Tigard High School - Tiger Yearbook (Tigard, OR)

 - Class of 1964

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Tigard High School - Tiger Yearbook (Tigard, OR) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Cover

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:ZZ 1 A V. " 1 Flzlf' 1295x- 455: . - fi, W 11 of I Is. L fv :' gage' mi fi ' uw , -Q- !5 "7 F, .s-A fl 252 55' 5 Pg-- ' if f Iv , , WF? 3 ' -1 . I. ,gf . A , ' K A ' .fr -mfg .p , . EH' ., 6' uf QL J SX QM X Xxff x, "sl 1 f LJ 6 , jx L, 5 -. 'X-JJ k , ' I: CV W3 . P ff' gf Lfvf '75 Ax,- 7 ff, Q E' 'I ,, lf.-X234 VII V' i - .' ' ,f-7' 'K f I f -T' ff' V I X xx. .X N, '55 l f' 'v w. Q 1 ,cs ' l F . J A I 5 . f . r Y w f 4 ' i iff-I jwk if g i iii iii' in iii V iiwff i i i f -f Ah Aida-J 5 A raw' ZWObMJ2ZymwADMwGL 'dai' K yeqtfi 'app :fp a rea-K Quia QW! ,ag ,,,A,,144'5faf4Zdf A41 'CZZ 134, know, Yaufug 30+ fvff- f +5 '4ef'P hkiisit-if a-1-4 QMYG' LQKQ L.'.w-. Gaul LACK 'lk 'TW-6 S-,qI'..u4,g u,'.'V' ever-Y ..,L',,,3' V034 Ao. fix QM- X xw 'X MA N I xx" QJX: 'Q xxbibu-L ck Wm ANN Qffxqg N 1 Ck ' I K fx Mwmh ' xggkwwg wg KH Ri www. swwaf X Em x Qm-I x- Fm A Pmmgm ' Xvf'f2D EC' E. 'S EZ? 231 Qgsisb Aka ' 1 M ik M0 Ragga? Ak QQQDQ 01, xkfx Mak .Q xml Q U?D5??2Wf QQ 'IIQKQ M' fig? Eigjififfzs A gm fe zfzi E? ss-rigs L2 fait l by 9 N N x, X-W C22 ig? zgfwr C 5' GQ an ,EQ 2 Qyi 5 CD27 5? tag, N Uklwgofw, , Q? S- Kolxi l ilwljff rl J , My yljw, Q M I QL r Updx lil, EW TIGARD, oREooN May '63 - J e '64 Editor ........... . . . Kofhleeni Woldo AssocioTe Ediror .... .....,..... L ee Romey Advisor .................... Mono Amburri Pbofogroiphy .......... Glodys Gilbert Sfudios Publisher ...... . . Tciylor Publishing Co. 1 lw '- S i s l "LeT The word go forTh, from This Time and place, ThaT The Torch has been passed To a new generaTion of Americans, born in This cenTury . . . disciplined by a hard and biTTer peace, proud of our ancienT heriTage, and unwilling To wiTness or permiT The slow undoing of Those human righTs To which This naTion has always been commiTTed. ln The long hisTory of The world, only a few generaTions have been granTed The role of defending freedom in iTs hour of maximum danger. And so my fellow Americans, ask noT whaT your co-unTry can do for you. Ask whaT you can do for your counfry. My fellow ciTizens of The world, ask noT whaT America will do for you, buT whaT TogeTher we can do for The freedom of man." John FiTzgerald Kennedy Inaugural Address D 0 All sTudenTs will recognize him as "ThaT man who Takes The yearbook picTures," buT To The members of The yearbook sTaTf he is more Than ThaT. As a phofographer Mr. GiIberT is claimed by many schools, buT he really belongs To Tigard. He Takes every opporTuniTy To urge sTudenTs To do Their besT, and a IiTTIe more. He shows True concern for The quaIiTy of our yearbook by Taking Two pic- Tures when we ask Tor one. In his own words, Tigard is his "TirsT love," WiTh- ouT his fine work our yearbook could descend To The plane of mediocriTy, yeT Mr. GiIberT is more Than iusT a phoTographer: he is a friend ThaT The sTaTT will never TorgeT. As he works, he sings, perhaps iT's because he likes To sing, or iT could be his way of "counTing To Ten." IT he Teels grouchy, he makes iokes so ThaT we will laugh. IT he Thinks Things have been going well, he sends someone To geT apples. When he is ThirsTy, he buys The whole sTaTT cokes. This sTaTT will be gone aT The end oT The year, as all sTaTTs, buT Mr. GiIberT and his fine picTures will sTay aT Tigard and will be remembered always. IT is To you, Mr. GiIberT, ThaT we dedicaTe This Ti-U-Tiger. MR. GENE GILBERT ACTIVITIES Christmas Dance . Coiron anol Cord . Homecoming ... Junior-Senior Prom Mayfere ....... Pep Assembly . . . Sadie Hawkins .. School Plays .... Sweerhearrs Ball FEATURE Pages 6-I5 J.V. .... SPORTS Baseball ... . . . 124 Golf .. J.V. ...... . . .126 Baskerball .. ...IIO Swimming J.V. ........ I. . . I I5 ' Cross Country ..... IO8 Foorball .... . . . IO2 J.V.... ...IO7 Tennis .... .... Track ..... .... Wresfling J.V. , . . ORGANIZATIONS A.F.S. . . , . . . Band ..... ..... Chorus ......... Commercial Club F.T.A. ......... . Girls' League .... Hi-Spors ........ Hi-Y ........... Highland Lassies Honor Sociery .... ..99 I.R.L. ....... .. ..76 LeTTerman's Club . .74 Pep Club ..... . has Rally .... . ..so ski Club ... . .92 sos. ..... .. . .84 Speech Club ... . .60 Tigerefres .. . . ..64 Tri-Hi-Y .,. . .90 Yearbook . . ADMINISTRATION I.C.C. . .. Moms crnol Do Moinfenonce . School Boord ag Emi! ff Sfuolenf Council ........ Superinfenolenf, Principol, Vice Principcil ....... Teachers ..... 148 149 144 131 146 130 132 UNDERCLASSMEN Juniors Group pictures ..... Officers Boy cinol Girl o Clciss Officers Grcioluolfion .. Senior Pcirfy . Senior pictures SENIORS fTI'1e monfh 188 166 190 191 167 Sophomores Group picfures ....... Officers ADVERTISING Pages 194-212 Kaleidoscope liTerally means "a Tube conTaining unique TragmenTs of colored glass reTlecTed To Torm changing sym- meTrical paTTerns." Like The kaleidoscope, life forms paTTerns ThaT shiTT and adiusT To become new paTTerns. Our exisTence is one of movemenT. As The paTTerns of The world change, our lives musT adiusT To iTs progress. EducaTional sysTems change and adjusT also. The image of The school changes as gener- aTions pass and are replaced. Our school life is our kaleido- scope, and here are The pieces-The moods, The Taces, The ioys, The angers, The exciTemenTs, The TrusTraTions, The pains- Trag- menTs of a changing life. .7 ,li 25. 'G -gg CD. -C., 'L - F5 E' p , , 1 ,ra g mg, -.,' --:Z-:QL 2 . Mosf common means of Transportation-walking "Don'f drive foo fast now, Tommy." "Taxi anyone? 1 3 o1vPwu6o6fOu1uLIue6 Some people don'f know if they ore coming or going. Any means of transportation wall do All oboord. Bosses now loading of main entrance. Just singing in The ruin ,, 2 1 . e ' ' I Ri ' df .- my 'v 1 6 if . mx si , M , 5. V QW lr H15 X x Aotwftfes Aciivifies cidol color To our kolei- doscope of school life! Aciivifies bring us exciiemem' ond re- lonxclfion, leisure ond o1nxieTy, siimulolfion ond confenimeni, cinger oncl comrczoleship. l7 x f ., nw 2 ki Q- a nd W 3' fn 1 A J SA Q 4 3 '4 ,f5,-siafk l , V ,, ff mu m y--M WLM , 'Wf' ..... UW. 5 M "h X 4 nigh T!Z95"f pf? : f 0 - 5. . , ,M ' f fw, Q E, 'af 3 ' 0 w w f Jfrrvv-VR iff Am, ' f if ' : wee 4 ' , if ft 5 i 2 . , , 5 ! Q3 . ,ggi , - ' , I ,, K 'f ,H -Qlffu, A gy. iv 1 2, 4 'S . .s ' . f 'W ' - . gm ' ' ' ' dw' L i 1 '91 " x 5 1. Q, M isa Q ,, N. ' Mm f W 3 ..: 45 y , H L, 15,5 Q35 , f , A : - .,,,, W .Q ,- -f S1 vm wi , ,- :sic I - f Q? ' ' .K QL 'E ,. 'QW ' , 5 fy: Lg' S, I Y X 2 f 3 -x ex. , f-. f ,gf w fagi V 1Qf.1,f1fEg1 W1 5 S sf-f - ' 'Y 1 X S 3 'W w. ' M . -' g ' " if v f 1 fv KM- , f A Q y A f if B' . ,fQqQHy,vQQf1afv:',f-5 f , .If H ea , A f 2- v x , -. fy , 1 K K, Hx, ,I Q f , ,,.. A , " , K , K , i 'fswgmif1-wzgsegffzfzif ' . , 3 X f N l , f N' , , ,gif Q f -31212222 :fisfg?2wvfg2Qag ' 2' ff , 1? if gg! jj A Q. 1 5 1 Xi? H213 1 A 'E v- 35 0 45 fm if ' 451 if . , s . was-f Sm f igEN5?1N2i5 em f Ugg, L' ff! ,A M " L ?' S L . . - :I -. Q , , ff My M, f . .Aww ,v,,, , " wmv ' . ,fiwwf " 1 W ' :E'E::... ' N ','s:" ,' S 5 A.,L1,WJf , M A :saw f ..,.4:?5a -ff! W , I s 1 Q . 1 , 9 ,W ffm K 'f A 'WRMQ eff' V .vw X W vp. " wif' W ,,kk ,ww 1 K Q if ' 5 , I X . - Aw " fee-fl-g m : fsg. 5' s 'K iw an 1 ,V i Q? f . an W . , ' ' V W' L Q 2' 1 -f QL" D- zffiisfsifig H g . .. -- if 1 L 1145 is, ,' X f ,QQ Heyy ,gk if 1145 Q ff- 21.1 , 'V ' ' gi' HQ- - 1- , V AW, M ag 1,55 ...,,-,.: L b.,7L'if Q S J X , 3 2 -Ss Q ' V fy y f Z- if my I my Q, my, ' ,f zkfmff wif 5 9 X, f-'A-mwgglilil''ijfgiil yj,5i'a:a5 1. 1 ' - Z J 'if f A mg?-M: 'rj ' 5 ' s -f 'rx 5 J-' - - ww.,,,m,, M I N, .N 3, :mm , .mf J 6 QM. X, g S 3. nm. Q F N, S was 43, . NAN,. 5 M. .,L,.Q, W TV,Q:,,,,3,S,.:1 , 'S' ,W ,.... M vm.: Sxlfdf- 7g , N, Yjklkjgby ,' V . .QM E, I A 5 Av ' g 5 -gawk -W 'ma g.13f'vg . 'Zi L- . l P w 1 -fifw' mai f 'vial M ' -J.: ,emsxf Hfmm if ' 2-55,55 Q A EQ Qzfffszfwirifaiwfaiff iallw rg Q4-55 'iw'8sffvifY3mf -:wi Q, Qgwf m,11fifQwS1fM2f,- u afifay :sx2+?ffSzQ?fEiQfSw1 . 5,jkjgL.SE4w'?575ViQfl?E, , I f . R5 , if 55555.61 , -X ' f -. gfmgfi g : Qgg2,Wg,'?5f51,g1492f , 2'-:s':,, .' 5- ii'- f 1 X -, , , ,M,.0M.M F 0 2 ' Ig, A a -Q . "William s 4... 2 L. W .. ggysf .. ,,, Mk im, ,ew vw ' "I wAllegwMwtoftlwFlogoffdwUn1mdJQtwtes A dramatic moment comes at basketball games, assemblies, and pep rallies as the student body unites to pledge allegiance to the Ame1dcw...OnwNatiow,UnduuGodf,lndiui5fbUef 5 Qi Q Wim A, 19+ aff . Q ' .ng mv f L ,gg 22 ini Q , Q A 5 Qi Q L 38 3 f ,gif 9555, .zfyffsf 4' if ,gm -fi, :SEE ga, 1 g. ffg K- Q? '25 ex ,Q , g ' , 1-S 11 ' w .QA Av M 1 1 Q N HQ Q N A-- - AA' -An HALF. HALL- '--Al.!..A Home Ec. students open nursery school during their unit on child study. The band visits Short Sands Beach on its annual picnic outing. i. R. Ems, D. Bimeler, J. Jossy, R. Bell sit in the wooded picnic area. 2. L. Hazel and B. Holmes look out from their vantage point in the tree branches. 3. Boys follow lunch with roasted marshmallows. 4. Mealtime is a favorite time on any picnic. 5. A brave few ventura f-'it to sea. camped, mmm ognwraawwnumaww X M- 5 f , , 5 f - 1 ' ' " 0619!-IQ' F-F1156 iuedf Queen Eleonor McCoI'I cmd Prime Minister Dole Rcigel begin the Queens Dance. Senior Prom escorts, I. to r., Row iz Prime Minister D, Rogel, Master of Ceremonies T. Aston G. Selliken. Row 2: L. Sapp, J. Turmun. Row 3: L. Strutz, M. Turrnon. Top: S. Johnson. 5 i ' W iw, - "Wir-su. fm, H., '-YVWWAW K ,Mw,,. W "'4www,M H7 Am?-. . 4, Uk Q 51 x "1 Q- L, ,W sq 'AMF if A z J ffw , 851' a5f?'gf' W' -Hwfff'- EqQVf. fiisggw H' lv -' 7 V . ,, Yiua m aw, W . Qi sa , qi ' , ,:. , X 21 5 .Q 4- .,,f,. H S, ' bf new M A h 2 5, X is E Q ,,f ,gg is Q, 5 if 3' + gi f -M fg Q V , . , in ,E QQL 1 9 m?K gm 2 ,Q 5 4 A Wi 5 l?gF??25Q fig? Fw 1 1 1 W 1 X L , 1 W K m y ' N -A A 'Kg :im p - wfkiww fgg 255' 5-x i Q. :ffm -fy msfwm M wffmg glxggiaf gig? Qgwmzfqgf Sw - Mm gmqggmivg wgg . A ig, -L Pfiffaf Q, , .Q an K E5 7 W 5 l f 5 ! fwgiit Y 3 5 at ? uf, 3 N -- wr xy 5, ' .511 5 5 ' 'mg , ,MQ-Q as 4 1 T? , . W? QE? HU Q L If Q.. 2: 91 5.92 is 1 wr, ,Mg Q1 'G 'fiaxw HQ 1-pf: , if-fm " A 5: 3 9 ,V K if '55 V, rM1'V'W J' .Z 322.2 221 ,, A. 'ggi 'gf L K wx, . 'f . - ,A-Q gf ggi Pa i ff - f 54, f kgisuz' ,- Tw-I .5 51 4 5 ' --Qs: En. 5 ,- Eif. ' ,, .za F x 2 5.fg,w wg' M A A 'Mi 2 M. 3 wxws X v a A A5915 " we W ' MW JS if Y, 4 6 .M W, ww ws ,X n ,.., ,4 Q, ., m mm, IM L U 5 y ifffif s N U + A535 K 155193 Aw, S 551212: .ig sf Y? . iii? g 1 A W-an X X .-,, gi 4 an Y W 3 K H L 'xii' A I 'EW .U 5,m,,,y . .uS.q,?,,if.i..,i3.qg.i, J, ...qi V W, 2 nf W . .gsm ,-., 3. 5 my ig wig, , S3 Q if 2 . vig? xg? s 'ISU' Eilffl. .5 A HRT 13 yy M- 5 ' ' use L Q S ffh R , A sf. f ifrgrf .. - , .2 2' f S It 'I ' L. Q, A ' Eff, . 5 Q W 4 4, 5 m f : is is 'L f 'J , ,f -A If 7 M ii EQ ' . 13 V . , f . p 7 v gms . J ig ,. ,1 K K Q. Wgigi QMQQL .J Ev' 1 , . 2 .4 is Sxfa Q' , .V , . 3552 . V A Y f f , ' - , " 3. Q ' ' - , ,K 1 v ss-waz.QwQg,Q.g1Lfm?2,.f,.f ?Qf,A,ff f I ::,,':? .1 H K 5.g5,,. Ng: M , - S fx . Wgyy, jmmmwwx. , 6 A 1. -, -2 1 ,, ' 1 . f - Hg WWW? 5353? 1 55' Jil 'Fifi " U 132331255 SRU' L jg' " 5 .ffl A 2-" ' - ., ' P K' ' , ff 22 ws N f 2 f aw? 9 V' 21' f - S5 ggwx AL .. , E W i , All Q S2 , 2 ,. ,V 5 A jg' sv , Q' Q i b , A f ' QW- :M ' 2. i U , ' 'f?.f:2 . F 5 V 917 QMQLH , ' , E:E1'rfEff. N ew " V 'wg .- M 5255 ikiiefwggfggg' 7 Q 1555 64, W , .W ff . ,AWSM 'SWR .RLS A-3?-'evs 4. . 'giiff 5 A KL, ' . v 1 w J , L31 i spin , fm Q Sag. I 2 W 5+ bw si .emi .ff A, P: . A ,WZ 53? Q56 -1-,gf Yf. .V ,V , gf L M H 1 . Y iw. 5. 46 1 ,gi E ay. M ZA Qui, ga? 3 wa 5 Q F 2 f Q. W bi 'K W j wgsgh., 5 M W - xi S BW il Q V V . - x ' K' A ri.. ,, K K 52 My , 5 ...,,Mk,.-. A.,...M,..mw- , " gf fl' If an .K ,lf gl Q Bi ,,. 11 E55 K . P 4 md ,J , 1 +- -f vqfm.n4:' .Q Q A W Q4 7 Q E M3 1 A ,ge H, :WL V: Y ,1 g M ,Z ,sk QA , ff' Ski ,QQ 3 3 mg ,IL yr V .lik ,wg , mf Court for '64 Cotton 'n' Coral, M. Murdock, T. Jacoby, K. Dietzman, D. Albertson, J. Graham, P. Stringer, "His af I-luv QMLTM-lrfv P. Mclntoch, D. lsom, P. Bikiri, L Hing, B. Grant, T. Staehnke, C McLoughlin, B. Johnson, J. Mitchell J. Jacoby. Queen Peggy Bikiri and Prime Minister Lenny Hing dance the queen's olonce. Jon Graham clcips as exchange student Peggy Bikiri is chosen queen 1 sw N E M, , A . A. ,-mu M. M., M sa H ' fag? sv 12 - mg, TQ ' xi? K Q 2 -3, 2 ye ,I ,, , J ,EQ , , " .,.. Q SM - S Tai?- , gm, ,ic .Ag L Mp , Susan 1, Coaches name Marty Eggert "Athlete of the Year." 3- Lenny Hing, voted as Tigard's most inspirational baseball player receives certificate from Coach Kangas. 2. 4. Coach Hittner presents league champion golfers L. Cunningham, T. Amburn, R. Hanegan, M. Gilmor with athletic awards. Gary Leiser an Nancy Martin named Out- standing Students by Oregon State Dad's Club. Vasey is honored for scholarship and leader- ship by the Tigarcl Rotary Club. A w w S x 1 y w 1 xv' w:,,L,Mfm - ew Li .5 mf' mf W ,a ww- W VV 3 1 15 -5 .M Ng-1 if Row I: G. Clwandlee, B. Dickson, D. Miller, B. Merrill, L. Hing, B. Chamberlain. Row 2: G. Chamberlain, D. Foster, T. Lamb, C. Potts, M. Miles, A. Lerriche. Row 3: M. Eggerf, B. Sfreich, R, Hannegan, J. Haeffele, J. Harper, D. Ewen. Quppm fa saw Aoiiuitms Lenermen decorate for Valentines Dance. L 1 QwwIowP1ojads,JoZmHbJ Qponsofus Coitow 'w Cmdf Dance N Qclwolbawl ' President ..,.... . . .T. Morrison Vice President .... ..., L . Ramey Sec.-Treasurer. . . .... E. McColl Historian ..... .... K . Baker Highland Lassies provide half-time entertainment at Homecoming. D. Steele, J, Abeling, M. Mansfield, J. Donovan, L. Ramey, P. Micltaelson. lf x' ,Am A A.. :fair 'S ,nm AASAQ ,.V.,, W ,A , fy A A V: - . Q 1 VA- W - . if A ,, 1 -A' A M. , V .. ,. 1 ., 25,1 k 4 - V I .V Wy, . ft ,V -Q In -f,,3:,, K V. , E:E.j'5A 'ja 5? 1 -. x. - . . " . ,Q V , .y 'AQV QAPM k . ,,1Afi K V A A, 215722 'Af A A . J., V . .. . V fx. ,,M4s.A.,S5rm. . . A . , ,. , V A A.,. ,. ,. V ,. .V ., . . VV,. , V W, ,. , .M., , .V .V .V fm, .. .iggayw VM- A. .- msn. nw A Wffifw V,QM,.Q:1S-,gig ,mf 5 , ap L, .zwg .. --V...-f,, , V Q-.V,., y,fV,.,V.f..'.,, .nw-:A - :A .j V zg:,.fA-.fp . A ,.Qffgf.gxa:s5A-Q .wifYigefzieiiazfaisrsfgigvsvfiff i . AA A' J' "z gy AA'AAfA gVfg.'1i.w-JV 3 I Q.f'.3i'AfVs V :A . ,fiilf 212.11z:zAA-VAZSIASVAQ C M - ",g:. -V 'A V . H -V A' mi sr?-eafgiA4w5?Sgfsx:fgez.az ww:Ai5sasZAs .Ag-f2A,,1zAg.sf1.g1ieAiievAfv-if., . A5 ,Vflf.-.Fiflf '.f2.1ATt'..z'A ni ' A . S I W. - A A if,.qgggg.,:zmgz 11sg555553555ig955g5Qgmnfgweg?.QzgsngV1gVgg.gwg12gf Vgg1,ga5gfaAf VVggV..g 'Av A'g,11A..1xAf5f--.,, Agj .sk ,ftiiimp-f'.V . z'Kg1'wgAA.s 'A Mr 1 Q -. W - ,Ag A f'--' ' A' W, if 11-5. X1,AfV.AA.-'ww .wi gf, ge,A,Mi'7fA A-A'..AfA.2ef2si.A ' ,ff gx'f1F5 5Qf1m.2amsfVA,1.5 E4'fxf AAA' if . -Q.,gV.s.v. ..:f,i'A..nvAfV. . fibfV.iz.A. fV A: Q,..rAAwS'fmvgg: A ,f if -'P 3 - ,, A 'Af 'Q Rza? A35 'r fgv VA . :Q-5- ffiw Ag A 5' VA AAA 9,.,?. wafixfhfzqfyf A A Afagfwzisf .4 V. ,, 'W ,' I- ,I V -3, -i t . . w. ' " an 'V - ' .igflefi ,2 ,Q5F',V7 f','A- f' .55 .1 'AAS A A fVr5l.,,V ff? ' V T' 1 .."-, V 2- A blfiimif V ,fp A 'A . " A' ' ,A -- 4:2 V. ,A g .1-V ., A, V, VV- V ,,,, g m .A1Q,f A ,A , ag, . . f ,fy ,KA Q A , ' N xx. . ng, Aw A V ,ff rw, A, 5 fs A551 5 A 2' i f ' -V 'S - :g.,.- if -. . 9 m zy giim 4 is " V A' E- . ' ef - -A I V L74 155: 1A ' 3 Li A A - Lfsx A . f fi V Q. V 5, -A m f 5 ,gwg,aA..Q , Q,.V . Emi: A A -. VA .ff "wwf Pi: ' f Q. A. "',- ,1'wi'ii.LifiE- Wag. 1 aff. Yli v. ff V ffw. A -' .- 'QA A . . . ' A ' V . . V, MP' 1. H , , 1 .... X.. 1. A Lmewwewdwewwrpcmwb For The TirsT Time in many years The TSHS rally squad led iTs sTudenT body To a second place Trophy aT The TYV League Jamboree. The iamboree awards are based on The originaliTy of The rally's yells and on The sporfsmanship of The sTudenTs. The Trophy was presenTeol To Randy Robinson, sTudenT body presidenT, and was placed in The Trophy case. Bags Displag Qclwolb QpwbTlvwugIv 9.0.9. Bock, I. fo r.: J Hoeffele, M. Lesh, J. Johnson, M. Dov ison, N. Wilkenson Front, l. to r.: G Clwncllee, A. Hoge S. Goss, J. Schmidt M. Mciyernik, C Snyder, M. Gillmor C. Trigg, Mr. Peck advisor. S.O.S. Officers: J. Hoef fele, V.-Pres., B. Brody Pres.g M. Moyernik, Sec.- Treos. Bock, l. To r.: R. Erdmon D. Frohler, R. Hudson, M. Pickeff, C. Veule, R. Betts, R. Boleyn. Front: J. Field- ing, G. Zoolow, H. Pick- elf, T. Aston, B. Brody, E. Bouschor, M. Kinlock D. Robinson, D. Jung. I 1 69 70 PepMxbPfdes ' PepGwUs,Afuwwges Pep Club Officers: L. Pcnrsons, V.-Pres., B. Weber, Trees., F. O'Bryf1r1'r, Pres., V. Price, Sec. Pep Girls With Pins For Oufsmnding Service: Row 1: L. Sfricker, P. Michczelson, H. Kenny, D. Soares, V. Price. Row 2: L. Zipprich, P. Long, F. O'BryonT, L. Parsons, M. Losoicn. GP 1 P JM P0915 o'l+QOMf38d1 Qpwb Pep Club keeps spirit high or games. Pep Club members prepare posters for Store Tournament Pep Club colds cheers 'ro roor of crowd. 3 Z s i 2 E X 1 E , i Q 5 E E E E 1 2 74. A . ia Ii X , A Iasfif ISK: - 'lambs 'ff Aw mf K5-K E , Y i x aw' rt' Y X E X Q I 1 X 3 li 3 2 gg , Ali 51195 41 L I' :T N Eswv Y 5.3 ' 45 - 'HE x 11 fx 5 QL ., 4 A X H, M. 1 Q -f5.. if Q? . fi Q . - f .. , 2 H , wif . L A , 'W' aggyue-':: 5' H 4 Q-fm K fm ff A 'H :A x 1 g , g,k: i, H , v Z MSW .ff . S. M1 ,V 5 H, mm -- V , 75 ww , X -' , Q Q i f -, Q:-i:v:,2'W Eg: fzigsfj- '59 3 P z LM fEfI15kU?!i7L35lKi3?i5 wg ' Q' ,gift f 235' . f V" .g:- N, W .wa My w,,u,f1q1sg W vgswynl - nf Qifwkw-nikki? ,V Mwmvyfff S , -N ...Jw-,, ww 4. W .35 - wgtfggfmv, Y E 1 . X ' Ratings ai7AmuaL Under The direcTion oT Mr. Lc1Mor Bell ond Mr. Morsholl Poncheou, The Tigord Senior School bond hos consisTenTIy ochieved superior roTings o1T cornpeTiTions held onnuolly. There ore severoil orgdnizo- Tions wiThin The bond: The Donce Bond, The FluTe Trio, ond o quinTeT composed of five diTTer- enT insTrumenTs. The bond or- gc1nizoTions also include The bond council, ci sTudenT organ- izoTion. Bond council. Row 1: T, Morrison, D. Silvey, C. Josperson. Row 2: M. Gensmon, G. Jossy G. Peterson. Row 1: B. FosTer, R. Kone, D. Bimeler, J. Eogelson, S. Bloir. Row 2: D. Puoll, T. Arnburn, D. Puller, J. Well, B. Lewis, J. Dobson, D. Wheelon. Row 3: G. Silvey, B. Peck, A. Hosuike, D. Vc1nDenBosch, M. Moiouski, C. Ander- son, D. Hoge, R. Erns, B. Koski. Row 4: L, 5chmidT, G. EggerT, G. Chomberloin, S. Richardson, R. Shinn, D. Hcxglund, M. KurTz, M. Fulfon, R. Wilson, M. Gensmcxn. Row 5: P. Corson, B. Honners, M. Brown, S. Low, R. lndrebo, R. Honegon, R. Bell, J. Noyes, G. Jossy, N. WhiTe, Mr. Poncheou. 77 vwxfuwiwemi, Purim, Pep Band. Row- i. J. Peterson, B. Langman, R. Ems, C. Anderson, B. Koski. Row 2: A. l-lasuiki, L. Brickey, L. Kaski, M. Gensman, R. Wilson. Row 3: S. Richardson, S. Hust, B. Holmes, L. Hazel, L. Schmidt. Row 4: B. Hanners, S. Law, M. Brown, J. Noyes, R. Bell, G. Josey, B. Chamberlain, E. Mace, C. Waldo, D. Meyers, M. Stites. Dance Band. Foreground: F. Becker, M. Kurtz. Row iz N. White, A Hasuike, L. Bricky, D. Van den Bash, M. Gensman. Row 2: J. Flowers J. Brickey, S. Richardson. Row 3: R. Bell, M. Brown, M. Gensman, R Hannegan. The Flute Trio: Janet Abeling, Nancy Hernsteadt, and Kathleen Waldo. .Rf.L. abMoclwU.N. fwEugew l.R.L. Officers: Row i, l. fo r.: C. Smith, historian, J. Judy, sec., B. Bishop, Yreos. Row 2: P. Stringer, pres., P. Bekiri, v.-pres., B. Longman, song leader. l.R.L. seeks fo further unclersfonoling of world offolirs through studies ond conferences. Front row, l. 'ro r.: P. Jormon, J'. Leroy, B. Eggimon, S. Brown, B Bishop, J. Judy, L. Romey. Row 2: E. Tyson, E. Wick, P. Holcombe, K Holmgren, S. Jenovich, C. Finley, S. Corcoron. Row 3: D. Schultz, V Bordell, D. Grohorn, L. Follef, M. Annonol, S. Borlonol, K. Scoff, C Adcims. Row 4: P. Peck, P. Bekiri, R. Beffs, C. Smith, K. Boker, L Ccinerdczy, P. Wololo. Row 5: J. Hoeffele, T, Aston, J. Jones, M. Sfifes R. Hudson, A. Borcheck, B. Longnnon, L. Stringer. lIutwwfTea.clwas off ' O oui3edtaPwmote Row 1: L. Crismon, L. Nelson, P. Holcombe, J. Chrisficxnsen, J. Le S. Vosey. Row 3: J. Lindey, J. Turmon, V. McLean, S. Schneider, roy. Row 2: P. Waldo, C. Stanfon, S. Borlonol, V. Price, C. Brown L. zipprich, K. vvillock. lmaestuvTeacldngasafCwnwu F.T.A. Officers: K. Willock, l-listorionp S. Vosey, Sec.g P. Woldo, Presldentg P. Holcombe, Treosq Not sl-town. V, McLeon, V. Pres. T, Swanson, J. Leroy, J. Linoley prepare to leove for observation trip. E ' F.T,A. meets to discuss projects. Qpeeclvflfub Esfablbs ' ' ' Speech Club Officers: P. Cole, Pres., P. Stringer, V. Pres Brown, Sec. Sfudenis pcxrficipcifing in Linfield speech rourncxmenfz Row 1: K. Schulfz, F. Robinson, R. Finn, M. Bancroft, S. Heedum, J. Jacoby. Row 2: L. Adkins, E. Bousclwor, F. O'Bryonf, P. Stringer, P. Cole, T. Morrison. ITOJQQS Amends oh State QpeeclvTowuwmeub Examination of copies before release is an essential step in the production of a newspaper. L. to r.: G. Anderson, reporter, J. Godcling, sports reporter, G. Landis, sports reporter, L. Canerolay, advertising mgr., B. Foster, photographer, P. Schubert, special events reporter, S. Greco, reporter. l-luQpobs D Qclwolb L. to r.: C. Smith, feature eol., Mrs, Hughs, oolvisor, D. Bushnell, co-ed. ovidr I uv One of The lasT steps in The producfion of a newspaper is The preparaTion of "paste-ups" before The final deadline. c1dverTising mgr L son, reporter, S Bo co-ed.7 J. Jacoby ed.: P. Anderson change ed., R. copy ed.g J. Larson ness mgr.g L. Ramew L. to r.: P. H cc I porter. ' , Plwtogwplwus mwlfVwdws Wo Editors: Nancy Martin, Picture Ed., Mrs. Amburn, Advisor, Lee Ramey, Asst. Ed., Kathleen Waldo, Editor. Photographers: Greg Brault, Dirk Van Den Bosch, Steve Dreyer. Business Staff: Karen Harris, Sec., Judy Lettvvich, Treas.g Billie Cardwell, Production, Bev Eggimann, Index, Donna Steele, Typist. The yearbook is the story of the year. A record ot school events, it serves as the memory book of the students. Planned to be ot more value twenty years hence than novv, it will enable a student to recuall "the best years of his lite," and names and faces that have grovvn- hazy with the passing of time. lt is one of the most permanent records at the year, portraying school lite and the school plant for the community as well as tor the students. ogefl1mftovPwducwtlwQtow5 o6ftlwYewv Editoriol Stott: Stonding, Peczrl Wdldo, Activities Ed., Charlotte Bishop, Administration Ed., Roy Miller, Sports Ed. Sitting, Jon Fogon, Senior Class Ed., Judy Lorson, Feature Ed., Julie Leroy, Literory Ecl. Advertising Stott: Tom Aston, Colleen OlCQllCQhOV'1, Faye O'Brydnt. Layouts: Julie Linoley, Lindo Parsons. 3, W, ,. gf. 'Xiu' Iwi ,ji gxfm-. . 4 V Ugg! S 'Reims ii f W 1 5 s , N , Eifilw F W my ,-f5?f:'2, fffjgfii- f 1 fix "KJ - f 5 if-f " '45f'5?i5':: : LQ XMVEE 7271. '11, 'W we 1-1 gg ,Sf - f' A-:fa A ,M W . ,. M.. 1,-1 5, 15, 156 lf, 5 - f ' ' az ,. ,,,f,M, W, , W, N, .L 1, .Q ,imp . ,.. . my L, ., ,.: fwfw- f If Nwfgmif ,.-,- M -J.,-. f " . ,, .. . A.., .. kk,f ki. W 535545 - v in 53' " 'W' 955555 ,fy A W , Mm msg,-ff ,Q 1, ?3"5'4mi??f:'ifT g:, if :E-, Lfgf -'I v. " if' f.:3":Y f a ,- -' 55351 hi - W gf -, as : v ,v :E , -www L .ff . fi -ff' -f,-.wemefszw A .Q A.., W, - V ' 1 , -55 .'-,,?'.:.L25'21 " :f5QWfS'55j3,Q 'iv L, : fa. 5 g??fz5f5 . S --,111-., -M in xi --1:ase::'.'2-:W-W"' ' .V V 1 1, Qi Q. 'f2,1,f,,-f f, '- SETMQ, "A, ' ,gg.1555,QA,,k,1X33,.pMQuff -x--2:,:.w,:w ff' , Q -ml --W, Lymmgmgiygwgxqgugvg 3 ,f. .4 Q x fs? K E S: A pf 5 3 Q1 f ggi 7' 3 . R, if k 'G 3 1. 5 , . K ' K2 A X , ,, Q, 5 fm X, ,, . , I 5 , + N M Q 4225, ff , 'F'-' Q X A .Q Q 5 S ff, M T .J 1 is xx 1 2 .K 4 ,fwigaf f ff A We gf' vfif WA ra rw M1 , w1.wf1,L i g-RQ, , ,1.fz,7'3's', P,i5.,'..,-:. 'ZEYK gl nik 'il' Vivi- Qgm ff ww - ,qf15,iW51bz ,s J W. gn ,fi,fw,, , 5 ,MAJ , A,,5g,,,f, ' 'mMW,fg.femw+ i BJWAS5 -aw'-ig ,i fgxeim 3, . f , A ,L ., +:nwg,1s:g1fsr:., ,M gin- 'wi L. may Q X51 AFX wi 1, fawaaevm fiis , ,Q ,,:f:,z.fa2Hs2,wX ,f Q Wag 5,,x ...V A.., .V ,, " irr"5:ii.5m5-'ilfffiffillfffi 1,53 F ' , .,M.,r.,, ., .3 Q v . . -ffQ,QvfX.,z,:,s www 5? ' ggi F, 53.-1,,5'Q."',.E.x :. iw' we K ., A , ' iff, 'X sw A 4 w pw- ,f W1 Q y 1451 4534, 1 .4-Y . Mfskiwegf vm, gf "fsg,gQe,5w?a4- Qi? 'mmm ' few' 62? 5 M any - ,f 11' 'Jkj. . ,,, .JV V L i ' ' ' I ' ' ' . . ,L Lg?-..a.w'yA 1 , Qfgw A ,gJgxi5,3,Q,M , M ' ' , . i3'iP:i5'iEiE?fY5H ' V' E: Ei'E: Y 41511 r ":41vm?. Wi' , . ,., ,,..,, ,,, , ,,L, ' 'f Q,missinQiagzezaassssfuszzgkxwiismfsaxxwxswfiissi f 'M-fp, 8, N A ,eg wifi - fw-',,?im 539' as N I-Iowa Qocietg niges mA ' Honor Society Officers: J. Graham, V.-Pres.: S. Vosey, Sec., L. Cotes, Trees., G. Leiser, Pres.: P. Peck, Historian. Probotionory Members, Row 'I: P Michoelson, F. Robinson, C. Silney J. Eogieson, J. Abeling. Row 2: S Heedum, R. Rondoll, D. Boleyn, L Thorsen. . s 5 l f 9 Q Girls' League is an active organization composed of all Tigard High girls. The girls' program for Sadie Hawkins week included a pickle sale, clash day, and ended on Friday with a "grubby" day. This year The girls sold chocolate bars to raise money for dishes needed for the annual Mothers' Tea and Father-Daughter Banquet. 92 President Sarah Aitken Vice President Judy West Secretary Barbara Grant Treasurer Susan Riser Sgt.-at-Arms Donna Steele Song Leader Nancy Martin Junior Representative Jo Judy Soph. Representative Joyce Roberson wmv Caudg ew-,enum ew Lwgwrwmj Gials' League Qpowsofw Awww Dads-Douglftezus Get- Togetlwu, M0413 Qclwoll ' Pwjects l 5 Row l: C. Robins, L. Rhinevaulf, J. Ronnie,,S. Moore, J. Robinson, K. Holmgren, D. Burris, C. McEneany. Row 2: C. Soares, D. Jacoby, L. Thornlorue, C. Dunn, P. Rader, J. Abelingg L. Barker. Row 3: B. Bergman, K. Sageri, N. Lane, K. Hewerr, L. Krueifner, D. Brady, D. Neikes, R. Wagner. Row 4: E. Wick, P. Clole, J. Marlin, K. Diefzmon, S. Panfa, K. Scott, F. Frank. Row l: M. Miles, K. Martin, J. Hasuike, C.l Boyle, K. Risk, K. Dalfon, B. Bishop, B. Leriche. Row 2: N. Reiker, C. Lewis, N. Siberr, R. Gilliland, C. Lloyd, S. Swanson, L. Bell. Row13: S. Moxley, K. Moxley, J. Robinerre, P. Michaelson, D. Scoif, C. Clapper, S. Jenoviclw, C. Baker. Row 4: M, Annand, K. Willock, S1 Kefchum, L. Follet, M. Alnurr, S. Schneider, J. Latham. GUJAMOJPLOW Row 1. K. Schultz, J. Baggenslos, C. Senn, B. Murdock, I. Ochs, C. Ellson, J. Mace, F. Robinson. Row 2: C. Wicklund, J. West, E McColl, B. Sills, T. Adams, D. l-lruby, M. Inman. Row 3: J. Rankin, J. Dunham, K. Farmer, B. Foster, G. Tinner, G. McFarling, J. Fagan L. Crabtree. Row 4: P. Weller, J. Eagleson, G. Perry, J. Lindy, C. Silvey, D. Leer, K. Waldo. Row l D Sllvey C Hansen P Busch W Carlton J Crane D Carns C Caldwell M Richardson Row 2 G Sxlvey B Bucholz S Brown K Sphon L Nodland S Bausermon H Sueferf Row 3 M Dovudson B Wynn N Martun C Lee L Ramey C Shirley S Nelson G Hnxon Row 4 C Boker B Burkshure J Thomas B Peck M Anderson V Meyer nnAAnA.--. Ai. I 'Au.An.!l m. fxi...!.-... E-.p..-L. 5 Row lg B. Schulrz, F. Miller, S. Heedum, Ml Wick, P. Jarman, M. Rife, J. Frouole, B. Bunny. Row 2: R. Finn, J. Finn, M. Morgan, V. Price, D. Schultz, S. Johnson, S. Morehead. Row 3: H. Eggirnann, B. Dayson, P. Weaver, L. Krafr, L. Sills, M. Payne, M. Murdock, S. Goodnell. Row 4: D. Ely, D. Mayernik, V. Flkzinnery, D. Akerson, P. Williams, S. Corcoran, B. Cappoen. Row l: N. Hernsfedr, P. Baker, J. Hunt, L.,SchulTz, M. Bancrofr, H. Kenny, C. Gregory, l. Symes. Row 2: C. Reiker, K. Eidenschink F. O'Halloran, T. Baumiller, B. Bergman, Di Soares, C. McKinrrick. Row 31 L. Atkins, J. Mansfield, M. Cates, L. Flye, L. Jones, D Fleiger, J. Kable, D. Thompson. Row 4: C. lCallcighan, K. Harris, F. O'BryanT, P. Bland, L. Zipprich, M. Bischof, L. Parsons. Tgwwlf l-liglv League Oldest, Bwsiest Qdwolb Omg ' Row iz R. Reynolds, L. Ramey, J. Stan, H. Fox, S. Greco, P. Howell, K. Hazel, P. King. Row 2: P. Anderson, L. Chrisman, J. Judy, B f Miller, S. Aolom, R. Kastel, S. Simms, B. Cardwell, L. Canerday. Row 3: D. Schubert, S. Junkin, P. Holcombe, R. Randall, P. Schubert, 1 L. Nelson, S. Newman, J. Larson. Row 4: S. Borland, C. Smith, Y. Nadig, K. Mitchell, M. Agun, N. Burge, S. Alvord, J. Donovan. Row 1: L. Rieling, K. Klingbeil, S. Stoggs, S. Bachelder, J. Ness, C. McLaughlin, J. Roberson, L. Pietila. Row 2: C. Wark, L. Thorsen L. Chilson, A. Altman, S. Trueax, S. Johnston, S. Senor. Row 3: D. Steele, E. Tyson, C. Whittorcl, L, Hanna, K. Kurath, D. Bremer, M Duncan. Row 4: P. Waldo, B. Webber, P. Mclntosh, J. Wolfe, B. Baggenstos, V. Bardell, C. Bishop. Tgwadf Welcomes y Q Undmf AFS. Pwgfwww Our exchange student, Payayileta lPeggyl Bekiri comes from Patros, Greece. She is spend- ing a year in Tigard with the Jdxmes Aitken family Peggy says 'The faculty nd students ot Tlgar High School have maole this year most Wonderful tor me. Everyone hclis been very lcn I hope all exchange studentd have been as happy as l l R. Robinson gives students' Christmas presbnt to Peggy. i Students donated money so Peggy could tele-' phone her family in Greece s 3 , I 1 l is .ZS ig ggi? i iii Peggy shares Beatle magazine with her American sister, Sarah. Peggy and Sarah show musical ability. Students share in Peggy's birthday celebrations. il, . -51, -. X " ,iz 3 rf. W .. M:,52l.l ' I . K, 1 'f 2 S 'ks my ' ,. Sw als . 6 S v 1'- Q 's g Q fp 2 ff , . . YQ 1? is. 4- 5 , ,H v,,w""'X . jf- ."2' ' 5' '2 1' . EQ.. 4 y .. ,, ig 3 gush 'J Q? f sg nf 4? 13 fa " , L 2 iiP.iE3?ffS V. fy a hh ,-' Q ' EK fgsgyg . g l -- v .1 T235 11 mm W .ax M Q. 5 Q 5 x... , if if wi ,,.,, if 7 .. ,:,,L,.,,.:. .,,.. 3 , : ..,...fg, WL A .QT 'f if ff.:2:Jaf"'if,5744' " HE Q1 'L 4 ,m.,.Q,Qg7.Qg -1,s,:',:7gf-,Reefs .. . . .,,. ,.., ,. , M ww ,. -- wwf, f--- , . -. --Q HQ: -ff-- -11m-.ff'-.aw W1 fwqif- . ' 3- Sis 51 'ff' V s-'Zz af '- 1 -S -f .1 A 'M ' 5 - --" 1-'ML-1, 251151251 .,:-my mv Ev .'.,sm:1a '.f.fr:'Q-5.25ssimfsf - ' f KKVA- ' ,. , gi., 1.4.13 1 -' ' 'uni 'i5:r:::'? ' .. . - 4W4i,l9iv '3"4' 'fll' ' " . Mu m ' . f sv ww.. X .Ig - 1' -ff-f' :f.s,f,M Zi wee" iiiiffk' w- "-' m::.,.. ,..., ,vgsff IW g3lg3f g3g.4, f" g1iM. .g,5l.g 1' 9 ' L ' , T 4' , 'f::i.fv22:iw1ik' iffy ' . x...w,zqf..f...,.wK wie E .. .W T , . pg, , ,, ,x.- S' 1- 'f , -. ,ga wi gf Qis2225325ggQgffwjgggggfgsfggffwfgawigafiskismwmswiwm fg - - , . ki i Q' wiwmgwfwnf ig 5' 1, 5- . W -f-' .Qw'f'w v -fm MW' .1-'fS?f', .' ,V - . "" ' . . . AW ,, M i f fl .... -- A fi ., -AW-'W-A-W S ' 1:g.A,,W .M I M ww ,WL .. , ,g.,53i.9g.gg,gl w3gg,m, mwww H I . ,Q lciigxiik 551Aggfsgfiifygfeeiisseii'1127.1514.3.1,i,.Q,,,,.Q5393.3 H ,J 1 M M '- ' " .2 H ' :U t Ein. .swf an-1' ""' ..sz7:g1fQ'Q, gfgj ,.,.mW., , . .A .Nw-Jf95W'W' ,fsfff1fYF' wi.-'Lf':',ti 2 K A if 'lk-'wvf :g:4w,twfBfQ'S: 'N' " K A M M g',f..'.ff,gffff,i:iY: '12, V. 2+ -2 - ' ' A - -.Iggy we u W ish 'Wlwilfi' ' .M ,.,,f55f7f',.'Y ' -f-f P-A+' :1"fI"':' .,i',l ,,'fkf'ai5fiLW 'X A ag? ' 'K kk" A -' -' ".i'ff12m.2'- Q. .,-- ff .2 - ww! fzf' 'f2iL1TQ1fiT5f,x'.79 -ff: ' V E ' 1 J lik iiiwz-193 w aves . 353353 . gm.-. .. , M, K Q S6 ff Q 1 new Q5 Q QM Q . . -' Q was ff1,2..,fi :. . .iksgzzx ff.-W' lssilfigsiw E rf in E 2 gg 'L W 2 " w if we s vig - f-W, 4. . 555.5 . ,, , , , I , QMSW 'S xy 5 . i ': 7 7.4vwjs,-,mv 1, , . ,.,,.,, .T ,A .. 5 '-2Z"'af - '21, S W .W ..., , . -. 15212524 2-if H f -- - ,. I Imr.fifc1'1L?.22iiZis2ffe. --1 ' 1 f TT , I 5 . ww.-mw :.2:: , .awp was mififiiilz iz 1. 1 .i - :ggf2gg?5fS5gsgggS53?5 ' ,B - 1 iifeifigaswsi fwaf -- f- - H 'fjff JIT? .:1', f :ii .1 .... ,... V.. -FWEEZ ' 1 ::-5 2 5: I ' 'L 'f.:.: ,..,., i 111131 'f' 1,1 ' L, 5,1 ...ik ,rm--.:.:.,gzf:-: 1, 4-1-,,-Hu: -. - A Q e w G .. ' ff :fm fL.'.:'g.s2f'HS'-yfw-fwgw .1,zw.-w5g w.v w+f- f- :' -:-mv'---' ' " 'M.x,wx. :WH-ag .- , ' ? ,ggi ,Q???QMwm - . .. .... . . . . -, ' H f - . . . . ,Q1?fqs:gmg9:fvfwm.Wwaw A . . ,. 2 e1T,'2Zri H L ,,,,.,,. W. H -11,-Q1 .wg 55 byW,.1.,4Q..:,1ss4ggygg7,gfg1555gl z z :-2f:ff:f.:af5v fgR:: ,V . f--,- Q .. : . - ,, ,... ...,...,. ,. 95,93 f S ?1,.e,.Z A i V Y 5- 1 ' ' " N f 1 1 n TQNWTQPJIS Tm 6ow'IiY1A League Row 1: D. Alberison, G. Selliken, B. Roy, C. Potts, T. Lcimlo. Row 2: D. Miller, K. Jeff, A. O'BryonT, M. Lesh, A. Arens, D. Frchler. Row 3: C. Johnson, D. Hcxrtzel, B. Streich, L. Supp, G. Coirell. TIGARD ....... 13- 7 ...... Oregon Cify TIGARD ....... 14-19 ...... McMinnville TIGARD ....... 26- 2 .... .. Tillamook TIGARD ....... 31- O .... ... Newberg TIGARD ....... 12- 7 .... .. ST. Helens TIGARD ....... 27- 6 ........... Dcillcis TIGARD ....... 13- 7 ...... Foresi Grove TIG-ARD ....... 14-28 ........ Wesf Linn TIGARD ....... 33- 7 ...... Luke Oswego 2 Couch l'l9ClQ9PeTl" Und C00Cl1 YOTBS- A Hedgepetl-I receives owurol from the PEP CLUB. tlnfllfnhn. no-A.-.n, lllfug, '7 6 Dhlihhll, Row 1: B. Dickson, L. Hing, A. Hasuike, C Trigg, J. Coryell, S. Ballard. Row 2: L. STruTz, M. Gensman, J. Harper, D. Schacht Sizemore. Row 3: T. O'Ferrel, J. Kaiser, M.l Eggert, B. BasTron, D. Jung. "The 1963 TooTball Team is Thd besT ever in The hisTory of Tigard High School. The Co-Championship we won represenTs The highesT a Tigard Team has ever placed in The TYV sTandings. There were Tive Teams which were capable of winning The TiTle. As iT Turned ouT There was a Two-way Tie Tor firsT place, a Two- way Tie for Third place and a Two-wciy Tie for TifTh place. CerTainly This Team deserves a lloT of crediT. They showed courage, spiriT, desire, and deTerminaTlion in coming from behind aT Times and aT oTher Times in holdilng off possible opponenT scoring aTTempTs. The TacT ThaT only alpouT T6 or 17 boys played Il' mosT of The games makes our Co-Championship finish even more crediTable. There are several lboys on The squad who could play college ball Tor many of The colleges in The STaTe. IT :erTainly has been an honor To have been a parT oT This Team." I. B. Bbsfron receives award aT sports banquet. 2. Mr. Porter prepares speech at banquet. X , lorry Sapp-End H 1 ,ii ' -s fwfr W5 Q, Z + f ' Sw ,. M 3 H wtf A4 ax ,,,. ami' ' Q? -srmgjfi, ' -15 WHS ,fig "F-.,, L T 'S 4 'A ' QW' M I-IT, fini .ff 4-, 25' ,Riu 3 ,f 'N I 'J 'H'- - sf . " Q Q? "iff . FW .. ,ey ,QW .. V. ,W .Avg Z-,W .X fy: x L-" V, yy .,:. A ffi, gd ,5,.,, Y f 2 in 5 ' 'hfi .,L-,. , nzl, I , e Ap- :,, .Q :f V,A, 1 Qjgrz W ,P fT',1f?,, A ,A 5 , .W ' , .,:' fvhi k-,' f i ',:-' . ' Q , A - 2 I L 'mA' M ? f ' f 1 '1 1 W , - 1 'Q A' Q 1 f i . 3 ""V' ' L'mL - ' S .- ' ,I 3. S fu Iggy 1 5, if .Q :, Tj? 8 Q - A LA-L M , -V . li z L ,.,. ' KA'A , 2 , ' H 2 , , if f -' 1'L 5 - A X Q A K 5" :e f Q fa' 1- ' if W t my iff. .1 W Wil J, H - if , . sf 4 Maw ., I Y s -.f 9,5 A Lx Hill: 106 f le: KW , - , ami. Pwbxj. ws avTop Haig Row 1: J. Tlwibeau, J. Bell, M. 2: T. O'Ferrell, R. Switzer, B, R. Miller, B. Babin, L. Bauer. 3, Merril, G. Peterson, J. Hocfriff, R. Walrod, R. Hall, D. Miller, M. Williams, J. Ranken. Row 1 W. Kessler, J. Noyes, D. Taylor, M. Maiovski, D. Gedrose, S, Phelps, Coach Donafellli. Row 3: Coach Kangas, C. Johnson, R. Scwirzer, iB. Dickson, B. Misterek, D. Spore, R. Simson, G. Moore, L. Hazel, D. Meyers, D. Sizemore, TIGARD TIGARD TIGARD TIGARD TIGARD TIGARD TIGARD TIGARD ...... TIGARD ...... 13-O. O-27 33-7 33-7 7-13 21-7 32-27 6-14 6-31 Tigers break Through line. Lake Oswego sOregon Cify McMinnville ... ... Tillamook . . Nevvberg ST. Helens Dallas Forest Grove West Linn J.V. Team nearly blocks kick. 107 New Gross- Team Qlwws Qbeengtlv. Row Row C. Ell: 1 D. Honners, G. Leiser, and G. Chamberlain Bill Chamberlain finishing. TIGARD ..... TIGARD TIGARD ..... TIGARD ....,. TIGARD ..... TIGARD ...... 36-25 33-26 38-22 Forest Grove Oregon Cify Loke Oswego 31-27 ....... Tillamook .32-25 35-22 .. West Linn McMinnville 'fHigh score meons loss. D. Honners ond B. Chomloerloin were cimong The Top IO runners in The disTricT cinol scored for Tigorol in The STc1Te meer. Teom exercise TwofT-gwfdf Qwzmwus Plow aw Qtam Meat ! 1 N1wQtam ,ma mgavpnwiwt I r Standing: M. Eggert, J. Turman, L. Sapp, Di Hoglund, G. Selliken, D. Schocht. Kneeling: Couch Porter, M. Kurtz. l Tia-at Eliminate ja fritzt'tt2,r1,tt.ftrt2z2 The Oregonian Q Xpk A T . 6-7. ,a,ur ay an. a e no o.1y5e - - 6 J P i 1 S -I'OIIl Ollrlley :trophy home but tournament scoring records as well. ' and 3 The Tigers, runner-up a year ago, became the highest scoring The Jour-nal ,MCART r R COURT- Eu' lteam ever in the tourney and broke the mark in the highest scor- gene-Tig rd, at tunes run- ,mg game on record' Tigard, as usual, couple-d,i1-gf press with the tw.. fast break. l C367 fg ft Reb pf tp .. ....., 5-1 4-s io sc ml ----t, 7-13 3-4 8 1. 17 -.-14-23 1-3 9 2 ggi 0-4 o-O 1 4 ri , '3 4-4 5 3 '27 ' 0-U D l 14 ' Tigard I if - - ning the ginfield offense bet- ter than infield, and Klam- -ath Falls gained the consola- ltion semifinals here Thursday. I Tigard bhat North Sal-em 88- .75 in the highest scoring game gin tourne history-163 point 'total ecli sing the mark of 156 set by Lincoln and Mac- Hi 13 yearts ago. And the Peli- calls sentl Baker home first 50- But the record Don Porter's go-go Tiges wanted most re- fused to falll. They were after :the 90 mark set by Lincoln in phat same 951 game lS J ff-1 I i i I P t r t i They ran up 326 points in fou breaking the old mark of 294 set They also go into the record total score for the final gamcl of 165 bettering by two a markl set when Tigard beat North' Salem 88-75 earlier in then tournament. Despite averaging 81.5 points a game through the tournament. Tigard never could quite equals the individual scoring mark for a game of 90 points, falling short by two points once and three another before missing by our this time Tigers Near Record Wlth 87 67 Vlctory The Tigers came into the tourney with a 78.6 scorin r games, the go-for-broke Tigers in 1963 by The Dalles. ! books jointly with Medford, the! tory, and now need only 55 points in Saturday's final to 'break the tourney team rec- ord of 294 set by The Dalles in 1953. Tigard missed the team scor- ing record of 90 by three aft- er getting within two of it in Thursdays SS-75 win over! North Salem. Only early sub-' stitution by Coach Don Por-. ter kept the Tigers from that record THE PELICANS led 2 1 and 43 and then fell as much as 72 points b hind the run run Tigers before leaving the floor for halftime on the short end of a 47-28 count. B'll Streich scored 16 and Larry Sapp 14 in the first half. ,.---1-1. n-0 1, 1 15 , i If , ni n.o :z 1 nl l , 4 -- - , . 'M 'H-WWV""1 tum-rn Salem c si -rin-fs.mi ,. , - 5 - k . S . . h , ,, . Q . I 1- I ' ' x L. I ' 1 ,. ,Lf A . E average, highest in state his- n- 4: A ,Q . ici fwxafiz ,Mgygj f ,s'S'5'2 5 N, W Wwmnae My 2. Larry Sci pp Guard Marty Eggerf Cenfer TIGARD TIGARD TIGARD TIGARD TIGARD TIGARD TIGARD 71-53 9O-78 72-46 57-63 86-61 82-62 66-65 .. . gnson . . . Wilson .. . Gre?hc1m .. . gondy .. Wesh Linn . . Ti1lo1'nook .,. ST. Hlelens TIGARD TIGARD TIGARD TIGARD TIGARD TIGARD TIGARD TIGARD TIGARD TIGARD TIGARD TIGARD TIGARD TIGARD ...... TIGARD ...... 99-78 63-73 89-74 53-38 .68-50 103-84 65-69 80-54 .... 75-66 92-81 76-59 104-58 66-58 93-57 85-73 .... .. McMin1'1ville Lake Os11vego . . . . . Dollols . . . Nev1fberg . . . . . . . Oregon Cify ....WesT11.inn . . . . . . . Foresf Grove .. TiI1c11'nook .. ST. Helens ....... McMin1nvi1Ie .......Lc1ke OSLNGQO ..... Qowllos ... Newberg .... ... Oregol11C1Ty .... .. Foresf Grove Lg 1 51 N w W Ax 1 N J v emhwlsawrwwufm e0wLQm0w01,.61i Row 1: J. Van Klee-k, B. Sizemore, D. Bell, T. Peaerson, P. Perrine, J. Rankin, R. Shinn D Boleyn Row 2. Coaclfi Whiteman, J. Torland, B. M'sTd' k G. E f S J h l I I Simpson, B. Branch. T. Amlourn not shown. I me I gger I . O mon' R' Wechenskyl R' TIGARD TIGARD TIGARD TIGARD TIGARD TIGARD TIOARD TIGARD TIGARD TIGARD TIGARD TIGARD TIGARD TIGARD ..... TIGARD TIGARD TIGARD TlGARD 45-65 .... . 65-52 74-58 59-69 63-71 71-67 61-27 61-42 49-53 54-63 64-31 58-47 53-77 58-87 63-39 60-52 7O-66 65-56 .. VVesT Liiln .. Tillamook .. ST. Helerls McMinnville Lake Oswego . . . . . Dall61s . . . Newloeulg Oregon City Foresr Groyle .. West Lirln .. Tillamook .. ST. Helerls McMinnville Lake Osvvegjo . . . . . Dall6ls . . . Newloeng Oregon Cify Foresf Growle E Tigers start game on home court. R. Simpson finds opportunity for a clear shot. J. Torland fries for a lay-in. 1 15 afiAif5Wwstl1ugTwwQendsTwoftorQfnbf Row 1: M. Williams, G. Chamberlain, R. Robinson, P. Hanike, D. Miller, J. Driscoll, D. Miller. Row 2. C. Francis, J. Coryell, D. Sporrer R. Kane, M. Gensrnan, B. Dickson. Tigaral's representatives at stare. J. Driscoll, B. Merrill. N Coach Hedgepeih and Manager Vernon McLean. 5 E s E E 2 E 5 5 s 1 2 E 2 X i 5 1 s E 2 E 2 Q E x P 2 Q 2 Q 1 4 3 i J.mwwdmeam ' 6ofvNwbYewu's Row 1: Coach G. Yates, S. Miller, L. Cunningham, G. Miller, D. Trump, B. Chamberlain, B. Balain, W. Rayborn, G. Anderson. Row 2: L. Brickey, C. Spohn, M. Maiovski, D. Dickofi, J. Schulz, D. Miller, B. Miller, P. Langway, G. Rains. MMWWQW-E TIGARD TIGARD TIGARD. .. TIGARD TIGARD 57-31 28-35 18-19 .... 13-23 15-14 Wes Rayborn moves from Take clown posiTion. 118 TIGARD TIGARD TIGARD TIGARD TIGARD TIGARD TIGARD 16-3 34-13 ..... 16-24 12-27 3-20 14-26 16-20 . Clackamas . . Esiacada . . Sandy .. Sheldon .. Sheiwoool . . . . . Dallas .. Tillamook .. Newberg Foresi Grove Lake Oswego Oregon City McMinnville Steve Miller handicaps opponent. Twig Tam was Fw, BwtGaiw Qpwt Row 1: J. Jucly, S. Brown, S. Carey, S. Heedum, L. FolleTf, L. Zippriclfi, P. Williams. Row 2: J. Froude, K. Earl, L. Bissefi, K. Spohri, S. Schnieder, V. Bordell, J. Holmes, V. Price, lCoach Coombs, Mgr. J. Etling, S. Carey, G. Chandlee and T McLaren placed in V4 finals af district playoffs. Row 1: J. Brickey, R. Shinn, G. Eggert, D. Chondlee, D. Domreis. Row 2: Coach Carey, S. Johnson, GIRLS TENNIS TEAM TIGARD.. O-4 . David Douglas TIGARD. . O-4 . . Foresf Grove TIGARD.. O-4 ... McMinnville TIGARD. . O-4 ..... Newloerg TIGARD. . O-4 ...... Oswego TIGARD. . O-4 .... Willamina TIGARD.. O-4 ... Caflin Galoel TIGARD.. 1-3 .. Foresf Grove TIGARD. . 1-3 ..... Newloerg TIGARD.. 1-3 .... Willamina TIGARD. . O-4 ....,. Parkrose BOYS TENNIS TEAM TIGARD.. 1-6 . David Douglas TIGARD. . 2-5. . . Foresf Grove TIGARD.. O-9 ... McMinnville, TIGARD. . O-5 ...... Oswego. TIGARD. . O-6 ...... Parkrose TIGARD.. 1-3 .... Willamina TIGARD. . 3-6 ..... Gresham TIGARD.. O-7 McMinnville TIGARD.. O-6 . .... Beaverfon 119 V , W:-fmyw W f Q-4, :M K, -G ef f ' " Q M fe 1+ W W ,W fu N, if i , , z l N S i Z z X Z 1 f E 1 2 E E 1 Q 5 E 5 3 5 2 1, L. W 5 TIGARD. . TIGARD. . TIGARD. . TIGARD. . TIGARD. . TIGARD. . TIGARD. . TIGARD. . TIGARD. . TIGARD. . TIGARD. . 6-1 . . ST. Helens . . Oregon Ciiy Wesf Linn . . Oswego ST. Helens A-2 7-6 6-4 . 2-O 6-1 . . Oregon Ciiy 3-6 . .. VVesT Linn- . Oswego 2-1 . .... Dgllgs Ceni. Coin. Moolison 3-2 . 1-O 1-2 . . 7: :Wi 1.1 z 11 w1'1w1"25"F1, , .v..., 4 :.:.Eia,151-,, - . 1 :m . 111,-f1,.1-'z :-. 1, J, 11 11-HQ LQ-.,q,,:.1.y 11-Y 11 1 -11,-41 f vw1az1fy L1-M11 1 "filer 1 11 sm ,-.fff.1z,f J --W-.1 .1 ,1ha11if2f- 5'51175'fiillffflif-6953523215 11. :H -1 -.1 -W11-11,11 1.111121 .,-- ff 1111 K 221 11,1-fi. lirfmvsfQf'1z9rii?" A 7 '91 ,. ,W 1.s,.h , ,,.1 U.. . ,..., , .s,,,.. 1. 1.,, . ,.,1-- lzkr .511,,.,.1 .11 ,,,,:, . W1 1 L S11 Lx, 11251 A I 1 ' fffisiigflfii .,LS1L1i'f55??,i5fif?fgjw'-.11,5215215 gg, H. Boyie bears out Throw. 1. 1 -we ff -f::f-vm' if f-11+-11122:'-,fwq-1111f.se14.1-11fs2af5f211i271-fl? .Si,115111w- ,,ss:,ge1,11.::s5Q22 .f'1jg,1fk.3.Qi'f11ffg1fQgge:f.e 2 ,1. 1, ...aw 111111.111221111131:1w.z21P11111m1p?2Eai 1 1 -1 - 1'- f51,ff., 1 x .::g,.- 1 1- X -'-s . . 1 ., 1-11 1 1... 11 , ' .... 'K ' -- 1 -- we 1 .. 1 , 1 ,Lai ...V 1 1.1 bm' 1 I J: W. 1 1 Wm- .4,.m,.LN1Q ' 1- 1-51: 1Hj'11vjfi.W 1 - . 3 f 1 . f 1 Sv1fW1i1...12Q121aX1 '.gef2-'-vr.,-124-.Sai 1. 1. 11-sawn? 1 ,151 .zgXg,.15g3s 1. 11-11,11 A -fggig-2i11.1g111i11s'1g-fxy -1112 1ez5sgw,1-1:1 1951:.11,3,g1g111-fi,.rq,.1y111.111 113,11-11115 Jig :1as1.11msvges51LmifiM11'11i'1g.1 -11Hwfiff1KgW1. K 1 5 -11,1-111-1-11 11-q,,.11,,1.., ,5.m.S1M1.ggqg.g1i15.--eg111 ,egg11i1119111gi1if11sw1g1115g1ifQ1111g35g.-9i- g1.,112Z4233111ii1123asi11e15111,21zv:geQg1rQgiLfi4,5f1-111,1511 :figM:ei-.11-111f21Q?151-w5isE11::g?S11?ig5i?1Q , 1 N - .5 ., 1- 12gf51,f-"sig-1,1,:v14gg..1j7g1:"f,1 1'Q'i1-.i5.1f.1ff113213f5275gsmi11Qe,a1a2112-wee1114SiQi.51i9if14iiPi431'iEif.a3,g3Sg.1i1.11? wigkf'siN'152iii13if?1:?k:liW iii'1-ffffixliifiiifiiifafii-4 L 15 ? QQS1111-.1-. 5-11,1 1 k if Q.,-1 :mfg i21..111i.111q1-11.11311311:-zisz1s1111x1:1aii111..111f1r,Lws.1q-.igzm,,M,g5s1.1,1-51,1 fwiiii-151311,-l,,1.1s.11155111451651151-3511111111 fzf1fifxs:-1155511111151 H13-1 rs ffikmgfw. 3:13-Lf.-.1,.-.1..', :...'1gg: ,Q-11. .qff'.Qf,ev,:251er1f1g-.wzavfi1wr-5,IELW-1r51N"112.1ffffl'if9rem'-9YKi':W1i.2v.1,if':f11.'zfseifWr:1ffw1il'if:-51wiv:s1wW57-152112ww ' - sz. a ssi!! iif1?"2'EE:',..'wigs-s MSi:ELFWiewifliigs-L,-1, :J iff. 5 .iff '?fL'Mi'fW'.i3:1 i'1.E1'2-'Z-5misAw'Milf:E7Li45J1?'E1E1b,'Y111if':'1fLff3L.i:,?'-i'111. '1'i1.11,1w1.fg1-1.53,zigiggpitlzi .!. U is , 11 SEK , 1.5 br Qjggg 955533, g,1,51cE.e55,1kgZk, ..,N5w,.1 xg. ,W H. ., 11 ,,Vf1,z,z11.l.7.3?1f'M .SL-x gx1ff51?1 11y1ff71w- Am w: 51511.-v,,:1-if 211 '. ' far-f'11fk1.11-411,111 y,1.1gfs1s1 519515511 S5521 . Z 1 1 11.2 . t P, ,. .1 .1fg.,,1,-1,112 i11g1,W 11,11.1g11.qz 111-A111sg,11131.11gg,111111iw12Q3E11L711,1q11i1szt.-.wa-.1s11,. ,gamma 11. s111.,fL,11'11.,, 1,,.-1. g. A X W, M M ., 2 R rg S A.. . XM Mm.. 1:5 li H11 11111 1 lla "l'ML?111111 15 'A 1,0 i11lf1v 1 l 1114 531113512 2 k1 1533511 112 11,,1w ,L 11 1 L5 1 Rf 211111111211 1 1111 K 151219111 13 Lilff " mi"'1E1 1 1 11 1 1 11 1 1 MOST VALUABLE: Jim Hoeffele, selected for All-Sfdr Team. MOST INSPIRATIONAL: Lenny Hing M. Davison ond D. Alberison discuss nexi' ploy. Selliken misses o ball . . . once. L. Hing's speed brings him o single. Coach Kongas shifts out field again. E , 4 E ' s K 0 e Admmzemtmw The adrninisTra- Tion is The Trarne- work of our kalei- doscope oT school life. JUST as each piece of The kalei- doscope is unique, each Teacher and adminisTra- Tor is an individual. The sTudenT responds To each Teacher as an individual, This gives The Teacher profound influence in The shaping of The sTudenT's ideas. T29 squares DELBERT FENNEL SuperinTendenT Bowwlfolv , " The educaTional philosophy oT Tigard Senior High School, being a public insTrumenT of The communiTy, recognizes The sharing of The responsibiliry wiTh The home and The church To provide Tor The secondary youTh of our area an educaTional program which will help each individual sTudenT To meeT, assume, and solve his problems and To accepT his obIigaTions. We believe ThaT The general purpose of educaTion is To help each individual become a happy, well- adiusTed member oT our socieTy Through The masTery of TundamenTal skills, an abiliTy To make good deci- sions, a knowledge of The principles oT democracy, and The developmenT of moral, eThical and spiriTual values. The sTrengTh of our naTion is direcTly dependenT on The TuIIesT developmenT of our human resources. Rapid Technological advances, auTomaTion, The explosion of knowledge and world problems make iT imperaTive Tor a comprehensive high school To Tind new approaches and To implemenT The curriculum wiTh programs designed To meeT The needs of youTh. In view oT This challenge The school has adopTed new meThods of insTrucTion in biology, chemisTry, maThemaTics, foreign languages and The social sTudies. Curriculum offerings have been increased To include courses in elecTriciTy, consumer economics and Business law, AdminisTraTion and FaculTy Tigard Senior High School 130 AL PIETILA Principal WILLIAM BIEKER Vice-Principal etwuim Qclwolb Policies WILLIAM FORSYTHE Manager, Wcide Mfg. i i GERALD AVERY wiuil-wi wseaeie Powlfrv Breeder Vice Fres., Tektron Chief Liivil Deputy, Multndrnali County Dist. Alll. LEA Mliusia Dist. 'lerlc Board fakes administration to decide, "What's to be Done." Robert Post, William Bieker, Arthur Biedermarli, Al Pietila, Delbert Fennel, Darwin Sninn. S Z l e DELBERT BALL Pres., lBall Ford f f a wiiusl WEST l lw 20 Yeww, Numbcuv I MANA AMBURN B.A. Pacific, Latin, Span- ish II, III, Yearbook Ad- visor, May Fete Chairman MARGARET BERGSENG M.A. U. of O., Shorthand I, Bus. Mach. ROBERT BALL BA., MA. Linfie , . Hist., IRL, Highland Las sies Advisor ELVA COOMBS B.S., U. of O., P.E., Co seling, Swim Team, Ten nis LAMAR BELL B.M., Pacific U., Band SANDRA DILLIN BA., Linfield, Eng. iii, IV, Rally, Pep Club Ad- visor CHARLOTTE FEENEY B.A., U. of Minnesota, Eng. ll, Soph. Class Ad- visor CLAUDE DONATELLI B.S., U. of Pittsburgh, Phy- sics, Biology, Ass't Foot- ball DONALD FELLER B.S., Minot St. College, Bookkeeping, Business Law, Consumer Econo- nomics, Ski Club, Junior Class ED DAY B.A., Gonzaga, Electrici Drafting I, Il NELLIE EI-WERT LOUIS FLANNERY M-A-, OSU, Head of Com- B.A., Pacific U., M.A., VHSYCIUI DSP-. TYPINQ I, of Wash'n. Library Il, Shorthand, Commer- cial Club TY, iowea, ' aguasbwa lg is GRACE GALVIN , B.S., U. of O., Dean of Girls', Counselingl Senior Class, Girls' League DONALD In B.S., U. ot O ll, Math, Wres- tling, Ass't T Coach, Lettermerfs Club MICHAEL HANFORD B.S., Central Wash. Col ot Ed. Speech, Drama LLOYD JOHNSON B.A., Lewis and Clark College, Eng. IV, It-lead of Eng. Dep., Senior Class ARLEY KANGAS B.A., Wash, State, U.S., World History, Sopli. Class, Varsity Baseball, J.V. Football Coajclw BRUCE KAISER B.A., Eastern Wasl'1'n. St., M.S., OSU, Head of Sci- ence, Chemistry, Science Fair CHESTER GILLIHAN M.A., Willamette, U. of O., Matli, Counseling WILLIAM HITTNER M.A., IJ, of Portland, Mod. Prob., International Relations, Golf Coach JANICE HUGHES B.A., U. ot O. English, Hi- Spots BEN JO ES B.A., W sh. State, Mod. Prob., FTA, Counseling GEORGE College KOCH and Clark LEROY LAWSON B.A., Cascade College Eng., Junior Class 133 CHARLES LEHMAN B.A., Mount Angel Sem- inary, Art I, ll, Publicity Advisor MARSHALL PANCHEAU B Wash St U Ba d Dance Band ' ,Teaclwm ' JOHN NORTHUP B.A., M.A., Linfield, Span- ish l, Drafting l, Camera Club PAUL PECK in IS d of O Geometry Math V Vll Head of Math Dept JOHN OVERBY MARCIA PIQKENS B.A., Augusta College, OSU Cornell Um Driver Ed., Drivers Club Versny Home EC Tr, H, DON PORTER B.A., Linfield College, P.E., Athletic Dep. Head, Lettermen's Club, Basket- ball FLORENCE THROCKMORTON B.A., U. of N. Carolina, Typing, Senior Class DON ROBERTSON B.S., OSU, Mechanical Drawing, Shop, Head of Industrial Arts Dept. TEX WHITEMAN M.S., OSU, Biology, Math, Sophomore Class, Cross Country, J.V. Basketball .,snw GENE ANN SEEGER MARGO WYATT EgA.,C'MErylhurst, French, BA Marylhurst Algebra p U l Tigerettes l34 GARY YATES B.S., Linfield Col- lege, English, P.E.,l Ass"r Football, Wres-l tling, Baseball Coach i Mr. Heclgepetlfs classroom is: decorated in honor of the, Tigers' football victory in TYV League competition. ' R. Post, D. Fennell, D. Shinn, A. Pietila,l W. Bieker and A. Bieclermanl Ialias Betty Crocker Fan Clubll prepare faculty Christmas l breakfast. t Teachers meet in summit conference to lay plans for peacefull coexistence with students. ' TeaclwusI2.wUaw,P lwwMowlw 'ilt was then Macbeth decided to tclke 0 stab ct the kihgshipf' "Who's shorts were found where? "I know this is Mickey Mouse, but. . . . . cmd lust whats your modern problem? 136 "A mcm's library is his castle." mmm Physics and Chemistry courses have become cllmost "0 must" for stu- dents planning college study. Drama students "make-up"-learn platform presence 1 P New as ma L. wg S. w 4' ,- 1' 1 i .,,.., . y f Q f my Nm M 52 ,K W 2 M -zszzeffw - N LQ- : :Tag s 1 -:FN"'i'5 mn Q Q tfmwf fliwggigyrafe WM pe: ff1w9'HQ fiwt-. . ,nf be by .,., N37 UIwTI1ewMaIwDa5 Bug SOCIAL SCIENCES: Diane Silvey-History -Mr. Kangas, Jerry Johnson-Modern Problems-Mr. Jones, Belly Bishop- Hisrory-Mr. Ball, Colleen Chrisiianson --Modern Problems4Mr. Jones, Par Mclnfoch-Modern Problems-Mr. Jones, Kafhy Baker-History-Mr. Jones, Julie Leroy - Moolern Problems - Mr, Jones, Gary Leiser-Modern Problems-Mr. Hitfner. FINE ARTS: Sue Borland-Speech-Mr. Hanford, Vesrina Price-Homemaking- Mrs. Pickens, Rick I-lanegon-Bond-Mr. Fine Arts No? Shown Conf.: Jeanine Ronnie-I-lomemciking-Mrs. Pickens, Tom Wilkinson-Sculpioring-Mr. Leh- man, Pa? Holcombe-Chorus-Mr. Koch. Bell, Diane Mayernik-Drama-Mr. Hon- ford, Kathleen Waldo-Banol-Mr. Bell, Kafhy KIingbeil4BancI-Mr. Bell, Noi Shown: Ed Bouschor-Bond-Mr. Bell, Elvin Mace-Arr-Mr. Lehman. i I . misss PHYSICAL AND DRIVER EDUCATION: Margarei Allnuf-Driving-Mr. Overby, Melissa Davison- P.E.-Mrs. Coombs, Morno Morgan-P.E.-Mrs. Coombs, Sharon Greco-Driving-Mr. Overby, Mike Miles-P.E.-Mr. Porter, Roger Swilzer-Driving- Mr. Overlay, Rick Switzer-Driving-Mr. Overby. T41 COMMERCIAL: Melissa Davison-Typing-Mrs. Elvverf, Karen Persels-Shorthand-Mrs. Bergseng, Larry Cunningharn-Bookkeeping-Mr. Feller, Mary Ann Inman-Shorthand-Mrs. Elvverf, Tom Jacoby -Business Law-Mr, Feller, Susan Vasey-Lilorary -Mr. Flannery, Les Sanders-Bookkeeping-Mr. Feller, Madaline Lasich-'Bookkeeping-Mr. Feller. Nor Shown: Barbara Bergman-Business Machines --Mrs. Bergseng, Sueleen Alvord-Office-Mrs. Noyes, Judy Huni-Office-Mrs. Galvin anol Mr. Gillihan. TlvwuglvCllassA ,Cob To present a large segmeni of sruolenis who rarely receive ole- servecl recognition we asked Teachers To name "example" sfuolenrs from Their classes whom They consider To be class assels because of their inreresr, afri- Tuole, co-operarion and pleasani- ness. SCIENCES: Claire Brown-Chemistry-Mr. Kaiser, Gary Leiser-P h y s i c s-Mr. Donalelli, Bob Hall-Biology-Mr. Dona- Telli. PUBLICATIONS: Linda Canerday-Journalism-Mrs. Hughes, Lynn Ramey-Journalism-Mrs. Hughes, Beverly Eggiman-Yearbook-Mrs. Amburn. Subject Ama INDUSTRIAL ARTS: Ron ROSl1al4- Woodworking-Mr, Roberfson, Mr. Day, Monte Gensrnan-ElecTriciTy- Mr. Robertson, Mr. Day, Jack Coryell-Small Gasoline Engine, Carpenrry-Mr. Robertson, Dave Van Winkle-Drafting-Mr. Robert- son, Mr. Day. Q , Languages lcontl NOT Shown: Kev Menges-English-Mr. Johnson. ww MATHEMATICS: Les Bell-Algebra-Miss Wyatt, Caroline Silvey-Basic Math-Mr. Gillihan, Sue Borland-Inregrafed Maflfm-I-leclgepefh. NOT Shown: Lenny Hing-Basic Math--Mr. Gillihan. LANGUAGES: Frances O'Hc1lloran-Spanish4-Mr. Northrup, Bob Borden- kircher-Englislw-Mrs. Hughes, Kafhy Farmer-Spanish-Mrs. Amburn, Bob Hall-Spanish-Mr.'NorThrup, Ron Simpson-Spanish-Mrs. Amburn, Pam Jarman-Spanish-Mr. Northrup, Beverly BaggensTos-- Spanish-Mr. Norfhrup, Marna Morgan-Latin-Mrs, Amburn, Carla Finley-English-Mrs. Dillin, Melissa Davison-English-Mrs. Dillin. rem pwmw rwspmabaw u ' Secretory . . . Mrs. Noyes Ass'r Secretory . . . Mrs. Slocum L. To R.: F. Bean, J. VcmKleek, F. Peters, custodians. J. O'Brien, Bldg. Engr. B. Lurgio, School Nurse ogeama N Began Cook A Morrison Ccnfeteno Mgr B Hamilton Cook B --K. Wnllucnrns ch eiter R. o n- crhliching. Seated- tured ., . L Strncker P Peck E Kendrick C Clcxpper R Kcxstel J Robmeff 4Yh per helpers S Stoggs C Dcvxdson R, Kane E Kendruck J Kneelond G Schulz 5th per helpers 5 Druvers sTcm . Grif ' . Lu hi R. o n- C. Bloodgood Longer, . lege. Not ' - J. . Row I: P. Holcombe, S. Riser, J. Leroy, D. Steele, R. Wagner, L. Canerday, J. Fagan, B. Murdock, P. Mclntosh. Row 2 S Miller Miller, C. Potts, J. Torland, C. Christiansen, C. Jasperson, R. Miller, J. Haeffele, P. Stringer, L. Ramey. Behind: Marty Eggert Randy Robinson President Mr. Bieker Advisor Bryce Powell Vice President Gayle Johnson Secretary Nancy Martin Treasurer Addvvowes wQc1wolus Row i: J. Wolfe, J. Donovan, L. Gillilc1nd,2 F. Robinson, J. Ness, C. Fogon, L. Romey, S. Schneider, B. Wynn Row 2 P Jormon L Hng P. Micheolson, L. Strutz, L. Thorson, R. Wiiion, V. Barth, J. Rankin, D. Silvey, R, Pulicellci. The student council Wqus estoblished to reguicite ond coordinote oil istudent body octi- vities. it is elected by the istudent body ond consists of the foreign exchionge student ond o representative from i.C.C. The council octs cus the executive body of Tigoqd Senior High by enforcing its constitution. i Lindo Pietilo Ass't. Treosurer Don Albertson Sergeant-ot-Arms John Turmon Athletic Monoger Suson Bocheldor Activities Monclger im-cw - Mapoioww oiyeciwr use Aston, Pres., Judy West, Sec. The Inter-Club Council ll.C.C.l acts as coordinator tor all clubs and organi- zations within the school. The I.C.C. is composed ot all club presidents, the yearbook and l-li-Spots editors, anal the rally queen. The most important tunctions ot I.C.C. are assigning mixers, concessions, and use ot the show case. The I.C.C. might be referred to as the "club-hub." Row T: J. West, Rally, B. Cardwell, Tri-Hi-Y, F. O'Bryant, Pep Club, K. Waldo, Yearbook, Y. Sarrinen, Soph. Class, P. Cale, T. Morrison, Highland, Lassies, P. Waldo, F.T.A., Row 2: D. Frahler Hi-Y, M. Miles, Lettermen's Club, B. Brady, S.O.S., Swimming Club, P. Stringer, I.R.L., D. Snyder, Ski Club, G. Leiser, Honor Society. I.C.C. Officers: Mike Miles, V.-Pres., Tom Speech Club J. Abeling PwwutsP ' zwecliwuuls MPFA Mom's 84 Dc1d's Clilzb Officers: Mr. Myers, President, Mrs. Bell, Treasurer, Mr. White, V, President, Mrs. Vincent Secretory. i Parents visit students' classes on Bock To School Night. Mrs. Boker, Treasurer of locol AFS Chapter, explains need for closer dssociotion of Mom's 81 Dc1d's Club and the American Field Service work. A1 Zhi? Q? ,, 'fav i aw ra WE? I 1 M-mu K M i , fi V. 3 ' is 5 if 3 is , ,X V -if mf , M95 nf- fm QQ ,I K '-" 51 av du ati 11, ,gawk ,A ,M W. my my x 2? ,fa 59 352 .swmwwh ,few 5, 7 Ny., i Hs, 'iv ml Bm k -...np Nia, f ,sr QW? A 5 41 Q , . ff me . ig , WTF fl wy W 1 1 5 vf , 'auf ' - we H --" . f fiw?4?S MiV1?fi1fff1iFgv ' " 1 ' g SW L, 1 y Q 2' K -Y N ' L ' ' iw : . Q, 1 P ..., " -"' f W p Y 'ESQ 021 , '2:s,::s.. ,'E,3.--,H ., f - -, fwfr SU::HEf,:0 " : i N M if we I ' ' . ,W Y NX , 3 '-15, .L--,vz ., ,,..,, . ., k a A ' 'A 1 X i sz,-:5v.3fisg.,:mf g,..3gg,f :,,w,.g,wmG.., . fw f.. H: wf:,:euviz.awwwwzP2-fxfz U. if f4-1251252 4'!Qft.,, 1, ' fi:,::?:S: 2 L? M 1J2.J9'i1lJl5Dl new 'gf M Q k by ff 9 wi-Qg1a:ws12fw.LazmrsMzg,-- If, 7 ,6 ,, ,V,k , i A 4 s. Ur' gf SE ff N N Q 152 ,- gg mga .U ww eww, , xx, M L NVE? Wm ,V grow -wg 1 mm. Row l: S. Blair, D. Flieger, S. Trueox, M.lMurdock, D. Shulfz, C. Boker, Molly Wilcox, A. Hclsuike. Row 2: G. Schultz, L. Miller, S Miller, P. Jormen, J. Froude, W. Beck, G, Miller. Row 3: D. Lind, C. Wells, N. White, E. Kendrick, F. Becker, J. Leben, L. Cunningham E. Miller. Row 4. N. Boyte, R. lndrebo, L. Cculierdciy, K. JeTT, D. Ewen, R. Honegon, D. Schroeder. Row i: W. Corlron, N. Siberr, S. Bullard, S.l Sfoggs, G. Anderson, G. Brolt, N. Long, K. Holmgren. Row 2: J. Martin, B. Koski, D. Monds, R. Jones, D, Toylor, T. Pederson, E. Tyson. Row 3. M. Mansfield, L. Brickey, J. Brown, C. Ports, D. l-lowkey, D. Lewis, J. Dobson, J. Godding. Row 4: D. Meyer, B. Rasmussen, lA. Anderson, J. Harper, D. Roshcik, N. Drummond, C. Francis. l 'Tgwwlf l-liglvl' BaUfPoiub Pens Row 1: J. Ronne, D. Graham, L. Kruettner, L. Barker, B. Lewis, N. Reiker, C. Clapper, L. Pietile. Row 2: C. Spohn, M. Duncan, S Jenovich, R. Ness, C. Eidenschink, C. McEneany, P. Rader. Row 3: B. McKinley, B. Dickson, J. Farrier, D. Paull, M. Annand, V. Bardell K. Adams, K. Baker. Row 4: C. Davies, D. Puller, M. Stites, S. Stanolley, L. Taylor, J. Kaiser, B. Ballard. Row Gillil Row I: C. Stull, C. Lee, K. Lloyd, J. Robertson, S. Brown, P. Weaver G. Hixon, P. Perrine. Row 2: M. Miles, l. Symes, D. Silyey, R and, J. Judy, M. Rite, K. Martin. Row 3: J. Nyberg, M. Bischot, C. Bablin, C. Dietzman, K.. Sagert, T. Gates, M. Allnut, M. Lasich 4: L. Follet, F. Vincent, K. Scott, J. Jones, S. Corcoran, D. Albertson, D. Mayernick. Row I: H. Gammon, G. Anderson, L Piefila, J. Mitchell, I. Symes. Row 2: S Borland, C. Finley, C. Toelkes, L. Stricker D. LaGrange. Row 3: J. Wells, J. Pefer son, R. Burman, K. Persels. Row 41 B Longman, D. Bimiller, G. Van den Heede P. Olson, R. Zwald. Row I. D. Thompson, D Clausen, P. Busch. Row 2 L. GrimmeT, J. Grant, D. Tale, J. Mislerick. Row 3: J. Torland, J. Malo, J. Flowers, S. Martin Row 4: K. Chamberlain. Row l: B. Leriche, S. Adams, H. Sieferf, Cl Fox, R. Roshack, W. Wilson, D. Soares, J. Mace. Row 2: H. Pierson, J. Jacoby, T. Jacoby S. Dreyer, D. Foster, L. Schultz, J. Kable. Roxlv 3: G. Jossey, R. Bell, M. Robinson, P. Williams, J. Cofrell, P. Cole, B. Newman D Saylor. Row 4: L. Sfrutz, D. Sizemore, A. O'Bryant, R. Wechensky, C. Sheeon, R. Schultz, C. Goldbeck. I 2 2 ? E E i 1 , ? 2 2 g w 5 I w . E E 1 E s 3 E 2 2 2 i 2 i xv 1. I ,I S 31 .swim ti! Q . V," .,A, 5 ,':' ff ff H . , A Q, 5 n Q SV f gg '4 1 w R4 E E52 gg fs W il s WN 'E -3 .Q ,Yi A f QM .YM iwTgwwlf I-liglv School F-lfisfouj l 1 l i l i l l 2 3 Row l: N. Hernstedt, C. Rite, L. Gillilonol,1 H. Fox, B. Boynom, S. Kent, J. Ston, P. Wotson. Row 2: L. -Thorsen, L. Chrismon, S. Heeolum, L. Niblett, J. Schulz, J. Ronkin, D. Miller. Row 3: C. Niehues, R. Wolrocl, S. Domreis, D. Trump, J. Thibeou, T. Poyne, R. Poz, G. Peterson. Row 4: J. Wells, S. iMoxley, T. Amburn, G. Petty, R. Wilson, G. Eggert, L. Bauer. Row 1: K. Bell, J. Ness, S. VonVleet, J. Rclberson, L. Crabtree, J. Driscoll, C. Coldwell, J. Etling. Row 2: R. Dickoff, D. Upchurch, D. Scott, K. Cooper, C. Work, J. Abeling, R. Dolle. Row 3: C. Whittord, J. Monstielol, D. Anderson, B. Chomberlciin, M. Brown, W. Kessler, G. Frey, B. Bobin. Row 4: A. Leriche, G. Alnderson, M. Bryan, M. l-line, P. Thurston, E. Moge, D. Gedrose. l 5 A Qop G0hA0q' , ' Row 1: L. Kraft, D. Grayin, D. Jacoby, J. Donovan, R. Turner, S. Senor, K. Manger, L. Nelson. Row 2: J. Mclnfosh, C. Brown, J Richlick, J. Merrimon, J. Alexander, B. Bordenkircher, R. Hing. Row 3: J. Flack, D. Hansen, D. Roshak, R. Swilzer, M. Fulton, V. Flannery G. Tinner, C. Sfanlon. Row 4: M. Richlick, M. Carrier, S. Phelps, L. Hazel, S. Schneider, B. Wilcox, B. Durclell. Row 1: M. l-loryn, S. Bouserman, N. Baggensfos, R. Shinn, S. Newman, L, Reiling, N. Laxfon. Row 2: R. Finn, P. Howell, D. Tafe, J. DeTillian, C. Fagan, S. Chambers, V. Bololen, F. Miller. Row 3: M. Maiovsky, E. Dorsey, J. Hochfriff, B. Bucholz, S. Goodnell, R. Peters, S. Schroetke. Row 4: R. Black, S. Ketchum, S. Lilly, U.VonHagen, D. Wheelon, P. Long, J. Noyes, J. Latham. Though Magaguw Qubsofaptmw Sam Row 1: J. Campbell, P. Michaelsan, D.'l-lags, C. Lewis, C. Anderson, L. Bell, V. Siefker, N. Bay. Row 2: P. Schuberr, M. Morgan, D Melclrurn, L. Adkins, M. Cares, J. Brickey, JS. Johnson. Row 3: C. Dann, B. Dayson, E. Labann, G. Landis, J. Coryell, K. Kurafn, R. Hall C. Lore. Rovv 4: W. Francis, Y. Nadig, D.iRoshak, J. Eagleson, M. Gensman, B. Peck, C. Johnson. Roilv 1: G. Anderson, L. Ramey, C. Rieker, D. Regehr, C. Hanson, C. Boyfe, K. Risk. Row 2: M. Richardson, S. Greco, K. Dalian, L Rhlnevuulf, B- Bunnev, J- Shrom, J. l'lOSUike, C. Spohn. Row 3: B. Wilcox, G. Kinlock, V. Meyers, D. Miller, S. Swanson, J. Bonen A. Alfmann, K. Barngrover. Row 4: F. O'Hcilloran, S. Hulverson, B. Jordon, C. Waldo, G. McFarling, K. Heweft, C. Ellson, B. Cappoen i is Z, ggi Bw Q l . 33 5435 SJ' if 4 . f 5, ,S ,X , Il 11 NewesbC!wss Qwwjs Bwsg mwbowtlwGov Girls hoye fun practicing new dance. Lynn Romey and her cohorts shore amusing srories of sopho more life Sophomore girls Take cicfive inTeresT in choir. The seniors sfcmd on The edge of our kaleidoscope. They are of on adult, They ore on The threshold of 0 new world. preparing T le ve ihe life of cu clwlol cmd T Th e Presideni' ..... ...Dale Ragel Vice Presidenr . . ...... Tom Asron Secretary ...... .... E leanor McColl Treasurer ........ . . .Barbara Grant Sergeant-at-Arms .... .... D ick Hanners Student Council Rep. ................ Jim Fielding Advisors . . . Mrs. Galvin, Mr. Johnson Class Colors: Red and Whiie Class Morro "Today we follow, Tomorrow We leaol." TONI ADAMS Girls' League, Choir, Tri-Hi-Y SUELEEN BERNAE ALVORD Tigerettes, Commercial Club, Pep Club, Girls' League SUSAN ELAINE BACHELDER Activities Manager Jr Prom Princess Pep Club oph Class Treas Tri Hi Y ALAN vmarli ARENS Football, Baseball, Ski-Club, Lettermen'si Club, S.O.S. JANET MARIE BAGGENSTOS Girs Lea ue Commercial C ub MARGARET ANN AGUN SARAH AITKEN Pep Club, Commercial Club, Girls' League Pres., May Fete Girls' League Jr. Prim., Honor Society, High- land Lassies, Tri-Hi-Y JOHN ARNOLD THOMAS E. ASTON Camera Club, Ski Club Inter-Club Council President, Sr. Class V. Pres., IRL, Golf MARILEE BANCROFT Speech Club, Drama, Girls League, G.A.A. Pep Club Camera Club 1 BILL BASTRON Football, Basketball, Base- ball, Chorus, St. Council Rep. BARB BERGMANN RONALD J. BETTS Pep Club, Girls' League t,R,L,, S,O,S, OTTO BLUM RONALD BOLEYN Chorus, Track S,O,5, PAUAYIOTA BEKIRI Tri-Hi-Y, eign Exchange Student from Greece Girls League RICHARD BELL For- Track CHARLOTTE A. BISHOP PATRICIA ANN BLAND Girls' League, Yearbook, Chorus, G,A.A. Manager, Commercial Club Girls' League, Commercial Club EDMUND HENRY BOUSCHOR Rally Boy, Band Maior Council Rep. S.O.S., Speech Club. St BOB BRADY RUSSEL1 DEAN BRANDT Sigma Omega Sigma Presi- dent, Inter-club C o u n ci Track DICK BUNNEY SHARON ELIZABETH BURGEN Girls' League, Pep Club, Choir, Art MARY lxif-xolvii BURGE Girls' League, Pep Club DORIS MARIE BREMER Commercial Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Homecoming Queen, Rally, Girls' League GEORGE H. BROWN JOYCE DARLENE BROWN Debate, Camera Club, Sigma Pep Club, Girls' League Omega Sigma, Transfer from Seattle DALE A. BUSHNELL Hi-Spots Editor, Sports Editor: Quill and Scroll, Hi-Y, Sigma Omega Sigma an sw.f'g, W:"5 T" BILLIE CARDWELL Tri-Hi-Y President, Inter-club Council, Student Council, .lun- ior Cotton and Cord Court Princess I LINDA GRACE CATES H onor Society, Commercial Club, Chorus MIKE DALTON Future Teachers of America, Drama, Speech Club COLLEEN MADGE CHRISTIANSEN Tri-Hi-Y, Tigerettes, American Foreign Student Finalist, Pep Club, Future Teachers ot America GENE SCOTT CHANDLEE Lettermens' Club, Tennis CHERYLE DAVIDSON Commercial Club, Girls' Lea- Que MARK JOHN DAVISON S.O.S., Track, Drama 170 , JACK M. CORYELL, JR. DONNA COURT F , . ME ootball, Lette-rmen 5 Club Tigerettes, Chorus, Pep Club, Girls' League LISSA CATHRYN DAVISON GARY REGINALD DICK Commercial Club, Girls' Lea- S.O.S., Hi-Y DAVID DOUGLAS DOMREIS Tennis, Football, St. Council Rep., Lettermen's Club, Hi-Y MARTIN EGGERT BEVERLY ANN EGGIMANN .lr. Class Pres., TYV Football Yearbook, Choru s, l.R.L., All Star, Basketball, Letter- Speech Club, Girls' League men's Club V. Pres., Scholar- Athletic Award que ' men's Club, S.O.S., Hi-Y CHUCK DUNCAN KRISTINA B. EARL Transfer from Catlin Gables, Girls' League Commercial Club CHERYL RAE ELLSON RANDALL D, ELLSON Junior Prom Queen, Tiger- ette Pres., Pep Club, St. Council Rep., inter-club Coun- cil GORDON ERI KSSON 'l7 WAYNE ERI CKSON LINDA ANN FERREL JAMES J. FIELDING Pep CIUlD,SpeeCI'1 Club, F.T.A., Sr, CIC155 Rep., Mqy Fefe Jr, Chorus, Girls' League Escorf, S.O.S., Sadie Hawkins Prince RICHARD FRAHLER FRIEDA FRANK TYV All STOV IFOOTIDGIII, Hi-Y Commercial Club, Girls' Lea- Pres., Leflermerfs Club, Jr. gue Prom Escort JANICE LEA FAGAN DAVID J. FAULK Yearbook, Tri-Hi-Y, Pep Club Football, Baseball, Chorus Sec., ST. Council Rep., Drama S.O.S., Ski Club BARBARA ANN FOSTER DOUGLAS E. FOSTER Pep Club, Band, Girls' Lea- Cross-country, Track gue, G.A.A. STAN H. GASS S.O.S. GARY GATES MONTE LEE GENSMAN Lettermenis Club, Football, Wrestling, Band BARBARA JOAN GRANT JAMES FMHAEFFELE Sr. Class Treas., Girls' League St. Council Rep., Baseball, Sec., Tri-Hi-Y, Honor Society, Lettermen'ls Club, IRL, S.O.S. Soph. St. Council Rep. JERRY GILMORE Track, Cross Country MICHAEL D. GILLMOR Football, Golf, S.O.S., Wres fling, Lettermens Club JANICE SUE GRAHAM Highland Lassies, Pep Club Pres., Tri-Hi-Y, Girls' te Honor Society RICK HANEGAN MICHAEL HANKS Golf, Bond Pres., Dance Track Band, Basketball Mgr. ART HAGE S.O.S. PAUL HANTKE Lettermen's Club, Wrestling Hi-Y, Ski Club I? ROBERT G, HANNERS DICK HANNER5 BGYWCI T r a c k, Basketball, Cross Country, Letterrnen's Club, Sr. Class Sg.-at-Arms THOMAS PATRICK LENNY HING HIGHHOUSE Football, Baseball, Letter- Art, Band, Drama men's Club, Hi-Y, St. Coun- cil Rep. KAREN L, HARRIS JIM HELMS Yearbook, Commercial Club, Girls' League, Chorus JOHN HOPPER GHISLAINE DANIELLE HRUBY Pep Club, Tri-Hi-Y DIANE HOLMES Girls' Le a g u e, Arts and Crafts N CHARLIE D. HUDSON Transfer from Gresham MARY ANN INMAN Commercial Club, Girls' Lea- gue JERRY JOHNSON Hi Y Tigard Intercom Cor respondent to KISN Radio Commercial Club Speech S O S DAVID F. ISOM Hi-Y, Cotton and Cord Jun- ior Escort LINDA GAYLE JONES Pep Club, Girls' League, Chorus, Powderputf Football RON HUDSON JUDY M. HUNT I.R.L.,S.O.S. Girls' League, Commercial Club, Chorus, Pep Club, Camera Club BILL JOHNSON GAYLE LYNN JOHNSON I-li.Y Tigerettes, Honor Society, F.T.A., Tri-Hi-Y, Stu d e nt Council Secretary DOUGLAS JUNG Football, S.O.S. SUE ANNE JUNKIN Commercial Club, Girls' Lea- gue, Chorus ROLLAND KANE Transfer from Lincoln, Chor- us, Bancl MIKE KINLOCK S.O.S. MARY RAELYNN KASTEL Commercial Club, Pep Club, Girls' League KATHLEEN KLINGBEIL Banol, Commercial Club, Pep Club, Girls' League MIRIAM Cl-lERYL KABLE APRlL KANE Pep Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Commer- Girls' League, Drama, Com cial Club, Girls' League mercial Club, Pep Club HAZEL M. KENNEY PATTY KING Pep Club, Girls' League, Pep Club, Girls' League Commercial Club Commercial Club JAMES H. KNEELAND S.O.S. JUDY LORRAINE LARSON Yearbook, Hi-Spots, Drama Ski Club, Pep Club MIKE KURTZ PETER ALAN LANGWAY Band V. Pres., Dance Bcmol, Wrestling Hi-Y, Basketball Mgr. JUDY LEFTWICH GARY L. LEISER Yearbook, Girls' League, 'Honor Society Pres., Boys' Commercial Club, Pep Club State Rep., LeTTermeri's Club, l.C.C. STEVE LAW RON L. LAWSON Band MICHAEL J, LESH DIANNE PATRICIA LEUZ Football, S.O.S., Basketball, Pep Club, Girls' LGGQUS, Track Chorus JULIE ANNE LEROY l.R.L., F.T.A., G.A.A., Arr, Band, Health Careers Club, Yearbook, Sr. Courwcil Rep., Girls' League PATRICIA KATHLEEN MCINTOSH JULIE ANN LINDEY ELEANOR MCCOLL Yearbook, F.T.A., Pep Club, Sr. and Soph. Class Secretory, Chorus, Girls' League Highland Lassie Sec., Pep Club, Girls' League NANCY MARTIN MICHAEL J. MAYERNIK JR. St. Body Treasurer, Honor Track, Tennis, S.O.S., Sec.- Society, Highland Lossies, Treasurer, Hi-Y, Sadie Hawk- Girls' League Song-Leader, ins Prince Yearbook, Jr. Sadie Hawk- ins Escort Tri-Hi-Y Treasurer, Pep Club Treasurer, St. Council Rep., F.T.A., Commercial Club CAROL JEAN McLOUGHLIN RICHARD JAMES MANSFIELD Sf. Council RGD-. Trl-I'II-Y, Transfer from Washington, Chorus V. Pres., Pep Club, Chorus Commercial Club, Girls' Lea- gue TP MICHAEL PAUL MILES BARBARA ANN MILLER Lettermen's Club Pres., I.C.C. Chorus, Girls' League, Com- V. Pres., Track, Basketball, mercial Club Homecoming Escort mar' JOHN MGCFARLANE MERTLICH Transfer from Idaho, S.O.S. DAVID EDWARD MILLER Letterman's Club Treas., St. Council Chaplain, Wrestling Captain, Footloall, Baseball SUSAN KATHERINE MOORE Tigerette Hist.,'J.V. Rally, Tri- Hi-Y, Soph. Homecoming Prin., Soph. May Fete Prin- cess BECKY MURDOCK Tigerettes, Tri-Hi-Y, Pep Club, Sr. Council Rep., Jr. Class V. Pres. RON MOSIER DICK NIEHUES Transfer from Jesuit, S.O.S. R ROY WILLIAM MILLER Yearbook, Golf Team, St. Council Rep. TAMARA LEA MORRISON Honor Society, Highland Las- sies, Tri-Hi-Y, ICC, Band Council W KATHY MITCHELI. Girls' League, Commercial Club, Transfer from Mary- crest KATHLEEN ANN MOXLEY Girls' League, Commercial Club, Chorus LINDA LEE NODLAND Girls' League, Pep Club 179 PAYE O'BRYANT Pep Club Pres., Tri-Hi-Y, Yearbook, Speech Club, Girls' League Jr. Rep. KAREN lONE OLSON LlNDA ILENE PARSONS Pep Club. Girls' LGOQUS Yearbook, Pep Club, Swim Team Captain, FTA, Girls' League HAROLD GORDON PICKETT MlCHAEL PlCKETT S.O.S., Football, Wrestling, S.O.S. Tennis, Baseball, St..Council Rep. COLLEEN O'CALLAGHAN J.V. Rally Queen, Jr. anal Sr. Rally, Tri-Hi-Y, Yearbook IDA MAE OCHS J.V. Rally, Tigerettes, Tri-Hi- Y, Chorus Sec. Junior Homecoming Prin. Junior Pronf Princess PATTY PECK National Honor Society, IRL, Girls' League, Speech Club JAMES G. PETERSON Bancl, S.O.S., Football, Wres- tling, Baseball E BRYCE A. POWELL St. Body V. Pres., Hi-Y V Pres., Swim Team, S.O.S., Jr Prom Escort, Jr. Class St Council Rep. JANICE SUE POWERS ERIN VESTINA PRICE Commercial Club, Pep Club, Tennis, FTA, GAA, Pep Club, Girls' League, Chorus Camera Club M. GORDON RAINS LEE RAMEY Football, Wrestling Highland Lassies V. Pres., Junior Class Treas., Year- book, Sr. Council Rep. RICHARD R. RASMUSSEN Sf. Council Rep., Basketball, Track, Hi-Spots JOYCE ANITA PROBERT Pep Club, Girls' League Commercial Club, Band RALPH ADAM PULICELLA DALE LOUIS RAGEL S.O.S., Speech Club, Corn- Senior Class Pres., Speech mercial Club Club, S.O.S., Rally Boy, Hi-Y REGINA KAY REYNOLDS BOB Rl'llNEVAl-ll-T Girls' League' Chorus LeHermen's Club, Football, Baseball, Band SUSAN E. RISER Tri-Hi-Y, Girls' League, J.V Rally, Jr. Prom Prin., Soph Cofron and Cord Princess RANDOLPH H. ROBINSON Sr. Body Pres., Hi-Y, Boys' Stale, Wresrling, Honor So cieiy LARRY SAPP Lerrermerfs Club, C h o r u s, Football, Basketball, Base- ball, Hi-Y, Homecoming Es- Cori JUDY ROBINETTE Commercial Club, Girls' Lea gue WAYNE ROBERTS LESTER' W. SANDERS Commercial Club, Electrical Club l l 1 T is Ili T CHARLOTTE GENE ROBINS DENNIS ROBINSON Pep Club, Girls' League, S.O.S., Drama Chorus JOHN ROGER SCHMIDT LEROY SCHMIDT S.O.S., Track, Wrestling Band BILLIE .IOANN SCHULTZ Tigerettes, Girls' Le a g u e, Chorus, Pep Club CAROLYN ANN SILVEY SHARON ANN SIMMS Chorus, Girls' League Girls' League, Chorus Com mercial Club CRAIG SNYDER DALE L. SNYDER Baseball, Baskefbflll, S-O-5-, Ski Club Pres,, S.O.S., ICC Golf CONSTANCE JUNE SENN BECKY SILLS Band Commercial Club. Commercial Club Girls' Lea- gue PENNY DEE SINGER TERRY GENE SMITH Drama, Chorus, Health Ca- Commercial Club, Speech reers Club, Commercial Club, Club, Chorus, Girls' League Speech Club TERRY L. STAENHKE Hi-Y, Ski Club, S.O.S., Band tm., V DONNA JEAN STEELE Commercial Club, Highland Lassies, Girls' League Sgt.- at-Arms, Yearbook, St. Courie cil Rep. PAUL HOWARD STRINGER MARNIE TATTERSALL IRL Pres., Hi-Y, St. Council Tigerettes Sec., Chorus, Pep Rep., ICC, Speech Club Pres. Club, Folk Trio, Girls' League CHUCK TRIGG JOHN TURMAN ROGER STOLLEY BILL STREICH Commercial Club Lettermarfs Club, Football Basketball, Track, S.O.S. DAVID TAYLOR RICHARD THOMPSON B.O.S., Band Football Football, Track, Basketball S.O.S,, Hi-Y, Speech Club Lettermen's Club, Chorus V. Pres. MIKE TURMAN S.O,S., Chorus, FTA, Drama Folk Trio SUSAN LYNN VASEY Honor Society Sec., Future Teachers of America, Girls' League FRED ULRICH DAVID M. VAN WINKLE Transfer from Roosevelt High Basketball, Track School, Sadie Hawkins Prince ROSEMARIE WAGNER KATHLEEN ELAINE WALDO St. Council Rep., Commercial Yearbook Editor, Band, Sec., Club, Girls' League IRL, Girls' League, Speech Club PEARL KAYE WALDO FTA Pres., IRL, Yearbook, Band, ICC, Girls' League CLAYTON VEALE, JR. BOB VREELAND S.O.S., B a n cl, Wrestling, Banol Drama, Hi-Y ALVIN WALKER LARRY D. WARR Lettermen's Club, Rally Boy, Hi-Spots, Quill and Scroll Football, Chorus I ROBERT W. WI CKIZER Transfer from Walla Walla JUDY WEST VczrsiTy Rally Queen, Jr. Prorn Princess, Girls' League V. Pres., Tri-Hi-Y, J.V. Rolly, Soph. Class Sec., ICC ELIZABETH WICK Transfer from Ausiralia, IRL, FTA, Girls' League C. MICHAEL WILLOCK Speech Club, Ski Club MARV F. WINTERS S.O.S. T86 NICKY K. WILKINSON CAROL WICKLUND Football, Ski Club, Bond, Girls' League, Commercial Golf, S.O.S. Club GRANT C. ZADOW LYNN SUSANN ZIPPRICH S.O.S., Siudeni' Council Rep. Pep Club, FTA, G.A.A., Speech Club, Girls' League 9 Q o O o o o wQclwoEQwwwwHmwaedfas E Jan Graham Ma rTy Egger1'QSepT' I 5 Nancy Martin Ranaly Robinson-OCT' Judy Wesf Bryce Powell -Dec. Eleanor McColl -Nov. Dick Frahler Gayle Johnson O Gary Lenser rl ,Le1wvTalwfYewvHmwas Susan Bachelaler Larry Sapp Lee Ramey John Turman Sarah Airken -Feb Mike Miles ' -March -April Judy Larson Dave Miller May Boy anal Girl of The Year Jan Graham anal Gary Leiser receive Boy anal Girl of The Year awards from Mr. Tigarol. 189 1 V 1 w i DEI.L BALL BIG BITE DRIVE IN II IWI- -. - ?i'1e1fLf'1VT f .Ni iEAliiTw1,,'-Ql5?"' JL - 'vrlxf V - A ggi 455 . 'V " i:?.f .f 1,,1 f wy i I ,,,..3. I- , II,I . YW 3 5J,,.fWm, gy 'v is A S f W I 25 33,1 I adm? NIS a iditgw mwah, ,WM W? F M FORD COMPANY FRAHLER ELECTRIC Main ST. - Tigord - ME 9-1131 Tigorol - ME 9-4627 TIGARID PHARMACY H993 S.W. Pacific Hwy. ME 9-2181 24-hour prescription service FIRST NATIONAL BANK Tigard Plaza MOORE S JEWELRY Tigard Plaza RHODES CAFE NINE-T-NINE Moin STreeT, Tigclrd Soles and Service CABANA STYLE SHOP Tigczrcl Plcuzo PLAZA REXALL DRUGS MEQMW Il V PACIFIC COIN-OP CLEANERS II847 S.W. Pacific Hwy. KNIT 'N' PURL - Tigcxrd Plclzcu llnl l,,,,x, ,,,, , ,,..,, ,, ,, E.C.HALLCOMPANY METZGER GROCERY Open 'Til 12:00 PM 365 days a year. 246-9162 TIGARD HOMETOWN Hardware Houseware PainTs SNYDER REALTY 14050 S.W. Pacific Hwy. ME 9-2500 198 MOTES PHARMACY Main STreeT, Tigard KNAUSS CHEVROLET I 1880 S.W. Pacific Hwy. MEQH66 PROGRESS FLORAL AND GARDEN SHOP "Flowers for oll occasions" AAIA-2588 RASMUSSEN BROS. FARMCRAFT CHEMICALS ME 9-1 161 GARRETT'S GROCERY W. J. McCREADY LUMBER CO. BEAVERTON BAKERY 44 Norfh Broadway Ml 4-4140 SOUTHWEST REALTY 11634 S.W. Barbur ME 9-3151 J. A. PATERSON REALTY 12700 S.W. Pacific Hwy. ME 9-2125 Real Estate Land Development Appraisal insurance TIGARD FURNITURE Construction 12555 Main Street, Tigarol ME 9-10 16 N1AR1ON CLEANERS - Tigarol Main St reet TEXAS CAFE 12715 S.W. Pacific Hwy. CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS CONTINENTAL HOMES, INC. 12535 S.W. Main Street -:- Tigaroi, Oregon TELEPHONE MERCURY 9-2171 Factory Built Means Precision Built WILLAM ETTE REALTY 12289 S.W. Main, Tigord ME 9-2101 TUALATIN VARIETY AND GROCERY CHARLIES SHOE REPAIR, 12296 S.W. Main, Tigctrcl WEST SIDE PROPERTIES 11545 S.W. Borbur Blvd. CH 6-5429 MEYER BROS. O MARSHAL COAST TO COAST HARDWARE KIMBALLS - Hcirdwore - Houseware - Pcxinfs PLAZA BARBER SHOP Tigolrd Plclzo PACIFIC SHELL SERVICE i 1940 S.W. Pacific Hwy. ME 9-9969 LONE OAK RESTAURANT 11920 S.W. Pacific Highway ME 9-3880 BONITA GLASS H842 Pacific Highway ME 9-1260 13765 S.W. Pacific Hwy. ME 9-1314 TOWER'S TEXACO Highway 99 and Nyberg Road PORTLAND AQUATIC CLUB 10813 Barbur Blvd. TAI PING 4 ED AND LARRY'S FREEWAY SERVICE 17999 S.W Lower Boones Ferry Road ME 9-2469 TIGARD LUMBER CO. 12585 S.W. Pacific Hwy ME 9-3636 METZGER - Hwy. 217 CANYON FURNITURE Greenburg Rd. - Hwy. 217 ME 9-3155 12566 S.W. Main - Tigcircl 1 5 1 S 1 2 3 1 1 L MAsoN's mc. ME 95213 12580 s.vv. Main ME 9-1292 YOUNGS FUNERAL HOME 1 E X S s 11831 S.W. Pacific Hwy. ME 9-1206 l 205 : ' - za iiri - ., .4 im .X H 1 V jf? 1,iae,g3iK,g,'s1Qi kg ,.1Lii:qf1if,1,. ., I . T Ii5"35-3,4ZfiS'5i'f7gi2,LQ ,,, .,.. W' J 5,5w,53.I-5 . , ' P-91 K f - ' 1 ' f ' 115' ?'fiiT:flf, ""' ' A as fgew.5,.,'gfviQ-Vgggfi, 5 if f. - . .z:2j2:e2 sfjf'1: 1-iw-'W mf- ffl ff? 35, S ,7'Q7hEliUf7.'7Q5 3:5f3Qg1'2fHiQz'15"H ' efsiisw: K1"''S'Q,ggggzzI,e1z151if.Qa5fi.tigi2ii2I ggzv1'?'fiaf- bl C. C. MILLER 12455 S.W. Mciiri STreeT Tigord 23, Oregon SETNICKER'S SHELL STATIONS 11415 S.W. Pcicific Hwy. CH 6-3220 D O R E ' S BEAUTY SALON 12448 S.W. Mciin ST. ME 9-1021 13295 S.W. Pacific Hwy. ME 9-3588 3 STAR RESTAURANT Bcxrbur Blvd. GENERAL CHAIN BAR CO P.O. Box 6333 ME 9-2482 Visit KARMELKORN SHOP For Wonderful Shakes Tigcird Plozo ME 9-1252 11578 S.W. Barbur Blvd. CH 4-3711 GIROITS SUPERMARKET MONTGOMERY WARD ME 9-2156 Tigard Plaza LYNN LOVENGUTH'S MARKET MI 4-0338 8725 S.W. Highway 217 Beaverton lProgressl if'if5!a,f5gi!'?52g?ti'?Q5fs3:S:'3,Q:gg5V3gf-'EISi?525E:LgggL5512?fred?::7li,iif'Yj-five,if Vr-' 35WWW1f"?i'?.Li1'iJEff-'i::???l52'5i,Vi,, WN:zfwflsezfilgf-31WWV'f5'fZ1fzm,g!W'f2'Jzr-55,11': 'flwsfi ---- , 1 1, MMME EEM , .. ,.,. , . 1 so . E2,,'-1525.111 .: - ,Q - 2 Wife, nm. 3 gm Z f : 551, iS+f,f,?,ff?f-W ,, . , -, ,f '- ,.w722V me- :"" ' will 532 1, ' mis, wi? .. ' :,. I. ,:,. . .,N..,,2,., A z . ,W 2 '5?ni'l If Vw' ' - .,,. . . ,. 1 'kiwi uw 1 2 . , 1 2g?f1f '.z442e5i . ' LL? f 1 13:5 Qi Q 12 2 :M Q 28 2 wx 2 1 Qi 2 1 9 iff 2- 2 :if md aw ax 1:5 ,mfg 3 , ily fm ,2 X2 M 35 2 2,2 qi if A ,, aff 2 23 K 5 K 2 si 1 K ii?: s'-sifiii ' I 5 :ff ' if , X 2 52 5 15 5 " K ff Wx 2 2 ik ' ' H ,,m:'f5f,1fg5i1f2i 1 1 2 Q df fa 2,-. 2 .. . M, 1 2 1 21 22 2 X22-1 2 " " ' - , Q K X Y X2 K 1 KM P Bi, X X RN 52 yy, "seg,-fa,5f ffyfff-sash:ffszffigsgf-fYiS2ff'e2,'si f' .li " '35,fm-31'wfiiisfsffiawffwz5?52fs-fi-,f 21551 3 f2'2f 1, U3 5? if '12 2 E 12 12 35' 1 Pl 1 'em K NFQHAXL, w 2 2 Y 2 ,.i X sg , t' J 'rx as Q 1 T2 wg 2 N, 8 is F 2 4 E X Q ,,., W, L,,.eQ,, .. K, ., lk, ,. .. , M g ' :gi We M2 W1,'S3i25WEfsi55-'i.M55'Qiff55mf?iEfl'f'if,5, 11121-:QEQXZLLQ miie 'W' 'l A , -1:1-fy"m:gI 1,.iiiziigiiiflfifif19565533fffli5,'5Ji"'.li5-QP?,s5ii3,f1-'lili?15':frf'31ZiE7iiSEi2iE awe,1?2if5,'1:1f-fnfszesif ,www H' N,.,,m-- -1:2325-f3fv'!3fbmi wifweiwggy,vgais'fizfigfyg925Qi,ggggmigfgg,:g,g5,i2ie,,?3,5,gzwq,,i iW'J"'eM'A .W,m .,fri,,222:2vsi11k5wm,ff3?iii2f35wi4ez,2igi,gS?g3i,?z,gfqiliiezrzgggg K7Q?Zgg1f3g2:gggj?gg1Qt'Hg4?g22,ss:Q23WH1,Ji?fexggzfz?igav,,1?55zq,g-122vygizfgzfsggf M E 9-3800 Rockei Juncfion 15900 S.W. Upper Boones Ferry Tigard MARINE LUMBER CO. 11675 S.W. Pacific Highway Tigard, Oregon ME 9-2123 Lumber - Hardware - Painf all builders' supplies O Hillsdale Branch Mulinomah Branch Barbur Boulevard Branch The Mulfnomah Bank Deposiis Insured by Federal Deposif Insurance CorporaTion SILVEY COMPANY CASH and SAVE OIL CO. Pacific Hwy near Viaduct COMPLIMENTS OF ART VINCENT CO. ME 971191 FARMHOUSE MAPLE SHOP 14170 S.W. Pacific Hwy. ME 9-461 1 9 THE SHOWCASE TV THE CARPETCASE H640 S.W. Pocific Hwy. THE SILVER SADDLE House of Delicious Homburgers 5 for 951.00 PACIFIC COIN-OP CLEANERS I2035 S.W. Pocific Hwy. ME 9-3334 UNITED FINANCE CO. R. JOHN RAYBURN, Mgr. 205 Tigord Shopping Plozol ME 9-31 I5 I3l6 S. W. I3+h Avenue PORTLAND I, OREGON Caps, Gowns, Announcemen+s BOB McREYNOLDS, Represenfaiive 2 K D. Bernordi L. Swindel L. Freymuller D. Smulcmd J. Moen These ore not The "camera shy" but The camera was shy when They were here. -A- Abelmg, Janet-14a,65,95,1o9,76,7e, 90,159,249 Adam, Susan-98,167,155,75 Adams, Karol-94,i54,79 Adams, Toni-96,75 Adkins, Linda-97,166,27,82,83 Agun, Margaret-98,167,71,88 Aitken, Sarah-64,94,92,167,63,91,189 Akerson, Darlene-97,75,27,93,62,45,32 Albertson, Don-iO2,126,154,147,91, 110,42,5O,124 Alexander, Jennifer-94,160 Allnutt, Margaret-64,95,154,91,141 Altmann, Arlita-98,161 Alvord, Sueleen-66,67,98,167,142,88 Amburn, Tom-77,159,123,53 Anderson, Alan-153 Anderson, Carl-77,78,161 Anderson, Doug-159,88 1 Anderson, Glenn-58,159,i18,88 Anderson, Gloria-161,155,84,93 Anderson Gordon-153 Anderson Mary-96,158,74,34 Anderson Michael-158 Anderson Pat-98,152,85 Annond, Mary Jane-64,95,154,58,79, 32 Anthony, Glenn-25 Anthony, Ron-12O,8 Arens, Alan-102,106,167,58,59,47 Arnold, John-167,27 Aston, Thomas-123,166,167,87,148,79, 37,38 iwdw Bekiri, Peggy-94,168,63,79,44,5O,191 Bell, Dick-168,115 Bell, Jim-107,158,45,i27 Bell, Kathryn-94,159,42 Bell, Lester-161,143 Bell, Linda-95,155 Bell, Ray-77,78,33 Bergmann, Barbara-95,168,15O,89 Bergmann, Bonnie-97 Bernarol, Dave-42,211 Belts, Ron-168,187,79 Bimeler, David-77,155,331 Bischof, Margie-97,154 Bishop, Berry-95,91,71,79,141,150 Bishop, Charlotte-98,168,87 Black, Randy-160 Blair, Steven-77,153,110 Bland, Pat-97,168 Blum, Otto-168,74 Bolden, Verie-94,160,312 Boleyn, Douglas-9O,115,52 Boleyn, Ron-168 Bordenkircher, Bob-107,160,26,143, 127 Borland, Susan-141,98,155,85,82,83, 9i,80,79 Botten, Jim--161,120 Boyte, Cindy-95,161,3O,42,43,88 Boyfe, Howard-153,124,126 Bouschor, Ed-76,168,82,83,42,44 Bowsher, Freeda-200,89,88 Brady, Bob-169,27,148,45,48,12O,122 Brady, Debbie-95,32 Branch, Dale-76,115,127 Brandt, Russell-169,88 Brault, Greg-153,86,45 Bremer, Doris-24,25,98,169,63,89 Brickey, Jerry-76,78,16i,119 Brickey, Lloyd-76,78,158,118 Briney, Jackie-24 Brookshire, Barbara-158,75,43 Babin, Barry-107,159,118 Bablin, Christopher-154 Bachelder, Susan-98,167,147,63,41, 189 Baggenstos, Beverly-98,143,151 Baggenstos, Janet-96,167,89,88 Baggenstos, Nancy-94,160 Baker, Candy-96,153 Baker, Kathy-141,64,65,95,154,59,79, 42,14 Baker, Peggy-97 Baldridge, Ricky-158 Ballard, Robert-154 Ballard, Steven-103,153,56,127 Bancroft, Marilee-97,167,82,83,34,71, 44 Banta, Sharon-74 Barcheck, Andy--152,91,79 Bardel, Virginia-98,154,79,119,89 Barker, Leslie-95,154 Barngrover, Keith-161,127 Barth, Bob-158 Barth, Valerie-94,74,75,147,32 Bastron, Bill-103,104,168 Bauer, Larry-107,159,127 Boumiller, Karen-24 Baumiller, Tenna-97,158 Bouserman, Sally-96,16O,43 Bay, Nicky-161 Baynham, Robert-76,159,27 Beck, Wendell-153 Becker, Frank-78,153,46 212 Brown Brown Brown Brown Brown Brown, Claire-94,16O,82,83,34,8O,142 George-169 John-153,127 Joyce-169,83,71 Mike-77,723,159 Susan-114,96,154,82,83,63,59 79,42 Brownlee, Diana-162 Bryan, Mike-159 Buchholz, Barbara-96,16O,82 Bunney, Becky-97,161,43 Bunney, Richard-169 Burkshire, Barbara-96 Burge, Naomi-98,169 Burgen, Sharon-94,169,74 Burman, Ray-155,47 Burris, Donna-95,158 Busch, Pat-66,67,96,152,'l55,62,91,71 Bushnell, Dale-169,84 -C- Caldwell, Connie-96,169 Campbell, James-76,161 Canerday, Linda-142,98,153,84,83 146,59,63 Cappoen, Becky-97,161 Cardwell, Billie-98,159,86,148,62,88 Carlton, Wendy-96,153,32 Carns, Diane-96,74,32 Carrier, M.-160 4 Carson, Patricia-158,77, il ll l 1 Cates, Linda-94,76,17O,9O,91,89,88 Cates, Marcia-97,161 Chambers, Steve-160 Chamberlain, Bill-108,76,i20,78,159, 57,118 Chamberlain, Gary-120,108,77,152, 57,116 Chamberlain, Keith-155 Chandlee, Gene-17O,57,119 Chilson, Laverna-98 Christensen, Colleen-141,94,66,67,107 146,62 Christensen, Judy-94,75,8O,32 Clapper, Cheryle-95,154,139,34 cole, Pam-95,155 Cole, Peggy-94,75,148,82,83,62,71 Connelly, .lim-76 Cooper, Kathie-94,159,71 Corcoran, Susan-66,67,97,154,79 Coryell, Jack-143,103,104,170,26, 116,117,27,56 Coryell, Jill--94,161,71 Cotrell, Gary-102,155,124 Court, Donna-94,170,75,48 Crabtree, Loni-96,159 Crane, .lacklyn-96 Craughan, Claudia-75,162 Craven, Bruce-152 Crisman, Linda-98,8O,159 Cucldeford, Dianna-25 Culver, Donna-74,925,162 Cunningham, Larry-53,153,91,11O,47, 142,88,123 -D- Dale, Ronald-159 Dalton, Kathy-95,161 Dalton, Mike-170 Davidson, Cheryle-17O,139,89,88 Davidson, Connie-96,158 Davies, Chris-154 Davison, Mark--17O,26,124,125,126 Davison, Melissa-88,17O,26,93,141, 142,89 Dayson, Barbara-97,161 Desimone, Frank-152 DeTillian, Jacruth-94,109,160,32 Dick, Gary-170 Dickoff, David-108,118 Q Dickoff, Robert-159 Dixon, Cathy-95,152,154,63,5O Doane, Linda-93,162 Dobson, James-77,153 Dollar, Stan-24 Domreis, David-171',56,48,119 Domreis, Steve-159,162,45,52 Donovan, Janet-65,98,16O,147 Dorsey, Elaine-94,160 Dreyer, Elaine Dreyer, Steve-155,86,43,45 Driscoll, John-159,116,42,48 Drummond, Neil-109,153 Duncan, Chuck-171 Duncan, Mary Jo-98,154 Dunham, Jacqueline-96,152 Dunn, Cheryl-95,161 Dunn, John-24 Durdell, Pam-25 Durdell, Bob--76,160 Eagleson, Julie-96,109,77,161,9O Earl, Kristine-94,171,119 Eggert, Greg-109,77,159,115,45,119 Eggert, Marty-123,103,53,104,188, l71,57,146,91,11G,41,1l1,113 Eggimann, Bev-97,171,86,79,42,44, 142,197 I Eidenschink, Kathy-64,97,154,63 Ellson, Cheryl-66,67,96,171 Ellson, Curt--108,161,120 Ellson, Randy-171 Ely, Darlene-97,171,74 Ems, Ronald-77,7B,33 Erdman, Rod-171,56,124 Erickson, Gordon-171 Erickson, Wayne-172,74,27 Etling, Joanne-94,109,159,119 Ewen, Douglas-109,153,57 ...F- Fagan, Cheri-94,16O,27,147,45 Fagan, Jann-96,172,87,146,63 Fairchild, Michael-107,158 Farmer, Kathy-96,158,143 Farrier, Jim-154 Faulk, Dave-172 Ferrel, Linda-172,42 Fielding, James-166,172,88 Finley, Carla-64,155,93,79,143 Finn, Juanita-97,74 Finn, Rose Marie-97,16O,82,83 Flack, John-160 Flannery, Virginia-97,16O,74 Flieger, Diane-97,153 Flowers, James-76,78,155,59 Flye, Lynelle-97,152 Follett, Linda-95,154,71,79,119,89,88 Foss, Michael - Foster, Barbara-96,77,172,71 Foster, Don-152,155,57 Foster, Doug-172 Foster, Robert-84 Fox, Craig-159,75 Fox, Holly-98 Frahler, Dick-102,105,172,56,14B,188 Francis, Cliff-153,116 Francis, Wayne-161 Frank, Frieda-95,172,415 Freeman, Carol-94,150 Frey, 159 Freymuller, Linda-211 Fritzler, Sally-94,75 Froucle, Janet-97,153,62,63,58,119 Fulton, Mike-77,160 -G- Gamman, Harold-155,75 Garrett, Stan-152,91,46,127 Gciss, Stan-172,83 Gates, Gary--173 Gates, Tom-154 Geck, Jack-109,158 Geclrose, David-107,159,127 Gensman, Mark-77,78,161 Gensman, Monte-56,103,105,76,43,77, 143,78,116,173,117,26 Gilliland, Linda-94,159,147 Gilliland, Roberta-95,154,613 Goodnell, Sheri-97,160 Gillmor, Mike-173,59,123,53 Gilmore, Jerry-108,173,120 Godaling, Jeanette-153,84 Goldbeck, Charles-155 Gorman, Mike-24 Graham, Diana-94,76,154,91,59,79,42 Graham, Janice-64,94,173,62,9O,91, 188 Grant, Barbara-191,94,92,166,173,63, 91,44,50 Grant, Jim-755,47 Graven, Darrell-160 Greco, Sharon-98,161,84,141 Gregory, Sharlene-97 Grimit, Larry-155 Gunnell, Cheri-24 -H- Haeftele, Jim-173,56,57,146,79,124, 125 ' Hoge, Arthur-173 Hage, Dan-77,161 Haglund, Dick-77,111 Hall, Robert-107,161,142,12O Hanegan, Rick-123,77,53,153,173,57, 11O,43,141 Hanks, Michael-173,88 Hanna, Linda-98,158,76 Hanners, Dick-108,166,174,110,113, Inman, Mary Ann-96,175,142,89,88 Isom, David-175,50 -J- Jackson, Jim-52 Jacoby, Diane-95,16O,75,26,3O Jacoby, Tom-109,155,50,142,88 1 Jacoby, Jerry-109,155,85,82,83,30,5O Jarman, Pam-97,153,147,79,143 Jasperson Carla-94,158,76,77,73,146, 30 Jenovich, Sherry+24,95,154,63,91,59, 79,42 Jess, Richard-25 Jett, Kenneth-102,153,56 Johnson Bill-175,50 Johnson Clint-107,161 Johnson, Gayle-94,66,67,188,175,146 62,91,41 Johnson James-152 Johnson Johnson Johnson Jerry-175,83,14,48,141 Sandra-97,161 Stan-102,152,56,115,37,119 Johnston, Suzanne-98 Jones, Jeffrey-154,79 Jones, Linda-97,175,71 Jones, Richard-153 Jordan, Barbara-94,161 122,141,120 Hanners, Robert-77,78,174 Hansen David-160,52 Hansen Ronald-52 Hanson, Carol-96,161 Hantke, Harper, Paul-174,56,59,1 16,1 '17 Jim-103,153,26,57 Harris, Karen-97,174,S6,88 Hartzell, Dave-102,105 Hctsuike, Arthur-103,77,78,153,56 Hasuike, Jeanne-95,161 Hawkey, Dan-153,11O,41 Hazel, Karen-98,74 ' Hazel, Larry-107,76,78,160,45,121,33 Heedum, Sheri-97,159,82,83,9O,119 Helms, Jeanie-24 Helms, Jim-174 Hernstedt, Nancy-97,76,78,159,29 Hewett, Kathy-95,161 Highhouse, Pat-76 Hine, Michael-159 Hing, Lenny-53,103,105,56.57,147,50, 124,126 Hing, Rosemary-94,160,71,45 Hipsher, John-74 Hixson, Gail-96,154,59,42 Hochtrltt, John-107,160,120 Holcombe, Pat-141,98,152,74,75,29, 8O,85,79,146,8O Holmes, Bill-76,78,75,158,26,33 Holmes, Carole-94,42,151 Holmes, Diane-174,93,44 Homgren, Karen-95,153,91,71,79 Hopper, John-174,34 Horyn, Michael-160 Howell, Paulette-98,160 Hruby, Danielle-96,174,26,63,71 Hubbard, Mark-24 Hudson, Charlie-175,202 Hudson, Ron-175,79,12O,122 Hulverson, Stephen-161,34 Hunt, Jucly-97,175,142 Hust, Steve--76,78 -I- lndrebo, Rick-77,153,123 Jossey, Gerald-77,78,155,27,29,44,33 Judy, Jaurene-98,92,154,79,119 Jung, Doug-103,175 Junkin, Sue Anne-98,176,89,88 -K- Kable, Jannene-97,155,75 Kable, Miriam-176,63,71,42,89,88 Kaiser, John--103,154 Kane, April-176,88 Kane, Roland-122,77,176,139,74,27, 1 16,1 17,120 Karr, Jeff-24 Kastel, Raelynn-98,176,139 Keesling, Jackie-94,74 Kenney, Hazel-97,176,71,88 Kent, Susan-94,715,159 Kessler, Wayne-107,159 Ketchum, Sandy-95,16O,14,32 Kendrick, Eldon-153,139,120 King, Patty-98,176,71,88 Kinlock, Mike-176 Kinlock, Gary-161 Klausen, Doug-155 Klingbeil, Kathy-98,76,176,141 Kneeland, James-176,139 Koski, Bob-77,78,153 Koski, Steven-76,78,12O Kraft, Linda-97,160 Kruettner, Louise-95,154 Kurath, Karin-98,161 Kurtz, Mike-77,78,177,111,43 -L- Labah, Charles-76,161 LaGrange, Diane-155,93,52 Lamb, Ted-102,57 Landis, Gary-161,84 Lane, Nancy-95 Langman, Bill-76,78,155,79 Langway, Peter--177,117,118, Larson, Judy-98,177,85,87,91,44,189 Lasich, Madeline-88,154,93,59,71,42, 142 Latham, Jackie-95,16O,74,71 Law, Steve-77,78,177 Lawson, Ron-177 Laxton, Nancy-94,109,160 Laxton, Terry-109,152,59 Lear, Diane-96,158 Leben, John-153 Lee, Chris-64,96,154,59,42 ' Leftwich, Judy-94,177,86,88 Leiser, Gary-141,108,122,177,56,53, 148,9O,91,42,188 Leriche, Armand-159,57 Leriche, Blandine-95,155 Leroy, Julie-45,94,141,76,177,87,44, 146,8O,81,79 Lesh, Mike-102,104,177 Leuz, Laurie-93,162 Leuz, Patty-177,93 Lewis, Brian-77,154 Lewis, Christine-95,161 Lewis, Don--153,119 Lilly, Stephen-160 Lind, Dwight-153 Landey, Julie-96,178,87,91,8O,81,44 Lloyd, Catherine-95,154 Long, Nancy-153 Long, Peggy--94,16O,71 Lore, Craig-161 1Mc1 McColl, Eleanor-64,65,96,188,178,91, 37,38 McColl, Lee-158,166 McEneany, Carol-66,67,95,154,62,59 McFarling, Gwen-96,109,161,59 Mclntosh, Jock-109,160,56,127 Mclntosh, Pat-98,178,146,62,44,5O, 141 McKinley, Bruce-154 McKitrick, Colleen-97,152,74,71 McLaughlin, Carol-98,178,5O McLean, Vernon-152,8O,116 -M- Mace, Elvin-76,7'8,159,141 Mace, Judy-96,155 Maiovski, Mark-107,77,160,118,127 Malo, Jim-155,120 Mansfield, Judy-97,159,59,43,88 Mansfield, Marilee-32,65,94,153,27, Meyer, Vicki-94,161 Mickelson, Marilyn-24 Michaelson, Paulette-65,95,161,147,9O, 71 Miles, Marilyn-95,154 Miles, Mike-41,24,25,141,108,120,178, 56,57,121,148,11O,189,113 Miller, Barbara-98,178,88 Miller Bob-158,118 Miller, Dan-107,159,118 Miller, David-102,179,56,57,125,146, 116,189,118,124,42 Miller, Donald-161,116 Miller, Edward-153,74 Miller, Frances-97,16O,32 Miller, Greg-109,153,118 Miller Jim-24 Miller, Lloyd-153 Miller, Rick-107,158 Miller, Roy-179,87,146,42,123 Miller, Steve-109,153,146,117 Mister Mister ek, Bob-107,115 ek, Jim-155 Mitchell, Judy-66,67,155,26,93,62,50 Mitchell, Kathy-66,67,98,179 -P- Panta, Sharon-95 Parsons, Linda-97,109,180,87,71,44 Paull, David-77,154,34,44 Payne, Mary-97,152 Payne, Tory-159 Paz, Richard-159,120 Peck, Becky-96,77,161,73,3O,43 Peck, Patty-94,18O,139,9O,91,79 Pederson, Terry-153,1 15 Perrine, Pete-154,115 Persels, Karen-155,93,91,142,88 Peters, Robert--160 Peterson, Gary-107,76,77,159,127 Peterson, James-76,78,18O,155,47 Petty, Gail-96,15 9,71 Phelps, Steve-107,160 Philips, Mark-127 Pickett, Harold-180 Pickett, Mike-180 Pierson, Harvey-24 Pietila, Linda-98,154,155,93,147,62 Popp, Marianne-75 91,38,48 Mansfield, Richard-178,74 Marostica, Bert+152 Mars, Larr -74,162 Martin Y Jo Ann-66,67,95,153,62,59,88 Martin, , Kathryn--66,67,95,154,88 Martin, Nancy-41,64,53,96,92,188, 178,86,146,91 Martin, Stan-76,155 Mayernick, Diane-97,154,141 Mayernick, Michael-178,26,27,34,41 Meldrum, David-161 Melhoff, Rick-162 Mengis, Kevin-53 Merrill, Brent-107,158,57,116,12O Merrimon, Jim-160,127 Mertlich, John-178 Meyer, Doug-1o7,7.s,7s,153,58,59,44, 120 4 Moen, Judy-211 Monds, Richard-153 Moore, Glenn-107,127 Moore, Susan-66,67,179,62,91 Morehead, Shirley-97,161 Morgan, Marna-97,161,141 Morrison, Tammy-64,65,94,76,77,179, 148,82,83,62,91,42 Moiser, Ron-179 Moxley, Kathie-95,179 Moxley, Sandi-95,159 Muller, Ann-74 Munger, Karyn-94,16O,34,32,88 Murdock, Becky-66,67,96,179,26,146, 62 Murdock, Marie-97,153,62,5O -N.. Nadig, Lonnie-98,109,76,161 Neikes, Diane-66,67,95,62,41 Nelson, Cheri-96 Nelson, Louise-98,16O,85,8O Ness, Jerralynn-98,159,73,147,3O,41 Ness, Russ-154 Ness, Steven-152,59 Newman, Bill-155 Newman, Shellie-98,16O,74 Nibblett, Linda-94,159,753 Niehues, Charles-159 Niehues, Richard-179 Nodland, Lynda-96,179 Noll, Phyllis-93,162 Noyes, Jerry-107,77,78,16O Nyberg, John--154 -.0- O'Bryant, Art-102,155,117 O'Bryant, Faye-97,18O,87,148,82,71, 83,63 O'Callaghan, Colleen-24,97,18O,87,63 O'Farrell, Terry-103,120 O'Farrell, Tim-107,158,124 O'l-lalloran, Frances-97,161,143,88 Ochs, Ida Mae-66,67,96,18O,75,62 Olson, Karen-180,93 Olson, Pat-155 Potts, Craig-102,152,153,57,146,88 Powell, Bryce-109,180,56,146,59,48, 188 Powers, Janice-94,181 Price, Rick-24 Price, Vestina-97,181,91,8O,141,119, 52 Probert, Joyce-94,76,181 Pulicella, Ralph-181,147,47 Puller, Doug-77,154 Rader, Pat-95,154,32 Ragel, Dale-166,181,56,187,82,83, 125,37,124 Rains, Marvin-181,1 17,118,517 Ramey, Lee-64,189,65,96,181,86,146 14,91,79,49 Ramey, Lynn-142,65,98,158,161,85, 147,163,45 Randall, Randi-98,158,85,90,88 Rankin, Jeanie-96,159 Rankin, Jeff-107,158,74,75,147,115, 41 Rasmussen, Richard-181,91,43 Rasmussen, Robert-153 Ray, Robert-102 Rayborn, Larry-75 Raylborn, Wesley-118 Redding, Wendall-25 Regehr, Don-161,34 Reiling, Louna-98,16O,73,43 Remillard, Dick-76,162 Reynolds, Regina-98,181 Rhinevault, Bob-181 Rhinevault, Linda-95,715,161 ,27 Richardson, Mary Ann-96,16'l,71,32 Richardson, Steve-77,78,56 Richlick, John--16 Richlick, Mike-160,74 Rieker, Carol-97,76,161 Rieker, Nancy-95,154 Rife, Cheyenne-94,159 Rite, Merry-97,109,154 Riser, Susan-94,92,1B2,146,62 Risk, Karen-95,161 Roberson, Joyce-24,98,92,159 Roberts, Wayne-182,74 Robertson, Julianne-154 Robinett, Judy-95,182,139 Robins, Charlotte-95,182,74 Robinson Robinson , Dennis-182 , Fay-96,82,147,9O,34,162,59 Robinson, Julie-95 Robinson , Marilyn-94,155 Robinson, Randy-182,146,91,116,117, 52 Ronne, Jannene-95,154,42,141 Roshak, Dave-153,160 Roshak, Dennis-161 Roshak, Ron-155,143 Royal, Sharon-93,162 Ryan, .lane-24 -5- Saarinen, Yvette-94,158,148,43 Sagert, Kathie-95,154 Sanders, Lester-182,142 Sapp, Larry-24,37,102,121,106,189, 105,120,182,175,114,110,111,113 Sayler, Doug-155 Schacht, Don-103,152,56,91,111,124 Schmidt, Bonita-74 Schmidt, John-182 Schmidt, Leroy-77,78,182 Schneide Schroede r, Susan-95,16O,147,8O,119 r, Doug-153 Schroetke, Susan-160 Schrom, .lan-161 Schubert, Denise-98,158,76 Schubert, Pamela-98,161,84,43 Schultz, Schultz, Billie-97,183 Donna-153,79 Schultz, Gary-75 Schultz, Kathleen-96,158,82,59 Schultz, Linda-97,155 Schultz, Richard-155 Schulz, Gary-153,139 Schulz, Joseph-159,118 Scott, Donna-95,159 Scott, Kitty-95,154,79 Seifert, Harriet-96,155 Selliken, Gary-1o2,1o6,152,111,37, 124,126 Senn, Connie-96,76,183 Senor, Sandra-98,16O,32,88 Settelmeyer, George-25 Sheeon, Carl-155 sham, Randy-77,16O,115,42,43,119 Shirley, Carol-96,74,73,3O,43 Shultz, Donna-97,76 Sibert, Nicki-66,67,95,153 Siefker, Vicki-96,161,32 Sills, Becky-96,183,75 Sills Lindo-97,59 Silney, Caroline-94,158,9O Silvey, Carolyn-96,183,143 Silvey, Diane-32,64,96,76,77,141,154, 147,42 Silvey, virganiq-96,1o9,77,71 Simms, Sharon-98,183 Simpson, Ronald-107,158,115,143,120 Singer, Penny-183,93 Sizemore, Dave-103,107,155,115,124 Smart, Nora-162 Smith, C 79 laudia-48,64,98,152,84,91,59, Smith, Mike-74 Smith, Terry-183,93 Smith. Walter Smuland, Donna-32,211 Snyder, Craig-183,88 Snyder, Dale-183,148,58 Soares, Colleen-95 Soares, Diana-97,155,74,71 TAYQOR 1LUELl51LlI!'1E-I YCQNEPANY Spencer, J.-109 Spohn, Cathy-96,161,119 Spohn, Cliff-154,118 Sporrer, Dana-107,74,75,116 Staehnke, Terry-183,59,5O Staggs, Sharon-98,153,139 Stan, Janet-98,159 Standley, Steve-154 Stanton, Connie-94,16O,74,8O,30 Stearns, Mike-24 Steele, Donna-64,65,98,92,184,86,146, 41 Stiles, Kathy-24 Stiles, Marty-76,78,154,79,44,46,12O Stolley, Roger--184 Streich, Bill-102,104,184,57,110,111, 112,122 Stricker, Linda-155,139,93,91 Stringer, Paul-48,184,148,187,82,83, 146,79 Strom, Janet-94 Strutz, Larry-24,103,106,120,155,56, 147,37 Stull, Clint-154 Swanson, Susan-95,161 Swanson, Teresa-162,81 Swindell, Linda-211 Switzer, Richard-107,160,141,12O Switzer, Roger-107,141 Symes, Irene-97,154,155 -T- Tate, David-155 Tate, Don-160 Tattersail, Marnie-94,66,67,184,75,48, 88 Taylor, Dan-107,153,46,12O Taylor, David-184 Taylor, Larry-154 Thibeau, Jeff-107,159 Thomas, Judy-96,112,151 Thompson, Darcie-97,155 Thompson, Richard-184,43 Thornbrue, Linda-95,158,76 Thorsen, Linda-98,159,147,9O Thurston, Pat-159 Tinner, Gailonn-96,16O,74,75 Toelkes, Kathleen-155,93 Tousey, Gail-53 Torland, James-155,146,115 Trigg, Charles-103,104,184 Trueax, Sharon-98,153,74,62 Trump, Dennis-159,118 Turman, John-120,24,121,105,184,37, 75,83,188,147,8O,111,113 Turman, Mike-184,75,34,37 Turner, Rodney-160 Tyson, Evelyn-98,153,79,88 -U- Ulrich, Fred-185,26 Upchurch, David-159 -V., Von Den Bosch, Dirk-48,77,78,152,86, 42,43 Von Den Heede, Gary-155 Van Kleet, Edward-152 Von Vleet, Steven-159,115 Van Winkle, David-185,56,143,52 Vasey, Susan-94,185,9O,91,8O,81,142 53 Veale, Clayton Jr.-185 Vincent, Fred-154,91 Volk, Randy-49 Von Hagen, Uta-94,109,160 Vreeland, Bolo-185 -W- Wagner, Rosemarie-95,185,146,89,88 Waldo, Clayton-76,753,161 Waldo, Kathleen-96,76,78,185,29,86, 148,91,43,141 Waldo, Pearl-98,185,87,148,8O,81,79 Walker, Alvin-185,75 Wallingford, Jim-158 Walrod, Ronald-107,159 Ward, Thomas-162 Wark, Cheryl-98,159 Warr, Larry-185,42,43 Watson, Pamela-94,159 Weaver, Patricia-97,154 Webber, Betsy-98,75,62,42 Wechensky, Randall-155,115,42 Weiler, Phyllis-96,158,76 Welch, Mike-24 Well, Jerry-108,77,159,155,120 Wells, Charles-76,153 Wells, Steve-8 West, Judy-96,92,186,1'48,63,188 Wheelon, Dean-77,160 White, Nicholas-109,77,78,153,56 Whittord, Carol-98,159,881 Wick, Elizabeth-95,186,79 Wick, Melissa-97,74 Wickizer, Bob--186 Wickland, Carol-96,186 Wilcox, Bob--160 Wilcox, Mollie-94,153 Wilkinson, 186 Wilkinson, Thomas-141,52 Williams, Williams, Williams, Williams, Lenore-197 Mac-107,115,127 Michael-53 Pamela-97,155,119 Willock, Kimberly-95,158,8O,S1 Willock, Mike-186,83 Wilson, Ron-158,77,78,159,147,127 Wilson, Wanda-94,155,75 Winters, Marvin-186 Wolfe, Judy-98,152,147 Woodside, Sandy-24 Wynne, Barbara-96,147,150 -Y- Young, John-24 Young, Richard4162 -Z- Zadow, Grant-186 Zipprich, Lynn-97,186,83,34,91,8O,71, 44,119 Zwald, Rosanne-155,93 AMLQW, 'This ls tlwYewuTl1wbWas - H962-'e4" Seniors turn in caps and gowns after "perfec'r" graduation exercises, and with diploma, final grades, and honors in hand depart for "greener pasfuresu. -And The last exhausted members of The staff, Judy Larson, Julie Lindey, Colleen O'Callaghan check last phone number in aol section, check spelling of last name of The index June 19, lO:3O p.m. 9 WMM A Y ' D KMA '.Dx xii? 2Z,Zfgz,?Q5L f. 0LjN I X , flu? fjf W' 'N 'JD WO I an xy A X 21 M M W if pw' , 5, C, WW L MQ, f WP M5 XX' +11 JO! ,,., ,,.ff AHMJ KMXSLJ . 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Tigard High School - Tiger Yearbook (Tigard, OR) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 1


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