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TJ le. area HB3 T 6 de, Pznnsyl EOQK be Yong 'I' THE CLASS 0F 1966 presents FOREWCRD We, the senior class of 1966, take extreme pleasure in presenting our edition of THB CHIEF. We truly hope that our expectations will be tul- tilled and that the contents of this book will prove advantageous to the parents, as well as the students, as to how our school life is conducted A seed, gradually growing into a small tree and finally becoming a mature plant, is the theme of our yearbook. As a seed needs nourishment to grow, a young individual needs help and guidance, not only to grow in strength and size but also in knowledge. Aa a senior, you are recognized as a mature adult. Help and guidance are no longer as necessary as you are able to manipulate affairs and problems exclusively. Unlike the young individual you were years ago, you are now a strong, nature human being and expected to face 1ite's pro blens courageously. Sponsored by Limestone Lanes Table of Contents ADMINISTRATION FACULTY 41, o RGANIZATIQNS Z ATHLETICS SENIGRS l f if Z DEDICATION Liliana Pellegrini 'Ambition is an idol, and truth and sincerity are the basis of every virtue.' --Southy 9 - i Wh, the Senior Class of 1966, proudly present this, the fifteenth edition ot The Chief, to Liliana Pellegrini. Liliana is the first foreign exchange student to attend our school. Repreientinm Argen- tina, she has taught us all a great deal about her country, her peo- ple, and her way of life. Through her experiences here, she in turn, has learned much about our country, people, town, and our school life. She is a delightful girl: she always meets everyone with a big smile and a friendly 'h1.' We, the seniors, as well as the faculty, the underclassmen, and the townspeople, are very grateful that Tidi- oute had the opportunity to accept Liliana into our town, our school, and our homes. ADMIN ISTRATICN 'Tis education forms the common mindg Just as the twig is be the tree's inclined ll 4 ff Supervising Principal It is never a sign of weakness when a man in high position delg- gates authorltyg on the contrary, it is a sign of his strength and of his capacity to deserve success. Walter Lippman HR. CHARLES R. ANDERSON Through numerous endeavors and continuous efforts, our principal, M . Charles R. Anderson, has made our school life much more enjoy- able. He has managed to establish a smooth-running school day. Also he is responsible for the many assemblies that are enjoyed by the student body. During the absence of a teacher, he puts his work aside and sees that normal classroom procedure is maintained. In addition to these responsibilities, he is also our guidance coun- selor. We are aware of the difficulty and trying job Mr. Anderson faces and we sincerely appreciate all he has done for our school. Sponsored by Morrison's 233 Liberty Street, Warren Nurse IR NA LOUISE SWANSON A trained nurse finds satisfaction in the know- ledge that her skills help to relieve pain and suf- fering and prevent ill- nesses. We are very thank ful for Mrs. Swanson. Se cretory HELEN JAMIBSON Typing, duplicating, stenciling, and handling numerous records are just a few of the many jobs Mrs. Jamieson is responsible for. She is worthy of much praise for s job well done. Sponsored by West Hickory Beverage Tidioute High School ,fy K .f f-'F , ak ' Q we ' N. . 7 5 g' ' "..,,i""'f5 , 33 i n R3 xx f" rape ', W ' mxb 45" , ALMA MATER Our strong band can ne 'er be broken Form'd in Tidioute High Far surpassing wealth Sea1'd by frLendshi.p's Alla Mater, Alma Mater Deep graven on each he Shall be found unwav'r When we from life sbal unspoken tie. att ing true 1 Parte Sponsored by Crown Discount 324 Penne. Avenue W. .gigqy 1? cgi X ,- sf 2 we' i 2 mx .N 1, -' ' 4 ., 1, 2 2 'J9'1if'?nx"12gzp ,1 - ., L, w A 4 f?-"f,:'2- ,, ,L ,,,,,,k,f,I 1 , exp , 1 ,sh,- L , Q W ,552-,:S34e'Z'i'a4f'5',+i"im'm. N ' Qf:Ugr1'15- Q: W - any ,gs " A FAC U LTY Like leaves on trees the race of man is found, Now green in youth, now withering on the ground: Another race the following spring supplies: They fall successive, and successive rise. 'WP' , V - Q n .M 95 Q ,,5',,,S!g.. 44 g,..Q,gx, .11 . ' ,X , ' . ss if gs'.JN'lf?f,5,, p ,w 4 . 4'a'3faa,s Wig., 1 fa iv,f.'Mkv'gV'iiTg:??T f W are on-.fi eus e X XXQX9 ll I Elizabeth Perkins, Ellen Lynch., Alice Dunham, Evangeline Daelhousen Grade School Teachers A.: 6 Eva Dunham, Ruth Ulf, Rarriette McGraw, Annahelle Schall Sponsored by J's Inn Arf 1'-Civ VERNA UBIR Home Economics Kathy, Sheila, Loretta JANET DRAKE Sponsored by A11en's camera Shnp A11en's Insurance 5 ,, sf 'T,x-s gag, 11 if ' YW lj H1 ' K Sh op MAXWELL IIJNRAM LLBERTHA BARR Music Ton, Scott, Jerry, Jin, Gary Harrtette, Janice, Max, Bd, Tin English nlsf 4- ' x 4 fs Tbni, Lynn, Jackie, Harry MARY ALICE REDIR Mimi .f..,.,:.. . , hz 4 f'- V ,fain ,mf ' Q - 1 .H p.. +2 1: int 3 ,. 4 , N M ,mei 1 ,W ,ff KX li ! Q ,, I Q. -1 .1 57+ we L ve we, na ,kg .1 N wtf-' ' L1'f''21ff?f'4?!5???255!f'iifi'?!iii?!iiiifwf1efe2?i14:Hvw-Mre ,eiazmf ,xiii-1' ', ,ag ,Q-ry ,Q if W.. V "gg . "i"l-- J- 4,,,WQMw I ff f' 7"1?.f'j'j3if4f - , " " " , Ci-' iii-':gQzmf, L: elx I HLMl,.,fg4, - ,,,, 1 A .1fy3'-5.1-E 5- 'Qggff " " , 'fzf'g:a,g,aw1iQfjQggglgjjjgi, A- ,,,, Q ?x4,'Qg2,f1f,,f 'gggyfisgqt g.,,,,4 ' L - f ur, ,,,,,,, ,fy - 'ifffffffff 'bwfilexlaiaii-els-e12fm3gg.f,:,.,New , , . 'K Wfi41'Wfiwwvzfi-x2K:gaafeau ' - 1 1124-i-1 szfwiiyf "" Lf ,,,. .wwtifzffefnrvsfzwwa Q, A ,3.,5gf,,W,. 2, g 'B' 2 WW' 5 H ff 2f-fff-Q-- .w-Q41m:::.N.Q.- 4 112 , ,, 1' -N-' 'f'f'?ffT-kffw' , v :L ,, ,W ,. , V I . 2-m.,m.,,.4,,.,, mmwqm, 45' ,gk ' ff i, F' 1 2' 2 4 ,ff fv X1 in si Q22 , .Q uf le . ., ,- fn We an Q. ,S 1 iseii., Q vs X we 15' H un N 2 'Q i' sz gags? :Q , E: n mxggmsf- 'w 3. ew fe- i l yy W 2 e' 1awz.gs:equz,: Ewgiiyyw ' LNQQS 'ssf--sy, i pmfyy ' , f Qfftswzyi 3 ' ' . ' ,.t:f21 ,. A A, mi ., Z., 5 fi ., .A ., - 12 " . ,349-351311 fs- i 2 fzwg 1 A A :Q-wig V' Q , . wzfzzf? ff lil t:1'k3Wf-.it nf - if 1 351 L: A fy .Zi 5 " K f -1 'P ' ,e 1. ,w :ez s- +,..5m :WEA emzrfg , be Ef7?gg 1. 1 K :fag ,-A - ,is "A 'es I ' 5 , 'Sl x. T r-H1 i, L z ALMA FUELLHART Libro ry Sponsored by James Jewelers Ca11en's Business , '-- .ze is - 'W' fi 25351 La ,,. 5 501 5 T if: 1' 'Q' l ' '- we Ln FELICIA PASSARO Carol, Bd, Delores, Steve, Mathematics GARY www Jus., ' Sponsored by King Lumber t Supply Co. Biology L e :v as 225335 PAUL LUDWIG Roseann, Cindy, Stefie, Susan Chemistry EU szm' Pat, Lynn, DOH. Jud? 'V -ff? ht. Sponsored by Mary'a Beauty Shop The Record Nook FRED BARR CHARLES WEIR Social Studies TERRY ASHBAUGH Sponsored by Thomas Lumber Company Lyle Peebles Motor Sales MAINTENANCE Bus Drivers Mach of the work done in and for our school is done by the crew 'behind the scenes." Clean premi- ses, efficient bus lines, and good cafeteria meals are examples of the work carried on by these competent workers. They deserve much credit for the part they play in our every day sclmol life. Cusfodicms Paul McMani.g1e, Charles Meier Q. ft v 45 ,, Sponsored by Prank's Drive-In Bush's lbtel Chsrle Ulf, Ernest Hunter, Donald Klinestiver, Russell Hunter, Gordon Downey Cafeteria Staff Lois Chappel, Florence Owens, Delia Stewart, Mabel Sheckler l eiii I P n r T Faculty at work or play! The Ngo-gon boys. Liliana receives class ring MSI' gl if 'x fx' V - I X sly . ' - 'Q I 1 ix: 'I'1-' 1,1 -'xq 1'f 1 N. 7 x - ' x, I-: n Trees often transplanted seldo prosper. Cheering the gals on to victory. Hungry seniors wait in line. v if 2 o se s 1. Sponsored by Joe I-leenan Excavating and Trucking Tidioute 484-3346 STUDENT BGDY Learning is not picked up only within four walls. The ability to read books is not in itself of a higher order than the ability to read natureg to detect, for instance, a bird by its song, or to name a tree by its leaf. 'QQ I .K I S' Og ly' xg xf st ' ' CLASS of 1971 CLASS OFFICERS President. . . . . . . . . . . . ..Leah Barton Vice President. . . . . . . . .Susan McGraw Secretary. e e o o 0 0 0 0 e u Oni-tie Benner Tfelsurerooeooo oooonthy James Calpbell, Shelly Rankin, Stephanie Tipton, Wade Adams, Randy Miles, Carol Nuttall, Janes Nicholson, Susan Yucha, William Shields, Linde Bduiaton, Carol Kowalski, Peter Horne, John Bailcr, Dalton Hunter, ill Daelhousen, Bonnie Hannah, Lonnie Llndemuth, Mr. Weir, Margaret Heedan, Colleen Buick, Margaret Cause, Marjorie Goose, Judith Kane, cindy carts, Cindy Morrison, William Shenley, Jeffrey Mclown, Wayne Cook, Richard Craft, John Ziegler, Charles Anthony, Lorna Bdmiston, Sally Nicholson William Mealy, James Pillar Sponsored by Perkins Hereford Fern CLASS of 1970 CLASS OFFICERS President. o o o e on n o eo 0 0 0 .Kathy urns Vice President. . . . .Terry Pascerella Secretary. . ......... . . .Darla Wilson Treasurer. e 0 0 0 0 0 0 e :christine mcrav ,352 C5 Byron Rulings, Dennis Sabella, Craig Snavley, David Myers, Sandra Yucha, Debra Battko, Debra Stover, Advisor, Mr. Barr, Karyl bbrrison, Debra King Jeffrey Barton, Richard Bosko, Harold Schwab, Edward Vincent, Mark Rondi- nelli, Darrell Saavley, Kenneth Irwin, Edward King, Sandra Anthony, Robert. Myers, Wayne Edmiston, Dallas Morrison, David Benner, William Larimer. Sponsored By C. Beckley Inc. Warren, Pa. CLASS of 1969 CLASS OFFICERS Ptesidentosoeee sooo ..Vincent Pillar Vice President. . . .Christine Nuttall Secretlrye 0 e 0 0 0 0 o s Ann Benner Treasurer. o s o o o o s omni Johnson Suzanne Ballot, Sharon Rssimovlcz, Glenna Lindell, Vslorie Buick, Diane Rulings, Jackie Brown, Thomas Sabells, Gary Davis, Judith Yncha, Shelly Sheldon, Larry Anderson, Dennis Martin, Jerry Heltzel, Freeda Johnson, Ronald Miles, Sally Ziegler, Thomas McKenzie, Harry Sheckler, Advisor, Mr. Lleberum, John Sveda, Scott McKay, Jack Shields, Thomas Jamieson, Blair Bdmiston, Patrick Heenan, Clinton Couse, Ronald Carr, Janes Hunt- ington Sponsored by Kinzua Marina CLASS of 19 68 CLASS OFFICERS President. o o o o o Q c 0 s 0 e o o aux Anderson Vice President. . . . . . . .Edward Ziegler Secretary. . . . . . . . . . . . .Laurie Albert! Treasurer. . . . . . . . . Frederick Anderson Susan Barton, Cheryl Boako, Jack Larimer, Cindy Konkle, Linda Glenn, Stephanie Atkin, Carol Hunter, Sandra Morrison, Janice McGraw, Stephen Atkin, Rosemary Anthony, Andra Bailor, Sandra Klinestiver, Barbara Cook, Judith Lindell, Selly Daelhousen, Roseanne Barton, Rosemary Kowalski Advisor, Mrs. Fuellhart, Donald Parr, David Anthony, Thomas Battko, Harriette Amos, Paul Morrison, David Morrison, Glenn Lindemuth, Timothy Gerns, Carol Battko Sponsored by Bush'a Motel M of CLASS 196 CLASS OFFICERS President.. ooooo s osoooeonuafry mpkinl Vice President. . . . . .Vernon K1 inestiver Secretary. . . . . . . . . . . . .Jackie Wiles Treasurer. . . . . . . . .Mary Lou Yonek Susan Rulings, June Blair, Mary Ann Mealy, Loretta Raybuck, Delores Yeager, Toni. Wilson, Linda Bulkley, Carol Anderson, Ruth Irwin, Peggy Hardy, Gear- ldine Cottrell, Robert Bosko, Kenneth McKay, Michael Chappel, Kathy Benner, Dana lou Baller, Sheila Wolford, Advisor, Mr. Szul, John Morrison, Kenneth Nicholson, David Mclianlgle, Janes Larimer, Lynn Johnson, William Johnson, Robert Konkle, William Brown, Carl Pillar Sponsored by Class of 1967 ORGANIZATIONS Greatness is not mortal. The qualities which the great have to give,they give perpetually. Their gifts are taken into the pattern of life, and they appear thereafter in the fabric of the lives of nations, renewing themselves as the leaves of the trees are renewed by the seasons. I ,Q N - gl ' "ss K 0 .lx .lx 'X lv' is .L V ,' ox. X - Il 'l I 14 5: I N ' V 'ra 5 N .1 I ' "M " ' - iff sy , 5' X 9 - 4- :V L gfrzl 4.xf Nofionol Honor Society Debra Battko, Kathy Gerus, Karyl Morrison, Debra King, Christine Nuttall, Treasurer, Christine McGraw, Darla Wilson, Edward Vincent, Mark Rondinelli Betty Ann Benner, Secretary, Judith Yucha, Vice President, Edward King, Mr. Ashbaugh, Advisor, Ronald M les, Sally Ziegler, President One of the highest honors a student may acquire during his high school days is to become a member of the National Honor Society. These lembers are chosen on the basis of scholarship, citizenship, leadership, service and character. Nearly fifty per cent of the senior class belong to this organization. Judy Mckown, Jackie Wiles, Jane Donaldson, Mary L. Benner, Charles Barton, Carl Pillar, Dennis Shields, Patrick Anderson, Harry Hopkins, Donald Thomas, President, Mrs. Rodin, Advisor, Sharon Sutton, Vice President, Kathy Benner, Christine Gerus, Linda Bulkley, Carol Anderson, Delores Yeager, Linda Calp- bell, Mary Jo McGraw, Secretary, Susan Rulings, Mary lon Yenek Cabsent..Lynn Ulf, Treasurer yn- 5 ,Un "V 'lg Janice McGraw, Linda Campbell, Carl Pillar, Donald Thomas, Kathy Benner, Cheryl Bosko, Max Anderson, Cynthia Konkle, Harry Hopkins, Dennis Shields , Toni Wilson STUDENT COUNCIL X W W -t -Q' if -2 -AJC ....M, 'Z Leah Barton, Randy Miles, Kathy Gerus, Dalton Hunter, Debra King, Vincent Pillar, Karyl Morrison, William Larimer, Betty A. Benner, Clinton Couse, Mr. Steckler Sponsored by Riverview Dairy Farm Breezeway Atlantic Station 1:2 ag 'E Y ' 'ef f ,f. .J j 114 DBLEGAIE - Carl Pillar Key Club Michael Chappel, Kenneth Nicholson, Glenn Lindemuth, Max Anderson, Vernon Klinestiver, Carl Pillar, Mr. Barr, Advisor, Patrick Anderson, Harry Hop- kins, Donald Thomas, Mr. Anderson, Advisor. DBLEGATES - Don Thomas, Pat Anderson The Key Club is a civic organi- zation dedicated to community betterment. These boys were al- ways available when anyone called upon them for assistance ln Ianual work. The officers of this club were: President. o o c o Q apo Anderson Vice President K. Nicholson Secretary.........C. Pillar Treasurer....V. Klinestiver Sponsored by Stein's 304 Penne. Avenue, Warren SuzAnn Bailor, Sandra Yueha, Debra Stover, Diana Hulings, Susan Rulings, Linda Bulkley, Liliana Pellegrini, Judith Lindell, Carol Anderson, Jackie Brown, Mrs. Barr, Freeda Johnson, Dana Lou Bailor, Kathleen Smith, Chris- tine Gerus, Sally Ziegler, Peggy Hardy, Kathleen Lindell, Jean Latimer, Linda Campbell, Judith Yucha Future Teachers of America DELEGATES Sally Ziegler, Linda Campbell -.1 1 Obtaining much understanding THE of the teaching profession are 5' the :any interested girls in A ,Q F.'1'.A. Actual work in the classrooms helped them gain a 5' 5 J better understanding of the , A careers in this field. 5, , B OFFICERS 5 T President .......... Dans Bailor vice President. ..Susan Rulings Secretary ...... Christine Gerus Treasurer ......... Kate Lindell Sponsored by Swanson's Service Station McKown's Barber Shop Annual Sfcaff I , Sharon Sutton, Jean Latimer, Carol Rasinovicz, Linda Campbell, Judith Mclown, Jane Donaldson, Mary Jo McGraw, Patrick Anderson, Donald Thomas, Mary Lynn Benner, Kathy Smith, Charles Barton, Jerry Davis, Dennis Shields, Janes Anon Literary Editor ....... Mary Lynn Benner Photography . . . . . . . . . . . .Jane Donaldson Class Editor. . . . ........ Mary Jo McGraw Organizations Editor. . . .Linda Campbell Advisor...................Hiss Passaro Co-editors z Lynn Ulf , Judith Mclown Sponsored by Larimer Hotel BAND Maxwell Dunham -+-c- ff--e-.- W..-- - 4, ,DAF A Q QE XQKJI D of fx S . D' K Jane Donaldson, Janice McGraw, Kathy King, Bonnie Hannah, Debra Stover, Kathy Benner, Sheila Wolford, Christine Gerus, Kathy Gerus, Darla Wil- son, loretta Raybuek, Cindy Konkle, Ronald Miles, Sally Ziegler, Judith Yueha, Debra King, Dixie Benner, Carol Nuttall, Bill Brown, John Morri- son, Thomas Jamieson, Lynn Johnson, Har:-iette Amos, Dennis Shields,Bil1 Shields, Randy Miles, Mr. Dunham, Director, Peter Horne, Hal Schwab, Max Anderson, Glenn Lindenuth, Kenneth Nicholson, Stephanie Atkin, Karyl Morrison, Lonnie Lindemuth Sponsored hy Miller's Cafe HI-LITES Co-editors. . . . . .Mary Lou Yonek Carl Pillar Editor. n o o u 0 0 o .Sharon SUtt0ll Advisor. . . . . . . .Miss Passarvo Jane Donaldson, Kathy Benner, Carol Anderson, Cynthia Konkle, Susan Rulings, Janice McGraw, 'Loretta Raybuek, Judith. MeKown, Jean Latimer Sponsored by Warren consumer Discount Oo Warren Loan Company CHEERLEADERS CLUB -'qua-Xa-warm-1-nvw-w.nr.t ,,,,.1, e . W .,.,,.,,,.,.., , ,..,,, , .V N .4 , Y. -new ,gy x 1 , xii OFFICERS Mary Jo McGraw. . . . . . . . . . . .President 'Doni Wilson. . . . . . . . . .Vice President Lynn Ulf. . . . . . . . Secretary-Treasurer Susan Yncha, Carol Nuttall, Shelly Hankin, Stephanie Tipton, Bonnie Hannah, Kathy King, Debra King, Leah Barton, Sharon Rasinovicz, Glenna Lindell, Susan Barton, Janice McGraw, Jackie Niles, Loretta Raybuck, Sheila Wolford, Jane Donaldson, Cindy Konkle, Christine McGraw, Sandra Morrison, Susan McGraw, Sally Nicholson, Mary Jo McGraw, Toni. Wilson, Dixie Benner, Judith Yucha, Kathleen Llndell, Judith MeKown, Kathy Benner, Margaret I-leenan, Dana 'Lou Bailor, Jean Latimer, Kathleen Smith Sponsored by Tidioute Self-Service Laundry VARSITY CLUB The Varsity Club this year has twenty-two members. Mr. Ludwig is the advisor and the officers are: President........ ....John Rondinelli Vice President... .........Bill Brown Secretary. . . . . . . . . . .Lester Lindemuth T!'08SllI'eI'....... as...-as-on-sum!! TREES The boys who received jackets this year were: Dennis Shields, Roger Morrison, John Rondinelli, Patrick Anderson, Don Thomas, Lester Lindemuth, Charles Barton, and Ralph Wolford. Stephen Atkin, Max Anderson, Robert Bosko, Tim Gerus, Scott McKay, Dennis Shields, Frederick Anderson, Ronald Carr, William Brown, Glenn Lindemuth, Ralph Wolford, Edward Ziegler, Thomas Jamieson, Patrick Keenan, Patrick Anderson, Paul Morrison, Roger I-brrison, Harry Hopkins, Leslie Lindemuth, Donald Thomas, Charles Barton, Mr. Ludwig, Advisor. Sponsored by Norton Wood Products DISTRICT CFDRUS STATE CIDRUS REGION I Christine Gerus, Lynn Ulf Lynn Ulf DELEGATES U. N. DELEGATES - Advisor, Mr. Barr, Mary Lou Yonek, Delores Yeager, Jean Latimer, Jackie wiles, Advisor, Mr. Weir, Carl Pillar, Michael Chappel, Donald Thomas, Patrick Anderson Sponsored by Norton Woods Products SCIENCE FAIR First Place .... . . .Scott racnay Second Place ........ Tom Sabella Third Place ...... Larry Anderson Honorable Mention. . .Tom Johnson Ronnie Miles Betty Benner Tom McKenzie Jerry Heltzel Sponsored by Oowdrick's Drug Store Warren Drug Store ATHLETICS you want you want you want grow men. a crop for one year, grow millet. a crop for ten years, grow a tree. a crop Eor one hundred years, N xi S I 0: ,' 'lv' O." -L s X "1 s x Q ' s I I xg I -Q I' I f 0-1 ' jx, , xxx' Q fl i ,: v m "v L .F a ' x is , I IA' 04s - s 'pg I 3 COACH - Charles R. Anderson VARSITY BASKETBALL Dennis Shields, William Brown, Patrick Anderson, Ralph Wolford, Robert Bosko, Charles Barton, Leslie Lindemuth, Donald Thomas Sponsored by Bieckarck Music House 426 Penna. Avenue W. All Star Ralph Wolford wi Patrick Anderson John Rondinelli Dennis Shields X ,Z ro 1? ,V X X . 1 JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL Stephen Atkin, Max Anderson, Edward Ziegler, Paul Morrison, Harry Hopkins, Glenn Lindeluth, Frederick Anderson Mmchael Chappel, Manager Kenneth Nicholson, Scorekeeper William Cyphert, 'rimekeeper Sponsored by Print: Company The Style Shop VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Q Judy Mcliown, Kathy Benner, Toni. Wilson, Mary Jo McGraw, Sheila Wolford, Jane Donaldson, Cindy Konkle Sponsored by Tiny Town Ca1dwe11's Ladies Apparel A :wiv 3, H. ff 141. A ff sua A -' K 1 --1 f 1 3 R 5 , iff IK S? 2 ,. issi 1 ' fi' fTT vb Marx 321929 ,u w-Q -1, ,fa I..-.1 . ,Ev u x gssazzzgg Patrick Anderson John Rondinelli Ralph Wolford Roger Morrison Carl Pillar Tim Gerus Tom Jamieson BASEBALL Third Base Max Anderson Pitcher and Out Field Steven Atkin Catcher and Second Base Out Field Out Field Out Field Pitcher Glenn Lindemuth Edward Ziegler Ronald Carr Scott McKay Fritz Anderson First Base Out Field Catcher Third Base Short Stop Pitcher Scorekeeper Ralph Wolford, Max Anderson, Steve Atkin, Pat Anderson, Pat Heenan Ed Ziegler, Glenn Lindemuth, Ron Carr, Scott McKay, Tom Jamieson Coach--M . Paul Ludwig Sponsored by Penn Auto Aligning John and Dora's Grill N BK S SENICRS The tree that never had to fight For sun and air and light That stood out in the open plain, And always got it's share of rain, Never became a forest king But lived and died a scrubby thing The man who never had to toil, who never had to win his share, Of sun and sky and light and air, Never became a manly man But lived and died as he began. Good timber does not grow in easeg The stronger wind, the tougher trees. The farther sky, the greater length, The more the storm, the more the strengthg By sun and cold, by rain and snows, In tree or man good timber grows. Where thickets stands the forest growth We find the patriarchs of both, And they hold converse with the stars Whose broken branches show the scars Of many winds and much of strife-- This is the common law of life. Sponsored by Benner's Welding and Machine Shop 3 C Q r L. 5144 fx 4 4 in V ifwi ax? ff My L,,, PATRICK ANDERSON '1hschief, thou art afoot..J --Shakespeare JAMES AMOS nHunting he 1oves...' Cl --Shakespeare CHARLES BARTON A due sincerity governs his ll deeds. --Shakespeare Sponsored by Swede MARY LYNN BENNER "A poet could not but be gay, in such s jolly company." --Wordsworth ,F S s V, 1 we . f fe 1 ' F1 .ff MARGARET BLAIR "An open heart to all she knows, a sunny smile to greet them." --Li ste 'Sis LINDA CAMPBELL "Do not wish to be anything but what you are and try to be that perfectly." --DeS811e Sponsored by Lawrence Hardware Klinestiver Service Station FRANK CDNKLIN "Conversation is one of the greatest pleasures in life. --Maugham GERALD DAVIS nLeisure is the mother of phi1osophy.n --Hobbes Sponsored by G0Qdwin'S WILLIAM CYPHERT UHis mind is free from trouble and distress.N --Lao Tsze vi? EFS 15 5 LINDA GIBSON nSilence may do good, and can do little harm. " --Bfithwaite 5553? :sf JANE IIJNALDSON NA good disposition is more valuable than gold . " --Galtou CHRI STINE GERUS "He who labors diligently need never despair.N --Menand er Sponsored by Lodge's NANCY HANNAH nGood humor is the health of the sou1.n --Stanislaus --auf KATH EEN LINDELL uThere is a time for laughing and a time for being sti11.H --Caxton Sponsored by Latimer's Esso JEAN LATIMER 'To talk and laugh made a life worth hi1e.n --Smith LESLIE LINDEMUTH "The woods to roam in search of game.0 --Wei. st MARY JO MCGRAW "Quiet minds cannot be perplexed or frightened." --Stevenso u JUDITH MCKOWN "She awaits every day with an open mind." --Whist Sponsored by Coughlin 8: McGraw Market ROGER MORRISON HThe outdoors is my habitat and nature is my friend.' --Segal JOHN RONDINELLI HA light heart lives 1ong.n --Shakespeare Sponsored by Coughlin Q McGraw Market CAROL RASIMOVICZ nThe happiest person is the per- son who thinks the most happiest thoughts.u --White KATHLEEN SMITH "What wisdom can you find that is greater than kindness." -'ROLISSCSU DENNIS SHIELDS 'Tnis world belongs to the energetic . " JOHN SURGALSKI "Laws were made to be broken --Werton Sponsored by Bush's Motel SHARON SUTTON NSincerity is the key to the portal of friendehip.n --Retus LYNN ULF NFun I love but from work I do not f1ee.N --Sayer Sponsored by Thomas Electric DONALD THOMAS NI never met a man I didn' 1ike.' --Rodgers Class Flower: Rose RALPH WULFDRD NI live in a world of sports where each opponent poses a chal1enge.N --Crane Class Colors: Burgundy and White Class Motto: We look ahead to the future, Challenged by what it holds for us. Sponsored by Shan1ey's Red A White I Q SENIOR ACTIVITIES Now, of my threescore years and ten, Twenty will not come again, And take from seventy springs a score, It only leaves me fifty more. wr' " - ,ft ' '4 'f ' ,' V 'p 4 I N O .1 I ' 7 ,N K! J, xL xx! nw ' ,N .01 .F v! lv: -.. U: 4- W IXV- Ir 74 fx , 43 0 BEST NATURED Mary Jo McGraw, Charles Barton NEATEST Carol Rasimovicz, Dennis Shields Sponsored by Wa1t's Family Shoe Store John's Jewelers SUPERLATIVES PDST DEPENDABLE Dennis Shields, Mary Lynn Benner MOST TALKATIVE Jane Donaldson, Patrick Anderson 2 SUPERLATIVES MOST STUDIOUS Linda Campbell, Donald Thomas MOST FLIRTATIOUS Patrick Anderson, Carol Rasimovicz John Rondinelli WITTIEST Patrick Anderson, James Amos Mary Lynn Benner MOST MANNERLY Mary Jo McGraw, Charles Barton Sponsored by Youngsville Floral Gardens E. J. Abraham h Sons Q w .. , wa q v ,A ! i. 43 'Z Fx ,bf 1252 CARNIVAL Donations anyone? We IDVE work... TEN bags of popcorn?? Hey Teach, need any help? Say Beaches not Eickles! FRANKKNSTEIN ' S children!! Sponsored by N. K. Wendelboe Co. Virg-Ann Flower Shop Kate Lindell, Emma Johnson, Jerry Davis, Bill Cyphert, Christine Gerus Mr. 81 Mrs. Russell Johnson Mr. 81 Mrs. George McKown Carol Rasimovicz, Mary Lynn Benner CLASS TRIP Date: May 23-24, 1966 Place: Washington, D. C. ' L nn.. f S Nancy, Margie, Kathy, Liliana Kate, Christine, Jean Jerry Davis, Les Lindemuth Dennis Shields, Bill Cyphert Sponsored by Levi Epstein Sons Carter Shoe Shoe ALL N ITE PARTY Date: May 27, 1966 Place: Limestone Lanes Tidioute, Pa. I Sponsored by J. C. Penney Company Watt Office Supply 9' . , ,X K, v 53 ww'Zl gi 'Kg Vkhggg 1. it ,b SENIOR BANQUET Date: May 19, 1966 Place: Croescreek Country Club Titusville, Pa. uf5fW' Sponsored by Waxman's Furniture Me1een's Cut Rates HONORS A VALEDICTORIAN Linda Campbell , W , H., ... l FOURTH HONCR Mary Jo McGraw SALUTAIURIAN THIRD HONOR English Award Mary Lynn Benner Judith McKown CLASS REPRESENTATIVE Music Award Lynn Ulf CITIZENSHIP AWARD Charles Barton -:v 5- 5 iw' CLASS REPRESENTATIVE Dennis Shields CITIZENSHIP AWARD Jane Donaldson Sponsored by Warren Drug Pnud ri nk ' A g BACCALAUREATE Baccalaureate service was held in the high school auditorium on May 29, 1966, at 4:00 p.m. uKnow1edge Without love-Nothingn was the baccalaureate address given by Reverend William. F. Irwin. The marshals were Harry Hopkins President of the Class of 1967, and Mary Lou Yonek, Secretary. Sponsored by Valone Shoe Store Clyde Norris, Inc COMMENCEMENT Q! nun V, Q The eighty-seventh annual commencement exercises were held in the high school auditorium at eight o'clock on the evening of May 31. The following orations were presented: nhaving Arrived at the Age of Eighteenn ----------- Mary Jo McGraw Fourth Honor Student nAnd We Have Promises to Keepu ------------------ Mary Lynn Benner Third Honor Student nThe Pursuit For Peacen ------------------------ ---- Judith McKown Salutatory nThe Profitable Servantn- ------------------------- Linda Campbell Valedictory nRoad Service,n the commencement address, was given by Reverend George Campbell. Mrs. William Anderson, Tidioute Area Joint Committee Representative, presented the diplomasg Mr. Charles R. Anderson was in charge of the presentation of special awards. An instrumental trio was given by Christine Gerus, Jane Donaldson, and Dennis Shields. Class representatives were Lynn Ulf and Dennis 3hie1ds, Sponsored by Sabe1la's Chocolate Shop FAREWELL The Class of 1966 would like to take this opportunity 'nFarewe1l, Lilianna. We hope you enjoyed being here as we enjoyed having you. 'All good to the visit come--but very We shall you have said you so rapidly we have had from you. We were sad to see you leave. never forget the times we spent about our town and our country, adjusted to our way of life. We sincerely hope that someday you will our country. May God bless you always.n things must come to an end.' This certainly to say: as much applies all happy to see you with you, the things and the way in which be able to return to I wish to take this opportunity to thank the senior class, the faculty, the community, and all my friends for the many things they have done for me during my stay here. I have enjoyed it very much and I regret leaving--knowing I have so many friends here. Everybody here has made me feel as though I am at home--al- though I am so very Ear from my own home. I appreciate how everyone went out of his way to help me to do things and back to this ty to come visit me and I would my family. like to especially thank Mr. and Mrs. Latimer and their daughter Jean for accepting me into their home. Thank you all so very much. to show me places. I hope someday to be able to come country. In the meantime-if anyone has the opportuni- to my country, I would like to invite them to come and Sponsored by City Garage Tidioute water Co .. 'ia mmm ww

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