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A ff R' . P ,LL X, , . ., , V , Q. ..,, - -..,,a ,. .. V. ,I ,J . .4 , , A , Y 45. Y., - MI. ,111 . 1 -gl, l I ,, 1 ..,.?,i ' Q- gg, . ' f -- , - - ,- . -- F. . .3-. G.. b t , , , li I , ,, M A I ,A V X t f. ..,, 2 3 . i F . R Q bw ' ' LW ' ' 1 ' T: ' lr V . Y. , ml . I . , ? 1 , 5 . . 'E 1 W T F .-.K ,W V E . +P , 1 , Avg- .. 1 2 A E -1 1 V Q v .2 '-I :L I 3 4 n w + my 6, .1 V 'Se 'z, J, 4 1 ' 1 ' A , . , L . V :nl 4 V 6 H, Q. . r A J , F1 ' 1 " I . ig ' i . 41 1, 5? . . 1 1 - ' ' fy- 2 i Y.. 'ff -, f A .. 1 . Y g' 5- f, . W . - - -. -.Q ,- . N -. 1 . I .L , '.. G -' , , .2 fr 11 Y 3 Q, . ,. 5 . Y V Sv f f ' ' Q7 x, 1, .:. , ,3 yr.. '+I A - J' ' . - ' 1 1:1 ' H 1 ' I Q .A 1 A 3,3 .. S2 :Q Y- K F b N V . V E E N A ,, A- . .Av I . A 5-v , ,I -. : 3 1? " --Q , , 3.. . ' Q xg A . F' 'ff -1: -wi ' A ' QF 'S ' . " fi- , .- sy QA . 3 , - n .1 3. . A . , ' f , 4 L , Y '-gf B 1 , ' A X- - 5 ' . ' . Q., M 5 1 yi 1 'bk--'Q Ji gf ' 5 .- N 3 " - -. L X gf- 51 4' 4 t ' 9- t j, 'ff '-3552 25 Sa f' , 'W ff SL 'il 51.9151 ggi, 513. . , 1 5: . Q. 'WJ 7, '4'si"'i ky 1 'Q-Q5 55 4- 1 A W. ... fi 1 v ' if 'U V.. .M .-a' 'Y'- Q :QP I . A r'Hi.g5 SK 5 . - 165.- '5'if,,' L V .ya EW 3 H New 1 U g ' " Z. . LQ 3 iul"'l "'Y 1- M' 'L L nu ,4 5. 1 fm . mx. r ..- ,-,,, -1 .1 Fir 5 'V ,1 WMI? .:.Q f- f-. ,AEI 1 .--. 1 5 31 gl ff an I 'Quit' " V ' Q. S5 if g , Rx '15 f. I S 5 Q ' 'E -si 5 'il ,L- Vi X EZ, 1 ,422 ff Asp,- .,-, l F4 fi Y 3. QI .v-, .I X . It af if' 'iff'- ' "fer Nj 'V 1 Till , in ,E :L .I Lili,-ru 51 . tlgfgvvllw jw V? fzwfii V -I Iv 5. gn X 1 f - 'EI 'ff THE Tl-U TIGARD May '36 Class Issue SUPERSTITION NUMBER v I N By fhe S+uden+s of TIGARD UNION HIGH SCHOCL TIGARD, OREGON 9 4 FOREWORD We have chosen supersfifion as fhe fheme of 'rhe Annual of Ninefeen Hundred and Thirfy-Six. Supersfifion influ- ences many lives in some manner or form, and an in- fluence so greaf is worfhy of considerafion as a fheme. Scienfific and social workers have labored diligenfly for years fo denounce supersfifious beliefs and modern prop- aganda. Perhaps fhere is no specific means of recogniz- ing fhe insidious influence unfil 'rhe resulfs are made manifesf fo all. The chief enemy of mankind is ignorance. God did nof give us brains fo be slavish followers of every variefy of dope, swindle. fallacy and prejudice. The only anfidofe 'ro fhis poison is deeper knowledge and wider horizons. Alas! The world of old-fime beliefs is crumbling and fhe youfh of foday is an imporfanf facfor in fhe process. The die is casf: fhe book is wriffen fo be read now or by posferify. If may well waif a cenfury for a reader-since Fafher Time has waifed many years for a Senior Class fhaf possesses a scienfific affifude of mind fowards Supersfifion. DEDICATION We dedicafe 'rhe TI-U Annual of I936, in general, lo our reading public because you are our friends and give us sincere cooperalion along all lines of school progress. We owe much +o you. We dedicafe 'rhe Tl-U Annual of l936, in parficular, +0 Mrs. Alice Gregg, a +eacher who has given an unlimi+ed amounl of her 'ralenls and 'rime lo 'lhe sfudenfs of Tigard Union High School. and who, by her unfailing help and cooperafion. has helped +o bring lhe slandards of lhe school +0 Hs high degree of excellence. We owe much 'ro you. fi ...Z A Gnarled Tree-a Dog--a Moon Will the baying dog gel' If soon? A su erinfendenf-a faculfy-and classes - u a I ea e . ADMINISTRATION and CLASSES Tup Row: ll. Jrim-s, H, lme-ily. Middle Row: IU. Elsner, H. Stewart. hmlum I' NI l pmuns,l I I BOARD OF EDUCATION Dan A. Jones, Chairman . Tigard H. E. Leedy, Clerlc . lvlelzger Frilz Elsner . . Bend H. E. Slewarl . Melzger M. S. Koopman . Durham G. lvl. Leslie . . . Tigard The Board of Educalion of Tigard Union High School is composed of live members They represenl 'rhe various dislricls which malce up lhe union clislricl. i These men are elecled by lhe communily lo give lheir lime lo lhis worlc. The Board meels regularly and discusses school affairs and aclivilies, and acls upon lhem accordingly. The lacully and sludenl body have always found The Board lo be friends and sup- porfers ol all progressive measures, and lhe Ti-U Slall is pleased lo give recognilion To our esleerned School Board. 5 SUPERI NTENDENT FOWLER Philosophers and scholars have fold us for cenfuries on end Thai youlh is fhe mosl exacling of all ages. He is old enough To respecl his own desires and ideas, and To show incredulily 'foward +he ideas of his elders. Noihing more need be said in making one realize +he innumerable good qualifies necessary in fhe characler of +he man who leads and carries on an organizafion of youlhs. l-le musi noi only be 'rhe iudge, buf The jury: and above Thai he mus'r be an all-seeing diplomal, +0 whom age means nolhing, and a sfudenf of human nafure +o correclly inlerpref lhe quirks of a sfudenl mind. Add 'ro fhese nec:essi+ies, lhose assels of genialiry. good humor and lrue com- panionship, and The sum will show lhe personal equaliong fhe man, The leader, lhe friend, all combined +0 make our Superinlendenl, Mr. Fowler. The Annual of I936 desires To pay sincere Tribule fo The Senior's besl friend. 6 -Execufive -English . Science Mafhemafics Commerce THE EDUCATIGNAL DEPARTMENTS Fowler Johnson Wunderlich Gregg Boyles Nash l Linn 2 Smilh Mullen Eiclcmeyer I Elweri l Boyles 7 . Fowler 6-Hislory . Smnh 7-Domesfic Science . Summers 8-Public Speaking . 'lljlslen 9-Social Science . lglrsillin IO-Music Nash Smilh Alhleiics . Wunderli Linn ch COLORS Black and Chinese Red FLOWERS Rosebuds and Lillies of Ihe Valley MOTTO Cul of School Life: Info Life's School THEME Superslilion POEM Opporlunify - OPPORTUNITY Masier of human deslinies am I, Fame. love and forfune on my foo+s+eps wail. Ci+ies and fields I walk: I peneirale Deserls and seas remole, and passing by Hovel and Mar? and Palace-soon or lafe I knoclc unbidden once al every gale! If sleeping wake: if Ieasfing, rise before I Turn away. I+ is The hour of fale. And Ihey who follow me reach every s+a+e Morlals desire, and conquer every foe Save deaihi buf Those who doubf or hesilale Condemned 'ro failure. penury, and woe, Seek me in vain and uselessly implore I answer nof, and l refurn no more! -Ingalls 8 ALLISON, 4iElll'l'lll'IlE l "A meek and lIl0fI9Nf nmiden, ' Pmnmerciul Flnh ANDERSON, MARIE "I have no worldly 4-are-n." Connnerclal Flnlu BARNEY. Bill! "Genius ls n 4-ulnu-ity for hurll work." Football Huselmll Basketball Senior Play IILANKINSHIP, .IAUK "l'ersnnality is his wealth." Pulrliv Speaking Uluh Puhllv Speaking' Play Senior Play Student. Body l'resiflent BUICIWIEILS, RIC'HAll,ll "In henrl us lnrge ns holly." Fuuthull Vars 'I' Fire Squlnl DA VIS, IIADBE RT "Carefree spirit sllnws n lumpy life." Football Hunie Ev. l'lnb EGU, I'EROXlCE "The nllltlest manners: the gentlest heart." Puhllr Speaking Uluh Home Ee. Club .X LLISI DN. .I AMES "Merry as ll rippleml luke, hut just us lleen In volume," Pnlllif' Snenklnif t'luh Adv. Public Snenklng Pllly Senior Plny Yell Lender A NIIE USUN. TED Ullightfnl ntuhlmrnness slum'-4 lnlght Student Counvil Fire Squad Pulrlim- Speaking l'lull Pnhlic Speaking Play IIEUVAR, MILLII-I "Of thee l sin,-41" Onerettzl I'IlIlillIPI't'IlII I'luIl IIIIUE. ALMA "M:niden! with the dark In-nwn eyes C'omniern-lul Flnh llnewttu FLA RK, ETILEL "Aly tongue within my lips I reign Girls Hyun IIONALIISON, S'l'l-IW.lR'l' "A umm in guml rn-mule. lfootlmll I-'ire Squml x'LlI'N 'I' HUIIIH Ee. I'lulu ICLSNIC Il, I YA X "Iiuo4l Innnor is at llfe l'IlXlt'lI.,' I4'uutIv.llI I-Ixnerulll 'l'lp:u-rs Uluh Publiu Speaking' l'lnh l'UIlllll9I't'Ii'lI Cluh l'Ill.S'l'EIl, .HM "l'rllNlIll'HN is his plvxisulri-I." ElllPI'P1l from Grunt Foot hull Hi Shuts Stuff Vuru-'I' I"lr-lll, VERA "'I'e-rnslrlmrl-'N own 1llllll.KlllPI'.H Colnnwrviul Club llvllll 'Plwtu llmlluitli-s Plny Um-rvltn FUNK, DAVID "Always rf-only to ilu his part." Chorus Flrv Sound lllllllf' I-lr, Club H.ll.illlll4lA'I'll', 'I'll.l'llAlA "lllivlllg'e-lu-v IIIHKPN good will." llllllll' Er, Cluh l'UllllllPl'i'llil Club HIHIOIAHON, NANCY "lla-uuty springs from within," l'ubll4- Snvuking Club Se-nlor Pluy Iwliu 'Flu-In llI'Illllilllf'N Play HAMl"I'0N, NYILLIAM "'l'o1ul lliillffo-l'f-lui-Q in ihr- world l'lIliPl'l-'ll from ll1IN!'lllll'lI llAllll.lSON, LOUISE i"l'ln- rnullous S+-liloln Q-rr." l'IPllllll!'l't'l!ll Club Hiunv Ev, Club FINLEY, MARVIN "A merry lwurt goes all the iluy Publix' Sp:-uking Club D1-ltu 'l'h4-'iii FiHVI.ElL, JOE ''Strl-llgth-pllysh-ully, nwntnlly, worldly." 'Prnnsfer from ilrnnt Flllltllllll Senior Prosiils-nt Svnlor PIM' 1IAI,RRl'JA'l'll, JESSIE "Why are-n't they ull Clllllklllt likv Home Ev Club lllllllllll-'I'C'lHl Club GAUIIF, EITNICE "Full of swevt imlifferemle-Z ll friend to all." Puhliv Spa-akin: Club Pulrlli' Speaking: Plny Svniur I'lny HRA PVE R, ROBERT "He wvurs his wisdom lightly." 'Frau-lc Manager Football Manage-r Coxulnerriul Club Publix- Speaking Club HA Rl!.lNG'1'l DN, ALVA "More rvspe-i'tvil by wurlil than by Public- Speaking Club Senior l'luy c0lllllll'l'lIlNl Club HICDRICK Chl N'l'0N "None hut he 1-ould he his equal." Fimtlnull lhisvhnll Public' Sui-faking! Club ,. mv?' ss-lf HITE, DONALD "A real man: he who sings at all timPS." Football Operettu Senior Play Vive President of Student Body JACUBSEN. ESTHER "Her slnlle ls 4-lllld-like and bland." Conunerr-iul Club JENSEN, VIRGINIA "She Inns an indefinuble charm." Vive President ot' llirl's League Cunnuervlul Clllb Home Em-. Club Uperettu JOHNSON, HAZEI1 "A reudy snllle, ll 4-beerful word." Operetta Connnerclal Club Home Ev. Club LANIPER, MAR-GIE "Glad with the gladness of a bird." ilueretta State Typing Contest County Typing' Contest Avcomuuniment in Music Tournament. IIUNDSTEDT, LOUIS "Talent runs on silent wheels." Conunen-ial Club MATSUURA, George "Quality ls held ln small b0unLlurIes." Tnulsferred from Banks Public Speaking Club Adv. Public' Speaking Play Senior Play IIOIITZ. AMBER "A emnpunnd of frulie and fun." Connnerclul Club JENKINS. MEIIVIN "Judge not by exterior alone." Transferred from Coquilll- Public Speaking' Club Senior Play Ass't Business Munuger JUIINSON, Iltll-l.0'I'HY "Her words ure trusty heralds." Girls League Vresiclent f'0lIllllt'I'1'ltII Club Delta Tbetu Cluss ilffls-er KOVACH, MATILDA "impulsive, earnest, prmnnt tn net Collllllereirll Club Home Ev. Club LIVIIKER, MILTIRED "Her sunshine sm-utters the shadows Entered from Nebraska Cunnnerr-lal Club M.lIl'l'IN, DOROTHY "A buslness wnnmn I would be." Cununerm-lnl Club Uueretta lhulln Shortlnuul MeI'HERSON, ROSE "Happy mn I, from r-ure I'ln free." COIIllllPI'l'llIl Club Home Ee. Club AIl'l't'Hl-DLI.. llllllflllllll "'I'hlnk- than speak." Hl Spots Editor S4-nlur Play llraxnmln-n Play Adv. I'nbll1'Sw-aklm: Play Ml'l.l,UY. AllIl'E "lrlIllp:vnt and 1-xxn-ting ls she-." Publis' Sm-aklng' Ulnh Adv, Publlc SDl'llklllK' l'lay N4-nlnr Plny llnnw Ev, Pluh NYS'l'IwM. FREDER.ll'K "Qnnllty. not quantity, nf sp:-f-nh." Pnblla- Nm-aklng' Uluh Pnhlh- Sm-aklng' Play Svnlnr Play I'0VVEl1L, Il0Rtl'l'HY "My shoulders he-ar a thousand 1-are-s," tilrl'n Gym t'mnnn-rulal Ulnh Hmne Ev. t"lnh tllrls Lvnznr- Svargvnt at Arms RAMSUY. KATHLEYIN "With he-r dimples she- I-harms all." Ulwrvtta llnunntlc-s l'luy Senlnr Play Adv, Pnhllv Slllqlklllk' Play RUSS, KATHRYN "'l'he-rv la nn wlsdnm llkv franlanvssf' UDt'N'IIll Class Swre-lurk' SAUNDEILS, FLA RENPE "l.vmrth nf pn-1-sm-1-tlve as wrll as stature." Football l'uhllu Speaking l'lnh Fire Squad Yarn T Allltlllkl, ROBERT "I mnke my Dl'9hl9lll'b' known." 0D9retta Dmmntlvs Play Basketball XIHIIIIKPI' Pnhllc Speaking Club NIKON, MAXINE "As good as fair." Pnhllr Speaking Club Sanlor Play Adv. Public' Speaking' Plny l'lC'I'lCRSON, LIYCILLE "Tull, stately, qnln-t tn a fault." t'nnunerr-lal l"lub PRICE. KENNETH "Snr-1-ess he'll have at any urine." Entered from Echo High School ROSS. JACK "Sllanve is wisdom: I am silent." Transferred from Wheeler Pnnunerrlal Club RFE, ROBERT "l.vt's see you laugh. nnylmdy can cry S4-nlnr Play Pluss Uffh-ar Stnde-nt Body Treasurer May Feta Attendant SPHECKLA, HELEN "Marry nnd hllthe she ls." De-lta Tllvtu l'nhllv Speaklnx Club Ilunn- Ev. Club SCHLICTING, ERVIX "No man is better than his best." Puhlh- Sur-akin: Club Cennuwrt-ial Club Music SHERK, EVELYN "Still at-liievinz: Still Illlfillillg. Ccnnniervinl Club Public Sneakluc Play Senior Pluy I'ublle Speakinc Club SIMS, VIRGINIA A miniature of lnvelim-ss." Publlr- Speaking Club Senior Play Atlv. Publlv Sneakiu: Play Sem-retary of l2irl's League .l SPENCER. HIHVARD "I ani unique in that I know niyst-lf." Public' Speaking Club Art Club Chorus 'l'E'1'RlCK, lD0lCU'I'HY "Sweet Pleasant, and llllllSSIIllliIlZ." Delta Theta Commercial Club I'I'CHT'IlCIl. DtlIl0'I'I-IY "One of ZPIIIIIS unvoufine1l." Publlr' Sneakins: Seeretary Publlv Sneakim: Club Senior Plny Adv. Pnbllt- Speaking Play l!I'ICH'1'I'lI., EMANI'I'lI, "Stuflious of ease is be." Senior Play Ilraniatlvs Club Public' Speaking Club tlperetta SCHNIIIIT. HENRY "Hidden always. but he does his part Publix- Speaking Cluh Home Ee. Club Art Club SHUMWAY, KENNETH "He knows what he likes." Football Manager Stage Manager for Senior Play SMITH. HELEN "Blank eyes with a wnnrlrou: t'I'lRI'lll,' Colnlnervlal Club Band S'1'EI'll.l'I, A IITHITR HSDOFYSIIIRIIIIKO prow:-ss ix lured by all Football Baseball Claws I'residr-nt Student Body I'arlinnu-ntarinn TXVISS. DURUTIIY "Her vnlve was ever nuft and lf1w." Transferred from Grant VIflIl.SHUM, HELEN "Ever quiet and r-harmin:.'." Publix- Speaking Club Adv. I'ubllf- Speaking Play Senior Play WEIRD HISTORY In Sepfember, ninefeen fhirfy-fwo, Sixfy-nine imps of greenish hue Enfered fhis cavern af one fime. To learn fhe magic fricks sublime. Tricks of figures, of speech, of charm. Tricks, designed well, fo disarm Ignorance. and if's resulfs. Then each and every imp exulfs When he overcomes his fear, And passes his subiecfs of fhe year. The second year was nof so load As fhe previous one fhey'd had. Their green complexions were nof so brighf This facf filled fhem wifh glad delighf. So self-imporfance reigned each mind As if does wifh youfh so blind. Yef self-improvemenf helped fhem all In coming fhrough wifhouf a fall. So fhey passed fhe grade anon. And anofher year was gone. The nexf ferm saw fhem back again. Sfudying magic. nof all in vain, Alfhough a few fhings bofhered fhem. Things fhaf 'rhey would feign condemn: The irksome ghosf of Will Shakespeare In English class would off appear. And dreaded Caesar's wraifh was seen By Lafin sfudenfs dull or keen. Buf all fheir classes fhey affend, And soon fhe year was af an end. Now came fhe final year af Iasf. If came so slowly, yef so fasf. Our "imps" now had anofher name "Seniors"-a word denofing fame. All fheir fricks +hey'd masfered well. For Ignorance I'hey'd folled fhe knell. Amloifion, courage, wifhouf duress. Filled 'rheir fhoughfs wifh eagerness. Sixfy-nine craffsmen, fried and frue. Bidding fhe cavern a fond adieu. I4 THE GHOST'S PARADE ffhe Prophecyl THE GHOST THE BOGIE THE I-IAUNT THE GRJOAN THE REINCARNATION Gertrude Allison "Gertie" Sherwood "May I wait on you?" XVaitress James Allison "Jimmy" Newberg "Let's give nine for the team." Yell king Marie Anderson "Marie" Tigard "Gee, I dunno." Stenographer 'I'ed Anderson "Swede" Sherwood "I just come over." Farmer Robert Barney "Bob" Tigard "Unaccustomed as I am to speaking." Snorer Millie Becvar "Millushka" Garden Home "Now in Bohemia-." American Emanuel Bechtel "Manny" Sherwood "Hello, you'al1." Bachelor Jack Blankinshlp "Jack" Tigard "Oh yeah!" Junk dealer Alma Blue "Alma" Tigard "An he Says i0 me-." Manicurlst Richard Borchers "Dick" Sherwood "Let's have order ln here." Cheese maker Ethel Clark "Ethel" Bend "I really don't know." Housewife Robert Davis "Bob" Durham "Oh me." Cook Stewart Donaldson "Stew" Sherwood "Hey, wait a minute!" Sailor Peronlce Ego "Peroney" Newherg "What ?" Pie baker Ivan Eisner "Ivan" Bend "W'e-e-ll now, le's see." Swiss yodeler James Ersted "Jim" Metzger "I firmly believe that-." Boss Marvin Finley "Marvin" Tigard "Mon chere." Policeman Vera Fish "Babe" Sherwood "Oh, nuts!" Blues singer Joe Fowler "Joseph" Tigard "Is there a second to the motion?" Peanut vender David Funk "Dave" Sherwood "Is my face red." Fish vender Jessie Galbreath "Jessie" Sherwood "More work." Usher-ette Thelma Galbreath "Thelma" Sherwood "Another day." A school nu1'rn1 Eunice Gault "Gault" Metzger "I feel so silly." Latin teacher Nancy Gholson "Nan" Bend "Hello everybody." Maiden aunt Robert Grover "Bob" Tigvard "Plenty of time." Hill billy XVilliam Hampton "Bill" Tualatln "Either way will do." ,Iugglgr Alva Harrington "Alva" Sherwood "What good is it?" Weather man Louise Harrison "Lizzie" Durham "Oh, that typing." Ballet dancer Cllnton Hedrick "Clinton" Metzger "I am not guilty." Gigolo Donald Hite "Donny" Sherwood "I will now sing-." Spirltugllgt Amber Holtz "Holtz" Bend "Heh-heh, I don't care." Cosmetif-inn Esther Jacobsen "Esther" Tigard "Tee-hee." Movie actress Melvin Jenkins "Jenks" Sherwood "VVe need advertising." Lochinvap Virginia Jensen "Jensen" Tigard "I can do lt." Musician Dorothy Johnson "Johnny" Garden Home "Girls, let's have order." Nurse Hazel Johnson "Hazel" Durham "What next?" Jon,-nnlint Matilda Kovach "Tillie" Tigard "I'd just as soon be frank." Hair dl-gngpr Margie Langer "Margie" Sherwood "TyDP'iyDB-type." Seamstress Mildred Lubker "Milly" Tigard "I never saw a hill before." Monntnin n1nn1,p,- Louis Lunstedt "Louis" Tigard "How funny." Sleep dmnonsh-afar Dorothy Martin "Dorothy" Sherwood "Please may I?" Fnrnnq-'M wifp George Mutsuura "Yorgy" Sherwood "You ain't paid yet." Harmonica gn-tint Rose McPherson "Rosie" Tlgard "Boy, am I mild!" Police matron Robert Mitchell "Bob" Tlgard "I have to write an edltorlal." I'rinter's devil Robert Moore "Bob" Tizard "Ohhhh-gawsh." Social buhp Alice Mulloy "Alice" Tualatln "I only got 98 ln that test." Missionary Maxine Nixon "Zena" Bend "XVell, it was fun anyway." Model Frederick Nystrom "Fritz" Durham "I may have a fever." Medi:-ine man Lucille Petersen "Lucy" Tigard "I don't know." Housewife Dorothy Powell "Dotty" Garden Home "Everybody ready ?" Instructor Kenneth Price "Kenney" Sherwood "I will make the grade." Florist Kathleen Ramsby "Dimples" Tigard "I'm so abused." Crognep Jack Ross "Jacky" Tualatin "Yesslr." Captain Kathryn Ross "Katy" Tualatin "I'll say so." Dancer Robert Rue "Bob" Tigard "Hi-ya, touts." Piano Mover Clarence Saunders "Saunders" Sherwood "Have some garlic?" Professor Helen Scheckla ichecklan Durham "I haven't time." Toe danger Ervln Schlicting ' win" Sherwood "I shall try." Crimlnologlst Henry Shmidt "Heine" Tlgard "Aw, now." Carpenter Evelyn Sherk "Evvy" Sherwood "Just swallow this." Poultry woman Kenneth Shumway "Wimpy" Durham "VVhere's the thunder?" Chess player Virginia Sims "Jinny" Metzger "Oh, I'm scared." Bacteriologlst Helene Smith "Helen" Metzger "Uh-uh." Avian-ix Howard Spencer "Howard" Metzger "How do you spell-?" Detective Arthur Steele "Art" Tlgard "I don't need no slip." Inventorf?l Dorothy Tetrlck "Dot" Garden Home "I hate to respond." Knltter Dorothy Twiss "Dorothy" Tigard "Pardon m'e." Iynpgrgonntln- Dorothy Upchurch "Dot Up" Garden Home "Where's my paint brush?" Cartoonlst Helen Vershuln "Helen" Tigard "Calm yourself." Interior depqrator I5 THE PHANTOM WILL Through fhe wind-driven. rain swepf nighf, fhree figures crepf furfively foward an apparenfly vacafed huf far off fhe beafen pafh. SiIen+Iy, fhe leader sfepped +o fhe fore and beaf a curious faffoo upon fhe door of The huf. His hands no sooner leff Ihe sill fhan lhe door opened sfeadily and silenfly, and a muffled figure, all in black. moiioned quickly for fhem fo enfer. Swiffly 'rhey obeyed, and fhe door closed silenfly, ominouslyf leaving fhem wifh a muffled old man. The room was oppressive, dark, and yef filled wifh an efhereal Iighf which made obiecfs visible while apparenfly in darkness. And such obiecfs! Crysfals, huge fables, and, sifuafed as fhough for decorafion, replicas of black cafs and bafs, realisfically seffled in affifudes of repose. Silenfly fhe old man mofioned fhe fhree 'ro seafs around a fancifully carved fable. "My friends," came his voice, "you need nof 'fell me your obiecf for visiI'ing here. Thaf, I already know. You wish fo 'ralk fo fhe deceased, fhe class of '36, which has passed ouf of fhe life of high school. You wish +o know of any assefs fo which you mighf fall heir fo. Verily, if shall be." The voice faded, 'rhe faloned hand of 'Ihe man soffly fouched 'lhe images on fhe fable, and insfanfly fhe room clouded wifh a suffocaf- ing afmosphere. A voice, powerful, permeafing, and apparenfly coming from no direclion whafever, smofe upon fhem. "Hella, classmafes of Tigard. There are many 'rhings Ieff you by fhis deceased one, which will do you many good furns in fhe fufure. Lisfen carefully, fhaf you mighf hear everyfhing of value. We hereby leave you: "Sporfsmanship, a requisife fhroughoul' life, of as high a sfandard as fhe moonlif nighf is silver. Purify of soul and mind fo face a problemafical world, wi+hou'r wavering from fhe sfraighf and narrow info 'Ihe black and unknown realms of clecepfion and guile. "Youfh and vigor, for we hope you will always remain young, and as acfive as fhe efforfless movemenf of phanfoms. Courage of fhe sfrongesf fype, fo confronf and overcome Ihe mysferies of life as frue acf overcomes supersfifion. Independence of body and spirif, so you may depend on self, noi' on some deceiver. whose mind could well be compared +o fhe crooked and abysmal confines of a Chinese dungeon. Courfesy of spirif and acfion, for life is a maffer of appearance and acfion, and nof fo be iudged parfially in The direcfion of supersfifion and presumpfive fhoughf on spirifualism. Will, fo carry you fhrough danger, and face Ihe doubfful and 'rreacherous chasms of life. lnfelligence: for poor is fhe man who knows nof righl' from wrong, and who knows nof how fo pick frue facfs from fhe boundless buncombe of life. Love-above all, love and devofion, for a friendless life is a prison. Even fhe hideous bafs and wifches of 'rhe nighf would pine away and die wifhouf companionship." The voice paused, and fhe suffocafing afmosphere of fhe room, in some inexplicable way, seemed fading away. Again fhe voice came, buf if was low and infinifely far in fhe disfance. "Cherish 'rhese assefs, you of Tigard Union High School, for wifhouf +hem life would be as dead as fhe dawn-ridden spirifs. Again I repeaf, refain fhese inherifances, for hidden in fhem are freasures of boundless dimensions, waifing +o be found. Now, I regreffully leave you. My life is yours no more: 'Ihe spirif of fhe Senior Class of I936 has spoken." ui n ni if vi ri in I6 DEBUNKING THE BUNK OF SUPERSTITION Supersfifion is fhe fheme of fhe Annual of '36 We firmly believe fhaf infelligence and supersfifion will nof mix. American youfhs are foo clever fo be fooled by bunk, So fhe cry arises, "Down wifh all supersfifious junk." Absurd beliefs are handed down from fhe dark pasf, Unfil fhey become fixed nofions fhaf offen lasf. We offen hear chaffer abouf a black caf, A horse shoe, four leaf clover, such as fhaf. And fhere are fhose who pick up a pin, And for a girl fo fake fhe lasf slice of bread is a sin. And if your palm ifches do you gef money? Such supersfifious beliefs fo us seem funny. Our elders say lighfning never sfrikes fhe same place fwice. The youfh replies fhaf fhe same place isn'f fhere affer if sfrikes o Menfal felepafhy is discredifed by Youfh. lf is merely coincidence, and noi fhe frufh. Have you ever seen fhe ground hog on February 'rhe second? The dafe on which fhe lengfh of winfer is so reckoned. lf is high prices fhaf makes fish brain food, insfead of meaf. And a square iaw means no more fhan big feef. Andy Gump has an exfremely receding chin. Deferminafion? Does he nof say "No" 'ro Min. Some forefell 'rhe weafher by sensifive feefh and corns, Buf fhe weafher man is sfill reading 'rhe baromefer of morns. l-laven'+ you always 'rhoughf fhaf red hair means violenf femper? Science says blonds and bruneffes also make us whimper. We believe fhaf The fragedy of "Ofhello" is ferrible. For if 'reaches evil and wifchcraff fo fhe rabble. The Wifches prophecy of Macbefh fame, IT forecasf by you and l, resulfs would be fhe same Your misforfune, your luck, was nof caused by bunk, Old beliefs can be discarded as so much iunk. You are nof supersfifious, neifher are we, Buf if will keep us working new ideas fo see. I 7 DCS SENIOR DRESS-UP DAY Ywr 'ft irul run: .I. Allison, E. Slu-rk, 'l'. Anile-rsrnl. ll. Sp:-In-1-l'. .l. I4'mvlvx'. 'nd rum: IT. Fish, li, Ilumsluy, XVn-1l1lim.:ut'tln- Doll, lb, I'lN'lllll'l'll. N st rmv: Ii WVit1'ln-S, In.'4-rt IC. llalult, IJ. Ilitv, Napoli-on Group. Front Row: K Rvunsby. M. Langer, V. Jensen. Mr. Linn, Mrs. Mullen. Sem-ond Row: J. Blankinship, D. Johnson, D. Hite. V. Sims, D. Upchurvh, Buck Row: R. Barney, E. Ganlt, M. Jenkins, R. Rue, J. Fowler, A. Steele TI-U TIGER STAFF Edilor .... Lilerary Eclifor . . Business Manager . Ass'r. Business Manager . Adverlising Manager . Circulafion Manager . Classes and Organizafions Alrhlelics . . . Ac'rivi+ies . Arr Edifor . . Hi Spols Edilor . . Assf. Hi Spofs Edilror . Typisls . . . Liferary Advisor . Business Advisor . I 9 Bolo Barney Eunice Gaull Melvin Jenkins Joe Fowler Roberl Rue Jack Blanlcinship Dororhy Johnson Don l-life Virginia Sims Dorolhy Upchurch Jim Ersled Kalhleen Ramsby Virginia Jensen Margie Langer Myrlle Mullen Glenn Linn J. Ersted GOOD WISHES The fellow who sifs around waifing for his ship fo come in is very likely fo find himself 'rhe owner of a whole fleef of lhardlships.-Mr. Fowler. Congrafulafions fo Every Senior. The measure of success is fhe exfenf of fhe individual's service fo humanify. Sincerely, Myrfle Mullen ,, '12 A I Life is a learning and forgeffing.-Wunderlich. "I ' 'flmi Congrafulafions, Seniors. There is nofhing so kingly as kindness, and nofhing so royal as frufh.-F. Weaver. "There are no fricks fo fhe plain and simple frufh."-Ferne Boyles. As fhe child is eclucafed. fhe adulf's inclined.--Glenn L. Linn. To fhe Seniors of I936. May you refain fhe ardor and vifalify, fhe confidence and fhe inifiafive. fhaf you, as a class, have displayed 'rhroughouf your high school career, and success is cerfain fo be yours.-Miss Eickmeyer. Congrafulafions, Seniors: if is well fo realize fhaf nofhing worfh while is ever had for nofhing. For skill, we pay wifh our efforf. For failure, we pay wifh our sense of fufilify. Nafure is iusf. Wishing you much luck and success.-Mrs. Elwerf. Your deeds counf more fhan your words.-Coach Smifh. The world is a ladder for some fo climb up and some fo climb down. So, Seniors. keep righf on climbing fo greafer success.-Chrisfina Summers. To fhe Seniors: May every nofe in your "Song of Life" creafe a pure and everlasfing harmony. -Miss Nash To know whaf we know. and know whaf we do noi' know-fhaf is undersfanding. Miss Johnson Represenfing fhe sfudenf body, I give fhe Seniors my hearfiesf congrafulafions, and wish fhem fhe besf of success.-Jack Blankinship. My hearffelf fhanks for a year of splendid cooperafion and service, and besf wishes for fufure happiness.-Joe Fowler. Congrafulafions, good luck, and God speed you!-Boydell Nedry. THE SENIOR CODE OF THREES Three 'fhings fo govern-femper. fongue and conducf. Three fhings fo culfivafe-courage. affecfion and genfleness. Three fhings fo commend-fhriff, indusfry and prompfness. Three fhings fo wish for-healfh, friends, and confenfmenf. Three fhings fo work for-securify, independence and happiness. Three fhings fo admire-dignifry, gracefulness .and honesfy. Three fhings fo give-air, comforf, nice appreciafion. THE PERSONAL EQUATION lnfelligence Abilify lnfluenfial friends Personalify Good healfh Perseverance Educafion Opporfunify 20 NINTH SENIOROEDITION THE HI-SPOTS Vol. IX TIGARD HIGH SCHOOL, MAY ??, 1936 E '36 SENIQJBS WHIP ANNUAL JINX SENIOR STUDENTS- ON HONOR ROLL Completing four successful years of high school, nine senior students have carved their names in the niche occupied by the honor students. Nine honor stu- dents from a class of 69 is a very good percentage, showing that, not only are the teachers of Tigard capable of instructing the students, but the students are capable of extensive study and concentration and have very satisfactorily finished their high school course. The students with excellent grades are: Alice Mul- loy, Bob Barney, Jim Ersted, Louise Harrison, Eunice Gault, Nancy Gholsnn, Joe Fowler, Evelyn Sherk, and Margie Langer. These honor students also rep- resent a great number of stu- dents of the whole school to QContinued on page 35 COMMENCEMENT With the end of the Com- mencement Services on May 29 the seniors place behind them the second milestone in the high- way of life. Grade school was the first, high school, the sec- ond, and, if college is not to be the third, a direct road to the business world will be fol- lowed. They will then be on their own, to follow the high- way as they like. They may proceed fast and recklessly, slow and fearfully, or moderately and CContinued on page 41 ANNUAL SALES The 1936 Annual, as well as the '36 Seniors, will always have the distinction of having reached their quota, 200, on the day set to close the quota sales. Some last-minute campaigning in the auditorium by the class presi- dent brought forth the necessary two or three purchasers needed to put the sales over the top. james Allison, by dint of hard work and excellent salesmanship, captured the awards given, by the large sum of 24 Annuals. The other Seniors cooperated splendidly, too, in securing the necessary subscriptions. In order to carry out the theme of Superstition for the Annual, the date for the end of the sales contest was set for Fri- day, December the thirteenth: thus allowing 28 days for the ambitious Seniors to sell their lot. The students also decided to award a banner to be used only by the classes reaching their quota on time. IN MEMORY The instructors of Tigard have been a great help to the graduating seniors during their school days, and they wish to use this opportunity to thank the teachers from the bottom of their hearts. The seniors will always cherish their friendship, and the aid they have given the fContinued on page 3l 2 I THE SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENTS jack Blankinship, Kathleen Ramsby, Arthur Steele, Joe Fow- ler, Donald Hite, Dorothy John- son, and Robert Barney. VICE-PRESIDENTS Donald Hite, Marvin Finley, Dorothy Upchurch, Virginia Sims, Virginia Jensen, Robert Rue, and Joe Fowler. SECRETARIES Kathryn Ross, Virginia Sims, Donald Hite, Dorothy Upchurch, Bob Moore, Vera Fish, and Kathleen Ramsby, TREASIIRERS Marvin Fi n I e y, Kathleen Ramsby, Evelyn Sherk, Nancy fContinued on page 41 SENIOR MOTTO "Out of School Life Into Life's School" aptly expresses the am- bitions of the seniors today and tomorrow. In high school, they have trained themselves com- mercially and in literature, re- ceiving the fundamentals for their future schooling either in college or in Life's School. Some have learned an appreciation of literature, some, of music, and some, of drawing. Each of these will aid in relaxation or in over- coming some disappointment, unless these studies become vo- cations. The seniors are well prepared for the future, each having made use of the advantages of- , fered in high school. 2 NrN'rH ANNUAL H1-Svors PEP-BANNER The Pep-banner, a perennial award, was won by the seniors at the football rally. After a day of hard labor by the fresh- men, in a cold wind, the rally bonfire was stacked. However, that was only a portion of the activities. Each class practiced its stunt to be given on rally night, and the band was busy polishing the brass. At last, HaIlowe'en Night, the eve of the Forest Grove game, arrived. The program consisted of a skit from each class, band pieces, and yells. ,l.M-T- SUCCESS OF HI-SPOTS For the first time since 1932, the students of Tigard pub- lished, semi-monthly their school paper known as the Hi-Spots. Under the skilled supervision of three advisors, Miss Boyles, Miss Weaver, and Mr. Linn, the pub- lication proved successful in both a literary and financial sense. The distribution of the four- page Hi-Spots was eagerly con- templated on every second Tues- day afternoon by approximately 190 subscribing members and non-members of the student body. Several seniors took part in producing this paper, and the publication met with approval after having lain on the shelves for the past three years. SENIOR BREAKFAST It has been the custom each year for the teachers to give the seniors a breakfast on the Thursday before graduation. Al- though it has not been definite- ly decided to have one this year, if they do, it will be on the twenty-eighth of May. Teachers, forming various committees, will prepare the food for the break- fast, after which the students will be instructed in the ways of properly conducting them- selves during the Commence- ment exercises. SENIOR DANCES The first Senior Dance was held in the high school gymnasi- um on October 25, the dancers filling the floor to capacity. The decorations carried out the Su- perstition idea of the seniors, and also agreed with the season, for it was very near to the time of ghosts and goblins, Hallow- e'en. The walls were hung with black cats and witches rid- ing brooms while the lights sup- ported black and orange crepe streamers. Numerous pumpkins and apples lined the floor at the foot of the stage, giving the au- ditorium a very festive appear- ance. It is hoped that the sec- ond Senior Dance will equal the first. The second Senior Dance will probably agree with its season, and be a sport dance. ,lil IMPORTANT EVENTS The important events of the year are: September- Freshman Reception. October- Senior Dance, Sophomore Pro- gram, Rally Night. November- Carnival, Public Speaking Program. December- Christmas Cantata, Public Speaking Play "Has Anyone Seen Jean?", Football Ban- quet, Girls' Bazaar. February- Junior Prom, Hi-Y Program, Girls' League Mothers' Party. March- Commercial Program, Senior Play "Mystery House." April- Senior Dress-Up Day, State Typing Contest, County Typ- ing Contest, Music Tourna- ment, Dramatics Play "Guess Again," Public Speaking Play "The Alley Daffodillf' May- May Day, Second Senior Play "Home Again Harry," Oper- etta "Lucky jade," Senior- Junior Picnic, Freshman- 22 PRECEDENTS SET The Seniors have established many precedents to be upheld by future classes. They not only started an Annual Banner to be given to the classes who reach their quota on time, but they also reached their quota on time, thus being the first flass to get their name on the banner. They furnished an editor and several assistants for the reviv- al of the Hi-Spots, and started a Hi-jinks Program to bring forth our talented students. l.Li.l SCHOLARSHIPS Several Oregon colleges, State Schools and Independent Uni- versities alike, will award seven or eight scholarships to deserv- ing '36 seniors. Those receiving scholarships must have excellent grades, and must make their ap- plications in time enough to al- low those awarded and not used or those unapplied for to be given to some deserving stu- dents, in either this high school or another. To receive a scholarship is not only an honor, but it helps to defray college expenses and it gives one the business prestige of a diligent person. SENIOR REUNION The seniors have decided that as a body, they will assemble after graduation. The date set for the reunion is August 30, 1936, and the place is Roamers' Rest. A committee chosen from the class will send out invita- tions as reminders a few days before the reunion. CHARGE OF THE FOOTBALL BRIGADE Half a league, half a league, Pass it-oh, pretty! "Let's have another one!" That's the crowd's ditty. CContinued on page 41 Sophomore Picnic, Commence- ment, Second Senior Dance. NINTH ANNUAL H1-SPoTs 3 THE MYSTERY HOUSE The senior class presented their first annual play, "The Mystery House," March 27, un- der the capable direction of Mrs. Mullen. The play was good and was declared a success from all points of view. It was a mystery comedy, having every- thing from a black cat to a very peculiar poet. The leads were portrayed by Robert Barney, an author, Kath- leen Ramsby his wife. Remain- ing characters were: Donald Hite, relative, Rorothy Up- church, relative, Eunice Gault, relative, Melvin Jenkins, poet, Maxine Nixon, maidg Alva Harrington, executorg jim Ers- tecl, relative, and George Mat- suura, taxi driver. SENIOR JUNIOR PICNIC The seniors are looking for- ward to the traditional Senior- junior Picnic for this year, but, as ever, the final decision rests with the juniors. In former years, the picnic has been held at Oswego lake, with boating, swimming, tennis, hiking, and eating as the favorite sports. It is hoped that the tradition will be followed and Oswego lake will be selected as each gradu- ating class seems to leave a pleasant memory there, which is felt by the following graduates. OPERETTA Tigard's Glee Club successful- ly presented their annual oper- etta May 15 titled "The Lucky Jade." The characters were: Downs, Bob Moore, Mrs. Courtney, Lesta Gillihang Liza, Kathleen Ramsby, Nancy and Jeanne, Babe Fish and Mary Jane Miles, Col. Waverly, Bert Sagersg Herbert, Bill, and Ted, Howard Hedrick, Carl Berlin, and Don Singletary, John En- dicott, Don Hiteg Mary Ann Courtney, Millie Becvarg Fan- chon, Kathryn Ross, Mr. Court- ney, Kenneth Owreyg Horace SPORTS The 1935 football team had a very successful year, having won five games and lost only four. The coach had a number of good prospects for the season, with the return of most of last year's lettermen and second string. The players made an exceptionally good showing on the home field, and a good showing on other fields. The second team gained experience in several games called for them, and those returning give promise of a strong team for next year. Closely following the football season came a successful siege of basketball, the Tigard team having a place at the top of the county list. This year's team has far excelled the previous year's team as a number of last year's players have returned to play as veterans. Being second in the county league entitles Tigard to a place in the county tournament at McMinnville. Last year's baseball team won all but three games. The team was well-balanced and coordin- ated perfectly throughout the season. The baseball season was paralleled by the track season, Tigard being represented in this sport even though we had no meets. ON HONOR ROLL lContinued from page lj have their names placed on the periodic honor roll, as a matter of fact, their percentage is a good deal larger than those of other classes. They have man- aged to hold their own during four years of high school. IN MEMORY CContinued from page lj students will remain a valued asset to be used later in their pursuits. Ferguson, joe Fowler, Sheriff, Marvin Finley, and a chorus consisting of the remainder of the glee club. 23 HOME AGAIN HARRY The second senior play, a three act comedy, entitled "Home Again Harry," was presented May 1, directed by Mrs. Mullen. The plot developed around the mistaking of Stuart Worthing- ton, fugitive bride groom, for Harry Lennon, author of "The Excruceating Sinner." The cast included Nancy Gholson, jack Blankinship, Eve- lyn Sherk, joe Fowler, James Allison, Virginia Sims, Helen Vershum, Art Steele, Kathryn Ross, Robert Rue, Alice Mulloy, and Emanual Bectal. STUDENT BODY TICKET SALE sale of student body tick- this year met with great About eighty per cent student body purchased each class spurred on to the buying of more by the hope of winning the banner awarded for the class having the greatest percentage of sales. The senior class was success- ful in winning the banner, as was last year's senior class, by a very large number of pur- chases. Some bought theirs in support of the school, others, to take part in sports. DO YOU THINK? So often young people of high school age or thereabouts will either accept a fact or make a statement without due thought and consideration. To them, this is preferable because to think demands energy, even as a strenuous sport requires both physical and nervous energy. An athlete doesn't go immediately into the field and take part in a sport, but he trains, builds, and educates his body to meet the demands to be later placed on it. So it is with the mind. Now, as a student, is the time to train the mind. Quoting Ben Jonson, "I re- member the players have often CContinued on page 4-J The ets for success. of the tickets, 4 NIN'l'lI ANNUIII. Hx-SPo'rs CLASS OFFICERS IContinued from page ll Gholson, Thelma Galbreath, jack Blankinship, and Bob Rue. SARGEANT-AT-ARMS Donald Hite, Joe Fowler, Dor- othy Powell, and Robert Rue. MANAGERS Virginia Sims, Kenneth Shum- way, Robert Rue, Marvin Fin- ley, and Bob Moore. , YELL LEADERS James Allison, and Kathleen Ramsby. PARLIAMENTARIAN Arthur Steele. LETTERMAN CLUB joe Fowler, Bob Barney, Don- ald Hite, Stewart Donaldson, Richard B o r c h e r s, Clarence Saunders, Jim Ersted, Robert Moore, and Marvin Finley. MAY ATTENDANTS AND MAIDS Maxine Nixon, Nancy Ghol- son, Virginia Sims, Robert Rue, and Donald Hite. SPECIAL COMMERCIAL AWARDS Dorothy M a r t i n, Margie Langer, Louise Harrison, and Dorothy Tetrick. OPERETTA LEADS Donald llite, Kathleen Rams- by, Lesta Gillihan, Robert Moore, Vera Fish, Millie Bec- var, Marvin Finley, Kathryn Ross, and joe Fowler. DO YOU THINK? IContinued from page 3D mentioned it as an honor to Shakespeare, that in his writing Iwhatsoever he pennedj he nev- er blotted out a line. My answer hath been, 'Would he had blot- ted a thonsand'," but no one of today is a Shakespeare. One must weigh each remark, and study each decision. Later, in business or home life, each student of today will be required to use his own judg- mentg but how many will there be whose decision is to be relied upon? It is up to you, "Do you think, are you going to learn how?" I TIGARD'S GHOST Dear Friends, last midnight, whilst I read Weird tales of vast surprise, A spectre rose beside the bed And spake in this true wise. "From Utopia's beautiful coast I've come to visit thee, For I am Tigard's Ghost, Says Tigard's Ghost to me. I bade him welcome, and we twain Discussed with bouyant hearts The various things that apper- tain To all the Senior Arts. "Since you are fresh from Uto- pia's shore Pray tell me of that most Wondrous class of sixty-nine or more," Says I to Tigard's Ghost. "The boys have entered into perfect restg For it is the life they've won. There are no teachers to molest. No under classmen there to dun. Their joyous rapture has no bounds Beside that Utopian sea, It is a joy to hear sounds," Says Tigard's Ghost to me. Much I rejoiced to hear him speak Of Senior bliss so rare For I am one of those who seek 'Rest, without a daily care. "But tell me, I long to know What doth concern me most, IAre girls admitted there also?" Says I to Tigard's Ghost. "Women folks are few up there For 'twere not fair, you know, That the boys Utopian joy should share Who vexed them here at school below The few are those who have been kind To boys so careless and blind. 'They knew their faults, and didn't mind," Says Tigard's Ghost to me. "To my dear friends I will re- cite What things I have heard you say About that Senior Class of might 24 COMMENCEMENT fContinued from page ll carefully, to make of themselves what they may. Minds well-oiled, imagination well-greased, and a set of new ideas will carry them far upon the many new and broad high- ways which will be opened to them on the evening of Com- mencement. FOOTBALL BRIGADE lContinued from page ZH Cheered on with shout and bell, Nobly they played, and well, Hear their supporters yell: "Come on, the city!" When shall their glory fade? Toast them in lemonade, Eighteen clear goals they made While they were ableg Theirs not to reason why, But pass the goalie by, And get as high as high In the league table. NEW BUILDING In keeping with the growth of the community and the in- creased enrollment of the stu- dent body, it has been necessary to make additions to our present building. The new addition is to be a gymnasium and audi- torium with a full basement which provides for shower and locker rooms for the boys and girls. Ample space has been allowed for manual training, which is to be added to the course of study for this next school year. The new gymnasi- um and auditorium provide for a large stage, basketball court, and balcony. Permanent seats are planned for the north side of the basketball court. Who dwells on other shores so gay. A better class you cannot find Will ever join the Utopian host, They've earned rewards and things so kind." Says I to Tigard's Ghost. Front Row: E. Sfrmnquist, V. Houle, H. Gnngo, M. Fnntetti, H. XVise, R. Patterson, I. llurlon, E. Ullin, V. DePu6. Q. Coble, B. Ehrlich. Second Ruw: Miss liuyll-s, E. llosini-, C. Meyers, H. Thomas, G. Clark, P, 0'Neil, G. Anderson, E. Harris, M. Hays. D. Talent. M. Jacquesa, J. Hnsuike. Bm-k Row: li, XVils0n, 0. Graves, R. Mark, K, Dolison, H. Carson, B. Hulnn-s, ll. Juelz, O. Peterson, J WVil1lmns. Front Row: H. Krause, L. Tooze, M. Sliierk, A. Lewallen, E. Applelrerry, H. Koopnmns, V. Montes, G. Kvllner, 0. IEFYIHIJTI. Sm-oiul Row: Bliss Nash, B. Sagers, E. Olsen, M. Miner, D. Rezun, WV. Eidunsa-liink, J. Collens, K. Owrey, D. Fortune, J. Capri. B. Selliken. Tllirsl Row: li, Nedry, E. Collins, K. Ilnvf, E. Mackenzie, VV. Price, S. Conklin, B. Cochran, H. Bull, II. ll:-ilrivk. J. Alnllett. Buck Row: IL. Allen, Bl. Ypshaw, G, Moore, M. Henry, Il. Hood, J. Houle, E. Atrops, A. Ilrnnknmn, A. Meyer. JUNIOR CLASS Presidenl . . T . Boydell Nedry Vice-Presidenl Ross Pallrerson Secrelary . Margarei l-layes Treasurer . . Dewey Talenl' Siudenl Council Rep. . Max Miner Sergeanl-al-arms . Siuarl' Rhodes T Advisors .... Miss Boyles, Miss Nash The Junior class has successfully compleied i'rs Third year al Tigard Union High School. The class has generously conlribuied To Jrhe afhleiic ieams, 'ro dramalic presenlaiions, and scholarship. The main evenl' of The school year, 'rhe Junior Prom, was enlhusiasiically planned and presenied wiih an addiiional Tealure, The coronaiion of a queen. This proved To be an inleresiing evenl which helped ihe dance nel a profil. The class has worked diligenlly on 'rhe l-li-Spois, making The paper a real "high spol" in The school's aciivilies. 25 l"l-un! llow: F. Allison, M. Ihilmlllh, D. Ilullnrd, M. Cochran, J. SDPll1'Pl', L. Bond, R. Grunt, L. Clark, K. Ezell, A. 'I'nnxnln, lt. fillllfl, R. Mntsuura, E. Ashmore Si-i-mul Row: Mr lilnn, M. Lindley, F. Shntsky, E. Hampton, H. Johnson, A. Murtln, N. Swnlguurd, E. Anderson, W. Mullen, N. lirnmla-I, Il. Atkinrum, I.. Mnrvllewlm, F. Hmnlnu-k, M. Fluhetls-h. iiuvk lluw: H. Wolfe. H. Wvtzell, .l. Apple-lwrry, R. Kuvmelc, li. Sc-lnllurinir, B. White-well, L. May, H. Hardman, ll. Ulnrk, V. Uhilsnn, I'. Gnddis, ll. VR-'l"SllUlll, S. Patton, G. Snylnr, A. Sl'lllll'lIllIl,'I. lfrnnt Ihnv: A. llnll, M. Melius, A. BlultNlllll'3l, 'l'. Yoneyannn, R. Hvffron, D. Singflvtury, L. Di-pue, T. Mn-Intyre, ll. Fraiig, H. Unmmings, M. Miles, XV. Bislmp, M. llnrney si-1-mul Iww: Al. Sith-ll. tl. Bnlmuzli, Al. Shnw. S. .lense-, A. Walling, E, Ihmh-y, IC, Wimilwunl, H. Mi-Furl, Il. Miller. lt. Sli-4-lv, N. ltog1-l's, 141. llnrrinpzlon, M. Kennedy. I1 Nt l d Ihu-lc Ilmv: 1'. lirelln, l'. l'Pl1'l'H0ll. F. I'nn4-k, J. Kelly, . I ix hu' , D. B411-klnnn, A. Brnnvh, F. NllllHPllkHlHlJ, M. Smith, E. llrnluw, V. lie-mn, B. I.nwrem'v. SOPHOMORE CLASS Presidenl .... Wilbur Bishop Vice-Presiclenl Ollo Balogh Secrelary . Norma Brandal Treasurer . . Ervin Ashmore Sludeni Council Rep. . Donald Beckham Advisor .... Mr. Linn, Mr. Wunderlich The sophomore class of I936 has shown unusual aloilily in alhlelics, and il was also well represenled in many school aclivilies. A good percenlage of Jrhe sludenl on lhe honor roll al lhe end of each six weelcs were sophomores. During The lirsl parl of 'rhe year, 'the sophomores sponsored a very inleresiing piclure show, which everyone enioyed. A successful skaling parly was also held. The sophomore class has willingly cooperaled wilh all school aclivilies, and has developed a splendid school spirii. The Sophomore class, wilh il's large number and varied lalenls, will be compelenl lo carry on The lradilional program always expecled from a Junior class. 26 Front Ilnw: E. llllin. ll, Hays, I. Haynes. Il. Moore, R. tlmuw, L. Anderson, A. Atkinson, M. Tnlnntu, F. Adzuns. J. Clark, M. Stewart. Sl-wnnl Huw: li, Kuopnnln, W. Mnnsfivlnl, Y. 'l'urnhuli. A. V1-'I'NlllIlll. M, Fl"l-'flilll. .L Ile-mn. M, Mnrtin, A. BIlll'1'llt'XYk2l, I. Mnsier. M. Billlllilff, D. furry, T. Tnffurll. li. Rower, S. Yun:-ynnnx. Tilirll Row: Mr, Smith, R. Uornwvull, U. Uohlm-, H. Olsen, li. Dlll'100, Il. Ihnfsvulil. M. Lutz. M, NVuml, II. Aiken, M. llnlling'sw0rth, H. s0lll0Nlii, E. Poilhir-fl'.ln. J. Crosruln, J. Aviliilll. liawli Ituiv: ID. AVill,2'l'1lVl', D. I:0l'i'll6'l'S, L. SEIIZPT, K. Avillillllw, l'. Rim-kc-1't, M, llnrris, Il. Ililyvn, L. i'ul'sh, A. Pnslle. lilies-lim: in Front: M. Attiinns. R. Ilnviu, D, Lunstedt, E. Rogers, R. Svln-r-kin, J. Hullu-Putin. Fl-mit Itnw: .l. Hnynes, B. Ailll'llK'?l. D. Brown, E. Johnson, I. Muck, M. Iiruim-r, XV. NVomi, J. Cooper, R. Meyers. M. Sluyter. M. Bullard. Sw-onnl Ituw: Miss NVeui'c-r, l', 1'ete-rsnn. E. Fm-hrimr, L. He-rmisvn, E. Staxllzlril. A. Lzuvrf-nz, 1. Gi-llrosv, D, Hyde, R. Hurnilnrnnk, 'I', 0'IIulle-rn, A. Knlnfnte. l'. IhlfilUllllI'h9l', .I. Fm-Imls-r, '1'hir4l Row: V. Steele. E. Hl'AlllllPl, li. Si-Ply, R. Hagen, N. l'lIlIlIlllllH,'S, P. Lnlnuhn. Il. Uonklin, A. Kvllnvr, Y. l"hu'k. lt. llnnn, F. Zurrhfl. 11-.wk Row: J. Fulton, V. Miller, M. Ez:-il, M. Iimniully, R. Seve-rsmi, L. EilWlll'llS, M. Bullard, C, Se-Iliki-n, .l. Rmllnnn, Il, Iilltler. 'l'. Alnnmlls. .l. Hross, R. Huvki-rn, Il. lirnuknnlll. ll. 'l'nll4-fsun. FRESH MAN CLASS Presidenl . Conrad Sellilcen Vice-Presideni Lawrence Carsh Secreiary . Jack Redmond Treasurer . . Waller Wood Siudenl Council Rep. Roberi Severson Advisors . . Miss Weaver, lvir. Smilh The Freshman Class of I936 has dislinguished iisell by being ihe largesi class ever io enier Tigard l-ligh School, wiih an enrollmeni of I3O. Despiie a few irying days of inilialion, which were climaxed by a royal welcome by ihe upper classes. 'rhe freshmen seilled down io become a very imporlanl parl of lhe sludenl group. 27 LITTLE JOHNNY TIGARD LiTTle "Johnny Tigard" is come To our school To sTay, And pick The knowledge up. and brush his ignorance away. And scaTTer The paper on The floor. and mark The desk, and sleep. And enjoy The Tire, eaT his lunch, and never appreciaTe his keep. And all us oTher pupils when our lessons all is done We sTand around The hallway and has The mosTesT Tun. A-lisTenin' To The hookey sTories Johnny Tells abouT. And he says The Teacher will fail you, If you don'T waTch ouT. 2 Johnny said There was a liTTle boy VVouldn'T play The games Tair, And when he came To school one day. Climbing up The sTair. The principal heard him holler, And The coach heard him bawl. And when They sTepped ouT in The hallway He wasn'T There aT all. And They seeked him in The Turnace room and laboraTory and press. And seeked him up The aTTic hole, and every where l guess. BuT all They ever found was, his cloThes all Torn ouT. And The school will lose you. if you don'T waTch ouT. 3 And Johnny said There was a liTTle girl Always laughed and grinned. And made Tun of everyone, an' all her Teachers, an' sinned And once when There was company And loTs of Tolks was There, She mocked Them and she shocked 'em, And said she didn'T care. And chewed her gum, kicked her heels, And Turned To run, and hide. There were Two Teachers sTanding by her side And They bumped her head on The ceiling, And The Teachers will bump you If you don'T waTch ouT. 4 And liTTle Johnny Tigard says i When The Teachers look aT you. . And They begin To spuTTer and The wind goes woo-oo And you hear The kids laugh And know whaT They say. And all The Tun in you is all squelched away. You had beTTer mind your parenTs, and your Teachers Tond and dear And cherish Them ThaT love you. and dry The salTy Tear, Or The underclassmen will geT you, if you don'T waTch ouT. 28 ,HA . ,, .,'L:--: ,"'!: , f' N L , I f P ' X P1 ' 'Q N A QE' . H , t, , 1 5"Qf2:.."' qv ga - V A, . 5 A 3 A T J , 4, H , A f, 1 A A 4-A .. EQ, M. ff, K 1 ,f ' , 'Y 5' . , 3,1 , . ,, ,, ., 1. , - AAfm.a.wm ,w frm. X-av ' 4 -' -,..-,,,. . ,-,N ,I I x ' --Audrlun:Q'ea8fa1mtam:hmnaHl.nluGn- .-'-f' L . H M, , ' ' ff , ' "1 1 my -- I aalfe'-l 'Q J F 50 39 41 A - Twilv' - -,W -,,, L' W ,- 'frf - - ., ' ' , Q in A--'fl-A .f Si 'fraew ,, L ' ff? " 1-are.: f' . 3 ' 1 I ' wg, . Ygfll N W , .,, q A . lfgg 'U-1 'ga .,. .. iv., R ' fy .wjggair'+.: ' wb N 1' :Him VF " . ,wif .U . 'L , ' ' ' 3 Nfmvifv ,fx-fff+!rx 1 '- 'I' ' ' -T--f V-9 if- .. -1, w.-. . - - I 1 1- V, M-,Elf 1 , , . I Q . W 1 , . Q - - I X -J, U , . . X .N x- , .I,grf:ag' '- "" " ' 'Q .'. ' 9' ' ' 3 " 2 ' , ' . "'1s?.Qfi3w,," 1, ' ' ' " """""':' in . L.. 2-q f'-ff " w'.lA,J1'H' .' , K, - 'V U ,Q ,W M, I :gg I :.i5Q,E?',g1' .'- 'f .A ani: .V 4 1- a..1f:Ag-11. -. . ..- - ,. 1 ,uf W 1,,,0 3 L . gg' W ' ' "" . .,-'f b - - ' A ,, , .A -1 42. 45,5 'Q-iygg . '.Tf""'fff31 - A -r - 1' ,J , A- ,1. B., .4 -,A . ' -fx, ' C- ,, fp- b J .1 - . .- ,,13-ul!-, - 2. . ps af: ZWA iw ""21E5fjW ff I, P-. ' ,A w,f"Q5E: A isgw ' -V. -1,43 A., til- Mm-Hp' 14, ,5,.1"'Lg,. lj, - .n ,Y -, 55.1, , M.-2"Jf"V .-11 73 1 1 ' 9.5 , l..'2,fiJg-1 -Qihggutiig . ' A Q - ' A ' 'WEEE' -f hi .4 iff Wt -',, 246.1 ++""ff'L'f 'J'-'f31'gf'g5r1IN-z2yY-.1 CHQ-'ff if aa -ff: - - 5.1 Q ,1 5 'ag ,, .-.1-. .- L- i Q . ., L, 'r., A gl . ' M r.1:w-m fw- we ..-X, v- ,QK ' far Wil' rf ,la ,. f JZ am Ts. up 'mT,,Z.,.,.Yv f... - iff-t.,.-MM. f 5 s. .+ A P F-,19,y, ,1 iff"JFF" .4 l, rf' ,JI v.i,,-fyf--1, 1, W.,- . , wr .211 . Y ,,,- r, WF: . ' - V., 4 -X ' :ggi-f T:"' , , .1 - 3325, 'A y 1 ,W --3,f,,9,. , . V, T1a14:,f . g'4iv- -gy L- A- .if ' ' ' r3F:'7w5-A--: 4-9. ,J S-1'7fEi" UF. , I1 1- -X f , ' -1 1 .1-,..Q.,,2W " milf- .- +5 ' if-:ai G :- lik Y Q- , 1-"Q,,.., .wg . ,. fir Ziff'-g " Q4 Siu., E.-----. :gp ,w , , . fv-'e',?3, .miiu 7.3. 1-1, I 3 E ,i.i,, ..,,,, 5 E. . .wb Q 2' gs-iw-fm-1f+ -LAL - 11:-16'-f - "z:Qn'-x51ma- , : .1-33' 1' V gggiggg.-I -,-,-,4.w..4'-lil. V- .1 . 'lr' 1, -5 - .Y ---. V, K' - y .- 4l'j!f21ue.amR?Jg-i2gEm.- N- -f. nw-1 '- -A A '- . , nf "EJ f,,4,f, -IQKLW - , .--1. - V -, u. fl, ww - if , , P1 '-1-1-a'-'Q-'fwflf-H '-s -18h'A'f Ni -.V gf ., Ivy,--.1-"""-f1!"T.1' - rfv,-r..,J'1f,5wf.,gg..4. -: "'X- ' .ff 16:71 . ff'-N sf HQ 1-S ' 'f' g:.i5f5i'5'hxf Nt' W.,-,., ,Q in W .. -'gk v Lglffgl f-Cq"!k:'v 5, 1 1 ufvfrfsx. Aj,-Avg q5iF5gbi,1M,g..g,'.1.,--W rr- Z .nr-5 H-',,1f1La,1.fSH4,r?-251, ' ng 5, --:,. ,,, . Wi,-.. ., .V V nm . H, --.J 4. , , J l .zinfg--1' 9- Lraw..-1 -- ng,.:,,..-w .. , f-., x 21 ' , , 5 '61 -Wi, naa.L,gle '- A..s -.1"" ...-.- .... f , -1, X- ' ' -f flfdfis v-.f- KN 1 i, 'NWigi'4"ii': , - --nv vnvvzfv-ur . s. 1 'f w .- 2 ,X 1. c.. A A- f A' ,er Jn, H , ,, . 5-14-:.j,,. 3 L '.-'vp-.F 'Q 'Wu 247 ff?-5--'-45'--9""fY -. jim. ju- ' .X .geffageff-eil-+ - fr ,F" Q. -'. A L, Front Row: Mr. Fowler. D. Johnson, K. Raxusby, Mr. Linn. Second Row: D. Hite, J. Fowler. A. Steele, R. Cnrsnn. R. Barney. . I Back Row: B. Nedry, J. Blnnkinship, R. Rue, D. Beckham, M. Miner, C. Selllliell, R. Scverson, XV Blshop, STUDENT COUNCIL Presidenl' . . Jack Blanlcinship Vice-Presidenl . Donald l-lile Secrelary . . Kalhleen Ramsby Treasurer . . Bob Rue Business Manager . . Russell Carson Parliamenlarian . . . Arlhur Sleele Reporler . . . Dorofhy Johnson Freshman Represenlalive Bud Sellilcen Sophomore Represenlalive . Donald Beckham Junior Represenlafives . . Boydell Nedry, Maxwell Miner Senior Represenlalives . . Joe Fowler, Bob Barney Advisors . . . Mr. Fowler, Mr. Linn The Sludenl Council has The influenlial posilion of being 'rhe legislalive body of lhe high school. H manages school affairs and aclivilies, makes awards, inlerprels Jrhe conslilulion, and performs many olher minor dulies, under lhe able guidance of Mr. Fowler and Mr. Linn, The aclivily and sincerely of This group holds a slrong influence over general school policies and The success or failure of numerous sludenl body aclivilies. 29 l"1-mil llnw: ll. l'lic-liurr-ln, K. Runisliy, Miss Gregg, Mrs. Elwert, Mrs. Mullen, Miss XVe-aver. llzufk li crxx' 2 D. .lnlmsnn, Y. Ju-nzwn, Y. Sims, N. Gholsen, D. Powell. THE GIRLS' LEAGUE Presidenf .... Dorolhy Johnson Vice-Presidenl Virginia Jensen Secrelary . Virginia Sims Treasurer . . Nancy Gholson Sergeanl-a+-arms . Dorolhy Powell Reporler . . Dorolhy Upchurch Music Direclor . Kalhleen Ramsby Advisors . . . Mrs. Mullen, Mrs. Elwerl, Miss Weaver, Mrs. Gregg The Girls' League of Tigard High School was organized in i928 by Mrs. Gregg. who was our unliring advisor unlil her receni reliremenl from leaching: Mrs. Mullen, Mrs. Eiwerl, and Miss Weaver being 'rhe presem' advisors. Every girl, upon regislering in lhe school, aulornalically becomes a member of lhis organizalion, which is for lhe purpose of developmenl in social, menlal and physical fields, as well as for 'rhe promolion of friendship. New arlicles of comforl and cheerfulness are added each year To lhe league room, which is equipped wilh medicine chesf and furnilure for lhe convenience of lhe girls. Every monlh a business meeling is held, al which,a program is given. During lhe year, 'rhe lwo main lunclions are 'rhe bazaar, which is held 'ro raise funds for The league, and 'rhe molhers' and daughlers' parly, which was held February I2 Jrhis year as a Valenline fealure. This organizalion is very helpful lo lhe girls, in lhal if gives lhem an opporlunily lo parlicipale in aclivilies, develops l'heir abililies and encourage leadership. 30 Front Row: H. Johnson, A. Holtz, R. McPherson, M. Langer, D. Ream, E. Mackenzie. Second Ibnw: E. Collins, P. 0'Ne1l, I. Houle, Mrs. Elwert, M. Luhker, D. Martin, J. Collins, L. Harrisu 'TI A d . . ll EFHOH. Back Row: D. Tetrlck, M. Balougli, 0. Bulnugh, L Lunste-dt, V. Houle, D. Johnson, COMMERCIAL TEAM The Commercial Team is made up oT shorThand, Typing, and bookkeeping sTudenTs. As usual, There has been much progress made in These sTudies. LasT year aT The counTy conTesT, which was held aT Behnlce-Walker Business College, Tigard showed a high raTing by winning eleven ouT of TourTeen awards. Those par- TicipaTing were: Advanced-Doris Rahmig, BeTTy Leedy and DoroThy Johnson. Be- ginners-Margie Langer. Louise Harrison, and DoroThy TeTrick. AT The sTaTe conTesT which was held aT Corvallis, The Team won TirsT place, receiving a silver Trophy and banner. Those parTicipaTing were: Advanced-Doris Rahmig and DoroThy Johnson. Beginners-Margie Langer and Louise Harrison. Doris Rahmig won TirsT place in speed Tor The advanced group, and Margie Langer won TirsT place in speed Tor The be- ginning group. The shorThand class has also shown much progress. Three naTional awards were won by DoroThy MarTin, Louise Harrison, and DoroThy Johnson. This year in radio shorThand, DoroThy MarTin won The only sTaTe award oTTered. The Commercial Team has made splendid progress under The able leadership oT Mrs. ElwerT. 3 I Front Row: L. Gllllhun, J. Mallett, K. Ramshy, D. Tetrick, N. Gholson, H. Johnson. Sec-ond Row: Mins Nash, H. Ball, H. Schecklu, V. Fish, M. Nixon, D. Johnson, A. Brookmnn, B. Selliken. Back Row: M. Finley, J. Fowler, R. Moore, A. Lewallen, R. Due, R Mitchell, D. Hite, C. Brelln, R. Barney, K. Owrey. DELTA THETA CLUB Presidenl . Kalhleen Ramsby Vice-Presidenl Belly Selliken Secrelary . Vera Fish Treasurer . Bob Rue Advisor . . Frances Nash ln every modern school, conlrolled recrealion forms an inlricale parl of educalion. Sludenl body programs, slcils, plays, and speeches all go logelher To form a nelworlc of recrealional evenls lhroughoul The year. ln schools of larger size, lhe sludenl bodies can afford lo hire skilled performers for many of lheir performances, bul' noi so ihe smaller schools. They are dependenl upon Themselves for lalenf, and musl use and develop lhis lalenl as if appears wilhin 'rhe sfudem' body. Therefore, in Tigard High, as in many olhers, a dramalics class has been organized lo develop and use school +alen+. The class sludies +he fundamenlals of aciing and presenls numerous plays. skils, and fealures as experience and enlerlainmeni for olhers. The crowning lealure of The year is a full evening's enlerlainmenl in 'rh form of a 3-acl play. l'r is lhis dramalics class which forms lhe aclive body of a Della Thela Club. They. along wilh former siudenls, form lhe class club, which is noi only inleresling socially, buf provide numerous free enferlainmenfs for lhe enlire sludenl body. 32 Front Huw: Il. Twiss, E. Jnquith. A. Podbielun, B. S1-lliken, M. Upsliuw, H. Bull, J. Mnllett, J. Williams. M. Shi:-rk. N. Glmlsen. Ii. Gillihnu. SE'1'0Il1l Row: H. SDE-'ll1'4-'l', M. Finley, G, Moore. E. Svlllichting, B. Sugvrs, R. Allen. C. Sanders, TV. Eidenscllink S. Illmilm-s, M. Miner. .I. Fowli-1', C. Hedrii-k. Ihu-k Huw: M .Im-nk4-ns II Sc-limidt 1' Brnnrli K Owrev D Talent XI Nfnntetti, E Harris I Clar J Ca .. .. ,,. ,A,. . .,1. ,, pri, Ii. Iluruey, IS. Peterson, A. Harrington, R. Mitchell, L, Fosner. PUBLIC SPEAKING PresidenT .... Bob Barney Vice-PresidenT . BeTTy Selliken SecreTary . . Mary Jane Upshaw Treasurer . . Max Miner ReporTer . . STuarT Rhodes Advisor .... MyrTle Mullen Talking has long been The abiliTy oT men as a means oT communicaTion, buT during The lasT Tew cenTuries and especially, The lasT Tew years, The abiliTy To speak well has Taken on a diTTerenT aspecT. Speaking is The meThod used To seTTle personal and communiTy quarrels in lawsuiTs, and now, may iT lasT Torever, is used by naTions To averT war by arbiTraTion. However, debaTe is iusT one oT The uses oT speech. OraTions are powerTul in swaying public opinion. IT has long been a quesTion concerning The relaTive sTrengThs oT The sword and The pen, buT now, boTh are surpassed in The sweeping power OT The spoken word. In a lighTer Theme, drama gives us beauTy and relaxaTion, prompTed by The winning and skillTul words oT The experT dramaTisT. Add To This The ioy oT inTelligenT conversa- Tion and The reaping oT beTTer conTacTs, and The power oT The spoken word is made clear. To meeT all These currenT demands, up-To-daTe high schools have developed a course oT public speaking. This course Teaches all The TundamenTals oT good speaking To sTudenTs, ThaT These sTudenTs mighT have This one asseT To Tace The hardships oT The world. SkillTul speaking is noT a momenTary inTluenceg iT will go on Tor Time eTernal. WiTh This aTTribuTe in hand, may The sTudenTs oT The Public Speaking Club oT I936 be carried To unTold heighTs by The abiliTy evolved under The helpTul environmenT oT The club. 33 out Rnw: R. Holmes, F. Nunnenknmp, J. Iwata-Ll, Mr. Fowlvr, Mr. Smith, Mr. Linn, M. Fiulu J km cond fifivvihlilliellsllmort-, NV. lim r Il. Rue, G. M lltv rn-, U, S1lllll4ll"l'S, Il. BH-kluun, M. Blilll'l'. R, lhlrnvy. k Ru lb H't K St 1 I I ll I 1, ll. Gmhlis, G. ltillllll, R Cnr VARS T CLUB Presidenf . . Joe Fowler Vice-Presidenl Donald Hire Secreiary . Bob Barney Treasurer . . Arllnur Sleele Sergeanl-al-arms . Peler Podbielan Facully Advisors . Mr. Fowler, Mr. Smiili. Mr. Linn, Mr. Wunderliclw FOOTBALL BASKETBALL Arllwur Sleele Bob Holmes Joe Fowler Bob Barney Russell Carson Pele Podbielan Gordon Ealon Gordon Moore Bob Barney Richard Borclners Max Miner Donald l-lile Sluarr Donaldson Clarence Quinn Wes Boyer Clarence Saunders Jim Ersled Del Gaddis Ray Du Rie Donald Beclclwam Floyd Nunnenlcarnp Gordon Ealon Joe Fowler Gordon Moore Del Gaddis BASEBALL Gordon Moore Russell Carson Arllwur Sleele Bob Barney Floyd Nunnenlcarnp MANAGERS Bob Moore Marvin Finley Bob Grover F1-:mt Row: D. Talent, K, Owre-y, D. Hire, NV. Bishop, B. Neilry. M. Finley. Buck Row: Mr. Fowler, R. Moore, R. Rue, D. Ii!-'l'kilt'llll, B. Lawrence. J. F0 HI-Y CLUB PresidenT . . Donald l-liTe Vice-PresidenT . RoberT Rue SecreTary . RoberT Moore Treasurer . . Marvin Finley SergeanT-aT-arms . Joe Fowler Advisor . . Mr. Fowler wler "To creaTe. mainTain, and exTend ThroughouT school and comrnuniTy, high sTanclards oT ChrisTian characTer." This is The purpose oT l-li-Y worlc. In iTs TirsT year aT Tigard. The I-li-Y club has enjoyed a successTul year under The leadership OT Mr. Fowler. IT is designed chieTly as a service organized To The school and communiTy. ln iTs acTiviTies, The club works Through The members as individuals. We hope ThaT in The TuTure The Hi-Y may carry on an even more exTensive program in The service To school and communiTy. A greaT number oT services, such as keeping The ground Tree Trom rubbish, pro- viding recepTacles Tor lunch papers, and exTending help To underclassmen have been perTormecl by members OT The organizaTion. CollecTively, The members sponsored a picTure show. which neTTed splendid resulTs financially. The Hi-Y Club's ideals and principles are ouTsTanding, and The organizaTion should be encouraged in every school. WiThouT an exemplary-ChrisTian characTer, all oTher Training goes Tor naughT. 3E Front Huw: Miss Isoylvs, ll. Ilull, ll. Johnson, M. l Miss W1-nver. Tpshnw, B. Se-lliken, N. Glmlson, J. Mallett, E. Stromquist S1-1-mul Runs: Mr. Linn. BI. Finley, lil, Mum-ke-nale, E. liuult, K, Owrey, M. Hays, R. Barney, H. Thoxnn A. IBTUOKIIIIIIL ll. Mitm-lu-ll. Ihuek Row: M. lfkunetti. B, Sum-rs, D. Ream, J. Ersted, E. Applebc-rry, D. Tnle-nt, D. Upchurch, R, Patterson HI SPOTS STAFF Business Manager . . Assislanl Business Manaqer Advisor . . . Edilor . . Assislanr Edilor . News Edilor . . . Boys' Sporls Edilors . Girls' Sporls Edilor Fealure Edilor . Proof Readers . Exchange . Poel . . Sociely Edilor Typisls . ' Advisors . Reporlers . Bob Barney Dewey Talenl Mr. Linn Bob Milchell Kennelh Qwrey Mary Jane Upshaw Frederic Nyslrom, Berl Sagers Jeannelle Mallelr Siuari Rhodes Nancy Gholson, Belly Selliken Jim Ersfed Edilh Appleberry Evelyn Mackenzie Helen Thomas, Edna Slromquisi' Miss Boyles, Miss Weaver Marvin Finley, Helen Ball, Dewey Talenl, Alvera Brookman, Doroihy Ream. Mark Fanielii The Annual ol: I936 lakes pleasure in acknowledging lhe renewal of fhe Hi Spols as an impor+an+ sludenl body ac+ivi+y. 36 A Spider is in fha web, so if seems. He is symbolic of aihlefic teams. The web is spun by vigor, brains, and be-aww Unfil vicfims info fha nef are drawn. ATHLETICS ii 1 Jr ' " Xe. . NA 11- -' . - M X? H A .fm ' ., 5' .' v--ew,.g.f. -...,.1w,-.M-:..fg Q7 ' A uf- . , HQ ' ' ' 'I '- -WF", T' A au-v,.,,,,mW,,,,,..a1i.E,z ,H E w- ,, ,..:'f H., , ,A "'-,i"-'QL T' ,iz r ,,:, . , .E ,tial ' "' 'J Y H ' F 11-rrxsylif-:,,..L ,--QA. m" w. nr ' ,A ' - Q :V ,fr--' '--AL.,,f.,1 - if M - Q 11. Y-. x,::,,.:,p A QSM-,, few.. "QL-gw,1sigHm V ,- 'L ,Ki ,nr 1. :Q-, in- :-,, - "' ,.. ng' 1 Li." .j"' UL-f Su . a,......- ,.4,,'Lj?: K ' f- ,, ,gf Q25 . MH wtf. ' mai ., ,cf ' M72' H... - . 'ra '-.ffrp . -. -' f all if' . P?'t1-if I Hui M QV.: gi, iffy, 795: 'V' '- .Hy-gg. 12" "i1.5'..ll. Q x ""?"'ffg: luv.. " 41- - ' 1 .1 -51.2-'zz ' 3 uv ' - '72, la, ..A ,5ii1.1 . -' pg. fag .wiki W j-uz'.Q,.T dry ,,.. A ..,.,.,,,W- if X. , , . .624 J' ., , .-sm-3 , . 33:37 1 , wg. 5 . " fi. 3'-- -,,, W ' N . ,... -4, V A N . ' 'E wi. V.-..' 1' -.fl-5 .,,. ,- ' . 13. ..E'...' Mg, , ,,.f,. . 334: ' if. u-4 I-. '3.ni. la-1 '-" IL' . . , Q. f-N-415:-fm X: ini. WM f':'.i ff" .f ,..,Mz-me N? .- x 2 ' K ,aiibnf-1 wg' s- 2 as-49 COACH SMITH Educafional experfs have, for several years. agreed fhaf afhlefics play an imporfanf parf in modern educafion. They fill 'rhal cerfain niche of physical endeavor, of co- operafion and feam work. fhaf is so necessary in fhe developmenf of frue manhood. The leader of afhlefics musf be a feacher of abilify 'ro handle a course of sfudy as well as 'ro be an insfrucfor of afhlefic requiremenfs. These requiremenfs pul a heavy responsibilify on one man. Yef even more fhan fhis, fhe coach musf sfand crificism, and musf have a personalify 'lo cope wifh all fypes of people. Words are inadequafe fo describe fhe fype of man capable of holding such a posifion. If suffices fo say fha? he is a real man. On behalf of 'rhe afhlefes of fhe school and fhe enfire sfudenf body, fhe Annual of I936 dedicafes This page fo Coach Smifh, wifh sincere appreciafion for his splendid leadership. 37 4 4. 6. L sk, 1 Front Row: H. Entnn, S. Ilonuhlxon, .l. l"nwlvr, M. Minvr, A. Steele, U. Quinn, R. linrvlwrs, P, 1'0dL1Lk'llIl ll. Moore-. 1-vmnl Row: lt. Iluliie, H. Ulnr, .l. llross, .l. Cnpri, Il. Moore. Il. 'I'nlent, XV, Wood, H, Hedrim-k, R, Norrxuwon I". NIIIIIIPIIRIIIIIIL R. lhll'llt"y. li. Fnrsnn, ll. Ilitv, K. SIIIIIIWHIY. Hum-k Row: Mr. Smith, 15. Ne-dry, Il. Tnllvfsnn, ll. Ilinglm-Ky, A. Harris, 1. Elsna-r, U. Snmh-1', F. Hedric- l+1l'st4-d, Il. Nlnlln-n, l'. Russxnnsm-n. H. lihlllllllt-'l', .L Ilnsnilw, K, Uwrvy, Front How: S lmnnldsnn, l'. Pnmlhivlnn, M. Minvr, A. Stew-lv. U. Quinn, lk, liorrln-rs, ll. Muon-. llnrk Row: Mr. Smith, H, Ent!-n. IC. linrln-y, Ib. llitv, J, .Iuwlc-lr, R. Unrsnn. Sep. Od. Od. Od. Od. FOOTBALL SCHEDULE 25-Banks-Here 2-Vernonia-Ten+a'rive 9-McMinnville-Here I6-Open 23-Edacada-Here I936 Od. 30 Foresf Grove-There Nov. I I-Hillsboro-Here Nov Nov 38 Newbu rg-H ere -Beaverfon-There FOOTBALL Coach SmiTh began The '35 foofball season wiTh nine refurning leTTermen, and several good prospecfs. , The season's opening game was wiTh ST. Mary's. on The home field in a closenhard foughf conTesT. The oufcome was doubfful unTil The final whisfle. ST. Mary'sf9von by virTue of a converfed poinf. 7-6. Carson scored for Tigard on a 60-yard run. NViTh a large confingenf of supporfers To cheer Them on, The reorganized Tigers journeyed To McMinnville To be Turned back, I4-O. Even Though This was The largesf score againsT The Tigers in The enfire season, in This game Their poTenTial power was very much in evidence. Bofh Touchdowns were resulfs of blocked punfs. Smarfing undr The sTigma of Two successive defeafs, Tigard oufrushed Franklin Hi of Porfland, 7-O. Hife. injured iusf before The game, was unable To play. Primed To show The home-Town Their worTh, Tigard ran rough-shod over ST. STephen's poTenTial Big Nine champs, To The Tune of I3-O. The oufsfanding feafure of The game was Moore's punfing. On a cold, wind-swepT field, Tigard's game, fighfing Tigers were forced To swallow The biTTeresT pill of The enTire season, a 7-6 defeaT by The arch-enemy, Foresf Grove. Oufplaying Their opponenfs. Tigard scored in The firsT half To lead 6-O. A momenTary leT-down in The Third quarfer allowed Foresf Grove To score, and a conversion provided The margin of vicfory. Playing on a rain-soaked, muddy field, Tigard coasfed To a I9-O vicfory over a ligh+ buT fighfing Newberg squad in The annual Armisfice Day game. Cufplayed by a heavier Hillsboro eleven. Tigard was clefeafed I3-O, buf despife The size of The score, Tigard held The powerful Hilhi offensive in check unTil The final quarfer. The lasT Touchdown was made in The final second of play. due To an infer- cepfed pass. This was The only conTesT in which The Tigers were oufplayed. Journeying To Esfacada, Tigard easily defeafed an inexperienced buf game Esfacada Team. 32-O. The second sfring played mosT of The lasT quarfer, and nearly succeeded in scoring. Hughes, former Tigard sfudenf. was oufsfanding for Esfacada. ln The annual Thanksgiving classic wiTh Beaverfon, nine seniors and Three juniors inTIic+ed upon Beaverfon The worsT defeaf ever handed The Orange and Black by Tigard. Showing power in every deparTrnenT, Tigard scored I8 poinTs To BeaverTon's none. This made The score 2 To I in SmiTh's favor over Warren of BeaverTon, old Time college rivals. PasT scores 6-O, 0-7. Tigard scored lOl poinfs To Their opponenfs' 4I, and won five ouT of nine games. making iT a very successful season. The ouTsTanding sTrengTh of The line is aTTesTed by The facT ThaT Tigard placed all The men on The lefT side of The counTy all sTar Team's line. Carson, baclcfield ace, and one of The counTy's leading scorers, was The fourfh member of The squad To gain all counTy honors. Moore, Podbelian, and Quinn, were The linemen who placed. Sfeele. Tigard's sTalwarT cenfer, was given firsT choice on The counTy all-sTar second sfring. AT The annual banquef affer The season, ArThur Sfeele was elecfed honorary capfain of The Team. 39 lst 'l'n-um: Mr. Sulllh, .l. l4'mvlvr, lf. Nllnxwnlauxup, R, llnrnvy, ti. Eaton, ll, Ih-vklnlm, G. Mmwe-, Aslunure-. R. Ilnlnu-s. Sn-1-mul 'l's-nm: li, l'm'hrun, Il. Clmmile-r, H, Mmnsfin-lil, ll. 'l'nlvnt, Il. llardlmm, K, Uwrey, R. Hau'kvr, C. Sn-Iliki-n, C. llrunvlx, W, liislmp, li. Rus- Mgr. TIGARD "SUPER-VARSITY" This secTion is devoTed To The boys who have given Their Time To baskeTloall, louT who were noT Tar enough along as yeT To play TirsT sTring ball. Among These boys are Tellows who in The nexT year or Two will carry The Tigard TirsT-sTring colors. The pur- pose oT The Team is To learn Team worlc and an idea OT sporTsmanship. This year The boys, under Coach SmiTh, enjoyed a very successTul season, winning IO ouT oT I5 games and piling up 256 poinTs To Their opponenTs' 207. In The TuTure, Tigarcl Teams look Tor These Tellows To carry on Tor Their Alma MaTer. 40 BASKETBALL BaskeTbaII season rolled round To Tigard wiTh only Three leTTermen reTurning. How- ever, Coach SmiTh pulled several caTs ouT-of-The-bag and Then: A Green-and-whiTe Team deTeaTed Franklin oT PorTland, 37-I7. Forced WashingTon Hi oT PorTland To The limiT, To gain a I9-25 vicTory. Again, on The home Tloor, Trounced Franklin, 25-I4. in The TasTesT and wildesT game in many moons, The Tigers overcame a 20 halTTime lead To win from Parkrose, 28-25. LosT a hard ToughT game To Hillsboro, 30-24. Removed sTigma of lasT year's ForesT Grove deTeaT by winning, 35-2I, To break inTo The counTy win column. Dropped a wild reTurn game wiTh Parkrose. 29-26, again TighTing an uphill baTTle in The second half. Gained Their second vicTory by deTeaTing ST. Mary's on The home Tloor, 24-I9. Won easily from Newberg on The home floor, 40-26. Playing a good sTeady game Tigard deTeaTed BeaverTon, 28-I7, on BeaverTon's Tloor. Were again deTeaTed by Hillsboro, 2I-I6, on The home Tloor in a hard, TighT conTesT. Took a game Trom ST. STephens, 27-20, on Sacred l-learT floor. in a slow ragged game deTeaTed ForesT Grove, 20-7. HalTTime score was 3-I Tor Tigard. Took ST. Mary's inTo camp, 2l-I9, To virTually assure second place in The counTy and a Trip To The disTricT TournamenT. STarTing slowly, The boys gained momenTum in The second half To make iT Two sTraighT over Newberg, 2l-I3. ln The Tinal counTy game, The boys played sTeady ball To deTeaT BeaverTon To The Tune oT 25-IO. Thus The regular season ended. A very successful season, indeed, Tor noT only did The boys win Tor a percenTage of .750, buT a Team of underclassmen was developed To carry The school laurels onward. Only Two in The TirsT squad are graduaTing. The remainder will again see service nexT year. PRAYER OF AN ATHLETE LeT my hearT be bare of haTe, V And devoid of any weighT. LeT my Tears be hard and clean, And my sorrows swiTT and keen. Make my living clear as lighT. Make my dying be a righT. No beliefs and no regreTTing. No delighT and no begeTTing. NoThing buT The winged heel, STirring dusT in TransienT zeal. 4l Front Row: B. Nedry, H. Hedrick, V. Hjelte, R. Carson, R. Sims, F Nunnenkamp, R. Rlese. Ser-ond Row: F. Reiler, G. Moore, D. Dobson, Mr. Smith, Peterson, J. Hasuike, B. Sagers. Back Row: A. Steele, R. Burney, C. Quinn, C. Hedrick, Riese, W. Nunnenkamp, D. Towers. BASEBALL HISTORY 'lhe I935 baseball season opened wifh only fwo refurning leffermen as a nucleus around which fo develop a feam. However, fhere was a good furnouf of inexperi- enced men and a couple of fransfers, who helped fo round ouf a sfrong feam. This proved fhaf an abundance of maferial is available af Tigard, despife fhe comparafive infancy of fhe sporf af fhis school. The firsf game of fhe season was played af Tualafin. The Tigers showed asfonishing power wifh fhe sficlc, and Coach Smifh was able fo use all his subs and gef a line on fheir various abilifies. The final score ended I5-l for Tigard. The Tigers pounded ouf a fofal of fiffeen hifs. The second game of fhe season was played wifh fhe Jefferson Reserves. Affer a slow sfarf in which Jeff fool: fhe lead. Tigard began finding fhe ball, and passed fheir opponenfs fo finally win 5-3 in fhis game. Jefferson pounded Sims hard in 'rhe firsf inning, buf affer fhaf fhe Tigers' defense fighfened up, and held fhe Jeff boys scoreless for fhe remainder of fhe game. The following Friday, Tigard mef fheir arch opponenf, Hillsboro, and mef defeaf for fhe firsf fime in fhe season. Again if was fhe beginning innings fhaf proved fhe undoing of The Tigers. For fwo innings fhe Tigard boys played ragged ball, and Afhlefic Calendar Foofball Sep. 27 Tigard Sf. Mary's Losf? Ocf. 4 Tigard lvlclvlinnville Losf?? Ocf. II Tigard Franklin Won! Ocf I8 Tigard Sf. Sfephens Vicforyl Nov. I Tigard Foresf Grove Defeaf? Nov. ll Tigard Newberg Celebrafions! Nov. I5 Tigard Hillsboro Raspberries? Nov. 22 Tigard Esfacada Profifl Nov. 28 Tigard Beaverfon Hurrah! 42' BASEBALL HISTORY Hillsboro collecfed eleven runs, a lead impossible fo overcome. The lasf seven innings of fhe game were fighf, well played ball. The final score ended, I3-8, in Hillsboro's favor. Tigard gof revenge for fheir firsf defeaf by beafing Tualafin, 4-I, on Tigard's own field. The boys showed real form in fhis game, and errors were few and far befween. The nexf game was one of fhe biggesf successes of fhe year, as far as fhe feam was concerned. They broke a long sfanding iinx by beafing Foresf Grove on fheir own field. The boys played good ball in fhis game, and Sims successfully confrolled fhe heavy sficks of fhe rival school. Three days lafer fhe boys again mef Foresf Grove. and again defeafed fhem. The game was held on fhe Sherwood field before a good crowd. This game was also well played, and did a fhorough iob of breaking fhe iinx. The scores of fhe fwo games were 7-5 and 8-5, bofh in favor of Tigard. The affermafh of fhe Foresf Grove games were foo much for fhe Tigers, and fhey losf a hearfbreaking game fo Jefferson, 2-I. The game was exfremely well played and was a pifcher's duel for fhe enfire disfance. The game was marked by fhe lack of hard hil- balls. The lasf game of fhe season rolled around wifh fhe Tigers again facing Hillsboro. The game proved a sfruggle from beginning fo end, wifh Hillsboro finally emerging vicfor by a 8-7 score. The game was filled wifh fense sifuafions, hard hiffing, and a few cosfly errors. Wifh Hillsboro leading by 3 runs in fhe ninfh, fhe Tigers made a valianf efforf fo overcome fhe lead, buf were cuf shorf by one run. If was a fhrilling finish for a successful season. As fhe I936 season comes info view, prospecfs for fhe season are brighf. Coach Smifh has seven leffermen, mosf of fhem well experienced ball players, furning ouf for fhis year's feam. ln addifion fo fhis. he has a boy or fwo who have had successful seasons in fasf, independenf feams. The boys are all good fielders, and fheir power wifh fhe sfick should be sfronger fhan ever before. Two seasoned pifchers are working for posifions. Backing up fhis group of veferans is a willing, hard working group of fellows, sfriving fo break info fhe squad. As fhe fhird season of Tigard baseball comes info view, prospecfs are quife brighf, and fhe profeges of fhe sporf af Tigard have profound hope in really esfablishing baseball as a successful major sporf in fhis school. The Annual of i936 sends ifs hearfiesf supporf, and wishes fhis nafionai sporf fhe besf of luck. i Afhlefic Calendar Baskefball Dec. Tigard Franklin Double Vicfory! Dec Tigard Washingfon Minus? Jan. Tigard Park Rose Gain! Loss? Jan. Tigard Hillsboro Double Loss? Jan. Tigard Sf. Mary's Won bofhl Jan. Tigard Newberg Twice Vicforiousl Jan. Tigard Beaverfon Won again! Feb. Tigard Sf. Sfephens Winner! Feb. Tigard Foresf Grove Winners again! Feb. Tigard Sf. Marys Hard Vicforyl Feb. Tigard Newberg A Sefupl Feb. Tigard Beaverfon Conquerersl 43 l i X . lf'rnnl lhuw: U. TfI'!llll'h, C. Quinn, D. Towers, D. Hlte, R. Mark, T. Fishhurn, S. Rllodes, Mr. Slvverrl. llnvk llnw: M. Mlm-r. H. Thomas, B. Singers, M. Selnmler. R. Smith, E, Smith, R. Davis, R. Ilnml, IK. Grover, R. Dullie, D. Dobson, F. Siefert, Mr. Linn. TRACK Track was organized lasT year under The direcTion of Mr. Sievers. The squad, al- Though small and lacking proper faciliTies, developed several ouTsTanding performers. MosT prominenT among These was Fishburn, sprinTer, who won fiffeen ouT of sixTeen sTarTs and won The righT To run in The sTaTe meeT aT Eugene. Earl SmiTh disfinguished himself wiTh The discus and shoT, while Tower won his leTTer in The disfance races. Fishburn was The mosT consisTenT performer and was chosen honorary capfain aT The end of The season. MeeTs parTicipaTed in were: WashingTon-Columbia Counfy meeT aT Hillsboro, Counfy meeT aT Beaverfon, and The Pacific U. InviTaTional and disTricT meefs, boTh held aT Pacific. This year Track will be handled by Mr. Wunderlich. Running will be sTressed more Than field evenfs To build up a squad for The fuTure. GOLF LasT year, for The firsT Time. golf was made a minor sporf aT Tigard, under The able direcfion of Mr. Linn. The Team produced surprising resulTs for The firsT year of cornpefifion by winning from BeaverTon, Parkrose, Lincoln and WesT Linn l-ligh Schools, where golf was well esfablished as a sporT. The crowning success was a bid To The STaTe golf Tournamenf held aT Salem. Frank SieferT was season capfain. ProspecTs for '36 look exceedingly brighf, wiTh several members of The winning Team of '35 reTurning for compeTiTion. 44 5 -+5 hi! " ' 239' I l X, 1 ,Jw ., ,, A .gy v .- N r i .L , ,J , ,,,, a ' 1. W -4. X 1 , I1 I N l W K , I W I ,,, x 1 ,MM .. 1...,N, , .,. , ' ' ' 1-Ag , xa31,,,,,. . lr . , Y r ,sr ' 1 Y -- -""f'-.---'-".-:- ' ' :4,:,, , V :':'z - .-f- , F Y.,,,. ,.w , I , 4 . , I , x. 4 2 1 , . J... ' 1. L .1 'A ' ' ' f ,. - f ,..,1f I - ,. aww- I ' ""lc"'x 4- 'F r , ,.'11l"! If .-kv 1-'Y' ,f- .. If 12' A 'V iz, -. ' . .. . v i ,147 M, , ,R V 1 , 1 ' V 4 ':"" "1" A . .. K -.5 , ' , , V In P f 1.,- uf, ., 1 I ff - ' V . ' ' " raw-wr :LA " 5: - f A F X ., fd? ' : hm ' -5:5 """g'3'3-2?1- 1? 54515-' f"x' " 'E 4 'A - - 'Vi '1'?",--'f f?f'i:...2 T - '. V 1 311541: f,. - ' " 11 fi6Qi6Ef1.AnH?ExiQE-'Ji ld V-J-ehf5'5g4-?-,QMH -ff . fi -w 5:51 ' 'A ' N 'SY , 'Wg 1 -'25 In WF., .., .X Ms,'.'r f -' :5 .Q ff s-21? -' -Q-, 'E ' A , L,-1 . S- . .. in --" A- - - -' A ff' Q ff' ' A, fzh nilt if J, rigjgfiygz Me, 14 .wt ---If mfgq- ' ,I . u : ' ' '. . .. ' f!',',.,,1, 1 .. ,, f:m!'c ,gifs s W . ,z , . ,--. ,,, ?, 1- N. Y Q 2 . -ya. 35 ,L . , ir P 5 IFYM HAS ANYONE SEEN Mrs. Bunch .... Mrs. MarTha ParTridge . Mrs. J. M. SmiTh Selma . . . . Dr. Hale . . Mrs. Hale . . RoberT Link . . DoherTy . . Mrs. Maida Del Rey Miss Mull . . . Nicholas Van HooTer . . Jean . . . . Jake Parlrridge . . BerTha Creegan . . Clem Creegan . . Acey Tuggle . JEAN? Alice Mulloy Eunice GaulT Virginia Sims Helen Vershum RoberT MiTchell KaThleen Ramsby Donald HiTe George MaTsuura Maxine Nixon Helen Vershum Frederick NysTrom DoroThy Upchurch James Allison Evelyn Sherk Ted Anderson Jack Blankinship The Advanced Public Speaking Club oT I936 presenTed a Three acT play Has Anyone Seen Jean?", under The direcTion of Mrs. Mullen, December I3, I935. The ploT is cenTered around The mysTerious disappearance of Jean Mallory, heiress To The Mallory esTaTe. The young cleTecTive on The case Tails in love wiTh The girl whom he Thinks is Jean, and helps her escape To The counTry wiTh an old woman who is really a crook. The band oT crooks, by whom Jean is held, plan To hold her Tor ransom. However, Bob Link arrives in Time To save her, only To discover ThaT she is really iusT a common working girl. Meanwhile The real Jean Mallory has run away, and is married To a young docTor. The crooks are capTured, and The play is broughT To a delighTTul close. Humor is provided by Acey Tuggle, a would-be deTecTive. 45 The TirsT senio The direcTion of THE MYSTERY HOUSE Harry Van Orden Mary Van Orden Ered Turner . STephen Clark Sadie Brown . Eleanor WebsTer Mrs. Merrill . Jack Hawlcins Percy Vernon Kilbridge Uncle Jasper Bob Barney KaThleen Ramsby George MaTsuura Alva HarringTon Maxine Nixon DoroThy Upchurch Eunice GaulT Donald HiTe Melvin Jenlcins Frederick NysTrom r play, "The MysTery House," was presenTed March 27 I936 under Mrs. Mullen. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Van Orden, newlyweds, have come Trom Their honeymoon To live in a house leTT To Harry by his Uncle lgnaTius, on condiTion ThaT iT will noT become his properTy unTil he has occupied iT Tor ThirTy days. OT course This seems a simple procedure. buT wiThin a Tew hours aTTer Their arrival, looTherson'1e relaTives begin To appear and disrupT domesTic TranguilliTy. Comedy is lenT by Percy Vernon Kilbridge, a would-be poeT, and much married Mrs. Merrill, who, by Their eTernal quibbling wiTh The ancienT Uncle Jasper, soon seT everyone's nerves on edge. Two OT The younger and more harmless members oT The uninviTed guesTs, Jack Hawkins and Eleanor WebsTer, add The love inTeresT, and iT is because oT Jack ThaT The house is Tinally owned by The Van Ordans, and The diTTiculTies concerning money are sTraighTened ouT. Uncle lgnaTius was one oT NaTure's Noblemen, and his peculiariTies conTinued To rule The household aTTer his demise. 46 HOME AGAIN HARRY Caroline Srirch Abigail Lennon Dr. George Addison . . Mrs. Margaref Rowland . Mary Rowland Nelson Robey Grace Rowland Siuarr Worrhingron . Beniamin Barlow Sir Roberr Cosgrove , . . The Hon. Enid Cosgrove . Harry Lennon Helen Vershum Evelyn Sherk Joe Fowler Alice Mulloy Nancy Gholson Arrhur Sreele Dororhy Johnson Jack Blankinship James Allison Roberr Rue Virginia Sims Jack Blankenship Mark Worrhingion . . Emmanuel Beckrel "Home Again Harry," 1'he second senior play, was presenied May I, l936, under rhe direciion of Mrs. Mullen. The srory concerns Sruarr Worrhingion, a lugirive bridegroom, who, on sropping al' ihe boarding house of Mrs. Lennon, is misiaken lo be her nephew, who has been away for 'rhree years. Eurlher complicaiions arise when lhe real Harry arrives home. Sruarr falls in love wirh Mary, previously Harry's sweerhearr. Therefore, he is derermined ro sray, alrhough he runs info many diificulries when Harry keeps making his appearance afrer Sruarr has leir 'rhe room. Sir Roberr and his daughrer, Enid, whom Sruarr lelr ar rhe alrer, srop io spend ihe nighr al rhe boarding house. They kidnap Harry, rhinking him ro be Sruarr, and Enid marries him, buf she is heari broken when she discovers she has married rhe wrong one. However, wedding bells ring in rhe near iurure for Mary and Sruarr, and rhe currain falls on a successful and happy ending. 47 GUESS AGAIN Janel Moore . Bill Douglas . . Henry Grimes . . Waldo Eills . . . Mrs. O. O. Skinner . Dora May . . . Olive Ordway . . Marcella Jenks . . Lord Wigglelon . . Berlie Blodgell . . S. H. Prall . . . Lula Perkins . . . Renee Lamour . . Sol Messer . . Vera Eish Bob Barney Kennelh Owrey Roberl Rue Belly Selliken Helen Ball Kalhleen Ramsby Dorolhy Johnson Bob Milchell Rob Moore Carl Brelin Nancy Gholson Jeanelle Mallelr Aaron Llewellan A comedy, enlilled "Guess Again," i7, I936, under lhe direclion ol Miss Nash. Business al Edgewaler Inn is praclically non-exislenl, and lhe only guesls are Mrs. Skinner, her daughler Dora, and Olive Ordway. Prall, lhe local banker, holds lhe well-known morlgage on lhe Inn, and lhrealens lo ousl lhe unhappy Grimes wilh or wilhoul warning. Bill, in love wilh Janel, sels his wils lo work on lhe invenlion ol a job lor himsell al lhe holel. Lord Wigglelon ol England is lo arrive al lhe cily, and aboul lhis lime a queer looking duck, evidenlly English, regislers al lhe Inn. A lillle laler, anolher Englishman regislers as Lord Wigglelon. Wilh lhe news lhal lwo lilled Englishmen are regislered al lhe Inn, lhere is a sudden rush in business. The lwo Englishmen leave, and lo keep up lhe rush in business, Bill and Waldo pose as lhe Lord Wiggle- lons. The lwo real Englishmen relurn and lhe play comes lo a successlul and happy ending. was presenled by lhe Dramalics Club on April 48 MAY FETE Queen . . . Prime Minisier . Senior Senior Junior Junior Princess . . Aiiendani . Princess . . Ailendani . . Sophomore Princess Sophomore Allendanl . . Freshman Princess . Freshman Aliendanl' Train Bearers . Crown Bearer . . Margarer Olson Earl Smilh Ruih Gholson Vicror Hielie Virginia Sims Robe-ri Rue Emelia Podbielan Cecil Branch Shirley Pallon Donald Beclcham Larry Bissell, Gle Joyce Cochran n Carson Spiril of 'rhe Nalions . . Lorraine Hughes The sevenih annual May Fefe, sponsored by ihe siudeni body of Tigard High School, was held May I7, l935. The royal procession was led by Jrhe flower girls, crown bearer, and scepier bearer, followed by ihe princesses accompanied by lhe affendanis. Gracious Queen Margarei l was escoried io The lhrone by Prime Minisier Earl Smilh. Following +he coronaiion, a march of Jrhe naiions was presenied by ihe girls of 'rhe high school, followed by 'rhe May Pole dance. Luncheon was served ai noon, and in +he afiernoon a baseball game was played beiween Tigard and Hillsboro High Schools. The eveniiul day was broughl io a delighiiul conclusion wiih 'rhe preseniafion of 'rhe second senior play, "Lady Lilac." 49 THE LUCKY JADE Downs . RoberT Moore Mrs. CourTney LesTa Gillihan Liza . . KaThleen Rarnsby Nancy . Vera Fish Jeane . . Mary Jane Miles Eol Waverly BerT Sagers HerberT . Howard Hedriclc Bill . . Carl Brelin Tea . . Donald SingleTary John EndicoTT Mary Ann CourTney . Fanchow . Mr. CourTney Horace Ferguson SheriTT . Donald HiTe Millie Becvar KaThryn Ross KenneTh Owery Joe Fowler Marvin Finley "The Luclcy Jade," a Two acT musical comedy, was presenTed by The Glee Club under The direcTion of Miss Nash, May IS, I'-736. Horace Ferguson, a famous marlcsman, is a guesT aT The home of The CourTneys. SecreTly, he is There To acquire The valuable iade ear oT an old voo-doo idol. This ear is in The possession oT Liza, one of The servanTs, and enables her To ToreTell TuTure evenTs. A house parTy is given Tor Mary Ann, and exciTemenT ensues when The ear suddenly disappears: and as iT does noT reacT easily in sTrange hands, iT brings a mulTiTude of misTorTunes down upon The house. ATTer many complicaTions arise, The Luclcy Jade is resTored To iTs righTTul owner, The CourTney home is saved from a morTgage, and John noT only wins Mary Ann, buT comes in Tor a biT of addiTional good TorTune as well. 50 CARNIVAL Carnival signiTies a greaT merry making, and as such iT has always been in The hisTory oT our school. Qur I935 Carnival was held in November, using The Theme oT The holidays oT The year, around which a program was woven and presenTed in a lively, inTeresTing manner. New Years gave us "Auld Lang Syne" as The bell Tolled The hour oT Twelve. ValenTine gave us red hearTs and a ValenTine dance, danced To The sTrains of The song. WashingTon's BirThday was characTerized by paTrioTic selecTions and marches. April Pool's Day was The prize winner in inTerpreTaTion-a vacaTed sTage-omnious silence- audience sympaTheTic-curTain closed. May Day was symbolic oT a Queen. FourTh oT July again meanT paTrioTic music. Labor Day was porTrayed by hard work and opening oT school. Hallowe'en. wiTh all oT iTs mysTery, was developed Through black- Taced comedians Tull oT Tun and mysTery. The spiriT oT Thanksgiving Day was broughT ouT by a playleT. designed To Teach ThaT There is always someThing To be ThankTul Tor. Then came ChrisTmas Day, and poor TaTher lamenTed The TacT ThaT he was The goaT, wiTh all The joy Taken ouT oT ChrisTmas because he had To pay The bills. The holidays also provided a scheme Tor booTh decoraTions. and The ideas were cleverly execuTed by The decoraTion commiTTee. The booThs conTained wares oT all descripTion and sold rapidly Tor Tair prices. especially The delecTables oT The Tood booTh. The evening was broughT To a successTul climax by The pleasure of dancing, wiTh boTh young and old parTicipaTing. Our I935 School Carnival was a success socially and Tinancially. The Carnival is a home coming Tor our alumnae, and a reunion oT several classes was held aT The Green Fir CaTe. May The TuTure classes develop and carry on The Carnival ThaT has meanT so much To all Tormer sTudenTs. School Calendar Social Calendar Freshman recepTion Delicious! Senior Dance Wow!' Yell leaders elecTed Pep! Sophomore's SkaTing ParTy Bumps? Hi SpoTs sTaTT chosen QualiTicaTions! Alumni parTy Reunion! 6irl's League oTTicers insTalled Impressive! Carnival Noise! PooTball rally Noise!! Girl's League Bazaar ProTiTable! Annual sTaTT elecTed QualiTicaTions? Public Speaking Play Applause! Hi SpoTs sTaTT program Colossal? PooTball BanqueT Speeches? Senior picTures Taken BeauTiTul? ChrisTmas PageanT BeauTiTul! Commercial awards given lv1eriTs! lvloTher's ParTy EaTs? LeTTermen's iniTiaTion Garlic!! Junior Prom SumpTious! Prom Queen elecTed Lovely! Senior Play lvlysTerious! Cooking Class visiTed Meizger lnviTaTions! DramaTics Play Hilarious! May Queen chosen BeauTy! May PeTe CourTly? Senior Dress Up Day CosTurnes!! Second Senior Play Funny!! "Alley DaTTodil" Surprise! QpereTTa Melodiougl Typing ConTesT Again! Senior BreakTasT STuTTed! Music TournamenT Melody! CommencemenT Pinis! Senior BreakTasT EaTs! Junior Senior Picnic Au Revoir! 5l SHADOWS OF THE PAST SENIOR DANCE . The Lover sighs-"If music be fhe food of love, play on." The seniors held fheir annual sporf dance on Ocfober 30. The decorafions followed fhe harvesf idea. Good music, a good crowcl, and a good fime. CARNIVAL The Wifch shrielcs-"Laugh and laugh and laugh!- The sfudenf body parficipafed in presenfing fhe fradifional Carnival on November 25. "The Parade of fhe Holidays" followed in bofh decorafions and program. A fun loving crowd made merry, and succeeded in making fhe Carnival a greaf success. GIRLS' LEAGUE BAZAAR The Fafes cry-"You are doomed fo foil and spin." On December Il. fhe Girls' League held a bazaar, which was affended by many Chrisfmas shoppers. Affracfively decorafed boofhs confained giffs lcindly made and donafed by fhe girls. There was a program, and coffee and cake were served. ADVANCED PUBLIC SPEAKING PLAY The Ghosf groans-"Who'II solve fhe mysfery"-7 "Has Anyone Seen Jean?", a fhree acf mysfery play was presenfed by fhe ad- vanced Public Speaking Club on December I3. From beginning fo end, fhere were plenfy of fhrills and suspense. An appreciafive audience lauded fhe performance of an appreciafive casf. FOOTBALL BANQUET Banfuo says-"Who is fhe uninvifed guesf af fhe banquef? A dinner was given in honor of fhe foofball feams and 'rheir fafhers, by fhe boy's mofhers on December I8. Affer fhe dinner, shorf speeches were given by all fhe guesfs. Everyone had an enioyable evening concluding a successful foofball season. CHRISTMAS PAGEANT The Wind whispers-"Be af peace wifh fhe world"- A beaufiful pageanf of fhe Chrisfmas sfory was presenfed by fhe Dramafics Club and fhe Glee Club. Awards were received by Commercial sfudenfs. and leffers were received by 'rhe foofball men. Greefings were exchanged as everyone welcomed fhe Chrisfmas vacafion. MOTHER'S PARTY The Gourmand says-"Eaf and be merry." The members of fhe GirI's League gave a parfy honoring fheir mofhers on February I2. There was a program consisfing of music, a play. and speeches by fhe girls, bofh preceding and during refreshmenfs. JUNIOR PROM The Fairies say-"Come, one and all, dance round your queen"- A Valenfine Junior Prom was presenfed by fhe enfire iunior class on February I5. Queen Efhel Kilpafriclc reigned over a merry. musical kingdom. and her willing subiecfs ioyfully responded fo fhe inspiring music of fhe orchesfra. 52 SENIOR PLAY The CaT yowls-"I am lgnaTius's Ghosh" The TirsT senior play, "The MysTery House," was presenTed under The able direcTion of Mrs. Mullen on March 27. The play lived up To iTs name and provided many Thrills. as well as laughs for The audience. The casT porTrayed Their parTs well and The play was a greaT success. APRIL SENIOR CLASS DAY The SkeleTon pleads-"Cover me wiTh brighT garmenTs." The Seniors oT '36 held Their class day April I. Class day is Tradifionally a dress up day, and The various variegaTed. villianous cosTumes carried ouT The Theme of SupersTiTion. A splendid program was held, and sTunT picTures were Taken Tor The year book. DRAMATICS PLAY The Englishman cries-"AIer+a EsToy"! On April I5. The DramaTics Club presenTed "Guess Again," a Iighr comedy, under The direcTion of Miss Nash. The TasT moving siTuaTions were wiTnessed and enjoyed by an appreciaTive audience. MAY FETE The Clown jibes-"I-Iey Queen! A Mouse"l May I. I936. was ruled by Queen Virginia I and Prime MinisTer Jack Blankinship wiTh Two aTTendanTs from each class. The Theme of The May FeTe was broughT ouT in dances given by The grade schools. A lunch was served aT noon, a baseball game in The aTTernoon, and The senior play. "Home Again, Harry," closed an enjoyable day. SENIOR PLAY The Fool replies-"LaughTer cures worry." The second senior play, "I-lome again Harry," also under The direcTion of Mrs. Mullen, was presenTed May I. This comedy was enThusiasTically received by a large audience and was enjoyed by everyone. OPERETTA The Dragon answers-"Jade will bring luck." On May I5, The opereTTa "The Lucky Jade" direcTed by Miss Nash was presenTed by The Glee Club. MysTery, comedy, and good music uniTed To make a very success- Tul performance which The audience enjoyed. COMMENCEMENT The Owl hooTs-"Who are you, where are you going?" CommencemenT exercises were held The evening oT May 29Th. The class numbered 69 graduaTes. The girls were beauTiTul in Their gowns of various hues. The boys looked somewhaT serious in Their Tormal aTTire. The class moTTo is: "OuT of School Life: InTo LiTe's School." May we live up To iTs Teachings and be useful ciTizens. Our school days have been pleasant May we say "Adios", "Au Revoir", and "Good Bye". 53 l MR. ALSPAUGH We like a pleasanf person, who greefs us wifh a cheery good morning-who is ready fo help feacher or pupil find fhaf elusive losf objecf, and yef wear a smile. We like fo hear fhe swish of fhe broom or fhe lcnoclc of fhe hammer, for we know fhaf our friend is nearby, and is nof disfribufed by our noise any more fhan we are by his. There are many qualifies fhaf are likeable in fhe person whom we are wrifing abouf. Can you nof guess fhaf his name is Mr. Alspaugh? A MESSAGE Many of fhe fhoughfs are original-some were bargained for-and maybe-a few were sfolen, while fhe parenfage of ofhers have been acknowledged before fhe whole world. Credif has been freely given where credif was found fo be due. To fhe compilers fhe fhoughfs wre worfhy fo be "bunched." All who believe wifh 'lhem fhaf fhe Boolc af ifs worsf is as good as fhey could make if, we fhanlc you. The compilers' mission was fo qef fhe besf ouf of all arficles presenfed. And fhey are grafeful fo fhe persons who have produced such splendid fhoughfs fo be sfored in fhe Memory Boolc. Sincerely, Myrfle Mullen Bob Barney Eunice Gaulf The Whangpoodle is wha? iiclles your ribs, When you lisfen fo Hue cornedian's Hhs. He looks wise and alerf in Hue Garden of Eden. Knowing our adveriisemenh you'll be readin'. ADVERTISEMENTS . . I I ! ll f.:::::::::::::::--:::::::::-----:::::::-::::::::::::::::::::q lr ll ll ll ll ll ll II jg "Money in the Bank" meets the requirements of this 1: ll . . ll gg sW1ft movmg dynanuc World of today. 1: ll , ll gg ll ll II ll ff FIRST BANK OF TIGARD 3 II ll nn ll 2-.....-------------..-------,: : :xcxx : 2 2 3 c :xc ::--:::-::-.l :::::::-::::::::::-:::::::::-- ,:--:::::::-:::: ........... -., BOYER TRUCK SERVICE If Local and Long Distance Hauling and Moving Phone 91 Tigard, ore. ll , ll Tigard Motor Company 1: Authorized Ford Dealer ll Sales and Ser-vice All Makes of Cars ll "Where You Can Always Get a Tigard, 2845 - Portland, EAst 5828 Better Dealn C- If-- B0yerA TjgarQ.A0reggQA ::---:::::::::::-:::::::--:l p....---....-----::::::::::::4y g:::-:::::-::-::::::::------.., It It 'g I EE Save 107 to 5092 on Your Printing HI SCHOOL BOOK STORE I: ll gf 0 i If SCHOOL BOOKS AND SUPPLIES gg 3 Buckingham Prmtery 1: ICE CREAM - CANDIES 3 :I "Thr Littlc Shop fwith a Big Reputation" :: gg -M 1: an ll G. 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H. Eickmeyer 1: ll ' 0 l: 1: Red 8: White Store II 1: 4: 1 1: ll Greenburg, Ore. 0 -- 1: 1: 1: U 1: 1: 5,------..------..---------...4 T3tCOC3333D33C33!93LC9ttt0t0w g TIGARD BAKERY g I: Sp1'f'iali.r1.r in :I Bread - Cake - Fancy Pastry ll John Hamilton, Prop. Tigard, Ore. :I 1L-----------------------......l r-Of..-----------------Q----1 1: 4' 1: I: : TI ' 1' d : g a ent s at lgar g :E 1: 500000000000000000000000000004 1""""'""""""""'"g ll . . 'U K Electric Supplies gg :I and 1: , 1: Contracting II 1: 'I 1: ll 1 1 ll 1: 1: gg YAMHILL ELECTRIC Co. g ll Everything Electrical :--------------..---..-......: TI 0 ll tl 0 0 nu ll 0 IP ll ll ll tl 1 I IP IP ll ll 0 0 ll ,,.4 -1 0 0 ll 0 li IP II ll 0 0 IP ll ll IP 0 0 ll ll li 0 od 'W ll ll ll lr mn 1 I tl 4l 0 0 IP lr li li ll tl ll 0 ll II 0 IP .4 'W 0 IN ll tl tl U 4l 0 II ll od 'Y ll ll ll IP ll lb 0 IP li IP 3 U U U H I"""""':::::'::::::":mm::::m::m::"':::::x: 'I I 4 . U I A Symbol of Sweet Memories . . . I II " I YoUn . CLASS . PIN 1: U U I: ., .... gg., II " ' 3 FRATERNITY ,u5!,-MESLEIN 410 MAEGLY, gg and CLUB ees' 4' ...I gngy TICHNER BLDG., ll I: PINS 5 - 610 S. W. Broadway gg I II " b"'::"':::0::::::::::::ISC222202: ocooo :::::::::---::::,:::,l '.'--""""""""""""" r:: 2 ----- :: : :--:- ---- ---- - --- II Il U " " "" 'K H Lenore Hart's Beauty Shop I: U if BRoadway 4769 I GARDEN HOME G d H , 0 . " 'I I H' U' Om " :I gg BARBER sHoP gg I--------------------'----I I 1: 'I II 99ooooooooooooeooooooooooooi II' . gg I .... I ., R. D. Smith ,, jg 5: :I General Merchandise ll :I Garden Home, Oregon HHFFY Tetrick EI ATwater 4634 I 5::"::0"::0:::::::::::::oo:d 4, ------- ---Q.-Q---Q-.-Q...-Q-A r---Q--M ------ ::::::::::::::-::::-:::::::-:::::-:::--:::::--q U 0 II AN APPRECIATION OF MUSIC jj I: is necessary to .the cultured man and woman. Your school offers courses in ,, musif and music appreciation. We offer help and advise with your music 0 II pro 1 cms. II If Maude McCowey, Mgr. Sheet Music Service, Inc. ma s. w. Park Ave. 5 """".0"00" ::"::3:::::::::::::::::O::00::::::::::o:: Q4 ,QQ oooo o ocooo oooooooooooooooo f:::::Q::::::::::::,,,::,,,,,q :I REMEMBER - 11 nv Your Nearest Cleaner You Pay Less when II Multnomah Tailors 8: Cleaners You Pay Cash Af 0 U Phone BRoadway 2282 P E N N E Y , S 4, 5th and Washington 0 boo0oo:::::::::::::::::::::CCQ ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::4 'ooo OOOO 2290022222:::0O::0::000:::::2:::::::::::::::::::::: :Q II II I II ,g L..sAu.E EXTENSION UNIVERSITY ,I I: of CHICAGO, ILLINOIS :I If SPECIALIZED BUSINESS TRAINING Il II U :I To those graduates whdintend to go far in the field of If II business, we extend this invitation to visit us at our head- jg Il quarters and learn of our complete success building pro- :I U gram. ,I if District Headquarters jj lr Heathman Hotel, ATwater 5262 :I H. s. Dietz, Dist. Mgr. 3 I. ----- :::::::::::-::--:::::::::2::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :4 58 rf----- ----- -"'---'----Q-----O'-------0 ---'---- ' --'-- ' ---- 041 11 1: 1: 1: 11 ll 1 T ' ' B k f Sh d 1 1: he Cltlzens an o erwoo 1 : 1 1 SHERWOOD, ORE. 1 1l 1: 1: 1: 1: o 0 1: 1: Checkmg and Safvmgs Accounts 1: 11 1: 1: 11 MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION 1: 1: 1: 1: t::::::::::::----::::----::----------------------- ----- -----4 rf ----- Q-----0 ---' -'----- r0-0 '-"---'-----'------ ---'Q 1: 1 1: 1: 1: F ILBERTS, Walnuts, Fruit 1: 11 1: 11 Trees, Berry Plants, Shrubs 1 JANES BEAUTY SHOP 1 11 and Roses. 1: 1: 1: 1: Nyc have the greatest and fgcgt Natuml Pt'I'1llIlIlf'l1f WIl11F and 1: sortment in the Northwcit, vcr 1 1: 1: ,Y 1: 11 acres of nut and fruit orchards enable Othpr BWIII1-1' W Uri 11 us to grow better trees. 1: 1 ll ll 1: TUALATIN VALLEY NURSERY Tel. Sherwood 352 - Sherwood, Ore. 1: Sherwood, Ore. 1: 1: 1: 11- OOOOOO00 0 OOOO 0 OOOOOOO 0000003 S00 oooooooooo ooooooooooooooooi rf-----'0'-00--'0 --'---- 4: r------------------- ----- ---,, 1: 1: 1: 11 1: 1: 1: 1: 1' STATE FARM 11 1' 1: 1' 1' 1' GLEN M CORNING 11 11 INSURANCE CO '1 1' ' 11 11 . 11 11 FLORIST 1: II AUTO and LIFE TI I1 ll 1: II 1: CORSAGES 1: 1 II CONGRATULATES THE 11 I1 CUT FLOWERS PLANTS II 11 CLASS OF 1936 FUNERAL SPRAYS 11 1: ll 1: 11 1, 11 Lugz? Ilzljjijtjgziiw Capitol Highway, Phone Tigard 2325 11 , r , . . ,. , 1 , 11 11 Sherwood, ore. Phone 3435 Just West of Jurgcns Pmk u':::::::::0:::::::::0000::00i 2000000000000 J r----0---Q-0-0 ------ -----n gf.----M- ...... -------------- 1 0 1 S O 1 Il 1 1 1: ee uf S-amp SS 1: 1: MANsF1ELD's 1: 1: 1: 1: 0 1: II of II 1: Red 8: White Store 1: ll Graduation Cards Before II I1 fl 1: , Quality nllwayx Ilighrr Than Prirf 11 Orderlng 11 11 ., 1: 1: 11 M.. 1: Phone 283 1: 1: ll 1: ll ll 1: SHERWOOD VALLEY NEWS 11 Sherwood, Oregon 0 ll ll 0 ll ll lr ll 0 -+ I W A - a. s 1- WALL PAPER 3 3 m. rlss on 5: 4, ll nu R 0 Slim-rwin XVilli:InIs Paints - Roofing GA AGE and SERVICE STATION 0 0 ll ll 0 .... na an 0 la 1 ll ll STEWART'S PAINT STORE Batteries - Tires - Accessories 612 S. W. 3rd Ave. near Alder ATwater 7439 Portland, Ore. gg I1 PHONE 55 TIGARD, ORE. jg .,------ ............... --..--.Jl 1-------------...------....-..2 f,----- .... ..--.........-..--q f::::::::::::-::::--::-::-::-4, 0 ll 0 ll ll ll II 1: A BUSINESS EDUCATION 11 varsity 1: gg A I.AsTINc. 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