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 - Class of 1940

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xx A L .f " 'N L 'X 1 V, X K X ,ff , X xx . , X f N X ' , jx, X . 1 4 9777 f N ' f- , Lf-1, M ..,4 g 4 f 4 x ' f ff un lem., Q-ffgcws mf' a -2 ' ' . A -1 ' ,I .W 1 f' I ' 4 V "' ,,' , ' , 1 4 ' 55' X . ' ' IS.,,,,,,4 I . A-fb . I ,I ! l -'NA X a - V I v. . 5 f "rv, FW- 1' V'-Iflgi. f--1 xihvkff 1 -M ., . , wwf vs , f A X s X A gm: X, Q---I X fs ,' Y,i"4q,x'T,,flfli'f. ' 'A' ,i + ff X fx f-.. M- L, - I X , R .. , Fl L , 4 ,,-.,rS -A, mf-v-i. , ,. ,fji - f- w, -'--' ' 'f Q lv! A X 'N' --., ,X -V -x ff W,-' 10 1 ' V lf. . ,, Q ' ,W Hard" 1' Vf' ,' 1 f"""""' -,..f- ' z " , L 1, f f - X, X, Q Y X-A xx, 3 I 1,1 I hw 'M , KX I I u X sziqff-ff' -1 X WL! If'-.5 Ng, 45 ffl A !..,N4,, .,,V Nbf ,,v, ii X. J , W f 'Si-.1 O :J . lf- 1 3 I K ,f J ' J -. 4 L. , 'L' I 1 l A 1 A' Jimhl 4.Lff,xNi' 5. ' N 1 , gi 1 ---:i3 Li? .403 I W.. 1 "A"' .4-'4g,vJ'.,Q 1:55--f A 1 fi 'sfff 5 sf? r 41i.izES3fg:5:Qg4'f 'fihgiii ' f ,gg ' . 1- 65 ' 9,4 4 0 5 ,,' f Y- Y, ff. My 4335323323253 11417 x lg '1 gif eg' I ' ' ig WNY M. ' A-', i, 4 Q' 1 4 X M-yy , xf iq: - Nagin Ear- wil . 1 M 1 , uej lfxxwxg' A AVN! A All . ill, ry 2 X 216' H55 P - If 221'--Ng ' . f' 'Vf wif I ? J fir 2'3" I K 1 s- x ,. -M - 1 f f 31: - i -.5 v,,A N , 4' :f ' ui f ' " f---491-f-.. -L- U . 21 ' W 3- if R 12.-A 5 ,511 s,' 'g Q , ,xg .- . 1' 4 V : w if x , lik ,553 A A 2?gXf 'i 'fiQ" ?f-if -1 .,-,wa I fr, . fiui ,Mk W- Q.. L4 wif: K" A 1 , ' '-:g,i:f3,iLf,.J 'M' -' 'Y-. . f' H ,aa W- " ' ' ""' X " 4 I -2:91. " Q --""""' - "- f- -.L ,,., .x X "---',,..-.va""'f""'iZLi, f' --44' t-m --x R' 0.4.25-7.55 " .' A+- -f 1, '- , -... . H, Q4 ,. ...3 ,, X "L"1:a'i',,,1-,':fi'f4'...""".-"'-5+'f?4Lt ,M ,,f,l..J -L..-""' - '-"'L.."":."...f- v 2 X ,X X "' ' ' . X' .. fa 'M ff-""""' '-I d?.."'.... " ' 'gf' '- ' ig.-5 05" V " f- , '5i""""'-L . 1 w - , p,,,k , ' 'Y - , ,- - xj, ig. ,N 'KVM 1 X " ,rg 5 313 f G," 4:g,,,,,,,,,,,,c::.,.,,.....- W-.A my ,gf ' ,QA -H 4- . if N. qf""'g.:"'Q M A xii' I , - , 4 1 4 . 4 .u .. ,.. X nfffq-f ff . . W . f ,ff - t M.. "'f J "-QQ:-4, k?fh , 'Q ..-' , ,I r X ., ' J i t A, 3-r , - .. Y .. www f - W -- -- - Wa-i---y-pn-- - 'rf f-MLW V-. .Www V-ww. . . I . f 1 w 4 l I a X f 1 I I O l . Q F 0 f 1 5 1 n K 1 r 5 3 O i X i w I K K . . i 4 51 ' 2 . V . . 1 O . ,. 3 pf. q,L.-,,..Q .,,. J.p.,.-,,,,AL.x ,M .M ...,.... ,.,..i,a4.L A. A.,,4.1..f,1... ,.-.-.L..4,.g,..,- L. . ,,,,,,W, L . .. Y...- 5 J, xg 3557551 19411 SENIOR CLASS OF I94O JEAN HERRING Edt S r V E L li. 4 i i -e TT TT TT TN"'s. Hpllllfll time -who .steals our years away Shall steal our pleaslzrrxv too, The Illfllljfj' of ilie part -will stay flml half our joys renew." Words come easily but to really express the way we feel is not to be put on paper. Speaking for the entire staff, we would like to thank everyone for his support and cooperation in making possible the suc- cess of this annual. There is no dedication except to the seniors of Tifton High School. To you, Seniors, we have endeavored to present glimpses of school life which we hope will serve as a storehouse for memories and al- ways keep in your minds the standards of our high school. To you other students, we hope that you will see this yearbook as a worthwhile goal of what you have to undertake and what you can accomplish. In later years when time, with all its joys and cares, has stolen away your Youth, you may select from many books, one that is dusty and worn. Reminiscing, you open it and the smiling faces of your schoolmates will greet you. The little things once so dear will return to bring you joy-this, in all, is Memo1'y. This is Your annual. Cherish it! And our wish is that it will bring anew the happy and eventful days of our youth together. WW Editor-in-Chief. Copyright nineteen hundred and forty. 'X .,. 1-, ' ,ff f-:S::..' -. -H' ' ' a t We-1. --af. --1 ..,-k.... My 4 1" ! MJLXAY' A NLE 37 Q" J, ,N J , II I V ' NNE Nunn' I U -. I , pf I 44,9 , 4' 0 ' an Q- ' .N ' 'I' , - ' I I 9 ll-.L"x'i, 1 X 'I in I I I ' I W d e f IVAN KL7I.I5liIiSll Ilssislazzflidilm' W j I I QDUR ADVERTISICRS IJR. JHIfPE'I'ERsoN CECIL BISHOP X ILM, PORTER I , MR. VV. T. EDWARDS A XE INIAIZ RAINWATER I CHARLOT'l'l5 GIBBS ' 'IADGE Ross IXIIADGALENE HAN1K1OND fy RUTH Ross BIACK HERRING HILLY SI-XRRATT IJUDLEY NICCASKILI. FRANCES SKINNIZR DIARY SUE RIARTIN , CEERALDINE SWVINT BOBBY MIXIIN NIATT YVHITIIAM MARY JULIA ' MIT AIULIA VVINTER SI 4 gf- ' V - BEN CYNEAL Jfl'-'fil Q C- -:Q"- RANNIN Iixtxxs ' I ' ' ' . ,IN 1I.XRl2.XRIi'l' CL'I.l'liI'1'lili H ' wig, UN BMSi3lCSS.1lllIILIgL'I' ,ldIIvI'ti.vi1zg .lIn11agcr Cirv1zlI1!iuIzIManager C 1 1 :tor S- I I -'cc J I , . L H '16 W V Il I .E ,If III I II A I I i I E, W I I I HEI.EN KENT JESSE MORGAN XVENIJELL BULTIIN KENNETH STIPE J.XMES'G1NY Feature Editor .S'fv01'fs Elf1'f07 Sports Edilm' Ar! Ediiol' I7lZ0f0gl'f1f7llIl' .Umzagcr I V ff KV- ' A -A i2 QV A ,L K ...... - 7 -g-+n.f:.5g1-.-- , , L ' ul if " - '- - , . """"" ,QE ,N , -Eli? V3 if f wf ff!! 4 fm f , W Ts' si: H 5 2 f f'X E 2 I .ZX - f f -- X Z J -is xg, ff! 7 X L! Wymww 2 4 wffliigi? d 5 2 x ,H X W 15 Xloielcls XY.Xl.lrRtll l,l"L'SIlfUlIf . -.fx 1' 44,1 iw' , i ,- . f J .ft ,f T f .XQY """ss"'f jixixlx' tin' Ii'i'i1.i'1r1'i'1' lloxiif' lfiiixi txt: and "jon xxx"' Oxviixs O11i'.ll41.vi'of.v THR!! 7:75 ,VHIRS Columbus had his "Santa Maria," Henry Hudson, his l'Half Nloonf' France, her "Normandie," and Iingland, her "Queen N1ary" but to the class of 340, the most important ship of all is the good ship "T. H. S." T Thinking sailing would be easy, we tripped lightly to the harbor and secured our passports. But we hit the storm of initiation a week out. And did the waves hit hard! The boat almost capsized when Eddy VVillis walked out on deck as a fat lady. 'li The "green" recruits pulled through the initiation quickly, but not smoothly, as Page S Y "Let num' f7ll'SlllIIt To 1c'z'm' 1111 IllIIlF.X'f"?'7'l'lI IJIQIIIUI M my 'Till.XX'l'IlX lion Si :flux VVFIRSTER ABELL AGNIENV ANDRITVVS, JR. HHH fimlx lii'j'fu'm',v.v in r'f'ul'3' 51-fIlllfI'071,u STIUK K I I K . , . , ,- ,, . , ' 'zum-ra L' um '.'1-'4lJ: C". S. Q". '39-'40g Il" "Ut MH ,IU 1:7 1515711-.alll MI luHl"m 'H liootbnll '39-'-Wg tilcc l'lub '37-HW: I'x'ov1ccr 1 ' ' Stall' '34-'4ug s..nh1.11 'JOY'-UI, Softball '39-'40. ll.'Xll7URl3 ARCHER lllCRNlClf AKINS Q HUT "Jim-1'l 1'.f Hmm' 'llldfflljl ilnm f-KIIIIF. MAIN mlm-U of Hdlim Ill .lwrth U Pfwff of I-1 ll, AI. 'ss-wo. 'l""'m CIQCIL BISHOP Q A v 1 i v USI'If'llA'L' is gUIll'lI ml 1-1' ll' .perk I0 ie' lfR.'XNCl'.5 xx1L1,i14oRo BJXILIA 'f1,..,1 f2'.,Z-f1.fff'- A ' l "' ' 11ol.L like flulv 'JN-'40s 'I'.u.ism.xx Staff U91-10. ",S'i'Im1ru ix ilvcfi or Iitcrufty . , , Sfuwrlf :lr xlmllorz' or Time." lleta l'lub '39-'-lil: C. S. C. '39-'40q llrzx- mznir Flub '37-'-lllg iilee Club '38-'44l.f , I . 'f ' of W , 'Y ANNI4. 1soLToN ' ' 4 . r ,-, ,a-,O M +I lr 1 1'0" Y fi Liz ' 15-f4V""""' IAHtIf'f'I'lll'5.f float' fmt K'0ll.Y1'.Vf in golfing, but 'I gi':'ing," ll, S.2i lla-41:1 flub '39-'403 Czmiera Club j. H. BISHOP gl9.Ijfl:wcviU's.Fch4'r1fr1'gio,.ggrig ilbramatic 'K-1 flzwrfirl roiiizfvrioricr' falur-lf1z'Hir long -ggi-4UZlSIu5'ic thug J3,5,.i0:''l,gIllilfEhL,lggi ferry on tlzu rom! to .mrtlr 39: liimww Sum, gm: ,VALISMAN Staff ,39- lllcu flub '38-'-lfl, '40, I-M-A LM, 674' -.-cfvsf Y- I, 4.4.1 4 -:a.A.J gif i ez ,g " ,f .9.,4,,4,,i ' f . MARY 'l'llAX'l'ON BOWEN '+M- XVICNIJICLL BOLTON SISTER - . "C'In:r'1n ,rI1'iL'c.r ilu' .viglzl but merit 'wins llill' Q .r H U - 4 H4 H lln' .wi11. 'VW' 'l"'fl-'- WC f' "j"1f' 1 s. iw. sg cz s. rt sr-Cr-t-mi-V 69240: F, II. llzmil '37-'-W: Uzinicm Club 40: lwolllflll Bl. '38-'SUQ lilcc Ulub '39-'1l4l: Music Club '37-l-W2 lilfl' fllllll '39'A40S NYY lfwkllli '39-'-lflz l'e1r Club '38-'393 Senior Class Softball IW-'-wg 'l'.xl,1sM.xN Start '39-'40, S9l'l'L'lfll'y '30-'-lllg Tri-lli-Y '33-'40, CLIFTON CHANDLER i:1csn'1.lF1f l7LORlfNClf A. BRADFURD I I V 7 1 " .r not fn' .QUIIIIIX on illIfllI.VJI-blillifj' fill FUUTH A lu' tlf'f1t'Ill'.l'f,ll "Full of 'wit lllltf full of fun, Iii low' 'with lrlmt ll 36340: Hitt Kimi, '3gg39. Softball f'f'H'1'f"'f- '27-tw: ' 1"' 'mil '3,91'40. '17 '.. S. ll, S.: C. S. C. '39-'403 Drzuuntic Flub x V -!,. '39-'403 li. lll Xl. '37-'38g Pep Club '38-'39, V 5 ,f f' ' , f 1 , A if ' ' ' XTI. CllfXNDLlfR 'H iFXVll.SON ARNOLD 'No picture, the present Senior girls stumbled up the gangplank in high-heeled shoes and baby clothes. There was great excitement on board when the life-preserver was thrown overboard to pull H. L. Cumby and HBig" John in to join our crew of young skimps. ll Not many weeks later another storm dashed our ship to and fro, washing land not with soapl some of our beloved sea brothers overboard. Among these was jimmy Harvy who was washed to Valdosta. When the life-pre- server was thrown to Jimmy, Sarah Veazey was so homesick for Tif- ton, that she pushed him under and caught on herself. 'A Like a sea- Page 9 4 MARSHALL VIQRLIN CH.1X'l'llAKl ".'Y11 111fi.r1' 1111111 1'1'1'1' 'ZL'f.x'fl4'lf I11 111' ,x'111111.S1'f'.H ONIE COOKSEY SWEET 111-:A 1I1'1lI'f.ii l.Iill..X COTTLE 111-:TE I Abi.. "l.1111gl1 117111 flu' 11'111'll 1111115115 'ZC'l'ffl wvw' C131 111111' tl11' 11'111'I1l flIIlgfl.Y 111 y1111." L' S. C. '.Wf4ll: l'i1111u111' Stall' '.l'l"-WZ Tri-Ili Y 'V' '-lil LILLLXN CRUM 1.11. .1 . if S. C. 11034111 lf. ll. Xl. MARGA R ICT CULPlCl"l'lCR 'l'l'YliFY ullllflflj' 11711 I f1'11111 1-111'1' 111111 f1'1'1' . . . lI'l1y 1111111 ffl!'j' 1111 1'1111l1'11!1'11 Iiku 1111'," H' I" CUAIBY S. lb. S.: llctzi Club '39-'-lil: fl1llIlL'!'1l Club '39-'-lil: C. S. C. '39-Fill: llrzuuzuic Club Softball '38-'40, 'W-'-10: V. ll. Nl. '3N-'.Wg lllee Club '39-'-lil: l'i11111n'1' Stnff'354-'4l1g 'll.Xl.ISM.XN S1:1Il".l'?-'-lil. RL'Tll lJANllLL ".91'11g 'ZUflfft' you r1'111'l.' 111111 y11111' 'w111'k will 111' 1'11.r1'1'1'." C. S. fl. '39-'-lllg ill:-e Club '30-'-lll. llll.l.l NGER a1l11r1'. SARA UOSS "S111fIz' 111111 fflt' 11'111'I1i .r111iI1'.v with you, M'fYf'l'f7 111111 WV1111 11f1'cf1 11I1111c." C. S. C. '39-'-HI: Tri-lli-Y 'Rn-'4l1. DICK I""l'f 1131 Uf1lI'I'A'.l' GERALIDINIQ FLETCHICR JUIINNIE "7'11i11g.s' 1111117 flll'll 1111 1'11 H10 111111711 1111tfl .ro1111'l1111Iy I111'11x 1119111 11f1." Glee Club 'KU-'-H11 lf. ll, Xl. '.N.'3U, HUIIIJY "P11wc'1' fo its 111xt f1111'l1i1'Ie is I". lf, A. '38-'-10. DFEARL GIBBS "No picture. WDORIS CHILDS man in his first battle maneuver we gleefully started our football sea- son. At Hrst we cheered timidly but before long our class was known to be the loudest on the ship. ln the late season they achieved a Well earned tie with Spalding High Cstate champsj. The fact that We de- feated Fitzgerald brought joy and tears to the large crowd attending this game. T' Santa Claus rescued us from our studies for a time with a two-Weeks' shore leave. " After these two short weeks had passed, we all clambered aboard to immediately meet another storm which was the Week of mid-terms. Those who had scrubbed the decks skil- ' Page IO "A 1111111 is 11111 111111i1' 111 1111r'st1'011 "'l'l11' 11z1'I11e.rt 1111111111'1' 111111 the ge11t1.vt lit-tw Club '38-'-10' K' 9 K' '39-'40 l'lub '39-'-101 P1'111x1'1'r Staff '38-'40g Xxct President .luuior Class '58-'39. UT11 1'1':11'l1 the lwiglzf of 11111111111 0111011 or 111111 gin' 11111 111111111 my best." '38-'40 "Il111'11 11'111'h l11'1411g.v 1'1'1'l1 rf111'11r1fJ. LLOYD XV. DILLARD EDXVIN DLTCKXVORTH 'Cl 71111111 11111.11 .vi11111l rrvff, 'I10f be fc 11 JULIAN FL PITCHER duty 1111! ia IDA LOUISE FLETCHER wi-Zi-:Zia Lift' IX not lizmzxilrtwi by thc lima 3 11 l1":'l'." ff v- k CHARLOTTE GIIIISS "Today I luinzvli, ll'lim'r' .vlmll I llHl'lIUI'.H Hem Club '39-'40: l'auierz1 Club '39-'40g4l:. S. C. '30-'40g TALISMAN Stall' '39-'40: 'I 1'1- lli-Y 'Bill'-ill. CLARA GIIJDENS CLARABICLLIC ".'X'0illi'i1g nm .rvrm foul In tlmn' who twirl." llasketball '37-'-H33 l'. S. C. '39-'-lllg -LII Club '37-HRH: l". ll. Xl. '37-QW: lllee Club '39-'-H13 Pep Club '38-239: "'l"' Club. XVYNSDAHL IIALL XYINNIE Hfllllki' new frivinlx und kvvfv your alll om'.r.A' Cainern Club '393-H13 Glee Club '39-'-H13 Ili-Y '38-'-llbg Softball '38-'40, XVILLETTE HARVEY NYILLIE ",S'1'10iii'f 1'.r one grail! ur! of ron:'cl'.mI1'mr." llasketball '38-'-10: i'. S. C '39-'-105 4-II Club '38-Riff: lf. II. Xl. '38-IW: Glee Club '39-'4U: l'ep Club '39-'40g "TH Club. HAROLD HENDERSON "The .viiiuvi way not to fail is lu licfuruiific to .riu'l'Ucd," lllee Club '37-H383 Football '37-'40g Sufi- ball '37-'39: "T" Club '30-'40. 9 JA MES GA Y -IIINIMIE "E1fm'ali'on 1'.v ilu' 11f'fu'e1i!1'l'i'.vl1if' of Iifcf' f'2iIH9l'I1 Club '30-'4U: 5- C. 3393402 'l'Ai.isM.xN SMH '39-'4ll. Rl l ERA GIIEES "Tu kmiw lion' to wait is Hu' greni secret of .r1fl'rv.vx." C, S. li. ,393-ill. LOUISE HAINES SUNNY ".-I .smile ix Hu' 1i'1li.Yf't'l' of 11 laugh," lf. ll. SI. '37-'.l0g lllee Club '30-'-lil. MAllGAI.ENE HAMMOND FOOTS ".YoIl1ii1g .tirrremix like .v11Cfz'sx." llasketball '38-'39g if S. C. '39-'40g F. II. NI. '38-'39: VISALISLIAN Staff '19-'40. CLEO HAYES SISTER "Thr art of ru1it'c1'.mtior1 mzisilvfs in HIL' ir! of li.-'tL'111'ng fwlifely, as in Milking agree- ably." Glu- Club '38-'.Wg F. II. Nl. '38-'39, REBECCA HENDERSON IIECKY "To flaw' Il frivml is to lm u friend." . a Club '39-'40g F. H. NI. '384 395 tilt-e Club '39-'4O: l'ep Club '39-'-10: C. S. C. '39-'403 Tri-Ili-Y '38-,40. ,FHERMAN H A LL '1Xo picture. fully for the last four or five months were given a leave to go ashore and have a good time, while the others were left to sink or swim. Swim, they did, and were put ahead by keeping lights on late at night. fi The HT. H. S." Ship sailed along smoothly except for a few rocks and icebergs. The basketball team almost crashed the bow be- cause it had such hard competition in the year of l938 but it got in plenty of good practice, and high hopes were that the basketball team would even help steer the boat to success in the following years. 'l Came the spring, washing on the foam of the waves, and this is the Page Il l4"lii1I'x to lic' iimiv, flu it wrllf' llcm Club '38-'-U15 Caiuci-:i l'lub '39-'4Og N IJ 9 C4 Y l ll'-10 lll ' 1 Y EMOGENE HERNDON GENE ".-lluwzjxr wtilrii gum! fm, evil. JEAN HERRTNG DU M PY . , .: , .. '. Xi- g rxuiizitic Llub MJ '-105 lf. ll. Xl. 'SS-'SQL lilcc lilub '39-'-llli l lli-Y Sponsor '39-403 Pep Club '38-IW: l Pibrivvr' Stall' '19-'-10: 'll.Xl.lSM.XN Editor 'SU- L '-HD: Tri-Ili-Y 'JS-'-HI. GENIE HOLLEY TIIVSY l l'nIifc'li0x.v ix gum! rulluri' rrgizlilfml hy JAKHQS g goin! .vi'u,vr'. LHAE ,llz it ci S. C, mu: um- rim, 'sm "Lire tliix iluy fix if it :wiv flu' Ii1xt." Basketball '39-'-10: 4-ll Club '59-'4lJg lf. lf. A. T39-'-10. ' .Elf COMER TNGRAM ICIJWIN Howfxiui Q vi' Srwwrv "7'li1'3' aw not alum' zwlm uw m'rou1fu1i11't'rl .2 -1l1n1,'tMZ,3m ity flu- mu' KIWYWJ' UVM' 'lu by ,,01,1p flm,,gl,fNv." E " olllvrx, nur' vary fu imrlru u gmitlvniilii. llaskctball '39-40: liebzitt- Flub '40, " X i THOMAS ELMO JOLLEY "All gram! flmizglifx romi' frmii ilu' lir'm't." Rzuul L. 5. l'. 'JU-'-lil: "Tu Club 'JU-'4ll: Soft- "fl 1 S. D. S.: lleta Club HSS-'4ll: fzuuera Club '59-'40g F. S. C. ,39-'40g Drzunatic f'lub '38-'41 l Pi'um'cV Stall' '39-'40g Tri-lli-Y 'ES-'-Hlg Sen! "A uf F. If. .L '37-'SSI DORIS JORDAN "'l'lw or? of flm1.v1'ug uu1i.vi.rfs in living l'li'uxml." CHICKEN '38-IW: llasketliall Xlziiizigcr '39-'Mil . ,,,. A , , , ,, 1 2 ll, NI, Club .wx-.Hg hlee Club 35-37. HELEN CHRISTINE KENT EYES "C'i1fu1lvIa of dmiiig almost! flHj'flllllg,H ETTA JANE KENT ETTER mil tlrillgx P07710 ill Iilili' f'z1i'l.'Ugf'.Y." S, IJ, S.: lleta Club '39-'40g Camera l'lub 39340: C. S, C. '58-'-H73 Dramatic lllub 39340: lf. ll. M, 389393 Cilee Club '39- Hlll 3 ll 11 I if 40 lg I". ll. KI. '38-HW: l'ci Club '38-'SUI I 1 Pep Club K8-'JL ' ai UCI' Sta ' '39-' 3 im. Recimi' 'llAI.lSM.XN Staff '39-'40. EMORY KENNEDY BIG EM D. PERRY KINARD fliiim' iiv7'c'1' quits tml ii qiiiltm' 11z':'i'r V mm... 1 ,, BIQQFIIER i-2111 .twfqm HT.. Club o Franks sfllL'l .?"'vZ'fl'tl.i'lIllf, sliorfvii I I' lil: fp . ,Yr-"' .- i f Q4 time that a young man's fancy turns--to spring football practice. Deck scrubbing was light as the entire crew suffered from spring fever. Everywhere Cupid was shooting arrows into hearts-and backs. Kruger began peeping over the portholes at Ruth Rowan, and Walter Leverette, Katherine White and Blushes were seen strolling on the decks. ' At this time we hit a line of reefs in the form of Hnals. After many days of suspense, came the news. Most of us gained our second rank as seamen while some were left wondering how it felt to be a junior. ll The ship's log was closed for summer vacation Page I2 II1 111 l7lilfl3 lil NG "UF f1l'l'P1I1'1.'1f.H il S. ll lXlARX'lN LQXXV 11' 111'1i1111.v of 1111'11 1111' H111 l11xvl lllfL'I'- f11'0t1?1'.v of Ilirir tl11111.1gl1t.r." lislcctlmll 'SS-'-1411 Fziiiiera Club '39-'40g 4-Il liliib 1399-ll! XY.1Xl.TliR IJCYERFTTIC, JR. 1' .r1'1'1lJ of L'1111r11l1'1ig1' 11111.v I11' 11111111011 lull .v11lif11111', I1111' 11111.11 170 1'11ll1f'11I1'11 111 -lll Club '37-'4fJg lf. lf. A, 'KX-'-l0g lllce Lll ll 11111 411 l3l'llDY '3'Jf'4l'l. Of 1lI 1 111111 l11't1'111'1' IVAN K ULBERSI l ,,. all Nlziiirigver YW: fill'C C 37 ll 1 S 1 3? -lll l"o11tl1:1l .1 2 l Xl 1111 iior 4'l:1e-es I'1'csi1lc111 'JVC 1'i0'l'HC' , , iiixxii- l'l'.XXEE rubllr-., .xl1llfi. "X1'1f 1'1111111111111l ix fill' 11111111 1'l1'g11111'1'. -1-ll filiilr '39-'-ill. St:1I'I"'38-'-lil: Softlmzill '38-'4f1: Soplioiiiore flziss Secrt-teiry YJSQ HT' flub '40. XVYNlCl.l.lC Llf SICUR LL'Cll.l.li LINDSAY . 1'1 1111 .t111il17 1.1 Iikc 11 I1 H1111 1-1 101 1l11x,1'11111, wliiflz 11r11'.v Ilfl 1111 1116 llzislictlmll 'SSY'-lil: fi. S. C iSA'3'Ig ' l Club. T L11 'Hg "1 1'cr Staff' . LUIS IVIASHBLQRN v X , 7 i , 11r.r1'I1I1' 1111! 11'11t11 11! 11113' 11111 LILLIAN Maxi L1y11.i.x ,il ,L M. 38, lill.l.IE 111111113 1'.i' 11 L'i111l of f111'c 11'l11v1'1'l1,v 111111 zr l.'1111w11.J' K" L, ll, MAT XVYMAN MARTIN A'1fI'llIlll1'.VX 1,5 71'1'x1l11111." X ' XG. W. MALLORY RI.-XRIIQ M.-XTHIS c trim 1111131 111 1411111 11111111 ix 111'f'1'r to tI1C.Yi7'13 ta g111'11 too IlIIl1'1I.H 1 fi e '- 111115 I1'l1'1r 11 u'115l1'1l 11' U. P' " llll H11 1111111 11fy11111',V1'lf ll1 1s111l111, ly f 'Q X:,. N -VL-, 'lN11picturc. but reopened again in the fall of '38 Tl This year our compass pointed toward many successful events. Morris VValdrop was rated an all- Conference star. The "Turkey Day" victory over our traditional foe left us happy memories of this football season. T7 Exemptions from mid-term exams gave unexpected furloughs to the more able sailors While the ordinary seamen Were left to do all the hard work. ll As we had hoped, this basketball season was quite a success. 7' "All hands on deck!" the captain shouted. And the cruise which we started, then was over calmer Waters for the junior-Senior Banquet. We enter- Page I3 TC. O. MOORE K 1 111111 as 411 iiix -111 filllll VVALLACIC MATTIHCNVS "Y!11' 11110 1111111 is 11111 DCI'I'1l.V zu11rl.'sl1aj if S. C. '3'2"4Ug Softball '-UI. BOBBY NIXON "'l'l1t' grml url of ll'iirr1i'i1g is to iriitlrrlillw' liul lllllt' ill tl lime." llnuil '39-3403 C. S. l'. '30-'40g lilee Club '38-'40g TA1.1sM.xN Starl 310. JICSSI li MORKSAN "l'l'ull' lU'iL'lll'tl flu' .v1lil.vliii1t' mul tlitr .Yl1tlll0'l4'.V will full l7t'llllIll.H liaskctball '3S-'3Ug l-eta llub .W-40: C, S. lf '.l'?-'-10g 'l'.xl.isMxN Stall' '39-'40g "'l" l'lub '-lll. BETTY NICLSON '.Sl1t' .vuiilml upon iiuuzgv jim! for fun, lin! we krivu' llirri' wax only our." S. ll. S.: Beta flub '.l'If'-l0g Camera Club l0'40- Q' 9 l', '39-'-ill: llistriet Speech it-pi't'sci1tzxtix'e '37-HKS: llistrictiXYinut-r iu N. il. "School of .Xir" Spcecli Contest '-l0: lll'Jll'llflllC Club .W-40: Iwiotball Sponsor ZV40 l' ll Xl 1 lk lltt lub 30 ik.. 40: Pep Club 'SS-YW: Speech Recital '-lil: 'I',u.1sM.xN Stall '-l0g 'I'riflliYY '38-'40, lfRlilJIbllf NUNN 'l.o:'t' lo ouv, f'i'i't'ml.v to lllllll-V, gtmtl will It ll Sl. ll. S.: Czuuera Club '30-'-lllg Cf. S. C. 30140: Dramatic Club '10' I' ll XI 'N '39g Glec Club '30-'-105 l's-p Club '38v'3'J. MARY l.l l.l.l .XX l'l'l'TM.-XX "SC1'f'l4't' ln'l'oVt' self." S. ll. S.g Camera Klub '403 C. S. C. '30, 403 Dramatic Club '.ll4-'-103 lflee Cluh '39- '40Q Pep Club '38-'.l0g Tri-lli-Y 339-'40, CLll"FORlJ lQ.'XClil.EY "lla tlzt' best of wlii1li,":'vr it may lic." i S l STICK ll 11 lm .' , . . . . . j rm' , '.l"-'.i'g 2-' C' '. - ISICN O'N lS.XllY 141 A 1 .A . u . tl' i llOR.XClf MOORE "llc ix grail iwmiigll who is lli.v man 53 iii ll .vlt'i'." Softball '57-'-40. XYYNlil.l.li M UYI' "Tl1,v iuzlzrrl' if lim lull of ilu' riifllx if 111 llillllllth " l Sl '-40. - .i ld JL l.l.X N1-3SKlllll "ll'l1ut tw .ww flujwiiilx mainly nfmiz ri in uw look fur." y, t--V 1 S ll S lttl Klub N 40, lam i.: 40 t S L I 40 Ilramntic Club 40 l ootblll Spou ci '40 li Il Xl ZS 9 l lat tlub H 40 l'ep Club '38-'EI Q ueeell Rt-citzxl '40 . . 5.1. N S :ill . l- 40: Tri-lli-Y 'Nfl lf 'Xl ".S'1'lm1m' ix llii' i1riili'x'.rlm1il1'1ig of fimly, mir ii all it tlt 1 ' 'Zi' xc." lleta Flub '.Wf'40: l':uuera Club '30-'40: K S C 'll'4'I l' l' X 'l9"l'x11xix i rs., Wll.lXl.'X l'ORTl"R Ili lo li xl rut X mzlszr flu l' l 'l"l' flrux-'. llt-ta Club 'RYA' 2 '. f t'I.lI1'F tained the Seniors in American colors. The Ship of State was adorned from the bow to the stern in red, white and blue. VVe honored our first captain of America, George Washingtcmri, in highest ceremony. ll Lashing Waves of Hnal examinations swished against the sides of the boat and led us to troubled waters. Y September l939: VVe left port with a new crew of Uskimpsf' 'A As senior sailors we were loval to our ship's football team. And if we did not appear so enthusiastic ' b D " ' it was eeause we were " ignified. i Betty Nelson and Addie Nlae Rainwater were given an extra shore leave for bringing honor to the Page I4 ft'i'liiig.v ul' flu' lieu: Stall 'illflllg 'l',u,isM,xx Sz .XIJIDI li NAIC R.-UN 'AElL',Qtl7ll tix .X'1'l1if'l1'i'llj'. im It f x H T. TA' N S lroul llit licta Club '40g V, S. t', '39-'4llg l'1'wm 1 M lllif will-'-lll. xx Wien l il 1:'in'11i tix .N S -lll 1 S. C. JI- -lll, ll! trier XYiuucr in A. sl. "School of Air" Xlu ' ' itt t '40 I' ll Nl 'N 'W' Vltc . , 1 Club 30-'-lil: Nlusie Club '30-'-lllg llt-p C' '58-'59g l'izu1o Recital '401 llioxiwr Still ll' '40 Sta IDONI XLD RAIN ICY Nccoucl llue in District Music Contest Clll't'SElll1lllVC .X. ll. HScliool of Air' usic Loutcst '-lllg Tri-lli-Y '58-'40. IC life law un the tifv uf fl lcuff, RAT f 1 , . f HHUHM lumxlrv to mm' 'Mm HT rm- Izmir! tix fi-our Izlzfxit-.rr lf tl 4 L lgf,m,.-- 'A ' ' rf. s. lf '.w-'ami if. ll xi I S C, N KI l7uotl1all'3fi-'4llg lli'Y '37- Softbill '37-'40g "TU flub '40, M.-Xllllll ROSS 5 XR X IIURIQNCE RIKZIDON Sl-RM, SEF A'I.l,'I'C um! liwzriz, div and fungi! 11 ull ost rmmni locks, .rn ufifl-v l1i'1'r1rwl, linslcetball. fl?"-W3 CZIIIIHT 39 40 0 C i my hair 11 30111 llnlli lr1'riil." l'. 5. K, .W--UI: Ilrum Xl'1io1 40 N Il S ltti Club '39-'4lJg L':uncrzi Club H' M' 'ix AU' i'lit,f-l-121-Q30 l 1 40 c s c '.wJ4o: lf, li. il. 'ss-2194 "" ' lNll. Llub 9 401 l'ep Club 'SN-'-W2 l'i:iii- -s s flu. flub '38-,403 l'i:mo Recital l3ll-Lllf RLf'l'll lxOW l'RESH 4 "lx'm'f1 tlw r'm'i1i'r'.v of yan ur 1 no RUI H ROSS ffffwfl-" . . lit-1:1 Club 'JS-'-lllg C. S, 1 3 lllmfwhk matic Firm 'ss-un: F, ir NI 2 9 cazrtzfnl xmllc ix to flu' fvmalr' cami- Spcecli Recital '-lil: 'll.XLISN xx 1 39 nu 4' ulmt llzc .YIIIIXIIIIHC ix tn tliv Infid- .rmfvcf isltttball 31 432 Cheer l.t-:ulcr '37-Till: rum xl'l10l XR-'-403 F. ll. Xl. 'SX-'39g flee Klub 39-'40g HT" Club '4U. ALVIN SCARBORO "Tim fi'lIU'il'll'llyi' uf zvorlli gate uf ,vrlwlarxliip lN -XDINIC RUTI..-XNID If, I-I A, '38 IJINKY b ltu f to bv, 1114111 In lu' illzlzufvjvyf' xsketball 3 402 fl. S. C. '39f40g "TU Club '40. ,' r I hbiq +1 f""'6J ' viilexox T. SH ,wi '- Ma ' . . ,,f "1 1 1 JOHN lvl. SEARS I I Hzmlzlrriliiliiilixilllliiffrifif tlluit filliillm BIGJUHN llzislcetball '347-'-HI: Ifootba alum I v lnxt tllr nr! to li:'t', 'who A' 38' 40: N'f"'f1'l . 'lg' 40 I LIU u mot 'Zi'l'll new fv'ivml.v." 'lo' isketball Z6 37: Football '36-'40: Glee u 36 38 i-Y T66-'40g Softball '36-'40g 'l"' Club '40, FRANCES SKIBXI R I T SHELLHCJIQSIQ HclllI17'4It'lL'l' ix 11 i1'1'u11m11i 1 lttllti 1':'ci'y miller .Q our F0UR'EYE5 Ilzxsketball '37-'-ill: lieta Flux ' 0 C ir li 4. liglltly fllflllftl ml ilu' edges l'. l'resifli-ut, 'JU-'403 lf. ll Nl 38 ship by winning first place for the second district in speech and mu- sic. T' Tifton and Tifton High heartily welcomed our new coach. More boys went out for football, they were more experienced and gridiron talk and spirit filled the air. VVe lost a few heartbreaking games but also beat such hard competitors as Moultrie, Cordele, Waycross and a 48-point victory over Fitzgerald. 1' After Christmas leave, noises like the sounds of foghorns and the humming of the boilers were heard from all over the boat as the bands and glee clubs got tuned up for the coming spring Nlusic Festival. At this, the Band Page I5 .XNNHQ NAIC RICH XRIJSUW "'l'in' 'mm-.t lu mnrli 'rl llurvx '1',x1.ism.xN Stal? U NIJXVARD SBll'l'll U I I tlifm full 11 u1z.frl1u'f,' nfluvi il ix fiuxt uniil frwvjicruil, it will lu' ':'ia'l1n'." lllOKl.XS C. 'l'llDXl'lil.l. "lil:-vtlim Lv flzv llfz' of flu' .wulfi E D IlliENIlliE l'lll.l.Y 'l'llR:XSHlfR ' of lilly filllki' 1 S 1 P411 flu Klub '34 'W' l'1' ll I Stull' 'SW'-lflg Softball 31 40 .il .1-. . if '47- fi-'Y f U ' U, F 1. ll I 11 fi lu llg, lil Ili Iliff 1 A Il ll in A 1 1 ztlz ilu' frrqzfzxlli iz Y 1 . 5, m.. .wr-io, Il'uul '39-'40g Orchestra IW-'-lil. IMOCLENF SU'l"l'UN VIQYYVTH STlPl, GENE X " ' ' ' Xu jwrmir iv l'II'llL'J' ax liufifiy or ilrzluzffg' SHARK us lic ll7IAlgl'lll'.l'.N lf- "l.i:'l' lu curu uml corn to l1':'i'." I1 .llult your bm! ln'lti'1'." K S C U 40' 4-ll f'luh '39-'-lllg Piuncu st-hall 30-401 C. Cf. '30-'4Il: l'iru1r'm' all '39-V105 Football '38-'39g Softball '38- '40 c Club '38-'30g l'z'alici'r Stall' '39-'-lllg Tri-lli-Y '38-'4ll. llll.DRElJ SNOW' .Xi':'i'r, fivfvr qv! ton nhl lo lmrrz " Stall' 'SU-'40. R.fXl,l'll C. TL'XXYUR'l'll Hlulcllcrt 1'.r lzrairi forum." 2:-: '. -' 1 'Z era RED 1 lltss lm ill W MI 1 lui Klub '39-'-Hrg Glu Club '37-HX: Softball '58-'4llg 'l'Al.lsMAx Stull' '39-'40 S.XlQ.'X IPRANCES SM l'l'l I Hub 3, 40. C g ff -59340. lr II ".lfuili'n1lilui ix rmrlumzilkv firm mul firm M' ,37i.39-1' ' ' ' ' ix mrr1mm1l.v .fIlf'L'L'X.YfFlll.H FRQXNCFS SMITH lx.Xl.l' TUC ' QR URAN li xg TUX . . . . . Y , lin its first appearancel and the Girls' Glee Club and Sextet received a rating of l'Excellence" and the Boys' Glee Club and Double Quartet upheld its reputation by getting the best rating given in its class. Three cheers for the directors! ll With dates and work on UTALIS- MAN" and "Pioneer," spring football and debates, baseball and sen- ior recitals, our minds were in a whirar-r, but they fairly whizzed when the Hi-Y held its annual conference here. The NT. H. S." Ship was so crowded that it almost sank, but after three days the boys left and the boat floated on peacefully. So peacefully that anyone could Page I6 "Ili 1 l'ri'i'li'fl llmnglilx scum' i'u11r!v.ry." ff. S. lf '30-'4llg lilci' Kill ball '37-'-lllg Nl", fli I 1 X HL! l Ill Mdwzrt if lb ,KS-'-lflg Soft ll ,FU i-ill SAR.-XII LYNN VIC.-XZY l.l.'i' unfl lu' uu'rVi' H 5. ll. M.. K. 5. 4. 39- 401 llramatic Flulu '39-'401 I", ll. Nl, '38-'39, filee lilub '39-'4ll Pep l'lub '58-'.l'lg PIit1l1C01' Staff '30-'40 403 Sofllmll ,SN-'-lil: "'I"' lillili l'1'csi1lc1it llcta Fluli '39f'-lllg if S. lf '30-'-Ml: 4-ll MORRTS WALIJROP MARY lil..-XNLflllC XY.-XLKER rlllll will I0 win ix llzt' rtxvzilf of l1igl1 tix NANCHIIQ mm 'UH ' l 11 lu' lmliffv IX fmt ilu' j1111'j1o.vt' ol um' l asketlizlll ri-.IS-'1t1l,ltfzt11tziin 'Slug' Ilipotliall '.37- Iwiylluv hm In fh,,.l,,.m, 1H,f,f,l'm,U." ass A A Q g 5 ""fff.' int-ra fllllll '.:-ww: rf, S. ci 139140. '39-'40g 'I'1'aclc 'SN-'4ll. X' I RCZIN I .X IQLICANOR XVI l IGHAM jL'l-l .KN W.Xl.liliR Ayixxx' FAT ..A,11u,1,v,,x juni, W, NH. l,,.,'lS1,, xflfvj' f,'1'f'1' 111 Illt' worltl lln' limi you lnztxtv tllltl' 1, I, X ,w ,413 H, Y ,W ,im ilu' l11'.v1 will flllllt' lmrl' In j'01t. I-sta Llulm 39-403 L. 5. L. '39-405 In U. Xl, 'AS-'4llg Hlec illnlv 'Mir'-1111 I't-11 Flulw '38- HW: Tri-lli-Y 'SN-'4lI. LOYCIQ WHITTIQN o . .x 1 tt ,. M.'XlUilQERlTl2 K. XYHITE "lo .lo VI-Qlll will ol'I1'11 mx? 11 .v!r11gglt', lull lx tll'll'lIj'S wortll tlzc 1'll'm't," if S. V. '59-'-tllg Pep Club 'SS-'39. M.-XT'l' XVHITI IA M "lt',v flu' llfllt' il11'11g.r llltll 1'o11111." Ilaml 'HX-'-ltlg lletn l'lul1 '30-'4ll2 Glen- l'll1lv 383403 lli'Y '39-'-HI: 1,1-0lIt't'l' Stntf 'JS-'401 IQIJIJIIC VVILLIS ' l' l 'JI 'Z ,ffl-'-UI. '!"""'41,H,JClL:'ll Y "Ons rtlnipiur 11lzt'11y.v lit' 11 livru, l111t ww rm . f Vx ye 11ltt'11.1'x lu' 11 '1111111," -'f,J,,rYu' 4 Ifootluall xxx-'.w, 11 11 A. xiafsag tat-C J l L'li1h l3b4-'39, Softliall '38-'3f: "'1"' llllll 'KU-'-lil. lfl.lZABlf'l'll XVI LLETT f1'o111 e'7't'1'y l1t'1'l1," Cluli '39-'40: If. Il. NI, '38-'39. LQJLIISIQ XVUALIAAQS 4'll1'l1'l1 your ctw1gn11 to 11 .Yff1l',"' FBIORY Y.'XRBOROLfGH l,1T'I'l.li Elf 'Lo-Ft' louis.: 1101,hlztfzfllzmtlllti 1'.i't'.v, lml 'zvillz xI:XRY LOUISE XV,ORK rtxricliz lfoothall '36-V-ill: llifY '37-'4ll: Softball '37, 5 J .lui MTV. mul' ,405 Tnwk 534' ".l l111ryl1, 41 .v1111'l1', IT t'l1r't'1',x' moral," see that most of the girls had lost their hearts either to the boys or their cars. 'V Since experienced seamen seldom falter, we expected our full crew to make the last run to port. VVe had gone through many trials, joys, storms and calm seas together, but everything, how- ever happy it may be, ends sooner or later. So, now We end this cruise to take our final voyage on the ship called HS. S. Americal' to the strains of our own Alma Nlater. Iiriux JANE KENT. An1':1,1NE BRA1J1foRD. Page I7 l x S UN ON Send the follotuizzg nzcssuge, subject to the terms on back lzervof, which are lzerelfy agreed to june 3, 1950 MIEICT 1-9-5-e-VROPHICCY DISPATCH . . STOP . . tiOSSIP ARRIVING . . STOP. tNot a "Prophet" ..... A Dead Lossl Ruth Daniels and Ruth Ross singing duet in Broadway Show . . STOP . . Show stops . . STOP. Sarah Veazy famous Toe Dancer . . STOP , . Dances on ex'erybody's toes . . STOP. Fra Thigpen, XValter Leverette and this little "Piggy" went to market . . to buy a book . . STOP. NVenclell starts new fashion . . STOP . . Cellophgtne suits . . STOP. Sara Florence Rigdon teaches music at T. H. S. . . STOP . . Mrs. Kennedy's little girl, Adeline, only pupil . . STOP. Jean Herring's hobby collecting drums . . STOP . . Matt walked out on her day before wedding . . STOP . . Excuse "Just couldn't make it." . . STOP. Kruger still believes Glenn Miller's orchestra will play at Little Commencement . . STOP . . Etta Jane lands him . . STOP . . She sells clothes . . STOP . , He sells furniture . . STOP. Rebecca old maid school teacher . . STOP . . Puny came to rescue . . STOP. Jessie Morgan tMrs. C. O. Moore? treats brains as side-line . . STOP . . Needs treatment herself since stopped talking French a year ago . . STOP. judy NeSniith burned lluntingdon College last night . . STOP . . Only way out . . STOP. Betty Yarborough unfaithful to limory . . STOP . . XVho'd er thought it? . . STOP. Drug Store Cowboy XYynsdahl Hall decided on Anne Holton tive years ago . . STOP . . Believe in long engagements . . STOP. Mary Thaxton and Dick still blush around corners , A STOP. Sara Doss jilted baron for Wlyman Martin . . STOP . . Such is life . . STOP. Frances Hailey owns Night Club . . STOP . . XVilsou .Xrnold Mis-manager . . STOP. lYedding hells chime in two weeks for Leila Cottle an'l James Hogan . . STOP. i I 3 Charlotte Gibbs and Pisaop Brothers crash llollywood . . STOP . . Not the one in California . . STOP Lillian Crum presents Agnew Andrews with a new suit . . STOP . , Alimony suit . . STOP. Tunkey couldn't choose between Verlin Chapman, Edwin Duckworth, or Fred King . . STOP . . Took "Rat" Rainey while waiting for Ray Taylor . . STOP. 'irginia VVhigham and lien O'Neal have set the day . . STOP, ll. L. Cumby stayed at T. H. S. so long he was made principal . . STOP. Clifton Chandler 'lstarvesn in the THIN MAN . . STOP. XVilma Porter edits new hook. 'ACONFCSCIUS SAY" , . "Pretty stems seldom grow on NVall Flowers." .Xddie Mae Rainwater plays the Nickelodeon at Jenkins . . STOP. Freddie Nunn and Horace Moore remain at "dear ole Alma Mater" . . STOP. Donald Rainey and Jack Sears think they should not be kept out of "Sunsweet-Tiftonl' game on account of age . . STOP . . John Sears, coach, argues he was disqualified long before . . STOP. Jimmie Gay is trying hard to get ahead . . STOP . . He needs one . . STOP. Leopold Stowski now traveling with T. C. Tidwell's Band . . STOP. Kenneth Stipe the great artist now URAVVS . . a long breath . . STOP. Harold Henderson lost 'Sweet Adelinel' . . STOP . . Big Em took up the chorus . . STOP. llelen Kent Dicks Ralph Tuxworth as a bargain . . STOP . . Hes half-off . . STOP. Katherine XVhite, confirmed old maid, desires husband with brains, wealth and appearance . , STOP . Mary Lillian desires appearance, The sooner the better . . STOP. liddie VVillis big Turpentine man . . STOP . . Chews resin . . STOP. Ruth Rowan plunges down mountainside in terrible auto crash . . STOP . . Car hangs on tree . . STOP Ruth stammered . . O-o-o-only G-g-g-God can make a t-t-t-tree. LITTLE KENT KRUGER. Page I8 last W17! and 7 esfdmenf We, the Seniors of the Class of '40, having attacked and defeated our three "R's" which was a modern war that lasted for eleven long years, do hereby depart from the Held of battle leaving belnnd us these spoils of war to our successors. I. To the remaining soldiers of T. H. S. we leave the courage to continue to loyally tight for the articles of Student Government. II. To the Junior Class, we leave our ability to quickly invent excuses to leave school. III. To the juniors we leave the Chemistry Department in a hurry and with pleasure. IV. Sarah Veazy wills her compact and lipstick to MarthaiSmiQ1. f f fin iff f' ff? fff 3"""K" V. Etta Jane Kent sends Steve Mitchell to Sara Adcock, collect. , MLS-K '-.!'22'fQf"'?'!-.,t.5? . VI. Welmstei' tAbellJ wills his dictionary to Joe VVilson, who probably will use it more. VII. To Mr. Thompson, we will nightmares of circles waltzing with trapezoids, and obtuse triangles making love to acute angles, while the right triangle marches on its legs and keeps the other Hgures in order. VIII. Adeline Bradford wills that much-used nickname "Foots" to Dynamite tMary Georgej. May she ever enjoy it with as much happiness as said owner and we hope she'll grow to them some day. IX. Addie Mae Rainwater and Sara Florence Rigdon will the Baby Grand to Marion McVVhorter and Miriam Massey. X. Ruth Daniels leaves her encores to Mabel Dasher. XI. Betty Nelson wills her "Beauty Kingdom" to Julia XVinter. XII. "Tunkey" Culpepper leaves Ray Taylor, Lucille Lindsey leaves H. L. Cartwright, and VVendcll Bolton leaves Betty Jeanne Hall with the hope that they will catch up some day. XIII. Jean Herring leaves her inspiring leadership and dependability to Mary Sue Martin. XIV. Emory Yarborough wills his t'Handsome" Crown to James King, who really isn't hard on the eyes. XV. Helen Kent wills hcr driver's license and reputation t'Madhouse Owner" to Mary George Martin. XVI. Frances Skinner and Emory Kennedy leave their parking place on Lovers' Lane to Holt Todd and Mildred Brown. XVII. To Ruth Sherman, Anne Bolton wills the title "Most Conceitedf' Ruth will prob- ably have no more use for it than Anne. XVIII. John Sears, VVinnie Hall and H. L. Cumby will their trips to the harn to Steve Mitchell, Donald White, and David Tift. Now watch the juniors' smoke. XIX. Eddie Willis leaves those excuses for being late to class and his chewing gum to Billy Pierce. XX. Hildred Snow wills her Hred tresses" to I l. 0+ so I X XXI. Mary Lillian Pittman wills Mack Herring to Harriett Holmes. ' XXII. Ivan Kulbersh wills his boxing gloves to Dudley McCaskill. XXIII. Mary ,Iulia NeSmith leaves her sweet smiles and pleasing personality to Julia lfVinter, who already has a good start. XXIV. Marie Mathis wills her "jitterbug shoes" to jackie Andrews. Signed this third day of June, nineteen hundred and forty. CLASS OF '40, MoRRIs VVAi.naoP, Prfsidfrzf. ll 'Ifllt?SSt'.S'f GR.xniT.vr1-1 Ruse N. CANE. PRoF1cssoR MAKE M. X'VoaK. A L, L A., Q L! A Q 1 fy V v W' , xy 1 jk- xf' J f 4 ' 'IJ j ' I ,Y P juli XXTILSUN MARY S1'1sMART1x XTERNA DAVIS l'1'u.vzdmzf I 'lm'-l'1'v.vz'dv11f T1'm1.fm'c1' r ' ' L. ' I 1 I f,- 1 lImm'.xRnSM1'rH Smrrlzzry J. P. :XILXIVIS Cxsslrg ARNol.n SARA Iiowl-:N l':YEl.YN BRANR SARA Brsslcl, H1L11.x CUARSIQY Page 20 C.xR1.us ,AKINS CH.XRl.Il'l"l'l'l .-Xl.1.r:x S'rm'HEN .Xl.SUBRUUIi NIAXRIUN 1XUI.'1'M.XN llllllklill Ii.xRlflli1.n SYIRLE BELI-'I.0WER -I .x NI Es Bowlax jxuxes IiR.xNL'u FLOYD BRAND .XLYIX IERANU M11.1+Rr:n BROXVN CLARA Bmuxx Grixrgxpx PJYRII RAY C.xR1'r:N'r12R IJUROTHY CHERRY VV YNELL12 COLLEY I. O. CUNNELL FLURENCE CONNELL A., M E1.11A CuNNE1.1, IJAN Cox NIiI.I,Y l3E1'1,A V1-11eNA lJAv1s lJ1mu'1'11Y Do Il BIAY CUUNEIQ Bm: CU1.1'E1'1-Ex MQJXBEI. DASH1-:R R M l NICY GENE IJREXEL fJ'l'HlNE EVANS JACK F1.ETr'11E1z xlklijlllilii If1.E'1'1'11E1c HELEN Farm: M Ak1gA1eE1' F1'1.1.E1q E ID N11141w1A f1lHIlS FHSTER Glllflf H1 NTU I.11.1.1E M AE GREEN Nu1.AN C1111-:E mms Glmss LAXYRI-ZNl'E G1131-15 N liormwlx Dmus CQRANT TJURUTHY GREEN N V1x'1AN GREEN MAN HAx'A1AN RE'r'1'Y SUE H INEZ llA1w11x1uN1a HP1I.lfN HA11R1s ERRING KIAVK HE1e1c1N1: TIA1 HEk1z1N1s EVELYN HOI.I.1XNlJ HUGH H0114 RVTH MONA JONES RACH EI. H IGHTOXVER JNVAY lq0WARiJ TOM EARL IRELAND MERLYN JONES I.. G. j01411AN JOSEI' L1oNE1. LESUE14 CHESLEY I-lGl HlNI'2 IQICLLY Vllif2INl.X KIENNEIJX' l,JAL'l'lJN LAW ITFUUT :MARY l21.1.EN L1VE1.x' M Y uA1.1NE BIl'.'Xl.LISTEK lJ1'111.Ex' Mc'CAS1iIL1. g1-21 .?' Q - . 5 I I Q 1 ff .xfr"f""L"v Q G-.J f -4,' MJD!! 5 :Q I6 -"lu 1 fha-J4'0 'f .s,-ru. . V, ,'lr',v1f1 ff' J ,auf 'X 1' ,Ir ff, 'Y f' fic J I I 5 W X325 J-fy I if "ly 0' -vffji I RI ly' 4 .', ,., 1100! I I 3 I 5 I I I ll I " 's ,J Iif M I, I I qui. , , fi? .I I I xy " W, L 1 Y W' J , I. Page 21 I5 DIJROTIIY Mm'CuIu'I-iv ICAIIIIII' Bll'BIII.I..XN BIARIAN MUVVHURTEII hi-XRY GEORGE M.xIz'I'Ix NIIRIA M M .xssliv SARA MIQIIIIIIIIII RIKRIIC KlI'l'l'HEl.I. I S'I'I2x'Ic MI'I'c'HIaI.I. LEWIS MIIIIIII: Tram' NIrIIcIeIs Am NI-:wI:IiI:N ,XIII HIQIE: NIIIAN IfIe.xNc'Iis OQUINN LV f fl ICIIWIN PAI:I.Kf " D! f .'RlI'ti:Ny-LBTYIANIE: I .4 1 1' ff J K-' I -ff! ,I - . J ', VT" My ,dj I fIxfg,5gIiIN' A' ' Vjv- I N"CII.xIII.Es I'I'I:x'Is ' l':l'RIt'li RICHA IIS - l S. Im EMILY RI'IIIII.I-II . - ,jj Af511A'II SIIIQIIMAN ,w I ff, If I ,J ,fa If G I 54 jijf "'f 'lj K.X'l'lIEIi NE SIIIMII. s V' .XMI-L5 SIIIMANS j.xI'Ic SAIITI-I BI.xIc'rIIIx SMITII KlliI,I!.X JEAN l'.xYI.rmIc IQKY TIwI.4mI: Rl"l'II 'l'IIIeAsIIEI: HIII. 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Domes Suu D085 Bluex' I31'm'14xvoR'1'1 ' A: ll 7 Q .Q . R. Ijl'l'IiWKlRTII Nmml IfI.I.ls Rylzx' K,xT11lcklNl-1 F.xm.lN1:Eu XY. A. l:l.li'l'l'IIlCR lJmw'1'11x' Ifrxlnaulatfkmi ' 1 . "fi, ,. P 'fe L. Bm: GIDHGE llums Comms XIIRGII. GREEN H11:'r'l'x'rt JILNNNIE H.Xl.l, Page 13 P-'Y' , 1-X-A , Frmlu-:ST BASSI-:T Il. I.. CARTWIQ NO PICTURE Brix BRIDGES AI,XR'I'Ii.X CHANII mx liwrlr CARP!-:N'1'r:rc C, II. CRVNI DIXKIC fi.x1:k1m'14 I.jZlf2,'C 2.1. II5 op!1s" REQQGIIL lIAkmun'lis MAXIM: IIAYMAN lIA1uc1li'1' HULMIQS JXIDIAIN jmwis NITA IQINARII I xmas Iii fI.XICTII.XNI-QI. Iiu'm.u:H'1'm: NH XV.XI,'I'l-IR KING 'l'HomAs IMXIYIIURN 3IYR'I'Il'Ii NIAXRi'H,XN'I' IVINLHEN AI.X'I"I'lIICNYS I'1cmcv INIICRANIE Rm' McDANlra1. SARA Om: FRITZ :XII'l'l'lIlil.I. IIHLH IXIURRIS 'I'km' l'AnNr:l.1. SAM PERRY XIIIIICRIX I'1'r'rs Iinwlx RIGIDUN I 'I XIARTIN lima:-:les 1 Blu. S.XRA'l"l' N' If ,flyu V ,TT - 1 ,. Y .4 X yy 1, " lIlOI.I'll Sl'.I.I'H , . " . 2 ,IA fJXN'lI.II.X SMITH ,flu I ww. f , . s I -IEWEL1. S'I'.XRNIiS CARSON SVMNER Rllrmxx-3 Slwlxlclc If GER.XI.IlIXIf Swim' I'!R.XNK'1iS Tllvlc Au N I-is 'I' H LYRMA x M A y IJAVIII 'I'llf'r IA K1 1-:s XVALIBRUI' Iivl-QLYN XYALKICR Run' XYALK1-:R XYILSON XVAl.l4l4:1: Ia. I.. XVICIAIION lirnrsrilvl' FARM: XYIIIIJINJN IXIAIIEI, DIOHNSUN Iil.x1r:k PATIUN Iir:xx1c'1'H Slxlxmxs -l.XNIC'l' 'l'Ho1x11's1mN LH: XX'mm TR.XX'I4lI.I.Ii XVIJIUIZY jAn'l4 TUTTLE Lori XIQAL V1QA7x JANE XVHIIJUON Sm M, IM XX ,YHQ df! 65 ,M M ,Gfcrgg .XL 2 4 25 5525 f 'mf .x . ' L , X j VI W 5- 9-pg f ! X J AQWNA4 l VQZMWWZQX we J E . ' f 1 i 3 . fy A 3 .llehzzipwzfzgc 14iiil!sii 1 will 204154 V." .Ea-zzz! Mizazfzed 'x 3259 L. -px Q F'VQi',' . 2'LJ9E K -glfflfy-Y ll . . . Lfwwz tlftlfz X N 0 ,aff flung me N . . : , fg Spf! FEEiZ5ggi2i,, ennydan SN O 9, SSSgxmjg5Q5iz5Q. Q rw' wg E ! W A K , , Ak ,ff W "Calif t'tlt'lI 'ZQ'Ul'Kl' l7I'fUlA1' -vnu If! if fall." MISS I. R. XVII.I.I.XfXIS . .Ili'I'l.S1'7' Humax' Kllxux , . . . Fkxxclis SICINNIZR .... 1,I'N.YitI't'IIf Klum' TH.xx'mN Rmwix . Bl.XIlli.XI.ENE HA Xl xmxn , ,,., TI'I't1XlH'l'1' FRANC1-is H.x1l.lcx' juli F1.E'rc1HHle H1lIi.Xl4l'f IXIUORE f7NIE Cuonsm' Rmcm Guam XYvxlcl.l.r: Moya LEILA Cu'r'r1.1z filaxlla Hm.1.r:Y Mmm' l.I1.l.uN Pl'rTxr.xN I.1l.1.l.xN CRVM I., IJ. MATHls BIUXNKAIIIZ XV.'xI.l41cR RVTH IJANIICI, NIAIQIIC Rf'X'I'lllS ANN111: MAE R1r'll.xmvs0N 722 E40 Tahlvman Page 26 F Ax-.gfgr -X, K 1- rp vx, im. R . m.-,L, Vim?-P1'v.vi41'v111 , , SA'f7'U1tIl',Y MAUGIQ RUSS NAIIINE RL"1'l.AXD FRANCES SMITH PIILDRED Stxmw ERA TH1m-1-:sr RALPH TUQKER V.: , J 12 r Rx .. ..--,., x I Q I f , H uh ., K 1 , xg, , fi " 4 ' - 1 .sgfv sail: 1 f r- -:ff " .,.L,. . W- - 2 Q -Q1 'Z 3- R31 X .fig 125.2 A1 4 u 1 lI.I'liI'l'l-ii! .XXIIIIIRYS If. KENT 'a'n'l1lr'y 'I r'm1,vlr1u'r' I'IM'-l'1'4'.v1'1iL'HI Nvxv NI1ssXY11.1.l,xms KI Nm: .Iflf'11vm' 1Hl.l.l-IY 5Im4c:.xN NIYFHSHN Minus 'Vrvxxx mrru l,1lI'f70.Yf'.' 'Atl frerzny for ynur IllfIIlgfllfA'.H vu A Q Q M - - . A ,. ga J X4 ,wx V , .,.: . .-I ,, i .. 1 l x ,Q 1 5 lx H V . ff A - ' if 4 in " ' ' say His K Ky ,C-, " ,, i'hf.v?wSfii : Vyk V- V A 2 FEI 2 GAY Il.,xRx'1-:Y PORTEIQ R.xlNw.x'1's-in l'I1cm'1c MOORE N151-SUV VEAZY Xl,xTTIIr:WS Kl4iN'1' XYHITH To Dfllllllltk' CUl'l'0Cf speech. C2I'.Lj'lIlIl..S'1II'f0II .' Hy Miss xvilliillllf junior Tfnglish Class of 1938. l'v11u!fy: X ITCINU' fm' L-:wh grzxmmaticnl crmr. Page 27 NHS M ITH XVIIIMIA M ROXVAN xxYII,I.li'I"l' Al. IIERRIN1 QVNIQ xl. l,7'1'5l,4fl'7lf Rlnmux 'IQIIRASHI-lk Gmmtxs Ilungwx Iiuunrfwkrn 717' on H426 School L , i sl 5 libh s ,lf ' b +' --- -N, 9 ssl , if l a Q 4f lf 4 ffl ,TQ-S'-H lt XY, 'lf limi .XIQIUS !lll'l'4'f1ll' lfiulci' tlu' tlirection nf XIV. lfilwzmls, tlu- Buys' Cllvc Club was UI'g,f1lI1lZC'll in 1932 tn gin' tlu' buys nf 'lf ll. 5. gin nppnrtunitx' tn lc':u'n sonu' nf tlic fllI1tl2l1Hl'I1T21lS of music. tn tlcvclup :in ZlPDI'CCl1lflUI1 ul' triu' lizummn, :intl tu pmviili' :ln npportunitx for tlie lwvs to sing for tlu' -lui' of singing, Iincli yczn' tlic clulw luis lu'c'n wiclcly zu'cl:limc'ml :lt llflnu' fm' its zinnuzil cmicerts :nul tlu' music it furnislws for x'zu'ious cixic functions. 'lilu' clulw luis :llsn zu'liit'x'c'il rccugnition in tlu' state. Sinn' tlu' tlfgilllllllflflll of Ibisrricr Nlusu' lfcstivzils in tlu' stzltv. tlic Bois' Glen' Clulw luis reccix ml il rating of "Exccllx'1u'4"' 4-zuli 5c'zu'. :mtl nm' yczu' wus given the liiglu'st rating in tlu' stzitc. Again tliis yezu' tlu' luns lizlw been rzxtvil "'l'nps" in flu' Distrivt Xlusu l'li'stiX'2ll in Allwziny, wllivll quzililu-tl tlu'ni fin' tlu' Stats' Xlusic lfvstivzil in Klillt'mlQc'x'ill1'. . ' ,A "l':' f ,5' 1' if ggf 'l i nl, Q b ','- ln' l ' Nl X'I"Ik Wu l'l'll.XXI llni: l4l'l,l'lil'l'l-IK .I mn-gs llnwi-ix flVi'.Ylifi'71l ,N'4'i'V.1l7I4!''f41'l'll.i', l 51.11" f'l'i'.x'I44ll'IIl l':lgm' :N I . L 1 ll -R 3 l r4i1 :EEE:-'FEI ug... mo' X TX . f ' L WOUOM 91arrSl5 OUF n Zr QS Tl7Z 0114615 Qohsu - 'f ft, . D by , , 'F ,Q ' sv Ak 42" at A Ek E . 24,3 . . Q - , 2 fl . ull fn . Organized only last year, the Girls' Glee Club this year, under the direction of lliss Puckett and Klr. Edwards, has' won recognition among other glee Clubs of the state. Ar the District Rflusic Festival in Albany the Club was rated "IQxcellent." I , "'i,f Mm' l , l , . Y ,. G X S " 3' , 0' f 7. ff. . M. T. Iiowncx A. KI. RtxiNw.x'1'E1: j, Hmuuxu President I Y1'L'C-PfC.Y1-tlUlIf Suzy. and Trolls. Page 29 MEZODY of 7. fl. 5' x .3-new , I . . Rl"l'll Russ, Ixlklilil. lyxsilrznq NIH. Lax IL I..xsrlx1:1a1e 1lx'tIII.YfA' C41111i11fl111' Sul Primm' j.xx114:s Ilmwix lim: AXIi'l'lll'li VRITZ M1'1'n'Hl-il.1, jur: XYll.s11x 'VHXI lfxm, lm-3l,xx11 Rm:1i1e'r llxlal. XYIIIHIIUN T. C, 'l'1mx'1il.l. 131-xxll-1 HHXYEN J 1 4 N 1 A I ,S1f7f1I7It'V.X' 11111 ll .vf11'1111z'11' , , . .S'f.'1'4'fr1' 11111 11 flllllllllfllv , . . , BIAIXIQI. IJ,xsm:R HELEN C111m14s1aY JAMES Iimvrzx HHN BRIIIMIQS SARA 151.11141-zxcli RIGDQN RVTH lloxxixml R,Xl,l'll 'l'1'L'l41-in Tun lixm. Im-:1..xN1u RL"rlI IJ.-xN11c1.s QDXIE Cuolgslcv Hmx'.x1a11 Sx11'1'11 lim: Cl'l.l-141111-1411: M,x'f'l' XVMITHAM livwl N lJl'k'KWOR'l'H Page 30 RUTH Ross t 15 V12- Ll ix X ' . I 'i we ff .- .AJ-C14 '27 , - - 934 L 2' 4 AVL "' I . S N 4. s. MADGERoss iff b f. ff. s. RHYTHM al P5P Our band was organized, from new material, by lllr. Lastinger in 1937. lllany of our athletic contests have been enlivened by the pep music and all Tifton has thrilled at the HT" formed during intermission at football games. This year ten new instru- ments have been added and more classical music is being played since the members havebecome more experienced. This year, for the first time, the band appeared in the District Klusie Festival and were given a rating of 'lExcellent.l' Page 31 .fa QVQZL' K I f 1 "ff i i l i 1 J A 1 I j I N w ' ' 7 1 1 4 1 s ' l I yi' ,dads mpdhh NI Iss PMN I-1l.l. IQ.x1Nxx'.vx+:n Ciuzns NIURKLXN Xl'i5Nl lTh lfluzwr' Prvv I' -IJITX .S'm'. Tl'f'H'Y- Xlxll XX HHH F117 Xl'lf'l'H XY111sf'r'r RUM' IQ. lf.xlc1.1x1:1-.14 1 Il11.1mmc1w Sxmx' Ii. j. KVN1' Rl"I'Il 'I'ul1e.xsHl-114 XYIRGIXIA XYHIG11. M. I 'l'.xx'l.4m XYl1.A1.x I,flR'lAlCR Iiruxxvrlrz XY,x1.1c121: FRXXK was l!.x11.EY Ninn' fi. NIXRTIN AXNN14: I11n,'mN HHN ITN!-:.xl, MAx1up.xs:lc'1' Fl'r.1.1s1c Horus 12le.xx'r ATL'l.l.x XY1x'1'1cu RVTII Rmxxxx H.xm.xx Nln'XX'1fmm'14:14 Uxlrz Umuslcv ,IRAN Ill-zlelelxu BETTY Nlfzlsrmx N.xm.xx AXl'1:rxr,xx KIAKY S. Kl.x1z'1'Ix NITIUAXI Nxsslzx' Sxlm If. RHJDON lfmxurss SKINNER 1XIII.IJRIiIb l:.XRl-'IELD licukrrrll Y CIHQRRY 1I.x1:-mlm: lf1.E1'C11En Page 32 Xl lloxx .XRII 58111 II is , fi' ii Both the imc-ggativc' and aflirxnative dchate teams, under thc guid- A VA YLW? 2 ance of Kliss Houser and Hr. Hood respectively, spent many ii :,::5:V D hours of study this 'ear id handled thc' "Railroad Prohlcinn L '2" L '-'f - , ,0iSkill I fidfrfnstice to any law firm. Although :,, fff the l'1'415 rli district mc-ct, the cxperienfc , . ,ff m ti ' iorsi n c 2' fi lf ' ite f' 'th ' a winning M WJ 76494 - . Q' M! jf W0 ,JJ 0 Wg p , '1 WWW wfffff M ff' Jffiffff .xiu'Sl'iaM.xu'1'1x C if 1' Under the direction of Xliss Holliday. the A'Lit- tlc r.llllC2lfIiCv was organ- ized to train amateurs to study and analyze, from a practicalpoint of view, the many problems in plan- ning dramatic procluctionti. 6 positive ' t N it PT ',,, 1, ll, 2 ' W 1' 4,-,, I fi 'fL. -iziilglgy u A ILIHXYIN lloxxzxm A H7715 7HfA7Rf of I ff. 5. liUI1f.l'l,l'IIllR ,gi .i,.l ,ii ,Q , QQ? My my QI sa" K , 1. if P V ,L it 1. , r I 4 ,fy jfxcnt beans I joux bmias jizfxiy Hiamuno l .fl ' 1- Pzxxtidmzf .S'mr1'rta1'y 5' Omar Y , 'X z I J ff. s 9 S G s li 1 , MR. llHO1IP5ON -- : 5 Q Ad"z's'r L I, ,P , 'ri V L K Mowers XV,xLnRoi1 Erioiw Yixutxokotrou MR. lflJWARIJS Vice-P1'csic1'c1zt Treasurer H1mo1'a1'y The Hi-Y, organized to maintain and spread Christian ideals throughout the school and community, is a nation-Wide organization and part of the Y. RI. C. A. work. Under the leadership of Llr, Thompson, the club has secured its charter, helped to organize other clubs in the County, with the assistance of the Tri- Hi-Y, sponsored Bible Study and various 'lClean-Up" campaigns in the school. VVith the aid of Civic Clubs and leaders, the South Georgia Hi-Y Conference was held in Tifton April 5-7. Joe Wilson, a mem- ber of our club, was elected president of the conference for next year and Savannah was selected as the next meeting place for the conference. ' . Page 34 , . NICSNIITII .S'm'rvla1'y R IGIIUN P1'1'.ri11'i'11f S. BOWEN T1't'll.X'1ll'!'7 Bl. l. Bowi-:N lvict?-f,l'L'.YftiC7lf 5, 'Igu- ' J 1 fn- f77lfq1rg,'f x' ' .Jr .Jia-swat. .2o'faT5"5"' i The Tri-Hi-Y was organized to create, maintain and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian fellowship, through self im- provement, Christian fellowship and united service of its members. Under the guidance of Bliss Powell, llrs. Berry Rigdon and Mrs. Sam Bowen, as school, home and church representatives respec- tively, the club has secured a charter and been given the second highest rating in Georgia. The club helped organize two A AI iss Pou'r:1.1. . 1riz'i,wr Miz. B.xn.i-:Y fl0Il01'tII'j' 'gX.Y'v qllb ,gi rfgoi -fi. t'b' .lr-,511 Q Pl .K l 'U l C. I- Ii: It-Y' all u P0 other clubs, paid tuition fees for unfor- tunate grammar school children, de- livered Thanksgiving baskets and spon sored VVhite Christmas, and sponsored "No Cheating," "Clean Speechu ann l "Clean-Up" campaigns in the school. Nineteen members attended the Anniver- sary Banquet in Atlanta, a large repre- sentation attended the District Confer- ence in Bainbridge, and the club helped to make a success of the South Georgia Hi-Y Conference in Tifton. "..'?.x:'.....":'...........,':'."..- as-wnnlmncsnuv -an magnum an nw- :annum-vm ,rue-noun-W-emu .gunman--I mansion um -an--neon me uihlanumnoiuwemvqmx- one ww: as MQ 9, ,, ,W , fm ,,, pf . 5, me ,. ia..-. .A K . . nm , we ws- 4 K .. - :gk m,....,.... , ,, an - sm., .. , ' z.m-.W , gg 3, Ji K ef- - - fr- iqvmuanowuwm L. ML.-M , . , E ' i i ., wx-5 M - -A ...o....,,a.f.,. www -t s- . .. Y, - - t Q - -.qw . .... ,.,, wmv: arisen was-wmvxw a 7-1 1. --1. i Page 35 1. V ff x .. VX . X1 I ' I NX .Xl,'I'IiR L,EYliRlf'l"l'F l'1'vsidm1l Yr:1:x.xlJ.xx'1s Girls I 150-I'r'v.v1u'v11 N1 Iss Iicwslau , ldwiscz' Lj.Xl.'I'0N LAW SAR,-x Doss RIARVIN LAW G1-Lxrixix BYRD I ar' .. 'E EAD EART llutfu: To m XVA1.'fx-:R l,11:v1aRET'1'1-3 VERNA lhxvls josx-31-xllxla KEI.Lk1X' li1.lz.x1:1-:'r11 XVILLI-:TT JE' :Ike the hcttcr lxcst. NIKJNA jumis LHYCE VVH ITT!-IN INIERIXN Jonas JAMES Houxx lD,xl,'rux Luv Boys' l vit'C,"1JI'CSidt'lIf JlJSlil'H I xli KE1.l.14:x' St'l'l'1'fl1I'j' Kilim: llmaxal. lft'fNII'fFI' Iivnc1.vx Hlll.I..XNIl NVx'N14:l.1.E LESIQVR ,XDA B. Roux Fluxras SMITH Page 36 AJ -9 ixmmg V. -Af' .Allie .LWFI5 Uh' -' .5t!"l?"- M . LLL! 5 ' - 'A Q-,K f,QL.3-.g I 'tkigiqtif' . . . l,l'lI1'I1IlI,L' to zffl, 'A - 'tes gfjgt 1 " 1 l2IU'lI1I1f fo flee, V".,,4Qf-ig. - 5411- gas . . IDIIIIILV in lfllfll. L17'1l1,Lf fn ,i'1'1'1'1'. . , f- . ,A +,5a1'iQ 1' PM s , U K. -QR t 1"-..f,w like axle cf: fl it M! p. . Q, uw, , .MMVQAW . K. . ww- The F. F. A. is a national organization, whose purpose is to develop agricultural leadership. Its function is to create greater love for country life, to foster patriotism and leadership, to promote cooperation and wholesome recreation, and to strengthen confidence in farm boys and their work. llembers of the Tifton chapter have led in corn production in Tift County. They have taken an active part in sponsoring a better livestock program for the county by feeding, showing and marketing cattle and hogs. They have been instrumental in providing pure-bred hogs for members and leading farmers. The boys are actively en- gaged in promoting health: conservation of soil and wild life, and in reforestation. One of the members is now attending the University on a scholarship which he Won through club projects. Last year three members were given the Georgia Planters' highest degree offered by the State Association. lfach year a group of members tour the State, visiting places of interest. CHAXPNI AN Ii. lJl'CKXVORTll V. Simxv XV. l.l'2VERlC'l"I'l-I L. G. jomux ll. Cioieoox .ld-z'1'.n'r' l'1't'.vide11l l lift'-l,l'L'S1'dClIf .S'm'rvff11'y Y r'0t1.v11r'vr Kejvorlef' Page 37 ,gf 4 4 "h' ff was ng if S G' fx 4 f Y S '-an 5 was ,,,V K Ei. , -mu , W, I .. I K 4 .. .,,5' .,: 1,. I M5 V .Nami My I b, 2 an k A '1LiA'1 A"" i .6 V . 'lf'V eeref if A 1 liege, .. A w 'ni -3 7 3' lijfiffei ii v,"59'l7 ,i."7i'1 s ' E a 7 i f 'Ak rv K , I 0 ,af i x3R5x!!hg4?" - ' 5 . I . ..-' ' , h f li i . IW 0 5 ' 'fd f lf, I 4 X l i . W if I i I '32 ' A, , fagfxwfi. 1 fsf 5 S fy ' ' V. -I tn' A k gig? 9" J' egbm-ful M535 l 4 ' ', M Q if I at . it 4 N A tg S M R me if Q N i N5 5 Moiecmy HoL1..xNp Mi-zmfoieiv Gooczi: GIDDICNS Ross RUTLANIJ Miss hYll.l.IABlS RIi'Il.XlillS Hiuimoxp I.iNpsEx' Hxuvicx' Pixiasrox S1 xi xioxs Tnoxi rsox 'l'he Girls' HT" Club was organized in the spring of 1940 to stimulate interest in girls' athletics and to provide wholesome recreation for girls interested in athletics. The club is made up of girls who have earned a letter by participation in campus activities and who have been properly initiated. These char- ter members have proved themselves capable of recreational leadership and are making an effort to provide playground activities for all girls in school. ,lly hear! belongs I0 drldzly. Alllllllllllllj pci. Page 38 O111' Gang. Fat and Forly. O11 folzazuyf u fxlbfx zvjieefkff pb ,ia .I 6' I ,D , 11 1 . I If , , ,.' Z I e,- L. U. lX'l.X'l'HlS VI-1RNoN SHAW EDWIN llowARn Ex1oRY KENNERY HARRY l3R.XNCI'l TRox' PARNELI. R.Xl.l'lI TUCRI-:R H,xRol.n lAllfNDERSIlN Tm IIERRING Ton -IlJI.I.EY HENRY lg1lS'l'ILi Cui-"rox CH.XXIlI.liR XYYMAN lXl.XRTlN l3L'1mx' KKILIZEIQSII xl jxvu Slams l':IJIJII-I XVILLIS Tut l,fu.xNoLr:R , L1.ox'1r PAYNE lJ.Xl.'I'llX LAW R lj.Xl.l,.XS PIERUE lDON.XI.ll Rxlxlcv joint Sr:.xRs I'icv-l'rcsidm1f lxflUkRIS XVALIJRUP l'1'f.fzdr11t IZMURY Xv.XRROR0l'GlI Sl't'l'f'ftI7'j' I U MJ' A X lk i 4 , . . + se X The "TU Club, organized in February of 1940 to promote fellowship , and good sportsmanship among athletes, is composed or boys who 7, have participated in ten basketball games or sixteen quarters of foot- ! hall during the season. A club room has been equipped with hooks. Coxon ConFRE1-2 Atiwisvz' I magazines, radio, ping-pong and other table games to afford whole- some reereation and leisure activities for the members. -S.....sA , - Q, Q null ti r L 5 : 9? my Miss I. Il. XYILLIANIS M.x'r'r Wu :ru nr lloxxixiui S51 lA'l'Il Alilf-iypp' lfiiilm- .lltllltlglll-Q' lzdilor -l. llIil!RIN11 Xlxeii Ili-Liuclxu , l.v.vi.rlu1ll lfiliffu' !f11.i'f1n'.v.v tlltlllllliffl' 'l'l1e l'io11eer, under tlle direction ol Xliss l. B. lVilli2lms. has for many years been outstanding in tlie State as a mimeograplied seliool paper. Last year, for the first time, tlle stall attempted to make it one of tlie leading printed papers of tlie G. S. P. A. i1illL' l,iUIll'f'I' is a paper of tlie students, for tlle students. and ln' tlie stu- dents, serving as a clearing liouse for all student activities. 'l'lie eontinued poliey of the staff of 19-HJ has been to give you the "news while it is newsfl The frank discussion of all student problems in terms of student opinion is an editorial policy wliieli has won tlie aeelaim of students. faculty and parents. 'l'lie 'l'.XI.ISN1.XN proudly features a copy of tlie I9-lil l'ifn1eer. ,n. -.D 'Ms 1 H ce, Y ' f A f , K ':LtgZe2:PKSiF'??f" ' f ' :M Page .lo , X R S '-'J' ' fifp Y YI llfvlykfxj 51611114 P51714 5164114 BIQTTY NELSON BIARIE M1'rcHEI.1, RIARY SU li NIARTIN MRS. Amos 'l'lFT KLXRY -Il'I,I,X N12Sxrl'rH Mun' L. Pl'r'1'm .xx .-X N XE BHIXITIN M.xRr:.xRE'r Cl'I.I'lil'l'IiIi I'.I'T,X JAM: KIQN1' ll:-:LEX KENT -Ilaxx IJERRINKZ M.x1:1.1-: ID.xslllfR OFFICERS MEMBERS Rl':1:r:n'm1x HENm:Rsux l5li'1"1'v .Il-:AN H.x1.1. Mmm' T. Rmvmr SARA l:l.HliEXi'Ii Rlmzlmx .Xmal.lx11: BRADFURIP Ifulcnlmllg XVNN SARAH XYEAZI-IX' M.xRx' liwvluaw M.xR'r1x Page 41 . Prfavizlelzl . . ,riff-l,!'!'XiII6'lll SFl'I'l'fIll'j' 111111 Trwlsurer . 14IZ7Ji.S'6l' CHAxR1.u'1"1'lf: gX1.1.14:N XIARIUN 1xll'XVlHlR'l'I-IR SARA Hoxvlcx Run' K.X'I'IllilXlC FARLIN -lI.XRRIIf'l' Ilumll-is G1cR.xr.mxu-1 Swlxr J.Xt'KIli .XXIIRIQNYS Ihnus f2R.xN'r IQIQR Me Achievements of 717' on H426 School for M13 Year The Tifton High School has achieved honor in many ways this year. ln the music de- partment Addie hlae Rainwater won first place in piano in the Atlanta Journal School of the Air and will represent the Second District at the state finals to be held in Atlanta, Georgia, on June 5. ln the speech department Betty Nelson won first place in speech in the Atlanta Journal School of the Air and will represent the Second District in the state finals to be held in Atlanta. Georgia, on June 5. lftta -lane Kent won third place in speech at the Second District lleet held in Camilla, Georgia. ln athletic events at the.Second District Kleet held in Camilla, Georgia, lfmory Kennedy placed first in shot put and second in the -H0-yard dash, Klorris VValdrop won second place in the discus throw. Emory Kennedy represented the Second District at the State Nleet in Athens vvhere he Won second place in shot put. Nlorris VValdrop made the All-Conference football team. Our Boys' and Girls' Glee Clubs and Band were ranked among the best musical organizations of the Second District at the annual Second District lXIusic Festival held in Albany, Georgia. The Band, under the direction of Len B. Lastinger, appearing in the festival for the first time and as Class D or first-year band, received a ranking of II or Hlfxcellentl' honor rating. This is a tribute to the band members. The Girls, Glee Club, in their first public appearance, received an honor rating of f'Excellent." The Girls' Glee Club is under the direction of Bliss Clara Puckett, as- sisted by VV. T. Edwards. The Boys' Glee Club received the highest ranking given to organizations in their classification. This ranking was Ulfxcellentw for each group. Since no other boys, or- ganization received higher rankings the boys were eligible for appearance in the state festival held at lVIilledgeville, Georgia, and received an honor ranking of 'ulfxcellentll at this meet. For the English department Howard Smith won third place in the Second District Kleet for boys' essay. ln the Debate Contest of the Second District, the Tifton High School negative team, composed of Edwin Howard and Bob Culpepper, debated the affirmative team of the Sylvester High School and won the debate by two votes and decision. llary Sue llartin and Howard Smith, the affirmative debaters. won one vote. For the Journalism department Howard Smith, a junior, received a scholarship in journalism to Northwestern University for this summer. Five students in the United States were given these scholarships and Howard is the only student in the South to receive this honor. T Day, a successful health celebration, was inaugurated this year in the high school. The physical education classes performed stunts on the athletic field. In the fashion show Betty Nelson was elected Nliss T Day. i Page 42 Q11 T, I I , 4 'i 1 aff 9 4 L' GoDFRizi2 Coarlz. ,4 , 7? o o ' 6'r1'a'1'ron Filings Since the formation of their first football team the Blue Devils have been feared by all foes. The lmp team has been looked upon as a "dark horsell capable of upsetting any team on its schedule. lfach season some unexpected victories were regis- tered, but never have the boys been able to main- tain the pace. Lack of a large squad, injuries or other causes have crept in. VVe have had much material from county schools, 'but their two years in our school have not been long enough for de- veloping football players. Klembers of the present Senior Class have figured in some outstanding achievements: that memorable tie with Spalding, later to become state champions, a tie with Thomasville, victories over lkloultrie, Cordele and VVaycross and sco1'- ing on the championship Albany team. Klany hard games were lost, but the experience gained has proved invaluable. For several years lklr. Edwards had full charge of football in addition to his many other duties. For more all-around efliciency in the school system Coach Godfree was given full Bkooiis A-l.vs1'.rfrl11f Cmrrli charge of all athletics in the school. Blr. Godfree was an All-American tackle on Alabama's Crimson Tide in the Rose Bowl game. Mr. Brooks remained as capable football HSSiSf21nt. VVith the influx of experienced junior high play- ers swelling the starting squad to over fittv the 1939 season started better than ever. However a new system had to be learned and several new players hadi to get accustomed to the firing line. '1lllS kind of football training is slow and it takes time. The season started off with a loss to a veteran team, after which the team improved with each game. The new system became more familiar and new players gained experience until the final game showed us one of the very best teams in the conference. xf ,aw Page 43 'llifton . . Tifton . l'ifton . 'liifton . Tifton 66- r -.N-V2.6 .,.. . in . . ,...-,. , 5 f 'ae . Q 5? . ' 1' f ,rfifxs -i. ' A . f kv er: .1 A 5 ws , If . I Y .Yi fa, - lg Qt I th, me 5 g mf' Y 'iw lg? W h Z i ix ' 'si i- gl 1, 7- U, K .5545 A 'Si' , . f r 5 ' s I -use Y., f f, .' ,Lf 2' ..,me'f"-.-, fu 13?-Z:-i,' 15 V , 1 .4 Nuff .- ' ' We ff-+2 wi. 5' '22 1 t' 'L K'-f "wlQlni5r13QilJ'Vs,,, 'rr rf 1 91' Tr?f'K5 W?324TG'fklWi WTFWSYWQ inf' 7 kY"1V""fA 'Vi X- 3 TH RILLERS OF I 939-40 Bainbridge . . 13 'llifton . 7-Albany . 25 Sylvester . 0 'llifton . . l94Cordele . 6 Kloultrie . 6 'liifton . . 21-XVayeross . . 7 '1'homasville . . Z6 'liifton . . 26f-Amerieus . . 33 Douglas . . . 0 Tifton .... 5-lilfitzgerald 6 SUMMARY FOR MONDAY MORNING OUARTERBACKS f I I T Get 11101 fvr1.r.f.' Kl.vruis llllloiuus ffillfiflilffi' Trlflffr' BAINBRIDGE I3-TIFTON 0 Before the largest opening crowd eyer to witness a football game in '1'ifton, Bainbridge defeated the Blue Devils by two touchdowns and an extra point. 'flu Devils were decked out in their new blue jockey satin uniforms, with red and white stripes from head to foot, and gleaming new helmetsg the boys were in eondition and more than doubled in number the team of a season before, but many of the boys were new to their positions and all of them had not caught the timing of the new plays. A fumble on the Tifton 35-yard line started the visitors on their way. The Devils were outstanding as individual players, but as a team they failed to eliek. The visiting team had played as a unit the season before and we met them too soon for a victory. However, everybody Went away feeling that We would hav a winning football team before the season passed. Y B. .ljlliRC'l'I AJ - .x - Bowiix T11-'T XV.XI.DROP Q11i11'Ii'1'In1r!.' Turlcle Q1rm'frrIu1r!.' limi lizid '- h.XRl!IlRHI'!lll l lIiRl4lNIi Al.XIi'l'l x I'.x1axliI,l, liosrlc NYu.l.ls CHANIIIAI I: llufflurrlu lfud llulflmrl' llulfluzrk f'-IfHfNIl'k Cfizurzl Tflrkli TIFTCN 7I--SYLVESTER 0 Counting eleven touchdowns and five extra points the Devils smothered Sylvester as every player on . the home bench got into the fight. The first team sf started the game and scored two touchdowns during the first quarter. The second team played the second quarter and equalled the first quarter's score. The third quarter saw the complete exhaustion of the smaller Sylvester team as the first-stringers made tht- seore 57-0. The second team and their substitutes -eu. finished the game. XX'.xl,lvuo1' Mxru is Cillflftlfll Cn-Caplan: TIFTON 7-MOULTRIE 6 ln their first real test the Tifton boys realized why the coaches had worked them so hard and so long in practice. Our boys Won this game on condition. The lloultrie team, as expected, proved to be strong on defense. After a costly penalty to us Kloultrie scored but failed to convert the kick in the first quarter. The Hghting Devils came back in the third period. Yarhorough returned the kick-off -I-9 yards to midfield, A punt exchange gave Tifton the ball on the enemy 45, Mathis, long pass to XValdrop carried the ball to the Kloul- trie four-yard line, from where Xlathis scored. A triple lateral scored the point after. The rest of the game was evenly fought, Tifton playing so as to protect the lead. ., T, A TIFTON 0-THOMASVILLE 26 -- .ji f , A 7 W- ,Aw 4' w , 'E Aiiaiently surfennf from underestimation of the enemy and too much .1 1 , "' ll . ' A lh' . . . . ' ,1 - f' "Letehas, lifton made ll first downs while the visitors made IZ. For three M fy L - Q plays out of four the Thomasville team was no better than the Devils, but : 4 V L X then the aforementioned halfback would take the ball tor a ride and we were ' ' . l I - - r 1 Q - r un . - . . V 5' 4 is further hehmd. lxvice during the fame lifton was in scoring iosition, once , U A 9 ' T 2. ,Ui ,Sf-'Eff .:.?g1- on the 15 and another time on the 10. but the plays called did not click as i f , on uauer. This was one of our experience fames. , l l 3- L , . lrilrlzrt' 11ml.'r.r furfrrl, " nf ,,,, . A x Q XYl2'l'lIICRINGTUN, li1'l,1:ici:s1i .l lanule mar . g , I v- . M,-N ..-Mar, A --if -Y ' i ' ""' 'H l i l l r ' X f L.gi.,Q......+...D-.g W V? Y Rolnpirzg on FI-fSgUl'fIf0,. TIFTON 66-DOUGLAS 0 Staging a touchdown parade instigated by the previous defeats, the Devils overran a lighter Douglas team for ten touchdowns. Parnell made his first good showing on a pass to Kennedy, who put on the speed to score from the 20-yard line. Later Parnell outran the opposition for a 35-yard scoring jaunt. iylathis, VValdrop, Yarborough and Bowen showed up unusually well. livery player in uniform got into the game and the substitution by teams in the first three quarters changed to substitution by streams in the last quarter. .-I good mic. TI FTON 7-ALBANY 25 Early in the first period the lmps took the ball on their own 30-yard line and scored on seven plays. Mathis made the extra point. ln the second period Albany scored on eight plays but failed to get the extra point. The turning point of the game came on a long pass, after which Albany scored to lead 12 to 7 at half- time. The tiring Devils, unable to substitute effectively, were rushed so hard that passes and punts were hurried, and hence, less effective. Parnell, who helped spark the first touchdown drive, was forced out by injuries thus taking our best passing with him. The superiority of Albany was more apparent as the game came to a close but they knew they were in a real ball game and had to use everything to win. This loss to the state champions was nothing of which to be ashamed. TIFTON I 9-CORDELE 6 A pass interception by Klathis started Tifton's first drive. A pass to VValdrop and two line plunges by Big Emory brought our first score. llathis' drop-kick was good. In the second quarter Mathis went off left tackle for 45 yards and another score. Conversion failed. ln the third quarter a Cordele lialfback ran through our whole team for 85 yards and the visitors' only score. In the last period a Parnell-Nlathis pass gave us our last score. Outstanding, other than the players mentioned above, were Jack Sears at center, Tim Herring at end, Shaw at tackle and Fletcher at quarterback. The whole team showed great improvement in this game of two evenly matched teams. TIFTON 2 I-WAYCROSS 7 A major upset of the season was this game in which history repeated itself. For the first two quarters it was all Tifton. Shaw recovered a fumble to give the lmps possession on the Tifton 40. Fourteen plays later Yarborough scored and Fletcher made the point after. The Devils threatened throughout the half as they ran all over the field. Third quarter: VVaycross took charge of the game and scored seven points in spite of our strongest defense. lnfuriated, the Devils scored two more touchdowns with trimmings in the last quarter. They were on a pass, Parnell to Klathis, and a line plunge by Fletcher. The whole team stood out, but Chandler, Henderson and Rainey showed how their positions should be played. 'fLittle Emory" Yarborough made this game the best of his entire career as he really turned on the heat. Guard Centro' Guard I I:1ffffIfICfJ Tackle Cmfm' End 7 IllcNDERsoN VVILSON Rami-:Y KENNI-:oy lVlcC.xslq1L1. jack Sinks 'l'.Mokk1s vg,gag::4.,,1, .4,,..g.gf.'iwgr,i q ,, . ts.. -,.,,... .,. 5 1 , ',', It 4 hi s ' K LM . , A vi ' - , f - ' W 'l 'L i ' 'fi ,ls 95 9' " ' - P? 5 l"":"W"2T,1'j"' "Mig, 1- Hia 'P' -,Q-as-'ff'e, . W , , ,- M 1 t , I 4 My K my ,fit-tL ., w air. K 4. V,VV ik 'w g . Kg, I l.,..'i., O f-Q sv i A M , , Q i' L ' V 1' 'T M - A A " ' K W " , .- . ' "' - ' - - r A - A V ' "" - zwei- ' . , ,: af V' f T. lf. .Sf liflfflfj' Line-zzfv. TIFTON 26-AMERICUS 35 Passing the Blue Devils dizzy, Amerieils scored three touchdowns hefore the Tifton team woke up. XVith one minute left in the first half Xlathis returned a punt from his lll to his -lil-yartl line. A 30-yard pass, Parnell to NValdrop, made the first Tilton score. Mathis drop-kicked the extra point. ln the first few minutes of the second half Parnell, Fletcher, llostie and Nlathis took the hall over for the second 'llifton score. Soon afterward, Americas made the seore 20 to 13 on another pass. A Tifton drive failed and the last Amerieus score came on a long run. VVith their ire aroused at last, liostic, Klartin and NVal- drop scored the third Devil touchdown. Conversion of the point failed. The final successful drive was culminated hy a touchdown hy Parnell. Later 'liifton held the ball on the enemy one-yard line when the final whistle ln l ew. .5 f'o11.rorS. lh"z'i!.v lizriz "lx'i'il lx'uiu't'ri lo Hffflftf fflrIi4l1'I'A'.l' .. ,-l 4 , "il fllfISfI of Hn' nhl fefifel' , . . TIFTON 54-FITZGERALD 6 The lmps were "rigl1tH this time. Everything seemed to work as called. lCx'ery player was in uniform and in good condition. The largest crowd of the season filled stands on hoth sides of the field. 'l'he first team scored 26 points in the first quarter. Chandler opened the scoring in the third quarter hy hloeking a punt and sprinting 40 yards. Passes, Klathis to Herring and Klathis to Yar- horouglh, set up another touchdown for Kennedy who plunged over. XVitli the score -l-7 to O, the third team started the last quarter. They soon were replaced hy the varsity to score the last touchdown of the game. Fitz- gerald scored on the second team during the last moments of the game. Thus ended a season with a game all foothall players hope to play. H 5 Sill? -- 2: .Q ., IAN Ii M' 1 Liv is ,-Vw . . 7 . M I . .M , ,. ,. . , M. . I "J" M : , -1 1 1- . gg, .A at I 11 1, . 3. W. fe ' -5-1 I I I -1- N I 43 A. AM . ff- 1 ' "' 91 , ,.. E ' iv' 'V 4 ..-.. : 4: .' : - XV .4 . n . it 1 . i L , K 5 an 1- A 'L r -2 an X Q A - b 6 It . . V. , V 1 ' I Wifi .,,,,i , I I ha it 14 N iw I 7 . ww. ,. I 5 ,.. lag M. , at .-'W . . f -af.. y Qws-.. at MEMORIES l'11.r.vtv01'd.' "Gi1111111r the ball." TfI0lllf'.Y0I11 tit'1rIi11g 1110 fzvlzisflu. .l1111 .Yllllffllillg the ball. "lla li01l,f know lmw to 1'c'fc1'Ca." A I fI'II.Lf!'l'. THRILLING GAMES 'I'1F'rox , 24 'I'1F'roN , , 26 'l'1F'rr1x . , 30- TIFTON . . 31- 'I'IFToN . . Mi l'1F'1'oN ' f ...wtf -Nmtmax l'.xR1i . llouulas . . 20 .Xsllnrlcry . Za Coanl-:1.1: N Mo1'1.r1c11-2 41 Sv1.Y13s'1 1111: , 13 C?-I KL Baslsethall SCZISUIII Iluzenx of girls uni! XYhat a reeurml for T. II. S. As the sc-2151111 progressed the hopeful sem'- ing crnnhiimtirmn was macle up of the t'lanky" Inez llam- inoncli .Xnn Pinkstun, who was a terrwr tu any guard: Rutlancl, the quiet. unassmning furwaral: ancl Lucille Linclsey. the spceclfcIe1n1n1 who was always where the " Rielmrils was mir all- gnarfl least expected her, nllunts star camlimlate for all-eunference gnaril, Cuachccl hy Mr. Tlioinpsmr with the assistance of Miss .1Xnna NVilliams. the team was more sneeessfnl than any team we have hafl for n1any years. 1'11fSifY' 1:1 11, 1 - F. "X" 'Init , 'a 1 , 1 A, M A-4..J v - 'In I? 'IZ T1-We ,if X fr it 5. 1- ' ,I - 'K 1 Lb? ' '1- +, U iight fi 7"ff 'T' 'A 2 ' 1 1" , . E . 4,111 111 tlzvw, and . , MR, 'IEIIUNIPSIIN ... RACQUETEERS fm, ...Q BEGIN TRAINING FOR FOES , , toothall 50115011 hehmcl, many ut ns tunnel a new interest. Ilo 1 ' 5 . ' , 1 1, 5. . . 4 L lnrmshecl emirts. anal a eulninittee of 'I'. II. S. elnh IIICIUIK' , mr games with other selnmls this year. 7, .. , g, , , A., , -S,-. lYith mhvsical eclueatiun this rear for the Ilrst time anal thu 3 I . 2 ws anml ffirli' fennis Llnh uae 1mr1f'111i7ccl The l11e'1l 'luh was appoiinefl In get them in eonclltlmm tor playing, Practice lgan late i11 the year a111I a few ul ns flevelwpcrl ennvngli skill BASKETBALL GAINS IN POPULARITY AT T. H. S. NFQHMV LYIIIICI' Coach liuclfrce. the Iiuys' IJz1sIcetIuz1II tcztm traiiicd hz1rcI to give 'If H. 5. at wiiiiiiiig tczim this year, NY C Only two Icttcrtiicii 1'C'tlII'llCCI. hut more Imys wetit mit fm' IJ21sIQetI1z1II than hzlvu had hefurc. Shaw, the cztptzliii, and XYz1IcI1'0p, ultcriiztte captziiii, Iccl th tczmi tu twclvc victories and Inst six games. Thu Blue Ilcvils were thu milx' team to clcfczit Moultrie in thc regular sczisoii. Qir Thug' clufcated Sylvcstei' twice Ilitriiig thc st-Jlsmi. hut Inst the tirst gzmic uf tht hiiz1Is tw this tm: Su much iicw iiizntt-i'iz1I iizitiirzillv madc prwgrcss slim' this war. Ilimwt-x'ci', tcii K. C I ' ' - -' '12-1 1 ' IIICII mzulc Iettt-rs :tml all of these cxpcct to rctiirii to make 1941 Z1 rcciwrcI year tor "H" 'II I' Im I 'If II. S. in Ii:1sIcctImII. Um' Yit'tlI1I III .ItxI'IUIl, L W Q - Z I ' I I I.xi:x'm' IIr:1,if1.mv15i: Kia Ni' I 'rrr xi .x N N125 Aiirit N uscnzx. Siqixxiiit Bieximlfolci Rmxxxx fillllll-INS Ii1lI.'I'llN Ii VIAIZICRSII Iiix ,um .Xxinieiiws Ilrmixizn NIt'C,.xsiQll,l. timvifiuiri, Cfmzrli 5 Q, 51? , 1 'va W .- 3. , 'X ,...,m H K 93: wi 3 ' H. , f-, , wmv , ? mfilt it H5 3 E BowEN, RAINIQY, KENNliIlX', X'V.Xl.lPROP, hl.XTIllS, Slaxks, VVHITIE. 'J ici- ffl ll is 35X ,xx 2 liach year the track team takes part in several duel meets ending the sea- son with the District Track Nleet. The 1939 District Track Meet was held in Tifton. lllemhers of the Senior Class who placed in last yearls big meet are Kennedy, representing Tif- ton in the shot put event, and VVal- drop, with the discus. 'llhe l9-l0 team, coached hy Klr. Godfree, has made a fine showing and expects to bring hack several honors from the District llleet in Camilla. As the 19-PO season opened, our track- sters placed second in a threc-way meet at Fitzgerald. llemhers of this years team and their events are: BOVVEN 100-yard Dash, Broad Aliump, Relay KENNEDY Shot Put, -H-0-yard Dash, Relay KIATHIS, High -lump, Hurdles, Relay RAINEY ..... Shot Put SEARS . . . . . Relay XVAI.DRoP . Pole Vault, Discus XVHITE . .... Sprints lv'lu:1'11g Ilia Cindtz tl 1 H 5 7l'H?x 44 is A me . 4 f ' f V -k ' ,Q-foxy .43 'YNY ', .. -A., - - "All work :xml no plzu' makes Jack El clull boy." . . . September, 1939! Registrzxtionl "XVh:it else ' 'V "' " ., ".",u- ff 1 Y '- -11:12 . .- 1-' ' V' F 1 :I .,, 34 Y 4 ,fi . v ,, ,S sf, ,',,.,, 1, f-ff . -vw, .' N, Wu, L,Jg..g,,. . atv, 4 A" 'Q lm' U., 3, 1 S I . up K ec g qkgw, 1 M , , 7 g if ' if ' s gi fl If 4 'L 'Q fr 5 ' S I '21 x .. 'M' 5 ax S W. L ' i, " ' , can 1 take?" Physical lfcluezition, for the first K "5" ' "':: Y ' W A " time, was the answer to this question. Nlr. k W Q K Gocllree has not only been successful in getting .W some much-neecletl equipment-tumbling mats, if J W badminton equipment, ping-pong sets, tennis " equipment, Sl1lll:l'lCl3UZlI'll, horseshoes Cintloor 77' and outl, deck tennis, etc.-but has succeeded A , i in stimulating interest of boys and girls in ,,,,, A recreational activities. L:01'Il1'T1CIlll2lblC also is the care which has been taken of " ,- our gymnasium in view of constant use. 'lihe groumls around the HGy1n', have K W 3 been lanclsczlpetl by the "lm Club boys. lfllorts are beingi mzule to clevelop an Q. ZQA, 'Es -it R interest in baseball, not only in Tilton High School but in the schools of ,, , V South Georfia. LJ ' ,fe ' 'sfmmng 'x"f'f'l5 5- , . f f -f ,K f.IlIll'lI z'1'1ru'.' H111 no lllllr' fo vol. llvfllljf? Isuzu rnzzztxy up friday? The sfiffarf 1'ir'ulry nu ilu' L't1lllf7ll.Y is that afforded by .rof1ba!I,k ,W .,, H-4---14 ,fun ss Q , , -4:81.-fw-.,5,.. .llnfl1z'.v'13uIld0gs. jfIIlllI'j',.V Tcrznilrxv, Cl1m1z1'Iv1".r C-i1'lIlI.Vf7Il Tide. I in ll vl11lll'Uf7l.V Tzrrllex. lXVllIfII'lI'l.f Kiln uv S .3 P ef 1 1 1 ug 1 ' 39 5 x Eve 1 Sfyllsh WENDELL BOLTON IH I 1 1 811011 H01 N7 1011 UH 0 x,A 97. NWI 4 Q Qxwtf- l' ff '11 121234 T' JD-r-If-fi' ' Miss T. I-l. S. SARA FLORENCE RIGDON . "Thr pink off7H'f1'l'IfUI1H . . . CIIUSCII Miss 'lf H. S. lmy the stuck-11t body lmcczmsc of hcl' hlliltllflilyl Tltllllty, Clliiflllillg 111211111011 talent, sclmlastic z1cl1icx'e111e11t, and 1 quzllitics that make her tlw host 1111-21111111111 Talented MATT WI-HTHAM ADDIE MAE RAINWATER 'TY1111'-rf' gui .VOIlIK'f!1iIlg' HI!'7'f'u. .. 3 'D 'Sik- 'Qs ,H va if' L. girl. ,sawn- 'F Preftlest and Most Handsome BETTY NELSON EMORY YARBOROUGH 1 101 1 lm If juzrmt 0 11111111 ll T fe , 1' '1,'f? 1' -9.2.1, - jg j :ggi T ' ' ' V " , , v an ' . Q- 1- .fig b ., 1 f 1 1 1 1 1 .1 1 fun- 1 Q we ' ' 1 - A Q "1 - 6,2 -12' icy? ANNE BOLTON , ' . W Y A I h , . - AITI1' '1'111', 111i1" ' 071 lllc t'11ll . 'XX 11111 1' fm 'a1'Iy 111 flz' .1-1 2 - g . - - . . ,, Wi- P, asm. 'H' - A f f fl -'I ' f' H' f 76 ff- gzdtm, ' - 2 , K ,.,, E I HOU' HOG Best All Around MORRIS WALDROP . "U, K. in ewry -zc'r1y" . ,yN J X55 f ifllllll ll MRF J llkflf l if fav X wide Athletic LUCILLE LINDSEY MORRIS WALDROP ,ulfllllg nf flu' Cj1'i1lil'u11. C-Q1ll't'I1 of flu' CTUIIVIUY. .. ' Popular SARAH VEAZEY MORRIS WALDROP Ulyllflllfllfllll' Plus." Dependable JEAN HERRING MORRIS WALDROP lfmlziy, tvillfflg mm' rllllc S N1 N Q wana-Q 1' Intellectual ONIE COOKSEY JIMMIE GAY . 4'lx'r14m'lf'dge is f70'ZUCl',l , . . ffm' ,F ' ' HW 5.4. I f Z., 'lxxfw w if Y Wittiest Most Tallcative HAROLD HENDERSON MARGARET CULPEPPER .. Newr a du!! IHOIIIPIILU f-YW - -- - --7 I -v ,vp 'gk' Qwf flfutv 'A CCS . f UI J ADDIE MAE RAINWATER ' mow YARBOROUGH 1 Jn- I "ll'lmf .vzuvvf dulighl ll quiz! lift' c1ff0l'd.x", . ., Neatest JOHN SEARS BETTY NELSON . , . ".Y0tlflII'SS ix a t'l'0ZUl11'7Ig g7'l1t'L'1l . . . Lazuest ADELINE BRADFORD T. C. TIDWELL . A ' ' -J 'Jun of zmflzznf mm' lzif it". .. Sweetkst MARY JULIA NeSMITH W EMORY YARBOROUGH -gl, as '- L In , Q, . Q- T, A :f ' -5 i -Q T' as Conceit I " , " ' A 6 0- ,:.. ANNE BOLTON 1 H I K MATT WHITHAM A, "' ' Y 4+ . 1' , - HC0!ll'1'ff ix tn lItYfIlI'l' ivllnf jvnmf A " 5 W 1 -7,5 is fn lm111f3"'. . . fl A H T A FQ 4 .qllf L xv H ll'R l A E LL :LL , S, Dignity ANNE BOLTON BUDDY KULBERSH . . . 'l'1'110 digzziiy .vl11'1'11k.v 11011, . . . ..,"S7urrf.v to Nw .YZx'I't'f" . .. 4 -. . ! Q aff? 5 '-.53 T I' Lx .gg ff 3 4 rg 1, r . ' X I' , 5 95' ff! .f,L,,gQ. i3Q:.f-13' ' LZQI: Mi' " we 9 ' X A gf Ji" look What We Got... "Jim of f1fl11'11tio11.' 211111115 111111 J'1ol1'1'11l1f.v." 1, 1111 1l1'11v I1 egi ll yy 11 ll 11,g.' "S11f1b11lI????.U" lfVh11l's 1111 up to IIOYLHW' l'U'7l1111".s'11 llllI'7'j'.dH u1llf01'Illllfi0ll, lJ1f'IlXtf.U "W7l1i1'l1 '7.4'Ilj' llflllllkyn " Trzza'-sew?" Ufvlm hit fl'fo1'1'i.r.9" "I s111'1'1'111l1f1' 1llZ.U Hl'xk'7'l'I' . . ., 111' 5oftb11ll.W A'Ul1lf11itl1fl1l.f Thr' 1111111 -zvlzu k1'1'lvx 11x T.C'IH'IIl.U H.'lA'fllIIlIl.H A'Tl111'Sf for kl1fl'IL'!l'1l,Lf?.,U l'll lllllkt' Il 11011 of thai, Illlll look into it." Hclflillv l111'1'.x' . VS "Quiet, f7ll'll.Y6'.H ".fi1z't 1111 got 1111 j111r11.s'.V" 'ATl1iy 'H'Ilj', boys." ' .-4 5' .11 -' ' IP Qjzgvw-12911411113 all! .v , 1.1 v 1477111 's go? 7'IHZkFj',.S' Lulu." HNQIC, I u'o111l1f1' . . Hi1'lIFA'l' littfo pigs 1Uf'IIfJH 3 ,.. I '1 ' 1 'I ' v 1 lil E1 ...... FK ? ? 1 YN .- U13'1 " : 1 ,P ,fx ..z.,. . X I Q., 1 1 E 1 3 a 17 .1..M------ , SUPPORT THE ATTEND ALL BASKETBALL THE TEAMS HOME GAMES VOIUITIE V. PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENTS OF VTIFTON HIGH SCHOOL, TIFTON, GA., JANUARY 17, 1940. NO. 4. Glee Club ls Making Progress The boys and girls glee clubs are anticipating grcat plans for the en- suing year. Heretofore, their at- tention was centered upon the com- munity music program at the Bap- tist church, but now they are hard at work trying to learn new songs for thc district music festival in March. Mr. Edwards hopes that the glee club, quartet, and mixed quartet will be able to compete in the festival and surpass the high ranking of the members in the past. Both glee clubs expect to enter the musical program sponsored by the Music Appreciation Club in April and have already started work on their songs. The Man who Keeps Us Warm tBy Matt Whithami Did you ever think about how much trouble it is to keep four hundred students comfortable dur- ing these winter freezes on which this issue is founded? The small amount of coal that you use in your own home is a mere buckct of dust compared to the huge amount used by our janitor. Joe Black keeps us warm and satisfied during the times when the wind is blowing and wailing! When asked how much coal he burns during the really cold months, Joe Black replied, "I couldn't be telling a whopper when I says a little over 70 tons!" Also for merely starting fires in the morning, Joe uses about four cords of wood altogether, and says. "Them ain't no toothpicks!" Just think, you dear little kid- dies. if Joe took only ten minutes each morning to start a fire, that would total forty-three and one- half hours a year for just starting firesg but no! Joe takes Fifteen min- utes, which total Fifty-seven hours of work, striking a match! Joe Black told this reporter that the big boiler downstairs is older than he is. Quote Joseph Black, "I spec' she's in her forties!" As we talked by the huge plaster side of the fire-box, I noticed a water gauge above the boiler. I inquired as to safety. "Joe, do you think this old boiler will ever blow up?" He vigorously replied. "Nowsuh, but I did see one boil- er just about to blow the stuffing out of Omega one time. It blowed pieces of boiler and building as far as from here to the Tift Thea- Students Organize Photography Club A group of chemistry students interested in photography have made plans for organizing a club. Only one meeting has been held and Anne Bolton was appointed by Mr. Edwards to collect dues. The dues will cover all expenses of supplies used in the club. Another meeting will be announced, and officers will be elected. Moi-.. Teachers Spend interesting Holidays The Tifton High school teachers did many interesting things during the Yuletidc season. Miss Ida Belle Williams spent the holidays in Atlanta and Swainsboro. While in Atlanta, she was guest at the Atlanta Writers' club banquet, where she heard Kurtz, technical adviser for the movie, "Gone With the Wind," lec- ture on his experiences in Holly- wood, while he helped with the picture. Mr. and Mrs. Godfree divided their holidays between Huntsville and Alexander City, in Alabama, They saw the football game be- tween the All-Star teams of the North and the South at Montgom- ery, Ala. Mr. Brooks was married to Miss Lillian Massey, December 23. The couple went on a short honeymoon to Florida. They are making their home at 221 Chestnut Avenue now, Mrs. Ivey spent the holidays here. Her son, Reese, visited her. Also, Mr. and Mrs. Edwards enjoy- ed a quiet vacation here. Hunting was the pastime of Mr. Hood at his home in Sandersville. Mr. Chap- man was ill of the "du" at Ty Ty. Mrs. Black went to Milledgc- ville: Miss Houser went to Atlan- ta. where she remained a few days. Miss Powell remained all the holi- days in Albany with the exception of three, which she spent in Syl- vester. Mr. Thompson visited in Moultrie and Omega. Mr. Lasting- er spent the holidays in Sparks. Miss Anna Williams, at home in Ty Ty. tre!" Joe also relates the tale of how a leak sprang in one of the pipes under the auditorium. Since no one knew about the leak the water in this boiler drained out. Joe exclaimed, "If I hadn't dis- covered it and opened the doors to cool it ot? itld blew to Kingdom come sho! 'tJoe, we are thankful!!! "Aren't we, kiddies?" Work On Debate T. H. S. Prepares For ls Progressmg tBy Marion Aultmanl t'Rcsolveol, that the Federal Gov- crnmcnt should own and operate the railroads," is the subject for debate this year in the annual district meets. Mr. Edwin Hood is coaching Mary Sue Martin, How- ard Smith, and Joe Wilson for the affirmative side. Miss Louise Hous- ar is coaching Hazel Belfiowei, Edwin howard. and Bob Culpepper! for the negative side. Both sides have secured interesting material tc aid them in the debate, which will be held some time in March. , 0, Miss Powell's Room Presents Program Miss Powell's girls presented a program in chapel Monday. Jan- uary 8. ' Doris Grant read the scripture and led the audience in the Lord's Prayer. Sara Emily Rudolph and Marion McWhorter played a' duet. "Love's Delight", Mary Sue Mar- tin gave a reading about women. Mable Dasher sang, "Ah Sweet Mystery of Life" and 'tMemories," accompanied by Mary Sue Martin. A Professor Quiz was held and Mr, Edwards won the prize. -,E-OM, B. T. U. Presents Assembly Program The chapel program Tuesday was presented by the workers of the B.T.U. study course which was held at the Baptist church during the week. The visitors who were introduced by Mr. H, G. Petty, were as follows: , Mr. Maines Rawls, Mr. and Mrs. Gaynor Bryan, Mrs. Parks War- nock, Mr, Rawls gave an interest- ing talk on 'tMastery," -..MQLM Students Prepare For Essay Contest The District Essay Contest will be held during the month of April Howard Smith has been chosen to represent the boys and Mary Julia NeSmith will represent the girls. The subjects on which the writers will contest will be taken from Na- tional and State current events and from the text book. t'Southcrn Lit- erature." written by Wynn. Prizes will be given to the boy and girl who win. Miss Ida Belle Williams is training contestants. Page 57 l I Mid-Term Exams Yep, soon the annual headache of Tifton High mid-term exams will pop up, in front of the long faces of those who have to take' them. Naturally, no work,-no exemp- tion! Common law of nature and teachers, which incidentally do not mix well. The exact -number that will be exempt cannot be determined. We had this same experience last year when trying to get an estimate. The week after examinations, we shall see tired, dreary, bloodshot eyes because of cramming! All of those high-powered reso- lutions we made last New Year's about studying and making good marks seem to have gone up in the "'smoke" of our blazing careers during the summer. Altogether now, let's try to do better next semester. M013 Howard Smith Makes Telescope Howard Smith, a Tifton High student who moved to Tifton from Prentiss, Mississippi, has in the January issue of the Scientific American magazine, a picture of his own telescope, which he de- vised when tourteen years old. Howard is managing editor of The Pioneer, a member of the Tifton High Glee Club and one of the de- baters who will contest for a place in the preliminary district meet. Howard became interested in astronomy while he was living in Columbia, South Carolina, several years ago. He lived near an obser- vatory, where he spent much of his time gazing at the stars through high-powered telescopes. Since a man in the observatory stimulated his interest in astronomy, Howard made the study of this subject his hobby. On January 10, 1938, Howard 'started to work on his telescope, which he completed in February. The following is copied from the Scientific American magazinez' "The Richest-Field telescope in Figure 2 was made by Howard P. Smith, Jr., 405 North Park Aven- ue, Tifton, Ga., and has a 6-inch mirror of 20 inches focal length. Smith states that the definition is superb. He puts in a claim to be- ing the youngest person to make an "RFT"-age 14. As very few youths under 18 ever make tele- scopes-for telescope making is es- sentially an adult hobby-we sus- pect he will retain his record easi- ly enough." 2 THE PIONEER THE PIONEER Publshed Monthly by the Students of Tifton High School Faculty Adviser- Reporters- Ida Belle Williams. STAFF 1939-40: Editorial Editor-in-Chief. .,,,Matt Whitham Managing Editor ..Howard Smith Assistant Editors- Jean Herring and Wilma Porter Society Editors- Ruth Daniels and Sara Veazy Feature Editors- Leila Cottle and Mary Julia NeSmith Sports Editors- Agnew Andrews, Ralph Tux- worth, Etta Jane Kent, and Virginia Kennedy Humor Editors- Dallas Pierce and Helen Kent Onie Cookseyc Frances Smith, Walter Leverette, Billy Thrash- er, Imogene Sutton, Bob Cul- pepper, Chesley Lightfoot, Ma- rion McWhorter, Marian Ault- man, Jacquelin Andrews, Ben- - nie Bowen, W. R. Duckworth and Roselyn Roland Business Staff: Business Manager Mack Herring Assistant Managers- Marguerite Culpepper, Anne Bolton and Mary George Martin Circulation Mgr, G. W. Mallory Exchange Editors- Betty Sue Herring and Dorothy Green THE '30s-THOSE WERE THE DAYS The 1930's-yes, those were. the days. Those were the days of. the 'tdepressionn-the days of ruin in our nation-characterized by lost hope. Those were the days when politics went wild and then were cleaned up-the days when a near-genius, Franklin D. Roosevelt, was elected for two terms with landslides both times-the 'days when mob and gangster rule was abolished. The racing '30's-an age when time was speeded up. That was the age of a revived Germany-taking Austria, Czechoslavokia, and Polandg the age when another European war started. That was the age when Italy took Ethiopia and Albania-when Japan took Man- churia and most of China. The incredible '30's-the time when the Yankees won the World Series four times in succession--the time of "double-features"-the time of "foo"-the time of monopoly. Yes, my children-those were the days! FUTURE FOR '40 FORECAST ,With 1939 gone and a new year here. it seems appropriate to look into our globe and see into the future. So wc stare at the globe and go into a trance. Slowly we see future events play before our eyes. Hush! Let us study what we see: Roosevelt in Ah! In Europe we see the war Sis enlarging-Rumania is invaded. We see England closing in tighter on Germany-and Germany is resorting to bombing the large cities of England. Look-who is that man? We can tell he is an important world personage quite identify him-he is dead. We see Italy gain more treaties. but we can't land through Now-we see our own country. We see Roosevelt-he runs for a third term. A dark-haired Republican is staying with the votes, but now we see-who, I believe it is Roosevelt gets elected. - Shall we applaud t?l-it seems that the Yanks have won again! We see that Duke, Southern California, and Notre Dame. play import- ant parts in football. Heavens, what's happened? Alas, our trance is gone. But enoughl of this nonsense-its high time wel worked that geometry home-work. WINTER EDITION This edition of the Pioneer is intended to salute the capers of Old ,Man Winter, the real winter, with cold winds, whirling brown leaves, and rosy cheeks and ears. Just about this time every year, everyone, everywhere has near- ly Gnished talking 'about what he received for Christmas, holiday trips, and the swell headachetthey had the morning of January 2, 1940! ' We, the staii, received many Christmas presents in the form of compliments on our Christmas issue of the 'Pioneer-we are truly grateful.. The line-up for the future issues of our paper this New Year ,will consist of the birthday edition in February, faculty and music edition in March, Junior-Senior edition in April, and the graduation 'edition in May. These features, each- distinctive, have been developed entirely for you, the student body. Each entire issue has already been planned and is ready to put in writing. So let the winter winds blow and the leaves bury us in their crackling blanketsg winter is our best season by way of force and beauty. See you in February! SWINGING DOOR Why is it the girls are trying to keep the boys from going to the log cabin on Sunday nights? Could it be that they are tired of staying at home? We thought that Jack was all through, with her-or should we say Annabel. We hcar that Elmer and Etta .lane have broken up for good- again. This happens about once a month. Like moving when the rent comes due. Have you heard about Clifton killing sixty birds? I think every- one except the game warden has heard. New Year Resolutions. Buddie and Rat: "To keep the "Log" running over, or to keep running over to the "Log." Big Dud: "To keep Mary Thax- ton dated." Big Cliff: "To stay two jumps ahead of the game warden." Jack Sears: "To run for mayor of Ashburn." Harold and David are going to make the barn a bigger and bet- ter place. Jones: "So your son is in col- lege? How is he making it?" Brown: "He isn't, I'm making it: and he's spending it." Ooey Gooey was a worm, A mighty worm was he, He sat upon a railroad track, A train he did not see, Ooey Gooey. Down in do middy ub an itty bitty pool Twam a mutter titty and her itty titty too. "Twim," taid da mutter titty, "twim if oo tan" Toe dey twam and dey twam and dey twam. 1 iiqpl "LEE THE AMERICAN" -Gamiel Bradford tBy Bob Culpepper? Bradford, the author of "Lee the American," stated that his object in writing this book was the por- trayal of a gallant soul who was willing to sacrifice everything ex- cept honor for a worthy cause. This object was well accomplished. "Lee the American" is a general collection of quotations of Lee, of about him, come Brad- all of quotations of other people Lee, and of stories about Many nf these stories have from other books on Lee and ford has taken time to give the sources. The book in the beginning pre- sents an eleven-year-old lad, who on account of his father's death, had to take care of an invalid Page 58 fW -- WHAT DO YOU THINK OF STUDENT GOVERNMENT? tBy Margaret Culpepper, Helen Kentl Perry McCranie--"I have been to two schools where it was and it is the very thing." Lucile Lindsey-"I think it would bc very nice." Henry Bostic-t'I think it would be all right if I could be a big shot." Miss Powell-'tl think it is a good idea but it would not work. I'd do all I could for it just the same." Emory Kennedy--"I am the one that thought of it first." Webster Abel-"Don't know nothin' about it." Gene Drexel-"I think it is a good idea." Mrs. Edwards-HI think it is a good idea if the students enforce it." Freddie Nunn-"I think it is a good idea, If we could have it I could go to town any time I want- ed to." ' Mr. Hood-"I think it is a good thing if the students want it. If they don't, it is the worst thing." Betty J. Hall-"Whats thing?l' mother. Later on despite his ob- stacles, Lee graduated at West Point: the military phase of life appealed to him. He was an offi- cer in the Mexican War. Upon the outbreak of the War Between the States. Lee was un- decided as to which course to take, for he was a resident of Virginia, a Southern state. but he was also an outstanding otTicer in the United States army. When Lee received his offer as commander of the Union army, he politely refused saying, "I can take no part in the invasion of the Southern States. and I cannot light against my wife and children." Later. when Lee was offered command of the arm- ies of Virginia, he accepted but stated that his only regret was that they had not selected a more capable man. Lee was a grcat HOH- eral and a great Christian. Many business positions of high dignity were pressed upon him. Lee declined them saying that his training did not lic, in that direc- tion. When otfered pay for the use of his name, replied that his name was not for sale. In some places the book is very dull: whereas, in other places it is very interesting. One unusual thing about this book is that the First few pages are very interest- ing. Bradford deserves praise for this excellent work which he has whole-heartedly put himself into. Let us pay tribute to the man who suffered defeat in the whole- hcarted support of a worthy cause, but who faced this defeat with these words: "Madam, don't bring your sons up to detest the United States govemment. Recollect that we form but one country now. 'Abandon all these local animosities 'and make your sons Americans." THE PIONEER The KEY HOLE -5 By WEE WANDER t ' M. T. B.'s admirers all hung on F gli 2 -,jr anchor around her neck, Maybe they were afraid she would drift away. . . If I were Bailey I would get Gene W. to do all my shooting. . . It sure kept Webster out of the way for a while anyway. . . What has that family of Bowen's got that facinates Agnew. . . Our girls should take a look at the new crop of suckers at the college. A few-a very few-are ers. . . Wlho told Mr. wasn't a Santa Claus? this I hear about M. Winnie Hall sitting in Why is Anne so happy good danc- Hood there . . . What's L, P. and acid? . . . since Abac opened again. . . What kind of students were our teachers when they were in school? From their exhibition on the stage, this is who they remind us of: Mr. God- free-Ralph Tuxworth, Mr. Brooks -Donny Whitey Mr. Hood-Jack Fletcher, Mr. Chapman-Walter Leveretteg Mr. Edwards-Jimmy Gay. . . Is the chemistry period trying to set fire to the school building? . . . What is it that one of our blonds has that several of our brunettes would love to haveAis it that disguesting baby talk? . . . You should have heard Jackie telling about her visit from Mr. Godfree. She surely feels her importance now, . . Do you sup- pose Eddie has really stopped chewing gum in class? He says it was his New Year's resolution. . . I hear that Anabel would love to bloom again . . . I expect one of G. Sfs New Year's resolutions was to make F. M. be a good little boy. . , If those football jackets don't come pretty soon they can just swap the order to bathing suits. Usual Scenes. 1. Betty's glances to Emory every period. 2. S. F. R.'s curley locks and frown. 3. Adeline giggling in class. 4. S. V. looking for a mirrow and comb. 5. Tunkey chewing a pencil. 6. E. J. K. asking questions. 7. W. H. moving her feet. 8. H. K. always somewhere to go or something to do. 9. Virginia W. singing, "I'm Just Wild About Harry." 10. Mr. Brooks talking about the "Gorgeous Husey". 11. A certain crowd running up and down the aisle in the picture show. ...-0 . Thomas M.: "Dear, you are the breath of my life." Onie C.: "Try holding your breath a minute." He: "Yes, son, I'm a self-made man!" , . Son: "Gee, pop, that's just like you, you take the blame for every- thing!" IMPS IMPROVING IN BASKETBALL Three teams of the boys that reported for basketball practice the first day are remaining and are re- ported to be improving, however, not winning all of the games. The Imps also have a good outlook for the next two or three years, as most of them are returning next year. The largest percentage are juniors, however there are a good many sophomores and a fev: freshmen. On the evening of Friday, Jan- uary 12th, the Imps will journey to Cordele in great hopes of taking that game. The following Tuesday Norman Park comes to the city to play the Blue Devils on their homej court. Then the Imps will got to Syl- vester the following Friday and hope to bring home the bacon. We might add that the last time Syl- vester was over here, this season, the Imps kept the bacon. At the rate the Imps are im- proving, we hope for a very suc- cessful year. ...10.. BLUE DEVILS BREAK EVEN In the four basketball games played thus far the Blue Devils have broken even. In the beginning they defeated Sylvester by the margin of one goal, 30-28. Then they came back to defeat Moultrie 18-13. After trailing at the half it began to look as if the Blue, De- vils might hand the coming oppo- sition more than a little trouble. However, Valdosta won the next game 36-24 and wrecked thc hopes of many. In the last game played to date, Omega won 19-13 without relinquishing the lead a single time. l?0...i DEAR KIDDIES: The best jokes aren't written! they're running around in the So- phomore class rooms. Who was that wit.who gave a 1940 version of Americanism? - "Give me Liberty, or give me Col- liers!" By the way, kiddies, how would you chillun like to conduct a school-wide vote to decide who's the most popular dance band lead- er? If you would, just slip us a letter. I heard of an old negro who said that the only reason he wore his shoes on the wrong feet was that it felt so good to take them off at night. So, kiddies, I'Il see you next month. Yours truly, "Unca". ..,.T0----..... Patronize Our Advertisers! I CHANDLER TOPS SDFTBALLERS In the first three weeks of the softball season, Cliff Chandler's team has taken a lead over the rest of thc teams. He has lost but one game and this one was to "Rat" Rainey's "Termites", who are in second place. The standings through the games of Wednesday, January 10, are as follows: Team Won Lost Pct. Chandler 7 1 .875 Raincy 2 1 .667 Mathis 4 5 7.444 Kinard . . 2 4 .333 5 Waldrop . . 1 .166 ,..,-Oi... GIRLS' BASKETBALL fBy Virginia Kennedyl Although Mr. Jack Frost is try- ing to nip off our fingers, the girls continue to practice basketball. But, one thing to their advantage, they have a heated "gym" to practice in. Mr. Thompson says that there is plenty of room for improvement in the girls' basketball team. Just do not give up, coach, they might sur- prise you before the season is over, remember, they can do it! Our basketball teams motored down to Valdosta last Friday night and the girls were beaten only' one point. Keep the work up girls and you might defeat Valdosta in the next game by more than'one point. Our girls were defeated Tues- day night by Omega, also. We are not going to give up hope because we believe they can do better next time. Don't let us down, girls! ...0.l. Miss Williams: "Make a sentence with the word influential." Tom Jolly: "Ben Bernie unstop- ped his keyhole and in flew Win- chellf' It takes quite a bit To bring out the wit Whoever the person, Be he half or nit! Alone in the moonlight is more fun if you're not! Tired WPA worker leaning on his shovel handle-'Snow what!" I COMPLIMENTS OF MRS. R. A. KELLEY, Manager Hi School Lunch Rm. FARMERS BANK of TIFTON COMPLETE EFFICIENT Banking Service Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation COMPLIMENTS OF Tifton Laundry 8: Dry Cleaners SPEEDWAY Auto Stores Bicycles Auto Accessories COMPLIMENTS OF SPORTLAND Bowling Alley "Bowl For Your Health" J. M. HANNA, Mgr? TIFI' ON CLOTHES SHOP ROWE'S STORE FOR MEN Serving Tifton for Twenty Years Page5o 4 THE PIONEER CLUBLICITY S. D. S. The S. D, S. held its annual ban- quet December 22, at the Women's club and all alumnae members were present. At the last meeting held at Mary Thaxton Bowen's home on Decem- ber 29, the club voted to schedule a dance cvery other Friday night at the Legion home. Beta Club. The grades have been over-aged and about a hundred pupils are eligible to join the Beta Club, but only twenty-tive have joined. All members of the club plan to get their club pins soon. Tri-Hi-Y. Before Christmas the Tri-Hi-Y sponsored a contest to see which of two groups would pay their dues first. The losing side enter- tained the winners with a picture show party. The TriHi-Y of Tilton, which has now become a chartered club, is organizing a new club at the Sumner High school. This month the club is sponsor- ing a campaign against cheating. This campaign is very appropriate since it is almost time for examina- tions. 4-H Club. 'I'he 4-H club had a party on Deeember'30, at the home of Sara Doss, near Chula. The Tifton 4-H club will meet Thursday, January ll. At this time an egg candling demonstra- tion will be given and the value of good egg products for home use and for the city markets. The demonstration will be discussed. F. F. A. The state Future Farmers of America are sponsoring a picture, "The Green Hand", which will have preview at the three theatres in Athens. January 13. In this picture the retiring state president will act the leading role and Prof. G. P. Donaldson of the A. B. A. 'College faculty, will act as District Attorney. As many as possible of the Tifton chapter plnn to attend the preview of this picture and the state rally after the picture. At this rally Dr. J. A. Leake will be the principal speaker. Henry Gron- close, the originator of the Future Farmer organizations, will be pre- sent and make a short talk. ?.?0?i Daffynitions- Nerty: A doctors' assistant, Defender: Part of an auto. Tutor: A trumpet player. Mirage: A place where the lit- tle man who wasn't there parks his car. Open letter to the faculty: Stu- dents in this school can be trusted! Please be considerate. Flash! Mr. Edwards, during boys' glee club practice yesterday, re- ceived two tivers for one tenor! COMPLIMENTS OF E. L. WEBB City Loans COMPLIMENTS OF DOLLAR Dry Cleaning Co. PHONE 456 COMPLIMENTS OF UNION CIGAR STORE COMPLIMENTS OF CO MPLIMENTS OF Dr. Muoselieadz For that tired rundown feeling use Hotcha. That remedy for fall- ing hair, ac-nc and halitosis, Tear the top from one of Web- sters dictionary and send it with two dollars and we will send you a. coupon entitling you to a chance to get a ltfb-ounce bottle nf our little dandy tonic. I'll be seeing you, Gabby Mouth, Esq. C. C.: "This summer I had a niche in the Hall of Fame." Mr. Hood: "What did you do?" C. C.: t'I scratched it, of course." Mr. Chapman: "Is that your dads signature? Walter King: "Yes, -as near as I could get it." Mr. Wade--What is the most dangerous part of an automobile? Carlis B.-The nut that holds the steering wheel. COMPLIMENTS OF The BANK OF TIFT ON MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Get Your Sweater Today from the store Hthat Speaks the Young Man's Language"-32.95 value- now 51.95, while they last! L 6,6144 .fl '7 .HW , MENS SHOPPA, NONE l'Kll'l"l T0 FJVERYRUDYW Union Bus Terminal TRAVEL . . . Screwball Shorts- Grudgc: A place to park your car, Puppet: A small dog Desk: Twilight, Tablet: A small table .Have you heard about the cow lrom Kentucky? Well. she ate blue grass and mooed indigo! 9 G I'URNlTURE STORES COMPLIMENTS OF CLIFF PARKER General Insurance "Tifton's Oldest Agency" - . gt tomme ass. sm tssg Z , y 1 A MARTIN THEATRE sat fjtalogwlgtl WEDNESDAY, JAN. 17 2 BIG HITS -HIT N0. 1 .- "Blackmail" with Edw. G. Robinson 1 HIT No. 2 l "Range War" with Hopalong Cassidy THURSDAY ONLY "Hou'sekeeper's Daughter" with Joan Bennett FRIDAY-Request Showing "The Hurricane" . . . By -BUS with WRlGHT'S ROBERTS 'hm Dorothy THE SAFEST Mosfr H all Lamour CONVENIENT WAY: - -- D St Dry Goods Co. SUNDAY mg ore Phone 135 "The Underpupn Gem-ge A. Wright 0UWfe"S IQQQNLQTMEJS 3555 Gloria Wh Nan RELIABLE DRUGGIST fm' the Family V 'lean Grey X I J. M. PLEDGER, Terminal Mgr. Rgbt, Cummings Page 60 QT , C Q 11 lm I ' Q I ' ' H '- ,WZ f,,'ffrmf,,3,ir-1 f 4 U i h ' n' - 3 1,,,.V,' J i V W 4 5 Av ,W mlnhwg I '1 -, -, I Nj ,,wu,. MN.,-fm. L.. '11 7: 'INA fig: if M X WC W K -l'QiY,2if ' JA. wwf:-4 --f '1 QXWW AMW ,un ' 1 7000- '00 0000 0000000000000000000000000000 00000 00 000 f00000000 0000000000001 000 00000 00000000000000000000000000000 I ,. 0000000000000000000000 000000000000000 -0000 HERE'S TO YOU, SENIORS! 1Uay Your Nobilily, Jlzilily, Play and Svr'1'irv Bring You lfvullli, 1l'vf1!ll1 and lluppin f'.v. v I'IF'I'II IIIICII-IIULA CIIIVIPII Y 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000 YOUR DESTINY HANGS UPON THE DECISIONS YOU MAKE If you decide on big things, you will find yourself working toward that end in 21 sensible and systematic manner. S You will want a bank account with this progressive bank, and as your surplus grows, your hopes will be proportionately brighter. THE BANK OF TIFTON Capital and Surplus, S300,000.00 Established I896 MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Page lu 00: : : : :000::00: :00000000000000: : : :000: :0000-0: : :00000::000- A -0000- 000000000000000000000000000000 00000. 00000000004 000000000 5----------------------..-----.. .4 0000000000 000000000000000000000 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I fov---o-v--oo------oo----oovvoooo 0 U 04 'I 0 0 Q..Q...Qoo-o-vvv------vvvov-- ---v --AA A'1 I II I I I I I Co1n,pli1nIfn!5 of . . . I I BVU ,Vi-91105 and I I E R I I Congratulations . . . C L I F F P A R K I , I I I I ANNE s BEAUTY SHOP II ' I I Phone I4I I I I I I GENERAL INSURANCE: I I TIFTQN GEQRQIA II I- .,....... .. .... .... ..... N ...... .I I.. .....,..... .. ..........,, ...MJ Tax::uc::"'x:::"":::'xx:"'I IN:::""'x:xx:::::::""""'II , II I Best Ufi5hc5 . . . II COMPLIZWENTS If , I UNION BUS TERMINAL I I I Il I I TRAVEI ,... BY BUS . . II I I OF I I The safmf, most rolzffmzimzf I 2 z way Q I I I Phone I35 I I I I I I A F R I E N D I I J. M. PLEDGER, Terminal Manager I I I I I I I I Im, ,,,,,, ,,,, ,,,, ,,,,,, ,,.,,..,. .I Iam: .... .... .... E ...... .1 I"'m::"'m::"m:"::""""'I I"""""""""""""""'mI I I I I I Conzplinzvnts of . . . I I I I I I Bow on Funeral I I I I I I I I I - I I I I Commerolal Loan I I Home I I I I II I I I I I and I I I I II I - I I I Dlsoount Co. I I If I I I I I I I II I Q I 0 0 I I II I I I II I RALPH PUCKETT I I IE I I I I I 0 I I I' I Il I I I 0 I PI'O'Ie3O7 I I ESTABLISHED I I I TIETON GEORGIA I I I s 8 8 I I I ll i-C:::,:::--::-0::::::o:::::::::0:::f x::::'0::::::::::::::::::::::::::::iI Page 63 -0 f"""""""' ""' """"':::':::: TTCN? 0 U 5 . 5 5 Concgmfulafzons . . 3 C 0 5 5 U 5 TIFTQN-MARTIN T5-IEATIQES 5 0 5 C 5 5 MATT H. XVHITHANI, Managc'r' 5 5 ......,. .. ................ ................. .. ....--.. ............... ---.. f""""" """""""" 5 N" T f"""""""""""""""""T 0 O U 9 9 5 5 0 5 Conzpliments of . . . 5 5 C0N1f7fiHlt'?lf5 of . . . 5 0 5 E 5 5 5 E L WE B B 5 5 5 5 ' ' 5 5 5 5 TIFTQN 5 s - E E 5 O O 9 5 CITY LOANS 5 5 5 it 5 5 0 0 0 5 5 , ASSOCIATIQN I 5 5 5 5 5 Phone 362 5 5 5 5 TIFTQN GEORGIA 5 5 mmm GEORGIA 5 0 0 O 0 .. .... ......--.. ..-..-. - .-.-... .4 ---..-.....-.....-.. ....... -....-.4 5 5 5 5 V """' """ """"" " """"" """""" """' ""' """"" lVe Dfdifzllc Tlziy Span' to llza ' A D V E R T I S E R S In Appreciation for Their Hearty Cooperation 5 THE TALISMAN l940 Lx: xxnt: ::::::--::-:::::: 4 Page O4 r--"---'OO'----"Q-O-'Q'--fr v'--,"- ----- '--'- r'---Qf----'4'------'- r-.------.----------- 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 1+ 1' 3 Q 3 3 Q 3 cv Q 3 3 3 3 2 3 2 w Q ' ' C Q 2 1 1 3 : Q 1 3 0 2 3 3 Y O Q 1: A 3 3 z 3 3 1 3- 2 O 3 3 K 1 '22 N. '-it 3 OTS- gr 3 3 25 5 g 3 E3 s 3 3 ,4 5 3 1 4 :U 1 3 3 Q 3 3 S 3 3 Q 3 jg 3 N CU 2 3 -l 3 . 3 Z 3 . . CJ :. - 2 2 3 : 3 3 ' - W E 3 3 K , 3 m - 3 m e 3 3 3 N 3 3 'A 5 3 3 V' 35 ' 3 3 'X 3 3 O C I 3 2 2 Q 3 3 I M I 3 3 UU I 3 3 0 O I 3 I .I - 3 Q . 3 Jw . 3 3 U3 , 3 3 fx. 'N N 3 3 3 3 3 3-3-3 3 3 X 5 cf 33 J, W Q 33 'E' ig '-3:3 33 -U Z 3 T 3 3 33 KX N 33 3 r1'1 3 O 3 3 S '31 3 3 U 3 3 75 3 3 3 3 R3 2 M 3 3 3 3 3 Z 3 5 O 33 3 3 I -U 3 3 F '21 3 3 - 3 3 U' . 3 If ' 3 ' Z 3 3 0 3 3 I 3 3 1 Z 3 3 3 3 I 3 O 70 3 33 3 3 3 3 3, N4 3 3 3 3 3 ' 'U 3 3 Z ' 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 K 3 3-N--------..----- .... ----.4 +-------- ...... --..-4 L---------------------.3 3----------------- ---I Page 6' ' 3 Q Q QQQQQQQ 2 ""':::":::'::"::::"::3 3 C'fIllIf7HlllL'7lfS of . . . 2 3 3 3 3 3 Q SPORTLAND BOWLING E 3 3 I ALLEY II 33 3 3 3 "Bowl for Y0333- lfdcllfllu 3 3 3 3 3 J. M. HANNA, Manager 3 ......,... -------------, .... ------3 3"""""""""""""""""3 ' 1: 3 3 3 3 3 . 3 3 BUS! 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Qoqqooooo oooooooo00OOO4 T'x:""x"'x::"'x::"::::x::I 7"""""""""""""""""'7 I O 0 0 I B IV' I rl C' I ' I I I , 151 15 In an Jflflgfllfll 11110115 0 O I I I Southern Auto CO. 3 lo the I I I I I CLASS Olf 1940 I I I ' I I I I - I I ' I 9 O ll 0 O ll I I I ll V If TIFTON LAUNDRY I 3 FORD---MERCURY 8 I I AND I I EE I I I I ll O I o I I I O I I I ' IC I I I I II n I O II I I I I I I I 4. Q II 5 phone 6' E z flullzonzcd Salw and I . 1: TIEION GEORGIA I 3 Awww I I I I I Looooooooo 0000 O00 OOOOOOOOOOO O0 'OOO l LO0::2:O02:::0'0::::::::::""A"0J IIYNTNTNTNNMTMTMTTTTTNTTTTT7770777:77-7777777777777777:7:TTTTTNII I ALUMNI I W. H. PAULK, '37 L. N. GAULDING, '24 II ELEANOR KELLY, '35 JULIA SHORT GOODMAN, '24 :I GEORGE MOORE, '39 DAN HAROLD, '37 I ELMO HARRIS, '37 MARY MASON BARKULOO, '38 I I LESTER ROWE, '32 SHIRLEY KULBERSH, '38 I I J. B. FERGUSON, JR., '38 ROY STIPE, SR., 'I7 I I HILTON HUTCHINSON, '27 ROY STIPE, JR., '37 3 I BOB HERRING, 'I6 CAROLYN KELLY, '33 9 I FRANCES BLALOCK, '38 I O Leoc::oo:::::o-::::--:::: QQQQ :::--0::::Q-o:::ooo::::oo::::::0:::0::::::::l. Page IIII -1 Il II ll II O O 0 ll II O O O II In II 0 0 O II ll In 0 O O 0 0 O 0 O 0 0 0 O I 0000000000000 .7,, 000 000000000 00 ---.., O O 00000000000 00 ---mx ,. O O O O 0 0 0 II ll 0 0 0 ll II A+ Y Y II ll O O O II ll 0 0 O O Il nu O 0 I Hrs! U"i.vl11'.v and Goof! Lluvt' . . . FORREST FUNERAL HOME Love Avenue TIFTON GEORGIA 000000000000000000000000000000000 000000000000000000000000000000000 Bev! WITXIIICK' to the Hrs! . . MOOR'S JEWELRY STORE DAN MOOR 000000000000000000000000000000000 CUJlPLl.1iIE,N' TS UI" ROBERTS DRY GOODS COMPANY 000000000000000000000000000000000 000000000000000000000000000000000 CflIllf7liII1FIIf.i' of . . . SHORT HARDWARE CO. I'I:XRD'W.-XRE and F.-XRNI IA1vi.Ex1uN'1's SPORT f3O'ODS J. P. SHORT, Mgr. PHONE I93 000000000000000000000000000000000 CUfIIl'1,1,'lIE,X'TS Ulf' TIFT COUNTY DRUG COMPANY 0000000000000000000000000000000000 00 00 000000-00004 O 0-0---.0---.4 L.--- L.- 04 L0000000000000000 04 000000000000000 04500 00000 L.000000000 0 'age t iitl SGGQQSCSSQSSSQCQQGCGQSQGLLI O g For ,HI Your Drug N4'r'1f.v Call 3 . 9 g My DRUG COMPANY 5 0 g I'Tlltf Rexrlll Stow" z 0 E Phone 43 9 3 NI,-XKE IT YOURS O Q I ----------------------------------4 Vt3393t3tt33CSSZCQQQQCSQQQCQQCSQCQI I . . I , Rainwater Furniture Company 2 2 ALI. KINIJS OF IfL'RNI'l'L'RIi S Q .x1.i. HUl'SE Fliitxisiiiwu Ooons 3 2 509 South Main Street g t Phone 23 0 I UPTON OEORGIA ' o 1 -------..----------------------..: V9t3LC9SSZCQSQGCQQCGSQGC33031333221 . 0 g RODDENBERY HARDWARE E I o S Qlllllfffj' ldirsf - Prize Right S O z Sf1fi,vf111'lirn1 1JlZL'llj'S 5 ' o t Phone 53 2 z TIFTON GEORGIA O ' I L i ----..---..----------..----------.4 rt 3331 0 Qtit 9 3333 C itit C333G93it9t3: g T S IT IS LIP TO YOU! Q z Edison did not have :ui clectric light or 11 z 0 phonograph, Ford did not have un unto- 2 z niohilc. XY1'ight did not have an airplzmu. . Q . . . Opportunity knocks today :is then. g I o I TIFTON CLOTHES SHOP 3 8 Roznfs Store for flfen z ' o L---..----..----..-- .... ---..-----.4 ,,.---:: .... ::---:: .... :: .... ::---:: g I I Tltton Investment Company 5 O 0 : wisuizs YOU S ' I E BEST XVISHES and GOOD LUCK E I o 2 J. L. BOWEN, Mgt. 3 1 I ----------..----------..---..----.4 67 'T it p:::::---::---E--:::--::::---::::"'-v I I I CARSON INSURANCE AGENCY I XYISIIES THE cuss OF '40 I I sxicwiss IX THEIR FL'TljRli 0 2 l'NlIERT.XliINllS. I 3 East Second Street Phone 2 I .. ............. ......... ..... .. .... 3 3"""""'"""""""""""'T I CUIIIf7!Tlllf'llf5 of . . . I I I I ADER'S MEN'S and BOYS' WEAR I I I I I 5 330 South Main Street Phone 654 I ,.-.. ..... .. ............ ..... .. ...- .3 T"""""""""""""""""3 I Vf'1'y Brit W7i.vf1lf.v A I 3 3 I I I from . . . I ' 3 STEVE F. MITCHELL I 3 5,.-..------..--....--....---..----- VQQQQQQQQ Best Uvislzes Illlll 0: :---: : 3 :-oQ-: :----::---.1 I I I I I Good Link . . . I I I I g TuFToN FLORAL COMPANY g I E.-..----...---..------------------I -------QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ------.1 3 3 I CHU . . . I I W. C. SWINT ELECTRIC SHOP I I P. O. Box 82 Titton, Ga. I I FOR MOTOR REPAIRING mn! 2 'I GENERAL XVIRING II omg- Iss . . . PHONES . . . RESRTHIQQ 164-J I 3. 1 Il I II THE FARMERS BANK OF TIFTON I I ' II ' 0 E .Il1'111Iw1' l5m1'vmI llupwxil I11.v111'a11m' I 3 C07'f70l't1fl-Oil' I 0 I 3 ' 3 I I I . 0 :MW Interest Paid on Tune and I o 9 0 Savings Deposits Q II ll I -4 booeooooooooqoooooooeqooooooqooooo .QQ T"xT::'x::TT:::T::'x::":::::::T I For Hn' lnxvf lwauly sc'1'T'irv and I Infos! lmiz' .vfylvs r'i.w'! . . . I o I VOGUE BEAUTY SHOP I I o I 809 Wilson Avenue Phone 228-J I L ............................ ..-- z Cy0Il1f7HIlIt'l1f5 of . . . . I I 3 TAYLOR FURNITURE and HARD- 3 I 3 WARE COMPANY I i.--:::--:,:: ..... :E .... 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I I I O I C. R. C H O A T E I I TIFTON BUICK-CHEVROLET CO. I I I Page 70 . fvgyf ' ' 'S 1 s 9, s 'Il How-we cfssf esmvme co. ll5A-II9 LUCKIIE STREE,T,t,ATLANTA GEOARGlA ,. If u., X HBIIIIIPB tl1e servues uf experlenced and expert lI'dftSIllEll, t1111nell 111 every detail ut tl1e prolesses of 1re.1t111Q, llldlllllllff layout and IIESIQII tyllLSLttlllU, llfllltlllg lltlllliffcllllllllif and llllllllllff TllI'0llQll nut halt 11 untury this Ullllllmllly has 1llllllLLI'9Il 111 the pfllllllltlllll ot the lllL2ll9St type of 1llllltlllLf Uur servuts lllllllde ml Qpuml lnlleqe 11111111.11 salts 111111 servne 11rL5.1111z.1t1n11 Al1u111l.111t Llllllllllllfllt lll0Ilt'I'll and complete Prires representing 111f1xi111um ill value X FUUTE 8 IIAVIES P111NT1Nu - LlTH0ls1'.A1'H1N1s - ENls11AvlN1s A T L A N T A 1 . 1 1 1 t 1 N UGCESSFHL ANNUALS l. ' 'I - ' L 3 2 . : 6-fl . . 4 -n 1 3 wc,A,,,,,2..,,fq.z,ff-ffw-f-1:4 5 AoMJz,fVZM 1 1 1 1 P 'W iff? 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