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7 :1 .5 2 1. E 5 Fi 4 Q W L. 1-, 11? H E., - f.. . - 51-,Mx X L - f -.i..u.. VE , E7 x v: ? ' .-IL .. A I M. I Y h- P - .. . in L, V, 1 , .fr . b . R, ,, , N , Mfg.. . . . . I . MM ' - ' ' .gx A-Y 3.-V . ' ' f.'w' ' 1" J . 4.7 5-'34 Q 1 -4 A nf.-1. .' 1 - 0 3 o" ' . I.. s f 'L .M W ,,.,,,.,- . . A,..f,, 4' 14 .-Q 1 .U .- 1--H '.:.v! ..7, . 5.54: rf E ,.. . 1.- .5 '. gn if , 2.1-.rw . r . if 14. 1. .,,-, .--.., ' . f . I I n-- ,, "-- Q.- x ,J . ,W , 4. 1 , wg, f if Us .'- ,i .Qs- 1.. .f Iv. V -'WJ ,5-b ' if J .I - Ju... - .S . , muh I A .1 f r -'z 'j.f N ,fp 'Wiz' FAA' K 'g,,':a5.' V. . -4 ua, 1 12'- ll :Y K4 ' v f,'2.jj 3, 51 G A '1 31. , A Y -' Fisk ', ' JVM!" 'N 2-'f'9n3,fJ'i ' fan, ', i'-we ' 152 W '1'?'-if Ligfyi Biff ' :5.f'5"I- 5523 3, '3' ' Q'-W' J V 1-, Q ' " 519. fl- ailing, f3'7'.1',l I JM-1-r.x, - ,.v-A . ff'--.' ,W-gs-gd :wg ik 'Qi 1-'i..'1+.L .- f,L,-zu, 'E lk 55353 I TJ! Yi ' ' 1 . r ff: .. y, , AL 4 i,.. , Q 'vw ,Ar vw . F- Y , L .f,, 7 s :TJ KN. 11, 1 'Q L YS .N 1 ' 1 ..r4' L' f ' .Q . ' . ffl. '35 A. ,. , 1 ra' , 1 N I' A' ,:, , .K ws, 1 , - . ' ,L vw Y ily, 7'1l-.ffi,, si . M 4, , E -,nb 'ffm H .ui T15 I N 51-Aw , Riff, f:-gg, ' , P ,. .gg ug 11,3 ' "'31'flk J . fx ir!! 41: , 4, 1 T, Q ,:.gw..-- 1- -f'ff' ff,ai I , I . 5 K Y? 1 'Ir ir if 'A' 'A' if 'k if 'A' i' THE TI-U TIGER MAY '40 CLASS ISSUE A 5 1 QM ld .S SQ: ,,sh 4-:ff ' ' " fx 'NNW .. .I ,UN ,. 'ff' 1 1 Patriotic Number VOLUME THIRTEEN By the Students of TIGARD UNION HIGH SCHOOL TIGARD, OREGON i' 'A' 'Ir i' 'A' 'k il ir 'k 'k TABLE CF CONTENTS Administration Classes Activities Urganizations Athletics Features Advertisements O 5 L FOREWORD America, our faith, our law, our freedom, guaranteed to us by the Constitution as our fair birthright. America, a mighty land. we swear allegiance to thee. America, last hope of man and truth. VVe glorify thy name thru all truth. America, our guiding light of us who understand the price- less worth of freedom- America, "With Nlalice toward none, with Charity for all," imhue us with the deep and abiding spirit of Americanism. America, we take our stand as torch bearers and present the l940 annual as a tribute to Americanism. DEDICATION The Americanization number of the Ti-U is dedicated in general to every true American who believes that "AlVIERICA'S FUTURE", is an important issue to all of us. The Americanization number of the Ti-U is dedicated in par- ticular to our Youth, with the aim of rekindling the faith of youth in fairness, in justness, and the soundness of a democracyg to strengthen youth against intolerance and oppression, and to re- dedicate youth to an unswerving respect for the religious and civil liberties of a free people. 1 1111 Hiemnriam MRS. MAUDE MINER MR. WESLEY ALSPAUGH 'l'hey cannot wholly pass away. How far s0'c-vel' abovu. Nur wc, the lingerers wholly stay A part from those we low. For spirits in eternity, As shadows in the sun, Reach backward into Time, is iii- Like liftm-il clouds, rc-ach Oil NNE X . aficn Adminasgiasses all 'unq- uf..- -...,.:- an-...g wtnunlnt' ....,.,g 1 'sg . W - .. Y G. M. LESLIE H. E. Lsem' B. E. WICK Mks. L. R. MINER M. S. KooPMANs E. C. HUNZICKER SCHOCL BOARD "A PATRIOTIC FAITHH A message we would leave to you, our friends, VVIIO Inade the road to learning smooth and light, And gave your counsel wise, your syInpathy, Our thanks are yours for Inany things, but most For this: Your faith in us was never lost, AIId when you had good cause to doubt, you smiled. Remembering our years, so dream-possessed This be our task to justify your faith AIId prove our worth, so, when iII years to come Your memory our names may still recall, You thiIIk of us faltering ones who tried Ever to do the best that iII them lay. 7 4 . Z, N MR. FOWLER PERSONAL RIESSAGE Clratluates of I9-lil there is a new spirit abroad in the landg it represents the con- viction on the part of the young people in America that life never remains staticg that there are better days aheadg that an opportunity to find a way of life, to earn ri living in comfort and security. NVe live in an age of acceleration. YVe can no longer trust to the evolution of future decades to meet these problems. They rise before us today and they must he met totlay. You must cultivate and keep a sense of humor, a respect tor the intellectual and spiritual things of life. l ani happy and proud to associate myself with the younger generation, and my sincere wish is that you may realize your life's ambitions and become true Americans in every sense of the wortl. Sincerely, 'l'Hos. H. FowLEk S RAYMOND CARL Un-gon State, Vander Cook Sl-howl of Music Training Band, Manual Training "Music soothes all unxie-ty" I Nl-ZLIAE EIAVERT llregun State Shorthand, Typing "The shortest answer is mlning"' SUZANNI-I JUHNSUN Paelflc University office, Library "Am-mira:-y aml system l!llfIl'llC'lPI'lNflI'S" ll ft' 'VHURLO SMITH Albany College History, Clvles, Athletles "A man renowned for repiirte-e" HORTENSE FOSTER Willamette College English, Music, Or:-hestra "Courage and will, preserveiim- and skill" ISABI-ILLE WILSON l'aeiI'lu College Engllsh, 1ilrl's League 'XL good he-nrt la ll letter of fredii" 9 MUSE DAITLSBl'lRH I'ar-lflv University Mathenmties, Bookkeeping Physll-al Educ-ation "'I'hy moilesty Is ll r-anulle tn thy merit" 'FILZER HARGREAVES Oregon State History, Science "Science gives ten thousand motives to adore" MYRTLE MUIALEN Drake University Mathematica, Orientation Public Speaking, Drainatirs "ln all proof there ls the why' f'HILESTlNE SUMMERS Oregon State Domestlc Arts Hlllfflcleiiey ln hoth :rent and small" FA Y WEAVER Linfield College Languages, English, l'erlu1lh-all "l'hrusing ls a fine art" 'FHOS lf. l"0VVl.l'Ill Pacific University Exec-utlve Duties "Sunshine of Soul. ness tn all" nieuns huppi VVARIF GREEN. I're-sident ARNIE INGALLS. Vim-e-President MARY REAM, Sec-retilry EARL SCHIIALLE, '1'ri-nsurer leimllmll, Senior Class President, May Fm-te Attendant, Senior Pluy, Class Officer, Senior Play, Editor Annual, Operetta. Senior Play. X'lll'N T Club Vurs T Club, Football G. L. Vive Pres. C1Illl1lllf'I'K'iYll Student Body Uffif-er, Hi-Spots "Gr-i-ul. tlvlllnnt, Genuine" Hlxnitntive, lnlnginative, Im- "Rnvisliing, Roinnntic, "Siigneious, Seriiinptiuns. pnlsivi-" Renmi'kuhle" Sednlousu Class Cfficers Senior Classification CLASS COLORS: Blue and VVl'1ite. CLASS FLOWERS: Rosebuds and Sweet Peas. CLASS lNIOTTo: It is infinitely greater to blaze a trail than to follow one. Class Creed VW: believe in the United States of America as a government of the people, by the people, for the people. We believe it is our duty to love our eountryg obey its lawsg respect its flag, and to defend it against all enemies. I0 ltl'SSl'Il.l1 ILKICRY W Q I-Rmtlulll. Ihmd. "lhlsim-sslikv, Ilnld, llrisk" LUIS IRUIIIANID I'omlm-P4-inl. lhuml. Pe-p Clnln "Iil'nlny, lilnrm-ln-wh, limvn-" lLll'll.XRIb ISILUYVX .Kmulul Stuff Ullushful, liiu. Ilruiny" HH RN IVE IHIUST 1'omlm'r1-iul "IM-vvilrh-l'Ml, IRQ-In-vul:-nl. lls-lir-ve-alIvlv" ILAl,l'H l'Hl.I.lNS Fmnllmll. Ynrs 'l' Vluh. Sr. Ulnss Uffim-l', Upe-l'vIln "1'allmImlv. Uzlpx-isfivrllx. 1'1lrinllh" JEAN FUMIIS Ps-p Flnh. Annllnl Stuff. Hmm- El'lPll0Illil'N, Ill-Spots "l'undl1l, 4'uptivaltim:, Furvfrvn-" I"Yl'II,X'N IIUICSPI Unllllm-l'u-inl. UlN'I'4'HEl. llmm- 1411-mmllnivs linsllful, lffilliillll. liusim-sslike Wll,l,lAXI l1l'Il!Rl-I'l'H Alnllml NtuI'I', Ynrs 'I' Vlulf. Qvnior l'lzly. Yo-Il l,4-aulvl' lilunl. llrauw-. llrillinntu 1'l!.U'l4I IBVNN llnml. Kiln-0 Vlllh, l'e-lu Fluh, Gym lhmny, lhwalllllvss, Busy" TlUliIfIIl'l' i'0I.H linskn-llulll, Ynrs 'I' Vluln. llusvlmll "l'alrM'l'n-'41, Fulm. Falun-y" Ill'lCY lEI"l'IJ'IR 11, I.. Nut. ul Aruns, l'vp Club. llmnv livmmnlivs, I'llIu, Sp. Hllramny. lllissful. lin-ns-l'iviul" I'I lhll' IHJRAIN Fmytlnlll, Nfllllvlll ltmly U1't'i4-n-l', linskvtlmll. Uluss ll!'I'i1-sr "Dvliln-11119, lie-pn-mlulmlv, IH-'f9l'lllill9fl" GORDON FLUKE Senior Play, Student Body Officer, Hl'Bpot,s Staff, Vxu-s T Club "Fearless, Faithful, 1"Hlll0llN" DUROTI-Il' IXUULEY Senior Play, May Queen. BETTY ORA IG Motlwr's Party Coin.. .xnnunl Staff Pep Club, Coimniervial "Capable, Calcuable, Charming, Home Boonornlm-s, Anil. Club 'Frm-ns. "Determine-d, Deservimf, Ile- lightful' MARVIN HUNT Student Body Pres., Fnotlmll, Vars T Club, Prlml- Minister "Handy, Hnndsonu-, Hardy" l"IlURI'lNf'I'l FREAS Yell Leader, Annual Staff, Se-nior P1133 Hi-Sp0ts "FeliL-itous, Faithful, Fearless" DONALD MEYER Annual. Staff, Senior Play. Hi-Spots Staff, Auditorium Play "Manly, Managenble, Mechanical" LOIS GERLACH Fonimercinl, Annual Staff. Pep Club, Operettn "Good, Gracious, Glad" PA Fl, HEDEEN "Helpful, Honest, Honorable" DORIS l'lNGS'l'ROM ti. L. Pres., Yell I.t-mlelx St-nlor Play, Llt. Eli. Annunl "Emotional, Energetiv, Enjoy.: ROBERT KELLEY Senior Play, Pep Club. Farnivul Com., Sr. Ann. Pom, "Keen, Kind, Knigliilyn VIRGINIA GADDIS Class Officer, Quee-n's Maid. Hi-Spots. Trean. Girls Ath. Assn: "Gay. Generous, Gravvful' NVESLEY NORTH Football, Public Speaking Operetta "Nutty, Nervy, Nimble" 12 Club NANFY ILAGG 49. I.. Sec-., l'nh. Sp.. l'lny. Flnss Ed. Annlml, Sr-nior l'lny Ullonnmlnle-. llnsty, llnppyu JOHN 0'HAl,I.UlKAN Jr, Flnsu l'r+-s,, May lf:-lv Mt.. Fire- Sqmul, l'rr-s. Yurs 'I' Cluh "0lwdi9l1t. Ulrliging, Ulrsf-rx'unt" l'Z'l'Hl-Ill lll'NZlIilCli Pub. Sp. Vlllll, l'ulnlm-rrinl. l'm-p Vlulu, lllwrn-tin "Ile-lpl'ul, lla-zxlllly. llllmlwmly' l1IAlIll l'l-l'l'l'lllSUN llmmx Ari Vlull. Ifirn- Squml, Vulvllv Sm-ukinu Flulv, llnso-lmll "l'xlIl1-nl. l'nlrunizin:, l'vm'4-ful" I-DVI-ILYN .IHHNSUN H. L. Sum: l.e'n1le-r. S1-ninr l'ln3'. l'unnm-r1:ixll, Upvn-tts: ".luunty. Julmilnnl. .luaiifinlflo-" DONALD STEELE Student Body Offim-r. Vars T Club. Baseball, Fire Squad Chi:-f "SPrPnP, Sf-nsllule. Stahl:-" WILLIS NYIHCRAS lhlskt-tlmll, Snpln. Flaws .Ute-mlnnl . Yars 'I' Ululr, Inluliv Sm-uliimg "Nifty, Niue. Num" I-Il.l1lAN0li lll'N'l'l-Ill li. l,. lh'lll!l'lt'l', Sz-nior Play. Qin-e-11's Rlnlql, Up:-rx-ilu Ullzlmly, llxumling, llom-sl" .l .X llli l'A'l"I'lC R84 BN Pemtlulll. .xlllllllll Stuff. llusketlnlll. Firs- Nllllllll "l's'rsisIvllt. lwrsllzlsiu- l'lll1-lx LI'l'1lll.A lll.kl'll Svnlm' l'luy. llidputa. Annual Stuff, IN-ln Clul- "l1mu.:il1ulix'e-, lluit-.utiu-. lllitintiw-" .lIl'l'Hl'll SVIIIGNIIIGI. llltlitnr HI-Spots. .lnmlall Stuff. lhlskn-tlmll Mgr, Yurs 'l' I'lul. "S4'll0lnstia', Nl'l'lllllIl1IlIN. Sllllillrlt IRENH KELLNEIR G. L. Treas.. St, limly Sl-v.. Prom Queen, Fmnlm-rn-iul "Keen, Kindly, Kmnvlmlgn-nlxlu-" 13 w., IRI-1Nl'l'.l KUUPMANS Up:-rvlin. Senior Play. Aurlitnriunl, Home lfla-mnmlivs Uliillllillfl. Knmving, Kind- HF1ll'fP1l" EINVARD VVUUIIARD AIldif0Filllll Ulnh Offic-Pr, Upon-ttu. Baseball XIKT. "Vl'itty, Wvistfnl, Wurthwhilz-" ISE RNA HD STE KVA R'l' Svnlrvr Play. Annual Stuff "Sm-'lf-reliant, Spurtfnl. San:-ialule HLAIDYS LARSUN MAXINE MEYER Sm-nior Play, Allllitlllilllll. Hmno Er-nnmnivs, Hyun "AI!l,fllifi4'Pllf, Munn:-rly, Alv1liA tilting" f'lNIllIlPI'l'hll. Gynl. Nlutlwrs Vzxrty Cnnnn. "Libs-rail, Luuszlmlvle, l.ikonlvls- lil DRE RT VVOOD lMPl5ICI!'I' TE'l'RIl'K lfmutlnxll, Fir? Squnll. Iinsm-hull, Vars 'I' Vlulr "'l'l'uthfnl, 'I'huu,u'litful, 'l'ulv1'ant" Upvretta. Vnrs T Uluh, lfrmtlmll "Wise, NVOrthy. Willing" XIAXINE NIINHR DUNNA SMITH Ss-nior Play, Hpvrvttn. Hi-Spots, Fnnllm-rrfiul "Sr-l'MxP, Svrnpnluns, vunfidenf' Svlf- Senior Play, Class Uffim-Pr. Uuxnlm-'rc-iul. li. L. Vive- Pres. "5luglwtiv, Menmralvlm-. Alnillvnlx .X LIFE HOXVA RD LICNURA MILLER Ups-rfftftl. Hmnp Ernnmnivs, l'Pp Cluh "Maj:-stir, Manipnullle, Managing" 14 Ups-rvtta, Home EC'0ll0lllif'S. Gym, l'0IllIllPl'K'iR1 "Harmnnions. Hearty, H+-nfly CLASS .HISTORY CTHE RECORDJ This history is written in accordance to the modern tendencies in historical writing, the author emphasizing only factors which appeal to us as most vital. The work is divided into four parts: Discovery, Exploration, Settlement and Development. DISCOVERY The faculty strolling aimlessly, discovered a group of foreigners huddled inside the front door. These dauntless, experienced explorers, noticed these strangers seemed distinct and different from other foreign groups. The Principal was delighted with this remarkable acquisition to his territory. The strangers' trophies were examined, and they were divided into small groups and given the name, "Freshmen." They were taught strange customs and manners. They were permitted to form an organiza- tion of their own with the following officers: President, Robert Cole, Vice President, Darrel Hoodg Secretary, Virginia Gaddisg Treasurer, Ralph Davisg Student Council, lylaxine Miiierg Seargent-at-arms, Robert Tetrickg Advisors, Bliss Eickmeyer and Miss Nash. EX PLO RATION The skill of the Freshmen became so great that they were renamed "Sophomores" and they set out to explore different lands such as football, basketball, music and dramatics. showing much skill and prowess in each. This group did not always find intellectual gold mines but frequently found vast arid places, totally uninhabited. However they pushed bravely on through the underbrush of ignorance, knowing that compensation awaited them. They organized a company with the following officers: President, VVillis Nybergg Vice President, Ward Greeng Secretary, Patricia Nlc- Curdyg Treasurer, Arnie Ingalls: Student Council, Marviii Hunt, Advisors, lllrs. lWcKeown and lN'Ir. Hare. SETTLE M E NT The explorers found richer fields and settled in the lands of athletics, romance, music and fundamental subjects. They were renamed "Juniors," Their promotion made their sense of importance increase out of all due proportion. Badges of honor, pins of excellence adorned the leaders of the group. There were few casualties dur- ing these disturbing times as nothing remained settled for long. A big celebration known as "junior Prom" was held in honor of the progress made. New settlers were coming to crowd them into new lands. The Juniors organized a unit with the following officers: President, john O'Hallorang Vice President, Nlarvin l-luntg Secretary, Marita Wiseg Treasurer, Ulric Uoraisg Seargent-at-arms, Arnie Ingalls: Student Council, Bill Berrethg Advisors, Nliss VVeaver and lylr. Smith. ' DEVELOPMENT Automatically they were renamed "Seniors"-with this title they began to take themselves seriously. As the year drew to a close they were positively dizzy with dignity. They organized their factions early in the year with the following officers: President, VVard Green, Vice President, Arnie Ingalls, Secretary, Mary Ream, Trea- surer, Earl Schmalleg Seargents-at-arms, Ralph Collins, jack Patterson, Advisors, Blrs. Nlullen and Nlr. Fowler. Social events were of marked brilliance. Those most worthy of -note were as fol- lows -- Senior dance. Senior play. At the expiration of the four years, the faculty was greatly pleased and pro- nounced this group all highly eligible for admission as citizens. The prediction was made that their names would be written in the history of the United States. APPENDIX VVe take this opportunity to say that the class of 1940 is the most brilliant class known to history and will always be a model to other historians. "First in grades, Never at VVar, and always in the heart of the faculty." 15 CLASS CARTOONS Class Poet fDonald Nleyerb. Beaming smile, and dark hair falling to shoulders- "The railway car was full of germs and heat. And so I left my much-upholstered seat. To stand awhile." Class Artist CLenora IWillerJ. Sits before easel. Nlust finish the picture by Thurs- day and it is now YVednesday.-"IVIr. Roosevelt will have to declare the rest of the week VVednesday to give me more time." Nlost Popular Girl fllflaxine lklinerl. Attractively-dressed damsel with a gorgeous smile----"An intelligent girl is one who knows how to refuse a kiss without being deprived of it." Best English Student UVesley Northj. Intellectual-looking figure who is about to receive a certificate for good English. He modestly speaks -"Aw, don't paint no wings on me I'm nuttin' but a farmer." Nlost Popular Boy fVVillis Nybergi. Handsome brute with angelic expression. He quotes-"ln spring a young man's fancy lightly turns to what a girl has been thinking about all winter." llcst Dancer Cjohn O'l-lalloranb. Quaint, young man gently massages one of his feet. He moan:--''Sometimes I wonder if its worth it." Captain of Football Team fjack Pattersonj. Attired in sweater and cords with angelic wings-"Belzebub's team may be hot, but you guys give em-V' Best Doctor Cllarl Petersoni. Enters hospital room and brightly asks-"And how is my Impatient progressing this morning?" Class Secretary llylary Reamj. An examination room. She is puzzled.-'AI am sure of these answers I put in the minutes." lfditor of School Paper CArt Schendelj. Tousled-haired, mustachioed individual sits before littered desk. He shouts-"The circulation has dropped to 30,000. Some- thing must be done. Copyboy, Copyboyln Class Treasurer Clfarl Schmallej. A tragic figure sits surrounded by bills, receipts, piles of coins-"I must have spent that nickel for postage." Usherette CDonna Smithj. Demure young lass leads a couple to their seats-"It seems as if I'm always walking, but I never get anywhere!" Beau Brummel fDon Steelel. The lad is dressed like a fashion plate. Boxes of socks, shirts, ties are on his head.-"I have so much on my mind." Best Orator fBernard Stewartj. Tall, thin man with stiff upper lip stands on soap box and exclaims sarcastically-''Confucius say-." Pugnacious Student CBob Tetrickl. He has cauliflower ears. a broken nose, a sawed- off shotgun-"I will not be imposed upon!" Best Golfer flklarvin Ifvendlandj. Sits in the club-house chair musing poetically - "Fours are made by men like me, but only God can make a three." Class Goat CRobert Woodb. Individual with vague and detached manner-"Ain't it queer? The joke's always on me!" Best Bachelor CEd Woodwvardl. Shy and aloof but with a wise look-"You can never tell about a woman-you shouldn't anyhow." Best Husband CRussell Barryl. Dark-haired man with a sad, tired look around his eyes-"Patience is an artf' Class Comedian CBill Berrethj. Witty individual questioned as to fall styles for men. He speaks -"It now looks as though there would be some change in the pockets." Class Stylist flfvelyn Boesel. Eager, young person with chic manner-"VVhat colors have zing? VVell, let me tell you-." The Honor Student fLois Borlandj. A figure sits at desk weeping bitterly. The faculty speaks-"The school is disgraced. You averaged only 98 per cent in your examination." lVIost Lovelorn llfernice Iirostj. Wistful and anxious girl sighs-"A man, a man, my kingdom for a man l" Chinese Checker Champion fRichard liirownj. Strifling majestically to toy department in store-"A package of marbles, pleaseg the kind used for Chinese checkers." 16 Class Baby fGrace Bunnl. Sweet, warm-hearted, little girl doesn't miss a syllable - "Daddy, can I have a quarter ?" Best Linquist fRuby Butlerl. Tall, wise, and solemn woman murmers--"It would appear indeed, and I might even state my opinion as such-" Best Filling Station Operator CBob Colel. Disgusted looking fellow stands before a gas pump and speaks-"Curses on the I.W.W. customer-he wants Information, VVind, and Water!" Most Musical fRalph Collinsj. Huge, humble, bespectacled baritone. Critics speak- "His is one of the most wonderful voices of the century. Emphatically so!" Class Lecturer fjean Combs! . Brisk and vigorous figure II1uttCl'S with intense criticism -"The way some people drive you'd think they were late for their accident." Beauty Operator fBetty Craigl. Neat appearing figure dressed in white-"You want your face lifted? But madam, I fear its fallen beyond my reach." Best-Illannered CDorothy Dooleyl. Delicate appearing young woman giving lecture on etiquette.-"Social tact'is making your company feel at home, even though you wish they were." Future President fUly Doraisl. Pompous and kingly figure opening one of his radio talks-"Fellow Deficitizens-." Best Housewife fDoris Engstromj. Apprehensive wife who is undoubtedly worried- "Art is for art's sake but what is my cooking for?" Class Pessimist fflordon Flukej. Gloomy, bespectacled creature.-"Everything in nature is ordered for the worst, right now its so bad that hitch-hikers :stand on the highways and offer to go either wayf' Class Optimist fFlorence Freasj. A cheerful lass with a smile of sunshine-"All events are ordered for the best. You must look on the bright side of things." Waitress fLois Gerlachl. Pert, little waitress speaks apologetically-"I'll see what I can do about this soup, sir." Class President fWard Greenl. A fiery orator. The embarrassed faculty listens- "The long assignments interfere with our social life." Upera Singer fVirginia Gaddisj. Beautiful damsel overflowing with vitality -"Oh, I don't pay any attention to what these small town reporters say." Best Dressmaker fNancy Haggl. Kneels before dressmaker model with her mouth full of pins-"This Paris creation has definitely taken a turn toward the worst." Quietest Boy fPaul I-Iedeenl. Silent man humorously explains his reticence -"I was brought up not to interrupt!" Blues Singer fAlice Howardl. Lovely, vivacious girl -"I have been singing constantly for years. I gave nearly a hundred performances ou my last tour." Best Lawyer fMarvin Huntl. Spirited and persuasive fellow.-"YVhere there's a will there's a lawsuit." Ballet Dancer fEleanor I-Iunterl. Smart, sophisticated young woman-"I think I grew as an artist. I have found new things in my dancing." Saleslady flfthel Hunzikerl. Slender, soft-spoken person-"lVIy dear, you look lovely in this. I tell you its made for you!'! Best Actress fL0u Ibachl. Striking person who commands everyone's attention. She shouts dramatically-"Oh, I can't stand any more . . . this is the end!" Best Barber CArnie Ingallsl. Our barber looking at a young man's sleek hair asks- "Do you want it cut, or just the oil changed ?" Class Flirt Cbfvelyn Johnsonl. Cute and cunning little girl-"Ain't ya going ta . . . ain't ya going to even try ?" Best Chef fBob Kelleyl. Brandishing tea towel and enormous butcher knife. He speaks-"You ought to see how I boil water. It's a dream!" Best Secretary Clrene Kellnerl. Gay young thing who can't escape looking pretty- "'l'oo many stenogs spoil the boss .... for me." Quietest Girl lBenita Koopmansj. Quaint and detached lass gives a cue on quiet power -"VVait for attention and then your low words will be charged with dynamitef! The Class Sophisticate fGladys Larsonl. The scene is heaven. She exclaims to St. Peter-"You are not exclusive enough." Best VVoman Politician flVIaxine llleyerj. Pompous individual who has an opinion on every current issue-"Oh, politics, politics, politics! I just adore it." 17 CLASS WILL QBILI, OF RIGI-ITsj The Senate CSeniorsJ and The House of Representatives C-Iuniorsj were gathered together for a joint meeting. The Supreme Court CFacultyJ was included in this momentous gathering. The gallery was crowded to capacity with anxious underclass- men. History was indeed in the making. Guides pointed out prominent statesmen to visitors. However, the most important statesman had as yet not arrived. Suddenly a hush came over the congressmen on the floor, it spread to the audience in the galler- ies. All eyes were focused toward the center isle. It looked as though-yes, it was his excellency, the President. As he proceeded down the isle toward the speaker's desk, the President nodded to many senators and representatives, his congenial smile ever present. In the President's possession was a legal document, which he carried to the speaker's desk. Opening the document he announced the purpose of the joint session, "Bly friends, I have in my hand a legal document of utmost importance. This meeting has been called that I might make known to you its contents. Without more prelim- inary remarks I shall proceed to read the Senior Class Will of 1940: Realizing that as senior citizens of this democratic body we must soon venture forth to seek our place in other and more complicated orders of government, we, the graduating class of 1940, being declared sound of mind, present this our last will and testament and recognize no others. ARTICLE I A. To the school in general we do leave all that we can spare. B. To the senior class advisors we bequeath our thanks and appreciation for the time and effort you have spent in our behalf. We realize that without your helpful and experienced guidance our year of activities would have been without success. C. To the faculty we leave the remains of the school after the conclusion of our memorable career, with our heartfelt sympathy at the loss of such a brilliant class. ARTICLE II To the juniors, seniors of 19-11, we bequeath hopes that you will find as much pleasure and enjoyment in being seniors as we have. To you, Juniors, also do we leave our wonderful reputation, superiority complex, and dignity. ARTICLE III To the Sophomores we leave our hopes that you will become as exalted as we. You have truly shown yourselves capable in all of the activities you have participated in during both your freshman and sophomore years. May you continue to carry on as real statesmen, doing all things well. - ARTICLE IV - To the Freshmen we bequeath our shopworn tardy excuses and empty seats. May each be used sparingly and with care. CBe it known that we know that you use them anyway.j To you, also, do we leave high hopes that you will continue to dis- play the pep and enthusiasm in each of the remaining three years of your high school career as you have in your first year. ARTICLE V Individual bequests: A. To the athletic and commercial teams. we leave the privilege of gazing ad- miringly at the trophies in the hallway. B. To the Glee Club and band, we bequeath the ability to watch the leader and audience at the same time. C. To the Auditorium Class we bequeath our talent of interpretation of a character so originally that even the author would not recognize it. Finally, we do hereby name and appoint our advisors as executors of this, our last will and testament. In witness thereof we, the class of 1940, the testator, have set our hand and scal on this twenty-fourth day of May in the year of 1940. Senior Class 13 "DEPARTURE" just a small first grader, Then so on through the years And now a senior graduating Into a world of fears. We're ready to do our duty As a citizen of today, To pay respects to our country And help it in every way. We're always to honor the old Green and White And bear the hardships of life, Keep within us peace of mind Though the world is filled with strife. To obey the laws with head held high "Proud to be living here In a splendid nation that's filled with peace And our loved ones fond and dear." We say goodbye to our high school As we take our place in the world, Saluting our way through our life's, struggles As to our flag unfurled. -DONALD MEYER. HOPE The hope of anxious seniors Is that each will find his place, Serving his flag and his country VVhen called upon with grace. VVhen we go out into the world WVe take our place in the stand, Though to and fro we're hurled, We can rest assured we're planned. VVhen we march up to that honored place The object of speeches and praise We'll be the proudest of our race Having finished with every phase. ln this land of the brave and the free There are many who do ll0t seem to care But instead of despairing, let's keep on hoping And play life's game on the square. -DONALD M EYER 19 1 SENIOR SNAP if M "' Q be put 13th SENIOR EDITIO VOL. XIII May 24, 1940 VOL. XIII SENIOR CONFERENCE The class of 1940 met with the seniors of nine other schools at the VVashington County Senior Day held at Hillsboro union high school, February 26. During the morning the group was entertained by musical numbers by Hillsboro and Heav- erton students and the singing of their school song by the Ti- gard senior class, followed by addresses by Ned Ross, Hills- boro Student Body President, Rex Putman, State Superinten- dent of Public Instruction, and V. Z. Caldwell of the Oregon College of Education. After lunch a dance was held in the gymnasium. ln the afternoon the students were divided into different groups according to whether they planned to attend the Uni- versity of Oregon, Oregon State College, the Colleges of Educa- tiow, or did not intend to go to college. JUNIOR PROM "A Night in Hawaii," was the theme of the annual junior prom held Saturday night, March 30. Miss Dorothy Risch, a 'Tigard graduate who spent two years in the Hawaiian Islands, danced the hula. The theme was also carried out with colorful decora- tions. liill Fisher and his ten piece orchestra prtzvided the music. Jeanie Moe, elected by her junior classmates, reigned as queen of the dance. This year the identity of the queen was not kept a secret until the night of the prom as in previous years. The proceeds from the dance were used to finance the junior page in the Ti-l' Tiger and the junior-senior picnic. MAY FETE "The Court of Happiness," was the theme of the l9-I0 May Fete. The day was ruled by Queen Dorothy Dooley, w ho was crowned in the morning cere- monies by Prime Minister Mar- vin Hunt. The maids and at- tendants who made up the queen's court were: Betty Craig and VVillis Nyberg, seniorsg Carol Rider and David Thomas, juniors, Mary Mack and Bob Bissett, sophomoresg and Bar- bara Hawley and Donner Fear- ing, freshmen. The Tigard and Metzger grade schools participated in the morning's program. A May Pole dance was presented by high school girls. The Tigard and Hillsboro nines met on the local diamond in the afternoon. To conclude the dayls festivi- ties a ball was held during the evening in the gymnasium in honor of the queen and her court. GRADUATION Commencement cerem on i e s will be held in the auditorium the evening of May 24 to climax the high school career of 52 Tigard students. After four years of study these 52 scholars will receive the diplomas for which they have spent so many hours in study. A formal program will be presented by members of the senior class which will include an invited speaker, before pre- sentation of the awards by prin- cipal Thomas R. Fowler and G. M. Leslie, chairman of the school board. Baccalaureate was held on the 19th of May. 21 STUDENT BODY FREED OF DEBT FOR FIRST TIME Une of the things that the class of 1940 will long be proud of is that during their senior year the Associated Students of Tigard llnion High School emerged from debt for the first time since the founding of the school in 1926. Treasurer I'lric Dorais first reported a surplus during the month of December and the As- sociated Students managed to stay well out of the red during the rest of the year. Some of the factors which helped to annihilate the debt were a very successful carnival, good attendance at games, and the greater amount of revenue derived from the sale of student body tickets. The new type of student bodv ticket provided for in the Con- stitution adopted in May 1939, was sold for 332.50 which in- cluded student body privileges, subscription to the Hi Spots, school newspaper, and free ad- mission to all home athletic con- tests. If desired, student body privileges alone could be pur- chased or student body privi- leges with either the Hi Spots subscription or athletic ticket. Formerly student body mem- bershi and subscription to the school per were sold for 51.00 with no athletic ticket available. PEP CLUB The Pep Club was organized this year at Tigard, with Mr. Carl as adviser. The purpose of the club is to unify school spirit. The club sponsored an inter- class attendance contest for the last three league basketball games. A plaque was awarded the winning junior class. 2 THIRTEENTH ANNUAL HI-SPOTS SENIOR DANCE Woody Hite and his nine Royal Guardsmen furnished the latest swing tunes for the annual Senior dance held in the high school auditorium Saturday eve- ning December 22. The Christmas theme was carried out with a Christmas tree and multi-colored lights lending the spirit of the ap- proaching holidays. The dance was also a finan- cial success with the proceeds being used to purchase a gift for the school. COMMERCIAL TEAMS Tigard union high school, perennial winner of the annual radio shorthand contest for Ore- gon high school pupils, won first place for the 12th consecutive year in this year's contest, H. T. Vance, head of the secretarial science department announced at the annual shorthand and typing contest held at O. S. C. Lois Borland of Tigard, the champion shorthand writer, re- ceived a gold medal for her out- standing accomplishment. Lois also received a gold medal for winning the first half of the contest which extended from Oc- tober to January. The Tigard typing and short- hand teams both took second place at the annual state con- tests held at Oregon State Col- lege. May Schamoni r e c e i v e d honorable mention in the novice typing division, and Doris Eng- strom captured third place in the individual shorthand win- nings. The radio shorthand contest is sponsored by Phi Chi Theta, honor society for women regis- tered in secretarial science. Dic- tation was given weekly over station KOAC. The four students who par- ticipated in the typing contest were Jean Knowlton and Helen Shumway, amateursg and May Schamoni and Daniel Boese, novices. Four girls represented Tigard in the shorthand contest. They were: Lois Borland, Doris Eng- strom, Mary Ream, and Darlene Jacokes. MAGAZINE SALE The students of Tigard high earned a public address system for their school by selling maga- zine subscriptions last Novem- ber. A representative of the Curtis Publishing Company organized the students into 12 competing teams made up of all the stu- dents. The team captained by Louis Goldhammer won the sale by turning in 158850. Russel Barry's team was second with S76 and Clifford Alsen's squad captured third place with S67. A total of 5405.50 worth of magazines was sold, by far the most successful magazine sale ever held at Tigard. The school's profit was 3127.77 which was used to purchase the pub- lic address system. Russell Barry led all individ- ual salesmen by selling S61 worth of subscriptions. Jean Ann Mognett was second with 337, and Lou Ibach third with 328. THE SUNBONNET GIRL "The Sunbonnet Girl" was the name of the operetta present- ed Friday evening March 8 by the combined music classes. The operetta was under the direction of Mrs. Hortense Foster, music teacher. The story centers around Susan Clifton, the dsunbonnet girl," an orphan portrayed by Beulah Boyles. Her guardians are the mean Scroggses tMay Schamoni and Bob Williams! who have cared for her since she was a baby, not disclosing that she is an heiress to valuable property. Mrs. Coleman, her son Bob, and her daughter Barbara, played bv Mary Ellen Cole, Bill Tully and Catherine Engkraf, come to the rescue. Mrs. Coleman is " social ""r"er interested in promoting music among the farm homes. During the Coleman's visit, Bob Cole- man becomes interested in Sue and vows to help her. Mean- while, Barbara Coleman and Jerry Jackson lDavid Thomasi, Bob's friend, who accompanied him on the trip, find they are meant for each other. At the close, Bob discovers the papers which gives Sue ownership to the property and the two couples fin d proverbial contentment, "living happily ever after." 22 GIRLS' LEAGUE The Bazaar and the Mother's party topped the activities of the Girls' League this year. The Bazaar was a big finan- cial success with more than S60 being taken in at booths and concessions. This money was used to finance the party for the mothers of all Tigard stu- dents held in February, the Christmas party for the girls, and other League activities. Eighty girls represented Ti- gard at the Girls' League con- ference at McMinnville, Satur- day, December 2. Discussion groups were held and humorous skits were given by the different schools. Miss Isabelle Wilson, dean of girls at Tigard, was elected president of the deans for the coming year. Twenty Tigard girls attended the annual girls' Play Day at Newberg high. Folk dances, re- lay races, and basketball games featured the days activities. Six Washington county high schools were represented. HI SPOTS The Hi Spots, official school newspaper, completed a success- ful year of publication under the editorship of Arthur Schendel. Miss Fanny Weaver, instructor of Journalism, acted as adviser with Coach T. W. Smith serv- ing as adviser of the sports de- partment. The paper issued bi-weekly was printed as formerly at Sher- wood by the publishers of the Sherwood Valley News and was staffed by members of the Journalism class. Arthur Schendel, Editor, and Ralph Collins, Business Mana- ger, represented the Hi Spots at the 15th annual session of the Oregon High School Press As- sociation held by the University of Oregon school of journalism October 20-21. SENIOR PARTY The senior girls gave a party to the senior boys Thursday eve- ning, March 28 as a reward for selling more annuals than they. The party was a Sadie Hawkins affair with the girls asking the boys for dates, etc., in reverse of the usual manner. Dancing and playing games occupied the evening. Refresh- ments were served. Tl-1m1'eENTH ANNUAL Hx-SPo'rs 3 UCREEPING SHADOWS" "Creeping Shadows", was the title of the thrilling three act mystery-comedy presented by the senior class on Thursday Maj 9th. The cast of 26 members was the largest on record, the ma- jority coming from the auditor- ium class. The scene is laid in an old farmhouse, an inheritance. Des- titute, the Frazier family de- cides to turn it into a tourist home only to find it haunted. Of course, after creating several hair raising situations, the ghosts are discovered and sent on their way. The main characters were: Mrs. Frazier, who is frightened at every sound CLou Ibachl, Bill, her son lBernard Stew- artj, Cherry, her daughter, tDoris Engstromj, Kit, her niece fMaxine Minerj, jack Hunter, a friend of Kit's lGor- don Flukej, Ted Garvey, a friend of Cherry's 1Bill Ber- rethl, Mr. Wade, an amnesia victim, CWard Greenl, Mr. King, a kind f?l neighbor lMarvin Huntl, and Anna, his housekeeper CFlorence Freasj. Others were: Ulric Dorais, Arnie Ingalls, VVillis Nyberg, Dorothy Dooley, Donna Smith, Evelyn johnson, Eleanor Hunt- er, Benita Koopmans, Maxine Meyer, Donald Meyer, Mary Ream and johnny O'Halloran. Those in the band were: Rus- sell Barry, Eugene Stallard, Lenora Miller, Grace Bunn, and Bob Kelley. A new stage setting, built by Mr. Carl and his manual train- ing class added to the atmos- phere of the play considerably. OFFICERS ELECTED David Thomas was elected president of the Tigard high school student body for the school year 1940-41 at a student body election April 17. David was treasurer of the junior class this year and is a member of the fire squad and the Vars-T club as well as a mainstay on the football and basketball teams. Bob Fisher was elected vice president: Jean Moe, secretary: joe Boatwright, treasurer: Tom VVright, activities manager: Les- lie Smith, athletic manager: and Jean Knowlton, editor of the Hi Spots. Norris Olson, was elected next year's senior cheer leader: Tom Pounder, junior: and Ruth Davis, sophomore. WHO'S WHO IN THE SENIOR CLASS Presidentx Marvin Hunt, Earl Peterson, Bill Berreth, Ward Green, John O'Halloran, Lois Borland, and Mary Ream, Doris Engstrom. Vire President: Donald Steele, Arnie Ingalls, Edward Woodard, Doris Eng- strom, Willis Nyberg, and Max- ine Miner. Treasurer: Ulric Dorais, Earl Schmalle, Irene Kellner, Evelyn Boese, Dorothy Dooley. Secretaries Irene Kellner, Evelyn John- son, Mary Ream, Don Steele, Nancy Hagg, Lois Gerlach. Student Council Marvin Hunt, Don Steele, Irene Kellner, Ulric Dorais, Gordon Fluke, Earl Schmalle, Ward Green, Arthur Schendel, Mary Ream, Willis Nyberg. Yell Leader Florence Freas. Hi Spot: Arthur Schendel, Lou lbach Ulric Dorais, Jack Patterson, Don Meyers, Ralph Collins, Jean Combs, Doris Lee, Pat Craug- han. Editors Earl Schmalle, Arthur Schen- del. Var:-T Arnie Ingalls, Ulric Dorais, Ward Green, Marvin Hunt, Jack Patterson, Ralph Collins, Bob Tetrick, Bob Wood, john O'Halloran, Willis Nyberg, Bob Cole, Arthur Schendel, Gordon Fluke, Bill Berreth, Edward Woodard, Pat Craughan. Managers Ralph Collins, Arthur Schen- del, Gordon Fluke, Earl Schmal- le, Jack Patterson, Bernard Stewart, Richard Brown, Ed- ward Woodard. MOTHERS' AND DADS' CLUB The Mothers' and Dads' Club of Tigard Union High School completed its third year of suc- cessful cooperation with the stu- dent body. Chief activity of the club this year was the sponsoring of an amateur show and movie at the joy theatre for the purpose of raising money to purchase new shakos for the majorettes. The show was a great success with a net profit of 550.90 being shown. 23 HAUNTED CASTLE A new class was organized this year at Tigard called Audi- torium. The purpose of the class was to train students to appear before the public with ease. The class organized into a club in the month of March with Earl Peterson being elected president: Ed Woodard, vice president: Evelyn johnson, sec- retary: and Dorothy Dooley, treasurer. In April the club presented a mystery called "The Haunted Castle," dealing with the ad- ventures of Tommy Barkdale fUlric Doraisj an American student who falls heir to the throne of a small backward country. His aunt CGeraldine Brownl makes arrangements to marry him off to the princess of another country. Meanwhile, threats are being made against Tommy's life. The castle in which Tommy and his friend johnny Nolan fEd Woodardl are staying is haunted by the fiend who murdered Tommy's predecessor. Of course every- thing comes out all right when Johnny Nolan discovers who is haunting the castle, and Tom- my marries the beautiful prin- cess, played by Mary Ream. NOTABLE VISITORS Every year a number of people visit the school to enter- tain the students. Some of this year's visitors who were especially well re- ceived were: Miss Grace Phe- lan, world champion typist, who amazed the students by typing 140 words a minute while answering questions, spelling words, and working simple arithmetic problems: Captain G. L. Hall of McMinnville with his interpretations of james Whitcomb Riley's works: Staf- ford jennings, who related to the boys the dramatic story of his shipwreck and 1300 mile voyage in an open boat which lasted 24 horrible days: Mr. Earnest Nickel, concert Whistler, the man who did the whistling in the motion pictures, "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs," and "Pinochio": and Mr. Charles Walker, president of the Northwestern School of Com- merce, whose humorous speech was enjoyed by all. -1- THIRTEENTH AN NUAL HI-SPOTS SPORTS REVIEW The 1939-1940 season of sports passed into history with the Emerald Tigers ending up fifth in Tualatin-Yamhill Valley con- ference football standings and a close second in basketball. The Tigard eleven won a 12 to 0 victory from St. Mary's and a 6 to 0 triumph over Forest Grove in league play while los- ing decisions to Newberg, Sher- wood, Hillsboro, and Beaverton. The highlight of the season came when the Emeralds scored seven points in the Thanksgiv- ing day classic against the championship Beaverton eleven. to be the first TYV league team to cross the Beaver goal since November 11, 1937. The Tigard basketball squad had a lot of tough luck but were still able to finish in second place behind Forest Grove. The Tigers defeated Forest Grove on our floor and were just nosed out in an overtime in one of the most thrilling games of the season at Forest Grove. The Green and White swamp- ed Silverton in the opening round of the district tourney but were eliminated from the state tournament by the strong Tilla- mook five. As a result of being nosed out by one point in an overtime game bv Central Point the Ti- gers took second instead of first place in the Albany College In- vitational Tournament. With six returning lettermen, the 1940 baseball nine had a fair season. Golf continued to hold sway as a minor sport. VARS-T Under the leadership of Presi- dent Iohn O'Halloran the Vars- T, composed of Tigard letter- men, completed another success- ful year. Highlights of the year were the annual smoker, two mixers held after the Sherwood and the Hillsboro basketball games, and the Washington county grade school opener. Beaverton's quin- tet was the outstanding team among the ten grade school squads entered. The year was topped off in grand style with a weekend trip to the coast. BAND This year, in its second year of organization, the band was under the able direction of Mr. Raymond Carl. Mr. Carl, while teaching at Sherwood high for the past three years, organized the Sherwood high school hand which is considered one of the best in the county. The band playing at football and basketball games, at pep as- semblies and on many other oc- casions, was well supported by the students because of the great spirit and improvement shown. The band was led by four twirling drum majorettes, Betty Singeltary, Catherine Engkraf, Barbara Bunn, and Viola Mc- Connell, who were arrayed in brilliant green silk uniforms. ANNUAL SALE After unanimously voting to sponsor the 1940 edition of the Ti-U Tiger, the senior class de- cided to also carry on the sales campaign. Three contests were held to promote more interest in the sale. The boys and girls were to compete to see which could sell the most annuals. The girls lost and gave a party to the boys as a reward for their superior salesmanship. Ulric Dorais was the high salesman with 12 sales. Virginia Gaddis sold the first five annuals. Ac- cording to the contest, each re- ceived a free yearbook. D. A. R. CONTEST Maxine Miner was the senior girl chosen by the faculty and the senior class to represent Tigard high in the Daughters of the American Revolution good citizenship contest this year. Lou Ibach, Doris Engstrom, and Maxine were the girls ranked highest by their class- mates. From these three, Max- ine was chosen by the faculty. The candidates were chosen for dependability, service, lead- ership, and patriotism. jean Lee, of Woodburn, the winner in the state contest, rep- resented Oregon in the good citizenship pilgrimage to Wash- ington, D. C. 24 CARNIVAL The 13th annual carnival held November 22, was the most successful ever held at Tigard high school, as it resulted in a net profit of S207.95. The evening began with an hour variety program sponsored by the music and dramatic de- partments followed by the open- ing of the various concessions. Fortune telling, guessing games, movies, nail-driving, a fish pond, a freak show, dart games, dancing, and archery were some of the attractions. The carnival theme was cent- ered around Thanksgiving with a live turkey as the main door prize. Drawings were held for other prizes donated by the local merchants. The dollar prize of- fered bv the student body to the class displaying the most unique booths was won by the freshmen with the sophomores taking second prize of 50 cents. INTERCLASS GAMES With a team composed of varsity players, the senior class again cupped the inter-class basketball tournament this year. After taking a rough and tumble contest from the junior aggregation in the opening round by a 32 to 16 count, the seniors downed the scrappy freshman squad 34 to 19 in the finals. The freshmen club, loaded with plenty of future varsity material, put up a game and exciting battle but weren't quite good enough for the ex- perienced seniors. The frosh reached the final round after eliminating the sophomores 21 to 12. CHRISTMAS PLAY "The Starflower" was the name of the annual Christmas drama presented by the com- bined music classes and the au- ditorium class. The stage settings were real- istic with the appearance of shepherds, kings. pilgrims, and angels. The players included Earl Peterson, Betty Singletary, Evelyn Johnson, Clifford Alsen, Maxine Meyer, and Bernard Stewart. CARI, S1'lI5l.Xl.I,lC Phlitol' l.H'li l'.k'l"I'l'1llNl7N Husim-as Nlaumue-1' XRTHIVIK Sl'lll'INliI'1l IH-Slmls Hnlilnl' lHK'H.XIill IHQUXYN 1'ir4-ulnliun Hllillrl .IHIIN 1l'll.XI,l,llll.XN .Klllle-livs JEAN VUSIIIS 'l'yluisI IMI' Il5Al'll Fvut llrvx XI Y ll'l'I.IC M l'I.l.l'IX l.ilvl'nr3 Mlxisul' TI S AFF Will-IS IfIX1QN'l'llUNI l,ilf-rnl'y lftlilnl' l1l'IllN.kltll S'l'l'Z W A lK'I' Ulu-rtisiuu Xlnnuuvl' l1'I,1llllf Nt I I urgunimutimm I' If 'C VIIICAS lwlltul' NANUY IIMHD Ulnss I-Zxlitm' l!F'I"l'Y l'll.XlH 'lypm XVILLIASI I'Imlngrnpl1y DUN MIGYICII l'm-IH' Fllilul' 'l'lIOXlkx ll l41l . ..' , ' NVLICH Ihlsim-ss .Xflvlsnr RIC ll li l'I'l'll M? xi 2 CLASS EULOGY CAfter Antony - a long wayj Friends, teachers, undergraduates give ear, I come to praise the seniors not inter them. The foolish things we do are kept in mind, Our worth-while deeds, also, too oft forgot! So be it not with Seniors. Their noble classmates Have told you they were not ambitious, And so they were-a virtue great, indeed- And nobly did they realize their aim I-Iere, under leave of all their loving friends Come I the Senior class to eulogize. They have brought many honors to their school: The spoils of sport, of contest and debateg Their records are a wondrous legacy, VVhich they bequeath to you who follow them, Their every breath was loyal, and their hearts Beat warm and high with love for this, their school The Tigard Hi was a sacred flame On which they poured the incense of their souls, If you have tears, prepare to shed them now, For never more the senior class shall shed The radiance of their smiles upon your wayg Their brief existence here is past and gone. I come not, friends, to steal away your hearts, I am no orator, as they all were, But, as you see, a simple student, who Loves well his friends and does them honor here liioreover, they have left to you their place In class room and on campus walks so green, Their private honors, their authority In hall and council, they have left them to you And to your heirs forever-sacred trust To be by you in loving awe received! Revere their names and spread their fame abroad. Here was a class! When comes another such? 26 N - f ' I 4 Nwwg-Q--f - - .. lilm 'H-, li Xlillvr. Il, XIIII1-V. .X Wznllnfv. NI Hv1vl':4-, l' Ilinls-V, ll, Ilr--un. II. 1'-vlliux .I Ixlmultml. I XMMI. W, Stump. II. IIvintf, Ibm XI Ixmzudn. XI Imxix. Y IIz41'l'iwu, IZ. Ihqla--. I. SIIIIIIA, If. Ilfml-lx Il. Slulllnuulx. lb .lsnwlu-Q, A Kxulm-wxx. H. 'I'-vl'I:uu4l llwu " XIIX- W1-.lu-V. X, Imum .I Svllzu-l1,.I Iimn-I. .I. Sturm. Il, 'I'IwmlNvn. NI, .L li:-il, I'. Ibm, 45. Iluuh-lx. I" 'III--Iwu. I. XI--ruin. Ilmx I 1' UN.-H, ill 11'-gml.. S, Smith, II WMI.. Il. Sill:-I. X, tllxuu. I. ll4vl4IImmlm-ly .I Slmxx. XY Vanluzu. 'III' Slrnillu It-In 'I W I-'l'uln:llv, .I. I1w:nlul'i:III. If 1'+m:iII.'I' Wright. Il. ling:-1'ivInI, NI S1-In-4-I.I:u, IZ 'I'uII5, Il 'I'lwm:1N. Ii. Ilzlrm-3. W. I'4vI4- Ihm If I XY:ul'm-V. IZ. I-Ifllxwmlx, Il, I-'lxlw-V. .X .lmlnn-w, I', I'vIr'rwlI, I' I-'inln-5, ,l. .lun-v. IP .XIIvn. .I I"wNlvl'. ,l, I1vlL::llI, IP Ihnwv, II. Ifzullnzlll. Ii. XYiIII:lll1N ' O -IIIIIIOI' IIIELSS Uf'I'ic0r'S I'rw.fi.lrf1l fin' l'1'm'i.lwl1l .N'1'1rrl111j1' 'l'1m.r1n'r1 I xxx I'IIXlI'N Vlfllf Iiuxlmzuanll f'XR4Jl. RIIIIQR Dxvm In 2- A .aug 'UN 'Vw 'E ,OW UNI Xx I.-m I IP. Ilmm-I. NI, Ilniuvll. Il, NViIIi:ImN. IC. W:ulI:u--I-, I., :41-Iulxuidt. Ii, Sr-In-1-Iclsl. II. Iforssnnru. Il. I'lvxImxx. ' " ' ' XI III1 I-, Nllulw-I:ll'y, I., spoustzl. . . ' I-. lion U I', Hlwlwu. II, ,luyw-1-. XI. Alnlwlx, I.. 111-rum-,xvl'. XI S4-Ilzlln-mi. Y. Ili1'kln:1u. I'. Wm-l'Ie-llzlplcm-. IZ, in-M-Il. .l. W4.ml:u1ul. Il, Ihlilvy. ID, Ilvlnxilwr. Ib, IIMIIQ. lion Ii Xlrx I-ilu:-rl. 1'. I'Ill:IIr:lI', ll. l'vIm'xm1. .L Xlzurlin. XI. Iil'i4-III1-3. Ii, Vrow. II, Iizuvix .l, Iwxxx-Il. II linillu-l'. li, Volk. Y. Wrluhl. I.. Illllm-V. lion I Zi Ili--In-rl. 1'. Ilrzlzil. II, Illznlxm-lv. li, A111111-In-1'l',x. Il. Jolmwm. Ii. 'I'oIIN. IL Iiixwll, ,I Xlillv-V. 'IA I'1ulmI1-V. NIV Furl. Hou Y- Il. Sm' vllu. .I II:l::. 'If llnvlilw. NI, Ilwmn, Il, Yzlllim- I, ,XInl'IwI. I". Voxxglll. Ii, XY:ul'lxvl'. W, Kmalwlr. 4., Utlv, J. HIIIT, f',viIlr11I Ix mm Ixl .Ionxsox Sophomores Sophomore Class Officers fin' l'rrsi.l1'11l .N'w1r1'l11l'y 71I'A'll5lll'1'I' Llraoxmi O11 I-1 IAZIYU uw .Xl'vl.rilsrQRIu M XRYIX Iikowx I .Ak Ibm I .I Ifrum-1-, II Alllrm II I'--Iunlv. I, III'-N1, IC. II'I2II', Il, lt..-mul. I1 Iv-Iln--l'. IZ Aluuuf-III. S Xlurplng, I Ih-Ix-Il' I' linux! I-14-Ixlmm Ibm I I Xlvlwlnwll. I' Xml:-rwu. NI Inn Ih-I-34-n. 1' SIIIIIU, I', Yun II:-l'm1Il'II, l' Ilnmll .I Iilvzxlx'-mv. I1 II:vvIv-I I IwI'w-IIIIN, I-., 'I:ll'II. I. I-.IIII-lx, .I, Nluunu-It III-xx II NI II1vI'Im:m. 'II I-lnl"I1-I, I1 Ilullm. II. I'IIlInp, I. Hullv. I' IIIIIIII-I4-. II I-.llxmy X Imlwr. I. llnlxun, II Nllllvl' I4 KIM-1u,,I 5I'.lI1"Ill. NIV, II:ll':l'1-:lu-N. Inu I II Ilfum-Ixlwlz. I Ixlvlnpvll. II. ,XIII-11, II III-zlrlnu. I, Iv-I4-I---nv, I Nlmnllf, .I II II.nlIwl.m, I. Illu- II II.IIl.I44. II, Illlxwll. II Wuml. I1 Sx'.iI'!, 'Ik .Ivflvv-ll. II Iillvll, lqmx .I .I Smitll I 4Iu1luxx:uj.I, Ih-:um,4r.1'..l,- 'I' Ii1INuiIII.l' ISIN-In-1:11-NNI-lg li ll:-rlwl. .I Iilwnus, Ix Iivlulv 1- Ixm-W. II, IIMHI Ii lim-NN. fl. .Ium-N, II, Ilnlllm, II Iluu-Il. II If-Ilnwlu, Ii IIm:1'l'N, W. lin-vm:-.I-u. rr.vi.lfl1l Rx: I'II lmlxsrmx Freshmen I"rf:sI1m:m Vlnss Of'fic'ers Ihr I'w.viIlr11I Sl'llAI'f!U'VI' 'I'rrI1,v11rr1 Ilnxxl-,R Iflfxmxfz I'.XIRIL'I,I I-Xxlwlcrcsrrx ,lrxx IQXIISIIUIXI S., CANDID SHOTS of LUNCH Houa Acmvme K W 'XX is In !.:.g. . H2111- Q ff.:--:I 1 "-:I-:X 1 lx? i1 P de . Organization N-ulvml NX Nyln-ru. li. Sh-vlm-. I, lu-llm-r. Nl. Hunt. Mr. Smith. Xliw W4-:lu-r. Slnmiim: Ii, Ilvrrn-Ill. ll. Iflukn-, .K Svln-lulnl. if l1'inI4-5, W. wir.-411, IP, I-Ilvxxllwln. If lhwllx, Nlz' I-:mln-1', Ii Svlnlzrzullv. Xl. Ile-zulu. limi- .lfvlm-Im. Il. .lulnnwun Student Council Student Body Oi'I'icc-rs I'rr.vi4l1'11l fin' I'r'r.vi.lf'11l .S'1f1'rlr11'j' 'l'n'u.m1'rr N1XRYIX lllwl Dux S11-'I-'lv lm-xr: Kl"II.Xl1R IVIRIL' lhmus V I I V Girls' Leagu Girls' League Officers l'v'e'.viJwr1l l'i1'r l'n'.viLif'l1l S1'llAl'ftlI'j' 7wI'I'tI5IlI'1'I' PI'l'5i1fl'IIf X! un Rmn NLXXINIC BlIX'IiR Nxxcx' Elma Iruaxra Krzmxlak Dfmls Iiv:s'1'km1 INST Hi!! Sn-:ln-vl ln lim-lulul, IP. .I:lf'1vIu-Q. lb, lhww, IL l'In:wtl'u:rl. rlzmullllz +1-rum Hmm II. Slllllnxxalp, Fl. S1-Imllmnl, I., 154-rlzlvlv, X II:ll'l'i..m. J. limmllmu. II II4-inlx, Xlrx l"lu1'l'I I" llllxluwm I In-Illll-1' Nl Iimlm NI IG:-il Xl Xlillvl' Ihulx lm- I1 'u:..Qvn.-N, .L sl-lm.-I., I: lfruxll, A1 1:1-il-ku.-p, 1",41ini.-I-A la' Vluliu. 14' 1:n...nN.,.. Commercial Team I'n'.vi.lr11! l'i1 1- l'rr.vi4l1'11l .N'r11'wl11f'y 'I'rms111'r1 s liumuxxn ,Irgxx Ixmmxymx Ims in-'Rl xcu IQYIQIAN Bum 45-ww mf llmvl BI. Uvlv. I' I"l'1-:lx .l. Nlm-. XI. l1I'i4'IIIs-y. Hrs. XIIIIIUII. I., li41I1lI1:l1mm'l', I., S4-Imltx. li, IIIIIIZIIRPI' If llzmu-I, III, Illllnlm-l', IW, Smilll. Ilnu 2 Z. Il-rxwulx. .I, lPIIalIlvv1':1!I. Ii. 'l'Imm'.lf. ,X. .Iuqln-Ns, V. I-'mln-y. II. Ilf.Xvtl1-l1l, IZ, Ullllzmw. BI. S1-In-vkl-I IP, Us-.xvl'. I-I, IN-uzill. W Nylu-l':, Ilmx 57 II. I-'l'.lllII. I', I'l':zu:l1:ln. NI. Illlnl, I5 IVII4-. II. Ifislll-l'. .I. .Iuyr'v. .I. Slum. Il. .XIII-n, Public Speaking Public Speal-'ing Officers l'r'r.viIlrl1f l'irr l'1'1'.viIlf'11l Sl't'l'1'flIlAj' UI IN CIHI.I!II.XMNII'1R XVII.l.IS Nxmilu: ,lmx Mm-1 TI'l'll5ll7'l'I' llxvxlv 'I'rmM xs IIIII I XIIK NIIIIIII !' l'IlII'w-II, 12 I!I'IIIIII 1, SIIIIIINII Il Il -II-I, I., XXIIIIIIIIII I I II II I-' IIIII II I II 1I I I I I I I' I I IIIII . .II I I- , I I 'I..? ,IIA :I N. I II-N' I- , I: III IIIIII I I: !:II', I I I--I. I IIII Ig I III I11 I I III III II NIIIII l XII IIIII 1 I IIII I I I 4 Il I N II II IIII II I I I . X. :III I IINIII, '-I, ILIIIIIII, II IZI.I'II-NIIII, I1 IIIII I IIIII II II III llf RSIIX II Ii'IIII I1 I1-IIIIIII Il VII -IIIIII XI I'II-II uditorium AIICIIIOVIIIIII Club UfI'icoI's IIIII I'II'.I'iIlI'I1l II IIII ,IIIII X'I'IIIIII,IIIII N'wII'I'l1IIjI' I mx INHIKIIIIX Ifllll lIIIIIIx -IIIIIXN I II .4 S1-:lin-fl I' l'1'4lll1'I1:lll. II. Collins. ,X.S4'll1-IHI4-I I IIINII I Ixn uwlhvll, ID, IA-11, hmluiillg I.:-VI In Iliulll Il. Alu-,W-N. IX Hzlllzl.-I-. I, Imrzllf. I', Umm-y. IK, SinuI1-l:lx'y. II. Illlvw-II, XI, 111-il, ffdflnr uma SCIIENIDPII. xv ! 1 I lnmlr .I. I'FlIIl'I'h1!II, H. Ilzlxxlu-y, fxliw XY:-:lu-l'. Hi-Spots Staff .l.v.vislu11l I:'Iiilur I,oLr llucu llzz.fi11w,f,v ,1IlllllIlfl'l' RALPII C'm.1.1xs .-QW,-Q . WM: l211.vinrx.v .llnzuzgfw Pxr C'k,xL'c:u.xx I I ,ff H ..f.-nw-'L-w........mw, ,Q 1, H b Ium I .I slum, 1 IIIIIII-y. I. II--rnrx, A, Inunllx. .I lbllullm-nun. Ir N1---I--, XX nr.--II.-4 XI IIIIIII. .I I':IllI-I----In I.-In - I.. Iulllnx I.. I-zlrry. .l, .lvvlxw-, ll. lh-rr:-III. II. tml:-. IC. Ilzxlwu-I It WIIIIII, li I-'IuIw, XII- Smith lhm :S II I-idnwlulx. I' l'1-II-rwn, lr llmlnnu, NX Nylu-11, I- III-In-Ig .X SIII4-In-I--I I1 'll-Ivlvlx ' 1 f llllIf,HIC1'I'S l'1'f',I'i.l'rllf l'iw l'l'f',viIfI'11l .S'rr1'f'lury 'I'rnl,I'1Il'I'1 Imax O'II,xII,uIux .-Xkxlla lNlJ.XI,l.S lm N QD Y 'IJ , if' R I x .'IkIaIfl.l' lvl Rlk' IMI: QW Q Ft 4 FN .ff M f. ... .um hm l ll. I-'uI'wln:v1l. IC, Wnllzu-4'. I. Ilmvll. W. Sirvlu-. A, .XI1-lius. NI, lhlsxu-ll. NIV. Vzlrl. S. XIIIVIPIIX. I". Mille-l l. K1-llm-l'. lb ICll:'sIl'uml. NI. llc-nm, ll. Jullumm. hm I IC. l'1vln-, .X. Nlzlrlill. IG, llllnzilxs-V. Il. liuulmlanlls. II. l5lllll'l', NI. l1l'im-Iclvy, I'. Wm-l'tvlulylu-. l,. Shui! IP, Xlllnxilu-l', I'. KEN-y. I.. tin-l'I:u-I1, J. I'Inuslr1m1. IZ. llzlull-y, I". l"l's-ns. mu .. Xl. NIIII4-r. Il, Imxlh. .l. tumlvs. U. Alle-11. Il. I-Iulstxlxzm. Il. l"n-alrilvu. ll. llulr-Il. .I. Smiill, Il. XV:1l'ln'I' N. lllsnn, Xl. HnI'I'luv:lll. K. Hlllll. mu I I-. hlnlllu, lx. lillml, 1. .Xlxn-lx. li. In-Ile-lx, l'. Iirzlzil. IZ. Iivlwllll. .l, Nlurr. .l. SIIIIIIINNZIX. li. XYilli:llll4 Pep Club Yell Leaders li f'1ll,lf IT. PREAS 'I'uirl1-rx Immun I1-ft In riulxt YI NI:-4'unln-ll. 1', I-In:'kl':lI', I1:ul'Iu:ll'u liunn. II. SiuL:Is'Iul'y, NIV, l'all'I. IC l"I:lt 4'l:ll'lm-I, IP, Illzllim-51 li I4'I:ll l'l:lrilu-ls, Ii Ihlml, I., NIIII1-V. IC. II:121-l'. IZ, Iluxxln-y, Il, I'IliIlipx: 1' Sup. Szlx.. Il. XV4-ml: I1 I-'lull Sump. Sam.. I, Ili--Iimznll .Kllu Suv, .I. NIlII'IlI, Il. I., I14-rm-ml: 'I'1-nur SMX.. Y. Ili:-Ixlunlli l1:uriI-mv Szlx.. Il, I1:ll'l',x': Ilnrnx. I", Fuuuill. II Il:u1l,:1lu: 'I'rl1lulu-Is, Il, Wivk, IL C1111-. II l"rmI.. Ii, Uvwlu. II. lim:-Il. I,, Ihvrlzlml, IC, Iiflillxlxiluli, l.. Il:-nm, IP. Alla-ll. 'l'. Ilzlslliki, II, Wumlt I1u1'ilum-, I.. Shultz: 'I'l'mlxImm-N. I-I, Slnllalrcl, I. Illllzln-V: Ihlxm-5. I". l'1m::iII. I.. Hulnllullmm-1'1 l':-1'1-nssimu, I,. Smith. II, Xlllrr. Ii, Illmn, XI, I-I l'-II:-, Xl. lim-Il, XI, lIl'i1'kIe-3: lhlss Iirum, li. Williulmwi 'I'3'ln1mni. I', Wm-rln-lulylw. Band Ii. SINfII,li'I'.XRX C. Iiwczrurf V. N1CfI0NNIiI.II Ii. BU ,QI '91 -au ,M W' lm I Ioun I llllsi on I liiiulh Ron I XV. Nyln-i'2. IT. Sli-1-lv. U, Fin .. . .. 'z Hs :inns I XXII lit l Illlli l limi Z Ii. lfisln-i'. l', IM-mis, IP, Thi . 1, " I' Fire Squad has A Song of Praise l,vt our happy voices raisi- ln a song of praise, Sing of the school we hold most L Oni' Ulil High School wa- ww lair our happy voices raisc ln a joyous song of praisv. llrightvi' shall her glory grow, As thx' long years coinc anml go. llvre foi'cx'cr shall shc stay Resting in our hvarts always If wc seniors win acclaim HQ-i"s thi' glory anml rhe fainv. -Hi lil IK Athletics '.1'. .,::f-1., x '.?1-IRR: , -fs -'Q x COACH SMITH Patriotism, and Americanism, two essential assests in the building of youth are greatly produced and developed through athletics. The constant COI1taCt with other players and the fact that they must learn to take defeat in a manner suitable to a good American citizen makes this evident. There is a natural desire to win when ever a team or individual enters in competition with others, but, as is so well brought out in the Tigard Teams, they are instructed to win fairly and squarely for their in- structor demands that they act as men who possess those high qualities of sportsman- ship, honor. leadership and service to their fellow athletes and opponents as well. These are the qualities that increase American patriots and that is the purpose sought for through the modern facilities of education. Due to the fact that athletics play such an important part in the' development of these young men, the man who is selected as their coach, needs to be a man who possesses all of the qualities mentioned and have intimate friendships with those who are under his instruction. The athletes themselves learn to respect and honor a man like this. Such a man is Coach Thurlo Smith. He is a friend of every boy who has been under his tutelage, and the boys admire him, and are grateful to him for all he has done for them. With the greatest amount of respect, admiration and appreciation, the 1940 annual dedicates this page to their highly esteemed coach and extend to him, on behalf of the athletes a sincere wish of future success. 41 JOE .mYl"E llullflnlvkb 0110-yt-'nl' varsity-r junior "He nr-vs-r stopped 1lriving"' I'Al'l, l'l4I'l'l4lRSUN tullztrrll UIIP-Xi-'Ill' l'Ill"Nltj'f'jl'llllDl' "He 1li1ln't know what il wus to Iravk up" MARVIN IIVNT-f-ltalvklrfr 'l'wo-yHn1's vn1'sity-- senior "XVIwn he- hit 'vm the-y stalyvd hit" WARD GREEN-lend! Une-year vursityfseniur "A smooth pass rem-E-iver" .lAl'li l'A'l"l'lCIiSllN ttaufklvi Fu ptu in 'l'hr+'v-yvulw vslrsily sl-'nim' "A lu-ttm' tmfkls- wnllltl las- lmrll In find" JOHNNY 0'HAl.l,0llAN llllllll'li'l haf-k Ulm-ypnr varsity se-nlm' "A guotl llmn with at 1-uol ll:-ntl mul al dm-'tt-'rnxim-cl grit" Hill! 'l'E'l'Rlt'li Illulflnlvkl 'l'llrvP'y4-'urs mrsityfsvltinr "A pillar of rl:-fvnsv tlmt would not give way" DAVID THOMAS - uzuardl Unpvyvar vmwityfjlllliol' "He gavv all hr- hurl nnrl that wus plenty" -l-2 Illlll Wlnlll tlmlfluu-kl thu--ys-ur ulrslty ss-ninr "Nw stood out ns rt lmlm-king hunk" IDAYE HENRY lflllllmvkl Um'-ye-:tr vursity xnplwxllulwl "A triple tllrvut lf the-rv 1-va-r wats one-" ILI"SSl'II,l. PIIDMUNIDS lllllll rd I tlnv-your vnrsity jnninr "Ability :tml an fiulttiliu he-url llllllli' him luu-fl tn nmvl-" IAl'K SHAW- tlmlflmvkt Huw-yr-nr varsity--junior "A fnm-y st:-lppvr in a hrukvn field" IIA lll'H COLLINS l1'a-litvrl tim--yvalr varsity sl-nior "HP haul what it took :tml rt-nllg um-4l it" VIA' DURAIS- lvlltl-l'l'llll'l'i 'I'w4i-yt-'tlr varsity st-niur "A t,:l'tf-nt lim' luu-km-r" A ILNIH IXHALIAS lvntll l+'ut1r-Yvnre varsity svnior "A vetvrnn whu km-w wlmt xml slid it" HUB FISHER- '4LZlllll"lil Uno-year varsity- junior "He wus nlwliys at thv lmttum of the pile" 43 lu do liow l Vaneli Slnilll. I'. I'e-li-rsuii, .I. llzluu. J. Sliulnwuy, ll. Iflllvuoluls, IC. .Xppln-lu-rry, t', lf'inley. Ii. l"n'.ll'ill2'. Il. Johnson. lion :I ll. Tully. ll. llisseft. ll. llainm. IL Swift. 42, Htte. 'I'. Jensen. li. linmlseii. .l. H'Ilallnr:in. l,. All-Nlanis. Football ll'ith but four returning lettermen from the highly successful V738 squad. Tigard was forced to field a comparatively green team but what they lacked in experience they made up in fight. ln a preseason tangle with lleayerton the fighting Tigers really showed their mettle in holding the highly touted lleayers to but two touchdowns. the score l-l-O. The local gridsters then journeyed to listacada where after a hard fought game in the "dust howl" they bowed out l3-6. The Tigers avenged their two defeats by passing and smashing their way to a 23 to ll victory oyer the light but scrappy team from St. llohns Hi. VVith one pre-season victory under their belts "Smiths protegesu began their con- ference schedule. They met Newberg in a night game on Newberg's fieldg the Tigard squad rolled up seyen first downs but failed to score. The score, Newberg 23. Tigard 0. lfriday the thirteenth, incidentally. ln its first home conference game of the season Tigard outclassed St. Klary's all the way to win l2 to ll. The light but hard-hitting Tigers then made it two straight by subduing the Vik- ings from I". Cl. 6 to U. This was also two in a row from lforest Grove. The annual Armistice day clash with Sherwood's Bulldogs proved fatal for the Smith men. Un a long pass in the last quarter Sherwood scored the lone touchdown of the game to win 6 to ll. Tigard out-kicked, out-gained and out-played the Bulldogs. Tigard then journeyed to Hillsboro for a night game. The Spartairs manpower was too great for the Tiger squad and Hill Hi took the ball game 2-l to U. Un Thanksgiving day the big game of the year took place. The mighty Beavers from lieayerton rolled into Tigard boasting a record of being unscored upon in three seasons. The Green and YVhite broke this record and upset the dope bucket by passing their way through the lleayer's famed defense to score and convert. Beaverton won the game, score 29 to 7. Although the record of wins and losses was not so gratifying, the football season was not as poor as it seemed to be. lfor although the season ended with three victories, six defeats, the games were always a battle. Tigard was always a threat to the league leaders. At the annual banquet Jack Patterson was elected honorary captain. 44- XXIII IQ NX I'l"Il1: :fmwx null mll vlulru-In I Xllmm Mull: 1 ru-:HN xznwilx' -1-lmn 134. u X Iilllu I'nIIuu mlm ul Ill flvvr Iul 1'1vI I-' W.-nl.-ry I un xl-zu-N xnl .N , f-H llx vlllvrr Ati I P Hn- Iuul ilu- ln-lulul. :uul ll ul It ln :mul mix zmlzluv IIX IHILXIN lIm'u:ll'1Il 1XII4l'n'1 lun-xl-zllx xnrxllx No-lun! m I X -I4-:uh pf-l'Iurlm-I' ln mum IHIINXX HIl.XI,l.4lIl.XN 4 vlllill l.XII1llatll4'lw lun xv-zu-N ull 'willx wn' IIII r3"v I I. XX ILXHNI :nl VXII, -I X' nr xo ul x ll' IIX iulni-I1 1"'lI 1 .X Inllor In um plzuvr xxmllul In lmrxl In Illul I IIXIIX wlrlluiv Um xr ll Nlullx llmim 41"r Wm. na N U X ulxllllx In- Nlnmllll M wvlllxtuullluu m-xl xe-:aww Itlli I-'INlll1l ll:-1-xx-cull Ulu xlwl' X ll 'N U :tx illnifn z1i'I I X l'Ilul -ll ull ammlul nlnlllx IX4 lx I'Xl'I'I'I Um vs--nr X ll .sf IN ltx Nsnlm lfllry .X dvi:-ll lu ln" s au- st'll' Ill-at lu-V1-v H lion I .I. Slnilnuny, 'l'. llaisllike. li. Johnson, lb, Allen, IP. l"i'ill'lIl2'. -l. .lone-s. ll, XVall'ln-13 I., lleslln, .I. Slllllll. 1'. Elie-ll1lessel', ll, XVootl. Iloxv 2 .l. Miller, 'I', lil:-inpn-ll. ll, Swift, .l. H'H:illor:ln, .I. Tllonnls. IL 'l'lllly. li. Ilia-km-rt, I", Fowuill. IZ. Williams. II. Ilznnm, Coaeli Ingalls. Basketball The initial call for haskethall aspirants revealed three lettermen and a host of prospective members of last seasons highly successful second squad. ln the league opener 'l'igard's quint measured Beaverton 9-S. On the holiday tour the local casaha tossers were very successful winning two out of three. 'lihe 'liigers howed out after a battle to St. Helens 32-36. The Green and Wvhite then moved to Turner and emerged victorious .ill-23. 'llhe road weary 'lqigers then rolled into the camp of Tillamook Cheesemalaers to howl them over I0-18. Then hack to conference play the Tigers lowered the hoom on l3eaverton's lieavers to win 37-IO. The first conference defeat calne at the hands of Hill lliys Spartans. .W-23. The Green and YVhite Tigers then knocked over the league leading Vikings from lforest Grove 38-29. The first half of conference play came to a close with a Zo-li victory over Sher- wood Bulldogs. 'lligzird then tripped over a much improved Newherg quintet 26-IQ. St. Xlary's proved no match for the hoys, 'lligard winning 36-32. 'l'igard's fighting Tigers lost a heart-hreaker to lforest Grove .ll-29. lieaverton was an easy mark, the score Tigard 33 Beaverton l l. 'llhe squad then defeated Alhany lfrosh 32-21. A second defeat was taken from the hands of Hill Hi, Zll-lo. To close their conference schedule the Tigers downed Sherwood 47-35 to wind up in second place. Ar the district tournament the 'lligers waltzed over Silverton -l-8-20 hut were downed hy Tillamook the following evening 57-22. 'l'i,qard captured second place in Albany Colleges invitational tournament: 'lligard 30. Detroit ll 3 Tigard -ll, Nestucca 203 Tigard 23. Central Point 26. XVilly Nyhcrg was elected honorary captain at the annual banquetg the season may he considered very successful, ending in second place in the Conference, District and Alhany. -I-6 KV , . M..,,,w.W"f-v-"' Y an Ibm I II, l'I111111II1-1. .l, ll4flII1I11l'lIll. II. li:11'1'vy, .l. I'11111f1-S1111, 'lf UAllIll1lPlIIII l NIIPI I Smith, 121111 2 It, 'l'1-11-11-lc. lt. M1111-11x11-, li, I-'1-111'i111g. IC. IS11.1111l1-l, li. Ih-1'1-II1, Ib. htm-1 Ibm Sl 'I'. NI1'l111A'l'v. Il, 1l'I11111111s. l, 51111111-I. 1'. K1-11'I111111. Il, Y11IIi11v, If, 1111 11 e 11 1 19.19 5021511111 The C2111 for 1121scb2111 D11'lj'l'I'S was 2111sw1A1'c11 with 111110 11 1 tl 1 1111111 11111 1 11lIlIC1I 111 l'C'Sl'I'Yl'S. '1'111' s1-2151111 was 11111 21 s111'1'1'ss 21s fill' 21s XY1IIII1lIg1 was 1111111111111 15111 11 1121s 111111 ing ffl 1111111 111211 1111- Tigers w1-re 211w211's 21 f1lI'1'2lI, 1'sp1'ci2 1 op 1 1 XV 1111 1111' s1'21s1111 was 1WI'0IIg1hl' 111 21 c111s1- '1'ig:11'11 112111 w1111 1w11 L. II 1 II 1 Il 1 1.1-111-1-5 w1'1'1': 'Iq1Q2lI'11 ,1 1111121 111 5 '1'1g211'11 1 1111121 111 1 , .. I 1 11311111 3 '1'111211'11 I2 ,li1gfl1'l1 .1 'l'1g1211'11 3 '1'1g211'1I Z 'l'ig21r11 -1 , .. 7 1 11121111 - 111111 S1'1'1'1's011 2lIII1 'IKUIII U'H21111J1'2 SCIISUII. 11111111 ll Hill Hi I1 1'10l'l'SI l11'm'1 1"111'1's1 C11'1J1'1' 11 111'21v1A1'11111 13 112111115 7 S111'1'w111111 9 N1'wb1'1'g 111 S111'1'w111111 7 1111151111111 3 N1'w111'1'g X 111 w1'1'1- 1-11'1'11'11 1'11 12111211111 .11 1111 1111s1 111 1111 47 211 Features n '- w n M "J -,'-,nt n,...-L. lg,.n:,: 'n. n , - nt. - m'- M. W g ,, '1 E E i N1 :tall lell In lil Int IZ. SI1-u:ll'1, XV. Hrs-1-n. Xl. Slim-l'. IC. .lolmsom lb. l4Illggstl'1nll. I.. llulm nn nn I Ir:-aux, XY, Ny-In-ru. I.. H4'I'Ill4'Il. li. Ilunzilu-r, Y, Hunhlis, IC. I'1-I1-rson, I Inu Xlvlllrn I lllnn. IC. SIIlll'.lI'II, Il. llnrm-y. II. liuomnulw. Nllmlln Ill! I Ill III li, Ii:-lly, IG. 151-rl'1-th, NI. llw-um, XI. Hunt, .l, Il'Ilnllol'un, II, Imou Nlnul Ib Nmiiln. .L lnuulls. II, M1-yn-rs. IC. Woomlnrll. ll. Ilullvr, ll, Uollills, II. Hoon 11 Ioxlnul I XIIllt'I'. N. Ilnuz, W North. Senior Play Ui!! 1"r11zi1'r Jlry. I"r'11zi1'r' f,'h1'rry . Kit L1111ghto11 VIVIYI f:Ill'7V1'j' jflfl' llllllffl' 'l'l11' Sllrriff lm'11t1'll . . llnnl' . 11111 lflryllllt' . 1Ilr.lx'if111 . flnmz . flluy . .lilf . Limly . Sllllllk-I' . fllrx. ,IvI'lIl'.I'llIlfl' . Efliff . . llllf lfurl' . . . .Jn l7lI1'IIflZI'1I 1111111 .lllllllllrlf S-Ivifl . Dirl' ljrinrz' .lllll lgI1A'fl'l' . BERNARIJ STEWART LoL' IRAQH Dorus ICNIGSTROAI KLXXINI5 Mmm: Blu. BICRRETH CTORIDON I"1.L'Kls ULRIC DoR.fxls ARNIE INGALLS VVll.l.ls NYRERG NVARD CTREEN XI.-XRVIN HUNT l"l,oR14:Nul5 I"Rls.xs KIARY Ru.-ml IJOROTHY Dooney Iloxx.-x SMITH ICVIQLYN .IOHNSUN I':l.IE.-XNOR HLYNTER BIENIT.-X Koo1'MANs Mfxxma M EYERS -'HHN O'H.1xI.l.oRfxN DoN.xl.n KIIEYISR XVESLEY NiJR'l'PI Rrssm, BARRY Bon K1il.1.l2v L mum I cmlwrs: Ifl:gc'111- Stallzml, Gram- Bunn, Lois BOTIIIIIIL I mo: 1 'X 111 III ww: I':2lI'l Peterson. Prompts-r: Bob Kelley. xV2II'lIfllbt xldlldgil my 'fl' rogrzlmsz Ifthcl Hunzikcr, Lois Gcrlach. Stage Hlunugnr I tl X 7001 lIh'lRb I ultmnv: o Q o c, o err W ood, Gladys Larson, Ruby Bllflfl Sunbonnet Sue f7l'lERli'I"I'.-X CAST SllI1!l0IlIIt'ff:iI'f . Bob Cofvuzmz .!t'l'V'1' .llllriwfill . lgllfflllffl Colvlrlrzzl .llmz Cofwnzmz . ffzrn ,11lLSPfl1'iH . RPI! 111111 il 1rSjm1'i11 il limlzflrz . . illrr. fll zv11foza'.v . I,Ilt'HIl Illllllffflll . llirrzm fllrrzzlo-z:'.r . lllfi. Srfo 0yX Jllijzlh Srruoyx . EWIIHIIII . Sarfif' Silllfliilli' lgEl'I.,-XI-1 Bovrizs BILL TL'1,i.v D.wm rl1HONI,'XS C.X'I'HIZRINli l':NGl-QR.-KI IXIARY l'll.l.lfN Cori: IJICK BL'R1,i5sox Qfl,lFF'URI1 ,ALSEN H,XRRIIZ'I' RL'ss151.1. IJOROTHY ll.-XNIEI. PATRICI,-x .ANDERSON IXIARVIN BROWN Mn' ScH.x.x1oNi Bm: XVii.i,i,xxis Sitiurias' IXIDRPHY HELEN Iixsou Country girls: Lois flvrlzzch, lflc-:mor Hunter, lfthcl Himziker, Aileen 'Uv llIS Ullllil Smith, .lean lizulvr, Gerzilalim' Brown, Dorothy Collins, Patricia Co t IOIIINK Xlcrwin, Hazel Clzlitlicr, Loiiisv Clci'iiic'ycr, Lucille Hunter, Aiiclrvy lxllff L N Ricler, Cilcnorc- Spoustu, lfstellc lfpsliaw, Phyllis xVOCI'I6llllj'k6, Yirginii VViifrit lizirhnrzi Bunn. Blanclie Clolgzin, lfmma Clark, llc-an lfngstroiii, lizitliryn ui hirzi Kvllner, lictty Lou Nlzlggctti, ,Ivan Ami Klognctt, Cora licllc Schultz lhe mi Scliwzirtz. lxlilfliill Yam liergcn, Phyllis Yam IJt'1'1l1Zll'li, and Leila VVolfc. 50 May Fete of 1939 Q111 1 11 . 1'111111 .l11111,1l11' . 51111111 1'111111.xy . S1 111111' ,1111111111111 . 111111111 1'111111x.x' . .1lI111Ul' .1111111111111 . N111111111111111 1'111111.1.x' S14111111111111 .1111111111111 1"1'1f111111111 1'111111.x1x' 1"1'1.x'111111111 11111111111111 1111111 111111. 1' . 111111511 111 111 ll 10111111111 111'111'111 1' 1111: 1 1' 111111 nNlf7171f of 11'17'111z11111111 1111111111 11,1111 . 1'111111111 11'111111111 . lix'11l1cx w Xl l'Rk'lIl-ll L'1,x11x11S11,1,1,11x1x l,x X I'RNI' Hl'x1'1f11l:1w 'I'11x1 l1'llxl,1.111cxx V11 xxmz lll x'1'1:: XI xuxlx H1 vi' I1 xx' 5'I'l 1: xl Ilxl XY111z,xl1xx1 X1 11141-x Nl xanax H1111 lulfxwx l31n:1:x Ill-,xuzlal 11 !'x'1' lYI'I.l.I-'R lin-xv-'1'1l S'1'xc:1-11, I3 xulsxlzx lil xx llllx l,I,lN Q .111-1-N1 Qll1RIX vi. Rl1141-,111 'llxxl Xl1lx:'1'x1:1 X'13lcx'x Qllxlllx llu- lllllllllfx 111 f1l'l'QllIl xx':1'x rlx1- rl11-m1-111 ilu- IWW Nl'xx lJ'1x I'l'NIlX'll 1"11'1x11l . . 1 1 1 , 1 our 111 wwf 11x1l 1la1111'1- Hllllll7l'l'5 lxx flu' Nx1111111n1l111-1 -11 11l1 xllrunlx 11x1l lIHlllN lllll s 1111lx1'st1':1 llllIIllN'I'N ll'fH!1 Tl1l'lllQl1 5x'lx1111l .- V. ,x. . ,- - . F51 . ,1 x 1 lxzlrlxrxu Alll'l'l'llk'I' xxus c1'11xx'lx1'1l :ax lNlZlTllI'xI1 l. .X ljlIl'l'Il.N lizull xxzlx l1t'ltl in tlu KXKIIIIIQ. May Fete of 1940 lIx1- Klux l1fl'1ll ll1-lll xx :lx l7I'l'Nllll'll uxvl' lux 4!lll'l'll llmwrtlxx lJ1111l1-x, 'l'lx11 l,I'llIN lIl5Tt'I' xx':1s Nl:11'x'i1x ll1111r. 'lilxv lfillllxxlllf 1lTfl'llll!IIll5Z H1-rrx Vrzxig, XYiIIis Xx lung. Nwmmx' .lrtvnmlzmtsg Usmul Ri1l1'1', l3z1xi1l 'lilx1111x:1N, -lllllllll' .Xtr1'1x1l:1lxtx3 Klux Xl ulx, llnlxclr lglxecff, S11pl11m11x111'v .Xm-1111111155 l':llllTIll'2l llxlxxlvx, IJUII l"1':ll'lllg, l"l'1 111 111 .'xIfL'l11l2l !lx1- llll'IllL 111 rlxv l'14ll Klux IJIIX xx.1f 'll:1ppllx1-xxf Mothers' and Dads' Club President-lwrs. Gladys NI. Green of Garden Home. Treasurer-1VIrs. Geo. Rider of Tigard. Secretary-Rflrs. lf. VV. Conklin of Metzger. Carrying out the aims established when this group was organized in 1937, the Nlothers' and Dads' Club of Tigard Union High School have had as their major project for 1939-1940 the sponsoring of the High School Band. Shakos have been purchased for the drum majorette and twirlers with money raised at a successful benefit show given at the Tigard joy Theater. Nlrs. Herbert lfnsor of llletzger as program chairman and Nlrs. W. E. Upshaw of Tigard as hospitality chairman were very successful in promoting an interesting and beneficial year. School Events CARNIVAL The night of VVednesday, November 23, people came through the entrance of the new auditorium to once more attend the annual carnival. Gaiety and laughter were featured throughout the entire evening, which started with a program presented by the Auditorium and lVlusic classes. The booths were then opened to the public. Sev- eral new booths were included this year. Dancing was also included in the evening entertainment. GIRLS' RAZAAR Thursday evening, December 7, the Girls' League sponsored its annual bazaar. A program was given and refreshments were served. The proceeds of the sale of articles was very satisfactory. MOTH ER S' PARTY On February 21, the Girls' League gave a party in honor of the mothers of the students. The guest speaker, lVIrs. llffartha Mclieowxi, former dean at Tigard, who is now pioneering as dean of women at Nlultnomah College, told of her work for the past year. Maxiiie 1VIiner was presented with the D.A.R. medal by a representative of the Portland chapter. 52 O PISRETTA Qn March 8 of this year the music department presented the operetta, "Sunbonnet Sue" with Beulah Boyles and Bill Tully portraying the leading parts. Sunbonnet Sue, Buelah Boyles, was a poor housemaid who found happiness when she fell in love with Bob Coleman, Bill Tully. The cast was supported by a chorus of fifty voices. AMATEUR SHGNV On lN'Iarch I5 the Mothers! and Dads' Club Amateur Show was shown at the joy Theater. The purpose of the program was to purchase shakos for the drum majorette and twirlers. Along with the amateur show a screen attraction was pre- rented. The program was well patronized by the surrounding communities. ,IU NIOR PROM A genuine hula dancer, colorful decorations, and sweet music by Bill Fisher's orchestra was the keynote of the junior Prom held on Saturday, lVIarch 30, at Tigard high school. The theme was "Hawaiian Nights," and Her Majesty -Ieanie Nloe ruled as Queen of the ball. MAY DAY On May 3 the Rlay Day festivities began with the crowning of Queen Dorothy, which was immediately followed by a program presented by surrounding grade schools and the music department of the high school. In the afternoon a baseball game was featured. The day was climaxed in the evening with the Queen's Ball, honoring Queen Dorothy, and her attendants. The Queen's attendants were: Betty Craig and VVillis Nyberg, seniorsg Carol Rider and David Thomas, juniorsg lllary Nlack and Robert Bissett, sophomoresg Barbara Hawley and Don Fearing, freshmen. SENIOR PLAY On Klay 9 the senior class of 1940 presented "Creeping Shadows", a mystery comedy. The cast was the largest in history. The story centered around a family who inherited an old deserted farm house. They decided to turn it into a tourist home, before they found it to be haunted. However, the plot ended happily, to the surprise of all. COMMENCEMENT Friday evening, lVIay 24, brought to a close four years of high school training and participation in school activities for the twenty-six girls and twenty-six boys constituting the Senior Class of 1940, as they took part in the commencement exercises. The climax of the evening was the awarding of scholarships by lllr. Fowler and the presentation of diplomas by the president of the school board. 53 lfiist. to thi- stmlcut holly for stzuiiug in 4-vm NVQ' usvil to lmw iu high school, way hzicli W Appreciation Now, lvlloxi' stuilc-uts. you vc' tzilivu si look, Xt our cltorts to puhlish :i l'7-lil yvzii' hook, I1 iou shoulil lmppcu to thiuk its tim' lust pziss rhi- crvilit rigght ilowu thi- liuv. l'll'1lUll'lIlQ :ill of you lzulics :xml gcuts. Qwoml, gin' vim-ilir to czlch Allllllill zulvisor, Caretakers H. Alspaugh W. Alspaugh its, l'or helping with ilvcisious supvrioi' ziml wise-1' lillilll ami' thc' stuff uoulil mustcr forth l"1'om:1ui ilii'c'ctiou' vast wvst south or uorth. v Y . s Y , . -Xlso. lc-t s thzuilc c-:irli imwuhm' of rlu- fxlllllllll stzilt, l'oi' supplviug thcst- im'iuoi'i' pzuivs with umm' ei lnlt Xs iw look ::t this :Xuuunl iu Niiivtvvii humlrvil :xml uim-ty-our. -Xml rt-ll out li'l Ql'2ll1llCl1lllll'Cl1 of :ill rho fuu .Xt thv slightvst suggestion 1X l1l'11l'l'f, clchzitc- woulil follow, ou Roosiwclt -Xml thc' thirml tctm quvstiou. heu. 'l'o :ill others who zilso i'outi'ihutwl to this books sizfuvss. NVQ wish You well l5CiIlgf :tml happiness. Our thviuc throughout has liven Aiumiczliiizzi tion. :Xml :is iw slowly Close the last pzigcs of oui' hook XVQ' ilo so with the hopv that You may :ill help to lauvp this country A democratic nation. 54 FF? Advertisements .,:-.. .,::,.:. , K '-1 Nu. l rw 'H ws.: .-:vi '-51: Y , ,,-1 , hm: Vw' ,NNN . 1 Q ..r,?'.. 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W. 10th Avenue -------------------- l -4 O 0 0 E O 0 O 0 0 O 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 O O O O O O O -- . O O I 3 O 3 0 O O I 3 3 O 0 3 0 0 0 I 0 0 O 0 0 0 3 0 A ' B 01 D I' 2 utomatlc urner I e :very , 3 l 2145 N. W. Savier Street 3 I 3 Portland, Oregon 3 3 C. C. HEDRICK z 3 ---4 r--------------------- oooooo 01 l g 1: 3 3 2 Il Q 2 f1'fllllf7nlllI'IIf.V of z - ' 0 3 .1 2 JOY THEATER 3 1 : EE : z to Ihr' Srnior Class' g 3 3 5 z J. J. Taggart Phone 47M E 1 o g ..... ---- .... ---------------4 4 1 T------ .... ------------------I 3 3 One of America's Exceptional 9 3 z Business Colleges 3 z 3 Fully Acwcclitcrl lry ilu- Nzllimlzll 3 3 3 Assucialifm ufAccrcclitcml 3-flIlllllL'l'ClIll O .3 3 Sclumls 3 -1 3 3 3 g Q NORTHWESTERN 0 g g School of Commerce 3 z 0 Broadway and Salmon z z 3 Portland, Oregon 8 3 3- ..... ---..--- ..... -- .... ---. ----4 -E V---------------------------? 3 z S z z fj0Hlf7iliIlll'lIfJ of 3 3 z E 0 0 . . 3 Q g Schubrmg 8: Blederman g ' 1. G. A. STORES 3 Meats and Groceries 3 3 Tigard, Oregon E .. 1----------------------p----..l ------ ------------------- vm um '1 O 2 O O O 0 9 I S I 0 O 0 O I U O 0 3 I O O O oo 9.09. ooooooeppQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ 0 Q . g A Symbol of Sweet Memories . . E 0 U C 0 0 YOUIl 0 CLASS ' PIN g C 0 0 0 .... an z FRATERNITY ECHL JJQLEHN 410 MAEGLY- NANQWAGTUDERA AND DIN H g AND CLUB CL. Wjsmgy TICHNER BLDG. 0 PINS 610 S. W. Broadway 3 o ' a L-------..-----------...----- ..... -- ..... ----..--- ..... ----...l TCCZQQSQGSSQSQSQZSSZSQCG tiit I Vgg3g333g33333g33g3g gggggg 3? ' Ci0llgfIlfll!llfi0ll5 to thc' z CHEVROLET Tigafdv OFC- 2 f:lYldllIll'illg' Class S Q Q C 0 z of E Lone Oak Service Station and l 2 T. U. 11. S. , GARAGE Q O 0 O z g Phone Tigarcl Sl 3 O Niagara Fire Insurance Co. 0 0 S Nr.-w Ywak E fflllllflllvl' .lutnmulifur S1'l'7Ji!'I' S J. R. Rankin, Agent Tigard, Ore. I I 0 E LN us Jllllllyzl' Your l11,f1u'ar1z'r N1'f'd.v 3 Albert Hoffdrhcri Pump' i 1--::----::,:::::----,: .... 1-1 l,::------..--....------..---.l Vbbblttbtbtttttttttt ceetit 0 I VQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ cscscbt tbttbi U O O 0 o , o S Conzfwlimmtx of 3 z 2 z CHEVROLET CO. 3 0 O 0 O U ' , . . ' . . '. . 0 : z : Nux .md L sul Cars g O , . , I 0 Cllcvrolct Survic'Q I I fo the 5l'lI10!' Clan' 0 0 O E 3 2 Body and lfcndcr XVorla 2 z Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Jeffers, Prop. : ' on z U 0 3 Phone 83A g 0 Barbur Blvd. at 21st - ATwater 1771 0 1----------------------..----l 1 ..... ----------------------.l V tttt tit tttt 9 ttct 3 Qbtttcttt tx T9 qittt ttttbtttttttttt ittt 3397 a 3 2 3 z CifHllf7!i1lJc"IlfI of z : C0"1fff1"'f"ff of : I 0 O l U 2 2 z Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Brandel : o AUGUST AND JOE ITEL o z I I Q z 3 . Prujrrzvlnr of 0 g Bus Dfivefs gf 3 z High Srlzual f:Llfl'Il'l'll1 S o , , o o Tlgafd High School x z Ice Cream - Cold Dring 2 3 z School Supplies E 0 Our M0110-"Safely" S 2 Y Y , H . 2 Q "IVF Sfrfvf' 5amiwz4'l11'.r 0 l:,,:::::::-::::,,:,,:::::, 1 --,:::::,,::::::::,,:::::,,l 56 ll ll pQ--o------..--...---.o------ poqoooooooQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ01 gg ll gl gg 0 gg gg II TIGARD LUMBER CO. Il ll gg Ig Portland's Own Store II gg C'llllgfIIflllIlfl'S Ihr' Class' of z ll I gg Wm 2 gg Extends gg gg Q 0 ' ll gg ll II Congratulatmns Il gg O U " gg , gg gg U gg gg Phonc T'ga'd 44 II Il To the Class of ll gg II ll II gg 5 .... --..........----..-----o4 2 :f................-..---------g.: gg gg ll HYLAND's BooK sToRE gk g g lg 913 S. W. 4th Avenue gg ------ gg Portland, Oregon ll High Srluml Bunk: Bough! and S0111 2 ll . gg 5ooo::::::::::::oo:::::::oo::i . U o ,-.,, 'P p..o..-.......,.....----------gy V go gg gl 0 ll 1 gl -.,l g. ,gm ..U..1g,uN . ..., Mr.. O gl gg TUALATIN FVEED STORE PORTLANDS OWN STORE g, gg J. J. Kamp gg gg gg Trizmgglc Feeds - Bulk Garden Seed 11 '1'ig':g.r110751 - N02l11SWt'l' sull 164 -- AA -A -----AAAAAAAA .gi uZ11i2ii!II22233333 iiii 133311, v-itv-gggvvsvvit-1- --tt ',..-- ..... --------..-- ....... -gy p.:::::::o:::::::--::---::o::.gq . gg 0 ll g lg 0 gg g ll " , ,. , " 1 LONE OAK BARBECUE gg gg 1:ogxgc11eA 1 HLA l'1 ONS gg J g gg , V I Y V Y V gg Home Cooked Foods gg ll IO I 014 Uprn from 7 .-1.51. lu 2 PJW. li ll gg gg Il RL'g.fl11H.l' meals :md short orders :xt 1111 gg from hours. lcc cold beverages. gg gg Sunfrezc ice cream g U 6 CO' Milli' Sfrfvr liuydlv Cuffz'1"' gg , , . . 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JOHNSON 2 E rn,-, il Il "lIr!l1'r' Hrmuzf li11il4lf'1"' 2 g 0 Q O ll It 1-'Sf' g 2 Quality ,i111.1c W1 1:1e1f:,m1 Il ll Fino Sulmurlian Hmm S 2 2 il l 3 0 0 nu fl "HM 2 2 FAIRFIELD DAIRY II 1: S. W. Pacific Highway at 55th Ave. U z 1: Phone BRoadway 3728 E z C. C. Gault BRoadway 5706 ll----....----..-------------.l L--------..-..-.. .... -..---.l ro-: Q : c : : :---: : : :--::---: :---! '.,,----.,-------..-------..--q 0 ll 1 o , - , :E S E Cillllpllllll 1115 'If :I NVcst l'ni'tl:uul z 3 1: 2 Multimniali, Orc. -'H - fl .' :L rum 01. II I Slum: a GVUCCI-ics' MQM5, l:l'UZL'll l,ut'lwrs yooooooooqoqoooooooooooooooool A, : : : : -, : : : :C : : : c :,,::,, C :-,,,4 klttttttt Zttttii ttttttiiiti at 1333: :23333333te31:13333,3 z Y 0 I l SAFEWAY l 3 Trophies ll ll 5 STORES E E Class Jewelry g lVlu'r1' you gr! more fur your momfy l Announcements 2 I g 0 O g 0 0 I - ,I1l1fvf'lIl1'll . IH'l'J- I z fl - , z 2 l g 3 E The Master Engravers 2 S 'l'i1.5:n'fl - Cupitul Hill - Sylvan 3 z 115 S. W. Fourth Ave' 3 S Nlultlmnmli E s portland, Oregon E ---------- ..... ------------.l 1,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,l T-H"---"0-O '---- 0--------I E.-----------....------------E 0 0 0 0 0 ll 3 Cfnllfllilflwzfx of 2 . Ci0lllf7filII!'IIf.Y of Ihr' l 2 Il . U U 0 O Q 0 2 ROAMERS REST Q t Sherwood Valley News :Q 0 0 Q 0 0 U S Swim Picnic Play z E E Dinc Dzulcc Drinks 2 2 M ,hp bmlmr CMH g l 2 1940 Il Q 1 1------....-.....-..--- .... -J L,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,j Y9""""""""""' """ peaoooooooooooooo oooooo ooocoo q BRISTOWS BEAUTY 8: BARBER if z , . . SHOP . . LI1llIffIllH'I1fJ of U 21st at Barbur Blvd. ATwJter 3231 0 O ll . d ll GAY LOCK BAEAUTY SALON E Fountain - lcc Cream - Lunclivs Tiqard' oreqon, phone 54 Next to theater - I'mp., Earl Smith "Insist nv llzr lim!" l 2 ll :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::I ::::o:::::::::::::::::::::::Q :: :::::::oo-::: :ooo::-o-Qooo poooo::oo::::::::::::o::o--: : o r i 7 o 5: Buckingham Printery a : Fflt and Chenillz' 3 TIN' G,,1d,,,, Ruff Simi, 3 3 Lfliers - Emblems - Bamzvrr l 1: G. M. Dillard, Prop. 3 g THE PENNANT SHOP l :I 7535 S, W. Capitol Highway 0 z .225 Security Bldg., Second Floor 2 11 ATWBLCIJEQQ .A.. ?22fLaHdL93'i,l 1-F'ffh.i'!L?i"fx:Z::iZ'Z5iLi'El:3 ,,,,--., ..... .. ,... .. .,...,... ,,. ............ ........ .... --- in I a 1 Q f :E f:IIlllf7Hlll1'lIf.S'0f S 2 S " ' 1009 so W, F'ftl A v- - ' 1: ELLIS PHARMACY 2 , ' f mm 3 4, 9 at Salmon Street 0 E' Multnomah, Ore. - ATwater 5787 8 3 .,,,,-,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, --------..---...----------..4 ',,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,-,--,,------ QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ------------47 3 2 , ll O Q z Iloiusz' lffiriny gllnlm' R1'fb:i1ri'1gf 2 GARDEN HOME DAIRY 2 g 1: 0 0 WI. lllarugg, Prop. z : o g TIGARD ELECTRIC 3 0 .GrAde S l General Contracting Raw Mllk and Cream z 8 3 , i 8 8 Phone: Res. 161 - Office 34W If B. and A. B. l'rcr- Hr-rfl O up ll 0 U l G. S. Gcrmeyel' --- Tlflilfll, Orr-pgmi ll z Plume BRmaclw:1y 279: : 2 1 ' 1 ' --..---.,---,,-,,,,,,-,,,,,,4 0----------,--------------ood ,rump llII1'll.YII ll BUSWELL AUTO REPAIR g Q , 2 U O z Mr. and Mrs. Louis Upchurch 1, 1 P ' I if hone T'ga'd 2515 2 3 UPCHURCH GROCERY gg H Tualatin, Oregon 8 S at Garden Home 2 A-..... --....----------------.4 b..-------........--------..-.4 """""""""""""""' ----------------- ..... ----- :: l E' 1: GARDEN HOME BARBER 0 JOHN'S AUTO REPAIR z " SHOP I: Plume BRoarlway 2381 l ll Union Shop Harry Tetrick S iv 2 1 Garden Home, Ore. - J. Engstrom O 09030 QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ Q-: :ttaic ::-::::-: :: :: : :oo::4 Voocooocooeoooeoooooooooooo-u 'QCOOOQOOOOOO--o------------- :L Co mfvlim N115 nf . z 0 Q 9 0 l HARRY BARNES ' l l O 0 0 ' 0 1: Richfield z 3 S S E' Beaverton, Ore. Phone 9115 2 l Quick Freeze Food Lockers 5 -:::-:::::::::::::::--::-:::a 0 0 0 f:::::----::::::--::---::---- Q :I I I Meats and Kiriiccrir 2 1: SLOAN'S FLORAL SHOP 0 O 3 Q 9652 S. W. 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Suggestions in the Tigard High School - Tiger Yearbook (Tigard, OR) collection:

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