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 - Class of 1949

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v ff- 1' ' . 1 if HW? Z. fffmfwfw Q11 gf: R ' ' bu Lan, R , ' , . kk' Q .bf -5 + ,M ' A ' ' 'J5"'K' JfQffW.2.f 5- 1-ff v ty'-ff' "QP Lmfkafr ff . .4 5, - by l ' N y M 1MMQ Q ' Q9 H ..r,,.u.f5 ,f V-M11 - 9 pl . u A A - 'A f 2, 'A fv H- ,, N . . as lf , ' ""'f"Iy 1 ' M .kk ir, ,Len ,bali Lgh sz!-nav I V 1 - -S in .ww A L V ,L - 4 i,.z.iL.. ",fm, fi U4 M """' J- 'H Q." s J A 1 ff , A.: M- Q " K" .k' v-., l A5 ' f 4- f l ' ' J' q f .- if -ff ,, ,, 41-' lj, I . " 1 in rf 2 W-V 4 -fw .. I - Al Q 'Pk f Q --" 2 . ,,,,,, . T .4 1 . 7 JFS 'K jAag0 MWq v Q4 X 1 I , , A J R., M S fx ax Y S 1 l Q, ' L. N, 1 N ' 1. ' W. mx! XJ g ' K I ' s 1 n f' is R l J Q if A 'ixv 'Vi X 5 'Si ri -1. 1 rx J dx A x K X q I me . X A . A' 0' V I :J 4 5' 0' 'J 'NJ 6 , 'bukfwhkm A :A my 3 QQ f'9f""" wwf? vi 21- Q E. G35 - ' M7' Q Q. fl if ,-' CA. V H mML,,,r,0 W bgzmdulr, 'fi W . A M below MQWM' wma duff QT 3? CS J Qfulfxk " J L Q if 3,...LX.Q Q iss . Qxjgyvvvx- 777 q11J-1 S Q im E - ,,n M 'l fu fwgwy iw Q fmwf . A. 1 al ff ! ii ff ML, lf? jffflfwf' X Q nk. - Zi 3 wt?-X, guxx-fwfaf' 0LlLi,2Z1MLL N , . -X Q 4 T5 L - p3L,7k,Qynf LM' M "w c' , E QQ W wfxx f,Q:,imf N R3 N A kflff- ,- ,gv WW ifmpl' gg q1l'LC"'r ' ' 5 If , . '- X-X-D V MA, Z' Vw,-. 4, :V . ' ' X X .fl f A ' ' -A ' fk U' h f' 1 ' ' H f ' , r gyxqwsbggfjn W QW dim? QE? Jgfgf' 5,pv?j,S sk Wmwpi N3 WW RN 2 N EA yxwwf pig' 0,5- :ifiviijgcsw-SD Uyxcfv'-' N 6,143 -Q,,c,,.,v- ,rafyfwkob "x lk w V ' I -,, I V 'X.e.Q' Tifton High School f 1 MICKEY AN D BILLY Elf!-f0l'-llll-Clll.6'f 11ssof1'1zfe EHIIYO7' BILLY VVHLLS IWARTHANN N EVVTON 2 P1-eaen tn Tha fdition of th THE SENIOR CLASS Timm HIGH Scuool 1949 TALISMAN 6 b , M R. LASTINGER "Uncle Len" 4- bedication 'Qfnzl our school shall he jflled with music. The 1948-49 edition of The Talis- man is dedicated in appreciation and recognition to Professor Len Lastin- ger, who is known more affection- ately to us all as 4'Uncle Len." His work and patience with us, his kind- ness and genial presence combine the high notes and down beats of our school life into smooth rhythm. Uncle Len was born and reared at Adel, attending the schools there. He also attended North Georgia College, Dahlonega, and Georgia Teachers College, Statesboro. At North Georgia he was captain of the band and in 1936, under his leader- ship, the band won honor company for the Hrst time in 36 years. At Dahlonega he was also cadet captain and member of the Sigma Theta, Of- ficers Club, Glee Club, and college orchestra. At Statesboro he was a member of the Iota Pi Nu, the band and orchestra. Our distinguished band and glee club director came to Tifton in l939 and was a member of the Tifton city band as long as it existed. He organ- ized the first Tifton High School Band, which had only 15 members and their uniforms consisted of home-made capes of white satin lined with blue. Since that first Blue and White Band the membership has increased to the present 95. Uncle Len, through his talents and direction, has brought much honor to our school. In band Work, all of his district ratings have been su- perior and his state ratings have been superior, excellent and good. He has been elected to the chairmanship of the Second District Music Asso- ciation three times and served the Tift County Teachers Association as president. Each year he attends the Georgia Music Clinics in Milledge- ville. His Blue and White Band receives many invitations to play for out-of- town colleges, schools and commu- nity gatherings. In Albany his band led one of that city's Christmas pa- rades, received first prize of 3100 in the American Legion contest there, and paraded when Albany honored the United States Navy Band. Last year Director Lastinger's band played for the University of Georgia B team in Albany, and the Norman junior-South Georgia football game in Moultrie. This football season the South Georgia College team invited the Tifton High Band to play for their game with VVest Georgia Col- lege. Many out-of-town invitations have been refused because of con- flicting schedules. Uncle Len's Work with the Tifton High School Glee Club has been outstanding. He has been full-time director for only one year and the club's district and state ratings were the best the school has received in glee club Work -in ten years. In addition to his work with the Tifton High School, Director Las- tinger is a member of the National Music Education Association, the' Georgia lNIusic Education Associa- tion, the Georgia Education Associa- tion, Tifton Lions Club, the Masonic order, and the First Methodist Church. All these things Uncle Len has done well--so that We shall have music. Owens. CI' Izlelim 3 ett, johnson, jones, rl? Fletcher, Shaver, Co Harris, Brown, KIICKIBIQRS: Bergh, Roberson, Spooner, Sellars, Freeman, IJ BAN A QJ :: .. rc .J k GJ .-4 CU D3 Fc, 4.1 E LC Z SS iy, Ro ITIII OT D J u O ..- cu ... Aa if Lf .E E 5- c FN ... 1 5-1 Y: T' 42 U l LS 3: J Af E C5 f-1 -. C w 'U 5-1 If J: .2 CZ Z cu I1 Harrell rv 'E U .E ID uf I C C5 Dickson, p.-. .-. 01.1 -ca 8-4 Vo J Y Klachme Cantrell, S kin KI tcham, At ks, Allison, OO ridge, R he mlv, Et lan, Cf , fNcx Bennett vis, Nlartln, Green D 21 OH tt Pa mith S CHI Klalcolm, G TY, lajor- IX TC n Sto Verno v OI' Hi Ulm I'Ll 'aldrop. D W and in, Iart Elrod, Cox, K CI' l Drexler, Newton, Drex asty H Villis X YY, fa s Newton, NICC Atkin D L.. C1 U-1 ndX Z1 lyarr, C E A3 '11 ,. 4-J .J Q D3 1: L I3 5-1 QD lf. .-C 4-1 O 51 C Q A2 L 2 m Q3 .Z x.. C C. LI U .1 m S2 ': .c c 26 L: Q2 EL E LJ : U 'S I Eg E LJ C1 If 'T' r. UJ L4 ru .AA U CJ H R1 ..- .2 ,-4 r. UD li. vi C CC June 1 CttCS Hb. and Pat Owe Newton agers, Marthann fl Band ma U : CL C D- Flaw-Amr 10R BEFORE! e 5 -as -- , P . Q95 Z' , E9 '54, A " N' 1 K , pai? ,. . By Peggy Coleman 1 we're rlamung 'rrrlons Blue and wlule oanrl as soulu cr-erulus lug gesl and bvsl oarul unul some-one proves us lhfrerenl The Blue and whne put on o lure show l-'rulav nxght ourmg lho game and helween lhe halves Prof l.rn Laslumer has 'lo mr-me hers ur unrlomr ur lhe band lhrs rear There aro 95 nu-moers of the hanrl, molurlmg lhose who are luel slarhng Lhls year lloweler. there are not enough unrforms lo go arounn and only 70 eorlo oe oun- mleel As rl vas, some or lhe old wlllll-' IYDUSPIS hid to bv: dyed blue lo ouhl :ho vo The lllue and whue hand sur- pass.-ll l-verylhmr rl mor had done rrulay nlghl Prof Ln-n sara he Nas eolng In shout nu- nmks and ho nulurul elul rr-om lhv rum- me lllue rnrl whrlo mareheo on lhe rrelrl, Lhrrnmh lhe "V" for Valdosta, me 'nr-lls nl sl Mar, s' for me 1-.non sro.-llnes. ann lohoerl on wllh llle nos: uruque llerlurruahee rover rlreplny.-41 lly rl bavld un a grlrl- rron, lm- mul- ann whlle was oer- lell or cuurw, you wi-rc lhere aml saw ll, bum the band really hu -r new hrgh nllh '-Pul On Your Old. Gray lamuu-l' uno --The old Gray,- Mu1"'1'hnl.ldYinthzb0nld'll uerlene 'reylor And Jimmie Davis wus nrrvm: Belreve you me, Uncle Len and hrs musu- makers aw lu lhe know how Wm-vc elalmeel all season mam lhe 'muon Blur' and wlule onnrl ls me hrgeesl and llesl ur soulh Geore uur Anrl rl rs me hluuesl eeause ll rs rho hrslwuol lhe hem ln- Cnusl' ll IS lht' blglrsl l. H. S. BA IJ ' The 'rrllou Blur and whne huml l"'--'H 'Ill' ll-'mai lhf' Hum hnoekerl uw folks lor a loop wllh wwe iw 'Hall' QM :I-Llmllvlu from ,hp 1-01,1 Gm, Bnnnmr- and --1-hc Thr Fur l-ru f ..-rllr-r-'rlmm Em q,ayM1,,,.-V- ,,,,,,,b,.,,, wp hai lrlruvrnlrl nour re-su ul a per' .r hard llme mnvlnelmz n full srl wrlldlkl' Uv WIN' Tlflvn- Hflfi lf in ,Er Us nm ,l way., A for valll--sl.. also fl--lr-als Vl'aycmss. lcgl. bam nh.-ro l..u,lrl he u lhree-ear laugh' " - also from The l.l-orlur 'rvalure lr ll - ll 'll - o e happy mer llnele Lens lurlhrluv 'I' ""':" Q- eelenralloh I-'rulay mghl The Blum- l U , muh A PS an me 'nel wlule hnurl hold sr-erel uraellee hmwald , md . ' sossrons las: week and sprang lhelr From Th., I,.ImMm Herald we "L" 'Of Li'iff"g:i' 3 1ff"':'e'5' lmrl lansell.. null lhe lollowmg 5"fP"M 'O 'mf 'nf 0' 'C an 'lllmvl-ver, evervoho ls luolrmg lore memovrs all eluppeo m and ooughl War, M Turku DH when me Drrerlur Lvn a new sull for hrs ,' ,, X ,f' ,, bmhday mx also mmm 3 muh' rrrrsrslo rl. rorr. null. the rmmol .lar cake, elgarolle huhlr-r. and ln- All of vlueh were surprlees fur me mllill' lllnslrr Thu Blue anrl whlle hand ner, rurrneo the he-sl mu'x'c ever seen nu-m l-'rulav mghl. vvlueh we pre, sume was rn honor of :heir alreelor Amer the Ho' for Orilla and lhl- -'T' for Trnun, lhey or-nl mlo our ravorlle numoer. --The snrawhr-rrg,' Blondxf' Thul our Blur and wlule llrand, movmg all ln perleel nallz llme, lusl rlues somelhlng to us Whon lhe honu was supposed lo go off tho helrl, Prof Lon gon hrs sur- rrrrse, aw the haha weol uno --our Drreelor' and former: lhc Ml." altar whleh thu,-y sang -'Happy Birth- day" ln e Len, and presehzed hrs gms V We moughl lhe lllue ann whne anrl harl-hil lop nutrh performance. hum I-'rulay nlghl llwy were even ner than nhl- Blue anel whnrfs l perfeellon 'rhlrr preelslon rnerehe mg wasvwonrlerlul lo sec anrl lhose lruls wvrv knoekme 'em on at au lan eouhl, whu-h rs sumelhmg Each game we lhluk llu-vw-e Int me lou aml num- fnulll rlu bcttvr, and meu nur, lu-nl us over vvrlh another . supvrb pl-rlormunoe That snake llanee we llke, lnue Lmle Annu- llooney m lhe lurmy papers that lllue :md whlle band lusl makes us ll-ol goorl ansnle all over" We're .ull sue.-l on --The slrawoerry lslonrll-", hun ohylhiu that oanrl rlues rs oleuv wllh us Alahamas lllllhoh rllar Banrl Vh llllllk all ol tlw Inns worl- nhle ooleel Thu good erueens of 'rlrlon woll floek to Bun Hlll eoun- ty lure he-es lu lrouo, anol every- one uf lhom has that gloom ol ree lvuge ln nu-lr eyv ll-le am'l klrl- llmu, hrolherl we believe every our-urlahee re-cord wrll fall " lr Illllrllratlnn fm' lhl- chem learlr-lsoI'r l-l s gryrgggigfgy- -mlzminrfeix' fan Ynrejgqys whg -hsrmsearaifollegelames mrs - ason elggjmlg h'- whne cheerleaders surposinv col' lege r- rel-rlr?eHlilivharl seen . " f ,lid-3E'h,!. gheerleaders who ar- go ng sugll a swell lob are Joyce vvlzuldon ce whmm ton An el n Hol- es Franzlc Baker Boonsle Kem arnllle colqum, Jan Marhn. Leu- n owen elk' Gan en and Betbf Jean Davl son, ' 4L3E'E'3S9,l'1v lfibif' lb? , f15'!!P55,,?i far as ourrrls are eoneErrrerl uul u 'Tlhonrle Jvhu saw the hlg 'Berne hnnrl salIlT6Ei.' 0-Q15 Ejblfiii 'TT .u.,'l,2Tu-r orjn cr lhao our nlur- and whrle oanrl e quesuone eo' :hrs hand Yann-'l-c osely aooul lhe Bama hand to see how ll stacked up wrlh me Blue and whrle enol we found lhal the 'Bahru hand has lhc Siilllc IBSI pr9L'l5l0n Slcp ai Ihr: Blue and Whllre and also his Lhaf' wagon number. wrlll whloh they may -oh susahnahu Fefsonnlly, ne vvoulelnl swap the Blue and wlule for lhe 'Bama haml. even ul the 'reoh drum corps lhrown . The Amerurus sports wrner paid us respeels to our hahrl by say- mg, '-You have a ondvrful bonu lMLlmlll..,,l.U .191-'L ,xll o nuh vvhreh we thoroughly llgrrv I 7 fl I Illlllfjflll' PAT OVV ICN S MARTHANN NEVVTUN UN CLIC Lll N Di1'1'4'ln 72 . S lllajof-etteA, brum Major I . 721150 -g ng X Y dill!!! ' lil v Wi , Lkx 'X 'il sf I N ', I Wiz? ' 7 1 lvlflvl 16 rg 3 J ,JV ', DRUM MAJOR Vernon Storey lVIAJORE'l"l'ICS Left to right: june Ross, Uoris Blalock, Klnric Pogue, Dorothy Bruce, Helen Conger, Betty Jean Clyatt, Sylvia Crum, Robin Baker, Sylvia Tucker. 8 'JIMMIE ROSE COOKSEY The 'band lost a valnable major- ette in the untimely going of Jim- mie Rose last summer. She was a happy, hard-working member, al- ways ready to do her part. Her parents are Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Cooksey, and her sisters and brothers are Mrs. T. B. Moore, Mrs. Emory NIacMil1ian, Miss Ruth Cooksey, Leon and Alvin Cooksey. ' f-H-v v' . ' 4. JIMMIE ROSE COOKSEY - : f 1 I Q 5 r 'H' 3 . sew? 'J X 5 'E r . ":A 2 iff .af .727 -lim lllzichmer Ralph Gentry Sonny Collier Loretta W'hir1ey June Cantrell lllr L.lSt1!1L1CI' l're.videnI f"iz'e-Pzvxidezlf Sl'l'7'l'lIIl'-1' Treasurer Libl'III'lIIlI D11 eclor fhiigri - J i he 6 ,ig ' pr l-4 xsegg - I 5- 9Q '..,--, 2i a 10 Marry Nell Arncll linimy Atkins Frainzle lizikcr Robin Hank:-r Gladys Bzinnislcr luck Bcnlielt Indy Bond Innlrri Ann Bowen Billie linxlvin Coy Bnllcr Mary Icxln Clmpiimri Virginia Corry lflzlrnc Cox linrlmrzx Ibnnlortli Bolilvy loc IJ.nis Flo lloniincy Donnie Donaldson Bennett Drcxlcr Line lilrorl l'zzt Flcuhcr KT.irl Ford I1l.in1r.1 Gliclncy Nl.u1S Gull Ioan Grilhn Sonny Hamilton lion llnrrllson Marry lam: llnrslison ll.ullni.in llzmy Hcrt Elumplirey K.iy lolingon l.oxel.1cc .Xnn loncs lioolsic licnl l..nn:1r liingml lc-.rn Lon lo.in Lou Rolwcrl Nlnclinicr Put Nliluovn Helly Inn Marlin lun Xlzirtin fxl.iry Binks Nlnrlin lfmnfcs MrAll1slur llx.1 Nlc.-Xllislur Bolwlry Mcliraxry 'xl.irrh.i Lou Nlcklillzin 'l'lielni.' Milli Billy Mormon 3I.rri!yn Xlorron Cicmlrl NcSn1llli Nlgirion lNorln.in Nl.lrg.irct l':lrriSll Florsr- Plmlpa Emily Sanders lil-uv Nam Sc-llurs lizirlmrn Sliaurr Rnrlolplx Sliirlsu Knrolvn Sinrl ur llolorus Srnilli Vernon Story licuy Tucker Sylxiai 'l'mlu'r lcllslc lurk lirncslinc Y.1nrc Roy W.ilkcr Geneva Wnrcl Ilillv Wells S. Ioyfe Whidclon Dolores Womack Betty Wood Dun Wood jack Woodard 4. -4 , gfjxi x wxxmnmxunwaumi f'QSiTS.'QQ'Ln.J xunaunwwuntumwxx, A mmwwwmnauwwxsnuuuuu X Mmmmummxqsmmluiunmf eilzwdibk' ,wi'8Kh5NSE 5wFQ5uim - ' ,A ,. ,Q .M Mimmkv K N mgMs,.5.aK Nmmwwanma. my mmsm Agmmwmm X' f K 'H W -Qgsauimshsw 6. SX by W if' 93. N V' ie 4' 6, s. Q, x , A Q X V , Q xg Q +8 W 3 A N M, hw 4 x n . x ek v ' "W , 4 ' 1952-ggi uw ,RE wiklkli was ,sn us: . xg is gli -N A Nl-Q in img! Q 'HY si x Ai Q is wa.. fi S S X? kfgshnswv- Q , mx Qmmwx Ek Qs. wmv--,R .W i mmm X N . Q, -+5 am, ASQ W W. gain- X w x Q ,W - x'X k mf, lx X . , -Af H 4 x L , V I f , N l, .. , . W - lt. ,- as L, . x - fx- 1 5, , . X , 3 A x P' M Y mx Q K f x .TX " 9. 31 -. - X . A . - M L x ' V xmiagz .pf f A K A .1 . , ., fvl M -X A. . -. .MN -1 Q x .fR. K xii K-is 'ff' . ,K'5 1' rig in N W " -ni M7 by fn U fam: it .i,fg5 Xa-f.,k ,WV . 44 R NX i v Q? ng V , 1' -1 M x y Mm? f' f,ffg...1i"!Q N Q R fm, "" -'Tir ,h ifi ' 1 - 3 , , U QNMYH i fs iw Hg .Q r ' 'RQ .fr i.: V, by Q Q uk, Wk X, K , Q fy. Q: -" .M fi' 5 , K 'K Q , 5 ' - - 'A-if iv' fi , I ,gg If V ' Ag, xl. 1 ax My K W, 'HPR -W M .,, A . as ' R in .QW I Q Q 7 .F KE, , 3 W. . im 5 9 I m V . K . by . - N A f - X 5 3 - " 'Sag S Sift sm 1 M 95 .. 'F -ur' f5wf'ffsQe2 N356 - gf ,w an 1" 'SKK Q ' ,n TIFTUN BUARD UF ED CATIUN MR ROSS PITTMAN Chan man DR R. K. WINSTON MR. E. U. HOLDILR MR. JOHN SIMS MR. J. P. SHORT MR. W. G. WINDHAM 13 THE Mr. Bailey CSuperintendentJ Mr. lVIcAllister CPrincipalD Mrs. Mitchel Qlfnglishj Mrs. Collins fHome Economics Mrs. Vitange CCommercialJ ' Mr. Turechek CSocial Science, Mathematicsj Mr. Sheppard CScience and Mathematicsl Miss Gibbs CMathematicsJ Mrs. Lindskog CHome Economicsj Mr. Lastinger fBand and Glee Club, Mrs. Underwood CBiologyl Miss Neal CSocial Sciencel Miss McKneely CCommercialj Miss Pullen CMathematicsD Coach Tucker fBiology, Athleticsj Miss Spurlin Cflnglish, Spanishj Miss Foreman fLibrarianJ Coach Davis CAthletics, Social Sciencej Miss Short CSecretaryj Mr. Reid fMusicl Mr. Peele fAgricultureD Miss Lee fMusicl - no picture Miss Pitts Clinglishj no picture Mrs. Neas CSocial Sciencej no picture Mrs. Ivey CEnglish and Latinj no picture FACULTY Miichell Collins Vitcmqe Tunechek Sheppard Gibbs Lindskoq Underwood Neal Davis Short Reid Peele McKneely Pullen Tucker Ng' Spurlin Foreman ,QSM f V -sie ' ' 65? x fy! -.QQ r f 3592-5 ' if if-. . wi vig. .. W . kk ,vw :L A -A X-f -1-41. 4, f L-.-f . fi t X ifgsffiiggf 9 .L . iw 'DXS34-., 'i ,L if 4 4 l- we 'K Q., ,ULXKN K ' X' xi? , .M ., MV wg: .0 Y we gym. at . i K W K , 5 ,Q wi 1 x 1 - 'X gipuuw' sg W. ' 1 n ,E Q gag M I C UFFICERS LAMAR PALMER President AROLYN WHITTI NGTON Vice-President SONNY EDMONDSON Sffretary NELL PEARMAN Treasurer SE IURS oQ:?'?-Qi' : 4 N., - I -. if f. - f it 91 4 ,Q 4, MASCOTS Karen lVIcAllister, Jerry Shipman, Lanny Lastinger, Vickie Bryan. ELLIS ALLEN "fl happy eomrade and full of laughter." EUGENE ALLEN U "Sober, hut not seriousg quiet but not idle. Glee Club '46-'47 5 Singing Club '48-'49, FRANCIS ALLEN Slownesx denotes earefulness of thought." Student Council '47-'48 NIARGARET ALLEN "A womanfv erowning glory isjher hair." Beta Club '46-'47-'48-'4-95 F.H.A. '45-'463 Singing Club '48-'49, ROBIN BAKER "One ofthe strutting twirlersf' Glee Club '46-'47-'48-'49g Band '46-'47-'4-85 Major- ette '48-'49g Tri-Hy-Y '46-'47-'48g Red Cross Council '46-'47g Latin Club '46-'47g F.H.A. '46-'47 5 Allied Youth '47-'4-85 Pioneer Staff '47-'48g Sponsor Key Club '4-73483 Treasurer Junior Class '47-'-l8. J. C. BANISTER "None he found too lofty, none he saw too low." LOWELL BEASLEY "He's a jolly good fellow." Transferred from Brookfieldg 4-H Club '46-'47. CHARLES BERGH "Chad" "By work one knows the workman." Band '45-'46-'47-'48-'-499 Latin Club '46-'47-'48g Hi-Y '48-'49. 18 JUDY BOND - "il graeious manner and a mind 'well sloredf 4-H President '46-'47g Glee Club '46-'47-'48-'-19: Allied Youth ,48-'-193 Latin Club '47-'48-'49, LAURA ANN BOWEN "il good disposition is more 'valuable than gold." Dramatic Club '46-'47-'-483 Tri-Hi-Y '46-'47-'48 '-193 Red Cross Representative '46-'-173 Football Sponsor '47-'48g Glee Club ,473-18-'49g Cheerleader '48-'49. AN N BRAN CH "Quiet, buf sineere, and always full of cheer." 4-H Club '45-'46-'47-'-1-83 Reporter '46-'-175 Tri- Hi-Y '47-'48-'49, EVELYN BRASWELL "Good nature and good sense must efuer join." 4-H Club '-I-6-'47-'48-'-P95 Allied Youth '47-'48-'49, EMMA JEAN BREWER "ller lzzlffpj' disposition, her pleasant smile, lIIl7'F ic on her friends for many a mile." F.H.A. '46-'-173 4-H Club '46-'4-75 Allied Youth '47-'48-'49g Tri-Hi-Y '47-'48-l49g Singing Club '48-'-I-93 Talisman Staff '48-'4-9. DOROTHY BRUCE "Unique in size and spirit." Gophers' Club '45-'-163 Cap Club '45-'-465 Honorary Devils' Club '45-'-463 4-H Club '45-,465 Dramatic Club '45-'46g Basketball '47-,48-,495 Latin Club l-P7-,485 Tri-Hi-Y '47-'48-'49g T Club ,47-,48-,495 Photographers' Club l-183493 Student Council Secre- tary '-183495 Majorette '48-'49, BlLLlE BUSB1N "J merry heart goes all the day." Basketball '46-'47-'-I-85 Glee Club '46-'47-'48-'-+95 Allied Youth '48-49. JUNE BUSBIN "fllways 'willing to do lzer part. 4-H Club '-P53465 Basketball l-P53463 Glee Club '45-'-I-6. 19 COY BUTLER "Not too serious, not too gay, But Il jolly good fellow when it comes to play." Glee Club '48-'49g T Club '47-'48-'4-95 Singing Club '48-'4-95 Hi-Y '47-'48-'49 fPresident '48-'49J 5 Basketball ,46-'47-'48-'49g Baseball '47-'48-'4-95 Al- lied Youth '48-'49g Dramatic Club '47-'4-83 Photo Club '48-'4-93 Track '48-'49g Student Council '48-'49, MARGARET CARR n Her zfoire was ever soft, gentle and low, an exrel- lent thing in woman." 4-H Club '46-'47 9 F.H.A. '46-'-17. MONROE CARR "He is good enough who is his own master." CHARLES CHAPPELL 1: "Let my deep silence speak for me. F.F.A. ,47-'48-'49g 4-H Club '46-'47-'4-83 Boys' Vice-President '47-,483 Basketball '46-'47, MARIE CLEMENTS "Life is too short to worry." 4-H Club '46-'47-'48-,495 Reporter and Songleader l46-'47g Program Chairman '47-'-185 T Club '47- '48-'49, BETTY JEAN CLYATT "l'lenlthy, happy, the best of sports, You'll seldom see her out of sorts." Basketball ,46-'47g Talisman Staff '47-'48g Allied Youth '4-73483 Singing Club '47-'48g Majorette '46-'47-'48. V DOROTHY COARSEY Full of wil and full of fun, ln lore with everyone." Tri-Hi-Y '47-'48-'49. n LAFAYETTE COARSEY "If all the follzs were as happy as he, what a wonder- ful place this world would he." 20 -A U CLAY COBURN "Truth is written on his face." 4-H Club '46-'47-'48-'49. HOWARD COBURN "For my hear! is true as steel." TOMMY COLEMAN "Ready for anything and efverytlzingf' Hi-Y '46-'47-'48-'49g Vice-President '48-'4-95 Foot- ball '46-'4-75 Manager '47-'48-'49g Baseball '-185 Talisman Staff '48-'49g Allied Youth '48-'49g T Club '47-'48-'49g Basketball '48-'4-9. ORLENA COLLEY "Kindness is wisdom." Swing lnn Canteen '44-'45g F.H.A. '46-'4-75 Dramatic Club '46-'4-73 Talixmann Staff ,46-'4-75 Biology Club '46-'47g Tri-Hi-Y '47-'48-'4-95 Sec- retary '48-'49g F.S.A. '48-'4-9. BURIWA CONNELL "One who doewft wasie her energy." JANIE RUTH COOK "She is a girl of principles." 4-H Club '46-'47-'48-'49g Allied Youth '46-'47-'48- '-495 Singing Club '48-'49. ALVIN COOKSEY HBUU "Has flfllfl-l07.'l?1g way." T Club '46-'47-'48-'49g Football Manager '46-'47- '48-'49g Student Council '47-'48g President '47-'48g Singing Club '48-'49, DOROTHY CORBITT "She fan when she will." Singing Club '48-'4-9. 21 I VIRGINIA CORRY "1-Ier personality is as radiant as her exfrressionf' F.I-I.A. '46-'47g Tri-Hi-Y '46-'47-'48-'49 fVice- President '-1-73483 g Beta Club '46-'47-'48-'49 CTreasurer '48-'49Jg Latin Club '46-'47 fTreas- urer '46-'47D 5 Allied Youth '46-'47g Dramatic Club '46-'47-,48-,49 CPresident '48-'49Jg Glee Club '48- '493 Student Council '48-'49 CVice-Presidentl 3 Talisman I4-8349. BETTY JEAN CROIVIER "I may not win, but I'II do my best." Basketball '47-'48-,493 T Club '47-'48-'4-93 F.S.A. '48-'49, WILLENE CULPEPPER "Spur of the moment gal." Chula Glee Club '46-'47g Basketball '46-'47g Tif- ton Basketball '47-'48-'49g F.H.A. '47-'48-'49g T Club '47-'48-,49g Allied Youth '48-'4-9. BARBARA ANN DANFORTH "She has an easy-going way." Talisman Staff '-1-95 F.I'I.A. '49g Glee Club '-49. MORRIS DAVIS "PoIiteness is the one quality ofver all others, neces- sary to make a gentleman." Band '47-,48-,493 Key Club '47-'48-'49 COHicer '48-'49jg Allied Youth '4-73483 Student Council '47-'48-'49g Latin Club '48-'49g Photo Club '48-'49, VIRGINIA DECKER "The gentle roxebud opening fair." BENNETT DREXLER "Sinrere and likable." Band '45-'46-'47-'48-'-P95 Glee Club '48-'49g Dramatic Club '48-'49g Key Club '47-'48-'49 fTreasurer '48-'4-913 Pioneer Staff '48-'49g Latin Club '46-I-17-'48, AL DURDEN "A friend in need is a friend indeed." Mad Scientists' Club '46-'47g T Club '47-'48-'49. 22 JOHN C. EDMONSON, JR. "Sonny" "You're young only once. Football '46-'47-'48-'49g T Club ,47-'48-'49g Hi-Y '46-'47-'48-'4-95 Basketball '47-'48-'49y Student Council '47-'48-'4-93 Treasurer '48-'49g Allied Youth '48-'-493 Singing Club '48-'49g Key Club '47-'48-'49g Secretary Senior Class '48-'49g Secre- tary and Treasurer Sophomore Class '46-'47g Biol- ogy Club '46-'47g Beauty Revue Escort '47-'4-85 Red Cross '46-'47-'48. DORIS EVANS "A pretty girl is like a melody." T Club '47-'48-'49g F.S.A. '48-'49g Basketball '47- '48-'49g Singing Club '48-'4-9. LINDA FLETCHER "Nothing but blue skies." F.H.A. '46-'47g Biology Club '46-'4-75 4-H Club '46-'473 Singing Club '48-'49g Allied Youth '48-'4-9. JOE FOX "The cat has his tongue. BASEL FRANKS "May your days be merry." F.F.A. '45-'46g Football '45-'46-'48-'49g Allied Youth '48-'49, LEOTA FRANKS "They are truly great who are truly good." 4-H Club '46-'47. FRANCES FREEMAN "And the band played mtl" F.H.A. '46-'47-'48-'49g Reporter '46-'47g Band '46- '47-'48-'49g Allied Youth '46-'47-'48-'49g Dramatic Club '46-'47g Talisman Staff '48-'49, RALPH GENTRY "Talking is his pleasure." F.F.A. '46-'47g Band '46-'47-'48-'49g T Club '47- '48-'49g Singing Club '48-'49. 23 -IOYCIC GIBBS "The but of lIl'1l1l'l'A' ix 11111111 1'l11'1'1'." F.H.A. l-l-7-'-l-8. KIAVlS GUFF "111'11'11j'.v look 1111 1l11' 111111111 .vi1l1f." -l-H Club '47-'-l8g F.Il.A. '48-,493 Glen' Club '48- l-lqg Latin Club '48-'-l9. ICVA GBANTHARI 'Al311111.v" HSIIF 1'1'1'11 11'11.'11'1f.v 101111 l11'1'.vl1111f1171'." F.H.A. Y-l6-l-l7-y-lf?-'-Wg Drzunatic Club '-l-7-'-l-85 Bas- ketball '46-'-l7-'48-495 Allied Youtb '47-'48-'-lqg Singing Club '-l-8-'49, A BOBBY GRICICNIC 'Alf fworry were the 1111151 of 11111111 111' 1111111111 lim? f11r1'7'1'1'." F.F.A. '45-l-lb-l-l7-'-P83 Secretary '-lf-l--'-l-5g Football '46-V47-,485 Baseball '46-'47-'-l8g Red Cross '-l-6-47. -IOAN GRlFFlN HLIIIIQII 111111 1116 '11'orl1lf11111fl1sz1'i1l1 y1111." -l-H Club '-l-7-l-l-S-'-l-95 'Fri-Hi-Y 7-l-7-y-ls: Glu' Club '-lg-l-l'9g ylllliflllllil Stall l-l'8-'-W3 l".H.A. l-lS-'-49. lVllLLllf B. GRlFFlN "To llllffxl' nr Ycmrry fx 11111 my 1'1'1'1:1f.U RANION GRlllSLl'lY H1111 1111111 Il 11111117 11x .Yllllllll 11x 11 LPN." Basketball l-16-'47-'48-'49g Baseball '47-'48-'49 Football '-l-7-,483 Allied Youtli l-l8-'-l'9. CLARA MAIQ HALL "Tu 1111111 Il fr11'111l ix 111 111' Il fl'il'Il1l,.U 24, 1 KATHERINE HALL "Co11rfit :nay fill? Il woman up, lint nfwr prop her up." Dramatic Club '46-'47g F.H.A. '46-'47g Tri-Hi-Y '47-'48-'-I-9g Latin Club '48-'-495 Singing Club '48- l49g Annual Staff '47-,48-,493 Allied Youth '48-l49. SUNNY HAMILTON "Do not tell lies or you will get fought in a well." Hi-Y '46-'47-'48-,495 T Club '47-'48-'49g Glee Club '48-'49g Basketball '46-'47-'48-,495 Track '47- '4S-'49g Singing Club '48-'4-95 Allied Youth '48-'49g Photo Club '48-'49g Baseball '47-'48-'49g Football- '46-'47-48. TH OMAS HAN D "Speak flqflj' or be silent wisely." F.F.A. '47-'48-'-49. PICKETT HARRIS "Always look on the bright side." Band '46-'47-'48-,495 Allied Youth l47-Y-48-,493 Photo Club '48-'-49. HALLMAN HASTY "-'VI11kf new friends and keep your old ones." Band '43-'44-'45-,46-'47-'48-'49g Glee Club '48-'49' Basketball '46-l47-,48-449 5 Allied Youth '47-l48-,492 7l!1llX1lllIII Staff l46-l47-l-48-'49g Pioneer Staff '48- '49g Dramatic Club '46f47-'48-'-49. JOYCE H EATH Ufjllffllbll' of doing almost anything." F.H.A. '46-'47g Basketball '47-'48g Student Coun- cil '47-'48. MARIE HILL "She is full of goof! meanings and wisl1ing.t." Basketball '46-'47-'48-'49g T Club '47-'48-'49g Glee Club '46-'47, RUDOLPH HlLL "He has Il mind of his own." F.F.A. 446-'47-'48g Dramatic Club '47-'48. 25 AUDREY HILTON "lfVords without artions are the assassins of ideal- ismf' Dramatic Club '46-'47g G.A.A. '-1-63473 Transfer from North Carolina. COLLEEN HOBB "Quiet, reserved, and a perfeet lady." 4--H Club '46-'47-'48 5 F.H.A. '46-'47. TROY HOBBS "lVe'ver, ne-ver too old to learn." F.F.A. '47-'48-'493 Football '47-'48-'49. TILLMAN HUCKEBA n "lf freckles were pennies, he'd be rich. Student Council '47-'48-'49, T Club '47-'48-'493 Singing Club '48-'4-95 Basketball '48-'49g Track '47-'4S. LILA LEE HUDGINS ulllerit is more worthy than fame." Biology Club '46-'4-75 F.H.A. '46-'47-'48-'49, F.S.A. '48-'49g Allied Youth '47-'48-'49g Singing Club '48-'-49. EDNA JERNIGAN "Deep waters newer murmur, but hold their treasure sweet." F.H.A. '47-'48-'49g Biology Club '48-'49g Allied Youth '47-'48-'49g Pioneer Staff '48-'49g Talisman Stall '48-'49. PAU LINE JOLLEY "Hang sorrow! Care will hill the rat, and there- fore let's be merry." 4-H Club '46-'47-'48-'49g Singing Club '48-'-495 Allied Youth '47-'48-'49g Talisman Staff '48-'49. JACK JONES "Good things come in little pafkagesf' F.F.A. '47-'48-'49, 26 JOYCE JONES "She finds happiness in every situation." 4-H Club '47-'48g Allied Youth '48-'49. ROYCE JONES "A friendly, fair playing athlete." Football '47-'48g Track '47-'4-83 Basketball '-483 T Club '47-'-1-83 Hi-Y '48. GERALDINE LANE "She smiled upon many just for fun, but we knew there was only one." Dramatic Club '46-'47-'48g F.H.A. '46-'47-485 Al- lied Youth '46-'47-'48-'49g F.S.A. '48-'49g Singing Club '48-'-1-93 Student Council '47-'4S. CLIFFORD LEE "For he that onre is good, is e'z'er great." ROBBIE MAE LOCKHART Nhffork is victory." Talisman Staff '48-'4-93 4-H Club '45-'46-'47-,'l'8j Basketball '46-'47-'49g Singing Club '48-'49, ROBERT MACHMER ffgobll "Don't put off until tomorrow what you ran do today." Hi-Y '47-,485 Glee Club '47-'48-'-493 Band '46- '47-'48-'49g Pioneer '48-'-l-9. MARYLENE MARCHANT "Good words are worth 7II1H'h.U 4-H Club '44-'45-'46-'47-'4Sg F.H.A. '48-'4-93 F.S.A. '48-'49g Basketball '44-'45-'46-'47g Glee Club '45-'46-'47g Singing Club '48-'49, JAN MARTIN "lt is good to lengthen to the last a sunny mood." Talisman Staff '46-'47-'48g Pioneer Staff '46-'-17: F.H.A. '46-'473 Allied Youth '46-'473 Glee Club '45-'46-'47-'48-'49g Beta Club '46-'47g Dramatic Club '46-'47-'48-'-495 Tri-Hi-Y '46-'47-'48-'49g President '48-'49g Cheerleader '48-'495 Student Council '48-'493 T Club '48-'49, 27 ",."'..IP W. L. MARTIN "Give the world the best you have and the best will rome bark to you." Key Club '47-'485 F.F.A. '48-'49! F.H.A. '48-'49, FRANCES MASON "Kindness is wisdom." RUTH NIATHEWS "Be prepared." GLENN MCBRAYER n u ,llways relurn good for evil. F.F.A. '47-'48-349. VERNON McBRAYER "Nothing fan seem foul to those who win." 4-H Club '47-'48g Football '48-'-193 F.F.A. '47- '48-'49, BOBBY MCCRARY "Power to its last particle is duly." Band '46-'47-V1-8-,493 Glee Club '47-'48-'49g Allied Youth '46-'-1-73 Hi-Y '47-483493 Latin Club '47- '4S-'49g Dramatic Club '47-'48-'49g Red Cross '46- ,47 g Talisman '-I-6-'47-'48-'4-9g Biology Club '46-'47. IJORMINY McMILLAN "Do the lzest of whatever it may he." NIADGE MCMILLAN "Live and. be merry." 4-H Club '44-'45-,463 Basketball '44-,45-'46. 28 THEDA JANE IVICIWILLAN "Hitclz your wagon to a star." Basketball I46-'47-'48-'-1-99 4-H Club '-l-6-'-l-7-'-l-8- '-495 Allied Youth '48-'49g Pioneer Staff '48-'-I-95 Student Council '48-'49. TH ELMA MILLS "It'stl1elit1lelhings that eountf' F.H.A. '47-,483 Tri-Hi-Y '47-485 Talisman Stall '48-'-193 Glee Club '48-'-1-9. TOMMY MITCHELL H "l'irtue is indeed its own reward. Football '46-'47, BILLY MORTON "A smile is lhe whisper of a laugh." Football '45--1-6-'47-'4-85 Co-captain '48-'49g T Club '47-'48-'49g Latin Club '46-'47-'48g Key Club '47- '48-'49g President '47-'48-'49g Hi-Y '46-'47-'48-,493 Allied Youth '46-'47g Student Council '47-'48-'4-9g Glee Club '47-'48-'49g Dramatic Club '48-'-1-93 Sec- retary '48-'-195 Pioneer Staff Sports Editor '4-73485 Talisman '48-'49g Red Cross '46-'47g Biology Club '46-'47g Beauty Revue Escort '47-'4-8. CLARICE IVIOYE "Her 'Uoire is ever soft." Basketball, Sumner, '45-'-1-65 Basketball, Tifton, 46-'47-'-18. MARTHAN N NEWTON "The modesty is a eandle to thy merit." Talisman Staff '46-'47-483493 Artist l-I-6-'47-'48 '-193 Assistant Editor '47-'48g Tri-Hi-Y '46-'47-'48 '493 Allied Youth '46-'-475 Pioneer Staff '46-'47g Band and Glee Club manager ,48-'49g Arts and Crafts '4-83493 F.H.A. '46-'-173 Glee Club '45-'-1-63 Football Sponsor '-473483 Dramatic Club '46-'47, VIRGINIA NEWTON "rl laugh, a smile, a cheery word." Tri-Hi-Y '46-'47-'48-'49g Photo Club '48-'-+95 Band '46-'47-'48-'49g Allied Youth '46-'-179 F.H.A. '46-'-475 Talisman Staff '47-'48-'-49. VELMA NOLAN "Live and he 7l1Pl'I"1'.U Gophers' Club '45-,469 4-H Club '45-'46-'47-'-P89 F.S.A. '48-'49g F.H.A. I-I5-'46, 29 MARION NORMAN "lVhen shall we look upon her like again?" Dramatic Club '46-'4-73 F.H.A. '46-'-473 Allied Youth '48-'49g Basketball '47-'48-'49g Glee Club '48-'-P95 Singing Club '48-'49g Tri-Hi-Y '48-'49g 7lllliSlIIlIIl Staff '47-'48-i-lg. GWYNNE O'QUINN Hlntelleel is brain fone." F.F.A. '46-'47. NIAXIN E O'QUlN N "Silenre is one art of l'0Il'l'FI'SIIfi0ll.U 4-H Club '46-'47-'48-'49g F.H.A. '46-'4-73 F.S.A. '48-'-P93 Allied Youth '48-'4-93 Singing Club '48-'49, PAT OWENS "lf all Ihe girls in all the 'world were just as nne as shef' Tri-Hi-Y '46-47-'48-'49 CTreasurer '47-'48Jg Beta Club '46-'47-'48-'49 CVice-President '48-'-495 5 Dramatic Club '46-'47-'48-'49 CVice-President '48- '-l9J 3 Student Council '47-'48-'49g Pioneer '46-'473 Talisman '47348-'49g Latin Club '46-'47g Band '48- '-l-9g F.H.A. '46-'47. LAMAR PALMER ilcllllfllffff is a rliamond that srratrlzes efeery other slonef' Key Club Y47-'48-'49g Football '47-'48-'-195 Student Council '48-'-P95 T Club '48-'49g President Senior Class. DOROTHY PARTIN "fll'ways iook on the bright side." 4-H Club '46-'-179 Basketball i4-6-'4-7. PATSY RUTH PATTON "Nothing suereerls like success." Band '46-'47-'48-'-195 F.H.A. '46-'47g Latin Club '46-'47g 4-H Club '46-'47g Basketball '46-'47g Allied Youth '47-'48g Glee Club '48-'49. NIQLL PEARMAN 'illfisdom is lo the mind what health is to the body." Talisman Staff '47-'48-,493 Student Council '47-'48- '-193 Beta Club '47-'48-'-193 T Club '47-'48-'49 CVice-President '48-'-4915 Basketball '47-'48-'49g F.S.A. fPresidentJ '48-'-195 Treasurer of Senior Class '48-'49g Singing Club '48-'49, 30 ,W S, ff -A CURTIS PITTS "I am sick of time and desire to rest." 4-H Club '45-'46g F.F.A. '46-'47-'48-'49g Secre- tary '48-'49. EDWARD PRESTON "H laugh, a smile, a cheery word. Allied Youth '47-'48g Hi-Y '47-'48-'49g Dramatic Club '47-'48-'4-95 Basketball '48-'49, 11 CAROLYN RENFROE "A pleasant companion for all." 4-H Club '45-'46g President '4-65 Basketball, Tifton, '48-'49. LAVERT RICHARDS "Uh, why should life all labor be?" DONALD RIGDON "Let the other fellow worry." F.F.A. '47-'48-'49g Football '46-'47-'48, BETTY SUE ROOKS "The surest 'way not to fail is to determine to succeed." Band '46-'47-'48-'49g Beta Club '46-'47g F.H.A. '46-'47g Tri-Hi-Y '47-'48-'49g Allied Youth '46- '47-'48-'493 F.S.A. '48-'49g Talisman Staff '48-'49g Dramatic Club '46-'47g Red Cross '46-'47. VIRGIL ROSS "Good natured and dependable." Allied Youth '47g Football '47-'4-85 T Club '48-'4-95 Student Council '48-'493 Singing Club '48-'49g F.S.A. '48-'49. EARL RUTLAND "Don't worryj it makes deep wrinkles." 31 ElNllLY SANDERS "She he1'.velfsee111e1l 111r11le for 111e1'1'i111e111'." Beta Club '46-'-173 Tri-Hi-Y '47-'48-'-199 Dramatic Club '46-'47 3 F.H.A. '46-'-1-73 Allied Youth '48-'-1195 Latin Club '47-'48-'-1-9 Clreasurer '47-'-1-SJ g Bas- ketball '47-'48-'49g Glee Club '48-'-19g Singing Club '-I-33493 Football Sponsor '46-'475 Yillllylllllll Staff '47-'43-'-19. JACK SAULS "Good looking, good 1111lz11'e1l, 111111 ll goozl f1'ie111l Io llIl7'l'.U Hi-Y '46-'-F73-l-8-bl-93 'li Club '46-'47-y-48-,499 Al- lied Youth '48-'49. LEONARD SEARS "The great art of ler1r11i11g is lo u111le1'tr1ke hu! little at a time." T Club '47-48-'40 KSCCTCIHTY ,48-'49Dg T11lix111a11 '46-'47-'48-'-195 Football '46-'47-'48-,495 Allied Youth ,48-'4-9. ERNEST SELPH Hfllways willing lo zlo his part." F.F.A. '46-'47-'48-'49g 4-H Club '-l6. ,IOANN SIMPSON Nfler Wolfe is ever soft." F.H.A. '46-'47348-'49g 4-H Club '46-'47-'48g Al- lied Youth '47-'-18. KENNETH SIRMANS "1 man goorl mul true." Allied Youth l46-,47-'48-,495 Talis1111111 Staff ,48- '-i-9g Biology Club '-16347. NELLIE VVAYNE VSKINNER Hyilllllyi' 1lo11't furn up in lhe world until somehozly 1111-115 them up." I".H.A. '46-'47-,483-l9: 4-H Club l-I-63475 Allied Youth '47-l-1-8. BARBARA SMITH "J 111e1'1'y lzenrt goes rlll the Il'Ilj'.U 4-H Club, Albany, '46-i-l-7g F.H.A. '47-'-F8-'-49. 32 IJOLORES SlNll'l'H H11Ilf7f?llIff.YS and 'I'll'fIII' rex! upon earl: other Allied Youth '47-'48-'49 CSecretary '48 492 F.H.A. '-P73485 Glee Club '47-'48-'49, GIQRVAISIC Shll'l'H "J suifef, flffl'Ill'fl1'l" kim! of fl!'I1l'l'.H l'l.H.A. '46-'-Wg Hand 47-'48-,495 Glee Cluh 48 '-49: Singing Cluh pianist '48-'49g Allied Youth pianist '48-'49, LAVIZLLIQ STONE "Shall I t'0llIf7Ill'!' fluff fn II KIllIlllll'I"A' rlahnz' OLICIJA STONE H1Yl!'fIlc"lA' llFI'.Y." 4-H Club ,el-6-'47, CARLOS SU lVlN ER "l"m' my limrf is true' as .vleelfi lfuurlmll 747-'-l-83 l'x.l".A. l-P7-'48-'4Q. GERALDIN Ii SU MN ICR 'll'lml wlsrlolfl mn you fm! Ilia! ix 5ll'l'Ilf!'I fl'i111lm'.v.v?' ' Allied Youth '47-l-PS-'493 F.H.A. '48-'-P93 -l--H Qluh 47-'48, lf. SUTTON 'fllzlke the mos! of yourself. Tllrre is no tragerlj' like Il'LU1l3'll'Il life." IQLOISE TAYLOR " Tlu' jmxf is gone: seize torlri-V." .fi"""' -TUE TITUS "New in our mirlst, but efzferlrzgvliny in our lzearlxf' Athletic Association '46-'-l-73483 Band '46-'4-75 Transfer from Thomasville 19-l-8--l-9. DICKIE TUCKER "He does yoozl to himself who does good to his friend." Latin Club '4-83 -l--H Club '45-'46-'47-,485 Presi- dent '48g President Tift County Council '48, SYLVIA TUCKER "Good mzlure, like Il hee, follerts honey from every herb." Maviorette '48-,493 Tri-Hi-Y ,46-T-l-7-'-l-8g Tnlisnzzzn Staff '46-'47-'48g F.H.A. '45-463 Dramatic Club '46-'47-483495 Allied Youth '48-l-l9. ARTHUR TURK "Chip" "1Vhrzt rare I U.'llI'11 I mn lie and rest, Kill time and take life at the 'very l1esI." Band ,fl-5-'46-'-l-7-'48g Glee Club '47-'-l8g Vice- President Glee Clubg Hi-Y '47-'48-'-193 Secretary Hi-Y '48-'4-95 Allied Youth '4-6347. BILLY TUTTLE "The idle man is the rl'e1'il's worh.vlmp." BETTY RUTH TYSON "Silem'e is the understmzdizzg of fools, and Il 'virlue of the 'wisef' 4-H Club President ,46-'-l7g F.H.A. '47-'48-'-195 Vice-President ,4-83495 Student Council '-l-7348. LUCY JEAN TYSON "Few things are impossible to rliligenee and skill." F.H.A. ,46-'47-'48-'49g President '48-'4-95 Allied Youth ,46-'47-,483 Student Council '47-l48-,495 -l--H Club l46-'47g Basketball '48-,499 Beta Club '46-'47-'48-'4-95 Secretary '43-'4-95 Singing Club '48- '-l'9g Talisman Staff J-1-83495 Assistant Teacher '47-'4-8. ERNESTINE VANCE "lVork is 7'l!'f0fj'.U Glee Club ,46-'47-483 Secretary and Treasurer 4-H Club '46-,479 Tri-Hi-Y '46-'47-'485 Singing Club '47-'48g Basketball '47-'-18. 34' . RALPH VEAZEY "A eapable leader and a good athlete." F.F.A. '46-'-I-7-'48-'4-95 Treasurer '48-'49g Football '46-'47-'48-,493 T Club '47-'48-'493 President '48- '49g Student Council '48-'49g Singing Club '48-'493 President '48-'-495 Beauty Revue Escort '47-'48g Baseball '48-'49, FRANCES WALDROP "Lowe to one, friends to many, goodwill to all." Allied Youth '46-'47-'48-'49g F.H.A. '46-,47-'48- '49g Talisman Staff '48-'49g Singing Hobby Club '48-'49, JIM WALDROP Ufllufays loolc on the bright side." Word Club ,4-63475 Latin Club '48-'49, ROGER WALKER "The idle man is the devil's workshop." Hi-Y '47-'48-'49. ROY WALKER "floppy am I from care and free, Why aren'l they all roniented like me? HUGH WEAVER "Silenee is one art of l'OlI'Z'F7'SIIfl0II.U Basketball manager '46-'47-'48-'495 T Club '46-'-l-7- '48-'495 Latin Club '46-'47-'48g Key Club '47-'48- '49 CSecretary '-1-73482 5 Hi-Y '46-'47-'48-'49g Stu- dent Council ,47-'48g Dramatic Club '48-'49g Pioneer Staff '-1-73485 Talisman Staff '4-83493 Red Cross '46-'4-7: Biology Club '46-'-175 Escort for Beauty Revue '47-'48, JOHN WEAVER "xl pleasant rompanion for all." -I--H Club ,46-,475 Allied Youth '47-'4-8. RUTH WEBB "Sweet thoughts are mirror'1l in her facef' 4-H Club '45-'46-'47-'48-'49g Reporter '45-'4-65 Secretary and Treasurer '47-'4-85 Basketball '46- '48-'49g Latin Club '48-'49g Tri-Hi-Y '47. 35 WILLIAM R. WELLS "Bill,-" "Small in stature, but large in rlmrm IlIIIl,'Z'l'l'Ill'i1j'.U Band '-l-53463 Cheerleader '46-'47-'48 3 Allied Youth '-l-6-'47-'48-,495 Pioneer '47-'48-'49 Cliusiness Man- ager l-lslg Talisman '46-'47-'48-'49 CEditor-in- Chief '48-'-I-915 T Club '-l-6-'47-'48-'49g Key Club '47-'48-'-195 Glee Club '48-'4-93 Student Council '-l-7-'48-'-l9g Latin Club '47-'48-'49 fBusiness blan- ager '-I-8-'4-915 Photography Club '48-'-495 Basket- ball lvlanager '48-'-19. JACK WHIDDON "The grealext flIlIId'f'I'.l' my the least." JOYCE WHIDDON "The irleal t'llt'lf'flFIl!ll'f.H Glee Club '46-'4-7g Tri-Hi-Y '47-'48-'4-93 Cheer- leader ,47-'48-'4-95 Captain '48-'-193 T Club '-l-7-'48- '49g Basketball '47-l-18349. MARY IQDNA Wl-llTlC "Lowe looks not 'with the eyes but 'with llze llllIlll.H -lf-H Club '44-'45-'46-'47-'48-'-195 Reporter '45-'46g Vice-President '47-'-I-8: President County Council '47-,485 Head of Health Campaign '47-'48g Bas- ketball l-H-'45-'-lb. VlVlAN VVHITFIELU ulilessezl with that noble quality-reser-z'e." Ty Ty Basketball '-l-63475 4-H Club '-l-6-'47-'483 Allied Youth '47-'48g F.H.A. l-18-,495 Latin Club '47-'48-,493 Secretary '48-'49, CAROLYN WHl'l"l'lNG'l'ON HA1IlII11l"l', not yolzl, is woman'5 bl'.ffIld0flIlllf"Il1.U Allied Youth 3483493 Pioneer Staff '48-5493 Talis- man Staff '47-'48-'493 Vice-President of Senior Class '48-lil-9. COY VVHITTINGTON "lt's tlze little things that eountf' CLARENCE WIGGINS H1Jl7,Llllj'.5'fflFll1llj', witty, and rrlpablef' Latin Club '-ll-l-I-8-'-l-Q5 Biology Club '46-'-17. 36 1 VIRGIL WILLIS HIJIISIIIIOTII of the football fflllllll F.F.A. '46-'47-'-I-83493 Vice-President '48-'-L93 Football '-I-7-'48-'-l9g T Club '48-495 Baseball '47-'48, IJO'l"1'1E WILSON "The nlilzlest manner and a n1fr11lu'fll.vtore1l." Glee Club '47-'48-,495 Biology Club '47-'48g Allied Youth '48-'49g Pioneer Staff '48-'-19. VIRGINIA WILSON "Siler1re is golden." BETTY GENEVA VVOOU "J PIPIISIIIII l'0llIflfllli0I1 for all." Glee Club '47-'48-'-l'9g Ty Ty Basketballg -l--H Club '-l-6-'47-'48g Allied Youth '47-483 F.H.A. '-l-8-'-19. EUGENIC WOOD "Gene" "Let the ollzer fellow worry." l".F.A. '46-'47-'48-'+9g Vice-President Y-P7-'-P83 President '48-'-l-93 Football '46-'47-'48-'-l9g 'l' Club '-l-7-,48-'-193 Treasurer '48-'49, JASPER VVOODROOF HSWFIIA' fitly or be silent wisely." Allied Youth '-1-7-'48-'4-93 President '48-,495 Pioneer Staff '48-'-l-93 Student Council '48-'49g lwonitor '48-49. BILLY YEARTY "xl quiet and still f0Il5l'i4'Il!f' IQSSHQLIQNE YORK "Une who serves e11rnc'slly and frer.ve1'e1'ei11gly." F.H.A. '46-'-173 Singing Club '-I-8-'49, ll MAXINIC YORK URN!! in mwing t'fllI1Ill0Il sfnxe as the yrmirxl only arf." F.H.A. '46-'-1-75 Beta Club '47-'43-495 Singing Club '48-49. JUNE CANTRIQLL- Post Grzuluzitv if LIULIAN HASKINS if KICNNICTH FOVVLER Hf:l"lIiIl.X' is the fapzlfity for l"Z'lldiIlg liar-1lufork." F.F.A. '46-'47-'48, at THlCLlVlA lVIONTGOlVllfRY . '. F.S.A. l-P8-'-l9g Singing Club '48-'-I-93 Latin Club ' '47-'48, if LOUISIC ROBICRSON Villlil '46-l-l7-'-18-'-19. ,,, 14. XLIO ANN THRASHER Dramatic Club '46-'-l-73 F.H.A. '46-'-Wg Allied Youth '46-'-I-7-'48-'-l-95 Tri-Hi-Y '48-'-P95 F.S.A. '43-49. 5' No picture Billy, you cant have three. 6. All trash goes together. Our mouth pieces. 7. "Skinny." "Ain't we cute?" 8. Kid. what do you see? Where is Louise? 9. E-M-M-A I-E-A-N. Two too many. 10. Our Men. 38 Wm if M' QF' ?'A""Y il M 1 GN Ysfrw .xp ff www. Q 1 Q " M xv C7444 H56 tory After many months of waiting for school to begin and wondering what it would be like, finally we began, in September of 1938, our eleven long years. Several of us can remember how we felt that first day. We saw a few tears in the eyes of our parents. This added to our fright. But we soon began to love our teachers. Every year we loved our principal, llliss Clark, more and more. One of the high- lights of our third year was the knitting of a bedspread for the Red Cross. Every boy and girl in the HB" section helped by knitting one square. When we finally reached the fourth grade we thought we were nearly grown, for this year we had our first taste of final exams. Most of us Usweated them outf' but some were exempted. Soon we bade the grammar school goodby. When we reached the junior high school, we were just about as frightened as when we be- gan. We knew, though, that the teachers weren't bears, but people who really meant well for us. Mrs. Cochran, our new prin- cipal, was good to us, although a few did feel her paddle once or twice. Whewl We doubted that business about a woman's being one of the weaker sex. But we lived through it. Our teachers were making better citizens of us. The seventh grade was something new, for we had only had one teacher at a time before. That year we had four! Now we were freshmen. Our teachers nearly went crazy trying to teach us how to change classes. They all wondered how we ever got to the eighth grade. Sometimes we wondered too! The ninth grade-our sophomore year! We were really comical. looking the first two weeks. We didn't know there was so much lipstick in the whole world. The climax of the two weeks of initiation came when we were obliged to dress in everything from win- dow shades to crocus sacks. We laughed it off though, because we knew that some day VVE would be seniors. ln spite of all, we really liked high school. We welcomed county students to our class when we were juniors. We lost Miss Ida Belle Williams to a college, but we got Mr. Ellis. We laughed for two weeks at the sophomores, then we saw why the juniors and seniors had laughed at us during initiation. Our Junior-Senior banquet was really swell! We began our senior year with Mr. Mc- Allister as principal. Three principals in three years-what a record! The first of this year our class rings came. All we heard from the underclassmen was, "Oh, I'll be so glad when we get ours!" What a football team and band we've had. We are all very proud-even those of us who played. We won't ever forget Mr. Bailey and the cheer leaders, our Blue and White band and our spirited pep meetings. We are proud of our record in all the Tifton schools. We've had fun through all our school years. We say we'll be glad when we're out, but deep in our hearts we know it's not true. We've really had a wonderful time. EMILY SANDERS TOMMY COLEMAN BENNETT DREXLER BOB MACHMER Coy Vfllittilwggtmmrm Put Uwcns .I1lSPi'I' Xxvflllllfllg Berry -Iczm Qwlyllff Kcnnvrh Sirmzms :xI1lI'Q1ll'f'Y Curr l':I'I14'sI1l1K' V III 1 Klnxim' U'Q1111111 liillic Hllshin Lill2ll'lt'S B4-1-gl1 A1111 BTZIIICII l',llY'C'lN' YV1 r- 1 x D XVillv11e Cll11Tl'DDt'I' L h1p lurk C1v1':1hl111e' I,:111v c?t'l'N11iSl' Smith Nlurris D111 1s .Iam XIz11'r111 I3 14 IS lim 17 IS Hugh XVOz1vc1' Urlcnzx Clllllj P:111li11c jolly -Ioycz' :mal .fuck -lmws -Indy 13411111 Bm-11c'trc llrc-xh'1' Patsy Pzlttcm Umrutlly xxyihllll 'sr 1 - X llbllllfl .md -IZIINFS N1'wtu11 'lihmln Alum' A11 Bills Nllllfllll Q - ' ff D 'K NN... x 9- if Dorothy L'll1XI'SL'j' I,s-onzlrd Scars Judy Bond Robbin linker IxIZlXillS und lfssiclvru- York Rom Sum' Rrmks Iowa' H with Uolorvs Smith Bobby AICQVTIIFX Ruth llzltthvws Illlll Lee- Iilllhllll I7 .Indy Bond Viviun Vxflmitfic-lcl -In Ann Simpson Nl1ll'fI2ll'4'f Allvn Lucy -Ivan Tysmm .Iuniv Ruth funk IAIVCIT Richzlrmls F S C' au Prophecy As we remember our old Senior class-mates of 1949 and consider them as the men and women today, we realize how foolish it would have been to have tried to predict the future ives of our Senior Class back in 1949. J. C. Bannister is now professor at Ty Ty Tech. June Cantrell is there also as professor of art. We find Joe Titus is the owner of an exclusive Motor Court in Thomasville, Georgia. Nell Pearman has become the Hrst woman President of the United States. ln her cabinet she has Virginia Corry as Ambassador to Russia, Howard Coburn as Ambassador to Greenland, Jack Sauls as Secretary of State, Edward Preston as Secretary of Labor: Alvin "Bo" Cooksey as Ambassador to France, Ralph Veasey as Commissioner of Agriculture, Geraldine Lane serves as personal secretary to the President. Now that Nell has attained the highest position in the land, she has a publicity agent fEugene Allenl, a per- sonal physician-Bobby lVIcCrary, and her own dress designer-Margaret Allen. My goodness, we see Royce Jones is now the Presi- dent of the U-Build-lt Construction Company. Ernest Selph and Lowell Beasley are in politics. They are now candidates for Governor of Georgia. Some of our Senior Class mates are now very fa- mous personalities. Betty Jean Clyatt is Americals No. l debutante. Hugh Weaver is now a millionaire, CWe know that he has made his millions as an eminent brain surgeon.J Al Durden has taken Charles Starret's job and be- come a famous movie idol. Tommy Mitchell has be- come renowned as the inventor of an inkless fountain pen. Julian Haskins is listed as the No. l commentator by the Gallup Poll. Tillman Huckeba has become a famous radio come- dian. Tillman started his career fat radio station WWGSJ and worked his way up until he now owns part of Radio City in New York. Frances Mason who started ice skating on Tift's Pond, is now on her way to the Olympics. Barbara Danforth, now Mrs. Gilmer Culpepper, has been very worried lately about how to clothe her poor children Call five of theml. Joanne Simpson, Carolyn Renfroe, Clarice .lVIoye, Thelma Montgomery, and Robbie Mae Lockhart are now co-owners of a chain of hotels scattered from Iceland all through South Africa. Louise Roberson and Robin Baker have finally achieved their life-long ambition-they do a fan dance together in one of New York's most popular night spots owned by Katherine Hall. Several of our classmates have now entered the teaching profession, the University of Georgia has been very fortunate in acquiring the services of Emma Jean Brewer, Ernestine Vance, JoAnn Thrasher and Ann Branch. Roy Walker is Professor of Philosophy at Yale. Georgia Tech has been blessed, toog as additions to their staff they have Frances Freeman, Mavis Goff and Leota Franks as dramatic teachers. Gervaise Smith is the head of the Music Department, Eloise Taylor as dance professor and Marie Hill as basket- ball coach with Theda Jane McMillan as her assistant. Raymond Grimsley is teaching business math at Georgia Tech. Tifton High School has welcomed a new faculty which includes Coy Whittington as superintendent, Maxine York as an English teacher, and Oleda Stone as Latin teacher. New additions to the Abac faculty include Dorothy Coarsey, Margaret Carr, Patsy Patton, and Betty Sue Rooks. It seems that we have lots of musicians in Tiftong Bob Machmer leads his own concert orchestra. His members are Morris Davis, playing base horn, Charles Bergh plays sax, and Ralph Gentry plays trombone, and Benner Drexler is playing his clarinet. VVe now find Hallman Hasty sitting behind a big desk since he is president of the Eastern Air Lines. He is assisted by his wife, the former Sylvia Tucker. Clarence Wiggins is one of the best pilots on Hasty's Air Lines, and Virginia Decker and Frances Waldrop are his prettiest hostesses. Carolyn Whittington and Barbara Smith are now trying to be two of WWGS's successful announcers Cas Bill Shephard was back in l948J. Oh! What do we see now as we look upon the football field at Douglas! lt seems to be Janie Ruth Cook as head Majorette of South Georgia College. The prettiest scenery that is to be found in Holly- wood now is that of Bowen's lllill which is owned by Laura Ann Bowen. Jan Martin is now keeping house for Royston Dod- son and their two children at their three-story home in Omega, Ga. Royston is now city manager of Omega. The famous foreign correspondents, Clifford Lee, Jack Jones, Glen McBrayer, and E. Sutton, have returned from the North Pole, where they have been for the past four years. Well, well, we read in the papers that Virgil Ross, now head of the GBI, has just solved another one of his very baffling cases. Helping him on his cases, but never getting much credit, are his two secretaries, Marylene Marchant and Maxine O'Quinn. Four of our Senior Class mates have now gone into business together. Ruth Matthews, Nellie Wayne Skin- ner, Joyce Jones, and Ruth Webb are now running "The Senate Restaurant", among their most frequent patrons are Collene Hobbs and Burma Connell, now women Senators from Georgia, who very often have as their guest, Edna Jernigan, editor of "The Con- gressional Herald", Washington's leading newspaper. Often seen eating with them is Orlena Colley, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. We see Pickett Harris, now a dress salesman for the 'U-lllake-lt" dress factory owned by Lila Lee Hud- gins, on one of his weekly visits to the exclusive dress shop of Joyce Heath. We stopped in Chula the other day to see the open- ing of the South's largest supermarkets owned and operated by Doris Evans and her husband. This new supermarket was designed by the architect, Thomas Hand. Betty Jean Cromer, famous beautician, has among her many eminent customers, June Busbin, Lavert Richards, and Lavelle Stone, now popular opera stars, .t ,f - .,- recently starred in an opera Written especially for them by Tommy Coleman. Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Willis are now owners of a mink farm in Alaska. Mrs. Willis is the former Lucy Jean Tyson. We accidentally met our old classmate, John Weaver, in New York last month. He is working as an elevator operator in the Empire State Building. While we were riding up with him we met Ellis Allen and Francis Allen coming down from their offices, which cover the whole top floor. They are now co-owners of a chain of drug stores. Joe Fox is the warden at Sing Sing Prison. Well, Rudolph Hill is still working with Colonial Stores. But now he has become Vice-President. We heard a very good radio program the other night-Sonny Hamilton has taken Mr. Tom Howardls place on "lt Pays To Be lgnorantf' His Board of Experts includes Clara Mae Hale, Virginia Newton, Polly Jolley, Geraldine Sumner and Eva Grantham. We haven't seen Coy Butler very much lately. Guess he is pretty busy now that he is Mayor of Ty Ty. Betty Griffin and Millie Griffen must stay busy, too, since they are officers of the Home Demonstration Club at Sunsweet. Billy Yearty and his wife, lllary Edna, are now managing a 4-H Health Farm out from Chula. They have been given much credit in promoting good health for all boys and girls in the Southeast section of the U. S. Marie Clements is doing a very good job coaching her basketball team, made up of her six daughters. They have just recently won the National Cham- pionship. Troy Hobbs made his debut the other night and started his career of professional boxing. Several of the Seniors of 1949 have returned to Tifton to settle down and work. Billy Wells is now editor of the Tifton Gazeite, Don Rigdon has become Head of Experiment Station, Clay Coburn is the manager of the Tift Theater and Dickie Tucker is president of the National Forestry Society. His oflice is located in Tifton. Two of Arthur lVIurray's most talented dancing instructors are Jim VValdrop and Jack Whiddon. We visited Leonard Searse's oflice last Week and found him working on another one of his master- pieces. He has become a millionaire selling his paint- ings to the art galleries. Jasper Woodroof has worked his way up until he is now president of the National Allied Youth. He spends most of his time going around the country and encouraging the Allied Youth Clubs and organizing new ones. Emily Sanders is leading a pretty busy life. She is dividing her time between her family and her work. She is one of the leading physicians in Atlanta. Dolores Smith is Superintendent of Nurses in the Walter Reed Hospital. She entertains the nurses with her singing in her spare time. Carolos Sumner has just opened his very elaborate dress shop in New York. As two of his most popular models he has Thelma Mills and Velma Nolan. Dorminey McMillian is now pastor of the first Bap- tist Church in Enigma. Vernon McBrayer has finished his first term as sheriff of Eldorado and is now campaigning for his re- election. lylr. and Mrs. Billy Heath fthe former Miss Marion Normanl have just completed their new home-a nice little bungalow on the outskirts of town. We visited Kenneth Sirmons in his oliice yesterday. Kenneth keeps very busy as editor of the Atlanta Journal. Earl Rutland, who is now a Colonel in the Army and has been overseas in charge of the occupational forces in Germany, has returned to the U. S. and was honored with a big military celebration. Mr. and Mrs. lylajor Whiddon have recently announced the marriage of their daughter, Joyce, to Sonny Butler. They had a large military wedding at Gordon Military College. We send both of them our congratulations. Lamar Palmer was an All-American for the four years he was going to Notre Dameand is now playing professional football. Billy Tuttle and Chip Turk have just returned from South Africa. Billy and Chip are famous big game hunters' and now possess several trophies they have wonll Roger Walker is president of the Gulf Corporation. He has built himself a beautiful ranch home out from Tifton and has a beach home in Jacksonsonville. We went to the circus Saturday and enjoyed Vivian Whitfield's and Betty VVood's performance as acrobats, and Essilene York and Dorothy Partin as tight-rope walkers. Willene Culpepper has finally settled down and she and Wootzy are living in Chula. Charles Chapel has been elected Postmaster of Chula for his fourth term. Kenneth Fowler has certainly been moving around the country ever since he has become such a famous tobacco auctioneer. Judy Bond, Billie Busbin and Evelyn Braswell have completely remodeled and enlarged their Old Maid Institution. They have had so many old maids come to stay with them, they outgrew their old establishment. Basil Franks is still running his filling station and he now services the State Patrol cars especially. Lafayette Coarsey has at last realized his life-long ambition. He is a Greyhound Bus driver! Monroe Carr's basketball team ffrom Ty Ty Techl is now taking a vacation in Iceland. Coach Carr has gone with them and he feels that they certainly deserve a vacation after the hard season they had this year. We enjoyed the half-time performance of Alabama's million-dollar band at the football game the other day. The band has improved very much, especially with Dot Bruce as head majorette. Sonny Edmondson is managing his fatherls meat market and has remodeled it. In his spare time Sonny coaches football at Abac. We saw Betty Ruth Tyson's picture in the paper the other day. She has recently become "Miss America." Dr. Billy lylorton and his wife fthe former Pat Owensl now have eleven boys which the famous Dr. Morton coaches in football in his spare time. Pat acts as the team's water boy! PAT OWENS HUGH WEAVER BETTY JEAN CLYATT JOYCE WHIDDON SYLVIA TUCKER ut I Wil and Tea tament We, Lamar "Baby Face" Palmer and Leonard "Old Lady" Sears, leave our nicknames to Harold Smith and Jimmy Smith. I, Jan Martin, will my flirty ways to Camille Colquitt. I, Laura Ann Bowen, leave my feet ftoes in- cludedj to Donnie Donaldson. We, Margaret Allen, Maxine and Essielene York, leave our good grades to Margaret Parrish, and Lucy Gay, hoping it will "help." We, BettyiRuth Tyson, Robin Baker, and Betty Jean Clyatt leave our books to any Junior 'who likes them. I, Joe Titus, leave my broad shoulders to Robert Parke1'. I, Royce Jones, leave my "No. 39D to June Puckett. We, Mickey Newton and Lucy Jean Tyson, leave our many boy friends to anyone who can hold them. I, Sylvia Tucker, will my majorette uniform to Joyce Whittington, hoping she will try as hard as I did. I, Louise Roberson, will my "Million-Dollar Legs" to anyone who can find them. I, Bobby Green, leave-thank goodness. I, Edward Preston, will my basketball ability to Aubrey Morris. I, Marylene Marchant, leave Coach "Mac's" of- fice to Mary Mann. I, June Busbin, will my ability to learn to Sarah Ann Veal. We, Coy Butler and Joyce Heath, leave our dimples to Jim Machmer and Betty Sue Blalock. We, Marie Hill, Willene Culpepper, and Betty Jean Cromer, leave our voices to Helen Cauthen, Betty Ruth Cofer, and Nell Duckworth. I, Ralph Veazey, leave my good looks to Jimmy Hornbuckle. We, Margaret Carr, Leota Franks, and Joyce Gibbs, leave our timidity to Barbara Shaver, Juanita Gladney, and Jo Ann Butler. I, Joyce Whiddon, leave my cheer-leading ability to Betty Jean Allen, who already has a good start. I, Hugh Weaver, leave my "stinking pipe" to Charles Brown. I, Billy Wells, leave my ability to dance to Bobby Thomas. We, Ruth Matthews, Ulva McAllister, Nellie Wayne Skinner, and Barbara Smith, leave ABAC to Betty Nan Sellars, Betty Ayres, and Diane Olson. I, Chip Turk, leave the "strip-down" to Carl Ford. Please take care of it. We, Betty Wood, Geraldine Sumner, and Mavis Goff, leave Miss Pitts' English Class to Winona Norman and Jo Edith Rutland. I, Tillman Huckeba, will the presidency of the "B, S. CLUBH to J. C. Howell. I, Bennett Drexler, leave my Einstein theories to Dan Wood, who needs them badly. We, Jasper Woodroof and Charles Bergh, leave our job Cas bellboyl to Billy Wood and Ruel Broadway. VVe, Billy Yearty and Mary Edna White, and Gwynn O'Quinn and Thelma Mills, leave our seats in the Auditorium to Louis Waldrop and Amos Smith. We, Billy Morton and Pat Owens, leave our parking place to Buddy Smith and lVIarie Pogue. We, Sonny Edmondson and Dot Bruce, leave our good times together to Edwin Revels, and Helen Conger. I, Orlena Colley, will my quietness to Lucile Brown. I, Nell Pearman, leave my politeness to Loretta Whitley. I, Sonny Hamilton, leave my "quiet" voice to Dana VVhitfield. I, Pickett Harris, will my drumming ability to Dickie Corbett. I, "Fuzzy" Coarsey, disappear. We, Billy Tuttle and Virginia Newton, leave our horsemanship to James Hughes and Sylvia Crum. We, Joe Fox and Thomas Hand, leave our hair to Harrell Hall. We, Patsy Patton and Gervaise Smith, leave our clarinet ability to Lester Davis and Ann Harrell in hopes that they carry on. I, Ralph Gentry, gladly leave my place in the trombone section to Sonny Collier. I, Virginia Corry, leave my many talents to Lummie Jean Kicklighter, who needs them badly. I, Hallman Hasty, will my trumpet ability to Jack Bennett, hoping that he will do better with it than I did. We, J. C. Bannister and John Weaver, leave our bashfulness to Earl Rowland and Clifford Shearer. I, Curtis Pitts, leave my deep voice to Pat Malcolm, who needs my help. I, Ellis Allen, leave my ability to learn MacBeth to Jimmy Sellars. i I, Jack Sauls, lea.ve my many years in high school to Homer Allison. I, Vivian VVhitfield,1 leave my carefree ways to Angelyn Holmes. I, Maxine O'Queen, will my ready smile to Joyce Champion. We, Don Rigdon and Jim Waldrop, leave our ability to sleep in class to anyone who can get away with it. I, Eloise Taylor, leave my 'lswing and sway" to Clarice Cox. We, Theda Jan lVIcMillan and Carolyn Whit- tington, leave our "come hither" looks to Billie Sauls and Jo Edith Rutland. I, Carolyn Renfroe, leave my secret Sorrows to Bootsie Kent. We, Virgil Ross and Bo Cooksey, leave our reckless driving to Jimmy Atkins and Ansley Dorminy. I, Clifford Lee, leave my physique to Russell Lindsey. I, Eugene Allen, leave my drawl to Sam Rigdon. We, Monroe Carr, Bobby McCrary, and Ramon Grimsley, will our friendly dispositions to Ralph Wiggins, Darrell Thompson, and Lamar Kinard. We, Virgil Willis and Geen Wood, leave our two years in the eleventh grade to HRed" Arnold and "Bud" Brogden. We, Lavelle Stone, Marion Norman, Polley Jolly, Judy Bond, and Billie Busbin, leave our good times out of school to any Junior who can make a go of it. We, Betty Sue Rooks, Virginia Decker, and Dottie Wilson, leave our pleasant dispositions to Lovelace Ann Jones. I, Emily Sanders, leave the sparkle in my eyes when I see Bobby Griiiis to any Junior girl who can handle it. We, Katherine Hall, Joyce Jones, and Edna Jernigan, leave our fair complexions to Clara Mae, Mildred, and Neville Taylor. We, Tommy Coleman, Roger Walker, and Coy Whittington, leave our love of good jokes to all the Juniors who can keep up with them. I, Frances Freeman, leave my tenor sax to any- one who wants it. We, Eva Grantham, Clarice Moye, Marie Clem- ents, and Doris Evans, leave our love of basketball to NVinona Norman. We, E. Sutton and Ernestine Vance, leave our chewing gum to Mrs. Mitch'ell's English Classes We, Geraldine Lane and Dolores Smith, leave our blond hair to Betty Ann Lee and Joyce Green .rgresrf -- 1 'K We, Oleda"Stone, Dotty Corbett, Ann Branch, and Jo Ann Thrasher, leave our "Practical English" to Marlene Sullivan, IXfIargaret Parrish, and Mary Ann Miller. We, Dickie Tucker, Jack Jones, Julian Haskins, Kenneth Fowler, and Charles Chappel, leave our bashfulness to N. C. Spradley and Bobby Thomas. I, Al Durden, leave my love for football to all players and hope that it will help them as it did me. We, Clay Coburn, Dorminy IWcIVIillan, and Bob Macrhmer, leave our speech-making ability to Ellen Beilert- We, Basel Franks and Francis Allen, leave our way with women to James Hughes and Billy Jordon. We, Jo Ann Simpson, Robbie Mae Lockhart, Lila Lee Hudgins, and Janie Ruth Cook, leave Miss Pitts, Homeroom for the trash collector. We, Roy Walker and Morris Davis, leave our lanky walks to Vernon Storey and Carl Abbott. We, Linda Fletcher, Velma Nolan, Thelma Montgomery, leave our good humor to Joyce VVhittington. We, Howard Coburn, Clarence Wiggins, Ru- dolph Hill, and Vernon and Glenn McBrayer, take what we have with us. VVe, Audrey Hilton, Virginia Wilson, Ruth Webb, and Lavert Richards, leave our love of studying to Mattie Wright and Emogene Yancy. We, Frances Mason, Clara Mae Hale, and Dot Partin, with Kenneth Sirmans, Carlos Sumner, Earl Rutland, and Ernest Selph, leave our good times in the Senior Class to all Juniors who try to enjoy it. We, Frances Waldrop, Lowell Beasley, Evelyn Brazwell, Emma Jean Brewer, Troy Hobbs, Burma Connell, Colleen Hobbs and Jack Whiddon, leave the hope behind that all Juniors may survive. We, Jo Ann Griffin and Barbara Ann Danforth, leave the boys we Hirt with to Betty Sue Waldrop, who is making very nice progress. We, the SENIOR CLASS of '48-'49, leave our "privileges" to all the Juniors if they can think of any to inherit. Testaters, VIRGINIA CORRY ROYCE JONES BILLY MORTON NELL PEARMAN LOUISE ROBERSON ,O ,M JU IOR CLASS UFFICERS CHARLES DRICXLIER SI'f'l'l'f11I'j' JUXI MACHMER SYLVIA CRUM Prexizlfnt I,it'l"IJAl'l'XiIi!'IIf IVIARGAR IC'l' PARR I S H 'l'rm.fur1fr Ann Abbott Carl Abbott Betty Jean Allen Earline Allen Homer Allison Martin Alsobrook Mary Nell Arnett Eston Arnold Lunelle Arrington Dolores Jean Ashmore Jimmy Atkins Betty Ayers Russell Baker Carlton Beard Jack Bennett Betty Sue Blalock Jo Ellen Bleiler lvlurdock Brady Billy Brewer Thelma Brewer Reuel Broadway Mary Brooks Charles Brown Lucile Brown Annette Burnum Jo Ann Butler Barbara Campbell Carlton Carr Helen Cauthen Joyce Chambley Johnny Champion Gene Chandler Nlary Jean Chapman Clifton Childs Betty Ruth Cofer Sonny Collier Camille Colquitt Helen Conger Sara A. Cook Betty Copeland Ruth Copeland Dickie Corbett Clarice Cox Sylvia Crum Joyce Clements H. C. David J. E. Davis Lester Davis Opal Dean Clara Denham Mona Lee Dickinson Donnie Donaldson Ansley Dorminy Charles Drexler Dorothy Evans Danny Fletcher Marion Fletcher Ivanelle Flippo Carl Ford Lucy Gay lVIary Gibbs Juanita Gladney J. K. Goff lVIary Nell Goff Joyce Greene lllyrtle Greene Othal Greer Jewel Dean Graham Harrell Hall llflelba Hansel Anne Harrell Raymond Harrell Billy Hecht Dora Hightower Josephine Hobbs Sylvia Hollis Angelyn Holmes Faye Holt Jimmy Hornbuckle J. C. Howell James Hughes Claude Hutchinson Royce Johnson Lovelace Ann Jones lllikell Karsten Bootsie Kent Lummie .lean Kicklighter Lamar Kinard Christine Lacey Betty Ann Lee Latrelle Leverett Russell Lindsay Jean Lott Floyd Lovett Jim Machmer Pat lylalcom lllary lblann Betty Jean Martin Billy Marx Erma Jean lVIcAllister Ulva lVIcAllister lVIartha Lou lldcllflillan Roswell McMillan Rudine lylclwillan lWary Ann lyliller Edward Nlontgomery Joel llflonk Johnaldine Nlonk Nlary Caroline llfloore lN'Iyrl lVIoore lldike llloorman Aubrey lVIorris llflary Jo Morris June Nobles Edward Noland Winona Norman Robert Parker Margaret Parrish Donald Partin Florence Peele Geneva Perry Ann Pierce Imogene Pope lylarie Pogue June Puckett Edwin Revels Ann Richardson Sam Rigdon John Earl Rowland Edward Rutland Jo Edith Rutland Billie Sauls Betty Nan Sellars Jimmy Sellars Caroline Shannon Barbara Shaver Edith Shaw Amos Smith Buddy Smith Harold Smith Jimmy Smith Katie Smith N. C. Spradley Marjorie Stephens Norris Stephenson Melba Ann Stewart Vernon Storey Frances Sullivan Frank Sumner Lillian Sumner Homer Sweat Joe Skipper Kenneth Taylor lklildred Taylor Jack Terry Daphne Thacker Bobby Thomas Darrell Thompson J. P. Thompson Sara Ann Veal Betty Sue Waldrop Louise Waldrop Bobby Walker Charles Walker Gene Walker Bobby Watson Oline Watson Bobby Webb Florine Wells Dana Whitfield Loretta Whitley Joyce Whittington Dewey Wilds Doyle Wiggins Ralph Wiggins Edna Williams julian Williams Bessie Lee Wilson Emerson Wilson Laverne Wilson No Pictures Burl lirogdon Nelle Duckworth -lcanette Griflin Bobby Grillis Clearon Hester Willie Lott li. Al. hIcCrnry Vinson Tanner Alfred Walker Roy Wclcll 4 Q or ' 'aft 5 Dolores Womack Billy Wood Dan Wcmotl Jack Woodard lfrlene Wright Mattie Wright lllarion WCZIVCT, .lr Emogene Yancey Eston Yawn 1. Helen's tongue is red. 4: "Smile. Lucile." 7. "Babies." 2. "Hubba, hubba, legs." 5. "Most handsome." 8. "Iail House." 3. Again? 6. "Always talking." 9. " 'T' lor trying." 10. "Three Wolves and a Sheep." AE SJ, 1, fr Q-' Y r-'X "Ai If 1 Q Ma if-fb! W '-. nf , I lv W .ss fv, .K fm flswfvwfseizz . ggi A-in 1 .- I wg, V 4- 74 ni Us -W' i miss Xl? x if Q Y., Q T 9, A I 'il .W 'Wi .1 Rims 5 . 53 5 K 1 fl? Y . V? K s 5 A ., l gi ? 1 Q K 1 Q m . ,Xl 16. Q 5, N lx, A Wax, impitlia ,Y , , 3 ,X 11 '55 52 ' Um A a E aw if its-5 xx' 5 5 if SUPHUMURE CLASS UFFICERS FRANK XVILLIS l,rf.'xi1lf'r1t V .J N- IRALIJ NESMITH JOAN LO'l"l Sl'l'l'l'l'Ilfj' ,lv!'l'Il5llI'f'!' .IOIC DAVIS 1"iw-l'rf'.vi1ln'11l Norman Allen Henry Arrington Franzle Baker Billy Bailey Bobby Bailey Humber Bailey Mary Ann Bailey Betty Banister Gladys Banister Bobbie Barfield Edna Barnes Gerald Bass James Bass Max Bellflower June Bennett Ted Blalock Katherine Bowen Don Branch Harry Brewer Lucile Brooks Deverne Brownlee Faye Fussell Myrtie Lee Bryant Joanne Bryant Doris Carlton Thelma Carr Malcolm Conoly J. C. Connor L. J. Copeland Margaret Copeland Frances Cadle Billie Crownover Inez Daniels Betty Jean Davidson Bobby Joe Davis Dolores Davis Thomas Davis Frances Davis Rhudean Denby Flo Dorminy Howard Dorsett Patty Doss Elton Dubose Jane Elrod Patricia Fletcher Faye Russell jane Garrick Don Gay Felton German Jessie Goodwin , Betty Ann Greene Tippo Greene Larry Grubbs Buddy Hall Robert Hammond Don Hardison Jane Hardison Charles Harman Clarence Harper Daphne Harper Vera Hawkins Claude Hendricks Melvin Henry Willis Hester William Hobbs Bert Humphrey Buster Hutchinson Bobby Johnson Elwood Johnson Frances Johnson Kay Johnson Pete Johnston W. C. Jolley Rhea Jones Minnie Kate Jordan Neil Keene Joe Kent Dymple Jo King Mary Kitchen Edwina Lane Myrtice Lassiter Eleanor Lastinger Kennis Lastinger Billy Lee Juanelle Lewis Johnny Lipsey Joan Lott Bailey lVIartin Glenn Mathis Mary Banks lklartin Russell Mathews Frances McAllister Donnie lVIcBrayer Dorothy McPherson Bennie Lee Mitcham llflarilyn Morton Bobbie Jean lkloye Norma Jean Nation Gerald NeSmith Patsy Neal Clara Oirick Ann Parker Jimmy Parnell Evelyn Parrish Ronald Parrish Bonny Patton Rudolph Patton Yvonne Pearman Virginia Perry Eloise Phelps Gene Phillips Marjorie Pitts Carlton Pritchard Billy Rooks Judy Ross Freddie Rowland Junior Sanders Laverne Scott Billy Seagraves Clifford. Shearer No Pictures: J. T. Carrington Mae Jones Raleigh Lightfont Royce Lightfont Jack Lindsey Jo Anne Moore Vera Mae Walker .J Betty Shiiletr Nell Shiiiett Rudolph Shiflett Carolyn Sinclair Mary Kate Sirmans Billy Skipper Gene Slack Wade Spooner J. E. Spradley Don Smith Elneita Smith Lacey Smith Sara Josephine Smith H. T. Stone Lucile Stone Mitchell Stone Wylene Stone Everett Sumner Wanda Sumner Betty Swain Betty Taylor Ann Terry Betty Tucker Betty L. Tucker F eliste Turk Louise Tyson Geneva Ward Jimmy Watson Orene Watson Peggy Webb Carolyn Weldon Austin Whiddon Lake White Elizabeth Whitfield Jonnie Wilcox Frank Willis Joyce Willis Elaine Yearty Nell Rose Young 5 W- ,, K , ,, . .. - , 7 . "' ." 'J V Q L' a 53 1 'L J' 'J 'ff sm .. The alirfman BILLY WELLS Editor-in-Cilzief I , , Jssoriate Editor MARTHANN NEWTON . Q 1 Swzvtrzry, Katherine Hallg Circulation llflanagrr, Betty Jean Clyattg Advertising Mazinger, Pat Owensg flrt Editor, June Cnntrellg Class Co-Editors, Loretta Wl1itne5', Margaret Parishg Club Editor, Billy Hechtg Picture Editor, Emma Jean Brewerg Boys' Sports Editor, Gene Chandlery Girls' Sports Editor, Nell Pearmang Snapslml Chief, Carolyn Whittingtorug ,lxsixtzuzt Pifture Editor, Robbie Mae Lockhart. 60 010- 14da11IAorA ISS NICICI, MISS MISS MISS MISS MRS. Book I zofwr FURICNIAN SPURLIIY INICKNIfIfI,Y PULLICN VITANGI' l,ll'fIll'ff.V Cl11.v.x'1f.v C111 bs 7Il'l'llXIH't'l' Cviflklllllfillll TAL: suv! I 4 -haf Z ' fy eK:""' j - A ,ZZ ullx' TIA' IN IS:-nncll Knlquxu II.ulY YI-nun: ummm l'lff'I'I'IQl-'Y lU.,vuI.ln1I Funk l'x'mx'l1m4'u iiI.uIm'x In-11111-11.111 I..mI' 'xlIXI1II.u1 Xlillur Xlmmm' Iiuum I'I'.llm.m 'li-rrv XXX-Ivlv Wlullc !'I..lN'XI-S .Xu-rx L'Ix.umIvIv I'u'm'1n.1n II.1rrcII IUIIV XId'mry Simpwn Smrrv 1., xx',,1n.,,,, I,'I.I'I!.X' lxrrlm lmulurnln Cirxthn XIlIIx Sllxnnm I'lICf'I'l..l'lI0,Y I-'luulwr Kircrllv XI.nrI1n Nnrllmll V. lhumn IiulI.1mI SL'Il.Irx lmkcr Xfxluc lIJI'iflJ'l'I YIXL. Iimscll Iirnwn Form' XII XII1Mc1' NI.lLIu-xu Ilfmkx A. Smirh II. Smlllx Iywu I-'. XY.lInlmp .XX.1I'S - j.NXI1IIlmgmll - ,XPUIH Y Wan I 1 I 11 - I Q'1wN H T I - thc- new :limi stave. The Art- 1 1. 'nt Typing Tahies Thu km a mt' they for t'-120 and Mm last tw-f Cltxtmnurritgv will lirwvnt in the , I VERNON STORY Feature Editor VIRGINIA DECKER News Editor DOTTIE WILSON Literary Editor GENE CHANDLER Sports Editor JL tht? hit they roam ' dum- Wetl- mixttny semi, "Tlx:-3 are hrwv' v-vm: ww,-red 'A The will help' w-Hmm rfauxseti by tmvtng two rtmatt tttttlv. hy HV, and on om- -tilt? nisasttres 341' a standard height :rf wit". Mitch we is vquiwped with ta' :tmwvv and at writing board, Tm-tw sitdk mmm tes nt' nt-rvtrg: ftxtwt-rwttx Smttmg Company at Stmtfe P wttrt' ortiervft trout tr 1- tw r g v et. I.t:t'a comms-mi them me me smvdtty Imttt tubs. tits tn um at tu tfmd enact wood and wo rim t Y?- t 1 Taiisxmm Editor 'ar I .DU M , .ipxxt +m't-vtwvemitwxst nt makin the mamixin these atuyswtatt the rumen why we should do nur m mem that polished hew ul ittwtw ltmtmig new. Ctmrmvr stuettivits miw enjoy the tm: it Hitting, at one desk. with tmriwt' whit: ttuv urine Y E 1 tum' and tfthartix while in r-1111526 utw of guod repcxrt to my hte typing stem-rx may nm-t the warmth which ractiatew tie T 'rot t as et tx h' 5 HM P3111 Vt-un-t but tt: ttsttp in ta tl tty I Nfl I I DNC mf J me h th new vi ht J Laugh Qdmlua-tic hun Awuuttun Crafts Club, which ts mth!- at tu-ark-attain adjoining the typef mum. will atm receive sum- . tteut frnm tht' stew, S0 wt-' li l stu: 11113 fumn umwed 'his yemfs Weth tha Aim Hall wma 3 and tt-."'E:."'l.'.ti"-'..B.' ae num: cl hae Firw I Gm -mm- XV M v-an Itohm 'Sake Louise Roberton Hornttzmx mm labeled ativan 6. 5. EDNA IERGIGAN News Reporter S. HALLMAN HASTY 7 8 Art Editor ROBERT MACHMER Literary Reporter GWYNNE O'QUINN Business Manager 9. RUDOLPH HILL , Sports Reporter .tw- PWA 10. LUMMIE IEAN KICKLIGHTER Co-Editor 12. ANN HARRELL Co-Editor 13. BILLY HECHT Sports Reporter CAROLYN WHITTINGTON Literary Reporter IASPER WOODROOF News Reporter EARL RUTLAND News Reporter THEDA IANE MCMILLAN Feature Writer ALVIN COOKSEY ..... ....,.. P resident VIRGINIA CORRY .... ..... I 'ice-President DOROTHY BRUCE .... ...... S ecretary SONNY EDMON SON. . . ..... Treasurer J. W. MCALLISTER .... ..... .......... A d visor SIUDE I CUUNCII 0 5 63 Coy Butler Clifton Childs Betty Jean Davidson Bobby Jo Davis Donnie Donaldson Charles Drexler Tillman Huckaba Lummie Jean Kicklighter Mary Kitchens Jim Machmer Jan Martin Theda Jane McMillian Billy Morton Lamar Palmer Nell Pearman Virgil Ross Dickie Tucker F eliste Turk Lucy Jean Tyson Ralph Veazey Billy Wells Frank Willis Jasper Woodruff F. H. A. "TOW RD EW HORIZONS" ,A A 1 f if 2 ,X F ww N 1, ,-fl I ,fy K ..f M .. A V pf, ,Y 3 df, K, R .-3,8 fa. f. , , A , M , L ,f V fl . , . x. f , A, ff, ,M ,. Q- Jr f A' fy ,.- ,, . N- ,fm .Y .. J, , , ' ,f .Q fi, .frfE"' Betty jenn Tyson ...... l,l'I'.ViIll'IIf Betty Ruth Tyson. .I'ire'-l'1'1'.x'i1lw1I Bcttye Ayers .... . . .Sm'rz'1'11ry Donnie IJOI1ZlldSOI1. . . .Trf'11.v11rf'r AIJVISORS Klrs. Lindskog Nfrs. Collins Hhs. Donaldson Chapter Blother SPONSOR XV. I,.Mz1rtin ,f M- 'M ,M bfi., A of 4 ' ,wwf Xll:'NlIiIilH Xornxil .Xllcn lQI.1dys Bunnlslcr lung- Hrnnun lin I-11-lclwr Xlvruu Hymn Vr.nm'L-5 Coal: Thulm.x Curr loyyu fllxannlwly loxxc lllcmcnm lim fir.nuh.nn ioycc Urn-cn lo .Xnn firlnin Munn Luc liiukinmn Frnxxccx Frccmzm X11lri.nn l'lclcl1cr Imm-llc Hippo lssmic i9oo411u.n1 Sun Cook Hom P'l1gImm'm'r ' ii1llicKIrnw11mvr Rluxl Ioncx KXillcnc Killlpumvcr Nlinnin- Kms lonhn l4.1rh'nm llgnnfonh Innrcllc Lcxurclt Inu Dzmic-Is Iuuncllc l.oni5 to 1 ff' K K ,sf bf ff aff- yf f Mzlrllm I.ou XhX1ilIi1nn licr.xl4hm- Sumncr Xhry Gxrolyn Moon' Helly Swann XYinon:x Nnnnull Hcllv Talvlor lionnir I'.nlon Xnn Tn-rry Xnn Parker Fclisu- Turk lixclyn Iknrrlsh Hlllly' Sue Wnmlrop N1.nr:.xrc1 Parrish Frnnrcs Wnlmlrop Xvonnc I'c.1rm.ln Olinu Watson .Xnn Pierre- Viviun Whilfivld lo.n1 Simpmn Loren.: Wlxillcy NI.n'y Kiumlyn Sinchnr I-mln.: Mun- Will1.nns Nvllxc NY.nm' Skinncr lirilv Wood Sum Smith " Nu piuurr Xlcllu Stcxnur 1 s:Lf::::,::1m i::ss:.::a:f.aS s::,:Ei'::.WOOD XT-sififm He:,ze,,:gAm g2gggg5HHHN EUGENE WOUD -fiVI'5717'- RALPH VEA7I Y President Trmmwr RJR. PBELE "Learning to do' Z5 , 5- - Doing to mm VI RGIL VVILLI b A117'IXO!' Eaminq to live k'.-LV Living to earn" Vife-Prggfflpylf CURTIS PITTS 0 Sevrrtary Repo, te, .ff 1 1' X fm xx 1 Nfl- '4 f Martin Alsolwmok Thomas llavis Claude llcndrit-ks Kcnnis Lastingcr Roswell Mclklillan Ernest Sclph Gcrrald l-lass ' Rheudean llenluy Willis Hester Russell Lindsey joel Monk N. C. Spradlcy lloylt' Wiggins Carllon Beard Danny Fletcher Trov Holxlws W. I.. Marlin Miko Moorlnan Carlos Sumner Dewey Wilds Don Branch " Kenneth Fowler Buster Hutchinson Donnie Mcllraycr llonaltl Parlin 4 Vinson Tanner lulian Williams Carlton Carr " Raleixzli Griflin Claude l-lutchinson Glen Mcllraycr Donald Rigdon 1. l'. Tompson Emerson Wilson Cliarlcs Chappell Thomas Hand Bolwlwy Iohnston Vernon Mcllrayur Iohn Rowlan-l "' Alfred VValkcr Exton Yown H. C. Davis Ramond llarrcll lack Ioncs " F. I. Mctirary lunior Sanders john Weaver BOBBY GRM' N PICARMAN CRUMICR QYQUIXX 'L 5 Q S T Q '54 ROSS F. S. . OIPFICICRS NICLL PIQARMAN ............. BIC'1"l'Y UCAN CROMICR .... MAXIXIC CYQLTINN ...... V1 RGIL ROSS .....n..... ICLMI NA MQKN ICICLY .... ' WY - :af ' ' 5 i F4151 , ..f., l,I'f'XiIIf'Ilf . . . . I 141'-l'rr'.vi1lf'11I . . . .lfllflllf Sl't'I'1'fIIl'j' 'l'l'f'llSIU'!'f' y ,11lf'imr we ykki fi 7XIcKNIIlfl Y 4 4 A 1 4 MICNIBICRS ORLICNA COl,I,l'IY BIi'l"l'Y -IICAX CHUM ICR DORIS ICVANS GIG RALI J I N IC LAN If 'VHICLNIA MOX'l'GCHIICRY VICLMA NOLAX KIAXINIC O'Ql'lXX NICLL PICARKIAN BIi'l"l'Y Sl'lC RUUKS YIRGII. ROSS 66 4 H CLUB Ellen Bleiler won first place in the State 4-H Club Forestry Contest, and Dickie Tucker won second place in the State and first place in the National Contest MEMBERS LUNNELLE ARRINGTON MURDOCK BRADY ANN BRANCH MARY JEAN CHAPMAN CLAY COBURN RUTH COPELAND INEZ DANIELS DOROTHY EVANS IVANELL FLIPPO IESSIE GOODWIN BILLY LEE BONNIE PATTON YVONNE PEARMAN DOROTHY ANN TERRY BETTY SUE WALDROP MARY ANN WHITE DICKIE TUCKER President ELLEN BLEILER Girls' V.-President CHARLES CHAPPELL Boys' V.-President RUTH WEBB Secretary-Treasurer JOAN GRIFFIN Reporter "To Make the Best Better SINGING Cl B Bobby Bailey Gladys Bannister June Bennett Lucile Brown Betty Jean Clyatt Janie Ruth Cook Billie Crownover Anqelyn Holmes Geraldine Lane Mary Mann Bonnie Patton Yvonne Pearman Emily Sanders Gervaise Smith I. E. Spradley Ann Terry Lucy Jean Tyson Frances Waldrop Bessie Lee Wilson - , I-'ei ' J , igbeil 6 fry.,-5, is ' J Q if. Y t :Lim ,W , X YSWW I 4 H CLUB 'w55 ' g,k - A wsfg-is - - gt' I . -E: ij" 5 1 ' :':i.:iif,5'E fl it .N ' t :V ' 12 1.251 'I 3:-V' 53 A I .. E l A, gi: 52 :i EW, f 1 . s RALPH VEAZEY, President 'BOBBY GRIFFIS, Vice-President SAM RIGDON, Secretary MARIE POGUE, Treasurer LEATRICE FOREMAN, Advisor HELEN SPURLIN. Advisor ' No picture 2 r I ia . .I or if 39' f i I Davis lVlorton Drexler I H I X I S . 'X Baker " 6 ' McAllister - f I x LEADERSHIP SCHOLARSHIP 1 H' j S "' . d I COIVIIVIUNITY SCI-IOQL SERVICE A .ivglf ' . I SERVICE 'AWE BUILD" OFFICERS ROBIN BAKER ................. ..... S ponmr MORRIS DAVIS ........ .... S erretary BILLY IVIORTON ......... President BENNETT DREXLIQR ..... 7l7'l'Il5lH'!'!' MR. lVIcALLlS'IlLR ........................... Adfvisor' ' IVIIQIVIBICRS Ffrsf Row Hugh Weaver Sonny Edmonson W. L. Martin Lamar Palmer Billy Wells Alvin Cooksey Roger VValker Serona' Row Royce Jones Sam Rigdon Sonny Collier Gene Walker Charles Brown Jim Machmer Gene Chandler Third Row Billy Hecht Jack Woodard Charles Drexler Frank Willis Bobby Joe Davis Charles Harmon Buddy Hall Fourth Row Freddie Rowland QNW K R ma us X Y O g Q S J. A1AR'l'lX Pquq O. CUILICY M, pwgyrg L' N335 is. Bl,Al,OL'li UFFlCl'1RS JAN h1AR'l'lN ..... .............., ....... I " re.vi11f'n1 XIARIIC POGUIC ........ ........... .... I ' in'-l'rexi1Ie111 ORLIQNA CULLIQY ..... . . . .....,. Srfwzffrlry Blf'l"l'Y SUB BLALUCK. . . ..... 7'rw1.r111'1'1' CHARI,O'l"I'IC GIBBS .... .............,.............. . A11l'7'i.Y0!' The 'liri-Hi-Y was organized to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community high stand- ards of Christian character, through self-improvement, Christian fellowship and united service of its members. 'lille club delivered baskets to the needy at Christmas. "Clean-lip" "Clean-Speech", and "lmproyemcnts in Study Habits", campaigns were sponsored. The club contributed to the VVorld Youth Fund. Six members attended the Annual Youth Conference in Atlanta in December. MICMBICRS Betty -lean Allen Robin Baker Betty Sue Blalock Catherine Bowen Laura Ann Bowen Ann Branch lfmma 'lean Brewer Lucile Brown Dorothy Bruce Lloyce Chambley Dorothy Coarsey Urlena Colley Camille Colquitt Helen Conger Bettye Copeland Virginia Corry Clarice Cox Sylvia Crum Betty Jean Davidson xlane lflrod Juanita Gladney Katherine Hall Ann Harrell Angelyn Holmes Kay johnson Bootsie Kent Lummie -lean Kicklighter llary hlann .lan Xlartin Klary Banks hlartin Klary Ann hliller hlary -lo hlorris Klarilyn hlorton Xlarthann Newton Virginia Newton hlarion Norman Pat Owen lllargaret Parrish hlarie Pogue Ann Richardson Betty Sue Books lfmily Sanders Barbara Sheaver hlary Carolyn Sinclair -loann 'l'hrasher Sylvia 'l'ucker lfrnestine Vance Joyce lVhiddon Loretta xVlllIlQ'j' l . - M i iSf M. ?. BUTLER COLEMAN TURK HAMILTON TURECHEK A ixgx' vig- I It S y .NE ,. XJ, . f cor BUTLER ......... ....... 1 1,-A-film NX N TOMMY coLEMAN .,.. .... L fire-Pmffzmf N CHIP TURK .......... ..... S efretary X tg, SONNY HAMILTON... ..... Treasurer MR. TURECHEK .... ..... A fzmof Henry Arrington Billy Bailey Bobby Baily Humber Bailey Charles Bergh Gene Chandler Sonny Collier Malcolm Conley Dickie Corbett Bobby Joe Davis Sonny Edmonson Buddy Hall Billy Hecht Royce Jones Joe Kent Bobby lVIcCrary Bennie Lee Mitcl Billy Morton Edward Preston Sam Rigdon Billy Rooks Jimmy Sellars Buddy Smith Harold Smith Roger Walker Hugh Weaver Frank Willis Dan Wood 5 1 1 ., , - I ' AllIEIl Y0 TH , ,-, .-.. A ' : -.H ua w -.1 T4 ,.. -1 7 'K -' U- A' -41 n , 'U ' 1' -T A Jw -1- '4 i-1 V - i.f 7 P A PC L rv '-' -I C I 4 Z 4 f ,. Z Z L 7 1 I 7 .4 C , A , .U A 2 2 I , V "1 r-a A F, I-1 '- Lg '- Q ,.,, t v 7 '1 T' .4 J' 77 4 -. y ' ' A I " : I f rr m I l '11 N, V -NI - g , . . 7 . . . . Z T 1 N: LL. 'w -1 1 N A ,, 5 E L Q 2 Z' '44 'Y -'C' "' 2 2 S- gf : is , N. . N . 'Q 2' Q fi 3 I N: sl. H -: N -- 1 , fe MISS XIQKXIQIQLY.. . ..!fl1'iwr N GH il I 1:.j W! zu J X! My 1? 'Q ' I "" g xii? Q51 is by , 1, l. 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Vice-President . . . . . .Secretary . . . . .Treasurer Faculty Arlfvisor Faculty Adfvisor limmy Atkins Billy Bailey Bohhy Bailey Humlwcr Bailey Betty Sue Blalock Camille Colquitt Malcom Cnnoly Dickie Corlvelt Betty lean Davidson Donnie Ilunalxlson Bennett Drexlcr Charles Drexlcr Faye Fussell lcaneltc Griliin Buddy Hall Billy llecht Bouzsic Keni Mary Kitchens lan Martin lim Machmer Bennie Lce Mitcham Bobby Nlcllary Vv'innna Norman Margaret Parrish Edward Preston Billy Ruoks VVanda Sumner Sylvia Tucker Oline VValson Hugh Weaver Florine Wells Frank Willis ' I I B ETA , A . 3, als 4 On---ji Margaret Allen -Iune Cantrell Gene Clmndler Llll2II'll'S llrexlel' Lucy Gay A NISLL PICARMAN .,.. PAT ONVICNS ......... LUCY ,IICAN IYSOX .... . VIRGINIA CURRY .... . MISS ICIINICIC PULLICN.. 73 l,I'l'A'fIlf'lIf l'r4'si1l4f nt S1'z'I'f'l111'-1' 'l'rw1.v11rw .J1l7'i.vm .. wa BI 5 1 ,Q xxx X Q 57 ., I U I .I Mary Banks Martin Margaret Parrish Loretta XVl1itIey Maxine York e ARTS CRAFTS Fllt-n liliclcr Rucl lirfunlwaxy Mike Czirslun tit-nc Clizilicller Opal llmn Dorothy liinns Iovut' Green Arm A my lolmwn llctlv Ann l.c't' lfrainccs Mcflllisicr Mary Hunks Marlin Nlnry Kklrolyii Moore Xlnrv lo Xlorris l.iifY KLM' Nlnrxlyn Morton NI.xrtIx.xnn Newton lfilwnril Nolan .Xnn Pierre lmly Rom llirolyn Sintlnir Mary Fr.nn'cs Sulliinn Lillinn Sinnncr M 1 ':EEfi:Z,iIf"i2.'5"'1"'ii1"' ' P'-f -af'122 A . zhzi 2 gel "Q . lit-Hy lun Turk:-r lfclistc Turk lronisc Xlnlilrop liilly xvnotl Luck XYoml.ir4l PHUTUGRAPHY-Cl B First, Billy Wells, Dorothy Bruce, lwartha Lou MacMillian, Joyce Chambley. Second, Virginia Newton, Pickett Harris, Jack Bennett, Lamar Kinard, and lWr. Sheppard, Advisor. 74- Lamur Kinurd. President: lack Bennett Vice-President: Virginia Newton, Sec retary and Treasurer: Mr. Tmchek Advisor. 5 lm, ,T ig! la .et ........ ........e... ...me uanen Camille Colquitte Iim Waldrop Secretary Treasurer President V. President 'Yr AO OFFICERS PRESIDENT: Camille Colquitt SECRETARY: Vivian Whitfield TREASURER: Anne Harrell VICE-PRESIDENT: Iim Waldrop BUSINESS MAN- AGER: Billy Wells FIRST ROW, left to riqht: Iudy Bond LaFayette Coursey SECOND ROW: Dickie Corbett Clarice Cox Morris Davis Charles Drexler Don Gay Lucy Gay Mavis Golf THIRD ROW: Katherine Hall Mikell Karsten Neil Keen Pat Malcom Eilly Marx Bobby McCrary Emily Sanders FOURTH ROW: Dickie Tucker Louise Waldrop Bobby Webb Ruth Webb Billy Wells Clarence Wiggins lack Woodard fr 'Noi di-ra ,f gum 5 A ff Q37 .5 lx i is EW gg sk. f, ,gg as S Y' .5 3. 1. I 3 rv 'TN LYQWH1, ,A Q if: ,,,v,i 14 753. ' L A 3' ,lu am iilll is ii? fig ii7 is f fQi -L 1 lv, V Q F ':1iff M g ii ga. gk wif n vw' W ag V' ,. ei ., Q, k Us - - -,- W- - m m A m if N C, XL mi 31335 f!j gf s?i FfEE?gi: 2 1' of ggi ,ng f ' 3.fi" ib: M 1' Qiif m J i m . Q L, , mg NE W S M is A Y Q ul J og N ,i g nf i ts Ag in if Q-an SSW 'A'3giA N A H l 1 SQMS 1 3 :Q 2 h,!g sQi g3sf9'P 'f-2. Zi 5 N Qfis' - mf 5gi g ' QQ A P' ' tv -' W .,'A 4 ,.'. :iff 'Z J - 1' P Q., , "' V- q,.V it a P L 1-Vg-N I n it Coach Davis and Assistant Coach Tucker Sponsors : Joanne llryant and Virginia Corry Klanagcrsz Cooksey, Coleman, Rowland FO0TB ll Buddy Smith Royce Jones Lamar Palmci johnny Lipsey Bud liroclgon Gene' Yvoocl lmonarcl Scars lfdwin Rcvels Virg1ilVVillis C. Howell Hobby Grifhs Lamar Kinard Ifston Arnold Ralph Vfsazey 79 TIFTON VS. SYLVICSTER The Blue Devils opened the 1948 football season with a 20-0 Win over Sylvester here. As it was their first game, the Devils were a little rusty on offense, but they came through with a decisive victorv over a hard-fighting eleven. Final score TI FTON VS. M OU LTR I IC 20 to 70. Tifton journeyed to Nloultrie the following Friday night. It rained the entire game, but Tifton swam out on top of the AA Nloultrie team, 36 to O. TI FTON VS. '1'HOMASVlLI.Ii Thomasville was our next victory. An enormous crowd watched Thomasville threaten the entire first half and then buckle under the charge of the Devils in the second half. The final tally was 25 to 7. A SE S0 WITH The TIFTO BLUE DEVILS 0 O Tl FTON VS. CA I RO Cairo came visiting next. We met them on the home field and completely annihilated them. Griliis was too much for them. When the last whistle blew, the scoreboard said 25 to 0 in favor of Tifton. TIFTON VS. VALUOSTA As a follow-up, an improved Valdosta squad came here to Wreck our team, and that they did. Nothing Tifton did would click, and l'Bunker" Hill ran wild for Dosta. The final read in favor of the Wildcats. ml N ,J iff' 4 Q K Q f TIFTON VS. VVAYCRUSS WVayeross was supposed to spell doom for the lmps, hut instead it put us in the line with a thrilling 7-6 upset. Bohhy Griflis made THIS touch- down and Virgil VVillis, the left-footed kicking wizard, won the game with THE perfect extra point. 1 We Ky ' 5' I- ' 'F. X, PV In '- f f. . l ' w ,f EXQX ' f .S ' if -1 ' f I ,. M E x px TIFTUN VS. AMICRICUS TIFTON VS. OCILLA Two "hreathers" followed, first came Americus, whom we took to a 49-14 ride, Oeilla, whom we walloped hy the very convincing score of -lo ro I-l. TIFTUN VS. Fl'l'ZGlCRAI,lJ After an open date, the Blue Devils tackled their arch rival, the Purple Hurricane of Fitzgerald. Iiveryone knew the region championship went to the winner of that game. Tifton was outclassed, but hoped for a victory. They tried hard, hut Hargrove S Co. were just a little too much. The Devils closed the season with this game, losing 26 to IZ. GENE WOOD. Gene has been playing line-backer tor two years now and will prob- ably be playing it again next year as he is expecting to come back to school next year. LAMAR KINARD. Lamar has been playing first-string left tackle lor the last two years and will be back playing it again next year as he is iust a junior. BOBBY GRIFFIS. This is the second year Bobby has played fullback for the team. He has one more year to play. He was placed on one of the conference teams this year. RALPH VEAZEY. Ralph was the quarterback and the cap- tain of the team this year. He was also chief signal- caller. He has played for two years and is a senior, but is undecided as to coming back next year. Made one of the Conference teams this year. lr SAM RIGDON. This was Sam's iirst year oi football, but he became a stalwart on defense. He played a lot at defense tackle. He will be back next year as he is iust a iunior. SONNY EDMONSON. Sonny played right hallback and al- ternated with Lamar Palmer at that spot. He is undecided whether he will be back next year. RED ARNOLD. Red played a I. C. Hi-OWELL. This was lot at guard last year and I. C.'s second year ot toot- this year he held down the hall and he played a lot oi first-string left guard position. detense at center. 82 LEONARD SEARS. Leonard has been playing center for the Blue Devils the last two years. He graduates this year. y 2' LAMAR PALMER, the Tifton right halfback for the last season. plans to come back to school for an- other year. This was his second year of football under Coach Davis. VIRGIL WILLIS. who played right end for Tifton this past season, placed on one of the all-confer- ence teams this year. This was his second year of football and he plans to be back for another year. BILLY MORTON was Tifton's co- captain for the past year. This was his second year of varsity football and he plans to gradu- ate at the end of the year. He will not be back. BUD BROGDON, who played right guard on the team this year for his second year. is a lunior and plans to be back for another year. DAN WOOD played second string end on the team this year. This was his second year. He has transferred to another school and will not be back next year. ROYCE IONSE. Tifton's left end. played his second year of foot- ball for Tifton this year. Although a Senior, he plans to be back next year. ROBERT PARKER was one of our substitute backs who did a lot of ball playing. He played quarter- back and was used especially on defense. He plans to be back next year. IOHNNY LIPSEY. Tifton's speedy left halfback. is just a Sopho- more and will be back for two more years. This was also his second year of football. 11 '25 ,,.. imdb" .--' ' 1 a qu 6 Devi, s cast H 1 Dwyer: brful Ele e 000 - V Il i 5 af-LZ aaaoaylf ' fl " g V . migT1fton s Victory Over Waycross fgaaiffgxaziifv rgffmgowus 1,Eag33Qf' .V ' if: ' I-1. 'gl Coach Look Years Younger fgfgfiij, Jgsgingoggh. 2319332 pig zpgfafi Nhkk K A 3, , I Q? Br HNF ALIGN ' gflbgfff '21 g5fb'8G2ghfZfZ"mon3Z? X vrgiggraph Mnnszim Batter! drigilfgog ggi? Qrifrigrgfat 32125, g li, Cid. 31--U Geefeh W, A. img! Davis af the Tifton High 145-Hold love, Weep was as frm tum!! fum looks years younger today. yan can give fun man tfflow, ' end, gfebfgr, 4,5114 niawgiutgon to one thing--his Blue Devils' 'I-8 upset victory Z gilt." 'S i'C0 bFfdl'James. ," si5Yi8'xI?q:'n4o xy nimlu A a 1 an f fig "5nf"efVea Gum! of g m 8 e ,VJ , eremwfun fer oss n at encoun-5 Hia gverllgnugstan UQ: award e E j ifsii fri wi ff '38 i'1,f,ffiri'ffU'off'fiil'f'. 1a',3""' vi' ,. ANWWP- 5. L r ,. , H club. Ouchdorfgiksd forizsidfy ,Qfvvp vw! 1 ww f 'zaf,,,t 302'- YWN 'P WW' Q. 2 N he 1 :-: bw8!i:lI:3 x ' A In Q-yv""""v X tgngnoihgaestkifig tr V , v m, I ,au,vv"1 "f11ZXZs'fif'MiVEe'2i-'Sw' . Q - J--4' S ggtxlbhnrxs detenwie play, y . . 5 'fa iwlkiazs and theirg - 1 .- v m wxmiumg an um. f P P Q. gifmeasnftr' ' ' f Q-'UG H Q . 5 A - . f '- ' -trilminio the aftickent couch-A ' , - ' f f I' i yacht:-as of- Davin. - h ' L' W mst ima ' 4 . -, , V . ' E X K U an . l to Tiitcm last Y I K A. Q ,- A" 'ag12lsY6mm wmnmg aight .pdf H W E y 3 '9?9glG348:oeggf5wg5i E W vfwutoavaldvatuisesm 'Y' kntod on a near-Fax-tectian and tank a 27-6 vctcry. On f Amienlar aught. Davis. muy lg, his boys were "dow 5 .Zyban the 'Vxldnstans were up 5 ,Q A .the outcome was a Iqregqnev f x the lim: few nmri NME nc on. 7 their-opener, the Timm mm Miamed Sylvester, 2349. Next vie-Q wqnoultrir, 9845: Thomas E Q wtf wnllopad, 29 to 7, and Mmamk 'gag ,Sentinel rm 'fsfw X e expe Y ng ia ""' . i9 X out front nails in tw x 4 Q " nmmvx ramen -1, KtIeL mf'ms'i1,s are f - K A on Nov. 5 andn Nav. 12. The acid , , wiil come an Nov. My enuide with Lauren I 1. and his Fitzgeraid Pur- ' Bwrlune mam cm Thanks V , IN i u , Wlixrlmgsiu Fiilferali' 5531 f x Kerri V g ' ib K ., Q' Q FORM NUCLEUS I These lettermen. tozether Qwithl three newcnmers. form nn exper- ienced nucleus. around whisk Coach Davis has built his team ln- to a winning combination this year. A Newcomers on the starting tem .include Bud Brggden. 185. senior, who alternates wiih Buddy Smith. at right guard, and Lamar Palmer, 145, junior. right halfbaek. Sam -Rigdun, 175, juniopend. is shnvnv! .intn the fray when the Blau Devin are on defense, being used in this -mia of a line backer. J .iC. Howieil. ithe 155170585 tackle, xx used ji a defens ve center this year, sito. 2 Three top reservas Ygbn have ?seen plenty of action tha mason' imriude Edwin Revels, 100, NH' hack, scxphamoreg Eugene Wood, 150, gum-dg iunior, termed the best defensivek mea my the Mlm by Cuach Davis ,and Robert Parkl- er, 140, halifhwk, jtmiur. L The Blue Devils operate min the -Notre Dame box an ufiehzm. oceasionafiyvshifdng into tha hex from the formation. . LIPSEY IS FABSBB ' ltipsey ,handles the' passinz dunes, whue Veasey and Willis. 'the md, do the kicking. I: wi: Wiiiis' educqted we that prnusht -th v, e- in extra int in Ln Grxffxs, me :xo-puunadfixxf Qback. Cnach Davis feels he has uni Soi the top pollege prospects in South Georgxa. Fast. with pienty of powqr, he has beam a star in every Tzfton game to date. He tg- turned A ktcknfi 90 yards far a touqhdown' in the Moultrie game. 3 LIPSSY his shown his heals to Qopponents in more than one game tonne he hay been shaken louse in is figrokeri. held, muh? , W0 ,memen are partie fouxtstandmg for the Blue Devil: thus year. They are Willis, mu irated as a top callega prospect ,when he graduates next, year, and fliinayq, the 190-pound Jett tackle. ' Wxlixa, who stands six feet mm ,inch tall. is a top pass receiver and a dexdly tsckler, witgile Khan! ghas been a standout on ham de- fense and offense in svery game to data. W Other boys who are members ol z f I4 , 'QQ QL SQ 'V If I iq. . 1 XX x H 'K 4 ,- ' I X 5 x E , Lx c YN A 3 s ,, - ' In 3 , xy ,I h x "1-X fu 'vi - K ,ff is Y ' 5, -A , 5:5 ' Aus it A, 15 fp. "bl 2 f' Q 0 X " N , , an sem, N 'J G E X A ' A thaga , X 'Q 't gthg bgm wgtgnwfycross Egg f f X X A X ' nn: L' ' ij 5 X if x gf I ' ,4 f ff' Y 1 I ' 'Agia 0 3' 'ing ,f G' :Ex ,ff ll I it xx ,N 1 S xxx : ff 7 3 E f' Q .ff fl, X X X X T' ,.- Xxx an X X xg? X I A 1' Q-,caan va rm u in his nz H -N h x W V - M ui B1 n 51 f mi r : , name: mhisnyeiwzmu gl k f l, 1 xx 4 " I -x 15Elr1ux:tIaneHi1gSqfuEc1'QJ.x'1g? IEEE, . 35 in 9 'Q .---v-ff "M ' "' H -' --9' ' - . - , 9 L , lv ' 3: H035 flltludti ' 3 E 3?,,..fW nf-- V- A ' "" "M vi, ' . V 1 ' 11, , 1 1 , tackles? Bobbyusgergin, f15s0Q -- 1-: I-ipley, 145.1118338921835 ,N X X, xxx n A N, RQWM 'gm W . .N 5-4 , gk N fsguhry 5,5951-is, not ,Q 145, bank: Buddy, H'-'M X W M, gf. . ,, . ,K ,Seam lmlucng 3' L 1 135' sink? dfgifgg gfL , I ,Q-P"'fS'f-1bf"""1f" , I M xi- ' f'95x klx X fggiflfgngiwaii 1 g',.l1 " ' - " K 1 1 1: l ' "4"""' ' M wx K fn X I A.. A U ms L,, Q,15 QBmxN9Y'i,Y5k, ,Q wt, w. v... ,IW i '02, A K Ry. Rabmqmmmndgm X , . makin. Lamar Kuxard, 'D ""-,,, m. K - . . K ., :nk 're Q,-mm . . QM wmis. 185' an dit Nu i xv XW W Wiivwf, X, 9 .iw 2 A, M kg ,Q 2 j i5h! 5, 111215182 110055 ' 3 f' 1' 5 fi 0' 'M' fv- Y' 4... 251, 1 A X H, 'AN' U' ,xx A" '.,, VM. water: Row 101101 M --ff' 'WH 54.5 +--'P ,...1 - - Q gnckbnk' 'X Q. 'fx "M 1 R, ,.A' AZ ' .T , 'J 33 - - ' XA -H .av 'gl R -, 3 ' X K f xg ., :D 2' f Y, ff r. ' K Q15 Q can 99' a X- ' Q QQ 55' 4+ I , . f 4-'dk ,sf ,A b ,A ,gb "4?mffW5 "5 ' """""" ' Q' " IQ 1 7 l f x ':': " 4 1-!f!3ls1193!1L1,,,,.Ql13. -fx x .nf 'si AL Q, wwe ,,,1a,WL1w,t.svs1 f, ,,fg. xi. '.., " 4 ' 1 if - -- :Qu Q,qi'mngm,11mg,f.m .FX J' H ....f Qu A 113 'V xxxxm " I f n: aff.. .3 va 1 f - nil Q w ,A fv, rv W .37 , f Q5 Q ' 5 at '01 'ii i we all , it '-L52 1 : . 1 f'., .1 gil ls pu - S A,., ,.., 0 U9 0 L ' lf Kg ixwxrars M is nm Q i'i5 Q uv Q , .. ' . kwa i f 'ff " f'?'1"2"MS Q 9 z A V ,. Xxx xx 55 x Xb 2 S A X ix S 51 - if fx K llllli CHEERLEADERS-Betty lean Davidson, Bootsie Kent. Ioyce Whittington. Franzle Baker. Ioyce Whiddon. Betty lean Allen, Laura Ann Camille Colquitt. Angelyn Holmes, Ian Martin, Billy Wells. BASKETBALL MANAGERS-Weaver, Coleman. Wells. BOYS' BASKETBALL1C. Butler, R. Gentry, A. Morris, W. Hester, M. Carr, C. Childs. l. C. Connor, C. Abbot, T. Huckeba. GIRLS' BASKETBALL-Pearman, Dot Bruce. McMillan, Hill, Cromer, Culpepper, Grantham. Colquitt. Waldrop, Evans, Nobles, Wilson. Tyson. FOOTBALL-Royce Iones. Billy Morton. Gene Wood. Leonard Sears, Red Arnold, Lamar Linard, Virgil Willis, Ralph Veazey, Iohnny Bobby Griffin, Lamar Palmer, Aubrey Morris, I. C. Howell. Russell Lindsay, Laverne Scott. Al Durden, Buddy Smith. Iimmy Smith, Parker, Edwin Revels. Royce Iohnson, Sonny Edmonson, lames Hughes. Bud Brogdon, Dan Wood, Sam Rigdon, I. K. Golf, Bobby Green. Bowen. Denby, Lipsey, Robert B SKIET PEARMAN D. BRUCE HILL WARD MCMILLAN Co-Captain Co-Captain GHANTHAM Tiffon 38 . . Omega . 29 . . Sumner . 3-P . . Morvexl . 24 . . Ashburn . 21 2 fl CROMER fJf9f70lIf"IIf.X' .22 .17 . .25 .22 CULPEPPEB COLQUITT 35 . . lrvinville 47 . . Camilla . 49 . . Nloultrie 25 . . Irvinville -H . . Albany . S6 COACH MCALLISTER . .18 . 2 . . 32 , . 27 . 19 WILSON WALDROP EVAN S Ti-flon fjf7f70Ill"l1f.X' 50 . . Quimzm . . 15 30 . . llloultrie . . 24 25 . . Valdosta . . 23 40 . . Quimzm . . . 15 F. BRUCE n. JONES w1LL1s 87 IHIONES . Nlorven . . . Ashburn . . . Albany . . Valdosta . . ' N':'- E - Managers: "-- f WEAVER - '2' 3 COLEMAN WELLS TYSON B SKET CAPTAIN CARR BUTLER MORRIS BLLTIC IJICVILS S'l'A'I'lS'l'ICS Tiflon f2fJfJOIlf'llfS 29 46 . . Omega. . 10 65 . Z4 42 . . Sumner. . .27 23 29 . . Nlorven . -I-O -I-0 . . Ashburn . -I-3 18 CHILDS Irwinville Camilla . Mcmultrie lrwinville Albany . HESTER WILLIS ABBOTT HUCKEBA S8 GENTRY Bll R. IONES '1'fff,,,, 29 32 -HJ 29 CONNER . Quimzm. . . Ibloultric' . Valdosta . Quimzm . WILLIS BAILEY ROWLAND SUMNER SHIFFLETT fIf7f3fllIt'IlfA' 25 . . lXIorvcn . H 52 . . Ashburn . . 37 -I-7 . . Albany . -H 17 . . Valdosta . 67 28 . . Col uitt . COLEMAN WEAVER COACH A WELLS TUCKER S9 Q I-IECHT I --im w I Qs? f Au... QXA if L a 'PI . 'I' . Si T MISS T. H. S. VIRGINIA CURRY 92 BEST ALL AROUND LAMAR PALMER 93 PRIi'1'TI1iST MOST HANDSONIIQ BETTY RUTH TYSON RALPH VRAZIQY MOST INTIiLI,IiCTUAL LAMAR PALNIICR NICLI, PEARNIAN 91' BILLY NVELLS BEST DANCIQRS ROBIN BAKER M OST ATHLETIC VIRGIL WILLIS DORC JT HY B R U CIC 95 MOST POLITE XV. I,. MARTIN NELL PEARNIAN M O ST TA L HN TIi D LIQONARIJ SICARS VIRGINIA CURRY 90 S WV If Ii'1'Ii ST KIACK .ION ES BETTY ,IRAN CIA N EATEST MARGARICT ALLEN GVVYNNE CYQUINN 97 BEST DRESSED GWVYN N E ROB I N O'QUINNE BAKER MOST TALKATIVE SONNY HAMILTON LOUISE ROBERSON 98 NVITTI EST LOUISE ROBERSON TILLMAN HUCKABEE QUI ETEST ORLENA COLLEY LAMAR PALMER 99 if BIQST PICRSONALITY ROYCIQ ,IONICS VIRGINIA CURRY MOST DIiPI'INDABI,Ii LAMAR PALMER NELL PEARNIAN 100 fs JUE, UUR JA ITUR, HEZEKIAH, 0 R ASSISTANT JA ITUR While busily emptying garbage from the lunchroom, Joe, one of our campus indispensables, expressed his ideas on school life. "I like the way Mr. Mac runs things. He's really goodf' declared Joe. A'He certainly knows how to get the work out of Hezekiah, my assistant, and me. By the Way, l think Hezekiah' is the best help l've ever had." When asked about football, Joe stated, "Our football team is above average and keeps on improving. As for the band, itls the best band in this state or anywhere else. l'm sure proud of our band and team." Having begun his work at Tifton Grammar School as a teen-age boy, Joe has now been a janitor in the city schools twenty-six years. He deserves a lot of credit for work the students never know he does. Besides his usual duties of sweeping halls and classrooms, distributing supplies, and firing the furnace, he runs errands for the facul- ty, helps at the gym, and keeps the grounds as clean as ,we allow him to. When there is a night entertainment in the auditorium, he is there to help in any way that he can and tot close the building when everybody has gone. Of Joe, Mr. Bailey says, 'fHe's honest, dependable, courteous, hard-working, trustworthy, and cheerful." Joe thinks Mr. Bailey is "the best in the statef' Joe's whole name is Joseph M. Reeves. He owns his own house and store, and is a deacon in his church. Our janitor has the knack of getting along with all kinds of people, and everyone says that without him T. H. S. would not be complete. JOE REEVES ,MZQAUW f HEZEKIA 102 W I I 'I 1 Aw v '56 1 X 'FEW V' Qs 4 I fy Q. J F - - 35,5-af ' .Qu ' .X .. 1' 'S , 7 1 ,um - , O4 bm.-.n L1 fi, K mf me rn .F 153' XQWQ me X X M X , mx Q Wk Nw W X X N0 Q , IX X ,. S :Qi S X 2 42 X A wwx.. if. N A ww . N gg.: man.. M :,,-.1:X1.,x::-9 xxx. X L f +f- XG' ms'-53 if, 5 YAG 1: 'E Q ff? S, THE BANK OF TIFTON ESTABLISHED IN 1896 CAPITAL AND SURPLUS 15300,000.00 MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Telephone 12 104 Compfimenfa of South Georgia lee Company Cf Tifton, lne. Hornbuekle Fuel Company The Tifton laundry And Dry Cleaners, Inc. The Iifton Barber Shop Tifton Frozen Foods, Ine. . . - I 24 in Soil xi: 3 1. 3 vioiviuiuiniruc iuiuinioioioc ! w1r::ozo:o1o1o:o:o:o:o101oq0:4 ozsnjoioir:ga11:11viswir1:1101011x1oj1::uj1s:o11r14n1o1nw1o:o1o1rx1nri4v1ojoc1o:o:4x1n1u:o1o1.s:oj1 'B' siuioizxioifsianixxifviexifvinxjarifrjoilnif ogvi' I '2' :ji14nj011rj1ni0i4vi0j1ni1nj4n11r14vi1n14i1nj1r1an1oj0j4rjo11r: .gr-1 I I I I ! ! I I I I I I I I I I .. 3 3 I I I I I I I I I I I I 901030303 11 19011 1010102011 1011 if if 1 I1 ini 1 1014 if ioioiuioi 1010301 BOWEN-DONALDSON Home for Funerals Love Avenue at Sixth Street TIFTON, GEORGIA O Established 1888 I M ember National Selected Morticians 0 KENT'S FURNITURE STORE TIFTON'S OLDEST RETAIL STORE Congratulates the Talisman C. A. KENT, ja. C. D. Mooms, JR. niuiojvioiuiujf x10j01oio1n1o14 11111 101014: i i 0:9114 5 r1fn1oj1rjo14xi0:1x1cvi1n1-xju11n1u11x11rj1'n' vjcnjoiojojoioinic czovzx it 01010101 11011 ic 11 10101 2011 101 1030101 103: in in 1 ioioioioioioiw 1011110101 r2oi01o10101 via l COP ,,--?-..--F. N9 FURNITURE COMPANY 526 W. 7th street NW' vi0101oi0i0i0i010i1 ioioioioioioioia it C12 P1 U1 D3 O 2 ea M '11 Q 'JU Q P' Q E UI U1 ' i I .!. n C 'U You couldn't miss-with a line like this! Jarman Sz N unn-Bush Shoes Stetson Mallory Sz Emerson Hats Hart Schaffner Sz Marx Suits Style-Mart Suits Arrow Shirts 8z Ties Hickok Belts KL Jewelry Brentwood Sportswear Botany Ties, Robes 8z Slacks Holeproof Hosiery Wilson Brothers Furnishings Weldon First N ighter Pajamas 1' Tl -I 0 Z n I' O -I I I'l'I VI U1 I U o I 'U 2..- Rowe's Store For Men Phone 357 bioioioiuininioi vi ri 1 ri: in 9 B P ' -5- ' FROM The HOME of Good and Better Furniture is qi as is as as 52 l! in is It TIFTON MILK STORE INC. Phone 613 Products of Pine Farm Dairy Dixie Dairies 'Ir otmxoioioxoxuini 103031 1011 nzuioioioioioioioxxozv 10101011 101 D1 if if in 1 ui in-3011 in is 1 THE FARMERS BANK OF TIFTON COMPLETE BANKING SERVICE Interest Paid and Time and Savings Deposits MEMBEH FEDERAL Deposn' INSURANCE CORPORATION 147 Love Avenue Telephone 561 init 03054 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I rzcoxo ! I riojoioinriojojois Haymon-Layton Furniture and Hardware Co., Inc. Everything in the Hardware and Furniture Line KELVINATOR HOME APPLIANCES I Phone 571 Third and Railroad St. I g.PQOQ QlQ0lllQ1lQ0i 1 QUQI lil, la0.0Q 1133171 1030313 Q -I i Q ci la 71' CD01 OiQQ0Q0Q3: QIQUQUQUQK QUQUQUQCPQ IQID0a4fi OV 'QIQ FQUQIIQUQ Q lFQ IQIQ Q Q Q I I I I . I I I An Agfnfy Of Sfffflff Ken non Tractor Co. 2 West Seventh Street I I I 5 Ralph PLICkeI"I' g 5 PHONE 356 I I I I 2 and Co. g g - I I GENERAL INSURANCE Q Ili T Q11 iigwx I, MSN, ' Q ' I I I I I I I I I 1 h . Q 4 4 Ford Fcmmmg e M eans Less Work I - I I ' I Tlfton' Ga' More Income per Acre 5 Phone 307 202-04 Love Ave. I I I 108 2- 303 30301 110101111-mini-1 1 101011 1 vi ai 10: I1 3011 I Q :hc . . mfg. Q 10101011 1501020103011 11-3 1011 1111 21111-34 11 1 1 1 31 JAMES WALKER A.C. TIFT, JR. Telephone 17 COURTHOUSE SERVICE STATION SHELL PRODUCTS GOODRICH TIRES AND ACCESSORIES BOWERS BATTERIES WASH AND LUBRICATION 10102 1 ri vi1vi010101011si1ri1ri1vZ0C p1r1o11:1u1011vi 21 1011 it 1 91x1111v11ni1ni1:11-14n11r11:11x11vi1ni11101 The Manhattan Fruit and Produce FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES AT ALL TIMES Corner of Love and Twelfth Streets oin10ioi0i0i011 10101031-is 1011 100 Phone 1000 ROY GRIFFIN MAX BRUCE 1 11zv:0111v:v:1z111:1 11111101105 950111111111 1 211 111 1 1111112011 Q I l I Q I 4 4 I ! 5 5 Cotmpmmfs of ALPINE RESTAURANT I Q I South Georgiais Finest Owens Grocery Inc. S 5 Q West 7th Street I I TIFTON, GEORGIA 2 g TIFTON, GEORGIA I i I ! 4 I 4 ! ! Q I I Q Q ! rxnzoxwg 109 020101011 31 11 20101 10101031 10101 miami ! r11r11xj0j0i0:010i1n1'x10q'o' r:0:0:0:01010:010cO:0 02011 1.020 0:4111 x10:0:0j0jo11x:01oj0:1 o:on:o11n11r:1ri0j0i1ri1b11r10j0i011rj1 xiaxicxjoiivioiuxioioiexisvjcrioicriixiojc 0:4 ricwzfiienzanzenrmfifiianicrxeozo -rf-1 E101 D ! ! I l i Q l ! ! ! i ! ! ! ii Z ri 110101: is 301 nil 2 1021 is 20102402 The Citizens Bank of Tifton Capital 350,000.00 O Member Georgia Bankers Association Member American Bankers Association Phone 426 TIFTON, GEORGIA COX DRUG COMPANY DEPENDABLE PRESCRIPTION SERVICE Night 452J-451J Day 286 TIFTON - GEORGIA Phones : For... SPEEDY PIC - UP USE WHITE TOP RADIO DISPATCHED TAXI CABS PHONE 100 24 Hour Service :winks if 201:12 ini ini: 3 10111101 0:0201 11 xi 11 201 121 2 103011 bin o:o1u1o1o1 0:0 50:11 Compliments 0f Bill CPU! Pclpson 4 Best Wishes To You All 4 TIFTON DISTRIBUTING COMPANY okn TRACTOR AND EQUIPMENT COMPANY JOHN DEERE TRACTORS AND IMPLEMENTS Parts and Service Telephone 488 West 7th Street POLL - PARROT TRIM - TRED Better Shoes For All The Family S 81 R SHOE STORE TIFTON, GEORGIA Rand Trained Shoe Star Men To Fit You Brand Correctly Shoes Ozovioioiuiuiixiois 10103 1011134 20111101- 101010101 uiiniiviiriininirxi l1o1u1ixiu34x1oiuio rioiixioiuioioiui ioioioioioiirioic i 11010101440 s:oio:o1oj4 rioioioxoif xiojojojojojoiojx o:ov11 s Q I ! Q ! ! Q Q l l 1 Q Q l ,.----,-----.,!. ozonxa ,. 0:0 X' io v 11111 mjaxioioioiigi ,ibut 2011 iujuxoioioiojojqgg ,i,Qo10io1uv1oio11v11r11v1oi1r11o? ,i,D1v11vi4v1o1o:01o1oj0j4 U i 52 Q Q 'U i Q 2. ' ' : : O .. :I : , N n E E ! l D I u O V' Q -' : " gg - 2 g m - I :s I -1 I Q Q ! 2 1+ we l ! z as l I - Q Q Q . fu in .. U: U2 In 1 Y : c a 1 ea I Q 5 Z HU ! Q ea fr 4 .4 Q Q .. Ho ,, Q a ! A 5 2 i l re n V' Q i Q Si 2 Z2 F' Q Q Q S I Q' i Q fd if R' 2 o O ' fa " S 0 - O S P - : Vi M ! Q 11 O 7' 5, l l fn Z Q Q so 2 Q D r-4 H1 '15 - - O I" - CU Z l o Q ,4 3 Q Q U 3 Z Q 'S Q Q Z Q In Q ' E. FJ Q ' . sn 2- O Q i:'-1 : " Pj S+ m S: ' ' ' -4 w - Q gp :C U " : 3 A cn Q- 3 ! l 2 'U 3 E ! I Q 0 Q. ' l Q o Q, o cu e l Q 3 III G2 :U 3 y N ' C W oo E W 2 5 2. 0 -1 ,.3 U2 3' C E, I P7 Co Q - Q Q 0- 5,3 I ! QL 'U 2- l I .... gj 'Q z n va l E O Q O n ' U3 O cm n : ' Z, - - '52 - 77 e l l ff- 'JU Y S+. 'S 'FU Q . F - ' 'Q x cs 'S 2 3 'Q P' ! Q S 4 x 'N l l 2 ,U S Z l l S3 -Q S' ul ! ' S SS' 1 i Q - 5 b I Q ze 5- 1 If Q Q f' 3 S VI Q 1 'Q 2 i i S2 fe z Q 1 S P 2 Q e a i 3 " Q i E3 i 'D Z U I ' i 'U 2 2 Q' 2 2 gi 2 2 9 'E"1"i"7"1"1"i"i"i0i0i0i0C':' fflitfifiilvilrifviirifrxmriexxmlicncc' Qos1o1o1o1o:o1o1o1o:o:o1oa0:' elovtoioioicizozoiozcsjozoiodg' xio:4vio1o1oio11x11ri0iojaQ riojoicvioiinioioioixnianjws pozoiuxozoiozozoxozoiornxo '20 D-4 P-4 Q-' 5:90:03 101 :icmioioioiixiuicriuixxirnioiauif1021 When You Think of Menis Wear Think of Us . . . ROLLINS MEN'S SHOP "One Price to Everybody" '?" 's ia ll !! !! Q! l E Q ! ! l i ! ! ! i ago l ! l ! I Q Q l Qi' ll? ll? mil? I-ll'-L n5i!? P-oo0l!9: 'Z-ll! IP z'U"ll Syzll Z is 4513 nas? Q15 QE MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS East Second Street Phone 715 RODDENBERRY HARDWARE COMPANY Paint . . . Radios . . . Plumbing . . . Building Materials . . . Electric Ranges . . . Electric Refrigerators . . . Washing Machines . . . lroners . . . 160 East Second Telephone 53 Compliments ...of... NIFTY SHOP Main Street - Telephone l20 TiF'roN Gnoncui iuiuicxicxioiuioi 102014 Q ! l l Q D l l E l 'K' 101031 14 14 ianicxinvifrieniu njlvioiojoiuierioioiola' 'U' Qrioioioioiojoxozoioiu n1ozo:o:o1ocQ0 rjojojoio1o1uio1ojoq':' 1:1010 vi010i0101011x10i0:011 ago' ! I ! ! i ! l l ! ! ! l i l ! l i ,, T Compliments Of KULBERSH'S Tifton's Oldest Tifton's Best Compliments of Cohen's Department Store 4 Tift01i's Largest Store 11011 i I ! ! ! l ! l I Q ! Q ! Q ! ! 0 5110.0 nioioioioioioiuioie gtg 111 4.-. in , -ze- ric 11 10101014 Compliments of FARMERS HARDWARE wif The Store With on Orange Front U11x1111011via131ri1u102010i0102011ri01 Compliments . . . of . .. FRIEDLANDER'S oEPARTMEN'r stone 1031 10: 103021 5:41034 301 111 in 110102030101 as 11 1 ni Q11 11 10:0i1'o' obrioioiuin Compliments of Belk - Hudson 4 11.024 401011 'Qi M QI QUQUI M VQUQUQUQUQ Q iw Lee and Ireland Auto and Home Supply B. F. GOODRICH TIRES TUBES BATTERIES 383 Railroad Street Phone 1320 Tifton, Ga. 0201101010101 130: 1 1: ni 1111111111 2030 xiao? gzg 101011 3 114 21 1 ri 1010: vioioiui Carson Brothers Laundry and Dry Cleaning Dry Cleaning .... 7th Street Phone 877 Laundry ...... 9th Street Phone 1091 Cash and Carry or Pick-up and Delivery Service! 1011 it 2010: sialic 201 1010103 103021 Compliment: . . . of . . . TIFT COUNTY DRUG CO. + 1 1010101011 3110101021 Q11 20103 1010101010101 101010 11011 3030102 xi1xi0:0i0i0i0i0101 n10:010i0:0j0101011ri019:4 02011 ,gozo s:010j0:0j0j0:1x10i0:1 n:0j010j01010:0:0d':' 02011 9:0114 o xi0i1ri0i1r10i010i01011nc'.' 0:03 1i11:41141:41:41:411411411q1:4o:o 1:4020 of l 1:4924 114020 oztif 110101020 ozqii 11411109 0:91011 O 'e"' 'Z' 11011 5314111111 'ioioioioiui 11111 2411411411101 11 ll. ll. Carmichael Cempany Wholesale Automotive Parts Complete Machine Shop Service Crankshaft Grinding Phones 64 - 65 Fifth Street TIFTON, GEORGIA Q sioiaxioinioiiriui 1 2 in11u2u1411:110,0 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I Lang Printing Company "Printing When You Want It" Phone 612 323 Railroad St. 1io1o1oio1o1oi4 i41ii11u1o1u1i11oii Compliments of UNDERWOOD RADIO AND GIFT SHOP Telephone 879 12th Street 1111i01oioi411u:111o21 1uio1o1111oio1c Southeastern Furniture and Appliance Co. "Everything for the Home" 208 Fifth St. Phone 884 1ioiu2s11o1i11:11u1i1in1i4 124 134 121 121111 3114113131213 11 1411oio1o1c11o1o14124 Home Office New York Office Moultrie, Ca. 132 West 43rd The Fashion Shoppe "The Store Where Quality Counts" Phone 1309 Tifton, Ga. r2oioi:1ioioii1i11iz1i41in1n11oi411o1n11i 'iu1111o1111oioi11ic1io141io1o1oio1ni1 College Hill Beauty Salon For Distinctive Hair 'Culture Phone 954 Mrs. E. F. Parks, Mgr. Accredited Hair Stylist Compliments of Fairway Furniture Co. 0.0 11030103010141io1oii1ii11oim11o10i 11. 0:4 1io1i1211141ioioioioi4111 1 920 9:0 11. 1ioioic12i11o3o3o141111102411111 1111in1o1oioii11i11411o3:1i 11 110 0:0 ' '3'fK:Fi- 5 3 0:01101 1 1 9 .Og 11 o'o 2 i 9:01101 ozo o 0.4 I I I I 0:01103 ,ze 0:0114 -14 1,4':l.fkg?r3'V 1 8 .5 ----1---1-11----1---1-1--f----- --f---1---- ROBERTS DRY GOODS COMPANY + Family Outfitters -l- TIFTON, GEORGIA 114114 1u1o1i11i11i1i11im1io1u1i114 Compliments of Moor's Jewelers Tift Theatre Building 1 mio: 1111: 1311111 zu: TIFTON GEORGIA 1102 is ioii1ii11i11i11o1i1iu1m 11 Compliments of 11:111:11o1i11o1o1o1i11oi4 114 13111 Hood's Self Service Laundry Phone 869 Railroad Street 01411411112 114 1 11o2o1o2411uii13 11111111n1i11oii1ii11oio3oi4111124 Auto Parts and Paint Service American Hammered Piston Rings Zac Lac Telephone 866 or 867 Paints Railroad St. Tifton, Ga 124 if 2 1 11o1n:i11o1i 3 2111: 2 C0777f7lI'f7If7lf.f . . . of . . . The Flower Shep 0:0 Aozoxuio 1302, ,xg ini 3 , e 1... 0.0114 0:0 o'o if 2 113 0201141111 Pinksten's llrug Store THE REXALL STORE 110: 131 ii11i1ic1iu1n14-111341: 1341 ii11111ois11nim1in1uio1i13 1 1111111111 i1iuinii11u1n14 11 1 10111102010141201010101113 COMMERCIAL-RESIDENTIAL Sales - Installation - Service TELEPHONE 830 BRANCH 8. WILLIAM WEST 7th S 1031111121111 121131114 121111111 110: 21 xiuioinioi 14 i vin in ii i riuinioiui iuiui 1011 Congratulations Matt H. Whitham MARTIN THEATRES 10101 121:11 1 1: ni :if 1 :ini 14 ioinii xiiviarii11:111miixinzuvioioiniinioiuis Jolly Dairy and Ice Cream Co. Quality Milk and Ice Cream xiininnioioiuioiuioixuiequinim14 10 ni: in 11uioiuiuiniuxioiiiioi 2 livin: Compliment: of Lanklorifs Manor xi in 2 nioiuisxinxioinioiani 11 ai mini 1 ri 124 iniuiuioioicrioiixil 14 init E. U. Holder Groceries and Meats Phone 197 Tifton, Georgia xioioioioioi ri xiuiuimxioiciinioiu 14110101011vierioioioioioimiiuii1021 Compliments of O FORE ART STUDIO MRS. S. O. FOREMAN his 3 xiiicnxiniiiirinilrinxiiri 1 livin -vi 1 inininioioiuia:11110: 1111014 Compliments Of WiIder's Pastry Shop Telephone 367 Tifton, Ga. Q sxaoze 0 020110101 0:01014 111 o 4vii11u1oio1in1o1n1o1ir1n3i 0,0 -iuinioin is 3 iuiniuioi 1:10101 rim FOR GOOD SANDWICHES STOP at EVANS' SERVICE STATION Phone 341 TIFTON GEORGIA miami 3 11 1111 101 1 11 10101: 101 ni Compliments of Tifton Music Store 114101 xi mini: 201111 1112 11 3 11: 1 111 'ini inrimrioinioioinioimiixaio: 1 1 si: Bennett's Body Shop Telephone 627 Specializing in Wheel Alignment uiciimuiixicviininrimrimvi 101014 nioiuiui Compliments of Tilton Floral Company "RED AND BULL" Phone 184 Night Phone 223 -301111 1 inu1ogu3n1u1o1u1o:o:i1 if Compliments of Cliff Brown Seed and Feed Store Phone 468 Railroad St. oi:14.11riuinininicvicuioii is 10102: n1u3o1n:o1o14nio1u:zr3o1uiuiui 110101: 1 11:1 iciininiuioioiu 0:0 ozorioiuioxwr1u1o:u1o1o:o1oa0:0 0101 sin: O iq 9,0 0:0114 3 . 0.0 ,:, mx 020 ojoipi 0101010101 ! ! 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Suggestions in the Tifton High School - Talisman Yearbook (Tifton, GA) collection:

Tifton High School - Talisman Yearbook (Tifton, GA) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


Tifton High School - Talisman Yearbook (Tifton, GA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


Tifton High School - Talisman Yearbook (Tifton, GA) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


Tifton High School - Talisman Yearbook (Tifton, GA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Tifton High School - Talisman Yearbook (Tifton, GA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


Tifton High School - Talisman Yearbook (Tifton, GA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


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