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TI- -TIGER Class of '45 PRESENTS Cvolume Eighteenj TREASURE EDITION V -5 -.J vf K 65-4 ,- K, f juli -4 " - 1 I hw... K I spun: .0 ,X X 5 . - Jw-if -.f d i ,. A .M ., --,,:I ig 'y, -,qw '.,' By the Students of TIGARD UNION HIGH SCHOOL Tigard, K Oregon .,i,i,.wzw-:- No man fails who keeps faith and persists. Over visions are the blueprints from which our worlds are built. Faith is the substance of the vision, and persistence is the builder. The law is definite, unerringg we may trust it to the limit, and if we set no limit there is none. Foreword QTIIP 1945 Year Book is I1 retard of treasures, Treasures are not always of gold or silvery they may be of intrinsic value and yet be labeled "a treasure." One treasure in times of stress is to turn to the good and simple things, which lie at the heart of normal human life. Indeed, they are the factors that account for the persist- ence of our species, under the terror of darkness, evil and war. VVe should treasure affection for our families and friends, we should recog- nize the beauty and meaning of our literatureg we should guard the treasure of our heredity. The treasure of freedom is not in laws and institutions alone, it is expressed in the expansion of the individual, in the unlocking of human powers and opportunities. No disaster can block out a Nation which employs that spirit. Turn the pages of the 1945 year hook and note that every memory event and picture is a "treasure" to be recorded for the future, when life takes a retrospective turn. Therefore, the present is not flagrantly expendable to assure a future treasure, nevertheless, we invite you to look in the 'fStore House of Treasures." P DEDIIIATIUN The I9-I5 Year Book Of NTreasures" is dedicated to WE, THE PEOPLE What do I mean when I say "I said to Myself-Who am I? And who is llyself? Are there two of lie ?" We say this is the Spirit of lN'Ian talking to the lwind of lVIan- and it is a most healthy sign in America today that We, the People have begun talking to ourselves, trying to analyze our own thoughts and deeds. WY, ihe Pfofrlr, live for an ideal or die for a cause with a gesture that is magnificent. IVF, the People, in this daily round of life shall un- earth many "Trmsures." THE TREASURE UF SIJLACE Every person in this age of tumult needs a quiet center, This quiet center is not a matter of geography, but a managing to keep a certain part of one's inner life absolutely quiet. Yet at the same time you should not he at the mercy of life, but should take time and space to be yourself, and live your own inward life full of what enriches you. Let every person deliberately cultivate those things which to him means beauty and peace. lt is wrong to give way to a sense of futility, "Things go nn." TABLE UF CUNTENTS f1D.MINI'S TRA TION CLASSES ACTIVITIES ORGANIZATIONS A THLE T1 CS FEATURES ADVER TISELUENTS 4 x , -- 'T Y- 1 -fr-- -T -'-+:'k5'f" -5 fx. fm'-.n '- gl . . .f 4' , ,R ' ,gy . -X ,.v ,k, A, ka '-I 4 I . . ' k w, 1. 1 ' 1 A . f ,r X 4 N v 1 ' 1 w N x X. - ,g 1 x x 1 'V-I . , . 'M 1 1 -1 .U Q . 4 1 xv f W n -' - 1, , , 4 x 2 " V , 'Q ' N 'z Q J K Q I 4 LJ Uxfii 1 , . .. :. , 1 T- -' .: ' -aux' ,f f.g.,- h .A n .r- , mdk f 1 L. ' "' ' , 1 ' .. M, . .1 ' 7 ' . , .Q .V A ,. M' .Aviv ...A X . N' '1 .I.. S ' N X . .Q W lim. N. ,. X N' I v 4 . n- ... Y ,V .gg 1, X ,. .,' ' A. . .fff 4 X. .h ,H .N. an ' . ,Am x :, ' .iw N '47 . .15 ii 'x, ' 1,1 A- -, 'N I ' - 1 3, . r, w G . Ha' C 4 . ' ' X 5 . w ' J ,. , -.4 . . s . - x iv, V 1 'A J 43 , ' - wf ...H ' 4 t fs .' - f f . I ' - I ,, ,- ,. . J c -. , - x, .1 W. I X 1 x f. ' 1 X x W k A ' 'f. x s 'xv ' f K ' ' 1- . X . , 1 . ' , ' - n .. .Y Ak I hi 4 - - w 1 - . '. A ..-. x X . . ' x. 2 , '. P. A . , ., f .. . ., , . . . fl 'Q r 'V 7iJ . Q' - ' -' ', Y X ,M ,Q-, - -, , Q5 . W r V 5 ki , . , ,xr , fu.. ,f X , y , 1 x - X s, , -. , , v . f U - . gg ' ,. .x ' . V' - - f . ? . N , . , f nav. , ...g .L .1 ' .f f .f ,lv f -- . M qw: '. V - 1 gg A rg: 1. v, I ' f,-N 4, l f f, k Y - - g.. . swf, V,f3. f,.. Q W.. I J f ,., x 5 1 - V. .-. ,.i . .VA k N f -xg., . A IZ, '1 4 'f us- X ri E I A. William, Chairman William Scott G. Grimstad E. C. Hunzicker G. M. Leslie, Clerk SCHUIJL BOARD Advice We, the members of the Board of Tigard Union High School, make adequate provision for finances, building equipment, transpor- tation and personel in order that you might "dig" for the greatest treasure that free America offers-Education. Our sincere advice is that you keep this treasure bright and shining, guard and use it well that you may reap all the treasures that life can offer. Sincerely, THE TIGARD UNION H-IGH SCHOOL BOARD MQW? A MESSAGE... Graduates, do not let your diplomas be the end. Do not imagine that life will be degrading for you to engage in some useful vocation. Pre- paring individuals to understand and enjoy the four freedoms has been the business of the schools. The work wins no medals or citations for heroic deeds, but the qualities and habits that result from the work is our compensation. When you leave school life for life's school and step over the threshold into'that "0cean of Time," you will find the treasures of persistent labor true manhood, sterling integrity and in- domitable pluck the true factors of success. Kindly remember that I have every confidence in you. Sincerely, .,,, THOS. FOWLER, Primfipal. EUNICE RVRNETT Oregon State Scicncv, Orientation Mathernatics MAVDE FOXVLER Pacific Vniversity History, Orientation KATHERINE GVXTIIER Business Training' Office Duties FACULTY GRACE CALVIN Vniversity of Ore-,emi English. Rookkecping Social Science HAROLD SMITH Vniversity of Oregon Athletics. Chemistiy Manual 'l'rainin,v, LA MARR BELL Pacific University Rand, Boys Gle-Q, Mat .J1'AN1'rA THOMPSON 5, .A H , ,Y U washing-mn stare Coll fflflii n,"e'?"5 English, Dean of Girls NELLIIC EIAVERT Oregon Slate Typin,i,', Shorthand EI,IZAIiE'1'H KORE Marylhurst English, Biology lu-matics ,-' 1 EW S 5 i VFHLE BELL 631' hills Lhmus, Alatln-iiiativs fi. MANA AMBVHN 4 Q. Pacific University .Journalism Physical Education Languages . MYRTLII MIILLPIX is Drake Vniversity Mathematics, Auditorium Public Speaking' CHRISTINA SUMMERS ICSTA SMITH Oregon State Reed Colle 'e Ibmiiestic Arts ' , , g HISUH 3, Orie-nmtion 'mf X M ffy1H.l'.V Class C l ass Class I s VERNON RICHARDS CHARLES PAET-EL President Vine-President SHIRLEY LEHR LOIS SVVANSON Sefrflary Treasurer Advisors . Mr. Fowler and Nlrs. Mullen Colors .h . Nlaroon and Gray Flower ........ Rosebuds Hlotto . . . Collecting Now for 'l'omorrow's Treasures "And 'we said to the man who stood at the gate of the year: Give us light that we may treazl safely into llze zlnlelzownf' Jud lle repliedi "Go out into the future and put thine hand in the Hatzd of God, That slzall be better aml safer than a known way." X' Aff, A I x 7-X XVILLIAM AMBURN Student Body President Varsity-T, Fire Squad ' Hi-Y, Class Officer Able, ambling, all-Amerivan Pl-IYLLIS BAUER Student Body Treasurer Pep Club Commercial Club Rrainy, blithe, boastful VELMA BROWN Commercial Club. Chorus Bright, busy, bewildering JEAN CARS!-l Girls' League Sgt. at Arms Annual Editor, Chorus Carefree. colorful, changeable MARILYN COOK Commerrial Club, Senior Play Calm, cautious, charitable CARL DAVlS Varsity-T, Class Offiver Annual Staff, Fire Squad Senior Play, Hi-Y Delirious, dependable, dauntless Q. ' J UOLORES BADE Pep Club Reautous, lslustei-ous, Iuonm FREIJA RARNFM Chorus, band Biddable. blushful, bluul JOESEPH BUSHBAUINI Boys' Glee Bashful, hrawny, lvorima' M.-XRJORIE COLLINS Chorus, Senior Play Canny, vauable, careful MARY LOU CRAIG Commervial Uluh Candid, rhatty. cufe rf DEAN DAVIS Public Speakinlz' Depressizxg, dashing, deft JACKIE IIEXMAN Vhorus, Pep Club lielusive, daring, clevastatin: TED DREYFIR Transfer from Hill Military Academy Imre-devil, clawdling, direct DONALD TCZELL Varsity-'I' President Boys' Glee Hauer, effic-ic-nt, evasive BARBARA FRISON Pep Club. Junior Prom Prin- fess, CIRSQ Offirer Fzislmionahle-, fair, flirmtious X'lL"I'OR- GREEN Transfer from XVashingtm1 High School Gay, gustatory, gabhy MAN HAGER Pep Club. Class Officer, Annual Staff, Senior Play Hfmoruhle, lwarlstrong, heed- ful Y wg ,,.f MARION DOIG Transfer from YVH Hiszh School shington Ilemure, diffident, dry LYXDELL EPLER Ecwentric-. elaborate, I1 engagi g SHIRLEY FOVVLER Annual Staff, Senior Play Friendly, frank, flI'Sl-CIi1SS ES-TELLE G.-XARDE Chorus Gameful, gay, gibherish ELAI NE GRIFFIN Comluercial Club Generous, grateful, 1-IOVV,-KRD HANSON Headless, happy, h g'100l'IlY ealthy XVESLEY HEDEEN Band, Varsity-T, Annual Staff, Fire Squad, Senior Play Hardy, helpful, hilarious EARL ITEL ingenious, icy, infallible LUIS SXVANSON Ulass officer, Sr. Princess Sturlious, scientific, Swedish SH IRLEY, LEHR Pep Club, Annual Staff, Chorus, Senior Play Laudable, liberal, loud LLOYD MFILVIN Varsity-T, Fire Squad Mevhanical, mannish, morose K i E JANET MORGAX Pep Clnh, Annual Staff, Girls' League President. Class Officer, Jr. Princess Merry, miraculous, moody PH YLLIS TBACH Band. Senior Play I lllusive, imafziuary, inleri-sting LINNA BELLE JACKMAN Rand, Flass Officer, Senior Play Jvwulnr, jaunly, jeering XVARREN JOH NSOX Varsity-T, Fire Squncl, Senior Play Jnvial, jiving, jostling JOHN LINDLEY Navy Band, Fire Squzicl Lanlc. lc-nn, likeable GOLDIE BIOORE Chorus, Senior Play Music-al, mysterious. mindful w BARBARA NELSON Comme-rr-ial Club, Girls' League Vive-President, Annual Staff. Band Neat, natural, nonchalant 1,III.I,JRED NORTON Hand, Commercial Club, Senior Play, Chorus Xie:-. nacvose, noisy VIRGINIA OSBIVN Commercial Club, Band, Annual Staff Olmedient, oliliging, opaque GEORGE PHINNEY Hand, Hi-Y, Senior Play May Feta- attendant Persuasive, polite, plainlive ROSA BOTH Hand Restrained, refined, reliable DONALD SMITH Varsity-T, Band President, Fire Squad, Student Body Vive-President, Pep Club Hi-Y. Senior Play Silly, sociable, symphonic HOSE STENEK Girls' League Treasurer, Chorus Sam-y. slender, scrumptious KENNETH OLSEN Class Officer, Boys' Glee Ohstinute, original. offic-ious CHARLES PAETEL Annual Staff, Senior Play, Prime Minister, Hi-Y, Class Officer Possessive, passable, proud VERNON RICHARDS Senior Play, Class President Junior Attendant, Fire Squad Fire Squad, Varsity-T Hi-Y Repulsive, regardful, restless XVALTER SCOTT Varsity-T, Annual Staff, Band, Senior Play Silent, seclusive, surprising JEAN STEPI-IENSON Student Body Secretary, Band, Class Officer, Senior Play Sensible, scrupulous. seholastiv KATHRYN STVRGIS Girls' League Song Leader, Annual Staff, Senior Play Sincere, sareastiv, singahle PTELEN SPOUSTA Junior Prom Queen, Class Officer, Chorus Serene, Sweet. stubborn BARBARA TRAPPE Girls' League Reporter, Chorus Talkatire, tall, tidy Rl'RTlNE NVALLER Yell Leader, Chorus, Girls' League Secretary, Pep Club NVild, willinff. worrisome L.-XXVRENCE SUNDE Band Sad. self-reliant, sm-nsitire f. ' .ffx f If VIRGIN , YTl'FlQlRl'1l, Pep Club, Charms' 'Fe-mperumental tukbiy, ter- rific L , VERNON VVESTON Fire Squad, Auditorium XYitty, weerly, wise DOLORES VVITTE Pep Club, Annual Staff, Commercial Club. Chorus Vl'lmclerful. wholesome, Winsome SABIUEL XVRIGHT Transfer from Xl fishmgton H1 XV'ande-rimrj, wondersome, wily 1 w SAIXI PHILIP Army Fire- Squad, Class Ufl Varsityll' Popular, peculiar, D14 Polishing of Treasures In nearby hills and deep valleys There is wealth discovered each year, 'Tis convoyed from Metzger and Tigard l:'s value is great, without peer. Garden Home, Tualatin, Durham Contribute their share of the treasure. Which tarnished at first. soon is polished Through work that is also a pleasure. The riches I speak of are students Who make up our forty-five class, As going thru school we gain knowledge Which benefit laddie and lass. Frosh Prexy was Thomas K. Campbell With Samuel Phillips for aid. Barbara Frizon kept the minutes. Joan Hager the dues that were paid. A orohlem confronted our members. "Elephant Bray" was the answer. flt was esah for the annual page! It was shown on Tigard High's stage. Our Sophomore Prexy was llfliller, Sam Philip his right hand man, .lean Stephenson kept all the records, L. Jackson the treasury ran. A masquerade ball was our project. This dance was enjoyed by the crowd. No one knew the strange people. In costumes, they did themselves proud. The following year we were Juniors, Carl Davis was the man at the wheel, First Nlate was Gary E. Harvey. They showed ambition and zeal. Our laboring scribe, Janet hlorgan Was keeping the records that year. Helen Spousta balancing digits With the skill of the best financier. The Junior class prom was successful VVitb Helen Jane Spousta our queen IfVes Lang furnished the music, HWhen Day Is Doney' was the theme. The tarnish is finally wearing At last it is our chance to shine. We are the swaggering Seniors Who keep all the freshmen in line. Vern Richards this year is our leader With Charles Paetel to assist S. Lehr took notes on the meetings Lois Swanson kept money on list. The Senior class play is a project Student body leaders were they Bill Amburn a capable prexy With Don Smfth to help every way, The secretary's job wasn't easy jean Stephenson handled the work Phyl Bader balancing budget Carl Davis his duties did shirk. The Senior class play is a project Which takes talent and effort plus time The play titled 'fDays Without Daddyn Will, soon, with good practice, be prime Privileges are granted the seniors Including parties, skip day, and such. This all adds to our glory, For everyone envies us much. Her Nlajesty. Queen Shirley the First, Rules with blossoms and sunshine that's fair Crowned with happiness, friendship, and pleasure Queen beauty rules everywhere. -Iean Carsh was wisely elected To head the TI-U personnelg Kay Sturgis stood by to assist her. They did their work smoothly and well. Our finish is glowing full measure, The weary world we must face. With all knowledge gained at old Tigard In life we take rightful place. TREASURE XVILLIAIXI AMBURN ,,.,... IIOLORES BADE ....... PHYLLIS B.-XDER ........ FREDA BARNUM ,,,..... VELMA BROYVN ......,,, JOSEPH BUSHBAUM ....... JEAN CARSHU. ..,.,..,... MARJORIE COLLINS ,..,.,. MARILYN COOK ,,,....... MARY LOI' CRAIG ,,,.,. CARL DAVIS ,.,,,,,,,,,, DEAN DAVI S .... ....... JACKIE DENMAN ,,..,,.. BIARION DOIG .,,...,,,,. LYNDELL EPLER ,.,,.. DONALD EZELL ,,,,, . SHIRLEY FOXVLER .....,. BARBARA FRISON ,,,,,, ESTELLE GAARDE ..,.,,. VICTOR GREEN ....,., ELAINE GRIFFIN ,,,,,,.. JOAN HAGER ......,,,,. HOWARD HANSON ...,,,. VVESLEY HEDEEN ....,,, PHYLLIS IBACH ,....., EARL ITEL ,,...........,..........,..,,,...... LINNA BELLE JACKBIAN ,.,.,... XVARREIN JOHN SONH ..,,.,,...., SHIRLEY LEHR ,,,,,,,,,, LLOYD MELVIN ,,,,,,, GOLDIE M"OORE ,,,,,,, JANET MORGAN ,,,.,,,,., BARBARA NELSON ,,,,,,, MILDRED NORTON ,...,,. KENNETH OLSON ...... VIRGINIA OSBUN .,... CHARLES PAETEL ....,., GEORGE PHINNEY ....... VERNON RIC HARDS ........ ..,..,, ROSA ROTI-I ,,,,,.,,,,,,..,... IVALTER SCOTT ,,,, ,, DONALD SMITH .,,.......... HELEN SPOYSTA ,,,,,,....,,.. ....... ROSE MARIE STENEK ......,,..,,,, .IEAN STEPHENSON ....,.., .,,.,,, KATHRYN STIIRGIS ..,.,,,, ,....,, LAVVRENCE SVNDE ....,,,, .....,.. LOIS SIVANSON ..,..,....,.. BARBARA TRAPPE ...,.,. VIRGINIA TVFFORD ,,,,,,.. ,.,,.,.. BURTINE VW,-XLLER ....... VERNON YVESTON ,,,,,. DOLORES VVITTE ,,,.,.,, SAMVEL YVRIGHT ........ TED DREYER ............. TAGGED Amby ,,.....,., .Dolores ,,,,,, Dimu' f,,-.., Babe ,,,,,,,, .,...Brownie....... .Ioe ........ Jeanie ,,,, , Margie .,...... Cookie ,,,,,,,, Mary ,,,,..,, Carlo ,,,,,,,, Dean ..,,,,., Jackie ,,,,,, Marion ......, Lindie ,,,,,, Tony ,,,,.... Shirley ...,,,,, Bobby .,.... Blike ...... Vic' ...... Elaine ,,,,,, .Io ..,...,,,,. Howard ,,,,,, VVes ....... Iybol .,,..,,,, Squirrel ,,,,,, Linna ,,,,,,, Ivnrren ....,,, Frenchy ',,,,, Lloyd ,,,,,,, Goldie ,,,,,, Morgue ,,,,,,, Fla she, Milly .....,.. Ole.., Ginger ......,, Chuck ,,.... Georg e ...,,... Shultzs Rosa ...... Scotty ...... Smitty ,,,,,,,. Helen ,,,.,,, Rosie ......, Jean ,,.,.. Kag ',,,, ...,.,,, Lawrencem Swede ,.,,,,..,.., . ,,,. . Trap ..,...,,, Tuff ,,,,.. Burt, Spider ,,,,,. II' itte ,,,.,,, ,,,.,Sam,,,,.. .....Ted,....., The Treasure Chest DISC'OVERElJ- Metzger ',,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,, St. Marys ,,,,,,, Metz,-:ei ',,,,,,. ,,,,,.,,Tualatin.,.,,,.. Tigard ,,,,,, 'Pualatin ....,, Metzgei ',,,,,,, Metzger '..,,,. Tigard ,..,.. Tigard ,,,... Durham ...... Tigard ...... Metzgei '..,, ...,,,....... Ringling, Mont .,,, Tigard ,,,,,.,,,,..,,,,, Metzgei '..,,,,,,, Boise, Idaho ,,,,,., Tigard.. Tigard ......,..... IVoodstock ....... St. Anthonym., Tigard ,,,,.., Catawba, XVis .,,. Durham ,,,,,,,, Tualatin ,.,,., Tualatin ,,,,,, Metzgei ',...... Metzgei '.......,,, St, Anthony .,....,,,,.... Lake Crystal, Minn ,,,,,, ." Buhl. Idaho .,,... Metzger .,....,. ,,,...,,,. Jefferson, Calif .,,, ,,,, Tigard ,,.,.,.....,..... Tlgard, , ,,,,,,,,..,,,,........ Coeur d'Alene, Idaho .,,, " Vnionvale ,.,. ..,,,,..,,, . Cherokee, Iowan, Mollala .....,...,...,,.. Miilinomah ...... Maplewood ....,,.... Garden Home ........ Tiaard .,,...,,,,..,,,,, Metzgei ',,,..,, Shattuck ....,,. Glencoe .,,..,. Tualatinn Metzger ,,.. ,, Metzger ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,Tigard, ,, Garden Home ,,,,,,, Corbettn, l'Vitrh Hazel .,.,,,. .... Tigard ,,,,,,,,,, ,....,..I-lill Militarynm, -4 .- It -I I. it .I .- .I it .I .f RATTLES Hey! Dutch" ,,,,, ,y My . . . . ..,. . . . . Are you kidding?" ..,. No doubt" ............ Boing .,......,,,,.., Aw, baloney! ".. VVho, me? ",, Okay ",,,,, .Ieepers ",,,, Oh yeahl' ....... Is that a fact?"... Just drop it" ..............., Love that man" ...,..., Heavens!" ........ Yeah, but" ..... .. v Brown' ....... , Isn't he cute ?".... Oh! peaeh fuzz ",,,.. Now, my opinion".... No" .......,.......... .............. VV'hat's your trouble?".. .... .. VVell, I'm out" ....... .... "OIL no!" ...,.......... .... , Oh! Fizzlebaumn ,,,,.. Yep!" ,....,......,,,,,,.. "Oh, no!",,, Huh! ".,. Track ".... Ha! ",,,,.,.......!,! Judust Prust ",,,..,,,,,,,, Quick like a bunny" ....., oh, gollyl' ..,,...,.,,,..,,,, Darn" ,.....,, .,.. ,,,, For gosh sakes" ....,., Hey! where's Goldie? ',. Hmmmm!" ,............,, . "0h! Marilyn" ............,,,!..,,,, . .,.,.,, W You sure loused that one up".. .. Silence is golden" ,,,.......... ..,........ Oh! for Pete's sake" ,,,,.. Huba-a, Hub-a ",,,... . l don't know ",,,, .. Vvhoopeedo! ".... Is that right? ",...,,. Are you kidding? "..,, .Just work ".. ........ Tough" ,,,,,,,, Oh! VVarren" .,.. "Son-a-gun" ..,...,,,,..,,,,..,,,,.. There's no future in it" That's tough" ........ ,,.,,,,,.,, Did I get a letter today'?",, Are you kidding?". ,,,,,, , Oh, yeal. !" ....,,,,,,,, Don, that's my man" .... ,,,,., VALUE Tiddledywinks coach Glamour girl National banker Trapeze performer Vl'indow cleaner ,.,Travelin,f: salesman House painter Telephone operator Cookie dealer Lady of leisure Broom salesman Quote "Casanova" Opera star ......,Cadet nurse Beauty operator Bellhop Housewife Sailor's wife Air-raid warden Political lecturer Sleep walker Lion tamer Defective deter-tive Stage actor Milkmaid Bus driver Flea, trainer .Iitterhupz Marines wife Charles Atlas Fruit Brower Hog farmer College oo-ed Debate team Ambulance driver Typing instructor Foreign agent Ditch digger Pinball player Schoolteacher Brazilian plumber V Professional golfer Movie queen Professional loafer Piano artist Blues singer Airplane pilot Swiss yodeler Super-saleswoman Fire chief Bachelor girl Chimney sweep Official receptionist Football player Army general CLASS Wlll Bi'l dmlzurn, leave my athletic ability to Jimmy Doane. Delores Baile, leave Eleanor happy with Kenny. Phyllis Bader, will my shorthand ability to Donna Helms. Freda Barnum, will my swing and sway to Alice Burns. Vilma Brown, bequeath my pep to Roy Bucl. Joseph Bushhaurn, leave. Jean Carsh, bequeath my artistic talents to Lucille Carpenter. lylarjorie Collins, leave my English ability to Chalmer George. ililarilyn Coole, will my figure to Rachel Steele. llflary Lou Craig, leave my argumentative ability to Bill Campbell. Carl Davis, bequeath my baseball ability to Douglas Anderson. Dean Dawis, bequeath my Cassanova tendencies to Danny Faulkner. Jackie Denman, leave with Don. lllarion Doig, leave my sailors to Betty lylanin. Lyndell Ejfler, bequeath my sophistication to lylarilyn Nodland. Tony Ezell, leave my friendly personality to Doreen VVeston. Shirley l'l01L'l6l', bequeath my speaking ability to Nlidge Philip. Barbara Frison, will my smooth technique to Doris Ann Lillison. Estelle Gaarde, will my sense of humor to Roy Kaufman. Elaine Griffin, bequeath my prim and proper manners to Tom Schendel. Joan Hager, leave my golden locks to Stanley Lincoln. Howard Hanson, will my previous experience to anyone who leads a dull life. VVes Hedeen, bequeath my popularity to Ronnie Swope. Phyllis Iharh, will my agricultural knowledge to the Victory Garden- ers of America. Earl Iiel, will my daredevil driving to Gordan Brigham. Linna Belle Jaekrnan, leave with my claim on Tom Peterson. Wizrren Johnson, leave the Junior girls to the Junior boys. Shirley Lehr, bequeath my good grooming to Phyllis Hatley. John Lindley, left for the Navy. Lloyd Meliiin, will my gas stamps to Jim Bergin. Goldie Moore, leave my singing ability to Joy Grimstad. Janet lllorgan, bequeath my clever retorts to .lim Ream. Barbara Nelson, will my culture to Virginia Balk. llflildred Norlon, will my McMinnville men to whoever can handle them. Kenny Olson, leave the teachers in peace. Virginia Osbun, bequeath my flying fingers to Shirley Tuck. Chuck Paetel, leave my ears to anyone hard of hearing. George Phinney, leave my quietness to Margaret Paetel. Vernon Richards, bequeath my jokes to Mrs. Galvin. Rosa Rorh, leave my politeness to the Freshman class. Vlfalnr Sirott, leave my dancing feet to Mark Davis. Don Smith, will my clarinet to anybody who can stand it. Helen Spousta, bequeath my sweetness to Dorothy Mack. Rose Stenele, leave my accordion ability to Carol Nissen. Jenn Stephenson, will my studious ways to Joe O'Hall0ran. Kay Sturgis, bequeath my attractiveness to Billie lylae Snyder. Lawrence Sunde, leave my suttleness to Gloria Forsythe. Lois Swanson, will my treasurer's records to any one who can balance accounts. Barbara Trappe, leave my library books to someone who knows how to read. Virginia Tufford, leave Joe O'Halloran at the mercy of the women in the Junior class. Burtine VVal!er, bequeath my sloppy sweaters to Ruth Holmes. Vernon llfeston, will my height to Cora hlae Terry. Dolores PVitte, leave with the title "the most pretty Senior Girl." Virlor Green, bequeath my extra diploma to somebody who needs one. Sam Wright, will my crutches to the willing skier, Harriet Fischer. Many Treasures Have you ever thought of the treasures we own From the beauty and art our Father has sown? The unknown treasures we imbed Within our Souls, when rightly led. Beauty is a given treasure to own As the meadows and fields as Nature has grown We covet trees. mountains and streams And the rising sun as it glitters and gleams. A smile is a priceless, hidden treasure lt is a small act with loads of power That twinkles with charm and pleasure. That brings its reward hy the hour. We have treasures of friends, love and home That are choicest memories wherever we roam. Let us give a treasure of prayer each day ln thanks for blessings that come day, our way. A l'l'82lSlII'8 Because so long and faithfully You have endeavored, we agree Reward awaits youg work well done Has always recognition won. So we deliver, sealed and signed A diploma of a furnished mind. 'Tis your diplomag guard with care, 'Twill he your passport everywhere. And gain admission. any day, Where wit and wisdom hold their sway. lf to counsel you adhere, Youlll find the skies for you are clear. That folks are friends when understood, That work is joy, and life is good. A Hymn of Praise Tigard High, deign to hearg Lend to us a listening ear, As we sing a hymn of praise, ln farewell our voices raise. Long may all thy work abound Where we inspiration found. Great and lasting be thy fame: Honored ever be thy name. As the distant years go by. For thy shelter we shall sigh, Naught shall dim our loyalty, Tigard High dear, to thee. Senior Farewell FFIIOTU JIFIIIIIFH' of Ihr Class nf 1945 It is with mingled sentiment that we view ourselves for the last time as a class in this our final six weeks. On such an occasion complete happiness is impossible. The pain of parting from beloved scenes and of severing the friendships of four happy, bustling years causes a lump in our throats, yet those alluring, soul disturbing peeps into the future. How our pulses hammer when he hopefully reflects that somewhere out there in the noisy conflict of gigantic industrial and commercial development there is a place for me! We have long dreamed of it. We would never dare to doubt its existence, for youth would not be youth without that touching confidence in the future. And now, fellow members of the 1945 graduating class, we, too, must part. We shall go our separate Ways, but though space may divide us we shall always be ioined in heart and spirit and the memories of our days in Tigard High will always be cherished. May good fortune attend us, and, may we remember that the training we have received is but the preparation in our youth for the sequel of our lives. Friends, may you recall only our virtues, forgetting our faults, and may the future vears bring you nothing but kind recollections of those who now bid you good-bye. 55 ya? 4. 32 EIGHTEENTH SENIOR EDITION Vol. XVIII MAY 25, 1945 No. 18 MAY PETE DEEMED LARGE SUCCESS Amid a beautiful floral setting of white and red flowers Shirley Lehr was crowned Queen Shirley I by Prime Minister Charles Pae- tel at the sixteenth annual May Fete held May 4 in the high school gymnasium. The Queen's princesses and escorts which made up her court, were: Seniors Lois Johnson and George Phin- neyg Juniors Billie Mae Sny- der and Bill Campbellg Soph- omores Marilyn Nodland and Clark Stephensg Freshmen Roberta Merriam and Ken- neth Bader. The patriotic theme of the May Day, "Sharing Amer- ican was a musical revue of the different periods in American history given by ihe high school students. Narrators were Joy Grim- stad, Linna Belle Jackman, and Jacklyn Denman. Following the coronation ceremonies the Queen and her Court, their mothers, and the faculty attended a luncheon honoring her majesty. A baseball game with Forest Grove followed at 2:00 P. M., and the annual Queen's Ball was held in the evening. For the second year. the Girls' League sponsored the event with both committees from the faculty and student body giving their whole- hearted cooperation. CARSH FDITS ANNUAL Under the guidance of Mrs. Mullen and Mr. Fowler. and wi'h Jean Carsh as Editor, the Senior Class again re- sumed the responsibilities nf editing the Tigard Annual. A new price of 51.75 was put on the Annuals and dur- ing the drive the Seniors sold 275 subscriptions. GRADUATION Commencement exercises were held on the evening of May 25 for the fifty-eight graduating members of the senior forty-five class. Grad- uation was the last of four joyous, hard-working years, and was a climatic finish for their four years of study. The seniors had an abund- ance of talent for their exer- cise and under the direction of the advisors presented this program: Selections by Jean Stephenson, Goldie Moore, Linna Belle Jackman, Mil- dred Norton, Jacklyn Den- man, Wesley Hedeen, and the Senior girls' triple trio, pro- vided the musical entertain- ment for the evening. Ora- tions by Shirley Fowler and Vernon Richards along with the presentation of diplomas and awards completed the program. The forty-five class chose "Collecting Today for To- morrow's Treasures," as their motto and selected maroon and gray for their colors. For flowers the class select- ed rosebuds. COMEDY PRESENTED "Days Without Daddy," a farce-comedy about an aver- age American family, was presented April 20 by the Senior Class. The play centered around Mrs. David Day and her abilities as a writer. Her life Was one mishap after an- other, and she also was both- ered about her daughter be- ing married, her son leaving for the army, her husband's two sisters and mother mov- ing in, a kidnapping, the loss of Lieut. Kenny Guilbert's leave papers, her cook quit- tinrf. and her other much- prcposed-to daughter. In the end everything turned out fine and wedding bells rang as the play drew to a close. SERVICE FLAG GROWS Seven more stars were added to the ever-growing servicemen's flag, as seven senior boys left during the year. John Lindley, and ac- tive band member, was first to leave for the Navy. Following him was Sam Phillip, vice-president of the student body, who was sworn into the Army Air Corps. Later in the year Vernon Weston was drafted upon reaching his eighteenth birthday. Others also in the army draft were Lloyd Melvin and Walter Scott, who left shortly after mid-season for Fort Lewis. Bill Amburn, student body president, and Howard Han- sen were the last to leave for the service. Howard left for the Army and Bill enlist- ed in the Navy. 351 S. B. MEMBERS Upholding a senior record for nin eyears, the class of '45 obtained a 1006? mark in the student body ticket sales before the end of the day. ' Following as a close sec- ond were the Juniors, who sec- first reached their goal the ond day. The Sophomore and Freshman classes con- cluded the sales, thus mak- ing 95 74 of the entire enroll- ment student body members. SENIOR HONOR ROLL From a class of 56 seniors, a "1" average was achieved throughout four years of high school by Jean Stephen- son. Linna Belle Jackman, Mildred Norton, Jean Carsh and Phyllis Bader. Following in a close sec- ond, as students who have obtained a "2 plus" average for four years, are: Wesley Hedeen, Charles Paetel, Lois Johnson, Goldie Moore, Rose Stenek and Virginia Osbun. 2 EIGHTEENTH ANNUAL HI-SPOTS S308 OVER QUOTA Tigard High School's stu- dent body again sponsored the annual magazine sales and oversubscribed their quota of 31,500 by 3308. After enthusiastic inter- class competition, the Fresh- man class took the top hon- ors in the sale by selling over 25700 worth, almost twice t h e i r quota. Runners-up were the Juniors, who ex- ceeded their goal of S400 by 3106. Phyllis Ringle, individual winner in the contest, sold S101 worth of subscriptions. Funds received in the sub- scirption sale were P18095 in a trust fund which will be used toward a fence and floodlights for the football field. G.A.A. ORGANIZED A division of the OYGEOH Girls' Activities AsS0Ciaii0H was formed at Tigard High early this year under the leadership of Mrs. Amburn, girls' physical education in- structor. The purpose of the club is to standardize and promote ideals of health and sports- manship and to develop in- terest among girls in athletic activities. Charter members from the sophomore and freshmen classes elected Lucille Car- penter as president, Elinor Van Buskirk as vice-presi- dent, and Alice Burns as secretary-treasurer. The first project of the club was the selling of refreshments at the Tigard Hi-Y Circus. HONOR ROLL IS DEDICATED A 20-foot honor roll con- taining the names of 165 residents of the Tigard area now in the armed services has been placed on the lawn in front of the high school by the Lions Club of Tigard. Wings are to be placed on either side of it to care for any additional names. A plaque prepared by Jean Carsh, Earl Itel, Lawrence Sunde and Bill Amburn, with the names of some 300 former students now in the service, adorns the wall of the gymnasium. Beside it are two service flags, to- gether bearing the 300 blue stars and five gold stars. QUEEN SHIRLEY I REIGNS OVER PROM In a simulated "Winter Wonderland," Queen Shirley I and her two princesses, Lois Todd and June Farris, were presented by Junior Class President Earl McCoy admidst a setting of snow banks, glittering stars and snow-covered trees. Queen Shirley Tuck, ad- orned in a white gown, car- ried an arm bouquet of red carnations. The two princess- es wore gowns of pink and blue net and carried nose- gays of variegated flowers. Following the Coronation ceremony, couples joined with the Queen and her court in dancing to "Magic Is the Moonlight," the theme of the 1945 Annual Junior Prom. Freddie Keller's nine-piece orchestra provided music for the some 400 dancers. A Rhumba and Conga w er e featured numbers, although music was on the sweet side, in keeping with the semi- formal theme. Net proceeds amounted to S7-1.00. CLUB DOIN'S The newly formed Audi- torium Club adopted the name of "Mask and Daggeru and purchased pins symbolic of their name. In the elec- tion, Don Smith was made president. The Commercial Club has placed entries in the O. G. A. nation-wide contest in short- hand again. The club won second place last year in the nation and hope to be first this year. Phyllis Bader won first place in the Oregon State Radio Shorthand con- test and Virginia Osbun was second. The Tigard Hi-Y was or- ganized by Mr. Bell and elected Bill Amburn as its president. Perhaps the larg- est event of the year was presented by the Hi-Y, as they put on a two-day cir- cus, March 16 and 17. The Fire Squad carried on their annual business of pro- moting fire drills, and clear- ing the school in less than a minute in all drills this year. This year's Pep Club have adopted Wayne Kamp as their mascot, purchased pins and maintained a member- ship of 33 students. TI-U-NITE CLUB HELD During the summer, a club was organized to have a dance each Friday night in the school and the members adopted the name of the Ti-U-Nite Club. Through the cooperation of different com- mittees each week, games such as shuffleboard, dart throwing and ping pong were other activities enjoyed by the club. As the summer, came closer to fall and the club had acquired a sufficient amount of funds, Joe O'Hal- loran was put in charge of spending the money for a dance for the benefit of the student body. "45" HI-SPOTS BETTER An advanced journalism class published the 1944-1945 Hi-Spots, a larger four-page printed edition, which was exchanged with 35 other schools and sent to 45 recent Tigard students, now in the service. The staff made an especial effort to back all school ac- tivities with constructive publicity. BUILDING IMPROVEMENTS During the summertime the stage in the old audi- torium was converted into a library adjacent to the study hall. Many new books were purchased which made it more complete. Dressing rooms for the band were arranged for, a larger Girls' League room was built, and two fire es- capes were added. The foregoing improve- ments were made possible by the voting of a 55,000 bond issue. MOMS GIVE BANQUET The Mothers of 50 football boys revived the tradition of an annual banquet dinner for the fathers and sons. Serv- ing to 105, the mothers gave a ham dinner for all of the boys turning out for football this season. Sam Philip was elected captain of the '44 squad and Merlin White was presented with a blanket for being the outstanding player. Referee Jack Chase was main speaker for the evening and several members of the school board attended. EIGHTEENTH ANNUAL HI-SPOTS 3 KAMP S. B. PREXY Jerry Kamp was named student body president for the year 1945-46, by student body ticket holders, April 18, from a field of four con- tenders: Ronnie Coffey, Bill Campbell, Eleanor Flett and Tom Peterson. The vice-presidential office will be filled by Dennis Small, the office of secretary and treasurer by June Far- ris and Virginia Balk, re- spectively. Mana Amburn will fill the office of activities' manager and Merlin White will act as athletics' manager. The editorship for the Hi- Spots was won by Joy Grim- stad, the secon d junior to hold the office. Mothers' and Dads' Club The major project of the Mothers' and Dads' Club for this year was the furnishing of a teachers' room, which was a most essential need. In addition to this, they sponsored a Hard Times Dance, November 24. A ca- pacity crowd, n u m e r o u S prizes, and the informality inspired by the costumes made the party such a hilari- ous and entertaining success that it was voted to make the dance an annual affair. A "Spring Frolic," spon- sored jointly by the Mothers' and Dads, Club and the freshman class, proved to be a happy occasion in April. Meeting programs were devoted to discussion of the problems arising in school and community. The club's interest in the young people continued on through the summer with their help in a recreation program for the students. "SPRING FROLIC" Nearly S120 was cleared at the "Spring Frolic," April 13, sponsored jointly by the Freshman class and Mothers' and Dads' Club. 'fMickey" McCaffery's orchestra fur- eight-piece nished the music and at in- termission time the Mothers and Dads ments. The dance was a informal affair and was well attend- ed by both the high school group and adults. served refresh- BAND AND CHORUS HAVE BIG YEAR The band and chorus ex- panded their enrollment this year with a larger group than in the past. They pre- sented a Christmas Cantata, .wo music concerts, various music assemblies, and played for pep rallies and all home games. The combination of the largest boys' chorus in the history of the school, the be- ginning chorus, and the ad- vanced girls' chorus, together presented a cantata featur- ing "The Story of Christmas" on the evening of Deceem- ber 21. A girls' triple trio was a newly organized attraction this year. Later on in the year, two music concerts were given by the band and chorus, the first being presented in March and the last in early May. At all programs, the band was under the direction of Mr. Bell and both choruses under the supervision of Mrs. Bell. BONDS TOP 55,000 The climax of the Sixth War Loan Drive, handled by the Journalism classes, re- sulted in the topping of its goal of 85,000 by 56,050 in the sale of bonds and stamps. The drive came to a suc- cessful close December 16, when a dance was held in the gymnasium in honor of the five boys and five girls receiving the greatest num- ber of votes for the titles, HPatriotic Pat and Patty." Bill Amburn and Elinor Van Buskirk won the titles of Pat and Patty, and each received S25 war bonds. During the drive. each 10-cent stamp bought entitled the pur- chaser to cast one vote for his or her candidate. The other eight contenders each received certificates of honor and shared the spot- light with Elinor and Bill as guests at the dance. The gym was decorated to look like the good ship "Pat and Patty," and the juke box, which provided the dancing entertainment, was dressed as a huge Coast Guardsman. HI-Y "BIG TOP" PLAYS TO 1.000 The newly organized Ti- gard Hi-Y presented a two- evening circus performance on the evenings of March 16 and 17. The circus contained sev- eral professional acts, such as acrobats, tumblers and dancers, along with clowns, tight-rope walkers, and Ti- gard's own girls' pyramid team. The circus was organized by Mr. Amburn and his Young Oregonians, along with the undivided attention of Bill Amburn, president of the Tigard Hi-Y. The circus had a sell-out crowd both evenings and, through the cooperation of different organizations, the ticket sales put the circus over the top as far as finan- cial responsibilities are con- cerned. Some of the outstanding features of the circus were the trapeze artists, Portland Bar Brothers, and the por- trayal of HThe Sheik of Arabyf' Considerable praise was given to Jean Stephenson, treasurer and recorder, who kept accurate books which in the end checked every- thing out even. A cast of 75 performers took part in the circus and played to 1,000 spectators in their two nights' stay. PICNIC AT ROAMERS' The annual school picnic held May 23, at Roamers' Rest Park was handled dif- ferently this year and pro- moted more unity, fun and order than in past years. The food was handled by a committee, financed by a 25 cent ticket for each stu- dent, and also by class and student body contributions. A p r o g r a m continuing throughout the day was pro-- vided by activities of inter- class competition, scored by a point system, with a prize for the winning class as well as individual contests. Some of the events were: girls' and boys' softball, pie-eating contest, tug-of- war, sack race, dancing con- test and beauty contest. Largely responsible for the success of the affair is due to Bill Amburn and his committees, who formulated and carried out the plan. 4 EIGHTEENTH ANNUAL HI-SPOTS Girls' League The Girls, League official ly began its year October 20 with the formal candlelight installation of the 1944-45 officers. Each officer wore an identical frock of aqua green, and later on in the year purchased a pin sym- bolic of her office. Under the guidance of their dean, Mrs. Juanita Thompson, who was later re- place dbecause of illness by Mrs. Summers and Mrs. Mullen, the girls enjoyed an active and profitable year. Meetings were held once Cl month throughout the year, at which time group singing, skits from the different classes, business of the or- ganization and plans to for- ward the activities of the group took place. At the March meeting Miss Doltz, from the University of Ore-- gon Medical School, spoke to the girls on the importance of aCdet Nursing. A new room, completely furnished, was ready at the beginning of school for all the girls. The Girls' League financed its cost and this year's cabinet officers planned and worked on it during the summer. During the second semes- ter the organization spon- sored weekly bond and Stamp sales as a service proyect and sold pep hats and pennants during football and basketball season, which netted about 550. As last year, the Girls' League cabi- net prepared service boxes for the boys leaving from the Beaverton Draft 0Bard, On December 2, nine senior girls attended the dis- trict conference at McMinn- ville, where they enjoyed a P!'0gram of group discus- sions, singing, inspiring speakers, and afternoon tea. The largest event of the year was the Carnival, held December 8, under the su- pervision and planning of Shirley Lehr, general chair- man, and Janet Morgan, president of the league. The net profit of S377 was the largest ever to be cleared from the annua levent. On November ll a capac- ity crowd attended the Sadie Hawkins dance in the gym- nasium, which was decorated in keeping with its theme. A Has Busy Year skit t y p i f y i n g Dogpatch, w h i c h symbolizes Sadie Hawkins day, was presented during the evening. A Post-Exam party, given for the entire student body, took place January 18. Deco- rations took on a Mexican air, with dancing and games as highlights of the evening's fun. Cokes and cake were served free to all of the stu- dents. The Mothers' Tea, April 5, provided a musical program, with both mothers and daughters participating. The auditorium and tea table were bright with spring flowers and each mother was presented a corsage of red camellias. The girls depart- ed from sweaters and skirts and dressed up, acting as hostesses to their mothers. A congenial and gay group o fdads and daughters en- joyed an informal party, Sat- urday evening, April 28, in the gymnasium. Following a musical talent show, quiz contests, and group games and singing, in which fathers and girls par- ticipated, refreshments were served, with dancin gcom- pleting the evening's enter- tainment. The May Fete, which was deemed a success by those who attended, was sponsored and financed by the Girls' League, the last major event of their busy year. ACTIVITY PERIOD A plan for a daily activity period, with especially as- signed days for the school's club and class meetings, was introduced to the student body at the beginning of the second- semester. The plan was decided upon in a faculty meeting, and the arranging o fthe schedule was undertaken by Mrs. Am- burn. For the convenience of the organization officers, the schedule was published in the Hi-Spots a month in ad- Vance. The plan was accepted by both teachers and students as a success and in all prob- ability will be continued next year. SPORT HIGHLIGHTS With six returning letter- men under the direction of Hal Smith, Tigard's football squad turned in a commend- able season's performance. Tigard's team fought hard to win four games this sea- son. The most thrilling moment of the season was when Gary Harvey intercepted a New'- berg pass and raced 95 yards through a heavy Newberg eleven to score. In basketball the Tigers wound up in a fourth-place tie with Hillsboro by win- ning six games and losing eight in league play. Before the season, the Tigers won two out of three games. Bill Amburn was the only re- turning letterman and the team was based around him. Other senior players were Kenny Olson, Don Smith and t'Spider" Weston. The "45" baseball team was again under the direc- tion of Mr. Fowler and the ,first practice showed many boys turning out along with the four returning lettermen, who were: Vernon Richards, Carl Davis, Don Smith and Bill Riverman. The team looked in fine shape for the opening game and carried out a tough schedule. BADMINTON POPULAR Badminton, since its intro- duction to Tigard nearly two years ago, has become one of the most popular extracur- ricular activities in school. For the past year 20 students have turned out faithfully one night a week. A number of tournaments have been entered and sev- eral championships captured by members of the club. Bill Amburn is state boys' sin- gles champion and Bill Am- burn and Loren Miller are state singles champions, jun- ior division. Tournaments were held with Reed College, Pacific University, Grant High and a number of ladder tourna- ments were held within the school. SENIOR "SKIP DAY" On May 15, the senior class abandoned their studies for the day and declared a holiday. The class took a picnic lunch and went to Blue Lake Park, where they spent the day playing games, swimming and dancing. Tl-U STAFF Editor . . . JEAN CARSH She thoroughly enjoyed her work. Business Editor . . , SHIRLEY FOVVLER Her keen mind made he-r job seem easy. Advertising Manager . . . JOAN HAGER Her eagerness brought in many ads. Photographic Editor . . . DOLORES VVITTE A reliable person was her qualifica- tion. Associate Hi-Spots Editor , . CARL DAVIS His knowledge uf sports proved a great asset. Stunt Editor , . . XVALTER SCOTT His photographic- ability brought humorous results. Typist . . . SHIRLEY LEHR She rlid her duty with ease. Literary Advisor . . MRS. MVLLEN Her willing advice was prim-elf-ss, Literary Editor . . . KAY STVRGIS She contributed her poetry willingly. Assistant Business Editor . . CHARLES PAETEL A lrusinessman's outlook proved ex- Ceedingly successful. Orizanizatioii Editor . . . HARBARA NELSON A capable organizer was Hrealtly np- previated. Hi-Spots Editor , . . JANET BIORGAN Her gift for writinfz' was consiclereil invaluable. Athletic Editor . . . NVESLEY HEDEEN His original ideas brought interest- in2' results. Circulzition Editor . . . MILDRED NORTOX She did her share and nmrf-, Typist . . . VIRGINIA OSHVN Her flying' finsiers proved i'esoln'1'e- ful. Business Advisor . . . MR. FOVVLER He helped us over the most diffivult, Earl M4-Coy Cavl Frerlerivksfm President Vice President Carol Nissen Margaret Philip Sec-ret:-11'y 'I'l'Pasin'm' JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS JUNIOR PROM OOURT Luis Todd, Queen Shirley 'l'uvk, June- Farris ' 7 5 P lf H 155 vw ykzgf ' 'TJ - ,ge LL-' 1 --"'-. V - :?Q?:9r7L5QA2gEE?a5519i ', ?f'f5fi3?J 7' ww ,-....,.... il vm 'Q -g..:,: Li my v E5-wwf, 5 Q fx ff ,Q W. im A., QQ J .Jw-W, , ,'25lf7Wi'fH?ifi 1 r A .. ..4. ww ..,,. ,. z ,P A gl A Vfffw? In iii 'Ns W L l 1 A 4? 5 , W W 'I' 055 GQ S P ' ' wi ff f ski QW 3 .fem ,L H :+V ,f H f Aww, 4, P -Q ,Qi A,'f ,gig w Ififua ,yay , 3 as 9' ff. Q: ffgk W 352' ig, gg: 4ZMl W Q1 29" 0 A kkhr 'W' TW? E E ff we may W 32 v. 2-ff' E '. 'ffft' If' " 15: , ' - ,,. ' -5.,'f-:5 W , -kW I N2 v , f mmm? , X4 ' 5 ? 7 M.. - ff: qw "' me 4 1? 'iw 3' 'X f- Wwed.. ,KW Wi , in new ,pm ,A-., B1 gm as " .ya Q is " ' I?:'I,: as XJ -.-A QRGANMAT o Ns - V A . . A TREASURES Q- 4: f, 'X ' v ' - . Q .' , --gy. M- 7 -,1 , , Y A I P. Bader, .l. Ream, U. Davis. IJ, U'Hzillm'an. I-I. Alvlm-,', J, O'Hallnran, Mrs. Galvin. Ii. Smith. .I. Sielihenson. Mrs, Anmlmurn, -1, Yan Bergen. M. XVhitv. J. Morgan, Y, Ilin-hauwis, ll, Amlmnrn. STUDENT BUUNCIL srunfnr council nrrlcfns l-Sill Ambnrn Don Smith Phyllis Raflvi' Jean Stephenson President Vive President Treasurer Sec-retary Row 1: B. Xvaller, M. Amburni Row 2: Mrs, Amburn. Al. Collins, V. Brown, E. Gaarde, H. Spousta., J. Morgan: Row 3: D, Ezell, 'I'. Svhendel, J. Ream, B. Campbell, C. Davis. HI-SPUTS STAFF H1-spurs UFFIBERS Jim Ream Mana Arnhurn Janet Morgan Carl Davis Editor Associate Editor News Editor Sports Editor Row Row Row' Row Row Row Row Row Mrs. Elwert, B. Manin, M. Amburn, C, Nissen, Y. Balk. J. Ferris, P. Huggler, N. Lehr Stoops, P. Bader. M. Norton, D. VVil.te. M. Philip: .l. Jurgens, D. Yveston, P. Arthur, E, XVest, R. Munsinger, D. Krause-r, J. Felzien M, Munn, S. Koch, B. Miles: Y. Tabrum. E. Gaarde, V. Brown, H. Spousta, M. Adams, L. Shefstall, D. Lillison L. Shefstall, S, Fowler, S. Lehr, J. Hager, J. Morgan: V. Osburn, M. Leftferdink, P. lbarh, L. Binkley, D. Hielms, B. Bishop, E. Plieth, B Snyder, L. Hawley, P. Law: K. Sturgis, M. Cook, P. Evans, C. Anpleberry, 0. Bhilips, IG. Knudsen, L. Swanson R. Stenek, B. Trappe, B. Nelson: B, Amburn, B. Campbell. J. Kamp, C. Givens, D. Rogers. C, Belnap, R. Holms, XV Hiller, D. Scheckla, L. Todd: E. ltel, T. Warren, R. Redman, R. Coffey, R. Saling, J. Hollingsworth, H. Eelnap, M Davis, J. Clegg. K. McColm, J. Scheckla, E. Scheckla. TAU GAMMA GAMMA ccummfncm swap IJUMMERIIIAL CLUB UFFIEERS Virginia Osbun Velma, Brown Kay Sturgis Bill Camplmrll President Vice President Secretary Reporter Row 1: Mrs. Mullen, C. Applelwerry, P. Ilmvk, B. Trappe, IJ. Smith, Y. Rivhartlsi Row 2: Al. Collins, G. Moore. S. Fowler, U. lmvis. J. Hufier, K. Slilrgis. M. Cvmk, Huw 3: L. Miller, R. Hart, F. Pan-IPI, l-1, AlvC'oy, NV, Hecleerl. M. Davis. PUBLIC SPEAKING ANIJ AUIIITIIRIIIM lion Smith President AUIIITURIUM OFFICERS Shirley Fowler Carl Davis! Sex-retzlvy-Tlfasilrvr Vive President Row i: C. Davis, D. Smith, V, Rivhards. B. Amlxurn, M. XYhite-. NV. Hedvenp Row 2: C, Siephens, R. Hart, l'. Paetel. li, McCoy. R. Coffey. .I. Kamp. Mr. Hell: Row 3: K, McL'rmln1, T, Petersrm, R. Campbell. .l. Ream, J. Vnn Be-rgiu, fi. Phinney, R. Swo HI-Y HI-Y nfrlcfns Bill Amirvrn Vernon Richards Kenneth M1'C0lm President Vim- 1"1'eside-nt Sec-FPtzwy-'i'1'eaSur+fr sitting: President. Janet Morgan: Secretary, Burtine 'Waller: Vice President, Barbara Nelson Advisor, Mrs. Thompson: Standing: Treasurer, Rose Stenekg Sgt. at Arms, Jean Carsh: Reporter, Barbara Trappe Son Leader, Kay Sturgis. GIRLS' maui cismtr GIRLS' LEAGUE The largest organization in the school is the Girls' League. which has promoted many activities during the school year. Every girl attending Tigard High is a member of the Girls' League, and its purpose is to promote a spirit of friendliness and cooperation among its members. Their other duties are to provide activities and service projects for the student body. A new League room was completed at the beginning of the school year. The funds from this organization provided all the furnishings for the room. An outstanding social activity was the Carnival, under the sponsor- ship of the Girls' League and Student Body, which netted the largest profit of any Carnival in the school's history. A "Sadie Hawkins" and f'Post Exam" Party provided wholesome entertainment and fun for all who attended. The Sadie Hawkins Dance provided amusement for outsiders as well as Tigard students, while the latter was given exclusively for the student body along with free admis- sion, dancing and refreshments. During the spring months a llflothers' Tea and Dads' Party proved satisfactory in making students, parents and teachers better acquainted. Social service work carried on by the League during '-H--'45 were the selling of bonds and stamps at noon each week during the second semester, boxes for draftees leaving from Beaverton and also for several boys of this year's student body. Several delegates from Tigard attended the District Conference held at McMinnville. The girls found it inspiring and helpful in their work this year and enjoyed the friendship of girls from other leagues. Again this year, as last, the Girls, League took the responsibility of preparing and presenting the annual May Fete to the students and community. Row Row Row Row Row Row How 4 5 7. fn 3 6. L. C'arpenter, J. Grimstead. E. Yan Buskirk, G. M4-ore, V. Osbun, M. Norton, All Craig, I.. Xlioodarrl, Lehr, S. Fowler. D. XVitle, J. Denman, U. Nelson, C. Lenz, C. Olemnn, A. Burns. D. Kranser. P. Arthur, M, Collins, .l. Hamer. A. Sumoslfiz C". Lenz. M. Volk, lb. Haneline, D. Hilti-hins, G. Rinkele, L. Bingley. D. Philips, E. Knudsen, M. Nodlandl M. Miles. ll. VVeston. C. XYalsh, G. Miles, C. Norton, L. XVitte. A. NYishart, B. Bishop. M. Cheetham. AI. Koester, P. O'Mara: C. Heath, D. Vinson, A. Smith, J. Olson. L. Kubavk. R. Clegg, R. Marriam, V. Tnrnlsow, B. Fates, B. Sommerdarf, G. Ellsong J. Edwards. A. Johnson, M. Smith, M. Paetel. P. Ihach, R. Stoops, M. Lenz, R. Stoops, V. Ludwig. R. Steele: K, Cwaughun. J. Farris, R. Crawford, R. Berg, L. VVeston, lil XVhistler, Z. Collins. Helms, 0. E. Norris, J, Todd, Row 1 Row 2 Row' 3 Ron' 4 Row 5 Row 6 Row 7. Mrs. Summers. M. Philip, XV. Hiller, R. Holms, M. Amburn, C. Nissen, E. Flvtt, Y. Balk, P. Hnggler, J. Farris. D. Scheckla, L. Todd: S Van Yrankin, E. Gaarde, B. Miles, V. Brown, H. Spousta, P. Evans, C. Appleherry, Munn, J. Felsier, C. Givens. M. Doig: M. J. Long. Y, Tahrum, P. Leavitt, R. Vnsinger. P. Law, M. Elsner, B. Snyder, L. Hawley Plieth. lj, Rogers ,S. Koch, . Shirman, li. Newman, R. Petersen, D. Shonk, C. Clemens, H. Quinn, D. Littison . Shefstall, C. ML'Murrv. G. Forsyth: :cron dink, C. Belnapz L. Sweet, Sh. Reding, C. Shultz, B. Lyons, B. Schaefer, E. XVvest, I.. Swanson, J Stephenson, R. Jaekman. D. Nystrom, M. Gunther: B. Tobie, B, McCullough, R. Nehert, M. Bohlen, M. Adams, L. Shefstall, L. Jackmon M. Cook, V. Hales. M. Itel. . Roth, M. Oesch, H. fohnson. M. Mullen, P, Ringle, S. Tuch, ll, Fisher, M. Leffer- Row 1: IJ. Smith, C. Davis, E. Mc'Coy, B. Amhurn, XV. Hedeen: Row 2: G. Hrisfham, .I, 0'Hallm'z1n, R. Coffey, D. Cole, M, XYhit0: Row 3: D. Hzell. E. SL-hem-kla, XV. Johnson, B. Rive-rman. VARS-T vAns-I urncfns NX'zu'1'en Jnlmson .lue 0'Ha1lox'au Earl Mvlfuv President Vice- Presidg nt Se'cretzu'57-Treasurer . 35, 33 as :Q 554' M ga-2. fu rw .aw Ii, mf. f? -xx-fxffuw x . f X 'x Row 1: XV. Johnson, J. Kamp, V. Richards. Cl Davis, C. Paetel, IJ. Smith Row 2: G. Brigham, M. XVhite, XV. Hede-en, B. Amburn, R. Coffeyg Row 3: 'l'. Schendel, M. Davis, K. MvC0lrn. T. Peterson. FIRE SIIUAD ks FIRE SUUAD UFFICERS Row Rn w Row Row : M. Koester, V, Ludwig, R. Ne-bert, G. Binkele, D. Hutvhins, R. Crawford: : 0. Philips, D. Haneline. M. Cheetham, E. Knudsen, J. Olson, D. Vinson, L. Carpenter : .Mrs. Amhurn. L. Binkley, C. Shultz, M. Nodland, li. XVcst, J, Molan, B. Garrett, A Burnsg : V. Turnhow, C. YV:1lSh. G. Miles, L. VVitte. C. Norton, ll. Helms. FZ. Van Buskirk. I H .- ii' N 7' Lucille Carpenter Alive Burns lilinm' Van Euskirk President Vice President Sevretary-Trmlsurer MOTHERS' AND DAIJS' CLUB The lllothers' and Dads' Club have again proven themselves invalu able and have completed their eighth year as Z1 most outstanding club The main project of the club was the remodeling of the former Girls' League room into a teachers' room and supplying it with the necessary furnishinfs. T h l ' g. 0 ep pay for the room the Mothers' 1nd Dads' Cl b . . . u sold refreshments during school activities. The officers of the club are as follows: Prexident-Blrs. John O'Hallor:m Vive-Pre.vidmt-lllrs. W. Perry Sz' 1'1' f'fIl7'j'1lhIl'S. Heisler 7l7'l'II.VIlfP7'1A'I rs. S. Philip 2 . x , . ' .- -,-L' M," - X- , ,, -w,-1.'11L,f'fv?F. '. ', ff V ,- 5. -- :H , 3: 'p'..-., "ga", uf 4-1. ,+. 16 "Y . 'Q' A'-I ,. . Y, ,V ' " '45,X,'?f 1. f'i,,!j,-x , 1, ' 1, 1 ,.' 9, .-:Q fn' , ' "vis -1 Y- - ,' : 1- ffm ,. A" .uhlf , '+ -"' 1' "", ' , 'lf,K.QQf5'. , " 3,' 'f',,'y,. . -1. ' ' '-i7 f ' 5:7 vi 4' vi: " ' 2,51 ' " 1 'Pu ., "Q, ' L ,Q7'.':f.- 1 ' A --'1 ,,'j': 'X H Mez' , ,,. , MM ,Q.Q , Q, Q .QM ,- ,, ., ,,,,,. -Q,Q,Q,,Q ,,.Q -Q , ,Q . ' " L 1 fx- Q. f' , ' . ' F - f, ' " 5' fd V' rv" ,Q , -Q. 1 Q -,LQ ,V .. , .Q Q I , Q Q! Q Q., , Q QQ Q,Q. Q - , Q , QQ Q Q , QQ. QQQ QQ Q ,,,, , Q f ' ' Q,Q1"','QQ.,Q2Q 1 , 4 -Q ,, Q , Q, . Q. 1 ' QQQ'i Q QQQQ., -Q, 4' ' "V . - . , " F 'V . , ' K ' G. , , Q Q Q Q . Q ,, , Q , ..Q N - , -, , A . K' . . I l ' f ' 1, Q, -SQ ,A 5 ' Q ' 3. Q I , Q ,. . 'AQ . ' - J . ' I ' X , , , . 1 ' 7 x , ' Y 'Q 11 1 x ' I ,A A H x I ,. 1 1 ' ' , . , - Sz , PQ- . rQ. , ,. Q , ' . -, ' " w ' ' 1 f 1 , ' ' . .Q ,, . r Q , 5 N ,- f A., i ' 'T , 1' ' , z fv, 4' ,Z V , , 1 .+ fl- gQ'j,, , . 5, . , ,,.., 1 1 " .' - . x . .1 ,, Q , Q ' I , , Q , - 3, , -4, 1 , I' J. , Q, Q Q, - Q ,- J, , , ,. 1 , f. , 4 , ' ' 1 . , 'N , U u , ., ff, ,,. Q A , . ,. , 1 Q , 1 ' - , ,, fr Q , ,. ' , , . Q , ,Q f . ' 4 ,Q x 1 ' , 3- , x . 1, X .1 f' - Q Q ,, ff .- - Q ,I Q'- v -1 - QQ Qf, 5' Q, f , 1,5 ,,Q, 1. ,.1 ,, Q Q ,. Q, A --' 4 A , '-' ,. , 1 . -M. , 1 V, , , ', f' f 5. , . , X' Q, Q. ,. 11' ' ,N . ., Q: , ,, , 4 J. X 1 1 " .1 v Ay' l' -I -,, .. -2. .W ' A Q, , ',+, f 4 QQ .Q FQ. r Q. ,f , ' " Q . Q . Q, QQ Q V QQ Q QQ . Q Q ', CQQLQQ., ., Q . . Q ' ' ' TREASURES - K ' 9 A ,' A, 'L .. ' , . . '. ' 3 - ,, I . 43" , I QF, ! -, , 'Yi ..' ' H ' 2 - , V22 -A W,-, K, ' , ' ,Vx "ff ' ,, ,. , W ' L- . f 1 7. 'T 'If' K: - ' IN-' f 'J ' '- X 'K' 'S ft ff, '91, ' SK , f "f,' wi, Q Q QQ .559 . , X , - ,., , .Q Q,f V , - Q , Q, .' Q Q Q Q' If y ,' f ,QQ . x.yQ ,Q ,Q Q QQQQQQX , ,Q 1 ,,Q Q, 'YT Q Q ,fa ,. 5.1, , ,Z . Q,. , Q . Q. , . X , . 1 , , , ., Q . . f -. , . ., , ,. , N . . 'Q . 5 Qs., 1 ,,,.,Q: . , . Q 1, ,, ,J wx., -R, g ,.- ,, X 45. , -. Q . . -+ ,. .- ., , ,4 ,. , .. 1-, - .vm ,M , .. ,,,, .I-. , ., , . A TRIBUTE T0 THE CUABHES Under the patient direction of hir. Fowler and lVIr. Smith we have enjoyed and profited in football, basketball and baseball. In triumph or failure you have encouraged us to carry on. You have in- stilled in us worth characteristics that will benefit us more than mere physical prowess. Henceforth, our paths may grow widely divergent and what has been a happy, united, athletic group may become only a de- lightful memory. You taught us honesty, good sportsmanship and perse- verence. That seems to be about the best thing that can be said of anyone. Although we may have fallen far short of our attempted goal, at least we have tried. Let us then, keep happy memories of our years together. x X Jlyvvvxxl., RUNNIE ZJF EY fHalf Ba:- .llmior--Ame-yr-:ir Varsity 1 ft. S in.: 145 lbs. "A fzxsl uvzln rm nny fislflf' XVES HEDEEN JOE KYHALLORAX CQuarter Rack Junior--Two-year varsity 5 ft. 0 in.: 145 lbs. "He put his heart im it." XVARREN JOH NSON I 1CenterJ ' fjgjndj SPl1l0!'f0I'lP-yvfll' VRTSITY S6-nior-'FWD-year varsity fi ft. 1 ind 170 HDS. 5 ft. T in.: 150 lbs. "They seldom pushed him back." --He Overcme an ,,bStac.lt,S,-- LLOYD MELVIN 1EndJ Senior-'l'wu-year Varsity 6 ft. 1 in.: 175 lbs. "He was 11 threat to every kicker," - i I , ' UW BILL RIVERMAN f'l'nc'kleb Junior-Une-year varsity 6 ft. l in,: 165 lbs. "Hel hit ball carriers for keeps," SAM Pl-ULIP fHalf Backj fCaptainJ Senior-One-year varsity 5 ft, 7 in.: 150 lbs. "A dependable line backer." JOHN LINDLEY f'l'zl0k1eJ Senior-One-year varsity 3 ft. ll in.: 160 lbs. "He really broke up the li Ili' ISILI, AINIBVRN ffiuavdl QAII-Stark Senim'iTh1'ee-year Varsity G ft. 1 in.: 215 lbs. GOIIIJON IEIQIGI-IAM QEUIIJ .Ix:nim'f0ve--year varsity 5 ff. 11 in.: 150 lbs. 'ZX gzootl end in the 1uaI:iu:'." "Ho pulled back for 65 yard punts " DICK COLE ftluardj Sclphr-more-One-year varsity 5 ft. 6 in.: 135 lbs. "Little but tough." 1' - JACK IAINDPIMAN 1'l'a-mckleb Junior-One-year varsity di ft. 1 in.: 175 lbs. "He smashed the line hard a often," XVALTER SFOTT flialf Bavkj Senior--One--year varsity 5 ff A. in.: 1-45 lbs. "HP was tricky on Yew-1'seS.' CARL DAVIS tlimll Senim-fTw0-yPz1r Varsity 5 ft, T in.Z 150 lbs. "He overcame aII obstacles." , k ' EARL MDCOY fTa1'kIel Junior--Two-year varsity 5 ft. 9 in.1 145 lbs. nd "A'g1md fighter in every game MERLIN NVIIITE IFUII Buvlil .Iunior-'I'vv0-year varsity ui ft. 1 in.: 180 lbs. ' "A speeth lacy on vml runs." Row Ro W N J -X X I Mzuizxgei' Row 1: Coach Smith. J. O'Hall01'zin, R, Coffey, AI. XVhi1e, XY. Scott, G. I-lrigham. X H dean R. Cole, .I. Lindeman, B. Rivormuii, KV. Johnson, J. Doane. "on, B, Arnhurn. C. Davis. E. McCoy. YV. Nystrom. H, Kamp, R Sxxope Row 2: J, Paths Lindley. R, Kaufman, G. Heisler, K. Rader. 3: S. Lint-nln. J. Kamp, R. Saling, T, NYzxri'en, R. Ilradfia-ld, C. Paetcl, lb Pze Van Bergen. 4: J. Bergen, D, O'HaIIoran, G. Gedrose, T. Petersen, V A 4 ,.,,lw.f FUUTBALL 1944 A total of 55 boys answered the call to arms this year. As zx result 8 returning lettermen and zi large reserve proved to be El powerful team. Good sportsman- ship and fighting to the last second made this season a SUCCESS. Scores for the season were as follows: Tigzird Tigard Tigard Tigard Tigard Tigurd Tigrird Tigzlrd Tigard Tigzlrd -6 Sandy- O Dayton- O Hillsboro-20 N ewlierg-27 Nlclllinnville- 7 West Linn- 0 Sherwood- 6 Tillamook- O Forest Grove-I3 Beaverton-20 I on 1 VV. Peters, J, Aniker, V. l.i'dxvig'. F. Norton, L. XVitte, L. XVoodai'rl, G. Ellson, R Su B. xVl1ll9, D. Audersong Pon ' Mrs. Amburn, D. Amburn, N. Scmich, H, Uainpliell, II. Amhuru. L. Miller, D Qm C. Davis. L. He-isler. R. 'I'hmi as. BAIJMINTUN CLUB Tigard's Badminton Club, although losing some of last year's best players to the service and through graduation, nevertheless seems on a betterfooting than ever, as attendance has been steadier and interest in improvement greater. Bill Amburn, Don Amburn, Valerie Ludwig and Loren llliller an- nexed titles in the Oregon State Badminton Association Junior tourna- ments and those of the Portland Park Bureau. ln the school tournaments, in the championship flight Bill Amhurn and Maria Amburn were winners, and in novice competition Dennie Small and Lucille Woodard. In connection with the other schools played, Pacific University, Reed College and Grant High School, Tigard was represented bv Loren lVIiller, Dennie Small, Nick Sumich, Bill Campbell. Ray Thomas. lllana Amburn, Lucille Woodard, Valerie Ludwig and Carl Davis. Row 1 How 2: Row 3 . XVi'ight, E. ltel, B. Bissett. Clegg, J. Van Bevgin, C. Stephenson, J. Kamp, D. Smith, K. Olsen, S. Lnflon . Kamp, M. Davis. T. Schendel, ID. Amhurn, B. Amburn, V. XVeston, WI Ingle-brand, R. Malsom, J O al loran. Mr Smith. BASKETBALL -- 1945 One returning letterman along with 35 recruits de- veloped into a fast tricky team. 6 wins and 8 loses netted us a tie for third place in the league. Tiga rd Tiga rd Tiga rd Tigzlrd Tigard Tigard Tigard Tigard Tigard Tigard Tigard Tigard ........ Tigard Tigard Tigard Tigard Tigard Tigard Tigard SBURES CP fe.SeaS onj ....Sherwood .......l5 . . . .... lllolalla ....... . .26 . . . .... Hillsboro ...,... .24 fopenerl ............Sl1erwood ........38 CLeague Gamesl ............WestLinn .....3O . . . .... Newberg ...... . .48 . . . .... Forest Grove .... .26 . . . .... Beaverton ..... . .38 . .. .... lWcMinnville . . .. ... .... Hillsboro .... . . .. 31 29 . . . .... Tillamook ..... . .31 . . . .... West Linn ..... . .54 . . . .... Newberg ...... . .28 ... .... Forest Grove ... . .36 ,..Beaverton .... ....l5 . .. .... lVIcMinnville . . . . .55 .. . .... Hillsboro ...... . .-1-l . . . .... Tillamook ..... . .54 . . . .... Seaside ........ . .62 fDistrict playoffl BASKETBALL 1945 BILL AIWBURN fGuax-db I Semiru'-f'l'hx'ee-ye-ur varslty ll ft, 1 in.2 215 lbs. "Hu was an expvrt passer. DON AINIRVRN fFo1'warcU Freshman-One-year Varsity 5 ft. 10 in.: 145 lbs. "A free :md easy hntshotf YYALLY IXGLEBRAND fCenterJ .Tl.ui0rf011e-year varsity ti ft.: 160 lbs. "He had a tricky fake." JERRY KAMP QGuardJ Juniol'-Uno-year Varsity 5 ft. 9 in.: 150 lbs. "His defensive work was out- standing." STANLEY LINCOLN fl-'orwardb Junior-Une-year varsity 5 ft. 7 ir1.Q 140 lbs. "He was :1 good scra.pper." KENNY OLSEN fFu1'wa1'dD Senior-One-ye-ar varsity 5 ft. 9 ing 135 lbs. "He was a cool, cnllevted ball handler." DUN SMITH iFm'wLu'dJ Senior-'One-year varsity 5 ft, 10 in.: 145 lbs. "He exvelled in fasf breaks." SPIDER YVESTON CCenterJ SQ-uim'-one-year varsity li ft. 6 in.: 195 lbs. "He got the ball off the back- hoard." Row 11 S. Lincoln, J. Anivker. R. Hawley, 11. O'Halloi'an, K. Rader, C. Stephenson, D. Amhurn Row 2: V. Richards, T. Schentlel, R. Redman, J. O'Halloran, T. Petersen, J. Riverman, V. Green Row JD: B. Fleskes, C, Davis. D. Davis, B. Rive-rman, M, YVhite, G. Martin. Mr. Fowler. BASEBALL The baseball season started out exceptionally well, with five return- ing lettermen and a large group of willing reserves. The season turned out successfully with our team as co-winners with Newberg, representing our district. Carl Davis, pitcher-outfielder. was selected to play with the out-city team on the All-American baseball team. Mx 'Vs 1 , f u L, A 1 X f- v. FEATURES , , S Fowler, D. VVitte, J. Carsh, H. Spousta, E. Gaarde, S. Lehr, C. Davis, J. Hager, V. Richa ds G. Phinney, VV. Johnson, L. Jackman, V. Green, Mrs. Mullens, K. Sturgis, YV. Hedeen M. Cook, M. Collins, M. Norton, P. Ibaeh, J. Stephenson. SENIOR PLAY Under the direction of lllrs. Wlullen, the Senior class presented a play titled, "DAYS WITHOUT DADDY," on April 20, 1945. Kay Sturgis. . . Jean Stephenson Phyllis Ibach .... Carl Davis ..... Mildred Norton.. Marjorie Collins.. Barbara Trappe. Vernon Richards .... Victor Green ..... Warren Johnson. . . . Charles Paetel .... .... Goldie Moore ...... . . ,loan Hager .... Linna Belle Jackman .... Shirley Lehr .....,... Wesley Hedeen ...., Nlarilyn Cook .... Don Smith ....... Victor Green ..,.. Charles Paetel .... "DAYS WITHOUT DADDY" fPPfXUllHf'IJ . . . . .lVIrs. David Day ................Leota . . .General Housekeeper ...........Danny Day Lieut. lVIa . . . . . . . .Grandma Day ................Annie .................Kate Lieut. Kenneth Guilbert Lieut. Ranny Whitmore . . .Lieut. Dixie Roberts lcom Clinton McDougal ..........l-Iarriet Day . ................. Mary Day . . . . Betty Day . . . . . ."Piggy" ..........David Day .... . . . . . .Betty Finley . . .Professor Frank Fud ..............Plumber . . . . .Reverend Frederick MAY FETE UF 1945 Fiiteenth Annual May Day Queen ......... Prime llinistcr. . . Senior Princess ..... Senior Attendant. . . Junior Princess ..... Junior Attendant .... Sophomore Princess. . . Sophomore Attendant ..... Freshman Princess .... Freshman Attendant .... . . . Crown Bearer ....... Train Bearer ..... Flower Girl ..... Flag Bearer ........ hlistress of Ceremonies .. . . . .lN'Iary Lexa . . . . .Robert Balk . .Aldine lVIcNott . . .Robert Trappe . . .Janet Morgan .Vernon Richards . . . .Eleanor Flett . . . . .Earl McCoy , .Colene Clemens .Jack Van Bergen .. . . . .joan Burns Sammy Thompson . . . . .hlary Batterson . . .John Shumway . . .Patricia Davis BAND AND MAJURETTES 'I'RljlNlPE'I'S BARITONES TRUNIBONES J. Stephenson L. Dimmit L3 WV00d3l'f1 R. NVhite .l, Godfrey V. HQQGPII R. Nelson lb. Rogers .l. Amcker C. Stephenson R' Dylfkve C, Stephens R- BlSh0lJ R. Hart E ALTO SAX D- P0"ff'1' TW. Small E. Croft Il. Ne-man Ni. 33:53 ex J. Jur:.Zen:4 CYMBALS .QQ CLXRNETQ Im, Lillsnn N. Sumich ' ' ' 2- lgigfrmfm YVhile ' A ara . Smith R mis M. Norton D I A V, Oshurn G4 phinnry L' Jflvkman R. Redman BELLS R. Roth R- Malsom R. Clegg J, Olsrm J. Kamly M. Lefferdink T. YVurren E. YVeSt BASES M. Paetel R. Jackman G. Heisler 03013 D. Vinson T. Petersen C. Norton L. Koch M. Phillip G. Gedrose D, Colehank E. Van Bnskirli U. Anderson MA.IORET'I'ES TENOR SAX E HORNS V. Balk R, Kamp NV. Hiller D. Anderson V. Hales li Huiv-Tier P. lbavh R. Green .l, Farris limx Row "' Huw ' Row 4: Row 5: GIRLS BHURUS C. Nelson, J. Fe-lizen, I'. Huggler, lb, Suhevkla. .l. Denman, Y. l-Salk, S. Van Vrankin, J Farris, G. lvloore, V. Tufford, H. NV11lle1', R. Smops. S. VV9Stland, E. Flett, Mrs. Bell ll. Forsyth. R. Munsingvr, l'. Le-zwitt, C, Ulemf-n, M. Griffin, R. Mm'f'xlllm1g.zh, N. Lehi' R, Stamps, A. XVishart. M. Adams, S. Ko:-h, l'. Vleme-ns, P. Arthur, M. Lenzg I.. Morris. I.. Gold, IG. Plieth, G. Miles, C. YV:xlsh. 17. Heath. Al. Twig, I.. Iiiniflvll H Juhnson, ll. Gold. I.. YVitte. M. Elsner, Il. lbym-. O. Philips. U. Murry: E, Knuflsen. Y. Tahrnm, B, 'l'uhie, I., Shefstull. IV. XVeston, M. Leffe-rrlinli, M, Rohlen, L. Hawley, L. She-fxtnll, S. Miles, M. Collins. E. Ilngpratt. IH, Bunn. J. llnwsun, M. IIQI, l'. ll'Mal'a, B. Berg. . TRIPLE TRIO 5, Yun Vrunkin. I'. O'Mal'a, P. Ileaviti, L. Hawley, M. Lefferrlink, P. Hu,1:5:lIer, IK. Mliles, J Fe-Izien, ll. Moore, Y. Tahrum. Now 1: T. Sohendel, M. Davis, K, MCI'o1m, XV. Peters. ll, Eze-Il, A. Smith, Mr. Hell. F. Becker L. Harris, A. Northrop. R. Redman, E, McCo1m. Huw 2: XV, Ricksfm, J. Lindernum, G. Bri,Ltham, R. Coffey, l., Mulienzie-, ll. Driesrmn. R. Haun J. O'Hallm'an, C. Monroe. R. Hart, XV. Hedecn, XV. Inglvhrzmd. BUYS BHURUS l V. Bulk, J. Farris. N. Lehr, E. Fhett -i-.fl .T - , IIARETAKER - 0, '. ,' ' 1' , . , .- ff , , , V x, x 4 ' A , X - ' A VERTHSEMENTS X ' 1 , K 1 6 o , , 1 .iss , W M , ' , ' f L ' . ' --umuum Q1 ..4................1.......... D nun-m--u -mm-mum-1 Superior Concrete 85 Steel Pipe CO., llne. P. 0. BOX 729 - TIGARD. OREGON SEPTIC TANKS - - - BUILDING BLOCKS EARL WOOD, Representative OFFICE 2541 . . . RESIDENCE 3243 mImm-mmnum-mumu---n nm -ummm I2 E1 nmnnmmunuuInInnlu1numunumumm-unnnu-mm-um. PAUL M. RISING Cherry 1522 - Multnomah - Cherry 2303 INSURANCE - - - NOTARY PUBLIC Your Oregon Mutual Agent mmnu-umInunununuuunun1munInnnmnnnmuunmuunmmm Compliments of . . . Cherry 25442 E West Portland Lumber Co. Corner of S. W. Capitol Highwav and Barbur Blvd. .mnnmn-mumnnmmmmmummnmnuumumn-mm 1-mmunnmm-mnInnunumnnmmmnum-mummu-mnnn KEN'S SERVICE STATION 11350 s. w. Pacific Highway Portland l, Oregon Compliments of MULTNOMAH HARDWARE CO. .mIInmm-nuummnnu-muIInannunmnnnumm-mm mm-ml . mvun1nnII1--nulnI--nuu1IIn-nIuummm-m-mumnmmnm-nu Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. Guy Weedman STANDARD SERVICE Multnomah, Oregon Cherry 2713 n.- ummmnnnummnuuuummu1unuuumnnmmuummpmuuu ..- .-InmuI1annunIumnnnnnnuuInuunnnInnInIInmm-ummnm-nu SAFEWAY STORES Where You Can Get More for Your Money Tigard, Oregon - 'mmmnumnnnumnumnn1ununnnnlumnmnnmnnnumm Cherry 2677 MULTNOMAH DRUG Prescriptions 8: All Drug Store Needs Courtesy in Service VAN'S GENERAL STORE 1 : Phone Tigard 3440 Tualatin, Oregon nnnl1nunnuumnmummunnm num -mumumm-IIn-'um--nun--mummm mu-.mm mm---mm IInummum-Iumm-umm-nu-ur-nun G DON'T STOP BUYING WAR BONDS! E. C. HALL CO. GENERAL CONTRACTORS TIGARD, OREGON G1---------H ............. U S uuummInumHmmmm-mmnnmInmummn-mnHummmnumInmmm.nm-mm-muum uummm A Symbol of Sweet Memories. . . YOUR - CLASS - PIN FRATERNITY llhFlI .lBld lsAm..,s.m,EnN t g and ""'?"'55j"""" . PORTLAND, ORE. CLUB PINS A'I'water 3718 El ----f----------'-'-'-------'-------- ---------------'--f-----' ------"---- ---------f-'- L1 Ei --'---------------------'-----'-'-'---------"'--"--' --"'-'- --I---'-"--------'-----'---------'-------'-------'- EI , FORMEHLY THE CAPITOL Invest 1n-- ' FREEDGME MULTNUMAH v AMERICA - PEACE E Telephone CH. 9090 - Multnomah, Oregon Buy War Stamps 2 Special Kiddie hmm Matinee Every Saturday Fifth, Sixth, Morrison and Alder 5 Portland's Own Store P, M, I3 -----------. ...... ............ ------------ - El El -K------"----'-----'-'--'--------'-"--'-----"-'---' --'--------" E1 m............. ................................................................... ............. Heating Oil Automatic Burner Oil Delivery 2145 N. W. SAVIER STREET PORTLAND, OREGON Phones. OFFICE-BE n 2336 RESIDENCE-BE 9300 C. C. HEDRICK mmm-u mm-Innmnmm-mmmmmn-muIn-umm-nmmummm- .ummm mn-un CLASS ANNOUNCEMETS CLASS IEWELRY DIPLOMAS TROPHIES THE MASTER ENGRAVERS Telelihohe ll5 S. W. Fourth Ave. Arwazer ovsu Pon'rLAND. oazcou 913 W. 4:11 Avenue ' PIANO, Porflandy Oregon E soo-1-2-3 columbia Bldg. Highland Books Bought and Sold Highpgfffgdbfggiiorgiven lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll- -illlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllll llllll um..onN....1mm.U.....I.1......H...I-.Hm.-1.H1N.mIIn-Hm.......................H...on.111H--.11....1N.--mm-.1..-.m.....--....m......-.1 GLADYS GILBERT STUDIOS EXCLUSIVE CLIENTELE Official Photographer for the TI-U Annual ATwate-1' 5695 515 SWETLAND BUILDING PORTLAND, OREGON WANTED 1 PHONE TIGARD 2751 Blondes. Bruneiies or Redheads E E Wiih Unused "Gas" Books - "C's" Q Q TIGARD, OREGON Preferred. But Anything Accepted Q Q GENERAL MILLWORK Chaz P. VIC G. Q Ray Christensen, Owner ..............................................................................i 5... o,.v.Y'7"-s - - 4, in 7 .v fi... 0+ Oregon's Biggest Bank is at your service SAVINGS ACCOUNTS CHECKING ACCOUNTS Resources. 400 Millions TIGARD BRANCH UNITED STATES NATIONAL BANK Head Office . . . Porlland Member F. D, I. C. ........... ........................................................................................................... ................El PACIFIC PAINT Ei CHEMICAL CO. 3211-3213 N. WILLIAMS AVE. PORTLAND, OREGON Scientific Methods for Building Repair and Up-Keep ...Immun wlllllllll Tualatin Valley Nurseries FRUIT TREES - NUT TREES SHRUBBERY LEO ELWERT, Prop. Sherwood, Oregon "THE GOLDEN RULE SHOP G. M. DILLARD, Prop. 7535 S. W. Capitol Highway Ch erry Portland, Oregon WEISER'S mg -11-I lm.HHn1mummnmmmm..-um--u COMPLIMENTS MR. and MRS. ERNEST F. HAMBACH ummm-Kin-Inl-mm.mm-1muI---lmmnmm-m.m....... --HInmnInInmm-mmummm-I AL CALL'S For Ice Cream and Famous Hamburgers Multnomah, Oregon : The Pennant Shop Felt and Chenille Qlsetters - Emblems - Banners 285 Security Bldg., second Floor - Fifth and Pine 5 ATwater 3057 im... .................................. ........ 5 ...........- DUTHIE 81 CU., INS. Insure and Be Sure with s Duthie and Company sas Terminal Sales Bldg. E BEacon 7112 - - - Portland 5, Ore. Insurance of all kinds ' Pire Automobile 55TH AND BARBUR BLVD. gl-i6biliTY, BurQl31'Yi BO1'1dS nmmm.mmHmnm-m-mumnm-num-mmm .m .................................................. El State Farm Insurance Co. Auto. Fire and Liie CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '45 G. F. ATROPS, Local Representative Phone 4349 Sherwood, Oregon Tualatin Feed Poultry, Dairy Supplies. and Seeds cus'roM Gmumuc Phone Tigard 3441 J. J. Kamp, Prop um-mmmmnn mum mm-mu-unumm-mm-mmm-Ilm umm-um 1j.............. E HWHEFREEZER Best Wishes to the Class of '45 nw -------------- ------------ -------------- ra El "-------'----- -------------------------'---------------------f--------f- ------------- El Jackk 'Texaco Service 9640 BARBUR BOULEVARD Phone Cherry 9063 cw -----------------------'-.'----'--'-----------------'--------------"---.--'------'. --------------------------.--.-------------..--------'---'x- lj CHEVROLET TIGARD, OREGON 5 Q LUNE UAK sfnwcf STAHUN and GARAGE Phone Tigard 3301 Complete Automotive Service Albert Hoffarber, Prop. --1 nnlnnn -mmmmmu mum COMPLIMENTS - . OF EICKMEYER DRESS SHOP Y , gComplete Service for All Carsg "HH"IHIIIIII-I'-III-III-Ulm'v-Hmm-I-III'-IH1-mumm-----mm gm.mm.-.mumHImmm-I-mm.mlmmm-ummumm-----H VERMILYI-3 Grocery MOTOR CO. 5 Easy and Friendly Service Groceries and Vegetables E Also WALLY'S MARKET FRESH FISH AND MEATS Reconditioned 81 Guaranteed Used Cars Ph e 3381 . , . Tigard, Oregon .umm I I nm-mmm-num nnummm-mum-mmnmmn-ummnnmmmmn mum-nn lm-un-nu Steer Head Cafe BEST PLACE ON BARBUR BLVD. Congratulations to the Class of '45 ............................................................................... 1 ............................. . ............................. . ......... ... ,............................................ ........ ............................. TIGARD EAIR KING MFG. COMPANY Box sus - - - TIGARD. oascou LU M B E R C O ' E E 100 W War Induetry . , . Engaged in CQNGRATULATIQNS We aloodwofklng Opemofl . : 2 a permanent org zation TQ 5 Q and invite local workers i terested , Q in steady employment both now OF d th p twar period. Ph 2301 Phone Tigard 2561 mmnnumIII11nI1-nunInmInInI-II4InIIImnnnnnmmmu . mmunmumm-1mmm-nn-mm.-mmmmm-umm. Multnomah Varieiy Store : THE BARBER SHOP : I 2 HAIR CUT E Multnomah, Oregon E 3 WAY U WANT ETHHEAD - NOTIONS - DRY GOODS? 2 IT E 3 EL. E. Beroud Post Office Bldg compumems of W, E, KIDDER gGAY LOCK BEAUTY SALON? REAL Es'rA'rs AND INSURANCE 5 5 g NOTARY PUBLIC Q PHONE 3531 E QPhone Tigard 3322 Next to Bank 5Theatre Building - - - Tigard, Oregon? 5 IInnHI.1mmmn-nm-mmmummInnm-mmmnum-umnn-IF 'mlmu1II-1Imm--1un-II1u1unIIIII-II-11lunu-mumm--ummm E1................................................................................... THEATRE TI GARD 0 FORM-FITTING SEATS 0 AMPLE PARKING SPACE 0 FINEST IN PICTURES 0 DE LUXE SOUND "Our Business Is Your Pleasure" AL MYERS --mmm-nm ummm.-m m1.IInIuIIn-IIuI1I1-II-Inn-InIIummmn-mm-ummunmmn-5 A-..,.,,,,,.,.,,.,,,.,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,mum Carsh Bros. General Store Compliments of Mae West Blvd. and Locust E S Cherry 2857 Metzger, Oregon? 5 Mr. and Mrs. Graham S. Young FULL LINE OF GROCEHIES mm-In.Immm..InImnn.--nun-muumn-mummmmmmm' ' m.1u----Imum-unmmmummu-mm-nmmmI-um-nnuu Lyon's Super-Cream Shop F1-med Man - - - Jumbo Milk shakes? MULTNOMAH BAKERY 1.-oumain Service 5 E Party Cakes and- All Kmds Multnomah - - Next to Theatre I of Pastries Inn-nuuIInmnmlml-ummu-m-mm-mumm--ummm r 'IIIIHII-I . ..... ..............l3 mnummmnm-mm-mn mnnImm..Innnmum--umm.. N ummnmnmu-nun nu The Store For HOME ENTERTAINMENT EBooks - lwusic - Games - Records Home Movies THE I. K .GILL CO. S. W. Fifth Avenue at Stark mm-IummInnIn-H-mm.mInmm-mu-ummm annnmuin1nmn1nnnmuannnmumannnuumnumnm DEHEN KNITTING CO. Phone BE:-icon 4349 730 S. W. 10th Avenue Portland, Oregon munmumnmumm-mn-ummm nmnnmmmnnummnunumnnnmmmmmnnmnuumunm Greetings to the Tigard High School Students Who Are Now Serving For Their Country TIGARD TRUCK SERVICE LLOYD BYERLY SPorting Goods , Distributors for A. G. SPAULDING Sz BROS. ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT SHOES and CLOTHING FOR ALL SPORTS 815 S. W. Sixth Ave. Portland, Oregon mmmmmumnnn-mmlmnmm InImnmnmmm:Inmuumunmmu COMPLIMENTS or SHEET MUSIC SERVICE 618 S. W. Park Avenue Portland, Oregon - -In.Hmm.mmnm--mmmIfmmmumm-mmummnnuumn z sDOVING'S FLOWER SHOP Flowers For All Occasions 702 S. W. Morrison Street 10 Steps from Broadway Telephone BRoadway 2441 ..................................................................................f 1 Ore- -nnu.InufIfummmmn-ummmmnmmmmm-mmlmun Flowers Telegraphed Portland, F :un-mm umm--mm.mmmmInmmmmmnmm- Mason's Oppliance Store Bendix Home Laundry : : Ranges - Refrigerators - Heaters S Phone 2290 Tigard, Oregon Q Compliments of E L. D. HEATER Music co. ERoadway 4364 5 1001 S. W. Morri on s Portland, Oregon COMPLTMENTS or ROBERTS BROS. Department Store PORTLAND, OREGON Congratulations from I. C. PENNEY CO. Fifth Avenue at Washington -.............H.................................................... 34II1nInInI1IIIIIIInnn1nnnnnmnnnn1uunmmnun-nmmunu L. H. F.'s, M. F. T., Inc. We are the girls of the business staff- We do our job and get a laugh' EGet all the ads and talre their dough . Snirley, Shirley and llttle Jo. 3 mm---mm..1-...mm...m ..-.--.--.--.U um...-f "Better Homes Builder" GEORGE H. IOHNSON Real Es'ate, Fire Insurance Agent Beacon Hill - Crestwood Del-Ray Park Office' W. Pacific Highway at 55th Avenue-E ' Phone CHerry 1868 2 ' mmumnu-umumm-nmummm imi-mim-iiiimmmiimiiiiiimuiii.mm-mumm-umm LONE OAK BAR-B-Q DINNERS - - - SANDWICHES BEVERAGES Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Lanier ompliments of 1VIr. 81 Mrs. John Fenz Iohn's Market 6. Grocery MULTNOMAH Cherry 2617 Six Corners Feed Co. We Deliver Poultry and Dairy Feeds Phone Sherwood 4254 Residence: Tigard 2715 Bolbgs Gilmore Station 9449 S. W. Barbur Blvd. TIRES - - - LUBRICATION ACCESSORIES R. J. BOYLE, Prop. - miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiii iiiiiiiiii-viiiimnminiiiinmiiiiiiiii-miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii WARNER'S QUICK FREEZE FOOD LOCKERS Meat and Grocerie Shell Service Tigard 2281 Official Tire Inspect miiiiiiiiuiiiiimi iii-ii Ti gard Nut Packing Co. PILBERTS AND WALNUTS BOUGHT AND PACKED Walnut and Filbert Meats ' iiimiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiii-.iiiiiiiiimimiiiiiimiliiiiimiiimiimi ii-imiiimiiiiiiiii-mi- iiiii-iiimimmiiiiiiiii Piggly Wiggly WEST PORTLAND Home Owned Stores 8945 s. W, Pacific Highway Johnson Lumber Yard Everything for the Builder 10075 S. W. Pacific Highway PORTLAND 1, OREGON H. i"Herb"J Johnson Owner-Manager . . . Cherry 1089 nmmmmummmnuumnmuiniiiiimumimimmm TIGARD FEED 6. SEED K. P. MCLEAN, Manager PHONE 2761 TIG!-XRD LUNCH 6. TAVERN Try Our Hamburgers Phone 2642 AUTOGRAPHS

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