, PHARMACIST Anyfhing we say will nof suffice, To describe anyone quife so nice BERNARD GUTMAN I I2 Rockaway Pkwy Marshal: Sec'y fo Mrs. I-Iailblum, ACCOUNTANT Bernard iusl' loves figures. DONALD GUTTMAN 260 Rochesler Ave. Capf. of Senior Record Squad: Mail Squad: Rexograph Squad: Sec'y To Mr. Garf, Mrs. Klein, Mrs. Harringfon, Mrs. Keller, Mrs. Zieferf, Mr. Feigenbaum and Mr. Sfearn. ENGINEER He's nof an example, He's a problem. PHYLLIS HACKER 603 E. 94 Sf. BUYER She's full of fun as one can see, Overflowinq wifh personalify. HAROLD HAITH I I3 Scheneclady Ave. Marshal: I-lealfh Ed, Depf. Sec'y: Gym Sec'y: Book Rep. AERONAUTICS A clean cuf fellow, really neaf, A nicer quy you couldn'f meef. ARLENE HAMMER lO5O Willmahr Sf. G.O. Execufive Board: G.O. Alf.: Sec'y Sfaff of "Tilden Topics": Cafeferia Mar' shal: Book Rep. and Alf.: Sec'y Sfaff of "Senior Classic": Yearbook Rep.: Bank Rep.: Aid in Home for lncurables: Senior News Sfaff: Sec'y fo Mrs, Papke: Mrs. Sonnenblum: I-losfel Club: Dramafic Sociefy: I-lisfory Sociefy: lnlerviewing Comm. on Dramafic Sociefy: Pan-Ameri- can Club. TEACHER One of Tilden's chosen few, Versafile, popular and sweef. LORRAINE HANDLER 530 Herzl Sf. Girl Leader of Arisfa: Sec'y of Arisfa: Coach: Mr. Kahn's Office: G.O. Rep.I Alumni Newspaper: G.O. Alf.: Senior Rep.: Program Comm. lnfer Club Coun- cil: Gym Leader: Soffball Club: Mafh Club: Science Club: Hisfory Sociefy: Scholarship Club: Jr. Band: Sec'y fo Mr, Schwarzbach, Mrs. Menf, Miss Lesser, Miss Rissin, Miss Ardley. MEDICINE For Lorraine we save only praise. For all she's done in bygone days. SONDRA HECHT IO39 Willmohr Sf. Cafeferia Marshal: Arisfa Coach: G.O. Alf.: Class Sec'y fo Miss Singer, Mrs. Sugarman, Mrs. Carney, Mrs, Sfarfield. SECRETARY Sandra is fhe reason, "Genflemen Prefer Blondes." MURRAY HELLMAN 92 E. 53 Sf. Marshal: Gym Leader: Visual Aid Squad: Class Veep. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Q i All who know him very well, J' Agree fo fhis . . . he's swell. ftj'I"" I y l I , la. RONA. HENDE by - I Easfer kwyg lxvargh . hy' I Moo , ecnef Y 12 X 'ii en sfude all ree, if n ls wifh r is wir 1+ Ax A X ' 1.1 X... Q Y l "IJ y ,ff ,jf DOROTHY HENNESSEY I32-D E. 87 Drive Sec'y fo Mr. Kenner, Mr, Leff: Marshal. SECRETARY Dorofhy is fhe fype fhaf's very rare, Sweef, friendly and liked everywhere. STANLEY HERMAN 247 E. 5I S+. Foofball, Swimming Teams. COACH Herman has lef+, buf his greafness a+ foofball remains. WILLIAM HERMAN 4l2 E. SI S+. Marshal: Pan-American Club: Sec'y fo Mrs. Willen, Mr. Krugman. CHEMIST No special claim +o fame, Buf one grand fellow iusf fhe same. GARY HERSHENHAUS IO7 E. 56 S+. Field Squad: Biology Squad: Lafe Squad: Sec'y fo Mr. Krugman, Mr. Kenner, Mr. Paley, Mr. Salfz, Mr. Weidman: Marshal. VETERINARY MEDICINE In medicine, we hope his name, Will gef ifs share of fufure fame. SHIRLEY HEYNE III E.96S+. Book Rep.: Marshal. TEACHER Sweef in face, brighf in mind, She's a girl mighfy hard fo find, HOWARD HOCHMAN 23I I-lerzl Sf. Lieuf. of Cafeferia Marshals. ELECTRICAL MECHANIC A swell guy is he, One good sporf we all agree. SAUL HOFF IO39 E. 29 S+. Marshal' G.O. Rep.: Glee Club: Sfage Squad: Class Day Rep. SHOW BUSINESS I-le's good af singing and good af dancing, And even beffer af romancing. It MAXINE HOFFERT 675 Empire Blvd. Arisfa: Program Comm.: I-Iisfory Sociefy: Pan-American Club: Leaders Club: Soff- ball Club: Marshal: Sec'y fo Mr. Browdy: Guidance Office: Mr. Kahn's Office. HISTORY A sweef girl we have here, Wifh a grin from ear fo ear PAULA HOFFERT 675 Empire Blvd. Hisfory Office: Program Comm.: Guid- ance Office: Marshal: Arisfa: Coach: Pan-American Club: Mafh Club: Arisfa lnferview Comm.: Hisfory Execufive Comm.: I-lisfory Club: Newspaper: V.P, of I-lisfory Club. Always a smile and a gay "hello," Here is a gal fhaf is nice fo know. HERBERT HOFFMAN fs' M 5I67E.41f Sir BNI- CONGRESSMAN fs, , V Capf. of Field Squad. A fellow you'd like fo know, Wifh lofs of gef up and go! 'a .lig L Hbikhga. 5 7TI'C'g,511 ILENE HOFFMAN 928 Monfgomery Sf. Marshal: Pool Ass f: Book Room: Book Rep.: Swimming Club: Sec. fo Mr. Lon- don, Mrs. Flanagan, Mrs. Farley. SWIMMING INSTRUCTOR Shes full of life, falk, and pep, I-lere's a girl who's really hep. Wifh laughs and smiles and dancing feef, Ilene's fhe fype who's hard fo beaf. SHEILA HOFFMAN I68 E. 89 S+. Program Comm.: P.T.A, Rep.: Bank Rep.: I-lisfory Soc.: Hebrew Club: French Club: Pan-American Club: Sec'y fo Mrs. Cassi- lefh, Mr. Schwarfzbach: Program Comm. Office. PSYCHOLOGIST A liffle ioke, lofs of cheer, A bif of mischief, Sheila's fhere. STANLEY HOFFMAN 76 E. 54 S+. Baskef Monifor: Secy fo Miss Singer. UNDECIDED To know him well, ls fo know he's swell. LENORE HOLLANDER 344 E. Sl Sf. BOOKKEEPER Always happy and ready wifh a smile, Being wifh her is always worfhwhile. FLORENCE HOLNIKOFF l6O Riverdale Ave. Hebrew Club: Marshal: Guidance Rec.: Sec'y lo Mrs. Sheinin, Mrs. Sloane, Miss Koslovsky. SOCIAL WORKER Prelly, capable and well-liked, Here's a girl who sfrives 'ro do whal's right BERNARD HOLTZMAN l975 Union Sl. Sec'y lo Mrs, Byrne. TEXTILE INDUSTRY Leader of men! Follower of women! HERBERT HOMELSKY 745 E. 52 S+. BUSINESS ASSISTANT Talkalive Herb, How he loves fo learn, Wifh any ieacher excepl Mrs. Byrne. Marshal. MURIEL HORN 6l4 E. 93 S+. Marshal: Coach: Spanish Office Squad: Pan-American Club: Sec'y fo Miss Smilh, Mr. Sfarfield, Mr. Rogovin, Mrs. Slar- field, Mr. Kahn. TEACHING Her brain, is like a safuraled sponge- Everyrhing is absorbed. ALAN HOROWITZ I3I E. 49 SI. Arisla: Malh Club: Scholarship Club: Guidance Office Recepfionisfg P.T.A. Rep.: Coach: Jr. Band: Spanish Ohfice. MEDICINE Brains, service, and qualilies rare. We fhink lhis boy is beyond compare. DONALD HOROWITZ 94I5 Ave. A Boy Leader of Arisla: Pres. of Brooklyn Associalion of Honor Socielies: G.O. Board of Governors: G.O. Execurive Board: lnferclub Council: G.O. Rep.: G.O. All.: "Tilden Topics" Reporler: Senior News Reporler: Dramalic Sociely: Speakers' Bureau: Mafh Club: Scholar- ship Club: French Club: Hislory Socieiy: Hebrew Cullure Club: Yearbook Rep.: Glee Club: Caroleers: Bank Rep.: Book Rep.: Program Comm.: Chairman of En- 'rerlainmenl' af Scholarship Parlies: Sec'y lo Mr. Cosman. Mrs. Carson: Gym Sec'y. POLITICAL LAW Refuses presidency . , . "No chance for advancement" HARRIET HOROWITZ 570 Kosciusko S+. Marshal: Sec'y 'ro Mr. Gerslen. LAWYER Her dark hair and crimson smile, With personalily plus lo make her worlh- while. ESTHER HYMOWITZ 964 Urica Ave. G.O. Alf.: G.O. Rep.: G.O. Execulive Board: Book Rep.: Capt of Marshals: Reporler, Tale of Two Sessions: Drama- 'ric Sociefy: Senior News Typisls: Sec'y fo Mr. Diamond: Baskelball and Volley- ball Teams. DENTAL HYGIENIST Prelfy picfure, Nice frame loo. FLORENCE IMMEL I449 E. 94 Sl. Leaders Club: Volleyball Club: Marshal. UNDECIDED DONALD INGERMAN 479 Herzl Sl. ENGINEER His smile is like Cheslerfield- lr safisliesl Sec. in P.M. Office. DONALD INGERMAN I I9 E. 89 Sl. Caleleria Marshal: Book Rep. UNDECIDED Tall and handsome: Happy and gay, Friendly and good-nalured, In every way. DONALD ISAACMAN 694 Ralph Ave. Marshal: Shop Squad. MACHINIST Friends, Romans. Counlrymen, lend me your homework. HOWARD JACOBS I4 E. 96 S+. Gym Leader: Marshal: Class V.P. NAUTICAL ENGINEER I'r's easy +o say, Thal's he's okay! HOWARD JACOBS I7 E. 88 S+. G.O. Rep.: Book Rep.: Scholarship Club: Marshal: Caleleria Marshal: "Topics." BUSINESS His good manner and fine disposilion, Make him a well liked person. ROSALYND JAEGER 900 Monfgomery Sf. Arisfa: Arisfa Coach: Program Comm.: Usher af UNESCO Conferences: Affend- ance Office: Senior Rep.: Bank Rep.: French Office: Arisfa Recepfion Comm.: Hisfory Sociefy: Sec'y fo Mr. Baronofsky. Miss Ponfi, Mr. Schwarzback. TEACHER Ambifious, preffy, infelligenf foo, She's one of Tilden's chosen few. BEVERLY JAFEE l65 E. 93 Sf. Marshal: Class Sec'y: Sec'y fo Mr. Leff. MEDICAL STENOGRAPHER A preffy blonde Miss, wifh eyes of blue, Figure neal' and charming foo. JUSSELYN JAMES l259 Dean Sf. Glee Club: Canfafa Club: Speakers' Bureau: lnferviewing Comm.: Gym Lead- ers: French Club: Coach: Biology Squad: Senior Rep.: Sec'y fo Mrs. Juliber. TEACHER Lilfing voice, laughing eyes, We wonder where her forfune lies. HAROLD JANOW 823 Lenox Rd. Band: G.O. Rep.: Ass. G.O.: Hebrew Club: Sr. Prom Rep. UNDECIDED May your successes be as plenfiful as your freckles. LEONARD JASPER 97I Hopkinson Ave. Marshal: Phofography Club: "Tilden Topics": G.O. Rep: Life Guard: Sec'y fo Mr. Brill, Mr. Pasner, Mrs. Goldman, Miss Hirsch, Miss Badanes. PHOTOGRAPHER . Never cu+ a class, Jusf forgof where fhey were. ANTHONY G. JEANNETTI 5I2O Tilden Ave. G.O. Rep.: Marshal: Baseball Team: Pres. of Newman Club: Sec'y fo Mr. Rogers, Mr, Sfeigman. CONTRACTOR Ambifious, afhlefic, always a smile, Tony's friendship is really worfhwhile. ROSE JENKINS 72lf2 Ufica Ave. Marshal: Marshal: Cafeferia Marshal? Sec'y fo Mr. Glassman and Miss Reif. NURSE Jusf like a good book, Rose is bound fo please HARVEY JONES 9l Chauncey Sf. Senior Treas. of Off. Class: Glee Club: Marshal. ARCHITECT Very agreeable, Full of fun, Liked indeed by everyone. ALFRED JOSEPH 237 E. 9I S+. Cuffing Office: Marshal: I-lealfh Ed. Depf. Sec'y. BUSINESSMAN If every young fellow were as nice as he, Whaf a wonderful world fhis would be. LEWIS KAGAN 606 E. 9l Sf. Social Leaders: Scholarship Club: His- fory Sociefy: Mafh Club: G.O. Rep.: G.O. Alf.: Book Rep.: Bank Rep.: Bank: Arisfa Off.: Guidance Off.: Marshal: Visual Aids Squad: Sec'y fo Mrs. Sfein- hardf. MEDICINE Lewis Kagan, famed MD., Thaf is our prophecy. JACK KAHANE 978 Monfgomery Sf. ACCOUNTANT A quief lad is he, A good sporf we all agree. JOAN KALINER 393 Rockaway P'kwy G.O. Rep.: G.O. Alf.: Marshal: Recep- fionisf: Arisfa Coach: Prom Rep.: "Topics" Sfaff. ENGLISH TEACHER Jusf like a candy bar: The cenfer of affracfionl CAROL KALKSTEIN 9529 Church Ave. Arisfa: "Senior Classic": Co-Ed. of Aris- fonian: Ed. of I-Iisfory Highlighfs: Arl' Squad: "Tilden Topics": G.O. Office: Speakers' Bureau: N.Y. Leaders Council: lnfer-Club Council: N.Y. Times Forum Panelisf: I-Iearfs I-lisfory Confesf: Pro- gram Comm.: Guidance Oflice: Bank Rep.: Yearbook Rep.: French Club: Pan- American Club: Mafh Club: Tennis Club: Eco. Office: Senior Off.: French Off.: Arisfa lnferviewing Comm.: U.N. Confer- ence: Biology Squad: l-lospifal Comm.: Sec'y fo Dr. Kolodny, Mr. Zack, Mr. Spin, Mr. Deellis, Mr. Rabinoff, Mr. Freidman. TEACHER A rare combinafion: beaufy and brains LILLIAN KAMAN 734 Crown Sf. Affendance Office Squad: Tennis Club: Sec'y fo Mr. Brill, Mrs. Goldman, Mr. DiGuisen. Mrs. Smifh. COLLEGE Like war bonds, She draws inferesf. HOWARD KAMINSKY 335 E. 59 S+. Capf. of Swimming Team: Foofball Team: Member of P.M. Board of Governors: Capf, of Marshal Squad: G.O. Rep.: Communily Corps Rep.: Reporfer: Bio. Squad. MECHANICAL ENGINEER Whaf an afhlefel EDWIN KAMMIN 720 E. 48 SIE Mafh Club: Music Club: G.O. Sfore Clerk: Dir. of Inframural: Guidance Office Sec'y. MEDICINE Keen in sfudy, cheerful and gay, Success will surely mark his way. NATALIE KANTOR 396 E. 9I S+. Arisfa: Tennis Club: Gym Leaders: Arf Sfaff of "Senior Classic," Sec'y fo Miss Wrighf, Mrs. I-lowiff, Mr. Lichf, Mrs. Crysfalg Arisfa Scholarship Club: Rec. in I-Iealih Ed. Office. SCIENCE The wise men say fhrice blessed is she, Who hafh sweef personalify. DAVID KAPLAN 682 E. 9l SI'. Biology Squad: Marshal: Yearbook Rep.Z Sec'y fo Mr, Weidman and Mr. Paley: Sec'y in Gym Office. VETERINARIAN This boy is really going fo fhe dogs. MARION KAPLAN 9720 Kings H'wy G.O. Rep.: Bank Rep.: Sec'y fo Miss Grand, Mrs. Engel. SECRETARY All of har good qualifies are hard Io relafe, For Marion has more fhan one nice fraif. MELVYN KAPLAN 509 Brisfol Sf Arisfa: I-Iisforical Sociefy: Scholarship Club: Language Mimeograph Room: Program Comm.: Yearbook Rep.: Sec'y fo Mr. Schwarzback, Mr. Salfz, Mr. Rock- lin, Mr, Ginsberg, Mr. O'Sl'1ea, Mr. Ezersky. UNDECIDED l may be aggressive, l don'f fhink I'm phlegmalic: Buf in fhis case I musf be iusf plain diplomafic- I'm fhe Yearbook Rep. SAMMY KAPLAN 624 Hopkinsin Ave. Band: Marshal: Sfage Squad: Lafe BUSINESS One day of school, Six days af resf, Thal"s when Sammy is af his besf. Squad. ELAINE KARLIN I2I2 Lincoln PI. Marshal: G.O. Rep.: Sec'y fo Mrs. Fish- bein, Mrs. Goldman, Mrs. Engelberg, Mr. Levine, Mr. Pollack, Mr. Schwarlz, Mr. Braverman. BOOKKEEPER Elaine will be an "Asse'r" fo any office or room, Her charm and personalify will make her "Capifal" zoom. DOLORES KARSON 385 E. 95 Sf. Hisfory Sociely: Pan-American Club: Proiecf Club: Hebrew Club: Program Comm.: P.T.A. Rep.: Bank Rep.: Book Rep.: Marshal. TEACHER Of all fhe virfues she dofh possess The besf of fhese is friendliness. GERALDINE KASHA II2 Rockaway P'kwy Sec'y fo Mrs. Howiff, Mrs. Papke, Mr. Herman, Mr. Howiff, Mr. Seidman. SECRETARY Her quief manners and pleasing ways. Deserve much credil and loads of praise. ILENE KASOWITZ I965 Union Sf. Dramafic Sociefy: Arl' Squad: Senior Class Pres.: G.O. Rep.: Senior Rep.: Guidance Receplionisf: Marshal: Sec'y 'ro Mrs. Sfarfield, Miss Rivelson: Off. Class Sec'y. FASHION DESIGNER Kinda cufe-kinda sweef, Brains and beauly hard fo bear. MADELINE KASS 707 Troy Ave. G.O. Rep.: Marshal: Flower Rep.: Sec'y fo Miss Badanes. Dr. Shipley, Miss Fuller. SECRETARY Gee, buf you're swelll ADELE KATZ 829 Lenox Rd. G.O. All.: Marshal: Class Treas.: Senior Office: Sec'y fo Miss Sheerin, Mr. Ho- wiff: French Club. TEACHER She's quiefly charming and charmingly quief. DORIS KATZ 476 E. 95 Sf. G.O. Rep.: G.O. All.: Sec'y fo Mrs. Fuller. STENOGRAPHER A perfecf gal fhrough and fhrough, I-Ier personalify's nice, I-ler friendship lrue. INA KATZ IOI4 Rulland Rd. Sec'y lo Mrs. Lincoln. SECRETARY Like a four-leaf clover, One in a million. NORMAN KATZ 362 Amboy Sl. BUSINESS From any angle, he's on lhe square! PEARL KATZ l239 Sl. John's Pl. G.O. Rep.: Book Rep.: Gym Leaders: Sec'y fo Mrs. Hughes. MARRIAGE Pearl is going 'ro have a wonderful life. She's all sel lo be Norman's wife. ROBERT KATZ I7O E. 92 S+. Marshal, 2 Terms: Book Club Rep. DENTIST They lold him you needed "pull" lo gel ahead. WARREN KATZ 836 Ulica Ave. UNDECIDED Undecided, mind divided, He'll soon gel' his fhoughls uniled. GLORIA KATZMAN I67 Newporl S+. Hebrew Club: Marshal: Coach: Guidance Office Recepfionisl: Boosler: Sec'y fo Miss Rizzo. SOCIAL WORKER A girl who is quief, genlle, and gay, Wears a smile fhe livelong day. PHYLLIS KATZMAN I67 Newpori Sl. Affendance Office: Marshal: G.O. AI+.: Hebrew Club: Sec'y 'ro Mrs. Tauber. TEACHER When lhe presidency gels loo big a iob for one man. America, we give you Kaizman. HARVEY KAUFMAN l7IO Carroll S+. LAWYER One doesn'l have fo be a cryslal gazer 'ro see, Whalever Harvey allempls, successful he will be. HOWARD KAUFMAN 458 E. 5I Sl. Marshal: P.M. Curling Office: Sec'y 'ro Mr. Rosenblalh and Mr. Shachler. LABORATORY TECHNICIAN Volls and ohms may break his bones, Bur flames can never harm him. IRENE KAUFMAN I7Z2 Union Sf. Sec'y lo Mr. Rosenblum, Mr. Schwarz- bach: Program Comm.: Sec'y fo Miss Unger, Mr. Breslolf: French Club: Pan- American Club: Hebrew Cullure Club. TEACHER Fine and sweel fo sum her up, She's My-TAFine. JERRY KAYE I544 Park Pl. Cafeferia Marshal: Marshal Squad. UNDECIDED Devilish, in a quiel way, Hales lo work, buf loves lo play. RICHARD KELMANS I7O Tapscoll S+. Marshal: Circulafion Sfafl' of "Topics": Sec'y lo Mr. Breslofl. LAWYER Il"s golla be lhis or fhaf, my boy, Bur whalever il is, here's wishing you ioy. FLORENCE KERMAN 207 E. 91 S+. G.O. Rep.: G.O, All.: Sr. Yearbook Rep.: Flower Rep.: Cafeleria Marshal: Sec'y To Mrs, Cassilefh, Miss Wrighl, Miss McKinney, Mrs. Juliber. TEACHER Blonde hair, blue eyes, Prelly and clever is she, Here's hoping Flo gels her leaching degree. GARY KESSLER 4 E. 53 Sl. Marshal: Book Room: French Office: Coach: Arisla. PHYSICIAN ll's a shame 'rhey don'l' give looks inslead of 99's- He deserves lhem. HOWARD KESSLER 427 E. 93 SI. ARCHITECTURE Tall skyscrapers will envelope his lame. JUDITH KESSLER l3l2 SI. Johnls Pl. Marshal, Ass'+ io Mrs. Grand. SECRETARY Shes severe, Well liked here. MORTON KESSLER 788 Howard Ave. Safely Guard, Envelope Monitor in Arr. UNDECIDED A swell fellow, Need we say more. MARVIN KESTENBAUM I26 E. 53 SI. G.O. Rep.: Yearbook Rep.: Class Pres.: G.O, All. OPTOMETRIST "They all gave him The eye." BARBARA KIFF 740 Empire Blvd. Hospilal Proiecl Club: Alumni Off.: Re- cepfionisl in Giudance Oflicei Official Class SeC'y: Sec'y Io Mr. Rosenblum. INTERIOR DECORATOR She may Ieiqn shyness, Bur in realily she's qol plenly of personaliry. NORMA KIRSCHNER 87 E. 93 S+. Hislory Sociely: French Club: Hebrew Club: Music Sociefyg Sec'y lo Dr. Schwarlz: Guidance Rec.: Sec'y of Music Sociery. TEACHER Likeable, lovable, wonderful foo. Tha+'s our Norma, Ihrouqh and Through. MARILYN KITAIN 900 Saraloga Ave. Scholarship Club: Hospilal Proiecf Club: Reqenls Comm.: Seoy 'ro Mrs. Farley. MEDICAL ASSISTANT Smiling, cheerful, always dependable, Norhinq aboul her fhar isn'r com' mendable. HELENE KITAY 48l E. 94 S+. G.O. Rep.: Presidenr Official Class: Mar- shal' Secy To Mr, Greene, Mrs. Pasner, Mrs. Anronseri, Mr, Price, Mr. Srambler, STATISTICIAN Sralisfician she would be, Indeed we fhink she should, Because she's qood ar liqures, And her Iigure's very good. DORIS KLAFTER 5I222 Snyder Ave. Alumni Olliceg Marshal SECRETARY Doris is a girl you'd like lo meer, We would call her nice and sweef, Buf sorry she has an ardenr Ian. ALVIN KLEIN 599 E. 53 Sr. "Senior Classicu: Fearure Ediror Journal- ism Class Paper: Wrilinq Awards Win- ner: Scholarship Club: Pan-American Club: Book Club: Scholaslic Achieve- menl Wrilinq Awards Winner: Hoslel Club: Program Comm.: Book Rep.: Mar- shal: Spanish Coach: Gym Sec'y. UNDECIDED Hes pleasanl, Ialenled, and we have found, He sure knows how to qer around. ARTHUR KLEIN 437 E. 53 S+. Marshal: G.O. Rep.: Bank Rep.: Book Rep.: Mail Squad: Lile Guards: Band Ass'I: French Club? I-Iisrory Socieiy. BUSINESS A boy wilh pep, vim and Iireq The sorr of boy we all admire. BARBARA KLEINMAN 898 Clarkson Ave. Bank Marshal: Sec'y lo Mr, Diamond, Mr. Browdy, Mrs. Byrne. COLLEGE Cure and clever, Nauqhry never- Well . , , hardly ever. ESTHER KLEPPER I726 Presidenr SI. Pres. OI ihe Hoslel Club: "Tilden Topics": Dramalic Sociely: Transporia- fion Squad: Guidance Receplionisr: Gym Sec'y: Sec'y Io Mrs. Sleinhardl, Mrs. Saposh. PUBLIC RELATIONS Always gay, a ready smile, To be a friend is worrh your while. HADASSAH KNOBLER 8I8 Saraloga Ave. Gyrn Leaders: Hebrew Club: French Club: Hisiory Sociely: Book Rep. TEACHER She's perile, A Ireal Io meer. ELAINE KOBRIN l3I5 Easfern P'kwy Arisfa: Bank Rep.: Scholarship Club: "Tilden Topics": Hisfory Sociefy: Sec'y fo Mr. Seidman, Miss Leser, Mr. Palmen- fari, PSYCHIATRIST An I-I. G. Wells creafion- Ouf of fhis world. MARILYN KOENIGSBERG 458 E. SI Sr. Sec'y fo Mr. Pollack: Sec'y fo Mrs. Byrnes: Book Rep.: Leaders Club, BOOKKEEFER She's popular, cufe, full of fun, Of course, she's liked by everyone. GILDA KOEPPEL 355 E. 49 Sf. Social Leaders: "Tilden Topics" reporfer and Copy Sfaff: "Senior Classic" Lifer- ary Sfaff: Hebrew Club: Marshal: G.O. Rep.: Communify Corp. Rep.: Sec'y fo Mrs. Anfonsen, Mrs. Tauber, Mr. Zahn' Copy Edifor of fhe Leader. TEACHER A charming person, simple and sweef, A nicer girl you'll never meef, TOBY KOEPPEL ZOI Graffon Sf. Boosfers: I-lebrew Club: Pan-American Club: I-lisfory Sociefy: Book Rep.: Mar- shal: Coach: Service Office: Sec'y fo Off. Class: Affendance Office. AIRLINE STEWARDESS Delightful smile, cheery hellos, Brings her friends wherever she goes. LARRY KOPELOWITZ 48ll Tilden Ave. G.O. Rep.: Marshal: Aid fo Mr. Krokow: Swimming Varsify. DENTIST A denfisf is whaf he aims fo be, Success in fhaf field is easy fo see ALLEN KOPITO 283 E. 55 Sf. Arisfa: I-lisfory Sociefy: Scholarship Club: Bio. Lab.: Alumni Office: I-lisfory Sound Squad: Book Rep.: Newspaper Squad: Class Treasurer. MEDICINE Chem., Trig., and Physics are all sfudied wifh agilify, By all sfudenfs who have Al's scholasfic abilify. ARTHUR KORMAN BI7 52 Si. Visual Aid Squad: Sound Squad: Alumni Office: Bio, Lab.: G-lee Club: Caroleers: Bio. Depf. CONCERT SINGER Neaf, clean, Arfhur is our choice, For fhe boy wifh fhe mosf operafic voice. BARBARA KOSAKOFSKY 285 E. 9I SI. SECRETARY All fhe giffs Barbara does possess The besf of fhese is friendliness. SONDRA KOSSER 2 I 3l Brown Sf. Dramafic Sociefy: Cuffing Squad: Locker Marshal: Bank Rep.: Sec'y fo Mr. Bres- loff. TEACHER Sandy is a lovely girl whom everyone admires, There is no doubf she will accomplish all fhaf she desires. RHODA KRAKOFF 359 E. 95 S+. AVISTG: Gym Marshal: Sec'y fo Mr. Max, Mrs. Price, Mr. Pasner. KINDERGARTEN TEACHER A preffier girl is hard fo find, With personalify and charm combined. BELLA KRAUSMAN 237 E. 95 Sf. GAO. Alf.: Marshal: Bank Rep.: Book Rep.: Bank Clerk: Arisfa Coach: Library Squad: Discussion Leaders: Sec'y fo Mrs, Zuckerman, Miss I-lasluck, Mr. Sfambler, DENTAL TECHNICIAN The besf fhings come in small packages. BERNARD KRAVITZ IIO7 Lenox Rd. Secrefary fo Mr. Goldberg, MEDICINE A swell guy he seems fo be, I-le'll make good iusf waif and see. MARILYN KUNEN 462 I-lerzl Sf. SSVUOF REP.: Bank Rep.: G.O. Rep.: C'.O. Alf.: Book Rep.: I-Iisfory Office: Sec'y fo Mrs. Engel, Mr, Schwarfz, Mr, Engber, Mr. Diamond, Mr. Leff. MODEL Marilyn is popular, pefife and full of pep, We hope she reaches fhe "model sfep." BENJAMIN KUSHEL 756 Sarafoga Ave. EXPORT AND IMPORT BUSINESS A quief chap, buf friendly foo, All our besf wishes go wifh you. MARVIN LABINGER 1370 Sl. Marks Ave. Arisla: Pres. of Hebrew Club: Treas. of Senior Official Class: Arisfa Oiclice Squad: Marshal: Gym Sec'y: Sec'y To Mrs. Klein, Mr. Browdy. HEBREW TEACHER Our opinion of Marv is all pro, The nicesf sorl fha? anyone can know. ROSEMARIE LAICO 92I I Flarlands Ave. Ass'+ lo Mr. Smallberg: Sec'y lo Mrs. Godoisky, Mr. Berlin, Miss Unger. BOOKKEEPER Noi foo lasl, nor foo slow, Jusl fhe sorf one likes 'ro know. EUGENE LAIPSKER 574 Troy Ave. JOURNALIST Eugene says he will never yield. Unfil he's conquered fhe wriling lield. ARNOLD LAMBERG 2057 Union S+. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Wise as an owl, he sleeps all day. SALVATOR LAMPIASI 8722 Glenwood Rd. Arisla Office: M a r s h a I : Allendance Office: Program Comm.: Newman Club' Sec'y Io Mr. Kenner, Mrs. Tauber. PHARMACIST To be concise, He's very nice RICHARD LANE 487 Bainbridge S+. French, Hebrew, Hislory Clubs. COSTUME DESIGNER A regular guy who'll surely gel by. BERNARD LANG 354 E. 98 S+. Marshal: Hislory Club: Hebrew Club: Sec'y fo Mr. Krokow. PHARMACIST This lad a pharmacisr desires fo be, We wish him success mosl heartily. SAL LANZAFAME 9820 Glenwood Rd. ACCOUNTING He's swell lo know, he's everyone's pal, No one can bear rhal fellow Sal. SANDRA LAPIDUS 30I Legion SI. Reporrer on P.M. paper: G.O. All.: Marshal: Official Class Sec.: Sludy Hall Sec'y. ENGLISH TEACHER To be cullured and sfill know how Io play, To lhink slraighi and know iusl whal To say. SHIRLEY LAROSA l52 Tapscolr S+. Marshal: Prom Rep.: Sec'y fo Mrs. Juli- ber: Ass'T in Girls' Medical Room. SECRETARY Full of vigor, lull ol zesl, A girl we class among lhe besl. MARLENE LASKY 843 Sararoga Ave. Book Rep.: Sec'y 'ro Miss Rubin, Mr. Heller. FASHION DESIGNER Always sweel, lors ol lun, Liked indeed by everyone. BARBARA LASS 842 Saraioga Ave. Marshal. SECRETARY Barbara is a very sweei girl and has made many friends in school. HERBERT LAUTENBERG Ill E. SI Sf. FRENCH TEACHER He does his homework during lunch-I+ gives him food for rhoughr. THELMA LAWRES I39 Rockaway P'kwy Social Leaders: French Club: G.O. Rep.: Sec'y 'ro Healfh Ed. Depf.: Flower Rep. TEACHER The reason why boys will wanl lo slay aller school. HARVEY LAZAROWITZ 453 Brisfol SI. Arisla Coaching Squad: Marshal: Sec'y +o Mrs. Fuller, Mrs, Sharnes, Mr. Seid- man. LAWYER Smiling, clever and always dependable, All his affribules are commendable. BURTON LEEB SIZI Clarendon Rd. Marshal: "Tilden Topics": Orcheslra. DOCTOR Calm and collecled, No faulfs defecled. MILTON LEFKOFF 94 Legion Sl. Gym Sec'y: General Ass'f, Band. CONCERT PIANIST To be a pianisr is his ambirion. We hope fhal he gains fha? posilion. CONRAD LI:I'KOWITZ 5I5 Crown Sl. Chemisfry Squad: Guidance Ofllice Re- cepfionislg G.O. Slore General Manager: Junior Band: Hisfory Sociely. BUSINESS EXECUTIVE Here's one wnom we cannol forgel. On girls and girls his mind is sei. SYDELLE LEIBSON 99 E. 96 Sl. Eeafure Ed. of "Topics": G.O. Rep.: Pro- gram Comm.: Arisla: P.M. Sessions OPI.: Sec'y fo Mrs. Panzer. TEACHER Shes a prelly devil in disguise. You can fell by The Twinkle in her eyes. FRIEDA LEIFER I73O Carroll Sf. Marshal: Hebrew Club: Sec'y lo Mr. S+amblnr. HEBREW TEACHER l+'s nice lo be nafural, When vou're nafurally nice SHEILA LEINER l6I Ulica Ave. Bank Rep.: Marshal: G.O. Rep.: Sec'y fo Mr. Pollack. SECRETARY Many charms does Sheila possess, Bu? The finesf of These is friendship. ROBERT LERNER 607 Brislol SI. Arisla: Scholarship Club: Mafh Club: Manager ol Chem. Squad: Mafh Coach: Gym Sec. DENTISTRY Quile a guy! JANET LEVANDE 904I Ave. A Sec'y io Mrs. Price, Mrs. Fuller, Mr. Goodrich, Mr. Sfern, Miss Smilh, Mr. I-lochman. BUYER AND SELLER Very prelfy, very sweel, There's a combinalion hard ro bear. ROBERT LEVENTHAL 25 E. 92 ST. G.O. Rep.: Slage Squad: Field Squad: I-'lislory Socielyg Hebrew Club: "Tilden Topicsu: Social Leaders. PHARMACY A promising sludenf-always promising lo do beller-and he does loo! HERBERT LEVIN 446 E. 98 S+. Bank Rep.: Marshal. AERONAUTICAL ENGINEER Looks plus personalily are wha? hels gol, Jusr like "Pepsi," he hils lhe spol. ALLEN LEVINE 770 Empire Blvd. Library Squad: Arisfa Coach. ENGINEER Like high-lesl gasoline, Absolulely knock-proof. CHARLES LEVINE II44 Lenox Rd. Marshal: Locker Monilor. AUTOMOBILE SALESMAN His rnollo for four years has been: "Give me wine, women, and holidays." JERRY LEVINE 389 E. 45 S+. G.O. Alr.: Bank Rep.: Marshal. BUSINESS Calm and collecfed, Few iaulls defecled. LARRY LEVINE I3l E. 89 SI. Guidance Office Receplionisl. ACCOUNTANT Menlally fine, physically lil, On Ihe seal of success Larry is sure Io sir. RHODA LEVINE 495 Thaliord Ave. Sec'y Io Mrs. Engel, Mr. Lichl, Mrs. Walen. BOOKKEEPER A lovely paclcage filled wilh pep, A cheerful girl who's really hep. SHELLY LEVINE 560 Saraloga Ave. Gym Leader: Lifeguard: Baseball: Soil- ball: Baslcelball: Marshal: Delenfion Squad: Hislory Honor Sociely: Pres. of Eng, D.L.: Gym Sec'y. PHYSICAL EDUCATION INSTRUCTOR, AIR FORCE Tilden High is aboul Io 'rurn oul, A greal alhlele and swell guy whom we're all crazy aboul. WILLIAM LEVINE I67 Legion SI. UNDECIDED Nalure made him as she should, Noi loo bad and noi loo good. NORMAN LEVITAN II6 Rockaway P'Icwy Marshal: Band: G.O. Rep. ACCOUNTANT This boy is mad aboul numbers, Jean's, Mary's and Sandy's. DORIS LEVITT 770 Saraloga Ave. Sec'y Io Mr. Gould, Miss Paplce. AIRLINE HOSTESS She's fall and smarl, And she always does well, And all Tilden Seniors Think she's swell. JACK LEVY 4802 Snyder Ave. Arisfa: Orcheslra: Swing Band: Marshal: Exil Palrol Squad: Sec'y Io Mr. Poris. DENTISTRY Aclive, ambilious, and a swell guy loo, An eificienl leader, sincere and Irue, JOEL LEVY 45II Clarendon Rd. Lieul. of Marchals: Arisla Coach: Laie Squad: Manager, Baseball Team: Hislory Sociefy: Hebrew Club: Sec'y Io Mr. Garf. BUSINESS Always aclive, never shirlcing, Along his palh, success is lurking. FRAN LICATA 449 E. 49 S+. Prom Rep.: Marshal: Caniala Club: Sec'y lo Mr. Salzman, Mr. Brodslcy. SECRETARY Sweel as honey, cule as a pie, Malces all lhe fellow sigh, Oh myl ARNOLD LIEBERMAN 9I2 Saraioga Ave. Marshal: Ass'I Io Mr. Seidenberg: Base- ball. BUSINESS Always happy, Always kidding, Thal's why in delenlion, He's always silling. MARION LIPSHITZ I378 E. 49 S+. Marshal: Lieul., Capl., Ass'+ Supervisor of P.M. Marshals: Social Leaders: Spealc- ers' Bureau: Library Squad: Dramalic Sociely. SOCIAL WORKER Charming, clever. allracfive loo, Personalily and wil passed by few. GEORGE LIST 293 E. 94 SI. Ari Squad: Marshal: I-lislory Sound Squad: H.l.B. Sound Squad. ENGINEER He won'I cross his bridges unlil he builds Ihem. ZELDA LIST 300 Albany Ave. Marshal: Gym Leader: Sec'y lo Miss Moore. STENOGRAPHER Zelda is a proper noun, Proper up and proper down, Feminine gender, nominarive case Obiecf of a prelly face. ALYNE LOBELSON 836 Crown SI. Senior Rep.: Booslers: French Club: His- Tory Sociely: Music Socielyg French Oliice: Alumni Office: Senior News: Pan- American Club: Hospiial Volunleer: Sec'y Io Mr. Seidman, Mr. DeLellis, Dr. Schwariz, Mr. Tublin, Mrs. Sheinen. TEACHER Beauly and brains, charm and vim, Ouile a calch lor some lucky him. ROBERT LOBMAN 3663 Noslrand Ave. Marshal: Sec'y fo Miss Giovionello: Gym Leader: lnframurals. CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT As Bob will counf, His success will mounf. ARTHUR LOUIS 169 E. 92 SI. Marshal: Cuffing Office Squad. MECHANICAL ENGINEER One of Tilden's preferred sfock. ELAINE LOVITZ 583 Monfgomery Sf. Hisfory Sociefy: Mafh Club: French Club: Affendance Office: Sec'y fo Mr. Bresloff, Dr, Shipley: Class Sec'y. SOCIAL WORKER She's like sugar- Sweef and refined. GERALD LUBOWSKY lOl E. 5I Sf. Coach: Sec'y fo Mr. Kenner: Hebrew Club. 'C.P.A. His quief manner and pleasing ways, Deserve much credif and lols of praise. JEAN LUSKIN 3l4 E. 56 Sf. Marshal: Bank Rep.: Sec'y fo Miss Wrighf: Hebrew Club. INTERIOR DECORATOR A knack for designing has she, Very far she'll go, you'll see. LEON LUSTER 455 E. 92 Sf. Cafeferia Squad: Book Room. PHARMACIST To know him well, ls fo know he's swell. DAVID LUTERMAN lO98 Easfern P'lcwy Marshal: Library. TEACHER Calm and collecfed, No faulfs defecfed. GERALD MAGER l506 Presidenf S+. Marshal: Book Rep.: Hebrew Coach: Guidance Office Recepfionisf: Mimeo- graph Squad. TEACHER A regular guy, who will gef by. SAL MAIMONE 9823 Flaflands Ave. REAL ESTATE BROKER A swell guy is he, One good sporf, we all agree, INA MALCHICK l45 Rockaway P'kwy Bank Rep.: Marshal: Sec'y lo Teachers. ADVERTISING Silence is golden, Buf ohl Talking is so much fun. BARBARA MALLACE 7Ol Linden Blvd. Arisfa: Secrefarial Supervisor of "Senior Classic": Secrefarial Sfaff of "Tilden Topics": Guidance Office Recepfionisf: Tennis Club: Marshal: Sec'y fo Mrs. Engel, Mrs. Bryne, Mr. Ellenbogen, Dr. Kolodney, Mr. Friedman. SECRETARY A sweel' and charming girl is fhis, Example of a perfecf Tilden Miss. CAMILLE MANASIA 719 E. 88 S+. G.O. Rep.: G.O. Alf.: Bank Rep.: Sec'y fo Mr, Berlin: Mr. Salzman, Mr. Engber. SECRETARY Camille's a girl nof everyone knows. Bur she's sure fo make friends wherever she goes. ARTHUR MANDELL 305 Linden Blvd. DENTIST Very agreeable. full of fun, Liked a lol' by everyone. Marshal: Bank Rep. SEYMOUR MANIKOFF l82 E. 93 S+. ELECTRONIC TECHNICIAN Seymour's one idea of a regular guy. Marshal. MYRNA MARCHANT IO39 Monfgomery Sl. Social Leaders: I-lislory Sociefy: Cuffing Office: Affendance Office: Coach: Mar- shal: Sec'y lo Mrs. Price. TEACHER And gladly would she learn and gladly feach. ARTHUR MARCUS I248 Sl. Marks Ave. Marshal: Sec'y To Mr. Krugman. LAWYER Jusf a nice guy who frys fo be nicer. ROY MARCUS 93 Remsen Ave. BUSINESS EXECUTIVE Some people invesf in sfocks and bonds, Roy will fake brunefles and blondes. MARTIN MARGOLIN 537 I-lerzl S+. Bank Rep.: Gym Sec'y for Mr. Wiedman: Locker Room Marshal: Cafeleria Marshal. LAW All fhe criminals will be sore. Affer Marfy has faken up law. VIVIAN MARGOLIS IO87 Willmohr Sf. Arisla: Arisfa Coaching Comm.: Boosfer: Mailing Squad: Marshal: English Ofhcer Book Rep.: Bank Rep.: Sec'y lo Mr. Feigenbaum. DIETICIAN She's perf, sweef and quife a freaf, She's lhe girl boys like lo meef. DAVID MARKOWITZ 677 E. 92 S+. College Records: Adrninisfrafive Ass'f's Office: Mafh Club: Scholarship Club: I'-lisfory Sociefy. PHYSICIST I-liqh in menfalify, Rich in personalify. LEILA MARASHICK 92l Monfgomery S+. Tennis Club: Bank Rep.: Marshal: Guid- ance Rec. fo Mrs. Pomeranlz: Sec'y fo TEACHER Kind and oenlle, nice and sweef, The kind of girl we like fo meef. Mrs. Fuller. LARRY MARRAM 345 E. 55 Sf. Marshal: Library Squad: Book Room Squad. MACHINIST Keen in sludy, cheerful and gay, Success will always mark his way. GARY MARRONE 87720 Elaflands Ave. G.O. Alf.: Mail Squad: Gym Leaders: Marshal: P.M. Squad: Newman Club. UNDECIDED I-le's fhe idol of fhe school, l-le's been idle for four years. VIRGINIA MARTINO 1222 E. 89 S+. SECRETARY She'll be an assef lo any office. Marshal. JUDITH MASIA 386 Rockaway P'kwy Arf Squad: Mail Squad: Marshal: Bank Rep.: Recepfionisf. VETERINARIAN Five feef fwo, eyes of blue, Preffy, smarl and wiffy Yoo. MICHAEL MASTANDREA 527 E. 48 Sl. SARGEANT Roses are red, Violefs are blue, My 4 years are over, Al lasf l am fhrough. ANNA MAURO IZOO E. 95 Sf. SECRETARY A charming girl has leff This school. ELEANOR MAYDECK 375 E. 95 S+. Program Comm., Eco. Squad: Sec'y +o Mrs. Carson, Mr. Max: French Club. TEACHER As charming a girl as ever we knew, Her virlues are many. her faulfs are few. DEBBIE MAYERSON 5IO Brislol Sl. Marshal: Sec'y 'ro Miss 6ivienello, INTERIOR DECORATOR Cuie and pelife, Jusl can'l' be bear. MARILYN MAZER 8802 Ave. A Speakers' Bureau: Hebrew Club: Nurses Aid: Sec'y lo Mrs. Kramer, Miss Edin- burgh. TEACHER A wonderful girl we all agree, Wifh an exira plus for populariiy. BRUCE MEADOW 9502 Kings I-l'wy DIAMOND SETTER Did mosl for +he school-6RADUATEDl JOYCE MECKLER 576 Bainbridge S+. Marshal: French Club: Canlala Club: Library Squad: Sec'y lo Mr. Halpern. DRAMATICS Like champagne-she sparkles. BARBARA MEDOW 38 E. 58 Si. I-lislory Sociely: Pan-American Club: Cheering Squad: Coach: Sec'y fo Miss Flanagan, Mr. Menzes, Mr. Kahn. PSYCHOLOGIST Dainfy, modesl, sweel is she. A charming maid we all agree. ARNOLD MELMAN 208 E. 96 ST. DEPARTMENT STORE BUYER A swell guy is he, One good sporf we all agree. HOWARD MENDES 7 E. 92 si. Arisfa Coach: Marshal: Sec'y To Miss 6rand: French Club: Hislory Sociely: Scholarship Club. 6LASS TECHNOLOGIST Quiel and modesl he is, Thaf's The way fha? one should be. BARBARA MENKEN I I I E. 57 S+. Marshal: Swifchboard Operalorg Sec'y lo Mr. Kahn, Mr. Howill: Social Leaders: Pan-American Club: l-lislory Sociely. TEACHER Righl' oul of a bandbox. ANN MERKER 7Ol Empire Blvd. 6.0. Rep.: 6.0. All.: Senior Rep.: Book Club: Copy Edilor of "Senior News": Scholarship Club: "Tilden Topicsu: "Tale of Two Sessions": Pan-American Club: Dramalic Sociely: l-lislory Sociefy: He- brew Club: Marshal: Canlala: Guidance Receplionisfg Library: Sec'y fo Mr. Meyer, Mr. Friedman, Mr. Rabinoif, Mr. Sfarfield, Miss 6rand. ENGLISH TEACHER An ambilious girl wilh a lol' of pep. She's done all righl as Senior Rep. JOAN MERKIN 350 E. 98 S+. 6.0, Rep.: Bank Rep.: Marshal. DANCER New here's a gal wilh zip and pep, Play lhal music and wafch her slap. RUTH MERMIN 365 E. 95 S+. 6.0. Rep.: Sec'y ro Miss Hasluck, Miss Badanes and Mr. Diamond. SECRETARY She's cure and she's wise. Shes a corker for her size DANIEL METZ 29 Blake Ave. RETAILER Danny is a friend +0 everyone, l-le's nice io know and is lols of fun. Marshal. MELVIN METZ IO7 E. 59 S+. Marshal: Arisla Coach: 6lee Club: Gym Leaders. ENGINEER A boy like Mel is hard fo meer, Because his characler is hard 'ro bear. SANDRA MICHAELS 92I4 Ave. L 6.0. Rep.: Prom Rep.: All.: 6.0. All.: Marshal: Sec'y lo Miss Unger and Mr. Brill. SHOW BUSINESS Charming, cure and very sweel, She is lhe girl Darryl E. Zanuck should meer. HARVEY MICKLIN I25 E. 93 S+. Marshal: Mail Squad. PHARMACIST To be precise, He's very nice. ELAINE MIER I776 Union S+. Home Nursing Club: A++endance O++ice: Aid +o Mrs. Farley and Miss I-lasluck. PROFESSIONAL NURSE For a grand companion, she's +irs+ choice. BRUCE MILLER 2340 E. 65 S+. Marshal: Aris+a: La+e Squad: Library Squad: Swimming Team. LAWYER I-lis smile is like a Cl'ies+er+ield- I+ sa+isfies. ELLIOTT MILLER l652 Prospec+ Pl. Marshal: Sr. Class Treas.: His+ory So- cie+y: Hebrew Club: Sec'y in Guidance Office. BUSINESSMAN Elliolf has fhe winning +hree, Pep, populari+y and personali+y. FAITH MILLER I772 Bergen S+. Marshal: A++endance Office: Sec'y +o Mr. Zack. DENTAL HYGIENIST A very nice qirl she seems +0 be, She'II make good we all agree. JOYCE MILLER 425 Cen+ral S+. Aris+a: Aris+onian: Sec'y +o Mr. S+am- bler: Off. Class Sec'y: Program Comm. ACCOUNTANT Joyce is one of Tilden's chosen few, Who are in+elligen+, poli+e and a++rac+ive. S LENORE MILLER I49-O2 6Is+ Rd. Arisfa: Aris+a Coach: A++. O++:: 6.0. Rep.: Sec'y +o Mrs. Klein: Mrs. Doyle, Mr, Mendonca, Mr. Paige. UNDECIDED Because of her simple likeable way, Lenore will succeed some day. NATHANIEL MILLER 238 E. 94 S+. Library A++endan+: Marshal: Book Room: La+e Office: S+ock Room- Visual Aids Club: Junior Aris+a: Glee Club. UNDECIDED A migl'i+y hard worker, ehficiency plus. A wor+hy s+uden+ Tilden can +rus+. IRWIN MILLMAN 739 U+ica Ave. ENGINEER Build your bridges, buildings, roads, We wish you luck, ius+ loads and loads. Orches+ra. JOAN MILLMAN Q. 488 Rockaway P'kwy G.O. Rep.: G-.O. Al+.: Yearbook Rep.: Marshal: Sec'y +o Miss Geller, Mr. Glass- man, Mr. Rosen, Mr. Zahn. ACTRESS Pre++y, clever, full of pep, Do me some+hing, l'm The Yearbook Rep! FRANCINE MINSKY I26 E. 93 S+. Aris+a: Aris+a Coach: Sec'y +o Mr, Saphier, Mr. Marks, Mr. Lercl, Mr. Kahn, Miss McAleer, Mr. Solomon, Mr. Paley. SECRETARY I+ beau+y, brains and charm don'+ mix, Then Fran is in an awful fix. ARNOLD MINTZ I373 S+erling Pl. MUSIC Under Mr. M. and Mr. P., Arnie +oo+s a Tune on his big bassoon Aris+a: Band. LOUIS MISCHKIND 355 E. 49 S+. UNDECIDED An honor s+uden+, An honor +o mee+, MARILYN MISIKOFF Il E. 92 S+. Leaders Club: Sec'v +A Mrs, Zeiferfg A BUYER QU'ellY Cllafmlnq and charmingly quiet LAWRENCE MISROK 3OI E. 98 S+. Color Guard: Biology Squad: Medical Room Sec'y: G.O. Alf.: Ass'f Marshal: Sec'y fo Miss Singer: Ass'f fo Miss Les- ser: Longfellows: Capf. of Longfellows Baskefball Tea m: Sporfs Edifor for "U'ropia": Reporfer for "U+opia." MANAGEMENT A nice guy we like so well, Of whom we have no faulfs 'lo fell. MARCIA MOELIS 403 E. 52 S+. Band and Orchesfra: Gym Sec'y: "Tale of Two Sessions": Marshal: Arisfa Infer- view Recepfionisf: Coach: Chairman of Coaching Comm.: Gym Leaders: Circu- lafion Edifor of "Tale of Two Sessions." PSYCHOLOGIST All fhaf we can say, ls fhaf she's O.K. RENA MOGIL 22l E. 53 Sf. "Senior Classic" Liferary Slaff: Scholar- ship Club: Hebrew Club: l-lisfory So- ciefy: Cuffing Office: Affendance Office' Guidance Office Recepfionisfg Sec'y fo Mrs. Novell: Senior Office Sfaff. JOURNALISM Rena is a Senior whose ambifion and aim ls fo wrife her way lo forfune and fame. MELVIN MOISEFF 806 Crown Sf. G.O. Rep.: Pafrol Force: Official Class Presidenf. SANITARY ENGINEER The personalify kid. MELVIN MORRIS 740 E. 53 Sf. Marshal. LAWYER To be precise, He's very nice. ABBY MOSKOWITZ ISO-44 Melbourne Ave. Sec'y of Official Class. SECRETARY Always sweef, Hard fo beaf. RUTHANN MOSKOWITZ I2O E. 93 S+. Treas. of Senior Official Class: G.O. Rep.: Sec'y of Class: Guidance Office Sec'y: Sec'y fo Miss Sheerin. SECRETARY A sociable, affracfive Miss is she, Whose ambifion is fhe boss' knee. LAURIE MUTCHNIK 487 E. 53 S+. Arf Edifor, "CIassic": Pres., Ar+ Squad: Arf Edifor, "Senior News": Arisfonian: P.M. Newspaper: Yearbook Rep.: Arisfa: Publici+y Comm.: Social Comm.: Com- miffee of Nine: Coach: Gym Leader: Pool Ass'fg lnferclub Council: Scholarship Club: Book Rep.: Leffering and Decoraf- ing: Guidance Depf.: Guidance Recep- fionisf: Sec'y fo I-lealfh Ed. Depf., Mrs. Cassilefh, Mr. Brill, Mr. Hochman, Mr. Baronofsky, Mr. Browdy. ARCHITECT Frank Lloyd Wrighf and Mufchnik, Inc. HARLENE NADELL IZ94 Sferling Pl. Arisfa: Marshal: Senior Off.: Service Office: l-lisfory Sociefy: Guidance Office: Book Rep. PSYCHOLOGIST One of Tilden's chosen few, lnfelligenf, charming, versafile foo. PHYLLIS E. NAGLER 524 E. 53 S+. Arisfa: Book Rep.: G.O. Sfore: Dramafic Sociefy: Hebrew Club: Speakers' Bureau: French Club: Sec'y fo Mr. Garf, Mr. Browdy, Mr. Luxfon. DENTAL HYGIENIST A wide awake girl wifh charm galore, Plus personalify: Could you ask for anyfhing more? ARTHUR NARZEMSKY 86 E. 94 S+. Gym Sec.: Hebrew Club. LAWYER Nof foo fasf, nof foo slow, Jusf fhe sorf one likes fo know, BEVERLY NAZAROW 242 E. 5l S+. Boosfers: Cheering Squad: Hisfory So- ciefy: Arisfa Coach: Book Club Rep.: Bank Rep.: G.O. Rep.: Senior Office Sfaffg Medical Room Sec'y: Sec'y fo Mr. Rosenblum, Mr. Garf, Mr. Diamond, Dr. Shipley. SOCIAL WORKER Bland hair and dimples. Smarf and sweef, A real Tilden gal who can'f be beaf. JOAN NEEDLE 339 Rockaway P'kwy Senior Record Office: Mail Squad: Mar- shal: Book Rep.: Bank Rep.: Pan-Ameri- can Club: Home Nursing Proiecf Club: Sec'y fo Mr. Shaw, Miss Aurell, Mrs. Ponfi. DENTAL HYGIENIST Sweef, popular, full of fun, Admired and liked by everyone. CARYL NEISLOSS 46 E. 56 S+. Marshal: Prom Rep.: Sec'y fo Mr. Seid- man. LAWYER A preffier Miss is hard fo find, Wifh grace and charm all combined. JEAN NEWMAN 9530 Kings l'l'wy Mail Squad: Arr Office: Book Rep.: Arisla Coach: Sec'y lo Mr. Slambler. SOCIAL WORKER Always happy, Always gay, ln our opinion, she's okay. SHEILA NEWMAN 376 E. 94 Sf. Class Pres.: Ailendance Olihce: Sec'y lo Mrs. Juliber, Mrs. Tauber, Mr. Greene. COLLEGE Beauly and brains from heaven senl. IRENE NIGRO 565 Bainbridge Sl. Bank Rep.: G.O. All.: Red Cross Rep.: Sec'y lo Mr. Kaplan, Mrs. Cassilerh: Hosiplal Proiecl' Club. MEDICAL ASSISTANT Anolher iewel in our gradualion selling. STANLEY NOVAK I4 E. 96 ST. Marshal: Gym Leaders: Audio Visual Squad: Pholography Edilor. BIOLOGIST Agreeable and lull ol lun: Well liked by everyone. BARBARA NUMEROFF 370 Legion S+. Ari' Squad: Hebrew Club: Senior Record Oil.: l-lospilal C o m rn. I Book Rep.: French Club: Mail Squad: Pan-American Club: Sec'y lo Mr. Shaw. TEACHER Dark of hair, 'lair of lace. Simple, charming and full of grace. LORRAINE OBERMEISTER 290 E. 93 ST. Program Comm.: 6.0. Rep.: Bank Rep-I Leaders Club: Dramafic Club: Prom Comm.: Sec'y lo Mr. Goldberg, Mrs. Schneider. RECEPTIONIST Lorraine is an alfraclive lass. Who makes lhe grade in any class. DONALD OGINSKY 382 E. 45 Sl. Member of Sluden? Club Council: Biology Squad: Library Squad: Marshal: Gym Leaders. HEALTH EDUCATION TEACHER A quiel chap and friendly loo, Good lorlune is in siore for you. TEDDY OKUN 274 Amboy Sl. Marshal: Bank Rep.: French Club. LAW Noi loo lasl, Nor loo slow, Jusl lhe iype one likes lo know. RUTH OLIWENSTEIN l357 Easlern P'kwy Sec'y lo Dr. Levine, Mr. Leif, Mrs. Has- luck, Mr. Slandler' Swimming Club. SECRETARY Smiling, cheerful, always dependable, Nolhing aboui' her nor commendable. STANLEY ORENSTEIN l4l E. 95 Sl. Marshal: Caleleria Marshal. UNDECIDED l-le may nol be in "Who's Who," Slill he's a greaf guy fo me and you. 447 l-lerzl Sl. FLORENCE OSTROFSKY Sec'y lo Miss Unger. BOOKKEEPER She seems quiel and demure, Bul fhe lwinkle in her eye doesn'l make you quile sure. DANIEL PASSARELLA 9OI5 Bayview Ave. Supply Squad: Ceramics Squad: Shop Squad: Slage Squad. BUSINESS Always quiel, never wild, l-low can we knock a guy so mild. BARBARA PASTERNACK I305 Lincoln PI. i SECRETARY As a secrelary she does excel, And as a gal she's really swell. ZELDA PASTERNACK 106 E, 57 S+. Cafeleria Marshal: P.M. Session Off.: Chemisiry OH.: Coach: French Club: Sec'y in Boys' Medical Room: Home Nursing Club. KINDERGARTEN TEACHER Cure and sweer, She's a charming lreaf. BARBARA JAYNE PEARLMAN 442 E. 95 Sf. Edifor-in-Chief "Classics": Arf Sfaff: Arisfa: Arf Sfaff Arisfonian: Arf and Publicify: Arf Squad Chairman: Hisfory Sociefy: Arf Ed., Hisfory Hi-Lighfs: Dele- gafe fo New York Times Forum, U.N. Conf.: Discussion Leaders: Social Lead- ers: Arf and Publicify, Hospifal Comm.: lnferclub Council: Pan-American Club: French Club: Arf Eclifor of French News: Hebrew Club: Music Sociefyg Scholarship Club: Leffering and Decor.: Library, French Depf.: Healfh Ed. Depf.: Boosfers: Sec'y fo Mr. Berlin, Mr. Zack, Eng. Off. Sec., Mr. Brill, Mrs. Menf, Mr. Schwarz- back. TEACHER The Classic Senior of fhe "Senior Classic." BORIS PEARLMAN 234 E. 34 Sf. Arisfag Arisfa Inifiafion Comm.: Scholar- ship Club: Hisfory Sociefy: Mafh Club: Hebrew Culfure Club: Program Comm.: Physics Squad: Marshal. CHEMIST IRESEARCHI Dignify, infelligence and characfer com- bined, Makes us respecf fhis boy who's refined, PHYLLIS PEARLSON 32 I3 Snyder Ave. Marshal. SECRETARY Nice and near, cufe and sweef, A girl l'm sure you'd like fo meef. FLORENCE PEGLER I IO6 Winlhrop SI. Boosfers: Bank Rep.: Affendance Office: Swifchboard Operafor: P.M. Session Off.: French Club: Hisfory Sociely: Sec'y fo Mr. Garf, Mrs. Sarquis, Mr. Browdy, Mr. Engber, Miss Koslovsky, Mr. Kaplan. TEACHER Though nof surpassing Helen of Troy, She's quife as preffy, clever and coy. MILLICENT PERKEL IOO4 Monfgomery SI. Mail Off.: Speakers' Bureau: G.O. Rep.- Hisfory Sociefy: French Club: Scholar- ship Club: Sec'y fo Mr. Sfearn, Mr. Menzes, Mr. Zeiger, Mr. Sfarfield. LABOR RELATIONS WORKER A preffy girl who's always acfive, Charm and personalify make her affracrive. ROCHELLE PERLEN ,, 2II E. 53 Sf. Bank Rep.: Sec'y fo Mr. Friedman, Mr. Feigenbaum, Mr. Paige: Guidance Re- cepfionisf: Manager of Bank: Gym Leader: Hisfory Sociefy: Hebrew Club? Scholarship Club: Arisfa. EXPERIMENTAL RESEARCH By knowing Rochelle, youve gof a lof fo gain, She's sweef, she's kind and oh, whaf a brain. HERBERT PERLISS 939 Hopkinson Ave. 6.0. Rep.: Scholarship Club: Coach. PEDIATRICIAN Herb is so handsome, so full of pep, Don'f be awed, he knows fhe yearbook rep. ARLENE PERLMAN I89 E. 5I S+. Hisfory Sociefyg Recepfionisf: Marshal: Sec'y fo Miss Aurell. PHOTOGRAPHIC MODEL Lighf and charming and vivacious, Wifh lofs of curves in iusf fhe righf places. BARBARA PERLMAN II44 Lenox Rd. Arisfa: Social Leaders: Hebrew Club: Swifchboard Operafor: Affendance Off.: "Topics" Copy Sfaff, Cub. LABORATORY TECHNICIAN To call her sweef is quife unfair, Because fhere's more fhan sweefness fhere, RONALD PERRY 46I Chesfer S+. G.O. Alf.: Marshal: G.O. Rep.: Band. BUSINESSMAN A breezy laugh, a ioke or fwo, A flash of wif, of course if's you. JOSEPHINE PHILIE I356 Rockaway Pkwy. Marshal: Swimming Club: Sec'y fo Mr. Leif, Mrs. Byrnes. SECRETARY Neaf, infelligenf, and so sweef, The guy who gefs Jo will sure ge? a freer, . 1 Ll ' QL. 4 .' 4, .1 .f I i H S 1 r' E.-' I' .J ROBEIQTA PICKMAN 680 Wafkins Sf. Lieuf. of Marshals: Book Rep.: Bank Rep.: Book Room: Pool Ass'f: Gym Ass'f fo Mrs, Cassilefh, Mrs. Crysfal: Sec'y fo Miss Edinburgh, Miss McAleer, Mr. Kap- lan: Leaders Club: Baseball Club: Vol- leyball Club. PROFESSIONAL SKATER Sfudenf, pal, sporf supreme, Wifh afhlefic abilify rarely seen. HARRIET PINCUS I33 5l SECRETARY Pleasing ways and a preffy face. Add fo Harrief's charm and grace. RAYMOND PINCUS 352 E. 9I Sf. Marshal: Cafeferia: Track. HEATING ENGINEER You musf admif fhaf no maffer how hard you fry, You can'f knock fhis regular guy. BARBARA PINCUSS 499 E. 42 ST. Library Marshal: Guidance OTfice Mar- shal: Sec'y To Mr. Kahn, Miss Hasluck. TEACHER Barbara is The Type oT girl, A boy would bring home To mofher, IT he knew he could TrusT Tafher. STANLEY PINE I I86 E. 5I ST. Library Squad: G.O. Rep.: CapT. of Marshals. UNDECIDED Leader of boys, follower of girls, His life ambifion is To be a magneT and aTTracT girls. ARLENE PITTLER 49l Amboy ST. Orchesfrag ArisTa: ArisTa: Mailing and Filing Comm.: Evening Recepfion Comm.: Hisfory Sociefy: Music SocieTy: Pres. of Music SocieTy: UNESCO DelegaTe: Sec'y To Mrs, Fuller. MUSICIAN Arlene is a musician, Always fiddling wiTh her brain. MARC PLOTKIN I372 E. 5I ST. Marshal. BUSINESS EXECUTIVE A lover of wine, women and baskeTball. SANDRA PLOTKIN 694 Ral h Ave P . French Club: Sec'y To Mr. Pazner: Mr. Kenner, Mr. Schwarzbach. WRITER Sweef of Temper, good oT hearf, Always ready To do her parT. RHODA POLAKOFF 748 SaraToga Ave. Guidance RecepTionisT: RecepTionisT for Miss WrighT. NURSERY SCHOOL TEACHER OT all The giTTs she dofh possess, The besT of These is friendliness. EILEEN POLINSKY 43l I-lerzl ST. G.O. Rep.: G.O. AIT.: Yearbook Rep.: Bank Rep.: Marshal: Senior OTfice: AT- Tendance Office: Sec'y To Mr. Diamond Mr. LeTf, Mr. Tarr, Miss Doyle, Mrs. CrysTal, Miss Edinburgh, Miss McKinney, Miss Hasluck, Miss McAleer. MODEL Here's To The gal, acfive and full of pep Yes sir. ThaT's me, The Yearbook Rep. SHARON POLLENS 374 E. 49 ST. BoosTers: Orchesfra: Glee Club Caro- leers: SofTball Club: Swing Band Vocal- isTg Sec'y To Mr. Palmenferi, Mr. I-lowiff. MUSICAL COMEDY Our hearfs all fluTTer when Sharon sings, We expecf oT her only big Things. AMY PORIS 823 E. 49 ST. ArisTa: ArisTonian: Scholarship C l u b: Senior OrchesTra: French Club: Pres. of French Club: Prom Rep.: Program Comm.: Sec'y To Mrs. Novell. AUTHOR Like champagne-she sparkles. BARBARA PORTNEY 469 E. 94 ST. ArisTa: G.O, Rep.: G.O. AIT.: Senior Rep.: LieuT. of CaTeTeria Marshals: Sec'y To Mr. Meflis, Mr. Diamond, Mr. Glass- man, Mr. Ayman. LEGAL STENOGRAPHER A liTTle ioke, loTs of cheer. A biT oT mischief, Barbara's here. JOSEPH PREGOSIN 2296 STrauss ST. Marshal: Gym Sec'y. SALESMAN No maTTer how we Try, We iusT can'T knock This guy. LARRY OUINTMAN 328 Troy Ave. Library: Marchal. COMMERCIAL ARTIST LeT's see him "draw" a good salary. MAXINE RADEST 538 Rockaway Pkwy. G.O. Rep.: ExecuTive Board: Gov. Board: ArisTa Coach: ArisTa: P.M. Newspaper: Sec'y To Mrs. RogarT, Mr. Goldman, Mr. Poris, Mrs. Miller, Mr. SchacTer: Book Rep.: Bank Rep.: G.O. AIT.: Scholarship CRIMINAL LAWYER All day long she loves To chaffer, WhaT iT's abouf doesn'T maTTer. Club. SONDRA RADNOFF 755 E. 5I ST. Marshal: Sec'y To Dr. Shipley. FASHION ILLUSTRATOR A preTTy charming and popular lass, One who is liked by The enTire class. , 404, LQ BERNICE RAISNER 2006 Ave. M Swilchboard Operalor: Aflendance Oil.: Marshal: Sec'y lo Mr. Muraskin, Mrs. Goldman, TEACHER A girl who's always gay. And wears a smile The livelong day. STUART RANDALL 178 Rockaway Pkwy. Bank Rep.: Book Rep. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Full ol vigor, full ol zesl, Sluarl's surely among The besl. BARBARA RANZMAN 4722 Snyder Ave. Arisla: Arisla Office Squad: Inilialion Comm.: Arisla Receplionisf: Chemislry Squad: Guidance Recepfionisl: Marshal: I-loslel Club: Scholarship Club: Sec'y lo Mrs. Saposh, Mr. I'-lochman. ELEMENTARY SCHOOL TEACHER A golden banner lor a charming manner. Barbara is dependable, commendable and highly recommendable. LEONARD RAPKIN 5023 Beverly Rd. G.O. Rep.: G.O. Alf.: Book Rep.: Bank Rep.: Marshal: Service Squad: Sec'y in French Office. PHARMACIST Always laughing, always gay, I-le can'f help bul be Tha? way. ARNOLD RASKIN 275 E. 94 Sl. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Nol very quief, noi very shy, Jusl' indeed a regular guy. ROBERTA RATNER 69 E. 95 Sl. Girls' Medical Room. PHOTOGRAPHERS MODEL Though you search fhe whole world round.. A nicer girl will never be found. EMANUEL REBENSAFT 4lO E. 93 S+. ACCOUNTANT All assels, no liabililies. Lale Squad. JOAN REDISCH 237 E. 57 S+. Marshal: G.O, All.: Cashier, Teachers' Lunch Room: Sec'y lo Mr. Pollack: Lead- ers Club: Tennis Club. SECRETARY Jusl like imporfed, rare champagne, She sparkles, bubbles, and goes lo your head. FRED REICH 56 E. 96 S+. Cafeleria Marshal: Marshal: Hebrew Club: General Ass'l. C.P.A. W'd like lo see Fred gel ahead, Noi lhal he needs one. ,JCAR 'Li IOHERT .. r Q RF ' . ' 754 E. 39 Sl. ' SECRETARY Sugar and spice. Djycidedly nice. ' 4 u RONALD REIFLER 5lO E. 43 S+. Longlellows: Lieul. ol Marshals: Sludenl Mgr. ol Alhlelics: Field Squad: Booslers: Co-Capr. Mimeo, Squad: Capl of Lale Squad: G.O. Rep.: lnlerclub Council: I-Iislory Sociely: Malh Club: Pan-Ameri- can Club: Scholarship Club: Color Guard: Hebrew Club: Co-Capl. of Paper Squad. CHEMICAL ENGINEER A Iwo-leller man, O.K. FAYE REIS I55 E. 93 Sf. Yearbook Rep.: G.O. Rep.: Bank Rep.: Book Rep.: Tennis Club. SOCIAL WORKER Ralher lhan wriling somelhing lrue, I'II leave lhis verdicl up fo you. HAROLD REISMAN 519 Brisfol S+. Pres. of Malh Club: Scholarship Club: Arisla: Arisla Coach: Chem. Preparalory Squad: Program Comm.: Book Rep.: Mimeograph and Book Room Squad: I-Ieallh Service Sec'y: Sec'y To Mr. Schwarlzbach. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING One ol 'rhal exlinc+ species, Thal goes lo school lo learn. MARTIN REISNER I089 Rockaway Pkwy. Delenlion Squad: G.O. Rep.: G.O. Alf.: Marshal: Class Day Rep. U. S. AIR FORCE Always ioking, always kidding, ln delenlion, Marly's always silling. ARLINE REISS 4l Loil' Ave. Malh Coach: Pool Sec'y: Arisra: Mafh Club: Hisiory Sociely: Sec'y fo Mrs, Howiff, Mrs. Farley, Mr. Kenner, Miss Ardley, MATH TEACHER Knocking Arline is hard, l'll say, 'Cause she's so line in every way. JERRY REITER 983 Millmohr Sl. Varsiiy Foofball: Track Intramurals: Bas kelball lnframurals. ARCHITECT Jerry ihinks he's a sheik, because he gels a sleady die? of dales. PHYLLIS REITER 476 E. 93 Sf. Marshal: Book Rep.: Sec'y lo Mr. Mura- skin. BUYER Her dimpled smile and cheery hellos. Will bring her beaux where ever she goes. GAIL REMLAND 770 Scheneciady Ave. Marshal: Hebrew Club: French Club: Scholarship Club: Soflball Club: Sec'y To Mr. Benov, Mr. Poris, Mr. Kleinberg. SOCIAL WORKER Here's a girl you'd love lo meel, A personaliiy hard fo beai. ELLIOT REMLER 772 E. 52 Sl. Hislory Sociely: Rep. af ihe UNESCO Conference. TEXTILE ENGINEER From now on The swealers will be The way he wanis Them. MARY RENNA 453 Chesier S+. Arisia: 6.0, Rep.: Class Pres.: Sec'y To Mr. Pollack, Mr. Heller, Mrs. Diller, Mr. Berlin. SECRETARY Her accounling, sfen. and Type are really greaf, A fine secrefary welre sure she'll make. ADELE RESNICK 2278 Slrauss Si. Marshal: G-.O, Rep.: G.O. Alf.: Bank Rep.: Book Rep.: "Senior Classic" Slaff: Secrelarial Slalzl of "Tilden Topicsu: Senior Olilice Squad: Sec'y 'ro Mrs, Sloane: Mrs. Fuller: Mrs. Pomeranlz: Mr. Sieigman, Mr. G-old: Receplionisl in Guidance Office: Pan-American Club: Hisfory Sociely: Tennis Club. TEACHER "Genllemen prefer blondes," You iusl know ihaf iT's lrue, Jus? lake a look ai This one here, And you'll see why They do. LILIAN RICE 964 Easiern Pkwy. Sec'y To Mr. Leif: Book Rep. SINGER Singing, working or dancing, Her noble allainrnenfs are advancing. ALICE RICHMOND 446 E. 98 Si. UNESCO Delegale: Mr. Zahn's Office Squad: Exeuclive Board of Hisiory So- cieiy: Pan-American Club: French Club: Hebrew Club: Scholarship Club: Service Office: Senior Office: Sec'y Io Mr. Seid- man, Mrs. Singer. LAWYER The virfues of a princess Aren'+ always in a palace, And we're sure of fha? Jusl knowing Alice. LORRAINE RITTERMAN 825 Lenox Rd. C-lee Club: Tennis Club: Book Rep.: Bank Rep.: Sec'y 'ro Mr, Diamond, Mr. Rosen, Dr. Levine, Mr. Browdy, Miss Aurell, Mr. Engber, Mr. Rosen. NURSE She's very cule, wilh a lillle spice, Lorraine is a gal who is really nice LARRY ROBERTS I39 E. 88 S+. Bank Squad: Hebrew Club: Sec'y lo Mr. Cohen, Mr. Rosen, Mrs. Zeiferf, TEACHER Though quief and shy, He's one fine guy. CLARA ROBINSON I56 E. 54 S+. HEBREW TEACHER Sweel and neai, And wha? a lreal. Hebrew Club. GLADYS ROBINSON lO2 Tapscoll S+. C-.O. Rep.: G.O. AIT.: Cvyrn Leader: Sec'y lo Mrs. Cryslal, SECRETARY Though nor surpassing Helen of Troy, Oladys is quile as preily, bewirching and coy. DONALD RODWIN IO79 Hopkinson Ave. DOCTOR If still wafer runs deep, There is deplh in you, And if silence is golden, You are valuable foo. JOAN ROFMAN ISO E. 9I S+. Ass? in Medical Room: Arr Slaff oi "Senior Classic': Sec'y fo Mr. Paige, Mrs. Anlonsen. FASHION DESIGNER Ceil Chapman, Lily Dache and Joan Rofman? ESTHER ROSEMAN 86 E. 94 S+. 6.0. Alf.: Marshal: French Club: Sec'y Io Miss Rubin, Mr. I-Ierman, SOCIAL WORKER A sweel girl wilh charm and looks, The 'rype you see in fhe picfure books. HY ROSEN 7I2 E. 93 SI. Marshal: 6.0. Rep.: 6.0. All.: Mgr. of Sfage Squad: 6my Leaders: Medical Room Sec'y. LAYOUT Keen on mefalwork, cheerful and gay, Success will surely rush his way. MORTON ROSEN 505 Linden Blvd. Arfendance and Guidance Office Squads' Boys' I-Ieallh Ed. 0lTice: Marshal: 6.0. Rep.: 6.0. Alf.: Yearbook Rep.: Rec. for Mrs. Sfeinhardl, Mr. Saphier, Arisla, Drama and Hisfory Sociefies: Scholar ship Club: I-Iosfel Club. BIOLOGY TEACHER As you see I'm Ihe Yearbook Rep,. So I should say I'm handsome and lull of pep, Bu? why should I iell all Ihal' Io you? When you already know Ihal iI's nalurally frue. ADRIENNE ROSENBERG II44 Lenox Rd. G.O. Alt: A++endance Office. COSTUME DESIGNER Adrienne and charm, 60 arm and arm. BARBARA ROSENBERG 245 E. 86 S+. Marshal: Program Comm.: Sec'y fo Mr. Bresloff. SECRETARY Modesl possession of fhaf ioyful blend, A sweel girl wilh charm, no end. . s ." " ' A 4 0 If , ' 1 GERALD ROSENBERC-V" me E. as si. BUSINESSMAN I-les good in economics-he knows his sfocks and blonds, RICHARD ROSENBERG 4i55 Kings I-iwy. 6.0. Alf.: Marshal: Ceramics Squad: Baseball Team: Boys' Medical Room. LINOTYPE OPERATOR Nor loo fasf, noi loo slow, I'le's The Type girls like Io know, SHELDON ROSENBERG 522 E. 56 S+. Mafh Club: Hebrew Club: Scholarship Club: Pres. of B'kIyn Council: Arisla Coach: Marshal: Bank Rep.: Class Sec'y. PHARMACIST So much abouf rim we could fell, To sum if up, he's really swell. LENORE ROSENBLATT 8I E. SI SI. Boosfers: Dramalic S o c i e I y: "Tilden Topics"g 6uidance Oicfice Recepfionisl: Marshal: Class Day Comm.: Sec'y Io Mr. Spin, COSTUME DESIGNER Clever, cheerful, we can say, Likeable in every way. HERBERT ROSENBLUM 694 Remsen Ave. Capl. of Marshals: Pres. of Booslers: Sound Squad: Supervisor of P.M. Mar- shals: 6.0. Rep.: Mimeograph, 6ym Leader: Sec'y Io Mr. Solomon. INTERIOR DECORATOR Handsome, dashing, debonair, The answer To a rnaiden's prayer. IRENE ROSENBLUM - C ff pk 4378 E..5I SI. Pregf 0fOfMiaI Class? Trans. of Official CI'ass7Q6.0. Rep.1"6.0V.' Alt.: Seoyy Mrs. Sonnen IUTQA Miss' Flanagan: Mar- shal in Cafeseriat Treas., Senior Class. ,'BOOKKEEPER ' Dark hairgsparkling eyes She'lI be sure fo Ianlalife. 7 IRWIN ROSENBLUM 677 E. 9l S+. Treas. of Scholarship Club: I-Iislory So- ciefy: Prom Rep.: 6.0, AIT.: Marshal: Field Squad: Class Pres.: Gym Sec'y: Arisla. BIOLOGIST Pull of vigor, full of zesf, We lisl Irwin among The besl. BERNICE ROSENKRANZ 393 Legion S+. 6.0. Rep.: Sec'y Io Miss Aurell: I-lebrew Club. ARTIST Charming, friendly, sweef as honey, Bernice is as brighr as 'rhe day is sunny. NORMA ROSLER 698 Midwood S+. Yearbook Rep.: His+ory Socie+y: Hebrew Club: Book Club Rep.: Sec'y +o Mrs. Rogar+, Miss Rivelson, Mrs. Burs+on: Guidance Recep+ionis+. CHILD PSYCHOLOGIST Knocking myself is pre++y fough, Since l'm +he one who wrifes +he s+ufl. BEVERLY ROSNER 266 Amboy S+. Aris+a: Program Office: Sec'y +o Mr. Janis, Mr. Salzman, Mrs. Sfarfield, Miss Cohen. TEACHER Charming and sweef, in+elligen+ +oo, Wha+ more could we ask of a nice girl like you. HARVEY ROTH 282 E. 5l S+. G.O. Rep.: Class Pres.: Bank Rep.: V.P. of Official Class: Scholarship Club. ENGINEERING Wi++y, clever, pre++y wise: Friendliness shining from his eyes. ALLAN ROTHENBERG 229 E. 93 S+. Library Supervisor: G.O. Rep.: Book Club Rep.: Capf. of Marshals: Scholar- ship Club: Aris+a: Coach: Bank Rep.: G.O. Al+.: Hea+h Ed. Sec'y: Glee Club: Sec'y +o Mr, Goldberg, Mr. Garf. LAWYER Friendly, indus+rious and brigh+, In our book, Al's alrigh+. GLORIA ROTHLIN 463 E. 94 S+. Arisfa: Aris+a Coach: G.O. Rep.: G.O. Al+.: Leaders Club: Baske+ball Club: Sec'y +o Mr. Cosman, Miss Singer, Mr. Friedman. TEACHER Pre++y girl, pre++y name, Pre++y sure of fufure fame. ARTHUR ROTHMAN IOO4 Mon+gomery S+. G.O. Rep.: Manager of Tilden Baseball: Handball lnframurals: Lieuf. of Marshals: Coached Marh, Spanish and Science: Pres. of Class. ENGINEER He came, he saw- Now's he's going +o conquer. MIRIAM ROTHSTEIN 995 Eas+ern Pkwy. Sec'y +o Mrs. Miller. MARRIAGE Mimi is all se+ for life, She's go+ a iob as Ar+ie's wife. SEYMOUR ROTKOWITZ 48I E. 52 S+. Mail Squad: Marshal: Ass'+ +o Mr. Klein, Mrs. Keller: His+ory Socie+y. ELECTRICAL ENGINEER Here's a nice guy i+'s plain +o see, He's been a good pal +o you and me. EUNICE ROVNER 53OI Snyder Ave. Book Rep.: Class Pres.: Marshal: Senior Class Treas.: G-.O. Rep.: Sec'y +o Mr. Pollack, Mr. Sugerman. SECRETARY Her face is her for+une, and i+ runs in+o a nice figure. FRED ROWE 864 E. 46 S+. Lifeguard for Mr. DeFronzo. CHEMICAL ENGINEER A boy wi+h plenfy of pep and vim, We know we all admire him. ENID RUBINSTEIN 676 Lenox Rd. Cafeferia Marshal: Cu++ing Office. BOOKKEEPER A+ adding and sub+rac+ing Enid is a dream, Her "Debi+s" and "Credi+s" are simply supreme. HARRY RUBINSTEIN l22O Eas+ New York Ave. Marshal: Visual Aid Squad. SCIENCE Harry is quife a you+h, Never bois+erous or uncou+h. SYLVIA RUBINSTEIN l22O Eas+ New York Ave. G.O. Alf.: Cafeferia Squad: Sec'y +o Mrs. Kan+or. PSYCHOLOGIST She's very cufe, bu+ oh, so small, Why, you can hardly see her a+ all. ROBERT RUDERMAN 204 Tapsco++ S+. "Tilden Topics": Marshal: Hisfory Socie+y. JOURNALIST Service, scholarship, honor, wi+, Make our Bobby qui+e a hi+. LILA RUTHEN 56 Rockaway Pkwy. Senior Class Treas.: Official Class Pres. and Sec'y: G.O. AIT.: Marshal. BOOKKEEPER AND SECRETARY Lila is seT for The resT of her life, Sl'ie's goT a iob as Albie's wife. ELEANOR RUTSTEIN IO4 Parkville Ave. G.O. AIT.: Marshal: ArisTa: G.O. STore: Pres. of Official Class: Gym Leader: Sec'y To Mr. Budin. ACCOUNTANT A well dressed girl wiTh charm and grace, A winning smile, a preTTy Tace. DORIS SADOWSKY 530 Herzl ST. ArisTa Comm. oT Nine: MaTh and French Coach: Co-CapT. of The Service Oliiice: Biology ArT Squad: Official Class Sec'y To Miss STiegliTz, Mr. Wiedman: Sec'y To Miss Sarquis. Mr. RosenbluTh, Miss Ard- ley, Miss Hyland. TEACHER Kind and genTle, nice and sweeT, The Type oT girl we like To meeT. SHIRLEY SAFRAN 864 STone Ave. Medical Room Ass'T: ATTendance Office Squad: Sec'y To Mrs. MenT, Mrs. Fuller: Pan-American Club: HisTory SocieTy. TEACHER Alerf, aTTenTive we can say. Dependable in every way. SANDRA SAGAR 995 Lenox Rd. BUYER Buy'er This and Buy'er ThaT and Happiness will come like Thaf. RICHARD SAGERMAN 39 E. 55 ST. Marshal: Band. PHARMACIST Richard will succeed some day, Because of his likeable way. EUGENE SALB 89II Ave. M G.O. Rep.: Sound Squad: Library Squad: CapT. oT CaTeTeria Marshals. UNDECIDED Always does The besT he can. He really is a genTleman. ANITA SALTZ 4722 Snyder Ave. Marshal: Bank Rep.: G.O. Office: Sec'y To Mr. Aronson, Mrs. Engel, Mrs. Sheinin. LEGAL STENOGRAPHER NOT Too TasT, noT Too slow, JusT The kind one likes To know. MARCIA SALZMAN 356 SumpTer ST. Library Squad: French Club: Sec'y To TEACHER IT's nice To be naTuraI, When you're naTurally nice Mrs, Hirsch. ARLENE SAMUELS 470i Clarendon Rd. Library Squad: Economics Office: Cheer- ing Squad: Sec'y To Mr. Rabinoff, Mr. Friedman, Mrs. Cassilefh. NURSE Vivacious, aTTracTive, on The beam, The perTecT answer To a Tellow's dream. EILEEN SAMUELS 740 Empire Blvd. ELO. Rep.: Prom Rep.: Marshal: Sec'y To Mr, Kahn. SECRETARY New York STaTe you've had your Tun, California, here l come. SHEILA SANKIN 290 E. 56 ST. G.O. Rep.: Senior Flower Rep.: Marshal: Sec'y To Mr. STambler, Mrs. Miller. SECRETARY BreaThe's There a man wiTh souls so dead. Who never haTh Turned his head and said, "Hmmm, noT bad." BARBARA SAPIR l7IO Carroll ST. Marshal: Coach: Sec'y To Mrs. Zucker- man. TEACHER An apple Tor The Teacher, Especially Tor a peach like Barbara. STEPHEN SAUTER 99-D Seaview Dr. FISHING BOAT PILOT To be precise. He's very nice. AL SCHACKMAN Il5O Easlern Pkwy. Longfellows: Co-Capr. of Longlellows Eoofball Team: Ufopia Arf Edifor: Lafe Squad: Supply Squad: Mimeograph Squad, Lieui. of Ihe Field Squad: Color 6uard: Sec'y Io Mr, Krugman: 6ym Leaders. MUSICIAN To AI I will give my vofe, I'm sure Ihaf he will hir his noie. NORMAN SCHAW I46 E. 55 S+. UNDECIDED Marshal. All is quiel when Norm's around, Bur a nicer guy iusf couldn'I be found. BEVERLY SCHIFFMILLER Marshal, 6.0. Rep.: Sec'y Io Mrs. Hughes. Bev is really loaded wilh personalily, pep and popularify. MARVIN SCHLACKMAN 63 E. 94 S+. Marshal: Band Ass'1'. PRINTER No mailer how we fry, You can'I knock a perlecf guy. GILDA SCHLANGER II45 Lenox Rd. INTERIOR DECORATOR Black hair, sparkling eyes, She's 'rhe rype 'ro Ianfalize, SANDRA SCHLOSSER I309 Lincoln Pl. Book Rep.: Bank Rep.: 6.0. All.: Cale- Ieria Squad: Secrelarial Slahf "Classics" BUYER Brighl eyes and a pep +ha'r is rare, Wilh a personalify beyond compare. IRMA SCHLUSSLBERG 829 E. SI SI. Program Comm.: Leaders Club: Sec'y 'ro Mrs. Fishbein, Mrs. Cassilelh. HISTORY TEACHER She's so nice and nafural, She's so nafurally nice. MARILYN SCHNEIDER I7I8 Presidenf Sf. SECRETARY As a secrelary she will do, She has looks, charm and personalify loo. RONALD SCHNEIDER 840 Slone Ave. Arisfa: 6.0. Rep.: Marshal: Library Squad: 6ym Sec'y. DOCTOR He doesn'I believe in zeros, He says Ihey're iusf nolhing. JEROME SCHNEIDERMAN IO30 Willmohr SI. Arisla Coach: 6ym Leader: Pres. of Senior OIF. Class. TECHNICIAN Calm and collecfed, No laulis defecfed. MILTON SCHNEIDERMAN 390 Legion S+. Circulafion Squad of "Tilden Topics": Caleleria Marshal. BUSINESS He's rafher clever, buf fry Io convince his Teachers. ARNOLD SCHNEIR 728 Howard Ave. 6.0. Rep.: Marshal. ACCOUNTANT The business world will have a Ireaf, As an acccounianl he's hard Io bear. JUNE SCHNEYER 6I5 E. 52 S+. Marshal: Cafeleria Marshal: Curling Office: Canlala: 6ym Leader: Sec'y Io Mrs. Zuckerman, Mrs. Juliber, Miss Flan- nagin, Miss Wrighr, Mrs. Moore. NURSE Agreeable, aihlelic and full of fun. June is liked by everyone. CHARLES SCHOENBAUM 256 Amboy S+. REPORTER He's as smarf as his heart is good. Marshal. ANNETTE SCHOFLER 8724 Ave. A Hisfory Club: French Club: Record Office: Bank Rep.: Book Rep.: Mafli Office: Marshal: Sec'y To Mrs. Roberfs, UNDECIDED Knocking some people mighf be fun, Buf knocking Anneffe jusf can'f be done. JOEL SCHONFELD 702 Crown Sf. Baseball lnframural: Marshal: Fhofog- raphy Club. LAWYER Concenfrafion, Aggravafion, Al' last! 6raduafion. THYRA SCHREIBER l588 Presidenf Sf. Leaders Club: Mafh Club: Pan-American Club: Pool Ass'f: Healfh Ed. Sec'y: Sec'y fo Mrs. Bennelf, Mrs. Kramer. TEACHER From head fo foe, She's nice fo know. HARVEY SCHREIBMAN IBO E. 52 SI. WINDOW CLEANER Harveyls like a fireman, He hears flrie bell and runs like -- MYRNA SCHU BERT 803 Sarafoga Ave. 6.0. Rep.: Book Rep.: Sec'y in Guidance Office. BOOKKEEPER Neaf and sweef, A real freaf. HAROLD SCHUCKMAN 5623 Beverly Rd. Marshal: Book Club: Orchesfra: 6ym Leaders: Hisfory Sociefy: Hebrew Club: Pan-American Club. SALESMAN Quief manner, pleasing ways, Deserves credif and loads of praise CONSTANCE SCHULMAN 9l8 Monfgomery Sf. 6.0. Alf.: Book Rep.: Bank Rep.: Arista: Affendance Office: I-lisfory Sociefy: French Club: Sec'y fo Mr. Friedman, Miss Bernsfein. COLLEGE Full of knowledge, charm and vifalify, This girl has a swell personalify. ROBERT SCH ULMAN 296 E. 49 Sf. Senior Band: Orchesfra: Swing Band. MOROCCA PLAYER He walked off wifh fhe music scholarship, Buf fhe feacher made him puf if back. PAUL SCHUSTER ll87 Easfern Pkwy. Marshal: 6ym Leader: 6.0. Rep. BUSINESSMAN Blonde, good looking and nof foo fall, Paul is a grand guy, liked by all. GLORIA SCHWARTZ 9IO4 Ave. A P.T.A, Rep.: Bank Rep.: 6.0. Alf.: Class Day Rep.: Sec'y fo Mrs. Roberfs and Mr. Heller. NURSE A shining iewel in our gracluafion seffing. SHEILA SCHWARTZ l54 Rockaway Pkwy. Marshal: Mail Office. UNDECIDED Neaf, sweef, hard fo beaf. CAROL SCHWARTZBACK 9502 Kings Hwy. Arisfa Coach: Bank Rep.: Mail Office: Senior Record Office. INTERIOR DECORATOR Her hearf is like a frolley car, Always room for one more. ARLINE SCHWEDOCK 928 Monfgomery Sf. Marshal: Boosfers: Dramafic Sociefy: 6.0. Rep.: Sec'y fo Mr. 6reene, Mr. Schwarzback, Miss Edinburgh. DRAMATIC TEACHER Like an A bomb- Explosive personalify. SHELDON SCOPINSKY 623 E. 96 Sf. Longfellows: Execufive Board of Longfel- lows: Color Guard: Co-Edifor of Ufopia: Arisfa: French Club: Pan-American Club: Hisfory Sociely: Newspaper Squad: Field Squad: Biol o g y Squad: Rex-o-graph Operafor: Marshal: Coach: Class Day Rep.: Scholarship Club. DENTIST One of Tilden's chosen few, Smarf, well-liked, versafile foo. BARRY SEID I334 Easfern Pkwy. 6.0. Rep.: 6.0. Alf.: Arisfa: Class Pres.: Arisfa Coach: Sec'y in Gym: Scholarship Club, AERONAUTICAL ENGINEER A guy like him is hard fo find, Wifh wif, brains and personalify combined. EZRA SELTZER 36l Amboy Sf. 6.0. Alf.: Scholarship Club. C.P.A. A C.P.A. he wanfs fo be, His success in fhaf field is plain fo see. SONYA SEMEL 96l9 Ave. L Lieul. of Marshals: 6ym Leader: Baskef- ball Club: Swimming Club: Volleyball Club: Sec'y fo Mrs. Ponfi, Miss Aurell, Miss Reif, Miss McAleer. UNDECIDED Full of vigor, full of zesf, As an alhlefe she's fhe besf. JOY SENFT IOZ4 Monfgomery S+. 6lee Club: Canfafa: Caroleer: Marshal: 6.0. Rep. SINGING lf's been a "joy" 'fo know her. RENEE SHAER 585 E. 93 Sl. 6.0. Rep.: 6.0. Alt.: Cafeferia Marshal. LEGAL STENOGRAPHER A charming and infelligenf young lady, personalify plus. LORRAINE SHAFRAN 33 E. 58 Sl. Cheering Squad: Leaders Club: Sec'y fo Mr. Zack: l-lisfory Sociefy: Pan-American Club. RECEPTIONIST Though noi' surpassing Helen of Troy, She's iusf as preffy, charming and coy. SHELDON SHAKTMAN 290 E. 98 Sl'. Pres. of Official Class: Prom Rep, C.P.A. lf Shelly would be a C.P.A., l-le could sfare af figures all The day. X VLMCEQFKU QM 2255 Douglass Sf. l y q : Coach: 6.0. Rep.: Rep.: Bank Re .: Prom Rep.: Book R p.: Se 'or N s bre Club: Pan- e ic b ci yg Hosfel : afh ub: French Club. MECHANICAL ENGINEER Leader of men, Follower of women. JANET SHAPIRO lO2 Tapscoff S+. 6.0. Rep.: 6uidance Recepfionisf: Arf 0ffice: Sfen. 0ffice: English 0ffice. LEGAL STENOGRAPHY Janef's name fo our mind brings, Lois and lofs of lovely Things. LINDA SHAPIRO l4l6 Brooklyn Ave. Arisfa: Arisfa lnifiafion Comm.: Sec'y of Scholarship Club: Program Comm.: Span- ish 0ffice: Adminisfrafive Ass'f's 0ffice: Sec'y fo Miss Monfag. UNDECIDED Here is Linda, fall and classy. Wafch ouf fellows for This Iassie. SUSAN SHAPIRO l4l6 Brooklyn Ave. Program Comm.: 6uidance 0ffice: Re- ceplionisf: Spanish Oflice: Arisfa: Arisfa lnferviewing Comm.: Pan-American Club: Hisfory Sociefyg Scholarship Club: Sec'y fo Mr. Kahn, Mr. Garf, Miss Monfag. KINDERGARTEN TEACHER The coming generafion is in for a freaf, Because a girl like Susan is really so sweef. IRIS SHARKOWITZ I75 Tapscofi' Sf. 6.0. 0ffice: Sec'y fo Mrs. Kanfor, BUSINESS As lovely, charming and wonderful a per- son as fhe flower she was named affer. STANLEY SHElDLOWER 820 l-loward Ave. Marshal: Book Rep.: Bank Rep. C.P.A. ln school he does 0.K., ln lafer life, he'll lead The way. BARBARA SHEPETIN 836 Crown S+. Marshal: Bank Rep.: Library Squad: His- fory Sociefy: Sec'y fo Mr. Schulfz, Mrs. Novell. TEACHER A liferary Iighf fhaf will burn long, Personalify, charm and characfer sfrong. RAYMOND SHERMAN 560 Lefferfs Ave. Sporls Edifor of "Topics": Lilerary Slatkl of "Classic": Arislag Arislonian: Library Squad: Malh Club: Physics Squad: Pro- gram Comm.: Hebrew Club: 'Scholarship Club: Marshal: I-lislory Sociely: Year- book Rep.: Delegafe lo Columbia Press Assoc. Conference: 6ym Sec'y. CHEMIST To knock a friend is no? much ol a lask, Bur lo knock oneself is 'foo much lo ask, SYLVIA SHICOFF 6l5 Walkins Sl. Marshal: Sec'y lo Mr, Pollack, Miss Engel. LEGAL STENOGRAPHER A charming young lady wilh personalify and looks. She does our eyes a favor. HARRIET SHIMANOWITZ 36 E. 5l Sl. Marshal: Sec'y lo Miss Bernslein. BUYER Here's a girl lha+'s friendly and sweel, With a personalily no one can bear, SANDRA SHUPACK 8803 Ave. B Curling Squad: Chem. Squad: Marshal: Sec'y fo Mrs. Kleinberg. SECRETARY ll lhey come any sweeler, We'd like 'ro meer her. FLORENCE SICKER 422 Saraloga Ave. 6.0. Rep.: Marshal: 6ym Leader: Sec'y 'ro Mr. Pollack: Mrs. Fuller, Miss Loeb- senz, SECRETARY A really nice girl in every way, To The lop of lhe ladder shell go and slay. MARIAN SIDDONS 47I3 Tilden Ave. Bank Squad: Bank Rep.: Coach: Sec'y lo Mrs. Bernslein, Mrs. Diller, Mr. Seidman: Arisla. LABORATORY TECHNICIAN Aclive and spiriled lillle lass, She is admired by 'rhe whole class. CAROL SIEGEL 547 E. 95 S+. 6.0. Rep.: 6.0. All.: Marshal: Sec'y To Mr. Muraskin, Mr. 6lassman. LEGAL STENOGRAPHER Il's nice lo be nalural, When you're nalurally nice. MARVIN SIEGEL I I44 Sl. Johns PI. Marshal: Slage Squad: Helped Mr. Eng- ber in English Book Room. TELEVISION TECHNICIAN Marvin wanls Io be a Television Technician, May he achieve his ulmosl ambilion. MARVIN M. SIEGEL I66 E. 95 Sf. ENGINEER No mailer how we fry, We can'r knock a perlecl guy. Marshal. MIRIAM SIEGELMAN 405 Herzl Sf. 6.0. Rep.: 6.0. Allernafe: Marshal: Sec'y To Mr. Zohn. MEDICAL TECHNICIAN Face prefly, dress near, Tolal opinion, She's hard lo bear. LEONARD SILBERMAN 478 Herzl S+. ACCOUNTING TEACHER A swell fellow, really nice fo know, One we sure hale 'ro see go. DONALD SILVERBER6 394 Chesler S+. 6.0. Rep.: Bank Rep.: Marshal. UNDECIDED Because he laughs and iesls in every class, His zeroes resemble lhe nalion's debls. JERRY SILVERMAN 688 E. 49 Sr. Arisla: Music Sociely: Marshal: Coach: 6.0. Slore. SCIENCE TEACHER A very line fellow he seems lo be, And he'lI make good, iusl wail and see. SHELDON SILVERMAN l7l0 Carroll S+. Marshal: Class Treasurer. PHARMACIST SheIly's sure lo gel ahead, For he can always add lo wha+'s said. ARNOLD SIMON I57 E. 53 S+. Boos+ers: Book Rep.: Marshal: Shop Fore- man +o Mrs. An+onsen. INDUSTRIAL ARTS TEACHER Very nice, very quie+, Surprise us please and s+ar+ a rio+. SHELDON SIMON 96l7 Ave. B Marshal: Ma+h Coach: Gym Leader: Guidance Dep+. Recep+ionis+: Book Club: Hisfory Club: French Club: I-losfel Club. DENTIST We'll be pulling for you. PEARL SIMONOFF 4l7 Amboy S+. Tilden Book Oli.: Service OH.: G.U. Rep.: Book Club: Pan-American Club: His+ory Socie+y. BOOKKEEPER Beguiling eyes of shining Iigh+, Sweef and charming, merry and brigh+. RUTH SINCLAIR I87 Graf+on S+. Marshal: Leaders Club: Aris+a Coach: Sec'y +0 Miss Edinberg, Mr. Krokow, Miss McAleer. TEACHER Always smiling, always gay, She can'+ help bu+ be +ha+ way. SHIRLEY SINGER 750 Le+fer+s Ave. Prom Rep.: Marshal: Sec'y +o Miss Edm- burgh, Mr. Benov. BUYER Charming +o +he highes+ degree, Wi+h radian+ personali+y. HERBERT SKOVRONEK 700 Sara+oga Ave. Marshal: Guidance Office Recepfiomsr: Scholarship O++ice: Pres. of Scholarship Club. SCIENCE No ma++er how hard we Try, We can'+ knock a regular guy. JOYCE SLATKIN 9I3 Hopkinson Ave. G.O. Al+.: G.O. Rep.: Marshal: Bank Rep.: Prom Rep.: Sec'y +0 Miss Geller, Mr. Zahn, Mr. Muraskin. BUYER Joyce is a 'rype +ha+'s very rare, Cu+e and pe+i+e, liked everywhere. PHYLISS SLEPIAN If s+ill wa+er runs deep, There is greaf dep+h +o you, And if silence is golden, you're valuable foo. EDWARD SMITH 404 E. 46 SI. Cafe+eria Marshal: Scholarship Club. MEDICINE Aler+, efficient nice +0 know, We really ha+e 'ro see him go. SHELDON SMITH 283 E. 57 S+. Bank Rep.: Sec'y +o Mr. Ra+chickg Hisfory Club: S+amp Club. C.P.A. I-Ie's always friendly all around, A be++er classma+e can'+ be found. MARK SOFFER l40l Lincoln Pl. G.O. Rep.: Marshal: Gym Sec'y: Hebrew Club. LAWYER To be a lawyer is his ambifion, We hope he gains +ha+ posi+ion. MARILYN SOLE 859 E. 47 S+. G.O. Al+.: Bank Rep.: P.T.A. Rep.: Swi+chboard Opera+or, Los+ and Found: Sec'y +o Mrs. Tauber, DIETICIAN Charming and gay we all agree, A radian+, alluring personalify. ARTHUR SOLOMON 5I E. 94 S+. Spor+s Edi+or on "Tilden Topics": Marshal: Delega+e +o Columbia Press Conv. JOURNALIST We hope success will come +o you, ln any+hing you choose +o do. GILBERT SOLOMON 42 E. 96 S+. MUSICIAN A school idol-idle for 4 years. Orches+ra: Gym Leader. JACK SOMER 829 E. 49 S+. Pres. of Senior Class: Aris+a: Aris+onian: ln+erviewing Comm.: Library Squad: La+e Squad: Cu++inq Office: Alumni Office: Program Comm.: Sec'y +o Miss Lesser, Mr. Gers+en, Mr. Saphier: Recep+ionis+. ENGINEER Our +erri+ic Senior Presidenf has every- +hinq-e And much more besides. JOAN SOMMELLA 902 U+ica Ave. Chemis+ry Squad: Sec'y +o Mr. Menzes. SECRETARY She has all +he charm one can possess. To make up +he world of loveliness. ROBERT SPEVACK l465 Carroll S+. Healfh Ed.: Los? and Found: Audio Visual Aids Squad: "Tilden Topics": "Senior Classic": Caieferia Marshal: A r I s + a: Aris+a Coach: His+ory Socie+y: Scholar- ship Club: Sec'y +o Miss Cohen. GOVERNMENT Silence is golden, Talk is cheap. So he'll spend his life in +he poor house. BARBARA SPIELMAN 903 Hopkinson Ave. G.O. Rep.: G.O. Al+.: Gym Sec'y: Jr. Orcshesfrag Sec'y +0 Mrs. Fuller. TEACHER To be precise. She's very nice. CHARLES SPIERER 906 Easl New York Ave. G.O. Rep.: Hebrew Club: Class Pres.: Marshal: Cafeferia Lieu+.: Gym Leader: Boys' Gym Sec'y. BUSINESSMAN I+ will sulilice +o say, Tha? in every way, he'S O.K. HENRY SPIERER 906 Eas+ New York Ave. "Tilden Topics": Board of Governors: Execulive Board: Cap+. of Marshals: G.O. Rep.: Comrnuni+y Corps Rep. BUSINESSMAN Henry Spierer is very nice, He seldom plays wifh loaded dice. LORRAINE SPIVACK 92l Mon+gomery S+. Marshal: Sec'y lo Miss Unger, Mrs. Byrnes: Book Rep. SECRETARY Dark and pre++y, swee+ and smar+, Wa+chou+, boys, she'll s+eaI your hear+. BARBARA SPRUNG I2 E. 57 Sl. Dramafic Sociefy: Hebrew Club: Aris+a: Recep+ionis+ in Mr. Zahn's Office: Sec'y fo Dr. Shipley. TEACHER Swee+, pleasan+ and very clever, May she remain 'rhis way forever MARTIN STABINER ll53 Schenec+ady Ave. Marshal. CIVIL ENGINEER ln any underfaking he will never fail +o reach his goal, RENEE STAKOFSKY lO5 E. 54 S+. Senior Rep.: Cafe+eria Marshal: "Topics" Secre+arial S+a++: Class Pres.: Sec'y +o Miss Unger, Mr. Janis: Typisl' for Mr. Greene. LEGAL STENOGRAFHER One oi Tilden's chosen few, Smar+, pre++y and versa+ile +oo. JESSE STARR 98 E. 52 S+. Marshal: Medical Room Sec'y. PHARMACIST ln+elligen+, brave, shrewd, Yes, Abe Lincoln was a greaf man. SAUL STATMAN l92O Union S+. Cu?+ing Office: Sec'y 'ro Mr. Levenson. COMMERCIAL ARTIST The kind of fellow mo+her would like daugh+er +o meei. INA STEIN 27 E. 92 S+. G.O. Rep.: G.O. Alf.: Receplionisf in A++endance Office: Sec'y +o Miss Farrell, Mrs, Doyle, Mrs. Kessler. COLLEGE Like a glass of champagne, Bubbling over wi+h charm and personali+y. VICTOR STEIN l24 E. 5I S+. Marshal: Field Squad. UNUECIDED He would like +o follow in +he foo+s+eps of his aihlelic cousin-Alan Slein. PHYLLIS STEINBERG I726 Union SI. G.O. Rep.: Sec'y Io Mrs. Fuller: Pan' American Club. UNDECIDED Prelfy and popular is she, A greal success she's sure lo be. GLORIA STEINMAN 903 Schenecrady Ave. Bank Rep. SECRETARY A secrelary she would like lo be, For fherels a space upon his knee. SEYMOUR STEINSALTZ 75 E. 95 Sl. Slage Squad: Flower Rep.: Community Corps Rep.: Book Rep.: Bank Rep. BUSINESS A very fine boy we know him lo be, I-Ie'll make good, iusl wail and see. GARY STERN 4807 Church Ave. Jr. Varsily Baskefball: Marshal. UNDECIDED A swell guy! JULIUS STERN 382 E. 5I S+. Glee Club: Visual Aids, Proiecl Squad: Sec'y Io Mr. Miranda. SINGER Our class vocalislll SHIELA STERN 54I6 Snyder Ave. Sec'y lo Miss Aurell, Miss Rheimer. LEGAL STENOGRAPHER One of Tilderi's chosen few, Srnarl, prelly and versalile loo. ELAINE STONE 367 Legion SI. Scholarship Club: I-Iospilal Proiecf Club' Regenls Comm.: Sec'y fo Mrs. Farley. NURSE If she's liked by palienfs, and she can'l fail, She'll be a second Florence Nighlingale. LOUIS STRAUSS 5507 Church Ave. Marshal: Cafeleria Marshal: Gym Leader. UNDECIDED I am regislered in lhe Seleclive Service RENEE STRAUSS 7I0 Linden Blvd. Arisla: Marshal: Sec'y To Mr. Sleigman, Miss Miller, Mr. Ralchick, Mrs, Lincoln. SECRETARY ll's mulual-she likes people and people like her. CAROLE STROLLER I26 E. 55 S+. Malh Tulor, Malh Squad: RM. Rec.: Guidance Rec.: Biology Squad: Arisla. TEACHER The day is clear, Ihe room is quiel, In walks Carole and 1here's a riol. ELAINE STRUTIN II60 Willmohr SI. Marshal: Senior Record Office: Arisfa Coach: Mail Squad: Hebrew Club: French Club: I-Iospilal Proiecl Club: Pan- American Club: Sec'y lo Mrs. Ponli. KINDERGARTEN TEACHER Prelly and charming, clever and sweel, Knowing Elaine is quile a lreal. I-LELENE s E , .' 5 6 3 E. 9l +. r r Rosenbl Sec' Mr, Mr. S . SPA HER Musical an , As her name is sweef. PHYLLIS SWERDLOFF 324 Graffon SI. Culling Office: P.M. Session Office Squad: Yearbook Rep.: Coach, Gym Leaders: Sec'y lo Mr. Cosman. TEACHER Clever, charming, lull of glee, A Yearbook Rep. should really be. Wanl more proof? The Rep. is me. FLORA SYMONS I248 Scheneclady Ave. Receplionisf in Main Corridor: Marshal: I-Iislory Club. HOME ECONOMICS A mighly hard worker, efficiency plus. A worlhy girl whom everyone can lrusl. SONDRA TABICKMAN IO85 Hopkinson Ave. Marshal: G.O. Rep.: Cafeferia Work. SECRETARY One good reason why a young man' fancy furns fo fhoughfs of love. ELAINE TAITELMAN S 73I Linden Blvd. Bank Rep.: Book Rep. MODEL A preffier Miss is hard fo find, Face, figure and charm combined, MORTON TAUBER 798 Hopkinson Ave. Guidance Office: Marshal: G.O. Alf.: Scholarship Club: Hisfory Sociefy. SCIENTIST Clever and ambifious as fhey come: Tha+'s Morfy Tauber all rolled info one HOWARD TEITELBAUM I26 E. 53 S+. Cuffing Office Squad: Foofbal Team Baseball Team. PHYSICAL EDUCATION TEACHER A lover of wine, women and foofball. SH EILA TELLER , 92 E. 53 S+. Mr. Zahn's Office Squad: Eco. Office Healfh Ed. Sec'y: Arisfa: Glee Club: Sec'y +o Mrs. Fishbein, Mr. Paige, Mrs Novell, Mrs. Rivelson, Miss Geller. ELEMENTARY SCHOOL TEACHER Sheila's fruly an amiable lass, One of +he brighfesf in every class. RUTH TESLER I538 Presidenf Sf. Cuffing Office: Medical Room: Coach, Arisfa: Sec'y fo Mr, Schwarzbach. UNDECIDED Cufe and clever, nice and sweef, She's fhe fype of girl so nice fo meef. ANTHONY TESORIERO 850 E. 49 S+. Locker Marshal. UNDECIDED Never was fhere a fellow so fine, He'll be fops in his chosen line. ANNE THALER 443 E. 53 S+. G.O. Rep.: Arisfa Coach: Delegafe fo UNESCO Conference: Program Comm.: Library Squad: Orchesfra: Official Class Sec'y: Sec'y fo Mr. lfzler, Mr. Garf, Mrs. Menf, Miss Ardley: Arisfa: Scholarship Club: Hisfory Sociefy. SOCIAL SCIENCE Smarf, clever, loads of fun, Jusf ask her fo do fhe Soufh African Charlesfon. IRA TIGER 393 E. 54 S+. Scholarship Club: Hisfory Sound Squad: Marshal. ACCOUNTING AND LAW His name speaks for ifself, ANTHONY TINERVIA I3OI Rockaway Pkway. Marshal. BROKER A nice boy who fries +o acf nicer IRWIN TOBIAS 965 Lafayeffe Ave. Arisfa: Arisfa Coach: Gym Sec'y: Pro- gram Comm.: Pres., Scholarship Club: Bank Rep.: Hebrew Club: Mafh Club: Sec'y fo Mrs. Kleinberg, Mr. Howiff. CHEMIST If brains were dynamic, he'd blow fhe world +o bifs. E INE ff K I .i i pref - -- . A- : 'f:,ii. en: B o' e . , . ,' C PT 4 . es The kin f s I . -. ike fo bring home -i y f f- , if you fhoughf you f coul I . afher. ROBERT TOSCANO 36I E. 59 S+. Board of Governors: Board of Execufives: G.O. Rep. ENGINEERING A laugh, a ioke, a snappy reforf, Bob is of +he finesf sor+. JUNE TREZZA 646 E. 53 Sf. Sec'y fo Miss Reif: Worked in Teacher's lunchroom, SECRETARY Cu+e and clever, naughfy? Never-well, hardly ever. YEVETTE TRIEFF I75 E. 54 S+. 6.0. Rep.: 6.0. Alf.: Affendance Office: Hebrew Club: Scholarship Club: "Senior Classic" Adverfising Sfaff: Sec'y fo Mr. Dubnau, Mrs. Kleinberg. TEACHER Always acfive, never shirking, Along her pafh succcess is lurking. SONDRA TUMAN I37 Remsen Ave. 6.0. Rep.: 6.0. Alf.: Senior Treas.: Recepfionisf: P.T.A. Rep.: Marshal, l29 Squad: Sec'y fo Mr. Marks, Mr. Schwarz- bach, Miss McKinney, Mr. Salfz. LAWYER She has infelligence. beaufy and vim, She's quife a cafch for fne proverbial "him." LAURA TURCHIANO 552l Snyder Ave. Sec'y fo Mrs. 6odofsky, Miss Aurell, Mr. Davidoff. SECRETARY To call Laura sweef is unfair, Because fhere's more fhan sweefness fhere. MILTON UNTERBERGEN l82 Riverdale Ave. ELECTRICAL ENGINEER He's going fo be a magnef, Jusf fo afracf fhe girls. ELLIOTT URDAN6 854 Ufica Ave. Chemisfry Lab.: Medical Room: Arista: Science Club. BACTERIOLOGIST Who needs Einsfein? Who needs Lincoln? When Elliof's around, He does all fhe fhinking. ELEANOR USLAN 483 E. 93 S+. Arisfa: Arisfonian: Program Comm.: Sec'y fo Mr. Sfambler and Mr. Rosen- blum: Official Class Sec'y. ACCOUNTANT Eleanor is one of Tilden's chosen few, Who is infelligenf, polife and affracfive. DORESE VAN KELL I75 Schenecfady Ave. 6.0. Rep.: 6.0. Alf.: Bank Rep.: Class Pres.: 6.0. Ofhce: Sec'y fo Mr. Sfam- bler, Mr. Miranda, Mr. lfzler. MODEL Wifh a ferrific figure and a flair for clofhes, She's as wonderful a girl as anyone knows. ROBERTA VELANEY 988 Easfern Pkway. Marshal: 6uidance Office: Service Office: l-lisfory Sociefy. MEDICAL ASSISTANT The face of an angel and iusf as sweef. NORMA VERFALL I733 Union Sf. Senior Treas.: Sec'y fo Dr. Levine, Miss Reif. SECRETARY If all fhe girls were as sweef as she. Whaf a wonderful place Tilden would be. NORMAN VOLK 55 E. 9l S+. Sr. Class Treas.: V.P., Longfellows: Long- rellows Exec. Bd.: V.P., Pan-American Club: Liferary Edlfor of Senior News: Arisfa: Lieuf. of Marshals: Co-Edifor of Ufiopia: Lafe Squad: Field Squad: Scho- larship Club: Sr. Off. Squad: Newspaper Squad: 'i'Tilden Topics" Mailing Squad: Circulafion Squad: Usher, Arisfa lnsfalla- fion: Color 6uard: Befh-El Hospifal Comm.: Civilian Defense Volunfeer: Jew- ish Sanifarium Volunfeer: 6ym Sec'y: 6.0. Alf. LAWYER Never in his class, always on fhe run, Buf yOu're sure when he's around, fhaf fhere'll be lofs of fun. MONROE WADLER 5479 Kings l-lwy. Marshal: Band. ACCOUNTANT Many assefs, no liabilifies. MARCIA WAGSHUL 507 E. Sl Sf. 6.0. Rep.: 6.0. Alf.: 6.0. Office Sfaff: Arisfa: Bank Squad: 6uidance Recep- fionisf: Marshal: Social Leaders: Re porfer and Feafure Edifor of "Tale of Two Session": Sec'y fo Miss Sargvin, Mrs. Rogarf: Pan-American Club: French Club: l-lisfory Sociefy: Class Pres.: Class Day Rep.: Senior News. TEACHER l-lere's a girl of finesf sfock, Wifh pep and vifalify you cannof knock. PHYLLIS WALDMAN 70-80 Rockaway Pkway. Sec'y fo Mr. Lefr. SECRETARY Pracfice makes perfecf wifh Phyllis, 6LORlA WALLCH 309 E. 94 Sf. 6.0. Alf.: Sec'y fo Mr. Miranda. MODEL A "model" girl, As rare as a pearl. WARREN WALLERSTEIN 599 Osborn Sl. Swimming Squad: Marshal: School Lile- guardg Pres. of English Class. TEACHER ll's swell lo be nalural, When you're nalurally swell. ELEANOR WAPNER 750 Crown Sl. MUSIC TEACHER Very quiel and demure, A perlecl lady lo be sure Sec'y lo Mr. Brill. DONALD WARREN 45I Kingslon Ave. Manager ol Baseball Team: Allendance Ollice Squad: Arisla: Pan-American Club. LAWYER Donald is willy, He's also smarl, He's oll in lhis world lo a very good slarl. EDITH WASSERMAN 488 E. 96 Sl. Social Leaders: Arl Squad: Book Rep.: Marshal: Hislory Ollice: Senior Record Ollice: Mail Squad: French Club: Nurses Proiecl Club: Hosiplal Comm.: Sec'y lo Mrs. Juliber. LABORATORY TECHNICIAN Sparkling eyes, lovely hair, She's lhe answer lo a lellow's prayer. MARLENE WAX lO85 Willmohr Sl. Arisla: Arisla Coach: G.O. Rep: Hislory Ollice: Senior Record Officer French Club: Sec'y lo Mrs. Rogarl, Mr. Zeiger. TEACHER Her charm, plus brains- Recipe lor success. MARTIN WEBER 53lO Snyder Ave. Marshal: Hislory Sociely. UNDECIDED A quiel lad is he. One good sporl we all agree. HERBERT WEGWEISER 74 E. 52 Sl. Marshal: Field Squad. OBSTETRICIAN Tall, dark and beller walch oul. ALLAN WEINBERG 260 E, 43 Sl. Marshal: G.O. Rep: Band: Gym Leader: Sec'y lo Mr, Glassman, Mr. Dubnau. BUSINESS EXECUTIVE Calm and collecled, Few laulls delecled. JEROME WEINBERG Il48 Sl. Marks Ave. Caleleria Marshal. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Walch oull ll may be a shocking prolession ARNOLD WEINER I78 E. 95 Sl. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING He is a swell guy, And wilh us rales very high. Marshal. CHARLOTTE WEINER 75 E. 95 Sl. Rep. Tilden al UNESCO Conlerence: Senior Record Ollice: Mail Squad: Bank Rep.: Guidance Receplionisl: Flower Rep.: Sec'y lo Mr. I-lowill, Miss Gio- vanniella: French Club: Hislory Sociely: Scholarship Club. COLLEGE Charlolle has qualilies lo see: Wil, brains and personalily. RUTH WEINER 37 E. 89 Sl. Arista: Co-Capl. ol Service Squad: Co- Edilor-in-Chief ol Arislonian: Speakers' Bureau: "Tilden Topics": G u i cl a n c e Oll.: G.O. Rep.: Bank: Arisla Oll.: ln- lerviewing and Receplion. TEACHER Prelly, charming and kind, A girl like lhis is hard lo find. THELMA WEINER 274 E. 93 Sl. Swilchboard Operalor: Allendance Mon- ilor lo Mrs. Schwarlz: Sec'y lo Mrs. Kleinberg. DEPARTMENT STORE BUYER She's a pockel-sized edilion ol a besl seller. TOBY WEINER 66l Rockaway Pkway. SECRETARY Always sweel, lols ol lun, Liked by everyone. PHYLLIS WEINGAST 70 Rockaway Pkway. Caleleria Marshal: Sec'y lo Mr. Lell: Class Day Rep. DESIGNER Vivacious, poplar, lull ol lun, Admired and liked by everyone. SHEILA WEINGER I2 E. 56 Sl. Allendance Ollice: Marshal: Flower Rep. Hislory Sociely: Pan-American Club: French Club: Sec'y lo Mrs. Carolan, Mr, Garl, Mr. Pasner, Mr. I-Iowill. JOURNALIST A prelly girl wilh a pleasing personalily. ADRIANNE WEINSTEIN 304 54 Sl. Marshal: Bank Rep.: G.O. Rep.: I-lospilal Comm.: Book Rep.: Senior Treas. ol Olli- cial Class: Secrelarial Service: Sec'y lo Miss I-lasluck, Mrs. Sonnenblum. SECRETARY Willy, pleasanl, prelly and clever, We hope she slays lhal way forever GERALD WEINSTEIN 473 E. 92 Sl. Gym Leaders: I-lislory Sociely. DESIGNER-DRAFTSMAN Well liked by everyone, MARTIN WEINSTEIN 4805 Snyder Ave. G.O. All.: Book Rep.: Marshal: Hebrew Club. DENTIST Nol loo loud, nol loo shy, I-Ie's iusl a regular kind ol guy. LEONARD WEINSTOCK I933 Union Sl. Foolball Team: Scholarship Club. DENTISTRY They lold him he had lo have pull. NEIL WEINTRAUB 526 I-lerzl Sl. Marshal: Caleleria Marshal. BUSINESSMAN Calm and collecled, No laulls delecled. rf- AUDREY WEISBERG 904 Winlhrop Sl. G.O. Rep.: Arisla Coach: Bank Rep.: Book Rep.: Marshal: Class Pres.: Senior Treas.: Allendance Ollice. COURT REPORTER Like Vilamin D: always spreading sunshine. MARILYN WEISBERG l57 E. 93 Sl. Flower Rep.: Marshal: Sec'y lo Mr. Leli. HOTEL MANAGER Always lun, always sweel, A wonderful person, Jusl can'l be beal. GEORGE WEISENFELD 50l4 Ave. D ENGINEER A quiel boy, bul lriendly loo, Besl wishes are exlended lo you. HERBERT WEISER 638 Osborn Sl. ENGINEER OR PHARMACIST Of all our class, none will deny, I-le's a lulure successful guy. ABBY WEISFELD 20 E. 95 Sl. Program Comm.: French Club: Nurses Aid. AIRLINE HOSTESS Abby proves lhal good lhings come in small packages. SANDRA WEISFELD 20 E. 95 Sl. Marshal: Program Comm.: Book Rep.: Hislory Sociely: French Club: I-lospilal Proiecl Club. UNDECIDED A sweel and lriendly lass. Well liked in every class. THELMA WEISFELD I967 Union Sl. TYPIST AND BOOKKEEPER Boys slop-lix lheir lies, Jusl lo calch Thelma's eyes. LENORE WEISKOPF 9302 Kings Hwy. Social Leaders: Biology Squad: Book Rep.: CommuniTy Corps Rep.: Spanish OTTice: Sec'y To Mrs. STarTield, Mr. Rogovin: Guidance RecepTionisT. DIETICIAN A sweeT girl she seems To be, She'lI make good-iusT waiT and see. GOLDY WEISS l95 E. 5l ST. Guildance OTTice: G.O. AIT.: Marshal: Sec'y To Miss Badanes, Dr. Shipley, Mr. HowiTT, Miss Hasluck. MEDICAL ASSISTANT Goldy is The Type of girl a boy would bring home To moTher, if he knew he could TrusT his TaTher. EDITH WEISSMAN 9416 Ave.A Marshal: Book Rep.: Hebrew Coach: BoosTers: SwiTchboard: Sec'y To Mr, Paige, Mr. Saphier. ACCOUNTANT The boys Think she's cuTe, The class Thinks she's greaT, To be a C.P.A. is her TaTe. ARLINE WELBER 229 E. 96 ST. "Tilden Topics": G.O. AIT.: Prom Rep.: DramaTic SocieTy: Medical Room Ass'T: Marshal: Sec'y To Mr. BresloTTg Tennis Club. FASHION DESIGNER PreTTy as a picTure and Oh, whaT a Trame. ELAINE WERTHER 4 E. 55 ST. ArisTa Coach: Marshal: Sec'y To Miss Haiblum, Miss Flannagan, SECRETARY Like a Tour-leaf clover-one in million. LILLY WEXLER 2262 STrauss ST. Flower Rep.: G.O. Rep.: Service Squad. SECRETARY Lilly is a girl we're proud To know, Her lisT of friend will grow and grow. THEODORE WEXLER 378 E. 96 ST. English and HisTory Book Rooms. LAWYER Work TascinaTes him-he can siT and look aT iT Tor hours. ELEANOR WICENTOWSKI 456 SchenecTady Ave. Board of Governors: Board of ExecuTives: "Topics" Cub and ReporTer: "Senior Classic" AdverTising STaTT: G.O. Rep.: G,O. Assoc.: HisTory Club: Bank Rep.: Locker Marshal: Class Pres.: Swimming Sec'y: Sec'y To Mrs. Alper, Miss Farley. PERSONNEL WORKER We know her preTTy well, And we Think she's preTTy swell. ELAINE WILNER l27 Remsen Ave. Biology Squad: Guidance RecepTionisT: Sec'y To Mrs. Singer. BACTERIOLOGIST Friendly, charming and so sweeT, JusT The girl you'd like To meeT. ARTHUR WINAKER 2290 STrauss ST. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION He's so-so in singing, he's good in Marshal: G-.O. Rep. dancing, BuT he raTes The besT in his romancing. MAXINE WINEGARD 947 Montgomery ST. Biology Squad: Marshal: ATTendance OTTice: French Club: Sec'y To Mrs. Crysfal. 777 Her laughTer, pep and Tun. Make her a Triend To everyone. SHERMAN WINNICK 2Il E. 59 ST. G.O. Rep.: Book Rep.: LaTe Squad: AT- Tendance Sec'y: Marshal. BUYER To be concise, He's very nice NESHA WITTEN 353 E. 53 ST. Senior Rep.: G.O. Rep.: AdverTising STaTf of "Senior Classic": Marshal: ArisTa Coach: ArisTa Mailing and Filing Comm.: Sec'y To Mr. STarTield, Mrs. Price, Mrs. Byrne, Mrs. GoldsTein, Mrs. Farley, Mr. Salkind. TEACHER ln+eIligenT and lofs oT Tun, Well liked loy everyone. BARBARA WITTMAN I9 Blake Ave. Senior Band: G.O. Rep.: Sec'y To Miss Unger: Guidance RecepTionisT. SECRETARY When iT comes To personaliTies To be specific, This gal has one ThaT's simply Terrific. GITA WOLOWITZ ll6 Riverdale Ave. 6.0. Rep.: 6ym and Cafeferia Marshal. SECRETARY Lovely fo look af, Sfill nicer fo know. HARRIET YOUNER 8I5 Linden Blvd. Scholarship Squad: Cuffing Squad: Pre- Official Office Squad for Mr. Zahn: Sec'y fo Mr. Krokow, Mrs, Cherniss, Mr. Schacfer, Mrs. Carolan: Oflicial Class Sec'y: Boosfers: Social Leaders: Pan- American Club, COLLEGE We hope she's successful and achieves her end: A sweef girl and a fine friend. IRMA ZARAHN 462 E. 52 Sl. Marshal: Rec. lo Mr. David: Sec'y fo Miss Edinburgh, Mrs. Juliber, Miss Low- enslein, Mrs. Crysfal, Mr. Meflis, Miss Koslovsky: 6.0. Rep.: 6.0. Alf.: Book Rep. SECRETARY lrma's a maiden, charming and sweef, As fine a girl as you'd care lo meef. HERBERT ZARIN 5554 Whiffy Lane Capf. of Marshals, BUTCHER A promising sludenf . . . Always promising fo do beffer. BESSIE ZECHNOWITZ 604 Empire Blvd. Program Comrn.: Program Office: Span- isr Office: Medical Room: Arisfa: Coach: Pan-American Club: Hisfory Sociely: Mafh Club: Sec'y fo Mr. Brodsky, Mrs. 6lixman. SOCIAL WORKER Like champagne, she sparkles. RAYMOND ZEITLER lO9O Easf New York Ave. Bike Squad. TELEVISION TECHNICIAN All of fhe virfues and none of The vices MARILYN ZEPLIN 568 E. 9I Sl. Sec'y fo Mr, Smallberg, Mrs. Lincoln. BUSINESS A sweef, charming girl we know if's frue, We wish lhaf fhere were more like you. ALVIN ZILUCK l53 E. 5I S+. Flower Rep.: Manager Tilden Baseball Team. DENTISTRY We predicf in a shorf fime, The ladder fo success he will cimb. DAVID ZIMMERMAN l95 E. 96 Sf. Scholarship Club: Senior Class Pres.: Mail Office: Cuffing 0ffice: 6.0. Rep. MEDICINE His fufure will show fhaf if always pays, To be pleasanf in manner and sincere in one's ways. TEDDY ZIMMERMAN 906 Easfern Pkway. Marshal: Secy fo Mr, Krugman: Hisfory Mimeograph Squad. UNDECIDED l-Iere's one fellow hard lo beaf, To know him is a greaf freal. BARBARA ZIPERN 644 E. 95 S+. 6.0. Alf.: 6.0. Rep.: Cafeferia Mar- shal: Secly fo Mrs. Hughes, Mr. Muras- kan. INTERIOR DECORATOR Full of vigor, full of zesf, A girl we class among The besf. ALBERT ZOLITKOFSKY 306 E. 52 S+. CHEMICAL ENGINEER Here is one fellow, never fear, Who will be fops as an engineer Marshal. ELAINE ZUCKER 662 Linden Blvd. Marshal: Capf., Cheering Squad: "Tilden Topics" Cub Reporfer: Sec'y fo Mr. Paley, Mr. Wiedman, Mr. Sobelman, Miss Dudowifch. BOOKKEEPER l'd like fo say l'm prelfy clever and full of pep, Buf fha? wouldn"r be quife fair, because l'm helping fhe Yearbook Rep. SANDRA ZUCKERMAN 47 Dumonl' Ave. Marshal: Book Rep.: Sec'y fo Dr. Ship, ley: Speakers' Bureau. CHILD PSYCHOLOGIST A sweel' maiden is she, Wilh plenfy of brains you shall see. ODED ZUCROW 466 Rockaway Pkway. Senior Rep.: V.P. of Hebrew Club. ELECTRICIAN Educafion and polifics are wonderful Sfulf Buf fhe four-year plan is quife enough! VERONICA ZURLO 923 E. 47 Sl. SECRETARY Many nearls lay a+ flue feel, Of fllis dark-haired lovely, prelfy and sweet ANNEVA ZUDICK II4 E. 89 S+. G.O. Rep.: 6.0, Alf.: Book Rep.: Bank Squad: Program Comm.: Sec'y lo Miss Unger, Miss Slaler, Mr. Kenner, Mr. Rosenbluflw, Mrs. Panzer. COLLEGE Anneva wifh her wisdom and knowledge, ls bound fo become a success in college. N M MORIAM If is wilh deep regrel lhal The SENIOR CLASSIC noles lhe passing of Mr. John Luxlon, a well-lilced member of lhe lacully, and Alan Ungerman, a popular senior. Mr. Luxlon, a member of lhe biology deparlmenl, had been wilh Tilden since ils opening in I93O. He gave unslinlingly of his lime and elilorls in order 'ro help Tildeniles in Jrhe capacily of adviser of 'rhe Book Room. l-lis sludenls received much more Jrhan Jrhe required course of sludy. as Mr, Luxlon had a deep and sincere love for his worlc. An avid reader and horlicul- Jrurisl, Mr. Luxlon will long be remembered by all Those who were forlunafe lo have in some way been associafed wilh him. Alan Ungerman, a well-liked member ol lhe senior class was bo+h a good scholar and an avid parficipanf in lhe ex'rra-cur- ricular acfivilies of +he school. Excelling in 'rhe fields ol Malhernalics and Science, Alan was always sfriving +o learn more. Alan enjoyed his school life and lherefore was a leader in lhe organizafions fo which he belonged. Alan Ungerman was a boy with high ideals and line characler and will sincerely be missed by all of his fellow Tildeniles. Samuel J. Tilden High School Alumni Association Jerry Cutler ............... Norman Weissman Donald Rosenthal ...... Howard Jacobs ...... Marilyn Mills ...... OFFICERS ,..........President ...............,..Viee-President .....,...,...Reeording Secretary .......Corresponding Secretary ..............,.Treasurer EXECUTIVE BOARD MEMBERS Elaine Sussman Diana Gewirtz Larry Rosenthal Arlyne Jacobson Martin Drayer Arthur Glasser Michael Donziger Jack Kramer Norman Sussman Sheldon Hershenhaus Helene Cohen Bernice Weill Charlotte Cook IN SERVICE Martin Leventhal Bernard Mazur Ira Danzig Bert Rosenhlum Lenny Rosen ALUMNI REVIEW Micheal Donziger ............................................. ........ I' lditor-in-Chief Mr. Frank Sehachter ..... ...... F aeulty Adviser Dlckens 2-7536 Authorized DuMont Dealer You are rorllially invited to Murray's Radio and Television Store 9520 CHURCH AVENUE Brooklyn, New York The Hnest in television and home appliances. Featuring all nationally known brands. Dickens 6-5856 Dlckens 2-3881 SUSSMAN'S DR' JACOB .BENSON For Finest Gifts and Dentlst Housewares 839 LINDEN BLVD. Cor. East 54th St. Brooklyn, New York 9511 CHURCH AVENUE bet. 95th and 96th Sts. Complete Selections of BEAUTIFUL ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS PR 2-1989 WHITE HOUSE CLEANERS and LAUNDERERS 938 UTICA AVENUE WIL-MAE SPORTSWEAR Infants' and Ladies' Wear 9525 CHURCH AVENUE Brooklyn, New York Bl'00k1yIl, New York HY 8-2044 HY 8-6540 HY 5-0400-0401 TREADEASY Brooklyn Store Shoe Shop 9418 CHURCH AVENUE Featuring Freeman Shoes for Men New Fashions in Dress and Sports Shoes for the TEEN-ACE Miss CHURCH AT UTICA AVEUNE Brooklyn, N. Y. AMERLING PIANO CO. Pianos of Distinction Distrilmtors for BALDWIN AMERLING Three Stores in Brooklyn BRIC-A-BRAC SHOP Gifts and Imports 1855 Strauss St., Cor. Pitkin Ave. 313 Utica Ave., near Eastern Parkway 1719 East 12 St., eor. Kings Highway Phone: Pllesident 2-0965 Montgomery Pharmacy 410 UTICA AVENUE and Montgomery Street Brooklyn, New York S. DUBNICK, Ph.C. We deliver everywhere CHARLES, The Florist 309 UTICA AVENUE bet. Union and President Sts. Brooklyn, New York Special Prices for the Prom HYacinth 8-0928 Teen Age Fashions Are Our Specialty WALDORF SHOE SHOP "Known for Better Shoesv 9408 CHURCH AVENUE Brooklyn 12, N. Y. Opp. W'aldorf Theatre JOE ZELEVANSKY Tel. Dlekens 6-0584 M. RICHMAN Expert Watch Repairing 9405 CHURCH AVENUE Brooklyn, New York DEALER IN FINE JEWELRY Next to Waldorf Theatre HYacinth 3-4792 ELSIE-FAE Ladies Sportswear 431 UTICA AVENUE Cor. Empire Blvd. BROOKLYN, NEW YORK Fine Sportswear Coats., Suits, Dresses Compliments of F ERNDALE FARMS Milk and Milk Products 2 l 9 LIBERTY AVENUE Brooklyn 7, New York Telephone: Dlckens 2-4800 WILL-ART PHOTO STUDIO OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS FOR THE TILDEN HIGH SCHOOL HCLASSICP 6215 - 13 AVENUE Brooklyn 4, N. Y. CBLUEBIRD STUDIOJ 1597 Pitkin Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. Union Studio CUPE Local 415, CIOD EASTERN PRESS, INC. PRINTERS AND PUBLISHERS 33 FLATBUSII AVENUE STOrIiIlg 3-0500 BRUUKLYN I7, N. Y. PRINTERS UF "TOPICS" and "CLASSICS" 1853 Tel. SLocum 6-1100 Fred Astaire Dance Studios 1110 EASTERN PARKWAY Above Dubrows Instruction for Children and Adults in all forms of dance. Best wishes to the Tilden graduates from DUBROWS Cafeteria and Retail Shops BROOKLYN MIAMI BEACH NEW YORK Visit Our FOUNTERIA 263 Utica Avenue, Brooklyn, New York f AU iiffxffflwm AWHS

Suggestions in the Tilden High School - Classic Yearbook (Brooklyn, NY) collection:

Tilden High School - Classic Yearbook (Brooklyn, NY) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


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Tilden High School - Classic Yearbook (Brooklyn, NY) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


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Tilden High School - Classic Yearbook (Brooklyn, NY) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


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