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x ,,, eg, , ff f '5 T m Q ' ' al" Ax, . 1, --.M 'E ' .'.w.'-af 5'-A-' V 1 "9 , , .H Wig ., Q' ' ffff . is ,wg W., ?Q fi 3 ?Ei iEEE Esawilk "KN, . R xi ' 3, V Aw. :fi Q 4 , Ma iv ' " . in 8 x . 4 ins' f , ,. ga, A:-'41 ,, .,-,N :. , . X 2 4 X 15 f ' 'y..' " v wil .- . v 3 'W-sfigiwii , ' fx ' , --. .K MK, ' , J 1. EF , . 1 ,, . ws Efi?V,.g wg, - .Nga Q .iwpv 9 r , As X ' ,m, , ' 4 ' Q vw'-'gy , guage fum "' 2 , 1-3 Mx, X, . K E., " fb, W X V , 6 f ff- E , f Q- 119- F3 5 ' X if I I .V ff,-if V J' 4 M ,r""kh A .711 4 Q: 5- -T ! f,,,...--. 7 X 6 mu A ,L I f HT? f fm if ' r1m 'f' FJ 1' f 2 L K J! if 1 LCS 1 iff! M ,ff- Q 1 5 f -:e f " AM-QQ, "+3"' M? , 1 4 gm ffwggj H4 gg Qin ,LL , fs' ff! vo f f -ull Vw .AM , . x Ll , K .. gf LSQM pf f If :L 'Tix . f "' I ,X X Lx Lxf URW Q Wil gc .ffl W 'M' wivxwig 1 K. I Y W iigbfa S, x if-LIIIHNQQ "" P , 14, V W 5'q1e?5xssli5n Q O f xx 'NX f , f v M1167 W1th cord1c1l esteem and deeply felt grcttltude we the class of Iune 1942 respectfully dedxccxte th1s Yearbook to Mr Seymour S Leif wl'ose spcrrklmg personahty sympatheuc under tand mg and inendly advlce has been cr contant source of lnsmratlon THE EDITORS 1 1 1 1 . . , A I S - 1 1 A . PRESENTATION OU leave T11den as the dark war clouds show a nft through whrch the hrst flash of hght may be seen Amenca IS g1rd1ng for v1ctory-a v1ctory you cmd yours w1ll enjoy The world has bled much and w1ll bleed sttll more before that vlctory comes But whatever the pnce lt w1ll be worth the sacnhces because I beheve 1t w1ll bnng vtctory-a vlctory of hope Hope for a better world w1th the m1htansts and totalxtanans crushed to destructlon It vnnll be a world 1n wluch all legltlmate asplrauons of people can be satrshed a world Wflth free access to raw matenals as tanff barners w1ll be beaten down a world of freedom and tolerance a creatlve world that w1ll ut1l1ze the talents of all for the common good Wlth the reahzatlon of that world w1ll come peace on earth and good w1ll toward mankmd You are pnvxleged to go forth both to wm that v1ctory and help us bu1ld that world May you succeed ABRAHAM LEFKOWITZ DEDICATION OMEONE once remarked H1SlOfY teaches that l'I1story teaches notlung Perhaps 1t was w1th th1s thought 111. mxnd that Iohn Mllton wrote mn h1s Paradlse Lost llzl ltlflllrf 1 Today almost 300 years after the words above were wntten men st1ll are bent on destroylng each other But even as Mlltons Parad1se Lost was followed by Parad1se Regamed so 1t seems to me th1s present war w1ll be followed by lastlng peace Earlxer confhcts were conf1ned to comparat1vely small S9Cl1Ol'lS of the world cmd the scalpel of war succeeded 1n slashmg away only parts of the cancerous growths of hatred greed and 1ntolerance But today many surgeons are wleldmg many scalpels over the ent1re anatomy of the globe and perhaps by some strange ano maly the malor operat1on w1ll save the world from 1ts most recent relapse lt IS for you young men and women who are about to take your place 1n soc1ety to ut1l1ze all your tra1n1ng your talents and your knowledge to the end that the patlent may stay permanently cured Good luck and Godspeed SEYMOUR S LEFT . . . . . . . . . 1 I . I . . 1 . 1 - 7 . . . . 1 . . . . . I . - . . tt . . I . n . . . . . . . . . ,, . ,,' . fl sfunm- lu mf-nl tfvrlf ruff: ffwrrf tfflrnm-ff fum tttrurmf fmfffs. mwu fmlx tlrsuqrtwf ffl trmllrnrws mlnmufr ffmmgfn umfvr fmp. flt fu-tnfwrlfx' unnfw, nuff fmff prmfmlmmy Iwm. lvl luv' nn fnulrwf. vlulmfv, mmf Nllllv ,lnmmg Ill'-rrnwlrws mmf ,ww :wwf ufus. Xlvuslivnq flu' wurtfn, muff nfftwl In rf.--lrfw .ls ll lrrftiffr miqfrl lmlmv ns fn mumll xfun fmt' mtl fwlfvsf: low- vrrmnuf: fwsufws, I tu tux mu mr 1 Hr tis tw rm mn um I I I . . . , . tt - H tt - - 1, - 1 I 1 . 1 , . 1 I I I I - 1 I 1 ZAMBITO . . ART STAFF Paul Seligumll .... . . . . Muriel Gilder Beverly Perber .... . . . . Steve Zqmbito Murray Stein . . . . . . . . Bernard Ollenclori Min Memes . . . . . . . . . Priscilla Late: JERRY STAFF Braunilein . Gertrude iloelolekf Selma Ioe Brand ..... . . . . . Gloria Serge Martha Kushner . . . . . . Paula Kellrxer Sara lah .... . 3591 MANAGING EDITOR EVELYN ZLOTN . . . . Arlene Ka ARIN- STAFF SECRET ' ld Roslyn Werdenie ' Boloker Eleam Elaine kusinl . . ' lalsbe ldelme G laaiana mama . htm'-m . . . Eleanor Fruc SPORTS EDITORS Lucille Budner . . . . Harold Silbennan BUSINESS AND ADVERTISING Blanche Malawi!! . . . Zachary Goldberg EDITOR IN 'TEBARY S TAFF... OR EDIT OR .... IE K1-XLLKC UM BKLL CRET P-RTAL ST AFT SE ii SPORTS EDXT ORS ART ST P-FY BU SINES S 6 ADVERTT STNG Davld Goldberg Socxal Drrector Olga Hmsburg Coordlnator Dora Menzes Yearbook Seymour S Leif Yearbook ACTIVITY ADVISERS Gertrude Montag Edward Gold Iules Kolodny Annette Klein SENIOR OFFICERS Herbert Rahmsky Presxdent Paula Kellner Vrce Pres1dent Irvmg Rcxhmsky Selma Mcxmber Treasurer Henrretta Colton Secretary Fneda Engelson Secretary N r . . . . . . Treasurer K if mf, , A - f . ,fffww -0 x!+':,M 1 gfkh 7 v F 'ff'-fi I A -,tg .3417 ,LV as ' Z' , a,,. '18, a ,M Qi .,f 4 jf .2 my 3 W iw- if Nz ., ' in K if t . 1 A , A 1' if ' f V 4,3 A, 1 1 'A I 2, . .cf ' 15, " M ,g S. X N' , s he Y' ' f , M - ' 15 A MY MM .4 "ge, 1-we ' f 1 'S ,fha ' f ' " 553 DX , A ,I tj, 'Wt I is A , .ww ,A ,K iii gf , jf E M My -Q Y Q f . , ., 11.45219 gg, W- ,Awf- P,--fffu 1' wwf V Q ' G' :cm -f M I WJQ X. W 4 , ff 'V Q- "- Nf. -40,0 - gf , 1g." yr. H, B4 Wagga .... - if M M? Jw ., . .,..w-' .e ' Q' .f an fav, 2 ,M 1 , 4 4k 'fjvk Q ' ' ifxsfrfkm ' ' fig 552 Q ' '15 sQ 'r ug W Q f 2 wifi? gre. L Q92 , W .ez f 1 - fb - if if is Q. , Q 75,5 3 , . Q . N wr. ffffffm A 'I' :ZEN ww' 'fig vw 4, A Jswxg. A ?'5if"9 :v 5 1 .D ,X fy, - SLM' , .- M P4 9 5-Aliyfffgf 3 - 'tw 5- gk in K an N, -x L- D, 4' as A I i 1 ,A Y' I n. 4 P C R .,. wi ,S N - 4 vnu 4 E Q S- 4 ,Ml x . R 5. A 1 Q . u W .wi Q . WB , JN .. -A .M . af 94 if-7 1 " ,, gf ,z7, SRX .Z 4 .,l"N f,n f f'A' ,,k,,,4,f R 1 at V Q h,k,: V Wm Y 2 J .Q 7 ,' Z, ye, U 4 W3 rl, 5 4, ' H v., A 1' 41- 'pia- A iv ,L ,f Af 4 ff A 'gm ., f.., , , 1. ,q,,. A ' -J X 2 . L , AM I YY 1 -'jA'Y A MZ 9 , 4 l R ffl , S s .. f Y Y v K Q --W. P 5 8 X ., A 31. .br ' , - J' 1 wi ,f A .5 N N , --cr 'ln 5 if "' iilix 'X S. Eisenberg F. Hamburg C. De Naro F. Goodman P. Rosentraub Elk BOTTOM ROW M. Putierman-Girl Leader Mr. Conrad I. Saphier-Senate I. Herskowitz-Boy Leader SECOND ROW S. Roslalsky A. Kanner F- I. Loshak E- Gilman B. Kallick THIRD ROW FOURTH ROW A. Guadagni H. Koltun E. Berson R. Berkowitz S. Katz R. Monoson A. Schwartz E. Haber R. Weidenfeld P. Kimmel B. Klein E. Boxbaum E. Mandel S. Rothberg E. Zlotnik E. Feinsilver H. Rahinsky G. Braunstein I. Brand S. Sadkin M. Peshkin Z. Reibman R M. Rosenzweig Leader T. Mamber C. Levine P. Kellner H. Gottesman M. Moskowitz F. Engelson SHIP . FIFTH ROW M. Tietelbaum I. Rahinsky B. Hoberman D. Siegal H. Korchin O. Albert M. Harkavy I Q SERVICE ...CHARACTER ANY and strong are the bonds of genuine friendship which have sprung up during the past four years between hundreds of members ot the Senior Class and the Counselors of the Guidance Department. Their job is to give educational, vocational and personality guidance, thereby serving to bring more closely together the home, the school, potential employers and institutions of higher learning. As graduates we realize the counselors have given needed ad- vice, inlormation and counsel to the pupils, parents, and all who sought their aid. On behalf of the Senior Class may we offer our sincere and heartfelt thanks to Miss Olga Hingsburg, George E. Dobren, Mrs. Ann Sloane, Miss Florence Siegal, Mr. Samuel Glass, Miss Katherine Reif, Mr. Lieberman, Miss Mary Campbell, and Miss Margaret Pomerantz. , And, while we are about it, let us H offer our appreciation to Mr. Thomas if H. Readyoff, in charge of the Scholar- ship Office, for his effective handling of such matters as scholarships, tran- scripts of records, interviews, etc. VVe would like to voice our gratitude to the Principal, the administrative assistants, the teachers, clerks and all those who in any way, large or small helped to make our stay at this fine old school a happy and always-to-be- remembered occasion. THE EDITORS 5 N i . f ' v"' 'Y ff -fr 1 2 my all if X Q , bfi if 51 2 iw, Nw if B ' . 43,1 ,.... W, ,AS -1'ig4" Q 'Qk .I QM QCNJJ if 8 rf N--L. 'Z 4-f JL! 5 d to have sllent fhcker type mov 5 IGSQL-QI d1 ever cg, lt e of those old fash1oned mov1es yn cf-penny e9 M elment was 1erky and ka1e1doscop1c there to be sure but the scenes Jumped spasmod1cally 'Nag ryherej to and back aga1n ...A At llhs moment as we Sll down and reflect upon the past four years 'lf there IS conjured up for us m some lofty eyry of our mlnds eye 1ust such a mental mov1e Let us plerce the m1sty f11cker1ngs and try to put down on paper a word plcture of our thoughts just as they pass U1 YGVIGW The fnendshxps we made whlch we hope w11l go on ad mfmltum the tr1v1a1 welcome nonsense of Bob Hope Red Skelton Fred Allen et al the pnde we felt when the Dodgers blasted thexr way to the pennant the lmpatlence w1th wh1ch we walted for those Monday mommg locker room clambakes where we could exaggerate last Saturday n1ghts 1IlS1g1'11 frcant date 1nto a terr1f1c romantlc escapade the per1ods we cut 1n order to cut a rug to Benny Goodmans swlngeroo at the Paramount the many extra currlcular actxv1t1es whlch offered us so many hours of pleasure the sparklrng personahtles of Mrs Dycke Dr Levme and others the t1m1d half fearful unsure glances we gave when as freshxes we tr1ed to affect a worldly countenance the thr1l11ng sensatlon that ra1sed goose p1mples on our arms and necks as we fxrst heard the T1lden orchestra the not so thr11hng sensatlons that accompan1ed French con ,f V ' r .g, S 5 , . . . Q 5 -Y ,H 1 '- A 1 ,,1 'i':2l,fQ:A J-",. ' . 'QR 1-2 'ff ' ' jfs ' 'X , 1 --1 'J' g Q " ' 1 .1 . ,, .1 11 11 , s . A 1+ Ip - KN N is f Q. I' ,f s ,4 ,1 1, 'lf' , , Ag .-" ' l . x ' -X ' as 4 A ., . 1. V I A f u M, l ' A 9 ' ! f I 4, ' .R ' x 3 - 1 . ' 3 , ff K I , ,A A 5, I Wx I V K "' 1' - 'I J , 1 , ., l . it 5 , I - l"l. X. ' s , . '- ' V , .X-'13 v,, ' . 1 ' ,, - " Q, -5' My f , L I ' -522 A Q, I. x J .5?f1-v,, Y F ' N, I wr' I . , l if , . ,, 1 X , 1 M fl 'F I ' Ck . e 3' A -' ' . - . - ' '- ' - H - n - 11 '- , W r , , N, .N - A - S - 1 . t , 1 . ,. . Q , 1 Q 1 . . . . fi. ' t V CCI . . ' f -1 - ' 1 . I 1' C A 1 1 , l I I l ,V ' "' Y' 1 X 1 I 4 W' ' . . . . 1 1 . . . . I . . . . . I I I 1 1 1 1 . 1 . . I I . . . . . . . 1 . . . . .1 11 . . . . . . 1 . 1 n 11 1 1 . . 1 I I I I I I l I I I I - ' I - I I - I . I I I . . . I I I - - . . . . - Jugatlons Englxsh precls Geometrlc proposmons Economlcs book reports ec the xndescnbale home l1ke atmosphere of the Annex cheer mg madly for the Blue and Gray the solace afforded by the Lxbrary where we could read mldst a deathllke sllence day dreams shattered l1ke a glass tumbler crashmg on the bathroom floor as a sudden per1od bell Jangled our nervous system boltlng out of classes at the end of the day l1ke shafts of greased l1ghtnmg addlng our voxces to the cacophanous sounds ln the corrxdors roundmg comers on two wheels brakes screechmg but throttle w1de flymg down UP sta1rways answer1ng the Marshalls pleas to slow up by an even greater burst of speed spymg an empty seat m the lunchroom only to hear the IIISVI table It s reserved Jealously admmng those ambrdextrous gourmands who could wave to a frlend apply l1pSllCk massacre a pretzel with mus tard and copy the next penods homework all at the same tlme repentmg for sms w1th a couple of penods of le1sure 1n the detenhon room slouched stooped ly1ng sprawllng seml consclous hgures ldlmg away a forty mmute study per1od the Bank umque m that rt was the only place we ever saw that was a comb1nat1on subway stat1on barga1n center lunchroom closet rushmg to and walklng from the Gu1dance Ofhce those terrlbly frank Arthur Studros pmctures those tormentmg Tuesday Seruor Mus1c sesslons where 800 Semors weekly made the Hound of the Baskerv1lles sound l1ke a chlrpmg canary SGDIOI dues whlch left us wxth empty pockets the contxnual contr1but1ons whlch threatened to leave us wlthout pockets Dr Schwartzs fascmatlng mental vagarxes Mr Dobrens dynamrc lnterpretatlons of Amencan Hlstory M1ss Natkms charmmg sense of humor dunng Economrcs Mrs Novells h1str1on1cs through wh1ch lt was posslble to measure the quallty of our compos1t1ons Mr Goldbergs erud1t1ons at Pan Amencan club meetmgs Mr Kolodnys fetlsh for book reports Mrs Stems sens1t1v1ty 1m bu1ng us w1th the proper feelmg for good wr1t1ng Mr Hales smcere and fervent lectures on Amencamsm Mr Lefis frantxc but futlle at tempts to get copy and art work hnrshed on t1me Dr Crawfords seemlngly sharp and austere extenor penodlcally breaklng down to reveal a true warmth Mr Golds movmg rend1t1on of Poetry and Prose Mr Salkmds facet1ous mtroductlons of G O candrdates the cool dignity of Mr Saphrer the Ansta office where petty blckermgs were carrred on 1n a hmgher plane M1ss McKelv1e smglng the prcnses of the Classmcs 1n that ep1tome of academrc calm the Latm offlce Mr Benovs weak I dont hke lt folks drowned out by the cnes for byhnes and the rushmg at deadlmes and h1d1ng from outraged faculty and students after each pubhcatlon Today Iune 22 1942 or today Iune 22 1952 whenever you may be readmg thxs book surely you w1ll s1t back as we have been doxng for the past hour and allow your m1nd to revel ln the luxury of a pleasant and never to be forgotten past EVELYN ZLOTNIK PAULA and L1terary Staff C, 1 1 1 1 f.... - - 111 11 1 1 111 1 111 111 111 1 1 1 1 1111 1 1 111 111 - 1 111 1 ' 111 11 1 11 1 1 111 1 1 1 ' 11 1 1 1 111 I-I 1 1 1 1 ' ' 111 1 ' 111 111 111 111 1 111 1 1 1 1 1 1 111 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 111 1 111 11 1 1 1 1 111 1 1 11 1 11 1 1 111 1 ' 1 1 11 11. 1 111 1 111 1 1 ' 1 1 1 11 1 1 111 1 1 1 1 1 1 111 1 ' 11 1 1 111 1 1 1 11 111 1 111 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 111 1 111 1 111 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 T 111 1 u 1- 1 11 - - 1 1 1 1 1 I 11 1 111 1 1 1 1 1 1' 1 .-- - 1 Y 1 J 32 V:g,Qj,W1ga fi? .Q , 359' V ff if ,A ' if 5' . f 'K 5 NK 5 . A -x, 7 K 3. I 5 ', V' L.-,.-" M' QQ . f : 35,2 r ff s , y ' I A X . 2, M 94 Jfbx 5 1-+ I A ' f ' .. , 1' I' 1 g w fl- X-1 In ' - ' I 7 V . 'Y . 'V ' ' j ' Y , 'K I! , bij 4 LW? V ' gr . ' 'fr y , 1- v l5,pwi. k iv , Q ,M ' K . , fwm,,4...f?:"'-M.. f ' -1 ' nf wif' at .V ' A jd- 5 ,M W , f wr fl f qw' M f jg, 1' 7 1 ,Q gf Q? 5 . y Q.,.,ff E -A W - 211' ' ' ' J . I .' .2 . 6 4 4 ,7 ' r i 'f W' Ziff. U A. ' Yewwspf ,, ' ' " . . W x f . vf-1'ffw.4vv .-- f Q xv -K W V sg gyggx.. I QW., .A N . , T if M ' Lf.'25'7 gjvw-" f K f if ff , 2 N : ifxff' '41 5' 8 W 9 i'Qigb H3 'Q 1 - gf' ,. .. 3-1-V vt: , W? V 2 3,7 I 'fb ' 5' ,Mis , ' ff t 1 a , ff g if , I ,.- Lv g f V, A .5 1 wikis tina: N""bN-..l AQ. -my , U . MV, f x ws -1 I 1 EQ. I , za S ia pr Y j X ,A . K 1, Q, QMMQ ff, f Auf J wb fi New at1on Iust wus flavor and We hereby resolve to get neat notebook w1th all no p commg up at 630 am eat make u t home and walk lelsurely to school Ioe Brand sexzes the opporturuty to explam never shaved exther Southem Cahfomla conference We defmrtely decxde and become famous surgeons even lf we have to plan wrth folks thls evenmg conference Well we ll probably be among the best mn the country Rushed home to tell folks of new plan all my fnends are gomg to Brooklyn too 30-Somethlng new has been added And 1ts not leap year Mar Elaine Kusms puts Tllden on the map Iohn Powers puts Kusms map 1n the subways Norman Kaplan decldes to run for Handsomest Pnscllla Lates decldes to run for Norman Kaplan Celebnty Hop All semors runmng for Celebntfes are mtroduced as the three semors who are not runmng applaud meekly Report cards tomorrow Well the hrst thxrd marks dont mean anythmg anyway But Mr Kolodny what rf the book HAD only 15 pages Its a book report Apr Todays Assembly was marvelous APRIL FOOL! Red Letter Day Rlclue Bernstem does h1s b1t by commg to school wmth bloodshot eyes What no Prom! My dear Mr Kolodny please gxve me my deposlt back. 29 We re ALL dxsgusted Kolodny you better cough up that dough May l Harry Iames at Paramount Half of early sesslon students de velops bad colds 8 Brooklyn Dodgers play doubleheader at Ebbets Freld Problem A , ' . av to . ' on - . ' . l 11- I I I ' I I 5- ' . 6- . . . ' 20- . - . . . . . I 24- I I . . . 25- . . . ' . ' . 1- ' . 17- I I . . . . . . . 20- . . , ' ' Une of overcrowded classes solved. Dr. Lefkowitz protests excessive absence. When last seen he was still pro- testing from in back of the Brooklyn dugout. ll-Sugar rationing cards issued. Paula Kellner reports they are a flop. She dropped one in her coffee this moming but it didnt make it a bit sweet 15-Second th1rd ends Well its the final mark that counts anyway Mr Benov fires Evelyn Zlotmck fwhat aga1n'J from the staff Toplcs shows definite improvement Prom to be held at Moe s Bmgo Parlor Gowns bought on approval retumed and Frledmans has a run on slacks Blackout tonlght B1ll1e Kallick bemoans the fact she forgot all about makmg a date aaa fbma 'f Gas rationing starts Now N1ck GuldlCe has an add1 tional reason for parking his lalopy patr1ot1sm Dave Gerber echoes these sentiments saying We ve all got to do our part Faculty Student baseball games a huge success The salvage collected included newspapers books t1n cans and a varied assortment of decrepit faculty members who thought they were baseball players The Yearbook will positively be publlshed on Iune 22 The Yearbook staff meets at Bellevue psychiatrlc ward to dummy the book Everything holdlng up Yearbook Whats holding up staff? , , G Jcjj qijyl .rl .rw xr 'f l1J? I I I K 17- . ' ' ' . 19- ' ' . . I J' li 24- ' . ' ' ' ,TQ '5 J R9 O O l U 26- . . I . . . .- 27- ' . 'B L X i ' . . 4 I 1- . . . . I U, 8- . . 10- ' ' . ' ' . 12- ' - - . fi 15-Staff members. including Mr. Leff, Miss Menzes, and HN EA g . -. - . . . Z9 , I, it 'r,Q . ' . - ' ' f ' t C lil vigil ' - . U i U ' 1 I' kgs? g ' : - I. . D i . - . 62 if . 1 ' VEQ 1 1 . . I M T21 Yearbook may be ready for early Christmas dellvery Editor 111 Ch1ef Zambito make reservations on the China Clxpper 1519 Regents Week The cooperative movement makes a tremendous stride at Sammy I 22-So we graduate But what about our resolutlons Well a 67 X average IS passmg And we really meant to stay home week nlghts but could we help it 1f we were popular and our notebook ah yes that n1ce neat notebook It looks llke a corned beef sandwlch with the meat hanging over the sides And we d1d 5 et up at 6 30 the first tlme But a five mmute nap resulted ln the clocks rushlng around to 740 and a tabulation shows we knocked over the postman 47 txmes dashmg out of the house to get to the girls room early enough to f1nd mirror space so we could put on our make up Graduatlon Day And so we leave Watson the crying towel please 24 BILLIE KALLICK kj KL, LY HAROLD SIILBERMAN 1 ef , f H31 M 14,5 ,L I 'ZX og' O GB 6 Q 11 ,409 f oo 1'9Qa'o ,l ,M 37, M 'ww vf 7 -451 1' l fa ,, Q ,f X f' 4, 4' . M4 'rs i 1.- . ownl YR A mais' I 5 Y G Musa 50" be 2 I uv' "f 'P . W. . N snxru GILMQN E G 11 Drqmuhst '? A ki V H-jg . goornnswffi A ' - cum Phogoqfdvm' A ,x , 1 rf' Moi! Versatile Boy N--nz. pd-A J .lf STANLEY EIS Y x ,. X- Boy Muni ur Q M ' ax nn ,A WC? Yovqxdf 5 1 Q A 'Ao' Q- BERNARD HOBERMAN ' Boy Politician 8 , Q JMR?-X as 1 IULIUS KAUFMAN -1 A Did Most . T". L' 1 --:s, N ' , I . -'ig . M H 12 . . nn 1? X . v ' ' ' Gm NNW' ,,,,,, . V I Tl V - 1 - 54 f., 1 K T . x 4 '- SLATSIE KLEINER Most Cheerful Boy 'la ffiifv ESTHER GREENBERG .. IOE CARIELLO .. RUTH POTESH PEARL GREENFIELD NAYER GOLDFARB ELEANOR STARR AL GROGIN . Most Popular Girl .. C Miss Tilden Mr. Tilden Best Dressed Girl Class Chatterbox .. Best Boy Dancer , ,. Class Vamp Class Sculptor ,rf ff 1,-A X.. wwf fifl.. Bow Spnfvii a lump in the da 1938. o th Two oisture in my throat . . . there's m ' ' my heart as I look there's a pam in ys no more: days that have that are part ot my lite. the swimming u iirst year in 'l'ilden- on by r meets, and wound up the seas 'l holder to earn the the P. S. A. L. tit e- . ' In 1942. we e unoiiicial city champs. ' ' Levine, and Silberman. trio. Dennis. i the team, was the tirst to break a h. tCaptain o m the 50 yard back-stroke das P. S. A. L. City Back- contencler tor the ' d Silberman were Title.l Levine an d 200 yard records, re- the 100 an t'rne remained as their main obstacles. the roots only 1 Cornpain and Wachholcler. were the frame oi the team. SOL SHAPIRO 1 K vx xi? X is fum Q XQQ Ja F-- ,,,.-. ..a.- pts! A V ,w""" 'U F 5' v-4 FI Z9 U! fy I if SENIOR FOOTBALL pin SWIMMIN G TEAM NICK GUIDICE IOE CARIELLO DAVID GERBER M, ar -,...f , ,Q , . Q QW FIELD SQUAD ...... . . . . . FOOTBALL TEAM HANDBALL TEAM ..... . . . . .BOOSTER SQUAD Our handball team, under the capable coaching of Mr. Saltz, entered upon another season with three victories to clinch the Division II title. Starting the season with two veterans, Sonny Kozupsky and Ionas Dennes, Coach Saltz molded the hardest hitting outiit in New York City. Opening the season against Madison, the Wallmen blasted out a 4-1 victory. After that Laiayette came--and went. They mauled Manual to complete the triangle. The Wallmen, with a remarkable record of City Championships in three years, were very optimistic about the future. Boys High was all that separated them from the Brooklyn Championship. And Boys High did just that, coming from behind to snatch the victory by a single point. They took the rubber game. 21-20. Remember way back in November. '39 when Nick Guidice, assisted by Futercmsky and Gene Korba, was burning up the gridiron. In the last game of the season against Iefierson, Nick intercepted a pass on our 20 rf" yard line and ran 80 yards to a 13-7 victory. In 1941, Mr. Rodinis, with a crew of young and untrained warriors, attempted to keep up the standards of our athletic records. However, the inexperienced team had a difficult season against older and more experienced opponents. Gerald Lennen and Morty Barron, co-captains of that team, left behind an excellent account of themselves. As a beginner, the Rodinismen tied a highly-favored Boys High team, sparked by the co-captain, Gerald Lennen. who intercepted tive passes. Supremacy in the air gave New Dorp a 13-7 triumph. Irritated over its losses, the team came back to defeat Lafayette, 19-0, and tied Tech, but then bowed to St. Iohn's. The closing game of the season against Ietierson proved to be an exciting but discouraging defeat. One team, which Tildenites can always look back upon with an air of satisfaction because of their achievements, is the baseball team. To enumerate their victories, more than one page would be necessary. Those who share the bright lights of the 1942 season are Bob Towse, Ioe Carriello, Harold Wasserman, Fred Axelband and Ed. Lasker. I would say that Tilden athletes, in general, and the sportsmen of the class of Iune 1942, in particular, can boast ol a record of which anyone could be proud. HAL SILBERMAN MSW .... LUCILLE BUDNER leaving Alma Mater singing praises to her name . . as we sing these praises. memories ot happy hours Tilden go through our minds. Some will think ot others may think oi tavorite teachers: and still others, periods, but tor a tew. thoughts are ot those pleasant times had in the gym. on the athletic tielcl and splashing around in the pool. Evelyn Zittrer will have thoughts ot P. S. A. L. swimming pins and Basketball num-erals. ior in her tour years at Tilden she has acquired a large collection. Pearl Hiller. girl athlete, will think oi her gym suit and all the ditterent colored numerals she has sewed on it. Sophie Licht will think oi a baseball diamond and home- runs and strike-outs. Betty Kleila's thoughts will turn. to Badminton. as she won much tame keeping the "shuttle-cock" up over the net Iuclith Abrahams and Mariorie Konklin will have thoughts oi Basket- ball ancl Handball and the hoarse throats that the shouting gave them. Badminton, Volleyball. Swimming. Tennis, Basketball and Base- ball-that's what these girls and many more will think ot as "they ame." raises to her n sing p U-A sort-uf. ucr-rr svsixrl zmm-an PE ABL HILLER BETTY KLE BA VO SKETBAL .SWIMMI LLEYBAI LU CILLE BUDNER rom tlme 1mmemor1al fthey tell mel It has been the custom for the r III Ch1ef to wnte some ph1losoph1cal gem 1n presentmg the Senlors 1n rbook Frankly I have rarely rndulged m the luxury of ph1losoph1cal hat s not my lme But even 1f I dxd never 1n my l1fe d1d I feel less e phl sophlzmg than I do at thls part1cular moment For today IS Sunday yes th1s copy IS very very latel and Regents beg1n tomorrow ffdawlfffif lt o o you wonder that I am completely at a loss for words surrounded asl am by HISIOIY rev1ew books Engl1sh volumes and such What shall I say? Shall I cry out aga1r1st the cold cruel world we are about to enter? Shall I call down the wrath of the Gods upon d1c tators totahtanarusm fasclsm commumsm and the hke'-' Shall I use honeyed words and softly sugar coat t.l1e future? In short shall I do ex actly the same tlung as so many have done before me? No! I shall not do that' And anyway how could I wnte on such a plateau when I see before me Englxsh regents queshons l1ke Wr1te a 300 word composxtzon on A Black Cat or A Sunday at the Beach or Culture m Amenca Lets see How would I answer that queshon on Culture 1n ARIBIICGQ Wheres my H1story book? M mmm! U huh' Why yes! FIISI I could say that Amenca has come a long way smce those 13 l1ttle colon1es declared the1r mdependence almost 166 years ago Then I could pomt out that 1t IS becomlng more and more ev1dent that our dependence upon European thought and culture IS lessemng almost to the pomt of non ex1stence We are beguunng to do our own work 1n art plulosophy lrterature and scxence Only begrnmng of course for we are young and we have not yet learned to walk ent1rely w1thout the asslstance of our European ancestry But 1f we sometnnes fmd 1t dlthcult to advance qu1ckly enough and we are some t1mes d1scouraged w1th our own superf1c1al1ty our prov1nc1al1sm our nar rowness and our b1gotry our rmmature mtolerance and our llmld vlolence agamst mnovatlon and expenment let us remember that England needed some 800 years between her foundatron and her Shakespeare and that France needed as many years between her ioundatxon and her Montangne We have not had suff1c1ent t1me to brmg forth a truly nat1ve lxterature and a mature phalosophy and art But we have expended all our energ1es 1n clearmg our great forests tappmg the wealth of our so1l and bu1ld1ng up our tremendous mdustr1es . , l I I I ne , , , , . I I ' I - . , - . , , . . - , , - ' . . . . , . I ' ll I C II . . . ' ' ' 1 1 . ' a I I I ' n , - I 1 ' I ' 1 . . . . , . . . . Yes, we have become wealthy and m every c try where centuries of physical effort have acc! lated the means for luxury and leisure culture followed as naturally as vegetation grows in a and fertile soil. usually have grown. Perhaps the disorder we fe our souls today is no more than growing pam more intense because of the rapidity of our dev. ment. But soon our maturity will come our n will catch up with our bodies, our culture with , . gn e No doubt we have grown faster than nd s- possessions. Perhaps there are greater souls Shakespeare s, greater minds than Plato s and artists than Rembrandt, waiting to be bom Whe have leamed to reverence Liberty as well as w we too shall have our Renaissance There! I guess that takes care of the que Now, what was I saying about writing somethmt this Yearbook? Oh yes, a bit of an editorials w it? Well, I won't have time for that now I mus t back to my studying. Before concluding, however, I would like t press my heartfelt thanks and sincere appreciatxc all those who helped us to produce this bool Faculty Advisers Miss Menzes and Mr Leif fo those days and nights, and Saturdays and Sun df W they spent with us in planning Kusins, who did a splendid iob Evelyn Zlotnick. without whose have had even more trouble: to handled the Secretarial work so neatly to Sara who took care of Literary matters to Paula Ke Mildred Feldman, Eleanor Fruchtrnan Rosalyn denfeld, all the other members of the staff the book representatives. and to all those we cannot tion because of lack of space-Thanks And now, with your kind permission may opportunity, on behalf of the entire staff to EDITH ABRAHAMS 1841 Sterling Pl. Bank Repg Sr. Dues Rep., Marshg Sec. Mr. Salzman. BOOKKEEPER With such looks, Why keep books? IUDITH ABRAHAMS 1162 St. Iohn's Pl. Bank Rep.g G. O. Rep.g Booster Sq.g Sec. Messrs. Dubnau, Ay- man, Pomerantz. DEFENSE WORK May there be more like you to help defend our liberties. SOLOMON ABRAHAMS 768 Linden Blvd Marsh Pan Amer C1 io UNDECIDED What care we if bookworms get 1nd1gest1on7 ARTHUR ABRAMOWITZ 1323 Lincoln Pl Lib Sq Glee Cl Marsh Baseball Sq BIG LEAGUE BASEBALL Iust what the Dodgers need to mak them come out on 101001 DON ABRAMOWITZ 2 E 95 St Supv Marsh Football Track Teams Capt Cut Detent Sq Supply Sq Tilden MC MECHANICAL ENGINEER What more could one ask lor? Good looks brains and lots of un MARCIA ABRAMS E 9 Bank Man Swtbd Op Glee SECRETARY Between school her nails and Ioe she keeps pretty busy SYLVIA ADELMAN Rinl- fn.: Q r ABE ADLER 1734 President St. Football Teamg Sec, H, Ed. Off. I CIVIL SERVICE A minute man! One minute to target his assignment. OSCAR ALBERT 1001 Eastern Pkwy. Aristag Sec. of Hist. Cl.g Pres. Photog. C14 Marsh. DIPLOMATIC CORPS He's plenty diplomatic now. ADELINE ALBERTS 586 Midwood St STENOGRAPHER Addy is cute and quite petite ln fact she s very very swee IANET R ALENICK E 9 Sten Ger Offs Marsh Civ Def Rep Sec Miss Doyal First Aid CIVIL SERVICE Bu Miss G the second bell didnt ring yet ANGELINA ALESSIO 457 Chester St Yr Bk Rep Sec Messrs D1 lellis Tarr Samuels Ital Cl Mimeo Sq STENOGRAPHER Lovely and tall A pal to all IOHN ANIENTA 425 Hawthorne S Newman ltal Cl Marsh ACCOUNTANT Hes a regular teller They dont come sweller EDITH ANDERSON E 4 O RA HER ing mai take tie HELENE ANDREWS ARNOLD ANI-'ANG 2256 Strauss St Sec Mr Turner Bank Rep Baseball Team BIG LEAGUE BASEBALL Hes good ln sports and a good sport too KATHERINE ANTHONY 20 E 63 St Glee CI Sec Mr Clark PRIVATE SECRETARY Shell make good lust walt and see DOMINICK ANTONUCCI E 3 Swmg Sr Band Marsh MUSICIAN Musrc hath charms he ad mlts CYNTHIA APPELBAUM 1666 Presxdent St Orch MUSICIAN Someday shell stop tune and tlde Her French horn always by her slde SOPHIA APRANICH 556 Bristol St Sec Mr Yates, Bank Rep, Sr Dues Treas, Newman Cl SECRETARY Artlst, dancer slnger, Sophle IS a humdlnger DANIEL ASCHER 29 Hampton Pl COURT REPORTER He must be tn the secret servxce, He's a man of mystery to us f:,.- an C' HAZEL ASTON 973 S al! w C I RAI rl -t STANLEY ASTOR 24 E 49 St Marsh Pan Amer Cl DOCTOR One very fxt to 1o1n the ranks ot men 1n whxte EDWARD AUERBACH 344 E 98 St Def Pan Amer Cl Marsh Gym Capt CHEMIST He has a good formula al ready Hard Work FRED AXELBAND 34 E 92 St Baseball Team Booster Fxeld Txcket Sq Lt Marsh Sec Messrs Solomon Glnsberg PHYSICAL TRAINING TEACHER For boys or gurls Fredd1e7 Now lets not get nosey bub SHIRLEY AZROLEN 292 Amboy St Sr Orch Sec Messrs M ronda Welshout Dr Levme Mrss Fulton Bank Rep Cut SECRETARY Wxth wxsdom charm and ready wlt, Sh1rley's bound to make a hxt ROSALYN G BABICH 143 E 92 St Booster Sq, G O Rep, Bank Clerk, Swtbd Op CIVIL SERVICE Lovely to look at, Delxahtlul to know JAY BACHRACH 675 Lmden Blvd FITST A1d, Capt Baseball Team '41, Book Cl Rep, Marsh, Cxv Def Cl MINING ENGINEER Lxke hxgh test gcxsolme, ab solutely knock proof MARTIN BADER 38 E 96 St Marsh Ir Emer Del Base ball Team Lxb Sq Sculp Cl MACHINIST Iack of all trades SHIRLEY BAER 676 Saratoga Ave Sec Mrs Hughes Dr Levine Mrs Stem Booster Sq Pub Comm Glee Cl MODEL Blonde ha1r and blue eyes a combinatton of perfection MORTON BAHR 1077 Ho kmson Ave Baseball Team Gym Capt PHYSICAL TRAINING TEACHER A swell fellow HELEN BANDEL 520 Ave I RECEPTIONIST Neat sweet and petlte A nicer girl youll never meet GERARD BANER 172 Utica Ave Swlrn Sq Sec Mr Stambler Badminton Handball Track Intramurals Gym Capt UNITED STATES AIR CORPS Up in the air He has not a care' ARNETT chen I Ave e . l.- .' -' Vice-Pres. . .' S ., Pan-Amer. Clubs. DIETICIAN Full of pep and vitality Plus a pleasing personality. AARON BARONOFSKY . E, 9 ci .a.:h4 ar1fAr:er. 5 Mi- HISTORY PROFESSOR lfature ni' ie 3 ,ahouli Ifot .oo kai 3:11 not iii 713271 I 3' IERRY BARSHOV E 49th Sec Mr ZQ"1'l Ma sh UNDECIDED Ealth tnats as well sara if I had said it rnyse I SELMA BASHOI-'F 5629 Kings l-Iway De Cl STENOGRAPHER A girl IS known by the lence she keeps DORIS BATKIN 70 Rockaway Pkwy Glee Cl SINGER Deanna Durbin has nothing on herlll NATALEE BEEBER 26u8 Albemarle Rd Switch Op Cut Sq Marsh CIVIL SERVICE From head to toe shes nice to know AGNES BELL 1680 Troy Ave Tennis Badmt Greek Clubs Sec Mlss Keely SOCIAL SECRETARY Beauty and wisdom rarely combined WILLIAM BELLARD 1489 E. 55 St. Gym Capt. POLICEMAN Hell have to shake a leg from now on. CECILE BENIAMIN E 4 . G. O. vIar.1E1- H3-EIC -Ap M E-IR'SSMIKER I Abvlackwliairj A V In IERRY BERG X NAOMI BERG 677 Ralph Ave Late Oil Cut I-llst Lab Sq Hlst C1v Def Clubs Top1cs UNDECIDED Eyes sweetly tender and wxse W1th1n more than lntelhgence tes BLANCHE E BERGER 2007 Umon St Sec Mr Clark Mrs Papke MISS Mlller Marsh Spa Cl BUYER M1nds her own bu51ness Goes her own way ALVIN BERKE 5807 Snyder Ave VETERINARIAN Dont go to the dogs too fast Alvm RUTH BERKOWITZ 681 Crown St ATISIQ Prog Comm Recep Guld Off Marsh Sec MISS Nathan Mr Schwarzbach M Pasner INTERIOR DECORATOR IA 1n Scholarshlp SSYVICS and Personallty SALLY BERKOWITZ 995 Clarkson Ave Sec Prac Supv, Marsh, Swltch Op, Sec Mr Iaffe SECRETARY Sally IS so very sweet A f1ner glrl youll never meet SYLVIA BERKOWITZ 681 Crown St Prog Comm, Yr Bk Rep Marsh Press Badmt, Basket ball, Hxst, Danc, Voll Ball Cl Sec M1ss Montalbano, Topxcs IOURNALIST If shes r1ght sae ll wrtte CLAIRE BERMAN IUDITH BERMAN 2106 Strauss St Gen Off Def Cl Rep MUSEUM WORKER Always exactlng ID her work MILDRED BERMAN 10414 Tapscott St Bank Rep Volley Ball Pan Amer Cl SECRETARY Mlldred has charm to soothe the savage beast-or any body else RUTH BERMAN 428 E 46 St Cheerlng Booster Sq Dance Pub Comm Spa Off Marsh Cash Handball Dance C1 SOCIAL WORKER She put the v1ta1 1n v1tal1ty SHIRLEY BEBMAN l730 Carroll St Sr Dues Trecls G O Rep Swlrn Pan Am Cl Bank Clerk INTERPRETER Vltalmty Plus HARRIETTE BERNFELD 4 E 95 St Marsh, Sec Mxss Koslovsky, Mrs Blakely, Gym Sq Leader TEACHER Its n1ce to be natural when you re naturally nlce STANLEY BERNFELD 1371 E 49 St Prom Comm, Topics, Camera, I'I15t Cl DOCTOR Such a nice Doctor' BERNARD BERNSTEIN 675 Lmden Bvd Mlmeo Nature Sq Sec R1fle Team ELECTRICAL ENGINEER A man cannot spend all hxs lxfe ln frollc FRIEDA BERNSTEIN 1245 Eastern Pkwy Nurse Atd Home Nurs Cl Sec Mrs Lmcoln NURSE Calhng Dr Kxldare MILDRED BERNSTEIN 285 E 9 St Sec M Seldman Booster Sq Marsh L1br Sq Prog Comm Mam Off Asst G O Rep NURSE A swell person RICHARD BERNSTEIN 170 Hawthorne S UNDECIDED Marshall Class comed1ar1'? ELAINE BERZON 83 Rxverdale Ave Arlsta Cut Sq Heb Cl Sec Mr Meyers Mlss Chesa now CIVIL SERVICE WORKER Helpful and pleasantly so AL BEYTIN 2 E 96 St Football Basketball Teams Mat. Eeild Sq: Marsh. EXECUTIVE When he asked his teachers for marks they whispered sweet nothings. DOROTHY BIANCO 5-10 8 QC. rr. LIIRLTIV I ,'lfC..1TAl?' gk-'A CIlE.'fiTf1Cl'I 53' i,:f1f-.' 434 'C' bi QT' SHIRLEY BIEDER 1140 St Iohns Pl BOOKKEEPER My how busy she must have been WILLIAM BIENENFELD 313 Troy Ave PI-IARMACIST We wouldnt trade a mllhon For a guy hke W1l1lQm ABE BIENER 717 Emplre Blvd G O Rep ARMY AIR CORPS A muslcal man' ESTHER BIKELNITSKY 1200 East New York Ave Cl Day Rep Sec Mr Horo WIIZ Baseball Vol Bl Cl STENOGRAPHER Very musxcall Always smgmg about a new hmm LENA BISCOTTI 8801 Flatlands Ave Prog Comm Cut Sq Sec Mr Berlm Mr Becker Bas ketball Cl CIVIL SERVICE Her blg brown eyes hypno 1ze ELEANOR BLACKER 5802 Beverly Rd, Bank Clerk. BUSINESS We won't forget to remember -Eleanor. IEAN BLANK 14" f-1' 'J . QC aww' mr Fr. SYLVIA BLANK fl: ' Fil' 7. QfffClt1I'1'f'-.h'r' Yf 1 r 5 Nuff' fl ,I ' ". . J DANIEL BLASENSTEIN 1098 Eastern Pkwy. Ir. Band, Class Day Rep. TEACHER A gentleman makes no noise, MARTHA BLATT 2285 Strauss St. First Aid, Lab. Asst., Sec. Mrs. Rossin, Home Nurs. Cl. SECRETARY Martha is a right, good scout, It doesn't take long to find that out. LAURA BLOCK 1521 Sterling Pl. Swtbd. Op., Sec. Mr. O'Shea, Mr. Brodsky, Pan4Amer., Danc. Cl., Radio Guild. PRIVATE SECRETARY Friendly with a shyness that only adds to her charm. BERNICE BLOOM 783 Linden Blvd. Glee, Swim. Cl. STAGE ACTRESS She's got footlight blues. SYLVIA BLOOM 381 Rockaway Pkwy. Bank Auditor, Marsh., Book Rep., Nurse Aid, Home Nurs. Cl., Sec. Mrs. Lincoln. SECRETARY Like a rare orchid in a field of daisies. DOROTHY BLUM 509 E. 91 St. Marsh., Sec. Mr. Max, Dr. Levine, Miss Natkin, Swtbd. SECRETARY Charming and sweet, A combination hard to beat, 1'-v WX fl, '36 EDWARD BLUMENTHAL fl E 96 Lf5Ay.'2-,.,- tiles,-, 't,,,. 11, li3'f.r.z 1'-.5 CLE' Def Cl, ..,..,T..... ELAINE BOLOKER 216 Rochester Ave. Sec. Dir. Sr. Classic, Topics, Yellow Lanterns, G. O., Def. Stamp Rep., Leaders, Basket- ball Cl., Sec. Misses Steele, Edinbourgh, Messrs. Max, laf- le, Left, Prom Comm. COMPTOMETRIST Knows what's cookin' 'cause she got a finger in every pot. GERTRUDE BOTNICK 469 E. 98 St. Glee, Volley Ball Cl., Marsh., Sec. Miss Stein, Pgt., Yellow Lanterns. SECRETARY Vivacious, witty, charming, pretty. EDWIN D. BOXBAUM 69 E. 94 St. Pres. G. O. Annex, Arista, Marsh., Sec. Miss Nathan, Mr. Zahn. DENTAL TECHNICIAN Full of vigor, full of zest, We list Eddie among the best. HARRIET BOYCE 343 E. 59 St. Sr. Off., Marsh., New., First Aid Clubs. NURSE Harriet is cheerful and al- ways gay, A model nurse she will por- tray. IRENE BRAFF 712 Crown St. Marsh., Sec. Mr. Weishart, Cur. Ev. C1. PHOTOGRAPHERS' MODEL If faces were fortunes, Irene would be a millionaire. IOSEF BRAND 274 E. 52 St. Ed.-in-Chief Topics, Sr. Classic, Sec. Guid. Off., Arista, Marsh. IOURNALIST Clever and full of wit. LILA BHANDT 1216 E. 45 St. Bank Clerkg Marshg Sec. Mr. Epstein, Miss Weinstein, Pan- Amer,, Tennis, Heb., Civ. Defx First Aid Clubs. SECRETARY The epitome of grace and sweetness. 1 STANFORD BRANDT 1587 Carroll St. Gym Sec.g Bank Repg Ere., Lit. Clubs. ARCHITECT He plans to plan for a living. HELEN BRASNER 658 Crown St. Sec. Miss Nathan, Mr. Star- field, Mr. Meyersg Pan-Amer., Pre., Basketball, Volley Ball C1 Marsh SPANISH TEACHER Helen is a lovely creature Ought to make a wonderful teacher ROBERT BRASS 712 Crown St Gym Capt Cl Mimeo Hist O Sq G O ep VETERINARIAN His name is Brass but hes as good as gold GERTRUDE BRAUNSTEIN 317 Troy Ave Arista Topics Yr Bk Rep S Classic Prog Comm Marsh Sec Mrs Rossm Mr Brodsky Mr Paley Mrs Son nenblum A SUCCESS Proof that personality and brams can be merged suc cessfully MARGARET BRAXL 27 E 43 St New C1 Swim Cl SECRETARY If silence were golden shed be worth a million ROSE BRECHER 16 O Cl Axe fr 3 P ANNA BRENNAN 1184 Troy Ave. Marsh.g Badmt., Baseball Cl. POLICEWOMAN Our future Sherlock Holmes. GILBERT BRESLER 1162 East New York Ave. Stage, Pub. Sq.g Marshg G. O. Rep. ENGINEER The "style" man. FLORENCE BRICK E 49 Sec Mrs Gamaldi Mrs Sei den Marsh Swtbd Op COSMETICIAN Vivacious and sagacious ROBERT BRODY 4 E 95 t BUSINESS Success is sure to find him WALTER BUCHBINDER 1613 Prospect P1 Sec Mr Solomon Mr Turner Baseball Team Gym Capt Capt Booster Sq POLICEMAN A trttmg candidate for one of the fmest IULIUS BUCHWALD 290 Grafton St Prom Com Mem Dram Soc Pres I-list Cl SOCIAL WORKER 1-Ie asks not for ment but he merits much NINA BUDAY E 02 F111 fx QICI11' TARY LUCILLE BUDNI-:R I ' 'IQ 'N' 'sf V I. . Sep, Pi Yr Ek 'far' lvlC1T.'fLgST Off 591' 15:12 fix. flu' Cjiiit' :s.... f'--..p. T, A' Ng- pina "aww C -. S SV., 1.1-' . T Em'-:r'.'QI. P ' l.'.'fYER M. , . . yo gvr- -iq V , Tilclenr, :lie gflflllllfffl LILLIAN BUNIN 9806 Foster Ave. Guid. Offg Sec. Miss Segal. STENOGRAPI-IER Like Chesterfields, she satis- fies. ELAINE BURKE 185 Hegeman Ave, Bank Clerkg Rec. Off.g Hand- ball, Pan-Amer., Civ. Def. Cl.g Sec. Mr. Tarr. SOCIAL WORKER Few goals are higher. HERBERT BURSTOCK 103 Remsen Ave. AERONAUTICAL ENGINEER Ambitious fellow - he'1l go high. ARTHUR BUSELL 961 Eastern Pkwy. Marshall. SALESMAN Very reliable during examin- ationsg he whispers very dis- tinctly. ROSE BUTLER 350 Lefferts Ave. Class Day, Soc., Bank Rep.g Pan4Amer. Cl. PRIVATE SECRETARY The personality kid with mis- chief in her merry blue eyes. EDYTHE CANCELLERI 173 Schenectady Ave. Sec. Mrs. Sorinenblum, Miss O'Leary. STENOGRAPI-IER She surely won't stop Till she reaches the top. MARGARET CAREY 42: F 53 St 3 .O Rep, Ek Rep, New' Cl: Er, Dues Rep SUFQIC STFffCSRAf31-IER . ,L H., 5, ..-wr ,N- .,a.,, u. ,cm co... .H il-.fs . mlpwg IOSEPH CARIELLO 1570 E. 96 St. Football, Baseball Teamsg Sec. Messrs. Rodinis, Ginsberg, Solomon. POLICEMAN I-1e's always running-after a baseball and away from wo- men. LAWRENCE CARRUS 258 E. 55 St. Book Cl. Staffg Football Tm.g Longfellowsg Sec. Messrs. Lon- don, Kottman, Tarr, Fainsbert, Turner, Gruber. PUBLICITY He gets around-doesn't he? IACQUELINE CATALANELLO 4711 Clarendon Rd. New., Badmt. Cl. BIOLOGY TEACHER Iackie behind a teacher's desk would cause crowded classes. GLORIA CESARIO 962 E. 48 St. Glee Cl., Newman Cl., Marsh. UNDECIDED A little dark girl who bright- ens many corners. HELEN CHAIT 529 Rockaway Pkwy. Marshg Fr. Off.g Sec. Mr. Ep- steing Volley Ball Cl. BUSINESS A friend indeed. EDITH CHALEVSKY 1222 St. Iohn's Pl. Sec. Mrs. Wasserman, Miss O'Connor, Mr. Liebermang Marshg Home Nurs. C1.g Glee Cl. DENTAL I-IYGIENIST Short and sweet She can't be beat. ELEANORE CHANCER 521 E. S3 St. Sec. Messrs. Browdy, Tarr, Mrs. Benimowitzg Prog. Com.g G. O. Go-Getterg Pub. Com.g G. O. Rep.: Swim Cl. HEALTH ED TEACHER She is charming, she is sweet, But more than that, she's an athlete. HILDA CHANDLER 314 E. 46 St. STENOGRAPHER How can you knock a girl so charming? HELEN CHAPNICK 905 Saratoga Ave Sr Ott Ltb Class Day Rep Sec Messrs Plaro Schacter Mxss Montag Gen Off VOCALIST To watch her dance lS a treat BARBARA CHAVIS F' RR Sec Mrs Farley Swtm Danc Cl Marsh SECRETARY A sweet face a cheerful votce For a lovely person shes our chozce ESTELLE CHERLIN E 59 Clv Def Rep Sec Messrs Zamore Stambler Schwartz SECRETARY As lovely as she looks BEATRICE CHERNIN 1921 Hegeman Ave Glee Voll Ball Swlm Cl Lxb Sq Sec Mrs Young UNDECIDED Shell get by BERNICE CHORNEY K O Sl CRETARY Y tal' 1 'iw HQ but VICTOR CLARK 355 ll St. Sr. Orch.p Sr. Band. UNITED STATES NAVY U. S. Navy Band. AARON COHEN 377 Legion St. Orch.g Bio. Sq.g Sec. Mr, Shel- lins. BUSINESS In a business way, He'll do O. K. AARON COHEN 5017 Beverly Rd Man Swxm Tm Ltb S Marsh Bk Rep G O Rep UNITED STATES NAVY He wants to see the world ARLENE COHEN 807 Lenox Rd Lt Marsh Soctal Rep Boos ter Sq ran hill Tennts UNDECIDED Charmmg vxvtd to the nth degree A radtant allurmg person allty COLEMAN COHEN 1312 St ohns P Heb Camera Cl SCIENTIST Even though a l1ttle shy Coleman ts a real swell guy IRVING COHEN E 93 ACCOUNTANT Hell be able to hle h1s own mcome tax MADELINE COHEN l2 F tc 4 Je MURIEL COHEN MARIORIE CONKLIN Mar 1 Cal ri llrn G SEYMOUR COHEN 45 Tennis Ct Sec Prac Off Marsh Sec Mr Saphier BUSINESS A future shorthand reporter well bet SHIRLEY COHEN 701 Ave C Eco Cl Sec Miss Davis BOOKKEEPER The answer to a teachers prayer Handles things with the great est care STANLEY W COHN E 35 Lt Marsh Longfellow Cl Gym Sec DENTIST Hes 6 feet tall and every inch a man FRED COLUMBO 945 Albany Ave Marsh New Ital Cl SALESMAN His charming manners will hold him in good stead as a salesman ERNEST COMPAIN 242 E. 52 St. Swim. Teamg Glee Cl.g Life Guardg Sr. Bandg Badminton Medal. EXPORTER A gentleman and a scholar, CATHERINE CONKLIN 1523 E. 56 St. Newman Cl. TYPIST Her nice personality and friendly hellos Will win her friends wherever she goes. 'B Ov Q EDNA COOPER 5710 Ave D First Aid Club NURSE She goes along in her quiet way A fine nurse shell be some aay IULIET COOPER E 94 Bank Rep Ir Treas Marsh Sec Miss Hasluck Mrs Fer nino Mr Meyer Dr Craw ord ENGLISH TEACHER Shell be their reason for coming to school RICHARD COOPER 5042 Klngs Hwy Sr Band Marsh Gym Capt MUSICIAN Tschaikowsky beware When Dick musses his hair' ROBERT COOPER E 5 Football Sq Marsh Sr Band MERCHANT MARINE Hasnt much to say But hes well liked anyway NATHAN COOPERMAN 441 Rockaway Plcwy. Marsh.g Sec. Mr. Krockow, Miss Kanney. ACCOUNTANT Don't mix your assets with your liabilities. YOLANDA CUILLO 1555 E. 54 St. Marshq New., Civ. Def. Cl. PHOTOGRAPHERS MODEL Completely charming. BERNIE CUTLER 491 E. 94 St. Pan-Amer., Spa. Cl.g Marsh. BUSINESS Mark this man well For he will excell. DOROTHY DANOWITZ 93l6 Ave. M Marshg Book Rep. BOOKKEEPER Our memories will ever be Of Tilden and of Dotty IEAN DE GIOIA 684 Ralph Ave Volley Ball Handball Tour nament Leaders Cl DEFENSE WORKER Cupid may draw the arrows But leans draws the beaux ADELINE DEL PELLIGRINO E 9 Bo C' Re Miss Fulton TRANSLATOR She has the face of an angel But theres the devil in her eyes ROBERT DEMBOWITZ 879 Lenox Rd Marsh Fenc Cl AIR CORPS Hes going to n1p the Nip ponese' SARA DEMBOWITZ 586 Osborn St Sec Messrs Miller Iaffe Kirk Miss Seidman Mrs Smith Eng Oli IOURNALIST A very fine girl she seems to be And shell make good lust wait and see CONCETTA DENARO E 52 ta r ic Ma Rep 1 lxex Cn anon Lat Oli TEACHER Y ROBERT LEE DENIS 645 Linden Blvd. Capt. Swim. Teamg Booster Sqg Hist. Cl. MILLIONAIRE It's no use, girls, You can't catch him. IONAS DENIS 947 Montgomery St. Handball Teamg Sec. Mr. Sol- omon Mr. Rochlin- Marsh. SALESMAN Tilden is a school of actors. I-le's one ot the characters RHODA I DEPOLLIER IOS E 56 St Marsh Sec Miss Fulton Miss Delenay Baseball Math Hist B1 Cl NURSE A swell girl and athlete oo Tilden needs more like you ANTHONY DEVITO 3318 Ave K Late Sq Marsh Book Rep METEOROLOGIST Hell reach the heights SARA S DICHTER 1067 Hopkinson Ave O Oll G O Rep ut Sq Marsh Sec Mrs Miller Mr Miller Mrs Papke Mrs Ianice SECRETARY Sunnie fits her to a A brighter girl youll never see ANTHONY L DIMANGO 9 E 47 St Booster Field Sq Marsh Italian Cl DOCTOR Hes the kind of fellow whos everybody s friend IRENE DOLKIN I '75 Da A it ANN DORAHUSI-I MICKEY M DORF 76 E 45 St Sec Messrs Goldstem Torr Mtller Stambler Mxmeo Sq Swtbd SECRETARY Looktng at M1clcey IS not waste For shes always dressed good taste LEO DORN 29 E 92 St AVIATOR Not concert tts self apprecta IIOD ROBERT DOWNING 4906 Clarendon DOCTOR He dld 1t the hard way MARTHA G DREXLER 8 E 42 t Sec Mr Stambler Handball Cl Swtbd SECRETARY T1ldens loss w1ll be her boss gam SHIRLEY DUBIN 68l Howard Ave Leaders, Voll Ball Cl, Marsh, Sec Mrs Beck SINGER Shell show Lxly Pons an oc tave or two IRMA DUDOWICH 791 E 52 St Marsh, Tenms Cl, Sec Mtss Newman Messrs Brodsky Muraslun UNDECIDED N10 career rn vtew? Ttmes a wastm ' IERRY DUPLER BERNICE DZALDOWSKY E 98 Lt Marsh Pan Amer Cl Sec Mrs Llncoln SALESPERSON In everythmg she does well but ln sellmg she does excell SYDELL EDELMAN 47 E 93 St Prog Com Bk Rep G O Alt Marsh Pan Amer Bad mt Tenms Glee Cl Sec Mrs Stemhardt Mr Schwartz M Meyer Mr Starnbler INTERPRETOR Cheers for Mtss Edelman FRANK EDELSTEIN 287 Remsen Ave Marsh L1b Sq MACHINIST Work fascmates htm could Sll and watch It or hours GEORGE EDLIN 879 Lenox DENTIST Remember George drtlltng teeth ts bortng ERNESTINE EDWAB 159 E 96 St G O Soc Rep, Sec Mr Setdman, Leaders Cl P T TEACHER Htgh test gasoltne knock proof FRIEDA EGILINSKY llll Clarxson Ave Sec Mlss Mohan Mr Iaffe, Mrs Dllle Mrs Rossrn BOOKKEEPER II you want a favor, lust ask Frleda I SHIRLEY Marshall. A sweet. SAMUEL Sec. Mr. Hist. Off. Sq. EGLAS' 639 Eastern Pkwy. TEACHER lovable Miss, M. EHRENHALT 2l2 Kingston Ave. Browdyg Hist. Soap Bk. Cl. Rep.g Mimeo. SOCIAL WORKER Time for laughter, time for fun, But never leaves his work undone. PEARL EI-IRLICH E 9 Swtbd Sec Mrs Horowitz Bank Clerk COSTUME DESIGNER As precious as her name Shell rise t well earned fame NORMAN EIGER 541 Hopkinson Ave Mimeo Sq Marsh Pan Am RADIO TECHNICIAN His name is carved on every seat in the detention room GEORGE EININGER 1556 Carroll Sr Camera Cl Marsh BUSINESS Half a m1ll1on will do CLAIRE EINLEGER 602 Ho kmson Ave P Marsh Pan Amer Cl Hist Acct Off STENOGRAPHER She comes from stock that is preferred SELMA EISENBERG D SPA ISH STE O RAPHER J Il fl7f'P4!Z" ADELE EISENSTADT 2279 Strauss St. Sec. Miss Fulton, Mrs. Ber- rnang Cut. Sq, SECRETARY A fine secretary for someone. IRVING EISENSTADT 6ll E. 95 St. Lt. Marshg Pub. Comm.g Fenc. Cl.g G. O. Rep. MACHINIST From our experience we found he couldn't even start a stall- ed car. STANLEY EISENSTAT l224 Pacific St Sr Band Swing Band MUSICIAN I wish theyd give m permanent late pass FRANCINE ELK 4.50 Bristol St Arista G O Rep Book Cl Sec Mr Bresloff Help Sq Eco Forum RADIO ACTING Television wont hurt her NORMAN EMMERMAN 476 Herzl St Capt Marsh Gym Sec Sq Lieut CIVIL SERVICE Normans swell as neat as a pm The best dressed title h ought to wtn FRIEDA ENGELSON 947 Montgomery St Arista Sr Sec Marsh Prog Comm Sec Mr Levenson Spa Cl Prom Pub Comm Class Day Rep Supv Sec Prac SECRETARY Blonde sweet with charm galore DORIS ENNIS 4 'Sv l 889 . l St. "" I .5 . . A 5 'M' , V - ' ' ' O . ' " '. ' ' e a i . lt? . - . .. lie f - I A CI' , . , ,, 1 . 1 . 9 Q . . I, St, ' I . .7 . ' 5 . ' e S ' 5 . .5 .7 . ' -4.. " , ' ' I . ,ii 559 Crown St A Arista lJar:E1g 31: Sz- Se: ,. 5- Tvfr.: Hughes, Mr. I.e'.'en.f3n g ' IZI7 R-entre: Ave. M? MGYEY- ' ltfarsh' Effl Rep Gen Off- S ' T17 elf G ' . Q PafketE.a.l S2-Jitti Cl SfWf.l,'I1 Sion: 7322.673 are 1 I Q'ffflECffSEf turf- e 'jiciallll' -:ie 1121- .7-.215 1' ' Taref-f .ff 7 fain' HARLEAN ENTLICH 1 BERNARD EPSTEIN 257 Herzl St Pu Comm G O ep Marsh BIOLOGICAL RESEARCH Hes perfect-ask hxm EDITH FAGIN 32 E 94 St Chlef Supv Sec Prac Prog Comm Acc Ott Swtbd Op Sec Mr Bresloff Mrs Beck BOOKKEEPER A parcel of v1m vrgor and VIIQIIIY HILDA FASS 4 E 54 t Recep Gu1d Off SECRETARY As merry as the day xs long BERNARD I-'EDER 121 Parksxde Ave Art Sq Arc Staff COMMERCIAL ARTIST Petty cant beat hlml II-low mcely we treat htm PEGGY FEDER 15 Church Ave Chlef Man Bank, Pan Amer Cl, Ltb Sq, Book Cl Rep, Vol Ball Team, Mr Abelsons Oli MEDICINE A versatlle Mlss RHODA FEERMAN 740 Empire Blvd Topxcs, G O Rep, G O Store, Guxd Ott, Hxst Cl, Marsh, Sec Mr Becker, Mrs Shaplro, Mxss Nathan IOURNALIST Its mce to be natural, when you're naturally mce 5 K IANET FEIGER Til SAUI. FEINBERG E 53 Sec Mr Goldberg Marsh G O Rep Book Pan Amer ARCHITECT T1s better to let others talk GERTRUDE FELD 322 Rockaway Pkwy SECRETARY Always quiet never wxld Never saw a glrl so m11d CLARA FELDBERG 91 Rlverdale Ave Sec Messrs Max Brodsky co Off G O Book Rep Pan Amer Cl MUSIC TEACHER And If 1snt doughrarne that she wants MILDRED I-'ELDMAN I5 E 57 St Sec Sr Classtc Man Bank Prog Comm G O Off Sec Messrs Levenson Leif Mlss OConnor Supv Sec Prac BUSINESS Shes such a cute mxss, To boost her IS just bllss BEVERLY FERBER 830 E 46 St Mang Bank, Art Staff Yr Bk Bank, Book Cl Rep, O11 Palnt, Sketch, Book, Swlm Cl, Ir Tr, Cut Sq UNDECIDED Always workmg never shtrk mg, Along her path success IS lurklng ANTHONY I FERRIGNO 867 Schenectady Ave Baseball Team, Marsh, Fleld Sq, It C1 DOCTOR A grand guy ESTELLE I-'INESILVER 762 Crown St Ar1sta Prog Comm Class Day Rep Sec Mrs Hughes Volley Ball Law Basketball Clubs BALLERINA She should be one of the cleverest dancers on the stage SIDNEY FINGERET 129 Rockaway Pkwy Radxo Cl G O Rep Top P A bee goes after honey S1dney goes after money IRWIN I. FIRSCHEIN l41 E 46 St Nature Sq BIO Pan Amer Cl G O Rep Sr Band TROPICAL EXPLORER Hes a rxght guy MARTHA FISCHER 627 Lmden Blvd Sec MISS Steele Mrs Dlller Mrs Carabona MISS Modan Sec Prac Ott Sr Dues Tr G O Rep PRIVATE SECRETARY She has lots and lots ol woe Try1ng to collect the Sen1ors dough BENIAMIN FISCHLER 2214 Strauss St Glee Club Pan Amer Club Mall Squad Pageant ENGINEER All I ask IS to be left alone MARTIN FISHER 5701 T1lden Ave Ir Sr Band G O Rep MUSICIAN MUSIC IS to F1sher as water IS to a sh EDYTHE FISHMAN 668 l-lopmnson A e pan Ott G O e Pan Amer Cl Sec Me r Starlreld Kolodney INTERPRIRTER Slll1DllCllY 1 hard to beat 1en 1t found IT G1 x eet MAY FISCHMAN 78 E 52 St Bank Clerk Sec Mlss Edin burgh Sec Prac OH STENOGRAPHER It IS YIICG to be natural When you are naturally nice GILBERT FISHMAN 1603 Lmcoln Pl Marsh Stage Sq H1st Cl CIVIL SERVICE Hes pretty swell HERMAN FLEISHMAN E 91 Fenc Football Teams Marsh Book Class Day Rep DOCTOR Hes a hreman at heart Hears the bell and runs FLORENCE FORIN 917 Stone Ave Glee C1 Cate Marsh Bank Rep Sec Mlss Sexdman SECRETARY L1ke sugar sweet and re fzned BLANCHE FORMAN 8911 Glenwood Rd Sec Messrs Levenson Berlm Span Pan Amer H1st Cl RECEPTIONIST A gal wnh v1ta11ty and pleas mg personahty PHIL FORMAN 1101 Hopkmson Ave Symphony Band Dance Band STENOGRAPHER A mus1ca1 stenographer MAX FOX 909 Saratoaa Axe 1 I P MaY1 a keen 11 name RITA FOX 9 If HENRY FRANK E 5 Dance Bro Cl Marsh G O Rep CIVIL SERVICE I om quret at tlmesl MURIEL FRANKEL 923 Utrca Ave Sec Mlss Segal Mlss Htngs burg G O Rep Swrm Ten ms Cl SECRETARY Iust set her to muslc and watch her go MILTON FREED 5024 Snyder Ave UNDECIDED Lazy lazy lazy' ALVIN FREEDMAN B81 Wmthrop St Mxmeo Sq POLICEMAN A httmg candrdate for one of the best IRENE FRIEDLAND 289 E 94 St Oil Cl Sec, Ltb, Recept, Book Rep, Sec Prac Ott, Sec Mrss Talesmck, Mxss Un ger BOOKKEEPER 'Bookkeeper does not mean a collector of books IRWHW FRIEDLAND 588 E. 93 St. Aristag Prog. Comm., Math., Pan-Amer., Hist, Clg Marsh., Science, Mimeo. Sq. ELECTRICAL ENGINEER With brains at a premium, He could corner the market. 48 1' Q I"'1".' I 4, SHIRLEY FRIEDMAN MARILYN FRIEDMAN 426 Rockaway Pkwy Sr Orch Sec Mrs Lrpsenthal Krrnsky Bank Rep Sec Tl Annex SECRETARY An all around good secretary IEANNETTE FRIEDMAN E 91 Sec Mr Gold Marsn STENOGRAPHER Calrn ana collected A charmmg semor HARRIET FRIEDMAN 1775 Unlon Marsh Class Sec Glee Cl VOCALIST The golden notes her throat erntts can st1r the coldest heart HAROLD FRIEDMAN l78 Rockaway Pkwy Art Acrohatrc Sq IINTERPRETER The srgnal corps could use h1rn EVELYN FRIEDMAN l04O Carroll St Sec Sten Ofl, Span, Del, Hxst Cl, Sec Messrs Salz man, Samuels Mlss Serdman SPANISH STENOGRAPHER A sure cure for the sugar shortage MOLLY FRIEDLAND l636 Park Pl. Valley Ball Law, Bus. Prac. Cl. STENOGRAPHER So, so qulet, ELEANOR FRUCHTMAN 256 Leg1on St Sr Classtc Bank Rep S Dues Treas Sec Messrs Dob ren Baltor Letf Stelnberg Sec Prac Supv Help Sq Prog Comm Swtbd COURT STENOGRAPHER As efflctent as she IS quxet LILLIAN FUCHS 1245 St Iohns Pl Sec M Mendonca M1ss Doyle Pan Amer Cl Eng SECRETARY Wltty clever frtendly and sweet A combrnatlon you seldom meet MIRIAM FUCHS E Marsh Sec M1ss Flanagan Mrs Lrncoln MISS Gershewltz Tenn1s Sw1m Leaders Bas ketball Volley Ball Clubs P T TEACHER No wonder the fellows want to exchange P T teachersl NORMA FUCHS 2255 Strauss St Tenn1s Cl Cut Sq Swtbd UNDECIDED Smrlmg cheerful always de pendable Nothlng about her thats not commendable LEAH GADOFSKY 820 Montgomery St G O Rep Lt Marsh Hand ball Cl Sec Mr Zahn LABORATORY TECHNICIAN Leah has an answer for ev eryth1ng IACQUELINE GALLINS 1321 St Iohns Pl Sec Mrs Shaplro G O Rep Marsh Crv Def Cl CIVIL SERVICE She knows what she wants MORTON GALOWITZ '. , All .12 Q ITIIIE ' ff:':-'- 371 3 'e 3635. WILLIAM GAMSU 1552 Prestdent St Marsh Pan Amer Cl MEDICINE Hts lease tn Trlden expxres thts term GLORIA GANSROW 823 Saratoga Ave Sec Messrs Greene Becker Marsh Glee Fre Cl STENOGRAPHER To be sure Shes sweet and demure RENE M GARRICK 433 Rockaway Pkwy C1v Def Volley Ball Clubs Marsh Bank Rep SOCIAL WORKER In her qu1etness there charm SARAH GAZZANIGO 28 Pr ston Ct Newman Cl Sec Prac Off SECRETARY Shes a dandy we declare The answer to an employers prayer DOROTHY L GEARY 6214 Ave T Newman Tenn1s Cl Sec Messrs Krrk Paley M1ss Mayer Marsh Nurse Ald STENOGRAPI-IER A pleasant glrl a good pal Wed call her a swell gal HAROLD GELFAND E 51 Marsh Sr Dues Treas Heb Cl Sec M1ss Grand ENGINEERING Semor dues gave h1m the blues HARRIET H. GELLIS 5 t 4 ni- H nfilpall Clg Mant, MUSICIAII "1.'2r:'2 1' rilfl-?iif-5 in lift SHIRLEY GENTCHER E O M3 SOCIAL WORKER al C1a l"1U ANGELINA GERAMITA E 84 Sec MISSGS M1ller Unger Mrs Bernstem Messrs Salzman Kolodny Marsh SECRETARY Sugar and SplC9 and every th1ng ntce thats Angle DAVID GERBER 4621 Foster Ave Football Team Sec Mr Yates Gym Sec Marsh TOQICS IOURNALISM Tall handsome and debonau' The answer to a ma1dens prayer MARVIN GERZOG E 8 M1meo Ltb Sq Book Cl T1mes Rep ACCOUNTANT l'v'arv1n wants to add Is that good? Or bad? ETHEI. GETNICK 865 Hopklnson Ave Sec Mrs Pansy Mrs Selden Cut Sq Gen Ott PRIVATE SECRETARY Her pleasmg ways Merxt our pralse TOM GIGIAKOS 1170 E 87 St ACCOUNTANT He IS O K on the hgures DAVID GILLMAN 328 E 54 St Marshall UNDECIDED Good natured and qulet ,N 'N EDITH GILMAN 39 E 96 St re ra"1 Cl A 1 a aa1 Cl C a Day ep roa C I1 1 1 Sq M Zlfllf' B ett Y B LAWYER A IGYIUI a Of know: W a tre too vhose lar' w11l grow HELENE GINSBERG 1231 Lmcoln P1 Tenn Badmt Cl Sec Mr Kmtel Mrs Tapper MISS Un ger Pageant DIETICIAN Hmmmml She cooks too' SHIRLEY GINSBERG 788 Howard Ave Booster Sq Sec MISS Swee ney SECRETARY A laugh a chat a gay retort Our Shlrley IS a good sport EDNA GITLIN Typ Cl 1231 Lmcoln Pl SECRETARY If noxse was the tashxon Edna would be out of style IACK GLASER 336 E 52 St Marsh Football Sq TECHNICIAN Lets not be too techmcal BLANCHE GLASS 399 Amboy St Lt Marsh, Bank Clerk, Pub Comm, Handball, Fr Clubs CIVIL SERVICE She'll be as efhcnent as the best ADELINB GLASSBEBG 1680 Ocean Ave Radio Cl, Swtbd, Sr Clos src, Yr Bk Rep, Prog Comm, Sec Mlss Hmgsburg, Mrs Rossxn, Messrs Leif, Bresloff. RADIO ACTRESS Full of v1m, vxgor, and vltahty, All xn all, a swell personahty. KENNETH GLASSER 9324 Ave. L Vice-Pres. Camera Cl.g Gym Capt.g Photog. Yr. Bk. DENTIST They told him you needed "pull" to get ahead. VIVIAN GLAZER 170 Tapscott St. Cam., Tennis, Press Clubsg Marshg Sec. Prac. Supv. STENOGRAPHER One "glazer" who never gives you a "pain." ROSALIND GLICK 247 Schnectady Ave Tilden Topics Recept Guid NURSE Twould be a pleasure to be tended by one so fair BERNARD GLICKERMAN 1409 St Iohns Marsh Hist Cur Event Cl LAWYER An unusual lad he came to school to learn STANLEY GLICKERMAN 725 Eastern Pkwy DOCTOR H1 doc' RUTH GOLD 4 E 94 t Booster Sq Tennis Handball C1 Sec Mrs Lipsenthal SECRETARY She s tall with gorgeous eyes She s the type to idolize DIANE GOLDBERG l EVELYN GOLDBERG l677 President St. Marsh. Lib, Sq.g Book Cl. Repg Press Clg Sec, Miss OBrien, BUSINESS As still as the night. FLORENCE GOLDBERG 273 Troy Ave. Sr. Orchg Baseball Cl. BUYER The little girl may be a big buyer some day. IRA GOLDBERG E UINDECIDED So tough he eats brick ice cream and rock candy LEAH GOLDBERG 672 Empire Blvd G O Bank Rep Bank Clerk occ A its Lip 6'I'LlliC1A MISS Fulton DIETITIAN Remember not too fat and not too lean MURIEL GOLDBERG 1635 Union St Sr Oil Civ Def Book Pan Amer Hist Press Clubs G O Rep EXECUTIVE She wont stop at the ive and ten SYLVIA GOLDBERG 5210 Clarendon Rd Sec Miss Seidman A M Cut Sq Book Rep BOOKKEEPER Fair and wise is she ZACHARY R GOLDBERG J it 'n I l MAYER GOLDFARB .. .1 f !. lflfl X' N. I MURRATY GOLDFARB 340 E. 92 St. Longfellow Cl., Sec. Stamp Cl., Marsh. AGRICULTURAL ENGINEER A ladies man. Iflml I-lm! ANNE GOLDMAN 271 Kingston Ave. Prog. Comm., Help Sq., Sec. Mrs. Horowitz. INTERPRETER At talking-in any language she'll do all right. CHARLES GOLDMAN 175 E. 52 St. Pres. Camera Cl., Arc Photo- grapher. UNDECIDED Charlie's O. K. most every way! IEROME GOLDMAN 5101 Clarendon Rd. Bk. Cl. Off., Sec. Mr. Stambler. REAL ESTATE AGENT It is his fate, To sell real estate. MORRIS B. GOLDMAN 836 Crown St Cheer. Sq-1 Sec. Mr. Saltz, Mr. Rochlin, Pub. Comm., Marsh., Heb. Cl. DENTISTRY Hell do it with gas. SHIRLEY GOLDMAN 604 Howard Ave Pres Booster Sq, Pub Comm, Yr. Bk. Repg Sec Mr Katz. MODEL Sweet and lovable. :ze is ' Ov MARION GOLDNER - if, f ,. K. IRENE GOLDPIN 328 Legion St. Sec. Mrs. Benimowitz, Mr. Bresloff. Mrs. Wollner, Mrs. Sonnenblurny Sec. Prac. Supv.7 Prog., Pub. Comrn.p G. O. Rep. BOOKKEEPER Her funny bone is always tickling. ROSALIND GOLDSEGER 2285 Strauss St. Camera Cl., Bank Rep.: Sec. Mr. Bresloffg Lib. Sq. BUSINESS MANAGER A pleasant girl, a good pal. What we call a regular gal. MURRAY GOLDSMITH 8715 Ave. L Topics. HUSBAND They say he's the "good hus- band" type. ELEANOR GOLDSTEIN 162 E. 91 St. Ass. Supv. Sec. Prac.g Swtbd.7 Sec. Mrs. Beck. SECRETARY A little bundle of sweetness. HERBERT GOLDSTEIN 80 E. 91 SL BUYER Friendly and a little shy, All in all, a regular guy. Marshall. NORMA B. GOLDSTEIN 1090 East New York Ave. Book Cl Rep, Civ. Def. Cl. SECRETARY Neat and efficient. EDYTHE GOODE 9506 Ave L G O Rep Bank Clerk Sec M1ss Fulton COMPTOMETRIST Too goodfel to be true FLORENCE GOODMAN 358 Leglon St Artsta Sec Mrs Z1mmer Bank Clerk Fr Off Current Events Hebrew Clubs ART TEACHER What a charmmg teacher she w1ll make RUTH GOODMAN 30 E 93 St Sec G O Prom Comm Top lcs G O Rep Bd of ov ec Bd of G O ro Comm MODEL She has a lace hke a doll CAROL GORDON 1420 Lmcoln Pl Sec MISS Gershowltz BUYER Yellow ha1r and smllmg looks Iust hke you fmd ln books DORIS GORDON 904 Wmthrop St Sec Art Chem Off Dr Schwartz M1ss Braun Mr Shea Book Cl Rep Bank Rep Pan Amer Fre C1 F DRAMATIC TEACHER One who IS ambltlous and stnves to reach her goal HERBERT GORDON 1738 Umon St Marsh Sr Band Soc Rep Sec Mr Satz LAWYER Hell specrahze m dxvorce cases mlsogymst LILLIAN GORDON 674 Rockaway Pkw Eco Off Swtbd Basketbal COURT STE lOGRAPl-IER athlete a pot cr frm Her l1 t ' m Q 47" ,ph 'R'- WILLIAM GOSSE 686 E 45 St Newman Cl MACHINIST Hell make a rtght hne m ch1n1st HENRIETTA GOTTESMAN 986 Rutland Rd Arlsta Soc Rep Sr Off Hzst Lab Sec Mr Baronotsky E BACTERIOLOGY Possesor of a rare blend excellent scholar a rue frlencl DORIS GOTTLEIB 22 Tapscott St Sec MISS Fulton SECRETARY She never says a foohsh thrng She never says anythmg HARRIET GOTTLIEB 57 E 91 St Sec Dr Schwartz Mr Pows ner G O Rep Pub Comm Marsh Fr Badmt Basketball Clubs COMMERCIAL ARTIST The smlle that charms SHIRLEY GRAULICH 65 E 91 St Sec Mr Budm Bank Clerk Swtbd Supv SECRETARY Tempest ln a Teapot BEATRICE R. GREENAPPLE 917 Lenox Rd Sr Gen Off Pub Comm Ere Cl Sec Mr Wxener Mrs Newman SOCIAL WORKER She can be ser1ous and also merry EDNA GREENBERG 2236 Strauss St Sec Mr Ialfe Sew Cl STEINOGRAPHER Qulet re erxed tm: conserva tue typ Sh ll prove her worth whe e t1 e IS rr ESTHER GREENBERG lj 5 a JIFL o b 1 MAX GREENBERG 1585 Presldent Sr Orch Dance Band Sr Band PHARMACIST How rs the axr up there Mac? PEARL GREENFIELD 132 Blake Ave Eary Ses Off Eng Ott Strlng Orch Pub Comm Sec Mr Tarr NURSE A nurse wrth her looks Encourages the hypochondn acs KENNETH GREENSPAN 352 E 91 St Glee Cl Prom Comm Pa geant Operetta Marsh LAWYER Sometxmes Just a tease Most tlmes-a pest MARIORIE GREENSTEIN 2246 Ocean Ave Marsh Handball Swlmmlng Tenms Clubs BUSINESS Ready wlllmg and able Iust mentlon the task AL GROGIN 96 E 56 St Baseball Handball Teams Gym Sec COMMERCIAL ARTIST Wuh brush and easel--a sure success ADELE GROSS 4411 Snyder Ave Bank, Sec Mr Meyer, Mrs Miller, Mrs Bernstem DEBUTANTE She walks rn beauty wxth the stag lme behlnd her HELEN GROS 038 lj noni Axe Se a I AD l G lj U IJECIDFD b ot I a at K k ANTOINETTE T GUADAGNI 911 Ave I Bank Bk Cl Pool sst O Bk Rep New Sr Dues Rep Eco Forum Pan Amer C1 Sec Mr Dun can BUSINESS Calm cool and always col lectrng NICK GUIDICE 4910 Foster Ave Football Baseball Track Tms New Cl Capt oi Marsh Sec Mr Solomon Mr Glnsburg Mr Rachhn P T TEACHER Great at sports And a great sport HELEN GUREWITZ 869 Lenox Rd Lat Oil Marsh BUYER She goes along rn her qulet way A success shell be some fme day ROSALIND GURIN 1004 Montgomery St Cut Off Swun Glee Cl G O ep COSTUME DESIGNER Watch out Adnan SIDNEY GURMAN 1229 E 49 St DOCTOR Doctor lawyer Indian ch1ef'? Rxght the hrst tlmel Office Squad ANNETTE GUSSMAN 4204 Sauce St Red Cross Rep, Nurse And Supv, Pres Home Nurs Cl, Sec Mrs Lmcoln, Bank Rep NURSING It seems as though Annette wants to be a nurse RALPH GUZZO 1330 Park PI. Sec. Mr, Slatkin, Mr. Saphier, Mrs. Ungerg Marsh. C. P. A. A "three letter" man. EDNA HABER 389 E. 49 St, Aristag Prog. Comm.g Class Day Reps Marshg Sec. Mrs. Novell, Mr. Pausner, Mr. Glass. SOCIAL WORKER All the makings of one who can work with and for others, LILA HABERMAN 596 Saratoga Ave Lib Sq Civ Def Rep SECRETARY A maiden simple and sweet The type we like to meet ANN HALBFISH E 55 Sec Mr Tarr Mis Menze DENTAL I-IYGIEINIST As sweet ana charming as a breath of Spring SELMA HALLEM 1005 Clarkson Ave Swtbd Op UNDECIDED When will you know? FLORA HAMBURG E 8 Arista O e Prog Comm Marsh Cut Sq Glee ist S an C1 Sec rs Stein Mrs Krinsky M o hard Mr Levenson TEACHER Clever cute and popular MARTIN HAMILL SIDNEY HANDLEMAN 80 Newport St. Marsh. DENTAL MECHANIC A wonderful personality. MYRON HARKAVY 9729 Farragut Rd. Aristag Dram. Soog Nature Sq.g Bank Reps Greek C15 Gym Sec. BIOCHEMISTRY A sure success at whatever Biochemistry is. EVELYN HARRIS 44 E 45 St Sec Sr Oli Sec Mr Budin Bro Eng Off Bank Rep SECRETARY Shes had plenty of practice IRENE HARRIS 1746 Union St Sec Mrs Hughs Bank Rep Bank Mgr Volley Ball Bas ketball Swimming Cl SECRETARY Sweet in manrers neatly dressed Good looking and all the rest FRED HARTMAN Marsh Football Team Sec Mr Rochlln CIVIL SERVICE Yea' For the hard hearted HARTMAN FLORENCE HEIDECKER 4422 Clarendon Rd Guid Bio Oil New Badmt Fr C1 Prog Comm Sec Mr Schacter CIVIL SERVICE A perfect link in the Civil service employee chain NANCY HELLER T IOSHUA HERSKOWITZ PEARL HILLER E 4 Basketball Badmt Spa Cl Pool Asst UNDECIDED An all around Semor BELLA HIMMELFARB 316 Grafton St M P M Off Sec IS Gottfrled CIVIL SERVICE Sweet and shy shes sure to get by DOROTHY HINDERSTEIN 196 Rockaway Pkwy Sec Mrs Lmcoln SECRETARY Her cheerful smtle and pleas ant ways W1ll brmg her many happy days ARTHUR HIPSMAN 1588 Prestdent St ACCOUNTANT Much ado about nothmg HENRIETTA HIRSCH 204 Tapscott Sec Prac Press C1v Det Cl STENOGRAPI-IER She types well too' BERNARD HOBERMAN 1562 Carroll S' Mgr G O Store, Marsh, Arlsta, Prog Comm, Audltor, News Sq ACCOUNTANT Clever wxtty, a wmnmg smxle. Bernard ts very versatlle A LEANORE HODYSS 1' t "" L ETHEL HOFFMAN 4 E 98 St Rec Rm Marsh Cxv Def 1v1l Ser Cl BOOKKEEPER Very n1ce and kmd of qulet Surprxse us Ethel and start a not IEROME H HOFFMAN 1690 Unlon St G O Rep Llb Sq Marsh Sec Mr OShea BUSINESS EXECUTIVE lust a lxttle more pro and less con Ierry CLAIRE HOLLENBERG 1425 E 52 St Marsh Bank PanAmer Cl UNDECIDED Undecldecl as yet shell Y'-sr well at anythlng we bet HARRY HOLZWANGER 227 Rochester Ave Sec Mxss Hmgsburg Mr Vos W' "1 burg ACCOUNTANT Its qulet people lxke hlm That really succeed rn life CLII-TON HOMAN 3 E 32 St TOOLMAKER Dont wake me up rn dreammg 'Was ? MARGARET HOPE 505 E 49 St G O Rep, Sec Mr Browdy, Marsh, New C1 SECRETARY Her face IQU' her dress neat, All rn all, shes very sweet ,.., -A-gs 'L ' tr f- 7 7' , . Y Y v ll? lv' Q 1 ii' 3 Str T" 'f fvifv. Z' .rl .1 :VZ Ai MI .'.A 1.132 :. TIL." 5f'f-Qriharit, V " T I 7"'f- 'N Ili 1'Z,fl: Erie RJ:-CV all 'lnf1.ACl'llllY S A 'fl 115 fy. in .Q vi. ' 'lit' g A ve' Eff-ffJf'ln.f'lHY 5" 755355 "d: 'f':.f1 E ix- 2'.'i7l'1C1 fri -:ri 361 . 5 St. 07 . . Cut. Sq.5 Marsh.5 Swim., Lead- gl Q., 1-G19 Sesst: SSC- Prac- Off.: rs, , ., . l y . .5 .5 . ., .5 . r QI- l . . A. ., . . .5 . MA 1,5 - - 42 1 - -I ' 5 in "" 'A . G' . , ' . ' ' ' K Q.: -I I ' - - ' - I "" A t , ' do St. 0 . . , 'S ' H ' , H : I' , - 4" gr. - GERTRUDE HOROWITZ 255 Grafton St Sec Mxss Grand Hxst Dept STENOGRAPHER Ambxtxous efhclent that IS sufflcxent HERBERT HOROWITZ 820 Lmden Blvd WRITER Freedom after tour years best seller by Herbert Horo w1tz MURRAY HOROWITZ 942 Eastern Pkwy UNDECIDED A good fellow m every way E clent they w1l1 say jf.,01fV'D7 STANLEY HOROWITZ E 45 Mlmeo Sq Marsh G O Book Reps LAWYER Congress next stop IERRY HUNDBRT 134 Schnectady Ave Sr Swmg Band Sec Messrs Shellens Satz MUSICIAN At long last LILLIAN ISACCSON 775 Hopkmson Ave Bank Clerk Sec Mr M1ller G O Rep SECRETARY The quxet but efhcxent sec retary BLANCHE IACOBS 1330 Ea tern Pkwy Cxv Def Cl Book Rep SECRETARY Mark her well teachers do 1 'E FLORENCE IACOBS 1438 Eastern Pkwy Press Clv Def HISI Tenms Debatlng Cl Sec Mr Sezd man Marsh BUYER A No 1 useful CIIIZGH RUTH IACOBS 446 Ktngston Ave Fr Voll Ball Cl TEACHER After four years she STILL wants to be a teacher BERNARD IAFFE 5014 Clarendon Rd Llb Sq Marsh Book C1 Eng Off Book Rm BUSINESS Hell put the busy b S1 ness IRWIN IARETT 153 Dumont Ave Marsh V1ce Pres Stamp Cl Shop Fore Yr Bk Rep Fenc Team FIRST AID DIRECTOR Character Plus EUNICE IOHNSON 1680 Troy Ave Swlm Cl Rec Guld Dept Sr Dues Treas Marsh G O Rep SPANISH STENOGRAPHER Her haxr IS not more golden than her heart RENEE IUDELSON 73 83 E 96 Marsh Badrnt Cl SECRETARY You would walk a mxle see her srmle IRENE. KADLICH E 95 Ma mall LEGAL STE' OGRAPHER T1 lavvhla Vtpo FLORENCE KAHN flar A 111 AL A ISTA T Da Zll V V IRVING KAHN 1 E 52 t Marsh Gym Oli MACHINIST He should be good at me chanlcs BARBARA KAIZER 24 E 91 St Sec Mxss Hartman Dr Shrp ley Mrs Beck Hlst Cl COMPTOMETRIST She has us puzzled BILLIE KALLICK 705 Prospect Pl Humor Ed Yr Bk Arlsta Y Bk Rep Pub Comm Bank Clerk Hxst Pan Amer Fre Cl Marsh Sec Mr Dobren Mr Goldberg Prog Comm TEACHER Brxght and popular lull of Pel-7 Cant say more Im the Year book Rep FLORENCE B KAMENETSKY 1214 E 32 St Ass Home Nurs Sec Mrs Lmcoln First Ald Cl NURSE Wxth references xn her purse Shes gomg to be a nurse FRANCES KAMINSKY 10 E 57 St Sec Mrs Bemmowxtz Mrs Sonnenblum Mlss McKmney G O Bank Rep G O Off Sq Prog Comm Late Sess Early Sess Ab Sq SECRETARY Here's a frank and Jovlal lass Who's always cheermg up the class DIANA 1481 E 48 St Sec Mrs Shapxro, Clv Def Cl, Gund Dept BUSINESS Flashmg eyes and sparklmg personalxty ELEANOR KANDEL 730 Sarao a Axe rch rt ta Hc :J H Po 'nr' Sec M Mtller Stttrmu SECRETARY frrrml O srrtl 1 lr 'tara A real good port t rnk ara a ARLENE KANNER 751 Troy Ave Arrsta G O V1ce Pres Bd of Gov Exec Coun Sec Hxst C1 GoGetter S C1 Prom Comm Sec Mr Becker Mr Zahn TEACHER Our own whlrlmg dervlsh She makes thmgs hum HOWARD KANTER 3 E 91 t Football Trac Teams Capt of Marsh O11 amt Hlst Cl SCULPTOR A Pollce Commlssxoner hell surely be ELI KANTOR AIR FORCE Gee hell look funny wlth wmgs 295 E 94 St HARRIETTE KANTROWITZ 20 E 95 St Marsh Sec Messrs Salklnd Roth Sec Mrs Shaplro SECRETARY Of thee we smg BTHEL D KAPLAN 276 Grafton St Vice Pres Hxst Heb C1 Sec Mr Muraskm SOCIAL SCIENCE TEACHER Clever And always on her toes EUGENE KAPLAN 1933 E 47 St Marsh, Hxst, Math, Swun Cl, Booster, Fxeld Sq VETERINARIAN He's "gomg to the dogs" GERTRUDE KAPLAN E 96 Hartaoall SVVl"'l Ping Rana STE OGRAPHER A swell gal a real pal MORTIMER KAPLAN 1321 St Mark Ave Hit Swim Clubs PHARMACY Hes a got a head start H can 'riake sandwiches NORMAN KAPLAN 841 Hopkmson Ave Y Bk Rep Longfellows Danc Comm Class Day Rep G O ep COMMERCIAL ARTIST He sounds like an opera sing er Mel Me' Me' Mel ROSLYN KAPLAN 661 Saratoga Ave tv Del Hst LIBRARIAN Clever charming and petite All ir' all shes very sweet STANLEY KAPLAN 1144 Lincoln Pl. Longfellow Swim. Clubs- Sec. Mr. Stiegman- Marsh. BUSINESS An as-et to the Business World. MIRIAM KASLOW 1635 Park Pl. BOOKKEEPER Shes neat and sweet Her rhyrne's complete. PHYLISS KASTEIN aryl. . T- .IQ Trevi xf": " I'f'1ClA1. 'BRI-flflt K ll rw , rr -Y , . , , - , .'X.. 1 ,.... A ', ... A. I' lfrlfl gm Hui' IACK KATZ E P 'l"1e Nay re the gg e should be a tr ma ROSALIE KATZ 954 Uti a Ale O p Rrn 1 Sq Marsh SECRETARY Very very interesting SARA KATZ 534 Rockaway Pkwy News Ed of Topics Lit Ed of Yr Bk Arista Pub Comm Marsh Sr News G O Rep Sec Miss Chesnow Mr D1a mond Heb Hist Pan Amer Cl Prom Comm ADVERTISING An important factor in the uccess of any team IULIUS KAUFMAN 980 Rutland Rd Capt Stage Sq Supply V1 ua Aid Sr Orch Band Radio Cl AIRPLANE MECHANIC Always around to lend a helping hana ZELDA KAUFMAN 2 E 53 St Sec Mr Solomon Mr Turner Book Cl Rep Marsh Civ Def. Cl: Capt, Booster Sq. BOOKKEEPER It's an eventful day When Zelda finds nothing to say! PAULA KELLNER 5124 Beverly Rd. Sr. Vice-Pres: Ed.-in-Chief Sr. News, News Ed. Topics, Sr, Classic, Arista- Radio Play' Pan-Amer,, Swim., Dram. Cl., Sec. Dr, Schwartz, Mr. Stein- berg' "Road to Freedom". STATISTICIAN Charming, clever, popular, too A personality surpassed by ew. HELEN KEMPER A MYRTLE K KERNER PHILIP KIMMEL ics Ai ta Lb q S c Mis Grard Marsh F H I DOCTOR Ohl A mal Ari ta r'e"1b rl RHODA KIPNESS 220 Kirig tori x M T r STE IOGRAPHER A lovely gil to kriovv SEYMOUR KIRSCHENFELD 4204 Ave MEDI AI. DOCTOR Callm, D Kir 'Nell SYLVIA KIRSCHENFELD 4204 Ave ec pv GJ " BOOKKP' EPER Cymcal S Jlvia b a SOI. KISLIN 45l0 Chu '1 Ave Mrsh M"ioSqBIcCl Rep ACCOU TA' T school he a a er Heres a fellow wel dway remewibe HAROLD KITCHNER 577 Herzl S' Capt. Marshg His! Clg Field Sqg Gym Se: DEIITIST What is so broirig as being a dentist. 0? he EDWARD KLANIT BETTE KLEILA E 2 Bdmt Baseball Cl Marsh Sec Miss Steele Mrs Caro lyn Mr Kirin Mr Becker M Singer Miss Wright LABORATORY TECHNICIAN What is so rare as a good technician BERNICE E KLEIN E 9 G O Book R p Arista Sec Mr Davidoff BOOKKEEPER Ambiiious and a hard worker In skill go a long way DAVID KLEIN E 45 Marsh Mimeo Sq Herald Tribune Rep BUSINESS l-led be good in the clothing business hes a swell cu er ELINORE KLEIN 1760 Union St Teririi Baawii C1 Sec Mrs Femirio Mi Vrgt Lib Sq MATH TEACHER No riois no vanity BERNICE KLEINER l645 Pre ident St Marsh S c M Arnateu Mr ie e 'na M a d ot M K'i1e M Ka ri B Cl ep HOME ECONOMICS Charm plus wit, she has it SANFORD KLEINER 99 Durriort Ave Orchg Bandg Sr Off. Sqg Sr. Yr. Bk. Repg Pub Commq G. O. Rep. UNDECIDED Cheerful and popular with all. GILBERT KLEVINS 312 Schenectady Ave. Prom., Pub., Sr. Off. SCI-J C1055 Day Comm. ARC!-IEOLOGY Gosh! What a WGY T0 make a living! SHIRLEY KOFSKY 198 Legion St Glee Cl Sec Mr Clark MISS OLeary SINGER Wlth her vo1ce you can bet Well be hearing her at the Met IRMA KOHGET 974 Rutland Nurs Cl SECRETARY A quiet sort But one great sport EDMUND KOHLER 12 E 45 St VETERINARY MEDICINE As hard as we may try w cant knock a regular guy Marshall HENRIETTA KOLTUN 979 Lenox Rd Sec G O S c G Bd of Gov G O Ex Bd Arlsta Prog Comm G O Rep Marsh Bank Clerk ACCOUNTANT Shes an advertlsement for PEP IOYCE KONIGSBERG 331 E 93 St Book Cl Rep Sec Mr Udell Miss Talesmik Mrs Papke SECRETARY All we can say is that shes okay HYMAN KOOPERSMITI-I 410 E 5 Cam Heb Cl Marsh DRAFTSMAN Does that mean he make drafts? HERBERT KORCHIN 850 Utica Ave. Aristag Sr. Orch.g Sr. Swing Band. MUSIC TEACHER Tilden's musical Knight. NATHAN KORMAN 56 E 93 St Sec Mr Meyer Fenc Sq Marsh Booster Field Sq UNDECIDED Though you are undecided about your career We know that you re s1ncere DAVID KORNER 22 E 96 St Marshall ARMY CAPTAIN Captam' No lessll THELMA KOSKE 2301 Ocean Ave Cut Sq Bank Clerk BUSINESS A clever business woman s e should make RUBIN KOSKOFF 2122 Un1on St CUSTOM HOUSE INPSECTOR No data no knocker FRANCES KOSLOV 186 Riverdale Ave Bank Clerk SECRETARY A girl that knows what to do and when to do it IVIILDRED KOTICK 584 Rugby Rd Bank Clek Sec Dr Levine Mar h SELLI G She couil ure sell me' IOSEPH KOWALSKY 94 Baal: G O Rep Sec M1 1' r M1 Har a ACCOUI TA T s ot '1 aurs HAROLD KOZUPSKY 1687 Sterlmg Pl Handball Team Sec M Saltz Marsh Def Cl ACCOUNTANT Klller dlller DAVID KRAFT 716 Linden Blvd Marshall PHARMACIST Dont forget the affect f HZSO4 on KCL037 IRENE KRANBERG E 93 DIETITIAN She has all the mgredlents for makmg good Sr Orch SELMA KRANTZOW 146 E 55 St Cheer Booster Pub Sq Marsh G O Off Staff Pre Pan Amer Danc Cl STATISTICIAN Laughxng eyes cheery smxles wmmng ways bewltchmg wrles MILDRED KRAVIT 35 E 51 St Marsh Swtbd Op STENOGRAPHER Cute neat and very sweet ETHEI. KRIEG 1500 St Marks Ave Sr Off Sq Sec Mr Bresloff Hxst. Swim Cl COSMETIC CI-IEMIST Full ol the devll and plenty to spare HARRY KRIMSKY R Glee Cl Soc Sc1e'1Ce llew Rep TEACHER I-lls preach r volce a g 11 c or VIOLET KRIVITSKY 836 Crown St Sec MISS Se1den Mr Yates Press C1 SECRETARY No shrxnkmg V1olet 1S thxs a SEYMOUR KROTCH 1480 Sterlmg Pl G O Rep Gym Sec ELECTRICAL ENGINEER Hell set the world on hre by touchmg off a few sparks LARRY KUFERT 275 E 94 St UNDECIDED Tskl Tskl CHARLOTTE S KUPERSTEIN 538 Lmden Blvd Sr Dues Treas Bank Rep BUSINESS She IS like sugar sweet and rehned ELBANOR KURS 156 Utlca Ave Press Cl Red Cross Rep LABORATORY TECHNICIAN Sweet friendly and petlte a comblnauon hard to beat ARTHUR KURTZ 506 Thatford Ave Sr Orch Band MUSICIAN Its crazy to say Hes O K.I Lite. DOROTHY KURYS 1577 Carroll St. Pan-Amer. Cl, SECRETARY One who never says too much. MARTHA KUSHNER 365 Amboy St, Copy Ed.g Gen. Off. Sq.g Hist. C1.g Prog. Commg Bank Clerkg G. O. Repg Sec, Mr. Schwarz- bachg Marsh.g Sr. Classic Rep. LABOR ECONOMIST Always working, she'l1 sure put labor on its feet. ELAINE KUSINS 1251 Lincoln Pl. Assoc Ed Sr Classic- Capt Cheer Sq Prom Comm Soc Class Day Rep Man G O Store Radlo Playhouse Dram Soc G O Rep Swlm Bas ketball Cl Sec Messrs Tur ner Solomon Leff Mrs Dycke THEATRE As beautlful as a sunset As refreshlng as a breeze GORDON LAPOINTE 285 Lenox Law Newman Clubs UNDECIDED Nothmg to xt SARAH LA ROSA E 5 New Ten Glee Badmt C1 Bank Clerk Sec Messrs d Lelhs Amateau Muraskln Mrs Stem Ere Off INTERPRETER Iust grand to know ESTHER LASHINSKY 388 Amboy St Cut Sq Voll Ball Cl Sec Mrs Hughes BOOKKEEPER Of her kmd there are very ew Sweet qutet kmd and true EDWARD LASKA E B lcall G M Gm 1: BASEBALL DLAYER a 3 I1 I 3 6 mr PRISCILLA LATES 45 E. 89 St. Dram. Socg Tennis, Civ. Def. Clubsg Soc, Repg Sr. Classic. ARTIST She pleased from a distance but when near she charmed. ELAINE LEBOTER 561 Bristol St. Sec. Mr. Powsner. TEACHER Revenge-Huh! REBA LEDER 621 Lefferts Ave Swtbd Sec Mr Schacter NURSE To have Reba as your nurse Would surely never b a curse IRVING LEDERMAN 308 Rockaway Pkwy Sen Band Ir Def Course MACHINIST Iust rmsunderstoocl MYRTLE LEFKOWITZ 343 Rernsen Ave Marsh Llb Sq Swtbd COSTUME DESIGNING A rarxtyl Myrts one red head wxth a sweet d1spos1t1on RITA LEFKOWITZ 101 Woodruff Ave Sup of Marsh Acc Off Sec Messrs OShea Tarr Zamore Schwartz Dr Levlne Clv Def Book C1 Rep Dance Pub TEACHER A grrl who really cant be beat Comm LEON LEIBOI-'F -1 Cl OREEN LEIGHT GERALD LENNON E 43 Football Baseball Swimming Teams New Cl P T TEACHER P T and G L are going to get along swell VIRGINIA LENTINE 9032 Farragut Rd Marsh Bank File Clerk Sec Prac Off G O Rep POLICEWOMAN Many good qualities in her are combined For shes clever sporty and refined PAULINE LEONARDI 2530 Foster Ave New Pre Tennis Badmt Cl G O Rep Sec Mrs Young Mr DeLell1s INTERPRETER Its a privilege to know her EVELYN LEVENBAUM 1004 Rutland Rd Bank Rep Marsh Press Ten ms Leaders Cl Sec Miss Buffet CIVIL SERVICE Shes Just as quiet as she can be SHELDON LEVENSON 853 Empire Blvd. Lit. Cl.: Pres. Bio. Cl. AERONAUTICAL ENGINEER Keep 'em flying. ABRAHAM LEVENTHAL 245 Amboy St. Table Tennis Champ. UNDECIDED He's I0 quiet. if v. MORTON LEVENTHAL CHARLOTTE LEVINE E 52 Arista Bio Cl Cut Sq Top G O Book Rep Sec M Schacter Mrs Rosen Mrs Ball Mr Tarr UNDECIDED Truly a star' She s that bright' MARTHA LEVINE 6 E 96 t Ere Hist Cl Booster u DESIGNER A beauty queen Is Martha Levinel NORMAN LEVINE 1613 Eastern Pkwy Basketball Team Marsh Top Pan Amer Cl Mr Zahns Off MILLIONAIRE To be a millionaire is Nor mans aim Lets hope he achieves his fame PHILIP A LEVINE 2109 Union St Gym Sec Pan Amer Cl GEOLOGIST There s gold in them thar hills ROSLYN LEVINE 888 Montgomery St Yr. Bk. Rep., Marsh., Sec. Miss Grand, Miss Mohan, Messrs. Roth, Foner, Horowitz, Leiig Help Sq. BUSINESS Cupid draws arrows, but Ros- lyn draws beaux. SHIRLEY LEVINE 518 Saratoga Ave Class Sec. BOOKKEEPER Sophisticatiori-plus. SIMON LEVINE 699 Saratoga Ave Hist Bio Pan Amer Math Serv C1 ACTOR A gentleman and a scholar GERALD LEVITT 3626 Kings Hway Marsh Asst Mr Cohen MACHINIST He wasnt idle for the past four years LEONARD LEVY 1663 Union St SALESMAN No data no knocka MIRIAM LEVY 9302 Kings Hway Sec Miss OLeary Mr Sut tenberg Class Day Rep MODEL Dark hair dark eyes watch your step boys if youre wise SYLVIA LEVY 2281 Strauss St Cut Sq Asst G O Rep Home Nurs C1 SECRETARY A sweet little Mlss SELMA LIBMAN 86 9 E 94 St Lt Marsh Eng Off Civ Dei LINGUIST Though she has no claim to art she certainly can draw attention SOPHIE LICHT 1306 St Iorm s Pl A r c G Rep Mail Booster Sq Pub Comm Marsh Pre L aaer Vo . Ball C1.- Sec. Mr. alle, Mrs, Richmond, Dr Shipley. DIETITIAII An overflowing toun,ain of vitality. Q an sv., 6 ESTELLE LIEBERMAN E 5 Pu Comm S Off ec Mr Starfield Mr Halpern Fr Span Tennis Cl STENOGRAPHY TEACHER Merry and gay The livelong day NATALIE LIEF 805 St Marks Ave Bank Clerk Head Pre Ott Sec Dr Schwartz BUSINESS Like classical music always popular PAULINE LINKSMAN 569 E 53 St Book Rep Heb Baseball C1 BIOLOGIST Such sweetness and charm to be spent on bugs Tskl Tskl MELVIN LIPP 32 Lenox Rd Marsh Photography Cl DENTIST Lipp will be associated with dentistry MURRY LIPSCHITZ 92 Blake Ave Marsh Def Cl MACHINIST A grand guy!! SEYMOUR LIPSTEIN 858 Saratoga Ave Muneo Swim Sq Sr Dues Treas BUSINESS MAN The movies should get hand some Seymour as an usher? CARMELA LOMBARDO 1325 Pro pect Pl Sr. Dues Treas. SECRETARY To call he. 'ne ' C' ' 'c unfair because theres' more than linene .,,. 3 there. IUDITH LOSHAK IULIUS LUBINGER 4816 Ave I Ott Sq UNDECIDED Has nothmg to do and IS al ways clomg xt HARRIET LURIE 435 Rockaway Pkwy G O Guld Oil Class Day Rep Pub Comm Sec M Byrne COSTUME DESIGNER Oh' Sweet and lovely MAY LUTSKY 707 Hopkmson Ave Eco Hlst Oli Sec Mr Hor owltz Bank Rep SECRETARY Here IS a modern mxss f today Sweet understandtng clever and gay LEONARD MAIORANO 851 Utlca Ave UNDECIDED Some people grow up others merely grow old CHARLES MAKETANSKY 710 Lmden Blvd Glee Cl, Marsh MILLIONAIRE The lust mxllxon dolla.s are the hardest DONALD MALONE 263 E 46 St BOOKKEEPER Donald nasnt much to say He prefers the domg way 'lf""' wr' JR 0 13,5 'Q 'Wo C' EVELYN MALTZER P 1 :J IRVING MALTZMAN E 9 OPTOMETRIST He hgures the way to suc cess IS a grlndlng process Htst Math Cl DORIS MALWITZ 2719 Church Ave Marshall SECRETARY Ouxet as a mouse they say W1ll you always be th1s way? THELMA MAMBER 4 E 48 t Sr Treas Ar1sta G O Rep Prom Comm Marsh Prog Comm UNDECIDED Does everythlng well GOLDIE MANDELBAUM 1079 Wlllmoh Sr Orch UNDECIDED She does more than play on the strmgs of your heart SIGMUND MANNE ll96 Eastern Pkwy Book Room, G O Rep Pan Amer Club UNDECIDED He knows a thlng or three f-f 'f 'ylfif l XX1-Q,AfSf?9 HELEN MARDER 354 E 53 St G O Dance Comm Soc, G O Book Rep Recept Att Oil, Sec Mr Salzman, Mr Paley, Mr Byrne, Mr SECRETARY Charmmg, sweet, tauntmg eyes, Shes the type to ldolxze Becker BERT MARGOLIS 966 Utlca Ave Chem Sq Marsh ELECTRICAL ENGINEER A qulet lad IS he But O. good sport w all agree BLANCHE MARGULIES 1514 Sterllng P1 Marsh Sec MISS Se1dman Book Rep BOOKKEEPER Red harr and green eyes Full of llle never crles HAROLD MARKOWITZ 1550 Sterlmg Pl Camera Fencmg C1 Stage Stock Rm Sq CHEMICAL ENGINEER Harolds ambltron Ido not sneerl Is to be a Chemlcal Engmeer HERBERT MARKS 1635 Umon St Marsh Glee Cl LITHOGRAPI-IER A hne chap STANLEY MARKS 3 E 59 St Swmg Band ACCOUNTANT A musxcal accountant huh? Well h1s llgures w1ll JIVS LILLIAN MASLANIK 1160 St Marks Ave Swtbd Sec Messrs latte Lre berman Clark Att Sq Mam Off Hxst Off BUSINESS MACHINE OPERATOR L1ll1an IS as charmmg as she IS fcur Beautlful eyes and blonde ha1r WILLIAM MASON 189 SLI ary Glee Cl Mar AIR CO1 IIT old Gi 4 ks ,gfiaftu Q16 MARTIN MASONSON 29 E 55 St M1meo Sq G O Rep Sec Dr Schwartz Mr Starhelcl UNDECIDED Begone dull care thousand I shall never agree' ANNE MAY 401 Herzl St Pan Amer C1 Sec Mlss Nat rn BACTERIOLOGIST Possess a sharp and caustlc W1 KATHRYN MCGARRY E 52 Newman Cl SECRETARY Shes very small and very S Y ELINOR MENDELSOHN E 94 Home Eco Off Sec Mrs Steele Mrss Fulton Sec Prac O11 Bank Clerk Home Nurs MODEL A qulet manner a refxned a1r People so smcere are very rare SOPHIE MENSOWITZ 1816 Park Pl Sec Mxsses Sexdman Rell Hmgsburg COSTUME DESIGNER Sophle always dmd look cl'nc As a desxgner she w1ll chck EVELYN MEYER 1460 Sterlmg Pl Pres G O Annex Roosevelt Medal Class Day G O Rep G O Off Lt Marsh ub Comm H181 Cl Sec Mr Muraskln ACCOUNTANT She has a smile for buddxes Tho xntent upon her studles ROBERT MEYER E 46 IR rr CI We Q7-SXOJM. WARREN MICHELSEN PAULA MICHNICK E 93 Sec Mr Meyer Dr Levlne Book Cl Rep DEFENSE WORKER Kmd and gentle nlce ancl sweet The type of gtrl we hke to meet SELMA MIDLER 170 Woodruff Ave Sec Mxss Marder Mr 1-01 harcl Mrs Ross1n Mr Steam Marsh SECRETARY A1lAmer1can secretary ARNOLD MILLER 777 Eastern Pkwy Marshall CHEMICAL ENGINEER The sp1r1t of modesty J-Co ffa ,"y7X ff CHARLOTTE MILLER 4201 Church Ave Glee CIVII Serv Volley Ball Cl Marsh Sec Mlss Stem Mr Iafte STENOGRAPHER Your magxcal tr1ll could cure any 111 LUCILLE MILLER 99 Dumont Ave Swtbd Op Asst G O Rep STENOGRAPHER A gxrl of wrt and charm 15 s e A beauty as you all can see PEARL MILLER 385 E 96 St BOOKKEEPER Sweet of temper, land of heart Always wtllmg to do her part ARNOLD MILLSTEIN PHOEBE MIRKIN 137 E 46 St Sec Mr K1rk DIETITIAN S"1111ng cheerful always de pendable Her mtelect and d1spos1t1on ar commendable IOSEPH MIRSKY 690 Sackett St Sr Bana Marsh MUSIC Always 1'appy always cheer u MARY MISAN 29 Melrose Recept Hxst Cl BOOKKEEPER Oulet but mce STANLEY MISROCH 1798 St Iohns Pl Cap Def C1 Marsh Gym Capt ARCHITECT No foldmg butldmgs w hope LILLIAN MITZNER 16 E 93 t Sr Dues Treas Pub Comm Clos Day Comm L1b Sq Students Playhouse TEACHING In a clear, loud voice BERNARD MOLDAUER 748 E 53 St Capt Marsh, Sec Longfellow Cl Sec Mr Krugman, Mr Rodtrus, Book Rep P T TEACHER Handsome Pon? Wotta Man' BLANCHE MOLOWITZ 1285 Lincoln Pl. Span., Pan-Amer.. Hist., Dram.. Swim., Tennis Cl, Sec. Mr. Yates, Mr. Stambler, Mr. Sal- kind, Mr, Seidman, Bank Rep. LABORATORY TECHNICIAN A good worker-with lots of aggressiveness. STANLEY MONES 2298 Strauss St. Football Sq. INGENIOUS INVENTIONS Another milestone in science -if hes not too ingenious. ROSALEE MONOSON 58 E. 89 St. Sec. Mr. Diamond, Mr. Leve- son Miss Grand' Prog. Comm.- Artsta G O Rep Bank Sq SPANISH INTERPRETER One of Tildens attractive gals Bright sweet with many pals SHIRLEY MORRELL 3 E 58 St Swtbd Op TELEPHONE OPERATOR Number please' FLORENCE MOSKOWITZ 939 E 104 St Sec Messrs Bresloff Levin son Iackson Book Rep Lead ers Cl Prog Comm SECRETARY Her freshness and charm in vite a better acquaintance ship GLORIA MOSKOWITZ 5208 Beverly Rd Capt Marsh G O Rep Sec Mr Salzman Miss B een Miss Moritobano Mrs Lebenson S rv I SECRETARY Lovely arid delightful IOSEPHINE MOSKOWITZ IA T F MARILYN MOSKOWITZ 418 St. Iohns Pl. Arista, Bank, Det. Stamp, Book CI. Rep., Sec. Mr. Bresloifg Marsh. COMMERCIAL TEACHER A golden banner, For her charming manner. IOSEPH MOSTER 380 E. 46 St. DENTISTRY Thank goodness, our Dental O. K. is in. IRVING MUNOWITZ 1940 Strauss St. Lib. Sq., Sec. Mr. O'Shea, Mr. Kohrnan. ACCOUNTANT lri neat attire hes always dressed We hope his boss will be impressed ROBERT MUNOZ 558 E HARBOR PILOT How do you do? Where were you? IRVING MUTNICK E 54 Basketball C1 C P A Quiet reserved and refined GERALD NELSON E 53 Hariaball Swim Ere Volley Ball Book Cl Athletic Assoc SCIENTIFIC FARMING lo one knows what he can ao until he tries MARK NELSON SHIRLEY NEMEROFF EVELYN NEUFELD 885 Troy Ave Sec Mrss Mclimrtey Marsh BIO Olhce BUSINESS Sweet qu1et and demure But out of school we re not so sure BERNICE NEWMARK 963 Schenectady Ave Prog Com Booster Sq Sec M Browdy Bk Cl Rep G O Alter BOOKKEEPER Cnarmmg clever and petxte Such a grrl ms swell to meet IACK NEWMARK E 98 Capt Cheer Sq Gym Capt Stock Rm S Off Marsh Pub Sq AVIATION V1m VIQOT and Vltahty pe so lIled RUTH NEWMARK 1525 St Iohns Pl Sr Dues Treas G O Rep Sec MISS Fulton Mrs Se1d man CPA R d harr blue eyes Helps Ruth to ta taltze HELEN NIKIDES 8601 Ave B Sec D'amatxc Soc Sec MISS Lxeber Marsh Ptg UNDECIDED By Katharme Corrtells owrt Od'IlISS1O"I Helet Nlludes 1 s"o'g cord pe'1t1o" MARION NORTON l3l8 E. 91 St. Marsh.g Bank Clerlcg Sec. Mr, Iaffe. SECRETARY Dark hair, dark eyes, The kind you idolize. MIRIAN NOSOWITZ RUTH OLIVER 442 I-Ierzl Sec Mr Brodsky SECRETARY Sweet I face and full f grace BERNARD OLLENDORF 260 Lmd rt Blvd Classlc Ar Sq At Art Sq Arc Late Sq Marsh COMMERCIAL ARTIST W1ll be lootcmg for your c ea ttorzs 1 Esqu1re DONALD OPANHOSKE 2l4l Krmball St Mar hall AVIATION Carefree guy who W1ll Ily h1gh DOROTHY ORENSTEIN E 93rd SECRETARY If every g1rl were as sweet as s e What a place th1s world would bel ARTHUR OSMAN 440 Rockaway Pkway BUSINESS ADMINISTRATOR Art1e rs a smartre FILOMENA OTTAIANO 947 Roafavvay Ave Sec. Miss Meztzes, Miss Eul- tart 5 Marsh. STEIIOGRAPHER A very sweet Miss, MIRIAN PALEVSKY 164 Blake Ave G O Rep Prog Prom Comm Book Rep Marsh Sec Mrs Bec Sup Sec Prac Off Swtbd SECRETARY Well always remember her cheerful laughter And hope xt contmues forever after GLORIA PALLEY 3451 Rockaway Pkway Swtbd Op Bank Man Marsh Cut Sq Heb C1 SECRETARY Frlendly always acttve ever S1ncere too and dectdeclly clever MURRAY PAM 234 Amboy St AVIATION MECHANICS A promlsrng student always promtsrng to do better BERNARD PANFEL 4609 Snyder Ave G MAN Marsh Ere C1 F1e1c1 Sq Llke shears always cutttng FRANK PANTALCON 64 E 53 St Football Team Marshall CIVIL SERVICE He can hold that lme any tlme CONSTANCE PAPANDREW 2211 Utica Ave. New.- Swim: Basketball Vol- leyball Tennis Clubs- Sec. Sten. Off. Mrs, Steele. SECRETARY Quiet reassuring and sweet. ETHEL PAPENBURGH I '.l,.?.y, b V . . fig . V POLICE '. 'Olvlf .I ,'r:A'.1r1'1'rc1'iH IA I 1 U QV'- NYS sq... ' R. 'L' T7 LORRETTA PARLEMENTI 4501 Foster Ave Marsh Sec Mr Loglan Mrs Stemberg Spa C1 UNDECIDED Sure to succeed when she dectdes CHARLES PASSANTINO 6 E 8 UNDECIDED Lazybones' MORRIS PAVLOFF 5403 Church Ave Marsh Bro Prep Sq AGRICULTURE He expects to plant seeds of goodwrll RITA PEARLMAN 916 Utrca Ave Sec Mrss Edtnburah Marsh Gym Leader FASHION DESIGNER R1ta IS smart as we can see A great Fashlon Deslgner she w11l be SHIRLEY PEARLMAN 916 Ltnden Blvd Home Eco Rec Off Sec MISS Selclman STENOGRAPHER A pearl for any man so what are you wa1t1ng or? SEYMOUR PECARSKY 796 Saratoga Ave. Handball Team- Book Cl: G. O. Rep: Bio. Prep. Sq: Gym Capt. AGRICULTURAL CHEMIST Test tube farmer. MIRIAM PECKER vu Q 7Ar'?i'i.1tr: U SEYMOUR S PECKER 1 OLGA PERLA E 9 O11 Pamt Cl PIANO TEACHER Now shell ftnd out what a teacher goes through WALLACE PERLICK 674 Crown St Sec Mr Saltz Mr Rochlm Mr Solomon Mr OShea Off Mon Marsh BIO Sq Stock Rm Worker AERONAUTICAL ENGINEER Av1at1on IS the modern trend It s men hke Wallace who wtll defend BERNARD PERLMAN 415 Pennsylvanxa Ave Baseball Team CHEMICAL ENGINEER Calm and collected Few faults detected MURRAY PESHKIN 692 Eastern Pkway Ar1st Capt Math Team Sten Off Mtmeo Sq Camera Cl MATH TEACHER He can teach Pythagoras a theorem or two IDA PIANCONE 1192 Schenectady Ave Newman Club SECRETARY "Ida, we tdohze ya ' DORIS PINE 340 East 57 St Mar Sec Mrs OUQTlf1US,M1SS Keely, Mr Max BUYER Shell be buylng' her own furmture soon, we predlct THERESA PINO 0 F 5 Tl OCRAI HER MARILYN PINSKY E 52 Ltb Sq Radxo Playhouse Bank Law Hebrew Clubs Eng Oli Sq Sec Mrs Blake ly Mrs Ztmmer Mr Berhn SALES PROMOTER Charm w1t and versatallty All make up her personallty IUDITH PLATT 536 E 96 St Arc Mag Sec Mlss Nathan Mrs Klem Marsh Bank Rep SECRETARY Iudy IS a cutle SYLVIA PLOTNICK 982 Eastern Pkway Book Rep Mar Sec Mrs Hughes Press Fr Eng C1 BUSINESS We wtsh good luck to a swell g1r ABRAHAM POGORSKY 5509 Church Ave Latm Play BUSINESS EXECUTIVE A regular guy who w111 sure ly get by IRVING PORTNOY 185 E 59 St DENTIST He'll be 'bormg ' GLADYS POSNER 266 Leglon St Sec Mr Lelf, Mr Welshaut, Bank Rep, G O Rep, Pool Asst, Sec Prac Off SECRETARY A good lrlend, a real pearl, To sum lt up, a HICS gtrl LEON POSNER 75 Lincoln Marsh Gym Sec Pre Deb Clubs TOOL 61 DIE MAKER The silent type DAVID POSWOLSKY 332 Albany Ave GO Rep CIVIL ENGINEER -anyway hes cxvil RUTH POTASH 1935 E 47 St Marsh Cut Sq Gym Sec Basketball Tennis Book Clubs Book Cl Rep CREATIVE WRITER Always looks like a page out of Vogue MARTIN POWELL 219 Legion St Squad Leader in Gym AVIATION Not in Whos Who but a grand guy to me and you EMANUEL PRESS 180 E 52 St AERONAUTICAL ENGINEER A light heart lives long Swim Cl PEARL PRESSEL 9210 Ave L Sec Arc Tennis Badmt Danc, Volleyball, Swim Clbs PT TEACHER She's a PEARL of a girl NATALIE PRESSMAN 1747 Pitkin Ave Tennis Clg Guici Off COMPTOMITTRIST Lots of viqcr, C1 Cliarrziinq air, A friendly smile, personality IGTG. MARILYN PUTTERMAN 51 E G1rl Leader Arxsta Orch Band Dram Rad1o I-list F Badmt Basketball Clubs DOCTOR A modest young maiden with plenty of brains and talent ROSE QUARTARARO 1275 St Iohns Pl Fr Off Prog Comm Late Ses Sq Newman Cl Bank Rep Civ Def Rep Sec Mr DILSIIS Miss I-Ilngsburg BOOKKEEPER A sparkling wit a cheerful smile People like her make life seem worthwh1le ANN RABKEVICH 407 E 96 St Sec Mr Suttenberg Marsh Att Ott SECRETARY She has poise and charm SELMA RACER 340 N vt Yorlf Ave Sec M Blechmari Mrs Schaeffer SCIENCE TEACHER Her determmation and mtelli gence wlll take her lar EDWARD RAEDER 268 Legion St Handball Sq WHOLESALE BUTCHER Smooth as s11k and twice ine HERBERT RAHINSKY 756 Saratoga Ave Pres Sr Cl, Hist Press Clubs, Arista, Sr Off Sq, Gym Cqpf COURT REPORTER Popularity is power IRVING RAI-IINSKY 750 caratona Axe TT'-'ll' llff'-1 Cl, ly'lIlI,flI' Lib 33 AHHIJ Gym Capt! Heb., I-Iixt Cliilp' Prom Corn V COURT REPORTER A ITIOPT VGIXJTIIC 'icygjjfg wg-Q ZWE REIBMAN GLADYS REICH 132 E 49 St Heb Pan Amer C1v Def Cl Sec Mrs S1d1mus Late Sess SECRETARY Shes ready w1ll1ng and able to work MARIE REILLY 2902 Foster Ave Sec Mr Saphrer New Sw1"1 Cl Marsh GO Rep SECRETARY Our blonde bombshellll LILLIAN HEINER 1678 St lohns Pl Sec Mrs Young Mr Berlxn Mrs Dycke Zlmmer Marshal Prog Com C1v Del Cl LABORATORY TECHNICIAN Good natured and lrkeable PHYLLIS REINER 1678 St lohns Pl Bank Clerk Marshal Sec MISS Montag M Serdmarx Span Glee Cl C1v Def Cl CIVIL SERVICE Her hand IS ready and wxll 1ng MELVIN REISS 1507 Presrdent S' Sr Bank, Class Day Rep Marsh, Hrst Cl Gym Capt MUSICIAN We cant knock our class day rep, Hes the swellest guy, yep Yep Yep' HELEN REMSEN 870 Lenox Rd Sec Mrss Newman Swrm Cl SECRETARY She owns a monopoly on sweetness, Srmplxctty and smcereness RUTH RESCHMAN WALTER RESNICK 1238 St Marks Ave Sec Mrss Unger Mrss Se1den FIREMAN Hes a character LILLIAN RIBA 4 E 54 St Pan Amer Heb Clubs Marsh SPANISH MAIOR Here s an mtelhgent and l1ke able glrl whos slated for suc cess ALBERT RICHENBACH l2l5 Eastern Pkway Basketball Volleyball Teams DIAMOND CUTTER It rsnt a dream any more IGYGGUGIIOH l ADELE RICHMAN E 92 Book Rep G O Rep Trea Booster Sq PRIVATE SECRETARY Black harr brown eyes that enough to hypnotrze LILLIAN RICHMAN 250 E 96 St Sec Mrs Rossln, Miss Mayer, Mrs Young, Mrs Novell, Bank Clerk Heb Club PIANIST May her success be as SWIII as the flrght of her hngers over the keys MILDRED RINGELHEIM l024 Montgomery St Glee Cl, Lt of Mar, Bank Cl TEACHER We see where all the lrttle boys shall be shmxng apples HAROLD ROBERTS 5209 Church Ave Sr. Dues Treasg Marshg Heb, Hist. Cl.g News. Sq. UNDECIDED He almost lost all his friends collecting Senior dues HELEN RODRIGUES 4525 Flatlands Ave. Sec. Hist. Club.g Sten. Offg Bank Clerkg Marg New., Pan- Amer, Hist. Clubs. TRANSLATOR Helen may seem bashful and S Y But you should know her as w Cl I HARRIET ROGOVIN 528 Bristol St Sec Mrs Stein Mrs Fernino SECRETARY A good secretary for some one ANNA ROIAS A e Sec Dr Carney Miss Fulton Mr Seidman Mr Lowenstein SPANISH INTERPRETER Able w1ll1ng helpful yes We wish her the best of suc cess CHARLES RONIS I334 E 48 St Sr Orch Sr Band Lib Sq MUSICIAN Make room Toscaruni IRIS ROSEMAN 4609 Snyder Ave Marsh Civ Def Rep Pan Amer Cl Sec Mrs Carolan LANGUAGE TEACHER Very agreeable full of fun Liked indeed by everyone IRVING ROSEN A IU 9 ABRAHAM ROSENBERG 405 Legion St. Pub. Comm. CHEMIST Abe is a Kleptomaniac-he takes things easy. ARTHUR ROSENBERG 134 Schenectady Ave. Marsh: Football Sqn G. O. Rep LAWYER Hes a real good sport And we all like his sort BERNARD ROSENBERG 799 Midwood Marsh Cafeteria Sq CIVIL ENGINEER Hell not cross his bridges until he builds them ETHEL ROSENBERG 253 Rogers Ave Sec M Powsner Book Swim Cl Book Cl Rep Gym Leader BOOKKEEPER Its awfully hara to find a rhyme To fit a girl so very fine GEORGE ROSENSTEIN 1727 Park Orch Band G O Rep MUSICIAN Hell fit the requirements lo the lette No promising musician could do better ALBERT ROSENTHAL 9206 Ave I.. GO Rep Topics MOTSU Heb Cl Sec Mr Bresloff CPA Hes so modest he wouldnt do an improper fraction MARTIN ROSENTHAL RUTH ROSENTHAL 1 G STE OCRAFH R PEARL ROSENTRAUB E 89 Af1SlQ Math Olhces Cut Sq Book Rep PSYCHIATRIST A flne mmd for rmnd readlng MILDRED ROSENZWEIG 143 Rockaway Pkway Arlsta Capt Serv O11 GO Rep Sec Messrs Berlm Br1 lofi M1ss Rlvelson Mrs Leb enson Sldlmus VOCALIST Some day well say We knew her when SELMA ROSLAFSKY 1519 Lxncoln Pl Arlsta Sr Classxc Bank Sq Pub Frlmg Com Sec Mr Dxamond Dr Shlpley French Hlsl Press Clubs Book Rep LABORATORY TECHNICIAN Pretty always charmmg ever Wltty merry and oh o clever IDA ROTH 17 E 12 t Rec Off Sec Mrs Stem Selden SECRETARY Clever and wise SUSANNA ROTHBERG 446 Kmgston Ave Arlsta, Cut Sq, Asst Bank Mgr, Sec Mr Wemer, Marsh Bro Cl, Leader SCIENTIST Scholarshxp, character, servxce the best RUTH ROTHENBERG 1705 Carroll St Record Span Off, Clv Def Rep, Mar C1v Def Cl SECRETARY A secretary she asplres to be e wtll wal and se I Y' 'Q I lOEL ROTHSTEIN Q S 111 lF'TA1u 1VPf"lflA BENIAMIN RUBIN 2 E 91 St G O Rep Sr Treas Bank Rep Book Rep Supply Rm Eenclng Cl Marsh UNDECIDED W1ll cut anythmg but lunch ELEANORE H RUBIN 5115 Beverly Rd Sec Mr POTIS Mr Follxard Dance Comm Swlm C1v DESIGNER She alms hxgh Def Cl IACQUELINE RUBIN 903 Albany Ave Gym Leader G O Rep PRIVATE SECRETARY A gxrl of wrt and charm MURRAY RUBIN E 89 Handball Swlm Book Clubs Ath Ass C P A Today we l1ve SEYMOUR RUBIN 69 E 42 St Marsh, Heb Cl MACHINIST As hard as we try, we ccm't knock a regular guy VIOLA RUBIN 198 Legxon St Sec Mr Baltor SINGER She does everythlng well, But ln smgmg she does excel l f, 1, '9' ALICE RUDEHMAN 641 C own St Pan A'ne H151 Clubs Marsh Sec M Eerntno UNDECIDED Ltke g anulatea sugar Sw et retmecl and rare ESTELLE RUDINSKY 177 E 92 St C1v l1a'1 D tense Rep UNDECIDED Tops Anywhere' IOHN RYAN 9214 Foster Ave Marsh AVIATION The strong stlent type GLADYS SABINSON 163 E 52 St Sr Orch Swtm Basketball Cl Marsh MUSICIAN The Mustcal Athlete RUTH SACKS 2 E 91 St Booster Sq Sec Mrs Caro lan Mtsses OLeary Fulton Marsh Spa Offuce DIETITIAN Sweet and swell SEYMOUR SACKS 4 E. 93 t. Hist. Cl.- Sr. Oli: Pub. Comm. MUSIC A whale of a good fellow, SEYMOUR SADKIN If I u QQ' 4""x 'Sf' AGNES SALONSKY 2298 Strauss St SECRETARY A most pleasmg personallty ANNETTE SAND 16 E 53 St SECRETARY A pleasant srrule w1th per sonaltty to match RUTH SANDLER 1921 Mermatd Ave Sr Dues Treas Bank Rep Marsh Sec Mtss Grand Pres Llb Sq UNDECIDED If she doesnt know were sure we dont ROBERT SAROKIN 215 Legton Marsh Sq Leader STOCK BROKER Very ntce very quxet Surprtse us please start a no IRENE SAROWITZ 2122 Umon St Cut Sq Sec Mr Eretdman BOOKKEEPER Beautlful but not dumb SIDNEY SASLAWSKY 245 E 34 St Marsh Booster Newspaper S G O Store PanAmer ACCOUNTANT The girls are sad Cause he only wants to add. MARGARET SAUBERMAN CAMILLE SAVASTANO O MILDRED SCHAEFFER 5514 Snyder Ave Guxd Off G O Rep ec Mxss Dav1s Defense C1 HISTORY TEACHER A mlss well all rnrss LESTER SCHAUER 470 E Marshall POLICEMAN The Txlden Tornado SARAH SCHAUM 1068 Pane Pl Sec M1ss Doyle Mrs Eerruno MISS Edinburgh NURSE Shell make a valuable mem ber of the Wh1te Parade HELEN SCHECHTER 9416 Foster Ave ec rac O Sec lackson Handball Cl SECRETARY Heres hopl g Hel '1 N111 w m her fu .1 e tak mgs SEYMOUR SCHECHTER 5 Fle Sq Gfwl S DEI TAI. MECHA IC Awdy a v y NQY Always ch et l a Nays gay SELMA SCHECKER 166 U on St Ansta Ma Q Bang Rep En O't :es s M e Uael SECRETARY e has all me P rn te can posses to 'wake up the word lovelmess is 0 IOSEPH SCHEINER EVELYN SCHESSER 5 E 95 Sec Mrs Pcpke GO Rep Marsh Volleyball Cl SECRETARY Gabbyl MURRAY SCHIFFMAN E 51 1 Bank Sq Sec Mlss Grand Mr Becncer G O Rep HISTORY TEACHER Three quahtxes 1n h1m are combmed He s courteous rntelhgent and refmed ARNOLD SCHILLER 903 Albany Ave Marsh Capt Sec Mr Hal pern TOOL G DIE MAKER Lxkes em red headed SOL SCHITZLER 989 Lenox MQTST' H t Cl CPA From the top e roo o 1 ort c ANNETTE SCHNEIDER H z Book Cl R D SECRETARY pleasa t gm a oo ,. es wle t N a a 31. ar ga GERALD SCHNEIDER 5 Stage S 'sn 1 Squads ELECTRICAL E' GITIEER Elec'1 a E Q16 ON shccmn' ' HONEY SCHNEIDER l005 Eastern Pkwy Off Cl Sec Bank Rep as ketball Team Hist Cl COMPTOMETRIST Shell add dancing fingers dancing feet IDA SCHNEIDER 85 Legion St Mail Sq Sec Miss Davis Mrs Klein SECRETARY lts swell to be natural when you re naturally swell SIDNEY SCHNEIDERMAN E 94 Sec Mr Weishaut Civ De SHIPYARD Inclined to slight exaggera tion MILDRED SCHNIER 87 E 48 St UNDECIDED A little shy But shell get by GLORIA SCHNITZER 75 Rockaway Pkway Ir Treas Bank Rep Guid O Sec M Iudson Levine ACCOUNTANT A sweet and popular lady IACOB SCHNITZER 1483 E. 34 St. Book Cl. Sq: Sec. Mrs. Lin- coln Miss Warner' Book Off. Rep. MACHINE TOOL OPERATOR It will suffice to say He's O. K. HAROLD SCHNUR 303 Omfrcrrif . wlii A'.'iai.ix:i lf E511 99. tht.- MILDRED SCHNUR 303 Osborne St UNDECIDED A cheerful girl always wih a smile HAROLD SCHOLL E 94 Bio Cl Mimeo Sq Sr Dues Tre-as G O Rep Sec Dr Schwartz Mr Krugman Radio Playhouse TEACHER Service is his middle name ANITA SCI-IONHAUT 1054 Winthrop St Bank Clerk Orch Spa Pan Amer Cl Sec Defense Cl Gen Off Sec Mr Miranda UNDECIDED Vivacious popular full f un Admired and liked by every one BEATRICE SCHRABMAN 17 E 54 t Swtbd Opr Sec Mrs Was serman SECRETARY The business world will have a treat As a secretary shes hard to beat ADELE SCHREIBER 1045 Rutland Rd Sec Miss Newman Mr Stam bler Civilian Def Cl BOOKKEEPER The wise men say blessed IS she who hath sweet person ality CECILE SCHULBERG 693 Hopkinson Ave. Sten.- Hist. Off: Marsh: Sec. Mrs. Shapiro. SECRETARY Simplicity is hard to beat When it's found in a girl so sweet. ANNETTE SCHWARTZ Chu' u. . e A tztag Mafhg W. f. 52 rtz o R-p.g S.. ClAl. SolE.' E I.. 5 an a zu. L FLORENCE SCHWARTZ GEORGE SCHWARTZ 9016 Ave L Longfellows Camera I-lxst Cl Ma sh M1meo Sq Sec MISS Bullet UNDECIDED Lorgfellow Stouttellow IRENE SCHWARTZ 4 E 57 t Sec Mr Berlln Mr Newmark Mrs Schnelder Badmt Voll Ball Basketball Cl Marsh Bank Book Rep HOUSEWIFE Shes what she IS what bet ter report A gtrl a frlend and a good sport IRWIN SCHWARTZ 7 E 95 St Repalr Sq Book Cl Rep EXECUTIVE Add up long enough and youll dd up to an execu txve IACQUES SCHWARTZ 1280 St lohns Pl Bm Prep Sq Nature Sq HO lTICUl..TURAl.lST H s O K IH every way IEAN SCHWARTZ 99 Lott Ave Sec Mr Browdy Mlss Wem stem Mrs Beck, Fre Off Sq, Ere Swxm, Crv Def Law, Hlst, Eco Clubs CPA Well be your account any day ROSAINE SCHWARTZ 471 E 45 St FIYSI Axd Nurslng, Greek Clubs, Bank Rep TEACHER Pretty and sweet wtth no concelt 1 ,- ba 4 Q' M! 2' ADA SCHWARTZBERG DOROTHY SCHWEID 748 Saratoga Ave Sec MISS OShea Swlm IV Ser Cl Bank Rep Pool Asst STENOGRAPHER Draws men l1ke flres HERBERT L SEIDEN E 5 Stage Stock Rm Cu' Sqds Marsh Gym Capt Span Cl TRADER Hell trade two Bronx phone numbers for one 1n Brooklyn RUTH A SEILER 425 E 53 St BOOKKEEPER Busy busy busy NORMAN SEINFELD 28 E 98 St Marsh Football Team G O Rep Htst Cur Events Cl ACCOUNTANT Although hes qulet hes u pleasant chap PAUL SELIGMAN 237 Troy Ave Art Topxcs, Arc Art Staff Sr Classlc Art Sq, O11 Pamt Cl . ARTIST He thlnks hes smart Dont dlscourage hrm GLORIA SERGE 4806 Beverly Rd Feature Ed Toplcs Sr Clas src Pub Com Sec Mr Ba nonofsky Mr OShea Marsh, Greek, Art Clubs SCIENCE She could g1ve the devll a hot foot '41 .L Tire. 3- 5-iii T- ,nt 3 A M N 5fijPf5f'A.'.Af9'g' V - . . K 1 , A -, -f - n- . ., ,p , 91 4 s. ' 761 . 1 sf. Q ' - ', ' ., 4 f-f .. Q ' . If . -1 -I 'Fw 4 . , ' ' ' -1 A - -S2 H , , . . ' . 4 . . In' I any .5 . , , 1' ' GLORIA SETTINERI 858 E. 51 St. Newman Club, DOCTOR Gloria ought to be a success, Works real hard We must con- less. AARON SHAKUN 2255 Strauss St. Bankg Ir. Bandg Pub. Com. CHEMICAL ENGINEER Success will be had By so fine a lad. DAVID SHANSKY 1968 Strauss St Stage Sup C1r Rec Sqds Pres Rad Cl RADIO ENGINEER Small and smart Wrth a wonderful heart EVELYN SHAPIRO 5611 Tllden Ave Tenn1s Club DESIGNER Her pleasmg personality wxll help her attam success NATHAN SHAPIRO 404 E 48 Marshall AGRICULTURE I-Iasnt much to say We hke hun that way SOL SHAPIRO 5153 Lott Ave Football Team Sec Mr Tur ner FOOTBALL COACH The lunchroom taught hmm how to run rnterterences LEO SHERMAN I ZELDA SHERMAN 1430 E. 91 St. Cut. Sq.g Lt, Marsh.g Booster Sq.g Pub. Cornm.g G. O. Off.g Book Rep.g Badmt. Cl. SECRETARY Her pleasant disposition proves that good things come in small packages. LEONARD SHEVINS 479 Herzl St. Shop Foremang Hist. Cl. CAPTAIN O CUPIOIU, my captain. HOWARD SHEVRIN 43 Essex St Ed 1n Ch Arc Toplcs IOURNALISM Howard belreves the rlght way IS the wrrte way IRWIN SHOMER 1264 Remsen Ave Sr Band Ir Band Marsh MUSIC TEACHER He shall reach out to teach BOB SCHULTZ 94 Rockaway Pkw Sr Band Orch Ir Band MUSICIAN He has a noxsy posxtxon He IS a Tllden muslcxan MORTON SHWARTZ 577 Lenox Rcl Sr Orch Sec Mxss Stemhart Book Cl Rep ENGINEER We hope he can cross the brrdqes hell butld DAVID SIEGEL to a FO o H C up art at TWD HAROLD SIEGEI. 1854 '.'f1QQf:iC3" .' Min Rink ST Ti : G 'i R231-1, Funk Rep: fQr1': O11 LT? 1fl5UR.-'if 'E z"4.l'.'.'n','.' 21' 131' flff ' '1r.'gry tra i HAROLD SIEGLER 174 Grafton St. BUSINESS Such a busy man! ALVIN SIGALOW 531 Herzl St. Sr. Band, Recep., Pub., Boost. Squads, Pan-Amer. Cl., Sr. Ott. Sec. PHARMACIST A musical pharmacist. ANN SIGNORIELLO 1187 E. 48 St. Bank Clerk, Sec. Miss Rae, Mr. Engber. NURSE Like a Chesterfield, real and mellow, That's our sweet Signoriello. IEANNE SIKLEK 386 E. 98 St. Admit. Bd.g Acc. Off., Sec. Miss Chesnow, Mr. Brodsky, Mr, Fainsbergg Civ. Del. Cl. SECRETARY Sweet in temper, gay in heart Always willing to do her part. I.II.I.IAN SILBER 1549 Carroll St. Marsh., Pro. Comm., Swim. Cl., Sec. Mr. Myer, Ir. Treas., Bank Rep. ADVERTISING Quietly efficient, HAROLD SILBERMAN 5013 Beverly Rd. Swim. Team, Class Day, Gym Capt., Sec. Fr. Off., Prom Comm., Sports Ed. Yr. Bk., Sup. of Mar., Sr. Ott. MEDICINE -:lb K' ka 4 r , fn Uzg , 'ff' Y it Knocking some people may A ,h A A HELEN SILFEN ,231 Eg' I FQ' ' .lr Cl Lx: I1 liz." :'.'.'1I'2 "IIA: 1 . i .W - 'U' 1.q,. fIURl1I'fA' DAVID SILVER 242 E. 56 St. Sr. Orch. P. T, TEACHER A musical P.T. teacher. DOROTHY SILVER 639 Osborn St. Sr. Classic Rep., Guid. Off., Eco. Off., Sec. Mrs. Berman, Mr. May, Swim. Cl. SECRETARY A winning smile, a helping hand. A real sport, we think she's grand. RUTH R. SILVER 310 E. 91 St. Book, G. O. Reps., Marsh., First Aid Class. NURSE A chemical compound ol beauty and fun. ADELE SILVERMAN 681 Howard Ave. Hist., Pan-Am., Badmt. Cl., Gym Capt., Defense Cl. UNDECIDED We're sure her design for the future will be as bright as she is. BERTRAM SILVERMAN 28 Lamont St UNDECIDED No data, No knocka. EDITH SILVERMAN 647 E. 96 St. Sec. Stall Sr. Classic, Sec. Tilden Topics, Rep. Tilden Topics, Swim. Cl. SECRETARY A willing and capable work- er. LILLIAN B SILVERMAN 615 Crown St Volleyball Basketball Glee Cl Sec Mr Brodsky MISS Prmce SINGER Shell crash the Met IOY SILVERSHEIN 1315 E 46 St H151 Pan Am Cl Cut Sq Sec Mrs Ltncoln Gen Oil NURSE Her lust name explaxns her character RUTH SIMAS 9226 Foster Ave Sec Mr Favalh Yellow Lan NURSE Lovely glrl sweetest voxce terns ALBERT SIMBALL 1074 Eastern Pkwy METEOROLOGIST It doesnt ram penmes from heaven ANITA SIMON 1668 Carroll St Bank Rep Basketball Cl ACCOUNTANT The numbers have got her LEO SITZER 337 Grafton St Marsh ELECTRICAL ENGINEER He s a marshall but we wont hold lt agamst hlm SAUL SITZER 1578 R O Rep CGDGV1 HFRMITOLDCY al eaav '51 Y ag: IRENE SLACK 500 Herzl St Marsh Recep Guld Off Att PRIVATE SECRETARY Prtvate no less' VVILLIAM SLONIMSKY 299 E 54 St BUSINESS HIS studles range far and w1de From lunch to study and then outstde MURIEL SLUTSKY 565 E 91 St Class Day Rep Sr Oli Sq Marsh Swtm Cl Sec Mrs Krmsky Mrs Fernmo P T TEACHER The httle athlete alnt she? TED SOLDOVNICK 5 E 91 t Marsh F1e1d Sq Htst Spa Cl Basketball Team PT TEACHER An all around guy MURRAY SOLOMON 38 E 92 St Rep Marsh Pre Cl Book C1 Rep Art Stock Sq Eng Book Rm Sq DENTISTRY The Collector GLORIA SOLOT 2329 Strauss St Sec Mr Mlller Mr Hale G O Rep Mus Off Acc Off SECRETARY She has many lrtends IDA SOSKEL 2 L gtort St M Wr1 1 CIVIL SERVICE eterj twawy EVELYN SPAT HARRIET SPIEGELMAN 438 Amboy Pool Asst Marsh SECRETARY Calm and collected No faults detected IRWIN SPIELBERG E 2 Marsh Hlst Cl Gym Sec BUSINESS He ll have no trouble ELEANOR STARR 9603 Church Ave Cu Sq Late Sq Marsh Bk Cl Rep I-Iebr Cl Sec Mr Becker CREATIVE WRITER A gal wxth lots ol It One glance and you re hard ARNOLD STEGER 62 E 96 St COMMERCIAL ADVERTISER Hes the guy who sold Brook lyn Brxdgel Marsh Sq DORIS STEIN 235 Rochester Ave Swun Cl, Sec Mr Cohen Mr Stambler, Mr Berlm DOCTOR A Doctor? M mmm HOWARD STEIN 508 E 49 St Gym Sec, Marsh ARMY I-Ie'1l be IA m the army 'cause Hes A 1 tn our hearts dh Q9 'MFT- ,L 'nv LILLIAN STEIN MURRAY STEIN 80 E 52 St Glee Club Art Squad Sr Classtc Yellow Lanterns COMMERCIAL ARTIST Art needs no spur beyond xt se SHIRLEY STEIN 9002 Ave B Sec Mass Marder Sweeny Htst Pan Am Clubs SECRETARY The perfect secretary WILLIAM STEINBACH 267 Bay 20 St Sr Dues Treas Bank Rep Sec M Pasner Debatmg Team TEACHER Our red headed pal had hrs blues Makmg us part wtth our seruor dues BEZRNICE STEINBERG 35 E 45 St Cxv Def Rep Bank Clerk Sec Mr Kahn Mr Krugman Class Day Rep Marsh Danc Cl SECRETARY Charmmg' SELMA STEINBERGER 1587 Carroll St. Reeep, Marsh, Sec Mrs I-Iughs Mr Cohen, Mr Wexs haut, Bio Leader, Truant Recorder PSYCHOLOGIST One who has endeared her sell to all ol us ARTIE STEINGART 443 Herzl St Marsh, Book Rm, G O Rep MACHINIST Always does the best he can. Indeed he IS a gentleman STUART STERN 9l Riverdale Ave. Gym Capt. Sq. CI-IEMIST Poetic Iustice. He hated ex- ams. Now comes test tubes. MORTON STERNIN 377 E. 46 St. Football Team, Marsh., Band. AGRICULTURAL ENGINEER A victory garden supervisor? GLORIA STROH 142 E 46 St Marsh Sec Miss Cappel Civ Del Swim Cl INTERIOR DECORATOR A charming alluring person ality ANNETTE SUNSHINE 888 Utica Ave HISTOYY Club Civ Def Club SOCIAL WORKER As bright as her name DOROTHY TANENBAUM 9720 Kings Highway Pan Amer Bad Clubs UNDECIDED A grand girl with all the at tributes of a pleasing person ality HERBERT TANNENBAUM 5649 Kings Hiahway Marsh Nature Sq Sq Lead CAPITALIST Hes honest and lair Regular and square EILEEN TAVERMAN I I I ,a, - fr is ,kk i,,. Ke Sagw 'Mr' 436, ELEANOR TEITELBAUM 43 E. 52 St. Cut. Sq., Sec. Mr. Steinberg, Mr. Kahn, Miss Rivelson, Book Rep. ACCOUNTANT Nice disposition, friend and DCI: In other words, she's a regu- lar gal. MILTON TEITELBAUM l279 Remsen Ave. Arista, Marsh., Lib., Mimeo Squads, Hebrew Cl., Prog. Com., Book Cl. Rep., Sten. Oli. SCIENTIST A clever, likeable fellow. IRVA D. TETENBAUM 149 E, 96 St. Spa. Con. Cl.- Bank Cl: Sr. Off Sec Messrs Spevack Gottlieb BUSINESS Irva with her baby blue eyes Has proven herself oh so wise STANLEY TICKER E 96 Sec Med Rm Help Sq BUSINESS MAN Hrnmmml Another Capitalist' BOB TOWSE 4 Mill Basin Newman CI Baseball Team ARMY AIR CORPS II he handles a plane like he does a baseball hell do all right IRWIN H TRINKOFF 5442 Kings Hway Marsh Lib Sq Sq Leader STOCK BROKER As hard as we try We cant knockaregular guy ISRAEL TROTNER O TA T NORMA TROUPP LENORE WAGNER IUDITH TUMAN 5323 Church Ave Sec Mrs Ltncoln G O Prom Comm Mah H N Nurse Atd TEACHER Lxke a chocolate bar Sweet and good ANTHONY TUMBARELLO 5119 Ave K Baseball Team Sec Mrs Blakely Gym Capt Marsh DOCTOR Oh Doctorll EVELYN TURITZ 691 Lmden Blvd Bank Rep S Dues Rep IS ClV1l ef C u Comm Sec Mr Saltz MISS OConnor SPANISH SECRETARY Blue eyed blonde wrth p sonalxty plus RHODA UROWSKY 4501 Church Ave Frle Clerk Spa Def Cl Sec Messrs Davldoff Kahn SECRETARY All the charm one can pos sess to make up the word lovelrness CONCETTA VELLA 9 E 89 St Sec Mrs Shapxro Mrs Ltn coln Marsh Rec Gutd Off SALESGIRL Very small, very sweet, What you would call tres pettte VICTOR YVACHHOLDER 109 E Sl St Gym Capt Llfe Guard Gym Leader Swrm Cl Badmt Baseball Clubs H ED TEACHER As art athlete Vt" cant be beat CECILE WALLACK E 5 Marsh Book Handball Base ball Clubs Sec Mtss Grand Gen Ott EXECUTIVE If charrn IS a commodrty Shes aot the goods IRVING WALLACH 681 Crown Bk Rm Sq SWIDQ Band UNDECIDED There wtll come a tune when hell make up h1s mmd w hope IOSEPH WALSH 3714 Flatlands Ave Gym Capt Mar New Cl UNDECIDED Fr1endly although a ltttle s y All rn all one swell guy HAROLD WASSERMAN 452 E 46 St Baseball Team Fxeld Sq Gym Se BASEBALL PLAYER Hes perfect ask hxm IRVING WASSEHMAN 308 Rockaway Pkwy G O Rep Marsh Book Rep V Pres Longlellows CRTMINOLOGIST Above the rest Among the best ROSLYN WEIDENFELD 174 E 59 St Pres G O Sec Arrsta Bd of Gov Sr Classrc, Capt Cut Sq Ex Comm Soc Rep, Book C Rep Artsta Coun, P.xb Co rr' CPA Blessed w1'h beauty and popula lty BRLINE L. WEINBERGER 1383 St. Mark's Ave. Sec. Mr. Bresloff, Mr. Knitel, Miss Weinstein, Mrs. Stein- hardtg Book Cl. Repg Marsh, Swim.g Volleyball, Heb, Clubs. NURSE Blue eyes and red hair- A sure aid to convalescence. IANET WEINER 315 E. 54 St Sec. Prac. Off. SECRETARY Dimples like hers aren't found every day Or a girl so simple sweet and gay. THELMA WEINSHANK 941 Lenox Rd Sec Mrs Unger Mrs Beck SECRETARY The bosss dilemma DOROTHY WEINSTEIN 54 E 96 St Sec Miss Newman Mr Brad sky Fr Glee Clubs Marsh Busicelbuu eq SECRETARY Heres a girl everyone can 1 e Not a loud and boisterous type EVELYN WEINSTEIN 548 Howard Ave Bank Clerk Marsh Sec Miss Grand Mr Becker ART TEACHER Vita breve ars longa ROSALINE WEINSTEIN 693 Saratoga Ave Lt Marsh Supv Sec Prac Sec Mr Breslolt UNDECIDED Always trying to be obligin ENID WEINTRAUB ,vw Q' SHIRLEY WEINTRAUB 484 E. 94 St. Cut. Sq.g Marshall. TEACHER lt's very little we've heard of her, But no news is good news, we'l1 aver. MARTIN WEISBART 1493 E. 49 St. DENTIST Are you painless? Marsh: Recep, ARLINE WEISSLER 5414 Beverly Rd Cut Sq Gym Leader Book Cl Bank G O Rep BOOKKEEPER Fair and square she doe er share PHYLLIS WEISSMAN E 59 Ha dball Clubs Sec Miss Marder CIVIL SERVICE A government girl shell be A tribute to Uncle Sam youll see CECILY I WELLING 496 E 95 Si Sec Mr Zahn Mr Levenson Marsh Spa Con Cl UNDECIDED A conscientious student HENRIETTA WESTLAND 104 E 95 St New Cl Med Rm Nurse Sec Miss Marder Miss New man OConner Mrs Gross WINDOW DESIGNER Among the artists of great fame We some some day to find her name ARTHUR WINICK MILTON WINITZ SEYMOUR YODOWITZ 5 E 95 St Copt Mxmeo Sq Mursh Moth C1 DOCTOR Collmg Dr Wxmtz 798 Rogers Ave Heb CI ACCOUNTANT Lets hope he reaches h1S goal GY' 4- DONALD ZEMAN 1 E 91 t Gyrn Capt Book C1 Rep LAWYER Hes almmg for the Senate EDWARD ZIDES 12 E 34 t Ir Band Type Sq ten B1o Off AIRPLANE MECHANIC Hell make a very fme me chamc MARTHA ZIMMER 865 Lenox Rd Fr Off Marsh Sec Mr Ama teu Mrs Ltncoln Mr Halprm Spa Fr Clubs Book Rep INTERIOR DECORATOR Gentle lovely and sweet s e Flowmg wtth frrendlmess and generoslty MEYER ZIMMERMAN 6 E 94 St Basketball Team Marsh MUSICIAN A regular guy wlth a muslcal touch EVELYN ZITTRER 5490 Kmgs I-Iway Capt Lunch Marsh Bank Clerk Swrm Basketball Leaders Badmt Volleyball C1 Book Cl Rep DIETITIAN Shell know two ways to keep werght clown ahletlcs and dretrcs EVELYN ZLOTNIK 5016 Tllden Ave Ed 1nCh1ef Top Man Ed Sr Classrc G O Rep Arlsta Marsh Sec Mr Dobren Mrss Novel Cut Sq Tennls Swlm Badmt C1 Wmner Defense Essay Contest IOURNALISM If she would only S11 st1I1 long enough to concentrate on one thlng she could really go far l Q17 ,ff 36? m ,num aqui Re DOROTHY ZORFASS 434 E 98 St Orch Sec Mr Shellans Mr Mlranda Mr Satz Htst C1 MUSICIAN Competltlon for Lrttle Davrd GLORIA ZUCKERMAN 649 Wmthrop St Cut Sq Pan Am Dance CI Sec Messrs Davldoff Stem berg Mrss Mlller Hrst Off SECRETARY Her wlnnmg smrle and dxs posltron assure her of a good positron IRWIN ZUCKERMAN 626 E 54 St SALESMAN Hrs vocrferous outbursts are thmgs to be remembered Marshall LILLIAN ZUCKERMAN 131 Rockaway Pkway Sec Mr Iaffe Mr Engber Mr I-Iorowttz PRIVATE SECRETARY Attractrve and very sedate ELIZABETH ZYMECK 1128 Brooklyn Ave Nurse Axd Flrst A1d C1 Y Book Class Day Reps Marsh GLAMOUR GIRL Ehzabeths pretty sweet and blonde A glamorous g1r1 ot whom we re fond LEON ZWEIG 474 E 98 St Model Carvrng C1 AVIATION Brmgrng up the rear At thxs pomt It se ms altogether approprx ate that we get a few words from you But fearxng the emotronal stram of thxs gala occasxon has left you speechless we have borrowed some words for you What bet ter sentxment could you express than that embodied ln Th Umversal Prayer by Alexander Pcpe Father of all' m every age In every clxme adored By salnt by savage and by sage Iehovah Iove or Lord' Thou great Flrst Cause least understood Who all my sense confmed To know but this that thou art good And that myself am blmd Yet gave me 1n th1 dark estate To see the good from 1ll And brndmg nature fast ln fate Left free the h.1man wrll What consclence dlctates to be done Or warns me not to do This teach me more than hell to shun That more than heaven pursue Let me not cast away For God IS pald when man recezves To enjoy IS to obey Yet not to earths contracted span Thy goodness let me bound Or thxnk thee Lord alone of man When thousand worlds are round Let not thrs weak unknowmg hand Presume thy bolts to throw And deal damnation round the land On each I judge thy foe If I am rrght thy grace xmpart Stlll xn the rxght to stay If I am wrong O teach my heart To fxnd that better way' Save me allke from foollsh pnde And lmprous dlscontent At aught thy wxsdom has demed Or aught thy goodness lent Teach me to feel anothrs woe To hlde the fault I see That mrcy I to others show That mercy show to me Mean though I am not wholly so Since qulckened by thy breath O lead me wheresoe er I go Through thxs days llfe or death' Thxs day be bread and peace my lot All else beneath the sun Thou know st rf best bestowed or not And let thy wxll be done To thee whose temple IS all space Whose altar earth sea skxes One chorus let all Bemg raxse All Natures mcense nse' . . I . C .- . . IH ll I - . ' , I I I I , , , . . ' : 7 I ' u , . , , . What blessings thy free bounty gives : , . , , , . , , , . : , . , I I I : . . , , , Led by Pressie Charlie Goldman, ,4fzy,ff1.fm. .. I, WELVE FIFTY-EIGHT . . . two min- utes to go . . . oh, golly, what a long day . . . when will it be over . . . maybe my watch is slow-I hope . . . horrors, suppose it's fast . . . 12:59-one min- ute to go . . . must get all my books ready .. .haveIgotmypen?. ..yep...let'er rip . . . 30 seconds, 15 seconds, 5 seconds, the BELL!" . . . Wheeeeee . . . That's us, going out the door and down the "up" stair- way . . . Watch where you're going, Freshie . . . Ooops, almost bumped into that teacher . . . Hope Dr. Lefkowitz doesn't see me . . . At last . . Breathless and exhausted you finally arrive -HOME? No! No! No! Iust arrived at one of the many after-school clubs Tilden affords. After all, our day really begins after 1:00 P. M., doesn't it? 'i'.f2f Do you want to know how the world is getting on today? Then it's Mr. Muraskin's History Club for you. One of the highlights of the term discussion, and Simon And this, No! They Yearbook. -they say. was the League of Nations panel with Zwe Reibman, Leon Zweig, Levine participating. dear reader, is the Camera Club. didn't take the pictures for the ?,!'!'!6t.! They take good pictures the club includes such embryo Kepplers and Steichins as Vivian Glazer, George Einiger, Harold Markowitz, Hyman Koopersmith, and George Schwartz. The future stars of Broadway are now part of the Dramatic Society. Among the more shining lights are Edith Gilman, Myron Hark- avey, Elaine Kusins, Priscilla Lates, Helen Ni- kedes and Marilyn Putterman, who give prom- ise of great expectations. Their production, "Buddy Buys An Orchid," depicting the trials and tribulations of Sammy and Tessie Tilden- ite, was a rousing success. The complex feat of magic-getting your coat from the check room after a dance in the gym, is accomplished by prestidigitators Irving Rosen, Irving Wasserman, Bernie Mol- dauer, Norman Kaplan, Murray Goldfarb. Stanley Cohn, George Schwartz, and Leon Leiboff. Together they go by the name of "Longfellows," and that they are, that they are. Their female counterparts helped no end as dance hostesses and usherettes at the "Victory Concert" and "Yellow Lanterns." The Pan-American Club, under Senor Gold- berg, offered tangos and rhumbas to the ac- companiment of some wild "stringing" by Senores Levinson and Starfield. Members al- so participated in the mammoth Pan-Ameri- can Day celebration. We can't begin to list the accomplishments of the Civilian Defense Club, which rose to the most important club post in the school today. Among its active members we find Iris Roseman, Anita Schonhaut, Rene Garvick, Arlene Kanner, Sara Katz, Evelyn Zlotnick, William Steinbeck, Diana Goldberg, Ruth Rothenberg, Gloria Stroh, Zelda Kaufman, Ethel Hoffman, Loretta Parlamenti, Helen Mar- der, Estelle Rudinsky, Bernice Steinberg, and last, but far from least, President Mickey Bar- nett. Oboes, trumpets, violins, basses, etc., pour- ing forth their varied sounds, make up the pride and joy of every Tildenite-the Sym- phony Orchestra. Some of the musical lads and lassies are fiddlers Irene Kranberg, Herb- ie Korchin, Evelyn Maltzer, Goldie Mandel- baum, David Silver, Morton Schwartz, Gladys Sabinson, Marilyn Friedman, Sanford Kleiner, Anita Schonhaut, Dorothy Zorfass and Mari- lyn Putterman, on the bass. Shirley Azrolan gives out on the oboe, while Charles Ronis and George Rosenstein prefer the woodwind clarinet. Arthur Kurtz and Eleanor Kandel go deep down with the bassoon, while Cyn- thia Appelbaum wraps a French Horn around her neck. Max Greenberg plays the trumpet and Florence Goldberg "beats it out" on the drums. As for "Topics," the bylines speak for them- selves, with various and sundry other clubs being omitted only because lack of space makes it impossible for us to note the fine work which each one has contributed. Yes, we enjoyed our four years as a whole. but especially do we cherish the memory of the things we accomplished after one o'clock. SARA KATZ EZQMP xx OW do you do ladies and gentlemen of the radio audlence Thxs IS Stahon WSITs radio reporter Paula Kellner talkmg to you from under the canopy m front of the Hotel Astor m New Yom C1ty We are about to bring you a descrlption of one of the most unusual gathenngs of notables these old eyes have ever witnessed Un usual because every guest who will be present tomght mcludmg Sec retary of the Treasury Mamber Dor1s Batkln of the Metropohtan Opera Govemor Wledenfeld and Mayor Herbert Rahinsky was a member oi the Samuel I Tilden High School graduating class of Iune 1942 ln the entire h1story of this c1ty there has never been another group with such a glowing post graduate record The grant searchhghts playmg upon the sky the mlllmg throngs about the street and the expensive looking hmousmes that are begmmng to draw up to the curb make a Hollywood prem1ere pale into msignxh cance Iust over the letters WSIT on this microphone we can now see the Mayor and his brother City Comptroller Irving Rahmsky getting out There come three more cars to the curb and it looks hke 1t will take some skillful elbow1ng on our part to keep the celebrities in VIGW Pollce Com missioner Hoberman and his men Ioe Cariello Don AbYGmOW1lZ and Al Beyton are doing a splendid job of keeplng back the hundreds of en thuslastlc onlookers P M s editor Evelyn Zlotnik IS now coming up the path and that thundering ovatlon you just heard was for Rosalyn Wiedenield New Yorks charming woman govemor Here they are How do you feel being 1n the publ1c limelight Evelyn? It seems almost like the old school days again when I was editor of Topics and investlgatmg G O hnancial practices with a v1ew to putting Rosalyn on the spot Especially so now that P M is exposing Governor Wiedenlelds state political machine But we were great friends then and we still are of their car, escorting their secretaries, Mickey Barnett and Arlene Kanner. I I Thank you Evelyn Ah I see my colleague has sur. ceeded 1n collarmg Socxal Weliare Comm1ss1oners B1ll1e Kal l1ck and Sara Katz Wlth them rs the noted artlst who has taken the country by storm Stephen Zamblto Steve has just completed the mural m the Whlte House the new struc ture that was deslgned by Zwe Relbman The fourth person ln the party IS I belleve yes lt IS that lovely lady ot the theatre Elame Kusms Heres B1ll1e to say a few words Thank you Paula I Just want to say that the Elame Kusms R1chard Bernstem productlon Pursumt of L1berty the latest drama trom the pens ol Eddle Boxbaum and Ioe Brand has grossed S70 U00 1n IIS hrst srx weeks Paul Sel1gman contrrbuted the sets and the plays fabulous success may be attrlbuted m no small measure to publ1c1ty agent Iackle Newmar mdustnous stage manager Porky Rosenthal and that shrewd buslness manager Zachary Goldberg O K B1ll1e And now more and more guests are ar r1v1ng There 1S that glamorous holder of the natlons purse strlngs Thelma Mamber Lucllle Budner the sports com mentator xs walkmg w1th her and both are escorted by And here we have the former Txlden math wlzards Murray Peshkm and Marllyn Putterman who were the hrst to prove that the log amt got rhythm Theres Elame Boloker worlds fastest typrst and M1ldred Feldman w1th Eleanor Fruchtman who st1ll look enough allke to be twms That terrlhc outburst you just heard was irom the Iune 42 athlet1c cont1ngent who as usual are trymg and w1th much success to make themselves heard The group m cludes Nat1onal Womens Tenms champ Pearl Hlller Olym p1C swxmmers Bob Den1s Hal Sllberman and Curly Eckste1n w1th G1ants haliback N1ck GUld1Ce thppmg a neat pass of a half dollar to the taxm dnver And be st1ll my palp1tat1ng heart there s that photogenlc manager of the Brooklyn Dodg ers Dave Gerber w1th no less than seven lovely models hang1ng on hxs arms The eyefuls are Harrlet Lur1e Yolanda Cu1lla Ehzabeth Zymek Pr1sc1lla Lates Eleanor Chancer Ruth Potash and Esther Greenberg And st1l1 they come but we see that our tlme IS almost up So w1th best wlshes that you too are or w1ll be a celebnty we bmd you ad1eu EVELYN ZLOTNIK I I I - . . , . , . . , N . . , . l ll l ' I I I - Ioshua Hershkowitz, National President ot the Boy Scouts. , . , I I I T- . I v I I I - . , I I ' . I I I - I ffm: pl: mr nfs CLASS Clcrssrc Rep Irwm lclrelt Greene Xln .rnrmx rlf Dun rr hr uh lla r Morton rmnolsky mn l1mm1 rrn.-rn 1 larr1 rman Shrr 11 rs 1rn Rrnbarr lirrxlmrrrn l rlxx rn r rrr1l lrm r In Al 1 H1 ur rymrrr lrnu llr 1 msn h lr ma J1rl1l1nul1x n atc l ran rrr YI f url NH YNY ur 1 lrurrr r hrnarr ltlt 1 1rxhrn rn Hrrnr a1l1rfNl1y l1fr.h AISIOVS rr 1lr1 S rr 1x 1 lux NIA x r nm llnrr urrnrn ihrru r 14 I lrr x 1 rnran Nll n1y 1 lun xr lrr l'4ll1llll14 xmrhrn ll rrrr I1 l'th1l l Uni N rl 1 Il ll un lllml rm rtl lVl rr rlyn xmnur rrm N rrr n 17 llll Ln N rllflrr Sn mmm: ru S rr L1 Ruhr rt x1rs11 rx Ill rrnlralllr 1 :mp 1: rr CLASS 8B Clossr Rep Sanford Klerner Mr Gold Un ahfnn Srrlumon liarxhuv lr rumu lifrshrrll' Sclm licll Agnu li rnl1l1l Hllll 1 li1rnNt1rn l51rnar1 lirrvon l'la n1 lir1nrr A rf. lilaw n-.11 rn Danr1I ulu 1 rllnr liurhurrld lulrrrs urllo Yolanda ll 1 r lan1t r rnlr1 rr, Saul rxrhlrr B1 ngamln rank Henry runapplr B1 rtrrer' hru nslran lu nnr th Hmlysa l,1armr1 luhnsun Lunru lxa. n I1slr1 lx 1rn l' lrnort In lxram1r Inonard lxrrxs llurrr y s I I rec r llXllllh xl Mor un l1xrn1 Srmfrn N uonmn Martrn Mrllst1 rn Arnold 1 lllll lrr ran lN1 mn C 1ral1 rm n 11 7. I' L 1 N I rn rn Rrhrnsky llrrlnrt ll rhrnslty Irvrny., R1 rncr I ll ran luner l hyllls liulrrn Murray Srrrhumrn Maryru1t S1hnur Mrldrul Slurslty Murrrl S rrn Murray Sunxhrnr AHHILIL rsxntr H1 1 ompllnlr nfs ly CLASS 8C Clctssrc Rep Agnes Bell Mrss Newman Botnrck Gcrtrudc Brecher Robe Burke Elaine Cooper Robert Dorn Ico Ehrenhalt Sam Eraenstat Stanlry Feder Peggy Fucks Lrllran Grlman Edrth lxamentzlty Florence lxlerner Sanford kurtz Arthur Laalta Edward Marrrolrs Bert Moslrowrtz Josephine Nlkldes Helen Pogorskx Abraham Pressel Pearl Racer Selma Rrba Irllran Rothstern Joel Rudcrman Alrce ? gr Yr xefg-1-1-arfffffvfffffftffff mf' -f..p.5::.."-::':':-f-of-f-ff-2-M -5:x:--:::ee7','Iw:w:.:':':':-:-:--:. 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B HOSIERY SHOPPE NI I 1 I4 X4 N XII I 1 Complirnenis IIIlIStl alum Ellffl as 1110 Conlpan ,aslel n llllltlllfl' Fumpan 33 Flalbuslw Avenue Brooklyn N Y S-lerling 3 0500 -wifjacl 5 f'm1111l1'm1 nf.: uf Clogfc R, , 5.3 1' 1 of Xyll':1ni1'li. Sollliiu KI11el111x'ilz. 4il1vl'i:1 IS:1Ii1- . R1 ezlyn N11 elk, Ilnh Ii1-'mz1n. NIilI1b1I I'1-zirlmzm. Sli"l'y livvlin, . ll -' I'Iz11l. . lit i 7 Ill 'I1. Iizmru Ifl'SIlII'lx, W: It 11' 4 l Ii1'11l1l1NI1'i1i, IQ1'iI1li1l1 Iii' zn. A1I-l1- Iiu1I1-l', Ii1s1- Ii1iq1n'iii, II:u'li1-I f':1i'i1'll11, .I1151-pli Sul-neI1y. ,Xum-N IIIIIAII. .'hI I'y Svhz 'r. IANI1-I' Ifugin. ICIITI1 Svh: iru, .'1+l I"1-l1lI11-Vx, f'l:u':1 Sill -r, I,illi:1n I"li1f1II:m1I. Ii'1fii1- Sil '1-lmun, I'l14'lIi1 I"l'i1-1Im:1n, Sh- 1-3' Sl: '11, Ii'1'n1' filzizvrg Vi'i:1n Sl1i1iu1'llmm. II:1i1i1-I fi1vI1IIu1-115, Syl "gi St"nlu1-Vg, II1-i'ni1'1- II:1l11-rmsm, I.Il:1 'l':1v1'r' un, I'IIIl"'l1 INHQI1-foil, I.illi:1n 'I'l1:1ll'If. N' ' H Ku 'zalflqq .I11e1-lvli NY'in-hzxnk. 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S1111 1 R12 114 .111 .11111111 1'..lLLI11f' A1 ' - u me I1 ttmtg BOROUGH HALL DIVISION COLLEGE of ARTS and SCIENCES Day Ind evenmg courses leaclmg to BS SocIaI Sclencc 'Incl Pure Sclence Preparatlon for I-hgh School Teaclnng Prepamtlon for Law IVIecIIc1ne Dentlstry Optometry Podlatry Veter1naryIVIedIcIne Summer Sessnon June 8 Full Term September 21 SCHOOL of LAW Tmoyeqr diy or three yc1r evemng course Icadlng to clegree LL I3 Summer Sesslon June 3 Fall Term September 2 SCHOOL of COMMERCE Day or evenmg courses le1cIIng to degree B BA or BS for H1gII School Tmchmg and In preparatxon for Law School and C'ert1hed Puhhc Accountant Iwxumxnatlors Summer Sesslon June I Full Term September 14 COLLEGE of PHARMACY Day course Imdmg to degree BS In preparquon for Plnrm1cy Nledlcme Drug Chemxml and BIO IogIc1l fields Professxornl CIVII Servxce Full Term September I4 Reglstrcxr 96 Schermerhorn St Brooklyn N Y Telephone TRIcrngIe 5 UISU ...III AI PHA SCHOOL ullslltl l II I HDMMIIIII III SUBIIII TS IND MAI IIINIIS DSI KIND IINPNINI IIIIIII Ind RlJLhIXIIy ms Mom Dlclxtns 9 9 - ' 4 4 l l I li Q 0 I 'I . . , , . l I I 7 J ' I ' : ' : I I ' : - : 3 Ip I I ' i . . .' . ' . , I 1 I I. IP ' : ' : I I I 1 A , .. a 7 .0 .- . . . . . 1 O - I "' .1 1 u . M' J , IfSl.lI 1 907 . I . N . . . N I -N 1 I I I I I Q I I , I I I I , I It Y , I It . I' I' A J 1 I Il ' "JZ W gt Ptl-IARMACY? I I I I There's a question you have a right to ask. If you intend to devote tour years oi your lite to the study ol a pro- fession, you should know, in advance, whether you can "get anywhere" in the field. Well, here's what the U. S. Depart- ment of Education has to say: Today pharmacy is recog- nized as a public health prolession in every civilized nation of the world Graduates may become proprietors managers chemists research workers etc Hospitals provrde for phar maceutical departments in charge of pharmacists Manufac turing plants and industrial laboratories employ pharmacists for control work Wholesale and manufacturing druggrsts employ trained men and women as representatives Pub ltshers also have openings for experienced pharmacists Many are engaged in pharmaceutical education The Fed eral and State Governments employ many pharmacists I An even more detailed list of opportunities proving that there IS a future in Pharmacy may be secured by wrrtmg for our Bulletin ot Information Its tree Send lor it now You are znvzted to call at the college to discuss your individual plans with Dean H H Schaefer - Alamo! wfwwwh BRDOKLYN COLLEGE ot PHARMACY Mhin. 2 4040 600 Lafayette Ave. - Founded 1886 Brooklyn, N Y Ave lllllllllll ttmrvvftk 22 9,05 ect 5' 0 0 L East owngo oar H1 wo year comprohx':::lr:e:n?o?l::!lll 51:23 tenswe ,.cro:3':,tte90 'omg :grind affine: tflxgxrtr-xtovl?Ds,:g?:J1aEUT0R on BUL -Y? T00l and DIE MAKING .L s INSTRUMENT MAKING Courses 3 to 12 Weeks Expert Indxvxdual Instruction Wnte Phone orCall9a rn 9 30p m We employ no solrcrtors ME RUPULITAN 'Ec"""m SCHOOL 260 W 41 St II Y lllngacre 3 2180 L any sur YN Mc 0WELl 's"""l"' SCH00l Costume Desugn Fashion Illustration Catalogue on Request Visitors Welcome 71 West 45 St N Y C e Bltyant 9 3085 Sprung Summer and Fall Terms CAMERICA COMPANY X 1 llltl CHARLES THE FLORIST Ulf XNIH sn 'Sl I I ' - I 0 o . O O ton ' ' . . P ' ' INJ- - . 7 ' .--sc I -v - - - ' 1 , n ' u ' . .d V ln' ' 9 4 . ' ' ' D' l ' 2 ' !'mu,1Ifm1nIsuf H ' . F , H3211 l'tiv:1 . vt-n 11- IIIY P0 flml. liuwliy 'l'hrulw f- 5 1 f-'O Sinn- at-N101 -. ' 4' uw lf.lf,-ff lm,-,,,,-lt.,-.V l"l,UWl'IlIS Ifltli .Xl.l. .' NS 114154 l'tic':i .Xu-,, ltrrmltlh' , , , Y, .menu ' .eo ew York ltr-v, Futon mul yi,-,..i,g,.m 554 ARTHUR STUDIOS UNC Onlllgll I lmhwl IIJIHIS Fm The rlllllfll Hwh Q1 lmnl Flu-A Book 1151 ,310 uluax Blix ml 9 Z N ws Yank 1 X T , 9 ,Ig . U.: , la 5 U - 0 P C n x 1. 1 . h 1 v w - V P L A L n A O Sl'lClIl.Nl.lS'l'S IN SCIIUUI, ANNIQXIS 0 F . '- v 1 'u If .1 -731' Q.- - ' - in, Sl ANDARU RING COMPANY WI muf mlm mv S1 lml :stu uw If I s H0 Y ul lflll Shut Nr ss York Ilh f 1 A 1 X .L 0 A2 1. 0 Ul"l"llII.Xl, ,lrlwrzlmzlas 'ru Tim cuss UI" .IINE '12 0 2' b If AUTOGRAPHS . x 1. IQ, ' ,qu ' P 'f 3f???li'FQL3- , V x .. ' A fi-51.54-1 "Qilf'f5f7' ' ' ' X 4 ' ' ,Ww- f- 3. . 9 . 0 Q ., .Qg5v?:.XeJ5:m,,gw,,,5,N --.- 1, . 4' f-V , f'if,"34f 2' -'22 . 11 , - . ', Q f gf , W , ,W.n..,.M .. if .iff 5 iq . .,, M- ' . , V A 'fa,f y,-4 . Nia, 1: is '2,,.wf4f""' L . -' ,. :sig h y '- - .. :I f - 4. QF f' V , - ' -" ', ,J MQ: ,, - -, Q f-+-m,...,,.,,fw' 3 - : . ifwfqf--gf. ' - 53 -5 ' D ' ,LQ I V 1-.. A gg I 53, ' : W. , Q? F X ' 3 ' h V .- K , . A . ,. W, W I fm . , : I E. ,fa lm -J. Q I My AN "xx pg gg 15- -.,,,-, ,H E E 1331 , . fifa 55, -V 1. '- ,,,, M4 i awn- ,4 41 fi fyidfz . -, ' "fu, . " 4-.wr . . .- 2 -ffvxm-1: 2- f 1 g :r'. ' V 1 --4-N4 vw US, . :Q i . wf 2 - ' ' fx- L, , . . .., 4,-f,. y2'N3,1 .1,5.g'ifW . ,fy -,Egg 2, ,- -f. X - . J fa. 1 Ji E'-. . -N ff- If ' t' X ' :ze-,. - ., Q gi, . ' ,, . I W4 ,..,,..--"' . b N , Lf . .I f' uf. 2 V v ' I ' '- ,, e - f- I ff' 3 ,hw-f , 4

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